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if T L - 7 2 Y ,Bo an F! N, .,,.,.,.., ,.f,....-,-W '-V-1-W4""""P "JAH j x X I 'IW ' 0 4 qi, I N dy Cin rf V, Y Y 1 x l fzi' - Y ,mx -3 fix and Y fe lH1DlU ID 1Ell.lAflsflP :.....,, ' Q70 :Z-7-'fi-E"5 ' ? A f f gi Q CY7f'Jfzn1b EdH'OP-in-Chief - Buffy XJEHIGHWS Arf-Cdifor - Grne,-51' Cnfer BuSiness'Cdi+or - Vhilip Hammond FAll'2DODT,NCX.l YUDK , G f ED UCA TION IS THE MASTER B ILDER X Nb !y 5 I fN X Kf' 4 f j,f-XX xg fagystgmgm-N I DX is -4 is , 6 U .XXX J. Dryer l"ffllJ3.r'lE'.i39ilE'gf 'ffl - I is I I l A A X X N "I OUuDnD,:,M,,L r X A .AX X --Tl -jig!! 1 e ' L ' , fl ' I . ' Lv I EDUCATION builds man's soul and man's ideals. Through - acceptance of its teachings, man rises to his greatest heights: through denial of its teachings, man sinks to his lowest depths. EDUCATION builds man's trust in God. It builds a trust so se- cure that man will tight to the death for his faith. It trans- forms Man's dreams into realities: his hopes, into fulfilment. It raises man's living standards, encourages his creative ability, and stimulates cultural enioyrnent. - EDUCATION is constantly building for a peacetime world. Its goal is universal understanding and brotherhood. EDUCATION is man's stati in his age-long, uphill struggle. It is his charter for the re-building of a world ravaged by war. EDUCATION is the greatest instrument tor Peace. . EDUCATION is the hope ofthe world. EDUCATION is the master builder. - Betty Williams, Editor-in-Chief Ki XJ ff X If fl JS f l i - If Q 4 1 1 ai ? -WW W Q ., sf I I1 E Q e eqro For a Peace-time World WE ARE BUILDING Knowledge and Skills Perseverance and Dependability Democratic Social Attitudes Friendly Co-operation Sportsmanlike Standards Cultural Appreciation Industry and Learning Patriotism and Self-sacrifice --- 4't't They Guide Our Destiny 1..l.. ..--a...n1-ri..-.-.-......-n...J-llulr-l-rn.. V,i.,fa- Q ,--.-.F.-n'T3,,s:4.1-.1'!7Lsu1fs-v A-pax!--:.',,,'g 1" ' J., v, ,...., .,...,,.,,.Q-.,,...,.l'K.. sf- 4 Thos. G. Coffee, Iames L. Cornish, Dr. C. I. Whitney, C. C. Barnhart, S. H. Peacock, G. H. Detro. I. D. Bramer, F. Arthur Cary, Iohn Bruischaart. -i- MUNNTA- """:""'""""'Ei"t"i"":""'""' " .. -n .-H1-.mens-es er .BOARD or EDUCATION A mere expression of grati- tude from the entire student body is but small appreciation for the efficient management of the Fairport schools. The Fair- port School Board is responsible for the maintenance of the school buildings, the selection of a capable teaching staff, and the administration of educa- tional affairs in the village schools. These thoroughly un- selfish citizens, who give of their time and effort without re- mumeration, have earned the respect of the entire community. il-1-1 .-... .. ---V ---- J-u,....p -... rIl-.-.v.- 4 0: n 4-' P 4.5.11-I. : -L4'.'vT:qgff I 1 1 -4 1 1 A . L.. ' s i r I l n Supt. Coffee. Treas. Bruischaart. Clerk Cornish, Pres Peacock D DICA TION -ef u vu 1 I 1 nn nlunn nunnnnnunll 1 1 up EDWARD K. SCHWORM For many years. students and community have received copies of the HOUR GLASS, thumbed them through and shelv- ed them without fully comprehending. the burden of work shouldered by the Business Adviser. In this capacity Mr. Schworm has faithfully handled the advertising and sales pro- grams trom year to year. . r r V V W Hist other duties include a full day's teaching-of commercial subiects, student treasury auditing, and xmanagernent of ath- letic gate receipts. Cups on display in the typing room attest to his ability as an instructor.. K t . n . 'K The Senior Class is Iiroud to. acknowledge the splendid serv- ice and cheeriul co-operation of this teacher and friend.VVTo him. we dedicate the 1945 edition ot the GLASS, g A ' ' I - 1 n 'nu nn.: 5 Enniveryar 'I Senior Class l9Z6 FIRST TO PUBLISH HOUR GLASS Left to right-bottom: D. Beamer, D. Braman, I. Taber, D. Streppa, H. Schumacher. H. Baker. E. Murphy. H. Crowley. ' Second-E. Estey, E. Merriman. M. Steubing. E. Bandhold, A. Kopp. G. Bolton, M. Hutchinson. M. Rogan. D. Brown. M. Dwyer, H. DeNise, M. Myers. E. Bircher, H. Clark. ' Third--E. Stalker, L. Weaver, E. Reed. G. Horn, M. Fuller. D. Kohl. C, Bandhold. M. Smidt. T. Myers. E. Buhlmcm, F. Schoolmasier. Top-B. Iacobs. D. Steubing. A. Rooi, N. I. Detro, M. Doud. L. Warner. F. Gifford. E. Kleinhenz. D. Weir, K. Hull. For Leon Warner '26 we find Favorite pasiime-sleeping Philosophy-Mark no man for his Chief worry - escaping hisiory snub nose for you never can tell recitations what will turn up. Pet expression-"Holy Moses" 6 OLDEST Oldest l chool teacher. lawyer, village mayor. rid town FACULTY IN 1925-1926 Miss Srnoulton, Miss Heppinstal. Miss Graves. Miss Sickles. Miss DeLand, Miss McNeely, Miss Bak- er, Miss Chesbro. Top-Mr. King. Miss Iones. Mrs. Ryon, Mr. Taylor, Miss Gardner, Miss Salisbury, Miss Anderson, Mr. Coffee. OH, YOU CHICKEN! "She laid the still white form where others had gone before. No sound, no cry from her. A deathly silence hung over the place, foreboding and indistinct. "Suddenly she let forth a shrill cry which blasted the air into a thousand echoes. It seemed as if her very soul would break with the maniiested agony. Then all was silence once more- "She will lay another egg tomorrow." GREETINGS! NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Five quickly passing decades now have flown Since through these hallowed portals we did move To challenge lite and make its test our own: That what we would become, ourselves must prove. r LIVING GRADUATE Now, to you, Class of Nineteen Forty-live, May we ot half a century ago Affectionately urge you all to strive To reach the goals we also strove to know? Thus proving. with your hearts both strong and pure, That ideals in these sacred precincts taught Will through eventful years their worth insure, And compensate for labors you have wrought. April 12, 1945 I Iohn Mellen, President Class ol 1895. Fairport Classical Union School. Mr. Charles Butler Class ot 1883 iving graduate of F. H, S. - supervisor, Mr. Charles But- er. still active at eighty-tive, resides at is home. 7 Pleasant Street, Fairport. ew York. 7 BOYS' BASKETBALL Top -- D, Beamer, Mgr.. N. Hogan. L. Bramer. S. Walling, W. Taylor, Coach. Center-S. Samacca, T. Aldrich, B. Goyette, Capt., D. Bramer. GIRLS BASKETBALL Left to right-top-A. Brown, C. Connick, B. Hawes, Miss B. Smoulton, Coach. E. Merriman, I. Harris, M. Hart. Bottom-E, Hogan, H. Schumacher. Cheer leader, H. Van Norman. Cheer leader, P. Gears. 1925-6 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND RESULTS FOOTBALL TEAM", ' 1 ' Top row - R. Powers. N. Hogan. C. White, W. Taylor, E. Kleinhenz. D. Streppa, T. Pierce. Mgr. Center--P. Benfonte. S. Walling, D. Bramer, T, Aldrich, H. Hare. VL.'.Bramer, K. Williams. ' ' - Bottom - H. Hopkins. E. Hogan, P. Gears, I. Taber, F. Gifford. Friendship at Fairport . . Geneseo at Fairport . . . Aquinas at Fairport . . . Pittsford at Fairport Alumni at Fairport ..... Greigsville at Fairport Dansville at Fairport ..... Fairport at Irondequoit .... East High at Fairport ..... East Rochester at Fairport ....... Fairport at Spencerport .......... Syracuse Vocational- at Fairport . .. Spencerport at Fairport ......... Fairport at East Rochester .. . Irondequoitat Fairport . . . . U. oi R.iFrosh'at Rochester , . . Fairport at Pittsford ........ Fairport at Webster ...... Webster at 'Fairport . . . . Pittsford at Rochester ,... ........ . . . F Fairport' at Victor ......... .. Played-21 - Won-15 Lost-6 Bottom - E. Harris. E. Warner, Manager. Winner Fairport Fairport Aquinas Fairport Fairport Fairport Fairport Fairport East High Fairport Fairport Fairport Fairport Fairport Fairport U. of R. Pittsford Webster Fairport Pittsford Fairport H. 'Hart, Capt Score 33-9 36-12 Z4-18 25-13 23-13 25-24 33-16 32-14 50-20 31-19 25-22 21-18 19-7 14-8 52-23 14-28 14-10 10-24 34-26 12.17 24-8 Percentage-.711 YQ' 8 z : 5-.. kftiy , "7W:'l.17,. ' -. f A YS X XXXS X N 'S Gnd Knowwdge 5? W ' They Build MR. THOMAS G. COFFEE '-4'-12:1-12'-a mtdihmr-4 "UO +4-1....2c:3IZOo L'f1O-14':Drr1m 1925 to 1945! A span of twenty busy, har- monious years - years of in- calcuable service to school and community, years of par- ticipation in 'civic and state- wide affairs -- this is the enviable record of Superintende ent Thomas G. Coffee. In 1925, Mr. Coffee's new curriculum included the first editions of the School CHATTER and the HOUR GLASS. Many have profited by his kindly advice'and chuckled at his witty anecdotes. Since the war, he has devoted all his spare time to victory gardening on a large scale. Officiating as a member of the local draft board, taking an active part in the affairs of the Congregational Church, and participating frequently in state-wide educational committee work, Mr. Coffee has won for himself a host of friends. '1'echnical1y, Mr. Coffee's iob in Fairport is to supervise education in the Fairport schools, but actually his scope of influence is much more far- reaching. lU Characters ana' Minds t PRINCIPAL ANDREW C. LYNCH For the past ten years Fairport High School has been fortunate to have Mr. Andrew Lynch as its versatile principal. Not only does he run our school efficiently, but he is always willing to listen to student problems and ready with a practical solution. .Participant in social affairs of all sorts, partial organizer of the Melody Nite Nook, war worker in a nearby defense plant, adviser of the Block F, member of the Fairport Rotary Club, and time left over for legislative committee work in New York State Education Department-this is the ambitious program of a very ambitious man. An excellent speaker, an experienced play director and a skilled make-up artist, Mr. Lynch is constantly called on to make use of his talents. FHS would not be the same without him! MRS. ULRICH, OFFICE SECRETARY g "A warm smile and a pleasant voice" best describes the school's new and efficient secretaryf Keeping the office running smoothly, everyone realizes, takes both skill and hard work. Even by four o'clock, Mrs. Ulrich has not lost her charm or good humor. She has the hearty admiration of teachers and stu- dents alike. ll Preparing for SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Bought--A. B, at Syracuse . . . in- structor in World History . . . adviser ol Dramatic Club . . . Iunior Class ad- viser . . . ready smile . . . likes sports. bowling and skiing. Mr. Warner'-A. B., Union College . . . instructor in World History and Ameri- can History . . . wonderful sense of hu- mor . . . keeper of senior homeroom . . . affectionately called "Pop." ENGLISH Mr, Lynch---B. A. and M. A., St. Bona- venture's . . . teaches English Ill class . . . a rightfully proud "daddy" . . .very tactful . . . has a knack for directing plays and public speaking. Miss Ioyce+B. A.. Keuka . . . instructor in English I and Il . . . director of sen- ior play . l . adviser of SXS . . . likes movies . . . always has attractive bulle- tin boards. Miss Snow -B. A., Keuka . . . M. A., Al- bany . . . instructor in English III and IV . , . fond of poetry, music, England, and cats . . . wrote our Christmas and V-E Day programs. SCIENCE AND MATH. Miss Woglum-B. A., at D'Youville Co lege . . . M. A., Columbia . . . likes t garden . . . fond of reading . . . amb tion is to go to Alaska and raise enor ous strawberries . . . we shall miss he Miss Hodge----our mathematical geni . . B. A. at William Smith . . . teach geometry, algebra, trig . . . likes bo ing and books L . .would like to trav Europe. 12 Democratic Living BUSINESS TRAINING Mrs. Ryon v- A. B., Oberlin . . . fond of 'music and reading . . . has a library of her own . . . likes housework . . , pet aversion, Frank Sinatra . . . is well-liked by everyone Mr. Schworm -- B. S., Albany State . . . teaches typing, shorthand, bookkeeping . . has charge of ticket-selling for home games . . . an efficient manner . . , spends hours juggling figures . . . plays the organ, V VOCATIONAL TRAINING Mr. Yonkers----Be A., Buffalo State . . . his first year at the high school . . . teaches mechanical drawing and shop V. . . an outdoor enthusiast -- likes hunt ing and fishing. Miss Brucker---B. S., Cornell . . . M. A.. Columbia . . . trains our girls in domes- tic science . . . her hobby is gardening . . V. loves flowers and funny little plants and-M we shall miss her. LANGUAGES I I Q Miss Stoltw-B. A.. U. of R. ,... teaches French I, II, III . . . punctuafes her state- ments with gestures . . . always dresses smartly . . . adviser of French Club . . . "neatness" is 'her motto. ' rs. Coverts-B. A.. U. of R .... none i,Caesar and Cicero baffles her . . . eaches all Latin classes . . . is the keep r- of the model study hall . . . flowers nd gardeni-ng claim'her summer inter' st. 13 Ending Health and foy Through Fun HEALTH STAFF Mrs. Sanford -School nurse . . . likes antiques, parties. fancy work . I. . en- joys cooking, pie a la mode. chicken . . . favorite expression "Now, listen." Mr. Brennan4B. S., Ithaca . . . M A,, Columbia . . . instructor in physical edu- cation . . . teaches general science . . . coach of football and basketball. Miss Donk-B. A., Ithaca College . . . instructor in physical education . . . expert in sports . . . her favorites are skiing and horseback riding . , . and "Pepper," her horse. Miss La Iuppa - Dental Hygenist . . -. likes people, food, tennis . . . enjoys dancing, traveling . . . favorite saying-- "Ieepers." .LIBRARY AND ART Miss Fortmiller-school librarian . '. . B. A., Albany State . . . quiet, efficient, ready smile . . . likes music and books. Mrs Street---B A. at Brockport . . . ar instructor and art adviser for Hour Glas . . . likes gardening, purple, sea foods ,... collects English teacups an saucers.. X MUSIC Miss Watson-B. M. at Eastman . . . A., Columbia . . . director of Boys' Gle Club and mixed chorus . . . collect wooden figures of musicians . .. .- e ioys cooking, sports, traveling. Mr. Vance-Potsdam Normal . . . direc Girls' Glee Club . . . plays solitaire an trombone' tor fun . . . directs scho band . . . collects coins. l4 5 , 1 . A , XA f"N I X b A fx gk XM -jj A X f ff 2 ff WWWWW ' A V' f fx A 2 J , f figs, I 4 X : fur lf!! f'7 f- 1 .. QX' bw ' 1 ff A 3"5':?5:' .. X 4 ', n ft' NW , 5' V :Q z- 'x W9 Pzrsevemnce oncf pendobsIuTy Eager for Life in cr Peace-time Worldf IAMES RANDOLPH "President of our 'class . . . never seen without his camera . , . pet peeve is a pessimist . . . says his spare time is his business!" Nr PHILIP HAMMOND "Oh S-T-O-P! . . . wants four more years of work fcolleqel . A . basketball and football and Helen . . . can't stand people who bite fingernails." IAMES RANDOLPH ' PHILIP HAMMOND IN APPRECIATION MR. WARNER Pres, of Senior Clqgg Pres, ol Student Association Again this year Miss Stolt and Mr. Warner have served as faithful advisers to the Senior Class. For tive years. now, they have collaborated in making the social and financial MISS STOLT programs ot this class a success. The Senior Class sin- cerely appreciates the time and effort these teachers have so cheerfully given. BETTY WILLIAMS DAVID FAKE "Doctor Alan Ladd . . . never lis- tens to the radio . . . A male mermaid . . . loathes neckties will do anything tor amusement . -. . 'Rit's' Ian . . . Nice boy." "A bright and capable gal . . . writes letters Isighl . . . likes swimming . . . Yea bo. Navy . . . dislikes hesitators . . . listens to Bing Crosby . . . and Bob Hope . . . saying is 'I-Immm'!" BETTY WILLIAMS DAVID FAKE Ediivf-in-Chief Captain of Student Patrol I6 DOROTHY DODGE "She has been our master mind' for years . . . aims to be a doctor , . ..partial to Van Iohn- son AND apricots . . . more than slightly accomplished in music . . . likes cats." DOROTHY DODGE Valedictorian BEVERLY AMANN "Oh, for heaven's sakes . . . and that's Beverly . . likes letters, spaghetti, also blondes . . . Perry Como . . . which'll it he BevfArmy, Navy or Air Corps????" ROSE APARO - . . "Wants to be a career girl . . . dislikes cynical people and alarm clocks, but has a soft spot in her heart for steak with onions and a certain someone in the Army . . . Optimist." ' BETTY BABCOCK E "Definitely air-minded . . . wild about ball games 4 all kinds . . . Gene Kelly again . . . ugh for Sinatra . . . Oh Gosh! ! ! ,, ' , CHARLES BARRANCO "Cheerful Charlie . . . loves to snooze , . . wants to be a big business man . . . hates waiting around . . . faith- ful to Hedy Lamarr . . . Ye gods!" A KATE BARRY "Always fighting, with her nephew . for Pete's sake . . . a female mechanic - cars no less . . . as the other SUWJ of the class. her favorite color is blue . . . sends let- ters in care of Air Corps." VINCENT BATTISTONI "Smoothie ! ! l A Sinatra tan among the boys . . . 'Big . . . Betty Grable . . . 'not too ambitious.' " ' Boy' . . . thinks,he could be better lnow. truthfully, Vin? ?l MARY BEATO "Mary's ambition is to be married . . . beany over bas- ketball . . . a devout Bob Hutton fan . . . pet saying is 'I told you."' IOYCE BRIDGES "Glamour girl . . . the dreamer . . . disikes people who aresure they're always right . . . 'May you live all the days of your life."' LOUIS CARINI ' "Everybody's pal . . . abhores nail-filers . . . his ideal woman is a good cook and housekeeper . . . Lou. you don'i wan! a wife, you wani a maid!" , ' ROBERT CAWARD f 1 "Our bashiul boy . . . 'wants to be '1 :o't"e rancher . . . loves his sleep . . . red . . . quiel girls . . . 'For cryin' in the sink' . . . preliy swell guy." ..... ..... .. CHARLES CLAYTON . l "Alias wants lo travel . . . likes fishing and hurrling and home-baked foods . . . ideal is Humphrey Boqarl . , pet peeve is girls!" IEANNE DRYER "Too shy . . . delests bragqarls . . . wants to be an in- terior decoraiot . . . alyvays willing to do her share . . very reliable." 0 NANCE BROWN ,"'l'hinks she's queer but we know how iar from that she is . . . likes com-on-the-cob and Cary Grant . . . dreams in spare time . . . wants to be a writer." ' MAHGARET BURNS' "Aspires to be a gym teacher . . . likes 'em tall. dark and handsome . 'Gee whiz' . . . Who's thai certain someone in lhe Navy, Burnsie?" MARY BUTLER "Gonna lake a sentimental iourney . . . dislikes pui- lerers . . . Les Brown . . . lond oi poetry . . . l'll always be iusl me 'Mary Dee!" SOPHIE CAPANNA ' V "Private secretary . , . roller skating . . . prelers the Iohn Payne lype . . . dreamiman is a Marine . . . pretty sharp, prelly sharp." IAMES ELLIOTT "Our misunderstood forest ranger . . . unaffected by women . . . State Guards' delight . . . Gene Tierney . . . 'Playboy lim' . . . Ya got me!" BETTY IEAN ELLSWORTH . "The chatterbox . . . sings beautifully -- wants to be a 'PRO' singer . . . likes pies---doesn't like fellows who are late . . , favorite saying is 'stinker.' " ERNEST ENTER "Thrilled by murder mysteries and girls . . . wants to build this and that . . . an artist . . . oh, history reading . . . oh, Vic!" VIRGINIA EVERDYKE "I'm sorry I was late time . . . favorite color how about that!" . . . Big joke ! ! works in her spare is blue .. . collects souvenirs . . . x,,,,,. DOROTHY FAUST "Tall, dark and full of fun . . . loves basketball and Iimmy Stewart . . . carries the torch for the Army these days!" ELSIE FERRIS "Our 'Good Gosh, Gertie' girl . . . spends her time writ ing letters to HIM . . , wants to travel . , . is happiest at a football game . . . hot dog in one hand - hamburq in the other." DALE HARRIS "Says it shouldn's happen to a dog concerning him self. 'less up Dale . . . Dad-rat-it . . . Favorite color blue with white streaks thuh?J . . . Definitely our class crooner . . . Who invented the words 'spare time' " JEAN HEMBROCK "Another secretary, loves fruit . . . Alan Ladd . . . cud- dles the kiddies . . . 'Nuts' . . . likes to have fun . . . a swell girl . . . " Ricuzum KITTLE V ' "Spare time--goes out with his girl . . , Umbriago! ' - - Cf IOYGL Clinginq .fan of Red Skelton's . . . an artist in our midst '. . . Army!" ROBERT KOEHLER I "Declares he's lazy .' . . likes hot dogs, Lana Turner . . . wants em with '3 B's'-beautiful, brainy and brunette . . . Holy Doodle. he wants to be an engineer . . . Manhattan Merry-go-round." 1AMEs LA PIETRA A . ' "Satisfied with meat and potatoes and success . . . 'Are you Kiddin'?' . . . Lana again . . . Date with Iudy . . . although many to him are 'dumb clucks'. we've survived -Have you, lim?" A CHARLES LQRSON "Funny boy tHa! Hall . . . Cherry pie: Lauren Bacall - his favorites . . . He and Loveless: Mutt and Iefl . . . pet aversion loquacious women . . . Naturally In IEANNE HUTCHINSON' , ' "The unpredictable wonder of our group . . . charms us by playing Gershwin . . . definitely agreeable with the Army Air Corps . . . more than willing to travel and dis- likes lima beans and chemistry tests." ' ' ROBERT IACOBSON . -"God's little gift to the women . . . short ones, prefer- ably . . . favorite dish is one with food on it . . . -'lt is better to play than do nothing'.'f . RALPH IENNINGS "Thinks he's normal . . . wants to be a success . . . special talent -- mathematics . . . tactfully says he likes good-looking girls . . .' 'Bet your boots'." lANlCE IOHNSTON "Aspires to be a medical secretary . . . record fiend . . . ideal talker . .- . hates homework: likes Van Iohnson and 'Blind Date'." ROBERT LOVELESS "Now C.A.P.: later A.A.F .... a pin-ball machine fiend . . . abhors women smokers . . . dreams night and day tthese flyersl . . . baseball . . . Bluff." BARBARA MacDONALD , "Plays the piano and wants to be a teacher . . . hates iackets with belts in the back . . . likes spinach, bicycle riding and Bob Hope-we like Barbara." VIRGINIA MacNEILL "Ginny's hobby is making people laugh . . . dislikes being stood up . . . doesn't have any spare time . . . Uneek, is the word." DONALD MAHONEY "Best friend is G. I. Ioe . . . likes blondes, brunettes or redheads . . . says he has no spare time . . . hobby is fixing things . . . 'Ol1, Oh! l I ' " QNX IEANNE MALONE "Adores art, aqua and Allan Ladd . . . baseball. blondes and blue eyes . . . cheeseburgers. a certain V-l2er. 'Hmmmmmmmml ' " DAVID MASCIANGELO "Hobby is staying home nights . . . likes a steak and blonde gals - dislikes homework . . . plays basketball in school- wants to be a machinist later." HELEN MOORE "Sounds otf about nosey neighbors . . . flies, twirls and plays records . . . wouldn't deny herself a graham cracker pie . . . What's with you about the Air Corps?" MARIAN MOORE "A roller-skating secretary - Not only a skiing enthusi- ast but a sewer too . . . Says "Nuts" to gossiping and is really thrilled by Allan fBang! Bangll Ladd." CAROLYN PIERCE "Sleepy-time-gal . . . likes a nice boy land who doesn't?l . . . a lriend ol liction, Bing Crosby . . . That's Life." IOSEPHINE PORRECA "Here's a conversion - wants to live long . . . "You can say that again"4 . . . Satisfied with the He-Man type of VIR . . . Her favorite color 'Well, it ain't purple'." IOAN PRESCOTT "Iumpin' Ioanie . . . The apple of our eyes . . . eats, lives. and breathes sports .V . . reads comic books and lis- tens to Superman nightly." BERNADIN E PRINZIVALLI "Bunny to us . . . The early bird tl-Xheml . . . where do you hide the diary? . . . dislikes nagging people . . . Be still, everybody . . . good-humored . . . Let's go. Ice." HELEN MURPHY "Sweet and silent . . . don't crack your knuckles around her . . . another Canco worker . , . Phil . . . need we say more?" MARION MURPHY A "Marion wants to be a nurse . . . hobby is caring for children . . . whiz at foreign languages . . , lavorite say- ing is FOR CRUMBY SAKESY' ALBERTA PARKISON "A Canco worker in her spare time . lox es basketball and muscular men . . . Has the situation well-in-hand . J . likes chocolate pie. blue, and Cary Grant." IACK PECK "You know how it is . . . loves all the girls . . . wants to retire . . . eat and sleep . . . "Gordy" . . . rootball . . .gir1s, girls. girls." SHIRLEY SCHRADER - "Loves spaghetti , . . antiques . . . swimming , . . likes her men courteous . . . has a special talent for public speaking . . . good luck with the Army, Shirley Or is it the Navy?" BETTY SCHUBERT "Blond bomber . . . Crazy about limburger cheese Gene Kelly . . . baseball . . . T A ,... dislikes late-comers . . . Is one swell gal." DONALD SMITH "The music master . . . aspires to "sleep all day" craves roast chicken and Betty Hutton . . . likes girls who are good talkers but not too much, however." LEONA SMITH "Writes lots of letters . . . has a boy friend in the Army f 'also likes tuna-fish sandwiches . . . enjoys girls' basket- ball . . . 'Nifty Boy'." 1-MQ? f Sets , fe WMI., it 1 we 2 F35gi,ii4 iii .ww .,-r X Q02 -if RUTH SPAULDING "Kinda' quiet . . . likes to sew . . . very talented in mak- ing dolls . . . "Oh Nuts" . . . always laughing . . . Apple other eye is.. .lack H. .. . " IEAN SPECHT ' " 'Hi Mert.' . . . uh-huh, she has a boy-friend . . . likes her men tall and conversational, soooo? . . . has no spare time . . . turquoise . . . potato-chips . . . dogs, dogs, 'n more dogs . . . Wooffwooi!" LOUISE SPERINO "Wants to be a teacher . . . spends her time Crocheting . . . "Pardon me" . . . talent tor being quiet . . . Yea bo. infantry . . . pretty as a picture--collected the 518." ANGELINE sroijr "B pessimist . . . steak and onions . . . savory-is it? . . . 'What's the matter-Ya' crazy or somethin'?' . . . Army . . . Admires a fault-less finder . . . Oh. how she hates to get up in the morning . . . "Who doesn't?" 23 ANNABELLE VILLERE "She's quiet but surprising . . . Oh-h-h-h . . . can't tolerate opinion-ated people twhewll . . . ice cream . . . Bogart! l . . . Special talents.-culinary arts . . . Take it easy-you all!" CAROL WAHL "Wants to be a nurse . . . has no one in service . . eats apple pie religiously . . . loathes mushy people . . spends her spare time on the piano stool." IOAN WELCH ' "Classy lassie . . . talks a blue streak . . . is lull oi the devil . . . loves yellow and steak . . . 'What's the matter. you crazy or somethin'?" lOYCE WILKINS "Another Canco worker . . . wants to travel . "Why?" . . . also loves hot dogs . ..,. Van Iohnson . . Another Army tan." 1 IEAN SUPPA "Has a nice singing voice . . . ideal man has black .hair and blue eyes treierence to Navy?l . . . her ambition is. to be a hairdresser." IOSEPHINE SUPPA "A Sinatra ian . . . and apple pie . . . vocalist . . . she doesn't like to stay after school . . . just call me 'Gabby' . . . 'Oh, my goodness'." SALLY SWEENEY "I'm Sally . . . girl with a secret ambition . . . collects elephants and servicemen . . . Hot-fudge Sundaes . . . can't stand people without a sense oi humor . . . 'Our gal Sal'." PATRICIA TITUS "Has what it takes to be a model . . . her heart belongs to Hollis . . . loves to laugh . . . easy on the eyes . . . 'Let's be Frank, Kids'." '1 0 Y 'l J vu' "r.u. x - -sa' "'2:x..,, . s lx -4 . S 1 Ag? 4 1 f' N- -'.-,'."r. 'Z'p1?.-., h -U: I rg., '1..,- R - 'I v. ,L fr, ',.: '31 Q - f x . Q- 41fx"" .' LT' --5 ,lpn I-fi c A. .aff X Wu. -- 4. 1 f- .--sc.-w I U . M tzzr. - " x ' , 'L' ' f 1 : ,tj-' '- " ':. f- J 9 ' , ,N -SQA, . ', ff ,t t ' 1 .-' 135. gf:-4, . as ' "' " if '. 4. 1 9. X. Y ' J, W -' . ig' I ,.-Z., '- - VW,,,. :H- z -f" .1 4 lp.- Q .- -at -: .- -fbi I x ' 1 J.. . . , Y wfmcl- ' I 4 J A f J I ' . -t. - i 'F a A 1 , ,I ' t F.- : .ij K 2:4--gf - . I W , fl.,-. QII, V ' . fit: .: . - H Q D- - Q 5 ,i .1 I' ., ..,.s-171 " ..v:5:i. " A I ' gf- 1 r ,. , 5225? 3. . L.:z,.5,. . 'wil -.QQ me 4 .- , .-1: ,- .V . --121. 1' H f 'L' ' SW- . A W. ..W,...,, .,.... .M ..., ...r. L ,,,.t- , -, 7 ...,.. 1 ' 1- , 'YJX3 Lp it b , " iwvfix aft ?'1:"1:i .L--me i41"ii.-.1. Y-1 H!-3 13,-fe: ii..-i Q . ggi Q5 mga mn 1,39 'wit 1 xi -:,,..,,..,-.,,.,,,Ma.,v,,. .A ,,,,.,,.-. ..- .X ,.,,,-...E-.,.:-..-1: '.,-..1-l-,w.a-x:+- I Patrick Ahern Henry Montaqliano Alfred Brien Robert Nemitz Gordon Cobb Ralph Provanzano Iesse Coomber Donald Reus Iohn DiRisio Michael Sperino Herbert Gropp Robert VanDusen Iacque Holt Wayne VanThoi Merrill McMillen Robert Waterstraw .W V' A xr . wi' .1 w'.1n,u,.'e,-.um-5-zu-va I D J2.g:- -' 1'-K-v:hues-,.e,g,M-v..,.,.,1,,+,,,4.5.:+ ,, Af.. FJ 1' V! Mlm,-ur-a f.. ' 'F'--w,:.,,.M Ready for Leadership in cz Peace-time World Jr SEN! OR ecmne Hutchinson Annabelle Vil 94.94 Z6 n STUDENTS fo ', v . W 7 I ' f UTAT , 1 f WI WN! W Q 4 XM. s 'X 'X RA. , , W-A - 2 e - W Nance Brown I GH SPS'-Th' ea.za'M, 93-UWJ 26 A: BEVERLY AIVIANN: Webster High l, 2: Sigma Chi Delta 4: Hour Glass: Class Secretary 4. ROSE APARO: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Cos 2, 3, 4, president 4: Senior Play: School Chatter editor: French Club 2, 3. president 3: Hour Glass: Student Patrol: Play Contest 2: Library Staff 3, 4: Stunt Night l. 2. g A BETTY E. BABCOCK: SXS 4: Stunt Night 2. CHARLES I. BARRANCO: Alpha Beta Phi 3, 4, treasurer 4: Hour Glass. KATE BARRY: SXS 2, 3, 4. vice-president. 4. VINCENT I. BATTISTONI: Glee Club 1: Student Patrol: School Chatter: Hour Glass: Alpha Beta Phi 2, 3, 4, treasurer 3, vice-president 4. MARY BEATO: Cos 2, 3: Hour Glass: Student Patrol: Library Staff 4: Play Con- test 3: Stunt Night l. 2: G. A. A. officer l, 2.3. 4. IOYCE ANNETTE BRIDGES: Glee Club 2, 3: Play Contest 3: Hour Glass: Sigma Chi Delta 2, 3, 4: Senior Ball queen candidate: Stunt Night 2. NANCE PRUDDEN BROWN: Play Contest French Club 3: School Chatter: Hour Glass: SXS 2. 3, 4, president 3: Drarnatic"Club l, Honor student. X MARGARET R. BURNS: Cos 3, 4: School Chatter: Hour Glass: Stunt Night l: Library Stait 4: Flag Custodian 4. A MARY DIANE BUTLER: Glee Club 2, 3: Class- secretary 2: Play Contest 2, 3: Cos 2. 3, 4, treasurer 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Hour' Glass: Stunt Night 2. SOPHIE CAPANNA: 'Glee Club 1: Cos 3, 4: Hour Glass: Stunt Night 2: Library Staff 4: Class treasurer 4. LOUIS CARINI: Alpha Beta Phi 4, president 4: School Chatter: Play Contest 3: Class president 3: Stunt Night 1. 2: Camera Club I. ROBERT L. CAWARD: Camera Club 1: Student Patrol: Stunt 'Night 1, 2. CHARLES CLAYTON: Football 3. 4: Stunt Night 2. V Q? HAROLD R. CORNELIUS: Stunt Night 2: Senior Ball king candidate. DOROTHY ANN DODGE: Band 1, 2, -3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3: School Chatter: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Sigma Chi Delta 2, 3, 4: Student Patrol: Hour Glass: French Club 3, 4, treasurer 4: Valedictorian. ' L. IEANNE DRYER: SXS 2, 3, 4, secretary 4: Hour Glass. IAMES C. ELLIOTT: Block F 2, 3, treasurer 3, -president 4: Play Contest 3: Student Patrol: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3. 4. BETTY IEAN ELLSWORTH: Glee Club l, 2. 4: Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4: Hour Glass. ERNEST VICTOR ENTER: Band 2, 3: Student Association treasurer: Hour Glass. VIRGINIA R. EVERDYKE: Hour Glass: Stunt Night 2. I DAVID GEORGE FAKE: Student Association vice-president: Hour Glass: School Chatter: Student Patrol captain: Football manager 1, 2, 3, 4: Block F 3, 4, sec- retary 3. vice-president 4. ' DOROTHY E. FAUST: Cos 3, 4: School Chatter: Play Contest 3: Hour Glass: Stunt Night 1, 2: Senior Play. ELSIE FERRIS: SXS 2, 3, 4, president 2: School Chatter: Hour Glass: Play Con- test 3: Library Stafl 4. PHILIP STANLEY HAMMOND: Student Association president: Block F 4: Stu- dent Patrol: School Chatter: Hour Glass: Dramatic Club 4: Senior Play: Alpha Beta Phi 3, 4: Senior Ball king: Basketball captain 4. STANLEY DALE HARRIS: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Hour Glass: School Chatter: Student Patrol: Senior Play: Camera Club 1. IEAN B. HEMBROCK: SXS 4: Hour Glass: Stunt Night 2. IEANNE HUTCHINSON: Glee Club 1, 2: Hour Glass: Student Patrol: Senior Play: School Chatter: Student Association secretary: French Club 3, 4: Drum Maiorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Prize Speaking 3: Play Contest 3: Cos 2, 3, 4: secretary 4: Band 1, 3: Honor Student. ROBERT IACOBSON: Alpha Beta Phi 4: Play Contest 3: Senior Play. RALPH H. IENNINGS: French Club 3, 4, president 4: School Chatter. 27 IANICE A. IOHNSTON: Macedon High School 1, 2: Hour Glass. RICHARD L. KITTLE: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Hour Glass. ROBERT LINCOLN KOEHLER: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3: Block F 4. IAMES LA PIETRA: Hour Glass: Senior Play: Stunt Night l. CHARLES E. LORSON: French Club 2, 3: Hour Glass: Prize Speaking 3: Camera Club l, 2: Stunt Night 1, 2. ROBERT W. LOVELESS: Camera Club 1, 2: Stunt Night 2. BARBARA ANN MacDONALD: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Student Patrol: Hour Glass: School Chatter: Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, treasurer 4: Mixed Chorus 3. VIRGINIA MacNEILL: SXS 2, 3, 4, secretary 3: French Club 3: Play Contest 3. DONALD F. MAHONEY: Hour Glass: Flag Custodian: Class treasurer 3. IEANNE M. MALONE: Sigma Chi Delta 2, 3, 4, vice-president 4: Hour Glass. DAVID FRANK MASCIANGELO: Alpha Beta Phi 4: Student Patrol: Camera Club 1. HELEN M. MOORE: SXS 2. 3, 4, vice-president 3: Library Staff 3, 4: Hour Glass. MARION E. MOORE: Glee Club 1: SXS 4: Hour Glass. ' I HELEN C. MURPHY: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Drum Maiorette 2, 3, 4: Cos 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Senior Play: School Chatter: Play Contest 3. MARION R. MURPHY: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: School Chatter: Hour Glass. ALBERTA PARKISON: Cos 2, 3, 4, treasurer 4: School Chatter: Hour Glass: Class vice-president 4: Stunt Night 1, 2. IOHN EDWARD PECK: Stunt Night 1, 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. ' CAROLYN SUZANNE PIERCE: Cos 3, 4: Senior Play: School Chatter: Band 1, 2, 3: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3. ' IOSEPHINE PORRECA: Band 2, 3. 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Cos 4: Hour Glass: School Chatter: Library Staii 4: Camera Club l: Stunt Night l, 2. IOAN M. PRESCOTT: Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, president 4: Hour Glass: School Chatter: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. 1 l BERNADINE K. PRINZIVALLI: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Library Stall 2, 3, 4: SXS 2, 3, 4, treasurer 2: Student Patrol. ' IAMES R. RANDOLPH: Class president 4: School Chatter: Hour Glass: Student Patrol: Senior Play: Camera Club 1. SHIRLEY SCHRADER: Glee Club 1, 2: SXS 2, 3, 4, vice-president 3: Play Con- test 3: Dramatic Club 4: Hour Glass: Senior Play: Prize Speaking 3. BETTY I. SCHUBERT: Drum Maiorette 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 3: Hour Glass: Student Patrol: School Chatter: Cos 2, 3, 4. vice-president 4. DONALD PIERSON SMITH: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Patrol: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Senior Play: Poetry Club 1. A . - . LEONA SMITH: Clyde Central School 1, 2: Hour Glass: Mixed Chorus 3. RUTH" E. SPAULDING: SXS 4: Stunt Night 2. , IEAN SPECHT: Elmira Free Academy 1, 2, 3: Hour Glass: Senior Play, Honor Student. ' LOUISE SPERINO: Cos 2, 3, secretary 3: Dramatic Club 4: Hour Glass: Senior Play: Library Staff 4: Senior Ball queen. ANGELINE FLORENCE STOLT: Cos 2 ,3, 4: Stunt Night Z. IEAN SUPPA: Glee Club 2: French Club 2, 3: Stunt Night 2. IOSEPHINE SUPPA: Glee Club 2: French Club 2, 3. SALLY SWEENEY: Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, secretary 4: School Chatter: Senior Play: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Play Contest 2: Senior Librarian. . PATRICIA TITUS: Monroe High 1: Sigma Chi Delta 4: Hour Glass. ANNABELLE VILLERE: Cos 3, 4: Student Patrol: Hour Glass: Library Staff 2, 3, 4: Honor Student. , CAROL WAHL: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Sigma Chi Delta 4: Mixed Chorus 3. IOAN A. WELCH: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, scribe 4: Play ontest 3: Senior Play: Library Staff Z, 3, 4: School Chatter. IOYCE WILKINS: SXS 2, 3, 4, treasurer 3: Hour Glass: Library Staii 3. BETTY M. WILLIAMS: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Cos 1, 2, 3, 4, president 3: School Chatter: Hour Glass editor: Class president 2: Senior Ball queen candidate, Salutatorian. f 1 A ,479 ff' , f ff af! f ,J , , f ff 1 ' 1 . Qf Qff ff I X f 6? , mmm' QE?" M w k IU WHS n Z' 'Z w ""' "' i IWIWWI WW W WUIII IIIIIW f ,QW ru z ?: 'f'n , Y Y W MW WMM! I f f Mmfm WY I M-JHIMWMWW' H M5 X 1 L 7? DQm0QroTIC Social Athfudes Preparing for First Row - V. Steubing, S. Spencer, E. Word. S. Iohnston, L. Fisk. ' Second Row - L. Reqqi, M. Brickle, H. Voigt, Anne Ingicnni, R. Wilcox, B. Hudson. Third Row - Angeline Inqionni, H. Faust, E. Stiner, N. I H J Kramer, R. Webb. Fourth Row - R. Chesbro. L. Burqey, K. Nemitz. G. Peters, I. Schrader. J U N Fifth Row - W. Tolhurst, L. Boas, R. Bills, W. Grubb. l':l"'H.l Upper classmen-every one-and very proud oi it were the fifty smiling Iuniors who presented themselves to Mrs. Ryon lcxst fall. ' Bob Iohnson was elected to wield the gcrvel at our meetings while Bill Grubb stood by to take over when Iohnny wcxsn't around. Betty Earl took notes and kept the books in order, while Shirley Costello kept our finances on file. 30 Tomorrow? World First Row -7 I. Dovan, I. Piccerelli. S. Costello,uM. Rohr. C. Hospers, G. -Miller, L. Stolt. ' Second' Row - H. Spaulding, M, Maloney, B. George. L. Marlett, B. Earl. A.VGaston, M. Brizee, B. Trew. 1 Third Rok H P. Holmes, P. Coomber, A. Marvin, C. LaRosa, E. Manchester, R. Iohnson, T. Adams. Fourth Row - W. Lewis, D. Woolston,-IQ Gabrielli Mrs. Rouqht, Mr. Brennan The Iuniors introduced a new dance this year, the "Sock Hopf' There were plenty of dirty socks but the dance was thoroughly enioyed by all. l Under Mr. Lynch's and 'Miss Snow's direction, we staged "Still Shines the Star"' written by Miss Snow. This successful production called forth much favor- able comment irom school and community. I The year ended with our annual Iunior Prom. 3l Developing First Row - E. Lehr, M. Witt. M. Carirxi, M. Battaglini, L. Malucci, I. Taber. I.. Willie. , Second Row - V. Boas. M. Willie, D. Villere. L. Phillips. D. McIntosh, M. Peck, P. Fisk, S. Kier. Third Row -- G. Battaglini, G. Murphy, G. Dryer. P. Dirk. C, Ellsworth, F, Breitbeck, L. Hadley. E. Brickle, A. Williams. Fourth Row-C. Craig, A. Ashby, L. Boas. D. Winagle, N. Seaman, W. Lewis. C. Emery. C. Odell. G. Schrader. l I 0 M G Q E 5. Fifth Row - W. Dancy. D. Snyder, M. Alvut. H. Wacenske. I':l"'l'l Vanished were the awe and the inexperience of those beioqged Freshman days. No sir! Here was a new determination to improve in both studies and sports so that the upper classmen would admire the Sophomores. The class was well-organized under the leadership of Clint Emery. president: Vin Masciangelo. vice president: Norma Zimmer. secretary: and Iean Nemitz. treasurer. Miss Ioyce and Mr. Yonkers were their advisers and were present at the very successlul Sophomore Dance. Despite much whispering between bells. fand aiter the bell rangl Miss Stolt. their homeroom teacher, admitted "they're pretty nice" and took pride that the Sophs were among the iirst to participate in benefit and bond drives. 32 SeMreliance 1 First Row - M. Ferris, E. LaPietra, B. Schumacher, G. Pen- nise. I. Nemitz, D. Filardo. N. Zimmer. V. Granger. A Second Row f E. Sharp. W. Hudson. W. Rhinebold. M. Matz, I. Perrin, P. Dodqe. I. Irrig. Third Row - F. Bucher. L. Ackerman. B. Graves. B. Bram- er. C. Clayton, B. Buholtz. I. Robson. I. Burns. R. Staff. Fourth Row - H. Konz, R. Young. H. Gardner, D. Morrell. A. Galante. A. Brooks, C. Stoll. D. Iordan. . 'Miss Ioyce. Mr. Yonkers And no class could be more deservedly proud of heir star basketball play- ers! Tom Brothers. Neil Seaman. Bill Dancy, Clint Emery, Bud O'Dell. and Bob Staff earned the admiration of the entire student body. In football Vinny'Masci- angelo was always in there fighting. That may be why the Sophs made up a rnaiority of the cheering section. especially with two of the senior cheer-leaders 'from their class urging them on-Bill Rinebold and Allan Brooks. No need to worry-the future reputation of Fairport High School is in good hands. 33 Exploring First Row - B. Luttrell, M. Toth. I. Monteith, I. Thompson, S. Fairbanks, A. Basile, D. McMillen, G. Galante. B. Pomponio. Second Row - I. Bridges, A. Pappert, S. Smith. A. Lewis, M. Marvin, I. Briant. F. Stiner, E. Dryer, L. Sperino. Third Row-D. Lieb, D. Cole, G. Shibley, E. Woods, C. Kohl. M. Andrews. F. Schumacher, N. Wochner. E. Cook. M. Kleinhenz. L. Verstraete, L. Prober. Fourth Row - R. Brown. I. Erbland. W. Barnes. E. Frohm, 1 1 W. Bowman, R. Cole, R. Sternberq, P. Maine, E. Whipple. T. Papa. E. Pybus. D. Beato, H. Prudom, A Regqi. I. Brizee. R. Lewis, H. Iohnson. l':l"'l'Ll If you saw a bewildered and dreamy-eyed freshman walking the halls with a slight "I-don't-know-where-I-am" look, he was not the only one. There were eighty-two others in homerooms seventeen cmd nineteen. Nevertheless they soon settled down and found their places in classroom and social lite. ln scholastics, Dick Lieb, Emmet Pybus and Marilyn Toth led the class: in the sports' field, David Beato, Gene Galante. Alfred Coco and Donald McMillen were most outstanding. 34 New Horizons First Row - D. Wilcox, A. Moore, F. Battistone, R. Lazerson, L. Fawcett, V. DeBucl:, P. Carini. Second Row - H. Young, F. Verstraete, Lucy Masciangelo M. Casella, M. Yost, R. Vance, P. Rice. I. Briggs. Third Row - L. Ewing, S. Ellsworth, G. Wagner, R. San . tini, R. Kosso, B. Hull, L. VanBortle, G. Wilson, I. Mahoney S. Aldridge, W. Marvin, P. Celehar, L. Peters, Louise Mas cianqelo. Fourth Row - N. Grabb. M. Waddell, A. Wacenske, H Spencer, D. Smith, ,C. Beato, Smith, M. Shults. Mr. Lynch, Miss Hodqe The class organized early in the year and chose as its president, lack Brizee: vice-president, Dick Lieb: treasurer, Rodger Vance, and secretary, Shirley Ald- ridge, with Miss Hodge and Mr. Lynch as advisers. On December 8, the Fresh- men sponsored a Variety Dance featuring a sock dance, and other novelty dances. A sum of 523.72 was cleared. Although the class of '48 may have appeared a- bit scatter-brained this year, there is consolation in the iact that the mighty Seniors of '45 at one time were a group of witless freshmen. Who can say what the future holds for these eighty- t ree? .35 lI"'I mourn GRADE I ':l"I' Assuming Larger First Row - M. Ferris. B. Toth L. VanThot. H. Earl. F. Myers, F. Peck, G. Williams. Second Row - E. Witt, L. Hess. I. Guerin. D. DeWolf, I. Mead, R. Hammond. Third Row 4 R. Elsbee, V. Guerin. V. Klinke, D. Kelsey. M. Carpenter, B. Prober, W. Kopp, D. Rothfuss. P. Lewis. Fourth Row-C. DeWolt, T. Kohl, O. Shultz. G. Clark, E. VcnDer- Mallie, I. King. G. Maine. Fifth Row-G. Rockwell, R. Gains- way, A. Hutchison, R. Peck. C. Hess, I. McGurn, D. Granger. Miss Maier, Mrs. Gazely. Miss Brown. First Row-I. Erbland, H. DiMat- teo, H. Murphy, A. Webb, V. Mc- Cleave, I. McMillen. Second Row'-I. Pace. P. Priest, B. Luttrell. I. Horn, R. Marchioli, R. Hembrock, H, Roberts. Third Row-B. Frohm, I. Papa, E. Hargreave, M. Wahl, D. Phillips, I. Welkley. Fourth Row-B. Savard, E. Ash- by, D. Minequale, A. Pescini, V. Stillute, I. Battaqlini. ,Fifth Row-E. Schubert, G. Bills. C. Barnard. Responsibilities First RowiG. Barnes. D. Wad dell. A. Lynch, W. Morrison, S Pybus, I. Dunn. ' ' Second Row f-- D. Cczwczrd. I Pritchard. M. Peck, A. Montemcro F. Buck, R. Brueninq, A. Kohl. Third Row-AI. Mcimroe. S. Konz I Chesbro. A. Hubbard, A. Shib ley. V. Stubbings, I. Peters, S Smith. Fourth' Row - M. Pritcher, G VanThof. N. Rumpi, F. Purkison R, Lewis, C. Marqeson. W. Cobb Fifth Rowwli. Woods, W. Zim mer, L. Holmes. B. Hosley, I. Mars tin. R. Kier, C. Adams. Mrs. Chapman, Miss Seymour ' . . A First Row -Q S. Maftin. F. Mar- shall, N. Hurloii. T. Rebis. N. lrrig. P. Murphy. Second Row-V. Hembrock, F, Vincent, B. McGuire, H. Hem- brock, A. Sharp, G. Kishbauqh, I. Rebis. C. Pierce, B. Olney, M. Backus, M. MacDonald, P. Cary. Third Row-M. DeNise. R. Pace. A, DiLuzio. N. Celehcxr, R. Had- lev. B. Iorcensen. H. Ebner. L Cast-ini. I. Alongi, B. lensen. Fourth Row A M. Silvernail, R Ryan, D. Bills, L. Bczlucci, R. Alvut, C. Mcxrlett, W. Smith. ll"'lF' snvmm GRADE I ':i ..I L.l Learning Freedom Through Restriction First Row-B. Schubert, D. Dodge, I. Hutchison. Second Row-Miss Fortmiller, B. MacDonald, Capt. D. Fake, R. Aparo, Mr. Warner. Third Row-R. Cawaxfd, M. Beato, A. Villere, D. Masci- anqelo, V. Battistoni. Fourth Row-P. Hammond, If Randolph. C. Pierce, D. Reus, D. Smith. STUDENT PATROL "One step at a time, please" - "No running in the halls." Student Patrol members were on the iob enforcing order in the halls between classes. Captain Fake, with his imaginary club. blue suit, handcuffs and motorcycle, was the "man behind the men iand womenl." He tried to keep peace among students, ranging from the confused Freshmen to the pressed-for-time Seniors. The members were elected in their Iun ior year and served for two years. Members are proud of their honorary appointments to the Patrol. 38 STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Student Association made. possible, through the plan of 50 cent dues many of the fine assemb- lies of the year. Member- ship .was 100 per cent. They also handled ticket- sales for games and ar- ranged the details of class- day awards. Officers were: president. Philip Ha m- m ond: vice - president, David Fake: secretary, Ieanne Hutchinson: treas- urer, Ernest Enter. ' 1 TQ .. df, J. A 34" LQ 1 -5'3" 'w ' f.f1wfi11g1w fig:-. , 11-Q1 f f 'VB I - ff. ' C, ff X A M .P Q. I fi MN, il ff A X - K ' , qv 1 l I E U l U 5' I, D M1 ww ,:. -Q - tw l"i'i W ' r .Q Y ..- D F D D U h ,W sat 5?-LES' Ei - E i: is Sw xGe:".YS2 .,XsfH,y 21 -, V . X A ix'!l'u..: V K 0- is K Mark T A 0 1' 5, . LJZ7' r' X L.. A ,-:'l',j. gg:-7-I--A . .. ' - .'igf,.E.3 1 -fl: 'lqzv '.,,- -, N'L.' x.5Pf1fiZ,E-Qnr. rx, 17. ' w- ' ' -'..v- " -u. . X.,- ' - ' 'J' , ,jk si '5E'Ps-ku-.1-'M Friendly Co-oparohon Building Through First row '- Coach Brennan, N. Seaman, V. Battistone, A. Gal- ante. . Q Second row - D. Fake, R. Koehler, G. Schrader, W. Dancy. Third row-P, Hammond, D. lor. dan, I. Gabrielli, R. Chesbro. Fourth row-C. Emery, C. Beck, C. Odell. BLOCK F Three red bars on a field oi royal blue! Those sharp looking sweaters indi- cate membership in the Block F. Members of this club have participated active- ly in sports. Each member must have had either two years in one sport or one year each in two sports. Last fall, their adviser, Coach Brennan, was host at a delicious venison supper. In February, Block F put on one of the most popular Tea Dances of the year, featuring a tumbling act. lim Elliott, President, is assist- ed -by Dave Fake, Vice-president, Bill Dancy, Secretary, and Charles Beck, Treasurer. A ALPHA BETA PHI Who were the donors of the Scholarship and Sportmanship Cups at Class Day? What club put on those novel tea dances? Who boosted the sale ol War Stamps and Bonds in F. H. S.? What organization was the source oi all the candy and ice cream? The Alpha Beta Phi. That the "Frat", advised by Mr. Yonkers, was one of the most active clubs in school is evident after a glance at the books which reveal a record profit, the envy of all the other clubs. Presi- dent Carini, Vice-President Galante, Secretary Stolt. Treasurer Iohnson and Sergeant-atgarms Masciangelo piloted the affairs of the club. First row-R. Lieb. L. Carini, H. Montaqliano, V. Battistoni. Second row - Mr. Yonkers, D. Mascianqelo, K. Nemitz. C. Stott. A. Galante. ' Third row - P. Hammond. W. Grubb, C. Barranco, I. Gabrielli. R. Iacobson, R. Iohnson. 40 Good Fellowshzp First row - I, Welch. I. Prescott, S. Sweeney, M. Brickle, D. Dodge. Second row -' Mrs. Srteet. I. Bridges, B. Amann, G. Wahl. B. Ellsworth. Third row - B. Hudson. D. Mc- Intosh, P. Dodge. B. George. S. Costello, M. Peck. Fourth row -- B. Bramer. I. Ma- lone, L.fMar1ett, P. Titus, D. Vil- lere. SIGMA CHI DELTA Purple and white and three mystic symbols- EXA ! She belongs to Sigma Chi Delta. Last fall, her sorority was the first to sponsor a dance. After this. came a hayride: then a Night Club Dance. one of the most novel features of the school year. Thus the year passed, with President Ioan Prescott. Vice-Presi- dent Ieanne Malone. Secretary Sally Sweeney, Treasurer Barbara MacDonald and Scribe Ioan Welch in charge. Standing by was the sorority's friendly and helpful adviser. Mrs. Street. SXS . The mystic symbols SXS, proudly displayed on bright green sweaters, identify the wearers as members of the SXS Club. The St. Patrick's Day Dance which they sponsor each year is becoming something oi a tradition. They also had a sleigh-ride. a Hallowe'en party, and a Christmas party. This club, the newest in school, was under the direction of Miss Ioyce. Its popularity is rapid- ly increasing. President Norine Kramer officiated at the meetings while Kate Barry, lean Dryer and Gertrude Miiller were the vice-president. secretary and treasurer, respectively. First row - G. Miller, N. Brown D, Filardo. I. Hembrock. B. Bab cock. Second row W Miss Ioyce, I Nemitz, P. Celehar, I. Thompson M. Ferris. M. Willie. Thirdrow-R. Spaulding. E, Fer ris, I. Wilkins. H. Moore, S Schrader. Fourth row - N. Kramer, A. Gaston. B. Prinzivulli, M, Moore. Filth row -- V. MacNeill, R. Webb, E. Manchester. Following Special First row --1 E. Ward, L. Malucci B. Schubert, H. Murphy, E. La Pietra. Second row -- Miss Fortmiller, L Stolt, P. Fisk, A. Stolt. M. Rohr M. Carini. Third row Y-H M. Burns, L. Fisk I. Porreca. R. Aparo, A. Villere S. Capanna. Fourth row A I. Hutchinson, B Earl, H. Voight, A, Parkison, M Maloney. H. Faust. Fiith, row - C. Pierce, B. Wil liams. C. LaRosa, M. Butler, B 1 Trew, D, Faust H COSMOPOLITAN CLUB "Let's not be 'catty', girls!" "lsn't anyone going to pay her dues?" Such re- marks as these irequently drifted out from under the door of the room where the Cos was meeting. These friendly girls, guided by Miss Fortmiller, had a fine record of good-sportsmanship and scholarship of which the school is proud. They won the Scholarship Cup for four years in succession. On April 13, they held their annual Penny Social. President Rose Aparo vainly tried to keep the girls in order long enough to carry onbusiness, Vice-President Betty Schubert stood ready if needed, Secretary Ieanne Hutchinson recorded the minutes oi the meetings, and Treasurer Alberta Parkison scooped up the finances. DRAMATIC CLUB ' "Ohl I forgot my lines!" or "Please walk erectly and speak distinctly!" are phrases which could be heard "backstage" or "down-lront" as the Dramatic Club rehearsed under the direction ol Mrs. Bought. President Bill Grabb and Vice-President Betty Hudson directed the meetings, which Secretary Ieanne Hutchinson and Treasurer Sally Sweeney record. To further their knowledge oi the theater world, the Dramatic Club attended plays such as "Harriet" and "Kiss,and Tel1," and members reported at meetings on recent Broadway plays, Their assembly program on March 22 was one to be remembered. First row - G. Pernise, H. Mur- phy, C. Hospers, I. Taber. Second row - I. Hutchinson, L. Sperino, D. McIntosh, S, Schrader. Third row - Mrs. Rought, L. Mar- lett, B. Hudson. H. Voigt, S. Sweeney. Fourth row - B. Earl, P. Dirk. C. Odell, W. Dcmcy. Filth row - P. Hammond, D. Harris, D. Smith, W. Grabb. Interests First row - E. Ward, D. Dodge, E. LaPietra. Second row --G. Pennise, L. Stoll. S. Spencer, M. Battaqlini. Third row -- Miss Stoll, L. Reqqi, M. Ferris, I, Hutchinson. Fourth row --R. Iennings, H. Ash' by. R. Webb, E. Brickle. FRENCH CLUB "Passez-woi le beurre, s'i1 vous plait!" or Ou est la glace?" At the club's annual "grande soirie," anyone who had passed one year ot French was per- mitted to exercise his tsometirnes contusedl French vocabulary. President Ralph Iennings, Vice-President Jeanne Hutchinson, Secretaries Torn Bucher and Dor- othy Dodge and Treasurer Lena Reggi conducted the business affairs of the club. The evenings were spent in trying to improve conversational French and in furthering our knowledge of France. Many ot the boys in the service have written home about the advantages a knowledge of French gave them and how much they owed to the Club's adviser, Miss Stolt. LIBRARY STAFF "Where can I find information on Lake Louise?" A triendly member of the library staff is quick to ofter assistance. Anyone interested in library work re- ceives valuable instruction as a member of the Library Staff. The members of this staff aided Miss Fortmiller in stamping and shelving books, preparing new books and working on the card catalog. These girls gave up two periods a week to work in the library. SeatedHS. Capanna, I. Porreca, N. Zimmer, M. Beato, G. Miiller, B. -Hudson, B. Earl, S. Costello, M. Burns. E. Ferris, Standing - R. Aparo, Miss Fort- miller, A. Villere, L. Sperino, H. Moore, I. Welch. 43 W A5 VE Lx' HE 3-1 IS Q 'ff jf! ii fi 2 Q E fi? F ,z Ki L, 5 1 35 5 ? f 3 Q. 5 A M, E ? 3 1 X 5 ,Q-,-mu, . ,L , 1 l,,u,zr -tw? ' 211. 1- , , fr, ' . N. M ' 'f-2. w w 5 a . -W N B. N - :- ',,-",--,---xj --fx -. -,-, ,-' 'r-"f -'ils X xxx 4 . ,- .- -,---- N x--N ,X Q 'ff -' -' .K N 'x xx x, . '.- f fp ..- -, --..A X NN 'X -'If ' ',.,- -,--Q sgxsxsxg 1 fu-, m,- ,. , A A N N xXxx'.xxx K f . xzff-" -',:- -f."y' -f'fx x XXX X x xx :ff 1, ff , ,,,f- - ,,- L--E . N . X X Q x x X, :--. I fl , 1 ,Xl-:M f- .. - - Q 1 X X. xx N x X x X I 'l I flffffi ,', ff" 'X-xx? xx XX N-mx XX ii.. .1 ' ','ff"fX.' 'X-X O Xxfxx -.-..- ' 1 1' ', f ' xx XXXX, xx s fl "' 1' fr ' ' xx Xxx x'xX 1'f 'I' . 1 lf, ,Q - - 5 K NX xxixxxllq. 1 'ffff lr!! 'I f X xxx xxx Uqxxx -l. "M, ' ffff, ' xx xx1'g'xx' -1. "' ':41,: 'fir K ,.X B1x'x.1 .1213-' I-",," Lm1r1f'f, 1 ,MXYIY 19" elif -'U ' . N L+? 4 A "-" xx. 11: 1 ,mv ,. - 'I' xx g , W, i ' vxxK 'Ny I ,, 4- 4 " K y,'rf ,' f , h K K I, X, 1. X N KXXmQ Y 11. Al ff - m.X-x.- x ,gf , : , - xfx Nsg V, v- 7, 'fff .. -Ez.:f:x - X gNk f x jf -,f , lx f ...,N.x.. 7 I x N N .hy t I., If!! 1 .- f - ' , - X xx 'A' Q , 5 I l g 6416! - " 4 I' f -A451 2 l 2 ' K 5 ...., ll , - 1 Il - x. ., .....- QM, ik.: I h .rink M""'A11all1 I 5' Mb I IP, .' ' ' ' W . -.g E . , Ai ' 12 . 1151. . 54 'D f Z' ,if , .gzzrgf '- ' fi-Qi?" 1' , ML" 8 ,.,-.- .. Sp0rJr5mc1nhke Sfondords x ax A ,,n f Q ' i W 1 ' V. Mascicmgelo COACH BRENNAN P. Hammond First row - I. Peck, A. Galante. R. Chesbro. I. Gabrielli. L. Boas. A. Coco. Secondrow - G. Schrader. I. Elliott, D. Snyder, V. Masci- anqelo, ' Learning to FOOTBALL Although no great success was achieved on the gridiron by the Fairport boys, there ex- isted a spirit among the players and students that has seldom been equaled in any year at Fairport. - Mr. Brennan, the new coach, was met by a fine turnout oi en- thusiastic, it not experienced. players. Coach Brennan dis- played a vast knowledge ot football tactics and plays and handled the team with superb patience' and understanding. Although the team won no games during the season, the opposing players knew that they had been obliged to fight for their victories. The boys showed an enviable spirit throughout the season. Inviqorating. isn't it 46 Play the Game D Vmny charges around end. COACH BRENNAN First row-R. Chesbro. D. Snyder, I. Gabrielli, I. Elliott, G. Schrader, P. Hammond, V. Masciangelo I. Peck. Second row-I. Schrader, A. Coco. W. Hudson, E. Whipple, L. Peters. Coach Brennan. D. McMillen I, Mahoney, A. Pescini, L. Boas, Manager Fake. Third row-D. Mascianqelo. H. Iohnson. L. Boas, R. Lieb, R. Koehler, H. Prudom, L. Carini. M, Lucci Fourth row-C. Clayton, D. Winagle, W. Dancy, W. Barnes, R. Staff. D. Iordon, A, Reggi, R Iclcobson, W. Grubb. 47 ' COACH BRENNAN lfwnners or Losers BASKETBALL SCHEDULE We Opposition We Opposition ' 36 Marion f 26 54 Spencerport 31 29 Brighton 39 23 Webster 27 Brockport 39 49 Brockport , 25 Webster 25 25 East Rochester 28 Irondequoit 45 29 Honoyoe Falls 20 East Rochester 32 30 Pittsford 24 Spencerport 28 39 Pittsford 32 Brighton 47 ' Z7 Honoyoe Falls 29 Irondequoit 49 The Iunior Varsity had an extremely successful season win- ning a maiority of their games. The Iayvees were paced by Don Iordan. Dave Beato and Doug Snyder. 0 48 First row-G. Galante, C. Stolt, D. Iordan. D. Beato, D. Snyder. D, Winaqle. D. McMillen. Second row - E. Whipple, G. Battaqlini, R. Staff. W. Barnes. H. Konz, R. Lieb, R. Lewis. --Good Sportsman! First row - C. Odell. N. Seaman. P. Hammond. T. Brothers. W. Grabb, Coach Brennan. Second row-V, Battistoni. I. Gabrielli. W. Dancy. C. Emery. C. Barranco, C. Beck, R. Chesbro, L. Burgey. D. Fake. The Red and Blue in '45 The fortunes of the court warriors of Fairport underwent a turn for the better during the '44-'45 season. Under the tutelage of Coach Brennan. the boys developed into a smooth-functioning team. chalking up 4 wins and 8 losses in the county league. r The offensive strength of the Red and Blue cagers was realized in Neil Seaman and Tom Brothers. Tommy in one game topped the 20- point mark, scoring 22 points and nearing a county record. He was named to the All-County second team. Neil often topped 10 points per game and gave ample aid to Brothersi Captain Phil Hammond was a tower of strength under the boards and seldom missed a rebound. The rest of the team gave loyal support. The ,season ended with Fairport holding an 8-9 won-lost record. 49 Managers Waddell and Lewis , . b,,:,,..y,xl L I. Prescott, W. Rinebold. P.. Brooks B.. Hudson jj 61 ' .. QT ----,U 4 ffllf lv l ea Y Y A aalllusti MMMM CHEERLEADERS Building Loyalty VARSITY Miss Donk, Adviser Fight, Team! Fight - , A wg? r . ' ' -wilt" . "Come on Red! Come on Blue!" With this cheer the 1945 squad, of. cheerleaders spurred the teams on topgreater ettorts on the iootball field and the basketball court. - Ioan Prescott was captain ofthe cheerleaders and proved worthy .of the position. At regular ,practices each 'Wednesday noon. the cheer- leaders met with Miss Donkf the adviser, to plan pep meetings and originate stunts and cheers. Fairport High School has an age-old reputa- tionfor its school spirit and splendid sportsman- ship. It is such a group as this that helps to keep our traditions alive. ' IUNIORQ CHEERLEADERS S. , Costello ' D. Filardo I. Taber I. Burns M. Matz B. Hull H. Gardner and School Spirit Seated - S. Costello, A. Parki- son, M. Beato. S. Sweeney, C. I.aRosa. E. La Pietra, B. Hull, C. Miiller. A Standing --- M. Burns, L. Malucci. N. Wochner, N. Grabb. H. Faust. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 7'A team for every girl and every girl on a team," is the motto for the Girls' Athletic Association. On entering high school, every girl automatically be- comes a member. 1 At the beginning of this year officers were elected.'lt: is a tradition that the president and general manager must be seniors, the treasurer, a junior, the vice'--. president a sophomo1'e. and the sec1'etary a ireshman. Oiiicers were elected by popularrvote and sports managers were chosen to complete the council oi the G. A. A. Officers this year were: president, Mary Beato: treasurer. Betty Hud- son: vice-president, Lucy Malucci: secretary, Barbara Hull: general manager. Alberta Parkison: adviser, Miss Donk. , The main purpose ot the G. A. A. is to arouse interest in sports and to tur- ther understanding and participation. The G. A. A. contributes money toward new equipment and towardthe athletic awards made. atrfthe end oi the year. , : f ARCHERS S.nSweeney Cz, Clayton L. Phillips " G. Wilson E. Cook 51 Taking Pride H. Murphy M. Burns S. Costello L. Sperino C. Kohl I. Prescott H. Faust A. Parkison B. Hudson C. La Rosa FIELD HOCKEY HONOR TEAM Something new was added to the list of girls' sports this year. lt is a game called field hockey. The girls had never played hockey before, but they all co-operated with Miss Donk while she explained the game. Everyone enioyed the new sport and is looking forward to another year of it. At the end of the season an Honor Team was chosen. BASKETBALL HONOR TEAM At the end of the basketball season six girls were chosen by iellow-partici- pants to make up the Basketball Honor Team. Honor Team qualifications are: good sportsmanship, co-operation, and excellent playing ability. Every girl aspires to membership. Each year the members of the Honor Team have their names engraved on a bronze plaque which hangs in Miss Donk's office. Being a member of the Honor Team is one of the greatest honors a girl can achieve. B. Williams A. Parkison M. Beato M. Bums I. Prescott L. Sperino i S 52 in Uur School Sally and Huich play Q friendly-. game. "Strike one on Gail," says Cookie. , M ,Q1'-:FH 1' :LW , VWUEJL :QAQW P7 come down- Whcf. qoes up musi Building Happiness through Health A P Things are iling up tor C A ,T -H E R , I IN E GIRLS' INTRAMURALS Besides participating in sports activities in weekly gym clas- ses, the girls also had a chance to display their athletic ability in sports activities after school. Among these sports were bas- ketball, baseball, soccer, ping pong, badminton, volley ball and hockey. Tumbling, archery. hiking, and riding were includ- ed as minor sports. Each girl was entitled to participate in as 'nany as she chose. ' 54 Miss Fairport qoes WAC-ky Open seaso on the birdi l ,V Xi Z QL A ' ' 4: 3 -f .,'r I, A ' 'nxf 5- 'N 1 1' Z 4.,,. . r 5 5: -. ' 5 K .'1.w ' 1 ' u ' 1 T!!! , - 5' 4,'.71'b"" ?gz7.1141" r ...quil- 'QT'-+i.2:'1 ..j,3aff-1 Llijgl' , 1 .2 ' -fn ',,4' 1:1",!f .. f " 9 Qi ."+ raw .sa , 1 ,mfg I f' I . .' 'EV 11 .4 4' 2 k 7 ' ' ' :A H 74 N 0 ' ': J' . 1! tu - , J fa i 'I i lx If :ri "".y,,. ,ml . ,. ff-, .2 -V' f"' rg 5, R' 2 55 ,xi : E -L ff T , ' 1, I N Q ,, i 7- fc 12 .4 ' -, fl- , 0 a 4' ,L v i 2 2 ' Q' 5 4.3: Q ' 5 ' 5:51. X X 1 ,2L':L'.'-A H S ' x i 1?Qi111"3'? - ., X t : I N x x , X, 1 U 2 E M E ,- gi, , . - fi f. 5 ' rx Q -A 5 1 rf-L1 it A fx i 5 lr File 1 " E: 1 E if j .',' ' , E 5 if g ' - 1 Q Wi X -: 5-5355-' - iii" -M: if 5 - 4 .1 -S , 5 -1-'RL 1.-2 :- 1 , 1 ' E 5 ' b ,. . , ,Z E 4 . Q Z L 3 .. ii K Zi ' -ak 5 'L s - Q E .2 r ' 'Q 4 .E gi 1, - 4 , f5.MaeDonoU, W Qi S ,M Sl' x an - 2- 'ttifif '4 Lf ' - -ali? -Ry: - '12 ' i xi., .HY , E rf- E .M f .,,,. , .. 'fl5.H'1u::fF ,- rffz, V: .13 ,:..y.-.' ---,-1,--.',.-Q.,-. . , - -,U . 5. .4 .' "fi ' . -- mf, ,, ,., A., . - H -J: '--....,-- ., , ,.,.,. , -' 1, ,fa-5.4 . A-.L,g'.,,f.i':-.L v:fI'fi':2-'i'+A.- , . . ': ,.2,2,a"g:g. ,-,,:22ye,g, ' , -15:31 -,wg 11.lj-..'q.fgf- , ,fy1.fg:-- f E. 4"fIA"ff'zi.14'ir?'.f'x::1'?'1-1 ' AT- 2 '- 1,2 ' 1'-" 'f1"57irf9?'- Z:.'.?43Ir' CE. A .M 4, ,, ,ui-. -, , -v- 1- ... J,.. ..g.3 . U nm.. , . 51, if -.3 nv E 5 '-',,r."-,.,,' ' r ff ' ' Culfurol Appreclohon A35 ,. .9 my GIRLS' GLEE CLUB "Wasn't that caroling by the Girls' Glee Club at the Christmas Assembly beautiful?" "'l'rn looking forward to the Cantata presented by the girls at the Annual Spring Concert!" The Girls' Glee Club, under the leadership of Mr. Carroll Vance, was indeed a very talented group. Twice a year they presented concerts- first in an assembly and later atj the Spring Concert, accompanied by Dorothy Dodge. For the past five years they have sung at the Bacca- laureate Services. No other organization has provided more real pleasure throughout the year than the Girls' Glee Club. sap Developing an First row-I.. Malucci. C. Hos- pers. H. Murphy, D. Dodge. A. Moore. H. Young. ' Second row - P. Dodge, B. Lut- trell. A. Pappert. S. Smith, P. Fisk. Third row - M. Marvin. I. Por- reca, I. Welch. B. Buholtz, M. Peck, G. Shibley. B. George. Fourth row -- L. Phillips. S. Aldridge. B. Graves. S. Kier, P. Brizee. Filth row - C. Pierce. B. Wil- liams. E. Woods, B. Prinziwialli. H. Faust. ' Mr. Vance First row-M. Murphy. N. Zim- mer, L. Mascianqelo. D. Filardo, L. Stolt, E. Ward. Second row - S. Ionston, I. Briggs, P. Rice. B. Ellsworth. A. Basile. Third row - A. Lewis, L. Van- Bortle, P. Celehar, M. Matz, L. Fisk. Fourth row - B. Earl, L. Marlett, M. Maloney. D. McIntosh, N. Grabb. G. Wilson, R. Aparo, B. Hull. M. Kleinhenz. Filth row - B. Bramer, C. La- Rosa, N. Kramer. A. Williams, H. Voigt. Appreciation of Music MIXED CHORUS "Let's try the tenors and the basses separate- ly! That harmony was just right, but the altos should bring out their part." The Mixed Chorus, directed by Miss Genevieve Watson, was a group of' both boys and girls whose voices blended harmoniously as they sang many ot the old favorites. At an assembly they presented two selec- tions, accompanied by Gail Wilson: "God Bless Our Boys in War," a tribute to our fighting men, and "A Song of Peace" with a violin obligato by Miss Snow. First row-G. Wilson, S. Iohnston. I. Briggs. Second row -- Miss Watson, B. Hull, M. Matz, H. Faust. Third row - W. Lewis, B. Earl. B. Kittle. Fourth row - R. Young. I. Erb- land, A. Brooks, D. Harris. First row - W. Bowman, R. Sternberg, R. Santini, H. Gardner, R. Kittle. Second row - Miss Watson, I. Brizee. I. Erbland, D. Iordan, I. Hutchinson, D. Harris. Third row - H. Ashby, D. Smith. W. Lewis. P. Holmes, C. Emery. Fourth row - R. Young, D. Win- aqle, N. Seaman, A. Brooks, R. Iohnson. 59 Miss Watson BOYS' GLEE CLUB "Sit erect and breath deeply, boys" - "Now build up that crescendo and then decrescendo soft- ly." Such was the Boys' Glee Club at work under the able direction of Miss Genevieve Watson and accompanied by Ieanne Hutchinson. Their reper- toire was diversiiied. and their music in assembly an inspiration. Ou They Have eve 5 Given Us This Chronicle ART First row H- D. Mahoney. Mrs Street. adviser. E. Enter. art edi tor, M. Beato. Second row V--. R. Kittie. D. Dodge. H. Montagliano. H. Moore V. Battistoni. B, MacDonald, S Sweeney. EDITORIAL First row -' Miss Snovi, adviser, A. Villere. managing editor. B. Williams, editor-in-chief, M. Burns. B. Amann, N. Brown. Second row -- B. Schubert. M. MurphY. I. Wilkins, I. Hutchinson. S. Schrader. D. Faust. Third row -- I. Specht. I. LaPietra. L. Sperino. R. Aparo. P. Titus. I. Randolph. BUSINESS First row h- I. Porreca, circula- tion manager. Mr. Schworm. ad- viser. P. Hammond. business man- ager. f Second row - S. Capanna, I. Prescott. A. Parkison. M. Moore. I. Iohnston, D. Fake. L. Smith. I. Hembrock. ll Uni' A ., IITIIII "'1m1llunn:unnulm11H1m""""" ' ,H .J .Wy 'nl T. '--, - A iiils ihsei j I Ill ii!!! -- ss 'zz -gg l -"LlIQI'I IMQSQQ 5 IQ' , ---I 5 V1 H11 'l 'W Ni' THHIN II!Nll "fi?fI' 1H'Ul!! !'!!lWfl 5 Ami !l .1f - 2 0.NNP-Vw pf' Nei -- 't r-1 ob m1 5 of ond Learning I ' + " .I : 'I ll ll ' I I ll i V ll il' E ' 1 I 'WHIYT i e v I. .wf I . IE W FWa'W-pi1'1'.Hmj1lJlff'ffl'1lWw fr'1r".m'n,1:wan1pa1wWmwm:f1'1 ia V f ' 1 1 J' 1. 1 a.n l..f.dw.'1nm! -.1' I Mlrl''1Mfl' ','L' ""aI.J ""' " "" 31, HIQ ,HJ , ,',1:I glLhj -fl A "" 'H ' " " 'HW KIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIII Il I nu unnunrn ful' "" ' ""' ' " 'I' " 1 ' , I 73? -f ' '15 E- U .5 as Stimulating cz Desire or CHRISTMAS COMES TO E. H. "sT1LL SHINES THE sun" AN APPRECIATIVEZ AUDIENCE BRUSHES Fi.Y,11NiA1fi11T Room DoN BEATS OUT A MEASURE- S. thi fBeaum4a1I '32Thii1gsN'1 So f Lie AN ARTIST ON OUR STAGE ANDY TAKES A LESSON THEY SEEK ORIGINALITY HOW TO GROW OLD FAST THE PRUTH MQCFARLANDS 63 fx l-sn.?--- -- , cSf.5fq'3?,f ....- KC -azz: E5EH1 1 H gg Accepting Responsibility xwmiiw Af" l"'-' 121 TYPEWRITER SERENADE PLENTY OF THRILLS FOR 20c IT'S POTENT STUFF QUITE A GADGET, ISN'T IT? SCIENCE TILL SIX! LOUISE WITH THE 518 in Social Ubligations 1. 5c, PLEASE! TOO MANY COOKS? UH! UH! FIVE FEET TWO, EYES OF BLUE CIVIL AIR PATROL ONLY A NICKEL BUYING BONDS FOR VICTORY Fostering an Appreciation of Uihers THREE FRIENDLY PEOPLE This picture is faked. No one has ever iseen the school's busiest people sitting down on the iob. By a bit of trick photog- raphy, the camera has caught them in a mood of relaxation. We knew you wouldn't believe it, but the camera doesn't lie. Mrs. Cobb. Mr. Hess, and Mr. Prong are always on hand with a friendly smile and cheery "Good morning."A Faculty and students ioin in a hearty cheer for these accommodating and A very willing workers. Mr. Konz. Mrs. Cobb. Mr. Hess 66 5, -vl-- 'Li i I5 V 4 a-I X I I nm 'I Lf ll----- Ns ,nl N I I 1 U I III iivf HIL L MA' if 1 If 54: fi-.x2S:"f: -, "Qu J" MVA, M .nf M M W. U, vi- .mv .fn .ff ,W vhww, -4, ,.. -fly?-1-I -w -7 4, M .1 1 f uf 1 '- xv nl' I p 1 R4 ,U --. ,f. ul "I vi., UI. KMVL 0-I IZ xg' lhflxlv vbxilklgl.--1'1" 'M ,ff U. wlfif: :::V,4,, L, 5 :gi M: ,V:'Z'i"" ,ffyhl .ll H' Q I IM ' ' ' 'U VXI' I X' W '.l1"'l l X" ' ,1 -V .4411 , V 3513- ul xl Xu va .l1f"'l -Nl. .1 U" X" vl- I Jin-I N UH V W .-114,14 "' W 1-I 'N 'ffikf' df! "' v!""x'L"fl x-1 x-I wht J "I 'V' wld 'M I nl 1-I .WMV ,,u.,JJ-1l""" "phil" N all , U 1 UI ll ul I, X ll M I 5,1 UL 111 WN xlxn 'U . 'V ,-I S., lr ..-5 ,M ,N x X ' wwf-I x-If ,fix 1 V M, ,,.f.-1 W, ,w,w1.1,I, h 1' U, .-1 .f,, -v U, X-1 X. uv- .v un wwf M,,w",1', ., .,.,4 - ,jd-1 K 1 . .,,.. ..- Chas Bo rro neo - ,-.3 .?S.1"l if-W1 -W.-. ig' T' 1 gp? 1 '-lffrr. 3: --:xi rw- K , 1 -.: N. Aj...- ,.':.. w .., ., Q-x,.,, 2.-in - .f V'-'j:1r.Q-J-.K ,. Trnohsm o nd VYY?-lil Paul Allison 9: Lt. Ioseph Cummings 5, 9: William Abigail 8: 2nd Lt. Iohn Ackerman 7: Charles Adams Sflc 6: Cpl. Andy Adams 5: Patrick Ahern Sflc 8: Charles Aldridge Slfc 7: Lt. Norman Alle 5: Cpl. Gordon Alles 8: Cpl. Raeiield Ames 1. 5: Pic. Lewis Ansuini 5: Pvt. Sam Ansuini 5: Plc. Frank Aparo 6: Pic. Eames Aparo 8: Lt. Emanuel Apostal 6: lst Lt. Charles Arnold 7: Pic. Thomas Ashby 5: Sgt. Daniel Atiield 8: Wilmot Babcock C. P. O. S: lst Lt. Wentworth Baker 5: Pvt. Ioseph Barnes 7: LaVerne Barnum MM3fc 7: Ens. Charles Barranco 7: Plc. Russell Barranco 5: Plc. Anthony Bartolotta 8: SfSgt. Victor Bartolotta 6: Pvt. William Basile 7: Pvt. Henry Battaglini 7: Pvt. Ruth Belt 7. 1 ff, ,034 fm Lsgw SfSgt. David Beato 5: Pvt. Iames Beato 5: Pic. Frank Beato 7: Pvt. Iohn Bell 8: Cpl. Robert Bell 8: Lt. Sidney Bell 8: Mary Benlonte H. A. llc 7: Lt. li.q.l Patrick BenFonte 5: Arthur Bennett Rd. Miifc 8: Gerald Bennett Slfc 5: Sgt. Alphonse Bentiveqna 7: Charles Bieler TMU Sfc 7: Pic. Harry Bieler 8: Lt. Welton Bills 5: L. R. Bingham E. M llc 8: lst Lt. George Bluhm 5: lst Lt. Richard Bluhm 5: William Bode 4: SfSgt, Harland Bortle 5: Cpl. Cecil Bostian 5: Lawrence Bown Flfc 6: Leman Bown Slfc 8: FIO Kenneth Bridges 6: Alfred Brien Slfc 8: Cpl. Gilbert Brien 7: Sgt. Paul Briggs 5: George Brooks Slfc 5: FXO Willis Brown 3, 5: Plc. Melvin Buck 6: Pvt. Nelson Buck 5. "itil am: 3 is ., I-. A A .v . En . , Y -:1- 1, it R -naw. wa., 5" fn Cpl. Howard Buck 7: SfSgt. Walter Budqem 7: Pfcflohn Burke 5: Cpl. William Burke 5: Sgt. Robert C. Burns 8: SlSqt. Robert Bums 8: Plc. Ernest Burns 8: Sgt. Carl Buscami 6: Clarence Buss Sllc 6: Plc. Harold Butler 4: Edward Carney 5: Cpl. Anthony Cascini 6: SlSqt. Ioseph Casini 5: Iohn Cascini S2fc 7: Peter Cascini SC 3fc 6: Frank Casella 31: AMM 7: lst Lt. Ioseph Casella 5: Cpl. Samuel Casella 5: Plc. Sebastian Casella 5: Pvt. Gordon Castor 8: Richard Castor Sllc 6: Bruno Capanna SF 3fc 6: Plc. Howland Caulkins 6: Cpl. William Coward. Ir. 5: Sgt. Stuart Chapman 8: Cadet Nurse Hazel Ann Chesbro 7: Sqt. Fred Chiccino 6: Lt. Ioseph Chiccino 8: Plc. Iolxn Chiccino 5: Cpl. Iohn Clark 8. iffy , lll V 5 ...,,.,.,, ' sz . .QW " . .- ' , 133 4 1 ' Norman Clark AOIC 7: Plc. Nelson Clark 5: Harold Clayton Fllc 8: SfSqt. Iames Clifford 8: Cpl. Ierry Cliliord 4, 5: T15 Iohn Clilford 4: Gordon Cobb S2lc 7: Richard Cobb MM Zfc 6: Sgt. Niclrolas Coco 6: Cpl. Ieannelte Collee 4: Sgt. LaVeme Coffee 7: Pic. lack Colletta 7: Cpl. Iames Connolly 6: Sgt. Robert Connolly 5: Pic. Lester Conover 5: Raymond Coomber Slfc 6: 'l'fSgt. Leon Coon 7: Cpl. Warren Cornelius 5: Pvt. Michael Costanza 7: Sam Costanza Cox 6: Iohn Costello S2fc 8: Daniel Crowell Mus Zfc 7: Francis Crowley l: SlSqt. Iames Crowley 6: Lt. Iohn Crowley 8: Alexander -Dilkccursio 3: Tedo D'Aurizio Mus. 3fc 8: Plc. Iohn Deal 5: ' SfSgt. Ted Deal 6: Cpl. Morris DeBuclr 5. lst. Lt. Iohn DeDomenico 7: Lt. Warren Deland 6: F10 Floyd Delaguardia 7: Sgt. Ioseph Delag- quardia 7: Pvt. William Delaguardia 8: Pvt. Lyle DeMocker 8: Cpl. Donald Derrenbacker 5: Sgt. Albert lDiRisio 5: Pvt. Anthony DiRisio 5: Pic. Charles Diflisio 7: Pic. Floyd Dillisio 6:,-Ens. Iohn DiRisio 5: SfSgt. Marco DiRisio 7: Cpl. Louis DiRisio 7: Pic. Nick DiRisio 7: Plc. William Di- Risio 6: Sqt. Carmen A. DiRisio 5: Pvt. William Dickinson 5: Pic. Angelo DiMatteo 5: Alton Dins- more MM2fc B: Sgt. Earl Dinse 7: 2nd Lt. Iohn Dixon 6: Plc. William Dixon 6: Plc. Clarence Dodd 5: Allan Donk S2lc 7: George Douglas RM Zfc 8: Pic. lack Douglas 8: Pvt. Iohn Dovan 3: Lt. Ierome Doyle 7: Cpl. Iohn DuBois 8. Capt. Edward Dudley 7: Richard Dudley Flfc 6: Lt. Robert Dudley 7: Edward Dunn 8: Kenneth Dunn 5: Melvin Dunn 8: Norman Dunn 6: Paul Earl CMM 6: Ierry Earl RM Zfc 8: RichardtEberts Slfc 6: Arvid Ellsworth 8: Iames Ellsworth Flfc 5: Cpl. Iohn Ellis 6: Cpl. Carlton Elliott S: Lt. George, Elliott 7: Pvt. Lanard Emerick 5: Ptc. Donald Everdyke 7: Cpl. Mervin Evans 8: Pic. Iames Fairchild Ill: 5: Capt. Gordon Fake 5: Cpl. Carl Farqnoli'7: Pic. Nelson Fez-rin 7: Sgt. Francis Ferris 5: lst Lt. Robert Ferris 8: lst Lt. Iames Flanagan 8: Iahn Freeman 'P. O: 9: FXO Marc Freer'7: Cpl. Leland Gardner 8: TfSqt. Herbert Gazley 5: Robert Gifford RT Zfc 6. L, .pw 'LF' if 'aw TSW Cpl. Warren Gilbert 5: Albert Granger Sllc 6: Iames Granger Slfc 6: Robert Granger G. M. llc 6: Sgt. Glenn Granger 5: AIC Morris Granger 7: David Greene 5: AIC Roy Goetzman 7: Cpl. Alvin Good 8: Cpl. Wendell Good 8: Plc. George Gropp 4: Herbert Gropp Sllc' 7: T15 Iohn Gropp 7: TlSgt. Paul Gropp 5: William Gropp Sllc 4: George Gould MM Zfc 7: Gordon Goyette RDM Zlc 8: Sgt. William Goyette 8: Robert Goyette AMM llc 8: SlSgt. Joseph Guarino 7: Frank Garaiono 1: Cpl. Charles Hallings 5: AIC Dewey Hamm nd 6: George Hammond C. P. O. 7: Carl Hansen Y2fc 6: Pvt. Miles Hare 5: Richard Hare SSC S: Wayland Hare 8: R. I.. Harmon MM 2fc 6: Donald Harris RM Zfc 8. WN 'Wil' W. Ens. Robert Hart 6: Pvt. William Hartigan 7: Edmund Hartley A. O. M. 31 c 7: Sgt. Iames Hartley 5: Phillip Hartley Y3lc B: Alexander Hay Ill 8: Pvt. Lawrence Hembrock 1: lst Lt. Robert Hertal 6: George Hess S2fc 8: Cpl. Eugene Hess 8: lst Lt. Richard Hill B: Robert Hockenurg Sllc 8: Cpl. Harold I-loldemess 5: Sgt. Bruce Holt 7: Pvt. Iack Holt 5: lack Holter Slfc 8: Cpl. Clarence Holtz 5: SfSgt. Donald Holtz 5: Sgt. Elmer Holtz 5: Pvt. William Honeck 5: lst Lt. Philip Hospers 7: Cpl. Gordon Howe 5: SlSgt. Charles Hubbard 8: Pvt. George Hurlburt 8: Capt. Harold Hurlburt 8: Donald Hull Sllc 5: 2nd Lt. David Hull 8: TlSgt. Paul Humphrey 1. 5: Pvt. Kenneth Ingianni 7: Dewey jackson Y2lc 8, 6 Sqt. ,Matiorie Iqcobson 7: sfsgg. :Harold Jesse 7: Pic. Iohn 'Iewette 5: T15 Dovid Starr Iordan 8: Pvt. Stanley' Iorddn 8: ,TIS Plcvid Kelsey 8: Sgt. Arthur Kesby 5: Plc. Iohn Kenny 8: Cpl. Vincent Kennelly 5: Sgt. Gordon King 6: Cpxl., Lester King'5: 'SfSqt. Ernest King 5: Pvt. Floyd King 5: Pvt. Theodore King 5: Cpl. Curl'Kishbaugh 1, 5: Pic. Austin Kleihcrmer 5: Sgt. Edwdrd Kleinhanz 8: Lawrence Kleinhenz 'Flfc 5: TfSgtL"Edwin Knight, 8:' Pvt. Lloyd Knight 8: Pvt. Edward Kohl 7: Lawrence Kohl A. MM, 3-!c,7::Tf5 Robert Kohl 5: Ens. Henry Kohl 7: Cpl. Elden Kramer 7: Lt. Robert Krdmer 1, 5: Cpl. Dondld Kriel 7: Cpl. Leslie Kuhns 8: Pvt. Hebert Lcrirci TY: 'Pfc. William Laird 7. Pvl. Albert LaPietra 7: Cpl. Tony LaPietra 5: Pic. Sandy LaPietra 5: Sql. Donald Larzelere 8: Pic. Dick Larzelere 8: Cpl. Iohn Laughlin 5: Pvt. William Laughlin 5: Pic. Iules Lazerson 5: Cpl. Manuel Lazerson 6: 2nd Ll. Frederick Leary 1, 5: 2nd Lt. Donald LeFroisjl,7: Robert LeFrois Sllc 8: TlSgl. Elmer Leopold 5: Cyal. Iulius 'Lerzak 5: Ioseph Lerzak S2fc 5: Cpl. Glenn Losey 7: 2nd Ll. Harry Lovelesef5: lfJ....lain MacDonald Ir. HA llc 7: Pic. Alton MacNeill 5: Li. G. q-.J Ronald Macomber 8: MfSal. Gordon Maine 5: Pic. Iames Maine 6: Kennelh Maine CM 3fc 8: Pvt. Lynn Malcolm 7: S1'Sql. Roland Malcolm 4, 5: Pic. Carmen Marchiole 7: Pic. Nickalos Marchiole 5: Cpl. Henry Mascianqeio 7: Cpl. Lewis Mascianqelo 5: Vincent Masciangelo 8. L, O' X AIS Donald Marlelt 7: Iervis Marlin Sllc 8: Ens. Henry Martin 7: Cpl. George Metz 5: AIC Fred- rick Maybee 8: sfsgu. William Maybee 8: Pic. Charles McCaffery 5: Capt. Hillary McLeod 7: Cpl. Shirley McLeod 5: Sgt. Stanley McLeod 7: Cpl. Louis McLouth 5: Merrill McMillen Sllc 8: Harvey McMillen Mics. 7: Paul Menaguale S2fc 7: Cpl. Thomas Menaquale 6: Frank Messerino 7: Pvt. William Messerino 4: lsi Lt. Iohn Miller B, 7: Pic. Chester' Miner 5: Sql. Lester Miner 5: Elmer Minwell 7: Cpl. Fred Monlemaro 7: Cpl. Perry Montemaro 8: Cpl. Sam Monlemaro 6: Pic. Bennie Monlagliano 5: Plc. Dominic Moniagliano 5: Henry Monlaqliano 8: Mary Moniagliano Slfc 7: AXC Alvin Moore 7: Li. Charles Moore 5. 1' W?-"F"5" ff- 1' li if ict f lv. Cpl. Burton Moulton 8: Robert Nemitz S2lc 7: Cpl. Arthur Neiss 8: Ptc. Gerald O'Brien 8: 1st Lt. Alice O'Dell 5: Walter Pappert S2lc 8: Pic. Howard Parkison 1. 6: Carl Patterson S20 3lc 6: Pic. Pasquale Pescini 5: Plc. Arthur Phillips S: Lt. Frederick Phillips 5: Robert Phillips GM 3fc 8: 'I'fSqt. Walter Phillips 8: Daniel Piccarelli GM 3fc 6: Cpl. Iames Pierce 7: AIC Stewart Pierce 4: Cpl. Earl Pittinaro 5: Sgt. Frances Pittinaro 5: Nick Pittinaro Slfc 6:- SfSgt. Samuel Pittinaro 5' 1 Pfc. George Polveno B: Cpl. Philip Polveno 5: Arthur Pomponio S2fc 8: ,Cpl. Frank Pomponio 6: Pvt. Mario Pomponio 1.5: lst Sgt. Doriald Potter 8: Pic. Robert Potter 8: Iames Prescott OM 3lc 5: Znd Lt. Phillip Price 7: Pvt. Erwin Priest 6. ' n ' QW fi? lf, 25,1 Pic. Gordon Priest 7: Pic. Iohn Prinzivalli 5: Ioseph Proietta EM llc 8: Sgt. Alan Prudom 4: SfSqt. Ralph Quinlin 5: Pvt. David Ranney 7: Pic. Allred Rinaldo 1. 5: Cpl. Carl Rinaldo 5: Plc. Allred Ritter 8: Angelo Rizzo 8: Pic. Robert Rohr 5: Donald Root Slfc 5: Sgt. Donald Rumpl 8: Cpl. Iames Rumpl 5: Pvt. Alvin Russell 5: George Salmon F2fc 8: Anthony Santini GM 3lc 5: Plc. Iesse Santini 5: SfSqt. Joseph Saporito 6: Cpl. Charles Sauer 7: Harold Sauer Slfc 7: Pfc. Alex- ander Scarazzo 5: lst Lt. Edmund Schermerhom 6: Pvt. William Schieten 7: Richard Schoolmaster 6: Ronald Schrader GM 3fc 5: Pvt. Iay Schrader 7: Sqt. Harry Schumacher 6: 2nd Lst. Howard Schumacher 8: SfSqt. Leo Schumacher 3. Cpl. Roy C. Schumacher 8: Pic. Ellroy Schutt 6: William Schutt S. A. D. Zfc 8: AIC Don Scott 7: Pic. Gordon Scott 5: Pfc. Merrill Seaman 6: Cpl. Ioseph Sestito 5: Lt. Dorothy Sever 6: Lloyd Shook MMM llc 7: Pvt. Victor Shults 7: 2nd Lt. Iames Smith 3, 5: SfSqt. James D. Smith 7: Robert Smith SUM Zlc 8: Donald Soles B. M. llc 6: Lt, George Sales 5: Robert Soles 7: Sam Sozio S2fc 6: Sqt. Michael Sperino 5: Iack Staly S2fc 7: lay Staly 7: Vincent Stelluto 5: Pic. William Sternberq 5: Cpl. Roy Steubing 5: Royal Steubinq 4: Doyle Stiner Slfc 6: Plc. Glenn ' Stiner 7: Cpl. Tony Stolt 4: Cpl. Dominic Stolt 5: Sgt. Herman Stolt 5: Cpl. Perry Stolt 5. :vw QM XRKX QI Pic. Ernest' Stuppa 5: Pic. Nick Stuppa 5: Cpl. Thomas Stuppa 5: lack Stuart S1Ic 4: 2nd Lt. Philip Sturdevant 8: Pic. Mack 'Stutzman 8: Allan Sullivan S1,Ic 3: SISqt. Kenneth Swartz 7: Sgt. Hugh Sweeney 6: Sgt. Iames Sweeney 5: Rex Trew 6: Pvt. Henry Tiraborelli 4: Plc. Nick Tiraborelli 7: Maior Charles Tolhurst 8: Pvt. Warren Towner 7: Cpl. Robert Trimble 6: William Trowell MM 3Ic 5: Alfred Trullo 8: Edward Valentine AIS 7: PIO Gordon Valentine 7: TI 5 George Van Bortle 8: Thomas Van Bortle FlIc 8: Cpl. Louis Van DerMallie 6: Cpl. Willis Van DerMallie 5: Cpl. Robert VanThol 6: Pvt. Wayne VanThoi 5: Pic. Ray Verstraete 8: Pvt. Dully Viqaretti 7: SISgt. Henry Viqaretti 7: David Vincent SlIc 6. -Wim Cpl. Frederick Vincent 5: Capt. Paul Vineberg 5: Pvt. Lawrence Virginia 7: Sam Virginia Slfc SfSgt. Raymond Voigt 8: T15 Robert Voigt 8: Robert Van Dusen Sl! c 5: Ens. Walter Wadekis George Wagner Slfc 7: SfSqt. Robert Wagner 7: Russell -Wahl 6: SfSgt. Kenneth Walker SfSgt. Iohn Ward 4: Pic. Robert Ward 5: Cpl. George Warmer 5: Commander Holliswarner Bob Waterstraw Flfc 4: Pvt. Iames Welch 8: Arthur Wemes S2fc 6: Alfred Westerman Flfc Pic. Charles White 1: AIC Howard Whitman 7: Pfc. Thomas Wheeler 5: Cpl. Donald Whipple Pvt. George Wilhelm 8: Lt. Donald Williams 5, 2: Znd Lt. Raymond Williams 7: Ens. Richa Williams 6: Ens. Douglas Wilson 6: Pic. Ralph Wilson 7. 6: 7: 5 8 4 7 rd 1 . 1 'gap Pvt. William Wilson 6: Cpl. Howard Wissick 5: SfSgt. Franklin Witt 7:'SfSgt. George Wixson 7: Pvt. Fred Wockner 8: Lt. Leonard Wood 5. 6: Pic. Paul Wood 8: S!Sgt. Ralph Wood 5: Carl Wynings I-'llc 6: Sgt. Frederick Wynings 7: Pic. George Wynings 4: Robert Wagor S2fc 7: Pic. Leonard Young 6: Rose Zito S2fc 7: Sgt. Edward Zuller 5: Sgto Carl Burlingame 5: Fred Weisen- berger 8: Paul Page 5, 1: Donald Bueg 7: Pvt. Ioe Colletta 8: S1'Sgt. Harry Rainbow 8: Lt. Leo G. Clifford 8: Cpl, Ernest E. Gazley 6: Oscar W. Guelich 8: Pic. Edward K. Ryder 7: Carl Gears Sllc 6: TfSgt. Harold C. Gears 7: Capt. Leigh Greenfield 7: Capt. David Hodgson 7: Lt. Robert C. Mabry 7. A ' f.'..-fry. R ' ' ft' 'W NUM' .f " , ' A I '.,fQe42,g,Qjifflf-Q Pvt. Agnes Manzek 7: Plc. Emil Manzek 5: Ptc. David Nemyier 6: Pvt. Fritz Nemyier 6: Pvt. Iames Barnard 7. NOTE Through the fine co-operation of an in- terested community, the staff is able to present the foregoing 518 pictures. Infor- mation is presented as it came to us up to April 20. We regret any errors or omissions. SENIOR MEDITATIONS A lyy, M YY at .y V , V , ,ilifi xiii , A -' , .... . f I ' t 'Q CODE -Dead . 5-European Theater -Missing in Action 6--Pacific Theater -Prisoner of War 7-U. S. A, -Discharged 8---Whereabouts Unknown B-Former Teacher in F. H. S. , . UNKNOWN War is hell, or so they say. But l should know - I died today. I fought at Remagen and Guadalcanal - They don't need to tell me that was is hell. I died in the toxholes ot Bataan: I fell in Iwo Iima's sand. They raised a cross above my head "Unknown Soldier" was all it said. Iames Randolph, '45 V TO A GOB I know a sailor boy named Paul: He's very handsome, sweet and tall. He loves to dance and so do I, That must be why I like the guy. - When he came home the other day, He had about six months' back pay: We didn't sit at home, you see, We "did the town," my gob and me. Now, when this war is through and won There's going to be'a lot of fun, 'Cause when that sailor gets back home, He'll have no other chance to roam. Elsie F erris, '45 PEACE Over this world a sleep will tall, And with the dawn a peace will come: Homeward we'll march, friend and toe. Some of us will not return - Peace to us came at an earlier time. Peace is a sweet but costly thing Not iust time, and money wasted. But lives-thousands of lives, Lives that might have been rich and lull Had they not been sacrificed For peace. Dorothy Faust, '45 A SAILOR BOY Today he struts along the street, Proud in his navy blue: Tomorrow who knows what he may meet Along with the rest of his crew? In three more months he'll be nineteen, "Almost an old man now": But who can say how the years between Will treat his unlined brow? We put our trust in lads like him, , Proud and brave and true,- And who can doubt that hiscourage and t vim ' Will see the whole thing through? Betty Williams, '45 W IH Tnrv Arso sruvr mg 'S .rc Accardo, Ioseph Accardo, Leonard Barager, Ioseph Bradley, Calvin Brown. Lee Holden Burrus, Ralph Clark, George Clayton, Iohn Clevenger, Andrew Crickton, Duane Danforth, Warren Devello, Samuel Emerick, Iohn Falzone, Anthony Fernaays, Merton Fiandack, Crocie F iandack, Richard Fitzgerald, Francis F onzi, Edward Foote, Howard Foote, Seneca Furman, Verna Canser, Stanley Hagreen, Paul Hammond, Edward I. Hare, Donald Hart, Roger Hart, W. T. Hembrock, Donald Hitchcock, Donald NOTE Hockenbury, Lloyd Iackson Ippolito, Salvatore Iesse, Ray Iohnson, Carl Iohnson, Clifford Iordon, Clifford Kester, Herbert Konz, Donald Konz, Edward Land, Edward Iames McGinnis, William Malone, Allen Mancuso, Carl Manrock, Ioseph Martin, Floyd Murphy, Robert Nemyier, Charles Notebaert, Richard Pickerin, Lyle Pierce, Lewis Reed, Clarence Ricci, Nicholas Richburg, Andrew Roberts, George Roberts, lack Robinson, Frank Roesser, Leo Rugenstein, Fred Sage, Seymour Saparito, Louis These menrare also on the F. H. S. Roll of Honor. We regret not having their pictures to print nor any informa- tion to give out about them. 88 Sauer, Henry Schultz, Victor Scoville, Raymond Senior, William Shook, Iohn Sipple, William Soles, Elmer Sortino, Ray Stevens, Clarence Stone, Richard Stressing, Percy Stulluto, Paul Sullivan, Edwin Surrey, Harry Surrey, Nelson Surrey, William Unger, Alvin Vance, George Vandermallie, Howard Ward, DeWitt Weissenberger, Fred Wemes, Iohn Wilhelm, Robert Wilmen, Howard Ir. Woods, Ioseph Yerhow, Howard Yorton, Ethel Yorton, Ernest Yorton, Paul i QXXXXXXXX S rv 3115 Illgigjjlif 11" N Y A ' HQ' ,'.. ll - vm.-,SP-K xl, V' 1W, lllllf' 'du 21 J . - L . v 4 4-5 K. xii i - L 5:-:, ...E A 7. -,R X F "3'i. -3.5, Ay W-1 'T 250.4 J. J, Tfe. ' ':f.:.: ' N '15 "-is' 1,1 .. 5 1 F- I. ,T i ff. -1, ,ci S fl "' '- "1.. .H Q ' 1.75" - '- - 1 ' .ACR .. 6' ,-,IQ " , 2?'X ,nsfzf 1-sw , 1-ef 1: X -' .'-4: Q- .. Y 5043.-':".1 xl.. 4 . .r :fi ..'i'J'23f'f " ' M., 1':s.-.g-'S,,p?:1- 1 ' . .,i:,,7,,:, 'A rfrs .W , it I O I . .I a A :I Agni' fs?-I ":f1. SH , V -kjf. ff ag 'M W' N of .I :5:gf5.l:z.zix,?3,,gy', wi? ' " O QNHI,-Maw ' 4,1 : 'I I i M, ,QW M . DUDLEY LUMBER CO., Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL Phone Fairport 52 McBRlDE'S STORE Groceries, Wallpaper and Paint I II7 N, MAIN ST. PHONE 193 Emily in . LI... M It f X 'tg igffzihaa. RWE may Q 'W L ..?,l..K:: V 1,741 I A wax y. , 2: I, W 1 . V 5, . .. , ,x,f:'g- wi, g Ak . Y Ni ' I+. sm g M I .gi--f35'V 5xse2.I41fg 5 rr,-2, ,NWO .iv ,ML 5 QV vgfiwxskqghgt Q28 WW -tl if Q wv., 5, A Miffifg trfafeafe, + I ,Q I I W ' I T x N 1 tr I ,Q , ' wi Q ' N Q ti if A etggigiixrff Mm 'af We 1 V My .LmZ.:I7'YI-"f'fgqhH , E :Q SWFSSFW ' I ,QI lt. A fftviesismi I Compliments ot Ai. yENsEN's HARDWARE Phone BIZVI Fairport TI-IE BEST OF LUCK TO YOU The Finest Work From Us UPHOLSTERING OF QUALIT ANTIQUES REPAIRED AND REFINISHED Phone ISI H, E, DeVO Fairport, N, Y. 55 So, Main 9 Compliments of o A FRIEND x4 A Compliments of FRANK CHURCHILL Your ROTARY ROTA-ZOL , DEALER PHONE 119 FAIRPORT Fairport New York I' f . Comp 'moms of Compliments of T E M P L E R RFAIRPORT MOTORS . , YOUR BUICK DEALER To H E A T E R ' 38 West Ave, Phone 62 Fairport Cffice A Security Trust Company of Rochester FAIRPORT, Ni Y, Member Federal Deposit insurance Corporation 91 COMPLIMENTS of STOLT'S MARKET Phone I85 27 STATE STREET FAIRPORT WELCH'S MEN'S STORE 3I3 MAIN STREET Phone I5-R E. Roche sfer Compliments of HOSELTON'S CHEVROLET -mm cull .5-:IO - I Ull'l'll1'l'Ell5 I o Tl'5!,5,'6t6oosIe ' EIS? 255255 R! -v'M73?5'IZEZ3?!'f3?EI'9 fe STIINE Ill! ef "CW" ' ex, ri' WI, I HIEBIE5 1? . Z, JTSTIPIIUL STREET i ' J. M. BAH LER MECHANICS' SUPPLIES B. P. S. PAINTS West Avenue Phone 34 Quality Dry Cleaners FREE ,CALL and DELIVERY SERVICE TELEPHONE IO9 - 5 SOUTH MAIN ST. FAIRPORT LUNCH fr HOTEL ANTONAKIS BROS. THE BEST 'OF EATS THE BEST OF BEVERACES MRS. SMITH W. BILLS . COMPLIMENTS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS of ' FIoWering'Plants in S easo n I SIS! BEAUTY Phone 80 SALON I 23 High St. Fairport DEPEND ON US ALWAYS for ECONOMY, COURTESY AND SATISFACTION ADAMS DRESS G. GIFT SHOP "THE FIRST STOP FOR THE CLASS OF 1944" SUTTON'S GARAGE SERVICE AND GENERAL REPAIR Fairport-Rochester Rd. Tel. 20-,I COMPLIMENTS OF CLOVER DAIRY, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS . HUPP MOTORS, INC. Your Local Ford Dealer -93 ' B R A M E R ' S Rexall Store on the Corner PHONE I COMPLIMENTS Greetings from ' of . . THE HERALD-MAIL DR. C. 1. WHITNEY FAIRPORT Fairport New York . Q :-: V -I Wy 41 . 221 , ., ' -.sz .1 - -:L- 1 .i-- W 2 A,:,4l ' In ."' Z gggA,,gfQ.f K ':'f?:-'fi z' f ., WL M. . .gg , exrk 2 agp - .L .2 ff' f f ff' S Qf if 1 -t . -. .. : :..:.- - :..:. :':.--r-1.1: :r A fx 5 A .ur if Qi' wtf w Q 'ig 4 A .K v lg' 1 1 H X if , in we get to Wm iw yr W vw ,F 'f ff QQ D X W ,W X, , xt 1 if an , 2 5 .33 112.3 QTEK lj w L, 5 S Q Migwii id v t. if A Q. .I . -..Lge 4 . zpffpg 'jg A W r 1 + ,mf 3 f W + ri. ...EQ tr r 1 3 5 x ig' 2 Q N543 -s-Vg, Ns. .0 Q .. iw' Q errer eer, . rr r e r r ...,.... K ,,,,.-,. .,.. Q. ,-.v. , r. Y ig ..wi:s?se GUNDLACH MFG. CORP. . -..if "-' X .A ...... .. . iflsf-'fit fl' .QQ x- "' AL Compliments of 4 iN g Ek V 9 I gl f mm 2 Q 9 YP '-ar. 'E if , J. 4 NNW Y . A 'Q ssnvlcs s'rATloN ELLIOTT R- FISK ONLY TIRE RECAPPINC SHOPINTOWN Main Phone 143-M SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY EAST ROCHESTER 21 N. vi et.. 94 COM PLI MENTS of SILVER'S COMPLIMENTS OF MMUNITY CLOTHES EAST ROCHESTER EASY - BENDIX - A. B. WASHING MACHINES FRICIDAIRE Made Only by General Motors C. A. FRENCH IO S. Main St. Fa po t COMPLI MENTS OF HAROLD HOOPER RED AND WHITE sToRE MEATS - GRGCERIES -4- VEGETABLES TELEPHONE 442-443 Comstock Canning Corporation -- EGYPT PLANT - "QUALITY CANNED FOODS" HARvLOFF'S MILK and ICE 80 Compliments of SAM IACOBSON Fairport ' COMPLIMENTS OF LIEB'S BAKERY Phone 2 I 6 .X 1-,z f A O - gs.- W glee ' - A f fine? A Q,,,,g:,M2A QQ al fgzgrf pw-.www 32 -4' O KING'S QUALITY GROCERW COMPLIMENTS FAIRPORT RD., cor. IEFFERSON AVE. of the MEATS - CROCERIES - FRUITS Co' Vegetables - Ice Cream Open 7 A. M. 'fo 7:30 P. M. Phone 94 Fairport Saturday evening open until 8 o'cloCk Closed Sundays AMERICAN CAN CO. 'Q COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR A. G. P. FOOD STORE THAT REFRESH I NC SANDWICH BORDEN'S ICE CREAM WE MAKE 'EIVI YOU EAT 'EM SPORTING AUTO GOODS SUPPLIES F I N N AU-rg 5UppLY COEMPLIMENTS OF BICYCLE ELECTRICAL . x , SUPPLIES GOODS Fairport Barbers Association I. MILTON McMAHON Incorporated PURINA FEEDS C. E, French - L. R. Reed R. j, Ferris - I. Fiandach I. Rambo 2 High Street Phone IO5' I . I A. A. A. COMPLIMENTS COMPLETE SERVICE V Of DIBBLE SALES Cr SERVICE OF FAIRPORT M A R G E Wesley Dibble ISO N. Main THE FAIRPORT HAT SHOPPE 42 WEST AVENUE E P CARPENTER, Prop 5f COTTAGE HOTEL HY LAZERSON Famous for SPAC-HETTI Weddings and Banquets Dine ,Reservations can 1a9 Dame PRINZIVALLIABROS. SUPER MARKET MEATS -I CROCERIES - VEGETABLES Telephon I ggff' , RR REICEN - URITAN IME Fmcn LAUNDRY AND DRYCLEAHIHC-JjERVlCE Q-Lenwooo 860 ' The aundrq of ftoda COMPLIMENTS ' of TEMPLE SWEET SHOP TEMPLE BLDC Compliments' of HARRY F. VAN HORN FUNERAL DIRECTOR Compliments ot COMPLIMENTS THE GREEN LANTERN INN ot DR. IAMES W. WELCH Compllmems of CHRISTINE M. MABRY HXISURANCE H. L. STEFFEN 81 SONS INC. LAUNDERED t P. Cr R. COAL ROCHESTER G. 5' E. COKE ' IOHN LUCAS PAINTS and WALL PAPERS Compliments ot THE ROSE DAIRY Telephones 9l 3F2, 9l SFS COMPLIMENTS Ol A FRIEND A TONY.'S SHOE SHINE, SHOE REPAIRINC HAT CLEANING North Main Fairport Compliments of BILL PETERS COMPLIMENTS OF IAY Correa COMPLIMENTS or SUGAR BOWL ff ' ' A M, :fiery :IW 5? fi - Siifszzrzfrzhfptsl ' ff. .223 ff 555:mwg.5g'it??i03:L:- it V War 4 Yiiiiifziiizzfim ' , ,I M : f :?22:'K feral. 5- 1zf::.s:1.4i2 i We " ---- f i525'ff15'5' l ff . . , . .. wi fi, . ,:::.:i'-' -' tem ...., .f 7 N3 115: Y S 32 2' , ' -' - ,, - - iz., 293 :wig 2 1.-1-3:2 2 b l :wg . ,. ' WELDING ' - BRAZING CUTTING Quality Work - 22 Years' Experience Portable 'Equipment I MARC H. FREER W. WHITNEY ROAD Phone FAIRPORT 480-W DOCTORS RICH IN CREAM - EAS T H E -EAST ROCHESTER FAVOR HOIVIOGENIZED MILK WHY DON'T YOU? ILY DIGESTED - GOOD FOR YOUNG AND OLD PARKSIDE DAIRY E. Rochester 36 -?hones- Hillside 2036-I AGENCY ESTABLISHED I903 GEORGE A. SLOCUM AGENCY I ncorpo ra ted GENERAL INSURANCE TELEPHONE 286 FIRE - RENTS BONDS I ACCIDENT I-IEALTI-I CHECK FORCER BURCLARY FAIRPORT, NEW YORK COMPENSATI ' WIND STORM 'AUTOMOBIL PARCEL POST PLATE GLA FAIRPORT GAS AND OIL CO. Wholesale and Retail FAIRPORT, N. Y. Phone IOO SAXTON'S DEPT. STORE Offers Complete Lines in DRY GOODS-NOTIONS-NOVELTI, LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR AND MEN'S WORK CLOTHING Stationery - Greeting Cards - Toys 100 BOYS AND GIRLS WANTED to receive a college education in a profession which never fails to offer interesting and profitable employment. Average Salary: 555.00 Weekly A course in pharmacy prepares for many fields, such as Chemistry, Bacteriology, Medical Lab, Technology, X-Ray Work, etc. Scholarships Available For further information, write the DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF University of Buffalo, Buffalo l4, N. Y. 4 PHARMACY "blue coal" and IAMES BARRANCO 5eme,,5o,,ay Men's Furnishings and Shoes Coke Dhone 246-R 32 North Main PHONE 316 N ' 7 1 39? 1 sfnlf g, " .-. C. C. ROGERS CO"p'ime"S of OPTOMEWST ffg .4's 2 Examination of Eyes .f sewers: Qi 97 CHURCH ST. A FAIRPORT Good eyesight is priceless k f 'A " E . f isii Phone 77 " We Sell for Less" - A ,,., , I ,,.,, Q .1 ,.... .g- - ,IVIV 5545- H u F F P o N TIA c 70 N- Mem Street NEW AND USED cms Fairport 'fl sg -Q il E V , j k.",, :if t, if 3 ' if W , ff i BASTIAN snos. co. i N. 7 Rochester, N. Y. . ' . ift Designers and Producers of Q 'ii iit ' Class jewelry I- Commencement Announcements -- Name Cards y Member The Educational jewelry Mfrs. Ass'n. gf WM. R. TIEFEI. 5 , 77 Tottenham Road - Rochester, N. Y. 7' 2 101 ew , Uh . A A X ' ' R Wfw we I Iwqyefy' ,E THIS IS THE EIGHTH HOUR GLASS produced by EASTON ASSOCIATES Studios: 231 HURSTBOURNE ROAD . PHONE CULVER 646 . P. O. Box 142 Rochester 1, -N. Y. RUSSELL'S Service Station 25 Years of Cood Service Corner of Church and Main KEEFE FEED STORE FERTILIZER AND FEEDS Trescotr Bldg. 1 69 N. Main CAS FOR YOUR POST-WAR DREAM KITCHEN Rochester Gas and Electric Best Wishes To The CLASS OF 1945 FAIRPORT CANDY KITCHE Ice Cream - Candies - Lunches COMPLIMENTS of RAYMOND I. LEE C-Io-Brite Coal and Coke ROCHESTER FUEL Er FEED C 34 HIGH STREET Phone 22 E. M. Crichto Compliments of CLAUDE W. EM ERY Hours 9-6 Phone 321- PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP 1 WEST AVENUE FAIRPORT COMPLIMENTS CQMPLIMEN i 5 y , Q 'rnEscoTT co., INC. Aucusr MAuRo na ' f ff-f a , -4' 1 ,N .. 4 ' - 'S of of it DEPEND ON US FOR STANDARD DRUGS AT LOWEST PRICES wAcoR onuc co. 28 S. MAIN - FAIRPORT HART Fool: STORES, mc. A WAR BONDS Make It Possible to Buy the Material That Will Defeat the Enemy and Bring VVLV .. Iftuaxzff Q A .f fy igigf ,W M y."?'s , 2715? VICTORY s u cc E s s FU L if - V 1 1' R f CAREE RS an Bull! on Specialized Trainlng. Many former gra prepared for Lucra Government Service by studying Secretaryship, Medical Secretaryship, or Accountancy and . Business Administration at the SCHOOL '3 COMMERCE .ff duates of your school have A uve posmons nn Business or 362 East Avenue Rochester 4, N. Y. Ask for Iron catalog Auoeluh Membof, Amoll an As le Ion f J nl C0 If Q MY fl c soc 9 0 u or Il on A 103 12 jjalug Q wt.. iw., . W Q .gr ti? .is f ew. me if Compliments of DON. MALCOLM'S ssnvics STATIONS SILVER'S SHOES FOR ENTIRE FAMILY FAIRPORT, N. Y. Compliments of EDDIE ROBERTS TOBACCOS - MAGAZINES CANDY - ICE CREAM 3 North Main Fairport PITTSFORD SWEET SHOPPE HOMEMADE ICE CREAM AND SHERBETS IIIIIN N Q CA EER KD CPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! Let R.B.l.'s famous "Success Clinic"' show you the career for which you are best suited . . . and let R.B.I.'s exclusive "Balanced Business Training" properly prepare you for that career. You'Il find training here a real pleasure. Our newly modernized school offers you the finest facilities of any business school in America. New, cheerful classrooms with sound-absorbing wallsg new, better-sight lighting: most up-to-date equipment. New day school terms begin every 3 months. Write today for full particulars. Rochester BUSINESS Institute I72 Clinton Ave., South Rochester 4, N, Y, R E A L E S T A T E The Key To Happiness is the Key To Your Own Home i I N S U R A N C E UNDER pivioemo PAYING PoLiciEs I GEO. H. WILSON 83 SO. MAIN STREET -- NEXT T0 TEMPLE THEATRE .104 Official Photographer FAIRPORT SENIOR CLASS gvq MOSER STUDIO, Inc. Z7 Clinton Avenue North ROCHESTER, N, Y. Compliments of K E N S C H W Q R M Compliments ot Youia Lira INSURANCE Apvisriz A FRIEND Agent tor . NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Home Office---New York, N, Y. uyk Compliments of 51025 MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S- OUTFITTERS Compliments of Fairport Storage and Ice Corporal-ion ADVERTISERS OF 20 YEARS AGO Rochester Business Institute Darrow School of Business Chiropractic Health Service Rochester Gas and Electric Rochester Musical Instrument Co. McKechnie-Lunger School of Com. Bryant C1 Stratton College Kohler G Wooden Hat Shop Anderson's Confectionery Russel Service Station james M. Finnegan, Inc. Bob Fisk, 'l7+lnsurance S. Morey Ev Son Bramer's F. T. Murphy Howard C1 Willis Geo. B. Hart Lieb's Bakery I. E. Cotter Snow-Villere Co. Prinzivalli Bros. "l, B." Overalls Golden Shield Mechanics Institute Quality Bake Shoppe Certo F. M. Bahler Wagor Drug CO. 106 Green Lantern Inn Geo. L. Bown G Sons Alfred University E. D. Warren Conway Photo-Service Robert Sayles A. Barranco Sam lacobson H. I. Schumacher F. A. Terpening Fairport Hat Shop W. I. Moore C1 Co. Eddy Printnig Company The Students of Fairport High School gratefully acknowledge the loyal support of our I I4 advertisers and friends WITHOUT WHOM THIS PUBLICATION WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE ALPHA BEYA PHI BLOCK F CLUB CQSMQPQLITAN CL UB SIGMA CIIIDELYA SXS CLUB PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS I gut!-15'-'lub mm f' 107 --E-QI HL? Sept. 5-Studies begin. Sept. 14 - Seniors organize: Randolph, president. Sept. 23 - First football game. Lost Gor- don Cobb to Navy. F Oct. 5-Iapanese-Americans entertained us in assembly. S Oct. 10-Clubs pledged. Initiation. First report cards. Oct. 18-Puppeteers present "Robinhood." Oct. 20-Sophomores choose Emery. . Oct. 24-Freshmen elect Brizee. Oct. 26--Straw vote elects Dewey. As Fairport votes so votes the nation - Oh, yeah? Oct. 27-No school - teachers attend Rochester convention. Nov. 6-More carrots eaten than put in bushels at carrot-topping. Nov. 6-7-Senior pictures taken. Nov. ll-Cos and Sigma Chi Delta go hay-riding and dancing. - , Nov. 22-Pruth MacFarland brings inspir- ing music. - Nov. 24-Many couples "promenaded" home after Senior Barn Dance. Nov. 27-Christmas cards sold by Seniors. Dec. l--Snow-the iirst .ot five bad storms! Dec. 7-ABO Club started Bond Drive. 8-Fairport defeated Spencerport Dec. 24-23. Senior pictures arrived. Dec. 14-Girls donned slacks. Dec. 15--"Roberta" Koehler and "Donna" Smith donned skirts. ' Dec. 19-English classes and chorus pre- sented Miss Snow's "Still Shines the Star" tor a Christmas assembly. Dec. 22-Senior Ball.. Phil Hammond and Louise Sperino shared the throne. Ian. Z-School almost paralyzed by the heavy snow storm. A Ian. 3-"Line forms on the right," for "snowed in" excuses.- J-I Ill 'lv lO8 b. Ian. 10-Mr. Warner late for school: Miss Hodge had an extra pupil. Ian. 2-25-Tests, tests, tests! Ian. 25-All tests except Regents postpon- ed: Old man Winter again. Ian. 26-Our basketball team beat Spen- cerport again. 54-33. Ian. 31-Oh, No? Report cards again? Feb. 1-2-School closed -fuel shortage. Feb. 6-Martial music between classes to remind us ot the March of Dimes. Feb. 8-"Watch the birdie and smile!" Hour Glass pictures. Feb. 13-Game at Brighton. School closed at 3:00. Feb. 14 -- Flutter! Flutter! Feb. 23-Block F dance with orchestra and -floor show! Feb. 27-Pianist Hasken returned. Mar. 2--First Sock Dance-Duz does everything. Mar. 7-U. S. Employment Service repre- sentatives interviewed Seniors. Mar. 9-Last home game - Honeoye. Audiometry tests given. Mar. 15--Seniors present "Come Rain or Shine," a great success. Puppeteers re- turned with "Alice in Wonderland." Mar. 21-Mr. Warner's birthday: Pat and Beverly bring a cupcake! Mar. 22-Physical fitness movies. Mar. 29-School dismissed at noon. Senior honors announced. Apr. 9-School reopened. Has the Easter Bunny been good to you? Apr. 20-ABO held dance. May 8-V-E Day Assembly May 30-Memorial Day. Iune 18-21-Regents! ! Iune 26-Senior High Commencement.

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