Fairport High School - Hourglass Yearbook (Fairport, NY)

 - Class of 1940

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Fairport High School - Hourglass Yearbook (Fairport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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N 4. N 1 's '4- N N5 I In If In 3 F' 21 3 IFA 3 I ff F A QE.. I ig' A I Af? l . ,M L , , m ' 1 1 , A . ,, , . r - 'i . - -, ., ,. . L . -. .. ,, mann- u X .,.!.Li . . .. I - , t, ' hx ' ' , ., , - a 4 ,s , ,, . . , . ' , . -".- .- .. .- H W. WY .4 ' My v v ' " ' 9 , , . , ' Y' r "f r J . ', ,- ,A E y ., ' 7 , ,.. u , I . ,. 2 V- an B 1 .X U - . Ar 1 ,' ' w 'J' 1 4- ' " .4 ,, . A -- ' . A " I V .I ,X A 31 A .1.,u .. -, 5 .1 w 1 V " ' n . " . -4. -, 'K ' - 1 '. 1 3 ' H JV .. A -. -'J .. .. ' A ' ' v- fy .,a. -' '. " ,.. 4. w -H ,, - .- ' - . 1, j la u, , 4 . 1 . p . " . . ' ."- -M ' 'A l- ' ' V, if i a r I 1 v " I ' ' V5 , , ' . ,,.. -wg, ,' V , . I ,. . R. ! K, , " M' 4' L -Q ' ' .- , ' 'wr ' ' ' 'I N 1 in . W . 4 . 1 , f 1 " -44 4 ' "1 ' x ' N , ' 1 .. M' ' ,P , . ,- 1 1 5 - , 1 Q v V ' , K I ,-. V Y. , . , . D .5. xr ' .w -2 , lvff l, 1 ..AQ 1 fm' l ' ' V ' . l 1 . ,, - gt . A ,, , V f ' A w, l 1 . . z ' . h , A A x -. 4 . 1 4 'A , . s ' 1 v .Y .. A. I 1.1 . ' 1 . 4 1 1 I K, A . Z is . 4 , .. v I . I ..x 4 -1, 5, AA. , I v ' -A v , ' ' . W a , . . , - ' A 1 ' - ' .Q V . , A 4. , - r x. I ., . 1 , K . - Al il. ,. ' f ?. M .. .V ,, . . . . ' , , Q Q , f 5 ...E . 1 ,UA I 0 'I ' W K N H ' " - l 'IS ' W x Q I 5.71 ' . SP i 3 ' 4 I A , I A Y A ' E 1 Q . A . V. f 1 A L ' A K W 'A I 4' A I ' , F x"",,' U ' xg ..l,I.4 .' t . ,. . . Q -- , ,' 4 . - . I ' ' ". .- Q '. 1, i ii' X, - 4"j1 ' , ' f'- 'A . W '--"7 -..: f 'A f- ' Aff?-. "- .A , N -' , - , ' A -' -. ' ,. " A 4 - Q ' - ,. L . x' ff. -4 1, I x 4 v I O 1 -. . .X i i. S I A u 3 I V 4 2 'ff kT+5fprJ75HgQr'v4'J""--41'--Qui?"'v"1r9:2v:'-'-'J. E-if'-1. -.L . :' - , , , , -if 4: 4- '- . . V I. ' . V - , ,V Y., ,,. ,V ,V-VV.V .,1 , 5-,, fn-x.4. 1.1, 1, -,V U.. ..,'..u, N, ,. 'YV' 1 -g 'V,-A ,,., . .- , ,. -A ., - - , - V - Vu .. . "V '.V 'KW . - ' 'M '1f's--:-Simi. Q: -w- ,-,m f f - .V .1 . Tflfdr A f 9 Q ,ASV5f13iv:3E5rxg?1?'+'5A:Zffi'.V, - V .f1C055'.w'l" 1 VfaVi"s1'j.?4lr5,wA191-jivf-ff'fFf'5f2?f?'ff 5392? Liga" -.- A V V-A" 5VV 31 fy , jg. u'f!',j'V1K.5,i5I'f4Nfx:'3',K'Vl!J5?'v-Y my-5 W, .V 1' Q' V 'c ,.?ga5'.'fg will-glfvglgs .ehxgfig - 5-g-'Uv,1:z,,. Mfrs' . .,- ,, M- 1,1 fx, -15. 'M V ' 4. Hr.. g,, I, .M ug- 5,1 V.4V?g1w-- j V-A .Vg L, wg: -, ' -4fmf,V,Vr,v 3 V. .- my 1 V V - , 3-5, N,, , V ' '. ,-ws. . .-Q,.N,,,,53 .-L-VV1-5f'., ,-2, ,.:. -'VV,g.Vv,1'-V S n.b..'- I ---15'--yVlxV'?,g'VSfW.fN.V1x-",f'f'n.Q"'xf-'v 7. M V l by ip-'A'0QworX'Q1 -I ,. VV , 4'-VV . .. -- ful Mff-'lfawggil 'Y-IXFQQA' V,-ww fV,f-fww:.w--Vw+:f,,Vc2 '-MS' - -11, .V wmiciw Vw . . --z-"ffg4"u - wawVwHV-'mmf w ,V-.,V'VVVV1Vf,fV.,waQ":R15V.J-6aF2faf,ga4:mf.fVpg'4- , V-wf wa 24 - rm A ' M-Vqf,,1..W f - '- ' 7'0'x"f '.:"7ls32i1P7:"3XV'l12."f 'T'.c35YJ.- Vx- ' -w-.vc ,SVA VF 'V A'.:i-J-UU ' Ver- 'Z .53 A In ry 1,45 ri 7-V .513-V-.,w.g.3, V ,+1,f.f,5,,f,g.i7V1.'. -,A Tv' . ,. 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I-,fv,'V'q,, X-V-.5 113,313-Q .L U .,,,,-:1f.,V.-tV,:,,J ..41j74,' V,-.fig f.,-ffl -X-4f.:Hg,, 357, ,H A 1 QV'1Vinh".'VgV'.-fV-f.....V"L,1'f::VfL.V,j:IV,-..V mefiffir'-1 f,rf':i-Vx'uf-ZbafsfwM41-'-'Vffff-.3 -'.'Y?V"'V'1f:. VV' 'I WWE? .,..m-.u.a:'- V THE r.. H 0 U H GLASS Norman Alle, Emanuel Lazerson, Gordon Alles. CIRCULATION "Thir+y-live cenls. please. Thanlr you, and here is your receipt" Yes, each year you hear a similar group saying Ihis as February rolls around. They false your money and laler you receive your annual "Hour Glass". Indispensable They are: if would be really impossible Io edil an "Hour Glass" wifhouf Them. Norman Alle, with his assisfanls Gordon Alles and Emanuel Lazerson, encouraged The enfire slafl To qrearer elllorl by bringing The Tolal number ol subscripfions Io four hundred, 4 THE I940 "HOUR GLASS" of Fairporf High School confains a pic+oriaI sfory of +he school year ,.,f-- W T +oId In seven A A ' 1 chap+ers: , F-L.. sENloRs, I Q I CLASSES, I I I FEATURES, 0 Q B-4 ACTIVITIES, K I I ATHLETICS, I N ,F and ADVERTISEMENTS. Av 1,4 II. f' "1 I 1. V S k ! 3 . I I .- -.rf t, I Xi xfxx A MU' fi r? L: ' A v' I II ,II ' I I I I v Q- ' A , I? I ff I "J" W W S E N I O R S - " f ' 1 A 1 u W.. 1 -,-, I Q19 4, ' Q I f If I ,L MQ' X' ' Yivhrj' I If 9 I ' X 8 a A 1 'I crfv, I Lf, ' Q-, I -ww. '+I dl ' ,..fff"""'w E 5 A cadeT Teacher adiusTinq FOREWCRD YouTh may be expressed neaTly as a play-a drama which we all play a parT. Whaf beTTer way To signi youTh Than wiTh puppeTs--Those universally amusing, liTi like liTTle Tigures whose span oT life depends upon The maTerial? YouTh is similar. Our span oT liTe depenc upon The maTerial we have in our bodies and minds. Supl rioriTy spells immorTaliTy. MediocriTy spells oblivion. School liTe sTrengThens The essenTial porTions of oi minds and bodies. The classes oT which we have a qghoiq are The builders oT our grey maTTer. The gymnasium an ouTdoor Tield build our bodies To The poinT where The resisT illness. PuppeTry is buT a smaller ediTion oT hi maniTy. ln This "Hour G-lassi' The puppeTs visiT our schoi and, lilce us, deparT upon aTTaining Their Tinal high schoi degree-graduaTionl Forever onward, we Tread The pal oT liTe TogeTher. . L A I' IT you could only cool-cl Miss Nolan in a Tamiliar pose. l'low's This for beauTy? Mr. Lynch-seriously! The dwarT laughs buT noT aT These boys! An aTTenTive group is ap- preciaTed aT any r'neeTing himself To The inTricacies OT The shop. 6 plapnmnmveg Nlliillillflli-HIFIIWIIFII-ill?lil e , , . . , f 11 I I , I 1- ,, 4 ' , K, , , 1' 1 g ,4. .- f Mr f - - .. , M4 ,f - U T You+h is +ha+ s+a+e or qualify of being young: fha? period beiween childhood and- ma+uri+y. Af presen+ youih comprise more fhan one-fhird of 'ij +he enfire populafion of +he Unifed S+a+es. ln all hemispheres iheir number is immense. To pro+ec+ +his greal' army, many reforms are advoca+ed, many rnovemen+s creaied, and many experimen+s fried. Impor+an+ and ou+s+anding among ihem is fhe school: +ha+ edifice we a++end for many years. gaining lznowledge. aler+ness, and disciplined fraining. This you+hful s+a+e may or may nof be pleasan+: we malxe if whal' we will. We guide our own desfinies and carve our own niches. When we fail, blame falls only upon ourselves. Oppor+uni+ies open +o us con+inually. Some of fhem are neglecied. However, you+h does +alre advan+age of oppor+uni- iies in many organizaiions, ins+i+u+ions, and business offices of +he world. To fhe absfracl. Youfh, we, seniors of Fairporl' High School. dedicaie our I940 "Hour Glass". We represeni you+h. We reach ma+uri+y soon buf our places will be falcen again and again. "You+h. wiih his confidence in unfried hands, Stands poised +o begin Meefing fhe fu+ure and all Life's demands, So sure he can win." I 1II-fillfllf-ifillflqHIFIWill?ll-illgllillfilf-Nlfl my 7 LA. Diligenfly they sfudy on. Rah, Foirporf! Time ouf. Do you know your lesson? The hrs? row may come fo the desk with iheir library slips. Puiflng fha Glee Club Through iheir paces, if '53-P P' 'J '.1 . V, Emi, , . .,x-.,, I' ' 'xl - . 51: ,v I i'-iff: 1-'vu X I 'Tv' if y 1' 4 . ' ,, l , 11' , lx: ' -5-"l'. " YN 3 .:'l, 5.5.11 7-:,:g'l':. .l' 'u ' A 9. ' 1 " "' 'll A-5-. I .s,.'. . 'Ti F- YN' . vh.5,g:,5r.- V . .. ., , ' NC' "Jv!n'1'5' 'fr 'J A-- 1 .., N . ',- , .. ,. 1 ,uf .,' ,- ., -Q ,qs V , .6 .ngim?.- 1 in -.5-12.134, - .AQ 2zf'5p.f. f us, -L-4'-V -- ". .2 Ll. v , Q,-QA - X1,.j,v.. r. ,ppm .I--. , .rl 5 J' -T -' fl!"-'. 1' :' .-ff TX gf!'x.'sf ' Hx... , eu., . . . Alfa- GN- - l' .u .4 IH x M- p' 1 gf, 4L:h','.mA 1 5.4 f,'s.":" ' w gui' pf. ' P ff-vfpl, ' A 1. 1 .1 4."., . . K A,..s.t,I A I l' 'f'f."C. , N U ' 06 ' W ,- . 1. .,-.1 - .fs'f.f 55.1 . uv.. Q. -,..,,U,. '4"?x" 7 faq". ,' fna'-. ,,,x1g N ,,- , .1 flrf' .. :,.,, .:.- . - LCA - -.w ,' ,, k. . .Ffh I:-n. A ,, .1 - Y, . ' 1, . I , 5 -4, .. , .5-V-az., ,Q XR 'XI -I T':7iz,'j. x IXLYK , ?1g.w'5:'N uyfryi-'.4 fhr.-T ' nl - Qzgfflffg 1. 'p ..-. 4' f, 24 : -' 5-. - V Cf v ,'.-L .1 .-Q? Us 9' . .uf ,-.h x . - -1 , . ?'5,. -, 4 -gr f. - - ,,.4 x-1 :P-PZ' , -Q ,I L4 I :Q-'. ' Q15 f 5 0,2 -' ' 1'-'Y' ..1" .xi 11' - ' 7-. N. 5, -. r, --"ff TP -,fy 'rf- -'. ' :'t' ...' . "i 1, .. HJ, ,Jn EQ., i. I. . .v .h, fr., ,I '. . . -'. 1' . 1 fYXL.v'- x ..4 Jxf 1 1-Hwy' K A 'Nl Y' .fzff r . K , C ,EPW xy-4' ADMINISTRATIQN .'r: fag ll-1 '-1',f'5 A .Hb 'I ' 1 5 ' :if-'4 Jo ff. fm C-N' wi 4 ,fi l Lx . -. . 'F 1 v ' X . I 11 -. ,I M' ,fa--L' jftk., ua Ax , f.,.,, v.-.-.- 'qkrfi-5 , ,. ,":.'x1il ,- , A-,' I . .M cgi 1-1 ff.: ffl .' B! U. MFC: ,lf , fl. n".' ' H HJ., Q13 10. :V 'hx- 1 ,1-,Nr xq,,, '-9' "1 f'.1Q.f. ,XXL 1 Miss Lillian L. Douglas Secrefary fo fhe superinfendenf Mr. Thomas G. Coffee, Ph.B. Superinfendenf of Schools Syracuse Universify Superinfenclenf Thomas G. Coffee glances over 'rhe business of fhe day placed before him by Secrefary Lillian Douglas. One of fhe many Things we appreciafe mosf abou? Miss Douglas is her charming smile, plus an equally charming array of minure planfs in fhe office windows. They lighfen The room and provide a subiecf of conversafion for fhe chance visirors who musr waif a few momenfs, Alfhough fhe faculry lease fhe secrefary abouf fhese planfs, They offen bring liffle addifional offerings! Thomas G, Coffee greefs everyone pleasanflyg always has a momenf fo lisfen +o a pei grievance or fheory. His iolces and puns never fail fo bring hearfy, responsive laughfer. Many of our alumni owe Their presenf posifions fo his diligence and aid. We all owe him somefhing. He has guided us Through many precious years. He always does rhings for our benefif and welfare. Superinfendenf Coffeefs lcindliness wins him wide renown fhroughouf the com' munify. His body may be small, buf fhe posifion he holds is large enough for fhe largesf man! 9 iM..M Mr. Andrew C. Lynch, Principal Sf. Bonavenfure College. A.B., M.A. Miss Bernadine E. Nolan, Vice-Principal College of New Rochelle, A.B, Principal Andrew C. Lynch spealcs wifh Vice-Principal Bernadine E. Nolan of some school business. l-le is offen seen in her office falking earnesfly abouf an imporfanf maffer and gaining her views on fhe subiecf. Miss Nolan for many years has been a familiar figure in her office, 'reaching Lafin,wrifir1g excuses for pupils, compiling fhe affendance lisf, or honor roll for fhe period. Every sfudenf endeavors fo please her by his acfions, for she is respecfed and admired. Principal Andrew C. Lynch conducfs one English class, besides accom- plishing all his ofher dufies. He fakes each sfudenf info considerafion and a word of praise from him is freasured. l-le has been parficipafing acfively in fown affairs: fhe sfudenfs are well aware of fhis facf. They lilce fo hear his splendid speaking voice. l-le is a qenfleman wifh many virfues which have won him deep admirafion from every member of our cornmunify. Mr. Lynch sfands before us-a splendid example for every aspiring sfudenf fo follow. IO HEALTH In an ehforl 'ro lhwarl disease and ill heallh lor lhe many pupils who allend Fairporl l-ligh School, Nurse Nina Bremer and Doclor George Price conducl periodical examina- lions. Everyone is weighed and measured and given skill lesls in physical educafion. Miss Rulh Donl: and Coach Joseph Cummings main'l'ain slrrengfh in The youfhlul bodies by heallhlul recrealional periods. These periods are required lwice a weelc by lhe slale de- parlmenl. For many years il has been lhe praclice lo have a denfal hygienisl in school To clean lhe pupils' +ee+h. Mrs. Camille Toolan and Miss Frances La luppa have been The denlal hygienisfs 'rhis year. One en- lirely new class insfiluled lhis semes+er is The road science class 'raughf by Mr. Slater. ll belongs in lhe heallh deparlmenl, for if aids 'rhe avoidance of accidenfal dealh. The class includes The melhod of prevenling accidenls. inslruclion in proper driving and in The me- chanism ol lhe aulomobile. er: A A Miss Nino Bremer, RN. School of Nursing. Universily of Rochesfer Ml-55 Rulll Donl' Mr- Joseph Cummlnqs Miss Frances La luppe D H llllaca College Cofllafld Normal Rochesfer Denial Dispensary Four years oT English are required in FairporT l-ligh School. lnsTead of The dull, monoTonous classes oT years gone by, The Teachers of Today sub- sTiTuTe inTeresTing periods. Oral English has re- ceived deTiniTe emphasis as being essenTial To every ciTizens' TuTure career. During The course oT The year The groups read plays, nov- els, poeTry, biographies, and The original eTTorTs of The sTudenTs. Occasionally The rouTine is broken by a debaTe, a moclc Trial, or broadcasT, an educaTional moving picTure or a visiT oT one oT The alumni who relaTes experiences in The business world or college. Seniors especially appreciaTe These visiTs as They loolc Torward eagerly To liTe in The world They have hiTherTo only observed. There are always essays or composiTions wriTTen Tor pracTice, buT The senior class has a special ENGLISH I2 Andrew C, Lynch, A.B., M.A ST. Bonaveniure College Miss Frances J. Munn, A.B. UniversiTy ol RochesTer Miss Helen E. June, A.B. Syracuse University , 1 ' -sf jay ' xmbvf. F33 ,. :l...l Mr. Paul W. Allison, A.B., M.B.A. Sl, Lawrence University, Harvard Universify Graduaie School of Business Adminislrarion Miss Margaref E. Forfmiller, AB. New York S+a+e College for Teacher Mr. Nelson R. Burfon, A.B., M.A. Colgafe Universily New York Sfafe College for Teachers YV-1 hull' '-1 proiecr 'ro connplele. They musl each wrile seven Thousand five hundred words on a subiecf ol 'rheir own choosing, This has arisen from lhe former praclice ol requiring Thai speeches be given al commencemeni exercises. Cur graduaiing group no longer consisls of ius+ lwo or lhree people, so lhar rhis melhod is no longer prac- iicable. For oulside reading malerial lhe school library is in conslanl use. The second year sludenls subscribe lor a weekly "Schola+ic Magazine," Jrhe 'rhird year, a monlhly "Reader's Digesln and lhe fourlh year sludenls have fhe Senior Book Club. New books are added wiih each new year. Wilh 'rhe many liacililies in Eairpori High School providing for belief' English, no one should be guilfy of a lack of inleresl. DEPARTMENT I3 ... . + Nearly every person in high school has laken an arf course, or should lake one. ll is lruly essenrial for a well- rounded educalion. ln The large, well-lighled arl room, the curriculum includes charcoal drawings, block prinls, posler- making, The copying ol someones lace for a large plale and the crealion of lovely panels. Notebooks are required as oufside work in mosl ol lhe courses. A man who collecls painlings displayed lhe besl ones lor our benelil during an assembly program which grearly slim- ulaled our inleresl in 'rhe beauly of lhe nafural world. Ari sfudenls prepare poslers for various aclivilies in school, decorale lhe gymnasium for dances and lake a very imporfanl parl in lhe May exhibif. We also owe lhe "I-lour . Glass" arf work lo lhe ellorls ol fhe seniors who include arf courses in Their daily schedules. ART I4 .N- Miss Esda L. Turner, AB, llrockporf Normal, Syracuse Universily '-1-if -4 , ' yvil 4' ny r ' """" '. ,',-gg .......--v- Mr. Harold W. Sfeinfeldf Oswego Normal INDUSTRIAL ARTS Boys and girls bending over drawing boards mean ThaT someday These TuTure draTTsmen will be proving Their worTh in The business world. To ouTsiders The plaTes seem very complicaTed buT They have a deTiniTe purpose. Then, down below The sTairs, one hears The pounding hammers and buzzing saws: one sees The beauTiTul end-Tables and rugs The boys Turn ouT. In a maze oT Tools and noise, This group learns To work wiTh Their hands. WiTh The aid of cadeT Teachers, The boys have This year been able To Tind a place for all The Tools: Thus a cer- Tain harmony and order resulT. Each year addiTional equipmenT is added: each year The enrollmenT increases. Work accomplished in The lndusTrial ArTs DeparTmenT proves very useTul in laTer years To mosT of Those who Take The subiecTs. V l iii 9' 3 Miss Florence A. Sfolf, A.B. Universify of Rochesler Miss Bernardine E. Nolan. A.B. College of New Rochelle Miss Frances J, Munn, AB, UniversiTy of RochesTer LaTin is required in The nursing profession and Tor en- Trance To mosT colleges. AT a Time when classical languages are losing populariTy in schools and colleges, The enrollme-nT in l.aTin classes in our school has mainTained iTs Torrner num- ber all The Time and, in some years, has increased IT. Those who are in The business world or inTend To enTer iT will Tre- quenTly Tind French useful. BoTh languages lead To a more Thorough knowledge oT The counTries from which They come. They also en- able The sTudenTs To use English more easily and To widen Their vocabularies. Language has been TaughT since Time began. Thereiore, The Language De- parTmenT oT FairporT High School oTTers an exciTing advenTure To The eager sTud- enTs who wish To become acquainTed wiTh The background OT oTher naTions. LANGUAGE I6 Mr. Leon B. Warner. A.B. Union College Miss Doris A. Brown, A.B. U niversily of Rochesler Miss Helen E. June, A.B. Syracuse Universily The hisiory of our counfry and our anceslors is very imporiani To 'fhe beffer undersianding of exisfing condi- fions. We are 'raughi no? only European and American his- Iory bu+ also Ihe organizalion of our governmenf. Teach- ers require The correcl answer plus i+s background and why +he pupil Thinks if is correcf. Though The queslion may nof say "explain", explanafions are always in order. In 'the siudy oi our governmenf we are faughf Ihe necessary care required againsf commifling wrongs. Laws are made nof only for our profecfion buf for The pro- Teclion of Iufure democracy. The So- cial Sfuclies Deparfmenf is imporfanf fo 'rhe lives of The cifizens of fhe United Sfaies, a democracy. SOCIAL STUDIES I7 -.mi-.a COMMERCE Arilhmelic always spells worried looks and headaches plus ink slains on lhe hands. Boolclceeping, using arilhme- lic. brings more 'rhan ils share of lrouble. Many a disgusled sfudenl says, "l'll never go lo 'rhal class again", buf The nexl day he is baclc lo worlc harder lhan ever. When he 'fries lyping or shorlhand, he finds lhem equally dif- ficull. Accuracy means everyfhing To good fyping, so, allhough we scoff al lagging fingers, we envy Their painsfalc- ing accuracy. Typing sludenls have speed classes alfer school in which some sludenfs dislinguish Themselves. Short .,..ff" ka- l hand sludenls develop speed in making fhose odd scrawls. Laughler follows if The scrawls can'+ be read. bul if is slill hand. A business career is praclical business dominales The world. quiclcer lhan long- in lhis age when I8 Mr. Paul W. Allison, A.B., M,B,A, Sl. Lawrence University Harvard Universily Graduale School of Business Adminislralion Mrs. Gerlrude C. Ryon, A.B. Oberlin Colleqe Mr. Edward K. Schworm, B,S. New Yorlc Sfale Colleqe lor Teachers I Mr. Gilson M. Slaler, BS., M.Ed Sl. Lawrence University Mr. Joseph W. Cummings Cortland Normal Miss Helen J, Hodge, AB, William Smilh College All .,...,,, , in .. l The laboralory is a busy place in Fairporl High School during any period of the day. Once in a while fhe experi- menl "flops" and is evidenced by an odor! Usually, how- ever, if ordinary care is exercised, The experimenfs prove successful. Biology or general science is inferesfing, if gruesome al limes. Microscopes and charfs illusfrale any organ or germ which may nor be clearly underslood. lnrermediale algebra, algebra, ge- omelry, .and frigonomelry enioy equal imporlance in The schedule. ln lhese classes, sufiicienr care is falcen so Thai each sludenf learns enough abouf fhe subiecf 'ro apply rhe knowledge. Neces- sary apparafus is being added each year 'ro make lhe sludies easier for fhe in- creasing number ol pupils lalcing lhese subiecfs which are required for enlrance in nearly all colleges. MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE I9 "ll you could only cook!" Well, we can Cook.-and also sew and decorale. The Home Economics Deparfmenl Teaches boys and girls 'ro cook meals, plan inexpensive ward- robes, and sew their own clofhing. Husky foofball and baskefball men look slighlly odd wilh floury noses and aprons -buf who knows?-someday 'rhis educarion of "life in lhe home" may prove helpful. If predicrions come True, if will soon be fhe women who go our lo work each morning. These men are iusf a jump ahead of fhe orher males! Any period of fhe day deliqhriul odors are walled lhrough fhe halls and hungry moufhs wafer for chocolafe cookies or fresh pies. This year fhe deparfmenf has been conducfinq a drive for new sloves in The kirchen and has had candy sales and a sale of magic slafes. HOME ECCNOMICS Miss Grace Schreiner, B.S. Sfafe Teachers Colleqe, Buffalo Mr. Carroll Vance Crane School of Music, Pofsdam N Miss Genevieve G, Wafson, B. Fredonia Normal Easlman School of Music E ormal M. One of The sweeTesT rewards in life comes iT one is given a musical ear or a Tuneful voice. Born wiThouT Them, iT is someTimes possible To acquire a cerTain Technique and apTiTude in The arT. NeverTheless, The besT musicians are Those born wiTh a Touch of music in Their souls. To develop This musical sense, Fairporl l-ligh School has a very special deparTmenT. IT conTains The class "Theory of Music", The junior and senior bands, The orchesTra, The Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, and The Mixed Chorus. ln each of These one Tinds a large enrollmenT of musical sTudenTs eager To gain educa- Tion. These groups enTerTain noT only The sTudenT body buT The Towns people as well. The FairporT High School Music DeparTmenT has gained lasTing popular- iTy Through iTs many ach?evemenTs. MUSIC 2l . JANITORS For The firs+ lime This year we are giving 'rhe ianilress and ianilors. fhose indispensable individuals, a lair share ol publicify in ihe senior annual. Perhaps we somerimes forge? fhaf, wi+hou+ lhem, our school would be a sorry-looking affair. Seniors, as 'rhey are aboui +o leave rhese familiar Mrs. Daisy Cobb halls, wander back in lheir memories: appreciaiion grows of lhe many aids given by Mrs. Daisy Cobb. Mr. Louis Hess. and Mr. McKean Bailey. They are welcome sighis everywhere, sweeping lhe halls, emptying wasfebaslcefs. shoveling snowy walks, and mowing +he lawns. These people-our friends-have been here many years? we exfend a hearly wish Thar for many more years fhey may sland af 'rheir posrs and wage lhe baffle againsl dusf and disorder. Mr. Louis Hess Mr. McKean Bailey 22 1 5 w I' i . ,. 1. E 9 Paul SENIOR ADVISERS Allison E52 PW! VALEDICTORIAN A. Mariorie Murphy Phyllis J.. Valenf SALUTATORIAN SENIOR HoNoR STUDENTS Paul Philip M. Hospers W. Briggs 24 CAROLYN L. IASILE-Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation. I, 2, 3, 4: Cosmopolitan Club. 2. 3. 4: Junior Prom Committee: Stunt Night. 4: Senior Play Usher: Basketball, I. 2. 3, 4 Baseball. I. 2. 3. 4: Hiking Club, 2. 3: Soc car. 2, 3, 4: Hit Pin Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Float Committee. FLORENCE E. ARNQLD-Glee Club. 4: Senior Ball Committee: Stunt Night, 3, 4: Si ma Chi Delta, 4: Student Patrol System: School Chatter Staff: Girls' Athletic Associ- ation. I, 2, 3, 4: Physical Education Demon- stration, 2. GENEVIEVE BEATO-Senior Play Usher: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Honor Team. 3. 4: Senior Play Committee: Stunt Night, 4: Hour Glass Statit: Cgsmo. politen Club. 4: Basketball. l, 2, 3, 4: Base. ball. I, 2. 3. 4: Volley Ball, I, 2, 3. 4: Hit Pin Baseball. l. 2. 3. 4: Basketball Class Team. 2. 3. 4. DOROTHY J. BARNHART-Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Sigma Chi Delta, 3, 4: Stunt Night, 4: School Chatter Statt: Senior Play: Junior Prom Committee: Treasurer of Junior Class: Baslrotball, I, 2: Volley Ball, I, 2, 3: Baseball, 3: Physical Education Demonstration. 2. ANETA ..l. BENEDICT-Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, I, 2. 3. 4: Basketball, 4: Volley Ball, 2, 3. RUTH J. BARNHART-Cosmopolitan Club. 4: Senior Float Committee: Senior Play Committee Ipropertyl. ELIZABETH BOWLBY-Stunt Night, I, 2: I 2 3 4 Girls' Athletic Association, , , Basketball, I, 2: Volley Ball. 2: Socc BETSY J. BELL-Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2. 3. 4: Stunt Night, I: Sigma Chi Delta, 4: Senior Queen Candidate: Junior Prom Committee: Glee Club, I, 4: Camera Club, 4: Cheer Leader. 3, 4: Victory Ball Commit- tee, I: Senior Play Usher. ' L-A L..A 5 ANN tan C E. CLAFLIN-Senior Play: Cosmopoli- lub, 2: Student Patrol Systemg An, nouncennent Committee. .IEAN E. BUCK-Girls' Athletic Associa. l'OfI.' I. 2, 3, 4: Physical Education Demon- ration, 2: Basketball, I, 2, 3, 43 5,565,114 gf A' I. 2, 3. 4: I-lit Pin Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4. Stunt Junior sociati Soccer, 2. 3, 43 Hilrinq, 4, BLANCHE E. COPELAND--Poetry Club. 2: Night Usher, 4: Senior Play Usher, 4: Prom Committee: Girls' Athletic As- on, I, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN C. CASTOR-Stunt Night, 2. 3: Band. I: Student Patrol System: Sigma Chi Delta. 2, 3, 4: School Chatter Statt: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2. 3, 4: Junior Rep- resentative, Student Association' Hour Glass Statt: Physical Education Demonstration, 2: Winter Carnival Queen. EDITH l. DE DOMENICO-Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Stunt Night, 2, 3, 4: Hour Glass Statt: Banlzinq Cashier, I, 2, 4: Girls' Athletic Association. I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Float Committee: Student Patrol System: Exhibit Chairman, 3: Victory Ball Committee: Cosmopolitan Club, 4: 26 Physical Education Demonstration, 2: Bas- ketball, I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball, I, 2. 3, 4: Hit Pin Baseball, I, 2, 3, 42 Soccer, I, 2. 3.4. ESTHER DE VOLDER-Poetry Club, I, 2, 3: Debate. 2: Cosmopolitan Club, 2, 3, 4: School Chatter Statt, 2, 3: Hour Glass Edi- tor-in-Chiet: Library Statl, 3, 4: Stunt Night, 2: Student Patrol System: Physical Educa- tion Dernonstration. 2. VIOLET J. ELLSWORTH-Girls' Athletic As- sociation, I, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 4. HELEN l. ERBLAND-Glee Club. I. 2, 3, 4: Band, 3, 4: Band, 3, 4: Girls' Athletic Asso- Ciution. l- 2. 3. 'ti Stunt Night, 4: Hour Glass Statt. RITA M. ERBLAND-Glee Club, 2, 3 4 Band, 3, 4: Stunt Niqht, 4: Girls' Athle ic Association, I, 2, 3.4. HELEN E. GIFFORD-Girls' Athletic Associ- ation, I, 2, 3. 4: Hour Glass Stott: Cosmo- politan Club, 3, 4, President, 4: Secretary of the Senior Class: Stunt Night, 2: Library Statt, 4: Senior Ball Candidate: Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball. I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer, I, 2, 3, 4: Hit Pin Baseball, 1.2, 3.4. MAR Y V. HALL-Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4: MARGARET M. GUARINO-Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Usher: Senior Float Committee: Hiliing Club. 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Physical Edu- cation Demonstration, 2. Camera Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3. 4: Stunt Night, 4: Senior Play Day Committee: Physical Edu- cation Demonstration, 23 Cosmopolitan Club, 4. GLADYS I. JENSEN-Girls' Athletic Associ ation, 2. 3.4. ELIZABETH J. HALM-Sigma Chi Delta, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 2: Cheer Lead. er, 3, 4: Physical Education Demonstration, 2: Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, I. 2, 3, 4: Soccer, I, 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball, I, 2, 3, 4: Hit Pin B aseball, I, 2.3. 4: Senior Ball Commit- tee Captain of Honor Team 2. ARLEA N. KISHBAUGH-Glee Club, I: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3. 4: Cam- era Club, 3: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Basketball, 2. 3. 4: Base- ball, 2. 3, 4: Soccer, 2, 3, 4: Hit Pin Base- ball, 2, 3, 4. EMMA K. HEPT-Glee Club, I, 4: Orches- tra, 2, 3: Band, 4: Sigma Chi Delta, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club, 3: Stunt Night, 4: School Chatter Statt: Senior Play: Hour Glass Statti Secretary ot Student Association: Treasurer ot Music Association: Senior Ball Candidate. EMMA H. HUIER-Girls' Alhlellic Associa- Iion, I, 2. 3. 4: Bank Cashier. 3: Librarian of Senior Book Club: Physical Educefion Demonsiralicn. 2: Baseball, 2: Basketball. 2, 3: Soccer, 2: Volley Ball, 2, 4: Hiking Club. 2: Hif Pin Baseball. 2. 3. MARGUERITE L. KITTLE-Girls' Afhlalic Associavion, I, 4: Band, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra, 2, 3: Glee Club. 3. 4: Sfunl' Nighl, 4: School Challer Slaflg Volley Ball Manager, 4: Trom- bone Choir, 4: Hiking Club. 2: Physical Edu- caiion Damonsfrafion, 2: Music Fasfival Usher, Z. MARJORIE E. JACOISON-Camera Club. l. 2, 3. Treasurer. 3: Glas Club, l, 2. 3, 4- Slunf Night, 4: Senior Play Commillee: Siu- denr Palrol Sysiem: Hiking Club Manager: Physical Educafion Dernonsfralion. 2: Girls' Alhlelic Associalion I 2 3 4 H . , . . : onorTeam, 2. 3: Senior Rapresentafive of G. A. A.: Cosmopolifan Club. 3, 4. ARLEN 3, 4: Bank Cashier. 3. E B. KOHL-Glea Club. 2. DORIS L. KRAMER-G'I irs' Alhlefic Asso- cialion, I, 2. 3, 4: Band. I. 2, 3. 4: Orches- Ira, 3: Glea Club, 4: Slunl Nigh1,4:Camera Club. 3. JOSEPHINE LA ROSA-Cosmopoliran Club. 4: Honor Team, 3, 4: Slunf Night. 4: Girls' Afhlelic Associafion. I, 2. 3. 4: Jun- ior Prorn Commifleaz Bank Cashier 4- Cl , , ass Team Baskelball. 2, 3. 4: Physical Educa- Iion Demonsfral' 2- ion. , Baseball, I, 2. 3, 4: Baskefball. I, 2. 3. 4: Hi' Pin Baseball. I. 2, 3, 4: Vollay Ball, I, 2, 3. 4: Hiking Club. l. 2. 3.4. IETTY J. MOORE-Glaa Club, I, 2, 3. 4: Band, I, 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus. 3. 4: Sfudenf Patrol Sysfam: Sigma Chi Della 3. 4: Bank Cashier, I: Vollay Ball Manager, 3: Baskef- ball Manager, 4: Girls' Arhlebic Association. I, 2, 3, 4. GRACE M. LAWSON-Girls' Aihle9ic As- sociafion. I, 2, 3, 4: Srunf Niqhf Usher, 4: Sanior Floal Commillee: Baskelball, 2. 3: Baseball. 3: Hiking Club, I, 2. 3, 4: Valley Ball, I, 2. 3, 4: Soccer, I, 2. 3. 4. HELEN M. LAWSON-Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, I. 2. 3. 4: Stunt Night Usher, 4: Soccer, I. 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball, I, 2. 3, 4: Hit Pin Baseball, I. 23 Baslietball. 2: Base- ball, 3: Hiking Club. 2. 3, 4. MARGARET A. MESSERINO-French Club. mo olitan Club 4 Student Patrol 4 Cos p ' . : System: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Girls' Athletic Association, I. 2. 3 4 Library Statt, 3, 4: Physical Education Demonstration. 2: Baslretball, I, 2, 3. 4: Base- ball I 2 3 4 Volley Ball I 2 lley ..: .,.3.4:Vo Ball Manager, 2. IKMA M. MICHAEL-Hour Glass Staff: Junior Prom Committee: Stunt Night. 3: School Chatter Statl: Cosmopolitan Club. 43 Girls' Athletic Association. l, 2, 3 4 Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Baseball. 2. 3, 4: ley Ball. I, 2, 3. 4: Hit Pin Baseball. 2, 3 4 Basketball Class Team, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH L. MONTAGLIANO-Stunt Night 2, 3: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Float Committee: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4. ,M A. MARJORIE MURPHY--Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2. 3, 43 Debate, 2, 3, 4: Poetry Club, 3: Glee Club, 3, 4: Cosmopoli- tan Club 2. 3, 4: Stunt Night, 4: Senior Play: Junior Prom Commitee: French Club, 4, Secretary. 4: Senior Float Committee: Library Statt, 3, 4. Cosmopolitan Play, 3. 4: Physical Education Demonstration. 2: Soccer, 3: Baseball, I. 2. 3: Basketball, I, 2 3 Volley Ball. I, 2, 3: Hit Pin Baseball, I ANNE E. NAUGHTON-Poetry Club. 32 Girlsl Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4: Cos- mopolitan Club, 2. 3: Senior Play Com- mittee: Junior Prom Committee: Stunt Night Committee, 4: Bowling. 4. ALYCE N. PERGRIM--Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation. 2, 3. 4: Glee Club. 3. 42 Sigma Cltl Delta, 3, 4: Stunt Night, I: Student Dues Collector, I: Senior Play Committee: Bas- Iiatball, I. 2: Baseball. I, 2: Bowlinq, 4. Volley Ball. I. 2. FRANCES E. PIDINKOFSKI-Girls' Athletic sociation. I, 2, 3, 4. . WINNIFRED R. RANDOLPH-Cosmopolh tan Club, 4: Camera Club. 3: GIGS Club. 22 Stunt Night Usher, 4. HOPE E. RANNEY-Girls' Athletic Associa tion, 2, 3, 4, S: Bank Cashier, I. 2, 3. 4 Valley Ball, I, 2, 3. 4, 5: Baseball, I, 2, 3 4, 5: Soccer. I. 2, 3. 4, S: Hikinq Club 2, 3, S. CATHERINE RINALDO-Girls' Athletic As- sociation, 2, 3: Volley Ball. 2, 3: Baseball, 2: Basketball, 2, 3: Soccer, 2. 3: Hit Pin Base- ball, 2. 3: Hiking Club, 2. JANE B. ROBERTSON-Sigma Chi Delta, 2, 3, 4, President, 4: Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary. 4: Poetry Club, I: Glee Club. l, 2. 3. 4: Mixed Chorus. 2, 3. 4: Senior Play: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Stunt Night, I, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4. LOUISE V. SCHERMERHORN-Girls' Ath- letic Association. I, 2, 3, 4, President, 4. Junior Representative, Freshman Represen- tative: Sigma Chi Delta. 2. 3, 4, Treasurer. 4: Girls' Honor Team. 3. 4: Camera Club. 3: Secretary ot Junior Class: Custodian ol Flag. 3: Junior Prom Committee: Basketball Class Team, 2. 3. 4. Captain, 3: Stunt Night, 3: Basketball, I. 2, 3 4: Baseball. I. 2, 3, 4' Valley Ball, I. 2, 3, 43 Hit Pin Baseball, l, 2. 3, 4. DITA M. RUSSELL-Girls' Athletic Associa- tion. I, 2. 3. 4: Poetry Club. I, 2, 3, 4: Cosmopolitan Club. 2: Junior Prom Com- mittee: School Chatter Statt: Physical Edu cation Demonstration, 2: Cosmopolitan Play, 2: Hour Glass Staff: Hiking Club, 3: Stunt Night, 2' Christmas Card Committee: Bas- ketball 3' l-lit Pin Baseball, 3- Soccer, 7 3 GENEVIEVE SAPORITO-Senior Play Usher: Girls' Athletic Association. I, 2, 3, 4' Physi- cal Education Demonstration, 2: Senior Ball Committee: Basketball Class learn, 2, 4- Basketball, I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball, l. 2, 3, 4- Hit Pin Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4' Hikin Club g , I, 2, 3. 4: Soccer. I. 2. 3. 4' Volley Ball, I, 2, 3, 4. RUTH S. SALMON-Girls' Athletic Ase sociation. I, 2 3 4- Physical Educaf' , ion Demonstration 2' Junior Prom Comrriiltr-o EVELYN K. SHARP-Cosmopolitan Club. 2. ' 2 3 4' : Girls' Athletic Association, I, , 3 Hour Glass 3 Poetry Club. I, 2. 7 Statt: Physical Education Demonstration, 2: Bank ' ' ' sketball, I. Cashier, 3, Baseball. I, 2. 3, Ba 2. 3: Hit Pin Baseball, I. 2, 3: Volley I, 2. 3: Hiking Club, 2, 3: Senior Committee. GERTRUDE M. SHERMAN-Stunt Night. 2: Girls' Athletic Association. I, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball Class Team, 3, 4: Soccer, I. 2, 3, 4: Valley Ball. I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, I, 2. 3, 4, Hit Pin Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4: Hiking Club, 2. 3. Ball. Float MARY M. SPERINO-Girls' Athletic Aeso- 2 3 4 Stunt Night 2 3 4: cietion, l, , , : , . Stunt ittee 2 3 4' Juni r Prom Niqht Comm , . . . o Committee: Senior Play: Hour Glass Staff: Library Statt. 3, 4: Cosmopolitan Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice4President. 4: Basketball. S I. 2. 3, 4: Baseball, I. 2. 3, 4: occer, I. 2 3, 4: Hiking Club. 2. 3: Hit Pin Baseball I, 2. 3. 4. ANNA J. SLOCUM-Girls' Athletic Associ- ation, I, 2. 3, 4: Camera Club. 3. 4: Glee Club, 2. 3, 4: French Club. 4: Baseball, I, 2. 3, 4: Basketball. I. 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball, 2. 4. BEATRICE E. TRACK-Girls' Athletic ciation. I, 2. 3, 4: Poetry Club. JOYCE N. STAFF-Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Band. 2. 3, 4: Sigma Chi Delta. 2. 3. 4: Stunt Night. 2, 4: Hour Glass Statt: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Senior Ball Queen Candidate: Orchestra, 2: Base- ball Ass't Manager. 3: Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation ,.,. 4: Basketball, 2. 4: Volley Asso- I 2 3 Ball 2. 4: Soccer, I: Hit Pin Baseball. 3. HELEN F. WADEIKIS-Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation. I, 2: Junior Prom Committee French Club, 4: Physical Education Demon- stration. 2. ALICE M. TRIMILE-Student Association. ia. ,- .R . 3 I PHYLUS J. VALENTINE-Senior Play: Stu- dent Patrol System: Stunt Night, 3, 4: Poetry Club, l, 2, 3, 4: Debate Club, 2, 3, 4: Cos- mopolitan Club, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Manager, 3: General Manager ot G. A. A., 2: Hour Glass Staff: School Chatter Statt: Glas Club, 2, 4: Mixed Chorus. 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Volley Ball, I, 4: Li- brary Stalt, 4: Treasurer ot Senior Class. ISABELLE V. YORTON-Girls' Athletic As- sociation, l, 2. 3. 4. BARBARA R. WILSON-Sigma Chi Delta. 3, 4: Girls' Athletic Association, I, 2, 3, 4: Announcement Committee, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: French Club, 4: Physical Education Demon- stration, 2: Stunt Night, 4. ROSE M. ZlTO-Girls' Athletic Association I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Ball Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Basketball. I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Hit Pin Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer, l, 2, 3, 4' Volley Bell, l, 2, 3, 4: Hiking Club 2, 3. 4' Recreational Games, l 2, 3, 4. NORMAN M. ALFE-G-lee Club, 2, 3, 47 Poetry Club, 3, 4: Stunt Night. 2. 3, 4: Jun- ior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee' Senior Play: Hour Glass Statlz Debate Squad, 4: Senior Float Committee: Football. 4: Traclr 3: Intramural Basketball, 3, 4. GORDON F. ALLES-Glee Club, I. 2. 3 4: Poetry Club. 3, 4' Stunt Night, 2, 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee' Senior Ball Com mittee' Senior Float Committee' l-toni Glass Statl. JAMES BEATO-Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Inna. mural Baseball, l. 2, 3, 4' Student Patrol, 3, 4: Stunt Night: Junior Prom' Physical Education Demonstration, RAYFIELD C. AMES-Glee Club, I, 2: Glee Club Pianist, 3: Senior Ball Committee Senior Float Committee: Stunt Night, 4, LA VERNE G. BARNUM-Bend, I, 2, 3, 4: Slunl Niqhr I 3' Glee Club I ' . . . . .23 Senior Floal Commirfee: Senior Ball Commiflee: Junior Prom Commifree: Radio Club: Inlra- mural Basketball, I. JAMES H. BARTELS-Glee Club 4: I t , n ra- mural Basketball, 3: Inlramural Bas eball, 3. JOHN F. BELL-Stun? Night, I: Alpha Bela Phi 3 4' F , . , oofball, I, 3, 4: Inrra- mural Baskelball, I, 2, 3, 4: Inframurel Baseball, I, 2. 3, 45 Track, 3, 4: Wreslling learn. 3: Slicl: I-locliey, 2. WILLIAM J. BODE, JR.-Radio Club. PAUL W. BRIGGS-Slunl Night I, 2, 4. Dramalic Club, 3, 4: Alpha Beta Phi, 3, 4: President of Senior Class: School Challer Sl H' ' ' a, Junior Prom Comrmllee' Phys'cal , I Educalion Demonsfrafion, 2: lnframural Bali s efball, I, 2, 3. 4: Inrramurgl Baseball I 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4: Cheer I Leader, 3. JOSEPH CHICCINO -Sfunl Night, I: Sen ior Ball Comrnifree: Football. I 2 3 4 Inrrarnural Bqslcefball, I, 2, 3, 4: 'lniismlu Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Baslxeiball, 2: Serrerar nf lnlramural Baslnefball, 4. Foorball, 2, 3: W mural Baseball, I, 2, 3. 4. ROBERT E. CONNOLLY-Sfunf Night, I: Bloclc F, 4: Junior Prom Commirfee: Senior Ball Commilfes: Tracln, 2, 3. 4: Foorball, 4: Baslnelball, 2, 3, 4: All Star Baseball, 3: Slick Hockey, 2. 3: Physical Educelion Dem cnslrafuon, 2: lniramural Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Inframural Baslnerball, I. ral HAROLD J. CLAYTON-Physical Educa lion Demonsfralion. 2: Glee Club, 2 3 4 Senior Ball Committee: Track, I, 2 3 reslling, 3: Slick Hoclroy 2, 3: Inlramural Basketball. I, 2, 3, 4 In .hn- GEORGE R. DOUGLAS-Band. I, 2. 3, 4: Orchesfra. 2, 3, 4: Glas Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 4: Junior Prom Commirlaeg Senior Ball Commiliee: Siunl Night, 2, 3, 4: Physical Educafion Demonsirafion, 2: Slick Hockey. 2: Inframural Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: In- tramural Baslrefball, I, 2, 3, 4: Foorball Manager, 4. DANIEL F. CROWELL-Band, I. 2, 3, 4 Orchasira, 3, 4: Senior Float Comrniffee Senior Ball Commiireez Junior Prom Com miiieei Camera Club, 4: lnframural Baslrei loall, I, 2: lniramural Baseball, I. ROBERT J. FERRIS-Sluni Niqlir, I: Dra- maric Club, 4: Junior Prom Comrniffee: Sen- ior Floaf Cornmilfee: School Chaiiar Sfafi: lnframural Baselrerball, I, 4: lnframural Base- ball, I, 2, 3, 4: Foofball, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball, 2: Hockey. 3. JOHN D. DU BOIS-Hour Glass Siafi' Junior Prom Commifreez Senior Ball Com- miileez Cheer Leader, 2: Baslrelball. 2, 3, 4- Foofball, 4: lnrramural Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Ping Pong, 4: Band, I, 2. CROCIE A. FIANDACH-Sfudenr Pair-ol SYSIBWC Wresllinq. 3: Senior Ball Commit- Iee: Junior Prom Comrnirree: Senior Play Comrnirreey lnframural Baslrerball, 2, 3: ln- Irarnurcl Baseball, 2, 3. GAEORGE B. ELLIOTT-Glee Club, I: Siunl Nlqhi, 4: lnrramural Baslrelball, I: Traci: 4. EMANUEL LAZERSON-Srunr Niqhr, 4: Hour Glass SIa'I'I: Senior Ball Commifree: Junior Prom Commiiree: Baslreiball, 2, 3, 43 Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Inrramural Baslcefball, I: Foofball, 2. 3, 4: Sficlr Hoclcey, 2: Ping Pong, 2, 3, 4: Iraclr, 4, FRANK A. FARGNOLIMBand, I. 2, Orchesfra. 2, 3, 4: Camera Club, 4. 3. 4. HCWARD I. FOOTE-Debate, I, 2: School Chatter. Editor-in-Chief: Glee Club. 2, 3, 41 Senior Ball Committee: Hour Glass Staff. Business Manager: Student Patrol System: Poetry Club, 2: Camera Club. I: Male Quartet, 4: Band, 3, 4: Stunt Night, 3. 4: Senior Commencement Usher, 3, Guardian of the Flag, 4: Track, I. 2. 3, 4: Basketball Manager. 4: Mixed Chorus, 2. RONALD H. GOOD-Senior Ball Commit- tee: Stunt Night, 2, 4: Student Patrol Sys- tem: Junior Prom Committee: Camera Club, 4: Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Male Quartet, 4. MARVIN HOLTER-Wrestling, 3: Football. 2: Tumbling. 3: Physical Education Dem- onstration: Alpha Beta Phi Amateur Contest. PHILIP M. HOSPERS-Debate, 2, 3, 41 Stunt Niqht, 4: Senior Play: Hour Glass Staftg School Chatter Stall, Ass't. Editor? Student Association Treasurer: Prize Spealz- inq, 3: Intramural Baseball, I, 2, 3.4: Intra- mural Baslretball, I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom. General Chairman: Physical Education Dem- onstration, 2: Football. 3.4. THEODORE A. KING-Stunt Night, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Com- mittee: Student Patrol System: Senior Play Committee. WILLIAM H. LAIRD-Stunt Night, l, 43 Hour Glass Stall: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Blocln F, 41 Senior Float Committee: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Committee: Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Football, I, 2, 3: Wrestling, 3. JULES J. LAZERSON-Senior Ball Com- mittee: Junior Prom Committee: Stunt Night, 2: Intramural Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Baslcetball, I, 2, 3, 4: Stick Hockey, 2, 3: Football, 2, 3, 4: Physical Education Demonstration, 2: Senior Float Committee. FREDERICK D. LEARY-Stunt Night, I, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Christmas Play, 3g Min- strel Show, 2. - -i I , -4' DONALD A. LE FROIS-Dramatic Club. 3, 4, President, 4: Vice-President of Junior Class: School Chatter Statt: Senior Ball Committee: Student Patrol System: Hour Glass Staft: Senior Play: Winter Carnival King: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4: Track Manager, 4: Ping Pong, 3: Intramural Baseball, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball, 2, 3. ELMER C. LEOPOLD-Band, 4: Orrttes t Night 3 l tra tra, 3: Glee Club, 4: Stun ' . ' N . mural Basketball, 4: Intramural Baseball, 4. RAYMOND J. MOORE-Stunt Niqtit, I' Alpina Beta Plii, 3, 4, President, 4' Block F 4: Junior Prom Committee- Senior Ball Com mittee: Football, I, 2. 3, 4: Basketball, I, 2' Track, I, 23 Intramural Basketball. I, 2, 3 Intramural Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey, 3' Senior King Candidate. GLENN K. LOSEY-Orclncslra. 3, 41 Prom Committee: Stunt Niqlwt, 4- Junior Glen Club, 4: Ping Pong, 3, 4: Intramural Bas- ketball, 3, 4. WILLIAM R. SCHUTT-Stunt Niqlit Com- mittee, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Sen- ior Ball Committee: Senior Play: Alpha Beta Phi. 3, 4: Prize Speaking, 2: Cheer Leader. 3, 4: Intramural Basketball, I. 2, 3: Intramural Hockey. 3: Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, 2, 3, 4. LEWIS MASCIANGELO--President of Jun- ior Class: Stunt Night, 2: Student Patrol System: Senior Ball Ctiairinan: President ol French Club, 4: President of Student Asso Ciotion, 4: Sopliomore Representative ol Student Association, 2: 5lock F, I, 2, 3, 4. President, 4: Football, I, 2. 3, 4: Basketball, I. 2, 3, 43 Pinq Pong, 3, 4: lntr Baseball, 2, 3, 4: Track, I, 2, 3, RAY R. SICKELS-Senior Ball Committee amulnl Senior Float Committee: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Stunt Night, I, 2, 3, 4: Poetry Club 3, 4: Football, I, 2: Track, I, 2, 3, 4: Inna. mural Basketball 3, 4: Intramural Baseball I. 3, 4. ELMER G. MINWELL-Intramural Ir Intramural Baseball, I. ack, JAMES PRESCOTT-Block F, 3, 4: Alpha Bata Phi, 3, 4, Secretary, 4: Student ASSO. cualion Vice-President, 4: Student Patrol Sys lem? Senior Class Vice-President' Fgcfi ballf Zi 3. 47 Track, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, I, 2, 3. 47 Basketball, 2, 3. 4, ROBERT L SOLES T I I 2 . - rac. , , 3, 4: Intra- mural Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling, 33 Football, ll, 2, 3, 4: Stunt Night, I, 23 Bloglq ls- 3441 PM: POHQ. 3.415113 Hockey, 3,4, HERMAN STOLT-Block F, 4, Treasurer, 4: Junior Prom Committee' Senior Ball Com, mittee: Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Basketball, I, RAYMOND F. UNGER, JR.fl'lambur'q High School, I, 2: Glee Club, 3, 4: Orches- tra, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 3, 4: Stunt Niqht, 4: Senior Float, 4: Wrestlunq. 3. WILLIS E. VAN DER MALLIE--Intramural Basketball, I. 2, 3, 4: Intramural Base- ball, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4: Ping Pong, 3, 4: Stick Hockey, 2. VERNON C. UNGER-Hamburg High School, I, 2: Stunt Niqht, 4: Orchestra, 3. 4: Mixed Chorus, 2, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: In- tramural Baseball, 3, 4: Football, 3, 4: Band, 3. 4. JOHN D. WARDfDebate. 3. 4: Play Con- test, 4: Dramatic Club. 4: Student Patrol Systom: Camera Club, I: Traclr, I, 2' Ass't Basketball Manager, 3, 4: Physical Educa- tion Demonstration, 2. LEONARD G. WOOD-Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 43 Stunt Night, 4: Camera Club. 4: Sticlc I-loclcey, 2: Track, 3. 4. SENIOR CL President Paul Briggs Secrefa ry, ASS OFFICERS Vice-Presiclenl, James Prescofl Helen Gifford Treasurer, Phyllis Valenfine 38 ' , " Fx +"1: '.'f'ww'Ze"w N " - - PW, ,fH'1!f1'lJ'-7f3"Q5"f'9L3 W . W sk ff-f fMp1 31-' f' "i'i"Q'2:3,5raw2 . ffl' -6 .E fly. of I. ' . N 5,-'.gt-?.fN,fyif's-?',:,'awikxf? .1 , WV- 7-9, ' ilfk, X --,-1,1-, -L X f b.:swf-L..mwr 1 - ' f, rf' -1, M. 1' , un 2-f J-'f'w'-"'-29.71-'M' 1 Y wr ff "ii!MY Q! . III 1 if-11iS"5w. , 4 Q t5,.-Mfr w',1gZm4 Qnwk '54-J LIU 'mg Q- v gg, - W-'g w,,.ae4A V , 1,f-ww 1 gg ",Y' f1f1,'1fQfif 13g :gQ ,. 1 m Zfqg'?'1jf,"'f' . if ,, .Y-.M Sf? 5gX"XGff,g -13? X, V 4' ' 3 -W1:fl 1fi,Fff".Fv 7 H223 -A r"f'f'f ' X- 5 ff: ""':"" an ' 'iacl' , 9 J 11 1 ,J nl M-Q. A , -Y' lik" ,rp ' lb g Ar' lf!! .ffl 9, 4, GI .fp "Is.f- Qld. 31, Y 6. Elf?-327' Q9 1. 1 . - .4 ,3'X,4'! i 1 Q a 1 V ff X X Mf Y 35:15 V X xx" 61-,Mg 2 A47-' ,wh M: I a n??5"11 :iii ,. vw 4. .-3, w ev Q- iff' , iw Q H. -, :ivy 2 F I 355, A w X ,gg mx xx 11? X . fg.s,' X . f6Qgv,i- X ..t,.??i.:, X H1 ,Iv,. ,1 ' QQ . H., , .r-.4 .fp . -53753 , cfylff? rpg.-1 ff? A 1-"H All :LH 715.1 5,15 f ' 'f 53555 X ,, X ff. k' 5 't"'f,-Mfzqarx X '1 1 ' .... ,, ,. .w.:..-,..., , fs2v:,',4,gp?fa R P- AIX., vig. :gn W Vu, X ly -3- ,1 -,Y'.',1', WV' ,' ' W f W ' N A w ,lx MVN: BQTT9 Ruseczll L- Class Advisers: . A Miss Grace Schreiner The Jumor Class Ring Mr. Leon B. Warner ml PUPPET-LIKE, JUNIORS IMITATE SENIOR SELF-GOVERNMENT 5 4 G. Beard C. Thomosma A, Bairaqiini J. Dixon Homeroom Adivlfy Presidenf Secretary Treasurer Vice4Presidcn1 39 Third Row: G. Brien, D. Nemyier, T. Wheeler, K. Bumpus, J. Pennise, G, Sfiner, V, Trew. Second Row: A. BaTTaqlini, G. Hubbard, W, McGinnis, M, PeTers, R, Holdnrness, L. ClayTon, R. Holfer, R. Belf, N. Tobin. First Row: M Cascini, H. Masciangelo, M. Lord, H. Cobb. The class oT '4l "came inTo iTs own" This year when iT enTered The ranks OT upper class- men, ITS members have readily proved Themselves able To Talce Their places and assume Their responsibilihes as iuniors. ScholasTically, The honor oT The class is being upheld by George Beard, Edward Ryder, Carolyn Thomagma, Jean Flanagan, WiniTred l-larT, Helen AiTchison, Tom Wheeler, and Richard Hawverg while on The TooTball lield and baslceiball courT Donald ScoTT, Henry Masciangelo, Joe Third Row: R. Phillips, J. Furman, E. Ryder, M. Dirkx, M. Bridges, A. Harlley, J. Neiss, B. EnTer. Second Row: R. Williams, R. Towner. M. Trau, C. Paulsen, R. Schooln-iasfer, H. Sauer, D. ScoTT, H. Aifchison, C. Trew, Firsf Row: R. Adams, A. Ganser, A. Benfonfe, B. Bulman. HE CLASST . 40 2' Third Row: V. ShulTs, H. WhiTman, H. Caullcins, l. PriTchard, C. Marchiole, M. Granger, V. Denny. - Second Row: K. Gropp, W. Cornelius, A. Barranco, J. Marvin, M. Clark, H. Cuddebaclc, J. Dixon, J. ProTeTa, D. MarleTT. FirsT Row: G. Beard, E. Cornelius, B. Frederick, J. Delegwardia. ProTeTa, Jack Dixon, and Bill Burke carry on, helping To gain new laurelslfor l:airporT l-ligh. Members of The iunior class have parTicipaTed, under The ediTorship OT Edward Ryder, in Turning ouT The "School ChaTTer". h OTher acTiviTies To which The class poinTs wiTh pride are iTs Talcing OT second place in STunT Night and The work in The debaTe club of Jean Flanagan, Carolyn Thomasma, David Ney- mier, Jaclc Ward, and many oThers. lT is proud, Too, OT iTs budding dramaTisTs and musicians. This class, wiTh iTs oTTicers and advisors, is preparing To ouTdo iTselT nexT year as seniors. Third Row: W. Honeclc, W. l'larT, H. G-ill, R. Harmon, R. Hawver, H. Bielar. Second Row: J. Flanagan, D. Harris, G. Brien, P, Monfemaro, M. Benfonfe, B. Burlce, E. Johnsfon, M. BeTz, C. Thomasma. FirsT Row: E. Lewis, M. Bieler, W. Bulman, J. Allen. L, Chiccino. YN OF 4I THE CLASS yy li ima-u Third Row: N. Tiraborelli,, H. Moody. H. Loveless, J. Schrader, R, Slellufo. A. Martin, S. Ansuini, F. Casella, V. Schrader. Second Row: J, Fislr, B. Bowerrnan, l. Ackerman, J. Kenney, R, Hoclnenberry, G. Scarazzo, G. Wagner, T. La Pieira, R, Williams. First Row: E, Honeclm, R, Wood, E. Conover, C. Slefien, S, Marnmoccio. The class oi I942 has Iayally and Tully lived up lo The high alandards of our school by H5 fine show ol school spiril and enlhusiaslic parlicipalion. Conlained wilhin The sophomore class are many candidalee lor lhe honors which Fairporl High affords. Fine scholaslic records have been sei by many of The sludenls for The pas? lwo years. George Wagner, Dorolhy Laird, Lyle De Mocker, Nancy Defro, Barbara Pierce, Robe-rl Hoclaen- bury, Dorolhy Miller. Richard Hill, and John Deal have carved lheir niches in Fairporrs scholasfic "Hall oi Famed. Ralph Wood, Bob LeFrois, Nicls Tiraborelli, Bill Williams, Sam Ansuini, Richard Hill, Dom- enic Benedelli, and Jaclq Kenney have well proved lheir alhleric abilily, Through lheir eiloris Third Row: F. O'l.eary, J. Pierce, A. Jackson, F. Bealo, N, Marchioli, B. Robe son, J. Deal, G. King, A. Neiss, F. Delegwardia Second Row: J. Seslifo, D. l-lull, G. Bennefl, G. Breemes, M. Shilling, H. Kohl, N. Delro, L. De Moclrer, L. Di Risio. Firsl Row: L. Barfololfa, J. Accarclo, T. Balfisfoni, D. Benedelli, M. Rizzo, C. Bulman. 42 Third Row: E. Schull, R. Provenzano, G. Earl, D. Sage, E, Dilmas. F. Harrigan, C. Gibbs. G. Wixsom, E. Sfoll, R. Rohr, R, Benneff. Second Row: E. Kramer. I. Baslian, A. Mac Neill, T. Ashby, W. Burke, D. Hospers. L. Hembrock, M. lngianni, A. Phillips, T. Porreca, Firsl Row: E. Pidinkofski, J. Foofe, D. Balfaglini, E, Babcock, E. Salmon, W. Danforlh, C. Hansen. lhe name ol 'rhe Red and Blue has noi only been spread abroad, buf will conlinue io be. Many ol The sludenls have been ailracled by exlra-curricular aciivifies offered by The school. Berfhs on fhe debare squad are held by Barbara Pierce, Joyce Foofe, Alice Jackson, George Wixsom. George Wagner, and John Deal. Many olher sophomores are included in 'rhe ranks of The numerous social orqanizalions. Special aclivifies are well supporled by The class ol I942. Cooperaiion is siressed by The sophomores. This friendly group ol sludenrs is always willing 'ro work, bolh wirh lhe school ilseli and wilh 'rhe leachers. By no means is rhe class Ol l942 fhe weak link in lhe chain fhal binds our lair school logelher. Third Row: G. De Will, W. Barllell, M. Losey. J. Rearson, R. Hall, F. School- masfer, B. Parsons, C. Vander Mallie, J. Lerzak. Second Row: E. Kramer, B. Pierce, R. Ward, D. Laird, R. Hill, J. Clark, D. Blum, A, Accardo, G. Polvino. First Row: J Carini, M. Facer, R. Hickey, D. Bueq, G. Wilhelm. 43 OF l942 ILA Third Row: 6. Valenline, J. Hummel, T. Daurizio, V, Sleflen, C. Adams. J. Sanlini. R. Busharl, J. Lerzalc, E. Priesf, W. Fernaays. Second Row: L. Kleinhenz, R, Bennelf, R. Sfeubing, N. Clarlr, J. Wafson, W. Gilbert, B. Gross, M, Freer, l-l, Borlchuis, M. Allyn, E. Aidridge. , Firsl Row: R. Trimble. P. Grabb, G. Broolcs, E. Dinse, K. Hess, T. Van Borlle. Lasl lall lhe upper classmen ol Pairporl l-ligh School viewed many opened-eyed fresh- rnen, as, lor lhe lirsl lime, lhey enlered info high school life. For lhe lirsl few weelcs lhey Tried 'rhe pafience ol all The S. P, S. and leachers. buf lhey Hoon found lheir place in bolh classroom and social life. CLASS Midayear exams found many promising sludenls, wilh Eleanor Aldridge, Rufh Bushari Third Row: J, Arnold, R. Barranco. D. Gardner, D. Hammond. A. Eclrler, A. Benfiveqna, J. Sraley. J. Fisk, J, Holler, E. Kohl, F. King. Second Row: M. Phillips, Y. Monfernaro, M. Phillips, G. Gropp, M. Jabouf. D. Ranney, 6. Phillips, M. Walls, J. Kier. First Row: C. Richards, A. Kesler, R. Trew, W. Bieler, C. Whipple. 44 LM.. ig, Third Row: J. Young, K. Bowerman, J. Douglas, B. Vander Mollie. R. Dudley, E. Lewis, A. Peck, H. Parlcison, C, Kishbaugh, P. Ruclcdeschel, M. Van Wa D. Gross, J. Ellioll, B. Roberlson. Second Row: B. Gill, A. Brien, L. Malcolm, J. Hari, W. Bills, E. Pillinaro, Soles, B. Palferson, J. Yacono, M. Ross. L Whipple. Firsf Row: V. Kennelley, A. Moore, M. Palmer, G. Ellsworth, M. Rinebald, Rohr, E. Dunn. J. Granger, N, Bowman. R. Jessie Eldridge, Gerlrude Ellsworlh, James Fairchild, Floyd King, Belly Pallerson, Ge-rlrude Phil- lips, Malinlha Ross, Elnora Wiley, Pearl Ruclcdeschel, and Nancy Moss appearing near lhe lop of lhe honor roll. The 'ibaby classi' losi no lime in joining exlra-Curricular aclivilies and many of 'rhe boys have appeared on rhe ioolball lield and baslcelball courl, while bolh boys and girls are found in Poelry, Debale, and Camera Clubs. This, lhen, is ihe freshman class ol l94O and lhe senior class oi I943 which is promising lo be a pride and joy ol Fairporl High. Third Row: W. Abigail, B. Quigley. R. Capanna. C. Ellis, N. Clarlc, E. Wiley. C. Palferson, L. Bown, G. Denny, J. Fairchild, M. Bendschneider. Second Row: T. Barlololla, G. Goyeffe, T. Chiccino, R. Wilson, N. Moss, R. Eberls, J. Eldredge, F. Wood, F. Di Risio, H. Chesbro, A. Wood. Firsl Row: M. Fiandach, L. Sorgi, E. Payne, J. Fairbanks, B, Moulfon, H. Mac Millen. 45 OF I943 SUB - FRESHMAN AJ Slandinq: J, Alles. B. Huber. J. Burlce. B. MacDonald. C. Muller, D. Everdyke D. Sfiner. S. Jordan. J. De Land, R. Murphy. This is The class which always has a supreme advanTage over The oTher classes. They are gracluaTed from iunior high in January lofficially in Junel and by The end ol Their TirsT half-year have aTTained one or Two uniTs ol cre-diT. ThereTore. iT They Tail a subiecT, They have These exTra uniT5 To help Them gain Their goal OT graduaTion. ' This halT-year gives Them liTTle chance To enTer anyThing. excepTing aThleTics and The smaller clubs. l-lowever. They become acquainTed wiTh The general aTmosphere. When This group enfers ils lreshman year, The lcind ol behavior required in l:airporT l-ligh has grown upon Them, influencing Their bearing considerably. ndinq: R. Laird. M. Hansen. R. Caler. J. MarTin. W. PeTers, K. Reus. A. Bc-nneTT, L. Sayles, B. Clarlc, R. Sfone. 46 1, , I ,Lx H. A x ' QQ . PM L A - 2, , v I 5 . W. , . , VA r if - wi xr 4 ,X ,-1 I Mochod ,..ym, 1, . H -4 w 'f r, 1 ,liz I., .Azz . 9' 'C -5, f 7-,. ,-IU, L, X72 ' v. .U Y.-r, at .-1 , , "x 1 ,V-, pai fef T- ln.: ,-,. X. , f, A -V, L x - FEATURING INFORMALITY ,ar ' . ,. l , 4 : ' ig! X1 L-11 Q any l ' 3 W' 1 Y ,X -4 ' Such Apollos I g,g',. if 6 K Turn around Mnss June and walch The game Don'f look now, coach, buf fhere's a girl sfraiqhl ahead! Liflle Lord Faunfleroys blossomed oufl W Who sand our loolball boys werenl acrobals7 Sleepy fume boy' Little candle, liqhf my way. Loolc ouf, your sheef vs slnppmq 47 lllllwll ll MEM A lea was given in lwonor of Miss Jose- Marilyn Casfor and Donald Le Frois were plwine Lawrence's announcemenl of her chosen queen and king of flue Senior a enqaqemenf. ALERT AND ALIVE Large crowds affend ex- cilinq foofball games. Baskelball Caplain Jordan lakes llwe floor al a pep meeling. The band leaves for a music leslival. L- 48 An inferesfinq assembly program was provided by Carlfon C. Palmer. -x N- M... 1'- Thggg gfaqg in the background Dancing af noon and dancing af nighf iook ieaious. UR STUDENTS THRIVE af Feirporf High. jr file rg .- ...n.. i Tha+ good old school spirii comes fo The fore. Good rousing marches cheer our boys on fo victory! Three-fhirfy on Thursday finds faculty The afieniive group iisiens To eating and "grabbing" af Kaffee each explanafion. Klagch. 49 The freshmen all wen? backwards for Hefp! Murder! The sophomores! fheir rolls buf fhey are furned around now. 'F we S' Senior Siunf An old-fashioned seaside scene, STUNTS TAKE .And poor Cindereile found her Prince The lafesf fashions on The lafesi among the iuniors, pos?-qraduafes. Senior Stunt The shy young lover proposes 10 fhe lady of his dreams. THE STAGE A iouciwinq wedding finds fine phofoqrapher near. 5 I 1-TAT' 'Q Go fo the Iibrary Have our pidures faken for The Hear ihe noise of fhe workers Hour Glass". in fhe shop. DURING OUR BUSY DAYS. WE--- Go downstairs fo home economics or physical educaiion. L. Wall: upstairs io our classes. Hurry home io lunch. G inn-H-vf' " ,, rv home af 3:15, Mred but happy. 52 1'-dl'-if juiff' ,L . 'ga NMFS 'Qi-'fi w V F '. YA . We xy' "KI 'W +I" fvgfi ' 'V F Y A f',Hv-- , .s ua .msn-F1:,w i x,f3lig'6i,gxll:Q,,gl3N,s3 lf ,wi X V .. -rw , I 1,1-,L-,13 ?.+,5A,,w ,gy-9 A, ,iq .1 . - ' 'H ' ,' 6 Q2 171PYf,1g-.1',f?tr-':' ffm ff - xf J , dj. fl jxc'Q1.x1'pQ',-,,'-f "slimy, jf-.Q ' . W 3 'QQ,u41.i., , -.-q,',,,m.n,g4 .uagxqgxi 152 , 5 vw- -I+ ' I, -3 M' ,f ' , fl 8l,Q3j:'1Qgf3.l,H?,,'g'-r5f.,Q-iQ .--:ff 5-5-gr -xofgx .g, ,-. ,wwp?,gi','1N1A 554. y.gfg?-135, yylfff' '. ,V 'l51'?-gfiynaf H , '-..'..7H X f ' "xi 'D55:fj?m,?f31f?',:,! ,A . -I ff , ' tfq-fmw rf+ 1 ' LM - , f.'jg,'lxM'Sxs'fyf'.,j I a"l2ig'!v'5iK,g'nN 'JX 1 ' Y HMJ,.w NH 1 ,I , ur! ffl, . .xv 1: 'KQ :-s. 'N 'M -Lpgfffx ex r , -U rv-f Q, ,gf 541 PKI 'K Xl fi- :. , ' XX - Q ,' f' ia 1. f 1 A ,vwxf..,Nyq,arg--45 --5.1. w .u:3,,c'gff . 1- 7- WN- - HA, g m Q1'QE.""Q"'SF'1gQf'51"'YfL'l "f'1't"fw'nh'f,"1'5.' M 5 3 fr' V .rf T3 Cai-TL iw ' Fifa 'A " 'V' wk, ywj 1-I gy .L,.q 5,5 M-j,5..,, f ,,' Q i K ' ' 2-f I, I-,LEM af., Qu ,4 , M, .A ,Vx VZ., X W V. ,um , 03 . -X -.-R. , .., I 9 Q 3",g,'1q1,g,,Al Vn'n:,7.t+ I My ' A V 2 Y C, " 1. '7'?..E,i.v?EL.'A,5fff1575-:- X W u ' 41f:,?'-f'1:-fu'hit,x..gy A , .f,":u.f. af:fmz M i -. .1 ,f ' ,XS-rg ,pw .Jig-345 , '-xD. 'f-- 5H5w'f.f2 .113 -,F -1 - . . .11 . fix.-"YQ, '- 'Y -f . , 1'wff',-,xr-,d,fb-C' ' - f,'.-.Nw ,W Aww ai , , w fs3f,figj4,' .gLf'Q1".y2,-7 , .-,SL,z,li':n- ' "w :HT Q, 1 ki' 'gyrfff M A mf W ,Z I , ' '511 vi ' 1' 'nw b 55 .,A , , QW, f-xgrfgw if ,I "':1+1f ill! Y K ' lf ,1: fU . vl'-' 'nf , tx! ' 4. .-u ,. . . 1. x WN f, N XX i ! y ,?V.,.,x Q f I Q , In J, 11 f I, ' 1,, ' ! ' , L if X ' I . F 4 if I ,X rv I, 44" I Q' Y i f" K 'C w K , :Amr U! A AH . J. 7- ' ' wife ,N f, A Q',-1947 , .VW wg lv, f ,f HCFA '51 x . 1 ,f , fur ,rv v., ,, If X . wj 'fin L2 ft 1 X me gay 'wffg If ,fr X' ' -f'v',-' , xf ffl ,J ,f ,. u fd, i,y'Ac.- ' 1 fx- ff Y,',9'4r,- Af? ,flhii f ff ,gel :Wi ,P Qi1'f2 +EFIvQfrfi,g I v,lk'.LV,,,7'W1l:1wv!,:nv-:X tim, 'X .Kl'7'Uf, 'fu-f',"'f2'..' fm"':R' , wg J X' '-'-Jw'1s"f" U'? 77 ' Vftlvls V., y,gf. . Vw, w,1:.,, uf, wil' 1- , ff 'ity X. f,:xl:'Mf,4X , r - ' X , ,. X. ff r 1 if XX . X 4 X , 4 .Rr I 'N 4 I ' , I5 J! V I xx Wi' s ' -'Twig 325'-H-L: "4-. -'gm V, X W , , 4 ' ' ,,, M, A M , ., E, DQDQYYW mmco TIE L 1 M SENIOR PLAY Third Row: D. Le Frois, P. Ho P U fl SF. 9 Second Row: J. Roberison, P. Valenfine, D. Russell. Third Row: R. Leiqh, M, Sperino. THE SENIORS SCORED AGAIN! "Aye, and a divil a lor of +hrouble +hey caused me, foo!" Thaf is whaf 'rhe family downsiairs probably said abou? "The Family Ups'rairs", an amusing, lighf-hearfed comedy presenied by 'Phe Senior Class. This froublesome family made more noise and encounlered more Trouble fhan is wholesome for any 'fam- ily. "The Family Upstairs", direcled by Miss Helen June, 'fold +he inleresfing sfory of a managing mofher afraid Tha? her daughfer mighr be an old maid. When fhe daughfer lJane Roberfsonl was engaged io marry The boy lDon LeFroisl, +he moiher lPhyllis Valen+inel upsef rhe apple carl! The poor hus- band lRay Ungerl sfepped in To sfraighfen fhe maHer beauii- fully and To quiei 'rhe molher-also beauilfully! The cast and undersiudies worlced hard +o preseni This play. Their lifeless eiforfs produced anoiher success in Fairpor'r's long line of Senior Play successes. 53 SENIOR PLAY ' 1 T., M! IBM. Second Row: l. Michael, G. Beale, D. Russell, E, Sharp, M. Sperino, W. Laird, H. Giflord, J. Sfaicl, E. Hepl P, Valentine Firsi Row: E. De Domenico. H. Erblancl, E. Lazerson, P. Hospers, H. Poole, E, de Volder, N. Alfe, G. Alles, Mr, Edward K. Schworm Mr. Paul W. Allison Miss Esda l.. Turner Advisers HOUR GLASS THIS STAFF WORKED HARD TO COMPLETE YOUR ANNUAL Due lo The many exlra-curricular aclivilies offered by Fair- porf High School, The worlc of issuing an "Hour Glassl' each year becomes increasingly dihiicull. To malce il a success, The girls and boys rnusl drop olher delighllul occupalions 'ro devole Themselves enlirely 'ro Their par? of lhe "Hour Glass". The edifors offer comrnenda+ions and fhanlcs To The s+aT'T mem- bers and also To The four Teachers who willingly foiled in cooperalion wi'rh The slahf. To Miss Margarel Forlmiller we owe The meliculously phrased paragraphs and correcl puncfua- lion. The many hours she spenl served a definile purpose in The publicalion of The "Hour Glass". This year The senior annual, in lhe hands ol Es+her de Volder, Edilor, and Howard Foole, Business Manager, has been changed in many ways from The rouline palfern of olher years. The I94O "Hour Glass" s'raTT hopes fha? if will mainlain The high srandards gained in l938 and I939. 54 ,I "PLEASE STOP WHISTLINGH The minule lhe bell rings, a mad rush ensues as lhe members ol The Sfudenl Palrol lalce lheir posls. Bill Laird, caplain ol The qroup, fills any vacanl place. The Junior Palrol replaces The Senior Palrol every olher week. ll appears very simple, seeing lhose eighleen people sland- inq on desiqnaled spols and, yel, lhal means lwo minules nine limes a day, live days a weelc, and lwenly weelcs a year. Fresh- men somelimes refuse lo behave lallhouqh il isn'l always a lreshmanl. Anolher person may insisl upon whisllinq a nerve- wraclcing 'nine or running downslairs--lhere is never a dull mo- rnenl. The Sludenl Palrol is There, nol lo hinder, loul lo help, lor unless laws were made and enforced, our school-world would be unsafe. STUDENT PATROL Mr. Leon B. Wai Miss Davis A, Brown Advisers Slandincli T, Kino D. Le Frois. J. Prescolf R, Good W. Laird l-l Poole L, Masciianqelo Crouchinfq A, Clallin lvl M1-sserino, M. Jarobson, lvl, Caslor E, de Volder P, Valenlinv E De llmvienho F A ld , ,-1. ' rl d'n.......a:L 55 .inf STUDENT ASSOCIATION "NOW WE WILL HEAR THE SECRETARY'S REPORT." Any business-any boys-any girls? They are all included in This familiar group, which is busy The enlire year, with The governmen+ of The student body. These young people, advised by Mr. Andrew C. Lynch and Mr. Thomas G. Coffee. do Iheir besf Io conducl a financially and socially successful school year. Presidenl Louis Masciangelo snaps The reins over The heads of his associales: Vice-presidenf James Prescofl, Secrefary Emma Hepl, Treasurer Philip Hospers, Freshman Council Member Janef Hummel. Sophomore, Raymond Williams, Junior. Jean Flanagan and Senior, Ray Unger. As Ihe beHer cilizens of Tomorrow we owe much To Ihis group which has made possible for our use new foofball, baslcef- ball, and physical educalion equipment Mr, Thomas G. Coll Mr. Andrew C, Lynch Lol? Io Righf: P, Hospers, J, Flanagan, L Masclangelo, J, Prescow R, Unger, R, Williams E, I-'lgplx J, Hummel, 56 Fourth Row: D. Scorr V. Shulfs. A. Batfaglini. l W Third Row: M, Dirkx E. Cofneius, . Hari, R l'-lawver. H. Airchison l. Pri'chard C. Thornasma M. Cascini. A Bai ranco, R. Wfrllrarns. Second Row: R, Towner ,. Flanagan. D. Nemyier, M. Bell. First Row: E. Ryde' D. Marlerf S. Beard, H, Mascianqelo. "WHERE IS MY COPY?" "Bigger and be+fer" seems 'ro have been rhe moifo of The "School Chalieru siaicf This year. They have rurned ouf 'Full pages each week conraining inferesring hinls abouf who likes whom, siories, poems, a+hle+ic columns, curreni evenis in and abour school, and rhe acriviries of various clubs. The junior "School Cha++er" gives somerhing besides pleasure io rhose who wrile if. They become acquainred wirh +he con+en+ neces- sary in a good newspaper, and mosl imporfanr, gain disciplined lraining-one of ihe aims of educarion. They learn lo have rheir copy ready beforehand +o help +heir edi+or, Ed Ryder, and assisiani ediior, Dave Nemyier. Each year copies of The "School ChaHer" are senl away for crificism. The mosr se- verely crificized faulis are rhen carefully worked on uniil The defecl' is remedied. The sophomore sfaff, 'rhough nor official. does much work Toward producing a weekly "School Chafferu. 57 Miss Maroare' E. Forwniller, Adviser Edward Ryder. Edilor "SCHOOL CHATTER" 6 QZAEE Tim ,,,,.,,Li,.,3 'ii' ilu, ,ffrwsrg-5 are 55 fgllowgg Glen Lcgey, Tedc Ddurigic hrs' violin' Gerfrude Phillips CcllO Toni hibiwn Charles B- i si- inn violin' Donald Reus 'hired violin' Daniel Ci-Qual: luba VGVUOV' Unfigl Km' f'l5'l"m" 'Mlm Daryl -nw limi'-2? 'george Brnoks Franlc Fargnoli, second clariner' Elmer Leopold Leonard Wood hrs? Mummy- Georgi- Dcuqim 5,,k,.,m i,,,,1m,,.' R,-sbigrl Hall, Thomas Ashby, lrombones Rifhard Hill drummer Nick Tiraborell. sa-orahonu 'Yan Umm-r rr iris' GRCHESTRA i TAP! TAP! AND THE MUSIC FLOWS OUT An organizalion, combining borh The iunior and senior high school pupils, which has grown in imporfance is fhe orcheslra under 'rhe direclion of Miss Genevieve Warson. They meel lwice a weelc in fhe music room and play variously assorled mel! odies, preferring fhe snappy marches. Raymond Unger has been doing a splendid piece of worlc as accompanisf for borh This orcheslra and rhe glee club. These fwenfy boys and girls played once in assembly, also during The lnferscholasfic One-Ad Play Confesl, and allended fhe Music Fesfival af Oalclield on May IO. "For our closing number This morning we will play fhe "Benjamin Franklin March". 58 "WHERE'S ELMER? YES, TODAY IS MUSIC DAY!" Wi+h a "roof-e-'roof-'roo+" lhe senior and iunior bands prove 'rheir lechnique and sfyle. The senior band confains filly pupils and 'rhe junior only lhiriy. However, lhe various mem- bers inlerchange and play diflerenf paris in each band. Each weelc lhe periods ol pracfice lor lhe members are diilerenl so lhal fhey are noi conlinually lalqen from The same class. lnsleacl ol going io lhe usual Music Fesfival, lhe senior band wenf lo lhe s+a+e conlesi' a+ Waferloo on April 6. Mr. Vance has been devoling more and more alfenlion 'ro Fairporl High School sfudenls, developing lafenl lalenr and polishing The ac- live +alen+. When one hears The separale people praclicing, the sounds are eerie buf. fogefher, fhese bands really "go places nil BAND MA CMV--li Vanwf Div iff' lor lliivil ROV.: Cqvii-Q l TW Land M, Killlig, Pl Clie:-lilo R. llail ll. VVhifm.in Rvdw T. A lb B hw' 1- hi Erlwliind. Second Row: R Hn J. Flanney, H, Aifchison, J, Flanagan E. Leopold, P. Vinebero, il, Daurixio. 6, Douglas J. hid 1-dizv, L, Barnuiw R Williams, L. Wood, S. Ansuini, W. Laird, E. Hep? N, Tiraborelli. luv limi' ll Creep il Earhinco J. grail, V, Unger J lh-al N. Defra J Barnes T Whivi'-li-i B Smirh H, Mai Mii iw if lic-sine G, Hubbard, A. Jaclison, D. Krafnor A, Wood. E. Dinse. D. Harris. H. Erbland IE 59 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Mil arrnll Vance Dire-rfor "SONGSTERS SINGING SWEETLY" Tuesday and Thursday mean Glee Club during sevenlli period for Ilie filly girls whose voices were judged suirable Ior The various singing paris. Mr. Carroll Vance palienily Irains Ilwese voices Io aiiain 'rhe proper pi+cl'1 and Iune before con' duciing 'flue group Io Ilwe Music Fesfival ai Oaklield Ibis year. When one pauses Io 'rliinlc of Ilne ninely minuies given eacli weelc Io Ilwe siudy oi music by Ilwese girls, if seems a small amouni. Really Io appreciare Ilie worlc accomplished, one Inas Io lislen Io Ilwe organizaiion wlwile Ibey sing. Every person has some appreciaion oi music Tucked away inside. Hearing Ilne Girls' Glee Club sing brings This appreciaiion Io The surface. Ilmrqj RN- IA Sfgzy B, Smiili R Bawn, J, Fisk, J Edreoqe H. Cliesbro E. Aldridge R. Tonner v flunnv M Muriiliy A ickson .I Flanoqar. S1 3 A. Keir. B. Werce, I-I. Erblano, R. Erbland, M. Diricx, E. Babcccl. FI. Aifcbiscr V, Qobr J PM 3 W'iis.iii F- Arnso A, Sie-:urn N. Bowman L, VVHLQQIQ M.JaCobson F, Valentine D. 'Cramer A, Pefgrim M Jabeu' I 'crreca IZ. Busnar' B. Pafvfrson. . Hail M. Befz, J. Furman I, Prffbard W. Hart M. Ross M. Kiffle J. Foo? C, Miller J RcDn:"u"i 'Nl Dewi' G, Hubbard, J. Arlen 0 . 60 ' 5 I I 5 'I r i 1 ' F' ' l 4' I .i Thiran Raw R. Sh-uoinq, J Bartels, R, Wilson, J, Fairchild, J. SanTini, T. Ashby, R, Hill, N. Alle, G. Alles, L. Kleinhenz, Second Row' G Uzwuqlas, H. ClavTc-n, F. King F. Beam, R. Dudley, H. Gill, R, Good, E. Leopold. J. Arnold. Hrs? Row: R. Unger, Miss NN atson, J. Douglas D. Ranney, R. Williains. R. l-lolfer H. Poole, G. Losey, E. Ryder, L. Mrilrolni. MUSIC DOESN'T BELON6 SOLELY TO WOMEN! "PUT on The slcilleT, puT on The lead, Mammy's Iiflle baby loves shorTnin' bread' '... a song we all love, sung beauTiTully by The Boys' Glee Club. Having heard Them sing many Times in assembly, we are all aware oT The splendid progress These ThirTy boys have made, meeTing only Two periods a weelc Tor pracTice. Ray Unger accompanies The group. Miss Genevieve WaTson, who direcTs Them, has noT only presenTed Them in school assemblies Tor The beneTiT oT The sTudenT body, bul also chose a quarTeT To appear before The Masonic Lodge. This CluarTeT was received wi+h enThusiasm. CommendaTion has reached The boys oTTen Tor The eTTorTs They are puTTing TorTh. 6 I Miss Genevieve G. Walson. Direclrc-ss BOYS' GLEE CLUB 4 Third Rov.: G. Alles. E. Piftinaro. R, Wilson, J. Lerzalc. Second Row: L. Whipple, M, R055 G, Wixsom A Marvin, P. Valenvine D. Russell. Eirs' Row: T, Ballisfoni Mr. Nelson R. Burton, Adviser POETRY CLUB WHAT RHYMES WITH POETRY? WE DO! The Poelry Club. conducled by Nelson R. Burfon, is a purely oplional orqanizafion. You come and go as you please and no one queslions your righf To do so. There are no dues lo pay. no officers, and meefings are held whenever convenienl. Lasl year The membership dwindled considerably, buf fhis year new blood has iurned oui. The regularly allendinq rhym- esfers number aboul Ten buf lor an organizafion of 'rhis Type, The number malfers liffle. lf is fo be hoped fha? nexl year even more sludenls of Fairporf l-ligh will come lo love and undersfancl poelry and ils creafion. 62 DRAMATIC CLUB THE STARS CAME our AGAIN i The Dramafic Club boasfs a membership of fwenfy-+wo pupils wifh a variefy of lalenls. Miss Helen June, wifh lhe aid of Presiclenf Don LeFrois, Vice-presidenf Paul Briggs, Secrefary Jane Robertson and Treasurer Grace Hubbard. has been Teach- ing The group +he arf of ac+ing. They presenled "Keeping KiHy's Dales" in assembly, also "Elmer" in 'rhe lnferscholaslic One-Ad Play Conlesf. They lerminaled a busy year wifh an- olher skif In assembly. Lasf year lhey were concerned largely wifh sludying charac- ferizafion and slage business which 'rhey are aclvanlageously using al presenf. Praclice makes perfecfl Miss Helen E. June Adviser Third Roni D. Lv Frois, F Vmeberq. J. Ward. R. Ferris, R. l-lawyer T, Wheeler. Second Row: H. Moody, B. Pierce, R. Towner. A. Jackson. J, Robcrfson, 6. Hubbard, P, Briggs, Firsl Row: W, Harl, C. Thomasrna, R. Leigh, R, Williams. 63 d'm....m FORENSIC FORUM FAIRPORT'S FORENSIC FORUM HE SAID: louorel " .... " The varsily debale squad consisls ol lour learns, lwo allirm- alive and lwo negalive. There are also lwo panel discussion Teams. These lwenly-lwo sludenrs really lcnow whal lo lallc abou? and how lo do il. They parlicipaled in deloales al' LeRoy, Arcade, Hornell, llion, and Oswego. lnlense worlc precedes any debale, There are research for lacls, quolalions +o lil in, lhe speech lo wrile and memo- rize. and lhe opposing side's argumenl lo be given lhoughl. The good debaler always lcnows beforehand The argunnenls of lhe opposile Team so lhal he may deleal 'rhem before lhey are spoken. Nelson R. Burlon and Leon B. Warner have underlalcen a very good cause in +his debale club. 'Q Mr. Nelson R, Burlon Mr. Leon B. Warner Advisers Second Row: G. Wagner, l"l. Ailchison, R. Towner, B. Pierce. J, Deal, L. Barlololla, G, Wixsorn, G. Hubbard, J. Foole, A. Jaclcson. First Row: E, Ryder, P. l-lospers, M. Murphy, J. Ward, J. Deleguardia, W. Harl, J. Flanagan, C. Thomasma. P. Valenline, D. Nernyier. 64 y l , Third Row: A. Slocum, R. l-lawver, l. Pritchard, J. Lerzalr, J. Schrader, R, Good, Second Ro--.1 J. Allen. K. Bridoes. M. Shilling, D. Harris. E, Kramer D. Crowell, L, Wood, Firs' Row: E, Hammond M. Facer, J. Furman, G. Ellswovh,V,Ellswor?h,J,l3ennise,C1,Phillips. FLASH! CLICK! "Eyes up here now. Smile!" Thar is lhe .Camera Clulo, advised by Mr. Harold Sleinleldl. The lorry members learn lo develop, prinf, and enlarge piclures and negafives, how lo gel The besl lighlinq effecls, The mechanism of 'rhe camera, and apprecialion of phofography. Presidenl Eddie Hammond was lhe school pholographer 'lor lhis year's "Hour Glass". Vice-Presidenl Jean Allen as- sisfed Mary Hall, secrelary, and Dick Hawver, lreasurer. The Camera Club has now passed Hs fhircl year wilh a qreal increase in bolh populariry and size. 65 CAMERA CLUB Lqh- Third Row: R. Unger, T. Moody, R. Connolly. J. ProfeTa, G. Brien, P. Monlemaro, P. Valentine, H. Masciangelo, C. Mar- chlole. M. Murphy, G. Bear Second Row: A. BaTTaglini, M. Cascini, A. Marfirr. A, Slocum. L. Masciangelo, N. Tobin, F. Ryer D. Nomyir-r Firs? Row: S. Mammoccio, T. Ba+TisToni, R. Ward, B. Wilson, M, Messerino, B. Pierce. '? qlxj-,lj ,,,i .v V FRENCH CLUB "PARLES-VOUS LE FRANCAIS, AUSSI?" Miss Florence A. STolT has organized a French Club for The purpose of increasing The ease wiTh which FairporT High School sTuder1Ts spealc conversaTional French. The group, consisTing of TwenTy-Tive members, had Their TirsT meeTing during The IasT week of November. During Their gaTherings only French is spoken: They also pracTice plays in which everyone parTicipaTes. The officers are: President Louis Masciangelo: Vice-Presi- denT, David Nemyier: SecreTary, Marjorie Murphy: Treasurer, RoberT Connolly. Only Those who have Taken French or are in The second or Third year classes can become members. 66 eRouP RESPONDS HEARTILY TO THIRD CQ5MQpQLI-I-AN CLUB SUCCESSFUL YEAR For lhree years Jrhe Cosmopolilan Club has mainfained iis membership oi lwenly-six girls galhered from The various classes of The school. Miss Margaref Forfmiller has been lhe mainsfay of fhe organizalion by guiding ils members elliecfively. This year Presidenl Helen Gifford has planned and execuled many delighliul evenings wifh +he help of her yice-presidnf, secrelary, and Treasurer-Mary SperinoQ Marjorie Jacobson, and Bealrice Enfer respeclively. Many ol lhe charler members, among lhem +he founder of lhe organizafion, are being gradualred lhis year. The presenl school year will be lerminafed by The cuslomary summer ouf- door picnic. lVliSS Mavqaral E. Forlmillui Advisor Third Row' E, Hcneclr, M. Cascini, G-. Bealo M. Sperino. A. Barranco C. Basile, lf. De Domenico W, Randolph, P. Valentine, F Kohl g Second Row: M. Lcrd I. Michae' J. Harf, l:. de Volder, R, Barnharl, M. Murphy, M, Jacobson J, La Rosa, M, Hull First Row: E. Cornelius W. Har? I. Prifchard. H. G-illord, M. Messerino. B. Enter. 67 LA... ..Z'z....4 SIGMA CHI DELTA I Miss Doris A, Brown Advisor POPULARITY PLUS BLONDES-THEY HAVE IT! The Sororily has nol always been Sigma Chi Della buf was once Sigma Della Chi. A shorl lime ago Ihe girls Iound if necessary Io change Iheir name, lor Sigma Della Chi is a nalional regislered sororily. These girls under Miss Doris A. Brown, adviser, and Jane Roberlson, presiclenl, really worked This year, giving lea dances. candy sales, Ieas and a bridge parly, a Sadie I-Iawlcins Dance. and numerous ofher affairs for The benefir of fheir Iwenfy mem- bers. With the proceeds of Ihese moneyed alilairs Ihe girls purchased jewelry insfead of rhe usual swealers and iaclcels. Unusual though if is, all Ihe officers for The school year were seniors: Treasurer Louise Schermerhorn, Secrelary Marilyn Cas- Ior, and Scribe Emma I-lepf. Somelime during Ihe summer Ihey plan Io have one of Iheir famous house parlies again. Third Row, E. hlalm, E. Heal, F, Arnold, A. Perqrim B, Moore, Second Rowj J, Flanagan, R. Towner, J. Robertson. B. Wilggn J, Swag M. Bev Cv Thgmk, ,G Firsl Row: B. Boll I-I, Aifchison, J. Allen, G, Hubbard. ' -1 I I X' 5 I ' - - - i 68 Second Row: D. Nemyier, J. Chiccino, R. Moore. R. Bluhm, W, Burke, R. Le Preis. Fisf Row: M. Granoer, P. Briggs, W. SchuTT, J, Kenney F. Harrigan, J, Prescott ALPHA MEANS FIRST. THESE BOYS ARE "lT"! This acTive club sponsored The lnTerscholasTic One-Acf Play ConTesT in which PiTTsTord, EasT RochesTer, and FairporT com- peTed. Busy The enTire year, The group does much To TurTher The spiriT oT Treindliness pervading The corridors of F. H. S. Mr. Nelson R. BurTon, The adviser, is a good example of This Tamous Triendliness. This is The only club which has Two elecTions yearly Tor The oTTicers. For The TirsT semesTer They were: Raymond Moore, President Joe Chiccino, Vice-presidenT3 Bill SchuTT, SecreTary5 Paul Briggs, Treasurer: SergeanT-aT-arms, Tony STolT. During The second Term These were The oTTice4holding members in The same order as before: Joe Deleqwardia, Dave Nemyier. RoberT Lelzrois. Jim PrescoTT, Jaclc Kenney. As There are only sixTeen members, by This sysTem nearly everyone holds oTTice during The school year. 69 ALPHA BETA PHI M-...Jw Third Row: D. Wilson. H. STolT. L. Mascianqelo. D. Jordan J. ProTeTa, W, Laird, Second Row: R. Soles, R. Moore, R. Bluhm, J. Prescorf. Firsf Row: H. Masciangelo, R. Connolly. D. Scarf. Mr. Andrew C, Lynch Mr. Harold W, Sfeinfeldl Mr, Joseph W. Cummings BLOCK "F" CLUB THE WEARERS OF RED AND BLUE ARE WINNERS! FiTTeen sTurdy TighTers comprise The popular Block "F" Club. Mr. l-larold STeinTeldT, Mr. Andrew Lynch, and Coach "Joe" Cummings really help These boys. Their eTTorTs To pro- moTe good sporTsmanship and cooperaTion on all aThleTic Teams have noT been in vain, as is proved by The counTless vidories FairporT Teams have scored. PresidenT Louis Masciangelo is aided and abeTTed by Three "go-geTTers" in The persons of Vice-presidenT "Red" Jordan, SecreTary James PrescoTT, and Treasurer Herman STolT. A place in The Bloclc "F" is coveTed by FairporT sTudenTs. buT in order To qualiTy They musT have TirsT earned Their chenille leTTer and have gained a passing grade in all subieds. 70 J.. . .Ay K fx LJ gi .. . wx I .- 2' 'J .ij-AL, ax. I. I V v- ,'. eff ' ...C 4, '.-5,125 1' .. 4, 1.x . ... .1 - ',". . '- ' ' If N ,. . 5 V'-' 11' - ,A fx ,, . .rg .. ,'.' "W . 'Ju '. . I , LQ . M vuyhf L' '. .HM X, ., M, . X , -. A 1 v 1. . . . . . - 1 . .1 . , b, .-- , -..v . I. ,V ., -,yr , 1 I 1 5' , ' .,,. . ' " r 'Y' J ,,..,'x-.'. .', gi .' , '- J- a "' x -, 'H :gf .- flgfg. Q... 'M ' wo, ... wtf. MM 4' , . ' 1' ,.'Q' , in 3 X. '- x 4 wx 'ai' ' 1 , ,I 41.1 V V -1 I -.1 , V , 5.1. -' rl V, V: -' 2 '-"I " f 52:1 V 1 It ' 4.- A ,. . a-.V , 2,1 , . . .. Lil' -." 1 -, . ...,, -' x13 ,1 ,, ' ' I 5- Q -gl.: ,m' - ' . , ...'. ,.,-.l.,..a 4. X L51- 4 'n mug-wmv: vu-nt .ff 1 Qv-sq-1 raver: :msn-ng Ln: ' ,.3,-as Vans!!-:uv,g,g,,,,.71g4r,f,p,,,'.X ' XJ' A - 1,1 NA-A 5 h IAQ.-A . X' A ,, , . ,ff A X . . f --' OJ . Dbrncnicf 2. 'E' ffpii , ',T1iRlL f 523.gif ,nywg Fir' '4 Leff fo Riqhfz E. Ha1m,W.Schuf+, R.W1lliams, B. Be'N. CHEERLEADERS Lgff +9 Riqhfg Hahn VV, Sghuvf BON. M. Benforwe E Sfol+ J. Allen M. BCM, "wr: 71 1- S2 I. WebsTar . lrondequoil . EasT RochesTer 2 3 4. BrighTon F O O T B A L L coach cummanqs FAIRPORT GAINS THIRD SUCCESSIVE CROWN The charges oT Coach Cummings ToughT Their way Through To a Third sTraighT Monroe CounTy FooTball Championship in 4939. The FairporT varsiTy was composed enTirely oT seniors and They leave The gridiron wars oT FairporT High wiTh many Tond memories of TooTball in Their Alma MaTer. The TradiTional rivalry beTween EasT RochesTer and FairporT cloThed ThaT game in inTense exciTe- menT. The field was crowded wiTh specTaTors cheering lusTily Tor each side. The Brown and WhiTe ToughT hard buT FairporT's heavier and TasTer Team conTinually wore Them down. The Tinal score was 24-O. bravely ToughT Tor and bravely won. The week aTTer This game. FairporT's sTurdy men nearly meT disasTer aT WebsTer. UnTil The closing minuTes oT The game. There was no score. Finally Co-CapTain Bluhm plunged over Tor a Touch- down, leaving The final score aT 6-O. For The lasT game oT The season, FairporT's eleven played The BrighTon Team. BrighTon Tailed To score. leaving The Tinal score aT 27-O. IT was The climax and end OT a PERFECT SEASON. The Red and Blue was noT scored upon in league compeTiTion. OTher Than The league games. only ThirTeen poinTs were scored againsT Them. 72 As for individual erformance. several of +he men were honoredjon All-Counry and All- Scholasfic feams. Doug Wilson, Red Jordan, Don Le Frois, Jim Prescolf. Ray Moore and Co-Capfains Bluhm and Masciangelo were lhus honored. The res? of The ream, however, Cerlainly deserve credir as il' lakes eleven men lo run a ieam and win. Bob Connolly. Jack Bell, Bill Schull, and Ken Walker played 'fheir posifions well. Credil should go +o Coach Cummings who made 'rhe banner of +he Red and Blue fly above all in +he counfy. , cssmcgeff ' A 5,2 -. ' 1, 4- - 0 w val Co-Caflnins R. Bluhm and L. Masciongelo SCORES Fairporl I8 Albion 6 Fairporl' 32 Newark O Fairporl 24 Easf Rochesfer O Fairporr 6 Websler O Fairporl 37 Waierloo 7 Fairporf 4l lrondequoif O Fairporl 27 Brighlon O 5. Brighfon 6. Easf Rochesfer 7. Briqhfon FIRST TEAM E Fronf Row: D. Le Frois, R. Moore, J. Prescoff, J. Bell. B. Schull, D. Wilson. Back Row: D. Jordan, D. Bluhm, L. Mascionqelo, R. Connolly. f Q- 0 s The second Team aT SpencerporT. I. Brockporf 4. BrockporT 7. SpencerporI I 5. IrondequoiT cikefschoo ce 3. Spc-ncerpori e Pfadi F0 BOYS qek SO MOUTS- FAIRPORT BASKETEERS WIN SECOND STRAIGHT TITLE The FairporT guinT, under The abIe TuTeIage oT Coach Cummings, won iTs second Tifle wiTh a record equaI To IasT year's-ThirTeen Triumphs and one deTeaT in league TiITs. WiTh a handicap, due To Doug WiIson's appendecTomy and Dick BIuhm's head iniury which deprived The Team of Two good players Tor The TirsT parT oT The year, The I:airporT Tive marched To vicTory unTiI The WebsTer game. The WebsTer vicTory of 23-20 awakened The Team To The necessiTv of careTuI playing. ThereTore when The EasT RochesTer game came, our Iads were ready Tor iT. The rivaIry beTween The Towns caused FairporT To be very happy when we Triumphed over The Brown and WhiTe. I-Ierman STOIT, Jim PrescoTT and Doug WiIson were honored on aII-counTy Teams, while Dick Bluhm, Dave Jordan and Jim BeaTo received honorabIe menTion. FairporT's hopes were high beTore The game aT Ben Franklin when The Red and BIue piayed Geneva, winner oT The Finger Lakes pIayoTF. The game was begun minus I-Ierman SToIT who had suTTered a Ieg iniury: consequenTIy he pIayed onIy abouT one-haIT oT The Time. Geneva Ied aT The haIT buT FairporT kepT TighTing unTiI, wiTh Three minuTes To qo, The score sTood aT 37437. Then, however. 74 Geneva wenf wild: Fairporf crumpled. Gen' eva scored eighf poinfs in Iwo minufes. Fair- porI's hopes of a secfionalp championshi crashed for Ihe second Iime in as many years. Despiie The ulfimafe defeat The season was a green' success. The en+ire Ieam and Ihe coach,"are'Io be credifed wifh a fine record. SCORES Fairporf ZI Easi High 28 Fairporf 28 Brockpori' 2 I Fairporf 30 Spencerpori 23 Fairporf 43 Irondequoif 26 Fairporf 20 Brigh+on I8 Fairporf 20 Websfer 23 Fairporf 56 Piifsford 23 Fairporf 32 Easf Roches+er I I Fairporf 34 Brockpori 3 I Fairpor+ 32 Spencerporf 23 Fairporf 44 Irondequoii 36 Fairporf 38 Brigh+on I6 Fairpor+ 26 Websfer I9 Fairporf 35 Piffsford 24 Fairporf 3 I Easf Rochesfer 24 Fairporf 37 Geneva 45 Capfain Jordan Coach Cummings FIRST TEAM Dick BIuhm, Herman Sfolf, Jim Prescofh Bunny Jordan. Doug. Wilson. Second Team af Spencerpori. Second Ieam af Spencerporf. ,.i "W N- ,. I eff,-A - rar : M.. 1.1, . .Am.J i G-ilberl Brien swings cleanly over ar nine Donald Scofl' and John DuBois are the Hank Masciangelo is 'the lifrle fellow who feel, nine inches specialfies for fhe half-mile. lumps higher rhen his own head. Third Row: G. Wixsom, G. Brien, G. Siiner, S. Cosranza, l.. Di Risio. R. Cepfain Prescorf end Coach Cummings Bluhm, J. Prolele, W. Burke, G. Mafz, J. Prescoff. Second Row: J. Holler, R. Wilson. H. Tiraborelli. R. Holler, H. Parkison, R. Connolly, H. Masciangelo, D, Scorf, J. DuBois, N. Marchioli, F.Bea+o, Firsf Row: M. Freer, B. Clark. V. Kennelley, C. Kishbaugh, W. Gilbert G. Beard, P. Gropp, T. Ashby, CJ. Wagner. V CINDERMEN SEEK HIGHER GOALS Under +he caplaincy of Jim Prescofl and fhe coaching of Joe Cummings. Fairporfs I94O 'rrack prospecls gleamed brighl. The season had a lale sferl, buf wilh many ol lasl year's men and some new ones, lhe leam was soon in working condifion. George Malz lor lhe mile, Dick Bluhm for 'rhe sprinrs, Donald Scofl. Tom Ashby. John Du Bois and Jim Prescoll for rhe middle dislances were some ol lasl year's srars. Among fhe new men for sprinrs were Bill Burke, Joe Prolela, Mike Holler and Howard Parkison. Dick Bluhm for The shof-pu+ and Bob Connolly for lhe pole vaul+ in rhe field evenfs, coupled wi+h orher veferans including Bill Schu++, Joe Delegwardia, and Perry Monfemaro. compleled The imporranf leafures included in Fairporfs frack schedule. As 'lhis book wenf lo press. +he 'ream looked forward wilh eager anficipafior. lo coming frack- meeis and had aspiralions of a counly championship. 76 Second Row: E. I-Ialm. M. Jacobson, L. Schermerhorn. FirsT Row: J. La Rosa. G. Sherman, G. BeaTo. GIRLS' HONOR TEAM OUTSTANDING GIRLS ARE AGAIN REWARDED The goal ol The baslceTball season Tor girls is The I-Ionor Team. To obTain a posirion on This Team The girls musT be ouT- sfandinq in sporlsmanship and abiliTy and musT have Talcen an acTive parT in baslceTball durinq The year. This year The girls oT TirsT and second honor Teams were chosen by The members ol The G. A. A. I3eTTy I-Ialm, Genevieve Beafo and Louise Schermerhorn as forwards, Marjorie Jacobson, Josephine La Rosa and Gerlrude Sherman as guards were chosen Tor The TirsT Team. A second honor Team was elecTed, having Genevieve SaporiTo, I-Ielen AiTchison and Mary Cascini as Torwards and Irma Michael, Mary Dirkx and Alice Jackson as The guards, 77 Miss RuTh Donlc i BOYS' INTRAMURALS ff .T y Fo 'S '1 - 5 9 -4 3, .J .4 ,Li BOYS INTRAMURALS HAVE A GOOD YEAR The inTramurals season was a sTrenuous one This year. During The TooTball season, Coach Cummings organized a Touch Toorball league which lasTed abouT a monTh. Wirlw The coming oT winTer eighT basketball Teams, which played eighT games each. were Tormed. The Treshman were beTTer Than is usual and The seniors didn'T exhibiT quiTe so much verve. malcing The Teams more equal, IT seemed as Though Room I9 would win, Tor Tony Sloll averaged TwenTy-Tive poinTs per game: how- ever, Room I8 lcepT pace with Them. During The spring each homeroom sponsored a soil- ball Team. Every year a Team oT all'sTars To play oTher schools is chosen Trom The boys out Tor soTTball. This exlensive irnramural pro' gram encourages everybody To enTer al IeasT one sporT. M Q1 MANY GIRLS SHOW SPORTING BLOOD Under fhe direcfion of Miss Rufh Donlc an exfensive program of inframural acfivify has been faking place. Included in 'rhe program for all who care fo parficipafe are fourna- menfs in soccer, volley ball, baslrefball, hifepin baseball, soffball and recreafional games. Through fhis seasonal parficipafion in alh- lefics, friendly feeling in fhis compefifive field has arisen among fhe girls. Play-days are held by fhe members of our school and ofhers in The vicinify. They provide appropriafe Irials for fhe sense of fair play and friendliness which our girls are supposed fo develop. GJRL9 INTRAMURALS Qi? ,., rw ,, A-'P HU 44 Second Row: Miss Donlr, M. Cascini, L, Schermerhorn. First Row: M. Dirlrx. N. Delro, R, Busharr, E, Sloll, M. Phillips, 6. Bealo, M. Jacobson. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ps 1. -I HA game lor every girl and every girl in a game is lhe G, A. A. molla. Under lhe guidance ol Miss Rulh Donlc and Presidenl Louise Schermerhorn, Ihe girl- enioyed an aclive year, commencing wilh Ihe sale ol pencils, This was carried rin especially by Vice-Presidenl Edilh Srolr, Secrelary Rulh Busharl, Treasurer Mary Dirlr, and They were aided by lhe senior, junior. sophomore, and Ire-,hman represenlaliveq Marjorie Jacobson. Mary Cascini, Nancy Delro, and Mary Phillips. They insliluled ri formal conslilulion, besides eslablishing The ollice ol General Manager lGenevievr Bealol permanenlly. Every girl in high school is eligible lor membership in The G. A. A. The purpose is Io promole parlicipalion by all girls in high school in recreational and social games, A poinl syslem has been sel up whereby The girls are rewarded lor this parliciparioh in-acliviliefi. The lournamenls sponsored by The association included soccer, volley, ball, baslreball, and recrealional games lbadminlon, lable lennis, shurlle board, hilepin baseball, sollball and lennisl. bi N-D4 ...f-.-., l', .,f.'y. , .1 dv i Bali: Ruud! Qfficial Photographer FAIRPORT SENIOR CLASS MCSER STUDIO, Inc. 27 Clinfon Avenue Norfh ROCHESTER, N. Y- MRS. SMITH W. BILLS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Flowevlnq Plants in Season Ph 2 aJ High Sf, Fairporf 0 Complimenfs of H. F. VAN HORN FUNERAL DIRECTOR CompIimenIS of II RT' FOOD STORES, INC. DEPEND ON US FOR STANDARD DRUGS AT LOWEST PRICES WAGOR DRUG CO. 28 S. MAIN-FAIRPORT CompIimenfS of CHRISTEL'S BeauI'y Parlor Complimenfs of UNDERPASS GARAGE and Service S+a'l'ion Incorporefed Fairporf New YOrIL . 82 - Besf Wishes To fhe Complamenfs of SCHINE'S CLTEZ SF T E M P L E T H E A T R E Fairporf Candy Kifchen Ice Cream - Candies - Lunch AMERICAN CAN CO. "blue coal" and senlet-Solvay Complimenfs of COICG PARKSIDE DAIRY PHONE 316 DEWEY IACKSON 0 83 J. M. BAHLER Hardware O'-O G. E. Refrigeraiors G. E. Radios EYE Q QQ ,M fff'-53' as ' D 611 E3 Mr. Mercnam: The eyes of fhe communify would be on your ad -if if had been in ihis book. See 'rhe ELECTROLUX GAS REFRIGERATOR af Our Showrooms Moving Paris - Absolufely Quief W ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC CORP. EAST ROCHESTER BRAMER'S Rexall S+ore on fhe Corner PHONE I King's Quality Grocery Meats - Groceries - Fruits Vegetables GAS and OIL Open Evenings and Sundays Fairport Rd., cor. Iefferson Ave. Compliments of FAIRPORT HOTEL Anfonalfig Bro, Greelings from THE HERALD-MAIL FAIRPORT FAIRPORT GAS AND OIL CO. Wholesale and Relail FAIRPORT, N. Y. Phone IOO Fairport. National Banlc ancl -l-rust Company FAIRPORT, N. Y. Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporation Complirnenfs of Complimenfs of ARTHUR SALMON A FRIEND DAIRY 0 85 Compliments of Fire and Auto INSURANCE Absolute Protection - Lowest C051 DR. C- J. WHITNEY GEO. H. WILSON FAIRPORT NEW YORK Phone 237-W Herald-M-eil Bldg. KWWL! NORLU PRESS PRINTING OF QUALITY 16 Barnum St. Fairport COfY1pIimenIs of Compliments of J. D. BUNYAN A FLORIST PHONE I94 FAIRPORT This "Hour Glass" is another Annual by ' EASTON ASSOCIATES T 0 N Y S Office: 217 East Ave. Phone. Main 4290 Studios: 78 Harwick Phone: Culvert 646 ROCHESTER, NEW YORK SHOE SHINE, SHOE REPAIRING HAT CLEANING North Main Fairport L I E B ' S ELECTRIC BAKERY TELEPHONE 216 EAIRPQRT THE STORE THAT CONFIDENCE BUILT ALL KINDS OF FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Fairporls Only Furni+ure Sfore DON MALCOLM UNION Phone 324 Clarlr Bldg LIFE Life vibrates through every class and sports activity at R. B. I. Through a Balanced Training Program students not only acquire business skills but develop magnetic person- alities . . . leading to successful business careers. 1Over 1200 R. B. I. Graduates were placed in positions in 19391. BEGINS AT FALL START l SEND FOR CATALOG IIOGIIESTEII BUSINESS IISTITIITE I 172 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH G ROCHESTER, N. Y. O Complimenls of SAM JACOBSON Complimenls of FRANK SCOVILLE MEATS AND GROCERIES PHONE 120 JAMES BARRANCO ?2 , . T f IvIen's Furnishings and Shoes PHONE 246-R 32 NORTH MAIN 'f . YL, if . ' G R A D U A T E S Wri+e For Our Cafalogue THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE PHONE 119 FAIRPORT 362 505+ Ave- R"CI"""' N- Y' Complimenfs of COMSTOCK CANNING CORP. EGYPT, NEW YORK FOR GLAMOUR LEGS WEAR MOJUD, THE DEPENDABLE HOSIERY In Your Individual Lengflw-SI'1or+, Medium, Tall Sold Exclusive 'Y by ADAMS DRESS 81 GIFT SHOP 30 S. MAIN ST. FAIRPORT CompIimen+s of DIBBLE'S GARAGE FULLY squmso "W" UIITIQ FOR COMPLETE SERVICE DAY OR NIGHT A FRIEND 418 - TELEPHONES - 13-R ' FAIRPORT ' Complimenfs of CHRISTINE M. MABRY A F R I E N D INSURANCE O 88 Compliments of F AIRPORT MOTORS "Bed Be+'s Buick" 38 WEST AVE. PHONE 62 PRINZIVALLI BROS. Meals, Groceries Dry Goods WE DELIVER Telephones 39 I -392 X!! lllll 'l l Certo Division of General Food Corporation Graduarion Caps and Gowns, Band Uniforms Q Gowns for School Choirs and Glee Clubs K? ' THE c. E. WARD coMPANY Uff ft Q New London, Ohio Complimenfs of A FRIEND Cornplimenis of K. W. DU BOIS ci-uRoPRAcToR DUDLEY-HANBY LUMBER CO., Inc. y Compllmenls ol RAYMOND J. LEE BUILDING MATERIAL Phone: Fairporl 52 A FRATERNITY WITHOUT A NAME There is in this world a frafernil wilhoul nam . n c ns I u ion nor -aw n members i y a e lfhasoolll byl s, o hp roll, and Hs members do nof Icnow lhe names ol one anofher. Bu? fhey recognize each ofher when lhey meer, they work logefher for a common cause, and The are one of The real sf f I y g e orces or the welfare of fhe people ol the world. Il lhey had a name ll would be The FRATERNITY OF SKILLED DRIVERS. You can help make fha highway sale by becoming a lruly skilled driver, so we may all enioy Ihis wonderful invenflon-The aufomobile. HUPP MOTORS, INC. Represenling FORD L MERCURY t LINCOLN A ZEPI-IYR RED and WHITE STORE MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FREE DELIVERY TELEPHONE 442-443 . 0 C0m,,.m+S ol MERCHANTS WISE ' mf . I , " f J M LTON MCMA:-ION Advemu! ,X All Adverlisemenfs of one-elghlh page or large appear on our BULLETIN BOARD. I-lave you seen fhem? PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 90 Best Wishes from Compnmm O, WHEELER MOTOR COMPANY IIS-l25 East Commercial Street DR. LYNN DODGE East Rochester. New York PLYMOUTH DE SOTO lllflllilf' iagara Mnihersitp 4 9 College of Business Administration I 'DQ 0 . 4 Na v 4 M 1 ' 2 0 on S D S W Ill It B u ch e s t z 1' Registered College Degree Courses Preparing for C. P. A. Examinations For lnformation Write THE REGISTRAR Nlegere University 50 Chestnut Street Rochester N. Y. Entrance to Law Schools Executive Positions in Business Teaching Commercial Subjects in High Schools Kg Telephone Meln1124 Compnmems of Compliments of ELLIOTT R. FISK A FRIEND o HAaLoEEFs s. MOREY a. sON MILK and ICE FEDERATED STORES PHONE :ao FAIRPORT Dry Goods and 5 Ready l'O Wear 91 C Compliments of Complimenfs of L A S H AND R. CLINTON EMERY A D A M S and CLAUDE W. EMERY PAIRPORT NEW YORK I om ' - 5 Cw2NfgiV'C? Wfqfiioe 'I ff , 5 of fzzzy fffffjff - X 4 we cfaafma 8-eamkeilplllawas, , 'Eh Azz :E a.Buu1'qun, NEMfCU.n.- U Cmmddluzilfwvxhnaigz I650 . FRED'S PONTIAC GARAGE TE 45 SALES AND SERVICE Q it 70 NORTH MAIN ST. A FAIRPORT, N. Y. O O Sales of THE HOUR GLASS have increased from 305 copies In I936 'ro 425 copies in I'-740 Pafronize Our Adver+isers 92 Hours 9-6 Phone 321-W SUGAR BOWL PEGGY's BEAUTY SHOP Home Made 'Ce Cf-M and Sherbef 1 WEST AVENUE Hof ,wo com LUNCHES FAIRPORT Ph me H, W NIAGARA JNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES PRE-PROFESSIONAL COURSES SCHOOL OF EDUCATION GRADUATE SCHOOL SEMINARY ADDRESS: The Regisfrar, Niagara UniversiIy, New York Compliment of ROBERT SAYLES STORE CompIimen+s of SINAMUS 8: BECK Incorporaied MENS a sovs' ouTPlTTERs , 32 HIGH STREET Complimems of Complimenfs of co1'reR's MARKET F'ANDACH'S TELEPHONEHI BARBER SHOP O 93 Complimenis of Complimenfg of HAGREEN DAIRY TEMPLE SWEET SHOP PHONE QOSFIZ FAIRPORT Temple Bldg. H. L. STEFFEN Sf SONS INC. LAUNDERED ROCHESTER P. 6- R. COAL G. 6: E. COKE IOHN LUCAS PAINTS and WALL PAPERS :Fm atv - i VIRGINIA GOULD in 5 9 L1 . Beautician 5 1 ug - ""' 7 N. Main Street 'A Phone 143 - I One-Third fhe Cos? of Publishing This Book Has been paid by our Adverfisers. Have you fhanked them? Pa+ronize Our Adver+isers 94 SPORTING AUTO Geo. A. Slocum Agency GOODS SUPPLIES lncor oraied p F I N N ,Mme AUTO SUPPLY A BICYCLE ELECTRICAL S. Main Fairporf SUPPLIES GOODS MDDWUG FESSINIEGB CDW UNC. J EWELRY FOR ZZCESJZ. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS IORORITIII CLUII. I C 623 PORTLAND AVE. NAME PLATII FIRIMIN IADGII POLICI IADOII CDNVINTION IADOII ITAL BPICIALTIII ITC ROCHESTER, N. Y. Compliments of STOLT'S MARKET Complimenfs of A. L. K R O L I C K Phone 185 27 STATE ST- FAIRPORT 0 FAIRPORT OPTICAL co. SILVERS Compliments of ADAM HAT AGENCY DR. J. W. WELCH Sporfs Wear SPO,-+5 Shoe O 95 P Life . . . sparkle . . . ig, a ur e refreshment WL Q..X Eiga BUY THE six- Emp NYEKQ BOTTLE CARTON . N nw deposit , , X g THE HOUR GLASS Thanks fhese 89 Adverfisers and Friends who have made Jrhis book possible. We urge you +o show your appreciafion by pahonizinq Them. QUALITY DRY CLEANERS EREE CALL R DELIVERY SERVICE TELEPHONE IO9 5 SOUTH MAIN ST Wagga' 96 - IrHln 9'l U 'l W m"s F .. K lr In A A - Q h . N ..- 1 K V1 ' ' 'V V . - A ' X Y ' 5 A, ' f . fl- . : " 4' 1 ' 41' X s 'Q x K S Y S IEIUIFEIFFI El! - v, I5 , ' . , 1: - .5 . , - , . , I-K, H Y. , . --P.. H -fr , K, , I ff , -2' . ., , . , . , ,

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