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 - Class of 1945

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Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1945 volume:

Q 1 . , Q, ,, . , , , , . , , V. , Behtrattnrr " XII ISU X IIN I S IS Xl I Sl XIDINXISIN N IUI I N IU VUNYICY UI'l1 Xl I l:I'lI'I.-"f Ulf' 'l'lllfI Sl'll2l'l' UI'l? YS . fll?l,S IIXYIC SIIUYYN IN 2 'INC llllflll? Sl'Il:YIf'l'lS 'l'U I'Nl'I. fl llllfl SICNIUR VLASS Ulf' 15145 SIR fl.' 'l'U lJlfIllll'A'l'lfI 'l'lllS V, I N X , I 'IIICXXI X'I'l.-Xlllgflflll 'l'U 'l'lll I' ,U .'l'-'I f' U I.'I'lX'I"I X I UIINICR Ulf' 'l'lllfl YYURLD. Z Uiwfm QW Nav jk Q 0 Q, EQWQQ Swn3umf-Eculiom Sem,-JBu.,. . 1+AlIxX1EH HIGH SCHOOI A--'N 11 W' ,.,AJzgf,.. " 1 j Y Y ' K- 1 aqflma Cwlatan 1 vi X Jr KRD W 141 INN Dry JU X U bfm y F 1' '.'.'111i5 A119 IJCLEIC By TP?.l.','IS ff'f','LQQ1V tXzAvYxlV-3 ypmgz' xggr-Lfimlg ziizgpriers cuwr ' md c Q so Let tl-,-1,2 k'1ff.v ','f,L1 iiixid for njtf ' I Flwwgy th fs- .e :mf i1'1:1I1',115 'xxlufgh yr 'vu h ,ln Tfmch theeiix IJ ','fnur flll'Q'v'f-EI:S mg ywu IIlf1ICl'1 5':1v-j- ff'1'E11g2'1QfP.,f.i:S13 IRQ hold mf ffllllfj. T1 :uh tkxerz, ij. rg-sgieii yigxr Cjflii mt ucxmcg. Vfflero-e"ef gpm Z:ii:j Q2 Vfefi 'Ll 'im Qi b "'VIl ::4+':?r Qrygei yig FQ11f'.'L,.-x hgh. Gfftio-5 Q 2 W 5 x,,,l PIDMINISTRATION !. :W x. X P2 S . k,,j Q...- 1 In L S ohm? 'iw-"1-N R H SHADDOCK A RI-UNE CONDRAJK Supenntendent Prmc pc? MARGIE REYNOLDS Secretary ' Q x -sg vkif' 1 ' ' ' i ' c High .SCHUUQ C2fc1cuQtl5 Mr Don Ox on or Phys1cc1l Educc lon Mr A C Hale Aqr1Cu7fuI Mrs Tr bl MCW'1N1c1'r1s Hzslorf -WW 2 MIS Mddred Mo hls Physzcol Ed Jcotlon M155 Clam Mao lrby Home Economlcs Mrs Eth 1 Mart COl"'lIT'GIC1Jl Mr R H Shaddock PhYSlCS Mrs lane Wall Scrence M1ss Ruth Phrlhps Study Hall Miss Comella Stott 8th Girls 'wi r A H Condray Math M1s Agn s Moskev Enqlzsh Mrs A R Condray ffh Glr Miss Margaret Walkup 7th Boys nnuc1Q """ 55307150715 'X-. MISS RUTI-I PHILI. PS MRS ETI-IEL MARTIN MISS AGNES MOSLEY earl' .Eff ANTHONY SERIO EDWARD SANDERS Edygof Busmess Manager I ,F f 'E I . 4? ii REGENA CUMMINGS Features Editor VIRGINIA PARKER Asst Sports Edrtor WILLODENE ARNOLD Sports Edrtor RUBY I EAN BULLOCK H rstorzan IVAN MARKS Advertrsmq Mgr MARGUERITTE TOIVILIN Asst. Photographer MARY CUMMINGS Actrvltres Edztor VIRGINIA WRIGL-IT Photographer ALVA GILLFSPIE Sports Edztor IACK MCANULTY Cartoomst 0 amen CQQM A RHINE CONDRAY Sponsor 'WR -swf W--V ALVA GKLESPIV OPAL DIXQNI PT9S1d9U' Vzce Pres1dent EDWARD SANDERS WILLODENE ARNOLD Reporter Secretory WILLODENE ARNOLD W1h G VOIF6- that IS S fl A Q ie 7 wke eye RUBY IEAN BULLOCK e has 1 t ercuql ez Q n Use: f Cham mg Q11 REGENA CUMMINGS BETTY GILB RT Sweetwess 111th Jh CH I mg can be Cc pu e CLAY HALE H 111 J S JC lb 'Z , 1 0 4 'Hd 1 '.'1. 1. 1. K 1 . Sh . 11s 1 1 S 1'e' Ofld L A 1 .se to 111 IK, 1,1 , : Only personal qxclmes en due. Y: L-J ' . f 1 1 1101: ' rn f1 J. A 1' of ' i W 111':11sJ... v 1" 1 RUBY LESTER c kro lo P e O e C1131 ty s U great sk1II IACK MCANULTY VIRGINIA PARKER pc kcze MINA ROBINSON DLI L. 9 ANTHONY SERIO 1 ny qoocl no as Q po lc ol mms 1 l IVAN MARKS s s d e e D ne er ovefickc MARILYN PARKER er b ly IS gr Gter tcm er CONNIE ROBINSON ets cron EDWARD SANDERS e Incl cJ ROBERT SI-IIREY Schcl s Ulugh! I It hc y g tc do T LW how Aid H fs 5 HJ lu I s wer Aursued but I 1 I I v An. I A A A . i Il iokes hrzmzs tc :Zeke C1 foal V, , W H G iff I 9 17 X, g h size . 1 Y - 1 DYIICYUIIIQ Comes in SFIICIII 'Sha I OUT HIUNIS IUCIY WPIG SIUCUY C Q-SA q mc, T . Qumbl ' v C11 A - LII IS just vm y ' nuke cf ii. l As na , A inls My O 1 , ' when YO CA A A A . Y am' :Ve cm ihznf else MARGUERITTE TOMLIN SUSE 9 I '1 I VIRGINIA WI-HIGH I To women szlence S best omcz LOUISE WCODVIJFF I A A A Q-an CQYYIERCL SEYLLOYI MILDRED MCMAHON E e zh dq JAMES WILLIAMS I came I RUBY DEAN WILSON The 'H Idest I he M1-XCI-IEEE C A Q EY M049 t 1 Clam Clgnolp hee? As I t1lted back 1n my plush cha1r I rang for my butler to br1ng me the even1ng paper I had my ma1d to rearrange the p1llows IH my cha1r and set tled down relaxed to enloy an even1ng catch1ng up on the world happen1ngs My butler brought me the even1ng paper As I read I was remmded of the past to be exact ten years ago 1n 1945 when I was a sen1or tn h1gh school The paper I was read1ng The Fa1rv1ew Iournal had Just celebrated 1ts f1fth b1rthday I wasnt at all surpr1sed when I learned 1lS ed1tor was Ed Sand ers No wonder the paper was btgger and better than the Cullendale Chromcle or the Wh1te Clty News lt contalned better com1cs too I turnea to the soc1ety page and was greeted wlth a large p1cure of a lady IH a beaut1ful br1dal gown The face seemed fam1l1ar so I read closely the complete deta1ls of the wedd1ng that was drscussed 1n length under the p1cture Why yes the fact should seem fam1l1ar Mrs Anthony SGIIO the former M1ss Lou1se Woodruff As I read I found that Mr SGIIO was employed as the chtef bus1ness manager IH the PGDSI Cola Botthng Company I always thought LOUISE and Anthony would take the fatal step some day The SCIQUCQ sect1on of the paper caught my attent1on next A new 1nven ton has been 1nvented to prevent onlon JUICG from gett1ng 1nto your eyes when the unwanted task of peellng on1ons IS cast upon you A spec1al klnd of glasses are to be worn but the 1nvent1on ws not yet complete as the sc1ent1st Professor Warren Bandy has not found a way to put the glasses on But cheer up he says he IS sure to f1nd a way soon The new a1rcraft factory IS very fortunate 1n be1ng able to employ lack McAnulty as the1r cl'11ef des1gner 1n a1rplane models lack used to be an IH structor but has ret1red from that Job In h1s spare t1me he draws for Esqu1re A full page of the paper was devoted to a new show that IS com1ng to town a burlesque sensahon owned and operated by Alva G1ll9Sp19 The leadrng lad1es are Ruby Lester and M1ldred McMahan The two ma1n fea tures are a str1p tease act and a bubble dance Dont worry Alva you w1ll have a packed house' As a cultured lady always g1ves a great deal of attent1on to mus1c I turn ed to that sect1on next A great mus1cal comedy IS about to be produced Saturday In Fa1rv1ew Two young lad1es who were famous IH l945 and now more than famous have the lead1ng roles Wlllodene Arnold and V1rg1n1a Parker If the show 1S a success they w1ll travel all over the country says the producer Bobby Sh1rey Ten years ago who would have thought Bobby Slurey could produce a great mus1cal comedy? Under hlnts for the home Mrs Gerald Ke1th the former Mar1lyn Parker, tells housew1ves how to remove 1ron rust and sta1ns from your l1nens A very helpful suggestton when l1nens are so h1gh Inc1dentally Mr Ke1th IS the announcer over the detect1ve program The Mystery of the Green man solved t . . I . . . 1 , . , . 1 1 . . 1 1 . . . , . 1 1 . . 1 - 1 . 1 , . 1 . . . . . 11 . 11 . 1 . - 1 1 I . 11 . . 11 . 1 1 1 , . . 1 . , . 1 by lvan Marks l hear they adve use those famous Mar1wana crgarettes that were 1nvented about ten years ago l.ad1es that are 1nterested IH the latest styles and fash1ons are urged to attend the fash1on show that 1S berng held at the Red L1ght Fash1on Shop Wed nesaay afternoon Several noted models are to be there The noted and beau t1ful MISS Opal DIXCH w1ll model the latest styles 1n even1ng wear A new hat shop has been opened on Ma1n street by Mrss VITQIUIG Wrrght The name of 1t 1S No Two Al1ke lt 1S rumored that 1t lS very classy and upto da e Remember when V1rg1n1a worked beh1nd the rrbbon counter m Woolworths7 Those long dragged out Saturdays must have been an 1nsp1ra t1on to her 1-lep cats dont forget to go for your danc1ng lesson Thursday n1ght A new teacher that has the latest and most comphcated ntterbug steps down pat v11ll be there to help you MISS Toml1n IS known all over the South for her Gblllly to teach people to utter bug If you des1re someth1ng a l1ttle more on the SGYIOUS srde MISS M1ldred Bnan w1ll be there to teach the ballet Dont forget to come for your lesson lt Flew Away W1th The Breeze starrlng Betty Grlbert and Clark Gable IS now play1ng at the R1alto Th1s show 1S a Paramount pfOdUCl1OH ana IS h1ghly recommended by all Cf1l1CS The Toppers new owners Conn1e and M1na Robmson are remodel1ng 1t and 1t 1S go1ng to be a swell place Th1ck JUICY steaks and root beer are the1r spec1als The openrng day w1ll be announced soon and coffee and ham burgers w1ll be on the house that day The broken hearted gentleman that wrote to our love lorn 9d1lOT Regena Cummrngs was grven very sens1ble adv1ce and l am sure he Wlll WIN h1s g1rl fr1end s heart and maybe her hand And now to the front page FLASH' ' A great tra1n wreck k1ll1ng and 1n1ur1ng 25 people occurred early th1s morn1ng The eng1neer Clay Hale was lookmg out the wrndow and the tra1n was gomg at such a great rate of spe a that 1t could not take the curve by llS9lf Hale sa1d he stayed up the ugh' before shoot1ng pool and was tryrng to wake up but a bystander sa1d he wh1st led at a blonde that was passmg The blonde was 1dent1f1ed as Ruby Dean W1lson and Hale found that she was a secretary IH a brg 1nsurance company The pol1ce havent decrded what to do Wllh the eng1neer yet An rmportant announcement on the front page stated that 11 was ve y urgent for all the teachers 1n th1s d1SlT1Cl to attend the Teachers Meetrng that IS to be held th1s week end How to ma1nta1n d1sc1pl1ne among the pup11s IS gomg to be d1scussed Pr1nc1pal Iames W1ll1GmS stressed that the Englrsh teacher Mary Cumrnrngs should be there lt seems that she has been navmg a lrttle trouble Wllh her pup1ls lately l frnrshed the paper and lald 1t as1de Wh1le lwas read1ng l had re l1ved my ure as a SGHIOT and real1zed the classmates l had that year would never be forgotten Y. . 1 . 1 4 1 , 11 . 11 . . . A . . . . . . . . A - v 1 . 1 , . . .. Yr . . . . . . 1 , . 11 . 11 , 1 . 1 11 1 11 1 . . . 1 1 - 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 9 . 1 . I . 1 1 . . . I' . . . . 1 . 1 q 1 1 - 1 . , ' 1.1 . . 1 '5- Claw 1.052 Frtends and he1rs of the class of 1945 you have been called together on th1s oc Caslon to w1tness the formal readmg of the last w1ll and testament of the class of 1945 'We the Class of 1945 of the Hlgh School of Fa1rv1ew hav1ng come to the end of our long l1fe 1n a peaceful and und1sturbed state of what we have always been pleased to call our mrnd 1n accordance W1th the laws of th1s state do hereby g1ve and bequeath and d9V1S9 all our worldly goods and posses s1ons as seemeth WISG and frttmg 1n my Judg ment w1thout tak1ng GdV1Ce or counsel from anyone and wrthout be1ng mfluenced 1n the least by past favors or dlsfavors past k1nd ness or unklndness We may say that ID maklng these bequests we have been sa1d to possess 1n a remarkable degree common sense To the Board of Educauon all our power of seemg through a stone wall that power whrch 1n the t1me past has made our course 1n l1fe so spectacular and the lack of wh1ch has brought our career to an 1gnorn1n1ous end To the Faculty of the Ia1rv1ew H1gh our VISIOHS all rn good and unhampered con d1t1on By th1s grft they w1ll be enabled to gulde tne future of all the g1rls and boys un der thelr charge and so WISGIY to arrange the1r hves from day to day By the use of th1s g1ft I know they w1ll avo1d all m1stakes to wh1ch all ordlnary members of the human fam1ly are subJect To Floy Ande son I Louise Woodruff w1l my ab1l1ty to get along w1h boys 11ke I got along wtn Anthony W1th th1s abllxty you should hook Doyle for ke ps Floy To Bobby Boosa I lack McAnulty w1ll my love for a1rplones You w1ll do some h1gh flylng To G T Boswell I Alva Glllesple w1ll some of my stored energy Youll be a superman some day To Doyle Burton I Anthony Seno w1ll my place ll he pless club From now on you w1ll be a busy man To Dorothy Coston I Ruby Iester w1ll my love of all people You do not get 1nto much trouble by lov 1ng them all TGI D Damels I Warren Bandy w1ll my power to create d1sturbances down 1n the lab Be careful I D NE cant bu1ld a new lab untll the war IS over To Cllfford Dorlllnger I Gerald Keith w1ll my Gbll My to vvoo To lean Dorfhnger I Opal D1xon w1ll my book knowledge W1th the knowledge you Clready have you should be a genlus lean To W1ll1e Mae Ewlng I Mary Cummlngs w1ll my long brown curls They w1ll go good Wllh your pretty eyes Wlllle Mae IO Davrd Fogl I Edward Sanders w1ll my abxlxty O get C.lC1'lQ wrth the g1rls Davld maybe you wont have so much trouble w1th the women next year To MGXIQ Gates I Ivan Marks M7111 'ny pow star an argument IU Enghsh clas For a tew pcm s consult personally To Peggy G1lbert I Reg na Cumrnxngs V11 'ny VOICE 'Wnn your face and Reg na s VC.,1C you 1ll be a swoon crooner lo Margaret Greemrg l V1 g1r1 WI1Ql , ab1l1ty to take shorthand d1ctat1on a m1e c V11 comes ln handy some 1mes 'lo Elatne I-Ia1ley I Conme Rot 1son M7111 mf ablllty to tell my boss what to do lnstead of lett1r1g h1m tell me Even when I want a ralse To Mlldred Brran I Mdrllyn P lker w1ll my place IH fcononucs class They w ll need some grrls to ke o he boys happy To Ralph I-Iarr1sor1 IClay Hale w1ll my a 111y to shoot snooker Clay says th1s pastlme IS cheaper th n women To Marctlle Heard I Betty G1lbert w1ll my warm mlle Yes Marc1lle we know you can a reoay ao To Gwen H1lderb1'and I Mzna Rob1nson w1ll my abllrty to talk Gwen you wont be a qurct l1ttl g1rl any n ore To Edna Hlm n I Macree Casey w1ll my long plalts They may be as beco1n1ng to you as they are to C y To I.1ll1e Bell MCDUIIIG l V1rg1'11a Parker w1ll my re shlrt It w1ll really look keen W1th those llGC and whlte checked slacks To Elo1se M1lner I Ruby lean Bullock w1l my place 1n h1gh school May you have cs mucn fun To Nann1e Lou Reynolds I Marguerltte Tom 11 w1l m Gblllly to let my l1tt1e l1p droop when I a t rn d To Don Sanders I Bobby Shxrey w1ll my ah111tv to pester the grrls Don I thlnk you can do a pretty good Job of 1t To Parthema Sanders I Ruby Dean Wrlson W1 l my suctlon wlth the teachers A valuable asset To Iohn Srvuley I Clay Hale w1ll my Job Uncl Sam IS go1ng to 11X me up w1th a new one To Alrce Marle Atn1p I Mrldred McMah n Wlll my d1gn1ty and P0159 You should be able to hod An hony Tc Alta Faye Starnes I Wlllodene Arnold w1ll my place on the basketball team You w1ll b a star player Alta Faye To Beatrnc Whtte I VIYQIHIG Wr1oht w1ll my ab1l 1ty to chew aum IH all classes and get by W1 h lt You can concentrate beter when chewmg To Marvln Whzte I Iack McAnulty w1ll my ah1l1ty ot draw burlesque queens An AMUSING past1me To Cllfton W1ll1ams Ilames W1lllGmS w1ll mv p c on the basketball team and any other place I hela IH school I om glad to get out We further w1sh 1t understood that 1f any benef1c1 ary of hrs document should attempt to dtspute or set asxde any legacy here111 m nt1oned he should be cast 1nto outer darkness of the unmentlonea ones Fur thermore hculd any outs1der attempt to CYIIILIL l111d fault mterlere or oavtl w1th ony of the pfOV1SlO"lS herelr set forth he must be 1mmed1ately sentenced to work from one to etght hours accordtng to the d1scret1on of the court IH the nearest candy factory I-Iercunto have we set our hand and seal know mg that all the prov1s1ons here1n proclalmed are as 1.n alterable and lndrssoluble as the famous laws of the Medes and Pers1ans RB CLASS OF 1945 , 1 ' ' ' , . . ' 1 1 ' 1 SY to 2 t ' " A s. ' ter , ,MI A , I.I. I I I I , e I I , II. . - 1 1 . 3 3 'iv ' I . T '1 , 'r 'la ' ' nf, x-:All m" , ' ' ' ' '1 ' 1 jute. It K- 1 1 1 I - 1 - - ' ' ' ' e ' . 1 ' ' e I . . 1 ' . ' ' ' ' a I 1 I 1 I I 4 . S ' . , ' ' 1 ' 1' " ' that, I ' ' ' 1 '- I .. , I I , .I , III . ' w I . . I I I u , I , I I ' ' 1 I CSE? . 1 I I I , 4 All , All ' ' ' ' d ' . ' ' ' L' 1: - . . 1 ., 1 . . . , , . School, we give and bequeath and devise out of 11 G51 dit-1 - - - ' - y ye a . 1 1 1 1 1 '-4 A, . , I l I ' ' ' A ' A , ' , A , . . . - 1 '- ' I I ' ' - - ' . , ' ' . e . , ' G , ' 9 I , . ' e I I . I ' 1 - I I . I . ' I ' GI TI , I I . M., I I I . ' I I I . I . '1 t 'K . ' ' 1 , I Tc 3 I I I ' , I I ' - w ' ' ' I ' S 4 ""'m ' 1 1 l' ' ' I 1 I 1 I I ' I 4 I , I . A 5 Y' ' ' ' ' ' ' L ' ' ' V 1 , - , 1 I 1 - ' ,R . II I . .. I J I R 9 1 1111" lllll' ' 2 --Nvvw-hwhwsunnxhusunx mx. .kl,l,, M A gxl g an XM K HY umon CQGAA MISS AGNES MOSLEY Sponsor Q -My 303 GWENDOLYN HILDEBRAND CLIFFORD DORFLINGER ALTA PAYE STARNES Pres1dent Reporter Secretory JAMES MULLENS V1ce Presrdent DAULINE ABLES ALICE MARTE ATNIP G T BOSWELL WILLI13 MAE EWINC: D DAD IELS DOYLE BURTON 'Q' HUBERT ASHWORTH BOBDY BCDOSA MILDRED BRIAN IEAN DORFLINGER DGROTHY COSTON DAVID FOGLE PEGGY GILBERT ELAINE I-IALEY MARCILLE HEARD EDNA HILLMAN ELOUISE MILNER S2 61' lf'- MAXE Y GA"'Lb MARGARET GREENING RALPH IIARRIbON GWEN HILDEBRAND LILLIE BELLE MCDUFFIE IEAN MOORE MANNIE LOU QLYNOLDS PAI-UI-ILNIA SAIJDVIMJ DON SANDERS BEATRICL WHITE MARVIN WHITL IOHN SMU-EY MW 1,5354 94? 3 if kxxu I 45 CLIFTON WILLIAMS 'JRLTNIOT' S275 OT M655 CALL U 'hs ,Q f f 0.62 Sha SS Fon-uew Hughschool, 8 BeU.S , i X 'N 'if --Q - ' R i ' SQPHCDMCDRES 5 Jian M X WM H fifi f J, ,yw M .Soho hormone L. LOUIS I ROTHWELL Preszdent vi' mv 'Q' CQQM MRS IANL VVALL Sponsor WILLIAM PATTERSON Seuetcry 1, X Q Y'7 5555 I ' . f ":"' "A"" 4 . I ' 'K .E ffiip A A EDWARD ABLES IAMES ALLEN EARRIS BALDWIN ADDIE LEE BEAN ORIS BRYANT CATHERINE CARDYN PATRICK CASE K FRANCES CORNELIUS vw 'fl FW Wi-3 -fp ht' pn, f'N ff f'5i5E f I 1. PRISCILLA ADAMS HESTER ANDERSON VERNON BARMES IANIS BRIAN MURL BUTLER IAKIE BOB CARRO L LOUISE COLVERI EDDIE PAYE CRAIG A E ,E . 1 ,, A I ' I 1 ' I xg I . . . 4 . :AQ V f J li .1 21 ,g I I ' :AAI - In gg I Q.. : ff -.I ,gk -I I V, A F I ' -1- 2- :' . Y Q af' ... T , I A :A.:" I ,,,. ' W , A E . ' if 'VH' 2 . 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' 7' ' y - 5, 3 5' ,.,. - V' -A X' - 'Iii' ' 1.2: V' .Ia ' 21: A, , -4 . , IACK MCANULTY IAMES ALLEN .Batten men ROBERT SHIREY NORWOQD 1-IEINLEY G.1crd Center Q Gucffd Guard JAMES 'WILLIAMS RALPH HARRISON Forward Forward .Batten man BILLY MULLENS IVAN MARKS Forward Center .Semen 0501515 Cf:-:am WILLODENE ARNOLD LILLIE BELLE MCDUFFIE Forward Guard .fr-:tten man CPICTUTG for B1l11e Dean T1dwel1 was losij l MARIORIE PORTERFIELD BILLIE DEAN TIDWELL Porwazd Guam L MILDRED BRIAN EARNESTINE BOGGS Forward Guard ,Batten man LOUISE SEVIER CATHRYN CARDEN Forward Guard 12 'he Q OTL EVIL 2 32 I X E S 17- '4 .EI QP Vb UTL YL 31,1 i QULQA' 'Team ATUR 45 W F E E S - , E :J CE.1eautLeA he Sz-:mon 1:01515 oundl Lt qimta a Ipnolzvfem to Aeflect OYLQQ we lveautlea nom auch 0. 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' "l,llE'R COMPLIMENTS OF Hardwick Furniture Co DEALERS IN R C A Vlctor Radlos Norge Appllances Maytag Washers Kroehler Lmne Room Furnlture BlgPl0W - Sanford Ru s and Carpets Lane Cedar Chests W BUILD OUR BUSINESS ON PUBLIC CONFIDENCE PHONE 5 CAMDEN o o l 0 O O O U I - O I I I v ...J ' O 0' D H - L DR PEPPFR BOTTLING COMPANY di MANUFACTURERS Grapette AND Dr Pepper S T I N S O N ' S WATCHES SIZELAN D MOTOR JEWELRY COMPANY GRADUATION GIFTS A SPECIALTY YOUR FORD DEALER BLANCHES FLOWER SHOP CUT FLOWERS PLANTS AND FLORAL DESIGNS WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD 115 EAST WASHINGTON CAMDEN ARKANSAS GMC TRUCKS DEALER SERVICE OLDSMOBILES PHSNE 77 MOTOR COMPANY PHENE ESSO PRODUCTS W R ATKINS Owner Complxments Of Compllments Of MAGNESS SHOE WEST BROS STORE 9 Day Phone 216 Night Phone 873 Refresh yourse lf" if E359 Y! BENSBERG MUSIC STORE BALDWIN PIANOS G E APPLIANCES RECORDS d SHEET MUSIC CAMDEN ARKANSAS FOSTER BUSINESS SCHOOL COMPLETE BUSINESS TRAINING AT FOSTER BUSINESS SCHOOL MILL BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS TO FAIRVIEW SENIORS 1 f City Steam Laundry AND Plaza Courts ARTHUR RHODES. Prop. -' 9 'Q L- as X' N AW. 'DS 1.31 lx .-., 3 J I ,Q N' 4, 14: - iff, -'HX X J ?i gf:-A -I I I ' - If ff , il Q X IOIILED UNDER AUYMORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY If an Complimen s O WATTS QUALITY MERCHANDISE AND WEARING APPAREL CAMDEN MOTOR SUPPLY GOODYEAR TIRES AND COMPLETE PARTS SERVICE 16 WEST JEFFERSON STREET CAMDEN ARK LIN EBARIER TIRE SERVICE CAMDEN, ARKANSAS RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING YOUR PATRONAGE ALWAYS APPRECIATED GILLELAND FURNITURE C0 1 SINCE 1887 ' CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Camden, Ark MENT sfo 0 K Grocery Sz Market GROCERIES MEAT FEED GOOD THINGS TO EAT C pl e is f SHILLINGS Pennlngton s Grocerv COMPLETE FOOD STORE Jackson s Hardw are COMPLETE LINE OF HARDWARE CULLENDALE ARKANSAS Laney Wolke LADIES WEAR AND SHOES WE SPECIALIZE IN TEEN AGE GARMENTS , A , Y . , . Q , I I , H " - ' om im n O , v , , 7 MALCCD THEATRES INC. RIALTO STRAND RITZ CAMDEN ARKANSAS E H FEARING GROCERY NU WAY CLEANERS coTToN BELT CIRCLE Rl2llt0 SBFVICC St2ltl0Il WASHING LUBRICATION PHONE 1285 CLEANING PRESSING BATTERIES ACCESSORIES ALTERATIONS M C MERRITT M CAMDEN ARK - T Opposite Cotton Belt Depot . . . gr. INSTANT AMBULANCE SERVICE CALL 133 BOWE MATHIS FUNERAL HOME Arkansas Cafe FINE FOODS COLD DRINKS SANDWICHES Horne s Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS FOUNTAIN SERVICE CAMDEN ARK pl ets George B Mathls Co er of Ouach ta County Sur Wa Stores G S Rumph REAL ESTATE N ADAMS STREET 50 YEARS IN CAMDEN Co phments Of Camden Ice C0 OLDEST a d BEST PHONE 34 9 C ' f om lm n O . Compliments Of O ron i I I m . O n FOR THE BEST -- STAY AT THE ORLANDO HOTEL FINE ROOMS - WITH ROOM SERVICE TURNER Sz CARROLL CALL GROCERY 8: MARKET P R 0 C T 0 R S FINE MEATS FOR FRESH VEGETABLES rURNITURE FRUITS CANNED GOODS PHONE 120 JEFFERSON STREET CAMDEN ARK AMBULANCE SERVICE 8 PHONE 9 12 PHONE 372 "A THINKING FELLOW RIDES A YELLOW' YELLOW CAB COMPANY PHONE 606 24 HOUR SERVICE B F Goodrich L0 Mald Rite Sandwlch NEW TIRES RE-1-READING E WASHINGTON RECAPPING BAR B O VULCANIZING AND OTHER SANDWICHES OPPOSITE COTTON BELT BARKER gl NIEL props DEPOT PHONE 538 1 L. 0 0 c o 1 - 0 0 0 1 Compllments Of EDGAR PRYOR PURITY AND ACCURACY Camden Drui, C PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS CAMDEN ARK Compl ents Of Frances Glft Shop WATCH YOUR WATCH WALTER SIMS Berg Jewelry Co Co pl ents Of Camden Monument Works COMPLIMEN TS OF SNOW HARDWARE POWELL S CAFE FINE FOODS STEAKS CHICKEN DINNERS THANK YOU' im 9' 0. . Washington 8z North Adams Sts. CAMDEN, ARK. m im W 9 CITIES SERVICE STATION 106 VAN BUREN STREET IRear Ouachxia Hotell CAMDEN ARKANSAS V C Smlth Fr1endlyServ1ce WASHING LUBRICATION SYNCRONIZING TIRES BATTERIES PHONE 666 S3HY,S Beauty Shop Gateway Grocery Store FRUITS VEGETABLES CULLENDALE ARK It Yours Isnt Becomlng io you MR 81 MRS A M MANN Props You Should Be Commg io us PHONE 1080 CU1-1-ENUM-E' ARK' GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS 5, ' .r v h,..H,g 11. .f. -V , L..,.L. -:, 1. . Lp.: .Yf - .-L. :. - 14-..g.. - 4 . . .,.,-v ,. . . ---1 -1-vvf.1 -- V , . -1 . , 2 - F' -- ,- . , -, .-3-, f- ffl.--. -uf. f I ,-- "'1f1--1, .f'.'r' ,AVL-A.'--..+ , Ye--rf,-: ,1 ,, rain' Um. -'vi 'g muah 'EL T -"?iG+i4'fJf'f5"'?" ,H W--f.,x , --.-f . , f. ., -- 1-fu. -, . V .-3-ff .1. Q. de, , 1 Y gf, Q, W an ,Q W, 1- Y iii'-i ifvf E553 .1 Al Sig 5, i ..- ,J he ,.: . i rs H51 :.q., 'v-rrrvirf-rr . gr:-5 .' Ml sa rg '+- FQ if 4,53 ,gi E 1 'S 5. 21: iff! . , ET E wa ,cg-Q1 sri? elif fr?- Li , 5 Eli? 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Suggestions in the Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) collection:

Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 60

1945, pg 60

Fairview High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Camden, AR) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 79

1945, pg 79

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