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like to collect my memories As I sit here by myself And think of times A nd days gone by As I sift through weightless shelves W1P1 William Hutson THE HUTTLESTONIAN Class of 1977 Volume LI FAIRHA YEN HIGH SCHOOL Fairhaven, Massachusetts Table of Contents Principal’s Address Administration Theme Dedication Educators Activities A thletics Underclassmen Seniors A cknowledgements Principal’s A ddress The Class of 1977 has chosen a most appropriate poem for their yearbook theme. Kipling, in the poem " If,” believes that all young people who wish to become truly adult must know themselves, believe in themselves, be true to themselves in the midst of conflicts and pressures if they are to achieve a life worth living. I sincerely hope that during your tenure at Fairhaven High School you have developed these virtues. May health and happiness be with you always. 2 ADMINISTRA TION Principal: Mr. Stanley J. Grabiec Dr. Edward J. Donnelly Director of Guidance Mr. Melvin Entin Director of Physical Education and Athletics Vice Principal: Mr. Carlton C. Albritton Guidance Counselors James Eanagan.Jr. Virginia Kowal Cletus Malloy You can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting, too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, Or being hated, don ’t give way to hating, And yet don’t look too good nor talk too wise; If you can dream and not make dreams your master, If you can think and not make thoughts your aim, If you can meet with triumph and disaster, A nd treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build em up with worn-out-tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings. And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone. . . And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the will which says to them: “Holdon!” If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings — nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it. And — which is more —you ’ll be a Man, my son! Rudyard Kipling |» ■ 1 %v A ' aj B» : v| fi 1 HHSI m x , - 5»; ?:■! ■ IQ ill ■JUft M | l V • ; ' ■ ' i ■ ( -—«— ■■» , AV m wjHu « , v .1 f ;2 !■£ 1 H19 j,. jrv i | flK5E®®f yv ' - ’ ' ■VWw: : B “Life is what we make it — is still the basis of happiness and success. ” In " IF,” Kipling tries to lead us to a fantastic life by setting up some basic morals and truths to follow. These are not to confine our dreams and desires, but to guide them. Each one of us is filled with bright, vast dreams, goals, and expectations no matter who he or she is. But far too often we tend to think only of ourselves, and miss a vital part of FRIENDSHIP — that of LISTENING and SHARING with others. Through this encounter would come a startling realization — the fact that everyone has something totally unique to offer. It may be a piece of advice or a quotation from a famous philosopher, an outlook into the future or just anything which distinguishes him from all others. Since we all have our own separate goals to strive for in the manner of which the individual chooses, no two will look upon life in exactly the same way. Therefore, we have no way to determine which path is the correct one. But, by our actions, the friends we choose, and the activities we partake in, we are showing people who we are and why we’re here. Since everyone has a different reason for living and enjoying this earth, it’s up to us to seek out our meaning and pursue it till we reach our goal. If it seems feasible, DO IT! If your goals are high, then STRIVE TO ACHIEVE! Do whatever it takes to make your life the most fulfilling and rewarding experience that you possibly can. TRUST in others! In return, they may confide in you; if you cause others harm and mistrust, you are only causing pains for yourself. Never lose FAITH, HOPE, and TRUST for they will take you everywhere and help you out of anything. HAPPINESS — it’s an internal feeling; one of the satisfactions of giving, of accomplishment, of self- fulfillment, and of the awareness that YOU are somebody. Do not walk in the shadow of another for your light may never shine. And, most important of all: BE YOURSELF!! 6 As we look back upon our years at Fairhaven High School, many fond memories of very special people come to mind. They were there when we needed them most — whether it was through a ■ ' T gesture, a piece of advice, a word, or a smile, these people always seemed to be around. And so, it is with great pride that we dedicate this yearbook to OUR TEACHERS! This book expresses our gratitude for the invaluable service which you have so faithfully given. You have helped us to grow and to find our way; you have made us feel special. For this we shall be forever thankful. The Class of 1977 ED UCA TORS “If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much ...” “What greater or better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth?” Cicero Peter Anthony Stephen Barriteau Stephen Bender Peter Borowiec Stella Borowiec Mary Louise Boyce Business Dept. Chmn. Librarian Raymond G. Boyce Norman Burr Science Dept. Chmn. Alma-Jean Campbell Florence Chase Charles Cipollini Robert Clarkson Rene Drouin Allen Duarte Donald J. B. Dufour George Evans . Language Dept. Chmn. Distributive Education John Haaland Linda Jarek Margaret Lister Jacqueline Machado John Malcolm Robert Marchand Math Dept. Chmn. Social Studies Dept. Chmn. 12 Robert Margeson Jane Martin Kathryn McCollester Marjorie Mello Patricia Mello Linda Moffatt Gary Monuteaux Pierre Paquin Alan Pehrson James Peterson Dana Pierce Mabel Pina Evelyn Pursley Janice Randall Joseph Rapoza Susan Richard Art Dept. Chmn. John Risgin Antonio Santos Music Dept. Chmn. Evelyn Shapiro Michael Shea William Silva Susan Swanson Susan Trafton Gail Waltz English Dept. Chmn. 13 OFFICE STAFF — Top to Bottom: Lee Paiva, Jeanne Sylvia, Evelyn AIDES — Madelyn Poulin, Lester Smith, Nancy Keith Martin, Esther Perry CAFETERIA STAFF — Left to Right: Blanche Gaj, Pat O’Gara, Jane Desrosiers, Lillian Gautreau, Rose Brown, Marian Thomas, Stefanie Tatro, Lillian Potkay, Lucille Bennett CUSTODIAL STAFF— Ix - ft to Right: Joseph Vallierc, Dellmer Sylvia, Ronald Medeiros, Helen Tenczar, Richard Jenney, Leonard Roderick. Not Pictured: Edward Ribeiro “I am not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead — ahead of myself as well as of you. ” George Bernard Shaw A CTIVITIES “Ifyou can talk with crowds and keep your virtue or walk with kings — nor lose the common touch . . . ” 19 The Huttlestonian CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Chris Murray and Marie Larocque HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS Faculty and Underclassmen: Rita Antonsen Activities: Sue Kollars and Leslie Westgate Athletics: Sarah Ransom Seniors: Cindy Murray and John Roderiques Acknowledgements: Jackie Silva and Tim Vieira MISSING FROM PICTURE Photography: Marie Spooner 1 ' -A -n v bL z£m } -V . ’ T . . A ■ v j K Cj r k-r l 1 f ijfW 1 Bl »■ 20 The 1977 Huttlestonian Staff The Spray i m -J I Editor, Dan Shanahan; Assistant, Cheryl Aguiar. Speech and Drama m. tiM ' . mam ■ . Office Workers A. V. Club Key Club Honor Society Math Team Art Club Student Council Library A ides Future Homemakers of America Creative Arts Spanish Club Distributive Education f ! French Club Monitors Karate Club Student Advisory Council A.F.S. 25 Dance Band Jazz Band 26 Orchestra Triple Quartet Chorus 27 Cheerleaders BOTTOM — Left to Right: Carolyn Fleurent, Cheryl Mont, Cheryl Hawkes, Sue Hirst, Nancy Chandler, Francine Bourque. TOP — Left to Right: Gail Labonte, Joanne Carvalho. Pep Squad 28 Majorettes Blue Spirit Color Guard Banner Girls B1CENTENNIA L PA GEANT On May 1st and May 2nd, 1976, Fairhaven High School, in conjunction with the Town of Fairhaven, staged a play, Amer¬ ican Moments. The play was in honor of our Bicentennial, and was written and directed by Mrs. Mabel Hoyle Knipe, a former English teacher at Fairhaven High. The play was suc¬ cessful and enjoyed by everyone. HOMECOMING WEEK The week of November 1st to November 6th, 1976, was a special one at FHS. Our annual float contest was held on Saturday and helped set the stage for the Homecoming Dance that night. The climax, of an unforgettable week, was the announcement that Vicki Leshyk was crowned Queen and Julie Medeiros was her Lady-in-Waiting. 31 A THLETICS “If you can meet with triumph and disaster A nd treat those two impostors just the same ...” Girls’ Tennis 1st ROW: D. Lombardo, H. Hacking, A. Suddy, S. Gomes, M. Laroeque. 2nd ROW: C. Kut, C. Sullivan, A. Dwyer, Coach Waltz, C. Rose, S. Hirst, M. Duval, K. White. Boys’ Tennis LEFT TO RIGHT: Gil Oliveira, Jay Hirst, Tony Rose, Coach Twarog, Steve Calderbank, Bob Shurtleff, Dwayne Albrit¬ ton, Ron Pontbriand. X ' 35 Girls’ Track 1976 I r.| ' jyL r f ,• EJL 1st ROW: D. Cummings, S. Silva, E. Marien, S. Ransom, Captain Linda Tobertga, D. Richards, C. Lopes, B. Rapoza, P. Bennett, G. Lawton, L. Hennessy. 2nd ROW: Coach Santos, S. Darling, V. Belanger, A. Haines, J. Silver, C. Desrosiers, D. Cunha, D. Ponsart,J. Eliot, G. Gagnon, K. Tobertga, J. Downey, D. Gillum, L. Cummings, J. Constant, Coach Deforge. 36 " Get it together.” 37 Boys’ Track 1st ROW: D. Mitchell, R. Pease, W. Fernandes, Captain Steve Ransom, M. Santos, M. Cleveland, M. Elliot, S. Wright, J. Silva. 2nd ROW: T. Brown, P. Graves, M. Gamache, J. Hennessy, S. Young, M. Edwards, D. Hayden, B. Markey, S. McGreevy, J. Fernandes, T. Mamik, P. Martin, B. Perry. 3rd ROW: T. Duffy, S. Benoit, G. Mendes, C. Devlin, P. Desrosiers, F. Frigault, C. Allaire, D. Bancroft, P. Ostiguy. Fairhaven vs. Diman Voke Loss Fairhaven vs. O.R.R. Loss Fairhaven vs. D.R. Win Fairhaven vs. Stang Win Fairhaven vs. Connolly Win Fairhaven vs. Upper Cape Win Fairhaven vs. Coyle Win Fairhaven vs. Taunton Win Fairhaven vs. Feehan Loss Fairhaven vs. N.B. Voke Win Wins — 7 Losses — 3 Ties — 0 38 i 39 Baseball • i 1st ROW: H. Tucker, M. Camire, Paul Gordon and Steve Foster — Co-Captains, M. Leclair, S. Daniels, C. Tillett. 2nd ROW: B. Chase, J. Camacho, P. Demanche, P. Robichaud, R. Renaud, B. Wolfgang, E. Chase, Coach Duarte, Manager — A. Griffiths. 41 Volleyball H. Hacking, A. Furtado, E. Marien, S. Gomes, M. Magan and M, Fortes — Co-Captains, K. Corre- ria. 2nd ROW: L. Peterson, N. Marsh, K. Winey, S. Frye, K. White, J. Souza, J. Bradshaw, K. Motta. 43 Field Hockey 1st ROW: V. Leshyk, A. Haines, D. Cunha, L. Healy, Captain Sarah Ransom, C. Guzman, J. Downey, M. Guillot. 2nd ROW: B. Bala, L. Hathaway, J. Jupin, C. Collins, L. Britto. P. Murray, J. Moore, L. Forester, D. Elenefsky. MISSING: L. Devlin, Captain Ann Suddy. Golf Team LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Santos, P. Figueiredo, Coach Ahlander, C. Michaud, M. Hanszaryk. MISSING: K. Pelland. Boys 9 Football ROW 1: S. Benoit, R. Bergeron, B. Chase, S. Young, Captain, P. Demanche, B. Wolfgang, J. Carney, P. Desrosiers, D. Rousseau, E. Fleurent, G. Mendes. ROW 2: T. DeTerra, M. Collins, M. Edwards, E. Chase, S. Viora, C. Tillett, G. Furtado, B. Perry, C. Allaire, D. Bancroft, G. Daniels. ROW 3: Trainer, J. Canastra, M. Gordon, W. Bergeron, S. Jason, J. Crowly, T. Hemingway, P. Vasconcellas, D. Valerio, T. Fonseca, R. Jackson, G. Labonte. ROW 4: Manager, R. Canastra, K. Correia, B. Benoit, P. Stanley, D. Medeiros, R. Sears, S. Eliot, R. Mayo, J. Rapoza, S. Demers, R. Tavares. ROW 5: Manager, A. Griffith, M. Pimental, D. Sobral, P. Gordon, S. Lombardo, D. Burke, F. Souza, G. Ransom, J. Larsen, B. Connors, A. Eddleston. Coach Shea, Coach Bender, Coach Risgin, Coach Medeiros, Head Coach Lanagan. ijny Boys ’ Basketball FIRST ROW — Left to Right: C. Tillet, T. Manley, Captain Jim Hennessy, M. Furtado, P. Bessette. SECOND ROW: P. Graves, B. Burton, G. Furtado, S. Lombardo, M. Gamache. THIRD ROW: P. Foster, P. Figueiredo, D. Haydon, B. Gonet, A. Vasconcelos. FOURTH ROW: B. Benoit, D. Burke, R. Jackson, P. Martin, B. Costa. MISS¬ ING: S. Gallagher. F 47 Stang 39 71 Old Rochester 66 62 Dartmouth 76 48 ■ Vocational 60 New Bedford 55 n Stang 57 6 3 Somerset 65 v Falmouth 37 57 . Falmouth 49 Dennis Varmouth 45 •13 86 Seckonk Bishop Feehan .6 48 57 Old Rochester 45 52 Wareham 50 54 Somerset 39 40 Coyle Cassidy 39 70 Falmouth 34 51 Bishop Feehan 45 61 Seekonk 36 62 Dennis Yarmouth 51 66 Coyle Cassidy 50 42 Wareham JM 40 51 Stang 56 53 Medfield 28 ■15 Boston Trade ■C u m Sharon ’ ' 20 WINS 5, LOSSES 61 Girls ' Basketball VARSITY — Seniors from left to right: Captain Moe Magan, Ann Suddy, Nancy Graves, Ginny Lawton, Peggy Bennett, Cathy Bernard. Juniors from left to right: K. McLean, J. Downey, V. Leshyk, D. Gillum, S. LeBlanc. jg, — - I l i — 11 ' mi 1 Lg 1 5 JUNIOR VARSITY — Left to Right: Captain B. Cosmos, P. Murray, B. Bala, D. Borges, E. Labrie, L. Hathaway. SECOND ROW: L. Devlin, L. Britto, C. Swaja, J. Bergeron, M. Gamache. Fa irhaven 50 Old Rochester 21 Fairhaven 35 New Bedford 34 Fairhaven 56 Holy Family 35 Fairhaven 51 Wareham 36 Fairhaven 23 Wareham 44 Fairhaven 67 St. Anthony 51 Fairhaven 34 Dartmouth 54 Fairhaven 44 Stang 62 Fairhaven 45 Vocational 41 Fairhaven 45 New Bedford 49 Fairhaven 48 Holy Family 29 Fairhaven 53 St. Anthony 44 Fairhaven 31 Stang 72 Fairhaven 36 Dartmouth 44 Fairhaven 53 Vocational 30 Fairhaven 59 Old Rochester 30 10 WINS 6 LOSSES 13 31 9Mt» 24 50 A 51 Winter Track FIRST ROW — Left to Right: R. Bergeron, T. Duffy, A. Frigault, B. Dufrane, C. Guzman, P. Desrosiers, D. Mitchell, S. McGreevy, L. Fleurent. SECOND ROW: T. Brown, V. Belanger, C. Desrosiers, P. Jason, P Ostiguy,J. Fernades, S. Wright, P. Ashley, A Almeda, K. McQuade THIRD ROW: M. Bessette, S. Elliot, M. Almeda, D. Bancroft, R. Ashley, J. Rezendes, D. Sparrow, W. Bergeron, P. Sylvia. O 53 Boys ’ Ice Hockey FRONT ROW — Left to Right: J. Faria, R Tavares, N.Alves, R Dexter, S. Demers, P Boulay, G. Valley. SECOND ROW: Mgr M Boulay, Asst.Coach P C., G. Oliver, S. Vaudry, B. Chase, B Langevin, B. Shurtleff, Captain Jim Camacho, J. Hirst, C. Wright, C. Allaire, Head Coach J. Manhaney. Fairhaven 2 Taunton 8 Fairhaven 2 Old Rochester 4 Fairhaven 0 Old Rochester 3 Fairhaven 1 Durfee 4 Fairhaven 6 Attleboro 4 Fairhaven 1 Bourne 6 Fairhaven 4 Seekonk 4 Fairhaven 4 Vocational 2 Fairhaven 8 Wareham 2 Fairhaven 5 Dartmouth 5 Fairhaven 1 Durfee 3 Fairhaven 2 Attleboro 3 Fairhaven 1 Bourne 8 Fairhaven 5 Vocational 8 Fairhaven 2 Seekonk 6 Fairhaven 1 W areham 5 Fairhaven 1 Dartmouth 7 55 There is something noble in defeat. You cannot find victory unless you first understand defeat. 3 The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling , but in rising again after you fall. UNDER CLA SSMEN “If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. . . Class Officers Hutt Staff P. Murray, L. Hathaway, K. Winey, S. Ashley, K. Wolan. Executive Board LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Gordon, K. Fleurent, P. Cyr, L. Richard, L. Forrestor, K. Demanche, L. Britto, M. Gamache, R. Canastra, S. Lombardo. 60 Class Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Cummings — Sec., P. Figueiredo — Pres., D. Martin — V. Pres. MISSING: J. Downey — Treas. The Class °f 78 Executive Board TOP: J. Carvalho V. Leshyk P. L’Etoile D. Gillum D. Bancroft D. Cunha BOTTOM: C. LeBlanc R. Ashley % 11 KACgU H «■; n jin ilpP A IF i mij ‘iW -Mj PH ' IM 2 fll - L 1 ■. + w The important thing is this: To be at any moment, sacrifice What we are for what we could become . Hutt Staff BOTTOM TO TOP: A. Haines, P. Jason, J. Downey, D. Pacheco, V Leshyk, P. Chase, A. Landry. MISS¬ ING: C. Lopes. 62 SENIORS « “Ifyou can dream and not make dreams your master If you can think and not make thoughts your • • • aim Peter Desrosiers receives the Harvard Book Club Award. Walking solemnly into the Larch Avenue Audi¬ torium, the boys wore sports suits, and the girls wore white dresses and carried single yellow roses. It was a day of tear-filled eyes and shaky smiles. It was a day that marked the end of our two years as Underclassmen, and marked the beginning of our final year. With pride and dignity, Jeff Canastra accepted the class mantle, and our Senior year, our year of responsibilities and recognition, had begun. Cindy Murray is the recipient of the Mabel Hoyle Knipe Award Cecelia Kut is presented with the College Club Award. Jeff Canastra accepts the class mantle. Cindy Mello receives first place in the French Oral contest. “I’d save everyday like a treasure. . . “If I had a box just for wishes” l 68 “If I could make days last forever ” May 7, 1976 — the day of our Junior Prom finally arrived. With the softly colored streamers flowing gently in the background, couples danced to the music of Motivation. The highlight of the evening came when Class President Jeff Canastra proclaimed Peggy Bennett Queen and Linda Gordon Lady-in-Waiting. To clima x the crowning, all the couples joined the happy Queen and her escort Paul Demanche, in dancing to " Time In A Bottle,” the theme song of our prom. . . save everyday ’til eternity passes away” Class Officers President — Jeff Canastra, Vice Pres. — Peggy Bennett, Secretary — Debbie DuCharme, Treasurer—Julie Medeiros. Senior Class Executive Board TOP: K. Tobertga, P. Demanche, T. Manley, J. Carney. BOTTOM: N. Graves, S. Ransom Class History It seems like we’ve been in high school forever And the memories we have we’ll surely treasure. How we thought we were great and didn’t know why During our freshman year at Hastings Junior High. We’ll remember our class advisor Mr. Mailloux Who led us on, making greater the white and blue. Our class officers were female majority ruled With Jeanne Coleman as president of the school. We bet Jeff Canastra didn’t have to think twice When he was elected as our class vice. Doreen Renaud, too, must have had pleasure As she took care of all our class treasure. And the secretary, Ruth Mellody, helped out too As she took care of matters for me and you. And our football season was really grand As we faced our undefeated season in a proud stand. Do you remember the ninth grade dance? With Cats ’ss it was great from a first glance. We signed each other’s yearbooks way back then But it wasn’t so sad because we’d see each other again. We ended that year off with a bang With a rock band and Ronnie Manzone who sang. Our sophomore year began with a great fear Of unknown adventures we’d cherish so dear. Remember how it was to be a sophomore When all the upperclassmen pushed you around the floor? Remember all the homework you never thought would end And a day off from it was just like a God-send? Everything was new for each and everyone of us And anything anyone did caused a great fuss. Mr. Paquin became our new class advisor And nobody else could be any more wiser. The president for the next three years was Jeff Canastra Who did his best to keep the class from disaster. Oxford Theatre is where our field trip took us to be And " Rebecca,” the movie classic, is what we went to see. The class project was another first for that year As we sold our boxes of candy without much cheer. We received our class rings in 1975 in May Then, graduation seemed so very far away. Half days we had then every other week were odd and new And just like everything else, those were ended too. And final exams were enough to give us a scare But then as sophomores we really didn’t care. Our class seemed to band together as Juniors we became And we all just about knew everyone else’s face and name. The field trip that year took us from school most of the day As we saw " Two Gentlemen of Verona,” a Shakespearean play. Our class project had memo boards for us to sell. We weren’t too thrilled but it was just as well. April 14, 1976 may be a memorable propriety For a small group who joined the National Honor Society. And May 7, 1976 was something of a sight Because it was the date for our Junior Prom night. June 3, 1976 was very special in its own way Because it was the date for our own Junior Day. Everyone, if you remember, was in his best clothes. The girls in white dresses with their yellow rose. And there was no exception either with the guys As they stood proud in their suits and ties. It was so nice to be dressed up on that special occasion As the power of the school was handed over to the ’77 invasion. Finally in September ’76 there was no need to guess That we the Class of ’77 were the Seniors of F.H.S. Our total of two hundred thirty had united into one. And before we left, we had things that had to be done. Like the honorable mention, our Senior float And our revenge that caused us to gloat. For that insult, our class did not yield As we burned the thing in the center of the football field. Our last class project was selling candy bars, 504 a piece. After that, thank God, our class projects ceased. We worried about our future plans most of that year. Decisions plagued us as we asked advice of our peers. Going to work or selecting a college battled in our minds Or to some choosing both and having them combine. Venus DeMilo was the place which held our Senior Prom. That night our class had taken the world by storm. As we signed each other’s yearbooks that last year Knowing we would never be one again made us each shed a tear. But as our lives go on and endure from December to December Our F.H.S. will remain concealing memories of what we will remember. Christine Gonet 71 I A Our American Field Service student, Carmen Paz Guzman, arrived in the summer of 1976 from her hometown of Valdivia, Chile, and is spending the year with the Ransom family. During her short stay here, Carmen has traveled to Maine and Connecticut, and has visited many historical sights in Boston. We will all remember Carmen as Mazacasso in the Senior Play " Magic! Magic!” and as having a warm, friendly, smile for each one of us. We hope she finds her stay in the United States enjoyable and we wish her only the best for the future. Class Will PAT and MARGE finally leave Mrs. Pursley ... in peace! KATHY VICTORINO happily leaves College Math to anyone who likes headaches. CHERYL FRANCIS leaves her camera to any girl who has the nerve to stop guys in the hall to take their picture. CHRIS GONET leaves her " tsk” sound to anyone who wants to irritate the teacher. MAUREEN MURPHY leaves her blushing to anyone who needs it. SUE FIELD leaves her weird vocabulary to anyone who wants to become confused. SUE leaves her complaining to anyone who is as bored as she was. CHERYL F. CHRIS G. and SUE D. leave their scotch tape for sabotaging lockers to the new girls in Honor Society who will be in the locker room. ANN BORGES leaves her height to JODY RODRIGUES. TIM V. leaves driving like he writes. Honor Society leaves with MARY BETH’S dismissal instead of Mrs. Pursely’s. The S enior Class leaves DAWNE MARTIN 999 copies of the yearbook. MELINDA leaves her last name to anyone who can pronounce it. RITA and NANCY leave anonymous notes to Mr. Barriteau. JACKIE leaves her pen collection to anyone she can trust to return them. LU leaves the Alcove key to her brother THEW. MARIE LAROCQUE leaves her books to anyone who can carry them. JOHN leaves with his 3 albums from the " great Spray give away.” JACKIE, TED, and GINNY leave Mr. Dufour in peace. BUNNY leaves her notes to get out of gym to her sister, LITTLE JO. Periods 1 and 2 Physics classes leave Mr. Haaland in smoke, as usual. 12A Math leaves Mr. Malcolm’s famous last words, " after this it’s all downhill,” to any junior brave enough to believe him. CINDY and CHRIS leave their screaming remarks in Math to their sister PAULA with hope that she will carry on the tradition. CESSIE and DOREEN leave their lunch escapades to anyone who can get past Ace. The Junior Prom bowling league leaves Lums echoing with our laughter, especially MARY FORTES, for a long time. ELISE MARIEN leaves her assigned bench seat in the 7th period girls’ locker room study to her sister CATHY, but reserves the right to rent it out on weekends. CHERYL leaves Gladys in the closet. i 73 The times of your life come only once and then fade into yesterday Remember. . . . . . Flinging wet paper towels in the locker room, Chris and Cheryl! . . . Wait-a-while? . . . Special fan mail? . . . Stop the talking! . . . Your red paper rose in your locker, Sue? . . . The Beast, Heidi! . . . Playing volleyball wi th a balloon while locker monitoring 6th period, S.F. and C.G.? . . . The shoe, Heidi! . . . The " snakeman,” Walter? . . . Wearing Lavoo’s pants over yours Sue K.?? . . . Your variety of nicknames, Sherry!! . . . Teachingjuan to speak English? . . . Locker 193, 6th period study girls? . . . National Frog Day! . . . The " sit-out” in Jr. High? . . . The pop tarts, Lu?!! . . . The 6th period " Happy Hour,” Mrs. Tenczar?? . . . " My Sin” Steve, from Ted?! . . .Your gym classes Cathy? WHAT GYM CLASSES!!! . . . The geyses in Physics, Nerf ? . . . Your Vi dozen, Kathy!! . . . Physics . . . roughly!!! . . . The monkey, Jose?? . . . The last week of computer projects!! . . . Selling memo boards in our Jr. year? . . . Almost locking Mr. Haaland in his closet, period 2 Physics!! . . . The day when Mr. Malcolm’s computers broke down and the computer projects’ deadline was delayed??? . . . Chemistry with Mr. Boyce!! . . . The never ending yearbook hassles!! . . . Spending the entire Christmas vacation typing the senior section of the yearbook? . . . Looking forward to graduation and then realizing that it was coming all too soon. 74 75 HIGHEST HONORS Marie ‘Larocque HIGH HONORS Kimberly White HONORS Elise Marien Lucinda Mello Douglas Mitchell Christine Murray Cynthia Murray Carol Rose Kathleen Tobertga Melinda Tveit Maureen Magan Julie Medeiros Katherine Mello Maureen Murphy William Oliver John Roderiques Linda Roderiques Jacqueline Silva Anne Suddy Timothy Vieira 76 " Mind cannot follow it, nor words express her infinite sweet¬ ness.” May 20, 1959 Address: 74 North Street; Ambition: to be happy; Suppressed Desire: to own a chateau up in New Hampshire, to be Mr. Lanagan’s assistant coach for the FHS football team; Pet Peeve: losing football games, people who think they are better than other people, not following the football players bus on the way to the Attleboro game, my brothers and brother-in-law always picking on me about foot¬ ball; Fondest Memory: all the football games we’ve won in the last 3 three years, especially Dartmouth, away games with Melinda, Kathy and Leslie, football practices. High St. ral¬ lies, driving around with Bethany and Melinda, Cheerleaders dance ’76, Junior Prom, dancing with Mr. Albritton at the Halloween Dance, ninth grade, Halloween day, right Melinda? Iowa, and RA; Happiest When: with friends, at football practices, and football games; Salient Characteristic: blond hair. dcvazd ones " Affes” " Now let it work; Mischief, thou art afoot, take thou what course thou wilt.” August 16, 1959 Address: 40 Elm Avenue; Ambition: to become an amateur golfer, to break par; Suppressed Desire: to win the Grand Slam at Ressy; Pet Peeve: bringing my lunch to class; Fondest Memory: winning two free member¬ ships back to back; Happiest When: winning money in a big golf match; Salient Characteristic: golf. " Peanuts” " Enjoy the present hour, be thankful for the past, and neither fear nor wish the approaches of the last.” June 2, 1959 Address: 15 Weeden Place; Ambition: to work with small children; Suppressed Desire: to do what I feel like doing and have the time and energy to do it; Pet Peeve: stay¬ ing home on weekends, rainy football games and the school stairs; Fondest Memory: 1975 football season, rallies, June 4, 1976 and the Art room; Happiest When: with all my friends, when everyone is happy and just enjoying life; Salient Char¬ acteristic: baton. tdsdns edl {o-ZLs cedLTaizs " Life is not long, and too much of it must not pass in idle deliberation of how it shall be spent.” July 16, 1959 Address: 53 Hacker Street; Ambition: to become a secretary and to have a lot of money, to marry Eddie; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world and see everything that there is to see; Pet Peeve: people who cannot leave other people alone to live their own life; Fondest Mem¬ ory: summer of ’76 at Candy’s house, September 1974; Hap¬ piest When: with Eddie, just having a good time, partying; Salient Characteristic: Eddie. Lb ai T id " Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by dou¬ bling our joy, and dividing our grief.” April 30, 1958 Address: 223 Main St.; Ambition: to someday own Vermettes; Suppressed Desire: to own a harem; Pet Peeve: girls, having to be in before 10, 6th period study; Fondest Memory: having football rallies even when we lose; Happiest When: out with the boys; Salient Characteristic: good-hearted. 77 fayna A {aZLE coffer e± " Live today, tomorrow is not.” February 18, 1959 Address: 49 Green St.; Ambition: to be a head nurse at a hospital; Suppressed Desire: to travel; Pet Peeve: Rip-offs; Fondest Memory: Before school; Happiest When: doing a dube; Salient Characteristic: eyes. " It matters not how long we live, but how.” May 28, 1957 Address: 8 Middle St.; Ambition: to sail around the world; Suppressed Desire: to go to Bermuda; Pet Peeve: school or work; Fondest Memory: Mrs. Pina’s English class; Happiest When: with Sharon; Salient Characteristic: Camaro. Su±an cz fnnE cjtfmazaf " If a man could half his wishes he would double his trou¬ bles.” July 4, 1958 Address: 177 Green St.; Salient Characteristic: independence. V{azLE cy ' -fntoniEn " What a man thinks of himself, that is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.” February 6, 1959 Address: 5 Jenney St.; Ambition: to be a nursery school teacher; Suppressed Desire: to own my own nursery school and to gain self-confidence in everything I do; Pet Peeve: snobs, people who constantly talk about them¬ selves, junior monitors, applying to colleges; Fondest Mem¬ ory: Bugging Mr. Pierce during homeroom, Mr. Udall’s Sci¬ ence class in ninth grade, June 23, 1976 at 9:18 p.m., meeting Michael; Happiest When: spending time with Michael; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: vocabulary. ( Jfioma± H3az jEZo " No matter where I am, I can’t help thinking I’m just a day from where I want to be.” March 8, 1959 Address: 11 Fort St.; Ambition: to have a good job that I enjoy; Suppressed Desire: to live in Florida; Pet Peeve: car accidents; Fondest Memory: New Year’s Eve in New Hampshire; Happiest When: out partying with friends, rock concerts; Salient Characteristic: tardiness. 78 i -d?. H3aznz££ " Aly” " Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.” October 5, 1959 Address: 139 Laurel St.; Ambition: to become a nurse and later a physical therapist; Suppressed Desire: to be thin, to go to California and see my brother, to go to Switzerland, to go out on the balcony at guidance; Pet Peeve: overconfident guys, junior monitors, study halls, co-ed gym, getting up at 6:00 for school, term papers; Fondest Memory: morning strolls before first period with Ginny and Doreen, my summer in New York, Junior Prom and court, Junior Day ’76, Senior Prom ’76, Beach Boys concert ’75, Speech and Drama, Summer of ’76, going to Voke’s football games, going to Chinatown with Miss Moffatt and eating at Carl’s Pagoda; Happiest When: with my friends, partying with Betty and Lynda, embarrassing Bob; Salient Characteris¬ tic: stature. {Joffzzn iJ- abiLcia HBzau zzga zd " Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together.” July 20, 1958 Address: Webster Ave.; Ambition: to do secre¬ tarial work; Suppressed Desire: to fly a 747 and travel cross country; Pet Peeve: people who get involved when they shouldn’t, false friends; Fondest Memory: rallies with Peggy, going skiing, Junior Day, July 7, 1974, leaving school early with Sandy and Jean, Junior Skip Day; Happiest When: with Gordon and friends, no school, traveling, having a clear mind; Salient Characteristic: pettiness. " Peg” " Born for success, she seemed with grace to win, with heart to hold, with shining gifts that took all ages.” December 16, 1959 Address: 19 Massosoit Ave.; Ambition: to become a Radiological Technologist, to always be happy; Suppressed Desire: to be James Caan’s bathrobe and to own a brand new Monte Carlo; Pet Peeve: people who deliberately hurt others, two-timers. Math; Fondest Memory: basketball practices with Stef sophomore year, meeting K. C. Jones, Junior Prom, football rallies with Colleen, times shared with Spanky, The Bench; Happiest When: my mind is free of troubles, I’m with someone I’m fond of; Salient Characteris¬ tic: popularity. d3znoc£ " No matter what others may be, she is herself.” May 21, 1958 Address: 90 Hedge St.; Ambition: to live in Maine with Richard and five children, to have a successful restaurant; Suppressed Desire: to go to Switzerland; Pet Peeve: people who try to run other people’s lives but can’t run their own; Fondest Memory: a trip during the summer to New Hampshire with the M.C.; Happiest When: May 21, 1977 comes; Salient Characteristic: sneeze. Hdzian jSsnoit " Beano” " The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity.” May 18, 1958 Address: 69 Raymond St.; Ambition: to become a physical therapist; Pet Peeve: math class and sprints; Fondest Memory: dressing for the Attleboro game in a Rt. 195 rest area; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Characteristic: inquisitiveness. 79 scin H EzljEiLan " Bean” " Friends, if we be honest with ourselves, we shall be honest with each other.” July 22, 1958 Address; 9 Wood St.; Ambition: to go totally insane; Suppressed Desire: to bring the beauty and pureness of the earth as it was before white man desecrated it; Pet Peeve: people who aren’t themselves and who put down oth¬ ers who are themselves (stereotypes); Fondest Memory: Mr. Marchand’s 1st per. history class; Happiest When: alone with Dennis, with Ruthi and Tommy, my friends and family are happy, around horses, walking in the woods; Salient Characteristic: humor. d d±±E JSe zcje zon " Russ” " We may be as good as we please, if we please be good.” January 24, 1959 216 Sconticut Neck Rd.; Salient Characteris¬ tic: unassuming. d EE H Ezncizd " Men who undertake considerable things, even in a regular way, ought to give us ground to presume ability.” December 28, 1958 Address: 48 Huttleston Ave.; Ambition: to be happy and successful, and to enjoy life!!; Suppressed Desire: to be myself in everything I do, to take life carefree, and to have no bad moods!; Pet Peeve: people who are classi¬ fied by subjects, those who think they’re better than everyone else, people who deliberately hurt others, disappointments, arguments, crowds, noise, girls’ locker room, unfinished con¬ versations; Fondest Memory: playing varsity basketball for 3 yrs., my special friends, Jr. Prom, sophomore yr., 6th per. study; Happiest When: playing sports, and with friends; Sal¬ ient Characteristics: agility. ddaut dX LClflEl zd H3Ei±EttE " A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows.” August 20, 1959 Address: 400 Alden Rd.; Ambition: to become TWA’s chief pilot; Suppressed Desire: to go to Mike’s party at the White House, to be successful; Pet Peeve: losing, O.T.R., studying for tests, getting up for school; Fondest Memory: watching the Sr. float burn, J.V. basketball team; Happiest When: partying with the boys, playing hoop, going out after winning a game; Salient Char¬ acteristic: basketball. cd UEEEfl A { cL zH ddEit " Common sense is not so common.” June 22, 1959 Address: 415 Washington St.; Ambition: to get a new car; Suppressed Desire: to be filthy rich; Pet Peeve: labs, French, fire drills, computer projects; Fondest Memory: Oceanography per. 7; Happiest When: goofing off; Salient Characteristic: freckles. 80 czrfnn HBozazi " True goodness springs from a man’s own heart.” July 20, 1958 Address: 257 Green St.; Ambition: to work in a bank; Suppressed Desire: to grow a few more inches so that I can reach the height of 5 feet; Pet Peeve: people who tease me about my height, homework, getting up early for school; Fondest Memory: my trip to Florida, Anthony School; Hap¬ piest When: with friends and family; Salient Characteristic: height. J- aul uciLEn H3ou£ciy " Bou” " Some think he’s bashful, others doubt it.” August 25, 1959 Address: 35 Brae Rd.; Ambition: to do what¬ ever 1 want; Suppressed Desire: to continue playing hockey, win our division in hockey; Pet Peeve: people who smoke around me; Fondest Memory: Eagles, Elton John, Kiss con¬ certs, Miles Standish with Kevin, Danny, Phil, Chuck, Jr. skip day with the boys at Horseneck beach; Happiest When: playing hockey, not working at Minerva’s; Salient Character¬ istic: hockey. !Soc iez± " Rip Tip” " The highest wisdom is continual cheerfulness.” March 18, 1959 Address: 331 Belleville Ave., N.B.; Ambi¬ tion: lawyer, legal secretary; Suppressed Desire: giant choco¬ late covered raisin; Pet Peeve: dead Friday nights; Fondest Memory: summer of ’76, Norman; Salient Characteristic: dimples. HBzodziiz " Robert” " Nothing worries him, nothing hurries him.” October 5, 1957 Address: 36 Grove St.; Ambition: carpenter; Suppressed Desire: to go out to sea and make a lot of money; Fondest Memory: graphic arts; Happiest When: in Mr. Marchand’s room; Salient Characteristic: hard worker. E l {azij [cza Etfi HBuz ze " Mary Beth” " Where knowledge might be found, let me teach it; where effort might be needed, let me make it; where challenge might be offered, let me take it.” October 13, 1959 Address: 9 Main St.; Ambition: midwife; Suppressed Desire: to be a writer; Pet Peeve: double stand¬ ards, male chauvinists; Fondest Memory: 10-3-76, French class, square dancing, Jr. Prom ’76, summer of ’76, Robert, being escorted thru the boy’s locker room, Speech and Drama, H.S. studies, friends; Happiest When: with Robert; Salient Characteristic: squeaky voice. 81 ' Janiz± (2amacfio " J. c.” " A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.” December 3, 1938 Address: 48 Massasoit Ave.; Ambition: to be a meteorologist; Pet Peeve: Coach Duarte’s baseball theo¬ ries, off-ice hockey practice, indoor baseball, hockey injuries; Fondest Memory: ’74-’75 hockey season, Jr. skip day, high school hockey tournament ’74, ’75; Happiest When: playing sports, not doing homework, passing math; Salient Charac¬ teristic: sports-minded. (2 icizbi (2ana±tza " Jeff” " He laughs best who is best and his mirth is as free and sim¬ ple as a child’s.” July 11, 1959 Address: 37 Maitland St.; Ambition: to become head trainer of a pro football team; Suppressed Desire: to be centerfold for Woman’s Day, to tape Charlie’s Angels; Pet Peeve: people who think that they’re too smart for everyone, Algebra II, prejudiced people, sitting at practice, being in a down mood, listening to Uncle ' someone’ who smells like a goat; Fondest Memory: showers at camp at night, bird-watch¬ ing with Scott and Spank at camp, football camp ’76, taping on a picnic table before a game, cutting with Eggy, not wear¬ ing a tie to ’75 Cheerleaders’ Dance, Nov. 10, ’76 (Ponga); Happiest When: taping over the hair, racking on people (Ginny), sitting on the throne, winning a game, per. 7 ' The Bench,’ petting the turtle, getting Mr. Bender in trouble (Peg); Salient Characteristic: " President.” Cannon " Mike” " Dare to be different and don’t be afraid to be happy.” December 15, 1958 Address: 139 Oak Grove Lane; Ambition: to graduate; Pet Peeve; people who talk about themselves; Salient Characteristic: chorus. " Jaime” " Enthusiasm is that temper of the mind in which the imagi¬ nation has got the better of the judgment.” March 5, 1959 Address: 563 Washington St.; Ambition: to become very rich, very fast, so I can retire very early; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to go to California and become a Beach Boy!!; Pet Peeve: getting up for school at 6:30 A M., term papers; Fondest Memory: 74, getting dressed for the Attle¬ boro game (Oct. 22, ’76) at a rest area on Rt. 195, spaghetti breakfasts before games; Happiest When: eating, sleeping, loving, listening to the Beach Boys, and playing football; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: Beach Boys. " Time is but the stream I go a-fishin’ in.” October 5, 1959 Address: 20 Ocean St., New Bedford; Salient Characteristic: fro. 82 " Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.” May 12, 1959 62 Boston Hill Rd.; Ambition: to succeed in life, to get a good paying job and to get rich quick; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to travel worldwide; Pet Peeve: stuck up peo¬ ple; Fondest Memory: going toboganning with Karen K. and meeting Annette R. there, spinning around in the middle of Alden Rd., steno in sophomore year, 7th period History class in Jr. year, talking with Mrs. Tenczar all the time; Happiest When: having a good time with my friends, with Bobby; Salient Characteristic: uproarious. Hdzian £d(Aja zd dfL " The present interests me more than the past and the future more than the present.” April 9, 1959 Address: 5 Coury Dr., Acush.; Ambition: to work in forestry; Suppressed Desire: to be a dictator; Pet Peeve: 12b math, sprints; Fondest Memory: dressing in my football uniform at the rest area before the Attleboro game; Happiest When: out of school; Salient Characteristic: mis¬ chievous. Efrzan " Buzzby” " The clock indicates the moment — but what does eternity indicate?” March 5, 1959 Address: 42 Taber St.; Ambition: to own a house near the beach and to skydive; Suppressed Desire: to travel across country in a van with many friends just partying along the way; Pet Peeve: people who believe they are better than anyone else and Monday mornings; Fondest Memory: the week of constant partying, summer of " 76,” remember Donna?, with Kevin; Happiest When: partying with my friends like Donna F., Kevin T., the D.E. people or anyone!; Salient Characteristic: make-up. " Calmness is not always the attribute of innocence.” June 1, 1959 Address: 75 Sycamore St.; Ambition: to be a sec¬ retary and to marry that one special person, Ray; Suppressed Desire: to be a successful private secretary in a big company, to marry Ray; Pet Peeve: people who think they know more than you but really don’t, the locker room at 7:40; Fondest Memory: going to away football games on the bus in my sen¬ ior year, my three years at F.H.S., Junior Prom, Blue Spirit; Happiest When: with Ray and friends; Salient Characteris¬ tic: contacts. cdfntfiony cdfzt iu, z (dozzziza " Tony” " He knows not where his life leads him.” June 1, 1958 Address: 15 Hawthorne St.; Ambition: to fur¬ ther my education either in the field of Broadcasting as a T.V. and Radio announcer, or in the field of psychology; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world ten times over and to be recognized in each country, to tell some teachers in this place nicely to get off my back, to zoom across country in a blue metalic MGB, to get acquainted with everyone I don’t know; Pet Peeve: teachers, homework, falling UP the stairs, sophisticated people who have no reason to be that way, people who say the lunches are raunchy, and then go up and buy two; Fondest Memory: Martha’s Vineyard, June 27, 1976, Right Pat?!, the little blue Pinto, D’s, Miracles, Miller, Sky high, Joan, Judy Collins and all the great times shared with good friends; Happiest When: Friday comes and know¬ ing there’s no school Monday, out having a good time with Patty, George, and Marge in a big field or in a forest away from all the hustle and uproar; Salient Characteristic: impul¬ siveness. L?. ozzziza " Sister Rookie” " Let us do or die.” February 26, 1959 Address: 24 Prince St.; Ambition: to marry Mike, August 6, 1977; Suppressed Desire: to drive at the Indianapolis 500; Pet Peeve: friends who turn out to be back stabbers; Fondest Memory: leaving school at lunch and never getting caught; Happiest When: with Mike; Salient Charac¬ teristic: engagement. OZZLS-Cl " Carol” " On with the dance, let joy be unconfined, no sleep till morn, when youth and pleasure meet.” May 6, 1959 Address: 17 Hamlet St.; Ambition: to be a hair¬ stylist; Suppressed Desire: to be a singer or dance in a dance marathon; Pet Peeve: getting up in the morning to face first period English class. Junior monitors, people who think they’re better than everyone else, old people, people who say they’re your friends when they’re really not, cliques; Fondest Memory: August ’76, playing softball in the summer, cruis¬ ing the avenue and everywhere with Anne, Debbie, and Che¬ ryl, bugging Mr. Pierce before school, Mr. Udall’s science class, last day of freshman year DTS; Happiest When: with my friends, at the rallies, Sunday night dancing at Lincoln Park, partying, listening to " Reasons;” Salient Characteristic: small feet. " Roadrunner” " A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread.” November 13, 1956 Address: 12 Rockland St.; Ambition: to continue in my study of the Bible, to marry in the future; Suppressed Desire: to own a log cabin in the mountains somewhere in Colorado; Pet Peeve: when people are nice to your face, but talk about you when your back is turned; Fond¬ est Memory: the time Mr. Bender told me to close my eyes as he carried me through the boys locker room, the time my crutch got stuck in the grater at Friendly’s and became a cou¬ ple of inches taller; Happiest When: learning from the Bible of future hope, and being with family and friends, when I help others, instead of them helping me; Salient Characteris¬ tic: perseverance. l VattEZ {2o±ta " The style is the man himself.” April 27, 1959 Address: 54 Gellette Rd.; Ambition: Marine Biologist; Suppressed Desire: to be a commercial diver; Pet Peeve: people who think they’re better than others; Fondest Memory: 7th period Physiology; Happiest When: among friends; Salient Characteristic: feet. £yi " Ann” " Serene I fold my hands and wait.” February 12, 1959 Address: 79 Union St.; Ambition: to become a Business teacher; Suppressed Desire: to see all of the United States; Pet Peeve: backstabbers; Fondest Memory: my classes with Mrs. Waltz and Mrs. Lister, Junior Day, and all of my years at FHS; Happiest When: with my friends; Salient Characteristic: sincerity. 84 dainz oycz adzocwi c " Elaine” ' In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” August 16, 1959 Address: 10 White St., Acushnet; Ambition: to go on to college and study Lab Technology; Suppressed Desire: to get rich, to travel around the world, and to always have a sense of humor no matter what happens; Pet Peeve: getting up early for school, doing homework, people who can’t take jokes, C. F.’s car running out of gas!, conceited peo¬ ple; Fondest Memory: Junior Day, all my years at FHS; Hap¬ piest When: with Fran and friends having a good time; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: honesty. acvso 2 " Jeff” " The language of tones belongs equally to all mankind, and melody is the absolute language in which the musician speaks to every heart.” January 24, 1959 Address: 52 Hacker St.; Salient Characteris¬ tic: Beethoven. c dfnn VlazCz dz zzitcii " Anna” " Such is life! One cannot beat it, one can only live it to one’s fullest.” August 30, 1959 Address: 16 Jarvis Ave.; Ambition: to be a Medical Technologist or a Physical Therapist, to try to learn how to do everything in life, to be happy and carefree; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to get a private pilot’s license, to own my own private plane, to tour the country; Pet Peeve: taking tests, especially SAT’S, aftersessions in room 7, having a teacher tell you to write a composition on anything you want, especially when everything becomes a blank, fighting to get to your locker in the morning; Fondest Memory: the tree on the side of the school, going out to lunch and guessing which door to come back in by, the Senior play, graduation day; Happiest When: riding my motorcycle on a summer day and not having to worry about anything, doing gymnastics, being with friends I know and I can trust and confide in; Salient Characteristic: gymnastics. odn dJ . dld zdanzy " J. D.” " Music is the universal language of mankind.” September 27, 1959 Address: 38 Huttleston Ave.; Ambition: to become a great actor and to make a million dollars; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to sail a ship across the Pacific Ocean with¬ out worry for money or food; Pet Peeve: Lab periods in Rm. 14 with Mr. Haaland and having to work with faulty equip¬ ment; Fondest Memory: Mr. Pierce’s 6th period French class with long talks with Cossette; Happiest When: reading a good book; Salient Characteristic: mustache. dPaud zzyozy dd zmanadzz " Spanky” " What you are born with is a gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to the world.” April 17, 1959 Address: 37 Hawthorne St.; Ambition: to suc¬ ceed in life, to coach high school football; Suppressed Desire: to be Farrah Fawcett-Major’s bathrobe, to play line¬ backer for the Pittsburgh Steelers; Pet Peeve: losing in any sport, girls’ gossip, people who quit, Thanksgiving ’75; Fondest Memory: football camp ’74-’76, getting taped for the Attleboro game on a picnic table, 5th period with the bench, the 3 Cheerleaders’ dances and the Junior Prom, the class of ’76, friendship with Steve Foster, Thanksgiving ’74, Mr. Ris- gin, " D.C.;” Happiest When: cruising in " Norman” with Jeffrey, Juan and Robo, playing cards, listening to Earth, Wind and Fire, watching the Pink Panther; Salient Charac¬ teristic: sportsmanship. 85 zzA [az z cz f. ozan(jiffs " Stick” " A man devoted to pleasure.” January 4, 1959 Address: 37 Wilding St.; Ambition: to become rich; Suppressed Desire: to win an Academy Award; Pet Peeve: term papers, reruns of The Brady Bunch; Fondest Memory: French II with Mr. Pierce in " la chambre bleu;” Flappiest When: with friends and being free to be myself; Salient Characteristic: length. zA [aZLz " Murt” " Enthusiasm is a volcano on whose top never grows the grass of hesitation.” July 2, 1958 Address: 95 Shaw Rd.; Ambition: to live a healthy and happy life; Suppressed Desire: to live a success¬ ful life in California someday; Pet Peeve: washing dishes, winter; Fondest Memory: the day I became Murt, 4th and 5th period with Sand, the night with Deb and TT, talking certain corners with Cuz Des, Hold on Des!!, summer ’75; Happiest When: with people I love, being with my friends, driving around in the Red and White Cheyne Super; Salient Charac¬ teristic: boisterous. E±ZO±L£.Z± ' Have horn will travel.” April 13, 1959 Address: 114 Bridge St.; Ambition: surgeon or famous trombone player; Suppressed Desire: to play trom¬ bone at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas; Pet Peeve: going to sleep and getting up for school in the same morning; Fondest Memory: Junior Day ’76; Happiest When: playing trom¬ bone; Salient Characteristic: trombone. cZ o jEZt J ExtzZ, Z. " Few men are so clever as to know all the mischief they do.” February 26, 1959 Address: 85 Gellette Rd.; Ambition: to be a Mechanical Engineer; Pet Peeve: Hockey practice; Fondest Memory: October 3, 1976, Silver City Tournament ’75; Hap¬ piest When: with Mary Beth; Salient Characteristic: goalie. zSuzan zA {azL£ " Sue” " Thought is deeper than all speech.” May 17, 1959 Address: 105 New Boston Rd.; Ambition: to become an executive secretary, to raise a family; Suppressed Desire: to be a world famous roller skater; Pet Peeve: people who can’t accept others for what they are; Fondest Memory: Sophomore year, January 26, 1975, Honor Society Studies with Chris and Cheryl and all the fun we had, being a locker monitor with Carol in my Sophomore year, all the fun Carol and I had in the summer of ’75, long talks with Doreen and bean and bacon soup; Happiest When: with Eddie, sitting around talking with friends, meeting people, roller skating; Salient Characteristic: roller skates. 86 [ain.E [Z ucfia znzz " Deb” " Those who make people feel, must feel themselves.” January 14, 1959 Address: 117 New Boston Rd.; Ambition: to make myself fully useful in whatever I choose to do and truly enjoy it and obtain self-satisfaction from it; Suppressed Desire: to own a huge, old house with many fireplaces and to redecorate it completely, to go to Switzerland with Pat, to run my horse across a beach; Pet Peeve: people who really believe they are better than you, high school cliques; Fondest Mem¬ ory: When Doe, Mike, Pat, and I went to New Hampshire and Newport, making the Cheerleader’s court in my Senior year, skiing “with Sharon and Miki; Happiest When: with Pat, eating Chinese food, at football games, not arguing with Pat, going out with Carolyn, Dave, Doe, and Mike, with true friends; Salient Characteristic: horses. Uinzotfiy " Tim” " Zeus hates busybodies and those who do too much.” June 5, 1959 Address: 14 Eddy St.; Ambition: to become a lawyer; Suppressed Desire: to run in the Olympics; Pet Peeve: winter track practice; Fondest Memory: " 75” Senior Prom; Happiest When: on vacation; Salient Characteristic: Joedy. H3zCan J uj-zanz " Chet” " The secret of the universe, as by slow degrees it reveals itself to us, turns out to be personality.” September 18, 1959 Address: 12 Blossom St.; Ambition: to become a forestry engineer; Suppressed Desire: to get an A in Mr. Malcolm’s class, to be an extremely high paid profes¬ sional athlete; Pet Peeve: people who are never wrong; Fond¬ est Memory: concerts, partying with Jim, Swede, Bob, Lank, Mike, and everyone else, when the high school men crushed the college boys in softball, track; Happiest When: having a wild time with friends, not doing homework, listening to music, high jumping; Salient Characteristic: bookie. " Miki” " As welcome as flowers in May.” August 5, 1959 Address: 24 Phoenix St.; Ambition: to become a psychiatric social worker; Suppressed Desire: never to have to regret anything only to learn from my mistakes, to wake up one morning with Gladys Knights’ voice; Pet Peeve: getting up on cold, rainy mornings to come to school; Fondest Memory: finally becoming a senior, Mr. Marchand’s class; Happiest When: on a vacation, out on Friday and Sat¬ urday nights; Salient Characteristic: sophistication. 125 CKJL (ME Uy " Dave” " Do well and right, and let the world sink.” October 10, 1959 Address: 198 Washington St.; Ambition: to own my own business; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: Jr. English class, accounting class; Fondest Memory: living in North Fairhaven, getting my license, going where I want to go, meeting Donna; Happiest When: I don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, doing what 1 want; Salient Characteristic: lackadaisical. 87 2 andza (2. 22no± " Sandi” " Peace is the healing and elevating influence of the world.” April 7, 1959 Address: 35 Bridge St.; Ambition: to travel around the U.S.; Suppressed De sire: to be a millionaire; Pet Peeve: wearing glasses, going to school, and getting up in the morning; Fondest Memory: Christmas ’74, when Jean and I skipped school and didn’t get caught; Happiest When: with Chet, with all my friends and having a great time; Salient Characteristic: green eyes. 2l {az z 2. 2aun 2z " I assert that nothing ever comes to pass without a cause.” August 22, 1956 Address: 119 Adams St.; Ambition: to open up a garage of my own: Suppressed Desire: Professional Dirtbike racing; Pet Peeve: going to the refrigerator and finding no milk; Fondest Memory: the good times we had in Hastings Junior High; Happiest When: knowing I am finally out of school; Salient Characteristic: VW Bugs. 22man dzznandzi " Sue” " Our words are our own if we keep them within.” January 20, 1959 Address: 73 Bridge St.; Ambition: to work in the field of clothing; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others; Fondest Memory: Saturday night rallies. Burger Chef, 6th period Chemistry; Happiest When: out having a good time with friends, when the weekend comes; Salient Charac¬ teristic: reticent. 2u±an c2fnnz d)is £d " Susie” " Never say more than is necessary.” July 14, 1958 Address: 32 Lafayette St.; Ambition: to become a medical secretary; Suppressed Desire: to be the first girl to walk on the moon; Pet Peeve: people who are always telling me what to do; Fondest Memory: tenth grade Biology class; Happiest When: when I don’t have to babysit for my sister’s kids; Salient Characteristic: bashful. d2d Aiazd 22. 222EUZznt " Neddy Omes” " The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you can¬ not do.” August 16, 1958 Address: 35 Hamlet St.; Ambition: profes¬ sional dirt bike racer, to own a Cherry TR 4; Suppressed Desire: to become a millionaire and live in New Hampshire on the side of a mountain; Pet Peeve: doing punishment drills for football, getting caught; Fondest Memory: going into Mama Leones in N.Y. with Dean B. and friends; Happi¬ est When: starting in the varsity games, Saturday night after varsity games; Salient Characteristic: football. 88 " Butch” " Think in the morning, act in the noon, eat in the evening, sleep in the night.” December 12, 1959 Address: 35 Hamlet St.; Ambition: Dirt Bike Rider; Suppressed Desire: Having a 370 RPM Suzuki; Pet Peeve: Mr. Monitor (toe jammer); Fondest Memory: Mr. Evans D.E. class; Happiest When: At Miles Standish going crazy; Salient Characteristic: wildness. d3ynnz cdf. huzznt " Every man is the center of a circle, whose fatal circumfer¬ ence he cannot pass.” December 7, 1959 Address: 23 Hopkins St.; Ambition: to be successful in whatever I do in life; Suppressed Desire: to see the U.S.A.; Pet Peeve: getting dressed for school and then having to change again for gym; Fondest Memory: dancing in gym class; Happiest When: with my friends; Salient Char¬ acteristic: manner. id(f £or j£ ' dHhuzznt, czdfndzzur dl {. " Andy” " That what will come, and must come, shall come well.” December 19, 1956 Address: 288 Sconticut Nk. Rd.; Ambi¬ tion: to be an electrician and to own my own business; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to be a professional goaltender; Pet Peeve: Guidance, the office, the school; Fondest Memory: the day my uncle, Lee, Gordon and I were unloading shell signs and poles at the Fall River plant when one of the gasoline tanks was on fire; Salient Characteristic: mien. ddoZ££ l 03. l}o Z±SCO. " Dor” " Can one desire too much of a good thing?” June 13, 1958 Address: 141 Weeden Rd.; Ambition: to own a big house and to be happy, healthy, and loved and to spend the rest of my life with Aaron; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world and to meet all the big time people; Pet Peeve: fighting with those I love; Fondest Memory: May 15, 1975, summer of ’75; Happiest When: July 23 is here; Salient Characteristic: lipstick. ' id L?. ?. OZCLEZ " Bean” " Once in a thousand years a perfect character . . .” November 12, 1959 Address: 221 Main St.; Ambition: to be a marine biologist; Suppressed Desire: to spend a week on a deserted island with Racquel Welch; Pet Peeve: cocky peo¬ ple; Fondest Memory: my three years at F.H.S., watching the senior float burn; Happiest When: with my friends and rais¬ ing holy cane; Salient Characteristic: neat appearance. 89 zA [azy ns 3 oz£e± " Frits” " A cheerful temper joined with innocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful and wit good-natured.” July 4, 1958 Address: 29 Howland Rd.; Ambition: to live a happy life; Suppressed Desire: to become famous in any sport; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than oth¬ ers, students who walk too slow in the corridors; Fondest Memory: Junior Day, nonscoring season in volleyball, my 3 years at FHS, going to the movies with friends, accounting II, III classes, sports banquets, snow days; Happiest When: with my friends; Salient Characteristic: laughter. 3oztCn " Marge” " The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” April 9, 1959 Address: 778 Washington St.; Ambition: to open an orphanage and be a free cook for the poor; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to die and go to Heaven only to find the " Pearly” gates are really made of " Columbian Gold.”; Pet Peeve: being touched by people, fake people who play mind games, people who leave their phones off the hook; Fondest Memory: September 26, 1974, Mr. Margeson’s Junior year History class, when Pat and I got lost in the school on our Junior day. Foods class; Happiest When: I’m with people I enjoy partying with, listening to Rod Stewart, Boz Scaggs, and Harry Chapin, with " Pocahauntus;” Salient Characteris¬ tic: insanity. ( lEzyt J a E 17 zanci± " Franny” " Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you.” February 14, 1959 Address: 69 Coggeshall St.; Ambition: to become a secretary; Suppressed Desire: to have a happy life, to travel to the Bahamas; Pet Peeve: English classes, room 7 study halls; Fondest Memory: Steno II and III with Mrs. Waltz, Junior Day ’76, August 20, 1976, sabotaging lockers during study periods with Chris and Sue; Happiest When: with friends and having fun; Salient Characteristic: demure. zA {ciz z 17 zatEi " Shorty” " Let us enjoy pleasure while we can; pleasure is never long enough.” July 22, 1959 Address: 13 Reservation Rd.; Ambition: to work for a steamship company; Suppressed Desire: to jump off the Bourne Bridge; Pet Peeve: running out of gas on Rt. 195; Fondest Memory: all night party at Myles Standish, July ' 76; Happiest When: at a party and with friends; Salient Characteristic: attitude. J- amE a 17 zuii " Pam” " The most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friend¬ ship.” September 7, 1959 Address: 70 Brown St.; Ambition: to be a computer operator; Suppressed Desire: to travel the world; Pet Peeve: people who are snobs, people who think only of themselves; Fondest Memory: summer of ’76; Happiest When: being with friends and the people I am close to; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: jovial. 90 cjtffj-rsd. ZLCjauPt " Fred” " Every man has three characters: that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has.” February 11, 1959 Address: 110 East Morgan St.; Ambition: to be a hospital pharmacist; Suppressed Desire: to be rich!! to live a happy and fulfilling life, to go to Mike’s party at the White House when he’s President; Pet Peeve: SNOBS, O.T.R., losing, when it snows during winter track; Fondest Memory: Cheerleader’s Dance ’76, dressing in the rest area on the way to the Attleboro football game because the bus broke down, all the football games, my memories of FHS; Happiest When: with friends and having a good time, going to concerts; Salient Characteristic: confidence. " Fry” " Happy am I; from care I’m free! Why aren’t they all con¬ tented like me?” August 18, 1959 Address: 35 Bay View Ave.; Ambition: to go to college for 2 years and to travel; Suppressed Desire: to own a horse; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others, getting up on Saturday mornings for College Boards, sarcastic people; Fondest Memory: summer of ’74, July 4, 1976; Happiest When: camping at Myles Standish, horseback riding, out having a good time with friends; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: fun loving nature. c fna.lj£i[a uztado " Strudder” " Patience is a flower that grows not in every garden.” June 3, 1959 Address: 336 Main St.; Ambition: to become an art teacher or illustrator, to live a wild life; Suppressed Desire: to climb a mountain; Pet Peeve: people who hate people, school and conceited people; Fondest Memory: sum¬ mer of ’73; Happiest When: being with friends and people I care for, laughing and forgetting about all our problems in life, in the art room, out of school; Salient Characteristic: walk. ddo£oz ± uztado " Dolly” " How many lives we live in one, And how much less than one, in all.” April 24, 1958 Address: 428 Washington St.; Ambition: to live with someone I’ll be happy with, and who would want to travel with me; Suppressed Desire: to travel and to find the place I like the best and live there; Fondest Memory: when we went to see Bad Company and The Who in concert, camping at Myles Standish; Happiest When: partying with people who are happy, camping, away from the city and being in the country or mountains; Salient Characteristic: carefree. czA licfzazt ' fid 7 uztado " Mike” " I take it to be a principal rule of life, not to be too much addicted to any one thing.” May 14, 1959 Address: 54 Rotch St.; Ambition: Textile Chemist; Suppressed Desire: to be President of the U.S., and to throw a party at the White House; Pet Peeve: getting up for school, losing, people who are never on time, O.T.R., cli¬ ques; Fondest Memory: Jaybird Basketball 18-3, Yes concert, November 4, 1976 — Sure, Senior Prom 1976; Happiest When: listening to music, dealing in Hoop, partying with the boys; Salient Characteristic: smooth. 91 (f anzniam " Jim” " Our ideals are our better selves.” June 30, 1959 Address: 169 Adams St.; Ambition: to live maturally and happily; Suppressed Desire: to own a farm in Maine or New Hampshire and to adopt several children; Pet Peeve: people who cut in line; Fondest Memory: my kids at the home; Happiest When: making others happy; Salient Characteristic: St. Mary’s Home. J ozzzn f azcCa " Little Hippie” " What we are, we are.” February 2, 1959 Address: 73 Sconticut Nk.; Ambition: to be a great artist; Suppressed Desire: to get married to Bob and to raise a family, to see Denver, Colorado, to travel; Pet Peeve: Jocks!, having to get up for school, being always wrong, get¬ ting flat tires with no spares in the Van; Fondest Memory: typing and English ’75, July 6, ’75, being with Bob and his mother in New Jersey, having long talks with Sue, eating Bean and Bacon soup; Happiest When: with Bob, in Art, driving the Van, being with friends at the apartment, draw¬ ing; Salient Characteristic: talkative. !2 a z zyU ij-f-ozd. " Nothing is achieved before it be thoroughly attempted.” September 18, 1959 Address: 269 Alden Rd.; Ambition: to be a biologist; Suppressed Desire: to live in the Rockies of Col¬ orado; Pet Peeve: homew ' ork, term papers, cold Veterans’ Days; Fondest Memory: Hassling; Happiest When: doing nothing important, when I don’t have to go to Band prac¬ tices; Salient Characteristic: band. 2uzH± (f onzzi " Curd” " To see, be seen, to tell, and gather tales.” March 29, 1959 Address: 14 Sylvia St.; Suppressed Desire: to do everything exciting; Pet Peeve: people who smoke ciga¬ rettes; Fondest Memory: New York — 42nd St.; Salient Characteristic: venturesome. •zSfizzzy JJc -OUL±£ onzE± " Gomez” " Behavior is a mirror in which everyone shows his image.” July 8, 1959 Address: 68 Boston Hill Rd.; Ambition: to become a registered nurse; Suppressed Desire: to get revenge on a certain person; Pet Peeve: inconsiderate and conceited people, being called " Sally;” Fondest Memory: volleyball and tennis, Mr. Marchand; Happiest When: I’m with all my friends; Salient Characteristic: volleyball. 92 4 ddtEVEn anzE± onzE± " Steve” " Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” August 9, 1959 Address: 10 Reservation Rd.; Ambition: to record an album; Suppressed Desire: to parachute from an airplane; Pet Peeve: waking up for school in the morning; Fondest Memory: August 9, 1959 and February 22, 1975; Happiest When: playing my drums; Salient Characteristic: platform shoes. dfizcitinE dJynn onst " Chris” " Happy who in his verse can gently steer from grave to light, from pleasant to severe.” January 3, 1959 Address: 53 Howland Rd.; Ambition: to become a medical technologist; Suppressed Desire: to ride in a glider; Pet Peeve: giving oral reports, conceited and show off-ish people, people cutting the lunch line; Fondest Mem¬ ory: junior year Chemistry class, dancing in gym, learning how to drive; Happiest When: with my friends, talking on the phone, without homework, traveling; Salient Characteris¬ tic: poetry. Jdcujtd, (f oodfzuE " Dave” " My eyes make pictures, when they are shut.” July 25, 1957 Address: 31 Linden Ave.; Ambition: to travel, to become a teacher of some kind, a social worker, or a psy¬ chologist; Suppressed Desire: to accomplish all the desires I want to do and to catch butterflies; Pet Peeve: self-righteous people and people who tell me to smile when Pm not sad, T V. commercials, cop and detective shows, when I make spelling errors, A M. radio stations; Fondest Memory: Mr. Udall’s class, junior year, back-packing in upper state New York with a close friend; Happiest When: I’m not sad; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: daydreamer. dJinda. d?ou (f ozdon " Lin” " She can be imitated by none, nor paralleled by any, but by herself.” November 4, 1958 Address: 2 Wigwam Beach; Ambition: to be a good wife and mother; Suppressed Desire: to own a Winebago and travel with Paul and our little one; Pet Peeve: arguing with Jane; Fondest Memory: April 27, 1973, October 2, 1976, cheering at F.H.S., running track, watching football and baseball games; Happiest When: with Paul; Salient Characteristic: appetite. ddiEzyl’ unE ou(jEta " It is not necessary to hope in order to undertake, or to suc¬ ceed in order to persevere.” June 24, 1959 Address: 174 Dogwood St.; Ambition: to go to college and to major in journalism, to someday write for the Washington Post!; Suppressed Desire: to come into a great amount of money and then to move to Hawaii; Pet Peeve: computer projects, stuck up people, term papers, long lunch lines especially when all you want is a dessert, sophomores; Fondest Memory: 6th period locker room with Kathy and Moe, Speech and Drama " 77,” Summer of " 74,” November 13, 1976; Happiest When: with friends on the beach, racking on Rita and Nancy; Salient Characteristic: thoughtful. 93 zAfancy za(jE± " Nance” " The life given us by nature is short; but the memory of a well spent life is eternal.” March 28, 1958 Address: 74 Hedge St.; Ambition: to have a happy life; Suppressed Desire: to be an underwater demoli¬ tion scuba diver; Pet Peeve: people who do not act them¬ selves; Fondest Memory: ski trip to Austria and skiing the Alps where the 1974 Olympics were held; Happiest When: running track and with friends and watching football and basketball games; Salient Characteristic: curls. dawizn lPoz (f uzman " Carmencita” " It was her nature to blossom into song, as it is a tree’s to leaf itself in April.” July 19, 1958 Address: 219 Main St.; Ambition: to be a public health doctor; Suppressed Desire: to go to Hawaii and Flo¬ rida and to travel to the Orient; Pet Peeve: when mornings come too soon; Fondest Memory; the day that I arrived in the United States; Happiest When: playing the guitar, singing, with friends, talking, having a good time, traveling, knowing people from different places, making others happy; Salient Characteristic: cordial. " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” November 8, 1959 Address: 233 Adams St.; Ambition: to become a nurse; Suppressed Desire: to raid Tabor Academy; Pet Peeve: people cutting in long lunch lines; Fondest Mem¬ ory: chemistry, band, tennis, volleyball, 10th grade Latin class, driving school, Mr. Marchand, going to Tabor Acad¬ emy; Happiest When: I’m being rowdie; Salient Characteris¬ tic: enthusiasm. " JC” " I will sit down now, but the time will come when you will hear me.” April 10, 1958 Address: 15 Phoenix St.; Ambition: to become a nuclear power plant operator; Suppressed Desire: sail a small craft around the world; Pet Peeve: the inflexibility of the staff at FHS; Happiest When: my school day is over and 1 can leave; Salient Characteristic: tranquil. zA (auz££n J- atxccia. zAfacj£n " Moe” " Our grand business undoubtedly is, not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.” August 2, 1958 Address: 40 Green St.; Ambition: to go to college and get a job as an Accountant after graduation; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to get rich quick and never have to work again, to live in England; Pet Peeve: unfriendly people, math classes, room 7 studies, sophomores; Fondest Memory: Jun¬ ior Day, summer of " 75,” football and basketball games, Sat¬ urday night rallies; Happiest When: with my friends having a good time, doing things and going places that I like best; Salient Characteristic: reserved. 94 " Jose” " The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.” April 2, 1959 Address: 50 Church St.; Ambition: to build a great financial empire and to eliminate all those who stand in my way; Suppressed Desire: to become President of the United States; Pet Peeve: Mr. Malcolm’s 12A Math tests, snobs, basketball jocks; Fondest Memory: Cheerleader’s Dance, and the Aerosmith Concert; Happiest When: the weekend finally gets here. This is a time when we forget about our troubles; whether they are at work or in school, and just to live out life the way it was meant to be lived; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: Jose Cool. z czJ-fazdy " J eff” " It matters not how long we live, but how.” December 14, 1958 Address: 127 Laurel St.; Ambition: to retire at 35; Suppressed Desire: to write a best selling novel of my memoirs; Pet Peeve: Cheerleaders Dances, people who argue and yell; Fondest Memory: February vacation ’76, Jun¬ ior Prom, Hardy Avenue, building the Senior float, watching the Senior float burn, November 21 and 24; Happiest When: with that " Special” person, watching Starsky and Hutch, eat¬ ing Suzy-Q’s; Salient Characteristic: sociable. " Rue” " One man with a dream shall go forth and conquer a crown.” August 20, 1959 Address: 89 Green St.; Ambition: to have a good time; Suppressed Desire: to start an I.L.C. at FHS; Pet Peeve: educational competition; Fondest Memory: summer band; Happiest When: playing my tuba, mountain climbing, and being with friends; Salient Characteristic: tuba. -JJauzt " Heals” " The most completely lost of all days is that on which one has not laughed.” November 28, 1959 Address: 80 Walnut Ct.; Ambition: to become a special education teacher for the Mentally Disa¬ bled; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others and aren’t; Fondest Memory: my Junior year, FHS football games, cheering in the stands with Caillou, Heidi and Lu Mello, Math Lab with Lu and Maureen, Cheerleader’s Dance ’76, and most of all being a part of FHS; Happiest When: with friends and having a good time; Salient Characteristic: chuckle. " Laugh and be well.” January 15, 1959 Address: 27 Elm Ave.; Ambition: to become an airline stewardess; Suppressed Desire: to travel the world 5 times over, and to become personal friends with Cregg Henry; Pet Peeve: aftersession, people who think they’ve got everyone else figured out; Fondest Memory: summer of ’73 and ’75, Joey, camping in New Hampshire, rowing down the Wesport River with a friend; Happiest When: eating, and having a wild time with Ann and Jess; Salient Characteristic: fashionable. 95 ddcdza ccd. " Debbie” " What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” April 22, 1959 Address: 152 North Walnut St.; Ambition: to be happy and successful throughout life; Suppressed Desire: to be a millionaire; Pet Peeve: Monday mornings; Fondest Memory: football rallies, business classes; Happiest When: out of school, with Ken; Salient Characteristic: business classes. £dgaz dl [azttn cd-figgcm " Eddie” " Be not merely good; be good for something.” October 13, 1958 Address: 88 Francis St.; Suppressed Desire: to own a cabin cruiser; Pet Peeve: Mike Souza; Fondest Memory: getting high; Happiest When: Friday night; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: long, skinny legs. dddazon cdfczit " ’Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone.” April 6, 1959 Address: 3 Mulberry St.; Ambition: commercial artist; Pet Peeve: Monday mornings; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Characteristic: sweetness. " That life is truly free which rules and suffices for itself.” October 2, 1958 Address: 3 Rotch St.; Salient Characteristic: casualness. co r ±cn " As fresh as when the first sunrise awoke the lark in Para¬ dise.” February 22, 1959 Address: 32 Fort St.; Ambition: retail man¬ ager; Suppressed Desire: to go to Hawaii; Pet Peeve: people with fake smiles; Fondest Memory: February 22, 1975; Hap¬ piest When: horseback riding out in the country; Salient Characteristic: strawberry blonde hair. 96 Uyazsn cz fnn an±zn " Ski” " Never less idle than when idle.” December 31, 1959 Address: 79 East Morgan St.; Ambition: to travel and get married; Suppressed Desire: to live in a log cabin in the woods and have a good job which I like; Pet Peeve: people who think that they are better than everyone else; Fondest Memory: September 12, 1976, E.C.H.D. 62, RI; Happiest When: with friends and in the art room; Salient Characteristic: philanthropist. " The word impossible is not in my dictionary.” June 1, 1959 Address: 841 Sconticut Neck Rd.; Ambition: to become a speech therapist for mentally retarded children; Suppressed Desire: to live in Canada in a log cabin sur¬ rounded by woods; Pet Peeve: people trying to get even on other people, prejudiced people, quiet people; Fondest Mem¬ ory: November 30, 1974, September 15, 1974, football games, cheerleaders’ dance, basketball games, Senior Prom 1976, Kevin P. Burton; Happiest When: I’m with Kevin; Salient Characteristic: rings. -JJincla " Ah, why should life all labour be?” April 1, 1959 Address: 7 Grinnel St.; Ambition: to own a plant shop; Suppressed Desire: to travel, to poke the Pills- bury dough boy; Pet Peeve: people who are constantly on my back, typing; Fondest Memory: December 28, 1973, summer of ’76; Happiest When: having a day to myself, with my Wareham friends, going to a concert; Salient Characteristic: jeans. " Terry” " 1 never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.” April 5, 1959 Address: 128 Huttleston Ave.; Ambition: to go to art school, make money selling paintings in my spare time; Suppressed Desire: to be a famous artist; Pet Peeve: when I’m in a bad mood, people bothering me or looking at me in the wrong way; Fondest Memory: when I met my boyfriend; Happiest When: walking barefoot on summer days; Salient Characteristic: privacy. " Mikey” " In the mountains of truth, you never climb in vain.” August 25, 1959 Address: 37 Fort St.; Ambition: to be a law¬ yer; Suppressed Desire: to have Mr. Malcolm’s computer pro¬ jects terminated; Pet Peeve: working on a computer project all term and have it not work; Fondest Memory: going to Boston to see the State House; Happiest When: annoying Mr. Pierce; Salient Characteristic: timid. 97 " Wit consists of knowing the resemblance of things which differ and the difference of things which are alike.” October 22, 1959 Address: 21 Blossom St.; Ambition: para¬ psychologist; Suppressed Desire: to be happy and successful and to never lose the friends I made in school; Pet Peeve: math, getting up in the morning for school, term papers; Fondest Memory: Mr. Marchand’s 1st period European World class, partying with Rufus; Happiest When: the week-end comes, at a football game, vacations, partying with Rufus; Salient Characteristic: humor. Lilian Uyoczzza " Sue” " We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths.” June 5, 1959 Address: 80 Wamsutta Ave., Acushnet; Ambi¬ tion: to go to college and major in computer programming; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: getting up early for school, homework, French class sopho¬ more year; Fondest Memory: Junior Day; Happiest When: with Ricky; Salient Characteristic: Ricky. zSu±an U o££az± " Sue” " Good nature is one of the richest things.” December 3, 1959 Address: 89 Tootle Lane; Ambition: nurse; Suppressed Desire: to travel and to see the world; Pet Peeve: people who don’t give others a chance, homework on week¬ ends, tests on Monday, meeting yearbook deadlines; Fondest Memory: Honor Society studies in the alcove, teaching John English, April 10, 1976, 1976 S enior Prom, Elton John con¬ cert on July 4th, working on the 1977 " Huttlestonian” with Cezzie, Physiology period 7, French Club field trips, period 7 study in my junior year, bugging Mr. Dufour, Sukie; Happi¬ est When: with Steve, in blue lightening, with friends, hav¬ ing a vacation, the week-end arrives; Salient Characteristic: visage. czrfnn U u£ " Celia” " The world belongs to those who think and act with it, who keep a finger on its pulse.” July 18, 1959 Address: 152 Hamlin St., Acushnet; Ambition: to go to college and to be successful in whatever I do; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to own and fly my own airplane; Pet Peeve: Rumors, term papers, History, taking SAT’s on Saturday mornings; Fondest Memory: Summer of ’76, Mr. Haaland’s Physics classes, 9th grade cheering, going to Boston with M.M., T V., D.S. and K.T., basketball games, football games, the tennis team, all my friends at F.H.S., ’74 Thanksgiving Day game. Junior Day — ’76, Senior Play, Carl’s Pagoda — Chinatown — chopsticks. Senior Float meetings, square danc¬ ing — open house; Happiest When: with all my friends and having a good time; Salient Characteristic: quick laugh. U azE 1 U (7iffiau " They can conquer who believe they can.” April 8, 1959 Address: 64 Chestnut St.; Ambition: medical secretary; Suppressed Desire: to own a ski resort; Pet Peeve: flat tires and empty gas tanks; Fondest Memory: 7th period History class with Mr. Silva in my junior year, driving cross country in the summer of ’76; Happiest When: with Amy, having a good time with Nancy, Ralph, and Allan; Salient Characteristic: indifferent. 98 !2 o aZES dddSoss leze " Dolo” " Today let me live well; none knows what may be tomor¬ row.” January 17, 1959 Address: 661 Washington St.; Ambition: to be a secretary, or to major in marketing; Suppressed Desire: to go to Florida; Pet Peeve: school lunches; Fondest Mem¬ ory: Junior Prom, May 7, 1976; Happiest When: with friends and having a good time; Salient Characteristic: forthright. ddcurcd dd. dJadljE ztz " Liberty” " Push on — keep moving.” July 2, 1958 Address: 20 Raymond St.; Ambition: to be my own boss at carpentry; Suppressed Desire: to be rich with no hassles; Pet Peeve: people who raise their voices before lis¬ tening to your explanation; Fondest Memory: 18th birthday; Happiest When: with good friends; Salient Characteristic: grin. cdl {ciZLz .dJauzzttz ddazoccjuz " Caillou” " Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable; however, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it, than those whose laziness makes them give it up as unattainable.” September 19, 1959 Address: 18 Fairfield St., Acushnet; Ambition: to become a physician or a veterinarian, to help those who are not as fortunate as I am, to live a fulfilling and eventful life, to keep in touch after graduation; Suppressed Desire: to have an unlimited amount of patience and under¬ standing, to lengthen the day to 36 hours, to capture all the love in the world and to give it out when needed, to make the Murrays say something enthusiastic at football games; Pet Peeve: indifference, les questions vraies ou fausses, lack of cooperation, cliques, writing your own college recommenda¬ tion, selling ads; Fondest Memory: long talks in the locker room with close friends, the ’77 Huttlestonian with Chris, football games, tennis matches, practice, the Haunted House, las classes do francais, driving school and Heidi’s shoe, Carl’s Pagoda and the chopsticks, la philosophic de Petit Prince, precious memories of FHS; Happiest When: in the company of good friends, cheering at football games, making others smile, being crazy and doing something foolish; Salient Characteristic: diligence. ddz zy[ czdfnn ddcujotz " Lavoo” " A fair exterior is a silent recommendation.” April 3, 1959 Address: 44 Bayview Ave.; Ambition: to go to college; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: crowded locker rooms and long lunch lines; Fondest Memory: FHS; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Char¬ acteristic: shyness. dJozna dJaarton " Life is an incurable disease.” July 27, 1959 Address: 52 Rodman St.; Salient Characteristic: glasses. 99 Q izyinia -J aurion " Ginny” " It is not often that an opinion is worth expressing, which cannot take care of itself.” June 2, 1959 Address: 54 Rodman St.; Ambition: to be happy, and a stewardess; Suppressed Desire: to be 1st female coach of an all-male pro team, spend my life with a certain person, and to own a clothing store; Pet Peeve: prejudiced people, study halls, marching band, term papers, Jr. monitors telling Srs. to walk around, Sr. pics., class of ’78; Fondest Memory: 9th grade, cheering with Doreen, Exchange concert of ’74, Jr. float meetings, the haunted house, girls’ basketball and track, ’75 Cheerleaders Dance, ’76 Jr. Day and Prom, Paul, Aug. 19, ’76, Oct. 2, ’76, strolls before 1st period with Alison and Doreen, Martha’s Vineyard, Mr. Bender’s office, square dancing, arguing with Jeff at lunch, Jai-Alai, the State house Fr. field trip, Dr. J., leaving school for lunch, walking to the Neck with John, Speech and Drama, Sr. Yr.; Happiest When: playing basketball, listening to Boston or the Spin¬ ners, riding around, partying, with T.J. and the Dr.; Salient Characteristic: temperamental. zf-f-zzy cz fntfzony jCzfiozz " Lip” " He that is more than a youth, is not for me, and he that is less than a man, I am not for him.” August 2, 1959 Address: 6 Birchfield St.; Ambition: business tycoon, business administration; Suppressed Desire: to be a Las Vegas gambler, tell Willie where to go, blow up Almacs, meet Fran Tarkenton; Pet Peeve: fakers, conceited people, radicals, getting up for school, working; Fondest Memory: JV basketball season, winning 18 out of 21, JV celebration (beers in the showers after the last game), basketball camp, fooling around in English class, Jr. Skip Day, burning the Sr. float; Happiest When: cracking jokes, racking on people, going out on weekends, playing one on one, killing Fig and Ted in rack fights; Salient Characteristic: likable. cz zlcIl -JJzoai± " D. D. Lewis” " Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds a brightness over ever¬ ything.” November 4, 1959 Address: 144 Green St.; Ambition: regis¬ tered nurse; Suppressed Desire: to own season tickets to the Celtics, to attend every home game, to get a Murray to cheer at a football game; Pet Peeve: long lunch lines, computer projects, prejudiced people, quiet people; Fondest Memory: football games, working on the Jr. float, shopping with the Murrays, foods class in 9th grade, biology in sophomore yr. with Mrs. Congdon, French with Mr. Dufour in Jr. yr., French club field trips, 3-23-75, 11-5-76, Saturday nights and Burger Chef, Mr. Malcolm’s math class, dancing in the Bicentennial pageant; Happiest When: with my friends, at a Celtics game, shopping; Salient Characteristic: happy laugh¬ ter. z± " Scotty” " He that is overcautious will accomplish little.” December 27, 1959 Address: 117 East Coggeshall St.; Ambi¬ tion: the service; Suppressed Desire: to be rich; Pet Peeve: getting up early in the morning; Fondest Memory: Mr. C’s math class; Happiest When: going out and having a good time, saying " Just too wild;” Salient Characteristic: forward¬ ness. ( Waynz 1 . jCuiz " Our thoughts and our conduct are our own.” October 7, 1958 Address: 28 North St.; Ambition: to become rich; Suppressed Desire: to travel the world; Pet Peeve: not being able to play a certain sport; Salient Characteristic: lei¬ sureliness. 100 c VlauzEEn c V acjan " The Moe Magan” " How dull it is to pause, to make an end, to rust unbur¬ nished, not to shine in use, as tho’ to breathe were life!” July 31, 1958 Address: 24 Thompson St.; Ambition: to make it through college and to have a career in the field of medi¬ cine; Suppressed Desire: to own a blue M.G. and to get a Pis¬ tachio Fribble from Friendly’s; Pet Peeve: taking SAT tests, filling out college applications, going to work directly after basketball practice; Fondest Memory: going camping with Chip, Carl’s Pagoda with Miss Moffatt, sophomore year of girls’ basketball, my three years of sports, the summer soft- ball league, the Tavares concert, my trips to Holy Cross, watching the boys’ basketball games, the day I threw a 26 , 5 " in a track meet, my three years at F.H.S.; Happiest When: I’m with my friends, listening to music, when I’m with Bruce, with the gang at the Fort, playing sports; Salient Char¬ acteristic: congeniality. (2anda.cE cdl {ancfzE6.£EZ " Candy” " Life is very short, and very uncertain; let us spend it as well as we can.” August 12, 1959 Address: 7 Sebec St.; Ambition: to go on to a different school and to meet different people; Suppressed Desire: to establish new rules for this school; Pet P eeve: false friends, driving in traffic, people who just don’t under¬ stand; Fondest Memory: 9th grade with Celine, talks with Yetta, the Pizza Pub and the Lot, becoming friends with T.K., A.K. and M.G.; Happiest When: with honest friends, excepting people for what they are, not who they are, leaving school for lunch, helping people with problems, having a long weekend with friends; Salient Characteristic: courteous. cdl lCcfiaE cdl {andE( jiIXe " Mike” " Everything comes if a man will only wait.” March 19, 1959 Address: 35 Mulberry St.; Ambition: to be wealthy; Suppressed Desire: to be the President of the United States; Pet Peeve: reporting to the Main Office; Fondest Memory: Junior Prom; Happiest When: being with friends; Salient Characteristic: nonchalant. £d(xrazd-dlauTZEncE cdl [an2Ey III " Ted” " From the crown of his head, to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth.” May 31, 1959 Address: 62 Cedar St.; Ambition: to be success¬ ful in any field I pursue; Suppressed Desire: to play pro bas¬ ketball, to become filthy rich, to stay a bachelor for a long time; Pet Peeve: being bored, people with no sense of humor, wrinkled clothes, juniors; Fondest Memory: J.V. basketball, O.J., Junior skip day, Mrs. Shapiro’s 6th period class, cruis¬ ing, and other wildness; Happiest When: laughing and doing wild things with my friends; Salient Characteristic: fun-loving. cddona2d dj-oiE cd. dl {anzonE " Ronnie” " With his eyes in flood with laughter.” July 10, 1958 Address: 307 Sconticut Neck Rd.; Ambition: to own the best Corvette in the country; Suppressed Desire: to travel world wide with Nancy; Pet Peeve: people who get jealous; Fondest Memory: Mr. Cip’s math classes; Happiest When: with Nancy; Salient Characteristic: cars. 101 cA icfzazd i [azcotts " Rick” " The end must justify the means.” September 28, 1958 Address: 28 Spring St.; Ambition: to become a computer programmer; Suppressed Desire: to have enough money to see everything there is to see; Pet Peeve: Algebra II and Trig.; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Characteristic: seriousness. ( yfl£Z£L±£ zA [aZL£.n " Elsie” " The hand that follows intellect can achieve much.” November 2, 1959 Address: 4 Linden Ave.; Ambition: to teach Math; Suppressed Desire: to be the greatest comedi¬ enne in the world and to take laugh lessons from Dick Van Dyke; Pet Peeve: crude people and dogs interrupting track meets, pre-game and half-time shows, and parades; Fondest Memory: Uncle Phil’s art class, Sophomore year, Biology class, 50’s Day, ’75 and ’76 Cheerleaders’ dance, Junior Prom Bowling league, rowdie top row at basketball games, Bicen¬ tennial Pageant, Math Lab, volleyball and football games; Happiest When: I forget myself and go crazy with friends; Salient Characteristic: perfection. zAfancy zA [az± i " Nance” " Always behave as if nothing had happened no matter what has happened.” July 14, 1959 Address: 186 Balsam St.; Ambition: to become a nurse or secretary; Suppressed Desire: to travel; Pet Peeve: Jr. monitors, English compositions; Fondest Memory: going to state competition and winning a medal for track, going to London in February ’77, good times of summer ’74, drama class; Happiest When: with friends, going sailing and when summer arrives; Salient Characteristic: West Island. £? zancL± ofzn Al {aztzn± " Greek” January 20, 1959 Address: 5 Brae Rd.; Ambition: to drive big machinery; Suppressed Desire: to be rich; Pet Peeve: after session; Fondest Memory: spending summer of ’76 at Mar¬ tha’s Vineyard; Happiest When: playing pool; Salient Char¬ acteristic: good lovin’. " Whatever is is right!” March 24, 1959 Address: 21 Paul St.; Ambition: Elementary Education; Pet Peeve: immature people, people who think that they’re better than others; Happiest When: with friends or walking on a beach; Salient Characteristic: composure. 102 !2 aam£ cz fnns. A laztcn " I am what I am.” October 18, 1959 Address: 19 Howard St.; Ambition: to be an illustrator; Suppressed Desire: to live in a Maxfield Par¬ rish painting; Pet Peeve: Disco music in the Art room; Fond¬ est Memory: full moons and Fridays; Happiest When: get¬ ting art work done; Salient Characteristic: black book. £ l {azCa l laztinfzo " Mito” " One with more of soul in her face than words on her tongue.” November 5, 1958 Address: 28 Hawthorne St.; Ambition: to become a hairdresser, to be rich and to have a nice house in the woods; Suppressed Desire: to become a singer; Pet Peeve: making up gym classes, people who think they’re better than others; Fondest Memory: working in Mr. Albritton’s office with a lot of good people; Happiest When: with Rick and with all my friends, having a good time; Salient Characteris¬ tic: dark eyes. andza d {azL£ zA [cizu o " Sandy” " I find earth not grey but rosy, heaven not grim but fair of hue.” August 14, 1959 Address: 230 New Boston Rd.; Ambition: to lead a happy and successful life; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: false friends, disappointments; Fondest Memory: my Sophomore year, summer of ’75 and ’76, all the friends and acquaintances I’ve come to know through my years at FHS; Happiest When: with close friends, enjoying good times, helping people; Salient Charac¬ teristic: neatness. U azsn ■ A ' iaion " A smile creates a lot of happiness.” September 30, 1959 Address: 103 Fort St.; Ambition: to study at St. Luke’s Hospital to become a Lab Technician; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to travel to foreign countries; Pet Peeve: Accounting I class, phony friends, English; Fondest Memory: labs in Chemistry class, Mr. Barriteau’s Psychology class. Jun¬ ior Day ’76, Beach Boys concert, summer of ’76, my Junior year, volunteer work at St. Luke’s Hospital; Happiest When: with good friends, camping; Salient Characteristic: curly hair. " Kathy” " It would be an excellent rule to live each day as if we should die tomorrow. Such an attitude would emphasize sharply the value of life.” May 26, 1959 Address: 131 North William St.; Ambition: to live a happy life; Suppressed Desire: to be six feet tall; Pet Peeve: snobby people; Fondest Memory: the DR football game, Mr. Haaland’s Chemistry classes, the rallies, float meetings, the Junior Prom, our senior bonfire, the night I got my hand shut in the car door. Remember, Carol?, the bal¬ loon in Mr. Haaland’s Chemistry class; Happiest When: out with friends, eating; Salient Characteristic: spirited. 103 c fnn dl [alJl!zoy " Resolve to take Fate by the throat and shake a living out of her.” March 31, 1959 Address: 2 Manuel St.; Ambition: court ste¬ nographer; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: When people ridicule others and they are no bet¬ ter; Fondest Memory: Thanksgiving day football game ’76, gym classes; Happiest When: not in school; Salient Charac¬ teristic: even disposition. czrfnn A IecIelzo± " Jewels” " Reason and calm judgment, the qualities specially belonging to a leader.” January 11, 1959 Address: 15 Hedge St.; Ambition: to choose what I really want to do in life and be happy doing it; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to travel around the world and be able to bring happiness to all the poor children; Pet Peeve: people who cannot find the time to smile, to laugh, to make other lives a little happier, and those who cannot enjoy life, Mon¬ day mornings, having Mr. Pierce 3 straight years; Fondest Memory: the day Doreen asked me to be her Maid of Honor, being chosen Lady-in-waiting Cheerleaders’ dance senior year, Cheerleaders’ dance with Spanky sophomore year, cheerlead¬ ers’ dance with Jeff C. and the tie, winning football games when FHS was the underdog, Queen’s court Junior prom, cheering in 9th grade, Doreen’s hay ride, 9-17-73, parties at Rousseau’s, Student Council convention with Miss Campbell, lunch with Heals, Cecelia, and Melinda; Happiest When: with a special friend, with friends sharing memories, listen¬ ing to Doe tell me about her wedding plans; Salient Charac¬ teristic: leadership. " Pat” " The magic of a face.” April 8, 1959 Address: 394 Sconticut Neck Rd.; Ambition: clothing teacher; Suppressed Desire: to be happy and to have a successful life; Pet Peeve: 3rd period English class, junior monitors, waking up for school; Fondest Memory: getting a smoking area, lunch sophomore year; Happiest When: with Scott, not in school; Salient Characteristic: softball. " Kath” " I always feel that it is infinitely better to be than not to be.” May 28, 1959 Address: 75 Laurel St.; Ambition: to succeed; Suppressed Desire: to be rich; Pet Peeve: someone who’s always late, waiting; Fondest Memory: Z.Z. concert and the party afterwards at Fenway Hotel; Happiest When: with all my friends, having a good time; Salient Characteristic: com¬ plaisant. -JJucLnda " Lu” " Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity.” Novembei 5, 1959 Address: 15 New Boston Rd.; Ambition: to travel without getting homesick, to be able to speak many languages, to always be happy; Suppressed Desire: return to Germany and stay there, to make a Murray say something enthusiastic at a football game; Pet Peeve: homesickness, " quiet girls, there’s a study across the hall,” Non-western civ.; Fondest Memory: French class, " Hey Murray!” honor society studies, going to the locker room after 1st lunch dur¬ ing senior year; Happiest When: at football games, with my friends, watching Monty Python; Salient Characteristic: quick wit. 104 " Penny” " Merit and good-breeding will make their way everywhere.” March 19, 1959 Address: 56 Hacker St.; Ambition: to go to art school; Suppressed Desire: to become a commercial artist or photographer; Pet Peeve: phony and conceited people; Fondest Memory: coming so close to going to the Super Bowl, then losing the last game to Dartmouth; Happiest When: with Manny; Salient Characteristic: quiet. X anda[¥ {2raCg " Randy” " Let to-morrow take care of to-morrow.” March 22, 1959 Address: 217 Green St.; Ambition: to be wealthy; Fondest Memory: Junior Day; Salient Characteris¬ tic: bad temper. " You can say that I’m your friend.” September 21, 1958 Address: 675 Washington St.; Ambition: to play professional football; Suppressed Desire: to go around the world; Pet Peeve: football practice, sprints; Fond¬ est Memory: Mr. Marchand’s class; Happiest When: out of school; Salient Characteristic: gentleness. BctUT ora l {bncionca " I am a part of Nature: — part of all you feel . . July 22, 1959 Address: 104 Sycamore St.; Ambition: to be an Environmentalist; Suppressed Desire: to stop all destruction of nature; Pet Peeve: pollution, people who only think of themselves; Fondest Memory: Junior Day ’76, being with friends, finishing term papers, 5th period study in guidance, Jr. year, 7th period study in the bookroom, Senior year; Hap¬ piest When: surrounded by Nature and natural things; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: helpfulness. " Chucky” " Individuality is the root of everything good.” July 18, 1958 Address: 890 Sconticut Neck Rd.; Salient Char¬ acteristic: personality. 105 U £ Jtn bl {bbz " Chik” " Music is a thing of the soul.” January 15, 1959 Address: 22 Holiday Dr.; Ambition: to become a great musician; Suppressed Desire: to make a lot of money, to help the poor; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others; Fondest Memory: listening to Mr. Margeson’s albums while talking to Ann and Larry, skipping 7th period; Happiest When: with Charlene; Salient Charac¬ teristic: determination. eZbczci bl [izancla " Ellie” " Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” January 8, 1956 Address: 65 Gellette Rd.; Ambition: Recep¬ tionist; Suppressed Desire: to be an accountant for a large business firm; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others; Fondest Memory: going to see " Two Gentlemen from Verona” with Mrs. Shapiro; Happiest When: among friends; Salient Characteristic: books. 1b)oucjbi " Doug” " Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.” July 10, 1959 Address: 3 Phoenix St.; Ambition: to turn the world on to Solar energy; Suppressed Desire: to beat Scott Young in the 880; Pet Peeve: janitors; Fondest Memory: Mr. Silva’s Anthropology class; Happiest When: playing music; Salient Characteristic; intelligence. bVancy cbfnnz zA {oniz " Nance” " Not much talk — a great, sweet silence.” May 19, 1959 Address: 34 Chestnut St.; Ambition: to be a typist; Suppressed Desire: to move to Florida, to travel around the world; Pet Peeve: flat tires, right, Karen; Fondest Memory: February 9, 1975; Happiest When: with Ralph and when out partying with friends; Salient Characteristic: serene. IVabzz b. bl [on£ " Walt” " Oh, I am stabbed with laughter.” December 10, 1959 Address: 43 Hedge St.; Ambition: to be an accountant; Suppressed Desire: to become a millionaire and to live in a New York City apartment; Pet Peeve: red traffic lights; Fondest Memory: skipping studies; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Characteristic: frankness. 106 anizi X oljEzt 2l {ozton " Leroy” " To be a great man it is necessary to turn to account all opportunities.” March 18, 1959 Address: 43 Dartmouth St.; Ambition: to write a sports column for a newspaper or to announce sport¬ ing events; Suppressed Desire: to play basketball for the rest of my life; Pet Peeve: people who always think they’re right and have to have their own way; Fondest Memory: skipping school and going to my friend’s house to spend the day; Hap¬ piest When: sitting around the house watching sporting events on T.V. and just taking it easy; Salient Characteristic: lankiness. zzA {au%££n " Moe” " Quiet and undisturbed, she moves along.” July 16, 1959 Address: 27 Linden Ave.; Ambition: to become a nurse; Suppressed Desire: to travel; Pet Peeve: the sound of knuckles cracking, the crowded locker room; Fondest Mem¬ ory: Junior Prom ’75, Cheerleaders’ Dance ’76, sophomore year, Spanish, Physiology, Math labs, junior year, square dancing, Latin with Mr. Dufour, studies senior year; Happi¬ est When: with friends; Salient Characteristic: blush. (2(iz Lit ins z2l {a.zij z2l {uzzay " Chris” " Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, bu t I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” January 3, 1959 Address: 58 Laurel St.; Ambition: to have a career in the medical field; Suppressed Desire: to get a dou¬ ble A + on one of Mr. Malcolm’s computer projects, to meet a yearbook deadline without any frustrations, to own my own airplane, to make time stand still; Pet Peeve: computer pro¬ jects!, filling out college applications, college boards, apathy; Fondest Memory: Junior Day, working on the yearbook with Marie, card games at Ann’s, Biology and Chemistry labs with Magan, the trip to Stonehill, Mr. Malcolm’s Math 11 and 12A; Happiest When: with friends, working on the year¬ book, reading, eating, and relaxing; Salient Characteristic: conscientiousness. (2ynt2.Ca l [azy z2l [uzzay " Cindy” " Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” January 3, 1959 Address: 58 Laurel St.; Ambition: to find per¬ sonal fulfillment, to pursue physical therapy or social work; Suppressed Desire: to have graduated with the class of ’76, to be able to relax more, to always make the right decisions, to be able to see the best in everyone, to be less cynical, to be happy and content with my life, and in whatever I choose to do; Pet Peeve: filling out college applications, waiting for people, disappointments; Fondest Memory: Junior Day ’76, Class of ’76, junior and senior Math with Mr. Malcolm, long talks with Billy, Seals and Crofts concert, going out for breakfast in my Jr. year with the seniors, playing cards at Ann’s, working on the yearbook; Happiest When: with a good, close friend, reading, relaxing, walking alone along a beach with just my thoughts to keep me company; Salient Characteristic: strong-willed. lcHo-eI 7 22. z2l [uzza.y " Muff” " Self-confidence is the keynote to success.” July 1, 1958 Address: 18 Coggeshall St.; Ambition: to become rich; Suppressed Desire: to go out scalloping on a highliner from New Bedford; Pet Peeve: going outside for gym when it’s cold; Fondest Memory: Mr. Margeson’s class; Happiest When: listening to music; Salient Characteristic: assistance. 107 Vsoijion " Phi!” " No man is free who is not master of himself.” April 23, 1958 Address: 195 Washington St.; Salient Charac¬ teristic: garage. ( Ufionza± ($D£i(ja£ " Tom” " Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new.” September 9, 1958 Address: 16 Hamlet St.; Salient Character¬ istic: motorcycles. (5D£l(J£LZCI, z. " Gilly” " One thought includes all thought, in the sense that a grain of sand includes the universe.” May 15, 1959 Address: 8 Delano St.; Ambition: to travel to different parts of the world; Suppressed Desire: to be the richest human being; Pet Peeve: loud-mouthed people; Fond¬ est Memory: being with Heidi during the summer of ’76; Happiest When: having a good time on a Friday night with friends; Salient Characteristic: grin. ($D£l J£Z " Billy” " It is the nature of a great mind to be calm and undisturbed.” September 18, 1959 Address: 5 Eddy St.; Ambition: to gradu¬ ate from college; Pet Peeve: people who think they are too good for you; Fondest Memory: Mr. Dufour’s field trips; Happiest When: not working; Salient Characteristic: calm¬ ness. J avid i ±J a£ni£.z " His virtues were his arts.” May 16, 1957 Address: 15 Oak Grove Lane; Ambition: to study Psychology and Photography; Suppressed Desire: to be the smartest person in the world; Pet Peeve: people who put down others for the way they are; Fondest Memory: receiv¬ ing the highest grade in the class in the U.S. History final last year; Happiest When: when I received my driver’s license; Salient Characteristic: steadiness. 108 HZ zu£a " There is always hope in a man who actually and earnestly works. In idleness alone is there perpetual despair.” March 4, 1959; Ambition: college; Suppressed Desire: to get a good job where I do the least and get paid the most; Pet Peeve: not being at the front of the lunch line; Fondest Memory: Senior year; Happiest When: getting paid; Salient Characteristic: pigeons. " It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another, without helping himself.” May 16, 1959; Address: 26 Laura Keene Ave., Acushnet; Sal¬ ient Ch.iracteristic: sedateness. " Kathy” " Give me to-day, and take to-morrow.” January 8, 1959 Address: 3 Pine Ave.; Ambition: work with children; Fondest Memory: Mr. Haaland’s 6th period Chem¬ istry class, the peanut butter fight with Mike, going to Black- more Pond; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Character¬ istic: happy-go-lucky. " Arl” " She is the greatest artist who has embodied, in the sum of her works, the greatest number of the greatest ideas.” October 26, 1959 Address: 10 Sunrise Ct.; Ambition: self- employed commercial artist, marriage; Suppressed Desire: to own a modern western rambling ranch, and a black corvette; Pet Peeve: stupid questions, Steve Demurs, Bob Shurtleff, guys who don’t speak English who ask you to dance; Fondest Memory: art room with Karen, Steve and Anna, dancing at Lincoln Park with Arthur, teasing Carol, Cheryl, Cher, Donna, Debbie; Happiest When: dancing, listening to my stereo; Salient Characteristic: H and R Block. " Bob” " Much learning shows how little mortals know; much wealth, how little, wordlings enjoy.” May 4, 1959 Address: 24 Francis St.; Salient Characteristic: unattached. 10 ? z l {CcfiaE LJ ound.i " Mike” ' He lived at ease.” February 10, 1959 Address: 89 Akin St.; Salient Characteris¬ tic: cross-country motorcycling. J 0(AJ£Z " Charlie” " Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue.” March 12, 1959 Address: 42 Boston Hill Rd.; Ambition: to get married, to travel across country, to see all the beautiful things in this country, and then to raise a family; Suppressed Desire: to cut the wires on the intercom or just crush the whole thing altogether!; Pet Peeve: physical fitness tests in gym, super compact lockers, stairs, people who put them¬ selves on pedestals; Fondest Memory: sophomore year in 6th period study, 7th period shorthand with " ish” and " chay,” and everyone else; Happiest When: laughing and having a good time with friends like Carol, George, Tony, Dude, Cathy, and especially John; Salient Characteristic: light-heart- edness. St£ j£n Quentin " Steve” " Every man is the maker of his own fortune.” August 28, 1958 Address: 30 Roy St.; Salient Characteristic: track. aza.fi dZ CzaljiLtfi X aniom " Rah” " Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a sepa¬ rate life.” August 5, 1959 Address: 219 Main St.; Ambition: to play on the U.S. Women’s Field hockey Team in the Olympics; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to have a field house in my backyard, to star in a Broadway Show; Pet Peeve: my father making bets; Fondest Memory: Stoneham, going to Brown University to see the college field hockey games and talking with the Springfield Coach, going to States to throw javelin, making those stupid T.Q. gowns, thinking of captions for the year¬ book pictures and " I don’t care, bear,” chorus, beau coup des autres choses; Happiest When: laughing and talking with people, singing, eating ice cream, relaxing, hiking, camping, skiing, swimming, sailing, throwing jav, making a good play in field hockey, flying across hurdles, leaving WORK to be done later; Salient Characteristic: amiable. H onna zzA {azL£ " Happiness is not a reward — it is a consequence.” April 20, 1958 Address: 15 Blackburn St., Ambition: to marry Paul and live far from here; Suppressed Desire: to be rich and never have to work; Pet Peeve: people who have no con¬ sideration for others; Fondest Memory: the junior float meet¬ ing when we went to the Haunted House; Happiest When: with Paul and getting out of school; Salient Characteristic: Paul. 110 ddcLUtd dx £Lc{ " Reedy” " Live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow.” May 21, 1958 Address: 18 Blackburn St.; Ambition: to own the ultimate stereo; Suppressed Desire: to race pro stock or funny cars; Pet Peeve: jocks. Fords, undependable people, Fairhaven police; Fondest Memory: Friday nights at the Speakeasy; Happiest When: at Kiss, Blue Wyster Cult, and Black Sabbath concerts; Salient Characteristic: long hair. " Doe” " So well to know her own, that what she wills to do or say seems wisest and best.” February 23, 1959 Address: 23 Taber St.; Ambition: nurse or work in a bank, to be happy; Suppressed Desire: to live in an A frame with Mike on the top of a mountain with the forest as our backyard; Pet Peeve: a long waiting period of the next four years, class projects, term papers, homework, make up tests, Monday mornings; Fondest Memory: Karen Drew’s laugh, trip to New Hampshire and Newport with Mike, Deb, and Pat, the Cape, 11-15-74, Jr. Prom and court, trip to Florida, Speech and Drama, cooking class 9th and 10th grade with Heidi, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Ramsey Lewis con¬ certs, Nancy Chandler and the Bishop Feehan basketball game, my friends, Michael, my ring, my father; Happiest When: with Mike, weekend comes, at Carol and Jimmy’s, watching the 3 Stooges, listening to Mike’s jokes; Salient Characteristic: Mike. cdfztfiuz zdx iIj£LZo " Artie” " It is easy to be prudent, when nothing tempts you to stray.” December 2, 1958 Address: 15 Cherry St.; Ambition: own my own business; Pet Peeve: winter; Fondest Memory: gradua¬ tion; Happiest When: at a parry; Salient Characteristic: free and easy. cdfnnztts. c Sandza. t dCcfia.zd " Anit” " Friends are born, not made .” May 23, 1959 Address: 56 Main St., Acushnet; Ambition: clerk-typist; Suppressed Desire: to marry and live in my own house; Pet Peeve: mornings; Fondest Memory: senior year; Happiest When: out with friends; Salient Characteristic: rambunctious. " Robo” " A man is the whole of himself; his friends are the rest of him.” July 24, 1959 Address: 13 Harding Rd.; Ambition: to live life to the fullest; Suppressed Desire: to become rich without having to work for it; Pet Peeve: math classes, conceited peo¬ ple, windsprints, turning the dribbler, running the bases, fouling out in basketball games, rained out games; Fondest Memory: Jr. skip day, J.V. basketball, winning 18 out of 21 games, operation " J,” Jr. prom, being batman for a night; Happiest When: with friends, having a good time; Salient Characteristic: amicable. 1 1 1 S. d oc z " Buzzer” " I take it to be a principal rule of life, not to be too much addicted to any one thing.” June 1, 1959 Address: 16 Sedgewick Rd.; Ambition: to live in a small house near the ocean with plenty of trees and animals around; Suppressed Desire: to travel a lot; Pet Peeve: waking up for school or waking up in school; Fondest Memory: the going away party when leaving for Canada, summer of ’75; Happiest When: with Lori or partying!; Salient Characteris¬ tic: lateness. ofzn t yo jzzt " The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, or the hand to execute.” July 14, 1959 Address: 33 Marguerite St.; Ambition: to be a good lawyer; Suppressed Desire: to own the Oakland Raid¬ ers, to drive a silver Mercedes, to go 15 for 15, to be great at everything I do; Pet Peeve: ignorant people, college boards, four years of math; Fondest Memory: going 10 for 10, Jr. Prom, Eggie’s cellar; Happiest When: with good friends, the people I’m with are happy; Salient Characteristic: eloquence. -JJauzEncE dPaut zdx odzzLqu£i " Larry” " The world’s a stage on which all parts are played.” May 15, 1959 Address: 57 Sycamore St.; Ambition: to become a performer or a musician; Suppressed Desire: to live in Hol¬ lywood, Florida where the weather is always warm; Pet Peeve: people who think they are more superior, people who are moody or have no sense of humor; Fondest Memory: going swimming at Chucky’s house during lunch and return¬ ing to 6th period dripping wet, shooting the breeze with Anna-Marie and Kevin in study; Happiest When: with good friends, Friday comes along, I’m having a good time no mat¬ ter what I’m doing; Salient Characteristic: acting. dJinda cdfnn cdx’odzLguEi " Bunny” " Smiling always with a never fading serenity of countenance and flourishing in an immortal youth.” July 3, 1959 Address: 53 Hawthorne St.; Ambition: to be a registered nurse and then a nurse practitioner; Suppressed Desire: to be well-liked and to be more outgoing, to become a good tennis player and beat a certain someone; Pet Peeve: homeroom, people who put down others, when the tele¬ phone rings and no one answers it, waiting (especially in lunch line), when people ask my why I’m short, bad moods, getting up early; Fondest Memory: 2 13 and 3 13 1976, being carried through the boys’ locker room in my sopho¬ more year, monitoring with Billy, 1st lunch, French IV, French Club and their field trips, before and during the Elton John Concert on July 4th, Beach Boys Concert, Jackie’s house after the Jr. Prom, the ’76 Sr. Prom, Junior Day ’76, walking to Friendly’s with Jackie during study, teaching Jean to speak English, H.S. studies in the alcove, Jr. High and FERD; Hap¬ piest When: with Billy, with my friends, at parties, in Big Red, the weekend comes. Salient Characteristic: pleasantness. ddtEVEn EZ± " SAteve” ' Too busy with the crowded hour to fear to live or die.” October 11, 1959 Address: 28 Laurel St.; Ambition: to be suc¬ cessful; Suppressed Desire: to live and work at Disneyworld, Florida; Pet Peeve: Saturday morning Band rehearsals; Fond¬ est Memory: Hoosac Valley Band Exchange; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Characteristic: reliable 112 c fntiiony ddacrid ddo±E " Tony” " He adorned whatever subject he either spoke or wrote upon, by the most splendid eloquence.” March 12, 1959 Address: 49 Laurel St.; Ambition: journalist; Suppressed Desire: to win the Pulitzer Prize and to be editor of the New York Times; Pet Peeve: people who cut in the lunch line; Fondest Memory: receiving my tennis letter at the sports banquet; Happiest When: out somewhere with friends; Salient Characteristic: tennis. ddarot ' cdfnn ddo±E " Rosie” " Self-command is the main elegance.” September 10, 1959 Address: 7 Dover St.; Ambition: to become a legal secretary; Suppressed Desire: to have a suc¬ cessful career and to lead a happy life, to see Mrs. Mello run the 600; Pet Peeve: room 7 study, 5th period English class; Fondest Memory: Steno II and III with Mrs. Waltz, Junior Day ’74, the day C.F. fell in the paint, when DR. slid down the alley on all fours; Happiest When: I’m with my friends, working; Salient Characteristic: poise. 2 acrid cdf. z dou±i£au " Dave” Victory follows me, and all things follow victory.” September 23, 1959 Address: 10 Christian St.; Ambition: to play college football; Suppressed Desire: to be on a deserted island; Pet Peeve: math; Fondest Memory: Martha’s Vine¬ yard ’76; Happiest When: not in school, playing football, having a good time with friends; Salient Characteristic: looks. nicE dJ. cddoiiiiEau Friends are all that matter.’ April 29, 1959 Address: 2 Pine Ave.; Ambition: to succeed in whatever I do, to live a long and happy life; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world and come home to my own chalet in Colorado; Fondest Memory: Martha’s Vineyard with Carol Sylvia, Kim Streck, and all the guys, skiing at King Pine, Miles Standish, Freetown Forest, my beer-stained ping pong table; Happiest When: with my friends, not in school, spending money; Salient Characteristic: weekends. CatoC 2 ianE d anto± " The thing that goes farthest towards making life worth¬ while, that costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleas¬ ant smile.” May 30, 1959 Address: 6 Green St.; Ambition: to move to Maine and live a long and happy life there; Suppressed Desire: to help Peg with her suppressed desire, to be a trainer for the Boston Bruins; Pet Peeve: saying good-bye, teachers with loud voices in the morning; Fondest Memory: killer dogs on Center St., beer-stained ping pong tables, having a certain steno teacher for three years, Mrs. B’s sweetness. Sen¬ ior Bonfire, a certain day in the locker room during my soph¬ omore year; Happiest When: eating, beating the system, driving, out with my friends, I’ve got a clean head; Salient Characteristic: comparability. 113 c fztfiuz cSan£o± " He that can have patience, can have what he will.” July 11, 1959 Address: 31 Newbury Ave.; Ambition: to be a world renowned chef; Suppressed Desire: to be a pro football scout; Pet Peeve: getting up to go to school, watching our sports teams lose; Fondest Memory: seeing Aerosmith and Kiss in concert this year, seeing our sports teams, especially hockey and football come close to winning the title a couple of times; Happiest When: not in school; Salient Characteris¬ tic: roundness. azauja " In this world, it is not what we take up, but what we give up that makes us rich.” May 23, 1958 Address: 55 Narragansett Ave.; Ambition: to be a legal secretary; Suppressed Desire: to own a night club; Pet Peeve: people who say they have class, but really don’t; Fondest Memory: Junior Day; Happiest When: not in school; Salient Characteristic: silent. " Doubt whom you will, but never doubt yourself.” March 16, 1959 Address: 7 Orchard St., Acushnet; Ambition: to teach art to children; Suppressed Desire: to spend time on the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, to travel; Pet Peeve: mornings; Fondest Memory: my last year as a Fairhaven High student; Happiest When: with Albert and the people from Pope Park; Salient Characteristic: Albert. H3zUC£ " Thoughts are but dreams till their effects be tried.” September 1, 1959 Address: 10 North St.; Salient Characteris¬ tic: cherubic. [l an zSfzanatian " Dan” " Make wisdom your provision for the journey from youth to old age; for it is a more certain support than all other posses¬ sions.” September 19, 1959 Ambition: journalist; Suppressed Desire: to stay awake during Saturday Night; Pet Peeve: red traffic lights, term papers; Fondest Memory: Carl’s Pagoda, New York and Mamma Leone’s; Happiest When: busy; Salient Characteristic: The Spray. 114 o jEzt cz -farziion " Scarback” " No person is either so happy or so unhappy as he imag¬ ines.” May 13, 1959 Address: 22 Maple Ave.; Ambition: conserva¬ tion officer, live in Canada, win the Eastern Massachusetts hockey tournament; Suppressed Desire: to be the best at whatever I want to do, to play hockey for the Montreal Cana¬ dians; Pet Peeve: Tewksburry, losing at anything, moving up to Division II in hockey while O.R.R. and Wareham stayed in Division III; Fondest Memory: beating Mr. Dufour in ping-pong, playing Tewksburry in the Eastern Massachusetts tournament in ’74, bus rides to away tennis matches, Jr. skip day, Mr. Paquin’s 1st period French class ’74, Mr. Haaland’s 7th period Oceanography class, winning the " P.P.I.T.l”; Happiest When: with Donna, cruising in the skylark, listen¬ ing to some heavy metal sounds, partying with Ted, Swede, Lopsh, Grabbler, J.C. Chet, Todd, Mike, and all the other wild boys; Salient Characteristic: athletic abilities. " I am never less at leisure than when at leisure, not less alone than when I am alone.” December 26, 1958 Address: 40 Sedgewick Rd.; Ambition: college; Suppressed Desire: to live in New Hampshire; Pet Peeve: people waking me up in class; Fondest Memory: true- kin in R.C. 41 Ford; Happiest When: skiing at Bretton- woods; Salient Characteristic: mechanic. " Jackie” " To have striven, to have made an effort, to have been true to certain ideals — this alone is worth the struggle.” January 26, 1959 Address: 35 Hawthorne St.; Ambition: Law¬ yer; Suppressed Desire: to travel the world, to live in a man¬ sion in Newport; Pet Peeve: conceited people, waiting for people; Fondest Memory: Brad, Honor Society studies, Jr. Float meetings, ’76 senior prom, walking to Friendly’s on Jr. skip day with Rabbit, Oceanography class, teaching Juan to speak English, 1st lunch, 6-31-76, French class, football games. State House, Ferd, French Club, " Big Jack;” Happiest When: with Brad, friends, not working; Salient Characteris¬ tic: ambitious. Jonatfzan 22. Si2(ja " Jon” " To be an artist, that is the true goal.” April 14, 1959 Address: 5 Wood St.; Ambition- chief adver¬ tising agent for NBC; Suppressed Desire: to coax Farah Faw- cett-Majors into my house; Pet Peeve: people who drive Cadillacs and know it; Fondest Memory: The Who; Happi¬ est When: talking to people who are new to me, hearing fresh voices; Salient Characteristic: beat up black Mach I. " Judy” " What is life?. . . it is to be free.” April 8, 1959 Address: 34 Briercliffe Rd.; Ambition: to do something useful with my life; Suppressed Desire: to travel; Pet Peeve: being told you smell like a goat; Fondest Memory: Loggins and Messina concert, summer of ’76, Tabor, rallies, the haunted house, Jr. Day, parties at Dave’s Steve’s and Al’s, the car getting run over, chasing Richie, football games, our 10’s, float meeting, all the great times I’ve had with all my friends, my other half; Happiest When: with good friends; Salient Characteristic: blue spirit. 115 " Wally” " A little work, a little play, to keep us going — and so, good- day.” February 6, 1959 Address: 107 Pleasant St.; Ambition: to own my own upholstery shop; Suppressed Desire: to own my own house on a lake and my own Rolls Royce, adn to never have to work; Pet Peeve: phony people; Fondest Memory: school vacations; Happiest When: with friends; Salient Characteris¬ tic: easy-going. " Debbie” " She is always laughing, for she has an infinite deal of wit.” September 18, 1958 Address: Ashley Island Rd.; Ambi tion: registered nurse; Suppressed Desire: teacher; Pet Peeve: school; Fondest Memory: staying in Mrs. Mello’s gym class all day square dancing; Happiest When: out of school; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: pertness. -JJazzy ouza " The frivolous work of polished idleness.” January 3, 1959 Address: 394 Washington St.; Salient Charac¬ teristic: confidential. A [aZL£ Ufl£Z£±a oon£Z " Spun” " Mirth is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for a moment.” December 12, 1958 Address: 36 Harvard St.; Ambition: man¬ ager at McDonalds; Suppressed Desire: travel around the world; Pet Peeve: people who think that they are better than others; Fondest Memory: my 3 years at FHS; Happiest When: with friends, having a good time; Salient Characteris¬ tic: capricious. " Suds” " Though somewhat tardy, I perchance arrive.” May 21, 1959 Address: 10 Park Ave.; Ambition: complete college with a Bachelor’s degree in biology, flute player; Sup¬ pressed Desire: write a series of songs, buy a sailboat, sail to different places, professional bowler, to be happy; Pet Peeve: saying goodbye, growing up; Fondest Memory: sailing on the Potomac River with Uncle Joe, sailing in Buzzard’s Bay with friends, playing sports, Richie Costa and Kathy Medeiros; Happiest When: getting a goal, sinking a basket, winning a tennis match, competing in any sport, playing my flute, sail¬ ing, water skiing, visiting my cousins, talking with Carolyn; Salient Characteristic: sports. 116 (2nci zfzi " Thought is the property of him who can entertain it, and of him who can adequately place it.” March 29, 1959 Address: 22 Laurel St.; Ambition: to become successful and wealthy, to become an engineer; Suppressed Desire: to travel across the U.S. at the end of my Sr. year; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others, Mr. Malcolm’s computer projects; Fondest Memory: being awarded the most successful student in Architecture class on Jr. Day in ’75; Happiest When: Friday finally arrives and with my friends; Salient Characteristic: obligingness. l [azy " Mary Lou” " A smile is the whisper of a laugh.” April 17, 1958 Address: 24 Blackburn St.; Ambition: to do whatever I do the way I do it; Suppressed Desire: to tour Europe with a certain someone; Pet Peeve: disco music in the Art room; Fondest Memory: my weekend in Wareham, Emmaus 12, the summer of ’76 in Martha’s Vineyard; Happi¬ est When: with all my friends having a good time; Salient Characteristic: smile. ZJ l£Z£.lCl A {aZL£. " Terry” " Life is but a day at most.” April 26, 1959 Address: 29 Sconticut Neck Rd.; Ambition: beautician and cosmetologist; Suppressed Desire: to have my own salon; Pet Peeve: wearing a body cast for 6 months throughout the summer; Fondest Memory: Climbing the tree with Betty, Ann, and David during lunch without Mr. Albrit¬ ton seeing us, summer of ’75, camping at Peter’s Pond with friends; Happiest When: skiing with family and friends, out with friends and having a good time; Salient Characteristic: carriage. Uysily Jinznz± " Life is but thought.” March 16, 1959 Address: 209 Peckham Rd., Acushnet; Ambi¬ tion: to work with children; Suppressed Desire: to travel abroad; Pet Peeve: school; Fondest Memory: my trip to Ver¬ mont; Happiest When: I’m working; Salient Characteristic: solitude. " The only gift is a portion of thyself.” September 14, 1959 Address: 32 Cedar St.; Ambition: to become the supervisor of a large medical laboratory; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to live in the mountains of Vermont; Pet Pee ve: people who never listen to others; Fondest Memory: Jr. Prom, Mr. Losert’s class, Mr. Dufour, the office parties, the Sr. Bonfire, Carl’s Pagoda and the chopsticks, all the friends and the good times we had at F.H.S.; Happiest When: with my friends; Salient Characteristic: considerate. 117 hSalira zcl ' } , L jCa.n Uuc zez " Bubbling” " I agree with no man’s opinion, I have some of my own.” May 19, 1958 Address: 45 Summer St.; Ambition: Hairdres¬ ser or fashion designer; Suppressed Desire: to someday be rich; Pet Peeve: people who are supposed to be your friend, but you find out they’re not; Fondest Memory: the beautiful times with Donald; Happiest When: watching Donald play soccer; Salient Characteristic: eyelashes. czA lzHincbi ( Z7(jel£ " Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstacy.” October 14, 1959 Address: 10 Lisa Ave., Acushnet; Ambi¬ tion: to have a successful career in the medical field; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to be able to ski down a mountain without falling once; Pet Peeve: narrow-minded people who put down others who are different from themselves; Fondest Memory: Norway, 9th grade, parties, football games, High St., rallies, the utilities room, whistling with Richie, the sen¬ ior bonfire, R.A., friends; Happiest When: with friends; Sal¬ ient Characteristic: photogenic. -JJoul± audzy " Swede” " Never give way to melancholy, resist it steadily, for the habit to encroach.” April 7, 1959 Address: 20 Brook Dr.; Ambition: to be a phar¬ macist; Suppressed Desire: to be an all-star in the N.H.L., to be a successful businessman; Pet Peeve: snobs, conceited peo¬ ple, those that think they are better than others; Fondest Memory: cruising with Bob, Ned, Chet, and Mike, Jr. skip day. Kiss and Aerosmith concerts, Mrs. Shapiro’s 6th period English class, Mr. Paquin’s 1st period French class, F.H.S. hockey; Happiest When: playing hockey, sleeping, out on Friday and Saturday nights; Salient Characteristic: outgoing. !2 ozee 2 -JJee Q En£oz " Shorty” " Her conversation does not show the minute hand, but she strikes the hour very correctly.” April 1, 1959 Address: 12 Sylvia St.; Ambition: to be happy throughout my life and make it through the rough spots with loved ones; Suppressed Desire: to learn to ski; Pet Peeve: people who try to run others lives, conceited people; Fondest Memory: when Linda Jones and I waited for our boyfriends to take us to see " Tidal Wave” at the drive-in and when they finally showed up at 9:30, they said that they didn’t know anything about it; Happiest When: everyone gets together, old friends see you again, parties; Salient Char¬ acteristic: D.E. " Kathy” " What sweet delight a quiet life affords.” January 4, 1959 Address: 23 Hathorne St.; Ambition: to ful¬ fill a career in child care or nutrition; Suppressed Desire: to play my guitar in front of people without screwing up; Pet Peeve: people who are rude and unfriendly; Fondest Mem¬ ory: skipping school in my sophomore year, Cheerleaders’ Dance ’75; Happiest When: around nice people, in a happy situation; Salient Characteristic: placid. 118 ( ZJLnzotfiy A {Lcfiazf ( 1 lzlzcl " Big Bird” " Be a philosopher, but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.” December 30, 1959 Address: 270 Sconticut Neck Rd.; Ambi¬ tion: to be a Biochemist; Suppressed Desire: to be the first man to land on another planet, to drive the fastest car or to drive the fastest plane; Pet Peeve: having to repeat myself, slow drivers; Fondest Memory: Carl’s Pagoda and the chopst¬ icks, French Club, float meetings. Bicentennial Pageant, the Haunted House; Happiest When: driving, swimming, with friends, at parties, daydreaming, travelling, watching Monty Python; Salient Characteristic: Monty Python. atfizzCns Q czza " Cathy” " The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” April 27, 1959 Address: 376 Alden Rd.; Ambition: to become a legal secretary; Suppressed Desire: to be happy with every¬ thing in life; Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than others; Fondest Memory: leaving school for lunch; Happiest When: with all my friends; Salient Characteristic: hair. QAlTa III " Steve” " Live according to the truths within yourself.” February 14, 1959 Address: 12 Jeannette St.; Ambition: to become a cop; Suppressed Desire: to own a Z-l; Fondest Memory: the smoking area; Happiest When: eating, check¬ ing out girls; Salient Characteristic: girls. Si£(jano l i U7£LZO± " VoVo” " The shortest answer is doing.” May 8, 1958 Address: 27 North St.; Ambition: to go into real estate; Suppressed Desire: to get into show business; Pet Peeve: conceited people; Fondest Memory: the bookroom, the artroom, Speech and Drama; Happiest When: I’m in Speech and Drama or the art room; Salient Characteristic: VoVo. " Wedgie” " Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we go to school.” September 14, 1958 Address: 367 Main St.; Ambition: to get into a Police outfit; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world with Cindy; Pet Peeve: people who look for trouble and start fights; Fondest Memory: Cindy, Miss Swanson’s Action Chemistry class; Happiest When: I’m with Cindy and other people having a good time; Salient Characteristic: Cindy. 119 fauna " Cezzie” " We know nothing of tomorrow: our business is to be good and happy today.” February 26, 1959 Address: 1257 North Main St., Acushnet; Ambition: to put aside the problems of the world, and enjoy life as it is; Suppressed Desire: to travel around the world, to always be happy in life, and to someday be able to understand Kathy’s logic; Pet Peeve: studies, Monday mornings, quiet people, crutches, boring weekends, losing football games, disappointments; Fondest Memory: High St., when Kathy, Cheryl, Carol and I tried to get the flashing yellow light from Rt. 6 in Carol’s car, " Melinda, do you smell some¬ thing?” Jr. Prom, 6th per. Chem. class and labs with Mr. Haaland, R.A., the balloon, time spent with Dorian, " Leaky LuLu,” Kathy’s foot getting run over in a Chinese firedrill, working on the ’77 Huttlestonian with Sue, Chinatown, Carl’s Pagoda, the chopsticks, 3rd lunch bench, Sat. nites with Helen, Melinda, and " Leaky LuLu,” football games and all the great kids at FHS; Happiest When: with all my friends having a great time; Salient Characteristic: agreeable. Uyim jazfa c fnn ( Wiicta " Kim” " True politeness is perfect ease and freedom. It simply con¬ sists in treating others just as you love to be treated yourself.” October 29, 1959 Address: 815 Middle Rd., Acushnet; Ambi¬ tion: to excel as an executive secretary; Suppressed Desire: to fly without a plane; Pet Peeve: litter and people who think the world is their garbage can; Fondest Memory: Mrs. Waltz’s Steno classes and Mrs. Lister’s classes; Happiest When: friends; Salient Characteristic: Monte Carlo. [Jfzomai ( Wentz z[ottom " Tomas” " Conversation is a game of circles.” January 26, 1958 Address: 31 Chanty Stevens Ln.; Ambition: to live in the mountains healthy, wealthy and wise; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to teach science; Fondest Memory: art class; Happiest When: healthy; Salient Characteristic: work shirt. ( Tl ' ' clliam IVofagang " Bill” " Slow and steady wins the race.” January 23, 1958 Address: 23 Elm Ave.; Ambition: to live in the mountains, working in the Natl. Forest; Suppressed Desire: to be well off, and not have to worry that my money will ever run out; Fondest Memory: playing football at Fos¬ ter’s house until Sr. yr.; Happiest When: being with every¬ one, having a good time; Salient Characteristic: kicker. U azan VP ' ong " I am your friend.” May 27, 1959 Address: 16 Maple Ave.; Ambition: to work with children and animals; Suppressed Desire: to live a happy life, to travel; Pet Peeve: prejudiced and late people; Fondest Memory: my 3 yrs. at FHS, Jr. Day ’76, Loggins and Messina, Beach Boys and Barry Manilow concerts. Family Gatherings, and Punch; Happiest When: with friends, walk¬ ing along the beach; Salient Characteristic: cute. 120 Scott c fndzEVij tfjoung " Holmes” " He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.” August 25, 1959 Address: 140 Bridge St.; Ambition: to play NCAA football, to live in the country, to be successful; Sup¬ pressed Desire: to be the next Hugh Hefner, to own a Rolls, a Ferrari and a mansion, to save a tree and to eat a Beaver, to be a merit scholar; Pet Peeve: aftersession, sprints, people who talk behind your back, small cars with no back seat, football practice and Fairhaven; Fondest Memory: showers and birdwatching at camp with Jeff and Spanky, champagne, fire extinguishers, numbers at lunch with Robert, Slap fights, beers at camp; Happiest When: out of school, lagering with Zoots, partying, winning games; Salient Characteristic: suaveness. Camera Shy Stzf-an HSl’um " Everyday is the world made new.” November 4, 1957 Address: 154 Main St.; Ambition: to live ’till I ' m forty and die; Happiest When: out of school; Salient Characteristic: Debbie. CPatzLcia CzcxAjfzy " Pat” " As carefree as any in this world.” July 25, 1958 Address: 15 Evergreen St.; Ambition: to be a chef; Suppressed Desire: to own a log cabin on a mountain or in deep woods; Pet Peeve: people who put down other people, people who play with your mind; Fondest Memory: summer of ’76, getting lost with Marge on Junior Day, foods class; Happiest When with friends, having a good time, listening to music, D.B.O.S.B.; Salient Characteristic: Florida. C fiC£cy " I like work, it fascinates me. 1 can sit and look at it for hours.” May 3, 1959 Address: 9 Michael Way, Acushnet; Ambition: to go to college; Suppressed Desire: to jump out of a plane; Pet Peeve: study; Fondest Memory: graduation; Happiest When: on vacation; Salient Characteristic: undemonstrative. niE± " Nerf” " To think is to converse with oneself.” November 15, 1959 Address: 240 Alden Road; Salient Characteristic: little man. J anL£C zA (ycl£cic z " Danny” " Don’t let the crowd pressure you, stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” August 3, 1959 Address: 52 Green St.; Salient Characteristic: non-conformity. ciIe -Coaj£Z± " Come what may, he’ll find a way.” Address: 36 Harding Rd.; Salient Characteristic: project orient. 121 ' 4Si 1. H. Lewis 2. M. Tveit 3. K. Mason 4. J. Delaney 5. M. Hagan 6. L. Westgate 7. J. Hardy 8. F. Frigault 9. C. Santos 10. S. Frysinger 11. C. Rose 12. S. Gomes 13. S. Marujo 14. R. Costa 15. H. Hacking 16. S. Vaudry 17. S. Ransom 18. A. Borges 19. T. Hassett 20. C. Bernard 21. C. Gonet 22. J. Harding 23. R. Forcier 24. H. Aadland 25. M. Sylvia 26. M. Murphy 27. E. Marien 28. C. Mello 29- Chris and Cindy 30. K. McClurg 31. P. Bennett 32. L. Colomb 33. K. Wong 34. S. Field 35. L. Rodrigues 36. M. Larocque 37. M. Magan 38. E. Dabrowski 39. C. Francis 40. E. Miranda 123 Superlatives Merriest Laugh Lauri Healy and Walter Mont Class Dreamers Ted Manley and Kim White Friendliest Carmen Guzman and Brian Dufrane Most Talkative John Roderiques and Jackie Silva 124 Cutest Most A thletic Scott Young and Moe Magan Most School-Spirited Heidi Lewis and James Carney Most Bashful Maureen Murphy and Michael Kligel 125 Best Natured Peggy Bennett and David Alves Quietest Danny Shanahan and Elaine Dabrowski Most Curious Stephen Vaudry and Debbie DuCharme Most Musical Jeff Dawson and Anne Suddy 126 Most Courteous Melinda Tveit and Jimmy Howland Class Flirts Fred Frigault and Mary Beth Burke Class Intellectuals Marie Larocque and Peter Desrosiers Most Dependable Julie Medeiros and Steve Rogers 127 Most Dramatic Most Mischievous Ginny Lawton and Larry Roderiques Debby Souza and Brian Chase Most Happy Go Lucky 9 128 Best Dressed Miki Duval and Steve Gomes Most Serious Sue Fernandes and Bill Wolfgang Most Likely to Succeed Best All Around Cindy Murray and Doug Mitchell Class Clowns Heidi Hacking and Richard Forcier Most Artistic Arlene Perry and Jon Silva Class Radicals — Dawne Martin and Danny Mydlack Nicest Smile — Carmen Paz Guzman and Kevin Pelland 129 THE LAMENT OF A GRADUATING CLASS Fairhaven High School now has our class to graduate. We’ll never be part of this school anymore. But hasn’t this been our goal for the past twelve years? Isn ' t this what we’ve all waited for? Think back to the days laced with smiles and fears In F.H.S. where we spent our growing years. Year by year w r e developed our unique personalities Until deep inside we felt pleased. We learned from each other the aspects of life Taking the good and the bad along in our strife. Each and every one of us had to measure up Not only on tests and to our teachers But to ourselves as well as to our peers. So for what it’s worth, the struggle is over. Now, those memories may shed a few tears As we trace back over the years. We ' ll all miss our classmates And our teachers’ never ceasing calls. We’ll all miss those notes and jokes We used to pass along in the halls. We’ll miss that special teacher who was considered a friend And how that friendship had to come to an end. And all that homework we all dreaded to do Seems a small sacrifice for all the happiness we knew. So with the diploma comes a sad thought As we each go our separate ways. Gone forever are our golden adolescent days Along with our small piece of heaven. Gone forever is our class of nineteen seventy-seven. by: Christine Gonet ( MA GIC! MA GIC! Cast and Crew Mrs. Carroll .Mary Beth Burke Tony.Jeff Dawson Miss Cooke.Maureen Magan Kaye Kaye Harrington.Elise Marien Officer Muldoon.Fred Frigault Rhoda.Kathy Tobertga Medina.Heidi Lewis Singing Waters.Lauri Healy Roni Love .Cecelia Kut and Ann Marie de Freitas Candy.Anne Suddy Louisa.Ginny Lawton Bob Marlowe.Brian Dufrane J. J. Fortescue.Mark Demoranville Mr. Barker.Larry Roderiques and Steve Vaudry Mrs. Barker.Ann Cyr Liz.Lucinda Mello Lulu Belle.Kim White Clarence.Steve Viveiros Monroe .John Roderiques Kim Loo.Alison Barnett Mazacasso.Carmen Paz Guzman Alice .Jackie Silva Lynn .Sue Kollars Chita.Linda Rodrigues Slap .Larry Roderiques Happy.Jeff Canastra Hermie the Great.Tim Vieira Two Girls.Nancy Graves and Marie Larocque MAGIC! MAGIC! CAST 134 ■ vs= f k -- K ' §ft i T i5l r4 M ' f i ii r%r ■ 1 i. HHH 138 . . Yesterday is but a memory And tomorrow is only a vision But today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope . . . " 139 The good limes and the bad you’ve seen - and all the others in between, remember • • • Do you remember the times of your life? Memories are time that you borrow - to spend when you get to tomorrow The laughter and the tears, the shadows of misty yesterdays 140 Let’s take a lifetime to say; “I knew you well” Think the Way You Want to Think Speak the Way You Want to Speak Follow the Goals You Want to Follow . 99 . 142 “The times you know we had some times. But that was when we didn’t know our youth was passing by. Now all we have to think about are times gone by. ” 143 “Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away. 144 66 Remember how we talked and laughed and cried?” 145 THE H UTTLES TONI A N Class of 1977 Co-Editors-in-Chief: Marie Larocque and Chris Murray FACULTY RITA ANTONSEN — ED. ACTIVITIES SUE KOLLARS — ED. LESLIE WESTGATE — ED. A THLETICS SARAH RANSOM — ED. Maureen Magan Steve Vaudry UNDER¬ CLASSMEN RITA ANTONSEN — ED. Juniors Penny Chase Ann Haines Patty Jason Arthur Landry Vicki Leshyk Curtis Lopes Debbie Pacheco Jo-Anne Downey Sophomores Paula Murray Cathy Wolan Kathy Winey Sue Ashley Lynne Hathaway SENIORS CINDY MURRAY — ED. JOHN RODERIQUES — ED Heidi Lewis Cecelia Kut Lu Mello Mary Beth Burke Danny Shanahan PHOTO¬ GRAPHY MARIE SPOONER — ED. Doug Mitchell Arthur Landry ART Arlene Perry BUSINESS JACKIE SILVA — ED. TIM VIEIRA — ED. Fred Frigault Joe Harding Todd Hassett Elise Marien Steve Rogers Chris Gonet Sue Dube Cheryl Gouveia Elaine Dabrowski Sue Koczera Lorn a Lawton Beth Mendonca Maureen Murphy Melinda Tveit Kim White Ann Borges Peggy Bennett Jim Howland Sherry Gomes Heidi Hacking Judy Silver Colleen Beauregard Carol Santos Lauri Healy SPECIAL THANKS TO. . . Mrs. Janice Randall for her proofreading, suggestions and time. Mr. Arnie Lohmann for his advice. Mr. Grabiec for listening. Sue Murray for helping us organize. Chris Gonet for writing the Class History. Arlene Perry for her work on the Honors Page. 146 A CKNO WLEDGEMENTS “Ifyou can make one heap of all your winnings, And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss. . . 147 104 Huttleston Ave. Fairhaven, MA To the Graduates of 1977 Best Wishes — Good Luck ALBRITE SERVICE, INC. MR. AND MRS. PAUL 720 Mt. Pleasant St. MARCOTTE New Bedford, MA AND FAMILY 02745 " Say It With Flowers " LOUISE FLOWER SHOP 486 Pleasant Street — New Bedford, Mass. Telephone 993-01 57 NEW BEDFORD SHIP SUPPLY CO., INC Ship Chandlers 108 Front St. New Bedford, MA Telephones 994 2961 994 8384 992 8542 DARTMOUTH LUGGAGE THE HAIRCUTTERS Luggage — Wallets Gifts — Totes Men ' s Hairstylist I 3 Washington St. • Fairhaven 999-3806 NUMARINE RADIO, INC. J 42 Main Street — Fairhaven, MA 02719 NOVICK JEWELERS 617—999-6126 Marine Electronics Downtown, New Bedford Congratulations NICHOLS HOUSE NURSING HOME Main Street, Fairhaven Best Wishes to the Class of ' 77 TANKARD PUB 122 Main St., Fairhaven Congratulations From Compliments of FAIRHAVEN WHALERS SKINDIVING CLUB Join Us for a Trip Through the Underwater World 716 Sconticutneck Rd. Fairhaven SCANDIA PROPELLER SERVICE SUPPLY, INC. (617) 997-1207-8 2 Union St. Fairhaven, MA rETPET 2 I 9 Washington St. BROCKTON PUBLIC MARKETS INC. Fairhaven, Mass. Mon. Sat. Tel. 995-3056 yfcfAV Accredited Teacher Wamsutta Ceramics GREENWARE, GIFTS, SUPPLIES, CLASSES 5 Frank Street Irene Dyer ’ Acushnet, Mass. (617) 999-3771 THE TURF COACH BOUTIQUE Complete Yarn and Craft Shop Laura D. Pierce N. Dartmouth Mall O M N. Dartmouth, MA LLOYD ' S MARKET Meats, Groceries, Fruit Ice Cream and Soda Frozen Foods, Films Developed Phone 763-5673 Beer, Wine, Choice Liquors Rochester, MA CHARLIE WONG RESTAURANT Closed Mondays 1 18 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, MA Tel.— 40161 Best Wishes For the Class of ' 77 SACRED HEARTS CHURCH Fairhaven — Acushnet Theodore J. LeBlanc Independent Distributor of HOOD DAIRY PRODUCTS Congratulations ' ll THE BLUE SPIRIT From Judy, Lois, Sue, Lori, Gwen, Randi, Carol, Cathy, Lianne 150 Congratulations To The Class Of ”1977 " JOSEPH LOPES, JR. DBA ACADEMY ASPHALT 1 1 7 E. Coggeshall Fairhaven, MA HAMBURGERS " TT==7 t BURGER CHEF W VJ Graduating Graduates! Burger Chef Best Wishes To the Class of " 1977 " MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH FURTADO Tel. 995-0961 Real Estate Sales Appraisals Autiq.i Us%J Furmtuf 488 Prescott Street New Bedford, Mass. BEN’S RESALE 1325 PURCHASE ST. New BEDFORD,MA 02742 HIRE BENNY THE AUCTIONEER We Buy Estates Good Luck To the Class of 1977 MISS MOFFATT ' S PERIOD 7 PHYSIOLOGY CLASS RES. 1060 PLEASANT ST. Limpl NEW BEDFORD, MA 02742 Repaired WARREN BROTHERS COMPANY ASPHALT PLANT Acushnet, MA Main St. 992-3542 Division of Ashland Oil, I nc. CRUSHED STONE Bluestone Quarry, Achushnet, MA 992-3542 Compliments of LESCO TOBACCO CO. 101 I So. Water St. New Bedford, MA A Lot to Choose From ASHLEY FORD SALES INC. 395 Mt. Pleasant St. New Bedford, MA HATCH CO., INC. Since 1909 OL Telephone (617) 996-5653-54 Malcolm W. Frasier President 40 Union Street, New Bedford, Mass. 02741 MARINE PAINTS • HARDWARE • INSTRUMENTS BILL FILLION DANA COSTA BILDA Contracting cSzzuic£± “YESTERYEAR’S QUALITY - TODAY " Call Evenings Carpentry - Interior Exterior „_ Cabinet Work 636-3039 152 COMPLIMENTS OF McCORMACK REST HOME since 1825 Best Wishes to the Fairhaven High School Class of 77 NEW BEDFORD INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS Main Office North Office South Office West Office Ashley Blvd. Dartmouth I 74 Union St. I 743 Acushnet Ave. I 58 West Rodney 821 Rockdale Ave. Office Office French Blvd. 909 Ashley Blvd. 169 Rockdale Ave. So. Dartmouth Compliments of A FRIEND Congratulations to the Graduates ALEXION INSURANCE AGENCY Huttleston Ave., Fairhaven Tel. 995-6822 NEW BEDFORD AUTO SCHOOL Nelson A. Audette, Prop. Sales and Installations Residential Land Commercial Full Driver Education Program Save on Insurance ASHLEY ' S WALLCOVERING Color Specialists 96 Deane St. New Bedford, MA 02746 Allen C. Ashley, Jr. 994-4251 78 Laurel St. Fairhaven, MA ALBERT RODERIQUES CONTRACTING CORPORATION 33 Marquerite St. Fairhaven, MA Tel. 992-2819 Specializing In: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Work 595 N. Main St. 995-0110 Acushnet Lois ' Beauty Salon 62t Summer Street NEW BEDFORD. MASS. 02740 006-5156 Individual. Hair Styling Our Specialty LOIS BARTON RES. 902-3666 153 Fairhaven celebrates 154 Congratulations SULLIVAN BROTHERS Men ' s Apparel Formal Rentals STELLA PIFKO Congratulations From DANCE STUDIO A FRIEND PARTING WAYS SERVICE STATION LA FRANCE JEWELERS Tires Tubes Accessories Certified Gemologist Registered Jewelers Member American Gem Society Batteries Lubrication Minor Repairs 763 Purchase Street New Bedford 617-993-1137 Congratulations and Best of Luck DOROTHY COX ' S CANDIES OXFORD, PHARMACY, INC. of North Fairhaven " It ' s Better — Fresher " Route 6 Fairhaven 348 Main Street Fairhaven, Massachusetts Francis and Gerry Cox YELLOWBIRD MOTOR LINES, INC. Days 996-8345 Nights 992-1 304 992-1151 996-0129 ACE AUTO BODY Telephone 997-2961 Watts Line 1-800—352-3 13 1 Body and Fender Repairing 24 Hour Towing Service 75 MacArthur Drive New Bedford, MA FORT PHOENIX POST 2892 V.F.W. AND LADIES AUXILIARY 155 Congratulations )i n o r- 3 -C flj RETAIL FAIRHAVEN PHARMACY Donut DONUTS ShOp u • ( ) 208 Main St. and Route 6 Falrhaven, Mass. MUFFINS “1 • DON LANDRY £ DANISH Tel 995 9393 • 176 So. Main Street PASTRY Acushnet, Massachusetts 02743 TUwHimd appliances HHnjgniQSH3221ZXB3BBSlSlHl 1446 ACUSHNET AVE., NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 02746 • TEL. 997-0074 Congratulations RAINBOW VARIETY Compliments of Planning and Designing General Contractors FLEURENT THE ROBIN ' S NEST CONSTRUCTION Yarn and Wool Shoppe CORP. Victor N. Fleurent 278 Alden Rd. Fairhaven, MA Congratulations Class of 77 Congratulations to The Class of 77 DR. ROBERT N. HARELICK D.M.D. WAH MAY RESTAURANT Manny and Bobby Gomes Congratulations to SHELL SERVICE CENTER The Class of 1977 We Specialize in Service FAIRHAVEN HARDWARE Compliments of Congratulations and the Very Best of Luck to WORLEY BEDDING AND FURNITURE FACTORY INC. The Class of 1977 FAIRHAVEN PIONEER MARKET 156 FAIRHAVEN PIONEER MARKET Life Is Either A Daring Adventure — Or Nothing THE JUNIOR CLASS Compliments of MARY J ' S GIFT SHOP Compliments of PARK MOTORS, INC. 67-69 Middle Street Fairhaven, Massachusetts 24 Hour Service DARLING ' S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOPPE 356 No. Main Street, Fairhaven, MA Tel. 61 7—997-9038 Gladys E. Wade Res. 51591 Carol Bertram Res. 758-3360 ACUSHNET FEDERAL CREDIT UNION I 3 Crompton Street Acushnet, MA 02743 Tel. 995-9100 Student Loans Available Member Ne« Bed Chimb Comm AARON POOLS SI C JR ONLY BUSINESS AUTHORIZED HERITAGE DEALER IN-GROUND • ABOVE-GROUND LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES TOP QUALITY WILL ALLOW FREE ESTIMATES FINANCING ARRANGED Compliments of FAIRHAVEN MUSIC PARENTS Congratulations From FR m realtor MUI ' ' ll «•»«•( VFL. NEWBURY REALTY TONY COSTA, Realtor 406 NORTH MAIN STREET NORTH FAIRHAVEN, MASS. 02719 TELEPHONE 994 1234 Congratulations BANCROFT ' S SERVICE STATION Congratulations OUR LADY ' S CHAPEL Compliments of A FRIEND Where Our Food Is as Good as 1 fcl k.Lr.ll. DONALD L. DESAUTLES INSURANCE Terrance J. Horan, Associate 1 354 Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford Keep Calling 997-0021 IF WE CANT HELP YOU, NOBODY CAN AJgl ' u’tkl© ©] a n o U V- ' l IVl o] g LrD 0 [n3 @ D°Q=n C@op 1 Rl(§o ORIGINAL SCHRIMSHAW BY VIVIAN Compliments of EXECUTIVE COFFEE THE DE ROSSI ACCORDIAN SCHOOL Wishes Good Luck to the Fairhaven High Class ' 77 ATTENTION ADULTS Let Us Prepare You for Your Learner ' s Permit Examination Call 995-4513 At Lund ' s Corner 21 74 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford, MA 02745 Congratulations From HAMILTON, MOORE, AND SLATER, INC. 158 Best Wishes to The Class of ' 77 SCONTICUT NECK PHARMACY James E. Murphy Jr., R.Ph. Ng N€W BEDFORD flM€ COTS SWINGS BdNK CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1977 Congratulations to The Class of 1977 From McDonald ' s Washington St. Fairhaven V I ■ I. We do it all for you FAIRHAVEN -1 LUMBER COMPANY I 18 Alden Road Fairhaven, Massachusetts Tel. 993-261 I Compliments of Congratulations From A FRIEND D. W. WHITE CONSTRUCTION GOOD LUCK from the F.H.S. VOLLEYBALL TEAM Best Wishes From GAUDETTE ' S PAVILION INC. Kathy, Nancy K. June, Sherry Cathy, Mary, Karen, Janet, Sherri, Moe, Elise, Nancy, Heidi, Lisa Amy, and the Coach Tel. 5-3221 or 5 8143 1 07 Main Street Acushnet, MA 159 Compliments of The Members of the FAIRHAVEN POLICE ASSOCIATION JAMES HAIRSTYLISTS Good Luck Class of ' ll JOHN ' S SHOE REPAIRING 107 Main St. Fairhaven, MA 49 Howland Road, Fairhaven, MA 993-3668 617—992-0305 WALTER ' S Our Very Best to the Class of ' ll Shirley and Stan Babiec ARCO SERVICE STATION Div. of W. J. Sojka, Inc. Auto Air Conditioning Installation — Service BABIEC REALTY 1 34 Huttleston Ave. No. Dartmouth, Mass. John W. Sojka Fairhaven, MA 02719 Time Is Like A Feather Falling MAJORETTES From the Sky Good Luck ' ll Filled With Lots of Wishes Quietly Passing By Roe, Juanita, Cheryl Linda, Sue, Dawn 160 BETH, LORI, CHERYL LYNNE, SHEILA 1+ Was Fun FRED’S ALTO REPAIR SERV ICE 20 South Main St., Acuihntt TOW TRUCK SERVICE CAtl 999-2719 Repairs on All American Cart and light Trucks Specializing on Mercedet-Beni Repair DAY’S ELECTRIC Congratulations Best Wishes Automotive Experience MR. DONUT Good Luck RAYMOND B. AND ROSE L. LAWTON Congratulations To the Class ot ' ll L.L.L. NATIONAL BANK OF " FAIRHAVEN Our Sincere Wishes For Your Happiness 161 GILES H. DUNN REAL ESTATE INC. 44 Main Street Mattapoisett, MA PA RAFFA ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 2857 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, Mass. 758-441 I DANAS ' DOGS The Best in Steamers and Fries 101 Huttleston Avenue. Fairhaven I I AM-2-.30 AM Congratulations Class of 1977 The tional Bank NEW BEDFORD MASSACHUSETTS Tel. 61 7—993-5040 Fully Insured MEDEIROS BUS COMPANY, INC. Two-Way Radio Service 72 Sycamore Street Fairhaven, Mass. 02719 ARCHIE ' S CYCLE SERVICE 489 Ashley Boulevard New Bedford, Mass. Best Wishes To the Class of 77 From Your Furry Friends Tigger, Lump Lump, Fang Tophie. Keep Purring Compliments to Compliments of The Class of 1977 LUMS FROM FAIRHAVEN MORTUARY 162 380 Hathaway Road New Bedford, Mass. MAR-LOR w m i ja Crane Rental Service Best of Luck To the Class of ' 77 John Roderiques, Jr. Heavy Equipment Proprietor enta ' s THEFRYSINGER FAMILY asphalt 1 HOr JO p j COMPANY J 1 OIIVIWArj . • « r » • • G lOM 128 E. COGGESHALL ST.. FAIRHAVEN MASS. 02719 W. J. Alphonse Co., Inc. Plumbing and Heating 67 COUNTY ROAD • ROUTE 6 • MATTAPOISETT, MASS 02739 Villi ROBERT HEUBERGER Lul TELEPHONE: 758-3783 Compliments of GUY ' S PHARMACY My Best Wishes To Each One of You 69 Main Street Fairhaven, Massachusetts Tel. 994-2644 ALAN PEHRSON MS. MARTIN AND THE CHEERLEADERS Best Wishes To the Class of ' 77 Wish the Class of 77 The Best of Luck In Times to Come ERA PLUMBING AND HEATING 53 Hacker Street Fairhaven, Massachusetts VERNA ' S MACS SODA BAR 617—995-3074 Sandwiches — Sodas Verna and Al Wuorela 203 Leonard Street Acushnet, MA 02743 Sundaes — Frappes R. Corriea and C. Wordell 163 Landscaping Service 59 So. Main Street, Acushnet, MA 02743 Congratulations Job Well Done Chin Up Keep Smiling Good Luck JOE LABADIE Congratulations From SIMMONS CONCRETE FOUNDATIONS INC. LIZ ' S LUNCHEONETTE 1 14 Huttleston Ave. Fairhaven, MA Congratulations From DARTMOUTH CYCLERY 596 Dartmouth Street (Bliss Corner) South Dartmouth, Mass. 02748 993-0883 Repairs — Parts — Accessories — Used Bikes Joe Labadie, Robert Hall, Dave Labadie Congratulations to the Class of 1977 From No. Fairhaven FISH AND CHIPS WHITE ' S FARM DAIRY, INC. 21 1 Middle Road Acushnet, Mass. 995-1717 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Congratulations ALMA ' S YARN SHOP Phone 617—997-3303 RYAN AND SCULLY, INC. Paper Products Janitorial Supplies 380 Sawyer Street New Bedford, Mass. BITS ' N PIECES COUNTRY CLOTHIERS Good Luck to The Class of ' ll FROM KEOUGH AND THE DUKE 164 A FRIEND Ba Bank Merchants CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 77 Congratulations From LANDRY TRANSPORTATION Private Livery Service FRANCAIS IV JDufott r Best Wishes J Produit De Qualite Bonne Chance UNITED LIQUORS LTD. Congratulations To All The Graduates LEMON GROVE 50 Main Street Fairhaven, Massachusetts 994-6981 Your Friends ALLSPORTS TROPHY SHOP Edward Swiatkowski KARTEN ' S JEWELERS Custom Made Trophies 1 7 Roy Street Tel. 996 6660 Fairhaven, MA 02719 Congratulations From Congratulations From SILVER FUNERAL HOME MINERVA’S PIZZA 165 HOWLAND GREENHOUSE 240 Alden Road Fairhaven, Mass., Tel., 996-81 73 Mr. and Mrs. Borowiec Nelson and Judy Tommy McGroovy Mrs. Pearl Dyer Good Luck! Elvira Miranda A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marcotte Good luck — Lori and Bruce Michael Kligel John Gardella Sue and Phil, Nov. 27, ' 76 Marie Vaudry Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Vaudry, Jr. Miss Campbell, S.S. Kathi Linda Moffatt " Smell like a Goat " J.C. James Czerwinski, O.F.M. Marlene Frigault— 1974 Ron and Marylou Krogh Ronny and Missy Krogh Antone and Agnes Pires Joseph and Mary Andrews Mrs. Sophie Amaral Mrs. Irene Brown Kenneth F. Brown — 1974 Normand and Louise Frigault Fred Frigault — 1977 A Friend Remember ' 76 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lister Donna loves Paul Spanky " 35 " Nancy Marsh Dave and Arnie — TPC Big Red Good Luck Seniors — Mrs. Chase Good Luck — Mr. Smith Rachel Marcotte Sheryl Dufrane Good Luck Class of ' 77 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Martin Lorraine Charette Mr. D Bob, Donna and Lea Mr. and Mrs. George Beaulieu Michele and Andy Ginny Lawton Dot Silva Damon and Ernie Rice Kelly and Jennifer LeBlanc Barry Silva Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Francis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy, Jr. Maureen and Howie Matt Goulet Cathy Motta Arnold Correia Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Gauthier MacLaren Randall Residents of Our Lady ' s Haven Mr. and Mrs. Albert Greenfield Carmelite Sisters From the people across the street The Marien Family Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins To Roe and Ug from Mug Mr. and Mrs. J. Dabrowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh The Monizes ' Pat and Tom Walsh Catherine Rapoza Rudy and Mary Jardin Ginger and Mac Hobby Town North Dartmouth Mall Mr. and Mrs. David Hassett John B. Joedy Furtado — ' 75 Moe Magan SaRAH Holiday Lanes — Armand Blanchette Mgr. Health and Happiness to the Class of ' 77 Barbie Gaudreau Best Wishes Graduates To Cheryl from Mr. and Mrs. Ray Marshall The Salvatore J. Lombardo Family Robillard’s Gourmet Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Frank Janik Cuckoo Cardoza — ' 73 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Poirier Tony Rose Sue Murray — ' 76 Chris Murray — ' 77 Best Wishes, Chris and Cindy Surrey Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koczera Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Dube Mrs. Gloria August Mrs. Mancini Mr. and Mrs. Donald Santos Paul and Janet Dr. Nochimow Kathy Shanahan The Oliveiras Roberta S. Braley Phil Ashley Ray and Phil Harding Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Harding Nana and Grammy Katherine Shanahan Paula Murray — ' 79 Ruba ' s Tuba Richard H. Tenney Mr. and Mrs. Antone Gomes Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Sherman Jasper Chuck and Bob Myles Carroll The SCRIM SHOPPE Capitol Sales and Yeast Co. Artistic Beauty Salon Acushnet Citizen ' s Club Janice Fernandes Linda Tobertga Mr. and Mrs. Antone Fernandes Jackie and Brad Brad Markey To the Class of ' 77 — Jim Silva D. D. Lewis Liz Fortes ' 75 166 Mary Fortes (Frits) Gary, Joyce and Tria SyIces George Angelo — Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. James F. Jones Beano " 7 I " McColester Family Jim and Kathy Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Filipek Phyllis Gifford Sarah Mello George Bunnell The Twins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Tobertga Mrs. Jacqueline Machado Zendel Family Dolores McCoy Ingrid, Eric, Jesse and Kristin Ingeborg Aadland A Dartmouth Friend South Bound Jodie ' 78 Leslie and Tor Linda ' 79 Joe, Susan and Margo Mr. Robert L. Marchand Mr. and Mrs. Emile Colomb Mr. and Mrs. Lyles Bissonnette The William F. Rogers Family Rick Savino Mary Beth and Robert ' 77 Cindy Murray Sue Mr. and Mrs. David Gagnon Good-bye Fairhaven High, S.A.M. House of Arthur Bon nie Brault Gracia Bros., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Tunstall, Jr. Charlene and Kevin Mr. and Mrs. Ted Tetreauir Hazel Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bonczek From the Cosmo Kids Good Luck and Best Wishes Cindy Costa and Eddie Mathieu The Bench, 3rd Lunch Kathy Winey STARR Sue and Steve Ellen and Burt Mr. and Mrs. Healy Beth ' 78 Maureen Hagen ' 77 Debbie Ambra Trade Costa Dwayne Allain ' 78 Ricky Bettencourt ' 78 Good Luck ' 77 from Mr. and Mrs. Fortes Gladys Rezendes Mr. and Mrs. John G. Malcolm Good Luck Seniors— 7th period Physiology Mr. and M rs. Gilbert Medeiros Mrs. Marianna Tratt Best Wishes — The Kollars Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Honohan Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Burke Betty Burke Eleanor Cyr Mr. and Mrs. Tom Greenway A Friend Greg Silver Kristen and Sharon Sylvia Susan C. Trafton Carl V. Dubenh Sally Chase and Family Karen Wong Keith Desrosiers Alison Barnett Paul, Chris, Jim and Donna Wesoly Margaret Keighley Bonnie, Chance, Bisou, Love Celeste ' 76 Pat Purtell Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Charest Mr. Donald J. B. Dufour Antonio Santos To Coordination + and Peanuts from Roe Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Harriman From Mrs. Lillian Perry Carlos and Cookie Ray and Lois Wayne A. Smith Bunny and Billy Tim and John Murray Sue Field Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Messier Congratulations from Mr. George Clark Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Amaral Debbie Bourg ault Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bourgault Alan, Marie, and Julie Mr. and Mrs. Albert Borges, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borges Mr. and Mrs. Russell Borges Miss Karen L. Burre Debbie John and Linda Judy and Richie Mrs. Helen Tenczar Congratulations Class of ' 77 The Robichaud ' s — Stephen, Paul, Scottie and Chris The Robichaud ' s — 2 Down and 2 To Go Kathy Tobertga Mr. and Mrs. Roland Gagnon North Fairhaven Sea Grill Sandra and Angela Medeiros Carousel of Beauty Bonville ' s Market Elaine and Fran Chris Gonet Donna and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Martin Ann, Eva, Eric and Britt Kim and Tony Mr. and Mrs. Olav Tveit Mr. and Mrs. Oddmund Tveit Finar and Barbara Best Wishes — The Cyr Family Sanis and Megan The Ferreira Family Emily Honohan A Friend Mr. and Mrs. James P. Honohan Karie Raphael Mr. and Mrs. Manuel I. Silveira Best Wishes — The Letendre Family Sherry Selectman John Sylvia and wife Hazel Isabelle Gouveia Mary Perry Selectman William Perry and Family Mrs. Diana Borges Pumpkin Mr. and Mrs. George Gouveia The Hawkes ' Family Caillou Therese Larocque Mr. Barriteau Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Cadieux Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm R. Shurtleff Pauline Larocque Joe and Amy Rogers Good Luck ' 77 Eva Duchesneau Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Larocque Swede Michael Camire — Class of ' 76 Sue LeBlanc — ' 78 The Haaland Family The Westgate Family Peggy — Class of ' 77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Keith Carol and Gary Matt and Chris Mello Joanne Bennett — Class of ' 72 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bennett Best Wishes Charlene Barnett Mr. Ray Carr Glenn West Oscar the Cane Doug Pine Women ' s Fellowship First Congregational Church of Fairhaven Madam Francis Dartmouth " Get Psyched, Jose! " Doreen Silva Doreen and Mike Congratulations Doe, with love, Mike Holly Hassett Ronald and Mabel B. Pina Kris and Steve Rene ' s Package Store Peter and Linda Irene Richmond Good Luck from Carol and Danny Jimmy and Jo-Ann Cunha Mrs. Celia Renaud Good Luck to all the Seniors Charles Wm. Barnett Congratulations from the Ransom ' s Residence Bowler ' s Pro Shop — Holiday Lanes Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gomes Robyn and Phillip Barnett Good Luck, from all of us Mr. Stanley J. Grabeic Mr. and Mrs. Geroge A. Beals Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mills Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moore A good future — Mayor of Pleasant Street Lots of Love — Manny, Del and Doreen Medeiros Holiday Lanes — Snack Bar Best Wishes — The Borges Family Wayne C. Knight 167 “I’ve been going a long time now along the way I’ve learned some things. You have to make the good times yourself take the little times and make them into big times and save the times that are all right for the ones that aren’t so good. ” -ggsg iSHI || r J f ' sWm 1| P. ' : ? i F - . -.- . 41 i 3gR|i9K WHfcl : , - K-i. c t Taylor Publishing Company llnsdco I like to collect my memories As I sit here by myself And think of times A nd days gone by As I sift through weightless shelves William Hutson

Suggestions in the Fairhaven High School - Huttlestonian Yearbook (Fairhaven, MA) collection:

Fairhaven High School - Huttlestonian Yearbook (Fairhaven, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Fairhaven High School - Huttlestonian Yearbook (Fairhaven, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Fairhaven High School - Huttlestonian Yearbook (Fairhaven, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Fairhaven High School - Huttlestonian Yearbook (Fairhaven, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Fairhaven High School - Huttlestonian Yearbook (Fairhaven, MA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Fairhaven High School - Huttlestonian Yearbook (Fairhaven, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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