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in THE HCDUR GLASS Published by The Senior Class of Fairport High School 1934 ! ll "The Hour Glass " is the emblem of human life Behold hmm' swiftly the sands run VOLUME IX NUMBER IX ,-vN,..,..,.....,...-.,.,.,.,..,..,N.,N,-v-. fvvvvvvvv.-f.A.sf-Af-A ,,,,,,,,N,,,N,.,,.,,.,,..,.,.,..,...,..,,,, Page Four THE HOUR GLASS : n Foreword THE SEA 'l'he sea resemhles the human life, With its span of Hupsl' and "downs"g The "u is" are the ha J Jiest times of all, I h The "downs" are the tears and trowns. At times, waves rise in snowy foam, As our spirits rise with delight, At times, like the stronger waves, we strive To rise to a greater height. But the greatest breaker of them all May dip low and stay at restg Like life, a wave can not always he A heautiful, ever-rising crest. But whether you ride on the crest of the wave, Ur yet, in the valley helow, Leave your ideals high up above And toward them, eternally go. As a ship will conquer the waves of the sea, Ii' we keep our ideals high, So will we always the eonquerors he Of life's ohstaeles going hy. lllartha Jane Morey '34 and Olive King '34 2 ANw THE HOUR GLASS """""""' 7" J 1 l 'TLA , -J . i xig y -A ..i TN E: 'X , F --f r' 'i i i i. xi I' Dedication WT, rin' Seniors of Fuirfwrt High School dedicate this Iii 1934 Hom' Glass, to our 'ITIUIIICTS and fiztiwrs as ii lnumlvlu ixfmfssion of mn gratitude jirr riwiv' constant low ami guidance. THE HOUR GLASS THE HCDUR GLASS YUI.llNIl+1 IX JUNIG, 19334 NUMIESIGR IX Published Yearly by the Seniors of Fairport High School Table of Contents Foreword Dedication Faculty Seniors Classes Activities Athletics Literary Humor Advertisements Alumni THE HOUR GLASS ?"YVyVV Commercial Department Ne-nrly lilly por vent of the students in l'ltlll'I1Ol't lligh Svhool are tillilllg' c'o1m1w1'c'i:1l voursvs. Mrs. liyon who tt'21C'll9S Comnwrvml l12lXV, C0llllllPl'i'lZll Aritlmwtic' anal l'lK'0Il0llll0 lieogruplly, and Mr. John- son who tc-zlvlws Shorthunml, Typewrlting and lIllfl'0llllC"LIOI1 to l:llSlIlf'SS nrt- rlzlily som-king to present tlwlr Sllll'll'0tS Ill 210l'0l'll2lIlC0 with four gmlvml aums: First, to zwquzlint young people with the 0lE'lll0Ilt2ll'y provvsses ol' lillSlll1'SS life. Sm-vonml, to instill unmlvrstzlmling and insight us well us providing l'2l1'llltl0H for the Zlt'tlllll'lIlQ ol' spevliic' skills. 'l'hircl, to present the facts in our t'0llllll0l'l'lill voursvs :ls parts ol' lllll' :mal lwmw having :1 4lll'0i't lWill'lI1g on human vxlstenve. l"ourth, to curry on the 1-ommorviul work in our sc-hool z1cc'o1'cli11g to tho most Sl'll'Illllii' anal motlern methods 1JOSSll3ll' with the uvuiluhlv 1-qlllplllvllt. 'l'hv ever-growing tll'lll2lllll euvll your on the part of students for illlllllSSl0ll i01'0lllllll'l'l'l2ll 1-lzlssos is proof that this is an important phase ol' high sc-hool 01llll'illL10Il. Page Eight Q - H Q' Q 1 1 M4 Qtzra fi 4. fi E f l l l - vi Nw,NAQS THE HUUH GLASS Superintendent of Schools vANA THE HOUR GLA9' Principal of High School P. Ei A C.k-:NW wsu LX!" gc WOW NWN S S056 . K Faculty 'l'I1nm:1s H. Coi'I'1-U, S11111-ri111 vml4-n'f ol' S1-lmols AHIIOIWII l,, livlmlul, lJl'ill1'iID2lI ola High Svluml First Huw: llznrolml S11-inl'm-lmlt, tic-1'l1'114Iv U. Hyun, TIIOIIHIS U. L'ol'l've-, xHlll'I'V2l I.. livhzlllml. l':l1'l'oII M. VEIIIOU 514-vom! How: Mmlim M. SW2ll'1Zl'IlllllI'g. .Xlivv M. Young, In-mf l" Ilivklv. Nlz11'g':1l'm-1 ll. ZUVIIUW, I'1Il'2lIl0l' ll. JOIIIISUII. ' 'Vlninl Row: I+Is4l:1 L. 'I'urnvr, MZlI'i0Il C. Nuttznl, , . .Q M:11'jm'i4- A. Swift, l3t'l'Il2l1HIll' IC. Nolan - l"mll'1ll How: 1':11'l'oIl W. I'otim-V, xYiIlil'l'l'4l llzlmlin, llzllpll lJ..lol1I1sm1. - 1 J0t'l1'IlllIlli' ll. lA2lNVl'4'Ill'l', .X4lvl:ll4ln- M. Ul'2llll2lIl, Ilvlm-I1 1. JLXSSIIIP vw M fwfr za, . 4444-aj 0.,0ir.A.. 777. j7f,,.,oJ0c. Q F37 ffg-33" aff' ESTHER ANTES - - - "Antes" "We all agree this picture is sweet, But where is the violin to make it complete?" Students' Associationg Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 415 Dramatic Club 11,3,4Jg Junior Prom Commit- teeg Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Usherg Glee Club Clj. Rochester Business Institute ,QL.444. IRMA BENEDICT - - "Irm" ffflfx "Sparkling eyes and chestnut hair, . 'l'here's plenty of fun when 'lrm' is there." -A zur. 4,-L, in Students' Associationg Junior Fair Committee 1333 'C' "' ' 'L 4 If Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee .ifff I 1439 "Hour Glass" Staffg Senior Play Castg Girls' fwt, Athletic Associationg Girls' Glee Club 115. r General Hospital A22 at gfaww dad! LAURA BILLS k "Although she's small in size, W Many a talent within her lies." Students' Associationg Glee Club 4115 Junior Fair Usher C315 Senior Ball Committeeg "Hour Glass" Staffg Girls' Athletic Association. Undecided MARGARET BOWN - - 'fpeggyf' "Pleasant the days we've spent with you, A friend so clever, fine and true." Students' Associationg Girls' Glee Club 11, 2, 3,4Jg "Hour Glass" Staifg Junior Prom Committeeg ,Senior Ball Committeeg Girls' Athletic Associa- tiong Operetta QD. Post Graduate Wwwjliygjwii THE HOUR GLASS --ww--MMMN-A THE HOUR GLASS f-vs.fs.-.-sfs.-..N,5,N.,....,,,,,,,., fs-f-v-vs-sf-s,-.,-.,..-v-.,..,.,,.,.,. fv--sfsfs-s.,N,-,..-.,-.,-.,..,.,.,,,,. BETTY BROOKS "Smiling and cheerful is her way, And merry throughout the entire day." Students' Associationg Senior Ball Committecg Girls' Athletic Associationg Girls' Glee Club 133. Undecided ENSTHER ,BUNTING - "Bunny" "Petite, gay, full of fun, Friendship with her is a treasure won." Students' Associationg "Hour Glass" Staffg Senior Ball Committeeg Girls' Glee Club 145g Sigma Delta Chi. Undecided ERMA CAMPBELL - - "Squeaky" "Clever, versatile and bright, Always ready to do what's right." Students' Associationg Glee Club 12, 3,455 Girls' Athletic Associationg Junior Fair Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg "Hour Glass" ,Staffg "School Chatter" Staffg ,Bank Cashier 123. Undiecided ROSE CASELLA - - - "Rose" "I prefer prudence to loquacioius folly." Students' Associationg Basketball C113 Girls' Athletic Associationg Senior ,Ball Committeeg Senior Play Usher. Undecided W' ,Q I fwfr. ff' -R5 o..2-lt.. f-4 w-JZ? lwbdladf v""""9'U .!,,,p,,,0aLJb Law Ajfoi-4111. Afi'f",C,j,,,rwf"' Page Fifteen I4 H 0 U R G L A S S JAMES CHARITY - - "Jimmy" ".lim's so neat, so fair and trim, Some sweet girlie's heart he'll win." Students' Associationg Baseball 13, 4, 23g Block Letter F Clubg Assistant Manager Basketball 141g "Hour Glass" Staffg Senior Play Castg Treasurer ,Senior Classg Senior Ball Committeeg Guardian of Flagg Junior Prom Committeeg Junior Fair Committeeg Delta Phi Epsilon. United States Military Academy l,aVERNl'1 COFFEE - - "Peanuts" "Behind that laugh you'd never guess, 'l'here's plenty of wit and clevernessf' Students' Associationg Public Speaking 11, 2yg Leader Magazine Campaign 1413 Football 1435 Junior Fair Committee 12, 353 Senior Play Castg Block Letter F 'Clubg Dramatic Club 11,3,4jg Senior Ball Committeeg "Hour Glass" Staffg Operetta 1193 Debate 141g Delta Phi Epsilon. Post Graduate-Syracuse University ROY COON - - - "Coony' "I think I'd rather far be short- 'l'han never a-tall." Students' Associationg Baseball 1l,2,3Jg Senior Play Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Track 1355 Archery Club. Syracuse University KENNETH DENNIS - "Kenny' "Half my life I waste in sighs, And yet the idle I despise." Students' Associationg Senior Ball Committee Basketball 1415 Delta Phi Epsilon. Post Graduate fNvAN THE HOURG ROBERT DUDLEY - - "Bob" "I think that I shall see the day, When l'll be President of the U. S. A." Students' Associationg President .Senior Classg Editor-in-Chief "School Chatter"5 Senior Play Castg "Hour Glass" Staffg Senior Ball Commit- teeg Junior Fair Committee 13, 255 Manager of Football 1455 Dramatic Club 13, 455 ,Band 1l,2, 3, 455 Operettag Prize Speaking Contest 11, 255 Students' Council 1255 Delta Phi Epsilon5 Debate 1455 Safety Patrol 1355 Invitation Com- mittee. Post Graduate JUNE EATON "You don't hear much from this attractive miss, She's in the midst of things nevertheless." Students' Associationg Valedictorian5 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 455 Dramatic Club 11, 255 Junior Fair Committee 1155 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg "Hour Glass" Staffg Bank Cashier 1155 Girls' Athletic Association 13,455 Collector Student Dues 11, 255 "School Chatter" Staff. Post Graduate DOROTHY ELLSWORTH - - "Dot" "Chickie's her one interest of the heart, Due to Cupid's unerring dart." Students' Associationg Girls' Athletic Association 11, 2, 3,455 Basketball 11,2,3,455 Glee Club 12, 455 Dramatic Club 1455 Junior Fair 12, 35. Undecided EST!-IER GOSMAN - - "Gossy" "A quiet and comely lass is she, But who can tell what she may he?" Students' Associationg Girls' Athletic Associationg Usher, Junior Fair5 Senior Ball Committeeg Glee Club 11, 255 Junior Prom Committee. General Hospital LASS 9--J-'CD -qyb. az.. ,4 'FIH1 QDA I I ZZ? ,AJ :Q-. Page Seventeen Swarm llll HOUR GLASS v.A..M GRAYDON HAGREEN "Girls, girls, find if you can, A bigger he-man than l am." Students' Associationg Senior Ball Committee. Undecided MA RY HARTLEY "Mary's a girl of quiet type, Nevertheless she's one whom we like." Students' Associationg Glee Club 1135 Girls' Ath- letic Association 11, 23g Senior Ball Committee. Undecided BRUCE HERTEL "He's not afraid to take part in some fun, Regardless of what is going to be done." Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg ,Senior Play Committeeg Track UU. Undecided ANN HOGAN "An athlete is she as good as can he, A good sport too, we all agree." Students' Associationg Secretary, Students' Coun- cil 1435 Senior Ball Committeeg Vice-President, Girls' Athletic Association 1335 President, Girls' Athletic Association 1435 Junior Prom Commit- teeg Secretary, Sigma Delta Chig "Hour Glass" Staff. Undecided M THE HOUR GLA MATILDA HUGH - - "Tillie" "Sweet in laughter, gentle in speech, Everyone says she's 'just a pewa'ch'." Students' Associationg Junior Fair Committee 1315 Orchestra 131g Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Operetta 111, Dramatic Club 111g Bank Cashier 1215 Girls' Athletic Associationg "Hour Glass" Staifg Basketball 11, 21, Senior Play Usherg Senior Ball Committeeg Invitation Committee. Syracuse University MARJORIE HUMMICL - - "Marge" "There is more truth than fiction in this, That personality plus, describes this miss." Students' Associationg Glee Club 141g Senior Ball Committeeg "Hour Glass" Staffg Bank Cashier 1l,21. University of Rochester GEORGE HURLBURT - - "Hank" "So 1 drags out me six shooter, And blazes away at 'im." Students' Association, Bank Cashier 11,213 Track 1119 Manager, Football 141. Undecided J UNE HUTCHINSON "Be careful, be careful, she's fit to beguile, With her pretty face and her winning smile." Students' Associationg Bank Cashier 1215 "Hour Glass" Staffg Girls' Athletic Associationg Usher, Senior Playg Girls' Glee Club 11, 2, 3,413 Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Operetta 1115 Basketball 11, 2, 3,41g Honor Bass ketball Team 1315 Sigma Delta Chi. Post Graduate Janne 7 vvvs rw 1 llIl'1 HUUR GLASS ' Kai' 60,4911 Faure Twenty EVELYN JOHNSON - "Johnny" "Doing her best in every way, A friend indeed, we all can say." Students' Association, "Hour Glass" Staff, Senior Ball Committee, Bank Cashier 123, Girls' Ath- letic Association. Albany State College FAY KELSEY - - - "Faizy" "Clever, charming, gay and sweet, Knowing her has been a treat." Students' Association, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43, Junior Prom Committee, Magazine Campaign Leadger 133, Basketball 12, 3, 43, Senior Ball Committee, Treasurer, Sigma Delta Chi, Junior Fair Committee 123, "Hour Glass" Staff, Dra- matic Club 143, Senior Play Cast, Girls' Ath- letic Association, Guardian of Flag. Post Graduate-William Smith College GLADYS KENNEDY - "Glad" "Gladys is a comrade royal, Friendly, clever, fine and loyal." Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association, Senior Play Cast, "School Chatter" Staff. Mechanics Instituto OLIVE KING - ' ' "Olly" "A quiet girl, yet very prudent, When all is told a serimus student." Students' Association, Salutatorian, Students Council 113, Editor-in--Chief, "Hour Glass", Senior ,Ball Committee, Senior Play Usher, Junior Fair Committee 113, Bank Cashier 11, 2,33, Secretary, Junior Class, Glee Club 1l,2, 3,43, Girls' Athletic Association. Undecided v lAAAAAAA 'I' H E HOUR G L KATHARINE KOHLER - "Kay" "Katharine is a charming miss, And proves to be a real actress." Students' Associationg Basketball 1115 Chairman Junior Fair 12, 31g Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Cheer Leader 1415 Glee Club 1413 Girls' Athletic Association 11, 2, 3, 413 Dramatic Club 11, 3, 415 Senior Play Castg Prize Speaking Contest 131. Northwestern U.niversity LESLIE KUHNS - - - "Les" "Schoo'l's so pleasant a place to beg Why people want to graduate, l just can't seem to see." Students' Associationg Manager, Basketball 1519 Operetta 1115 Senior Ball Committee 15, 61g Junior Prom Committee 13, 413 Junior Fair Committee 15, 613 Baseball 1515 Band 11,2, 3, 4, 515 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 4, 51. Undecided CHARLOTTE MCLEOD - - "Lottie" "Small, spritely, and petite, A pleasanter girl you'll seldom meet." Students' Associationg Girls' Athletic Associationg Senior Ball Committee. Undecided DOROTHY MILLER "A maiden appearing demure and shy, But there's a twinkle in her eye." Students' Associationg Senior Ball Committee. Undecided ASS f-.fxa-v-v-vNA.,-5,-,-..-V-vN.,.,.,.,,.. , fs'-v-vsfsfsfg.-vs.,-.,q.,.,.,.,-,,-,,.. Hi ' s . W .1111 4 1 'N 'pil , ,N :V n o JJ' W' l if 1 f ' U ,.,' 1 I '.-V' IX' 6 g f Lv-A s i? .9 Page Twenty-one -Af ' ' 1 4 , ANTOINICTTE MONTAGLIANO - "Tony" "Genuine proof of the fallacy in the proverb, 'Ignorance is bliSs'." Students' Associationg Public Speaking 1235 Junior Fair Committee 12, 33g Girls' Athletic Association 12, 3, 435 Dramatic Club 13, 439 Sigma Delta Chi 13, 435 Glee Club 13, 439 Chairman, Tea Dance Committee 1335 Junior Prom Committee 1335 Senior Ball Committeeg "School Chatter" Staffg "Hour Glass" Staffg Students' Council 1335 Debate 143. Albany State College CLA RA MOORE - - "Claire" "Pair of hair and fair of face, livery move a move of grace." Students' Associationg Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 439 liand 1435 Senior Ball Committeeg Girls' Ath- letic Association. Brockport Normal MA lt'l'klA JANE MOREY - "M.J." "M, J.'s full of humor and wit, As literary editor she does her bit." Students' Associationg Vice-President, Senior Classg Treasurer, Junior Classy Dramatic Club 113g Glee Club 11,2,3,43g Junior Fair Com- mittee 11, 2, 333 Junior l-'rom Committeeg Senior Hall Committeeg Girls' Athletic Associationg Manager, Magazine Campaign 133g "Hour Glass" Stal'l'g "School Chatter" Staflg Bank Cashier 1133 Operetta 1135 Class Day Com- mittee 133. University of Rochester lllLBlCR'l' MIILLER "Quiet, unassuming lad- Never did a thing that's had, No?" Students' Associationg Track 143. Undecided Page Twenty-1 wo vvAN THE HOUR GLASS THOMAS NICOSIA - "Tommy" "Quiet, dark and rather tall, We'll all agree he's a friend of all." Students' Associationg Football 11,2,3,43g Cap- tain 143g Block Letter F Clubg Delta Phi Epsi- long Junior Fair Committee 1335 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committeeg Track 133. Undecided AGNES NOTEBAERT - "Aggie" "When you hear a giggle, Long drawn out and sweet, 'Aggies' funny bone - ls olfering you a treat." Students' Associationg Basketball 11, 2, 3, 435 Honor Basketball Team 13,235 Glee Club 11,Z, ' 3,435 Operetta 113g Archery Club 1333 Repre- sentative, Girls' Athletic Association 143g Usher, Senior Play, Senior Ball Committeeg "Hour Glass" Staffg Secretary and Treasurer, Glee Club 1433 Invitation Committee. St. Mary's Hospital l-ALO ltl'lNCl'l PICPPAHD - - "Flossy" "Her smile is good for us to see, And she's as cheerful as can be." Stud-ents' Association, Junior Fair Committee 1335 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Commit- teeg Girls' Athletic Associationg Glee Club 11, 2, 3,-13g Orchestra 11,2,3,43. School of Commerce ,L l'INlllCO POMPONIO - - "Rico" "He can hold his own wherever he goes, Especially in sports he's 'right on his toes." Students' Association, President, Students' Coun- cilg "Hour Glass" Staffg Delta Phi Epsilon' Block Letter ,F Clubg Baseball 12, 3,435 Foot- , ball 12, 3,439 Basketball 12, 3,435 Bank Cashier 1'1,2,33g Dramatic Club 143g Senior Ball Com- mittee. Post Graduate -Q,-v-.f.,..s,-,,..s.-N,N,x.,s.-..,-C,-. fv-fs,saN,N.A.,s,,,-,,-,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,, --f-fs-vs.A.f-.-..,-.f.,5,.,..,.,,,.,, .4 552323 . !" K-0 M lfqfgajfi KWH! Wil z.V3-ig A 1 I 1 1 ' ' 1 'ff f I . ll , ,J 3 ff! 1 -f C lf, I ' his Jfw, 'L 1 4,Lf1'l' fYJ,f'l,0fJ.," . 'wa .tiff-Imp, P0127 -, .V ,J Puire 'rwenlitgiv SN to l N2 , if f ,M H Wo .VM L . tyLLjLf ,LA ft Lf .L LAW - 1 .d K, my ,Z zykfl yi! 7' HJ . f Y , I f 1' -'f .' O . , 6 yu!! ,uf Paige 'l'wr-nty-four ...,.,.,...,...,..,....- ' ' , A S S 2:::x2::::::::::::::2 MARY POMPONIO "Mary is an example of pep, vigor, and vim, lsn't she always wearing a grin?" Students' Association, Dramatic Club 13,4j, Glee Club 11, 2,3,4J, Junior Fair Committee 13J, ' Junior Prom Committee, Chairman, Senior Ball, Girls' Athletic Association, "Hour Glass" Staff, "School Chatter" Staff, Winner Popularity Con- test Cortland Normal ROBERT POTTER - - "Bob" "Sorry boys, but can't you see, The fairer sex is seeking me?" Students' Association, Cheerleader 11,2,3J, Bas- ketball 14J, Tennis 12, 3,4J, Senior Play Cast, Operetta 115, Junior Fair Committee, "School Chatter" Staff, Baseball 131, Football 12,3J, Dramatic Club 13, 43, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee. Alabama State College MILDRED PRIEST - - "Milly" "One ever faithful in her tasks, An honest friend and true." Students' Association, Glee Club 115, Secretary, Senior Class, Senior Play Cast, "Hour Glass" Staif. Rochester Business Institute ROGIC R RYAN - - - "Boxy" "For dark-haired girls 1 do not care, l like the ones with blondish hair." Students' Association, Basketball 13, 41, Football 143, Representative, Students' Council 145, Delta Phi Epsilon, Block Letter F Club, "Hour Glass" Staff, Dramatic Club 141, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Fair Committee 12, 3,4J. Undecided 1 lv """""""' 'I' H E HOU It G L DONALD RYON - - "Don" "'Don' will be a salesman That we all know, For he could sell an ice-box To a frozen Eskimo." Students' Associationg Bank Cashier 11, 2, 3,453 Baseball Manager 1155 Student Dues Collector 11, 2, 3, 453 Delta Phi Epsilong Junior Fair Com- mittee 11,2,355 Junior Prom Committee 11,255 Senior Ball Committee 12, 459 Safety Patrol 1355 Manager, Magazine Campaign 1455 Treasurer, Students' Councilg Senior Play Managerg "Hour Glass" Staff. Colgate University WILLIAM SANFORD - - "Bill" "He's one of the quietest of our boys But then-an empty wagon Makes the most noise." Students' Associationg Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. Undecided GORDON SEAMAN - "Zeke" "Gordy's an all around sport, On the field and on the court, The fellows all say that he is ace-high- So all in all he's a swell guy." Students' Associationg Baseball 11, 2,353 Football 1355 Basketball 13, 459 Delta Phi Epsilong Treasurer, Block Letter F Clubg "Hour Glass" Staffg Senior Ball Committeeg Vice-President Students' Councilg Vice-President Junior Class. Mechanics Institute RICHARD SMITH - - "Dick" "Nothing ever worries me, Nothing ever hurries me, What is to be is bound to be, So nothing ever worries me." Students' Associationg Senior Play Castg Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Committee. Undecided 1 1 gv -vN,N,-v-..N.A.A.,N,-N,-.a-.f-.,-s,.,s,x .a-v-V-VN,-.,-C,-e,.,N.,s,N,s,x,. V 41 x Qi in QA A-J' if , 1 WMM ?lM""t'2"" 1 ,vw eeM'f"'t" IL-4-'J 14" 001 J fl ff: 1 .A 'J' if ft . ' ,fu We ,fblf ij" 1' J tw ,AJ 4 f.,J. WJ! 5 ' JPL ' af JI Z If f ' QQ! ,, , fi" 'hw al, I M Page Twenty-five Www N-9 Ba H Nite'- LA" TH IC HOUR GL ROY STEUBING "He's quite the man about the town, Wherever you go he's surely around." Students' Associationg Delta Phi Epsilong Block Letter F Clubg Basketball 41,214 Baseball 1355 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. Capital University MAUDIC STURDEVANT - "Maudie" "She does her work with a grin and a laugh, And you can he sure she doesn't leave half." Students' Associationg ,Senior Ball Committeeg Glee Club tl,2J. Undecided 'l'Hl'II,MA SULLIVAN - "Sully" "A perfect lady, fair of face, Stately, tall and full of grace." Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Assoeiationg Magazine Campaign Leader 143g "Hour Glass" Staff, Bank Cashier 141, Senior Ball Commit- teeg Junior Prom Committeeg Junior 'Fair Com- mittee Q2jg Glee Club f1,2,3,4Jg Honor Basket- ball Team 12, 31. Undecided N ICLSON SURREY - - "Nel" "Study more and more study, ls Nelson's resolution but Resolutions do break themselves." Students' Assoeiationg Track t1,2,3,4,5Jg Cap- tain Mig ,Senior Ball Committee. Duke University Page Twenty-si x ASS AyAAAl ,y,,, ZMLJMV, , ,WLM fe if f' nf y - .,....:S1-fftke Q - adv? x 2 ' -:N-0 '1xs.....Q.SQ..,il Ggyw WW! llmw 5 """""""'N 'l'lllC HOUR GL EDWARD TRACY - - "Ed" "Happy-go-lucky, full of fun - No wonder Ed never gets all his work done." Students' Association, Senior Ball Committee. LOUISE WAGOR - - "Weezie" "She'll argue with you, she'll argue with me, Shn-'ll even argue with the faculty." Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association 11,Z,3,41g Glee Club 11,215 Junior Fair Com- mittee 12,315 Senior Ball Committeeg Sigma Delta Chi 13,41, "Hour Glass" Staff, Debate 1415 Chairman, Tea Dance 1419 Chairman, Baked Food Sale 1413 Invitation Committee. Undecided MAltCl'ILL.A WAWRO "Beans" "Marcella isn't quiet, Neither is she loud, But she-'s the kind of a girl, That tits in any crowd." Students' Association, Vice-President, Freshman Classy Secretary and Treasurer, .Sophomore Class, Basketball 11,413 Track 11,313 Baseball 1l,21g Hiking- 1315 Soccer 1119 ,Olympus 11,2, 315 Debating Club 131g Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 13, 41, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Olympic Float Committee, Brown and White 12,313 Senior Rall Committee. Undecided l,UClLl.lC WIEGERT "Ceil" "Quia-t? Nevertheless, She's sure to be a success." Students' Association, Glee Club 11, 2, 3,413 Girls' Athletic Associationg Operetta 1115 Senior Ball Committee. Buffalo General Hospital ASS .-...-..-.,Q.,N.A.,Q,..,-.,.,.,.,.,..-.,-,-. -.rua-.'5,-asf..-.,..-,-.,5,-.A.,-.,s,-. f-fs'-f--f-.-5-.4-v-v-v-vs.,s,-a,-.,. if W ati' Quik CN- 'WWKX ,Q-Tx 'Vit' Q, 4.4 iivbflr LV-ww, HN- L. Ubi! . NUI'-k "'KJ'x4'wsItl',4r-4-izic 1. Us ,,,,ff,.5,.,. cf-o--'A N, .J- e F-Z, ' ux,.:,'f,.J.,'L I 4 'idk' 144-" if 4 '7414.j ' ,UF .1 A' In L., twin'-"fl Page Twenty-seven 'Jn MIQL 55, THE HOURGL LOIS WOOD "You will often find Lois in a nook, Deeply interested in the perusal of a book." Students' Association, Girls' Athletic Association, Senior Play Usher, Senior Ball Committee. Geneseo Normal HARLAND YOUNG - - "Chickie" "He's right there in sports and he likes to play, But woe to the opponent who gets in his way." .Stude.nts' Association, Baseball 12, 355 Football 13,455 Basketball 11, 2, 3,455 Track 13,4Jg Vice President, Studlents' Council 1353 Delta Phi Epsilong Block Letter F Club, President Junior Classy "Hour Glass" Staff, Dramatic Club 1413 Senior Ball Committee. Stanford University Our Oflice Queen Who answers each time the telephone rings ff, And to the pupils, the message brings 'Z-Miss Nuttall. Whose most accommodating way Prevails in the oflice from day to day ?-Miss Nuttall's. When tests come every ten weeks Who mimeographs a pile of sheets?-Miss Nuttall. Who reminds Mr. Coffee of wif1e's birthday And every appointment through each busy day '?-Miss Nuttall. Whose willing kindness is so sweet That we eagerly await it whenever we meet?-Miss Nuttall's. Who is so cheerful and so neat, too, That she inspires both me and you ?-Miss Nuttall. Who, though she is actively occupied Thinks favors for pupils can't be denied 'Z-Miss Nuttall. Who brightens the oiiice on rainy days With her ever-willing words of praise 'T-Miss Nuttall. In short, whom does everyone esteem? Of course, you've guessed-it's our oiiice queen.-Miss Nuttall. Page 'l'wenty-eight ASS z mt M14 714-41" ' gwhfefz f 479 03546. f fgewjd We asf JN- Winn Ifffglil .1 LM, ,f yjlgprb' ,O 'im ,F I 'I ef-Nico' I'1'esi1lm1t Vice-P11-simlcxlt hcm'1'etu1'y Tl'CilSLll'Gl' - Amlvisels 27L 'I' ll IC II U U ll U L A S S 5 The Senior Class owwwncuas - ROBERT DUDLICY - MARTHA JANE MORIGY MILDRED PRIEST - MISS WINIFRICD HAMLIN, MR. l"Iuwv1'i'l'In- 'I'z1llsmz111 Rosv Vlaxss i'ulm's-lillw zlml Silvm' Moliuffgul Ul'llllllS, num- IIIIHIS What we urn to be, wc are now becoming' Class Song Tune of "Past, Present and Futurcn llvrm-'s io 4ll'llZlI'1lll'U NX 1- Ivzlvm- wlill :1 sigh 1' dvzu' l"z1irpm'1 Iligll Xml alll T1Slll1'lll0l'T1'SQ Yun lmvv lIlSllll'l'll us , . lllru g'Im'14-s Zlllll vllw-rs 'I'Ill'lI Imlw :nlul lllrll I1-:Irs , . -.., 'in szul lllv s mlm-4-Ir. llIllillUXXIl sm-als. xx' lo llw 11-zwllm-l's, Um' g'lli1Il'N :mal our l4l'i1'll4lS, XX 4- wish lo 1-xivml JAMES 'CHARITY ANDREW LYNCH Our SIIIUUIK' HIZIIIIQS :xml Imp:-s llUl'llZlIllbill1'SSQ ' wm- tzllw our lm-:wc Wmwls Uilllqt oxprm-ss The- l'Ul'lTIlg.1'S ww possvss l"ill'0WK'H 10 Ulm' mlm-'ll' I" ll S I I n I Mary Ann Pmnpo Il i 0 Pago Twenty-nine ' THE HOUR GLASS .N...., History of the Class of '34 Une golden September morn in 19230, a group ol' young seholars entered the portals ol' Fairport lligh Sr-hool with high hopes and awe- lilled eyes. We were to the upper-elassulen nothing hut the lowly l+'reshmen. But how resolutely we plugged on, determined to prove our worth! 'llhe poor freshman with his gum and paper wads, was the target ol' all jokes, the terror of the study halls and the reason why teaehers get gray. .ln the spring of the year we were very proud to reeeive the banner at the Junior Fair for the hest skit. At last, we had aeeomplished some- thing. The upper-elassmen were foreed to acknowledge talent. It was the first feather in our eap and we treasure its memory. 'l'he following autumn found us oecupying seats in the Sophomore study hall, a little more suhdued with our new responsihilities. llere a11d there a protraetor, or an elementary French text book were seen, evidences of progress in our education. ln the late fall we had a daneing party in the gymnasium. We had a very good time and enjoyed the delieious refreslmients. in the spring we again won the hanner for the hest stunt. Our stunt was a television station with an all star east. liaVerne Coltee is well remembered for his arahesquing as Miss Ruth Dennis. Other eelehrities on our program were: Paderewski, Mary Pomponiog Mme. Hehumann-lleinek, Martha Jane Morey, Sir llarry Lauder, " Bill" llanlisg Rudy Vallee, Karl tiueliehg Kate Smith, Margaret Bowng Greta tiarho, Marjorie Turner, Joe IC. Brown, "Bob" Potterg Zeigfield Follies, class male talent, Charlie Chaplin, the announeer, Antoinette Montagliano. This east was ahly eondueted hy Katharine Kohler. At the Uratorieal Contest, held in May, the hoys' and girls' first prize and one of the second prizes were awarded to students from our class. We were very proud to report to Room I8 as l'ull-lledged Juniors. 'l'he class oliicers were: President, llarland Youngg Viee-I'resident, tiordon Seaman, Secretary, Olive King, 'l'reasurer, M. J. Morey. Miss Jessup was the advisor. D At Christmas time the Junior rings were displayed with the uumeral '23-l. 'l'he ultimate arrival of that date represented the fulfill- ment of the amhition ol? many a girl and hoy. lt was an event in our sehool life. 'Phe annual magazine eampaign was held in the spring. 'l'he leaders were l4'ay Kelsey and tlordon Seaman. l"ay's team won. Our lirst hig event ol' the year was the Junior Fair. Unee more leavine' behind four care-free vears ol' ha 1 mv ffirlhood and hovhood. 25 . . 21 . 'l'hey are our dearest inemories. Page Thirty " THE HUURGLASS V'W'A our 1-lass won tho hannor with a ininstrol show. llanving' lollowvd in tho uniquoly dn-coratvd gyllllliwllllll. .lunu 28, wo prosvntvd tho Junior Proin. 'l'ho Q'ylllIl2lSllllll was dworatvd undvr tho dirvc'tion ol' Ili-rriico Roy, to roprvsont tlw svashorv, with boats, lwach unilmrollas, and diving towors, lvnding' tho propor atinosplivrv. 'l'ho four polvs worv tl'ilI1Sl'0l'llll'll into palln trvvs. Music was lurnislwd hy tho Ili llo Boys. Sm-ptvinlwr arrivod, all too soon, bringing lwautlilul autulnnal hui-s and that 4-ortain fooling' ol' rvstlvss anticipation of tho lwginning' ol' school. W0 took our placos in tho Svnior rooln with pride, yvt with tho rvalization that it would be our last year under tlw g'lllllilIll'l1 of our Alina Matvr. llolwrt lludlvy was olvvtlml Prvsidontg Martha .lanv Moroy, Vico- l'rosidontg Mildrod Privst, Socrotaryg .lanios Charity, 'l'rs-asurvr. l'ndor tho lvadvrship ol' thoso 00lllIl0l0l1t ollicers, tho Svnior t'lass avtivitivs wc-ro t'0Iltlllt'tl'tl most 1-l'lic'ic-ntly. liivvly Miss llanilin and 0Ill'l'g't'tl1' Mr. llync-h are the vlass advisors. W0 had anotlwr Ill2lg'ZlZlI10 canipaigqn in tho Fall, hm-ads-d by 'l'lu-Ima Sullivan and llaVvrno Colton. rllll0llllZ1iS sidv was victorious. Candy was givon to us for a party hy tho lIlilg.1'ilZlIl0 company, hut it disap- poarvd undvr 1llySt0l'l0llS t'll't'lllllStllIlt'0S, inuvh to tho constvrnation ol' tho Svniors. On llovollilmm-1' 28, wo hold tho Souior Ball in tho Qyllllliwllllll. lt was artistically ornanwntod with silyor ivivlvs. Soft lights, a on-iliilgg' ol' whitv, largo 4-lustvrs of balloons, suspvndod from tho c'oiling', aidvd hy chairs, lamps and davonports made it most attraf-tivo. Musir' was l'urnish0d by .lov Noblo and his llnivvrsity Rovollvrs. "Skidding"', our Senior play, was hold on l"oln'uary 22, 1934, in tho auditoriuni. Miss SWill'lZOIllllll'g' and Mr. llynvh worv tho dire-vtors. Marion was portrayed hy liatharinv Kohlorg Mrs. llardy, lrnla Bom'- dif-tg Mr. llardy, liolwrt lludlvyg llrandi'atlwr llardy, .lanws Charity: Aunt Xlilliv, tiladys K1-nnodyg Waynv 'l'rvnton Ill, llivhard Smith, Myra, Mildrod Prim-stg ltlstc-llv, Fay livlsvyg Andy, liaVvrnv C'ofl'o4'q1lw vainpaign lll2lIlilQ'0l', Iloh Pottvr. 'l'ho play was a grvat Sllt'1'0SS, finan- c-ially and dramatically. 'l'h0 lattor part ol' tho yi-ar Found us vvry husy with sm-nior avlivitios and COINIllt1IlC'l'llIl'Ilt pri-parations. Our Sonior annual, "'l'hc- llour Glass", proggrossvcl undor tho lllilIlilg'0lll0I1t ol' a vvry oliivivnt stalt. 'l'hv virvulation vanlpaign was vory suc'c'vsst'ul. As an invontivo I'or assuring tho virc-ulation ol' our quota, tho circulation division von- duvtod a popularity contost. Mary Poniponio and Gordon Svanian wori- 1-lm-c'tv4l tho most popular sludvnts in thv higgh svhool. 'l'h0 strains ol' our g'raduation song, "I'oinp and till't'lllllNtilllI't',i., arm- softly hoard in tho distanvo. Pm-rhaps a toar ol' rogrot is shi-d in Page Thirty-one :: THE HOUR GLASS vvy. Class Prophecy lt was in the year 195-l that we finished working on our Cofley Snoop-a-graph and were ready to try it out for the first time. With this new invention ot ours, we hoped to be able to hear and see every- thing that was going on in the world. lVe set the dials for New York City where we first tried the lVal- dorf-Astoria llotel and to our delight, our Snoop-a-graph Worked per- fectly. NYe bent and saw llilbert llliiller, the manager, reprimanding lieslie Kuhns, the night clerk, for practicing on his drums during working hours and waking up all of the guests. They were interrupted by a call for ice-water from Room 678 which was occupied by the gem of New York's detective force, NVillia1n Sanford, who gained renown as you doubtless remember by detecting a grain of truth in Marie's promises. Then we switched to the Central Park Casino where we found Mary Pomponio and her orchestra playing while that world famous dance team, Kohler and llyan, danced that newest of dance steps, the llhumbioca. We also saw Tom Nicosia bouncing a llirtatious customer who was trying to impose upon the good nature of Fay Kelsey, the best of the better gigolettes. At one of the tables we saw Esther Antes, first violinist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, escorted by her equally famous actor- husband, Richard Smith. I-Behind the checking counter we found Antoinette Montagliano, who had given up all her opportunities to be- come a college professor, just to be near Mary. We then changed the dials slightly and tuned in Roxy's 'l'heatre where we saw Mildred Priest playing opposite Bob Potter in that thrill- ing movie, "l'assion's Kisses" written by Lois Wood. iWe found tleorge llurlburt ushering .Dorothy Miller and Mary llartley to their seats in the orchestra, where they were surprised to find llucille Weigert and her doctor-husband sitting right in front ol' them. We then switched to the capital ol' Uruguay where we saw llordon Seaman, Ambassador to Uruguay, enjoying a shave at ltlnrico Pom- ponio's Sanitary liarber Emporium while he received a manicure at the hands of lIieo's wife, the former Ann llogan, before hurrying home to the little woman, llouise. Setting the dials for Paris we tuned in on the University of Paris where we overheard June Eaton, tl1e dean of women, dictating a letter to be mailed to the President ol' France. ller private secretary and former classmate, Evelyn Johnson, was taking the dictation. We then switched to that famous section ol' France, Montmarte where we found lletty llroolis and Kenneth llennis out slunnning. We reset our controls a11d came back across the Atlantic and over Page Thirty-two 'l' ll IC H O U R G L A S S QNmM,NW to llollywood, t'alil'ornia. wliorv wo stoppod in at tho st11dios ol' 811111-11 Colossal Pi1't11r11s, lnc-., and l'ound Mario 131-1-ssl1'r's and Polly Moran's SllC'UOSS01'S, ilriua l3o1111dict and tlladys Kl'I1IlCllj', starring in a play that also fvat111'v1l Marjo1'ie lllllllllltll, known as the Zasu Pitts ot' '54, For a while wo WUI? in do11ht as to what typo ol' 111111-1't1z1i111111111t wo dvsired, hut finally wo doc-i1l111l to try a hall gilllltl. NV1' switclwd our dials, tl1l1l'Pf0l'0t0 Soldiers' Fiold in Cliivago, wlwro wo saw tho t'l1i1':1g'o Cuhs playing' tho Cincinnati til'PGI1 Sox. Roy Stouhing' was pitvhing a hrilliant ganiv for the tlrovri Sox. Wo notivod .liiuniio Charity. known as the llunian Frog' tlJPOilllS9 ho was always catvhing Hivsj o11t in tho lield oliasing' a heautitul hit made hy Karl til10llC'll, tho sp1111d hall doiuon of the Cliivago tc-11111. ln the stand wo saw 'lllwluia Sullivan l'0I10WI'll'4l Sllilli0Spl'ilI'lIlll student with hor dvvotud hushand, l1'ost11r Watson. .Xl'tor thu gillllt' a trac-k 111111-t was hold in which Nvlson Surrvy coppvd all honor in tho 100 and tho 220 yard dashos against a Iiold ol' international stars. Our athlotiu dvsirvs having lwon l'ullill1-d wo tiirnod havl: to our nc-arhy vity of llocvlivstcw, wlivro wo l'0llIlll tho llltijllllllg' plain' l'l'Ulll liondon pilotvd hy o11r l!0l'IllPI' classniatml, Graydon lli1iLfl't'l'Il. 'l'h1- stvwardess on tho plane was l4'lo1'1111c1f I'oppar1l. Among' tho IJ21SHOHg'Pl'S also was that disting'11isl111d world tl'ZlVl'lI'l' and cosiiiopolitv, Maudv Sturdvvant. They wore lIlt0I'Vl0XVOtl hy Rosa Casvlla, star l'0ll0l'tt'l' ol' tho llorh- 1-stor 'l'i11111s Union, who l0?ll'lll'll 'l'l'0lll thvin that Matilda lluch and .Xgnos Notohavrt wort- happily IIlilI'I'll'tl to la-o lloslvy and Aggit-'s old Hllilllllvq 3l,Cll00tl. Next wo lookvd in at thc- tiorivsvo llospital Wll0l'll wc- found lilstlwr tlosiuan and Marc'1'lla lVawro tc-ndt-rly caring for that industrious studvnt who worlu-d hiiusvlt into a nvrvous llI'0illi1lOWIl, liylo Stilwvll. lncidontally ",li1-113' 01111111 tlirouggh hrilliantly in 10553 and KLQ'l'il1lll2ltl'll. Wo the-n switcfhod hack to Olll' own hoiuo town Wlll'l'K' wo litbllllll llonald Cliandhir Ryon in his llilliard Alfiltlwlly. llvrv wo saw "t'l1ic'ki1-" Young' indulging in a gauu- llt'l'0l't' l'l'tlll'lllllQ' to his d1'vot1-d llorothy. lllddiv 'l'ra1fy and l'iI'll0l' llortm-l wo lilblllltl working' at tll1'll'g'ill'ilg'l'. 'l'h11 l"airport llvrald 1'1-rvivvcl our noxt attontion, h1-ro wo saw Andrm-w t'. liynvh. tho oditor, l'UllllIllS0lIlQ' witl1 liaura Hills and ltlstlulr llunting, Staff Artists. Margan-t llown, l,l'l'Slllt'llt ol' tho Jfll t'luh was svvu i'UllVt'l'Slllf.L' with Ulivo King, Prine-ipal ol' l"airport lligh School. Wi- also saw Martha .Ianv Moroy tfaiiious humoristj. Clara Moors' and .lum- llutr-hinson trying: on hats in lilriua tlilllllllltlll 's hattm-ry. 'l'his was tho ond ot' our first oxlu-1'i1111-lit. llohort lludlc-y and lAilVl'l'll1' t'ol'l'1-1- Page Thirty-three ?N THE HOUR GLASS Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1934, of Fairport llligh School, lfairport, New York, County of Monroe, State ot Unconseiousness, hereby declare this our last will and testament in the manner and form following: We will and bequeath the toil and despair, which we are incor- porating into the Hllour Glass", to our friends and admirers, the .l uniors. We will anal bequeath the esteem, with which the whole school regards us, to the taeulty. We will and bequeath the Seniors' line example to the Freshmen. We will and bequeath liois lYooills timiility to Alice Rash. We will and bequeath lllsther ilosman's golden tresses to liillian Douglas, so that the gentlemen will have an excuse for preferring her. We will anal bequeath l"ay lielsey's dancing ability to lilleanor Schumacher. We will anml bequeath Roy Coon's l'rec-kles to liaymonil Brewster, so that with what he alreaily has, his collection may be complete. We will and bequeath M. J. Morey's sense of luimor to Ruth Wilcox. We will and bequeath George llurlburt's lankiness to ilflclmunil Sehermerhorn. We will anil bequeath lla Verne Coffce's boyish gaiety to llarolil llears. We will anil bequeath Margaret l3own's pull with the teachers to lllenn Jolmson. lle may neeil it. We will ancl bequeath Mauile Sturilevant's wholesomeness to .lane Sehoolmaster. We will anel bequeath lllrma t'ampbell's extraorilinarily lengthy lingernails to lieralil llare, so that he may chew vigorously when in a pensive mooml. We will and bequeath lloger Ryan's ability as a mlancer to .lames l'al'lie. We will anil bequeath hlary l'omponio's rhythm to l4'lorenee 'l'raey. We will and bequeath l'hlwaril 'l'raey's stature to llarolil Jesse, to neutralize his own. We will anil bequeath liieliarcl Smithls school-girl complexion to t'larenee lloltz. We will and bequeath June llutchinson's cuteness to lfranees XVoocl. We will and bequeath Thomas Nieosia's he-mannish appearance to Robert llicliey. We will and bequeath 'l'helma Sullivanls ilirtatiousness to llwenmlolyn lllanzek. Page Thirty-four 5?'.MWW THE HOUR GLASS """"""""""vv""-'vvN'N NVe will and bequeath Esther Antes' and Mary llartley's paint to Marjorie Knight. We will and bequeath Dorothy Miller's bashfulness to her name- sake, Dorothy llolley. We will and bequeath Donald Hyon's theoretieal and teehnieal arguments to Margaret llartley, for use in Mr. Lyneh's 'i'iIlg'liSll elasses. We will and bequeath Dorothy l4lllsworth's allui'e to liaura Hoot. We will and bequeath some of tiraydon llagreen's delivery horses to Janet Lee, so that she may have a whole stableful to choose from. We will and bequeath Robert Dudley's leadership ability to .liiehard Cobb. We will and bequeath .Rosa Casella's quietness to Robert Ward. We will and bequeath liouise XVagor's nerve to Ruth Fisk, so she eau tell the teaehers where to get off. We will and bequeath Katharine Kohlei"s dramatie ability to lieoige Pignato, so that he may carry on. We will and bequeath Marjorie llummel's loquaeiousness to Helio lie liuilio, so that he may be oliieial dirt-spreader oi' his elass. 4We will and bequeath llarland Young's way with the women to George liarson. We will and bequeath some of Olive liing"s extra credits fol' whieh she has no needj to Karl lluelieh, so that he may grauluate with his elass. We will and bequeath liobert l'otter's desire to be a "big shot" to Donald Wilkinson. We will and bequeath Betty Brooks' car to l"lorenee Jamison, so she can drive herself to school. We will and bequeath Roy Steubing:,"s beard to Foster Watson, to overeome that boyish appearance. lVe will and bequeath Antoinette 3lontagliano,s voeabulary to Joe Mammoccio. We will and bequeath Kenneth Dennis' ability to keep quiet to .Xlbert lli liisio. We will and bequeath Agnes Notebaert's gigggles to llelen tloyette, so that she may become kittenish. We will and bequeath Gladys Kennedy's decided opinions to Sam Santini. We will and bequeath liueille Wiey,'ert's l'org'otten M. ll. man to Mary liouise Naughton. We will and bequeath the Eaton brains to liaVerne Silver, so that he may be valedietorian ol' his class. We will and bequeath Bruee llertel's passion for motoreyeles and mountain musie to Constanee lloward. YVe will and bequeath James Charity's straight hair to lieo llosley. Page Thi rty-fi ve E TI-I E HOUR GLASS ,,,,,.,.,N,.,..,. We will and bequeath Marc-ella Wawro's exeellent Freneh transla- tions to William llanlzs, so that he can hold out tor more than ten weeks. lVe will and bequeath Irma Benediet's laek ot' bashtulness to David Beato. We will and bequeath Nelson Surrey's red hair to llerald Dickin- son, so that he may be a strawberry blonde. VVe will and bequeath Clara Moore's curly hair to Frances Dixon. YVe will and bequeath Gordon Seaman's athletic ability to Dominic Stolt, to add to his own. XVe will and bequeath Ann llogan's athletic ability to Maude Peters, for no speeial reason. lVe will and bequeath a pair of Carl Jiesse,s discarded pa11ts to "Shorty" Long and hope they fit. NVe will and bequeath Mildred Priest's secretarial work to Ralph Pomponio. Perhaps he can be Mr. Johnson's star pupil. We will and bequeath ldsther Bunting's slenderness to any deserv- ing figure around F. Il. S. NVe will and bequeath William Santord's youth to anyone who has spent over ten years in F. ll. S. and needs strength to go on. lVe will and bequeath Evelyn .lohnson's ear to any gang who needs a means of transportation. We will and bequeath Florenee Peppard's trumpet to anyone who dislikes his neighbors. iWe will and bequeath llieo's sueeess in basketball to Willis Brown. IN NVITNICSS Wll.l'1lilG0l4', we have hereunto subseribed our name and set our seal on this first day ot' April, in the year ol' our Lord, one thousand. nine hundred and thirty-tour. tSealJ Signed: SENIORS Ulf' 1933-L A'l"l'il+lS'l'A'l'ltJN: lYe, whose names are hereto subscribed, do t'l'1R'l'llt'Y 'l'llA'l', on this slushy spring day, in the year of our liord, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-tour, in the well-known eity ol' Fairport, New York, the above testators, Seniors ol' 1923-l, subseribeel the foregoing instrument in our presenee and in the presenee ol' eaeh ol' us, and at the same time they declare the instrument to be their lAS'l' lYllili AND 'l'l41S'l'AMl+1N'I', and we, at their request and in the presence ot' them and eaeh other, have signed our names hereto as attesting witnesses and l'urthermore we eertil'y that at the time ol' subseribing the instrument, the said testators were ol' extremely sound mind and memory. Signed: .loe Penner, lst witness liasputin's tihost, Znd witness President Roosevelt, Zlrd witness Page Thirty-six rx ,ann Page Thirty-seven Z THE HOUR GLASS unior Activities '35 After they had left the Sophomore, or "wise fool" class, the Juniors beeame an organized elass in the late fall of '33, 'l'he elass ollieers were eleeted at the lirst meeting, as follows: President - LILLIAN DOUGLAS Vice-President DONALD WILKINSON Secretary - GEORGE LARSON Treasurer - - WILLIS BROWN Advisors - - MISS JESSUP, MR. JOHNSON At the seeond meeting of the newly-assembled elass, plans were made for the ordering of the traditional .lunior rings. 'llhey arrived shortly before t'ln'istmas, just in time to make ideal presents for the members ol' the elass. llow proudly the rings were displayed before the envious eyes of the lower classmen. The class began its money-raising aetivities with great enthusiasm by selling eandy iirst at football games, then at basketball games and during noon hours at school. .X llalloween party was held in the gymnasium to whieh everyone eame in masquerzule eostume. 'l'he entertainment eonsisted ol' dane- ing, games and refreslnnents. 'l'he annual magazine campaign was held the following spring. An exeiting eontest ensued between two teams,-the Flying Clouds led by Lillian Douglas, and the Westward llo team led by Albert Di liisio. Alba-rt's team was the loser of the eontest, so it gave the Flying Ulouds a party in the lligli Sehool tlyninasium. 'l'l1e Juniors are always well represented in the sehool activities. Dorothy llolley is the representative for the elass in the Students' Uouneil. Several of the elass belong to the Dramatic Club, the lligh School Ori-liestra and the lligli Sehool Band. Lillian Douglas and Robert lliekey were seleeted as the most popular pupils in the elass in the rec-ent popularity eontest. The names of many Juniors are always found near the top of the llonor Roll. Franees IVood, .lane Sehoolmaster, and George Pignato usually hold the honors. A large part of both the first and second teams in basketball is made up of members of the Junior elass. The Juniors were also very well represented on the gridiron and they did some real fighting there. 'l'he girls take quite an aetive part in athletics also and deserve a eom- plimentary word for their good sportsmanship. 'l'he Seniors need have no fears as to the ability of the Juniors to sueeessfully earry on as "grown ups" next year. Page Thirty-eight 2A THE HOURGLASS Junior Class First Row: Harold Jesse, Alice Rask, Karl Guelich, Mr. Johnson, Lillian Douglas, David Beato, Gladys Herman, Glenn Johnson, Fanny Zuller Soi-ond Row: Maude Peters, Ruth Wilcox, Merial Weis, Betty McCormick, Doris Downs, Mary Louise Naughton, Edwin Gardner, Ellen Frederick, Gwendolyn Manzek, Dorothy Holley, Marjorie Kneeland, Margaret Hartley Third Row: Lewis ,Bartolotta, Janet Lee, Sam Santini, Willis Brown, Gerald Hare, Albert Di Risio, Charles Di Risio, Joe Mammoccio, Lee Brown, Edmond Schermerhorn Fourth Row: Dominic Stolt, William Dixon, Ralph Pomponio, Ruth Fisk, George Larson, Ruth Albright, Constance Howard, Gerald Dickinson, Verna Furman Fifth Row: Jane Schoolmaster, Luna Waite, John Battey, Jane Richardson, Eleanor Schumacher, Robert Hickey, Ruth Stubbings, James Parke, Irene Holt, Harold Gears, Marian Rafoth Sixth llowwl-lelen Goyette, Florence Tracy, Richard Cobb, Marjorie Knight, William Hanks, Florence Hitchcock, Stanley Young, Frances Wood, Leo Hosley, Harriette Brewster, Frances Dixon Seventh Row: Robert Bell, Walter Derrenbacher, Bernard Rumpf, Angelo Rizzo, Roy Schumacher, George Pignato, Delio Di Giulio, Foster Watson, Clarence Holtz, Donald Wilkinson, Robert Ward Page Thirt y-nine : 'l'I-IE HUURGLASS ,.,,v,AA..,,..,. Sophomore Activities Anotlulr your hus pussoml on, lincling now oc'vupunts in llooni 14. liust y0ur's l"r0slnnun c-luss hus viiwiggml t'roni its giw-vii chrysulitv, unal mlvvvlopwl into un uvtivv Sophomore vluss. 'l'hv lirst mluty ol tho vluss is to olwt 21 rvprosvntutiyv to tlui StllllllIlt,S, Counvil. .lov Mvssvrino, u stair huskvthull pluyor, wus 1-host-u lor this ollic-0. 'l'hv Sophoniorvs runk high in svliolustiv honors und ilo tht-ir purt on tho llonor lioll. 'l'hvy urn also proud ol' thc-ir uvtivv purtivipzition in utlilvtivs, in whivh thv girls us wvll us the hoys, vxvel. l"our Sopho- niorvs we-1'v on thc- first tvuni lust huskvthull season zlncl will he vuln- uhlv us Vvtvruns nvxt yt-ur. 'l'hvy urv vquully uvtivc- in husm-hull uiul foothull. 'l'hv girls wort- no lm-ss vntliusiustic' untl untiviputwl vugvrly ilu- tournuniont gunu-s l'or whivh tha-y wvrv vvry grutvtul to Miss llunilin. ln thu unnuul popularity vontvst, tho Sophoniorv c-lioivvs, liuuru Cust- und .lov Messorino, won second place. 'l'lu- only soviul 1-vvnt in which tho Sophomore c-lass purtivipzltvs is tlu- unnuul Junior Fuir, when vuvli 4-lass is vxpvctwl to vontrihutv to thc- nig,'ht's 0Iltt'l't2llIllll0llt hy 1lt'l'l.0l'llllIlg u stunt. 'l'lu- Sophoiuore vluss is 0ug.g'vi'ly looking' l'orwur4l to noxt your, whvn, us Juniors, thoy will ho uhlo to 0l'Q'ZlIllZ0, unml c-ontrihutv vw-ii iuoro to thi- llillllt' ol' thvir Alum lllutvr. lt is not tho sou thut sinks unml slu-lvvs, llut oursvlvvs 'llhut rom-k und riso With onallvss :incl unvusy motion, Now touvhing tho V4-ry skins, Now sinking' into thu llvpths ol' ovvun. -l.ongg'l'4-llow 'l'hv loosonml iw-i'imly,'l' hrvzlks uwuyg 'llho sniittvn wutm-rs llush. Svuwuril tho glittvriiig' lnonntuin rielvs, lYhile-, flown its g'ru1-ii trunslum-ill simlvs, 'l'hv l'oznuy torrm-nts ilush. -liryunt Page Forty : 'I' I-I l'l H U U li G L A S S W Sophomore Class First Row: Lois DeMocker, Richard Ryon, James Provenzano, Theresa Joslyn, Percy Stresing, Anthony Colletta, John Laughlin, Mary Hetrick, Arvid. ldllsworth, Joe Guarino, Muriel Hall Second Row: Virginia DuBois, Roberta Whitney, Elsie iBushart, Marie Camphany, Barbara Parke, Marion Sturdevant, Jeanette Coffee, Dorothy Biliger, Alberta Bills, Marian Berger, Louise Seccore, Arline Jackson 'l'hird Row: John Buss, Duane Hull, Ralph Danforth, Virginia Maxwell, Margxaret Gardner, Stella Iionz, Lucille Lockard, Lucille Mabry, Jean Bown, Maude Granger Fourth Row: Eunice Baker, Elizabeth Fisher, Gordon Fake, Imogene Copeland, Robert Mabry, Mary Burlingame, Louise Hess, Rebecca Jordan, Laura Case Fifth Row: Rose Alice Lucie, Janet Dinsmore, Verna lielle Pickering, Sandy l.aPietra, Catherine Baumer, Robert Wyningxs, Marcella DeLano, Faith Howard, Ivan Miller, Edythe Hopp, Kenneth Clow, Helen Case, Lawrence Westerman, Yolanda Diliisio Sixth Row: Howard Wissick, Wayne Stringer, David Matz, Perry Stolt, Milton McMahon, 'Charles Sauers, Rennie Clemente, Victor Miiller, Leon Coon, Harold Sauers, Joe Messerino, Lewis Pidinkofski Seventh Row: Lawrence Bown, Alton Dinsmore, Francis Ferris, Carl Fargnoli, Donald Derrenbacher, George Soles, Robert I-Qohl, Richard Hogan, Walter Smilh, lirevort Wilson, Ronald Malcolm Page Forty-one THE HUURGLASS Freshman Girls First Row: ,Barbara Donovan, Virginia Bosse, Genevieve Atfield, Laura Yorton, Lois Vanifuran, Edwina Mortensen, Edna Slade, Jean Bannister, Mary Hurlhurt Second Row: Ednamaye Dickinson, Thelma Priest, Phoebe Saporito, Marjorie Elliott, Lucy Furman, Geraldine Ryan, Geraldine McCormick, Anna. LaPietra, Pauline Pidinkofski Third Row: Elizabeth Waterstraw, Esther Jensen, Marie Rice, Virginia Stresing, Dorothy Benge, Louise Elliott, Leona Robinson, Ruth Carlin, Catherine Pomponio Fourth Row: lda Carloniusto, Fannie Ellsworth, Betty Quinlin, Violet Stevenson, Ramona Walker, Esther Stubbings, Evelyn Witt, Georgia Westerman, Beulah Rafoth Fifth Row-Ruth Phillips, Marguerite Lucas, Ellen Hawver, Joan Burbank, Marion Holtz, Florence Dunn, Peggy Rice, Virginia Di Risio, Ruth Stenzel, Virginia Bilger Sixth Row-Betty Hurlburt, Helen Aldridge, Bertha Hammond, Ellen Keefe, Jane Matz, Florence Rogan, Margaret Humphrey, Mary Sestito, Margaret Menaguale, Catharine Cliiford Seventh Row: Leona Sharp, Erma Kodweis, Katherine Kier, Lena Schneiter, Phyllis Briggs, Mary Jane Wilson, Dorothy Dixon, Marjorie Druschel, Natalie Eaton, Eleanor Good Page Forty-1 wo r THE HOUR GLASS vv,AAAA Freshman Boys I-'irst Row: Harold llinder, Edward Kennedy, Nelson Ferrin, Lewis Saporito, Stanley Ganzer, Walter Phillips, Nick Rotondo, Russell Miller, George Scott, Wilbur Spafford, George Malcolm Second Row: Donald Bueg, Paul Earl, Kenneth Hitchcock, Lyle Jones, Thomas Reynolds, Robert Gifford, 'Sidney Bell, Charles Buscemi, Raymond Voigt, Arthur Barnes, Harold Brown, Robert Voigt Third Row: Edward Zuller, Richard Castor, Eugene Daily, Welton Bills, Charles Hammond, James Crowley, Glenn Granger, Rennie Montagliano, Eugene Hess, Michael Beato, Victor Bartolotta Fourth Row: Kenneth Swartz, Harry Rainbow, William Wilson, Robert Hertel, Robert Kramer, Philip Sturdevant, Alvin Russell, James Connolly, David Prong, Willard: Goyette Fifth Row: Carl Ferguson, Alvin Good, Richard Cobb, Elmer Hess, Roy Goetzman, Paul Schulz, Edmond Hartley, Christopher Miraglia, Arthur Pomponio, John Buscemi, Kenneth Dunn, Ernest King Sixth Row: George Fisk, Weldon Good, Sherwood Losey, William Maybee, Maxwell Warner, Robert Anderson, Clarence Reed, Robert Hart, Anthony Prinzivalli, Theodore Deal, Joseph Bleier Seventh Row: Floyd Knight, Joseph Cascini, Michael Garafono, John De Domenico, Franklin Witt, Lawrence Kohl, Emil Manzek, Lester Conover, Jerry Clifford, Kenneth Dryer, Richard Barry, Nelson Buck Page Forty-1 hree ,,,..,.,.,.,.,.,. THE HUURGLASS ,..,.,,..,.,.,..,..,.. Freshman Activities This year's Freshmen are gradually getting acquainted with their Alma Mater and its ways. liast tall Marie Rice, one ot' the more popu- lar l"reshmen, was elected l"reshman representative on the Students' U0lllll'll. 'l'he l1'reshmen are contributing their share to the high school activities. 'l'hey have shown their greatest ahility in sports. I11 the tiirls' Athletic Association with the aid of Miss llamlin, the Freshmen have 7 heen ilavlne' wood haskethall and en OVIHU' manv hikes. . tw ra 1 . D - The hovs have likewise heen doine' their share in s Jorts. Several . 25 ' ol the l"reshmen played on the second team in haskethall. VN ith Mr. Martin as their coach, they showed excellent team-work and their ahility on the court secured many points for their team. 'l'he l"reshmen made an excellent showing in the drive for student dues. ln mro iortion to the number of Jeo Jle aviuff, thev collected a - D . l greater percentage ot money than any other class except the Seniors. 'l'he candidates ot' the elass to the popularity contest were Katherine Pom Jonio and Donald Bueff. O A good proportion ot the Freshmen have heen on the llonor Roll this year. Several have competed tor the highest honors. We hope that this class will eontrihute much to the school hoth scholastieally and athletieally in the years to come. Yet pure its waters-its shallows are hright With colored pehhles and sparkles of light, And clear the depths where its eddies play, And dimples deepen and whirl away. -Bryant 'l'he wave is hreakiiig on the shore,- 'l'he echo fading from the chime- .Xgain the shadow moveth o'er 'l'he dial-plate ol' time! -lVhittier Ilich are the sea-gods:-who gives gifts hut they? 'l'hey grope the sea lor pearls, hut more than pearls: 'l'hey pluck l"oree thence. and give it to the wise. -.l'lllll'l'S0ll Papre For-ty-foiii' - -fr ii' K " - 1 Ng , . v- . 1 i. . lv I E... - I l u - in-l : G - - i - l , C .1 fd .JW 2---"" Payne l"m-ty-lim THE HOUR GLASS VVfA The Most Popular Girl Mary Ponlponio, tlw Sl'I1l0l' svlvvtiorl to llw poplllzxrity 1-olllvsi, was C'll0SOIl by un mfvrwlwlnlirlg' majority as "'l'lw Most Populau' liirl in l"z1irpor'c lligll School". Mzlry has Z1 happy, 1lll'ilSlllg' llisposition, il Frivmlly smilu uml il gn-at amount ol' umlmition. Hlw llzls tulwn an uc-tivo part in svllool 'llllIll'll0HS, inc-lucling' ilu- liirls' Atlllotiu Assoc-izxtion, tho Girls' Ulm-0 Club, tlw llraunutic' Flulv, ilu- "Hour Glass" and "School Cllzxttc-r" Stzllfs and Cll2llI'lllilIl ol' ilw S4-niom' Bull ClJllllllll,l,0l'. llvr musical lulvnt has lwvn an zulelwl l'l'iltlll'l' lo ilu- vnjoymollt of zlssonllmly 1Jl'0g'I'illllS amd various school 0Ilt9l'ti1lI1- nwnts. A l't0r Q'I'iltlll2lll0Il, Mary in'u-mls 'ro tzllw up il voursv ol' pllysivall 1'1lllC'ill-l0Il ul Cortlaulcl Nornml. Wo wisll lwr lllllC'lI Sl1l'00SH in tho future. Page Forty-six f T H E H QPU" R LXA s s ff The Most Popular Boy Wm- urn- proud to sziy that Iiorclon Swllllilll, 'flux otluir Senior vam- mlulzilv. also zwllivvvil that 4-ovotml honor oi' living' svloutwl almost unzuu- iuously, "'I'lu- Most Popular Boy in l"z1irport lligh Sc'hool". "lior4ly" tlll'0l1gll his Illillly zufiivitios, has Ourlu-cl for liimsvll' ilu' I'01JlllZll.l0Il ol' illillllg' ai willing worker mul ai good sport. llv has Still'l'0ll in aitlilvtir-s mul his nzuiu- is lIll'lllllWl on the hzlslwl- lmll, footlmll auul baseball twuns mul in tho Bloc-lc lu-ttvr I" Uluh. .Xmong ruuiulrous otluir awtivilivs, lui was Xll4'0-Pl'i'Slll0I1t ol' ilui .lunior Class, Vim'-l,l'0Sltll'Ill. ol' tlu' Stlulvnts' Couru-il and ai nuimlwr ol' ilu- llvltai Phi lCpsiloI1 and on tlul "Hour Glass" Staff. 'l'o you, "'lior4ly", sportsmzin mul friviul, wo wish "Bon Voy:1g.u-" on ilu' ovvzlll of lifvl Paige Forty-seven v THE HOUR GLASS Murllm .luno Morvy, Fay Kelsvy, Rolwri D1 The Hour Glass Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Olive King ASSOCIATE EDITORS uno Ezlton, Antoinette SlOIltilgJ,'IIZlIlO BUSINESS MANAGER -I Donald Ryon ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS .lzmws Clmrity, Enrivo Pomponio CIRCULATION MANAGER Lz1Vv1'110 Coffee ASSISTANT CIRCULATION MANAGERS Rogvr Ryan, Mary Pomponio LITERARY EDITORS SCHOOL EDITORS Mzltihlzl llucll, Iisthm' Bunting, Mz11'gg'z11'c-I Ilo Xlllllllil I'llwI ISIOHIIH Pc H1111 liwlyn Johnson, . ' '- " . '- '- - Mn Page Forty-eight PERSONALIA EDITORS .lunv IIIIIUIIIIISOII, Louism- XYz1gor ATHLETIC EDITORS ,Xgglws Notc-lmzwrt, llzwlzulmi Young ,STAFF ARTISTS IIZIIIVEI Hills, Horclon Sm-111112111 STAFF SECRETARIES I'Tl'Illil 02111111111-ll ALUMNI EDITORS Ann Hogan, 'l'IwImz1 SIIIIIYZIII HUMOR EDITORS rjoria- Ilummvl, IRZIIIIZIVIIII' liolllvr, lrnm ISI-nu If FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. .XIIIIHWY U. llynvh, Mr. Ralph ll. Johnson Miss Esalzl IJ. VI'lll'l10l' ,,,N,N,..,..,..A.,.,.,x,-V-.,s.,s,-,x,-N ,.,,,,,N,N,,,..A.,.,.,N,-N,-,A.,-.,-,s,N ,,,..,-,,N,.,-.,s,,..,-.,vs,- ullu II AkV A ,-Xf , V-vwx AA,- AA THIC HOUR GLASS The Hour Glass Staff 'l'l14- ll,0lll' Glass Slall' was 4'i'4ial4-4l by 4'lass v4il4' in llw lall4-r part ol' .lannai'y. Ollvv King was 4-l4-4'l4-4l llltllllll'-Ill-Cllll'l.Q liaV4-l'n4' l'4rl'l'4-4-, llll'C'lllilll0ll lXl2lI1ilgl'l', an4l l,0Il2llil llyon, ISUSIIIUSS Al2lIliljJQ0l'. llllll' slalyf at 41114141 lwgan ils lasli witli lIlllllSl.l'j' Elllll vnllnisiasm wl1i4'll 1114fl'4'as4h4l Wlll'Il tllv SlllJSl'l'lIJl.l0IlS lo llw annual Wl'l'l' llllllllll 141 4'x4'4-444l tlioso ol' any otllur yvar. 'lllw C'll'C'lllZlll0Yl 4l41 Jilftllltllll alfain s l0IlS0l'l'll lllv annual an mlarilv - V u h p - n ' 4-41nl44st. luavli p4i1's4m with a SlllDSC'l'Illll0Yl was Ullllllllll to Ulll' V014-. ' l l'4 l 9- ' Mary l'0lllI70lll0 illll llw winning lmallol. nm on . lillllilll, lla- 5l'Ill0l' 02lIllllll2ll,l'S, V4-4'4-ix'4-4l llpon Miss llllll'Ill'l'iS SllQg.L'0SllUll. al a llllwllllg ol' lla- stall' il was ' ss 1 4 ww YY ' f 2lg.Q'l'l'l'll that llw lll0IIll' ol mn' lmolc Wlllllll lr4- ll14- Nla. lll4' 4ll'4ll4'Zl- lion ol' H141 lloln' Glass was lll2llll', by tho l'0IAlS0lll ol' tl14' 0Ill.ll'0 4'lass, 141 our lll0l'lll'l'S an4l l'iltll0I'S in 2lpIlI'00li1tl0Il ol' all tl14-y lli1Vl' ll0Il1' l'4n' us. .Ks it is 4fllSlQ0lll2ll'y for H141 annual to l'l'ill.lll'0 4m4- s4'l14ml 4l0lJ2ll'llll4'Ill, wo Zll'l' 'l.02ll4lll'lIlg tli4- 00lIllIlQ"l'0l2ll ll01Hll'lllll'l1l,. , . Xl 4- llZ1VK' pull into llns annual our lalmrs illltl l1lK'2lS. not lIll'l'l'lV lm' our uwn SilllSl'ill'll0Il an4l 4'n,'4mym4-nl in lillvl' y4-ars lml also lo Dl'l'Sl'Ill, l 1 I lo l'X'l'l'y llonl' lllass I'l'il4ll'l' a ll'll0 llli'llll'l' ol' our lligli s4'll4ml liI'4- illll'IIlg tlw past year. Page Forty-nine -..-.f-,-.,.,..s,N,.,..,-.,,...,.,,,-.-. School Chatter Staff 'l'l1o Junior Class early lust full elected the Svliool Clizitlor Stall as follows: - - LEO HOSLEY LILLIAN DOUGLAS, DOROTHY HOLLEY, JAMES PARKE - RO.BERT HICKEY CONSTANCE HOWARD ALBERT DiRISIO FRANCES WOOD - JANET LEE GEORGE LARSON - - - - EUNICE BAKER - WILLIS BROWN, MAUDE PETERS Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editors School News Editor Literary Editor Poetry Editor Features Editor Alumni Editor Sports Editor Personnel Editor Humor Editors llllXC 'l'l1ey llzxvo aimed for il lmiggvi' and better Svllool Cllilttitl' :mc z slwvooaloil in editing ai lull page oawli Tliursday in the Fairport lloruld Mail. M r. lAyI10ll c-waltvil El splendid spirit among' tho editors. We liopo that tilt' 1923-l-35 staff may follow the precedent 4-sta lisliod this your und edit as suc'c'0ssl'ul u 1Jlllllll'iltlOI1. Page Fifty THE HOUR GLASS ' N,,., THE HOUR GLASS --.a-V-,A..N.-..q,-vN,.,.,....,,..,,, -.A.A.A.f-.-N,s,N,-V-.,N,-,,......,-V-. fs-..-.-,N,N.,N.,.f,A.,,.-.,-.,-.,..,,,, The Students' Association l 'l'liis :issue-iallimi gives il vliziiiw to the students to lifzlrn limi' 10 nianiiaga- their lmsiness affairs. ln the Cuunvil vzivli vlass luis 1-quail i'i-pwsi-Iltzllloli :intl equal vlialive lo express its opinion on lll2liii'l'S ool lllc lmim-il 4-onsisls ul' len mvmlwrs: Kliss llvlziml, our l,l'lIlf'lll2ll2 Nlr. t'oH'm-. our Superin- lc-mlvillg 21 ri- Dl'0SOIliilllVU l'i'om eaivli ol' ills- Your vlzisses' 2lIl4l llw loin' 7 wliif-li vzinnoi lw pre-seriti-tl to the entire sell . " ' ' lssovizltv ollicers: President - - ENRICO POMPONIO Vice-President GORDON SEAMAN Secretary - - ANN HOGAN Treasurer - DONALD RYON Senior Representative - ROGER RYAN Junior Representative - DOROTHY HOLLEY Sophomore Representative - JOE MESSERINO Freshman Representative - - MARIE RICE 'l'lw ASS04'l21tl0Il allows ilu- siiulvnis lo lw inure imlc-pc-mls-nl :xml tu pzirtallw in sc-lioul z1H'z1irs lwmiisv tlu-y are pernliltwl to volt- upon 114-zirly all lll2lit0l'S wliic-li aliwc-ily cforivwii tlwm. Page Fifty-one "-A-'V'-Asrr-"-.,. THE H0 UR GLASS The Dramatic Club 'l'lu- lhwuiizilim' Ululi was l'l'-0l'Q'ilIllZl'4l Wlll'Il svliool lirsl opom-ml in 7 N'pli-nilwr. 'l'lw niml l't'lll2llIllIlg.L' im-mlwrs ol' lust your s 1-lull film-tc-il: KATHARINE KOHLER - - - President LaVERNI'I COFFEE - Secretary FAY KELSEY - - Treasurer 'l'liis yi-zu' lwm-nty-two stiulvnls arf- listm-il as iiwiiilmws ol' tlic- vlulw. 'l lu- mvmlwrsliip is now nizulv up ol' SUIDll0lll0l'0S, .luniors :mil S4-niors. Nlf-4-tiiigs arm- lwlil 4-vwy two wlwlis. For ozwli lllixklllllg two vom- mitlm-s :uw zippoinlm-fl, onv to provimlm- mite-i'tz1iI11iw11t, tlw ollwi' lo taki- anrgv ol' l'l'l'l'1'Slllll4'IllS. Miss llamlin is tlw now ilirvcftoi' and zulvisvi' lliis sviiwslw, lillilllg' tin- plum- ol' Miss SW2ll'lZl'Illllll'Q who lizul tliis po lion :tml lms also 1-stzllilisllvcl il St2lI11lill'll pin. sition mluriiig' tlw lirsl smiwstm-i'. Tlw vlulm has mlrawn up il vonstitii- 0l'1lu-tm-n playm-rs in llw must ol'tl10 SOIll0l'Illi1y, livc- XYl'I'l'lll1'IlllN'l'S ol llw llrzmizilic' Ululi. 'l'lw 4-lulm lias sporisorwl two siivm-ssl'i1l 'llc-11 .uivos and has ol'l'0i'wl t'0llll'll!llll0IlS lo ?4l'Vl'l'21l ilSSl'lllllly Ill'0g'l'illllS. ,re Fifly-lwu 'sf-fsfw-s.fsfsf.,N,-.,-.,..,,,.,,,,.,, THE HOUR GLA SQ fs'-.fur-.-.-nf.,-..N,.,.,-,,,,,,.,.,,. f-vs-f--f-fv-f-..N,N.,,,,,N,-,,-,,,,, , A,,,,NA Un lll1'l1l'llIlI'V 22 Senior Play l , 19224, thv curtzlin rosv on "Skiclcling'," tho mosl slll'l'1'SSl'lll play vvvi' lDl'l'Sl'Illl'4l all l"zlil'pm'1 lligh Svluml :lvr-nrlliilg' in thusl- who :itll-mls-il tho 1M'l'l'Ul'1lli1IlCC. On May 3 thv oust pwsvlltvcl their play in il stzitv-wimlo c-unlosi :ll llllzwzi. Scliolzirshi as for vxcfs-llviicu in zicztinfr wvrv i1Will'il0ll to I an 2llll21l'lIl0 lxohlor mul lo lia1Vvi'1iv Cofll-v. 'l'hm-y also ggzivo tho play ll suvoml limi- umlor tho sponsorsliip ol' tho llolzlry Uluh ol' l4lZllI'Il0l'l. 'l'hv cwmlil l'or thi- siicfvvss ol' this play is givon Wltlllllll 'pzlrlizllilv ln Miss SW2ll'l'Zl'lllWlll'g, lllr. liynvli, :mil lhv ll2ll'4l-W0l'lilllQ ously li2llllZll'llll' Knhlm l:li'll2ll'll Smith lrnm li0IlUtllf'l, liulwrf lJlllll0y lilzulys Kvillwmly l":1y Kvlsvy - Nlilllrwl Privsl lizl xyl'l'Il0 l'0lil'00 .lzmws Clmrity llolwrl' Pullvl' licmlun SUIIIIIEIII., CAST -r - Mzlrimi ll2ll'4ly xvilylll' 'l'rm-ntmi lll - M rs. llzirmly Jllllgtb llurily lloy UUUII Aunt Milly Estello llizmly Myra il llarmly Amly llurlly l lzmly fl rzuulpn M r. Sluhhins Sleigh lXlZlllElg'Ul'S Page Fifty-three 11'il111'l' 2 'AhhHhA 'I'l-IE HUURGLASS nN High School Qrchestra '11111' 1111511 S1-1111111 11l'1'lll1S1l'il 11215 11111' 1111- pz1s1, y1-111' 111-1-11 llIl1ll'l' 1111- 11111-11i1'1-1-111111 111' N-11'.1'z11'1'11l1 Vz1111-1-. 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Page I"if1y-four 1 THE HU UR GLASS lorly-two Sllllll'lltS. 'lllll'l'0l'0I'l' flu- nunu- luul to lu- 1-lmng , 9 , Y ' ' 1 ' f--fv-s.fNfs's-V-V-.,-.A..,,.,-,,..,, -v-.fxfsfs-v-.,-.,..N.,.,..-,,-.,.,,,N f-v-f-.f...,Q,N,N,-..A.A.,,.....,.,,,,x High School Band Wlu-n sf-luuml lu-gsm in tlu- l'z1Il, Mr. L'z11'l'oll Vzuu-0 cullc-1-lm-ml llu- rm-- 1 lllilllllllg' nu-mlu-rs ul' llu- lligll N-luuml Boys' llzuul zuul lSSllll VW ml :1 1-alll lm' ru-xx' nu-mlu-rs. lllis linu- girls, us wm-ll as lumys, worm- ilSlil'll to join lmm lumlll tlll'j.L'l'2l1lUNilIlll llu- lllgll sc-luuml. lIl l'0S1l0llSl't0lllSC'2lll vzmu- m-al lrom ilu- v ,nys lmlul to tlu- l'Zlll'Il0l'l, lllgll N-lumol llzuul. l'lu- llll'llllWI'SlllIJ in- l . .. ll lhlll lo llu- 1llllll'X 1-nu-nl ul illllll'S nnulu-11 gurls wlum l'0Illl'llillll' tlu- ' ' ' - - ilu- grmnp. Mr. YZIIIUO l'0illlllV c-umm-1111-al to qivm- lm-ssons mlurin--' sr-luml lumurs lo . 1 D X . . 7 , lll0Sl'Wll01lUSIl'l1l llu-m. 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'l'lu- lilm- Ululm has pz1l'lu'ipz1lm-ll in ll-xv zxssvmlnly lJl'0g'l'2llllS, svluuml l'Ilt0l'l'Zllll uulnls or pulllu' l'llll1'll0llS during' llu- Yl'2ll', lull llulv intuul lo lu num zu-llvv in llul l'llllll'0. x 1 - Page Fifty-six Yl'ill' H1-1'11ic'e Roy Kxllsey, the ll'l'ilS 'f-1,-'1,'::1.uz', 'I' H IC H U U R G L A S S Sigma Delta Chi TI'I1isisiI11- s11e11111i y11z11' 11I'1-xisteiir-11 I'o1'1he Sig'11111 U1-H11 i'hi. 'llhis is the p1'11si1le111g .Xllll lltbgilll, the Nl'l'l'K'l2ll'f'1 F111 . , . lll'l'l'Q Zlllll Mlss 5W2ll'lZl'lllDl'l'f", the 111l1'1s1-1'. 'l'l111 111-w 'X ll0Illl3l'I'S 11111111 were illllllli-tlltl 111 SOIJl0llllM'l' were: l12llll'2l Case, lflstliei' l11111ti11f", J111111 llllll'lliIlSOIl, 'lillllll Lee, 111111 l1llIli1 llvlllllx. 'Phe S111'o1'itv D llll'0lIg'lI il llllllllN'l' ot' 0llil'l'lll'lSOS XYZIS illlll' to get wllilie sw11111.1-1's with IDlll'lll0 1-1111111-111s for 0111111 lll0Illl10l'. l4lve1'y 11111111lw1' is p1'11111I lhzlt she lll'l0IlQ'S to this S111'111'i1y11111l lllily w1'z11' il, NW0Zll10l' he: .1s Slli'C'l'SSl.ll .'i ll'lIlg its Ulllliltxlll. We l111p1-111111 this srwielv IIIZIN' lu- I next ye-111' 11s it lIZlS 11111111 this j'l'ill'. 'l'I11- l'oIl11wi11g 1111- the lH't'Sl'Ill lllt'llllN'I'SZ Bernice Roy Fay Kelsey Laura Case Janet Lee Esther Bunting June Hutchiiiso Anne Hogan Louise Wager Herriice Young Doris Fellows Luna Waite Elsie Johnson Wi11if1'e1l Dins Ruth Donk Antoinette Mc1ntag.:li,11no Julia Rzifoth Il ll1Ol'L' Page Fifty-seven -vN,N,N,NA.A,.,.,...,..,.,N,.,..,N ,N,-vN.A.A.,.,.,.,-.,-.,,,,N,5,N,-,,-V-, f-v-fs.A.f-'..N,-v-V-..,5.,-..,..,N,N,-.,-. ll . Ty X i Cheerleaders Many hopeful eontestzlnts responded to. the ezill sounileml for the :mnuul try-out lor lfziirport lligh's i'll00l'l9iltllI1g' squzul early in the lull. lilueh ol' them hzul to give their original interpretation of one ol' the sehool yells he'l'ore Miss llzuulin zuul Mr. Johnson. After ai strenuous series ol' triuls the following were ehosen as permanent nienihers of the eheering squzul: ROBERT POTTER, Cheermaster KATHARINE KOHLER EUNINCE BAKER WILLIS BROWN JAMES PARKE LUNA WAITE REBECCA JORDAN These eheerlezulers halve eurneml many sighs ol' zulmirution from visiting students heeuuse ol' their eostuiues. lVl1ite skirts, white trousers, zuul white sweaters llisplzlying the large hloek F make up the utl ruetive llllll'0I'lllS. We linil mueh to zulmire in these seven representutives of our stuclent hoclv. Thev have worked liuril to originate new eheers l'o1 our use. lVe ure truly grateful to these pep instigzxtors for their whole- heurteml lezulerslup ol' our eheers at ull Zltllltltlf' fllHi'tl0IlS. May the eheerlezulers ol' the eouune' Vl"ll' li-ive as mueh sueeess us those ol' rw . 4 ' lllilil-234. Page Fifty-eight 1 6 v 'I' H IC H U U R GL A S S Football 1933 'Wlu-11 Al'1'lllll' Mz11'1i11, 111-11' 1-11:11-l1 11I' l+'z1i1'11111'1 lligli S!'ll111ll, iss1u-1l 1l11- 1'21ll l'111' l'11111l1:1ll 1-:11uli1l:111-s, l1is 1'z1ll was lllllll1'1ll2ll1'lf' :111sw1-1-1-1l I11' l111'1v-I1x'1- 11l:1x'1-1's. .Xl.1l'l' Il l.1'XY W1-1-ks 111' 1-X111-1'i1111-111i11--', 1l11- 111:11-l1 FH 1l1-1eul1-1l lllZl1 llz11'1- wus 1'z111:1l1l1- 111' l111l1li11g 1l11w11 1l11- 1-1-1111-1' 1111si1i1111g l'11111111111i11 Zllltl Y111111g', 1'Il1lS1 li2lSlll' 111111 lll1'lilIlS1lll, g'll2ll'1lSQ Wilson 111111 1'.1111.1i11 Yun 1, 1.11 l1l1-s, ll111.111, S1 1111.111 ll11l1f 1lIl1l V11-111111 1l11 1 1 1 , 1 . . . 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'11111' s1-111-11 Wilh , .- . Fm 1 1.1-11 111 1ilV0l' 1111 11111111s1111 1111sl11v1111. 1111111111 s11o1'1111 11111 1111111 111111-111111w11 . P1 '11111' 1111x1 w111111 11111' 1'1'i111s1111 1111121111 XVZIS 111 lllily 1:1'1g'1l1-011 w1111 was Vl'l'y 111111li1111111 111' Wllllllllg. 'l'1111 1111ws111111111' 11111 11111 g1v11 l'12lll'll0l'1 111111111 111. il 111111111112 '1'1111v 111111s111111'1111 118 11111 "111111111'11o11's", 11111 14'1111' 1111'1 1112111- 1 Z3 '1"'1'11 111 1111111 11111 111111Vv -11111 111111'11 11x11111'i1111111111 111'i ' T Y Y 111111111 11111111 111 11111 C rs I K 1 rx s11111'11 111' 131-11 lll 11111111' 111' 11111 W111111 211111 1111111 111 111'1g1111111. 14'1111'11111'1 11111511111 il WOIl11111'lj11l gilllll' 111111 s111111111 l12lV11 s1111w11 111111'11 1111w111-. 11111' 11111111111 g'1111111 w1111 14I11s1 1111111111s1111' w11s 11111y1111 111 1+l11s1 11111111- 11s1111'. Altllllllgll 11111111 11111111 111111111 wi111i11 s1f111'i11g 11is111111111 111' 11111 goal- 1i1111 11111y w111'11 11111111111 to s11111'11. 11 w11s il 11111'11 1'U11y,'1l1 11111111' wi111 1111 s11111'11 ol' 11-11 1'111' 1111111111111' y11111'. '1'l111 1111x1 g1111111 11111' 1111' 111111 111111 1311111 w11s 111 1Yl'11S1l'1'. 1"11i1'11111'1 111111111111 11 111111111 1111si1y win 111is g.1'1111111 11111 w11s 11111111111 111 1111111111 vi1-1111'y. Sll1'1'1llilIl, 11111 111111 111' W1111s1111', 111111111 11111 1111 s11111111111 111111 s11111'1111 1w11 1111111111111w11s 111111 21 11111111. '1'11is g11v11 11111 11'1111s1111' 11111111 21 131-T vi111111'p 11v111' F11.i1'po1't. 1111111 '1'1111 1111111 111111111 1111 11111 s1111so11 XVZIS 1111151111 111 11111'11i11g'. '1'11is 11111111 w11s 11111 1111111111111111 111' il s1111111111'11 l1'i1Q'11l'. 1'111'11111g1' l'2lS1lj' 111'1'1'2111'11 ' ' ' 11111 hy 11111 s1'o1'11 01' 11-1--0. N11x1 y11111"s 11111111 will 1111 wi11111111 1111' s111'vi1111s 111' 112111111111 "'1'11111" Ni1111si11, "11111111" I,0111I10H1U, 1111111011 S11111111111, 11. C01.1.1'1', "1'11i11ki11" Y111111g', ilIl11 1111g111' 'l1y1111. W11 wish 1111x1' y11111"s 11111111 il 11111111 Sll1'l'l'SS1.ll1 yllill' 1111111 this y1'il1',S. A1 E1 1lll1l'11llg.L' 11111-11111 112111' w11s 111111-11111 1-1111111111 1111' 1111' 111211-1 111111111111 s1111s1111. 11'11 wis11 llllll 211111 11111 11111111 11111 1111s1 111 luck. S1111 MARY l":1i1'l1111'1 ..... ..... 1 I1 1"11i1'11111'1 ..,.. ..,.. 1 i 1'1'1"11i1'11111'1 ..... ..... 1 S 1'l2l11'I101't ..... ..,. 1 I1 l"11i1'11111'13 , 0 1"11i l'l101'11 ...., . 11 1"11i rl 11111 ..... .. , .. 7 1"11 i 1'p111'1 ............,...,....,..,., 11 111111151111 111111111 11111111111 ,.,...., 1111111111 .........,,,.,,.,, 7 4 .211 111111111111111111 .,,...,...........,,, 7 11111111s1111 1111s111y1111 11 K 131'1p,'1111111 ............., 1'l11s1 l1o111111s1111' .........,,,,,, 11 1Yl111S11'l' ,............... ,.,1,1, 1 21 1'111'11i11g ..,,, -14 Page Sixty-one THE HOURGLASS f "' Basketball 'l'ln- initizll cull l'0l'tll0ll21Slil'lflHlll sonson ot l.J,,.i-.ip was il lwy il promising group ol' young ntlilotos. lYitl1 six VPt0l'ilIlH lnwli, l'lilll'll0l'l'S liopos tor nnotln-r t'llilllll7l0I1SlllID tozun lookotl vory goofl. 1 667 5 4 Li 3 77 ' ' 'W 'll IlSXYl'l't'tl 'l'lw six vvtvrzuis wort-: tzlptzlin-vlocft, Aolie' 5Pi1lll2l11, hivo Poni- .. 1 77 1 l 1 Lb 1 ' ' 99 ponio, tlinvy lloltz, Kurl tlutlicli, Rogor lxy21Il anal tllll'lil0 Young. 'l'lio foul' l'osvi'v1- nn-n l'i'oni lust V0ill"S tozun wluvli t'0lll mlotwl I1 1 91 79' ' 77 ' ' ilu- ti-ann woi'v Hfllilllty llogun, ".loc- tiuurino. Hllzink Vigarvtti :intl "Jo-Jo" Mossorino. Un 'llllilIlliSglVlIlg ltlvv. tlw Noel :intl Bluv tlvfoattocl Vivtoi' in tliu opt-ning gzuno ol' tlit- your. 21-l-l. ln its lvzwiim- tlolmut, l"z1ii' mort lmowwl to lrontli-1 uoit zittor 21 tlirill- . :H - l , . . ing lmttlc- wlnvli 1-mlm-il 21-l 1. ln tlu- nvxt two gzunos, l'illl'pUl'l mlul not l'zu'o so wvll. Sho was lmtllv lwziton lw both B1'li"'llt0Il untl Pt-nliolcl. . . O llowt-vi-V, in tlio nt-xt two gzunvs l'lZlll'1J0l't upset the tlopu lmclwt by tlt'l.l'2lllIlQ,' lJittsl'oi'ml unil tlwn ti'ounc'ing our olcl rival East liovlit-sta-i', in an ovortiino vontc-st, Lili-25. 'l'liis was tlio niost tlu'illing gzuno ot' tln- yvzir :intl tln- Vosult was not alvviclc-cl until liyun sunk at liolcl goal in tln- lzist niinutv ol' play. W4-lmstvr liunililwl tln- lit-cl zunl llluv in tlio noxt gzuno. Novortlio- loss, l"uii'pol't sliowt-ml il i't-vwszll ol' l'Ul'lll in tlio following guino lay lmrn-ly ln-ing nosm-ml out by lroncloquoit, 27-22. Fziirport, with Young tossing tlioin in lll'0lll tln- c'v11toi', almost ovt-rtook ll'0Iltlt't1l10llt in tln- lzist qi1zi1'ttoi'. I'mrc Sixty-two 111' 11111 y1'il1', 11111 111111 111111 1311111 11111111111111 S111 THE HOUR GLASS f-fs-nf-.Af-.-5-,v-U-,..,.,,,-.,-,,.. , fs'-f,fN,N,N,N.,N,..-..-.,-.,.,,,,,,,., 1"11i1111111'1 1111x1 111111 1111' s11'1111g' 131'ig1111111 11121111 111111 11l11111s1 1111111i11is- 1111'1111 11s Ii1's1 1111111111 111' 11111 s1111s1111. 11 was 1l11g.1'1111, 11iv111 1111111, w1111 1111111 .,1 1. 1 , ,. . .1 I , 1 12Si'2 ' l'12ll1'110l'1 lll 11111 1'11111111111'. 11111' 11111111 11111 11v111'y 11111111111 1111111 11111 l11s1 111111 lll1l1ll11N 1111111 1111111111111 111111111.1111111 1111 141111111111 1 1 111 lllll 1111 3 Y 151111111 1'Il11l'11. l11'ig1111111 211, 1+11i1'11111'1 21. A11111' 1111s 11111' g'1111111 11g11i11s1 I W i J l11'ig'1111111. 1'11i1'11111'1 XVPII1 1111 11 1'11111' 151111111 losing: s11'1 1111. l11si1111' 111 1 111s- 1111'11, l'111s1 l111111111s1111', A1l1111111s 111111 W1111s1111'. 111 11111 lust 111111111 g'1111111 E 1l1N, 21-151. 1111 11111 1'111111wi11g 14'1'i1111y, l"11i1'11111'1 1111111111 11s 1111sl1111l1111l s1111s1111 111' 111S1Ilg' 111 1'11111i11111 19-11. N11x1 y11111"s 11111111 will 1111 wi11111111 11111 s111'vi1111s 111' 1111'1111 111' 1111s y11111"s lirst 1l'i1lll. 'I'1111s11 w1111 will 1111 IIIISSIIIKLL' 11111 111111111111 S11111111111, D l'111'w111'11g Y111111g', 11111111111 111111 111111111111i11, g.1'11111'11 Fisk. 1111s y11111"s 111111111g'111', 1111111111111 1111 11111 111111111 1111si1111ss 111 11x- 1-111l11111 s1y111. 131111111 1'11111'i1y will Illilllilgl' 1111x1 y11111"s 11111111. .X1 Il 11111111i11g 111' 11111 11111111' 1111111 "1311xy" 11y1111 111111 "Sll211l1yH 1111111111 w111'11 111111111111 1111-1'11p1111111s 211141 11111y will 1111111 11111 111111 111111 1311111 11111111 1l11'1111g11 11111 15121-1-315 s1111s1111, wi111 11111 11ss1s111111'11 111' .11111 M11ss111'i1111, "11111111" 1v1Q'2l1'1'111. .11111 1111111'in11, "1'li1111y" 11i011Z, K111'l 111111li1'11, 111111 1'1111111' 111111 1111111111111's 111' 11111 1'11s111'v11 sq111111. 13ASlilG'l'l31Xl.l1 S1'll111111 11111 14'11i1'11111'1 01111111111111s ,. ,. A 11111111' 111 141111111111 ........1....... ...... "11'1111111111111111 111 111111-11111-1 ..... ..... . 1"11i1'11111'1 111 l11'i1g'1111111 ....,1, . l'1111l111111 111 l+'1111'11111'1 ...... ....., 1'l'i11sl'111'11 111 l"11i1'11111'1 ..,.........,.,.,... . :gf w ' l"11i1'11111'1 111 W1111s1111' ,,.,................. l"11i1'11111'1 111 11'11n1111111111i1 ...,. .... . . 11 l31'i11'1111111 111 l'1il11'IlU1'1 .....,.... ..,. . . :1l":1i1'11111'1 111 1'i11sl'111'11 ...,.,........1,..,.. ...., , 111"1111'11111'1 111 l'111s1 11111'1111s1111' .,..,, .... . . , . . 1' !l11'l1U1'1' 111 .X1l11lI121S .................,1. ...... I "'f W1111s1111' 111 l'121l1'I10l'1 .....,. ..... . H111111s 111 l'11l1l'IJ01'1 .1......, ...... l'12l11'l101'1 111 l'11111111l11 ,......,,. 111111111111 111111111s 1111151 11111'1111s1111' 111 l'1Zll1'I10I'1 ..,,,. .,,... 21 117 S 14 18 211 18 22 21 14 115 18 23 21 51 14 21 251 2112 12 25 21 27 215 211 211 212 25 111 151 P11150 Sixty-three """"""1'HE HOUR GLASS Track 'Franck has not lu-vii zu wry populzu' sport in l"z1ii'pm'l High Svlmul Iizist yvzu' thv trzivli squzul was zihout thi- lzu'g.g1-st that our Alma Mull I has 0Vl'l' put out :is it 00IlSlSt0Kl ol' 25 nieiiilwrs. This your tho veterans will he: 100-200 yzml run .......,,.....,......... ..... N . Siirrvy, ll. llumph 440 yurcl run ......,... ,..., I 3. ltuniph, ll. Young 880 vurcl run .....i. ...............,..............i..,........... , R. Rizzo 1 niilo run ......... ..... I 41. 'l'1'z1cv, W. Spzililml Wviglits .......,... ..........., l 1. Ryizm. ll. St-'illllilll lligh .lump ....... ...., X V. Brown, J. Buscmni llrozul J lllllll ........ ............................... - ........... N . Surrvy Pole Vault ...... ....... . I. lhiscviiii, R. Pomponio Shot .............. - ..........................................,....,......., ...........,... ......,........ ' l '. Nicosia With thvso mon and wlmtvvvr 111-w mzitvrizll is ohtzlinm-ml. Co Stvilifvlclt vxpcwts to haivv 21 vivtorioiis your. XVG wish tho tc-zum lwst ol' luck mul siuzcoss in their contests. Page Sixty-fou r ,.,.,,,,,v.,.,v-,-J-f-fv-fsfwn ,,,.,,,,.,.,.,,.,..,.,-.,A,N,-fs,-.f-.fx AIvNvv 'l'llI'l HOUR GLASS AQ The Block F Club Presimllcrlt GERALD HAKIC Vice-Preslrlent THOMAS NICOSIA 'l'r'0zlsL11'c1' - GORDON SEAMAN Secretary - ENRICO POMPONIO Sergeant-at-zlrms - - - HARLAND YOUNG 'l'lu- lllfu-li ll' Club ls am Ul'g'ZlIllZZlllOIl llml is l'0l'llll'4l by zu f"l'0ll1D 5 x'xu: ' ul zltllla-lvs wlum lmvv won tlulil' lnlovlc lc-lim' in any llliljlbl' sport. mul xxln lull 'l'lu sclutum Is 0 lmvv lN'l'Il c-lumsvn lay 0lQlll'l' nulmlwrs ol' tlu- 1' . ll lswl llllillltlll'll'Sl'll0lZll'SllllJ,21llll0lQli'2llllllly,illlll spcwtsmzlnsllip. 'lllul pulpusm ul'1lu clulm is to lninu, .xlunul s4lull.11sl1lp slrmlsllunlslllp uul 1 . 1 l - , n lllyjll llll'illS. 'l'lu' vluln was l'ornuul in llul past lu' .lulm . - . . . . 4 i NlmWilll1ms, Imnul 4mu'l1 ol' l'12lll'Il0l'l lllgll Sr-luull. 'l'lul llu-mlwrs wwe- llll'Il wlwll-cl luv ilu l'1nulm ' ms X " -'yz1l. tlu- 5llIlt'l'lIll0llll0Ill, zuul Mr, Mc-Willizl .Xl lll'0Sl'Ill lluxrv am- vlvvml nuxmlu-rs in 'flux vlulv. 'l'lu1 zulvisvr lm' ilu' 1-lull lllis yllill' is Mr. .lOllIlSOll. 'l'lu' Iufw nu-mlulrs ol' ilu- vlulm 2ll'4'I llu l'x ' gm' gun, llalVv1'1u- Qol'l'w, liu-llzml ll0g'2lIl, fl21llll'S l'l1:1rllv lu-r-llcl . ' ' llu'lilnsm1 mul Hoy Sllllllllllpf. lllvvry nulmlwr f'0IlSlil0l'S it il ,L1'l'1'2ll lun lo lul un' 101151 lo this club. Page Sixty-five A THE HOUR GLASS ,-,,,,-,,-.,5,5,,,-.,-.A.A.,-.,-,-f-f-fs ,N,.,,,,,,.,,.,,.,,.,,N,..A.A.A.,5,-,-.,- ,.,,,,,.,,.,.,,,,,.,-.,-.,..-.,..A.,N,-v- i 1 4' Girls' Athletic Association 'I lie lilrls' Xll . iletir- Assoc-iziiion has continued tliis your :is in the pusl. in :ui zlliiliulioii with the Monroe County oigzinizzition. A l2lI'g'0 nuiiilwi' oi' girls lizis pairticipaiteml in the various sports, wliivli is vs- si-nlizilly ilu- olijevt ol' our z1ssoc'iz1tion. rlilll' Play Days at the various svliools lizivm- provml oi' gr:-at lwnelit sovizilly as wi-ll as in building.: up il line spirit ol' sportsmainsliip. llzislcetlmll, som'c'e1', liiking.g', tennis, liit pin lmselmil and lmsolmll uri- the sports lislc-cl on the progrzuii. 'l'l1v zlwzlrcl :. H., . vi vlziss nuim-rails s which are Ill'0Sl'Iltl'Kl ut the c-nil of the yeur are bust-il on ilu' 2l0l'lllIllll21ti0Il oi' points during' the your. The lll0IlUQ'l'illll is the liiglusl .xxx lltl, sevoiicl lilgliest uwurml, tliv letter "F", and the iQllll'll, lluili Ilonk, Arzilini- lluller. Mzirjorio Brown und Winiirc-il llilis- Ill0l'l' were ilWill'4lK'll monogrziiiis in 19.32. 11 President - Vice President Secretary Treasurer Page Sixty-six IRIJS' A'l'lllil+Yl'lC ,-XSSUCIATIUN 0l4'l+'li'lGRS - ANN HOGAN - LAURA CASE NATALIE EATON RUTH WILCOX "A team for every girl and Fresh. Rep Soph. Rep. C. POMPONIO V. B. PICKERING Junior Rep. Senior Rep every girl on a team." R. ALBRIGHT A. NOTEBAERT NM.-:sw-1-AN-MANM 111111 HOUR GLASS W-AMMAMW-HMMAMNMNWAAM --fs,-.A,N.-v-...-v-v-.,N.,..,...-..N,-.,, Honor Team .Xt 11111 1111gi1111i11g1' 111' 11111 y11111' il 111'111i111i11111'y 111111111111111111 11'11s11111v1111. Y 111111111 11111111 NVQIS 1111111p11s1111 111' 1111111111111's 1.l'Olll 1111 11111ss11s. 1'1'11111 11111s11 11111y111's 11111 111z1111s '1'111' 11111 11111111-1:111ss gz111111s w111'11 111111s1111 111111 111 11111 111111 111' 11111 111111111 s1111s1111 11111 111111111' '1'1111111s w111'11 111111s1111. '1'1111 11111111111-11111111 w11i1-11 is 11111s1 1lll1J01'1il1l1 is s11111'1s1111111s11i11. U 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 ll'l' 1lllil1l1ll'il1l0IlS 111111111111 11111111111 111111111111111'11 111 1111 y,'1111111s, s111111111s1i1- ilYl'l'2lg'0 111 11111 111ss 1111111 111W l1ll1'lIlg' 11111 l111s11111111111 s1111s1111 111111 g'0Il1'1'2l1 i111l1l1y 11lSIJ1Zly0l1 1111 11111 11111111. l111111'11s1 111 s11111'1s 11218 11111111 1111-1'1111si11g illllflllg' 11111 girls 1'111' Miss 1111111111115 111111111'y s1111111 11118 111'11v1111 1111 i11s11i1'11111111. IIONOR '1'1+LXB1 .1111111 111111111i11s1111 11'111'w111'111 '1'11111111z1 31111111111 11211211111 .XXIII 1111g1111 11'111'w111'111 111111111111 13il1il'l' fgl1i11'111 N1111'x' P11111 11111111 '13Ol'Will'11 A11'1111s N011'17ill11'1 11'11111'11 1 F1 5 SIGN JNIJ 717111101 111111111 1111w1'111' f1'Ol'Wil1'11J 01iv11 liillg' 11511111111 V1111111 13111111 1,i1111111'i11g1' 11'111'w111'1IJ A1il1'C'1'112l W11w1'11 11511111111 111111111 1'11s11 11'111'w111'11j 1111111 Wilcox fg'llil1'11J 1'111:c Sixty-seven .,,.,,.,,.,..A.,x,N,,,x,-V-.,-.,-fx,-,N , , vvN5fvx IHIC HUURGLASS Indoor Baseball llzisvlmll in l'l2lll'll0l'l lligh Hvhool this your look tho l'0l'lII ol .in iiill-wlziss soil-hzlll ll'2l"'lll' sc-rios. lliilvll wlzlss was i'1-mix-sc-ritm-ml hx' lwo n n rw 1 :- l'2llllS, om- ol whivh mlnvoml in lhm- llc-ll lA'il"'ll0 zinml thc- olhoi' in lhl 1 . ', B . llluo lil-zwiiv. l il DlillIlS loi' lho ll-:uns wx-i'o vlioson hx' lhm-ii' Vos wc-tivo 5 . l . flnssos :incl lhon tho miplzillis vhoso sinh-s. 'l'h1- ll'0"'l'2llll vzilloll l'oi' ovm-ry ll'Zllll lo play ovory 0llli'l' loam lwivo, l 2- lllll lhon zi play-oil' lwlwm-vii tho ll'2ltUQlll' winnvrs, Zlllll linzllly zi llirvv ga 4-rimw hm-lwooii our host louni :mil zu siniilan' lvuni from East llovliostvi N i llolh lfhisl' llovlivsll-i' :incl l'iZlll'Il0l'l lligh Svhools lmvv mloplm-ml lol this vm-:ir :il ll-zisl, ei s win-i' n'oH'i':iin ol' s iorts whivh wrniils Zl qiwiloi ' rq Q P5 s u n 4 . 4 niimlwi' ol boys lo lzilw lJZll'l in lho various zlfllvilws. niosl IlllIl0l'l2lIll ol whivh hzivo hi-on lhm- soll-hull gmnos. 'Fonnis has also llmwn niiivli iiilc-rc-sl :xml Zllll'Illl0Yl lhis sl-zison, llwiw- living' lourmmil-nls l'oi' li' boys zinml girls. P11510 Sixty-C l"z'1-sliiiiuri Sophomore - Junior Senior iuhl 'I'l4l.XNl l'.Xl"l'AINS Henry Vigzirctti, John Husccmi Richard Hogan, Joe Messerino - Clarence Holtz, Gerald Hare Harland Young, Lz1Verne Coffee Ulll '. ' Q-5-3,1-I H1 .ni Ill! I P 1 l i rx-Qt: y...f""" Lf31f Cl THE HOUR GLASS ,,,.,..,.,,,..,.. A Senior Graduates Ile sat quietly in his seat, gazing thoughtfully at the hlackhoard, and thought of events far removed from the formulae on the chalk- covered hlackhoard. llis thoughts however, were of the school and of his progress from the time of his kindergarten days until now. lle was a Senior now. For eleven years he haul trudged from home to school and hack again. lle had digested numerous unpleasant suh- jects. lle haul managed to get hy with rather indifferent marks. This was his last year. llow queer it seemed,-for eleven years he haul hoped and waited for this time and now that it was here there was no wild exultation or exuherant hilarity hut rather, a feeling of gloom had settled upon him. Ile was to leave this haven of friendships to go out and search for new havens. Somehow the prospect was not inviting. lle sat hy the window in his room overlooking the campus where he haul spent so many pleasant hours, where perhaps he haul attained a moderate or mediocre success in the field of sports. lle associated old landmarks with old friends, as the smell of a certain perfume hrings to your mind the appearance of a particular person. lle thought of the memhers of his class and their prohahle future occupations. Some of them would doubtless gain fame, cer- tainly most of them would he ohscure. There would he persons pos- sihly who would let success turn their head, and there would he those whose failures would fail to daunt them. 'l'here would he reverses of fortune either for hetter or worse and- 'l'hen he stopped to consider his own future. lle thought of his earlier amhitions which now seemed so distant and even foolish. lle contemplated his present ambition hut even this path to success was strewn with other men who had fallen hy the wayside. Would he fall? Would he let others use him as a stepping stone and with each step, kick him farther into ohscurity? Would he he one who persevered, who fought valiantly, who did not hecome discouraged and dis- heartened hy thoughts of those that had fallen hut, instead, was cheered on and strengthened hy those that haul persevered and now were safely entrenched hehind the hattlements of success. llis reverie endedg he once more started to study but with a new look in his eyes and a soherer expression on his face. Perhaps his dreams will turn out to he more than mere tigments of the imagination and he will attain the goal for which he has so determinedly set him- self-a goal which many have tried for hut which comparatively few have attained, Success. liaVerne Coffee '34 Page Seventy A'1'H11HoU1:GLAss WMHMWW-WMWMNWWWWM A Sonnet To A Ship 'l'he h11lky sl1ip set out to sea. at dawn, As sailors' yoiees rang from sl1i 1 to shore D ,. , . . . , M 1tl1 tlllx ehant ot a gay and rollieking sailor s songg Nono knowing that they would see their homes no more. Upon the sea they sailed eight days and nights, With nary a St0l'lll to steer them off their way. 'llhe stars ahoye tl1en1 were their o11ly lightsg liut oh, cruel fate, a storm arose next day. 'llhe lie'ht11ine' erashed a11d felled tl1e 111ie'l1ty mast. IN D 5 . 'l'he great waves washed o'er hoard the men OII deek. l za 'l'he wind se11t torth 0119 lone' and llll"'lltV hlast' F1 5 . 3 And sent her to her wat'ry grave-a wrevk! Uh tate as tl1is eould ne'er lll0l'P horrihle he, Yllllili se11detl1 llllill so hraye he11eatl1 tl1e seal Verna lflurman ,235 My Ideal Gentleman My ideal gentleman is mueli like lflmerson's. lle is a lllilll ol' truth at all ti111es. lle is also lord ol' his own ac-tions. As l'or heing seryile o11 persons or possessions, llly ideal gentleman is slightly servile Ull persons. hut 11ot possessions. lle forms .his ow11 opinions and does not ehange them too easily, although l1e is 11ot ohstinate ahout ehaiiging an opinion whieh lllily he wrong. My ideal gentle111an is the possessor of a good nature to the ex- te11t ol' radiating i'lltJ0l'l'lllHt'SS. l1ike l+lmerson's ideal, he is weleome among all types of people. lle lllilli0S everyone l'eel at ease i11 l1is presence. lle is Il0t necessarily a leader in 0V0l'ytlllIlj" l1e tries to do 5 hut l1e is a leader in at least one thing. lle is interested i11 lllillly tl1i11gs hesides l1is ow11 husiness and can talk intelligently ahout lllilllj' dil'l'er- ent things. This makes him popular. My ideal is henevolent, always willing to help people whether it he in a linaneial way o1' i11 801119 other way. lle is taetful i11 dong tl1is. as l1e is i11 doing everything else. lle is refined in that l1e van make line pereeptions illltl likes lllllll- eration. lle also does not resent eritieisin or eorreetion. l think an ideal gentleman is o11e who, without aetually seeming to do so, lll2lliUS the IIl0St ot' all the powers and talents which tlod has given him and is liked and resper-ted hy those with Wlllllll l1e eomes i11 eontaet. June Eaton '34 Page Seventy-one vvTN THE HUURGLASS The Business of a Ladies' Guild Meeting ln a small, eountry town, Mrs. llentley pounded her ruler on the desk. "Now girls, let us eome to order," she said. lt was her duty to do this as president ot' the liadies' tluild ot' Pumpkin llook. After she had put on her glasses and the ladies had taken their plaees, she eontinued: "First we shall sing numher 102 in the hymnal. All ready, now, lless, do let us hear your alto voiee in this heautiful song." Mr. ltllvirah Barnum happened to he walking hy the town hall and heard, what he thought, a peeuliar noise. "Wal, I swan," he said, putting his hand up to his ear in order to hear hetter, "what he those ladies doing now? liooks as though they've got hynmals in their hands. lly golly, they he tryin' to sing." lfllvirah was a short, thin, old man and was quite deal. Most ol' the people in Pumpkin llook thought him to he ignorant, hut he usually knew what he was doing, and spent most ot' his time eritieizing others. lle then looked into the window more elosely and said: "You ladies airn't tryine' to sine' air ye? il was wonderin' what was going on here." rw rv . ' "Why lfllvirah Barnum, you're humiliatin' us. We were singing and a very heautiful hymn it were. Sometimes you're deal, hut you're always ahle to hear anythin' ye want to eritieize. Now you git along and leave us ladies to 'tend to husiness. lVe he having a very im- portant meeting ol' the Guild." She then started to put the window down, with mneh foree. "Wal, l may he deaf, hut l shore eould hear you ladies a squawkin'," said ltllyirah, as he walked away, laughing to himselt'. ln the town hall, all the ladies ol' the tluild seemed to he talking at onee. "Wal, I never see sueli impudenee. Ol' all the nerve," said Jenny Plank. "Just l'awney that," said Mrs. tlreenway, the widow, as she looked at .lenny through her eye-glass, whieh was really an opera glass. hut unknown to the rest ol' the women. The widow was eonsidered a society lady hy everyone at Pumpkin llook aml they all looked np to her. She had heen in mourning l'or quite a l'ew years, but no one knew whether she was in mourning for the loss ol' her liushand or the alie mony she had reeeived. "Ile had the nerve to eall our singing, ah'm what did he eall lt? Uh, yes, ol' eourse, squawkingf' she eontinned. "N ow, ladies, do let us forget ahont Nl r, llarnum and diseuss the Pazze Seventy-two 'I'HI'l HUUR GLASS 2 lmusinvss part ol' tlw IIlU0IlIlg',H said Mrs. Ilontlvy, again valling tlu' IIIUUIIIIQQ' to ordorg "Init lirst I tllink our doar Mrs. tire-4-nway lias a IIOOIII slul would Iikv to read. Iilll suro wmfll all vnjoy it as slw wrotv it livrsvll. All right Sylvia." "MV luv now worm-n't that splvndid ol Svlvv to writv a pomn lor .' .' . . , . . . . us? ' said Miss Iiutlwrlord, wlio was an llIllllZ1l'I'll5II woman ol' about lorty yvars. "Noah, girls, Iilll not inuc-li at writing pot-try. but tlu- otlwr day I liad an inspiration a11d I just l'olt tllat I Iiad to writv a ll-w vc-rsos ol' it down," said Mrs. tlwollway, as slut stood in front ot' tlu' woiuvn, lIlllt'Il vxc-itwl about Vtlillllllg tlui povin. 'lllwn sliv lwgan l'l'2l4llllg'Z "'I'lw titlo is 'Into is Inko 'l'l1at'." I mot lliin WIll'l1 just young' and l'rail Wo had walkvd down tluf old pint- trail. I know at onvo, lui was I'or uw: M'tvr wo inarrivd, lui wvul to soa, Iiut, alas, lifv is like tliat. A sailor lias a lilo of woo Iiut. oll uuu-ll worsv is tlul lilo ol' liis wil'o, Slul just sits at lionw and sows, lu-ttvrs, I I'l'i't'IVl'lI troiu luin onw in a wlulm- Iiut, alas, lilo is like tllat. I vould stand it no lonpjor Q So, lator I i'vc'vivi-ll a iuontlily, alimony vlu-vk .Xud latzor, oll liow I wvpt, As now lw lias lvl't nw, And lui lic-s on tlio Iuottoiu ol' tlu- sc-a. Ilut alas, lill- is likv tliat. 7 "My, but ain't tllat too lowly for wordsl' "liravious. Sylvy, I didn't know yi- liad it in yo." lflvi-i'yIvody told Mrs. tli'm-iiwziy liow lwaulilul tlwy tliougglit tlu- NWIII WHS. "Wu must put that in tlw W1-ckly llvraldf' said Mrs. livntlvy. "Ulu, girls, I aiu so tlirillod. so Ili-liuglltml, l1'u1 vos, Q7 4 1 . too, too dm-- liqlitvd. said tlui widow, as slu- straiglitviuwl tlu- vollar ol' lufr dross, not knowing' wliat vlsv to do. .Xs all tlw ladws starlvd talking' again. tlu' ima-tiiig' was vallwl to ordvr lor tlui tliird tiuui In' tlw prosinlont, who said: "Now. l"anny will road tlu- iuinutm-s ol' last wovk's llIl'l'IlIlQ'.H "Ulu, doar." said Fanny. a woman ol' about forty-Iivv, "wlu-rv is tliat pain-r. Ulu, ye-s, luirv it is." Slim- lluin lwgan rm-smiling" Page Seventy-th ree AA"'w'6' THE HUURGLASS "The meeting began in the usual plaee, the usual time, with the usual president and the usual ladies present, on the day of August ten. That was last Friday, in ease you don't know the date. NVe didn't 'tend to much busyness that day, as .l guess we all felt like talkin ', so we joined in a conversation. This is how it started. Jenny, who lives next door to young Miss lieacockts home, she,s the purtiest young lady in town, said that she happened to be looking out her win- dow Zlllli saw young Mr. Uilbertson going into the Leacoek's home three nights in succession. live all s'pose they 'll announce their en- gagement soon. After that, we talked about some of the latest styles displayed by Joan Crawford in a motion picture magazine, and, l swan, we all wondered what the world is coming to. After that we happened to think about our Saturday night dances. The young folks seem to want them to last 'till twelve o'cloek instead of eleven. Gracious, l certainly gave my daughter a talkin' to when she said she thought eleven o'cloek was too early. Then too, we wondered if Miss llolmstead, who lives up on the hill, has fallen for that ,ltllvirah Barnum. She danced pretty near every dance with him. Outside of another open window, l+llvirah Barnum was seated, listening to Fanny, as she read the minutes. XVhen he heard about Miss llolmstead and himself, he said out loud: "Gracious me, ye ean't even dance with a person 'round here without thim ladies talkin' 'bout it. They be a bunch of gossips. l always wondered what went on to them meetin,s. Now, l know they never 'complish no business, just gossip all the time." Janet Dinsmore '36 A Description l"ar below the tall, ma'estie llimalavas lies the weird and lonelv .l . . llurman jungle, a dark and savage mass of impenetrable underbrush and gigantic trees. The slow-moving waters of the great Irrawaddy penetrate into the heart of the jungle. At night the trumpeting of the tired elephants echoes and reeehoes through the dense under- growth. An odor of sweet moistened grass fills the heavy air of the sweating forest. At night it is even more beautiful than during the day. An irregular profile of the great forest of trees can be seen in the glittering moonlight swayed by the monsoon winds that prevail over this region of the earth. John lie Domenico '37 Page Seventy-four THE HUURGLASS Essay Cn Putting Out The Cat 'l'lu-rv may ho lossvi' vvils than putting out tho cut hut vortziinly tlwrv am- no gwzitm-i'. Ono muy put out tho dog ol' vourso, hut llustvi' kwps his vlziws lirnily uncloi' his foot rzitlivr than iuiplzintingg' thvni in tho in-zu'0st human lwing. Wvll, we lwgin tho svzirvli l'oi' liosciiiiziiy. Ross-im1i'y is tho quaint nzuno wx- lizivv givvn our 4l:u'ling', alltho' pm-rliups lloorgv or Williaun would hu mow uppi'opi'iz1tv. llowvvor, that is noithoi' lwre nor tlwro- tho Sl'ill'l'll has lwgun- No trac-0 ol' him has he-on 'l'01lIl1l downstairs exvvpt, perhaps, hc- hzis lwon soon in tho tlirevtion ol' tho roast on tho liltI'lll'!l czihinvt. lillStZlll'S, ull se-Pins to lw us usual, until ai alwfoiuitivo luyoi' of 'lui' is ilisc-ovorml upon tho hvil in inilzuly's C'llilllllb0l'. You soo, ovvry with inolts just us hirils do. UI' courso, hirils shi-cl the-ii' l'02lilll'l'S :incl 4-:its 4lon't have l'vz1tlivi's, hut illi1t,S tho only 4lil'- l'oi'ol1c'0. Anyway, liosviliziry has ohligingly loft ai clue, thv out hair, upon that lwml, so, t'oi'til'yi11g' oursvlvos with ai S21llllWlGll and fooling grvzitly 0Ill'0lll'2lg'0Kl, wo vontinuv. llluvh to our surpriso, ho is soliloin found in thv giivst room, perhzips, this is lll't'2lllS0 tliorv is usually il giwst ul- rvzuly tlwro and liosoiiimy gots along' wvll only with invinlwrs ol' tho iiunwilizito tzunily. 'l'lwi'v is an lI1tt'l'llliSSl0I1 in the seurvli, about supper-tiine, for food is gre-zitly Il9Pll94l to huilcl up the 0Xll2lllStPll Family. As ai rule, somo- onv is sumhlvnly inspiroml during tho voursv of the nwul and jumps up with ai shout, thvn that inilivimluul liustvns up tho stairs, oxtrzu-ts liosv- lllillf' l'i'oin tho linen vlosvt, :uul tho svuwli is over for tho day. liosv- lllillf' sinilvs swovtly upon tho zissvuihlvml family fthv littv liypovritoj, plziviilly outs his niilli :incl sulinon unil tail WilVlI1g' on high ontvrs his iloumin, tho wooilshwl. ln ai mow olistinzltv mood, he must he vast out hy il0tUl'llIlIll11l hzinmls. Y1-sl Rosoiiialry is tho gm-zltost civil ol' thvin zlllg hut ho is ai hug- guhlo hzihit, whivh c-an not ho hrolion. M. J. Morey '34 ll2lSlllI1Q' onwzuwl, il2lSlllI1Q' l'oi'wzu'cl, Up 2lg'illIlSt tho rocky shorvg llzishing' inwauml, ll2lSlllI1g' liaicfliwzml, l"zu' into tho rovks thoy gore! -Arthur Xllillizun Fisher Page Seventy-five ,-v.,N,5,-.,-,.,-.,-.A.A.A.A.,5.,N.,N,-. f?Vf 'I'I-IE HUURGLASS vAAwv The Charming Lady "-And this eharming lady, Monsieur lleneen, is Mada111e l7et'lyne. Madame, allow me to introduce to you Monsieur Charles lleneen, one of :Xlllt"l'lt'il,S biggest men." 'llhe tlaptain of the New York-bound steamer spoke proudly, f11lly aware of the privilege of introducing sueh a digniiied and fa1no11s baehelor as Charles Deneen, president of the L1 Hank Company, and one of iWall Street's most powerf11l figures, to so eharming and bea11tif11I a yo1u1g l"renehwoman as Madame De Clyne. 'l'he Uaptain eontinued, "I tr11st you two will get along well together tllll'lIlg the remainder of our voyage." " I low do yo11 do?" asked ltladame, in a low, well-modulated voiee. "I 2lSSlll'0 you," answered lleneen, with a smile, "that it is a pleasure indeed to meet sueh an intoxieating person as yourselfg shall we talk for a whilelll' "I NV0lll4l be delighted to eonverse with sueh a distinguished ge11- tleman," responded Madame, with a demure smile. And tlIllS it began. That day, lleneen was seen with her every moment, wherever she went. After the late supper, he danced with her, daneed her out onto the derek and to the ship's rail, where he said. as he leaned over the rail, "Please tell me something about yourself, won't you? All l know is tllilt you are a beautiful French woman a11d your husband died a few years ago in an auto aeoidentf' "Monsieur llllltst not be so inquisitive," retorted Madame shortly, yet so sweetly and with sueh a smile that Deneen thought nothing abo11t it. So they danced, they played, they swam in the ship's pool, they ate together. Everyone on hoard the ship noticed it and marveled at what a pair this distinguished banker, who was only tllifty-lU0lll'., and the darling l+'renehwoman of twenty-live 111ade. Hut lleneen was des- perate. Madame always stayed so aloof from l1in1. 'llo be sure, she always seemed to enjoy his presenee b11t never would she s11b1nit to his arms, exeept while they were daneing. lle tried time after time to kiss her, llllt she was always as elusive as a wisp ol' smoke. 'l'hen he would say: "Please, llliltlilllllfln . ,., . ' "Z 1' S2 X i152 ' , Hut she would answer sweetly, "Please don't." 'l'hus it went. Hut no mattei wh It she ud lu would bt 1 1 ltlltllllll dog obeymg his mistress' every Wllllll, quiekly and willingly. 'l'hen Ullt' day, a wireless eame from the States for Madame. Un reading it she tur11ed deathly pale Illltl 11early fainted. lleneen w:1s amazed Zllltl st111111ed at this sudden ehange. Page Seventy-six THE HOUR GLASS y "What is it, doarg wl1at is tl1o tl'0lllDlt'?l, l1o askod anxiously. as l1o holpod lltll' to a ohair. Sho lookod at l1i111 matoly l'or a lll0llll'llt, lllt'Il l1a11dod l1i111 tl1o wiroloss. lt road: t"l'hoy will find Ollt 'l'11os- day stop l must havo tWt1I1tj' tll0llSZlI1tl dollars hy thou." lt was signod "William," "lint who,-what is William, what doos tl1is moan?" askod llonoon i11quiri11gly. "William," statod hladamo slowly, "is llly hrothor, wl1o is oashior i11 a liilllli ill tllll statos. llo was lllilylllg' tl1o stook markot with somo ol' tl1o hank's 111o11oy. l triod to stop him hut l1o was too far gono to stop tfllt'll. llowovor, l Illiltlt' him promiso tllilt as soo11 as l1o oonld ro- plaoo tl1o stolon monoy, l1o wo11ld quit playing it. llo novor was ahlo to roplaoo it. Noxt 'l'uosday, tho lIlYPStlg.1'Z1t0I'S will look ovor tho hooks, tind a dolioit, illltl ho will ho tlll'0WIl i11to priso11, a11d my namo, as woll as my t'amily's, will ho ruinod. l oan't holp llllll, 'l'or all my ostato illlll IIIOIIUY llZlS gono i11to l'lll'YllSlllI1Q,' a ll01llG for old ltll'0Ill'll poo- plo i11 Paris. l camo to tho Statos to try to got i11to piotiiros, and l'vo Iltlt a oont ovor 'tivo thousand dollars," tlltfll sl1o hogan to ory 011 l1is shouldor. llo pat l1is ill'lll around hor illlll, as tll01lg'll tliinking alo11d, said, "'l'oday is Satnrdayg wo roaoh Now York Monday. l 02111 l!llI'IllSll tho monoy as soon as wo roach port." "No! yo11 shall 11ot do this 'l'or mo," oriod Madamo quiokly, too qaiokly. lint lll' did 11ot Il0tlC't' this, sl1o Wllllt' on, "I sl1all try to got tl1o loa11 from llly ha11k i11 Paris, il' l oannot-," sho stoppod hopolossly. llhlltltlll took l1or i11 l1is armsg tl1is tilllll' sl1o did Iltbt rosist, hut s11h- lllllttxtl willingly. 'llhon ho said: "That is all riglit, my doar, l will tix t'Yl'l'f'llllHg'.,l 'l'ho noxt day, l1o sont a oodod wiroloss to l1is lilo-long l'I'lt'Iltl i11 Now York, tolling him to lllt'0l l1im at tl1o dooking ol' tl1o laixitania Zllltl hring 5l420,tltltl i11 oash with l1i111. llonoon t-ll0Il wont to Kladamo :md told lllll' ol' l1is action. At lirst sho was almost illlg.L'l'y, hut finally, sho dooidod to aooopt tho monoy as a loa11, whioh Slllt oould ropay whon sho lN't'Zllllt' a movio star. Monday oamo, tl1o hoat dookod. llonoon finally saw his l'rio11d, .lohn Williams, ooniing toward l1i111 witl1 a hlaok hasinoss hat: i11 his hand. Altor shaking' ll2lll4lS witl1 llonoon, lVilliams lIltIllll'tltl ol' l1is voyaygo Zllltl l1llt'Il said, "llc-ro it is, t'harlio. wl1at do you Willll with it ?" "Uno momont ploaso, .l0llIl, lot llltl lllll'0tllll't' to X011 Madamo llo tllylllh Mada111o,111yold l.l'l0Iltl, vltlllll Williams." Williams' oyos woro I'11ll ol' Zltllllll'illl0Il as illt' hold Madamo's llillltl. .lust at that lll0Illt'Ilt two lllt'll. stoppod up. Ono ol' tllt'lll said to Nladamo lll'tllyI1t', "Como o11, honoy, haok l1o111o For you." Page Seventy-seven TI-IE HOUR GLASS v"yY "Just a moment!" eried Ileneen, "Who are you and where are you taking Madame? 77 "Madame?" snorted the deteetiye, "she using that one again? We are deteetives and we're taking the 'Madame' to headquarters. Your eharming madame is none other than 'Doll Face' Betty Melieod. the oleverest eon-girl who ever hopped a prison wall. She is one ol' Ameriea's foremost eonlidenee women, and just a year ago. eseaped l'rom the State Penitentiary l'or Women. llow mueh did she take you for. 977 "Nothine'.--I' stammered lleneen. P9 I'-yet," finished Williams. Wayne Stringer 'Ilti My Ideal Day As sleep loosens its powerful enchantment over me, I yawn in the warm glow of the sunlight whieh streams into my window. A robin in the nearby tree ehirps merrily, calling me baek to life, as it were. l heed the eall and, rushing to my window I fling it open. l till my lungs with the invigorating air of a perfeet summer morning. Ah - YY lhe joy ol' being alive. I make a hasty toilette, rush downstairs and greet my mother. 'l'hen a brisk walk before breakfast, lingering now to admire a new bud and then to gaze at the beauty of nature. After a hearty breakl'ast. I help my mother with some household tasks. 'l'hen I make arrangements to spend the afternoon in the eountry with friends. Among my aeeessories I would inelude a tennis raequet, baseballs and bats. Of eourse, I would also inelude a basket, well lilled with l'ood-without whieh no day eould be ideal. .Xt sundown I start for home and as I lit't my eyes towards heaven with a silent prayer ol' thanks in my heart, I make a wish on the lirst star of the on-eoming evening. llaying reached home I seat mysell' at my piano and give vent to my feelings in melody. Mary Pomponio 'Il-I Page Seventy-eight VV-N-,.,...N.,.,..... T H Xmilt Dishes E HOUR GLASS QA Parody on the Ancient Marinerj lt is my darling.: hl0t,lll'l' Who stopped mv you soo: "Now why vannot my hrothoi' Do this task instead ol' IHC? 99 Sho holds mo with hm' glittvrilig' nyc, So l stand straight and still And liston liko a tlirov yvars child My Mothm' has hm' will, llishvs lu-Vo, and dishvs tlwro, llishos arv all around, 'l'hm-y c'i'ac'k, and vlu-k, and vhip. and stick llow l hato tho dismal sound. All in a hot and stoamy room 'l'hv kitvhvn vlor-k at noon Right up ahoyo tho sink dit And tivk its silly tune. llishvs, dishc-s vym'ywlwi'o And how my l'ac'o did flush llishvs. dishos UV0l'yWllt'l't' And many mow to wash. l stand Oh! woll-a-day! how dishvs look .Xlikv to old and young' lnstoad ol' a hrac-vlvt, a towvl Ac-ross my arm is hung. lt'oui' timvs twonty dirty dis .Mid l did sigh and groan hos With a hvavy thump, a lil'4-lc-ss lump l was donv at last with a moan. tl lout-somv sc-a-gull, floating' fill' vi' tho or'oan's ivy wastv, 'ss and widm- thy W2lIltlt'l'lIlQ,'!4 aro, loroym' vainly sucking' Vvst. -El i Y fvsfs.,-.fy-N.-.,-.A.N,5,N.,N,..,,,..,., -vN.,s.,N.A.A..-..-..,-..-.-.,.,....,.,,,., floraldim' Ryan '37 zahoth .Xkors Allon Page Seventy-nine AyAAA2 THE HUURGLASS Reminiscences .Xt sundown, one evening in spring. I deeided to visit the attie. My thoughts had been dwelling t'or some time on the approaeliing liend in the road. June eommeneement would terminate an epoeh in the lives of most high sehool students. A part of our lives would he lel't hehind, whieh would linger only in our thoughts. l took a eandle and slipped quietly up the attie stairs. 'l'he hoards were ereaky and the dust. lay thickly everywhere. As l knelt before an old trunk. l glaneed out ot the small attic window. Tllhe last tints ol' the rosy spring sunset were disappearing in the west. 'llhe dark outlines ot' the hudding trees and shruhs were silhouetted against the pale pink haekground ol' the sky. ltlvening was fast approaehing. Stars were heginning to appear faintly in the heavens. l lit the oandle and plaeed it on a nearhy chair. 'llhen I proceeded to open the trunk. 'llhere were some letters from aequaintanees, whieh l judged to he ahout seven or eight years old. 'l'he vast ehanges whieh had oeeurred sinee they were written eaused me to marvel at the eyeles ol' lil'e and the vieissitudes aeeompanying them. 'l eame aeross some of my old eompositions written in the lower grades. 1. glaneed over them interestedly, noting the changes in handwriting and expression. l reealled some ot' the fervent dreams they emhodied. whieh now aiuused me immensely. 'llhere were notehooks. souvenirs, old l'amily portraits, and numerous hoxes. ln the eorner of the trunk was an old hox whieh attraeted my at- tention. 'llhere were some old photographs of my mother in it and most ol' the hahy elothes whieh she had made for me. l had ot'ten won- dered why she kept them. Suddenly l realized, that like all mothers sinee the heginning of time, the tirst-horn held for her, tender thoughts and plans. Who would ever have suspeeted her ot' iiiwing- sentimental notions? ln those days she was young, and hopeful, the eares ot' the years had not yet taken their toll on her. 'l'here were pretty hihs trinnued with laee and other dainty artieles heeoming yellowed with the passing years. I put everything away earelully, and glaneed around me in the lliekering eandle-light. l spied my tirst doll earriage with a doll in it. l pieked up the doll gently and stroked its eraeked head. llow many times it had fallen when l tried to lmrry over the humps! Staeked in a eorner were some old toys. A imieh-thumhed eopy ot' "Alive in Won- derland" was on an old riekety tahle. NVhat marvelous adventures she had had! l walked silently to the window. with the doll still under my arm. l threw up the sash and leaned out. 'llhe l'ragranee ol' new lil'e permeated the air. Night had eloaked the earth in velvety darkness. f . llie silenee ol' the night. was hroken hy the eroaking ol' the frogs in Page Eighty 2AANA THE HOUR GLASS the vacant lot nearby. The clear sky was thickly blanketed with the refulgenee of the stars. 'llhe world seemed at peace and l wondered it' all the cares of the day were drowned in the beauty of the night. What about our parents? XVere they satisfied with their present mode of living? lVhat had become of their youthful plans and ambi- tions? lVhere had their sparkle and expectant enthusiasm for con- quering obstacles gone? Was 1, or any other child, a recompense for their sacrifices? Dad's step was less lively than formerlyg Mother, slightly em- bittered, had bravely given her best years for her children. Our mothers have soothed our hurts and kissed away our childish tearsg they have erooned sweet lullabies to usg they have moulded our characters, and, more than once, have spoiled us with love and de- votion. Fathers have worked for us, told us stories in the evening when we elimbed on their knees to ask innumerable questions. Our parents have watched us grow from babies with lisping lips, and tiny lingers, to school children and grown-up boys and girls. llave we, in any measure, been devoted children, grateful for their unseliishness? l felt a little bit insignificant compared to these deeds ot' love hal- lowed with their unpretentiousness. 'llhe silvery moon was shining high in the sky, casting her bright rays over the earth, when I turned and whispered to the wind, "Mom, Dad." 'l'hese two words expressed all the speechless gratitude l felt for them. Antoinette Montagliano '34 Far out upon your combing crests, ye waves, I see a rising sail, 'l'hough driven hard by the lieree storm that raves, She rides before the gale. -Fisher But who shall bide thy tempest, who shall face 'l'he blast that wakes the fury of the sea? -Bryant lVhile lower sinks the sun, The limpid liquids run Like winding shrouds. -Fisher Page Eigh ty-one .Jvk -V-f--.-.vv-.-..-..,.,........ THE HOUR GLASS OUR CLASS OF '34 Why does everyone adore The class of 1934? Why do you like us all so well? You'd die for us-lyou would, like mikej We've been so angelic for four short years, Yet why must you shed such bitter tears? You're not losing us at all, We'll soon return to Fairport's hall, Some of us will Hunk you know, So tears you dry and nose you blow, And there'll be some P. G.'s, too, So, dear students HJ, don't feel so blue. We know you dlon't appreciate The fact that we must graduate, We know that we exemplify Those higher aims, for which you'd die. But, dear friends, don't give up hope, Little acorn became mighty oak- May you little ones someday be As great and mighty e'en as we. THE 'SENIORS If.H.S. THE FAIRPOKT-HOLLYWOOD REVUE "Spitfire" ..,...............................,..........,........ Ellsworth "iFugitive Lovers" ........... . ......,..........,....,..,........ . Dudley and Hutchinson "The Mad Age" ....................,.............., Freshmen "Dangerous Corners" .............,.......,.. Corridors THE SENIORS Gee, the Seniors think they're big, Runnin' 'round like kings, Talkin' when they know they shouldn't, Doin' all sorts 0' things. When we're in the study hall, And the teacher leaves the room All the noise the Seniors make! Crash! Bang! and Boom! Walkin' 'round without permission, Chiselin' in the tests, Copyin' other people's work, Gosh! they're awful pests! But for this time we'll let 'em go, There's nobody to blame, 'Cause when we Juniors are Seniors, We're gonna be the same. THE JUNIORS F.!l.S. THE SENIOR COLLECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE "Adorable" .....,.,....,.,........,............. "This Side of Heaven" .,... Bunting School "Catherine the Great" ...........,.,,...,..... Kohler "Hit Me Again" ..,.............................,.....,...,..,., Coon "Footlight Parade" ...... Junior Stunt Night "Stand-In" ........,...............,...........,...,..,.......,...,.... Ryon "Going Hollywood" ................,..............,.... Coffee "Broadway thru a Keyhole" ................,. Senior Play "King Henry VIII" .....,................,......,... Dudley "Duck Soup" ...... Boys' Homemaking Class "Roman Scandal" ..............,,...,.,........ Latin Class "All of Me" ............,.. ,....,.........,..,. R yan "Master of Men" ....., .....,.... H urlburt "Riptide" .....,...,.,...........,..,........., ......,,... B rooks "I am Suzanne" .,..,.,....,.,...,..... ........ M cLeod "Should Ladies Behave" ....,, "Above the Clouds" .,........ The White Sister" ...,...... u "Morning Glory" ................ .,..,.... Wawro Hartley Gosman Too Much Harmony" ..,....,..,...........,.......... Antes Hutchinson Helen Wills .................,..,,........... Louise Wagor J. Weismuller ..........,. .......... G ordon Seaman Bing Crosby ......... ,,.............., L eslie Kuhns Zasu Pitts ..........,.,..,...,.......... Marjorie Hummel Charlie Paddock ..,.............,....... Nelson Surrey Einstein ..,........,,..................,................ Donald Ryon Gene Stratton Porter ................,.....,.....,.......... Martha Jane Morey Garbo .............................,........,.....,... Esther Bunting Babe Ruth .,..........,..,............., Enrico Pomponio Strangler Lewis .,..,.......,...,.... LaVerne Coffee Kate Smith .....,..,.... Margaret Bown Joe Brown ..,....,.., ...,.....,,..... R obert Potter Red Grange .,..,,..,,., .....,..... T homas Nicosia Marie Dressler ...............,.,........, Irma Benedict Edna May Oliver .....,.,....,..... Mary Pomponio Jackie Cooper .......,....., .....,.............. R oy Coon Lionel Barrymore .,..........,,..,.... James Charity Clara, Lou, Em Moore, Wood, Campbell The Four Marx Brothers- Marco .....,......,..................... Chico .,..,..,.......,. Groucho ......... .. Edward Tracy . Harland Young William Sanford Harpo , ............,.,.., ..,.... R ichard' Smith Lowell Thomas .......,... ........ R obert Dudley Mahatma Ghandi ..................... Hilbert Miiller Minnie Mouse ,............., .....,. I rma Campbell Dorothy Dix ......... Gladys Kennedy Page Eighty-three questions '? ,,,.,,,,.,,N,.,,..,-..-.,-.,..,N,N,N-.A.f- ,.,,5,.,,,,.,..-..N,s,Na-v-fs'-v-'N ,,,.,..,.,..,-v-.,-f-.rv-0-asf-fsvsvs BU DDIES Kohler .............,... ......................,....... .............., W a gor Benedict ........... ......,..... G osman Sullivan ....,,...,. ,...........,,. .,.............. R o y Priest .,.......,........,..,..,.....................,...... ..,.,...... J ohnson Morey .......,,..,............... Eaton ......,...............,.... Moore Montagliano ....,...,.,.........................,....,,..... Pomponio Coffee ......... Dudley ,....,... Hare ,..,..... Gears Young .....,,........ ,.....,.. R yan ....,........,.......... Seaman Charity ........ Tracy ............. Pomponio Surrey Steubing .........,........... Nicosia ..,...,...,..,,,.,.., Potter Notebaert ............... Huch ............... Hutchinson Campbell ....,... .,...................,... . .- .........,.... Wood Bills .....,......... ,.,.,.....,,... ....,.. C a sella Antes ............. ....,.... W awro Kennedy ........... ........ B own Brooks ,........ . ....... Hartley Bunting ........,... ,.,......,,,... I ielsey Kuhns .....,..... Hogan ...,.... ,. Miiller ........... Peppard ................ I ..,......,........ .....,..,. H olt Hertel . Coon F.l-LS. CAN YOU IMAGINE 'I Willis Brown going steady with Betty Quinlin? Esther Bunting accepting a date? Dorothy Miller gossiping? LaVerne Coffee doing a scarf dance? Jimmy Charity a bartender? W. Maybee not giggling? Bernice Roy without Steve? Luna not popular, and without a date? Gordon Seaman not imitating Mae West's walk ? Bob Hickey a garbage collector? Dominic Stolt a harpist? Florence Tracy on roller skates? Dick Hogan with a six shooter? M. Hummel without her left eyebrow ? Donald Ryon not interrupting? Miss Jessup on a track team? Bill Hanks not asking embarrassing Bob Potter not trying to impress Eunice Baker with his athletic ability? Miss Young giving the pupils in study hall a break? Donald Ryon at a loss for words? Milton McMahon without his hair combed? Albert DiRisio without his many tal- ents? Page Eighty-four THE HOUR GLASS ,.,.,.....,..,..,... CLASS NOTABLES .Best Natured Girl ......,....,............... M. J. Morey Best Natured Boy ,.......,,.....,..... E. Pomponio Most Attractive Girl ............... A. N otebaert Most Attractive Boy ........ .............. R . Smith Best Boy Athlete .......,... ......... T . Nicosia Best Girl Athlete ..,.,.... ...,.......,. A . Hogan Most Bashful Boy .,.,.... ......... J . Charity Most Bashful Girl .....,... ......,....... L . Wood Most Popular Girl ........... .,.,.... M . Pomponio Most Popular .Boy ,.....,.... ......... G . Seaman Most Brilliant Girl ..,..,.. ......,... J . Eaton Noisiest Boy ............. .,.......... L . Coffee Noisiest Girl .......... ,.,.................,,... M . Wawro Class Giggler .....,.,.............,................. I. 'Benedict Ideal Couple ..,.................. Seaman and Wagor Hardest Plugger .....,...,.......................... D. Ryon Most Original Pupil ,.,,.. A. Montagliano Class Artists .........,..o.. L. Bills, G. Seaman Quietest Girl ....................,............,......,.... R. Casella Quietest Boy .......,.....,..... ................ K . Dennis Greatest Gossip ...,.,....,. ........,.. M . Hummel Class Bluffer .........,... ......,..,.. R . Potter Class Musician .......,.......,................. M. Pomponio Class Jester ................,..,...,..................... B. Hertel Most Apt to Be Successful ......... M. Priest Best one-armed Driver ...,......,. R. Steubing Smallest Person ....................,....,..,.......,.. R. Coon The Ideal Wife .,..................... M. Sturdevant Best Boy Dancer ....,,.,.... ......,.....,.,.,... R . Ryan Best Girl Dancer .,,...... ,....... D . Ellsworth Class Dramatist .......,.......,.... .......,... K . Kohler F.l-I.S. Ed Tracy-"Mamma, am I descended from the monkey tribe Y" Mamma-"I'm not sure, Edward, I .never met any of your father's folks." F.H.S. Rico Pomponio-"I know a man who grabbed Carnera right under the chin and stretched him out and made him like it." LaVerne Coffee-"Aw, come off! Who was it?" Rico Pomponio-"The barber." F.H.S. Louise Wagor fposing for photol- "What will these pictures cost me?" Jimmy Charity-"They're S25 a dozen. Now look pleasant." 'run HOURGLASS MNANNMMMMWWWWWWMW THE HIGH SCHOOL COMICS Blondie ....,..........,.....,..,....,....,..........,.,......... M. Rafoth Tillie the Toiler ,..,...... ......,.........,... L una Waite Mutt and Jeff ....., C. Jesse and E. Gardiner Cicero ..,..,.,,.....,,..,........................,...,..,.A............,... S. Bell Maggie and Jiggs ..,...............................,..,......,.., D. Holley and R. Cobb Salesman Sam .....,.,...,,........,.,........,,..... A. DiRisio Major Hoople ..,.....,... .......,.........,...,.., W . Hanks Flapper Fanny ....,..........,.............,...... M. DeLano Joe Palooka ,..,....... ,,....,.... R . Schermerhorn Harold Teen ....,..... ..... .,..,.......,...... W . Brown Boob McNutt ,....... ........... R . Hogan Sappo ........,...,.....,.., l......... H . Gears Sea Hag ........... ..,..,....... F . Tracy Goon ....... ,...... ,..,.,...,.....,.... H . Binder Wimpy .......,.. ......,....., S . Trenchard Boots ..,.....,.,.. ................,,, R . Jordan Babe ........,....,.......,... ..................,,........,. L . Mabry Wash Tubbs ....,...... ........... E . Schermerhorn Easy ...,.......,....,.....,... ..........,........... G . Pignato Popeye .......,...... ,.,...........,.,.......,......,......,..,..... R . Bell Freckles ....,,.......,,.......,......................... Arthur Lake Mr. and Mrs. ..,... M. Weis and G. Malcolm Willis and 'Lil .........,....................,...........,........... A. Pomponio and C. Pomponio Orphan Annie ..................,.....,....,...... A. LaPietra Ella Cinders .....,...,....,, ......... E . Slade Blackie .....,,,...........,............... ...,......... L . Jones Hairbreadth Harry ....... ..,....,. R . Brewster Rudolph .....,........,......,...,...... ............ R . Ward Worry Wart ..............,, ...,.... A . Charity Skeezix .......,.........,. .,.....,,. R . Castor Walt ......,............,,...,.,........ ...............,.. G . Fake Winnie Winkle .,..........,. .....,...... E . Hawver Pam .....................,.....,..,.......,.......,..,...,...,.........,.....,.... J. Lee Tarzan and the Ape ....,..................................... T. Nicosia and E. Tracy Mac ,.,......,............,..,....................,,......,..... J. Messerino Spare Ribs .....,.. ............,..... R . Ryon Butter Cup .,....... ..... ' 'Peggy" Rice Rachel ...,............,..... ....,.,,..,.. V . Furman Sully ...,........,......,..,.,...,....... .....,.... R . Hickey Barney Google ....,,... .,........ J . Batty Andy Gump ........... .,........... K . Guelich Kayo .............,........... ,..,,...,.........,....... L . Brown Petey Dink ....,,.....,....... ........,... R . Schumacher Uncle Willie ..,..,........,,.,.. .,.............,.....,,.. G . Hare Powerful Katrinka ..,..,......., .,.,.... G . Herman F.H.S. Nelson Surrey-"School doesn't amuse me, but you ought to see my father's face when he's dloing my homework." POPULAR SONG HITS L. CoH'ee--"Coffee in the Morning" M. Huch-"We're Getting Closer to Love" M. Bown-"No More, No Less" E. Antes-"Shuffle off to Buffalo" I. Benedict-"I Wake Up Smiling" R. Smith-"Our Big Love Scene" R. Dudley-"When I'm the President" T. Nicosia-"You've Got to be a Foot- ball Hero" R. Steubing-"I'm a Night Owl" H. Young and D. Ellsworth-"We Just Couldn't Say Good-bye" F. Peppard-"Together Again" M. Pomponio-"I've Got Rhythm" M. Wawro-"O Promise Me" R. Potter-"So Shy" K. Kohler-"There Was a Night on the Water" School-"Tired of It All" D. Ryon-"I Want to Know All About You" L. Kuhns-"I Want You, I Need You" ? ? ? ?-"After the Game is Over" Gordon and Louise-"What'll Become of Us" E. Bunting-"Can This Be the End of Love" L. Bills and G. Hagreen-"We Were the ,Best of Friends" A. Notebaert-"Roll Out of Bed With a Smile" Miss DeLand's Office-"Turn Back tho Clock" A. Hogan-"All American Girl" T. Sullivan-"I'm No Angel" J. Eaton-"Little You Know" J. Charity-"Old Pappy" R. Ryan-"So This is Love" E. Campbell-"Shanghai Lil" Senior Play Cast-"We're Thru" R. Dudley and H. Gears-"The Shadow Waltz" F. Kelsey-"My Dancing Lady" E. Johnson-"I Love You Truly" M. Hummel-"Neighbors" M. Priest-"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" E. Pomponio-"I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" Mr. Lynch-"Keep On Doing' What You're Doing" Vacation-"What is Sweeter" Page Eighty-five """"""""""""""""""'v' THE HOUR GLASS ,,,.,..,.,.,.,.,. THE SENIURS' SECRET HOPES AND AMBITIONS Esther Antes-To understudy Rubinoff Ann Hogan-To beat "Babe" Didn- rickson's record Marjorie Hummel-To be head teacher of a deaf-mute school Margaret Bown-To be a tap dancer James Charity-To be a door-keeper in U. S. Treasury LaVerne Coffee-To be sultan of a Harem Roy Coon-To sell bubble blowers Agnes Notebaert-To manufacture dimple lotion M. J. Morey-To be a gangster's moll Donald Ryon-To become a matinee idol Maude Sturdevant-To be a tight rope walker Louise Wagor-To have a family of .nine children Robert Dudley-To be president of an asylum for stray fleas Lois Wood-To be an elocution teacher Thomas Nicosia-To be president in physical culture school Mary Pomponio-To .direct a kinder- garten orchestra Gordon Seaman-To be a governess in a day ,nursery June Hutchinson-To conduct the phil- harmonic orchestra Irma Benedict-To be a Hag pole sitter June Eaton-To be a gum chewing stenographer A. Montagliano-To be manager of the Hole Department in a Swiss Cheese Factory Marcella Wawro-To teach History C Katharine Kohler-To be the ,origin- ator of the "Ziegfield Phoo.ies of Tim- buctoo" Richard' Smith-To gain a title with the identification no. III tacked on the end Gladys Ken.nedy-To become manager of a doll hospital Florence Peppard-To become official bugler of the U. S. Marines Fay Kelsey-To become fat and jolly Matilda Huch-To invent painless corn and bunion removers Page Eighty-six Graydon Hagreen-To be a fan dancer Rosa Casella-To be a motto maker. Specialty "Silence is golden" .Betty Brooks-To be an indian squaw model Robert Potter-To become Ambassa- dor to China Clara Moore-To pose for Palmolive ads Nelson Surrey-To be a teacher of crocheting and embroidery Dorothy Miller-To be a future au- thority on Solitaire Hilbert Miiller-To pose for collar ads Leslie Kuhns-To be a Bay Rum sales- man Bruce Hertel-To become an expert aluminum brick layer George Hurlburt--To be a street cleaner in Spain .Olive King-To invent an effective household pest destroyer Thelma Sullivan-To be a model for a manufacturer of doll faces Roy Steubing-To be the photographer at Woolw,orth's 5 8: 10 booth Edward Tracy-To become a zoo keeper Laura Bills-To be an artist in Green- wich Village ' Harland Young-To become a teacher of Domestic .Science and Home Nursing Dorothy Ellsworth-To be a demon- strator and instructor in a Rouge and Mirror factory William Sanford-To become a buc- caneer rivaling "Peg-leg Silver" Mildred Priest-To be a fioorwalker in a Chinese department store Enrico Pomponio-To be a renowned chiropractor Charlotte McLeod--To be author of "Memory Gems" Mary Hartley-To be a soap-box speaker on phrenology Esther Gosman--To replace Mrs. Ryon in 7th period study hall Kenneth Dennis-To become town crier in Plymouth, England Esther Bunting-To hunt lions in Africa Lucille Wiegert-To pose for pictures of the Lady on the Statue of Liberty THE HOUR GLASS AN- Tips On The Faculty Teacher Characteristic Nick Name Mr. Coffee Considerate T. G. Miss DeLand Dignified Sister Miss Nolan Genuine .Bernie Miss Bickle Lovely Rene Mr. Lynch Dominating Andy Mr. Johnson Businesslike Turk Miss Jessup Sophisticated Challie Miss Turner Expressive Es Mrs. Ryon Industrious Gretchen Mrs. Braman Helpful Si Mrs. Zornow Amicable Marnie Mr. Steinfeldt Accommodating Steinie Miss Young Congenial Amy Miss Swift Jovial Marg Mr. Vance Pleasant Jack Miss Hamlin Vivacious Winnie Miss Swartzenburg Petite Monie Miss Lawrence Energetic Jo Miss Nuttall Obliging Sister Mrs. Potter Good-natured Mother Motto Life is now our school. Better late than never. He conquers who endures. Honor lies in honest toil. Knowledge is power and power .is success. Well done or not at all, keep climbing. Everyone has his hobby. Love, labor and laugh. It is worthwhile. Not how much but how well. Habit is second nature. Hammer it out. Labor conquers all. A stitch ir. time saves nine. Time will tell. Life is what we make it. Quality not quantity. Not for self, for all. Something accomplished, something done. Steady! Study! Tommy Nicosia fapplying for a posi- tionj-"Are you a baseball fan ?" Dick Hogan-"Why do you ask such an .impertinent question?" Tommy-"I want a boss who can be reasonable when I tell him I have to go to my grandmother's funeral." F.H.S. Mr. Lynch-"My .boy, your punctuation and grammar are something fierce." Gordon Seaman-"Then there is no hope for me?" Mr. Lynch-"Surely there isg try dia- lect stories." F.H.s. Harland Young-"I want a couple of pillow cases." Clerk-"What size?" Harland Young-"Pm not sure, but I wear a size seven hat." FJLS. J. Schoolmaster-"I'm telling you for the last time that you can't kiss me." L. Brown-"Oh, I knew you'd weaken eventually." Bob Dudley-"I met a girl at a party one night and I had been with her not more than a half hour before she started calling me maple sugar. Why did she call me that?" Jimmy Charity-"Probably because you are a refined sap." I-'.l-Ls. Mrs. Zornow-"Give me a definition of dense." C. Ferguson-"I don't know, but I can give you an example." Mrs. Zornow-"Fine, sit down." F.H.s. Mrs. Potter Qdemonstrating an experi- mentj-"If the contents of this glass would explode, I should be blown through the roof." Then to give the student a better view of the experiment, she said, "Come closer so you can follow me." F.H.s. "I have no use for Marjorie Hummel," said the talkative girl, Irma Benedict. "I think she's a terrible gossip. Every time I try to tell her anything she's al- ready heard it." Page Eighty-seven wWW THE HOUR GLASS f-N- Miss Bickle-"Name three words we use the most." .B. Wilson-"I don't know." Miss Bickle-"Wonderfu1." F.H.s. "What happened, dear?" Alice Rask asked her husband who had gotten out of the car to investigate. "Puncture," John Batty said briefly. Alice-"You ought to have been on the lookout for this. You remember the guide warned you there was a fork in the road." F.H.s. Mrs. Ryon-"Tell us what you can about the manners and customs of the people .in India." Jeanette Coffee-"They ain't got no manners and they don't wear no cos- tumes." F.H.S. Percy Stresing-"What do you charge for a funeral notice in your paper '?" Edlitor-"1Fifty cents an inch." Percy--"My heavens, man, my poor brother was six feet." F.H.S. Bill Cobb-"Say, what were you do- ing with that lantern you were carrying down the street last night?" Hank Vigaretti-"I was going to see my girl." Bill-"Well, I never took a lantern with me when I called on my g.irl, be- fore we were married." Hank-"Yeah, and look what you got." F.H.S. Helen Goyette simply had to have more gasoline to get home, but a rapid search through her pocketbook showed that she had nothing but a few pieces of change. Blushing, she asked the filling station attendant if he'dl be willing to sell her a quart of gas. p Robert Stenzel-"What are you trying to do, wean it?" F.H.S. The inquisitive old lady was bending over the bed of a wounded soldier whose head was swathed with cotton and linen. 'Constance Howard-"Were you wound- edi in the head, my boy?" Glenn Johnson-"No'm, I was shot in the foot and the bandage has slipped up." Page Eighty-eight M. Huch-"I wish I knew what to get Father for Christmas. He likes to go after small game but I can't afford to buy him a shotgun." C. Howard-"Get him a fly swatterf' F.H.S. R. Wilcox-"While you're asking papa for my hand I'll play something lively on the piano." D. Wilkinson-I'd rather you didn't, dearest. You know some people can't keep their feet still when they hear lively music." F.l'l.S. L. Morey-"Do you know how to run a motor car?" J. Goetten-"Why I thought I did until I had a short conversation with a police- man yesterday." F.H.S. B. Hertel-"Why all the puffing?" R. Coon-"I am all tired out. There was a fight out there and I was running to stop it." B. Hertel-"Is that so? Who was fighting ?" R. Coon-"Me and another guy." F.H.s. "Mamma," exclaimed Little Andy, bursting into the room, "they're teaching domestic silence at school now." Mrs. Lynch-"You mean domestic science, dear." "Perhaps," interposed Mr. Lynch mildly, "the little darling means what he says." F.H.S. A. DiRisio, Poet, reading from his own works-"The moonshine's in the river." Critic-".Shouldn't you substitute 'on' for 'in'?" A. DiRisio-"No, I'm describing the aftermath of a raid on a rural distil- lery." F.H.S. L. Coffee-"Goliath must have been surprised at David's knocking him out with a pebble." G. Hare-"Well, very likely such a thing never entered his head before." 'Q 5 9? '1'HI HUURGIASS """"""""N NIAGARA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL CPE BUSINESS RCCI-IESTER DIVISICN Registered Degree Courses in Business Preparing for 1. C. P. A. Examinations. Z. Entrance to Law School. 3. Teaching Commercial Subjects in I-Iigh School. 4. Executive Positions in Business. Special Courses for Nonfhigh School Graduates in the day and evening sections. For descriptive bulletin 'phone Main 1124. ICI-IN R. VVILKINSCN, DEAN 50 Chestnut Street Rochester, New York THE HOUR GLASS A Corona Typewriter Will Help You to Success! Smith Corona, S60 Corona No. 4, S45 Corona No. 3, S924 CLYDE E. KELSEY 3 North Main St. Fairport Phone 385 Wheeler Chevrolet coRPoRAT1oN WISHES THE CLASS OF 1 9 3 4 EVERY SUCCESS Compliments of Sinamus 6? Beck 64 North Main Street Compliments of H. F. VAN HORN Funeral Director Photo Engravings in the 1934 Hour Glass Empire Photo Engravers, Inc. 87 Franklin Street ROCHESTER, NEW YCRK P N THE HOUR GLASS The A B C's Cf Our Alumni Hour friends and students of F. ll. S., Wo lizwo voinpiloil as you can guvss, 'Pho A I3 t"s of our Alumni and their aims, Whic-h urv to lwvonie great pooplo of fzuiu-. So, lwre we hziyo as you will see Whut thoy werv zuul what they will he. A is for Arlene Coryell who was chosen the most popular stualont of our school lust your. Sho g'l'2Illlliltt'tl with the class ot' 1933. 'l'hv following Svptvlulwr she vntered Cornell University whore sho is now taking' at llomv ltil'0ll0Illi0S Coursv. She takes il vory zwtive purt in tho sovizll zwtivitios of tho llnivorsity and is il nwmlwr of tho U1-Itu tizunnia Sorority. B is tor llornivv Mooro. As il g'l'iltllliltP of tho vlzlss of 1933. sho is woll l'l'lll9llllJ0l'0tl for hor musivzil tuli-nt clispluyml hoth in tho lligh School tll'f'll9Stl'il uncl tho Girls' lllov Cluh. She is now attending Brom-lqmort Norniul. C is for t'hzu'lvs King. llc- grzuliuitecl from our school in 1931. Ilv wont to tho ll. of H. for ai short tinu-, lZ1tl'l'2llt0Il4liI1g tho R. Iii. l. Atta-r studying' 2lt't'0llllt2lIll'y ut this institution ho ohtuinvil 21 position :is hookkovlwr at Cl'itt0l1lll1I1'S. D is for Doris Follows, prosiclvnt ot' tho Glass of 1511323 now zit- tonils thi- ll. ol' li. Nows ol' hor siwwss tht-ro has l'i'm-qiimitly' i'vzu'lio4l us :intl wo hopv to lu-zu' nioro good ri-ports. Sho is il niomlwr ol' tho 'l'hvtz1 'l'z1u 'Flu-tu Sorority. E is for ltltlwl Coftvo und lthlith Crzino, who are hoth tillilllg' Uo- oporutivv Coursvs at tho ltlwliaiiiivs Instituto. lflvory othvr month Iflthol works at tho Rovlu-stoi' this zuul hlloctriu Conipzuiy in liovlwsti-r zinml ltlclith works in lihlwairmls' Store ut SyI'2lC1lSE'. F is l'or l"rzuu'is Pignuto who grzuliiutwl with tho class oi' 1931. llc- is now uttonding Houghton Collogo wht-ro ho majors in lliology und minors in Ilistory. llv is ai nwnihvr ol' lla Circlo :lv l'll'ZlIlf'ZllS :incl tho t'hupol Choir. G is for tleorgv Cusv, ai g'I'iItlll2llQP ot' 153333, who is now uttvmliiig' t'oIg'z1t0. llo plziyml on tho l"r:1tvrnity llziskothzill tvzuu. whivh won tho t'Iiunipionship. llo is ulso on tho tlvlmting tvzun :incl lwlongs to tho liunihmlu Chi Alpha l4'rutcrnity. H is for llurriot lilllgllillll, our alumni artist. Sho is now ai stumlvnt :il tho lllvvlmiiics Instituto. Sho wus ai l'0Illt'St2lHt in thi- Postor t'ontcst l'or tho Flowvr Show that took plum- rovontly in l'i0i'll0St0l'. Page Ninety-two AAANNAN '1' H E American Can Co Fairport National Bank and Trust Company Fairport, New York THIS En1T1oN or THE HOUR GLASS is the Product of the Commercial Printing Department of the Fairport Publishing Co., Inc. , , fs,-..,-V-N,-x,.,.,.,,,N,.,,,..,..,,,., f 'N""""N""""""'N" "" THE HOUR GLASS ,..,,,.,.,..,.,.. I is for Ina Aldrich. Sl1e began her t01'Ill at tl1e Park Avenue llospital last SOIJt01lll1Pl'. In tl1e se111i-annual examinations sl1e received V9l'y good gradings. We know Slll' will become a nurse VVll01ll l1er Alma Mater may be proud of. J' is for Julia Rafoth. llaving graduated last year, she Uilllltl back for a post graduate course until January. Since tl1en, sl1e l1as been 0lllpl0y0ll as telephone operator by tl1e Rochester Telephone Corpora- tion in Fairport. K is for Kathryn Parke, a graduate of 131. Sl1e is now attending S111itl1 College, where sl1e is a IIl0llllJOI' of tl1e tllee Cl11b and Press Board. Kathryn's Ilillllff has appeared on tlllx Dean's list and has quite a dis- tinction all its own. L is for Leo Clifford who graduated in 1.9321 At ithaca College, which l1e now attends, l1e llilS played on tlllx Freshman football, basket- ball, and baseball tUillllS. We certainly wish llllll l11ck in all l1is ven- tures, athletic, educational and social. M is for Marjorie Brown. Sl1e gl'illll1ilt0tl from our school in 192133. ln September Sllll entered tl1e U. of li. Sl1e is a lllt'llllll-'I' of tl1e hV0lI1PH,S College tllee Club which, a short tlllll' ago, received seeond l1o11ors in an inter-collegiate glee club contest at Buffalo. She is also a lllklllllkll' of the Theta Tau Theta Sorority. N is for Nancy llanks who graduated from our school in 1931. She is now a Junior at hvllllillll S111itl1 College. She has just been elected Secretary and 'llreasurer of the llall ltlasquers, a dramatic as- sociation 1ll0l'0. Slll' is also a 1ll0ll1llt'l' of tll0l1' Choral Club. 0 is For Oscar tiuelich. ll.e is a lll0llllN'l' of tllli Rhythm Kings, a college 0l'C'lll'Stl'il. Recently they ret11rned from a trip tlll'0L1g.L'll the New lflngland States. 'l'hey broadcasted over a station in Boston and they are in constant lllllllilllll for social activities. P is for "Polly" Bridges, a graduate of the class of 1933. She is now 'tlllilllg a post graduate course and expects to go to tl1e U. of R. 1Ye are glad to have such a radiant Sllllll' back in our lIllllSt. R is for Roy Sa Jorito who 1-'raduated in 1931. lle is a very well . F1 ' . known S1ll4ll'Il1 at St. Bonaventure where llll IS W0l'lilI1g tor a Bachelor of Science degree. lle llilS been an outstanding player in botl1 basket- ball and football. ln 19235 lll' will graduate from tl1is school, Mr. l.ynch's Alma Mater. T is for 'l'heodorc Apostal. He graduated from our scl1ool in 1929. lle played on tl1e l4ll'0SllI1lilI1 football tllillll tllllll lll' played on tllli varsity 1.021111 for two years, at Clarkson. lle played on the Clarkson Tech fl'9SlllllilI1 football tlillll and later on tl1e varsity for two years. Page Ninety-four -v-vsn.-.fvN,-.,,,,N,,,.,, 'vwv' THE HOUR GLASS Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of IQ34 A NEW Wrinkle in 'B GAS WATER '1- H EATERS Now you can BUDGET your water heating expense. Yes sir, merely de- cide how much water you wish for personal and domestic needs, then set your THRIFT AUTOMATIC GAS Water' Heater to provide just that mueh, at a cost, you can determine yourself in advance. The THRIFT appeals to persons who wish to KNOW each item in home- making L-osts, even water healing. Let us tell you more about this NEW WRINKLE in Automatic Gas Wnter Heaters. noculssrcn-uhs 1 L ' W. I-I. BOYLAND Authorized Dealer Uliver Farm Equipment Phone 362 Fairport, N. Y. o 275 F. STOLT . Meat Market . tate Street Phone 185 Compliments of Dr. 1. A. Srnith Fairport, N. Y. STEFFEN COAL CO. CQAL and COKE FAIRPORT, N. Y. Page Ninety five. ,.,-,,-,,.,.,.,,.,...,-,,-,,-,,-,,-.,,..,.,,. f-.f-.'-,s.-V-V-V-..A.,N,-V-,A.A.,N,.,-. f-els.-v-.,N.,N.A.A.A.A.,-,,s,s,..A.A.,. T H E H 0 U R G L A S S """""""" V is for Virginia liould, a graduate of the elass of 19333. She has worked up a very good trade as a hairdresser. If youlre interested in a good permanent, see Virginia. W is for lllinifred Dinsniore. After ,graduating from our school in 15133, she entered the U. of R. She, along with Marjorie Brown, is also a iuember of the Women's College tllee Club and a nieniber of the Theta Tau Theta Sorority. We hope that she is as successful in all her enterprises there as she was here. Now that we have linished and done our best, lVe hope that you realize and appreciate the zest Which our Alumni have had in undertaking, All their trials and tribulations. Sea Fever ,By JOHN MASEFIELD I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel's kick and the wincl's song and the white sail's shaking, And a grey mist on the sea's face and a grey dawn breaking. I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide Is a wild. call and a clear call that may not be deniedg And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds Hying, And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying. I must down to the seas again to the vagrant gypsy life. To the gull's way and the whale's way where the wind's like a whetted knifeg And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover, And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over. And so beside the Silent Sea I wait the niufiled oarg No harm from llini can come to me On ocean or on shore. -Whittier llere and there upon the water Sits a duck or errant gull, P00l'lIlg' with a curious quaintness At a twin-like foul. --Fisher Page Ninety-six fsfs-nfs-fs-sf-V-v-vN,N.,..A,.,.,,.,,. 1-sf-f-fsfxfsf-.-N,N.A.,-.,N,.,N.A.,.. --f-wfwsfsf-.-vs,-.,..,N,N.A.,,,.,,N,s THE HOUR GLASS SUGAR BOWL HOME MADE Ice Cream and Sherbet I-Iot and Cold Lunches BRAMERS The Rexall Store ON THE CORNER Phone 143 -W Phone 49 E, W Geo. A. Slocum Agency 1Nooro-oR.mfo - General Merchant - W Insurance Groceries and Dry Goods Bown Building Fairport, N. Y. A GOOD PLACE TO ,BUY Clothing, Shoes Furnishings FOR MEN AND BOYS ROBERT SAYLES FAIRPORT, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF Emery SL Emery Funeral Directors GAZLEY PRINTING Co. PRINTING and Welkley SL Salmon GRADE A RAW ADVERTISING We Specialize in PASTEURIZED SCIIOOI and Commercial PRINTING 166 Main si. Phone 232-J Phone 350 Fai1'P01't P N --A-w-.-svn'-fx.,-.o-.f.f...,-.A,,,-, --mfs-n.A.fs.f-4-.f.,-,..,.,N,,,,...,N wvffv THE HOUR GLASS PRINZWALLI BRQS. E BEST WISHES TO . CLASS OF Meats, Groeerles 1934 Dry GoodS ee M. A. RUSSELL I- G- A- SP1-CRE FAIRPQORT, N. Y. Lieb's "blue coal" Electric SEMETSOLVAY COKE Phone 316 PMG 216 Dewey jackson Qtfrcial Photegrapher for Fairport Senior Class MCSER STUDIO, INC. 27 Clinton Avenue North ROCHESTER, N. Y. 1..,.,,. THE HOUR GLASS EAv, Mc FARLIIXVS EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduating Class of Fairport High Good Clothes at Reasonable Prices For the Student Mc FA R LI N ' S 195 Main Street East f - Rochester, N. Y. . MURPHY SL WIGNALL Compliments of Kelvinator Refrigerators J, Miltgn IXAQ M3hQH Delco Oil Burners Easy Washers 22 HIGH STREET Phone 78 McCONNELL'S P d . . sAFETY MILK . . SOCOHY YO UGS DELIVERED IN Phone 312 FAIRPORT-f PITTSECRD EAST ROCHESTER I-Iunflphl-ey Phone Pittsford 56 Compliments of Rochester, Niagara Falls and Buffalo Coach Lines, Inc. THEH GLASS O Wagor Drug Co. McKes5on's Service A Good Place to Trade COMPLIMENTS OF Underpass Service Station FAIRPORT, N. Y PARKSIDE DAIRY GEORGE BLUHM, Prop. Milk and Cream JAMES BARRANCO Men's Furnishings and Shoes TICLEPHONES F ' p t 413 I R h 'L if Ph 246-R 32 N. Main St J. M. BAHLER BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF Hardware 1934 FAIRPORT, N. Y. Fairport Candy Kitchen Ice Cream and Candies REMEMBER A College Education is a Valuable Asset Sr. BGNAVENTURE COLLEGE sHoULD BE YoUR coLLEoE THE HOUR GLASS BALANCED BUSINESS TRAINING ! BALANCED Training develops your personality along' with your abil- ity . . . skill with character. Each is essential to a successful business career. For information as to specific busi- ness courses offered: address R. B. I. Registrar. Rochester Business Institute ROCHESTER, N, Y. Gne of the Great CLGTI-IING STGRES of America THE NATIGNAL CLOTHING CG. Rochester, N. Y. Dudleyfl-Ianhy Lumber Go., Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL Telephone 52 - Fairport, N. Y. SEE US for GGGD SERVICE lnlring' your Pill' lo us 'lol' il lfll0l'0llQ.L'll glblllg'-OVUI' at regwllzli' lIllf'l'VillS. lt costs very little and will lw tlw IIIOZUIS ol' giving' you many tliouszmds ol' miles of evoiioiiiiozil lllUl0l'lIlQ'. HUPP MOTGRS, FAIRPGRT, N. Y. "After we Sell--We Service." POI-Ild0 -s.,N.f-.5,5.A.A.,.,N,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,.,,,,., y.NA fsfxf-f-NIL,-v-.,-.,-.,e,.,-.,.,-V-V-V-. I 0 H THE H0 G LASS Compliments of Adams Dress and Gift Shop Compliments of COTTER'S MARKET Telephone 41 1 FLORAL DESIGNING 1. D. BUNYAN Phone 194-Fairport Compliments of VV est Avenue Candy Shop Earl Morrison, Proprietor S A M J A C O B S O N Dry Cleaning and Pressing 20 West Avenue Compliments of CJ. S. PRICE, M. D. Hollander 6? Scoville Meats and Groceries Pomponio Brothers Barber Shop No. 30 North Main Street Qiso. Hi WILSCNB IEIDXRQQ F pf S INSURANCE MlLKandlCE Herald-Mail Building Phone 237141 Phone 180 Fai,-pon Compliments of LAIRD'S, MOVERS The School of Commerce East Avenue at Alexander Street Rochester, N. Y, For Advanced Business Training Highest mality .. Low Cost ddT .,,..A,,.,,.,,A,.,-.,N,-V-.fsfsf-fvs ,.,,.,,,,..,N.,.,.,s,.f.,-v-.f-.fsfv-v-N ,,,,N,-,,.,.,-.,N.,N,-.A.fs,sfs.f-fsvsf- --f-f--vsfsfx,-.,-.,N.A.,..,5,.,.,,,, -f-fxfvsfs.-.,N,.,...,.,N,N,,,,,, f-f-fvs.A.f-.A.,N.,.-..N,N.,N.,.,,,,,., THE HOUR GLASS f-f-f-.,-fs,-v-v-.rv-.,-,,.,,,-v..,..,. f-.-,N.-us.,-.,N.,N,-,,N,..,..5,-V-,,,,, -v-v-v-vs,-.,-.,.,.,.,..-v.,,,,,.,,., In Recognition All'lllbk'l'S ot' tho stuff of tho 1934 Hour lilzlss cv this opportmlity to vxprvss thvil' SiIll'l'l't' npprv- tl ltillll for tha- NYlIUl0ll02ll't04I t'tNJlN'l'2lti0Il :md splvmliml XN0l'kIllilIlSlliI'J of tht- following' 0l'g'illliZi1ti0I1S in pro- ving this yvur's annual. l'1IlllJil'l1 Photo It1IlQl'i1Yl'l'S, Inc' l,:0tflll'Stt'I', N. Y. Fi.lil'IJ0l't Publishing' Vo., luv., I"ui1'port, N. Y. Most-1' Studio, Inc., liocl1c1st.vl', N. Y. The David J. Malloy Plant, Cllicczlgo, lll. Compliments of WAMBLU CORPQRATIQN RQCHESTER, NEW' YOR K Page One Hum-ed Three 5- -,,-1,..,..,x,..,-.,N,,...,-VR. XQAA ,r ,- """""""""',.,L"" K HE HOUR GLASS O Alma Mater 'I'11111-gil 1111111111 " Uh, ,XII1111 Al21ll'l', 11'1'1' us Slll'll svllolzlslic' light. l+l'1'11 11s wu WilIlll1'l' I'1'11111 thy hulls llblllglll. lXlK'lll0l'y I'11111lly llIlQl'l'S 1'z1lli111uj hawk 1l1-pz11'l1-nl llilyN l'lx'1-ry task g'1'11ws light-1' as wv sing thy Ill'illSl'. ll11z11' ,Xl11111 lXl2llUl', 11111' z1ll'1'1'li1111s vling '10 1111-11, lllilllllllll Zllltl lllyill shall 1111 1-V111' lwg Allll tl11111g'l1 y11z11's 1lix'i1l1- IIS illlll 111 4llSl2lIll lilIlllS 111 111. thx llllllll lmul 1l111111 Oli 111 1l1'1fz1111s W1-'ll g:11'l1v1' lIll'2llll 1' - '- l,11v111l .Xl111:1 lxlillK'l'. l11-:11' lhy 11Ffsp1'i11gs' 11l1g'l1l1-1l 1 l"i1'1111'1' illltl ll'lll'I' may W1- lw ll1:111 nowg Huy 11111' Bl:1sl1-1"s W2llI'll 1-11111 11'111' us 111111 z1111l :1ll KX 1 'l'1ll llpfillll 111 1111i1111, lll'Zll'l illltl v11i1'1- wv l1l11111l. CHORUS: r ,V l":111'11111'1, 11111' lligh Svlmol. M-s, W1-'ll si11g'll1y Slll'1'2l1llllQ' l.illlll'Q l'l2lll' 11111, 11111' lli1"l1 Svllool. I11111111' luv thx' 111 3 , . Pmre Une Hllll4ll'Cll Four I .4 .tiil z,:,W,l.l,,x lx X Q ,I Q Y Y Q f ,,,N,..,.,-,,-.,,,-vN.,NA.,s,s,xf-.1-.fx ,,,N,N,N,.,,..,,,N,N,-,f.,.,-N,-.'-.A.,x ,N,.,,,,,.,,..,A,,.,,,..,N,-.A wb WK? M A W Q , ,Q I 1 , 'n fv " Vw ' gl 1 L 5 ' M.,-.Rn - 1 my .4'- '- . 1 A I 3 i T MR' i i .ffm W if Wifi 1 Lf , ,Www I'5? fp Uiffflf L, 1. N 'Q , K I U J fx I, 1 xl . , fuk 2 3 au, 1 i S521 'Ag . 'ix ' l :- 1 5 I . 9 I c A I -.- , ,ff xg' - O V V wq-"VVvVVV'3 VVVVV uf , -ch 'V' Nl! ,KM WfgyEffV igfffff VCVVVJVVV Sky JV! wff QQVVVV W, VIZ M W QM 7d"""w-Q if3ffgV'7.,,Q,,,y Q51 1 YQ bw if EE Affvjxf, AMW MQ fimhsigwwg 7 V VVV 2 M Mb Fx vfVxJf1,fiDWViV?m Jxwlgj fx 1 WM W w 5 f , Mwwfw fwv' WW C, ""ffff""'gf xwwi- Uiijf A 'f M Qzjfw VV ff QM ,wif 73 fm LfWff ?JjjM EEE MV VVVVV Xxjfgm I wxwwifkgofg I X V i , 'Y 3 if iff-3 A, V V' I KN V AQ:-if ' V, Xxx, ' . QV X ' A V' . V 4, Q , K ,C fag! 'NC V, , Q ' V g V. K ' 3 V QV ' QVIVVVVV 5 i fp - ff , 4. -f fn--K, - V A .', . . X g m ,, , , yy ' , , , ' j , V -Qi, 'JI X k ff 1 ' V uf , ,IQVV .' K ' f f J' 'i'-L4 r, ,. . - VVQXV . l ' . ' X' ,, A A3 ' A ' l- A M k 1, , ' D V P ,fa rf V , 'V , , . JV , , , V . V .M V K . V V . ' ' I , - 'Bi -Q' N 2 f, U 4 ' 'Q' 2 V A Y A 2 SL. V 3, f 1 ' ' ' J I my A Lf-z: 1' Z , V H , I . V VV V 7 VV V V V 0 , , Y ,R . VV 'V, VV V -.N , . 7 VV V VVVVVVH V V J I., VV, 1 ' - A ' ' N , ' X' W M X ' , ,gf "'-,L -QIAQLZ '! f'f'ff"7f' V V V V VV ' V , ' ' " ' --ff-ff2f1:S'Lf f-'j.f2,f V q V .HM I , , 'XX 1 ' -7!'f.?fli, , ' 1- N A . , R . ' g 1' K 'X K ll lv 1' ,, ' X A 2 51, . I-1 V fr . V - V :VV 5-X Q if 1 Xi VU 1 .E ragga, - ff '--, ' ' , . ' ' ' .. V, ,fa y , Dua - 7 ' I S x. l ' C -X , ' Ik - 1 fs " ? 'V J . 'N 4 31 . , ' '- ' x I ., ' ' ' rf N' . , , V , 1 , H . , If V3 . ,IVV HL ,k 2,15 5 , H, I ' ' , A ' I 1 N' 1 - 54 ix ig 1151 Q ,, .- g ,- V L1 , x J. XX ' -gr V 1 V - , V ' f 1 ' . V 1 : t QV V V 49 F ' L1 ,, , - is A 'VV V, J x, AP V NJ c XXL MQ, QA . V V V V VV 5 ' P V, V Q 'X EQ EEL-,, x . V V V V V V A V 5 , ff I V! QHXN ,. ff., ,X :Va 735.6 . , I f ,31 VJ , MG, X 3 V V Q. '- , - f ik 1 S. ' x.:-"if ' ' ' ' . ' " ' . , 7 H5 "XX-.3 'X in R Z ' . 1 ,AWV f I ' V ' ., .L I If 3- Q 'NX-.S Xa 5 - , N' 1 1. , . A A X 1 A z 'fr ix S .., , A . N kj '-.ff 5 4 g , f V .V V r , I ,-f" f V, 1,1 f" ' ,'4 i' I 2 ", -f' V' V V V v, V V ,,-V , I V ' 1 'J-I ' Viv!" V, if I -1 g . ' . 1 . f ff' I 2 r f If If V : -- V '1 'V 1 4 . NV . V ,ff 5- uf- ' ' x :' . W . l A 1M"dffw ' lr ' , 1 A A- ' 2 ' X - l V k 'A' 'Af PK x"N4:iy ' IV -V4 V VV ' V' , V , , Vfaf I VVVV VV V .I Q V , V V h P VV ' V VVV VV VV V gr . ' . V 5 " .' Vi' fr I r ' + J '5' ., ' I ' . ' NI, , f .- ' " . ' V , fl ,,,,-- : ,ff :V V VV-f , V V VV 4, VV l,Jg,44fp ,f M " ,V - ,,4ffVY 4 uf f If ? V . , XVI J A VV A' J ,U 1 ' V, V V V fp! I ,L-Milf .., ' - ,fi , . V N V . ,944 WMV VV, V N0 - . f ff SX ,rpg f fyif' ' YU + ' W f . 0. i hw xo J : VV , V I ' ' V .V -V. m y h , ' ' f f w , wx , 'CB J " - ' ,fyg V X ,,' 1 V Y Y ' ' f A ' Eg v ,af I w , " ' .1 , V V V Qx

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