Fairport Harding High School - Harbor Light Yearbook (Fairport Harbor, OH)

 - Class of 1941

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Fairport Harding High School - Harbor Light Yearbook (Fairport Harbor, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1941 volume:

vi? FA RPORT HARD NG H GH SCHOOL Emo im ozewoab Suppose time were numbered In sea shells what a collection we mught have made durlng our four years of hugh school' Delicate punk shells would mark the happy hours of fun pearly gray ones the frlendshlps we have enjoyed and huge lagged ones all those lonely hours of study' But most of us were too busy to collect sea shells The days slapped by so fast Tlme after thus but now there IS only heaped up sand on our beach of recollectlon the sea has engulfed all shun :ng punk shells But luckily for us and for the happy mem orues we want to treasure the Harbor Light staff has collected many of those lost sh lls Here they are In our Treasure Chest of l94l and your key ns this Harbor Light I I - , - I 1 , . time, we said, "We must be sure to remember I J ' - I - . s e . I Mrss Nola Barnhardt eaccafaon The Class of 1941 dedlcates thus Annual t Mass Nolo Barnhardt nn grateful apprecuatnon of the able guudance that carrled them through thelr gunnor year and nn memory of the many happy hours spent In her classes c nowe menf Thank You On behalf of the Class of l94l we wash to thank all those who have co operated nn any way to make thus Annual a success We especually wash to extend our full appre matron to our sponsors Mr C P Wlllnams and sapervus on ot Mr R A Rood to Mass Hazel Rugg and Mr G l' Daly our proof readers and to Joseph Molnar who has wnlllngly contributed has servuces The Harbor Lnght Board Q 11 1 9, llflrs. l.. E, Patchg to the Carnera ilub, under the Haabaa fgld f Julius Mojoros Dorothy Polsse Dorothy Olnx Poy Pouley FACULTY ADVISERS Mr Cx P VVnlIaoms Mrs L E Porch John Fedok Motildo Curley Robert Rendrick Elacu fx, Bottom Row Reno Bupp George Daly Carl Wllllams Wnlllam Wlnchell Elijah Brown Carl Reeves Roy Greig Clayton Dunnnng Ralph Rood Zn Row Evangellne Dann Helen Lakso Launa Somppu Elnzabeth Cleven Mary Kovach Martha Lnpsanen 3rd Row Gerald Babson Charles Boley Elnar Helstrom Matthew lvary Earl Lynham Ha el Farmer Helen Lake Hilda Kula Lucinda Patch Nola .lane Barnhardt Pictures not taken Marjorie Holllster and Alma Soar: e ghf Q I I . . I . . . I .' I I I I . I ' d - . I I . .I . - ger, Helen McClaflin, Frances Tapscott, Ellen Niemi, Helen Kovach, , . T I I I I 1 I Z I I I I - I i . QENIOIFS gpm! NC' X , X xx Z' l I , 4 8l4lO'Z. C2 6616855 FIPST SEMESTEP Presudenf Vrce President Secretory Treo urer SECOND SEMESTER Vice President Secretory Treosurer SENIOR CLASS MOTTO When we build we bunld forever SENIOP CLASS COLOPS Blue ond Gold SENIOR CLASS POEM The Portnnq Cuesf Bob Rendrnfk Julius Moloros Mofuldo Gurley Beftue Boehnke Duck Sturm Stonley Porrnsh Rob Starkey T ' Cl O ' X E X President ..............,..........., Chorles Gillespie ' X ,, x ll -V 1 Q 11 Bettie Boehnke Cornmercral Bettles the gurl with that win some beautys air Her eyes of blue have the come hither store Pres Association l 2 Class Treasurer 4 Scholarshlp Team 4 Choral Club I 2 3 4 O etta Chorus 3 Girl Reserves I 3 4 Intramurals I 2 3 Ot Debs 4 Richard Sturm College Prep His heart is as great as the world but there is no room an it to hold the memory of a wrong Home Room Officer I 2 3 Pep Club 2 3 Cheer Leader 2 Class ploy 3 Operetta 3 Class Officer 4 Choral Club 3 4 lian Youppl General As dainty as o curling wreath of smoke lnvigorating a ice fi d coke Girl Reserves I 3 4 Choral Club 2 4 Jr Class Play 3 Scholarship team 3 Joseph Lefelhocz College Prep Joes ambition is in airplanes So heres our hopes that he reaches his aims Football 2 3 4 Intramurals 4 Track 2 3 Irene Fedak College Prep As everyone knows Irene for her work Were quite sure she will never shirk Intramurals I 2 3 Scholarship te m I 2 Girl Reserves I 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 Earnest Kish College Prep. His word is scientific tact For his motto IS "Be exact! Home Room Officer I-45 Scho- larship team 35 Scholarship Club John Fazekas College Prep Sedate and serious with a sal emn and studious mien The librarys the place where hes most often seen Football 2 3 Scholarship team 2 3 4 Scholarship Club 4 Track 3 Intramurals 4 Florence Gyure Commercnol A master of all pleasant thoughts and deeds She plants a flower where there once were weeds Kodak Club I 2 Girl Reserves I 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 Oper etta 3 Intramurals I Charles Gillespie College Prep Now l am a man with truth in my eye Except for these words he never t a e Home Room Officer I 3 4 Class Officer 4 Football 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Kodak Club I 4 Radio Club 3 Margaret Rmyo Commercial An athlete par excellence a star in basketball A red haired gl who is friend of all Girl Reserves I 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Intramurals 2 Jr Class Pla Joe Van Jura General My mind to me o kingdom Anne Hayduke General Now heres a type of girl you seldom meet For to hear her giggle is quite a treat. Scholarship team 2-35 Choral ub 2-3-45 Jr. Cass Play 31 Operetta 3, eleven Florence Wood General This friendly maid has that in triguing way That holds her friends within its foundless sway Scholarship team 2 Scholarship Club 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 School paper 3 Intramurals 2 3 4 Julius Moioros General If Julius has work to do today Gosh' help the guy who gets in his way Home Room Officer 2 3 4 Cass Officer 3 4 Student Council Pres 4 Harbor Light Board 4 Jr Class Play 3 Athletic Asso clation 4 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Matilda Gurley College Prep One should not write poetry about one s self Home Room Officer l34 Class Officer 3 4 Kodak Club I 2 Girl Reserves l 3 -1 Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Harbor Light Board 4 Scholarship Club 3 Scholarship team l 3 Intro murals l 2 Student Council 3 Stanley Parrish General His motto is Always Be Gay For hes the lad who chase the blues away otball l 2 3 Track l 2 Class Officer 4 Intramurals l A 3 4 Aquatic Club 3 Dorothy Olix Commercial A little work maxed with more of play This is Dots schedule day by day Scholarship Club 3 4 Girl Re serves l 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Harbor Light Board 4 Office Debs 4 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Scholarship team 3 4 Emil Kocsis College Prep. sn't to ward nor bod But his promises are as good as gold. Home Room Officer 3' Football 2' Track 2-4. William Werbeach College Prep When all the world as sad dark and blue Theres still that sunny smile of Bills tor ou ack l 2 3 4 Football I Scholarship team l 2 Athletic Honor Society 3 School paper Kodak Club l 2 3 4 Jr 3 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Scholar ship Club I Justina Sutch General Sophistication her middle name She seeks to out rival Egyptian Cleos tame n romurals l 2 3 4 Cass Play 3 Choral Club 2 Girl Re s ves l 3 4 an 2 Orchestra l 2 3 4 John Fedak College Prep l-le is great who is what he is from Nature and who never reminds us of others Home Poom Officer 3 4 u dent Council 3 4 Intramurals 2 3 4 Scholarship team 3 Nat Athletic Society 4 Nature Club I 2 3 4 Harbor Light Board 4 Choral Club 3 4 Operetta 3 Football 2 3 4 Scholarship Club Dorothy Palsse Commercial Hart her lips and s l within her eyes Soft as her cllme and sunny as her skies Scholarship team 3 4 Girl Re erves 3 4 Choral Club 3 4 Jr Class Play 3 Operetta 3 Har bar Light Board 4 Intramurals 3 3 4 Office Debs 4 Carl Lane College Prep Carl s all woodsman they sa But hes a Robin Hood in hs way Nature Club l 2 3 4 Scholar ship Team 3 Lillian Bjorklund Commercial Miss Lillian Bjorklund who is quiet and reserved Has in her mind a store of wit preserved, Girl Reserves l-4' Band 2-3-45 Choral Club 2-3-4' Opeletta 5 Office Debs 4' Scholarship team twelve Rosl n Schuler Y College Prep Her crownung beauty us her haur And her cheerful ways druvc away despaur Home Room Offucer I Gurl Re serves I 3 Band 3 4 Orches ra 3 4 Choral Club 2 Operetta 3 Intramurals I Kodak Club 4 Raduo Club 3 George Vustu College Prep He loves to bat the balls about the courts In fact he seems to luke almost all sports Basketball 2 3 4 National Ath letuc Socuety 3 Intramurals I 2 3 4 Kodak Club 3 4 Scho larshup Club I Nature Club I Scholarshup team 3 Lulluan Mackey General She putches In baseball and speeds down the track An athlete ye she wuns beauty plaque Home Room Offucer 2 4 Infra murals I 2 3 4 Gurl Reserves Joe Troha College Prep Though sulence oft umplues a mund less gay We only thunk that he has naught to say Nature Club I Claruon Peltomaa College Prep Artustuc Claruon full of grace Intellugence and a pretty wun some face Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Curl Reserves I Scholarshup Club 2 3 4 Scholarshup team 3 4 Choral Club Z 3 Intramurals I 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Arthur Rauhala General To swung musuc Art devotes hus tume And from hus work he gauns many a dume Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra I 7 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 Jr Cass Play 3 Operetta 3 Track I Z Steve Vegso General Tus not what man does whuch exalts hum but what man would ao NaureClubl23BadI2 3 4 Orchestra 4 Track 3 Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta Raduo Club 3 Helen Germek General Helens the gurl wuth plenty of D90 Shell never let you down you can bet Gurl Reserves 3 Intramurals 2 Robert Starkey College Prep In books and knowledge Bob holds hugh score A thousand quuzzes ne er could draun hus store Home Room Offrcer I 4 Scho larshup team I 2 3 4 Nature Club I 2 3 4 Scholarshup Club Anne Mousuo General rler eyes are green and er haur IS brown Anne us a gurl who doesn t fret or frown Gurl Reserves I 4 Choral Club 2 3 Operetta 3 Intramurals I Robert Rendruck College Prep It scarce can be saud that musuc us Rennys foe Hes fond of ut and fond of nuce clothes also Home Room Offucer I 3 4 Class Offucer 4 Scholarshup Club I Ko ak Club I 2 3 4 Harbor Lught Board 4 Nature Club I 2 Scholarshup team 3 4 Helen Otto General Helen uf anyone should ask Is a gurl who faces task after task Gurl Reserves 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta 3 Intramurals thurteen I - , t - - 5 n - - 1 - f ' - ' -3-4g H - - J 3: -5 -2-3g - ' 'F . ' 7 T I- -3-4. ' , t ' a 4 ' A I-3-45 Ar-hleriisoard 4. 1-3-4. ' . ' h - - 1 ' ' - 2 bd ' - - - p ' : --,.-LIN :fig I Andy Molnar General To be honest as thus world goes IS to be one man plcked out of ten thousand Class Ottlcer l Home Room Olhcer l Bertha Ulvlla General Its no matter what you do lf your heart be only true Glrl Reserves 3 4 lntramurals Rodney Pohto General Whatever as worth dolng at all IS worth dolng wcll Football 2 3 4 Joe Re o Q General Of all the nonchalant men Joe Regos the one well never forget George Popp General Let knowledge grow from more to more Andy Blyak General A happy soul that all the way To heaven hath a summers day Nature Club l Aquatlc Club 2 Football 3 4 Track 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta 3 A nna Pollack General Shes qulet and serlous and not very tall But they say good thrngs come ln packages small Glrl Reserves l 4 Choral Club Donald Galm General Whose yesterdays look back wards wlth a smule Track l Intramurals l 2 3 4 Nature Club l 4 Kodak Club 2 Davld Hull College Prep Wlth tlaxen locks and eyes at bluest steel Thus slender youth lS surely :deal Scholarship Club 2 3 4 Scho larshxp team 2 Athletlc Board 4 Student Council 3 4 Track 2 Basketball 3 Visual And Ser vlce l 2 3 4 Home Room Of flcer l 2 3 4 Kodak Club l 2 3 4 Class Offncer 1 2 3 4 Roy Pauley General A very Jolly te w as ou know And no one else but Roy could Club 2 Aquatlc Club 3 School paper 3 Harbor Llght Board 4 Nature Club 2 Athletlc Assocla n l 2 Robert Mannlnen General Blessed us he who expects noth mg for he shall never be dns appolnted Home Room Oftucer 3 Garden Football l 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 Tack l 2 3 4 Aquatlc Club 2 Wayne Ruuska General The only way to have a friend IS to be one Scholarshlp Club 2 Kodak Club 2 B nd l23 Intramur s fourteen l , . . I . . - - 5 2-4. , . h I ' Y 1 - I 1-2-3. ' - . ' , . . ' ' , , I , l . - . , z A - 1 - J I . . . - 5 . . - - 5 . - . I . - . . ' IIO ,y we've ever met I "manage" so. , . : ' I 2 I V ' I 5 . tuo - -3-4. I . A ' 5 1 ., I - ' - ' ' -4, r - - - g I V . . I 4 I . - . l' . 0 - - 1 al , ' ' l-3-4. - I - r . . 5 . Nlck Hyduke General A frlend may well bc reckoned the mostcrplece of Nature Poster Club Bus Mgr 2 4 dak Club I 2 3 4 Choral Cl b 5 4 Track 3 Class Offncer 4 Sports Mgr for Ads 4 OD eretta 3 Radro Club 3 Ero Vlstl College Prep Slmpllclty of character s hlndrance to subtlety of Intel ect Scholarshlp Club 4 Kodak Club John Reho General Whose Inttle body lodged mighty mmd -at qi 'D '1'!' ff Joe Bezzeg General Football 2 3 T Joe Molnar General Scholarship Clu Ruth Slllanpa General rack b Andy Szuhay General In quretness there as charm Scholarshup Club 3 Class Offlcer I 2 4 Nature Club 4 Kodak Club 3 4 Bus Mgr 2 John Volansku College Prep From worry and care I om free Why arent all contented Ike me? Track I Nature Club I dak Club I Intramurals I Alfred Dellsno General One truth IS clear whatever IS rlght Intramurals I 2 3 4 fifteen WLOXUOEW U9-Omcmu UC EOE XU COE vo O DO UC EOE UE C Om F :OD wgoLUC4i UEQO C EDJ SDK-OI me N50 SIU I DC Q2 0:52 5306 IUZE OOF V-E wi 0:3 CMEOZ D DUE LDC3 WCG WMI mmm?-im V-Uh UC NS Im ocm ,SU LOU O C :Um Or UCUE O m F ma O TGC EOE XXOQLOE 0605 me X, Em mga 00+ O3 E3 CUSS C OV-OEW O53 SOD mf-JO? OOLUQW U -'E E EO Qt 28? UUUQW aj UC V-OE D-EU O OL? 0 QOwQ WERE we CZOU UC 2 Ear- .EL OSEC ar-I U30 SO DC EU 'Emma rC0l AOZ SEO: E ,Om SOC JO, OU Er? XS E00 UCD MWPJ NEED N63 ye UC O3 XA: BOX W CDU :Oy 6 U, Om Us 2 S 1-Oy E02 U L2 SOO. O Q6 CU LE Q5 C4 030m CEMJ AUMWU UD 2: mgrg ml :Em OV-O NEO X m O ,Om :ULU OZ F5 ED Q-20 TOMS Qt mr-O55 my UU'-ULU ,COD Og E Us B2 305 mc-OPUOI Ov J O :Ui F O :O B U3- Q33 Us mm mi-OOU XEUE OOP N Lg go ,Um tx-OU BOX, :gn OE eng: tx-OD QV-to 5, :Job gem oz ,4m WP 10,4-K UC an m I UC or-UU QS oem:-mon 0:9-O OE EEE Us mc on N65-Lm W I EC A' I N6 C GENE Z DO U93-mon QL V- I is L O, N, 0,0 61 A D 4 DU UC at Ummm 'got U W E0 Um LOEJL UOOU 552 E O O L L O D E5 OA Omen Z AC U Gmc O Um aim LO UC L0 WSCSDU Em OL ECCO ,FEW t um My MO OQOOU X W0 VCU 3:5 H BOF-OOM O O EE Z OU EEUU QU F WO UC LEUUECUE Z iowa, OGC m SO Eh E W L vwmrglm EI SUV-W E 2 F Do rm zkozg xr B 5 OL C WO 5550 LOEEQO 2:95 5:5900 LO COEEMEU ar-U02 OOF-Um E352 w CT-U2 EUC 95 OU SDF-O50 EOF?-Umm 205 5 Exam amz W tmwur-Ou U, :QED 5502 GU.-MWEEOU hm E2-U gm GO OFOESU hm :O LMEUO2 V0 OU gin CZOS?-3 CU U :Og 59052 U CULUQE LBWUE E amor tx-Em mms XCCJOU OV-OJ LOOC U20 ODD :CE Exr OU EO QOWMU E502 LCE km C F-UUE EOELUQM E-JLVOI EUGOG3 EU, E mgmnucdx E L2 go zo P Q24 wav-N 80:5 0 DDO: 8 :O gem EQ, OU?-UD L87 QGOJ Oxy UC-JOE WOEOU OI? 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O W .Ea :oi DUKE.-4 mv-ZIWOQ N K-LYNN V-47 D A JIU SQWZQZ4 DZDI-V:-OHS Z4 JJ J UNNNWD mom :Luns- wsus-U Z N242 teen X E .. .C .- ,J - 4- O - ,, .- U - - . 1: 2 .C 3 Q, .- - I 1 ,- - - O - - - . - 4- - b 1 - - AA 1 .- '- - - 3 Q - - - - ': . w - - . Z v- 0- 5 L 3 ' : O F' rx. Q O - ' " " U- 1 L : N- - xg . O - I .- 5 .- it 44 E 3 :I rx, - - -. O '- : W. A E 1 Q . A 5 o : ' - 3. : , " ' Q O .Q - 5 ' -. , x ,i :I -- :V 5 - - i. C 4- 9 : .- '- .-Q - W ' ' : - ' ' -' " - - O ., 1. N 2 Z X E - - I K I A 3 ,. .. .L X - Z' C x W3 " ' - 5: O 5 - 5- O ' U ' :"' - -I .- .- - -A: : '- cu - - -j I- L 1 ' - - UO,k O U ,, U K ,xx,x X K 5 5 k X k X O - U W W W W - W -W-- W - - 2 - - - : . - : . ,z : . : : 1 "' -C 9 O 2 E ,- ' .. Q .- .Q 3 O -- S 'Z E TI V' L - .1 Z f -- 3 . 8 g : y - .- E C '- - - l- - .- 1 -1. - ' - A E ' - - " - - ' - .- ' T - U - O " - - - .c - A- - ,- - H - E - E- I 9 -X - ,R E o 'C 4- .- 4- " ,, -C- W f .-Q C .c - W - E - O - ' I .- - U, : O C . - .- - - ,- - 1 Cr- I - V- - -. " - ' 'E " - ' -- ' ' V - - U4 .- - U .- - Q ' .. C sf' : - 4- Q- - - M ,W A' H : . -O - I - 5 - ' 2 .c - cu r: - - - - O E O E ... O xn I .- - 5 F v Q - U - - - -2- gn Q E " - - - - - X, - 3 - - - - - 2 - 13- ' un V1 .- U - ,- -53 Y 1 " - - , O O V- -- .- - : 3 f: - - , .- : - - - : O .. : - 1 : - - O - -3 -I C0 - r- U 4 on Q 2 us- W - .Q 1 J -n 1 1 - -, - or - - 4 1 1 1 I- - - I- - - - - ' U si ZVLSILS 2l'llO'L PEEVE PET SAY NG FAVOR TE KNOWN BY AMB T ON MEMORY N ckname AME K ego ty spec Q art it EIQ sh Sen 0 Ox CCC SD LNAR Fudge Cn erfa rw IQ teache Ja uary R01 'II z- J: U, U KVI CL. 'J say Q UQQC P ertty a track 5tar Ta sto Mak SCCOW- ter Le a Iete I1 wg W EY S RR F- VIL 105: shot her K U1 LAO P- dl VIN My those eyex I a 'agar STO O D: "I Queen o:oI' wg Ho avg JUST SU CH L he rwakf We Cakw L a sort5 om pcs aker Rock Y T KD. .I .J K gg-I Q 'C K In Q. Q. Q. DG' WC Mack DO B RENCE CO 71 O aske A :Io oca Choo UR L I-D K K O CGI' Phooey O FTC SO OCS 'J psycho uary L J U Q. J away J RE CIV GTO C O5Q I Lat aughte X O S1 H I Lu eh 5 Root .C x HC etaty GU C L gd D lu ZZ SC No me LO lu I-Iu Xara: D-3 :II 515 1 I K UD Km SOU 1 they OS we e OC Q P- D In YTIOS5 K 'II'- CO SOO VC Co Ytpet I X C DO Co soap Buy my Soap oo-Woo UU oSo 'VO -X OO W 'Ieet o P par C RA JU J N x J E L1 yorm o y VJ hear qatex H heq Lu an IM pm Ill O etc gerunds U. VI ul OWS quo o Kaye Shakespc a I Sam y defn tey But CHQ NCCI' echo I ca DOY C an J SCC C Us LL REE C W .I H :eyenteen N I I I I I MA GARET Rtnso November, l'7-IU -,ecretary that tltlan han "Gee Whuzl R Wk III tyulng INYO JO Joe I1 - I-I I r I lr I4 a A - a a A a I I r r M0 0 N I1 r t I II " " taemq unable to make H R ttecusuonx ANL Paa II I II III I I I I I ' " I r NI Irl5 III ' I f"I A I H cheap" UTH Boon cemmeretal Ivath loyelorr- e-,tltor tr - "III luck " Eagle Street ILLANPA O PI-GIIIIIN "AIIqeI" III tuxtrtrtl chemtst tanclartt D r L. U "Er IO on ttuxt " so lox IIIIII -,art IIIII AULEY o INA ,lutz IIIII II' I. :I I I I- A l r In 'I 1 ' I ' certam pemom T ODNE Roxy II . II ' It ' " I I I lv-rt" Ann Cmm OH 0 I I THA Bent IIQII-ylt claw home at I het Irwttetxevmtent "lt can he fone' lroyw who ttvoyx www U VI A splrlt hall, G 0 GE JuIIy stayfmq hrs to: Mr, cIIIef eratrfeer drtymg a truck "What tIIIIe If IN' qtrly 0 Brown for l,eal Datry FLO IIIIIIIII- Ian fl I'7'Il II I A t CI het IIICIIIIIIIIQQ-, "DIA you hggr tht, owe' ocal Ioport, WOOD Cy In t'I II t I A H Art Ilrwt mance lot at Hugh la11 art Xt I1 I S t 0 r r I :I "What you say? t . A HA A S I rhythms IL IAN LII uII I I III I--I ay rt I 'nt I " IICIIIQ mistaken IOI O YO P I sh I0 y' I.l OE lou that 'wg tI4.II tnat got pu-1 Bette' to a ttoyvltwq aquatxcx qcnsotcf teacher-, GO alley JO N I rtj I r In II I , I I 5IIgI'It Mature 'lt therc5 a wtlt tnercfs C col.t meat R O way " 0 E T Revvw Axhtaluulo -IJ, Fatroort O, ltuwfewx oxecutuye Iwtth Q Is IIQIIIQ Mr "Say, Iahrtmc' Icktel. ND ICK Iloottmll' II- tttul I I I' I I , t A .aI'IcI mam WA N Vvtertou tom mmuter, to toon U S Nayy Il "Do I IooI wovrze-17 wake up vywl- U S A O Bo' math proltlunv Home hm luramx ' II II " home wori' A Y I HARD DILIX Jumor Claw play to myewt ana Dramote a hm Itlmplea "Yay eau -,oollmq tuyt-, T M language III whtch the word: II ' II If I I. AN REW Arwtly school clectrtcta-1 lnclng the feeder "I dorft lwow' those stumomq que, Z HA of Mr, Roots hom ttsh OE Tweezeu wnmtowlem lIlIIaI'yI yet to Come Barrymore protlle "A rollmfg stone qathers Ira prtotoqrtxtnhuu OHA ' " OE QQ I' ty' IOSI, I I W " ' ' " I III p III- VA ompafty . II V Vtck-. mt-,DIIIQ out oI1 fmat exams mavnago III5 I III " I ' Ir I,-In -I In I V G 0 der a soma R0 Ero thobe EE III Engllgh III a rt a Q e r o Recreatnon has p a rt I,c:ple5 "AIn't It a shame Qiyour fn-fjhcorg, VI Tl Center , . M me?" GEORGE Whtstle lust Axhtalaula lumkcttnali photographer hts blond half "You learn lay dong " Iaookworms I VI TI QOIHTLI' OHN Junk prom commnttee E.IItor dancmg abrlrty "ExceIsIor." m V0 ANSKI WI IAM Bull I t ' II r. I " I III II I I polllty " I I I ' rl I t tt I WE A H ass '42 'I S-4' to su who Al Adams Joe Buhary Betty Bnrak Arvrd Bporklund Bob Braemer Marvin Braskl Polrncr Congos Alece Curtnss Florence Dakos Frances Hoch Helen Elszasz Jack Ernckson Ernest Esterhay Nncn Esterhay Frank Gaspcr Geraldunf' Gray Margaret Hamlnar Ruth Hanes Ednth Heltanen Don l-lllberg Bob Hrlston Dorothy Hllston Melvin Hllston Frances Hoch Margaret Hogyc Martha Ignat Russell Irons Rosemary Jeffrncs Bette Johnson Ruth Kangas Emery Kaposfasy Bob Klein Adelbert Kocsls Julia Korduch Betty Kosman Kenneth Kujala Florence Letelhoc Lnlllan Llndsco Delbert Llntala Wllllam Loxtermcn Lawrence Loxtcrman Vnctor Lanka Robert Luoma Bell McDonald Frma Mackey Albert Molnar Agnes Mlkula John Mraz Duck Naponen Joe Ode Elmer Olson Frank Orosz Evo Otto Vnrgunla Owen elghteen - 0- g, ' 1 F, Q . s in , Q B A v A 6 L4 K A H K .. J I f T' ' l 1 Q 1 , . H Q V Jr ,,,, v ,Q-vi ? ,,. 3 , I A I -- , 1 A, I 5 J - it X - r-nv Glass 6 Lfl -9-C It .1 Jack Pouge Jean Patch Mervm Peterson Larry Petrus Jean Pohto Mary Reho etfy Ruppa Phyllls Roberts Eunar Soon Llllean Soon Wnlllarn Soon Emil Saluk Raymond Sekkl Ball Starkey James Stevens Jock Sturm Joc Surbella Bob Sutch John Szokocsl Joe Szuhoy Helen Toth Ruth Volanskl Albert Vostyon Robert Vnlogu Doris Wokkulo Helen Wayner Ruta Werbeach Martha Werronen Robert Wrlde Margaret Yagcr Stanley Zoler Florence Zavore Helen Zavore Albert Zumny nmeteen r 5 I 1 5 1 5 W ., . , -- x 1 .' - 1, y l . s. , , ' -V lb K ' s L -, 5 K ki Eff" .AEK f m 'Y I - , - ' .K A yi 'i ' 4 , r Xa l I 1 V- , A I W.: :V X ' V Q. A .. b if t V l Grass 6 3 1 Normo Cleory Florence Esterhoy Lsllnon Fu ppt John Gosper lrcne Gnrotos MOry Greig ulnus Gurley Tommy Hoklu Mclvln Hckolc Henry Hulston Aloyuus Joslk AI Kodet llllom Kelley Olga Kerestmon Morton Keto Jullo Kish Robert Kush Emil Kordtch 'N eve Kovacs Wolloce Leothers Anne Lefelhocz Adnan Lehto Jock Leplsto Aclruon Luomo Theresa Mogyor Poultne Moholsky George Morsholl Robert Morsholl Alnce Mottlnen Joe Morton nlmcr Nteml Morgoret Ondo lrene Orosz Make Orosz Jullus Rego Robert Rego Steve Runyo Morulyn Rogot Elsie Soon Morgoret Sobolrk Charles Suegworth Fronk Stmko Ben Szuhoy Wullnom Turpok Morgoret Toth Joe Voyo Inus Vorgo Mory Wolters Thcrcso Woyncr Wolter Wcyner Ruth Werbeoch Tovvo Werronen Albert Zupon twenty 1 0 1,1 .' f 1 . , l I ' J , l- 'f ' M f Q J " ' -v ., ' 3 ' 5 A , t W ' .- - 'A 1 A 'V ' N Q ' A , Z I ' t- X L I ' -' 4 'mr . , 5 1 tv 3- . ' If 1. , . by 4-1. , .1 4 A , L 2 fy ' f li 6 Q , ' Q ig 'I' J: 1' . , to 'Q M. 1, . VQVA 'f ' r"r ' I n , vt W I Ju 7 TL We thank Class Walls are a thang of the past Yet we have qualataes we d lake to have last Characterastacs to be passed along To some braght students of the younger throng Our photographer Renny bequeaths nothang at all He says he s goang to need all next fall Carl Lane leaves has abalaty to sleep and to eat To Ball Starkey wlso wall undertake the remarkable feat Stan Parrash won t leave anythang but wants to take all But Dot Palsse walls her abalaty to type tothe student next tal But Dot Olax as more generous an her shorthand skull To Bette John on to try at she wall Rodney Pohto leaves all has knowledge whach asn t too much To Mary Curaeg who has lattle need of such Anne Moasao we know won t leave you Bettae But to leave has studaes won t fret our Freddy Ann Hayduke also has somethang to share Her hearty laugh Dorothy l-lnlston must bear Helen Otto and Margaret Ranyo leave thear vocal cords behand To Butch and Mary who are doang so fane Wath a sagh Art Rauhala leaves has trumpet behand And at s up to Bob Lee to keep up the tame Florence Wood Ernest Kash and Charles Gallespae each one Leave to everyone thear abalaty to have lots of fun Tallae Gurley leaves her precaou abalaty to talk And Jack Volanska and Joe Lefelhocz both leave for a walk Johnnae Fedak leaves has physac problems to next year s class And Julaus Maaoros and Joe Rego leave school an the past Greng Anythang he needs Brown A day of peace Rood A phalanthropast to buy these longed tor scaentatac anstruments Mrs Farmer A school day that she asn t asked Do the Garl Reserves Charge yet? Mr Daly Predactaons that come true Mr Wanchell New saze '3 shoes Mr Boley A home delavery of the late edataon of the News Mass Dann More students that wall remaan an bed when absent Mr Wallaams Vegetables that come up overnaght Mr Helstrom A dozen new batons Mrs Patch Memory passages and more memory passages Mr Dunnang Proof that a straaght lane asn t the shortest dastance between two poants lt s a cuarved lane Mass Barnhardt A bouncer to keep boys out of her typang class Mr Bupp Another trap to Florada Mr Babson A new gym Mr lvary Boys who stay out of trouble Mass Lapsanen A farst tloor art room Mass Tapscott A canopv from the school to the labrary Mr Lynham An Cnglash class that ll learn those rules Mass Rugg A study hall that puts the chairs back an posataon Mass McClaflan A chorus that can get the correct patch YY ff . Il O ee we .l ' ' ' 2. ' ' ' 3. U ' ' 4' U M . 5. ' ' ' , ' ' " s I. 8. - - A ll I Il ' IZ 9. ' h ' lO. I ' A ' D Q ' II. . . . . iv IZ' I . I V I . I. l3. ' ' D ' s " I 14. ' I I " ' Q ' Mr. ' - ' . Mr. -- . Mr. H . . h - . . t twen -on 'z Diedm 'z Bettre Boehnke s Florenc Woods Clorron Peltomoo Dorothy Polsse s Motrldo Gurley S Roslyn Schuler s Lrllron Mockev s Florence Vyure s Yoo hoodres Justrno Sutch s 'L 72.812441 OK, Robert Rendrrck s Rrchord Sturm s Jonn Fedok S John Volonskr s Dove Hull s Robert Storkey s Chorles Grllespre Arthur Rouholo s Emul Kocsrs s Modesty Cornplexron Hour Doncrng Abrhty Personolrty Toste rn clothes Athletrc obrlrty Smrle Eyes Frgure Toste rn clothes Smale Physique Doncrng Abrlnty Brorns Hour Wit Complexron Modesty tyt Ou Q. 1 ' I e ' ......................... ' . ,C . f , . , . J .............................. Anne Moisio's ............... ,....,...., C heertulness Gu D G ' I . ' I . ' I . ' I . , . s .... ..............,........... 1 f V TRYING K1 BRA N VIKHDQN X,- QKAIY Homeeom F "- ALUMNI TB DEL f-"4'g.n +403 Qu? 'rc SE S THE UL I NNOR K0 ,UQ gcmoll A 5051 fy-f N93 c E- MDG! fg Z 53 4 lst Row Znd Row Paul 3rd Row 4th Row Irene Bob Armstrong Jrmmy Curtuss Wullaam Or: James Dllgren Marlon Wood Juluus Gurley Phyllns Erkknla Julnus Maporos Elmer Fundermark Jlmmy Quella Krukka Eleanor Saboluk Mr Brown Joe Szuhay George Marshall Joe Brhary Ida Szuhay Mary Wolters Lrlllan Soon Clayton Leathers Albert Vastyan John Fedak Albert Adams Nlck Esterhay Lllllan Mackey Orosz gfudenf Gouncc The Student Councnl as the law makung body un the school lt consnsts of the most able representatuves from each home room These students are the outstandmg puplls nn the school The Councnl each vear puts on some money makmg affaurs, the pro ceeds of whlch are dlvnded among three dnfferent funds Student Councnl Fund President s Fund, and dance fund hernng to the student code Faculty Advisor E H Brown Chanrman Julnus Maloros Vnce Chanrman Clayton Leathers Secretary John Fedak Treasurer Llllnan Mackey twenty SIX J I 4 l ,.. 4 V O I l I ' Congratulations? Student Council-on your fine school spirit in ad- lst Raw Robert Boehnke Wallaam Oras Eddae Tobaas Elmer Vastyan Robert Armstrong Jack Curtass Znd Row Eetty Brant Dons Kanluh Kathryn Hall Olga Saluk Maraan Wood Margaret Sabolalf Mary Greag Anne Lefelhacz Mary Walters rc Row Jack nrackson Bobby Boyer Mary Fetchko Margaret Barak Margaret Scheaber Margaret Kaoastasy Ben Szuhay James Hratz Ernest Lealcala Larry Petrus John Fedak Mr Brown 4 h Row Betty Barak Wallaam Starkey Robert Starkey Julaus Gurley Make Orosz Ernal Saluk Delbert Pohto Steve Ranyo Don Galm Merton Pohto 1 man fnafufze I come here often to fand myself at as so easy to get lost an the world Thas as the motto you see as you enter the doorway of the Shapman Museum To further the study an nature and waldlafe an general as the purpose of the c ub The members of the organazataon go on traps to as many nature meet angs as passable A Chrastmas bard census as taken each year on Mr Brown s farm The class of 4l congratulates thas group on ats never endang research Faculty Advasor Mr E l-l Brown Presadent John Fedak Vace Presadent Wallaam Oras Secretary Treasurer Betty Barak Custodaan Jack Erackson twert 9 L ft to Rlght Lllan Bjorklund Bette Boehnke Florence Gyure Dorothy Palsse Mss Barnhardt Dorothy Ol: Margaret Rlnyo O MDL Thus group meets only once a month but that one meetlng IS worth any four gatherings of an ordinary group The purpose of the organazotuon as to glve the members an Insight unto buslness proceedure and to teach them the rudnments ot buslness etlquette One of the hlghllghts of the year was a trlp to Spencerlan Busuness College nn Cleveland The faculty advxsor and helpful co worker ns Mass Barnhardt Vlce Presudent Gloria Dllgren Secretary Margaret Rlnyo Reporter Evelyn Suomela twenty elght Mi e S President .......................... Dorothy Olix lst Row Vlrglnva Owen Paulrne Maholsky Dorothy Olrx Matrlda Gurley Mary Reho Ruth Hanes Florence Gyure Ruth Kangas Mrss McClaflln Frances Hoch Rosemary Jetfrres Margaret Rrnyo Margaret Sabolnk Anna Pollock Mary Grelg Roslyn Schuler 2nd Row Alrce Curtuss Dorothy Palsse Nrck Hyduke Duck Naponen Bettie Boehnke Florence Zavore Walters Margaret Hambor Geraldune Gray r Row Helen Elszasz Anne Hayduke Meryrn Peterson Rrchard Sturm John Mraz Ernar Soar: Albert Molnar John Fedak Jock Pange Robert Luoma Steve Vegso Wrllram Boyer Vlctor Lunka Jean Pafch Anne Lefelhocz GLM! Cl ly The Choral Club dld exceptlonally tune work thus year Under the super vlsnon of our new director, Mess Helen McClatlnn the club entered competu tlon at Kent and recelved second ratnng The ludges gave them complu ments which were well deserved after long weeks of hard practice Keep up the good work In the future' Best wishes from the Class of 4l twenty nrne Jean-Pohtog Lilliarl Bporklundg Arthur Rauhalag Charles Gillespleg' Helen Ottog Dorns Wakkllag Mary 3 d - : A 1 ' J ' V: : D 1 s.. I ' ' - I HARD NG H GH SCHOOL BAND The band thus year agaln, showed the excellence that the hard and un tlrnng work ot thelr leader has brought about Thus organlzatlon started the year by Dlaynng at all home football games Theur rousrng playing made e crowd feel the excltement ot every game Keeping ID tralnlng In the off season with Monday nlght rehearsal the band came through wlth tlylng colors at the annual band contest at Kent Wuth a ratlng of superior the group really was a tune representatlve of thus school The leader s broad knowledge of music coupled wlth the students wlllnngness to learn made thus hugh honor passable tncated muslc to the already prevalent marches they varued thelr programs Tame and tlme again we the students have realrzed that rt would be rather hard to get along wlthout our band EVM. WLS Flute Jean Pohto Jeannette Hllberg Mary Greig Ruth Esther H ll la Nellle Holm Marrlyn Mackey Puccalo Phyllls Pohto Clarinet George Parson Ruta Wolff lean Armstrong Melvun Hakola Helen Kukko lean Patcl- Robert Luorna Rnchard Naponen Oliver Hannunen Lunda Pohto Doris POhtO Alberta Stuuru Eddue Tobias Raymond Holm Vnola Wnemera Morulyn Pernola Ruth Peffer Thelma Knkka Jeannette Sutch Oboe Don Davld Mclieever Mnldred l-lakola Bassoon Irene Laszlo Phyllis Topparu Alto Clarinet Geroldlne Gray Laura Peltomaa Bass Clannet Clarron Peltomaa Myrtle Ann Knuttlnen Saxophone Grace Esterhay Rosemary Jeffrne Vuctor Lunka Coletta Wolff Wallace Leathers Allan Hllberg French Horns Palmer Congos Mnke Ondercln Paullne Maholsky Roslyn Schuler Julia Kish Carol Keto Jean Burch Barntonc Wrnfred Braskt Lnlluan Blorklund Olga Saluk Trombone Rnchard Lehtrnen James Grelg Eduth Hnlston Helen Rlnyo Cornet Arthur Rauhala Robert Lee Justlna Sutch Adrian Luorna Tommy Cramer Yolanda Vegso Jack Lepusto Joy Youpol Ned Klumph Nnckue Mraz Ellly Ahonen Raymond Volanskn Ennar Nnsula Olga Esterhay Steve Ondercln Art Tuokkola Bass Dor Hllberg Melvnn Hnlston Lawrence Loxterman Elmer Nrernr Donald Lakra Drum Marvin Brosku Robert Snyder Dorothy Hvlston Rlchard Roberts Davnd Hakolarvn Tympanu Vlrgunla Owen thurty one G14 ' . ' ' ' th . . . . . - . . S, The band presented three concerts this year. By adding a bit of sophis- 'Sf ROW MQW Rcho Lrlluan Horvu th Laura Peltomaa Norma Cleary lrcnc Orosz Mary LOU KIIKKU Mary Troha Dorothy Rego 2nd Row Emma Zolar Evclyn Mohner Llllnan Mackcy Margaret Rrnyo Dorothy Olnx Matilda Gurley Marolyn Rogat Irene Van Jura Lnndo Pohto Norma Holson Esther Pesho Myrtle Ann Knuttlnen r Row Dorothy Falss Florence Gyure Agnes Mlkula Ruth Volansku Jean Pohto Margaret Hogya Bette Johnso1 Lllllan Bjorklund lrene F dak Frances l-loch Betty Kosman Joy Youppl Row Florenc Zavore Margaret Yaqer Yolanda Vegso Bettre Boehnke Eleanor Trrpak Helen Elszasz Anne Molsuo Edith Heltanen Dons Wakkula Phyllis Roberts Alice Curtlss Ruth Kangos Florence Letelhoc 'L RZSZQOZS To fund and gave the best IS the motto ot thus outstandlng group Meetnngs are held alternately every other week by the gunlor and sensor or ganuzotnons The annual banquet by the sensor group and the annual tea by the yunuor group are therr goals Presrdent Vice President Secretary Treasurer Fnnancual Chm Senior Junlor Matnlda Gurley Dorothy Ollx Margaret Runyo Lrlllon Mackey Florence Wood Faculty Advusor Presndent Vuce Presudent Secretary Treasurer Flnanclal Chm Mrs Hazel Farmer Marilyn Rogat Irene Van Jura Lrnda Pohto Norma l-lolson Esther Pesho thurty two E Q Q Q Q Q F . Q . 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q Q Q Q - 3d f ue: Q Q Q Q V Q -Q Q 0 Q Q Q . 4th - 2 Q V . Q Q ,Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q' l ,, . . ,, . . . Qs as is 'K' lst Row Jack Lepnsto Vlctor 'unko Lllleon Youppl Roslyn Schuler George Vlstu Robert Rendrlck WI hom Werbeoch Albert Vastyon 2nd Row Melvin Hllston Robert Snyder Tommy Hoklu Henry Hllston AI Kadet John Mraz Wallace Leathers Charles Gnllespue 3rd Row Mr Rood George Marshall Mervun Peterson Charles Suegworth Ruchord Whlte Jack Sturm OBLGIL One picture rs worth o thousand words Working on thus prnnclple the Shutterbugs have wrutten severol Anthony Adverses ond at least one Gone With the Wand Wlthout the co operotlon of thus outstondnng club lt would be proctl cally lmpossuble to publush the Harbor Lught Faculty Advisor Ralph Rood Presldent George Vest: Vuce Presldent Robert Rendrrck Secretory Roslyn Schuler Treasurer Wllllom Werbeoch , thirty-three GWIZCOVIAU4 The football game between Geneva and Faurport was desugnated as homecomlng game thus year Durung the half Jeannette Jasnk the Home comang Queen of l939 crowned Justlna Sutch as the new queen Sharlng honors wlth her were Lulllan Mackey Matulda Gurley Clarnon Peltomaa and Helen Germek The new queen and her attendants reigned throughout the remcnnder of the game and at the dance held after the game nn the gymnasium No doubt that nught wnll long be remembered by each of these gurls thurty four l 11 - ll s - - ' 1 1 ' , . I I f , . ppezz, Vrctory vnctory ns our cry V I C T O R Y Sholl we get It yes l guess We re from F H S Thus us the wor cry of the Pep Club composed of the cheer leoders of the hugh school They ore the ones thot make the cheermg crowd on um portormt port of oll bosketboll or1d footboll gomes Spurred on by cheers led by thus group mony o losing teom hos rollued to wm o decnslve vlctory FOCulfy Advisor R A Greig Th rye 6 U. ll - - - I . I 1 II ' ' ll ll , . lst Row Joe Zalanka Carl Mackey Elmer Fundermark James Dulgren Jlm Phrlllps Raymond Holm .lack Lasko 2rd Row Jean Burch Carol Keto Alberta Stuurr Joan Errckson Janice Sonty lrene Kordlch Phyllls Pohto Phyllus Erkklla Jean Jaskela Mlrlam Vallmakl Shlrley Stokes :Grd Row Mlss Llpsanen Delores Lullback Anno Mackey Norma Paul Sophua Ondercln Marcelyn Naponen Lols Ann Smith Richard Bowen Russell Stembock Mr Lynham 4th Row Jeannette Sutch Ida S uhay Marnlyn Pernola Julua Lunka Ruth Petter Doris Kleln Bully Ah onen Donald Cleary Steve Ondurcln Donald Hall Jesse Mackey The club has been very actlve An ornglnal Chrlstmas play l Saw lt In My Dream was presented the flrst semester On Know Your School Nnght May 2 the club presented The Knave of Hearts a comedy by Louise Saunders SEVENTH GRADE DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS l2nd Semesterl Presldent Mmam Vallmakl Vlce Presldent Janice Sonty Secretary La Verne Kautlalnen Sergeant at Arms John Ernckson Stage Managers Pyhllus Erkklla and Jack Lasko thlrty sux l. I . . O 1 1 - - in f J i J 2 J J 1 A J 1 J ' J Z 2 if E Az 5 H 5 : 1 J : 1 5 . . f 1 2 2 1 J I 1 'L. C9 'Lt2WlG CCS . . . . ,, ' I ll - l . - - - ' Il ll ' I I I 4 v n . - p - u gy 1 9 g I .ro J '51 val mwmwwwbnnimwwwnmawgn wggmg ,I ' Junior Class Play-October 23, l94O The Juniors this year came through with a play that was really superb. Their eager enthusiasm, coupled with their director's dramatic skill, made the production one of the hits of the year. fjcave ik 'Tc 1020 The cast included: Mrs Louise Prescott, an old-fashion mother Stanley Prescott, her son Coral Prescott, her ambitious daughter Dolly Prescott, hor misch.evous daughter Mrs Madge Lawton, who has recently lost her husband Etta Ford, the Prescott maid .. Easton Bowers, in love with Coral Lucius Fowler, who has an eye for business Edna James, one of Coral's college chums Poberta Prescott, wha arrives unexpectedly , Frederick Driscoll, Roberta's uncle Lord Cecil Bunyan as lBunnyl from "dear old England" that , Elizabeth Barak William MacDonald Frances Hoch Lillian Saari Jean Patch Dorothy l-lilston Vlctar Lunka . John Mraz Geraldine Gray .. Alice Curtiss Robert Eroemer Robert Luoma Stage Managers--Robert Wilde and Lawrence Petrus Lighting-Melvin Hilston Directorw Earl R. Lynhom thirtyeeiqht -la Mrs Mclntyre Prof Mclntyre George Mclntvre Terry Mclntyre Prnan Stanley E Sue Vivian Bert Par ans Stewart Muller Mrs Muller Duane Grlrnore Jane Mnldred Dutch Pete L Ll GLW! 'Z Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS n I HARDING HIGH SCHOOL May9 I94I BUSINESS MANAGERS Florence Wood Robert Rendrnck Charles Gillespie Matulda Gurley John Fedak Margaret Rmyo Roslyn Schuler Andy Blyak Clarxon Peltomaa Justlna Sutch Anne I-layduke Lnlllan Youppl Rnchard Sturm Robert Starkey Helen Otto Dorothy Palsse and Julnas Maloras Dnreftor Mrs L E Patch th ty E ff lr Gp 1 of I ' .,..,....,......,....,...... , . ' ' .,................,..,. Arthur Rauhala ul .....,.....,.,.,..,.,.....,....... FOR CRAYETY AND MIRTH JOIN THF CROWD AT Iohnn 81 M rt s SWEET SHDP WE MAKE OUR ICE CREAM FRESH DAILY CUSTARDS FROSTED MALTS SHERBERTS FAIRPORT HARBOR OHIO fo fy guuunun E E Efooflmll Congratulations Skippers on your fine play and Sportsman ship on and off the field lt was really a thrill to watch you per forming the best blocking seen in years Of course we can t forget Coach Daly for his toil in making the Skippers such an excellent team Mentor 6 Fairport 0 The Skippers, with their heaviest team in years, were set back in their opener by the Mentor Cardinals. It was the Cardinals' game all the way. A 73-yard march in the last period, using mainly power, decided the contest. Shaker Heights 7-Fairport 'IZ With a slight fog climaxing the fray, the Skippers came through safely with the able guidance of Capt. Bob Hilston. The Fairport boys outclassed the Shaker outfit even though the visitors had a decided edge in weight. The Skippers put the pigskin over in the first and fourth periods, Heights, in the third. T Harbor 0 Falrport 6 The Skuppers breakmg a seven year punx left l-larbor holdlng the tradv tlonal funeral basket The local boys who were usually In Harbor terrltory lost out on a few threatennnq drlves due to excessuve offslde and cllppnng penaltres John Blltzkrneg Szakacsn went over an the fnrst quarter for the only tally of the game Pamesvllle 0 Falrport 7 An lnspured Fairport football machine that fought wnth but one thang nn mlnd vlctory outclassed and outfought their southern rrvals at Recrea tlon field The Daly men dldn t qulte have the punch to go over an the fnrst period but came out flghtlng ln the tn: d for a touchdown After thus the Sknppers had the ball for the most of the fourth perrod Szakacsl was the outstandnng player of the whole game rnakung galn after galn for the touchdown Geneva 0 Fairport 27 Before a l-lomecomung crowd of l 7OO the Skuppers set back the Geneva Eagles by the decnsnve score of 27 O The vusutors who were a but overconfudent because of theur good shownng wnth Ashtabula were surprlsed with a barrage of touchdowns The fnrst came when Fedak kicked off over the goal lrne and Gasper recovered Two others came ln quick succession The last tally Came when Szakacsl re turned a kuck 60 yards for the touchdown The Sknppers had the ball for the most of the game receiving lO flrst downs to the vlsntors s 3 Willoughby 7 Fairport 25 The Skuppers ran over one of theur toughest opponents of the season by the over whelmung victory of 25 7 The Maroon Marauders led the pace by making the flrst touchdown but were soon passed up by the Rangers when a pass an the last 30 seconds of the flrst half clucked for a goal The con versuon was good Pamesvllle 0 Fanrport I3 The Skrppers launched their fnrst our attack of the season by setting back the Ranclers l3 O Even though the Ralders our ran the Sknppers they were never wuthln scorlng posltlon Wnth Szakacsn throwmg the boys clucked on a sleeper to Mannlnen and a pass to J Gasper The second conversnon worked wlth a pass to Fedak Ashtabula 25 Faurport 0 ln the flnal frght for the Lcke Shore tltle the Panthers walked over the Sknppers Tame after tnme the black cats stealthily crept through the locals ne Dellerba the speedy Ashtabulan was undoubtedly the most outstand :ng player of the game The frrst half gave the Panthers three of their four touchdowns thelr last came an the fourth period Conneaut 0 Fairport I8 The Sklppers battlang to take sole possession of second place upset the Trojans by the score of I8 O The Skipper 1. power llterally tore open the Trogan s lvne and confused the halfoacks Nick Esterhay went over the lane twlce for the locals fo ty the 1 - 1 w . I , 11 - - 11 1 - - . . . - - 11 - 11 - ' 1 . , . . . . 1 f I . , . , . . . I . I 1 . 1 . . . . I . I . ll , 1 1 ' , . 1 1 . . ,Q . . , . . Y ' YE of lst Rom Bob Sutch Stexe Kovacs Bob Mannmen 2nd Row Melvm Hllston Frank Gasper Elmer Olson Nick Esterhay John Szakacsr Al Adam John Gas er Coach Babson D 3rd Row Andy Rntek Adnan Lehto Wulluam Soar: Bob Eraemer Robert Klsh Delbert Llntala Jack Sturm Adrlan Luoma 4th Row George Marshall Henry Hllston Stanley Zalar Joe Stazzone Ray Volanskl Joe Varga gasfzeflmll Emerglng as co champs of the Lake Shore League wmnmg the Class B Sectlonal Tournament and competlng an the sem: flnals at Kent are feats that the Sklpper lads performed durnng the past season Passmg and speedy plays were especially promment In the Sknppers offense The 41 grads take off thelr caDs to Coach Babson and the team for thelr excellent play durlng the season pldllefls NICK ESTERHAY Nack the Sklppers tall lanky center, was appounted captam of the quuntet at the begmnnng of the season He seems to have the edge on the rest of the boys for he can keep cool as a cuke durmg exclte ment He has won a number of games for us because of hrs coolness for example the furst Pa-nesvllle game Nlck has a half year to play yet forty four A K M 4.2 " F , Q A - P X ' 5 K ' . t ' ,g s- " 3, ' 1 kv -. if Ai ll. ' 1 ' ' . 4 f ' . . - 4 , , , , 1 S: -- l J J , 1 1 : 5 - . . 7' I 1 I I I - - I 1 ' 1 . . . . , , . . . . , . I I ll ll ' ' I - ' I , . . . p 63,815 JOHN SZAKACSI Cy for short ns the Sklppers hugh scorer and out scores most of hus opporents An exceptlonally good ball handler and dnb bler Cy as contunually breakmg through hrs opponents defense He has an other half year to play wuth the Skuppers BOB SUTCH Bob who as 5 feet 9 Inches has meant very much to the team thns year An agile player Bob has been seen In the scoring column quste often He has another year to trouble the Lake Shore teams AL ADAMS One of the trlcklest fakers nn the league Al IS usually seen making sucker shots because of has abnluty to get the defensuve players ou of posutlon Al IS second hugh In scorlng honors and wall also be seen on the floor next year BOB MANNINEN The speedlest Sknpper of them all vs Bob K ller for short Even though he IS about the smallest on the team Bob IS usually seen recelvlng the rebound off the backboard He IS a Sensor thus year and wnll be massed qreatly rn next year s lneup ELMER OLSON Commonly known as Bun us the old dependable of the team Whenever a decisive pount IS necessary Bun as there to sunk lt He has been wlth the team for the last three years and has one more to go STEVE KOVACS Even though Jenks IS but 5 feet 7 Inches he can com extra pep into the game that makes It more unterestmg He has two more years for the Maroon and Whute JOHN GASPER A heavv set boy John has been a great asset to the team Hls ablluty to rernarn calm when the game ns near sts clumax has especially been notnceable John rs also back for two more seasons and should see plenty of actlon Sklppers Sknppers Sknppers Sklppers Skuppers Sklppers Skuppers Sklppers Sknppers SKIPPER S SEASON Conneaut Ash Clty 23 Ash Harbor 22 Madlson 3l Alumnu 35 Geneva 23 Palnesvllle 29 Maple Hts 37 Wllloughby 30 Skuppers Skuppers Sklppers Sknppers Sklppers Sklppers Sknppers Skuppers TOTAL Conneaut Zl As Cnty 32 Ash Harbor 25 Geneva 40 Palnesvllle 29 C Lehman 34 Parma 38 Willoughby 26 Won lO Lost 2 ttyf . - A - I v t Q - ' ' I ll i ll . . 1 I. ' pete with the tamr boys in "rugged" fashion. "Jenks" seems to put some ' -34 - ' E-4l - ' -22 . ' - A -l7 h. ' .- ' -34 . - ' -29 . - ' ' -46 ' -- ' -52 - ' -24 ' - ' -44 ' ' - ' -52 - ' -24 . - ' -3l ' ' - ' -44 - ' -53 .- ' -46 ' - ' -50 ' - ...... - lst Row Merton Pohto Emnl Korduch Robert Lee 'lnd Row Tony Lunka Andy Szuhay Stan Parrish Bud Brasku Wvllle Soar: 3rd Row Coach Matt Ivory Frank Gasper Kaya Sarrula Davc Szuhay Robert Mannlnen Andy BIYGR 4th Row Al Kadct Jack Paige Bull Werbeach Bob Klcln B ll Loxtcrman 'mc Last season the Skipper speedsters handicapped by the large number of track men who had been graduated rated relatively low In track competition The team was made up almost entirely ot sophomores who lacked track ex peraence Thus season they should have one of the best teams ln years Most of the boys of last year s team are back and much promusmg new maternal ns on nts way up Coach Matthew Ivory ns endeavorlng to buuld up younger maternal so that he wall not be hompered by mexperuenced boys IH future competutnons forty sux , 'E- 4 .1 , . , ' I V -O 4 I x 'Q BL K, A if tl 7 I ' 'I - A rr I F F I - r I I I I I - 7 . r. . -,, , , 1 f V ' I 3 . . .. I ... . A1 .. . . . 09 RDJ lst Row Frank Gasper Stanley Parrlsh Marvm Braskl 2nd Row John Fedak George Vlstu Alfred Dellsno :rd Row Robert Starkey Joe Ode Wlllnam Werbeach ox, S nffzamufza S These Senior Hn boys were offlclally crown champs of the Intramural competition nn the enture school The team conslsts ot boys who have not taken quute enough Interest nn basketball to go out tor the school quintet They however have had enough experience to ploy an excellent brand of basketball The upper class men have beaten the juniors sophomores and fresh men by scores exceeding the 50 mark The only team that come near de featlng them were the rumors Nnce gonng fellows' forty seven 4' , - L M f. 1 - . J li TQPN 59 'F K ' T 7 A ,P ' 0 kj, I 401,1- Q R fifi-9: A P 'P"Wvs LT'v' h 'W' ff M v"vn4' , Ar., J' wa, fi 5'73?""'3' F -enq- ,M ma i 'Q 4,45 'W X 40' 5' -afaw , 4-6"-1 5 "' A JrifW ations Vlr and Mrs Carl Wnllnams Mr and Mrs Charles Boley Mr and Mrs R A Greng Nola Barnhardt Frances Tapscatt Mr and Mrs Frank Converse Mr and Mrs Make Sholtls Edlth Oyanpa and Mrs Etna l-lutander Elijah Brown and Mrs L E Patch and Mrs Matthew lvary and Mrs Earl Lynham len McClaf nw and Mrs Roy O Pauley and Mrs Clayton Dunnun and Mrs Reno Bupp Ralph Rood Gerald Babson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George Daly Ruth Mackey Martha Llpsanen Mr and Mrs B L Farmer Mr and Mrs Wrlllarn Wnncl Mr and Mrs Carl E Reeves Mass Helen Lakso Elizabeth Clevenger Arnold Tonvonen Adolph Brasla zel Rugg and Mrs Fusher and Mrs Boylan and Mrs Rendrnck C' IG Mr. . . ' Mr. " Mr. . . , Mr. . Mr. . l-le lr Mr, . . Mr. -. ' J Mr. . Mr, . Mr. . Mr. . Mrs A Mr. ' l-la Dr. M ' Dr. . Mr, . A Compliments and Best Wishes PLEHSIHG PHUTUBHHPHS NEWMAN STUDIO CLEVELAND or-no 1706 Euclid Ave. CONCPATULATIONQ A E STALEY MANUFACTURING COMPANY COMPLIMFNTS Of- The Lake County Transportat1on,Co ONGRATULATIONS HILBERG S MARKFT E1 ' m 1 X . f' L 1 1 E1 - - E1 Compliments Of INDUSTRIAL RAYCN CCJRPORATICDN CONGRATULATIONS Falrport Llmlted Varlety Store lnc 5 IOC 25C SPECIALTIES Cor Thurd and Hugh Streets Faurport Harbor Ohuo THE NORTH STAR DAIRY 533 Eagle Street Dual 4852 Faurport Harbor Ohuo F airport Furmture Co Complete Home Oatfutters Coruvenuent Terms 328 Hugh St Faurport Harbor Ohuo We Guve Eagle Stamps Patrohuze Your Acme Bakery EDS Dual 3291 The Best In Baked Goods Cor Hugh C7 Seventh Sts Faurport O Compluments Of ZAPP S Dry Cleanung Repaururug Suuts Made To Order Pressurug Dual 6953 606 Hugh St Faurport Harbor Ohuo Good Housekeepmg Shop Washers Raduos Retrugerators SIO Hugh St Faurport O Dua 3I9I Parts And Repaurs On AII Electrucal Appluances f fty th o o Q 0 0 C - - ' I I f umuuum--ummm-uuuu-uummuuuuuu s o 5 0 E fl ' If E . , : - E ' 1 nunnumunuuunuunnuuuunuunu.nunnuuuuuum-nuunnu . - Inunnnuuunuununnuu-unununnunmuuuuuunumunnnunnunnnununl . E , : . , . I , E - . .tum I.um...u.uuuu.u..u-uumuu mm.uuuuuuumuuu-u.mmuuunuuuuuu-uumu-uuuumumuuuuuuuumuuuu mum N St Clolr St Polnesvllle O dw el' S OLUWZS THE PAINESVILLE GARDEN AND GREENHOUSE CO Store lG7 Mom Street Ponnesvulle Ohno Telephone 5750 Greenhouse 916 W Jackson St Pounesvulle Ohno Telephone 5252 Compliments ond School Orgonnzotlons Sell Best Wnshes Clark and Searl cm DY From Servlce Star Market Dm' 3266 327l Sterling Ave Pcunesvulle Compliments Ot Cornplnrnents Of Standard Drug Co Pure Drugs Slnce Lake Barber Shop V399 Hmm Sf Folrport o Ponnesvulle Ohno BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l94l Save at Sears SEARS ROEBUCK 8: C0 95 No Pork Place Ponnesvulle Ohio fftyf El -----'------ 1-------------- ---------- ----- -------"-'-'------- - - - - m H l ' 71 b . . I . . I b . ' . . IO cc as , - E.. ........--.----------------- --------------.------- ------ -----------------------.-.-.---. . . E1 f-12516 x S X Q is F dVales THE GUIDE TO BETTEQ FOOD VALUES Next To The Post Offlce FAIRPORT HARBOR OHIO COMPLIMENTS OE C de Bt X ...4-"' X g S XS, STANDARD PORTLAND CEMENT PLANT, PAI NESVILLE, OHIO El ........... E1 Hy E1 """""""'l3 ,l 77 --- TT L , --:, 5 -- Th T 3 X , -I --,,, Q 1 x S 3 '- The ,jk ui To eter N' oo u T O 4' vf 0 4' , 'Q i N. Success And Happuness To Your Graduates BAILEY S Corner Suxth and Eagle Faurport Ohuo The Educatlonal For Goodness Sake EAT Frlzzell s lce Cream It s Good To The Last Bute Van Joslin, Inc Furnlture Lake County s Largest Furnuture Store Teums To Meet Ex euy Purse Qualuty And Seuxucc At Loweu Puuces Is Ouu Motto P II Oh Gmesvl e lo Fucc Stou age Free Delux ery Dual 6233 45 N Stlte St P nunesx 111c BEST OF LUCK TO ALL GRADUATES FRANK STANTON Fouzp MERCURY ZEPHYR Dual 3521 Paunesvulle Ohuo SAVE SAFELY AT THE Lake County Federal Savmgs 8: Loan Ass n Maun St Paunesvulle Your Accounts Insured To S5 OOO By Federal Savungs C7 Loan Insurance Corporatuon fufty s f Q . E 0 ' 5 Everything For The Home - . , E 0 Eu .........- .... E I t Compliments Of CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR cLASS Danlel s Incorporated LAWS APPAREL Bltzer Furnlture Co Exclusive But Not Expensive E Fumlture And Rugs C O M P A R E For Every Home IZO Mann St Parnesvllle I St Clair Palnesvllle Frugldalre Retrlgerators Erlgndaure Ranges Frxqndaare Electrlcal Appliances HILL S HARDWARE O I-lull ro Plurnblna I-Ieatlna Sheet Metal Work Dual 3462 ZIB Snxth St Eanrport Harbor Olmo Best Washes To Class Of 41 Buckeye Dairy Company THE MILK OE SUPERIOR QUALITY Dual 598I Fairport I-Iarbor Onlo Books Stationery Gifts Office Supplues Austin S Pharnlacy Llghtner s K d k A d D I O G S fl CVC ODIVI Book Store S 9 upplues Paunesvulle Ohio ISS Mann St Parnesvllle Records Pictures Games Greeting Cards El El ffty EI -HH I nuu: 1 rwuuuunuuuuuu num mm nuwnuu- mn-mu mm: luunuv 1nnnmnnmnnumn uuunnun nu-num uuuuunvu- :um nu- E ' 7 ' . ' ' 19-2 S, . ' Sf. ' ' 7 F. . ' , P p. mnmmm D Second St BON VOYAGE TO CLASS OF 4I ANNS FOOD STORE Arm Goblowsky Prop Dual 4487 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l94l I-olrporf Ohio Standard Chromate Dnvlslon DIAMOND ALKALI COMPANY Palnesvllle Ohlo Artcraft Prlntmg Company DonJocobsor1 Prop COMMERCIAL PRINTING AND TYPEWRITERS 42 N State St Phone Pomesvllle 3709 IQ? 9 I E1 El 'V h Compliments Of TONY M TANTRE UNITED FOOD STORES Where Price Cr Quallty Meet NEVITE Washing Soda and Water Softener ls Made In Falrport 5 E Q XX' TJ. Makes Washing Easy Saves Soaps Buy Is From Your Grocer The Buckeye Soda Co Fairport Harbor Ohio Compluments Of The Bread 8z Butter Food Shop 427 Eagle St Faurport Ohio Dua! 5362 Compliments Of S Colgrove S JEWELERS Drug Store Corner of Mavn and State Sts Hugh St Fairport Pannesvnlle 'O : : N I , E E ' E 0 E nm.........................................mm.................... 5 5 5 o E . . so ' 5 . r -A g I if , s . I 'N -if ,. X Y - .s- QL..-'N 1 tty ln Paunesvulle lt s JEANNETTE JULT N Ihr Smart Store for ll nmen Diamonds Watches Sllverware JOHN RICH Jeweler Optometrist Gutts For All Occasnons Establlshed l856 Best Wishes To The Class Of 4l Dr J M Bell Dentist Compliments Ot Rogat Hardware Hardware Refrugerators Palnts Stoves l-lngh St Fairport O Mackey s Market Ben Mackey Owner SPIC C1 SPAN FOOD STORE 525 Eagle St Faurport Dual 4869 Congratulatlons For Twenty Two Years Fairport s Dependable l-laberdosher Max Chalfln Faurport Pannesvul'e INSURANCE Real Estate Loans Homes For Rent G E Reed Co Phone 3548 3549 Cornpluments Of Paint Service IZ4 No State St Pasnesvulle Dlstrlbutor Sherwin Wllllarns Poants E nn . : ,.,...,,,.......,..,,.,....,...,...... nummmmum-umm mm E 1 . . , 5 I O O . - - - E . l62 Main St. Painesville l 5 5Vz'S'0 I l U E , 5 O 'C O 5 I O E1 ..... 2 .- E1 Dnol 6442 33 Compluments Of ROBERT McMILLAN Coal Brnck Tl e Flue Lunmg Llme Cement Plaster Sewer Pnpe Mortar Colors Lnberty Street Duol 5822 HARBOR LA Our Alm To All Falrport Cltlzen Home Owners The rnon who owns hrs own home Whose chnldren have o ploce thot they Look upon os their own gnves to Hrmself ond hns fomnly C1 better Ploce fn the lute of the Community Corner Eost ond 3rd STS Ponnesvnlle O Fosrport Ohlo fompluments Of The Lake County Business College N Stote St Duo! 6522 Polnesvnll e Ohno lty THE CO. E nuumullununnunnunnnnn - nnuu E Compliments Of Compliments of Lake shore Lumber Dr, T, H, Riley And C031 CQ, oPToM ETRIST Poinesviile, Ohio 225 High St, Fairport COMPLIMENTS OF THE Hole 111 the Ground Restaurant Compliments Of POTTI FUNERAL HOME Dnol 6192 Fnfth St Fcnrport Third St Complnments Of Congrotulotnons From Wllson 8z Foster Ed G0ttWlg s FLORISTS Folrport Pomesvalle Ohio fyf 538 ' . ' . , E """"""" F I num E OES Bob I was talkung to your garl yesterday Johnny Are you sure you were doang the talkang? Bob Yes Johnny Then at wasn t my qarl Mr Dunnang lchemnstryl Helaurn was farst dascovered on the sun l don t know whether or not the heat there had anythang to do wath the tarst three letters of the word Ruchard Whate an Latan translataor He as a good mother Florence Wood Of all sweet words ot' tongue or pen The sweetest are these Chem never agaan' Charles G ldoang crossword puzzle! Gave me the name of an automobale that starts wath T Dot Palsse Don t be absurd Chuckae they all use gas Anne H lto garage mechanacl They say I have a short carcuat Can you lengthen at whale I waat please? Bob B Was George Washangton as honest as they say he was? Mr Bupp He was the most honest man that ever laved Bob B Then how come they close the banks on has barthday? Flos There was a bag flght an ITT! head last naght Tal What d ye mean? Flos Two haars fell out Newcomer How can I get to the hospatal aaa a hurry? A Zamny See that car comang? Newcomer Yes A Zamny Well run an front of at Teacher Why do you sat there and scratch your head? Student l rn the only one that knows at s atchang Bettae B Gave me 2 pounds of that salmon Butcher That asn t salmon That 5 ham Bettae B Who asked you what at was? Kaller Mother do l have to wash my face? Mother Certaanly dear Kaller Aw why cant I powder at lake saster does? lrate Father lto son whom he caught smokangl Smokang hey? Son llxlonchalantlyl No sar Tobacco Mr Wallaams Wall someone wrate to Washangton or nnformataon on thas subject? Stan He s dead' Mr Bupp Carl what are the dutaes of a coroner? Carl When a murder occurs or an acradental death he examanes the person and pronounces ham dead Preacher Young man you ought to attend some place of worshap on Suaaday eVenangS Nack I do sar lm goang to see her now Mass Barnhardt Say Johnnae what s the henght of your ambataon? Johnnae F She comes gust to my shoulder t three , 11 11 . , . . . I ,, . . . , . . . . . il a, 11 - aa Il - Il I , - 11 11 . I ' . , I . , . . , ' I l , I I I 11 11 . . , . . . , . , . , . - I 1 . , . . . , . . I 1 . . . . , , 11 - 11 , . . 11 - If . , . , 1 . . I . . - , ' I . . . , . . . . , . . . ' I I Sax ',-- E1 ...... ..... ............................. ..... ...... E1 Compliments Of Compliments of Ford W- Andrus Dr. J. w. Golding General Insurance X-Roy Service Surety Bonds 5 Dial 63OI P0l"eSVl"e Palm" 134 Mom sf, Painesville TYPE WRITERS ADDING MACHINE QUALITY PUBLISHER OF JOB PRINTING FAIRPORT BEACON eal Pfllltlllg C0 Hugh Dral 554l Fairport Best Wnshes I Q J To The Class Ot 4l HARDWARE R Levlne Honest Value In Pornts Tools Shoes Men s Eurnnshungs House Wares and GIHS 320 High St Fanrport David S Ingalls Earle L Johnsor O O I 3 l O ' St, ' ' E1 ------- - E f EJ ty-f 3 .. - E1 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l94l DIAMOND ALKALI COMPANY FAIRPORT HARBOR OHIO Parkway Service Statlon Nyle Schuster Prop EN AR CO PRODUCTS Whute Ro e Cos Specnolszed Greosnng En Ar Co Oul Accessones We Extend Our Congrofuloflons COmP"me'W'S Of To The Closs Of 4l J J Newberry The Maple Brook Dalry Ponnesvnlle Ohno or A Complete Doury Service fyf I . . , . I S J I l I ' - l I 2 n 0 4 2 , f 5 ff - - 11 E1 , Q J . ............. E c0ngmfulQf.0nS Sunshme Dalry To The class of 1941 Company Where Fresh Dalry Lee J Devney MEN S STORE Products Are Assured Dlol 6971 Pomesvllle Ohuo Pomesvlue Ohm Dual 4972 Newcomb R E Gregory 8: Co Servlce Station REAL ESTATE Tnres Tubes Batternes Accessornes East G 7th sts 20 N St Clcnr Pcmesvllle Fanrport Harbor Ohno QUALITY CCAL LORADO COAL IT S WASHED AND TREATED' The Loram Coal 8a Dock Co Termmol Tower Cleveland lm-mn --mum .mmm -wwf 5 0 0 0 E I E I 5 . . . I I llulnunnnunnuunnn . nlumn 1nnumnlnmuuuml nnnu 5 0 0 0 c 0 Q 1 I 1 E I E nnnnnununmunnnlnnummunnunnn nnnuuml unlunlu I . O U Klntner, The Jeweler Diamonds Watches Clocks Silverware Jewelry l M-iwgllllgglllnfbig Dual 3701 175 Mom St Best Wishes To The Class Of 41 U Need Us Coal and Chemlcal Co QUALITY FIRST Home Of B LINE PRODUCTS AND TESTED COALS Compliments Of MULQUEENY BROS FUNERAL HOME Dual 6581 Fairport Pamesvalle Congratulahons To The Class Of '41 The Painesville Elevator Company Pomesvllle, Ohao E, . m O D I I I I Q gllaE 'gAEh li : ' , e o - K. ,',L- lwpljr' '- . . ' - -J!! Pamesvnlle ' I C 1 Q . ll ll O El .. E, BEST WISHES FROM Q gjuuzf za Compl :ments Ot HILSTON BROS 416 South St Folrport Ohxo The Kelly Island Llme 8: Transport Co Fonrport Harbor Ohlo Dtol 3612 Ottuce And Yord North End Of Dnomond Alkolu Stone Dock , 2 QL . .. I . SAND STONE GRAVEL E' - El ty gh! The Fairport Service Statlon Reyna Lepusto Clufford Sheats Mobulgas and Moblloll Furestone Trres Auto Lught Ignmon Servuce Brake Servuce Specialized Lubrication Dual 3882 Falrport Men s CIVIC Club Servuce Tolerance Good Fellowshup Promotmg Communuty Improvements an Cuvuc Proyects Jom Help Carry On The Work Complnments Of CASELLA S CLEANERS DYERS FURRIERS Faarport Pamesvrlle B nnnln BH 'J I E East at 7th St. Fairport Harbor, Ohio I , 0 O d 7 Ep u E :num ,,.,,,,vunnnnuunn numnn-nu uununumnumumunuuunn-nnmn num: COmP"men'S Of CONGRATULATION Cochran Paint and John Orig wallpaper Store Groceries and Meats Dial 4844 I I4 Mann Street Pamesvllle O 420 Second St Fairport Complnments Of The J W HEMPHILL GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 5212 4070 P O Box 246 Pamesvnlle Ohuo CONGRATULATIONS SOHIO And Best Wlshes John s Service Station Complete lgnutuon and worth Co Carburetor Tune up Pomesvllle Ohio Deal 5452 New C1 East Sts Fairport YY F. w. Wool . , gg - .. U JOSTEN'S CLASS RINGSAPINS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS-TROPHIES 627 Union Commerce Bldg, Cleveland, Ohio Fedak-Nlajoros Escort SCYVICC DAY OR NIGHT Phone 28I opple SIZ green FAIRPORT HARBOR OHIO GURLEYSKY WOODSKY PROFESSIONAL LAWN MOWERS 36 Hours A Day Service Molslosky Asslstont The Grand River Drop Inn Folrporfslay Ohlosky P lTIgp l U 3 I I S, I E1 I .. gg -- hp non ,f

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