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I 1-9-3-9 I-ICUR GLASS VIRGINIA GRIMES EDITORJN-CHIEF WILLIAM HART BUSINESS MANAGER I - K X 11:2 A ' Lx ' R v 53.355 x T wfkf' . 135 ' W5 . X .. S52 I 9' f 3-Sl' if Q. W.. WH: ff 8 fk l 1 1.1, , meg " uf? 1 R- ., m JAZQ 4 ,M f Q1-:fe FP N 'gpg H IOR I6 HO G U DEDICATICN To Ioseph Wadsworth Cummings, outstanding graduate of Cortland Normal School in 1937, who, in Fairport, has continued his previous success- es by Winning the respect and admiration ot the entire student body and his faculty associates, we Wish to express our appreciation, Under his leader- ship our Alma Mater has turned out championship teams and spread the name of Fairport far and wide. His ready smile and helping hand, his exem- plary high standards ot manhood and sportsmanship have been an inspira- tion to the youth of Fairport l-ligh School. ln an attempt to express to him in slight measure our estimate of his real worth as manifested by his com- mendable work, cooperation in school aitairs and the example he has set ior us, the citizens ot tomorrow, we, the Senior Class ot 1939, admiringly dedicate this book.. K 4 To Esda Lucille Turner, whose friendly attitude and good advice have been a source of aid to us throughout our high school years, we Wish to show our appreciation, To her, a woman whose love of art has enabled her to point out to us the beauties of the world, which otherwise might have gone undetected, go our unstinted admiration and respect. The success of many of our social affairs has been due to her clever ideas of art and the time she graciously gave us. To show our appreciation of the Work Miss Turner has accomplished in school and to express our joy in having had the privilege of coming in contact with her, We, the Seniors of l939, affec- tionately dedicate this book to her. Cgdalwfdrmef' DEDICATION .f"" FOREWORD This year the "Hour Glass", endeavoring to impress its readers with the idea that education builds for tomorrow, is using as its theme the World's Fair. The book emphasizes that each department of the educational sys- tem is engaged in preparing the students for better citizenship in the future. It recognizes the work of the numerous student organiza- tions together with 'the definite departments of education. ln its pages, it expresses apprecia- tion of the efforts made by the members of the faculty to develop students physically as well as mentally into wellfrounded men and women. Fairport High School offers to every student opportunities ranging from the ath- letic field to poetry appreciation, from fine arts to modern business procedure. There is no reason why every student entering the impressive grey edifice which is at his dis- posal at almost any hour of the day, should not leave its doors with a contribution to mankind. JZ I raw XXX I 4 Q , , I I , XVL,- I ' - MM ff I .,.ff I I I-T A AT I I ' " " I 1? I I,QfrA,q- I K mf f Il' Qt" C315 W I "'fii7e '-" ,Vu gk ,W eg HM... "The 1939 Hour Glass contains CI pictorial story of the school year in six chapters. ADMINISTRATION - SENIOR CLASSES I ACTIVITIES - ATHLETICS AND ADVERTISEMENTS" 7 Miss LILLIAN L DOUGLJ-is TSGMAE G dCQF12Egf 1511-15- Secretary to Superintendent uperm en en 9 Q ODS Syracuse University "Type that off, Miss Douglas and see that its sent out immediately. Any special appoint- ments for me this morning?" A business-like air surrounds the main office in Fairport High School, better known as Superintendent Thomas G. Coffees office, Af- fairs run in perfect routine and an air of competent efficiency prevails in the place. Miss Lillian Douglas presides over the outer office and her friendly smile offers Welcome to any visitor. The effect of the smile is intensified by the hospitality of Mr. Coffee, Whether one is a student or a business man. l-fe is better known to the citizens of Fairport as the little man with the big ideas Whose job it is to mold the early impressions of over eleven hundred future American citizens. Mr. Coffee has much school spirit and carries the name of the Red and Blue abroad, To him, whose kindliness and interest stand out like beacon lights, many of the alumni owe a large measure of their success in their life after commencement, On the top floor of Fairport High School we find the very core of the educational machine -Principal Andrew C. Lynch and Preceptress Bernadine E. Nolan. Through their combined efforts the student body of tour hundred eighty eager boys and girls flourishes and grows into our citizens of tomorrow. Principal Lynch takes a personal interest in each of his young charges and knows practically every student by name. His helping hand is always avail- able to the students and he is the confidant of all those who need him. He is very active in community affairs, as well as those pertain- ing to school, and his good sportsmanship, gentlemanly qualities, and his ability to under-- stand have won him the respect of his fellow townsmen and the admiration of the youth of the community. lt is citizens such as he who set the example for youth and put the molding touches on the American ot tomorrow. MR. ANDREW C. LYNCH, Principal St. Bonaventure College, A. B., M. A. t MARGARET A. SWEEZEY SENIOR A L w. FLLLISON ADVISERS CCMMERCE The scratching of heads, plus worried lrowns and the scrubbing of erasers adver- tise the fact that time and thought are turning toward the business angles. Papers covered with red ink and numerous figures, leave no doubt that secrets of bookkeeping are being divulged to the pursuing students. The clatter of speedy typists and the pick, pick of slower ones keep up a monotonous tune in typing room. Classroom boards show long, unde- cipherable scrawls, the meaning of which are MRS. GERTRUDE C. RYON Oberlin College, A. B. MR. EDWARD K. SCHWORM New York State College for Teachers, B. S. MR. PAUL W, ALLISON St. Lawrence University, A. B. Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration, M. B. A. known only to the shorthand students. After school classes are held in which interested students work to raise their typing speed which will en- able them to compete for national speed ratings. Fair- port students are given nurnf erous opportunities to pre- pare themselves for a busi- ness career. S IATHEMATICS cmd SCIENCE The three "Rs" are not overlooked in the curriculum ot Fairport High School but are pursued largely in the higher subdivisions Any l'trig" student in his maelstrom of eguae tions or an "intermediate Algebra" student bowed down with formulas can tell you the trials and tribulations ot math, Another battle of wits is going on in the form ot sciences on the other side of the building. lndustrious stu dents are pondering over the various scientilic theories ot famous men and applying them to their work in the 'llabf' Others are making discoveries ot the environment and habits ot the various biological ine sects and birds. More than one student with an inquisi- tive mind has been inspired to enter a scientific field. MR. IOSEPH W. CUMMINGS Cortland Normal MR. GILSON M. SLATER St. Lawrence, B. S., M, Ed. MISS RUTH M. WEATHERLOW Keuka College, B. S. MR, ANDREW C. LYNCH St Bonaventure College, A. B., M. A. MR. PAUL W. ALLISON St. Lawrence University, A. B. Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration, M, B. A. MR. NELSON R. BURTON Colgate University, A. B. New York State College for Teachers, M. A. The methods ot teaching English in Fairport High School X have changed since the days when "Grandma was a girl." Instead ot the strict routine of verbs, participles and gerunds, attention re- volves around tnore in- teresting phases of the subject, such as novels, short stories and poetry. English students spend many interesting hours following the adventures of Shakes- peares characters, laughing with O. Henry and absorbing the thoughts of Browning, Lowell and Kipling. Oral English has been emphasized throughout the system and, as a result, the pupils hold debates on questions of the day, conduct mock broadcasts over Fairport High Schools announcing system and produce dramas like professionals. ENGLISH Members of the Senior Class, in their pursuit of fourth year English, turn out the traditional projects in which often a surpris- ing amount of talent is shown. Along with the regular English course, the school his seen fit to institute a Senior Book Club for the use of the Seniors. Not to be outdone, the students of the lower classes subscribe for outside reading material. The English three classes find much interest in the "Readers Digest" while the "Scholastic" magazine has found a permanent place in English two, English teachers in Fairport High School make it a point to make their classes interesting, as well as to give their pupils the principles of the English language. DEPARTMENT , l MISS MARGARET E. FORTMILLER, Librarian New York State College for Teachers A B MISS HELEN E. IUNE Syracuse University, A. B. MISS FRANCIS I. MUNN University of Rochester, A. B f5WiSfi'f?a37i2ttt-Y MR, LEON B. WARNER Union College, A. B. MISS DORIS A. BROWN University of Rochester, A. MISS HELEN E. IUNE B. Syracuse University, A. B. To the topics that ap- pear in the local news- paper the teachers in the Social Studies de- partment ask the ques- tion, "why?" The prob- lem of the student is to find the logical answer to that query, and to support it with logical reasons. lt is really in this field that the youth of the school prepare themselves for citizen- ship for tomorrow, The history of man and the manner in which he obtains his wants, and his hindrances and opportunities in doing so, are portrayed in a clear and concise manner to the students by the lectures of teachers and by text books, Each student is given unbiased information as to why conditions exist as they are today. This department teaches them the value of citizenship and encourages them to make themselves "worthy of living in the land of the treo and the home of the brave." SOCIAL STUDIES Hearing students murmuring "porta," "portae," "portam" may be a lot ot Greek to you but any Latin stu- dent can tell you that it is Latin grammar. Fairports competent teachers aim to instill in the minds ot their students the necessity of learning grammar. This enables them to read Caesars historic T499 , , Miss BERNADINE E. NoLAN l . . , ' College ot New Rochelle, A, B. .alfa 'llyrvffsw-an ft ' 'ff , ,,,ll F yy. f 'V "AH ""'?f 5 ff' 'J , I1lxEtS'Fi1-'LORENCE A. srorr il j0f1,HiZLf,, ,Q in I 1' ,U gegity of Rochester, A. B. .IL fl mf' ..s 'V 1",.Hj LI' ' If ' MISS FRAN S MUNN , 4. , ff J I fplyniversity of ochester, A. B, -N,.! 41 .,,, ,I fry I ' 5 ' fm ' 9 C7 . iff agree Q' 1'-t7fl,b4r E1i1f,ff'H-- F J" f . C-,ji 1,125 ' 0 ,f- battles, translate Cicero's immortal orations or to enjoy the many French tables. However, the language is not confined just within the Walls ot Fairport High School. The French students have organized a Correspondence Club with youth in tar away France and letters pass back and torth freely, A surprise ingly large number ot students are engaged in the study of foreign tongues which furnishes them with a better understanding ot the people in other lands LANG UAGE ART 'W L, K1 il' l ' J l ri iijvr a T' 1 st l Fairport High Schools Art Department lis the answer to many a decoration committee's problem. Every activity makes its path to the drawing room to seek the aid of those ar- tistically inclined in portraying the beauties of the modern world. Lessons in art vary from the designing of scenery for amateur plays, to the scientific discoveries known as the l-listory of Art. Talented students prepare post- ers for an endless host of projects, decorate for dances, and social affairs and paint pictures for'many of the classrooms in Fairport High School. This year, the Art Depart- ment comes into its own-P--the "Hour Glass" being dedicated to the head of the department, Miss Esda Turner, in recognition of the work she has accomplished in her department. MISS ESDA L. TURNER Brockport Normal, Syracuse University, A. B. zz Q I Yrs 'ij Tb L LJ ',,:l?'i sf lrmxiilh ,. rx 'W N51 t lm tc- NDUSTRIAL ART The buzz of band saws and the persistent tap of hammers, that echo through the school, inform the students that somethings going on in "shop" This is a corner ot the school known as the "boys haven," Here is a scene ot per- petual activity known to Fairport students as the lndustrial Arts Department, a place where the boys display their excess ambition. The department, with its growing range ot equip- ment, offers excellent opportunities to mechan- ically minded youth as has been demonstrated through its line quality ot work. The boys have produced a variety oi articles, ranging from a photograph en- larger to decorative lamps and line metal work. Here is a place ' where a boy may obtain his first impression of the lndustrial world. MR. HAROLD W. 'STIENFELD Oswego Normal Lt' an MISS GENEVIEVE G. WATSON Fredonia Normal, Eastman School of Music, E. M. MR. CARROLL VANCE Crane School of Music Potsdam Normal ,ik . J 'll f-jf? 'ff fvl' ' A' ffl-"f""L"---f'f':fi .-'YJ V . ,R V. Q, . F YMUSIC 1 7, 3' 4 -- "Music has its charms" but while the "toot toot" ot the horns of the students may not have charm it does show that the students are preparing tor tomorrow. Music varies in Fairport High School from an occasional whis- tle in the halls to the enjoyable music of the Fairport High School band. Various musical groups make up the Music Department. There are the Boys and Girls Glee Clubs, the Mixed Chorus, the Orchestra and the Band, Students accept these organizations eagerly and each finds a large enrollment in them. The name ot Fairport High music- ians is not confined to the high school alone. Many ot the organiz- ations play and sing tor the social activities in the town. Fairport High School Music De- partment is rapidly establishing a reputa- tion tor itself. 'IQME ECONOMICS No man should Worry about his stomach it he marries one of Fairport High Schools capable cooks. She can cook anything from delicious pastries to the regular meat, potatoes and vegetables. Whats more, her ability doesn't stop at cooking, she can wash and iron and sew and plan a wardrobeguchicu but inexpensive. She can turn her hand to the details of interior decorating and the planning of a budget, as well as to the vital problems of housekeeping. Strangely enough, it is not only the girls who are learning to do these things, but also the boys. They have learn- ed to boil water with- out burning it and can even turn out tasty cookies when in the mood. Fairport aims to put over the idea of maritial cooperation. ,4-gnu XY I W-. 1, ' pi MISS MARIORIE A. SWIFT Cornell University, B. S. HEALTH "An apple a day keeps the doctor away' or so the saying goes. However, Fairport High has a better health program than that. Miss Margaret Sweezey and Coach Ioseph Cum- mings take particular pains to instill the need of robust bodies in the minds of their students. Physical Education classes are rated by the students as some of the most popular ones afforded in the High School Curriculum. Miss Francis La Uppa makes it a point to care for Fairport Students teeth and recommend a dentist when one is necessary. Nurse Ios- ephine Lawrence and Doctor George Price contribute their share to the health program by giving each person an annual check up and taking steps to control the spread of disease in the school. Fairport High upholds the slogan "a strong mind in a strong body." MISS MARGARET A. SWEEZEY Cortland Normal MISS FRANCIS LA IUPPA Rochester Dental Dispensary, D. H. MR. IOSEPH W. CUMMINGS Cortland Normal L QJ , . HONOR STUDENTS 2- f SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS QM ffm! Mwmfwfaw WM WMM ff, W My fwyf Q wiffwfw ,W W? W WV , L. ,,,l3t59't"',..,..,., tw ill, , VIL-ft: Vt, ABBOT. IANE-West High, Rochester, l, Girls Athletic Association, l, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Volley Ball, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Hit-Pin Baseball, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Gym. Leader, 4, Hiking Club, 3, Senior Fair, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Iunior Prom Committee, Sigma Chi Delta, 4 . , . ACKERMAN, BERNICE-Senior Fair, l, Girls Athletic Association, 2, 3, Senior Ball Committee, Glee Club, l . . , APOSTAL, ETHEL-Cosmo- politan Club, 3, Vice-President, 4, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, lunior Representative oi Girls Athletic Association, Student Patrol System, Senior Play Usher, Senior Fair, 3, Assistant Editor of Hour Glass, School Chatter Staff, Basketball, Volley Ball, Baseball, Library Stall, 2, 3, 4, Bank Cashier, l, 2, Poe- try Club, 3 . . ARNOLD. CHARLES-Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Football, 3, Track, 3, 4, Student Patrol System, glpha Beta Phi, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fair, l, 3, 4, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Senior Ball ommittee. BAHLER, PHYLLIS-Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fair, l, 2, Student Patrol System, Senior Fair Usher, Senior Ball Committee, Iunior Prom' Committee, School Chatter Stall, Hour Glass Staff, Secretary,,Iunior Class, Senior Play, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Cosmopolitan Club, 3, 4 . . . BAKER, WENTWORTH-Senior Pair, l, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Boys Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Football, 3, Basketball, 3, Senior Play, Orchestra, 3, School Chatter Stall, Hour Glass Staff, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Winter Carnival Candidate . . . BARRANCO, CHARLES-Intramural Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Fair, 2, 3, Hour Glass Stall . , . BARTLETT, ELIZABETH-Student Patrol System, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fair Usher, Senior Play Usher, Senior Ball Committee, Iunior Prom Committee, Hour Glass Statt, School Chatter Staff, Poetry Club, 2, Baseball, Volley Ball, Cosmo ol'tan Jwulgawwl Club, 4. do ,UZ np'1f 4- "'W"""'3 23 MW elf ' M3 2 if 5' , t lu if ' .4-'f . ,P ' "ii 'Cf' V, ,I tstt, 'F , M,tf'ff'Zf!l4flj'5wiL3DM v..Q,0.0,t2w.- WM SWA I ix K' ' I BILLS, HARVEY-Track, 4, Basketball, 'Camera Club, 4, Indoor Ball, 3, Hockey, 3 . . . BLUHIVI, RICHARD- lt Senior Fair, 2, 3, Student Patrol System, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Beta Phi, Block F Club, Senior Ball Committee, Winter Carnival Candidate . . . BOWN TH-Girls Athletic Asso- ciation, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Usher, Senior Fair Usher, lunior Prom Committge, r Ball Committee, Glee Club, I, 2, 4, Senior Fair Committee, Cosmopolitan Club, 3, 4, School Chatt ta - Hour Gass Staff . . . BRIDGES, KENNETH-Boys Glee Club, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Intramural as ck, 3. i 07,7 fl ' My I BROOKS. GEORGE-Track, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball, 3, 4, Intra ra Basketball, 3, 4 Tumbling, 3, 4, Wrestling, 4, Physical Education Demonstration, 3, Intramural I-Iockey, 3, 4 IEANNE-C ' ' - ' ' ' anandaigua Academy, l, Glee Club, 3, Girls Athletic Association, 3 . . . BRYANT, Athletic Association, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, lunior Councilman' lunior Prom Committee Gener l , I Q Senior Ball, Senior Fair, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Sigma Chi Delta, President, 4, Winter rlate, School Chatter Stall, Hour Glass Staff, Music Committee lor Senior Class . . . CARMER, Sigma Chi Delta, Treasurer, Dramatic Cl b S ' , . - u , ecretary, Treasurer of lunior Class, Secretary Senior Play, Girls Athletic Association, lunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee Winter Carnival Candidate. Witbwtr Q' , .air 5 I A, J , .5 ' ' I - V Auf I L R ! J.. V F.-I ' yt!-U'UQ. Wil ,. ff' i , ,Aflw w Eff' ' ff' ' uw ' ,f. ,, , y, ,i Y ,N Nr -vJQi-"""""zN-WL' .xx www wg,-UWQQUA9' es mazda -430 Xll ' 4 Ht.-3145.-L, . 1 , I CASELLA. IOEf-lunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, intramural Baseball, intramural Basketball , , , CASTOR. GORDON-Senior Fair Committee, 4, Boys Glee Club, 2 . . , CONNOLLY, MARGARET.-Student ' ' i ' ' Clb34,B.ktb1l,1,2,4,Glee Patrol System, lunior Club, 3, School Chat Girls Athletic Associ Basketball, 2, 3, 4, B CROWELL, GERTRU l,2,3,4...DEL Basketball, l, 2, 3, tion, Stage Manage Glass Statt, Senior Freshman Bepresen Vice-President, 3, P Chatter Stall, Stud Senior Ball Cornmitt AND. WARREN-Football, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, , , enior air Fair Committee, Senior Ball Committee, lntramural Basketball . . , tative Vice-President, Students Association, Sigma Chi Delta, Secretary, ent Patrol System, Drum aior Prom Committee Senior Play Usher, Cosmopolitan u , , , as e a ter Stott, Poetry Club, 3, Girls Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4 . . , COON. SHIRLEY- ation, l, 2, 3, 4, Hour Glass Staff, Senior Fair Committee, 4, Volley Ball, l, 2, 3, 4, ase-ball, 2, 3, 4, Hit-Pin, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Squad Leader, 4, R 'x v V it X yi I DE-Basketball, 4, Soccer, 2, Baseball, 2, Volley Ball, l, 2, 3, Girls Athletic 34S F',3,BlockF 4, lntramural Baseball, l, 3 . . . DE VOLDER, CHARLES-Treasurer, r Senior Play, Student Patrol System, lunior Prom Committee, Scho ol resident, 4, of Girls Athletic Association, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Senior Fair, l, 2, 3, M ' , 3, 4, Winter Carnival Queen, unior Prom ee, Glee Club, 2, 3, Senior Play, Hour Gloiss Staff, 'Wm , 1 ply? MQWW J M' 4 I 10- ,Mm mn JVM J jf I Nl M-4' ,ri ,T 1' at t WW-f ,J , fwfr! jff'-v-,.,f4rwL vfiff-XJZ-e.6,,,J,a.4,, A ,kt fi, 4' A - DI RISIO, TON Intramural Basketball, l, 2, 3, Football, l, 2 . . . EARL, CAROLINE-Girls Athletic As- f sociation, l, 2, , 4, Baseball, l, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, Soccer, 2, 3, 4, Volley Ball, 2, . . ERNST, MAE- IK DVM, 'XGirls Athletic ss ciation, l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Bal ommittee, lunior Prom Committee, Victory Ball Committee, f Q' Senior Fair, l, , , Scenery, Senior Play, Hou lass Staff, Student Patrol System, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Soc- .,,. Jig - 43, 4, Bas a , l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 2 . . . LL. ROBERT-Hour Glass Staff, Iunior Prom Committee, ' Ca era' ub, , 4, Glee Club, 3, Wrestling T m. X i ff-J, ' X Hb Brig 1 i si X ' t X xi l X xc. P i - xxx N' Q S to Q a , t , 3, M 5 iii I R X, xxe N, , ' 'X CAF Eg tx wx, V ff . ti . , R AU , AQE unior Prom Committee . . . FISK, ALICE-Girls"GJtee Club, Soccer Manager, 3, Senior J' air, l, 3, Mixed Chorus, 4, Girls Athletic Association, Captain, Volley Ball, Basketball GEARS, CARL- if X I ootball, 1, 2, Senior Fair, Senior Play Committee, Senior Ball Comjnittee, Softball, l . . . GOETZMAN. 'ii' HYLLIS-Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fair, l, 2, Iunior 'Prom Committee, Volley Ball, l, 2, xy , 4, Soccer, Physical Education Demonstration, 3, Hit-Pin Baseballf' l, 2, 3, Girls Athletic Association, I ' , i mr 5 RQ' i M A A , x ,TI 'mf Sim'-. ' l? ' 5.1 W i ,. nr, 4, i ' XNR5 P Xi it Q 26 5 ,Sittifi Jil-.36 410 3 'J' """5":t -A. GL!! GOYETTE, ROBERT-Intramural Basketball, 2, 4, Basketball Reserves, 3, Football, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee . . . GRIMES. VIRGINIA-Senior Fair, l, 2, School Chatter Reporter, l, 2, Camera Club, 2, Debate Club, 2, 3, 4, Poetry Club, 2, 3, 4, Bank Cashier, l, 2, Prize Speaking Usher, 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief of Hour Glass, Editor-in-Chief of School Chatter, Cosmopolitan Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, Cosmopolitan Club, 3, Library Staff, 3, 4, Student Patrol System, Senior Play, Senior Fair Usher, Senior Ball Committee, Iunior Prom Committee . , . HALLINGS. WILLIAM-Intramural Baseball, 2 . , . HART, ROGER- Track, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball, l, 2, Basketball, 3, Senior Fair, l, 4, Senior Ball Committee. fl-uw"""' 'lies' af ,HQ HART. WILLIAM-President ot Student's Association, President of Iunior Class, Senior Play, Alpha eta Phi, Block F Club, Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Debate Club, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fair, 2, 4, Business Mandger ol Hour Glass, Dramatic Club, Prize Speaking, l, 2 . . . HAUSWORTH, MILDRED-Girls Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, Hour Glass Staff, Volley Ball, l, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Hit-Pin Baseball, 2, 3, Baseball, l, Z, 3, 4 . . . HEPT, LUCILLE-Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, Girls Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, Honor Team, 2, 3, Senior Play, Debate Team, 2, Senior Fair, l, Z, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Captain Magazine Campaign, Hour Glass Staff, School Chatter Staff, Senior Ball Committee, Iunior Prom Committee, Secretary of Students Association, Squad Leader, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Demonstration, 3, Prize Speaking Contest, Sigma Chi Delta, 3, 4, Winter Carnival Candidate, Hiking Club, 3 HERMAN LILLIAN Cosmo olitan Club 3 4- Senior Fair 2 3, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball. IQALA., fu Girls Athletic Association, 3, 4, Volley Ball, 3, 4, Soccer, 4, Senior ,zz ff'-f'g""'Q , ,te',, 4 IYNI'-, l 27 ,Apfwfbe . ,f 4 . f 1 1 W6 WW, Q Q M rd I J' E' LTAAXZJLW 6' F M F QS ,.l,l QSZYOQQ9 O HULL DAVID-Comrneric. ent her, restling Team . . . IACKSON. DEWEY-Basketball, 3, Intramural Bas- ketball, 2, 4, Track, lf Se or F , l, ee Club, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Bank Cashier, 3, Senior Play Stage Coinrnittee, Captain of gazi Ca n, Hour Glass Staff, Senior Ball Committee . , . IORDAN, DAVID- Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Bask tball, 2, 4, rack Manager, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Block F Club, Secretary, Iunior Prom Committee, Senio Ball mm ee, Senior Fair, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4 . . , KELSEY, D D-S n F ir, I, 3, 4, Senior Ball Committee, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Band, 2, 3, - ' tant Editor I-Iour Qlass, Intramural Baaketball, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3. s ,f r V' , ff,L,Qff Wfw f i I . X- f ,V,w?A:3b 9qLf . - ,aaa 5115 0 2654" .ffl 'f' Cf "X ff I 0, "ii7i0f' , ,,ff'60 Q5 ll I ifwv v I f' f If fm? f' ,C lf! n ' 0.4.4441-Cdl ' ' K 1 J C l KESBY, ARTHUR- r Pla ommi tee, enior Ball Committee, Iunior Prom Committee, Christmas Card if Manager, I-Iour Glass aft, In mural as ll I, 2, 3, 4, All-Star Baseball, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4 , , , KITTS, BETTIE- irls le-tk Assoc i l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Iunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball ' Committee, Senior Fair, 'tx 2, Glee lub, , amera Club , . . KNEALE, WINIFRED-West High School, 'R l, 2, Girls' Athletic A ciati , 4, ior air Usher, Glee Club, 4 . . . KOHL, FRANCES-Girls' Athletic'-Q Association, l, Z, 3, 4- Sent Rep nt'E1t' e, Camera Club, 4, Cosmopolitan, 4, Glee Club, 4, Iunior Promw Committee, Bask ll ana , I, I-Io r GI .S Staff. if L .e tm, ,-lm, I 1 ik 1 ' x. Y i iii! if Qffiiise S5 at ig B if 5 t xl ' " A'-flfjb l Q wt I "l I X 'll xvytr in I XBYN ' 'V' i if 'I l MMM ax ff -ff ,sees va-5 l A 1 ,VPN ,gg ,f ff. N x KONZ, EDWARD-Boys' Glee Club, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, c 2, Club 4, Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 4, Debate , 4, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball, 2, 3, Stick Hockey, 3, Senio la Com 2, Iunior Prom Committee. GX A Ol I '-r if 1 v. gohl fl fx 1 , 4 . . . KOPP, BERT!-IA-Poetry Fair, l . . . KRIEL, DONALD-Football, .. . LA PIETRA, ALBERT-Senior Fair, it Qt LA ROSA. VIVIAN-Girls' Athletic Association, I, Z, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Bank Cashier, 2, 3, 4, Committee, School Chatter Staff, Camera Club 4' Honor 1, 2, Intramural Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural LEAVERY, IEANNE-Sigma Chi Delta, 4, Dramatic mittee, 4, Senior Ball Committee, Iunior Prom mural Basketball, l, Z, Intramural Baseball, l, 2, 9 . Chairman, 4, Basketball, l, Staff, 3, 4, Iunior Prom RICHARD-Senior Fair, Pong Tournament, 3, 4, . . , i, 2, 3, 4, Music Com- MC LOUTH. LOUIS--lntra- j,.,v-Q' :MMM 3 ' 7 Mel X I ,Maxtor wr-X Wi' I 29 ,i , ffwwiww we ' to it fe l 0 W - -Q , IVIACOMBER. ent trol Sy mg Senior Fair, 35 Iunior Prom Committee, School Q , - Chatter Stall, Hour Sta tra u l B etball, ' ntramural Baseball, 2, 3 , . , MANZEK, AGNES- ,, Girls' Athletic Associatio , 1' nio r C m' e . . , MATZ, GEORGE-Alpha Beta Phi, 3, 4, Track, 2, 53' ,, 3, 4, Senior Fair, 3, oo ll, 45 am a etbal , 3, 4, School Chatter Staff, 3, Intramural Hockey, it K., Q, 3 . . . MAYBEE. F K-Ba etbal , , 4, o tball, l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, 3, 4, Senior Fair, l, 2, Ns- Q' ,I 3, 4, Intramurals, 1, 2, , 4 or Co ' ' r Ball Committee. ,E-,gf f, r ig I! l 1, UL I MILLER, IOHN-Football, l, 2, 3, 4, BaskeQQ'all, 2,,,3g 4f'lfrack, l, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent, Dramatic Club, 3, 4, Block F Club, 3, 4, Presidfentf 4, Student l?aVtrla1rSystemg Senior Play, Senior Fair, 2, 3 . . . MOORE, CHARLES-Camera 45 Vlffestling Team, 4 . . . INQIILLER. CATHERINE-Students' As- sociation , . . Nl-XPODANO, PAULINE5StudentQ Qwlsociation. ' ' ,bwrfmfhk Sig , 72, 30 Q fl, - f 44 ,' JNL 549' I' 132 NEISS, GEORGIANA-Senior Fair, l, Girls' Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, Senior Stunt Committee, Physical Education Demonstration, 3, Basketball, l, 2, Volley Ball, 2, Baseball, l, . . . OLEARY. ELEANOR-Hour Glass Staff, Girls' Athletic Associati n, . . OSBURN. I 'or ir, 2, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, Soccer, 3, 4, Volley Ball, 2, Physical Educa stration, 3, a i ta, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4 . . . PAULSON, ELSIE-Senior air, l, ' s' At tic Asso on, , 2, 4, nior Fair Committee, 4, Physical l Education Demonstration Hi ng, , se ll, l 2 s etball, l, 2, 3, 4. ' E i . H K X X Q K A K ' 'wh X 4 PIERCE. STEWART-Sen Fair, l- otb lg er ul s ll, Baseball, 1 . . . POTTERX li " DOROTHY-lunior Prom airngng ' r all mit ' St den Patro, Asistant Editor of School Chai- U Sf' ter, Assistant Editor of Glass, tr Cl 3, ' Deb e Club, 3, 4, Cosmofiolitan Club, 3, 4, President, ,VJ L XXX 4, Girls' Athletic Associ ' ri, , , 3 , ra c C b, 4, Prize Speaking, 3, Vicel7President of Senior Classqvg l f Senior PlaY: Captain of Senior ' e ' ' enior Fair, 2, 4, Flag Custodian, Second Honor Team,l, 2, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4 , , , PRI G o Baa tball, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee'Club,'lZ, 3, 4, Alpha Beta Phi, '-4? lo Block F Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 3, 4, ni FP , S Fair, 2, 4, Track, 2, Senior Ball Committee, Physifdl -1 Education Demonstration, 3, Winter Carnival King, Hour Glass Staff, Captain of Senior Magazine Campa an . . . PRINZIVALLI. IOHN-Wrestling, 4, Football, 3, 4. Ai J' 4, ,fix xv lj wgowwfii 3 fx Q Q al Q ,, ,. -., .., ,. , , ,H ,NMA fvbwkil A t WM, ,. 7 t ifizwi seg, M355 W fi f F' 3 . PRUDCIOI, 'ALAN-Intramural Ba bo , 2, 3, , tr unal Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Football, 3, Boys' Glee 0- , 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, Manag r i' es in Te 4, Senior Ball Committee, Track, 4 . , HERLE-East Rochester I-l'gh c ool, , 3 . . ED. CI -Iunior Prom Committee . VIRGINIA-Senior Fair, ,QBQ X as 'er, , ass f' X mopolitctn Club, 4. X . f'X t x K X X xx Q x N V , X t . . Q x g' XL? AX t M i xg Q Y X N t 4, :ix X' u K X, D i Y RUMPF. DOROTHY-Girls' Athletic Ass iati ,P 3,345 Bcrsketbal , 3, 4, Baseb l, ley , 3, 4, Soccer, ' l, Physical Education Demonstration, 3, Hi ing Club, 3 . . . RYDER, EDW Ba , 3, 4, Debate Club, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 4, Hour Glass Staff, Sc o Ch er tat, Iunior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play, Senior Fair, l, 2, 4, Cosmopolitan Club, Volle , 1, , . . . SCHUMACHER LEO-Stuclent's Association . , . SCOTT, BEATRICE-Girls' Athletic ssoci 'on, , 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4 M921 if M3 M tistftt I if W 9 -hx 'xJ l i ' ,J Q' gy ti, S A W 3 f f in gl U 3 he X Z j A lg 'H 'J 1' t 1' iii 3 S3 ' Lg 35 ,S if 31,5 3 S , o 3 .2 Q , h SHEPERD, IACK-Baseball a er, Sgamuraaaietball, 2, 3, 45 Softball, 3, 45 Senior Fair, 35 Camera Club, 4 . . . SLADE. MARI -P ry ,25'Gi ' letic Association, 2, 35 Senior Fair, l . . . SMITH, ' ROBERT-Basketball, 2, 3, 5 T ck, 2, 3, Q , 2, 3, 45 Winter Carnival Candidate, School Chatter ii Statlg Block F Club, 3, 45 ZH lnwrn r door Ball, 2, 3, 4 . . , STALY. REED-Intramural l i' Basketball, l, 2, 3, 45 lntrarnura a ba l, l 4. els l 2 -4- W l 1 . -4- - 5 cd 3 , C5 o u K -1 SAC-9:5 , 1 ls . 1 STREPPA, THOMAS-Football, l, 25 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 lntr ural Baseball, l, 2, 3, 45 Track, STUBBINGS ESTELLA-Senior Fair Cornmittee5 School Chatter Stall, Hour Glass Staff, Girls' Athletic As'sociation5 Senilor Fair, l . . . SUMMERS. GENEAL-Girls' Athletic Association, l, 2, 3, 45 Sen - A 5 C ' S ' Pl Usher, Camera Club, 2 School Chat Fair, 2, 4, lunior Prom Committee, Senior Ball ommitteeg enior ay 5 - ter Staff , . VINEBURG PAUL-Dramatic Club, 3, 45 Senior Fair, 35 Student Patrol, Camera Club, 25 Football, Z, 3, 45 Track., 2, 35 Senior Play5 lunior Prom Cornmittee5 Senior Ball Committee, Band, 3, 45 Orchestra, 3, 4. ' wif :MQW ywiigfjfi flffillgzwtl Tutti rt l SN tlkt Q Nt time tit lwwvfi-ff'-w-QHJ Awww liiewe me, f laml,c,i',TwJ:ffgQ1g:An ,MM , . lij:l:,,2lwif-+"K'Qjg,"fvf Aw W, nfl' t , tv, , Y 1 WACENSKE, CATHERINE-Senior Ball Committee, Hour Glass Stall, Girls' Athletic Association, 3, 4, Bdsklgtj ball, l, Z, 3, 4: Baseball, 2, 3, Soccer, 3, 4 . . . WAGNER. ROBERT-Debate Club, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fair, l, 2, 3, ' Student Patrol, Senior Class Treasurer, Camera Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 3, 4, Senior Play Ticket - Committee, Iunior Prom Committee, Assistant Editor ol Hour Glass, School Chatter Staff, Flag Custodian . . . WEIG, MATHILDA-Senior Fair, l, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Debate Club, 3, Senior Play Committee . . . WELCH, f IAMES-Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Manager, 4, Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fair, l, 2, 3, Iunior Prom Committee: ' Alfnha Beta Phi, 3, 4, President, 4, Senior Play, lntrctmural Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Ball Committee. WESTERMAN, Chatter Staff, ball Manager, 4, Senior Play, 4 . . . ZULLER. Girls' Athletic RUTH-Girls' Glee Club, 4 . , . WHITE, IEAN-Girls' Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4, School Hour Glass Staff, Senior Fair Committee . . . WILLIAMS. DONALD-Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Foot- 4, Vice-President of Iunior Class, President Senior Class, Dramatic Club, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Senior Ball Committee, lunior Prom Committee, Senior Fair, l, 3, Intramural Baseball, l, 2, 3, MARGUERITE-Glee Club, 3, 4, Cosmopolitan Club, 3, 4, Bank Cashier, 4, Hour Glass Stall, Association, 2, Volley-ball, 2, Manager of Senior Magazine Campaign. X A 2'e,,,5.'f33R,,w, KX! MMV' f.,.,QfQee, Kimber we 'W J SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DOROTHY POTTER, Vice-President DONALD WILLIAMS, President MARY ANN CARMER, Secreicry ROBERT WAGNER, Treasurer 35 CLASS HISTORY The fall of l935 found a conglomeration of eager "kids" ready to face the ins and outs of high school life. Our first step was to choose Betty Dinsmore as our representative in the Students Council. Later we partici- pated in the Senior Fair, presenting a skit, "The Animal Fair," under the di- rection of Miss Marjorie Swift and Miss Margaret Fortmiller. lt was made evident that we had many up and coming athletes, both in football and in basketball. Our Sophomore year found us steadily acquiring the nonchalance of the regular high school student. Again this year we took part in the Senior Fair, presenting the skit, "A Pumpkin Hook Wedding," written by Virginia Grimes, and under the super- vision of Miss Irene Bickle and Mr. Roscoe Tarbell. For this presentation we were awarded second place. The position of our Student Council Representative was filled by Wil- liam Hart. Fully acclimated to high school life, we began our lunior year as dig- nified upper classmen. Our first important step was to elect our class officers and advisers. They were as follows: President, William Hart, Vice-President, Donald Wil- liams, Treasurer, Mary Ann Carmer, Secretary, Phyllis Bahler, with Miss Doris Brown and -Mr Leon Warner as advisers. This .year's Student Council Representative was Betty Bryant. As Iuniors we assumed the responsibility of publishing the "School Chat- ter" under the capable leadership of Editor-in-Chief Virginia Grimes. This paper proved itself a great success by winning a third honor rating in a National Rating Bureau for school papers. Cur class stunt for the Senior Fair was a farce on old Rome called "A Students Dream." lt was rated second by the judges. ln addition, we took our place in the Student Patrol System, rotating with the Seniors every two weeks. Many of our fellow classmates took part in numerous out-side activities such as: debating, dramatics, athletics, and other social functions. Both on the football field and the basketball court, our boys gained great prominence. Among the football men were William Hart, Dick Bluhm, Iohnny Miller and David lordan. Our basketball stars were Noell Pridgeon and Dick Bluhm. We ended this eventful year with the traditional lunior Prom, with Dor- othy Potter as general chairman. With candy shop decorations as our back- ground and the 'lAmbassadors" as our musicians, the Prom proved highly successful. 36 September, l938, found us taking the honor places in Fairport High as Seniors, our final high school achievement at last reached. Our first class meeting was held to elect our class officers. They were as follows: President, Donald Williams, Vice President, Dorothy Potter, Sec- retary, Mary Ann Carmer, Treasurer, Robert Wagner, and Miss Margaret Sweezey and Mr. Paul Allison were chosen as our class advisers, to whom we owe many thanks for their advice and cooperation. We later met to elect our Editor-in-Chief for the "Hour Glass". Virginia Grimes in recognition of her capable work with the school paper was selected. Looking forward to our New York trip in the spring, we started the an- nual canvassing of the town with our magazine and Christmas Card Cam- paign. Our Class presented the "Evolution of Dancing" as our annual skit for Senior Fair, portraying the oldtime Virginia Reel and the modern Lambeth Walk. November l7th was the big night for the cast in the Senior play, "Grow- ing Pains," starring Lucille Hept as the bothersome younger sister and Iames Welch as her auarrelsome brother. This play was enjoyed by all and the cast is to be complimented on their fine performance, also much credit is due Miss Helen Iune, under whose direction the play was given. Our social event of the year was the Senior Ball held in the beautifully decorated high school "gym," with Betty Bryant as general chairman. ln the early part of the evening the King and the Queen of the Ball were crowned. The King and Queen, chosen by the student body, were Noell Pridgeon and Betty Dinsmore. The music was again furnished by the Am- bassadors. Early in March, at our weekly Senior meeting, it was decided that we would be unable to make the yearly Senior Trip to New York because of financial conditions. lt was a great disappointment but we "took it on the chin." The class voted to have a banquet and theatre party in the season to take the place of the trip. The year l938-l939 has made history in the field of football and basket- ball with Bill Hart, captain of Fairportls Monroe County Championship Football team, and Noell Pridgeon, top scorer of Monroe County and captain of Fairport's County Championship Basketball team. We are proud to say both boys are members of the class of '39- Graduation will be a red letter day for us, but it will bring joy to our hearts as well as regret at the thought of our Fairport High School days being drawn to a close. Fairport High, out Alma Mater, will always have a place in our hearts no matter how far away we may be. 37 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Be it known to all those concerned, that we the Senior Class of l939, of Fairport High School, Fairport, New York, County of Monroe, State of Per- petual Happiness do hereby formulate and declare this lengthy document to be our last will and testament. We pass on to our "brethren and sister" our heritages: Boom l6 and l8, Mr. Allison's and Mr. Warner's helping hands in Senior love affairs, their fifteen minute lectures on behavior and their trials and tribulation connected with our Senior Year. We will and bequeath: Bill Halling's altitude to Marjorie Kittle so the future students of F, H, S. will be sure to see her. Freddie Maybee's membership in the Firemen's Corps to Bob Granger so he can have an excuse for getting out of class, too. Mae Ernst's artistic ability to Norman Alfe so he may combine his orange, greens, pinks and purples in a more striking manner. Betty Dinsmore's drum majoring antics to "Nichie Chocho" so he may have some excuse for letting off hot air. Dewey Iackson's salesmanship to Theodore King so he can become manager of the Hart Stores. Phyllis Bahler's ladylike carriage and dignified manner to Emma Huber. Iohnny Miller's turkey strut to Carl Gears so that he will get to school on time. , Ethel Apostal's innocent blush to Bay Sickles so he may personify an advertisement for "Wheaties." Bud Baker's "floating power" to Betty Moore so she can flit faster first period. Virginia Grimes' soap box "gabability" to William Bode of Sleepy Hollow fMidvale, to youl so he may make as good an example in F. H. S. as she has. Kenneth Bridge's gentlemanly qualities to the young men of the Iunior Class so it will save them the cost of the book "Emily Post's Hints on Etiquette." Betty Bryant's "man-fold" powers to Dorothy Barnhart for obvious reasons. "Mac" Macomber's "barefoot boy" grin to Anne Claflin for variety's sake. Mary Ann Carmer's glamour to Marjorie Murphy so she may become the "All American Whirl." George Brook's mighty brawn to Glenn Losey so he can be a second Atlas. Shirley Coon's "china dollishness" to Bose Zito-just in case. Roger Hart's "horsiness" to Alice Trimble so she may have more hobbies ? '? 'P Lucille Hept's and Bud Kelsey's bond of gurgling admiration to "Butch" Moore and Helen Gifford so that they may become the butt of Mr. Allison's sarcasm next year. Noell Pridgeon's "dead eye" aim to Paul Briggs so he may walk away with the high scoring title next year. 4 Winifred Kneale's attempts to help Cupid to Phyllis Valentine so she may be match maker as well as peace maker. 38 The "Mickey Rooneyness" of "Doc" Welch to Lloyd Shook so he can co-star in the Senior Play. Bernice Ackerman's "tap dancing shoes" to Ioyce Staff so she can have an added attraction with her accordian playing. Charles Barranco's bushy eyebrows to Florence Arnold to lend her dignity. Ieanne BroWn's "knitability" to Barbara Wilson to calm her nerves. Bob Wagner's indifference toward women to Don LeFrois so he can graduate next year. Gertrude Crowell's cherry "hello" to Hope Ranney to use with her per- petual slap on the back. "I-lotlips" Vineburg's "blastability" on his trumpet to Vernon Unger to keep Mr. Vance in a cool temper. A wee bit of Caroline Earl's quietness to Iosephine LaRosa just for the heck of it. 'Don Williams' presidency to the most deserving lunior. Frannie Kohl's wide grin and all-round ability for sports to "Mickey" Castor so she can keep pace with "Chet." "Red" Iordan's pull with the women to Phil Hospers if he wants it. Dick Bluhm's huge shoulders to Dannie Crowell. So why? Peggy Connolly's prize fighting punch to Betty Bowlby so that she can keep lohnny Prinzivalli under her thumb. Bill Hart's absentmindness to Howard Foote so that he, too, may oc- casionally forget his numerous responsibilities. Dorothy Potter's sarcasm to Gordon Alles so that he can shut Norman Alfe up once in awhile. ' Betty Bartlett's Latin ability to Alyce Pergrim so that her mind may more easily grasp the trials and tribulations of Caesar and Cicero. Dave l-lull's blonde beauty Know buddingl to Harvey Bills for contrast. Ianet Osborne's "band-box" appearance to Emma Hept so she may be even more well-groomed. Arthur Kesby's ability to mind his own business to all the Iunior Class so they can keep out of trouble. Edwina Ryder's overwhelming "breeziness" to Frances Pidinkofski so that she too may become a happy "Tug-boat Annie." Gordon Castor's wisecracks to Esther DeVolder to use to her own ad- vantages ? '? ? lane Abbott's fuzzy sweaters to Bill Laird so that he might be tickled into gales of laughter. Leo Schumacher's claim on "Tommy" to Bob Adams if he wants it. Estella Stubbing's "hold" on a maroon " 'mobile" to any deserving Iunior girl. , Marion Slade's love of dancing to Isabel Yorton so that she may become the "belle of Walworth." Richard Larzelere's upeskiness' to Ronald Good because we've no other place for it. Elmer Leopold's broom, pails, poor puns, curley hair, etc., to anyone who can take the place of-"Elmerl" The perfect love affair of Eleanor O'Leary and Louis McLouth to limmy Prescott and "Lou" Schermerhorn. Albert LaPietra's eyebrows to- Anna Iean Slocum so she may further ensnare "Butts" Bartels. Thus, in our few remaining staggering days, do we declare this to be our last will and testament and climbing into the coffin lined with black we bid thee a sad farewell. SIGNED: Seniors of 1939. WITNESSES: Ferdinand the Bull. Iesse Iames. 39 The Mad Russian. Q Q Q O 4 Q. 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W df UDF ' Q, gy ' ow -1 'O' E 5 f7 O fn W 0-4 x Dr E Eng in Q 3 .5 -- xN'A 1- 4,5 941 of f' 'ol' 3, lg- K E E And Unej My e 4 LO ,. -D o --' w .W h . a I 2,0617 Red n"7Off 'EL QQ gf 1' 5 5 GPPN3' We' ro.rJ 444 Jf SX ,Do ,pig ,Q 5 , 1? A770 or or best JSM' S3 55m 'V L 'QQ an 10 L . 0,55 ev ., . , ,, on FMC A A g 13 .4 E C3 8 g D Q, F , 'effoie 'Pe0Px :s 7 - J W .S el 20 'M 4 2 J W 2 Q 4 Tlluxifakof ,boo Z 6. O . Qfqp ,5 52. 55 c-QC VNU C0f'00xx7'x '05 gg., fi 2? be dmer . 8 0 E.-J "V- Y S f ' 5 '09, dock Denny eu'-'Pdf , 5 Q 3' -v. A Q53 RPA? QXOXUFO Aqylg qi L :fam V' WOR -A 9? 5' fm E Q C000 .ROKR E "' 16 '51 M O wx 7- Q cm Z 3 Soukhefn -Q01 r- 3 Q CD 5 4 UNVQYS gf, nf: 55 54 D K . 1 0 o . - 9 V .4 rn -Q rle Q. e Qfd 3- 'Q QW fp ep 0 . :Q 1 2 . X C ner of Vice I X Q S 5 .. C J DVOW hdin of 'presndeni V. Lg 2 ' U Grocer I e Ed of g E E y tor Hman Kodaxx - - 0 . . 5- ng E Cdlisthervcb A 6 E PO - 35 5 650,25 C0,pUlh,i was O , Lg en 5- Q C A I XMDGRSF '35 2' Lg, Z? if 5 S gf Q 6059 'ff 'S S O fn 9' Lf 29, .,,,- 2 5, Q6 CAO Zme 0 ab Q Xi , ,vlbd Ox Q, 3 O ga and D 3 ? u- 3 6 9' for Coliaf rm .+ E 20 qvcxl :a "' I X09 4 VD 0: :v Lorzele : Q 3 965 -xg dVepfiJ-ernenks if -g Q gr ' fe .3 "' C49 .XG X06 n -- O 'I 1 ,Yi 5 -7 ,aft 4-, '1- Covdudeville medy Team CIRCULATICJN DEPARTMENT ELIZABETH BARTLETT, Circulation Manager EDWINA RYDER, Assistant Circulation Manager Here is a picture of part ot the Work that goes on in order to bring you your "Hour Glass." The annual "Hour Glass" drive for subscriptions is held in the late Winter. This year, under the capable direction of Elizabeth Bartlett and her assistants, Edwina Ryder and Betty Bryant, the goal was more than reached. The final check-up showed that the total nuinber of subscriptions was three hundred sixty-two. Sales like these encourage the staff to give you the best book possible. 42 I vi if 5 5 QL E5 'Ryan' K NVQ X X , , e a 1 f - 5 9 2 1 5 ,,..,- 3 x 3 is V Qi! ., .L ,Wy Mvzfkf' , . L, mf , L , . fy , , ' Q S 1 Y , Jf' LI Q , kk,,4 E . WW 'R 3A ' :Q ' 2, 11fT?0,ssm an First Row: V. Unger, R, Good, I. Woods, D. Hitchcock, G. Elliott, R. Adams, L. Woods, R. sickies, H. sion. l , Second Bow: M. Murphy, I. La Rosa, B. Barnhart, G. Losey, H. Foote, L, Barnum, E. Lazersonu X N. Coco, R. Connolly, W. Bode, L. Masciangelo. " X X Third Bow: H Clayton, W. Laird, P. Briggs, B. Soles, L. Shook, il.xMichaels, M. Holter, A E. Minwell, F. Fargnoli, N. Alfe, D. Le Frois. . ft' I K Fourth Row: D. Crowell, C. Fiandach, L. Pickering, xfljfuber, P. Humphrey, I. DuBois, fl. ,,. -. B. Ames, I. Prinzivalli, I Bartels, I. Prescott. it ky .. --4- I Fifth Row: I. Lazerson, I. Bell, W. Sclgutt, R. Moore,.B, Moore, I. Staff, A. Trimble, T. King, 55 V, C G, Alles, F. Leary B. Ferris. In g Ap fl 3 - Q ' K f. I , 'A tr ' "5 - ' ' k ' .fr I W -W W ,E - Isl, in -- .A '. " A M ..f r ,,f..,pl .G f it y V, il , in I ' ,7' ' J .15 I , - .W , " " ik-If ' CL A' if , I 3 The class of 1940 holds great promises for the future in numerous fields, lt is a class that has many noticeable characteristics, such as ability to adapt itself to high school life, Htoppers' in the scholastic field, and stars in the sports world. Highlights in the scholastic field are Marjorie Murphy, Howard Foote, Esther DeVolder, Marguerite Kittie, Philip Hospers, Phyllis Valentine and Gordon Alles, whose names can almost always he found on the igh honor roll. However, a large perdentage of the Iunior class maintainvhigh averages, ig , 4 :Not confining itself to schola ti rlc alone, the class has taken an active part in extra- curricular pictivities off the schooz. i students have.participated in'debating, dramatics and other 'social groups. Earlygn fqeyilall, Howard Foote was effected Eslitorfin-Chief of the 'School Chatter," the responsibxli fnthe Iunior Class, Under',his.capable leadership the paper has proved to be a gre t 3 Eess. . I A ' w :-' , N EV I 1 K . ' 1. 'I f s F' I h if V Y, i NL' if I .. ' 'ff E 3 RJ . ' if - 7- It ,tw I ', I . " It EX j T ,J l r if , -f Q K, ' . E '- L . J 5. N, I . First Row: R. Zito, G. Beato, E. De Volder, B. Wilson, R. Erbland, E. lensen, B. Bowlby, K N A. Benedict, A. Clallin. X Second Row: B. MacLean, C, Rinaldo, M, Kittle, V. Ellsworth, A. Pergrirn, I. Montagliano X , F. Arnold, G. Douglas, M. Guarino, l. Buck, F. Pidinkolski. l Third Row: E. DeDomenico, M. Sperino, C. Basile, P. Valentine, A. Naughton, M, Castor B. C l d E. Shar , B. Russell, l. Chiccino, R. Unger . 1 'SC i X rf , l I "" l X , , C . . q r l gl 1 I X ll I Yorton C Morse A Kishbaugh, I. Robertson, G. Saporito. X F: :, if Q". 4 " ll 3 . , . , . , , . , , , P 4 W sl It rrfvilji, A W . Z G, Sherman, H. Erbland, G. Lawson, H. Lawson. l g H ulllzf F: It H4 I ml CL ' ope an , p . 7 Fourth Row: R. Granger, R. Leigh, P. Hospers, A. Morrison, H. Gilford, M. Messe-rino Xj I L Fifth Row A Slocum A' Kohl D Kramer L. Schermerhorn B Halm E. Hept R. Salmon I' l A , . '1 .2 . .. Ii- " ", D"-, '-.M CMP... 'L' ijt, 7 'Z X L I Y. I 1 V 'fb "K 3' . . , K M s 4' . the athletic teams ot Fairport High School could not loe a success witl'1outthe,contri--1 1 hution ot the lunior Class. Both the championship football team and loasketl5all.fteam"f- '- have carried in their lineups such boys as Lewis Masciangelo, Kenneth Walker, Knthony C' ,.f"': Stolt, lames Prescott, Williarn Laird, loe Chiccino, and Raymond Moore. V ' h Und r l leadership ol the class ollicers, the lunior Class is preparing itself forwrls-A Senior . r. f ' J J X Lewis Mascianaelo . . . . . . . . . . . .President Q , Donald Lellrois . . .. VicefPresidenl , ' N QF ' A Louise Schermerhorn ..... ...... . ..... S ecretary G X x . ,JJ . ,. Doroth arnhart. .. . .. . Treasurer , F QD- J' i iss orence Stoll, Mr. losepli Cumininas. . Advisors UAW! s I j -1' fi? Ar?-Lg f n ' l i , f jj I NINETEEN FORTY CLASS 0F The class of l94l have already developed for themselves the reputation of 'ipromising kids" through their splendid show of school spirit and cooperation. Many of the students have done splendid work in the scholastic field in the past two years. The names of Edward Hyder, Winifred Hart, Thomas Wheeler, Reba Towner, lean Flanagan, Richard Hawver, Helen Aitchison and William Honeclc are often found near the top of the Honor Roll. Henry Masciangelo, lack Dixon, loseph Profeta, David Nemyier and Donald Scott have been candidates for Fairport High athletic teams. Their contributions have aided the expanf ,M sion of the name of the Hed and Blue, gg, vcq,Z,,:'145f7,,,Afgi51.2'Kfl ,DL 1. I ii is . .- es :E 1, First Row: C. Paulse , W.lHoneck, H. Bielet, H. Gill, G. Brien, W, Bulman, I. Beato, A. Stolt. ll M . .xy E .Y G, l??M-h' xy Second Row: L. Clayton, W. McGinnis, A. Battaglifni, M. Trau, R. Holter, W. Cornelius, 5- ' ' ' f X. ' R. Towner, E. Ryder, R. Williams, E. Lewis. 5 ' I J Third Row: D. Marlett, I. Flanagan, W. Burke, D. Hawver, V. Shults, H. Whitman, D. Scott, 5 fa' , W R. Phillips, A. MacNeill, H. Bumpus. Q QQ Fourth Row: H. Sauer, F3 Aparo, T. Wheeler, E. Hammond, G. Brien, R. Schoolmaster, lm jx ' N D. Nemyier, H. Bridges, I. Profeta. .i K V 'l I n1! f0 E 1 E!,g5f.- if! J ' 7 'ff 46 S I .., ! f "Nt1.NiET'E,EN FORTY-oNE I , J ivf' A . gl , A number of the students have joined Social groups and other activities offered in the school. Reba Towner, Richard Hawver, lean Flanagan and Helen Aitchison hold the prom- ? ise of becoming future varsity debaters. 'Tlie Sophomores are a likeable group of youngsters willing to cooperate in every Way . i. X ' . , - E2 and copying the example of the upper classmen. The class of l94l is finding its 'lcogu in ' the wheel ol life at Fair ort High School. . ,Lila Luodfb 1 . ! . K jlA.w39r-- . . 3 .A...y.AbV L Aw ' 5 U5 F wi f . Ax L'-9'U"'6"N' "VW wg min-Aff AV M . .. .i..,, First Dow: G. Beard, W. Hart, V. Trew, E. Cornelius, A. Ganser, M. Dirkx, E. Vander Mallie, B. Frederick. r . Second Row: L. Chiccino, M. Benfonte, R. Adams, E. lohnson, A. Benfonte, I. Furman, if X ' B. Bulmari, H. Aitchison, M. Cassini. y ' 1- Third Row: H. Cobb, H. Masciangelo, I. Pennise, M. Buscemi, B. Burke, M. Lord, M. Befz, U 'ff 8 1' W P. Montemaro, B. Enter. K FI Fourth Row: K. Gropp, T. De Lana, R. Belt, M. Granger, I. Deleguardia, D. Harris, R. -3. 11 1 Holderness, V. Denny, L. Westerrnan, C. Marchiole. Q, Q x.2 -AX gem' 394 c L- "sh Q if-Rf 47 5' yt! I I, f ,U is . f ,fl N. -.if I IJ Xpf' WSX C L A S S o F i If Nr iii J. J ,E 5.3 X Last September elevated a large group ot students, known as Freshman, into Fairport High School. For a while life was complicated and strange for them, but after several weeks they became accustomed to the rules and regulations ot High School lite. When the honor roll came out for the first time in the semester, the Freshmen began to show their importance. Such students as Iohn Deal, Mary Lou Facer, Barbara Pierce, Nancy Detro, Bichard Hill and George Wagner had iirnjly planted their names ne,ar the top. A iw I 3' . J-ft, ',, I f 'lt I ' Vw W if fly-""1It'1,t 5 L J V N Q 4 N ' I at f jd ' Y X 0 WI' - iff w v tj! J V 1 .J ' J 5 J v .6 5 ' ' ,X ' 41" Q! V' ' I I W! 'J 5. ,f I , , ,,. at l 41, dj 1 . I I .V W V, , , F ' v ' 'ti 2 I fu A X ,li W0 is if 4' if. ff ,U 'gf K, jf 5' I A V!! I if .fig ' if ,, M' J' , ,, ,I a 1' ' UK- I f Aw I f A ff First Bow: M, lngianni, B, Bohr, A. Accardo, E. Conover, I. Bastian, N. Tiraborelli, L. C ' 'AW f De Mocker, G. Bennett. I Second Row: B Ward, T. La Pietra, G, Willielm, E. Pidinkolski, T. Battistoni, C. Suppcl, M. Rizzo, I. Carini, G. Breemes, D. Bueg, I. Fisk. X 'S Third Bow: G. Polvino, M. L. Facer, D. Miller, G. Scarazzo, I, Ackerman, L. Bartolotta, lil? I S. Marnmoccio, D. Battaglini, R. Hickey, C. Hansen. XXT I Fourth Bow: B. Provenzano, E. Kramer, I. Kenney, M. Clark, I. Foote, T. Sozio, E. Babcock, jk: ,7fe- I. Sestito, D. Laird, B. Hockenbury. - ' CY4 Fifth Row: L. Howe, G. Ki-ng, I. Clark, F. O'Leary, F. Beato, E. Kramer, I. Pierce, T. Porreca, L. - I. Deal, E. Salmon. tes'-nfl 33:21, fs, f .isav '-f - -il-I I via. I if?-1 TIT "ft NINETEEN FORTY-TWO -, , in , it - ' Z M. 'ff ,,:r. ,Qfflli I f I . L "I . .J ' "",, L ' A The airls of the Class, as Well as the boys, Went out enthusiastically for sports. Material is to be found in the class of 1942 for future championship teams. Talent of the class comprised the skit given at the annual Senior Fair in the fall. This, the debut of the Freshmen Class, was eagerly looked forward to by the upper classmeng moreover, they were not disayointed in the 'tbaby class." . , ' J I vl iw 1 ff' I fi .f I JFIWXJN l V i ,xf 'ffl ffflv, 'kr Nfrf X x..t xx " " .f' " 1' , . ,U , l, i 'o ,. 'HL 0 K tiff . L ' . ' UI ,JV J'-f , ' A, 'px' "Vi 7 X 1 I l, V, W . N . L0 if" Wim" 1' 4 'i if ' 'H l l . I ' K ' A if .A ,Q 1- . ,jg fy Q -I. ,ix ,fr ,I 9 i, f x ' ' . vp- 7 X' lx I ,fm Q First Row: C. Steffen, M. Peters, L. May, H. Moody, F. Schoolmaster, B. Smithf' EQ' Ditltnds, ' ,5 ' If D X E. Home-Ck. It , hw ,ff Second Row: H. Matz, D. Hospers, L. De Risio, G. Earl, A. Neiss, F. Casella, H. Kohl, F. I ' Hartigan, R. Williams, D. Benedetti. X .5 ' Third Row: C. Lorson, H. Loveless, M. Shilling, E. Stolt, C. Bulmcxn, N. Marchioli, D. Sage. ' , X G. De Witt, I. Schrader, I. Accarclo. X, Fourth Row: R. Wood, S. Ansuini, A, Iackson, N. Detro, B. Pierce, G. Wixsorn, V. Schrader, 4 I G. Wagner, D. Blum, B. Robson. I l Q Fifth Row: G. Copeland, N. Clark, W. Bartlett, C. Gibbs, R. Le Frois, G. Hess, B. Bennett, 1 I ' W. Danforth, R. Hall, I. Lerczak, R. Hill. ' V 13,5 First Row: B. Patterson, C. Patterson, H. Parkison, L. Bown, F. Deleguardicr, R. Barrcmco, .nag , Xt f" I, Fairchild. - ,- if Second ROW: I. Granger, D. Hull, Y. Montemaro, F. King, G. Gropp, E. Dunn, P. Gropp, gi' P NX' L, Whipple. E Q 'N Third Row: A. Barranco, R. Bushart, R. Dudley, I. Rearson, F. Rugenstein, B. Gross, , 5 "X 'A R, Capanna. I ' A X P J I Fourth Row: M. Ross, I. Arnold, M, Fiandach, G. Valentine, I. Santini, E. Lewis, W. Gilbert, Q ,- - R. Steubing. x?' L . I y ri Xen X 1 I sxilfx ssl' The Ianuary "brigade," having had a few months to calm down and make itself at home, is rapidly acclimatina itself to the raretied atmosphere of Senior High School. Sev- eral stuclents have shown interest in debating, literary Work and other school activities, As yet, the Subfreshmen have not had the chance to express their abilities infsports. ltlowever, next semester should point out the possibilities ot the group. ln general, most ot the class are busy copying the example of their elders and trying to get acquainted with the rest of the Student Body, Several of the "Subs" show interest in the scholastic tield, and they are being encouraged one hundred percent by students and teachers. SUB-FRESHMEN 3 1 f if ,, Mg X , A fx X ' if H 1 Advisers MR. THOMAS G. COFFEE MR. ANDREW C. LYNCH STUDENT A S SOCIATION STUDENT GOVERNMENT HOLDS PROMINENT POSITION IN F. H. S. Student government is given due emphasis at Fairport High to impress each student with his responsibilityl lt may Well be titled an introduction to citizenship for future graduates. Under the able leadership of President William Hart, this years officers have handled a vast amount of important school business. The re- ceipts of the football and basketball games have made it possible to furnish the athletic department With more equipment and to ex- pand the facilities of the gymnasium. lt lends equal support to other student activities and is, in truth, the backbone of student life. WILLIAM HART, President BETTY DINSMORE, Vice-President LUCILLE HEPT, Secretary CHARLES DE VOLDER, Treasurer RICHARD BLUHM, Senior Council Member MARILYN CASTOR, Iunior Council Member HENRY MASCIANGELO, Sophomore Council Member HELEN MATZ, Freshman Council Member Standing-Left to Right: H. Masciangelo, H. Matz, M. Castor, R. Bluhm. Sitting-Left to Right: L. Hept, W. Hart, B. Dinsmore, C. DeVo1der. I Top Line: M. Connolly, D, Potter, B. Dinsmore, P. Bahler, M, Ernst, E, Apostal, V. Grimes. Bottom Line: R. Bown, P. Vineburg, I. Miller, B. Bartlett, R, Wagner, C, DeVolder, R. Macomber, R Bluhm W. Hart, TRAFFIC OFFICERS MAINTAIN ORDER The watchful eye of law cmd order in Fair- port High School is the Student Patrol System, more affectionately known to the students as the S. P. S. The patrol system, composed of upper-classmen, is divided into two squads. The Seniors are under the leadership of William Hart, while the assisting Iuniors are ably directed by William Laird. Putting forth their best efforts to help the student body maintain its excellent record of good behavior are faculty advisers, Miss Doris Brown and Mr. Leon Warner. The duties of the Patrol are numerous. Its first responsibility lies in setting a standard of citizenship and in promoting a spirit of cooperation among the students. its members are on duty at the passing of classes to see that these aims are respected by the students. This is, then, the way in which the students of Fairport High School help themselves mains tain order. STUDENT P TRQL 53 Advisers MR. LEON B. WARNER MISS DORIS A. BROWN Standing-Left to Right: I. White, R. Wagner, R. Macomber, M, Zuller, R. Fell, C. Wacenski, D. Kelsey, W. Hart, M. Ernst, N. Pridgeon, E. O'Leary, W. Baker, P. Bahler, R. Bown, D, Potter. Sitting-Left to Right: D. Iackson, A. Kesby, D. Williams, P. Goetzman, V. Grimes, B. Bryant, E, Ryder, B. Bartlett, E Apostal, C. De-Volder. Advisers MR. PAUL W. ALLESON MISS ESDA L. TURNER MR. EDWARD K. SCHWORM STAFF AIMS TO MAINTAIN HIGH STANDARD OF 1938 PUBLICATION Throughout its existence, the "Hour Glass" has been a center of interest, but also the cause of much work and concentration. To touch upon the highlights of all clubs, organi- zations, social activities, classes-this is its job. Last year the annual, under the supervision of Editor-in-Chief Edward Valentine, rated a position among the twelve All-American. To equal this honor is the aim of this year's staff under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Virginia Grimes and Business Manager William Hart. At least, the achievements of last years "Hour Glass" staff and of the staffs which have pre- ceded it, have served as an inspiration to greater effort. I With the New York Worlds Fair for an artistic background, the success of last year's annual to equal, 'and the cooperation of stu- dents and teachers, the efforts have been a privilege and a pleasure. HOUR GLASS SCHOOL CHATTER MSS o H H G. QQ. scHooL CHATTER COMPLETES ,B C SUCCESSFUL YEAR 5-94 Students whose minds pursue the journalis- 0' tic trend ot thought get their introduction to that world on the staff of our weekly news I . section, UThe School Chatter." Their this year is higher quality and their e have been bent toward that goal. The statf, early in the winter, submitted several editions ot the paper to The National Scholastic Press Association to be rated with other scholastic publications ot that type. That advisory organization returned a verdict ot third honor rating for the 'School Chatter." Under the capable direction ot Editor-in Chief Howard Foote and his competent statt, Fairport students have been able to get tirst- hand, accurate reports ot the news in Fairport High. A series of sport columns have cleverly covered the rosy path ot our victorious athletic teams, while the so-called "dirt diggers" have added a dash of spice to the publication. Standing-Left to Righti P. Briggs, D. LeFrois, N Alle M Castor R Ferris F Arnold P Valentine Sitting-Lett to Right: M. Kittle, I. Robertson, B. Russell E Sharp H Foote P Hospers E Hept M Murph A. Morrison, E. DeVolder. ffl uw 353377 wilt? MR. CARROLL VANCE, Director F AIRPORT BAND ACTIVE IN LOCAL AFFAIRS "Bang - whang - whang goes the drurn, tootle-de-tootle the life." That was all right tor Browning but not for the Fairport High School Band. Why not? Why the band has shining new cymbals! They chang and chang throughout every rehearsal and appearance. They are really the pride and joy of the band, just as the band is the pride and joy ot the school. Already this year the band has "blown through" the Rochester Exposition and the Music Festival at Dansville. lt is an impressive sight to see the Fairport Band in spick-and-span blue, white and gold uniforms swing along back ot its peppy young drum major, Betty Dinsmore. Appearance isn't all, however. tor it has some very fine musi cians. Thanks to Mr. Vance's able direction, Fairport has a musical organization of which we are rightfully proud. BAND ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA MEETS WITH SUCCESS 'N FULL YEAR Twice a Week, since school began in Sep- tember, strains of music from the orchestra have been heard floating through the halls of Fairport High during the seventh period. Al- though the pupils practiced last year after school, this is the first time it has been a rec- ognized orchestra. lt has been officially accepted by Albany and the pupils participating in the group re- ceive regents credit. it is made up of twenty students from both lunior and Senior High. Under the direction of Miss Genevieve Watson, they have played in assembly, for the Rotary Club, and will perform at the lunior High Commencement. Their repertoire consists of marches, waltzes, and music by Chopin and Carrie Iacobs Band. The school orchestra has found a definite place in the Music Department of Fairport High School and appears to have a promising future. MISS GENEVIEVE G. WATSON, Adviser 149' slit' bf' on J irst ROWI V. DSHHY, B. Smith, B. Wilson, A. lackson, I. Staff, B. Bartlett, B. Moore. 0 of Nr JxSec31hd Row: L, Ward, D. Miller, A. Pergrim I Fisk L Herman l Foote M Betz M Hall Q Tlhjfd ROWf M- lCICOb:SOn, B. Bierce, l.. Hept, Abbott, Bahler: It Robeftson, A.ISlocum,4M. Zuller. Q, Cal ff h Murth Row: N. Detro, M. Weig, L. Westerrnan, D. Barnhart, R. Belt, A. Kohl, B. Erbland, W, Kneale. Noi? IC' X9-'?1fth Rowi A. ODell, A. Fisk, M. Murphy, H. Erbland, E. Ryder, F. Kohl, Ft. Bown. QT 0'-Y' Bt n Q if1L,if1g 'MQ - ,L 'X h A A A I M my of if tiff-ffm rirw- "-.115 VQGIRLS GLEE CLUB ATTRACTS WARBLERS U QU -sf, ,V Ln fc or THE scHooL ,.4...,.Lf My 1. "Do, Be, Me, Fa, So. .La, Te, Do goes the ,, l lscalef' say authorities on music. However, ,uf QJLH.-54 QA- i choristers from our Girls' Glee Club undertake more difficult compositions, such as the "Glow Worm", i'Czechoslovakian Dance Song" and "Green Cathedral". Their warbling resounds throughout the building on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More often their throaty notes are practiced informally in the locker rooms. The Glee Club is made up of approximately forty- five girls who sing for the benefit of the stu- dents, before social groups, and for other activities. Each year the group attends the annual Music Festival and returns with high honors. Mr. Vance, the director, is held in high esteem by the girls and all those who know him. A large part of the success of the Music Depart- ment is due to his love of good music which he attempts to impart to his students. MR. CARROLL VANCE, Director Il S, G L E E C L .U B linus1.tM24--'-- f- M-, -..i,,.. 58 FTF S, C B MISS GENEVIEVE G, WATSON, Director MALE SONGSTERS MEET WITH SUCCESS The boys, not to be outdone by the girls, formed a glee club which has been climbing the ladder ot success tor the past two years. l-lefty tootball players, track and basketball men, along with the scholastic "big wigs", emit sounds ranging from tenor to bass. The club has its bifweekly get-to-gether on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Music Room. Many at the members participate in the Mixed Chorus which is a smaller musical organization. Miss Genevieve Watson, director of the Glee Club, has accomplished wonders with the group. As tar as the students are concerned, the Boys' Glee Club is here to stay. lt, too, sings in assemblies and betore public groups. ' 1 . J WILLIAM HART, President WM Q '4 5"'1 RAYMOND UNGER, Pianist A, 3 my I M af, .fffvg ' fl 'A-'J "Wi" A ,. rf' I -'. if ' A, 'A ., I -f.4,f:'.1..r -H J cg, yi -ms. :ff s-e- f E V .4 74.41, fkjjj' First Row: I. Santini, K. Bridges, R. Unger, Miss Wallsori, l. Fairchild, H, Foote, E. Konz. 0307 P D dl , I. Arnold, R. Hall, G Douglas, F. King. Second Row: H. Loveless, R. Stubbing, R. ' ' .. u ey Third Row: R. Good R. Fell, W. Hart, H. Gill, W. Baker, D, lackson, N. Alie. Fourth Row: R. Hill,iH. Clayton, E. Leopold, V. Unger, A, Prudorn, G. Alles, F, Leary. x ill X , i ,. Wife . fill ,x f Standing-Left to Right: M. Murphy, R. Maxwell, R. Wagner, B. Kopp, I. Howard. Sitting-Left to Right: D. Potter, E. Ryder, V. Grimes, Mr. N, Burton, P. Valentine, C. Blaker, P. Hospers, W. Hart. V 1 r 1 -- 1 .V f f MR. NELSON R. BURTON, Adviser DEBATERS ENIOY WINNING SEASON Fairports Debate Club has had a highly successful season this year. After a year of comparative quiet, four excellent teams were chosen, giving the pro and con on the issue. Resolved: That the United States should form an alliance with Great Britain. The Varsity affirmative team, composed of Charles Aldridge, Dorothy Potter and Edwina Ryder, journeyed to llion, Hornell and Oswego and also met LeRoy in home territory. The negative team, William Hart, Virginia Grimes and Robert Wagner met llion and Hornell at home and journeyed to LeRoy and Oswego. Both teams took part in the sectionals at Canisteo, contending with Iamestown, Canisteo and I-fornell. The negative piled up a score of five wins and two losses, while the affirma- tive came out with two wins and five losses. The less experienced members of the club have been active in interscholastic debates, thus preparing for the future. The second team has engaged in debates with Geneva, East Rochester and Hornell. Fairport High School debating world shows great promise. DEBATE CLUB P C B MR NELSON R BURTON Adviser BUDDING POETS EXPAND IN FAIRPORT HIGH SCHOOL Neither Browning, Chaucer, Keats nor even Shakespeare tried harder to put his thoughts into poetry than the poetry enthusiasts of Fairport High. Aided by the friendly criticisms of Mr. Nelson R. Burton, the young lyricists turn out their attempts at masterpieces at the meetings on Monday nights. Many of their poems appear in the literary section ot the school paper. Two years ago the club published a poetry anthology, "ink Drops," containing only the works ot club members. lt was well received by the student body. ln view of that fact, steps have been taken to edit a second volume un- der the direction of Esther DeVolder as Editor- in-Chief. At lirst their knowledge and ability in- creased gradually, but practice has improved their efforts.. Hail the tuture American poets! ,QWPZ JK, ff vwff 13" ' Standing-Lett to Right: I. Howard, E. Sharp, B Track R Sic es M Murphy A Naughton G Wixsorn R. Hall, A. Martin. - Sitting--Left to Right: D. Potter, G. Alles, E, DeVolder V Grimes B Russell N Alfe P Valentine -- I f-1 -Mo-f Q 4, f f 53- zwf'fQgi'?f'.,fl'9'7ffl'- "ELT l ' f l" fl J-L 1 Sw -IF? . 'Nj :,gg7:,QZ,T' 'f gl,fi'i. aifwaa f W. - ' f - , L, X 8 ,X . Mix, I - . ff Nt i.-zu . fum., . if if . Q .ef wi- mfg if A. 1 s , ,Mm if .v ig 'fymg FACULTY PLAY FACULTY ATTEMPT AT DRAMA HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL l'You Can't Take lt With You," the play dramatized by the l-ligh School Faculty, proved to be one that will remain as a highlight in the minds of those who saw it. The demure- ness of Miss Ruth Weatherlow as Alice, the arts of love-making of Coach loseph Cum- mings, along with the helping hand of Miss Margaret Fortmiller as Penny, are unforget- able. Under the direction of Pricinpal Andrew C. Lynch, the cast gave a remarkable perform- ance before two full 'houses made up of students and townspeople. ' Faculty plays are looked forward to by the students and accepted warmly by the townspeople. They tend to bring the students and teachers closer together by their infor- mality. Standing-Left to Right. H. Steinfeldt, T Coffee l Cummings R Weatherlow Sitting-Lett to Right: M. Fortmiller, D Brown N Burton as V K Stflflfillflg Left to Rlghf B HGH l MGTZ P Briggs I Miller P Vineburg, N. Pridgeon, D. Hawver, D. Williams. Middle Left to Right D Le Frois I Leavery A VanB0rt1e I, Welch, M, Cqrmer, 1, Robertson, - Sitting M Holley B Hubbard D Potter CLUB STUDY ART OF GOOD REHEARSAL "Rehearsal". That has been the keynote ot the Dramatic Clubs program this year. lt has not been rehearsal for a play, but rather rehearsal as to how a play should be produced. Under the direction of Miss lune, the club has studied character portrayal, stage con- duct, voice tone, and innumerable other fine points ot acting as exemplified in the book, "Rehearsal", Several plays and skits have been read and their possibilities discussed. When the club feels itselt able, it hopes to present plays tor the schools approval. One of the highlights of the year was When the club as a group Went to Rochester to see George M. Cohan in the Broadway production, "l'd Rather Be Right" in which they observed the use of what they had been studying. WILLIAM HART, President DOROTHY POTTER, Secretary NOELL PRIDGEON, Treasurer MIS: HPI EN E IUNE Adviser D R 'A' M I C C B . 1 ' ' f , , f , ,5L.f I 0 CAMERA CLUB!-,ft x LECTURES HOLD OPPORTUNTIES FOR EAGER PHOTOGRAPHERS Lights! Action! Cameral sounds the call ot Fairports coming ace photographers. This year, approaching its second anniversary as an organized group, the Camera Club tound an overwhelming number ot students anxious to become members. Due to the large number ot photographers, many students and teachers have been objects ot "shots" in unsuspecting moments. Under Mr. Steinteldts instructions, demon- strations ot the art ot developing lilm and mak- ing prints have been carried out. The club has made an enlarger and is turning out re- markable enlargernents. The club has made a name tor itselt because ot its spirit ot eager- ness and the carry on. ot its members to MR. ,HAROLD W. STEINFELDT, Adviser it . President .4 'i Q Af I l V, A, . Right. ndji. Kohl, . illiln s, R. Ferris, W. Knectle, A. Slocum. Y owner, R. Hawver, . Briggs, I. Allen, P. Geotzmcm, V. MX A. Barrcmco, L. S ermerhorn, D. Kramer, E. Hept, M. Ni, 152-fsffh ,wif 2 ,,fN ,fi 5, ,gf Q 6 fe X' five: W 1 1 gg- pg A I F ge, gx A .fu , ,, .,., rag A ff 1A,A +,, ..1V A , , 5 yf Z X 4 A -.MA ,I vf 4 ""'1 ' YI Qiiif " h ' I 5 mgE ff52gig ,n, Amkil, V af iw N Y 7 f R, ' 92 5 f 2 f JN ' fy m Li , 5 3 , ' 1 Ma M QA. ' ,L Q mVAh , K '.:f 1 ' V I u gs, A Lg? " .2 . Q -11 f 8. ug' W ww iw x ' sb Rf fi? as-W? A A .15 ii ., wffwl . 5 AQ, . YW ' Q ,,L , w mba! 1, ., 5 . H qwagig . , .- ,,'. M ,X A EE 135 M A A N 1: f : m s , ,... Q , , A , K 2 V V My W 'W ga 2 ic PM KL Q 1 fp' W 4 ??l41" Q53 ww A' f q'AV ww ' if 5 K M 5 ' is ., N' 1 ff 72? f V , gf A Sw, f Mwmw W. ' , ,SJ ' :G A,.fM Wwwmw K. 'E ,,,,,. .... .. ,,.,,,,,,,T ' tc-' -x R I SIGMA CHI DELTA RY il li P50 K fi V Al., M 3 MISS RhliTl'l M.v,VYE,ATHERLOW, Adviser CLUB SWEATERS ARE REWARD OF E' l l YEAB'S WORK , 1, School without the sorority girls Would, be M hard to picture, tor they are among Fairlgbrtl' High Schools best liked groups. They hav! been active constantly, holding meetings on,f alternate Wednesday nights at the home ot various members, and planning various social activities, ln the tall they held a Sadie Hawkins Dance and later a card party at the public library, similar to the one ot last year. -ln the spring, a skating party brought the members together tor another evening ot lun. This year the girls bought heavy purple sweaters upon which are the insignia ot the club in white chenille letters. Every member oi the club is firm in her opinion that this has been the most exciting and enjoyable year in the history ot the sorority. L 'QLD 1.01- BETTY BRYANT, President BETTY DINSMORE, Secretary MARY ANN CARMER, Treasurer LUCILLE HEPT, Scrib Back Row-Lett to Right: D. Barnhart, B. Bryant, I. Abbott, M. Holley, B. Halm, E. Hept. x Middle Row-Lett to Right: A. Van Bortle, L. Schermerhorn, M. Castor, B. Dinsrnore, I. Osburn, L. Hept, B. Wilson, I. Leavery. Front Row-Lett to Right: A. Pergrim, I. Robertson, M. Carmer, I. Matz, D. Schneiter, B. Moore, L. Schneiter, I. Staff. Q A, s t..,..., . A,,,,.A M,-.1-, -. ,1 , i - i Q s s a Standing-Left to Right. M. Sperino, W. Hart, V. Rosmgn, Valentine, A. Naughton, M lacobson. Sitting-Left to Right: M. Zuller, M. Dirk, E. Kohl, M. Lord, Murphy, D. Potter, E. DeVolder, P. Bahler, V. Grimes, A 0-F MISS MARGARET E. FORTMILLER, Adviser 68 R. Bown, B. Bartlett, L. Herman, C. Basile, P. E. Apostal, M. Lord, H. Gifford, V, LaRosa, M. A. Barranco. CLUB CELEBRATES SECOND ANNIVERSARY This is the second organization which has reached its second anniversary in the Fairport l-ligh School extra-curricular program. The Cosmopolitan Club has lived up to its name and has a membership of twentyfsix girls. Under the direction of Miss Margaret Eortmiller, fac- ulty adviser, and the leadership of President Dorothy Potter, the group has advanced in social fields. Each member was entitled to bridge lessons and the series was climaxed with a bridge party at which several of the faculty attended. The next step was dancing which the girls have enjoyed very much Early in the year the club held the annual faculty tea which was very successful. They plan to climax the second eventful year with a play in assembly. DOROTHY POTTER, President ETHEL APOSTAL, Vice-President MARGARET CONNOLLY, Secretary 1 Pl-IYLLIS VALENTINE, Treasurer COSMOPOLITAN CLUB mmifcg '-Q--5 Nxsgst-.W X L, - , V ,V-wx 1 . ...Q - A " f If Qi M- 'Y' f xv?-'Fi X? K. ,,,v , ., H xmfh Eb if f""'j'S ' , ,g, ,ff f. 2 X, ,,.. A+? ' gg! f R V, Hurst --2 , L NR , J ,y-, ,.,, X 1 ,,- ly! 4.-X I :XM J . , 2 , . l ,wx TN 2 in ,Yg,,: H L,,,,,,,A 'L Q' KN Ng f Vli' miglix zf Q xx W. K 1 , A xv .f if In 7, krkyrr aff" V V, 'X X ' L 4x" W vi' 'K M W V M g' I Xjq EJ'Ti'qx Back: D. Wilson, N. Pridgeon, R. Bluhm, R. Smith. Second: I. Miller, D. Iordan, Ft, Soles, l. Prescott. Front: H. Masciangelo, W. Hart, W. De Land, L. Masciangelo. BLOCK F PROMOTES GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP "Twelve good men and true" might well be an appropriate slogan for the Block F Club, an organization which honors the more ath- letically inclined members of the male portion of the student body. lts advisers are Mr. Steinfeldt and Coach Cummings, with Mr. Lynch acting as honorary adviser. Before being admitted into the Block F, one must have earned his chenille letter and must have had a passing grade in all his subjects. Among the ideals for which this club is aiming are the promotion of good sportsmanship and fairness and the maintainance of cooperation and helpfulness in all student enterprise. Once again drawing funds from their treas- ury, the members this year purchased new sweaters. These sweaters of red and blue form a colorful symbol in representing the friendly spirit of the club. IOHN MILLER, President LOUIS MASCIANGELO, Vice-President DAVID IORDAN, Secretary ROBERT SMITH, Treasurer u n Adviser BLOCK F CLUB HAROLD W. STEINFELDT ANDREW C. LYNCH - IOSEPH W. CUMMINGS C1-1EERLE.ADERs VICTORY, VICTORY, VICTORY V-I-C-T-O-R-Y VICTORY TEAM, TE , gg Q' if K W NVQ Left io Right: if B, Hal III 4? igfqt Left to Right-Standing: I. Miller, C. Miner, L. Masciangelo, D. Iordon. - Left to Right-Kneeling: K. Walker, I. Prinzivalli, W. Hart, I. Prescott, R. Moore, A Stolt, D. Wilson. COUNTY CHAMPS CAPTURE SECOND TITLE For the second consecutive year Fairport Highs husky football team marched over their opponents to be crowned champions of Monroe County. The Red and Blue started off the season boasting the strongest line in the county and a speedy backfield. They com- pleted that brilliant season, undefeated and untied. The cooperation and team play of the group provided their fans with thrills of real football and a large amount of respect for the team of young, but well-trained, men. The first game of the season was an adventure for Fairport's eleven. They were sched- uled to play at Perry, a night game under lights. However, regardless of the fact that it was their first experience under lights, they came through the victor with a score of 20-13. On the following Saturday Fairport corn pletely demolished the high spirits of a weak Waterloo team by defeating them 37-O. With renewed confidence in their two victories they reached down into their overflowing file of tricks to prepare themselves for one of the biggest games of the seasonhTl-IE EAST ROCHESTER GAME. FOOTBALL thi MW Milf 37'v-'MW PA-9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 61 1 1 1 1 11 1 fffff 0' s 1 Mtrrf Htl 9 . IOSEPH W. CUMMINGS, Coach WILLIAM HART, Captain lt was in that game that the Hed and Blue found revenge for their defeat at the hands of East Rochester a year ago. With the advantage of being on their own gridiron and with a team that was full of school spirit, Fairport won a hard earned victory. The East Rochester men were a hard-fighting eleven, plugging on to the final whistle with dogged de- termination and fired with the rooting of their cheering section. lt was with great disappoint- ment that the Brown and White acknowledged their defeat to the Bed and Blue-score 20-13. Toward the end of the season Fairport met Webster and Brighton. Both games were one sided-the Fairport team excelling their opponents each time by their teamwork and their superior strength and speed. Brighton Went down before the Bed and Blue 30-U, while a week later Webster followed 32-U. Perhaps the two most thrilling games of the season were with lrondequoit and Albion. lr-ondequoit, still smarting from last year's defeat, was seeking revenge. The Red and Blue were sorely pressed-forced to make comebacks continually. However, the Fairport bus left for home bearing a group of winners by a score of l9-l2. Albion, champion of Orleans County, also gave Fairport tough competition. But again we bore our banner to a 37-13 victory. A perfect climax to a perfect season. 73 5 1 'r"':i ff Left to Right: D. Iordan, R. Bluhm, N. Pridgeori, A. Stott, C. Miner. BASKETBALL TEAM COPS MONROE COUNTY TITLE For the lirst time in many years the Bed and Blue jerseys ot Fairport High School emerged on top of the league scramble for supremacy. The season of 1938-39 provided just as much rivalry and as many thrills as the triumphant gridiron days. The season had hardly opened before the pulse beat ot every fan speeded up at the rhythmic tap-tap-tap ot a dribble across the court. After a tew spectacular games, Fairport began to win the notice of Rochester papers. Out-of-town fans as well as local tans began to follow the trail of the outstanding team. Week after week, Fairport brought home victories, both hard-earned ones and easy ones. Disaster struck but once during the season when Fairport bowed to Brockport, 21-25. Pre- viously Brockport had stooped to Fairport 28-18, in a thrilling game at Brockport. A record- breaking crowd attended the game which was one ot the most contested games of the season. Throughout the season the Bed and Blue showed brilliance and good team work, the result of the excellent coaching of Ioseph Cummings. Because of their fine record, the Fairport live entered the sectionals where they met their Waterloo at the hands of Newark, 45-29. BASKETBALL 74 NOELL PRIDGEON, Captain .N I .lf IOSEPH W. CUMMINGS, Coach I I ul I 4 IN WI4 ' Ain H 1,14 Captain Noell Pridgeon, a star player and one of the memlqdrs of the All County Team was high scorer of the county. He won individual honor for his excellent playing and good Sportsmanship. During the past season the Bed and Blue has compiled the following record Fairport 3U East High Fairport 25 Brighton Fairport 28 lrondequoit Fairport 28 Brockport Fairport 36 Pittsford Fairport Sl Spencerport Fairport 60 Webster Fairport 2l East Bochester Fairport 48 Brighton Fairport 21 .' lrondeauoit Fairport 21 Brockport Fairport 29 Pittsford Total 5Ul Total 75 rwlw wi Jw, iibf l , TRACK TEAM OUT TO REGAIN CHAMPIONSHIP The thud, thud of running feet, the shot of the gun, and the crunch of cinders all ad- vertise the fact that the Red and Blue Track Team are getting into shape for the season. ln charge of the team are George Matz as captain and David Iordan as manager. During these early spring days the squad are planning their work for the season. Keep- ing the title in mind, they are striving daily to increase their speed in the mile, halt-mile relay and the tour hundred forty yard sprint. If new talents develop in other events, Fair- port's spirits will soar high and will again withstand all challenges. The Red and Blue lost their championship crown last year in the County Meet by their failure to overcome lrondequoit. The latter was declared victor, 25-24. However, the team this year is striving to win back the coveted title. With the cooperation and advice ot Coach Cummings, the school spirit and good sportsmanship of the team, the student body hopes to close the 1938-39 school year with complete record of championship teams. TRACK GIRLS' ATHLETIC A S S 0 CIAT ION IUNIOR CLASS TEAM WINS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT The Girls' Athletic Association is an indisf pensable activity ot Eairport High School girls, Under its sponsorship, atter-school sports and recreational games are provided. They vary widely, from energetic basketball or soccer to the more gentle ping pong and shuttle board. The program is well regulated to extend from Iall to late spring. Sportsmanship and genial cornpanships are not the least accomplishments ot the club. Whether on nasium, this With the adviser, the place in its the campus or inside the gym refreshing spirit prevails. help of Miss Margaret Sweeiey, organization has found a definite activities for every member. BETTY DINSMORE, Resident BETTY HALM, Vice-President ALICE IACKSON, Secretary LOUISE CI-IICCINO, Treasurer FRANCES KOHL, Senior Representative LOUISE SCI-IERMERHORN, Iunior Representative MARY CASCINI, Sophomore Representative IOYCE EISK, Freshman Representative Sitting-Lett to Right: B, Halm M Cascim F Kohl L Schermerhorn Standing-Lett to Right: L. Chiccino B Dinsmore A Iackson I Fis M ami4tut.: twt.f1,iitx,mWg'e , .. ,- ,,..,,eM,.,w. ,snswwt . , 1 l 4. Top Row-Left! to Right: B. Halm, I. La Rosa, L. Schermerhorn, Bottom Row-Lett to Right: G. Beato, V. La Rosa, M. lacobson. I G. A. A. SELECTS HONOR TEAM The outstanding qualification of the Honor Team is sportsmanship. There must be an abundance of this characteristic in the make- up of each member. An average of 7U'4 should be maintained and the ability dis- played on the court influences the selection of the judges, the Girls' Athletic Association. Class teams were organized early in the year. The Iunior class being victorious, re- ceived as a reward the coveted cup with their name engraved on it. FlRST TEAM FORWARDS GUARDS R. I-lalm V, LaRosa G. Beato ' I, LaRosa L. Schermerliorn M. Iacobson SECOND TEAM FORWARDS GUARDS B. Bryant L. Hept H. Aitchison R. Dinsmore M. Casini M. Dirkx MISS MARGARET A. SWEEZEY, Adviser S, A INTRAMURALS FORM BACKBONE OF ATHLETIC PROGRAM Fairport High makes provision for the numerous boys who are unable to make the varsity teams. An extensive intramural program including basketball, Wrestling, stick hockey, ping pong, tumbling and softball are available to all interested boys. Coach Ioseph Cummings prepares a pro- gram of tournaments for the youth which are advertised widely throughout the school. By this method' nearly every boy in the high school has a place in the sporting World. ' BOYS' INTRAMURALS GIRLS PARTICIPATE IN SPIRITED INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Contrary to the rule, the fairer sex of Fairport l-ligh are deeply inter- ested in sports. Under the supervision of Miss Margaret Sweezey, the girls organized leagues in hit pin baseball, volley ball, basketball and softball. Spirited competition has resulted with the lunior Class team Winning the basketball tournament. A full program has offered athletic exercise for ' d vides entertainment for the all those who care to participate an pro onlookers. GIRLS' INTRAMURALS 'V- ' ww, a 9,22 6 1 , .lv ala. af 5 . L ,,-. " ' 5 5 ,,:,, LL,L' 2 ., M , H gg, I H A f , Q, ww ' 'kvf , ff iw My W. V A .Q W7 T ,W w ,W ,VW , " V, -iw , .L ,, . .4--fzvf ""' .am L4W.'.g,Mf' qkzgf, ,I ,Mir ,V N :,,, f 1 M... lf' rv Z. is Z 1 ,xli ,V-, Cornplimenrs of COMSTOCK CANNING CORP EQYPVNEW YORK 'UFRYI' il,A, X , i 'ix M c o ug --- Certo Division of General Food Corporation Complirnenfs of WAMBLU CORPORATION Roc:HEsTER, N. Y. 82 Qfficial Photographer for FAIRPORT SENIOR CLASS QW MOSER STUDIO, Inc. 27 Clinfon Avenue Nor+h ROCHESTER N Y 5?-55 all VIRGINIA GOULD H 5 Lf. Beautician M. 7 N. Main Street 'C Phone 143- J B R A M E R ' S Ter-4 D Ls Swear SHOP Re-xall irore on Hue OPI-IISTICATED TUDENTS """""" IP SODAS ai' 'fha WEET SHOIZ PHONE I H. L. STEFFEN 81 SONS INC. LA UN DERED ROCHESTER P. 6. R. COAL G. :S E. COKE IOHN LUCAS PAINTS cmd WALL PAPERS 84 Hours 9-6 Phone 321-W L I E B S PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP ELECTRIC BAKERY TELEPHONE 216 EAIEPoET 1 WEST AVENUE EAIEPOET Wllitfhi 214 iagara Hniurrniig 5 R 3 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Q 915704 7 ROCHESTER DIVISION 0 9 3 o U' OFFERS You O , M 9' I-IL 99+ O0 3 Your opportunity . . . a registered University degree in GN UV 6-A Business Administration, preparing for QW 3 U V C. P. A. EXAMINATIONS ENTRANCE TO LAW scHooL EXECUTIVE POSITIONS IN BUSINESS TEACHING COMMERCIAL SUBIECTS IN HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER SEMESTER - IULY 6 FALL SEMESTER - SEPT. 26 for information write THE REGISTRAR 50 CHESTNUT STREET TELEPHONE MAIN 1124 J. M. BAHLER Hardware Compliments of 0-0 EMERY at EMERY G. E. Refrigerators G. E. Radios 0 85 Life . . . sparkle . . Inc? a X pure refreshment 5225 KVI " We sunmmmf I Xsflgff BUY THE six- A I BOTTLE CARTON X SQL x 'Q """'f' gif gif? 4 II ifx Q Plusdeposit K ,HQ If-I .LII ,, ' 'Z I In ,V :, o See +I'1e "blue coal" ELECTROLUX GAS REFRIQ-ERATOR and + O Sh Semet-Solvay G UF OWFOOITTS Coke Moving Parfs - AbsoIu+eIy Ouief PHONE 316 ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC CORP. EASTIROCHESTER DEWEY IACKSON O Complimen+s of HARLOFFIS MILK and ICE ELLIOTT R. FISK PHONE I8O FAIRPORT O 86 PRINZIVALLI BROS. Meek, Groceries Dry Goods WE DELIVER TeIepI1ones 39 I -392 Compliments of FAIRPORT MOTORS "Buick's the Beauty" 38 WEST AVE. PHONE 62 AMERICAN CAN CO. CompIimen+s of DR. C- J. WHITNEY FAIRPORT NEW YORK Compliments of LASH AND A D A M S PAIRPORT NEW Yomc NOW THAT SCHOOL IS OVER lt's Time to Graduate to A SMART NEW FORD V-8 Complimenfs of HART'S FOOD STORE HUPP Morons, Inc. Your Local Ford Dealer FREE RED and WHITE STORE MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES ELIVERY TELEPHONE 442-443 MOJUD CLARI-PHANE Sl-IEER STOCKINGS Popular Because of the New Screen-Lite Shades Chosen in Hollywood Where Glamour Is Art -- Sold at - THE ADAMS DRESS and GIFT SHOP Besf Wishes fo fhe Compliments of CLASS OF TEMPLE '939 THEATRE Faarpm candy Kamen Ice Crearrm - Candies - Lunches O 88 DUDLEY-HANBY LUMBER CO., Inc. Compliments ot DR' LYNN DODGE BUILDHXIC5 MATERIAL Phone: Fairport 52 'T STOP SHORT OF YOUR GOAL . It your goal is business don't stop until your business preparation is complete. Only technical training in a school of advanced business education can insure paying responsible positions. R. B. l's placement department secured 799 jobs for graduates in 1938! Write today for Catalog Fire and Auto , ' I N S U R A N C E Absolute Protection - Lowest Cost ' GEO. H. WILSON Phone 237-W Herald+Mail Bldg O 89 Complimenls of FAIRPORT HOTEL Anfonalfis Bros. Cornplirnenrs of C H R I S T E L ' S Beauly Parlor To 'rhe Senior Class: Our Besr Wishes . . . and May You Always Drive Cars from WHEELERIS QUALITY DRY CLEANERS Free Call and Delivery Service TELEPHONE IO9 SOUTH MAIN ST.. Ves+menIs for Choir and Pulpii THE C. E. WARD COMPANY New London. Ohio Graduafion Caps and Gowns. Bend Uniforms Gowns for School Choirs and Glee Clubs Wrife for Free Cafalogs MRS. SMITH W. BILLS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Flowering Plants in Season Phone 2I8-J I23 High S+. Fairporl King's Quality Grocery Compnmenfs OI Meats - Groceries - Fruits Vegetables HAGREEN DAIRY GAS and OIL Qpen Evenings and Sundays Fairport Rd., cor. Iefferson Ave. MDIDWUG IFESSENIER C000 UNC., J EVVELRY FOR SCHOOLS NAME PLATES FIREM EN BADGES COLLEGES MANUFACTURING JEWELERS POLICE amass FRATERNITIES SORORITI E5 CLUBS. ETC. 623 PORTLAND AVE. CONVENTION BADGES METAL. SPECIALTIES ETC. ROCHESTER, N. Y. FAIRPORT GAS AND OIL CO. Wholesale and Retail FAIRPORT, N. Y. Phone I00 Compliments oi Wm. R. CAMERON CAREER COUNSELOR for SCHOOL of COMMERCE Rochester, N. Y. C f C f R ' SQf,ggf5'Ce WW f 5 HOCJWIZEQ- K R . ?'H1elaunJgf M of foday E we cfwma cwdiup Mmdcfia ' nh :E aB-uuifmuz. NEVV'Clln.- vl O IGSO . 0 E- D. WARREN C I f GENERAL MERCH NT H F VAN HORN Phone 7 ER D R C OR G d D G d 2 SUGAR BOWL I-Iome Made Ice Cream Compllmenls OI and 5"e'beI wooDLAwN MARKET HOT AND COLD LUNCI-IES Phone I43-W NIAGARA UNIVERSITY College of ArI's and Sciences Pre - Professional Courses School of Eclucafion School of Business Graduale School S e m I n a r y Address: The Regisfrar NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Spgm-ING AUTO DIBBLE'S GARAGE GooDS SUPPLIES .,--1-. F I N N AUTO SUPPLY IEEIIIOZUZHIEEISIEZTQIESLSSIIIEE BICYCLE ELECTRICAL DGY Gnd Nighf Service SUPPLIES GOODS 418 - TELEPHoNES - 13-R FAIRPORT O 93 Compliments ot UNDERPASS GARAGE and Service Station Incorporated Fairport New York Fairport Dry Cleaners INext to Bridgel ALTERING and REPAIRING LADIES GARMENTS TAILOR MADE Thelma Sullivan NORLU PRESS PRINTING OF QUALITY 16 Barnum St. Fairport For SCHOOL BOOKS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Try WAGoH's First WAGOR DRUG CO. PHoNE ' 50 FAIRPORT Dr. Koliler's. Film Removing TOOTH BRUSHES Sold at Drug Stores M. W. Kohler, D.D.5. l. N. Kohler, MD Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of S T E V E N ' S BOWLING and BILLIARDS Gift Cards for All Occasions CLYDE E. KELSEY Open Evenings and Sundays 3 North Main St. Phone 385 See Our Fencing Around New Athletic Field Geo. A. Slbcum Agency Incorporated THE WHITE WIRE Insurance 79 EXCHANGE PHONE MAIN 274 Bawn Bldg. Fairport. N. Y. 0 0 Fairport National Banlc and -I-rust Company FAIRPORT, N. Y. i..i. ..1 ,l,l...l1 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MOREY'S SINCE I87O DRY GOODS JAMES BARRANCO IvIen's Furnishings and Shoes MAIN Compliments ot SINAMUS 8: BECK Incorporated 32 HIGH STREET PHONE 246-R 32 NORT O Compliments ot COTTER'S MARKET TELEPHONE 4II . 95 I Compliments of UNCLE SAM'S STORE Compiiments ot DR. J. W. WELCH 6 SOUTH MAIN FAIRPORT C I' + t w. J. BRYANT Omp'me"S O J. D. BUNYAN WEST AVE. FAIRPORT . PHONE I94 FAIRPORT - O Compliments of CHRISTINE M. MABRY J. MILTON McMAHON INSURANCE Incorporated Compliments of A Good Place to Buy CLOTHING - SHOES and FRANK SCOVILLE FURNISHINGS MEATS AND GROCERIES PHONE .20 . ROBERT SAYLES STORE 9 . . Compliments of The Furmture Store of Fourport Fairport Gibson Refrigerators Glft 6- Apparel Shop Don Malcolm's IU WEST AVE. FAIRPORT CLARK. BLDG. PHONE 324 Compliments of Compliments of SAM JACOBSON Wilson Beauty Salon Q . I 'I' O N Y ' S Compliments of SHOE SHINE, SHOE REPAIRING ST01-T'S MARKET HAT CLEANING phone 185 North Main Fairport 27 STATE ST. FAIRPORT I This "Hour Glass" is another Annual by EASTON ASSOCIATES ICE CREAM Office: 217 East Ave. Phone. Main 4290 Studios: 78 Harwick Phone: Culver 646 Pittsford Open Till 12 . ROCHESTER, NEW YORK e""'5""4v hmmm' mms 96 Li QW? Wf W WW J if 5 m'M7'9"Wr W Jxfmiii Q M' if W J wma, Q? EH QSSXXYSSXQRFBESQ 'ii Y ai N32 XRSESSQSE EMF? Exif iixiwkfigig Ei' XRESXQSEE, day, iw, . Wmmffv Zfldfwv, EQJQVJJMJ, ,

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