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f- N f ."A G K f Hx g ,. ze- six Y n L,-A W A ,al ' ff 5 19 6 5: 'X 1 Y , . L W -Q ,. ....,. f 'W4m , V- -4:-W - ..-..--3 Q.. H .335-14 -,I -4 E ! A J 5 4 E 1 E ,. , , ,.,., ' N1 5 Q , .W 5 ' 0 1 . Y- A V i. . A..,. , Nm: ' H . . " ' - ,Q , I Y W- . , L 1- ' -- ' " ' ' -' Ti". 1.,,-1412?-ef,-f :Fir1,wgf-.,.1gaf,:,a'i'j,qyz: ,fz,:.:+ gg-Qiif' ,Q 'X Z-n A, if g We HOUI2 M55 0111 r V K . X A , A ' ' . f kXH'01llfxf , -'21 , Dmurv . W I W4 leo M ,f ,I 'f',,. ' , o ' ' 1 K1 - V ER T ' " ' ' k . + ,. A 1 ' N N 1 lm 1 "Mmm K W . ' N 1- .. 5 ' 'IT ffl-1fQ:1?'I'w:'11i'E?71i SW' Mm, q m "fl , km H' 1 U "'k"'mL.I-its STV: wut- ""'Z':!W'x'tkh:3P'c"m ' . Hll ,.M-,,.-' ,xt -1- . ,flaw .P.M,,4i1w 3 " J"H W- 'QQ o .1 -a M, C ' -1 'Q . I.f"""kN-.":','f'M-f ' -fu 'Y www. . . K . 11" r"W-axs5""""'aw 'ul' 1 'M 5 ""' fax '- ' . ,,-mfr? in-"""1,ffP 'ill 5 H X - CQUW .VA 'i Q XM' v va, " 1. .4 V ,.'3,x,--- Jw.,-fy: - at gl 1--Q , . H A .... . . i . ,. . .,. ,' wx Q n -L AJ X. , K .i.,.T::L..Ej.:i:-Qi-:S-325,21 3 -A , Q'-1. . .r . J . 'M ww.. "wi" YL ., ,, . W' .Ny M, 4 ff f7"'1'5?i'a:' I :ML 'ss f"""' . fn 1, I ' 'I Y 1 Dr mmm IV R' ' . ev I max Q' od qs 'Wd 1. J-4:4243 ,. 1 if .3 XG' flooya- .Q of "X 09 ' Q 527, v"?v'!vf" fo 'gf' ' " P" C, Q. 'X V v zfr'-3'7"fvf"' , ,goo Af, if q.SigQ,3f', afffde 5Ags53.gff of of , ,gg ..- i lllvrmf f'j,'f-gfsw -1-2 a o 6,412 A' 'SR fir' Ga do 'X 5'fffv'?f1eJf'2' I 'ii 'E N 'I' G44 Il. ?'V7"ff1v 2 .X .D 1 0CL0n " X , af 4 .. I946 Robevi Johnson PCGGLI Brlzee Uullnom Grqbb Ld Hrors LEIIVDGFT I-Hob School 2 RIIFDOFT, New York Q le 2 'N ISAAAAA' r+'N"l'AA4A FAAAAANA AAAAA A4 AAAAAQAA f A4 N foreword June 25, I946 Dear Boys and Girls of Olher Nafionsz This has been an evenfful year in fhe his'rory of +he world. I+ has seen a world, sha++ered and broken by +he grealesl' slruggle in hisfory, sfrive +0 regain i+s feet ln lhe midsl' of fhese +hroes, ofher nafions have paused briefly +o gaze across +he wafers loward America, fhe Land of Op- porluniiy. They have called 'For aid, and lhey shall have ill H is an infegral parl' of 'the American way of life +o help one's less for+una+e neighbors. Why is America prosperous foday al- fhough o+her nafions are experiencing poverly? A greaf many facfors con1'ribu+e fo +his +ranquili+y and concord. In fhis HCUR GLASS, we have aH'emp+ed 'lo show you, Youfh of Foreign Lands, a bil' of our American "Way of Life". Walk wifh us fhrough +he pages of +he year iusf pas? ---- 'lbble OS COmL5mT5 WE PRESENT . OUR LEADERS. OUR CLASS O OUR SCHOOLMATES OUR CLUB UFE OUR MUSIC OUR SPORTS VARIA OUR SPONSORS Sept 4-School opens. Sept IO-Seniors eleci offi- cers: Nemifz, president Sept I8-Library Tea. Sept 24-Senior picfures ialcen. Sept 26-Junior class or- ganizes: Seaman, president Sept 26-Alpha Bela Phi pledged. Sept 28-Block F pledged. Oct I-Cosmopolifan, Theia Chi Upsilon, and Sigma Chi Della, pledged Oct 6-Easl' Rochesier downed Fairporf I9-0. Oct 25-Al Sisson here. Nov. 8-9-Ten-weelcs' fesis. Nov. 5-Dramaiic Club inifiafions. Nov. 20-Sfunl Night lFirs+ in fhree years.l Dec. I4-Fairpori defeafed Easl' Rochesier, 25-24. Dec. 20-Chrisimas play given by Mr. Lynch's English III class. Vacaiion begins. Dec. 2l-Senior Ball. Hudson and Schrader selecied. Jan. 2--School opens. Jan. I0-Junior rings arrive. Democratic Education Evenis of lhe Year 4 for Democratic Living Evenls of Ihe Year ICon'+I Jan. 28-Mid-year exams. Feb. 6-Reporl' cards. IYi!I Feb. 22-No school. WasI1ingIon's Birfhday. Feb. 24-Senior Balred Food Sale. Feb. 25-Picfures falcen for I-Iour Glass. Mar. I-WI1isI'Ier and dancer. Mar. 22-Kovacs-"Fences and Bridges." Mar. 28-Easfman School of Music. Apr. 4-Senior Play. Apr. I I- I 2-Ten-weelrs' +es+s. Apr. I8-28-Easfer vacafion. May 3-Sororify Dance. May I6-PI1i Play Confesf. May I4-Modah Moiion Picfures. June I7-2I-Regenfs. June 23-Baccalaureafe. June 26-Commencement June I4-Moving-up Day. is W bi , N 1 - A - 4- "V" iw g""fi .e 'f .6 Tiffa- --ff KR'-ff-ff 5,1 .. .1+1,s,Lm1,1i:!..r1'-fff':': A I W E 1-3.21.5 fl Y as P 5' . 'i iii 'QF-an Q 1' vga KWK1' X 1 ,Mn . I Q . x A N They Blazed the Trail Thos. G. Coffee James L. Cornish Dr. C. J. Whifney C. C. Barnharf S. H. Peacock G. H. Deira l. D. Bramer F. Arfhur Cary John Bruishchaarf O F F I C E R S S. H. Peacock, llresideni J. L. Cornish, Clerk John Bruishchaarf, Treasur Board of Education Few are aware oi fhe +ime and unsiiniing eFfor+ pui' forih by +he Board of Educaiion in +he managemeni' of our school's affairs. For iheir inielligeni, efficieni aclminisirafion of ihe village schools, we wish fo fhank fhese men in appreciafion of iheir wholly volun+ary services in our behalf. 7 We Practice Citizenship elif r N get ,IF , P""! STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS W. Grabla, Pres.: L. Fislc, Sec.: T. Bucher, Trees.: R, Chesbro, Vice-Pres. STUDENT ASSOCIATION Democracy, in all iruly American clubs, plays a leading role, I-lere, as elsewhere, our sfar is Democracy. The Sludenl Associafion renders invaluable services Io Hs members, Ilrie sfudenfs of F. H. S. II' chooses Hs own officers, who officiaie a+ Hs semi-annual meefings. Bill Grabb as presidenl wields +he gavel, while Bob Chesbro sfands by fo Ialce over when Bill can'I malce H. Lillian Fislc lceeps lhe minuies and Tom Bucher guards finances. These young people head our Democracy, guiding our many varied inieresfs. FLAG CUSTODIANS Each year a boy and a girl from fhe Senior Class are selecied as cuslodians oi 'rhe flag. H is Iheir duly Io care for Ihe flag and Io lceep H flying every clay. This year, The honor fell To Gerfrude Miiller and Daniel Woolsfon, who did Iheir job conscienliously in Irue devolion Io clufy. IN MEMORIAM Our Debt Cannot Be Paid Mr. Andrew C. Lynch V. E. DAY On May 8, I945 I'he en+ire Sfudenf Body me+ fo Iis+en Io fhe +I1riIIing news of peace in Europe as if came in over fhe radio. Lafer in fhe morning FacuI+y and Siudenfs joined in a Candle-Iigh+ Memorial Service in loving memory of 'rhose boys who had sacrificed fheir lives for Freedom and World Peace. As Mr. Lynch called 'Ihe Roll of Honor, a candle was IigI1+ed in each boy's memorv wifh +he words: "A+ fhe Shrine of Vicfory, we Iighi Ihe Flame of Remembrance." But We Remember . . . CPL. RAYFIELD AMES France-Sepfember, I944 PVT. FRANK GARAFONA Pacific-May, I944 TXSGT. PAUL HUMPHREY Germany-May, I944 LT. ROBERT KRAMER Germany-Ocfober, I943 LT. DONALD Le FROIS U. S. A.-June, I943 PFC. HOWARD PARKINSON Marshall Islands-February, I944 PFC. ALFRED RINALDO Ifaly-January, I944 F. O. KENNETH BRIDGES Pacific-April, I945 PVT. FRANCIS CROWLEY U. S. A.-April, I942 PVT. LAWRENCE HEMBROCK U. S. A.-March, I943 CPL. CARL KISHBAUGH Belgium-January, I945 LT. FREDERICK LEARY Germany-February, I945 LT. PAUL PAGE Germany-November, I944 PVT. MARIO POMPONIO France1Ianuary, I945 LT. DONALD WILLIAMS ' Germany-May, I944 LT. CHARLES MOORE Germany-April, I945 Didlc Clllom Mr. Leon Warner 10 DEDICATION As fhe cur'rain falls on +he firsl acl' of +he drama 1'i+led "Life", we look back fo refleci' upon our oufsfanding pleasures and enioymenfs al' F. H. S. lnfermingled wi+h every one of +he high poin+s in our high school life is +he personalify of Leon B. Warner. AfFec+iona+ely we call him "Pop". Trul he possesses fa+herly skill in guiding high school pupils. ln our underclass years we were amazed af +he respecl' and admirafion expressed by upperclassmen in reference +o Mr. Warner. ln our Junior year, we began fo unders+and, 'For we found his masrery of hisfory incredible. This year we gained full realiza- fion of his guiding genius. As a 'reacher and as a friend. Mr. Warner has proved fo be our ideal. In parfing +ribu+e, we wish fo fhanlr Mr. Warner for his palience wifh us and for his sfeady, experienced guiding hand. In apprcciafion of his undersfanding we, ihe class of I946, dedicafe fhis HOUR GLASS 'io our fondesi' high school memory, Leon B. Warner. Mr. Warner wifh a group of appreciative sfudenfs LEFT TO RIGHT-M R h R Webb, E. Manchesl H V E. Ward, Mr. Wa d L Stoll. UWC l-ECIGUCS we have wcrzlci-corwcmows ooluwofw Q 1 8 M ' 3 Webb I A U They Helped I S Plan, Supl. Coffee and Mrs. Collon, Secrelary SUPT. THOMAS G. COFFEE A pleasanl' "Good morning" from lhe energelic figure coming down lhe hall! ll is Mr. Coffee, fhe Superin+enden+ of Fairporl Schools. He guides us 'lhrough our high school days, and many a Fairpor+ alumni owes his presenl posilion lo him. Oulside his office, gardening and his family claim his mosl' decided allenlions. Mr. CoFfee's many years of communily aclivifies have placed him in conslanl demand around Fairporl as an organizer or a commi'Hee member. His dynamic personalily is far-reaching, influencing all who come in conlacl wilh him. Alfhough Mrs. Coffon has been school secre+ary for only one year, she has already become adiusfed lo +he ways of Fairporl High School. Nearly everyone in school has come in conlacf wilh her cheery "Hello" or "May l help you?" Because of her helpfulness and palience she has won a place of respecl and ad- miralion in every hearl. I 4 Our Tomorrow Mr. Andrew C. Lynch PRINCIPAL ANDREW C. LYNCH The office al' fhe end of 'lhe hall is usually empfy, for fhe Principal of Fairpori High School is a very occupied man. Answering his many felephone calls and calls from feachers and s+uden+s ihroughoui' +he day keeps him consfanfly on +he move. His English III class produces an inspiring Chrisfmas Program each year, wi+h Mr. Lynch direciing. In +he spring, he coaches fhe male prize- spealcers, bui' none surpasses his leader. His deep, ringing +ones, flashing wil' and vibranf personali+y fransmif +o everyone who hears him a message of frue worfh. I 5 e Learn, MISS SNOW - MR. LYNCH - MISS JOYCE Miss Dorofhy Snow, Ixeeper of a Senior home-room and edi+oriaI adviser of Ihe CHATTER and HOUR GLASS, is one of I'he besl-Iilced Ieachers in Fairport She likes cooperalive people who lcnow how Io worlc. Her Iavori+e color is blue, she Iilces daffodils, fine music, especially arrangemen+s for +he violin. Frifz Kreisler, Iennis, and TschaiI:owsIcy's ariaz are her favoriles. She enioys wriiing and has wriI'- 'ren several successful plays and poems. Eighleen years ago, Mr. Andrew C. Lynch came 'Io Eairporl' High School in Ihe role of an English Ieacher. Eleven years ago he advanced fo 'Ihe posifion of principal. Despile Ihe heavy dufies connecfed wifh Ihal posifion, he has neverlheless refained an English Three class. Everyone who has Ialcen Mr. Lynch's course in English Three 'Feels Ihal he has learned, no+ only Ihe usual English Three subiecf maHer, buf in addilion, much philosophy valuable in Iafer life. Miss Evelyn Joyce guides 'rhe Freshmen and Sophomores 'rhrough Iheir firsl Iwo years of English. She Iilces Io read, THE VALLEY OF DECISION being one of her favorifes. She prefers simple clofhes, fhe color blue, Ihe music of Romberg, coconuf cake, and roses. Miss Joyce's pei peeve is girls who comb 'rheir hair during classes. She has been compelenlly direcling Ihe Senior Play for many years. This year's produclion of MOONLIGHT FOR HERBERT Ieslifies 'Io her efforf, pafience and under- s+anding of dramalics. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Ib World Culture MR. WARNER Mr. Leon Warner prefers blondes. His favorile color is blue. His favorile musician is Spilce Jones: for variely his favorile musical seleclion is "The l.ord'5 Prayer", He hunfs for sporl and shools descendanls of his favorile aclor, Donald Duck. He says "Holy Moses" when eafing slealc and mushrooms. He lilces 'lo puller around The house and hales lo answer fhese queslions. He lilces lailored clolhes and hislorical novels, and his lavorile way of expressing himself, he says, is iusf lo be sweel and genlle. Ealing is fhe habif he would like lo gel rid of. Y' 40' MRS. ROUGHT A good-na+ured, 'Friendly person, well-liked: so perhaps lhal is why we are fond of Mrs. Helen Roughl. Cooperalive people are favored by her, as are ice cream and chocolale calxe. She's fond of red roses and +he semi-classics, wilh seleclions by Jerome Kern and Gershwin al lhe head. She has many hobbies, among +hem are sporls, gardening, and read- ing good books. She has numerous ways of felling her emofions, bul' facial expression comes nalurally fo her. Her pel peeve concerns people who 'rallc in movies, and she likes very much +o sink n holo- in-one on 'lhe golf course, A very easy - +o - gel - acquainled - wilh person is Mrs. Roughl. SOCIAL STUDIES MRS. O'DELL The mysferies of why only one par? of iron will combine wifh l'wo of chlorine are all unveiled by Mrs. O'Dell, Fairporf l'ligh's science feacher. Fond of coolcing, she specializes in lemon chiffon pie. She likes blue, casual clofhes, good books, and Clark Gable. Mrs. O'DelI enioys music, buf docs nof appreciafe "fhe lxind fhey mur- der in fhe music room during lessons." Her special fear is 'rhaf of being foo cross and sfricf. ln flue "lab" Mrs. O'Dell is fhe sym- bol of efficiency, indusfry and pafience. We Widen MISS HODGE A sporfs enfhusiasf, and nof bad, al 'lhafl She's a wonderful malh feacher, and her original problems are lhe fall: of her classes. She cannof sfomach lamb of any kind, color, or creed, buf sho does lilce furlxcy wilh all lhe frimmings. Her favorife bool: is THE BOLINVARS, a novel aboul' Russia. Dcbussy's music is always welcome, especially Clair de Lune. Always, bowling and bicycling are firsf wifh her, and flowers are favorife wi+h her. loo. A greaf all-around person, a wonderful friend and a good adviser is Miss Helen Hodge, lhc ma+h genius of MATH AND SCIENCE Our Horizons MISS STOLT Miss Florence Sloll. French leacher in Fairporl High, is also a pafron of 'Ihe arfs. She likes Verdi's immorral music, lhe opera and hislorical novels. Belle Davis, Waller Pidgeon and badminron appeal fo her. People who are pleasanl and have a good sense of humor fascinale her. Her favori+e color is black. She dis- likes radishes, and 'rhinks she sleeps loo much. The French sludenis are fond of saying fhaf "You can'+ llunk French wifh Miss S'rol'r leach- ing il." LANGUAGES I9 MISS MONK Lalin may be a dead language buf +o Fairporf High if is a ver much alive, wilh Miss Elsie Monk leaching I+. This +all blonde feacher is fond of color blue, of Sammy Kaye, Greer Garson and Ingrid Bergman. She likes 'Io play 'Iennis or wafch a good foofball game. Miss Monk is fond of "S+ar- dus'r", and 'railorcd clolhes, buf women's hals "drive her crazy", and she seldom wears Ihem. Bridge or chocolale cake are also "lo+s of Fun". Miss Monk has already shown her abilify +o make Lalin inferesling during her one year here. , MRS. RYON Mrs. Ger+rude Ryon likes Fin- landia, for a musical selec+ion, iailored suifs, and sweel' peas. Reading is her hobby and she reads hisforical novels and bio- graphies, buf her favorife way of expressing herself is by wri+ing. She likes a good T-bone sfeak. She cloesn'i like noise and con- fusion and wishes she could gel' rid of The habii of being foo crifical. COMMERCE 20 We Prepare to MR. SCHWORM Mr. Kenne+h Schworm likes peo- ple wi+h brains and good looks who wear blue and can'+ chew gum. His favorife flower is +he nasiurfium, and he likes badrninlon and mysfery sfories. His hobby is ma+h figures. As a musician, Wayne King is his favori+e and for aciing he likes Spencer Tracy and Greer Garson. 2 Earn a Living MISS RUMSEY The homemaking rooms are sparkling brighfly under fhe super- vision of Miss Charloffe Rumsey. As a Cooking experf, she claims devil's food cake as her favorife dish. Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and Clark Gable never grow 'riresome fo her. She likes fhe color "rose", gay people, and horseback riding. Her pef expres- sion is "darn", and she's frying +o sfop saying "uh" befween sen- fences. A sewing enfhusiasf, Miss Rumsey makes mosf of her own clofhes. Her expressive eyebrows quirk upwards when she is sur- prised. The homemaking rooms ave assumed a special charm under her guidance. VOCATIONAL Pl MR. YONKERS Our sharp specialisf, Mr. Milfon Yonkers, has a secref ambifion no one has ever known abouf. He would like fo wake up one Monday morning and nof have fo come fo school. He is fond of roasf beef, falisman roses, Gershwin, Ingrid Bergman, and Gary Cooper simply "sends" him. Sfrauss walfzes and quief music enfrance him, wi+h Joyce Kilmer's "Trees" af fhe head of fhe column. His pef manner of expression is a scowl and he dofes on hunfing and fishing and energeric people. He used fo like "Black Beau+y" buf now prefers "Tin and Tin Fish", a novel abouf deep-sea fishing off fhe Florida Coasf. A very good feacher and an all-around friend is Mr. Milfon Yonkers. MISS WATSON Miss Genevieve Wa+son, one of fhe music insfruclors af Fairporl, is fond of saying "A 'thing of beauly is a ioy forever." Her favorile colors are sapphire blue and she dofes on while wi+h gold. During fhe summer she enioys "limbering u " wi+h swimming and lennis. She is fondesl of apple pie a la mode. Miss Wa+son's hobbies are playing bridge and reading philo- sophical or psychological lilera- fure. To her, RachmanioFf's sym- phonies and INTERMEZZO repre- senf an af+ernoon's ecslasy. A piano salisfies her love for music. e Enrich MR. VANCE Mr. Carroll Vance lhinlcs girls are his favorile lype of person. He lilies brown, Mario Drcsslcr and George Arliss, boaling, rnisin pie, sporl' clolhes, delecfivc slories and pansies. He doesn'+ lilac gum and wishes he didn'+ pul his hands in his poclcels. His hobbies are doing crossword puzzles and col- lecling American coins. Mind and oul MISS FORTMILLER X. RS Miss Margare+ For+miller likes blue and violefs. Her favorife acfor is Maurice Evans and fa- S! vorife acfress, Irene Dunne. She does nof like hypocrifes and saying "O, K." Her favori+e sporf is baskelball and her hobbies are music and kniHing. She likes sui+s. v MRS. STREET Our Ar+ Depar+men1' has ad- vanced grearly in 'lhe pasf few years, due fo Mrs. Esda S'rree+s' never-ending effort English lifera- +ure in'reres+s her greally. She has good-naluredly laken a lo+ of kidding aboul' her avid inferes+ in purple. I+ remains her favori+e color! She lhinks she worries foo much abouf herself and her slu- denfs. Like mos+ leachers she is irrifaled by gum-chewers. English 'leacups and saucers fascinafe her, as does +he music of Romberg. She enioys walking and likes cookies afler a long walk in +he coun+ry. Every depar+men+ in +he school, al someiime or oiher, seeks favors from 'lhe Ari Deparf- menl and is graciously sarisfied. MISS LA IUPPA A very versafile person is our denial hygiene feacher, Miss Frances La luppa. She likes all kinds of people, and all kinds of fruiis and all kinds of orchids. Bach and Schuberi are her Fa- voriie composers, while grand opera and symphony conceris are aso "in 'rhe groove". However, syncopafion is none +he less groovey wi+h her. She likes mod- ern lifera+ure, especially LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN. Dancing. spor+s, and any kind of a game fascinaies her, and she shows her fascinaiion by her facial expres- sions. Her pe+ peeve is people who falk in movies, and her fa- vori+e sporis are swimming and baskeiball. WY is af? Wal V. W, . 5 wg xg: 5. 5. i5a..,.5Y HEALTH 74 e Find Fun in MRS. SANFORD Mrs. Iva Mae Sanford, Fairpor+'s school nurse, is a real all-around person and a good spori. Her favoriie people have a good sense of humor, buf are genuinely sincere. She likes pie and Alan Ladd, and sacred music occupies a very special place in her heart Shuberl"s AVE MARIA and Lloyd Douglas' THE ROBE are also special as are sweef peas and collecfing anfiques. Picnickinq and baskelball are favori+es wi+h her and no+hing annoys her more 'rhan someone falking ouf of iurn. Her hands are her means of expressing her feelings, which are always sincere. """--4... Health and Relaxation MISS DONK Miss Rulh Donk is one of Fair- por+'s energe+ic physical educafion insfrucfors. Her favorile color is yellow, and she considers her worsf habil' is saying "my word" or "golly". A quesfionnaire is her pei aversion, while vegefable soup lfhe kind +ha+ comes in a canl is her pef diversion. During her leisure she enioys kni++ing, +ennis and swimming. Chopin's music and The While Tower complelely caplivafe her. Poefry and good ficlion are special forms of amuse- menls, and 'railored clofhes and Sammy Kaye rank way up wilh her. A+ rare infervals she can be per- suaded 'fo give a erformance of l her celebrafed ballet MR. BRENNAN Mr. Don Brennan likes opfimisls, blue, and Pinnochio. His iavorile musician is Eddy Duchin and musi- cal selec+ion is Navajo Trail. Maureen O'Hara is his 'Favori+e aclress. He likes baskelball, fool- ball - and sleak. His favorile expression is "Whaf's fhe idea?" His special way of expressing him- self blanke+y-blank-blank-blank is used when he is using his pel peeve, his car. Tha+ is probably why he is lard . Being lardy is a habil he wishes he could gel over. Or maybe il's because he reads his iavori+e li+era+ure 'loo long, comic books and funny pa- pers. He also likes casual clolhes. lCoach has a hosf of friends in F.H.S.l PHYSICAL EDUCATION hlnli-si?-sl-!"l'i" GLU? 650,55 OLUL Syofuoofmcdiei iq- Af? f wxrw. f f X R Z W -W 1-A X f , ! xg N. u f-Q -Q pf- 'Y We tep Forflw TRIBUTE TO SENIOR ADVISORS For fheir sparkling sense of humor, for fheir pafienf efforfs in our behalf, and for fheir friendly undersfanding, we, fhe Class of I946, express our appreciafion and grafifude fo our class advisers, Miss Charloffe Rumsey and Mr. Leon Warner. SENIOR HISTORY Early in Sepfember, fhe newly- formed Senior Class frooped info Room I6 for ifs firsf formal meef- ing. Officers were elecfed as fol- lows: Ken Nemifz was chosen presidenfg Jimmy Schrader sfood by fo fake over, iusf in case: Beffy Hudson was chosen fo keep fhe minufes: and Gerr Miller filed fhe finances. Senior picfures were faken fhe fhird week of school, buf all cameras remained infacf. The Senior Ball, on December 22, was as always an evenf fo be remembered. Several money-mak- ing campaigns followed. Chrisf- mas cards had been sold by 'lhe class earlier for a neaf profif. In March, fwo rummage sales were held by fhe Seniors, wifh excellenf resulfs plus a load of fun. The Senior play neffed more fhan 5200. When fhe Hour Glass wenf fo press, fhe class was making plans for a frip fo Crysfal Beach. 3 V - + N - W. I .A , 'J 3355 wf rfgsl, 1 ,fi 2 1 ia 3152 35521 -352' 'X :gg sys, Q A ywwix ,, A 75 M fn .nh X. 4, Q52 5.g:Q., ii .E f ,Agp-V mi .wi 2 X 4. GK.. .... . 4 Q , -"' w Na A 1 N 5 "35'L'l34 gig xiii ' .4 f v QV I A3 fi "QI ,Q VY A . K? ,gy ' K fy. . X- gr .-5 ,5 gifs, , H A .,-' "' ' J Siam' . Q WA 1 - vjgxf-' Qi I -T 3 1' V Li- L L ga .fx fs, g f 4 ' 1-""'u asf R , L 3 To Serve HELEN FAUST "Jeepersll" . . . l know "A Door Will Open" and Van Johnson will walk in . . . A graal baskafball slar . . . Whaf a whiz. . . . Sludenl Associ-xlion IZ34: G.A.A. I234: Mixed Chorus 23: Girls' Glee Club 234: "Cos" Club 234: French Club 2: Dramalic Club 4: School Challer Slaff: Hour Glass Edi- forial Sfaff: Hockey Honor Team 34: Slunf Nighl 4: Baskefball Honor Team 4: Sludenl Palrol: Library Slaff 4: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Ball Comm.: Volleyball Honor Team. LILLIAN FISK "You Know." A dreamy "Somewhere Over lhe Rainbow" . . , Dick Haymes and Bulch Jenkins are her lavorile men. Likes sporls, food and driving cars. Dislikes work llmagine lhallll . .. Sludenf Associalion l234: G.A.A. I234: Girls' Glee Club 234: Drum Maiorelie 234: Sludeni Asso. Sec. 4: "Cos" Club 234: School Challer Sfaff: Hour Glass Ediforial Siafl: Volleyball Honor Team 4: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Ball Comm.: Usher-Spring Conceri, BETTY ANN GEORGE Give her a good argumenf and Bob and she's salisfied . . . Likes "Desert Song" and "Slardusl" . . . Slay away, onions, mush- rooms and oyslersl . . . Sludonf Associalion l234: G.A.A. l234: Sr, Band I23: Girls Glev Club 23: Sigma Chi Della 34, V. Pres. 4: School Chaffer Slafl Ediior: Hour Glass Edilorial Slaff: Sludenl Palrol: Slunl Nighf l4: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Ball Comm.: Senior Play. PAUL R. HOLMES Mrs. O'Dell's delighl . . . Likes models loi all fypesl, Chemislry . . . He'll wind up be- ing a scienlisf yel il he's nol careful! . . . Bu? law beckons .... Sludcnf Associafion 34: Averill Park Cen- lral I2: Sr. Band I234: Boys' Glee Club 34: Hour Glass Business Slafl: Slunl Night 4: Senior Play: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Ball Comm.: lnlramural Baskelball 4: English 3 Play. CONSTANCE M. HOSPERS "l can'l help ill" . . . Oh no? . . . She likes fha? "Old Black Magic" . . . Likes ho? ludge pecan sundaes , . . Wool dresses and more food . , . My man, Cary. . . . Sludenl Associafion I234: G.A.A. l234: Girls' Glee Club 23: Dramafic Club 234: School Chafler Sfaff: Hour Glass Ar? Slaff: G.A.A. Rep. Manager 24: Play Conlesl 2: Sfunf Nighf I4: Prize Speaking 3: Library Sfaff 4: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Ball Comm. BETTY HUDSON Mr. Warner's olher pei. Always on lime! "ll's O.K." , . . Bing . . . Likes dancing, cheerleading, sporls and driving . . . hmm . . . Where does Earl come in? . . . Sludenf Associalion l234: GA.A. l234: Sigma Chi Della 234, Pres. 4: Dramalic Club 234: V. Pres. 34: School Challer Slaff: Hour Glass Edilorial Slafl: Sludenl Palrol: G.A.A. Pres. 4: Volleyball Honor Team 34: Slunf Nighl I4: Library Sraff 34: Jr, Cheer- leader 2: Sr. Cheerleader 34: Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Ball Comm.: Sr. Ball Queen: Sec. Class 4: Baskefball Honor Team 4: English 3 Play. 3I 5 If 41 if 4 i 2. is J 4 52 1 si -i fi r It 1. I !1 Y if It 2,5 if if fx' L f 4 ez ii I if si Z Ll .o U if if E 'f if ii I i. J , . 1 I 1 Z -z Em 'X x iw if fa x, t L X k X -f R Q- 1. x sa' vf . N 1. ,. X :Sf f . wr . Q gf A .gg Q gf' jf- t k - 1 Q :gf , A jimi! KL x gm! -1. ,W f .PF Ev 1 V '6- Qj we 5 V ' nv 'F .1 ip. .xg -Q x L0 X. -, lg, .,,.,. if f 1 S2 ,Q - .-'Ti fi -51' 2- 15 1 fy k JH' .N DQ ' :.- 5, 1 1. , 'K Xx , I ze 1 . Yr ' .-3, N, 5. u ,aww y, 5 4 1,- W' rw if wgf'wW'f'+:swf QE if 21 eww sf M? 3? S W e e 0 k GLEN J. SCHRADER Our glamour boy, huh, girls? , . . His la- vorile aclress is Jcnniler Jones . . . "My aching dead body" . . . Likes brown, Perry and hunling . . . Crazy aboul Slardusl and prelly brunelles, loo ,... Sludenl Associalion l234g Block E 43 Hour Glass Business Slallg Foolball Manager 41 Slunl Nighl l4g Jr. Prom Comm., Sr, Ball Comm., Sr. Ball King, lnlramurals I234g Class V, Pres. 4, Pres. 43 Sludenl Palrol. MONICA L. ROHR Her expressions vary , . . Sho likes Rhap- sody in Blue and slrawberry shorlcakr: lslurpl . . . Hales lhe idea ol housework or "any work lor lhal mallerf' . , . Sludenl Associalion IZ343 G,A.A. I234g "Cos" Club 33 Hour Glass Edilorial Slall' Slunl Nighl 43 Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Bal Comm.g English 3 Play, Volleyball Honor Team 4. HAROLD SPAULDING "Oh l wouldnl say lhalu . , . "Chloe" by Spike Jones is simply "lhe nulsu , . . he prefers Laurel and Hardy lo "Van" lherz-'s one sane boyl . . . likes lhings mechanical and hales lesls. lcc cream and chocolalc cake? A-H-H-H! , . . Sludcnl Associalion I234g Slunl Nighl 4, JY. Prom Sf. Senior Play, LINDA STOLT "Lindy" lo you , . . She likes dogs, Greg' ory Peck, apple pie, blue, Roborl Taylor and asparagus . . . Hales alarm clocks and lhc lown whisllc and people who are conslanlly lrying lo wrangle llallery l:orn olhers . . . lDoesn'l my hair look lerriblc, lod Jy.l . . . Sludenl Associalion l234g G.A A, l234p Girls' Glee Club 2345 "Cos" Club 2343 French Club 341 School Challer Slall, Edi- lor-in-Chiefj Hour Glass Edilorial Slallg Slunl Nighl l4g Jr. Prom Comm.g Sr. Ball Comm.: Sludenl Palrol. SHIRLEY SPENCER Nice girl, Shirl . . . Likes Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper , . . Red and Blue . . . Anolher Crosby lan , , . Hales mince pic wilh ice cream . . . Big-hearled. . . . Sludenl Associalion l234g G.A.A. I234g French Club 34: School Challor Slallg Hour Glass Edilorial Slallg Sludenl Palrol. EVELYN STINER lsn'l lhal baby darling? . . . Blue, green, yellow and Greer Garson . . . O-H-H all lhal homework! , . . Can'l sland poor sporls .. . Going in lraining. . .. Sludenl Associalion I234g G.A.A, l234g "Cos" Club 43 Hour Glass Business Slallg Sludenl Palrolg Volleyball Honor Team, Slunl Nighl 4, Jr, Prom Comm., Sr. Ball Comm. 3 -1 f W V 1 ' ...M K Qu w.,v""" ss J - r ixffw Jag X- ,,f 'Q ., Xi 1 lk 1 is 0' , + W ,fl ,M f , . 2 an-. , lf 'X xi' ,aw A E ig f. L eww? gfww A " ,- 1 2 'Y5 , 19 We Salute Their Excellence HONOR STUDENTS Roberl Johnson - 95.79 VALEDICTORIAN Marion Briclrle - 9l.98 SALUTATORIAN Helen Voigf - 90.77 William Grabb - 88.08 Belly George - 87.94 Linda Slolf - 87.43 36 Xu. QPR. -wg eil, A , 'X 4, if ., , xg, ,A "Q-:?fT.swl5 Q - in -9 'C YJ? 5 SA wf U , of . 1 . -fl-ggi: ,I 1 4 '. f 1 '1 r W . 4 ' Mei' M rs :go f - w- . iv' X z L- W . L' ' li -l Q,ma6wn . :A , , gk 5, , e Assume Civil Duties FIRST ROW-R. Johnson, L. Sfolf, Mr. Brickle, S. Spencer, J. Schrader. SECOND ROW-B. George, Miss Forlmiller, Adviser, G. Miiller, Mr. Warner, Adviser. THIRD ROW-H, Voigt, K. Nemih, B. Hudson, W. Grabb, Capfain. FOURTH ROW-W. Tolhursl, J. Piccerelli, H. Fausf, R. Chesbro, B. Earl, ON STAIRS ABOVE-R. Webb, E. Sfiner, G. Pelers. SENIOR STUDENT PATROL Hall lraffic and sludenl' conducf be+ween classes are in +he hands oi fhe Sludenf Pafrol. Thirly hours a year in fhe line of duly are spenl by each of +he eighreen ever-wafchful members of rhe Sfudenr Palrol. Two minu+es before fhe bell rings, lhey leave lheir classrooms and assume lheir pos+s in fhe corridors and on lhe slairways. I+ is +heir duly lo keep order in 'rhe halls by admonishing spirifed sludenls who may feel lhe urge +0 whislle, sing, run, or skip slairs in fheir ifinerary be'I'ween classes. The S. P. S. musl keep order in +he halls a+ all limes, especially before assemblies. Every ofher week, fhe Seniors are relieved of duly by fhe Junior Siudenf Palrol. The Juniors who served ihis year will compose nex+ year's S+uden+ Palrol. Palrol membership is an honorary appoinfmenf. Advisers are Miss Forfmiller and Mr. Warner. 37 e Aspire to Hollywood SENIOR PLAY CAST ON FLOOR-M. Maloney, G. Miiller, C, LaRosa, R. Johnson, H. Voigl, P. Holmes, H. Spaulding, M. Briclrle, W. Grabb, Miss Joyce, Adviser, B. George. SENIOR PLAY The curlain rose promplly al 8 o'cloclc on April 4 al lhe High School Audilorium, when lhe Senior class presenled lhe lhree-acl comedy, "Moonlighl lor Herberl." The clever, enlerlaining, youlhlul play was enlhusiaslically received. Billy G-rabb played lhe parl ol Herberl Rains, and Marian Briclxle played opposile him. Helen Voigl and Roberl Johnson as Herberl's long suffering parenls, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rains lurned in excellenl performances as did Harold Spaulding as Vincenl, who was involved in lhe laller's lroubles. Paul Holmes, as Vincenl's pros lessor-lalher, gave an original porlrayal. Olher members included: Gerlrude Miiller as a heclcling lillle sislerg Belly George as Miss Hepplewhile, lhe music leacherg Henry Monlagliano as Mr. Heidlerg Mary Maloney as Mrs. Ellinglon Lewis, Dan Woolslon as Mr, Tierney, a rival conlraclorg Calherine LaRosa as lhe enlerprising young business woman, Julia Arnold, Lois Marlell as Mrs. Tracy, lhe belligerenl housewile. Aside from lhe lame gained as prospeclive Hollywood malerial, lhe Seniors swelled lheir lreasury by S200.00. S413 We Crown Our Celebrities KING, JIM SCI-IRADER - QUEEN, BETTY HUDSON SENIOR BALL To fhe Iheme of While Christmas fhe annual Senior Ball was held on December 2I in lhe gym. In +he dimly lighled gym, around Ihe gaily decoraled Chrislmas free, Ihe couples, young and old, danced +o 'rho music of Jimmy Dennis and his orcheslra. The fheme ol While Chrislmas was carried oul wilh branches of evergreen, a red sleigh, and Ihe colors red, whife, and green. The cool green punch was very refreshing. The culminalion of Ihe evening was 'rhe crowning by Mr. Coffee of Belly Hudson as Queen and Jimmy Schrader as King. They had been selecfed by a vole of 'rhe enfire sfudenf body. 29 Own SCTWOGIITUCHES Dum IA We wcrcild Qi T0mc7oz,Qw.., f v X N fi? afiffilf C , My W W if V -N Q I fxvfi Q "Tim--K V lj . N T0morr0w's Graduates JUNIOR CLASS IIRST ROWAH. Konz, K. Spence, F. Bucher, B. GFGVPS, W. Duncy, D. VIIIorv, C. OID:-II. SECOND ROW-V, Boas, A. Ingianni, M. Ferris, N. ZIrnmer, I.. MAIUCCI, M. I'JaIIaqIInI. L. WiIIif1 P, Fisk, J, Nemih. THIRD ROW-A. Rahsiorfer, R. SanIIni, E. BricIrIo, I. Irrig, D. McInIosI1, M. Perch, W. Bueg, P. PI'1iIIips. FOURTH ROW-P. Dirlcx, Wa. Lewis, J. Robson, N. S:-Aman, L. Ach-rmnn, W. Rinebold, G. Murphy, D. Winagle, J. Burns. JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW-C. Craig, J. Dlnso, D. Snydr-r, A. Williams, R. SIJII, I. PI1IIIIp1, C. Tmvry. SECOND ROW--M. Mah, G. Pennise, M. Carlni, E. LaPIeIra, D. Filardo, J. Tabor, J. Perrin. THIRD RCJW - C. EIIsworII1, S. Kier, M. Hickey, E. I.eI1r, P. Dodge, M. Willie-, B. Schumacher, L, Hadlvy. FOURTH ROW-A. Brooks, D. Jordan, H. Gardner, M. Alvuf, L. Boas, F. BFIPIIYPCL, C, SIOII, I-I. Ashby, G. Schrader. ire Tomorrow? Leaders FIRST ROW-N. Zimmer, D. Filardo, D. Snyder, P. Fisk, U. Rincbolcl. SECOND ROW-M. Mah, J. Taber, B, Dancy, A. Brooks, W, Lewis, L, Phillips, C. Lmc y, Cv, Pennine. THIRD ROW-J. Ferrin. F. Briefbecln, P. Dirlnx, B. O'DcII, N. Seaman, L. Malecei, I-I. Konz, D. Winagle, P. Dodge, H. Gardner. JUNIOR CLASS Upper Classmen is indeed a Thrilling lille for The sludenls Thai Two shorf years ago lhoughl 'they would never become accuslomed lo 'the mannerisms of F. H. S. The class elecled officers early in The year and selecfed Neil Seaman, Warren Lewis, Pal Fisk and Norma Zimmer lo guide lhem, wilh Miss Sloll and Mr. Brennan as advisors. Norma Zimmer and her CHATTER Slaff have succeeded in improving lhe pei proiecl of lhe Junior Class. On November 20, I945, had i+s firs+ Sfunl Nighf since fhe war. Firsl prize wenl 'ro The Junior Class, who presenfed a review of songs from 'lhe early 20+h Cen+ury, wilh a bevy of girls in formal dress, and a novel male quarlel. Clinl Emery made a hil as lhe lamp-lighfer, and Phil Dirlcx immorialized himself wilh fhe porfrayal of +he drunlcen fa+her ol Belly Bramer, one of The lollipop-brigade. Bill Dancy, Gordon Schrader and Bud O'Dell were on hand lo represenl' lheir class in lioolball. ln baslce+ball Neil Seaman, Don Jordan and Clinl Emery conlribufed fo lhe growing success of +he leam. Several of +he class have had +hc opporlunily fo represenl' F. H. S. on lhe radio, over "Hi News" and "Junior Town Mee1ing". The English Ill classes presenled "Voices from The Purple Shadows" lor fheir annual Chrislmas Play. The Juniors saw Their year's eflorls culminaled in sweel music and soff lighfs fha? accompanied Their Junior Prom in June. CLASS ADVISERS: MR. BRENNAN, MISS STOLT The Highwa, of Knowledge SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW-C. Hubbard, A. Adams, E. Frohm, D. Caccamise, A. Holfz, E. Cook, R. Cole. SECOND ROW-J. Mahoney, F. Versfraefe, V. DeBucIx, S. Fairbanks, F. Schumacher, P. Carini. THIRD ROW- F. Baifisfoni, N. Wochner, L. MasciangeIo, P. Rice, L. Versfrafe, J, Monfeifh, J. Briggs. FOURTH ROW-J. ErbIand, L, Pefers, M. Andrews, G. Wilson, M. Kleinhinz, E, Wood, M. Wadell, R, Slernborg. .fix A8- ik Y SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW-D. Beafo, C. Ueafo, D, Lieb, G. ShibIey, W, Bowman, Louise Masciangelo, W. Barnes. SECOND ROW-S. Smifh, W. Dryer, A. Moore, H. Young, I.. A. Fawceif, THIRD ROW-L. Prober, F. Renner, S. Aldridge, A. Papperf, C. KohI, L. Ewing FOURTH ROW-E. Whipplv, W, Marvin, D. Cole-, B. Hull, N. Grabb, D. Smifh, R. Kossow. 44 V leads to the Ci y of uccess SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW-H. Johnson, S. Ellsworfh, J. Brilee, M. Shulls, H. Prudom, V. Smifh, R. Lewis. SECOND ROW-L. VanBorfle, A. Lewis, P. Celehar, A. Basile, D. Wilcox, M. Marvin, M. Casella, L. Sperino. THIRD ROW-E, Pybus, A. Waccnske, R. Lalerson, F. Slincr, J. Bridges, G. Galanie. R. Vance, H. Spencer. Gone was The bewildered look of Freshmen days as lhe Sophomores seHled in+o lhe rouline of work and play in F. H. S. Early in 'rhe fall 'rhe class organized, elecling David Beafo, presidenh Bar- bara Hull, vice-president Mary Shulfs, secrefary, and Dick Lieb, freasurer, Mrs. Rough+ and Mr. Yonkers were chosen as advisers. Many of lhe Sophs have shown greaf promise, no+ only in sporls buf scholasfically loo. Dave Beafo, Earl Whipple and Gene Galanfe led in lhe a+hle+ic field while Jack Brizee, Dick Lieb, Shirley Aldridge, EmmeH Pyous and Virginia Smifh led 'rhe class in scholasfics. The class also presenfcd a ra+her novel ski+ for S+unl Nighl enliiled, "Go Wesi, Young Man" and helped very willingly in ihe lnfanlile Paralysis and Red Cross Drives. Yes, no doubl' abou? if, fhe class of '48 has proved itself more fhan capable of faking on fhc rcsponsibilifies of upper classmen. 'K' Course 0 min ,ur trulw npmn SOPH. ADVISERS: MRS. ROUGHT, MR. YONKERS High chool Opens FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW-J. BaIIagIini, D. Rofhiuss, R. Pcclm, J. Pace, D. Menagualc, D. Phillips, P. Schubcrl. SECOND ROW-M. Ferris, J, Mead, V. Macleave, L. Hess, F. Peclz, H. Washn-bcln. THIRD ROW- C. Vogel, B. DeWoIff, H. DiMaHeo, A. McDonnell, B. Prober, M. Rodas, F. Myers, D, Sahlcr. FOURTH ROW-R. Craig, R. Whiiman, J. Wellxley, J. King, E. Vanclermallic, J. Horn, A, Hufchinson R. Elsbroe. FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW-E. Ashby, E. Wifi, J. Papa, L. Van Thoi, J. Williams, G. Clarlz, B. Savard. SECOND ROW-A. Webb, M. Ackerman, F. Marvin, A. Johnslon, D. DeWoIi, R. Lucas, K. Versirafe, R. Murphy. THIRD ROW-J. Erbland, D. Bownam, D. Granger, B. Heclmman, R. Hembroclr. H. Earl, C. Hess, E. Hargrave. FOURTH ROW-B. Hammond, G. Rockwell, V. Klinlcc, P. Lewis, M. Humphrey, D. Kelsey, V. Sfellulo, T. Kohl. flb ew Fields of Learning FRESHMAN CLASS Bewildered is 'rhe word usually applied lo Freshmen, buf mosf of fhem had li++le frouble adiusfing lhemselves lo high school life fhis year. Early in 'rhe year Julius Baflaglini was elecled presidenl of 'lhe class: Bud DeWolFf, vice-president Jeane++e King, secrelaryg and Edward Schuberl, freasurer. Miss Joyce and Mr. Lynch were chosen as advisers. Alberl Reggi, Alfred Pescini, and Dominic Menaguale broughf glory +o lhe Freshman Class in foofball. The baslcelball season 'found Basil Savard, Carl Vogel. Dominic Menaguale, Edward Schuberf, Diclc Peck, Julius Balfaglini, and Francis Myers on +he 'Freshman squad. The Freshman S+un+, due +o David Bulman's ingenuily, was successful under lhe direcfion of Mrs. Roughl and Miss Rumsey. ' l FRESHMAN ADVISERS: MR. LYNCH, MISS JOYCE 47 They Master EIGHTH GRADE MRS. GAZELY FIRST ROW-E. Gabrielli, H, Priesf, H. Ebner, M. De Nise, R, Alvuf, M. Silvernail, E, Cronlkife SECOND ROW-R. Hembrock, S. Marfin, J. Rebis, B OIney, M. McDonald, P, Murphy, W. Irrig. THIRD ROW-C. Pierce, R. Pace, V. Hembrock, A, Sharp, A. Di Luzio, B. McGuire, F, MarsI'1aII R. HadIey. FIFTH ROW-L. Cascini, W. Smiih, H. Roberfs, L. Priesf, N. CeIeI1ar. M. Gabrielli J. Alongi, C. Marleff. 8+I1 AND 7+I1 GRADE TEACHERS MRS. GAZLEY MISS BROWN MISS MAIER MISS SEYMOUR MRS. CHAPMAN FIRST ROW-W, Zimmer, M. Pifcher, B, HosIey, E. Crawford, R. Woods, B. RoI'I1, D. CI1risI. SECOND ROW-W. Brooks, A. Monfemaro, S. Keyes, R. Huff, R. Deuel, S. Pybus, E. Shoemaker. A, Lynch. THIRD ROW-C. Adams, V. Sfubbings, G. Bernard, J. Dunn, D. Keefe, M. Peck. 6. Barnes. FOURTH ROW-A, KoI'lI, J, Pefers, A. Shibley, S. Konz, J. PrI+cI1ard, R. Robson, D. Caward, G. Deus-I. FIFTH ROW-I., Holmes, R. Lewis, S. SmiII1, W. Cobb, A. Hubbard, J. Chesbro, N. Rumpf, J. Madin, F. Pariison. MISS BROWN the Fundamentals FIRST ROW-V. Pillinaro, A. Albrechl, M. Dovan, F. Buclr, K. Schoolmasler, G. Van Thol. SECOND ROW-R. Pcfers, J. Carini, F. Seslilo, G. Arielly, D. Allen, H. Shay, J. McGuire, C, Maccarone, L. Malucci. THIRD ROW-S. Foley, H. Hembrocll, J, Mamroe, I. Masciangelo, P, Erbland, L. Sfvllulo, P, Mancuso, E, Danny, M. Bealo, R. Corso. SEVENTH GRADE Miss MAIER I MISS SEYMOUR FRONT ROW-P. Lewis, E. Sheperd, R. Malone, N. Holi, T. Dunham, S, Grabb, J. Gross. SECOND ROW-R. Marlin, R. Sliner, G. King, D, McFarland, B. Barrell, P. Dorn, R. Mac lnlosh, S, Barranco. THIRD ROW-S. Bell, V. Clarli, P. Caler, M. Depuyl, M. Scida, M, Mac Lean, F. Reus, F, Pescini. FOURTH ROW-W, Rogers, C. Lieb, B. Jensen, F. Vincenl, J. Johnson, T. Rebis, L, Rows Diedrich, N, Ellenberger. FIRST ROW-N. Bernard, C. Balmer, D. Sfevens, S. Van Thof. A. Converse, M. lrrig, W. Graves. SECOND ROW-B. Roberls, H, Buhollz, D, Ewing, L. Dalie, J. Robson, C. Clarlx, D. Shilling, A. Young, A. Pilfinaro. THIRD ROW-K. Mauro, D. Mac Ellven, S. Myers, D, Kramer, J. Hulli, W. Nowlan, K. Barager, G. Wahl, J. McDonnell, FOURTH ROW-J. Brien, E. Land, L. Dryer, E, De Domenico, D. Waddell, A. Brumber, J, Wilson, R. Buclr, W. Dovan. II, J, MRS, CHAPMAN OUJLCQMD iiga y we was qwod-Kal Iowsmm 'T' r 4 'iff'-x W K KN E! VQQHCHQSTCV- x VJ! -XV -lx- We Find That chool l FIRST ROWAG. Galanle, J. Brilee, F, Balfisloni. SECOND ROW-Mr. Yonkers, Adviser, D. Beafo, D. Snyder, W, Grabb, P. Dlrlrx, J, Burns, THIRD ROW-C. Sfoll, R. Lieb, R. Johnson, K. Nemufz, D. Winagle. ALPHA BETA PHI "Wha+ club sporfs +hose flashy recl, whi+e and blue iaclre+s?" Why lhe Alpha Bela Phi of course. Hs acfivifies were numerous during lhe year, varying from selling delicious ice cream suckers 'fo offering Team ribbons for games. The Fraf's adviser, Mr. Yonlxers, again guided +he club fhrough ano+her prosperous year wilh 'lhe help of Presidenls Bea+o and Grabb. Vice-presiden+s, Johnson and Nemilz, Secre+aries Winagle and Lieb, Treasurers Grabb and Johnson and Sergeanfs-al'-Arms Baiiaglini ancl S+ol+. The Phi has long been one of fhe envied clubs of Fairporf, and Hs members are proud of i+s record and lradilions. 52 Is More Than Books g fy 3 , i ' 2 4 :X , A i. . is Q 2 2 FIRST ROW--A, Broolls, B. O'Dell. SECOND ROW-Mr. Brennan, Adviser, R. Chesbro, Wm, Lewis, J. Schrader, R, Sfaff, C. Emery. THIRD ROW-D. Jordan, N. Seaman, W. Dancy, G. Schrader, Wa. Lewis, H. Ashby. BLOCK F CLUB A long-slanding iradifion of Fairporf High School is 'rhe Block F Club. Each of ils members affirecl in his red and blue sweafer exemplifies good-fellowship. Their acfivifies fhis year have included +he furnishing of loyal 'ioofball fans wilh susfenance al home games. ln addilion, +hey sold boosfer buHons during foofball season. Undoubfedly much of fhe club's success during +he year was due 'ro fhe eFficien+ leadership of fhe officers, who were Gordon Schrader, presidenfg Neal Seaman, vice- president Bud O'Dell, secrefaryg and Bob Slaff, freasurer, The advisor, Mr. Lynch, guided fhe club 'rhrough a highly successful year. 53 2 chool Days Are FIRST ROW-N. Zimmer, D. Wilcox, L. Willie, R. Wilcox, G. Pennise, L. Fisll. SECOND ROW-Miss Forfmiller, Adviser, C. Beale, Louise Masciangelo, L, Malucci, E. Cook, L. VanBor+le, L. Sfolf. THIRD ROW-H. Fausl, D. Cole, E. Sfiner, B. Earl ,A. Basile, M. Bafiaglini, E. LaPiefra, S. Kinr, S. Aldridge, l. lrrig, H. Voigi, P. Fisli. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB "See fhai' girl in fhe blue sweafer wi+h +he double C on 'lhe fron+? She's a member of fhe Cos." The Cosmopolifan Club, organized many years ago, sfands for a good sporfsmanship and sis'I'erhood. H' is composed of all +ypes of girls, who all worlc and play fogeiher in an efforf +o make all equal. The presiden+ is Helen Voig+ who iries, somefimes in vain, fo bring ihe mee+ing +o order, while Vice-presidenf Lillian Fisk sfands ready fo fake over when Helen isn"f around. Secrefary Lucy Malucci lzeeps fhe minu+es on file, while Beffe Earl wrifes +he checks and collecfs lhe dues. The fradi+ional 'lea for The faculfy is held somelime in May. A+ fhe Balce Food Sale held during ihe winler, fhe club neffed abouf S40.00. 54 Happy Days WRST ROW-C. Canvas, M. Pcclc, M, Andrews, N. Wochner, J. Briggs. SECOND ROV!-Mrs. Slreel, Adviser, S. Coslello, B, Hudson, M. Mah, K. Spence, M. Brizee. THIRD ROW-P. Phillips, D. Mclnlosh, L, Marlell, B. George, P. Dodge, V. Sleubing, M. Briclrle, N. Grabb, B. Hull. SIGMA CHI DELTA Excilemenl ran wild when Presidenl Hudson followed by lhe olher members came info Room I4 wilh lhe purple and while pledge ribbons. For lhe girls il was a day of greal joy. They didn'l lcnew whelher 'lo laugh or cry, They heard +he order: "FoIIow us." "Take lhal ribbon and +hose bobby pins ou+ of your hair." "Don'+ laugh." And 'lhen lhey all wenl' on 'lo 'lhe nexl home room. The Sigma Chi Della conducled a hay ride, which ended ra+her disaslrously buf everyone had a good lime. They held lheir annual "Spring Dance" and 'rheir lradi- lional house-parly in June. They meel every olher Tuesday nighl al lhe homes of lhe members. The prosicleni is Belly Hudson, vice-presidenl, Belly George: lreasurer, Shirley Coslellog sccelary, Lois Marlefl and scribe, Marian Briclxle. These girls have all 'fried hard +0 live up lo lhe Sororily's ideals of friendship, sporlsmanship, and school Ioyally. This has been one of lhe Sorori+y's mosl success- ful years. The girls are very qraloful In Mrs, Slreol, lhoir adviser, for her guidance and chef-rlul advice. 55 e Lear FIRST ROW-J. Nemilz, G. Miiller, M. Willie, M. Marvin, M. Ferris. SECOND ROW-Miss Joyce, Adviser, L. Masciangelo, J. Hembroclr, P. Celehar, V. DeBuclr, L. Sperino, D. Filardo. THIRD ROW- R. Webb, A. Papperf, A. Lewis, A. Williams, E. Manchesler, N. Kramer. THETA CHI UPSILON Twenfy girls in green and while, +wen+y girls who puf fheir sisferhood before every+hingg +wen+y girls who recen+ly changed 'lhe name of lheir sororily from SXS +0 Thefa Chi Upsilon. They have purchased deep green coaf sweafers wilh a sfarflingly while emblem. Thela Chi Upsilon has held many baked food sales and "T Dances", while fheir annual S+. Pa+ricl:'s Day Frolic as usual occupied +he spo+ligl1+. Gerl Muller, as presiden+, weilded +he gavel, while Jean Hembroclc, Jean Nemifz, and Margarel Ferris filled +he o+her offices. Thela Chi Upsilon has really added somelhing lo our rosler of school organizalions. 56 Co-operation FIRST ROW-Mrs. Roughi, Adviser, C. Hospers, M. Maloney, S. Aldridge, D. Mclniosh, SECOND ROW-B. Hudson, H. Voigf, B. Earl, J. Taber, H. Fausf, G. Pennise, P. Rice, K. Spence. THIRD ROW-J. Burns, C. O'Dell, Wa. Lewis, J. Brizee, B. Grabb, P. Dirkx, L. Marlefl. DRAMATIC CLUB "Every'fhing was iusl perfec+!" "No cne forgof his lines ei+her." The Dramafic Club members ga+her excifedly +oge'I'her af+er puffing on a one-ac+ comedy for Assembly. The fwen+y-'rwo members, wifh adviser Mrs. Roughl, have 'rheir mee+ing every fwo weeks in fhe audi+orium. They discuss plays and sfudy direc+ing and acfors. During fhe year +hey a++end a+ leasl' one professional play and puf on a program in school. Presidenl Helen Voigl or Vice-Presiden+ Belly Hudson direcfs +he meelings. Secre+ary Grace Pennise keeps +he minuies and Treasurer Phil Dirlzx iuggles lhe figures. 57 We Meet the Culture x w SEATED-M. Baffaglini, Miss Slolf, Adviser, G. Pennise, R. Webb, H. Ashby, L. La Pielra, J. Brizec. STANDING-P. Dodge, B. Schumacher, S. Spencer, l.. Sloll, B. Graves, R. Slaff, L, Van Borlle, S, Aldridge, J. Erbland, E. Briclnle, R. Sfernberg, W. Bulman, E. Ward, A. Williams. FRENCH CLUB This year proved +0 be a mosl successful one for +he French Club. Wilh Grace Pennise as president Harold Ashby as vice-president Elizabefh LaPie+ra as secrelary and Roxana Webb as freasurer, fhe meelings, conducfed solely in French, ran smoo+hlv and efficienfly. During +he course of ihe year, +he club produced several slcils, includ- ing a Moliere Comedy, presenfed in Assembly. One impor+an+ decision was +hc revival of +he cuslom of having pins. The club is no+ only eFficien+ buf hospifable as well, for if welcomes visilors fo ifs meefings. Yes, +he French Club, ably advised by Miss S'rol+ is an organizafion of which Fairporl High School can well be proud. 58 of Other Lands and Times L. 'hu-.q......,,4f1 FIRST ROW-G. Pennise, Miss Forimiller, M. Maloney, B, Earl. D. Villere, H. Fausf, S. Cosfello, B. Hudson, A, Papperi. SECOND ROW-J. Dinse, F. Versiraeie, P. Dodge, G. Miiller. L. Versfraefe, N. Kramer, C. Hospers, R, Webb. K. Spense, H. Voigi, L, Marleif, J. Ferrin, L. Prober, S. Smifh. LIBRARY STAFF Much of ihe credif for fhe efficieni opera+ion of +he Fairpor+ High School Library is given +o fhaf corps of girls known as fhe Library Sfaff. These seniors volun+eer iheir services for dufy, one period a week. Their iasks include all fhe non-fechnical iobs aboui fhe library such as shelving books, arranging +he card cafalog and repairing books. The Siaff is under fhe guidance of Miss Forimiller whose praise of fhe girls is limifless. There is no doubi fhaf The brighf cheery and businesslike aspeci of our library is due, in a grea+ par+, +o Miss For+miller's Library Sfaff. 59 We Cultivate .sf .ar an Li ,X M., 4- ,L W,-f "i L A 41' FIRST ROW-K. Kohl, A. Basile, E. Dryer. SECOND ROW-B. DeWoll"F, S. Aldridge, E. Cook, J. Brizee, H. Spencer, G. Shibley, M. L, Andrews, M. Brizee, R. Elsbree, Mrs, Sfreef, Adviser. ART CLUB The Ari Club was organized early in +he fall by sludenls inleres+ed in furlhering 'rheir ar+is+ic lxnowledge. Shirley Aldridge was elecfed presidem' while Jaclr Brizee. Carllon De Wolfe and Elaine Cool: were chosen as vice-presidenl, freasurer and secrelary respeclively. These sludenls have chosen as l'heir aim a lreener appreciafion of ar'l in everyday living. ln doing +his 'rhey will acquire a 'ras+e in lhe seleclion of clofhes, lmowledge in lho correcl arrangemenl of homes, and a beH'er undersfanding of lhe use of color. During ihe year fhe members have shown creafive abilify by arranging colorful and arlislic displays on ihe bullefin boards and in +he show case. On one occasion several of 'lhe group, wilh Mrs. Slreef, 'Iheir adviser, 'fools a lrip +o Rochesler +o visil lhe Memorial Ari Gallery and fhe Scholasfic Awards Exhibil of High School Ari af Sibley, Lindsay and Curr Company. 60 . elf-expression SEATED-Wa. Lewis, N, Zimmer. Slanding-H. Spaulding, W. Grabb, R. Johnson, L. Phillips, G. Pennise, P. Dodge, H, Gardner. RADIO CLUB This year sludenis of FHS have been forfunale in receiving radio experience. WHEC has held fwo oufsfanding programs of keen inferesf lo high school pupils. One of These is fhe Hi-News program sponsored by McCurdy 81 Company. This year +he following schedule was observed: Ocfober-N. Zimmer-School News November-W. Grabb, H. Spaulding--"A Model Railroad Enlhusiasfn-lnfcrview January-N. Zimmer, P. Dodge-School News February--W. Lewis, H. Gardner-"PoHer Memorial Meels Youfh Needs"-lnlerview March-G. Pennise, L. Phillips-School News The ofher program was Junior Town Meefing of lhe Air sponsored by F. B. Forman 81 Co. FHS pupils appeared on fhe schedule as follows: W. Grabb-"Wha'r Should Our Policy Be Towards Argen+ina?" January-P. Dodge-"Are Comics Harmful?" February 24-W. Lewis-"Juvenile Delinquency" March I7-R. Johnson-"Do Hislory Books Creale War?" 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Penmse W. Lewis, L. Phillips, H. Gardner. CHATTER STAFF Every Thursday noon a sleady slream of high school sludenls flow info local slores for lheir copies of 'lhe Fairporl HERALD-MAIL. The CHATTER columns of FHS news are so popular 'lhal' sfudy hall Teachers have fo demand lhal sludenls pul papers away and gel' down 'lo work. The Junior Class of Fairporf High has fhe sole responsibilily of wriiing 'rhe weekly CHATTER. Norma Zimmer, lhis year's Edilor-in-Chief, and Pal Dodge, Associale-Edilor, under lhe supervision of Miss Snow, secure 'lip-+op reporling of each week's news. Warren Lewis reporls on all sporls' ac+ivi'l'ies. Grace Pennise, Rewrile Edilor, and Louise Phillips, Copy Edifor, check 'lhe copy for errors. Alfer lhe copy has been +yped by Harold Gardner's slafl, il goes +o Miss Snow lor final checking and approval. Par'ricipa+ing on +he slaff are olher Junior members who are inleresfecl in news- paper work. Afler a Junior classman has wriHen +en accepfed sfories, he becomes a reporler. The CHATTER is 'lhe moulh piece of lhe school, and lhis year's slalif has done a remarkably fine iob of reflecling school life. FIRST ROW-C. Emery, L. Phillips, G. Pennise, P. Dodge, N. Zimmer, H. Gardner. SECOND ROW-E. La Pielra, Miss Snow, Adviser, P. Fisk, K. Spence, D. Winagle, D. Mclnfosh, Wa. Lewis. 63 Owe Nuwlc LBS SDCJVN The Qcacm on wmcn QQ 50054. KN X, H W 6 5 R66 x.. V mr fxx S- n'WW'f"3'4 X' c,,,,,,...h N- DIRECTOR: MR. VANCE At a Concert All F. H. S. BAND Under +he direclion of Mr. Vance, more sfudenfs came io a realiza+ion of +heir musical abilify. This is one of fhe olcles+ and mos+ popular organizalions in fhe school. Throughouf lhe year lhe Band fur- nished music for many assemblies, pu'Hing forfh special efforls for fhe Senior Play, Spring Conceri and Commencement Their reperfoire included sfirring marches, over- lures and ofher selecfions. Rehearsals were held on Wednesday nighls. DRUMS-E. Ward, B, Marlin, P. Dirlls, P. Fislc. SAXAPHONES-C. La Rosa, J. Johnson L aa Borile, M. Kleinhenz. CYMBALS-L. Lewis. FRENCH HORNS-A. Shibley, l., Fawcefl, J Erbland G. Roclzwell, TRUMPETS-H. Yosf, C. Emery, B. Hull, C. Marleff, F. Buell, P. Erblancl. CLARINETS 66 Men Are Brothers DRUM MAJORETTES "Look al' lhaf sfrull - Whaf form! - Whaf co-ordinalionlu Enlhusiasfic phrases such as These may be heard af any game in which our Drum Maioreifes parficipafe. Lillian Fisk, as capfain, worked our 'lheir many roufines, and 'loolr lhe leading posi- fion in all fheir appearances. These girls pracfice long and hard and merif much praise. .f D. Phillips, C. LaRosa, P, Phillips, N. Zimmer N. Grabb, L. Fisll. P. Holmes, J. Williams, J, Briggs, S. Kier, S. Pyhbus, N. Clwesbro, P. Dodge, L. Prober, A. Moore, J. Horn, A. Monfemaro, S. Myers, A. Albrechif. TROMBONES-A, Lynch, E. Phybus, R. Rowel, S. Smiih, D. Mac Alphus. HORN-B. Chesbro, H. Johnson, W. Lewis. The Music of the Masters GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW-Lucy Masciangelo, N, Zimmer' G, Pennigel P, Celchar, L, Ward, A. Moors-, H. Younq. SECOND ROW-S. JoI1nsIon, L. Malucci, M. Marvin, V. Sieubinq, S, SmiII1, A. Ba5iIc, L. S'IoI?, I.. Fisk. THIRD ROW-J. MonIeiII'1, L. VanBor+Ie, P. Dodge, K. KoI1I, D. MCIHIOSI1, H, Voigf, N. Wociincr, K. Spence, S. Kier. FOURTH ROW-G. WiIson, E. Cool, G. Slwiblcy, L. Sperino, A. Pappcrf, S. Aldridge, M. Kleinhcnz, J. Briggs, B. HuII, M. Peck. FIFTH ROW-N. Grabb, M. Mail, I.. MarIeH, E. MancI1cs+er, J. Dinse, A. Williams, L, PI1iIIips, M. L. Andrews, M. Brizer-. SIXTH ROW- D. Smifh, C. LaRosa, M. SI'1uIIs, B. Graves, B. Earl, M. Maloney, H, Fausf, N, Kramer V. SmiIIa. JR. GLEE CLUB SITTING-L. Fauceff, FIRST ROW-L, Hess, M. AcI1erman, E. WIII, D. DeWoIFI, M. Ferris, M, Carine, E, LaPie+ra, SECOND ROW-D. CoIe, J. Briggs, L. Versfraeie, J. King, RuII1 Hombrock, 68 Speaks a Universal Language MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW-P. Rice, L. Sperino, S. Johnslon, M. Mall, P. Celehar, M. Marvin. SECOND ROW-F, Marvin, C. O'Dc-Il, J. Erbland, D. Bowman, A. Brooks, W. Grabb, CHORAL GROUPS The Girls' Glee Club, under Ihe direclion of Mr. Vance, proved ils abiliiy +0 pro- vide fine enlerlainmenl. Likewise, +he Boys' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus under Ihe clireclion of Miss Walson has had a successful year. During Ihe year a new choral group has been slarled. The Junior Girls' Glee Club concluded by Miss Walson, was composed of girls who had a desire 'ro learn 'rhe fundamenfals of music. This organi- zalion serves an excellenf purpose in Ihai if prepares young people for fufure parlici- palion in Ihe Senior Girls' Chorus. BOYS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW-I-I. Ashby, W, Bowman, G. Galanle, Miss Walson, Adviser, D. Winagle, E. Ashby, Jas, Erbland, C. O'DeII, J. Brizee, P. Holmes, R. Vance. SECOND ROW-H. Gardner, J. Erbland, D, Jordan, R. Santini, E. Whipple, D, Snyder, A. Brooks, R. Johnson. G, Wilson, Accompanisl. 69 Own SDGTCB Us DJIEEUL qclmcii TQ qcms b l 'ii s J I W W Q I s C ff- i fx J X X , "" 7'i -rf I 1 J Q E 7 + B JShd R. Chesbro, Caplain. er, Manager, Coach Brennan, We Develop Strengt GRIDIRON WARRIORS BATTLE AGAIN Fairpori' slarfed i+s l945 foofball season wilh a sfar-sfudded feam of experienced ve+erans. Af+er fwo weeks of en+husias+ic pracfice, fhe ieam invaded Le Roy, bu+ relurned fha? nigh+ wirh lhe disappoin+men+ of a 7-0 defea+ and confronred wilh fhe loss of a key man, Al Reggi, as a resulf of a broken leg. Due +o rain, 'rhe Medina game was cancelled. We nex+ en- gaged Easi' Rochesfer, our deadliesf enemy, who lopped us I8-0, in +heir sea of mud af Eyer Park. lrondequoil fell sfubbornly before us wifh a score of I2-6. Webs+er, our nexl opponenf proved lo be more srubborn. In fhe closing minufes of +he game 'rhey squirmed fhrough fo a 7-0 verdict Wifh +wo league losses and one win, Brighion invaded us only fo find Fairporf slill on a rampage. Wifh 'lhe brillianf feamplay and drive of Gordon Schrader, we edged ouf a 7-6 verdicl over fhe Twelve-corner lads. Due fo fhe loss of many leam members fhrough injuries, we los+ bolh of +he following non-league games +o Medina and Albion, I9-6 and 32-I3, respecfively. The season closed wilh Fairporf in second place in fhe league and bofh Capfain Bob Chesbro and John Gabrielli, honored by being placed on +he myfhical All-Coun+y feam. A111 L Q SCRIMMAGE! LEFT TO RIGHT-M. Alvul, C. Slolf, D. Snyder, W. Dancy, T. Brolhers, A. Galanfe and R, Siafl. 72 and tamina FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROXV-P. Carini, W. Grebb, G. Schrader, T. Brofhers, C. Slolf. R. Chesbro, C. O'DeIl, A. Pescini, A. Galanle, D. Beale, W. Dancy, D. Snyder. SECOND ROW-Mr. Brennan, Coach, H. PrLdom, E. Pybus, N. Seaman, P. Cosfanza, M. Alvuf, D. Jordan, L. Boas, F. Breifbeck, D. Winagle, R. Staff, E. Whipple, L. Cascini, J. Schrader, Manager. THIRD ROW-H. Ashby. D. Menaguale, H. Johnson, W. Bowman, D. Granger, M. Yos+, M. Waddell, R. Lewis, V. Sfillufo, P. Schuberl, R. Sfernberg. FOOTBAI.L SCHEDULE Fairporf 0 Le Roy 7 Fairporl 0 Easl Rochesfer I Fairporf I2 Irondequoil 7 Fairporl' 7 Brighlon 6 Fairpor+ O Websler 7 Fairporf 6 Medina I9 Fairpori I3 Albion 32 Wins 2 Losses 5 TOUCHDOWN! IFFI TO RIGHT-G. Schrader, C. O'Doll, W, Grahb, N. Seaman, A. Pescini, R Chesbro and D Jordan H. Konz, Manager, Coach Brennan, N. Seaman, Caplain. We Learn the Value BASKETBALL CAGERS COMPLETE SUCCESSFUL SEASON An able group of experienced boys answered Coach Brennan's call +o prac+ice Nov. I2 +o begin ihe 45-46 season. Capfained by Neil Seaman 'rhey sef oui lo see wha+ fhe hardwood had in siore for +hem. In 'rhe firsl half of fhe league games, Ironde- quoif and Brighfon bofh fripped +he Red and Blue by fwo poinls. Easf Roches+er suffered one of ifs 'rwo losses a+ our hands, while Spencerporf and Brockporl had +o baHle 'ro win 'fheir I and 2 poinf decisions. Websler found our Cagers easier prey, and defea+ed us 44-3I. Our hoopsfers opened 'rhe second half by swamping lrondequoil, 46-32. Brighfon won a hard- fough+ game by four counlers, while Easf Rochesier, vas+ly im roved, dropped us 47-29. Spencerporl and Brocfporl fell easil as we closed a winning season wi+h 9 wins and 7 llosses. JR. VARSITY FIRST ROW-T. Cole, C. Vogel, R. Sanlini, L. Pefcrs, R. Lazerson, P. Carini, H. DiMaHeo, R. Peck. SECOND ROW-L. Boas, D, Winagle, A. Broolcs, G. Galanfe, E. Whipple, M, Waddell. THIRD W B Svard, R. Lewis, D. Snyder, R. Slaff, R. Chesbro, H. Prudom, J. Baflaglini, H. Ashby. of Team Work Fairporf Fairporf Fairporf Fairpor+ Fairporf Fairpor+ Fairporf Fairporf Fairpor+ here fhere here fhere here There here here here VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT-D. Jordan, C. O'Dell, W. Dancy, T. Brofhers, W, Grabb, N. Seaman, C, Siolf, G. Schrader, C. Emery, D. Beafo. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Onfario 32 Fairporf lrondequoif 25 Fairporf Brighfon 32 Fairpori' Easf Rochesier 24 Fairporf Spencerpori 30 Fairpori Websfer 44 Fairpor+ Sodus lb Fairporf Brockporf 25 Wins 9 lrondequoif 32 'fhere here +here here There fhere fhere Brighion 4l Easf Roches+er 47 Spence-rpor+ 31 Webs'rer 37 Brockpor+ 26 Onfario 42 Sodus 30 Losses 7 S G.G.1I.mlf-,l'.Wh.ppI1-,D S nydvr, R. Chr-shro, R. Siaff. G. Gnlanli, D. Snyder, A, Brooks, L. B as f5 41w"x COACH BRENNAN TRACK "On your mark, ge+ se+, GO!" They're off, and Hs really close all +he way, bu+ F-airporf always edges in for honors. Our lraclx feam +his year boas+ed some of rho finesf fellows in school and one of fhe bes+ coaches Fairporf has ever had. All our meefs were fairly successful, and more +han once Fairpori' placed high. Wi+h a good program and a beH'er leam, if was an in+eres+ing and profifable season for fhe speed demons. RUNNERS LEFT TO RlGl"lT-P. Coslanla, H. Ashby, D. Jordan, A. Broolrs, D, Snyder and W. Grabb. POLE-VAULTING C. Emery SHOT-PUT LEFT TO RIGHT-A. Brooks, H. Ashby, B. Grabb, D, Jordan, P. Cosfania, D. Winagle and Coach Brennan. RUNNERS LEFT TO RIGHT-P. Cosranm, H. Ashby, D. Jordan, A. Brooks, D. Snyder and W. Grabb. 76 e Learn t GP? l 1 LSL. .NTl-nl e Good ports CHEERLEADERS Cheerleading can malce or break a Ieam. On hand al' every fourney Io lead Ihe sIuden+ body were our spiriled six Varsif cheerleaders. During Foolbah season Fair- por+'s en+husiasm was sparked by only four cheerleaders, buf as Baslrefball approached, 'rhe necd for an addilional duo was realized. Wilh Ihe help of Miss Hodge, cheerleading adviser Iwo more were selecfed. This 'ream gave unsfinfingly of ils Iime and energy. II' suffered a real Ioss when Be'f+y Hudson and Shirley Coslello were gradualed. SENIOR CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW-B, Hudson, M. Mall. SECOND ROW VJ Rinebold, S. Cosiello, A. Broolls, THIRD ROW F. Barfisroni. JR. CHEERLEADERS J. Brizee, J. Briggs, S. Aldridge, D. Filardo, H. Gardner. 77 We Practlc G. A. A. COUNCIL ON FLOOR-C. La Rosa, S. Aldridge, H. Voigf. ON COUCH-H. Fausf, B. Hudson, B. Hull, N. Grabb, G. Maine. STANDING-C. Hospers. P. Celehar, M. Mah, C. Cole, lip.. I-gy. MISS DONK E. La Piefra, R. Marchioli. ' GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION "A game for every girl and every girl in a game" is fhe moffo of 'rhe Girls' Afhlefic Associa- Iion, and of Miss Ruih Donk, ifs energefic adviser. The G. A. A. has several parfies, picnics and pIay- days during each school ferm. The G. A. A. Coun- ciI consisfing of a general manager and four class represenI'a'Iives, a president vice-presidenf, Ireasurer and secre+ary, Iceeps Ifhe acIivi+ies in order, and helps each girl in school 'Io become Ihe spor+s- woman she aspires +o be. AII in aII, fhe G. A. A. is an organiza'I'ion in which any girl may be proud of membership. Democracy BASKETBALL HONOR TEAM As usual, Girls' BasIxeTbaII was a very popular sporT This year. There were Tour class Teams. The girls who made The FirsT Honor Team were all from The Senior Class, eIecTed by The resT of The high school girls. IT is always a greaT Thrill To be chosen Tor membership on This Honor Team, The success of These Two seasonal sporTs, BasIxeT- ball and Field Hockey, is due in no small measure To Their very popular coach, Miss RuTh Donlc. FIELD HOCKEY Even Though This is only The second year Field Hoclcey has been played in FairporT High, There was a greaT TurnouT of "Eager Beavers." AT The begin- ning of The season The members oT each Team chose The girl whom They ThoughT would be The besT leader. These were CosTeIIo, Maloney, Hudson, Filardo, and LaPieTra. The leadership of Shir- ley CosTeIIo broughT her Team To TirsT place. Towards The end of The season The Hoclce Honor Team was chosen, and! These girls were in- viTed To compeTe againsT neigh- boring Towns. The Honor Team members were seIecTed by The voTe of all players and represenT The besT TaIenT in The school. C. La. Rosa, H. Fausl, M. Maloney, B. Earl, B, Hudson, S. CosTelIo. il SHIRLEY AND VIVIAN BULLY HOCKEY HONOR TEAM FIRST ROW--B. Earl, C. La Rosa, N. Kramer, B. Hudson SECOND ROW-C. Hospers, M. Mah, H. Fausl, C. Kohl, M. Maloney. 79 We Have Fun GIRLS' ATHLETICS The girls' afhlefic program, under Ihe capable direc+ion of Miss Dork, includes a varied schedule ranging from calisfhenics +o dancing. The seasonal sporfs of hockey, baslreI'ball and baseball are inferspersed wiI'h ping pong, badminlon and volleyball. Sporfs-minded girls are enfhusiasfic aboul fhis fun-loving Ieacher and her energelic, liealfh-building course. MIXED FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE GYM CLASS BASKETBALL SA 80 lt. Fizlz J I"l , P. Rice, D. Phfl 3, DANCING ,. orn Ilp I Miss Donln. They 'erve s Well Mr. Hess, Mrs. Cobb, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Prong. JANITORS Few pcoplc realize lhal ii is nor a miracle +ha+ our school is so clean and shining when we come in fhe morning. If is +he work of our four failhful ianilors, Mrs. Cobb, Mr. Hess, Mr. Prong, and Mr. Dunn. I+ is because of fhem +ha+ our windows are kepl shining, and our floors gleaming. They clean our halls and class and locker rooms. Their cheery smiles radiale friendliness 'fo every feacher and s+uclen'r whom +hey meel. Our grafeful and hearlfelf +hanks go lo fhese four people who help +o make our lives brighler. SI e Achieve Through HOUR GLASS STAFF The main feafure of Ihe senior class is The yearly "Hour Glass". The seniors wifh The help of Their advisors make il possible for every s+udcn+ in school +o have a year boolc. Worlx on fhe bool: is divided in+o fhree deparfmenfs, Ediforial, Ar+, and Business. The Edilor-in-Chief of fhis year's Edi+orial Sfaff is Rober+ Johnson, a very capable and dependable senior. Bob wi+h 'rhe faifhful assisfance of his Associafe-Edifor, Helen Voigi, and The careful guidance of Miss Snow, gave fhe assignmenfs fo The ofher members of 'Ihe slaff. This siaff had charge of I'he pholography, and all copy excepl The ads. The "Hour Glass" was planned and puf Iogcfhcr by Ihc Edilorial Sfaff. EDITORS OF YEAR BOOK Hi 0 TU R G IJ S LT R. Johnson, P. Brizee, W. Grabb. HOUR GLASS EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED - R. Webb. H. Voigi, Miss Snow, R. Johnson, C. La Rosa, S. Johnslon, E. Sliner. STANDING-L. STOII, E. Ward. H. Faust B. Earl, M. Briclrle, M. Rohr. ART STAFF SEATED-K. Nemilz, C. La Rosa. STANDING - C. Hospers, M. Brilee, V. Sieubing, E. Manchesfer. T '00- pi... rganization, Peggy Brizee is Ihe Ari Ediior, Evelyn Man- chesfer, Associafe-Edi+or, and Mrs. SI'ree+, Ad- viser. The Ar+ S+aFi designed Ihe cover and fhe division pages in keeping wifh Ihe Iheme of fhe year. The Business Sfaff had fhe hard job of financing fhis "Hour Glass". Money was raised by sub- scripfions, ads, and a generous gifi' from +he senior class. The job was done efficienrly by Billy Grabb, Business Manager, Gerfrude Miiller, Subscrip+ion Manager: Mr. Schworm, adviser, and fhe res+ of 'fhe sfaff. I946 1945-1946 mvu HOUR GLASS ADVISERS Miss Snow, Mrs. Sfreci, Mr. Schworm. SUBSCRIPTION SALES FOR YEARBOOK N. Seaman, G. Miiller, J. Pic- cerelli, R. Webb, N. Kramer. BUSINESS STAFF SEATED-G, Miiller, Circulalion Manager, M. Maloney, Mr. Schworm. Adviser, J. Hembrocli. J. Schrader, W. Grabb, Business Manager. Sfanding - J, Pic- cmlls, H. Hudson, P. Holmes. R. Wilcox, N. Kramer. Rx 2 1' Vcucao WE DREAM GF WORLD UNITY And so Boys and Girls of Ofher Lands O your ourney 'lhrough 'fhese pages you have glumpse phases of ihe Amerucan way of lufe You have vasufed us af worlc and af play Thus Amerucan sys+em of educahon wufh nfs pr: vuleges and o porfumhes ns roofed deeply un 'rhe foundahons o democracy If ns a pruvllege whlch we covef for fhe whole world We Amerncans are a composuie people of varued races beliefs and creeds buf we sfand umfed In fhe crusade for freedom and fhe raghls of The mdnvudual We have fough+ for fhose rughfs on fhe field of baffle we wall conhnue fo fighf for ihem af fhe peace lable For you of all lands we covef fhe same Separalely we can do lulfle banded logefher under fhe power and preshge of 'fhe Umfed Nahons Ines your hope and ours' Yours for Evcrlashng Peace Me cfciafozo A aku! Lag we . 1 X opporiunifies and living slandards ihaf are ours. Z . l . . 1 ' i . I . -. e l , v W Q It , Q , 0 4 x x + i M. ' uf Gciuffclwocmirwts DUDLEY LUMBER CO.. Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL PITTSBURG PAINTS AND GLASS 23 S. MAIN STREET PHONE: FAIRPORT 52 McBRIDE'S STORE GROCERIES, WALLPAPER and PAINT I7 N. Main ffm' Hrs! nj' l,lI4'LT Tu Inu THE FINEST WORK FROM US S+. PI1 e I9 lfm11pli11uu1l.v uf AL JENSEN'S Phono 3 I2-J HARDWARE I uPHoLsTEmNs OF QUALITY ANTIQUES REPAIRED AND REFINISHED Phono 528 H. E. DeVoo I Fanrporf, N. Y. 55 So. Main SI. I:.'urporI my 1.ulrrplllm'11Is nj 9 VILLAGE APPLIANCE STORES, INC. f.'ulrlplI1r14'l:ls uf FRANK CHURCHILL PHONE H9 FAIIRPORT Your ROTARY ROTA-ZOL DEALER Fairpor+ New Yo SEE l.'nl11pfil1n'lll.v of KEN SCHWORM f FAIRPORT MOTORS or ALL .GNDS OF YOUR BUICK DEALER LIFE INSURANCE 38Wes+Ave. Phone62 I I Fairpor+ Office SECURITY TRUST COMPANY OF ROCHESTER FAIRPORT, N. Y. Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion 7 ffll Ill'l,l,Ill','N7'S nf STOLT' MARKET S Phone I85 27 STATE STREET FAIRPORT WELCH'S MEN'S STORE 3:3 MAIN STREET Phone I5-R Easf Rochesfer l.'urnpll'l11w11ls nf HOSELTON'S CHEVROLET '-' """-T J, I Qbsmnnmua-1lAl I aumftlns IMMEDIATE DELIVERY TEAM UNIFORM! ATHLETIC JACKETS AWARD SWIATIRS I " , gvonfsauuvmenf BX 'WQJJWZWMW' 'E STONE Ill! X A K 'LhucK" I IIIEIIEI Q5 31 ST PRUL STREET ROCHESTER 4 N V Cfu11lj1fif11w1l.x nf MRS. J. M. BAHLER Q U A L I T Y DRY CLEANERS FREE CALL and DELIVERY SERVICE Telephone IO9 5 SOUTH MAIN STREET FAIRPORT LUNCH 81 HOTEL ANTONAKIS BROS. THE BEST OF EATS THE BEST OF BEVERAGES 88 MRS. SMITH W. BILLS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS , WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS "I l"lu14'4'ril:g l'lunl.v In Srusnrz PHONE 80 SALON f.'U.'IIl'l,I.'IlI,'!N' TS I23 High Sfreef Fairporf DEPEND ON US ALWAYS - for - ECONOMY, COURTESY AND SATISFACTION ADAMS DRESS 81 GIFT SHOP 30 S. MAIN STREET Opposife Town Hall "THE FIRST STOP FOR THE CLASS OF 1946" SUTTON'S GARAGE SERVICE AND GENERAL REPAIR Fairporf-Rochesfer Rd. Tel. 20-J f.'tIlIIIlll.IIll'IllS nj B R A M E R I S CLOVER DAIRY, Inc. RexaII Sfore on Ihe Corner . f brmg the PHONE L Coke" 1 89 lfll lll'l.l.llh'fN TS nf DR. C. J. WHITNEY HERALD-MAIL Fdirporf New York l,'lw'lI'lIg,w jvrnru THE FAIRPORT FAIRPORT GU NDLACH MFG. CORP A L K N A P P ' SERVICE STATION ONLY TIRE RECAPPINC5 SHOP IN TOWN S l,'nnIplI'Im'1Irx nf ELLIOTT R. FISK KING'S 2, N. Main Phone ,UM SHOES EOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY EAST ROCHESTER I.1lllIlPllIll4'IlfS U! A FRIEND l.IUllIlIlI'lIII'lIf.Y of COMMUNITY CLOTHES EAST ROCHESTER EASY f BENDIX A A. B. C. WASHING MACHINES FRIGIDAIRE Ilrnlw Uuly lay Cw1l1'l'nl Ilulmxw C . A . F R E N C H I0 S. Main SI. I'.. I HAROLD HOOPER RED AND WHITE STORE IVIEATS T77 GROCERIES -- VEGETABLES TELEPHCNE 442-443 Comsiock Canning Corporation - EGYPT PLANT - HQUALITY CANNED FOODS" HARLOFF'S MILK and ICE I Ph ne I8O Fairpori l.'nnrplilm'nls uf SAM JACOBSON f,'UlIIIJll.lIIl'IllS of LIEB'S BAKERY I Phone ZI6 Fa p I Ijllllllfllllllfllf I ll Fairporf Rd.. Cor. Jefferson Ave. fl lf' MEATS - GROCERIES - FRUITS LAKE BEVERAGE CO. VEGETABLES Homemade Ice Cream phone 94 Fairpod Safurday evening open unfil 8 o'clock Closed Sundays AMERICAN CAN CO. COAlI'l.IAllfN'I'S OI: YOUR A 81 P FOOD STORES THAT REFRESHING SANDWICH IS BORDEN'S ICE CREAM WE MAKE 'EM YOU EAT 'EM f,1lll1lf7ffl1lL'1lf.Y nf FAIRPORT BARBERS' ASSOCIATION C. EMLER - R. J. FERRIS - J. FIANDACH C. E. FRENCH - F. POMPONIO - J. RAMBO I.. R. REED l.frnplinlanl.x A' A' A' I COMPLETE SERVICE DIBBLE SALES 8: SERVICE OF FAIRPORT "HOUSE OF BEAUTY" Wesley Dibble I50 N Ma 93 A. L. KROLICK Duspmslme OPNCIANS Telephone Fairpor+ I2 l.lIlIIllllllll'VIl.Y Fairpor+ I5 S. Main S+. COTTAGE HOTEL Famous for SPAGHETTI Weddings and Bonqucfa DINE Reservafions Call l89 DANCE of HY LAZERSON N i l PRINZIVALLI BROS. SUPER MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES Telephone 39l , VJKDULF-A T fful11plilm'l1l.x -T5 'W' ' 5' Z fn' f4?WaSFEHfi1H. ' -fi ""' i""m'l R TEMPLE SWEET SHOP REJCEN - URITAN BLDG. Tue plum LAUNDRY AND DRYCLEAI"1lI'1GkRVICE A Gumwooo A 860 M 1 ffumplinwlllx nj The aundrq of todd l w 5 94 HARRY F. VAN HORN FUNERAL olREcToR 1, um plrm vnls uf DR. JAMES W. WELCH lful1lpll'nrf'lll.w nl' THE GREEN LANTERN INN f.'UllIlI,IIlIl'llf.i uf CHRISTINE M. MABRY INSURANCE H. L. STEFFEN 81 SONS INC. LAUNDERED P. 81 R. COAL ROCHESTER G. 81 E. COKE JOHN LUCAS PAINTS and WALL PAPERS ffU,'lIl'l.I IIHN 'IIN II! THE ROSE DAIRY TELEPHONES 9 I 3-F-2 - 9 I 3-F-5 TONY'S SHOE SHINE SHOE REPAIRINC4 HAT CLEANING Nor+I1 Main Fairporf f,'lIllllPlfllll'Ilf.Y uf BILL PETERS FAMILY SHOE STORE U 1' Spm'1'rlll':a' lu WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S SHOES 9 N. Main Faif-por-f ffulrlllrlilrwrlls nf SUGAR BOWL iuilllix I .i- f J 1 nerds ' an IW' Z THERE'S A FORD IN YOUR FUTURE HUPP MOTORS, INC. YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER Serving This Area For Over 25 Years DOCTORS FAVOR HOMOGENIZED MILK WHY DON'T YOU? Rich In Cream-Easily Diges+ecI-Good for Young and THE PARKSIDE DAIRY EAST ROCHESTER, N. Y. E. Rochesfer 36-PHONES-Hillside 2036-J AGENCY ESTABLISHED :vos GEORGE A. SLOCUM AGENCY O Incorporafed GENERAL INSURANCE FIIZSNDS TELEPHONE 286 'TEEDENT HEALTH CHECK FORGERY BURGLARY C P WIND STORM ,f,UBTOE:IIOgIrEEJN PARCEL POST PLATE GLASS FAIRPORT GAS SAXTON'S DEPT. STORE Co, Ujfvrw f,'fw1fflulv L .I lu WHOLESALE and RETAIL FAIRPORT, N. Y. Phone I00 96 DRY GOODS - NOTIONS - NOVELTIES LADIES' READY-TOEWEAR AND MENS WORK CLOTHING Shafionery - Greeiinq Cards - Toys COIllfi'!jlll8l1f.I' of ALBERT Di RISIO. '35 YOUR PATRONAGE HAS BEEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE APPRECIATED HAWK'S HAMBURGERS as N. MAIN TEL. EAIRPORT 529 "bIue coal" and JAMES BARRANCO Semei-.sglvqy Merw Eurmidwinqb and Shoes Coke Phone 246-R 32 Nor+I1 Main PHONE M6 DEWEY JACKSON l. I, . c. c. ROGERS ,amp mzfnls of OPTOMETRIST Examimafion of Eyes 62 SOUYI1 Main Fairpor'I Conn' l'.1-Yfhillgllf ls l'ria'e'le'.wx Phone 77 " We Sell for Less" 70 N- Main 5+fee'f NEW AND USED CARS Feifpoff METAL WORK AND PAINTING BASTIAN BROS. CO. Rochesfer, N. Y. DC'.Yigl1L'I'S auf! I'r0:f11cerx of I-IIGI-I SCHOOL CLASS JEWELRY ENGRAVED COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS NAME CARDS GEORGE D. KILLIP, Disfrid Manager I6OO Clinfon Ave. Nor'rI1 Rochesfer, N. Y. 97 THIS IS THE NINTH HOUR GLASS produced by EASTON ASSOCIATES S+udios: 23I HURSTBOURNE ROAD Phone Culver 646 P. O. Box I42 Rochesfer I, N .Y. RUSSELL'S SERVICE STATION 25 Years of Good Service Corner of Church and Main KEEFE FEED STORE FERTILIZER and FEEDS Tresco++ Bldg. 69 N, M ain ROCHESTER CBAS AND ELECTRIC YOUR FRIENDLY SERVICE COMPANY HPS! ll llsflvs Tu Thr' CLASS OF I946 FAIRPORT CANDY KITCHEN Ice Cream - Candies - Lunches f.'un1pfl.I1l4'11l.v nl RAYMOND J. LEE GLO-BRITE COAL AND COKE FUEL 81 FEED CO. 34 HIGH STREET Phone 22 E. M. Crichfon f.'un1pli111a'l1l.v nj CLAUDE W. EMERY Rochesierz S+one 658 Fairporf 42I-R ELECTROLUX CLEANER AND AIR PURIFIER SALES AND SERVICE I-I. MQFARLAND lI2 Roselawn Ave, Fairpor+ SPORTING AUTO I Cocos SUPPLIES I L F I N N A U T Q S U I' P I. Y BICYCLE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES COCDS I I. nm plz mvnl. of AUGUST MAURO DEPEND ON US for STANDARD DRUGS AT LOWEST PRICES Phone 3 I I-R WAGOR DRUG CO. za S. MAIN - EAIRPORT THE HOME SERVICE UNLIMITED CORP. CALL US EOR ANY JOB LARGE OR SMALL I O Beardsley SI. FAIRPORT SUCCESSFUL CAREERS are lull! on Spocllllxod Trllnlng Many former graduates of your school h e prepared for Lucrative pos: n B G S by y S SC overnment ervice stu 't'onsin usinessor d ing ecretaryshlp, r Accountancy and Medlcal Secretaryshxp, o Business Administration al the HOOL 'S COMMERCE at Avenue luke! hr 4, N. Y. All kr hoe cduleq 99 de Minis, Amovlron Auedctlon ol lvnlof Collagen f.ur1lpl1ll11'lll.v of DON. MALCOLM'S ssnvics STATIONS J. MILTON McMAHON Incorporafed P U R I N A F E E D S f,.lIIIllllIiIIll'lIf.Y nf l EDDIE ROBERTS 22 Hugh SI'ree'f Phone IOS TOBACCQS - MAGAZINES CANDY - ICE CREAM 3 Norih Main o IS THE PLACE n n I TO GO! 0 83 years' leaderslwip in fraining youllw for Business as a Profession 0 New Ierms in Day Sclwool begin every 3 monllws. Many career courses, all offering diplomas. 0 No previous commercial 'rraining required. 0 Associale Member of American Associafion of Junior Colleges 0 I-Iomelilce Residence I-Ialls Rochesier BUSINESS Insiiiuie l72 Clinfon Ave. Soufh Rochesfer 4, N. Y. R E A L E S T A T E The Key To Haflflifzesx lx The Key To Your Own Home IN S U R A N C E UNDER DIVIDEND PAYING POLICIES TELEPHONE 2I GEO. H. WILSON 83 SO. MAIN STREET - Nexl fo Temple TI'1eaI're IOO Official Phoiographer - for - FAIRPORT SENIOR CLASS MOSER STUDIO. Inc. 27 Clinfon Avenue Norfh ROCHESTER N Y C mzfffflzzlwzn nf Fairpori' Sforage and Ice Corporafion C,-fI1llfI!jlllL'11f.I' nf SAYl.E'S STORE Mews AND YOUNG Mews OUTFITTERS EVERYBODY SEYMOUR RUDIN, Prop LADIES' READY TO WEAR I X LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S SAVES D R E S S E S HARTWS MEN'S AND BOYS' A F U R N I S H I N G S COUPONS d s H o E s I I H A R T S I l"nr flu' lfnlirf' I'vIIIllI.I-I' I The S 81 W F 0 O D DEPARTMENT STORE S T O R E S 1 22-24 S. MAIN ST. I Fairporf, N. Y. IO2 The Sfudenfs of Fairporf High School grafefully acknowledge +he loyal supporl' of our I20 aclverlisers and friends WITHOUT WHOM THIS PUBLICATION WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE ALPHA BETA PHI BLOCK F CLUB COSMOPOLITAN CLUB SIGMA CHI DELTA SXS CLUB THETA CHI EPSILON PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS sNW's0"4v Tstsr ozn T' I945-46 IO3 RUSSELL AUTO PARTS Fairporf-Rocl'1es+er Road a+ 'Hue Underpass l.'u1uplin:1'nl.s nf FAIRPORTI N. Y. A Field of Used Aufo Paris A FRIEND 'O' CARS and TRUCKS New Paris Hillside 2767-M Used Par Texaco Gas and Oil Ore-aging PHONE 2 5 N. MAIN ST. C L A K E A L T Y LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER FAIRPORT, N. Y. ROBERT S. ELLENBERGER EARL B. JACOBS FAIRFORT HARDWARE CO. Sucicessor fo JOHN M. BAHLER "The Complefe Hardware Sfore" B. R. S. PAINTS - GENERAL ELECTRKI WEST AVENUE PHONE 34 f.f11llf7fflllL1lfJ' of TRESCOTT CC.. INC. IO4 43 """"i ,. E nq f Hx Q 14: 'll lr L' U X A L ig: . , hW" , , i Q, 'Q Qf Lf j x , 1 , IA l A 'G W' x W 2' if TT "- N""W' ffi"E I'-45 X

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