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,., I 5 2 3 E 2 2 E 5 9933 X THE 1950 DRAGCDN X599 1 W9 W A review of events at Fairmont High School in Dayton, Ohio. . . but also 21 prediction of things to Come for many of us. . X. N, Hwwwh iatagmpia wif: LQFL . ,af 5. away A. if ' 1 , 'fgfivy ' P.-nik an f , W , ex X ,Q .. , 6 7 'V , . f -K 1. -, A . N - fc ww hm' 1 f 1 K V- ,.f. V? 4 ' f W ff . W ' 7 ' S 'Way 5 'fax' ' F yt ,X v 4 if K - T 'L M. X -'41 Q'-ru '-. ,fp 2-.,,.+. L' FE" 5 , , N ' wa 1 Kg -af ,WCM , 4' J,-,'l4,fw-E -X 1 A "3 : ' Lg f ' -. 'vii-L'A "' Q A f fm, 4, Q Aa-3,9- - 5,-3 Qr W K ,QQ gi XFN-g'-Q 1" , ' 1 ' y X 5:ii"q' 'Q-ff? 'H ' T 10' ' , W -.., W A . . , ,'- w ,,4 f mfs 4 N.: . s . I kde, ..fAw. jf, gr , . K M X ,.. A N51 NH w' Yr fn A ' W M i M A 'Q 1'w'??' ' " Y , Jilcrfyshi .gat Q ,L Ai' . .sir . ' ' -W 4 ji, VL v mwjil K . N -. ' V' . Q . ,- 1 ' A 'W 1 'Vi 'QE Lnivgr is 425.1 N 4 J . , . M 1 252' 1, , f , fy' . w?.v,N:! f ' 1--" "' f S rf. .. 'Q , Lf f' . ' ' -5+ x :W -'r ' 'ff ' Ng, -, ,gf , . , n .. , ' 'fi' WEL .gig - ,Jig f V 3 .. Q' A ,' ' -Q-A H me any .Q W. g.,s , M. 4- b W if ff- . Q mi ,ggfm , Y - Q 6: Q35 15?-JV Adagwltf - f 5 fr bk- 11:1- ff QQ ., '. - W w A Af' .xx - 4 V 4 - ' M , Sa 'VK' 4. K, 7,282 ilsggqlif kg' Q fcitjw W A K K an M,Tf3LM::px,.X,m A' N A. . M . ff A 3 'N .t 7 ' 5 3? 'fi' M 4 .r rx si x K, X 4 "?l misf 1 'lf rw 'L 6 Q4 " ' ,. 'xx 9 -AQWEPM :ri-fl-t M'- m ' , . 3, Aft: 'J A'5'f1fff . fad.: ff fr ' -4 'SN , wr ' v "45w"fV:9 Q ' 1 K' , Y v ' ' 35, '59 Ti ml -"xx TT" ' 11- - 1 s., U NQYW K, ,,. s lx ,ur .L-shy.. . in X A V, W A , x,wk,x,i . nw K ' Q PM-x Lx R . N31 ' , , if ,hifi f -M5 mi ,, K k - - . -' ' j h ' ' , ' ' mi K F ww., - N. wh .V ri as .yay 695, Lgkft , 5 S N M 'Hn f M . ' 'W' " 'I In ' A f wr W U' A-'Q' I A' " ' , , RWVV V W Z" N L .K ' ' ,QQQQ 1 'im .A 'L f f xl if , r 2 M yr' , L J -ggi-... "4 "Y , Q' 1, ,, W' A 4 V Ng sy.. ' ,. ,1 -1 . .A ,jak . s , 8 ,, di J, ei gf 1,3 ry . U Y, WHY A li, , bm L' A L ' Q ' ' 4 3- 61, . "1 ' T' , N h 4.x , ,. Q, T 3 V' -W' rf' . Xt' 'K '! - g3ff . ,+ 'Hiya 0 A . 8 rx 'wil' -A I -1 ?cz6wfwz' Zaddda Zaye and 744 S5644 into tie W S alone F adwzfa7 F 'v ' ZX-. ' - N., i,Q.S,X .V 8 gg O 2 Q 5 gf Q r gy New L. ' if s Q ,Nm I piwlwv' I I I Mrs. Brown, Doro thy Wlmite, june Rout zahn, Florence Stoph. Students train in the class room to meet life outside of high school. Added activities increase our knowledge of good citizenship for the future. Y . 2 'R fb V mmf v Y if A If S er I K gy if g, 'V Q' 1 2 H A' v if Qi 'Nl 'JSI' ' Qi fa 'W 51 5- STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council undertook many worthy projects in the past year. They revised the school co nstitution, and took charge of ticket sales for the Variety Show and the community chest collection. Three new members were added. Not pictured are jim Gould, jim Greenlee, and Dick Titus. FIRST ROXV: SLIIJIIIIU clllllllltfl, M.n'lene l'.ittun, Mariorie Rider Ianet lfinley, .loyce Allin-clit. n ch iilts li: i Iluv llirrell SliiCOlN-ll ROXY: Tom xlIhll1L'l'Il1.l . , .' ' '.i 1, . Apt, .ludy Stoll, -lerry Tcllis. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE AND RED CROSS COUNCIL This years Assembly Committee is to be com- ment for assemblies. Programs varied in make-up mended for their fine work of selecting entertain- from interesting speakers to community singing. The members of this T' yc.ir's committee .arc Mr. Somers, Mr. Haines, Miss Ifunck, Mr. Smith, Don Par- sons, David Graeser. and Nancy illufts. RED CROSS: Tom Under- hill, Beverly Hetvel. Roberta Neilson, Mary .Io Apt, Mar- jorie xlaeggi, Sue liarnshaw, Nancy Crane, -lerry Tellis. ROW' TWO: -Iudy Keifcr, Florence Darnell. Peggy Locke, Marion Appleman, Lowell Curtis, Kenny Freeze. ROW' THREE: Miss Powell, Barbara Osborn. Suzanne Fortney, Shirley Thompson. Edwin Stauss. ROW' FOUR: Barbara Litt- ler, Joyce Loveland, Dick Sauerman, Don Howell. The junior Red Cross Council has had a successful year. They started off by giving their time to decorating the Christmas trees at the V. A. Center. They continued with their Christmas spirit and decorated for a party at Brown Hospital in honor of the Gray Ladies. In addition the council filled a chest for overseas. We were the first school in Montgomery County to do this. o Fairmont students become inter- ested in science and medicine through talking with Dr. Jacobs and examining an iron lung which was on display in the high school. f 1 r el K . . g A? gk 'LW' ' 45 ,1 'L E . f I 5 Law er Pfarrer ex lains to Pat the im ortance of a ood hi h sChOol back 'round Y P P 8 S 8 ...0f746l47f1f4 adlamgvmgea Home Economics-an art which cam be very well applied in the stu- dents' future homes or as il profes- sion. Miss Vogelsung and students in clothing and food classes. fx, SPANISH CLUB 2 IIRYI RUXX: llmllm Imlvy. Knlwri Iimcr, Vclnu cx.lI'kIL'H.lS, xIkkcZHHllL'llC.l, Chhrnslim' llolmnwu. Mary Ann Huskin, lllul C lml I'u1lur, Klux lun lulmif. Suu Supcnwky, Huy McSlx.lm' LJIUUII, ,l.lllCl hlnlmxun, Min lxcnmxly. Xl.1xlu'1u l'.xllm1, lum l'.15gv, l5.u'l1.ll'.l lLlllL'I', vlllillill ROXY: Cfuurygc Supcmln, Ruth Sxlnlimuff, l'u5.gcnc Vw ll sl Q UNI? ROXY: Nl.lX'lllH.: ku. liiclnxrd fLI.llL', Kxrcn K.lI'lSUl1 lu' SIlI'tll1Hl1iY'L', l5.lrlw.1r.1 Hcukcr. Hull Nlucllcr, Huy lcv vl..lll1llllI1 l'mggx lmlxs, In l um C mnlw, Rulxu1'l.1 XV.unplcr. ,I.xuqm' Prior Shaw. ' X. K 'h Affys ,ir- Var rw . K K-. -f""'w 1-P xrf"5 .-.pf-1 FRENCH CLUB ,1.f...5,igd5v sl 'Xll U: Xhrllxn lxx'clnlnm'r, Xl.1rlL'm' lliull. ,luyfc .'Xllvrcul1t, Slmirlcy 'l'l1urnpmn, Mgrjuric Samilin, Rullm Sndlmff, Sun ' Aw-lmni Alllllti, l'.1I l',u1ly, ,Iu.mm' lxnlwn. Slgfill. EIJIICI Kcllv, ,Indy Stull, Mmm Xvururu, Xl.xlIV1.l XlLNl1.lm. lm, xl XNIIINM: Kjmlu iuxlucn, Hub l,.lII1lL'll, linnmu 'lwurnsr HHRD Rom: 'hm tlruclilw' Hun Htmull' Imrui cudll X' Ray klullxuml, lhrulnl M.1nnln3.g, MONTE YOUNG W REALTOR FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA I-'IRST ROVV: Nancy Dunlevy, ,Indy Keifer, ,Ioanne Decker, Nancy ,lean Smith, Suvie W'olfe, Barbara Abare, -Ioyce Naftlger. SECOND ROW: Barbara Littler, Sue XVeller, Mary Lou liic- hoff, Marion Appleman. Martha McShane, Ruth Smlhoff, liarbara Osborn. THIRD ROXV: Miss W'arren, Tom Page, Bill Mueller, Dick Sauerman, Carolyn Pool. LATIN CLUB FIRST IKOWZ Noble Yoshida, -Io Ann Wermalliiag, xloanne Decker, Marion Appleman, Carol Orowi, Nancy Crane, Margie Rader. SFCOND ROVV: Miss llaruoek, -Iunly Keifer, Ann Craggs, Carolyn Pool, Pat Riggs, Barbara Poague, -Ioanna Ywilken. THIRD ROVV: Susalee NX'ilLla-,on, Lynn Mooreheanl, Pat lfranzen, ,Ioyee Ndlillglff, Suzie Cuthbert, Delores 'I'humpson, Florence Mayer, Wlanda Meilloxky, Marjorie ulaeggi, Marlene llerherr, Mary Chisler, -lane Graexer, lirances Todd, Carolyn Kopp, Cynthia Hibbernl, Carol Sahler, Mary .lo Apt. FOURTH ROW: Dick Titus, Phelps Swilver, Charles Halbach Ronnie Lowe, john Disher, lirank Demmer, Ronald Schroeder Allan Feller, Tom Underhill. lfdwin Srauss, JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The junior Class of Fairmont proved that it contains acting ability when it presented "Dear Ruth", by Norman Krasna, the humorous play which was such a success on stage and in the movies. This presentation re- ceived much favorable comment by members of the audience who were en- tertained by much clever repartee it ciic 'K SENIOR PLAY The senior play, "Life With Fatherf' was held November 18 and 19 in the Fairmont auditorium. Leading parts were taken by Tom Andrews as Father and Karen Karlson as to the effect of Mama. It was very entertaining and was re- ceived by all as a great success. The auditorium GUENTHER'S BARBER SHOP was filled both nights to capacity with a de- lighted audience. Nineteenth century costumes added much the play. The students especially liked the clothing worn by the Children and the dyed red hair of the entire family. CN 7 4' 4 fl? DEBATE Kenneth Vanderweil, .limes Gould, Ruth Sutlhoff, Ilwtllil Underhill. THESPIANS FIRST ROXV: Miss liunck, tleanne Kirkpatrick, Karen Carlson, Bar- bara Littler, Martha MeSh.xne, juyee Albrecht. SECOND ROXV: Gene Schneider, Barry Baumgardner, Tum Andrews, Ken Curdunnier, Dale jones. N. F. L. FIRST ROVV: Mary Ann Hu-skin, lhrbari Littler, Carol McCarthy, Rnnalnl Mulvginey, Pa! Martin, .lim Cioulml, Beth llmmninn, Ruth Sud- huff, Martha McShmne, Peggy Locke. PICTURED ARE: jack Heideman, Jacque McConnehea, Margie Cod- ling, Norma jean Smith, jack Stahley, Dick Christensen, George Schimer, Pat Harrington, Miss Urich, and Christine johnson. ART Fairmont offers a varied program to all students participating in art classes. Pupils may do work in the phase of their choice. Throughout this year the four favorite mediums were ceramics, oil painting, scratch board, and textile weaving. In addition the Art Department co-operated with every occasion in making posters and decorations. The annual display exhibited work from the various fields of art and indeed proved that much was accomplished during the course of the school year. DIXIE TRAILER SALES MUSICAL SOLOISTS Among the musical soloists enjoyetl very much hy the stutlents and their parents who at- tentl the Fairmont liantl Series was Mr. Robert Cavally, who was the featured guest artist at the secontl concert of the I9 39-50 Series, presentetl February IZ, in the Fairmont Autlitorium. Mr. Cavally, eminent teacher and performer, is lirst flutist with the Cincinnati Symphony Ur- ehestra. He is especially well known in Dayton for he was for several seasons lirst flutist with the Dayton Philharmonic. ln the teaching lieltl he has taught many superior winning lilutists anal is a memher ol the liaeulty of the College of Music in Cincinnati. Q l5lRS'l' ROVV: Howard jordan, jack Felkley, Doris Huber, Nancy Dodd, Thomas Page, Cynthia Mclntire, judy Roberts, judy Keifer, Clara linoch. Sl',CONl7 RONV: Barbara MacFarland, Martha McShane, Al- bert Darlington, Mary Ann Hoskin, Doris Thompson, Rita Michael, jerry Gray, Bill Walker. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Freeze, jack Naas, Robert Krebs, Shirley Thompson, Mary Dunlevy, Charlotte Roetter, Ray johns, CONCERT The Concert Band of Fairmont, under the able direction of Mr. Clark Haines, presented another outstanding series of programs in the joe Best, joan Fwry, Roberta Neilson, Carl Hclfinstine, jackie Gray, Bill Callister, Richard Christensen, Carol Oroszi, Charles Dorsten. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Vander Weil, Dale Wrmrmwrmrid, jim Greenlee, Paul Kesling, Don Parsons, Eugene Ewell, Charles Sutton, Tom Ross, Don Hill, john Ncedels, Dave Wilson, Mary Lou Grassan, Bob Damico, Al Seibert, Allan Stout, Herb Heuer, Bob Hoferberth, joan Ruddick, Ronnie johnson. BAND 1949-1950 season. Capacity audiences attended the concerts which featured new guest artists each performance. VT - -m...,.. ...ne -W,,,. 'F-F-r---vwm.-W,-.. ,F L :YIM A la . S A l E I N I ' 'UU' 11 V19 bm ' ' pg. - -. K X, Y , la, 1 T ' A N, A W in I v a f xl L P .l -A I... N S N "Ya X!!! l ' 1 Q IT' ,rf """",, , .. Q ' sig, 'W A -1 2f.,.1:p 12.0-3-A W- mf. '-if -.nf f ' ug . ' , f 285: N' 5, A f ggi 1 nd' v '-ua V' 2:4 lil! Eau ?b ' ':ll li-124 '45, 4,,.,.. 5.4, , -, 5.3,-rf, ,QAM lv, Y 3' - Inf- I- - 1 - ,. f .5 . . 5 . f. . . ! . Z ,. 5 ?f gf ff 1 I., fy-westin: ww. vu 1 I . 5 , 4, , . 1 1 3 5 ,gt ' if y - ., ,V Y ,Z -gg:-,:,,.f.,:,e,j.:3v3jf,, 3.- . .- g ,- , 3, 7. j A nz: 1.1 rr: 5,-2 4,5 3, Q., rx, sv., A 5 .3 3 - .K .r ,. .Y . :: ::: rf: '-1 H2 1 wg 1522 -in-K ,..-t .V 7.5.-Q HE- Ia- la- "1--ls.-li, ' - r - ...a - e M r - T s 1, -s L, A- tt, 5:2 5-5.l,1 :::: sf 3. ffizii Eff! ri. mfr:'nr'r:v'.Tf:',':v1v:f.::v:.':'J5z'r1. lvsrfew-, ,-gr-,pq . " "' "mi ""'f' ""s""""" ""' """" ""'t"" li- .,,,.tp ' y e. , . a '3 al, ' ' I 'l :K li -4 -pai" . , a-if 'Q' 1 A 1 H S.. Swann... , . V 41. y , . .1 www-ff gig f V ' 9 A ,,,,., ., .:W--s- ..- Q , , .-445' .4 -.ra te uw' 4 5 , ,ft 1- ft: .f' X , th 'A1',V 'if ! A-8' MARCHIN G BAND "F" could stand for many things, Fun, Fight, Fairmont. The picture above illustrates all three. f ,, ,tr f km, , A ---5 5,5 ' ' 1 A. ', . , . W iw , , g , . M W 4 "A" , f "fi""'!Zi' 'A""""'TW' -... 1 W'-0 m band put into their work on their formations, and their concerts. Fairmont is the school the band represented The fun is the pleasures the band enjoyed while working together, taking trips to football games and attending the annual dinner dance. The fight is the spirit and drive which the both on the football field and in the contests. The band had its trials and tribulations many times, but when the chips were down, the spirit would run high and the band would again come through for F. H. S. llllls' at ,J ,if fix,-1--. . ,Q if , H, 5 -f' .ff -S' ,QAM --.Q . .l FIRST ROW: Carol Littell, Majolc Teegardcn, Barbara Abare, Wandale McClosky, Peggy Colvard, Joyce Naftzger, Jo Ann Nelson, Mary Chislcr, Judy Stoll, Joyce Albrect, Norma Jean Young, Nancy Dinwirldic, Chris Johnson, Joyce Tremain, Francis Williams, Janet Johnson. SECOND ROW: Doris Whitlock, Lynn Ryan, Leigh Groby, Cleo Vradclus, Bill Ausdenmore, Barbara Becker, Ronald Mulvaney, Suzanne Cuthbert, Don Hamilton, Cynthia Earnshaw, Tom Zoph, Joanne Carlson, Hebert Hetzer, Jim Yaas, Suzanne Fortney, Tom Bowser, Bob Hannah, Dick Brady, Judy Brill, Margie Tromanhouscr, Barbara Poaguc, Nancy Tufts, Pat Todd. THIRD ROW: Ray Johnson, Jim Head, Jim Amrine, Tom Blackburn, Albert Darlington, Dean I-lussong, Truman Bollinger, Bill Cate. CHORUS The Fairmont Chorus of 49-50 has had a very busy and successful year. They have entertained many audiences with their performances. Of course we realize that this could not have been possible had it not been for the capable direction of Mr. Clark Haines. All who have heard this group sing can appreciate the fine work they have done. FIRST ROW: Doris Todd, Willa Jean Kantner, Nancy Crane, Marjorie Jaeggi, Judy Roberts, Joanne Nelson, Beth Hammon, Lola Arnold, Roberta Neilson, Cynthia Mclntirc, Carole Littel, Joan Ruddick, Barbara Abare. SIICOND ROW: Cynthia Earnshaw, Florence Mayer, Marlene Herbert, Ruth Jean Barbier, Carol Jean Sahler, Delores Simpkins, Jane Craggs. Frances Todd, Mary Ann Hoskin, Charlotte Roedder, Mary Chisler, Donna Goens. THIRD ROW: Pat Pauly, Harriet Melke, Maxine Moorchcad, Marilyn Ellis, Christine Johnson, Joyce Naftzger, Sandra Sigritl, Pat Ifranzen Betty Wymer, Signe Wood, Susan Price, Jo Anne Decker. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Tufts, Barbara Poague, Judy Stoll, Cynthia I-Iibberd, Suzanne Cuthbert, Marion Brooks. Joanne Carlson, Carolyn Kopf, Susalec Wildasan, Marilyn Kretchmer, Sandra Bellville. FIFTH ROW: Doris Whitlock, Ingebord Tittel, Suzanne Fortney, Delores Thompson, Janet Johnson, Mary Lee Tamplin, Ann Craggs, Joanne Krueger, Kathyrn Kratzer, Jo Lynn Combs, Shirley Thompson, Phyllis Smith, Carol Roeckner. Y-TEEN S Carolyn Pool, Pres.3 Joanne Decker, Vice Pres.3 Suzanne Wolfe, Scc'y.1 Marlene Herbert, Treas.3 Joyce Naftzer, Prgm. Chm.i Cynthia Earnshaw, Devotions Chm.? Cynthia Mclntire, Service Chm.3 Betty Wymer, Social Chm.3 Beth Hammon, Publicity Chm.9 Miss Wilson, Advisor. "Women Are Here to Stay." This statement was proved more than once by the sixty-live members of Y-Teens. The club, participated in by students of all three classes, has had an eventful year. To begin with, a tea for new members was held at the home of Joanne Decker in Centerville. In November, the club combined with the Hi-Y to give a carnival and square dance suitably titled the "Hi- T-Hoedown". Next on the agenda was an evening of Christmas caroling followed by a party at the home of Carolyn Pool. The club gave their annual assembly in February, the theme being "Women Are Here to Stay". As a service project, the club donated some money toward the construction of some new stage screens made by the Shop Department. To conclude a successful year the Y-Teens held their Mother- Daughter Banquet, where a wonderful evening was had by all. AL 8: ANN'S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP ALPHA HI-Y FIRST ROWI: -Iohn Johnson, Ed Sampson, Bob Riner, Nubh- Sun, Dale Schell, Dun Parsons. Yoshida. Darrell Apt. l'OUR'I'll IIONV: George Supenslxy, jerry Ciihson, Bill Innes, SIQCONIJ ROW: Tom iliohinsscn. Hub Delaney, Tom Bowser, Charles llursten. l'.iul Ilollmlzn, klulm lNI.xuI..xrnIie. I,ynn Mourehead, Bud 'I4IlUI11lW0l1, Ralph Clemens. I FIFTH ROW: -Inn Gould, Fred W'allherS. Ilarry Kiefer. Hun 'IIIIIRD ROW? Dave Grauser, Iiarry liaumgardner, Bill Thump- Pfarrer, jerry Gray, Charles Iiradley, Bill Mack, .lulm Shruycr. BETA HI-Y FIRST ROXV: Toni Nock, Bob Damien. Bob Huesman, Ronald Dale Brown, Richard Glaze, Dun Iluwell. john Diaher, Timm Lowe. Underhill, Fred XX'm'Ll1ingtm1, Charles Balbaek. SFCOND ROW: Allan Fellar, Phil Knoph, jim Breen, Lowell Curtis, Mr. Alundanian. FIFTII ROXV: Pat Pfarrer, Bula Miltenburger, Bill Mueller, THIRD ROVV: Pat Schwab, Lcalic W'ietlel, Frank Demmer, 'l'ol11liz1yvi'00d- GROBY'S FRUIT FARM FOURTH ROVV: Alaclc Bislmp, lkill Callister, Dick Craig, Iiruee Amand, Fred Ruhhins, lion Loedding, Dave Runilmrger, 5 Q' O GAMMA HI-Y FIRST ROW: jim Greenlee, Dick Titus, Ray Tyson, Luke Lumby, Dale Wormwood, Mr. Zaremski. SECOND ROW: Charles Sutton, Dick Wright, Tom Vacchiano, Howard jordan, Al Siebert, Norris Thompson. THIRD ROW: jim Yowell, Bill Walker, Charles Hardin, Allan Stout, Larry Foland, Ronald Schroeder, Glenn Ficrmnocl, Lee Shropshire, Bill Ausdenmore, Truman Bollinger, Kenneth Vander Wiel. FOURTH ROW: Don Grassan, Dick Sauerman, Manfried David, Herb Hetzer, Bill Stanley, Ronald Tscheigg, Dale Bruglcr, Ted Frick, Marvin Tscheigg, Gene Friermood, Kenneth Cordonnier, jim Berbrick, Ray Abbott, Al HOYCF. Tom Polley, Paul Kesling, Ronnie McCrum. ALPHA HI-Y The Alpha Hi-Y gave toward the Y. M. C. A. fund for World Service to start the year. Then with the other Hi-Y's and Y-Teens, funds were raised for the building of back drops for the use of the entire school. The sale of stationery was the club's next project. The election of officers was made for next year with Charles Dorsten being chosen Presi- dentg Ralph Clemens, Vice President, John MacLardie, Secretaryg and jerry Gray, Treas- urer. The Annual Club dinner-dance was held May 12. BETA HI-Y The highlight of the year for the Beta Hi-Y was the "Beta Promenade". The queen of the dance was joyce Morris who was chosen by the s'udents. GAMMA The Gamma Hi-Y Club of 1949-50 was comprised of 43 members with Mr. Zaremski serving as advisor. The first activity in which the Hi-Y partici- pated was sponsoring of the "Gamma Gallop" The Club rendered two worthwhile ser- Beta also gave money towards the school piano fund and participated in the purchase of backdrop screens for the school. HI-Y vices to the school by contributing to the junior Red Cross Gift Chest fund and helping the Parent Teachers Association with a card patty. The last major campaign in which the club in- dulged was the selling of plastic washable book covers to the student body at Fairmont. THE NEWSPAPER STAFF The new small-size DRAGON, school paper, made its first appearance on October 14, with, a new printer, new staff, and a new in- structor, Robert Allen. The school paper was the center of interest to many. An enthusiastic staff headed by William Wfalker, jane Graeser, Sue jones, Lee Shrop- shire, and Barry Baumgardner, wishes to thank all for their support. FIRST ROW? Norma ,lean Smith, Pat Martin. Sue jones Delores McPcek, ,Io Lynn Combs. SFCOND ROXV: Barry Baumgarclner, Lee Shropshire, Don Loedding. THIRD ROXV: Dale Bruglcr, Diek Saucrman, Bill W'alkcr, Mr. Allen. ...we 49" '05 43" l'lRS'l4 RUXV3 Miss lixterly. Ronald Mttlv.tncY, lied Robbins. l,ynn Moorehsad, .Iancl l'tnl.tt', lletty .lean CQ.trpentet'. loan liuddick. SITIOND ROXV: Charles Sutton, Cieorgc Sttspemltv, llorn lloward, -Iovce luielantl, Pat Todd. DRAGON ANNUAL STAFF They say that what one doesnt know wont hurt oneg but certainly what certain students did not know when they signed up for the Dragon Staff was that they were unconsciously yielding themselves up to the most unpredictable clutches of commotion that ever assembled an annual. llut, despite the continual efforts of the gremlins to wreck the hopes of the staff, they managed to come through in great style. The success of the l950 Dragon, however, would not have been possible without the capable super- vision of Miss Wfinifred listerly, and the whole- hearted eo-operation of everyone involved. Www ' I I I J, , ,.: f ..Ab E E gg 2 -Ulu , QM mug an Q Im 1 ,.,, 45: in Q ,A 1 A well-known family gathers to help the high school age son with some urgent problem. ln the school, Miss Hartsock and Mr. Flarrer advise students in their school problems, offering assistance in arranging schedules, and planning for college and careers. 5 3 i 5 li ag 'QW-"""-E ., 55 iii X N: W ig 5- . , 1 K i 5132 -An .2 XA, -...,,-v"""' INTRODUCTION Sportsmanship developed in Fairmont today is built up through a well rounded athletic program for both girls and boys. Through the many activities offered to students we are build- ing better citizens for tomorrow. The many sports in which students participate are: foot- TO SPORTS ball, basketball, baseball, and track, fo boysg and hockey, basketball, and bowling for the girls. Then there are the sports participated in by fewer students which include tennis, volleyball, badminton, archery and golf. PREVIEW! ln the preview, at Oakwood High School stadium, the 1919 Dragons made an impressive showing by downing Miamisburg 6 to U. Along with this the team showed much strength against th Xenia 0 to U. is year's league favorite by tieing r the FAIRMONT VS GRANDVIEW A strong Columbus Grandview team came from behind a 6 to 0 halftime score to defeat the Dragons 13 to 6. The first half found Bob Delaney, Dragon halfback, scoring from the three yard line after a fifty-three yard drive. The Dragons defense was able to hold Grandviews aggressive first half threats. Witli renewed vigor the Bobcats came out after halftime to score twice and hold the Dragons at bay. FAIRMONT VS CELINA Celina traveled southward to revenge last years defeat and squeeze out a win over the once defeated Dragons. Wzlrren Trennary's effective punts kept the Dragons deep in their own territory until Fairf mont recovered a fumble on the Celina 22 yard line and Delaney scored four plays later. This was not enough to hold the Bulldogs and in the second quarter Dick Bater scored on a two-yard plunge after a fifty-nine yard pass interception run- back. BOWSER-MORNER LABORATORIES FAIRMONT VS PIQUA The Dragons with the aid of Chuck Hardin's educated toe squeezed out a 3 to O win over the Piqua lndians with an IH yard tieldgoal. This was Fairmonts fourth victory in league eompetition and proved to be a stern test for the mighty Dragons. Through mud and slime both teams fought for every inch of ground gained or lost. FA I RMONT VS MIAMISBURG last ytar's t'o-champions were plowed under by a lo to O defeat hy the Coach Roush's mighty midgets. Fairmont's lirst touchdown came after a Viking fumble on their own Ifi yard line. Two plays later Manning scored on a pass from Delaney. The next touchdown came when Graeser plunged over from the two. Then our defenses tightened and a host of Fairmont taeklers pinned Courtney to the goalpost for another two points. Co-captains Charles Finley and Bob Delaney with the Miami Valley League Trophy. lll l TO RIKQIIT: Nancy Crane, Ronald Mulvaney, .lc anne Kirkpatrick, Tom lilaclcburn, janet lfinlay. DONUT HUT .,,. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders have done a splendid job this year in hacking the teams and trying to arouse spirit in the crowds. They helped the students lead the team to the M. V, I.. champ- ionship. FIRST ROW: Mr. Fouts, George Supensky, Darrell Apt, Leland Pease, Bob Delaney, Tom Bowser, Lynn Morehead, Ed Sampson, Harold Manning, Mr. Roush. SIECOND ROW: Tom Tobiassen, Paul Bohnslav, Bill Smith, Dave Graeser, Charles Hardin, Fred XValthers, Tom Zimmerman, Dale Schell, Bill Mack, Charles Bradley. THIRD ROXV: Mr. Arnold, Tom Nuck, jerry Gibson, Wilbur FAIRMONT VS XENIA Fairmont traveled to Xenia for their first league game. Still looking for a victory, the Dragons trounced the Bucs I9 to 7, in what proved to be an exciting contest. With Delaney and Keifer doing the scoring while Hardin was making one of three conversions, the Dragons rolled. Xenia, after being held to their own territory most of the game, opened the fourth quarter with a touchdown drive, while Bob Shaw made the Bucs' conversion. GREENVILLE VS EAIRMONT An improved Fairmont squad won their second Miami Valley League victory with a I4 to 13 decis- ion over the Green Wave. The Dragon's touch- Stewart, Dick Wilkins, Harry Keifer, Bill jones, Connie Roush, Ernie Williams, Dick Brown, Mr. Fowler. FOURTH ROW: Neil Smalley, Don Pfarrer, Bill Miller, jack Bishop, Dale Wfoodiill, Paul Schumacher, john johnson, Bill Stewart, john Shroyer. FIFTH ROW: jim Gallaher, Manager, Bob Miltenberger, jim Houtz, Ronald Wise, Robert Huesman, Fred Robbins, Manager. downs came in the first half while Greenville did their scoring in the last half. One of the thrills of the season came when Fred Walthers blocked the de- cisive extra point kick which later proved to win the game. Hardin converted twice to win more laurels. OAKWOOD VS FAIRMONT Our old rivals, the Lumberjacks, were the visiting team for our annual homecoming game. The Drag- ons outfought the ill-fated jacks the entire game and emerged victor to a tune of 66 to 0. With our boys scoring 33 points in the second quarter the second and third teams played the majority of the last half. The touchdowns were all made by different team members enabling everyone to share in the triumph. FAIRMONT ATHLETIC BOOSTERS MH 5 ff y Liu' L 'lx 1 ww 5 .1 .,.,,-ws: -z "" 224414 - 41?:fr:.,gL"f " Q ff 19354 k A A f f Wy' Q QV f ef it 25-x 423 into ol f FAIRMONT VS TROY Six thousand people attended the clash between the two undefeated league teams, Troy and Fairmont. Both teams were striving to keep a clean slate in league competition with Troy boasting a supposedly stronger offense while Fairmont's defense was favored. From the starting moments the Dragons' offense showed its unforeseen strength. The team started with an early first quarter touchdown with Delaney flanking their end and then scoring from the two. Then the Fighting Dragons marched 79 yards for a second quarter touchdown by Leland Pease on a quarterback sneak. Both conversions were straight through the uprights. The hrst half proved the Drag- ons' defense capable of holding the favored Trojans scoreless. A fast third quarter pass from Graeser to De- laney gave Fairmont its last score. Two plays later Favorite raced 86 yards to the Trojans' first score and Carnes' kick was good. Troy's final touchdown came in the fourth quarter on a pass from Davies to Favorite. During the closing minutes of the game Troy was stymied by a strong Fairmont defense. The final score was Fairmont 21 - Troy IS. L ff aa, f 'gl 1 Q'Vlf ilufnlf. '- -fl i? 2 fi ? wi .'Q if.a51 '-A ' ff W 1 f Y - x I 2 L ,A 'X X mia' K.. X1 r , 1, Eg g, A . ' :iff 5 .Q I k hh , 54 1-H: ' mf 'J F' Q! QA if if' BASKETBALL Again in the season 1949-1950 Fairmont proved to be a tournament team. Since the year 1944 Fairmont has been powerful in the tournament. This year they were defeated nar- rowly a second time in one year by Xenia 37-35, in which was proclaimed to be the best game of the tournament. Fairmont played their part of the tournament in the new sports arena in Troy. In the first game they defeated the Piqua Indianas to revenge an earlier defeat this season by Piqua. In the second game they defeated a strong Fairborn team by a score of 52-45. In one of the two semifinal games the inspired Dragons took a large 22-10 advantage at half- time over Xenia. The Xenia defense was too great a problem for Mr. Arnold and his Drag- ons and the Bucs from Xenia finally caught Fairmont in the final quarter and then went ahead 37 to 35 to defeat the Dragons. In their final game for the five seniors the Dragons avenged another earlier defeat by defeating Springfield Catholic 49-37 in a consolation game. Charles Dorsten, a junior, proved to be the class of the tournament and was chosen to the all-tournament first team. Charles Hardin also a junior, was given honorable mention. COMPLIMENTS OF BOB WHEELER AND DAVE DEAN Fairmont 56 Fairmont 52 Fairmont 3 6 Fairmont 36 Fairmont 5 8 Fairmont 38 Fairmont 26 Fairmont 44 Fairmont 37 Fairmont 36 Fairmont 5 5 Fairmont 5 8 Fairmont 34 Fairmont 47 Fairmont 30 Fairmont 5 1 Fairmont 66 Fairmont 45 Fairmont 52 Fairmont 35 Fairmont 4 RESERVE BASKETBALL ...............WilberWright . . .Lebanon 28 . . .West Carrollton . . .Kiser 24 . . .Parker 13 . . .Northridge 28 28 18 . . .Springfield Catholic 36 . . .Cbaminade 36 . . .Mansfield 43 . . .Xenia 30 . . .Greenville 35 . . .Oakwood 49 . . . Piqua 41 . . .Miamisburg 38 ...Troy 36 ' . . . Sidney 48 . . .Wilmington 41 ,sz TOURNAMENT ........Piqua 27 . . .Fairborn 45 ...............Xenia 37 ...............SpringfieldCatho lic: 37 FIRST ROW: Niel Smalley, Allen Stout, Wilbur Stewart, Marvin Tschigg. Dale Woodall, jerry Keifcr. SECOND ROW: Mr. Fouts, Bill Miller, Harry Kcifcr, joe Best, Don Pfarrcr, D k Wllm jack Bishop, Bob Riner BASEBALL TEAM The Fairmont 1949 baseball team began its regular season April 5th against Wilbur Wright. Returning to lead the Dragons this year was Roger Touchman, Whitey Stewart, Fred Saatkamp, Dwight Pease, Tom Vacchiano, Bob Knabe, and Gene Bunger. Pete Ankney also strengthened our team in the infield. As usual the spring rain kept the team from playing many times during the year, but there were a few exceptionally notable victories of the year. Among these was the Xenia game, when Bob Knabe held the Buccaneers scoreless and we won 10-O. We also won the Wilbur Wright and Kiser games easily. The season for the Dragon wasn't overly successful but, "It's better to play and lose than not to have played at all." TENNIS TEAM The 1949 season proved to be a successful one for the tennis team. The team placed second in the City League with a 5 won and 1 lost record. Their seasonal re- cord was 6-2. The team lost only to Oakwood and Middletown. In the Miami Valley League john Johnson went to the semi-finals in singles. Barry Baumgardner and Bob Riner, in doubles, advanced to the finals before being defeated. In the District Tournament Dennis Snyder and Barry Baumgardner advanced to the semi-finals in doubles. Riner advanced to the quarter-finals in singles. Fairmont 3 Miamisbur g 2 Fairmont 0 Oakwood 5 Fairmont 5 Troy 0 Fairmont 5 Roosevelt 0 Fairmont 3 Chaminade 2 Fairmont 5 Stivers 0 Fairmont 0 Middletown 5 Fairmont 3 Fairview 2 HERBST PHARMACY GOLF TEAM Robert Trcsxler Pal Schwab .wry my lid Hell Under the direction of Mr. Somers, the Fairmont golf team Clubbed its way to the ninth M. V. L. Championship in the last twelve years. They won the championship at Moraine Country Cl ub. Pat Schwab, hrst man on the Fairmont team, was a participant in the National Junior Golf Tournament in Wzlslmington D. C. He was the medalist and gained national fame. TENNIS TEAM XB. Er, uu- l' r i TRACK TEAM Last spring the Fairmont track team won three out of six meets and placed third in the Miami Valley League meet under the lights in the Fairmont Stadium. Howard Eshbaugh, high point man for the Dragons with MM points, won the 100 yard dash, the 220 yard dash, and ran on the 880 relay team. The Fairmont relay team won the M2 mile relay while the Dragons mile relay team won third place. Letterman of the squad included the following: Howard Eshbaugh, 100 yard dash, 880 relayg Ronald Tscheigg, high jumpg Ronald Miller, 440 yard dash, mile relayg Whitey Stewart, pole vaultg Frank Bustillo, low hurdles, 880 relay teamg Darrell Apt, pole vault, low hurdlesg Wally Jones, shot putg Fred Walthers, 880 relay, mile relayg Leigh Groby, mile relayg and Dwight Goens, 880 relay. Z TRACK SUMMARY April 6 Fairmont 57 April 27 Fairmont 8292 Miamisburg 79 W N'tx , Oakwood 35 Li Franklin 74W May 4 Fairmont 62 April 12 Fairmont 37M , Greenville 60 Middletown 65M Q Sidney 22 West Milton 42 May 6 Fairmont 72 April 20 Fairmont 47 A Parker 46 Troy 88 Osborne 7 1 IIRST ROW: -lanet liinlay, Doris Todd, Marlene Smalley, Carol littell, Nancy Crane, Alanie Neese, janet Bader, Alean Rader, kloyce Nlorris, Barbara Keifer, Betty Sehwieternian, Miss Powell. Sl'1llONlJ ROW: Marjorie Cotlling, Nancy Dodd, Ruth .lean Barbiur, Nancy Dinwiddie, Kay Overman, Carole Cushen, Nancy Long. -loby elson, NX'ill.i Alcan Kantner, Cynthia Mclntire, Marjorie Rader, lrancix Todd, Mary -Io Apt. lllllill BOXV: Cynthia lfarnxliaw, Marjorie -laeggi, Marlene Herbert, Indy Stoll, -loanne Decker, Pill Martin, Marion Appleman, Cynthia llnhhard, Carolyn Poll, SLIIQIHHC Cuthbert, Mary Chisler, Bonnie Prix, Ioanne ltwry. IOURTII RUXV: Sue Supenslty, Sylvia Clarke, Jane Craggs, Pat Pinly, Suxalee XY'ildason, Marion Brooks, Carol Schwieterinan, Marilyn Illis, Carol Saylor, Mary Anna Hoskins, Linda Meixner, Nancy Hall, -verly 'l'rt-main, Clarol Schubert, .loanna Walken, Harriet Melke, .Ioan Ru l NN ' ckeaher, lio die weaver, lat lfranvan, Barbara Macliarland, Sue Schultv, .Indy Keilier, Sue Shirey, lloris W'olfr.nn. lllf'l'll BUXY: Doris XY'l1itloelt, Donna Goens, Nancy Tufts, Suzie Wolfe, Katie Kratler, Carolyn Kopf, Mary Lee Tamplin, Betty Lou Slllllll. Carol lzvens, Phyllis Smith, -Iudith Roberts, jackie Gray, lfmily Smith, Shirley ilihoinpson, -lane Ciraser, .loyce Garner, Pat Riggs, Bar- blra l'oagne, Carol Buckner, Ann Craggs. G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association provided after-school sports for girls the entire year. Early in the year the girls chose their team captains. -lean Rader, -lanet Rader, Barbara Keifer, .Indy Keifer, Nanie Neese, Barbara MacFarland, Sue Supensky, and Marjorie Rader were those selected. Officers elected were: Pres., janet Raderg Vice Pres., jean Raderg Recording Sec'y., -Ioyce Morris, Point Secre- taries, Betty Schwieterman and Nancy Crane. janet Rader's team won the hockey intramurals, Margie Rader's team, the volley ball inramurals, and Barbara Mac- Farland's team, the basketball intramurals. The Boosters gave a dance for all the members on April 29th. is ARCHERY Kay Oxerman, lmily Smith, Maiorie Covlling. llaekie Gray, Marjorie Alaeggi, Pat Franzen, jane Cr.ig,igs. Retry lou Smith, l'at Riggs, Sue Shirley, Shirley johns, Nancy Hall, Susalce W'ildason, Marion Appleman. HOCKEY As always, competition was strong this year in the battle for a place on the hockey team. The Varsity team triumphed over Fairview and Northridge, but were defeated by West Carrollton, Oxford, McGuffey, and Oakwood. The Reserves beat Fairview, but were defeated by Oak- wood and MCGuffey. Both groups united in their annual banquet in November, at the Wfishing Well in Centerville. FIRST ROW: janet Rader, ,ludy Kiefer, Marlene Smalley. ,loyee Morris, Pat Martin, Norma ,lean Smith. Mary l,ou liichoff, Frances Todd, Barbara MacFarland, Barbara Kiefer, Doris Wiolfrain. SECOND ROW: Peggy Colvard. Susan l'riee. .lean Rader, Doris Todd. Bonnie lfrix. Virginia Coleman. Goldie Wleaver, Velma Cardcnxs, Sue Suspensky, Mary .lo Apt, .Iudy Stoll, Barbara Poague, Nancy Crane. 'l'HlRD ROW: Marjorie Rader, Donna Gocns. Phyllis Smith. -Ioan Decker, Cynthia lleiherr, joan Ruekgaber, ilanic Neese, Sulic Cuthbert, Dorothy Davis, Mary Lee Tamplin. FOURTH ROXV: Miss Powell. Marion Frrooln, .lean Keikpalrick, Carol Rneelincr. Betty Vfynier, Carol Pool. joyee Loveland, Signc Wood, Marv Chisler, Mary Ann Hoslcin, Suzie Wiolfr, Ianet Johnson. J,'t l U an 'Milan 'Qu fluff "4 8 vughf wa 1' 'S I' t ,W fd A FTER-GA ME GET-TOGETHER After football games and other extra-curricular events held in the evening, scenes such as this may commonly he found. Students get together for many informal parties during the school year, affairs which help develop the qualities of friendship and good sportmanship. B THE BOARD Directing the activities of several grade schools, a new Junior High School, and a pro- gressive Senior High School is the task facing the Board of Education during the course of each school year. A successful year was initiated when each member of the board contributed service toward an increase in salary for teachers and the addition of another grade school, in the OF EDUCATION form of the school bond issue of the 19-49 elec- tion. In addition the board has made arrange- ments for a course in Driver's Training at Fair- mont available next year. The members of the board are Mr. Krebs, Mr. Ernst, Mr. MacFarland, Mr. Moyer, and Mr. Nickel. DIXIE TRAILER SALES 'puff' Q Mr. Prass, Principal of Fairmont, confers Superintendent Barnes works conscientious with students about college and vocational op- ly solving the problems and insuring the wel portunities. fare of Fairmont High. FACULTY ROBERT ALLEN VINCENT ARNOLD E. FRIEND COUSER KVINIFREIJ ESTERLY PIOWARD FLATTER RALPH FOXVLER JACK FOUTS LEAH FUNCK ANNA MARIE GANTNER CLARK PIAINES LELAND HALL HELEN HARTSOCK STEPHEN JUNDANIAN LAURA KENNEDY LAURA MARSHALL GLADYS POWELL CHESTER ROUSH EUGENE SMITH FACULTY RICHARD SOMERS RACHEL URICH HELAN VOGELSANG MARY BELLE WARREN HADLEY WATTS MIRIAM WILSON Louis ZAREMSKI Q X A 5 V 4? Q V47 Aly. aww in 3? kk 'vwnrul 5 L Zi .. sf U E15 5 S it L .N A i' swan SENIOI? OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dale Schell, Don Parsons, Pat Martin, Bob Riner, Carol Potter. If an one asks ou about our social activities for the ear ou can 1 Y Y Y y point to these five people and say that the backbone of the senior class lies in the senior class officers. During this school year we had five major events and each one was in the capable hands of one of our class officers. Bob Riner, our treasurer, was handling affairs for "Life With Father" while Carol Potter was busy lining up a band for the Mardi Gras. Social Chairman, Pat Martin had charge of the Senior Assembly. Our Vice President, Dale Schell, did a fine job with the Picnic. Throughout the year, President Don Parsons supervised all jobs and proved his ability as a speaker at the Assembly and the Senior Banquet. DAYTON AND XENIA MOTOR BUS CO. Cl ASS PVFNTS SENIOR CLASS REPORT The curtain is being pulled once more on the activities of a Senior Class. Among the activities par- ticipated in during 1949-1950 was flrst of all the presentation of the well-known play, "Life with Father." The second event of importance was the Senior Dance, the "Mardi Gras." Climaxing the year was the Senior assembly, entitled "The Bowery", which included in its many acts, "The Follies", and several Street Scenes. The last event of the year was the Senior Picnic held at LeSourdsville on May 29. 2 JUNIOR CLASS REPORT The Junior Class started off with a bang when they gave their yearly assembly on December 9. The committee was headed by Joe Best. One of the highlights of the program was the hilarous wrestling match of "C-ieorgous George" Schwab and "String Bean" McPole. Next on the calendar came the junior dance fittingly called the "Midwinter Rhapsody". This dance was headed by Judy Stoll and Tom Zimmerman. It was given February ll in the Fairmont Music Room. On March 24 and 25 that hu- morous comedy, "Dear Ruth", was put on. The play helped finance the Junior-Senior Banquet which was next on the calendar for May 20. Under the leadership of Joanne Decker, a good time was had by all. After the wonderful meal everyone adjourned to the auditorium where a fine program was put on under the direction of Joyce Naftzger. The Junior-Senior Prom held on May 26 was a wonderful climax for the Junior year. 2 SOPHOMORE CLASS REPORT The Sophomore class began its year's activities in the fall with a hayride which ended in a Weiner roast at Mr. Arnold's farm. One of the main events of 1949-1950 was the class assembly on March 2, in charge of Mr. Roush. The assembly was in the form of a variety hour, presenting the various talent of the Sophomore class. A spring picnic, the last event, was enjoyed by all sophomores. Barbara Abare Raymond Abbott Joyce Albrecht Tom Andrews Marion Appleman Darrell Apt Bill Ausdenmore Barry Baumgardner Barbara Becker Dale Benson jim Berbrick Paul Bohnslav Truman Bollinger Tom Bowser Carolyn Bradford Charles Bradley Mary Brandenburg Judy Brill Dale Brugler Walter Bussell Vilma Cardenas Karen Carlson Margie Codling Peggy Colvard SENICDRS ' . xy fl ,Q . A 1 X xt. I SENIQIQS JOHN SON 'S MARKET -lo Lynn Combs Carole Condron Kenny Cordonnier John Crowley Albert Darlington Bob Delaney Donald Dix Nancy Dunlevy Roseann Ebbing Betty Economides Mary Lou Eichoff Barbara Engel Clara Enoch Richard Evans Eugene Ewell Joan Ewry jack Felkley Charles Finley Ronald Free Theodore Frielc Eugene Friermood George Gebhart Richard Glaze jim Goodpasrer James Gould Donald Grassan Joan Grice Leigh Groby Jack I-leideman Mary Hilty Ursula Huffman Rita Hornick Ray Johns Ronnie Johnson Dale Jones Sue Jones Howard Jordan Starling Kay Barbara Keifer Herbert Keifer Judy Keifer Jeanne Kirkpatrick Richard Lackey Peggy Leckrone Barbara Littler Peggy Locke Burt Lonserr Joyce Loveland , fa-51 . WEA H V 41' SENICDRS Q SENICDRS Donald Lowe Carol McCarthy Jacque McConnehea Sally McMichael Delores McPeek Martha McShane Mary McShane William Mack Shirley Macy Harold Manning Pat Martin Shirley Minix Pat Mohr Lynn Moorehead Joyce Morris William Mueller Marsha Mugford Ronald Mulvaney Janie Neese Marilyn Norris Ethel Oleen Pat Oliver Thomas Page Don Parsons Marlene Patton Leland Pease Patrick Pfarrer Carol Potter Janet Rader jean Rader Barbara Reynolds Robert Riner joan Ruckgaber joan Ruddick Edward Sampson Dorothy Sams Richard Sauerman Dale Schell Eugene Schneider james Schoen Peter Shaw Kenneth Shropshire Marleen Smalley james Smith Norma jean Smith Isaac Kidder William Stanley Ruth Sudhoff SENICDRS ff f f . t ,I 'f l ,. . A 4: jg fm Y I , , , St SENICDRS fl st B stts X. -tl ii- 1 Q s-wrfir. K 'wwf' George Supensky Charles Sutton joen Tate Majole Teegarden Fred Thomas Norris Thompson Tom Tobiassen Patsy Todd Beverly Tremaine Marjorie Tromanhouser Ronald Tschiegg Bonnie Turner Tom Vacchiano Bill Wtilker Eugene Walton Roberta Wzlnupler Margaret Webb Sue Weller Sheila Westbeld Betty Whitley David Wilscun Doris Wolfram Richard Wright Norma Jean Young 5 fifffaew -K' rb- Smdwta ffl Weak - . M11 JUNIOR CLASS TOP PICTURE FIRST ROXV: Mary ,lo Apt, Florence Darnell, Joanne Decker, Charlotte Carr, Pat Asheraft, Suzanne Cuthbert, Mary Chisler, Virginia Burns, Betty -lean Carpenter, Nancy Crane, Lola Arnold. SIICOND ROXV: Toni Iiarnhart, Delores Boehenek, Lois Dein, Virginia Coleman, Ann Craggs, Ann Combs, Marjorie Sancllin, Marian Brooks, Bonnie Ifrix, john Brooks. TIIIRD ROWI: james Carlott, Dale Brown, Glenn Ifriermoocl, I,arrv Poland, Kenneth Freeze, Tom Blackburn, Gerald Boyd, ,Ion Burges, Alainea Gallaher, Richard Craig. I'OURTH ROXV: Iildretl Coclling, Bruce Amaml, Gordon Flam, Toni Bertling. Manfred David, joe Best. Charles Dorsten, Ralph Clemenx. JUNIOR CLASS BOTTOM PICTURE FIRST ROVV: Carol Littel, Lillian Mercer, Cynthia Hibberd, janet johnson, Juanita Harned, Barbara MaeFarIand, Mary Ann Hoakins. Doris Howard, Beth Ilammon. SECOND ROW: john johnson, john Maelaardie, Barbara Lonsert, Doris Huber, Harriet Melke, joAnne Krueger, Katherini. Kratzer, Shirley johns, Don IIIII, Bob Hannah. THIRD ROW: Dave Graeser, Carl Helfinstine, jack Marrinan, Gerald Gibson, jim Greenlee, jerry Gray, Bob Hinman, Gene Helaer, james Head, Herb Holton. FOURTH ROXV: Don Loedding, ,lack Haslup. Herb Hctzer, Charles Hardin, Tom Tobiassen, Albert Hoyer, Paul Kesling. Tom Haywood, Don Hamilton. JUNIOR CLASS TOP PICTURE IJIRST ROW: Kay Overman, Sue Supensky, Barbara Osborne, Carol Roeeltner, Betty Seliwieterman, Phyllis Smith, Harriet Melke, Susan Price, Sondra Segritl, Janet Sliumaker, Sammie Merritt, Judy Stoll, Charlotte Roetrer, Lillian Mercer. SECOND ROVV: Tom Noek, Allan Stout, Jim Simmons, Ray McKinney, Tom Polley, Ronald Sbroder, Carolyn Pool, Carole Orosli, Joyce Naftvger. Vaughan Miller, Paul Schumacher, Harold Roberts. THIRD ROW: Fred Robbins, Dave Rumbarger, Bill Stewart, Robert Ryan, Jaek Stahley, Pat Schwab, Ronnie McCrum, John Shroyer, George Schimer, Charles Martin, Dave Sneltsteder, Jack Naas, Tom Ross. JUNIOR CLASS BOTTOM PICTURE IJIRST ROW: Doris Todd, Bertha W'illoughby, Mary Volga- more, Suzie Wimlf, Joanne Wendling, Marilyn Wynn, Cleo Vradelis, Signc Wood, Goldie Wexiver, Mary I.ee Taniplin, lietty Wymer, Frances Todd, Sue Webster, Marilyn Tate. SECOND ROW: Joe Vorndrnn, Keith Vnnee, Dale Wotmdall, Buddy Thompson, Tom Underhill, Thelma Ward, Sue Ann Young, Joyee Tremaine, Fred Worthington, Jim Ygius, Dave Thompson, Jack Wymer, Ray Tyson. THIRD ROW: Dave Young, Jim Yowell, I,eslie Wietlel, Tom Zoph, Ronald Vance, Richard Trisel, John Terhune, Kenny Vander Weil, Robert Zimmer, Iiugene Wyatt. Fred Wnltlier, Tom Zimmerman. I I I SOPHOMORE CLASS TOP PICTURE FIRST ROW: Ruth jean Barbier, Nancy Dodd, Irene Brown, Helen Chester, Avinelle Beatty, Sylvia Clark, Sandra Bellville, Ann Bond. Carole Cushen, Naney Dinwiddie, Carol Diekcr, jane Craggs, Patty Brewster. SEZCOND ROW7: Tom Adkins, jake Conover, Nona Clements, Peggy Coatney, Esther Davis, Beverly Caudill, Joanne Carlson, Marlene Dietl, Dorothy Corn, Ifli7abeth Brandenburg. THIRD ROXV: ,lim Amrine, Bob Damieo, Dick Christenson, Dale Augubright, Douglas Dowden, Lowell Curtis, Paul Dabrowski, Bill Donavon, john Disher, Blaine Collins, Eddie Blair. FOURTH ROXV: Harry Carroll, Diek Brady, Don Chrisman, David Darnell, Bill Callister, Dick Brown, Frank Demmer, Charles Bal- baeh, ,lack Bishop, .lim Breen, ,lim Birdell. SOPI-IOMORE CLASS BOTTOM PICTURE I'lRST ROW: Mary Lou Grassan, Nancy Hall, Barbara Husseman, Mlrjorie -Iacggi, Mary Dunlevy, Helen Pirman, Irene Gau, Janet Finlay. SIZCOND ROW? jaunita Huff, Carol Frirv, Su7anne George, joyce Garner, Carol Evans, Beverly Hetvel, Pat Franven, Dessie Fletcher, Tessie Ifletcher, Delores Duncan. THIRD ROXV: Roy johnson, McCoy Gore, Bob Hucsman, Suzanne Fortney, Jackie Gray, Barbara Hackman, Delores Gore, Shirley Heys. Allan Teller, Duane Fetters, Bob Horstman. FOURTH ROW: Dean Iiveretts, Dean Hussong, Bob Hoffclberrh, Elmer Fowler, Don Howell, Dale I7ri77ell, Clayton Hammel, Charles Drake, Kenny Huffman. MITMAN'S FLORAL COMPANY SOPHOMORE CLASS TOP PICTURE IIIRST ROW: Riehard Marburger, Joanne Pennington, Marlene Omer, Florence Mayer, Rose Marie Roach, Margie Rader, ,Io Ann Nel- son, Nancy Long, Roberta Neilson, Cynthia Mclntyre, ,Iudy Roberts, Willa ,lean Kantner, jerry Keifer. SECOND ROW: Stanley Payne, Ronald I,owe, ,lack Olt, Pat Pauly, Marilyn Kretschmer, Carolyn Kopf, I.intl.i Meixner, Pat Riggs, Iiarbara Poague, Maxine Moorehead, David Pett, Luke Lumby. THIRD ROW: jack Lauvlerinan, Alan Newkirk, Dick Ross, Robert Miltenberger, Don Pfarrer, Robert Krebs, Harry Keifer, Ilill jones, Bill Miller, Paul Moore, Tom Havel. FOURTH ROW: Harry Karns, .lack Kline, Don Robertson, john Nceciels, Lee Kiser, Phil Knopf, Kenneth Kissinger, Bruce long, Don I'rofitt, Ilaroltl Richmond, Tom Keifer. SOPI-IOMORE CLASS BOTTOM PICTURE FIRST ROW: Madeline Webb, Ingeborg Tittel, Nancy Sayre, Carol Sahler, Ifmily Smith, Sue Shultz, Mary Alice Smith, .Ioan W'ittv, Norma Sexton, Delores Thompson, Freiela Wfeaver, Frances WilliamS. Carol SCIIUIJCFI- SMCOND ROXV: Lynne Ryann, Ruth Wltitaintmre, Carol Sehweiterman, Nancy Tufts, Anna Thomas, Doris W'hitIock, W'inifretl Thum, ,Ioanna Wilken, Shirley Thompson, Susalee Wiltltzstmii, janet Steinbarger, Betty Lou Smith, Sue Shirey. THIRD ROW: Dale Wormwood, Neil Smalley, Noble Yoshida, Al Scibert, -lerry Tellis, Walter W'olfe. Bill W'eItle, Willwtir Stewart, Bill Simmons, -lack Schimer, Don Waker, Ray Wfaker, FOURTH ROW: lid Stnuss, Hob Young, Dick Titus, Ronald Weis, Marvin Tsehiegg, Nick Swigert, Iirnest Williams, Conrail Roush, Dick Wilkitis. Phelps Switver, Dean W'ray, ,lack Towner. COOKS AND BUS DRIVERS MOLER'S DAIRY COOKS Our unsung heroines, those women who work to provide our Well-balanced noon meals, are Mrs. Earn- shaw, Mrs. Dale, Mrs. Arch- deacon, Mrs. Eschbaugh, and Mrs. Bradford. BUS DRIVERS To and from school, to music festivals, to scholarship contests, to conventions-the bus drivers do their job of transporting Fairmont stu- dents faithfully and safely. SIENIOI2 ACTIVITIES ABARE, BARBARA HBABSN Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Future Teachers 45 Class Play 4 As- sistant Director5 Thespians 4. U ABBOTT, RAYMOND UCROMELL Gamma Hi-Y 3, 45 Chorus 1. ALBRECHT, JOYCE "Jo" Student Council 2, 45 French Club, Pres. 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 T. K. 3 Vice Pres. 45 Thespians 3, 4. ANDREWS, THOMAS "ANDY" Chorus 1, 2, 45 Beta Hi-Y 3 Vice Pres. 45 Class Play 3, 45 Tennis 3, 4. APPLEMAN, MARION G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Future Teachers 3 Pres. 45 Latin Club 3 Vice Press. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 jr. Red Cross Council l, 2, 35 Pres. 45 Class play 35 T. K.5 Chorus 2. APT, DARRELL HZAPPIEH Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Alpha Hi-Y Treas. 2, 3, 45 T. K. 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Pres. Student Council 45 Class Play 3, 45 Track 2, 35 Class Treas. 2, 3. AUSDENMORE, WILLIAM HAUZZIEH Football 15 Golf 2, 35 Gamma Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. BAUMGARDNER, BARRY "TIGER" Student Council 1, 25 Pres. 35 Football 15 Basketball 15 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 45 Class Plays 3, 45 N. F. L. 1, 2, 3, 45 Thespians 2, 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross Z5 Newspaper Staff 4. BECKER, BARBARA "BOBBIE" G. A. A. I, 25 Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus I, 4. BENSON, DALE "BUTCH" BERBRICK, JAMES "JIM" Band I5 Gamma Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. BOHNSLAV, PAUL NBONEYU Football I, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Alpha Hi-Y 3, 45 Class Play 3, 4. BOLLINGER, TRUMAN NCORKYH Track 35 Gamma Hi-Y 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 4. BOWSER, THOMAS "ROxY" Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Pres. 25 Student Council 35 Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Class Play 4. BRADFORD, CAROLYN Hockey I, 25 Chorus 15 Y-Teens 1, 25 Red Cross 4. BRADLEY, CHARLES "CLYDE" Basketball 35 Football 3, 45 Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3 Pres. 45 T. K. 3, 45 Student Council 45 Class Pres. 3. BRANDENBURG, MARY Chorus 2. BRILL, JUDY G. A. A. 1, 2, 45 Hockey 1, 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Chorus 2, 3, 4. BRUGLER, DALE "BRUG" Football 15 Gamma Hi-Y 45 Newspaper Staff 4. U BUssELL, WALTER HTINKER Debate 45 Class Play 4. CARDENAS, VILMA Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2. CARLSON, KAREN Class Play 3, 45 Social Chairman 25 Thespians 2, 3, 45 Y- Teens 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 45 N. F. L. 4. U COLVARD, PEGGY "ANGEL G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens l. 2, 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Hockey Manager 4. CODLING, MARGIE G. A. A. 45 Transfer 4. COMES, JO LYNN "JO" Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 4. N CONDRON, CAROLE "IRISH Ncwsp-:per Staff 4. IJ COTDONNIER, KENNY "CALDONIA Operetta 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Gamma Hi-Y 4. CIORILEY, JOHN U DARLINGTON, ALBERT ULONGLEGS Band 1, 2, 3, 4. J! DELANEY, ROBERT "BOB Football 1, 2, 35 Capt. 45 B'sketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. Dix. DONALD "DON" Football 25 French Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Vice Pres. 3. DUNLEVY, NANCY "NAN" Hockey 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 4. EBBING, ROSEANN "ROsIE" Transfer 3. E-:oNoMIDEs, BETTY Transfer 3. EICHOFF, MARY LOUISE G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 jr. Red Cross Rep. 35 Future Teachers. ENGEL, BARBARA "BABS" Chorus l, 2, 3. ENOCH, CLARA Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 25 Newspaper Staff 4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES EVANS, RICHARD "DICK" Transfer 3. EWELL, EUGENE JR. "BARNEY" Band l, 2, 3, 4. ENVRY, JOAN "JO" Band I, 2, 3, 43 G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4. FELKLEY, JACK Band l, 2, 3, 4. FINLEY, CHARLES "ROGER THE CODGERU Football l, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Student Council 23 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 T. K. 3, 43 Alpha Hi-Y 3, 4. FREE, RONALD "RONNIE" French Club 3, 4. FRICK, THEODORE "TED" Basketball 1, 23 Gamma Hi-Y 43 Band I, 2, 3. FRIERMOOD, EUGENE "GENE" Gamma Hi-Y 4. GEBHART, GEORGE UCREAMERU Latin Club 3, 4. GLAZE, RICHARD "DICK" Beta Hi-Y 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. GOODPASTER, JAMES "ORLY" GOULD, JAMES "JIMINY CRICKET' Transfer 43 Basketball 43 N. F. L. 43 Alpha Hi-Y 4. GRASSAN, DONALD "BIG BOY" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Gamma Hi-Y 43 T. K. 3, 4. GRICE, JOAN "JO" Chorus 2, 33 G. A. A. 2. GROBY, LEIGH Track 1, 2, 3, 4. HEIDEMAN, JOIIN "JACK" Chorus 2, 33 Speech 2, 33 Class Play 3. HILTY, MARY ULIZZIEU Chorus 3. IIUFFMAN, URSULA HORNICK, RITA NRITERH G. A. A. 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens l, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Chairman 23 Drum Majorette 3, 4. JOHNS, RAYMOND Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Variety Show Swing Band 2, 3, 43 As- sistant Librarian 4. JOHNSON, RONALD "RONNIE" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 33 Variety Show Swing Band 2, 3. JONES, DALE R. Thcspians 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4. JONES, SUE "JONEsEY" G. A. A. 1, 23 Chorus 13 Newspaper 4. JORDAN, HOWARD "HOWIE" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Mgr. 3, 43 Gamma Hi-Y 43 Future Teachers 3. KAY, STARLING "BOBBY" Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. KEIFER, BARBARA "BOBBY" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 23 Intramural Capt. 4. KEIFER, HERBERT "PEEwEE" Track 2. KEIFER, JUDY G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Capt. 43 Latin Club 43 Future Teachers 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 43 T. K. 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4. KIDDER, ISAAC "IKE" Transfer 4. H KIRKPATRICK, JEANNE UKIRKY G. A. A. l, 2, 43 Hockey l, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Captain 4. LACKEY, RICHARD Chorus 3. LECKRONE, PEGGY Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Drum Majorette 3, 43 Y-Teens l, 2. LITTLER, BARBARA "BOBBIE" Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 43 T. K. 3, 43 Future Teachers 43 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 43 Speech 1, 2, 33 G. A. A. l, 2, 33 Thespians 3, 43 N. F. L. 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 33 Organist 3, 4. LOCKE, PEGGY Y-Teens 1, 23 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 N. F. L. 2, 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. LONSERT, BURT Class Play 3. SENIOR ACTIVITIES LOVELAND, JOYCE UFRBCKLESU Transfer 23 Hockey 3, 43 Basketball 23 Annual Staff 43 jr. Red Cross 43 G. A. A. 43 Class Play 43 Prince of Peace. LOWE, DON MACK, WILLIAM UZEKEH Basketball l, 23 Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 4. MACY, SHIRLEY Spanish Club 23 Y-Teens 2. MANNING, HAROLD "JUNIOR" Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 33 French Club 3, 43 Beta Hi-Y 3, 43 Class Play 4. MARTIN, PATRICIA G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Social Chairman 43 N. F. L. 3, 43 Thespians 43 Class Play 43 Newspaper Staff 4. MCCARTHY, CAROL Transfer 43 N. F. L. 43 Class Play 4. MCCONNEHEA, JACQUE Spanish Club. MCMICHAEL, SALLY G. A. A. 1, 23 Band l, 2, 3, 4. MCPEEK, DOLORES "BUGS" G. A. A. MCSHANE, MARTHA "MARTY" French Club 3, 43 N. F. L. Thespians3 G. A. A.3 Bancl3 Y-Teens3 Class Play3 Future Teachers3 Prince of Peace. MCSHANE, MARY Y-Teens3 Spanish Club3 Hockey 1, 33 Class Play 3. MINIX, SHIRLEY G. A. A. 1, 23 Hockey 1. MOHR, PATRICIA "PAT" MOOREHEAD, LYNN Transfer 23 Football 2, 3, 43 Latin Club Treas. 3, 43 T. K. 3 Pres. 43 Annual Staff 43 Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2. MORRIS, JOYCE G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4. MUBLLER, WILLIAM "BILL" Spanish Club 43 Future Teachers 43 Beta Hi-Y 4. MUCFORD, MARsHA Cheerleader 3, 43 Operetta 2, 33 Variety Show 3, 4. MULVANEY, RONALD "CORKY" Football 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 3, 43 Variety Show 2, 33 N. F. L. 2, 3 Vice Pres. 43 Prince Of Peace 2, 3, 43 Class Play 43 Chorus l, 43 Annual Staff 43 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 43 Thespians 4. NEESE, JANIE G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Sergeant-of-Arms 23 Spanish Club 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1 Sec'y. Tres. 33 Y-Teens I, 2, 33 Intramural Captain 4. NORRIS, MARILYN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Cheer- leader 2, 33 G. A. A. 1, 2. OLEEN, ETHEL G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3. OLIVER, PATRICIA "PAT" PAGE, TOM "TOMMY" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice Pres 3 Pres. 43 Future Teachers 3, 43 Orchestra l, 2, 4. PARSONS, DONALD "DON" Student Council 1, 33 Class Pres. 43 Class Vice Pres. 23 Alpha Hi-Y3 Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 43 Band 1, 43 Track 3, 4. PA'I'I'0N, MARLENE G. A. A. 1, 2, 43 Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 43 Student Council 4. PEASE, LELAND Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 33 Beta Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. PFARRER, PATRICK "CURLEY" Football I3 Speech l, 23 Beta Hi-Y 2, 3 Sec. 4. POTTER, CAROL G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Hockey l, 2, 33 Spanish 1, 2, 3, 43 T. K. Thespians 43 Class Play 3, 43 Y-Teens 1. RADER, JANET G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 43 Sergeant-of-Arms 33 Pres. 43 Capt. 4. RADER, JEAN G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Capt. 3, 4 Vice Pres. 4. REYNOLDS, BARBARA "BAkB" Transfer 33 Class Play 4. RINER, ROBERT "ROCKY,' Basketball 1, 33 Tennis 2, 3. 43 Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3 Sec. 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Class Tres. 13 Class Sec. 33 Class Tres. 4. RUCKGABER, JOAN "JOANIE" Transfer 23 Hockey 3, 43 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. RUDDICK, JOAN "JOANIE" Transfer 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 43 Annual Staff 4. SAMPSON, ED IIMUSCLESI' Transfer 43 Football 43 Alpha Hi-Y 4. SENICDR ACTIVITIES SAMS, DOROTHY SAUERMAN, RICHARD "HANK" Basketball I3 Football 1, 23 Baseball 33 Gamma Hi-Y 3, 43 Future Teachers 43 Jr. Red Cross 43 Class Play 43 News- paper Staff 4. U SQIIELL, DALE USLEEPY Basketball l, 2, 33 Football 3, 43 Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Track l, 33 Class Play 4. SCHNEIDER, EUGENE HSNOZN Basketball 1, 23 Football 13 Beta Hi-Y 2, 33 Thespians 1, 2, 3, 43 Golf Team 2, 33 Class Play 3. SCHOEN, JAMES "JIM" Baseball 3. SHAW, PETER "PETE" Spanish Club l, 2, 3 Tres. 43 T. K. Club 3, 4. U SI-IROPSHIRE, KENNETH USHARPSHOOTER Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Prog. Chr. 43 Gamma Hi-Y 43 Newspaper Staff 4. SMALLEY, MARLENE Chorus l, 23 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. SMITH, JAMES SMITH, NORMA JEAN "SMI'I'I'Y" Chorus 3, 43 Future Teachers 43 Newspaper 4. SMITH, WILLIAM "BILL" Football 43 Transfer 4. STANLEY, WILLIAM "WILLIE" Transfer 23 Beta Hi-Y3 Intramural Basketball3 Debate3 Chorus3 Tennis. SUDHOEF, RUTH G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 T. K. 3, 43 Class Play 43 Future Teachers 3, 43 French Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3. SUPENSKY, GEORGE Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Dragon Publication 13 Annual Staff 2 Editor 43 Alpha Hi-Y 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. SUTTON, CHARLES "CHUCK" Track 2, 33 Dragon Business Manager 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Variety Show Swing Band 33 Gamma Hi-Y 43 Operetta 33 Future Teachers 3. TATE, JOEN LEE "JOANIE" Transfer. TEEGARDEN, MAJOLE uRUSTY', Transfer 43 Chorus 4. THOMAS. FRED L. A. Football 1. THOMPSON, BILL "WILLIE" Transfer 23 Alpha Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Latin Club. THOMPSON, NORRIS "TOMMY" Transfer 4. TOEIASSEN, THOMAS "LONG TOM" Football 3, 43 Basketball 23 Baseball 33 Alpha Hi-Y 3, 4. TODD, PATSY "PAT" Transfer 43 Chorus 43 Annual 43 Operetta 43 Variety Show 4. TREMAINE, BEVERLY SUE G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 43 Chorus 1, 23 Hockey 2, 3, 4. TROMANHOUSER, MARJORIE Transfer 33 Chorus 43 Variety Show 4. TSCHIEGG, RONALD QIRONNIEI, Track l, 2, 3, 43 Gamma Hi-Y 33 Band 1, 2, 3. TURNER, BONNIE French Club 3, 43 Y-Teens 2. VACCHIANO, TOM "VACH" Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 33 Gamma Hi-Y Chaplain 3, 4. WALKER, WILLIAM "BILL" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Gamma Hi-Y 33 Newspaper Staff. XVALTON, EUGENE "GENE" Transfer 4. WAMPLER, ROBERTA UBOBBIEH G. A. A. l, 2, 33 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1. WEBB, MARGARET WELLER, SUE G. A. A. 13 Hockey 1, 33 N. F. I.. 2, 33 French Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 Class Play 43 Future Teachers 2, 4. WESTBELD, SHEILA Hockey 1. V371-IITLEY, BETTY "BOOTS" Y-Teens 1. XVILSON, DAVID "DAVE" Band l, 2, 3, 4. WOLFRAM, DORIS "DORIE" G. A. A. I, 2, , 4. WRIGHT, RICHARD "DICK" Band 1, 2, 33 Gamma Hi-Y 4. YOUNG, NORMA JEAN G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 13 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. ACITIC sheef Mefal Cr R00fiflg CO. HOWARD IOHNSONS' RESTAURANT 90l Brown St.-FU 9442 Residential Roofing, Siding, Spouting, Furnaces, Industrial Roofing and Sheet Metal. . Far Hills Ave. and Stroop Rd. IO I5 AIR CONDITIONING-SODA FOUNTAIN 20-Year Bonds for Schools Factories, Churches TERRACE DININC.-CURB SERVICE and Apartments H. S. Center ICE CREAM -- MANY FLAVORS owner open 11 A.M. to Midnight ' MUTUAL REALTY C0'f'P"me"'S Juanita Millat--Realtor of OUR EXPERIENCE DRUMMOND Cr SLOAN IS GROCERY CO. YOUR PROTECTION . 2300 Watervliet MA 6592 Congratulations, Fairmont Seniors! FOR TRAINING IN BUSINESS- CROSLEY TV - PAINTS GLASS - ELECTRIC AND Accounting Stenographic pLUMBlNG Suppl-IES Business Administration Machines Secretarial Typing . 9 MIAMI-IACOBS cou.EcE RYNE 5 HARDWARE Second and Ludlow Adams 8265 Comer E' Dorothy Lane 90th Year and Wilmington EARL D. CREAGER CONTRACTOR 901 Shroyer Rd. WA 3843 Q CEMENT WORK - SEWERS TRENCHING CAR SERVICE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE YU M-YU M MEALS - SHORT ORDERS 4320 Far Hills WA l203 CARILLON DRIVE-INN SPOTLESS CLEANING CAFETERIA HAMILTON CLEANERS EXCELLENT VARIETY WA 4408 OF 2801 Far Hills Ave. DELICIOUS FOOD QUICK SERVICE 2011 Dixie Ave. WA 0106 4982 Wilmington Pike R' L' WA 5193 2330 S. Dixie MEET YOUR FRIENDS 3' the HOME APPLIANCES Budget Terms WA 0177 FREE PARKING 'A' FREDERICK FUEL CO. ALL TYPES OF AUTO SERVICE COAL - COKE WIDMAN'S GARAGE 25 East Drive AII Types of Fuel WA 7752 Delivered Anywhere ,k 5430 Marshall Rd. WA 2132 FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES W. A. Wadsworth, C-er1'l Mgr. CANNED FOODS SOUTHERN HILLS PIT INC. GIRARDOT'S MARKET 2415 s. Dixie Ave. WA 2191 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 0 OPEN 7 DAYS UNTIL 9 PM- SAND-C-RAVEL- FILL TOP SOIL 2101 E. Stroop Rd. WA 9301 BASEMENT EXCAVATINC. 71 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS RADIOS AND TELEVISION O 77544446 EXPERT REPAIRINC ' AND LACQUERINC- 251 N. Main HE 5883 CHEERHART CLEANERS Main Office and Laundry Dry Cleaning Plant 201 W. Third Sr. HE 8668 2108 Watervliet Ave. QUALITY DRY CLEANING AND FINISHED LAUNDRY SERVICE 7704 ' DELICIOUS BAKED C-OODS and FRESH MEATS 806 Watervliet Ave. KE 4591 MUSICAL INSTRUCTION INSTRUMENTS IN ALL INSTRUMENTS 34 E. First Street HAUER MUSIC HOUSE HE 5211 WA 0311 3131 Sagamon Ave. Corner Dorothy Lane and Far Hills Compliments of .KBE SURE WITH PURE" BEAVERTOWN FOOD LOCKER See the New Nash HQME DELIVERY at SWIFT'S SELECT BEEF WHOLESALE AND RETAIL YOUR FUTURE LIFE FOR FINE DRY CLEANING 1. Y BON VOYAGE H I N K E . ELITE CLEANERS Plant-4018 Kettering Blvd. WA 0023 DOROTHY LANE MARKET Store-2924 E. Third St. KE 8023 Calvin D. Mayne - Frank Y. Sakada WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER Open Evenings Phone WA 9851 Compliments gf and Smday EAT-A-BITE RESTAURANTS P O L L 0 C K , S 611 Linden Ave. 1330 Xenia Ave. DRY CLEANING AND PRESSINC 0Pe'1 24 H'-Wfs KE 0290 970 Patterson Rd. 4201 W'l ' P'k immgton I e Dayton' ohio PRESSING WHILE YOU WAIT CHICKEN-STEAKS-CHOPS Food Is Our Business Robert Pollock Free Pick-Up and Delivery Not A Side Line HTTMEQ. Enos. Mm SITUATED IN THE HEART OF DAYTON PRIVATE PARKING LOT SERVICE PARLOR TEL- HE 1031 R E M B RA N T srumos mc. aewlhag ?4az!agfmf446a 24 E I-IICH ST SPRINGFIELD QI-IIO ,,.,,,,.. - . . , . ....,.,, 407 S. DIXIE WA- OIOI ON SAM SUNSHEIN REGISTERED PHARMACIST ROUTE 25 GOOD FOOD AT ALL TIMES SPECIALIZINC IN PRESCRIPTIONS WM- RIFE co- BEST WISHES IEWELER SENIORS 122 s. LOOLOW ST. FROM DAYTON 2, OHIO THE ALUMNI 8 ' 4 hom Zfae paaenh of Iffxe Glau of 1950 5.1. . :Q :A . . . ,,,.,. V - 1--:.1-w w .41--X ,-J-. A ,. V-.JMW 9' K , . .,. ,.,,y,Y .. -QW ,A L .. ,,,. WL 4 My I .F 21, o -.9 u , .WA , , .-., ,- . xy, ,.,y,,. V , sg Q le?- - -.1 f ,J .52 F' . gn gc ,C 'L , s u 4? 51, f-5 .vw -s J 'Di wr .QA fs? 1-. 5 ,Q SZ.

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