Fairmount High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Fairmount, IN)

 - Class of 1958

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Fairmount High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Fairmount, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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L i Y 1 1 4 5 1 3 L 3 i a v 3 5 5' A rf 1 i . 5 I e Q -iff y, SV' ' . 'z' , If iff-TH I' ' j B If !'.f"' 4' fl f'QJP' f W ,fl aivf' M .. rf! ,Q 1 . 1 -7 .K ' 9 I A 3 J Q 4, .' 1 X y,..,sL:4 fl N-X ' f' pf 9 ' ..l.-,Ln K, 5 X , s ' 'A 5 f-vvfy- ' " dx' ' df, I v , I -f '. X Q.qaf' u A 4 47' 2' -- .. 4' gqgf T IV? V 1 x f', ..:,:,f..'. Q.. -5- ' 1 -' ,Q - M f . . .v' t I, EJ 12, V !-- .,u.,! 4 ",z-1. V , in , , HV.. 5 ' I- .N5 ' -,,-0' , . : .1 4 if 'fl' "arf-4 Q ' W' X '-.- - L- --,, g..f.: -. .' ' X 94" -"f112."f ff 1 f fi 'n . , 9-rl , :gr '. .f ,, 45' as 4,351 L' N V3 ith- A 4- , I 5,1 Lit 6: 1. V: V 'F f f F525 'Ai Q-i..b'L ,j " 'Q L' 15593 LQ, - . ff "I 5' ff- 'ap - n . 3-41'-if 'f.'4'FT'.- ' .f . -- is x. x' "NR KY, fx V wiv: , . ,4 ' , I ' 13551: it ,-,DQ f' ' . a " W 21 2-.Er A L ' 7 '- . vfi 'DA f' . A Qi: V' UT, ri., M - -,Nik A K Ng, , gfifgigkrms V S! 'CAN QT, 1 mg., -.J F - 9- N. 1' Uv Epi' 5 --.'.' 'vvffigff' '1 - - , ,Hzwu .f 'fp f.. V. .:-- 5- . yy X "N M-mar F "f 7 'W 5 'A' - H+. . N - ' ,, A . , k L' W . , -ff '- -' J N' l, if' ,I-phi:-V1 ,Q A ' . X "B 4' . ' 'W -psi -fr, . I , . xi- ,PV-L3 1 4-.-'ws ' Q V1 .. rx 4' -F5'5ji-Y "' , -1 - va'-11 L' ,L r Q: Qi ' BLACK AND GCDLD 1957-1958 FAIRMOUNT HIGH SCI-ICDOL FOREWORD The journalism staff is proud to present this record of social and academic life at Fairmount High School. As editor of the yearbook staff, l wish to express my thanks and sincere gratitude to those of the administra- tion and student body who have endeavored to publish the 1958 Black and Gold. I hope this book will provide you many hours of enjoyment throughout the years. S' 1 , tif sk Lu.. ata, lfu,wm,lo-4- mcerey JOHN R. BOWEN sg ,twigs EditOl' pl ' c ,, qjflfU' 9 KE lm, wif ,Q it i Ps 1 , 1 x WJ," W 5 W ' Bi' wt , i it iii A I 1 i n o u qs I t 1 5 'mt ii it tw ' li' ii J DEDICATION , N In recognition of his outstanding leadership and service to the community of Fairmount, the Black and Cold staff wishes to dedicate this annual to the Reverend Xen Harvey. We wish to pay tribute to Reverend Harvey, not only for his service to the community, but for the guidance he has given many high school students throughout his career as minister of the Fairmount Friends Church. 1 s 1' RAT-IE-s scuooi, H0939 The school board consists of Claude Sullivan, President of School Boardg George Siegel, Secretaryg F. Stanton Galey, Superintendentg Earl Henry, President of Joint School Board: a d Treasurer. n James Brewer. I..' f SUPERINTENDENT F. STANTON GALEY SECRETARY DONNA KIND SECRETARY WILLIE ALLRED X! C!!! J Clw Q- X X PRINCIPAL P. A. SMITH Q iii CHARLES BAYLESS DOROTHY BENNETT B.S., Purdue University: A.B., Earlhamg M.A., Colum- M.A., In d i a n a University, bia University, Psychology, English. Journalism Social Studies -mga Nw-.R IA x BARBARA CAUGHALL BS., Terre Haute: Art HUGH CAUGHALL B.S.A., Purdue University, Shop V cational A riculture 4. JAMES BYERS Northern lllinois University, BS., Ball State, Industrial Arts Jlgibc RAYMOND COX BS., Taylor University, Phy- sical Education, Social Stud- ies, Health and Safety, Bas- ketb l Coach , -f J 224, ., fig igdffjj GLORIA ELLER B.S., Ball State, Physical Education, Home f Economic , Health and Saffty El ,j X tt ft tw A - l ,ilt of , fi!! if A fi RAYMOND ELLIOTT DAVID FREELAN ALBERT HEAVIN JACK JARRETT A.l3., Franklin College, M.A., B.S., Marion College, M.A., A.B., Indiana University: B.S., Manchester Collegeg Indiana University: Latin. Ball State: U. S. Govern- M.A., Indiana University: Physical Education, Health, U. S. History, Social Studies ment, Social Studies, Coun- Mathematics English, Football Coach seling QI614tW-A - - - - . ,K ikw I J, I all . ' 'f.. WLL,' ORVILLE LONG PAUL MCCOY B-S-. Purd u c- Universityg B.S., Marion Colle-geg BLA., BioI02Y. Physivs, G 0 n c r al Ball State-3 Music. Art. Band Science' Wizggrwwm .IIM MONAHAN ADELINE NALL LUCILLE SICKS CENE SKIRVIN A-Bw THVICIH C"IIl'tl1'3 M-Su A.B., Marion Collegeg BS., A.B., In dian a Universityg A.II,, Canterbury Colle- geg IIUTIPT IIIIIVWSIIYI Uusinvsf Marion Collegeg M.A., In- M.A., Northwest:-rn Univer- M.A., Ball Stateg Typing, ETIUCHIIOU diana Univ:-rsityg Speech, sityg Mathematics Drivvrs' Training, Assistant Englis French px Coach ,ff 'N 0 I W A TIM Qi Amfbvrdf CARL WILLIAMS ELIZABETH WOOD FLORENCE WOOD FRED WOOD M-S-. In KI I 8 H H UUIVCTSIIYZ A.B., Ball Stateg Literature, B.S., P u r d u e University: A.B-- D P P 3 U W Univvrsilvz A.I3., Cvntral Normalg B.5., English Graduate W 0 r k at B311 M.A., University of Wiscon Central Normalg' Mathematics Cl P ...At Stareg Home Economics sing English, Library IANITOR BUS DRIVERS Bob Mitchener, W'illiam Hoppes, John Meyers, Kenneth Martin, Charles Mart, and Mrs. Ethel Livezey. Ace Sellers COOKS Mrs. Wilcla Henry Mrs. Lora Broyles , fzyihyiugi Mg IJ v .. . V Vu . YN" f... trg. 'mi ,.,-I i ' 'Nb -ur-..,4,,K 'Gift . , urgt,,,,' . I 4 wi x ' '11 U5 3 Tia . . 1 'Q aan.- H nv 71' 113 -r H Qu f-io CLASS OFFICERS CLASS SPONSORS Pff'5l'1f1'llI Lindley Conner M V Ad I. X flier' 1Il'l'SiI1f'7If John R. Bowen Mrso Flllnid SP!'I'l,flIf-Y Sandra Nottingham Mr' nl 6 .Ong Treasurer Weiida Heater ' r' James Byers Slmlvrzt Council Benny Payne. ,lanvt Hill. and ,lack Dunn llislnrinn Jayne Kirkpatrick Mint Gwen ,md White Snrinl Clrnirnun Barbara Strait. C ' -' and David Kendall lllili till llWE'LL REMEMBER ALWAYS, GRADUATION DAY" JOHN ROBERT BOWEN Shortridge High 1153 NFL 2, 3, 43 Thespians 2, 3, 43 Breeze 43 Hi-Y 4g Black and Cold 43 Class Officer 4g Class Plays 2, 3, 43 Speech Club 2, 3, 4g Projectionists 43 Variety Shows 2, 3g Prom Committee 33 Boys' State Al- IPIHHIP. NANCY SUE BRUNER Class Officer 1, 23 Dance Club 13 FHA 1, 2, 33 CAA 33 Class Plays 2, 3. , lv G Wy in I N WILBUR JOSEPH BURTON Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 23 Basketball Manager 3, 43 Projectionists 13 Dance Club 13 "F" Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2. MARTHA JEAN CLEM Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4g FHA 1, 2, 3g Class Play 23 Class Officer 2g Cheerleader 23 Dance Club 1. DAVID MURRAY CLEMENT Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Cross Country 23 Class Officer 33 FFA 1, 2, 43 Projectionists 2, 33 Hi-Y 13 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Art 13 Band 1, 23 "F" Club 4. JOHN LINDLEY COMER FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 1. 2, 3g "F" Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 3, 43 American Legion Award 13 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' State 33 Class Play 3g Honor Society 3, 4. JOHN ALBERT CBAUN Basketball 3, 43 Baseball 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Football 1. 2. 3. 4, "F" Club 2, 3, 4, Thes- pians 1, 2, 3. 43 Track 1, 2, 3. 4, Art Club 2, 3, 43 Brcczc 4, Black and Cold 4g Band l. 2. 3, 43 Speech Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Club 3: Class Plays 2, 3, Boys' State Al- tt-rnatc 3. LEKETTA SUE CROUCH llnoste-r Club 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2: Latin Club 3: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4g YFC 4g Librarian 43 llnncu- Club lg Breeze 4, Black and Gold 4, Future- Nurses Club 4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, Class Plays 2. 3. 4. his it CHARLES ALAN CURLESS FFA 1g Basketball 1, 2, 3. BARBARA JO DICKERSON FHA 23 Booster Club 2, 3, 4, GAA 4. MILBURN HARLON DUNHAM FFA 1, 2, 3, 4g Projectionists 3, 4, "F" Club 3, 4g Football 3, 49 4-H 2. JACK C. DUNN Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1g Pro- jectionists 1, Dance Club 13 Football Man- ager 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Student Council 3, 43 "F" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hobby Club 1. BRENDA SUE ELLINCWOOD Dance Club 15 FHA 1, 2, 3g Breeze 43 CAA 1, 2, 3, 4g Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Black and Cold 4. LARRY DALE ENCLE Basketball 1, 2g Track 1, Football Manager lg Projectionists 13 "F" Club 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3. WILLIAM EDGAR FRYE Elwood High 1, Track 35 Basketball DONALD ARTHUR GIBSON FFA 1, 2, 35 FFA Basketball 2. FFA 2g Baseball 3, Projectionists 2, 3. 3, PHILLIP LEON GIBSON Football 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, Basketball 1 Projeclionists lg "F" Club 2, 3, 4. TEROME MERBIL GOUCH Projectionists 1, 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4. llll7lTH ANN GRINDLE Class Officer 3: GAA 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN CROSS FHA I, 2. 3, 41 CAA 1. 2. 3, 4, Honor Society 3. 41 Y-Tec-ns 3, 4: Thespians 3, 43 Spevcli Clulm 2. 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 43 Breeze 41 Black aml Cold 4, Class Play 23 Band 1. 2, 3, 43 Booster Club Ig Choir 2, Class Officer 31 Girls' State 3, American Legion Award 1. I -. FHA 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 35 4-H 3 YFC 4. MARY LOLITA HARVEY VIRGINIA KAY HARVEY Dance Club 1, Class Plays 2, 35 Class Of- ficer 1, 2g GAA 2, 3, 49 Librarian 2, 35 FHA 1, 2, 3, Booster Club 3, Cheerleader 2, 4. ARLEN THOMAS HASTY Class Officer 1, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, "F" Club 2, 3, 45 Baseball 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 43 FFA 1, 2, 3. 4, Projectionists 1, 2, Dance Club 1. WEN DA RUTH HEATER Booster Club lg Latin Club 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4g Speech Club 43 Class Officer 3. 43 Girls' State 33 Breeze 43 Black and Gold 45 4-H 1, 23 Thespians 43 NFL 43 YFC 4. JANET ROBERTA HILL FHA 1, .2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pians 3, 4, Speech Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 1, Class Officer 4, Girls' State 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Class Plays 2, 3, 4, NFL 4, Band 1. BETTY ELINE HOLLOWAY Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA I, 2, CAA 1, Class Plays 2, 3. W PHILLIP DARL HOSKINS Dance Club 1, Hobby Club 1, Projectionists 23 "F" Club 3, Photography Club 4. LAWRENCE DAVID KENDALL Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, "F" Club 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Class Officer 4. Mi 314:90 91 r LI, PATRICK JAY KIERSTEAD Dance Club 1, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, Photography Club 4. TINKA FERN KIRK GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 4, Breeze 4, Booster Club 2, Black and Cold 4. IAYNE ANN KIRKPATRICK FHA 1, 2. 3. 43 Dance Club I3 CAA 2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3. 43 NFL 43 Music Club 2, 33 Class Plays 2, 33 Choir 1, 33 Class Officer 43 Y-Teens 43 Speech Club 2, 3, 43 Thespians 3, 43 Bret-ze 43 Black and Cold 43 Girls' State Alternate 33 FHA District Officer 3, 43 FHA District Presiflent 4. JIM EDWARD LAIIKEY No photo available LORA .IEANNE LAWSON FHA 1, 2g Booster Club 1, 2g Dance Club 13 Y-Teens, 1, 3g GAA 1, 23 Art Club 33 Choir 1, 2. SUSAN LEE MALASKA Dance Club 13 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4g CAA 2, 3, 43 Class Plays 3, 43 Booster Club I, 2, 3, 43 Choir 23 Speech Club 33 Thespians 3, 43 Art Club-33 Y-Teens 3, 4g Breeze 43 Black and Cold 4. Wh.. 3395 DENNIS WILLIAM MASON FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Projectionists I, 23 Art Club 3. JAMES STEVE MCDANIEL Prayer Band lg Dance Club 13 NFL 43 Pro- jectionists 1, 2, 33 Band 13 Class Plays 2, 33 Speech Club 3, 43 Thespians 3, 43 Cross Country 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 "F" Club 43 Photography Club 4. ""1"" FRANK DAVID MOORE Projectionists 1. SAN DRA SUE NOTTINGHAM Class Officer 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4-g Booster Club I, 2, 45 4-H 33 Thespians 3, 45 Speech Club 2, 3, 49 Class Plays 2, 3, Breeze 4-3 Future Nurses Club 4, Black and Cold 43 Dance Club Ig Y-Teens 1. Iloostvr Club I, 2, 4, Class Plays 2, 3 Track 2, 3, 45 "F" Club 3. 4g Cross Country 3, 45 Breeze 4, Black and Cold 4. ,gy Af ' 9134! W, X X DAVID VINCENT MCCLYNN Football I. 2. 3, 43 "F" Club 2, 3, 4, Pro- jectionists I, 2, 3g Hi-Y lg Art Club I. DONNA FAYE MCCIIAW Syravusv, New York I. 2, 33 Booster Club 4, Speech Club 4, YFC 4. M16 Ovvv-V 1 pvvf? GWEW Xgx KQ up .1 A CX X 5 N X' BENNY DEE PAYNE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 The-spians 3, 4, Class Officer 33 "F" Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 2, 4, Breeze 4, Black and Cold 43 Class Plays 2, 3, Speech Club 3, Dramatics 1, 3, Dance Club 1. GLORIA DEAN RADFORD Y-Teens lg GAA 1, 2, FHA 1, 2. SX V319 CONNIE SUE REED GAA 1g FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Breeze 4g Booster Club 1, 2, Black and Gold 4. RONNIE LEE RHOADS Art Club 19 Projectionists 15 Hobby Club 1. JOHN M. ROGERS Projectionists 2, 3, 4-H 1, 2g Prayer Band 1, 2, 4. SANDRA SIMONE SKINNER Dance Club 15 Class Plays 2, 3, Class Of- ficer 1, 2g Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, "F" Club 3g FHA 1, 2, 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES TIMOTHY SMITH Class Plays 2, 3g Thespians 2, 3, 43 Pro- jectionists Ig Breeze 43 Hi-Y I, 2g Pho- tography Club 2, 3, 4g, FFA I, 29 Boys' State 3, Black and Cold 4. CAROL ELLEN STEWART f, nl 'l A L f 0 1 I I ev: ,yn I7 l,g0l'll fy Mu VIRGINIA CAROL STROUD .IANICE .IOLENE THIELLEN HARVEY LQUIS STITT Football 3, 45 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4g "F" Club 3, 45 Band 1, 2g Projectionists 2, 33 Hi-Y lg Art Club 15 4-H 2, 3, 4. BARBARA ELLEN STRAIT Creston High 1, 2, GAA 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Librarian 43 Class Officer 43 Class Play 3. JUDITH ELAINE THOMAS FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3g Y-Teens 43 Booster Club 2, 4--H 1, 2g Future Nurses Club 4. DARLENE SUE THOMPSON Class Officer 2g "F" Club 4g Cheerleader 1, 2, 43 Band 15 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Breeze 4, Black and Gold 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Thespians 4-g Art Club 3, Dance Club 1, 4-H 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, Class Play 23 Student Council 2. JERRY ALLEN TURSCHMAN Projectionists 1, 2, 3, 45 Prayer Band 15 Hobby Club 1g Photography Club 4g Music Club 1. RILLA LUTITUA VETOR Dance Club 1. I EDWARD E. WARDWELL Projectionists 1. PHILLIP ARNOLD WARREN Alexandria High 1, 2, 3g FHA 4. MOZELLE ILENE WILLIAMS FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Speech Club 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 4g Choir 35 Breeze 4, Student Council 35 Art Club 2, 35 American Legion Award 3, Librarian 33 Class Play 3, Black and Gold 4, Girls' State Alternate 3. MARY C. WINSLOW Dance Club 13 Honor Society 3, 4, NFL 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech Club 2, 33 FHA 1, 2, 3, Booster Club I, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3g Latin Club 39 Girls' State Alternate 3. RONNIE DWIGHT WOOD FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 35 Basketball lg Band Ig Projectionists 1, 3. WILLS AND TESTAMENTS l,,lohn Bowen, will my ulcers and indigestion to next year's yearbook editor. I, Nancy Bruner, will to my sister, Verna, my seat on the bus. I, W. J. Burton, will my football equipment to Raymond Bayless. I I, I, L I, I, I, I, I, I, I I I I, I, I, 1 9 Martha Clem, will to G. Nottingham my fate to be called in the office once. David Clement, will to Winnie my half of the spring to our locker. Lindley Comer, will my convertible to Phil fif he can buy itJ. .lack Craun, will to my brother my football jersey, number 35. Leketta Crouch, will to next year's seniors my good times at F.H.S. Alan Curless, will to my brother, David, the nickname of "Curly." Barb Dickerson, will my ability to skip school and not get caught to Donna. Harlon Dunham, will my ability to play varsity to my brother, Tom. Jack Dunn, will my ability to talk my way into physics to those needing it. Brenda Ellingwood, will my socks to anyone brave enough to wear them. Larry Engle, will Max Engle better ability to flip coins in shop class. Bill Frye, will all of my good times at F.H.S. to anybody who wants them. Donald Gibson, will my front seat on the bus to Leland Richey. Phil Gibson, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Charles Casner. Terome Gough, will my ability to drive a Ford two years to Gordon Gough. Judy Grindle, will to Linda my place in the library fourth period. I, Carolyn Cross, will Larry McDermott the ability to keep out of trouble. I, Lolita Harvey, will my job at the Rexall to my sister, Janis. I, Virginia Harvey, will my ability to hook a male to my sister, "Rita." I, Arlen Hasty, will my car insurance to Linda Grindle. I, Wenda Heater, will to Theda Smalley my ability to make fairly good grades. I, Janet Hill, will J. Bayless and M. J. Gibson my ability to pass trucks. I, Betty Holloway, will nothing to nobody, because I have nothing to will. I, Phil Hoskins, will my troubles with a '48 Chevy to Earl Parrisons. I, David Kendall, will to my brother my technique to drive at noon and not get caught. I, Pat Kierstead, will my ability to get on the right side of the Marion guys to Jerry Scott. I, Tinka Kirk, will my good times in journalism class to Bruce Baker. I, Jayne Kirkpatrick, will my good times in F.H.A. to S. Hayes and S. Brewer. I, Jim Larkey, will my love for the school to anybody who has none. I, Susan Malaska, will all the small desks in school to Kathy Ebert. I, Dennie Mason, will my ability to wreck two cars and still own insurance to Bob Peacock. I, Steve McDaniel, will my seat in the "F" Club to Jon Ribble. I, David McGlynn, will my ability as a football tackle to my brother, Dick. I, Donna McGraw, will to Janet Keith my ability to always be on time. I, Srandy Mitchener, will to any girl who thinks she can get it, my seat in a white ord. I, Carl Moon, will my ability to run in Cross Country and write about myself in the Breeze, to any one who thinks he can get by with it. I, Dave Moore, will my ability to get along with Orve Long to Jack. I, Sandy Nottingham, will the keys to my Studebaker to my brother, Gary. I, Benny Payne, will my ability to stay out of the office to Jerry Johns. Lglorlia Radford, will my brother, Billy, my ability to graduate from Fairmount ig . I, Connie Reed, will any junior the right to get out of fourth period every Friday to distribute Breezes. I, Ronnie Rhoads, will my car to anyone who will buy it cheap. I, John Rogers, will Mr. Long's tests to those very deserving freshmen. I, Sandy Skinner, will to "Barb" Engle my "glum grin.', I, Tim Smith, will my ability to cause trouble for Mr. Wood to Phill John. I, Carol Stroud, will my ability to keep late hours to Donna Riden. I, Buddy Stitt, will my ability to tin-can cars the year around to Slug Hiatt. I, Barbara Strait, will to Sammy Williams my seat in government class. I, Carol Stroud, will my ability to keep late hours to Donna Riden. I,Janice Thiellen, will the good times I've had at F.H.S. to Ann Draper. I, Darlene Thompson, will my art apron to Slug Hiatt, hoping the strings are long enough. I, Judy Thomas, will my long walk to school every morning to Stephen. I, Jerry Turschman, will my good times in F.H.S. to Larry Beouy. I, Rilla Vetor, will my ability to drive without a license to Alice Harishman. I, Ed Wardwell, give all of my gripes and groans to next year's seniors. I, Phil Warren, will my ability to keep quiet to anyone who needs it. I, Mozelle Williams, leave my half of locker 235, in the basement, to Mike Riggs. I, Mary Carolyn Winslow, will my typing book to Diana Craw. I, Ronnie Wood, will my ability to cause but never be in an accident, to Markie Winslow. f 4' X -N IOURNALISM STAFF Sue Malaska, Darlene Thompson, Brenda Ellingwood, Benny Payne, Wenda Heater. Carolyn Gross, John Bowen, Leketta Crouch. Carl Moon, Connie Reed, ,lack Craun. Mozelle Williams. Sandy Nottingham, Tim Smith, Tinka Kirk, and Jayne Kirkpatrick. S O R Charles Bayless EDITCDR OE BREEZE We-nda Heater 'D UND! lllll-ASLSBIIN President Vice President , Secretary , ,, Treasurer ,.... Sludenl Council Historian ,,,, Social Chairmen lUNIORS Mary Jane Casner , , e.,,,, .. Denny Stroup ,, Bob Cromer Judy Rautenkranz , 7 ,,,,e,e Phil Comer and J im Pernod Phyllis Brookshire , Eilene Ailes and David Comer CLASS OFFICERS CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Florence Wood Mr. Charles Bayless Mr. Raymond Cox CLASS COLORS Red and White Xl: it 1 .Clif Diana Craw Bob Cromer Ted Crosley ,lohn Deeter Jerry Doherty James Florea Charles Gaither Mary ,lane Gibson Carl Hanes Janis Harvey Marieta Harvey Howard Hiatt Judy Hoke Jay Hunt Phillip .lohn Jerry Johns Janet Keith Donald Kesler Rosemary Kierstead ,layne Langsdon Elena iniswtmrth Becld YBanm5ger C rolyn .line Bayless Lair? Beouy f, s 1 6 ,X E' we ma Sr' if MFI x..f iiilliifllighife Sandia Browziln Armof Burghan Frank Calla bell Lam! nepgasnef Cam MSW' la i Cafclwn Ciiwgr Davla CO nef phillw Col A FU 1' 7 ,Q A Q '.'iL Vf,fMt'i K Ky W x ln -. 1 ,QNX f N . fy .Q ,A 7 i 3 s if: x 3' I ? a Q af W . i 90" . , i 7 . , 'H R ri- in .f ' V 87105, , Ll H R ill . Vlir ginifi Maru Meilger an I Monahan V1 BYC L Q Moofe Nl Ch atle- Beth Mullen . P aCf' iiiliclliirllarwns p anon tha W' wk af-T ,i ii 0 ' ' Bob V930 6 - V? 1 L -cf l L W' cl Y' Dan Ribble Charles Rivharvls Karen Richards David Ricks Donna Riden Mike Riggs Donna Riley lean Robbins Karen Roe Virginia Salisbury Tom Simons Carolyn Small Larry Spence Denny Stroup Jim Tutorow Pat Venitz Sain Willialns Tom Wimnier Phil Wright Patty Wysong Q'--TY il N V 5, Y 'R 6612 s 'fi 35 8 I s '- ff' f 2 ,, ,.,, i i I 'JW A la.. iQ 'Q . :B YC? A ,Sl ,QR ,T ,4- I g 1 Q1 ,pn BeCl4Y Pcmo Sha xiii juflY Rau 5- cl . 0 lm ligeuiioffl jun R at tenkr am. was A . C4 L slr' Q. GP A nk .ln X 1 'fa r 3 Q,--1 YI7 SOPHOMORES CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Elizabeth Wood Mr. Caugllell Mr. Jarrett CLASS OFFICERS President L Vice President . Secretary ,7C7,,.,7, Treasurer , ., ,, Student Council Social Chairmen Susan Leisure . ,,,,e,, John Seigal Vivian Cravens L . Mike Davis , ,L L Judy Langsdon and Dick Smith , , Diane Simmons and David Curless HSOPHOMORES LISTEN TO BOONE, BREWER, AND BELAEONTEH 519 3 y ef n ,X, 'UTI' George Ailes Denny Anders Susie Baker Margaret Bangle Ramon Bayless Jerry Behr 'limit Bennett Xvanrla Bl'lllliItglltJHi Clara llraltain .lurly llrulmakcr Sandra lluncli Katlilccn Bush ltuslyn Carter liussell Cartcr Jcrry Cliidestcr Vit ian Craven .luzly Cruca llavid Curl:-ss llunnic llailcy Ronnie Dailey llmiald Davis sa.. x f I, 'VS 'tr Q, J 1 4 l Q f 4 X it s L Nw A if Q . 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S, K .. . 3 i A A-S S , , - Q' it -1: Q 'fr -I , .4 'ix N '- . . , A1 1 Q QE, D A, , ' ,rfb I 5 more N01 Avmulu C 5. ,I J., A H xxx ' . i ' S vw :Ht ff-rms aa tt ,.,. Y. .. X . ,,w S XLQSQ. . A f X GB Q- S- Donna Chidester joshua Clalmaugh Rolwrta Cole Ruth Cole Dean Craun Both Craw Host-inary Crue-a l,incla Davis Tvrry Davis Rose Ann llewitt Ann Draper William llunlpcrt Leon lfarnvst ,lorry lfastvs Karen Elliott llalil lfllswortli lliana lfmliry Barbara Engle Rilly Fnslvn Barbara Evans ,loyvv Figlits Clwryl Fisher lfrvderick Floyd Rolwrt Follvy Fred Ford Kay Gaither Cordon Cough Nancy Guyer Mary I'l3Illl11'llt Arthur Hanes Alive Harshlnan Ronnie Hartley Sue Hayes Junior Hoheinler Mary Lou Hoheil Larry llorine Jackie Jamison ,lean Jones Patty Jones Martha Keffer HCI' ., .Lk 41 X x t "T tg A . X X I u , ! 'im--f ,..-.ta . t N P J A' f t " X -:. K mil :Wig .1 X x ,rs 0 t if i 5' - -- an as 1' s r T' t il! i xp lt Qi I ' 1' ' 2 t " '21 U' O ff' S s ff A I L f W X V 5 Th" N . 1 1 ft f x fy i N if f X M y 5 M 1? t ,gang .5 s 5"""non-novo Xml y Abnnl M1010 NOV AVAII-All! Gary Keith Doran Kendall Richard Landis Margie Langford Ronnie Lawson Ronnie Lawson Jay Lewis Mary Ann Little Eugene Madigan Douglas Mann Jill Marley Bob Marrs Johnny McCabe Retty Mefiarter Dana McClanahan Larry Mendenhall Lynn Mendenhall Shirley Metzger Peggy Michael Janice Miller Patricia Monahan Edward Moon Pat Moon Jack Moore Sylvia Mullen Sue Nicholson Melanie Pace Gary Parsons Daisy Payne Carolyn Persinger Claretta Peters Judith Peterson Lynn Rankin Jack Ratliff Erinaclell Rennalcer .lon Ribble Judith Richardson Patricia Riggs Nancy Robbins Janet Rogers g' 'J ,, A in ' Ni .ff , F 3 ' il' ' ' ' 2 l J 7 R I fall gg 6 , A . M' 5: ' 'gif K A , . JV , Q Q . '55, , L i V w Y 5 fy 1 , K A X L 'Z 5 M is 8 i A.. is " L Eg, Q ' N' , X f , K ' w,: Ml?. 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Em 5 f nf: A En " f sf.. 1? 9 W QA" 2 - -P T 4 - -- T, -i , -E R' in nv T. rt 'LTI' t N If ip, X Q7 X 1 L TE! , A75 X t We. - 'g '-' ' ,ll fi ' 4 . K1' t i W.. ' 5 'Y' j' ,Az QR I Q N L, ,A T lm f ir? tg f ti. ' 33 V' TE, ,fa :X , , K A 151, I h 9 I , " .::- K R it gk: 'A.,- if l li . .ii Vit ' 'l 4 K1 nz . . if in . J' .mt 4. V -X Q.. ,' N . ' . ,QQ N , 1.- nq- 1' t A Rt- 4.-i 2-E 'wx X L is tat in . Tl " -rrp Tk - lin t 1. - fi-s .z V' V00 IUSY No! Shawn B I'T""' ,I- I --- II - ERS IC FF So S LA C EI T ONSORS SP SS LA C VC S 47173 .igcf-5.57-g.x U CUmPOg3E i'fGS5:::i2 E QQ gm: cus,-.-. DI: cs :v-.H '5 2 +':i53Q'v'5 wigs:-C ,iz :MCD -.-. 'N Dax Y L.. ,xg ,U N W' 'U l2'9wQ U'5Q N Ifq - gt s5"5 -E wr-Q'-QU B 'ffli-.ga 'Q V, 333 U MN Q-22395 3 kai-E 'ES VJ Q VD : -ua-'C OSL' ooo BQQE L1-4 QQ, Egg SE Sammi fi'-1 in Z, ei? 50 ml' :1"" D7 : "3X1F'U G -'1 Nm .-. Q3 ri: .Raw Q! M.. :, ,V N: 'lx fjji S as 5: O-. "1 o 03 EQU- UYUE' fl? EF ....-rj F59 Q-be mm mv, NUR. Ig: N I l... AC TIVITIIS 'liiwsv slllflvnls wvrm' sv- lvvle-4l lu ultvml liiv V353 Buys' and Girls' Stale' svssinn al lmlizma Univ-rsily. Clmrlr-s flaillu-r. Donny Struup. Daw' Rinks. Jim Pvr- nml. ,Iuynv Lungsflmi. Mary ,lamv UXISIIPI' ,lunvt Kvilil. E lhmna Rilvy, llvnv Mlm-s. ami Mary ,llllltx QJIIISUII wvrv Vilas:-ii. .'xii1'lHiillgI Buys' zmml Girls' MN Stun- is u grvut limmr. EE' A54 "wr Aw rj. Mx' i . 4 ew ii A X u 1 Qi ' Z Si J Carolyn Cross was 4'illlFl'll as "Cowl Citize-n" to rvp- resvnt Fairmount High fivlmul in Illv D1lllgili4'l'N of Ihr' American R1'Y0illlillll Curitvsl. Hairy Carolyn Win-low maria- the- highest lvft Smurf' :mil ix tin- prninl NIIIIIPI' uf lliv llvllx' f.rm'kr'r IIN IIHlkl'Y' uf 'l'mnm'rmv -Xwaml. hifi -1-I Alm'ri1'an IA'Qi0ll uwzml4 Wl'I'f' Il!'4'hl'lllf'1i tn Hari 7 I' Ilnlilvr and Arrmlfl hyimll :lt Ilia- vml of 1006-1011 school year. Tliw- awarmk an- annuzlllx' giwn In the' ful stamling boy and girl in ilu- frvshinun vluv. STUDENT COUNCIL Sponxur Mr. l"rc-1-lun l'rc'sir1r'n! llvnny Paym- lifff' l'rf'xi1lf'11t .lzu-k Ihmn Swrvlnri' .lzmvt vllill Sf-almf: fvllm l,llQ'Ill'Q,l'l'. .luck Umm. .lilllvl llill. :mil lla-nny l'llyllt'. Mary Alam' Uilwmi. Flin-rri llaiviw, ,lunlv lizuigsilmi Alim l,f'l'lllNl, :mil l'l1il lfmnvr Dim-k Smilli, Mike llnmlvrvmml, :mel l'liil llukv, Nlr. lfroe-lun. 'T 57 -1 . ---L il Q 5 4 I ' f q ilx X l 2 3 -1 5 6 B. HONOR SOCIETY Slmrlxur Mr. Wuml lIfPS1'lll'IIl Limllvy fImiiu'r l'i1'v l,l'l'.Y1'l1l'lIf i.zii'ulyn lirms Sm'rvIarVi'- Tl l'fl.Yllfl'f Nlziry Carolyn Win-low Nlviiilwis frum lvfl tu right. firxt row: .lam-I llill. .lam-I Ktlilll. lfurnlyn NVinslnw..l1lym' l.1lllg1Stl1Il'. ifairulyii Cross, zmfl .lziyiiv Kirkpuirii-k, Svrurul mir: Hairy .lxme lfzifm-r. Nlr. Wnml. l'llil Wurre-ii. Wvmlu lla-ulvr. .lulm lluwvn. iflizirlw Uziillu-r. xllilflll' Williams, Limllvy llmm-r. imml ,lnlm liugvrs. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY A X 5 :Who ffm - 1 . f . X xx L X! iN x f ' ix 1 Qfllirfl fly pi A QUILL AND SCROLL Juhn llmwn ,lack Cmun Lekvttu Cruuvli llremlu lflliiigwoml Caimlyii Cross Wvviula llf'Lllt'T Tinku Kirk ,luyne Kirkpatrick Nils' Xllllllhliil lil. hurl Umm lily Nnllinglizini livuny Paym- lllllf' R4'l'll 'l'im Smilli ll'irlm'm- llimmm nn in-llv Yvilliuni- lwr. lung ik llll' -pullfur uf lln- Ill'Uvi1'1'llUIllNl vlnli. The- iiwnilwrx uri' frmn lvl! In rigfif. ,llf-Nl V01l'f Nlr. long. ifluirliw Wzillairv. .lvrry llll'5l'll Nlr. l"r1'0lan iQ Ihr- spnmur uf thi- Youth fur lillrisl grmip. 'llhr' Illl'Illlll'fS from lvfl I0 right, lirsl mul: l.olitn llarvi'y, llunnu Nlvllrziw, We-nrla ll1'ilYl'l'. anil l,f'lllll'llll Wuml. Svvorial row: Tinka Kirk. Sandy Niilllllgllllllll. unil l,1'k1'Itu fiflllll'll. Fam lfnrlwn. nnil Nwrinn .-Mlams. Tliirrl row: Sue' llaiyf--. Karen lflliull. ,lnily Pt"lf'l'HllIl, Clif-ryl lfixlwr. and Nlurilyn llulili-r. Fnizrllz row: ,lncly Rll'llllI'llN1lIl, Wunila llvriiiiligglmff. lIurul Slvwnrt, :mul sllilfllll l':'llilnr4l. f"1'lIl1 mir: 'l'ini Fin' , llznifl Nlvlllynn. Yun Iluli- lfulv. Rulmwl Rnpe-rt. llnlr iil'llIll1'l', :inil Nlig l"i'1-1-lun, Nlr. Wm-il i- ilu- Nimiixur of thi' l.ilvrurianf. 'lihe' invnilwr- zirf- frwin lvl! In riglil, firxf rnur: lfvc-lyn HlllIlIllll'l'y5. Funily Nlitvhem-r, llnnniv Cox. Sr'1'rm1l mir: llairluiru Slruit. Fur- Nivlinlsml. l.:-kvttzl ffmiivll. .luwly ilrinillv. llvlty llnlluwuy. zlnil Cun- nii- Kewl, Tliiril mir: Nlr, Wmul. Kilmrli-5 liirlizlrmla l,urry llvmxy. .Xrnwlil lhlmll. zinfl ffhzirle's Wallin-i-. Illilll. Nliki- Riggs. Nrniilil Rylinll. .'xY'l1'll llil-Y? anfl .lr-rry Rlmuile-Q, Sm-mir! wir: l'l1il Xvflgllll llaviil fllr-invnl. 'lif'I'Ulll4' fltlllgll. Rllllllll' WWH anrl llzxvi- Huston, Tliinl mux' Si-4-lt lfnril llvnny lfrzxvvn. illvnn William-. :incl l"r:inlx liestenlvltz. G.A.A. ,lunvl Hill Sum- ixiilillriill Pu! Vvnilz Iirvmlu lilliiiggvmoil ,luily ilrinmllv Nina iziivr 5555 61.1 .1 l'rf'si1Ic'r1l fire l,ff'Sl.IYPl1f S!'f'l'l'fIIf.V Treasurer Svrgefnrzr-at-.4rrns Sponsor J vfxwi 1 1 N1 , 43 " ff ef fi ff 6 f ij i J K r ,X FUTURE NURSES CLUB lfuroiyn Cross ,luwly hiilgsmlmnl Snnmly Nllllillgliilllll I.:-ke-Hu Crnucli Judy 'l'limnus Miss Dlllillll Kimi and Mrs. County He-altli N urse- N. l'rPsir1f'nl Vive 1'rv3i41f'nt Sevrelary Trvrlslzrvr Rvportrr Cram' Clvnu-nts Crum Sponsors Gi X 4 KNFII Arlvn Hasty filiarlvs Gaither I,imilm-y finim-r javk Cruun Hr. ffm: unml Hr. .lam-tl CLUB Prmirlerzt l'rvsi:lent Sm-relrzry Trenszlrer Sponxnrs FFA. The Fuirrnount Clmpu-r of Future Fa1'n1crs of America was organized in l936. 'l'lu-rf: lmvv laeen many ac-liievernents made through these yvms. The vlizlplei' now has 40 active lllC!lllJCl'S. AINOIIQ their avtivilies. were selling Sl'l'6W-Ill'lVCl' sets, nmgazim-s. and F.F.A. pencils. They also helped with the l".ll..-X.-l".F.:X. Clll'lSlINilS Bull. Tho group 21llPIlil0fl the Inter- national l,iwstor'li Show in Cliivugo. Doc-ernlier 2, 19573 while livro lil'lIl'C llzilwr revs-ivecl scvoncl place in his class. Arlen llzlsly is il slate llEll'IlN'l' and Lindley Comer and T1-rornv Gough are working on their clegrees. UFFICICHS OF FF. A. l'rw.w1'Jvr1l Arlen Hasty l'1'rr' l,l'l'SI'll1'Ilf Te-roinr' Cough Sf-rlvlvlrx Linrllc-y Comer 7.l'l'II.YIlft'l' lloh l'4'a1'm'k Sl'lIll'lll'l Howard lliatt Rfpnrlvr Denny Mason i4lll'l'KlYf Mr. C8llglN'll 4g f g v'N X' x G 110 f 551.10 1 "' ra ii ss'- dl' A 'mia ffl' fx tml' lf r N . A E 4. I: A ' ' ,,f"' A' v , W CQ, 'N Ill! FHA. 'l'lw Fllll'IIl0lllll vlmptvl' uf ilu- Futurv llmnmmllwrs of AIll1'l'li'il is om- of llw sm-lmol's most uvlivc' 0l'Qill1lZLlll0llS. Tlw rllu of I".Il..fX. vxprm-ssvs llu' I3lIl'INlSl' ul' ilu- Ol'Q2QillllZilllOll"' QMAKFRS lc lI'IIllIQIQ lo liw lwllvl' tmluy in orclvr lllill our liws and lllosc' +09 Op u 1 1 N ' ' ' nl our lilIlllll1'S man' ln' lwtlm-1' 1on1m'mw. bonu- ol llw lllifll- if' 'Q ' F D rv lights ol' ilu- your wmv lllv l".ll..'X.-F.F.A. Clnrislmus Bull. tllc' S f 72. . . . . U- 3 I G lllollwl'-Daluglltm' llillltlllt'l. lllix illlt'lllllllg ol sialic' mul cllslrlvt A V Y J' . . . . O 9' umwnhmls, sponsoring llmv X,lill'l'll of Dum-s, :xml F.II.A. am- Q? -' oe . ,. . . - , 4' xx nuall lrlp. llu' l4ilIl'llIOlllll Cllillllt'l' ol l4.H.A. was om' of tllc 0 NEW HOV' lc W c'l1uplm'1's in ilu- slam! to rcvviw am llolmr l'llLlplt'l'. ln llll' spring ul' V957 Jllyllt' Kirl4pull'i1'li was f-lm-tml prvs- vm- pwslclvllt. 'nl ol' llu- Norlllvusl llistrivl :xml sllc also svrwml as sluts UFFICICIIS OF lil IA. l'rf'siflf'11I Vim' l'rf's1'111-111 Sf'1'f!'fl1fvY Treax11rc'r 1IlSfUfl'!ll1 1l!1fli!l7IH'I1I!U'ilIl1 xlssixlnrzt Parfif Song Levzrlvr Ezlffnr .ffflziwr .lzlynv Kll'lill1llTlK'k ,lamvt llill Sumly Ntblllllglllillll ,lunv llzlylc-ss l'ul Vvnitl Wm-mln lll'LllCI' lIIll'H1IIlll1lI Tillkn Kirk Mary .lunv Ulllwh Nluzvllv Williams l'.lllI'l'lll't' Nxlnllll xx. ,, wo 5 'Nc' FI , V, .W HI Li HI-LL HELLSCD EI L QT ,., 5 fri Q . '-T x -0 L 5 ' W .tx Vfwl, , , ,I A X, .,: ,3 -4 G 1 fin . A, JLW sv ?, , is M' 1 - in 4-.S ff' SPEECH CLUB THESPIANS 'l'ln-spiun 'llroupv 091. ln- prvshlmil. l Hu' VV l' ll1rl1ll'lll. Wvinln llvntvr: 1-larry. Silllllf Notlinglunn: lI'l'llSllI'4'I'. Nom-llc xxvllllilllls . x ,nynv liirkpnlrivk sov- unml Mrs. Nall is the sponsor of all spvc-cli artivitivs. The officers of Spvecli Clulm arv as follows: pres- imlvnl. John Bmvmg vice presiflmlt, Jayne Kirkpatrick: sevrvlary. Car- olyn Cross: and treas urvr. Tinka Kirk. NFL. The offivffrs of N.F.L. are pres- irlcnt. ,lohn Bowen: vice prcsidvnt Jay ne Kirkpatrick. The nwnilvcrs of the National Fo- rvnsic' l.c-aguv are those who have vollvvlvcl nunwrous points from spvvvli nlvvts. .1 1 CONCERT BAND This year's Concert Band, under the direction of Paull lVlcCoy. fulfilled its always busy schedule with great satisfaction to everybody. It provided good music and shows for all manner of activities. ln addition to the usual schedule of amiual concerts, appearances at the Veteran's Hospital. annual children's concert, student body con- certs. appearances at the annual Contest Festivals of the Northern Indiana School Band. Orchestra and Vocal Association and other regularly scheduled activities. the hand provided music and shows for all the football and basketball games. many pep sessions and ended the year with their annual appearances at Baccalaureate and Commencement. Four Seniors left the hand this year through graduation. They were Jayne Kirk- patrick. Carolyn Cross, Tim Smith, and Jack Craun. One of the outstanding events of the year was the long-awaited purchase of beautiful new hand uniforms. Funds for these uniforms were chiefly raised through the com- bined efforts of many members of the Band Parentis Association. of which Mr. Jim Ribble is president and Mr. Chick Davis is vice president. A very substantial cash contribution to this fund was made by the Athletic Association of Fairmount High School. The members of the band were also very active in helping raise these funds. It was the realization of many years dreams. The band officers for this year were Jack Craun, president: Tim Smith. vice prcsident: Jane Langsdon, secretaryg Jayne Kirkpatrick, librarian and administrative assistantg Phillip John, administrative assistant: -and Jim Tuturow and Judy Langsdon, social chairmen. The usual band trips to various places rounded out a successful and exciting year. TWIRLERS lhl High Fwillllll IXNll'Il'I'S XW'l'l' thl' ll-lull-l's of al lllllvh ItlI'Q1t'l' t'lll'IlS uf tlsll'll'l'a Millvil pllt 1-ll lll.llll l-wt-lllfllt sllmss :lt hzlll glllllle-s llllf ft'llI'. Ill llchlltlllll lu ill'lItQL tIIt'lttitl'X'S lit' hiQ lwwllls. thvsl' High Sl'il1lUi tlsil'lvl's zlrl- tht' I't'Qlli2lt' Iltilltilttlgl USiI'il'I'S llhll lvzllt itll- hzlllll lll Ilill'tttit'i :lllll fmlllzltluils. iitt'll' tl-zll'lll'l4. Nils. Nlllliiilil ,lt'tlIt Null. IlI'Htitl1'l'ti l Nill'lt'iX wwf I'lItHlllt'S llhlvh lwrl- zlhvllws lu-ll l'txt't'IXl'ti hx l-lwmctf alt g2,2lIllt'S. , .. f... . . , Y. X Xltllllllll lxlltllll XFNN'liHl1ll1 itttfillltf f,4llIl1'5i mls hvht Ill that t'2ll'if lwlll :lt l'zlll'- lllfvllllt High Fl-lllml. spllilsulvll hy tht' Iiiltlli l'lll'l'lltf hSS1lt'ttlii1tll. filtl' 'lillirlr-l's will lllallll lnllfv- alt this vlvlltvst als ill-II IIS Ill utilvrs alt xalrlllllr vlnlltl-ft 4-l-lltlfls. t.alpt.l1ll tri- tha- tmrps ilttli tht' Hlgh 5l'illml iXNll'il'lS ful' lllls ft'ill' lxalf 5119 ii2lI'kIll'f. xt't'Hllli Ill lxlllh ww Ibt'l.l'ttIl Tlllvllizls. 'Hit' tllil'll-lf llml llltiivtlfllli. plllwllllfl-lt with itll- hzlllll lltlifllI'tl1F. lwrv ll lltlljttl' :lllllitillll tu thv hlllllt UXiI'il't'S t'fft'l'tiXt'ltt'rS this ll-llr. N Utltitl gl ftbllll. Atlllll uf llxil'll-rs is illlHSltt'ltSLlibit' tn itll, halllli Llllli this mls il wry glllllt PAULL MCCGY l tltit'Ix tht- tilI'lx4'llllIl nf Ml: Nlvlful. llllr hum as' "l -4 1' -- ' zlillt lllllsirzli l'lll1l'1ltiull alt IVIIS. Thi- Junior-51-niur Prmnn uf 1956-57 was lu-ld at Wlahash lluneywvll Nlvnmrial. ll:-mrratinns wvrv in amwvrmlanfw- with tht- the-me "5ilhnnvtte's in Silvf-r," Pink tvanlrnps, silvvr trevs. niulmilvs. antl frvv-fnrniz-fl mlvsigns Crvatvd a clrc-amy atmusphfwe. Musiv was prnviclfvl hy the Varsiton- ians from EIw'uml. Thu- lilavk and llnlfl Staff qmii-llrwl at Winn-r Yvnnclvrlanml Damw- at tht- flue-llnwlllvlt-1'. Nun-lnln-I' 27, 1957. Smrwflakvs. white- 1I'l'f'N, lvlut- light-. :intl talnlt-S we-rv rl:-vunite-tl tu vrvala- at mimi' winte-r 3llItllFltllCfl'. .-X lmanul from lnnliainapnli- prmitlml tht- musim' for tlanving. Thx- st-f'0n1l annual Chfltilllllli llall was hr-ltl nn Dr'c'en1l1f'r 21. 1957. The- vs-ry Flll'l'C4'l.lll furmal mlancv was Cn-spotiaorvcl hy tht- F.H..'k, and 1".1"..'1. Thr- hanrl mom was rlwuratzwl in holiday grvvn with white- Christmas hells. A large Chrislinas tru' tlvmratetl with whitc- lights and halls was mann- uf the- outstanding feature-H. Cut-sts elanm-rl hvnvuth a Canopy uf gre-f-n and white' fvaturingg whitf' Christmas he-lls. Jani- Bayless annl '11l'f4llllt' C0llg11l re-ignerl ai Que-on annl King uf thu- Christmas Hull. H'--' 'z fa R nurv. Ll ml ,laniw llarwy Phill julm. xllrlllll 5llll . ll sitting in from uf the- Kvyvs lligh Svlwul. "N:-w lioy in Sr-l1uol" was a three- avt play givvn hy thx' Junior Class Hll fjl'lUlN'l' 22-23. Sue' Payne, Mary Firm-t. Marilyn llulalvr. Sharon l'ernml, anal llvhorah Yvnml arm- see-n he-rv rr'lu-arsing fur "'l'h1- Mmlvrn Clll1ll'T1'llLl.N mlil'4-vtvcl hy Miss Fllvr. "'l'hv Valiant" anrl "N for NllSl2llH'!'u also arm- un:--avi plays. mlircvlc-ml hy Larry Smith. OONVOOATIONS AND SCHOOL PRODUCTIONS Mary. Jim-ph. and Ihr' infant, JPSIIS. arf- shown in this pivture- during the niangvr svviiv of the Chrisllnas play. lh'1'm'uiln'r 20. Riglzlf Su-111' from thai W'vst4'rn portion of the Vnria-ty Show. January 31. Left: A Inf-mlwr of Ihr- fzlvulty rlteulu thc- show during: the annual Varif-ty Show. january 31. A rvprvsvntalivf- nf the' Antrim Burvau is shown rlvmunstraling the usvs uf 1-lc-vtrunivs fu the- SIIIIIPIII body in the gymnasium. Nancy Leach was the recipient of the 1957 Citizenship Award. AWARDS MADE AT COMMENCEMEN1 1. Agriculture-J im Comer 2. Art-Joanne Clement 3. Athletics-Bert Bush 4. Citizenship-Nancy Leach 5. Commerce-Lois Seward 6. Don Rhoads-Bert Bush 7. Dramatics-Joanne Clement 8. English-Patricia Parrill 9. Girls' Athletic-Patty Meyers 10. Home Economics-Roberta Spence 11. Industrial Arts-David Smith 12. ,lournalism-Pat Parrill 13. Mathematics-Jon Sicks, Stephen Burton 14-. Music-Fred Hayes 15. Perfect Atlendance-Richard Payne 16. Scholarship-,lon Sicks 17. Science-,lon Sicks 18. Social Studies-Patricia Parrill 19. Yearbook Award-Nancy Leach Members of the Senior Class play, "The Family Nobody Wanted," are shown during one of the play rehearsals. SENIORS, TI-IIS IS YOUR LIFE This is your life, class of '58, Four years ago you started your journey through Fairmount High School. On September 29, 1954, as freshmen, you held your first class meeting and elected Lindley Comer, presi- dent, Arlen Hasty, vice president, Virginia Harvey, secretary, Patsy Kierstead, treasurer, Darlene Thomp- son and Jack Dunn, social chairmen, Nancy Bruner, historian, Benny Payne, Larry Engle, and Linda Hicks, student council. A bake sale was held in order to raise money. Do you remember the day of freshman initia- tion? Those seniors sure did give you an initiation that shall never be forgotten! Traveling up the road of education you came to your sophomore year and elected on May 16, 1955, at the last class meeting of your freshman year Lindley Com- er, president, Martha Clem, vice president, Sandy Skin- ner, secretary, Virginia Harvey, treasurer, Dianne Scott, historian, Darlene Thompson, Tim Smith, and Benny Payne, student council, Nancy Bruner and .lack Dunn, social chairmen. About the first thing that was accomplished in your sophomore year was choosing your class sweaters. You chose mint green and white as your class colors. "Sun- day Costs Five Pesos," "If Girls Asked Boys for Dates," and "Three Pills in a Bottle" were the sophomore plays that were given in order to raise money. At the first sophomore class meeting it was decided to pay 310 per person to the class, so you wouldn't have to have so many money raising projects. During your junior year of school the class officers elected were Lindley Comer, president, Benny Payne, vice president, Sandy Nottingham, secretary, Wenda Heater, treasurer, Carolyn Cross, historian, Judy Grindle and David Clement, social chairmen, Tim Smith, Mozelle Williams, and Jack Dunn, student coun- cil, and W. J. Burton, sergeant-at-arms. At the very beginning of your year you started working on the junior play, "Magnificent Obsession." With everyone's help it was a successful play. Your beautiful new class rings arrived about Christmas time. This was a wonderful Christmas gift. Throughout the year each classmate took his turn in helping in the concession stand at ball games to add to the money in your treasury. Soon you were planning for the Junior-Senior prom. The prom was held at Honeywell Memorial in Wabash on May 3. The theme "Silhouettes in Silver" was car- ried through with silver silhouettes and many beautiful decorations. Plans for Commencement were then made. Ushers were appointed, and decorations were made and put up. Last but certainly not least was a junior class party held at the school. It was combined with a going-away party for Dianne Scott who left for Florida. Your senior year was really a big year. During the first two weeks in August, senior pictures were taken at McKeevers in Marion. The first big event was initiating the freshmen. The initiation took place in the auditorium, and the freshmen suffered considerably before they were considered members of Fairmount High School. Class officers for your senior year were Lindley Comer, president, John R. Bowen, vice presi- dent, Sandy Nottingham, secretary, Wenda Heater, treasurer, Jayne Kirkpatrick, historian, Jack Dunn, Janet Hill, Benny Payne, student council, and Bar- bara Strait and David Kendall, social chairmen. Carolyn Gross was chosen to represent Fairmount in the D.A.R. Good Citizenship contest. ln order to raise money for the senior trip you sponsored all the dances after the football games, a chili supper, a candy sale, the senior class play, and the sale of magazine subscriptions, among other things. The high salesman of magazine subscriptions for the senior class and in the high schools of Indiana was Jayne Kirkpatrick. Name cards and invitations were ordered, Seniorama was chosen as your tour for the senior trip, caps and gowns were ordered, and the senior motto "To Live Each Day for Whatever Life May Bring" was chosen. With all your goals accomplished and thanks to your wonderful class sponsors, Mrs. Nall, Mr. Byers, and Mr. Long, your Baccalaureate was held on May 18, and Commencement was held on May 19. This is your life, class of '58. JL JVM 1 fWetf13tfff,,,t few' yffffttil X ' 'ftp 55 t MR. FREELAN Freeian. This newly Uur Guidance office is under the direction of David . v.w, fun. established department aids students in obtaining t'0llllr-Cilllz., .ind to ere in- formation. This page is deditfated to Mr. Freelan for the outstanding guidance service he has given us during the past year. as MQW ,, 411' 'hyatt IP ., ,: G5 1 Ek! gf-if . -, - J ' 152, M2 E-Q 55. 'S BS QS-2 gg P' cn U v-1 ::' 52,5 -CE E'-3 S "'Q D-44-9 5 UTC. 'Q Q , J. :Q BQ E5 - 'ii .10 .-1 -56 -1 as Sw Ee 2 mv C-'Q 56 0: lhlll 5 go .SE UP- wo I-3 H: 3 Sz fn: BO EE E Jr' Um mg Cf- ,- za 515 Ei se -2 22 if Z5-2 . N I 5 :sem mm E ., 53 .aaigcg Q as QQ,-'U 4.4 Q 5 M13 2 mt- CQJEQQE D ,.f is ii-visa fain,- JECD W gg-EI-2-ig -H 1.0.1--r U CJ na U1-1 -i'. Q, co QMQ E mn' Exffiv U - n-4 'CCP . 5'2'.:,'hs5 5 si QM--sis. Q LQESO,-'TJQC I- .E 5-Qg'SQ'-2'5-45 "- r-1-18Q"lE'S55-M mgmiog LH'-a -Somew I-1 F-4 x B4 f-4 ,-4 U 50122000 7 :"f I-1 af. . ... . '- : . : U 1 ' 1 Sn 2 :Q 'U I-4 3 ,D 'C 'U 2 r: .cz C V7 17, E S '63 'D 5 2 gn 5 4. "' .L '?E 2 2 J, 5'-..: .N QQ... . ff? JS 5? 3? cn E IU .:: 4: :1 Q c: O .-. I1 IU III v-e Dave Kenda 27 St 14- 27-W- h Sept H1 , lla' bgn'- Y KQV: ,'xl1 X .J M .ey-jy,.,,r.:'t xl' I.. 'Q " . .. -,J-My , A '-ff A S f- . X Q H2523-Kay U ZW' ' 'WW . ' A ag yQ,.w,,, vi f' ggi-Lf M r AR, K ' .M Y' duqia A A " ff U, ,I ,A 5' ,S .sf ' if-1, my V' 4 w I ff N, , W rf at ' 1 wx' K I .r .HA ' 3 Q- ., Qwvgfigg QIRAUN BURTON HASTY 1'M'N1c GIBSON lfo-lfaplailz C"'f-'UI"'7iV' SKlHVlNf.lARRE'I"l' l,'om'hf's Z IJUNHAM COMER KICNIJALI. STITT CLEMENT McULYNN " 7 ll IM ' f" ,, ,g A3512 W g,,, iivifb '--4 1 Hx ig FRYE FAIRMOUNT X xg .6 1 A L 1 w M, ? HASTY Co-Captain LR A 1 4 X ff Mm 1 CLEMENT 1.957 - 1 'sl 'md 3 E ., ' 'A 4' ?if wE GOUGH ' ,- . A 3535 . , 4 ' ' ' N x 3 Q ag RlLKs RXBBLE - 1953 , iii A A Y an sl - . - ,UH QV 75' QTROUP Q 1 !f . I CHAPEL W. ., L .Q-wel , .7 3.5 ff .1 w , ,. v QQ .. ' . "af JI' 'My af CAITHER I '01 ra QUAKERS f- . 'fn 0 ,yi Z 4 J 1 COME R tlflllllll -7.-X svnior who has vonu- through in tht- varly stage-s of tht- svason with work, :lt-tvrminatiou. antl a has matlv 'llvromr' important to Ihr- tvatn. CCUNTY CHAMPS 55 52 WW' 'Q COACH CCX SAYS: "fil.l'iNll'iY'l'S 'llhis svnior giant has llvlpvrl tht- tvam with his rvhouncling. flaw has mls-vt-lopf-tl a finv fakf' autl shot anfl voulml lu- ml:-pr-nal:-rl upon to tlo his lwst at all ltlltvs. lI.'XS'I'Y tfonsitle-r4-tl hy all coavlws as one- of the ht-st guarmls in tht- arva. :Xrlvn has thrillml twt-ryom' with his st-nsational two-hanml shooting anml lus lt'l'I'1f-lf' lll'lVl'. Ilf- was the- thirrl lvatling svorvr in tht- vounty. lflillf 'l'h1- thirtl lvarling svorvr on thf- tf-am whose' role in the- latte-r part of tha' yr-ar was that of pulling thv tvam togvtlwr with his rt-hounrling antl shooting. His mlm-sirv was outstanfling. as gamv wltvrr' hr- vamr- off the- lwnvh to svorv l7 points. was his play in the- liovvrton sonic- important points. llarcl fine- attiturlv towarrl the game Kl'lNllqXl.l.f--:X slow start:-r whosm- hustlv has givvn him a starting rolv. :X good l't'll0llIltlf'l'. tvam spirit. and a will tu win art' his hvst points. CIKJXVN Ilsvtl mostly as a suhstitutv. .lark has pro- viclt-rl us with luunor aml harcl work whivh maclv him lik'-tl luv all antl an important me-mlwr of the- tc-am. ll.'Xl'l'lll'ili --'l'lw lf-ailing st-orvr in thc- countv avvraging ahout 20 points a game: llc' vomhinvcl with llastv to givv Fairmount tht' hf-st guards in thv arva. llis om-- hantl iunip shots are' a thing of he-autv. HHIKS This iunior has vonn- from nowhe-rc to luv ons' uf tht- lu-st :lt-fvnsivv mf-n wt- haw-. Aftvr gaining some- valualmla- r'xpz-rivtivv on tht- svvoml tvam. Daw' has provvrl huns:-lf a vt-ry important man. llis svrap anml rlesm- will ln- valuahlf' to the- tvam nvxt vvar. Vllliflllll :Nftvr losing out with a lrrolu-n vollar honr' for six gamt-s. llf-nnv has had an up-hill struggle- to gvt havk in shapv, 'l'h4- two frm- throws lu- mafle- with five- se-vontls I4-ft in tht- finals of the- vounty tournvy vnrlvarf-tl him Io all, who 4-oultl Wzlilt mort- llllllll.l'ifA junior who has plavml on tho svvoml tvam anfl varsity. Dan is improving with age' antl shoulul lu- an asse-t to futurv plans at PHS. CUNIER-l'laying guarel on hoth first anrl st-vonfl lt'LllIlS. Daw' has lu-on a fine- rchottnclvr anwl playmakvr. llt- has 1lf'Vl'l0Pl'Il into an aggrvssivf' hall hawk annl fits into tht' plans for nffxt yvar. CIIAl'EI,-'l'lw only frvshman on tht- tvam. tnowtl up from tht- svfonml to thc' varsity at vountv tournvv timv. l'aul's six points in lllf' final gains- was an important fav- tor in our winning the- vountv. .-X harfl worlwr. gootl rf- houmlvr. antl a gootl shoot:-r malws for a fine' play:-r. SECOND TEAM The svconci team had a good season with a 13-7 record. Thvy were runners-up in thc' Portlziiid Tourney. First f17ll'f Huston, Rhoatic-s, Calnpbvll, and Wayne'. SUCOIIII row: Uaylvss, Lic'stm'r1fm'ltz, Dailey, Kimi lmrgz. and Pvrnod. Hrlslfvllzall Sllldfllf .11l1l1!1gl'l'S Burton, Stn-cts. Rivharmls 2 Baskvlball Conrlz mm' Assistants Enigma- Skirvin. Kay Cox. and jack ,ltirn-U I-'RESHMEN The Frf-slnnffn hafl a Season of 10 wins and 9 losses. They were runnors-up in the County Tourney. First row: W'oo1l, Lawson. Cough. Rilrhlv. Moore. Stooke-y, Floyrl, sturlent IHZIIIHQPI' l'ar4onQ, Sefnnrl row: Ernest. Huffington, Bnkor, Woolloii. Ke-nrlall. Craun, and roach Skirvin, IUNIOR HIGH Thc ,lunior lligh had an oxcf-llent season with 15 wins and 2 losses. hut lost in tht- first rounrl of the County Tourney. First row: Nottingham, Kc-nrlall. Engle-. Crist, Crooks, NlrDe-rmott, Sm-mir! rnzu: Hamilton. Parxons Hokfz Woorl, Craven. Casner, if 'S K.. ia, W, ,V f 3e X L, 1 L KH F 1 fi? imh V . A Vi ew Q s 4 f? H' 'gi 3 f 4 I xk,A L wife I J SNAPS IMPERIAL KITCHEN CABINET Mar+ha Cris+ receives some of E+heI Cusiom 5+YIed Kifchens Hun+'s beau+y +rea+men'r. a+ Budge+ Prices in Nafural Birch F ' T Phone Wilson 8-4685 ormma ops PHONE WILSON 8-4I6I 3I2 N. Elm Fairmounf, Ind. EVERETT CORN, Fairmouni' ReaI+or and Aucfioneer, in His Office. Phone Wilson 8-4337 MITCHENER ELECTRIC EIec+ricaI Appliances and Elecfrical Services PHONE WILSON 8-4925 FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA P-1' ,-' AIN ,Wiki CITIZENS TELEPHONE Co., INC. For LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE A L HASTY'S ELEVATOR, one of 'rhe old- C I' S es+ in fhe communiiy, gives exceIIen'I' and reliable service +o farmers in +his You're as Near as Your Telephone vicinifv- FOR EAST SERVICE CALL BY NUMBER Phone Wilson 8-3045 5 rx' 'li' 1' 190315-"'l'H1!fm -4'-""""-I I " N al ll UQQ 'Q ALLRED ELECTRIC CO. General Repair-Paris-Accessories Prescripfion Specialisf Guards Your Healfh CHRISTY DRUGS Phone Wilson 8-4820 Wholesale Relail um Ba++ery and lgnifion Service , H . Machine Shop Service il 'ui Q.-.BM 'F - T Qu PHONE WILSON 8-52l4 I ,TM .l Q - ' , 'V FAIRMOUNT INDIANA II6 Soufh Mann Sireei' MR. and MRS. R. M. HALL look over an assor+men+ of dry goods and cosmeiics from +heir DEPARTMENT STORE. Phone Wilson 8-4535 Complimenfs of DR. E. R. COUCH Den+is+ THE TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Individual Hair Slyles BARBARA LEACH - HAIR STYLIST Phone Wilson 8-3l49 MR. AND MRS. LAVERNE HENSLEY help one of fheir cusfomers in seleciing WESTERN AUTO merchandise. OFFICE SUPPLIES COMMERCIAL PRINTING THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS Phone Wilson 8-4I65 FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA "We're Wifh You Quakers" Mr. and Mrs. James Brewer enioy +he comfor+ of one of 'rhe name brands fea- Iured in +he BREWER FURNITURE STORE. Phone Wilson 8-4922 Q! FY, A 'Familiar scene aI' Ihe SICKMAN DAIRY BAR. Phone Wilson 8-4433 CompIimen+s of MILTON'S CLOTHES INC. Phone 4I I3 MARION, INDIANA 32I Sou+h Adams S+. HEDSTROM ' 'K uii' sl A mmffz' HI-Fl STORE HIGH FIDELITY PHONOGRAPHS RADIOS-RECORDERS COMPONENTS Cusfom Home Music Sysfems Designed and Ins+aIIed PHONE 480 MARION, IND. REEVES' STANDARD SERVICE will serve you wi+h a smile, rain or shine. Phone Wilson 8-5544 - JV., Y . ., MW.- 46+- I FX i'f,1JM ,QQ-wr A Tr., IAJJ' L' 1 V . ,HQ I . .. .. -A. C B, 45'-7 v .Y ml- .-H.. F a ar' , 3 .Q-an IE ' ,J wg Wiw EN wma AW 'IEA .QE ll ir , R . --I ' we .MM ..s.. M' W- ff I 7 ' ' For heafing equipmen+, guH'ering, and carpenfer work, see Ihe BUSSARD BROTHERS, Fairmoun+. HERFF JONES COMPANY CLASS RINGS TROPHIES ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL CARDS DIPLOMAS PICTURES cuRLEss zz. ARMSTRONG FARM EQUIPMENT I nun nA ZI9 Easf Washingion S+ree+ FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA Phone Wilson 8-4l52 The FARM BUREAU CO-OP, owned by +he farmers of Grani' Couniy, gives fasi' service wi+h 'Ihe farmers' needs in mind. Phone Wilson 8-4I93 Bud NoH'ingham and Phil Bufcher are wai+ing +o serve you a+ BUD'S BARBER SHOP. Visii' Ihe BREEZE BOOTH for Snacks CANDY COKES ICE CREAM vf,,'-5,5 Ihefuturelsleff Employees of Ihe JOHN DEERE IM- PLEMENT COMPANY are seen wiih a model +rac'ror. PHONE Wilson 8-4193 STATE FARM INSURANCE agent Kenny Mar+in, Ioolcs up from his pre- mium book. PHONE Wilson 8-4932 ,gil J I Complimenfs of 'rhe FAIRMOUNT WIRE PRODUCTS, INC. Dave and Jerry Payne are a+ Ihe pumps of Ihe SHELL SERVICE STATION +o serve you. PHONE Wilson 8-4544 PHONE Wilson 8-4I 3I fl! IIILN II The employees of Ihe FAIRMOUNT STATE BANK are always aI' 'rheir sI'a- Iions 'Io serve you. PHONE Wilson 8-4330 Cusfomers a+ 'Ihe BEN FRANKLIN can choose from an assorfmenl of merchan- dise and be sure of friendly service. .l-1-' DARTTYQQT 'll I Charles RoI'h s+ands ai fhe pumps of ROTH'S STANDARD STATION a+ 'rhe in+ersec+ion of S+a+e Roads 26 and 9 PHONE Wilson 8-5I46 HARDEN FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Ambulance Service PHONE Wilson 8-4700 I Visi+ EDWARDS REXALL DRUGS for 'Fine cosme+ics, school supplies, gills, records, good foods, and prescrip+ions. PHONE Wilson 8-4733 The beau+iIuI uI+ra-modern BEECH- WOOD COURT is Iocafed on Sfafe Highway 37. Nobel Marlin is +he pro- prie'ror. PHONE Wilson 8-32I9 I HGH! OF . E nyfgifm wooo AND ROBERTS and secrefary li will help you wilh your Real Eslafe, N - .fl,',ln,mr1.vi SUTTER'S PURE MILK COMPANY, home of Oualify Checked Dairy Prod- uc'rs, is IocaI'ed in Marion. PHONE Marion 5400 Insurance, and Income Tax problems. PHONE Wilson 8-4429 J: . ..,, .. ,-gk' ' VM P ,f- P' k hf73Z.? 15+ if if A Q HHVA. iv' Pi 1,. '-KJ? Russell Venifz and Jaclc Leming go over, accounrs al' +I1eir deslc al' llne FAIR- MOUNT LUMBER COMPANY. PHONE Wilson 8-4l55 Ed Rademalcer, manager of 'I'I'l8 COCA- COLA BOTTLING COMPANY in Mar- ion, inspecfs +I1e producls of his well- lcnown lhmikrwwaw' sssee E lssl E'-2 HUNT'S FUNERAL HOME provides sincere and dignified service in Time of need. PHONE Wilson 8-4543 Mary Wayne, Vicfor Allen Selby, Mar- garel' Moore, Oris Rogers, and Virginia Selby lake a momenf from 'rheir duries 'Io pose for our plmofograplners for +I1e CITIZENS STATE BANK. PHONE Wilson 8-4220 Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Haisley and daugh- fer, Rhonda Sue, pause for a momenl' from llneir dufies al' 'rhe HAISLEY GRO- CERY AND LOCKER SERVICE. PHONE Wilson 8-3290 Mr. and Mrs. Denver Riggs sfand in fron+ of 'rheir garage close +o lhe Mara- +I'1on pumps. Prompf service is always received a+ RlGG'S GARAGE. PHONE Wilson 8-3341 I .Qs . , I , g--'Me an Bob Williamson inspecls merchandise a+ +he FAIRMOUNT HARDWARE. PHONE Wilson 8-5520 e 7'-is-.7 W TSI ' 'f3isggAiJ53: Ah T ' ,S .4 - ,M ,,y49,: S5!5f-"'+""m ' Purchase gas, fuel oil, accessories, and new and used farm equipmenf a+ 'Ihe BONDED SERVICE STATION. FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA I-ci. no-, .F M TW IDYL WYLD SKATING RINK, Indiana's mosl' beaufiful roller palace, is open +o I'he public and available for privare 'I " parries. PHONE Marion 6053 5 I VJ Employees of Ihe CENTRAL LUMBER COMPANY are eager 'Io serve you. PHONE Wilson 8-4222 Bob Kirlcpafriclc of MARATHON PRODUCTS slands a+ +he pumps ai' +he bulk s'ra+ion here in Fairmount PHONE Wilson 8-4638 Claude Sullivan and his helper perch a+op a bulldozer Phone Wilson 8 4797 for C C SULLIVAN EXCAVATOR I is 9 5 E. X X . fx V S., r r lf .. F , .I . I Lf T' V :S i .- . . , K, l L M and CONTRACTOR. gl. , ' If ,, ' L , -A w 1--s.. is N E Lf A I is ' T, - ww'-W ma- z 'Allin .NMA l S ' f cxx' T I Q ""'F 7 I.--shxi The FAIRMOUNT FEED AND GRAIN COMPANY gives 'rhe farmers of +he communi+y exceIIen'I' eIeva+or service. Purina Chow Masfer-Mix Feeds PHONE Wilson 8-4 I 46 4. ROE'S GREENHOUSE has 'Flowers 'For i '41 '-,,. . all occasions. Their 'Fine designs can be depended upon. PHONE Wilson 8-4934 r' if 1' 1. We ' 1 if - ' as I I :Y , Q . I , . gl i l ar ,I 3 1 l . ., ,, ' I - I , .. If . git W I ' I . 1, N 1. I nl' ' 1 ' - s , - K W Q - ' - . ,, Ki ,L i u-4 D I I K ' 41-Q. ,V ' M... . ,A "TM,--I ' ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS rep- resenI'a+ive, Ed Johnson, leaves FHS afrer I'aIcing an order for class swea+ers. KESLER FORD SALES is Ihe place 'I'o go for dependable car service. PHONE Wilson 8-4-I22 WW if ,,,,., bn... 1' ffl' '4 - 1, lk ,fv- E I .ZQIM T-1-Ti' If P I Q fn' ish : A N93 U Lewis Chrisi, Dick Crosley, Delene Bur- !! I T 'jk' ' 4"2PfIi"-1-'I I PM Ion, and Norma Pernod are ready Io fu U.. serve you aI' CRIST CLEANERS. Oze++a Dailey applies her knowledge of beauiifying Ihe hair. Here, a+ DAILEY'S BEAUTY SHOP, she is -giving a per- manenf- PHONE wilson 8-5435 PHONE Wilson 8-4232 I ,f- Q Q'-1 I . QA. S596 E411 nun-.4 nfawiyb, . ' .1 ,. F, "Pg ig as-Q' P W .. ,'A-'W f -' ..a.x..u.:. 1 . . w M X 1 1 ' H., km- ,, W 1 x . . Q f 'qi' Q 8' iii 3 .J L, its.: iz: .Ll K - sf"f-'X-,....i ' lo elim:-.gill ,Q .ml ' ' Q lfeth all 3 ll Below is ihe A. L. ROSS AND SONS A. ll SUPER MARKET where every 'Fooo CLEMENT OIL COMPANY for wholesale and re+ail gasoline and fuel oil. Piclured above are Joe Clemenl' and Nolan Spence. PHON E Marion 3304 need can be A PHONE Wilson 8-4433 5,1131 A f f safisfied. Complimen+s of fhe For superior quali'l'y a+ low prices you ' can relax a+ STEWARTS' FURNITURE STORE. PHONE Wilson 8-4825 May Seniors' Dreams Come True GOOD LUCK Class of '58 MQJ N, Senior Plnolos MCKEEVER STUDIO MARION. IND. i 1. M " A ,j Jig ' . ' . 114181: 'K-M 6 V -' NE AT., Z si1u'c'l'v llplJl'Cl'iilli0ll gow to llllx Bluvk and Gold siuff of 1958. 'flu ll I rutiw spirit and 1'llthll5illSHl have made the pulmlicalion of this YPLll'lNl 1 dl Um-I plULlSlll'f'. CHARLES BA Y I ESS, .'lllI'l'N0l' mlw ff Q47 Q H141 GQ W Z ff' 39 ' xx M M as 5 f 4 P ' XX f f ji 2 ' Y , g Q r IV P' lj nj,-' lx ' , bb C-A ' Y 'MJ + M5255 ,M Ac ' X M V Ss 'EXW A W " F WM L , x f r JJ xxx XE L 5 S MW 641'-Q ' 3 ' ,xg J Q Q 3 ZZ NX aznsgzlk I ,.JbOT.XSJr,!X J- gffigf elif' s,Lf fl V11 Ky, HZ'--I 3. f JQMU f ' ,132 f ,, 4 - X I J? bf" 5. L1 A X J f r N, - V, j" fn! L, Q 1 V1 f . A V Wf! , Aj f M K v lx' 1 'Vx S A X . , '.r X, 1 B yQ ,:,Q1f f Qu Q09 , i?k! X,- Y xx ,x A Q W , I , J, . N J 0 ? N rj ' ' X . ,fx ,fy VV 'f "'.f'f xx X ff f ff, , 1 fx 7' . 1 Sk Q QQ ,4f Qf1fL,Ci'4JfQf ' I V , Autographs A A aff W F My Maw x' SVT 5 O5 QIJMMKQJW " H If ul. Nl XP! jg? awww Sgr MM J Sign' ,M M J MQ S gf W' QW iw, ,Q-by' is E l Autographs Auto raphs vm nm nm-wh. Aff Huron MAN Intel rululsmws Couum UAILAS llus 5, 3 EF .. V55 X . rv v ' ' 4' an .1 wavfll ' 'wg' 'yv " gp' o 'f-g.,L-'vw ,Qg,.'.f1pf ,,f2 O N ' ' ' Q xf'3"- "Hai-' f ff 455' ,fM.,pf, 44. fe. gpggfa Y . Q 1' -Q 0o2"'v 1' 3""'e'w"-' .... 'Q i " 1.9 "NEI . 'V iz? qw., is 'r' A ,I -' gh? -I f-Q 4. 1.6 MNH rf' 1.8 r r , . 'nw .5 K if ' 5' S." " r "' 1 1 L" -K" I' r 1 2 ' if., r A wg: 3 f av' I ' ..f , v 0 N n 1. n. in ,1""'.m"'i"'Hin lk MW, .ii -...., .. 54- 4,35 D ni? ,'x"0',-,VV N. ,, Q .E vi Q :fy fn ,., . A -ff""' mi! if Q v JL Jw ' 'g GA. , ng.-x..,, " -.. A 'vw ,-,., --'f- - :Q 3 - i ...?'-.. .- A '- .rs -, "--. -AV. , 4. 4- - N..- .. -,,-,,, pw -Jw if ,rf ,,-,,-1. ,4,:.e-f.:- : A :4'5'-,sig- f 22: "-'.'g51".'ii'3:5f, 'sv- -Q:?gfbi,xL1'x.' 51 Egr-43? '1 R' ff all ,zrrf K x f -up ,. 3?-.ff-, f ':1fr.:,4f'+:fz2 -5 1 X .xv . 'rf .r was.-M ,, ,iw A gm. ,- . - 'L -, . fn w"-f-3" ' ' X' TIN!! his 3 3 ' A1 X 1? 'f In 3' H xiii' 'bs Q :va ' it L Q-Q S mf' 4 f Q vw .1 ' o rv I - K, its Q b Q I V -' ll n , , , V f., 51" xgtik. 1, Ng ? Pg., I , W - 2 VP. I 2 I fail- "Q 4 A '-gif' . .ff - '11 l 2. f . w , I z I - ! 14 t4 to 'P ' Q, ffm : s fl' -x ww- 4 1 . -.5 4'X.jlX- , 5 'Mn 'A f

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