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E E L E E E a 1 E n ! ! f 3 i s 2 5 5 r V E , J L J 2 H S 1 I E 5 Y 2 3 i 5 2 E if 2 ? 2 3 Q 2 5 ? IN fa s 1 w -7 Q H 2 in 'L 2 i 9 1 H L , Q Q, ix YF- 'K ,, if 1 If - hw ' ' 2 an '-z ,gf , .. S. , 7 ' Q. 8 '. A ' 3 yy. X M 'sw 'nn , 12- , iff lj .5 j:,. -, '. 353' ,Ai ff, ff . - if fi' 'L -F 1, if A S K1 ,xp - -12 fi 1 eg, Avi, , :y-, , 1, HH? mtg'-f Q11-AL . If J HQ, Fil .14 H 'wif . a n q,f.L 3i1j3Y xl .- .51 ' Xe, what K K.....V,. Sf ,VV . 2 ren es. M : fifjf . ' +1 . , P... 3, " fi' f 1 341, ,Z Ma " 1,5 f ,lv nc' 4 I A - ' gm?- Zvr.-fg, 3.5, ,ff 4, " A -: Am. ' a , " , gay. 'N R - Lf, :-:Hjgy '- 7 ' ',fl,j'fZ?l5fz'.f"f"43-W f . J -V ' '-'full -' X 'Rf 'lf' x-rm, W: ,X YM,-' . "ffl ' -, 3 ,f K -fgq-N .- ng, . :N hfzeiyifikrfaiil - ,- " 7.3 if '.3?:'i5 V J ' wwf" 2 4 1, f A'2-myw,,w1gi31.'e2s1'?:Qga-f. liqiwzf A 'r. .. x:-,v -I , . . ., , ,-W,-1-, . 231-,.. -1.,'.ff ,,g,.:' z. ' ,Q jg ,,gfra5,T.'f:- , ' -A ,K ,w . , .. Y7 .5,t.:..gj:!y - . A A L: '- K V ,W 1 , ' fi - 7 ,, Y . f . f . , X 34 ' ."'-na. wg-wx,--rl- Y ,. tgv.,-1.4 .,.-H . ,,,,,5xg,1.,,g,,.1,: L3L,,.-u,"e.QfA: , , . ., -. . . f , 1 L ,, , , , A , 54 :".5...r::' m . '1-we "1"f- .pw . " -. 't":'szxb' 'Viv WHS '.'.:gfPrfff4, YS,-'.' -. -- , 1-ws". " v-'-ff'-W, 1. 1.-flfk -:Fw -Q, , Vg V QP ' I P' ' Qffk-,.L, fin . W. E1-',f,f'.:W figs-,,' 9.5 jf:-52 ,,.-1 -.gk 1 'f23jaY5.:f5,q1?.yg. Y .-1.4 ' - ,f hm, , fa- w?gfr?'fi:s-Af , T 1 ' .wg "W" L' 3 A ' P H' ,g . -we-U . ' A K. M K .f W. .,v,,S..g, .wqpv , I W, U, , qi .'f1'f.fb:'1 . . ,, , -' .xg f . - Q- Hief 1 X 5 56-.541 1 . . ' 221,25 . L' - ' .J NU -W , ,. , ,.. ..,, : ,QTL J ' car, Gif' gm T Aggfwl mf Q, , 1.- mi-4, gi 1' r ,. wg' ,X ., , ,iv-.J :V .SW 31' I vi 1' , 5,5 , a 4. ,Z gf:-L 'f f fa -1 4 -if" - ' ikkfp . V 'Yfkigf . -. ' "Y fe Q- , . V m fs." f' . '15 IHUL ' A ' . gg' ,. -ff., V4 h 'fm , :hr 22:13, 'Q y ' YWf.i'.f' ' Y - 'A 1 '. V . , S. f . if 1968 Dragon Published by The Yearboolc Slall Fairmonl Wes? l-liqh School Kellerinq, Ohio Volume XLV lnlrocluces G E 7 7 The Year of the Drago Slrlvivq fc lu l its academic and social needs of sidenls each year, Falrmoml V!es's Campus relalms Spacious, colorlul almosphere 'iii ww 'ff gk X r 3 . A F .ATA iii MV w Q :W , ,, .av Y W' 4-'Y"u J11vf'A , - , ' ".f.JW'v ' -. 'F' ' 1 N A ,tum W ' mm, X 44 " W ii W4 -1- Varsiry "F" club members proudly display Wes+'s Vicfory Bell which rings affer every Dragon fouchdown af excirinq home 'foofball ga Table of Contents Siudenf LHe ... .. Sporrs .... . . Leaderdup ... .. Academics ... ..U Seniors . .. .... Juniors .. .... Sophomores .. .... Business ... ---. ooh 4197 fl-if 3 vb 1968 West Hlgv f f Y 3 9 6 0, 0 Oo fl' F. w I 5 y 4' ' 7 1' w ,5 lv ,-Le? -' -n , .33 Q. , ,ll X A o 9:0 soo of SG Campus routine captures Westonians' natural glow Senior Class President Dennis Shepherd patiently watches Carol Auwers as she completes some research work on her required term paper. Everyday routine ot eating lunch becomes amusing to senior girls as they listen to "sophomore rah" in the cateteria on Friday at noon 'Y nf 3 s fx 4 5 W Q 3, , xc f s r f 9 v '1 W 3 , .z "Being on crufches is fun when you have a purple and wlwife Cas? wifh a big FW on if," smiles Cinda Purdy +o helpful Nancy NolTe's amusemenl. i Spirit and participation signify fighting Dragons Decorating time goal posts before West's Homecoming game is certainly a change of pace for football players Rich Miller and Dick Knipp. Warming by llie tire during halftime are fall cheerleaders Suzi Willig, Beclny Spalwr, Marilyn Blesi, Lynn Wagner, arcl Sandy Stirnmel. vlflgmr' ,155 I5 S 6 .Al I 'L g 'U -- ,Q Iggy,- Y . as-f ,. .W 1 M Li 'T' 5, V S, , V5 , MX H I W W 'f s ,, , 2 , ' w gy, ' 'ui ' ., L W I W W W fm R f fuvvvvv v v X r G' Him-RQ-2 Y l54""'s!:9:'i"'If S44 , 0 Q' 'Wo' 'ow p QQ Q Q, 1 o o Q Q o W 0.9.49 qh'q'Q'4Q?'o'o'QQ 9.04.64 Q A Mild 7.34, , X pf 1. g'gJ""Y" Ji 'LF ZQQQ i A ' ws ff f W 1 F 'm v ' A v ay f 1. A 'si L, 3' f. 1 3, an 0 I I Fl X , .A ..-nv M A - .,.fW,.,,, , ...... 3 4..- 54,4 ,, 1, 34. 1 1 1 '1 .s,' ,aflu 1 rf. km, df' W ,, ,,,', ,rw ,W 4 MP4, . ' f"'5"'fP 4 3 If I .WL 4 I w + 1 -. +A .,..,:. + K g ,,,. 39 ' ,W v .Q 2' ' , M 4 511+ Aw .lla 4 , ' 'P' " lv gg Q, ' v WM Q ., , 'W' f "iw M ,fu W, fwfwgf, , 1- X ff ., X T. ui -55.31-, , -gf, 1, 1 -W 'ff-5? sf ww, ,,. H 5.1 W, 1' H 31 v' A 6 ' ' M fa' V N f. , 'M . ,f , f,.f Jw ., , . , .ff -awfi'-ff,Q,af':j' F ,E ,, , +4 f,f.,:g1Qv,.,.' 3:,7?f:f jswgwgf ip, gi ,Mr mm All E. , . H V ,, wb., ,,,,- 41,9 ' M57 ' fi- 1 4 fr' 1 'C',3",'ff?JEw ,dn " r km, f ff af-Pi, 1 f- '.q , I' A " W '. ' H H -J 3 5, ,J WT 3v!i',--X .Wi fl 4' A "1 qv, I hi' ' . My 15" ' M, H . . 14' I 5 fre? 'ix-KT H 4 , vw -F 11, '. NU? ,J it 'Wall 4 if ,fx ,- ,"1,f.Q1ff,,, frm 'iiir ' wif ' ' , , . , ,fri A.. ,H K, L W - 1, xg W 1- - x, ,,,, 1. 'TQQL -f 4, , 'rf -QW -1 'g,,5"r f --,L 'N W .fd al A N fy, 'lui 4- .M , " 1,13 ' A ' f 1 . M ,M w ,,- ,img V A -ANL .M ' M I .1-5:4 ,.f Q.. J M m ML aw, fw ,W ,KL ,' M 3,9 ' uf ,M . , ,,.f 4, , , H bfi, '. A ,x I 1- My. W " ' W iq ?'f' 2,,ws'-' A 'ff ' , V 'M-ff. , h.1.,, , , av e . . A 1 Q' f .,fgri,. mrtrm Senior cheerleaders Peggy M thes, Sandy Stimmel, and Suzi Wiiiiq paint purple and white spirit Q as a 5 'ce to Fairmont West. Service stimulates growth of character and enthusiasm 1968 - year of firsfs for Fairmont Dragons FairmonT WesT's own Mary Jo Begley recenTly finished 'film- ing oT her role in The Columbia PicTures producTion, "Where Angels Go ... Trouble Follows." Mary Jo spenT over Tive weelcs across The counTry, Tilming in New Mexico and California. Included in her sTay, was a visiT To Hollywood where she was able To meeT many movie sTars. Mary Jo won her conTracT during The summer when she was in close compeTiTion wiTh 800 oTher girl applicanTs. According To a slceTch of The movie, There is plenTy of mis- chief malcing ThroughouT. Some inTeresTing momenTs are ex- pecTed from The hazards oT a TlaT Tire. running ouT of gas on a bus Trip, and sTalling on a railroad Traclc. Mary Jo lcnows The rapid pace of Hollywood liTe, buT is anxious To go baclc. "lT's very exciTing and Tun," says Mary Jo. I9o7-68 Toreigngexchange sTudenTs Meme Munoz and Nannelre JousTra bring culTures from Two conTinenTs To WesT Tor The very TirsT Time. 'P sr WesTonians respond enThusiasTically as Dragon leTTermen sell purple and whiTe pep beanies aT noon Tor The TirsT Time ever aT WesT. 2 Sfylish Linda Vick and Barb Hahn agree +ha+ falls and hairpieces reflecf a unique characl'eris+ic of l968-"The Year of lhe Dragon." Thrilled wiflw her new role in a Columbia Picfures producfion, Falrmonl Wes+'s Mary Jo Begley chafs willn famous Miss Rosalind Russell. i Summer consfruclxon work or a beauhful new amplnxllwealer enrlclnes lhe qualufy and a+mospl1ere of Wesfs ex+ens1ve seven buuldsnq campus 'fr ,A M Students maintain pride in academic excellence Active pace ot senior lite finds Nancy Longo, Janelle Schierling using halt-hour lunch period to prepare themselves academically. Utilizing speech segment ot Junior English Class. Mr. Joseph Kuldau works with Mike Nolan and Kathy Banks to develop facial expressions. Ag' 'T Male! qagn 'EVA jul S 2 'fflliig W 9 ,W 0 Q5 W r 7 M' , 5? i Taking advanfage of +he modern facilifies provided af Fairmon+ Wesf, Home Economics sludents learn line skills ol successful lnomemalcing. Senior science sludenfs Eric Hollins, Jim Mcflarlliy lnearlily agree a clwemisfry experimenl is more fun when shared wilh a lab parlner. Sail? lf'- iw 'vu , l Working al Moore Business Forms' office in llie affernoon, Gwen Hensley COE presidenl realizes flie imporlance of conceniraled sfudy habifs. ,,..-fn gym! ,,,...-Q' ,.-44 I-S 9""' 5-maui' 'uw-ll i :li , ... I i ll .vi I -,. .. , I 4,,.f I3 'x I. lb Skill, practice, dedication bring WOL football title Hours of hope and struggle, victory and defeat come into focus as Steve Bolwardt, Dave Verwdt, Dave Traub climax season with WOL tulle 'iq 1 A . 5 A L '4ll!?!!WfX,'l""l1"Mfl.,f1 , ' 'Ll,5f54,?:.g 2 3 , l if mf A l l legs? Eli ,. .'lCx like ' 4 6 5, fl l ml? ' 24:43 . E ,ii 4 M ik Q A -A ,, --.. ff ! ,gf ,lax Magi 4 A ,W i D, QI, ,. - , ,V -Q 5 , -ee 1 1 V9 ' ' J I I me 2 1? i ., 'a - - xl. gl l "l'v,., w, -, N! ,V .ut , My -M 1 Yi A X Chg 1.-wg, 55 . ww 'hav xkq A V' " 4, W my iw' my ,, V YA ."':,. 4, '4 Nr J MSHIB' y' ig? 95 4.5 N74 Q 4 I' as , .-nb' 9! ww ii. ' ff 3 , f gg +41 ,-AQ. Q-,M 1 if fi! ' ' K if-N f..g X if y .fb . K ' g f Li? 19 X I 'K x ' :ff A 4,4 ...rr M l AA,, . xx 5",,., .. , 'K .ks-W A x N ..k., F a Leading Wes+'s Rhyfhmefie Corps in The I967 foofball season are lfroni' row, Caihy Clay, Rebecca Linebauglw, Connie Ullmer, Capiain Sue Saunders. Shouis of approval rise from 'this spiriied group of boys whose car is being announced ilwe winner before flue Wesf-Chaminade ball came. Homecoming Queen Barb Geafiy and her courl' Jan Wise, Ginny Merrell. Connie Thompson, and Paula Anderson smile raclianfly as ihey reign. .kj A ww M'-. w L , YR . X' 1 .f ' "fm, H 'Av X' my M ' K 4. .fv X .J . J' x 4' Q, . r 5 5 5 . , '24, W In N - -1" 4 s ' j' 1 In I :A 1 My ix. .1-3--.M ,.-3-' S .74 N m A M ,K x f- I f X 1 ' 2' . ... ., 2- 'L 4 f M -4 W , , 95' ww 'Q N' f N Y 'ik . ,N 1 N, I, ' s u. L. E . :hw ia? v1.3W"'HT-m.- V I n , ml ww5wH,,,.WW,,k wk 2 ' " ,i 1 W A 'K' ,wr - .F-.ww x A , , f.,,,,Ll-'w'2:fl:,M-1,t: A 1 NM -'H my fb M ml W m ffm ! FEV' U a,W,Qg 4 gow' +v:I'R: ,5 'fm 'fifff .. H , 3 r kuifi fi 'A ,Q if ,gi Aix. 'ff pf, 1 -gf' 'Mini' I f 1,3 H ,,q.b':,wy. , 'tw ,+1-',fag'w- ,Ln 'JWM EW" qgjgqeqzl' wx -.fT'WM M 1' ,3w5E'M, ,x D ,wwf H-mw1,g,J ' 'W' 'fi fi" 1'5"' MQW. M. Y qi-511' : ,v .A in 51 ' ' w , w i rim 1 ' f 'l u-,f"u,, A A X . :'fx 'Ti'-1 ORG sin-s H gffuf Q 'gn 1, T K xi Q1 N., are Sanfa Claus becomes The cenier of aflracfion To iunior Gary DeVeny as fhoughfs Turn fo The holiday season in The halls of Fairmonl' Wesf. STUDENT LIFE Familiar sounds and sighfs of husrle and buslle never silence as Weslonians scurry abou? in The diverse acrivilies 'rhai exem- plify The STUDENT LIFE in The halls of Eairmonl Wesi. Crowning queens, nominaiing officers, enioying We-s+'s exien- sive seven-building campus. and meeiing friends befween classes consrifule aspecls of I967f68 "The Year of The Dragon"- lruly a year ol pariicipalion and accomplishmenl. Through The many aclivilies in which every Dragon parrie- ipafes, he broadens his personal horizons. Every even? from rhe Tirsr day in Sepiember To 'rhal final walk io receive his diploma, Eairmonl Wesl' remains a very viral parr of him. December '67 reveals Wes+'s classrooms ringing wilh holiday laughrer as Gary DeVeny aslcs Sanla Claus, Sue Schweilzer, for presenls. Barb Geatty reigns as queen of "Spirit of '68" "Spiri+ of '68," iheme of Homecoming '67 showed visibly on +he faces of ihe enihusiasiic siudenis and alumni as They pariicipaied in The fesiiviiies of +his annual eveni. For ihe firsi iime in Fairmoni' Wes+'s Hisiory. iooiball pro- gram included names of previously reigning queens, piciures of queen candidaies and siudeni council members. and oiher informal phoiographs of siudeni life. Queen Candidaiesz Barb Geaify. Ginny Merrell, Paula Anderson, Jan Wise, and Connie Thompson discuss Homecoming '67 wilh Sieve Mallby. Dancing io "The March of 'rhe Siamese Children," played by Wes+'s Marching Band, Rhyihmeiies added io ihe half-iime ceremonies malcing 'rhis ihe highlighl' of ihe evening. As siudenis, alumni, parenisp and faculiy focused iheir aiieniion on Siudeni Council Presideni Sieve Maliby, ihe long- awaiied momeni arrived. Barbara Geaiiy reigned as ihe I967 Fairmonl' Wesi Homecoming Queen. Tonya Sizelove. Queen of ihe I966 Homecoming reiurned 'ro crown Barbara. Ac- companied by ihe melody "S+airway io 'rhe S+ars." 'ihe Queen and her couri ascended ihe 'rradiiional 'Float Coniinuing wiih Jrhe memorable Homecoming fesiiviiies, a siudeni council sponsored dance was held in honor of ihe new- ly elecred Queen and her couri. Jan Windsor and Bo Gibbons work diligenily adding 'rhe finishing iouches io 'rhe iradifional Homecoming floai' for half-'rime ceremonies, M ' gy' 4 15: ii fa 0 x W Q 7 in I L vv SQA if 3 his-M M Fron+ Row: Jacquie Dils, Beisy Beafiy, Debbie Siddall, Cailwy Clay, Re- becca Linebaugh, Sue Saunders, Connie Ullmer, Donna Dunnick, Val Coiler, Deb Luckman, Janel' Ward. Row 2: Debbie Whiiiield, Judy Keller, Janef Ekey, Candi Hubble, Paisy Paddock, Linda Vick, Marilyn Kerslwner, Jan Nolre, Sally Weller, Janie Apple, Margarel' Evans, Vicki Crumrine. Row 3: Becky Morgan, Jill Colley, Linda Afreberry, Barb Hickey, Jane? Barnes, Marching io rhe snappy drum cadence, Jan Nolre and Janei Ekey dis- play precise molions as ine corps performs al 'ihe Easl-Wesi game. l Yvonne Craft Nancy Nolle, Janelle Schierling, Anne Bacon, Gail S+. Felix, Connie Ewry, Diana Dunnick, Row 4: Lynne Davis, Barbie Ruel, Gloria Slwaniz, Lana Hollowell, Paula Roller, Joli Treai, Jane MCNUH, Sue Doli- man, Dianne Reinke, Anne Schuler, Vicki Buckingham, Ginny Merrell, Linda Frazier. Sfrenuous, afier-school praclice sers a paiiern for Rlwyilwmefies Nancy Nolie, Janelle Schierling, Barbara Ruei, Anne Bacon, and Judy Keller. 'ik 2 1- Two new advisers guide Rhyfhmetfes' 19th season High-sTepping, smiling, and dedicaTed RhyThmeTTes sTarTed Their I9Th season wiTh greaT enThusiasm under The direcTion oT Two new advisers. Mrs. Karen Kronbach, a Spanish Teacher in WesT UniT, acTed as head adviser, and Mrs. Joyce WesT DalTon, The T962 RhyThmeTTe CadeT CapTain, served as Tech- nical adviser oTTering new ideas Tor dance sTeps. To sTarT The season The corps marched aT The Holiday aT Home parade and evening acTiviTies. ThroughouT The year, They enTerTained specTaTors during halT-Time performances aT TooTball games, conTesTs, and band TesTivals which included Miamisburg, WrighT STaTe, and UniversiTy oT CincinnaTi. Dis- playing Their Tine TalenTs, The band and RhyThmeTTes Toolc second place aT The Tipp CiTy Mum FesTival in The Tall. Dancing To such numbers as "CabareT," "Fever," "Mame," and "Sign oT The Timesg" The precision drill Team used pom poms. sTreamers, maslcs, and Tans To add varieTy and color To The numbers. Corps consisTed oT ThirTy seniors, eleven juniors, and six sophomores. Four senior oTTicers led The RhyThmeTTes. This year marked The TirsT year ThaT The RhyThmeTTe Corps was older Than The girls in iT. OriginaTing in I949, These girls have remained one oT FairmonT WesT's greaT TradiTions. Girls in This Corps conTribuTed To The llO'X, spiriT observed in all sporTs evenTs, pep rallies, and in every day sTudenT liTe on campus aT FairmonT WesT. Many hours OT long pracTicing proved To be very rewarding Tor The RhyThmeTTes as They conTinued To receive praise Tor Their excellenT perTormances making FairmonT WesT more proud every year. .-gl, i sw L 6 I N7 s Officers: Rebecca Linebaugh, IsT LieuTenanT7 Connie Ullmer, 2nd Lieu- TenanT7 Sue Saunders, CadeT CapTaing CaThy Clay, WarranT OTTicer Line OHTCSFSI JGHST Wafdi 3rd Corporal: JGCCIUGHHS DHS. 4ih Cor- Siddall, 2nd SergeanT: and Donna Dunniclc, Top SergeanT receive lasT poral. BeTsy BeaHy. lsT Corporal: Val COTTer. 3rd Sergeanh Debbie minufe insfrucfions from Mrs. Karen Kronbach, one of The advisers. 1-M' X X C - B., Froni Row: Bill Dicke, Pele Hamilfon, Ron Flei+z, Don Ufhinger, Don Roberfs, Jim Leakas, Chuck Hufler. Dave Beilzel. Row 2: Terry Flavin, Randi Mclnlyre, Debbi Darsf, Nancy Smilh, Linda McSherry, Sfephen Maslriana, Mark Hellon, Judi Pafrick. Row 3: Marcia Hulsman, Barb Beebe, Donna Taylor, Pai' Scarborough, Pal Emmons, Claudia Monnelr, Jenni Wells, Carol Telcher. Row 4: Paul Smifh, Ron Holden, Mike Snead. Kale Riley, Jane'r Kempler, Linda Coons, Bill McQueen, Becky Nicely. One seclion of fhe marching band, 'rhe lubas, performs as lhe fool- ball speclalors warch The enlerlainmenl provided during hall-lime. Row 5: Jeff Trace, John Ricld, Sue Hanlin, Sieve Simpson, Kalhy Schmidt Rulh Grove, Chris Schaffer, Brel' Braden. Row 6: Bill Search, Rick Bran- ner, Sue Houseworlh, Doug Freeman. Rick Thomas, Tim Norris, Craig Hoffhines. Dwighl Compfon. Row 7: Mark Hauler, Brad Allred, Jim Chrislopher, Vicki Heck, Tim Whilaker, Mike Jones, Carol Claueson. Cindy Hahn. Row 8: Bob Ulrich, Jerry Besanceney, Kerry Lawson, Philip Smilh, Bill Lashley, Alan Kemp. as I xiii 1 X55 rrrr. ii X, 'TR ,ruy fr C C A Q Bill Dicke, head of lhe Pep Band, plays Trombone during The baskel- ball game lo help lead The crowds in cheering lhe Team lo viclory. West Pep Band adopts "Fever" as Theme song Labor Day began The I967 season Tor FairmonT WesT's marching band as They marched in The Holiday aT Home Parade and evening acTiviTies. Mr. David Finlcham direcTed The marching band and Mr. Wesley l-laines served as as- sisTanT direcTor. Under Tine leadership, The band received second place in The Tipp CiTy Mum FesTival in The Tall. During The resT OT The season, band members presenTed Their halT-Tinne enTerTainmenT To specTaTors aT The TooTball games. Numbers ranged Trom The popular hiT "Sign oT The Times" To The movie Theme "Mame." AT homecoming TesTivi- Ties members played The TradiTional "STairway To The STars" as The queen and her courT ascended The TloaT. DernonsTraTing Their excellence and abiliTy was noT Their only achievemenT. They also displayed Their HOW spiriT as They led The crowds in singing The Alma lv1aTer. ParT oT The marching band converTed inTo The pep band direcTed by Bill Dicke. These members helped The cheerlead- ers sTirnulaTe spiriTed sTudenTs in CenTral UniT Lobby each Friday morning beTore The games, aT every pep assembly, and ThroughouT The baslceTball season. WesT Tans cheered To: "Fever," "The STripper," and "SweeT Georgia Brown." Displaying Tine TalenT in sTruTTing and Twirling, MaioreTTe, Diane FugeTT, and Drum Maier, Larry Anderson, lead The marching band. BeTore leading The marching band members in Their halT-Time presen- TaTicr aT The Xenia game, Mr. Firlcham reviews some imporTar'T deTails Symphonic Bond hosts Mendez as guest artist Highlighting the annual winter concert Ratael Mendez made an appearance as the guest artist. Universally, critics acclaim Mr. Mendez to be the greatest trumpet virtuoso ot all time. With exceptional versatility, Mr. Mendez excels in all types ot trumpet pertormancesg he is a sought-atter guest artist both here and in Europe. Members ot the Symphonic Band tound great pleasure and honor in presenting such guests. Atter traveling to the various Kettering area elementary schools to teach instrumental music. Mr. Wesley Haines, direc- tor ot the symphonic band, instructed Fairmont West's band. He contributed many atter-school hours helping the musicians pertect their contest selections and renditions tor their spring and winter pertormances. Mr. David Finlqam assisted Mr. Haines and band members in preparing tor their concerts. Fairmont West's Symphonic Band, consisting ot Woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments pertormed a diversitied selec- tion ot musical works ranging trom classical to contemporary. Students displaying an interest and ability to play the instru- ments had the opportunity to develop and pertect their slcills through the Symphonic Band. Members exhibited their talent in individual and collective competition. Mr Ratael Mendez special guest artist with Wests concert band Don Utzinger adds baritone tones to the symphonic band's voice at demonstrates t mpet klls that have gained him national renown the Winter Concert that teatured guest artist Mr. Ratael Mendez. Piccolo: Kale Riley. Flules: Linda Lealherman, Marcia Hulsman, Barb Beebe, Kale Riley. Oboes: Jim Ryon, Cindy Hahn, Donna Taylor. Bb Clarinels: Alan Kemp, Rick Thomas, Dwiqhl Davis, Vicki l-leck, Linda Coons, Carol Clawson, John Ridd, Slephen Maslriana, Janel Kempler, Rulh Grove, Pal Emmons, Mark Hcllon, Linda McSherry, Debbi Darsl. Al-lo Clarinel: Nancy Smilh. Bass Clarinel: Craig Seiberl. Bassoons: Becky Nicely, David Keslinq, Sue Hanlin. Alla Saxophone: Doug Horne, Jell Trace. Tenor Saxophone: Don Roberls, Barilone Saxophone: Jim Leakas. Cornels: Dwighl Complon, Brel Braden, William Search, Timolhy Norris Under lhe direclion ol Mr. Wesley Haines, Wesl's Slaqe Band, The Conlinenlals performs ils inlerprelalion ol "Sounds ol Greal Bands." Q5 fig, Q 9 an Doug Freeman, Mike Snead. Trumpels: Paul Smilh, Sue l-louseworlh, Bill McQueen, Chris Schaller, Claude Foorden. French Horns: Rardy Mc- lnlyre, Sleve Simpson, Judy Palrick, Janice Royrolds, Joy Pcderle. Barilones: Don Ulzinqer, Rick Brannen. Trombones: Dave Beilzel, Bill Dicke, Ron Fleilz, Pele l-lamillon, Chuck Huller, Alan' Schraoer. Basses: Bill Lashley, Bob Ulrich, Kerry Lawson, Jerry Bescanceney, Philip Smilh, Mark Slauler. Timpani: Craig l-lollhines. Keyboard Percussion: Mike Jones. Percussion: Craig l-lollhines, Galen Emery, Terry Flayin, Mike Jones, Tim Whilaker, Jim Chrislopher, Brad Allred, Gary Hippie, Bill Awsumb, During lhe Winler Concerl lealurinq Ralael Mendez, Symphonic Band performs "Celebralion," a seleclion from Symphonic Songs lor Band. Firsi' Violins: Jane Slephens, Gail Hawk, Becky Delrick, Camille Franklin, Gloria Shanlz, Karen York. Judy Whealon, Sleve lngersol Second Violins: Polly Viels. Judy Krall, Mary Dinsmore, Phyllis Jackson, Diana Kurlz, Diana Pelri, Vicki Karosee, Viola: Tom Bollenbacher, Julia Roach, Henry Young, Berlha Goehagen, Cello: Ron Wiliamilis Piano: Claudia Gilberl, Qrchesfra presents superb Firsl' violinisl, Karen York. illuslrales lhe necessily for correcl form while praclicing one of lhe seleclions for lhe winler orcheslra concerl. effing l, F' 28 , Alexandra Feeman Basses: Dan Boen, Sieve Hulchinson. Mike Knoblack Direclorz Mr. Donald Delrick Alfo Sax: Craig Seiberl Bassoon: Becky Nicely, Dave Kesling Clarinef: Alan Kemp, Dwighl Davis Oboe: Jim Ryon, Cindy Hahn Flufe: Linda Lealherman, Marsha Hulsman. French Horn: performance to climax Orcheslra accompanisl, Alexandra Feeman concenlrales on complemenling Wesl's superb orcheslra wifh special music arrangemenls for lhe piano. is 'i Q-. hir' Randy MacInTrye, Judy PaTricl:, Janice Reynold, Joy Federle Trombone: Bill Dickey, Charles HuTTer, Dave BiTzel Trumpef: John Braden, Dwighi CompTon, Sue l-louseworTh, Drums: Terry Falven, Craig Hoffines, Gaylen Emery, Mike Jones. group's winter season Climaxing iTs WinTer season, The orchesTra presenTed The annual winTer concerT. SelecTions Tor The program ranged over a wide area wiTh popular songs such as "Exodus" by ErnesT Gold, and several new songs such as "l:anTasy oT Bunlcer Hill" by Jack JohnsTon. Mixed and girls chorus sang several rendiTions which added To The musical program. To highlighT The year, The orchesTra parTicipaTed in The musical "The Unsinlcable Molly Brown." They gave much Time and eTTorT in pracTicing To perTecT The score beTore aciual pracTice wiTh The acTors. They noT only played The prelude To The sTory. buT also played The musical accompanimenT To The songs ThaT were sung by The acTors. To become a member oT This popular organizaTion, a sTu- denT musT exhibiT an inTeresT in The music Tield. He musT also show an abiliTy To perTorm on his insTrumenT. Included in The reperToire oT The orchesTra were many well known songs by classical composers. New songs were added To provide diversiTy To The Types oT music. ProducTions such as The Spring and WinTer concerTs and The musical originaTed during The weelc in The long hours spenT in The orchesTra classes. Mr. Donald DeTricl4 worlced To insTill in his sTudenTs a True appreciaTion of The arTs. This musical group oTTered many culTural advanTages as well as an OppOrTuniTy Tor a sTudenT To pracTice and per- TecT his musical appreciaTion and skills. fi . in , ,,,,, 8 S Music deparTmenT insTrucTor, Mr. Donald DeTriclc, direcTs sixTh peri- od orchesTra sTriving Tor appropriaTe inTerpreTaTion oT The score ConTribuTing much Time and eTT'orT, Ron WilliamiTis displays ouTsTand- ing musical abiliTy on The cello as he pracTices wiTh The orchesTra A---.-- Ii,r'v-'Q .- Front Row: Becky Nicely, Becky Franz, Sue Newlin, Brenda Caudill. Sharon Robbins, Margaret Evans, Connie Ullmer, Delilah Alsept, Missy Cooper, Stella Zonars, Vicki Reitz, Chris Davis, Cindy Bradtord, Janet Ekey, Susan Rowell, Peggy Broderick. Row 2: Sandy Brickey, Debbie Lorton, Janelle Schierling, Phyllis Brown, Sue Staubres, Linda Vick, Kathy Banks, Marilyn Kershner, Robin Gilbert, Debbie Oeuvrard, Sarah Elder. Becky Morgan, Gail Sollenberger, Patsy Paddock, Nancy Rogers, Lin Morris, Sally Wetler, Pat Dahlman, Vicki Youngman, Paula Anderson. Mixed chorus - largest in 5 S 5 l Row 3: Pam Miller, Mary Snyder, Maureen Kemper, Karla Whiteman, Allyn Wallace. Glenda Barnes, Sheila Focht, Cynthia Miller, Linda Hop- kins, Gail Michaels, Lana l-lollowell, Suzi Willig, Nancy Lynn, Janet Ward, Mary Jo Begley, Sue Doltman, Jan Badger. Vera Zizke. Row 4: Kathy Schmidt, Kris MacCagno. Janet Kempter, Nanetta Meade, Linda Leatherman, Ken Tanner, Kirk Meadows, Jim Crouch, Gary Cupp, Greg Land, Jim Latham, John Roush, Greg Chappell, Mike Logsdon, Howie Smith, Steve Zimmerman. history of Fairmont West One ot the great traditions at Fairmont West l-ligh School could be tound every day during the tourth and fifth periods in the chorus room. l-lere the precise tone and tine quality ot harmonious singing could be heard as the mixed chorus and girls' chorus gave many worthwhile hours ot practicing to achieve excellence and enjoyment. Under the direction ot Mr. Gene Seeberger, both choruses established an excellent reputation around campus. They con- tinued to receive superior ratings in the district and state con- tests. Several concerts and the presentation ot the musical in the spring constituted annual highlights. New to the mixed chorus was the weekend trip to Cin- cinnati where they pertormed with two other area schools and sang at a church service on Sunday morning. Another added teature this year was the presentation ot the Christmas program with the speech department. These students con- tinued to work diligently to present superb pertormances tor school programs as well as civic tunctions. Director ot the largest mixed chorus in Fairmont West's history, Mr. Seeberger strives to obtain perfection and a unique quality. MlXED CHORUS, Froni Row: Linda Frazier, PaH'y Zenner, Diane Carpenfer, Debby Sfephenson, Jan Siler, Debbie Thygerson, Connie Sanchez, Sue Brusf, Linda Harding, Connie Mullen, Sandy Siimmel, Margarei Zachery, Barb Hahn, Toni Naso, Judy Hanauer. Row 2: Beverly Mulligan, Nancy Nolle, Marcia Hulsman, Jan Kelly, Margie Wunder, Rebecca Linebaugh. Ann Bains, Jane Magruder, Cinda Purdy, Belsy Beally, Caihy Weimer, Linda Booze, Vickie Madole, Sharon Walker, Marcia Cromer, Jan Luke, GlRLS CHORUS, Fronl Row: Beverley Rueckel, Mariorie Jenkins, Dianne Sikes, Sue Spellmeyer, Yolande Fulfon, Sharon Nangle, Nancy Meeks, Anna Esfes, Terrie Wallace, Janice Young, Peggy Reagan, Janel Jones, Vicki Crumrine, Linda Severl, Kay Buicke, Sue Zappe. Row 2: Connie Sayer, Cindy Hahn, Sherry Beckslein, Sharon Weimer, Margo Mclighe, Jill Sweef, Pam Medley, Susie Banks, Kim Flanagan, Fran Dunlevey, Pam Jan Lurlrell. Row 3: Mike Finegold, Bill Thompson, Bob Ruckman, Gary Donahue, Edward Van Dell? Byleveld, Jim Crouch, Jim Howard, Jeff Linsker, Dave Trifch, Bob Shannon, Rich Bowden, Ridk Scoll, Scoll Maeder, Paul Valiqueile. Row 4: Mike Sauer, Wayne Hammer, Jim Sfarnas, Ken? Trillon, Kirk Meadows, Ken Tanner, Allen Sparks, Sieve Balls, Jim Lalham, Jim Hille, Ron Sfoerker, Gary Smilh, Wollgang Grosmann. Kemp, Charlolie Begley, Belly Herring, Judy Barison, Sheila Nelson, Palli Fauble, Diane Looby, Nancy Schneider. Row 3: Kaihy Denharl, Nancy Biagi, Diane Kempler, Lynell Graham, Parry Silas, Calhy Clay, Jane Hari, Sally Holden, Pal Shroder, Linda Barker, Sue Sexlon, Penny Fryman, Georgeene McClellan, Joan Hinkley, Lynne Davis, Linda Combs, Linda Afleberry, Karen Blume, Barb Ruel. Begley and Tanner create success of Broadway hit l-lighlighTing The year Tor The music deparTmenT was The producTion oT The broadway hiT "The Unsinlqable Molly Brown" by The orchesTra and chorus. Co-operaTion and hard worlc on The parT oT boTh sides helped To malce perTormances successTul. AcTion began in The early l900's ouTside a small shaclq in Hannibal, Missouri. Since Molly Tobin had Three broThers, she always considered herselT one oT The boys. To alleviaTe This problem, she leTT home To Tind her Tame and TorTune. STarTing her TirsT iob in The Saddle Rock Saloon, locaTed in Leadville, a mining Town, she meT Johnny Brown, a miner and The man she evenTually decided To marry. 'ATTer geTTing inToxicaTed one nighT, Johnny sold his gold- mine claim Tor Three hundred Thousand dollars. EnThusiasTic wiTh The ThoughT oT so much money, Molly puT iT in a very saTe place, The sTove, so no one would discover iT. Unaware oT The siTuaTion, Johnny liT The sTove. This desTroyed The money and appeared To desTroy Their dreams. Depressed by Their greaT loss, Johnny Tound happiness by discovering an even larger claim which made Them wealThy again. WiTh The money They builT an enormous house in The hearT oT Denver "socieTy" buT were noT accepTed. Dressed in dirTy dungarees and booTs, Molly, lMary Jo Begleyl, refuses To leT a man geT The besT OT her, even her own husband John. Ken Tanner. Molly Brown and ChrisTmas Morgan. lKirlc Meadowsl, ioin wiTh Triends and sing a chorus oT one of Their TavoriTes, "Belly Up To The Bar, Boys." ,7 - -- A-------we ..,.,,,:.W .,,.,, , ,R Tobins: Aloysius lGreg Clwappelll Michael lS+eve Mallbyl Palriclc lJol1n Rouslwl pin down Molly lMary Jo Begleyl as sl'1e sings "l Ain'+ Down Yeh" Roberls lMilce Sauerl serves Monsignor lBill Tliompsonl and Mrs. McGlone lCinda Purdyl a+ one of 'rlne Denver "sociel'y" parlies. Sluclenf clireclors Nancy Nolle, Kris MacCagno. and Becky Nicely plan for April choral-orcneslral producfion of "The Unsinlcable Molly Brown." Cast of Wesf's musical "Unsinkable Molly Brown" - W, .V A 4 frfeQ..i-,i M ' ' -.. 4. Molly's lalher lMike Fineqoldl lislens as Falher Flynn lDouq Alex- anderl fries To fell him lhal' Molly musl conducf herself as a lady. and Bringing a broadway hi+ lo life requires The experl' music and slag- inq of Mr. Gene Seeberqer. Mr. Don Delriclc, and Mr. David Crabill. Molly's lhree brolhers porlrayed by Sieve Mallby llopl, Greg Chap- pell. and John Roush oflen leach Molly many of lheir boyish anfics delights capacity crowds Molly and Johnny decided fo go abroad fo Europe where fhey mef fhe royalfy who were enfranced by Mo'lly's charm and sincerify. Molly gained fhe frue friendship of Prince and Princess Del.ong, buf lafer Johnny and Molly bofh agreed fhey belonged in Denver, so fhey refurned home. Affer arriving in Denver, Molly fhrew a parfy in honor of fhe royalfy which finally impressed "The Beaufiful People of Denver." Unforfunafely Johnny's friends from Leadville and "The Beaufiful People" gof info a brawl which desfroyed fhe house. Molly decided she musf refurn fo Europe. During her refurn sfay, fhe prince wished fo marry her, buf several years had passed, and Molly, missing Johnny, longed fo refurn home. On her way home, ihe Tifanic hif an iceberg. Molly found herself in a lifeboaf wifh many frighfened people, buf she fried fo build fheir morale by saying, "I was born in a cyclone in l-lannibal, Missouri. Thaf was my sfarf, and fhis sure ain'f gonna be my finish." Many survivors.believed Molly's courage saved fheir lives. Molly refurned home fo Leadville a heroine and found complefe happiness wifh Johnny. Under fhe experienced direcfion of Mr. Donald Defriclq and Mr. Gene Seeberger wifh fhe assisfance of excellenf sfudenf direcfors: Nancy Nolfe, Beclcy Nicely, and Kris MacCagno: fhe chorus and orchesfra gave many dedicafed hours fo presenf Wesf wifh anofher successful musical producfion. Molly's achieving sfafus wifh "The Beaufiful People of Denver" proves a challenging accomplishmenf in view of her crude, unrefined herifage. i l Affer obfaining her wealfh, her frip fo Europe, and her much-wanfed red-sill: dress, Johnny finally persuades Molly fo refurn fo Denver. Princess DeLong lSandy Sfimmell delighffully discusses wifh her brofher, Prince DeLong lGary Smifhl The surprise parfy for Molly. z 'MN Mx Green spofliqhf accenfuales The 'rerrifyinq enfrance of uqly Mrs. Mc- Thing, Melinda Higgins, as she hobbled on slage fo reclaim her child. 2 l l 5 , i 2 1 I l w ..--...W i ...ao i -v"" Direcfor of 'the play, Mr. Slephen Voqler, and his able assis+an+, sludenl direclor Sue Farren, lend a helping hand wilh Jrhe props. Poolhall chef. Pele Rehling, shields himself from 'rhe 'rriqger-happy boss's molher, Peggy Broderick, as she shoofs her gun info fhe air. t Q n , "Mrs, McThing" earns Three standing ovcifions Members oT The casT of "Mrs. McThing" enioyed Three sTand- ing ovaTions Tor Their eTTorTs. Mr. STephen Vogler, wiTh The as- sisTance oT Sue Farren, direcTed The Three-nighT producTion. CasTing began early in SepTember Tor inTeresTed seniors. Long and Tiring rehearsals ensued Tor The enTire casT and sTage crew, culminaTing wiTh a polished perTormance in Novem- ber. OTher seniors served in The various producTion areas. "Mrs. McThing," a delighTTul TanTasy, involved all sorTs oT inTeresTing characTers, including wiTches, gangsTers, and "sTick" people. Mrs. LaRue, a rich widow overproTecTed her young son Trom a liTTle girl, Mimi, because she was believed To be The daughTer oT a wiTch. As a resulT, Howie. was Taken away Trom his moTher and replaced by a perTecTly behaved son, an imiTa- Tion "sTick" boy made by Mrs. McThing. AdvenTures in The ShanTyland Poolhall wiTh Poison Eddy Schellenbach and his gang Tollowed. Mrs. LaRue, The socialiTe, was Torced To sweep The Tloor in order To be near her son. ln reTurn she was replaced by a sTick, which even her close Triends Tailed To recognize as noT The real Mrs. LaRue. Hilarious anTics of The police in Trying To round up The gangsTers and Their Tinal capTure provided The audience wiTh amusemenT. Ugly Mrs. McThing reTurned To Take her daughTer back To The woods. Mrs. LaRue vowed never To leT The liTTle child reTurn again To such a life. All ended happily wiTh Mrs. LaRue assuming The responsibiliTy Tor boTh children. Finding Howie, Doug Clark, in The ShanTyland Poolhall dressed as a gangsTer, Mrs. LaRue, Jean Konrad, insisTs on Taking him home. EnTire casT of "Mrs. McThing" proudly accepTs iTs TirsT sTanding ovaTion given by The recepTive audience aTTer Thursday's performance. 0 'Q is N ' -5 S5 L--.- 4 ,,,. .fam- Acquiescing To FaTher and Vinnie's yearning, WhiTney, John, and Harlan pose wiTh solemn expressions Tor a Tamily porTraiT. Humorous aspects seenp Under The auspices oT Mr. Joseph Kuldau, iunior class mem- bers presenTed an enThralling producTion oT "LiTe wiTh FaTher." Enduring hours, exhausTing labor, and endless eTTorT proved To be conTribuTing TacTors in The Tremendous success oT The play. "LiTe wiTh FaTher" porTrayed The proper well-To-do Tamily in The VicTorian Age. FaTher lAllen Foxl, a proud and hard- headed man, and Vinnie Day llylarcia Flynnl, a devouT believer in religious riTuals, quarrelled over The TacT ThaT FaTher had never been bapTized. Mr. Day, who was so dynamic ThaT several maids could noT be convinced To sTay. appeared To be The primary source oT conTempT in The Day household. Many oTher inner-ploTs were woven ThroughouT The play which, oT course, gave The sTory some addiTional humorous characTerisTics. Clarence, The son, displayed TreguenT enlighTen- ing qualiTies, especially when he dressed in FaTher's suiT and kissed his girlTriend, Mary Skinner. However, The ploT soon reTurned To FaTher in The Tinal acT as he exclaimed vehemenTly To his wiTe, Vinnie, "l'm going To be bapTized. conTound iT." Vinnie unexpecTedly TainTs as FaTher, caTching her while in a be- wildered Trance, willingly consenTs To The riTual oT bapTism. , fb Q I J.. R as WL it : ff: ' Hr ,' H! 9 ifiigisi fs . Harlan, Dr. Loyd, Vinnie, and Hwe maid look on approvingiy as Whifney affempfs +0 recife i'1is.cafechism correciiy fhrough sfuffers. class play draws applause from captivated audience Enifamed bY Marv Skifmervs 5HV5CiiV9 qualifies, CIQVGVWCGV JV- "9Ce'V95 Cora, a visifing disianf cousin, gre-efs Ciarence wi+h an elecfrifying 6 HSS 55 John Wa+Cl'We5 H19 COUF-Die Wiih 5 5m4ViW1q Smlie- kiss as Dr. Somers seizes 'rhe chance fo surprise Jriwem. 4 One of West's senior quartets consisting of Mike Hathaway, Phil Weiis, Mary Jo Beqiey, and Jeff Vere furnish extra musical eniertainment. "Under the Mistletoe" begins the Christmas season Couples dance to the unique sound of ine Jordan Parker Review, 'iormf eriy time Coiumbians, as "Under the Misiletoeu slowly reaches an end. Delicious retreshments made by senior girls provide a welcome inter- mission tor Westonian couples including Paula White and Mike Hathaway. for many West students Enthusiasm and excitement generated a spirited mood tor all involved in "Under the Mistletoe," Fairmont's annual Senior Class Dance. Surrounded by mistletoe, Westonians captured the Christmas spirit by the enthralling Jordan Parker Review, tormerly addressed as the Columbians. Old and new tavorites provided a balanced variety ot songs. Attractive decorations and invigorating music attributed to one ot the most celebrated and successtul dances ot the year. Entertainment turnished by Phil Wells, Jett Vore, Mike Hathaway, and Mary Jo Begley added a diyersitied touch to achieve a more testive atmosphere. Students and chap- erones alike delighted in the quartets singing. lntermission allowed time tor weary couples to enioy re- treshments and converse with other colleagues. ln preserving the traditional custom, attending couples brought various types ot gitts to enlighten the Christmas holidays tor Day- ton's underprivileged children at Shawen Acres. "Under the Mistletoe," directed by the senior class ot- ticers, transtormed the West gymnasium into a decor ot beautitul illuminating lights, wreaths, and tinsel. Seniors, Chris Owens and Bill Steeley, enioy decorations that hang invitingly over the entrance to Senior Dance, "Under the Mistletoe." B Dispaying a part ot the ristmas p it at t Sen or Dance Kat . M V M . slislii . ' ' l ' Ch' 5 ir' he i , hy Schmidt and Tim Lindsey adorn a wreath with pine cones and bulbs V .. If YA cr. fy A 5' ij f., A .iii i l Queen Debbie MarTinson and King Greg Cling smile as They dance To "My Girl," The song played in Their honor aT The "SweeThearT's Ball." Juniors dance To sound of soul boncl, "0-Aces" "SweeThearT's Ball" capTured The hearTs oT many WesTonians as They danced amid red and whiTe hearTs, cupids, and crepe paper sTreamers. Members of The iunior class and Their advisers spenT much Time in making This evenT an impressive one. As The band Took a break The long-awaiTed Time arrived. Bruce ByingTon acTed as masTer oT ceremonies Tor The eve- ning's TesTiviTies. Six anxious iunior girls were escorTed To The TronT oT The gym as Bruce inTroduced The Twelve candidaTes. Joe l'lamilTon, King oT The l967 "SweeThearT's Ball," aT- Tended The dance and had The honor oT crowning Debbie lviarTinson and Greg Cling as The new king and queen. Barb GeaTTy assisTed him in The absence oT lasT year's queen. Couples in aTTendance danced To The new sound OT a popular soul band, The "O-Aces." Dance conTesTs added To The enioymenT as a "soul" couple was announced. WesT's iuniors depended on Tunds Trom This annual ValenTine dance and The iunior class play To help provide Tor The Junior- Senior Prom held in May. These Two evenTs conTribuTed To The Tunds Tor The mosT popular social evenT oT The year. While adding lasT-minuTe Touches To The beauTiTul decoraTions aT The "SweeThearT's Ball," Lynne Wagner adiusTs one of The many hearTs. ,. , 1 . . ir., X Juniors Rick Scoii and Yvonne Crali smile proudly aller ine announce- meni of lheir acliieverneni, Firsi' place winners of ilie dance conlesf. Members of ine courl: Jan Windsor, Kallwy Finke, Marilyn Blesi, Vicki Debbie Mei-iingem, King Greg Ciiiiqi '67 King Joe Hemiliong Caurig Pai Crumrine, and Connie Clifford: Barb Geaily for Judy lviaflielli QUEEN Pancoasl. Mel Hill, Sieve Kislinq, Sian Goode, and Jerry Shepard. Ah!-si I - 4 2 'i' GAA members Jan Windsor, Lynne Wagner, and Maureen Kemper discuss wall decoraTions Tor "My Fair Lady," The annual Turn-abouT dance. , y J Ann Mayer, queen of "My Fair Lady," ioins her courT: Suzi Willig, Linda Booze, Carol SwarTzel, Donna Dunnick, and MarTy HarT, GAA Dance - scene of first "Miss DragoneHe" Glimmering sTars, Top haTs, and umbrellas creaTed The per- TecT aTmosphere Tor "My Fair Lady," The annual Turn-abouT dance sponsored by The Girls AThleTic AssociaTion. Advisers and many devoTed and hard-worlcing members expended much Time and eTTorT inTo malcing This evenT a memorable one. For The TirsT Time in WesT's hisTory GAA members chose a queen To reign over The dance. Six senior girls were nominaTed Tor The posiTion oT "Miss DragoneTTe." Each candidaTe received a nosegayg The queen received a dozen red roses. Members oT The VarsiTy F Club escorTed These girls down an aisle Torrned by The T50 couples in aTTendance.' ATTer Miss Barbara Barbour announced Ann Meyer as "Miss Dragon- eTTe" Ann was escorTed To an enormous golden chair covered wiTh red velveT, where she reigned Tor The evening. Following The announcemenT oT queen, The "DuTchrnasTers" played "Moon River" as Ann. her courT, and Their escorTs danced amid murals oT old-Tashioned dress shops, bakeries, and haberdasheries. Popular songs as well as old TavoriTes were included in The band's well-balanced reperToire. ATTracTively-arranged card Tables, surrounding The dance Tloor. added To The decoraTions and provided a place Tor Couples To relax and enioy reTreshmenTs aT inTermission. One oT The mosT popular and TesTive evenTs oT The school year, "My Fair Lady" was well aTTended by GAA members. X 1 .11 BOOKSTORE WORKERS: Sheryl ThornTon, Marsha Amli, Debbie Pyper, Peggy Graybill, and Joanne Runyan pause aT The paperback book display, STAGE CREW: STeve WalTers, Rich McKee, Bob Rainy, Ronnie Moore. ScoTT Baker, Brian l'laversTick, WalTer EirTh, and Mr. David Graybill, Selling paperback books new to West bookstores Many sTudenTs aT WesT willingly relinquished Their sTudy hall Time To be oT service To The school. They served in each oT The uniTs as well as The main oTTice. In The uniTs They had The responsibiliTy oT checking hall passes and delivering library sTudy passes. ln The main oTTice The moniTors Took on Two oTher responsibiliTies: They delivered The ouTside mail To The various uniTs and gave direcTion To any visiTor To The school. ln The booksTore The workers remained busy Trom The TirsT week oT school unTil The lasT, Taking invenTory and sTocking supplies. These diligenT workers were responsible Tor The display in The showcases oT each uniT The TirsT week oT school, which displayed all The needed iTems ThaT are sold The enTire year in The booksTore. This year The booksTore sTarTed someThing new: The selling OT paperback books. ln previous years The library seT up a display and sold The books. This way, The books could be sold The duraTion oT The year. NewesT and mosT modern eguipmenT was Tound in The Audio-Visual deparTmenT headed by Mr. Wiley Graham. l-le had a sTaTT oT Three boys and one girl ThaT ran The deparTmenT. All dramaTic producTions would have been aT a loss wiThouT The help OT The sTage crew. These boys were always Tound hard aT work beTore any play, painTing scenery and making The props. LighTing and sound areas were also TaughT To The boys by The head oT The deparTmenT, Mr. David Craybill. Work in all These areas gave These young people much prac- Tical experience. EairmonT WesT oTTered varied opporTuni- Ties Tor sTudenTs who wished To render service To The school. Adviser relax in TronT OT one OT The well consTrucTed props They have made To be used in The senior class play. "Mrs. McThing." 1 - . D -Q Q 2 "' D 1' HALL MONITORS-Fronl' Row: Carol Glascoclc, Milce Nolan, Rick Fahrney, Gail Michaels, Milce Liszalc, Carol Sollenberger, Dave Vendl, Linda Dobrino, Doug Alexander, Sleve Kiser, Teresa Hamrnons, Allyn Wallace, AUDlO-VISUAL HELPERS Ken Lislon Don Ulzin er and Debbie Oxen- . i Q 1 dine all worlc conslanlly io lceep The machines in lop conclilion. Debby Gross. Row 2: Terry Malia, Sleve Barr, Chad l-lill, Mark Donavan, Milce Norris, Carolyn Moline, Jan Badger, Greg Chappell, Ecl Rilce, Penny Fryrnan, Bill Chenowefh, Craig Berry. Greg Chappell proves fha? hall rnonifors are always willing fa help by giving sfudenl, Ronnie Moore, concise clirecfions and inforrnalion. r ii,,c.,, , ci., D3 , 'M X-. ,Z y ...N C, D, ,,W,w,i, 1 'A LAB ASSISTANTS-Fronf Row: Sue Sfanlon, Ann Maess, Caihy Weimer, Debbie Thyqerson, Sarah Bode, Carol Fiedler, Sieve Ulz. Row 2: Linda Greer, Barbie Shaeffer, Marcia Flynn, Joan Hinkley, Jane Srephens, J ...Q Sfudenf Office Assislanr Joy Hildrelh 'fakes sign-ups for The PSAT from iuniors Melissa Brown. Debbie Marrinson. and Barb Hahn. Marilyn Horn, Belsy Ashmun, Carol Telcher. Row Vore, Pal Pancoasf, Daylon Clark, Jim While. Ron Becky Rice. S. wfvniigii t"'? '51 , r 1 I K , . 1 A STUDENT OFFICE ASSlSTANTS--Fronf Row: Janer Elcey, Linda Vick, Carol Schaffer, Marly Hari, Sue Walson, Susan Rowell, Karla Whiiman, Claire Richards, Cindy Bradford, Row 2: Debbie Siddall, Sharon Mason, Joan Schlachler, Pam Smilh, Paula Anderson, Barbara Gealry, Jacquie Dils, 3: Mick Maney, Jeff Sieorlcer, Joy Feclerle, Linda Flory. Row 3: Connie Ewry, Barb l-liclcey, Joli Treaf, Sue Dollrnan, Cheryl Manis, Jeanne Mahlouz, Nancy Enwriqhl, Joy Flildrelh, Carol Yafes, Judy Sommer. LIBRARY ASSlSTANTS-FronT Row: LeeAnn STeeley, Jill SweeT, Dee Horrell, Marilyn Kern, JuaniTa Jones, Cindy EriTTs, Libby Caudill, Gayle Shepherd, Judy Hanauer, Shirley Larger. Row 2: Margi lmig, Linda Tesmer, Sharon Larger, Karen Brown, Margy Charfer, Willine Cambeli, Proficient service aids adminisiraiion, faculty FairrnonT WesT sTudenTs gained experience and saTisTacTion by serving in cooperaTion wiTh TaculTy and adminisTraTion. Through hours oT unselfish work, These volunTeers provided help which mighT have oTherwise been unavailable. Library assisTanTs relinquished Their sTudy Time by aiding in sTraighTening The bookshelves and checking ouT books. These sTudenTs provided Miss RuTh Busseer and Mrs. ElizabeTh NorTon TEACHERS' STUDENT SECRETARIES-Fronl' Row: Linda Yung, Vida EsTes, Debbie Orendine, Brenda Feeback, Kris MacCagno, Carol SchaTTer, Leslie Habel, Peggy Brodrick, Sue STahr. Row 2: Bev HolThouse, Penni Whyfe, Nancy Rogers, Chris Hayes, Paula Thomas, Ginny Merrill, Georgia Hass, '- --Q--pu--f. - Bobbie BelTon, Becky Fisher, Shirley Perry, MarTha Barker. Row 3: STeve Granger, Glenda Wilson, RoberT Winkler, Ron Bowman, Jim Dias, Dick Miller, Jim AnewalT, Bill Parker, Alan Schrager, Bob GarreTT, Meloclie Bair, Delores Landrum. wiTh Time To concenTraTe on oTher TaciliTaTing underTakings concerning school library eguipmenT. Teachers' sTudenT secreTaries assisTed in Typing TesTs, grading papers, and oTher numerous iobs. They were always willing To serve, giving help whenever iT was needed. MosT oT The apparaTus which was necessary Tor conducTing experimenTs was prepared in advance by The lab assisTanTs. These energeTic sTudenTs surrendered Their sTudy hall Time so ThaT They could assisT The various science Teachers. Daily Tasks such as running errands and answering The Tele- phone consTiTuTed The responsibiliTies of The sTudenT oTTice as,- sisTanTs. These daily chores allowed The secreTaries addiTional Time To aTTend To more imporTanT business. Sharon Roberis, Linda BarreTT. Row 3: Debbie Maxwell, Linda Booze, Sue SchweiTzer, Evie STeTTens, Susie Willig, PaTTi Chaney, Carol Auwers, Jeanne Konrad, Sharon Walker. T l KO C . WV K Vvffl X QQ lf.. fvsaLrSg I 1 fl . i. . is Rick Farney purchases a 'loolball program from Diane Clark, one of 'rw ,.:AXL'rff gg 'rhe speech sludenfs who serves lhe school and communily in fhis way. i fl! i X -as V li ' if C i ix g 2 'WK fr ,VLA ' Q,, - A ' l V l M A r is 09 ls .. r f f - " L L. 9 2 r a-'Q' 1 ji mg? F W , ,, if 5 -,2,' ' 2 gt, '.1,oOC" :MY ,oooO': ',Qa,o 010' ',a000o 1 55,5 go 0,00 Nha 0.',. 5 I psf, Uifg' 74. 1 -.x f .4 ,Q 0" - , C 0"'o' 1 a' . ..h lg Q I C i maid Calhy Weimer, wesl uni? senior, spends her Sunday mornings leaching Working as a Candy Sfriper al Kellering Memorial Hospifal, Doris a class of lively five-year olds al' S+. Georges Episcopal Church. Korczynski exemplifies inferesl in comrnunily shown by Weslonians. S Seniors, John Rehiing and Kathy Schmidt participate in various ways during Sunday-morning services at Fairmont Presbyterian Church. Students spend leisure time serving community Enthusiastic Westonians discovered numerous ways to serve the community. Some students tound various means ot serving both the school and the community at the same time. Selling tootbaii programs at ati home games proved also to be a service to West's speech department as well as Fairmont West's Boosters who compile the programs. Funds trom this project made possible trips to weekiy speech tournaments. Many sophomore, iunior, and senior giris devoted much ot their time to aiding hospitalized people. These giris must have attended approximately ten ciasses betore actually work- ing with patients. Demonstrations, movies, and speakers were aii part ot this essential training which actuaiiy made the girls more anxious tor the iobs they were about to undertake. Assigned to a certain ward each day, these Candy Stripers chose tavorites such as the Pediatrics Ward, They worked at the hospital one or two days a week tor three or tour hours. Candy Striping proved to be worthwhile as these girls learned to give ot themselves by helping their teiiow citizens. Area churches became the scene ot the willing hands ot many students who contributed their time and talents in varif ous departments. Fairmont West students who gave ot their time in such a way, heiped to make the community a better piace in which to iive. Churches needed the cooperation ot aii citizens in order to run smoothiy and ettectiveiy. Teaching Sunday School classes, aiding in Sunday-morning services, and working with youth groups comprised a tew ot the iobs done at churches. These young people also served as secretaries in church ottices, accompanists tor numerous choirs, and gave service willingly in many other capacities, tv-an 429 4 yggbeticgf tfszy' ,ggi 9 - , ...--"""' f Q J Junior, Doris Korczynski tincls pleasure in working with and helping the children in the Pediatrics Ward at Kettering Memorial Hospital. 'Biz ' M 'A v sg' V 'ff' Q in -J' Realizing fhe hours of hard worlc 'thai' go info every sluni, gymnasf Sieve Mallby rellecls deep concenlralion as Greg Chappell performs. SPCRTS Each year, spiriled Wesfonians wirh I IOC7, enlhusiasm, awair as laifhful parlicipanis 'rhe lhrills of The coming SPORTS acriviries. From lhe early fall, when crisp nighr air echoes fool- ball loarllecries lo lhe ever excilinq baslcelball season, Fair- monr Wes+'s loyally abounds everywhere in purple and while. ln addilion io The many inlerscholaslic sporls offered for comperilion, Fairmonr Wes+'s sixleen hundred sludenls remain acrively engaged in iniramurals. Truly, lhis is one area in which every class and every srudenr pa rlicipares, if only as a specraror. Spirir and unify collaborare ro boosl Wes? ro lhe rop of The Wesrern Ohio League in 1968-"The Year of rhe Dragon." Weshs Alhleric Deparlmenl and sfudenrs pcasl 'lhe slcillful fechniques execured by accomplished qymnasl Greg Chappell on ihe Trampoline. Football West wins WOL titlep 1st in school's history Atter tinishing second tor two straight years, Fairmont tinally grabbed tirst place in the W.O.L. In both ot the previous years, West had been certain ot the championship it the Dragons could win the last' game ot the season. In both seasons the tinal game was against Springtield North. Both times North upset the Dragons. This time the Dragons demolished North 57-I2 to take a tirst-place tie with Beaver- creek, only W.O.L. team to beat the Dragons. West turther showed its ability by placing Doug Sherman, John Roush, Phil Drayton, Jim Miller, and Doug Grothian on the All-W.O.L. team. These awards and a victory over rival Fairmont East highlighted a tine season tor West's Dragons. Three Middletown detenders taulter Dragon haltback Steve' Bohardt's attempt to pick up the necessary yardage tor a West tlrst dOWft- Front Row: Steve Barr, Dave Traub, Doug Grothianf Dave Lutes, Jim Miller, John Roush, Doug Sherman, Ron Moore, Greg Chappell, Mike Logsdon, Dick Knipp. Row 2: Dennis Turner, Jim Sharritt, Dave Kalbtleisch, Larry Barker, Keith Noble, Steve Bohardt, Phil Drayton, Doug Alexander, Dick Koller, Mike Webb, Rich Miller, Dick Delater, Gary Knight. Row 3: Bob Todd, John Kneidle, Paul Osterfield, Bob Fox, Mark Jewell, Mike Finegold, Greg Shoup, John Mattingly, Greg Kling, Allen Fox, Bob Kohl, Norm Strobino, Chuck Lamberth, Dave Shoemacher. Row 4: Craig Berry, Dave Vendt, Dave Smith, Nick Becker, Clinton Plummer, Mike Nolan, l.arry Cecil, Tom Vifoods, Jack Davidson, Mike Slusser, Dave Ott, Mark Willet, Doug Doty, Roger Sachleben, Thorpe Leeson. Row 5: Tom Koerner, w e ,E.,,,55,5,,,.,,,....-,sfit.. - ,,f-- - ---ms:-:sfzg,,11fr1 --' f 1 - f ,we-fists, - ' - - s.. ,,,. 1.35.1 .,f...ii W, .. V! 4 me . Jim Stamas, Dave Schubler, John Ward, John Drayton, Bob Royer, Dean Jackson, Jim Minnich, Jim Malone, Rich Kohler, Ted Linebaugh, Chuck Dunnick, Mick Walter, Dave Noble, Scott Price, Steve t-lelrner. Row 6: Bill Gattney, Randy Kronour, Ron Duchwald, Rich Conley, Terry Springer, Gary Richards, Doug Shaetter, Gary Shartle, Bruce Jackson, Dennis Ostertield, Steve Maloon, Bill Common, Gary Stacey, Steve Miles, John Neville, Gordon Wray. Row 7: Bill Todd, Manager: Jim Sauer, Manager: Garth Anderson, Pete Luther, Bo Gibbons, Trainer: Bob Sharpe, Trainer: Mike Bridgeman, Trainer. Row 8: Coaches: Robert l-lildreth, Robert Dickey, John' Burns, James Andrews, Don Dyer, Robert Phillips, Ray Doosenbury, Steve Harvey, John Freeman, Trainer. .4 .' ... A T35 , Q 'ew eeriifi-iii ig ' . s i. ' 'x i i-'iii 4 'ie' "i if ' we U" . ' P T J sf K in . -- "-- 1 ,.s s. .,,.,. " 7 ' 'ki iikk ,.f "'. N,. S 'KW' x U h, V w , K ts rpg t , A . ss Q -5" 'ti is ' EST. rsrs as ii FP Z" 'ff' , . we '7 5 . .. f SSRN . 'egg' .- " S 'ver i t ' T pi x , ,- ' fi' F' U, ggi- mg. 1 Y ., g K 1 13-I , gn i ' c S S A A 25 . ' rie ' assed .-. . fs . fe w. i. . . i F W 52 S Q Wi sfs an s rr" , white' 96 ' '73 tt 774-A95 ezine az is 29 as 42f1sE'itS9,tis me Q "i. Y J V ,ily :iw ? ' , 1. ' ' J r L I H r - f ef , 'A' , ,.- 1 . 4+ A N .... -QM I J ,, . A I - ,Q A X x - so Q ' .. .W - -A - vw . f -Q ...- ,.,. ,.,...,s-M ......,.. s ,. .. W ,. ., . N ,,,,s.,,,, . .,,,,,,,.. -err .. .. sf.. 11,,,s""',..,...,,,,g- ' - ",Eg.,..., ..... ., ' , . wer,---f,,..ff "" -f '--- --W...-. ,i, - . -: - .,.. .. N , ,5,. we . ,,,, ,,.,:,. Q, sii...,..,v,.-s-,,,- A . if Q P . , V n -- .... ,,..., f---ffff L- -- . ,,,,... ., ,. .. i.ss,.s.....ss . .... .... . , ...,..., -..U ...,,..., . .... ,,..,, ., . , .,,..., ..... ,...,.., X . . . .. RECORD FAIRMONT WEST O AIIer I4 IvIicIcIIe'rown 6 Chaminade 7 Fairborn 6 Xenia 6 Beavercreek 39 Sfebbins 27 Wayne 8 EairmonI Easlr 57 SpringIieId Norfh OPPONENT I4 34 I4 O 2 I2 O I2 O I2 FoIIowinq ine bIocIc OI IacI:Ie Dave Traub, 73, AII-Area I1aIIbacIc Doug Sherman breaks a IacIxIe Io penenafe deep info Buccaneer Ierrifory Fullback John Roush sprinTs aT Tull speed ouT oT The backlield in an eTTorT To caTch a swing pass Trom senior guarTerback Dick Knipp. isa West rebounds from 3 losses To beat Fairborn MeeTing inTer-ciTy Toe f'XlTer Tor The TirsT Time, FairmonT WesT's Dragons hoped To gain The upper hand in The series. Taking advanTage oT a Tallen WesT deTender, AlTer Took a 6-O lead To The locker room. ATTer The KnighTs had added a Tally in The Tinal period Doug Sherman Took The kick-oTT 83 yards Tor The only WesT score, making The Tinal I4-6. Unable To sTop The pin-poinT passing oT ivliddleTown, WesT Tell by a 34-I4 counT To one oT The sTaTe's Top Teams. Falling behind I4-O To Chaminade's unbeaTen Eagles, WesT made a spiriTed buT TuTile comeback aTTempT in The Tinal period. Showing shades oT The oTTensive prowess expecTed oT Them, The Dragons made a susTained march To The Eagle seven-yard line where Sherman slid around end Tor The score. Forced inTo desperaTe plays by The score and The Time, The Dragons peneTraTed Eagle TerriTory laTe in The game beTore Chaminade inTercepTed a pass and ran ouT The clock. STill looking Tor Their TirsT win OT The season, FairmonT Taced unbeaTen Fairborn in The iniTial WesTern Ohio League conTesT. WesT's ball conTrol and deTense proved To be The order oT The day. FairmonT conTinually held Fairborn in Flyer TerriTory as WesT slowly gained yardage on The ground. WesT won 7-O, iTs TirsT vicTory oT The season. I f While Offengive Umff driveg dgwn field, Coach Jim Andrewg qlveg de- Chdmmade S+6F Gary KOSINS is rfddBU OUT of bOUl'1dS by defensive half 'fensive linebacker Phil Drayfon information from fhe pressbox. back Greg Chappell in an arfempf 'ro check an Eagle fouchdown drive Senior 'fullback and co-capfein John Roush powers his way fo a firsf down af The expense of a Middlerown defender as fwo Middies wefch. Fighling Dragon coecaplain Jim Miller, 24, powers his way llwrough Hue Wayne Warriors defensive line in roule lo a subsianlial gain. Quarlerbaclcs Greg Clwappell and Dick Knipp, and defensive linebacker Doug Alexander enioy a well-balanced meal in preparalion for game. V Gridders finish schedule wiih victory over North Inspired by Their TirsT win oT The season, The Dragons com- pleTely boTTled up The Xenia oTTense. Senior Tullback John Roush scored in The second guarTer Tor WesT. Playing in a consTanT down-pour, Beavercreek conTrolled The ball and Took The league lead on The basis oT Their I2-6 win. Winless STebbins was The nexT Team To be The vicTim oT WesT's revenge as The Dragon oTTense.mounTed a ToTal oT six Touchdowns smashing The indians 39-O. Leading by an uncomTorTable l4-I2 margin aT The halT againsT Wayne, WesT regrouped To win by a Tinal oT 27-IZ. AnoTher mudbaTh was The seTTing Tor The annual FairmonT WesT-l:airmonT EasT clash. ConTenT To hold The Falcons in Their own TerriTory, The Dragons made The mosT oT EasT errors by recovering a Tumble on The 40-yard line and Turning iT inTo The only Touchdown oT The game which WesT won 8-O. l:airmonT EasT has yeT To deTeaT WesT in The varsiTy TooTball rivalry which began Tour years ago beTween The Two schools. Needing a win in The lasT game To assure a Tie Tor The W.O.L. TiTle. iinx opponenT SpringTield NorTh loomed as a sTumbling block. When NorTh scored on a 67-yard iaunT on Their TirsT oTTensive opporTuniTy oT The game, iT looked as Though The iinx would sTand, making WesT The loser. Dragons roared back behind Tour-Touchdown passes oT' Dick Knipp, Three oT which wenT To Phil DrayTon. WesT scored The nexT 57 poinTs and demolished The PanThers 57-l2, giving The Dragons a winning season and Their TirsT W.O.L. TooTball TiTle. Head Trainer John Freeman and assisTanT Bo Gibbons help senior John Murray, iniured while aTTempTing To make a block, oTT The Tield. ---- ------m --Y-- A- M- -f-.A...?..-..i....i,-..,, ..,. .- .-, ., -nn ,U A- A, s,,E,g Q X ' . In P' i,cs c Q 1 ir'- 'S ,f 4 7 - Ani ' T -T V . --.. - . h s - T . I I ' N - , .L J - . W , css fi . A , h , . ' L .. ,r . X . - - :-::' -E -vii i i . ,,s, :V A i T a csi . W T 3 y ' . 1 s ,f, , N 2' Q , N bmi. . is ik " s Q sir, ' T A A ' J' is ssiisll 'Y' ,Q s .1 - s . Hi' 'S Cx . T ' -n Dragon kicking specialisT Dave LuTes shows The Torm Thai' enabled him To lead The league in The punling deparTmenT his senior year. 59 ,Z ln an irnporiani lri-mee? for flue Harriers Mike Hayes and Co-Capfain Consoling his ill Broilwer Bruce, Paul Wriglwf nexi year's Capiain Bruce Wrigldi lead cify-rival Alier by a siride ar flwe half-way mark. realizes +l'ie IIOZ7 effori' required 'io lead a fiqlwling Dragon feam. Fronf Row: Tom Bridges, Bre? Braden, Paul Wright Mark Sliver, Dick Miller, BYlf1Ql0n- Mile DGVi5- Dan Bafbefi GVSQ GOOdfT1GfM Jim MCCGFHWY. C0565 Tom Myers, Pai McEvoy, Eric Hollens, Bruce Wriglwi, Paul Mifclwell, Rick ROb9V'l Kfillef- Scoif, Rich Wall. Row 2: Dave Phillips, Woody Siiles, Jim Labarr, Bruce Cross-Counfry Tom Myers places lst in fri-stale harrier meet Building a feam around a nucleus of five refurning leffer- men, fhe prospecfs for fhe I967 cross-counfry season loolced brighf for Coach Roberf Krifzer's harriers. Affer sfarfing rafher slowly, fhe Dragons rebounded fo falce fiffh place in fhe presfigious Lowell Thomas Invifafional Meef in Oxford, Ohio. Senior Tom Myers fool: fop individual honors againsf some of fhe besf runners in fhe fri-sfafe area. Seeming fo gain ifs "second wind," Wesf's cross-counfry feam rallied fo posf vicfories in fhree of fhe final four meefs, losing only fo powerful Sfebbins. Enfhusiasm carried over fo fhe Dragons' imporfanf posf- season evenfs, fhe WOL meef and fhe Dayfon Disfricf meef. Parficipafing againsf more fhan fwenfy feams, Wesf surpassed many feams fhaf had given fhem frouble during fhe regular season and carried off a fiffh place in fhe Disfricf meef. Tom Myers again puf on an oufsfanding performance as he finished second ouf of a fofal of over ISO harriers. Againsf fhe fough WOL compefifion, fhe Dragons managed fo achieve a fiffh place sfanding. Co-capfain Tom Myers wrapped up fhe Fairmonf Wesf I967 cross-counfry acfivifies by advancing fo fhe Regional meef and faking fourfh place. , a y ' Recomn I FAIRMONT WEST OPPONENT 38 Chaminade 20 38 Fairmonf Easf 2l 31 I Richmond 28 2 I Beavercreelc 38 22 Alfer 33 I9 Xenia 37 35 Sfebbins 20 W.O.L. 5fh Lowell Thomas Invifafional 51h Disfricf Meef Sfh INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCES Lowell Thomas Tom Myers Isf Disfricl' Meef Tom Myers 2nd Regional Meef Tom Myers 4fh Miami Invifafional Tom Myers 7fh Wesf's oufsfanding harrier, Tom Myers. frains confinuously fo improve his performances as an individual and fo lead fhe Dragons fo vicfory. Bruce Wright and Doug Sherman proudly accept the Hi-Y trophies trom Mr. Bouser, signitying outstanding Christian conduct at all times. Fall Sports Banqgj Sports banquet officially ends fall athletic season At the annual Fall Sports Banquet, members ot the cross- country and tootball teams along with the tall cheerleaders received the recognition they earned tor individual achieve- ments throughout the season. Atter a time meal in the school cateteria, each coach ottered his comments on the high- lights ot the season. Head coaches then proceeded to pre- sent awards to the outstanding athletes in each sport honored. Cross-Country: Most Improved .. .... ... Pat McEvoy Most Valuable ..... .. Tom Myers Football: Best Detensive Baclc . . . . . . Doug Sherman Best Ottensive Back .. . . . John Roush Most Improved ....... .. Diclc Knipp lvlost Coachable ........ . . . Steve Barr Best Detensive Lineman . . . . . . Phil Drayton Best Ottensive Lineman . . . . . Dave Traub IIOCX, Ettort ........... ..... J im Miller . . . Doug Grothian Most Spirited .......... Winners ot the Fall Sports Trophiesvlzront Row: Jim Miller, John Roush, Doug Sherman, Phil Drayton, Dick Knipp. Row 2: Pat McEvoy, Tom Myers, Doug Grothian, Steve Barr, Dave Traub. in ii Fi!-TNF F V. i .ip Cheerleaders New beat characterizes cheerleaders' messages SpiriT This year aT FairmonT WesT was aloounding, and much oT iT was due To The new rhyThms ThaT The cheerleaders in- novaTed inTo Their cheers. New Trends This year leaned Toward The use oi lyrics and words Trom yesTerday's and Today's rock and roll and soul music. Messages remained The same, louT The chanT and cheer moTions changed To comply wiTh The new !beaT. STudenTs liked The new rhyThrns, and cheered louder. l WesT's cheerleaders obTained many oT Their new ideas Trom a clinic which They aTTended lasT summer in Michigan. Six oT Them received a Trophy aT The end oT The clinic which signiTied The mosT improved cheerleading squad in aTTendance. Yolande FulTon, KaThy Finlce, Jan Windsor, Connie Thompson, Peggy MaThes, and lvlarTy l'TarT lead The crowd in The cheer "Go Dragons." Niki If Fall squad rnernbers Beclcy Spahr Lynne Wagner, Sandy STimrnel, Mari- lyn Blesi, Suzi Willig. and Barb GeaTTy Tind pracTice malces perTecT Reserves Linda Marquardlq Anne lvlaclnTyre, Sue Brush Becky DeTriclc, Polly VieTs, and Sue WaTson urge The baslceTball Team on To vicTory. f if From' Row: Joe Hamilion, Roy Eberhard, Bob Slemper, Jack lvlehl, Bill Chenowefh, Dave Luies, Dave Ganlz. Row 2: Mel Hill, Bob Servis, Alan Kemp, Chad l-lill, Sieve Kisling, Coach William Kaylor, Baslce+ball West ends season with 13-6 morkp 2nd in WOL RECORD FAlRMONT WEST OPPONENT 65 Wesl Carrollion 54 75 Colonel While 64 8l Belmonl 62 64 Chaminacle 58 69 Fairview 59 67 Oakwood 57 39 Cenlerville 56 67 Fairborn 50 70 Xenia 76 58 Miamisburg 63 69 Beavercreek 66 74 Springfield Soulh 67 80 Siebbins 47 53 Wayne 54 8I Troy 50 73 Fairmonl Easf 58 70 Springfield Norlh 56 58 Lima 8l DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 65 Dunbar 66 Opposife: Jack imporianl open Mehl oul' iumps fhe Fairborn Flyer cenier fo win lhe ing game lip-Off in ihe seasorfs iirsl' WOL conlesf. Harassed by Ceni'erville's Tough defense, Dave Ganiz pivols while looking desperaiely for help in finals of The Holiday Tournarneni. ' i Two Cougars defend as senior Roy Eberhard, 20, drives across The lane and releases The ball in an eTTorT To score againsT Colonel VVhiTe. Dragons stage comebackp stun powerful Chaminacle GreaTer DayTon Area All-STars Jaclc Mehl and Joe l-lamilTon led a group oT veTeran Dragons inTo The l967-68 season which promised To be one oT The mosT successTul in recenT years Tor l:airmonT WesT. Cagers produced a I3-6 record. ATTer Two unimpressive wins, WesT revealed iTs poTenTial by Trouncing BelmonT 8l-62 on The Bison's home Tloor. Joe l-lamilTon and Jaclc Mehl, wiTh 29 and 27 poinTs respecTively, headed a WesT aTTaclc which broke open a TighT game and gave The Dragons a 20-poinT lead aT The end oT The Third guarTer. From This poinT WesT coasTed To iTs Third consecuTive win. Riding a Three-game winning sTreak, Wesl' appeared To be lulled inTo a sense oT Talse securiTy againsT Chaminade as The Eagles jumped To a I5-l lead beiore The Dragons scored Their TirsT Tield goal. STunned To awareness oT The siTuaTion, The Dragons harassed The Eagles inTo numerous Turnovers To Talce The lead and win going away 64-58. WesT again made The Tinals oT The KeTTering lnviTaTional TournamenT by downing Oakwood 67-57. CaTching The Dragons on an oTT nighT, The CenTerville Ellss held a hapless WesT oT- Tense To a season low in The 56-39 championship game. Dave GanTz, l2, shakes hands wiTh his opponenT as he and The resT of The Dragon sTarTors receive inTroducTions before The Fairborn game. . 35 , if Q 33K . X' .JL?J? if 3 5 1 1 3 F yx Head Coach Bill Kaylor gives viial insiruciions as aHen+ive Dragons Jack Mehi, 44, and Joe Hamiiion, IO, lisfen during a iime-ou? period. Seniors Dave Lures. 25, and Jack Meinl, 45, fry ro grab Hue rebound from Cenferviiie's cenier Bob Milberfh, 34, in Hwe Holiday Tournamenf game. Dunbar escapes Wesh Wolves win in overtime ATTer downing Fairborn, WesT placed iTs perTecT WOL mark on The line againsT co-league leader Xenia. Failing behind by as much as I7 poinTs, The Dragons rallied To Tie iaTe in The game by Torcing The Buccaneers inTo numerous Turnovers. Xenia was able To sTave oTT The WesT charge and pull ouT a 76-70 vicTory on closing minuTe Tree Throws. One oT WesT's major disappoinTmenTs of The season came aT The hands oT iighTiy-regarded Wayne. WiTh The Dragons commiTTing 26 Turnovers, Wayne capiTalized To Turn The Tinai one inTo a conTroversial baskeT To win 54-53. Cross-Town rival FairmonT EasT broughT iTs besT record in hisTory inTo The annual EasT-WesT ciash. SpoTTing EasT a I7-6 lead, The Dragons roared back in The second and Third quarTers, Then coasTed To The Tinai 73-57 margin. Drawing Ohio's lOTh ranked Team Tor The opening round Toe in The DisTricT TournamenT, WesT piayed The Dunbar Wolverines on even Terms Tor The regulaTion 32 minuTes. As The buzzer ending The overTime sounded, Dave LuTes was Touled wiTh WesT down 66-64. LuTes hiT The TirsT oT a one-and-one. buT The game and The season ended as The bonus aTTempT Teil shorT. Bob STemper checks inTo The game aT The scoring Table in order To replace a FairmonT WesT player who has commiTTed his Tiffh Toul. g N 1 A 7 ii T iifi -,,. gi g U if is Jack Me-hl, All Area All-Sfar for The second sTraighT year, grimaces as he reaches high Tor anoTher' imporTanT rebound To sTarT a T'asT brealc. .l SpoTTing a hole in The Fairview defense, sophomore PeTe LuTher, The Team's leading scorer, heads Tor a buclceT Trom his Torward posiTion. Dragon reserves display unusual speed and depth DespiTe losing The Tinal Three games oT The season, Fair- monT WesT's reserve cagers produced The TirsT winning season in Three years Tor The Junior varsiTy Team. WiTh a relaTively small Team in size, The Dragons displayed excellenT speed and a greaT amouni oi depTh ThroughouT The season. Finishing wiTh a 9-7 record, WesT claimed vicTories over such powers as Fairview, Xenia, and Springfield SouTh. ATTer Two consecuTive losses, The Dragons Toolc The Tloor breaThing Tire To face The Fairview Bulldogs. Trailing by Tive aT The halT, a sTerling WesT defense held The Bulldogs To a mere l2 poinTs in The second halT in caTching and Tinally sur- passing The Bulldogs, 44-32. One ol: The mosT impressive reserve wins oi The campaign came aT The Xenia Fieldhouse. Behind balanced scoring, in which Tive Dragons scored beTween eighT and I2 poinTs, The Dragons smoThered The Buccaneers by 23 poinTs, 64-4l. .K ii-i li Reserve Coach Charles Morgan IisTens while Dragons explain Their prob- lems in solving a Tricky defense employed by Colonel TNhiTe Cougars. KJ! 'EQ Froni' Row: Chris Pancoasf, Jim Malone, Bob Rover, Marlc Zechar, Niclc Beclcer, Sieve Miles, Coach Charles Morgan. Row 2: Tim Moran, Douq Shaelfer, Jeff Gochoel, Pele Lulher, Rich Bowden, Dave Schubeler, Brad Bueliin. RECORD V FAIRMONT WEST OPPONENT 45 Wesl Carrolllon 40 5I Colonel While 43 56 Belmonl 6l 40 Chaminade 55 44 Fairview 32 44 Fairborn 45 64 Xenia 4l 54 Miamisburg 52 39 Beavercreelc 46 5I Springfield Sou+h 49 5I Slebloins 39 49 Wayne 36 ss Troy 29 4l Eairmonl Easl 47 47 Springfield Norlh 48 6I Lima 74 i H defender buf slumbles over Jrhe downed opporenrs oufslrelched legs. usllinq sophomore forward Jim Malone 'fries lo drive around a Troian ' r Dragons' oufsiandinq qrappier, Bob Wiiliams, prepares io pui' his opponeni from Belmoni info a cross-body ride as he goes on 'io win. RECORD FAIRMONT WEST CPPONENT IO Beavercreek 3 I 28 Xenia 9 35 Fairborn 6 26 Wayne 22 26 Fairrnoni Easi i9 44 Springfieid Nor+h 3 27 Beirnonf 9 8 Troy 33 8H'1 Siebbins lnvH'a'Honal 4+h Fairmonf Wesi' Invi+a+ionai 2nd Wesiern Ohio League i2'rh Disirici Siriicing classic wresiiing pose. Wesf grappier senior Phil Drayion iies io sei' Troy opponenf up for a fakedown in fine I65-weigh? ci is n Fron'l' Row: Paul lvliTchell, DwighT Davis, Doug Sherer, Rich McKee, Rich Miller, Jim SharriTT, Bob l'loener, Roger Baker, Phil DrayTon, Greg Kling, Bill Todd. Row 2: Dave VendT, John Mayes, Gary DeVeny, Dennis Turner, Dan Barber, Bob Baker, Vic Laird, Dean French, Paul WrighT, Ron WilliamiTis, Dave Shoemacher, Norman Rike, Ron Odom, Bob VVilliams. Row 3: Lee Crawford, Rick Koller, Allan Williams, Wres'I'lin Tom Harvey, Greg Carroll, Mark Wininger, JeTT' Ridenour, Rick Odom, Don Barber, Dale BaTes, Jeff JohnsTon, Dan Grass, John DrayTon, Bob Goode, Joe Woodard, Craig Berry, Mike Barnes. Row 4: Chris Bon- nel', Jack Davidson, Tim DunTee, Gary STacy, Barry Johnson, John Roush. ATTer vicslory in The l54--weighT class againsT Troy, Jim SharriTT, -i-9 wresTling Co-capTain, encourages his TeamrnaTe, presenTly on The maT. New coach leads Team To second place in WOL This year l:airmonT WesT's wresTling Team performed under The direclion of Coach John Burns Tor The TirsT Time. WesT's grapplers ended The season wiTh a 6-2 record in dual meeTs. WesT's reserve wresTling Team also showed promise under The direcTion oT Mr. Jim Andrews, Their new coach. Reserve grapplers Tinishecl Their season wiTh a 6-2 record. BoTh Teams losT To highly raTed Beavercreek and Troy. During ChrisTmas vacaTion, The Dragon grapplers compeTed in The STebbins lnviTaTional, a I6-Team TournamenT. WesT Tinished eighTh in The Tournament Bob Williams wresTled in The ll2-lb. weighT division and placed second. AT The FairmonT WesT lnviTaTional The Dragons placed TourTh. Placewinners Tor The Dragons were: Third place, John Roush, Paul WrighT, and Paul lv1iTchellg second place, Rich Miller: and TirsT place and TournamenT champion Bob Williams. AT The WOL TournamenT The Dragons placed second be- hind Beavercreek. Dragons placing were: TourTh place, John Roush: Third place, Rich Miller: second place, Paul WrighT, Roger Baker, Rich McKee, and Phil DrayTong and TirsT place and league champion Bob Williams. To compleTe The season The Dragons wresTled in The DayTon DisTricT meeT and placed TwelTTh ouT oT TwenTy-six Teams. Rich Miller and Bob Williams placed Third in Their divisions. Rich Miller Tinished The season wiTh a record oT I5-5. Bob Williams Tinished his season wiTh an ouTsTanding 20-2 record. Co-capTains Jim SharriTT and Rich Miller led The Dragons. FAIRMONT I52.5 I563 I2 I ,4 I52.9 I42.0 I23.9 I I5.3 99,I I62.35 ISI ISI 2nd RECORD WEST OPPONENT I'IamIIIon TaII' I35.5 Beavercreek I 3 I .4 Troy IO3.6 Xenia I37.4 Wayne I23.7 Fairview IO8.6 SIeIobIns I I2.8 IvIeadowcIaIe 66.9 I:aIrmonI Easf I67.95 I'IamIIIon Ta'I+ InvIIaIIonaI KeIIerIng InviIaIIonaI Wesfern Ohio League Q:-Q.-5 SIeve IVIaIIby, senior co-capIaIn GI IIIQ gymnadics Ieam, performs a pIamcI'Ic, one of II1e SIUVIIS Iwe uses In IWIS Tree-exercfse rouIIne. X L ie. 1 . 1 'ipgzai T A I . -4 ki, Q: N aw-wma'-.-.,,,,,, s 5 I I :INN -Q4 . Am-aw Lk ..-1.,Q,,, Q A QM, me 9 Iaaea I ,. If - i '.-' I I I . M i , . 'wi -1fff2sf2fa ' ' I Q -Q I Ist' .- ,AWN me - if I MQ'-aw""""" .M Shave Kiser, fienlor qymmasjr, domomf,IraIeS an OIympIc Crow Io demon- Y , ..,.x .ewes sIraIe IIWO qrealr SIQIII and sIremmII'v II'IaI is needed In qymnasIIcs. 5 ..,,. we., Gymnaslics Gymnasfs place lst in invifafioncilp 2nd in WOL Co-CapTains STeve MalTby and Greg Chappell led Ten oTher seniors, sixTeen iuniors, and eighTeen sophomores in a successful season ending The year wiTh an 8-I record in dual meeTs. Head coach Mr. Donald Perry and assisTanT coach Mr. Jerry ScoTT gave proTessional assisTance To new Team members in The areas of Tloor exercise, Tumbling, Trampoline, sTill rings, parallel bars, side horse, high bar and vaulTing. This year Coach Perry sTarTed a reserve Team To keep non- compeTing gymnasTs inTeresTed in The sporT. By pracTicing hard and improving skills, reserve Team members had a chance To perTecT Their evenTs by compeTing in several dual meeTs. WesT's gymnasTs compeTed in The l-lamilTon laTT lnviTaTional and again Took TirsT place. Dragons placing were: STeve Kiser, Doug Alexander, STeve MalTby, Greg Chappell, and Bob Kohl. This year WesT hosTed The annual KeTTering lnviTaTional in which They placed TirsT. Dragons placing in This meeT were: STeve MalTby, Doug Alexander, STeve Kiser, Greg Chappell, Fred Williams, Mark Brainard, and Dick DelaTer. To Tinish The season The Dragon gymnasTs Traveled To Troy To compeTe in The WesTern Ohio League meeT. Because oT The iniury ol Co-CapTain STeve MalTby The Dragons did noT Tare Too well and Tinished in second place behind l:airmonT EasT. Dragons placing were: Greg Chappell, Bob Kohl, Dick DelaTer, STeve Kiser, Doug Alexander, Mark Brainard, Fred Williams, Paul ValiqueTTe, Mike lreTon, and Mike l-laThaway. Fronl' Row: Dennis Madden, Mike l-laThaway, Rick Fahrney, Jell Pardue, STeve Kiser, STeve MalTby, Greg Chappell, Doug Alexander, Fred Wil- liams, Jim McCarThy. Row 2: Mike lreTori, KurT Arnold, Ken BrighTman, Mike Finegold, Dick DeLaTer, Jon DieTerle, Chuck Dunnick, Mike PaT- Terson, Bob Kohl. Jerry Dunaway, STeve Lowery. Row 3: Bob Swarfzel, 'W I 'K Senior Doug Alexander displays The experl' Torm and sense oT balance Thai' is needed when performing a handsTand on The parallel bars. Dan PaTTerson, Galen Emery, Ken SchieweTz, Bruce l-lulfer, Tim Doebler, Tom Rasor, John Ward, Todd Lecklider. Coach Don Perry. Row 4: Dennis Myers, Phil Neiberjr, Ed Rike, George Zubrick, Dave Scudder, Claude Van l-lorTen, Ron Bowman, Doug King, John Davis, Doug WalTon, STeve Simpson. RECORD FAIRMONT WEST OPPONENT 2 Wayne I 4 Jefferson I 0 Oakwood 8 I Cenferville I I Fairmonr Eesl' 0 4 Trolwood-Madison O Scooping a hockey ball, Draqonelle Phyllis Beardsley dodges her op- ponenl in fhrilling Fairmonl Easl game as learnmale Ann Meyer walches. VARSITY-Fronf Row: Sally Heywood, Ann Meyer, Phyllis Beardsley, Nannelce Jouslra, Sharon Walker, Georqeene McClellan, Pamela Kemp. ,..... , ,X i Hari, Maureen Kemper, Debbie Golob, Joy Hildrelh, Pam VanOver 'Coach Penelope MOH. Noi Picfured: Linda Booze. Row 2: Barbara Imig, Susie Pansing, Linda Marquardl, Kale Slorrs, Marfy mlm 4- ea. , -fir ' RESERVE-Front Row: Ginny Sando, Mutty Tallberg, Diane Turner. Judy Polly Viets, Connie Sanchez, Carol Niehus, Vickie Madole, Jan Harbaugh Wheaton, Leslie Williamson, Jeanne Downing, Diane Kurtz. Row 2: Anne Maclntyre, Katie Croghan, Ann Crawtord, Coach Penelope Mott Hockey Fairmont East contests highlight hockey season Fairmont West's Dragonettes again completed a successtul l tield hockey season. Spirited ettorts by the seniors produced i an impressive record ot tour wins, one loss, and one tie tor the varsity. Reserve team members played only tour games, win- ning two and losing two. In their best games ot the season, a large crowd watched the Dragonettes, both varsity and re- serve, down Fairmont East I-O. Coach Penelope Mott chose Dragonettes tor the i967 inter- scholastic tield hockey team during the tirst tew weeks ot school. During this time the team members pertected such skills as dribbling, driving, dodges, and tackles. Although sev- eral games were cancelled due to poor weather, the team still met such tamiliar rivals as Oakwood and Fairmont Fast. Shortly atter the last game the girls made plans tor the an- nual hockey banquet held at the imperial House South on November 7. Highlights ot this event were the presentation ot senior trophies and scrapbooks to all team members. Center torward Pam Kemp tights to retain possession ot the hockey ball as anxious teammates wait to see it they can be ot assistance. VARSITY-Carol Swarizel, Lara Lackey, Marcia Elynn, KaII1y Scnmidf, Snarnpfon, Jeanie Krieger, Coach Barbara Barbour. Paffy Shainearn, Carol Moline, Jane KeIIy, EIeni Drakos, Jonnie RECORD FAIRMONT WEST OPPONENT 2 Wes? CarroIIIon O O Trofwood Madison 2 2 Cen+erviIIe I O Wayne 2 2 Jefferson I 2 Oakwood I 2 Alfer O 0 FairmonI Easf 2 2 Lebanon O Volleyball Tri-capfuins spark Team on to victorious season ln her Third year oT coaching The FairmonT WesT volley- ball Team, Coach Barbara Barbour commenTed ThaT This year's Teamwork was ouTsTanding and ThaT spiriT was abound- ing. Tri-capTains Carol SwarTzel, Eleni Dralcos, and KaThy SchmidT conTribuTed a greaT maioriTy oT This slcill and spiriT. These girls were The only players whom Miss Barbour had coached Tor all Three years oT Their high school career. l-lard worlc preceded The FairmonT EasT conTesT, and shorTly beTore The game The girls really sTarTed To cliclc as a Team. Even Though The varsiTy losT iTs game wiTh EasT, iT could be called The besT game oT The season, STudenTfbody supporT was excepTional, and The Team gave EasT a good game. Reserve Team members displayed Their slcill by downing The previously undeTeaTed FairmonT EasT reserve Team. WesT's reserves ended The season wiTh a 5-4 record. Adding a poinT To The WesT DragoreTTes' mounTing score, senior Tri- capTain Carol SwarTzel reaches high To Tip The ball over The neT. RESERVE-Fronl' Row: Joy Federle, Pam Medley. Nancy WilSOn. Jane Lynn Judge, Joan SchlachTer, l-larrieT LeTT, Diana Lawson, Debbie Wick, T-larT, Evy STeTTens, Bev Corsmeier, Beclcy Gillan, Nancy Biagi. Row 2: Karla Whifeman, Coach Barbara Barbour, Anne Walrher, Sharon Nangle, Carole Krynzel, Co-capTain Ann Meyer prachces The excellenT Torm in Tree exercise which helped her To capTure TirsT place many Times in This evenT. GymnasTics New scoring introduces ci change in gymnastics Coaching oT The girls' inTerscholasTic gymnasTics Team again changed hands This year. Miss Frances Eden, a new physical educaTion Teacher aT WesT This year, Tilled The coaching spoT. Along wiTh The new coach came a new meThod oT scoring gymnasTics. ln previous years, The poinTs given Tor each place provided The basis Tor The scoring. This year each oT Three girls compeTing in an evenT received Two scores, and These added TogeTher produced her individual score. Adding To- geTher The individual scores in each evenT gave a Team score and six evenTs added TogeTher yielded The Tinal score. Girl gymnasTs compeTed in Tree exercise, uneven parallel bars, balance beam, sidehorse vaulTing, Tumbling, Trampoline. Seniors carried The Team and shared Their experience and slcill wiTh The new girls. Co-capTains Ann Meyer and Suzi Willig led The Team in Tree exercise and uneven parallel bars. Coach Eden agreed Team members appreciaTed sTudenT supporT. Eagerly awaiTing The signal Trom The iudges ThaT she may begin her rouTinc, Donna Dunnick readies herself on The uneven parallel bars. Frcni' Row: Connie Sayer, Callfiy Clay, Julia Pasor, Jan Woriliman, Paula Kinqslon, Ann Meyer, Yvonne Craft Becky Doqgeii, Jeanne Eolz, Kallii Denka, Pam Bailey. Row 2: Coach Frances Eden, Darian Pulerbauglw, 24 RECORD EAIRMONT WEST OPPONENT 204.6 Beavercreelc I72.7 l3I.4 Springfield Norih 140.3 2 l9.I Xenia l82.9 los.: Wayne 1249 70.9 Fairview lO0.l IO7.8 Eairmoni Easi l I l.8 I l6.0 Meadowdale l27.0 4+h Tall lnvi+a+ional 4+h Belmoni' Inviiafional Senior qymnasi' Cailwy Clay shows perleci balance and ieclwnique as :lie execuies a dillicull siunl, a clwin scale, on llie balance bearn. Allyn Wallace, Donna Taylor, Barb Sleinberq, Jan Harbauqln, Connie Clifford, PaHy Silas, Nan Slrobino, Suzi Willing, Donna Dunnick, Marilyn Blesi, Judy Bleiclwer, Zan Bosnyalc. 8I i Froni' Row: Gail Sollenberger, Jonnie Shamplon, Marilyn Grant Kay Bulcke, Georgeene McClellan, Sally Heywood, Judy Sommer, Maureen Kemper, Vicki Heck. Row 2: Judy Sleininqer, Cindy Burfon, Marii lm- ig, Claire Richards, Margie Zaremzki, Nancy Carr. Pam VanOver, Polly 1 l 1 Q Brown, Sue Slahr, Coach Pal Davis. Row 3: Vickie Maclole, Diana Lawson, Nancy l-ledden, Nancy Wilson, Jane Hari, Jeannie Wilson, Camille Franklin, Diane Kuriz, Judy Whealon. Junior Margie Zaremski leaps high fo block an opponenfs shol as Marilyn Gran? and Sue Slahr prepare lo lake The ball down lhe floor. RECORD FAIRMONT WEST OPPONENT I9 Wayne 38 3l Lebanon 39 27 Cemlerville 40 26 Oakwood 57 29 Trofwood Madison 68 34 Alfer 31 30 Fairmonl Easi' 57 2' Miamisburg Zq Baskefball New coach shares skill and experience with team Valuable experience supplied fhe key for fhis year's girls' inferscholasfic baslcefball feam. Miss Paf Davis, a physical educafion feacher af D. L. Barnes Junior High School, provided fhe needed slcill and knowledge of fhe game. She played A.A.U. baslcefball wifh an area feam for five years, and was a member of fhe All-Sfafe feam each of fhese years. She also played in fhe Women's Nafional AAU. Baskefball Tournamenf fwo years. Girls' baslcefball has six players: fwo sfafionary forwards, fwo sfafionary guards, and fwo roving players. Lasf year a new ruling had infroduced unlimifed dribble info fhe girls' game. Coach Davis, however, sfressed passing as fhe lcey fo a good offense, and fhe feam learned fo play againsf all fypes of defense. Team members also employed a few offensive plays. Refurning feam members consfifufed fhe core of fhe squad. Their leadership proved valuable, as shown in fhe feam's confinual progress and improvemenf during fhe season. Senior Cindy Burfor shoofs over fhe oufsfrelched hands of her op- posirg guard as she adds fwo more ooinfs fa fhe Draficreffes' score. x""1 ES Affer an opponenf misses her Shel in a close game againsf Lebanon, rover Marilyn Granf and forward Cindy Burfon fiqhf for fhe rebound. Ball carrier, Kent Triffon, skillfully evades opponents Steve Maltby Viciously striving for the ball during a strenupus game of soccer, and Bob Day in an exciting after-school game of intramural football. opponents Dave Bilbrey and Jerry Sheperd drive toward the goal. ln anticipation of the afternoon's match, intramural golfer Dave Infranqurals Schweibold warms up his swing before starting for the golf course 3 o Announcements stimulate interest in intramurals Intramurals provided an outlet for energy for both boys and girls at Fairmont West this year. To stimulate an interest in intramurals, members made many announcements concern- ing upcoming intramural activities. They also posted results of championship games on unit bulletin boards. Girls who wanted to participate in the intramural program had to join the Girls' Athletic Association. By participating in the intramural program the girls had a chance to earn points for their letters in G.A.A. Girls' intramural sports included badminton, basketball, bowling, fencing, hockey, softball, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball. Miss Barbara Barbour advised the group this year at Fairmont West. Any boy could sign for intramural football, bowling, baslcet- ball, wrestling, badminton, tennis, softball, traclc, table tennis and soccer. This year the intramural program added soccer to the list of boys' intramural sports. Mr. Ross Bateson advised boys' intramurals this year. ln an effort to gain a larger membership in the boys' intra- mural sports, the group circulated pamphlets which explained the intramural program and its function more clearly. Four hundred students participated in intramurals this year. -J 57" 'A' N, 1 Scoll' Davis ol: live inlramural champion Chargers moves in on a lonq pass as lne is pursued by Bear Howard McKnight , , , . F 1' .1 ' I - f, Q My " iv I W Q , ,Hw- gw .,,. f 'Lf M as-ff' TQ' H F ,H .Z ini, s' a ravi!-i ,s S One ol many parlicipanls in flue inlramural programs af Wesl. Judy Leaping high over Mike Logsdon lor a clear iurnp slwol, Diclc Knipp exlwibils llwe lorm llwal led his inlramurel leam lo a fine season. Keller slands poised as she prepares lo approach-flue bowling lane. Q .f , y z 2 2 S 5 3 s Q 3 F E fl ::2 f z. S+udenf Council member Paula Anderson exemplifies club leadership- an essenlial parl in The characier developmenl' of every sludenl al West LEADERSHIP Co-curricular clubs provide counlless opporlunilies for mak- ing new friends. Combining educalion, service, and recrealion, lhese aclivilies round oul Fairmonl Wes+'s busy life in l968. For some Weslonians. organizalions become a direci oullel for recrealional lalenlsq for olhers, LEADERSHIP opporlunilies: bul for all, friendship bound by common inleresl in many areas. Working hard lo earn money and have fun, clubs sponsor clances, and aclivilies for lhe enioymenl of all Wesl sludenls. Wesl's organizalions creale fellowship and LEADERSHIP, producing greal leaders for lhe iulure, as well as high slandards and ideals. Sludenl Council Officers: Jan Wise, Secrelaryg Jack Mehl, Vice-Presidenfg Paula Anderson, Treasurer: and Sieve Malfby. Presidenl, Fronl Row: Sfeve Malfby, Claudia Monneff, Cafhy Weimer, Margie Leeson, Toni Naso. Kris lvlacCagno, Barbara lmig, Doug Clark. Row 2: Mr. Paul Inter-Club Council serves as liaison for West clubs lnfer-Club Council, offen referred fo by ifs inifials ICC, mel' once a monlh in Fairmonf Wesf's cafeferia. During fhese meef- ings fhe council discussed fhe feasibilify of new clubs, lcepf up fo dafe records of bands available for dances sponsored by many differenf clubs. and helped fo co-ordinafe and fo schedule club acfivifies af Fairmonf Wesf. As Vice Presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Council, Jaclc Mehl served as chairman of lnfer-Club Council. Presidenf of Wesf's chapfer of The American Field Service Linda Hopkins loolc charge of secrefarial dufies. Mr. Paul Wagner, assisfanf principal, advised fhe group which was mainfained for sfrengfhening fhe bond among fhe many differenf school organizafions. Members of fhe council consisfed of sophomore, iunior, and senior class presidenls, presidenfs of all clubs af Fairmonf Wesf, and edifors of fhe Dragon and Dragon Tales sfaffs. If was The dufy of members fo false an acfive parf in informing all clubs of scheduled acfivifies, helping clubs fo avoid repeafed mis- falces, and producing inferdependency among clubs. Wagner, Linda Booze, Linda Hopkins, Bill Dicke, Jaclc Mehl, Bryan Haver- sficlr, Phil 'sNells, Milne Hafhaway. Linda Hopkins and Jack Mehl, officers of fhe lnfer-Club Council, posf fhe monfhly calendar of school acfivifies in Cenfral Unif. if RL AM Twe I.. rv Sis mm-' Seniors Jeff Vore, Dan Been, Phil Wells, and Mike Halhaway provide lislening enioymenl' for sludenls allending Wesl's New-Sfudenl Parly. Council serves as practical workshop in democracy Weslr's Sludenl Council, a praclrical workshop in democracy, aims 'lo beller school spiril, develop sludenl responsibilily, and encourage a closer sludenl-'lacully relalionship. Twenly-one elecled members plus sophomore, iunior, and senior class presidenls, foreign exchange sludenis, Dragon Tales, and Dragon represenlalives meer every olher Tuesday during school. These sludenls discuss school problems and plan lulure proiecls and aclivilies wirh Sludenl Council advisers Mr. Louis Zaremski and Mr. Allred Bolender. Fronl Row: Sieve Mallby, Presidenlg Jan Wise, Secrelaryg Jack Mehl, Vice Presidenly Paula Anderson, Treasurer. Row 2: Linda Marquardl. Jan Windsor, Kalhy Banks, Sue Walson, Connie Ullrner, Janelle Schierf ling, Nanneke Jousira, Lynne Wagner, Connie Thompson, Becky Derrick. Exercising 'rheir leadership in areas ol sludenl aclivilies. Sludenl Council members sponsor many proiecls which help lhe school and communily. Members work diligenlly lo prepare lor The annual Homecoming leslivilies by handling eleclions for queen candidales and conslruciing a lloal. Wesl's Sludenl Council also sponsors lhe New-Sludenl Parly, lhe eleclion ol class officers and council members, Turnefxboul Week, Uniled Appeal Drive, aller-game dances, Sludenl Council picnic, and inlerscholaslic council workshops. Row 3: Mr. Louis Zaremski, Edward Van Delll Byleveld, Roberl Ruck- rnan, Bill Merrell, Phil Wells, Mick Maney, Jeff Wise, Demelrio Muiiioz Berrera, Gary DeVeny, Jack l-lorrell. ov' FronT Row: Janelle Schierling, Recording SecreTaryg Kris MacCagno, PresidenT1 Ginny Merrell, Vice PresidenTg Joy l'lildreTh, l-lisToriang Yolande FulTon, Treasurer: Joli TreaT, Corresponding SecreTary. Row 2: Brenda Rose, Jan Wise, Carol Creager, Gail Sollenberger, Barb TuTTle, Maureen Kemper, Debbie Gross, Karen Silrausbaugh, Beclcy Franz, Susie Pansing, Linda Coons, Carol SchaTTer, Margie Zaremslri. Row 3: Jane SeTTles, Carol Mayer, Jo Anne ATlcins, Judy Miller, Sue Lachey, Karen Adams, Claudia Schneider, Beclry Nicely, KaThy Shul- Theis, Marilyn GranT, Diana Scimone, Leslie Ederer, Carol Clawson, Claudia MonneTT, Nancy NclTe, Row 4: Susie Hinds, Gini Barnes, Linda Hoplcins, Chris Hayes, Carol Sollenberger, Linda Greer, Evy STeTTens, Bill McQueen, Bill Search, Cindy Brem, Linda Dobrino, Nancy SmiTh, Barbara Paulson, Peggy Kiser, Pam Kemp, Linda Bossi. FTA clcquainis members wiTh Teaching profession For sTudenTs who show a deTiniTe inTeresT in educaTion and a desire To become Teachers, l:airmonT WesT sponsors iTs own FuTure Teachers oT America club. This organizaTion provides an excellenT opporTuniTy Tor sTudenTs To become much beTTer acquainTed wiTh The Teaching proTession. Under The supervision oT advisers Miss Mary Belle Warren, Miss Shirley Bensinger, and Mr. l-lugh Brown, members sponsor ioinTly, along wiTh The ParenTs-Teacher AssociaTion, College Beckons NighT. AT This program represenTaTives Trom various colleges come To WesT and answer guesTions asked by inTer- esTed sTudenTs, parenTs, and TaculTy members. MeeTings are conducTed on boTh a business and social basis. lnTormaTive spealcers and panel discussions TrequenTly malce The meeTings educaTional as well as enTerTaining. This year aT one oT The TirsT meeTings a Tormer FTA adviser and also Teacher aT WesT, Miss l-lelen l-larTsoclc, spolce To The chapTer named in her honor. Topic oT her speech was The hisTory and growTh oT l:airmonT l-ligh and her own eclucaTionai clevelopmenT ThroughouT her Teaching years. Mr, Charles Morgan discusses The TascinaTing role oT a Teacher and coach wiTh inTeresTed FTA club members Beclcy Franz and Dave Traub. FMC members plan field trip to Kettering Hospital West's Future Medical Careers, the ideal organization tor those students who are interested in medical careers, covers many vast tields ot medicine. FMC meetings provide a chance tor members to hear knowledged speakers relate their numerous experiences in the various tields ot medicine with which they are specitically involved. This year FMC members will accept an invitation to take a tour ot Kettering Memorial l-lospital to obtain a better idea ot its modern equipment and etticient personnel. At Christmas they hope to visit the growing number ot teenagers at Dayton State l-lospital to try to make their holiday celebration one ot tun and tellowship tor all. Under the supervision ot FMC advisers. Mrs. Bernice Fowler and Mrs. Bessie Madden, earnest members have an opportunity to participate in various service proiects. This gives them a chance to earn points toward their FMC pin while gaining a better understanding ot the vital importance ot the role medicine plays in everyday lite. FMC member Nana-tta Meade exercises her knowledge ot certain medical techniques by testing clinic equipment on student Vicki Buckingham. Front Row: Gail Hawk, Vice President: Katie Croghan, Treasurer: Betsy Ashmun, Secretary, Row 2: Vicki Williams, Janet Luke, Melinda Liu, Carol Border, Jane Kelly, Lee Anna Steeley, Cathy Smith, Barb l-lahn, Debbie Pyper, Carolyn Fisk, Patti Wood. Row 3: Mrs, Bessie Madden, e. fri Cathy Clay, Patricia Chaney, Melissa Brown, Becky Rice, Chris Hattstaedt, Paula White, Sandy Fullenkamp, Pat Baynes, Leslie Williamson, Mrs. Bernice Fowler. ui -'... . Lv' ,.,,,N-.W .,4,,.,. .,..-s., W.-. Front Row: Gwen Hensley, President: Nancy Nassit, News Reporter: Suzie Reeder, Vice President: Debbie Vandergritt, Treasurer: Lori Sherwood, Secretary. Row 2: Barbara Andres, Sue Platt, Bonnie Morris, i"""1n--. Sheila Shahan, Anita Grove, Debbie Blubaugh. Row 3: Linda Preston. Bev Meadows, Terry Boston, Sandi Hartley, Nancy Van Dohre, Barbara Sorah, Pat Berardi. COE class attains club standing for the first time Demands ot the business world challenge the eighteen senior girls who comprise the Cooperative Ottice Education program. i967-68 is the tirst year tor the COE program to be organized as a club as well as a class. Making tavors tor Barney Children's Medical Center desig- nates their service proiect. Employer-Employee Luncheon, all- class trip, and Ohio Bell field trip are social activities. Regular class attendance in the morning and on-the-iob training in the atternoon aid COE girls in gaining insight and experience needed to adiust to the business tempo. Employed as salaried-clerical workers, they complete their tormal business education course and enrich their tuture. Various iob stations range trom secretarial positions in businesses throughout the community, the Kettering Court, and the Kettering Board ot Education to those positions in doctor and dentist ottices. COE worlcers will remain on their iobs, secure tuliftime positions, or use earnings to turther their education atter graduation. Through Mrs. Jane Nolan, taculty adviser, COE achieves versatile success. COE worlcer Suzie Reeder receives export instruction trom Mr. Ray McAllister, Industrial Arts Supervisor, Kettering Board ot Education. Booster Bars, mum sales provide FBLA revenue Geared fo youfh developmenf and communify service. Fufure Business Leaders of America offers a well-rounded, democrafic organizafion fo all business sfudenfs. By sponsoring fhe sales of mum corsages af Homecoming and Boosfer Bars, fhirfy- nine FBLA members secure proiecf and acfivify revenue. informal acfivifies include a sfyle show, fall and spring picnics, and Chrisfmas parfy. Disfricf meefings. delegafe and exhibif selecfions fo send fo fhe sfafe convenfion af Akron. and fhe Senior Recognifion Dinner head fhe formal acfivify lisf. Meefings feafure such speakers as Mrs. Musselman. an Ohio Bell employee. discussing fhe fopic. "Your Voice ls You." Unifed Business Fducafion Associafion sponsors Wesf's FBLA. "FBLA Forum," fheir official magazine, is senf fo each member. Miss Eleanor Gallagher. faculfy adviser, guides members in fheir endeavors of service and educafion for furfhering fheir knowledge of fhe business world. Affer school classes Toni Naso finds fasf-paced business world challenging as she sells a chocolafe FBLA Boosfer Bar fo Margie Zaremski. Fronf Row: Sue Plaff. Secrefaryg Nancy Nassif. Treasurerg Suzie, Reeder. Reporfer: Toni Naso. Presidenfg Melinda Taulbee. Vice Presiclenf. Row 2: Nancy Climer, Candi Hubble. Gwen Hensley, Linda Presfon. Bonnie Morris. Anifa Grove, Linda Morris, Lori Sherwood, Susan Rowell, Row 3: Claudia Monneff, Leigh Burnison, Barbara Andres, Bev Meadows. Terry Bosfon, Sheila Shahan. Brenda Feeback, Barbara Sorah, Debbie Blubaugh. Row 4: Delores Landrum. Paf Shrader. Mike Norris, Nancy Van Dohre, Sandi Harfley. Lorraine Shedden, Sheila Fochf, Linda Oefers, Debbie Vandergriff, Nancy Rogers. Paf Berardi. l i Cenfral UniT iunior Dan McKnighT pauses beTween classes To purchase a 25-cenT bag of poTaTo chips Tram Y-Teen PresidenT Claudia MonneT. Se-rgeanT William MorTimer Trom The NarcoTics Division oT The DayTon Police Force speaks To Y-Teen members abouT The inTluences OT LSD. Fronf Row: Cindy Lindamood: Sandy Lewis, DevoTion Chairman: Linda Dobrino, PubliciTy Chairman: Sally l-lolden, Treasurer: Mrs. Erma MaLoon: Claudia MonneT, PresidenT: Cindy Brem, Social Chairman: KaThy SchmiTT, SecreTary: Lynn Judge, Vice President Row 2: KaThy Sinclair, Sue William- son, Mary Miller, Dianne Horn, Teresa WaiTzman, Charla T-lardesTy, Allyn Y-Teens and Hi-Y ioinily sponsor autumn hay ride Y-Teens, a branch oT The Young Women's ChrisTian Associa- Tion, meT The social and spiriTual needs OT The 55 members. Mrs. Erma Maloon adviser guided members in Their endeavors Toward giving service To Their school and communiTy. This year Y-Teen members donaTed Time To such service proi- ecTs as: malcing Tavors Tor senior ciTizens, wriTing leTTers To Their adopTed child, and enTerTaining l4indergarTners. ChrisTmas carolling and a hay ride wirh l-li-Y emphasized so- cial developmenT and Triendship, while a UniTed Airlines Tour and speakers on religion and LSD sTressed educaTional growTh. Each year The girls sell poTaTo chips To aid proiecT Tunds. . ,,,,, T - Wallace, Sherry BecksTein, Debbie LorTon, Connie Swiclc, Andrea ChrisT, Susy DeMougin, Gail Sollenberger. Row 3: Barb ParroT, Maureen Sullivan, Sally Henderson, Jeanne Eolz, Penny Fryman, Debbie Tyler, Peggy Flanagan. Karen Brogee, PaTTy Monschlce, Pam Medley, Jill Schmidt Nancy Boise, Sarah Elder. L A 4 l 4 1 A si Froni' Row: Tom Woods, Vice Presidenrq Mike l-lalhaway, Presidenlp Kerry Lawson, Treasurerg Phil Smifh, Chaplain. Row 2: Mr. Carl Ferguson, Ron Fleifz, Dave Frederick, Mike Norris, Dave Bilbrey, Bill Thompson, Rick Fahrney, Phil Wells, John Ricld, Bill McQueen, Doug Gage, Doug Clark, Mr. George Tarzinski. Row 3: John Kochli, Bob Swarlzel, Pal' O'Rourke, Hi-Y establishes service l-li-Y's programs and proiecls aimed al enabling members lo grow in qualilies needed 'rhroughoul life. Club parlicipalion in service proiecls proved profilable. Each year l-li-Y mem- bers feed lwo needy families al Thanksgiving and Chrislmas. l-li-Y demonslraled ils value in lhe life of Wesl by display- ing 'rwo Turkeys in Cenlral Unil and sponsoring a dance alier Members of Theia Hi-Y forlily proiecl and aclivify finances ihrough skillful demonsfralion of lheir induslrious car washing abililies. Dan McKnight Larry Sparks, Mike Finegold, Mike Ely, Chris VVall, Bob Ulrich, Mark Wininger, Dan Barber. Row 4: Mike Willis, John Kieiaber, Dan Sfewarl, Tom Green, Sieve Marlin, Bill Sfeeley, Mick Maney, Mark Donovan, Alan Kemp, David Beifzel, Dick McGraw, Bill Dicke, Bill Merrell, Chuck Hulfer. stanclardsp washes cars ihe Wesl'-Xenia foolball game. l-lighlighring lheir social ac- Jrivilies, Hi-Y held a fall hay ride and a Chrislnnas parly. Car washes and a paper drive secured finances. Hi-Y slrived 'ro excel in all areas of scholaslic and social life. Under advisers Mr. Carl Ferguson and Mr. George Tarzinski boys allained high slandards of Chrislian characler. """"-tml, P s l D2 .,,, 4 P , , 3 if V ef By l +- W., ...gf X 'Aves A , 8 N Froni Row: Vickie l-lelfon, UniT CapTain: Linda OeTers, SecreTary: JaneT SiberT, Finance Chairman: Nancy Brennan, PubliciTy Chairman: RiTa Cruze, Treasurer, Margie Leeson, PresidenT: Sally Coy, Vice PresidenT: Linda Krapf, Chaplain. Row 2: Polly Brown, Anne RoberTson, Karen Sosnowski, Carol Larger, Shirley Larger, Sharon Larger, Carol Border, Bev Corsmeier, Vicki ReiTz, MarTy Kelly. Row 3: Sharon Nangle, Ginny Brownell, Karen Adams, Gayle ShaTer, Vicki GarliTz, CaThy Eagle, Sharon Walker, Ginny Merrell, Brenda Feeback, Linda Flory. Row 4: Mrs. Berniece Fowler, Debbie Ringer, Jan Badger, Carol Moline, Chris Owens, Joanne l-larTranTT, Miss l-lelen Vogelsang. Sale of cookbooks new for Home Ec. members This year new members of The Home Economics Club had The opporTuniTy To meeT each oTher aT a geT-acguainTed picnic aT Paw-Paw camp in The l-lills and Dales Park. ln This way The new members could also meeT The advisers and officers. Miss Vicki McMichael, a decoraTor Trom The Elder-Beerman STores sparked an inTeresT in TurThering sTudenTsl desire To have addiTional experience in planning and carrying ouT The acTiviTies relaTed To homemaking, by speaking aT a meeTing. Members sold cookbooks on The Topics of Toreign Toods, salads, Casseroles, desserTs, meaTs, and vegeTables. Revenue from These sales provided a scholarship Tor a deserving mem- ber of Home Economics Club To aTTend a Two-week summer leadership Training program' aT Michigan's Camp Miniwanca. Members also parTicipaTed in a "bake-in" in which cookies made by members brighTened The lives of The people living in BeThany LuTheran Village during The ChrisTmas season. Members gained a broader knowledge oT home managemenT and economy Through Their parTicipaTion in The Home Eco- nomics Club. Miss Helen Vogelsang and Mrs. Bernice Fowler advised acTiviTies of WesT's Home Economics Club This year. Home Economics Club members, Marjorie Leeson, Janer SiberT, Linda OeTers, and Linda Krapf examine The cookbooks sold by Their club. GAA crowns ci queen again after an interim l:airmonT's largesT club, The Girls AThleTic AssociaTion wiTh a membership oT 365 girls, TaughT Them discipline, loyalTy, and sporTsmanship. Girls pracTiced These TraiTs in aTTer-school games and acTiviTies. lnTerscholasTic acTiviTies included Tield hockey, Tennis, volley- ball, gymnasTics, baskeTball, soTTball, and golT. ln addiTion To inTerscholasTic games, inTramural games included bowling, archery, Tencing, badrninTon, and Table Tennis. Members earned poinTs by parTicipaTing in The acTiviTies and games oTTered. Members also could earn poinTs by working in The concession sTands aT home games during baskeTball and TooTball seasons, by being a cheerleader, and by being a manager Tor inTramural and inTerscholasTic sporTs. To be eligible To rejoin GAA The Tollowing year each girl musT have earned aT leasT TwenTy poinTs. Girls earning TorTy poinTs or more received special recogniTion. GAA also pre- senTs leTTers, Trophies, and pins To The mosT ouTsTanding girls in each acTiviTy. AT The end oT The year a special Trophy wenT To The senior girl earning The greaTesT number oT poinTs Tor her Three years aT FairmonT WesT. Crowning oT Ann Meyer as sporTs queen Took place aT GAA's annual Turn-abouT dance in January. OTher special evenTs included a ChrisTmas parTy, an awards bangueT, and a spring excursion To Coney Island. GAA board members and The adviser Miss Barbara Barbour exerTed much eTTorT and Time co-ordinaTing earned poinTs and numerous acTiviTies. GAA board members, Maureen Kemper, Jan Windsor, Linda Booze, Carol SwarTzel, Ann Meyer, and Donna Dunnick discuss Their oTTicer duTies. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS-FronT Row: RuTh SexTon, Lynne Thomas, JaneT Ekey, PaTsy Paddock, Susie Pansing, Vicki ReiTz, Connie Ewry, Marilyn Kershner, Carolyn Creager. Row 2: MarTha l'larT, Debbie Oxendine, Pam VanOver, Karen Sims, Debbie Thygerson, KaThy ShulTheis, Carol SwarTzel, Cindy BurTon, Leslie l-label. Row 3: Diane FugeTT, Kris Muller, Ann JaneT Ekey and Becky DoggeTT derive enioymenT and exercise from The inTramural bowling program oTTered Through membership in The GAA. ,-........e.--'4- . ,,sr' ' wumwmf I, rn 1 I n .1 ,,..?,--s is .T Ii 4 s , uffa f ,.......--vii 3...-n Meyer, Linda Booze, Ginny Merrell, Jo LyTTon, Jan Windsor, Pam Mc- Coppin, Maureen Kemper, Row 4: Carol Auwers, Peggy Flanagan, Melissa Brown, Chris Hayes, Nancy Brennan, Lara Lackey, Eleni Drakos, Diane Kempfer, Evy STeTTens. in .fd Bob DuponT wearing The "Dragon" purchased by The Pep Club This year shows llOTX, spiriT by displaying WesT's can oT "Cream oT Falcon Soup." Pep Club buys o Dragon suit for The school mascot FairmonT WesT's Pep Club Tried To esTablish and promoTe an undying spiriT in The sTudenTs oT This high school. Pride and Thal H079 spiriT oT FairrnonT WesT displayed aT sporTing eyenTs resulTed Trom some oT The successTul pep proiecTs. These proiecTs consisTed oT pep buses To mosT away baslceT- ball and TooTball games, an enThusiasTic caravan To UniversiTy oT DayTon TooTball Tield Tor The Chaminade TooTball game, and "Dupey" Dragon, The new member oT FairmonT's cheering squad. Bob DuponT, oTTicial Dupey Dragon Tor The I967-68 school year, cheered aT rnosT oT WesT's sporTs evenTs. AT The beginning OT The school year The Pep Club sponsored a dance aTTer WesT's TirsT-home TooTbaIl game which was wiTh AlTer l-ligh School. LaTer in The year The Pep Club sponsored a dance aTTer one OT The baslceTball games. ConTesTs such as maTch The boys and The cheerleaders To Their baby picTures, purple and whiTe day, and guess The name oT The Pep Club Dragon oT The Weelc l4epT spiriT going during The sporTs seasons. Bon Tires and pep rallies lcepT all Dragons spiriTed. Pep buTTons, pennanTs, car sTiclcers, and pinwheels sold To sTudenTs during lunch Time helped supporT many Pep Club acTiviTies. Mr. Charles Morgan advised The club Tor his TirsT Time This year. Mr. Morgan helped To organize many oT The acTiviTies sponsored by The club so as To Try To develop The spiriT Thar TypiTies The loyalTy exhibiTed by FairmonT WesT sTudenTs. Phyllis Beardsley, Linda Booze, CaThy Weimer, Bona Schellhase, and MarTy l-larT, Pep Club oTTicers, repair The head of "Dupey Dragon." Varsify F sells beanies To promote school spirit VarsiTy F Club aided school spiriT by selling purple and whiTe beanies To The sTudenT body during lunch Time. During The TooTball season, VarsiTy F Club again assumed responsibiliTy Tor FairmonT's "VicTory Bell." Members hauled iT inTo The quadrangle aT school and To home games each Friday nighT To be able To ring iT aTTer each Touchdown or vicTory Tor WesT. WesT's varsiTy club sponsored a dance aTTer The winning oT The WesTern Ohio League championship in TooTball climaxed a successTul TooTball season. During baskeTball season The VarsiTy F Club sold programs To loyal specTaTors. During The FairmonT EasT baskeTball game The members saT in a block secTion wear- ing Their VarsiTy F iackeTs To show Their spiriT and supporT oT The FairmonT WesT baskeTball Team. VarsiTy F Club membership consisTed oT The Top aThleTes oi WesT. Membership could be obTained only by The earning oT aT leasT one varsiTy leTTer in one oT The sporTs oTTered by WesT's aThleTic program. Boys received varsiTy leTTers aT an awards bangueT aT The end oT Their respecTive sporTs seasons. LeTTers could be earned in any of The Three years aT Fair- monT WesT l-ligh School. LeTTers could also be earned by being an aThleTic manager and or a Trainer Tor any Two seasons. Mr. Sherwin Bowser advised The club This year. l-le helped The members To plan an exciTing and evenTTul year Tor The club and The sTudenT body oT FairmonT WesT l-ligh School. FronT Row: Doug Sherman. Vice PresidenTq Chad l-lill, SecreTaryy Greg Chappell, Pre5iderT3 Dave Traub, Treasurerg John Roush, SergeanT-aTeArrns. Row 2: Paul MiTchell, Tim Bridges, Gary KnighT, Bob Kohl, STeve MalTby, Jim McCarThy, Dick Knipp, Dennis Turner, Mike Sauer, Rich McKee, Mike PaTTerson, Jim Dudis, Dick Delaier. Row 3: Larry Barker, Bob Evers, Bob CoiTman, Doug Alexander, Gary l'luTTon, Dave Kalbileisch, Dave Phillips, Paul WrighT, STeve Lowery, John MaTTir1gly, John Rehling, Doug GroThian, Joe Hamilion, Mike l-layes, Craig l-loifhines. Row 4: Bernie Buchholz, Roger Marsh, Bill Todd, Dave VendT, Jim Fledderiohn, Rich VarsiTy F Club members, Dave Traub and Dave Kalbileisch, sell baskeT- ball programz To loyal WesT sTudenTs, Jane Shaier and Molly O'Brien Miller, Jim SharriTT, Jim AnewalT, Dick Miler, Tom Myers, STevc Barr, Roger Sachleberi, James Helmer, Bruce WrighT. Row 5: Dave Ganiz, Bill ChenoweTh, Jack Mehl, KeiTh Noble, Mike BalThrop, Mike Logsdon, David LuTes, Marc Jewell, Dave Shoemacher, Mike Norris, JeTT Pardue, PaT McEvoy, Phil DraTyon, Jim Miller, STeve BohardT. Row 6: Woody STiles, Mike McGirr, Fred Williams, Mike Finegold, Norm STrobino, Doug Doly, Rex Riner, Nick Becker, John Murray, Dick Roller, Greg Kling, STeve Miles. FronT Row: Dedra Turner, Sue STahr, Carol SchaTTer, Peggy Brodrick, Diane Clark, Becky Franz, Doug Clark, lrene ChrisToTis, Becky Nicely, KaThi Denka, Susan DeMougin, Becky DeTrick. Row 2: Debbie l-layes, Linda Dobrino, CaThy SmiTh, Barbara Gillan, Gail l-lawk, Margie Wunder, Nancy EnwrighT, Susy Price, Joanne l-larTranTT, Sandy Coulles, Pam Medley, Jan NolTe. Row 3: Joan Downing, Marcia Mumpower, Melinda Gay Mardi Gras festival highlights French Club Bizarre French decoraTions conTribuTed To The commemora- Tion oT The French culTure aT The Mardi Gras TesTival held in February. Such delicacies as peTiT Tours provided new experiences Tor sTudenTs who had never TasTed French Toods. Fronl Row: Susan Masiriana, Linda Coons, Priscilla Bosnak, Vicki GarliTz, Lorie Caldwell, Karen Lewis, Allyn Wallace, Carol Glascock, Judy Keller, Margie Zaremski, Claire Richards, Randi MclnTyre, Vicki Youngman. Row 2: Lori TungaTe, Deb Turner, Paula WhiTe, Susie Banks, Marcia Hulsman, Vicky Korosei, Thorpe Leeson, Mark Brainard, Melissa Brown, PaTsy Paddock, KaThy Banks, Marilyn Kershner, Mary Dinsmore. Row 3: Higgins, Linda Greer, Kris OpTerkuch, Anne BaxTer, Diane Scimone, Cindy Lindamood, John Ridd, Susie Williams, RuTh Grave, BeTsy Ashmun. Row 4: Barb BuTT, Richard SakornbuT, Dabney Mack, Phil Wells, STeve MarTin, Tom LeTT, Mike l-laThaway, PeTer Rehling, STeve Kisling, JeTT Wise, Bill McQueen. Members rendered enTerTainmenT by producing skiTs and plays in which club members depicTed persons oT French descenT. French Club sponsored oTher inspiraTional acTiviTies such as soccer games and speakers who had visiTed or lived in Toreign lands. These speakers included Jean Paul Garodel and Sue STahr who provided a combinaTion oT educaTion and enTer- TainmenT Through Their Talks aT The monThly meeTings. French Club welcomed Mrs. Judy Schiller as The new adviser This year. Miss Mary Belle Warren and Mrs. Joan Burns also served as advisers working coordinaTely wiTh The sTudenTs. Sue l-lanlin, Sue Lachey, Carol Clawson, Jan Harbaugh, CaThy Eagle, Lynn Judge, Vicki Fleck, Anne BarTleTT, Debbie Zechar, Leslie Williamson, Gloria Sharnz, David Chambers, Rick Thomasf Mike Jones. Row 4: Dianne Reinke, Alexandra Feeman, Mary Barkalow, Debby Tyler, Jane HarT, Nancy Hedden, Alan Kemp, Tom Green, Sandy Lewis, Denise Grolz, Anne Caranagh, Linnea BraTle, KaThy Scimone, Nancy CarTer. Vw Q Griip Grolf, a familiar German greeling, generales inferesf as +he 'topic of discussion for Dan Deen, Paulelfe Korlnegi, and Les Habel. German Christmas party expresses ioy of season German Club members celebraled lhe Chrislmas season by singing German Chrisrmas carols and ealing German food. Under 'rhe direclion of Mr. Lee Risley, members beneliiled by learning from aclivilies which concerned 'rhe cusloms and Fronf Row: Leslie l-label, Secrelaryg Dan Boen, Presidenfq Paulelle Korlcegi, Vice Presidenl. Row 2: Kafhi Zinlc, Keijh Slanley, Ron Bowman, Chris 'vi ' 0 1 , .. ii liiiff. f - . -i . 'iiiiii - X gil: i ' Q I ' 0 ' .45 1 l . ti.. ,. 'in Q' Q S5 5 if A A 6 L . 9 V ?,' 'f g??'fg,wf.' Q 'cs1s.,w,'sy ."'.s 'A ' 1-L? . Q, f 'ff' .,.,.4aq.'ra,g 1 5 ,sk r... r 1, ' i:".",n-I 'fs 'L A , cullural background of lhe German nafion, nor only af 'rhe pariy bul' ar rhe bimonlhly meerings as well. German Club encouraged Hs members lo parlicipale in indi- vidual exploralion by presenfing siluafions which did nor occur wifhin normal classroom proceedings. These silualions included viewing German producls and engaging in conversalions. Members confribuled sraiemenls of ideas and suggesled ways of improving The club aclivifies. These suggeslions led fo fhe sludying of various localions of Germany on The map and lhe formalion of aclivilies al lhe picnic and meelings. Hayes, Alice Schmidt Sue Masfriana. Row 3: David. Smilh, Scoff Baker, Tom Woods, Dave Berberl, Mr. Lee Risley. Fronf Row: Mike l-lafhaway, SergeanT aT Arms: Barb lmig, Presidenfq Joy Federle, Secrefary-Treasurer, Lenny Eafon, Social Chairman: Eleni Drakos, Vice Presidenfg Dave Bilbrey, Sergeanf aT Arms. Row 2: PaT Emmons, Vickie Madole, Karen Adams, Sue Newlin, Karen Sims, Debbie Crum, Leslie Redmon, Marii lmig, Debbie Aszling, Jo LyTTon. Row 3: Linda Vandeval, Dorofhy Remnanf, Debbie Thygerson, Camille Franklin, Jane Kelly, PaTTy Zenner, Bev Pean, Nancy Carr, Mrs. Karen Kronbach, Diana Lawson. Row 4: Jeff Trace, Sfeve Simpson, Wil l-lemker, Ron Baker, Lon Oxendine, David Remnanf, Bill Oliver, Dan Eads. Row 5: Dan Doll, Lowell Rieger, Fred Fischer, Sfeve Rieger, Bill Merrell, Jerry Fouke, Bill Thompson, Charles Allbery, Bob Sfanley. ISI Meme Munoz speaks to Spanish Club about Chile Those sTudenTs wiTh an inTeresT in The culTure and people of Spanish speaking counTries meT Twice monThly as members of WesT's Spanish Club. Mrs. Karen Kronbach, The club's ad- viser, helped club officers plan meefings ThaT would ipromoTe a beTTer undersTanding of The Spanish language and cusfoms. This year Demefrio Muiioz, one of FairmonT WesT's Two foreign exchange sTudenTs, spoke To The club members aT one of iTs firsT rneeTings. Meme chose To speak abouf his naTive counTry Chile and iTs influence in SouTh America. l-lighlighfing The year's acTiviTies was The TradiTional ChrisT- mas parTy for Spanish Club members. During The parTy sTu- denTs Took Turns aT Trying To break The pi'FiaTa. When someone successfully broke The pi'n'aTa, small prizes spilled onTo The floor for everyone To enioy. Mrs. Kronbach hoped ThaT her Spanish Club could possibly send school books To The school ThaT FairrnonT Wesf financed. Locafed in Peru, The school evolved lasT year from The Peace Corps' School-To-School ProiecT. Spanish Club wished To Tur- Ther The children's educaTion wi+h This donafion. PaTTy Zenner and Jerry Fouke porfray Snow Whife and Prince Charming in a skiT of Snow Whife and The Seven Dwarfs given by Spanish club. 'w..,,,,M' In mi 1 1 A, Lalin Club members Doug Conrads and Marlha Grodrian examine models of ancienl' Roman culfure made by Mrs. Joan Burns' Lalin sludenls. May Roman Banquet hig Filly members of Wes+'s Lalin Club mel once a monlh ro broaden Their lcnowledge of lhe ancienl cusroms, music, lil- erarure, arl, and games of lhe Roman Empire. Advisers Mrs. Joan Burns and Miss Merrilla Davis helped club members +o co-ordinale discussions, slcils, and programs for meerings. Fronf Row: Lynne Wagner, Melinda Liu, Phyllis Jaclcson, Jeanne Folz, Viclci Williams, Julia Gillon, Karen Yorlc, Polly Brown. Row 2: Pamela Kemp, Carolyn Border, Kevin Guise, Alan Grodrian, Doug Conrads, Waller hlighfs year for Latin Club Brighlrening yuleride fesfivilies Lalin Club held an annual Salurnalia lChris+masl parly for members. l-lighlighling Jrhe school year, lhe club held lhe annual Roman Banguel in May for all Lalin sludenls. Keeping wirh The Roman spirir srudenls dressed in hand-made Jrogas and sampled Roman foods. Drummond, Dean Clemm, Susan Bryanl. Row 3: BeHi Anderson, Carleen Marshall, Marlha Grodrian, Parfy Chaney, Karen Brown, Maxine Caralhers, Barbara Beebe, Ellen Bailey, Sherry Taulbee. f Q :ei gilt xy fi A D N' N-w....s. fgti .lriblln I. kTl,:'i ,gr skill ,I l he 3? H EDP VMM 5 gg.:-' Fronl Row: Jo Anne Alkins: Marlha Grodrian, Presidenlg Alan Grodrian, Vice Presidenlg Kalhi Zink, Secrelary-Treasurer: Janice Dorslen. Row 2: Marlha Grodrian indicales lhe inleresling and inlorrnalive aspecls ol Russian cullure lo Alan Grodrian, Debbie Crum, and Mary Snyder. Reading along wilh lhe record in Russian dialecl, Debbie Crum gains a more lechnical knowledge of skillful usage of The Russian language. iii' - 2000 RPC ., N X Seas 4 . 14 'M- i 7 332, som ron l 'fs 1. l As- Debbie Crum, Dorolhy Remnanl, Camille Franklin, Mr. Roberl Janes. Culture, language relighf paths for Russian Club Members ol Russian Club accepled The challenge of reacli- valing 'rhis club afler ils disappearance four years ago. Mem- bers promolecl all aclivilies due lo ils novelly as a language club. Celebraling Epiphany, lhe Russian Chrislmas, and com- memoraling May Day highlighled lhis year's aclivilies. Club meelings devoled lime lo sludying lhe language, cul- lure, and cusloms. Adviser Miss Merrilla Davis, lhrough her own fluency, inslrucled members in ihe arl of Russian speech. Adviser Mr. Roberl Janes furnished members wilh knowledge of lhe inleresling cullure and cusloms ol lhe Russian people. 3111 G fl 9' i-Issswmilmwsflliwsse Chess players Kevin Guise and Bill l-lunsalcer cornpeie fo delermine who will represenl Wesl' in fhe W.O.L. malch againsi Fairmonl Easl. Chess and Bridge Club Parliciparion in Weslrern Ohio League's division of chess and bridge proved lo be a very inleresling and imporlanl parjr ol ihis club's currenl acliviries. Through inlra-club challenges, The club selecred ils five mosl slcilled players for compelilion. Marches againsr W.O.L. mem- bers Cenrerville, Fairmonl Easr, Springfield, and Wayne reams Fronf Row: Waller Firlh, President William l-lunsalcer, Vice Presidenl. Row 2: Susy Delvlougin, Kaihi Zinlc, Barbie Shaeller, Wall Schalnal, Gregg Gillcey, Janice Dorsien, Richard Kurz. Row 3: Gene Monnier, Bob Hen- Qzsiigfiiiigr W ,,, i L V -az -1 lnformal compeiilion gives bridge players Susy DeMougin, Kaihi Zink, Tom Leif, and John Builer opporlunily lo perfecl skills and slralegy. sets new goal in WOL consliluled a rewarding schedule for rhis year's Chess and Bridge Club. Mr. Lee Risley advised rhe club. lvlaiching wirs and wisdom provided lhe 25 members wilh a slimularing armosphere. Sporisman-like rivalry afforded en- ioymeni and pleasure. Members speni much lime learning and mainlaining good slralegy and winning lechniques. drix, John Richard, Rick Thomas, Pele l-lamillon, Mike Snead, Keilh Sfanley. Row 4: John Buller, Feier Rehling, Torn Carroll, Tom Neville, Larry Adams, Kevin Guise, Slephen Maslriana. ' 1 , .. ,.QO'UECADi,s , Science Club advocates -af O . 1, 1, -' -' I If . Fronf Row: Carl Wilcox, Mary Barlcalow, Barbie Shaeffer, William Hunsalcer, Janice Dorsfen, Ralph Neff, Mr, Elby laclceff. Row 2: John Griffin, Milne chscusslon and research Science Club affempfed fo creafe an inferesf in scienfific research and fo furnish an opporfunify for free discussion of fhe fields of biological science, zoology, bofany, and phys- ics. lo carry ouf fhis mofive, lhe club held meefings fwice each monfh under fhe supervision of Science Club officers and adviser Mr. Elby L. Taclceff. Af fhese meefings members discussed fhe various resulfs of research problems in fhe biological sciences, fhey also explained fhe mefhods and fheories behind such experimenfs. Guesf lecfurers and officers presenfed many experimenfs and dem- onsfrafions fhroughouf fhe year so fhaf fhe sfudenf could obfain a beffer knowledge of fhe fascinafing science field. Because fhis club covered many vasf areas, scienfifically inclined sfudenfs gained a much beffer concepf of fheir own pofenfial when sfudying specific fopics in fhe science room. Thus, members acfed nof only as observers buf also parficipafed in fhe endeavors fhe club decided fo sponsor. Mr. Taclceff demonsfrafes his own scienfific slcill while insfrucfing club members William Hunsalcer and Paul Anderson wifh an experimenf. Pansing, Milne Brahm, Dan Sfewarf, Bill Sfeeley, Kevin Guise, John Richard, Paul Anderson, Gary l-lipple. .. .. ,A-f' Froni Row: Barbie Shaeiier, Janice Dorslen, Gail Hawk. Row 2: Mr. Roberl Schnarre, Carl Wilcox, William Hunsalcer, Ronald Bowman, George Nicoll, Peier Rehling, Dan Siewari, Bill Sieeley, David Bilbrey, Ken Tanner, Keilh Sianley, Dayion Clarlc, Sieve Simpson, Jeii Trace, Mr. Alvin Funderburg. Members exercise math skill at bi-monthly meetings lvlalh Club mei every second and iourlh Tuesday oi each monlh io siudy such subiecis as iopology, universal seis, and spacial geomeiry which were Jroo complicaied for class sludy. Approximalely lweniy members ioolc an acrive parl in puzzle-solving during bifmonlhly meelings. Seniors Gail Hawk and Dave Bilbrey slrive 'ro find lhe answer lo a complicaied geomeiric puzzle ai one of The bi-rnonfhly club meelings. """"""l'-'A " ,-ipnig W "' s ,ss Advisers lvlr. Alvin K. Funderburq and Mr. Roberl Schnarre aided club oliicers in planning meeiings ieaiuring speakers and demonsiralions in ihe field of malh. Members advocaied a policy of helping fellow siudenls ololain a beller underslandinq in ihe area of maih which inreresied Them. x ,cs s .1 is ., . PM C... A ' I li' 1 Front Row: Wayne Chandler, President: Carl Romer, Vice-President: Steve Mclloberts, Secretary: Rick Cvedeon, Social Chairman. Row 2: Ronnie Flynn: Derrill Ludwig: Greg Gray: Mike Dell'Aria: Mike l-luden: Ronnie DCT encourages spirit, competition at Fairmont This year tor the tirst time students became involved with the Diversitied Cooperative Training program and voted to organize an otticial club. This club understood and encouraged the practice ot conservation ot time, money, and material. Members strived to toster high ideals and appreciation tor a certain dignity ot work in industry. Parties, year-round and at Christmas, ottered opportunities tor wholesome recreational activities and helped to develop leadership in social pursuits among members. To encourage a spirit ot competition within the school as well as create an avid appreciation tor vocational training during spirit week, DCT challenged the three classes combined and provided the largest pile ot wood tor the Pep Club's bontire. By creating a good employer-employee relationship while at their respective iobs, members promoted a higher standard ot workmanship. DCT also encouraged an enthusiasm in scholas- tic abilities by studying skills and training tor iobs in class and setting up related displays in the various units. Wayne Chandler. president ot DCT. and Larry Sumner add their con- tribution to the club's pile ot scrap wood tor the spirit-week bontire. Wells: Ernest Herndon. Row 3: Dick Macy: Joe Bosron: Steve Kreutzer: Dave Hurt: Dillis Campbell: Larry Sumner. 1' lO8 8 S 12 5 561,14 ii' 7? y ,fin A -Vu f t Jo' l 2 3 i i x . X 1 Front Row: Bryan Haversticlx, President: Gene Monnier, Vice-President: Gary Northup, Secretary. Row 2: Allen Luckmany Bob Raneyg Roger Lyons: Milce Sneadi Doug Blair: George Nicollg Charlie Allbery: Mr. RE members show avid interest in technology Fairmont West's Radio Electronics Club gave its members an excellent opportunity to learn about every phase ot electronics and made use ot all the equipment available to them. Interested students worlceol in the electronics shop atter school to spend an enioyable as well as organized atternoon among others with a thirst tor knowledge in radio-technology. Several members had an interest in radio and they studied code together to obtain their Novice Amateur Radio License. Others worlced independently on proiects ot their own with the treely given protessional advice ot Mr. Wayne Wills. He directed many students in the repair ot their own radios and television sets. Club members also built amplitiers. Tom Carroll, Charlie Allbery, and Bryan t-laverstick study the electronics equipment made available to them at a past attcr-school RE meeting. 41 at gy me fi it Wayne Wills. Row 3: Dave Hammond: Ron Balserg Lowell Scott George Zubrick: Tom Carroll: Alan Kemp: Tom Hinkley. ..... .... . . S ell. W9 Rm. TTR X ,, I ,, N L'-9' We M Marcia Cromer, Presidenfg Dorofhy Remnanfy Alice Hoover, Secrefaryg and Carol Fisk, Treasurer consfifufe fhis year's Junior Red Cross. JRC promotes proiecis to assist public welfare This year Junior Red Cross funcfioned as one of Fairmonf's mosf' service-minded organizafions. if provided a chance for inferesfecl sfudenfs fo find, when in fime of need, fhe safis- facfion of assisfing in fhe promofion of various area proi- ecfs for fhe healfh and welfare of ofhers. If has also en- couraged fellowship and brofherhood. Under fhe careful supervision of adviser Miss Margarel' Rooney, fhis year acfive members parficipafed in various programs for fhe benefif of manlcind. They supporfed flood and ofher disasfer relief, assisfed af various hospifals, and essenfially insfilled good will and hope in fhe hearfs of people fhroughouf fhe nafion and fhe world. individual confribufions from fhe sfudenf body supporfed JRC in such proiecfs as fhe Unifed Appeal Drive which club presidenf Marcia Cromer and Sfudenf Council presidenf Sfeve Malfby organized and direcfed. Junior Red Cross of- fered fo ifs oufsfanding members opporfunifies fo affend leadership camps and fhe nafional convenfion of Red Cross. Sieve Malfby, presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Council, and Marcia Cromer, presidenf of JRC, discuss fhe resulfs of The Uniled Appeal Drive. Beverly Mulligan and Dorolhy Remranl seleci movies io be shown al YFC meeiings which are held lwice a monih in ihe wesl unil-room 3I9. YFC encourages mutual fellowship on campus Youlh For Chrisl Club advocaled improving The spirilual, menial, and social allilude oi Jrhe campus. Rallies held on Fronl' Row: Mr. Ross Balesony Bill Search, Vice-Presidenlg Kay Bullcke, Publicily Chairman: Sharon Robbins, Presidenl. Row 2: Beverly Mulligan. Saiurday nighls gave members a chance lo hear inleresiing spealcers and spend an enjoyable evening among friends. This year YFC and olher such area organizalions along wilh radio sialion WlNG held a "Wild Goose Chase" and inviled inieresied siudenls. To encourage lhe enihusiasm of ihe sludeni body lor sporlrs al West members also held a "Burger Blast" providing spirii-minded siudenls wiih iood and enierlainrnenl before spiriied Dragon loolball games. Ken Lislon, Sieve Simpson, David Remnant Ronald Bowman, Lon Oxen dine. Doroihy Remnani, Barbie Shaeiier, Marilyn Grani. Il' 1,2 rg- N Fronl' Row: Sarah Elder, Susan Williams, Lynda Berry, Ann Maess, Sue Helen Perkins, Sally Henderson, George Zubrick. James Lalham, Deme- 5lar1l'Or1. Helen l-elvldy. Joan Hinkley. Deane Carpenler, Joyce Levy. Di- lrio Munoz, Jim While, Bob Kowaski, Mike Hammer. Dabney Mack. anne Weiland, Linda Harding, Marilyn Horn, Cheryl Duerr, Karen Rea. Camille Franklin. Paula Thomas, Jay Parker, Mr. Fred Von Gruenigen. Row 2: Mr. David Smilh, Wanda Saellel, Denise Grolz, Alice Schmidt Wesi's Art Club infrocluces firsl psychedelic party Arl Club, designed lor sludenls inleresled in learning more aboul arl apprecialion and relaled occupalions, provided excellenl' opporlunily lor members lo invesligale dillerenl phases ol ils experience. Members secured knowledge aboul' conlemporary inlerprelalion of arl and derived crealive ex- pression lrom lhe imaginalive skill used in individual proiecls. Fall aclivilies included decoraling windows al Town and Counlry Shopping Cenler wilh Halloween characlers and a psychedelic parly wilh dancing and group painling. ln lhe spring, Ari Club members lraveled lo lhe Cincinnali Museum of Ari and Shillilo's lo view resulls of an arl conlesl, in which eighly Wesl arlisls had previously enlered lor compelilion. Meelings ol lhis commillee-direcled club involved leclures by such professionals as Mr. Melvin Hucke from H H Ari' Sludios who spoke aboul lrends in commercial arl and Mr. Ralph Tekulve from Slandard Regisler Company who spoke aboul lhe induslrial usage of lellering and design. Mr. David Smilh and Mr. Fred Von Gruenigen advised Ari Club. Junior Arl Club members Joyce Levy and Dianne Weiland praclice shad- ing facial fealures while skelching a plasler casl' ol a woman's head. l 11" " f Glorious Fool highlights Creative Writers' year Creative Writer's Club, designed to encourage creative expression in writing, developed and strengthened abilities ot many West writers. Members gained valuable insight into the art ot contemporary writing through a stimulating atmos- phere ot perceptive observation and creative awareness. Members submitted original compositions tor constructive criticism by tellow writers and practiced writing slcills tor selt-improvement during meetings held twice a month. ln- spired by these literary contributions, members motivated each other in securing a new style that became their own. This year's assignments included composing sketches ot sen- sory impressions about various aesthetic qualities ot nature and writing Christmas stories tor children in Kettering Memorial l-lospital. Annual publication ot the "Glorious Fool," West's special literary magazine containing examples ot the worlcs ot members and non-members, highlighted activities. Many ot West's most outstanding writers came trom this organization. Miss Ruth hleitzman advised the club this year. Creative Writers' Club member Nancy Enwright gains basic lcnowl- edge ot writing skills and styles through classic literary interpretation Smallest club membership proves insignificant agree Creative Writers' Club members Kathi Zink, Sue Stork, Joan Downing, and Nancy Enwright. S Front Row: Meme Muiiozg Nanneke Joustra: Kris MacCagno. Secretary: Linda Hopkins, President: Jan Worthman, Vice President: Bill Medley, Treasurer. Row 2: Cindy Lindamood, Claudia Church, Kate Riley, Cindy Hahn. Ellen Cushner, Linda Meuser, Janelle Schierling, Karen Straus- baugh, Carol Auwers, Jane McNutt, Sandy Stimmel, Debbie Anderson, Karen Sims. Row 3: Leslie Williamson, Phyllis Jackson. Debbie Crum, Pat Emmons, Carleen Marshall, Vickie Madole, Vera Zitzke, JoAnne Atkins, Betty Jo Herring, Linda Greer, Chris Owens, Linda Hibbs, Becky Nicely, Carolyn Grover, Vicki Reitz, Janet Ekey. AFS helps foreign students feel Cl port of Fairmont Fairmont's AFS, American Field Service Club, helped West's two AFS students, Nanneke Joustra and Meme Mutioz, to teel at home in their new surroundings. To start the year, Meme and Nanneke met Fairmont students at a reception in Central Unit held in honor ot their visit to the U.S. As a money-making proiect tor the club AFS members sold otticial AFS Christmas cards. Marilyn Kershner and Betty Anderson held the position ot West's AFS candidates to go abroad tor the tollowing school year. Front Row: Dave Younkman, Edward Van Delft Byleveld, Frank Trippett, Mark Donovan, Mark Montgomery, Bob Nelson, Dan Stewart, Dave Berbert, Jim Schlachter, Malcolm Lunderman, Dick Miller, James Latham. Row 2: Peggy Brodrick, Diana Scimone, Jan Wise, Linda Harding, Paulette Korkegi, Debbie Martinson, Melissa Brown, Sue Mastriana, Pam Medley, West's club sponsored AFS Day in December where two other AFS students and one returnee joined West's two AFS students in making a presentation betore the West student body. They visited various classes during the day and engaged in a question and answer period with students. This year the adult AFS chapter sent John Horton, a graduate ot Fairmont West, to live and study in Germany as an AFS scholarship receiver. Mr. Dale Berry, a graduate ot Fairmont, advised the AFS club tor his tirst time this year. Doris Korczynski, Bona Schellhase, Leslie Redmon, Cindy Brem, Karla Whiteman. Row 3: Jane Kelly. Ann Bains, Linda Fryer, Diane Weiland, Sue Newlin. Patty Zenner, Helen LeMay, Marcia Mumpower, Dedra Turner, Karen Sosnowski, Susie Price, Linda Vandeval, Betsy Ashmun. Nancy Nolte. AFS hosts two students from different continents This year West hosted two AFS students. Fennenda Hille- gonda Joustra, known as Nanneke by tellow students. came to Kettering, Qhio and Fairmont West l-ligh School in August trom Groningen, Netherlands. Nanneke, I7 years old and a senior at West, attended an all girls school in the Netherlands. Theretore, she was not exposed to the sundry sports ot Fairmont West and the United States. Nanneke enjoyed being involved in the many Fairmont and AFS activities. She liked being with people and learning the American customs as well as sharing her own with West- onians. She lived with Dr. and Mrs. John Worthman and their daughter Jan, a Central Unit iunior, in I967-68. Angel Demetrio Munoz Barrera, I7 years old, came to Fairmont West and Kettering, Ohio in August trom San- tiago, Chile. l-le lived with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doty. "Meme" as well as Nanneke both seemed surprised by Fairmont West's IIOZ spirit especially that which was con- nected with sports. At home in Chile Meme belonged to a tolksinging group and he has shown his talents by playing the guitar and singing at various AFS tunctions. Since Meme had never lived in a place where it snowed, he and his brother, Doug Doty, enioyed skiing and sledding. Nanneke Joustra, an AFS student trom the Netherlands and a member ot West's yearbook statt, works on the activities section ot the Dragon. l , V Q S as 9 sss 1. .sci ' A it Q , 35 1- , i 'x John Horton recipient ot AFS scholarship to Germany shows his adoptive tlag to American Field Service students Nanneke Joustra and Meme Munoz. Meme Munoz ot Chile enioys meeting students ot Fairmont West at the new student party in the lunch room at the beginning ot the year. PoliTical Science Club members-Pal' O'Rourlce7 Jane McNuTT3 Tom LeTT, SecreTary-Treasurer: Janelle Schierling, Vice PresidenT: Sue Faren, PresidenTg Bill Medley: Carolyn Grover. Political Science Club conducts ca Presidential Poll This year PoliTical Science Club members beneTiTed Trom speeches and discussions given by disTinguished poliTical lead- ers and experTs. Members had The chance To parTicipaTe each meeTing by quesTioning spealcers on The areas concern- ing running Tor public oTTice, sTeering governmenT, oppor- TuniTies in The poliTical Tield Tor youTh, and oTher poliTical subiecTs oT currenT world and area concern. Mr. Charles Horne and Mr. Ben Anlcney spolce on The aspecTs oT running Tor The posiTion OT ciTy councilman oT KeTTering. Ex-Congressman Mr. Rodney M. Love spoke oT The Tlaws in The Congressional sysTem oT The UniTed STaTes. PoliTical Science Club members proTiTed Trom These Tallcs because Mr. Love suggesTed improvemenTs in The presenT sysTem and ways in which To change iT Tor The beTTer. WesT's club Toolc a palifical poll on The sTudenT's choice Tor The PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes in The November elecTions This year. Because The club was non-parTisan, all phases of poliTical philosophy appeared during each meeTing resulTing in inTormaTive discussions. Mr. Ben Anlqney, a Cen- Tral UniT senior social sTudies Teacher and a reTurning KeT- Tering ciTy councilman, advised The club This year. PoliTical Science Club members, Sue Farren and Janelle Schierling, inquire abouT The voTing procedures and candidaTes on ElecTion Day. " JCOWA's Flea Market earns UMATT money STudenTs inTeresTed in discussing The currenT world prob- lems aTTended JCOWA, Junior Council on World ATTairs, meeTings where They heard speeches by such individuals as Dr. RoberT Banning, a noTed auThoriTy on The problems oT EasTern Europe. STudenTs parTicipaTed in a Flea MarkeT aT Hara Arena To earn money Tor UMATT. UMATT "The Tlying Peace Corps" carries Toods, supplies, workers To ATrica. JCOWA members gave speeches To classes on The UN during UniTed NaTions Week. In This way oTher sTudenTs could be more inTormed on The proceedings oT The UN. JCOWA sponsored Two Tamilies beTore ChrisTmas. STudenTs collecTed canned goods and cloThing To make iT possible Tor These Tamilies To have a more enjoyable ChrisTmas holiday. JCOWA cookbooks on Toreign Tood sold by The members helped To earn money Tor The club and The area Junior Council on World ATTairs. STudenTs had The chance To dis- play Their TalenTs by perTorming beTore an audience oT Tellow sTudenTs aT The JCOWA sponsored hooTenanny. Area JCOWA clubs Took parT in a Mock General As- sembly in which sTudenTs organized an assembly depicTing The real organizaTion. Members who accumulaTed The highesT number oT service poinTs Through parTicipaTion in These acTiv- iTies had The chance To Take The JCOWA sponsored Trip To New York and WashingTon, D.C. in April. Froni' Row: Debby Golob, Treasurer: Judy Miller, SecreTary: Phil Wells, PresidenTg Carol Auwers, Vice PresidenT: Debby Hayes, HisTorian. Row 2: STephen MasTriana, Richard Kun, Sharon Walker, JoAnne ATkins, Phyllis Jackson, Rocky Hodgson, Chuck HuTTer, Jim SchlachTer, ScoTT Davis, Mark Donovan, Linda Hopkins, PaT Chaney, Dave Younkrnan, Doug Clark, Frank TrippeTT. Row 3: Mrs. Freda Clark, Janelle Schierling, Jane McNuTT, Sandy STimmel, Nanneke JousTra, Becky DoggeTT, Diana Sci- Diana Scimone, a member of Junior Council on World Affairs, gives a speech To a civics class on The UN during UniTed NaTions Week. mone, Karen York, Cincli Brock, Leslie Williamson, Ann Bains, Leslie Redmon, CaThy SmiTh, Teresa WaiTzman, Marcia Mumpower, Mrs. EThelyn McMillan. Row 4: Kris MacCagno, Jane Kelly. Pam Kemp, Gail Hawk, Debbie McMillan, PaT O'Rourke, Kerry Lawson, Dennis Shepherd, Paul Konicki, Mike HaThaway, Tom LeTT, Alan Kemp, STeve MarTin. John Luyben, Melinda Higgins, Sue Farren, Muffy Tallberg, Bona Schellhase, Doris Korczynski, Bernie Buchholz, KaThy Zink. Front Row: Melinda l-liggins, Sheila Pocht, Ronald Stoerker, Jane McNutt. Greg Chapell, David Traub. Carolyn Auwers, Robert Cott- man, Linda Hopkins, Malcolm Lunderman, David l-lardy, John Lachey, Dan Stewart, Tom Lett, Steve Martin. Row 2: Dennis Shepherd, Eleni Drakos, Joli Treat, Chris Hayes, Leslie Habel, Richard Koller, Jim McCarthy, Cathy Smith. Linda Booze, Jan Wise, Susi Willig, Susan Stahr, Janelle Schierling, Ginny Merrell, Sandy Stimmel, Carol Schatter, Nancy Lynn. Row 3: Janet Ekey, Susan Saunders, Peggy Newly tapped member Janelle Schierling registers surprise as Nancy Nolte pins the traditional yellow and blue ribbon on her shoulder. i 1:1 f eral? :sl l Graybill, Joan Downing, Bill Medley, Martha l-lart, Phillip Wells, Peggy Mathes, Connie Thompson, Bernie Buchhalz, Becky Franz, Gail Hawk, Judith Miller, Barbara lmig, Chuck l-lutter, Nancy Nolte. Row 4: Penni Whyte, Carol Swarhel, Kristine MacCagno, Martha Grodrian, Toni Naso, Sharon Walker, Mike Hathaway, Doug Sherman. Lessa Per- naveau, Diana Scimone. Doug Clark, Peggy Brodrick, Rebecca Nicely, Dwight Compton, Kathi Zink, Cathy Weimer, TK members elect unit chairmen for first time Torch and Keystone designates West's chapter ot the Na- tional l-lonor Society. Faculty members choose students tor membership in this honorary organization in contormity with rules established by the National Association ot Secondary School Principals. To quality tor membership one must excel in areas ot leadership. scholarship, service, and character. Senior membership must not exceed titteen percent ot the total enrollment ot all seniors. Seven-and-one-halt percent become members during their iunior year, and the remaining seven-and-one-halt percent become members their senior year. This year Mr. Paul Wagner, adviser ot Torch and Key- stone, urged members to elect a president and three unit chairmen instead ot a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Mr. Wagner telt that this change would give the unit chairmen more active roles in planning activities. Torch and Keystone executed many helptul projects dur- ing the year. Members served as guides tor P.T.A. Open House and sophomore orientation. During the Christmas holidays T.K. members hosted a cottee hour tor the class ot I967 and held a Christmas party tor club members. Torch and Keystone ended the year with a picnic. During the yuletide season, Torch and Keystone members entertain graduates from the class ot I967 at an early-morning cottee hour. V,-x , X + H' A+ lhe spring Quill and Scroll banquel' Susie Price adiusls Sue Saund ers' pin inclicaling membership in lhe inlernalional honorary sociely. Dragon staff hosts sprin Under lhe supervision ol Mrs. Jane Nolan and Mrs. Doris Schember. Wesl's chapler of The Quill and Scroll lnler- nalional Sociely lor High School Journalisls encourages slu- denls lo expand lheir lcnowledge of journalism. To gualily lor membership one musl be a iunior or senior in lhe upper lhird ol his class and work in some field of iournalism. Fronl Row: Linda Bossi, Bob Coffman, Bernie Buchholz. Ken Logan, Susan Farren, Paula Roller, Susie Price. Row 2: Melinda Higgins, ,M 4 Givdfi 'l Quill and Scroll banquet ln lhe spring lhe induclion ol new members 'roolc place al a banquel held ioinlly by The Dragon and Dragon Tales slalls. Besides lhe inilialion of new members, oulslanding senior iournalisls received Trophies. Each slall member voled lor lhe seniors he fell deserved oulslanding recognilion. This year lhe Dragon slali hosled lhe spring banguel. Dwighl' Complon, Debby Luclcman, Sandy Slimmel, Sue Saunders. Jan Wise, Barbara lmig,-Sheryl Thornlon, Nancy Nolle. S Front Row: John Trenholm, Rick Thomas, Jett Eckert. Steve Martin, Mick Maney, Tom Lett, Phil Wells, Social Chairman, Jett Vore, Vice Presidentg Paula Anderson, Treasurer: Mike Hathaway, President: Evy Stettens, Jack Horrell, Pat Pancoast, Steve Kisling. Row 2: Bob Gar- rett, Jan Wise, Cinda Purdy, Jim Helmer, Gail Hawk, Joy Hildreth, Jo Lytton, Janet Ward, Suzi Willig, Linda Hopkins, Sandy Stimmel, Bon- nie Schonsheck, Betti Anderson, Allen Fox, Mike Nolan, Connie Schaer- er, Kay Butcke, Gloria Shantz. Row 3: Pam Kemp, Linda Harding, Nan- cy Longo, Diana Sfimone, Deborah Hayes, Joan Downing, Carol Glascock, Georgia Hass, Patty Strathearn, Karen Adams, Sandy Lewis, Teresa Waitzman, Nancy Berbert, Carol Niehus, Linda Meuser, Jett Foley, Mar- cia Flynn, Bob Nelson. Row 4: Carol Schatter, Kathi Zink, Vicki Crum- rine, Mindy Plummer, Debbie Morrison, Karen York, Kris MacCagno, Kate Riley, Karen Strausbaugh, Janelle Schierling, Kathy Banks, Patsy Pad- dock, Claudia Church, Jett Linsker, Bill Search, Gary Hutton, Jim Wick, Jan Windsor, Jan Kelly. West wins four N.F.L. sweepstakes tournaments Fairmont West speech and debate students expressed their dramatic and rhetorical skills through participation in Na- tional Forensic League. Membership involved earning points by competing in a series ot legitimate speech tournaments. Individual contestants scored in the areas ot humor, dramatic, oratory, original oratory, extempore, and debate to win tour Saturday morning darkness creeps in bus windows to reveal sleepy speech and debate teams traveling to the Columbus East tournament. N.F.L. sweepstakes tournaments. National Forensic League sponsored district, state, and national tournaments, in which tourteen members ot West's N.F.L. chapter competed. Speech students presented a show in April to raise money, and held a banquet in May to honor outstanding speech individuals. Miss Leah Funck, Mr. Joseph Kuldau advised N.F.L. Serenity ot still lite depicts results ot speech winnings at three sweepstakes tournaments and fourteen individual events tournaments. 0 0 I West's Thespian Society depicts acting versatility National Thespian Society bestowed honorary recognition upon those students who distinguished themselves in the tield ot dramatic arts. Fairmont West's chapter ot Thespians quali- tied only iuniors and seniors tor membership this year. Participation in such dramatic productions as the operetta, class plays, and state drama testival satistied the required number ot points needed to obtain membership. Members earned their ten points through acting, student directing, make- up, costuming, lighting, and stage cratt. Television and summer theater work also entitled students to Thespian membership. Thespian advisers Miss Leah Funck, Mr. Joseph Kuldau, and Mr. Stephen Vogler trained members in theatrical artistry. Front Row: Mike Hathaway, Phil Wells, Jett Vore, Steve Martin, Bob Garrett, Ken Tanner, Bob Nelson, Jane McNutt, Karen York. Row 2: Deb- bie Morrison, Mike Nolan, Carol Glascock, Georgia l-lass, Kris MacCag- no, Paula Anderson, Sandy Stimmel. Patsy Paddock, Bonnie Schonsheck, . 6 - W . I '71--4 f . fakzmimgi ff Nw! , Santa Fe, New Mexico tinds Fairmont West's Mary Jo Begley tilming a swimming scene in the movie "Where Angels Go Trouble Follows." Thespian atmosphere creates theatrical mood ot portraying personages appropriate to the duo-interpretation by Phil Wells and Jett Vore. Janelle Schierling, Pam Kemp, Doug Clark. Row 3: Connie Schaerer, Nancy Nolte, Judy Miller, Karen Strausbaugh, Nancy Longo, Debby l-layes, Gail Hawk, Diana Scimone. Vicki Crumrine, Dabney Mack, Marcia Flynn, Gloria Shantz. as N, if W 1,2 Page edilors Sue Price, Gini Barnes, Sue Saunders, Barb lmig and E- leni Dralcos aqree 'lhal meelinq deadlines requires slaif cooperalion. Wesionicms welcome new Dragon Tales adviser Weslonians and lhe newspaper slall welcomed new Dragon Tales adviser, Mrs. Doris Schember, for lhe i967-68 school year. Mrs. Schember and ediior Jim Schlacler worlced 'rogelher wilh lhe complele slall in correlalinq lhe produclions ol news- paper publicalions conlaining a variely of subiecls. Bi-monlhly edilions ol Dragon Tales published a variely of inleresling lopics enjoyable lor every sludenl and iacully Debby Hecht Carolyn Grover, Jeff Pardue and Becky Fisher discuss slaff reporling assiqnmenls needed lor complelion of Dragon Tales. If member and Hrefleclinq lhe achievemenls, aclivilies and al- liludes of Fairmonl Wesi sludenlsf' Fealured arlicles included subiecls of alhlelic evenls, club aclivilies, sludenl honors, academic life and campus life. Dragon Tales provided sludenls wiih a chance 'ro express Jrheir views 'lhrouqh Lellers lo lhe Edilor. Opinion polls provided inleresling lacls abou? sludenls' personal lives. Business manager Dwighl Complon, Sue Farren and associale business manager Ron Fleilz lelephone adverlisers To confirm vilal records. - 'if. ' f ,fa wi? ! P! 1fvmXZ lg-lbs: Sfaff members Pam Mccoppin, Diane Hurt John Kocimli check calendar dafes io deiermine remaining Hme before pressing deadlines arrive. Mike Barnes, Jeff Ecicerf, Joy Federie Find pinorograpiwy requires many exira-curricular hours invoiving fiieir precise and accurafe proficiency. Adveriising managers Chris Hayes and Sue Hinds proofread ads wiih corresponding iniormafion in preparaiion for sending pages fo press. 2: ' 1 . ,g r ' ' Y r t .- if ' , K + 1'-fx -- 'Q Q , ' 5" iiii li K . f M, . Mx ,Rx .q l Jim Sciwlachfer, edifor-in-chief, and adviser Mrs. Doris Sciwember look on approvinqiy as Huey review a eurreni' issue of Dragon Tales. Kay Bufelce and Kaflwv Brcwn compiefe one ef Hue papers maior saies campaigns by deiiverinq sfudeni' direciories fo individual homerooms. ...V x.-.v.....x....1...s....-i.....w....-........ ' pas..- ..A -..m.-.A 5 1 I 1 i .. s.,:,..Q- New i i i I 1 'lf' flifgt f K Mass iiiii ff"'y L ' if ' is svv xx Jim Sehiacier as ive crops Sue Neff offers assisiance 'ro ediior pic- Tures 'io compieie page iayoui for fuiure ediiion of ine newspaper. Siweryi Tiwornfon, Tom Green, Jim Heimer discover ine compiexify of reporfing abou? I5 inferschoiasiic sporis Offered af Fairmoni Wesf. 3 s ti . 5 4 1 1 4 Y Y 1 I I q Y ...N 1 i , , .,........, ,.........-4 1 y ,gp- Y i i li ' s T is ,...... N .... . ..,, N.. .... Business slall members Jim Fledderiohn, Tim Gardner, Rocky Hodgson and Dan Doll prepare financial sialcmonls Tor billing adverliscrs. Dragon Tales receives NSPA First Class award Dragon Tales received Firsl Class Honor Raling Tor ICP67 from Nalional Scholaslic Press Associalion. Mr. G. E. Slevens who judged Dragon Tales commenled on concise and impres- sive edilorials including a varieiy ol subiecls covering currenl social and polilical problems of human inleresl. Ediling The paper played ils role well in linking sludenl and news iiems. Each edilion ol The paper required many exlra-curricular hours in oblaining iniormalion, wriling edilorials, pholograph- ing, drawing and slcelching, soliciling lor adverlisemenls and lceeping business records. lvleeling deadlines and fulfilling responsibililies required cooperalion from each slall member in boih edilorial and business divisions. This year's sraii exerled exlra ellorl in publishing special issues lor l-lomecoming, Chrislmas and Senior Farewell. Various money-malcing proiecls aided The paper in financial supporli Wesl's slall members sponsored a dance as a Tund- raising proiecl and also headed lhe selling oi sludenl direc- lories upon which so many Weslonians depend. Qualilicalions lor Dragon Tales slall required an applicanl lo express True inleresr in iournalism, rellecl abilily lo carry responsibilily and show a willingness To conlribule The many hours of worlc needed ol all newspaper slafl members. Ann Barlleli and Nancy Berber? worlc ellicienlly on dislribulion day To assemble The Chrisimas ifsue ol' The Dragon Tales for Weslo'i.3ns. Ellis! IQ' B rms il- ll ldenTiTying sophomore and iunior class picTures proves To be inTeresT- ing work Tor Priscilla Bosnalc, Claudia Church, and Linda CanTrell. 1 xi-v Q b xi A-EF N s 5356 , i Q ws, , T' . 'O' . ls. I 'eq ' ii QI-N: 1 1 J 'Z F ll Jan Wise, '68 acTiviTies ediTor, shows Debby McMillan, Melissa Brown, and Peggy MaThes The procedure Tor wriTing and counTing headlines. Ohio University-location of Journalism Workshop Ohio UniversiTy locaTed The concenTraTion, diligenT worlc, and acTive parTicipaTion in summer school Tor 2270 sTudenTs. AnTicipaTing a week oT learning The various aspecTs oT year- boolcs and school newspapers, young iournalisTs gaThered in AThens, Ohio aTTer Traveling Trom I6 diTTerenT sTaTes. WesT's yearboolc sTudenTs who aTTended numbered 40. Ideas concerning layouTs, cropping oT picTures, arT worlc, adverTising, business and phoTography provided The Topics oT discussion wiThin The classrooms. Such speakers as Dr. Max Lerner, syndicaTed columnisT oT The New Yorlc PosT, and Mel Lazarus, originaTor oT The Miss Peach carToon, provided a worThwhile combinaTion oT humor and educaTion in inspiraTional speeches. CommencemenT exercises in which sTudenTs received diplo- mas TerminaTed The weelr. JournalisTic aspecTs which anxious WesT sTaTT members gained, moTivaTed Them To challenge Them- selves To produce a yearbook wiTh gualiTy oT The '67 Dragon. STaTT members realized The challenge To be diTTiculT To TulTill as They again received word This year ThaT The Dragon received These raTings: All American RaTing from NaTional ScholasTic Press, MedalisT RaTing Trom Columbia UniversiTy and A+ RaTing Trom The NaTional School Yearboolc AssociaTion. Adviser Mrs. Jane Nolan discusses sTaTT innovaTions in Iayauf procedure wiTh AssociaTe EdiTor Bob COTT'man, EdiTor-in-Chief Melinda Higgins, . Phofo scnedder Joanne I-larfranff and staff pnofoqrapner Ken spend many hours on campus faking pkgfures hr ine yearboo Logan lc sfefi Sandy Sflmmel, faculfy-academics edifor, demonsfrafes prIncipWes of laycuf fo sfaff members Judy MiHer, Sue Pansinq, and Lara Lackey. ...qi meow PK. , Mike NoYen, adverfising manager. and Linda Bossi, business manager' proud!y Poole over ine yeans adverfiiing acnievennenfs wifh sffisfacfion sz 1 fi ,f i ii oiioooiii 3 Sporfs slraff Roy Eberhard, Maureen Kemper, Bernie Buchholz, Jim Miiier, and Phil Drayion pian iayouis for aihieiic seciion in '68 Dragon. Members oi ihe business sfaif, Nancy Longo, Bonnie Morris, Linda Sharp, and Pai Berardi work diligenily ai biiiing Dragon adyeriisers. Joli Treaf, iayoui' ediior, and Pauia Anderson, beaufy seciion edi- ior, compare fhe imporianf aspecis of an awardewinninq yearbook. Orqanizafions edifor Nancy Noife shows her slraff Cafhy Weimer, Mare gie Zaremski, Vicki Buckingham, and Pam Kemp how +0 crop a piciure. .amen Business provides excellent training tor statt members Jackie Williamson, Jeanne Mahtouz, Cindy Brem, Jane Settles, and Karen Strausbaugh. Student effort aids parent Parent Patron reached an all-time high ot 5725. Members ot the yearbook statt helped to achieve the success ot the drive by encouraging students to participate. Publication ot the I968 Dragon began with the setting ot advertising goals in the spring ot l967. Statt members ex- ceeded all previous records by selling ft59000 in ads. Through- Nanneke Joustra. Lana Hollowell, Connie Thompson, and Paula Roller recheck correct name spellings tor senior and underclass sections. 5. fu s! 'i i fl' . A J 4..J 1 ii -. 'mf M s . J asli S- .rx ,xx,'-'-,,... patron to all-time high out the year picture taking, planning layouts, writing head- lines and body copy required many hours ot tedious worlc. During the year, adviser Mrs. Jane E. Nolan worlced with every statt member in preparing each page ot the Dragon. Mrs. Nolan contributed many hours to meet deadlines to tinish another edition ot the Dragon tor West students. M-...,,,. X'X 3.- Q 4,533 Frequenl laborafory experiences find Dave Phillips well aware of fhe lac? ihal accuracy plays a maior role in Wesi's many science courses. ACADEMICS Wesl's ACADEMIC program exisis al lhe hear? of all aciivilies, "The Year of The Dragon" expresses a year of achievemenr in all areas of siudy. Fairmonr Wesi's broad curriculum enables every individual io maiure in his own way. Programs in maihemalics, naiural and social sciences, and language, combined wirh courses in ihe aeslheiics and vo! calional inieresls, consiiluie ihe ioundaiion from which Wesi's siudenis achieve annual scholasiic siandings in The narion. As always in ihe pasi, Fairmonr Wesi's curriculum, combined wiih rhe hard worlc of a capable adminisirarion, offers siudenis Jrhe ulrimare in educaiion ihis year, "The Year of Jrhe Dragon." Senior chemisfry sludenls Gail Michaels and Dave Phillips demonslrale 'fheir skill and concenlrarion while performing a laboralory experiment '?' tl"'?"'?"-'?-"?"'?"'Y-"S'-"?"'?"-?- 'Y 'Y' ' 'Q' 'lt' N 'Y' '?- - 'Q' ' I 'V 'Y' ' 'Y' ' -Y' ' 'Y- ' '9' ' 'Y' ' 'V' 'Y ' 'Y' ' 'tt' ' 'Q' ' 'Y' ' 'Y' ' L .fr -e--+-+,-e--'?---'2-- . .g. . -?- - 'Y' ' -?' 4. . .9. - '?- ' -Y' ' ..g. f?Q"?""'?' ,g,.,y.'-'Y-"Y" .v..-s ..-3... LaSertoma Award recipient, Carol Schatter, debates proposed plans tor the Kettering Youth Action Council with Judge Jack D. Berger. Students receive honors for outstanding abilities Sponsored by the Dayton LaSertoma Club, the l.aSertoma Award honors students tor outstanding service in community, church, and school. This year, Carol Schatter received the La- Sertoma Award tor Fairmont West. Carol participated in the Kettering Youth Action Council through which she helped with the Youth Employment Service and Teenage Trattic Court. She attended a luncheon honoring area l.aSertoma recipients. Doug Clark, a central unit senior, represented West this year in the JCOWA Junior Ambassador Contest. Placing him in competition tor a trip to any toreign country ot his choice, Doug went on to become one ot only six tinalists in the area. Achieving the highest score at West on a written exam given to all senior girls, Martha Grodrian won the Betty Crocker Future Home-Maker Award. Demanding an advanced knowl- edge ot cooking, sewing, budgeting, and various other tacets ot homemalcing, the Betty Crocker Award placed Martha in state competition tor a S500 scholarship to any college. Students proved themselves worthy ot high praise when West received this year's scores ot the National Merit Scholarship Test. Competing with students trom all over the nation, more students trorn West received acknowledgment tor outstanding scholastic accomplishment than any other area school. Seventeen students trom West received recognition through Letters ot Commendation. All eight semi-tinalists trom West later earned tinalist ratings along with 2,900 other students trom all over the nation. l4,000 ot these earned scholarships. Merit Finalists-Dwight Davis, Judy Miller, Carol Ann Fiedler, Kevin Guise, George Nicoll, Paul Konicki, Steve Martin, Chuck Flutter. 'L 'i 314.g:f Lerlers of Cornmendaiionflzroni' Row: Doug Clark, Calhy Oplierlruch, lvlarlha Grodrian, Joan Downing, Debby l-layes, Dexierous Marfha Grodrian displays her proficiency in c enl which helped her win lhe Belly Crocker Fulure Home Smilh, Krisfin Becky Nicely. oolcinq, a fal- -Malcer Award. I IL sl Row 2: Ron Balmer, Dick Koller, Dave Traub, Dan Sfewarl, John Lachey, David I-lardy, Eric Hollin. Service minded Doug Clarlc, one of six iinalisls in 'rhe area for 'rhe Huffman Junior Ambassador Award, washes cars al a Wes? l-li-Y proieci. i ,pw X4 J 'iz ' . Q' iilixliim i 1 ,- 4 . x. . f., gs: Q .Q 5 Placing in the District Voice ot Democracy Contest, Jan Wise vividly expresses her ideas about treedom in her originally prepared oration. Community grants West stuclents acknowledgment "Freedom's Challenge," the title tor all essays entered in the Voice ot Democracy Contest this year, indeed became a challenge to Fairmont West senior, Jan Wise. Demonstrating a superior writing talent, Jan composed a speech which later won her the tirst place district title in that contest. Scientitically inclined Kevin Guise received the Bausch and Lomb Science Award this year on the basis ot his signiti- cant contributions to West's chemistry and biology courses. Judges rewarded Sue Mullen with a Dayton Power and Light Junior Home-Maker Award atter viewing her results at the annual contest sponsored by DP8fL. Sue prepared an entire meal, completed a written exam. and underwent a personal interview to earn this award, thus enabling herselt to continue in the competition with other winners tor a S500 scholarship. i Preparation ot a delicious meal in a minimum amount ot time won Sue Mullen the Dayton Power and Light Junior Home-Maker Award this year. .- ..... .g , ,Q fi'-lin....1A1.q...ak---at-Q..-d 'if 3 Ju Si 4 f "Eff: ei Hemophih plays no handicap for '68 Bausch and Lomb Science Award in + Hw sferies of We Waborafory. recipierf Kevin G-miie as e mas ers e my MR. CHESTER A. ROUSH, Superinlenclenl of Jrhe Ke'Hering School sysiem-Alfred Holbrook College, B.S. in Secondary Educaiiong Univ. of Wisconsin, M.S.7 Miami Univ. and Colorado Siaie Univ., graduale work. MR. L. HOWARD FLATTER, Assisianl' Superiniencleni in Charge of Curriculum-Wiiienberg Univ., BS., M.A.: Case lns'r. o1CTech.: Miami Univ. MR. CLARK HAINES, Direcior of Personnel and Communiiy Relalrions-Univ. of Cincinnafi, B.M.g Ohio Sfale Univ., M.A.: Miami Univ. MR. JOHN LUCAS, Assisianl Superinlenclenl in Charge of Business-Ohio Siale Univ., BS. in Ed., M.A. in Ed.: Miami Univ. DR. MAURICE WOGAMAN, Assislanl Superiniencleni in Charge of Pupil Personnel--Ohio Siafe Univ., B.S. in Ed., lv1.A.plndiana Univ., Ecl.D. Cornmunily inleresl and concern spark aciive public parficipaiion in lhe rnonfhlv adminisiralion meelings of fhe Board of Educaiion. if ft ...ai 595- QS'-'TP Dedicated members ot Kettering Board ot Education serve school Bowden, President: Mrs. Bertha Weist, Clerlc-Treasurer. RRZw+2b VN. ' ' ' - ' ' 4- fa Fw C ' fx, communi'v etticiently: Front Row: Mrs. Winitred Fiedler: Mr. John Frank Parks Vice-Presiden-, Mr. R,b,rt Fergu.on, M O GV XGY- City school administration shows community concern Mr. Chester A. Roush presently serves the community tor his ninth year as superintendent ot the Kettering School System. Betore becoming superintendent, Mr. Roush taught and coached at Fairmont. ln I952 Mr. Roush achieved membership in Phi Delta Kappa, the National l-tonor Society tor educators. Mr. Roush's interests extend trom local participation to world attairs. Rotary Club, the National Education Association, and the American Association ot Administrators claim him as a member. ln i964 Mr. Roush participated in a tour ot the Soviet Union with a group ot twenty-tive other American educators. There he observed various aspects ot Soviet edu- cation and then brought his observations and intormation baclc with him to share with the community tor its enlightenment. Along with Mr. Roush, tour other well-gualitied men share the responsibilities ot the administrative statt, These men em- ploy and maintain teachers, provide and improve educational tacilities and co-ordinate new teaching programs. Kettering dwellers elect tive ot their citizens tor tour-year terms to comprise the Kettering Board ot Education. These citizens represent the community and see that the organiza- tion and operation ot the Kettering schools run smoothly. Christmas vacation tinds Superintendent Roush taking time to ioin the reunion ot the Class ot I967 sponsored by Torch and Keystone. During a T.K. fea for former Wesfonians, Mr. Alfred Bolender chafs wifh Gene Baker, a freshman af fhe Unifed Sfafes Milifary Academy. Mr. Paul Wagner, fhe Assisfanf Principal, affempfs a lay-up during fhe faculfy donkey baslcefball game befween Wesf and iunior highs. wg if BOLENDER, A. M.-Principal-Univ. of Cincinnafi, B.S. in Ed.: Morehead Sfafe Univ., M.A.: Miami Univ. Club: Sfu denf Council. Hobbies: Reading, golf, bridge, lravel. A , WAQNER. PAUL E.-fgssssmi Principal-DePauw unzv.. AB. Ohio Sfafe Univ., Miami Univ.: Indiana Univ., M.S. Clubs ICC, Torch and Keysfone. l-lobbies: Fishing, youfh worlc RAMEY, CHARLES-East Unit Supervisor-Univ. ot Cin- cinnati, B.S.: Univ. ot Kentucky: Miami Univ.. M.S. ROBINSON, JAMES L.--Central Unit Supervisor-Eastern Kentucky State College, B.S.: Univ. ot Kentucky, M.A.: Miami Univ. Hobbies: Woodworlcing. tishing. reading. SULTZBACI-l, RICHARD-Vxfest Unit Supervisor-Wittenberg Univ., A.B.: Univ. ot Michigan, M.A.: Ohio State Univ.: AMiami Univ.: Wright State Univ. l-lobbies: Sports, read- ing, traveling. Fairmont leaders active in school and community Aside trom his worlc with the school, Mr. Altred Bolender, West's Principal, served this year on the North Central Committee ot School Evaluation which studied schools in Ohio. Mr. Paul Wagner, Assistant Principal, also exhibited enthusiasm in community attairs, specitically in his partic- ipation in First Kettering Athletic League activities. West's unit supervisors consisting ot Mr. Charles Ramey, East: Mr. James Robinson, Central: Mr. Richard Sultzbach, West: rotated such extracurricular activities as the chap- erons ot the dances. Their duties also included acting as the administrators ot their respective units. ln their meetings every Thursday morning, the unit super- visors and principals discussed their administrative plans and problems. They also devised new ideas tor next year's cur- riculum including a daily physical education program. lu. 1 "" ill -:NS A P j ii . ,..s,i 1? lif t t : Mr. Richard Sultzbach, West Unit Supervisor, caretully oversees as Phil Wells removes the Christmas decorations trom West Unit lobby. Dave Traub, President: and Mr. James Robinson, Central Unit Super- visor: select their tood at annual Christmas dinner given by T.K 'Iv 6 A., ' A . 0:27 Unit counseling staff and secretaries vifcll To West WesT's guidance sTaTT proved To be very well-quaiiTied To give excellenT insTrucTion called Tor by Today's compeTiTive socieTy in The areas oT educaTion and vocaTion. Sophomore guidance courses Tocused on educaTional aspecTs oT The TuTure. This included The sTudy and research by each sTudenT oT various universiTies, colleges, or Training schools in which he showed an inTeresT. ln This area, "College Beckons" provided an inTormaTive evening by oTTering sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To hear represenTaTives Trom six DayTon area coi- leges and universiTies speak oT Their insTiTuTions. Mr. DewiTT Hardy, WrighT STaTe UniversiTy: Mr. Mark FeTTig, Miami- Jacobs Junior College: Miss Connie Loop, Sinclair CommuniTy College: ANDERSON, RUTH-l-lasTings College, B.A.: Ohio STaTe Univ., M.A.: Columbia Univ.: Michigan STaTe Univ.: Ohio Univ.: WiTTenberg Univ.: Miami Univ.-Guidance counselor. l-lobbies: Reading, phoTography. BAZZELL, JAMES B.-WiTTenberg College, B.S.: WiTTenberg Univ., M. in Ed.: Ohio STaTe Univ.: Wrigh+ STaTe Univ.- Guidance counselor. Club: Sophomore Class Adviser. Hob- bies: Ceramics, swimming. BOOMERSHINE, JANE-Ohio Univ., B.S. in Ed.: Miami Univ., M.E.-Guidance counselor. l-lobbies: PainTing, skiing, Tennis. CARR, MARY-Univ. oT DayTon, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed.: Ohio STaTe Univ.-Guidance counselor. Ciub: Sophomore Class Adviser. l-lobby: Travel. SIMS, JAMES GOODWIN-Murray STaTe College, B. in Mus. Ed.: Indiana Univ., M.S.: Ball STaTe Univ.: Wayne Univ.- Guidance counselor. Club: Junior Class Adviser. Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, home movies, cards. WEST, RICHARD C.-SpringTield College, B.S.: Ohio STaTe Univ., M.A.-Guidance counselor. Junior guidance dealT wiTh The sTudy oT vocaTional inTeresTs oT The sTudenT Through classroom reporTing oT sTudenT inTerviews wiTh diTTerenT people in a wide varieTy oT occupaTions. Area's llTh Annual Junior Career NighT, hosTed by WesT, provided Juniors wiTh a chance To meeT wiTh represenTaTives Trom many vocaTional areas ranging Trom The Peace Corps To Teaching. WeST's many acTiviTies called Tor a compeTenT sTaTT oT sec- reTaries. Mrs. CharloTTe Robinson, Mrs. BeTTy OoeTcheus, and Mrs. Jean Thomas Took charge oT The organizaTion oT aT- Tendance records, recepTion oT visiTors, school correspondence and various money maTTers oT school acTiviTies. Three uniT secreTaries aTTended To The Typing oT college TranscripTs and sTudenT records, issued parking sTickers, and supervised sign-ups Tor acTiviTies. These six secreTaries provided a viTal parT oT The organized and eTTicienT rnanagemenT oT WesT's many acTiviTies and responsibiliTies. Mr. Paul Wagner: Mr. Dick STephenson, Case WesTern: Mr. Charles Schuler, Miami UniversiTy: Mr. BurTon DunTield, Denison. goo C A , 5 .af Sophomore Gary Hippie finds reqisfering in unif for nafionwide a demic fesfs convenienf when assisfcd by secrefary Mrs. Evelyne Brown. GOETCHEUS, BETTY-Main office secrefary. ROBINSON, CHARLOTTE-Main office secrefary. THOMAS, JEAN-Main office secrefary. BROWN, EVEI.YNEfCenfral Unif secrefary. MQCOY, JOSEPHINE-Wesf Unif secrefa ry. STUCKEY, LAURA-Easf Uriif secrefary. ogg 3 i 3 f K. 1 Q 7 115 if, iii If X. in 2 K I xii' 1 'Q' VW. If , M Kg' vw- 'Us ,.. if-Ji i i w. I' if swf 'ff wf " if .J DICKEY, RICHARD-Wisconsin Sfafe Univ., B.S.-English. l-lobbies: Hunfing, fishing. afhlefics. FUNCK, LEAH-Ohio Sfafe Univ., B.S. and MA.-English, speech, Clubs: Nafional Forensic League. I-lobbies: Reading. GERBER, JOYCE-Wesf Virginia Univ., B.S.: Miami Univ., M. in Ed.: Vicforia College: Wrighf Sfafe Univ.-English. l-lobbies: Sewing, painfing, ceramics, enameling. GOWDY, EILEEN-Ohio Sfafe Univ.. B.S. in Ed.: Miami Univ.-English. Clubs: Sophomore Class Adviser. GUTHMAN, KATHRYN-Univ. of Dayfon, B.S.-English. ln a mock-radio speech program, Mary Donna Snyder and Marlc Donovan waif pafienfly for announcer Diclc Miller fo cue fhem for fheir parf During debafe, Jim Fledderiohn affirms fhaf Congress should esfab- lish uniform regulafions fo confrol criminal invesfigafion mefhods. HEITZMAN, RUTH-Bowling Green Univ., BS.: Univ. oT SouThern CaliTornia, M.A.: Univ. oT Wisconsin: Univ. oT Colorado: UTah STaTe Univ.: Miami Univ.-English. Club: CreaTive WriTers. l-lobbies: Reading, music, arT. HIGHLAND, BARBARA-Wayne STaTe Univ., A.B.: Michigan STaTe Univ.-English. l-lobbies: Skiing, ceramics. kniTTing. HILDRETT-l, ROBERT-Cedarville College, B.S.: Ohio STaTe Univ.: Miami Univ.-English. Club: Sophomore Class Ad- viser. l-lobby: SporTs. Oakwood speech trophy index of year's success Speech Teachers Miss Leah Funck, Mr. Joseph Kuldau, and Mr. STephen Vogler led WesT's speech program Through an- oTher ouTsTanding season Typical oT The honors FairmonT has won. This year, Dragons placed TirsT in The Oakwood and The WesT CarrollTon sweepsTakes TournamenTs. Oakwood's roTaTing Trophy became WesT's permanenT possession aTTer having won The sweepsTakes Three years in succession. SuccessTul showings aT conTesTs reTlecTed emphasis placed on speech and debaTe classes. This year basic speech sTu- denTs gave imprompTu speeches, presenTed shorT skiTs, and organized radio programs To develop speaking abiliTy. ConTesT speech prepared sTu,denTs Tor compeTiTive inTer- scholasTic TournamenTs. ln all caTegories This year, inTerpreTa- Tion oT meaning received emphasis over gesTures. DebaTe's Topic oT discussion This year was The esTablish- menT oT uniTorm criminal invesTigaTion procedures. During class playoTT TournarnenTs, losers conTinued compeTiTion To develop conTidence in any speaking siTuaTion. ln his basic speech class, Mr. Joseph Kuldau insTrucTs.Jill SchmidT, Doug Alexander, Vicki Williams, and MarTy T-larT how To besT make big eyes. if: if , T , iw ,Q Ab' g i K' ca , I A Q-M-sv y im T sl x in , V A- L .. .V 'V' 1 ,. f ,,- an - ' .,,, kr F'- 1 l , 4 wr-"f'f"'4' ' ' qs is mfr S4 Jeanne Konrad porTrays a dramaTic inTerpreTaTion oT "The OTher Wise Man" in her ChrisTmas speech presenTaTion given Tor English classes. I 1 TI awww 9 gil Becky Gillan listens attentively to Mr. George Tarzinslci's advice on how to best present her report on culture and society in Colonial America. New English tracts gear work to student ability West's English department otters a comprehensive selection ot courses designed to meet the varied needs ot each student. This year students had the opportunity to choose trom three tracts ot English: Basic, Traditional, and Enriched. Basic English incorporated a novel idea ot team-teaching to increase basic slcills and to instill contidence in its stu- dents. Divided into three areas ot concentration, the new course provided twelve weeks ot instruction each in oral communication, grammar, and reading improvement. Students pursuing the traditional English courses toolc Gen- eral English as sophomores, American Literature and Com- position as iuniors, and English Literature and Composition or Business and Industrial English as seniors. As thought- provoking extension to the regular course this year, some seniors sculpted their interpretation ot modern man. Under Miss Leah Eunclc, the English department developed the Enriched Programs proiected senior course this year, con- sisting ot literary analysis and advanced composition. Roger Marsh, Roger Balmer, and Steve Barr enact the dramatic climax ot "The Alley," a play studied in senior Miss Margaret Rooney's English class. 'tiii Sophomore preseniarion of "The Man Who Liked Dickens" enlivens class proceeding and provides dramaiic experience in Mr. Jamie Mar+in's room. KARL, LINDA-Ohio Univ., A.B.-English. Hobbies: Read- ing, sewing, playing bridge. KULDAU, JOSEPH--Heidelberg College, A.B.: Ohio S+a're Univ.. M.A.-English, speech. Clubs: Naiional Forensic League, Thespians. Hobbies: Professional Presiidigiialor. MALOON, ERMA-Univ. ol: Dayion, B.S.-English. Clubs: Y- Teens, Junior Class Adviser. MARTIN, JAMIE-Parsons College, A.B.: Georgeiown Univ.: Univ. of Dayion-English. Hobbies: Sailing. camping, Jrravel, reading. ROONEY, MARGARET-Ohio Siaie Univ., B.S. in Ed.: Univ. of Wisconsin, M.A.-English. Club: Junior Red Cross. Hob- bies: Theaier, music, iravel, reading. SCHEMBER, DORIS-Hope College, A.B.: Michigan Siaie Univ., M.A.: Univ. of Michigan: Univ. of Dayion-English, Journalism. Club: Quill and Scroll. Hobbies: Golf, bridge. SMITH, GENE-S+. Mary's College, A.B.: Marqueiie Univ., M.A.p Nor+hwes+ern Univ.-English, speech. Hobbies: Golf, fishing, reading. TARZINSKI, GEORGE-Parsons College. AB.: Univ. of Day- ion-English. Club: Hi-Y. Hobbies: lcihyology, reading, phoiography. VOGLER, STEPHEN-Ohio Siaie Univ., B.F.A.: Miami Univ.: Mexico Ciiy College-English, speech. Clubs: Senior Class Play, debaie. ieam. Hobby: Wriiing. ,.. .4 i ai : X W y A , K . .. fi ., . fe, L. LL.L ,Q , '05 f f Miss Slwirley Bemsinger sacrilices some of her free period lo assisl Janelle Scliierling in solving some problems for lwer Algebra ll class. Receiving insiruclion from Sisler Mary Ann l-laler, a Purdue Univer- sily siudenl, Sue Bryanl learrs llwe rudimerwls of Boolean algebra. ,,,...---V llluslralimq perpendicular planes 'ro Craig l-loffliines. Mr. Don Dyer ufilizes a visual aid lo facililaie 'rhe sludying ol solid qeomelry. BENSINGER, SHIRLEY-Miami Univ., B.S.g Indiana Univ.- Business math, Algebra l, Algebra ll. Club: F.'l'.A. DYER, DON R.-William Jewell College, A.B.-Advanced algebra, Algebra I, trigonometry-solid geometry. Coach: Bas- ketball, tootball. Hobbies: Sports, bridge, music. FERGUSON, CARL-Cedarville College, A.B.: Miami Univ., M. in Ed.-Geometry, industrial math. Club: Hi-Y. Hobby: Woodworking. FUNDERBURG, ALVIN K.-Manchester College, A.B.: Univ. ot Colorado, M.S.: Bowdoin College, M.A.-Remedial math, advanced geometry, Algebra lll-trigonometry, trigonometry- solid geometry, Advanced Math IV. Club: Math Club. Hob- bies: Mycology, golt. MAUS, FRANK C.--Univ. ot Dayton, B.S.--Algebra l, plane geometry, Algebra ll. Hobbies: Bridge, hunting, reading, golt, woodworking. REED, JOSEPH J.-Monmouth College, A.B.: Bowling Green State Univ., M.A.: Purdue Univ.: Miami Univ.: Earlham College-Algebra I, plane geometry. Hobby: Sports. SCHNARRE, ROBERT-Ohio State Univ., B.S.: Indiana Univ., M.S.I Washington State Univ., M.A.T.-Algebra ll, trig- onometry-solid geometry, Algebra lll-trigonometry. TUTTLE, GEORGE E.-Findlay College, A.B.: Ohio State Univ., M.A.: Iowa State Teachers College: Univ- ot MICIUQGHI Ball State Univ.: Oklahoma A. and M.: Univ. ot Wisconsin- Plane geometry. Hobbies: Music, theater, travel. Math department evolves in adapting to the times Last year the Kettering Board ot Education supplied a series ot reterence textbooks to each mathematics teacher. Sets containing ten books each provided students and teachers with additional intormation on all mathematics courses. Working tor her Master's degree at Purdue University, Sister Mary Ann Hater instructed advanced classes in mathematics this year. Students divided into tour groups with ditterent methods ot learning taught themselves Boolean algebra, a substitution ot standard axioms with other laws to produce the new branch in mathematics. Sister Mary Ann Hater then tested the students to discover the best ot tour methods. Next year the mathematics department will be increased by a new course, basic math. Including beginning algebra and ele- mentary geometry, the subject will provide a new approach to the mathematics tor those not ready tor Algebra l. Purchasing textbooks will also aid West's mathematics teach- ers in adapting to this everechanging tield. Kettering Board ot Education will acquire books tor the tollowing courses: Algebra I, Algebra ll, and Algebra Ill-modern trigonometry. During Mr. Joseph Reed's class Miss Barbara Bicking, one ot West's student teachers, aids Stan Goode with his plane geometry homework. ,fab twigs -,-,... I "di, A-4 L 2, Students' analytic study unravels nclture's secret West has geared courses ot biological and physical sci- ence to the varied intellectual levels ot students. ln this man- ner, students chose the tield ot endeavor according to their individual preterences and goals. Students in the biologies studied in two levels: Biology l and ll. This year teachers ot the latter searched tor means to capitalize upon the students use ot his mind. One class attempted to develop a method ot measuring the growth rate ot slime molds. Another class gathered dandelions in order to prepare slides and analyze their parts. Chemistry and physics teachers this year introduced open- end experiments: that is, those without an answer. Students strived to derive the correct explanation only to discover that this led to the never-ending chain ot mysteries which constitutes the road to knowledge. Students who had previously studied chemistry and physics enriched their lcnowledge ot these physical sciences in Sci- ence IV. Correlating chemistry and physics on the college level involved the teaching ot many complicated ideas such as quantum mechanics and the energy ot reactions. in-fl ARNOLD, WlLLlAM l-l.-West Virginia Univ., B.S.: Antioch College, M.A.T.: Marshall College-Chemistry. l-lobbies: Gardening. BAKER, PAUL-Manchester College, B.S.: Ohio State Univ., M.A.: Miami Univ., M.A.T.: Univ. ot Colorado-Chemistry. l-lobbies: Photography, coolaing. BALSTER, WALTER JOHN-Univ. ot Dayton: Ohio State Univ., B.S., M.A.: Bowling Green State Univ.: Earlham College: Miami Univ.-Physics, Science ll, mathematics. l-lobbies: Radio electronics, photography, model-making. L 51 A , Q 5 5...-sifilifs Karen Fine, a laboratory assistant to Mr. Charles Graves, transters bacteria which Biology l and II students study in their experiments. Under strictly supervised conditions atter school, Marilyn Kershner, and Linda Bitzer test tor hydrogen in chemistry make-up laboratory. o Q Raj , YW 'sw j.-'Nu Jan Luke wafches as Roger Marsh demonslrafes his physics proiecl, lhe "harmonagraph," which designs pallerns by pendular- movement BATESON, ROSS-Bowling Green Slale Univ., B.S. in Ed., Ohio Slale Univ., MA.-Biology. Club: Y.F.C. Hobbies: Fishing, camping. GRAVES, CHARLES-Kansas Slale Teachers College, AB., B.S.g Univ. of Illinois, M,S.: Miami Univ.: Wrighl Slale Univ.- Biology I, Biology ll. HINDS, MILBURN-Ohio Norlhern, B.S. in Ed.: Miami Univ., M.A.T.-Biology I, Biology Il. Club: Science Club. Hobby: Moss. KLUDY, LAWREN, JR.hOhio Slale Univ., B.S.-Physics. Hobby: Reading. TACKETI, ELBY I..-Easlern Kenluclcy Slale Univ., B.S.: Univ. of Kenluclcy: Dulce Univ.-Chemislry, Science IV. Clubs: Science Club, Chemislry Seminar. , :fleas f- 21 ... ,Q I ,I 5 Q li I U -ik I I .f 1',..-: .. .f . W Mr. Milburn Hinds demonslrafes his philosophy of irnporfance of ani- mal care when he walks lhe lurlle belonging lo his biology classes. QFQ, , -'J AZ L Tc.:- Skifs and debates offer understanding of history STudenTs gained a balanced background oT hisTory and cur- renT evenTs Through a parTicipaTion in The social sTudies pro- gram aT WesT. Many Teaching innovaTions This year added inTeresT To TradiTional courses. For example, world hisTory sTudenTs became Tamiliar wiTh pasT culTures by holding a Phoenician Trade Tair in which Phoenician achievemenTs and Typical Toods received emphasis. SlQiTs dramaTized The deaTh oT Julius Caesar, and a debaTe conTrasTed AThenian and SparTan modes of liTe. American hisTory classes placed emphasis., on debaTes and panel discussions. Juniors This year discussed wheTher Red China should be admiTTed To The UniTed NaTions and commem- oraTed The TiTTieTh anniversary oT The Russian RevoluTion. They conTrasTed The dissenTers oT The War oT I8I2 To Those who obiecT To The VieTnamese War Today. Senior civics classes seT up a UniTed STaTes governmenT by elecTing The presidenT and Torming his CabineT. STudenTs also did an independenT proiecT on KeTTering's income Tax. ANKNEY, BEN-Miami Univ., B.S. in Ed.: Ohio STaTe Univ.: Univ. oT DayTon-Sociology, civics, world geography. Club: PoliTical Science Club. Hobbies: Reading, golT. BROWN, HUGH-Cedarville College, B.S. in Ed.: WiTTenberg Univ.: CaTholic Univ. oT America: Xavier Univ.: Univ. oT DayTon-Sociology, civics, world geography. Club: FuTure Teachers. Hobbies: CreaTive wriTing, hunTing, Tishing, read- ing. CLARK, FREDA--EasTern lllinois Univ., BS. in Ed.: Univ. oT Illinois: lllinois STaTe Univ.-Sociology, civics, economics. Clubs: Senior Class Adviser, JCOWA. l-lobbies: Gardening, coolcing, anTigues. van! .. , X - r V .2 :hr - is -svi iLZX.Qr'lc h'N V ig , f I 155' ' " ' l.l. RRR AQ. -1 if .g 'X ' CC . f A C WMC, 93213 :O 6 C05-513175 Julia GilTon and Milne Logsdon puT Tinishing Touches on a sociology display case emphasizing laTesT civil righTs and hippie movemenTs. Carol Fiedler, Tom l.eTT, Doug Clarlr, Sue STahr, and Paul Koniclci Tally resulTs oT survey made on KeTTering's income Tax proposal. - ., if . ':""f ' faf2weW:35,' ,, ,, LLASV' K Q . Vi ,v :.::z:Jr' it X f Sal ' .'v' c','5 World lwisfory finds Pam Smiflw, Don Sirausser, and Janie Apple dram- aiizing Julius Caesar's slaying in llne Roman Senaie by his friends. HEISTAND, LESTER-Heidelberg College, A.B.q Miami Univ., M.A.kAmerican liislory, civics, sociology. Club: Senior Class Adviser. l-lobbies: l-lunling, sporls. JANES, RQBERT-Univ. ol Daylon, BS. in Ed.-Civics, eco- non'1ics,iworld lwislory. Clubs: JCOWA, Russian Club. Hob- bies: Reading, sporls. KAYLCR, VVll.l.lAM-Miami Univ., BS. in Ed., M.A. in Ed.- American lwislory. Club: Baskelball coaclw. l-lobby: Golf. McMlLLAN, ETHELYN-Univ. ol Micliigan, A.B. in Ed., M.A.g American Univ., Miami Univ.-American lwislory, world lnis- lory. Club: JCOWA. l-lobbies: Reading, lravel. SCOTT, JERRY-Olwio Slale Univ., B.S. in Ed.-World liislory, civics, sociology. AREMSKI, LOUIS-Olnio Slale Univ., B.S. in Ed., B.A., M.A.: Sfale Univ. of Iowa-American lwislory. Club: Sludenl Coun- cil. l-lobbies: Sporls, slereo music. I' X A K5- xqrv in vi if asf-v .f - rt., M Spanish siudenfs in Mrs. Karen Kronbach's class perform lheir comic inferpreialion of lhe fairy lale, "Snow NNhile and lhe Seven Dwarfs." BURNS, JOAN C.fBowling Green Slale Univ., 5.3. in Ed., Monlclair Slale Teachers College, Miami Univ., M. in Ed.- Lalin, French, English. Clubs: Lalin, French. l-lobbies: Reed- ing, lraveling, swimming. DAVIS, MERRll.LA-Ohio Slale Univ., AB., 5.5. in Ed., M.A.- Lalin, Spanish.Clg1bs:Lalin,Spanish. KRCNBACH, KAREN-Univ. of Michigan, AB., Univ. oi Mexico-Spanish, Clubs: Spanish, Rhylhmelles. Hobbies: Traveling, sailing, reading, wafer-skiing. RISLEY, LEE ALLEN-Kenyon College, AB.: Johns l-lopkins Univ., M.A.l.-German. Clubs: Chess and Bridge Club, German Club. l-lobbies: Walking, bike riding, Toreign aT- Tairs. SCT-TILLER, JUDITT-l D.fChio STaTe Univ., AB. in Erench, BS. in Ed.-Erench. Club: Erench Club. l-lobbies: Sew- ing, modern balleT, skiing. WARREN, MARY BELLE-Union Univ., AB.: Univ. OT Tennes- see, M.A.: Univ. oT KenTuckyg Sorbonne: Qhio STaTe Univ., VanderbilT Univ.-Erench, Clubs: Erench Club, E.l.A. Hob- bies: Traveling, reading, sTudenT summer school in Leysin, SwiTzerland. Foreign language fields utilize new study ideas WesT's Toreign language Teachers developed new Techniques To insTill in The sTudenTs a desire To learn. Eor The TirsT Time, sTudenTs reciTed The l.ord's Prayer in German classes. ln Spanish classes, Teachers avoided The oral meThod oT learning in The TirsT year. Because They TelT ThaT sTudenTs should know more Than iusT speaking, Teachers supplied The grammar rule To illusTraTe such Things as idioms. Third and TourTh year Spanish sTudenTs discussed world problems such as The draTT and The war in VieTnam. WesT's Erench Teachers creaTed new sTudy plans Tor The Enriched Erench Program which began iTs sTudy in sevenTh grade Tive years ago. This year EairmonT had Two levels oT The acceleraTed plan. STudenTs oT The convenTional Tour-year program reaped beneTiTs Trom an increased varieTy oT novels and plays designaTed basically Tor The enriched plan. This year an addiTional language augmenTed WesT's Toreign language program. STudenTs inTeresTed in The SovieT Union or- ganized The Russian Club which explored The language, cus- Toms, and hisTory OT Americas mighTiesT Toe. Cindy Lindamood serves Donna Ryan and Margie Wunder in a Typical French sidewalk resTauranT during a skiT in Mrs. Burns' class. Nancy Lynn Tapes an original French monologue which will laTer be correcTed by Miss Mary Belle Warren Tor pronunciaTion and grammar. risiiiiiiriimr iiirriirii adress as il TTS CLASS T FIIMPEITD lllililllli N-m....,,,,,v BUSSEER, RUTH M.-Adrian College, BS., Univ. of Keniuclcy, M.S. in I..S.3 Miami Univ.: Norlhweslern Univ.: Ohio Slafe Univ.: Univ. of Dayfon-Caialogue librarian. Hobbies: Read- ing, painling. DETRICK, DONALDM-Manchesler College: Ohio Wesleyan Univ., B.M.-Orchesfra. Hobbies: Camping, phorography. FINKAM, DAVID R.-Capilal Univ., BS.: Miami Univ., M.M.- Marching band. HAINES, WESLEY O.-Wilminglon College, BS., Miami Univ. M.E.-Conceri band. Hobbies: Sporis, playing music pro- fessionally, reading. NORTON, ELIZABETH-Univ. of Kenluclcy, A.B.q Univ. of Cin- cinnaliq Columbia Univ., Old Dominion College-Librarian. Hobbies: Painling, sewing, golf, Traveling. SEEBERGER, GENE-Ohio Slale Univ., BS.: M.A. in Ed.- Choral music. Hobby: Theafer. SMITH, DAVID I..-Miami Univ., A.B.y Slaie Univ. ol: Iowa M.A.: Daylon Ari Insliluleg Univ. of Daylon-Ari. Clubi Ari Club. Hobbies: Travel, music, reading. VON GRUENIGEN, FRED--Cleveland Ins'ri+u're of Ari, Cin- cinnali Ari Academy, fUniv. of Kenluclcy, A.B., M.A. in Ed.-Arl. Club: Arif Club. Hobbies: Hunfing, fishing. Inslrucior, Mr. Fred Von Gruenigen, assisfs arf sfudenls Judy Owens, Sue Walson, and Barb Huclce in producing infriguing bloclc prinfs. new-my annum... s.-ala, .-5 A. 9 5 I Thoughttul students talce advantage ot West's expanding library re- sources three evenings every week as well as during school hours. Fine arts study induces sensitivity, imagination West's diversitied curriculum included a broad and creditable tine arts program. Through study ot the arts, students gained sensitivity and an ability to use imagination as well as an ap- preciation ot the cultural aspects ot lite. Comprising a maior part ot the tine arts program, the music department ottered various tacets ot its tield. Mixed and girls' choruses provided tor students interested in singing. This year, tor the tirst time, music students could participate in West's new all-brass marching band as well as the traditional concert band and orchestra. Art classes at West ottered a variety ot interesting chal- lenges. Classes proved the creativity ot the students while achieving their goal ot better art appreciation. Representing the colortul aspect ot student lite, the proiects ot this year's art classes tound varied environments ot the classroom, museum halls, and spacious regions ot the campus, thus spreading beauty throughout Fairmont West. Students tound more than sutticient material to meet their increasing educational needs in the guiet atmosphere ot the West library. ln order that each student might lcnow how to use the library tacilities to his tullest advantage, all sophomores toolc a short course in library systems and the various regulations ot the West library as a part ot their English requirements. YYY 5 . '14 sig. K, Exuberant chorus students overloolc crowded conditions as they board Cincinnati-bound buses tor a tightly scheduled concert weekend there. MJ in ,Ib 1 5 ,f BARBOUR, BARBARA-Miami Univ., B.S.-Healih, physical educalion. Clubs: Cheerleaders, G.A.A. Hobbies: Traveling, drama, reading. BOWSER, SHERWIN-King's College, B.S.g Columbia Univ., MA.: Ohio Siaie Univ.: Wilienberg Univ.-Healih, physical educaiion, alhleiic coordinaior. Clubs: Varsiiy HE". Hobby: Sporis. BURNS, JOHN-Miami Univ.: Edinboro Slafe College.. B.S.- Heallh, physical educaiion, driver educaiion. Hobbies: Afhlefics, ouidoor acrivifies. EDEN, FRANCES-Univ. of Daylon, B.S.-Healih, physical ed- ucaiion. Club: Sophomore Class Adviser. Hobbies: Camping, dancing, bowling, volleyball, baskeiball, sofiball. KRITZER, ROBERT-Penn. Siaie Univ., B.S.: Michigan Siale Univ., M.A.-Healih, physical educaiion. Coach: Cross- couniry, iraclc. Hobbies: Huniing, fishing. MGTT, PENELOPE-Wilmingron College, B.S., Miami Univ.-Physical educaiion, heallh. Club: Junior Class Ad- viser. Coach: lnierscholaslic iennis, inierscholasiic field hoclcey. NEAL, THOMAS-Rio Grande College, B.S.: Xavier Univ.: Miami Univ., MA.-Individual Assisiance Class. Hobby: Ten- PEiiiiY, DoNALD-ohio sms um., B.S.p Miami unav., MIA. -Physical educalion, healih. Coach: Gymnasiics. Hobbies: Wafer skiing, bow huniing. Opinions of iunior girls and ieacher, Miss Barbara Barbour, ofien differ during open discussions on social and menial healih problems Spirited sophomore boys show that participation in physical exer- cise leaves them in good humor as well as building better titness. ..,, yi- 135 .. . ,... ,. A .... Central unit sophomores learn the fundamentals ot girls' basketball while Miss Penelope Mott otticiates and Otters helpful suggestions. Physical education yields fitness and mental health Ottering a wide selection ot sports and skills, the physical education department at West strived to include the athletic interests ot every student. Through the physical education program, students departed trorn strict academic schedules and relieved tensions while achieving physical titness and a respect tor good sportsmanship and courtesy. Basic physical education schedule tor girls concentrated in such sports as archery, tencing, tield hoclcey, tennis, basketball, sottball, gymnastics, modern dance, badminton, golt, table tennis, and volleyball. Boys enioyed participation in basketball, sottball, touchftootball, tennis, traclf, and volleyball in their gym classes twice a weelc. l-lealth education, closely associated with physical education, warranted egual time trom this department. Health education courses consisted ot a study ot physical health in the sophomore year and a unit on social health in the iunior year. Junior health gave the student a chance to discuss and to try to tind answers to the basic social problems ot his lite. Emphasizing the importance ot physical titness tor all West- onians, health and physical education department planned this year to revise next year's curriculum to include physical education tor all iuniors on a daily basis. Tentative plans also included ottering physical education classes to seniors as an elective during their tinal year. bTudenTs learn The skills and Techniques oT auTomoTive mechanics Through experimenTaTion on The indusTrial arTs' TesT cars. Industrial English, DCT added To study program WesT geared iTs indusTrial arTs program To The ambiTious sTudenT wishing To TurTher his knowledge oT draTTing, elecTronics, graphic arTs, indusTrial craTTs, indusTrial maTh, machine shop, meTals, power mechanics. sTage craTT or wood working in prep- araTion Tor The challenges he rnighT encounTer in Today's in- dusTrialized American business world. lndusTrial English and diversified cooperaTive Training ap- peared in This deparTmenT Tor The TirsT Time This year. This Eng- lish course enabled The senior sTudenT maioring in indusTrial aris To geT a beTTer background in his Tield oT inTeresT. DCT al- lowed him To gain on-The-iob work experience in acTual auTo- moTive or machine shop siTuaTions. WesT's indusTrial arTs deparTmenT also included driver educa- Tion which TaughT imporTance oT good driving skills. During lecTure To driver veducaTion class, KeTTering paTrolman emphasizes imporTance of driving defensively and courTeously. ANDREWS, JAMES-Bowling Green Univ., BS.: Xavier Univ.- Driver educaTion. l-lobbies: FooTball and wresTling coach. GRAHAM, WILEY T.-Geneva College, B.S.g Indiana Univ., M.S.3 Ohio Univ.: Miami Univ.g Michigan STaTe Univ.- Driver educaTion. Club: PhoTography Club. l-lobbies: Pho- Tography, Tishing, numismaTics. MORGAN, CHARLES D.-Morehead STaTe Univ., A.B., M.A., -Driver educaTion. Club: Pep Club. l-lobbies: Eishing, read- ing, sporTs. -f vi Ron Moore, sound lechnician for lhe senior class play, lislens care- fully For inslruclions and cues lrom Fellow siege crew members. CRABlI.L, DAVID-Urbana Junior College, Assoc. Degree: Ohio Univ., B.S.g Bowling Green Slale Univ., M.A.fWood- worlcing, slage crall. Hobbies: Cralls, fishing, sporls evenls, lravel. ERBAUGH, RlCHARDfQhio Slale Univ., B.A., B.S. in Ed. -Power mechanics. Hobbies: Sporls cars, pholography, music. HENDERSON, EDMUND R.-Miami Univ., B.S., lv1.A.-Draft ing, Adull School Principal. Hobbies: Huniing, lishing, golf. HQLTZRAGER, HANS-Miami Univ., BS., lvl. in Ed.-Power mechanics, DCT. Hobbies: Engine repair, beekeeping, lurni- iure relinishing, gardening. POTTER, RAY-Qhio Norlhern Univ., B.S. in Ed.-Graphic aris, dralling, melals. WILLS, WAYNE-Wilminglon College: Miami Univ., BS. in Ed., BS. in Science-Elecironics, dralling. Club: Radio Elec- lronics Club. Hobbies: Amaleur radio, landscaping. as rv- it I 4 O' x 4 ff X R "iw - , 4, i""i' 4-xx 'A ' ff , ,I "- 5 1 ,J -M? .P '45 JW ? + A V2 - ' u Wi M ff fda! ., 1-x v 1 J ll .. N 2 JW ff, 5' 4 H: A,,, . 4 - J , "T" it ii ' , s X. Ns-x X i L 1 6609, BERRY, DALE M.-Miami Univ., B.S. in Business-Bookkeeping. Club: American Field Service. GALLAGHER, ELEANOR-WiTTenberg Univ., B.S. in Ed.: Univ. OT CincinnaTi, M.A. in Ed.: Univ. oT NorTh DakoTa- Typing, oTTice pracTice. Club: FBLA. Hobby: Bridge. HIKE, LOIS-indiana STaTe Univ., B.S.-ShorThand, clerical Typing. Clubs: FBLA, Sophomore Class Adviser. Hobbies: Ceramics, bridge, swimming. HOMER, FRANCES-Univ. oT PiTTsburgh, B.S., M. in Ed.: Columbia Univ.: Univ. oT Wisconsin: ChaTham College- Typing, noTehand. Club: Y-Teens. Hobbies: Swimming, read- ing, specTaTor sporTs. JOHNSTON, DOROTHY-Murray STaTe Univ., B.S.: Univ. oT DayTon-ShorThand, clerical Typing. Club: FBLA. Hobbies: Gardening, kniTTing, skiing, dancing, TurniTure reTurnishing. LEIGHTY, ROBERT H.-WesTern KenTucky Univ., B.S. in Busi- ness AdminisTraTion-Business law, consumer economics, book- kfeping. Club: Senior Class Adviser. Hobbies: GOIT, waTer s ring. NOLAN, JANE-WilmingTon College, B.S. in Ed.: Miami Univ., M.A.: Univ. oT DayTon-COE, yearbook. Clubs: FBLA, COE Club. Hobbies: Traveling, numismaTics. WELLS, SUSAN-Univ. oT CincinnaTi, B.S.-Personal Typing, record keeping. Clubs: FBLA, Junior Class Adviser. Hobbies: Cooking, kniTTing. New programs provide business opportunities Because oT The increasingly rapid pace in Today's compeTiTive business world, sTudenTs aT WesT seek Training in The Technical and economical aspecTs oT modern socieTy. ln This area, WesT's curriculum includes bookkeeping, business law, consumer eco- nomics, noTehand, oTTice pracTice, Typing, business English, shorThand, and business aspecTs oT iournalism including The yearbook and newspaper publicaTions. Two very imporTanT opporTuniTies presenTed Themselves To FairmonT's business sTudenTs Tor The TirsT Time This year. Each oT These opened The door To TurTher business knowledge and advancemenT oT business skills and Techniques. WesT's new shorThand laboraTory oTTered an excellen,T oppor- TuniTy To improve and polish individual shorThand Techniques. lT also provided a greaT opporTuniTy To diversiTy pracTice in classroom acTiviTies, procedures, and exercises. Newly esTablished COE Club geared iTselT To The senior girl in correlaTion wiTh CooperaTive OTTice EducaTion. This program gave The sTudenT a chance To work in acTual business environmenT in The aTTernoon while mainTaining her regular classroom subiecTs in regularly scheduled morning classes. Speaking To advanced shorThand class, Mrs. Jan Adams, Mrs. Ohio of l965, shows Barb Andres and Mrs. Lois Hike how To carry a handbag. .ig M, . .,,.'i'r.. Miss Carol Aldridge, Educafional Represenfafive for The McCall CorporaTion offers wardrobe poinfers To home economics sTudenTs. McCclII's representative offers fashion pointers Fairmonf WesT's home economics deparTmenT offered home- malcers of Tomorrow a fine course of sTudies in The domesfic arTs and sciences. Courses such as sewing, cooking, child care and behavior, and home managemenT and decoraTion sTressed The creaTive, as well as enjoyable, aspecTs of homemalcing and offered a re- versed porTraiT of The drab housewife image of Today. Professional speakers, such as Miss Carol Aldridge from Mc- Call's, furTher expanded The Tailoring sTudenT's insighT To new Trends in fashion designs and fabrics and gave enlarged op- porTuniTy To demonsTraTe individual imaginaTions, meThods, and abiliTies. Through acTual exploraTory experiences in The home eco- nomics laboraTories, The sTudenT could become well versed in The Techniques and skills of The arT of homemalcing. FOWLER, BERNIECE-Purdue Univ., B.S. in H.E.q Ball STaTe Univ.-Home economics. Clubs: Fufure Medical Careers, Home Economics Club. Hobbies: Sewing, needlework. VOGELSANG, HELEN M.--Ohio STaTe Univ., B.S. in H.E.. MA.: Merrill-Palmer lnsTiTuTeg Mexico CiTy College: Univ. of Hawaii-Home economics. Club: Home Economics Club. Hobbies: Sewing, reading. phoTography, Traveling. bridge. E51 ' Ili " 'T 1' Vance Flynn concenTraTes on correcT fabric measuremenfs which are so imporTanT in The Tailoring course of home economics. W-Q" 1 f AZN if ,ffm ---. Qs- vg M M' s g I' ' x K I U m' X C , XY 3 . , , wi , tk, V , A 'ii Q ' P i W, 'U , A Q if f s. i I . 5 .91 W., r f - 1 f . ' J I X Cl 'g ., ,Q ' it 1' ,er r f im. s G V , N. .Agp id .. i .J CAFETERIA WORKERS-Fronl Row: Phyllis McCulchion, Agnes Busch, Smilh, Zella Bilbrey, Ursel Chain, l-larriel Seberl, Elizabelh Lisl, Ernesline Phyllis Weimer, Mary Kelly, Ann Price, Helen Herrnelz, Vera Hohn, Mar- COX. garel Hursl. Row 2: Bernice Adams, Louise Moore, Geneva Evans, Mabel ,P Mr. Carl l-lollerberlh, head cuslodian, explains various salely de- vices ol lhe boiler in lhe rnain building lo allenlive Doug Clark. Smiling bus driver Pele Damico prepares lor lhe onslaughl ol clam- orous Dragons anxious lo gel a seal on his bus lor lhe ride home. Custodians paint overhead shelters to beautify West Under the direction ot Mrs. Geneva Evans, the cateteria workers supplied I425 complete lunches every day. They exper- ienced little ditticulty in serving everyone in ninety minutes, de- spite the large amounts ot food they prepared. During the course ot this year, tor example, Dragons consumed 37,800 hot dogs and 270,000 cartons ot milk. ln addition to their regular duties, custodians this tall painted overhead shelters and the new amphitheater. They willingly helped hang signs tor "Spirit Week '67." Under Mr. Carl Hot- terberth, the custodial statt kept West looking immaculate and still tound time to help a student. West's experienced bus drivers provided a sate means ot transportation tor 283 students. Seven buses picked up stu- dents who lived outside ot a two-mile radius trom school. Although otten overlooked, the capable cafeteria workers, bus drivers and custodians tormed an essential part ot school lite. ln tact, these behind-the-scene employees worked hard to make a vital contribution in keeping West "the best." CUSTODlANS-Front Row: Webb Manchester, Gene Carry, David Scott, Lawson Murphy, Jerry Mohr, Carl l-totterberth. Row 2: Jack Sherbaure, rn...- Students laden with heavy books hurry after the 2:55 dismissal bell to do their last-minute socializing betore boarding buses tor home. Winston Cross, Luna Lively, James Humes, Tom Dempsey. Q Q s s ss , . . i A 1 l I N... 1 Wi 'L 1 f wr fm X I L, ., ax 4 111 1, r,LL :FO-H ,fif - 1 1 X. - 5 ' 5635 K,LL L L ' m sf ,ig Q ' ' " ' W fl: if '45 Y 5 - JH.: ' 5 ' ga ' f . G2 ..,..n , ' L? Qi ' -ft Ei sf M X 'Y is rg T x 25' X51 5u ,i'A rf 'rag 3-P .. fa, fi 1 SEQ 1 , H? ,Q Q. -4-f 2 L H L, ,... ' -2 Ugg ' 1 X . 5, - ' , - Q. , K .H ' ' . 43 1, fa I A wg ,, , Mew K . fvkkf ' "" ,A ' Q b,--f W .Y , 93" gi mf 1 L A Refi -W 1, ,,,, A in, .--q-- .d""" SSN 1-fr E 35 I967-68-"The Year ol fhe Dragon" reflecls a year ol responsibilily and concern as expressed on fhe face of presidenl, Dennis Shepherd. SENIORS I968-"The Year of lhe Dragon"-for SENIORS means lhe closing of lhree grand years. Al lhe beginning of lhe year, SENICRS lhrill wilh lhe idea lhal lhey represenl' lhe leaders of Jrhe sludenl body, and lhrill wilh lhe prospecl lhal Jrheir long- awailed gradualion is rapidly approaching. Filled wilh such exciling eyenls as homecoming, Jrryoufs for lhe operella and class play, and lhe presenlalion of various awards and scholarships, lhe SENIQR year abounds as one ol lullillrnenl. Yel, as lhe school year draws lo a close, each SENIOR realizes lhal gradualion rneans leaving a life lo which he has become so accuslomedfrhe Wesl Way. Class Clficers: Joe Harnilfon, Vice-Presg Dennis Shepherd, Pres.: Joli Treal, Treasq Carol Schaffer, Sec.: Mary Jo Begley, Soc. Chrn. wr' nits. Encouraged by Tlie Journal Herald! "Newspaper in llwe Class" proiecl, Nancy Mcllxllisler furllier explores llie periodical. Seniors Journal Herald proiect stimulates world knowledge ADAMS, LAWRENCE-Chess ancl Bridge Club 3, 41 Lalin Club 2. ADKINS, VIOLET-Chorus 4. ALEXANDER, DOUGLAS-Chorus 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 43 Gyrnnaslics 2, 3, 45 l-lall Monilor 43 Library Assislanl 23 Opererla 3, 4: Spanish Club 21 Track 27 Varsily F Club 2, 3, 4. ALSEPT, DAPHNE-Arr Club 3: GAA 2: Home Economics Club 3: lnlramural Sporrs 27 Junior Red Cross 2. ALSEPT, DELILAH-Chorus 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3. 4: Operella 2, 3, 47 PBX Operalor 2: Sludenl 0 Secrelery 3. ,..,s 'W' AMLI, MARCIA-Boolcslore 3. 41 FTA 43 GAA 2. 3: Pep Club 27 Spanish Club 4. ANDERSON, LARRY-Band 2, 3, 4, Assislanl Drum Major 3, l-lead Drum Major 47 Hall Monilor 2, 37 lnrramural Sporls 2, 3, 47 Library Assislanl 2, 37 Track 2. ANDERSON, PAULA-AFS 3, 47 Cheerleader 2, 37 Chorus 47 Class Play 37 French Club 27 GAA 2. 37 Homecoming Courl 47 JCOWA 47 NFL 3, 4. Treasurer 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Sludenl Council 2, 4, Treasurer 47 Slucleni' Secrerary 3, 47 Thespians 3, 47 Torch and Ke-yslone 3, 47 Yearbook 3. 4. ANDRES BARBARA-Band 2 3' Class Pla 3 4: . . . y . COE 47 FBLA 47 GAA 3, 47 Library Assislanl 35 Pep Club 3. APPLE, JANIE-Bookslore 2, 37 Chorus 27 GAA 2. 3, 47 Gym Assisfanl 47 Gymnaslics 47 Operella 27 Pep Club 2, 37 Rhylhmelles 47 Spanish Club 3. ATKINS, JO ANNE-AFS 47 FTA 2, 3. 47 GAA 4' JCOWA 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 47 Y-Teens 4. AUWERS, CAROLYN-AFS 47 Chorus 3, 47 Class Play 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 German Club 37 JCOWA 3, 47 Kelrering Teenage Traffic Courl 47 Lalin Club 27 Operella 3, 47 Pep Club 27 Sluclenl Secrelary 3, 47 Thespians 3, 47 Torch and Keyslone 3, 4. BADGER, JANNETTA-Chorus 3, 4: Class Play 3. 47 GAA 3, 47 German Club 37 l-lall Monilor 47 Operella 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. BAILEY, PAM-FTA 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Golf 27 Gym Assisranl 47 Gymnaslics 2, 3, 47 PBX Operalor 3. BAKER, RODGER-Band 27 Varsily F Club 47 Wres- lling 2, 3, 4. BAKER, RONALD-Elecfronics Club 47 l-li-Y 2, 3, 47 Lalin Club 27 Library Assislanr 27 Spanish Club 3, 4. BALTHROP, MICHAEL-Cross Counlry 47 German Club 37 Hi-Y 37 lnlramural Sporls 2, 37 JCOWA 37 Pep Club 47 Track 2, 3, 47 Varsily F Club 4. BARKER, ANNIE-Oakwoocl l-ligh School 2. 3: French Club 4. BARKER, LARRY-Chorus 2, 47 Foolball 2, 3, 47 lnlramural Sporls 3, 47 Kellering Teenage Traffic Courl 27 Operelffa 2, 47 Track 2, 3, 4. BARNES, DOROTHY-Wabash l-ligh School, Wa- bash, lncliana 2, 37 French Club 47 FTA 47 JCGWA 47 School Paper 4. i BARNES, JANET-Arl Club 47 FBLA 37 French Club 27 GAA 2, 47 Gymnaslics 27 l'lall Monilor 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyrhmelles 3, 4. BARR, STEPHEN-Foolball 3, 47 German Club 3, 47 l"lalllv1onilor 47 lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 47 Kellering Teenage Traffic Courl 37 Lalin Club 27 NFL 3, 47 Track 2, 3, 47 Varsily F Club 3, 4. BAXTER, BOB-Library Assislanr 27 Track 2. BEARDSLEY, PHYLLIS-Class Play 37 French Club 27 GAA 2, 3, 4i Golf 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 3, 4i Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 4: Sluclenl Secrelary 2, 3. Q!-fi 'QF f"""f'Y Rv Q9-v-r S.-' fig' om .QS rw-s O6 We .. mfg. nv, EN -and Siwfnil 3 4 sr, f ,lk 'S in I 1' r f 'Af v1v,bJ MATT M, !,, 1 k ,f, . X , 511 Benn, Y . .a. ,,, WP WC? WNW. 'Q f iii' N132 K ' ,Fei s www f X U Xu QWT U QZQVMYM vt ,L l ik 5-Qrggem ' ,A A Uzing sfudy hall Mme +0 serve his school, Dave Traub posfs we?k's evenfs on Hwe bdfefim board In admlnlsfrafion Hall. Serving as the hall monitor in the administration building, Carol Sollenberger constructively uses her time for study. Seniors Students convert study hall time to school service BEATTY, BETSY-Art Club 27 Chorus 2, 3, 47 Class Play 47 French Club 27 FTA 27 GAA 2, 37 JCOWA 47 Office Assistant 37 Operetta 2, 3. 47 PBX Operator 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhythrnettes 2, 3, 4, First Corporal 4. BEGLEY, MARY JO-Band 2, 37 Chorus 3, 47 Class Officer 4, Social Chairman7 Class Play 3. 47 French Club 3. 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 l-lall Monitor 37 JCOWA 3i Library Assistant 37 NFL 2. 3, 47 Operetta 2, 3, 47 Orchestra 27 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Student Secretary 27 Thespians 3. 4. BERARDI, PAT--Art Club 37 Class Play 37 COE 47 FBLA 2, 3, 47 GAA 2, 37 Home Economics Club 27 Kettering Teenage Traffic Court 37 Library Assistant 37 Pep Club 2, 37 Student Secretary 27 Yearboolc 4. BERBERT, NANCY-Art Club 37 Class Play 3, 47 Creative Writers Club 3, 47 FTA 3, 47 GAA 37 German Club 3, 47 NFL 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 School Paper 47 Thespians 4. BILBREY, DAVE-l-li-Y 2, 3, 47 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 47 Math Club 47 Spanish Club 4, Officer 47 Wrestling 2, 3. BLACKFORD, ROGER BLUBAUGH DEBORAH-Edina l-li h School Edina. 1 Q ' Minnesota 37 COE 47 FBLA 47 Y-Teens 4. BODE, SARAH-Belmont High School 2: Art Club 3, 47 FTA 47 GAA 47 JCOWA 3, 4: Lab Assistant 47 Pep Club 4. BOEN, DANNY LEE-German Club 2, 3, 4, President 47 Oyrn Assistant 47 lntrarnural Sports 27 NFL 37 Orchestra 2, 3, 47 Torch and Keystone 3, 4. lil Ms' f s Nb' 1 'U' BOHARDT, STEVEN-Arrendance lvloniror 33 Base- ball 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 45 Gym Assislanr 47 l-lall lvionilor 3: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 41 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Varsiiy F Club 3, 4. BOLLENBACHER, THOMAS-Chess and Bridge Club 2, 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: lnrramural Sporfs 2, 47 Opererra 2, 3, 47 Orchesrra 2, 3, 4. BONNETT, BRUCE-lnrramural Sporrs 2, 3, 4. BOOKWALTER, DAVID-Cafeieria Worker 37 Work- Slucly Program 4. BOOZE, LINDA-Chorus 2, 3, 4, Debale 3: FMC 2, 3, Presidenl 37 GAA 2, 3, 4, Junior Board Represeniarive 3, Presidenr 45 Library Assislanl 3: Opererra 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Social Chair- man 3, 41 Sludenr Secrerary 3, 41 Torch and Keysione 3, 4. BOSRON, JOEL-DCT 45 Machine Shop Club 4. Seniors g o 0 Use of library extends working week fo sux days Salurday mornings find college-bound sludenls in 'rhe school library involved in required admissions-resfing programs. 5995 r i i i w.,f . BOSTON, TERRY-COE 4: FBLA 4: GAA 2: Home Economics Club 2: Y-Teens 2. BOSSI, LINDA-AFS 3: Band 2, 3: Class Play 3: French Club 2, 3: FTA 4: GAA 2: JCOWA 3: Pep Club 2, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Sluclenl Secrelary 3: Yearbook 3, 4, Business Manager 4. BOWMAN, RONALD-Band 3: German Club 4: Gymnaslics 4: lnlramural Sporfs 2: Library Assisl- anl 2, 4: Track 4. BRADFORD, CYNTHIA-Chorus 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: FMC 2, 4: German Club 3: Operella 2, 3, 4: PBX Operalor 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3. BRAMBLE, WAYNE-Golf 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4. BREM, CYNTHIA-AFS 4: Ar'r Club 4: French Club 2: FTA 2, 3, 4: GAA 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 4: Yearbook 4: Y-Teens 3, 4, Social Chairman 4. BRENNAN, NANCY-Arl Club 2, 3, 4: GAA 3, 4: l-lome Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Publicily Chairman 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 3. 4: JCOWA 4: Kellerinq Teenage Traffic Courl 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4. BREWER, WlLLlAM-l-lall Monilor 3: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Lab Assislanl 2: Lalin Club 2. BRICKEY, SANDRA-Chorus 3, 4: Operella 3, 4. BRISTOW, CORLISS-GAA 3: Junior Red Cross 2, 3. BRODRICK, MARGARET-AFS 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Operefla 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2: Sludenl Secrelary 2, 3, 4. BROWN, PHYLLIS-Chorus 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: FMC 2: JCOWA 3, 4: Lalin Club 3. 4: Operella 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 2. BROWNELL, ELIZABETH BRUBAKER, MICHAEL-Eleclronics Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presiclenl 2, Presiclenr 3, 4: Junior Achieve- menl 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl' 4: Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presiclenl' 2, Presidenl 3, 4. BRUNO, COLEEN--Arl Club 3, 4: Class Play 4: French Club 2: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4. BUCHHOLZ, BERNARD-Baskelball 4: Cross Coun- +ry 2, 3: Debale 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 4: Kellering Teenage Traffic Courl 4: Pep Club 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4, Caplain 4: Track 2: Varsily F Club 4: Yearbook 3, 4, Sporls Ediior 4. BUCKINGHAM, VlCKl-Chorus 2: French Club 2E GAA 2: Gymnasfics 2: Pep Club 2: Rhylhmelles 3, 4: Yearbook 4. BURTON, CYNTHIA-Arr Club 4: Baskelball 4: FBLA 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Gym Assislanl 4: Pep Club 3, 4. . ,lv Ze..-v 49' 'v -317 -scsi CAMPBELL, BEVERLY-GAA 3. CAMPBELL, DEARL CAROTHERS, JOYCE--Arcanum High School 2. 37 Lafin Club 4. CAUDILL, DAVID-Baskefball 27 French Club 2, 37 Golf 2, 3, 47 lnframural Sporfs 2, 3. 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3. CHANDLER, WAYNE CHANEY, PATRICIA-AFS 47 Class Play 3, 47 FMC 2, 3, 47 GAA 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 47 Lafin Club 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 37 Sfudenf Secrefary 3, 4. CHANNEL, KATHLEEN--GAA 3, 4: Library Assisf- anf 37 Pep Club 2. 37 Spanish Club 27 Y-Teens 2. Presiclenf. CHAPPELL, GREG-Chorus 47 Class Officer 2. Vice- Presiclenf 27 Foofball 2, 3, 47 Gymnasfics 2, 3, 4, Co-Capfain 47 Hall Monifor 2. 47 lnframural Sporfs 37 Office Assisfanf 37 Opereffa 37 Scholar-Afhlefe 37 Torch and Keysfone 3, 47 Varsify F Club 2. 3, 4, Presidenl' 4. CHARTER, MARGY-FTA 3, 4: GAA 3: Library Assisfanf 47 YFC 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 4. CHENOWETH, WILLIAM-Baslcefball 2, 3, 47 Hall Monifor 3, 47 lnframural Sporfs 3, 47 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsify F Club 2, 3, 4. CHILDRESS, RANDY-lnfrarnural Sporfs 27 Spanish Club 2. 37 Tennis 27 Wresfling 2. CHRISTOPHER, JAMES-Baseball 47 Baslcefball 47 Pep Club 47 Varsify F Club 4. CLARK, DOUGLAS--Class Play 3, 47 Creafive Wrifers Club 37 French Club 3, 4, Presidenf 37 German Club 47 Hi-Y 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 47 KYAC 47 Lab Assisfanf 3, 47 School Paper 37 Thespians 3, 47 Wise Fools 3, 4. CLAY, CATHY-Chorus 47 French Club 2, 37 FMC 2. 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Oymnasfics 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Opereffa 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyfhmeffes 3, 4, Warranf Officer 4. CLEAR, DIANA-Lafin Club 27 Sfudenf Secrefary 3. COFFEY, JILL-French Club 2, 3, 47 Fufure Teachers 2, 47 GAA 2, 47 Gymnasfics 27 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyfhmeffes 3, 4. COFFMAN, ROBERT-Baslcefball 47 Sfafisfician 47 Foofball 27 Golf 2, 3, 47 lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 47 lCC 47 JCOWA 47 Pep Club 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Torch and Keysfone 3, 47 Varsify F Club 47 Yearboolc 3, 4, Associafe Edifor 4. COLLINS, WILLIAM-Cafeferia 3. COMPTON, DWIGHT-Band 2, 3, 47 French Club 37 lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 47 Operella 3, 47 Orcheslra 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 School Paper 2, 3, 47 Tennis 2, 3, 4. COPELAND, BARBARA-Permian High School 2? Home Economics Club 3. CREAGER, CAROLYN-AFS 47 Class Play 37 4 French Club 37 FTA 2, 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Gym Q' Assislanl 47 l-lall lvlonilor 2. IQ 3 CROUCH, JAMES-Band 2, 3, 47 Chorus 3, 47 NFL 3, 4i Operella 47 Pep Band 2, 3, 47 Slaqe Crew 3. CRUM, DEBORAH-AFS 47 JCOWA 3i Russian Club 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. CRUZE, RITA-French Club 27 FMC 27 GAA 2. 3: Horne Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 47 Library Assislanl 3, 4. WS. ,ae aw .V ,,:""' . Seniors New position proves invaluable to Dragon qualify Regislerinq ernolions of disgusl and delerrninalion, Joli Treal liacially expresses herself in regard lo layouls. WY" vgmqyw W 'iq , . 1 vdfdpfu get "" "" ' kia k f Q., W X x fl ssal ive 7 , , .4 , 5,6 Q :sew ...VR C wi-it .K - Foreign exchange students Meme Munoz and Nannelce Joustra recount novel experiences at Fairmont West to Vicki Buckingham. Seniors Continents meetp West hosts two exchange students , CURTIS, DANIEL-Intramural Sports 3, 4. DANIELS, DARREL-Intramural Sports 3. DAVIS, DWIGHT-Band 2, 3, 47 Chemistry Seminar 3, 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 Intramural Sports 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Scholar-Athlete 37 Torch and Key- stone 3, 47 Track Manager 2, 47 Wise Fools 47 Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Manager 27 Pep Band 3, 4. DAVIS, LYNNE-Chorus 2, 3. 47 French Club 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Gymnastics 27 JCOWA 37 Latin Club 27 Operetta 2, 47 Pep Club 27 Rhythmettes 3, 4. DAVIS, SCOTT-Basketball 2, 3, 47 Debate 3, 47 Golt 2, 3, 47 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 47 NFL 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Scholar-Athlete 47 Spanish Club 2, 3. DELL'ARlA, MICHAEL-DCT 4. DENHART, KATHY-Wesferville High School 2, 37 Chorus 47 GAA 47 Spanish Club 4. DEWALT, KATHY-Arlingfon High School 2, 3: AFS 47 FMC 47 GAA 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 47 Lafin Club 47 PBX Operafor 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. DEWITT, NEAL--lnframural Sporfs 2. DICK, PEGGY-GAA 27 lnframural Sporfs 27 Li- brary Assisranf 37 Y-Teens 2. DICKE, WILLIAM-Band 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3. Presidenf 47 Baslcefball 27 Hi-Y 3, 47 lnframural Sporfs 3, 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 47 Opereffa 2, 47 Orchesfra 2, 3, 47 Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Direcfor 47 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsify F Club 4. DILL, JIM-Cross Counfry 3, 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 Sfudenf Secrefary 47 Wresfling 2, 3, 4. DILS, JACQUELINE-Class Play 37 French Club 2: GAA 2, 37 Hall Monifor 3, 47 JCOWA 37 Operef- fa 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyfhmeffes 3, 47 Fourfh Corporal 47 Spanish Club 3, 4. DINSMORE, DIANA-Y-Teens 2. DOBRINO, LINDA-French Club 3. 4i FTA 2, 3, 47 Lafin Club 27 Y-Teens 3, 4. DOGGETT, BECKY-Chorus 2, 3, 47 Class Play 47 French Club 2, 37 GAA 2, 3, 47 Gymnasfics 47 JCOWA 37 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 47 Lab Assisfanf 27 Opereffa 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. DOLFMAN, SUE--Chorus 2, 3, 47 French Club 22 Gymnasfics 27 Hall Monifor 37 JCOWA 3, 47 Opereffa 2, 3, 47 PBX Operafor 47 Pep Club 37 Rhyfhmeffes 2, 3, 4. DOLL, DAN-Class Play 47 Debafe 47 Elecfronics Club 27 lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 37 NFL 47 Radio Club 27 School Paper 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Thespians 4. DONAHUE, GARY-Chorus 47 Gymnasfics 2, 3, 47 Opereffa 4. DONOVAN, MARK--AFS 47 Geology Seminar 37 Hpll Monifor 47 JCOWA 47 Pep Club 47 Spanish Cub 3. DORSTEN, JANICE-Band 27 Biology Seminar 37 Chemisfry Seminar 47 Classical Music Club 27 French Club 27 FMC 27 GAA 2, 37 German Club 3. 47 Mafh Club 3, 47 Opereffa 27 Russian Club 47 Science Club 3, 4. DOWNING, JOAN-Class Play .3, 47 Creafive Wrifers Club 47 French Club 3, 47 NFL 3, 4. DRAKOS, ELENI-AFS 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 37 School Paper 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 47 Torch and Keysfone 3, 47 Volley- ball 2, 3, 4. DRAYTON, PHILIP-Foofball 2, 3, 47 lnframural Sporfs 27 Office Assisfanf 27 Traclc 2, 3, 4, Co- Capfain 47 Varsify F Club 3, 47 Wresfling 3, 4: Yearbook 4. .zn- 175 .7-"9 91" '27 4-ag, Ui 0"'T . , DUDIS, JlM-Foofball Sfafisfician 2, 3: German Club 2: Inframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Keffering Teen- age Traffic Courf 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Varsify F Club 2, 3, 4: Wresfling Manager 2. DUNLEVY, MARY-Chorus 2, 3. 4: GAA 3: infra- mural Sporfs 3. DUNNICK, DONNA-GAA 2, 3, 4: Gymnasfics 2, 3, 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Opereffa 3: PBX Operafor 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Rhyfhmeffes 3, 4, Top Sergeanf 4: Spanish Club 3, 4. DUPONT, ROBERT-Inframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2. DURBAK, KAREN-AFS 4: Biology Seminar 3: GAA 3: JCOWA 3, 4: Lab Assisfanf 3: Spanish Club 3, 4. EBERHARD, ROY-Baslcefball 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Golf 2, 3, 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Yearbook 3, 4, Sporfs Edifor 4. EGLESTON, BARBARA-Home Economics Club 4. EKEY, JANET-AFS 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: Gymnasfics 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 3, 4: Pep Office Assisfanf 4: Opereffa 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3. 4: Rhyfhmeffes 4. ENWRIGHT, NANCY-AFS 3, 4: Arf Club 4: Class Play 4: French Club 3: FTA 2: GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 3: Office Assisfanf 4: PBX Operafor 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4. ESTABROOK, HUGH-Biology Seminar 3: Foofbali 2: German Club 3, 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: NFL 3, 4: Visual Aids 3: Wresfling 2. EWRY, CONNIE-Class Play 3: FMC 2, 4: GAA 4: Office Assisfanf 4: Pep Club 2, 4: Rhyfhm- effes 4. FAHRNEY, RICHARD-Gymnasfics 2, 3, 4: Hall Monifor 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 4: Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4. FARREN, SUSAN-Class Play 3, 4, Sfudenf Direcfor 4: Debafe 3, 4: French Club 2: JCOWA 3, 4: Polifical Science Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3. Presidenf 4: School Paper 3, 4, Circulafion Man- ager 4: Sfudenf Secrefary 2, 4. FAUBLE, PATTY-AFS 4: Chorus 4: GAA 2, 3. 4: Gymnasfics 2, 3: Home Economics Club 4: Lafin Club 2. FAULSTICH, STEVE-Baseball 2, 3, 4: French Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4. FEDERLE, JOY-AFS 4: Band 2: Biology Seminar 3: Class Play 3, 4: FTA 2, 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 3: Lab Assisfanf 3, 4: NFL 3: Opereffa 2: Orchesfra 2: Pep Club 2: School Paper 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Corresponding Secrefary 3, Secrefary-Treasurer 4? Y-Teens 4. 2. FIEDLER, CAROL-AFS 2, 3, 4: Chess and Bridge Club 4: Classical Music Club 2, 3, Vice-Presidenf 3: Class Play 4: Creafive Wrifers Club 2: GAA 4: German Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Presiclenf 3: Lab Assisfanf 4: Lafin Club 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 3: Russian Club 4: Torch and Keysfone 3, 4: Wise Fools 3, 4. FIRTH, WALTER-Chess and Bridge Club 3. 4. Presiclenf 4: German Club 3: Lafin Club 2: Science Club 4: Sfage Crew 4: Wresfling 3. FLEDDERJOHN, JIM-Baseball 2: Class Play 3, 47 Debate 3, 47 Football 2, 37 French Club 23 Intra- mural Sports 2, 3, 47 NFL 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: School Paper 47 The-spians 3, 41 Varsity F Club 2, 3, 4. FLYNN, RONNIE FOCHT, SHEILA-Chorus 3. 47 FBLA 4: JCOWA 37 Operetta 3, 4. TQ-4' FOLTZ, THOMAS-Chatsworth l-ligh School, Chats- worth, California 2, 3. FORD, STEPHEN-Class Play 2, 33 l-li-Y 33 Operetta 27 Spanish Club,2g Stage Crew 25 Tennis 3. FOUKE, JERRY-Football 2, Gymnastics 2: Intra- mural Sports 2, 3, 47 Kettering Teenage Traffic Court 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Seniors Cheerleaders' active participation promotes spirit Winter cheerleader captain Connie Thompson encourages group of erthusiastic sophomores at the tall cheerleading clinic. .fffs ' 4 QL X H ff' Student secretary Janet Barnes worlcs diligently correcting papers, providing her teacher more class preparation time. Seniors Both West and students benefit by service proiects FRANKLIN, CAMILLE-Art Club 3. 4: GAA 2, 3. 4: Operetta 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Russian Club 4: Spanish Club 3. 4. FRANZ, REBECCA-Chorus 3, 4: Class Play 3: French Club 2. 3. 4: FTA 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Operetta 3, 4: Pep Club 2: Rhythm- ettes 3: Student Secretary 3: Torch and Keystone 3, 4. FREDERICK, TIMOTHY-Cafeteria 3, 4. FUGETT, DIANE-Band 2, 3, 4: FMC 2: GAA 2, 3, FULLER. MAX Golt 2, 4: intramural Sports 2, 4: Pep Club 2, 3. 4: Political Science Club 2: Spanish Club 2. 4: Maiorette 3, 4: Grchestra 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2. GABRIELE, WILLIAM-Art Club 4: Basketball 2, 3: GANTZ, DAVID-Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball 2, 3, 4g Boolcslore 27 Hall Monifor 3: lnrramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 43 Varsily F Club 3, 4. GARDNER, TIMOTHY-Gymnaslics 2, 3, 43 Inlra- mural Sporrs 2, 33 Library Assislanf 3: School Paper 47 Spanish Club 2. GEATTY, BARBARA-AFS 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Capfain 43 Class Play 4i FBLA 47 French Club 2: GAA 2, 47 Hall Monifor 2: Homecoming Queen 43 JCOWA 3: Office Assislanf 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Sfudenl Council 2. GEBHART, JOHN-Baseball 43 lnlramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4. ,GEDEON, RICHARD-Gymnaslics 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 41 l Tennis 3, 47 Wreslling 2. GIALLOMBARDO, DAN-Eleclronics Club 3: Gym Assislanl 3, 4, Hall Moniror 3, 47 lnrramural Sporls 3, 4. GIBBONS, HAMILTON-Baslcefball 2, 3, 4: Fooiball 3, 4, Office Assislanr 33 Varsily F Club 3, 4. GILBERT, CLAUDlA--Cheerleader 2, GAA 2, 3, 4? Opererla 3, 47 Orcheslra 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 47 Sludenf Council 3. GILLMAN, HARRY-Arr Club 4. GILTON, JULIA--Lalin Club 2, 3, 4. GLASCOCK, CAROL-French Club 47 GAA 2, 31 Hall Monilor 4, Pep Club 21 Spanish Club 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. GRAHAM, JOANNE-Archbishop Aller 2: GAA 3, 4. GRAY, GREGORY-DCT 4. GRAYBILL, MARGARET-Boolcsfore 4, French Club 27 GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 25 Keflering Teenage Traffic Courr 4, Pep Club 2, 3. GREER, LINDA-AFS 4, French Club 3, 45 FTA 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, 43 JCOWA 3: Lab Assisfanf 47 Pep Club 2, 4. GRILLMEIER, SAMUEL GRILLOT, DAVID-lnlramural Sporls 2, 3. GRODRIAN, MARTHA-AFS 3, 43 Classical Music Club 2i JCOWA 3, Larin Club 3, 43 Russian Club 4, President Torch and Keyslone 3, 4. cliq- .gust- ftp 'lk V6 I pf? Sfudenf Council Secrefary Jan VVISQ informs Wesfonians of orqanlzaiioms aCHvIHes over PA every Tuesday morning. ,N,., Dragon Tales statt member Joy Federle urges Susan Storlc to purctiase a student directory, annual proiect ot the paper. Seniors Active student participation enriches life at West GROSSMAN, WOLFGANG-Baseball 2: Biology Seminar 3: Bookstore 3, 4: Ctworus 2, 3, 4: l-tall Monitor 3: Intramural Sports 3, 4: Library Assistant 3: Operetta 2, 3. 4: Science Club 2. 3, 4. GROTHJAN, DOUGLAS-Football 2, 3, 4: Gym Assistant 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Varsity F 3. 4: Wrestling 2. GROVE, ANITA-COE 4: FBLA 4: Frencti Club 2. 3: GAA 3: Ottice Assistant 2. GROVES, ROBERT-lntramural Sports 3, 4. GUISE, KEVIN-Chemistry Seminar 2, 3: Debate 3: Latin Club 2. 3, 4: NFL 3: Science Club 2, 3. 4: Torch and Keystone 3, 4. GULASA, DIANA nk do "QB" HABEL, LESLIE-AFS 4: FMC 2, 3: GAA 2, 3, 41 German Club 3, 4, Secretary 4: Hall Monitor 2, 3: JCOWA 3, 4: Kettering Teenage Trattic Court 4: Latin Club 2: Ottice Assistant 3: Pep Club 2, 3: Student Secretary 4: Torcln ancl Keystone 3, 4. HABERER, HARRY-Creative Writers Club 4: Ge- ology Seminar 3: lntramural Sports 2, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Wise Fools 4: Wrestling 4. HALE, JAMES HAMILTON, JOSEPH-Baslcefball 2. 3. 4: Class Officer 3, 4, Vice-Presidem' 3, 4: Gym Assislanf 3: Inlramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Varsily F 2, 3, 4. HAMMER, MICHAEL-Arr Club 4: Gymnasfics 3. 4: lnfrarnural Sporls 2, 4. HAMMOND, DAVID HAMPTON, JOHN HARDING, LlNDA-AFS 4: Arr Club 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: French Club 2, 3: GAA 2, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: NFL 3, 4: Operelfa 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 4. HARDY, DAVID-Chess and Bridge Club 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Torch ancl Keyslone 3, 4. -'fx Seniors Warm weather merits enioymeni of Wesf's campus Franfic change of classes offers a break from roufine of classroom acfivflies and a chance 'ro qreef 'fellow sfudenfs. illw . f-we-Y-'HP -4.52 HARLEY, FRANCES-FMC 3, 4: GAA 2: JCOWA 3: Lafin Club 3: Office Assisfanf 4: Pep Club 2: Sfudenf Secrefary 3. HART, FRED-Band 2: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Visual Aids 3. HART, MARTHA-Band 2: Cheerleader 3, 4: Class Officer 2, Social Chairman: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Office Assisfanf 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- Presidenf 4: Sfudenf Secrefary 3: Torch and Key- sfone 3, 4. HARTLEY, SANDRA-Chorus 4: COE 47 FBLA 2. 3, 4: Fufure Teachers 4: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4: Library Assisfanf 3: Sfudenf Secrefary 4: Y-Teens 3, 4. HARTRANFT, JOANNE-AFS 3: Chorus 2: French Club 3, 4: GAA 3: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Pep Club 2: Yearbook 4, Phofo- Scheduler. HASS, GEORGIA-Class Play 3, 4: French Club 2: GAA 3, 4: NFL 4: Sfudenf Secrefary 4: Thespians 4. HATHAWAY, MICHAEL-Band 2: Class Play 3, 4: Gymnasfics 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Presidenf 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: NFL 3, 4, Presidenf 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Track 3, 4. HAVERSTICK, BRYAN-Elecfronics Club 2, 3, 4: Radio Club 2, 3, 4: Sfage Crew 3, 4. HAWK, GAIL-Class Play 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3: FMC 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presidenf 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Mafh Club 4: NFL 3: Opereffa 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2: Thespians 3, 4: Torch and Keysfone 3, 4. HAYES, CHRIS-AFS 4: Class Play 3, 4: FTA 2. 3. 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 4: Lafin Club 2: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: School Paper 4: Sfudenf Secrefary 4. HAYES, DEBOARAH-Arf Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3: Class Play 3, 4: Chemisfry Seminar 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: GAA 3, 4: JCOWA 3. 4, Hisforian 4: Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 4: NFL 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Torch and Keysfone 3, 4: Wise Fools. HAYES, MICHAEL-Cross Counfry 3, 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Varsify F Club 4. HEETER, RICHARD HELMER, JAMES-Baseball 2: Debafe 3, 4: Foofball 2, 3, 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: NFL 3, 4: Scholar-Afhlefe 3, 4: School Paper 4: Varsify F Club 3, 4. HENDRICKS, RICHARD HENSLEY, GWENDOLYN-COE 4, Presidenf: FBLA 3, 4: GAA 2: Sfudenf Secrefary 3: Y-Teens 2. HERNDON, ERNEST-DCT 4. HERRING, BETTY-AFS 3, 4: Chorus 2, 4: Lafin Club 2, 3: Opereffa 2, 4: Pep Club 2: Russian Club 4: Y-Teens 4. 'f"T""?f wbw HIBBS, LINDA-GAA 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Pep Club 2, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 2. HICKS, DENNIS-Band 2, 3. HIGGINS, MELINDA-Class Play 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: GAA 2: JCOWA 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: NFL 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Sluclenl Secrelary 3: Thespians 3, 4: Yearbook 3, 4, Eclilor-in-Chief 4. HlLL, JAMES-Hall Monilor 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Club 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 4. HIMES, AMELIA-Pep Club 2, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Secrelary 2: ICC 3. HIMES, NAOMI-Cafeleria 4: Hall lvlonilor 3. HINDS, SUSAN-AFS 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: FTA 4: GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 3: School Paper 4: Tennis 2. HINKLEY, JOAN-Ari Club 3: Chorus 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Lab Assisianl 4. HODGSON, DAVID-School Paper 4. HOENER, ROBERT-lnlrarnural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 3, 4. HOFFHINES, CRAIG-Band 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 3: l-lall Monilor 3: lnlramural Sporls 4: Operella 2, 3, 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Club 4. HOLLINS, ERIC-Bookslore 3: Class Play 3: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: French Club 2: l-li-Y 3, 4: lnlra- mural Sporls 2, 4: Scholar-Alhlele 4: Torch and Keyslone 3, 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Club 4. HOLLOWELL, MELANA-AFS 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: French Club 2. 3: FTA 3, 4: GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 3, 4: Operella 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2. 3, 4: Rhylhm- elles 4: Sludenl Secrerary 3: Yearbook 4, Under- class Eclilor 4. HOPKINS, LINDA-Avon Lalce High School, Avon Lalce, Ohio 2, 3: AFS 4, Presidenl 4: Chorus 4: FMC 4: JCOWA 4: Kellering Teenage Traffic Courl 4: Pep Club 4: Torch and Keyslone 4. HORN, MARILYN-Ar'r Club 3, 4: Alrlendance Monilor 3: GAA 2, 3: Home Economics 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Lab Assislanl 4. HOTTLE, STEVE-lnlramural Sporrs 2, 3, 4. HUBBLE, CANDI-FBLA 3, 4: French Club 2: GAA 2, 3, 4: Gymnaslics 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporis 2. 3, 4: Office Assisranl 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Rhylhm- elles 3, 4. HUDEN, MIKE HURT, DAVID-DCT 4. HUFFER, CHARLES-AFS 3: Band 2, 3, 47 German Club 37 Hi-Y 3, 47 Intramural Sports 4: JCOWA 47 Latin Club 2. HUNSAKER, BILL-Chess and Bridge Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 47 lntramural Sports 3, 4: Lab Assistant 37 Math Club 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Seminar 4. IMIG, BARBARA-GAA 3, 47 ICC 41 Intramural Sports 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 37 Quill and Scroll 3, 4: School Paper 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 3. 4, Social Chairman 3, President 41 Tennis 3, 4. JACKSON, CURTIS-Cafeteria 3. JONES, JAMES-Gymnastics 2, 3, 47 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 47 Traclc 2. XM Seniors Spirited pep signs reflect enthusiasm of Dragons Displaying her IIOZ, Dragon spirit, Sandy Stimmel fulfills one of the many responsibiliiies as a varsity cheerleader. .QQ 1 Gaining valuable experience, Sue Dolfrnan operales ihe PBX syslenw in ihe rnain office during her siudy hall period. Seniors PBX skill brings efficient communication fo school JOUSTRA, FENNANDA-Gerneenlelylie l-l.B.S. voor Meisies, Groningen, The Ne-lherlands 2, 31 AFS 41 GAA 4i JCOWA 4i Pep Club 41 Spanish Club 41 Sluclenl Council 41 Yearbook 41 Y-Teens 4. an KALBFLEISCH, DAVID-Poolball 2, 3, 4i German Club Qi Gyrnnasiics 2, 3, 41 lnirarnural Sporfs 2, 3, 41 Pep Club 2, 31 Spanish Club 3. KELLER, PATRICIA-ICC Represenlalive 41 JCOWA 31 Spanish Club 21 Pep Club 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. KEMPFER, JANET--Band 2, 3, 4, ICC Represenlalive 41 Chorus 41 PMC 31 GAA 2. 3, 41 German Club 3, 43 JCOWA 3, 41 Lalin Club Qi Qperelia 41 Pep Club 4. KEVERN, ROBERT-Cross Counlry 31 Gyrnnasiics 2, 3, 43 Hall Monilor 3, 41 l-li-Y 2, 31 lnirarnural Sporls 21 Lalin Club 2i Spanish Club 3, 4. KIEFABER, JOHN-French Club 21 Golf 3, 41 Gym- naslics 3, 41 l-li-Y 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 31 lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, Ili JCOWA 31 Wresiling 2. KING, NANCY-French Club 27 GAA 2, 47 Pep Club 2. 3, 4. KIRK, JUDITH-Chorus 2, 3, 47 French Club 27 GAA 2, 37 Gymnasiics 2, 37 Office Assisiani 37 Opereifa 2, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyihmeiies 3, 4. KISER, STEVEN-G-ymnasiics 2, 3, 47 Hall Monifor 3, 47 lnlramural Sporis 47 Pep Club 27 Varsiiy F Club 3, 4. KLANK, RICHARD-Elecironics Club 27 lniramural Sporfs 2, 3. KNIPP, RICHARD-Baseball 2, 3, 47 Baskeiball 2, 37 Fooiball 3, 47 French Club 27 Hall Monifor 37 lnframural Sporis 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2. 3, 47 Scholar-Afhlefe 47 Varsiiy F Club 3, 47 Wresiling 2. KNOX, CAROL-Chorus 3. KOCHLI, JOHN-AFS 3, 47 Cross Counfry 3, 47 French Club 2, 37 Geology Seminar 47 Gymnasfics 37 Hall Moniior 37 Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 lniramural Sporfs 2, 47 JCOWA 37 Library Assisfani 27 NFL 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 37 School Paper 4. KOLLER, RICHARD-Class Officer 2, President 27 Class Play 37 Debale 3, 47 Foorball 3. 47 French Club 2, 37 Golf 2, 3, 47 Hall Moniior 3, 47 Infra- mural Sporls 3, 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Keiiering Youih Aciion Council 2, 37 NFL 3, 47 Scholar-Aihlele 37 Siudenf Council 37 Torch and Keysione 3, 47 Varsiiy F Club 3, 4. KONICKI, PAUL-Chemisiry Seminar 3, 47 Debaie 3, 47 Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 lniramural Sporfs 3, 47 JCOWA 3. 47 Lab Assisfanf 37 Laiin Club 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 47 NFL 3, 47 Polilical Science Club 3, 47 Science Club 2, 3, 4, Secreiary and Treasurer 47 Wresfling 2. KONRAD, DOROTHY-Ari Club 47 Class Play 3. 47 French Club 27 NFL 2, 3, 4, Secreiary 47 Sfudenf Secrefary 3, 47 Thespians 3, 4. KOWASKI, ROBERT-Arr Club 47 Chess and Bridge Club 37 Cross Couniry 2, 47 lnfrarnural Sporls 2, 47 Track 3, 47 Wresiling 2, 3. KRAFT, JUDY-Class Play 37 GAA 37 Operefla 2. 3, 47 Orcheslra 2, 3, 47 YFC 4. KRAPF, LINDA-Home Economics Club 3, 4, Chap- lain 4. KREFT, CAROL-William Howard Tail, Woodland Hills, California 2. KREUTZER, STEVE-DCT 47 Lab Assisfani 3. LACHEY, JOHN-lnirarnural Sporis 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3i Lafin Club 3. LAMBRIGHT, BRUCE-Gym Assislanf 4. LAWSON, TERESA-FBLA 47 Library Assisfanr 27 Y-Teens 2, 3, Vice-Presideni 2. 'Q '2' ' LEATHERMAN, LINDA-Band 2, 3, 4, Officer 37 Chorus 2, 3, 47 Classical Music Club 3, 47 FTA 47 GAA 37 JCOWA 37 Opereffa 2, 47 Orchesfra 2, 3, 4i YFC 3, 4. LEESON, MARJORIE-AFS 37 Affendance Monifor 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Hall Monifor 27 I-Iome Eco- nomics Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Presidenf 3, 4. LEFF, THOMAS-AFS 2, 3, 47 Chess and Bridge Club 2, 3, 47 Chemisfry Seminar 37 Debafe 3, 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 lnfrarnural Sporfs 2. 3, 47 Mafh Club 3, :fi NFL 3, 47 Polifical Science Club 2, 3, 4, Presidenf 3, 47 Torch and Keysfone 3, 4. LINEBAUGH, REBECCA-AFS 37 Chorus 3, 47 French Club 27 FMC 2, 3, 47 GAA 2, 37 Gym- nasfics 27 Opereffa 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 37 Rhylhm- effes 3, 4, Isf Lieufenanf 4. LISTON, KENNETH-Band 27 Baseball Manager 37 Chess and Bridge Club 2, 3, 47 Class Play 37 JCOWA 37 Science Club 2, 37 Spanish Club 27 Visual Aids 3, 4. LISZAK, MICHAEL-Gymnaslics 47 Hall Monifor 47 Inframural Sporfs 47 Traclc 3, 4. LITTLE, LINDA-GAA 2, 47 Gymnasfics 4: JCOWA 47 Y-Teens 2. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT-Chemisfry Seminar 37 Science Club 3. LOCKE, TOM-Chess and Bridge Club 47 I-li-Y 47 Spanish Club 3. LOGAN, KENNETH-Inframural Sporfs 2, 37 Operef- Ia 37 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Yearboolc 3. 4, Phofog- rapher 3, 4. LOGSDON, MICHAEL-Arf Club 27 Baseball 2, 3, 47 Baslcefball 27 Chorus 47 Foofball 2, 3, 47 Infra- mural Sporls 2, 3, 47 Opereffa 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Varsify F Club 3, 4. LONGO, NANCY-Class Play 3, 47 French Club 27 GAA 2, 47 JCOWA 3i NFL 3, 47 Thespians 3, 47 Yearbook 4. LOOBY, DIANE-Chorus 3, 4i Class Play 47 GAA 3. LUCKMAN, DEBORAH-Ari Club 3, 47 Class Play 3, 47 FBLA 47 GAA 2, 47 JCOWA 47 Office Assisfanf 37 Pep Club 2, 3i Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Rhyfhmeffes 3, 47 School Paper 3, 4. LUDWIG, DERRILL-DCT 4. LUNDERMAN, MALCOLM--AFS 47 Chorus 27 Gymnasfics 3, 47 I-lall Monilor 47 Inframural Sporfs 2, 3, 47 JCGWA 37 Pep Club 4. LUTES, DAVID-Baskelball 2, 3, 47 Foofball 2, 3, 47 German Club 37 Pep Club 27 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsify F Club 2, 3, 4. LYDEN, CONNIE-Trofwood-Madison Fligh School 2, 3. LYNN. NANCY-Afiendance Monifor 3: Chorus 4: French Club 2, 3. 4, Secreiary 2: GAA 2. 3: JCOWA 3: Pep Club 2. 3.4. MacCAGNO, KRISTINE-AFS 2. 3, 4. Secrefary 4: Chorus 2. 3, 4: Class Play 4: French Club 2. 37 FTA 2. 3. 4, Corresponding Secreiary 3, Presidenl' 4: GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 3. 4: Keiiering Teenage Traffic Courl 2, 3: Library Assisiani 2: NFL 3, 4: Operefia 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2. 3: Rhyihrneiies 3: Siucleni Secrelary 4: Thespians 3, 4: Torch and Keyslone 3. 4. MACY, RICHARD-DCT 4: Elecironics Club 3. MADDEN, DENNIS-Gyrnnasiics 3. 4: Track 4. MALTBY, STEPHEN-AFS 3: Chorus 4: Class Officer 3, Presideni: Foolball 2: Gyrnnasiics 2, 3, 4, Co- Capiain 4: Hall Moniior 3: lnier-Club Council 3, 4: Iniramural Sporis 3, 4: Operelia 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Siudenl Council 2. 4. Presideni 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Club 2. 3. 4. MANEY, CHARLES-Henry Clay l'ligh School, Lex- ingion, Keniuclcy 2: AFS 4: Class Play 4: Hi-Y 3. 4: lnirarnural Sporis 4: JCOWA 4: Lab Assisianl' 4: NFL 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Poliiical Science Club 4: Russian Club 4: Sfudeni Council 4: Tennis 4: Track 4. Seniors Spirit ascends as the day wears foward game As spiril mounis each Friday. usual roufine of lunchfime becomes one more opporiunily for rousing pre-game rallies. 'Hn-.. time Q K L , , 'gf' Q. W1 f .ap 4' 'lk' 'Q U In MQ Q .i:..Q K V . 4 . ar " f W ,Q f-fs., 'J li :vi .. , '-'S l ' f i .1 , ' 1 ' f? . .. 3 3' 5 -- ii , -3 4 . ' 5 , . V . A . 11- A .Q .. Q W Q A .. . P iff.. . . fx 1 K w i- L Q by - V ' ' v 4. ,Left fe w, if . 'Q .Q , ,gy . 3 yi Q .. 'ti 3 D. i Ss I 3 l . .ffxx , in 'A I s , Q' fi Q ix f ,vi ' F6 ,AZ an is ,I ,uf . ' ' ' . gp: -. 5, . . i. 'ix- .- .9 we vw 'S - JN, ,,Y,. Q - 'lewis' KE R45 . 4 ' i .4 ., in QQ. i. .Qt . ix: ,,.,v ..f fit -kid. ' 4, V imxi . , ., , fy C.. QQ fi. :',.4"'.au' Ng - AM? F. ' . an ie.. , . 4' - ,Q 5 1... . sais. -f, J' -.'Q-N' Seniors Tradition plays CI prominenf l Warm wealher in ihe fall ancl spring finds Senior boys in fhe quadrangle playing lhe alrnosl-fradnhonal game of foolball. role in life at West MARINO, DENNlS-l'loly Name High School 2. MARSH, ROGER-Gymnaslics 3: lnframural Sporls 2, 43 Track 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Club 2, 3, 4. MARTIN, STEVEN-Class Play 3, 4: Iniramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Laiin Club 2, 3, 4: Malh Club 3: NFL 3, 4: Polilical Science Club 3: Science Club 3: Torch and Keyslone 3, 4. MASON, SHARON-Mimeographer 4. MATHES, PEGGY-Cheerleader 4: GAA 2, 4: Lab Assislanl 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Rhylhmelfes 2, 3: Yearbook 4. MATTA, TERRY-Foolball 3: Hall lvlonilor 43 lnlra- mural Sporls 3, 4: Science Club 3: Spanish Club 3. MAUCH, VERONICA-Brown Counly Ursuline Academy 27 AFS 4: Arl Club 3, 4: Chorus 3: Class Play 47 FBLA 47 French Club 3: Thespians 3, 4: Torch and Keysfone 3, 47 Yearbook 4. MAURICE, MARK-lnlramural Sporls 3. MAURICE, PHILIP-Golf 2, 3: lniramural Sporls 2, 3, 4. MAXWELL, DEBRA-French Club 3, 4: GAA 2, 3: Gymnaslics 2: Operella 2: Pep Club 3: Rhylhm- elles 2, 3: Sludeni Secrelary 3, 4. MCALLISTER, NANCY-Ar: Club 4: Band 2, 3: Class Play 3: Crealive Wrifers 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Wise Fools 2, 3, 4. MCCARTHY, JAMES-Baseball 2, 3, 4: Cross Coun- lry 4: Gymnaslics 2. 3, 4: lniramural Sporls 2. 3: Lab Assislanf 4: Lalin Club 2: Scholar-Alhlele 3. 4: Torch and Keyslone 3. 4: Varsily F Club 3, 4. MCEVOY, PATRICK-Cross Counlry 2. 3, 4: lnlra- mural Sporls 2, 3: Traclc 2, 3: Varsily F Club 3, 4. MCGIRR, MICHAEL-Baseball 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Club 3, 4. McGRAW, RICHARD--l-li4Y 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Library Assislanl 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Science Club 4: Spanish Club 2: 3: Tennis 2, 3, 4. McKEE, RICHARD-Slage Crew 2, 3, 4: Varsiiy F Club 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 3, 4. MCKNIGHT, HOWARD-Golf 3. 4: Gym Assislanl 4: Gymnaslics 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Varsily F Club 4. MCMILLAN, DEBORAH-Class Play 3. 4: FMC 2. 3, 4: GAA 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Pep Club 2. 3.4: Quill and Scroll 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Thespians 3, 4: Yearboolc 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: lnler-Club Council 3, Program Chairman. MCNUTT, JANE--AFS 4: Class Play 3, 4: French Club 2. 3: GAA 2. 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Operefia 4: Polilical Science Club 4: Rhylhmelles 3. 4: Thespians 4: lnlramural Manager 4. McROBERTS, STEVEN-Baseball 3: Eleclronics Club 2: lnlramural Sporls 2. 3: JCOWA 3: DCT 4. MEADE, NANETTA-Chorus 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: French Club 2, 3: FMC 2. 3, 4, Presiclenl 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Kellering Teenage Traffic Courlr 3. 4: Operefla 2, 3. 4. MEADOWS, BEVERLY-COE 4: FBLA 3. 4: Library Assislanl 2: Y-Teens 2, 3. MEDLEY, WILLIAM-AFS 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Band 2, 3: Chess and Bridge Club 2: Class Play 3, 4: l-li-Y 3, 4: lnlramural Sporis 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Keflering Teenage Traffic Courl 4: NFL 3, 4: Chemislry Seminar 3: Thespians 3, 4: Torch and Keyslone 3, 4. MEHL, JACK-Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2: Golf 2, 3, 4: Gym Assislanl' 3, 4: lnlramural Sporis 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council 3, 4, Vice-Presicleni 4: Varsily F Club 2, 3, 4: lnler- Club Council 4, Presidenl' 4. MERRELL, MARY-AFS 4: Cheerleader 3: Class Officer 3, Social Chairman: French Club 3: FTA 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Home Economics Club 4. Vice-Presidenl: Pep Club 2, 3. 4: Rhylhmelfes 4: Sluclenl Council 2: Sludenl' Secreiary 3: Torch ancl Keyslone 3, 4: Homecoming Courl 4. MEYER. ANN-Arl Club 4: FTA 2: GAA 2, 3, 4, Board Member 3, 4: Gym Assislanl' 4: Gymnaslics 2, 3, 4: lnframural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Tennis 4. MEYER, DENNIS-Cross Counlry 3: Gym Assislanl' 2: Traclc 4: Wreslling 2. S Exfemsivc- hop facF!?+3es provlde Malcslm Lumderman WIH1 an 0ppcHm"y fo exsfifo We VQWXTYW of We apfomofive wcrld. Individual shorfhand diclaiions provide COE siudenls wilh valuable skills necessary for luiure business careers. Seniors Vocational program provides learning experiences MICHAELS, SAIL-Chorus 2, 3, 47 Fuiure Teach- ers 47 GAA 2, 37 l'lall Moniior 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Opereila 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 4. MILLER, CYNTHIA-Chorus 47 Y-Teens 27 Youlh for Chrisl' 2, 3, 4. MILLER, JAMES-Fooiball 2, 3, 4, Co-Capiain 47 Gym Assisiani 47 lniramural Sporls 2, 3, 47 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsily F Club 2, 3, 47 Wreslling 2, 47 Year- boolc 4. 7 'zur MILLER, JUDITH-AFS 47 Class Play 3, 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 Fuiure Teachers 2, 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 3, 4, Secreiary 47 Keiiering Teen- age Traffic Couri 47 KYAC 4, President Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Siudeni Secreiary 3, 47 Tennis 3, 47 Thes- pians 3, 47 Torch and Keysione 3, 47 Yearbook 4. L f 6 MILLER, MICHAEL-Cross Counrry 37 Foolball 27 'fr-gr Pep Club 3, 47 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsiiy F Club 2, 3, 4. MILLER, RICHARD-Chorus 47 Fooiball 2, 3, 47 l-lall Moniior 37 Traclc 3, 47 Varsiiy F Club 47 Wres- fling 2, 3, 4, Co-Capiain 4. MILLER, RONALD MILLER, WILLIAM RICHARD-AFS 47 Cross Coun- rry 2, 3, 47 FMC 47 Hall Moniior 37 l-li-Y 47 lnira- rnural Sporls 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 47 Lab Assisiani 47 Library Assisianr 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 4i Spanish Club 27 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsiiy F Club 2, 3, 4. MONNETT, CLAUDIA-Band 2, 3. 4: FBLA 47 FTA 47 Library Assisiani 27 Y-Teens 3, 4, Treasurer 3, -wi Presideni 4. 'WTP' ,pow- ixsggg Q MOORE, RONALD-Chorus 2, 3, 4: Fooiball 2, 3, 4, Siege Crew 47 Siudeni' Council 27 Traclc 3, 43 Varsiiy F Club 3, 4. MOORE, STEVE-Cross Couniry 2: FBLA 2, 3. 4: Gymnasiics 2, 3, 45 Iniramural Sporis 2, 3, 4, Ten- nis 37 Track 27 Wise Fools 2, 3. MORGAN, GENE-Ari Club 4: French Club 2, 4: GAA 23 Wise Fools 4. MORRIS, BONNIE-Clnorus 23 COE 47 FBLA 3, 47 GAA 2, 37 Opereiia 27 Pep Club 23 Yearboolc 4. MORRIS, LINDA-Cliorus 2, 3, 41 FBLA 43 Frencln Club 23 FTA 23 GAA 2, 4, Cvymnaslics 2, 43 Oper- eiia 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4. MULLEN, SUSAN--Frencli Club 2i GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 3: Pep Club 2, 3. Fighting Dragons acquire well-deserved recognition Co-caplains of The I967 looiball Team Jim Miller and John Roush view 'flue resulfs of The ellforis of llneir leemmafes. MULLEN, WILLIAM-lniramural Sporis 2, 3, 4: b Spanish Club 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Clu 3.4. MULLIGAN, BEVERLY-Magnolia High School, Ana- heim, California 2, 3: Chorus 4: Operella 4. MUNOZ, DEMETRIO-Liceo de Talaganie, Sanliago, Chile 2, 3: AFS 4: Pep Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Sfudenl Council 4. MURRAY, JOHN-Foolball 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2: Infra- rnural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Wreslling 2. MYERS, THOMAS-Ari Club 4: Cross Counrry 3, 4, Co-Capfain 4: Hall Moniior 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Varsily F Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4. MYERS, WILLIAM-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: lniramural Sporis 3, 4: JCOWA 4: Lafin Club 2: Pep Club 4: Ten- nis 2, 3, 4. NAKASHIMA, LINDA-FBLA 2, 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Secreiary 3: Y'Teens 3. NASO, TONI-Chorus 2, 3, 4: FBLA 3, 4, Presidenl' 4: Operefla 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: YFC 4. NASSIF, NANCY-AFS 4: COE 4, l-lisforiani FBLA 3, 4, Treasurer 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Library Assisiani 2: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presideni 4. NELSON, DEBORAH-Ari Club 4: FMC 2, 3: GAA 2, 4. NEVILLE, THOMAS-Chess and Bridge 3, 4: Infra- rnural Sporis 2, 3, 4: Chemisiry Seminar 3: Track 2, 3, 4. NICELY, REBECCA-AFS 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Classical Music Club 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: FTA 2, 3, 4: GAA 2: NFL 3, 4: Operefia 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Torch and Keysione 3, 4. NICOLL, GEORGE-Chess and Bridge Club 4: Elecironic Club 3, 4: Hall Monilor 2: Junior Achievemenf 3, 4, Vice-Presidenr 4: Lab Assisfani' 4: Library Assisiani 2, 3: Maih Club 3, 4: NFL 3: Radio Club 3, 4. NOBLE, FREDERICK-Foofball 2, 3, 4: Varsify F Club 3, 4. NOLTE, NANCY-AFS 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: French Club 2: FTA 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Hall Moniior 2: Inrramural Manager 3: Opereiia 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Rhyfhmeiies 3, 4: S+uden+ Secrerary 3, 4: Torch and Keysione 3, 4: Yearbook 3, 4, Girls Sporis Ediior 3: Organi- zaiions Ediior 4. NORRIS, MICHAEL-Baseball 2, 3, 4: FBLA 4: French Club 2: Hall Moniior 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Infra- mural Sporis 2, 3, 4: Varsiiy F Club 3, 4. OLSZEWSKI, CARMEN-Band 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: German Club 3, 4. OPFERKUCH, KRISTIN-Decaiur High School, De- cafur, Alabama 2, 3: Ari Club 4: French Club 4. OTTQ, RIKKI-Arr Club 2, 3, 4: CQE 4: FBLA 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: FMC 2, 3: GAA 2, 3: Hall Monilor 3: JCQWA 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4. OWENS, CHRISTINE-AFS 4: Ari Club 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: GAA 2, 4: JCQWA 3: Pep Club 2. OXENDINE, DEBORAH-FBLA 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Secrelary 4. PANSING, SUSAN-French Club 2, 3, 4: FTA 2. 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCQWA 3, 4: Pep Club 2: Quill and Scroll 4: Torch and Keysione 3, 4: Year- boolc 4. PARDUE, WILLIAM-Baslcefball 2: FBLA 4: Golf 2. 3, 4: Gymnaslics 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Inlrarnural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: School Paper 4: Varsily F Club 2, 3, 4. PERNAVEAU, MELEESA-AFS 3, 4: Class Play 4: Crealive Wrilers Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: GAA 2: JCQWA 3: NFL 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2: Poliiical Science Club 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: School Paper 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Wise Fools 2. PFLUM, PAMELA-GAA 2. PHILLIPS, DAVID-Arl Club 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Cross Couniry 3, 4: Gym Assisranr 4: Hall Monilor 2, 3: Inlramural Sporfs 3: Kellering Teenage Traffic Courf 3: Qpereila 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Varsify F Club 2, 3.4. PLATT, SARAH-COE 4: FBLA 4, Secreiary 4: Li- brary Assislanl 2: Y-Teens 3, 4. POPOVICH, BARBARA-FBLA 2: GAA 2, 3, 47 JCQWA 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4. POWELL, MONICA-Archbishop Aller High School 2. PRATHER, PAUL-Baskelball 2. PRESTON, LINDA-Fairmonl Easl 2: CQE 4: Slu- den+ Secrelary 3. PRICE, MARY-AFS 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: FMC 2: FTA 4: GAA 2: JCQWA 3. 4: Pep Club 2: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: School Paper 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. PRYOR, LEE-Chorus 2, 3: Hall Monilor 3: Infra- mural Sporls 2, 3, 4. PURDY, CINDA-AFS 4: Chorus 3, 4: FTA 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Gymnashcs 2, 3: JCOWA 3: Qperella 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. RANKIN, JEFF-Golf 2, 3, 4: Hall Monilor 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Iniramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Office Assislani 3: Pep Club 3.4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. REAL, JUNE-Chorus 2, 3, 4. REEDER, SUZANNE-COE 4, Vice-President 47 FBLA 4, Reporter 4. REHLING, JOHN-AFS 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 47 Bas- ketball 2, 3, Manager 37 Frenclw Club 3, 47 Intra- mural Sports 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Varsity F Club 3 4 REIGELSPERGER, DAN-Astronomy club 3, mia. mural Sports 2. RHGELSPERGER, TOM-Art Club 4: Frenclw Club 27 Tennis 3. REITZ, VICKI--AFS 43 Attendance Monitor 43 Cho- rus 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 47 GAA 3, 47 Home Economics Club 41 JCOWA 31 Latin Club 2: NFL 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Pep Club 2. RICE, REBECCA-Fairmont East 23 FMC 41 Home Economics Club 37 Lab Assistant 43 YFC 4. ,ff ii. W Q...-P' Seniors Student assistants provide valuable aid to teachers Student attendance monitors Vicki Reitz and Marg-ie Leeson compile the absentee lists to simplify teachers' records. ful . ...z ....,.,.J' 'F fi Main ottice errand boy, Bob Stemper, tinds a spare moment trorn a hectic: morning to loolc over the day's homework. Seniors Responsibilities complement high school education RICH, RAY RICHARDSON, BARRY RIEGER, LOWELL-Intramural Sports 3, 47 JCOWA 37 Spanish Club 3, 4. A RIEL, BRUCE-French Club 27 Intramural Sports 2. RIKE, NORMAN-Biology Seminar 3, 41 Cross Coun- try 2i Intramural Sports 2, 3, 41 Latin Club 2, Wres- tling 2, 3, 4. ROBBINS, SHARON--Biology Seminar 33 Chorus 2, Pa 3, 43 Class Play 3, 45 FMC 2, 37 Latin Club 27 wgfgr Qperetta 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 37 Student Sec- retary 43 YFC 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 3, President 43 Y-Teens 2. Aah. ,sg ROGERS, NANCY-Chorus 3, 47 Class Play 37 FBLA 47 GAA 2, 3: Lafin Club 2, 37 Opereffa 3, 47 Sfu- denf Secrefary 3, 47 Thespians 3, 4. ROLLER, PAULA-French Club 2, 37 FMC 27 GAA 2, 47 JCOWA 3: Pep Club 2, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Rhyfhmeffes 47 Yearbook 3, 4, Senior Secfion Edifor 4. ROMER, CARL-lnframural Sporfs 37 Lab Assisfanf 4. ROSENGARTEN, CURT-French Club 2: i-li-Y 2, 3: Inframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4. REGAN, ROSS ROUSH, JOHN-Baskefball 27 Chorus 3, 47 Class Officer 2, Treasurer: Class Play 37 Foofball 2, 3, 4, Co-Capfain 4: Gymnasfics 2, 37 Inframural Sporfs 3, 47 NFL 2, 3, 47 Opereffa 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Sfudenf Council 27 Thespians 3, 47 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsify F Club 3, 47 Wresfling 4. ROWELL, SUSAN-Chorus 47 Office Assisfanf 47 Pep Club 2. RUDY, MARILYN-Dominican Commercial l'-ligh School, Dominican, New Yorlc 2, 3. RUNYAN, JOANNE-Boolcsfore 47 Class Play 47 GAA 27 Y-Teens 2, 3. SABEE, JOHN SAUER, MICHAEL-Chorus 2, 3, 47 Foofball 3, 47 French Club 37 Gymnasfics gf Opereffa 2, 3, 47 Varsify F Club 47 FTA 4. SAUNDERS, SUE-AFS 3, 47 Class Play 37 FMC 27 FTA 47 JOCWA 3, 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 3, 47 Lafin Club 27 Opereffa 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Rhyfhmeffes 2, 3, 4. Third Sergeanf 3, Cadef Capfain 47 School Paper 3, 4, News Edifor 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Infra- mural 2. SCHAEFFER, DANIEL-Debafe 47 Foofball 2, 37 lnframural Sporfs 37 Spanish Club 27 Track 2, 3, 47 Wresfling 2. SCCFTAEEFFER, REBECCA-Arf Club 27 GAA 2: Pep u 2. SCHAFFER, CAROL-AFS 3, 47 Class Officer 3, 4. Secrefary 3, 47 Class Play 3, 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 FTA 2, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 4: Kefferinq Teenage Traffic Courf 3, 47 KYAC 3, 47 PBX Operafor 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Torch and Key- sfone 3, 4. SCHIERLING, JANELLE-AFS 2, 3, 4: Chorus 47 Class Play 3, 47 French Club 2, 3, Treasurer 37 FTA 2, 3, 4, Recording Secrefary 47 GAA 2, 37 lnframural Sporfs 2, 37 JCOWA 3, 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 47 NFL 47 Opereffa 3, 4: Pep Club 27 Polifical Science Club 3, 4, Vice- Presidenf 47 Rhyfhmeffes 3, 47 Sfudenf Council 47 Thespians 47 Yearbook 4. SCHLACHTER, JAMES-AFS 3, 47 Cross Counfry 3, 47 French Club 2, 37 lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 School Paper 3, 4, Sporfs Edifor 3, Page Edifor 47 Track 2, 3, 4. SCHMIDT, KATHRYN-Band 2, 47 Chess and Bridge Club 47 Chorus 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 German Club 2, 37 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 3, 47 Oper- effa 3, 47 Orchesfra 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Sfudenf Secrefary 3. 44 ::9"' 'S N SCHWEIBOLD, DAVE-Xenia High School, Xenia, Ohio 27 French Club 47 Golf 3, 47 lniramural Sporis 3, 4. SCHWEITZER, SUSAN--Chorus 37 FMC 2, 4i GAA 37 JCOXNA 37 Lab Assisfani 37 Opereiia 37 Span- ish Club 37 Sludeni Secrelary 3, 4. SCIMONE, DIANA-AFS 47 Ari Club 37 Class Play 3, 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 FTA 47 GAA 2, 47 JCOWA 47 NFL 3, 47 Thespians 3, 4. SEA, AUSTIN-lniramural Sporfs 2, 3, 47 Lalin Club 2, 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Traclc 2, 3, 4. SEIBERT, CRAlG-AFS 3, 47 Band 3, 47 Chemislry Seminar 37 Class Play 3i Hi-Y 3, 47 lniramural Sporis 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 47 Keiiering Teenage Traffic Courl 3, 47 KYAC 3, 47 Laiin Club 27 Library As- sisianl 2, 47 Orcheslra 3, 47 Pep Club 37 Poliiical Science Club 47 Tennis 2. SEIBERT, DEBBY-Ari Club 37 Chorus 27 French Club 2, 37 GAA 27 Gymnaslics 27 Home Economics Club 2, 37 Qpereiia 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyihmeiies 2, 3, 4, Second Corporal 3. SEIDEL, FRANCES-FMC 27 German Club 37 Gym Assisianl 27 Home Economics Club 27 NFL 37 Operelia 2, 37 Orchesira 2, 3. SENSEMAN, BARBARA-Ari Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 27 FTA 27 GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. SETTLES, JANE-AFS 2: French Club 2, 3i FTA 2, 37 JCOWA 37 Pep Club 2, 47 Yearbook 4. SEXTON, STEVE SHAEFFER, BARBARA-Chemislry Seminar 3, 47 Chess and Bridge Club 47 Chorus 27 GAA 2, 3, 47 Lab Assisjrani 3, 47 Malh Club 3, 47 Science Club 2, 3, 47 Torch and Keysione 3, 47 YFC 2, 3, 4. SHAHAN, SHEILA-COE 4: FBLA 3, 47 GAA 2, 31 Home Economics Club 47 PBX Operaior 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Y-Teens 4. SHARP, NANCY-Ari Club 3, 47 French Club 27 JCOWA 37 Pep Club 47 Y-Teens 4. SHARRITT, JAMES-Ari Club 47 Fooiball 3, 4: Hall Moniior 2, 37 Hi-Y 27 Inframural Sporis 27 Pep Club 47 Varsily F Club 3, 47 Wreslling 2, 3, 4, Co-Caprain 4. SHEPHERD, DENNIS-AFS 47 Class Officer 4, Presi- deni 47 Class Play 3, 47 Geology Seminar 37 ln- iramural Sporis 2, 3, 47 Maih Club 37 Spanish Club 47 Thespians 3, 4. SHERER, DOUGLAS-lnlramural Sporis 2, 3, 47 Ten- nis 2, 3, 47 Varsify F Club 47 Wresiling 2, 3, 4. SHERMAN, DOUGLAS-Fooiball 2, 3, 47 Gym- nasfics 2, 37 Hall Moniior 37 lniramural Spor'rs 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 47 Scholar-Aihleie 37 Spanish Club 27 Track 2, 3, 4, Co-Capfain 47 Varsiiy F Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presiclenf 47 Wresiling 4. SHERWOOD, LORRAINE-COE 4, Secrelary 47 FBLA 47 JCOWA 37 Pep Club 27 Y-Teens 2. 9 SHOUP, GREGORY-Foolball 2, 3, 4, lniramural Sporls 2, 3, 4, Lafin Club 23 Varsiiy F Club 4. SIDDAL, DEBRA-AFS 3: FBLA 47 GAA 2, 3, 4: Gymnaslics 2, 3, 47 l-lall lvlonilor 35 JCOWA 3, 47 Office Assislani 4, Opereila 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyihmelies 3, 4, Second Serqeanl 4. SILAS, PATRlClA-Chorus 47 French Club 2: GAA 2, 3, 4, JCOWA 33 Operella 3, 43 Pep Club 2, """"' 3, 43 Rhylhmeiles 2, 31 Spanish Club 4. SISK, DAVE-Slaples l-ligh School, Weslporl, Con- neclicul 2, 3, Kellerinq Teenage Traffic Courl 4. SMITH, CATHY-Class Play 3, 41 French Club 2, 3, 43 FMC 2, 47 JCOWA 3, 47 PBX Operaior 4. SMITH, PAMELA-AFS 47 Ari Club 47 Class Play 47 FTA 45 Opereila 23 Qrchesira 25 Pep Club 4: Siu! denl Secrelary 47 Y-Teens 2. SEQ Upperclassmen present fantasy, "Mrs, McThing" Dedicaled cas? member Jim Fledderiohn pracfices his men- acing ganqsfer snarl during Senior class play rehearsal. i Q09 neg, ...',"' L i 5, 2 . i T , , , C, , E X r . , ., . L l Ng " ik 'TJ ' fi F if i X , G' :iv SJ ' pf' ' 2 gee u enis Peg Brodrick, Sue Slahr, Barb Senseman, Doug Clarlc and Joanne Harlranfl recounl fond memories of Swilzerland. Seniors Foreign Language League provides study abroad SMITH, PAUL-Band 2, 3, 43 lnlrarnural Sporls 2. SNAVELY, VTCKI-Qalcwood High School 27 GAA 3: JCOWA 3. SOLLENBERGER, CAROL-French Club 2, 33 FTA , 2, 3, 4, GAA 23 Hall Monilor 47 JCOWA 3, 47 'Q Pep Club 2, Sludenr Secre+ary 3. 1 SORAH, BARBARA-CCF 41 FBLA 3, 47 GAA 2I Pep Club 2. SPARKS, JOHNNIE-Baseball 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 47 Foorball 2, 37 Wres+ling 2. STAHL, PAUL STAHR, SUSAN-Chess ancl Bridge Club 3, 47 Class Play 31 French Club 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 4, JCOWA 3, 4, Kellering Teenage Traffic Courl' 47 Siudenl Secrelary 4, Wise Fools 2, 3, 4. ST. FELIX, GAIL-Ari Club 4: FBLA 43 FTA 3, 4: GAA 27 JCOWA 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyihm- eHes 41 Spanish Club 2, 3. STEELY, WILLIAM-l-li-Y 3, 4: In+ramural Sporis 2, 3, 47 Kellering Teenage Traffic Couri 47 Lafin Club 37 Science Club 2, 4. STEFFENS, EVANTHIA-AFS 2, 3, 47 Chorus 4i FTA 47 GAA 2, 47 Junior Achievemenl 2, 3, Treasurer 27 Manager 47 JCGWA 3, 47 Library Assislanf 27 NFL 47 Operelia 47 Pep Club 47 Sludenf Secreiary 4. STEMPER, ROBERT--Baslcelball 2, 3, 4i Golf 3, 4: Hall Monilor 47 lnlramural Sporis 2, 3, 47 Library Assis'ran+ 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Track 2. STEPHENS, JANE-Arl Club 2, 3, 47 Lab Assislanl 47 Lalin Club 27 Operella 2, 3, 47 Orcheslra 2, 3, 4. STEPHENSON, JAMES-Aliendance Monilor 37 Hall Monilor 37 Hi-Y 2, 37 Inlramural Sporls 3, 47 Span- ish Club 2. STEUER, RICHARD-Hall Moniror 37 Traclc 2. STEWART, BENSON STEWART, DANIEL-AFS 3, 47 Chemisiry Seminar 47 Chess and Bridge Club 27 French Club 27 Geology Seminar 37 Hall Monilor 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 lnlrramural Sporis 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 37 Science Club 47 Torch and Keyslone 3, 4. STIMMEL, SANDRA-AFS 47 Cheerleader 47 Cho- rus 2, 3, 47 Class Play 37 French Club 2, 37 GAA 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 37 Kellering Teenage Traffic Courl 47 NFL 3, 47 Operella 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Thespians 3, 47 Torch and Keyslone 3, 47 Yearboolc 3, 4, Facul+y-Aca- demics Edilor 4. STIVER, MARK-Cross Counlry 3, 47 French Club 27 Hi-Y 47 lniramural Sporls 2, 37 Pep Club 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Traclc 2, 3, 47 Varsily F Club 4. STOERKER, RONALD-Band 27 Chorus 3, 47 Lab Assislanl 47 Laiin Club 27 Operella 3, 47 Torch and Keysfone 3, 47 Traclc Manager 2. STORK, SUE-Ari Club 47 Biology Seminar 47 Crea- live Wrilers Club 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 37 French Club 27 GAA 27 Pep Club 27 Polilical Science Club 3, 47 School Paper 47 Spanish Club 37 Wise Fools 2, 3, 4. STRASSER, DONALD--Hall Moniior 27 lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 47 JCGWA 37 Library Assislanl 2. STRATHEARN, WILLIAM-French Club 2, 37 Hall lvlonilor 27 Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 Wreslling 2. STRAUSBAUGH, KAREN-AFS 47 Class Play 3, 47 French Club 27 FTA 47 GAA 2, 37 lnrramural Sporls 27 JCOWA 37 NFL 47 Pep Club 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Thespians 3, 47 Yearboolc 4. SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY-lnlramural Sporls 3, 4. SUMNER, LARRY-Hi-Y 2, 37 lnlramural Sporfs 2, 37 Traclc 2, 3. SWARTZEL, CAROL-French Club 2, 37 GAA 2, 3, 47 GAA Board 47 Gym Assislanl 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Sludenl Secrelary 3, 47 Torch and Keyslone 3, 4. SWYGERT, CAROL-AFS 2, 37 Class Play 37 Crea- live Wrifers Club 2, 3, 47 FTA 2, 37 GAA 2, 37 JCOWA 3, 47 Pep Club 27 Spanish Club 2, 3, 47 Wise Fools 2, 3, 47 Y-Teens 2. ew wp- f-44 'llfp if F w, , VVK: Eglh K ..,, . fa 2 ff Gym assislanls Pam Bailey and Janie Apple replace field hoclcey equiprnenl alle-r a lively hour ol: class inslruclion. Seniors iDiversifiecl activities provide valuable experience TANNER, KENNETH-Chorus 2, 3, 47 Hi-Y 2: Malh Club 47 Operella 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 2. TAULBEE, MELINDA-FBLA 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4, Reporler 37 Junior Recl Cross 3. TAYLOR, JAMES-Arl' Club 27 lnlramural Sporls 27 Junior Red Cross 27 DCT 4. TAYLOR, JUDITH-GAA 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. TELCHER, CAROL-Band 2, 3, 4: FMC 2: GAA 2 3, 47 Lab Assislanl 47 Lalin Club 2. THOMPSON, CONNIE-Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Cap- lain 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Hall Monilor 27 Homecoming Courl 47 Junior Queen Courl 37 Office Assislanl 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 Sludenl Council 3, 47 Ten- nis 2, 3, 47 Torch and Keyslone 3, 47 Yearbook 3, 4, l-leacl4Seclion Edilor 4. THOMPSON, WILLIAM-Finneylown High School, Cincinnali, 2, 37 Chorus 47 l-li4Y 4. THORNTON, SHERYL-Boolcslore 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Lalin Club 27 Office Assislanl' 37 Pep Club 37 Ouill and Scroll 47 School Paper 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 4. THURMAN, RUSSELL-lnlrarnural Sporls 2, 3, 4. 4!.'Z.'Z'f ,,i7 X TODD, LINDA-Chorus 43 FMC 23 GAA 23 Pep Club 2, 4. '+'5fl"'v5 TODD, WILLIAM-Baseball 23 Football 2, 3, 43 Varsity F 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 2, 3, 4. ,Q - TRAUB, DAVID-Springfield Catholic Central High i ' Q School 23 Football 3, 43 Scholar-Athlete 33 Spanish tam- rd' Club 33 Torch and Keystone 3, 4, President 43 3 Varsity F Club 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Youth Forum 4. if E5 i TREAT, JOLI-Class Officer 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 43 French Club 2, 33 FTA 3, 4, Corresponding Sec- retary 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 JCOWA 33 Kettering Teenage Court 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Ouill ancl Scroll 43 Rhythmettes 2, 3, 43 Student Secretary 43 Torch and Keystone 3, 43 Yearbook 4, Lay-Out Editor 4. TRENHOLM, JOHN-Baseball 2, 3, 43 Chorus 23 De- bate 3, 43 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 43 NFL 3, 43 Operetta 23 Spanish Club 3. TRIFFON, KENT--Chorus 43 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 4. li. rUW Seniors Homecoming augments the excitement of final year The charming spirit ot '68 candidates captivate the rapt attention ot Dan Schaetfer, Ginni Barnes and Pam Van Over. TURNER, DENNIS-Fooiball 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4: Sec- refary 3, 4: lnirarnural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Tennis 2: Wresflinq 2, 3, 4. TUTTLE, BARBARA-French Club 2, 3: FTA 4: GAA 2: I-lorne Economics Club 2: Library Assisiani 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3. ULLMER, CONNIE-Ar+ Club 3: Chorus 4: French Club 2: FMC 2, 3: GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 3: Oper- eH'a 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Rhylhmelles 2, 3, 4, Third Corporal 3, Second Lieuienani 4: Siudeni Council 4. VACCHIANO, MICHAEL-Iniramural Sporls 3. VANDERGRIFT, DEBORAH-Chorus 2: COE 4. Treasurer 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 4. VAN OVER, PAMELA-FTA 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Gym Assisiani 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 2. VICK, LINDA-Chorus 3, 4: Class Play 3: French Club 2: GAA 2, 3: JCOWA 3: Office Assis'ran+ 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Rhyihrnelies 3, 4. VICKERS, JAMES-Cafeleria 2, 3, 4: Iniramural Sporls 4. VOLLRATH, LINDA VON DOHRE, NANCY-COE 4: FBLA 4. VORE, JEFFERY-Baseball 2: Class Play 3, 4: Fool- ball 2: lniramural Sporls 2, 3,.4: Lab Assisianf 3, 4: NFL 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Thespians 3, 4. WALKER, SHARON-Chorus 2, 3, 4: French Club 2: FMC 2' GAA 3 4' JCOWA 4' O ereila 2, 3, 41 ' I I ' F' , Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Siudeni Secreiary 4: Y-Teens 2. WALLACE, WILLIAM WALTERS, STEVE-Elecironics Club 3, 4: Slage Crew 2. WARD, JANET-Band 2: Chorus 3, 4: Class Play 3: French Club 2, 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: I Library Assisianl' 3: NFL 3, 4: Opereiia 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3.4: Rhyihmeiies 3.4, Third Corporal 4. WATSON, WILLIAM WEAVER, DAVID-Band 2: Gyrnnaslics 2: Inlramural Sporis 4. WEAVER, PEGGY-Ari Club 3: GAA 2: Library Assisiani 3: Pep Club 2, 3. '2' ff? WEBB, MIKE-Foofball 2, 47 Hall Monifor 37 Varsify F Club 4. WEFLER, SALLY-Chorus 2, 3, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Opereffa 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Rhyfhmeffes 47 Spanish Club 3, 4. WEIMER, CATHY-AFS 2, 3, 47 Cheerleader 27 Chorus 2, 3, 47 French Club 2, 37 GAA 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 37 Lab Assisfanf 2, 3, 47 Opereffa 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3, Presidenf 47 Torch and Keysfone 3, 47 Yearbook 4. WELLS, DWIGHT-JCOWA 4. WELLS, PHILLIP-Class Play 3, 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 lnfrarnural Sporfs 27 JCOWA 3, 47 Presidenf 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 3, 47 KYAC 3, 47 NFL 3, 47 Social Chairman 47 Quill and Scroll 3, 47 School Paper 37 Sfudenf Council 47 Sfu- denf Secrefary 37 Thespians 3, 47 Torch and Key- sfone 3, 4. WELLS, RONALD WENZLER, MICHAEL-Elecfronics Club 2, 37 Gym Assisfanf 47 Gyrnnasfics 27 lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2.3, 4. WEST, RONALD-French Club 2. WHITE, JAMES-Arf Club 3, 47 French Club 27 ln- framural Sporfs 2, 37 Lab Assisfanf 4. WHITESELL, WILLIAM-lnframural Sporfs 3, 47 Polifical Science Club 2. WHITFIELD, DEBRA-FBLA 47 Pep Club 2, 3: Rhyfhmeffes 47 Spanish Club 3. WHYTE, PENNI-AFS 47 Class Play 3: French Club 2, 3, 47 FTA 27 GAA 2, 47 JCOWA 3, 47 Keffering Teenage Traffic Courf 3, 47 NFL 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Sfuclenf Secrefary 4. WILLIAMS, BRIAN-Arf Club 4: lnframural Sporfs 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 4. WILLIAMS, FRED-Gyrnnasfics 2, 3, 47 Scholar- Afhlefe 37 Traclc 27 Varsify F Club 3, 4. WILLIAMSON, STEVE WILLIG, SUSAN-Cheerleader 3, 47 Chorus 47 Crea- five Wrifers Club 27 French Club 27 FTA 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 JCOWA 37 Office Assisfanf 47 Opereffa 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3.4. WILLIS, MICHAEL-Hi-Y 2, 47 lnframural Sporfs 3, 47 Lab Assisfanf 2. WILSON, GLENDA-GAA 2, 3, 47 Library Assisfanf 47 Spanish Club 2. WINKLER, ROBERT-lnirarnural Sporis 3, 47 Library Assisianl 47 Siage Crew 3. WISE, JANICE-AFS 47 Class Officer 2, Secrelary 27 French Club 2, 37 FTA 2, 47 GAA 2, 3, 47 Horne- cominq Courl 47 JCOWA 37 NPL 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Ouill and Scroll 2, 3, 47 Sludenl Council 3, 4, Secrelary 47 Torch and Keysione 3, 47 Yearbook 3, 47 Aciiviiies Ediior 4. WOODARD, JOE-Band 27 Debaie 47 lnirarnural Sporls 2, 3, 47 Tennis 27 Traclc 3, 4. WRIGHT, BRUCE-Cross Couniry 47 Pep Club 47 Traclc 4. YATES, CAROL-Ari Club 47 GAA 2, 37 l-lorne Economics Club 47 Office Assislani 3, 47 Y-Teens 2. YOUNG, JANICE-Chorus 3, 47 Pep Club 2, 37 Siudenr Secreiary 37 Y-Teens 2. YUNG, LINDA-FBLA 2, 3, 4i GAA 37 Home Eco- nomics Club 47 Siudenis Secrelary 4. ZIMMERMAN, STEPHEN-Chorus 2, 3, 4. ZINK, KATHI-Ari Club 47 Chess and Bridge Club 47 Classical Music Club 2, 37 Crealive Wriiers Club 3, 47 German Club 3, 47 JCOWA 3, 47 NFL 3, 47 Poliiical Science Club 47 Russian Club 47 Wise Fools 3, 4. Seniors COE students gain Leaving school for onihe-iob office fraininq are senior COE sludenls Barb Andres, Lori Sherwood and Pai Berardi. zffli E v4"X U' ,fi f i I 'H 4 If if i ' Q 7 in M, . 1 4 his ,K av 2 ' 5 ff H573 .6 valuable business experience 5 91327 . .... 71' , , V ,,,,, 7 . ,.,. W 7 r ,LQ , ' , 'glwgiy . ..,.. . of 4971 7 ff. ., 3, 'ife ' A will 4 aw ,kr . , awww 1" fm 209 . 4, x ,qw f f" " .ang K, J ' gx,x'ig,U is Xi s www XX 'lf 1 Mui? 5 I s I 1 As Q f E Y A .Q f,-1.--gf . . 4. . 1+ Junior Class Presideni' Mel Hill reflecls lhe enioymeni' of decorafing Wesi"s gymnasium in preparaiion for 'rhe annual Junior Class Dance. JUNIORS During ihe JUNIOR year, Wes+'s siudenis experience a period of +ransi+ion. Enioying The unique saiisiaciion of being The class-in-beiween, JUNIORS acquire The poise and ma'l'uri+y needed as sophomoresq yei' They laclc 'lhe confidence of seniors. Assuming responsibiliiies, JUNIORS experience The ihrill of frying ou'r for Their firsl class play, decoraling for lheir class dance, and presenling 'rhe prom in honor of 'rhe seniors. Taking an aciive pari in evenis, JUNIORS gain The sense of belonging needed +o become a vi'ral par+ of Fairmoni Wesi. Thus, "The Year of ihe Dragon" represenis one of preparalion for JUNIORS as 'rhey look io 'rheir fulure and 'ro college days. Class Officers: Debbie Mariinson. Soc. Chm.: Lynne Thomas. Trees.: Mel- vin Hill, Pres.: Diane Clark. Sec.: Sieve Kisling, Vice-Pres. J.:. .... an ' si Zi I K wi: ' be 3' -fv- was SX Adam, Jeffery Adams, Donald Adams, Karen Ake, Deborah Allbery, Charles Allen, William Allodi, Joseph Anderson, Deborrah Anderson, Elizabelh Anderson, Paul Andrews, Curlis Anewall, James Anlrobus, Jerry Apr, Dianne Armbrusler, Jerry Arnold, Gordon Ashmun, Elizabefh Auguslus. Ronald Bacon, Anne Baker, Roberl Baker, Scolf Bales, Roberf Balles, Slephen Banks, Kalhryn Barber, Daniel Barker, lvlarlha Barnes, Michael Barrell, Linda Barflerf, Anne Barlon, Chrislopher Baxfer, Alice Baynes, Palricia Beifzel, David Bell, Gene Bender, Karen Berry, Craig Biagi, Nancy Bilzer, Linda Blair, Douglas Blair, Michael Blakely, David Bleicher, Judy Blesi, Marilyn Boise, Nancy Bollon, Linda Border, Carol Bosnak, Priscilla Bosnyak, Zan 4' AD I 4. g U, . QP' I, j Examining reqislralion slweels and qreeling old friends, iunior' congre- gale in Cenlral llie lirsl day ol sclwool, Juniors Central Unit becomes rendezvous point for many Bowling, William Braden. Brel' Bralwrn, Micliael Brainard,Marl1 r 7' """ Brauliqam, Roberl 16' Breilenslein, Karen l ll I A .s fin Bridqes, Tirnollay Briqlilman, Kennelln 45" X Brock, Cynllnia ' Broedling, William Brown, Kallwleen Brown, Melissa Ai 2 Brown, Miclnael Buellin, Bradley I Burnell, Barry . . Q. ., ,, - Burnison, Leigh WH B' f si K 'FEA f' ,V lil-- Bulclce, Kay Buller, Frank Buller, Jolin Byinglon, Bruce Caldwell, Kalhleen Canlrell, Linda vu.. Carpenler, Diane Carpenler, Phyllis --47 ' - , B we ,s ex lll, uf 2 sl I ,gy 4 L 'ik rm is is i I 'Cllr' r ae, ia Juniors be f 'tiv- Carper, Bruce Carroll, Thomas Carler, Laurice Caudill, Brenda Caudill, Elizaloelh Caudill, Tom Caupp, Rodney Cecil, Judilh Cecil, Larry Chambers, David Chiazza, John Chrisloli, Irene Church, Claudia Clark, Daylon Clarlf, Diane Clark, John Clark, Marcella Clilford, Connie Wesfoniclns conform fo each yeclr's prominent fads Saddle shoes appear a familiar sigh? on Wesr's campus lhis sludcnls adopl one ol The currenl-Iashion lrends. ,L Hu Clirner, Collins, Combs Combs Combs, Nancy Marvin Carla Eddie Linda Conqdon, Cifcryl Cooper, Melissa Corsrneier, Bev Colfer, Valerie Coulles, Sandra Coy, Sally Crafl, Yvonne Creeger, Tliornas Croqlwan, Cailierine Cromer, Marcia Cruise, Poberl Crumrine, Viclci Cruz, Calixlo Culberlson, Sue Curry, Gary Curfis, Darrell Cusnner, Ellen Daly, Jennifer Damico, Sleplien Daring, Ronald Darsl, Debora Davidson, Jolwn Davis, Jack Davis, Jolwn Davis, Philip Day, Jolnn Day, Roberl Deady, Sylvia Delarer, Ricliard Dellinger, Dennis Denka, Kailwy Deppen, Joisepli DeVeny, Gary Dinsrnore, Wilma Dorrnilzer. Richard Doly, Douglas Downing, Jeanne Dross, Susan Dunaway, Jerry Dunlap, Jolin Dunnick, Diana Duponi, Judilli Eagle, Mary df' ' 4 4 R sg? N i 6 ' 1 X . if 3 ,f C J iassi , 4 if g Jim ., , , , . . tx A. at st. ,W , Nw-up i . ' " Ei S eine ,ix C, 'Ea N fvx "-Q L as . r ff," . EI-A-r"'7 Earon, Lenor Eckerr, Jeffrey Ederer, Leslie Edwards, Gregory Edwards, Pafricia Ely, Michael Emmons, Parricla Ersled, Mary Esles, Vida Evers, Rok:-err Feeback, Brenda Ferguson, Jerry Felzer, Shirley Filo, Larry Fine, Karen Finegold, Mike Finke, Kalherine Fisher, Rebecca Flanagan, Margarel Flanagan, Pafrick Fleirz, Flora Flory Flynn Flynn Foley, Ronald Ronald Linda Marcia Vance Jeffrey Fox, Roberf Fox, Winlord France, Donna Frazier, Linda Frederick, David French, Dean Fry, Ronald Frye, Diana Fryer, Linda Fuls. Joanna Fulron, Yolande Furlong, Mark Gage, Douglas Gardner, David Garrell, Roloerl Gary, John Gebharf, Gary Gels, Susan Geyer, Dayne Geyer, Roknerl Gilberf, Robin Gilkey, Gregg ,,gz? Gill, Barlon 'Q' f if Gillan, Barbara f V, N Gillan, Rebecca , :J K 31 D H ix' K Golob, Deborah L 4 lfjfff Iin V' " ' ' 43 3 K' I , Goode, Slan f1,,, l i J L, '- g if Gould, Daniel in 'i . ' ,., ' LIE r' xx Xxls l l f r IN Whkll lhhfa ' N Graham, Karl Grahan1,l.ynell Granr, Marilyn 'ei 1 ' Q QI Green. Thomas ' - , fi 4 Grillin, Calhy Grisso, Tonya ' I If Griswold, Richard Gross, Deborah Grolz, Denise Grover, Carolyn Gruber, Susan Grueber, Arnold Juniors Forensics develop excellence through compefilion Wilh able assislance from Joe Deppen, Thorpe Leeson prepares his humorous declarnalion "Johnny Appleseed" lor cornpelifion. - b'iL gwdwwv- VIZEL i Tlf Qigg, 'is-+ Learning io undersiancl French dialect iunior Yolande Fullon Iislens lo dialogue on recorded rapes in ihe language laboralory. Oral work aids comprehension in language study i , , Ri' ra? :ilk Gunn, John Hahn, Barbara Hale, Jacque Harnmons, Teresa l-lampron, Charles Hanauer, Judilh Hansen, Sluarl' Harvey, Michael Halcher, James l-lalfslaedl, Chrisline Hechr, Deborah l-ledden, Nancy Heller, Richard l-lellon, Mark Henn, James Hermosillo, Joseph Hesler, Diane Hesler. Larry Hickey. Barbara Hildreih, Joy Hill, Melvin Hill, Sherry Hillqruber, Richard Hively, Linda Hoke, James Holden, Sally Hopkins, Sfeven Horning, Barbara Horning, Pafricia Horrell, Jack Houck, Sue Howard, James Hudson, Deborah Huff, Dennis Hulsey, Joan Hulsman, Marcia Hurr, Diane Huichinson, Sherry Huiion, Gary llo, Eugenia lrelan, Kim Jackson, Phyllis Jamison, Gary Jewell, Marc Johnson, Perry Johnson, Sherry Jones, Clarence Jones, Michael Jones, Roberl Judd, Karen Judd, Larry Kelly, Jane Kemp, Alan Kemp, Pamela Kemper, Maureen Kempler, Diane Kershner, Marilyn Kesling, David Kilbane, Richard Kingsron, Paula Kirby, Timoihy Kisling, Siephen Klase, Karen Kline, Kaihy Klinq, Gregory Kneidl, John L- fr .. . . ., , ik i 3 wi x Wesfs lumor debale learn Tom Green Tim Poilenger, Jim Wick Sieve Interests surge into varlecl co currlcular realms Knight Gary Kochli, Dale Kohl, Reber? Kohler, Lynn Korczynski, Doris Krynzel, Carol Lachey, Susan Lackey, Lara Laird, Vicfor Lamberlh, Charles Landrum, Delores Lane, Gary Lanham, Annloine-'He Lanlis, Daniel Larger, Sharon Larger, Shirley Lalham, James Lawson, Kerry ' f , ' f .rf ' f Wi? ,askin xb Y iii '1'g43rL'5 A A I, A . 2 sf lf? I Q A Members of Hwe junior class display Hue-Ir oufsfending spiri+ by suspend- ing a Falcon foe in effigy from a Tree on campus. ,A Q1 A .y 9' A HH is ' if is xi ' , Y xl .. A, ii 158 1.,,y- 1 .. BB! Leeson, Thorpe Leif, Harrie? LeMay, Helen Levy. Joyce Lighf, Theodore Linslrer, Jeffrey Liu, Melinda Long, Rex Lorlon, Deborah Lowery, Sleven Luke, Janef Luflrell, Janel' Luyben, John Lyflon, Jo Mack, Ronald Mackelpranq, Linda Madliger, Ronald Madole, Vickie Maeder, Richard Maess, Ann Magruder, Jane Mahfouz, Jeanne Manlia, Larry Manzo, John Marshall, Carleen Marlin, Chrisline Marlinson, Deborah Mason, Judilh Masfriana, Slephen Mallingly, John Mayer, Carol McClellan, Georqeene McCoppin, Pamela McCre-ighr, Ronald McDaniel, Kalhleen Mclinighl, Daniel McSherry, Linda Meadows, Kirk Messer, Brenda Meuser, Linda Miller, Dahiel Miller, Paul Miller, Slephen Mills, John Minshall, Blanche Milchell, Ardelia Milchell, Paul Moline, Carolyn Moii, Eric Moncrief, Donald Monnier, Eugene Monnin, Charies Montgornery, Mark Moore, Donald Moore, Linda Moore, Micheiie Moraar Lonnie Morrison, Deborah Mosher, James Mosn, Jerry Muiion Michaei Mailer, Kristine Murnpower, Marcia Murray, Patricia Myers, Cynthia Naudashor,Ro1ald Nazaic, Pairicia Neff, Sue Neigcn, Robert Net? Kay Newiir, Suzanre Niehus, Caroi Jumors Recognition Night heightens team morale for game mt runs high deapito the r u carer' receive teir S07 GS G Dari of fecggfiiiicpl CEVSVYTOVTNG Juniors Varsity 63 lil l l l 'uf-' J Q91 5 21 +2 3-3 is Q5 o C mi Zz, so Q.:- 0+ Doi +3 3-Q. if -535 43 OJ 11 2,1 +o. Kuo T12 E'U 1 Q-an 3-0 wi CD + O Ol '9- -k FD 3 o. OJ ll C 0' 3 KU fD 'V' members bolster spirit of student body Nishimura, Michael Nolan, Michael Nordquest, Carol O'Brien, Molly Oeters. Linda Oliver, William Orme, Marilyn O'Rourke, Patrick Osborne, Michael Osterfeld. Paul Otto, William Oxley, Karen Paddock, Patricia Pancoast, Patrick Pansinq. Michael Parker, Jannelle Patrick, Judith Patterson. Michael Pallon, Brenda Paulson, Barbara Pearman, Michael Perkins, Eilley Perry, Shirley Phillips, Roberl Plummer, Clinlon Plummer, Melinda Polienger, Tirnorhy Price, Sara Prichard, Kennelh Priest Dale Prollit Mark Purerbaugh, Darlann Pyper, Deborah Rankin, Clifford Ransdell, Donald Reaclnower, Douglas Readnower, Jeffrey Redenbaugh, Carol Reese, Shirley Reinke, Dianne Remnant Donald Remnant Dorolhy Rhoron, Beverly Richards, Claire Riel. Eugene Rike, Edward Riley. Kafhleen Rinehart Sharon Riner, Rex Rizzo, Ronald Roach, Julia Roberson, Carol Robinson, Gary Rogero, Nicholas Rogers, Brian Rogers. Marcia Rose, Brenda Ruhman, Richard Ryan, Donna Ryan, Douglas Ryon, James Sachleben, Roger Sallee, Rebecca Scarborough, Par Schaerer, Connie Schaffer, Chriss YF , . E Y X . 3 2 sq in J G? , rw, w , . . Q, ., n N- ls -as: ' - , f -ii N , 57 film: -L ,S . gm' V- .KJQW 5 ,av- fum-' 'X Schalnar, Waller Schellhase, Bona Schmidr, Jill Schmirr, Kalhryn Schonsheclc, Bonnie Schuler, Anne Scoir, Gary Scolr, Richard Scudder, David Search, William Seidel, Arnelle Sexlon, Rulh Shafer, Jane Shahan, Cindy Shain, Kalhy Shamplon, Jonalha Shannon, Debbie Shanrz, Gloria Sharp, Linda Shedden, Lorraine Shepard, Gerald Shepherd, Gayle Shepherd, Phyllis Shoemacher, David Shrader, Parricia Shullheis, Kalhleen Siberr, Janer Simpson, Sleven Sims, Karen Sipe, Gregg Skidmore, Roberl Slusser, Michael Smirh, David K. Smifh, David L. Smilh, Howard Smilh, Nancy Jo Smilh, Nancy Rae Smifh, Philip Smirley, Rebecca Snead, James Snyder, Lois Snyder, Mary Sommer, Judilh Sosnowslci, Karen Spahr, Rebecca Spalr, Palricia Sparks, Larry Spaulding, Sally Tiff RW H...-Q T' Spencer, James Spradlin, Wiliiarn Staniey, Kciin Stfarton, Sue Steinke, Patricia Stephenson, Debra Siiles i-iam-mod Stokes, Eerny Starck. Judith Strinaram, Scott Strobino, Norman Stuc1c,JameS Stull, Craig Swabb David Swartzel, Robert Swcati, Gary Iaiibcra, Louise Taifbce, Parne-ia Tauiboe,'Sinierry Tayior, Peggy Tonner, Linda Tnonfias, Lynne Thomas, Pauia Trfrngwsvn, 'irCn'iaS Juniors Post-game dances attract many eager Westonlans icimting great times and iivc ic Linsicer ana B00 Ne On e eriy pay ineir admission to he Pep Cinb anc P fix z, f .,.. I 5 K Finding the band room empty and siient musician Jim Ryon talces the opportunity to pertect his solo part tor oboe. Juniors Aesthetic values still figure prevalently to students Thurman, Jason Thygerson, Debra Todd, Patricia Todd, Robert Trace, Jettery Trimble, Ronald Trimborn, Steven Trippet, Frank Turner, Dedra Ullery, Stephen Ulrich, Robert Utz, Stephen Utzinger, Don Valiquette, Paul Van Delft Byleveld, Edward Vandeval, Linda Vance. Sharon Vendt, David awww Viets, lvlichaei Wagner, Lynne Wahrer, Gregory Waitzman, Teresa Wallace, Sandra Walsh, Gayle Sc X Wallher, Conslance Ware, Richard Weber, Richard Weiland, Dianne Wells, Jennifer Wells, Shirley Wenz, Thomas While, David Wick, James Wicklund, Wilfred Wilcox, Carl Willel, John Williamilis, Ronald Williams, Alan Williams, Karen Williams, Roberl Williamson, Jacqueline Williamson, Leslie Wilson, Bradford Wilson, Nancy Windsor, Kerry Wininqer, Mark Winkler, Susan Winks, Peggy Wilhrow, Beverly Wolf, David Wood, Pafricia Woods, Thomas Worlhman, Jan Wrighf, Paul Wunder, Margarei' Wyalr, Ernie Wyalr, Joyce Wynn, Marsha Yafes, Barbara York, Karen Young, Randy Younkman, David Zaccaria, Diane Zaremski, Mariorie Zechar, Mark Zenner, Parricia Ziizke, Vera Zonars, Slella gy K s?r' .fum I L , K 1391, kii kkii X ,X ..,:k A W, E k . M X E i 2 ' J, "N-'.f.., N1 5 X . . .,.. ,g L,LL V L. - Q., r 'QQ S - " ' 55 , . ' ,- . lf'-f , . -1. L .. g-1.1 ' ' ' H "- , W A ,LAL ' . W 1, Q -mwww J,, ,,,-aww Ykky . ki , N 4Ab" '9 - ' it . . iiil A m..,,,m', ay i , 1 ,,,., L " fx Q . ' .. N X G ' .. A nm 3 Q 'f M ..,. A :V ' K' Wv....,,,,.h 'Ulu--a....,., K WJQL:"m Nfrvbzvm.. . I VIKT ir M, .,,,..L kb A lkl .iiklg 5 1 ., ,, Q wif -I i. ' - K Rau 3 ff l ' A E up fi 5 Xu: wk X 35 41 5' P K 2 nan 'ls Q. Ad ,J- X Av -g :Q-nf l Q . A .- H .si - M ., . - G, I V 'Nm Qi .-'-+- .,-. mfg-Y'E-if-. ,W ,. be Winlerlime acliyilies for Fairmonf Wes? sophomores lead 'lo lols of fun and excifemenl, smiles Sophomore Class Presidenf James Hilfe. SOPHOMORES New lriends, new places, new experiences al Fairmonl' Wesl awail SOPHOMQRES as lhey lind lhemselyes in a new world. Wilh Two rungs lo go on lhe school ladder, lhey enioy lhe excilemenl ol lheir lirsl loolball game as loyal Weslonians. SOPHOMORES discover The delighl Jrhal comes from cam- paigning lor class officers and sludenl council members, plan- ning for lhe class dance, and selecling long-awailed class rings. SOPHOMORES avidly adiusl lo new surroundings and be- come an essenlial parl of Fairmonl Wesf. They become aware of The many opporlunilies fha? are Theirs af Wesl, and 'rhey eagerly anlicipale lhe ifulure in lhis 'llhe Year of lhe Dragon." Sophomore Class Oilicers: Doug Shaller, Vice-Presq Virginia Sando, Treas.: Sandra Lewis, Sec.: Judy Owens, Soc, Chmq James l-lille, Pres. P W s -if me 'B fi Q 'ia 'W A A K 'ia qw i s Adelberger, Terry Adkins, Vernon Alexander, Nancy Alich, Michael Allen, Roberl Allred, Brad Alsepl, Alvin Anderson, Garfh Anfhony, Susan Aszling, Deborah Alleberry, Linda Bailey. Ellen Bains, Marlha Bair, Melodie Balonier, Georgina Banks, Susan Barber, Don Barison, Judifh Barlcalow. Mary Barker, Linda Barnes, Glenda Barnes, Karen Bales, Dale Becker, Nicholas Beclcelr, Jacqueline Beckslein, Sherry Beebe, Barbara Belfon, Roberla Benson, Barbara Berberl, David Berman, Ronald Berry, Lynda Berlrams, Deborah Besanceney, Jerry Blevins, Thomas Blubaugh, Mary Blume, Karen Boclcoven, Brian Bodnar, Alberl Bohardl, Jeffrey Bonnell, Chrislain Bowden, Richard Bowling, Michael Brannen, Richard Bralle, Linnea Brellenslein, Carl Brewer, Sleven Bridgman, Michael DKF? Adrnlnlslcred by nurse Mrs. Bessie Madden, Jolmn R-idd benelils from eye examinalion, an annual soplvornore lleallb precaullon. Sophomores fs. 5 B, im--0. Eye examinations provide key to efficient learning Brilain, Carolyn Broqee, Karen Brouqlvlon, Bradford Brown, Joe Brown, Karen Brown, Polly Brownell, Virginia Brubaker, William Bruce, Roberl Brusf, Jeanne Bryanf, Susan Buchanan. Frank Burnell, Barbara Burns, Samuel Burson, Jerry Busch, Deborah Buller, Mlclmael Bull, Barbara Bullerworlh, Wendee Byrd, Thomas Caldwell, Lorena Campbell, Diane Campbell, Kallwleen Campbell, Willlne ll m or r - "',l ' Y-T' M4 .5 S 57511 vm T...-1 uv' Cv' YQ? ff' , I ,iw '2 ' 9' , 1 w ,f ,, ,,, Fr Our Qphomores Canire-ii, Peqqy Carpenier, Vivian Carr, Nancy Carroil, Gregory Cerier, Nancy Cavaraciu, Anne Cinaprnan, Roberi' Ciiiazza, Philip Cinrisi, Andrea Clark, Joinn Clawkon, Carol Clayfon, Brian Cleary, Michael Clemm, Dean Ciosey, David Combs, Pauline Common, Wiiliam Conley, Rickey Co-educational gym adds variety io week's routine Co-educaiienai yoiieybaii provides sopiwrnsres wiiirx an inieresirng bred from ineir requiar pnysicai education ciasses. K. Conrads, Douglas Cook, Tannis Cooney, Henry Coons, Linda Cooper, Mark Cox, Susan Crawford, Anne Crawford, Leander Crouch, John Cruea, Frederick Cruise, Richard Cupp, Gary Cushen, Calhy Cushen, Kennelh Dahlman, Palricia Daughlery, John Davenporl, Charles Davis, Chrisline Davis, Julie Davis, Michael DeBol+, Bruce Decker, Slephanie Delzrance, Chris Dell, Shirley Delscarnp, Denise Demougin, Susan Derrick, Brenda Delrick, Rebecca DeWall, Dale Dias, James Dielerle, John Dielz, Sleve DiGregorio, Teri Dinsmore, Mary Doebler, Timolhy Dowler, Jackie Downey, Ann Doyle, Donna Draisker, William Draylon, John Drummond, Waller Duckwald, Ronald Duerr, Cheryl Dulmus, Kandi Duncan, William Dunlee, Tirnofhy Dunnick, Charles Eads, Daniel Elder, Sarah Jo Emery, Galen Esposifo, Charles Esselsfein, Pal' Esfes, Jackie Evans, Margaref Ewry, William Feeman, Alexandra Felf, Diane Ferguson, Blake Ferrigno, James Finke, David Fischer, Fred Fisk, Carol Flanagan, Kafhleen Flavin, Terence Folz, Jeanne Frazier, George Frazier, Larry Freeman, Douglas Frick, Jay Friesel, Cheryl Friffs, Cynfhia Fryman, Ella Fullenkamp, Sandra Funkhouser, Sfeven Gaddis, Tony Gaffney, William Galloway, Mark Galloway, Paul Ganger, Slephen Garlifz, Vicki Geoghegan, Berfha Geske, Colleen Gochoel, Jeffrey Goode, Roberf Goodman, Greg Grass, Danny Greene, Deborah Greimann, Sally Griffin, John Griffifh, Richard Grimshaw, Terri Grodrian, Alan Grove, Rufh Gulasa, Carolyn Gundersen, David Haberer, Sfephanie ectiveiy using her ciass time provided for such przviects, art student Deb ie Ringer sketches her imprezffon of schoai. phomores iwwi' A 4- .1 1 M'S"di'!5..i Students contrive to capture the school on canvas Haddix, Gail Hahn, Cynthia Haie, Jay Hail, Caria Hamiiton, Peter Hammer, Wayne Harnrnons, Aiien Haniin, Susan Harbaugh, Janis Hardesty, Charia Hariey, Lynn Harlow, Dennis Hart, Jane Hattstaedi, Paui Hauser, Barry Hayes, Linda Heck, Ciaudia Heck, Victoria Heirner, Steven gi kiwi , ii ' f-5 -S93 wc' Lf .. 'V A, I 1 I 1 I 1 Heiton, Vickie My -1 Hernkcr, Wiiired . K g Henderson, Sarah 1 Hendrix, Robert F Heywood, Saily at K fs? 9, X JW. fs.,-q vgpur' vw 4 WM jfp-va, nv i ...V aa S Mo- Qwv -....,. .,.. M,....,.. Viv W kkly im -Q3-vb-4...-... .L..V .... , an, X ,.L. ,ce , 6 -.R-.c......,..,,,, ,,.. .u . ,K Qs W A Q-phomores 'NMA iv' 'N Varsity cheerleaders endeavor to explain to enthusiastic sophomores tech niques and skills required in cheerleading. Clinics benefit sophomores in cheerleading tryouts 4?-N 4-,4 238 Hildebrandt, Kathryn Himes. Harley Hinlcley, Thomas Hitte, James Hoel, Scott Hoener, Susan Hogan, Timothy Holden, Ronald Hoover, Alice Horn, Dianne Horne, Douglas Horrell. Dee Hoskins, Ruth Houseworth, Sue Huclce, Barbara Hutt, Lovanna Hutter, Bruce Hutchison, Steven lmig, Mariorie lngersol, Srephen lreron, Michael Jackson, Dean Jackson, Gary Jackson, Roberr Jameson, Alan Janning, Timoihy Jenkins, Mariorie Johnson, Palricia Johnson, Timofhy Johnsron, Jeffery Jones, Jane? Jones, Juaniia Jordan, Judge, Jane? Lynn Karns, Gregory Keller, Judiih Kelly, Marlha Kern, lvl arilyn Kefzel, Diane Kincaid, James King, Douglas Kingsley, Barbara Kiser, Peggy Knololock, Michael Koerner, Thomas Kohler, Richard Kolp, Ted Korkegi, Paulerle Korosei, Vic-foria Kramer, George Kramer, John Krieger, Regina Kronour, Randall Krug, Donald Kuhn, Gary Kurrz, Diane Kurz, Ri chard LaBarr, James Ladd, James Lance, Karen Land, Gregory Lane, James Larger, Lashley, Carol William Larhrop, Mark Lawson, Brenda A 4. !! f Q Ai! AFA' .. .. 2 i S, . A v Q 391: at-X 4 . Lawson, Diana Layman, Sheila Lealcas, James Leclclider, Todd Legqeif, Bobby Lewis, Gary Lewis, Karen Lewis, Sandra Lewis, William Lindamood, Cynlhia Linebaugh, Ted Lively, James Lowndes, Melissa Luckman, Allen Lulher, Pele-r Lybe, Phyllis Lyden, Peggie Lyons, Charles Maclnlyre, Anne Maclc, Clillon MacPherson, Rober+ Madden, Marcia Malone, James Maloon, Slephen Manis, Cheryl Manning, Donald Marquardl, Linda Marlin, Mark Marlin, Ronda Massey, Ronald Masfbaum, John Maslriana, Susan Mazalc, Sandra McCormick, Charles McEvoy, Ralph Mclnlosh, David Mclnlyre, Randolyn McKay, Roy McKee, Jeffery McQueen, William McTighe, Margo Medley, Pamela Meelcs, Nancy Merrell, William Meyer, William Miles, Siephen Milkereif, Deborah Miller, Mary Anne Miller, Pamela Minge, Curtis Minnich, James Minshall, Sharon , "'1, ' Mitchell, Eu ,-ff? Mohanco, Madeline V Monschlce, Patrice Moore, James Moore, John Moran, Timothy Morgan, Mary Morgan, Rebecca ivx Morris, Roger Mortimer, Carole Mullen, Constance Murabi, David Myers, Bebra Nagle, Reid Q' E 2 Nanqle, Sharon Nell, Ralph Neff, Sharon Neibe-rl', Philip Nelson, Sheila Neville, John Qphomores Numerous activities promote unity of entire school Performing at the JCOWA hoolenanny, Sue Brust, Jan Nolte, Jim Hitte and Beclcy Detriclc contribute lo the class ol '7O. E :smeew igphomores P Voiing machines make fheir firsf appearance af Wesf as 757 of e sophomore ciais iurn our for ihe officer' eleciion. Assembly and voting machines spur record vote 'X Q M, f 1 i. sm. .13 ,Agfa-L 5, M , if fffw ff li, i A ,i sf D 'rg' ,Nw ' in H, 1 Q wi G' 1 ,Kei Y , Noble, David Nolfe, Janice Norris, Timofhy Norfhup, Gary O'Bryan, Linda Odom, Richard Odom, Ronald Oeuvrard, Deborah Ogg, Denise Oliver, Wiiliam Osierfeid, Dennis OH, David Owen, Sandra Owens, Judy Owens, Pafricia Oxerdine, Herberf Pancoasr, Chris Parker, Wiliiam Q- 'ic f Parrorl, Barbara Pafriclr, Brenda Pafrick, Michael Pafferson, Dan Parferson, Roger Payne, James Pean, Beverly Percilield, Ann Perkins, Helen Perry, Alan Perry, Diana Peylon, John Porfer, Gary Poulrer, Kafhy Powders, Pafricia Price, Scolr Procror, James Proflif, Claude Purcell. James Quaniz, Vicforia Rahn, Douglas ,Raney, Roloerr Rasor, Julia Rasor, Thomas Rea, Karen Reagan, Marguerile Redmon, Leslie Reed, John Remnanr, David Rexroad, Gary Reynolds, Janice Rice, Rosemary Rich, Brenda Richard, John Richards, Gary Richardson, Linda Ridd, Waller Rieger, Sleven Rilre, Warren Ringer, Deborah Rix, Chrisfy Roberls, Donald Rolaerls, Kennelh Roberlson, Anne Rodgers, Mark Roeplcen, Roberf Romer, Roberl' Rosengarren, Randy Royer, Robert Ruckman, Robert Rueckel, Beverly Ruef, Barbara Rupei, Richard Ryan, Robert Saettel, Wanda Sakornbut, Richard Saliee, Trudy Sanchez, Constance Sando, Virginia Sauer, James Saunders, Patricia Savage, Deborah Sayer, Constance Schieweti, Kenneth Schlachter, Joan Schmidt, Alice Sophomores aw I z as rf I' 1 , , Q "' i fi, Journalism provides opportunity for creative minds Doing volunteer service for yearbook staff during Study hail time, Judy Keiier posts receipts and expenses in cash book. Ah 4. i eye d... Realizing ils imporlance for luiure educaiion. sophomores Roger Lyons and Dale DeWali sign up locally for lhe NEDT. Qphomores Preliminary tests prepare for future examinations Schneider, Claudia Schneider, Nancy Schrager. Alan ,..,., Schrand, Michael Schrouf, Scolr Schubeler, David Schwab, Sha ron Scirnone, Kaihryn V- yoly SCOH' Lowell if iii .- ""' 'K 'M' -Q inf' F- 5 Se ide l, Cla FG Fl C9 . V, fm-1. -12' S e m els b e rg e r, J a ck 9 j .4- N W S all ww I W ii A A if 'H Qing'-1 Servis, Roberi Sewark, Sieven Sexion, Danny Sexion, Susan Seyer, Karla Shaelfer, Douglas fS,,,fx '27 ' iii I ., , V I , ' AV-, ' ,A , 5 V , 3 is V e , iiyy Shafer, Gayle Shannon, Roberi' Sharpe, Robert Sharfle, Gary Shedden, William Sherwood, Paula Sherwood, Ronald Sideroff, Linda Silces, Dianne Siler, Janice Simons, Charles Simpson, David Simpson, James Sinclair, Kafhy Smith, Beverly Smirh, Elizabelh Smirh, Gary Smifh, Sfeven Snell, Debra Sollenberger, Gail Sorah, Marlene Spellmeyer, Susan Springer, Terry Sfacey, Gary Sfamas, James Slanley, Roberl Sfanze, Priscilla Slaubus, Susan Sridam, Jim Sreeley, Lee Anna Sleininqer, Judy Sfernberg, Barbara Sfewarl. Vicki Srofer, Roberf Sforrs, Kalhyrn Sfrafhearn, Pafricia Slrobino, Nan Sullivan, Maureen Swarlzel, Thomas Sweeney, Parricia Sweer, Jill Swiclc, Connie Taberr, Linda Tamplin, Nancy Taylor, Donna Thomas, Richard Thompson, Joseph Thoms, Rudolf Thornhill, Beverly 0-'N 4 r -wg wx .. ,.,,,:. '- ,Q 'X X ,gi sail Q W.. 'Z TK egg Y , , it sum ,zf ,,.,: 1- 1 fi . -.. 16 6 ...X Tobias, Gregory Trimble, Douglas Trilch, David Trivelle, William True, Wayne Trudell, Charles Tungafe, Loraine Turner, Debra Turner, Diane Turner, Douglas Tyler, Deborah Uplon, Nadine Urban, Philip Valiquelle, Michael Van Over, Melvin Van Zanr, Janice Vanzarrl. Jeffrey Viels, Polly Virelli, David Vorhis, William Vyszenslci, Candi Wall, Chrislopher Wall, Dannie Wall, Joyce Wall, Richard Wallace Allyn Wallace, Theresa Wallher Anne Walfher, Nicholas Wallher Palriclc Walfon, Douglas Ward, John Warner, Sleven Walkins. Margo Wafson, Susan Weaver, Thomas Webb. Jerry Weber, Jeffery Weimer, Sharon Weimer, Thomas Welfon, Joan Wheafon, Juclilh Whifalcer, Timolhy While, Michael While, Paula Whilehead, Slephen Whifing, David Wick, Deborah Williams, Cathy Williams, Cynthia Williams, Susan Williams, Vicki Williamson, Suzanne Willis, Bruce Wise, Jeffrey Wood, Dianne Wooley, Lawrence Wray, Gordon Wright, Tracy Wyatt, Opal Wyatt, Violet Wysong. Douglas Yancey. Young, Elmer Henry Young, John Youngman, Victoria Zacliery, Margaret Zappe, Zectiar, Zimmer Zubriclc, Susan Deborah man, Neal George KZ f ,V - 1 5547 Q 3 Wi? 4 ' .X 3-li? ee fr'-424' K ' . 33 UO' Kits .hir vi 4, ,. , 'U X 1 J hh Mw- 'sf -Sigphomores Counselors motivate incentive to further education During school year Miss Ruth Anderson helps many students sucti as Cheri Friesel, in tinding out more about colleges. u ,. A . 1 : 'w ' xx NX .. .M Y' - P'-, ...W ,,,,mh iauwvnfrmf-M w " , f Q . 1' 'A I ax ay IV 3 S , Y a rf ' . ,, .L-gf' in... u Ar Business Manager Linda Bossi finds 'rhai' lhe heavy burden of respon- sibilify lessens when shared wilh ouher coruscienuious suaff members. BUSINESS Eairmonr Wesu sludenis boasr uhe supporl of one of Hue si'auLe's largesi BUSINESS areas. This incluslrialized dislricul Souulh of Daylon conuribuies wholehearuedly lo uhe supporul and success of lhe yearboolc in I968-"The Year of Hue Dragon." To Hue BUSINESS, professional, and parenr palrons, Wesf sfudenus owe Their ihanlfs for making possible S8725 in revenue. Through cooperaulioru on Hue parl out bouh BUSINESS and families in Keluering, conlinuinq progress may be assured nor only in uculure yearbooks, bul also in BUSINESS enlerprises. Through communiry supporr, "The Year out uihe Dragon" has become lhe year of success +o I968 Dragon Sialuf members. Business siail members Jane Sellles, Karen Sfrauzbaugh, Jeanne Mahliouz and Linda Bozsi pursue lheir daily rouline ol clerical duiies, 1 WWI SPECIALTY STORE Dresses--Coa+s Furs-Sporfswear BricIaI Lingerie--Shoes I7 SouI'I1 Main ........ 228-6I9I II2 Easi' Sfroop ........ 298-7335 ThaI's affracfive sfore makes shopping a r M 'Ih pleasure agree Nancy Nolfe and Peggy a nm I .... ,,.- . J. . , . V. zzz: ggi,51,1-i,:a-fg-2 , . M , f- H --Wm, Im ,-ff,...f-. ,Lg . . I wg- 5 i A VK .. H -fb- .ww ,.., 1 .-iw. .. I .Lx 511Q:,,M,k:,w .,.. I ,. .,, I, . H - y . - f N - . . , ,,.. . , ,,.. bf V.. ,.. ,aagyygg . I 3' 1 K LQ. gas 7 L I I' ' U 53,1-S ' ' - - .-,1 . ,Tfb732if,,fLQ sg' gifiifiasii .. 'w5T"?k!Q -S A I Xe S gaee FAIRMONT WEST HIGH SCHOOL Designed by ArcI1IIecI's RIAL T. PARRISH KEITH L. DUNKET OLE T. SCHIOLER OAKWOOD, HILLS AN D DALES, AND BREITENSTRADER FLORISTS 23I9 Far Hills Hills and Dales 293-l I96 293-2I79 I 058 Pa'H'erson 252-5669 When shopping for flowers or arf gills. Melissa Brown, Linda Canirell recommend Oakwood Florisis H37 -vacfwwf A 'J V t , rrlal we MIAMI VALLEY 1 DODGE ff 320i S. Dixie if ,f. A+ Doro+hy Lane I OU9CtS'C.'fEFS X555 A Q Compleie Service and Body Work Hand Picked Used Cars-298-72l3 New Sales Service and Paris-298-0392 Nick Rogero, Mark Brainard, Thorpe Leeson day- dream of owning ihe lafesi model of '68 Dodge ik ... . -. pt- L.. . ,. A ff-,-A an . Z...f1.v- . , , .1-. 5. v.-,'M1- J-L25 JALNJD. VUSEDZA3i1lCWA'iQE. You save Ds. " 'V f . f 5 SCHLIENTZ AND MOORE "One of Ohio's Mosi Beaufiful Funeral Homes" I632 Wayne Avenue Call 253-I44I fm. H K uk -1. pax x L..l..l El QI DAYTON SHCWCASE 2853 Springboro Rd. 298-I467 Susie Willi fhe advanfages of using D g enioys Cinda Purdy's descriplio f ' aylon Showcase Equip BALDWIN PIANOS Used Exclusively At Fairmont West DARR PIANO 81 ORGAN CO. 740 N. Main S+. Phone 222-4045 "The House of Baldwin" l" l ROSEMAN'S BAKERY 2254 Soulh Smilhville 253-075I V lc R ilz, Chris Owens marvel al worlcma hp of liered wedding lc cl d l' R esigne a osem SOUTH DAYTON Home FURNISHINGS 3578 KeHering Blvd. Soufhbound 25 Belween Doroihy Lane and Sfroop Jackie Williamson and Cindy Brem bolh admire The fine arfcrafl al Soulh Dayion Home Furnishings. .le f4'll Qafwzq Orzyzh af jyazizlifkgys Cjusfom GOQ jrames BY Nalionally and Inrernafionally Famous Ar'Iis+s OPEN I0:00 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. Also by Appoinimenl Phone 298-936I 23I4 Far Hills Ave. Nalionally famous ariisi Mr. Laios iviarlcos allows Dave Phillips Io view one of his Iaiesr porlrairs. OFFICE OVERLOAD SERVICE FIRST in 'Ihe Daylon Area FIRST in Service Juniors, Seniors and Graduales are invifed +o malre applicafion for eifher, TEMPORARY or PERMA- NENT posilions. lFor lhe applicanl' wilh no previous experience we can supply 'Ihe answer when your prospeclive employer aslrs: "Do you have experience?" Having worked lemporary assignmenfs wi'I'h 'Ihe Office Overload Service, your answer can be a resound- ing: "Yes!"I 25 Soulh Main S+. 224-764I Jim and Debbie Wick praciice business procedures io secure a iob Ihrough Office Overload Service 812 crefe, yn C. ENGINEERS AND CONSTRUCTORS I250 W. Dorofhy Lane Dayion, Ohio 45409 293-I I4O Janie Apple likes Ihe idea ol Iemporarily replacing her faiher as The presidenl of Encrele. Incorporaled. 5 Funeral Home A .. '15-M . ,. -. A QM If ' I '75 Q, I me-:. X ,f m .' ,sr 15? ' VE . Qi ' 514' i H -aw... ' " " L ' ' ' ' , g ,., .. . . ' -,f ' ' ,,,.., rf 0 K AMBULANCE - AIR CONDITIONED PRIVATE PARKING SERVING DAYTON SINCE I9'I8 6 Oakwood Avenue Daylon, Ohio Phone 293-4I37 I .I Centerville Florists Complefe Wedding Planning Service WE DELIVER We Phone and Telegraph Flowers To Any Place in lhe World Nancy Enwrighl iincls she needs 'rime Io browse in The beaufilul surroundings of Cenierville Florist Aww, ....... Q A I nsxnuolms 'f:,,, ' U . K' . Q 0 I " O f O 0 Cv o ' mic: cazxxiy, KENNETH WHIPP Town 8: Coun'l'ry Shopping Cenfer Ke'Hering, Ohio 293-03I4 b DP I ISI Mlfb I d'If I e ofuB3snkin-Sggssini' 3IeYdeeIicigus iilavglrs aeveiyeciiqf, ll!!! Anfennas and Phonograph Repair SYLVANIA SILVER SCREEN PICTURE TUBE Town 8: Coun+ry Shopping Cenfer 298-7359 esf's Elecfronics Club members Bob Raney and I-I +'k dJ8fI.Rd'8fTV an GVGFS IC V6COfT1I'I'1SI'1 43 IO . W. T. GRANT COMPANY 528 E. S'rroop Rd. Keffering Plaza 298- I 40 I I044 Pa++erson Rd. Brei'l'ens+ra'rer Square 253-I I87 I Tidal 3 J Dominic's Restaurant IO66 S. Main St. 222-480I Jerry Fouke, Nancy Longo, Howard McKnight, Georgia SHIKI RC iii Haan g uses' R. L. Ullmer 81 Son Memorial Chapel "Kettering's First Funeral Home" Business: 299-499l Residence: 299-9072 it ,LN 'UClnN6Nl R Buckingham df? Enterprises 348l Office Park Drive 293-2I20 Vicki Buckingham member Buckingham Enterprises pr AND AFFILIATED COMPANIES Buckingham Square Office Park Eagle Creek Construction Co. Provincetown Corp. Realtor Charter House Corporation of the Class of i968 heartily concurs with the statement that ovide "The Finest in Commercial and Residential Constructionf Haas recommend Dominic's for ltalian atmosphere. M'-f f MATERIALS Ill HANDLING 6-li: SYSTEMS, INC. 6991 HOMESTRETCH ROAD - ROUTE 75-NORTH - DAYTON, OHIO 45414 PHONE 513-898-3951 - TWX 810-472-2826 SPECIALIZING IN THE SALE AND SERVICING OF MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT FOR INDUSTRY APPLIANCE TRUCKS DOCKLEVELERS CASTERS FLOOR TRUCKS CONVEYORS FORK TRUCKS DOCKBOARDS HAND TRUCKS DENNY GROTZ SAYS, HEXCESSIVE AND INEFFICIENT HANDLING ADDS NO VALUE TO HOISTS RACKS JIB CRANES SHELVING OVERHEAD CRANES SKIDS PALLETS STACKERS YOUR PRODUCT - ONLY TO ITS COST. USE YALE LIFT TRUCKS BEYOND THIS WELL-KNOWN DOOR... People! Highly-skilled creative people, experts in copy, art, media, production, and the many functions of advertising, marketing, and public relations in moving goods and selling services. Whether or not you ever visit us behind the Red Door, we call on you each day through our clients' advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, direct mail, yellow pages, and sales literature. Kiroher, Helton 8a Collett, Inc. ADVERTISING - MARKETING ' PUBLIC RELATIONS 2600 Far Hills Avenue ' Dayton, Ohio 45419 ' 293-3191 1904 Carew Tower ' Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 ' 421-5310 88 E. Broad Building ' Columbus, Ohio 43215 ' 221-7345 Member of American Association of Advertising Agencies "---...., 'Y' r IW' 2 ' ffm- if 7 5 7 MOLD 8. DIE WORKS, INCORPORATED "The CounIry's Leading Producer of Cusiom Designed PIas'ric Premiums" PLASTIC MOLDERS TRADE MARK REPLICAS o CUSTOM MOLDING o MOLD MAKING 253-SI33 I03 Sachs S+ree+ Dayfon 3, Ohio wk 'K I . VV it if :ir A N y N Ife Do'-'Q DOIY Pafsy Padd In Underclass Picfures by DELMAR STUDIOS I I I J I1 R Im JiII Coffey Ron M ANKNEY FOOD SERVICE IndusIriaI Vending and Cafeferias "OuaIi+y Builf Our Business Service Mainiains I+." I5I6 Nicholas RCI. 268-66I6 Anlcney Food Service has been 5 g Ih Greafer Dayfon Area for over 'rwe fy y F r Hue l H1 Dra ove of Milne deal w1H1 Logsdon Hwen Supp gons 1-hinlcs foofball player Milne Logsd MIKE LOGSDON and Associates REAL ESTATE BROKERS 20I E. Sfroop Road KeHering, Ohio 299-2252 orf on. Vxpporel With Flair for the Fashion-Aware" E 5 ZYLHQTS 3I Greene S+., Nexf +o Xenia Cinema 426-070l Do B lo Royer and his faH1er enloy playing Hue organ H1 beauliful Japanese Tea Garden 'r 9 B ig H omework A . You Have Any B-H-A Tonighi? sslgnments, 6l5 S. Pa'Herson Blvd. 223-9l02 a B-H-A. 9 OOO .ICO lil KETTERI NG-OAKWOOD 5 TIMES Hills and Dales Shopping Cen'I'er I544 Wesf Doroihy Lane 293-3l4l Prinfing a weelcly newspaper +o serve O O O a communily of 70,000 readers requires 'Ol 'Ou a modern efficienf office arrangement 50 I Riklci Oiio and Barb Andres review lafesl ediiion is Vx. ,..,,...,.., .,.,,...,.,.,1lums- of communiiy weekly wiilw edifor Mr. Don Wright AFULLUNO CARILLON CAFETERIA Open Il A.M.--8 P.M. 26lI Sou'l'l1 Dixie Drive 299-9622 n .r-""'r DON MEN DEN HALL, INCORPORATED Floor Covering ls Our Business 2655 Sou'l'l1 Dixie Drive 298-7437 On her way home from her COE iob in line Afhlefic Office Sarah Pla++ shops al' Don Mendenlwallk, Inc KETTERING YMCA 4545 Marshall Rcl. 434- l 964 king al Kelfering Y can be lols of lun aqre J nne Harlranfl , Marsha Amli and Ma f 6 40 Keowee S+ree-I' W. H. KIEFABER Complete Line of General Hardware 223-2 I 92 THE VILLAGE PEDDLER 6l03 Far Hills Ave. 434-345I P lesslonal model Sheila Slwahan approves of Gwen H sley's selecfion of Village Peddler sporfswea CAPRI BOWLING LANES "Bowling al' Hs Fines?" 2727 Soulh Dixie Highway Over 75 Years Community Service Morris Sons Funeral Homes IBO9 Easl' Third Sfreel' IO4 W. Main Sfreel' Daylon, Ohio Fairborn, Ohio Adequale Privafe Parking Complele Air Condilioning Mutual of Omaha Hospilal Surgical lncome Pro+ec+ion The Largesl Organizalion of ils Kind in lhe World . . . Over One Billion Dollars Paid Our in Cash Benelils amme suggess coverage y uua o 298-74Il "S-lrilces are easier ai' Capri Bowling Lane y ,, inlramural bowling enlhusiasf Debbie O d When iraveling by car, boa? or plane, Mr. H h l L T b Mi l f O h Mr. Tony Ellns of Carpel' Warehouse shows hrs mer: Charlene Ellis lalesf In household floor carpal CARPET WAREHOUSE A WORLD OF CARPET AT DOWN TO EARTH PRICES 3045 Wilmingfon Pike, Keflering One Block Soulh of Dorolhy Lane 293-8378 2 l Dayton Reliable Tool 81 Manufacturing Company 6l8 Greenmounl' Boulevard Phone 298-739 I ARNOLD LOHMANN PAINTING 81 DECORATING 500 Schuyler Dr. 293-2920 you're planning 1 Hpainl The Town" or our room Y house-be sure 'ro call Mr. Arnold Lohmann. F aim: 5: ' m fffo silffgfg Mis: 2 U9 sl' , S KALB FURNITURE 948 PaHerson 293-9202 When shopping for Early American comforf or con- lemporary slyle, Dave Kalbfleisclw sugges+s Kalb's. U 'WEY ,533 xv Q' MEYER'S MEAT MARK ET 1' 'J - 23 Parlc Avenue f gf A 40l5 Far Hills Avenue X ' """""' W For flue besl in meals or a parfy af home, be sure fo - buy your mea? af Meyer's in Keffering and Oakwood. W HOWARD JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT 4022 Far Hills Avenue 293-5774 Afler you see llwe Dragons win l'l'1e game, plan 'lo meel' your friends for food af Howard Johnsons. The Merdwnh of WOODMAN DRIVE AT DOROTHY LANE KEEP THIS AS A HANDY REFERENCE FOR OUR TELEPHONE NUMBERS. KETTERING SHOPPING CENTER 0 I-12 .4, ! II '::1':U I3 I2 il... I. RiLe's .................................. 224-94II II 2. S. S. Kresge Co. ........................... 293-4l73 .1-L 3. Revco-Prescription Service ...................... ..- -.-.---. 293-5133 Io 4. Kroger Store-Low Prices Plus Top Value Stamps ..................... ...... 2 99-2433 5. Gem City Savings--New Hours--I2:30-8:00 P.M. ........................ ...... 2 98-988i 9 6. Vogue House of Beauty-9 A.M.-I0 P.M. Mon thru Fri., 9-5 Saturday .. 299-8609 7. Barber Service-6 Barbers to Serve You! ........................... 298-3024 8 8. StrehIe's Shoe Repair-Expert Dyeing ............ ........ ...... 2 98-9I82 9. The Library .................................... ...... 293-0548 I0. Astronaut Village--Dry Cleaning and Laundry .... ...... 2 98-556i 7 II. Gourmet Shop 8: Wine House-Party Trays .............. ........... ...... 2 9 8-2502 'l' I2. State Liquor Store No. 248-I2:O0-9:00 Mon.-Sat. ........................... ...... 2 98-707I 6 I3. Winters National Bank 8: Trust Company-9:30-2:00 Mon.-Fri., 2:00-6:00 Friday .... ...... 2 98-947I 5 4 3 2 I """"""' 71163 MANUFACTURING co. DAYTON ETCHED PRODUCTS CORP. WALKER LABEL CO. Manufacturers of Name Plates and Decorative Metal Trim MM XI PHIL AND JERRY'S FOODARAMA 2I Wesi' Whipp Rd. WASHINGTON TWP. 434-I294 Dayfon-Xenia Rd. ome of SwifI"s Pro+ein Beef Ja Noiie and Jeff Wise siocic up wifh i p ced a Irs from quick and convenieni Phil a cI THOMA CONTACT LENS Exclusive Confacf Lens Technicians 7I4 Reibold Building Dayfon 2, Ohio 222-7879 J. WILLIAM CON ROY e beffer and look greaf follow The ex Wesfonians and sfari' wearing Thoma JOHN RODERER SHOES 23II Far Hills Avenue Town 8: Counfry Shopping Cen'I'er 298- I 80 I udia Church and Priscilla Bosnak always s O R d rer's when Ihey need Ihose Hcerfain I Tr mx VIC CASSANO T' 1 E ,gi-EYZANF and 2 KING W PIZZA KINGS MOM DONISI 402I Far Hills Avenue 299-3568 2308 E. Dorofhy Lane 298-729I 22I0 S. Pa'H'erson BIvd. 298-I48I Nancy Nassif, Margie Leeson, Tim Sullivan, Cari Graham 'resf slogan, "The Proof is in Ihe Tas+e." I X For Ihe IaI'es'I in enI'erI'ainmen'I' Drive ou+ 'Io BELMONT AUTO THEATRE 2240 CounI'y Line Road 256-I57I Summerfime is Ihe greaIes+ Io enioy The IaIeSI' movie and The Ioesi snacks af Ihe Beimoni Theafre. 1.-, w r - an ' :zor- A' yn 1 aC' 'nn S1334 ' 4? .J..,l Y ew. uproar- MOLER'S BELMONT DAIRY Coun'I'ry Fresh Dairy Prod uc'I's 3230 Smifhville Rd. 253-4I67 Karen Sirausbauqh Iaices advanfage of having her dairy producis brouqhf by MoIer's BeImon'r Dairy. NE- swim Moler s Belmont Daw Dayton, Ohio Phone 253-Ai 'll TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF A+ Jrne wonderful seleclion of Early American Furnifure and accessories from . . . I '4f If A 2272 Wesf Schanh Avenue f 299-34OI 'A Aclive senior Sandy Slimmel chooses ine simplicify of sfyles shown af KeHerinq's Early American Shop. DIMCO-GRAY, CO. 207 E. Sixfh S+. X Day'I'on, Ohio 224-l9l3 Photo Darkroom Shuffleboard Times Equipment TOOT YOUR OWN HORN l+'s easy wi+l1 a Conn, Marfin, Selmar, MoH'on, Leecly or Slingerland horn 'From HAU ER MUSIC STORE Day+on's Comple+e Band lns+rumen+ Cenier 3l40 Far Hills Avenue 298-732I 34 E. Firsf Sfreei' 228-28I5 442I Salem Avenue 278-7308 Joining flie leenage rebellion Jim Miller and Doug Sherman play guilars llwal' come only from Hauer's. il f 929: 'l 'i.L.g.J,." f wi f Dinners, Sandwiches, Snacks CARRY-OUT SERVICE ll A.M.-IO P.M. Excepf Monday 4I2O Far Hills Avenue 299-5536 Bona Schellhase radiales llwe enlliusiasm of all ine people who eaf al lwer fall'ier's reslauranl, The Inn. Conven'I'ional PNKER5 . ,-Q' 4 l FHA-VA 5 P 6 032, 5 0 0 -1 Z 6 ' 'P 0, . O 4Me2lffxqe QC'ANl15O PANCHIO MORTGAGES, INC CALL 228-I I44 II Easl' Firsf-Ground Floor Are You Looking for a Beauliful I8-hole minialure golf course . . Lighfed par 3-course . . . BaH'ing Cages . . . Pulling greens . . Well-sfoclced Pro-Shop . . . Tha+'s open day and nigl1+? Plan +o Bring Your Family or Friends 'lo ROLLANDIA GOLFING CENTER 4990 Wilminglon Pilce 293-6249 ln llwe off-season golf-feam members Dave Caudill, Bob Slemper praclice llweir driving al Rollandia. --ffl ,mf ,f - 1 lx-gp: , f ,1 ,,1. .f X fr 1 I f , 1,,,!,,f , I , 1 ,W T-df, f f 1 f '-1' 1 fx' A,'. 111, 1 1 2:11 ,gf-gywf,-f, 1211, f, 1, nt, 1, 1, I Vf?'Lf,,,f,,ff,f,, 51, ,f,,f1,,..,1 I If , If , 1,2w1,'f.f,ff'f',",'1ff'f ' 'J 1'f 'I il I I I, I I . TOWN 81 COUNTRY ' FLORIST sk SERVING Day'I'on-Oakwood . KeHering-Cenierville 4I00 W. Town 81 Counfry Rd. 293-3961 Track fe-am capfain Phil Draylon always buys his flowers for Cindy Shahan from rhe T 81 C Florisf. Four Friendly Pharmacis'l's Provide Reliable Prescriprion Service DOOLEY S PHARMACIES I224 E Sfroop Rd 298 98 l 3 we 3706 Wllmmg'l'on Pllce 298 7329 ullnnuqi For anyrhing under lhe sun- Cards, S+a'l'ionery, Gi'Hs- You, Too, should come ro .. JEMIMA RUSSELL'S TOWN 81 COUNTRY 298-l423 L d Bossi Jane Serrles find gif? lisls are DALE FASHIONS 2524 Far Hills Avenue and 43I7 Salem Avenue Fealuringz Villager John Meyer Coun'rry Sei Miami Valley's Largesl' Seleclion of 'I'he Greafesf in Campus Fashions Sryleiconscious Connie Thompson and Jan Wise agree Dale Fashion carries The besi sporrswear seleciion. '-T'...'.......'?..... 1005 li? ESTABLISHED 1922 MEYER SL AMBULANCE SERVICE BOEHMER FUNERAL HOME AIR CONDITIONED rm 3? ,-51 . . A My yy -X . -Q :::: , if ii . - i 'N .Wm , Mu-M . 'g3?iJ? vL 3j-Yi 5 133 g xw llulllllllllgllmll y H ' - -:E ar Q aamlwf- 'qi . , T ' 'i " " UG-sf -13-iff ' S " :in of-it " -ggI+'1H .,5,Q!l', fb F ' l-MQ, "Conveniently Locafed To Serve You ' , gf .V f - Q. W rf. se, .. ., is-.frrz , Eff' - -f gjll i v si ' gf 1 ,V 1733 anown sneer AT SAWMILL noAo ' ' '----f-e-1.4. A ' "io: ,fifz . , , - '- if -r-- id Y Y Z2-Q ' ' Lasagna 0 Parmigiana Vlto S SpagheHi 0 Ravioli - S F cl Ch'k Venice Inn ea SfZ,,,1'Ribs'ce" Char-Broiled Sfealrs and Chops 200I E. Dorofhy Lane FOR RESERVATIONS CALL: 298-8633 0 Sunken Bar 0 Cocldail Lounge "M ,' - . 0 American Express A -fa .sv- Diners Club : 3 ' L 0 0 Carle Blanche Closed Mondays 'Y . A .. ' av: ' ' ,Eels is . I v 6 A f E, .51 c . m r- 3,1 fa.-.-fgn, -1 , . jkual ' . :Lil-V , Zig-Qi. , Viro's Venice lnn boasis ihe delicious lialian- American recipes of lhe Joseph Gaccelia family. THE F. W. LOTZ PAPER CO. Established I9 I 3 "l968 Our 56th Year" 607-Il E. Third Street Dayton 2, Ohio Jim Miller, Mike Nolan, Phil Drayton, Bob Coffman, Bernie Buchholz, Roy Eberhard thank Mr. Everett Hawker of Lolz Paper for many years of Dragon ads. l more if I UW PUT E 1 I I I ,Q 10 1" P wail N5 M.. Q I I ily. 1. i I la I I 'I I l Investigate the variety of career opportunities Ohio Bgll available at Part of the Nationwide Bell System An equal opportunity employer DUNHILLS, INC. "Stores for Men" 4Ih and Ludlow Dayton, Ohio 46 I -3 890 Hills 8: Dales Kettering, Ohio 293-6 I 22 DunhilI's carries latest men's styles in wearing apparel for all occasions agrees iunior Craig Stull. WHITE MA-401 4000 Lb. Capaciiy ai' 24 Inch Load Cenfer M OBILIFT LIFT TRUCKS L REPLACEMENT PARTS AND SERVICE L d Amhorized Dealer for THE ow Narrow, Compaci' an Agle Paris Inc. . , TOWMOTOR . . . Power shiff 'Transmission . . . Microinch- . ROSS LIFT TRUCKS ing conTrol . . . Hgdralizer suspension . . .yo rear axe . . . ower sfeering . . . "ee LIFT PARTS SERVICE CO. +hrough" full free lifi duplex uprighf . . . Easy UH Truck Rama' off counferweighi . . . Accessible. - We Repair Any M lr 298 744' 3I59 Encrefe Lane a e I " .I i my :Pe ,Q 'A 4 if RAY'S FLORIST Corsages for All Occasions Flowers and Giffs for Special Occasions 25I5 Far Hills Avenue Dayfon, Ohio 45429 I Jii 298-955I J' K. Open Monday Thru Safurday ' Nine 'lo Six I ' Q li ,K Joanne Runyan and Vicki Snavely find if is easy .3 ",, fo shop for gills or 'Flowers ai' Ray's in Oakwood. Q . mperial House Motels . 'il .V ii" 5: 2. . y Vw- A my M ' I '7 'W' ff ' My II? A is T may-f-.. !n 5 Y - . I .4 . As..- ,, - "'-' --' SM 7 - nga' I I M W 'gl iv IMPERIAL HOUSE NORTH IMPERIAL HOUSE SOUTH SHELBY HOUSE I lnfersfaie 75 and Needmore Rd. lmersfafe 75 and Roufe 725 lnfersfare 5 and Ohio 47 Dayfon, Ohio Dayfon Ohio Sidney, Ohio 278-57l I 886-626' 492-9l64 Nt.. , gi., J'-1,5 n ' When 'lhe Handwriiing on 1'he Wall Calls for Redecoralion, Cover H' Wifh Wallpaper or Paini' From . . . POEPPELMEIER'S ' 1 PAINTS i .,,, ,ji 41 4l08 Easi Town 8: Counfry Road KeH'ering, Ohio 45429 293-2 I 89 Poeppelmeiefs does provide besi' selecfion in wall - paper and pain? agree Calhy Clay and Dick McGraw POELKING LANES I403 Wilmingfon Pike 299-5573 30 Brunswick A-2 Lanes Complefe Line of Bowling Balls-Bags-Shoes-Shirfs Acfive sophomore Judy Keller finds lime fo gain GAA poinfs by compefing in inframural bowling. BALDWINM, Y inc. Q INSURANCE AGENCY 924 Knoff Building, Dayfon 2, Ohio Phone 223-3l8I Trained People Make fhe Difference and fhe Difference is . Broader Coverage Lower Cosf Prompf Claim Service YOUR nizpenlenl lnnrmnn MGENI' 'fllvll 'eu gill For Your Decorating Needs eziafrofi WI' 45 W. Whipp Road 0 Dayfon, Ohio 45459 Draperies-Slipcovers Window Shades-Verfical and Venefian Blinds Drapery Rods-Wallpaper-Painfs Phone 434-I28I Paula Anderson finds herself in a maze of drapery rods and decorafing supplies af Mecksfrofh Reger. si The Town 81 Country Met... I Second-Home Style Headquarters for Hundreds of Fairmont West Students and Their Families CALVIN S. TAWNEY MOVERS, INC. The Third Generation Movers Local and Long Distance I857 WAYNE AVE. 253-896I CONNECTICUT MASSACHUSETTS OHIO ILLINOIS MICHIGAN PENNSYLVANIA INDIANA MINNESOTA TENNESSEE KENTUCKY MISSOURI WEST VIRGINIA NEW YORK WISCONSIN DAYTON. OI-IIO - 3 CALVIN S TAWNEY MOVERS I 420 HICKORY ST DAYTON OHIO M . ' QD 55 U I 0 IH I INC. ,I . l mf TNIID GENYIAIUN MOVII 75- .X h ' ' ----A. -nf '1 1' , f B BA 8-6631 BA 8-1943 4 115 E A- XXVV M- -- 1'-,A Debby MMII Mld I-Igg fclf hf fur Il In hgh MT 68 'I h If i DRIVE-IN RESTAURANTS "Let Pcrkmoor be your host." 1.-' -. ' ,' 1 ,,, L cl Bilier and Claudia Clwurclw meet after l1 l t P lc t t pt f ll t moor-a avorie s o or a Wes ,al THE C. N. STEMPER CO. Institutional Food Service 853 E. First St. Dayton, Ohio 45402 PHONE 223-5265 TOBIAS Funeral Home, Inc 648 Watervliet Avenue at Fauver Dayton 20, Ohio 252-3 I 22 LaMar Tobias Ambulance O ,.,,N..,..,..,,. -..gal ,,. , mb HERITAGE HOUSE Known for Fine Food for Over 20 Years Banquef Rooms Available for Groups From I5 Io I50 People Serving One of Day'ron's Finesf Luncheon and Dinner Menus STEAKS-CHOPS SEAFOOD For Reservaiions 2I89 S. Dixie a+ Schanh Brenda Meuser, Doug Ryan, Barb Gillen agree I'I1aI' NeiI's specialries prove mos? ianfalizing 'ro Ihem, ,,,,.,..-nv-"""A ROUDEBUSH REALTY A Name You Can TrusI' Specializing in homes Souib of Dayion for over 35 years. 405I Far Hills Avenue ropposaie Howard Johnsonsy 298-72I I Prospeclive house buyers find Mr. Ray RoudebusI'1's considerare arfirude mosr conducive +o business. ilk 0 has WEILER WELDING COMPANY, INC. SINCE I92O We Are Equipped Io Handle Any Welding Problem METAL SPRAYING FLAME HARDENING-SAND BLAST CLEANING FABRICATION OF JIGS AND FIXTURES CERTIFIED PRESSURE WELDING 324 Easl' Second SI'reeI' 222-83I2 Nighl' Phones 275-5870 or 293-8294 I or 898-3722 Weiler WeIdinq's personnel and up-Io-dale Iaciliries provide around-Ihe-clock service for all rheir cusfomers. is I Dragon "tale" told in Top Value window Fairmonf Wesl was feafured in +his "Back fo School" display window a+ lhe Top Value Redemplion Cenler, 3085 Woodman Dr. The display occupied lhe window for 6 weeks and conlrasled +he old wilh lhe new . . . a '67 Muslang and a '23 Model T . .. middies and lolazers wilh +hD ' I+B Bd 'F dF'h+' D F'l'bll '- Qi fofm ff' f' 212295215 +he'ffi0Oi1oa'lnQfoQKS.an 'Q 'ng 'agen oo a H' is said, "Home is where lhe hearl is" . . . Top Value's home is in Kelfering . . . so is our hear+. STAMPS TOP VALUE ENTERPRISES, Inc. 3085 WOODMAN DR. KETTERING, OHIO 'SN For Cameras, Carcls, Tape Recorders- Why Noi' Share Thaf Pride-Shop Wifh . Kodak - Argus - Koyslonl Bell 8 Howell - Rolleiflex 'l1a.U!wx.al1-k Cards lf! 502 E asf Sfroop Rodd Ktfftrlnb, om. 45429 298-5274 Janelle Schierling, Vicki Buckingham find audio visual equipmenl' makes Ihe ideal graduafion gil? GRAPHIC AID5 OFFSET PRINTING DUPLICATING PHOTO PROCESSING DIRECT MAIL SERVICE ADVERTISING PIECES BUSINESS FORMS NEWS LETTERS CATALOG PAGES COPY PREPARATION BOOKLETS BINDERY SERVICES TAGS at STICKERS PHONE: 223-8491 GRADUATES: 504 COMMERCIAL BUILDING Charles E. Maeder '37 DAYTON 2 OHlO Betty L. Jacobs Maeder '37 Michael C. Maeder '63 Susan K. Maeder '66 R. Scott Maeder Class of '69 CHARLES E. MAEDER peop e an the ga... ga Bllllli' ll HH I-' i BIRGIA- Jllff HAMIURGERS . I Q Doro'I'hy Lane KeH'ering, Ohio Jackie Williamson, Nancy Nolle, Jeanne lvlahlou find Teen budgeI's and Burger Chef go logefher Careers are Different Now It used to be that young careerists would struggle first, prosper later and--it they loe- came uninsurable in the meantime-be pen- alized as a result. But living insurance from Equitable changed all that. It you're under 37, you can get protection immediately and ine crease it in the tuture-up to age 40-without taking additional medical exams. No matter what your health may be at that time, here's added protection at standard rates. For com- plete details, call The Man from Equitable. The Gregory Agency 333 West Ist Dayton, Ohio Tel. 46 I -4470 Jett Vore, Milce Hathaway tind the role ot future executives easy to till with aid from Gregory. If" "" I .. IMI 1217 WILMINGTON 299-35911 8 e299-2455 ASTEFICRAFT Tool. s. DIE CQMPANY 350 E. HUFFMAN AVE. ' DAYTON ' OHIO 45403 oFFEns T CDNIPLETENESS In DESIGNING and BUILDING Precision TOOLS ' DIES - JIGS - GAGES - FIXTURES ' SPECIAL MACHINERY Founded in 1955, we have, through the years, proved our reliability and capability, the complete skill and experience of our personnel and the excellence of our fully equipped, 18,000 square foot plant. Big Or Small We Build Them All. Barbara Senseman visits her tather's plant and learns intricacies ot the tool and die industry. 'wiv -...... FAR HILLS 'I COFFEE SHOPPE "LocaI'ed in Kelfering-Oakwood Area" 2600 Far Hills Avenue 299-876I KX cy Berberl, John Kochli enjoy having lunch in ajlraciive almosphere ol, Far Hills Coffee Shoppe. I I :.:.:.sZZ,,.k5g:.3.:.:,:.f.,.,::.,,.s .,.552.1.5.59.?.5.5S?5.?i.,,.:.:.:.:. 3.5 .g.:.:.:.-.:.g.g.3.: :-Q.+:-:- .. . .A .... , . ..... ...... , aff.. J R 45551 , Q4 24 HOUR SERWCE NO DOWN PAYMENT FHA TERMS 45 CHRYSLER N con:-onAT1oN AIR CONDITIONING 0 RESIDENTIAL 222-4073 o INDUSTRIAL 1 ff ,A-' --"al-,L. 2-1'JL"' .: ff BAR I - F U R NACE CC. 47 Years al 607 Washinglon SI'ree'I' l I Beauliful Flowers We Welcome lndusfrial, OWEDDINGS Commercial and QDECORATIONS Personal Charge Accounis OHOSPITAL ARRANGEMENTS Flowers Wired .FUNERALS Anywhere In The World H ne, Call- 253-3 I05 Large Parking Plaza I8I9 E. Third S+. For ihal special occasion, Susie Pansing suggesls The l ly floral arranqemenls crealed al I-loyne's. Bridal Creations BY Gift' Selections 0 Invitations 0 Consultation 0 Delivery 0 Personal Service on Wedding Day 2202 S. Patterson Blvd. AI' Schantz Avenue 298-3624 Athena puts final touches to one of her lovely bridal creations being modeled by Pat Berardi. TELEPHONES: OFFICE 885-7659 HOME 885-3233 Area Code 513 uSpecializing in Residential Sales" W nnuons . Q , A5 'A nfl 1 I . Q V3 'I :.'::.'m. ,'. llmff, C lux. 1 . I -1 C A15 2 -.9-....r... ' ..... " in MEMBER Dayton Area Board of Realtors National Institute ot Real Estate Brokers National Association of Real Estate Boards International Traders Club JOS. M. WILLIAMS 81 ASSOCIATES "Realtors" I8 SOUTH MAIN ST.-CENTERVILLE DAYTON 59. OHIO HAYDEN- NORTON, INC. Your Authorized Volkswagen Dealer 3535 South Dixie Drive Dayton, Ohio Pltone 298-958I SALES PARTS SERVICE USED CARS Cathy Weirner finds that Vollcswagen's Kermann Gia provides one the ultimate in sports-car luxury. tl 1 , Q, .., r, ,,.-r - . 5 y uf Q or Nw!!! i avicls uffef 1 X. SMORGASBCRD .551 jf Cocldail Lounge ' 'i l 5" and " Parry Rooms I2l8 E. S'I'roop Rd. 298-0252 Hungry speech sludenls Joe Deppen, Marcia Flynn find David's Bullel ideal ailer conlesl' mee-ls. W ,SQ-Hs, -rv-f r, yn ,. s OX 4,1 :Libr 'S . 1 1551. Mg igys, 'ffTg,!if13'r. , f I 1' - .a5.i,f'?riiiE- if. . X14 we - .vv",ifi' eg . slwfxl. fp, , ar ...f 'Rv I s '- 'W sgxifr-?!5,.2i:f .- V - . '. "A . , ' 4 fi A15 f, - - , . WQQV W .K ., , 'ff . -'Q 1 Q ' fi 1. ff, ,MI L rw.: ,X f . ,, 3,15 g will s'-1?-.gb , fm V A -R 5' l rp y .i -f K ,e .X .X .M.,1 K . A. :rv 4: ' ., 9 i Th I f '69 9- Qi .Q e ass 0 ff ef i 2. f il'?'iQ'?lI - i' W 5 2 ' - - up V liiil iiiiif 4, Pg i . ' f 1, ii L "' ' -"' ' ' '- 9 i. 9 , Q, ,N,,,, Len -. . f .wh , A. V , . 1 wi Q D 5 , , .. W, . ll-, .Y ,ii l . . ...- H E r . . ls., ,g., V189 A ,, 2 ' .mi Q H ask? fr, ' K i as .. ,...s,. ..... . Q G 3 K W tag 5 t ' "MQ" L -- -- W fu" r .. . ,-ff 1 iii k'." Q, j .. 'WY H' ' ' 0 --,f W,f:wsie:- .:1-f .--:--1111.1 "", i fi .fL. --'---, 1 ..--: sis: 'auf-1, rmsfw .. X I ...' mfs- .,. Q f.1 wig: .'--:,- .., iff as-1.1z.1ss:ifs AKK1 +1 vs-ravi? lf 2 --- Q , . .. , . .,, , . k ., A, . , ., . . ... m . .-2' F t aa.. 0 I I' m 0 n ' ,1,, .'.' ialz L1" X or aaaa s - j K ' -Q Q f 9 ' . 9 1 ang . K 'E' NV -W s V'-Q L A 'i-1 f 5-'39 'QTQW l' .Mini Q--Ui'---2? -T57 .'4'Xf?:1l'1i' TAN " A 'r .- 5 . -- fi. ' si. .ils"wfWf'-1, -Mfr,-.:" " A .rf - . . , gggog-x5"'iQ4g. gf As lhe in belween class on Fairrnonl s campus, lhe 1 x . FQ' M11 T.'i'iN1-'s.f1" X mid" lumors help lo keep lhmqs mmm? af 5 lasl pace . O .r NWN Charles Davis Florists, Inc. Serving Ke'l"l'ering and Enlire Daylon Area 0 Flowers 0 Planls 0 Candy 0 Fruil Ceramic Deparlmenl' o Numerous Ofher llems 38 I 7 Wilmingfon Plce 293-6893 Chris Davis lells Dick Michaels The besl way lo I L impress any girl is lo "Say ll Wilh Flowers." JW 4 ' PAGE MANOR FURNITURE We Represenf Only Name Brand Merchandise Early American 0 Confemporary 0 Provincial 0 Danish Colonial I Thomasville 0 ' Lane BEDROOM-LIVING ROOM ' . Basseh DINING ROOM-KITCHEN . . Karpen OCCASIONALS . , Chase PARTITIONS-PICTURES . 0 American POTTERY 0 0 Drew 0 DECORATOR ITEMS FOR THE ENTIRE HOME S'I'ereo Appliances Television RCA VICTOR TAPPAN ZENITH RCA WHIRLPOOL AMANA MAYTAG MOHAWK CARPETS AND INSTALLATION SERVICE G AREA WIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AMPLE FREE PARKING-PAGE MANOR SHOPPING-5546 AIRWAY ROAD Jim Miller shows Phil Drayfon Ihe Iafesf Irends provincialslyle furnilnre displayed af Mille 's Iaeliu in Howell Kenmore Sealy Maxwell-Royal Basic-Wilz Haber Mohawk I C II 253-8836 X' Q , x I 1 v 'Q x N' 45, s We J l f,. Nfl' , uv :L ll l ll N o fl rro ruff ' ,,AA -1 Y , 'N-s w M.N,x xx In YV!lAxky F 1 2, 'FV VV AJ' H ,, 4' 5 V " The I968 Dragon S+aff if- -5' Pholographed by 'fi V Your Yearbook Photographers Q48 ,- og ,-f-. ily gwf ,,,.. SERVING AMERICNS FINEST STUDENTS Over 60 Yea rs A LIFETIME 01' YOUHIOSTEN GLASS RING Commemorofe your school days wiih ca iewelry masterpiece . . . 1 or JOSTEN class ring, . fashioned in flawless exclusive SUNSHINE IOK gold . . . copyrighted original JOSTEN design! SINCE H397 . . . siuden?-styling at in qualify fines!I TONY MORROW 25 Sou'll1 Perry Slreef Vandalia, Ohio Smiling as Mr. Tony Morrow measures lmer ring size. Llncla Alleberry orders flrsl ring of Class of '70, DOROTHY LANE MARKET 27l0 Far Hills Ave Dayfon, Ohio 299-356l and Joli Tre-af find if f 5 in rewiy dCCOVdi'9d D y L HARLOW TRUCKING COMPANY Keffering, Ohio 293-7226 D d k and Ted Linebaugh Sha Th ih II if Q 'J H I T lx g H1 D y H rl ar ow ruc in wi ROBERT B. FERGUSON -1. , S haf4:,e,"" -fi. 1 V ...eff V4 5 5 of frgzegig- Q AQ .st if J ,- .r:- , '-N - -. . F 99 "T-r. -we :- , , 352 , 13 ,, i w A fg k Em ig. N X f lmmmwiwmxxmxmwex-,t. lik 5 4 if ' 1 T B ' , ,. T ,, 3 e 33 if 2 . . , 'xg it - , l A ,, - l Y f E7 l 112 , ffsilf-3 - L, Ak 14, 1, 2: A A ' , We -RWM Proposed New Building-IRON GATE WEST OFFICE XfVhen selling or trading ai home, experience gzounts. Let us help you sell your hoine for the best possible price. A telephone call will pro- vide you with complete clutziils, no cost or obligation. ROBERT B. FERGUSON, REALTORS 122 N. Mein Street ' Centerville, Ohio 45459 Telephone f513j 433-3300 LEIBOLD'S TEM TEE HIPPLE, IRELAN and KINZER, INC. ADVERTISING AGENCY 4500 Marshall Road KeH'ering 29, Ohio a mo fWesI drummer Gray Hipple suggesls H e lela and Kinzer for Ihe besl In all adverls CENTERVILLE INTERIORS IIO N. Main S+ree+ Cenferville, Ohio 885-549I Co n e Ullmer and Milne Wenzler look over Ihe fne a e ol new maferials af Cenlerville Inlel Cafering for 25 Io 2000 Pick up any number Weddings, Buffefs, Luncheons, Picnics, efc. 2537 WiIming+on Pilce 299-3092 N Peke Jouslra, Pam Kemp, Mariorie Zarernslc and R Mauch recommend Tern Tee Inn's smorqesbord INN RAY BRYANT 0 SALES SERVICE PARTS FAIRMONT WEST RHYTHMETTE CORPS 1967-68 Order by Phone ond K Take Them Home In 1 se.. A. I 5 Z-M11 . " Wffglni WE 6' Qncw GDFRI 6060 Far Hills Drive Daylon, Ohio 434-242I I I TOWN 81 COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER 49 Differenr Srores 'for Your Every Need ai' Far Hills and S'l'roop . . Baskin Robbin lce Cream Baynham Shoe Ci+izens Federal Da Town Fashion Debu'ran're Beaufy Dragon Lady Lounge Fernandez Ari' Craff Firs'I' Naiional Bank Gray Drugs House of Fabrics J 81 L Radio-TV Repair Jemima Russell Kay's School of Dance Kresges Kayser Shoe Kimmell Shoe Repair Kroger La Bouiique Coiffures Malone Camera Mann's Barber Shop McCoy's Appliances McLean's Book S'rore Mendenhall Cleaners Merle Norman Cosmefics Mefropolifan Miller Sporfing Goods Music Box The Nui' Tree Ohio S1'a're Liquor Olan Mills Siudios J. C. Penney Poeppelmeiers Pain? Posf Office Richman Brofhers Roderer Shoe Savino Imporfed Foods Schi'Ff's Shoe Seih Hardware ThaI's Town 81 Counlry Barbers Town 8: Couniry Florisl' Town 8: Counfry Furnifure Town 81 Coun+ry Jewelers Town 81 Coun+ry Quick Clean Town 8: Counrry Opfical Town 8: Counfry Supper Club Town 8: Coun+ry Pizza and Snack Bar Treasure Chesl' Toys Truman Opfical 1 cs-Envwiwe A WEL. K 4 9 :Ax T QUINIE AUTO PARTS 1 S HAS GENUINE FACTORY PARTS EoR Uiiesirgf-jx YouR CARS -TRUCKS -TRAcToRs - AuTo EQUIPMENT s. SUPPLIES - 6 LOCATIONS TO 40l Complete Machine Shop Servire SERVE YOU' BETTER Downfown S. Main 223-5293 Easi' Sfore I933 E. Third 253-4I44 Norfh S'I'ore I252 Keowee 222-74I4 Salem S'I'ore 3744 Salem 277-6567 Soufh Sfore 829 Shroyer 299-5548 Wesl' Sfore i840 W. Third 268-I637 New Sfore 3744 Salem 227-6567 d i' 3744 Salem Avenue, Genuine Aufo Parfs T 'T provides even greafer area service Custom Lamp and Shade Shop One of The Areas Larges'l' Selecfion of Cusiolm and Ready Made Lamp Shades Cus+om Coloring-Gold Leafing Lamps and Fixfures Repaired 30 N. Main Sfreef Phone Cenferville, Ohio 885-3687 D 81 C TRANSPORTATION CQMPANY, INC. "The Besi' in MoTor Carrier Service" 20 S'rain+on Avenue Day'l'on 3, Ohio 253-6 I 7I Mic P g nd Charlie Allbery Th ll T d g for D 84 C TransporTaTion Th gh+ o rivin a van ri wiTh Th ssasq QQ ssssssassssssssssssassasssssvsssssssyyssvysssassassswsssbvbbhbS4 - THE - EMBLEM REMEMBER I EVERYDABSJEROWLCW sooo Town s1onss STQQEWjDE p.RlCE5 CUSTOMERS Gef Preshge Food and Service MARLOW'S 2300 E Dorothy Lane DOT'S Watervlnet 81 Patterson Rd 'E 2 f' LOFINO S 6909 Dayton Xema Plko 5590 Q5 'SQ QQQQ Q 59955 smosonrvs, no 1 3940 Kettering one flmpgplql S STRAGANWS, No 2 l2l5 Elif Sfroop Road h 969 7 f 5 -f -- 0 - I . I 7 O - : I . , Z O v - gig r 0 fa . ug' Z' , Z5 0 . . 4 fy: Q 34' 0 alt 1 o 5 0 ft 'n 'Q it O E . : X QQ- 3 , "' 2 0 o f ' , i S 4077 Town 8: Counlry Rd.-298- McLEAN'S GOOD BOOKS Booksellers Since I9 I 8 All Books of All Publishers Book Fairs Old and Rare Books 34 E. Third-222-7837 Palsy Paddock and Kalhy Banks buy books al McLeans ro help fill Beisy BeaIIy's many hours on crufches Col. Emerick L. Hollowell PoH'inger 8: Co. Independenf Agency You name i+-We have if- Insurance Cars-Au+o-FIee+s-Houses- Healfh and Accicleni'--Hospifal Group-Pensions-AirpIanes- Boa+s-Yach+s-- TaIbo++ Bldg. 223-889I Dayfon, Ohio Lana Hollowell and Sfella Zonars recommend 'lhar all Ieenagers buy car insurance from Poilinger and Co l332 LOWE B ROTH ERS PAINTS LOWE BROTHERS S+yle Tesfed Painf Colors di Q O Painfs ' O Ladders A 0 Wallpaper 1 .O - ' 6'6" ' 0 Painiers' fjTTQ'j'1, Supple' l',. ' Bfushes - .,-- :15,:,:,f,:.:-fr:5, 4.,,-' ' . Pidure -7642! Frames PA NT COLORS 0 Super Kemfone Serving 'Phe Eniire Miami Valley from 8 Sfores Keffering Shopping Cenier- 508 E. Siroop-293-96l6 Broihers Painfs provide a selecfion of ine y supplies for Ken Logan and Jim Miller Earl D. CREAGER 0 Land Clearing 0 Pla+ Developmenr ' Trenching 0 Wafer Mains 0 Sewer Cons+ruc+ion 0 Crane Service We Move The EdI"l'l1 Office 9Ol Shroyer Rd. 293-2I58 Ax N rm Slrobino and Diclc Delaier find final' arl Creager excels in special consirucfion equipmeni' .fa Zoatdgue COIFFURES 4075 E. Town 8: Counfry Rd Mon.-9 a.m.-5 p.m. Tues.--Sai. 9 a.m.-9 p.m. 299-8 I 5 I P cl g chic siyle for Kim IreIan's sh I h L B 'rq d d I H I I II ue assures in ivi ua a en ion o DELMAN B. CLARK, and Associates I30I Hulman Building Day'l'on, Ohio Life Underwriters Specializing in Business Life Insurance Employee Benefil Plans Es'I'aIe Programming 224- I 035 WOO DMAN LAN ES KeHering's Finesi' 48 AMF Lanes Pro Shop Coffee Shop Nursery Beverages Ample Parking 3200 Woodman Drive 293-3I79 AI Woodman Craig Seiberf insirucis Barb I g I change his bowling score Io indicaie h tk upp th B005 They help to give every Fairmont West Student on opportunity in sports be it INTRAMURALS OR VARSITY TRACK, BASEBALL, TENNIS, GOLF, WRESTLING, GYMNASTICS, BASKETBALL. FOOTBALL, CROSS-COUNTRY, FIELD HOCKEY, VOLLEYBALL, ALSO VAN BUREN AND D. L. BARNES, JR. HIGH SPORTS INCLUDING FINANCIAL HELP FOR THE SPEECH DEPARTMENT o of 'Ie 1967 I967-68 President Mr. Paul Dunmeyer 5 I' fhe 'Cz 0,9 'S to A O gf' 9 If A -.3 T 7' 1.33 2 1 Il I 30 og 'ff was 5,39 WGS' One of Ohuos Mosf Complefe 256-84I I 299-2413 278-0I9l 266-23 I 3 ane mpfer, Janef p e a c I Fashion SHANNON SALES SERVICE ON SALEM PARTS R N .. cos CMS 1 g 1 S le A I224-8541I h I ou y c Fledderio n Hwe besf. 609 GOLF RANGE ' ,lfij " 0 ?:f,. Oesxifa ' 'll A'-Nw Hi' vi' I 1 " JIS: im' T T ll ,Nl I O . .4.'jP5. 2 fi i 'gr l L li l I! il ll . mfg' f L - " . l L . W, ,vi , H, , , 1. iq ,. 1' ' 15 , I 1' I 4 f fm' F m , .ri 40 TEE RANGE-I8 HOLE MlNlATURE- I0 UNIT TRAMPOLINE PGA Pro Will Goecke Open Daily 9 A.M.-l l:30 P.M. Mar. Isl +o Oc+. I5 Also Open During Dec. 253-987i PRO LINE MERCHANDISE 4740 Linden Ave Keeping in praclice for spring golf malclwes, ob Coffman finds Will-Goe relaxing and prolilable N. T. YOWELL, INC. Local and Long Dislance Moving I840 Cardingfon Rd. Daylon, Olwio 299-7282 Debbie Marfinson and Melissa Brown discover fha? girls can find ilie "moving business" mosi inlereslln CULP'S FAR HILLS CAFETERIA 3l47 Far Hills Avenue Daylon, Ohio 45429 298-9549 John Ridd. Elaine Morgan. Bill McQueen and Karla Seyler selecl fempling salads ai Culp's Cafe-leria if' if i Q2 ' f if Bob DuPon'r, Fairmomvs spiriied dragon, samples a bi? of Falcon Soup before fbe Easf-Wes? game. 1 llfairmnni 3339541 19911 Iuh LANG'S Sales 8: Service Cl1evroleI-Oldsmobile Cadillac "The Deal You WanI- From Ine Name You Know COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Fairborn Locafion IOOI N. Broad 878-347i Xenia LocaIion 55 W. Main and I27 E. Main 426-23 I 3 Mlm Nolan Iells Judy Keller Il1aI a Camar I I wIIl1 all Ieenaqers aI WesI aI prom Class of '70 Initiates Exciting New Decade at West ol e ' 's resoun s in e en Sp I In 70 d In In sm l I Ilw lirsI class aI WesI Io lead new d O wi FINK-JESKE Your Suburban Chevrolei' ' Dealer Soufh of Day'l'on 76l9 Gebharf-Church Road Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 866-627l AS Carla Hall explains fhe Thrill of driving, J h Draylon conlemplafes owning a Fink-Jeske Cam fu ...,-... ...., fr X - 1 C is ' ..'v- HOME SHOPPING CENTER 6I7l Far Hills Avenue Dayfon, Ohio 45459 434-36I I in CIennie's C and C CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES Slipcovers- ln'I'erior Designing 63I Waiervlief Dayfon, Ohio 45420 252-9627 Mrs. Clennie Barlcalow shows Judy Miller The f qualify in every Cuslom Made Draperies' produl' A. P. ZIEGLER, CO. Builders of Fairmonf Wes+ High School 4800 Hoover 268-6863 Atlas Die Casting Company Germanfown Ohio DAYTON RELIABLE TOOL 81 MANUFACTURING. CO. 6 I 8 Greenmouni' Blvd. 298-739I IO! R I f 1 ELIABILITY ODGERS ONTIAC For ' New Cars ' Used Cars ' Service and Paris "Why Be Salislied Wilh Less Than a Ponliac From Rodgers Pon+iac." Sales and Service 87I S. Main Sfreei' 46I-5030 Mark Rodgers and lalher agree wilh ihe slogan. "Dollar for dollar--you can'f beal a Ponliacf' Beauly Schools MR. CHARLES- Presidenl' and Direc'I'or Glamorous Profifable Career 0 Low Tuifion on Easy Terms 0 Day or Nighf Classes 0 Personal Supervision I Cenfral Locafion 0 Air Condifioned Comforf 0 Limifed Enrollmenf 406 American Building al' Third and Main 222-8795 For reasonable rares for hair sfyling. Maureen Kemper recommends rrainees ai Conlinenlal Beauly School. rk H ff? '0 299+ Qosfr 9 8: H Machine Tool Coi 0 437 XO fs. 1' - Dies ' Jigs v Fixiures Precision Horizonial Boring and Milling Jig Boring Service Special Machines 8: H Machine Tool Company, lnc. 280i Wilmingion Pike 293-7575 34 H Machine Tool drill-press operalor explains on iel all-erburner form io Bernie Buchholz. KeHering's Planned Developmeni 0 I40 acres of souihwesf Ohio's highesi' ground 0 Club Marinole-a communify owned recreafion spo'l' Lake Marinole-recenily t f0 du C If 1, O H, developed. This beauliful lake is surrounded by I7 large siies for discriminaiing buyers. ' ammo Easy access 'io Town and Couniry Shopping Cenier . . . iless fhan one-half milel Fairmoni' Wesf, Alier, Ernsf, and S+. Charles schools wifhin walking disiance. 0 Now building soufh of Enid Ave., only fwo blocks easi' of Far Hills. ROBERT N. CLARK VICTOR E. G-,RIEMANN Builder Builder , 14' i A ,.-hhffy QI ' ' - I-A f Y x w --- P- '-"" 633 Laurelann Dr. 434-2562 64I Sfonybrool: Dr. 434-i242 'iff-f'-1 fax 'Lxfi A . .M 1. ,lg-5. I .4 G1 --- , KeHering's Professional Patrons DR. STEWART ADAM 280I Far Hills Avenue 293-9I8I DARRELL APT, D. V. M. 2340 Wilminglon Pilce 256-733 I DR. F. J. AUWERS DR. LAURA AUWERS DRS. W. C. BUCHSIEB and T. R. HUTER 5335 Far Hills Avenue 434-6960 F. G. BARR, M. D. 252 Talboll Tower 46l-5863 RAYMOND E. BEITZEL, M. D. 2600 Far Hills Avenue 293- I 2 I 3 DRS. RUSSELL BROWN and PHILIP HUGHS I I26 Sou+l1 Main Slreel 222-6674 DARRELL C. CAUDILL, M. D. I l00 Soulln Main S'lree+ 222-3673 DAYTON CLARK, M. D. I I00 Soulh Main Sl'ree'I' 223-I226 C. W. DICKERSON, D. D. S. 3550 Far Hills Avenue 298-52 I 9 DR. ROBERT R. FINK IOI Sou+l1moor Circle N. W. 298-l409 LEWIS O. FREDERICK, M. D. ARTHUR E. FOUKE, M. D. Harries Building 22 I -403 I A. S. GABRIELE, M. D. 795 Laurelwood Road 299-4I92 W. E. JOHNSTON and ROBERT C. SCHAMEL, D. D. S. Oalcview Medical Building Soulhmoor Circle N. E. DRS. JACOBS, WELLS, and ALBRECHT 22 I 8 SouI'l1 Pallerson Blvd. 293-2I I3 DR. AMBROSE JOHNSON I0 Soullwmoor Circle N. W. 293-5563 KING, MAYERSON, and STUMP, D. D. S. 425 Hulman Building 224-855I DR. W. S. KOLLER DRS. LEWIS and HALEY 2567 Far Hills Avenue 298-735I P. E. MARSHALL, D. D. S. 3550 Far Hills Avenue 298-52 I 9 ROBERT D. McKAY, D. D. S. 49 Parlc Avenue 298-23 I 2 DR. H. E. McKNIGHT Fidelily Building 223-662 I L. E. PALMER, M. D. 6I7 Shroyer Road 293-I I06 PAUL PFAFF, D. D. S. 3390 Woodman Drive 298-7742 PAUL E. REICHERT, D. D. S. 924 Slmroyer Road 293-8272 Dr. PauI MarsI1aII mserfs cusiom-fiiied mouihguard for senior-Ioo+baII player, Denms Turner I p rise fo lhe scI'1ooI's aiiempl 'ro p d pleie proIecIuon for all :Is sporfs parhcup I continue to support Drogonp provide S380 in 1968 DR. ROBERT L. SWARTZEL I5 Soufhmoor Circle N. E. DR. W. K. RIEGLE I03 Wesi' Sfroop Road 298-694I JAY P. ROLLER, M. D. DR. RICHARD RUNKLE 4050 Benfield Drive 293-692I DR. RICHARD SMITH 5335 Far Hills Avenue 434-39I6 293-4474 DR. N. J. THOMPSON 252 TaIboI"r Tower 223-9942 JAMES B. TRIFFON, D. D. S. 254I Far Hills Avenue 299-7 I SI DRS. WALTERS, HALL, and COMPTON 2 I 5 Eas'I Sfroop Road DR. A. M. STORRS 298-0236 Ufilizing fI'1eir schoof fraining learned fhrough Co-operafive Office Educafion class. sfudenf Bonnie Morris and Nancy Von Dohre work in fhe IocaI office of Zipf Medical Laboraforie S. J. C. WILLIAMSON, D. D. S 79 Wesf Franklin 885-24I I JOHN WORTHMAN, M. D. 945 Pafferson Road 298- I 46 I ROBERT E. ZIPF, M. D. I5 Soufhmoor Circle N. E. 298-0I75 ? 1 I I 1 1 a f Ib II -N. Community contributes S580 in ALLEN'S PHARMACY 3036 Far Hills Avenue 298-52I I ANTONIO'S RESTAURANT 28 West Franklin Street 885-224I ARROW, INC. 2950 Far Hills Avenue 298-I456 A 81 D PLUMBING and REMODELING I222 Wayne Avenue 253-5639 BIG TOP TOY SHOP 2308 Far Hills Avenue 299-5200 BIL-LIN CERAMIC STUDIO 2435 South Dixie 299-399I BRIDGESXSHARPXVANTASSEL 333 West First Street 223-328I BRUCKEN MOWER SALES and SERVICE I 007 Shroyer Road 298-49 I 3 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS- HALL RENTAL 3333 East Third Street 256-5879 CORBAN REALTY COMPANY I343 Third National Bldg. 224-I959 DAYTON CAMERA SHOP, INC. 26 West Third Street 223-5 I 82 DAYTON CONTACT LENS LABS, INC. 3 East Second Street 223-80I2 FELTZ OFFICE APPLIANCES, INC. I I I I Brown Street 46I-3680 FIDELITY PRESCRIPTION 42 Wyoming Street 224-I03I FISHER HARDWARE I340 Forrer Blvd. 253-837I FOX CLEANERS 4333 North Main Street 274-I I38 GEM CITY ICE CREAM COMPANY I005 West Third Street 223-8242 LYN GREER BEAUTY SHOPPE 93I Shroyer Road 299-6603 GROBY'S GARDEN CENTER 430I Far Hills Avenue 293-7424 CHRIS HARRIS TELEVISION EQUIPMENT East Town Shopping Center 253-6 I 3 I HILL TOP HOUSE 250I Far Hills Avenue 299-823 I HUNTER SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 60I0 Far Hills Avenue 434-4000 INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF OHIO I24 East Third Street 223-9945 JACOUE'S FLOWERS 73I Troy Street 224-I794 JACK E. IRVIN 4 Triangle Avenue 298-58I I KAROL'S KEENE KLEANERS 2200 South Patterson Blvd. 293-4790 Business Patrons KETTERING CAR WASH 4090 Marshall Road 298-704I KETTERING FEDERATION OF TEACHERS 754 East Dorothy Lane 299-0767 KIDDIE KASTLE 5 I 6 East Stroop Road 293-3022 KOHLER'S KATERING 7 I 9 Watervliet 254-39 I 5 and 426-I I38 LOGAN APPLIANCE SERVICE 25 Winnett Drive 277-7343 and 274-8 I 68 MARKER COMPANY 333 West First Street 223-328I MAR-LIN LOUNGE, INC. 3500 Marshall Road 293-0426 HANS A. MAUCH 42I Judith Drive 454-27 I 8 METALLU RGICAL SERVICE COMPANY I 353 Stanley Avenue 224-7675 MODERN CARPET and RUGS I4I I Wilmington Avenue 299-5370 MR. and MRS. E. H. MONNIER 440I Overland Trail 299-23 I 7 MORAINE GULF SERVICE 3980 South Dixie 293-0I59 THE NUT TREE 4I I I East Town and Country Road 298-9252 PATTERSON PARK HUMBLE 800 Shroyer Road 299-652I PATTERSON RESTAURANT 2I00 Soulh PaI"Ierson Blvd. 293-222I PENNY MOTORS, INC. 839 Norfh Main S+ree+ 224-977I THE PET 8m GARDEN SHOP 450 PaH'erson Road 298-7383 SAN RAE BEAUTY SALON 2222 San Rae Drive 293-730I SANDY'S DRIVE-IN 4070 Marshall Road 299-430I W. R. SCHONSHECK, MANAGER Canada Life Assurance Co. 320 Far Oalcs Bldg. 293-I l59 SIMPKINS-DELLIS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 3970 Shroyer Road 299-2I I I SINGER SEWING CENTER Hills 81 Dales Shopping Cenler 299-339I STARR PHARMACY 466 Palferson Road 293-I I I9 SUBURBAN SUNSHINE- CLEANERS 49 Wes+ Whipp Road 293-7044 TOWN 81 COUNTRY SUNOCO 3959 Ear Hills Avenue 293-7044 U. S. DESIGN SERVICE, INC. I9 Wes'r Fourfh Sfreel' 222-4033 VIKING IMPORT HOUSE, INC. I975 Burnham Lane 293-9922 MR. and MRS. W. L. WILDE I00 Winchcombe Drive 434-2569 WILMINGTON HEIGHTS MARKET 81 PHARMACY 4650 Wilminglon Pilce 299-4 I 64 and 299-555l VERN WEIMER 4700 Springfield Slreel 253-6l85 PAUL WELCH ENTERPRISES INC. 3 I 7I Soulhdale Drive 298-9877 NORB ZIMMERMAN CONSTRUCTION 340I Woodman Drive 299-7332 Exhibiling beaulifully decorafed and designed clay models, junior .laclcie Williamson displaysha fine example of Ihe slcill and craffsmanship presenled lo cuslomers al Bil-Lin's Ceramic Sludlo Pcitron section includes 725 families-all-time record DR. and MRS. STEWART ADAM 767 Greenhouse Drive Jeff IEI Junior MR. and MRS. G. E. ADELBERGER 2555 Acorn Drive Terry IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT ALEXANDER 2820 Wehrly Avenue Nancy IEI Sophomore MR. HEATHMAN T. ALLEN 347 Brydon Road Willie ICI Junior MR. and MRS. V. J. ALLODI 337 Cushing Avenue Mike IWI Junior MR. and MRS. HAROLD E. AMLI 6l3 Lamont Drive Marcia IEI Senior MR. and MRS. G. W. ANDERSON l625 Berwin Avenue Debbie IEI Junior Larry IEI Senior MR. and MRS. W. H. ANDERSON 400 Shady Crest Drive Garth IWI Sophomore Paul IEI Junior MR. and MRS. JOSEPH A. ANDERSON 3725 Wenzler Drive Paula ICI Senior MR. and MRS. PETER ANDRES IOI3 Ber-field Drive Barbara IWI Senior MR. and MRS. SAMUEL L. ANDREWS 322l Aerial Avenue Curt ICI Junior MR. and MRS. JACK ANEWALT 509 Judith Drive Jim IWI Junior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM D. APPLE 237 Stonehaven Road Janie IEI Senior MR. and MRS. GORDON C. ARNOLD, JR. 820 Cushinq Avenue Gordon IWI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES L. ASZLING 4249 Lot1 Road Debbie IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. G. B. ATKINS 3865 Tait Road Joanne ICI Senior MR. and MRS. D. KEITH ATTEBERRY I050 Kenosha Road Linda IEI Sophomore DR. and MRS. F. J. AUWERS 3308 Sunny Crest Lane Carol IWI Senior MR. and MRS. STILLMAN BADGER 3639 Waterbury Drive Jan ICI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT BAILEY 448 Ivy Crest Terrace Pam IEI Senior MR. and MRS. GEORGE T. BAINS 42I Brydon Road Ann IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HOMER BAIR 2363 South Patterson Blvd. Melodie ICI Sophomore MRS. R. M. BAKER 932 Rio Lane Ronald IWI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM P. BALTHROP 3849 Ridgeway Road Mike ICI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM D. BANKS 3540 Echo Springs Trail Kathy ICI Junior MR. and MRS. DON O. BARBER 200 Snow Hill Avenue Dan IEI Junior MR. and MRS. JEROME BARISON 429 Lewiston Road Judy ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM F. BARKER 2935 Oakland Avenue Martha IWI Junior MR. and MRS. EDISON BARKER 926 Wenbrook Drive Larry IWI Senior Linda IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DAN BARNES 300 West Stroop Road Glenda ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. C. R. BARNES 4006 Renwood Road Jinny IEI Senior Mike IWI Sophomore til lllustratinq their IOOVO participation, all-senior homeroom IO9 shox school spirit and ties for honors in East Unit Parent Patron driv MR. and MRS. W. H. BARNES 900 Garrison Avenue Janet ICI Senior Karen IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. EARLE W. BATES 4l09 Ackerman Blvd. Dale IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROSS BATESON 368 Hill Street Xenia, Ohio MR. and MRS. GENE BAYNES 633 Enid Avenue Pat IEI Junior MR. and MRS. VINCENT BECKER l724 Dutchess Avenue Nick IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. C. O. BECKETT l325 Willowdale Avenue Jackie IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT L. BEEBE I32l Tall Timber Trail Barbara IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JOHN C. BEGLEY 4 South Bromtield Road Mary Jo ICI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. BELTON 4634 Ackerman Blvd. Bobbi IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ANTHONY BERARDI 948 Hollendale Drive Pat IWI Senior MR. and MRS. A. G. HERBERT, JR. 52l Cushing Avenue David ICI Sophomore Nancy ICI Senior MR. and MRS. MACK BERMAN l03 Cannonbury Court Ron IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. E. BERRY l609 Lanbury Drive Craig IWI Junior MR. and MRS. NELSON BERRY 3627 Waterbury Drlve Lynda ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. PERCY BILBREY 270l California Avenue Dave IEI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. BITZER 4950 Georgian Drive Linda IWI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT L. BLAKEL ll29 Lavern Avenue David ICI Junlor MR. and MRS. MARTIN BLEICHEP 957 Lawnwood Avenue Judy IEI Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN E. BLESI 397l Cordell Drlve Marilyn ICI Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN BLUBAUGH 955 Llncoln Park Blvd. Debbie ICI Senior Jackie IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROSS C. BODE i608 Dutchess Avenue Sarah IWI Senior MR. and MRS. MARVIN BOEN 2900 Colonial Avenue Dan IWI Senior MR. and MRS. ALFRED BOLENDER Il56 Donson MR. and MRS. MC KINLEY BOLTO I80I Roslyn Avenue Linda Jo IEI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES BONNET 830 Lovetta Drive Bruce IWI Senior MR. and MRS. RICHARD BOOZE l00 Cannonbury Court Linda IWI Senior MR. and MRS. PETER BOSNAK I572 Bowman Avenue Priscilla IWI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES E. BOSSI 3I33 Locust Camp Road Linda IEI Senior MR. and MRS. FRANK G. BOSTON IIOI West Dorothy Lane Teresa ICI Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN R. BOWDEN 3225 Wilmington Avenue Richard IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RUSSELL L. BOWMI 4900 Bofield Drive Ron ICI Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN G. BRADEN 4809 Judith Drive Bret IWI Junior MR. and MRS. EDWARD L. BRADFORD I457 Consiance Avenue Cindy IEI Senior MR. RICHARD BRAINARD 2566 Adirondack Trail Mark IEI Junior MR. and MRS. JAMES R. BRAMBLE 280l Rushland Drive Wayne IWI Senior MR. and MRS. EDWARD BRATLE 772 LoveNa Drive Linnea IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MICHAEL E. BREM I725 Wesi Srroop Road Cindy ICI Senior MR. and MRS. MARK J. BRIDGES 3856 Herlland Drive Tim ICI Junior MR. and MRS. JAMES A. BRISTOW 956 Donson Drive Corliss ICI Senior MR. and MRS. CHARLES BRITAIN 537 Carrlands Drive Carolyn Sue IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HERMON S. BRODRICK 272 Balmoral Drive Peggy IWI Senior MR. EUGENE L. BROWN 240 Sherbrooke Drive Melissa IEI Junior MRS. EVELYNE BROWN 4230 Brookdale Drive MR. and MRS. KENNETH BROWN I040 Donson Drive Polly IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. R. L. BROWN BII Fairacres Karen IWI Sophomore Phyllis IEI Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN R. BROWNELL 3I79 Ridgeway Road Befsy ICI Senior Ginny ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RICHARD M. BRUBAKER 3I59 Shroyer Road Michael IEI Senior DR. and MRS. ALBERT A. BRUST 408 Wes? David Road Sue IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ERNIE BUCHANAN II25 Imperial Blvd. Frank IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. GEORGE BUCHHOLZ 3057 Hillslde Avenue Bernard ICI Senior MR. and MRS. E. H. BUCKINGHAM 3320 Beaumonde Lane Vicki IEI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM BUETTIN lI25 Big Hill Road Brad IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DONALD BURNISON 2I04 Collon Drlve Leigh IWI Junior MR. and MRS. THOMAS BURTON 205 Rock Hill Avenue Cindy ICI Senior MR. and MRS. WARREN G. BUSCH 4258 Maxlin Avenue Debbie IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ALBERT BUTCKE 3320 Oakmonr Avenue Kay IEI Junior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM J. BUTLER 370I Wenbrook Drive Mike IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM T. BUTT 450I Soulhern Blvd. Barbara IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. R. E. BYINGTON I767 Hoyle Place Bruce IEI Junior MR. and MRS. H. G. CALDWELL 2360 Adirondack Trail Kaihy IEI Junior MR. and MRS. K. C. CAMPBELL 4I33 Meadowcrafr Road Diane IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIS CAMPBELL 2624 Cadillac Sfreel Willine IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. FLOYD CANTRELL 2I08 Gay Drive Linda IWI Junior Peggy IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JOSEPH CARR 2660 Mohlcan Avenue Nancy IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT CARTER 57 Aloha Drive Donna IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM K. CARTER 3BI Highland Terrance Nancy ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT L. CAVANAGH 648 Dell Ridge Drive Anne IEI Sophomore DR. and MRS. D. C. CAUDILL 497 Winding Way Dave IEI Senior Libby ICI Junior MR. and MRS. WALTER C. CECIL 3657 Wenbrook Drive Judy IWI Junior Larry IWI Sophomore DR. and MRS. CURTIS A. CHAMBERS I498 Lynnfield Drive David ICI Junior MR. and MRS. RAYMOND CHANEY 39l7 Mengel Drive Pal' ICI Senior MRS. BETTY CHAPMAN 3833 Long Ridge Drive Bob IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MILFORD CHARTER l4I Lincoln Park Blvd. Margy IWI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM F. CHENOWETH l22I Kim Lane Bill ICI Senior MR. and MRS. BLODGIE CHRIST 23I8 Bockwell Courl' Andrea ICI Sophomore DR. and MRS. F. G. CHRISTOPHER I668 Hillwood Drive Jim ICI Senior MR. and MRS. C. L. CHURCH 975 Sharewood Courl Claudia IWI Junior MR. and MRS. CURTIS CLARK 2902 Cadillac Sfreel' Marci ICI Junior MR. and MRS. D. B. CLARK 4733 James Hill Road Diane IEI Junior Doug ICI Senior MR. and MRS. W. L. CLAWSON 3608 Benfield Carol IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. M. J. CLAY IO9 Oakview Drive Caihy IEI Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES CLIBERN 29l2 California Avenue Linda IEI Sophomore MR. FLOYD E. CLIMER l29 Aloha Drive Nancy IWI Junior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM COFFEY 80l Cushing Avenue Jill IWI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. COFFMAN I596 Siockfon Avenue Bob ICI Senior MR. and MRS. JACK COMMON 407I Sionehaven Road Bill IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CALVIN D. CONGDON 3334 Oakmonl Avenue Cheryl IWI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES CONRADS 4I58 Ackerman Blvd. Douglas ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JOHN COOKSON IO0I Tabor Avenue Lorraine Shedden IWI Junior MR. and MRS. NICK COULLES 9I3 Hollendale Drive Sandra IWI Junior MR. and MRS. EDWARD COY 2324 Whiilock Place Sally IEI Junior MR. and MRS. DENNIS CRAWFORD 767 Cushing Avenue Anne IWI Sophomore Lee IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES H. CREAGER I028 Swango Drive Carolyn IWI Senior MR. and MRS. PAUL E. CREEGER 2609 San Rae Drive Tom IWI Junior MR. and MRS. RALPH CROMER Il24 Benfield Drive Marcia IEI Junior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM L. CRUM 500 Siorms Road Deborah IWI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT L. CRUMRINE 3805 Elmira Drive Vicki ICI Junior MR. and MRS. GERALD CULBERTSON 620 Hollendale Drive Sue IWI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT CUSHNER 509 Enid Avenue Ellen IEI Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN A. DALY 4I27 Le Fevre Drive Jennifer ICI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES H. DAVENPORT 346l Sronebridge Road Charlie ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DAVIS 942 Willowdale Drive Chris IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ERNEST DAVIS l42 Casrle Drive Lynne IEI Senior MRS. F. B. DAVIS 25 Rue Royale Philip IWI Junior MR. and MRS. JAMES DAVIS 307 Norfh Bromfield Road Scoff IWI Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN DAVIS 3760 Cordell Drive Dwighl ICI Senior Julie ICI Sophomore MRS. JOHN M. DAVIS I624 Lanbury Drive John IWI Junior MR. and MRS. CAMERON A. DEEN 36l2 Far Hills Avenue David R. Whiting ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MORRIS E. DE LATER 932 Larriwood Avenue Richard IEI Junior MR. and MRS. HAROLD DELLINGER I6l7 Lynnfield Drive Denny ICI Junior MR. and MRS. WALTER R. DELSCAMP II06 Sharewood Courl Denise IEI Sophomore DR. and MRS. GEORGE A. DENKA 46I6 Wing View Lane Kalhy ICI Junior MR. and MRS. DONALD DETRICK 9I2 Shelion Drive Becky IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHESTER DE VOLLD I525 Easf Stroop Road Melinda Taulbee IWI Senior Sherry Taulbee IEI Junior MR. and MRS. AMOS DICKE II08 Willowdale Avenue Bill ICI Senior MR. and MRS. AMAND DI GREGORIO 42I3 Frieda Lane Teri IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MURRAY DINSMORE I629 Rockhursf Avenue Mary IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. LAWRENCE DOBRINO 22l3 Ridgeview Avenue Linda ICI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT C. DOEBLER I724 Whealland Drive Timoihy IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM DOGGETT 655 Brubaker Drive Becky IWI Senior MR. and MRS. CHARLES E. DOWNING 6l7 Larriwood Avenue Jeanne IEI Junior MR. and MRS. R. H. DOWNING 432 Avon Way Joan IWI Senior MR. and MRS. PAUL DOTY 5008 Jameswood Circle Doug IWI Junior Demefrio Munoz ICI Senior MR. and MRS. L. H. DRAYTON 3324 Highgrove Place John ICI Sophomore Phil ICI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM H. DUCKWALD I472 Bowman Avenue Ronald IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHARLES DUDIS 40I Tamarac Trail Jim IWI Senior MRS. CECIL DUERR 3938 Garden View Place Cheryl ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. M. C. DUNNICK 600 Oakview Drive Chuck IEI Sophomore Diana IWI Junior Donna ICI Senior MRS. MARNELL J. DUPONT I020 Greenridge Judy IEI Junior Roberf IEI Senior MR. and MRS. CARL EATON 3644 Waierbury Drive Lenor IWI Junior MR. and MRS. ROY EBERHARD 765 Planfafion Road Roy ICI Senior MR. and MRS. FRED EGLESTON 3344 Sagamon Avenue Barbara IWI Senior MR. and MRS. FORD W. EKEY 880 Greenhouse Drive Jane? IEI Senior MR. and MRS. MAX O. ELDER I624 Redbush Avenue Sarah ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT H. EMERY II08 Larriwood Drive Galen IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ENWRIGHT Il20 Willowdale Avenue Nancy ICI Senior MRS. ELEANORE ESTABROOK I33 Norih Bromfield Road Hugh ICI Senior MR. and MRS. CARL V. EVANS I0l8 Sharewood Couri Margarel' IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT W. EVERS 2ll2 Reardon Drive Roberr ICI Junior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM EWRY 7I3 Brubaker Drive Connie IWI Senior William ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. W. E. FARREN 308I Glenmere Couri Susan IEI Senior MR. and MRS. LEW FAUBLE 32l2 Carrier Avenue Paffi ICI Senior MR. and MRS. CHARLES FAULSTICH 325I Claar Avenue Steve IEI Senior MR. and MRS. CHARLES FEDERLE I440 Cardingion Road Joy IWI Senior MR. and MRS. W. E. FEEMAN l3lI Tall Timber Trail Alexandra ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES M. FERRIGNO 3227 Aerial Avenue James IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HORACE E. FIELDS 64l Dell Ridge Drive Judy Kirk IEI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT H. FINEGOLD 984 Shelton Drive Mike ICI Junior MR. and MRS. R. H. FINKE 4I48 Sfonehaven Road Dave ICI Sophomore Kalhy ICI Junior MR. and MRS. FRED FISCHER 522 Claridge Drive Fred IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHARLES K. FISK 508 Judilh Drive Carol IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. GEORGE FLANAGAN 782 Big Hill Road Kaihleen IEI Sophomore Pairick IWI Junior Peggy IWI Junior MR. L. HOWARD FLATTER 4209 Schrubb Drive MR. and MRS. JAMES W. FLAVIN I400 Central Park Avenue Terence IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CLIFFORD FLEITZ 40I Sforms Road Ron IEI Junior MR. and MRS. KEITH FLORY 5I6 Oakview Drive Linda ICI Junior MRS. ROBERT P. FLYNN IOI3 Hollendale Drive Marcia Anne IWI Junior MR. and MRS. LONELL FOCHT 2900 Glenmere Avenue Sheila IEI Senior MR. and MRS. D. FOLZ 792 Lovefia Drive Jeanne ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. W. H. FORD 32I5 Souihdale Drive Sieve ICI Senior DR. and MRS. ARTHUR FOUKE 435I Overland Trail Jerry IWI Senior MR. and MRS. WINFORD FOX II00 Greenridge Drive Allen IWI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES S. FRANKLIN 328 Lewision Road Camille IEI Senior MR. and MRS. GORDON K. FRANZ 4035 Le Fevre Drive Becky ICI Senior MR. and MRS. RICHARD FRAZIER I207 Tabor Avenue Linda IWI Junior 1 Working in Chemisiry Lab, Mr. Elby Tackeli and his assisiani Barb Schaffer illuslraie Ihe Iechniques iaughi during classroom leciures. MR. and MRS. C. S. FRED I574 Big Hill Road Gary Donahue CCD Senior MR. and MRS. LARRY FREEMON 3643 Tail Road Sally Holden CWD Junior MR. and MRS. WARREN R. FUGETT 923 Rio Lane Dee CWD Senior MR. and MRS. JOSEPH J. FULLENKAMP 3890 Traine Drive Sandra CWD 50Pl10m0"e MR. and MRS. CLARENCE N. FRY II24 Osage Avenue Donald CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS, JOSEPH FRYER 309 Wes? Doroihy Lane Linda CED Junior REV. and MRS. CHESTER FRYMAN 3637 Herfland Drive Penny CCD Sophomore DR. and MRS. JAMES FUNKHOUSER 3320 Souihdale Drive Sfeven CED Sophomore DR. and MRS. A. J. GABRIELE 795 Laurelwood Road William CED Senior MR. and MRS. FRANK W. GAFFNEY I756 Lanbury Drive Bill CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. RICHARD C. GAGE IOSI Kenosha Road Douglas CED Junior MRS. ESTHER E. GANGER 3l5 Lincoln Park Blvd. Sieve CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. RUSSELL GARLIU 3549 Laurelwood Road Vicki CED Sophomore MRS. DOROTHY L. GARWOOD 2BI7 Acorn Drive Derrill CCD Senior MR. and MRS. R. RICHARD GEATTY l224 Rose Bower Avenue Barbara CED Senior MR. and MRS. CARLAS GEOGHEGAN 3300 Oakmonl Avenue Berlha CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. KENNETH C. GIBBONS l32 Greendale Drive Bo CWD Senior MR. and MRS. R. J. GILBERT 394 Winding Way Robin CED Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN GILKEY ll36 Sharewood Courl Gregg CED Junior MR. and MRS. STANLEY GILL 2359 Adirondack Trail Barion CCD Junior MR. and MRS. A. S. GILLAN 3524 Laurelwood Road Becky CCD Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN D. GOCHOEL 3250 Shroyer Road Jeffrey CWD Sophomore MRS. BETTY GOETCHEUS 4280 Arrowhead Drive MR. and MRS. JOHN E. GOLOB 439 Glenridge Road Deborah CCD Junior MR. and MRS. A. STANLEY GOODE 386l Greenbell Avenue Slan CED Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN J. GRAHAM 2405 Adirondack Trail Joanne CED Senior MR. and MRS. PAUL E. GRAHAM 920 Willowdale Avenue Karl CWD Junior MR. and MRS. RICHARD C. GRANT 3631 Sinlon Place Marilyn CED Junior MR. and MRS. C. A. GRAYBILL 44Ol Overland Trial Peggy CED Sdnior MR. and MRS. F. THOMAS GREEN 3558 Slralhmoor Drive Tom CED Junior MR. and MRS. ALAN B. GREER 784 Lovelra Drive Linda CCD Senior MR. VICTOR GREIMANN 64l Sloneybrook Drive Salle CWD Sophomore MR. CHARLES GRICE II58 Ridgeview Drive MR. and MRS. ALCINE GRILLOT 2708 Kreiher Road David CED Senior MR. and MRS. LLOYD S. GRODRIAN 34l Cushing Avenue Alan CCD Sophomore Mariha CWD Senior Miss MoII's room boasts MR. and MRS. GAYNARD W. GROSS 3448 Tall Timber Trail Deborah CCD Junior MR. KURT GROSSMAN l70B Lanbury Drive Wolfgang CCD Senior MR. and MRS. CHARLES M. GROTZ l4B Canferbury Drive Denise CWD Junior MR. and MRS. DONALD GROVE 905 Larriwood Avenue Anila CED Senior MR. and MRS. HEIBERT GROVES 2008 Reardon Drive Bruce CWD Junior Robert CED Senior MR. and MRS. R. K. GUISE 48l6 James Hill Road Kevin CWD Senior MR. A. W. GUNDERSEN l30 Cannonbury Courl Dave CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. HARRY HABERER 36l2 Aerial Avenue Jerry CWD Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT T. HADDIX 3509 Walerbury Drive Gail CWD Sophomore MR. CLARK HAINES 38l5 Leonora Drive MR. and MRS. JAMES HALE I588 Siocklon Avenue Jim CED Senior MRS. LUCILLE HAMILTON 425 Brydon Road Joe CCD Senior MR. and MRS. DONALD E. HAMILTON 233 Sherbrooke Drive Pele CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. HERMAN HAMMER l576 Consiance Avenue Wayne CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHARLES H. HANLIN 3408 Indian Hill Drive Sue CWD Sophomore MR. STUART M. HANSEN 3I00 Soufhern Blvd. Sluarf CED Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT HARDING 409 Earnshaw Drive Linda CED Senior MR. and MRS. PAUL HARLEY 625 Sforms Road Frances CCI Senior Lynne CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. J. L. HART 4ll7 Benfield Drive Fred CCD Senior MR. and MRS. EMMETT R. HART l55 Foxridge Drive Jane CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. EVEREST J. HART 224 Lincoln Park Blvd. Mariy CED Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT HARTRANFT 3327 Highgrove Place Joanne CWD Senior MRS. J. W. HATFIELD 48ll Pamela Sue Drive Sue CED Sophomore MR. and MRS. OTTO HATTSTAEDT l529 Beavercreek Lane Paul CED Sophomore MR. and MRS. R. J. HAVERSTICK 250l Adirondack Trail Bryan CED Senior MR. and MRS. IRA G. HAWK 327 Sianion Hall Courl Gail CED Senior MR. and MRS. IRA HAYES 4708 Silverwood Drive Chris CCD Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN F. HAYES 3l9 Slorms Road Deborah CWD Senior MR. and MRS. HERBERT HECHT IIO4 Chaieau Drive Debby CED Junior MR. and MRS. THOMAS F. HECK 4764 James Hill Road Vicki CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. JACK D. HELTON 3BI5 Longridge Drive Vickie CED Sophomore MR. and MRS. LEE R. HENDRIX 43l2 Lamonl Drive Roberi CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. W. G. HIBBS I22l Rose Bower Avenue Linda CED Senior MR. and MRS. CHARLES S. HIGGINS 257 Wesl Sfroop Road Melinda CCD Senior MRS. LOIS HIKE 700 Rockhill Avenue MR. and MRS. L. H. HILDEBRANDT 3l07 Aerial Avenue Lyn CED Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES G. HILL 3889 Traine Drive Chad CCD Senior MR. and MRS. LYLE J. HILL 2ll6 Reardon Drive Sherry CED Junior MR, and MRS. DONALD H. HIMES 2934 Gay Lord Avenue Harley CWD Sophomore Naomi CCD Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES E. HITTE 2003 Soulh Dixie Avenue James CWD Sophomore MR. DONALD E. HIVELY 635 Peach Orchard Road Linda CCD Junior MR. and MRS. RICHARD F. HOENER 7l3 Talboil Drive Roberi CCC Senior Sue CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. DOUGLAS M. HOLDEN l208 Hale Avenue Ron CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. C. L. HOLLINS 754 Easl Dorolhy Lane Eric CCD Senior COL. and MRS. E. L. HOLLOWELL 3884 Gardenview Place Melana CED Senior MR. ELDON HOOVER 804 Bulfernur Drive Alice CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. KEN HOPKINS 3575 Sirafhmoor Drive Linda CWD Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. HORN l057 Tabor Avenue Marilyn CCD Senior MR. and MRS. W. O. HORRELL I3l0 Dupson Place Dee CCD Sophomore Jack CCD Junior MR. and MRS. J. F. HOTTLE l440 Conslance Avenue Sieve CED Senior MR. and MRS. BYRON HOUSEWORTH 4l43 Upham Road Sue CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. JOHN W. HOWARD 3l06 Oakmonl Avenue James CWD Junior MR. and MRS. M. L. HUCKE 4233 Barlh Lane Barb CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. RAYMOND HUFF 2700 Holman Avenue Kay CED Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROSS L. HUFFMAN 4400 Sunnydale Courf Melissa CED Junior MR. and MRS. ORAL K. HUNSAKER 532 Slonehaven Road Bill CED Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN HUTCHINSON l004 Ansel Drive Sieve CED Sophomore MR. and MRS. JACK HUTTON I332 Tamerlane Road Gary CCD Junior MR. and MRS. PAUL R. IMIG III6 Pepper Hill Drive Barb CED Senior Margi CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. P. H. IRELAN 4765 James Hill Road Kim CED Junior MR. and MRS. DEAN JACKSON 405 Sforms Road Phyllis CCD Junior MR. and MRS. JAMESON 3ll Orangewood Alan CCD Sophomore MR. and MRS. BEVAN JENKINS 353 Rockhill Avenue Mariorie CWD Sophomore MR. and MRS. C. G. JOHNSON 420 Brydon Road Pai CED Sophomore MR. and MRS. GEORGE W. JONES 3200 Blossom Healh Road Janel CCD Sophomore 10090 student participation for third consecutive year MR. and MRS. ORVILLE JONES 25l7 Acorn Drive Bob CWI Junior Jim CWI Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES JUDD 2632 Gladstone Street Karen CCI Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN W. JUDGE 7l7 Stoneybrook Drive Lynn CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HARRY KAISER 4l28 Le Fevre Drive Lonnie CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. H. D. KALBFLEISCH 3855 Sunny Lane Dave CEI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM N. KARNS 633 Laurelann Drive Greg CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. GEORGE KELLER 333I Waltham Avenue Judy CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. PAUL T. KELLER 3889 Mengel Drive Pat CEI Senior MR. and MRS. EARL KELLY IOO West Stroop Road Jane CWI Junior MR. and MRS. ROY H. KELLY I58I Constance Avenue Marty CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. GEORGE KEMP, JR. 4239 Upham Road Pam CEI Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN L. KEMP, JR. 709 Le Fevre Circle Alan CCI Junior MR. and MRS. M. V. KEMPER 605 Lamont Drive Maureen CCI Junior MR. and MRS. HAROLD KEMPFER 4064 Locustwood Drive Diane CWI Junior Janet CCI Senior MR. and MRS. JACK KERSHNER 3625 Sinton Place Marilyn CCI Junior MR. AND MRS. W. H. KIEFABER, JR. 3732 Blossom Heath Road John CEI Senior DR. and MRS. BEN KING 4436 Overland Trail Nancy CWI Senior MR. and MRS. DAVID L. KING 608 East David Road Douglas CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. PAUL C. KING 36lI Aerial Avenue ' Terri Grimshaw CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. PAUL KINGSTON 4343 Andrea Drive Paula CWI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES B. KISER 4049 Dogwood Trail Steve CCI Senior MR. and MRS. RALPH KISLING 762 Rockhill Avenue Steve CWI Junior MR. and MRS. THOMAS KLINE 43l4 Meadowcraft Road Kathy CEI Junior MR. and MRS. FRED KOCHLI 2224 Avalon Avenue Dale CEI Junior John CCI Senior MR. and MRS. HARRY KOHL 4340 Schrubb Drive Bob CCI Junior MR. and MRS. HERMAN M. KONRAD 200 Castle Drive Dorothy Jean CEI Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN KORCZYNSKI Ill Snow Hill Avenue Doris CWI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT KORKEGI 2500 Adirondack Trail Paulette CCI Sophomore MRS. JOSEPH R. KOROSEI 4809 Algood Place Vicky CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT M. KOWASKI I639 West Bowman Avenue Robert CCI Senior MR. and MRS. CLIFFORD F. KRAFT 953 East Dorothy Lane Judy CCI Senior MR. and MRS. G. H. KRAMER 3950 Lenox Drive George CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HOWARD A. KRAMER 4408 Vera Place John CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RAYMOND KREFT 3649 Elmira Drive Carol CWI Senior MR. and MRS. CHARLES E. KRONOUR 8l5 Orchard Drive Randy CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. PAUL E. KRUG 520 Monteray Avenue Donald CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WALTER KRULL 3000 Delaine Avenue Stephen CEI Senlor MRS. LORAINE KUHN 3800 Far Hills Avenue Gary CCI Sophomore Sharing title in l968 East Unit Parent Patron Contest, sophomore girls in room ll2 deserve credit tor contributing their support. 3 MR. and MRS. JACK S. LEWIS 3580 Waterbury Drive Karen CEI Sophomore DR. and MRS. W. J. LEWIS 5I6 Canterbury Drive Bill CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM LEWIS 2609 Delmonte Avenue Gary CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DONALD V. LINDAMOOD 3l09 Waltham Avenue Cynthia CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RAY LINEBAUGH 4l8 South Bromfield Road Rebecca CEI Senior Ted CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. GENE LINSKER 45l7 Twilight Hill Drive Jeff CWI Junior MRS. NORMA LIPPERT I605 Carrollton Avenue Richard CWI Senior MR. and MRS. WAYNE R. LISTON 408 Brydon Road Kenneth CEI Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN C. LISZAK 2lI6 Wilmington Pike Mike CCI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT G. LIVINGSTON 4556 Twilight Hill Drive Robert CWI Senior MR. and MRS. H. V. LOGAN 3280 Ridgeview Avenue Ken CWI Senior MR. and MRS. MICHAEL LONGO 3lll Big Hill Road Nancy CWI Senior MR, and MRS. WILLIAM P. LOOBY 32l9 Ackerman Blvd. Diane CWI Senior MR. J. LUCAS 4826 Ridgebury Drive DR. and MRS. J. C. LUNDERMAN 39l5 Strathmoor Drive Malcolm CCI Senior MR. and MRS. DAVE LUTES 6l6 Hollendale Drive David CWI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM A. LUTHER l223 Georgian Drive Pete CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RICHARD LYDEN 3806 Strathmoor Drive Connie CEI Senior Peggy CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS, ROBERT LYTON l3l0 Oakcrest Avenue Jo CEI Junior MR. and MRS. EGON B. KURTZ B32 East David Road Diane CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RICHARD B. KURZ, SR. 39I7 Milford Drive Richard CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT F. LABARR II6 Foxridge Drive Jim CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES R. LACKEY 4760 Mad River Road Lara CWI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES H. LAMBERTH 72l Schuyler Drive Charles CEI Junior MR. and MRS. JOEL C. LANCE 264l Millbrook Place Karen CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ARTHUR LARGER IO64 Donson Drive Carol CCI Sophomore Sharon CCI Junior Shirley CWI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. LATHROP, JR. IZ49 Laurelwood Road Mark CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. OMER LAWSON 4233 Flowerdale Avenue Kerry CCI Junior MR. and MRS. THEODORE J. LEAKAS 50I7 Jameswood Circle James CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MERRILL LEATHERMAN l656 Hillwood Drive Linda CCI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT LECKLIDER 704 Brubaker Drive Todd CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT C. LEFF 32l Glenridge Road Harriet CCI Junior MR. and MRS. REX LEGGETT 4205 Flowerdale Avenue Bob CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM LEMAY 763 lngersol Drive Helen CWI Junior MR. and MRS. N. S. LESTZ 46l0 Walther Road Nick CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. R. J. LEVY 3920 Kenwick Drive Joyce CEI Junior MRS. EVA M. LEWIS 6Il Mossoak Drive Sandy CCI Sophomore .. Q Mr. Hildreth's sophomore MR. and MRS. P. A. MAC CAGNO I00 Winding Way Kristine CWI Senior DR. and MRS. CLIFTON E. MACK 300 West David Road Clifton CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES MAC PHERSON 5009 Jameswood Circle Bob CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WARREN M. MACY 2763 Hilton Drive Richard CEI Senior MR. and MRS. FLOYD L. MADDEN 3223 Allendale Drive Marcia CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RAY C. MADOLE 4848 James Hill Road Vickie CEI Junior MRS. JAMES MAGRUDER 4440 Wehner Road Jane CWI Junior MR. and MRS. GEORGE MAHFOUZ 925 Hollendale Drive Jeanne CEI Junior MR. and MRS. RALPH MALOON I764 Hillwood Steve CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT MALTBY III2 Wenbrook Drive Stephen CEI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM D. MAMING 3724 Roslyn Don CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. C. THOMAS MANEY 4256 Barth Lane Charles CWI Senior MR. and MRS. LARRY MANTIA, SR. 4532 Wingview Lane Larry CEI Junior MR. and MRS. RICHARD MAROUARDT 4530 West David Road Linda CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHARLES MARSH 490I Georgian Drive Carles CCI Senior MR. and MRS. LUTHER MARTIN 27I6 Haig Avenue Chris CWI Junior Ronda CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ANTHONY S. MASTRIANA III3 Sharewood Court Steve CWI Junior Sue CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WAYNE L. MATHES 3I0 Witherby Drive Peggy CWI Senior MR. and MRS. LOUIS A. MATTA 822 Corona Avenue Terry CEI Senior MR. and MRS. H. A. MAUCH 42I Judith Drive Roni CCI Senior MR. and MRS. MILTON MAURICE 4306 Lamont Drive Phil CWI Senior MR. and MRS. GEORGE MAYER 4908 Georgian Drive Carol CWI Junior MR. and MRS. RAYMOND S. MC ALLISTER I325 Belvoir Avenue Nancy CCI Senior MR. and MRS. W. S. MC CLELLAN 4370 Overland Trail Georgeene CWI Junior MR. and MRS. FRED V. MC COPPIN 3830 Ackerman Blvd. Pam CEI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES MC CORMICK 4I0 Stoneybrook Drive Charles CWI Sophomore MRS. JOSEPHINE MC COY 420l Green Spring Drive MR. and MRS. JAMES MC GIRR 2020 Wilmington Pike Michael CWI Senior DR. and MRS. HUGO R. MC GRAW 642 Larriwood Avenue Dick CEI Senior MR. and MRS. PAUL B. MC KEE, JR. I000 Swango Drive Richard CCI Senior Scott CEI Sophomore DR. and MRS. H. G. MC KNIGHT 3I83 Locust Camp Road Daniel CCI Junior Howard CWI Senior MR. and MRS. A. W. MC MILLAN 4307 Lamont Drive Debby CEI Senior MR. SCOTT O. MC NUTT I669 Hillwood Drive Jane CWI Senior MR. and MRS. J. W. MC QUEEN IOI6 Swanqo Drive Bill CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DONALD A. MC TIGHE 488l Far Hills Avenue Margo CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DANIEL MEADE I249 Elmdale Drive Nanetta CCI Senior MR. and MRS. HARRY F. MEADOWS 2905 Colonial Avenue Bev CWI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT A. MEDLEY 44I6 Vera Place Pamela CWI Sophomore William CEI Senior MR. and MRS. BURDETT MEEKS 309 Carrlands Drive Nancy CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM S. MERRELL 3349 Lenox Drive Bill CWI Sophomore Ginny CEI Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES A. MEYER 29l6 Hazelwood Avenue Ann CCI Senior MR. and MRS. MARVIN MICHAELS l597 West Stroop Road Gail CWI Senior MR. and MRS. RICHARD MILES 2I9 Pelham Drive Steve CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHARLES H. MILLER 3636 Aerial Avenue Judy CCI Senior MR. and MRS. F. J. MILLER 3020 Rushland Drive Cynthia CEI Senior MR. and MRS. HUBERT A. MILLER 558 East Dorothy Lane Stephen CWI Junior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM B. MILLER 52I Earnshaw Drive Rich CEI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM R. MILLER 272 Napoleon Drive Dick CCI Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES MINNICH 758 Cushing Avenue Jim CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MICHAEL MOHANCO 4476 Sunray Road Madeline CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHARLES MOLNER 967 Willowdale Avenue Danny Grass CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. K. F. MONSCHKE 329I Governor's Trail Patty CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DILLARD MOORE 25I7 Delta Avenue John CWI Sophomore MRS. WILLARD C. MOORE 3548 Meadow Lane Ron CWI Senior MRS. KATHRYNE L. MORGAN 2528 Oak Park Avenue Becky CCI Sophomore MRS. CHARLES A. MORRIS 6I5 Rockhill Avenue Bonnie CCI Senior homeroom MR. and MRS. L. E. MORGAN 450I Henrich Drive Lannie CEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DICK W. MORRISON I5 Sherbrooke Drive Debbie CCI Junior MR, and MRS. JOHN W. MOSS I340 Central Park Avenue Jerry CEI Junior MR. and MRS. GERALD B. MULLEN I3I4 Wheatland Avenue Mike CEI Junior William CEI Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES MULLEN 524 Earnshaw Drive Connie CWI Sophomore Sue CEI Senior MR. and MRS. ERLE R. MUMPOWER 2720 Oak Park Avenue Marcia CCI Junior MR. and MRS. MIGUEL MUNOZ G. O'HIGGINS I085 Talagante-Chile Demetrio CCI Senior MR. and MRS. ELMER MURRAY 4263 Lamont Drive John CCI Senior MR. and MRS. PAUL E. MYERS 600 Judith Drive William CWI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM T. MYERS I247 Lincoln Park Blvd. Thomas CEI Senior MR. and MRS. LAWERANCE E. NANGLE 2665 Millbrook Place Sharon CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. TONY NASO 820 Brubaker Drive Toni CEI Senior MR. and MRS. GEORGE P. NASSIF, SR. l053 Eldorado Avenue Nancy CCI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT NAUDASHER 4240 Flowerdale Avenue Ron CCI Junior MR. and MRS. DALE NEIBERT 49l2 Mad River Road Phil CCI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ALFRED A. NELSON 676 Wiltshire Blvd. Bob CWI Junior MR. and MRS. CARL NELSON 3524 Ascot Court Sheila CWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. EDWARD NETT 4202 Brookdale Drive Kay CEI Junior MR. and MRS. THOMAS NEVILLE, JR. I08I Kenosha Road John CWI Sophomore Tom CCI Senior MR. and MRS. P, HOMER NICELY 4724 Far Hills Avenue Becky CCI Senior DR. and MRS. GEORGE A. NICOLL, SR. 334 Stanton Hall Court George CEI Senior MR. and MRS. HUGO NIEHUS 4849 James Hill Road Carol CWI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES NOLAN 3323 Highgrove Place Mike CCI Junior MR. and MRS. WALTER G. NOLTE 638 Rockhill Avenue Jan CEI Sophomore Nancy CCI Senior MR. and MRS. CARL E. NORDOUEST 4823 Pamela Sue Drive Carol CCI Junior MR. and MRS. RICHARD NORRIS 38I5 Endover Road Mike CWI Senior MRS. ROBERT L. NORTHUP I47 Wyngate Drive Gary CWI Sophomore Fascinated by seeing his tirst snowfall, exchange student Demetrio Ivluiioz dons tullewinter attire and skiis as he attempts to master favorite winter sport ot fellow-Westonians at nearby Sugarcreek Hills. takes first place in West Unit parent patron drive -fi 1 I 'mm - Urn? Q . ag.: Dragons display their enthusiastic spirit in the l968 Parent Patron Drive as sophomore homeroom 307 takes a decisive lead in West Unit. MRS. HARRY J. O'BRlEN 2I6 Winding Way Molly IWI Junior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM O'BRYAN 2905 California Avenue Linda ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DONALD M. ODOM 532 Judith Drive Ron ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DENNIS OLIVER 3345 Villanova Drive Bill IWI Junior MR. and MRS. OLIVER I849 West Stroop Road William IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MARVIN OMAND 3828 Hertland Drive Debra Myers IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RICHARD O'ROURKE 3BI2 Endover Road Patric ICI Junior MRS. JOAN OWEN I449 Glenbeck Avenue Sandy ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ALVIN OWENS 279I Kreitzer Road Pat IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. OXLEY 3402 Oakmont Avenue Karen IEI Junior MR. and MRS. D. H. PADDOCK 704 East Dorothy Lane Patsy ICI Junior MR. and MRS. F. L. PANSING Ill Westhaven Drive Mike IEI Junior Susie IEI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT L. PANCOAST 4449 Lotz Road Chris IWI Sophomore Pat IWI Junior MR. and MRS. W. H. PARDUE lI42 Wenbrook Drive Jeff IEI Senior MR. and MRS. W. W. PARKER 805 Lovetta Drive Bill IEI Sophomore MRS. NANCY PATTERSON 567 East Dorothy Lane Roger IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT PATTERSON SIS Elderwood Road Mike ICI Junior MR. and MRS. S. E. PEARMAN 28l2 Mohican Avenue Michael IWI Junior MR. and MRS. LOUIS G. PERKINS 3355 Fulton Avenue Helen IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DANIEL J. PETRY 4IEO Meadowcraft Road Diana IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. VIRGIL PEYTON 3770 Wenzler Drive John IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. C. E. PLUMMER 5I7 Ives Lane Skip IEI Junior MRS. JO ANNE POLLITT 3762 Waterbury Drive Paul Stahl ICI Senior MR. and MRS. ELMER POTTENGER l325 Southlyn Drive Timothy IWI Junior MR. and MRS. KENNETH E. POULTER 328 Lincoln Park Blvd. Kathy ICI 'Sophomore MR. and MRS. ALBERT W. PRICE l0ll Wenbrook Drive Mary IEI Senior MR. and MRS. JEROME M. PRICE 2609 Hilton Drive Scott ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS, SAM E. PRICE l254 Colfal Avenue Harry IWI Senior MRS. BERNICE PROCTOR 3723 Milford Drive ' Pat IWI Sophomore MR. CLAUDE PROFFIT 2434 Springboro Pike Claude IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. SAMUEL PRYOR 3832 Fulton Avenue Lee ICI Senior MR. and MRS. JOHN E. PURDY 3026 Ridgeway Road Cinda ICI Senior MR. and MRS. S. T. PYPER lOl Enid Avenue Debbie IWI Junior MR. and MRS. JOHN E. RAHN 406 South Bromfield Road Doug IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHARLES RAMEY 645 East Social Row 'Y . MR. and MRS. W. C. RANKIN 762 Cushing Avenue Cliff ICI Junior Jeff IEI Senior MR. DONALD RANSDELL 944 East Stroop Road Don IWI Junior MR. and MRS. C. L. RASOR 44I7 Primrose Lane Tom ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. NED S. RASOR 200 Tait Road Julia IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MEAD M. REA l042 Gardner Road Karen ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. T. E. READNOWER l23l Tabor Avenue Jeffrey IEI Junior MR. and MRS. REAGAN 3508 Springdale Drive Peggy IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HOWARD W. REHLING 405l Elmridge Road Peter IEI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT REIGELSPERGER l5O0 Stockton Avenue Tom ICI Senior MR. and MRS. EDWARD R. REINKE 4300 Ackerman Blvd. Dianne IWI Junior MR. and MRS. HARRY A. REITZ 225 Balmoral Drive Vicki IWI Senior MR. and MRS. PERRY REYNOLDS 2356 Whitlock Place Janice ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. KENNETH RICE I035 Mendota Court Rosemary IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT D. RICE 3I9 North Bromfield Road Rebecca IWI Senior MRS. JULINE RICH 2233 East River Road Ray IWI Senior MR. and MRS. R. W. RICHARDS lI50 Brookview Avenue Claire IWI Junior MR. and MRS. BARNEY RICHARDSON 2559 South Dixie Lane Barry ICI Senior MR. and MRS. S. E. RICHARDSON 224 Bromfield Avenue Linda ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WALTER J. RIDD 2905 Harvey Avenue John ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. E. M. RIEL JR. 3448 Southern Blvd. Bruce IWI Senior MR. and MRS. JACK D. RIKE 3690 Waterbury Drive Norman IEI Senior MR. and MRS. A. M. RINGER 3254 Claar Avenue Debbie IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT A. RIX 424 Brydon Road Chris IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. J. M. ROACH 6lB Monteray Avenue Julia IWI Junior DR. and MRS. WILLIAM ROBERTS 4456 Lot! Road Donald ICI Sophomore DR. and MRS. H. D. ROBERTSON 400 Canterbury Drive Anne ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROSS R. ROBBINS 796 Willowdale Avenue Sharon IWI Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES ROBINSON 360 Forrer Blvd. MR. and MRS. WILLIAM W. ROBINSON 926 Cottonwood Avenue MR. and MRS. FRANK ROEPKIN 29l7 Hazelwood Avenue Steven ICI Sophomore MR. JESSIE J. ROGERS 3825 Roslyn Avenue Brian IWI Junior MR. and MRS. RALPH B. ROGERS 2300 Acorn Drive Nancy IWI Senior MR. and MRS. R. W. ROGERS 49l7 Far Hills Avenue Marcia ICI Junior I. l 5 2' yum. DR. and MRS. J. P. ROLLER 4301 Schrubb Drive Paula IEI Senior MR. and MRS. EMMERT ROYER 4816 Judifh Drive Roberf ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. CHESTER A. ROUSH 1119 Wenbrook Drive John IEI Senior MR. and MRS. W. R. RUNYAN 4414 Lolz Road Joanne ICI Senior MR. and MRS. E. F. RYAN 3871 Fullon Avenue Bob ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. L. J. SACHLEBEN 3255 Claar Avenue Roger IEI Junior MR. and MRS. M. O. SANCHEZ 1216 Belvoir Avenue Connie IWI Sophomore DR. and MRS. DON E. SANDO 465 Chalham Drive Ginny IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES R. SAUER 2508 California Avenue Mike IWI Senior MR. and MRS. M. C. SAUNDERS 1218 Benfield Drive Sue IWI Senior MR. and MRS. GORDON SAVAGE 4073 Brookdale Drive Debbie IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. THOMAS E. SAYER 1618 Marilyn Avenue Connie ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DONALD SCHAFFER 940 Larriwood Avenue Chris ICI Junior MRS. JANE O. SCHAFFER 3065 Hillside Avenue Carol IWI Senior MR. and MRS. VERNON SCHELLHASE 231 Snow Hill Avenue Bona ICI Junior MR. and MRS. H. V. SCHIERLING 3043 Fairmonl Avenue Janelle IEI Senior MR. and MRS. THOMAS M. SCHIEWETZ 301 Highland Terrace Avenue Ken ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. H. W. SCHLACHTER 751 Greenhouse Drive Jim ICI Senior Joan IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. BERNARD M. SCHMIDT 4490 Lolz Road Alice IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. MAX H. SCHNEIDER 200 Greendale Drive Nancy IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. R. C. SCHNEIDER 1226 Tabor Avenue Claudia ICI Sophomore MRS. NEDRA SCHROAF 3699 Tail' Road Scoll ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JOHN E. SCHUBELER 3889 Villanova Drive Dave IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. FRANK SCHMERBALD 249 Wonderly Avenue David IEI Senior MR. and MRS. BRYRON L. SCOTT 958 Pepper Hill Drive Lowell IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. A. L. SEA 4410 Overland Trail Auslin IEI Senior MR. and MRS. J. H. SEARCH 1601 Wesl Slroop Road William IWI Junior MR. and MRS. HAROLD E. SETTLES 4808 Laurelann Drive Jane IEI Senior DR. and MRS. ALAN D. SHAFER 4048 Brookdale Drive Gayle ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. KARL F. SHAFER 4833 Sunray Road Jane IEI Junior MR. and MRS. JACK SHAHAN 105 Cushing Avenue Cindy ICI Junior MR. and MRS. H. H. SHANNON 1750 Mayfield Avenue Roberf IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. FRANK SHANTZ 3619 Sinron Place Gloria ICI Junior MRS. JEAN SHARP 32 Rue Royal Linda ICI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT F. SHARPE 4390 Overland Trail Bob ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DEAN W. SHARRITT 3109 Oakmonl Avenue Jim IWI Senior MR. and MRS. EUGENE W. SHEPARD, JR. 1016 Donson Drive Gerald ICI Junior MR. and MRS. JOSEPH SHEPHERD 1619 Academy Place Dennis ICI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM SHEPHERD 2575 Acorn Drive Gayle IEI Junior MRS. BONNIE M. SHERER 140 Cannonbury Courl Doug ICI Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM M. SHERMAN 1413 Abingdon Road Douglas IWI Senior MRS. MARY W. SHOUP 1013 Tabor Avenue Greg IEI Senior MR. and MRS. C. D. SHULTHEIS 148 Lincoln Park Blvd. Kalhy IEI Junior MR. and MRS. HOMER SIDDALL 1301 Melrose Avenue Debbie IEI Senior MR. and MRS. LOUIS SIDEROFF 812 Cushing Avenue Linda ICI Sophomore Senior homeroom 211 supporls lhe elforls of The 1968 Dragon slall 'rhrough ils parlicipalion in lhe Central Parenl Palron Drive. MR. and MRS. T. ROBERT SISK 1333 Slocklon Avenue David IEI Senior DR. and MRS. J. BEVERLY SMITH B57 Pondway Road Calhy ICI Senior MR. and MRS. CALVIN E. SMITH 2217 Hazel Avenue Jeannie IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. DONALD K. SMITH 4825 Algood Place Dave ICI Junior MR. and MRS. DONALD L. SMITH 3567 Sfralhmoor Drive David IWI Junior MR. and MRS. GRANT SMITH 1417 Melrose Avenue Sfeven IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HENRY L. SMITH 4432 Wehner Road Paul ICI Senior MR. and MRS. HOILE SMITH 821 Brubaker Drive Bev IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HOWARD SMITH 792 Willowdale Avenue Pam IEI Senior MR. and MRS. LEONARD SMITH 1134 Lavern Avenue Nancy Jo IEI Junior MRS. MILLIE SMITH 3642 Tail Road Nancy Rae ICI Junior MR. and MRS. MORRIS M. SMITH 332 Highland Terrace Philip IWI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT C. SMITH 2529 California Avenue Gary ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. L. C. SNAVELY 3516 Meadow Lane Vicki ICI Senior MR. and MRS. JAMES R. SNEAD 801 Yorkshire Place Mike IEI Junior MR. and MRS. E. C. SNELL 1213 Tabor Avenue Debra ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. STUART D. SNYDER 102 Casfle Drive Mary Donna ICI Junior MR. and MRS. C. W. SOLLENBERGER 813 Lovelfla Drive Carol IWI Senior Gail IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. RICHARD R. SOMERS 1554 Creslnul Blvd. MR. and MRS. JOHN SOMMER 1217 Chaleau Drive Judy IWI Junior MR. and MRS. VINCENT SORAH 3434 Ackerman Blvd. Barbara IWI Senior MR. and MRS. EDWARD SOSNOWSK1 713 Easf Drive Karen IEI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. SPAULDING 3311 Highgrove Place Sally IEI Junior MR. and MRS. ROBERT A. SPELLMEYER 2676 Mohican Avenue Sue ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. JOHN STACEY 2505 Acorn Drive Gary IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. PAUL STAHR 640 Broad Blvd. Sue ICI Senior MR. and MRS. E. R. STANLEY 600 Winding Way Keifh ICI Junior MR. and MRS. R. L. STANLEY 720 Brubake Drive Bob ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. GERALD STANTON 2711 Crescenl Blvd. Sue IWI Junior MR. and MRS. EUGENE STAUBUS 1420 Cloverfield Avenue Susan IEI Sophomore MRS. R. M. STAUTER 4409 Wingview Lane Mark ICI Sophomore MR. and MRS. HERBERT W. STEININGER B00 lngersol Drive Judy IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. STEPHENS 4801 Far Hills Avenue Jane IWI Senior MR. CARL M. STEPHENSON 324 Marchesrer Drive Jim ICI Senior MR. and MRS. STANLEY STEPHENSON 932 Donson Drive Debby IEI Junior MR. and MRS. CHARLES STERNBERG 2721 Wehrly Avenue Barb IEI Sophomore MRS. BETTY STEWART 1336 Flowerdale Avenue Vicki IWI Sophomore MR. and MRS. WILLIAM A. STEWART 240 Napoleon Drive Daniel ICI Senior MR. and MRS. LEROY ST. FELIX 4909 Walden Lane Gail IEI Senior MR. and MRS. RONALD STIMMEL 809 Larriwood Avenue Sandy ICI Senior MR. and MRS. RICHARD D. STIVER 316 Brydon Road Mark IEI Senior REV. and MRS. M. A. STOERKER 4605 Mad River Road Ron ICI Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT M. STOFER 939 Renwood Drive Rob IEI Sophomore DR. and MRS. ALBERT STORRS 2367 Adirondack Drive Kale IEI Sophomore MR. and MRS. R. A. STRASSER 715 LeFevre Circle Don IEI Senior All-senior homeroom leads drive in Central Unit MR. and MRS. HAROLD STRAUSBAUGH 20I7 Coflon Drive Karen IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. FRANK L. STROBINO 4009 Maricarr Drive Nan IWJ Sophomore Norman IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. NOLAN E. STUCKEY, JR. 2640 Brahms Blvd. DR. and MRS. ROBERT SWARTZEL 4l6 Canlerbury Drive Bob ICJ Junior Carol IWJ Senior Tom ICJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. DAVID SWYGERT 3900 Le Fevre Carol ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. EDWARD TABERT 39lB Lenox Drive Linda IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. BUDD TALLBERG 3I6 Wesf David Road Muffy IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. LESTER TAMPLIN 98I Wenbrook Drive Nancy ICJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. S. B. TANNER 27I2 Aerial Avenue Ken IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. GEORGE TARZINSKI 2l90 Burnside Drive MR. and MRS. LYOD TAYLOR 29I7 Wehrly Avenue Donna IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROLLAND J. TAYLOR 3859 Villanova Drive Judi IEJ Senior MRS. ANN THISTLEWOOD 336i Lenox Drive Bill Oflo ICJ Junior Rikki Ann Olfo IWJ Senior MR. and MRS. RICHARD H. THOMAS 920 Fairacres Drive MR. and MRS. HAROLD THOMPSON 936 Gardner Road Bill IEJ Senior DR. and MRS. N. J. THOMPSON 4473 Lofz Road Connie IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. EDWARD F. THORNHILL IIO6 Tabor Avenue Beverly IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. W. J. THORNTON 4064 Meadowcroff Road Sheryl ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. LEE THURMAN II00 Hale Avenue Jason ICJ Junior MRS. RUSSELL THURMAN l20l Alla Visfa Drive Russ IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT THYGERSON 936 Hollendale Drive Tim Norris ICJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. HAROLD W. TOBIAS 2003 Reardon Drive Greg IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. EUGENE T. TRACE 48I7 Algood Place Jeff IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. A. C. TRAUB 4909 Far Hills Avenue Dave ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. ELWYN TREAT 375 Fawnwood Road Joli IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. J. B. TRENHOLM 30II Claar Avenue John IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. B. L. TRIFPETT 4I7 Canferbury Drive Frank IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. RAYMOND TRITCH 320 Lincoln Park Blvd. David IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. RAYMOND TUNGATE 954 Kimberly Drive Lori IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. COY TURNER 2600 Oak Park Avenue Deb IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. RALPH K. TURNER 2900 Gaylord Avenue Debra ICJ Junior MR. and MRS. WILBUR D. TURNER 3004 Rushland Drive Dennis IEJ Senior Diane IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. RICHARD E. TUTTLE 927 Renwood Drive Barbara ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. MARVIN C. TYLER 34l6 Indian Hill Drive Debby IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. HAROLD ULLMER 4I00 Benfield Drive Connie IWJ Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT D. ULRICK 3826 Cordell Drive Bob IWJ Junior MR. and MRS. ALFRED J. UTZ 400 W. Dorothy Lane Sieve IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. REESTON VANCE 3824 Fulfon Avenue Sharon IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. R. L. VANDERGRIFT 3656 Wrenbrook Drive Debbie ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. ROSS R. VENDT l465 Cardinglon Road David IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. ARTHUR J. VON DOHRE 729 Hadley Avenue Nancy ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. L. L. VYSZENSKI I273 Brooklands Road Candi IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. HARRY G. WAGNER 2006 Collon Drive Jim Helmer IEJ Senior Sieve Helmer IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. PAUL WAGNER 2209 Green Spring MR. and MRS. CHARLES WAITZMAN 2799 Suilon Avenue Teresa ICJ Junior MR. and MRS. WOODROW WALL I425 Duichess Avenue Dannie ICJ Sobhomore Joyce IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT WALLACE 3938 Slralhmoor Drive Allyn Dawn ICJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. DONALD E. WALTERS 3606 Sinion Place Sieve IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM D. WALTHER 432 Canferbury Drive Anne IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. FRED T. WALTON 37I2 Wenbrook Drive Doug IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. EARL WARD I357 Melrose Avenue Janel ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. HOWARD WATKINS I4I2 Cenfral Park Avenue Margo ICJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. WALTER E. WATSON 8I7 Cushing Avenue Sue IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES L. WEAVER 4II6 Meadowcrafl Road David IWJ Senior MR. and MRS. R. J. WEBER 24I0 Sylvesler Drive Jeffrey IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT G. WEBER 9I6 Garrison Avenue Rick IWJ Junior MR. and MRS. GENE WEFLER 249 Balmoral Drive Sally ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIAM WEILAND 442I Sunray Road Dianne IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. C. E. WEIMER 843 Blossom Healh Road Cafhy IWJ Senior MR. and MRS. CECIL F. WELLS 280i Edgemoor Lane Shirley IWJ Junior MR. and MRS. MARK WELLS 244 Overland Trail Jennifer ICJ Junior MR. and MRS. RICHARD N. WELLS 32l9 Regeni Slreel Dwighl' ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. WILLIS WELLS 2909 Gladsione Sfreel Ronnie IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. WOODROE WELLS 3216 Soulhern Blvd. Phillip IWJ Senior MR. MAX WENZLER 340I Stonebridge Road Mike ICJ Senior MR. and MRS. ROLLY G. WEST 2848 Haig Avenue Ron IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. ROBERT WHEATON 3II6 Rushland Drive Judy IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. RALPH WHITAKER ms Gay Drive Keilering, Ohio Tim ICJ Sophomore DR. and MRS. L. R. WHITE 3325 Sunnycresl Lane Paula IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. LLOYD WHITESELL 332I Beaumonde Lane Bill IWJ Senior MR. and MRS. W. P. WICK 904 Willowdale Avenue Jim IWJ Junior MR. and MRS. DON WILLIAMS 3200 Lenox Drive Cindy IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. FRED P. WILLIAMS, SR. 3002 Winding Way Fred IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. GEORGE L. WILLIAMS 97I Kimberly Drive Cafhy IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. RALPH E. WILLIAMS 36I7 Walerbury Drive Vicki IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. JAMES R. WILLIAMSON 3697 Endover Road Jackie IWJ Junior DR. and MRS. J. C. WILLIAMSON II30 Belvoir Avenue Leslie IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. JOSEPH R. WILLIAMSON 43I6 Ackerman Blvd. Sue IEJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. JOHN WILLIG 650 Winding Way Suzi ICJ Senior MR. C. E. WILLIS 3665 Shroyer Road Mike IEJ Senior MR. and MRS.,H. C. WINDSOR 232 Lincoln Park Blvd. Jan IWJ Junior MR. and MRS. H. R. WISE 25I Snow Hill Avenue Jan ICJ Senior Jeff ICJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. W. E. WOOD 300I Soufhern Dianne ICJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. ROBERT G. WOODS 2982 Kreifzer Road Thomas IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. GORDON WRAY 7I30 Oakview Drive Gordon IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. FREDERIC WRIGHT 662 Cushing Avenue Bruce IWJ Senior Paul ICJ Junior MR. and MRS. ORVILLE W. YATES I372 Elmdale Drive Carol IWJ Senior MR. and MRS. HENRY O. YOUNG 9I6 Donson Drive Henry IWJ Sophomore MR. and MRS. CARL L. YUNG IZI6 Larriwood Avenue Linda IWJ Senior MR. and MRS. LOUIS A. ZAREMSKI 4I35 Lofz Road Margie IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. GEORGE ZENNER 470I Sunray Road Pafricia ICJ Junior MR. and MRS. ELDEN E. ZINK 3008 Hillside Avenue Kalhi IEJ Senior MR. and MRS. VERNE C. ZITZKE 32II Regenf Slreel Vera IEJ Junior MR. and MRS. GEORGE ZUBRICK, JR. 27I7 Wehrly Avenue George IWJ Sophomore Celebraling Holiday Season, Linda Bossi, Jeanne Mahlouz supervise Ihe serving ol relreshmenls al Ihe annual yearbook Chrislmas parly F... . - , ,gamm- I .I E 4 I A81D A PLUMBING In REMODELING .......... DR. STEWART ADAM .... Adams Bernice ........... Adams Donald ...... Adams Mrs. Jan ......... Adams, Jeffery ........... Adams, Karen Sue ..... 90, I02, I20, Adams, Lawrence .... I05, Adelberger, Terry ......... Cooper, Mark ............. 235 Adkins, Vernon .... ..... Adkins, Violet Ake, Deborah ....... .... Albaugh, Connie .......... Aldridge, Miss Carol ..... Al xander Dou las 34, Barber, Daniel ..... 60, 73, 2l2, Photo Index 95, 232 73 Bonnett, Christian ..... 73, Bookwalter David ........ Boomershine, Miss Jane Booze, Linda 3l, 44, 49 97, 98, IIB, Border, Carol 9I,96,I03 Bosnak, Priscilla ..... IOO, 212, Bosnyak, Zan ...... Bosron Joel .......... l00, Bossi, Linda ...... 90, II9, l7l, 25l, 92, 93, Bl, Boston, Teresa . 98. I70 Bowden, Mr. John .... Bowden, Richard 3l, 7l, Bowling Bowling , Michael . ........ , William ......... Bowman, Ronald . 49, 75, 117, Channel, Kathleen ........ I72 234 e , g 54, 58, 75, 99, I43, Alexander, Nancy ......... Allbery, Charles ..... I02, 2l2, Allen, Robert ............. Allen, William . ........... ALLEN'S PHARMACY .... Allich, Michael ........... Allodi, Joseph ............ Allred, Brad ....... 24, 27, Alsept, Alvin ............. Alsept, Daphne ........... Alsept, Delilah ........ 30, Amli, Marsha ..... 46, I66, Anderson, Deborrah .. II4, Anderson, Elizabeth ...... II4, I20, Anderson, Garth ...... 54, Anderson, Larry ....... 25, Anderson, Paul ....... IO6, Anderson, Paula I6, 20, 48, 87, av, 120, I2I, 128 Anderson, Miss Ruth ...... I Andres, Barbara .. 92, 93, I67, 209 Andrews, Curtis .......... Andrews, Mr. James 54 Anewalt, James 49, 99, ANKNEY FOOD SERVICE Ankney, Mr. Beniamin .... Anthony, Susan ...... ..... ANTONIO'S RESTAURANT Antrobus, Jerry ........... Apple, Janie ..... 22, l5I, 205 Apt, Dianne .............. Armbruster, Jerry ......... Arnold, Gordon 4l, 75, Arnold, Mr. William ...... ARROW, INC. ........... . Barber, Don ...... . ...... .. Barbour, Miss Barbara .... 78, 79, l56 Barison, Judith ........ 3I, 232 Barkalow, Mary .. IOO, I06, 232 Barkalow, Mrs. Clennie 304 BARKER FURNACE CO. .. 284 Barker, Annie . ...... ...... l 67 Barker, Larry ...... 54, 99, I67 Barker, Linda .......... 3l, 232 Barker, Martha ........ 49, 2l2 Barnes, Dorothy .. 90, I22, I67, 206 Barnes, Glenda ........ 30, 232 Barnes, Janet ..... 22, I67, I78 Barnes, Karen ....... ...... 2 32 Barnes, Michael .. 73, I23, 2l2 DR. F. G. BARR .......... 308 Barr, Stephen ...... 47, 54, 62, 99,I67, 297 Barrett, Linda ......... 49, 2l2 Bartlett, Anne I00, I25, 2l2 Barton, Christopher ....... 2l2 BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM7 Bates, Dale ........... 73, 232 Bateson, Mr. Ross ........ I49 Baxter, Alice ......... IOO, 2l2 Baxter, Bob ....... ...... I 67 Baynes, Patricia ....... 9I, 2l2 Bazzell, Mr. James . ....... l40 Beardsley, Phyllis .. 76, 98, I67 Beatty, Betsy .. 22, 23, 3l, Becker, Nicholas 54, 7l, Beckett, Jacquelin ........ Beckstein, Sherry .. 3I, 94, Beebe, Barbara 24, 27, 99, 232 232 232 Begley, Charlotte .......... 3l Begley, Mary Jo ll, 30, 32, 33, 35, 40, I2I, I65, I69 Beitiel, David .. 24, 27, 28, DR. RAYMOND E. BEI'I1EL 3 Bell, Gene ..............., 2l2 BELMONT AUTO THEATRE Belton, Roberta ....... 49, 232 Bender, Karen .... ........ 2 I2 IO7, III, Bowser, Mr. Sherman .. 62, Braden, Bret 24, 27, 28, Bradford, Cynthia ..... 30, Brahm, Michael ...... I06, Brainard, Mark .. I00, 2l3, Bramble, Wayne .......... Brannen, Richard ...... 27, Bratle, Linnea ........ I00, Brautigam, Robert ........ Breitenstein, Carl ......... Breitenstein, Karen ........ Brem, Cynthia .... 90, 94, I29, l7l, Brennan, Nancy .... 96, 97, Brewer, Steven ............ Brewer, William .... . ..... Brickey, Sandra ....... 30, BRI DGES!SHARPf VANTASSEL ............ Bridges, Timothy ...... 60, 2l3, Bridgman, Mike ....... 54, Brightman, Kenneth 75, Bristow, Corliss ........... Britain, Carolyn .......... Brock, Cynthia ....... II7, Brodrick, Margaret .... 30, 49, 100, II4, 118, 171, Broedling, William .... Brogee, Karen ......... 94, Broughton, Bradford ...... Bensinger, Miss Shirley IS? Benson, Barbara .......... 232 Berardi, Patti ..... 92, 93, I28, I69, 209, 285 Berbert, David .. IOI, II4, 232 Berbert, Nancy .. I20, I25, I69, 284 Berger, Judge Jack ........ l32 Berman, Ronald ........... 232 Berry, Craig 47, 54, 73, 2l2 Brown, Mrs. Evelyn ....... Brown, Mr. Hugh ......... Brown, Joseph ........ Brown, Brown, Karen .... . 49, IO3, Kathleen ..... l24, Brown, Melissa ..... 48, 9l, l00 II4 , , I26, 2I3, 253, Brown, Michael ........... Brown, Phyllis ......... 30, Brown Polly .. B2 96 IO3 Ashmun, Elizabeth ..... 48 I00 II4 Aszling, Deborah ..... I02, Atkins, Jo Anne . 90, IO4, II7 ATH ENA .................. ATLAS DIE CASTING COMPANY ......... .... Atteberry, Linda ..... 3I, II4, II7, IIB Augustus, Ronald . ........ Auwers, Carolyn .... 4, 49, Clear, Diana .............. I72 DR. F. J. AUWERS ....... DR. LAU RA AUWERS .... Bacon, B Anne .......... 22, Badger, Jan .. 30, 47. 96. Bailey, Bailey, Ellen .......... I03 Pam ....... Bl, I67 Bains, Martha .... 3l, II4, Bair, Melodie ......... 49, Baker, Mr. Paul ........... Baker, Robert 73, Baker, Rodger ......... 73, Baker, Ronald ........ I02, Baker, Scott ...... 46, lOl, BALDWIN PIANOS ....... BALDWIN AND WHITNEY INC. ................. Bales, Robert ............. Balonier, Georgina ....... Balser, Ron ......... .... Balster, Mr. Walter ....... Baltes, Stephen ....... 3I, Balthrop, Michael .. B, 99, Banks, Kathryn ..... I2, 30, IOO, I20, 2l2, Banks, Susan ..... 3l, IOO, Berry, Mr. Dale ...... II4, I60 Berry, Linda .......... II2, 232 Bertrams, Deborah ........ 232 Besanceney, Jerry .. 24, 27, 232 B-H-A MUSIC AND APPLIANCE ............ 26l Biagfi, Nancy ....... 3l, 79, 2l2 Blcking, Miss Barbara ..... I47 BIG TOP TOY SHOP ..... 310 Bilbrey, Dave ..... 84, 95, I02, IO7, I69 Bilbrey, Zella ............. I62 BILZLIN CERAMIC STUDIO3i6 Bitzer, Linda ..... l4B, 2l2, 279 Blackford, Rodger ........ I69 Blair, Douglas ........ I09, 2l2 Blair, Michael ..... ...... 2 I2 Blakely, David ............ 2l2 Bleicher, Judy ......... 8l, 2l2 Blesi, Marilyn 6, 43, 63, 8l, 2l2 Blevins, Thomas ........... 232 Blubaugh, Deborah .... 92, Blubaugh, Mary ........... 232 Blume, Karen ......... . 3l, 232 Bockoven, Brian . .......... 232 Bode, Sarah ..... .... 4 B, I69 Bodnar, Albert ........... 232 Boen, Daniel Lee .. 28, 89, Bohardt, Jeffrey .......... 232 Bohardt, Steven 54, 99, Boise, Nancy .......... 94-, 2l2 Bolender, Mr. Alfred ..... Bollenbacher, Thomas ..... 28, I70 Bolton, Linda ....... .... 2 I2 Bonnett, Bruce .... .... I 70 DRS. RUSSELL BROWN 8: PHILIP HUGHS ........ Bronwell, Eilzabeth ....... Brownell, Virginia ..... 96, Brubaker, Michael ........ Brubaker, William ........ Bruce, Robert ............. BRUCKEN MOWER SALES L 310 SERVICE ................ Brust, Jeanne ..... 3I, 63, Bruno, Coleen .... ...... . . Bryant, Susan .... l03, I46, Buchanan, Frank .......... Buchholz, Bernie 7, 99, IIB, II9, I28, I7I , 274, DRS. W. C. BUCHSIEB 8: T. R. 308 HUTER ................. BUCKINGHAM ENTERPRISES ............ Buckingham, Vicki ..... 22, 128, l7I, 174, 258, Buettin, Bradley ....... 7I, BURGERCHEF .... . Burnett, Barbara Burnett, Barry ............. Burnison, Leigh ........ 93, Burns, Mrs. Joan ..... I52, Burns, Mr. John ....... 54, Burns, Samuel Burson, Jerry .............. Burton, Cynthia .... 82, 83, Busch, Agnes .... ....... Busch, Deborah ........... Busseer, Miss Ruth ..... Butcke, Kay .. 31, 82, 111, 124, Butler, Frank .............. Butler, John .......... I05, Butler, Michael ........... Butt, Barbara ........ IOO, 233 Butterworth, Wende ...... 233 Byington, Bruce .. 42, 60, 2I3 Byrd, Thomas ............. 233 C Caldwell, Kathleen ....... 2l3 Caldwell, Lorena ..... I00, 233 Campbell, Beverly ........ I72 Campbell, Dearl .... ' ...... I72 Campbell, Diane ......... 233 Campbell, Kathleen ...... 233 Campbell, Willine .... 49, 233 Cantrell, Linda .. I26, 2I3 253 Cantrell, Peggy ........... 234 CAPRI BOWLING LANES .... 264 Carathers, Maxine ........ IO3 CARILLON CAFETERIA 262 Carothers, Joyce .......... I72 Carpenter, Diane ..... 3I, II2, 2l3 Carpenter, Phyllis ......... 2l3 Carpenter, Vivian ......... 234 Carper, Bruce .. ......... .. 2l4 CARPET WAREHOUSE 265 Carr, Mrs. Bette .......... l40 Carr, Nancy ...... 82, I02, 234 Carroll, Gregory ...... 73, 234 Carroll, Thomas ..... I05, I09, 2I4 Carry, Gene ....... ..... I 63 Carter, Laurice ........... 2l4 Carter, Nancy ........ IOO, 234 Caudill, Brenda ......, 30, 2l4 DR. DARRELL C. CAUDILL 308 Caudill, David ....... I72, 27I Caudill, Elizabeth ..... 49, 2l4 Caudill, Tommy ........... 2l4 Caupp, Rodney ........... ZI4 Cavanagh, Anne ..... IOO, 234 Cecil, Judith ............. 2l4 Cecil, Larry ........... 54, 2l4 CENTERVILLE FLORIST 256 CENTERVILLE IN.TERIORS ............ Chambers, David ..... IOO, Chandler, Wayne ..... I08, Chaney, Patricia .. 49, 9l, 29l Chain, Ursel .............. I62 2l4 I72 Chapman, Robert ......... Chappell, Greg .... 30, 33, 34, 47, 53, 54, 57, 5B, 75, 99, I 72 I72 IIB, Charter, Margy ....... 49, Chenoweth, William 47, 65, 99, 120, 172 Chiazza, John ............. 2l4 Chiazza, Philip ............ 234 Childress, Randy .......... I72 Christ, Andrea ........ 94, 234 Christofis, Irene ...... IOO, 2l4 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS HALL RENTAL ......... 3l0 Christopher, James .... 24, Church, Claudia ..... II4, I20, I26, 2l4, 268, 279 Clark, Dayton .... 48, IO7, 2l4 DELMAN B. CLARK AND ASSN. .................. 298 Clark, Diane ..... 50, IOO, 2lI, 2l4 Clark, Douglas .... 88, 95, IOO, 117, 118, 121, 1:13, 150, 152, 172, 202 Clark, Mrs. Freda .... II7, I50 Clark, John .......... 2I4, 234 Clark, Marci ..... ....... 2 I4 CLASS OF '68 ..... ..... 3 26 CLASS OF '69 ............ 286 CLASS OF '70 ............ 303 Clawson, Carol .... 24, 27, 90, IOO, 234 Clay, Cathy .... I6, 22, 23, 3I, BI, 9I, I72, 276 Clayton, Brian ............ 234 Cleary, Michael ........... 234 Clemm, Dean ........ IO3, 234 CLENNIE'S C AND C CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIEJS4 Clifford, Connie 43, SI, 2l4 Climer, Nancy ........ 93, 2I5 Closey, David .... ....... 2 34 Cochran, Robert .......... 234 Coffey, Jill ........... I72, 260 Coffman, Robert .... 99, IIB, II9, I26, I72, 274, 30I Collins, Martin ..... .... 2 I5 ' I72 Collins, William .... .... Combs, Carla ..... ...... 2 I5 Combs, Eddie ...... . .... . 2l2 Combs, Linda ......... 3I, 2I5 Combs, Pauline ........... 234 Common, William .... 54, 234 Compton, Dwight .. 24, 27, 28, IIB, II9, I22, I73 Conley, Rickey ........ 54, 234 Conrads, Douglas .... IO3, 235 Congdon, Cheryl .......... 2I5 CONTINENTAL BEAUTY SHOP Cook, Tannls .............. 235 Cooney, Henry ............ 235 Coons, Linda .. 24, 27, 90, IOO, 235 Cooper, Melissa .......... 2l5 Copeland, Barbara ....... I73 CORBAN REALTY COMPANYO 3I Corsmeier, Beverly .... 79, 96, 2l5 Cotter, Valerie .... 22, 23, 2l5 Coulles, Sandra ...... IOO, 2l5 Cox, Ernestine ............ I62 Cox, Susan ................ 235 Coy, Sally ............. 96, 2l5 crsbsii, Mr. David 46, 159, 328 Craft, Yvonne .. 22, 43, 8I, 2l5 Crawford, Anne ....... 77, 235 Crawford, Leander .... 73, 235 EARL D. CREAGER ....... 297 Creager, Carolyn .. 90 97 I73 Creeger, Thomas .......... 2I5 Croghan, Catherine .. 77, 9l, 2I5 Cromer, Marcia .. 3I, ll0 2l5 Cross, Mr. Winston ....... I63 I73 235 235 235 Crouch, James 30, 3I, Crouch, John .............. Cruea, Frederick .......... Cruise, Robert ....... 2I5, Crum, Deborah ..... I02, IO4, 114, I73 Crumrine, Vicki .... 22, 3I, 43, I20, l2l, 2l5 Cruz, Calixto ............. 2l5 Cruze, Rita ............ 96, I73 Culbertson, Sue .......... 2I5 CULP'S CAFETERIA ...... 30l Cupp, Gary ........... 30, 235 Curry, Gary ............... 2l5 Curtis, Daniel .... .... I 74 Curtis, Darrel ...... 2I5 Cushen, Cathy ....... 235 Cushen, Kenneth .......... 235 Cushen, Ellen ......... II4, 2l5 CUSTOM LAMP AND SHADE SHOP ................... 294 D Dahlman, Patricia ..... 30, 235 DALE FASHIONS ......... 273 Dalton, Mrs. Joyce ........ 23 Daly, Jennifer, ...... 2I5 Damico, Pete ...... I62 Damico, Steven .... 2l5 Daniels, Darrel ........... . I74 Daring, Ronald ........... DARRELL APT, D. V. M. .. Da rst, Debbie ..... 24, 27, Daugherty, John .......... Davenport, Charles ....... DAVID'S BUFFET ......... Davidson, John .... 54, 73, CHARLES DAVIS FLORISTS INC. Davis, ciiiiiih! 255. Davis, Dwight ...... 27, 28, l32, Davis, Jack .... ....... Davis, John .... 75, Davis, Julie ............... Davis, Lynne ....... 22, 3l, Davis, Miss Merrilla ...... Davis, Michael ........ 60, Davis, Miss Pat ........... Davis, Philip .............. Davis, Scott ...... 85, II7, Day, John ........ ......... Day, Robert ........... 84, nAvroN cAMe8A SHOP, INC. .................... aio oAYroN CLARK, M. D. .. sos DAYTON CONTACT LENS LAB, mc. ............. . 3l0 DAYTON ETCHED PRODUCTS, CO. , ................... 267 DAYTON RELIABLE ....... 265 DAYTON RELIABLE TOOL In MANUFACTURING, CO. DAYTON SHOWCASE .... D li C TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, INC. ...... . Deady, Sylvia ............. DeBolf, Bruce . .......... .. Decker, Slephanie ........ DeFrance, Chris .......... De Lafer, Richard Dell, Shirley .............. Dellaria, Michael ..... I74, Dellinger, Dennis ......... DELMAR .......... ...... Delscamp, Denise ......... Demougin, Susan ..... 945 I0 Dempsey, Mr. Thomas .... Denharf, Kafhy ........ 3l, 54, 75, Denka, Kafhy ..... Bl, l00, Deppen, Joseph ..... 2l5, Derrick, Brenda ........... Derrick, Mr. Donald 28, 35, Rebecca 28, 63 305 254 294 2l5 235 235 235 99, 2l5 235 108 215 260 235 100, 235 I63 175 2l5 2l7 285 235 29, 154 Dias, James ........... 49, Eafon, Lenor .......,. l02, 2I6 Eberhard, Roy .... 65, 66, l28, I76, 274 Eckerf, Jeffrey I20, I23, 2I6 Eden, Miss Frances 80, Edwards, Gregory ........ Edwards, Pafricia ......... Eglesfon, Barbara . ........ Ekey, Janef ..... 22, 30, 48, 8l, I56 Ederer, Leslie ......... 90 2I6 2I6 2I6 I76 97, 114, 1113, 175 Elder, Sarah .. 30, 94, II2, 236 Ely, Michael ........... 95, 2I6 Emery, Galen .. 27, 28, 75, 236 Emmons, Pafricia ...... 24, 27, l02, II4, 2I6 256 ENCRETE, INC. .......... . Enwrighf, Nancy ...... 48, IOO, II3, I76, 256 Erbaugh, Mr. Richard ..... I59 Ersfed, Mary .............. 2I6 Esoosifo, Charles .... .!. 236 Esselsfein, Pal' ..... 236 Esfabrook, Hugh .......... I76 Esfes, Jackie .............. 236 Esles, Vida ........ 3l, 49, 2I6 Evans, Mrs. Geneva ..... l62, I63 Evans, Margaref 22, 30, 236 Evers, Roberf ........ 99, 2I6 Ewry Connie 22, 48, 97, I76 Ewry, William ............ 236 Defrick, 89, IOO, 235, 24I Deveny, Gary .. I9, 73, 89, 2l5 DeWalf, Dale ........ 235, 246 DeWall', Kafhy ............ l75 DeWiff, Neal ...........,. I75 ' 235 l75 Dick, Peggy .... ........... Loomis Sisfers, played by Diane Scimone, Gail Hawk and Mary Jo Bagley, reacl' wifh Dicke, William .. 24, 25 27, 28, 88, 95, I75 C. W. DICKERSON, M. D. 308 Dickey, Mr. Richard 54, l42 Dieferlek, John ........ 75,' 235 Dielz, Sfeve .............. 235 Digregorio, Teri . ...,.. 2355 i ' I7 Dill, Jim ........ ........ Dils, Jacqueline .... 22, 23 DIMCO-GRAY, CO. ..... . Dinsmore, Diana Dinsmore, Mary , , Dinsmore, Wilma ......... Dobrino, Linda .... 47, 90, IOO, Doebler, Timofhy ...... 75, Doggeif, Becky 97, II7, Dolfman, Sue .......... 22, 48, 175 270 175 235 215 94, 175 235 175 30, 48, l75, l86 Doll, Dan ........ I02, I25, I75 DOMINlC'S RESTAURANT Donahue, Gary ........ 3l, l75 Donovan, Mark 47, 95, II7, II4, l42, l75 DOOLEY'S PHARMACIES Doosenbury, Ray ........... 54 Dormifzer, Richard ........ 2l5 DOROTHY LANE MARKET 289 Dorslen, Janice ...... IO4, I05, IO6, IO7, I75 Dofy, Douglas .... 54, 99, 2l5 Dowler, Jackie ............ 235 Downey, Ann .............. 235 Downin Jeanne 77, 2l5 g ...,... Downing, Joan .. IOO, II3, IIB, I20, I33, l75 Doyle, Donna ............. 235 Draisker, William ......... 235 Drakos, Eleni .. 78, 79, 97, I02, IIS, l22, l75 Draylon, John ..... 54, 73, 235, 304 Drayfon, Philip ..... I4, 54, 57, 52, 72, 73, 99, I28, 175, 272, 274, 287 Dross, Susan .............. 2l5 Drummond, Walfer .. IO3, 532 3 Dunnick Duckwald, Ronald ..... 54, 99 Dudis, Jim ............ , Duerr, Cheryl ......... ll2, I76 235 Dulmus, Kandi ............ 235 Dunaway, Jerry ........ 75, 2l5 Duncan, William .......... 235 Dunfee, Timofhy ....... 73, 235 Dunfield, Mr. Burlon ...... I40 DUNHILLS, INC. ....... I .. 274 Dunlap, John ............. 2l5 Dunlevy, Mary ......... 3l, I76 Diana ........ 22, 2l5 F F 5 F MOLD 8. DIE worucs, INC. .................... 272 Fahrney, Richard 47, 50, 75, 95, I76 FAIRMONT WEST BOOSTERS FAIRMONT WEST PEP CLUZ 2 FAIRMONT WEST RHYTHMETTE CORPS I967- 68 ....................,. 292 FAR HILLS COFFEE SHOPPEB4 Farren, Susan .... 36, II6, II7, II9, l22, I76 Fauble, Paflly .......,. 3l, I76 Faulsfich, Sfeve ........... I76 Federle, Joy 27, 28, 48, 79, 102, 123, 175, 181 Feeback, Brenda 49, 93, Feeman, Alexandra 28, IOO, 236 Felf, Diane ................ 236 FELIZ OFFICE APPLIANCES, INC. .................... 3l0 Ferguson, Blake ........... 236 Ferguson, Mr. Carl .... 95, I47 Ferguson, Jerry ........... 2I6 Ferguson, Mr. Roberf ..... I37 FERGUSON, ROBERT B., REALTORS .............. 290 Ferrigno, James .......... 236 Fefzer, Shirley ............ 2I6 Fefiig, Mr. Mark ......... I40 FIDELITY PRESCRIPTION Fielder, Carol .... 32, 48, l32. I76 l5O, Fielder, Mrs. Winifred ..., I37 Filo, Larry .......... ...... 2 I6 Fine, Karen ....,.. l48, 2I6 Finegold, Mike 3l, 34, 54, 75, 95, 99, 2I6 DR. ROBERT R. FINK ..... 308 Finkam, Mr. David .... 25, l54 Finke, David .............. 236 FINKE-JESKE ........... 304 Finke, Katherine 43, , 2I6 I76 236 2I6 3l0 236 236 53 Firth, Wal'rer ..... 46, 105, Fischer, Fred ......... IO2, Fisher, Rebecca 49, l22, FISHER HARDWARE ..... Fisk, Carol ....... 9l, Il0. Flanagan, Kathleen ....... Flanagan, Kim ............. 3I Flanagan, Pafrick ......... 2I6 Flalfer, Mr. L. Howard I36 Flavin, Terence ..... 24, 27, 28, 236 Fledderiohn, Jim ..... 99, I25, ' 142, 177, 201, 300 E Dunnick, Donna .... 22, 23, 44, 80, 8I, 97, I76 Dunnick, Millard 54, 75, 235 Duponf, Judifh ........... 2l5 Duponf, Roberf .. 98, I76, Durbak, Karen ............ I76 Dyer, Mr. Don .... 54, I46, I47 Eads, Daniel ......... l02, 235 Eagle, Mary .......... I00, 2l5 THE EARLY AMERICAN SH?P Fleifz, Ronald ...... 24, 27, 95, l22, 2I6 Flora, Ronald ............. 2I6 Flory, Linda ....... 48, 96, 2l6 Flynn, Marcia ...... 38, 48, 78. IO9, I20, 2I6, 286 Flynn, Ronnie ......... IOB, I77 Flynn, Vance ....... l6l, 2I6 Fochf, Sheila .. 30, 93, IIB, I77 Foley Jeffrey ........ I20, 2I6 Folfz, Thomas ............ I77 Folz, Jeanne . . ai, 94, 103, 235 Ford, Slephen ............ I77 Foorden, Claude ........... 27 Fouke, Jerry ..... lO2, I77, 258 ARTHUR E. FOUKE, M. D. 308 disgusf af fhe presumed "sfick" of Mrs. LaRue in The senior play "ivlrs. IvlcThing 91, Fox CLEANERS .,.....,. Fowler, Mrs. Berneice .. Fox, Roberl... ...... Fox, Allen ..... 38, 54, France, Donna ......... Franklin, Camille ...... l02, I04, Franz, Rebecca .... 30, Frazier, George ........ Frazier, Larry .......... Frazier, Linda ...... 22, Frederick, David ...... 54, 120 .25 112 90, 1 I8 .3.l. 95, 1 1 LEWIS O. FREDERICK, M. Frederick, Timofhy ........ Freeman, Douglas ..... 24, Freeman, John ..... 54, 59, French, Dean .......... 73, Freeman, Alexandra 27, Frick, Jay ................. Friesel, Cheryl ........ 236, FRISCH'S BIG BOY ....... Friffs, Cynfhia, ........ 49, Fry, Ronald ............... Frye, Diana ..... ........ Fryer, Linda .... .... I I4, Fryman, Ella .............. Fryman, Penny ...... 3l, 47 Fugefl, Diane ...... 25, 97, Fullenkamp, Sandra 9l, Fuller, Max ............... Fuls, Jo Anna ..... , ...... . Fulfon, Yolande .... 3l, 63, 2I6 Funck, Miss Leah ..... Funderburg, Mr. Alvin Funkhouser, Sfeven .... l42 Furlong, Mark ............ F. W. LOTZ PAPER CO. . G A. S. GABRIELE, M. D. . Gabriele, William ....... Gaddis, Tony .... 95, 151 310 215 215 215 82, I78 l00 I78 236 236 2I6 2I6 D. 308 I78 27, 236 236 2I6 236 236 249 293 236 2I6 2I6 2I6 235 , 94 178 235 178 215 90, 2l8 I43 l07, I47 236 2I6 274 308 I78 236 Gaffney, William ...... 54. Gage, Douglas ........ 95, Gallagher, Miss Eleanor . Galloway, Mark ........ Galloway, Paul ........... Ganger, Stephen .......... Ganfz, David .... 7, 65, 66 Gardner, Timoihy .... I25, Garlifz, Vicki ..... 96, l00, Garreff, Roberf .. 49, I20, Gary, John . .............. Geaffy, Barbara .... 2, I6 2I, 42, 43, 48, 63, I79, .Gebharf, Gary ............ Gebharf, John ............ Gedeon, Richard ..... l08. Geis, Susan ............... GEM CITY ICE CREAM .. GENUINE AUTO PARTS .. Geoghegan, Berfha ....... Gerber, Mrs. Joyce ....... Geske, Colleen ...... Geyer, Dayne ...... Geyer, Roberf ............ Giallombardo, Dan ....... Gibbons, Hamilfon .... Gilberf, Claudia ...... 28, Gilberf, Robin ........ 30 Gilkey, Gregg ........ l05 Gill, Barfon ............... Gillan, Barbara ...... IOO, Gillan, Rebecca .. 79, I44, Gillman, Harry ........,.. Gillon, Julia .... IO3, l50, Glascock, Carol . ..... 47, I20, l2l Gochoel, Jeffrey ..... 7l: Goehagen, Berfha ........ Goefcheus, Mrs. Beffy .... Golob, Deborah .. 76, ll7 Goode, Roberf ........ 73 Goode, Sian ..... 43, I47. Goodman, Greg ...... 60, Gould, Daniel ............ Gowdy, Mrs. Eileen ...... Graham, Joanne ..... Graham, Karl ...... Graham, Lynell ........ 3l Graham, Mr. Wylie ....... l58 Granger, Sieve ............ 49 Granl, Carl . .............. 269 Granl, Marilyn ..... 82, 83, Ill, Grass, Danny .......... 73, Grave, Rulh .............. Graves, Mr. Charles ...... G'-iv. Gregory ....... 108, Graybill, Peggy .. 46, ll8 Green, Thomas 95, IOO, 90, 217 235 100 149 179 I79 ' 124, 2l7, 220 Greene, Deborah ......... 236 Greer, Linda ...... 48, 90, l00, , I79 II4 THE GREGORY AGENCY .... 283 Grisso, Tonya ...... . Greimann, Sally .......... 236 Gflce. Mr. Charles ........ 328 Griffin, Caihy ............. 2I7 Griffin, John ......... IO6, 236 Griffifh, Richard .......... 236 Grillmeier, Samuel ........ I79 Grillof, David ...... .... I 79 Grimshaw, Terri ........... 236 2l7 2l7 Griswold, Richard ........ GROBY'S GARDEN CENTER .. 3l0 Grodrian, Alan .. IO3, l04, 236 Grodrian, Marfha l03, l04, I79 lI8, I33, Gross, Deborah .... 47, 90, 2l7 Grossman, Wolfgang ...... 3l, l8I Grofhian, Doug .... 54, 62, 99, l8I Grorz, Denise IOO, Il2, 2l7, . 260 Grove, Aniia ...... 92, 93, l8l Grove, Rufh ....... 24, 27, 236 Grover, Carolyn ..... II4, II6, 122, 217 Groves, Roberl ..... . l8l Gruber, Susan ............ 2l7 Grueber, Arnold .......... 2l7 Guise, Kevin .... IO3, IOS, IO6, I32, I34, l35, l8l Gulasa, Carolyn .......... 236 Gulasa, Diana ............ I8I Gundersen, David ......... 236 Korosei Victoria ..... 100, COL. EMERICK L. , 114, 117, 118,120 Hardy, Mr. DeWitt ....... Hopkins, Steven .......... Ladd. Hart, Martha 44, 48, 63 enable its members to practice the techniques Gunn, John ............... Guthman, Miss Kathryn 1-1 Habel, Leslie ..... 49, 97, 118 Haberer, Harry ........... l Haberer, Stephanie ....... Haddix, Gail ............. Hahn, Barbara ..,.. 11, 31, 91, Hahn, Cynthia ..... 24, 27, , 34, 114, Haines, Mr. Clark ........ Haines, Mr. Wesley 27, Hale, Jacque ............. Hale, James .............. Hale, Jay ................. Hall, Carla ........... 237, Hamilton, Joseph .. 42, 43, 67, 68, 99, 165, Hamilton, Peter .. 24, 27, Hammer, Michael .... 112, Hammond, David .... 109, Hammons, Harless ........ Hammons, Teresa ...,. 47, Hampton, Charles ........ Hampton, John ........... Hanauer, Judith 31, 49, Hanlin, Susan ..... 24 27, 65. 182 105 237 182 Hammer, Wayne ...... 31, 237 182 237 218 218 182 218 , 100, 237 Hansen, Stuart ............ Harbaugh, Janis .. 77, 81, Hardesty, Charla ..,... 94, Harding, Linda .. 31, 112, 120, Hardy, David 118, 133, Harley, Frances ........... Harley, Lynn . ............. Harlow, Dennis ....... 237 HARLOW TRUCKING CO. CHRIS HARRIS TELEVISION . ......... .-.....,.. .... Hart, Fred ................ Hart, Jane .... 31, 79, 82, 97, 90, 110, 143, Hartley, Sandra 92, 93, Hartrantt, Joanne .... 96, 127, 103, 202, 204, Harvey, Michael .......... Harvey, Steve .......... 54, Hass, Georgia 49, 120, 183, Hatcher, James ........... Hater, Sister Mary Ann Hathaway, Mike 40, 41, 00, 89, 95, 100, 102, 117, 120, 121, 183, 218 142 101, 181 Hattstaedt, Christine ..... Hattstaedt, Paul ......... HAUER MUSIC STORE Hauser, Barry ........,.... Havter, Mark ............. Haverstick, Bryan ...... 46, 109, 183 Hawk, Gail 28, 91, 100, 117,118,120 121 HAYDEN-NORTON, INC. . Hayes, Chris .. 49, 90, 97, Hayes, Hayes Hayes Hecht Heck, Heck, Claudia ............ Victoria 118, 123 Deborah ..... 100, 120, 121, -133 Linda ............. Michael .... 60, 99 Deborah ...... 122 Hedden, Nancy 82, 100 Heeter, Richard .......... Heistand, Mr. L. J. . .... .. Heitzman, Miss Heller, Richard Ruth ..... Helmer, James 99, 120, Helmer, Steven ....... 54, Helton, Mark ..... 24, 27, Helton, Vickie . A ....... 96, Hemker, Wilter .... 102, Henderson, Mr. Edmund 24, 27, 100, 100, 237 114, 182 100, 237 100, 263 121, 250 118, 283 Henderson Sally ...... 94, Henderson, Sarah ......... Hendricks, Richard ....... Hendrix, Robert . ..... 105, Henn, James ............. Hensley, Gwen . .. 13,92 183, Hermetz, Helen ........... Hermosillo, Joseph ....... Herndon, Ernest ...... 108, Herring, Betty .... 31, 114, Hesler, Diane ............. Hester, Larry ............. Heywood, Sally .... 76, 82, H 8. H MACHINE TOOL C Hibbs, Linda ......... 114, Hickey, Barbara 22, 48, Hicks, Dennis ............. Higgins, Melinda ..... 36, 117, 110, 119, 126, 184, Highland, Mrs. Barbara .. Hike, Mrs. Lois ........... Hildebrandt, Katherine Hiiarent, Jay .. 40, 70, 90, 219, Hildreth, Mr. Robert .. 54 Hill 6 , chad ............. s, Hill, James ........... 47, 1-lill, Melvin 43, 65, 211 Hill, Sherry ............... Hillgruber, Dick .......... Ski Club, a new addition to Fairmont West's club roster ot 44, treks to Bellbrook to learned at bi-monthly meetings. 91, 218 237 270 237 . 24 88, 257 107, 183 285 101, 183 117, 183 237 103 210 237 02, 237 210 103 151 143 218 124, 183 237 210 237 237 159 112 237 183 237 218 93, 263 162 218 183 183 218 218 237 O. 307 184 219 184 100, 278 143 160 238 120, 301 143 99 184 219 219 219 HILL TOP HOUSE ........ 310 Himes, Amelia ...... 184 Himes, Harley ............ 238 Himes, Naomi ............ 184 Hinds, Mr. Milburn ....,.. 149 Hinds, Susan ...... 84, 90, 123 Hinkley, Joan .,... 31, 48, 112, 184 Hinkley, Thomas ..... 109, 238 Hippie, Gary .... 27, 106, 141, 291 HIPPLE, IRELAN AND KINZER ADVERTISING AGENCY .... 291 Hirtzinger, Mr. Terry ...... 328 Hitte, James .... 31, 231, 238, 241 Hively, Linda ............. 219 Hodgson, David ..... 117, 125, 184 Hoel, Daniel .... 238 Hoener, Robert . ..,... 73, 184 Hogner, Susan ............ 238 Hotthines, Craig 24, 27, 28, 99, 146, 184 Hotterberth, Mr. Carl .... 162, 163, 328 Hogan, Timothy .......... 238 Hohn, Vera ....... ...... 1 62 Hoke, James .............. 219 Holden, Ronald ....... 24, 238 Holden, Sally ...... 31, 94, 219 Hollins, Eric .. 13, 60, 133, 184 HOLLOWELL .......... 296 Hollowell, Lana 22, 30, 184, Holthouse, Bev ............ 49 Holztrager, Mr. Hans ..... 159 Homer, Mrs. Frances .... 160 Hoover, Alice ........ 110, 238 Hopkins, Linda ..... 30, 88, 90, 184 129, 296 '219 Horn, Dianne .......... 94 238 Horn, Marilyn .... 48, 112, 184, 263 Horne, Douglas ......, 27, 238 Horning, Barbara ......... 219 Horning, Patricia ......... 219 Horrell, Dee ........ s 49, 238 Horrell, Jack ..... 89, 120, 219 Horton, John ........... 115 Hoskins, Ruth .. .. 238 Hottle, Steve ..... . 184 Houck, Sue ............... 219 Houseworth, Sue 24, 27, 28, 238 Howard, James ....... 31, 219 HOWARD JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT .......... 266 HOYNE'S FUNERAL HOME .. 284 Hubble, Candi .... 22, 93, 184 Hucke, Barbara ...... 154, 238 Huden, Mike .... 108, 184 Hudson, Deborah ........ 219 Huff, Dennis .............. 219 Hutt, Lovanna ............ 238 Huffer, Bruce .......... 75, 238 Hufter, Charles .... 24, 27, 28, 95, 117,118,132, 185 Hulsey, Joan .............. 219 Hulsman, Marcia .. 24, 27, 28. 31, 100, 219 Hurnes, Mr. James ........ 163 Hunsaker, Bill 105, 106, 107, 185 HUNTER SAVINGS ASSOCIATION .. Hurst, Margaret .......... Hurt, David .......... 108, Hutchinson, Sherry ....... Hutchison, Steve ...... 28, Hutton, Gary ..... 99, 120, 310 162 185 Hurt, Diane .......... 123, 219 219 238 219 llo, Eugenia .............. 219 lmig, Barbara ..... 76, 88, 102. 298 118, 119, 122, 185, lmig, Mariorie .... 49, 82, 102, 239, 298 IMPERIAL FOODTOWN .. 295 270 lngersol, Stephen , .... 28, IMPERIAL HOUSE MOTELS THE INN ................. INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY or Ol-IIO ....... ....... lreton, Michael ....... 75, IRVIN, JACK E... 310 lrelan, Kim ............... 219 239 310 J Kern, Marilyn ......... 49, Kershner, Marilyn .. 22, 30 100, 114, 148 Kesling, David .,.. 27, 28, KETTERING CAR WASH . KETTERING FEDERATION TEACHERS ...,......... KETTERING-OAKWOOD TIMES ...,............... KETTERING YMCA ....... Ketzel, Diane ........ Kevern, Robert ........... KIDDIE KASTLE ........,.. Kiefaber, John ........ 95, W. H. KIEFABER ......... Kilbane, Richard Kincaid, James King, Douglas .... King, Kingsley, Barbara .. .. Kingston Paula . .... .. Kirby, Nancy ...... 01 Timothy ........... KIRCHER, HELTON, 81 COL Kirk, J Kiser, Kiser, LETT ............... ud1th .............. Steven 47, 74, Kisling, Stephen .. 43, 1 120, 211, 219 75 Peggy ......... .. 65 Jackson, Bruce Jackson, Curtis ..,....... . 54 185 Jackson, Dean 54, 239 Jackson, Gary ............ 239 Jackson, Phyllis ....... 28, 103, 114, 117, 219 Jackson, Robert .......... 239 JACOUE'S FLOWERS .... 310 DRS. JACOBS, WELLS, 81 ALBRECHT ............. 308 Jameson, Alan ............ 239 Jamison, Gary ............ 219 Janes, Mr. Robert .... 104, 151 Janning, Timothy ......... 239 JEMIMA RUSSELL'S ...... 272 Jenkins, Mariorie ...... 31, 239 Jewell, Marc ....r. 54, 99, 219 DR. AMBROSE JOHNSON Johnson, Barry ........ 73, Johnson, Patricia . ..... . Johnson, Perry ............ Johnson, Sherry ........... Johnson, Timothy ......... Johnston, Mrs. Dorothy Johnston, Jettry ....... 73, Jones, C larence ..... . Jones, James 308 219 239 219 219 239 160 239 219 185 239 239 Jones, Janet .... .... 3 1, Jones, Juanita ........ 49, Jones, Michael ..... 24, 27. 100, Jones, Robert Jordan, Janet ............. JOSTEN'S ...... . ........ . 28, 219 219 239 288 Klank, Richard ........... Klase, Karen ............. Kline, Kathy .... ....... Kling, Gregory ..... 42, 43 73, 99 Kludy, Mr. Lawren ....... Kneidl, John ......,... 54 Knight, Gary ...... 54, 99 Knipp, Richard ., 6, 54, 56 62, 85, 99 Knoblock, Michael .... 28 Knox, Carol ...... .... .... Kaahli, Dale .......... Kochli, John ..... 95, 123, Koerner, Thomas ...... 54, Kohl, Robert .. 54, 75, 99, Kohler, Lynn .............. KOHLER'S KATERING .... Kohler, Richard ....... 5515 Koller, Richard .... 54, , 118, 133, DR. W. S. KOLLER ....... Kolp, Ted ..... , .......... . Konicki, Paul .... 117, 132, Konrad, Dorothy ..... '49, Korczynski, Doris .. 50, Koriegs, 0.41.1441-3 .. 101,' 114, Kowaski, Robert .... .. 112, Kraft, Judy ............ 28, Kramer, George . ......... Kramer, John ..... ..,... Krapf, Linda .... 96, Krett, Carol .............. Kreutzer, Steve ....... 108, Krieger, Regina . .... 78, Kritzer, Mr. Robert .... 15, Kronbach, Mrs. Karen ..... 102, Kronour, Randall . ..... 54, Krug, Donald ..... ...... Krynzel, Carol ......... 79, Kuhn, Gary .............. Kuldau, Mr. Joseph .,.. 12 143, Kurtz, Diane 28, 77, Kurz, Richard .... 105, , 82, 177 Joustra, Nanneka 7, 10, 76, 89, 114, 115, 117, 129, 174, 185, 291, 298 Judd, Karen .............. 219 Judd, Larry ............... 219 Judge, Lynn 79, 94, 100, 239 K KALB FURNITURE ........ 266 Kalbfleisch, David ..... 54, Karl, Mrs. Linda .......... 99, 186, 266 145 L La Barr, James ........ 60 LA BOUTIQUE ........... Lachey, John .... 118, 133 Lachey, Susan ..... 90, 100 Lackey, Lara ...... 78, 97, 220, 291 James ............. Karns, Gregory ........... 239 KAROL'S KEENE KLEANERSM0 Karosee, Vicki ............. 28 Kaylor, Mr. William 65,163 Kelly, Mary ............... 162 Keller, Judith ..... 22, 85, 100. 239, 245, 277, 303 Keller, Patricia ........... 136 Laird, Victor .. ........ 73, Lamberth, Charles .... 54. Lambright, Bruce ......... Lance. Karen ............ Land, Gregory ........ 30, Landrum, Delores .. 49, 93, Lane, Gary ............... Lane, James .............. LANG'S CHEVROLET ..... Lanham, Anntoinett ...... Kelly, Jane .... 31, 78, 91, 102. ' 114 117 120 219 Kelly, Martha ......... 96, 239 Kemp, Alan .... 24, 27, 28, 65, 95,100, 109, 117,219 Kemp, Pamela ..... 31, 76, 77, 90, 103, 117, 120, 121, 128, 219, 291 298 Kempfer, Diane ....... 97, 219 Kempfer, Janet .... 24, :27, Kemper, Maureen .. 30, 44, 70, 02, 90, 97, 120, 219, 303, 306 30, 186 Lantis, Daniel .... Larger, Carol ......... 96 Larger, Sharon ..... 49, 96 Larger, Shirley .... 49, 96 Lashley, William .. 24, 27 Latham, James 30, Lathrop, Mark ......... .. Lawson, Brenda ........... Lawson, Diana .... 79, 82, Lawson, Kerry ..... 24, 95, 31, 114 Monnier, Eugene ..., I05, MARKET ................ Morris, Roger . ....... l62 l88 I88 I88 Liu, Melinda ...... 9l, I03, 222 I63 240 l88 I88 Lawson, Teresa ........... I87 Layman, Shelia ........... 240 LE MONDE ART GALLERY Leakas, James ......... 24, 240 Leatherman, Linda .... 27, 28, 30, I88 Lecklider, Todd ....... 75, 240 Leeson, Mariorie .. 88, 96, l88, 197, 269 Leeson, Thorpe ........ 54 IOO, 2l7, 222, 253 Leff, Harriel .... ...... 7 9, 222 Leff, Thomas .... IOO, IO5, II6, II7, II8, I20, l5O, l88 Leggell, Bobby ........... 240 LElBOLD'S TEM TEE INN Leighly, Mr. Roberl ...... l60 LeMay, Helen II2, II4, 222 Levy, Joyce .......... II2, 222 DRS. LEWIS 81 HALEY .... 308 Lewis, Gary ............... 240 Lewis, Karen ......... IOO, 240 Lewis, Sandra .... 94, IOO, I20, 23l, 240 Lewis, William ............ 240 Lighl, Theodore ........... 222 Lindamood, Cynlhia ...... 94, IOO, II4, I53, 240 Lindsey, Tim , .............. All I6, 22, 23, 3I, l88 Linebaugh, Ted ....... 54, 240 Linsker, Jeffrey 3l, I20, Linebaugh, Rebecca Lisl, Elizabelh ............ Lislon, Kennelh 47, Ill, Liszak, Michael . ....... 47, Lillle, Linda .............. Lively, Mr. Luna ........... Lively, James ............. Livingslon, Roberl ........ Locke, Torn ............... LOGAN APPLIANCE SERVIEEO Logan, Kennelh ...... II9, I27, I88,274,297,328 Logan, Mr. Hal Logan, Mrs. Hal ........ 328 LOGAN STUDIO ......... 288 MIKE LOGSDON AND ASSOCIATES ........... 26I Logsdon, Michael .. 30, 54, 85, 99, 150, l88, 26I ARNOLD LOHMANN PAINT- ING AND DECORATING Long, Rex ................. 222 Longo, Nancy I2, I20, I2l, 128,188,258 Looby, Diane ...... 3I, IBS Loop, Miss Conn1e ....... I40 Lorlon, Deborah 30, 94, 222 LOWE BROTHERS ....... 297 Lowery, Sleven .... 75, 99, 222 Lowndes, Melissa ......... 240 Luckas, Mr. John ...... I36 Luckman, Allen . ...... , 240 Luckman Deborah .... 22, Illge i69 Ludwig, Derrill ....... lO8, l88 Luke, Janel 3l, 9l, I49. 222 Lunderman, Malcolm ..... II4, 118,188,192 Lufes, David .. 55, 59, 65, 68, 99, I88 Lulher, Peler 54, 70, 7I, 240 Lullrell, Janel ..... 3I, 222 222 240 I88 4l, Luyben, John ......... II7, Lybe, Phyllis .............. Lyden, Connie ............ Lyden, Margarel ......... 240 LYN GREER BEAUTY SCHOEN6 Lnn Nanc .... 30, lI8, l53, Y ' Y IB9 Lyons, Charles ........... 240 Lyons, Roger ....... .. IO9, 246 Lyllon, Jo 97, I02, I20, 222 IA MacCagno, Krisline 30, 33, 35,49,88,90,II4,II7,IIl 120,121,189 Maclnlyre, Anne 63, 77, 240 MacPherson, Roberl ...... 240 Malone, James .... 54, 7l, Maloon, Mrs. Erma 94, Maloon, Slephen ...... 54, Mallby, Slephen 7, 20 240 I45 240 33, 34, 53, 74, 75, 84, 87, 88, 89, 99, Il0, l89, 257 Manchesler, Mr. Websler ........... I63, 328 Maney, Charles .... 48, 89, 95, I20, I89 Manis, Cheryl ......... 48, 240 Manning, Donald ......... 240 Manlia, Larry ............. 222 Manzo, John .............. 222 MAR-LIN LOUNGE, INC . DON MEN DENHALL, INC 262 Mendez, Mr. Rafael 26, 27 Merrell, Ginny .. I6, 20, 22, 49, 90, 96, 97, ll8, l9I Merrell, William . 89, 95, I02, 240 Messer, Brenda ........... 222 METALLURGICAL SERVICE COMPANY .............. 3l0 METROPOLITAN .......,. 278 Meuser, Linda II4, I20, 222 Meyer, Ann ..... 44, 45, 76, 80, 8l, 97, l9l MEYER 8: BOEHMER FUNERAL HOME .,................ 273 MEYER'S MEAT 266 Meyer, Dennis . ........ 75, I9I Meyer, William ........... 240 MIAMI VALLEY DODGE .. 253 Michaels, Dick ............ 286 Michaels, Gail .. 30, 47, I3I, I93 Miles, Slephen ..... 54, 7l, 99, 240 Milkereil, Deborah ....... 240 Miller, Cynfhia ........ 30, l93 Miller, Dan ...........,... 222 Miller, James I4, 54, 58, 62. 99, l2B, I93, I94, 270, 274, 297 287 MiHeL Judah ..90,Il7,Ill 121,127,1a2,193,3o4 Mohanco, Madeline . ...... Mohr, Mr. Jerry .......... MOLERS BELMONT DAIRY .................. Moline, Carolyn .... 47, 78 Moll, Er1c ....... ...... Molz, Mr. Jack ........... Moncrief, Donald ......... Monnell, Claudia .. 24, 88 93, 94, MR. 81 MRS. E. H. MONNIER .............. Monnln, Charles .......... Monschke, Palrice ..... 94, Monlgomery, Mark .. II4, Mullen, Susan ........ I34, I94 Mullen, William .......... I95 Muller, Krisline ....... 97, 223 Mulligan, Beverly.. 3I, Ill, I95 Mumpower, Marcia .... IOO, ll4,II7,223 Munoz, Demelrio 7, IO, II2, II4, II5, I74, Murari, David ............. Murphy, Mr. Lawson . .... . Murray, Palricia ...... I. .I 3lO Marino, Dennis ........... I9O MARINOLE PARK ........ 307 MARKER 8: CO. .......... 3I0 Marquardl, Linda .... 63, 76, 89, 240 Marsh, Roger 99, I49, I9O Marshall, Carleen IO3, II4, 222 P. E. MARSHALL, D.D.S. .. 308 Marlill, Chrisline ......... 222 Marlin Mr. James ........ l45 Marlin Mark , ...... .... 2 40 Marlin Rhonda .....,..... 240 Marlin Sleven 95, I00, II7, IIB, I20, l2I, I32, I90 Marlinson, Debbie 42, 43, 48, 114, 211, 222, 3OI Mason, Judilh ........... 222 Mason, Sharon ........ 48, I90 Massey, Ronald ........... 240 Maslbaum, John .......... 240 MASTERCRAFT TOOL 8: DIE COMPANY ....... . ..... 283 Maslriana, Slephen .... 24, 27, I05, II7, 222 Maslriana, Susan .... IOO, lOl, II4, 240 Moore, Donald ........... MUTUAL OF.OMAHA .... 89, I95 24I I63 Murray, John ...... 59 99 I95 223 264 223 24I Moore, James .... .... Moore, John .... .... Moore, Linda Moore, Louise ............ Moore, Michelle .......... Moore, Ronald ..... 46, 47, 159,194 Moore, Sleve ............. Moran, Timolhy ....... 7l, MORAINE GULF SERVICE Morgan, Mr. Charles . 70, 90,98 Morgan, Gene ............ Morgan, Lonnie ........ Morgan, Mary .......... Morgan, Rebecca .. 22, 30, Mack, Cliflon ............. 240 Mack, Dabney ........ IOO, l2l Mack, Ronald ............. 222 Mackelprang, Linda ...... 222 Macy, Richard ....... IO8, l89 Madden, Mrs. Bessie .. 9l, 233 Madden, Dennis ....... 75, I89 Madden, Marcia .......... 240 Madliger, Ronald ......... 222 Madole, Vickie ..... 3l, 77, 82, I02, II4, 222 Maecler, Richard ...... 3l, 222 Maerker, Mr. Bill ....... 328 Maess, Ann ....... 48, II2, 222 Magruder, Jane ....... 3I, 222 Mahfouz, Jeanne .... 48, l29, 222, 25I, 282 MATERIALS HANDLING .... 259 Malhes, Peggy .... 8, 63, I26, I9O, 252 Malla , Terry ..... 47, IIB, I9O Mallingly, John 54, 99, 222 HANS A. MAUCH ........ 3I0 Mauch, Veronica ..... I9O, 29I, 298 Maurice, Mark .... .... I 90 Maurice, Philip I9O Maus, Mr. Frank ......... I47 Maxwell, Debra ....... 49, l9I Mayer, Carol .... .... 9 0, 222 Mayes, John ...... ....... 7 3 Mazak, Sandra ........... 240 McAllisler, Nancy .... I66, l9I McCarlhy, James .. I3, 60, 75, 99,118,19 McClellan, Georgeene .... 3I, 78, 82, 222 McCoppin, Pamela 97, l23, 222 McCormick, Charles .... 240 McCormick, Mr. Mall 328 McCreighl, Ronald ....... 222 McCoy, Mrs. Josephine l4I McDaniel, Kalhleen ....... 222 McEvoy, Michael ......... I9I McEvoy, Pal ........ 60, 62, 99 McEvoy, Ralph . ..,.,.... 240 McGirr, Michael ...... 99, l9l McGraw, Richard 95, I9l, 276 Mclnlosh, David .......... 240 Mclnlyre, Randolyn .... 24, 27, 28, IOO, 240 ROBERT D. MCKAY, D.D.S. 308 McKay, Roy ............... 240 McCulchion, Phyllis ....... l62 McKee, Jeffery ........... 240 McKee, Richard 46, 73, I9I McKnighl, Daniel .... 94, 95, 222 DR. H. E. MCKNIGHT 308 McKnighl, Howard .. 85, l9l, 258 MCLEAN'S .............. 296 McMillan, Deborah .1 II7, l26, l9l, 278 McMillan, Mrs. Elhelyn .. llg, I I McNull, Jane .... 22, II4, II6, II7, ll8, l2l, I9l McQueen, William .... 24, 27, 90, 95, IOO, 240, 30l McRoberls, Sleven l08, l9l McSherry, Linda 24, 27, 222 McTighe, Margo ...... 3l, 240 Meade, Nanella 30, 9l, l9I Meadows, Beverly ..... 92, I Meadows, Kirk ..... 30, 3l, 32, 222 MECKSTROTH REGER SHADE SHOP .......... 277 Medley, Pamela 3l, 79, 94 240 IOO, II4, Medley, William .... II4, II6, IIB, I9l Meeks, Nancy ......... 3l, 240 Mehl, Jack .... 65, 67, 68, 87, 88, 89, 99, 69 IW Miller, Mary .......... 94, Miller, Michael ........... Miller, Pamela ........ 30, Miller, Paul ............... Miller, Richard .. 6, 49, 54, 60, 99, II4, I93 Miller, Ronald ............ I93 Miller, Slephen ......... 222 Miller, William I93 Mills, John ..... ...... 2 22 Minge, Curfis ............ 24I Minnich, James ....... 54, 24I Minshall, Blanche ......... 222 Minshall, Sharon .. 24I Milchell, Ardelia ......... 222 Milchell, Eli ............. 24I Mitchell, Paul .. 60, 73, 99, 222 MODERN CARPET 81 RUGS 3l0 MORRIS SONS FUNERAL HOME .................. Morris, Bonnie ........ 92, l28, I94, Morris, Linda ...... 30, 93, Morrison, Deborah . I20, Morrow, Mr. Tony ......... Morlimer, Carole Mosher, James Moss, Jerry ............... Moll, Miss Penelope .. 76, I56, Mullen, Connie ........ 3l, Mullen, Michael .......... Myers, Cynlh1a ............ Myers, Debra ...... .... . .. Myers, Dennis . ............. 75 Myers, Thomas . 60, 6l, 62, 99,195 Myers, William .. ...... I95 PJ Nakashima, Linda ...... I95 Nagle, Reid .............. 24I Nangle, Sharon .... 3I, 79, 96, 24I Naso, Toni .... 3I, 88, 93, IIB, I95 Nassif, Nancy ..... 92, 93, I95, 269 Naudasher, Ronald ....... 223 Nazak, Palricia ........... 223 Neal, Mr. Thomas ........ I56 Neff, Ralph .......... IO6, 24I Neff, Sharon ...... ...... 2 4l Neff, Sue ....... .... l 24, 223 Neiberl, Philip ........ 75, 24I Nelson, Deborah .......... I95 Nelson, Roberl ..... II4, I20, l2l, 223, 227 Nelson, Sheila ......... 3l, 24I Nell, K Neville, ay ....... ........ 2 23 John .......... 54, 24I Neville, Thomas ...... I05, I95 Newlin, Suzanne ..... . 30, I02, II4, 223 Nicely, Rebecca .... 24, 28, 30, 33, 35, 90, IOO, II4, lI8, Nicoll, I33, I95 George .. I07, IO9, l32, I95 Al lhe crack of lhe gun, Wesl's harriers surge ahead wilh slrained muscles and a delerminalion 'lo win which dislinguishes lhem from olher leams in compelilion. CENTER ..,............. Niehus, Carol 77, I20, 223 Nishimura, Michael ....... 224 Noble, David ......... 54, 242 Noble, Frederick ..... 54, l95 Noble, Keith ............... 99 Nolan, Mrs. Jane .... l26, l60, 328 Nolan, Michael .... I2, 47, 54, I20, l2I, l27, 224, 274, 303 Nolte, Smith Sosnewski, Karen ..... 96, Ili 22 r, Debbie ........ ,. 46, 9I Paddock, Patricia .. 22, 30, Sikes, Dianne .......... 3l, Scherbauer, Mr. John ..... Sififlgham. SCOH ---- --.- - Janice . 22, l00, II9, 24I, 242, 268 Nolte, Nancy .... 5, 22, 3l, 33, 35, 90, II4, II8, l2l, l28, l95, 252, 260, 282, Nordouest, Carol ......... 224 NORB ZIMMERMAN CONSTRUCTION . ...... 3ll Norris, Michael .,.. 47, 93, 95, 99, l95 Norris, Timothy ,... 24, 27, 242 Northrup, Gary ...... IO9, 242 Norton, Mrs. Elizabeth I54 3l0 THE NUT TREE ........... O O'Brien, Molly 99, 224 O'Bryan, Linda .. ..... 242 Odom, Richard ....... 73, 242 Odom, Ronald ........ 73, 242 OAKWOOD FLORIST ..... 253 Oeters, Linda ..... 93, 96, 224 Oeuvard, Debbie ..,... 30, 242 OFFICE OVERLOAD SERVICESS Ogg, Denise ....,......... 242 OHIO BELL ..... ......, 2 74 Oliver, William ,..... I02, 242 Olszewski, Carmen ........ l95 Opferkuch, Kristin l00, I33, l95 OPTICAL FASHION CENTEISOO O'Rourke, Patrick .... 95, ll6, II7, 224 Osborree, Michael ...... 224 Osterfeld, Dennis ..... 54, 242 Osterfeld, Paul ....... 54, 224 Ott, Dave ............. 54, 242 Otto, Rikki .... .... I 96, 262 Otto, William ...... . 224 Owen, Sandra .... . 242 Owens, Christine ...... 96, II4, I96, 254 Owens, Judy , .... l54, 23l, 242 Owens, Patricia .......... 242 Oxendine, Deborah .... 47, 49, 97, I96, 264 Oxendine, Herbert .. I02, Ill, 242 Oxley, Karen .............. 224 Oxley, Mr. Robert ......,. I37 P 97, l00, l20, IZI, 224, 250, 296 DR. L. E. PALMER ........ 308 Pancost, Chris .... 43, 7l, 242 Pancost, Pat ...... 48, I20, 224 PAN OHIO MORTGAGES, INC. . .,................. 27I Pansing, Michael .... IO6, 224, 294 Pansing, Susan ........ 76, 90, 97, l27, I96, 284 Pardue, William .. 75, 99, I22, I96 Parker, Jannelle .......... 224 Parker, Jay ...... ..... I I2 Parker, William ....... 49, 242 PARKMOOR .............. 279 Parks, Mr. Frank .......... I37 PAUL WELCH ENTERPRISES, INC. ......... , .......... 3ll RIAL T. PARRISH ......... 252 Parrott, Barbara ...... 94, 244 Patrick, Brenda ........... 244 Patrick, Judy 24, 27, 28, 224 Patrick, Michael .......... 244 Patterson, Dan ........ 75, 244 PATTERSON PARK HUMBLE ................ 3Il PATTERSON RESTAURANT ll Patterson, Michael ..... 75, 99, 244 Patterson, Robert 244 Patton, Brenda ..... . 225 Paulson, Barbara ...... 90, 225 Payne, James ..... ...... 2 44 Pean, Beverly ............ 244 Pehrman, Michael ......... 225 PENNY MOTORS, INC. . 3lI Percifield, Ann ............ 244 Perkins, Billey ............. 225 Perkins, Helen ....... II2, 244 Pernaveau, Melissa .. IIB, I96 Perry, Alan ............... 244 Perry, Mr. Donald ..... 75, I56 Perry, Shirley . ......... 49, 225 THE PET L GARDEN SHOP3H Petry, Diana .......... 28, 244 Peyton, John ..... Pflum, Pamela ....... PHIL AND JERRY'S FOODARAMA .......... Phillips, Dpvia .... so, 99, Phillips, Robert ....... 54, PHOTOLEO .............. PK HOME SHOPPING Platt, Sarah . 92, 93, I96, Plummer, Clinton ..... 54, Plummer, Melinda .... I20, POELKING LANE ......... POPPELMElER'S PAINTS .. Popovich, Barbara ........ Porter, Gary ............,. Potter, Mr. Ray ........... Poulter, Kathy ..... ..... Powders, Patricia .. Powell, Monica ...... PAUL PFAFF, D.D.S. ..... . Prather, Paul ..,, . ....... Preston, Linda ........ 92, 304 262 225 225 277 276 I96 244 Pottenger, Timothy 220, 225 l59 244 244 I96 308 I96 I96 l62 Price, Ann ................ Price , Mary ..... l00, II4, II9, I22, I96 Price, Sara ................ 225 Price, Scott ........... 54, 244 Prichard, Kenneth ......... 225 Priest, Dale ........ 225 Proctor, James .... 244 Proftit, Claude .... .... 2 44 Protfit, Mark ..... .... 2 25 Pryor, Lee ................ I96 244 Purcell, James ........ . Purdy, Cinda 5, 3l, 33, I20, I96, 254 Puterbaugh, Dariann .. Bl, 225 Pype Q Ouantz, Victoria .......... QUINIUS GRAPHIC AIDS CO. .............. . R Rahn, Douglas ............ Ramey, Mr. Charles ....... Raney, Robert 46, IO9, Rankin, Cliff .............. Rankin, Jeff ........ .... Ransdell, Donald ......... Rasor, Julia ........... 8l, Rasor, Thomas 75, RAY BRYANT CHEVROLET .,.,......... RAY'S FLORIST ........ Rea, Karen ........... II2, Readnower, Jeffrey ....... Reagan, Margaret . .... 3I, 292 276 244 Readnower, Douglas ...... 225 225 244 Real, June .............. ,. I96 225 Redenbaugh, Carol ....... Redmon, Leslie ...... I02, II4, II7, 244 Reed, Mr. Joseph ......... I47 Reed, John ............... 244 Reeder, Suzanne 92, 93, I97 Reese, Shirley ............. 225 Regan, Ross ............... I99 Rehling, John ...... 36, 5l, 99, IOO, I05, I97 PAUL E. REICHERT, D.D.S. Reigelsperger, Dan ....... I97 Reigelsperger, Tom ....... I97 Reinke, Diane .. 22, l00, 225 Reitz, Vicki .... 30, 96, 97, II4, I97, 254 Remnant, David ..... I02, lll, 244 Remnant, Donald ......... 225 Remnant, Dorothy I02, I04, IIO ,I l I, 225 Rexroad, Gary ............ 244 Reynolds, Janice 27, 28, 244 Rhoton, Beverly ........,.. 225 Rice, Rebecca ..... 48, 9I, I97 Rice, Rosemary ........... 244 Rich, Brenda .... ........ 2 44 Rich, Ray ........... ..... . I98 Richards, Claire 225, 48, 82, I00 Richard, John I05, l06, 244 Richards, Gary ........ 54, 244 Richardson, Barry .... ..... I 98 Richardson, Linda ......... 244 RIKE'S .................... 267 Riley, Kathleen .... 24, 27, II4, I20, 225 Rinehart, Sharon .......... 225 Riner, Rex .... ......... 9 9, 225 Ringer, Deborah .. 96, 237, 244 Risley, Mr. Lee ....... IOI, I53 Rix, Christy ............... 244 Rizzo, Ronald ............. 225 Roach, Julia ........... 28, 225 Robbins, Sharon .. 30, Ill, I98 Roberson, Carol .......... 225 Roberts, Donald 24, 27, 244 Roberts, Kenneth ........, 244 Roberts, Sharon ............ 49 Robertson, Anne ...... 96, 244 Robinson, Mrs. Charlotte ...III Robinson, Gary ........... 225 Robinson, Mr. James ..... I39 JOHN RODERER SHOES ................. 268 Rodgers, Mark ..... .. 244, 306 RODGERS PONTIAC .... 306 Rogers, Brian ............. 225 Rogers, Marcia ........... 225 Rogers, Nancy ...., 30, 49, 93, I99 Rogero, Nicholas .... 225, 253 ROLLANDIA GOLFING CENTER .....,......,.... 27I Roller, Paula ..... 22, II9, I29, I99 JAY P. ROLLER, M.D. .... 309 Romer, Robert ............ 244 Romer, Carl .............. l08 Romer, Carol .,........... I99 Rooney, Miss Margaret I45 Rose, Brenda .......... 90, 225 ROSEMAN'S BAKERY 254 Rosengarten, Curt ........ I99 Rosengarten, Randy ....... 244 Roush, Mr. Chester I36, I37 Roush, John .... I4, 30, 33, 34, 54, 56, 57, 62, 73, 99, I94, I99, 260, 289 ROUTSONG FUNERAL HOME ................ 256 Rowell, Susan .. 30, 48, 93, I99 Royer, Robert .. 54, 7l, Ruckman, Bob 3l, 89, 245 Rudy, Marilyn ............. I99 Rueckel, Beverly ....... 3l, 245 Ruef, Barb .... ..... 2 2, 3l, 245 Ruhlman, Richard ......... 225 DR. RICHARD RUNKLE . 309 Runvan, Jo Anne .. 46, I99, 276 Rupel, Richard .. ..... 245 Russell, Rosalind ........... ll Ryan, Don .,.......... I53, 225 Ryan, Doug ............... 225 Ryan, Robert ............. 245 Ryon, James .. 27, 28, 225, 228 S Sabee, John .............. I99 Sachleben, Roger .. 54, 99, 225 Saettel, Wanda ...... II2, 245 Sakornbut, Richard l00, 245 Sallee, Rebecca ........... 225 Sallee, Trudie ............. 245 SAN RAE BEAUTY SALON ........ ......... 3 ll Sanchez, Connie 3l, 77, 245 Sando, Virginia 77, 23l, 245 SANDY'S DRIVE-IN . ...... 3ll Sauer, James .......... 54, 245 Sauer, Michael ..... 3l, 33, 99, I99 Saunders, Pat .... ......... 2 45 Saunders, Sue ...... I6, 22, 23, IIB, II9, I22, I99 Savage, Deborah ......... Sayer, Connie ...... 3l, Bl, Scarborough, Pat ..... 24, Schaffer, Carol ..... 48, 49, l00, ll8, I20, I32, l65 245 245 225 90, I99 Schaeffer, mph ....... iw, 206 Schaeffer, Rebecca ........ I99 Schaerer, Connie .... I20, Schaffer, Chris ..... 24, 27, Schalnat, Walter ..... , l2l, 225 225 I05 226 W. E. JOHNSTON 81 ROBERT C. SCHAMEL, D.D.S. .. 308 Schellhase, Bona .. Schember, Mrs. Doris .... 98, II4, ll7, 220, 27I l24, l45 lea Schmidt, Kathryn . 24, 30, 78, Schmitt, Jill ...... 94, I43, Schmitt, Kathryn .. 4I, 94, Schnarre, Mr. Robert ..... Schneider, Claudia 90, Schneider, Nancy ...... 3l, Schonsheck, Bonnie .. I20, slnesivs ..............,, 5 SINGER sewme cshlreiz Schrager, Alan Schrand, Mike Schroat, Scott Schubler, Dave Schuler, Anne Schuler, Mr, Charles Schubler, Dave .... Schweibold, Dave ..... 84, Schweitzer, Susan .. Schwob, Sharon .... Scimone, Diana .. 90, l00, I I4, I I8 Scimone, Kathryn Scott, Scott, David ..... Gary . ....... 27, 49, . . . 22, 54, 7l, lv, 49, I20, l2l, .. l00, Scott, Mr. Jerry ...... I33, Scott, Lowell ......... IO9, Scott, Richard ..... 3l, 43, 75, Scudder, Dave Sea, Austin ........ Search, William .... Sebert, Harriet .... See berger, Mr. Ge Seibert, Craig .... Seibert, Debby Seibert, Janet . . . 'i'iI'2i. 90, l20, ne .. 30, 27, za, Seidel, Arnelle ..... .... Seidel, Clarence Seidel, Debby ..... Seidel, Frances ........,.. Semelsberger, Jack Senseman, Barbara '200' Service, Robert ....... 65, Settles, Jane ..... 90, I29, 25l, Severt, Linda ............ Sewak, Steven Sexton, Danny Sexton, Ruth 97, Sexton, Steve .... ....... Sexton, Sue ...... 3l, Seyler, Karla ......... 246, Slpe, Gre ............. I Sisk, Davegq ....... . 2 Sizelove, Tonya ............ Skidmore, Robert ........ 2 Slusser, Michael ...... 54, UR. RICHARD SMITH Smith, Bev ................ Smith, Cathy 9l, IOO, l ll8, I3 ' Smith, Mr. David .. ll23 Ai Smith, David K. ....... 54' 2 Smith, David L. IOI 2 Smith, Elizabeth ...... 2 Smith, Mr. Euqm-in N I Smith, Gary .. 3l, 34, 35 Z Smith, Howard ...,.... 30' 2 Smith, Mabel ............ ' l Smith, Nancy ...... 24, 27, 2 Smith, Nancy R. .... 90, I Smith, Pamela .... 48, l5l, 2 Smith, Paul ........ 24, 27, 2 Smith, Philip 24, 27, 95, 2: Steven . . , .... ..... . 2- Smitley, Rebecca ......... 21 Snavely, Vicki ........ 202 2' Snead, James ............. 22 Snead, Mike ...... 27, I05, I Snyder, Lois .............. 21 Sfivder. Mary .... 30, l42, 2: Sollenberger, Carol .... 47, 9 lsr, 2i Sollenberger, Gail ..... 30, 8 90, 94, 24 . 2. Sommer, Judith 48 8 21 Sorah, Barbara ..,. 92, 93, 2E Sorah, Marlene .... ....... 2 1 Shaeffer, Barbara ..... 48, IO6, I07, III, Shaefter, Doug .... Shafer, Gayle Shafer, Jane ....... Shahan, Cindy ..... Shahan, Sheila .... Shain, Kathy ..... Shampton, Jonatha SHANNON BUICK 54, 7l, 96, 99, 226, 92, 200, ffffiia SOUTH DAYTON HOME FURNISHINGS ......... 25 Spahr, Rebecca ..... 6, 63, 2 Spalt, Patricia Sparks, Allen Sparks, Johnnie ........... 2 Sparks, Larry .......... 95, 22 sppiilaihg, Sally 22l Spellmeyer, Susan ..... 3l, 24 Spencer, James ........... 22 Springer, Terry ........ 54, 24' Stacey, Gary ...... 54, 73, 24 Stahl, Paul ................ 20 Stahr, Susan .. 49, 82, l00, ll8 l50, 20 Stamas, James .... 3l, 54, 24 Stanley, Keith IOI, I05, l07 22 ,Stanley, Robert ...... I02, 24 Stanze, Priscilla .... ....... 2 4 Stanton, Sue .. 48, II2, 22 STARR PHARMACY ..... 3I Staubres, Susan ............ 3' Staubus, Susan ............ 24! Stauter, Mark .............. 2' Steeley, Lee ....... 49, 9l, 24! Steely, William .. 95, l06, IO7 201 Steffens, Evanthia .. 49, 79 Ridd, John 27, l00, 233, 30l Ridd, Walter ............. 244 Ridenour, Jeff ............. 73 Rieger, Lowell ........ I02, I98 Rieger, Steven ...... I02, 244 DR. W. K. RIEGLE ...... 309 Riel, Bruce .......... .. I98 Riel, Eugene .............. 225 Rike, Edward ...... 47, 75, 225 Rike, Norman .... 73, I98 Rike, Warren ..... . 244 Schierling, Janelle ..... I2, 22, 30, 99, 90, ll2, II4, lie, IIB, l20, I2I, I46, I99, 282 Schiewetz, Kenneth .... 75, 245 Schiller, Mrs. Judith ...... I53 Schlachter, James II2, II4, I24, I99 Schlachter, Joan 48, 79, 245 SCHLIENTZ AND MOORE ................ 253 Schmidt, Alice .. l0l, II2, 245 Shannon, Debbie ..... 226, Shannon, Robert ...... 31, Shantz, Gloria .... 22, 28, IO9, I20, Sharp, Linda ..... l28, 226, Sharp, Nancy ............. Sharpe, Bob . .......... 54, Sharritt, James 54, 73, Shartle, Gary ......... 54, Shedden, Lorraine ..... 93, Shedden, William ........ Shell, Debra ...... ........ Shepard, Gerald 43, 84, Sheperd, Dennis . 4, IR7, Shepherd, Gayle ...... 48, Shepherd, Phyllis ..... Sherbaure, Jack ........... Sherer, Douglas ....... 73, .. 54, 55, Sherman, Douglas 99, lI8, 200 Sherwood, Lorraine .... 92 200, Sherwood, Paula .......... Sherwood, Ronald .... 245, Shoemacher, David Shoup, Gregory ....... 54, Shrader, Patricia .. 3l, 93, 90 Shultheis, Kathleen .... Sibert, Janet .......... 96, Siddal, Debra ..... 22, 48, Sideroff, Linda ........... Silas, Patricia ..... SI, BI, 3l Siler, Janice Simons, Charles .... Simpson, Dave Simpson, James Simpson, Steven I02, , Sims, Mr. James ......... Sims, Karen .. 97, I02, II4 SIMPKINS-DELLIS INSURANCE . .......... . Sinclair, Kathleen ..... 94, 65, 97, I20, Steininger, Judy ....... 82, Steinke, Patricia .......... Stemper, Robert .. 65, 69, I 203, Stepens, Jane ..... 28, 48, Stephenson, Debra l i 90 20 24 223 c. N. STEMPER co 27' va 27I 20 22 I4 3l, Stephenson, Dick ......,.. Stephenson, James ........ Sternberg, Barbara .... 8l, Steuer, Richard .. .,.... Stewart, Benson ........... 20 24 20 20 Stewart, Daniel .. 95, IO6, IO7 20 24 20 24 22 II4, ll8, I33, Stewart, Vicki ..,.......... St. Felix, Gail ..........,. Stidam, Jim .............. Stiles, Harwood 60, 99, Stimmel, Sandra ..,.. 6, 8, 34, 35, 63, II2, II4, IIB, l l2o, l2l, 127, las, 203,270 203 Stiver, Mark .......... 60, Stokes, Benny ........ 203, ai, I9 Stoerker, Ronald .. 3l, 48, ll8, 203 227 Stoffer, Robert ........... 245 DR. A. M. STORRS ...... 309 Stork, Sue ....... II3, l8I, 203 Storrs, Kathryn ........ 76, 245 Strasser, Donald ..... l5l, 203 Strathearn, Pat 78, I20, 245 Strathearn, William ....... 203 Strausbaugh, Karen 90, I l4, l2o, l2l, lzfi, 203, 2sl, 269 227 24, 27, lor lil Strobino, Nan ......... Bl, 245 Strobino, Norman ..... 54, 99, 227 Stuck, James ............. 227 Stull, Craig ............... 227 KING, MAYERSON 81 STUMP, D.D.S. ................... 308 SUBURBAN SUNSHINE CLEANERS ............. 3ll Sullivan, Maureen ..... 94, 245 Sullivan, Timothy ..... 203, 269 Sultzbach, Mr. Richard .. I39 Sumner, Larry ........ I08, 203 Swabb, David ............ 227 Swartzel, Carol .. 44, 78, 79, 97, II8, 203 DR. ROBERT L. SWARTZEL 3 9 Swartzel, Robert . 75, 95, 227 Swartzel, Thomas ........ 245 Sweatt, Gary ............. 227 Sweeney, Patricia ......... 245 Sweet, Jill ......... 3l, 49,245 Swick, Connie ........ 94, 245 Swygert, Carol .......... 203 T T 81 C FLORISTS .... . 272 Tabert, Linda . ............ 247 Tackett, Mr. Elby .... IO6, I49 Tallberg, Louise .......... 227 Tallberg, Muffy ........ 77, II7 Tanner, Kenneth .... 30, 3I, 32, 35, I07, I2I, 205 Tarzinski, Mr. George ..... Taulbee, Sherry .,..... I03, Tamplin, Nancy ........... CALVIN S. TAWNEY MOVERS, INC. ..................... 278 95, I44, I45 Taulbee, Melinda ..... 93, 205 227 245 Taylor, Dona ...... 27, 8l, Ta lor, James ............. Y Taylor Judith .... ....... 247 205 , 205 Taylor, Peggy ............. 227 Telcher, Carol ..... 24, 48, 205 Tesmer, Linda ......... 49, 227 THAL'S ................... 252 THOMA CONTACT LENS Thomas, Mrs. Jean ........ l4I Thomas, Lynn ..... 97, 2II, 227 Thomas, Paula .... 49, II2, 227 Thomas, Rick .... .. 24, 27, IOO, IOS, I20, 247 Thompson, Connie ..... I6, 20, 63, 89, II8, I29, I77, 205, 273 DR. N. J. THOMPSON 309 3I Thompson, William .... , 33, 95, I02, 205 Thompson, Joseph ........ 247 Thompson, Tom ........... 227 Thoms, Rudolf ............ 247 Thornhill, Beverly ......... 247 Thornton, Sheryl ...... 46, II9, l24, 205 Thurman, Jason .. ..... 228 Thurman, Russell ....... 205 Thygerson, Debbie ..... 3l, 48, 97, I02, 228 TOBIAS FUNERAL HOME, INC. ,...... 279 Tobias, Gregory 248 Todd, Linda ..,.. ....... 2 06 Todd, Patricia ............ 228 Todd, Robert ......... 54, 228 73 Todd, William ..... 54, , 99, 206 TOP TV ................... 283 TOP VALUE ENTERPRISES, INC. ........ .......... 2 , 28l TOWN 81 COUNTRY FLORIST ................. 272 TOWN 81 COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER 293 TOWN 81 COUNTRY SUNOCO .............. 3ll Trace, Jeffery .... 24, I02, IO7, 228 Traub, David 54, 55, 62, 90, 99, II8, I33, I39, I68, 206, 297 Treat, Joli ..... 22, 48, 90, II8, l28, I64, l65, I73, 206, 289 Trenholm, John ....... I20, 206 JAMES B. TRIFFON, D.D.S. Triffon, Kent ....... 3l, 84, 206 Trimble, Douglas ......... 248 Trimble, Ronald .....,.... 228 Trimborn, Steven ......... 228 Tritch, Dave ........... 3l, 248 Trippett, Frank .. II2, II4, 228 Trivetfe, William ......... 248 Trudell, Charles .,......... 248 True, Wayne .............. 248 Tungate, Lori ......... I00, 248 Turner, Debra l00, II4, 228, 248 Turner, Diane .......... 77, 248 Turner, Dennis ...... 74, 73, 207 Turner, Douglas ........... Tuttle, Barbara ........ 90, Tuttle, Mr. George ....... I47 Tyler, Debbie ..... 94, I00, 248 99, , 308 248 207 U Ullery, Stephen ........... 228 Ullmer, Connie .... I6, 22, 23, 30, 89, 207, 29l P. L. ULLMER 8: SON MEMORIAL CHAPEL .. 258 Ulrich, Bob .... 24, 27, 95, 228 Ut1, Stephen .......... 48, 228 248 248 Upton, Nadine ........... Urban, Philip ............. Utzinger, Don .. 24, 26, 27, 47. 228 U.S. DESIGN SERVICE, INC. ............,...... 3II V Vacchiano, Michael ....... 207 Valiquette, Paul .. 3l, 228, 248 Vance, Sharon ............ 228 Van Delft ByLeved, Edward .. 3l, 89, II4, 228 Vandergrift, Deborah .. 92, 93, 207 Vandeval, Linda ..... I02, II4, 228 Van Horten, Claude ....... 75 Van Over, Melvin ......... '248 Van Over, Pamela ..... 76, 82, 97, 206, 207 Van Zant, Janice .......... 248 Van Zant, Jeff ............ 248 Vendt, David 47, 54, 73, 99, 228 VERN WEIMER ........... 3lI VIC CASSANO 8: MOM DONISI ................ 269 Vick, Linda ..... II, 22, 30, 48, 207 Vickers, James .....,...... 207 Viets, Michael ............ 228 Viets, Polly .... 28, 63, 77, 248 VIKING IMPORT HOUSE INC. .................. . 3lI THE VILLAGE PEDDLER ., 263 Virelli, David ............. 248 VlTO'S VENICE INN ..... 273 Vogelsang, Miss Helen .... 96, Ibl Vogler, Mr. Stepehen ..... 36, I43, l45 Vollrath, Linda ........... 207 Von Dohre, Nancy ..... 92, 93, 207, 309 Von Gruenigen, Mr. Walter II2, 154 Vore, Jeffery ., 40, 48, 89, I20, izi, 207, 283 Vorhis, William ........... 248 Vyszenski, Candi .... . 248 W Wagner, Lynne .. 6, 42, 44, 63, 89, IO3, 228 Wagner, Mr. Paul .... 86, l38, I40 I39, W. R. SCHONSHECK .... 3ll Waitzman, Teresa .... 94, II2, 228 I20. Walker, Sharon .... 3l, 49, 76, 96, II2, II8, 207 Wall, Christopher ..... 95, 248 Wall, Dannie ....... . ..... 248 Wall, Joyce ...... ....... 2 48 Wall, Richard ......... 60, 248 Wallace, Allyn ..... 30, 47, ai, 94, I00, 248 Wallace, Sandra .......... 228 Wallace, Terrie ...... 3l, 248 Wallace, William ......... 207 Walsh, Gayle ............. 228 Walter, Michael ........... 54 DRS. WALTERS, HALL 8: COMPTON ........ ...., Walters, Steve ........ 46, Walther, Anne ........ 79, Walther, Constance ....... Walther, Nicholas Walther, Patrick .......... Walton, Douglas ...... 75, Ward, Janet .. 22, 23, 30, Ward, John ....... 54, 75, Ware, Richard ............ Warner, Steven ........... Warren, Miss Mary Belle .. Watkins, Margo .......... Watson, Sue .. 48, 63, 89, Watson, William ......... Weaver, David Weaver, Peggy .... ..... Wearer, Thomas .......... Webb, Mike ..... 54, Webb, Jerry Weber, Jeffery ........... Weber, Richard ........... Wefler, Sally ...... 22, 30, Weiland, Diane .. II2, II4, Weimer, Cathy .... 3l, 48 Wells, Phillip 40, 88, 89, 95, IOO, II2, II8, I20, l2l, I39, 208 Wells, Ronald ........ l08, 208 Wells, Shirley ............. 229 Wells, Mrs. Sue ........... l60 Welton, Joan ............. 248 Wenz, Thomas .,.......... 229 WENZLER BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION ........ 300 Wenzler, Michael .... 208, 29 West, Mr. Richard ..... 29, 40 West, Ronald ............. 208 Wheaton, Judy .... 28, 77, 82, 24B Whitaker, Timothy ..... 24, 27, 248 White, David ............. 229 White, James .... 48, II2, 208 WHITE MOBILIFT ........ 275 White, Paula .. 4l, 9I, IOO, 248 Whitehead, Stephen ...... 248 Whitern, Michael ......... 248 Whiteman, Karla 30, 48, 79, II4 Whitesell, William ........ 208 Whitfield, Debra ...... 22, 208 Whiting, David ........... 248 Whyte, Penni ..... 49, II8, 208 Wick, Deborah 79, 248, 255 Wick, James .... I20, 220, 229, 255 Wicklund, Wilfred ........ 229 MR. 8- MRS. W. L. WILDE 3ll Wilcox, Carl ....,.... l06, IO7 Willett, John ............. 229 WILL-GO GOLF RANGE Willett, Mark .............. 54 Williamitis, Ronald .... 28, 29, 73, 229 Williams, Alan ........ 73, 229 Williams, Brian .. ..... 208 Williams, Cathy .......... 249 Williams, Cindy .......... 249 Williams, Fred .... 75, 99, 208 Williams, Karen .......... 229 JOSEPH M. WILLIAMS 8: ASSOCIATES ........ 285 Williams, Sue IOO, II2, 249 J. C. WILLIAMSON, D.D.S.3O9 Williams, Robert .. 72, 73, 229 Williams, Vicki .. 9l, IO3, Williamson, Jacqueline .. 229, 255, 282, Williamson, Leslie ..... 77 I00, II4, II7, Williamson, Steve ........ Williamson, Suzann 94, Willig, Susan ..... 6, 8, 30 49, 63, 80, 8I, II8, I20, Willis, Bruce ....... ..... Willis, Michael ........ 95 wins, Mr. wayne .... iovf WILMINGTON HEIGHTS MARKET 8: PHARMACY ............ Wilson, Bradford ......... Wilson, Glenda ........ 49, Wilson, Jeannie ..... Wilson, Nancy ..... 79, 82, Windsor, Kerry ........... Windsor, Jan 20, 43, 44 89, 97 Wininger, Mark .... 73, 95 Winkler, Robert ....... 49, Winkler, Susan . ........... Winks, Peggy ............. Wise, Janice I6, 20, 87 90, II4, II8, II9, I20, I34, l80, 208, Wise, Jeffery .... 89, l00, Withrow, Beverly ......... I43, 249 I29, 3ll 9I , 229 209 249 44, 208, 254 249 208 I 59 3 I I 229 208 82 229 229 63, I 20 229 208 229 229 89, I26, 273 249, 268 229 WOGAMAN, DR. MAURICE I36 Wolf, David .............. Wood, Diane ............. Wood, Partiricia ...... 9l, WOODMAN LANES ..... Woods, Thomas .. 54, I0l, Woodard, Joe ........ 73, Woods, Thomas ............ Wooley, Lawrence Worthman, Jan .. II4, I8l, JOHN WORTHMAN, M.D. Wray, Gordan ........ 54, Wright, Bruce .. 60, 62, 99, Wright, Paul .. 60, 73, 99, Wright, Tracy ............. 229 249 229 298 229 208 95 249 229 309 249 208 224, 229 249 Wunder, Margaret Wyatt, Ernie ...... Wvatt, Joyce .... Wyatt, Opal ..... Wyatt, Violet .... Wvnn, Marsha .... Wysong, Douglas . Y Yancy, Elmer ..... Yates, Barbara .... Yates, Carol ...... York, Karen ...... Young, Henry ..... Young, Janice ..... Young, John ...... Young, Randy ..... Youngman, Victoria Younkman, David .. N. T. YOWELL, INC Yung, Linda ....... Z Zaccaria, Diane Zachery, Margaret Zappe, Susan ...... Zaremski, Mr. Louis Zaremski, Mariorie 93, l00, I2B, 229 Zechar, Deborah Zechar, Mark ...... Zenner, Patricia .. 3l A. P. ZIEGLER, CO Zimmerman, Neal . Zimmerman, Stephen Zink, Kathi ...... lOl II3, II7, ll ROBERT E. ZIPF, M D Zitzke, Vera ....... Zonars, Stella ..... Zubrick, George . . After the Springfield North game, the last one of the season, the football team cele brates its victory with a banquet worthy of the Western Ohio League Champs I ll ll 50, 88, 98, II8, I28, 208, 285 Weimer, Phyllis ........... l62 Weimer, Sharon ....... 3l, 248 Weimer, Thomas .......... 248 Weist, Mrs. Bertha ....... I37 Wells, Dwight ............ 208 Wells, Jennifer ........ 24, 229 ,I rf I I ll 'ra 1534 .f'.Qnkg- 2 -.Ax f....x X Spirit, dedication, determination . . . Class of '68 K Y F1 aff M, West seniors display their spirit by congregating in the cafeteria to paint signs for the East game. In retrospect All ThaT is alive and meaningTul, all ThaT has Teeling and purpose, all ThaT FairmonT WesT sTands Tor comes TogeTher here, in I968-"The Year oT The Dragon," a year oT sTriTe and vicTory. As The end oT The I967-68 school year draws near, sTreaks oT sunlighT reTlecT pasT ioys and sorrows. Rays OT sunseT casT glimpses oT Tamiliar Taces againsT empTy hallways ThaT earlier rang wiTh laughTer. ReTlecTed Therein are The memorable evenTs ThaT TypiTy I968-"The Year oT The Dragon"' ...mounTing enThusiasm as senior TooTball players deTeaTed SpringTield NorTh and capTured Their lasT WOL champion- ship TiTle. . .Tears and smiles ThaT crossed The Taces oT Triends aT The crowning oT 1967's radianT Homecoming Queen Barbara GeaTTy...Tun and exciTemenT of decoraTing Tor The annual senior dance...rehearsing Tor "Mrs, McThing" and "LiTe WiTh FaTher" and anTicipaTing The crowd Tor The opereTTa, "Unsinkable Molly Brown"...hurrying To uniT lobbies beTween classes and making lasT minuTe plans To aTTend baskeTball games and gymnasTics TournamenTs...casTing voTes Tor sTu- denT council members, class oTTicers, and candidaTes Tor king and queen of The V968 iunior-senior prom. This exempliTies FairmonT WesT, IQ68. For seniors, iT signifies a Turning poinT, Truly an opporTuniTy ThaT comes once in a liTeTime. IT oTTers The challenge To become an ouTsTanding in- dividual, a leader, or a beTTer person. IT provides Time Tor each senior To Tind his purpose in liTe, To decide upon a goal and To sTrive To obTain iT, To reach ouT Tor The TuTure. IT serves as a consTanT reminder oT The many valuable 'friendships made. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors, accepTed These challenges To greaTness oTTered To Them in This, "The Year oT The Dragon." An air oT TranguiliTy and sadness prevails before gracluaTion as each senior Takes his lasT walk down The hallowed halls oT FairmonT WeST. 7 snare- Fwd, 1 T fp ' I , ' is T , - V. I ffl 1,. m',.'i, if ' .,,..' , ' I STudenTs Trom all walks oT life, wiTh TaIenTs in every area imag. inable comprise The enThusiasTic sTudenT body oT FairmonT WesT. 1968 Dragon staff members express sincere Thanks FairmonT WesT's I968 Dragon sTaTT would like To Take This opporTuniTy To Thank The many people whose help has proven invaluable To The producTion of The Dragon. Sin- ceresT Thanks go To Mrs. Jane E. Nolan, FairmonT WesT's yearbook adviser, wiThouT whose experT help and dedica- Tion This year's annual would noT have been possible. STaTT members also wish To exTend graTiTude To Mr. and Mrs. Hal Logan oT Logan STudios who are responsible Tor The beauTiTuI senior porTraiTs: Mr. Bill Maerker, also oT Logan STudios, who phoTographed seniors and Took inTormaI sho+s oT organizaTions and acTiviTies: Ken Logan who Took innumer- able adverTising and acTiviTy picTures, and Mr. Jack Molz oT Delmar STudios Tor The underclass picTures. AT This Time, The sTaTT would like To acknowledge Mr. MaTT McCormick OT The Taylor Publishing Company Tor his aid. In addiTion To The Technical assisTance oT Those menTioned above, The yearbook sTaTT is graTeTuI To The adminisTraTion and TacuITy oT FairmonT WesT, as well as The cenfral ad- minisTraTors OT The KeTTering School SysTem. STaTT members also wish To recognize The eTTorTs oT Mr. Carl HoTTerberTh, Mr. Charles Grice, and Mr. WebsTer ManchesTer who assisTed wiTh shipmenTs7 Mr. David Craybillq The many adverTisers who invesTed S9000 in The Dragon: and The numerous parenT. business, and proTessional paTrons: all oT whom creaTed The. l968 Dragon. MosT oT all, The sTaTT Thanks The sTudenT body oT FairmonT WesT Tor iTs supporT of The Dragon, and Tor caring enough To wanT a picTorial remembrance oT WesT. 328 YEARBOOK STAFF MEMBERS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ...................... Melinda Higgins ASSOCIATE EDITOR ..... HEAD-SECTION EDITOR .... BEAUTY SECTION EDITOR . . . STUDENT LIFE EDITOR ........ LEADERSHIP EDITOR ...................... Nancy NoITe FACULTY-ACADEMICS EDITOR .......... Sandy STimmeI SPORTS EDITORS ......,... Roy Eberhard, Bernie Buchholz STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER ................ Ken Logan ADVERTISING MANAGER .... LAYOUT EDITOR .......... ART .................. ............. STUDENT LIFE STAFF .................... Peggy MaThes, Debbie McMillan, Melissa Brown .. . . . . . Bob CoTTman . .. Connie Thompson . . . . Paula Anderson Jan Wise Mike Nolan Joli TreaT Veronica Mauch SPORTS STAFF ..... .................... P hil DrayTon. Jim Miller, Maureen Kemper LEADERSHIP STAFF .... Vicki Buckingham, CaThy Weimer, Pam Kemp, Mariorie Zaremski FACULTYVACADEMICS STAFF ...... .... . .. Judy Miller. Susie Pansing. Lara Lackey SENIORS ................ Paula Roller, Nanneke JousTra, Janelle Schierling, Linda CanTreII JUNIORS-SOPHOMORES ............... Lana Hollowell, Priscilla Bosnak, Claudia Church PHOTO-SCHEDULER .... ............ J oanne HarTranTT Linda Bossi BUSINESS MANAGER ... .............. .. .. PaT Berardi, Cindy Brem. Nancy Longo, Bonnie Morris, Jane SeTTIes, Karen STrausbaugh, Jeanne MahTouz, Linda Sharp, Jackie Williamson, Judy Keller ADVISER .... .......... M rs. Jane E. Nolan BUSINESS STAFF ...... ........

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