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Fairmount High School - Black and Gold Yearbook (Fairmount, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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new w 4.1- -.1 ,. 4. H. H, 9, J. 3: ,A EH, .g' 1 nv. K, , M A' rag V ug ' 1 -'w av WF .Wx ii 2 , ,A A xr? 4 f ,f J' ,Q V . I Mm ,Q ...h 4 r ,J- , . Z, if W ,. , ' 55, ' QF 2 , ik fi ,nel ,-H fl ' '11 I x 54,- 1 V, Q' ew za,-y f ., 'mf-V4 ' G. Q33 f rf ,A -A-X,l --HLL , , Qyfwwfm- 3 5 f u i Q P mf 55 BMJ CMM if 85? ' X335 Zi W qi' E WF: ll 41115544 3 - 5 1 15'-'Z x ' V- 53 I QE? M -i X gy fz. ' f '4' Jax: 1 W' . ' n,- '4' 'Yr G S 0 12 fe 1 3 61- 0 e6C6'6 S is 0 W Iac IL 1I1e Qfp etb a 016 fo Us S 6 O1-IG GCQIII " Ol- blsfol. O S 6 S of It an f ro asb da .606 11106 S e 1 I 12 O 6' O 3 CO 1035- X1 123 py QV It 1731616 lfg-Pal. hr Y xr ' of -,rdf T p"'t'f lv e ,y 5 'Av X J -0 elf fo C' a 1? f IQ, -Fe J. I nog ' 0 ,xg , 4-4 gi' :mr ,Q , J, 'af' ff' .1 -. . 2.f":1ff- -U .Ein Jf 4' .fri an ,N '1 4 .r 1 .ll " ,V I. 1 H 1. I, 2, I ' - V V .l i 37,1 z.,fq.gef1-4,5 .Lf gr ,,', Af-. I -iff - 'ff ..-- '- --- vv, v ,.1-, ,f f ' V ' . gf 1,74 fif if-,-'Q ' , f. ' jig-E-.': ':L'4K,l'.i-V .1 '- 4' rf, wil. 1. I, -. T"2:,f:f"",+:- fffflvl-Yf'f3" - 'vi' fflfa' .f23"'. " 3jig':.b,-'qff-:1,gg1. ""-gig-, P 4 ,V if f':,fQg1:,! c1,:14Q.,',!-1,f' Q" mi 1 :?r'p,T-.1. L , . ,: ',,, A.: :Qiqfl -fa-e 'w jifg , Xi Q il: - Ae., ,.--1:41 r ' - 'sua-F5111 ' --4 ,:Q+5,1,,7.:-jr? 4 1 f ' fofo' ' g 'Zz'i:i.if 3 ' -5' a 12 I Q Cl? ' - y at GX B 0,43 3 17 ,Q r ' . .9 , r 'IQ' gif? ",'f'gf P 07 ' 'r .' as 3 5135 E-'F Lf 6 G as , y O 12 6 -so l C 1' . lb ,QQ-,,+f:" ff f f - ff Q 'z' Siva 153 d j5g"f1fff.Tf.1TL C' U51 3"'Q'.i "-5 I 8' - -35913 .'4f2:" ..,-Sam, ' .f",Q.7 gs' 41" :' .- 'ev-" ' if ff' -- .. A' ". -ws-' Q., Of 0 ,4 0" 4, 2' - - an .1 .vi Z.: X D n -.- H .s .3-, g 39, xv '-- 0? at .fg- 'FL' 'w,,,?- Q' v 'afi'-gif I- 'fasizg ' ot! ff!'5 QQ '7 .930 . 3. 'I+:7?f1. ffQa'z:.. 2 .gn Zack and Staff o 5,- .1515 -5. "-gf:--2. Q -LK .x. C My-15.0 x o1:'KLxrg' s, E , S . , '-HM'-Ks-4. .- oq, 5-,rw 5 .Y -A 1 " 531 - .5-sf buff!!- For helping to make Fairmount High School a symbol of good sportsmanship and wholesome recreation, we, the class of 1956, dedicate this Black and Gold to Dr. Ernest B. Couch as a small token of appreciation for his loyal devotion and faithfulness in serving our school since 1927. Blafk 8: Gold Editor ..... ....,.... N ORMA SULLIVAN Breeze Edizor .............. ........ J OYCE HOLLOWAY Fafalry Adrimf- ...... ..... F REDERICK WOOD BLACK 84 GOLD STAFF Editor-in-Cbiey' ..,.. Aryiizanl Edilor Clair Edilorr ........ Arzioizy Edizar . Art Editor ...... Copy Editor .......... Afyiyfant Copy ..... Snap Eciitorf ....., Sporlf Editor ...,....,, Bafinefr Manager 1955-56 Norma Sullivan jane Crist Dottie Kendall Linda Ramsey Betty Rankin Bob Pernod Sue Bayless .. Joyce Holloway Nancy Comer Shirley Thompson Martin Lee Davis Bonnie Ancil ,, jane Buffington Afrirfaaz Bafirzefr Manager ......,. Subrrripziorz Marzager ........... Aajzwtirizzg Marzagerr .. . Marlene Crouch jerry Blake Bill Clem '-" ' , ' 7f'r'j,,, A as BREEZE STAFF 1 95 5 - 5 6 Edllor-in-Chief .........,,,......,.,, Asfiitarzl Editor Fealare Edilori ..... Sporlf Editor .............,,.., Auiffanz Sporlr Edifor ..,...... Activity Edilor ,..,,,,,...,,,,,,,,, Auiilant Artioity Edilor Exrbange Editor ..,.......... Copy Edilorr .,...... Bariaeyf Manager Adiferliring Managerr . Cirrulalioo Managerf Joyce Holloway Linda Ramsey Betty Rankin Dottie Kendall Marlene Crouch Jerry Blake Jan e Ann Buffington Nancy Comer Bonnie Ancil Sue Bayless Shirley Thompson Norma Sullivan Martin Lee Davis jane Crist Bill Clem Bob Pernod 4 W f , W..w.,,,AY ,N,,UM,W,,.,...f-f.-...f-,a.a-..Ww4.....4ua-nww-4,, .,., - , DONNA KIND Secrefary J to Mr. Galey p tr, , 7 ' ' W 4 in ox , 1 , 'ii-c ' 1 , .f.1x, E .r 3 1 cf' ' 4 f j ,,,, , , , fyqmy I 2 ,gy A 7,6 f ' V ' Cffxplwzi W X ,, I , WWW, yy!! f 4 -,Qqzfgmr , gym Q, f I wa f ,f,fp,gi:i? ,J ' V 3 'if?'il',ff,ff,57g ' L, f ,225 'X ,jfyzc P7-Lzf 'ff fm fwM,ryf,zfzv , , ' iff- -qxfcfwjf f ,f if I .1 - fn, ff: fi fiwizw I 1, f , Hp. y 'fi f, I ,yffgyf , iff H5 :ff ,xffkfw ,,,y,-,Z 3 ff, fi . In 1924 as F. Stanton Galey was entering the Fair- mount school system, a new gym was proudly pointed out to him. And now, 31 years later, he has had the pleasure of seeing another gymnasium built to take its place. Everyone has appreciated the efforts of Mr. Galey in the building of the new gym and his leadership, in- tegrity, and willingness to serve the school and commu- nity. O Roland L. DuBois has completed his eighth year as a very capable principal of Fairmount High School. Dur- ing this time Mr. DuBois has attempted to develop our athletic, student, and scholastic program. Each of us'has appreciated his ready smile and the interest he has shown to us individually. I-Ie achieved a B.S. degree in Educa- tion from Manchester College in 1934 and an M.A. from Indiana University in 1940. .mm QS, WILLIE ALLRED Serrelary lo Mr. DuB0if RAYMOND ELLIOTT A.B., Franklin College, M.A. Indiana University, Latin, U.S History, Social Studies. ALBERT HEAVIN A.B., Indiana University, M.A., Indiana University, Worltl History. FITZI-IUGH LEE A.B., Wfabash Collegeg MS Butler Universityg Physics Biology, General Science. y JANE HALL B.S., Purdueg M.S., Purdueg Psychology, English, Personal Problems. MARY JO HOOVER A.B., MacMurray College: Speech, English. EARL iXlcANAl.LY BS, Ball Stateg Industrial Arts, Trntk Cloaclm. JAMES BARRETT B.S., Anderson College, Physi cal Education, Football Coach, Social Studies. HUGH CAUGHELL B.S,A., Purdue University, Vocational Agriculture, Shop, Farm Shop. DOROTHY BENNETT A.B., Earlham College, M.A. Columbia University, English Social Studies. ANNALEE CLOUD A.B., Ball State, Physical Ed- ucation, Home Economics. " 70444675 74eq .leafm ffm PAULL MCCOY JAMES MONAI-IAN B.S., Marion Collegeg Music, A.B., Tarkio Collegeg M.S., Band, Choir. Butler Universityg Business Education. NANCY PHILLIPS THOMAS RICE A.B., Evansville Collegeg Home B-S., Purdue UUiV6fSifY1 PIWYS- Economics. ical Education, Basketball Coach, Mathematics. and " GENE SKIRVIN A.B., Canterbury Collegeg Drivers Training, Assistant Coach, Typing. LUCILLE SICKS A.B., Indiana Universityg M.A., Northwestern Univer- sityg Mathematics. DORIS WAYMIRE A.B., Indiana University Mathematics. JAMES STRICKER A.B,, Ball Stateg Art. FREDERICK WOOD ELIZABETH WOOD A.B., Ball Stateg Literature, A.B., DePauw University English. M.A., University of Wiscon sing Journalism, English, Li brary. SCHOOL CUSTODIAN Most people think they have a lot to do, but our custodian, Ace Sellers, has enough to keep him busy the whole year round even though school is in session only nine months out of twelve. Usually he can't start on his work until the students leave for home. Besides his regular duties he is here to open the doors and then clean up after ball games and other activities. He also puts in many hours on Saturday. Ace is indeed appreciated by everyone who comes in contact with his work. 'X ' I fi? BUS DRIVERS "Hurry or you will miss the bus," is the cry in the homes every morning of many F.H.S. students. Our faithful bus drivers do a very good job. They not only bring the students to school, but they take them to basketball games, skating parties, and on field trips, thus giving much of their time to school activities. Our bus drivers this year were: Bill Hoppes, jeff Titus, Buck Harvey, Ethel Livezey substituting for her husband Ernest Livezey, john Meyers, and Max Pemberton. CAFETERIA Mrs. Wilda Henry and Mrs. Margaret Latchaw were responsible for the good, hot meals which we had every school day. Mrs. Henry has been here for one year and Mrs. Latchaw started after Mrs. Anna Downing left in December. Pleasant as cooking is, preparing meals for so many has its head- aches. Making out menus, preparing the right amounts, and keeping the food warm are only a few of Mrs. Henry's and Mrs. Latchaw's problems. We all appreciate their good meals very much. ,H , .7 fy, , , f nun ll WWW any I :JI X J " 19" -- 5 i Fw 'IE CLASS HISTORY Here is the progress of the class of '56 through their 4 years, The freshman class officers were: President, jerry Underwood, Vice President, Larry Wood, Secretary and Treasurer, Sue Bayless, Historian, Marlene Smalley, and Social Chairmen, Norma Sullivan and Mike Karnes. Freshman Sponsors were James Monahan and Evelyn Kessler. The sophomore class officers were: President, Larry Wood, Vice President, Bob Pernodg Secretary, Norma Sullivang Treasurer, Connie Maple, Historian, Sandra Boykin, and Social Chairmen, Bill Clem and Judy Frye. Student Council Representatives were Martin Lee Davis, jerry Blake, and Shirley Thompson. The Sponsors were Adeline Nall and Lewis Berg. As sophomores they chose "Couldn't I Kiss You Goodnight"' and "Talk of the Town" as their plays. Under the supervision of Lewis Berg and Adeline Nall, as juniors they chose as their play "Line of Scrimmage." The class officers were: President, Larry Wood, Vice President, Marlene Crouch, Sec- retary, Connie Maple, Treasurer, Sandra Boykin, Historian, Sue Bayless, Social Chairmen, Judy Frye and Bob Pernod. Last year they held the annual junior-senior prom at Linders in Anderson. And finally our senior year arrived, the year we had all been waiting for, The officers were: President, Tom Wood, Vice President, Norma Sullivan, Secretary, Linda Ramsey, Treasurer, jane Ann Buffington, Historian, Sue Bayless, Social Chair- men, Marlene Crouch and jerry Blake, and Student Council Members, Martin Lee Davis, Shirley Thompson, and Larry Wood. The senior class Sponsors this year were Elizabeth Wood and Hugh Caughell. Our goals have been accomplished and we are all looking forward to our senior trip. New York here we come! I I I I BONNIE JEANNE ANCIL Her wayr are pleamnlnerr, and all Iyer parlor are peare. Honor Society 1 Year, Prayer Band 5 Years, Librariang 1 Year, Science Club 1 Year, Booster Club 4 Years, GAA 4 Years, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year. SUE LYNN BAYLESS A rweeter woman ne'er drew breath. Chorus 1 Year, Dance Club 5 Years, Booster Club 4 Years, FHA 4 Years, GAA 4 Years, Class Officer 3 Years, Breeze Staff 1 Year. Annual Staff 1 Year. SENIOR OFFICERS Social Chairmen, erry Blake Mar lene Crouch, Student Council Larry Wood, Vice President Norma Sullivan, President Tom Wood Historian, Sue Bayless Treasurer Jane Buffingtong Secretary Linda Ramsey, Student Council Martin Lee Davis, Shirley Thompson SARAH KAY BECK Alufayr happy, alwayr gay. FHA 4 Years, GAA 4 Years, Booster Club 3 Years. MILO BYRON BROWN Hang Jarrow, fare will kill nl ml, and Zlaerefore leZ'r be merry. Dance Club 1 Year, Prayer Band 2 Years, Speech Club 1 Year, Class Plays 1 Year, Football 1 Year, Track 1 Year, FFA 2-Years. PET H. BETHAY T0 live lang, it ir nerermry 10 live rlowly. Thespians 1 Year, Dance Club 2 Years, School Contests 1 Year, Speech Club 3 Years. JANE ANN BUFFINGTON She ir very energelir in all Jbe 1lI7d67'f61k6,Y. Honor Society 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, Class Officer 1 Year, Booster Club 3 Years, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year, Class Plays 1 Year. JERRY LEE BLAKE He um tl fue uiflmzzl lmfe. Student Council 2 Years, Dance Club 2 Years, Class Plays 1 -Year, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff l Year, Class Officer 1 Year, "F" Club 4 Years, Basketball 4 Years. Football 2 Years, Track 4 Years. Cross Country 2 Years, PHILLIP LEON BURTON A liflle rzonfeme neu' mid Ilfen, ix wlilbed fry lbe rrivwl men. Dance Club 2 Years, "F" Club 1 Year, Basketball l Years Football 3 Years. JAMES R. BOXWEN .Moderly if llie mlm' of mllruge. NANCY JEAN BUSH She who bar url, bar 6I'6'1',J'Zl'hEl'f.' cl puff. Chorus 1 Year, Dance Club 1 Year, FHA 3 Years, GAA 3 Years, Booster Club 4 Years, Class Plays l Year, School Contests 1 Year. xxx X A xxx SUSAN KAY CALLAI-IAN A little mirfhief hy the uziy, if fun to Jpire each day. Dance Club 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years. Speech Club 1 Year, Class Plays 1 Year, School Contests I Year. NANCY ANN COMER Good ,retire and good nature are nezfer Jepmzzled. Librarians 1 Year, Booster Club 4 Years, FHA 4 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, GAA 4 Years, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year, School Contests 1 Year, Class Plays 1 Year. MARILYN JANE CARL The gloriour privilege of heizzg independent. GAA 2 Years. JANE ANN CRIST Happy um I,' front rare I'w free, why tlffllll they till mu- tezzted like me. Honor Society 1 Year, Thespians 1 Year, Annual Staff l Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year, Class Plays 2 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, Speech Club 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, GAA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years. VIRGINIA LEE CHAPEL Be glad, and your frietidr are mtiziy. Dance Club 2 Years, FHA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years. MARLENE KAY CROUCH A dtzzzcizig rhtzpe, tm image gtiy, In haunt In rmrile, init! uziy-lay. Thespians 1 Year, Dance Club 3 Years, GAA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years, Class Plays 1 Year, Speech Club I Year, Class Officer 2 Years, Cheerleader 5 Years, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year. HAROLID "BILL" CLEIII He har crntimou retire in it zmy tlmifr initvfnilliftti. Dance Club 3 Years. Hi-Y 1 Year, Class Officer 1 Year. Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff l Year. MARTIN LEI2 DAVIS A limi rmiung lrldier. FFA 4 Years, "F" Club 5 Years, Student Council r Years Class Plays 1 Year, Basketball 2 Years. Football I Years Track 1 Year, Dance Club 1 Year. wg' DAVID ALLEN DUMPERT A mm: of wtnzy uwrdl. Student Council 1 Year, School Contests 4 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, Dance Club 2 Years, Science Club 2 Years, FFA 4 Years, Hi-Y 1 Year, "F" Club 4 Years, Basketball 2 Years, Football 4 Years, Track 2 Years. JUIIY KAY FRYE Sfnlrhliilg eyerr ufizh mirrhief h1'eu'i11g. Chorus 1 Year, GAA 4 Years, Speech Club 2 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, Class Officer 2 Years, Class Plays 2 Years. Fl-lA 3 Years, Booster Club 3 Years. 'E- I, 4' MILTON HJR." DUNHAM A 7IlE1'7'i?I' man I newer ,rpenl an homjx lulh with. Chorus 2 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, FFA 2 Years, Hi-Y 1 Year, Football 1 Year, Track 1 Year. LARRY EARL GIBSON Never pu! off fillf077Z07'1'01,L', the laugh you run have Iodoy. Chorus 2 Years, Dance Club 2 Years, FFA 4 Years, Track 1 Year. KENNETH H. ECCLES Punriualzly hegelr confldenre and rerpecl. Basketball Student Manager 3 Years, Track Student Man- ager 2 Years. BARBARA KAY HANES Cheerful wzlhout mzrlh. Dance Club 2 Years, FHA 3 Years. SONDRA LEE ELTZROTI-I Azhlezir, witty, and full of fun. Dance Club 3 Years, Booster Club 4 Years, FHA 4 Years, GAA 4 Years. JANE ANN HOKE And when u ludy'.r in the rare, you know all other Ihingr give plare. Librarians 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years jaw ii' ,,,.o A Q., 'Qi XI, t fs JUDITI-I S. HOLLENBECK The zfefy room thai Jhe war in, reemea' warm from flow- 10 ceiling. Dance Club 1 Year, School Contests 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, GAA 1 Year, Booster Club 4 Years. MICHAEL SHERIDAN KARNES None hui himfelf can he hir parallel. Dance Club 2 Years, Class Plays 1 Year, Science Club 1 Year, School Contest 1 Year, Class Officer 1 Year, Hi-Y 3 Years, Club 3 Years, Basketball 1 Year, Football 4 Years, Track 4 Years. JOYCE ANN HOLLOWAY The hand fha! haih made you fair, hazh made you good. Honor Society 2 Years, Prayer Band 3 Years, Librarians 2 Years, Class Plays 1 Year, Science Club 1 Year, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze staff 1 Year, GAA 3 Years, Booster Club 1 Year, Girls' State, DAR Winner. DOTTIE JUNE KENDALL She war a ,bhaniom of delighl. Thespians 1 Year, Chorus 2 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year, Speech Club 2 Years, FHA 4 Years, GAA 2 Years, Booster Club 4 Years. SUSIE JOHNSON IJ rhe hind ar the ir fair? For heauly liver wilh hindnerr. Dance Club 3 Years, Class Plays 1 Year, Speech Club 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, GAA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years. SHIRLEY ANN KENNEDY A penny for your thoughts. Dance Club 1 Year, Class Plays 1 Year, Booster Club 1 Year, Elwood High School 1, 2. JOHN A. JONES Man of :he Future Dance Club 2 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, "F" Club 3 Years, Football 4 Years, Basketball 1 Year. CLARENCE UPETEH KING For l01'6'1'J' lore lhe erening rlar. Chorus 1 Year, School Contests 1 Year, Speech Club 1 Year, Basketball 2 Years, Football 3 Years. Vttff' j af.,-' I C KIRK NeI'erlhele.fJ, u'hate'e1' hefall the farmer, he mart feed them all. Dance Club 2 Years, FFA 4 Years, Track 3 Years. MARY jo MENDENHALL Happy if the heart that hat no rare. School Contests 1 Year, GAA 2 Years, Booster Club 1 Year. CHARLES ROBERT LIVEZEY I-le'J made a friend of erefyane. School Contests 4 Years, FFA 4 Years. MELBA M. MILLER Maiden, when rurh a mul as thine if horn the morning Jian' their ancient music make. Thespians 3 Years, Chorus 1 Year, NFL 3 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, Speech Club 4 Years, Dramatics 3 Years, GAA 3 Years. PHYLLIS M. MCCORMICK To he flow in word: ir a woman? virtue. Dance Club 1 Year, Booster Club 2 Years. PHIL D. MITCHENER I'm not lazy, I'm jurt .raving my energy. Dance Club 2 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, School Contests 3 Years, "F" Club 4 Years, Basketball 2 Years, Cross Coun- try 4 Years, CONNIE SUE MAPLE A heart with room for every joy. Student Council 1 Year, Thespians 1 Year, NFL 2 Years. Dance Club 3 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, Speech Club 3 Years, Class Officer 3 Years, FHA 4 Years, GAA 4 Years Booster Club 3 Years. BECKIE ANN MOON The glow of youth and health her eyex dirplay. Dance Club 1 Year. WS 1 455 Sf Qtr' X l M l ROBERT F. PARSONS O Jleep, it if a gentle thing, beloved from pole to pole. Dance Club 1 Year, FFA 4 Years, Projectionist Club 1 Year. PHYLLIS ANN PERNOD A merry bear! maker tz merry count frztmre. Dance Club 1 Year, FHA 1 Year, GAA 1 Year, Booster Club 3 Years. NELDA KAY PAYNE Ftzfbiorzed I0 Jlenderly, young, and .ro fair. Dance Club 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years. SANDRA SUE PHENEOER For Jlee if wife, if I run judge of ber. Gilead 1, 25 School Contests 1 Year, Speech Club 1 Year, FHA 1 Year, GAA 1 Year, Booster Club 1 Year. MARY SUSAN PEGRAM Her outward rlmrrtzr are len tlaan ber uzfzzning elegemfe. Dance Club 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years. LINDA ANN RAMSEY She doeth little kindzzerrer rvlyffb mort leore undone or defpire. NFL 2 Years, Class Plays 1 Year, School Contests 2 Years. Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year, Class Officer 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, Booster Club 3 Years. ROBERT E, PERNOD Tlnou ffm!! find faint ll king of good fellozzxr. Dance Club 3 Years, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year, Class Officer 2 Years, "F" Club 1 Year, Basketball 4 Years, Football 3 Years, Track 2 Years. BETTY RANKIN Her greutefl ofret if ber tnzfailitzg good nature. Dance Club 2 Years, Librarian 1 Year, School Contests l Year, Annual Staff 1 Year, Breeze Staff 1 Year, FHA 3 Years, Booster Club 2 Years. 4.39 0 QT JANET KAY REASONER Oh, you flavor ereryfhing, you are the ranilla of rociely. Chorus 1 Year, NFL 3 Years, FHA 4 Years, Speech Club 1 Year, Dance Club 3 Years, Booster Club 4 Years, School Contests 2 Years, Class Plays 1 Year. JOYCE MARLENE SMALLEY She'.r all my fancy painted her. Dance Club 3 Years, Speech Club 1 Year, FHA 4 Years, GAA 4 Years, Booster Club 4 Years, Class Officer 1 Year. MARY FRANCES SCOTT She that wax ezfer fair and never proud, had langue at will, and ye! wax never loud. FHA 1 Year, GAA 3 Years, Booster Club 1 Year. NANCY OLIVE STEWART A laughing face frefh-huea' and fair. Dance Club 1 Year, Librarian 1 Year, Booster Club 1 Year, FHA 1 Year. DEAN SHRONTZ lVhere lhere if a will, there if a way. Dance Club 1 Year. RONALD STOVER From the crown of h1.f head, io the sole of hu fool, he If all mirth. Laketon 1, 2, 3g Chorus 1 Year. JACK SKINNER They grow wild, Jimply wild, over me. Dance Club 3 Years, Class Plays 1 Year, School Contests 1 Year, Speech Club 1 Year, Hi-Y 1 Year, "F" Club 4 Years, Basketball 1 Year, Football 1 Year, Track 2 Years, Cross Crountry 3 Years. 447' NORMA P. SULLIVAN Exceeding wire, fair rpoken and persuading. Honor Society 2 Years, Thespians 2 Years, Chorus 2 Years, NFL 3 Years, GAA 4 Years, FHA 3 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, Class Officer 3 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, Booster Club 3 Years, Breeze Staff 1 Year, Annual Staff 1 Year, School Contest 1 Year, American Legion Award, Girls' State. JUDY TURSCHMAN A wild fore blurbirz' io the brook ain'z moderler nor rweeter. Dance Club 2 Years, FHA 4 Years, GAA 1 Year, Booster Club 4 Years. BYRON D. THOMAS He if Jilenl or rpeukr romellying worlb bearing. Dance Club 1 Year, Science Club 1 Year. JERRY UNDERWOOD The world? no betler if we worry and life'5 no longer if we hurry. Dance Club 1 Year, Speech Club 1 Year, Class Officer 1 Year, FFA 2 Years. GEORGE THOMAS An nffable and rourteouf genllemun. Thespians 2 Years, Dance Club 3 Years, Speech Club 2 Years, Class Plays Manager 2 Years. LARRY LEE WOOD Some men are born great. Student Council 1 Year, Honor Society 2 Years, Class Offi- cer 3 Years, Class Plays 2 Years, School Contests 4 Years, Dance Club 2 Years, FFA 4 Years, "F" Club 2 Years, Basketball 4 Years, Football 3 Years, American Legion Award, Boys' State. SHIRLEY THOMPSON I know that rbe lakezla great deligbz in nzurir. Student Council 2 Years, Thespians 1 Year, NFL 1 Year, FHA 1 Year, GAA 1 Year, Dance Club 2 Years, Booster Club 2 Years, Breeze Staff 1 Year, Annual Staff 1 Year. THOMAS F. WOOD A grefzl llfing crm only be done by 11 great man, and be doef it wflbouf efforl. Honor Society 2 Years, Hi-Y 4 Years, Class Officer 1 Year, Class Plays 2 Years, School Contests 2 Years, Dance Club 1 Year, Science Club 1 Year, Music Club 2 Years, NFL 2 Years, Boys' State. , 4a ,Jaaulf -Ag QE Baz-Lara Hanes IZ IC Kirk P5fewd:-f lil Lim Mgiocf 4 ne, I . am, omer Conniegvalofef lilarg Limfa Ramsey 1e,P M nltchner' Giang H0,f2f IZBSH Clem., 'Z Bonnie, ANGEL 13.50891 C6224 kdm 5i!'larlene5ma1Iey I2 Nancy Bvsk George-U1om6S QQLJQ' 75"-4'-WQVL Betkay 21-Nome 5011 ivan, Marfklk- Davis wig I Jficff :Skinner irinia a I1 e Q in IEW' 2551, B fr Mk si Beyleg l5Chqf.?ijveQe7 Pl1,5ssf1' f5micfrllo.Jf:J 5-ye, 5....z,,f1f3,.,f1.1zza.f P.m..1 , Sdmlra rl2J3neBvfffog'fon ' A4 4 , My J' D lil Gal, ' f' 'lf7f.1'f2.Qf1Q5ff'55J41'5'3'7v H.-1 Buffon, 2"J5'1'f fi'QSm" lf' JEIIQ Cr-iSt 13 ff , 6. I J? X X , gs X, 6-,L Uhgxf . X .X X3 N 7 :atcha CLASS OFFICERS Front row: Student Council, Jane Hunt, Secretary, Nancy Leach, Vice Presidentg Ray- mond Peters, President, Steve Burton, Treasurer, Joanne Clement, Social Chairman, Patty Meyers. Back row: Social Chairmang Jim Ireland, Student Councilg Jon Sicks, Jim Sheets, Historian, Roberta Spence. 5. , U n 'i... 'WH '- f I ' , . Q pw li 'K 5 ' ,S J SSL tttt W 3 f 4 .Q-g J J -a. . ., -4 fii"x J A S A S F . , ,K 'VX wiv, s. i Q33 ' 0 C "rf XJ 'Hn-gg -nl vw ' S 1' WW - A it ,. " Tl 5 N. -ny? ,J J Q .5 KJ, M 1 efffa Y 1 X . f ' me li an Bob Ailes, Dean Anders, Harvey Barnes, David Barnhart, Jayne Beck, Ruth Blair. Steve BUIYOD, BCH Bush, Joanne Clement, Jim Comer, George Crawford, Dixie Davis. Margaret Dumpert, Pat Eltzroth, Steve Fox, Linda Green, Charles Haisley, Ted Haisley. N1x"Zf'! f- . W" ' ff- ii y Z' iw' ,Q , K f.,- W' if W 'N m O' ,yy I ' A a V A 1 l ' ' at M, My s If 1 Vt-max , v "' l - ' 6 ' 'P ' aa "1"-'B ' ii "e c .q 1 aa, R P , Q.-ff, i X it X se 1, w c'5l7"f ,.--, l 1 ix ' YQ? '25 be , 1,3 ,Y:"l 5 A fx vi? ' M I Q K .X aj V . Q "5 ' ,Ra 151 ' Q 22' qv 'B' sp,-f-4' , ff ity.. if 1' I Kuff X 4-rf' 441 Viz!! Lois Hamilton, Bob Hammitt, Carleen Harbour, Fred Hayes, Tom Hayes, Donna Hill man. jane Hunt, jim Ireland, Bill Jacob, Larry johns, Raymond Jones, Juanita Kendall Donald Kesler, jim Larkey, Nancy Leach, Belle Leckron, joan Lewis, David Madigan Patty Meyers, Carolyn Miller, Larry Moon, Bob Moore, Raymond Pace, Pat Parrill. Rich ard Payne, jerry Payne, Judy Peacock, Denny Pemberton. ibr", fn M - 1-M., .fr-1 R 2 . N Q. , ls., ,E 7 A Ni -4' v Q K 5 31 , tiara ,. to " A A if ff ,,m',.- -, 1 Q.. f A fr 1 , b"i t " S eet, it , s T T tts 7 . 41 A L1 M r R '- -Li li ii '54 If 'CLF' Ml. , ,I .If . Sz, K I I aw 1 'Vo ,V ,Q i., ,ir Wg , Q T .QW as ii, s LN ni! K- fi 1 1 1 .te- if ' -wg.,-rkf . 2 'ff' 4973! ' f , 4 .Y , af f U15 r 6' , tx , , Q b, S A o i ii 1 "" T y 'Q' i ,eitea fc L.,-is sm, .rm :V WN? yy ,C it A' ' NZISZO1 , Avaiuats i J NX 6 Yrrkryv P wt,,,,,,, x Milt is 7"M T ' First row: Raymond Peters, Bonnie Pettiford, Ethel Robbins, Ronnie Roe, Alene Roy, Ronald Russell. Second row: Paul Scott, Lois Seward, jim Sheets, Sonny Shelton, jay Shockey, jon Sicks. Third row: Ronnie Smalley, David Smith, jim Smithson, Rosalie Spahr, Roberta Spence, jack Stevens. Fourth row: Maru Lou Thomas, Virginia Tobin, Ronnie Tutorow, Beverly Vetor, Gene Webb, Kathleen West. Fifth row: Gene Wood, Charles Woodruff, Sonja Saunders, Dave Deeter, jere Wysong. N 1 Front row: Diane Scott, Historiang Virginia Harvey, Treasurer, Sandy Skinner, Sec- retary, Martha Clem, Vice President, Nancy Bruner, Social Chairman, Darlene Thompson, Student Council. Back row: Tim Smith, Student Council, Benn Payne, Student Council, Lindley Comer, President, jack Dunn, Social Chairman V- , wk v at , .5 '2f1f'7'-, , ' ' , A ,xg V ff ' K f ' 1 V , S i L s, l ,L , ' ere' 5 6 'swf ' 2 " 5 .f-,1 ' ' ' 'S 7 " ' ff', f . f X 1:5 , vi , . 4 mf A . V f f f if Q x fi gf M x 4. JW af is , -fy ' H- gf, ' . vf -t 4 Q Q , 2:3755 ' fi if 1 f ! " ,V , 1 ,, . V. 4 1 5 1' f ,Q ,I ,V 5 I i . L W 1 Y i ,, , Q ies 's, -f I ,f,. - Eileen Ailes, Nancy Bruner, Larry Bryan, john Buller, Wilbur Burton, Carolyn Butcher Patricia Caudill, Martha Clem, David Clement, Lindley Comer, jack Craun Bexerly ' l Cromer. Leketta Crouch, Alan Curless, Barbara Dickerson, Harlon Dunham, Emory Ecc es ,mr '44s-,Zo-G f 9 4 ' QE, , ,, we f-Q my! f X , . it V, W7 'ef' f HE ',,'k 3 , ji xrmf' if .fghx in 2- Q1 if u 5. if A -. , ,. .... . . , - Nba-R, ,111--1"- ,wt :I J Vx. , lf- ,mn f Cl X N if at fs..- ' A , - ..,, ,A -awww 5' L 9 T 3: hw: V -.3 N H' .- ., K , I ff- 1 " , . fi L f i g," , N . fl bl ' K Q ,- , " i Hi ' ' , V, . V , ,Rx if - RQ, . 'H Q, M x if ,.W, if ?5 X. r if g ay ,U it i I I if ,M W l i 'A D, 44-af il WV if ,., , ...1lf..,fX V f r 1 it 4 .g xi i l A l M, g ri WW? V . ai " 1 ' -Malfiz Q K 'f ' 1 .N TK , are J J N , K 9-gyda? sv l 1, , iivi il" ' M H 'Q- , -, ' ,I war ' 4, , I V, I , , , ' , ' , i 3, W, ik 'BQ' , . .f i we Q2 Q , ' Q, , af' I , ,.,.,gn4 5 M il f, gf, Lxi ... -B 'E 5 X, a 1 Brenda Ellingwood, Larry Engle, Bill Frye, Dan Garner, Donald Gibson, Judy Gfindle. Carolyn Gross, Lolita Harvey, Virginia Harvey, Arlen Hasty, Wenda Heater, Linda Hicks. janet Hill, Kenny Hoke, Betty Holloway, Wendell Hollenbeck, Phil Hosking Dave Kendall. Margie Kennedy, Tom King, Tinka Kirk, Jayne Kirkpatrick, Lora Lawi son, Steve McDaniel. ,David McGlynn, Sue Malaska, Denny Mason, Sandy Mitchener, Carl Moon, David Moore. . t t ,. fx i' " vffff , K . ,.-,ri if , 'if Ei, E , 51 I 4 '5 fi , ,fa , :wi ' a ' . - t , . , -M if f,, M., S .ff W ,. , 'i 'I gd.: 5 ,41 5 f 435 Q Zycnfrf 4,1 fm! ,fr ' f, M , 1 V 7 'H Q .jf-by Z4 -1, ,f , ' , I L, ,' ' Z ,, :ig ,f 1,4 ,gl V' V7 'SWVIE Q? 71515, V. ,A , V f VL, . 4- 1 we ' a , ' - " i Q f f ff , H , " , " ' 4 4 f 5 , I" ' ' 'Sw G ,, f Y ff' , -lm ajft was ,,, 'vga f ff 7 W , 'wer' at ,,-' f E Q, , -Afy S V ,i i 'I . . ,, s . """"""Mii 'EQ 1 First row: Sandra Nottingham, james Pace, Benny Payne, Gloria Radford, Connie Reed, Ronnie Rhoads. Second row: john Rogers, Dianne Scott, Sandy Skinner, Tim Smith, Aimuel Stewart, Harvey Stitt. Third row: Carol Stroud, Janice Thiellen, Terry Thiellen, Judy Thomas, Darlene Thompson, Jerry Turschman. Fourth row: Glen Vetor, Rilla Vetor, Edward Wardell, Harold Williams, Mozelle Williams, Mary Carolyn Winslow. Fifth row: Ronnie Wood, jack Dunn, Phillip Gibson, Terome Gough, John Lloyd, Carol Stewart. .44 S , .J , aj ff' v Front row: jim Pernod, Student Councilg Linda Lewis, Social Chairmang Marceil Polk, Treasurerg Phil Comer, Vice Presidentg jane Langsdon, Student Council. Back row: Judy Rautenkranz, Student Councilg Denny Stroup, Presidentg Bob Cromer, Social Chairmang Pauline Ancil, Secretary. x ig.. ,hi , V ' X Y V wil., I .Liigmw I P . 'i i -t ffffahl , Z M52 ,-..ll 7 - -if-5 -at wr M fx, ' I "'f'Z? 4 Mn y Q ni M ' . wr .,, -fm' , E., "' nu' Q I, 35 l KF ,wg , vw ,H ST' .Lf C"!? . 14 M45 W'l"'1r,x 'K ani Pauline Ancil Becky Aylsworth Carolyn Bannister jane Bayless jerry Behr Larry Beouy Arlene Brattain Phyllis Brookshire Gilbert Brown Sandra Brown Armor Burgan Frank Callahan Larry Campbell Mary jane Casner Carolyn Cole David Comer Phillip Comer Diana Craw Bob Cromer Ted Crosley Sandy Davis john Deeter Rose Ann DeWitt Dallas Dockery jerolene Dockery Jerry Doherty Jayne Elliott Ronnie Ellsworth james Florea Bob Floyd Charles Gaither Mary jane Gibson Carl Hanes Janis Harvey Marieta Harvey Max Haynes Harold Hearn Howard Hiatt Gary Hicks Rosemary Hipskind Barbara Hodge Judy Hoke Hugh Horn Jay Hunt Beverly Jamison Phillip john Jerry johns Janet Keith Carol Keller jane Langsdon Linda Lewis Ruth Livezey Lois McGlynn Virginia Martin jean Metzger Alice Michael V, Us gy xy Va if , ,M , -'Hifi 2 ,MW f , . ' il yt, w ' i ' s n iw' i 5.52, ' -. f -an- 1 Y E 4 4 sf f ' f 7 -f jf 1? VN -5 , W of P 55 3 M if 571 fi X ,f f J if TQ " eff M, i , i was T wan- , i -'47 .if - K , ,W ii , I f ,M 1 , ,- K , K5 g ny! 1 'f"' my 5. "'4-fin : 4, ,Af 4 K 'ne ' Y 57179 X' I W at 2 ? f' A i , I .Y I 74 ff! 3 92 f . 1" f , 6 I ,af -pr is , 909 f nf' .ff 3 Q ,f 1 V .W Ah h Ui: , ,, Vw I -XV rf, ,, " ,W - 1, ,, ., V . . f X, . i in L Wy I 'f" " ' ""V f V , fl if 'X ' r i " N 1.3, 'fr , f x W' ' , l l g fgiit 'fi a M I Q, , fa, ah' K .,i. gf V, ci J, A ,F 1, ' r - "i , ,, .-A V- ,ff-' 'f C ' ,..4ifi, an ,i.'l .JV "', 4-4 V QVC? , 'L 1 -WA ir 'M , I K K, ,,,., lv K f 5' .-. ea, 5 i i C M M - if i.' V 2 ,. - , H R 'M' A ' .3 -Li ra C f I., if-J, - a fkigfr,-I ,J 'ii' 1 l I " ' Q . K VVLV , .L, I A ,.LL f f .7 lg a,y:,,wy,1 ., rf: . V by K- Ig X A w, .Ut I 'xy V 132 15 li f 4 vomflau ,f'l."X 'W , v 9' -+ S -yi , CQ, 'R 1 M5 3, in qv' x ,i . "Sli" 6 1 1 we MX 5 N A '. gg ps Joann Miller Marcia Monahan Charles Moore Kenneth Moss Beth Mullen If F5 Q 1 -MW ,:-,,'r L M .V g Mr, n.l ., yolk AM v l R we yi vw 1 Phil Nelson - M A. i i V ' it Richard Pace QM , MN i Errol Parsons 3- , fv r 'Q "W '5 ' ' C P i P "' Martha Patton l'-,A X' X M W Bob Peacock M f wwf" ,,rQ X' S i if Becky Pernod ' A jimmy Pernod 5 M " Sharon Pettiford K - '-" P M ' 'llz C f v Marceil Polk - - at '-P' 5 -, Jim Raruff y as 'arr i A IX 3, Mr Judy Rautenkranz f M Dan Ribble y W g Charles Richards '77 " 'H 3 3 '- K ' Karen Richards ' 3 I E, . QM, I 11:11 '4' Q ' "' Wayne Richards 1 y fir, f y J A ,A xg i x. I fs MP , M Q, David Ricks Mike Riggs -v- Donna Riley 1 C , jean Robbins - "M Ronald Roy M " MM, mf james Royal 'C Virginia Salisbury M My .sf 4-5 A Carolyn Small , f ,Jr r hh an P P - Larry Spence ajitf '-A f' 'qv' P' ,fr,f,2 Denny Stroup R9 f .1 M 'W f 7 y 1 W f c M MW af -- f X- . 5 J -.L ' f jim Tutorow 'i' . W M A Rita Van Osdol i A, 3 I W ,V Patty Venitz i W fe 2 A M- fi sam Williams Q .F Q. LM: -J3',?'i Tom Wimmer 'i y M 'C P Ji 1 X 'X aa ii l li , is V r-, J ' v- ,M,M ,Y ' 4 H ki Eddie Winegardner Ronnie Woodcock Carmen Dauenhauer A "M I M .wa x g an I ' :R Larry Wybrew 'A My M i s H -L Patricia Wysong ' M, ' " , I i -r - E gk M sibbiig agl S CLASS OFFICERS Mike Davis, Secretary, Mary Street, Linda Grindle, Social Committee, john Siegel, Student Council, David Huston, Vice President, jerry Rhoads, President, Vivian Craven, Treasurer, Judy Langsdon, Student Council, Denny Anders, George Ailes, Social Committee. George Ailes Linda Ailes Denver Anders Susan Baker Margaret Bangle Tom Bennett Clara Brattain Sandra Bunch jonell Burton Rose Ann Butcher Roslyn Carter Russell Carter Raymond Chapel Roberta Cole Dale Craig Vivian Craven Bonnie Dailey Ronnie Dailey Mike Davis Joe Deeter ff if '37 Sayid "' 1 'A 5 xl li ' N4- 41.7. 2 ', 'fx TWT ' -,a 1 B LJ ' VY Z, Q .sg .l.i""- fi Q' 9 g v 4 a W2 ,,-K Y Wx P, 4 W you DeWayne Duckett Linda Duling Paul Dumpert Jayne Dunaway Lesta Eccles Charles Green Linda Grindle Ronnie Haisley Ray Hartley Sherrill I-lipskind Loretta Hodge Alonzo Hoheimer, Marilyn Holder Vernice Honeycutt David Huston Diana Ice Sharon Jett Jean Jones Patty Jones Betty Justice Jerry Karriger Eugene Kendall Gary King Judy Langsdon Frank Listenfelt James Lloyd Jerry Meguiar Larry Mendenhall Janice Miller Julia Miller Mervill Miller Francis Moon Mike Nielander Jr. ,kk J 'aff X fiqwm ' zu, fr! f 4 ' T " :N iz -' ,rs it fi Iv ,V Q' '7'-'ev' S. W A, 3 2 , 9 4,1 ff 5 4 , K , -, i uf 7. fs, , I A f 4 4 f X 'aw X! W. '25 , fr, ,aw 1' s , VE, , . MKS :Z 1:-v 3 V ' 4 f- im,,,..fm 1' i ,ja .5 ,, S ,, J' ' iv gr s N FA r. 1 , Q 4 fy if , if 1 'f f 7 wav f Wg. 5 , , mf Q' 2 A ,, y 1 - wa r ,,f , W0 M ' WW , My K' mf W ,,, 4 , ,, fi KZ, f is A 9? .lf I A71 f , ar KW um as ,A'U'T"h Q..-..,-.7 5 'x AA 4.5 .N J . it f Q wwf! if I Ni .ry W ff X f A Ei' X' , ,,. ww -fs. , -2 .- QM 4, -. A q Eff , P I 1 I W , 1 , 4,5-" mr 4 5:4 ,, wg f We f ,,V5 ii6l ' ?""""2 -, il r fl J J nw' , 4 J - . , ' --iw' U , , 4 fy - 9 ly T ! V y so , -N, ,. 2 My-fi' ,, 4 Q 1 I , M7 .ff A ,s 'J 7 , , K W M ' ,' in V lf"1I,. f 3' gf , A mal' 'W aff if , 40, A gi, f 4 y f 1 4 jf 1 .25 fb ,vi is J' I I y -V 'four 4 her 'Jw--1 ff f .V xv, X Rf 2 Q N, 1 -dx ' W , f ,b Dt. V ,r xx iw. s u I .A,. 2 , f X I X i ','. iw A Tl 8, f fix' 'ff Y A -. X A 1 T"Q.u I A X 1, 1 EQ? I .- mhz! is li. 5 NJ' Ji' J . . A 5 A , A N g . :lb 'iq ?f ,vw 1 i , 'Ja' X if T , at -rf W' ' x- if Q' c + 'im JF- Xi" at sl miiace-un, A X as -76 v ! V l it 5 , " 5' 'Z' 2 " W' ii ss. E, A Mi? li, , fl N ' ,. ' .:- in gf, 1 ,s S' 4,y N., 9 ' X -K. 2 - J' Ji 1 '11, bf ef Al N ' 3 gy . ' L I-.Q ,ana kV"i' i -, w if ., -faq 3 in 2 .. -ars- r john Pace Sue Payne Violet Payne john Peck Sharon Pernod Lavonne Persinger Ted Reasoner Nancy Roth Cornellia Reismiller Roberta Reismiller Bill Reismiller Billie Reneau jerry Rhoads Rebecca Ricks Jerry Scott john Sheets john Siegel Mary Street Juanita Swim Sharon Thompson Shirley Thurman Charles Wallace Dick Watson Stephen Wayne Margaret WiHiams Deborah Wood Melanie Woollen Linda Windsor Jeffery Ford George Kennedy Nancy Latchaw Edna Scott Arnold Rybolt CLASS OFFICERS Karen Elliott, Secretaryg Dean Craung Dian Shields, Student Councilg jon Ribble, Vice Presidentg janet Wysong, Social Chairmang Sharon Brewer, Presidentg Sandy Street, Treasurerg Bruce Baker, Social Chairman. 1' 'i,o A rg..- 4 ai !4 A A W , . , K 'D ' f ig a v , if K . V l ii" ,C . V I ,, as Z, an A, ru, 3 We Q? 13 1 1 is A ,,,,,,.v4 i ,x N . . .4 -v-umm, , J , mr., U V ,f M f f, ,Q , f ' H56 .a Clif f r. S A is f . S 5 4 rre f Q. - i A H47 fi V 6 gm iiit if i- -A X V "f ? " .qs "lf W ,ip -3 C af v - It XI f"l a A ' ' 1 ,M or V ,A gr v K. . WA! gs Y ,..,,f , J HW Esther Adams Clarence Ailes james Ancil Allen Ashba Bruce Baker Donna Bales George Bangle Judith Bannister Sharon Brewer jay Buffington Sara Bunch Diane Carpenter Dan Caudill Karen Chapel Paul Chapel jack Colbert Dean Craun Linda Davis jim DuBois William Dumpert jerry Eastes David Elliott Karen Elliott Linda Elliott Dahl Ellsworth Barbara Engle Barbara Evans Cheryl Fisher Fred Ford Nancy Franklin Kay Gaither Mary Ann Hammitt Alice Harshman jerry Hartley Ronnie Hartley Sue Hayes Phillip Hiatt Ethel Himelick Maurice Hokge Mary Lou Hoheirner Rolland Hollenbeck Larry Horine Michael Horn Gary Kieth Benny Keller Carolyn Karriger Doran Kendall Kenneth Kennedy Bonnie Lawson Ronnie Lawson Jay Lewis Mary Ann Little Richard Lloyd Gene Madigan Douglas Mann Jill Marley johnny McCabe Dana McClanahan Lynn Mendenhall Peggy Michael Patricia Monahan Eddie Moon Patrick Moon jim Moore Sylvia Mullen gf .4 ."u ii' I 4 . 1 . sl t M .sr ., V ' 5 , V, f , I f J A x,' , 'er' Q X , f f f L s y Q, Th it ef! QV f LY7 as iii X sly! -, ! 'b x ifiai, V L A . 'igfi' J fi Q 'A ,, L -SQL! g ,J l 'LJ .F 1- lx. f K X' f 4' gf- Qmxdislks "' rf' X gg i " Ai - li 0. .3 :, "3 rl" "' .. n -'f' O. ' J 4 G 7' 1 A' AN - . ' ' A ,, ' .QT E ,. -. .' i 'i -1 A N' U l In ' AQX - H- , J , 1 I ig. " 'ik i L- 3 i - W' V 51' ,. we-r E - . i a ' 4 L 1 .-A 4" W ' xv: -.gre , 1 15' , X I h Q 5 YXXSS- '. N . 'al - V .5 6 ' xi i ii: E"5' f'y ,M gi 4' A5 fa., A , we. , If 1 ,J ,J , ,,, I N, . A " 1-7 1 x t W ,af , tk 101 wa., - , ' I :es . . A Sgjiy tn. , c, yy S. .4627 .. f-f-4' riy 1 J will 77 if i K I - -. J i 1 we e ' J Sli-, l iii swell "-f 1 ag.. f A may , ,ao -'f., 9 5 gg T j ' - , , y q. l X g J . 1 M MN " 5 , ' K ' 1 .. kia, U 2 N dv V' 4315 1, Yrffg is ii V ' i f , M, gg ' with iff x mf' I 4 'if' 4 J or ' f f V .yer 4 . .- - J J X J '- - S . e J W R by , f , ,,, J ' A' "A gy A1 i ,Y ,.VV V , Q-x f" ' f.,,,, ,, Q , X I K affe ' Q , " iff.. J 4 -lil, it if r , fs., jf .J 'ra-fi l J w s 1 f' ai ' ,S '15, . KH Lu . ' :lr I 4,4 , v ,rip f' ' Q VU' 'Q' ,N Y K V V S x V ii 0 we - f"-Q, ft fd' f S G Ai? 5 '-n N " 4 VN- Q , gf '57 tx y - ff ., ' , w,,j l . gh 1 -s' -. s-.a,...,q' V, ,, si ' -ar" -,-4 s '-V' ' Y 4 hm" Q i, 'Nav ' E iT""' f Y V A ff ' HA. . 5 f , . er f'-lii f 'aft 44 Y Nw 'gl Y'fX1i J '-,i,IiLfi, 54,5-X ,,Ti,,7,:' -s,,.a-V. 11,7 ' X , Q, -f 4, ,, A Z' f ,f , , M we or q J in 1 or , lisay as A" it 5 aff ,, i, 124 M 5 ati vjffxf gk VZ ,-a7a, 1 gg H-:VZ I ' '1 """f"f fig i ii , ,V , f X , ix I J , fi Q V , 2 4 --X ' . -an K 4 I N1 1 . i, , V. - L M, xi :. A rev- fl V divx 1' Jawa MW ,- ff f """9" f ,,,M.,,,,a., A T S J it ff J f f a it 4 sv , . M, . Xi c, .. , J I E y . X... R. -' gm pg 6 F ix ,I .wx an - .mt A Y ij 1 'iqilv ' --,ov K- , ,,.f 'F X-'Sf N ' 4 a S' Q. Melanie PMC Gary Parsons Daisy Payne Sue Persinger Lucy Poe Jack Ratliff Jon Ribble Judy Richardson Patty Riggs Nancy Robbins Janet Rogers Judy Saunders Philbert Scott Margaret Seaton Judy Seward Robert Seward Laile Shelton Dian Shields Myron Shinholt David Shoffner Lonnie Short Virginia Stitt Sandy Street Eva Marie Stroup Stephen Thomas James Titus Richard Tobin Kenneth Vetor Leslie Vetor Nancy Vetor Ethan Waller Marcus Winslow Donnie Woodcock Douglas Woolen Shelba Wright Janet Wysong Janice Wysong Neilcne Chambers Ann Draper Calvin Hall Shirley Metzger Jack Moore Janice Dickerson Mafl' Ann I-Iammitt Jerry Satterthwaite JO Ann Slnderbeck Mary Lou Thompsor x .S'5f, JS' bfi 5 ix ,,,M A ' 0 , 'fir fi x r I" I ,wa A , 65 SJ -Q1-ml 3' lf' HAI 4'-Q3 ul' 1 ,V -' f x 0,221 J fa E . ,"YI4j QI Vis 'IW M iff .C , 2 f QQ p v ui v M s ffff' '-,N " ,W ., an 4.1.1 .'v Le 4kX .5 it , 'W ,.,-44 9 I ff' U vi wg ' JI' 'F' W - 4 'W U .Inv ,Ax 'wiatfsem s 2 2 -I 76314614 ' dft4eSeau2va6la44afl955 5 1 AWARDS MADE AT COMMENCEMENT 5 1. Math-Richard Broyles 2. Dmmalicf-Roger Pulley 3. Speedy-jim Dunn 4. Srienre-Richard Broyles 5. Englirb-Dorothy Nelson 6. Home Er-Dawnetta Dunham 7. fourmzlimz-Sara Lea Hayes 8. Art-jim Cromer 9. Athletics-Bob Allen A gricullure-Bob Blair , E Indurtrial Arif-Verlin Pierce Citizenrbip-Marilyn Small . -I Social Studier-Bob Sheets ga Commerre-Ramona Stroup . Sflaolamhip-Sara Lea Hayes Photography-Albert Holloway Mzuir-Sara Lea Hayes l I i l This picture was taken on Senior Day ,, as the class was getting ready to take E their trip to Washington and New York. rj. ii' . Miss joan McTuman and Mr. Earl McAnally, sponsors of the class of 1955, receive their Black 8: Gold's dedicated to them by the Journalism Class. Bob Allen comforts jim Dunn in a scene from "The Robe." The play was presented by the class of '55 and was a huge success. They tell me you are dead, yet I cannot This night believe the unbelievableg The restless beauty of your mind and heart Will not be quenched within the shallow grave. As beautiful as music to the soulg The smile that probed the memory with pain Your hands that moved caressing weightless things, Of much remembered and of more foregoneg Your eyes that looked upon a mocking world, Their laughter misted with uncertainty, That could so love and hate and then forgive . . . Beyond the barriers of time and space Must have their measure in Eternity. Your guileless grace will here no more be seeng No tears can recreate the lifeless clayg Yet if your body but a spark retained That love could fan to flame, my years I'd give That you might walk the lovely earth again, The valiant and the free-The unacclaimed. The wind will scatter golden coins of leaves Across your grave. But where are you? Oh, where? EVELYN HUNT .bliff if Y :Wk 31 214 Www W QS an Wm, ' 4 1 .-Q .--. 2 1 gy 'wi l W, J N aw V -ya .W 4 X xy 'A Www Soccktq Buck row: Roluerta Spence, Steve Burton, Patsy Parrill, Jon Siclcs, Lois Jean Seward, Fred Hayes, Jane Hunt. Middle row: Larry Wfood, Nancy Comer, Jane Buflington, Marlene Crouch, George Thomas, Betty Rankin, Linda Ramsey, Melha Miller. Tom Wcmcmd. Front row: Jane Crist, treasurerg Norma Sullivan, President, Joyce Hollo- way, vice presidentg Bonnie Ancil, secre- tary. 3 lei .Ci -1- Swim: Back row: Dean Craun, Dian Shields, Jim Pernod, Judy Rautenkranz, Benny Payne, Darlene Thompson, Tim Smith, Judy Langs. don, John Siegel. Seated: President, Mar- tin Lee Davisg Jon Sicks, Secretary, Shirley Thompson, Advisor, Mrs. Sicksg vice dent, Larry Woodg Jane Hunt, and Sheets. 2udZcuuiSo-:all Back rowz Dottie Kendall, Nancy Comer, Linda Ramsey, Jane Crist, and Norma Sul- livan. Seated: Jane Buffington, Marlene Crouch, Betty Rankin, Bill Clem, Sue Bay- less, Joyce Holloway, and Bonnie Ancil. v ,,, 4 w4f'fY"' ,V,,,,3.vgf.e5, fra, This year's Daughters of the American Revolution for Fairmount High was Joyce Ann Holloway. The qualifications for this honor were out- standing service, dependability, leadership, and patriotismi The D.A.R. Citizenship award is one of the highest that can be achieved in high school. e,,s L ' M ar .05 , T iii- ' 1' f A I Q., . ,V Y' ,4 .legauv ,4aawwf 46- su 1 gag! and ' State Girls Staters for 1956 were Maru Lou Thomas, alternateg Nancy Leach, Jane Hunt, and Patsy Parrill. Boys' Staters were George Crawford, alternateg Steve Burton, Ion Sicks, and Fred Hayes, alternate. Wamew American Legion Award winners were Larry XWood and Norma Sullivan, sen- iors, Steve Burton, junior, and Carolyn 4 Gross and Lindley Comer, sophomores. its 3 z 4 4 Betty Rankin was the proud winner of this years Betty Crocker Homemaker ct Tomorrow Award. Today's eighty piece Fairmount High School Concert Band represents not the culmination of but, rather, one of the accomplished steps in a plan set in motion five years ago next fall by Paull McCoy, the director of the band. Credit should be given to the school administration and the parents for their cooperation. Appearing at home football and basketball games, playing at the Grant County Tournament, performing at the Contest Festival of the Northern Indiana School Band, Orchestra and Vocal Association, furnishing music at civic affairs, such as commencement and the spring festival, developing soloists and ensembles which rated excellent in this year's contests: all these D ZPJWZZ Wfedoq One of the most dynamic people around F.H.S. is our music director, Paull McCoy. He started earning this repu- tation five years ago when he first came to Fairmount. After finishing high school in Marion, Mr. McCoy had two years of further education. Then he began playing professional trumpet with such dance bands as jimmy Dor- sey and Artie Shaw. Then came a stretch in the service the last half-year of which he spent in a German concentration camp. Returning with his wife Robbie to Marion, Mr. McCoy attained his BS, degree at Marion college and be- came music director at Fairmount the next year. The band has improved tremendously in performance as well as in size under Mr. McCoy's capable direction. He attained his Masters' degree at Ball State during the past year. Busy though he is, he still finds time for such favorite hobbies as painting, reading, composing and arranging, and record collecting. 91,-fr. e W4 N ,A.,,,,, , 4ge4s,pM:4..,,...,,...,w..,.,,,4' L I ig T 1 ,, . y , ,. , ,, y ,,.,,,,A, . W ,,A. , he V1.i - il QW" "" WW, ..,,. t.,,...e .,,.,. .HW .,,,,,,.,, 1-M .fff,. ...... V,., ,.,,,,, W .,,..,.,., , ,..,.,,,. ,N , M. ., --, A W V-3 he V T' A' V- Y4VfV V T , , , , Y, , , ,, ,, I Q li li i il 4 Z l 1 il it Q ' s , , , 1 Zami 4 activities plus the annual concert presented at the Veterans Hospital and a home concert presented early in March were among the more important band projects. The officers for the year were: president, Jay I-luntg vice president, Norma Sullivang secretary, jane Buffingtong social chairmen, Jane Hunt and Richard Payneg librarian. jane Kirkpatriclcg administrative assistants, Tom Wocud, Tim Smith, and Phillip John. Much has been done. Much remains to be done, but the musical future of the band and the school is bright. 1 l Practice! Practice! Every day during third period the gym was occupied by the girls to the right who are Marlene Crouch, Susan Cal- lahan, janet Reasoner, jane Crist, captaing Melba Miller, and Connie Maple, Among their activities the twirlers have participated at foot- ball and basketball games besides twirling at community functions with the band. Their outfits, which greatly contributed to their appearance, were made during the year. In addition to their own performances these twirlers are to be commended for training a group of younger girls to carry on. Since this was a senior corps, the absence of their excel- lent showmanship will be acknowledged re- gretfully at F.H.S. 4 i l l riff .0 Dance Zane! First row: David Madigan, Norma Sulli- van, jim Tutorow, Jane Buffington, and Ray Hartley. Second row. Tom Wood, George Crawford, Jay Hunt, Mike Davis, Dan Garner, and john Siegel. 'fi lift aw' First row: jane Langsdon, Sandra Brown, jean Robbins, Beverly Jamison, Marcia Monahan, Carolyn Miller, Nancy Bowman. Second row: Norma Sullivan, Tom Wood, accompanist, Rose Ann DeWitt, Rita Van Osdol, Linda Lewis, Pauline Ancil, Beth Mullen, Mr. Paull McCoy, director, and Donna Riley. 716-775 First row: Fred Hayes, David Madigan. Norma Sullivan, Jim Tutorow, Pauline An- cil, George Crawford, jane Langsdon, Tom Wood, Jack Craun, and Tim Smith. Second row: Mr. McCoy, sponsor, Sherrill Hips- kind, Linda Lewis, Joan Lewis, Nancy Bow- man, Carolyn Miller, Beth Mullen, Sue Ellen Hayes, Deborah Wood, and Ronnie Haisley. Third row: Carleen Harbour, Rose- mary Hipskind, Rita Van Osdol, Marilyn Holder, Nancy Stewart, Jane Buffington Jane Kirkpatrick, and Donna Riley. 55 Z H4456 cluded its ninth and rnost successful year. Fairmount High school spirit and sportsman ship were rated high during the '55-'56 season. The girls' uniforms this year consisted of black and gold jackets and dickies. Officers chosen for the year were president, Marlene Crouchg treasurer, Connie Maple secretary, Sue Lynn Baylessg and faculty advisor, Annalee Cloud. The booster club was no less than 108 voices strong this year, and everyone hopes in terest in this club will progress in years to come. Once again, under the guidance of Mrs, Annalee Cloud, our F.H.S. booster club con- V-7 In the picture at the right are the following officers: President, ' 3 XS: , fd!! Hs sr 3 Q ., l H1 iq. Q I-Ts am' lui 11 HI QC gl Sandy Skinnerg Vice President, Martha Clemg Secretary, Virginia Harveyg Treasurer, Brenda Ellingwoodg Editor, Sue Malaskag His- torian, jayne Kirkpatrickg Parliamentarian, Sandy Nottinghamg Song leader. Darlene Thompsong Photographer, Linda Hirksg Chapter Mother, Mrs. Max Nottingham. 3:13, iv This skit was presented at the F.H.A. District Meeting. The theme for the skit was an F.H.A. party. The people on the left portray a party in Grandmothefs day. The Modern age is shown at a party of hep cats in Bermuda shorts at the right. junior and Senior F.H.A. chapters have had many activities during the year. One of the biggest things was the Spring F.H.A. District meeting held here on March 17. Both chapters worked very hard planning and preparing the meeting. This picture shows the girls as they were making the preparations. ' 7.7s'f.,-4, In the picture at the left are the officers jane Crist president Pat Parrill, vice president Sue Bayless secretary jane Buffington Treasurerg Linda Ramsey parliamentarian Nancy Leach historian Joanne Clement, editorg Dottie Kendall song leader Nancy Com er, honor chapter chairman Mrs Lewis Crist Chapter Mother and Miss Nancy Phillips advisor for both groups The picture below is of the entire group of Senior FHA girls 7.7.3. The F.F.A. had a very successful year. Some of their projects were selling Farm Quarterly maga- zines, plat books, flower and garden seed. The things that made this a successful year were chiefly accomplishments of the alumni. Audry Wright was selected to sing in the National Chorus, Phil Compton was named American Farmer, and Ronald Smith was named the outstanding farmer of Grant County. I-Ie was a charter member of the F.F.A. chapter started in 1936. The officers for this year were president, Larry Wood, vice president, Martin Lee Davis, secre- tary, David Dumpert, treasurer, Charles Livezeyg reporter, jim Comer, and sentinel, Charles Haisley. Hugh Caughell is the organization sponsor. 2 'fame Front row: David Dumpert, Ronnie Smalley, Pet Bethay, Armor Burgan, jim Sheets, and Charles Haisley. Mid- dle row: Bill Jacobs, and Charles Wood- ruff. Back row: Gene Wood, Donald Gibs Jn, Raymond Peters, and Coach Bob Sheeis. 141: With Mr. James Stricker as spon- sor the following officers headed Art Club during 1955-56, Patty Meyers, presidentg Mozelle Williams, vice president, Eilene Ailes, secretary-treasurerg Howard Hiatt, sergeant-at-arms, Officers for the past year were Larry Wood, president, vice president, jerry Blake, Martin Lee Davis, secretary- treasurerg and Mr. Tom Rice, Mr. Gene Skirvin, Mr. jim Barrett, and Mr. Earl Mac- Anally were sponsors. Wa- 7 Gene Skirvin assumed sponsorship of the Hi-Y this year. Officers in- cluded Tom Wood, secretary, Mike Karnes, vice presidentg Richard Payne, president, Jim Comer, treas- urer, and Tim Smith, chaplain. 11.7.4 The N.F.L. this year consisted of the following members. Seated left to right are Connie Maple, Carleen Harbour ,sponsoig Miss Hoover, Melba Miller, Tom Wcvocl. Janet Reasoner, and Norma Sullivan. Stand- ing left to right are Nancy Leach and Car- olyn Winsloxv. The officers for the year were president, Melba Millerg vice presi- dent, Tom Woodg and secretary, Norma Sullivan. 7 The officers for Thespians this year were president, Nancy Leachg vice president, Steve Burtong secretary, Joanne Clementg treasurer, Melba Millerg and clerk, Jane Crist. The Thespians gave a play at a confer- ence at Ball State Teachers' College on March 17, 1956. Miss Hoover was the sponsor this year. ,Ml Speecdgfad The officers of the Speech Club this yeif were the following: president, Connie Ma- pleg vice president, Sandra Phenegaf5 595' retary-treasurer, Judy Fryeg and parliamen- tarian, Joanne Clement. Members from ti Speech Club attended such speech conf ences as Anderson, North Manchester, Purdue. Miss Hoover was the sponsor. ' 5. 1 I gxywir ,, x, if K5 , W' 15 , 9 n'Lf,g?:?" g.,4,,4. The Girls Athletic Association provides an opportunity for many girls to partici- pate in many sports. The organization was started here in 1950-1951. G.G.A. officers this past year were Marlene Crouch, president, Sue Lynn Bayless, vice president, Nancy Comer, secretary, Connie Maple, treasurer, sponsor, Mrs. Annalee Cloud, co-sponsor, Mrs. Doris Waymire. 4. Librarians who faithfully served us under the direction of Mr. Wood were Brenda Ellingwood, Virginia Tobin, Linda Ailes, Ronnie Haisley, Joyce Holloway, Bonnie Pettiford, Jane Hoke, Nancy Stewart, Betty Rankin, Connie Reed, Mary C. Winslow, Bonnie Ancil, Virginia Harvey, and Nancy Comer. Puayez Zane! Officers of Prayer Band this past year were Bonnie Ancil, president, Joyce Holloway, vice president, secretary, Ethel Robbins. Members standing vertically were'Linda Duling, Carolyn Miller, Joyce Holloway, Bonnie Ancil, Carleen Harbour, Rose Ann DeWitt, Joanne Clement, Marilyn Hold- er, Mr. Elliott, sponsorg those standing horizontally were Joan Lewis, Rita Van Osdol, Ethel Robbins, Jane Langsdon, Judy Langsdon, and Jean Robbins. A . ..... .ir ,, 'O 9 5 'S lg I . 1.7 1 me 1 Q s 2 V af 1 5 5 ' ff ...QA Mau 3 , Q I Q B ? Q 5 -V 4. ' 1 . fa K? f? r, I I 6 1 ff! ff' ,, Q 6 W' ,M 1 ' -w I I Y ,-, .... ..., .,,,..,... .- ,,..., -,. ,, V 4 2 9 LY xx?- ' 'E A - V 1 HC g . I L4 , Wim .J 1 TAL UXW51 Q C 4' Z, ef, f . g s Q 7 " W . NYG 2 " 'T' 'Tj 3-""'. K x 5 T Q . , 1 , 7.4,-4, x. Masq 1 i .,, lui? ' , 92 , i X f i", 'lv rw asm., f Xf . N , 5 X V I I, N -'- SANDY SKINNER X PATTY MEYERS NANCY LEACH f iQ li JANE BAYLESS MARY JANE GIBSON BECKY PERNOD N ,S iS 1 ' I' 6 if f I ' 2 2 , 1 Q 5 I f , I I . fA,l1., 'ey A ,. ,.,,,,f V , 2 7 6406 If Q II 4. VIRGINIA HARVEY DARLENE THOMPSON MARTHA CLEM 1 2 5 SHARON PERNOD SANDY STREET QI VIVI AN CRAVEN tw MARY STREET gf' , V C First row: Student manager, jack Dunn, W. J. Burton, David Kendall, Ted Crosley, Phil Comer, jim Pernod, Mike Barrett, Danny Ribble, Frank Callahan, jerry Doherty, Chuck Gaither, Arlen Hasty, Student manager, Doug Mann. Second row: Coach, jim Barrett, jim Smithson, Stev Burton, John Buller, Pat Eltz- roth, Phil Gibson, jack Craun, Lindley Comer, David McG1ynn, Ted Haisley, Benny Payne, Howard Hiatt, Assistant manager, Gene Skirvin. Third row: Martin Lee Davis, David Dumpert, john jones, jerry Blake, Pete King, jack Skinner, Ronnie Smalley, Bert Bush, jon Sicks, Steve Fox, Mike Karnes, Bob Pernod, and -ci rry Woo La IC WC boys FU -G -4-a L1-I O 6 losses. Two 'U CI CW ua .E 3 NN .r: .5 3 r: o V5 Cd CU VJ -'J Q3 .5 4-J ended IS Quake ount Fairm C. CU N-4 c: o U 5s 2 E-6 P8 GS ai GC as mn 2121 KU cu-:J ii 15.2 MZ 'UD Ea Bi.-1 3.95 cnt .EN U2 '-on ki-i -05: kJ cd Qi. 2215 B-4 QJQJ 533 Oil? HE? va.-O CU .22 52 921-1 H. .EE is L5-U me 'oo 0.30.1 'ECA N8 35 GSOJ 1955 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE . vw-:xox "1"."T 'libs .EU 5-1- EGU? ,,Q2g'C2 Egan.-Q ...gig 5'n:i.Q IXINCO .N 'EEEE' 3333 E555 .a.,5.E.E F-I-il-Ml-T-4LL4 Ovroov-4 HN!-41-ifxl ml.: . .. EQ-+4656 QUJOOO 2205 i' r: 1.2-E? EEE? .SSNE3 tcifw oO'-'G 411401113 Qrxrxm r4 EEE? 5555 oooo EEEE .5.':'..5.': cdcdcdcd U-if-I-if-T-:Ll-4 FNJGNNNXD V-41-4 N . 01 NN 3. CW Mississin 0 airmount ...,. F 23 Dat Sept Sept Sep Sep Sept. O I 7 lp . fr" ,.,h,,f' K PERNQD End ' K 5q,,. qi z . A O 'alla -m TW' , ' JEYRRY 5LAKE5 .P W ,Hqlffbaclgf ' 1 . , qw 1 1 9 sl ll zff 2 af 1 , if a f V '9 4 4 4 'iv I 242,422 A H , I 931 nh Q . ' 5 V, ,gt.,1: ii ?:4'-'WP ,. f. I , VH, ,. ,l7f'E1,.' -vw fl - rx, 4 f',,,,. 4 'a ' v we .H g...f,' vyx S., 475' , Q? f , JACK :ta ,, MARTlN LEE DAVI S Guard JERRY BLAKE X K ki , ER XY1, BOB AILES BERT BUSH EA, W W E 2 f W, ,. ,. , 'KJV' mf W' ,K f Q, LARRY ENGLE X, adzmacuzi N FR Q vm PETE KING 'A ig E,, 5, I' 3: rl , I I I I I kiwi - ef' 1'- M vw- .v I ..,,. ,g.E+L,:L.,.w...l I E CHARLES GAITHER gf, X if + MARTIN LEE DAVIS ff., I , - ff? W,,V ,! A, A ll ,Si I I I Y I '4 I Y up BOB PERNOD ' -If Sk RICHARD PAYNE 'fl-Q 4 . LARRY XYOOD 5, . I ! , img ,V -,div , 51-,,, Wwwclzfq Zadkas JERRY BLAKE-A senior guard, led the team in scoring and was the playmaker of the squad. jerry was a fine dribbler and got many close-in shots after eluding his guard. His leadership and determination will be missed next year. BQB PERNOD-A 6, In letterman, played at forward in his last year for F.H.S. Bob finished the season as one of the leading scorers and his rebounding will be greatly missed next year. LARRY WOOD-A senior center, who at 6, 2" was the team's tallest member, always grabbed a big share of the rebounds. Larry was not a great scorer but could be depended on for ten points. CLARENCE UPETEI' KING-A senior guard, played but part of his junior year on the reserves. He always gave a steady performance. "Pete" was the "long shooter" of the team. MARTIN LEE DAVIS-A senior guard in his first year on the squad, had trouble get- ing into shape after an early season injury. He was respected for his deadly one-hand shot. CHARLES "POKEY" GAITHER-A freshman guard, was the team's defensive stand- out in addition to being a leading scorer. Pokey scored in double figures many times. He has three more years to wear the Quaker colors. BERT BUSH-A junior guard, made up in -spirit what he lacked in size. He was a spark in the team's first win at Van Buren, scoring seven points the last half. DICK PAYNE-A 5' 10" junior guard, Dick had some mid-season trouble making the switch from guard to forward, but came on fast atfer the county tournament. A one- hand jump shot was his speciality. LARRY ENGLE-A sophomore forward, although only 5' 10" rebounded with the bigger boys and was a real scrapper. Larry played a fine game against Van Buren, scoring nine points and rebounding well. BOB AILES-A junior forward standing 6' 1" played his first year on the varsity. In the Converse game he twice put Fairmount ahead in the last minute with jump shots. 9 l IW. . gi Y , ff ff 'Q f' W I ag ,F ,f,, ,,,, I fi -4.,fY 'ay Sludenl Manager! C0455 STEVE BURTON KENNETH ECCLES TOM RICE 6403 Despite numerous shifting of players during the season, the reserves had won 8 and lost 8 with 2 games to go when the annual went to press. Members of the team pictured below are: Arlen Hasty, David Kendall, W. J. Burton, Benny Payne, Lindley Comer, David Clement, Jack Craun, Terome Gough, Kenny Hoke, and Emory Eccles. Zaaketfadf The Freshman squad won the County Freshman Basketball League this year. They lost to jefferson 34 to 32 in the Freshman Basketball Tournament held at Fairmount. Pictured above left to right: Coach Gene Skirvin, Bob Peacock, David Ricks, Larry Cambell, Sammy Williams, jim Pernod, Student Managers, Phil Comer, jim Ratliffg jay Hunt, jerry Doherty, Denny Stroup, Dan Ribble, Bob Cromer, and David Comer. f W . Q Team members left to right are: john Peck, Paul Chapel, Ronnie Dailey, Gary King, jim DuBois, David Houston, john Siegel, Ted Reasoner, Lynn Mendenhall, Ronnie Rhoacls, Russell Carter, and Coach Bill Cloud. On February 11 these boys won the 1956 Grant County Invitational Tournament by defeating Landess, Roseburg, jefferson, and Evans. squad wound up the season with an Q. 1 1 3' losses. The Quakers defeated jeffer- TRACK SQUAD Fairmount High School's track ' excellent record of five wins and two son, Pendleton, Winchester, Sweet- ser, and won a four-way meet with Yorktown, Selma, and Albany. Orval Myers copped individual honors by setting a new record in the low hurdles. Us-J 1 Pictured above, Bert Bush, Pat Eltzroth, Kenneth Eccles, Richard Payne, Mike Karnes, jerry Blake, Jack Skinner, David Kendall, Arlen Hasty, Martin Lee Davis, Bob Moore, Earl McAnally, J C Kirk, David Barnhart, Larry Engle, Bob Pernod, Lind- an 421 5 .Q , Pictured above: 1955 Seniors, Bob Sheets, Orval Myers, Charles Hime- lick, Joe Comer, Dick Stroup, Bob Allen, Larry Stookey, Bob Blair. CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD Fairmount High School's cross country team had a rough season this year, as they could only squeeze but two victories in their six dual meets. They placed third in the Yorktown Invitational, second in a three-way meet, and thirteenth in the Sectional. First row: jay Hunt, Coach Earl McAnally, Emory Eccles. Second row: David Barnhart, Denny Stroup, Dave Clement, Phil Mitchner, and Larry Campbell. 4 ley Comer, Jack Craun, Steve Fox, jon Sicks, and Coach Tom Rice. fu SWQLIWWMPQAJ- , I W , . Q , Qf as Q? if?"f5P'3? frm -X -iq V E L, ,Mali Q - 2 , W , I ,M -my "Y"?!'w -WY 1 .. RAN -rx -Q Voip, Q , ,,,, , I fr, I My f I fs ,,f , ,Q 3. ff ifr If ,VK Qiw f 1 f 1 X I 5 14 sf 5 rf I l , v ' N , E 1131. www 4! nf f ,. lr, may f. X 1 V ,' n Q, I f , I JK A xg-'-,. rf 15 imf!"E. 4 'u 1 ew The MAX PEMBERTON GARAGE will always give excelleni' rural welding and highway service. Phone 92 EVERETT CORN, FAIRMOUNT REALTOR AND AUCTIONEER in his office. Phone 205 MMM Marlha Crisl' receives some of ETHEL HUNT'S beau- fy lrealmenf. PHONE 269-R Allen Turhune and assisfanfs, Bob Schroeder and Verlin Pierce, inspecl' firs+ edilion of WEEKLY l S 'HEYT , V , X I MR. AND MRS. R. M. HALL look over an assorl- menl' of dry goods and cosmefics from 'rheir DE- PARTMENT STORE. Phone 69 THOMAS SHOE STORE AND SHOE REPAIR IO9 Nor+h Main Slreef Fairmounl, Ind. Ph. 272-R2 WOLFE WEAR-U-WELL SHOES . -. if f'if . s f . -' of O ff! " f I f fd j fwvwfwwr 1 Q If 4: 4. ff ff! 1 ,f , 4 'C 1 2 , , ' -V L' 5 I, f Q ' 4 ' ,fmfffi f N . 4 , ,.. , ,' of Z gvwg, ' V, Q ez Q f' - 7-4' -, 632 ' 1 Zi in "7 T 5 y l lx ,1 3" i ,T . . , , , 11. , f :' "" , . 7 , 2 , ".' f ,' .4 I " , fl! fi! ii- -1 .-,-. ...-..i,,.- 'ii l ff I The newly cons+ruc+ed FARM BUREAU CO-OP grain eIeva'ror is Ioca'red nor+heas'r of 'rown on SI'a+e Road I' 26 'I Phone 274 II I II EI I I II! II HI II I Fairmounf Ielephone operafors serving you aI' Ihe 5 swi'rchboard of THE CITIZENS TELEPHONE COM- I -I Ig, PANY. The Company is now changing +o 'rhe Dial I Sysfem. I Phone I Sfafe Farm Insurance agen+, KENNY MARTIN, looks up from his premium book. Phone 356 This dignified building sI'ands on Ihe corner of Main and Four+h S+ree+s. MR. HARDEN is always ready Io give Ihoughfful and sympa+he+ic Funeral Service. Phone 70 I I The future is Hsu as 50,5 W pkt-NS in a JOHN DEH' -' OB TRBCT ' gr., Employees of Ihe JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENT COM- PANY seen wi+h model +rac'ror. 34 Phone I74 II Prescripfion SpeciaIis+s guarding your HeaIIh- CHRISTY DRUGS FairmounI', Indiana Phone I67 -.N I yyyg W g If Iv yy yiyyy A J U I M H My y , y gig, .,,, 'P I Pg Irs-H Ig 'O IW Q J A V1 , y i f Lifffm. W - l 57 -I s y VV 4: ,Faux-,H ' Wi " ', I 7 , i I Mgr' E . T in an r or f 2 The employees of Ihe FAIRMOUNT STATE BANK are always al' 'rheir sfafions ready 'Io serve you. Phone 3 THE BUSZARD BROTHERS in Ironr of Iheir s+ore and Iruclc, ready for work. Phone I9 W' ' it M.- ,,.4,d3zig5 v - .Q " - f-- ' , f- vwffw- ,. V"' ' - , A ,,, , ,, sm, .., ,-f..,-.- ffffkfe f . ' A fm. f ,- f-fg,,,,,,,,,y I 'L ', ' I aye ' , ff fq :Q 95 , Q , vrnj, K4 , Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Hensley help one of Iheir cusfomers in selecfing merchandise. Phone 29 James Brewer enioys fhe comforl' of one of +he name brands fealured in his es+abIishmenI', THE HOOVER- NEEDLER FURNITURE STORE. Phone 49 Waller Wybrew and Franlc Day displaying show- cases of porfraifs al' I'IOCKETT'S STUDIO. BLUE RIBBON DAIRY BAR Home of Gianl' Malls Nexl' Io HiII's Phone 58 Bob Williamson inspecis merchandise ai' fhe FAIR- MOUNT HARDWARE. Phone 8I Dave and George Payne af fhe pumps of fhe SHELL SERVICE STATION ready 'lo serve you. Phone l89 g ' ,,vk Y V, X. i ng!! .I Sianding in fronl' of fhe cleaning equipmeni ai y ClRlST'S CLEANERS are Mr. Csrisi' and his em- ll ployee, Clarence Jenkins. REEVES' STANDARD SERVICE will serve you wifh a smile rain or shine. Phone 44 STN Phone 33 E i .T y Bud NoH'ingham and Phil Buicher wailing +o serve , 4 A l g I you al BUD'S BARBER SHOP. 'lsl 3 . Phone 358 if , A ' f ,-A, , Bob Riggs and Mr. and Mrs. Denver Riggs sfancl in fronl' of 'rheir garage, where you'll always gel' prompl' service. Phone I3 Ki ---"1 -l' I IL I Bob Smiih and Sim Siewari' of STEWART'S FURNI- TURE-Where living is made more comioriable Phone I IO Sian Kesler IS PICIUTSCI here wi+h an array of his new fiiiy-six Fords. Phone I22 and I63 fm. -,, i"1bmf, ,awp gf, ., fwfr ,',,.,f-f , , " ' .MA Geradine CIem, Johnnie Voighi, David Moore make I5 wire baskeis on machines ai' 'rhe FAIRMOUNT WIRE PRODUCTS. Purchase gas, fuel oil, accessories and new and used farm equipmenf ai' fhe HOOSIER PETE SERVICE STATION. Phone I57 I Phone 5-4 i ,,,,,s1 Busy Chris+mas shoppers choose from 'rhe array of ,1iF+s in +he BEN FRANKLIN STORE, managed by The beauiiful uH'ra-modern BEECHWOOD COURT is Iocaied on S+ai'e Highway 37. Nobie Mariin is +he proprieior. K . f 1 . 1 Phone Black 2l-R 4 fi ff xl: , ,f -N' T f f, Y. ff . 1 I I, k I ,Q 1 I' fax I f I A' X , I I 2 -kc iiii, EL I rfrfirs 'V fs-5, I, 5 ir qw , V P " :wi H v , M f If.-- . f,'Y-f-Z gh. Q f ' xr 5 'I 1 f 4 1 1 jf my X Q 9 4 ,V Y S I K Y r f X , X yy ff "" K 5 'Pu ff, f M2 f 2 1 f , Q i 1 ' I . E, x 4 mi' if nkf , 4: I .. n M 1' I . , if " - A Q???ff,2Z'i,1ff4W f' f ' l, - ' WM, y, y ,XX X- . Xi' I 51 Ed Rademalcer, assis+an+ manager of 'rhe COCA- COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, inspecfs fhe pro- ducfs of his well-known company. luv? SUTTER'S PURE MILK COMPANY, Home of Oualiiy Check Dairy Produc+s, is localed in Marion. Phone 5400 KE REUN- f r IDYL WYLD SKATING RINK, lndiana's mosl' beauri- ful Roller Palace, is open 'lo l'he public and available for privale parlies. Phone Marion 6053 Willis Holre, owner of HOKELAND FARM EQUIP- MENT, shows 'two of his prize-winning Holsleins along wi+h a Massey-Harris and a Ferguson +rac+or. Also in +he picfure are Mrs. Holme, Kennefh Holce, Phil Holme, mechanics: EvereH' Telrick and Keilh Small. T Mr. and Mrs. Doy+e Haisley own ancl operale +l1e , f .f ., M -Maw s , V , A V,, V , W, . ,,,. .V,. . . -.MQ .. . The FAIRMOUNT GRAIN COMPANY, managed by Richard Wallers, gives farmers of +he communily excellenf elevalor service. Phone 46 , 4 1 4 if ff. HAISLEY GROCERY AND LOCKER SERVlCE. a+ Haclcleman. They are shown here wifh lheir claughier, Rhonda Sue. A Phone Black 28-R l Shirley l-lia'H' and George Arlmeier pose wifh a clis- play of lools from CENTRAL LUMBER COMPANY. Phone 23 yi .1 1 .-I4 A 4, W-4 , RANDALL'S GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasions Telephone 488 T y 'M Russell Venifz and Jack Leming go over accounfs a+ 'lheir desk al +he FAIRMOUNT LUMBER COMPANY. Phone 55 and I25 1 9 ,L 'Q LEE ROBERTS and secrelary will help you wi+h your real esfafe, insurance, and income +ax problems. Phone I74 Bob Kirkpafrick of MARATHON PRODUCTS a+ fhe bulk s+a+ion here in Fairmounf. Phone I59-R-2 l....... Mvdn lu 4 ' 7 I' ga K1RKPA: 'MARATHONT p pnooucrs 5, We-m.',g ,,W,,.? I ,Libr-if-f Oris Rogers, Mary Wayne, and Viclor Allen Selby ,Way vf e'fiF4.Effi"'-, , ,li .5 Q T 'lake a momenl' from fheir clufies 'lo pose 'For our P A A BANK' ' rsri A T -i gy? I M, My ,',, in PP" ' ,V ,X HUNT'S FUNERAL HOME provides smcere and dignified service in Iime of need. Phone 45-R-2 Claude Sullivan and his helper perch aI'op a bulldozer aI' worlc in Marion. Phone 280-L for C. C. SULLIVAN, EXCAVATOR AND CONTRACTOR. , f, , HASTY'S ELEVATOR, one of 'Ihe oIdes+ in 'I'he com- munify, gives excelleni' and reliable service Io 'farmers of Ihe communify. Phone Black 4-W 771' riri I riri I ' I .f---r"""' J .I ll 1 A I -""""4 , -'ug ,V --....f , I II sn These beauiiful Iighfing fixfures shown in Ihe Gas Cify Wesleyan MeI'hodis+ Church were designed and insfalled by 'Ihe J. W. PAYNE LIGHTING FIXTURE COMPANY of Fairmount Phone 375 or 39. Visil' Edwards REXALL DRUG STORE for fine cos- mefics, school supplies, giF+s, and prescripiions. Phone I36 l T -in?---- --ZIZIZEEESE --4.14- - HERFF JONES Sl I COMPANY , Class Rings Elecfrical Appliances T'0Pl1leS and Eleclrical Services Announcemenls l Phone 77-R-I Personal Cards A FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA Yeafboolfs Picfures Dance Programs Diplomas Complimenis Complimenfs T of of Den+is+ Visil 'I'l1e BREEZE BOOTH 'For Snacks! CANDY COKES ICE CREAM Eal' Vifamin-Enriched Good Tas+ing Wonder Bread CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY Wmlmmmifwvi if Ha f771afn, y ,A X i -3 f' AW A 43,1 gf, x f I r -ff. s " f 955 pf , yif 2 53, 4 IT i a 1" 4 5 : Jr gi Hx' 'A ,MQ 'Z:!"f"f ' ,ai ,ei Q7 f ' s gy! ,, 5 f,- , , 'X x ,L-4 ? Z f ,,'f A 1 K , '34 ' ' ! l dx. ' """ ,h 2 an ,V A P ' 1 - 4, ff,,1f "Tn ' 'IA , - ' , Y?f'W' 'kfi 194, " V ffl x .4 ' I' f A ,gf .ff I 'W x ' 9 in ' ' Q 9 , , ,' I ,f,xu, f 'M L If . H r R i J J, 1 - -, ,ff N . T ,I Q ." 4 Nj: . A im J f , - , "', l Z' Q.,.Wi iv, M A J-:tag . ,L , -fi? ' ,Q 'A E 'sy iii? ' r ' ' XQ"a 1 ? Y' 4 nf" J- 1 1 ' ,- ,Q Qs.. 15. if

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