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X-.fv rn: nnnuou 'Myer ,FX 4:4- PRESENTED BY THE JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT OF FAIRMONT HIGH SCHOOL DAYTON 9, OHIO 3, v QR NX K "Z-.fl-gr'-"' Kgs QQ' "" f T --. E 3 55:14 E "N" 1 Tl E -' g 2 .5 '24 5 Q-7-pr 6- q Q K 3- 0 TIIERE'S II GDLIIMIIIE III THE SKY . . S ,P QQEE xg ll , , ff -v I WAS WALKING DOWN A TRAIL MARKED '48 IN THE SOUTHERN PART OF OUR BUCKEYE STATE, WHEN I SAW UP IN THE SKY, A SCHOOL CALLED FAIRMONT HIGH, AND I STOPPED TO PONDER AND INVESTIGATE. I FOUND MANY, MANY HAPPY GALS AND GUYS WHO GREETED ME AS THEY WERE PASSING BY. HERE I FOUND THE DREAMS OF YOUTH, AS THEY SOUGHT ETERNAL TRUTH, THEY WERE HAPPY IN THEIR GOLDMINE IN THE SKY Z' fm! ZR '-2-iM Page Two vw s. vw Ei WHAT TO WEAR, WHEN YOU GO, WAS TOLD IN AN ASSEMBLY SHOW. Hlgv F our GULD IS WIIIERE . . IN TIIE PAINT POTS, SKETCHES, SCRATCHBOARDS, LOOMS, MAKE NICE PATTERNS IN THE ART ROOM. left lo Right: Fredricka Strader, Joelo Ressler, John Bergess, Suzanne George. left lo righic Jane? Rader, Marsha Mugford, .Ioycu Morris, Jean Rader, Doris Wolfram, Bonnie Turner YOU FIIIII IT GLASSIIUIIMS BUY A TICKET, GET A DATE. FOR FUN, BE SURE YOU ARE NOT LATE. TEACHER EXPLAINS THE FACTS REAL FAST, SEE HIM BEFORE OR AFTER CLASS. Top: Joan Roufzchn, Bob Schrorer, Bob Schwinn, Jim Schneider. lower: Tom Biockburn, Bob Ferris, Mr. Fowler, Tom Blalock, Mr. Jundcanian, ,V Q l'rlgL' Iii va' bu-..,..,. LOTS TO DO, NO TIME TO GAB, WHEN YOU'RE IN THE CHEMISTRY LAB. Tom Page, Carol Power, Lee Shropshire, Mr. Flower, Joan Ruckgober, Walter Bussell. HOT DOGS AND POP CORN, CANDY AND GUM, THE OAKWOOD GAME WAS LOTS OF FUN. TO KNOW A GAME'S PROGRESS WAS EASY AND QUAINT, FOR DON GAVE THE SCOREBOARD A COAT OF PAINT. Page Six Dennis Aydelotf, Howard Esh baugh, Don Meyer, Jim Michel. EVERYTHING WORKS LIKE A TOP, WHEN IT'S FIXED DOWN IN OUR SHOP. THESE GIRLS WORK WITH SPEED . . . WHEN THERE'S A SECRETARIAL NEED. Delma Sams, Pai Inman, Pauline Sandy, Joanne Leiphart, Rosemary Jones, Delores Schwariz, Marilyn Baker, Frieda Burger, Patsy Berk, Carolyn Chisler, Elaine Blair, Joanne Seel. Page Seven DOBS OF PAINT MAKE BOYS WHAT THEY AIN'T. Gloria Crouch, Ted Boho- chek, Elaine Maycock, William Wilt. LET'S SING, LET IT RING! Mr, Haines and 5th period chorus. STUDENTS TARRY IN THE LIBRARY. Maxine Moorehead, Nancy Sayre, Roberta Mitchell, Peter Show. Page Eight INFORMATION HIDES IN A READER'S GUIDE. Tom Bowser, Miss Miriam Wilson. Page N inc WE ATE ALL WE COULD, 'CAUSE THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD! Jim Glunfon, Esther Davis, Doris Bailey. WHEN A PROBLEM ARISES, THE COUNSELOR ADVISES. John MocLc1rdie, James Ycuus, Tom Bertling, Mr. Richard Somers. Standing: Mr. Robert M. Krebs, Mr. George L. Ernst. Seated: Mr. Gordon F. MacFarland, Mr. Chester A. Moyer, Mr. Charles Nickel. THESE PEOPLE D0 THE WORK The completion of the Junior High School became a reality in 1949 and personnel from the Senior High School was elected to serve the new school. ,fs .sf:-ff'Q K Superintendent Dwight L. Barnes Principal J. Edward Prass Page Tw: Building Superintendent, Charles Grice and Assistant Doctor Marlow. BEHIND THE SGEIIES .... Mr. Homer Wagner was elected principal, and Mr. Maurice Wogaman assistant principal of the Junior High. Mr. Richard Som- ers was elected assistant principal at Fairmont. Secretaries: Miss Florence Stott, Secretary to Clerk Ernst, Miss Dorothy White, Secretary to intendent Barnes, Mrs. Florence Brown, Secretary to Principal Prass. Super X X 5 K is X x 5 p pp - I Page Eleven 4,1-1 117 Top: Mr. Steven Jundanian, Mr. Howard Flatter, Miss Laura Kennedy. lower: Mr. Russell Houston, Miss Rachel Urich, Mr. Leland Hall. Page Twclvc FAGULTY First Row: Vincent Arnold - Historyg E. Friend Couser-Social Studies. Second Row: Clark Haines-Musicg Leland Hall - Industrial Artsg Helen Hartsock -Latin and Personality De- velopment. Third Row: Richard Somers-Com- mercial and Personality Develop' mentg Rachel Urich-Arty Helen Vogelsang - Home Economics. -1-Fm GAVE First Row Sciencep Orchestra STUDENTS NUGGETS 0F WISDUM Esther Crisman -Journalism and Englishp Howard Flatter-Sciencep Ralph Fowler- Jack Fouts - Scienceg Leah Funck - English and Dramaticsg Anna Marie Gantner - Mary Githens- English and Home Economics. Second Row: Russell Houston - Mechanical Drawingg Stephen Jundanian - Mathg Laura Kennedy - Spanish and Englishy Laura Marshall - Commercialy Gladys Powell - Physical Educationy Chester Roush-Physical Education and Mathematics. Third Row: Mary Belle Warren - French and English: Carl Weaver - Speech and Englishy Hadley Watts- Physical Education: Miriam Wilson -English, Maurice Wogaman - History and Eng- lishg Louis Zaremski-English and History. mmf IH Aka ini F QM? Qi' l D Q- ANW6 Page Thirieen 1 rnzsnmeu Page F uurleen First Row: William Cate, Sylvia Clark, Sandra Bellville, Eliza- beth Brandenburg, Patty Brews- ter, lrene Brown, Thomas Adkins. Sesond Row: Dole Argubright, James Amerine, Robert Brad- ford, Ruth Barbier, Avengale Beat- ty, Joanne Carlson, LoVeina Burt- on, Edward Blair, Harry Carroll. Third Row: James Brady, Donald Christman, Arnold Blair, Paul Burns, William Aydelott, Jack Bishop, James Brown, William Collister, James Briddell, Richard Christenson. First Row: Curtis Davis, Carol Evans, Esther Davis, Mary Den- linger, Peggy Coatney, Jane Craggs, Marilyn Ellis, Paul De- bransky. Second Row: Robert Damico, Ger- ald Collins, Nancy Dodd, Mar- lene Dietz, Carol Cushen, Nancy Dinwiddie, Lowell Curtis, Dean Evers. Third Row: Dave Darnell, Frank Demmer, Arthur Conover, Ro- bert Duez, Cynthia Earnshaw, De- lores Duncan. Fourth Row: Louis Clay, Charles Drake, Douglas Dowden, Richard Michael. First Row: Suzanne George, Carol Fritz, Helen Friman, Ruby Fri- man, Janet Finlay. Second Row: Joe Harod, Suzanne Fortney, Joyce Garner, Delores Gore, Mary Grassen, Pat Franzen, Nancy Hall, Dale Frizell. Third Row: Allan Feller, Diane Fetters, McCary Gore, Tessie Fletcher, Ann Gray, Jane Graeser, Barbara Hackman, Elmer Fowler. First Row: Robert Horstman, Ro bert Huseman, Juanita Hutt, Margie Jaeggie, Barbara Huss- man, Janyce Hentrick, Shirley Hayes, Elizabeth Kelly, Dale Friz- zell, Beverly Hetzel, Marlene Her- bert, Willa Jean Kantner, Jerry Keifer, William Hendricks. Second Row: Thomas Hazel, Thom- as Keifer, Richard Karns, Don- ald Keener, Kenneth Huffman, Don Howell, Lee Kiser, Harry Keifer, William Jones, Dean Hussong. PRUSPEGTING .... First Row: Stanley Payne, Richard Ross, Rose Roach, Coral Sahler, Nancy Sayre, Judy Roberts, Mar- iorie Rader, Jack Shimmer, Ronald Shock. Second Row: Patricia Pauly, Patty Schroder, Helen Chester, Carol Shubert, Patricia Riggs, Lynn Ryan, Barbara Poague, Norma Sexton, Marlene Omer. Third Row: Chester Roberts, Done ald Profitt, Donald Pfarrer, Har- old Richmond, Connie Roush, Rone a'd Reynolds. First Row: John Knoft, Richard Marburger, Luke lumby, Ronald Lowe, Wilbur McCIanahan, Ken- neth Kissinger. Second Row: Carolyn Kopf, Mar- lene Mowen, Jean Morris, Cyn! thin Mclntire, Florence Mayer, Nancy Long, JoAnn Nelson, Linda Meixner. Third Row: Richard Michael, Mari- lyn Kretchmer, Robert Krebs, Maxine Moorehead, Paul Moore, Roberta Neilson, John Needles. Fourth Row: Earl Marburger, Alan Newkirk, William Miller, Jerry O'brien, Jackie Kline, Bruce Long. First Row: Walter Wolf, Noble Yoshida, Raymond Waker, Don- ald Waker, Richo'd Wilkins, Ern- est Williams, Dole Wormwood, Marvin Tschigg, William Welde, Dean Roy, Ronald Weis. Second Row: Frieda Weaver, Fran- ces Williams, Jaann Witte, Sue Wildason, Doris Whitlock, Joanna Wilken, Madeline Webb, Ruth Whitmore, Nancy Tufts, Wanda Walters. First Row: Richa'd Tidas, Al Sei- bert, William Simmons, Neal Smalley, Wilbur Stewart, Jack Towner, Second Row: lngeborg Tittle, Shir- ley Thompson, Dolores Thomp- son, Winnie Thum, Emily Smith, Carol Schweitermon, Phelps Switz- ef. Third Row: Jerry Tellis, Edwin Stauss, Sue Shirey, Ann Thom- as, Janet Steinbarger, Betty Lou Smith. Fuge Fifteen PIIDMURES First Row: Delores Bochenek, Dorothy Buffin, Douglas Brickles, John Berges, Char- lotte Carr, Mary Jo Carpenter, Virginia Burns, Lola Arnold. Second Row: Betty Downs, Mary Chisler, Ann Combs, Ann Craggs, Virginia Cole- man, Pat Ashcroft, Doris Bail- ey, Marilyn Clark, Mary Jo Apt. Third Row: Tom Bertling, Dale Brown, Jim Brown, Bruce Aman, Ralph Clemens, Joe Best, Dale Armstrong, Perry Bartlett, Gerald Boyd, John Brooks, Bob Brigeman, Tom Blackburn. First Row: Florence Darnell, Janie Gau, Dorothy Davis, Ja Ann Decker, Nancy Crane, Mary Daley, Don Glaspy, Lar- ry Foland. Second Row: Bonnie Frix, Sue Cuthbert, Lois Dean, Glenn Friermood. Third Row: Tom Earnhart, Ken- neth Freeze, Eugene Faler, Harold Farris, Jerry Gibson, Charles Dorsten, James Gal- loher, Richard Craig, Jerry Gray, David Graeser. First Row: Cynthia Hibberd, Mary Ann Hoskins, Beth Hammon, Juanita Harned, Dorf is Huber, Pat Hart, Phyllis Hott, Pat Hayes, Bob Hannah, Donna Goens. Second Row: Gene Hesler, Car- rol James, Jim Head, Jack Haslup, Donald Hamilton, Jim Greenlee, Carl Helfinstine, Don Hill, Herbert Hetzer, Albert Hoyer, Harry Hurst, Charles Hardin, Jack Hinman, Tom Haywood, nut Row: Carol Littell, Kay Overman, l.illian Mercer, :thryn Kratzer, Harriett Mel- -, Sammy Merritt, Christine nville. econd Row: John Johnson, Carol Oroszi, Joanne Krueg- r, Barbara Osborn, Barbara VlacFarland, Janet Johnson, Barbara Lonsert, Jack Naas. Third Row: Thomas Leighliter, Richard Lakey, John Mac- Lardie, Ronald Vance, Tom Nock, Paul Kesling, Ray Mc- Kinley, Jack Marrinan, Ronald Shroder. First Row: Delores Simpkins, Betsy Scharrer, Phylis Smith, Judith Stoll, Sue Supensky, Margie Sandlin, Carol Roelmer, Janet Schumacher, Betty Schweiermon, Carolyn Pool, Mary Scully, Charolette Roed- er, Amelia Segui, Harold Ro- berts. Second Row: Susan Price, Jack Stalley, Patrick Schwab, Wil- liam Stewart, George Schimer, Dave Rumbarger, Ronald Shro- der, Donald Saclcsteder, Fred Robbins, Alan Stout, James Simmons, Paul Schumacher. First Row: Don Hamilton, Jack Wymer, Bud Thompson, Or- val Yaney, Dick Widman, Da- vid Thcmson, Joe Vorndran. Second Row: Goldie Weaver, Marilyn Tate, Sue Wolfe, Jo- anne Wendling, Marilyn Wynn, Bertha Willoughby, Sue Webs- ter, Doris Todd, Thelma Ward. Third Row: Lynn Woodward, Signe Wood, Joyce Tremaine, Mary lee Tamplin, Betty Wy- mer, Francis Todd, Sue Ann Young, Tom Ross, Tom Zim- merman, Dale Woodall. Fourth Row: Tom Underhill, Ronald Vance, Dick Tress- ler, John Terhune, Leslie Wiet- zel, Eugene Wyatt, Robert Zimmer, Kenny Vanderwiel, Raymond Tyson, Fred Walther. SIIARPEII PIGKS . . . Pllgl' Sl'l'f'llff't'Il Q JUNIURS Pager lxiglilwri First Row: Joyce Albrecht, Kar, en Carlson, Norma Jean Young, Barbara Abare, Bur- bara Becker, Second Row: Marian Apple- man, Jo Lynn Combs, Caro- lyn Bradford, Peggy Colvard, Third Row: Walter Bussell, Charles Finley, Darrell Apt. Fourth Row: Paul Bolinslav, Dale Benson, Barry Baum gardner, Charles Bradley. First Row: John Crowley, Rich- ard Glaze, Eugene Ewell, James Goodpaster, Mary Lou Eickhoff, Rose Ann Ebbing, Joan Ewry, Carol Condron, Madeline Dooley, Clara Enoch, Barbara Engle, Joan Grice. Second Row: Charles Finley, George Gephart, Eugene Friermood, Kenneth Cordon' nier, Albert Darlington Don ald Grassan, Donald Dir., Mike Corn, Ted Frick, Paul Estes, Jack Felkley, Ronald Free. First Row: Barbara Kuiier, Margaret Leckrone, Rita Hornick, Peggy Locke, Mary Hilte, Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Second Row: Howard Jordon, Jack Heideman, Harold Mon- ning, Judy Keifer, Sue Jones, Barbara Littler, Ursula Hoff' man, Shirley Macy, Joyce Loveland, Third Row: Richard Lackey, Raymond Johns, Dale Jones, Starling Kay, Ronald Johnson, Leigh Groby, William Mack, Charles Finley, Herber' Keifer. First Row: Pat Martin, Shirley Minix, Marilyn Norris, Sally McMichael, Janie Neese, Do- lores McPeek, Mary McShane, Martha McShane, Patricia Mohr, Ethel O'leen, Marlene Patton, Carol Potter, Joyce Morris. Second Row: Marsha Mugford, Patricia Oliver, Thomas Page, Donald Parsons, William Mueller, Patrick Pfarrer, Ron- ald Mulvaney, Leland Pease, Charles Finley, lynn Moore- head. First Row: Ruth Sudhoft, Doro- thy Sams, Jean Rader, Janet Rader, Joan Ruckqaber, Bar- bara Reynolds, Darlene Rau- scher, Norma Jean Smith, Ei- leen Scott, Joan Ruddick, Mar- lene Smalley. Second Row: James Schoen, Charles Sutton, William Stan- ley, Richard Saurman, George Supensky, Gene Schneider, Dale Schell, Robert Riner, Peter Shaw, Clyde Smith, lee Shrop- shire, James Smith. iirst Row: Virginia Willough- by, Roberta Wampler, Bev- erly Tremaine, Bonnie Turner, Aargaret Webb, Beverly Nheeler, Betty Whitley, Second Row: Sue Weller, Jaen Tate, Martha Tierney, Shela Nestbeld, Doris Wolfram, Flo- ence Weaver. 'hird Row: Fred Thomas, Wil- liam Walker, David Wilson, homas Tobiason, Dick Wright. ' 0 K Y 59. . ...I sm PAN l'i0Lll , A Steve Williams, Josten's Representative Page Nineteen THE FURTY IIIIIEIIS A play, a dance and much to do reflected abilities and talents of the '49ers. "I Remember Mama" was the Senior play presented on November 19 and 20, with Janyce Kishman portraying Mama. A huge 'Ferris wheel made by Howard Eshbaugh and Ronald Bennett, was the highlight of the Senior dance, "The Circus Swing," on January 29. The novel elTect of this decoration made it one of the best dances of the year. The final project of the year, was the senior assembly. The senior class of 1949 will be well remembered for their scholastic and entertaining achievements. gi" Page Twenty STRIKE IT lllllll William Ankney Harold Axer Dennis Aydelott Marilyn Baker Ann Barnes Edward Bell Ronald Bennett Bruce Benson David Bevington Charles Bishop Ann Black Joanne Blagg Thomas Blalock Jack Boehm Theodore Bohachek Jeanne Boone Robert Bales Patricia Berk Elaine Blair George Buckner Page Twwiry-:me Page Twenty-two Eugene Bunger Freida Burger Richard Burton Frank Bustillo Francis Caddell Carolyn Chisler Richard Christman Gloria Crouch Shearl Day William DeWitt George Dibley Diana Dietz Maxine Doughman Rex Driskell John Earnhart Sue Earnshaw Howard Eshbaugh Marilyn Finlay Charles Foley Charles Fritz Marilyn Frix Jeanne Frost Robert Fry Joan Galante Phyllis Gauby Robert Gauby James Glanton Dwight Goens Ruth Grabeman Ned Graham Janet Hardebeck Mary Hawkins Patricia Herbert Patricia Inman Ralph Jenkinson Rose Mary Jones Wallace Jones Evelyn Karns Raymond Keifer Jack Kelly Janyce Kishman Robert Knabe Eugene Kuhbander Carol Lauth Joan Leiphart Betty Lesher James Loedding James Lyons yang wife 4' 1'i1'ur1ly-lliru' Page Twenty-four Edward Mannier Elaine Maycock Paul McWilliams Margaret Meckstroth Earl Mehaffey Janet Mercer Donald Meyer Marilyn Meyers James Michel Joseph Michael Betty Miller Rodney Miller Theodore Miller Barbara Mills Louise Miltenberger Roberta Mitchell Helen Mittenbuehler Nancy Moore Robert Morris Leon Mowen Mary Nancarrow William Overholser Joseph Overman Dwight Pease Barbara Perchrnent Barbara Peters Peter Press James Proud Gloria Puterbaugh Betty Rasnick Joela Ressler Betty Riel Donald Riller David Roberts Gerry Rohlfing Evelyn Roush Joan Routzahn June Routzahn Richard Rumpf Joyce Runyon Paul Russell Patricia Ryne Fred Saatkcimp Betty Salyer Delma Sams Pauline Sandy Vernon Schaefer Mary Schneble I'uyz' 'l'u'wzly-fn Q w 'gl' sg , N miilfixt V1 5 X N ag . Y S ,,., 'S 3 X Pagv Twenty-six James Schneider Robert Schroer Delores Schwartz Robert Schwinn Joan Seel Madonna Segui Suzanne Seybert Delores Shanks Russell Sherzer Everett Simpkins Ruth Sims Damon Smith Rosene Smith Dennis Snyder Cliftord Solberg Marion Stewart Fredricka Strader Donald Strain Harry Stuck Eleanor Swanson Lova Tamplin John Thorpe Mary Tobias June Todd as A - if 'Ps 1 . 15" 4? af Q. ,. ,Q .. H Q, K :am ,L Wg M' Q 13 if wi we v TTWSYG1 , - -, if - f ri- " f Li' sm, - 1 .fwijfk k N31f.: L , ififfg P -1 K' A Q 'i gif- x ' -X .. 5 Sinai' ,SX 'S I 1 3 k fix gs My ' lk -42 Q, is was we 1, 4 5 . x i .K . I 'tl ge TN't'IIly-Figfll A THE SPORTING SGEIIE THEY PLAYED FOOTBALL IN A STADIUM WITH LIGHTS, BASKETBALL AND BASEBALL TEAMS SHOWED LOTS OF FIGHT, GIRLS WERE ATHLETIC, TOO, G.A.A. GAVE THEM MUCH TO DO. AND THE STUDENTS CHEERED THEIR TEAMS WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT! SX I iff ' , I I N If 1, Page Twenluv - I 5 FUUTBALL ..,.,mmM,s A,... 2 ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,ii,,diM,MMMM ' A W-NWwv,,,,,,,A.,..w.'fe4 lNr,,..,,.f-I . -w-- AWA- M:-i,..,s,,....,,. A.., . 2. .. .-. W A.,., ,. ANAL ,Ll-W4-wM','A ,',,,,.,...,f ,,..,"' First Row: Mr. Jack Fouts, William "Pete" Ankney, Mike Corn, Marion "Whitey" Stewart, Charles Finley, Rodney Miller, Darrell Apt, Mr. Chester Roush. Second Row: Jim Glanton, Leland Pease, Bob Knabe, Gene Bunger, Dwight Pease, Bruce Benson, Fred Saatkamp, Charles Hardin. Third Row: Ned Graham, Dick Christman, Roger Touchman, Harold Manning, Howard Eshbaugh, Lynn Moorehead, Tom Bowe SEV. Fourth Row: Ed Bell, Tom Nock, Dale Armstrong, Fred Walther, Ray Keifer, Bill Walters. Mifman's Floral Company Page Thirty S C O R E S FAIRMONT OPPONENT 7 Columbus Grandview i2 27 Celina O 6 Greenville 0 6 Xenia 6 32 Oakwood 12 0 Piqua 'IA 0 Miamisburg O 8 Troy E O 7 Sidney 20 49ers TAKE THE FIELD Long runs, vicious tackles, and driving blocks made by the fighting Dragon eleven are illustrated in these pictures taken at the homecoming game with Greenville. These are ex- amples of the spirited play which the Fairmont' gridders displayed in each game throughout the season. Fairmont Athletic Boosters Pu. iff' I hirlvi RESERVE TEAM First Row: Dale Woodall, Thomas Nock, Paul Schumaker, George Supensky, Tom Tobiassen, Donald Par- son, Patrick Schwab. Second Row: Carroll James, David Graeser, Ralph Clemens, Tom Zimmerman, Paul Bohnslav, Charles Hardin. Third Row: Coach Jack Fouts, Charles Bradley, Jerry Gibson, Dale Schell, John Johnson, Coach Chester Roush. Varsity Finishes Third in MVL The Fairmont football team, coached by Chet Roush and assistant coach Jack Fouts in their first year at Fairmont, came to be known as the "spoilers" in the Miami Valley League during the 1948 season. The Dragons were a compar- atively small squad, but had a fighting spirit which carried throughout the season. Their record of four wins, three losses, and two ties would not be deemed a highly success- ful season, but the Dragons considered it as such. They stopped the only undefeated teams of the M.V.L. on successive weeks and threw the league into a turmoil. These two teams, which eventually tied for the MVL title, were Miamisburg and Troy. In the first of these clashes the Miamisburg Vikings came into this all-important contest with six consecutive victories and were expected to "swamp" the Fairmont eleven. Instead, o ca- pacity crowd of 6400 surprised spectators saw the mighty Miamisburg football machine shoved all over the field by an inspired Dragon team. The hotly contested game ended in a 0-0 dead- lock, which left the Troians of Troy as the only unbeaten and untied team in the league. The following week the Dragons met the Troians on a rain-drenched, muddy field and rose to their greatest heights, with a 8-O vic- tory. ln this battle, Fairmont again showed magnificent defensive play. Another highlight of the year was a 32-12 rout of Oakwood's Lumberiocks in an early season contest. This victory gave the Dragons a one game advantage in 21 games played in this traditional rivalry. ln the first MVL premier the Dragon elev- en topped Oakwood 6-O and played Xenia to a scoreless tie. The Fairmont team was weakened by the loss of two iniured players, Bill Wilt and Bob Delaney, early in the season. Dayton Trailer Sales Page Thirty-Iwo RECORDS Reserves Gain Experience Fairmont's reserve football squad was made up mainly of sophomores though in three of their contests, they were strengthened by the addition of a few juniors. In the four games in which only sophomores were used, the Dragons had a record of two victories and two defeats. The Junior Varsity, sophomores and iuniors combined, played three games, winning one, tying one, and losing one. These boys were coached by Vincent Arnold. Fairmont Junior Varsity Opponents 0 Roosevelt 0 12 Osborn 0 12 Middletown 20 EI m Sophomores Opponents 2 Fairmont Freshmen O O Roosevelt 12 0 Oakwood 6 27 Oakwood 7 EE N FRESHMAN TEAM Frosh Have Successful Season Coach Ralph Fowler's freshman gridders gave indications that football may have a bright future at Fairmont. The Frosh went through a seven game schedule with only two losses. They were de- feated by Middletown Roosevelt, 13-0, and were edged by Fairmont's reserve squad, 2-0. Outstanding among the team's four victor- ies were a 56-0 win over Oakwood and a 51-0 defeat of Xenia. Freshmen Opponents 20 Miamisburg O 0 McKinley Jr. High 13 51 Xenia 0 56 Oakwood 0 28 Troy 0 19 Roosevelt Jr. High 0 0 Fairmont Reserves 2 174 15 First Row: Ernest Williams, Ronald Reynolds, Wilbur Stewart, Elmer Fowler, Conrad Roush, Harold Rich mond, William Jones, Harry Keifer, Richard Wilkins, William Miller, Jerry O'Bryan. Second Row: Ronald Weis, Earl Marburger, William Aydelott, Richard Brown, Jack Bishop, Louis Clary, Richard Carnes. Third Row: Ronald Schock, Jerry Keifer, Neil Smalley, Donald Christman, Lee Kiser, William Hendricks Robert Huesman, Mr. Ralph Fowler. I Page Tliirty-1hrr'e BASKETBALL TEAM FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT FAIRMONT . FAIRMONT FAIRMONT , FAIRMONT . FAIRMONT .. FAIRMONT . FAIRMONT ,, FAIRMONT . FAIRMONT .. IS SEGDND IN DISTRIGT For the third straight year and for the fourth time in the last five years, the Fairmont Dragons advanced to the Southwestern District finals. The only year they went farther than the dis- trict was in 1947, when they reached the Re- gional finals. They were defeated by the future state champions, Middletown. This year the Middies again proved the downfall of the Drag- ons as they took the measure of them 37-30 in the District finals. After drawing a first round bye, Fairmont opened its tournament play against the Wilbur Wright Pilots. Behind T9-T4 when the first half was over the Dragons exploded in the final two periods to take a 43-32 decision over the Pilots. After defeating Wilbur Wright, Fairmont earned the right to play their arch rival, Oak- wood. The Dragons were again behind at the first half, T8-15, but they found the range in the third and fourth quarters to pull away to an easy 40-27 victory over the Lumberiacks. Fairmont ended its season at the hands of the Middies with a record of T3 wins and 5 losses. Whitey Stewart was chosen to the aIl-tour- noment first team while Charles Hardin was given a berth on the second team. Bob Delaney received an honorable mention. First Row: Mr. Vincent Arnold, Robert Delaney, William Anlmey, Charles Harden, Marion Stewart, James Glanton, Don Parsons. Second Row: Dwight Pease, Damon Smith, Don Grassen, Fred Saatkamp, Thomas Bowser. Widman's Garage Page 'l'hirfv lin' RESERVES First Row: Coach Vincent Arnold, Tom Vacchiano, Robert Riner, David Graeser, Dale Woodall, Howard Jordon, Manager. Second Row: Fred Walther, Ted Frick, Joseph Best, Ralph Clemens, Charles Dorsten, Charles Bradley. Varsity Has Successful Season Although the 1948-49 basketball squad was unable to successfully defend the MVL cham- pionship won by Fairmont the past two years, the Dragon courtmen were not unimpressive in compiling a record of eleven victories and four defeats. Coach Vincent Arnold had only one returning letterman, "Whitey" Stewart, around whom he could build his club. However, Da- mon Smith, Fred Saatkamp, Dwight Pease, Bob Delaney, Don Grassen, Jim Glanton and Charles Hardin, in their first year of varsity basketball, and Pete Ankney, who transferred from Oak- wood, were able to add enough strength to the squad to gain a third place tie in the Miami Valley League. Probably the three best played games of the season were those with Oakwood, Miamis- burg, and Sidney. The traditional contest with Oakwood's Lum- beriacks was expected to be a very close af- fair. The Dragon courtmen, however, grabbed an early lead and were never headed by the Lumberiacks. Going into the Miamisburg game, the Fair- mont team was in the role of the underdog. The Vikings, who had previously lost only one league contest, were surprised when Coach Ar- nold's boys unleashed a savage attack against them. Fairmont led at the turn of every quar- ter and went on to take a 38-31 victory from the Vikings. In the last MVL contest of the season the league's second place team, Sidney, came into the Dragon's lair. Fairmont took the Yellow- iackets into camp by an eight point margin, winning 48-40. The final standings of the Miami Valley League found Fairmont tied for third place with Miamisburg and Troy behind Sidney and first-place winner, Xenia. During the regular season Fairmont out- scored its opponents 546 to 442, an average of 37 points for the Dragons against the foe's 30. Fairmont's leading scorer for the regular season play was "Whitey" Stewart, who rung up an average of 9V2 points per game. "Whitey" Stewart was also named to the Miami Valley League all-star team. Bob De- laney received honorable mention. Bowser-Morner Testing Laboratories Page Thirty-six During the course of the season, the Fair- RECORDS Reserves Lose One Coach Vincent Arnold should have a good team to work with next year if the reserves' 1948-49 seasonal record means anything. In the won and lost standings the Dragons compiled an enviable 14 and 1 record. Their only loss was to the league winner, Xenia. There were many bright spots in the sea- son, which featured their fine shooting, re- bounding, and defensive work. The reserves ran up a total of 555 points to their opponents' 328. This on an average per game basis was 37 for Fairmont against their opponents' score of 22. RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Freshmen Win Seven In winning seven games and losing only five, Coach Jack Fouts freshman basketball boys gained much valuable experience. Highlights of the season were two easy victories over Oakwood's Lumberiacks. In the Miamisburg invitational tournament, the fresh- man Dragons were eliminated by Monroe in an overtirne tilt. mont frosh compiled a total of 346 points and held their opponents to 261. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCORES FAIRMONT LEBANON , . FAIRMONT SPRINGFIELD CATHOLIC FAIRMONT g V 34 JEFFERSON 26 EAIRMONT WEST CARROLLTON E FAIRMONT. , 27 MIAMISBURG 29 . . .. ...... V I ENRMONT PARKER C0-OR - FAIRMONT . 2 43 oAKwooD 9 EAIRMONT NORTHRIDGE V- -- FAIRMONT .. , 23 MIAMISBURG 24 EMRMONT CHAMINADE i FAIRMONT ,... 27 XENIA ,. 22 EAIRMONT XENIA i FAIRMONT ,. ia NORTHRIDGE 25 EAIRMONT GREENVILLE i -i FAIRMONT . ia XENIA . 24 EAIRMONT OAKWOOD V- E FAIRMONT. . 13 stlvsns 12 EAIRMONT PIQUA ------ FAIRMONT H , , 26 mov . 2 is FAIRMONT MIAMISBURG 2 FMRMONT H 34 MONROE 35 EAIRMONT TROY E V V- - FAIRMONT 44 oAKwooo 13 FAIRMONT SIDNEY. , .. ,. FAIRMONT WILMINGTON First Row: Mr. Fouts, Dick Marburger, Dick Brady, Wilber Stew- art, Louis Clary, Dale Frizzel, Robert Huesman, Jerry Keifer. Second Row: Dick Carnes, Bill Miller, Harry Keifer, Jack Bishop, F R E S H M E N Jerry O'Bryan, Ernest Williams, Harold Richmond, Dick Brown, Marvin Tschiegg. Coach Ralph Fowler BASEBALL With four lettermen back to form a nucleus for the Fairmont baseball team, Coach Ralph Fowler had to field an almost entirely new team in the 1948 season opener. It was an unsuccessful school season as the Dragons compiled an overall record of two wins, two ties, and six losses. During the summer, under Frigidaire colors, they came into their own and finished second in the National League. They were eliminated in the playoffs, however, in defense of the coveted National Champion- ship won last summer. FAIRMONT OPPONENT 3 Jefferson 3 9 Lebanon 9 11 Stivers 0 1 Wilbur Wright 2 6 Middletown 13 0 Northridge 4 6 Troy 10 11 Miamisburg 12 23 Greenville O DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 2 Fairview 5 First Row: Roger Touchman, William Klemm, Richard Archer, Robert Knabe, James Metzler, Jack Moyer. Second Row: Coach Ralph Fowler, Marion Stewart, Charles Dorsten, Ray- mond Gillaugh, Dwight Pease, Fred Saatkamp, Gene Bunger. Page Thirty-eight TENNIS Left to Right: Dennis Snyder, Jim Wilson, John Johnston, Ed Weston, Bob Riner, Barry Baumgardner, Dick Wayne. The tennis team can not boast many victories, but they considered 1948 ci successful sea son. The Fairmont golf team, under the direction of Coach Richard Somers, has clubbed it way to the eighth MVL championship in the last eleven years. left to Right: Edward Bell, Mr. Richard Somers, Jack Reed, Pat Schwab, Jerry Gray. l'u,r,'z' TlIfI'f,V-Ilflll' TRAGK TEAM be 34, First Row: John Mugford, Richard Faber, Robert Hawkins, Richard Wayne, Charles Nickel, Howard Eshbaugh, Larry Brennan, Frank Bustillo, Tom Blalock. Second Row: Mr. Hadley Watts, Marion Stewart, Tom Bowser, Rodney Miller, Leigh Groby, Ronald Tschiegg, Robert Forward, Gene Kuhbander. Coach Hadley Watts' 1948 track squad won three of four meets, finishing second only to Troy in the Miami Valley League. First place winners in the MVL meet were: Howard Eshbaugh, Charles Nickel, Robert Forward, and Ronald ARGHERY Rmwg left to Right: Marion Appleman, Ruth Sudhoff, Sue Fortney, Sue Wildason, Carolyn Kopf, .lo Lynn Combs, Carol Sahler, Margie Jaeiggi, lngebord Tittle, Betty Lou Smith, Marcia Sue Shirey, Barbara Littler, Jane Craggs. . 'SJ 5. Beavertown Coal Co. Page 1"m'ty HOCKEY MM First Row: Dolores Wilson, Carol Wordwell, Joan Routzahn, Ann Barnes, Barbara MacFarland, Suzanne Seybert, Ruth Grabe- man, Janet Hardebeck, Elaine Blair, Joyce Morris, Pat Weyer. Second Row: Phyllis Gauby, Sue Supensky, Marlene Smalley, Mary Chisler, Doris Todd, Sue Earnshaw, Judy Stoll, Delores Schwartz, Frances Todd, Marilyn Finlay, Freida Burger, Barbara Mills, Mary Nancarrow, Joanne Decker, Cynthia Hibberd. Third Row: Miss Powell, Janet Johnson, Mary Lou Eichhof, Patricia Martin, Joan Ruckgaber, Mary Ann Hoslxin, Dorothy Davis, Suzanne Cuthbert, Carol Potter, Pauline Sandy, Norma Jean Smith, Carolyn Pool. Fourth Row: Signe Wood, Marilyn Frix, Kay Overman, Bonnie Frix, Phylis Smith, Susan Price, Barbara Keifer, Janet Rader, Doris Wolfram, Jean Rader, Sue Weller, Beverly Tremaine, Janie Neese, Mary McShane. BASEBALL Sue Supensky, Carol Wardwell, Ruth Grabeman, Judy Stoll, Freida Burger, Marilyn Finlay, Doris Todd. Oakdale Lumber Company Page Forty-om' BUWLING First Row: Nancy Tufts, Marlene Herbert, Barbara Poague, Sandra Bellville, lngeborg Tittle, Mariorie Jaeggi. During the winter months, G.A.A. girls, coached by Miss Gladys Powell, bowled at the National Bowling alley on Brown Street. Averages of 100 were made by Barbara Littler and Judy Keifer. Intramural competition was strong in volleyball, which proved to be a favorite sport among the girls. VDLLEYBALL Judy Keifer, Signe Wood, Ruth Grabemun, Sue Supensky, and Goldie Weaver. Page F arty-two GIRLS PARTIGIPATE IN ATHLETICS First Row: Sue Earnshaw, Phyllis Gauby, Barbara MacFarland, Pat Martin, Nancy Vaughan, Janet Hardobeck, Barbara Mills, Joan Routzahn, Marilyn Finlay, Frieda Burger, Barbara Peters, Nancy Williams, Joela Lou Ressler, Carol Wardwell, Ruth Grabeman, Suzanne Seybert, Janet Rader. Second Row: Janie Neese, Sue Supensky, Mary Chisler, Frances Todd, Mary Ann Hoskins, Susie Cuthbert, Bonnie Frix, Joan Krueger, Kathryn Kratzer, Marlene Herbert, Joan Ruckgaber, Mary McShane, Elaine Maycock, Delores Wilson, Marilyn Frix, June Routzahn, Delores Schwartz. Third Row: Judy Stoll, Virginia Coleman, Mary Jo Apt, Betty Schweiterman, Dorothy Davis, Suzanne Wolfe, Mary Lee Tampe lin, Carolyn Poole, Suzanne Fortney, Barbara Poague, Jane Graeser, Emily Smith, Cynthia Earnshaw, Joanne Nelson, Carol Cushen, Linda Meixner, Janet Finlay. Fourth Row: Barbara Kiefer, Doris Wolfram, Marlene Smalley, Joyce Morris, Rita Hornick, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Mary Lou Eichotf, Norma Jean Smith, Shirley Thompson, Pat Riggs, Joan Ewry, Judy Kiefer, Barbara Hackman, Nancy Long, Mar- gorie Rader, Joanna Wilkens. Fifth Row: Jean Rader, Beverly Tremaine, Carol Potter, Velma Cardenaz, Cynthia Hibberd, Joanne Decker, Delores Simpkins, Lois Dean, Anne Craggs, Barbara Littler, Harriet Melke, Goldie Weaver, Jane Craggs, Nancy Tufts, Sandra Belleville, Carol Evans. Sixth Row: Cynthia Maclntyre, Wanda Walters, Marilyn Ellis, lngeborg Tittle, Marjorie Jaeggi, Marian Appleman, Ruth Sud- hoff, Sue Weller, Peggy Colvard, Kay Overman, Janet Johnston, Judy Brill, Jackie Gray, Joyce Garner. Seventh Row -Carol Sahler, Sue Wildason, Shirley Heys, Marlene Ohmer, Miss Gladys Powell, Elaine Blair, Mary Nancarrow, Mary Kay Schneble, Pat Wyer, Betty Downs, and Phyllis Smith. The Girls Athletic Association provided an all-round sports schedule for the entire year. Coached by Miss Gladys Powell, the girls be- gan the 1948-1949 season of sports with a revised schedule which gave them competition with other schools. The varsity hockey team defeated West Car- rollton and Fairview, but lost to their old rival, Oakwood, by a score of 4 to 1. The intramural captains for this year were: Ruth Grabeman, Janet Hardebeck, Barbara MacFarland, Pat Martin, Barbara Mills, Jean Rader, Nancy Vaughn, and Nancy Williams. Jean Rader's team defeated Barbara Mills to win the hockey championship. The team winning the basket- ball tournament was given gold basketballs in the award assembly. After basketball season was over, volleyball began. Later on in spring the girls had tour- naments in badminton and ping-pong. ln April the girls played baseball, and the winning team was awarded small gold baseballs. Page f"0I'f.V-flIl'f'!' Page Forty-four THE SDGIIIL SGEIIE THE BELL RANG EVERY DAY JUST AFTER THREE, THAT WAS THE TIME FOR OUR ACTIVITY. DANCES WITH '49er SWING, CLUBS, PICNICS, SUPPERS, EVERYTHING, MADE THE STUDENT BODY BUSY AS A BEE. ' '77 ?uzzn l l A I i I, KW f I. I 34,5 ' 'I , B 5-x .. ...Il U n ', U' . up - --- -, X -. . , .., - 7 f:l lf1E'h ,N Jil' I .ral 111, ' I J' --- V ' I il Page Forty-five STUDENT GDUNGIL s I i First Row: David Graeser, Janyce Kishman, Ruth Grabeman, Mary Chisler, Janie Neese. Second Row: Ralph Clemens, Donald Parsons, Thomas Bowser, Theodore Miller, Frank Bustillo. Janyce Kishman, Janie Neese, Theodore Miller. Ten members composing the Student Coun- cil this year negotiated many proiects including collections for such worthy drives as Tubercu- losis, Red Cross, and Community Chest. They also planned a campaign to aid the parents of a fellow Fairmontonian, David DeHaven, who died of leukemia. They promoted a musical variety show, presented by the varsity chorus, which added to the piano fund. They enter- tained a group of council members from Fair- view High School, explaining conditions in our school. This year's Council officers are: Janyce Kishman, President, Ted Miller, Vice-President, Janie Neese, Secretary-Treasurer, and Principal J. E. Prass, Advisor. Page Ii'ur1i'-,iii The National Honor Society originated to stimulate scholarship, leadership, service and character among students in the school. The officers for the year were: Ralph Jen- kinson, President, Paul McWilliams, Vice Presi- dent, Gloria Crouch, Secretary, and Maxine Doughman, Treasurer. The members of the club met at the home of Mr. Howard Flatter, the faculty adviser, for a dinner and business meeting to discuss the plans early in the school year. At Christmas time the group enioyed a dinner party at Maxine Doughman's home. New members were initiated on March 4 in an assembly before the student body. All new members are elected by the entire faculty. The National Honor Society was originated in 1921 for secondary schools with the objec- tive of raising the secondary schools of the United States to a higher plane. TORCH AND KEYSTONE , xh M v First Row: Janyce Kishman, Rodney Miller, Gloria Crouch, Paul McWilliams, Sue Earnshaw, Ralph Jenkinson, Margaret Meck- stroth, Dick Christman, Maxine Doughman, Fred Saatlcamp. Second Row: Joyce Albrecht, Marian Appleman, Jean Boone, Ann Barnes, Darrell Apt, Barry Baumgarclner, Judy Keifer, Jean Kirkpatrick, Sue Weller. Third Row: Ruth Grabeman, Charles Finley, Elaine Maycock, Charles Bradley, Ted Miller, Joela Lou Ressler, Robert Schwinn, Carol Wardwell, Delores Wilson, Marilyn Wright. Fourth Row: Don Grassan, Roberta Mitchell, Jim Proud, Jerry Rolfing, Barbara Littler, Lynn Moorehead, Carol Potter, Joan Routzahn, Damon Smith, Peter Shaw, Ruth Sudhoff. Page FUITX'-St'l't'l1 HLY GLUBS ALPHA First Row: John Johnson, Robert Riner, Bud Thompson, Jacob Worner, David Graeser, Lynn Moorehead, Bruce Benson, Jerry Gibson, Barry Baumgardner, Richard Christman, Charles Finley, Ralph Clemens. Second Row: Mr. Russell Houston, Frank Bustillo, Rodney Miller, Thomas Bowser, Ned Graham, Raymond Kiefer, Thomas Tobiassen, Charles Dorsten, Dale Schell, William Mack, Charles Bradley. Third Row: Darrell Apt, Robert Knabe, George Supensky, William Thompson, Ralph Jenkinson, Theodore Bohachek, Robert Schwinn, Donald Parsons. ff ' 'sus . :mixer awk 1 R489 f K" BETA First Row: Donald Tschudi, James Brown, Robert Tressler, Fred Saatkamp, William Walters, Edward Bell, Howard Eshbaugh, James Glanton, Richard Vorhees, Gene Kubander. Second Row: Dennis Snyder, Ronald Bennett, Clifford Solberg, Gene Bunger, Paul McWilliams, Richard Rumph, Roger Touch- man, William Overholser, Harold Manning, Bruce Aman. Third Row: Patricia Schwab, Patrick Pfarrer, Dwight Pease, Gene Schneider, Charles Fritz, Leiland Pease, Donald Strain, Jerry Rohlfing, Mr. Stephen Jundanicin. Page' Forty-eiglzi The ALPHA HI-Y supported the World Serv- ice fund with proceeds from their sales of vic- tory cards, student directories, and license plate emblems. Their biggest proiect was the "Sweet- heart Swing" dance. They combined with the other Hi-Y's to sponsor an assembly for the stu- dent body. President, Frank Bustillo, Vice-President, Rod- ney Miller, Treasurer, Darrell Apt, Secretary, Robert Knabe, and Mr. Russell Huston, adviser, guided them through the year. The BETA HI-Y's "Beta Bounce" was the high- light of the year for this chapter of Hi-Y. Other activities in which the boys participated were a hay ride and a clothespin selling campaign. The organization also contributed to World Service. Officers of the club included: President, Fred Saatkamp, Vice-President, William Walters, Sec- retary, Howard Eshbaugh, Treasurer, Edward Bell, Chaplains, Jerry Rohlfing and William Wilt, Social Chairman, Pat Pfarrar. Mr. Stephen Jun- danian was the club adviser. ln their second year of activity, GAMMA Hl-Y continued the hat and coat check service, raised funds for Y.M.C.A. World Service and restored the sun dial to working order. For their Christmas project they contributed a bas- ket of food and toys to a needy family. Dur- ing the winter months Gamma ioined with Alpha and Beta to form a Fairmont Hi-Y bas- ketball league. The officers of the year were: President, Ted Miller, Vice-President, Damon Smith, Secretary, Wallace Jones, Treasurer, William Walker. Mr. Louis Zaremski guided the club through the year. A M M A First Row: Harry Stuck, Russell Sherzer, William Ausdenmore, Wallace Jones, Theodore Miller, Damon Smith, William Walker, James Berbrlck, James Lyons, Mr. Louis Zaremski. Second Row-Robert Gauby, William DeWitt, Truman Bollinger, Edward Mannier, Joseph Michael, Robert Schroer, Ronald Tschiegg, Paul Keslmg, Earl Mehaffey, Vernon Schaefer. Third Row: Donald Riller, Peter Press, James Schneider. l , - ' U H Page f"0I'l,t'-Ilillt' PURPLI: IRI Seated, Left to Right: Jeanne Boone, Janie Neese, Betty Rasnick, Helen Young, Roberta Mitchell, Nancy Crane, Judy Stoll, Roberta Wampler. First Row Standing: Barbara Abare, Peggy Colvard, Anna Young, Marceda Wendling, Sue Webster, Suzanne Earnshaw, Nancy Moore, Carol Litell, Beth Hammon, Dorothy Davis, JoAnn Blagg, Marion Appleman, Judy Brill. Second Row: Jo Lynn Combs, Gloria Crouch, JoAnn Wendling, Mary Ann Carpenter, Betty Riel, Kay Overman, Lola Arnold, Peggy Locke, Mary Jo Apt, Mary Ann Hoskins, Francis Todd, Carolyn Chisler, Joyce Naftzger, Rita Hornick. Third Row: Gloria Puterbaugh, Jeanne Frost, Lova Tamplin, Barbara Perchment, JoAnn Decker, Mary Lee Tamplin, Susie Wolfe, Delores Bochenek, Sammy Merrit, Marilyn Wynn, Marilyn Clark, Carolyn Pool, Mary Chisler. Fourth Row: Clara Lou Enoch, Marilyn Wright, Mary Todd, Maxine Doughman, Karen Carlson, Katie Kratzer, Harriett Melke, Susan Price, Betty Wymer, Signe Ann Wood, Bonnie Frix, Lynn Woodward, Anne Craiggs, Miss Miriam Wilson. WHITE TRI Seated, Left to Right: Janie Neese, Betty Rasnick, Helen Young, Roberta Mitchell, Nancy Crane, Cynthia Hibberd, Jeanne Boone, Judy Stoll, Roberta Wampler. First Row: Jane Craggs, Carol Cushen, JoAnn Nelson, Wanda Walters, Nancy Dinwiddie, Janet Finley, Willa Kantner, Nancy Sayre, Judy Roberts, Marjorie Jaeggi, Cynthia Earnshaw. Second Row: Nancy Long, Carol Schubert, Marlene Omer, Florence Meyer, Carol Sahler, Cynthia Mclntire, Marlene Herbert, Roberta Neilson, Ingebord Tittel, Barbara Hackmen, Jane Graeser, Emily Smith. Third Row: Carol Evans, Joyce Garner, Linda Meixner, Carol Schwieterman, Joan Witte, Delores Thompson, Pat Franzer, Beverly Hetzel, Patty Riggs, Marilyn Ellis, Nancy Tufts, Lynn Ryan. Fourth Row: Barbara Poague, Marilyn Kretchner, Susalee Wildeson, Carolyn Kopf, Joanne Wilkias, Shirley Thompson, Suzanne Fortney, Doris Whitlock, Janet Steinberger, Janice Hentrick, Ann Gray, JoAnn Carlson, Maxine Morehead, Sandra Bellville. .UIURNALISM First Row: Joan Routzahn, Marilyn Frix, Marilyn Finlay, Suzanne Seybert. Second Row: Fred Saatkamp, Carol Wardwell, Damon Smith. Not Pictured: Nancy Vaughan. Quill and Scroll is the honorary society for iournalists who are in the upper third of their class scholastically and have had at least 100 inches printed in ci publication. First year iournalists published "The Dragon" newspaper. Hours of planning, tiresome periods at desks and typewriters, taking pictures, and copy reading -all make up ci news- paper full of worthwhile reading. First Row: Patricia Herbert, Marilyn Meyers, Marilyn Frix, Joan Routzahn, Suzanne Seybert, Robert Bales, Anna Young. Second Row: Joan Galante, Edward Bell, Marceda Wendlin, James Brown, Betty Salyer, Damon Smith, Barbara Perchment. Third Row: Ruth Sims, Phyllis Gauby, Fred Saatkamp, Carol Wardwell, James Glanton, Marilyn Findlay, Helen Young. Fourth Row: Rex Driskell, Dennis Snyder, Jacob Worner, Donald, Tschudi. Pzlgw Fifty-urn' SPEECH First Row: Gloria Crouch, Sue Earnshaw, Joela Lou Ressler, Elaine Maycock, Betty Rasnick, Jeanne Boone, Roberta Mitchell, Carol Wardwell, Barry Baumgardner, Rodney Miller, William Walters, Leon Mowen. Second Row: Mary Nancarrow, Janyce Kishman, Gene Schneider, Earl Mahaffey, Donald Tschudi, Ted Bohachek, Ted Miller, Paul Russell. l .N K M cs . us-.smo-.ne Those who participate on and off stage in school plays are eligible for the National Thes- s pian Society. Ten points is the minimum total for mem- bership. Each point is roughly equivalent to ten hours of work in any field of dramatics - actor, director, stage hand, business manager. The wire recorder is used by the speech stu- dents to learn diction, interpretation, phrasing, voice placement, and defects. ln the N. F. L. District tournament at Ham- ilton, Fairmont won the sweepstakes trophy. Ronald Mulvaney, first in humor, won an indi- vidual trophy. Fairmont placed first in the Oakwood Prince of Peace tournament, winning the team trophy. Sue Weller was the individual winner of the tournament. Jim Schneider, Barbara Littler, Ted Miller. Meckstroth-Reger Shade Company Page lfifty-two DEBATE Sue Weller Paul McWilliams Ruth Sudhoff Robert Knabe Fairmont's speech team won the sweep- stakes trophy at the Western Ohio district tour- nament of the National Forensic League at Hamilton on March 5. Thirteen Fairmontonians qualified for State Final tournaments at Colum- bus March T8-19. Ronald Mulvaney received a trophy for win- ning first place in humorous declamation. Jan- yce Kishman tied for second place in original oratory and placed third in oratorical declama- tion. The debate team, consisting of Sue Weller, mssmzumrrm-ms:a1w..s.., 1 'vfxfzrt-1.1 'i an , Ruth Sudhoff, Paul McWilliams, and Robert Knabe, qualified for state finals, winning six of their seven debates. The team finished in sec- ond place in the state finals in Columbus. Others qualifying for state finals in individ- ual events were: Janyce Kishman, original ora- tory, Janyce Kishman and Ronald Mulvaney, oratorical declamationg James Schneider and Paul McWilliams, extemporaneous speaking, Ronald Mulvaney and William Wilt, humorous declamation, Elaine Maycock and Earl Mehaf- fey, dramatic declamation. NATIONAL FOITENSIG LEAGUE First Row: Peggy Locke, Marilyn Wright, Ruth Sudhoff, Mary Ann Hoskin, Beth Hammon, Elaine Maycock, Bill Wilt, Barbara Littler, Pat Martin, Earl Mehaffey, Mr. Carl Weaver. Second Row: Miss Funck, Paul McWilliams, Marilyn Baker, Ronald Mulvaney, Sue Weller, Janyce Kishman, Barry Baumgardner, Robert Knabe, Jim Schneider, Ted Miller. Parent Teachers Association Page Fifty-tl1r'vz' SENIOR GLASS PLAY First Row: Gloria Crouch, Elaine Maycosk, Joela Lou Ressler, Sue Earnshuw. Second Row: Betty Salyer, Maxine Doughman, Jean Boone, Janyce Kishman, Marilyn Baker, Mary Louise Nancarrow, Mary Ka Schneble, Betty Rasnick, Roberta Mittchell, Marilyn Wright, Mary Todd, Carol Wardwell. Y Third Row-Frank Bustillo, Paul Rusell, Don Tschudi, Ted Miller, Ted Bohachek, Bob Schwinn, Earl Mehaffey, Leon Mowen. First Row: Beverly Tremaine, Martha McShane, Joyce Albrecht, Jaclc Heideman, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Barbara Littler, Mary McShane, Pat Martin, Marian Appleman. Second Row: Darrel Apt, Barry Baumgardner, Gene Schneider, Thomas Andrews, Paul Bohnslav, Kenneth Corclonier, Karen Carlson. A ' A N ! l. Pagv Fifty-four JUNIUR-SENIOR GIIDRIIS First Row: louise Miltenberger, Norma Jean Smith, Judy Stoll, Joyce Albrecht, Barbara Peters, Joan Galante, Lova Tamplin, Helen Young, Barbara Engle, Sue Earnshaw, Ann Black, Fredericka Strader, Marceda Wendling. Second Row: Nancy Williams, Mary Brandenburg, Mary Dooley, Peggy Colvard, Jeanne Boone, Barbara Perchment, Betty Salyer, Madonna Segui, Elaine Blair, Anna Young, Janet Mercer, Judy Brill, Joan Routzahn. Third Row -- Betty Miller, Ruth Grabeman, Mary Tobias, Pat Inman, Rosemary Jones, Pot Ryne, Carol Wardwell, Nancy Moore, Mary Hilty, JoAnn Grice, Marilyn Frix, Pat Weyer, Glenna Denlinger, Rosene Smith. Fourth Row-Helen Mittenbuehler, John Earnhart, Jim Glanton, Jack Boehm, leon Mowen, Dick Cristman, Bill Walters, Bob Morris, Deane Hussong, Harry Stuck, Roberta Mitchell, Maxine Doughman, Barbara Littler. Fifth Row: Ralph Clemens, Jack Yaus, Leigh Groby, Cliff Solberg, Albert Darlington, Truman Bollinger, Sheryl Day, Tom An- drews, Rex Driskell, Glenn Weller, Bob Horstman, Jack Heideman, Arthur Conover. FRESIIMAN-SOPI'IOMORE GHURUS First Row: Cynthia Earnshaw, Dorothy Buffin, Charlotte Carr, Carol Littell, Joanne Nelson, Nancy Dinwiddic, Elizabeth Brand- enburg, Winnie Thum. Second Row-Juanita Harned, Marilyn Wynn, Emily Smith, Joyce Naftger, Rose Roach, Betty Wymer, Susan Cuthbert, Ann Bond, Janet Steinbarger. Third Row: Frieda Weaver, Francis Williams, Jo Ann Carlson, Tom Blackburn, Dick Michael, Phil Knoft, Janet Johnson, Mari- lyn Clark, Roberta Nielson. Fourth Row: Jim Yaus, Paul Moore, Bill Cate, Bob Brigeman, Jim Amrine, Bob Hannah. P5533 p-1 -4 'fix .f- ."i S. W. 13'iY:!Qx J K, "jig :ff ij Page Fifty-fin' Band Plays Cn -rs, .-,Q . an - A - . '2 Fax L ' 13, kb! by L Ayes . gal sg, ' Q-s,:, g, ,KW . . CLARK HAINES PAUL SHARTLE ffrigkvfl F V xirztsx ,e mi Three perky maiorettes and Paul Kesling, head drum maior, led the seventy-three members of the Fairmont band at the half time performances of the football games throughout the season. The maiorettes were Peggy Leckrone, Rita Hornick, and Martha First Row: Clara Enoch, Judy Keifer, Judy Roberts, Betty Riel, Ann Barnes, Ralph Jenkinson, Howard Jordon, Doris Huber, Nancy Dodd, Joan Ewry, Second Row: Don Hill, Raymond Tyson, Thomas Hazel, Richard Christen- son, Robert Krebs, Barbara MacFarland, Jack Naas, Kenneth Frieze, Jack Felkley, Joseph Michel, Albert Darlington, Gloria Puterbaugh, Don Strain, Joe Best, Rex Driskell, Charlotte Roetter, Raymond Johns. Third Row: William Callister, Richard Wright, Ted Frick, Carl Heltinstine, Jacquelin Gray, Thomas Ross, Charles Sutton, William Walker, Charles Dorsten, Jerry Gray, Shearl Day, Sally McMichael, Carol Woodward, Bonnie Frix, William Welde, Margaret Meclcstroth, Mary Grassan, Robert Damico, David Wilson, Glen Weller. Fourth Row: Paul Kesling, Rita Hornick, Martha McShane, Peggy Leckrone, Ted Miller, Ronald Tschiegg, Gene Kuhbander, Edward Blair, Dale Wormwood, Joe Overman, Don Tschudi, Kenneth Vanderweihl, Mr. Share tel, Mr. Haines, Dennis Snyder, Paul McWilliams, Eugene Ewell, Al Seibert, Marvin Tschiegg, Herbert Hetzer, Betty Downs, Alan Stout, Joan Ruddiclc, Ronald Johnson. Monte Young lnc. Page Fifty-six A - ws.. sw 1 sl. ,in 4 . X xg, Q . nga. K W- Q Q, 54 ' . . 1 A ' f ' an "5 . ,- "f.. W ' 4 ' .Q-,. Ng, , McShane. Paul Shartle, who will be at the Junior High next year, rehearsed returning members along with the new rookies. Mr. Clark Haines was the band's director. With the ending of the football season the band at once set to work on the concert series, the first of which was presented on December 11, 1948, with the chorus singing three numbers and Leonard P. Smith, cornetist, as the guest artist. February 16, 1949, brought the second concert of the series with Evelyn Salisbury, soprano soloist with Robert Shaw's Collegiate Choral. April 5 brought the 1200 con- cert ticket holders Betty Semple, first trombone with the Columbus Philhar- monic Orchestra. Field And Stage Paul McWilliams Market Pagz' Fifi y-.wvvrz OPERETTA-Vagabond King Jack Heideman, Howard Smith, Robert Hannah, John Mann, Truman Bollinger. Joyce Albrechi ond Tom Andrews. URGHESTRA Firsl Row: Eddie Blair, Delores Wilson, Maxine Moorehead. Second Row: Charles Fritz, Tom Underhill, Miss Gantner. Third Row: Pat Riggs, Joanna Wilkens, Rex Driskell. Fourih Row: Clara Enoch, Ann Barnes, Roberfa Miichell. Fifth Row: Jerry Gray, Carol Oroszi, Joanne Ewery, Ralph Jenkinson. Sixth Row: Ronnie Johnson, Sally McMichael, Kenny Vanderwiel. Prinfcraft Card Company Priya Fifty-vigllt SPANISH GLUB F First Row: June Routzahn, Sue Earnshaw, Elaine Maycock, Ruth Sudhoff, Barbara Becker, Carol Potter, Ethel Oleen, Frank Bustillo, William DeWitt. Second Row: Miss Laura Kennedy, Peggy Locke, Janie Neese, Jean Frost, Jeanne Boone, Mary McShane, Barbara Mills, Joan Routzahn, Carol Wardwell. Third Row: Roberta Wampler, Marilyn Wright, Roberta Mitchell, Janyce Kishman, Lova Tamplin, Mary Lou Eichoff, Karen Carlson, Signe Wood. Fourth Row: Dolores Wilson, Jo Lynn Combs, Barbara Littler, Mary Kay Schneble, Richard Glaze, Lee Shropshire, Jacob Worner. Fifth Row: Bobby Kay, Charles Finley, George Supensky, Robert Riner, Richard Voorhees, Gerry Rohlfing, Paul Russell. RENGH GLUB First Row: Miss Warren, Martha MacShane, Joyce Albrecht, Donald Dick, Shirley Thompson. Second Row: James Greenlee, Ronald Free, Harold Manning, Sue Weller, Mary Todd, Marjorie Sandlin, Bonny Turner, Meryl Moore, Jean Moore, Martha Tierney, Pat Pauly, and Francis Caddell. Becker's Speed Wash 8. Used Cars Page Fifty-llillz' DRAGUN STAFF The "Dragon" yearbook serves as a pictorial and literary record of the classes, organiza- ions, and athletic teams during the year 1948-'I949 at Fairmont High School. From the first lay until the day of graduation, it attempts to present the scenes of football games, dances, vlays, and special recollections that are all a part of school life. '22 DRAGON STAFF EDITOR -Joan Routzahn SPORTS-Damon Smith, Fred Saatkamp, Suzanne Seybert ORGANIZATIONS - Barbara Perchmcnt LAY-OUT - Robert Bales BUSINESS MANAGER - Marilyn Frix JR.RED GROSS First Row: Jerry Tellis, Marian Appleman, Peggy Locke, Marjorie Jaeggi, Suzanne Fortney, June Routzahn, .loan Routzahn Fredricka Strader, Suzanne Wolf, Lowell Curtis, Cynthia Earnshaw. Second Row: Eugene Bunger, Barbara Littler, Robert Schwinn, Shirley Thompson, Barbara Osborn, Roberta Mitchell, Ruth Sud- hotf, Damon Smith, Rodney Miller, Miss Powell, Edwin Stauss. Page Sixty FUTURE TEAGHERS First Row: Joyce Naftzger, Suzanne Wolfe, Nancy Crane, Gloria Crouch, Jeanne Boone, Ann Barnes, Howard Jordan, Phyllis Osborn, Miss Mary Belle Warren. Second Row: Glen Weller, Tom Page, Marian Appleman, Roberta Mitchell, Robert Schwinn, Ruth Sudhoff, John Needels, Dolores Wilson, William Ankney. Not Pictured: Marilyn Baker, Maxine Doughman, Marilyn Wright, Martha McShane, Sue Weller, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Elaine Blair, Nancy Williams. Two organizations new to Fairmont this year were the Future Teachers and Latin Clubs. One of these, the Future Teachers Club, was organized for those students who plan to be- come teachers. The officers include Marian Appleman, President, Nancy Crane, Secretary, Tom Page, Treasurer, and Miss Mary Belle Warren, sponsor. A Latin Club, sponsored by Miss Helen Hart- sock, was the other newly-formed club. Stu- dents eligible to join were those who were taking Latin or who had already studied the language. LATIN GLUB First Row: William Simmons, Jack Naas, Paul Schumalcer, Dorothy Davis, Nancy Crane, Joan Wendling, Joyce Naftz- ger, Joanne Decker, Cynthia Hibberd, Betty Lesher, Joanne Blagg, Miss Hartsoclc. Second Row: Larry Foland, Ann Barnes, Susan Price, Barbara Reynolds, Fredericka Strader, Mary Chisler, Mary Jo Apt, Francis Todd, Ann Craggs, Marian Appleman, Elaine Maycock, Sue Earnshaw, Doris Huber. Third Row: Jerry Gibson, Kenneth Vanderweil, David Graeser, Darrell Apt, Vernon Shaefer, Bruce Amand, Ronald Shroder, Russell Sherzer, William Wilt, Earl Mehaffey, Don Loedding, Tom Underhill. The W. E. Reynolds Construction Co., General Contractors Page .Sixlv-um' BUS DRIVERS and 000KS Left to Right: Mrs. Welsh, Mr. Davis, lv Keener, Mr. Davenport, Mr. Emerick, A Lee, Mr. Hoskins, Mr. Welsh, Mr. Routzah Mr. Swafford, Mr. P Shank. orter. Absent: M Molers Belmont Dairy Pzzgv .S'i,rr,v-mv left to Right: Mrs. Bessie Dale, Mrs. Mabel Freem M . . rs. Jennls Muller, Mrs. Bertha Bradford, M Zolla Mullen. ANKNEY, WILLIAM "Pete" Transfer 4 Football 4 Baseball 4 Basketball 4 AXER, HAROLD AYDELOTT, DENNIS "Dennis" Football 1 BAKER, MARILYN Transfer 3 G.A.A. 3-4 N.F.L. 3-4 Class Play 4 Spanish Club 3-4 BALES, ROBERT "Bruno" Football 1-2 Publications 1-2-4 BARNES, ANN "Annie" Band 1-2-3-4 Hockey 1-4 G.A.A. 1-4 Orchestra 2-3-4 BELL, EDWARD "Eddie" Football Mgr. 3-4 Golf 3-4 Beta Hi-Y 3-4 BENNETT, RONALD "Bon" Class Play 3 BENSON, BRUCE Football 4 Baseball 2 Alpha-Hi-Y 2-3-4 BERK, PATRICIA Chorus 4 BEVINGTON, DAVID "Dave" BISHOP, CHARLES "Chuck" BLACK, ANN "Blackie" Chorus I-2-3-4 BLAGG, JOANNE "Tiny" Y-Teens 2-3-4 Girls Glee Club 1 G.A.A. 1 BLAIR, ELAINE G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Hockey 'l-2-3-4 Girls Glee Club 1 Chorus 4 BLALOCK, THOMAS "Tom" Track 3 BOEHM, JACK Chorus 4 BOHACHEK, THEODORE "Bo Transfer 2 Class Play 4 Chorus 2 Thespians Pres. 4 Alpha Hi-Y 2-3-4 BOONE, JEAN "Jeannie" Transfer 2 Chorus 2-3-4 Y-Teens 2-3, Vice Pres. 4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 National Thespians 3-4 BUCKNER, GEORGE "Dewey" BUNGER, EUGENE "Gene" Baseball 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Junior Red Cross Council 2-3-4 Beta Hi-Y 2-3-4 BURGER, FRIEDA Hockey 4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 SENIOR ACTIVITIES BURTON, RICHARD "Dick" Football 1 BUSTILLO, FRANK "Bus" Alpha Hi-Y 2-3 Pres. 4 Spanish Club 1-2-3-4 Pres. 3 Cheerleader 3-4 National Thespian Society 3-4 Student Council 2 Track 3 CADDELL, FRANCIS Transfer 4 CHISLER, CAROLYN Chorus 1 Y-Teens 2-3 CHRISTMAN, RICHARD "Dick" Transfer 2 Football 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3 Alpha Hi-Y 2-3-4 T. K. Club 3-4 Chorus 4 CROUCH, GLORIA Y-Teens 4 National Thespian Society 4 N. F. L. 3-4 T. K. Club 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Chorus 3 DAY, SHEARL Transfer 1 Band 2-3-4 Chorus 4 DeWIT'T, WILLIAM "Bill" Transfer 2 Spanish Club 2-3 Treas. 4 DIBLEY, GEORGE Cafeteria DIETZ, DIANA "Di" Transfer 4 DOUGHMAN, MAXINE "Mickey" Class Play 3-4 T. K. 3 Treas. 4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 National Thespian Society 3, Vice Pres. 4 Band Librarian DRISKELL, REXFORD "Rex" Transfer 4 Band 4 Chorus 4 Publications 4 EARNHART, JOHN Chorus 1-2-3-4 EARNSHAW, SUZANNE "Suzie" Chorus 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Y-Teens 4 Spanish Club 2-3, Secy. 4 T. K. 3-4 Class Play 4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 ESHBAUGH, HOWARD "Eshy" Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1 Track 2-3-4 Chorus I Beta Hi-Y 2-3, Secy. 4 Class Pres. 3 FINLAY, MARILYN G.A.A. 1-2-3, Point Secy. 4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 Publications 4 Intramural Captain 3 Page Sixty-three FOLEY, CHARLES Football 1-2 Cafeteria 3 FRITZ, CHARLES Beta Hi-Y 2-3-4 Football 1-2 Golf I-2-3-4 Orchestra 1-4 FRIX, MARILYN Transfer 2 Chorus 4 Y-Teens 2 Quill 8- Scroll 3, Secy-Tre Publications 3-4 Hockey 2-3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 FROST, JEANNE "Frosty" Spanish Club 2-3-4 Y-Teens 3-4 FRY, ROBERT "Bob" GALANTE, JOAN Publications 1-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 G.A.A. 1 Chorus 4 GAUBY, PHYLLIS G.A.A. 'l-2-3, Point Secy. Y-Teens 1-2 Publications 4 Hockey Mgr. 4 GAUBY, ROBERT "Bob" Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 GLANTON, JAMES "Jim" Basketball 1-2-3-4 Publications 4 Baseball Mgr. 3 Football Mgr. 4 Beta Hi-Y 4 Chorus 1-2-3, Pres. 4 GOENS, DWIGHT F. Football 1 Track 1-3 GRABEMAN, RUTH ANN "R Chorus 4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Pres. 4 Hockey I-2-3-4 Intramural Captain 3-4 Student Council 4 GRAHAM, NED "Timer" Football Mgr. 3-4 Baseball Mgr. 2-3 Publications 4 Alpha Hi-Y 3-4 as. 4 4 uthie' HARDEBEC K, JANET "Piggic" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Spanish Club 3-4 Chorus 4 Cheerleader 3-4 intramural Captain 4 HAWKINS, MARY Hockey 1 G.A.A. 1 HERBERT, PATRICIA Transfer 3 Publications 4 INMAN, PATRICIA Chorus 2-4 JENKINSON, RALPH "Jenks' Band 1-2-3-4 Alpha Hi-Y 3-4 T. K. 3, Pres. 4 Student Council 3 Senior Class Vice Pres. Chorus 1 1 Jones, ROSEMARY Transfer 4 Chorus 4 JONES, WALLACE "WaIIy" Football I Basketball I-2 Sophomore Class Pres. KARNS, EVELYN Chorus I KEIFER, RAYMOND "Ray" Football I-2-3-4 Junior Class Treas. Senior Class Treas. Alpha Hi-Y 2-3-4 KUHBANDER, EUGENE "Kooby" Track Mgr. 3-4 Band 3 Beta Hi-Y 4 KELLY, JACK LAUTH, CAROL G.A.A. 2-4 Y-Teens I Hockey I-4 LEIPHART, .IOANN "Jody" LESHER, BETTY LOEDDING, JAMES "Jim" Transfer 4 LYONS, JAMES "Jim" Gamma Hi-Y 4 MAYCOCK, ELAINE Transfer I Spanish Club 2-3-4 National Thespian Society 3-4 Class Play 3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 McWILLIAMS, PAUL Band I-2-3-4 Beta Hi-Y 2-3-4 N.F.L. 3-4 T. K. Club 3-4 MECKSTROTH, MARGARET "Margie" Student Council I-2 Band 2-3-4 T. K. Club 3-4 MEHAFFEY, EARL N.F.L. 3-4 National Thespian Society 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Gamma Hi-Y 4 MERCER, JANET Chorus 4 MEYER, DONALD "Don" MEYERS, MARILYN Y-Teens I-2 Publications 4 MICHEL, JAMES "Mike" Basketball I Chorus I MICHAEL, JOSEPH "Rusty" Band I-2-3-4 MILLER, BETTY "Tootsie" Chorus I-4 MILLER, THEODORE "Ted" Band I-2-3-4 Gamma Hi-Y 2-3, Pres. 4 Student Council Vice Pres. 4 Class Play 3-4 N.F.L. 4 National Thespian Society 3-4 Operetta Orchestra I-2-3-4 SENIOR ACTIVITIES MILLER, RODNEY "Rod" Student Council I-2 Alpha Hi-Y 2, Treas. 3, Vice P Junior Class Vice Pres. Senior Class Pres. Class Play 3 Junior Red Cross Council I-2-3 Football I-2-3-4 Track I-3-4 T. K. Club 3-4 Band 3-4 National Thespian Society 3-4 MILLS, BARBARA "Bobs" G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Hockey 'I-2-3-4 Intramural Captain 4 Spanish Club 3-4 res. 4 -4 MILTEN BURGER, LOUISE "Ween" Chorus 4 MITCHELL, ROBERTA "Bertie" Spanish Club 2-3-4 Y-Teens I-2-3, Pres. 4 Class Play 4 Junior Red Cross Council 2-3-4 Orchestra I-2-4 Chorus I-2-3-4 MITTENBUEHLER, HELEN Chorus 4 MOORE, NANCY Transfer 3 Y-Teens 4 Chorus 3-4 MORRIS, ROBERT "Bob" Chorus 4 MOWEN, LEON "Red" Chorus l-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 MANNIER, EDWARD Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 Track 2-3 NANCARROW, MARY "Louie" Bond I-2-3 G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 National Thespian Society 3-4 OVERHOLSER, WILLIAM "Bill" Beta Hi-Y 3-4 OVERMAN, JOSEPH "Joe" Band I-2-3-4 Orchestra 3 PEASE, DWIGHT Football I-2-3-4 Baseball I-2-3-4 Basketball I-2-3-4 Beta Hi-Y 3-4 PERCHMENT, BARBARA "Bobbie" G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Chorus 3, Secy. 4 Y-Teens 3-4 Publications I-3-4 PETERS, BARBARA "Pete" Spanish Club 2-3-4 Chorus 4 G.A.A. 3 PRESS, PETER "Pete" Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 Basketball I-3 PROUD, JAMES "Jim" Transfer 4 Band 4 Gamma Hi-Y 4 Orchestra 4 Page Sixty-four PUTERBAUGH, GLORIA "Pud" Band I-2-3-4 Y-Teens 2-3-4 RASNICK, BETTY Chorus 2-3 N.F.L. 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Y-Teens 3, Social Chairman 4 RESSLER, JOELA "Jody" G.A.A. 2-3 Class Play 3-4 National Thespian Society RIEL, BETTY Band I-2-3-4 Y-Teens 4 Orchestra 2-3 Cafeteria 4 RILLER, DONALD "Don" Football I-2 Basketball 3 Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 ROBERTS, DAVID "Dave" Band I-2-3 ROHLFIN6, PAUL "Jerry" Spanish Club 2-3-4 Beta Hi-Y 4 ROUTZAHN, JOAN G.A.A. I-2-3, Secy.-Treas. Hockey I-2-3-4 Publications I-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Junior Red Cross Council Quill 8. Scroll 3-4 Chorus 4 Dragon Editor 4 ROUTZAHN, JUNE G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Junior Recl Cross Council Hockey I-2-3 ROUSH, EVELYN N.F.L. 3-4 RUMPF, RICHARD "Dick" Transfer I Baseball 3-4 Beta Hi-Y 4 RUNYON, JOYCE "Red" Library 3-4 Bookstore 3 RUSSELL, PAUL "Buddy" Band 'I Basketball I Spanish Club 2-3-4 3-4 4 2-3-4 2-3-4 National Thespian Society 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Gamma Hi-Y 4 RYNE, PATRICIA "Pat" Chorus I-4 SAATKAMP, FRED Beta Hi-Y 3, Pres. 4 T. K. Club 3-4 Football I-2-3-4 Baseball I-2-3-4 Basketball 'I-2-3-4 Quill 8- Scroll 3-4 Publications I-2-4 SALYER, BETTY G.A.A. I-2-3 Class Play 4 Publications 4 Chorus I-4 SAMS, DELMA SAN DY, PAULINE "Sammy" Hockey 4 SCHAEFER, VERNON "Vern" Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 Track 1 SCHNEBLE, MARY KAY G.A.A. 1-2-3 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Junior Class Secy. SCHROER, ROBERT "Bob" Chorus 1-2 Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 SCHWARTZ, DELORES "Do Do" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 SCHWINN, ROBERT "Bob" Transfer 3 Junior Red Cross Council 3-4 Baseball 3 Alpha Hi-Y 4 Class Play 4 SCHNEIDER, JAMES "Jim" Gamma HI-Y 3-4 SEEL, JOAN "Jo" Transfer 4 SEGUI, MADONNA Y-Teens 4 Chorus 4 SEYBERT, SUZANNE "Susie" Hockey 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 1-2-3, Vice Pres. 4 Class Treas. 1-2 Class Secy. 4 Publications 1-4 SHANKS, DELORES "Rod" SHERZER, RUSSELL "Dick" Football 1-2 Track 1 Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 SIMPKINS, EVERETI' SIMS, RUTH G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Publications 4 Y-Teens 1 SMITH, DAMON "Smitty" Basketball 1-2-3-4 Publications 1-2-4 Quill 8- 'Scroll 3-4, Pres. 4 Gamma Hi-Y, Treas. 3, Vice Junior Red Cross Council SMITH, ROSENE Chorus 4 SNYDER, DENNIS "Denny" Band 1-2-3-4 Publications 4 Tennis 3-4 Beta Hi-Y 2-3-4 SOLBERG, CLIFFORD "Cliff" Chorus 3, librarian 4 Beta Hi-Y 4 Football 3 Pres. 4 SENIOR ACTIVITIES STEWART, MARION "Whitey" Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Track 2-3-4 STRADER, FREDRICKA "Freddy" Chorus 4 STRAIN, DONALD "Don" Beta Hi-Y 3-4 Band 1-2-4 STUCK, HARRY Transfer 1 Gamma Hi-Y 3-4 Chorus 4 SWANSON, ELEAN OR "Kitten" Chorus 1 TAMPLIN, I.OVA "Chris" Chorus 4 Y-Teens 3-4 Spanish Club 3-4 Library 4 THORPE, JOHN "Rod" Band 1-2-3 Cafeteria 3 Alpha Hi-Y 4 TODD, JUNE "Red" N.F.L. 3-4 TODD, MARY "Beth" Y-Teens 3-4 Class Play 4 French Club 4 Chorus 4 TOUCHMAN, ROGER "Dutch" Football I-2-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Beta Hi-Y 2-3-4 TRESSLER, ROBERT "Bob" Track Mgr. 2-3 Beta Hi-Y 2-3-4 TSCHUDI, DONALD Class Play 3-4 Band 1-2 Beta Hi-Y 3-4 Publications 4 VAUGHAN, NANCY Quill 81 Scroll 3-4 Social Chairman 1-2 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 Intramural Captain 4 Publications 1-3 VOORHEES, RICHARD "Dick" Baseball 2-3 Spanish Club 3-4 WARDWELL, CAROL G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 Publications 4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Class Play 4 Chorus 4 WEAVER, RALPH WEBER, RUTH Transfer 4 WELLER, GLENN Band 2-3-4 Chorus 4 WENDLING, MARCEDA "MltI.Io" Chorus 3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Publications 4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 WEYER, PATRICIA G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 Chorus 4 WILLIAMS, NANCY G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 Intramural Captain 4 Chorus 4 Student Council 3 WILSON, DOLORES G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Hockey 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 4 WORNER, JACOB "Jake" Social Chairman 3-4 Spanish Club 3, Vice Pres. Alpha Hi-Y 2-3-4 Class Play 3 Publications 4 WRIGHT, MARILYN "Marty" Band 1 Spanish Club 3-4 Class Play 4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 YAUS, JACK Baseball 1 Football 3 YOUNG, ANNA "Amy" Y-Teens 2-3-4 Chorus 4 Publications 4 Hockey 1 YOUNG, HELEN "Heidi" Y-Teens I-2-3, Secy. 4 Basketball 2 Student Council I WALTERS, WILLIAM "am" Chow' jf Beta Hi-Y, Secy. 2, Vice Pres. 4 Pubhwilom 4 Football Mgr. 2-3-4 Track Mgr. 2 Baseball 2-3 Chorus 4 Page Sixty-five 3 September 7, School opens lGroanJ. 10, MVL football preview. October 1, Chorus KICKOFF DANCE. Players and coaches auctioned to highest bidder. 22, First issue of DRAGON newspaper. 30, Y-Teens dance. Betty Rasnick played the mysterious ghost at the MASKED BALL. November 4, Journalism Clinic at Greenville. 6, Sophomore AUTUMN SWIRL DANCE. 13, Alpha Hi-Y SWEET- HEART SWING. Pat Martin was the sweetheart. 19-20, "I Remember Mama" presented by the Senior Class. 25-26, Thanksgiving Vacation. Too much tur- key!!! 26-27, NSPA Convention at French Lick, Indiana. December 2, Every pupil tests. Think hard!!! 11, First band concert. Leonard B. Smith guest artist. 15, Hockey banquet at the Wishing Well. 18, Boosters Christmas party. Candy for the kiddies. 22 to January 3, Christmas vacation. And a Happy New Year, too . . . December 22, Purple chapter of Y-Teens have Christmas party at Betty Riel's home. 29, T. K. Christmas party at Maxine Doughman's home. January 5, English department introduced movies of classic literature after school. Ad- mission 20c. First movie, Charlotte Bronte's JANE EYRE. 13, Surprise birthday party for Superintendent Barnes by employees of Van Buren Township Schools at the Wishing Well. 13, Clark Haines elected "Man of the Year" by Junior Chamber of Commerce. 15, Variety Show presented by Chorus and sponsored by Student Council. 25, School contributes S75 for March of Dimes. 29, Senior dance-CIRCUS SWING. Ferris wheel main attraction on the midway. Febru- ary 3, Juniors present Western assembly. 4, Senior scholarship tests. 9, English department presents "How Green Was My Valley." 12, Junior dance-CUPID CAPERS. 16, Band Concert. 22, Holiday at last, and College Night. 25, Diabet- ic Tests-Auditions for music solos. 26, BETA BOUNCE. Beta Hi-Y's annual dance. March 2, "Drums Along the Mohawk." 4-5, NFL Speech Tournaments- won sweepstakes at Hamilton. 11, Y-Teen Square Dance. 16, NHS Induction. 17, We had the luck of the Irish! 25-26, Junior Play-Torch Bearers. 26, Thirty-six pupils visited the penitentiary!!! April 1, We were fooled, too . . . 9, Boosters' All-Sports Banquet. 14-15-18, Easter vacation. We joined the Parade. 23, GAA dance. 28-29-30, Operetta - The Fortune Teller. May 14, Junior-Senior Banquet. 27, Junior-Senior Prom. 30, A vacation. June 1, Last day of school, Commencement at the NCR Auditorium. Page Sixty-six INDEX ADMINISTRATION ..4..,. 10-13 Board of Education .,.,.. ,,,,,, 1 0 Faculty A..,.A....,....,.,... ,4,, 1 2.13 Staff ,,,......,.....,. ,,,,,, 1 1 ADVERTISEMENTS ..,. ..,... 6 9 BAND ,,.......,..... . ,.., 56-57 BASEBALL 38 BASKETBALL 34.37 Freshman . 37 Reserve 36 Varsity ..., 34-35 BOWLING 42 BUILDING 3 BUS DRIVERS 62 CALENDAR . 63 CHORUS ....... 55 CLASSES ...... 'I4-27 Freshman 14-15 Junior 18-I9 Senior .,.,.. 21-27 Sophomore 16-17 CLASSROOMS 49 COOKS . I..., 62 CUSTODIANS 11 DEBATE .,...,. 53 FOOTBALL .. 30-33 Freshman , 33 Reserve .. .. 32 Varsity . . 30 FRENCH CLUB .r....,.,...,.... FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB ,....,. GAA ..,..,......... Girls Sports ....,. GOLF ..........,. HI-Y .,....I Alpha Beta ..I.... Gamma .... HOCKEY ..,.......,....,.......,........ NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL THESPIANS .,.....,. JUNIOR PLAY ......,....,.....,.,..,. JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL LATIN CLUB ...........4,...,....,r...., OPERETTA ..,. ORCHESTRA ..r..... PUBLICATIONS ,..... Annual Staff ,. ,...... Newspaper Staff .,,... Quill and Scroll .r.,..... SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS . ,... . SENIOR PLAY .....,..,...,..,... SPANISH CLUB ..,..,,r, STUDENT COUNCIL TENNIS . . ..,. TRACK .......... VOLLEYBALL Y-TEENS Page Sixty-seven 59 61 43 40-43 39 48-49 .... 48 48 49 41 47 52 .. .,.... 54 .. .,.... 61 58 58 51, 60 60 51 51 20 54 59 46 39 40 ,. .. 42 .150 S. E. KAY, D.D.S. DR. ll. S. DAMMERER HAROLD M. SIIAFFER, D.D.S A FRIEND A GRADUATE DF I921 PATRUNS Mr. and Mrs J. O. Baker Mr. and Mrs W. G. Perchment Mr. and Mrs A. C. Bales Mr. and Mrs H. E. Piers Mr. and Mrs D. L. Barnes Mr. and Mrs C. J. Proud Mr. and Mrs Loyd E. Bell Mr. and Mrs E. M. Riel Mr. and Mrs T. H. Bennett Mr. and Mrs Paul Rohlfing Mr. and Mrs. George D. Bollinger Mr. and Mrs R. S. Routzahn Mr. and Mrs. Jess Coleman Mr. and Mrs M. P. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Howard Eshbaugh Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Saatkamp Mr. and Mrs. John Finlay Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Frix Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hanback Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Serianni Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hoskin Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Seybert Mr. and Mrs C. T. Hubler Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Sherzer Mr. and Mrs. Earl Inman Mr. and Mrs. Damon E. Smith Mr. and Mrs L. S. Johnson Mrs. Lillian Stevens Mr. and Mrs J. R. Kirkpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Strain Mrs. J. H. Kishman Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Touchman Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Loedding Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tressler Mr. and Mrs H. I. Maycock Mrs. Pauline Tschudi Mr. and Mrs. I. B. McMichael Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Wardwell Mr. and Mrs. P. E. McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Weller Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mehaffey Mr. and Mrs. John H. Weyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wietzel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mockbee Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wilt Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Overholser ALUMNI Jerry Bowser '45 Jerry Jarrett '45 Ensign Dick Forward '45 Robert Worner '45 Ensign Ray Harding '45 Page Sixtjflhihe CHARTERED BUSES for all occasions IDEAIAZRRESAMES, PICNICS, CHURCH SOCIALS, SWIMMING PARTIES ws: QUICK - coNvENlENT - ECONOMICAL Call MAdison 1541 THE DAYTON-XENIA MOTOR BUS CO. aol wA'rEnvl.lE1' AVE. DAYTON, OHIO nixie Sunoco Make the R. L. Norris Furniture Co. at 2330 South Dixie Highway your headquarters 2425 South Dixie wa 0194 for fine Furniture, Home Appliances, and wukduy. - 1 mm.-9 p.m. Television- s""d"Y' " 8 """"' """' TELEPHONE Wa 5193 Page Seventy Millar Sporting Goods, I 7 West First Street "Equipment for all Sports" Featuring MacGregor-Goldsmith Fulton 8 I 04 WATER PALATABLE - HEALTHFUL CRYSTAL DRINKING WATER Soft, Mellow - NO CHLORINE TASTE - No Bacteria Delivery to home or office The Crystal Water Company Fu III9 835 S. Patterson Blvd. Dayton 2, Ohio , y,K Y , T0ll0llll0Wll lil.ll REcReArloN Room Congratulations, Fairmont Seniors' FOR TRAINING IN BUSINESS- Accounting Stenog Business Administration hlachine Secretarial Typing PRIVATE PARTIES Where Wayne, Watervielet and Arbor Avenues meet Second 8. Ludlow Adams 8265 1421 Arbor Avenue Ke 3251 89th Year Good luck to the 49ers Il II l. P ' S F II ll I T S Gnosv FRUIT FARM IM miles south of Oakwood on Far Hills Avenue Page Seventy-one Southern Hill Pits, Inc. Excavating Contractors Sand - Gravel- Top Soil W. A. Wadsworth, Gen. Mgr. wa. 2191 SUNSHEIN PHARMAGY 407 South Dixie Wa. 0101 SAM SUNSHEIN Registered Pharmacist Spec I1 ng P es r pt ons Week Days 830 AM to 1000 PM Su day 9AM to9PM Thanks for Your Patronage GARILLUN GAFETERIA BOB'S SUPER SERVIGE 2700 Far Hills Ave. Wa. 0193 "For Fine Dry Cleaning" BRAUll'S MARKET Y WOODBURN AT DIXIE SERVICE CLEANERS Free Delivery-Wa. 2582 Plant-4018 Kenerng Blvd WA ooza Store-2924 E. Th d si KE 8621 Open All Day Sundays - Weekdays Till 10:00 P.M. - ws cAu Fon AND neuvsn Your Future Life BON VOYAGE I10ROTl'lY LANE MARKET Calvin D. Mayne-Frank Y. Sakada BURGERS in a BASKET and FRENCH FRIES Complete Fountain Service To Go Out . . . Anytime STDGKSDALE HDRIVE-Ill DAYTON, OHIO PHONE wA. 0614 Page Seventyltn 0 S P D R T I II G Exclusive Distribufors for HE 6329 J N HE 6320 Ii 0 0 Il 3 O'Shea, Spalding SCHOOL SWEATERS IN-'STOCK PRES. CHAPPLE "Where Sporlsmen Serve Sporlsmen" TUFFY BROOKS 1st 8. Jefferson E 2555553 E, E5I'i2I5-,5E5Ef2E:.5E' '5E::'.- -. Rawlin s Wilson g ' ' E E A I Dayton, Ohio Far Hills Hardware 2807Vz For Hills Avenue PAINTS - HARDWARE PLUMBING - HARDWARE Telephone WA 8511 Acco nt' 9 --Accou fng Syslems- Orgoni ohon Studies and Surveys - Reporf Service WILLIAM H. FREEMAN C o n s u l l a n f PHONES: WAlnu9 8980 or HEmlock 9551 MAIL ADDRESS: 57 Crescent Blvd Doyfon 9 Ohio BEAVER DRIVE-IH Just off Dorothy Lone on Wilmington Pike OPEN EVERY DAY 9:00 A.M. - - 1:00 A.M. M. G. SHYDER 'and SUHS READY MIX CONCRETE q ALL GRADES wAsl-iso SAND' AND GRAVEL WA 7209 So. Hills HAMILTDH GLEAHERS Pressing-While-You-Wai! 2801 For .HiIIs1Avenue LARRY'S MARKET 2803 FAR HILLS AVENUE Qualify Groceries and Meats Open Daily 8:30-810.0 Sundays 10:00-8:00 I A TELEPHONE WA 0155 A' A Page Sm-cnfy-fhreqg " ll ll H P H Y ' S BAKERY AND MEAT MARKET 806 Watervliet Avenue DAYTON 10, OHIO Congratulations to the 49ers Earl D. Granger 901 Shroyer Road F011 E000 SHOWS Fllll HILLS THEATER Compliments of Pete Dry lbauglh E I' E T Cleaners Dayton's New Dry Cleaning Plant 409 S. Dixie Phone Wa. 1016 Meet your friends at HEHBST PHAHMAGY 466 Patterson Road Wa. 1 I 19 Page Seventy- four PHONE WA 4408 III and AIIIIOIS BARBER 8. BEAUTY SHOP 2801 FAR HILLS AVENUE I10IIlIT HUT 2720 Far Hills Avenue WA 1616 SOFT DRINKS - DONUTS SANDWICHES -ICE CREAM ANNE sruzxs AL HAMILTON CARRY-OUTS FIIEIIEIIIIIK IIUAL 00. R I F F L E S Dealer in all grades of SOLID FUEL e Highway, aeuvh six miles, e9 overhead. STOKERS - FU RNACES O. P. COAL BURNERS 5430 Marshall Road WA 2132 Specialty is ITALIAN SPAGI-IETTI CHOPS and STEAKS I' """"""""""' T I I I I I - I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS . .. I I I .I Page Seventyffive AUTUGRAPIIS A U T 0 G R A P I'I S Pagg Sevengy seven A U T 0 li ll A P ll S Page Seventy-eight A U T 0 G Il A P ll S Page Seventy-nme THE GREENFIELD PRENTING B PUBLISHING CO-, GREENFIELD, OHIO

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