Fairport High School - Hourglass Yearbook (Fairport, NY)

 - Class of 1942

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Fairport High School - Hourglass Yearbook (Fairport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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SR Q35 ' 1 n I M21-Q. 5015" '. ' .gg W-xy. l ,s XR.. 1 X 4.4 , -u 1 R, -1- . J, . vs ...X N" -13:2 595-3-.. l 'f:. WL! -.i X i . . , ., .. .,.- -W,--.-.-.,,.-1, M Fifi-m i Her' ,... ,y :,..:. ,-'1. 1 --. "fr L. . . ', 5. .. ,f - ,pq lz ,. f' . ' - - ... x X 4. .a..s . . .. . .. -.- , .1-, ' '. '-:iff 'D - - ,ff -A . A-4 . I7 ff!- Kisrf I 3 I . ' N X my ' f '1'-': x Aa, ,-, -8 Q - .4 .J-'.. -1-,'.'Z."'.L'-'VY--.u-A Nl' 'hr'-I ..'.o'., . .-Q. h- I- I-.-:-JD.. , ". 3..:,',-... A . ' " 'D ' '1 '. ' -, . '-'PN . ". : . - - - , ' . . Pig - .'. , ' - ' .X' ,, "' A Q' ' ' . -. . ,. , .. . , 7 Y r., if I, A 'T li.: ,,o 'E df- .. 4.- fn p V-1 5: - ,y, Q.: n f ,v,,. 4" 5 1: Li .i 'Se .Fx I JI'- K , ,Y sf -, xf. 1 '--. an V193 ,-,af .gf Z, .N ., J., I v ' B .H A 137. '2 14-,. TETWA' . x. , J :.,! F' ' ' 'ie -xt. 4, J.-1 .ii ---1-r1v"""""1 '1 "" '1 Q-'xQ- X X x .x Q . X - .xxx xl' .QV xx x XX y- C x X . X, xx X -x xx xx xx ' . x 5 WX 'Xi Qi -X .XX .xx .-6 xx fx'X' SX W 1 'L xf .xx -x' .A xx . K .xxx N Xgf . YOX9- W X. XX-7' R x- XXX -N AA V .x Cx C-5 4 Jxx Aw X' Vx A Y, xxx ,f Cx Xxf. XX xy xxx Xxvf. F Ox .xx N. xg. xx xx Q. xl. xxx xx, X0 .CO ,fx 3 .5 Q, V 'F W -' QD. 0 Kx-xX rg N, QXQX ix. A Xxx Ax Q, .CQX A ' 1 - Q. ix. xxx kjx . 'X gk xx i xx' xxx. X- - W xx .x xx. -. ,xgxg x1 xx V- -9' ?,. ' . ' x . X x .f . xx A V , . ka' x xx .X 'V xx 'x' ' .f - ' Xxx . Vx r . . x 'X xv X . . . . , 9 . - f- x. .X x 4 .K . -. ' x Y XX . xx .xx 3 'xxx' Xxx .X X x xx . x ,, xxx .xx N . x . O-X. -.1 K ' .xx x X N VXI, xx xxx .x Y K x x x ,x,. . . x xx x x Q. 2 w ,v R xxx 0. w ,- Hs x X N,- The fuifdets of out .goof IN THE PICTURES EDITORIAL. Top row: J. Lerzak, M Steffen, E. Schutt, L. DeMocker, R. Hill Bottom row: R. Hall. CIRCULATION. Top row: F. Beato, N Detro. Bottom row: T. Porreca, R. Hock- enbury. BUSINESS. L. DeRisio, A. Jackson, B Pierce. ART. Top row: R. Ward, C. Hansen, A Accardo. Bottom row: J. Fisk, H. Matz A. Neiss. ADVISORS. Mr. Burton, Mrs. Street, Mr Schworm. WE ARE GRATEFUL TO lffu. pod: 'lhppiny For having taken such good care of us when we were Sophomores. For having browbeaten us a little this past year when we didn't know we needed it. For having followed our whole High School career with a patient and sympathetic interest which encouraged us to rise to standards worthier of a true American and a representative of a Democracy. So, because of this gratitude and because our book is in a sense hers, we dedicate it to her. 5 , L M ggflxsjw :lf - ,,.1j:W fi.g g - ,, Y A, Yi Zvrgf- - -1 lrijrr- N ' I - ii JY YT-H17 Yimr ?i?i YY w , -if W 1- "i-- -ii , 3 -1 ,Y 5 V, J, M 3 7 in' ' N , LT-2 i , I1 fi Y- if Y Z' LY' ' ' I-gh-' A 4 my 2:4 n 'Q f fmn-Eilfff -- Q fs: f' :fa 'f'5g,+-Q? , .Q 5 - 4. , L T - gg ,TT 41.2 'T -- V f - 7' 3 Z. ,- f ,,,f, 2w, f -f "4,- Q- if ' JJ A K, L.. ?l- ' f :"f"'i-L - - -.: A f ' - " I i , ' ? , f-ff--Y-' "TY ..-T 'is-1 -A ' K TA Wg, gig Q9 is 5, ,iigg v - fl- I 3,1 ,. ,f f ' E i i-e- f' if AgfsSi1sf jg, V ff ix xx i- f QQ-Q -A if , f ff? ,4 X f 1 Q If ,x Me! A X Y calf- l i ,1 fi- X ,if K -L-. 'f- Q g.. ,. .F firm --MT- ff'X Q "" E- Y Y .l l 7 -1, 2' Q B ' - -, V - x""'fL." I 'FTE 4 T -V , ..-, 'Ti-'-fr 1L 2:1wexx xfrw lg ' H -1 A 5 '- 1 g " . - -.,.r. A iw, -,,.,,XX5f. f ' :'- -if f T-.- : . -8 V T.-Q -zzf V H , ' ' ' - 1 i f iv ' - vit N '?,.....f -. -,... - r , r , f ,. -:-:a-..:g- if-3-1-lf --.nv .-,f.:' 4 E2-f: Xwg M ... N '- 'X' - Y ' : ,J-"2':1 uvfsm-1 i"" , i it-:f l fzzri-., ..-. ' -?f....-L , x X .... ,-1. X C'D IX if ,.,- Eg' X 5--Y -at F7 IE, f '-j"': ...,f g ,...,. ' ,,-'il ' .....-NYY ' ".::- X '- - - V- ?'1'E.-iv il ..- K:-Q . , - ...f- ig- -l.'- .- - :gg---1, 1.1 - ,,.....Y ,--- SED- ,l" 5 u ,,L.. --,,,,,T,,.v:: - Q..." 4 V ly .2--4 5,5 ff- M M . Lwiss. 5 ff 'Q 2 5 1' ' x ' :Q 4 G - . L I -'Z ' ' X I R 5 if jg:S-"- -3 Lgx 5-'S'-s,Q,E '- 1, f Xi- I ,lr ,ZA ,1,- 1,55 WN f X 1" ff WM X 5 x x' Q ' ,fi ' I N fg, 'if ' I X ,1 1, , -' Q , ,,, ' L:-2 E! - f' .. 7 ,"'1f'f " pl' . v , f graze? is lf . ff T55 ' 'IF' 3 F ge- M f-, fi 5 eg f..g ww f 4' -5- 215: --.f M 2 .,...-1 , !.,f4f4:f M -Tl-'K Xifgi fvS,?2gvQ M' H X X --'Q-'Qf1 ' Y O 1 3 Y' if K A f - M fl 057 9 f 17 LL - si' Q H-52:31 5-FISK i X- I ' ' 62,3-fa. ' Xa w Q ff . ' ' BLM. '-' ,v 3 :- J 3-gf-fl ,,.7' k f I ,rs W , x ff? sl I ' ??fg ,- n Ami- .' K J' I ix - 4 1- - 1 9,4 'tix K, ' V ,Q 1 , -YB N 1-J R , y 1 L' v '- xx X'-4 .lg N H n 2 -ff ' T95- p 215 Ollll ef acufty NELSON R. BURTON English and Science RUTH E. DONK Physical Education JEAN EDGCUMBE Commerce MARGARET E. FORTMILLER Library VIRGINIA GRIMES Secretary HELEN J. HODGE Mathematics LILLIAN D. HOGAN Secretary JOHN R. IREDALE Science L.. MR. THOMAS G. COFFEE Superintendent of Schools I X- r f ANDREW C. LYNCH Principal acufty M. EVELYN JOYCE English FRANCES LaIUPPA Dental Hygiene NELSON MCGINN Physical Education Science HELEN J. ROUGHT Social Science English GERTRUDE C. RYON Commerce GRACE SCHREINER Home Economics EDWARD K. SCHWORM Commerce GLENNA B. SMITH Health Jin., acufty HAROLD W. STEINFELDT Industrial Arts FLORENCE A., STOLT French ESDA T. STREET Art DORIS B. TOPPING Social Science CARROLL VANCE Music LEON B. WARNER Social Science English GENEVIEVE G. WATSON Music MISS BERNADINE E. NOLAN Vice-principal av I i 'Rau X 'K 15 3 0252524 aww .gf xx leylgwnuxgv .glial 5 Q A . I lil., A ,-4' ' X6 1 X ixd A 58 lax waiter hours Teacl'1e1'S Te 72zcufty THEY'RE HUMAN, TOO As in a factory, there must be a source of power to make the wheels go aroundg so in our school the faculty is that motivating force. To them is due the credit for keeping us at our tasks when monotony or outside events make our jobs seem drab or trivial. Mr. Thomas G. Coffee, who has been superintendent of the Fairport schools long enough to see several generations of students through their twelve years of education, heads the faculty. During this time, he has built up in Fairport's bank of friendship, an incalculable reserve of respect and affection. Mr. Andrew C. Lynch, principal of our high school, also has his share in making the wheels go round. His patience and his kindly advice have kept many a Wayfarer from going astray. Miss Bernadine Nolan combines her tasks as vice-principal and girls' adviser with those of imparting to her Latin classes some appreciation of "the glories that were Rome." She is loved and respected by Fairport alumni everywhere. The remainder of the faculty includes well-trained men and women who are never too busy to provide for the best interests of the pupils in their charge. It has often been a subject for comment that the relations between teachers and pupils in Fairport High School are based on an unusual quantity of mutual respect and friendship. l The office is the nerve-center of the school 12 'Ui G. Phillips S 1 . A ' ' . L T. Ashby K MHSUIH1, B. William eft inset: ,Mix Came. Q S, H. Matz, J, CI oifee. R12-ht inset: ark, N. Detm, MT- Lynch. .Quden ts ' -guoclk tion TO INSURE DOMESTIC TRANQUILLITY To aid the faculty in determining the destinies of Fair- port High School, officers are elected from the student body each year. This forms the juncture where the ideas and wishes of the faculty and those of the students can meet and be coordinated in a democratic way. A student with a suggestion to make can take it to his representative and have it brought up at the next meeting. There it is dis- cussedg its good points made clear to the principal and its bad points made clear to the suggestor. Thus we see how these officers are an important link in the chain of academic organization. They are also an instrument for keeping alive democratic principles. Thomas Ashby . . ......... President Helen Matz ...... ....... Nancy Detro ...... John Clark ..... Salvatore Ansuini Gertrude Phillips Kenneth Maine .. Betty Williams . . .Vice-president ..............Secretary . . . . ..... . ........ .Treasurer . . . . . . . . , . Senior Representative . . . ........ Junior Representative . .... Sophomore Representative . ..... Freshman Representative 13 President Tom in action UV JGVIITOVS livin' Jauiiors. Fm' ymii' cmielizuit t'i'iQ-nrllim-ss, fm' the carv of our build- ing. :md tm' all thc iittic' things that wc' too uftf-11 takc fm' 5.1i'umv4i, thank yi Sinuvrfi-ly yours, The Studefni Hmiy ,. ,W J .-V f'?""'446-v 'Q ---:.m,,, ,ff --'T N" ,V 1 3 . .L ' wi gig. 1 n - ' fx A 4 'Y V A N M A KSA 1 2 J fy sf , . ,:,. 35? .gl . A K 'V L.. . .fm x.9Qf"'wX f f 5' if nm: Q1 if mwue -- ,K,1 . ,, . ' ,T 32, ,. h Lv -X X ,,.qJ my .A , mf W V, 3, 7 x M, -,frm ff QTIIP' iff? -1,-,E 233' y -4. ,L ,, -- at 1 W r Qli- ,,.-g, ,T - f Q- ,inn 1 l , fg . 1 .-it 945 -f -v,.i: , - 7-- ,W as M N Sv X W N U Jay- . ,fx fs? :ga W wi ,E M W if af RQ u us F13 53 S X .Sf K was ? 9' X I y V ..fvf YQX - As' I ! 5' -vw . 4 I A AI Z 2 if f ',-, :S ' xl 5' fn ff Q ,W ef '? A .,. W' G, .gy fatfatlkn Horde Back row: R. Koehler, D. Reus, Joyce Wilkins, M. O'Brien, J. Randolph, R. Waterstraw Third row: B. Schubert, H. Murphy, B. Ellsworth, J. Dryer, H. Moore, S. Schrader. Second row: D. Mahoney, J. Hembrock, N. Brown, C. Lorson, P. Corteville, L. LaPietra M. Moore. Front row: W. Towner, R. Kittle, V. Mae Neill, M. Shibley, D. Smith, R. Bumpus. Back row: R. VanDusen, D. Harris, J. Coomber, E. Enter, C. Kopp. Third row: J. Peck, G. Cobb, R. Aparo, C. Barranco, A. Brien, M. Sperino. Second row: J. Hutchinson, J. Welch, B. LaVerne, J. Pierce, M. Murphy, D. Dodge. Front row: R. Caward, S. Sweeney, P. Ahern, K. Ashby, B. Prinzivalli, V. Battistoni. ln. i. 17 7:Z25A0!dll pq! Room 2 at dismissal time. Coach progounds the mysteries of science to a groun of freshmen. li! 18 'MQ A 5 2 wiv' A , -Q-3, 41 - .Qkty .finden t.4 Back row: T. Prinzivalli, S. Virginia, J. Aparo, A. D'Accurzio, G. Gillette Second row: W. Wesley, K. Stevely, L. Polvino, R. Carini, J. Christman. Front row: T. Erbland, S. Jordan, J. Alles, R. Stone, H. Battaglini. Back row: J. Seaman, M. Sozio, T. Santini, J. DeLand, J, Martin. ' ' ' ' bb. Second row: R. Spaulding, C. Mueller, M. Suppa, P. Battlsbonl, P. Co Front row: Richard Murphy, L. Young, W. Senior, M. Evans, K. Reus. 20 ,fait hz 07 Back row: P. Wood, J. Dunham, H. Hugo, W. Hartigan, W. Peters. Second row: R. McDonnell, F. Schrader, L. Coffee, J. Prescott, R. Humphrey. Front row: F. Wochner, J. Barnes, J. Malone, W. MacDonald, A. Bennett. Back row: R. Wagor, R. Caler, Robert Murphy, J. Barnard, M. Hansen, J. Costello. Second row: Jacqueline Wilkens, B. Rearson, E. Young, P. Dancy, D. Everdyke. Front row: M. Gardner, K. Maine, J. Burke, D. Stiner, C. Clayton, J. Brockmyre. 49' ,av- our :SX el Xxx 21 X li, :ut 4 72W .yolahomotes The sophomore homeroom relaxes Typing is a popular subject with the sophomores 22 14 V' ,,,,m9'uw.. Wu-f ,- , ir I ,. I , K , sf gf. 'Ax nr '11 'W-',-r gr -2 1 , .' ' 1 1 1 J. I 11 1 1 , 11 J "1 11 1 . 1 ' 1 1 , 1 - 1 . , I ' 4 1 I 1 1 A- .22,..:.:'2fg ...M-44. - W e gr Q ww' 1 1 ka 1 - 1 1 1 L 5. . 1 1' A W V, A I. 1 1 1 ' --Swv-N ' , 2 1 1.8 1 1 w W5 Una 5 fjiigikrg wiki ,. V ' 1 L f 1 ' 1 -' 1:2114 wx . 945 1 , W, 1, 1? 4,1 1 3x1 1 1 1 1 0 1 lil .-l , ,I fucfdbzf .gnteffzyence Last row: J. Young, R. Steubing, R. Dudley, Joseph Lerzak, L. Kleinhenz, M. Bend- schneider H MacMillen, Bessie Gross. h Mar Phillips Middle rowyz Elliott, G. Scarazzo, Margaret Phillips, J. C apman, y , J. Fairbanks, E. Payne, P. Williams, Bertie Gross. Front row: J. Fairchild, R. Barranco, J. Hummel, Bernice Huber, M. Allyn, R. Wilson, L. Bown. Last row: M. Walls, C. Ellis, R. Trimble, J. Douglas, E. Kohl, W. Bieler, R. Trew E Wiley J Watson Y t L Middle roviiz QK. Hess, B. Patterson, B. Moulton, A. Wood, Ruth Rohr, E. or on, Whipple, C. Whipple, M. Ross. Front row: D. Hammond, D. Ranney, Bessie Huber, J. Hart, V. Steffen, G. 0'Brien G. Bennett. 24 l 1 .fufpecteaf 01 com I Last row: D. Hull, P.-Ruckdeschel, E. Robinson, A. Peck, R. Eberts, J. Schrader, M mnebold, Robert Rohr, L. Sorgi. , Middle row: V. Kennelly, E. Dunn, E. Conover, M. VanWaes, M. Lareau, N. Bowman M. Jabaut, J.'Kier, J. Yacono. Front row: M. French, H. Parkison, L. Malcolm, E. Lewis, A. Brien, W. Bills, F DiRisio. Last row: N. Moss, E. Dinse, G. Goyette, J. Holter, F. King, T. VanBortle, W. Gilbert Q- Phillips, Jeanette Fisk. Middle row: J. Eldredge, R. Bushart, R. Bundschuh, A. Barranco, A. Moore, N. Cobb E. Aldridge, G. Ellsworth. Front row: G. Brooks, C. Kishbaugh, P. Grabb, H. Chesbro, A. Klehamer, G. Valentine T. Daurizio. 25 v 1 ' 0 They ze amor: G Phillips, Treasurerg Mr. Burton, Adviserg Mrs. Ryon, Home room teacher: Mrs Rinught, Adviserg E. Aldridge, Secretary? R. Dudley, Presidentg R. Bushart, Vice- president. The Junior Home room at 11:40 26 -i- N 2 , 4 onot yfllddllfl JOHN DEAL HENRY A. MARTIN Valedictorian Salutatol-ian ROBERT HOCKENBURY Third Honor Student GEORGE WAGNER Fourth Honor Student BARBARA PIERCE Fifth Honor Student 28 ANTIONETTE ACCARDO Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association, 'Girls' Intramurals, Art Club 3, Vice-president 3, Senior Ball Committee, Hour Glass Staff, French Club 49 Stunt Night Usher 4. IMOGENE ACKERMAN Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals, Stunt Night 4 SALVATORE ANSUINI Students' Association, Rep- resentative 4, Boys' Intra- murals-g Stunt Night 49 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Basketball 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, All-County 43 School Chat- ter Staff, Alpha Beta Phi 3, 4: Sergeant at Arms 33 Pres- ident 4. THOMAS K. ASHBY Students' Association, Presi- dent 4g Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 43 Student Pa- trolg Block F 3, 45 Treasurer 43 Junior Prom Co-Chair- man, Senior Ball Chairman, Cheer Leader 3, School Chat- ter Staff, French Club 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Candidate for Senior Ball King. EVELYN BABCOCK Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Associationg Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 29 si' - s. 1 A , I if it if 'mms- 'Mum' if f 4 it it tk ,D 0-59234 WILLIAM F. BARTLETT Students' Associationg Band LEE BARTOLOTTA Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramuralsg Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 45 Cosmopolitan Club 4g Debate Club 1, 2, 33 French Club 3, 4g Stunt Night Ush- er 4. IRMA C. BASTIAN Students' Association: Girls' Intramurals 3, 4g Girls' Glee Club 4. DOMENIC C. BATTAGLINI Students Association, Stunt Night 4. THERESA R BATTISTONI Students Association Girls Athletic Association Girls Intramurals Stunt Niht 2 , 4, Stu-dent Patrol g French Club 2, 3, 4g Presi- dent 3, Senior Playg School Chatter Staffg Poetry Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 30 X FRANK JOSEPH BEATO Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 2, 3,'4: Boys' Glee Club, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Stu- dent Patrol: Debate Club 2, 3: Vice-president Junior Class: Cheer Leader 3, 4: School Chatter Staff: Hour Glass Staff: French Club 4: Track 2, 3, 4. . il", ff' 1 Q - , . M, Ili' TIOSEPHINE CARINI wo" I 1 .-f' I Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals: Stunt Night 4: Library Staff 3, 4. 1 5 , HELEN CHENEY East Rochester High 1, 2, 3: Students' Association 4. .L 5 vi ' 1 JOHN CLARK Students' Association, Treas- urer 4: Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 4: Student Pa- trol 4: Junior Prom Commit- tee 3: Poetry Club 4: Track 2, 3, 4. MARION HELEN CLARK Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals: Stunt Night Usher 3: Poetry Club 1. 31 012' Do' U1 .fi .5 .3 N .. I Sw ' af- 4 .- infix 3 ,,'a-3333 HARVEY CROCKETT, JR. Carlisle Military Academy 1, 2, 3, Stu-dents' Association 4. JOHN LAWRENCE DEAL Students' Association, Boys' Intramurals, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Student Patrol, Debate Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Senior Play, Prize Speaking 3, 4, School Chat- ter Staff, Assistant Editor, Business Manager of Hour Glass, Track 1, Valedic- torian. FLOYD DELEGWARDIA Students' Association, Boys' Intramurals, Aloha Beta Phi 3, 4, Vice-president 4, Foot- ball 1. 2, 3, 4, All-County 4, Track 1, 2, 3. LEWIS JOHN DeRISIO LYLE B. DeMOCKER Students' Association, Boys' Intramurals, Stunt Night 2, Prom Committee, Senior Ball 3, 4, Student Patrol, Junior Committee, President Senior Class, Senior Play, School Chatter Staff, Hour Glass Staff: Candidate for Senior Ball King, Flag Custodian 4. Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3,-4, Student Patrol, De- bate Club 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Com- mittee, Alpha Beta Phi 4, Secretary -4: Senior Plav Ad- vertising Chairman, School Chatter Staif 3. Editor, Hour Glass Staff, Football 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 32 ,C , wb, sggwuw NANCY DETRO Students' Association, Junior Representative, Secretary 4: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Student Patrol: Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4: Junior Prom Co- chairman: School Chatter Staff: Hour Glass Staff: French Club 4: Senior Play Usher 4. ESTHER DITMAS Students' Association: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. MARY LUCILLE FACER Q fgr- Students' Association: Girls Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Stunt Night 4: Camera Club 2. JOYCE FISK Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals: Stunt Night 4: Twirler 3: Drum Majorette 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Cosmopoli- tan Club 3, 4: Vice-president 4: Art Club 3, Secretary 3: Junior Class Secretary: Girls' Athletic Association, Representative 1: Captain Soccer 1: Captain Speedball 4: Library Staff 4: Hour Glass Staff: French Club 4. JOYCE VINCEY FOOTE Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals 2 ,3: Physical Education Demonstration 1: Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Debate Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Sig- ma Chi Delta 3, 4: Senior- Play: Library Staff 3: School Chatter StaH': French Club 3: Drum Majorette 3. 33 htm H29 'I L -fvujgz X' 'gui N , ph it A C OJ' 4 :buf Q xx if xv as xl: op W xfow SUV! ' sg, Q l tt 1 1 'igidfiqt L3 ROBERT HALL Students' Association, Boys' Intramurals, Stunt Night 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Senior Play, Cheer Leader 3. 4, Track Manager 4, Hour Glass Staff. CARL S. HANSEN Students' Association, Stun Night 4, Hour Glass Staff. ERNA HARLOFF Pittsford High School 1, 2, 3, Students' Association 4. FRANCIS MICHAEL HARTIGAN Students' Association, Stunt Night 1, 3, 4, Student Patrol, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Alpha Beta Phi 2, 3, 4, Sergeant at Arms 3, Secretary 4, Senior Play, Football Manager 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4. RICHARD GRANT HILL Students' Association, Boys' Intramurals, Stunt Night 1, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Camera Club 1, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Senior Class Vice-president, Senior Play, School Chatter Staff, Hour Glass Staff, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. 34 ROBERT HOCKENBURY Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Sen- ior Play: School Chatter Staff: Hour Glass Staff: Honor Student. DOROTHY A. HOSPERS Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals: French Club 3, I MARIAN K. INGIANNI Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals: French Club 4. ALICE JACKSON Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association, Secre- tary 1, Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4: Girls' Intramurals: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Patrol: De- bate Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, Pres- ident 4: Junior Treasurer: Senior Secretary: Library Staff: School Chatter Staff: Hour Glass Staff: Senior Ball Queen: 1st Basketball Honor team 3: 2nd Basket- ball Honor team 2: Basket- ball Class team 1, 2, 3, 4. JACK KENNEY Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 4: Junior Prom Committee: Alpha Beta Phi 2, 3, 4, Ser- pfeant-at-Arms 2: Basketball 35 gli 3? ,ALJ l .ff l , , X 5 X 'TAX 'x X Y K 5 rj ffl 'vii Xx . I ' if XXX MX A c' 'Q-ffffrief 5 ff? inn GORDON KING Students' Association: Boys lntramuralsg Stunt Night 1 43 Alpha Beta Phi 43 French Club 2, 33 Football 35 Bas ketball 2. . PL, D HENR76 J ,Lff I Associ ion y,s' muralsg i ct M i catio n r t' V L W' St t 45 aj l li enior ' oot 1 . 45 Tr Q 3 Sen' ' - ri?yyg,'fAl?FCou y' billy. ,W f i My 5 4 "I ,,, Ml! MW 1 7' Y LaPl' 'fig Student." Associationg' Boys' lntramuralsg Junior Prom Connnitteeg Softball 3. JULIUS J. LERZAK Students' Associutiong Boys Intrzimuralsg Stunt Night l 2, 3, 4g Czuneru Club 1, 2, 3 4, President 3, Vice-president 45 Senior Plnyg School Chat ter Stzxffg Hour Glass Staff Poetry Club 2, 35 Football Z 35 Truck 4. 36 V f MJ 'B HARRY L, LOVELESS Students' Associationg Boys' Intramuralsg Stunt Night 45 5 Boys' Glee Club 11 Camera Club 1, 25 Senior Play. ELEANOR R. MAINE Newark High School 1, 2, 3: Students' Association 45 Girls' Athletic Association 45 Girls' Intramurals 45 Senior Play. SUSAN MAMMOCCIO Students' Associationg Girls' Athletic Associationg Girls' Intramurals5 Cosmopolitan Club 3, 4, Secretary 43 Jun- ior,Prom Committee5 Library ?taFl' 45 French Club 25 Sen- ,f or ay Usher 45 Prize ,tj s - ing UQ?-J , ,riff ,fy , N K KNJFHONY ' IOLI WW ,A " c ,. Association5 Boys' ,V 115' t iuralsg Stunt Night 35 J , , or Prom Committee 3 f J ack 2, 3, 4. J, is li' 'J J MARJORIE MARRAN East Rochester High School 1, 2, 35 Students' Association Dramatic Club 45 Senior Playg Stunt Night Usher 4. 37 G-nf X if .f- vtfjfqtj- A HENRY ANDRUSS MARTIN, JR. Students' Association, Boys' Intramurals, Stunt Night 2, 3, 4, Student Patrol, Debate Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 4, Senior Play, School Chatter Staff, Editor Hour Glass, French Club 2. 3: Poetry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Salutatorian. HELEN MATZ Students' Association, Repre- sentative 1, Vice-president 4, Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Intramurals, Stunt Night 3, 4, Student Patrol, Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, Cap- tain basketball 4, School Chatter Staff, Hour Glass Staff, lst Honor Team Bas- ketball 3. DOROTHY MILLER Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association, Stunt Night 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club -1. 2, 3, 4, Student Pa- trol, Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, Scribe 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play, School Chatter Staff, French Club 4. YOLANDA MONTEMARO Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Intramurals, Stunt Night 3, Camera Club 3, Senior Play Usher 4, Stunt Night Ush- er 4. HARRIET ANNE MOODY Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Physical Education Demon- stration 1, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 1, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, School Chatter Staff, French Club 2, Stunt Night Usher 4. 38 WV W K I CE P S nts' A ciati i ls' letic oci ti , igh , Ba 3, 45 ' S' lee lub 3, ,Cosmo itan 4. ARTHUR G. NEISS Students' Association, Stunt Night 2, 3, Art Club 3, Pres- ident 3g Junior Prom Com- mittee, Hour Glass StaH'g French Club 4. FRANCIS O'LEARY Students' Associtiong Stunt Night 1, 2, 35 Senior Ball Committee. BARBARA PIERCE Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Associationg Girls' Intramuralsg Stunt' Night 1, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Patrol, Debate Club 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 President 49 French Club 2, 3, Secretary 35 Senior Play, Prize Speaking 3, 43 School Chatter Staff: Hour Glass Staffg 2nd Honor Team Bas- ketball 3g Basketball Class Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Stu- dent. JAMES B. PIERCE Students' Associationg Boys' Intramurals, Physical Edu- cation Demonstration 13 Football 2, 4. 39 fi -v iii I 'vc' ll ,gf ,, ,s i ,X l L J' T H! . tudents' Associationg Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Intramurals, Stunt Night 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 49 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Student Patrol, Senior Ball Committee, Library Staff 3, 45 Hour Glass Staff. VI? RESA PORRECA JAMES PAT CK REARS N S t u d s ' soci io , French ub 3,l . , n K ' ',i if .S d s ' Ass ciationg l ' t IC sociationg I irls Int mu sg Cosmo- ' p lit n 4: ibrary Staff 3, 9 ior lay Usher 45 gtzils lub Prizekjjeak- N' l f W BETTY JEAN ROBSON Students Association, Girls Athletic Association, Girls' Intramuralsg Orchestra 43 Mixed Chorus 45 Stunt Night Usher 4 EVELYN ANN SALMON Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Associationg Girls' Intramurals, Stunt Night 43 Cosmopolitan Club 3, 4, President 4g Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Com- mittee, Stunt Night Usher 4, Candidate for Senior Ball Qu n . ' WMF' yn " - UU' Wi-Q' 'S fx W IM' ! W I' -- I JMU" A li Jwlyw I., J if , f,5f'fJ' Um an UNL-,bl ', J,'f,s W1 :nf JACQUELINE SCHIEFER Nazareth Academy 13 John Marshall High School 23 Students' Association 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 3: Stunt Night 3: Girls' Glee Club 39 Stunt Night Usher 4. FRANK SCHOOLMASTER Students' Association: Stunt Night 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Ball Commit- tee. VIOLA SCHRADER Students' Associationg Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Intramuralsg French Club 3, 4. ELLROY F. SCHUTT Naples Central School 1, 23 Students' Association 2, 3, 45 Boys' Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Stunt Night 43 Art Club 35 Senior Ball C mmitteeg Sen- ior Playg ihool Chatter Staff, Hour Glass Stafg Poetry Club 4. JOSEPH JOE SESTITO Students' Association: Boys' Intramuralsg Art Club 3: Junior Prom Committeeg Hour Glass Staff. 41 xx I l ' x U X N52 chester School for the mtv gyi M 1 D. BARBARA SMITH Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Intramuralsg Stunt Night 2, 3. 4: Ban-d 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Pa- trol, Debate Club 2, 35 Sigma Chi Dela 3, 45 Secretary 4, Library Staff 2, 3, 4, School Chatter Staff, French Club 3, 4, Senior Play Usher 4. DOROTHY SMITH Students' Associationg Girls' Athletic Association: Stunt Night 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 3, 49 Sigma Chi Delta 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Usher 4. MARION I. STEFFEN Ro Deaf 1, 2, Students' Associa- tion 3, 45 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 3, 4, Representative 3. 4, Girls' Intramurals 3, 4, Stunt Night 4: Girls' Glee Club 4g Sigma Chi Delta 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Com- mitteeg Library Staff 4, Hour Glass Staff. PAUL A. STELLUTO Students' Association: Boys' Intramuralsg Stunt Night 13 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committeeg School Chatter Staff. zlw. ' 11,1- W vw' ' 17 ,u W U ,Www l, gd, K If l ,v'LVEi3h'1i:y.5Tdur""'LiU., A I ,t ft Sage 3 M J6'f'6i'Er tLl'mopoliiaf n ra My A 4' ei eatle 1253 . 'r jM,,lg1,4 t3l1lg!4QNS f:JPIIr?y.l-L . - er ' l NW -L, i-al Spoftsyrlvlalilsqef 1' .J, .ll.a-39. 42 l ' J9 ,V ,J l ' 9 v" 'll IM sf.- llji KATHERINE SUPPA Students' Association: Girls' Athletic Association: Girls' Intramurals: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4: French Club 4. JAMES SWEENEY Newfane High School 1, 2, 3: Students' Association 4: Stunt Night 4: Senior Play Committee. NICK TIRABORELLI Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Block F 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Com- mittee: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT WARD GEORGE H. WAGNER Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: Student Patrol Cap- tain: Debate Club 1, 2, 3: Senior Play: Prize Speaking 3, 4: School Chatter Staff: Managing Editor Hour Glass: Track 1, 2: Honor Student. Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals: Stunt Night 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 3: Basketball Manager 4: Hour Glass Staff: French Club 2, 3, 4. 43 ff'f1"N WWI' A X Y Q if pc.: : ' : ,-gg J, QC J-013' ' 1 QF' ,v lf, "' Q1-1 few. ,- f 'Z f, 'I 0. .JG v-M !"""'M r 7? we xx., "' ich RAYMOND WILLIAMS Students' Association, Repre- sentative 25 Boys' Intra- murals5 Physical Education Demonstration 15 S t un t Night 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1. 25 Bloek F 45 Camera Club 15 Dramatic Club 2, Il, 45 Alpha Beta Phi 45 Presi- dent 45 Cheer Leader 1, 25 Track 2, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Captain 4, All-County 45 Football 1, 2, 45 Senior Ball King. GEORGE W. WIXSOM Students' Assoeiation5 Boys' Intramurals5 Stunt Night 1, 2, 35 Student Patrol: liloek F 3, 4, Secretary 45 Debate Club 1, 2, 3: Poetry Club 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 3. RALPH WOOD Students' Association: Boys' Intramurals5 Stunt Night 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Junior Class President: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1 2, 3, 45 All-County 4. LEOLA YOUNG Macedon High School 1, 25 Students' Association 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association Cl. 4: Stunt Night 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Senior Ball Committee5 French Club 3 5Senior Play Usher 4. 44 S fav ,W ,,-, EMORIAM PATRICIA GAFFNEY DORIS MULLER Born . . . July 29, 1924 - Born . . . November 21, 1923 Died . . . January 4, 1933 Died ' I h April 27, 1933 CONSTANCE ROBARGE Born . . . November 4, 1921 Died . . . June 30, 1939 mf Amid the pleasures and excitement which We experience at the end of our Senior year, We pause in affectionate remembrance of the three of our classmates who have already received their diplomas at a higher and nobler Commencement than that which awaits us this month. 45 .gtudent pattof Back row: Mrs. Topping, F. Beato, L. DeMocker, J. Clark, G. Wagner, Mr. Warner. Second row: A. Martin, G. Wixsom, N. Detro, T. Battistoni, H. Matz, B. Smith, D. Miller, D. Laird, T. Ashby, F. Hartigan. Front row: L. DeRisio, B. Pierce, A. Jackson, T. Porreca, J. Deal. DEPARTMENT OF TRAFFIC CONTROL One of the much-cherished honors which a Junior can win in our school is to be chosen to serve on the Student Patrol. This means that he is considered worthy to remind the thoughtless and to set an example for the youthfulstudent of the conduct and demeanor expected of the Fairport High School student. A staff of Juniors is chosen to serve on alternate weeks for two years. In their senior year they have exclusive charge of the halls on the occasion of assemblies and fire drills as well as during every other week. However, all is not milk and honey for an S. P. S. member. He is the recipient of many a sly jab in the back from would- be pranksters who doubtless think that such an original idea never occurred to anyone before. He is responsible to the faculty for a reasonable amount of quiet in his section of the hall, and he often has to go to some trouble to find out what is assigned in the classes he leaves two minutes early. In spite of these drawbacks, the patrol members seem to like their jobs. They never complain, they are always smil- ing, and they are rewarded with the satisfaction that comes with knowledge of a job well done. 46 eniot fxecu tive! Center: Miss Stolt, Mr. Warner Upper left: Lyle DeMocker .... Upper right: Richard Hill Lower left: Alice Jackson .... Lower right: Dorothy Laird ........ 4955 5 . . . .Advisers . . . .President Vice-president . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer env" 'fm d lffot To fe need June 1, 1942 To the Class of 1967, Have you wondered what it is like to go to school in wartime? We did until recently. We hope you haven't had to learn by experience. We find we have a different out- look on life. Our spare money goes into war stamps and bondsg school clubs have held benefits for the Red Cross and collected waste paper: the Seniors gave up their Easter trip and The flag takes on new meaning this year. " ........ strong men stand face to face, Though they come from'the ends of the earth." Boy Scouts 'aid defense by collecting old paper. Many students learn first aid in case of emergency. Tragic headlines become almost common- place. y l 48 ullfly f95 7 are speculating whether or not col- lege is worth while with a draft fac- ing them soon. Many pupils have left because of the high wages and war work. We have air raids in connec- Nm, tion with the fire drills and defense -Wim classes are held every evening. All that makes us laugh is that you will have to study the history we are making today. Sincerely yours, The Class of 1942 'bu . --l l 1. In gym classes we get our first taste of military drill. 2. We all work together toward a common end. 3. Vital defense industries absorb graduates from our shop department. 49 ne yeast hz leevieur The Hour Glass is the emblem of human life. Behold how swiftly the mmf: run. Sept. 3, 1941-School begins. Sept. 15-Seniors officially start the year by electing officers. Sept. 17-Cosmopolitan Club selects neophytes. Sept. 17-Sorority pledges. Feminine hearts aflutter. Sept. 17--Block F starts annual Rat Hunt. Sept. 19-Hopeful thespians try out for Dramatic Club. Sept. 19-We open the football season beating Perry under lights, 14-6. Sept. 22-Bownie attaches Bunsen burner to water faucet. It fails to light. Sept. 24-Cos and Sorority pledges amuse student body. Oct. 2-Alpha Beta Phi pledges- Long suspense is broken. Oct. 2-Hardy pledges survive Dramatic Club initiation. Oct. 4-Fraternity puts on first tea dance of the year. Oct. 11-Sub-freshman day at University of Rochester. Oct. 13-No school today. Hurrah for Columbus! Oct. 20-Sam Ansuini trips over his beard coming up stairs. We will all be glad when this initiation is over. Oct. 22-Stunt Night. Seniors win. Did we have a circus! Oct. 23-24-Teachers' Conference. No school. Seniors have pictures taken in Rochester. Oct. 25-Dramatic Club tries their luck at a tea dance. Oct. 27-Seniors start their Christmas Card campaign. Oct. 30-Reuben James, first American warship to meet dis- aster, is sunk. Oct. 30-First Hour Glass pictures are taken. Football boys watch the birdie. - Oct. 31-Hallowe'en celebration. Several school organiza- 'tions take prizes. As usual, a train brokethe parade in two. Also as usual, it rained. Nov. 1-Still it rained. East Rochester beat us 13-0 on their lagoon. Fairport boys forgot their bathing suits. Nov. 3-Basketball practice starts. Nov. 6-7-Ten week tests. We have met the enemy and . . . Nov. 11-No school. Teachers declare armistice. Nov. 12-Train wreck at Wayneport. Some students forgot to return to school in afternoon. Nov. 17-Fraternity pledges dressed up. Back to the cradle days. Nov. 18-First basketball game. Fairport 14, Churchville 12. Bill Williams chosen captain. Nov. 19-We begin Thanksgiving vacation. Nov. 27-Eleven Fairport students attend Music Clinic at Syracuse. Nov. 28-Mr. Warner gets a lot of mail. Dec. 5-First league basketball game. Brighton wins 24-25 in overtime period. Captain Williams in hospital with pneumonia. Misses game. Dec. 7-Japs bomb Pearl Harbor. Echoes heard round the world. Dec. 8-We become citizens of a nation at war. Dec. 10-Fraternity initiation. Did you ever keep watch two hours in a cemetery at night? Dec. 14-Fairport has first test blackout. "Ya got a date ?" Dec. 19-Mr. Lynch's English Ill class presents a play in Assembly. Christmas vacation begins. Dec. 26-Senior Ball. Williams, his illness over, named King of Ball, and Alice Jackson shares throne as Queen. Jan. 2, 1942-First Fairport students join the armed forces. Bob LeFrois and Don Soles enlist in Coast Guard. 50 TfF!.B,ll5l SSH Jan. 5-School reopens. Everyone has good intentions. Jan. 13-Sophomore playday here. Girls from five other schools attend. Jan. 16-Spencerport beaten at Fairport, 31-19. Fairport serves notice on the rest of the league that it is out for the championship. Jan. 19-23-Regents week. Oh! those tests. Jan. 23-Revenge is sweet! Fairport 30, East Rochester 27, at East Rochester. Jan. 26-New semester starts. No school in afternoon. Jan. 29-Seniors present "Seventeen" as annual Senior play. Jan. 30-Play cast excused from morning classes. Mr. Warner reports profound quiet in Room 16. Feb. 3-We beat Brighton, 30-26, gaining undisputed pos- session of top of the league. Feb. 7-Big snow storm. It was Saturday so we didn't get out of school. Hour Glass staff nearly marooned in in Rochester. ' Feb. 7-White mice die. General Biology class in mourning. Feb. 10-11-Hour Glass photographer here. "How many pictures were you in, huh ?" Feb. 13-Friday the 13th. Fairport beats Webster, 36-18. Julius Lerzak stuck in Webster snowbank. Feb. 14-Valentine's Day. Sigma Chi Delta gives tea dance for benefit of the Red Cross. Feb. 20-County Teachers' Conference. No school. In the evening at Spencerport we clinched the basketball championship. Feb. 23-No school. Washington's birthday. Feb. 26-Camera Club Tea Dance. Mar. 3-Big snowstorm. School dismissed at noon. Mar. 4-Entire student body rises at 7:00 A. M., to listen to the radio. Oh boy! No school today in Fairport. Mar. 13-Basketball quarter-finals at Batavia. Train ride and everything. Arcade wins, 29-27. So endeth another basketball season. Mar. 19-Alpha Beta Phi presents a one-act play contest. The Cosmopolitan Club wins. Mar. 20-Victory Ball at East Rochester. Tom Ashby pre- sented the Little Brown Jug to them with genuine regret. Mar. 21-Music festival for vocal groups here. Eats and dancing during 'the noon hour and hundreds of good looking girls. Apr. 2-Easter vacation begins. Mr. Lynch gives inspiring talk in Assembly and Mixed Chorus, in black robes, sings. Apr. 13-School reopens. We're in the home stretch now. Apr. 22-Sorority holds meeting during blackout. Many boys on hand to aid civilian morale. Apr. 23-Honor students announced. Eight of the first ten are boys. Wow! Apr. 28-29-Teachers are busy during afternoons and eve- nings rationing sugar to industrial and commercial establishments. No school afternoons. May 1-Hour Glass goes to press. May 4, 5, 6, 7-Sugar rationing again. No' school afternoons. May 13-Fairport Apple Blossom Queen chosen. June 12-Class Day. The beginning of the end for the Seniors. June 15-19-Regents ! l! June 21-Baccalaureate Sermon. June 23-Commencement. The Seniors go out into the "cold, cold world." 51 C9 mv, R M9 152 9400 5 1 NOW I C EM r-.15 AQ .E KS QQ?-'QQ X X A: 'R Zffgfx : ik ff iiyx v S ZJV bn Over tim e .Ytu dial 'ran , L X XXII! W . 1 'VF' 'Niawnnlwr gn, gun I-mm. in ch' 1 L vawh: L L. 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A CLUB THAT REALLY CLICKS Throughout the school year the Camera Club is kept occupied attempting to learn new and better ways to de- velop and print its films. Under the direction of its adviser, Mr. Harold W. Steinfeldt, it has intensively studied new processes employed in the commercial studios. Several trips have been taken by the club to view these studios under actual working conditions, which give the members an idea of the modern photographic establishment and its method of operation. Hikes are also taken to enable the members to record the picturesque sights of Mother Nature during the change of seasons. Under the careful scrutiny of its officers: Sue Phillips, president, Julius Lerzak, vice-presidentg Ger- trude Ellsworth, secretaryg and Jane Watson, treasurerg the club has put special emphasis on vocational training that will enable its members to aid in the defense of our country by replacing men working in photographic plants so that they may be able to serve with the armed forces of our country. 56 ATTENTION, HOLLYWOOD The Fairport High School Dramatic Club offers an oppor- tunity for pupils with some dramatic talent and leaning to develop along those lines. Its adviser. Mrs. Helen J. Rought, believes that the ability to appear before an audience with some measure of assurance, and the training in meeting the little emergencies which every actor encounters and in keep- ing his head during them, are among the most valuable things a pupil may get from his high school course. This club meets informally two evenings a month and dis- cusses plays, directing, and each otherls acting. Each mem- ber of the club takes part in at least one play each year and many of these plays reach the general public by means of school assemblies, play contests and the like. The club as a whole subscribes for a one-act play magazine which offers numerous suggestions for improving technique as well as furnishing skits and short plays for practice purposes. Because of the individual nature of the work, membership is limited and those who are chosen after the annual fall try-outs feel that a real honor has been conferred upon them. Back row: R, Steubing, Mrs. Rought, M. French, F. Hartigan, J. Brockmyre, P. Cobb. Thl-grdlrolwz R. Humphrey, R. Williams, J. Chapman, L. Whipple, M. Ross, J. Fairchild. . Ia l. Second row: A. Jackson, J. Hutchinson, G. Gillette, M. Marran, V. Kennelly, N. Brown. First row: R. Hill, B. Pierce. J. Deal, A. Martin, J. Foote, W. Hartigan. 57 'French 61116 95' ax q"SYl?o0A, 1N,lcg,, ' owobv y1xQg5Xx0 Y. O 0,1K6YQEe9'3' 3 Yllgvn Yyowetel CJ . Q.. Q. f ao- H Q' Pvcc.g?Ef'g0w ' on 3- laces oX2'6'dxe '-5c'015Ae1. 9, P'g4QxKi0' Mya?-Xl Xe, G' tmq ' G0faQ'fbY3'5 6- Y, Xlwlvv 5.96 5, YMXXQ, v 60650. 'ageqgy .QQXW Q P'5Yc5i2gXx"9. P, 0l5P'Z,g0e' P360 I. C-quo 255 .XEOYVXQA Q, 9' . -5xpQXv owl' YM qu 06. '-at QW ' -A0 Q0 ate f140f25,01?'i1'b'X2KfQQf, 'Qi v,0""fiiV Q. XJQSQI.. 'O e.ax505e' QKIQXKA 'Nia me? 3- 'fgt.Ys3,,e- ' 'W P-- if f"Q1i0v'vCf'v0'E'o 562 9'M+r1'- ' 1 K' vo' FINDING FUN IN FRENCH If you have taken a year of French and want to join this club you probably are eligible. The only requirement is that you are expected to Hparler francais" at the meetings. The activities consist of reading French literature and learning songs in French. They are climaxed by a "grande soiree" to which several members of the faculty are invited. These fortunate UD persons have to think rapidly to preserve their dignity and prestige. Usually they can't, or don't try and everyone has a wonderful time, teachers included. 58 poetry 6016 8254- 1- 6- - S "W: ' 7' JZ11f,.gi7f1tg. jv.-186 Rossi: R I Ragbh J I Q PL?fff'1-tQ?0l1,Clj5p,,, 'pn' -S'. an le L. fugto. a lbw- 8,1-'L USU e 017 1 . , G 0 ' Phi. fre l1,b Ca, J s . ' IV Ol . AIDS 311, S . JI P THEY FIND THE MUSE AMUSING Tired of being turned down by a big impressive club after exhausting competition? Feel frustratedg sure your talents are being wasted? Come to the Poetry Club. There are no entrance require- mentsg no elections of officers. If you have any talents they will be dragged out where everyone can see them. If you think you haven't any, come anyway and you'll get some. There are no strings attached, anyone who has any inclina- tion toward the poetic is welcome. 59 . a. P61106 QQ4. fha ' 11, 'bb Z F S1-S011 1 0 incliHerink." "There comes a time in the life of every young man when ..... " .geniot pfay SEVENTEEN CAST OF CHARACTERS Mr. Baxter .......... ....................... R obert Hall Jane Baxter ............... Williams Sylvanus Baxter .... Johnny Watson ............ May Parcher ............ . Lola Pratt ..... Genesis ...... ' Joe Bullitt ...... Mr. Parcher ...... George Crooper. . . Wallie Banks .... Narrator ...... Director ..... 60 Ethyl Boke ..... ...... Mary Brooks .... . . . . . . .Dorothy Miller Mrs. Baxter ................ ..... E leanor Maine . . . . .Henry Kohl . . .. . . .John Deal . . . . .Alice Jackson . . . .Barbara Pierce Robert Hockenbury . . . . . .Andy Martin . . . . . .Richard Hill . . . .George Wagner Marjorie Marran .Theresa Battistoni Frank Hartigan . . . . . . .Joyce Foote . .... Mrs. Rought "Big bruvvers don't like music." SEN IORS REVIVE OLD FAVORITE The story of "Seventeen" is simple and well adapted to a school play. Also it is well known to most people. Since Booth Tarkington wrote it some time ago, some of the dialogue had to be changed for modern presentation. The plot consists of the interest aroused in a small town by a most attractive young lady who turns out to be a gold-c digger in a small way. The hero is the Henry Aldrich type who is hit hardest by the fair visitor. His search for evening clothes and his attempts' to out-fox his little sister provide many laughs. His chief rival in the beginning is Joe Bullitt, because Johnny Watson is loyal to May Parcher, his steady girlg but the two rivals' sympathies are merged when George Crooper appears with a total-lack of ethics which seems to please Madame Butterfly immensely. In the end she drifts on to new fields where the men have more money and more sophistication. She is very congenial during her stay and gives her young suitors every encouragement but does not commit herself in any way and obviously feels no pangs on leaving. 61 Mrs. Rought in action Back row: F. Beato, M. Walls, Mr. Schworm, B. Robson, Miss Edgcunibe, D. Laird, R. Hockenbury. Front row: I. Ackerman. B. Pierce. E. Robinson. M. Steffen. BUSINESS STUDENTS TAKE STATE HONORS To Fairport High School's commercial department has come state-wide recognition. As a result, a row of five trophies adorns the window sill of the typewriting room. Mr. Edward K. Schworm and Miss Jean Edgcumbe, comf mercial instructors, have given a great deal of spare time giving extra instruction' in shorthand and typewriting to those students who showed unusual skill in these subjects. In the state contest last year Barbara Pierce placed first and Robert Hockenbury placed fourth in the open event for which only those who can type over sixty Words a minute are eligible. In the Class B contest for first year pupils, Marion Steffen placed first and Erminnie Robinson placed second. In the state shorthand contest Imogene Ackerman p'Cl32ufl71l12'Z.4 Shorthand queen took first place with a perfect score. As teams, Fairport took first in typewriting and second in shorthand. The typing champs To the victor .... the spoils 62 Q- ff M f 4, X X' g K, fn- f -X. :-" T!! V-S-ig, 5- . --,-.-g,-L,,,,i- . 1 . 5 .3 X X 'cl X X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X X LMYA the .ghatpf and Wai! l Buck row: M. Ross, IC. Aldridge, L. Whipple, L. Young, Joyce Fisk, J. Yacono, R. Bundsvhuh. .I. Foote. Second row: R. Hall, lf. Iioato. G, Brooks, T. Ashby, R. Wilson, G. Phillips. Front row: B. Laznrson, J. llart, L. Sorgi, B. Robson, Jeanette Fisk, T. Daurizio. THERE'S A SONG IN THE AIR Every year Miss Genevieve Watson, music instructress, picks from the best of the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs sev- eral who combine to form the Mixed Chorus. This organiza- tion makes several public appearances each year and climaxes the year with the annual Spring Festival at which it has always earned a high rating. The Mixed Chorus meets during the seventh period Fridays and, like all other musical organizations, gives school credit, though its mem- bers feel that their real reward comes in the pleasure and the excellent training which they receive. 65 bled 6401115 MARJORIE WALLS, Accompanist MISS WATSON, Director Back row: J. Dunham, J. DeLand, P. Dancy, M. Sozio, E. Babcock, A. Murphy, M. Steffen J Hummel J Hutchinson, R. Humphrey, M. Gardner, K. Hess, B. Patterson. Tlfl i 2 D. Millei, G. Ellsworth, F .Battistoni, B. Ellsworth, L. Young lrr row B M Donald, R. Rohr, L. Coffee, D. Dodge, R. Bundschuh, L. Whipple, J. Chapman, . ac M. Jabaut. Second row: M. Allyn, J. Hart, C. Pierce, E. Dinse, L. Sorgi, A. Jackson, B. Smith E. Ditmas, H. Chesbro, V. Steffen, N. Detro. First row: I. Bastian, J. Eldridge, Jeanette Fisk, T. Porecca, J. Foote, E. Aldridge R. Bushart, N. Bowman, M. Rinebold, M. Ross, D. Smith, J. Brockmyre, Joyce Flskz J. Elliott. y QU: 'glee gfud THE MELODY LINGERS ON Our Girls' Glee Club has given us many memorable per- formances during assemblies in which they have partici- pated from time to time throughout the year. Mr. Carroll Vance is in charge of keeping their voices in trim and he does an excellent job. This is shown by the high rating re- ceived at the regional Music Festival each year. This year, our glee clubs played host to the county festival. Some members of the glee club have been chosen for added honors as members of a sextette which has also made many public appearances. BARBARA PIERCE Accompanist 1 l la. a p J ele. A , J . 4 so ..i. 1 f iilliffl I . i.ii ' fill A W V ' V. W 'L ' icii A-ai "'l" 'ii- f f T 'illli 19 "l Li 'i'l 1 il ...il.. -,.l 5 7 ll'io". l.ll1 i'k',Lk7 I A ,k,' -fV' K ,.lx lfy K ,. L-., .Ev--k . .1 - , :ii 1 .':1 .jgr .7.-l: 66 til r'fff1JJft1W-flftf g 'WWJJ !0y.'f' WEE SET THE WILD ECHOES RINGING Any lingerers in the halls during the seventh period may be entertained free of charge if they pick the right day. The boys in Fairport's male glee club will be doing the en- tertaining in their usual hearty manner. There is some- thing especially cheerful about a deep rousing chorus and these boys under the able direction and instruction of Miss Genevieve Watson, seem to give forth deep rousing choruses with unusual gusto. This group puts on assembly programs during the year and participates in the annual Music Fes- tival competition where it always stands high. Miss Watson has picked a sextette from the Glee Club which joins with the sextette of girls in rendering special entertainment on occasions of celebration. Back row: D. Ranncy, T. Erbland, M. French, Ii. Malcolm, D. Harris, J. Harm-s, . R s - MARJORIE XVALLS Ci. Wagner, . htcubmg, T. Ashby, J. Dual, R. Dudley, R. Williams, R. Hall, Miss Watson. Accompanist Front row: S. VAnsuini. G. Brooks, I". BL-zito, M. Evans, F. King. T. llaurizio, T. liar- tolotta, R. Wilson, D. Smith, J. Yacono, V. Battistoni, M. Walls. V isz ' VIOLINS: T. Daurizio, C. Beck, B. Robson, P. Phillips, T. Erbland, D. Reus, R. Young. PIANO: J. Burke. TROMBONES: T. Ashby, R. Hall, L. Klcinhenz. TRUMPETS: W. Lewis, D. Snyder, F. King, G. Wagner. CLARINETS: J Deal, G. Brooks, J. Barnes M. Evans, V. Granger. FLUTE: P. Dodge. SAXOPHONES: N. Tira- liorelli,'S. Ansuini. DRUM: D. Fonzi. CELLO: G. Phillips. FROM MARCHES T0 MINUETS The high school orchestra plays its part in making our school programa well-rounded one. It plays for some of our assemblies and also some of our public functions. It gives an opportunity to some of the students who play stringed or other instruments which are not suited to the band. The orchestra takes part every year in the LeRoy music festival and the rating which is usually received bears Wit- ness to the excellence of Miss Watson's direction and the ability of the players. Their repertoire includes music of many types but most OTCAGJ tta MISS WATSON Director 'Q '.., :sf of it is chosen with the idea of giving the orchestra mem- f bers an acquaintance with and an appreciation for the finer things in music. ts A F -- " X . i.i'e i ..'r'Q .i gs i..e -- j -- g 68 , M 1 e ""' P li mi:-'n --' . 'l1?l . J . , I .1 Ii ,, . . X. fend MR. VANCE Director FROM SCHUBERT T0 SOUSA Every student has the opportunity, if he chooses, to re- ceive free instruction in playing some musical instrument. Mr. Vance, who offers this instruction, uses most of the talent thus developed in the high school band or the junior band. Thus both of these groups are thriving organizations with some members who started their musical careers while in the elementary school. The band plays for high school assemblies and school entertainments, marches in parades and in many ways contributes a full share to the life of the community. Those who are learned in such matters say that Fairport is rep- resented by a band with few equals in the high school ranks. a band which is directed by a man with a wide reputation for excellence in such affairs. Back row: S. Ansuini, J. Seaman, VV. MacDonald, R. Chesbro, T. Porrcca, R. Barranco, D. Rzinncy, B. Patterson, D. Smith. Third row: N. Tiraborelli, J. Fisk, A. Murphy, L. Coffee, J. Deliand, T. Daurizio J. Elclrcdgc, F. Wochncr, R. Caler. F. King, L. Kleinhenz, R. Hall, C. Pierce, H. Chesbro, T. Ashby, B. MacDonald, P. Wood. Second row: J. Barnes, A. Jackson, A. Wood, J. Chapman, B. Pierce, J. Alles V. Granger, R. Koehler, R. Bushart, E. Dinse, J. Yacono. Front. row: J. Deal, N. Detro, G. Brooks, R. Ward, P. Dodge, D. Dodge, C. Beck J. Hutchinson, B. Smith. G. Wagner, C. Emery, W. Lewis: 1 v -uigawgg .mf -Q -- .,: 4 gram afotetted . ab-"9" .X XIX Left to right: B. Schubert, J. Hart, J. Fisk, H. Hugo, H. Chesbro, J. Hutchinson. '70 ,,W.VwW W Www-1 5 , ,. , ' -b- C-NUM fmNem5 ptoudfy pblafayecf 4...-11 l l p I Top row: R. Stefubing, H. Pzirkison, G. Valentine. G. Wixsom. Svcuiiml row: W. Abigail, E. Lazerson, N. Tiralsort-lli, V. Konnclly, lfront row: T. Ashby, R. Williams, S. Ansuini. In rt 'Nil 'Nl Finn Ailxi LI Q,., Fmanucl l.azcrson ..... l'rcsi4lcnt llowziwl Vzirkison. . .Vicc--prvsiiloiit K oorgv Wixsom ........ Su'i'vtz1i'y I'l minus Ashby .... Trczisurel' l'l vg, , . . WEARERS OF THE "F" When we analyze the power that makes our school func- tion, we must not overlook the catalytic effect of the various social clubs. One of the oldest and most respected of these is the Block F Club. This organization derives its membership from those boys who have won their varsity letter, maintained a satisfactory grade of scholarship, and are outstanding in school citizen- ship. By holding tea dances and distributing "pep" ribbons, these boys make their good influence felt among us. 73 Top row: K. Maine, J. Burke, M. Spcrino, R. Ebcrts, G. Brooks, F. Hartigzjan. Second row: G. King, J. Kenney, S. Ansuini. L. DeRisio. First row: R. Barranco, R. Dudley F. Delegzwardia, R. Williams. v WEARERS OF THE SHIELD The Alpha lleta Phi is a social club with an ideal. To do the most for others, to do all in their power for the school, and to have a good time doing it, is the guiding purpose of this organization. Fourteen boys are proud to display the red and blue shield on their sweaters and jackets. The interest shown by the ever-growing circle of' alumni testify to the hold which this fellowship has on its members. 74 Inset: Mr. Bl.ll'tOIl, Adviser. Salvatore Ansuini ..... Presidents Raymond Williams Floyd Delegwardia.Vice-presidents Kenneth Maine Frank Hartigan ...... Secretaries Lewis DeRisio Russell Barranco ...... Treasurer John Burke ...Sergeants-at-Arms Michael Sperino .4-av rr 1. j xfs' 2 .s .- . ,. 4,9 Wm 6, P Q 4 eff! ,1" ' Q, M .fur A . .. if 2 3' -A Fw :ff ,JM - V QT T ,JV-f ,nf M1 ff .4 11' , 'Q ,. tri? N Inset: Miss Fortmiller, Advisgfs Ss I T Q 'fi 45, VL. ..- . 1--v .Q Q xv 'K as Q5 Evelyn Salmon ....,... President Joyce Fisk ........ Vice-president Susie Mammoccio ...... Secretary Dorothy Laird ......... Treasurer 9 ff' . X ffl!! fx yf' 4 if Y M , Eff' ff a e . f"L I .9 J , J- f 1 , . Top row: EliiAs,ijJ. Hummel, A. Barram-.eig'L. Bartolottfrf, M. Riz- zo, S. Mapamoccio, G. Ellsworth, Joyce Fisk, A. Murphy. 447 Second row: B,,Williams,'J. Hart, H. Chesbro, H. Hugo, E. Salmon, X P. Grabb, R. Busharty, ., First row: E. Stolt,,J'i'DeI.nnd, D. ' Laird, J. Elrh-edge. Jeanette Fisk, E. Aldridge, N. Hass, N. Cobb, G. Phillips: WEARERS or THE DOUBLEbf'C"i Another of the social groups in the morale-building de- partment is an alert, attractive organization known as the Cosmopolitan Club. The blue and white shield on the bright blue sweater has come to signify the friendliness and help- fulness of its wearer. Its activities are varied. They include baked food sales, teas, parties, and many other things which tend to bind the members closely in bonds of friendship. 75 Top row: M. Steffen. lfourth row: J. Foote, J. Brockmyre, D. Smith. Third row: P. Dancy, R. Rohr, R. Humphrey. M. Jabaut. fi Second row: D. Miller, M. Ross, M. Lareau, N. Bowman, C. Whipple, L. Whipple. First row: G. Gillette, R. Caler, A. Jackson, N. Detro, V. Steffen, B. Smith, H. Matz. Circle: Mrs. Topping, Adviser. WEARERS OF THE PURPLE Many types of young American womanhood are blended into one charming group in the Sigma Chi Delta. We find among its members outstanding athletes, students, musi- cians, and dramatic stars as well as some less prominent, though no less worthy members whose contribution to school and sorority life is just as valuable if less spectacular. Their varied activities include tea dances and other social functions to add zest to the life in our school. 76 Alice Jackson . . . .... President Barbara Smith .. .... Secretary Marion Steffen . . . . .Treasurer Dorothy Miller .. .... Scribe l g We X l J i., - .L-..- ,, ll ' II i n '1'f""E""'V0IHIllHill W Z I 5 E 'J -A i 1 fi E .1 5 5 i I 5 P1 5 ,, el 1 H S ! fi 5 E 2 5 3 66 2221214215 VARSITY R. Hall, J. Brockmyre, M. Phillips, F. Beato. In Triangle: Miss Donk. Adviser. JUNIOR VARSITY J. Prescott, C. Lorson, M. Beato, M. Phillips, V. Battistoni R. Rohr. 79 Q M Coach McGinn DeRisio Ansuini I DiR1sio Ashby Hill Benschneider Holter A. Bennett Jordan G. Bennett Kishbaugh Bieler Kohl Bills Laird Burke Lazerson Costello LeFrois Delegwardia MacDonald Nick off on a reverse 'Tootdaff Woody boots one PIGSKIN PARADE As the dog days of August slip into September, and the storewindows bloom with a profusion of pencils, rules, and tablets, our thoughts turn, each year, to football and the coming interscholastic season. In the fall of 1941 we, as usual, returned to school wondering if we could beat East Rochester and the rest of the league. On the credit side of the ledger was the fact that Captain Ansuini and Manny Lazerson were back in school for center and end positions respectively and there was an experienced quartet of backfield men in Wood, Delegwardia, Tiraborelli, and Parkison. Add to this the well-known Fairport spirit and, the optimists claimed, the championship was as good as won. On the other hand, Coach McGinn was new in Fairport, he was unacquainted with the boys' abilities, and they with his methods. Also, five positions on the line Were left vacant by graduation. The season opened under lights at Perry, and Fairport looked impressive in rolling up fourteen points while Perry connected .with a last minute desperation pass to gain six. VARSITY Backfield: N. Tiraborelli. Wood Parkison, H. Tiraborelli. Line: Williams, Steubing, DiRisio Kohl, Ansuini, Sperino, Lazer- SOH. Murphy N. Tiraborelli L 3 3 Parkison Valentine Peck Van Bortle Pierce Williams Schradargl - 1 S011 A loss at the hands of Lyons the next week restored our Soles perspective, however, as a big and tough Lyons team beat Wood us' 13'7' Sperino Irondequoit was fated to win the next week. With no Hartigan desire to take credit from a well-drilled and able group of . players, we can say that Fortune's smiles were not on us Steer Fairchild that day. But on the next two week-ends we defeated i Brighton and Webster without too much difficulty. Steublfag After dropping a non-league game to LeRoy, we traveled ropp to East Rochester for the climax game of the season. The H. Tiraborelli weather had been rainy for a week and Eyer Field, never B'-'ck too well drained, was a quagmire. After five minutes of the Brien game it was impossible to distinguish which team a player was on by his jersey. In this sea of mud the East Rochester destroyer sank the Fairport cruiser, 13-0. But things look bright for next year. In several games the Coach put in the second string as a unit. Each time they pushed over a touchdown and added the extra point. Sam Ansuini, Floyd Delegwardia, and Henry Kohl were chosen for the mythical All-County team to bring the season to a fitting close. SUMMARY Fairport Opponent 14 Perry 6 7 Lyons 12 0 Irondequoit 13 13 Brighton 0 20 Webster 6 6 LeRoy 20 0 East Rochester 13 Coach McGinn Captain Ansuini Manager Hartigan fadletfaf VARSITY Tiraborelli Lazerson Kenney Ansuini Wood Dudley Williams Barranco Parkison DiRisio Bown Hill JUNIOR VARSITY Back row: Cobb Santini, Bennetl: Costello Hammond, Fake Trew, Aparo Bartolotta, Bills Front row: Wagor VanBort1e, Holter Valentine Fairchild Kishbaugh Jordan, Burke Maine, Sperino Steubing 82 COUNTY CHAMPS Only the most rabid of rooters expected a championship team when the 1941-42 edition of Fairport's basketball squad took the iioor for their first game. Graduation had riddled the ranks of a team which, during the year before could manage no more than a tie for second place in the Monroe County League. Captain Bill Williams and Ralph Wood were the only veterans remaining. When Captain Williams contracted pneumonia, what slight hope we had seemed to fade. Three straight losses in succession were suffered, although, fortunately, only one of them was a league game. During all this time, Coach McGinn experimented with his line-up and after these three losses Fairport started their victory skein which continued unbroken in league games until the final game of the season. It is not the in- tention of the staff to go into detail about the different games of the season but we feel that a thumbnail sketch of some of the players might be more to the point in a book of this kind. Captain Williams was the high scorer of the team despite the fact that he was out of the line-up for several games while he was ill. He was an inspiring floor leader whose shiftiness, agility, and eye for the basket made him "the man to be watched" on the Fairport squad. At the close of the season, he was honored with appointment to the All- County teams prepared by both Rochester newspapers. Ralph Wood was the steadying force on the team. He scored moderately but his work off the backboard and his ball-handling made him especially valuable. He handled ap- proximately one-third of the passes and during the illness of Captain Williams kept his green teammates from going to pieces. He was also named on both All-County teams. Jack Kenney was the "dead-eye" of the club. When the opponents crept up in the closing minutes of the game, Fair- port would pass the ball to Jack and rely on his trusty accuracy for two more -points. Jack was given second team All-County mention. Dick Hill provided the height and his long arms inter- cepted many a pass while his long legs, which carried him with deceptive speed, made it possible to clear the backboard ahead of the opponents who sought the ball. Russ Barranco, the only regular on the team who is not a Senior, was a fioor man extraordinary. He darted about the court knocking down passes and throwing the passwork of the opponents into confusion. Many coaches feel that the sixth man on a team is their most valuable player since he can replace any man who is not up to par, and since whether or not an injury or sick- ness disrupts a team depends on him. Nick Tiraborelli had this role and he deserves much credit for the way he acquit- ted himself in it. Russ, Nick, and Dick all received honor- able mention from those who planned the All-County team. To Coach McGinn, who piloted our team to a county championship in his first year at Fairport, go our congratu- lations and our appreciation. He is a fine coach and a fine friend to all. 83 Going up SUMMARY Fairport Opponent 14 Churchville 12 21 Sodus 27 24 Brighton 25 21 Monroe 42 25 Irondequoit 22 32 Webster 25 23 Sodus 30 41 Brockport 40 31 Spencerport 19 30 East Rochester 27 30 Brighton 26 42 Irondequoit 21 36 Webster 18 37 Brockport 29 39 Spencerport 32 30 East Rochester 33 27 Arcade 29 Manager Ward Coach McGinn Captain Williams pmkn L-eiv. Manager BMX, Co-C-aphakn Yaivfxson, Yixgnv. 'Yne canmixns dexnonstt-me baton-na 'ld-C Go-Ca sskng. Psihbg . 'LQY 500 . PLQWDNJ . 0 hkne, N . Mat c'nXoXk. 'Y Erbmnd, YZ. La gner, R. YNnXkaqns. -aio L. 9eRX-ako, T. , ennewg, NX. Spefkn V'aXen Xcokn, . G Wa F Be , - XJ .Ys B-ack town 3. Burke, 5. Bowan, G. Yonwn tow: R. Tvew, XN. Mxkgan, L. Nia 'Ynkvd vow -. D. Stkner, N11.NXacDonaXA, L. Gown, . Second row: 3. Lemak, 3. YLXXXQW, PM Yi-den, R. NNkXeon, . YH-an row '. C..BecXQ, R V-anDosen N. 'YXm'ooteXXX, 3 . Scntadex, H. Yarxakeon. 84 Left : Comin Rigb E : g into He so the 120516 stretch ars through the air . . . . . . THEY BURN UP me TRACK Left: Ri Quick ge glzt: M ta wa alcolln puts tbg .V shot 35 l : P l BUSH LEAGUERS PROVIDE BIG-TIME THRILLS The after school basketball games between teams repre- senting boys of the four classes may not have been quite so well attended as the regular high school games, but the par- ticipants were fully as enthusiastic. In fact they were too enthusiastic in a few cases. The games were staged Monday and Wednesday after- noons after the regular basketball season closed. They gave those boys who like to play but were unable to make the team, a chance. The Senior team, led by Wixsom, Stelluto, LaPietra, and King, and supported by a large number of reserves, won the tournament fairly easily. The Freshmen had a scrappy team with Herbie Gropp carrying the ball. The Juniors and Sophomores were big and tough also. Nevertheless, the Seniors were undefeated throughout the series. Coach McGinn gave his support to the program and players from the varsity team served as officials. Ping pong and baseball tournaments also proved to be a great source of thrills and amusement. 86 Kaya' .gnttamuzafs Above: Basketball Below: Softball Ping pong git!! Hfhlmb uoczk tion Left to right: A. Jackson, E. Stolt, G. Phillips, J. DeLand, M. Stef- fen, L. Sperino, J. Prescott, R. Rohr, M. Beato, Miss Donk. Lady Victory 1 . ,al i it THE BOARD OF STRATEGY An effective athletic program demands an efficient organ- ization behind the scenes. With this in mind, the staff of officers listed below have been chosen to administer the athletic activities of Fairport's feminine world. The group pictured on this page, acting as representatives of the en- tire association, decide such things as changes in point quotas for awards, and the Winner of the Lady Victory trophy. i Alice Jackson, .... ......... P resident Jean DeLand .... .... V ice-president Mary Beato ...... ............ S ecretary Gertrude Phillips . . . ............. Treasurer Marion Steffen .... ..... S enior Representative Ruth Rohr ...... ........ J unior Representative Joan Prescott .... ..... S ophomore Representative Louise Sperino .. ...Freshman Representative 87 VARIETY ADDS SPICE TO GIRLS' ATHLETIC PROGRAM A good athletic program in any school includes not only the organized team games but also those activities which the student can continue with one or two associates in his life after graduation. Miss Donk, physical education in- structor for girls at Fairport High School, has kept this in mind and has planned the program to this end. As a result girls not only gain a knowledge of the fundamental skills of basketball, but also an appreciation and liking for ping pong ,arp:hery, badminton and folk dancing. Each year the girl judged by a committee of faculty and students to be outstanding in sportsmanship and athletic ability receives a golden trophy much coveted by her school- mates, the Lady Victory. 88 .gn ttamutaff i Above: Folk dancing Below: Ping pong Badminton POINTS AND AWARDS The Monroe County Girls' Athletic Point System is as follows: Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Dancing, Hiking, Soccer, Hit Pin, Tennis, Volley Ballg attendance at each counts five points, For lst pace .................... 20 points For 2nd place ................... 10 points For 3rd place ................... 5 points At the end of each year awards are given as follows: Class numerals ................. 125 points Felt "F" ....................... 200 points Monogram . . . ..... 300 points Chenille "F" . ..... 400 points Silver cup . . . .... 3500 points 89 FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM Helen Matz Barbara Pierce Joyce Brockmyre , A Mary Phillip? , Alice Jackson Circle: Mlss Donk Margaret Phillips Edith Stolt Nancy MOSS Nancy Detro Betty Patt6l'SOIl Jean DeLand Patsy, Grabb Caroline Whipple THE BEST Each year at the close of the basketball season, the mem- bers of the Girls' Athletic Association meet and ballot for the six girls outstanding in sportsmanship and athletic ability. This group is known as the Honor Team. 90 Qfficial Photographer FAIRPORT SENIOR CLASS We MOSER STUDIO, Inc. 27 Clinfon Avenue Norfh ROCHESTER, N. Y. DUDLEY LUMBER CO., Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL Phone Fairporf 52 E796 E59 my f 6-2 fi i s ,f6 Mr. Mercnam: The eyes of jhe community would be on your ad --if if had been in This book. IVlcBride's Store Groceries, Wallpaper and Paint N. MAIN ST. PHONE I93 CompIimenIs of A L J E N S E N ' S HARDWARE Phone 3I2-J Fairpor+ THE BEST OF LUCK TO YOU The Finest Work From Us Upholstering of Quality ANTIQUES REPAIRED AND REFINISHED Phone 181 A. E. DeVOE Fairport, N. Y. 55 S. Mam St Compliments of ' 9 A F R I E N D Compliments of FRANK CHURCHILL PHONE 119 F-AIRPORT Your ROTARY ROTA-ZOL DEALER Fairport Ne Compliments of TEM PLE THEATER Compliments of FAIRPORT MOTORS Youre BUICK DEALER 38 West Ave. Phone Fairport National Banlc and Trust Company FAIRPORT, N. Y. l-,T i nsur nc Member Federal Depost I a e Corporation 93 B R A M E R ' S Rexall Sfore on Ihe Corner PHONE I O CompIImenI's of A. L. KROLICK FAIRPORT OPTICAL co. Compliments of STOLT'S MARKET Phone 185 27 STATE ST. FAIRPORT WANDA DARROHN'S BEAUTY SHOP 7 N. Main Street Phone I43-I J. M. BAHLER H A R D W A R E G. E. REFRIGERATORS G. E. ELECTRIC RANGES G. E. RADIOS Wear Avenue Phone 34 THE ELIVIS Complimenfs of CAS OIL FAIRPORT HOTEL Lunches ANTONAKIS BROS. Cabins Corner of Fairport and Palmyra Rd. O 94 MRS. SMITH W. BILLS FLOWERS POR ALL OCCASIONS An adVe"fiSemenf TNS WaY WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS brings customers to stay. Advertise in werin Plan s in Se s n no " ' ' 0 THE HOUR cuxss Phone 80 I23 High St. Fairport ONE STOP - AND YOUR GIFT WORRIES VANISH ADAMS DRESS 81 GIFT SHOP 30 S. Main Street Fairport BASTIAN BROS. CO. n ROCHESTER, N. Y. Manufacturers of High School Class Rings and Engraved Commencement Announcements Write for Free Catalog of Emblems for High School Clubs WM. R. TIEFEL, District Manager Bryant Shoe Repair 21 West Ave. Fairport Sinamus 6' Beck, Inc. Famous Reading Anthracite 32 HIGH ST. PHONE IO4 Compliments ot FAI RPORT BARBERS' ASSOCIATION C. E. French L. R. Reed R. I. Ferris 1. Fiandach F. Pomponio C-. Smith 1. Rambo Complimenis of Advertise in "SERVICE Fairporfs Weekly Magazine Gazley Printing Co. DR. c. J. WHITNEY FMRPORT MERCHANTS Fairpori New York - Mr Advertise! Complimenfs of COMSTOCK CANNING CORP. EGYPT, NEW YORK QUALITY EDRY CLEANERS FREE CALL a DELIVERY SERVICE TELEPHONE I09 5 SOUTH MAIN S THAT REFRESHING SANDWICH BORDEN'S ICE CREAM We Make 'Em You Ea'r 'Em CompIimen'rs of ELLIOTT R. ,FISK COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 5 I L V E R ' S Family Shoe Store U ADAMS HATS MEN'S FURNISHINCS B:ILV,:'gh'gS Icgie I 9 412 I, 1, I FAIRPORT CO"'P'me"+S 0 U CANDY KITCHEN DON MALCCLM 5 ICE CREAM - CANDIES - LUNCHES SERVICE STATION Phone 438 Fairporl l I RED and WHITE STORE MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FREE DELIVERY TELEPHONE 442-443 HMDWIICG FlESSlNl l?3 C000 IIINJC. JEWELRY FOR I I--AT" 221323. MANUFACTURING JEWEIERS 'TMI .ZZ CLUBS. zvc. ITC- 623 PORTLAND AVE. ROCHESTER, N, Y, O , I HARLOFF'S . . ChampIon Kmtwear Co., Inc MILK and ICE 71-75 ST. PAUL STREET PHONE IBO FAIRPORT RQCI-IESTER, N, Y, OUTFITTERS TO , Schools, Clubs, Teams Comphmenls of jackets, Sweaters. Sporting Goods PHIL. RUBENSTEINR-School Representat e I 97 O FIRE and AUTO K I N Q ' 5 ' N 5 U R A N C E QUALITY GROCERY Undef Dividgying Policies MEMS - GROCERIES - FRUITS 1 vegmbles - ice Cream eeo. H. wlLsoN GAS and O'L Open Evenings and Sundays Phone 2' Herald Mail Bldg' Fairporf Rd.. cor. Jefferson Ave. AMERICAN CAN CO One-Third fhe Cos? of Publishing This Book Has been paid by our Adveriisers. Have you Thanked fhem? Pa+ronize Our Adverfisers 98 , QW7' Q izigara linrurrmtg ' C COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION "o . 19 Rochester Division Anr'IOUl'1Cir1g a 2-2f3 YEAR PROGRAM OF STUDIES FOR MEN and WOMEN-LEADING to the DEGREES of Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Science in Commercial Education Bachelor of Science in Economics Day Division Courses Include: Evening Division Courses Include: Law Philosophy Law, Taxation, Typing English Management Industrial Organization Shorthand Accounting Finance Salesmanship C. P. A. Review Ethics Education Auditing Accounting Spanish History Methods of Education Economics of War Latin America History BEGINNING IN IUNE For Information Write: THE REGISTRAR, NIAGARA UNIVERSITY 50 CHESTNUT ST. MAIN IIZ4 Go Nash Fairport 4I 8 Compliments of COMPLETE SERVICE C H R I S T E L ' S DIBBLE SALES 8i SERVICE OF FAIRPORT Wesley Dibble ISO N. Main Beauty Parlor O 99 Compliments ot FRANK SCOVILLE MEATS AND GROCERIES PHONE l2O THE FAIRPORT HAT SHOPPE 42 West Avenue E. P. CARPENTER, Prop. Compliments of 1. D. BUNYAN FLORIST Phone I94 Fairport SPORTING AUTO GOODS SUPPLIES ci UI' G A U T O S U P P L Y BICYCLE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES GOODS s,e,i,, Nw, mm, - Classes begin new offered include JULY 6 -Ar ARMY OFFICE SEP1. Q ADMINISTRATION 'I' FIRSTAID I. MILTON MCMAHON Incorporated PURINA FEEDS 22 HIGH ST. PHONE I05 ir CIVIL SERVICE Instead of accepting wmnor em rar .. ea en .. young people are choosing RBI as their stepping stone to REAL ortunity in Defense Industry. age trains quickly, thoroughly! II E G I S T E II N 0 W ! COTTAGE HOTEL Famous for Spaghetti DINE DANCE Compliments of a F R I E N D Compliments of FAI RPORT BOWLING HALL I 9 West Avenue More prospective customers can be reached by the printed page than by any other means. Advertise in THE HOUR GLASS Compliments ot A FRIEND Compliments of Dr. M. E. DoVideo DENTIST Our Good Work Will Win Your Good Will O Home of Exclusive PURITANIZED LAUNDERI NG O Style-Control ZORIC DRY CLEANING I U. S. Gov't. Approved, Air-Conditioned F U R STORAGE 0 CRESCENT-PURITAN 1630 DEWEY AVE., ROCHESTER, GLENWOOD 860 Compliments ot THE ROSE DAIRY Telephones 9i3F2, 9i3Fe FAIRPORT Compliments ot HARRY F. VAN HORN FUNERAL DIRECTOR Compliments ot TEMPLE SWEET SHOP Temple Bldg. 1' o N Y ' s ' T SHOE SHINE. SHOE REPAIRING HAT CLEANING North Main Fairport COMPLIMENTS OF BILL PETERS R A L P H ' S SERVICE STATION II South Main Compliments of The C-reen Lantern Inn Compliments of CHRISTINE M. MABRY INSURANCE H. L. STEFFEN 81 SONS INC. LAUNDERED P. 6. R. COAL ROCHESTER G. G E. COKE IOHN LUCAS PAINTS and WALL PAPERS 0 l?!w7WM Compliments of A 'FRIEND COM PLI MENTS OF CLYDE E. KELSEY COMPLIMENTS OF SUGAR BOWL O COM PLl MENTS OF HARLOW B. WH EELER and 29 MORE THOMAS L' WHEELER local merchants recognize the value of Compliments of student patronage. Look for their ads ROBERT SAYLES STORE in these pages. MEN'S 81 BOYS' OUTFITTERS TRY OUR HOME-MADE RICE CREAM and CUSTARDS specialties of THE PARKSIDE DAIRY East Rochester g Phone 35 AGENCY ESTABLISHED 1903 GEORGE A. SLOCUIVI AGENCY ' INCORPORATED GENERAL INSURANCE TELEPHONE 286 FIRE RENTS BONDS ACCIDENT HEALTH FAIRPORT, NEW YORK CHECK FORGERY BURGLARY COMPENSATION wiND STORM AUTOMOBILE PARCEL POST PLATE GLASS Q O C. C. ROC-ERS-Optometrist 4 Examination of Eyes 97 CHURCH ST. FAlRPORT Come to , Good eyesight is priceless S A X T O N S Department Store - for - Compliments of Dry Goods, Notions DRQ- J. W. WELCH Giftwares and Greeting Cards O 103 IVICCON N ELL'S DAIRY Ice Cream and Dairy Products PITTSFORD NEW YORK Phone Fairpori' 349 Minor Repairs Free AII Work Guaranfeed Laundry and Neckfie Service DE LUXE CLEANERS DRY CLEANING - PRESSING ALL KINDS REMODELING 5 Nor+h Main Opposi+e Cerfo PRI-NZIVALLI BROS. SUPER MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES We Deliver TeIepInone 39I - 392 FAIRPORT GAS AND OIL CO. Wholesale and Refail FAIRPORT, N. Y. Phone I00 NORLU PRESS PRINTING OF QUALITY 16 Barnum St. Fairport Phone 77 " We SeII for Less" S H U F F P O N T I A C 70 N- Main 5I'eeI NEW AND USED CARS FairPOrI U ' 0 JAMES BARRANCO Men's Furnishings and Shoes ' PHONE 246-R 32 NORTH MAIN Complimenis of A F R I E N D This is the Fifth "Hour Glass" produced by Easton Associates COMPLIMENTS OF e: l63 St. Paul St. Phcne: Main 3034 ios: 231 Hurstbourne Phone: Culver 646 ROCHESTER, N. Y. 0 O Have you ever heard of anyone failing in business because he advertised? C- A S ALSO PLAYS ITS PART NATIONAL DEFENSE ROCHESTER GAS and ELECTRIC CORP. Compliments of RAYMOND J. LEE C-lo - Brite Coal and Coke Rochester Fuel Cr Feed Co. 34 High Street PHONE 22 E. M. CRICHTON, Mg Complimems of Hours 9-6 Phone 321-W R. CLINTON EMERY PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP and CLAUDE W. EMERY P 1 WEST AVENUE FAIRPORT POPULARITY PLUS l Four Hundred copies of this book were printed for a high school registration of 360-positive proof of its student appeal. 0 A 0 Compliments Ol L A S H HUPP MOTORS, Inc. AND FORD- MERCURY - LINCOLN ADAMS 92 S.MainS+, Fairport N Y FAIRPORT NEW YORK HAPCFS FOOD STORES, INC. Self Serve C-ROCERI ES - MEATS C. Kriel l- Malone We Deliver 9 O Prepare lor Your C0mPllmenl5 of C A R E E R At the . SCHOOL OF COMMERCE ARTHUR SALMON 362 East Ave. Rochester. N. Y. D R Y 0 106 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRI END COMPLIMENTS OF HOSELTON 'S CHEVROLET Greefings from THE HERALD-MAIL FAIRPORT O O DEPEND ON US FOR STANDARD DRUGS AT LCWEST PRICES WAGOR DRUG CO. 28 S. MAIN-FAIRPORT "blue coal" L IE B ' s and ELECTRIC BAKERY Semgffllvay TELEPHONE 216 FAIRPORT PHONE 316 DEWEY JACKSON 107 , We To all our Advertisers and Friends go the collective thanks and good wishes of nearly 400 students and faculty for the material aid which has made this book possible. We are sure that through the vears to come our appreciation will be shown in many ways. WWSWIQ,-, mm fl 108 .f 0.-1, YM, W ' 231, f"' LF' Q , , ., ' , 5156: ,. -ey R 'NN X NNE -X -I 1 '5 'i 3 l--1, .l g ."x".'7'W . ..'-p A ,I If . -.. .1 f - rf 1-l.:.g.,. -1- X . I X . X X 5. X A.. gy.-- ' .,...,: IJ-. 'I 1 f,s,-'-,- 1.- , , .,, , , , '.'r- ' f . fu v.f',2-ap - V H-,V --1. . . ' S., ' .N ,.f'f1.-.pu . Z".-'3J.'-425' '3- .'? .-1--fLIf'f'!'am. -.. .1 '3..' Z. ' .'. .21 ' :'5.-'Ex-5 "I C7 fix' .A .f,'...' ','.-jf. -' v-f.' " -1, . Q. ' - "2-. ., . . ..X.ks L -,".x 14 , ,.. .. .,T

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