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FAIRHAVEf! HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY FA1RHAVEN, MA 02? 19 The Huttlestonian 1987 Volume LXI High School F airha ven ? % M . m 11 hS TUG GOGS B ifa .- a j gr r ' ’ " •34 • -’ ■ jbbs mt ,»v».. -»,, r Co-editors: Rachel Berger and Kellie Quilligan . Principal’s Address Congratulations! It is with honor that I congratulate you, the graduates of Fairhaven High School, on this special occasion and commend you most highly for extraordinary achievement. The staff and administration have been im¬ pressed throughout your three years with us. You are hard-working, extremely well-mannered and trustworthy, and you have been loyal to your school, your community, and families. The classes ahead of you made their mark on our society, so will you. You will be the light for others to follow. Thanks for the many pleasures, delights, and enjoyable times together. Best wishes and Godspeed. 2 Dedication Mere words can never express the gratitude we, the class of nineteen eighty- seven, hold for the woman to whom we dedicate our yearbook. As yearbook ad¬ visor and friend she has stood by us in times of joy and sorrow, always lending a helping hand, an open mind, and giving encouraging advice. Although it was her first year as an advisor, she played a vital part in the pro¬ duction of our yearbook. She always made time to help us out and even added some special suggestions of her own. Her attitude, ambition, and dedication make her the special person she is. So it is with great respect and appreciation that we dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Susan Davignon. Love and thanks, The class of 1987. J M 1 Faculty: With Us Through the Years K TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK 4 5 Faculty Mr. Carlton C. Albritton Mr. John Haaland Mr. Dana Almeida Mr. Peter Anthony Mr. Steven Barriteau Ms. Patricia Barrow Mrs. Barbara Belanger Mr. Stephen Bender Miss Joan Bisbee Miss Debra Bogalhas Mr. Don Brisson Mrs. Karen Brodeur Mr. Norman Bun- Miss Alma J. Campbell Mrs. Florence Chase Mr. Charles Cipollini 7 F acuity Mrs. Susan Davignon Mr. Rene Drouin Mrs. Nancy Costa Mr. Donald J. B. Dufour Mr. David Duval Mr. Paul Fernandes Mrs. Christine Fennell Mr. Charles Foley Mr. Joseph Harding 8 Faculty Mrs. Carol Kaner Mrs. Mary Leon Mrs. Carolyn Lima Mrs. Margaret Lister Mr. Thomas Lovett Mrs. Jacqueline Machado 9 Faculty Mr. James Mahaney Mr. Robert Margeson Mr. Peter Mendell Mr. John Malcolm Mrs. Kathryn McCollester Mrs. Linda Meredith Mr. Robert Marchand Mr. David Medeiros Mrs. Twila Middleton 10 Faculty Mr. Gary Monuteaux Mr. Pierre Paquin Mr. Kraig Perry flMC ALARM BOX LOCATCO Mr. James Porter Mr. Joseph Rapoza Mr. John Risgin Mrs. Janet Robert Mr. Daniel Rose Miss Sharon Santos 11 Faculty Miss Elizabeth Saudade Mrs. Madeline Tavares Ms. Naomi Shaw Mrs. Gail Waltz Mrs. Mary-Jane Sylvia Mrs. Rita Watson Mrs. Janet West Mr. Wayne Wilson 12 Faculty GUIDANCE COUNSELORS: Mr. Cletus Malloy, Mr. Paul McCabe, NURSE: Mrs. Ruth Lombardo Mr. Len Crane, Mrs. Anne Cummings SECRETARIES: Mrs. Janet Leshyk, Mrs. Helena Paiva, Mrs. Jeanne Sylvia, Mrs. Evelyn Martin CUSTODIANS: Mr. Robert Sylvia, Mr. Ronald Medeiros, Mrs. Lillian Texeira CAFETERIA STAFF: Mrs. Norma Costa, Mrs. Marion Bourbeau, Mrs. Carol Voter. 2nd Row, Mrs. Hilda Oliver, Substitute, Mrs. Joan Rogers, Mrs. Rosalie Brown, Mrs. Carol York, Mrs. Rosemary DoSan- tos, Mrs. Irene Koczwara. 13 14 potior Wioll KAREN ALVES RACHEL BERGER RICHARD BOURGAULT MATTHEW BROWN KAREN DANIELS JOAQUIM DEMELO HEATHER DOUCETTE MELISSA MARTIN CATHERINE MULHERIN LISA PACHECO KELLIE QUILLIGAN KRISTEN SYLVIA RENEE VAILLANCOURT Class Officers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT: DENNIS MATTOS, VICE PRESIDENT: MICHAEL MYERS, SECRETARY: KIRSTEN GRAVEM, TREASURER: JONATHAN ELLIS EXECUTIVE BOARD: Row 1, Russell Seguin, Tricia Costa, Beth Mahaney, Julie Duval, Heather Macedo, Cheryl Pires. Row 2, Michelle Rogers, Luke Charbon- neau, Matt Brown, Tom Chagnon, April Haggis, Scott Ashworth. Row 3, Angelo Nicolosi, Peter Hubert, Jack deMelo. Executive Board 17 Erik Aanensen 6 28 69 “The Cadillac Kid " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “Check out that Bad Cad.” AMBITION: A Hot V.W. to drive to California. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To master the guitar. FONDEST MEMORIES: The night before I flew out here to Massachusetts. PET PEEVES: Hav¬ ing gym class, and having wet hair on a below freezing morning. Not having a car. HAPPIEST WHEN: My dirt bike is running choice. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: The first time I talked to Vicky. PROBABLE FATE: Living it up in California. FAVORITE SONG: La Villa Strangiato by Rush. Edward Almeida 5 26 69 “Ed " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “Qui s’ex- cuse s’accuse.” AMBITION: To play principal for the Boston Sym¬ phony Orchestra. HAPPIEST WHEN: Hanging around with friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Walking into the wrong classroom the first day of school. Kerrie Lynn Almeida 5 19 69 FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “When you dream you hold the key to open the door and let you be free.” AMBITION: To become a famous in¬ terior decorator? SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry C.S., but only for his money. FONDEST MEMORIES: Aug. 1, Toronto, S.S., D.D., beating up Freshmen at lunch, “Here come the Fuzz Fun, " H R. with Kim. PET PEEVES: Conceited people, when people tel l me I’m loud (I know I’m loud!), Wedgies, Shaws, Loose sweat pants. HAPPIEST WHEN: Not in school, with my friends, not working. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: When I got pushed through the boys’ locker room and two guys were in the bathroom. PROBABLE FATE: To be the only person, in the history of Shaws, to remain a packer for 40 years. FAVORITE SONG: Bom To Be Wild, Slow And Easy, Anything by Dio, Comfortably Numb. :kticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickti Kim Marie Almeida 7 13 69 “Smiley,” “Kimmy, " “Tweenie” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “People who think they know it all, annoy those of us who really do. " AMBITION: To be a flight attendant and travel all around the world, meeting new people and seeing beautiful sights. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be stranded on a desert island with Richard Gere. FONDEST MEMORIES: Chinese fire drills with Pat, shopping with Jes, Homeroom with Kerrie, Sp. and Drama with Cathy and vacation in Ca. and Fla. First date with Dave L. PET PEEVES: People who have no responsibility, people who don’t work for their money, and people who think they know it all. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: With that special someone, spending money, with my family, sleeping, out of work, and talking. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I was walking down the spiral staircase in the gym and I tripped and fell and when I hit the floor, I got dizzy and forgot where I was. PROBABLE FATE: I will probably get married and have a dozen kids and become a fat slob. FAVORITE SONG: Color My World, Three Times A Lady, Always and Forever. Linda J. Alphonse 9 23 69 FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “Take us, but don’t take our coolers.” by H.M. AMBITION: To become a Journalist, (and a billionaire). SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To lay on a beach in the Carib¬ bean, with wonderful men fanning me with palm leaves. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of’85 and ’86!, Pumpkin patrol, Rollin, having awesome friends!, July 29, 1985, Horseneck, Steve and Greg!, S.X., Jr. Prom, Field Hockey camp, The Australian, Homecoming Dance ’85. PET PEEVES: Shyness, winter, boldness, working, taking pictures, “pretty,” being short, back seats, rotaries, C.B. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends and family, helping J.D. bug M.M. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Doing a “Pete Rose” in the middle of Washington Street, Chinese fire drills on the Ave. PROBABLE FATE: To baby-sit Julie’s 20 kids and having an affair with Marko. FAVORITE SONG: Night Moves. Karen Alves 2 8 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: What you are is God’s gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to God. AMBITION: To always dream for the best and try my hardest to make each one a reality. FONDEST MEMORIES: Quasimodo frisbee. Show Choir rehearsals and performances, NESC at MIT, jumping through windows, huh. PET PEEVES: Peo¬ ple who do backflips, land on your face and then don’t apologize, that M. woman. HAPPIEST WHEN: Singing, with my family, J.S. and K.D., L.S., Quasimodo. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Flashlight shining on my eyes. PROBABLE FATE: Professional student. 18 Gary Amaral 8 25 69 FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: Send it in. AMBITION: Survive. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live in New Hampshire and ski all winter. FONDEST MEMORIES: Partyin’ on weekends with Linda, Shawn, and Missy, and sleeping at Linda ' s. PET PEEVES: Coming to school instead of work. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Out making money. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Getting caught skipping school. PROBABLE FATE: Make o.k. money when T finally finish school. Susan Amaral 2 13 69 “Sue” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “I declare no homework tonight!” AMBITION: Owning my own business and residing in New York City. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To meet Dweezil Zappa and spend one day with him. FONDEST MEMORIES: The summer of ' 86, Oct. 4, 1986, the times at the beach. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, F.B., L.A., C.R., C.V., and my sister S.A. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: When I tripped all the way across the hall landing in the main office. PROBABLE FATE: Get married at an early age and become obese. FAVORITE SONG: “Shot Through The Heart, " and Anything by Bon Jovi. Neil Arsenault 6 16 68 FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: Yeah right. AMBITION: To play college football. To beat Dartmouth on Thanksgiving Day. FONDEST MEMORIES: Playing Football, Camp Boumdale 86, Ozzy Ozboume concert ' 86. PET PEEVES: People who tell stories that aren’t true, back stabbers. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Playing football , on vacation, riding my Ninja, at parties. ICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTI Scott J. Ashworth 2 8 69 “Ashy " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: Easy killer. AMBITION: Physical Education Teacher, Coach. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To play for the Boston Celtics. FONDEST MEMORIES: F.H.S., Tip-Off Tourneys, Zorn’s house, couch, summer league with Jake and Marco, Anne’s lunches, Foot¬ ball, beating Seekonk 14-8, summer, Baystate Games, The States, being out with the boys, 5 23 86. PET PEEVES: Nosy people, Dartmouth, Stang, Wareham, tests. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Anne, playing B-ball, out with the boys, with my family. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Not being able to play rac- uetball, after Challenging Mrs. Kaner. PROBABLE ATE: Physical Ed. teacher, coaching Football and Basketball. Laurel Audette 5 19 69 “Laurie” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “That’s Life, Baby.” AMBITION: To become a secretary. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: One date with Jon Bon Jovi. FONDEST MEMORIES: Jr. Proms, 2 16 86, Journey concert. PET PEEVES: 2-faced people, liars, and cheaters. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, with Keith, being with F.B., S.A., and K.B. PROBABLE FATE: To marry Keith. FAVORITE SONG: Keep On Loving You or Anything by Bon Jovi. Kim Marie August 12 13 69 “Kimba” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.” AMBITION: Always have a smile and be above my problems. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with all kinds of money and someone special to accom¬ pany me. FONDEST MEMORIES: Special times with Steve, 3 22 86, good times with Marcie and Jen, SAB, with friends, “Timmy,” 11 18 84, Mom and Dad, S.D. with J.C., L.F., T.B., N.P., all the good limes!, RIGHT WAY JEN!, Jr. Prom, Flat tires. PET PEEVES: Mondays at 6:00 a.m., fake friends, cliques, gossipers, A + W, people full of hatred, fights with Steve. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Steve, having no problems, special days alone, sabing with Jen, dou¬ bling with Jen and Dave. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Getting flat tire with Michelle, M.M and K.L. PROBABLE FATE: Get married to Steve and having a career. FAVORITE SONG: Faithfully. 19 Julie Avila 12 30 69 “Zool” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “Go Right Ahead!” AMBITION: Go through college and get a good job. FONDEST MEMORIES: Lunch with Ape and Ski, Class of ' 86 and ' 87. PET PEEVES: Track practices! HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: With Ape and Ski at the mall. Georganna Bailey 11 17 68 AMBITION: To be a manager of a McDonald’s, and to be good at everything I do. FONDEST MEMORIES: Last year with all my friends B.P., K.J., C.U., M.R., A.P. When I used to work at Fairhaven McDonald’s. PET PEEVES: Rainy Mondays, studies, gym, homework, people who think they are better than others. HAPPIEST WHEN: I am with J.G. and working at King’s Highway McDonald ' s, having good times at work and after work. Joanne Bailey 9 19 69 “Jo, " “Smiley” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: Mean!, Ya, right! AMBITION: To have a good job and be happy. SUPPRESSED DESIRE; To be a millionaire. FONDEST MEMORIES: Parties for my brother in the summer of ’85, my summers in Texas, Judas Priest and Dokken concert. PET PEEVES: Preps, people who are conceited and talk about other people, L.R. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends, partying with people from work. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Time with Dianne M. on the neck when I bumped into a pole while I was looking for a lighter. PROBABLE FATE: Probably get married and have kids. CTamamcKTiCKTiaaiacnaaTamacnamamcK acncKTlcKTiCKTic ia ncCTC CKTi KTCCTTCT? Sheryl Baron 6 4 69 “Rons Barret” or “Shebil” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: Hey zeek, Oh no way, Get a job! AMBITION: To become a psychologist. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To kidnap Victor and bring him to a tropical island where we could live like kings and queens. FONDEST MEMORIES: Hanging around with L.C., J.B., J.C., L.P., and D.M., the parties at the rock, and of course, the Mattapoisett woods. PET PEEVES: People that think they’re better than everyone else and they’re not, getting up early. HAPPIEST WHEN: Partying with friends, when I’m with Victor, and out of school. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When I slid on a piece of bologna in the Jr. high lunch room. PROBABLE FATE: With my luck. I’ll probably get hit by a car. FAVORITE SONG: Heaven And Hell. Carl Beckman 3 26 69 “Beckman” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “You put the Fin, ugly!” AMBITION: Pursue a career in music after finishing two years in the Army. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Skydiving and Hang-gliding. HAPPIEST WHEN: With close friends. PROBABLE FATE: Band Director or Drill Instructor. FAVORITE SONG: As Soon As The Good Times Roll. Michelle Elizabeth Benoit 8 5 68 “Mich” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours, if it doesn’t it never was.” AMBITION: To someday get married and have a family, to be a hair¬ dresser. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live happily with lots of money. FONDEST MEMORIES: Bert, Jr. Prom, June 30, 1985, Aug. 7, 1985, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July ’86, summer of’85 and ’86. PET PEEVES: Girls who go after another girl’s boyfriend, 5:30 a.m. HAPPIEST WHEN: Having fun with friends, cruising around with Karen and Lisa. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Getting a Bat tire with Kim, M.M. and K.L. PROBABLE FATE: Still with Bert. FAVORITE SONG: Dream On. 20 Tracey Benoit 10 28 68 “Tracey” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “I love my baby and my baby loves me ..AMBITION: To be a good wife to Steven and a good mother to our kids. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To get back all the people that crossed my path. FONDEST MEMORIES: When me and Steven got engaged in November ’85!, times with Steven in the “Z,” and in the Nova. PET PEEVES: Girls who hang onto Steven and think he’s fine, and untrustworthy people. FIAPPIEST WFIEN: I’m only happy with I’m alone with Steven. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Slipped on the floor at the Jr. Prom in front of Steven. PROBABLE FATE: To get married to Steven and have my “8” Ar- ruda boys. Tammy Marie Benson 7 14 69 “Tucky” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “Wait” — “Never say never.” AMBITION: To be happy and successful in life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To have everything work out with Joe. FONDEST MEMORIES: Skipping school with L.P., K.A., J.C., L.F., D.M., Avenue, Jr. Prom with Vic., South End beach with K.F., S.S., L.F., M.F., 9-11 with L.F., D.M. PET PEEVES: People who are liars, conceited and two-faced. HAPPIEST WHEN: I’m with my family, friends, out causing trouble and when I’m not in school. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Too many to list. FAVORITE SONG: Roxanne and Black Dog Frances M. Bento 6 30 69 “Fran,” “Baby Bento " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: Classic, “Don’t worry about it!” AMBITION: Music manage¬ ment or radio broadcasting, to travel to Europe and Australia. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own RCA Records and live in London. FONDEST MEMORIES: Ambulance skit in Mr. Dufour’s class, St. Fairhaven with M.M., C.P., ping pong with Chris, Journey concert. PET PEEVES: Bad movies. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: At concerts and with friends: C.P., M.M., L.A., S.A., S.T., S.D. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: The “85” Speech and Drama play. PROBABLE FATE: To enlist in the Air Force. FAVORITE SONG: Anything by Sting or Peter Gabriel. CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT Stephan Bordwick 1 23 69 “Steph” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “I don’t think so.” AMBITION: To be successful in a well paying job. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own a red Ferrari, GTO, Fairlight CMI, and start a successful band. FONDEST MEMORIES: Dave’s parties, being with A.H., D.S., M.M., J.B., K.A., the gang visiting me at work, Lincoln Park — Skin sisters, study with A.L. PET PEEVES: Homework, my parking place be¬ ing stolen before school, C.S., M.C., making me sit in the front seat in L.A.B. study. HAPPIEST WHEN: With family and friends, partying, listening to music, driving, skiing. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Trying to teach A.H. to drive a standard and having her stall at every intersection. PROBABLE FATE: Continuing school after graduation. Rachel Berger 4 29 69 “Rach,” “Raeh-Bach,” “Rock” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “11 faut bien que je supporte deux ou trois chenilles si je veux connaitre les papillons.” AMBITION: To have a positive influence on someone’s life. FONDEST MEMORIES: Billy Joel concert, Ken’s sandwich, " mothre,” New Jersey ’85, Batina Francis Buchanan, times with E.L., T.P. capers, Buf, garage bash. We have money we can pay, racing the bus home from Case, U Mass, Chicago concert. PET PEEVES: Being rushed, talkers but not listeners, wasted days, close- minded people. HAPPIEST WHEN: With family and close friends, talking to Mom, sleeping late, laughing with Cal, Lin, and Lou. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: My long pause at piano recital. FAVORITE SONG: You’re The Inspiration, Walking In The Rain. Michael Botelho 10 10 69 “Mike” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " What the heck you only live once.” AMBITION: To be rich and have lots of good times with my friends. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To hit Megabucks and move to Hawaii then buy a Porsche. FONDEST MEMORIES: Science class with T.E., rm. 18, jumping off balcony during winter track, meeting K..S. PET PEEVES: M.T., homework, people who act like they’re better than everyone else, bush pigs. HAPPIEST WHEN: Being with K.S., out with my friends on Friday and Saturday nights, T.E., C.M. MOST EMBARRAS¬ SING MOMENT: When I fell down the stairs then got up and fell again. PROBABLE FATE: College and work. 21 Richard Bourgaull 9 26 69 “Rick " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “I don ' t know. " AMBITION: To graduate from college. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To move out of Fairhaven. FONDEST MEMORIES: Q’s, Fort Phoenix, float meetings, summer of ' 85, library 1 Ith grade, the pit. PET PEEVES: Waking up early. Math tests, L.A. Lakers. HAPPIEST WHEN: With S.L., playing ball with S.A., and B.C., not being bugged, cruising. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Falling off the mound during a baseball game. PROBABLE FATE: Get out of college and live in Florida. FAVORITE SONG: Run D.M.C., Jam Master J. Jaclyn Bowden 1 27 69 “Jackie,” “Jackie Blue” AMBITION: To be married longer than six months. FONDEST MEMORIES: Moving back home, seeing old friends, meeting Wayne. PET PEEVES: K.A.’s parents, snobs, W.G.’s quick temper, dishwashing. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Wayne, with my family. Shelley Braga 8 11 69 “Shell” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “No mat¬ ter where you go or what you do, there you are.” AM¬ BITION: Graphic artist, layout artist. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a world renowned model and have my face on the cover of Vogue. FONDEST MEMORIES: F.H.S. dances, the mall, Mr. Rapoza’s 8th period art class. PET PEEVES: Ignorant people. HAPPIEST WHEN: Dancing, listening to music, drawing, or shopping. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: 1st day at F.H.S., walking into rm. 7 and knocking over a girl’s books in front of everyone. PROBABLE FATE: Graphic layout artist for Vogue. FAVORITE SONG: Next Time I Fall. KTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTK Mathew David Brown 11 21 69 “Matt” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “All things are possible for those who believe.” AMBI¬ TION: To become a physician. FONDEST MEMORIES: Mr. Cip., “You’re a bum!,” good times with Lee Paiva, “Denied!,” making the states (hockey), wrestling with Mario Rosario. PET PEEVES: Monday mornings, snobs, N.W.C. lectures, English compositions and term papers, “Joan, Piz¬ za, " Shaws supermarket. HAPPIEST WHEN: Doing what I want, when I want, with whom I want to do it with. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Being tripped by R.M. causing me to fall in front of 3 bus loads of kids at a football game. PROBABLE FATE: To study and study and study ... Stephen Brown 8 8 69 “Steve” AMBITION: To be successful in business. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being 3 hours late for school and getting one hour in detention. PET PEEVES: Writing term papers. PROBABLE FATE: Go to S.M.U. and major in accounting. Maureen Cassidy 7 29 69 “Moe,” “Diz” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " The good times are the best times, and the bad times fade away. " AMBITION: To live a long, happy, crazy, and successful life. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of ’85, Jr. Year, Jr. Prom, float parties, TP rolling, PP., adventures with J.B., 7 29 85, 1 17 86!!, L.A., S.A., J.D., K.T., L.T., C.P., J.E., D.C., B.G., M.M., Mr. B„ C.C., Mom and Dad and Vuvvy. PET PEEVES: Spanish, after-session, my brothers (sometimes). HAPPIEST WHEN: Hanging with the gang, being mischievous, getting out of trouble, with N.C., S.C., C.C., and M.C.; spending other people’s money. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When my braces stuck to the microphone at Burger King. FAVORITE SONG: Wild Heart. 22 Thomas Paul Chagnon 1 4 69 “Tom. " “Tommy, " “Chag " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " Keep go¬ ing. you ' re almost there. " AMBITION: Successful in life, be happy, and rich, own a hotel. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To win the Boston Marathon, be a millionaire. FONDEST MEMORIES: Cross Country, winter and spring track, 11 6 85, Europe ' 85, Jr. Prom with K.B., Flomecoming dance with K.B., Halloween ' 85 with K.B. PET PEEVES: Fighting with K.B., throwing up after a track meet, intervals, sum¬ mer of ' 86. K.A. and K.D., no luggage. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Karen, running, with friends, finishing a race. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Get¬ ting lost on home course at a Cross Country meet. Getting pantsed by Larry S. during Cross Country practice in front of everyone in the gym. PROBABLE FATE: Graduation, College, 2 or 4 years, then go to work and figure out the rest when 1 get to it. Norman Luke Charbonneau 4 22 69 “Luke” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " Search for that part within you called yourself, and ask only that self for the answers to life’s most difficult ques¬ tions, for it is only yourself that can know what is best for you. " AMBITION: Being part of the 7-Eleven team. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Ride in the Tour de France. FONDEST MEMORIES: Sept. 27, ' 86, ' 85 Jr. Olympics, float meetings, spring track, basketball, cross country. PET PEEVES: Blow-offs, people who give you half of their attention. HAPPIEST WHEN: On my bike, throwing the javelin. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Voke— 143 ' . PROBABLE FATE: Flying an F-16, riding through Italy. FAVORITE SONG: Only The Young. Tammy Ann Charpentier 12 28 69 “Tambo,” “L.A.” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " If you wish upon a star, your most wanted dream will come true.” AMBITION: To become a medical secretary, to go sky diving. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Win megabucks, meet the man of my dreams, travel around the world. FONDEST MEMORIES: Dad adopted me, November I, 1985, basketball games, Junior Day ' 85, study, Martha’s Vineyard, summer of ' 86. PET PEEVES: People that think they are better than everyone else, gym, work, conceited people, guys that think they are God’s gift to women. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Never get embarrassed. PROBABLE FATE: Cape Cod Community College, Medical Secretary. FAVORITE SONG: Careless Whisper, A Different Comer, Still Loving You, Against All Odds. t i t CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT James Chase 3 16 69 “Jimmy” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: The P. 32 Aludeium Space Magulator. (You Know the King.) AMBITION: To be successful in the field of Auto Body. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be an A student. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with R.T. and having shop in ' 86 with M.M., N.M., O.P. PET PEEVES: Period I, V.W.’s, Birtha, Talking Heads. HAPPIEST WHEN: Out of school. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: 1 haven’t had one yet but when I do I’ll let you know. PROBABLE FATE: To move to Bever¬ ly Hills and live with Jed and Granny Clampit. FAVORITE SONG: Dream On. Julie Anne Clark 7 15 69 “Jules” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: No way. AMBITION: To become a rich photographer, live with Michael and be happy. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry Michael. FONDEST MEMORIES: Party¬ ing down the rock, Aug. 10, 1985, being with Michael, Joanne’s parties, Justin, Summer of’85, moped rides. PET PEEVES: Skating, people that think they are bet¬ ter than everyone else, snobs. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Mike and friends. PROBABLE FATE: Marry Mike and have 2 kids. Lori Clark 7 15 69 “Eeon,” “Law” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: ”1 don’t know.” AMBITION: To become a medical secretary. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: For me and Doug to run away to a secluded island. FONDEST MEMORIES: Hanging around with S.B., J.B., D M., L.P., J.C., par¬ ties at the rock, parties at Joanne’s, Mattapoisett Woods, March 8, ’86. PET PEEVES: Snobs and con¬ ceited people. HAPPIEST WHEN: I’m with Doug and friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When I got stuck in a baby swing at Common Park and no one would let me out. PROBABLE FATE: Become a secretary, marry Doug and have kids. FAVORITE SONG: You Give Love A Bad Name. 23 Jennifer Leigh Cobb 4 8 69 “Jenni " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “Live in the present not in the past. " AMBITION: To have an ambition. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be deserted on an island with Dave. FONDEST MEMORIES: The Cape with Dave, The Ave., Freetown, S.A.B., wrong way Kim, Jr. Prom, Flat tires. PET PEEVES: S.H.’s, snobs, people who think they are better than others, hours, cliques, fights with Dave. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Dave, K.A., T.B., L.F., D M., L.P., S.M., D.V., J.J., U.J., A.W., B.C., and family. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Too many to list. PROBABLE FATE: To be rich and marry Dave. FAVORITE SONG: When I Think Of You. Cynthi a Ann Costa 3 8 69 “Cyndi,” “Cyn” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “The best and the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” AMBITION: To be the best I can be. FONDEST MEMORIES: Senior Prom ’86, spring track, Nadia Fomasiero, Freshmen Whale Watch, Mr. Barriteau ' s classes. PET PEEVES: Liars, brown nosers, the girls’ locker room, the lunch line, final ex¬ ams, punks and traffic. HAPPIEST WHEN: Keeping busy, being with special people, going out to nice places. FAVORITE SONG: Dream On, Always and Forever, Beth. David Costa 10 29 69 “Diamond Dave " FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " Denied, " Fun and Games, “Soif de Savoir and Joie De Vivre.” AMBITION: To play professional football, to be suc¬ cessful in whatever I do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To go to U-Mass, graduate with a bachelor ' s degree, go into the service as an officer and to play football for U-Mass. FONDEST MEMORIES: Joseph’s Restaurant with L.S., L.F., and my date, summer of ’85, M.C. spree, T.H., mouse necklace. PET PEEVES: Study halls, tests, D.T. sciences, Demos and Tuesday football practices, snobs and two-faced people. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Getting “B’s” on tests, singing in French, with my friends, playing sports, getting caught when I don’t turn in a warning. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Fat lip from M.C., put¬ ting oil in the wrong place and getting a warning in General English. PROBABLE FATE: To go to S.M.U., graduate, go into the service as a private, and be a water boy. FAVORITE SONG: Stairway To Heaven by Zep, When I Wake Up and Hard Times by P.un DMC. :kticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickti Jacqueline Costa 11 8 68 “Jackie” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " Who loves ya, baby?” AMBITION: To lead a happy and successful life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be stranded on a deserted island with Al. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with Al and my friends and the night of Michelle’s birthday. PET PEEVES: When people always think they’re right and snobs. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: I’m with Al. MOST EMBARRAS¬ SING MOMENT: When I tripped on a chair and rolled across the kitchen floor. FAVORITE SONG: Faithfully. Robert A. Costa 3 11 68 “Tex” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “You know the king.” AMBITION: Rich and famous. PET PEEVES: Stuck-up girls, boring classes, and funk music. HAPPIEST WHEN: Parties with friends and listening to Heavy Metal. Tricia Marie Costa 5 7 69 “Trish” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " Love can die of a truth, as friendship of a lie.” AMBITION: To be happy and enjoy life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a singer. FONDEST MEMORIES: Bruce, “The Gang,” Freshman year, Jr. Prom, family. Providence 10 3 86, UMass 10 14 86, Journey, cheering. Cheerleader’s Dances, California, The “Talk, " The Rose, B.K. crew, musicals, Zeta Pie, Joanie, Karl’s truck, exchange students, Lori, Eric. PET PEEVES: Waiting, red lights, I don’t know, you’re driving, fake people, lying. HAPPIEST WHEN: With close friends, with my family, singing, spending money. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Too many to choose from. PROBABLE FATE: To live in California with my sister. FAVORITE SONG: Still Loving You. 24 Joanne Cote 6 2 69 “Jo” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “In God we trust; everyone else pays cash. " AMBITION: Camera Operator. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a New England Sportscaster. FONDEST MEMORIES: Newport Creamery with P.C. and N.L., Washington w L.C., Ford, Keifer, Eddie Murphy, air hockey w P.C., Shel’s party, R.M. and M.B., Spray office, “cough. " PET PEEVES: 1st period gym. Literature, deadlines, “Cootie. " HAPPIEST WHEN: With Paula, Jo, Sue, Kendra, working with A.A., K.R., S.B. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Hitting Ms. Barrow’s new car. PROBABLE FATE: Osco manager. FAVORITE SONG: Dream On. Daniel Coutinho 6 25 69 “Duke” FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: " You only live once, so live it up.” AMBITION: Have my own business. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To go to Paris, France. FONDEST MEMORIES: When I went up Route 18 the wrong way with Kelly. PET PEEVES: Preppies, school, cops, waiting for people. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Partying, always happy. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: When I hit a school bus in my Jr. year. PROBABLE FATE: A car salesman. Jay Crowley 8 13 69 FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “You can ' t reach the top unless you put forth the effort to get there.” AMBITION: To exceed in a state that no human should ever encounter. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To go over 200 m.p.h. in my future car. FONDEST MEMORIES: Weekends with D.O., D.W., Holly St., grammar school, skiing, Houston. PET PEEVES: People who can’t hang. Yellow Dodge Colts, small cocky children, Robert E. Lee. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Engaging in weekend activities, school, work, sleeping. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Elevator in Washington D.C. with band. PROBABLE FATE: State Trooper. FAVORITE SONG: Parental Guidance JP. nCKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT Paula Cunha 10 25 69 FAVORITE QUOTATION OR SAYING: “It is bet¬ ter to have loved and lost than to never have loved.” AMBITION: To live a long and successful life and en¬ joy it while I’m at it. FONDEST MEMORIES: Volleyball ’85, Newport w J.C., N.L., Soph, float meetings, 8 18 85, living w Sue and Helen, Keifer, Boston College, N.Y. w Lisa, Loverboy ’84, ’86, 8 30 86, The Spray Office, lady ' s night out, all my times with Helen. PET PEEVES: 1st per. gym, people who are always late, wisdom teeth, tiny apartments, waiting, fights with Bobby. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Bobby, just hanging w Sue, Kendra, Jo, laughing with J.C., talking to C.V., writing to A.M., being with Helen, dancing, doing absolutely nothing. PRO¬ BABLE FATE: Maid at the Skipper. FAVORITE SONG: Sing Me Away. Karen Daniels 10 15 69 AMBITION: Doctor, live in France. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Dance with Baryshnikov. FONDEST MEMORIES: Quasimodo Frisbee, Show Choir with K.A., C.B., P.W., NEDE, Airport with T.P., and E.C., NESCC at MIT, huh, jumping thru windows. PET PEEVES: That M-woman, John Jacobsen, people who spit when they talk, hey you’s, sopping red cow, physics labs. HAPPIEST WHEN: Dancing, with friends, as Quasimodo. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Too many to pick from. PROBABLE FATE: A performer for J.J. in Disneyland or a profes¬ sional student. Wendy Marie DaSilva 12 13 69 “Wendell” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " To be all that you can be you must dream of being something more.” AMBITION: To be an international flight at¬ tendant. FONDEST MEMORIES: Times with J.A. and R.F., R.F.’s, phone calls from Miss, and Scotland, my parties. PET PEEVES: Teachers who give too much homework, people who never say hi. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends and partying. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When I fell down a flight of stairs outside rm. 6 with a miniskirt on. 25 Scott David Davignon 11 22 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Honi sou Qui, Mai y Pense, “On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. L ' essential est invisible pour les yeux.” AMBITION: To have a happy and successful life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Pro Tennis player, officer in the Navy. FONDEST MEMORIES: States in tennis 85 and 86, SCC champs ’85, Quebec, Football, Car Palace ’86, Jr Prom, Jr. day, 16th b-day, Nadia, trashing Bru’s car P E., bike trip to Seekonk with R.B. and K.M., Freshman hoop, 16-0. PET PEEVES: Conceited peo¬ ple, Mondays, term papers, SAT’s. HAPPIEST WHEN: With someone special, playing tennis or any other sport, with friends and family, in school having fun. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Caught by Mr. A. and Mom making an obscene gesture at John H., caught driving P.H.’s car by A.D. before I was 16 PROBABLE FATE: Football coach and gym teacher. FAVORITE SONG: Anything by RUN — DMC. Caroline Decosta 7 2 68 “C.D.” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.” AMBITION: To become a nurse. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To own a Lamborghini. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with my family and friends, 3 16 85, with Jim, summer of “83,” with Nancy R., Horseneck Beach w M.S., skiing with Jim, weekends, holidays, summers, cruising in the MG with the top down. PET PEEVES: Mondays, waking up early, tests, miniskirts, snobs, Spanish IV ADV., busy signals, red lights, old drivers on the road, Fairhaven New Bedford bridge, locker room. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: With Jim. PROBABLE FATE: To spend the rest of my life with Jim. FAVORITE SONG: Heaven. Joaquim Carlos deMelo 8 30 69 “Jack " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Go ahead Chuck yell at ’em,” " Bundha!!! " AMBITION: To be an architect. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To travel the world and never have to work. FONDEST MEMORIES: Italy ’85, Float meetings, good times with K.K.. and friends, Bundha!!, Soccer at FHS, Jr. Prom, being President Jr. year, Espanol con Sr. Bar- riteau, summer ’86, Barberos. PET PEEVES: Mon¬ day mornings, term papers. HAPPIEST WHEN: Not having to go to school, with friends, K.K., M.T., B.R., summertime. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: The bus ride home from last year’s football game at Bourne. FAVORITE SONG: That Was Yesterday. TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICF Heather Doucette 12 2 68 “Heath” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You’re only young once, after that I’ll have to think of another ex¬ cuse. AMBITION: To be happy and successful in whatever I do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry someone rich so I can spend his money. FONDEST MEMORIES: Heather X’s 2!, The Bug, “North¬ eastern,” Oct. 10 and II, 1986, Christmas ’85, UMASS, with Tricia, Pumpkin Patrols, M M’s with H.M., Rolling houses. Sept. 26, ’86, Jr. float meetings, summer league B-Ball!, " Crocodile Dundee,” July, 20, M.P. PET PEEVES: Heather’s driving, 12A, waiting. Rotaries, One way streets. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my good friends partying, H.M., L.A., J D., T.C., M.P., with family, and surrounded by fine guys. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When the top of my gown fell down during the Court Ceremonies at the Jr. Prom. PROBABLE FATE: To own a detective agency called Heather X’s 2, or to be in debt from spending all of my husband’s money. FAVORITE SONG: 1 Miss You. Kristine Eddleston 12 26 69 “Kris” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Get out of my face. " AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I may choose to do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live in the mountains of Vermont or Canada in total peace and to travel the world. FONDEST MEMORIES: My divorce trial in Graphic Arts, per. 7 grade 11. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Signing into the wrong English class without realizing it for two weeks. PROBABLE FATE: Go to college and end up living in a city somewhere foreign. Julie Marie Duval 9 8 69 “Jules” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” AMBI¬ TION: To go to college and work with children. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summers ’85 and ’86, Horseneck ’86, “The Aussie,” New Hampshire with A.S., A.N., B.G., A.S., Vineyard, games, Feast, Pumpkin patrol, Jr. Prom court ’86, Stevie Nicks, smoke shows, Florida with Jen, meeting B.B., Lucky Charms, UMASS, Springfield, Skipper, growing up with P.C., Mems and Pep, C.C. PET PEEVES: M B., losing, Algebra, rushing, boring weekends, saying good-bye 6 27 87. HAPPIEST WHEN: Bugging Marko, laughing with Andrew, acting crazy with L.A., A.S., H.M., H.D., and K.G. at the beach, laughing at A.M., with D.C., and my family, sleeping, bugging out. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Chinese fire drills with L.A., H.M., K.O., and M.C.; Hitting an old lady over the head with my field hockey stick. FAVORITE SONG: Love Reign O’r Me, and songs by Stevie Nicks. 26 Sheila Stephanie Edwards 9 4 69 “Sheil " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: If you thing it, you can dream it; if you can dream it, you will achieve it. AMBITION: To be happy and successful in whatever I do. FONDEST MEMORIES: Winter and spring track, field hockey, championship field hockey in 1984, locker monitor with N.B. sixth period, great times with M.M. PET PEEVES: Inter¬ vals, distance running, being teased. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends and family, doing things I en¬ joy. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Spilling a glass of soda at the Bagpiper with Melissa’s family. PROBABLE FATE: Sports therapist or sports doctor. Todd Edwards 8 30 69 “Alfred,” “Toddster” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Live life to the fullest because you only live once.” AMBITION: To be successful at whatever I do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own the Coors brewery. FONDEST MEMORIES: Aug. 3, Aug. 6, April 25, times with Kris, Pig farm, Boumedale Thursday night. Football, Brine Bros., Pumpkin Patrol, 32. PET PEEVES: P.H., homework, Mondays, losing to Voke, kooks, Bush pigs, Tuesday practices. HAPPIEST WHEN: With K.G., out with the guys. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: Getting yelled at by the sarge at practice. PROBABLE FATE: G-man or lifeguard. FAVORITE SONG: Faithfully. Jonathan P. Ellis 9 21 69 “Elbow,” “Jonny,” “Spec, " “Jona,” “Tan” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “F.T.A., It’s not my fault, I am upset for you.” AMBITION: Somewhere in Public Relations. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry Heidi Powers. FONDEST MEMORIES: Camp ' 85 and ’86, Sophomore Yr., 1st per., Football, the “TALK,” Geometry with Pete A., the cafeteria AFTER SCHOOL, Sophomore Yr. lunch with Linda, Scott, “Game Day,” and “C.M.” PET PEEVES: Demos, vocab. quizzes, Algebra, liars. HAPPIEST WHEN: Out with the boys, with friends and whoever is there. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Sleeping when my cabin was running sprints for talking. PROBABLE FATE: Some place where I want to be. [CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTI Luis A. Erquicia 2 4 68 “Louie” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You got it.” AMBITION: Mining Engineer. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To become a movie star. FONDEST MEMORIES: Trip to Newport. PET PEEVES: Look¬ ing up words in the dictionary. HAPPIEST WHEN: Playing soccer. PROBABLE FATE: Return to Bolivia and become a mining engineer. FAVORITE SONG: De Tanto Correr Por La Vida Sin Freno. Linda Feener 7 17 69 “Feener” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Believe in all you can imagine.” AMBITION: Live to 100 and sail around the world. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live in Portugal. FONDEST MEMORIES: ’86 summer, weekends, Barberos, with A.M., S.S., N.R., Zoot’s house, Memorial Day weekend, California, good times with J.W. PET PEEVES: M.W., people with Bok, liars, pinners, M.B., pigs. HAPPIEST WHEN: Not in school, listening to music, at the beach, having a good time with friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Crashing my father’s truck on my driveway. FAVORITE SONG: The Ripper. Elizabeth P. Fernandes 6 20 68 “Liz” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " The moment might be temporary, but the memory is forever.” AMBITION: To be rich and successful. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To marry a rich guy and live in Egypt. FONDEST MEMORIES: Skipping school with T.B., D M., L.P., J.C., K.A., N.P., working 9-11, being with Bert, The Ave., South End beach, working with N.H. girls. PET PEEVES: People full of hatred. HAPPIEST WHEN: Cruisin’ the Ave., causing trou¬ ble with friends, going out with M.F. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Too many to say. PROBABLE FATE: Live in Egypt. FAVORITE SONG: Anything by Madonna, Lisa Lisa, Nu Shooz. 27 Christy Lyn Fletcher 11 26 69 “Fletch” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " If play in¬ terferes with work, drop work.” AMBITION: To be happy and successful in everything I do, to own a Fiero. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To replace Miss Belli as Girls’ softball and Field Hockey coach. FONDEST MEMORIES: Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Central Pharmacy, Haverhill, Lunch with K.B., flying planes with J.T., in Guidance, jumping the wall with K.D. PET PEEVES: People who don’t use blinkers, tests, sprints, snobs, people who are always in bad moods, (M.M.) getting pinched. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Scott, with friends, M.M., S.E., J.T., S.M.2, K.B., Chicken; when not in school; playing sports; with the C.P. gang; in guidance with Bubba; bugging M.M.; and with animals. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Falling off my chair during Chemistry. PROBABLE FATE: Athletic Trainer. FAVORITE SONG: Friends and Lovers and The Search Is Over. Margaret Foster 11 29 68 “Peggy” AMBITION: To be successful in everything I do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own a red corvette con¬ vertible. FONDEST MEMORIES: November 10, 1985, 2nd period foods class, spending time with Rob. PET PEEVES: People that don’t act their age; waiting; rainy days. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Rob, and my family. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: I don’t get embarrassed. PROBABLE FATE: Secretary. FAVORITE SONG: True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. Robert Fryer 12 9 69 “Bobby " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Jones’n. " AM¬ BITION: To buy a Mustang GT this summer. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To marry L.F. FONDEST MEMORIES: Crue Aug. 4, ’85, Halen Aug. 22, ’86, Ozzy Sept. 16, ' 86, Hockey 83-87, Horseneck, West Island, The Ave., The Dike, June 20, 1986. PET PEEVES: Term papers, stuck up girls, homework. HAPPIEST WHEN: Out with the crew, spending money, driving Brown ' s Trans Am. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: What embarrassing moment? PROBABLE FATE: Millionaire. FAVORITE SONG: Stairway to Heaven and anything by Van Halen. CTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICl Catrina Gonsalves 11 25 69 " Cathy, " “Plum " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Live just for to¬ day, maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away.” AMBITION: To be a flight attendant, to re¬ main best friends with Brittany, to cheer people up always. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To climb the stair¬ way to Heaven with Robert Plant. FONDEST MEMORIES: Times with Britt, Kris, Kim, meeting Brittany, Fred, Tommy, Ted, Norman, thanks Brit¬ tany, Mom, Dad for everything they’ve done. PET PEEVES: Back stabbers, jealous people, junior year, homework, nosy people, teasers, gym, math, phonies, graphic arts, Spanish, “I’ll call you! " HAPPIEST WHEN: With family members that I love, traveling, not in school, when everything goes my way. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Voicing my opinions about a certain teacher while she was right behind me. PROBABLE FATE: Falling down a mountain, shining slot machines in Vegas. FAVORITE SONG: Kashmir, Dream On, All the King’s Horses. Kirsten Gravem 11 20 69 “Kris, " Emma” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You only live life once, so live it to the fullest.” AMBITION: To be the first and best woman sportscaster. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Win a gold medal for swimming at the Olympics. FONDEST MEMORIES: Having great parents!, 4 25 84, 8 3 and 8 6 84, summer of’84 and ’85, float meetings, times with M.B., C.M., and T.E., Chicago concert with Rach, 10 18 85, West Island Parties, receiving princess at Jr. Prom, Cheerleaders Dance of 84 ana 85, pumpkin patrolling, times with Peter, Journey Concert with P.H., out with friends. PET PEEVES: Waiting. HAPPIEST WHEN: Laughing with friends, having no worries, stopping. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Racing P H. in SMU parking lot and falling on my face. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: In debt for the rest of my life due to speeding tickets. FAVORITE SONG: Faithfully, Endless Love, The Glory of Love. Julie Ann Griffiths 3 3 67 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " What’s happen¬ ing!” AMBITION: Child care worker. FONDEST MEMORIES: Mrs. Costa’s class. PET PEEVES: Breaking my knee again. HAPPIEST WHEN: Always happy. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Fall¬ ing down the stairs and hurting my knee. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: Get married. FAVORITE SONG: Always and Forever. 28 Brian Guay 4 15 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “When I do good no one remembers, when I do bad no one forgets. " AMBITION: To have a good job which I like and make me a lot of money. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own the Bruins. FONDEST MEMORIES: New Hampshire, summer of’86, Pen- tahog, Boston winning 3 vs. Angeles, States, Pig farm, Soccer, Ron’s Pond, Hockey, Halloween ’86’. PET PEEVES: Homework, fake people. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends, skiing, playing hockey, par¬ tying. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: My mother catching me putting make-up on a hickey when I was in sixth grade. PROBABLE FATE: No idea. FAVORITE SONG: The Search Is Over. Ronald Car! Guillotte 5 21 69 “Rock’n Ron” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is right to the bone.” AMBITION: To be successful in everything I do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be happy and healthy. FONDEST MEMORIES: Italy, AC DC with Stevie, Marco, and Jake, float meetings, Providence field trip, Maine, West Island, Cow pasture, pig farm. PET PEEVES: Waking up early. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, playing football, baseball, hunting, making money, causing trouble, with my family. PROBABLE FATE: Work for Dad. FAVORITE SONG: Black Dog and Stairway To Heaven. Yoko Habu 4 22 68 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “What?” AMBI¬ TION: To be successful. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a dress designer. FONDEST MEMORIES: Com¬ ing to America, traveling with my friends, meeting many people. PET PEEVES: Too much homework. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends and family. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Someone said something five times, but I still couldn’t understand. PROBABLE FATE: Go to college, become a secretary for a trading company, get married and visiting here again. FAVORITE SONG: Sounds of Silence. [CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT1 April Elizabeth Haggis 7 9 68 “Ape” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Live for the day for tomorrow may never come.” AMBITION: To be happy and successful in everything I do. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To own a corvette stingray. FONDEST MEMORIES: Lunch with Julie, Stephan and Lisa, 10th grade study in Pete’s Geometry class with Russell and Stephan, driving around with C.R., David Sisson’s parties, Jr. Prom ’86. PET PEEVES: 10th grade, 7th per. French and I Ith grade 3rd period French, rm. 7 study hall. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends especially the group, PVT Rucky, PVT Hype, PVT Sof, Hack-1, Beabsley, and Oscar. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Getting caught giving L.S. a kiss by Mrs. Martin who sent us both to Mr. Albritton’s office. FAVORITE SONG: Higher Love and The Search Is Over. Thomas Hood 8 16 69 “Hood man” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Blue Fury, Look at these eyes, Mr. Sunshine.” AMBITION: To become a navy officer. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be Lawrence Taylor. FONDEST MEMORIES: Basketball games, football, Boumedale ’86 and ’87, Wish Bone. PET PEEVES: Fine girls with wimpy boyfriends, zeeks, the Boys. HAPPIEST WHEN: Not with Soccer players. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: I talked to a Soccer player. PROBABLE FATE: Navy S.E.A.L.S. Peter Hubert 1 19 69 “Pete,” “Hubie” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Why me?” AM¬ BITION: To graduate from college, get a good job, and be happy in life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To trav el around the world in my 180 ft. yacht. FONDEST MEMORIES: Oct. 18, 1985, being with K.G., A.N., B.G., A.S., M.M., and other good friends, Fairhaven Ice Hockey, Soccer team, Dances and Jr. Prom with Kirsten (ultra stretch limo), float meetings. PET PEEVES: Stubborn people, Monday mornings, report cards, people who talk behind their friend’s back. HAPPIEST WHEN: Going out with my friends, having fun, doing what I want to do, listening to Phil Collins. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Chewing gum with Kirsten G., driving over the Median Island near Shaws while my father watched me, playing ice hockey. PROBABLE FATE: Be poor, married, drive a moped and wear a helmet, and work at a hot dog stand at Fenway Park. FAVORITE SONG: The Glory of Love and Against All Odds. 29 Michael Jardin 5 30 69 “Mike” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “It ain’t over, ’til it’s over. " AMBITION: To live an exciting life in whatever I do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Pro baseball player. FONDEST MEMORIES: Playing football, playing baseball, 69 chevelle, the wall, Friday nights, wp’s, T.C., a little bang bang, float parties, Rush ' 84, Priest and Ozzy ’86. PET PEEVES: Brown nosing, back stabbers, the elite, stuck-up people, favoritism, preppies, fakes, instigators, T.N., zeeks, Voc-Tech Bears, M B. HAPPIEST WHEN: Competing in sports. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Quit¬ ting football sophomore year. PROBABLE FATE: God only knows. FAVORITE SONG: You Shook Me All Night Long, Zeppelin 4. Robert Jones 12 7 68 “Bob " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Sorry about that officer! " AMBITION. Be rich. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: High speed chase. FONDEST MEMORIES: Good times at Voc-Tech, partying ’til dawn, 5 6 86, summer of ’86. PET PEEVES: People who preach and old people in big cars (move out of my way). PROBABLE FATE: Be rich. Joscelyn Marie Jesus 12 7 69 “Jos " “J J.” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Always and forever, " “Kasooly.” AMBITION: To always be hap¬ py, to go to school for travel and tourism. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To be stranded on an island with David Lee Roth, to hit megabucks. FONDEST MEMORIES: Jr. Prom, 4 10 86, 4 21 86, 6 22 86, 8 30 86, 9 27 86, being with that special someone. PET PEEVES: Liars, cheaters, back stabbers and school cliques. HAPPIEST WHEN: When with friends, when I’m with Erik. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: Too many to list. PROBABLE FATE: Going to school and staying with Erik in the future years. K.TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTIC1 Julianne Joseph 12 10 69 “Julie " or “Jules " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Never say you’ll never do it.” AMBITION: To study interior design, photography, and management. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To travel to England with E.T., drive to Fla., and CA, and to fly to Hawaii. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with E.T., J.S., T.T., L.T., K.T., K.V., O.P., Jr. Prom, 11 1, 7 26, 11 15, 2 19, Apr. vac., J.F., S.P., F.C., T.M., D.T., taking K.T.’s car with L.T. PET PEEVES: Boring nights, rain, Mondays, heavy metal, people who drive slow. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Elaine and friends, cruisin around. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When T.T. pulled the towel. PROBABLE FATE: To become an interior designer. Kevin William Kobza 3 28 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “I swear I’m in¬ nocent this time! Chop, Chop, Chop!, Oh boy. Yell at em!!” AMBITION: To get a good, successful job, and own a house in the country. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To write a best selling book, star in an Oscar Award winning movie and make a million dollars. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of’85, with L.R., high school years and times spent with good friends, working at Barbero’s with J.D., and “The Gang.” PET PEEVES: People who don’t signal before turn¬ ing, mornings. HAPPIEST WHEN: Lying on the beach with no obligations and not having anything to worry about, except the tide turning. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Driving my bike into a car which was stopped at a red light. PROBABLE FATE: Afraid to say. Anne-Margaret Labrecque 9 5 68 “Anne Banannie” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You never fail until you give up. " AMBITION: To be successful and have well paying job. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a fashion designer and own my own boutique. FONDEST MEMORIES: G.M. birthday at C.V., and M.M., apartment, meeting C.A., study with S.B., Camp K.O.A., the post with C.A., B.P., S.P., E.M., D.D. PET PEEVES: Underclassmen, people who steal my parking space before school, homework, Sunday drivers, people who think they are better than others. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends and family, away from school, when I’m with Chris A. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Still waiting. PROBABLE FATE: Work in a clothes store. FAVORITE SONG: Total Eclipse of the Heart. 30 Michael Landry 5 22 68 “Mike” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. " AM¬ BITION: To be rich, single, drive a Lamborghini, and live in a mansion. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To date Christie Brinkley. FONDEST MEMORIES: Horseneck Beach, West Island, ski trips. PET PEEVES: Working. HAPPIEST WHEN: Hanging with the guys, at parties, skiing, at the beach, spend¬ ing money. PROBABLE FATE: To be poor, married, drive a station wagon, and live in a shack. David Larsen 5 28 69 “Dave” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Birds of the air have wings, but the son of man has no place to rest his head.” AMBITION: Only to succeed in life. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To be a famous chef or cook. FONDEST MEMORIES: Band, talking to S.R. and L.R. after school, band bus rides, skateboardin’, going to Norway. PET PEEVES: Band members who think they are better than others, people who pick on the unfortunate. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Sharon, school is out, band practice, getting a paycheck. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Falling on my skateboard in a free stylin’ show. FAVORITE SONG: Add It Up. Donna Lynn Lawrence 6 1 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Let your dreams become a reality.” AMBITION: To travel around the world. FONDEST MEMORIES: Going to Battam Beach (Brazil). PET PEEVES: Snobs, cliques, two-faced people, immature people. HAPPIEST WHEN: At the beach, with friends. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: When I was in the 7th grade K.P. told me my shirt was on inside out. FAVORITE SONG: Too many to write down. riCKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKl Matthew Lawton 8 22 69 “Matt” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Look to the sky, before you die, it’s the last time you will.” — Metallica AMBITION: To become one of the proud in the United States Marine Corps. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To become the most decorated marine ever. FONDEST MEMORIES: Camp Bournedale “86” with Pidgeon, Burr, and the Warlock, float meetings, Dio, and Ozzy. PET PEEVES: Biology, gym, room 7, wet football equipment. Pink Floyd, and M.V. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: With N.L. and the Crew, (G.L., C.M. and J.D.). MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Crashing into M.M.’s car in the school parking lot. PROBABLE FATE: Life spent in the Marine Corps. FAVORITE SONG: Soldiers Under Command — Stryper. Lori LeaI 9 5 68 “Lori " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Get out of my face. " AMBITION: To get married to Norm and live happily ever after. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with Norm and my best friend Michelle O. PET PEEVES: Snobs, preps, people that think they’re bet¬ ter than others. HAPPIEST WHEN: Partying with my baby. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When I was pop starting a car and I didn’t even have the key on. PROBABLE FATE: I want to own a beau¬ ty shop, get married to Normand Nadeau and have lots of kids. f i Brian Leonardo 5 23 69 “Lardo " AMBITION: To have a good job, be merry and party with friends. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live in the woods. FONDEST MEMORIES: Football, winter track, lifting and basketball after school, 65 ss, sum¬ mers, C.A., C.B., S.B., putting snow in T.H.’s shorts, Ozzy ’86, Mills. PET PEEVES: Snobs, T.S., people that think they are great, but are not, preppies, funk. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends, C.M., A.L., M.L., T.H., P.F., T.E., M.J., J.R., D.C., or at the mills or Ave. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: T.H. taped my lock in soph. year. PROBABLE FATE: To work in the road crew for John Rego’s band. FAVORITE SONG: Wasted Years, Paranoid, Sweet Leaf. 31 Gregory Linberg 6 3 69 “Linberg " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " The harder they come, the harder they fall one and all.” AMBITION: To play in sold out arenas throughout the world in a great band. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To have the best band in the world. FONDEST MEMORIES: Hockey ’83- ' 86, State Tournament ’84 and ' 85, 101 proof, Oz- zy, Queensryche tour ’86, BRAMBLE-MANCINI 83 and 84. PET PEEVES: Liars, two-faces, Mondays, los¬ ing, tuning up, breaking strings, September, working, early rising, detention, 7:30, slow cars, short hair, weaklings, blow-offs, the brick. HAPPIEST WHEN: Playing it loud, at the Civic Center, sleeping, with Jack Damage INC., playing hockey, cashing checks on pay day, with my Warlock, out of school, at weekend gatherings. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I don’t get embarrassed. PROBABLE FATE: Brain surgeon or businessman. FAVORITE SONG: Anything by Maiden, Stryper, Metallica, Queen¬ sryche, Rough Cutt, Lizzy Borden, Soldiers Under Command, Queen of the Ryche, Battery, The Rock That Makes Me Roll. Jennifer Lynn Lopes 4 3 69 “Jen” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “I can resist everything except temptations.” AMBITION: To lead a happy and successful life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To cheer for the N.E. Patriots. FONDEST MEMORIES: Florida ’84, U.R.I. rm. 221, “Just dan¬ cing Michelle,” Jr. year, “The great escape,” float par¬ ties, T.P. rolling, P. patrol, cheering, summers at the cottage, Boston excursions, O. of N. with M.M., D.S., K.Q., the dumpster. PET PEEVES: Fake things, alarm clocks, talking Spanish, old people, people wno dislike cheerleaders, losing. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, being mischievous, shopping, spending money, eating. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: When Mrs. Martin read my Spray article over the intercom mistaking it for an announcement. PROBABLE FATE: Having to get a real job. FAVORITE SONG: Touch Me. Heather Macedo 5 29 69 “Heath " AMBITION: To be happy and successful. FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Dreams are true while they last and do we not live in our dreams.” SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To become one of the richest and best female lawyers, and to own the Los Angeles Raiders. FONDEST MEMORIES: Sum¬ mer of ’86 with L.A., J.D., H.D., K.G., L.G., field hockey, October 19, 1985, special times with Keith, Jr. Prom court, Heather X2, the pig farm, T.P. roll ¬ ing, the Hunter, pumpkin patrolling, 1st coming to F.H.S., and meeting the nicest people. PET PEEVES: F.H.S. rumors, K.C.’s bad habits, waiting. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: When out with my friends, partying, and with Keith. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Chinese fire drills, running out of gas! PROBABLE FATE: Being a lawyer. FAVORITE SONG: Dreams — Stevie Nicks. XTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTK April Macomber 4 12 69 “Pril” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " One life and I ' m gonna live it up.” AMBITION: A career in il¬ lustration. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own a new ’vette. FONDEST MEMORIES: The three marks, " trick or treat” Rick, Randy, M.A., Seekonk speed¬ way. PET PEEVES: M.R., K.B., complainers. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Cruising, listening to Crue, going to parties, being with my family. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: Saturday nights, April 13, 1985, superglue, hitting a motorcycle. FAVORITE SONG: The Hunter by Dokken. Chris Macomber 6 30 69 “Burr” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Who are you?” “The endless swallow of a bottomless pit,” “Feeble.” AMBITION: To be a chef, marine biologist, or a sportscaster. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To play pro¬ fessional football; to date Christie Brinkley. FONDEST MEMORIES: Saturday night parties after football wins, beating Seekonk, 14-6. PET PEEVES: W.L., rm. 7 studies, Mondays, disco, the elite who really aren’t, school. HAPPIEST WHEN: With a foxy girl, and on Saturday playing football. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Tripping up the stairs because of my gunboat feet. PROBABLE FATE: I’ll be a Sasquash type character living in the Himalayas. FAVORITE SONG: Dazed and Confused, Hand of Doom. Mary Elizabeth Mahaney 2 23 69 “Beth” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations I may not reach them but I can look up, see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they may lead.” AMBI¬ TION: Just to be happy. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To have everything go my way for a change. FONDEST MEMORIES: The Gang, Oliver, float parties, " The Talk,” Melissa, Trish, Dawn, Heath, Jr. year, West Island, pig farm, Volleyball Camp, F.H.S. hockey, Grampy, 17th birthday, summer of ’86. PET PEEVES: “Oh, Pretty,” driving through Rt. 6 and Green St. in the morning. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, time spent with family, a walk to the beach, with Aaron. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: M.P. and I head first over " Olan.” “Minu ... Minu.” PROBABLE FATE: College, work. FAVORITE SONG: Friends And Lovers. 32 Anne C. Manley 9 23 69 “Annie " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Happiness is not getting what you want but wanting what you have.” AMBITION: Airline Stewardess. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To become rich and successful and take over Miss Barrow’s job. FONDEST MEMORIES: Clyde, 5 23 86, couch, Martha ' s Vineyard " 85,” Babero’s, LF, SS, PP, LA, JD, baby¬ sitting for Zoots, smoke shows, field hockey, Scott’s heater, California, double shot, 10 25. PET PEEVES: Busy signals, waiting around, Stan G. Bangers, people who like to stare, M.B., M K, M.W., sleezbags, B.O. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Scott, playing softball, with my friends having a good time, making people laugh, not in school, on vacation, sleeping late. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Pushing Heather M’s car down Route 6 ’cause it ran out of gas after a volleyball game. At my brother’s wedding. PROBABLE FATE: Softball coach. FAVORITE SONG: In The Air Tonight. Brian Manny 12 13 68 “Manny " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Cop a hitch.” AMBITION: Reunite Van Halen Roth and resurrect Bonham, Scott, Hendrix and Lennon. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To gain control of the playboy mansion and empire. FONDEST MEMORIES: All the concerts at P.C.C., rm. 20, the “fort,” 94 HJY, green star trek, “bap,” Allen’s 101. PET PEEVES: Underclassmen, mopeds, Old Milwaukee, finals, tests, homework. HAPPIEST WHEN: At Horseneck beach. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I don’t get embar¬ rassed. PROBABLE FATE: Living in Jamaica. FAVORITE SONG: Anything by Led Zeppelin. Jennifer Martin 9 24 69 “Jen " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “That was then, this is now.” AMBITION: Pharmacist. FONDEST MEMORIES: Last day of school in 9th grade. PET PEEVES: 6:00 in the morning. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends. ICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT Melissa R. Martin 1 18 69 “Missy” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “C’est tellement mysterieux, le pays des 1’armes!” AMBITION: To become a doctor. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own high jump mats. FONDEST MEMORIES: November ’85, Spring track meets in ' 84 and ’85, good times with S.E., talks with D.W., Huev and Tag. PET PEEVES: Hospitals, casts, pain killers, fake people, and being pick ed on. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, family and people I love, having good times. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Missing the high jump mat at D-R. PROBABLE FATE: To win a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics. FAVORITE SONG: Point of No Return. Dennis Mattos 11 14 69 “Doggie,” “Serge” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.” AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To become the first owner player of a professional baseball team. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of ’85, ’86, bon¬ fires at West Island, pig farm, float meetings. Junior Prom, being a student at FHS, going through the high school experience. PET PEEVES: Heather’s driving, having no money, Breakfast Club, being denied, los¬ ing to Mad Dog playing Pokeno. HAPPIEST WHEN: Out with the crew, with family, not in an argument. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Having to ad¬ dress the student body at our first pep rally. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: Janitor. FAVORITE SONG: Pieces of Eight, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me. Jacintho Mattos 3 5 68 “Jessie” AMBITION: To become successful, pick up a trade. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To have a lot of money. FONDEST MEMORIES: Fun time MMM, JC, weekends, joking around in class. PET PEEVES: Mondays, studies, teachers who think they got it all. HAPPIEST WHEN: Out of school, and not working. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Tripping down the stairs during passing periods. PROBABLE FATE: Dishwasher at Danny’s Seafood. 33 Erik Jacob Maynard 3 8 67 “Jake” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “I believe everybody should take on some challenge to better themselves. Always give 110% and you will feel a lot better. " AMBITION: To spend the rest of my life with Joscelyn. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To become the best darn auctioneer and antique dealer this earth has ever seen, Amen! To pay off all my bills! To become immune to the gas chamber. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with my best friends, spending time with my relatives and being with Jos., my friends and times at BASIC. PET PEEVES: Drill sergeants; Fort Jackson, S.C., at 124 degrees; not see¬ ing my friends; Jos., M.J.V., M.A.C., J.H.; pigs. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Working with my brother Doug and having my parents, David and Ann Simpkin as my boss and proprietor of the businesses, when I ' m with Jos. and living my life to the fullest. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: When I fell down running in full gear on top of my M-16 coming from the range. FAVORITE SONG: Always And Forever. John McCorkle S 26 66 “J J ” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Nice!” AMBI¬ TION: I would like to work for the police department. FONDEST MEMORIES: Thinking of the nice people at Fairhaven High School. PET PEEVES: When peo¬ ple horse around and hurt others. HAPPIEST WHEN: When someone likes me. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: When I got my first kiss. PROBABLE FATE: I want to be a bachelor. FAVORITE SONG: She’s Got Legs. Brian McGreevy 4 1 69 “McGreev” AMBITION: To be successful in life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry Catherine Oxenberg. FONDEST MEMORIES: Winter of ' 85, skiing in Colorado; Jr. Prom ' 86, Senior Prom ' 86, Buckfest ' 84, ' 85, ' 86. PET PEEVES: Fake people, pinners, old girlfriends, users, Mondays. HAPPIEST WHEN: Partying with friends, skiing, making money. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Getting caught stealing returnable cans. PROBABLE FATE: To be in business. FAVORITE SONG: Stairway To Heaven. TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTI( John Medeiros 12 22 69 “Joao” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You are who you are so you may as well be yourself.” AMBITION: To succeed in whatever I set out to do. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: Broadcast Boston Bruins’ games. FONDEST MEMORIES: F.H.S., Marching Band, Cable 2 with J.H., J.B., M.L., winning first Bronze in 5 years, DM camp ’85 with D.B., trashing J.H.’s and S.B.’s cars. PET PEEVES: People that think they’re better than you, bringing home medal of merits, people that think they know you, but they really don’t. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, broadcasting F.H.S. games, competing with bands, playing street hockey, making people proud of me. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Taking close- in shots of a cheerleading squad, and having it air on Cable 2. PROBABLE FATE: Director of F.H.S. Marching Band. FAVORITE SONG: Kenny Roger’s Lucille. 34 Linda Lee Medeiros 8 10 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Don’t waste a minute because once that minute passes, it isn’t com¬ ing back.” AMBITION: To have a good job and to be rich and happy. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of ’85, X-mas eve of ’84, New Year’s eve of ’86. PET PEEVES: Snobs, jocks and two-faced people. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: With Gary and friends. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: When I drove into a fire hydrant when I first started driving. PROBABLE FATE: Get married, settle down and have kids. FAVORITE SONG: Just You And I. Patricia Ann Medeiros 12 22 69 “Pat,” “Patty " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “People who think they know it all annoy those of us who do.” “If you follow your dream in whatever you do it won’t be too long until it starts to come true. " AMBITION: To have a successful job in the law field, and to be happy and meet a lot of interesting people. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be stranded on an island with Corey Hart, to appear as a guest star on Days of Our Lives, and to win the megabucks. FONDEST MEMORIES: Chinese fire drills with Jackie and Kim, fun times with Jackie, Christine, Kim and Tammy, November 1, 1985, gossiping with Ms. Paiva, Bronze medal. Southern Bell, bike chase with zackie, Eddie, John and Bobby, working at Friendly’s with Mark and Gary, and bowling with Trevor. PET PEEVES: Peo¬ ple who tell me how to drive, people who think they know it all, and people who hate someone without even knowing the person. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, going out, talking and making people laugh. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Falling off the bus during bus evacuation drill. PROBABLE FATE: Someday be a good lawyer. FAVORITE SONG: Anything by Corey Hart. Mark Melanphy 5 16 69 “Marko” AMBITION: To have a wild life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Party with Angus Young. FONDEST MEMORIES: AC DC, rm. 7 study, Parco pavement. Providence, hoop 84-85, pool hopping, Pentahog, summer league. PET PEEVES: Football camp, get¬ ting beat, pinners, spaghetti, school. HAPPIEST WHEN: Playing hoop, not getting caught, partying with the boys. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Getting caught leaving Ms. Shaw’s field trip. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: Go to Florida with Steve and Dennis. FAVORITE SONG: Black Dog. Chris Mello 4 19 69 “Mello” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “To be a ‘rock’ and not to ‘roll’.” AMBITION: To get away with the biggest bank robbery. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own Panama. FONDEST MEMORIES: Skipping school to go to Horseneck Beach. HAPPIEST WHEN: Not in right state of mind. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: When Mr. Haaland knew I was lying to him. PROBABLE FATE: Getting busted. FAVORITE SONG: Stairway To Heaven. Diane Messier 12 11 69 “DeeDee” AMBITION: To be a registered nurse. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To marry Tony Amaral. FONDEST MEMORIES: Skipping school with L.P., L.F., T.B., and J.C., the Ave., being with Dino, work¬ ing 9-11, Mattapoisett woods. PET PEEVES: Ray!!!, idiots and people who think they’re beautiful. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Out of school and with L.C., S.B., J.B., L.F., T.B., L.P., J.L., D.N., T.A., C.V., and W.V. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: South End beach with L.P., C.V., T.F., and the old man. PROBABLE FATE: Get married, have a family and career. FAVORITE SONG: You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi. CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTK Monique Michaud 12 22 69 “Mo” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Je supporte deux ou trois chenilles si je veux connaitre les papillons.” AMBITION: To be successful, happy, and rich. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own a red corvette convertible. FONDEST MEMORIES: May 2, 1984, “Where’s Ray?,” laughing with friends, the am¬ bulance with Scott, High School, skating with Cindy, Mr. Dufour’s class, Jack Wagner concert, St. Fairhaven Girls with F.B., C.P., Dave’s parties, Billy Thompson. PET PEEVES: Conceited people, back stabbers, homework, busy signals, good-byes. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: With friends, with someone I care for, meeting new people, dancing. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Talking and tickling Kenny Guay thinking he was Brian. PROBABLE FATE: To travel all over the world, to share an apartment with Cindy. FAVORITE SONG: Object Of My Desire, Love Is Forever. Richard Miller 12 9 68 “Rich” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Jole de vivre.” AMBITION: To be a successful businessman. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To own a porsche. FONDEST MEMORIES: Good times with friends, chem. labs, Italy 1985, Florida, talking with Mrs. P in guidance. PET PEEVES: Working at Shaws, snobs, studies in rm. 7. HAPPIEST WHEN: In guidance with Lee, out with friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Falling in front of everyone while running the 50 yd. dash. PROBABLE FATE: Front end manager at Shaws. Timothy Millette 10 27 68 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Oh, well " AM¬ BITION: Diesel Mechanic. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To kidnap Ronald McDonald. PET PEEVES: Snobs, after session, bus 72, 68. HAPPIEST WHEN: Lost. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: No such thing. PROBABLE FATE: Skid Row. 35 Malisa Andrea Morais 7 2 68 “Missy” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You are such a ■gooba ' , so much lo learn, so little time.” AMBI¬ TION: To learn as much and see as much as I can. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To travel to New Zealand, visit my friend Julie, before country goes under the sea!, starting a dancing school here in the States. FONDEST MEMORIES: Trip to Europe 1985, becoming an A.F.S. student, going to discotheques with Julie from New Zealand, down Puera, pigging out with Russell. PET PEEVES: Jim Vaudry’s cigarette smoking, and having to break them all up on him, Chicos Peruanos Fastidiano’s " Whistling! " HAPPIEST WHEN: Eating Peruvian Chifles and Africanos with Julie and thinking of Russell ' s rum¬ bling stomach. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Getting out of the car in front of the mall’s crowded theatre, shorts fell down, quickly saved by my mother. Age 12. PROBABLE FATE: Betrothed to Russell Seguin, arranged by both our mothers! For us we’re in the 18th century it seems. FAVORITE SONG: Caribe, Zanzarabanda. Ray Morin 6 19 69 “Rabies” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Too bad.” AM¬ BITION: To be rich. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To watch Bill restore his ’68 Chevelle. FONDEST MEMORIES: Day’s off with CB, fighting with Bill, the Mav. PET PEEVES: Red headed jocks, presiden¬ tial curbs. HAPPIEST WHEN: Hang gliding. PRO¬ BABLE FATE: Die before I’m 20. FAVORITE SONG: Highway To Hell. William Morin 6 19 69 “Bill " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Fly to live, live to fly.” AMBITION: To be famous. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To fully restore my “68” Chevelle. FONDEST MEMORIES: Gym with J.R., R.M., D.F. PET PEEVES: M B. HAPPIEST WHEN: In my car. FAVORITE SONG: Still Life. :ktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktic Timothy P. Mosley 12 7 69 “Mose” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Living is easy with eyes closed, understanding all you see. " AMBI¬ TION: To become rich. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own Playboy magazine. FONDEST MEMORIES: Partying with M.T., C.M., skipping school with C.M., K.N., Pete Bones class. PET PEEVES: Waking up for school, having no money, pinners, bad habits. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Partying. PROBABLE FATE: Becoming a working class dog. FAVORITE SONG: Time. Catherine Mulherin 6 12 69 “Catalina” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Have a nice night!” AMBITION: Making it big in the textile industry and buying my Jaguar XJ-S. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To win the California Baja 500. FONDEST MEMORIES: H.S. studies, “bookroom” English, " Danger Zone” at Cablevision, portfolio day in Boston, art classes, a day in N.H., 140 on 195. PET PEEVES: Selling fund raisers, “Fly,” yellow lights, silence, “flied lice,” computer 1, 5:45 Monday morning, trigonometrical functions, jeepsters who don’t wave. HAPPIEST WHEN: Cruisin’, on vaca¬ tion, pigging out, not thinking, laughing with friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Getting the jeep stuck at the power line and having to ask a strange man to help. PROBABLE FATE: Dying a slow agonizing death after getting stuck in a mud bog. FAVORITE SONG: Amanda, Human. Erica Murray 7 6 69 “Giraffe,” " Gumby” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Booaaa,” “Shexy,” " A fake friend and a shadow attend only when the sun shines.” AMBITION: To meet my birth parents. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To open my own adoption agency. FONDEST MEMORIES: Winning the Bronze metal in Band, Friendly’s, Fairbank, meeting the cow. PET PEEVES: M R.; sounds like a personal problem, being called Gumby, good-byes, whatever, two-faced people. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends, JT, ER, PM, SB, K.P, and Shexy. and with my boyfriend C)G. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: When I struck out at girls’ softball. PROBABLE FATE: Get married and have children. FAVORITE SONG: Suddenly, Heaven in Your Eyes. 36 Michael James Myers 8 7 69 “Mike, " " Jeremiah” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Let me tell you guys, ‘It doesn’t get much better than this’. " AMBI¬ TION: To be rich and successful. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To get a fun and wealthy job. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with Jen, Junior year, float par¬ ties, P.P., " The Gan,” Pentahog II. PET PEEVES: People who think they’re better than others, people who are fake, stations, sprints, criggies, getting up ear¬ ly, 2 14 86, Brian’s mixes. HAPPIEST WHEN: Being with my friends, doing what I want to be doing, play¬ ing football and baseball, skiing, with Jen, not in school. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: " G.C.B.F.A.D.” PROBABLE FATE: Staying and working in Fairhaven. Angelo Nicolosi 3 29 69 “The Greek,” “Nick” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “There is no greater challenge than to challenge yourself. " AMBI¬ TION: To have a good amount of money and be hap¬ py. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Play pro hockey. FONDEST MEMORIES: Hockey states, Jr. Prom King, camping out, summer of ’86, pig farm, N.H., the Australian, the Canal, Guay’s cottage, Penta Hog, weekends. PET PEEVES: Liars, Sunday morning practices, waking up for school. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, playing hockey, hunting, sleeping out. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Let’s not talk about it. PROBABLE FATE: Never happy and always broke. FAVORITE SONG: You Got Lucky. Andreas Norvik 9 26 69 “Andre” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Drekka " AM¬ BITION: Businessman. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: King of Norway. FONDEST MEMORIES: Times with C.B., C.V., C M, A.S., B.G., A.N., K.H., M.C. PET PEEVES: To get up early Sunday morning for Soccer practice, homework on Sundays and “meetings.” HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends, going to parties, listening to Simple Minds. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: First day in the U S. not knowing the language, “How are you?” — “You are welcome.” PROBABLE FATE: Businessman. FAVORITE SONG: Anything by Simple Minds. CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTI Calhleen O’Leary 8 13 69 “Cathy,” “Cat " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " I don’t know. " AMBITION: To be successful, rich, and happy; an adolescent counselor. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be in a Doublemint commercial (with my twin sister). FONDEST MEMORIES: September 6th. PET PEEVES: Snobby people, smoking, people who copy what you do. HAPPIEST WHEN: With family and close friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Having the hiccups when 1 had to talk. PROBABLE FATE: Go to college, get married, have a good job. Christine O’Leary 8 13 69 “Chris” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You had to be there.” AMBITION: To be successful and happy. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be in a Doublemint commercial (with my twin sister). FONDEST MEMORIES: Going out with friends. PET PEEVES: Snobby people, smoking, 6th period, biters, when I talk and everybody interrupts and doesn’t let me talk. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends and family. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Stomach growling in class when everything is quiet. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: Go to college, get a good job, get married. Scott O’Neil 1 17 69 “Pyj " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Cooker.” AM¬ BITION: To study pre-law. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To play professional B-ball FONDEST MEMORIES: Fire in my car, summer of’86, with Muc, when L.V. fell out of the car, parties. PET PEEVES: People who make plans and never go through with them. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Playing Hoop, at parties. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Never embarrassed; everyone makes mistakes. PROBABLE FATE: Part¬ ners or owner in a law firm. FAVORITE SONG: Never Gonna Break, Hotel California. 37 Michelle Ouimette 9 13 69 “Me-Me, " “MQ” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Ya know? " AMBITION: To be rich and have a happy life. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To be stranded anywhere with Bon Jovi. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with best friends, L.L., C.C., P.S., J.C., and being with D.S. PET PEEVES: Snobs, male chauvinists. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends and Dana. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Pop — starting a car in P.J.’s with Lori Leal on Rte. 6. FAVORITE SONG: True Colors, Nobody’s Fool. Lisa Ahh Pacheco 6 14 69 “Lizer ” “Lee” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Some people see things as they are, and ask why, or people dream of things as they could be and ask why not. " AMBI¬ TION: To be the President of the United States. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To be a famous singer and actor. FONDEST MEMORIES: Freshman year, the beagle of my life, being head cheerleader, “Oliver,” “An¬ nie,” Europe ’84, the Flintstones, winning the Junior Miss Pageant, placing third in the state pageant. PET PEEVES: People who use the past to judge the pre¬ sent, people who do things just for money, people whose pet peeves are cheerleaders. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends and family, cheering, doing plays, singing, having spare time to myself. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Going to the cheerleader’s dance ... alone ... twice! PROBABLE FATE: To be a politician living in Washington, D.C. FAVORITE SONG: Twist And Shout — Beatles. Nancy Patterson 2 21 69 “Nance " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “If you’re gonna do something, do it right or don’t do it at all.” AMBI¬ TION: Career in business and happily married. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: Own an expensive car and a lux¬ urious home. FONDEST MEMORIES: When I met Joe, the day we got engaged. PET PEEVES: Rainy days, book reports, homework, working big weddings at Century House. HAPPIEST WHEN: I’m with Joe. PROBABLE FATE: Waitress. FAVORITE SONG: Heaven. :kticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickth Lisa Ann Paulson 12 1 69 “Leah ’’ “Lee” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Don’t push me. I’m not in the mood.” AMBITION: To get an electric guitar and a drum set and move to Florida. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To share a red corvette with someone special (he knows who he is). FONDEST MEMORIES: McDonald ' s in the morning with D.M., L.F., T.B., and J.C., February 17, 1986, talking to Ray for the first time. PET PEEVES: Girls who mess with other people’s boyfriends (especially mine!). HAPPIEST WHEN: I have a lot of money to spend, when I’m eating, out with friends. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: I’m too embarrassed to say. PROBABLE FATE: Be discovered in Hollywood and be the envy of millions (It’s a joke guys). FAVORITE SONG: Object Of My Desire, Anything by AC DC. Kelly Pelczar 12 21 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Fine.” AMBI¬ TION: To become an EMT. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To travel Europe and to take a ride in a hot air balloon. FONDEST MEMORIES: Going to Italy, summer of ’85 and ’86. PET PEEVES: Two-faced people, cliques, crutches, and casts. HAPPIEST WHEN: Not in school, shopping. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Boat ride in Venice, Italy. Meianie rcan,o iOJt 10 27 69 “Mel " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Be real.” AM¬ BITION: Cosmetology. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To get a 1987 porsche. FONDEST MEMORIES: August 25th. PET PEEVES: Snobby people. HAPPIEST WHEN: With family and boyfriend. PROBABLE FATE: Be a hairdresser. 38 Melissa Ann Perron 5 5 69 “Missy " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Love conquers all. " AMBITION: To go to college, get married, and have many children. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be an aerobics teacher for the Chip n Dales dancers. FONDEST MEMORIES: The " Bug, " my mo m and dad, getting close to B.G., volleyball, Karl, meeting Dawn at the airport, getting my diamond. PET PEEVES: “Pretty,” nosy people, fake people, hairspray. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Karl and my friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Fall¬ ing on the basketball court. PROBABLE FATE: Liv¬ ing happily with Karl. FAVORITE SONG: Didn’t Mean To Turn You On. Cynthia Perry 5 31 69 “Cindy,” “Cin " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.” AMBITION: To be a nurse. FONDEST MEMORIES: May 2, 1984, Sept. 14, 1986, Sunday night skating, having M.M. walking down the halls saying, “Where’s Ray,” graduating. PET PEEVES: Audrey, when people don’t give you the chance to try for yourself, people who think they are better than everyone else. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my boyfriend, out having a good time with friends, not in school. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Sun¬ day night (Oct. 12, 1986). PROBABLE FATE: To get married and have a family. FAVORITE SONG: High On You, Crush On You, Heaven. Kelly A. Pierce 6 3 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if not it was never meant to be. " AMBITION: To be suc¬ cessful and happy. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live in luxury with my sweetie. FONDEST MEMORIES: Times with Mike, 12 29 86, good times with friends. PET PEEVES: Snobs, two-faced people. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Mike. PROBABLE FATE: To be mar¬ ried and successful in anything I do. ICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT Christine Pimental 4 15 69 ‘Chris” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Really?!” AM¬ BITION: To go to college. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To travel around the world. FONDEST MEMORIES: Journey concert, trip to California, ping-pong matches with Fran, bus ride to Cape with F.B. and M.M. PET PEEVES: Taking the bus, rainy days, be¬ ing broke. HAPPIEST WHEN: Shopping, with friends F.B., K.P., H P.. M.M., S.T. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Pulling the shade off the win¬ dow in Trig. FAVORITE SONG: In The Air Tonight. Cheryl Ann Pires 10 3 69 “Che " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Good things come in small packages.” AMBITION: To go on to college, live a happy and successful life, and to always stay laughing. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be happy, and own a porsche. FONDEST MEMORIES: Jr. Prom, summer of ’86, West Island, good times with Stef, float meetings sophomore yr., basketball games, cruising the Ave. in the Limo with S.R., R.S. and B.S., 9 12 86, 10 4 86. PET PEEVES: My alarm clock, snobs, people who think they’re better than others. HAPPIEST WHEN: With that special someone, out with friends, having a good time, and spending money. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Drop¬ ping food on my prom gown the night of the Jr. Prom. Cherie Pisz 8 10 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Stop here for a while, until the world, the world calls you away.” AMBITION: To be a happy Psychologist with a bright red convertible Mercedes. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To play hide and go seek at F.H.S. FONDEST MEMORIES: Tent, window, hurricane Gloria, June 1985, West Island, Kerrie and Kris, The Rivards, Room 4, times with Ivan, Camp Cachalot. PET PEEVES: Speeding tickets, fights with Kerrie and Kris. HAPPIEST WHEN: With the people closest to my heart. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: The Loft. FAVORITE SONG: Rivendell, Stairway To Heaven. 39 Jennifer Polchlopek 11 20 69 “Jen” AMBITION: To be a nurse and marry John. FONDEST MEMORIES: With J.M., C.P., and K.S. in and out of school. PET PEEVES: School, cliques. HAPPIEST WHEN: With John. PROBABLE FATE: Marrying John and staying home to bear children for the rest of my life. Heidi C. Powers 11 25 69 “Cybill” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " It’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.” AMBITION: To become an obstetrician and to get married and have 2 boys. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry Jonathan Ellis. FONDEST MEMORIES: Italy, field hockey, homecoming court ’85, times with C.M. and K.H., U MASS, filling out the Senior info form with J.E. and T.H. PET PEEVES: Girly girls, fake people. HAPPIEST WHEN: All the time, with my friends, times with Doug, being with my brother. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Zoo with Trudy. PROBABLE FATE: To have 2 baby girls in¬ stead of 2 boys. Tammi Quail 5 19 69 “Tamara " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: P — Lease. AM¬ BITION: To obtain a career in Data Processing management. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own my own business. FONDEST MEMORIES: Being with P.B., S.A., S.A., R.B., S.V., J.V., E.T., J.J., and all my friends, July 22, being at Hicksberry with P.B., S.A., S.V. PET PEEVES: People who think they’re better than everyone else. HAPPIEST WHEN: With P.B. and being with all my friends especially my buddy S.A. and S.V. :kticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickti Kellie-Ann Quilligan 3 12 69 “Kellie,” “Kel” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “It is necessary to try to surpass oneself always; this occupation ought to last as long as life.” AMBITION: To be happy and successful in all that I choose to do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own a house big enough for me and all my friends to live in. FONDEST MEMORIES: My li’l yellow bug, “The Great Escape,” “Danger Zone,” volleyball, “The Palace, " float meetings, T.P. rolling, P. patrol, junior year, football games with Rach, H.S. studies, DNA. PET PEEVES: Alarm clocks, red lights and stop signs, old people that pass me on the highway. HAPPIEST WHEN: Doing crazy things, talking with Jen, out with friends. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: When my car fell apart in the McDonald’s drive-thru, the first time I drove it. FAVORITE SONG: Against All Odds. Stefanie Ann Rebello 3 30 69 “Steffie” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Nothing is waste that makes a memory.” AMBITION: To be a successful pharmacist. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry a millionaire with a fire red Porsche. FONDEST MEMORIES: Cruising, 4-wheelin’, Fieros, Lake St., fun times with friends, proms, Florida, Worcester with Che, nights out with Che and Cath. PET PEEVES: Homework, rainy days, work, getting caught, snobs, jeepsters who don’t wave, liars, getting up early. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, cruising, having a good time in nice cars, not working, piggin’ out, sleeping late, out for the night. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Getting stuck while 4-wheelin’ with Cathy and having to ask a stranger for help. PROBABLE FATE: To get married and have bratty kids. FAVORITE SONG: Amanda, Heaven In Your Eyes. John Rego 6 16 69 “Oge” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “They say I’m lazy but it takes all my time.” AMBITION: Rich rock star with many slaves and owner of an island in the Caribbean. FONDEST MEMORIES: Jamming at Music Headquarters. PET PEEVES: Funk. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Jamming, sleeping. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Telling my friends I go to F.H.S. FAVORITE SONG: Roads To Madness. 40 Mary Lynn Rezendes 8 23 68 “Skinny, " “Muffins " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You think it’s easy? " AMBITION: To be a photographer. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To have a log cabin up in the mountains. FONDEST MEMORIES: Cruising with Daphne, being with my family, being with K.S. and M.W., talking about the previous night’s adventure with K.S. PET PEEVES: Complainers, people who borrow things and don’t return them. HAPPIEST WHEN: I’m with my friends and with M.W., driving my car anywhere with D.R., M.W., and K.S. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Going bowling and rolling the ball in the other direction. PROBABLE FATE: Working at Shaw’s for the rest of my life. FAVORITE SONG: Amanda by Boston. Nancy Rezendes 5 12 69 “Nance” AMBITION: To become a C.P.A. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To have D.T. take me out on his yacht. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of ' 85 with A T., good times with C.D. PET PEEVES: Homework, peo¬ ple with no manners. HAPPIEST WHEN: Playing softball, out hootering. FAVORITE SONG: Angie by Rolling Stones. Elizabeth Jane Richard 2 20 69 “Liz” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Behind the poem is the poet’s soul, behind the canvas is the ar¬ tist’s heart. " AMBITION: To build my own log cabin. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Win the Boston Marathon. FONDEST MEMORIES: Art class, “preconceived ideas,” Toronto trip, “The Team " — Fairbank, foot¬ ball games, exit 16, learning to drive standard. PET PEEVES: Computers, polyester, softball uniforms, Mets fans, word problems, SAT’s. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my best friend. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: ’85 band competition Stang vs. Fairhaven. PROBABLE FATE: A Friendly’s trainee for life. FAVORITE SONG. Hello and Marshmallow Bunny. CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTII Jessica Lyn Richard 6 25 69 “Jessy” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “All that we see or seen is but a dream within a dream.” AMBITION: To be a certified accountant. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To marry the richest man in the world. FONDEST MEMORIES: Trip to Florida and cruise to Bahamas, Jr. and Sr. Prom, football and basketball games. PET PEEVES: Getting out of bed in the morn¬ ing, people who think they know it all, being lied to, people who don’t use directional signals when driv¬ ing. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my boyfriend, spend¬ ing money, going out with friends, working with J.D. at Barbero’s, going cruising with K.A. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Selling a Playboy magazine at CVS to a good looking young guy and be¬ ing asked why I’m blushing. PROBABLE FATE: Get married and work for an accountant. Lori Jean Rogers 9 28 69 “Lor” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " See ya” “I hafta go now” “Ya right!” “No way!” AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I choose to do. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own a beautiful house out in the country and have a lot of land for my horses to run in. FONDEST MEMORIES: 10th grade Spanish with Mr. B., J.S., and L.M., 10th grade history with K.K., winter and spring track ’84 and ’85 with Coach M., N.M., S.E., M.M., F.B., C.C., K.K., P.E., D.W., N.F. PET PEEVES: When my pen runs out of ink while taking a test, going in front of a class to read a report. HAPPIEST WHEN: At the beach, riding my bike, and horseback riding with friends. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Running to gym and tripping up the stairs in front of everyone. Martha Ellen Rogers 6 20 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream: not only plan, but also believe.” AMBITION: To be hap¬ py in whatever I do, never take life or myself too seriously, to always have “joie de vivre.” SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To live in Austria and ski the Alps. FONDEST MEMORIES: Toronto, Quebec, Washington, fun-n-games, Natalia, band bus, hay rides, “Oliver,” “Annie,” chorus dances, Cheerleader’s Dances, show choir tours, P.M.A., foot¬ ball games, band competitions. PET PEEVES: Fake smiles, snobs, waiting, good-byes, rumors, apathy, hey you’s. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, skiing, in New Hampshire, making music. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Melting my pocketbook in physiology. PROBABLE FATE: The owner of Mad Martha’s Ice Cream Shoppe. FAVORITE SONG: I Sing The Body Electric, No One Is To Blame, Say You, Say Me, That’s What Friends Are For. 41 Michelle Anne Rogers 7 5 69 “Shell, " “Shelby, " “Michelli " AMBITION: To get through college. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To own a tropical island in the Pacific with a marble mansion, male servants and lots of money! (That ' s the ticket, I’ll own the place.) FONDEST MEMORIES: Feast ' 85, ’86, P.E.I. ’86 with Michelle and Mom’s car, parties at Micky’s, good times with Michelle and Donna, Priest ' 86, Aerosmith-Sull, Stad, Europe ' 85, Brackley, smoke-out in Colin’s van, the tracks. Mom, Dad. PET PEEVES: Cliques, gas guzzlers, x-boyfriends that act like total jerks, Mon¬ days, 6:00 a m., walking, rain, A W, A.L. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Partying with M.B., D.D., and friends, being with someone special, in P.E.I., on the beach, having a day to myself. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: Hitting the tree, calling Matt “Pete” about 10 times. PROBABLE FATE: Being stuck here, death. FAVORITE SONG: Hotel California and anything by Led Zeppelin. Mario Albert Rosario 7 2 69 “The Julio” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Oh what tan¬ gled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” AMBITION: To reopen H.F.H.S. and become prin¬ cipal. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To get far with my band. FONDEST MEMORIES: May 26, 1986, Mr. Lacey, “Anywhere with You,” H.F.H.S., L.S., G.A., B.T.. D.S., The Connection, Toronto. PET PEEVES: Running out of music paper, snobs, jerks, certain peo¬ ple, breaking guitar strings. HAPPIEST WHEN: Play¬ ing the guitar, piano or any instrument, at band prac¬ tices, with friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Meeting Matt Brown (only kidding Matt). PROBABLE FATE: Get married and have enough money to get by. FAVORITE SONG: We’ve Got Tonight, Purple Rain. Wendy Lynn Rose 7 24 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Whenever a heart is sinking low, a smile must never let it show. " AMBITION: To be a business manager. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To be marooned on a deserted island with Chippendales. FONDEST MEMORIES: Curtis, 5 28 85, Jr. Prom, Tootsie, Florida, skiing, “Heaven,” Jack Wagner concert, 7 24 85, summer of ’85, “Hardbodies,” dog tracks, my family. PET PEEVES: Rumors, phony people, having no money, waiting, backseat drivers. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Curtis, out with friends, listening to music, sleeping, shopping. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Hitting a car on the Avenue. FAVORITE SONG: Amanda. iCTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTIi Cheryl Ruell 4 26 65 “Cheryl Ann” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Oh no!” AMBI¬ TION: To get a job. FONDEST MEMORIES: My years at school. PET PEEVES: When I’m sad because someone got me angry. HAPPIEST WHEN: I’m with my friends. Lisa Schroeder 3 28 69 “Ski” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t it was never meant to be.” AMBITION: To become a lawyer or psychologist. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be rich and famous and drive a red Porsche 959. FONDEST MEMORIES: The movies, 8 3 86, thumper, summer of’86, super bowl parties at Tommy’s, the Mazda in the mall, people in the bathtub. PET PEEVES: Homework on a Friday, clos¬ ing at Shaws, “Have a nice day,” snobs, people who drive too slow. HAPPIEST WHEN: With my friends J.A., A.H., J.S., J.T., K.B., and T.C., dancing, acting crazy. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When Mrs. Martin attacked me in the hall for wearing shorts. PROBABLE FATE: Becoming a teacher and having to go to school for the rest of my life. FAVORITE SONG: Stairway To Heaven, I Must Be Dreaming, Alone Again. Russell Leo Seguin 11 20 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “A smile is a gently curved line that sets a lot of things straight.” AMBITION: To be a successful art editor. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To someday work for Walt Disney. FONDEST MEMORIES: Swansea Mall, ski¬ ing ’85, memories with Malisa, chemistry lab, gym class with C.M. and S.B., proms, “South Pacific,” Florida ’85, “ICEFBI.” PET PEEVES: Waiting, term papers, old people who drive, fish, two-faced teachers, study, gym, Mr. West. HAPPIEST WHEN: With family and friends, playing with the kids, laughing with Malisa. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Driving my father’s standard for the first time while StefTie’s parents were watching. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: Be forced into marriage with Malisa by our parents. FAVORITE SONG: Open Arms, Heaven. 42 Dawn Serra 4 15 69 “Donny” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you ' ve done.” AMBI¬ TION: Hairdresser. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Own a blue " Z. " FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of ' 86, Monday nights, Romance IV. PET PEEVES: People with bok, slow drivers, T.D., trunk city. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, scammin, out of school. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Driving in Nelly. PROBABLE FATE: Take a vacation and never come home. FAVORITE SONG: I Can ' t Wait. Andrew J. Sheeley 9 30 69 “Mate” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “G’day mate!” AMBITION: To enjoy an active long life surrounded by friends. SUPPRESSED DE SIRE: To be the star of an Australian version of Miami Vice. FONDEST MEMORIES: A.N., B.G., A.N., New Hampshire, silverfoot, UMASS, U.C.L.A., Fosters, soccer, the farm, Bissetts party, surf, mexicale, mall and sum¬ mer, the year in U.S.A. with Duvals. PET PEEVES: Living other people’s lives, heavy make-up, Don Johnson haters, over-simplifications, closed shower curtains, closed minds, stereo-typicalness. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: In Australia on a board, in America with friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Telling people how good Vegemite is, then letting them taste it, calling Karl Sovik dull, being asked to say Mattapoisett. PROBABLE FATE: Living peacefully in Australia only to be hassled constantly by many American classmates turned tourists. FAVORITE SONG: Red Red Wine, U-2, INXS. Trade Marie Smith 6 7 68 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Take all the time you spend wishing for tomorrow, and spend it making today come true.” AMBITION: To be suc¬ cessful and happy. FONDEST MEMORIES: Times spent with my grandmother; Feb. 14, 1986; Boston ' 86, Jr. Prom ' 86, summer of ' 86, Sept. 14, 1976. PET PEEVES: People who think they’re better than others, my alarm clock!, the hummer, work! HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Spending time with family, Jeffrey, or friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: When I threw up in the mall parking lot. :kticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickt Dawn Marie Sniezeh 6 7 69 FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “If you can im¬ agine it you can achieve it, if you dream it, you can become it. " AMBITION: To dance forever, to meet the man of my dreams and be rich. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a photographer for Playgirl. FONDEST MEMORIES: Freshman year, May 25, 1984, S.A., my A.F.S. summer spent in Turkey, “HELLO,” float parties, friends and family, Marko. PET PEEVES: Algebra class, red lights, two-faced people, Colgate smiles, “Pretty,” being broke, guys who are cheap, people who can’t be themselves, hav¬ ing to wait. HAPPIEST WHEN: Aggravating Angelo, not in school, with close friends, dancing, with someone special, Melissa was waiting for me at the airport when I came home from Turkey, laughing. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Don’t have a specific one! PROBABLE FATE: Who knows, anything could happen with my luck. FAVORITE SONG: Didn’t Mean To Turn You On, Hello. Lisa Marie Soares 6 18 69 “Lee,” “Liffy” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Music gives wings to the mind and flight to the imagination.” AMBITION: To be a famous entertainer. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To dance with Baryshnikov on Broadway. FONDEST MEMORIES: Mr. Dufour’s stories, Toronto ’86, chorus, me and Dawn Sniezek at Corey Hart, F.B. and me at R.S. shows, “the pick. " PET PEEVES: Getting up early, school lunches, rainy days. HAPPIEST WHEN: With good friends, going to concerts, singing, laughing. MOST EMBARRASS¬ ING MOMENT: Falling down the stairs sophomore year, “the play” ’85. PROBABLE FATE: Professional roadie for Van Halen. FAVORITE SONG: Never Surrender. Dean Roger Sylvaria 7 1 69 “Dino " AMBITION: To make a career in athletics and be successful in life. FONDEST MEMORIES: “Pig Farm,” float meetings, football ’86, summer ’86, camp ’85 and ’86. PET PEEVES: “The walrus,” Col- gates, “films,” homework, waking up early. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: With friends and not in school. 43 Karl J. Sovik 11 29 68 “Karel, " “Lurch " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. " AM¬ BITION: To be happy and become wealthy . .. very wealthy! SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To play profes¬ sional football. FONDEST MEMORIES: Trips with Melissa, Football ( ' 86 season!), out with friends, play¬ ing basketball, camp, M’s and many others. PET PEEVES: Back slabbers, cheats, and rumors. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Getting along with Melissa, playing sports and winning, out with the boys, and having money in my pocket. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: There have been plenty of those. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: Go to college and run or own a business (most likely in the fishing industry). Karen Ann St. Gelais 5 12 69 “Karen " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Let a smile be your umbrella.” AMBITION: To become a business manager. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To travel all over the world. FONDEST MEMORIES: Times with Tony, with friends M.O., T.Q., R.S., L.L., J.C., T.B., E.T., “Duke,” times at Anthony School with Tony, Jr. Prom, Sr. Prom with Tony. PET PEEVES: Liars, people who think they are better than everyone else. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Tony, with my family and friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Fall¬ ing in the hall and the whole gym class saw me. PROBABLE FATE: To get married to Tony. FAVORITE SONG: Always and Forever. Robert Jay St. Pierre 7 29 69 “Bob, " “Rob,” “Rab” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Penfold, Shush,” and “I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band” — J. Lodge. AMBITION: To be a meteorologist (Good-bye Ghiorse). SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Own a bird aviary. FONDEST MEMORIES: Mr. Cip’s " teaching techniques, " sum¬ mer of 1981, summer of 1982, baseball, scoring basketball, camera work. PET PEEVES: Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, sappy, banal, formulaic Top 40 love songs. HAPPIEST WHEN: Listening to the Moody Blues, Genesis, Stevie Wonder, Alan Parsons Project or Weird Al. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Cosell in French 3. FAVORITE SONG: Pressure by Billy Joel, anything by the Moody Blues, Genesis, Alan Parsons, or Paul McCartney. vTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK T1 Kristen Marie Sylvia 9 11 69 “Nikki” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. " Hotel California. AMBITION: Own a ' 76 yellow vette and drive it! SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To live in New Hampshire or Maine in a log cabin . . FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer of ’85, “returns, " tent, whipped creme pie, gummi bears, 2:00 a.m. walks, bang, bang Davey, private eyes, 2 11 86, Roger and Snirley, 5 27 86, Sippican park. PET PEEVES: Brown vette in our garage, end of ninth grade, “puppi” dogs. Dean’s knuckles. HAPPIEST WHEN: Dancing, playing with Renee, being with Kerrie and Cherie. PROBABLE FATE: Go to college and get a decent job. FAVORITE SONG: Forever. Jamie Thomas Szeliga 5 17 69 “Jame” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Yeah right.” AMBITION: To own the Dallas Cowboys and lead them to super bowl stardom — to reunite the original Van Halen, to go to college. FONDEST MEMORIES: Playing football, sophomore year, being with Cecelia. PET PEEVES: People who hate the Dallas Cowboys, back stabbers. HAPPIEST WHEN: Dallas Cowboys are winning, when I get what I want, when 1 go to col¬ lege in California. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Having to wear a shredded, ripped up shirt all day in school after a fight. PROBABLE FATE: In¬ terior communications electrician, quarterback for the Cowboys. Lori Talbot 8 11 69 “Fluffy " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “D.B., D.W., Don’t worry about me! " AMBITION: To go into the army for military police. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To fly around the world in my plane, following Kelly in her Yacht! (HA). FONDEST MEMORIES: Cheerleaders’ dance, 1985, Jr. Prom with Scott Perry, Sept. 19, 1986, times with K.L., New Year’s Eve ' 85, Kel, the Malibu, Julie, Feb. vacation ' 84, meeting A.A. and his family. PET PEEVES: Blowing my nose, snobby people. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Kelly and just having a good time. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: At Interstate 91 with Kelly and her cousin Jen. PROBABLE FATE: Being a normal housewife, doing the daily routine. 44 Kelly Telega 5 12 69 “Kel " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " D.B., D.W., Ribbit. " AMBITION: College. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To sail around the world on my yacht. FONDEST MEMORIES: Feb. Vac. ' 85, Newport, Italy, April vac. in Hadley with Lori, Jr. Prom with Tony, May 10, 1986, reunions, visitors, PET PEEVES: Throwing " things” out the car windows, R.C., calls at 2 a.m., windshield wipers, M.M., flat tires, speaking Spanish, orange people. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Lori. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Skate-plus with JefT. Elaine Marie Thatcher 7 5 68 “Lainey” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Hi.” AMBI¬ TION: To be a hairdresser. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a model. FONDEST MEMORIES: Weekends with Jeff, Julie, Karena, Tommy, and Orlando, Jeffs parties. PET PEEVES: Mondays, studies. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Jeff, Julie and friends. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: Don’t get embarrassed. PROBABLE FATE: I’m gonna get married. FAVORITE SONG: Heaven In Your Eyes. Jeri Thibault 12 10 69 “T-Bone” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Lost time is never found again. " AMBITION: Radiologist. SUP¬ PRESSED DESIRE: To still be able to twirl a flag at “100. " FONDEST MEMORIES: Parade “fill-ins,” giraffe, cow, bone at competitions, Pat and the Breakfast Club, “Shazing” with the gang, Lieutenant M. R. Ring, Heartbreak Ridge, the crash, college guys at Cumberland’s before “BANG.” HAPPIEST WHEN: With Breakfast Club, out having fun. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Mom cornin ' and changing the tire at school, falling out of the car at Dunkin’ Donuts, leaning on the doors in the tunnel and falling backwards through them, Cinema 140 — Jan. 10, 1987. FAVORITE SONG: Showdown, En¬ chanted Kingdom, Hungarian Dance No. 5, If I Love You, Mirada. CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK Micheal Thomas 5 25 69 “Spagike " FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” AMBITION: To be as suc¬ cessful as the idiot who made the baby on board signs. FONDEST MEMORIES: Going to the Red Sox game with baseball team, soccer games. PET PEEVES: Conceited people, “Baby on board " signs. HAP¬ PIEST WHEN: Having fits with T.T., playing sports. FAVORITE SONG: I Need A Lover. Sheila Tonnessen 10 1 69 “Little Ton” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “If you can im¬ agine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it. " AMBITION: To become a Registered Pediatric Obstetric nurse. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To pass police academy and become a member of the F.P.D. FONDEST MEMORIES: Morning chats with Paul, Mike, and Phi, ’84, ’85 winter track, ’85 x-country, good times with friends F.B., R.S., S.D., H P., K.P., L.R., and M R. PET PEEVES: School lunches, Physics, curfews, and grandpa drivers (those who can’t drive), also gym! HAPPIEST WHEN: Cruisin’ in the Bronco, not in school, watching infants and children, watching Days Of Our Lives, and when listening to my stereo and my scanner. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Hav¬ ing to get the janitor to unjam my locker, following M.A. when I thought it was P.S. PROBABLE FATE: F.B.I. agent and world traveler. Jim Toomey 11 6 69 “Toom” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “No guts, no t lory.” AMBITION: To own a profitable business. UPPRESSED DESIRE: To become a Playboy photographer and own a black Porsche 911 Turbo. FONDEST MEMORIES: F.H.S. football, camp Boumdale cabin 8. HAPPIEST WHEN: Playing football and partying with friends. MOST EMBAR¬ RASSING MOMENT: Getting into an accident in the McDonald’s drive-thru. 45 David Trojak 8 18 69 “Droopy” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Tell me about it! " AMBITION: Graduate from high school and make lots of money. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Fly in a hot air balloon then jump off. FONDEST MEMORIES: When Robert Riggin and I skipped the first five days of senior year. PET PEEVES: Lady drivers. HAPPIEST WHEN: I wasn’t eating school lunch. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Get¬ ting kicked out of class for tucking in my shirt with my zipper down. PROBABLE FATE: Rich and hav¬ ing much fun. Renee Joel Vaillancourt 5 20 69 “Ren,” “Beag,” “Benny, " “Fred,” “Tree” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “No one knows how I feel, what I say, unless you read between my lines.” AMBITION: Psychologist Psychiatrist, to work with people, thoughts, the mind and dreams. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To travel through time with Chris, to find someone who’ll teach me to fly. FONDEST MEMORIES: AFS France, letters and tapes from friends, roses, poems, moods, proms, gig¬ gle fits, Easter beagle, music, the guys that really cared, the finks, surprises, pen pals, the USAFA, Oliver and Shakespeare’s ladies, the feet on the mountain, we have money, “mothra.” PET PEEVES: Lies, boredom, jealousy, injustice, deadlines, good¬ byes. HAPPIEST WHEN: Writing, dreaming, travel¬ ing, in an “intense” convo with friends, not being smothered, listening or being listened to. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: “Who turned off all the lights?” FAVORITE SONG: 9 Dream. Karena Varano 10 13 69 “Coren " AMBITION: Fly a Jet! SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a speaker in Congress. FONDEST MEMORIES: Huttleston motel Rm. 4, 25, 8, 7, 5, 1; Horseneck Beach ’85. PET PEEVES: Hummers. HAPPIEST WHEN: Being with Orlando, when J.J. and E.T., Tracey and me go out. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: The thumb. PROBABLE FATE: Marry¬ ing Orlando, having many kids and loving every minute of it. riCKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTIC Michael James Viator 2 25 69 “Michael J.” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “This is hor¬ rendous!” " Good Morganing! " AMBITION: To go to law school, become a good lawyer, and live comfort¬ ably the rest of my life. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To be a starving artist in Europe and then be " discovered. " FONDEST MEMORIES: Europe ’85, ninth grade dance, Dec. 85-Feb. ’86, first friend in Fairhaven — EJM. PET PEEVES: Freshmen, people walking in front of me at a snail’s pace, when I’m in a hurry, cliques. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Getting called over the intercom for unimportant things. PROB¬ ABLE FATE: Become a good lawyer (in 7 years). FAVORITE SONG: Against All Odds, Don’t You Forget About Me. Shannon Viera 11 1 68 “Demo” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Whatever.” AMBITION: To be a secretary. FONDEST MEMORIES: Last years of high school with T.Q., E.T., K.P., J.J., K.V., and being with S.A., P.B., R.B., S.A., J.V., N.F. PET PEEVES: The girls who think they’re better than everyone. HAPPIEST WHEN: I’m with T.Q., P.B., S.A., and other friends. MOST EM¬ BARRASSING MOMENT: 11th grade when I was walking in the building and I took a flip in front of everyone. PROBABLE FATE: To be married on Feb. 14th, to T.M. or S.A. FAVORITE SONG: Stairway To Heaven. Steven Xavier 8 28 69 “Stevie” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “The wildest colts make the best horses.” AMBITION: To graduate from college. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To play college hockey. FONDEST MEMORIES: F.H.S., Pentahog, float meetings, Zorn’s, AC DC concert. Providence, The States, Horseneck, the feast, sophomore year, Jr. Prom, football camp. PET PEEVES: Detention, practice, pee-wee. HAPPIEST WHEN: Not in school, out with the boys, playing sports. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Tripucka on the back of Ferd ' s head. PROBABLE FATE: Get kicked out of college. FAVORITE SONG: You Shook Me All Night Long. 46 Not Pictured Ronald Cabral 7 3 69 “Scruffy " AMBITION: To have a weekly income of $1,000. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To get all A ' s. FONDEST MEMORIES: Football on Saturday. PET PEEVES: Wood shop 7th and 8th period. HAPPIEST WHEN. Out of school. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Getting locked in weight room. PROBABLE FATE: To go where no man has gone before. Daniel C. Freitas 5 9 69 “Bia D” FAVORITE QUOTE OFT SAYING: “But Why!!” AMBITION: To become a Doctor. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To become an “A” student. FONDEST MEMORIES: Summer with P.E., J.C., J.J., and the Nova “Novachine.” PET PEEVES: Fords, Shaws, school, period 1, p reppy jocks. HAPPIEST WHEN: Out of work and school, with my friends, down the town beach. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: What embarrassing moment? PROBABLE FATE: I’ll hit Megabucks for 5 million, move, get a fast car, a nice house and party for the rest of my life. Robin Grimes 6 29 68 FAVORITE QUOTE C ° b SAYING: If you love something set it free, if it doesn’t come back, hunt it down and kill it. AMBITION: To be an accountant. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: To meet Prince in real life. FONDEST MEMORIES: Boston, living with the Hawks, Tank road, Seekonk Speedway. PET PEEVES: 2-faced people, gym, J.C., M.R. HAPPIEST WHEN: With Dennis, cruisin’, partying, being with friends, Pepsi. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: Not enough room to put them all. FAVORITE SONG: Runaway. Sheri Medeiros 10 29 69 “Sher” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: " Let me tell ya. " “Live for today, dream for tomorrow, learn from yesterday. " AMBITION: To be happy and successful in the future. FONDEST MEMORIES: Times with H.M., all H.M.’s and M.E.’s totals, Sheryl, D.A.’s par¬ ty, Loris M., Ras. Cr. on Helen, " go home,” Knock! Knock!, fantastic, In case of emergency ... J.W. PET PEEVES: Snobs, “That’s the ticket,” tests, “Takin In, " poppin, “Foxy.” HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, on weekends, with my totals, when my friends are happy. MOST EMBARRASSING MO¬ MENT: When Helen told me about the " Swallow” cake and Boom! “Dough.” PROBABLE FATE: To own a total condo and car with H.M. FAVORITE SONG: If You Were Here, The Search Is Over, You Got It All. Kenneth Nadeau 5 30 69 “Spacollie” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “You know the King” and or “EEE.” AMBITION: Go to college and have a good job. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Move to California and own a house on the beach. FONDEST MEMORIES: Partying with my brothers, sleeping at the Boston Garden, hanging at the comer, going to California. PET PEEVES: Funk, snobs, people who think they’re better than everybody else. HAPPIEST WHEN: With friends, partying, driving around, with Joanne. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Get¬ ting busted for mailboxes with Garrett, Jamie, Jim¬ my. PROBABLE FATE: Get a job then get married. Mario Renay Santos 4 15 68 “Mo” FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING: “Yo wass up?” AMBITION: Be a flight attendant. SUPPRESSED DESIRE: Want to see the world, meet rich businessmen in first class and say “Good evening, sir, hope you are enjoying your flight, now what will that be coffee, tea or me?” FONDEST MEMORIES: Malibu Beach, oops lost keys in Sand? Nikki’s birth, mom’s restaurant, mom’s peace pipe offering, Bessie, my car; me — chauffeur! PET PEEVES: Shy guys, slow drivers, immature minds, empty pockets, nag¬ ging kids. HAPPIEST WHEN: Get good grades and not under punishment, the guy I fall in love with has a car! MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: Trying to be cute wearing 5 inch heels, I fell down the civic center stairs at a concert featuring Run-DMC — they stopped singing and asked if I was OK in front of everyone! PROBABLE FATE: Flight Attendant. FAVORITE SONG: Nasty Girl by Vanity Six. :tickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktic 47 Baby Pictures Kerne Almeida Linda Alphonse Karen Alves Susan Amaral Laurel Audette Kim August Georganna Bailey Michelle Benoit Tracey Benoit Frances Bento Rachel Berger i Jennifer Cobb Matt Brown Maureen Cassidy Tricia Costa Karen Daniels Tammy Charpentier Lori and Julie Clark Caroline Decosta Scott Davignon 48 ... Remembering the Past Liz Fernandes Christy Fletcher Julie Griffiths April Haggis Tom Hood Peter Hubert Lori Leal Jennifer Lopes i , 4 Heather Macedo Beth Mahaney Anne Manley Dianne Messier Monique Michaud Melissa Martin Dennis and Jesse Mattos Cathy O’Leary Erik Maynard Christine O’Leary 49 Baby Pictures Jessica Richards Martha Rogers Karen St. Gelais Wendy Rose Mario Santos Lisa Schroeder Russell Seguin Dawn Sniezek Dean Sylvaria Mike Thomas Sheila Tonnessen Renee Vaillancourt Michael J. Viator Rick Bourgault Linda Feener 4 A Angelo Nicolosi Jim Toomey Kristin Sylvia 50 Class Will I, Luke Charbonneau, leave the walls, floor and ceiling of the balcony study to Magoo for her journeys into the Twilight Zone. Michelle Ouimette leaves her aftersessions to T. H. Forrester. Lori Leal leaves her absences and suspensions to Wendy G. Scott Davignon leaves all the great times at F.H.S. to his brother Tim. Period 4 English leaves Mrs. Chase a muzzle for her dog!! Trade Smith leaves all the good times she had at F.H.S. to her cousin Amy. Cheryl Pires leaves all the good times she had at F.H.S. to her sister Lynn. Renee Vaillancourt leaves lots of luck in 12A to her brother Chris. The Senior Girls leave the Senior Boys to the Freshman and Sophomore Girls. Liz Fernandes, Diane Messier and Tammy Benson leave Mr. Haaland their seats in Room 7. Diane Messier, Liz Fernandes and Tammy Benson leave Nancy Pedreira the ability to skip classes without getting caught. Tammy Benson, Diane Messier and Liz Fernandes leave Favas the Chourico. Andrew Sheeley hopefully leaves a lot of enjoyable memories to F.H.S. Heidi Powers leaves Curt Mello her pink ones. Pat Medeiros and Jeri Thibault leave Gary Pajunen and Jackie Almeida with “shazing.” I, April Haggis, leave Steve Perryman the position of new leader of the Track Spear Chucking Tribe. Good Luck! Kim August leaves Thornton Forrester her English papers for his Senior Year. I, Dawn Sniezek, leave my sister Lisa with Mr. McCabe in hopes that she won’t always have to wait for him like I did. I, Lisa Schroeder, leave Joey “Thumper” Sylvia with “No Homework??” and all my love. Tricia Costa leaves all of her crazy cheering ideas to Laurie, Carolyn, Kathie, Kerrie, Heidi, and Trudy. I, Michelle Benoit, leave all my memories of Graphic Arts to Lynne Wilson. Cheryl and Tracie leave Mrs. Waltz a pack of bubble gum and Mrs. Lister a case of white-out. I, Russell Seguin, leave Kristin Sylvia to her “Boyfriend of the Week” Club. I, Kirsten Gravem, leave Kerri Skrutzki the Best of Luck in her last year in this Castle. I, Lisa Soares, leave my laugh to Kristine D., and Laura B. I, Chris Macomber leave Chris Burt my shoulder pads if he can take on the responsibility of playing Mike linebacker. Kellie and Rachel leave the Best of Luck to the Editors of the 1988 Yearbook. I, Martha Rogers, leave my leftover band candy and membership in all the Clubs to Beth W. and Maura C. I, Wendy DaSilva, leave my Spanish Dazzles and Good Luck to my brother Roy. Heather Doucette and Tricia Costa leave all of the crazy times at F.H.S. to Missy B. and Sue B. Have a great Senior Year Guys!!! 51 Superlatives Most Athletic Best All Around Scott Ashworth and Sheila Edwards Dean Sylvaria and Dawn Sniezek Most Dependable Michael Myers and Kirsten Graven Most Likely to Succeed Matt Brown and Renee Vaillancourt 52 Superlatives Most Gullible tl a V ft TO - I J Dave Costa and Heather Macedo Most Dramatic Most Bashful Luis Erquicia, Francis Bento, and Rob St. Pierre Most Talkative Michael Jardin and Lisa Schroeder 53 Superlatives Best Dressed Cutest Dennis Mattos and Rachel Berger Stevie Xavier and Jennifer Lopes Most Musical John Medieros and Martha Rogers Most Artistic Russell Seguin and Liz Richard 54 Superlatives Friendliest Jon Ellis and Heidi Powers Most Flirtatious Jessie Mattos and Maureen Cassidy Craziest Tom Hood and Liz Fernandes Most Happy Go Lucky Ron Guillotte and Julie Duval 55 Foreign Exchange Students YOKOHABU JAPAN Fairhaven’s “Academy Year U.S.A.” Exchange Student, comes from Fukvoa, Japan. During her year at F.H.S. she lived with the Powers family. She could often be seen displaying her spirit at football games and other school activities. Yoko was a member of the Fairhaven Blues Show Choir where she enjoyed participating in their productions throughout the year. Our Rotary Club Exchange Student, Louis Erquicia from Bolivia spent his year in the U.S. with the Lawrence family of North Fairhaven. He was one of the best all-around players on the soccer team, and enjoyed taking part in the Journalism Classes’ program at Fairhaven- Acushnet Cablevision. LUIS ERQUICIA BOLIVIA TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTIC Andrew’s year in Fairhaven was as much fun for the students at F.H.S. as it was for him. An American Field Service Exchange Student from New Castle, New South Wales, Australia, Andrew stayed with the ANDREWJ. SHEELEY AUSTRALIA Duval family in East Fairhaven. He was a member of the Student Council and A.F.S. Clubs. While managing the hockey team, he decided to tiy his luck on the ice, and finished the season as a J.V. player. He also played on the school’s first soccer team, who ended their season as the Co- Champions of the South Coast Conference. Andreas Norvik, an American Field Service Exchange Student from Oslo, Norway, was yet another foreign impetus on Fairhaven High’s soccer team in 1987. He was also co-treasurer of the A.F.S. Club (with Australian Andrew Sheeley). Andreas could always be found supporting the school at sporting events and social gatherings. Andreas spent his year in Fairhaven with the Sykes family. ANDREAS NORVIK NORWAY 56 KTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTK 57 Webster’s New Dictionary Fairhaven High Get psyched (get sikt) v., to become extremely excited or enthusiastic. Get psyched (get sikt) v., to become extreme¬ ly excited or en¬ thusiastic. The mates (th mats) n., a really cool dude (usually from Australia). Possessed (p azest’) adj. 1. crazed; mad 2. ready to go off, 3. when one is in a very bad mood. He’s buggin out (hes bugin owt) v., 1. not conscious of or responsive to one’s environment; 2. spaced out, 3. out of it. I’ll take the zero (fl tak tha zer’o— v„ 1. I’ll pass, 2. I’d rather not do it. Chill (chil) v., 1. relax, 2. be cool, 3. mellow out, 4. flake out. 58 of the English Language School Edition This place is hoppin (this pla iz hop’in) v., 1. This place is crowded, 2. The walls are crawling with people, 3. This place is happening. No suh (no suh) interjection. Oh my god!; really? What’s up? (hwuts up) 1. Greeting, 2. What’s happening? Shotgun (shot-gun) n., passenger seat in a car. Squeeze the breeze (skwez tha brez) v., 1. close the window. Get outta my face! (get owta mi fas) v., 1. Leave me alone, 2.1 don’t want to look at you. What are you, baked? (hwut ar yu bakt) ques¬ tion, 1. Do you have any clue? 2. You’re crazy! Give it the boot (giv it tha boot) v., usually a command 1. Get rid of it, 2. We don’t want it. 59 f j t. O -. . ,.iM A s •SO % e fifi.rA. tJ -A Vv ' y £. x svvo y r ' Uu , C 0 - il ' : 3 a iVXJL . V s = £ V V - w r Cloo P- ' J fT ' W , yg JxjO OmamomCimamamCK amC nclmC IC nC nC rCKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTIC 62 KTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT 63 liijf 64 65 L, Student Life: A Time to Be Ourselves I T K C 1 T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K vTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTI 66 67 68 May 2,1986 69 70 ■ ' vm I v JUNIOR PROM %)0n May 2, 1986, our class held their Junior Promenade. The Prom theme was “Till the Clock Strikes Twelve” and we danced to our theme song “We’ve Got Tonight” sung by Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton. The Larch Avenue Auditorium was beautifully decorated with lavender and gray streamers and a matching canopy. Our dreary gym had been transformed into a magical wonderland. Juv ' 8 JrFt , M The traditional crowning of a King and Queen was the highlight of the even¬ ing. Our president. Jack deMelo, announced that Scott Ashworth and Kirsten Gravem were chosen as prince and princess. He continued to present our hand¬ some King and lovely Queen. Angelo Nicolosi was chosen as King and a beam¬ ing Linda Alphonse was crowned Queen. Linda received her long stemmed red roses and was escorted to the dance floor by Angelo where they enjoyed their special moment as they danced to our theme ■ ur prom was a glowing success and will always remain a beautiful memory. ifl 71 mr 74 75 Junior Day June 5,1986 76 JUNIOR DAY Junior Day, a cherished tradition at Fairhaven High School, was held on June 5, 1986. The Senior Class, in their caps and gowns, solemnly mar¬ ched into the Larch Avenue Auditorium followed by the Junior Class dressed in suits and white dresses. The Senior Class President ceremoniously announced that the Juniors were now the new leaders of their school. Special Awards presented to the Class of 1987 included: Har¬ vard Club Book Award, Kellie Quilligan, College Club Book Award, Lisa Pacheco, Brown Club Award, Lisa Pacheco, Mable Hoyle Knipe Award, Karen Alves, Chemistry Award, Kellie Quilligan. Foreign Language Awards were presented to: French III, 1st place, Martha Rogers, 2nd place, Russell Seguin, 3rd place, Kristin Thomas. Spanish III, 1st place, Jack deMelo, 2nd place, Sheila Edwards, 3rd place, Kristen Sylvia. The junior soloist was Edward Almeida. As we marched out of the Auditorium that day and into the brilliant sunlight we realized that our final year was upon us. 11 78 79 80 SI Cheerleaders’ Dance ia sBBK Jte- mpfmij:; SjMR v L t mVA i VjVA Cheerleaders HOME COMING DA NCE 1986 82 83 Halloween Dance October 24,1986 84 Fall Sports Rally November 14,1986 85 86 T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C_ K TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK 87 Remember • • • ... when all the football players got mohawks? ... the real thing? 88 Remember: Remember... FRESHM AN SPIRIT ROLLS ON! AND ON AND ON . . . MICHAEL JACKSON EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS 16 ANDO FRESHMAN HOOP CREWCUTS BASKETBALL STATES ICE HOCKEY STATES FLOAT MEETINGS HOMECOMING DANCES RALLYS TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS FIELD HOCKEY STATES TENNIS STATES SOCCER STATES BASEBALL STATES JOAN. MORE PIZZA!!! SENIOR FLOAT??? MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE? I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE. .. LINE-UP PIG FARM 1986 FOOTBALL JUNIOR PROM SENIOR PROM JUNIOR DAY GRADUATION SAT ' S QUEBEC EUROPE DEADLINES CONCERTS MOHAWKS BURGER KING MR. MALCOLM’S TESTS THEAVE. WHALE WATCHES (GETTING SICK) PMA TERM PAPERS SENIOR CAR PARADE MEMORIZATION IN ENGLISH FAIRHAVEN HIGH SCHOOL!!! ... lugging those Kenya bags? ... rallies? TOP 10 SONGS: 1. Human by Human League 2. Hip to be Square by Huey Lewis and The News 3. Next Time I Fall by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant 4. True Blue by Madonna 5. Word Up by Cameo 6. True Colors by Cyndi Lauper 7. You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi 8. C’est La Vie by Robbie Nevil 9. Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangels 10. Control by Janet Jackson BEST MOVIES: Top Gun Stand By Me FAVORITE SUMMERTIME HANG-OUT: Horseneck Beach FAVORITE RADIO STATIONS: 92 PRO F.M 94 HJY Rl 104 KISS 108 BEST T V. SHOWS Moonlighting Cosby Show Family Ties M.T.V. 89 Remember ... fancy feet? ... friends? ... dances? ... pigging out at Burger King? 90 Underclassmen: The best years of their lives. 92 93 Juniors Darlene Alferes Jackie Almeida Joyce Almeida Michael Almeida Paul Almeida Shannon Alves William Anjos Dennis Arsenault Patricia Babineau John Bailey Laurie Barcellos Paul Barrow Bryan Becotte Fred Benoit Trevor Bordwick Matt Botelho Susan Botelho Missy Bourgault Shari Bowden Billy Brown Randy Bruneau Nicole Brunelle Chauncey Burr Chris Burt Dan Byrne Steve Cadieux Lori Cardoza Nickie Cardoza Elizabeth Carreiro Kathie Charbonneau T ricia Costa Tammy Costa John Cottrill Rosemary Couto Erin Crabbe Joanne Cunha 94 Juniors Dale Cunningham Roy Dasilva Heidi Demello Chris Deoliveira Anthony Desilva Scott Dias I Tom Dias Kim Duff Morgan Elliott Kathy Fareas John Famey Rose Ferro Robby Forand Thornton Forrester Chris Foster Scott Francis Jason Frates Wendy Gallego David Goglia Paul Golda A1 Gonsalves Robert Gonsalves Carolyn Gormley Danielle Goulart Michelle Gould Jayne Graviel Lisa Hamel Wanda Hamer Kerry Hanrahan Jim Houghton Kevin Howell Heather Iddon Chad Jacobs Jason Jacobsen Scott Joseph Christine Kelly 95 Juniors Kristine Koczwara Ann Lacasse Sharon Lainey Scott Langevin Wendy Langiano Scott Langlois Jennifer Leblanc John Leshyk Andy L’Etoile Mike Letourneau Shannon Livesey Janet Long Craig Manchester Kenny Martin Sean McKenna Mary Ellen Medeiros Scott Medeiros Curt Mello Dianna Morel Gale Morris Lori Mullen Kerri Nichols Karen Olsen Kathy Paiva David Peirce Trudy Perry Ron Pimental Mark Rasmussen Kim Rasmussen Bethany Ratcliffe Sharon Rebello Robert Riggin Jeana Rodrigues Lisa Romano Stacie Sherman Erik Siversten 96 Kerri Skrutski Karen Smith Sue Souza Kendra Swindon Joe Sylvia Kathy Syre Christina Szczepan Maria Texeira Kristen Thomas Elizabeth Tiago Edward Trahan Cheryl Turner Chris Vaillancourt Ross Vigeant Brian Wagner Chris Wambolt Ellen Williams JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1, C. Burt, N. Brunelle, K. Charbonneau, S. McKenna. Row 2, S. Cadieux, S. Souza, S. Botelho, R. DaSilva. Row 3, K. Smith, W. Langiano K. Olsen, P. Costa. Row 4, K. Skrutski, C. Gormley, K. DufT. Row 5, K. Koczwara, L. Barcellos, M. Rasmussen. JUNIOR CLASS SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL AROUND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DRESSED CUTEST MOST MUSICAL MOST ARTISTIC FRIENDLIEST CRAZIEST MOST FLIRTATIOUS MOST DEPENDABLE MOST BASHFUL MOST TALKATIVE MOST DRAMATIC MOST HAPPY GO LUCKY MOST GULLIBLE KAREN OLSEN KATHIE CHARBONNEAU KAREN SMITH MISSY BOURGAULT NICKIE CARDOZA MAURA CLEFFI TRICIA COSTA HEIDI DEMELLO SHANNON LIVESEY JENNIFER GOULET NICOLE BRUNELLE DARLENE ALFERES TRUDY PERRY SUE SOUZA WENDY LANGIANO SUEBOTELHO SEAN MCKENNA CURTMELLO JOHN COTTRILL KENNY MARTIN CHRIS VAILLANCOURT DAVE PEIRCE MORGAN ELLIOTT CHRIS BURT JASON JACOBSEN KEVIN HOWELL ROB FORAND CHRIS FOSTER MARK DARMOFAL CHRIS PATENUADE BRYAN BECOTTE ROY DASILVA Kristin Almeida Mark Almeida Adam Amaral Nicole Andrade David Andrews Russell Andrews Heidi Ashworth Mickey Avila Christyn Biardi Wyatt Baptista Jennifer Beauregard Karen Bellefeuille Kelly Belmarce Karen Bernard Randy Biggers Brian Birkeland Diane Bowman Laura Brunette Charlene Caldeira Lisa Cambra Jennifer Carol Manny Carrico Rico Cleffi Scott Charbonneau Kim Connick Sal Corrao Anthony Costa Billy Costa JeffDacosta Lori Daigle Kristine Daniels Bill Dean Scott Demello Steve Demoranville Kevin Deree Melissa Desouza 98 Mark Desrochers Christine Deterra Lonnie Deterra Tarley Deterra Laura Duarte Mark Duprey Lucy Figueiredo Missy Fletcher Karl Fluerent Kelly Francis Tommy Francis Wendi Frye Mike Gonsalves Lee Guillotte Christine Hagen Jeff Hammarquist Lisa Hanrahan Paul Harrison Beth Hebert Kerrie Hoines Mia Holland Julie Isaksen Jesse Jacobsen Kerry Jones Kim Karvonen Kerri Kay Connie Kotrotsios Kelly Kristiansen Malissa Lavigne Jessica Lefkowicz Rick MacCord Jack MacKay Holly Macomber Marsha Manna Lisa Martin Tracey Mayer 99 o a Keith McCormack Shannon McDonald Melissa McKnight Frank Medeiros Michelle Medeiros Sean Melanphy Greg Miller John Mills Jenn Moniz Helen Moreira Tara Morris Thomas Mullen Darren Nunes Mike Nunes Duane Oliveira James Oliver Jill Orman Shannon Ouellette Dawn Parent Ken Parquette Nancy Pedreira Steve Perryman Abagail Pietrass Todd Pimental j Billy Pires Brett Quintin Jennifer Quintin Karen Rasmussen Tabatha Raulet Ann Richard Brian Riggs Chris Robichaud Dave Rodrigues Andrew Rose Cathy Rose Elizabeth Rose 100 Kristen St. Pierre Tracie Stevens Jason Sullivan Cathy Sylvia Scott Tanguay Brian Tate Laurie Tatreault Ann Touro Stephanie Varano Cindy Warecki Robin Williams Jeannie Wotton Sue Xavier Kim York SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1, B. Hebert, C. Caldeira, J. Moniz, K. Rasmussen. Row 2, C. Robichaud, K. York, C. Rose, K. Karvonen. Row 3, H. Ashworth, D. Oliveira, N. Andrade. Row 4, M. Avila, A. Amaral, D. Rodrigues. MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL AROUND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DRESSED CUTEST MOST MUSICAL MOST ARTISTIC FRIENDLIEST CRAZIEST MOST FLIRTATIOUS MOST DEPENDABLE MOST BASHFUL MOST TALKATIVE MOST DRAMATIC MOST HAPPY GO LUCKY MOST GULLIBLE SOPHOMORE CLASS HEIDI ASHWORTH KIM KARVONEN MELISSA DESOUZA JENNIFER MONIZ KIM YORK KAREN RASMUSSEN CHARLENE CALDEIRA KRISTEN ST. PIERRE NANCY PEDREIRA CATHY ROSE MELISSA MCKNIGHT ROSEMARY COSTA LAUREL STAITI DAWN PARENT MARSHA MANNA SUE XAVIER SEAN MELANPHY BRIAN RIGGS MICKEY AVILA MIKE GONSALVES MANNY CARRICO BRIAN BIRKELAND MIKE OUELLETTE ADAM AMARAL KEVIN PERRY DAVID RODRIQUES RUSSELL ANDREWS JOHN MILLS BRIAN TATE BILLY DEAN DUANE OLIVEIRA JEFFHAMMARQUIST 101 Kelly Aguilar Natalie Almeida Carrie Ashley Mike Barcellos Ron Belliveau Brian Bertoldo Karen Bertoldo Danielle Blaise Brian Blanchette Steve Blanchette Francis Botelho Todd Bowden Karie Braga Billy Britton Kristen Brown Robert Brunelle Peter Brunette Tanya Burgo April Burt Lisa Calvao Serena Carvalho Jennifer Cass Philip Cook Jay Cormier Vicki Correia Eric Costa Kevin Coumoyer Mark Cozby Cheryl Crowley Stacy Crowley I Crystal Dakin Tom Dakin Kristie Daluz Timmy Davignon Walter Decruz Robert Demanche 102 Ana Demelo Robert Deflumere Laura Deterra Faith Donnelly Kelly Dorscheid Lyle Drew Michelle Ducharme Jennifer Dugas Lauren Dun wood ie Heather Edwards Matthew Ellis Jamie Evangelo Aaron Ferland John Fernandes Sherry Ferreira Donn Fletcher Leah Floyd Loel Fortier Erinn Foster Heather Fragata David Frates Mike Frates Tracey Freitas Ann Furtado Tuesday Galloti Shawn Guillotte Heidi Gwozdz Jessica Hardy Matt Hebert Matt Henriques Jill Herbert Kellie Hoines Phil Hubert Daniel Hunt Chris Hurley Karen Jabotte 103 Freshmen Stacey Jacobsen Amy Jardin Kristin Joseph Andy Judge Mike Kelly Tina Konnerth Jason Kowal Missy Krogh Keith Kruger Chris Langlois Kyle Leclair Leanne Lienard Suzette Lopes Jennifer Mahaney Scott Mackie Wendy Mandeville Robert Margeson Catherine Marshall Mark Martinho Tara McCormick Sarah Medeiros Tracy Mills Dawn Morris Beth Mulherin Jennifer Neagus Becky Oliveira Joseph O’Neil Tracey Paiva Penny Parent Becky Patenaude Jennifer Perry Stacey Pina Lori Pinto Lynn Pires Chris Pisz John Platt 104 i Monique Plaud Amy Pomfret Claudia Raikkonen Victor Raposo Jessica Santos Mandy Scott Erica Sheenan Janette Silva Tracy Simmons Lisa Sniezek Steve Sprouse Sarah Staiti Ronny St. Gelais Patty Sullivan Keith Sylvaria Kristen Sylvia Kristin Sylvia Christy Taber Richard Tripoli Jeremy Tyler Britt Ulland Pam Vincent Nelson Viveiros Brian Walecka Jennifer Walker Beth Weaver Lynne Wilson Kevin Pierce SUPERLATIVES — FRESHMEN MOST ATHLETIC MONIQUE PLAUD BEST ALL AROUND KRISTEN SYLVIA MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED AMY POMFRET BEST DRESSED KRISTIN BROWN CUTEST MOST MUSICAL MOST ARTISTIC FRIENDLIEST CRAZIEST MOST FLIRTATIOUS MOST DEPENDABLE MOST BASHFUL MOST TALKATIVE MOST DRAMATIC MOST HAPPY GO LUCKY MOST GULLIBLE CARRIE ASHLEY BETH WEAVER BETH MEDEIROS LYNNE WILSON STACEY PINA KAREN JABOTTE ANA DEMELO MANDY SCOTT KRISTIN SYLVIA CHERYL CROWLEY TARA MCCORMICK KRISTIE DALUZ TINA KONNERTH TIMMY DAVIGNON PHIL HUBERT LYLE DREW JAY CHARBONNEAU DAVE FRATES MIKE KELLY BOBBY BRUNELLE VICTOR RAPOSO SCOTT MACKIE JOCK DIAS KEITH SYLVARIA DANNY HUNT CHRIS HURLEY TODD BOWDEN ERIC COSTA KYLE LECLAIR FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1, S. Medeiros, K. Brown, R. Patenaude, D. Morris. Row 2, K. Sylvia, R. Oliveira, L. Wilson, K. Jabotte. Row 3, P. Hubert, T. McCormack, T. Davignon. 105 Activities: Time to get involved. 106 107 Huttlestonian Staff HUTTLESTONIAN STAFF Row 1, K. Sylvia, C. Pisz, S. Edwards, M. Cassidy, R. Berger, K. Quilligan, M. Rogers, H. Macedo, K. Gravem. Row 2, B. Mahaney, S. Tonnessen, A. Haggis, R. Seguin, S. Rebello, J. Lopes, R. Vaillancourt, T. Costa Row 3, S. Davignon, J. Cote, C. Mulherin, M. Brown, P. Hubert, M. Viator, P. Parent. ICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK. A Note from the Editors: It was our intention to make the 1987 Yearbook the best ever. We tried to institute new ideas, re¬ tain traditional ones, and include as many students as possible. We also decided to include a theme in the yearbook, “As Time Goes By.” We chose this idea because time seems to go by so quickly, as did the four short years we spent as high school students. We sincerely hope that you will treasure these memories as much as we enjoyed organizing them. Rachel Berger and Kellie Quilligan Editors 108 Office Workers OFFICE WORKERS Row 1, J. Avila, C. Rose, K. Charbonneau, K. Hoines, E. Thatcher, M. Benoit. Row 2, K. Skrutski, K. Swindon, D. Morris, P. Parent, T. Costa, J. Neagus, P. Medeiros, K. August, K. Kay. CTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTI BUSINESS CLUB Row 1, E. Thatcher, T. Quail. Row 2, J. Joseph, J. Avila, K. St. Gelais, Mr. Mahaney. MATH CLUB Row 1, R. St.Pierre, J. deMelo, M. Elliott. Row 2, K. Duff, K. Smith, K. Rasmussen, L. Pacheco, J. Orman, M. DeSouza Business Club Math Club 109 The Spray Staff SPRAY STAFF Row 1, B. Guay, M. Mahaney, C. O’Leary, S. Lainey, M. Rogers, M. Cassidy, J. Duval, L. Alphonse, J. Lopes, M. Rezendes. Row 2, T. Costa, D. Sniezek, K. Gravem, C. O’Leary, L. Pacheco, C. Fletcher, S. Medeiros, H. Macedo. Row 3, J. Cote, K. Swindon, P. Cunha, P. Hubert, K. Syre. Row 4, R. Seguin, M. Jardin, A. Manley, C. Macomber, J. Mattos, K. Kobza, J. Bailey, M. Thomas, E. Lawrence, D. Costa, M. Landry, B. McGreevy. 1CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK AX £i SKI CLUB Row 1, H. DeMello, S. Langlois, M. Rogers, L. Staiti, J. Moniz, J. Orman. Row 2, B. McGreevy, T. Trahan, L. Hamel, K. Karvonen, M. Bourgault, S. Botelho, K. Olsen. Row 3, T. Hood, L. Barcellos, J. Lopes, K. Quilligan, J. Rodrigues, S. Souza, W. Langiano, A. Touro. Row 4, S. Cadieux, T. Costa, P. Cunha, M. Myers, S. Reis, C. Burt, M. Landry, K. Gravem, T. Edwards, K. Skrutski, M. Botelho, P. Crowley. Row 5, T. Bordwick, A. Lacasse, S. Rebello, C. Mulherin, M. Brown. Row 6, M. Texeira, D. Costa, Mr. Drouin, J. Cottrill. Ski Club 110 Spanish Club } ' L U r ' i PS ■ ■ JL Jj SPANISH CLUB Row 1, S. Medeiros, M. Kelly, S. Edwards, L. Pacheco, K. Jabotte, K. Brown, M. Krogh. Row 2, R. DaSilva, J. Almeida, K. Kelly, K. DufT, H. DeMello, J. Lopes, L. Cardoza, M. Fletcher. Row 3, L. Hamel, C. Mulherin, S. Rebello, W. DaSilva, K. Quilligan, R. Patenuade. Row 4, S. Ashworth, J. deMelo, M. Elliott, M. Brown, C. Costa, M. Medeiros, J. Cottrill, L. Drew, C. Caldeira, W. Dean, M. DeSouza. .TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTl FRENCH CLUB Row 1, K. Alves, K. Daniels, J. Caron, S. Tonnessen, F. Bento, C. Pimental, M. Michaud, N. Charbonneau, J. Walker, R. Bruneau. Row 2, K. Rasmussen, M. Rogers, L. Mullin, R. Seguin K. Gravem, D. Sniezek, R. Berger, P. Costa. Row 3, Mr. Dufour, N. Andrade, J. Orman, K. Bellefeuille, J. Almeida, N. Brunelle, J. Almeida, D. Alferes, S. Souza, K. Rasmussen, P. Hubert, B. Guay. Row 4, D. Costa, S. Jacobsen, K. Sylvia, T. McCormack, M. Rasmussen, B. Birkeland, M. Landry, C. Kelley, S. Langlois, S. Bowden, A. Lacasse, K. Smith, B. Weaver, P. Hubert, L. Talbot, C. Robichaud. French Club Captains Club CAPTAINS’ CLUB Row 1, M. Myers, C. Macomber, S. Davignon, K. Sovik, S. Ashworth. Row 2, Mr. Mahaney, M. Perron, M. Mahaney, M. Martin, J. Isaksen, K. Quilligan, C. Fletcher, S. Edwards. CKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK ' STUDENT ADVISORY J. Duval, P. Costa, M. Mahaney. Student Advisory STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1, M. Brown, J. Duval, P. Hubert, M. Mahaney, K. Gravem, K. Smith. Row 2, R. Berger, R. Vaillancourt, A. Sheeley, R. Seguin, H. DeMello, P. Costa. Student Council 112 Honor Society HONOR SOCIETY Row 1, R. Vaillancourt, R. Berger, K. Sylvia, L. Pacheco, J. deMelo, M. Brown, C. Mulherin, M. Martin, Mr. Risgin. Row 2, M. Elliott, K. Smith, S. McGann, K. Quilligan. Row 3, R. Bourgault, K. Duff, H. Doucette. Row 4, J. Cottrill, K. Alves, K. Daniels. ICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTICK TICKTICKTICKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTIC AUDIOVISUAL Row 1, S. Rebello. Row 2, S. Davignon, S. Cadieux, J. Ellis, C. Burr, R. Andrews. A. Y. Aides AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Row 1, A. Sheeley, D. Sniezek, M. Rogers, K. Smith, J. Almeida, A. Norvik. Row 2, K. Rasmussen, R. Vaillancourt, R. Seguin, M. Rasmussen, J. Rodrigues, J. Almeida, K. Kelly, L. Mullin. AFS Club 113 Show Choir SHOW CHOIR Row 1, W. DaSilva, K. Almeida, J. Quintin, K. Alves, K. Daniels, R. Patenaude, K. Daniels, C. Crowley. Row 2, H. Edwards, S. Lainey, M. Rogers, L. Schroeder, S. Jacobsen, K. Brown, J. Perry, M. Lavigne, T. Costa. Row 3, S. Medeiros, M. Santos, T. Burgo, L. Pacheco, T. Stevens, C. Jacobs, D. Andrews, K. Coumoyer, C Hagen, B. Weaver, S. Ouellette, M. E. Medeiros, Mr. Harding. n JL . %3Bf «7 HPr " • i t mm T1CKTICKT1CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK TICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTirKTTPKTirKTlC INTERACT CLUB Row 1, T. Costa, J. Orman, M. Michaud, M. Rogers, T. Stevens, K. Brown. Row 2, M. Mahaney, K. Duff, K. Smith, N. Brunelle, K. Rasmussen, J. Walker, S. Souza, J. Almeida. Row 3, C. Foster, J. Cottrill, M. Rasmussen, J. deMelo, M. Brown, M. Elliott, S. McKenna, R. DaSilva, S. Davignon. Interact Club Marching Band fmmsik nmF i JHWA 1 jH wktmimmRQ SSL • ' » y U iHHii i l ' A K n JUbi ' JH jpu A 7M dHk H lTjr ' ' TICKTlCKTICICnaaiCKTICKTICKTia CKTI mCK TIC ICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTI a m nC ri OTy II MARCHING BAND Row 1, J. Wotton, J. Moniz, S. Rebello, D. Larsen, J. Perry, T. Burgo, J. Medeiros, B. Pierce, G. Pajunen, M. Rasmussen, J. Almeida, B. Bertoldo, E. Almeida, K. Francis, K. Paiva, M. Holland, L. Daigle. Row 2, E. Murray, S. Bowden, J. Isaksen, D. Drew, M. Affonse, P. Parent, R. Geary, K. Duff, L. Drew, K. Rasmussen, T. Paiva, B. Weaver, S. Jacobsen, T. McCormack, T. Sykes. Row 3, T. Stevens, R. Smith, K. Rasmussen, K. Karvonen, J. Orman, K. Kelley, C. Beckman, R. Couto, J. Platt, J. Mahaney, T. Konnerth. Row 4, A. Couto, D. Peirce, C. Karvonen, M. Rogers, J. Medeiros, M. Kelley, M. Medeiros, D. Andrews, J. Jacobsen, B. Birkeland, A. deMelo, J. Mitcherson. Row 5, D. Morel, P. Medeiros, L. Mullin, S. Sherman, L. Brunett, M. Cleffi, S. McDonald, D. Santos, L. Schroeder, J. Thibeault. COLOR GUARD AND MAJORETTES Row 1, S. McDonald, L. Daigle, K. Paiva, S. Rebello, M. Fletcher. Row 2, Mr. Monuteaux, J. Thibeault, J. Wotton, S. Sherman, L. Schroeder, L. Brunett, P. Medeiros, J. Moniz, D. Morel, M. Holland, L. Mullin. Majorettes and Color Guard 115 Varsity Cheerleaders VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1, D. Alferes, K. Charbonneau, J. Lopes, H. DeMello, K. Smith. Row 2, K. Sylvia, R. Vaillancourt, L. Pacheco, C. Warecki, K. Skrutski, C. Gormley. ' X yV ' Sl W£.wa3i J. V . CHEERLEADERS Row 1, C. Crowley, T. Perry, R. Patenaude. Row 2, K. St. Pierre, K. Brown, S. Ouellette, K. Koczwara. J. V. Cheerleaders 117 Sports: Time Out K CKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICK 118 119 Football Row 1, Neil Arsenault, Dean Sylvaria, Jon Ellis, Todd Edwards, Dave Costa, Mike Myers, Chris Macomber, Matt Lawton. Row 2, Jim Toomey, Ron Guillote, Steve Xavier, Mark Melanphy, Karl Sovik, Scott Ashworth, Tom Hood, Mike Jardin, Scott Davignon. 120 rr r inrp Row 1, Tim Toomey, Neil Arsenault, Dean Sylvaria, Jon Ellis, Todd Edwards, Dave Costa, Mike Myers, Chris Macomber, Matt Lawton, Karl Sovik. Row 2, Scott Joseph, Dan Byrne, Ron Guillote, Steve Xavier, Mark Melanphy, Scott Ashworth, Tom Hood, Mike Jardin, Andy L’Etoile, Sean McKenna, Chris Vaillancourt. Row 3, Dennis Arsenault, Bill Brown, Chris Burt, Mike Cadieux, Matt Botelho, Scott McGann, Chris Foster, Rob Forand, Curt Mello, Dave Andrews. Row 4, Nelson Viveiros, Chris Langlois, Mike Frates, Kyle Leclair, Paul Almeida, David Tchorz, Lee Guillote, Scott Charbonneau, Sean Melanphy, Brian Riggs, Shawn Guillote. Row 5, Kevin Pierce, Bill Britton, Matt Henriques, Damon Desjardins, Chris Jackson, Timmy Davignon, Keith Sylvaria, John Oliveira, Brian Walecka. Row 6, Dan Starkie, Bob Tinkham, Dana Almeida, Chuck Allaire, Phil Harding, Scott Davignon. 121 Following a disappointing first game loss to Voc-Tech the 1986 Football Team ran off seven straight wins to set up a co-championship game with Dighton-Rehoboth. After 38 scoreless minutes D.R. reached field goal position and crushed our hopes for any post season play. What a great season! We have great memories ... Renewed Spirit at F.H.S. ... Celebration after Seekonk ... Camp Bournedale Thursday night ... Cabin 8 and 9 ... Mud Bowl... Sleeping during Star Wars ... Sta¬ tions at 7:00 A.M. ... Mud Bowl... Tommy’s mouse necklace ... Having a chance against Dartmouth. 122 123 Row 1, Phil Hubert, Ted Trahan, Chauncey Burr, Victor Rapozo, Keith Kruger, Roy DaSilva. Row 2, Ed Almeida, Andraes Norvik, Mark Martinho, Mike Thomas, Scott Francis, Angelo Nicolosi, Brian Guay, Andrw Sheely. Row 3, Luiz Erquicia, Jim Houghton, Morgan Elliot, Jack deMelo, Peter Gifford, Kenny Burr, Peter Hubert. Coaches: Sam Galvim and Jon Fox. 124 F.H.S. not only introduced a new soccer program this year, they produced a CHAM¬ PIONSHIP TEAM!! With an awesome record of 8-2-2, they qualified for State Tournament Play. Despite the fact that we lost 1-0 to Sandwich in the States, a super effort was made by the entire team. We’ll never forget ... Coach Galvim’s mouth ... “head the ball ... forget living ... no miskicks ...” “Thank you God!” ... and ALL OUR VICTORIES. 125 Volleyball WE SHALL RETURN Although our record was disappointing, (7 wins, 8 losses) a it was an enjoyable year for the girls’ volleyball team. The team was very close this year and there are certain memories that we’ll never forget . 1 “Keep your eye on the ball!” 9. going from a buccaneer to a ram ... food fights... clump... animal farm ... challenging Case? ... free plants at Burger King ... bus rides with the Field Hockey team ... we had a great time and next year we’ll come out fighting. Row 1: Karen Olsen, Melissa Perron, Beth Mahaney. Row 2: Kellie Quilligan, Heidi Ashworth, Missy Bourgault. Coaches: Mike Childs and Pat Barrow. 126 Row 1, Lisa Sniezek, Missy Krogh, Tina Konnerth, Tanya Burgo, Jen Mahaney. Row 2, Ana DeMelo, Kr isten Sylvia, Kelli Dorscheid, Monique Plaude. Coaches: Mike Childs and Pat Barrow. Row 1, Jen Moniz, Karen Bellefeville, Lisa Hamel, Jill Orman. Row 2, Beth Hebert, Missy McKnight, Kim Karvonen, Serena Carvalho. Coaches: Mike Childs and Pat Barrow. 127 Field Hockey - Row 1, Julie Duval, Heidi Powers, Christy Fletcher, Jessica Lefkowitz, Erin Crabbe, Dawn Morris, Nicole Brunelle. Row 2, Jennifer Caron, Lori Tetreault, Kelli Hoines, Kerri Hoines, Wendy Frye, Lynn Wilson, Sheila Edwards. Row 3, Ann Touro, Caroline DeCosta, Melissa Martin, Melissa DeSouza, Cathy Rose, Ann Manley, Christy daLuz. Coaches: Judy Belli and Joanne Reedy. 128 The Field Hockey team completed its season this year with a disappointing 1-14-1 overall record. Despite their record the Lady Blues played some strong, competitive games and had many outstanding individual efforts. Throughout the year they ex¬ perienced many memorable times and will remember A . Smoke show ... lime ... “Too turned on” ... mean games and practices in the rain ... Smoke ’em up ... Jolt ... cat fights (mean) ... take a lap ... sprints ... Ann throwing the ball during a game ... Heather and Ann’s fights ... mouthpieces ... bus rides with the volleyball team ... Burger King ... Coach Reedy. 129 Cross Country Wait ’till next year .. . Although the Boy’s Cross Country Team suffered through a 0-9 season, the girls evened things off a little by running to a 7-2 record. Despite some of the low points during the season the year was an enjoyable one. How can we forget? .. . Coach Bender’s speeches . . . and truck rides . . . life in the fast lane ... “The yellow sneakers” .. . running in the rain ... Long Road Fun Run ... Long Road on Time . .. Barberos ... Mrs. I.’s treat... get ’em at¬ titude with “We have a chance against them ... We just might WIN!!!” 130 CROSS COUNTY: Row 1, Paul Barrow, Chris Patenaude, John Farncy, Karen Bernard, Luke Charbonneau, Julie Avila, Chad Jacobs, Kenny Martin. Row 2, Chrystal Dakin, Jesse Jacobsen, Bo Stocklin, Marsha Manna, Becky Patenaude, Nicole Andrade, Sal Corrao, Julie Isaksen, Missy Fletcher. Row 3, Heather Edwards, Sarah Medeiros, Jessica Hardy, Tracey Simmons, Danny Hunt, Jenn Walker, Carrie Ashley, Amy Pomfret, Gina Desrochers, Beth Mulherin, Mandy Scott. Row 4, Lyle Drew, Coach Bender, Jeremy Tyler. 131 Basketball CHAMPIONS!!! 5 TITLES!! The New Bedford Tip-Off Tourney The Coyle-Cassidy Butler Memorial Tournament South Coast Confere Co-Champions South Sectional Champions Eastern Champions AND A WORCESTER FOR THE STATE FINAi What a spectacular season. Congratulations to Division III Coach of the year Ms Southworth and his Awesome Devil Team. Wl . OUTSTANDING!!! Row 1, K. Howell, L. Charbonneau, M. Melanphy, S. Francis, C. Patenaude, S. McKenna. Row 2, Coach Southworth, M. Thomas, J. Farney, J. Jacobsen, K. Sovik, S. Ashworth, Coach Foster, Coach Tate. 132 The 1986-87 Boy’s Basketball team rolled to an 18-2 record this year and to their third straight tournament berth. The season was filled with high points. Never forget, the victory over Wareham . .. Seekonk bus ride . . . Shaw’s cookies 133 134 135 Ice Hockey Row 1, B. Walecka, D. Frates, K. Leclair, J. Platt, B. Becotte, Coach S. Becotte, Coach J. Mahaney, Coach M. Mahaney, C. Jackson, A. Judge, M. Henriques, A. Ferland, K. Kruger. Row 2, Manager A. Sheeley, S. Tanguay, P. Gifford, D. Byrne, R. Fryer, P. Hubert, B. Guay, A. Nicolosi, M. Brown, K. Martin, M. Carrico, S. Dias, J. Mills. 136 This year’s 12-2 record. It for the team, teams very hard to 3- iing year a lot of 137 138 Basketball 140 This year’s Girls Basket¬ ball Team improved their record from a disappoint¬ ing 2-6 to 7-11. They played several very close games and lost a couple by slim margins. Remember all the great times ... Eating pizza at Appone- quet ... Linda Feener’s boxing abilities in the game against Voc-Tech ... Beating Apponequet by two points when Heidi Ashworth scored with two seconds remaining. 14 ! Winter Track Row 1, M. Medeiros, H. Edwards, C. Ashley, S. Edwards, N. Brunelle, N. An¬ drade, M. Martin. Row 2, L. Cardoza, A. Pomfret, K. Bernard, D. Parent, K. Martin, L. Hanrahan, S. McDonald, M. Ducharme, S. Medeiros. K. Bellefeuille, J. Isaksen. Row 3, M. McKnight, S. Martin, M. Fletcher, M. Manna, J. Orman, M. DeSouza, S. Corrao, C. Foster, L. Guillotte, D. Goglia, C. Burr, S. Davignon. Row 4, J. Jacobsen, S. Perryman, B. Stocklin, J. Bailey, T. Hood, R. DaSilva, T. Chagnon, J. Toomey, P. Barrow, K. Burr. 142 This year’s Boy’s Winter Track Team end¬ ed their season with a 1-3 record. Despite the fact that they had only one win the F.H.S. Tracksters worked hard and had a lot of fun. How can they ever forget ... D.Q.’s . . . Bus Rides ... Circuits ... Track Romances . .. “How many people do we have here?’’.. . The Girls Finished the season with a 4-2 record and placed 3rd in the Conference. Sophomores Missy DeSouza and Julie Isaksen went undefeated and won the shot put and two-mile events at the Conference Meet. They’ll always remember... Falmouth Relays .. . S.C.C. Relays ... Meets with Ap- ponequet . . . Harvard ... Running in the Snow ... Intervals ... Corridors ... “The Rockin’ Party Bus’’ ... Volleyball games . .. “bathroom parties.’’ 143 Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports 144 Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports 145 It’s a Bummer for Guys When... Your little sister has to tell you about the Facts of Life. You don’t shave for a month in an attempt to grow a beard and everyone tells you that your face is dirty. You try to impress a girl by doing a bum out in your truck and you crash into a tree. You shoot your best basket of the entire basketball season in the wrong basket. You take a girl out on a date to an expensive restaurant and when the check comes you don’t have enough money to cover it. You walk all the way across the stage not noticing that your fly is down. You stay up all night writing a paper and your English teacher is absent the next day. rTcTTTcFTiCKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTICKTfcK C K T I C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K C I T K Sure you have a 105° temp, you also have an English test this period. What’s everyone so happy about? Ut oh, I think I just split my uniform. Quick, Jen, here comes Mrs. I can’t catch this stupid ant. Martin. Where’s my trophy? 146 Get over here, right now! Will someone let the helium out of that ball? Aren’t those students a little mature? C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T I C K T 1 C K T 1 C k T I C K I’s a Bummer for Girls When... Your mom calls your boyfriend by the wrong name (like your ex-boyfriend ' s) You can ' t buy a bikini because you need a size 11 bottom and a size 3 top. You take home every book in your locker except the one you need. You are trying to diet and your dad decides to give you a ten-pound box of chocolates. You wave to a guy you really like and trip right in front of him. Your hair comes out wicked awesome (for a change) and you go outside and the rain plasters it to your head. You buy a new sweater and you’re really excited to wear it. When you finally do, someone has the exact same sweater on. TlCKTICKTlCKTlCKTlCKTICKTlCKTICKTlCkTK K TK ' KTIC ' KTK Oh sorry, I thought this was the high jump. Trieia, will you please get off my foot? Ah hah! Do you think we can fit him in the pot?! 147 Senior: the name says it all! ill nergetic 148 i nvolved utstanding 149 150 You Know You’re a Senior When ... You feel as if the gym is your second home. You get to tell your teachers exactly what you think. You start strangling your friends in the You start looking for a prom date in hall. December. You finally get the respect and praise of You don’t worry about your fourth term your favorite teacher. grades. You are allowed to use a real sander. You don’t panic when you see a fireman in the building. You finally get used to the school lunch. You are allowed to stay out late with your You realize you are losing your hair, favorite guy. You take the bus for the last time. 151 High school is the whirl of fall leaves swirling across a road at twilight. It’s a gold plated megaphone dangling from a dainty chain. It’s buying all the latest fashions, then babysit¬ ting. It’s meeting new friends, watching the winning touchdown and experiencing the thrill and sweat of a locker room after the struggle. High school is cramming for an exam that you’d rather forget. It’s a shiny bronze ring that catches the light. And a yearbook with scat¬ tered memories. High school is growing up, and growing up is wishing you were young again. Anonymous 152 In Tribute to Mr. Lynwood P. Harriman On July 30, 1987, Mr. Lynwood P. Harriman will retire from his position as superintendent of schools in Fairhaven. Promoted to this position in April, 1958, Mr. Harriman has spent over half of his life directing the affairs of the school system. Looking back, he feels that the building of Hastings Junior High (Now Hastings Middle School) during his first year as superintendent was one of the high points in his career, though he believes that all twenty-nine years have been filled with challenge and accomplishment. For his twenty-nine years of dedicated service to the Fairhaven School System, the students at Fairhaven High extend their sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Lynwood P. Harriman, our superintendent, and wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. 153 F ' v - ' L -v 8C5 T ' i " • ? YEARBO SPraBUiaBaWt « «mp®I y SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mr. Peter Anthony for his organizatioifd’hd coordination wifh ourclss’ fund raising projects and proms. Miss Paula Cunha for all the many Hours and hours spent typing our senior sectic Mrs. Margaret Lister for her expertise in yearbook procedures, m | Mrs. James Mahaney for his organiiation in fund raising for our book. Mr. David Medeiros for his “late hours” coordinating computer|print outs ai ideasT jjA Mr. Gary Monuteaux for his qualify carpentry skills refinishing ou!§“drawingboar Miss Cathy Mulherin, Mike Viator, and Mr. Rapoza for their enotlhous contribi art entries,:® l Tom and Aptoinette Pacheco for their great pictures, patience, and understanding. Schmidtjpur publisher, for his knowledge and guidance ! I f " E HMTTLESTON1 AN STAFF FOR THEIR HARiD WORK Mr. Con TH ■ YJ|ff wi THE 1987 dm amm % mW - Sfiferi Tel. 997-3595 RICHARD NUNES PLUMBING HEATING 219 MILL ROAD FAIRHAVEN. MA 02719 Tonnessen Fishing Inc. Good Luck to the Class of 1987 2 Middle St. Fairhaven to the Class of 1987 CERTllRlj HOUSE . me. 1 55 156 THE KORIN ' S NEST yarn and wool shoppe ! TK B 5 quality yarn needle¬ point 112 Huttleston Ave. (Rt. 6) Fairhaven, MA Telephone (617) 994-1404 Best wishes to the Class of ’87 From a friend Tel. (617) 997-1207 52 HUTTLESTON AVE , FAIRHAVEN, MA. 02719 E LOPES 997-4999 Scandia PROPELLER SERVICE A SUPPLY. INC. DISTRIBUTORS COLUMBIAN Propellent mm : ' W v ' w. MARCO Hydraulic Deck Machinery WAGNER Hydraulic; Steerlno System QUNNAR GUNDERSEN 2 UNION STREET FAIRHAVEN. MASS 02719 Best wishes to the class of ’87 iS tyur % d Harold Alberta Rogei mm 107 Main Street Fairhaven. Mass. v 4ft Tel. 993-3668 ML .. _ to Class of ’87 from: m lsed-6Jo- e ! s Food Served as it, “ Used-To-Be ” ( 617 ) 997-1305 FAIRHAVEN NAUTITUSv CENTER®! 162 Huttleston Ave. Fairhaven, MA 02719 358 Main Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 157 Stephen Contois PHOENIX SHEET METAL Installation Fabrication 109 MAIN ST. FAIRHAVEN, MA 02719 FAIRHAVEN PIONEER MARKET 219 ALUMS STREET PHONE 991 9141 FAIRHAVEN, MASS. 02719 BEER - WINE AND FRESH MEAT 2 Middle Street Fair haven MA 02719 996-0313 310 WASHINGTON ST.. P.O. BOX 606 FAIRHAVEN, MA 02719 LOCATED ON ROUTES 6 AND 240 EXIT 18 OFF 1-195 Leaded Glass Windows Bent Panels Tiffany Style Lampshades Hobbiest Supplies Constructed — Repaired petraszek Art ( laoB " Craftsmanship in the Old World Tradition” Tel. 617 994 6731 Call For Assurance 158 38 Gellette Rd. Fairhaven, Ma.02719 (617) 993-8062 STAFFON FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS” 1ft 187 ALDEN RD. JOHN C. STAFFON, PROP. FAIRHAVEN, MA 02719 (617) 997-0313 PrOMPT PROFeSSIONaL SeRVICE Carpet Oflart FINE FLOOR WALL COVERINGS WAYNE VANDAL LOUISE VANDAL 530 WASHINGTON STREET ROUTE 6 EAST FAIRHAVEN DAVID M. SINCE AIR Video The Magic of Movies and More 10 3 Hut tleston Ave. Fairhaven, MA 02719 (617) 993-3600 (617) 994-2974 MASS. LIC. 17416 Business 993-1300 Home 998-2606 Congratulations and Best Gr|ater New Bedford’s 1987 1 r Junior Miss m Lisa Ann Pacheco t i . :S; f. ■■MM Love, Ed, Michelle, Heather Chri jRNHPbu Ix)cal Long distance 24 Hr. Service 76 Main St. Fairhaven, MA wmm Private Medicaid accepted 995-9009 Best Wishes EXCAVATING Manuel Pacheco .andscapmg Steven Pacheco FOUR YEAR HOME ENT 993-2679 OPEN 7 DAYS AIRHAVEN, MA 993-: (617) 992-7368 e Class of 1987 Best of L UBi fN CENlfrH r 1 mt-T SURGERY jns i nt FrtrW NURSERY F LOWER SH OP .ND SO ATT GREENHC y P.O. Box 31 1 443 Wash ing ton St. (Roolp i) Fairhaven. Massncluisptts 0 71§ Chinel mern nphone HAYL USETTS )R TAKE-OUT FINE DI Seafood TeL (6 :7). 763-4774 Baby Back Ribs Chicken Hen House Family Restaurant 1315 Main St. (Rt. 105) Acushnet, MA 02743 FAIRHAVEN Educators Association RICHARD J. ELGAR Cocktails Owner 161 Tel.(617) 993-38 403 Main Street No. Fairhaven, MA 02719 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’87 FAIRHAVEN TRUE VALUE IMP m xk4 L. HARDWARE ' P ■ • 9 7 pC5 UV Anot .Q-j, CRAFT SHOP h-A, j I HANDMADE GIFTS-CLASSES MACRAME ' -BEADS-RINGS NOTION S-SU PPL IES-WICKER CANDLEWICKING-FABRIC BOOKS-CRAFT SUPPLIES CROSS STITCH-EMBROD. FLOSS T-SHIRTS-TOPS-SWEATSHIRTS GIFT CERTIFICATES 335 MAIN ST. FHVN, MA. 617-997-0482 SANDY FRIAS 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. 7 Days a Week Tel. 996-9555 UV „ 7 SS ' CHRIS’ 235 IIETY ;et Fairhaver,, Mass 02719 Megabucks on Line Betting We Deliver FOR MICHAEL JAMES VIATOR and all the Class of 1987 “The brightest of futures ' Harold Betty Eaton ,99 162 NEWBURY VIDEO WORLD 410 Main Street Fairhaven The King of Video Color TV 997-0074 The Haircutters Men’s Hairstylist 999-3806 13 WASH INGTON STREET, FAIRHAVEN. MA 02719 FLORIST NURSERY LANDSCAPING KENNY’S FARM STAND FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES — FANCY FRUIT BASKETS All the Best to the Class OF ’87 FROM ACUSHNET PHARMACY 539 WASHINGTON ST. (RTE. 6) 162 S. Main St. Acushnet, MA 02743 KEN 999-5579 FAIRHAVEN, MA 02719 163 160 William St., New Bedford 992-9505 164 • Forms Computer Continuous Reqister Snapout • Catalogs • Brochure 0 hlla ' Uerde t edlaurant 362 NO. MAIN ST. FAIRHAVEN, MA. TAKE OUT ORDERS AVAILABLE ii haven. MA 02719 Best Wishes to the Class of 1987 pplowor Mi op 356 MAIN STREET FAIRHAVEN, MA 02719 c irom Oxford Pharmacy 348 Main St. Fairhaven, MA 02719 Best Wishes [awthorn St. rtmouth, MA l t - l N Washington Slice! I ,iii li.uen, M A 027 I Telephoned 0296 pint; hill flower shoi Wedding • Kanqucis • Drums Funerals Arrangements of all types Silk Flowers • Dried Flowers • Fresh Flowers 588 Middle Road Aeushnel. Mass. 0274!! CIIARFOTTK COIJTINIK) At Kitchen Design Center, we design the most beautiful kitchens you’ll find anywhere. We start by matching your ideas with one of our talented designers. Then we select the finest cabinets, appliances, and fixtures ... in short, everything we need to bring your ideas to life. Better yet, we coordinate all the skilled craftsmen — carpenters, electricians and plumbers — to make sure your kitchen is perfectly installed. Right down to the finest detail. So, whether you’re building or remodeling, remember, you can ' t do better than Kitchen Design. Where you’ll find the hottest kitchens in town. 144 Dartmouth St. New Bedford (617) 996-2723 Birchwood Common Rte. 18, Lakeville (617) 946-0303 Somerset Rd. Nantucket (617) 228-66S3 KITCHEN Hcsi |» Center Inc. Where Beautiful Kitchens Begin 166 Best of Luck in all future endeavors from the staff at the Chowder House Good Luck Class of 1987 McDonald’s® Fairhaven THE CRITICS ' CHOICE Finest Italian cuisine in Southeastern Mass. Truly a very unique restaurant. House VISA ■PJ Open daily and weekends for dinner 4 P.M. to 10 P.M. Cocktail Lounge ' til 1 A.M. Closed Monday 100 Alden Road, Fairhaven 993-9913 (Exit 18, Route 240 of! Route 1-195) Best of Luck Class of “87” Charpentier Electric ‘‘Residential, Commercial, Fire Smoke Alarms” Leo Carol Charpentier PO Box 488 phone Fairhaven, MA 02719 617-997-6053 167 CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1987 BEST OF LUCK FROM PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO TOM + ANTOINETTE THE PACHECOS TOM, CAITLYN, TOMMY ANTOINETTE “Creative Senior Portraits” Home of the “Krazy Klick” More • INDIVIDUALS We specialize in portraits of; ' COUPLES in the studio or on location • FAMILIES 168 - 997-4412 - 335 Rockdale Ave., New Bedford, MA f FflisiHi.: ' . X

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