Fairport Harding High School - Harbor Light Yearbook (Fairport Harbor, OH)

 - Class of 1940

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Fairport Harding High School - Harbor Light Yearbook (Fairport Harbor, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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f--.. . -.4-.nJ......z,. ,,-.........',...., ,V 41" '..., . ' - ' . -.-f Ex Z7 J -'- 'PA ,I I' '4 - "fl 'Ai-5 1-A "-'b1,"..-w H . L -Ma r . -- - - , - HQ: '---7.3-,.'4 7 1.-.g,.-:sf slmr4-1 -a.,-.'-:-- '1 'fx'-v 5 -: 4 .',?4x,g:-.a. , .A.,.-.-., -.,.-- ,fa-. , .rf .71,4-.-- nr, .V 13 H. ..1- 3- .. ,-f .- f-1. ,.-,,- ,X nr-1 a. U X ws X lm F I 940 Acknowledgement The Harbor l nghf boird wwifwes To extend its Th wi Mr Cor! P VVIIMONWS our fofulfx odvlsor has effort: To moke Huw book o success Musa H Us rofnome M Comcro Club the r K! operotuom omni Rmlw Hannon for her roodx MH Ingo-sae To MCD when we wooded hu k .' ' ,X ' A ' ' ' Q or Q io' - . , ' ' , f fm M x . B ' . nzd Rugg for her kind heloffloseolw Szeghx, for his if I T , -- T e for i wi img fl eV ,M , , ,E TH E CLASS OF N HUNDRED AND FORTY N I NETEE Presents ' 'NN fffgfgafjjiy f 4' ef V27 Zjaggjw U yi f' -Q lk? A51-5? fgfavfff QPJEFQQVWW' M155 Z3 Sw if fpff ff JWJL57 N541 fix? Cyp Wfaw f ?,2yS,5,!hhbJN.G- ,,,, ZQJJ f 'ff ?32'f',4?fQf M ffydbwgf 7 fs' fy K gf f X WM 4 S' rmuolly by the ING HIGH SCHOOL fl 1 FAIRPORT HARBOR or-no Publushed A SENIORS OF HARD W Q I WIXNIXWX X Volume Eughteen X 4.5: fwifg' hazf f - .I WL- 4 2. ' fi f '-N - .": ., -ff th -' . X ll' gil . ft' ' fh- 4.'::f'..A-if f . ,F ,O ..4, Q, Q:-, ffj X ff- -. 4.-7 -V '-., f : 67933 4 , -1 S O f w,? fm ff f' iff' 5 -' ' 2,2 44' 4Q'.1.,'9 ff! fr 599 7 -R 59 J ki' wi N' S.A' VX Q xv M .AMN :Uhr yy XM I W UDH59 M nuv M1 U - xx l X . The Harbor Light Board Harrlson Snyder Harlan Fann Margaret Vayo Steven Bauer Al Goblowsky Juanita Hoch Helen Rego The Harbor Lught Board has earnestly endeavored to make thus book a true representatnve of the graduatmg class of l94O as a crunse and everythmg from classes to clubs takes a nauhcal turn Theres a touch of salt un the breeze but all s well so soul on' Our four years at high school are here exemplified F3504 1. "-105, had A Salute To Mr Road mer ci fl :wr x f lil cowg LHTWFC f ffl, V Y 5 ll 6-aw., V "' 5 fs , .6 I Af X ,fC,f7UJ. mom, md Qfiv K N rw: dxf? mfgre T?W'lf' PMN whim- I, QU M L19 N ' Thrcmj W four N,g.,1Vn HARD NG H GH SCHOOL OI'l'T1S T ent the tree s nc ned onder Pope I I is education f the common mindg Just os the twig is b ' i. Ii ." Alex Q flln I,fIIfW,L x f 41- X f ff ff fff I 43' Z EN f 'Sv' 1 fix' M I ' is 'ei' W 9 f'7 '4'Wie,o III '31 7 I 'I m 4 . fhgf 4 I -I 'M' ,p 1 ' I ""'M5" ' . WZ Z UU 1,4544 no" I -'4."'Z2',. , X I If ff ffffph. ,. si S 'Maxi 'M NX xx I 'rffhn F I' I X df"f 051' fx S 16.0, ' ' ' I 1 1x.?'otr.l QI ' is nm X . ff ' Q0 'IWIII nhl, in HQIHS H J CH' xx! .4 r X I 0 ,bf f 1 J X oz" 1 X ax I jf 5 I N X X I' A Q wg II I6 X I' X I ff I ,I In I I f II I If 5' I ' If '4I.,I'uI ' J r LQ ,I 1,11 ,I I 4+','4' V I4, 'I 91,9 Ig I J ' K 10:61 I 1 5 I ' qv W-':"il'.f0. -Qw- .' s,N 1 'sg The 1940 Lp X Il ,ILI X ps X I.. QI Ah M ' 4 I f 1 f Mm! ' X lgvll O. lat., a 41' O0 15.9, ylissxl 'f V 432 I 0'5" 9" X X Wdyfrgyhfgl n, fn fr 'I W0 .v 0' 40 'V -V 9 7 :V nm If ff' 4 4 , I l1"af?I . H lf'4f,l,'J?,,fpl 4 I I I ' fi ' .Q, 'I q,".'?,bQr.di f 5 :'h, jvuw ii I JN X M II MIA. X 'i x UG, ZS evaew .-Z X. pffi' f.-5. xxx X j,",fQ'W1' . XXX ly , f I. . X .IIQ QIN X ff A I I , JIM. if I I 'f , 4' I , IIIIIIII ff, X. xl fl , . 59, XMI !'.3't 'Hr' . V," H, , A I 1 ' '-1 I I I' J-rf gi, I' III- I 3 9' 1 ff f 'MII z '1a.i"' 11, '41 AIIIZZIEW ' af lf' 'ffl ,,.,.f ff,,,,gaa2E1,.ij5f ,df 4 5115.113-X gg! ,f,WQa,I1-I . I I I ' .'Y f,- ,X pl IN' 'y I " I I ' few-ff: gg f W 5 , m W :CQ-5'C'.'5""f 4f,W,:1l:v I , ' 'i N' I!" 'f , ,L-'H' ' ,fydg IV X ,f IX Ip :1n..I,Ix ff 1,1 mf, 14 .awp A -1 4144, V ff fir' X I X X I, c I,:1!,:'..-. - , QR .K la?vff5'U'w:14k'.,l, QQQI Wu. JW , W-I X ff AW , X iii, AQ,',x,I "Qx:IUWI.,V,:w K " J 5564: " ' x ' f 21- 1- xx ' 71"7r I X II fyl' ' 0" ,I ' X Gu- N 'wp ...IM E EERE?-sq f R H-'Jvgffsxv tix 1 ff 1 'III' f QI I . I :KJ X .1-'gr' Wm' S -"-VW' 5101115 5 ." f N f f If 'JV' I N I I ' 0' ,L-gf,-JZ! ','v',, -1 11'-55'-,J inf 4' 3.25 lf 17 I II II M X 'I ., "X, W s ' . 7 5 ' VIN' ., "f f" fff1icI1'f ' V I I Q Iv K I ff! A 3 7 Il fl, 'a'?y'I ff f 'I fs fx w 'I ' "ff QI U ,1"F5I2Qi2'fLuV I-I If X f f. I ' I ' .I I ,ff I 1:99 ' fam' 3:I.,f.I f,,y 1 'Man II YN D ,N N , I, 1 fi' if fH', Ixsslnviflf' ,f,, If I I Vx I If W x I I I I I- I Ilff fm! -I Na 11441 I lf IQ 1 4 IIN I f, II,I Q . ' .51 I .faff gk. ,I ' -so I' I , 'Q If f, vm X 4,12 1' ' tb, , ff'I'u'I',I I f I m f. Irv ,ei I I 2 "'f."f1:F-'-.- ' ,: 'if . A ' ,' Y qvxl '0t:bi'O':-u' VWIVTIW ' l:,?1" I' if I-e X If IIII'-K ' I III ff fe f-W9 I IW4, ,ff 3, M A '.g1:g,i.'Q,,g,, ' 'Isp' 94'-3, f I W.. ff n w- z',:-:4-.,I"H f' 1:11 ffm fa' ff I f ' a'1!'n?I,' I5 FCELIQ,-' fifth . 'IM I IU, 'Q,4hf'C'V' g' - j ff' ' I c" I -'I -. :1'.il"-'X " AVN' .'.r:f"-.'1"T52"" " ' . A-X ss- ff I ' WM I I 6 4' ' I .IITZI I , X nf l wif X Q J? Qi-bil-A. ff. IIFJEIXHK u-lui X , , 14, x ' , ', H, I ' fp I f ff? 'I 'IW G I I f '1 " N Ilw II.-I Y 'IVIIU Nglyixx . 4,47 'I X flf0,7X1lllx.VI, ff I ffff f x f I2 ' Senior Class Olllcers FIRST SEMESTER Presldent Olnver Mackey Vnce Presldent Hgrlgn Fgmn Secretary Edlth O Janpo Treasurer l-larrnson Snyder Sales manager Jack Cadwell Presndent Steven Bauer Vlce president Margaret Kazsmer Secretary Vnctor Bagc Treasurer Juanlta l-loch CLASS COLORS Blue and Whnte One shnp drnves East and one druves West B5 the seltsarne wnnd that blows lt s the set at the sauls and not the gales Which determines the way lt goes Ella Wheeler Wzlcox FACULTY ADVISORS Mr Carl P Wnllaoms Mrs L E Patch ,ight SECON D SEMESTER ,wi 4917 Q-'wiv tiiibf P 1 Ipf Rx I fav xv , -.LLL ll W2 455 M41 ini .4-KJ ffl X N ... vw- "Mr-15" ' ' ' "" , -, .,,,,. ,,. .uf M' """5l N' Humana! f 1 j fh 6 N 'Vw A 4' MWF M-2? WWW? Mx! we-if ww 'Q' Ch Wa.. dbx QQ SYVA 0 011 J ele A -:M 11? RY CIO? MA gig -Z!! 'Wm :A 'B' rwelve 'X' 411085 51146 adn, E 41" if -mi' if ,dm 'Ut f ! Plkfw vnNGTQ v wtf' "-735 WVR gl if df Mr ww-"'f mv 7' --und!" bf u ' mv' th rteen September 8 October 6 February 'l8 May Z4 June I September 7 October 8 February 2'l fourteen Log Ol The Cruise S S Hardrng werghs anchor Barometer reading Z9 l Weather warm wnth moderate south west winds Na clouds In sky Favorable forecast Officers Admural R A Greng Commander nn chief Cap taun Elijah H Brown an charge of shlp asslsted by nineteen able offncers Crew Srxty three eager and enthusuastnc plebes who haven t found their sea legs yet and don t know the bow of the shnp from the stern They hope for four weather smooth sarlung and a good harbor four years from today Destrnatuon Stage of audntoruum Hardrng Hugh School evenlng of June 3 l94O Cargo Geometry English Latln hlstory chemistry and physucs books and laboratory equnpment neatly packed un hold Dark room paraphernalia guarded by Bos n Ralph Rood Other valuable nnformatlon and treasures passed on to them by the officers and guests of the shlp Weather sharp no casualtles thus far Defnnute promise of good football season In wnnd Plebes learnung ropes and sugnals quickly Mnght make able seamen by the tnme voyage as over 1937 Ship s scholars left for Willoughby for frrst scholarship ban quet Plebes admltted to the last dance of the season Furst socnal dance for them eager and ready for more All hands forced ashore on tropncal Island for three months leave Nobody sorry Offlcers and crew repalr shup S S Hardung Hugh Wenghs anchor agaun Favorable weather foreca t Barometer reading 28 l No clouds Officers Flve new but well qualrfued offucers to asslst aptarn E H Brown Mr R W Bupp Mr E Wlcal Mass Ruth Paxton Miss Mabel Kash Mass Martha Lnpsanen Crew Maxlmum cargo of scaentnfuc commerclal social and physlcal texts New laboratory equupment Second classmen admrtted to alumna dance Great tnme' Pretty queen' 1938 Shnp s scholars go to banquet at Mentor I I ... .. y "I- ' I I I - I I ' r , . "4 I I ,. "' I I I I I ' I I I ., , . . , I .. , I ,.. . ' s. , .. ,,. , I I ' . .., 1 I I . I I 'I March 18 May May 22 June September 6 October November Il December I2 February I2 March I7 May 31 June September 5 Mudshupmen from S S Hordung Hugh S S Mentor Hugh S S Perry Hugh meet on the shup s deck for one act plays good spurut reugns S S Hordung Hugh rudung smooth after rough seas Today scholars of the shup brought back laurels from scholar shup tests at Kent May Day festuval weather warm no breeze crew un good spuruts No seruous casualtues thus far Crew and offucers get three months leave no one lungers Offucers and crew eager to contunue voyage Wuth renovated unteruor the S S Hardung Hugh agaun rudes the salty sea NfVeather brught clouds rusung un South Everyone now enuoyung lufe at sea Dauly tasks have become pleasures Even swabbung the decks usn t so bad New under classmen exhubut theur unutuatuve the furst turne un sellung peanuts and hot dogs to earn money for Junuor Senuor fune game Homecomung Queen crowned underclass men go to second Alumnu dance Underclassmen prove theur skull on the stage un the presenta tuon of The Famuly Upstaurs Many guests un th S S Hordung Hugh Weather co d Crew Spurut fune Cargo safe' Choral Club guves fune concert un audutoruum Offucer Lang staff leads the group 1939 Shups scholars go to thurd scholarshup club banquet sunce theur receptuon unto the seamen s lufe Travel to Wuckluffe The greatly uncreased band of the shup scores another hut Offucer Helstrom leads band un masterly style The Junuor Senuor Prom gay romantuc and adventurous clumaxes successful and eventful season Shup to be rennovated new cargo wull take three months to repaur All on board forced to dusembark S S Hardung Hugh completely cleaned and renovated pulls up anchor for last knots of trup Weather very calm forecasts favorable slught breeze blows omens of successful voyage fufteen I . , . . . , 7, I 2, , . I , , . . - . ' I ll - ll ll ll ll ' ' prom. Crew spirit inspiring , . . fine weather. . . Skippers play I r 11 - - ll V - . e . . I . . , l . ' I I . A I I I I ' ' 1 1 ' - - 1 Q 1 . September 28 September 29 October 12 February 2'l March 29 May 'IO Moy 26 May 28 May 29 June 2 June 3 J u ne 4 IXf6EI't Officers new Muss M J Whartenby Mass Nola Barn hardt Mass Frances Tapscott and Mr M lvary Crew same snxty three weathered and more sound Great nm provement seen Gleen plebes of three years ago now up perclassmen Everyone has found has sea legs Crew has mas tered rudlrnents of seaman s lnfe through and of experienced and conscuentuous staff of offucers on bridge Entire crew and staff of officers Indulge In rolllckung time at bonfure Skipper squad Introduced All on board continue gayety of yester eve Homecoming somewhat dampened by heavy showers Jeannette Jaslk crowned queen After game upper classmen go to Alumni Dance last tame as sanlors on S S l-lardlng Hugh Sensor pictures no casualtles change IH uniforms consplcuous 1940 All upperclassmen weather stormy exams Shlp s scholars go to Maclnson for last scholarship banquet of seas career Vxfeather cold No casualtles so far Trip comxng to destination fast Oper M J Whartenby director Upperclassmen dlstnngunsh themselves rn Sensor Play Great storm lashing sturdy shlp Crew doing well great spnnt very few dlscouraged Stormy exams expected un two more days All survnvlng Sensors and Juniors meet at Madison Country Club at Prom Graduates remlnlsce over eventful cruise Some sorry Fair weather crew In fnne spuruts All enjoying plcnlc at Lake Aquula Buddlng romonces of early sprung now In full bloom Baccalaureate stage of shlp many guests noted very rnterestlng Stage of audltonum slxty three seamen receive recognl tlon Beauty adventure and accomplrshments of cruise rec ognlzed for the first tnme Sleep after toyle port after stormle seas Wlth gallant splnt and hugh resolve deep reverence for shlp and offlcers the class of 40 salutes the end of a glorious voyage and the beglnnung of their nnduvldual voyages to unknown destlna tlons l .-. . 4 , . ' , . , . ' Ill - 4 ll S i . l , . .I . - ' I I . ' If ' ll ' I I I . I . . , I . etta . . . "Enchanted lsle" production of Choral Club. Miss I I I I I I - 1 1 ' I ll ' Il ' I I , . Edutlfw O Janpa s Dorothy Lurvey s lrene Mayor Viola Somppu s Jeannette Jaslk s l-1elen Kanots Gloria Dllgren s Hazel Bystrom s Lrllnan Koslqu s Margaret s Vayo Anne Bnrak s Mary Czop s Mnlton s Mackey Xfuctor Bayc Mrke Mraz s Kls s Jolwn Tobias l-larlan Eann Joe Szeghy s Edmund Kulvnla Steve Bauer Val l-lambor s Edward Rendruclq GCI SSHIOI' ec: Sensor Gul Athletic abil ty Fngbre Taste ln clothes Dancung abllnty Popularity Eyes Complexion Dlmples Cbeertulness l-lalr Smale Voice OY Complexlon Eyes Smile Physuque Dancung ablluty Sclwolarslmp Artnstuc Oblllfy Taste In clothes Good nature Wat Modesty Q t ld I ' ' ' I I . 1 , . . , S .....,.................. . ., . .. - , . . , 4 , . . . ., I I ' s .,..4.,...................... , , Id I ' B Norman l.uoma's ...,..................... , .... Hair - I I ' S ..t..................... 'A A 's ........,..................,...... . , , Bill ' lfm' .................,.......,...... ' , . s ..,,. ................,.... s ...................., I s ..,.... ...t.....4......,... , . ' 1 Name Sylvua Aho Naomu Autuo Vlctor Balc Steve Bartush Julia Bartok Steven Bauer Lllllan e Einar Beck Anne Blrak George Buttner Hazel Bystrom Jack Cadwell Irene Dakos Gloria Dulgren Charlene Erkklla Harlan Fann Margaret Gergely Al Goblowsky Valentlne Hambor Eugene Henkkunen Hubert Hllston Juannta Hoch Jeannette Jasuk Melvln Kalllo Helen Kanots Hagar Kasaru Margaret Kazsmer elghtccn Class Prophecy Amblhon Telephone Operator Beautucnan Don t know hemlst Nurse Pro pool player Cosmetologust Offnce work Aur hostess Electrician Nurse Daesel Technician Dress desngner Secretary Grade school teacher Accountant Raduo sunger U S Forester Doctor Accountant oach Music supervnsor Beautucuan Second Barney Oldtueld Publnc Health Nurse Pnvate secretary Pravate Secretary Result m 1950 Slngnng burthday greetnngs Neck and Isp stretcher nn Atrrca Tempus tuglt Famous for dlscovervng ellxnr of gun Gnvnng Mata Har: competltuon Stull shooting the pOOl Specualuzung n ple bakung tor slapstick comedtes Solving Mussolunr s coal problem Technnclan on submarlnes Running toy trains through the wllds of Africa Head ot Home for Superannuated Natural :sts endowed by Mr Brown Uslng elbow grease to run has engine Desugnlng a protective curtaln tor salad dressing Oftuce gurl at Falrport Recreation Center Teachnng the youngsters the art of rollnng eyes Helping the former Eleanor J to balance her budget whsle her husband s away Broadcastlng settnng up exerclses Transplantlng red beards Proprietor of Wazzle s Cate Makang laughing gulls cry Saullng the deep blue sea Inventor of formula for changing Andy De vlne s gravel soprano voice to concrete Consolung bald headed men Mars and back In ten seconds Teachnng Onward Chrnstuan Soldners to pnckanunnues Fnnancnal Sec y to Ed Lauvala s band Bookkeeper nn Wazzue s Cafe ' ' I ll ' Il . f- . . . 11 - A v 11 ' ' Il ll ' ' B ll ' ' ' ' i ' - ' ' Il - - ll Mary Czop Vocalist Soloist in marriage duet. fHer ownl. ' ll ' I A - A 1 ' ' ' Il ' II N1 V . I . . . - - 1 - 1 . - - 1 Name Wlllram Kash Allan Klein Lllllan Koskr Edmund Kuuvula Edwin Lalvala Malvina Laszlo Robert Lepnsto Norman Luoma Tony Lunka Dorothy Lurvey Milton Mackey Oliver Mackey Irene Major Vlola Mannunen Muchael Mraz Edlth O .lanpa Senna Oros Lours Orosz Helen Rego Edward Rendrlck Robert Rnppa Kayo Saarela Thomas Saluk Amblhon Result In 1950 Chref engineer on a boat Deckhand on the Texas Engrneer on a boat xfocalnst Chemist Carpenter Nurse News Reporter 'vlechanncal engineer Aurplane mechanuc Nlurse Diplomat hemlst Nurse osmetolognst l-lawanan Orch leader Physical Ed Teacher Model Jo to Afruca ab Technrcuan Xlo arnbltlon lectrlcal englneer Steamshup Wheelsman Wrestler Frederick Selgwarth Engineer .lohn Slmko Viola Somppl l-larrrson Snyder Evelyn Suomela Raymond Suomela Joe Szeghy David Szuhay John Tobias Margaret Vayo Tonvo Wosara Movue actor Beauty Operator Accountant Stenographer arpenter Artust Pro baseball player Truck farmnng Secretary Gavnl engineer Repairing bicycles Broadcastnng musical giggles Author of Spot on the Wall Supporting hls band Glvlng lectures on Why Get Marrned to old molds who drdn t make rt thus Leap Year Wrntung True Romances Part owner of Luoma s Garage Stull ID a tallspnn for C P Makung mocking birds apolognze Organlzer of Federated Europe Famous for fnndrng a good reason to thunk Hrtlers furst crush Professional dushwater at Johnny s and Myrt s Expert hula dancer Part owner of Luoma s Garage Modellng for the Great Casa Served at feast of cannubals wrth Worcester Sauce Chief pantry organnzer an Jac s mansion Dying of Obesity Perfectrng escalator ssdewalks Wheelrng perambulators Chauffeur for the Old Maud s Home Engineer of the Scennc Railway at Euclid Beach Star an the Recreation Little Theatre produc trans Another peps and pretz please Accountrng for Wan s spare time Buoymg up a slnklng fund Stull vlsltmg that gal an Detroit Advocate of the Pursurt of Women Going as far as Wrlloughby with Ray Truckm on down Conquering Turks Bualdung castles In the avr n neteen . . . . . II Il - - - Il ll - A - I1 A II . . 1 . . - ' ' II ll . . 1 l . - - I - II ll . . f- . . . 1 1 s.. . 1 I . I - - II II 3 . . . . . 1 1 11 . - I - A I I I I . . 1 . . , . . 11 11 . . - II ' II . . . 1 n i twenty Faculty To these able officers was given the duty to teach and guide us Their keen interest and kindly advice has led us past dangerous reefs and through numerous storms The old are doubly blest we had a first class ship and a first class staff of officers It us with reluctance that the Class of 1940 stands at attention to salute their officers and wash them bon voyage with future sailors saying "no ship is better than its officers" holds true. We . . . . ll ll R A Greig E H Brown Evangeline Dann Mary Jane Whartenby Einar Helstrom Gerald Babson Nola Barnhardt Charles Boley Reno Bupp George Daly Clayton Dunning Mathew lvary Martha Lipsanen Earl Lynham Lucinda Patch Ralph A Rood Hazel Rugg Frances Tapscott Carl P Williams William Wlnchell Catherine O Brien Marjorie Hollister ... Ellen Niemi ........ Hilda Kula .,....... Helen Lake ........ Alma Saari ......... Our Faculty Superintendent ot Schools Principal Gen Science Nurse Music Supervisor Instrumental Music Shop Basketball Coach Typing Shorthand and Office Practice Social Science Civics History Latin English Football Coach Algebra Chemistry Commercial Math Boys Physical Education Track Coach Art English Engl ish English Gen Science Physics Biology Sr Science Librarian Home Economics Economics Soc ology Bookkeeping History McKINLEY SCHOOL Mathematics Principal 5 A Grade - Grade - Grade - Grade . . . .3rd and 4th Grades . . . .3rd and 4th Grades Helen Lakso .................................. 2nd and 3rd Grades Helen Kovach ...... Laina Somppi ,...... Elizabeth Clevenger . . Mary Kovach ...... ....,...............,......2ndand3rdGrades ......,....l-AGrade ...........l-BGrade . . . . . . . . .Kindergarten t ty- HARDING HIGH SCHOOL Hazel Farmer ..........,................... Girls' Physical Education 6 A 6 B 5 B Student Council In order to foster school spurut the Admunustratuon of Hardung Hugh School wuth the aud of the upper classmen organuzed the Student Councul It s purpose us to encourage student partucupatuon un government In thus Connectuon the graduates wush to brung specual attentuon to the chaurman Eugene Heukkunen who has earned the respect of every student, un the school As he wull dusembork un June we hope the councul wull get an other leader as oble as he The Vuce Chaurman chosen from the Junuor Hugh School was Joe Szuhay Credut should also be guven to hum for the fune co operatuon that was dusplay ed between the Junuor and Senuor Hugh Schools Dave Hull served the Councul as Secretary treasurer for the two semes ters that ut has been un exustence twenty two 1 I 1 - 1 . . . . . 1 1 . I - ' 1 I ' COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES Pleaszng Phoiographs 1706 EUCLID AVE CLEVELAND OHIO NEWIVIAN STUDIO JUNIORS Y C...-. Joe Zupon Morgoret Rinyo Joe Troho Roslyn Schuler John Szokocsi Enid Luhto Joe Lefelhocz John Reho Dorothy Olix Corl Lone Joe Rego Anno l-lyduke George Vastu Anno Molslo Russel Irons Clornon Peltomo Esnor Soon Eleonor Jeffrles Emsl Kocsus Betty Boehnke Ernest Kash Florence Wood Jlmrny Stevens Dorothy Polssn Julnus Mcjoros Arthur Rouholo Jomes Wood Lllllon Youppl Eleanor Tnrpok Justuno Sutch Helen Zovore Chorles Gillespie Robert Hllston Irene Fedok Andrew Bnyok Florence Gyure Joe Ode Margaret Hagya Roy Pauley Frank Gasper Dick Sturm Helen Otto Wayne Ruuska Bob Rendrick Agnes Mikula Lillian Mackey Bob Starkey A Dick Somppi Jean Pohto John Fazekas Bob Manninen Matilda Gurley Bill Werbeach Bob Molnar Emery Kapostosy Jack Volanski Raymond Sekki Erma Mackey Alfred Deliso Lllian Byorklund John Fedak Stanley Parrish Joe Bezzeg Nick Esterhay Donald Galm JUNIORS Juniors Not Pictured Bud Braski Albert Valtyan Ruth Lillback Helen Germek Anna Pollock Helen Waynar 12B Joe Bezzeg Dave Hill Nick Hyduke Ed Lepisto Andy Molnar Joe Molnar Rodney Pohto George Popp Andy Szuhay Steve Vegso Ruth Sillanpa Bertha Ulvila Vice President Secreta ry Treasurer Business Manager OFFICERS Julius Maioros Matilda Gurley Bill McDonald 1 tyf ' ' ' Jn-W f A, A 122' ' President .................... Albert Vastyan Wen ' SOPHOMORES I0 B Palmer Congos Delbert Luntala Stanley Zalar Edward Esterhay Albert Molnar Alnce Curtuss Ernest Esterhay Rnchard Naponen Florence Dakos Emul Fazekas Mervln Peterson Ruth Hanes Steven Gyure George Prekler Martha lgnat Steve Knsh Jack Sturm Rosemary Jeffrnes Adelbert Kocsus Joe Szuhay Ruth Kangas Kenneth Kulala Joe Torre Helen Knkka Rnchard White Julna Kordlch I0 B OFFICERS President Vnce Presndent Secretary Treasurer Sales Manager I0 A Albert Adams Jack Paige Joe Blhary Lawrence Petrus Arvld Bjorklund Wllllam Boyer Robert Braemer Jack Eruckson Donald Hllberg Melvyn Hllston Bobby Klein Lawrence Loxterman Wllllam Loxterman Victor Lunka Robert Luoma John Mraz Elmer Olson Presudent Wlllle Saarl Emnl Saluk Bull Starkey Joe Surbella Robert Sutch Robert Vllagl Robert Wulde Albert Zlmny Ellzabeth Blrak Helen Elszasz Geraldme Gray Margaret Hambo Eduth Hletanen I0 A OFFICERS f' Lullnan Lnndsco Jean Patch Betty Rnppa Phyllns Roberts Margaret Szabo Dons Wakkula Martha Werronen Margaret Yager Aluce Curtuss Jack Sturm Ruchard Naponen Jean Patch Dorothy Hulston Frances Hoch Vlrglnla Holden Betty Johnson Betty Kosman Florence Lefelhoc Frances Mahalsky Eva Otto Vurglnla Owen Mary Reho Lnlluan Saaru Helen Toth Ruth Volansky Ruta Werbeach Florence Zavore Hnetenen Vuce President Albert AClCImS Secretary Treasurer VICTOI' LUl'1l4Cl Soles fvlqnqger Betty KOSITIGY1 l' Ty A E STALEY Manufacturlng Company The Lake County Transportatlon Co HILBERG S MARKET v CONGRATULATIONS I I I COMPLIMENTS OF O o CONGRATULATIONS 9 9W7'Q!""" ,Nw 'df K 'O' twenty enqht may W if The Harding Hugh School Bond The baton comes down the ruffle of drums the crash of cymbals the clear nch tones of a trumpet the shrp s band scores another thrnllung hut' The band has furnrshed entertarnment throughout the year but certarnly nts magnlfucent performances during the football season tops nts whole career Our musrcuans thrrlled the throngs of football fans by theur varlety of marches and formatrons as well as thelr lnterpretatrons of well known songs However after the season was over the band proved equally versatnle on the stage The audrences were thrnlled to wutness a march played by a band numbernng eaghty They rendered all selectuons wrth notnceable ease and posse the excellent bands In the Kent Dlstrnct contest and there by won the pruvnlege of partuclpatung un the State fnnals at Columbus Here the band won the acclanm of the judges and brought home a superlor ratung the only band In nts dlvlslon recenvrng four superior ratnngs That day certannly was a memorable one sn the annals of the S S Harding Hugh lt IS wrth great prnde that the class of forty wrshes easy sanlung on future voyages on the S S Harding Hugh to the band members and Mr Helstrom theur able leader twenty nine I I I I I ' The crowning events came when the band placed among I ' ' ' ll ll ' 11 v ' 11 - - El th rfy m 7 4v l "Q, i 5 S i L g 'N 0, S Guide To Better Q' Food Values DELAY Next To The Post Office FAIRPORT HARBOR OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF ag FOR S7-Q Standard Portland Cement 663305 54,0739 v ll il! f 6.022 ,p'Qg.,,g' f f 4,711 Vial, I 4 :Q'l'5 4 Up .1 Q, Q 1154! : gig 54 as 143' alan:-4, e V A A l:,"",.1.T-g'1 5 s ' -- :" 5 2' 1 I ,oi of 6' '7js'?:":f -Aa P ' .5 ,g ff. ,gur df , 1 Z I I 1 ,VI ,IQ Meg! ia vb A, ,I f W L 1 1 fn 1 f fl S Q I ff?" f if - I4 g , fi , , o I 1,1 1, H- Jas' 'JA z 0 009' 0 w w- . M ,ww 0 'fu V1 ff 0 !.Qz,5s lij'1,,,g4.f,a40,:,j : 4 -5 lf' Z4 o ' v? 6 o 3',4' - -'54 -fe Z4 10 .9 , 9 I z 0 9 '4.: Orr, 6,39 QQ' 9 I i 9, 9: 0,55 all 4,9 Q 'fgf ' "GSI 1 , , 41,66 W' X :WZ 1 ,WI 1:-f f 11.4 , QXNWYQ ,111 -gk 517 A. g 1 f....-- ' 7 -ag - --r 2? : 's.5S'5P -iff fffffffizgsa-57' ly I ff' :Jen-wf W fd! -5 ggi."-G , vw Ili .55 ,X Q bls,..,,,,-. , ps U E UHF. Z Iifllf: ' dnb Immrllllllnlgf' ':!QJ!simv? A-. .37 ' " 'P-H-" ':E:u::2 H '.zz:-P-Auxmgxxmxxxx -,. U 'W I Inu I u I lun A 1 I ll N 1, Q? ,71 f J 0'4-zffa , b"'i:'4' ' ff? I v a 0 4 7 yo fl o- ,II o'0 93' .Q ,.' -L 6,44 Ska ' s ' 4-, RQ, M 19"-Q 4 f lam- x . ' L' I4 'Q-4 o"f 4' 90' ' 1 454 Q', S V V' 0,0 x fs 0' 9 ' tif! yi "O J. 5' ,Q ' ' 'kiwi' 'yin' .S 50' .O 7 5,44 '-,gfacay v5 B 4, Q ' .wx .5 5 ,67 XW345' x OQP I Qol em, alms f X Z Z ,ll H lffui lf: l'I ' I v "' ,,, .H-.3 'i n . - - .m mmlnn pr ,f gaff- -- . 1:-: :::e:::u,I X41 2-E .,,-,N rg:--5-bg -.Wu . 4, QFAYT135ac:c.f.21z2.-.-. ff? F:--' A A 3 -:x--:,2g:-5-.15 'Q'--A ' 1:5 'iii-je Y :lun -X X . 561 '-"H " , w HQ.. , 55. i X X Q X Q N -If :al X ' QQ QW 'A f' I!! 1 . Q.. v-WN ls' - . ' A X i -:S N-"L 2:21 V Y cl X x x ' '5 S N mn, ' V r 1 . N h 1 Jw-2. ...-.. f , -xx a A N x 1' M.-.',gs,.gx!,, f , 1 : X ,X W , X - . K N sq., . -N.-hw ,, , -5 - , , W ...KN xg ,.x , xg, Ran.-..y--'.-xv N-1 XXVN N -it N - Q9-xx XS " " "' U"-' ni If 7.1-f ? Q x THQ' X 1 N . 490: 491.2 :N -' tug! ,- -I . 'V ' ':5 N 4 1 'X X 'N A-r ' x " 'UPU "- Ji iii... is j-'- ?af2?Ei3w'1-ff I 'ln '1f'1Lq'3 -a " 'Sm f Q' Q o . Q1-.1 .. , ' . ei-,t, " -.5 xpx--W, iv '- 'X gx '11 -Q ..-gYP.,49", po, x - xxx 'J ' - ' , JL 1 E 'Q' ' M 'NW ',-g.'g1..!..4 "wx -' gg ia .'e,s,4g, ,4'1,0h-. s Qs, N+?.'2gi13v51'f,S.'1'-'Q I ,ff .aff g 4 My vgQ gfa-i,0.Q..ix- . QM QV Farsi giqifw' 2g,gT" ' 2 . s 3--h -..A. A, 1 1- ' - , A g X-I ' 1. Y' ' N-'gy 'yy .551-.lg . ,gg J, .1 I v ' Z V .ix 613513,-4'1Q.?,,f,t, , i 11.2 ' 42--jf, .KXUni'IxK Ytghfv-fe' EN, K' ,YL-.-fj Qix-,:,J'.--1 ,v16,gy"- ,hui ' 'f:1'm.9f'g"fc " ' - A 5 V: ' QS-Y fmnx- qyauk -M N .:-Wa' 251 -Q F . Q f z'- '- 'QE -. . ' u - , H ' . 1 ' Q 'WU 4 ' . ' lil - ' f, .- 'wf ' aff 4 Rv-- as . .L 'L " Q ,-'-QR ,."-'VXI' , A '. n f!! .'X' V - N, x .KN N9 l - 94.1 5 my K' Wx-1 !, ' 4,fqf..,o,g:imlQ:.lK 1,1-uma V ll, ...J 1 tt X X its 3-Q vx Q0 xbyyx' xx -N .UQ N I I V ix Q! -'i YQ AE' , W I 'I I' U El..-N wi? .xgxgg Q in S, -EHR QLU . qlvil xx " - ' . ' ' 1 fix 1' ' ,f - . Q . N , i f . L , , - A xv - . X . .fQ?f:Q:- W! ' f .E E-E 5 1' , i, ' :M X N '05 Q ' " i't Hn ' ' O' x-H ,TJ-"4 ,- ':' 2 ' ' ' W X ' . wifi' v 1 -K 'Q - 44 -TM4 ,...,s.,,,..f, f ,4.-. 1 , . 1 ,,.- .,., . I . . np., , If Mi-, , ,.. ,.,, x ,Lf .1 xiii T 5.5.9.-,Q,5 2.11.-.om f gHi' 1 ,g A ly fi., X I QP .X - uh 1 8 ' K. .Chex QQ -if J... H461 nl' 1 N- . ,I lx, v . V X 6"'."l '-:X 'if--'Q 'FR'-' I f'5n 'f 'I FC - ' 4 K , 4 N ' sy ,v,' v,J i 4 Vx v gl Il I I I 1 X 'Lt ' ff .if I fr'- fx V' ' 1 XX AN : -5 x6k'TBS M.-QFAXQ , N9-2 I K sus . . . ,H P I -X " N89 ?'Q4v"'?Yx " :SES -2-,ii llxlv U XXX '-N6 f fag: 1 eg , - mx. W., ' :Zn 5' cf ' -" A 01 x ,q.-,-2-12-54?-ji-,y.g5:XFX YFZM-:'f ' , 191 1 'V W x ' X - .'.:C:2:I-J-11.1?f"lZf:-:Q-56 ' .---J", - f fljf F ' Q- A f' Z-1321?-" -."?5"" f I -, . QQ?-Ax-4. -,if T94 i- - ' 'f" . . lvl. ' . xx ' XX, Q ff'QQ7f7ff1f1f'f'1L221j:Q' . -AQ A -"'i'ff,V.7.- Q2,,.u2,i T., -X" gf-.. N, , ', 2 "j"L74.:..,- , , ',.,. 'pl , -L, -1- E255 .xx ,X 'Y' I ff':'?f1125::ffii?' 155 -X U X Qf-'12'fd"f:-. Wligqfi ' . . M ' 1 "-1,5-G"-2, 1 fi N .4 . gs- N -' .L ' x 42:5 'f in h ' ' 'lzlf'-5 f ZlJLE':11rff?f3ifbT"i-Q ' F 5 -A f - A - oL":55'FfiZl'f!4." A""' 'T9- -:rs-:-:rc-1-..'3' 'f6S1'1-:i.:"- ffy 'tieiiziiiisiffiPif.w11EE2?st?f325-S - M 1 L.-c:Qi:-.zigigig l Q 'ul 1 'P v,..-5.3 thirty iwo im? ww Aquatic Club A true fisherman s dream come true an Aquatic Club' With the ideal waters of Lake Erie so near it was an easy matter to organize a club for enthusiastic fishermen The club s purpose was to give students an under standing of fishing and game laws as well as experiences in telling true fish stories Faculty Advisor Mr Winchell President Henry l-lilston Vice President William Loxterman Secretary treasurer Joe Bihary Office Debs On the first Monday of every month these budding stenographers quirements Among many reminiscences are the wonderful experineces en countered during the social hour The Office Debs have attained a place of honor among the more noted cliques aboard the S S Harding High Edith O Janpa President Margaret Vayo Secretary treasurer Margaret Kazsmer Anne Barak Dorothy Lurvey Margaret Gergley Juanita l-loch Pep Club During the four year cruise the Seniors learned to respect and appre ciate the efforts of these able and worthy underclassmen They were ever ready to arouse the spirit of the fans helping the Skippers to honored vic tory They certainly furnished the pep that was needed at football and basketball games Our cruise would not have been such an exciting experience if they had not supplied this necessary ingredient to rousing and thrilling games Faculty Advisor R A Greig thirty three I . , , , , I . . . , , II - - ll I ' Il ' ll I met for the purpose of learning business etiquette and stenographic re- ll ' ll ' ' . , . . I I ' - ' ' ll ll W01'Cl"I TOWGI' Another new Instrument In bulldlng school spnrat was organized this year The school paper as yet ns only In the uncupuent stage Nevertheless rt rs fast becoming a success and In tnme wull help to enhance the school morale and education We the graduates wlsh these adventurers easy saulung and favorable wands Faculty Advusor Mr Wnnchell News Editor Helen Rego Cornposung Editor Margaret Vayo Clrculatlon Manager Roy Pauley Slmutterbugs This year the Camera Club was dlvlded into two groups the elementary Camera Clnques and the advanced Shutterbugs Thus organlzatlon rs one of the most worthwhule aboard our ship as ut attords an opportunnty for aspnrung photographers to Indulge nn o project that IS o valuable hobby and may be worked unto somethnnq even more profitable The Camera Club has worked hard every year to rnake the annual a success so o great part of thus book rs made possible because ot therr wnllung co operation Faculty Advlsor Mr Rood President Dave l-l ll Treasurer Nick Hyduke Recordlng Secretary .luanuta l-loch Correspondrng Secretary Charlene Erkknla Cdmefd CIIQUSS The Camera Cllques was In a way a new organlzatlon at Harding I-llgh as It was organnzed tor the sole purpose ot giving begnnners the advantage of receuvlng specual attentuon which they could not receive when the elementary and advanced groups were together They show great prornuse of becoming expert photographers nn due course of tlme Faculty Advnsor Mr Rood Presvdent Albert Vastyan Vlce presldent Dorothy l-lvlston Secretary treasurer Ero Vnstl l-lustorlan Wallace Leathers thirty f e . . ,, .. ,, ' I I ll ' ll 1 I I A ....,....................... i Vice President .................. Eugene l-leikkinen I 1 1 ' ' - IV thirty-six Sl1upman Nature Club Organuzed un l927 and named Shupman Nature Club un honor of Mr C M Shupman a noted naturalust the nature club proved to be one of the outstandung clubs at Hardung l-lugh School They made ut possuble for men luke Mr Shupman Mr Gebhart Mr Fuller and other noted men to come un contact wuth our schools ln addutuon they made ut possuble for members to attend lectures un Wulloughby Cleveland Sandusky and Columbus The Class of l94O congratulates the club and uts advusor tor theur splendud work Easy saulung nature students' Faculty Advusor Mr E l-l Brown Presudent Anne Burak Vuce presudent Val l-lambor Secretary treasurer Al Cuoblowsky Custoduan Joe Buhary unlor Hugh Dramatucs Thus organuzatuon serves as a toundatuon for future Senuor Hugh drama tuc students l-lere materual for Junuor and Senuor class productuons us carefully brought out and elaborated upon Members are taught stage du rectuon and make up as well as actung Faculty Advusor Mr Lynham President Clayton Leathers Vuce Presudent Aluce Mattunen Secretary Esther Pesho Treasurer Marulyn Rogat Raduo Club Thus year a new club was organuzed under the durectuon of Muss Whart enby un order to guve students an elementary knowledge of raduo dramatucs lt has met wuth the unstant approval of unterested students who have work ed hard to make the club a success Each person has worked un whatever tueld of raduo he us most unterested The club shows great promuse ot at taunung even greater success un future years Faculty Advusor Muss Mary Jane Whartenby th ty C 9 I ' ' I I ' I ' I ' I I I I I ' l I I . , , I I - I . I - lr -5 Gul Reserves The Glrl Reserves IS the oldest organIzatIon at HardIng HIgh School havlng been Introduced In l925 They adopted for theIr slogan the Impera fIV6 phrase Face LIfe Squarelyl Durmg the years that It has been In exIstence It thrIved and grew tIlI now It IS one of the most Important GCTIVIGS In and around the school The most Important tunctIon of the year has always been the annual Mother and Daughter Banquet somethIng to whIch the gIrls always look forward Faculty AdVISOf Mrs B L Farmer Secretary treasurer Malvma Laszlo Fmance ChaIrman Anne BIrak Program Chalrman VIola SomppI lhIrty e ght l I ' ll ' Q ll T , . I I President ..................... Margaret Kazsmer I I , i GLU ell S Owe'lS The Pomesvulle Gordeh ond Greenhouse CO Greenhouse Store 916 w Jackson Sf "" 107 Mann sneer Palnesvrlle Ohro Pdlrlesvllle Ohio Telephone 5252 Telephone 6l3l Compliments of First Natlonal Bank ln Palnesvllle Member ol Federal Deposrt Insurance Corp The Alden Motor Sales Co Drrect Factory Dealer SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS e Clark and Searl Candy Dual 3266 327l Complnments of Lake Barber Shop Dodge Plymouth Cars and Trucks Blue Seal Used Cars Hugh ST Fonrpori 239 E Mom S1 Pouhesvllle O BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l9-40 S ve at Sears SEARS ROEBUCK 8: CO 95 No Pork Place Pomesvllle Ohno O lh ly H l ' 71 . S lx H H 'Tig XX . . . . Y 1 fxgh' ' , ,HT WSH ' , . . S Il Sterling Ave. Poihesville, O. ' 0 S C C a 3 3. O BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1940 iamond lkall Compan FAIRPORT HARBOR OHIO Parkway Servlce Statlon Nyle Schuster Prop EN AR C0 PRODUCTS Whnte Rose Gos En Ar Co Owl Specnolnzed Greosmg Accessornes We extend our Congrotulotlons Best W'She5 To the Closs of 40 Mal' Val Recreation The Maple Brook Dalry Pomesvalle Ohio Of A COMPLETE DAIRY SERVICE O . I C O , , . . . . ..... ..... ' E 1 0 E : I - I f I ll ll E . ' ........ .El X 441951 97115 on 71,1256 1 , . P I Q!- ' 19392. gg'-9 NF. Q ,.g,1y. .mg-,sci ale, 54621,-5 ' I A9 J-1153 j'v'4051:'-if: Lf- 'Lolxllf A - '-L-1 I Y' X, C 9 I Homecoming On September 29 l939 Jeannette Jasuk was ceremonuously crowned the l939 Homecoming Queen nn the staduum durlng the half of the Ashtabula Harbor Fanrport game An attractlve blond with a pleasnng personaluty Jeannette appropriate ly represented the S S Hardnng Hugh s falrer passengers Sharlng the honors wnth her were the follownng Anne Barak Juamta Hoch Helen Kanots and Vnola Somppl none of whom are nn want of beauty and personallty Desplte the heavy downpour of raln a large crowd attended the dance sn the gymnasnum after the game That eventful nnght wnll ever remann as a cherished memory un the hearts of these honored flve forty two I I I - . . I . . ' I I - I I . I Q84 unlor Class Play In November the underclassmen exhlblted their superuor qualntues as actors by presentlng an extraordlnarnly fine play Huckleberry Flnn The productlon wnth :ts famullar lovable story Interested all who attend and prompted warm and prolonged applause Congratulatuons Junnors and the best of luck to you rn future years' Huckleberry Finn Fred Raymond Melba Tom Sawyer John Finn Aunt Polly Clara Woppnnger Amy Woppnnger Mary .lane Cast of Characters Stage Managers Jullus Majoros Duck Sturm Margaret Rlnyo Arthur Rauhala Bull Werbeach Justlna Sutch Eleanor Tlrpak Lnlllan Youppl Ann Hyduke James Stevens Ruchard Somppn Charles Gillespie Director Mr Earl Lynham fo ty three if 4. V I- if' . :T"'t"' I x 5 'ff' 54 5 y 'T-xx xg' V' 1 , U v I vig 6,5 Ruth Watson ...................... Dorothy Palssi , - forty four Cperetta ENCHANTED ISLE The characters In thls dellghtful operetta were Elena played by Mary Czop Ramon Steve Vegso Mamma Gomez Roslyn Schuler Papa Gomez ValentIne Hambor RosIta Margaret Vayo ConchIta Margaret RInyo MarIa Helen Kanots Mlguel NIck Hyduke Benlto HarrIson Snyder Juan Al Goblowsky four smugglers Harlan Fann Joe Szeghy John TobIas and Charles GIll6SpI6 Juamta Hoch was accompanIst Based wholly on musIc by FrederIc ChopIn the Enchanted lsle IS the story ofa young couple In love vIsualIzIng only a sImple home lIfe as theIr future NeIther has any brIght dreams untIl FrederIc Chopm comes to the Island wIth the hope throwIng off the deep melancholy mood whIch he developed after a sIckness Chopm hears Elena sIng and marvels at her wonderful VOICE He promIses her a brIllIant future If she goes to PGFIS to study When Elena hears thIs she IS even ready to QIVS up Ramon and love In order to make her golden dreams come true When Ramon hears of Elena s new plans for the future he makes plans to leave the Island Chopm seeIng the true grIef of the two lovers and actIng on the ad vIce of Mamma Gomez shatters Elena s dreams of success and convInces her that lufe wIth Ramon IS what was meant for her SeeIng the lovers happIly unIted Chopm leaves the Island feelung a better mon than when he came I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I - . I - I I M1ss Shea Mr Nelson Mr Patterson M1ss P1l4e M1ss Eggleston M1ss Johnson Henry AlClr1Ch Barbara Pearson Gert1e Mr Bradley M1ss Wheeler George B1gelow Mrs Aldr1ch Mr Ferguson Students THE SENIOR CLASS HARDING HICH SCHOOL Presents May lO l94O CAST V1ola Sonnpp1 Davud Szuhax Steve Bauer Juan1ta Hoch Steve Vegse Hagar Kasar1 Sylv1a Aho Val Hambor Helen Kanats Glor1a D1Igren Al Goblowsky Charlene Erkknla John Tob1as Margaret Vaya Nlck Hyduke lrene Mayor Mary Czop Vaola Mann1nen Tory Lunka l.au1s Oras John Toth. of "What A Life" B11 ...,,l 1 1 Mr. Vecchitto Simka The Prom The rustle of gowns soft llltlng muslc couples glldlng smoothly down the hardwood floor these are the memorues llngermg In a sensors mnnd Important event In a sensor s career Prom Commuttee Matilda Gurley Albert Vastyan Juluus Maloros forty sux Bob Rendrlck Frank Gasper Jack Volansku Eleanor Turpak John Fedak Jean Pohto Nola Barnhardt Faculty Advisors Nick Esterhay Betty Boehnke Duck Sturm Roslyn Schuler Russell Irons Florence Wood Clayton Dunning long after he leaves the ship. The annual promenade is certainly the most Compliments of Comploments of Fordw Andrus Dr .I W Golding General Insurance Terms Cosh X roy Servuce Surety Bonds DIG' 6301 Pomesvnlle Folrporf I34 Mom Sf Pomesvxlle TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES Quoluty Publishers of JOB PRINTING FAIRPORT BEACON Neal Printing Co 310 HIGH ST DIAL 5541 FAIRPORT Best Washes Tc The Closs of 40 HARDWARE R LEVINE Honest Values ln Paunts Tools Shoes Men 5 Fum'sh'n9 Housewares and Gifts 320 I-hgh SI Fmrporf Dowd S Ingolls Eorle L Johnson Q 0 E s 0 0 ' ...........................................im....................................... I I I mmlInnnmnnnn--H..--.-nnnllm... -mn-mn-.n.m..nmmmnm-.m nn..-.mum .-Inmn.-.mn-I-n.mm..--...I 1 5 E I I , . . E B :nun Iunuun nnnmu : nun-nnnnnnunnnnnnnn-nn nnlnuunununuumnnnunuu B f ty- e For Gayety and Mlrth Join the Crowd at Johnny 8a Myrts Sweet Shop 'fi 9 .4 We make Our lce Cream Fresh Dally Custards Frosted Malts Sherbets FAIRPORT OHIO . U A x o 9 ' 'J e"'2' 5529! -xg . ' Fe Ns 1:65144-"Q. . 'H Fin 'fa in e X ,, -5 1 . 7 Y 9 E U f 1 f 4 1 44717 7 W y Z 1 r w Z 1 1 1 1 ,445 Z ff 1 1 Z W! 41l.,L.,,.Q X X M1111 1 1 W fly ffff X 1 X ZX 7 11 1 1 1 X 1 5 f 1 X WW ff 1 Q X , ff Wfffff W X ,ff X yi 7 jg If 0 W 1, f' 1 1 X . X X fl V X J ff , . VI j f 1 4 7 1 f f If V A f 'I N 'f ' X f V 1 fs " NX 1 ff ,f -',-. I n' , f ' I X, If ky ' , - .5 4 X ' h K y g 5 1 I 1 ,f f- f 7 gxbx 9 . - ff 2 y 1 f 1 f N S - JA 1 1 1 1 .x ' ,j 1 1 ,f , P9 1 1 1 1 . . 11, 1 1 ,117 1 ' 'll ' ' 1 1' ' A , 4 . 1 1 , - 1 1 V if- ' A 1 1 W . , ' -uf. 7 A -'pf' f ' 7 1 I I- . f 1 ' 1 Y 1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 5 ' 1 , ,X M f t 1 1 y . 1 4 .. .1 'f' 1f' , ' . 'A "1 'Wi' .I ': 1 -' Q X f Q X K X ' as X ' . f .z' W A An ? f 1 f X ' 1 0 1 1 6 , - , ' s if W X ' W1 ' . f,1 Z542+53:f.1'fi.f:11','1--'r 1' 1' f -x 4 ff , -X. ,..- -, 'S-,1 1 1 1 I ,, , ff mf N 52"-1-,f:'5: ,517 ' 1 71 X 1 J 1 ' 1.1 W , f , :I ' N. 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X 1 kf , ,ff 4, , 1, ff 'I ff f 1 A 1 ' ff ' 1' . lf f 1 . edgw jfff,,f4ff?f15g2f 1 X f .1 X 1' I, 'ff . 1 X 41 f X .4 - ! 1 ' 1 f tty Football Head Coach George Daly Lune Coach Matt lvary Frank Orosz Hubert Hllston John Sumko John Fedak Bob I-lllston Bob Braemer Nlck Esterhay Frank Gasper Bob Kleln Tony Lunka Bull Kush Joe Bezzeg Joe Lefelhocz Mllton Mackey Pete Kovacs Edwin Lepusto Bull Loxterman Albert Adams Kayo Saarela Jack Paige John Gasper Rodney Pohto John Fazekas Buddy Braskl Joe Surbella Andy Blyak Jum Stevens Kush Bob Mannnnen and managers Harrlson Snyder Albert Znmny Wllllam Tlrpak and Andy Szuhay Scores FAIRPORT 0-CLEVELAND HEIGHTS I9 Although the Sknppers opened theur grud season wnth a loss they aave their heavier Cleveland opponents a tougher flght than the score nndlcates Gasper and Klem showed much promnse tor Fairport but could not pre vent a superaor Helghts team from scoring In every period except the thlrd FAIRPORT 0 HARBOR 0 The thnrd annual homecomung game was a scoreless tue fought to the end an a steady downpour of raln The bsggest thrlll of the game ln the first quarter when Fairport staged a goal Ime stand haltlng the Manners on the one yard llne I I ' I I ' . I ' Bill Werbeach, Dick 'Somppi, Albert Kadet, Louis Orosz, Emillliordich, Pete S I I I I . . Q I . . I, i FAIRPORT I4 PAINESVILLE 0 Defeatlng nts bltterest rlval Palnesvllle Falrport won Its first game of the season Klein passed to Esterhay for the Sknppers first scores and Kish scored the second touchdown by nnterceptung a pass and crossung has opponents goa Iune FAIRPORT O GENEVA 0 On a soaay field which was soaked by a steady raun that tell through out the game Fairport and Geneva fought to a scoreless tue Nenther team threatened to score FAIRPORT 'I2 WILLOUGHBY 20 The Wllloughby Rangers Iassoed the Sklppers 20 l2 lnelagrbnlutues and Injuries had weakened the Fairport squad Wllloughbys touchdowns came ln the first and thlrd quarters while ASHTABULA 40 FAIRPORT 0 For this game Falrport took to the road for the tlrst time this season and came back defeated by the mnqhty Ashtabula Panthers Ashtabula scored In every perlod ot the game PAINESVILLE 8 FAIRPORT O Fanrport met Palnesvulle at Recreatnon Field an Paunesvulle and lost the tune of 8 O Faurport fouled to reguster a tnrst down whale thenr rnvals sparkled nn every department Salmunen drove over for the touchdown and a blocked punt resulted In a Safety for Parnesvllle CONNEAUT 40 FAIRPORT 0 Falrport ended nts season by losing to the Conneaut Trojans although Conneaut used :ts subs durung most of the game It scored In every quarter of the game Drnvung through to vnctory Conneaut cunched the Lake Shore Champsonshlp and ended nts season undefeated and untued' fftyo l- ' . ' Fairport made both of its touchdowns in the third quarter. . . 4 ..,. . to I - ne fl Basketball Lettermen Captann Robert Mannmen Frank Gasper Elmer Olson Nnck Esterhay Robert Sutch Albert Adams George Vustu and Manager Dave Szuhay Joe Ode Robert Braemer Robert Klein John Gasper Wullue Saaru Pete Kovach Jack Sturm Pete Kish Delbert Luntala Stanley Zalar and man agers Melvan Hllston and Emnl Kordlch Scores FAIRPORT 24-CONNEAUT 26 ln the fnrst game of the year Conneaut defeated the Sknppers In a thrall mg fourth quarter rally by a score of 26 24 The game was fought hard all the way as you can judge from the score Mannmen starred for the locals wuth nme pomts to hus credit Thus season Falrport has a team made up of sophomores and lunlors FAIRPORT 20 EUCLID SHORE 32 By defeatung the Sklppers 32 20 Euclud Shore gamed revenge for last year s defeat whuch dropped them out of the dustrnct tournament lt could be seen clearly on thus game that Fairport continues to sm prove FAIRPORT ll ASHTABULA 41 Faurport dropped :ts thurd stranght game of the season thus tame to the Ashtabula Panthers From the openmg whnstle to the end of the game the Panthers were never headed They led l3 O at the end of the furst quarter and 3l 5 at the halt FAIRPORT 36 PERRY 29 The Falrport Sklppers won their flrst game of the season from a scrappy fuve from Perry Hugh An unusual Incident occurred In thus game Pete Thompson Perry s star center scored a goal for Fanrport Captann Olson of the Sklppers was creduted with the polnts tty two . L . l I l . 1 1 I I I I .I l 'I I I ' .I I I . r . 1 . I 1 '- I I ' , - with no lettermen back. , . . . I I . - . 1 . I . ., s . FAIRPORT 25 WILLOUGHBY 27 The small margun loss bug but the Skuppers un theur game wuth Wul loughby and they lost 27 25 The Wulloughby Rangers were pucked to place second thus year so ut looks as uf Faurport gauned a moral vuctory anyway Mannunen captured scorung honors wuth seven pounts HARBOR 22 FAIRPORT I6 The tradutuonal basket of weeds whuch curculates between Harbor and Faurport took a round trup to Harbor and back because Faurport fauled to beat Harbor Each year the losung team us presented these weeds and can not return them untul they beat the opposung team In uts own cheese box gym Harbor sank the Skuppers 22 l6 Here s hopung the Skuppers can get rud of that basket of weeds when Harbor plays a return game un Faurport FAIRPORT 38-GLENVILLE 29 Faurport scored uts furst decusuve vuctory of the season when they bowled over Glenvulle Hugh 38 29 Thus was Faurport s second vuctory of the year Olson led the scorers of the evenung wuth thurteen pounts CONNEAUT 23 FAIRPORT 33 The start of the second half of the league race began to tell a dufferent story from that of the furst half Faurport defeated Conneaut 33 23 for uts furst league wun of the year' Olson and Kleun of Faurport shared scorung honors wuth eught pounts apuece MAPLE HEIGHTS 39 FAIRPORT 36 Agaun the small margun loss bug hut the Faurport Skuppers They lost to Maple Heughts 39 36 Olson of Faurport ran away wuth the scorung crown by rungung un l7 pounts FAIRPORT I7 ASHTABULA 51 For the second tume thus season Ashtabula swamped the Skuppers Watters of Ashtabula led the scorung wuth ll pounts An unusually tught WILLOUGHBY 42 FAIRPORT 21 ln defeatung Faurport Wulloughby out scored Faurport 2 to l Thus game however was a lot dufferent from the furst game these two teams played The furst game was won by Wulloughby by just one pount FAIRPORT 27 HARBOR 22 Faurport defeated Harbor after theur early season defeat at the hands of the Maruners The skuppers went to town un the furst and second quarters and led at the half l6 6 ln the thurd quarter however they were held to 4 pounts whule Harbor scored l2 Then un the last quarter they hut theur pace to wun 27 22 ALUMNI 57 FAIRPORT 26 The Alumnu who uncudentally were last years Champs swamped the varsuty 57 26 Adams and Sutch of the Alumnu scored l7 and l6 pounts re spectuvely Thus game was a benefut game for classmates of the varsuty Frank Orasz and Bull MacDonald PAINESVILLE 36 FAIRPORT 29 ln renewung the feud between these two schools Paunesvulle set Faurport back on theur ears un defeatung them 36 29 Robunson of Paunesvulle led the scorung wuth I4 pounts FAIRPORT 54 GENEVA 26 Faurport tasted sweet revenge for the one pount defeat from the Eagles earluer un the season by defeatung them 54 26 ln theur last game wuth Gen eva Faurport was ahead by 4 pounts goung unto the last munute In the last 30 seconds Geneva scored fuve pounts to snatch vuctory from Faurports hands Olsoqn Kleun and Sutch all of Faurport led the scorers by makung ll pounts eac BEREA 56 FAIRPORT I8 ln the furst round of the dustruct tournament Faurport was elurnunated by Berea who defeated them 56 l8 fufty three defense held Fairport to three field goals. I Traclc MENTOR FAIRPORT The boys journeyed to Mentor and were edged out In a very close score Vargo of Falrport led the scoring wnth I5 pounts He topped the hundred two twenty and the broad jump WILLOUGHBY FAIRPORT Agann the boys took to the road but as before they come back wnthout the farst taste of victory FAIRPORT PAINESVILLE duel meet of the season Vargo agaun walked off with hugh honor wnnnung 3 out of 3 events that he entered LAKE SHORE MEET On the day of the Lake Shore Meet when all of the seven teams are keyed up to theur hughest putch ns when you get to see some real competition Fairport dld a lot better than was expected They placed fourth being led by Ashtabula Wnlloughby and Harbor and were followed by Palnesvllle Conneaut and Geneva Vargo of Fanrport won 2 flrsts and a third Wnemero won 2 flrsts . . . , ,, ,Q ll Il ' . I I In Fairport's stadium, Painesville beat Fairport in the Skipper's last ' 1 I I I . . I , . ffty-four The Junnor Class Girls Intramurals Team won the chompuonshvp both Basketball and Volleyball They have acqunred the title of benng the class that Can t Lose Those takung part In the games were Lulllan Mackey coptam Dorothy Palssn Erma Mackey Claruon Peltoma Justlna Sutch Helen Germek Eleanor Turpak Betty Boehnke Margaret Hogya Roslyn Schuler fffyf Girls' lntramurals . . I . T in f tty BEST WlSHES From GAIL G GRANT Inc PAINESVILLE COMPUMENTS OF HILSTO BRO 4l6 South St Fonrport Ohlo SAND STONE GRAVEL The Kelly Island Llme 8: Transport Co Folrport Horbor Ohio Dzol 3612 Ottuce ond Yord North End ot Dnomond Alkolr Stone Dock E-u-.nu-In E - ' . E ' o Patron Lust Mr and Mrs lx A Grelg Mr and Mrs George Daly Mr and Mrs W S Wnnchell Mass Martha Lnpsanen Mr and Mrs C L Dunnnng Mass Ruth Huetnen Mass E Dann and Mrs C E Boley and Mrs A Rood and Mrs E Patch and Mrs R Lynham Matthew lvary and Mrs G A Babson and Mrs B L Farmer and Mrs R W Bupp Mass Frances Tapscott Mr E H Brown Muss Nola Barnhardt Mass Hazel Rugg Mr Elnar Helstrom Dr and Mrs Malcolm Boylan Dr and Mrs B Fnsher Muss Mary Ondo Mr J N Myllykoskn Mr James R Bartlsh Mass Lulllan Luthanen Dr and Mrs ErnestC Oros Mr Nscholas Gyure Mass Anita Stuurl Harry T Nolan George Ondus John Sarosy and Mrs Joseph A lgnat Arnold Tolvonen o nson s Barber Shop and Mrs A J Rutaru and Mrs Evan Thomas raun and Bachtel Donald Chaney Mr Donald Jacobson Mrs Cathernne O Brien Mrss Elizabeth Clevenger Mnss Hllda Kula Mass Helen Lakso Vnctor Congos Neal Pletlla A E lvary A Tuttle Wllluam Hubbard R E Perala ! 4 4 . . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. ' . Mr. Mr, , . . Mr. . . Mr. , R, . Mr, ' Mr, . L, . J h ' Mr. , E. . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. and Mrs. C. P, Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sholtis Mr. Mr, A Mr, , , , B Mr. . . . Mr, Mr, . . . , . ' Mr, A . . Mr, ' ' . . . ' Mr, . . ' Mr. . . A . A Mr, ' ' , . ' Mr, , The Fairport SCYVICC Statlon A E Lodvolo Mgr Mobilga and Mobnloil Ignition Service Brake Service Specialized Lubrication Dun! 3832 East at 7th St Falrport Harbor OHIO DRUGS DIAL 4977 SUNDRIES Gerseny S Pharmacy Comer Third and l-l gh Streets Prescriptions Carefully Compounded SODAS SUNDAES WE DELIVER COMPL IMENTQ OF CASELLA S CLEANERS DYERS FURRIERS FAIRPORT PAINESVILLE E El y onq E1............. EJ 0 0 0 . S . . Firestone Tires Willard Batteries 9 ' a F I OICBS Mr Bupp Ito hustory classl We wall now turn to Greece Voice from rear We wlll If somebody doesn t open the wlndow Help your wufe says the Good Housekeeping When she mops up the floor mop up the floor wnth her Fanny I woke up last night wnth the feeling that my watch was gone so I got up and looked for It Frosh Well was It gone? Fanny No but It was going Mr Lynham Are you sure thus as a perfectly orngunal theme? Bob Leplsto Not exactly you may fund one or two words In e dictionary Hello us thas the Gurl Reserves? es We I reserve me o nlce blonde for Tuesday night Well why don t you laugh don t you thunk that joke s funny? Yes but I have the greatest reverence for old age Stranger Who you shovun around? Dark I don t know What s your name? Muss Barnhardt Wlll you boys stop exchanging notes nn the back of the room? Chuck G Them ann t notes them s cards We re playnng bridge Mlss Barnhardt Oh I beg your pardon M M The trouble wlth you us that you re spolled H K Oh no I m not That s only the perfume you gave me or Chrnstmas I shall now nllustrate what I have nn my mund Saad Mr Dunnlng as he proceeded to erase the blackboard Casa You are the only gurl I have ever loved Marge V Well be on your way I can t marry a freak Fog Iwnth apologies to Carl Sandburg and Mrs Patchl The fog comes on little cat feet About the tlme of Examnnatnons It ssts looking over desk and chanr On snlent haunches and does not move on It stays Sweet young thang Wall you be a stag at our formal next week? L O Yes I love masquerate parties ffty nne ' I 11 - 11 -I I 11 - -I 1 If II . , . H H H ll ' Il - I1 I I ' ll , . H H H I ,, . , . . . I - Il I 11 - I 11 I 11 A A 11 . , . H H H I 11 - V 4 - 11 ' 1 " ' g ' ' th - - 11 l'I I-I I'I ll 4 ' ' II , , IIY Il II il ' ' .ll H H H ll I I I ' I ll I I ' ll ll I . l'I l'I I'l I 11 - 1 11 I 11 I 1 1 I I1 H H H . I ,, . . . ll . A I 11 - 1 1 1 V - 11 .. , . . - I 11 11 . , . H H H I 11 - - 1 A 11 . H . . .. , , ' . I f ' Il H H H I . . ,, . . , , H H H I 11 - 11 I I 11 1 I 11 .. , . . H H H . I i H H H ' J ' ll 11 - ll I I . ' I 1 I - I BON VOYAGE TO CLASS OF '40 ANN'S FOOD STORE Ann Goblowsky, Prop. Diol 4487 d S. F ' Standard Chromate Dlvlslon DIAMOND ALKALI COMPANY PAINESVILLE OHIO DE SOTO PLYMOUTH 3922 367 0 B Sc R MOTOR SALES Two Door Sedan Rood King Coupe N. ST. Cloir Dial 6871 Poinesville, O umm num-nnIn-tnmnmunnmuvm . nun Compliments of coNeR,4TuLATuoNsv1 Cochran Paint and Wallpaper Store John Otis Groceries and Meats on 14844 IO 1 420 Second Foirport Harbor O 1 I4 Moun Street Pounesvulle O The Harbor Land Co Our oum us to hove o1I Folrport Cntuzens home owners The mon who owns hls own home Whose chnldren hove o ploce thot they Look upon os thenr own gives to Himself ond hrs fornnly o better Ploce IU the lute of the Communnty Corner East and Thlrd Streets DIAL 6442 FAIRPORT OHIO SOHIO COmP"mef'fS Of John s Servlce Statlon Palnesvllle Bulck Inc C""'P'e'e '9""""' 'nd Carburetor Tune up Duo! 4733 45 SO State St Polhesvllle O DIG' D452 New ond Eost Streets Fosrport O E I 1 ' E ...Im-.--mlm-m mm... un nu mm.n---mmmm... 0 1 I -II-...mm.-m......... . 5 , a o 0 o o E . . 0 5 . . , . 5 . - : , - -H .-IIn-I.In..Ilm-m-mmnnm-ul.mm--wu --Hmnmm-u-m--m. TY Compllmenfs of The Unlon Sand And Lake Shore Lumber Supply Corp And Coal C0 Coal and Builders Supplles Pomesvllle Johnrmycoke Rldge Pomesvulle LAKE BEAUTY SALON Specuallzed Beauty and Halr Culture In All Lnnes Very Reasonable Rates Duo! 4428 322 Hugh Sf Folrport Ohno COMPLIMENTS OF POTTI FUNERAL HOME Dnol 6192 538 Fifth Sf Fourport Congrotulotlons Comphments of from Wilson 8: Foster Ed Gottwlg s Florists Thurd Sf Fcnrport Pomesvulle Ohlo El E SIXTY 1' l3...u-nm I--mm.. mm ...-m.......... D .mm E 5 il- . . -I ' ' E QX I ll: -2' - . v " 3 E ..., I : f E E o E , Q 0 Elllllllllll - "UNH Senlor Whos Who SYIVIG Aho Slwer GKNERAL And her harr shall be whatsoever color It pleases God r s arnurals I C a J Jr Hugh Gtr s CC Club I GIrI Reserves 3 -I Roche Cluu IXIOOITII M AUTIO Narml GVNERAL Reproot on her lrps but a smlle In her eyes mrs Intramurals I oral Club 4 Jr I GICC I I serv s VIctor Bale Sgm GENERAL Gentle In manner farm In reallty Track 'I Football Manager 3 Boys Intramurals n Choral Club 4 Camera Club I Stuclcnt Councrl -4 Sr Class Oftucer Steve Bartlsh Poke GENERAL Ive never been hurt by what l havent sand asketball 'I Football 3 oys ntramurals I JuIIa Bartok Q GENERAL Srmple and sweet Club I GIrl Reserves rt Dramatnc Club 4 Steven Bauer Bowser GENERAL The beglnnmgs of all great thmgs are small a k 3 o n ramurals ss av an Ib 4 Sr Class Othcer RarlIo Club 4 Chccrlearer Harbor Lrght Board IIIIan e GENERAL Dorng easrly what others hnd dnttucult IS talent GIrIs Intramurals Ir eo up I r erxes EInar Beck Beck GENERAL It doesnt take a man of grant mold to make a grant shadow on the wall BOY' 4 Or hes' 1 Camera Club -I Track M r Oqcr v Scholar mp Team Anne Blrak Annre CJMMERCIAL If laughlng were a sm thrs poor toller would have a a prece ot explamung to do on Judgement Day rs n amurols I GIrI Reserves 4 NatL e C 1 rar'rIctIc CI Ofhce Deus George Brttner or SCIFNTIFIC Srmplcuty of character rs no hrndrance to sublety of nn lellect Camera Club I oral Club I-hgh Boys ce Club Nature Club I Hazel Bystrom Haze GENERAL The thmg that goes farthest towards makmg lute worth whsle That costs tl'e least and does the most I lust a llttl smulc Gnrls Intramurals Jack Cadwell ac SCIENTIFC Facts are stubborn thmgs S olar hlo Te rn I Srholar hup Club I 3 Nature LI onwera Club I Home oorn Othcer I Jr Cass OtfLers Sr Class Othcer Mary Margaret Czop Kato GENERAL When she had passed It seemed Irke the ceasing of ex quste muslc Irs ramurals Ch ra Club 7 3 4 Opere a ost 4 I G r Reserves Dramahc Clap -I Rodro Club 2 Irene Dakos Duke COLLEGE PRFP My thoughts arc my compamons nrl I r e rv s Dram IC ur 4 RaI Club 7 Watch Tower Staff 4 GIorIa Dnlgren Glory COMMERICAL Ruch the treasure sweet the pleasure Irs Intramurals I I r ee ur r Reserves I SchoIarshIo Club J 4 Scholarslma Team as a Jr Class Othcer Drama IC Cluz Charlene Jean Erkklla Chy COLLEGE PREP Where dnd she get her eyes so blue, Out ot the sky as she came through Irs n r mur Hgh GI I Glee Club I Camera ub I -1 oIarshIp lub I r fy C ass Plav Home Rogm Otbcer Drarrahc Club Raflro Club I Watch Tower Staff 4 slxty three . I ' ll ' ll - ll - II ,I . . .,, ,, I . . I . , ' H GI I lntr ' -2-3-45 hor I Clul 2-3-45 , I' ' GI I - 5 I 4. GI I' I tr , -45 3- g If Iul :I-4g D C ulv I--Ig Rocha Club 4, t . 4. ' ' ll ' 'll E llJ .ll ' I ' I -35 Ch 5 , Hgh aIfIs' ' CILIT I, Grl Re e I-2-3--I, Q, 35,4 I, I' GI ' ' ll ll If ll -1 If 5 ' I-g-w4p , ' I A ,, ' ' 5 ' ' ll II 'IJ ,I ,X I lg N ch s G Q . S -B, CI lv 5445 5 ' -F 4' 15 I A--DHI C 7:73p R -Q73-4, I I A ' ll ll lr 11 J If GIFIS' Intramurals Zg Choral Club 3-4g Jr. I-hgh GIrIs Glee fi I I A2 - G I ' Int If2-3,-lj o I ' L- - Q tt C g Jr. H gh Gurls Glee Club Ig I l I-45 ll ll II II Tr C ,745 B vs' I I Ig If Cla PI , Dr IQIIQ ' CIL g , 5 I 1 If Ba , GI I R se e, 5--lg at Cl I 5- g IIo ' ' ll ll l-' ' B II "Lil" A I I I 'U G I' , -I-3--l, Jrr H gh GI Is GI Cl I If GI I l, Jr. Hlqh G ls' GI , CI I Q GI I Re- -I-14, . 1-'f , ' 's fr 2, 3g Jr CI sPI . , t I 4 ' ll ll ' 11 11 P .H I G I" I ta als ff Jr, I rs' , CI -2-3- f Sch ' C ,' GI I Rose es Ig Jr I s V' 173, 1 .re N 45 . sr, I el' ,, - f 4, ' Trres Tubes Batterres Accessorles Compliments of ROBERT McMlLLAN COAL BRICK TILE FLUE LINING LIME CEMENT PLASTER SEWER PIPE MORTAR COLORS Liberty Street Dnol 5822 Ponnesvulle Ohio Sunshlne Dalry Company Congratulations To The Closs of 1940 Where Fresh Doury Lee J Devney Products Are Assured Men s Store DICII 69-ll Seventh ond Plum Streets Pounesvulle Ohto Folrport Dtol 4972 Compliments of Newcomb SCFVICC Station Dr T H Riley Optometrist Eost ond Seventh Streets 225 I-hgh gf pmrporf Qgmo Folrport I-Iorbor Ohuo Complnments of THE LAKE COUNTY BUSINESS COLLEGE 33 N Stote St Duol 6522 Ponnesvllle Ohio E1 E1 sixty four E............... I-I.tm....-...I-I--........... .tm I ...um E1 5 I E ...I----I---tn...II-Imt.I-mt..-...mm-.I 1Hnm.-................. ...........I--II-HI---mmm-.-...tt-...Ium..tt-...um-.mm E E O U ' E E I 5 E 1 E ' 5 ..r.m..........-mmm.-.tmrur-I... ' ..............I-I-rt...-...wrt mm E ' ' E 0 E E o 0 I E . . . E . E 1 1 r : : E - I 5 I E E .IHUIIIIIII.II.H...I--II.I.m.m.m..m....... mm.I..-tt-...mt-.......... H... : 4 - 1 Y lllllllllllll UUIIU' Senuor Whos Who Harlan G Fann Fanny COLLEGE PREP The shortest answer us knowung Basketball Manager Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta Cast Jr Hugh Boys Glee Club Band l Z 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Camera Club l 7 3 4 Presudents Organuzatuon l Scholarshup Club I Z 3 4 Schalarshup Team I 2 3 Jr Class y Sr Class Play Jr Class Oftucer Sr Class Oftucer Harbor Lugnt Board Margaret Therese Gergley Gergle COMMERCIAL Happy am I trom care Im free Why arent all content luke me' Choral Club 2 3 4 Jr Hugh Gurls Glee Club l Gurl Reserves 4 Dramatuc Club 4 Raduo Club 4 Ottuce Debs 4 Aloysuus G Goblowsky Gubu COLLEGE PREP Ah' Dont say you agree wuth me When people agree wufh me I feel that I must be wrong Choral Club 3 4 Nature Club I 2 3 4 Student Councul 4 Scholarshup Club l 7 3 4 Scholarshup T am 2 3 Jr Class Play Dramatuc Club 2 3 4 Rada Club 4 Harbor Lught Board Operetta Cast 4 Senuor Class Play Valentune Francus Hambor Wazzu GENERAL Joy ruses nn me luke a summer's morn Camera Club 3 4 Nature Club I 3 4 Presudents Organuza tuon l 3 Scholarshup Team 2 Scholarshup Club 4 Jr Class Play Jr Class Offucer Home Room Offucer l 2 Dramatuc Club 3 4 Raduo Club 4 Poster Club l Senuor Class Play Eugene Ruchard Heukkunen Egan COMMERCIAL What us well done us done soon enough Camera Clu.b I '7 3 4 Presudents Organuzatuon l 2 3 Jr Class Presudent Dramatuc Club 4 Student Councul Pres 4 I-lubert I-Iulson Hubby GENERAL I never was on the dull, tame shore but I loved the gre sea more and more otball l 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 Track 2 3 B ln ra murals l 4 Juanuta Jane l-Ioch Wan COMMERCIAL Luttle Deeds of kundness luttle words ot love Help make earth happy luke heaven above L-Ju s n amurals I 3 C oral lub 7 4 Ope tta 4 ugh Gurls ee Cub mera Club Gr erves l Dramatuc Club 4 Offuce Debs 4 Harbor Lught Board 4 Senuor Class Offucer Watch Tower Staff 4 Jeannette A Jasuk Jenny GENERAL She was our queen, our rose our star And when she danced, oh heaven her dancung' urs ntromurals 4 Jr Hugh Gurls Glee Club I ur serves 2 4 Jr Class Play Dramatuc Club l Melvun Kalluo GENERAL So bashful but you d be surpnsed' Camera Club I 2 3 4 Home Room Offuccr 3 Helen Hermene Kanots I-lermy GENERAL Bnght as the sun her eyes struke the gaxers Gurls Intramurals 3 3 4 Chorau Club 2 3 4 Operetta Cast 4 Jr Hugh Gurls Glee Club l Camera Club 3 4 Gurl Re serves I Dramatuc Club 4 Watch Tower Staff 4 Senuor Class Play l-lagar E Kasaru Eftue COMMERICAL Her ways are ways ot pleasantness rs Intramurals l 2 3 Choral Club 2 3 4 Jr Hugh Gurs Gee Club I Gurl Reserves l Nature Club 2 Jr Gurl e serves I Dramatuc Club 4 Senuor Class Play Margaret F Kaszmer Kasa COMMERICAL Gurl Reserves 2 3 4 Nature Club 3 4 Presudent Organuza tuon 2 3 Jr Class Offucer Offuce Debs 4 Wulluam J Kish GENERAL The great end of Me us not knowledge but actuon Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Boys Intramurals I 2 3 4 Allan Kleun Kleuny GENERAL But now my task us smoothly done I can fly or I can run Football 3 Track 4 Lulluan M Kosku u GENERAL A tunglung guggle and a merry he Grls Intramurals l 2 3 4 Cho al Club 2 3 4 G l Reserves l 2 3 4 Nature Club 2 Edmund Kuuvula ' Ettu GENERAL Peace rules the day where reason rules the mund Basketball I2 Presudents Organuzatuoru l 2 Boys lntra murals I 4 Camera Club 2 suxty fuve . I Il Il ' ll II 11 - - 11 11 - 1 1 - 11 -v. Y - . A I ' 2A3A4g. 5 ---1 Gl'l 5. ' gGlRe- PIO 2 . z 1 : . ' ' 1 ' , 1 - Il rl Mel 11 1 1 11 ll Il ' ' 11 1 , . ,I ll 11 I I ' I - 1, 1 - 11 , . I ' -- - Q ' - - J 4 . - - 1 . - . - - II -rl ' ' I , A ' ' h . . 1 1 1 11 1 - - ' 11 - II - Il 1 - I - 5 - - - : ' 5 I . -TE - ' I E , E ' ' 11 11 1 ' ' 1' 5 1 ' f f - Gi uf - - g - - 5 . 1' I g 5 5 , R - I I 1 ' ' ll 'll ll ll 11 - - 1 11 Football Manager 2135 Choral Club 2-3-45 Operetta Cast 4g "Berger fqifhful fhqn famous," ' I ' ' I I ' A , 1 - . 2 I I b ' ' 1 V I ' 1 ' 1 . 1 l - J ' 1 - 1 ' ' I I I - - A ' ll ' II . Bull-- ' ' ' Il ll Q 11 - - - 11 11 - - 11 - - g - - 5 ' - - - . ' --- - : ' ' - - J A ' I Q I , . 11 1 lr - 11 ll " ' , ." " , at ," - - 1 rich-11 Fo - - - I - I - j Oys' t - I " ' ' ' art." u ' - - V 5 r - - g ir - II n - - - g . ' ' I ll ,, . . . U 1 H 1 " rl' I tr -Eg h C --3- 5 re Q Jr, 11 1 11 H ' GI "I lj Ca l-2-3-45 ul Re- ' . . . . - 1 , 1 I 1 1 1 " 1 ' , ' KINTNER THE JEWELER f-1' Q' .:..,c'1':"a?a'iiw:Y:"a'::e.,, i 251 -of 1 Pomesv Ile Dml 3701 V75 Mom St Loraclo Coal It keeps your children warm at the Falrporf Schools LORADO COAL Let If keep you worm too ASK YOUR DEALER FOR LARADO COAL Congrotulofnons To the Class of 40 The Painesville Elevator Company Pomesvllle, Ohio E1 Sly Elllllllll vllll llllll I I lllllll lu lllllll nl lunlnunnulunnn u llurllllllllsllnn u nllulnnuqnyuuulnnnl.ll1p,l.,l,,,4,., ,III , ,,,,,, , E E . . I 41 .nz-.1 . E 1 1 : 2 A F Senuor Whos Who Edwun Lauvala Eddue GENERAL Domg good us the only certarnly happy actuon of a mans u e Boys Intramurals J Hugh Boys Glcc Club I Camera Club 3 3 Avuatuon Club 4 Malvuna Laszlo Moncu GENERAL Lufe IS not lute wuthout delvght u s n ramurals 3 Jr ugh Gurs ec ub Grl e serves I 2 Robert R Lepusto Jonesy GENERAL The gods looked wlth favor on superuor courage Home Room Oftucer 4 Watch Tower Staff 4 Norman Luoma Norm GENERAL Justuce sur us the great unterest of man on earth Boys Intramurals 3 4 Choral Club 2 3 Band I 2 Natu Club I Avuatuon Club 4 Anthony Lunka Tony SCIENTIFIC The secret of success us constancy to purpose Jr Orchestra I Camera Club 2 3 4 Home Room Ottuccr oral Club 3 4 Jr Hugh Boys Glee Club I Band I 3 4 Dramatuc Club 4 Avuatuon Club 4 Dorothy Lurvey Dot COMMERICAL Patience us a necessary ungreduent of genuus s Intramurals I 2 3 4 Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra I 2 3 Re erves I 2 3 u Gee u Ot uce Debs 4 Multon A Mackey Mulsu SCIENTIFIC Fearful concatenatuon of curcumstances Football 3 4 Track Z 3 Boys Intramurals I 2 3 4 Cho l Club 2 3 Home Room Oftucer 3 4 Jr Hugh Boys Glee Club Band I 2 3 Orchestra 3 3 Nature Club I Scholars I Team I Oluver Mackey Raven SCIENTIFIC To know how to hude ones abuluty us a great skull B s Intramurals I 2 3 4 Schol hup Club I 4 Scho r shup Team I Presudents Organuzatuon I Z 3 4 Choral CI b 2 Senuor Class Officer Jr Hugh Boys Glee Club I Irene Mayor GENERAL I am sure cares an enemy to lute Gurl Reserves 3 4 Dramatuc Club 4 Vuola l Mannunen Vum GENERAL Full of vum full ot pep good at cuthletucs you bet' I luc oarcl 4 Gurs n ramurals I Jr Hugh Gurs G cc Club r cscrvcs 4 Drama uc Clu Cheerleader I I Muchaul Mraz Kukey GENERAL All thungs come round to hum who wull but walt Boys Intramurals I 3 4 Camera Club 2 Eduth O Jarupa e COMMERCIAL Yet graceful ease and sweetness voud of prude Might hude her taults uf she had faults to hide G s Intramurals I 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Orchestra I Jr Hugh Gurls Glee Club Home Room Offuccr 4 Senuor Class Otfucer Otfuce Debs 4 Senua Oros Sonya GENERAL She moves a goddess and she looks a queen Gurs Intramurals Z 3 Choral Club 23 4 Jr Hugh Gurs Glee Club I Gurl Reserves 4 Dramatuc Club 4 Racluo Club 4 Louus M Orosz Louue GENERAL My only books were women s looks, and tollys all they ve taught me Basketball 2 Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 Boys Intramurals I3 d 2 3 4 Jr Orchestra I Dramau Cu Helen E Rego e COLLEGE PREP The faurest garden un her looks and m her mund the wusest books Band I 2 3 4 Jr Orchestra I Camera Club 2 3 4 Nature Club 4 Schalarshup Club I 2 Scholarshup Team I 2 3 Home Room Oftucer I Dramatuc Club 4 Raduo Club 4 Watch Tower Staff 4 Harbor Lught Board Edward Rendruck Bach GENERAL The great busuness of lute us to be, to do to do wuthout and to depart Boys Intramurals I 2 3 4 Robert Ruuppa Beeper GENERAL Th re us a great deal of murth behund hus quiet exterior Boy Intramurals 3 4 Nature Club I Avuatuon Club 4 Kayo Saarela GENERAL Star ot the unconqucrcd wall Football 3 4 Tra k I 2 3 4 Boys Intramurals I suxty Seven . I ' ' ll ' ll ' ' ll ' ll 11 - - - - 1 11 - V 11 H H 1 1 1 Athe B g I' I t -2-3-4g , ' I' ' , lg r. ' g 'I Ig Gul R I-2-3-Q t b 4g E- g , -1,. - ll -11 . . ,, . H 11 - - - - - 11 ,, . . . - 11 Grl'It 5 .H' 'l'GI CI Ig I R- I .Q--j A - I Il II ' Il ll H .... rl ' ' ll . I - 11 I . I , ,f . 'url' - A - g I- - - ju --2-3-4g - 1 I ll ll ' l 1 ll ' ll 11 . . . . 11 1 1 - ' E V - 1 - : - f rc " , 1 - . , I' - g v - - , . I ' I I I - II II . Il ' ll 11 - 11 - I ' ' I 11 1 I 1 Ch - 5 . ' g -2-3-4g 11 Jr. Orchestra Ig Camera Club 2-3-45 Home Room Offuccrs ' - : 5 I z - - : I E 1 ' Ig an I- - A g . g tc I b I-4. ll Il ll II , . N l 11 - - 1 - - 11 Girl' . - - - g - - - Q - A -4g " H' ' 1 Gurl s V - -45 Jr. Hugh G rls' I CI b I g t - ' - - - g . j - - I 1 - : - - : - ll - 11 I I 1 . , , ,, . , 11 . ll 11 - : - J ' - f - J fG I: - A z cf 1 J HP " ' ' ' 1 ' 1 11 ' Il ll -- ll ll 11 . 1 -. - - 11 ay ' - - - g ars - 5 Ia - 11 D - - A - - - 1- . I . 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' ' O 5 U 0 ' as O I . 2 -ci Seniors Whos Who Thomas John Saluk Sudglfl GENERAL Smooth runs the water where the brook us deep ack 'I 3 Bo Intramurals I Choral Cu Pressdents Oruanlzatlon I Home Room Oftlcer I Frederlck Selgwarth Frltz GENERAL I hate nobody I am ln charuty wlth the world asketball 2 3 4 rack 3 4 Boys Intramurals Camera Club I 2 Avlatlon Club 4 Natlanal Athlctlc Honor C oclety John Slmko Dark GENERAL I was not always a man ot woe Football 34 Trak B s Intramurals I dent Councll 4 Dramatlc Club -I Avlatlon Club 4 Sent r Class Play Vlola E Somppl Ves COMMERCIAL Hcr very frowns are faurer far than smrles of other mardens are r s ramurals 3 4 r r s ee ua Glrl s yes I hecrleacler I3 Presldents Orqanlzatlon oarshlp Club I Jr Class Play Jr Class Ottlcer Home R orn OlflCEl 3 Dramatlc Club I 4 Senlor Cass Play I-larrlson Snyder Harry COLLEGE PREP I am not a pollhcran and my other habnts are good Basket :all I 7 3 Football l 2 Football Manaaer 3 -4 Track M nager 2 3 Choral Club 3 4 Op retta Cast 7 3 4 J I h Boys Clee Club I and Or a Orchestra I Camera Club I 3 4 Nature Club 7 Preslrlents Organlzatlon I 2 Scholarshlp Club 3 -I Scholarshnp Team sr Class Play Sr Class Oftlccr I-lame Room Offlcer I 4 Harbor Llght Board Evelyn M Suomela Evelyn GENERAL If your heart be true lt s no matter what you do Irs Intramurals I I ee lub 'les rves I 3 4 Watch Tower Statf -1 Joseph Szeghy Casa GENERAL Hrs promlse as a Hercules I5 very very low But when rt comes to women hes not so very slow ootball I horal Club J 4 Presldents Oraanl atlon 3 Jr Clas Play Home Room Olllcer I Radla Club 4 Poster Club L Watch Tower Statt 4 Davld Szuhay GENERAL I have had my day and my phllosophles Track 4 Basketball Manager l 3 -I Scholarsblp Team 1 Camera Club 3 Senlor Class Play John Toblas Tobl COLLEGE PREP Agreed to dlffer Choral Club 2 3 4 Operetta Cast " 3 4 Jr Hlgh Boys Glee Club l Camera Club Z 3 4 Home Room Ottlcer I -I Drama tue Club 4 Radlo Club -I Senlor Class ay John Toth r GENERAL Though we are no fudge of such matters we are sure he as a talented man 4 Aylaflon Club 4 Margaret Eleanor Vayo Marge COMMERCIAL She rs pretty to walk wlth and wltty to talk wlth and pleasant too to thunk on Choral Club 7 3 4 Operetta Cast -I Band I 3 3 -I Scholar p Club I 3 4 bchalarsnlp eam J Class Pla Dramatic Club I -I Racllo Club -I Ottlce Debs -I Wa cw wer Staff 4 Grl eserves I -I Jr Orches I Hamor Llght Board Sensor Class Flay Tolvo Wasara Turk sclENTlElc Carefree as the breeze I come and ga as I please Bo s Intramurals -I Camera Club Nature Club I lo Club -v Scnolarshlo Club I -I Boys Gee ub Raymond Suomela ay GENERAL Tas well to be merry and wrse Tls well to be honest and true Nature Club 7 Track 3 Basketball Manager 3 4 lkty nlnr . I ll 'II II ll ., . ',, ,, . . . I I . Tr L- f4j ys' -2, I b 2-:lf-I, ' ' ' 5 -Z, F 7 C 2-7 , I ' 2 5 ' ' ll ' ll ll I . . . 'H I B . E A g T :E E 5 ' IE4, ,Z I . ., . - in s , V Y rl' i I Y ' ll II - ll 'll 2- - g c' If oy' -2-3-45 Stu- ' M z f z q O " b , 2 I, PI , ' ' ll ll II 'll ,, . . . B , at lf lm E QJ,l'lIQl'1 at I-f GI CI r lj Re- H - I er ' -Z3-4g C H - g ' - AH 2-3g Sch I -35 . 5 . 5 0 'g ,. Q 'I Football lj Track -lj Boys Intramurals I-344g Dramatlc Clulv ' " " 11 rr -H ,, . . I . . 1 - Y- Q f 1 , A 5 ' ' A 0 -5 2'-J 0 --Jr ,.- , ,,. I-lg ' 4 g B I-I-3-4g chestr 3-45 Jr, Sh, Y Y . '- - T 34:73, rn ' Y 3 5 A '-' F -5 ,J V Q J 5 tl , ' I I ' P 7 -f To g I R - g tra g I Il II ' Il II H -, 'H .. 'H G I' -1-3--Ig Jr I-llgh Grls' GI C 5 Glrl y g Z-:lg I ,c g f '. Rad 'g - g Jr. I Cl I IIQ II H. . . I . ll , . -Y , 3- Y E ..... ......... ...,..... f'-I Frigidaire Refrigerators Frigidaire Ranges Frigidaire Electric Appliances HILL S HARDWARE O l-lull Plumbing Heating Sheet Metal Work Dual 3462 2l8 Hugh Street Fairport Harbor Ohio Best Wishes to Class of 40 BUCKEYE DAIRY CGMPANY The Milk of Superior Flavor Dual 598l Books Statrormery Gifts Ottlce Supplies Llghtner s Book Store Records Psctures Games Greeting Card Success and l-lappmess To Your Graduates BAILEY S Comer Snxth and Eagle Fairport Ohuo YY Fairport Olfmno AUStlH,S Pharmacy Kodaks and Developing Supplies l8S Mann St Pamesvrlle Ohro Complnments t Allen Chevrolet Inc l64 N State St Pamesvnlle O 7 F. , ' , Prop, . . , g . . , Painesville, Ohio I . I 1 A O a - E1 . : . t I3 P Seventy one ty! Complnments of G W Bonshor Co GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Polnesvnlle Ohlo For Sports Sake EAT F r1zzeII s Ice Cream Quollty Ingrednents Buulds Strong Muscles The Educatlonal Supply Company Polnesvulle Ohio Fonrport Ohno Congrotulotuons to Closs of 40 Smlth s Men s Wear I24 Mom St Ponnesvulle Ohnc VAN JOSLIN Inc Furniture Loke County s Lorgest Furniture Store Everythung for the Home Terms to meet every purse Quolzty ond Service ot Lower Prnces ns our Motto Free Storoge Free Delnvery Dnol 6233 45 N Stote St Pounesvrlle Ohuo Best of Luck to All Groduo tes FRANK STANT ON Drol 352I Ponnesvulle Ohno FORD MERCURY ZEPHYR nn. Illlllll c c o I l mm-...--m--.--.-I--..n....mum - E 1 ' 7 E 5 e : 7 7 5 ' I IllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllll Y llllllllllIlllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllll Illll llllllllllllll E . E I ' 0 E I ,, . , E . ,, . 1 E ' E - r 1 -Immm-mmm.Rm..-...mm..H.---................. I I rg ..... ... 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Suggestions in the Fairport Harding High School - Harbor Light Yearbook (Fairport Harbor, OH) collection:

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