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DEDICATION Because she is versatile, she has been able to help us; because she understands us, she has known how to help us; because she is our friend, she has been eager to help us. For these reasons the seniors dedicate the 195 1 Crucible to— MRS. ANNIE GLENN WOODThe staff has endeavored to give a picture of every phase of our school—its work and its activities. In our work and activities it has always been our purpose to develop those qualities that ennoble and givc meaning to life—to build a nation " Where Wonder is the deep of it, And Peace its best creation Wonder that conies from Labor Peace that comes from art Peace that comes from prayer Line from Vachcl l.induy; "A Hi ;h School National Sonj;" from F.irry Soul h j Circuit cop r‘X 1 by The Macmillan Publishing Company arc u ctl with their permmion.BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. B. S. Carpenter PrniJent Mr. C. J. Smithson Vice-Pretide nt Mr. G. V. Nunn Secretary Mrs. Virginia Gregory Ttraturrr Mr. W. D. Si i i Dr. C. J. Donald Mr. C. C KelleySUPERINTENDENT Live well, laugh often and love much. Gain the respect of intelligent people and the love of little children. Fill your position in life with dignity; accomplish your task with pride. Leave the world better than you found it, whether it be by an improved flower, a perfect poem or a rescued soul. Appreciate the earth’s beauty and never fail to express it. Look for the best in others and in turn give others the best that is in you. In doing these things your life will be an inspiration—your memory a benediction. G. Virgil Nunn Superintendent Mr. Nunn Mrs. Mooki . Mrs. Gri gory, Mrs. SmithMr. Bolding PRINCIPAL This year, the Crucible Staff, as in the past, has worked diligently to give us a yearbook that is unexcelled in schools of our size and even those much larger. A personal word of congratulations and appreciation to the staff and advisers seems inadequate. Each year the senior class launches the great undertaking with the magazines sales and later the advertising is solicited, and then the sales of the books to the students and faculty. While these things are being done, pictures are in the making, editorial work, writing, rewriting, and assembling are taking place. All of this means many tedious hours of day and night work for many people. Our congratulations arc extended to all who had a part in the making of this year’s Crucible. I.rft to right: Elizabeth Stuart, Barbara Lacey, Katie Bates, Ann Sadler. Mrs. Spitznagcl, Charlotte DavisMr. ThOMAa M. Ha iti i Mat Item alia THE FA Mrs. Dean I)i Ramus Hi.anion Sjk trb, F.nglith Miw Lola Cmrki F.ngliib, MtlheniaUct Mrs. Gloria Crii.l Mrs. Virginia Gregory General Science. Biology Bookkeeper, Snperin enilenTr Office Miss Anna Ria Davis Englifh Mr. Gorman Guthi ry Cbcmntry, Pbyrin Mr. Roihrt P. Hinm Social Sfuiliei Miss Ai ma Mays Hoyi i.i. French, Typingc u M». J. A. Routi.idci! Machine SJwft Miss I.ii.i.ian Nan Rushii. Art L T Y Mas. Ji itiia Pratt History Mr. Rimi u L. Inman Physical Education Ml. EUCI Nl C. JoAIIAN ILniJ Director Mr. Hush II. Mumpowir. II Driver Training Miss Virginia Johnston Mathematics Miss Dorothy Mcl.i'oii Physical Ed neat ion Mrs. NadiNi E. Phiiiips Horne EconomicsMr . Faro Spitznaci i. Rexhtrar Mr. Hi nry P. Stricrland Diierilfied Occupation! MlH Mary Gi.ii Smarpi Commercial Subject i Mr . Paul Smith Secretary, Superintendents Office Mi l:.i.oi i Smith Englitb, Hiitnry Not pictured Mr. C. J. Kkllky Mtnic Director0 0THE SENIORS In 1947 wc entered high school determined to make a good name for ourselves. We started carrying out this determination as freshmen by teaming up with the sophomores to win in the Tournament of Plays and by taking part in the activities of the various clubs. By our sophomore year a number of the boys were already contributing much to the sports of the school. As juniors many of us were accepted into the Beta Club. Two outstanding juniors held offices in the Student Council, one as secretary-treasurer and one as parliamentarian. Another was chosen to go on the Battle Citizenship Tour. In the F-Day activities our class, together with the sophomores, chalked up the highest number of points and won the loving cup. In our senior year we made an unprecedented record by selling magazine subscriptions totaling $25 67. OFFICERS Ramon Custrid Louis Hasi Maktiia May Tommy Eari» President Vice-President Secretary TreasurerSENIORS OF ’51 IJmtty Ann Allen Y-Teens President Beauty 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Red Cross 3 French Club 3 Katie Bates Thespians 4 Commercial Club 3-4 I ibrary Assistant 4 Office Assistant 3-4 Y-Teens 3-4 Curtis Brasher Ensley 1-2-3 Boys Glee Club 4 Who's Who 4 Shirley Buckbls Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Beta Club 3-4 Crucible Staff 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Robert Burrell Football I-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2 Speech Club 2 James Allen French Club 3 Student Council 3 Library Assistant 3-4 Walter Mansi it Bowman Hi-Y 3-4 Speech Club I Student Council 2 Barbara Bridges Choir 1-2-3-4 Crucible Staff 4 Beta Club 3-4 Student Council Vice-President 4 French Club 2-3 Leonard Burley Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball I-2-3-4 Basketball I-2-3-4 F-Club 2-3-4 Hi-Life Staff 4 Johnny Catsuan Football 1-2-3-4 F-Club 2-3-4 Hi-Y 2 Speech Club 2Walter Cox Hi-Y 3-4 Student Council Parlia mentarian 3 Red Cross 3-4 Speech Club 2 Wren Winner 2 Charlotte Davis Beauty 4 Head Cheerleader 4 Student Council 3 Miss Valentine 4 Red Cross Council 4 Noi i Duncan Stage Crew 2-3-4 Hi-Y 1-2 Speech Club 2 Barbara El well Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Red Cross Council 2-3-4 Thespians 3 Crucible Staff 4 Who's Who 4 Marion Fancher Choir 1-2-3-4 Y-Tecns 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Speech Club 2 Red Cross Council 4 SENIORS Ramon Adair Custred Hi-Y 3-4 Beta Club 3-4 Student Council 3 Senior Class President 4 Choir 3 Lois Dobbs Band 3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Beta Club 3-4 Thespians 3-4 Crucible Staff 4 Thomas Edward Earp Football 3-4 Senior Class Treasurer Student Council 4 Who’s Who 4 F-Club 4 Jimmy Fairly Football 4 F-Club 4 Mary Jo Gagliano Y-Tccns 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3 Beauty 4 French Club 2 Red Cross Council 3 DF '51 Donald Gardner Citizenship Representative 4 Crucible Co-Editor 4 Beta Club 3-4 Basketball J-4 Baseball 3-4 Lindsey Glasgow Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3 Baseball 1-2-3-4 F-Club 2-3-4 D. O. Club 4 Robiue Gray Choir 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club President 4 Crucible Staff 4 Favorite 4 Who's Who 4 Louis Kari. Hase Hi-Y 1-2-3-4 Student Council 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Favorite 3-4 Senior Class Vice-Pres. 4 Virginia Ruth James Thespians 2-3-4 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Hi-Life Editor 4 French Club 1 Band 1 Jimmy Gates Ffi-Y 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2 Boys Glee Club Speech Club 2 Marvin Gober Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2 Student Council 2 F-Club 3-4 Tommy Griffin Speech Club 2 Marie Ingram Red Cross 1 Speech Club 2 D. O. Club President 4 Gwendolyn Jones Y-Tcens 1-2-3-4 F-Day Leader 3 Beauty 4 Commercial Club 4 Who's Who 4SENIORS Peggy Jones D. O. Club 3-4 Vice-President 4 Commercial Club 4 Barbara Lacey Cheerleader 4 Y-Teens I-2-3-4 Red Cross Council 3 Hi-Life Staff 4 Thespian President 4 William Kendrick D. O. Club 4 Jack Lampkin Football 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 F-Club 4 James Dan-el Lavender Hi-Y 3-4 Football 1-2 D. O. Club 4 Speech Club 2 Doris Lindsey Ensley 1-2-3 Commercial Club 4 Hugh Long D. O. Club 4 Speech Club 2 Edom Lusk Red C -oss 2-3-4 Bovs Glee Club 4 Hi-Life 4 Cheerleader 4 Hi-Y 1-2-3-4 Betty Lowery Snccch Club 2 Y-Teens 1-2-3-4 Dorothy Maples Cheerleader 4 Favorite 4 Crucible Co-F.ditor Who’s Who 4 Beta ClubOF ’51 Kenneth Mauldin Thespians 2-3-4 Football Manager 3-4 Baseball Manager 3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Bobby McLf.llan Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2 Baseball 1-2 F-Club 3-4 Hi-Y 1-2 Walter Parker Hi-Y 3-4 Football 3 Basketball 2-3 D. O. Club 4 Boys Glee Club Bill Register Red Cross 3 Hi-Y 1-2-3-4 Crucible 4 James William Rowe Hi-Y 2-3-4 Football 3-4 Student Council 4 F-Club 4 Red Cross Council 3 Martha May Favorite 4 Hi-Life Staff 4 French Club President 2 Senior Class Secretary 4 Ed Naylor Easley 1-2-3 Who’s Who 4 Basketball 3 Football 3 L . O. Club 3 Jimmy Prince Hi-Life 3 Thespians 3-4 Stage Crew 2-3-4 Manager 4 Joe Rickles Stage Crew 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3 Band 3-4 Eddii Strain Huey town Hi-Y 3-4 Choir 4Barbara Stringer Thespians 3-4 Y-Tee ns 3-4 Commercial Club 4 Mary Elizabeth Thomas Enslcy 1-2-3 Commercial Club 4 Y-Teens 4 Pat Vallely Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 F-Club 2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Robert Watkins Football 1-2 F-Club 2 Band 1-2-3 Red Cross Council 3 F.ix;ar Eari. Whiten D. O. Club Frances Styles Commercial Club 3 Y-Teens 3-4 Speech Club 2 Harold Thrasher Football 1-2 Manager 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3 Speech Club 2 Blanche Vowbll Enslcy 1-2-3 Thespians 4 Jacqueline Weaver Student Council 4 Hi-Life Staff 4 Crucible Staff 4 Who’s Who 4 F-Dav Leader 4 Gettis Woodall Choir 1-2-3-4 Cheerleader 4 Student Council 3 Hi-Life Staff 3SENIORS OF '51 Not Pictured: Jimmy Cable Carolyn Hatcher Gilbert Casey Teddy Woods ides Football 1-2-3-4 F-Club President 4 Student Council President 4 beta Club 3-4 Hi-Y President 1-2 Virginia Yarbrough Thespians 3-4 Crucible 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Who’s Who 4JUNIORS The junior class entered high school determined to make themselves noticed. And that they did. They did creditable work in many fields, such as oratory, drama, music, and athletics. Two juniors had leading parts in the Thespian play, "Henrietta VIII.” A junior held office of secretary and treasurer of the Student Council. In the Miss Fairfield contest several junior girls gave their opponents close competition. The junior class of 1951 gives promise of a great senior class of 1952. J. D. Smith President Clovis Box Vice-President Harold Estock Secret ary-T reasurer Margaret Anthony Sammy Barkley Leabert Barnes Frances Bosh ellClov:s Box Dennis Brooks Ne:i. Burke J. C. Byrd Barbara Clark Charles Clark Don Clark Harry Corley Austin Davis Harold Kstock Ann Gravlee James Hali man Ann Hamilton Victor Harwood Lyda Holmes Pat Hollock Clara Hollyfield Dorothy Jackson Mary Kelley Cari. Kilgore Ruth Kurtts Jackie Lay Earl Looney Irene LeveyJUNIORS OF '51 Katherine Pyli; Paul Lyle Dwight Marlow Ann McCrorik Eugeni McElroy Joe Murchison Gloria Neeland Don O’Neai Jo Ann Pair Charles Sanders Gerry Scott Deborah Ann Smith J. D. Smith Jerry Stallings Elizabeth Stuart Lu Jean Thrasher Dan Waters Not Pir urn Billy Barton Peyton Hay Marvin Glasgow William Howell Floyd Jones Richard King Frances Locki Barry McKinnon Pete Nazaretian Joan SaundersLeft to tight, lit Rom: Ml . Cml, Helen MiMjiti-r, Betty Riven. Paulette Berthon. Patruia Duke. Dorothy Clem, Jane McLaughlin; 2nd Rom: Eddie Mullins. Virginia Wood, Elizabeth Millar, Mary Ann Vcitch, Ann Delaney, Susanne Cash, Mis Davit; 3rd Row: Janie Clark, Jimmy McC.Ieikcy, Jackie Lvcrilt. Eddie Reed, Jimmy Neal, Jimmy Partom; 4th Row: Jimmy Gilmore. Charles Smith. Gene Watson, Mb Row: Bruce Green, Jimmy Mill , Jerry Santom, Johnny Ward. J. W. Dedmon, Robert Hughe . SOPHOMORES OF '51 l-f t to right, lit Row: Mm Clarke. Billy Cable, Charlc Hand. Jack Earl, Kenny Wen, l.mdiey Murdoch, Jimmy Waters, Dan Hughe , Barbara Ma» cy, Sue Smith, Barbara Garrick, Yvonne Hall. Janette Johnson; 2nd Row: Billy Robinson. Marthall Glav . George Griffin, Gordon Donnelly, Harold l.ogan, Jamc Vance, Jerry Smith, Rufu Long, Johnny Farrington, Jerry Hollyfield, Jerry Kilburn, Billie Clement . Mary Ann Hardy, Jean Fuller, Vivian Jonct; Ird Row: Fred Fry, Noah Memi, Franklin Davis, Tommy Walker. Archie Duncan. Jame Logan, Riley Guin. Roger Guin. Jimmy Jonct, Jerry Lampkin, Mr. Strickland.Irft lo right » Row: Janice Alverson, Yvonne Caddell. Patsy Oliver, Sandra Wilson. Mary Louise Hardin, Mary Kathryn Byrd; 2nd Row: Gail Brown. Vivian Styles. Shirley Strickland. Patricia Mangum, Dorothy Cunniff, Virginia Canant; Ird Rtru': Ann Sadler. Carolvn Goddard. Patricia Orsborn, Billie Gail Stripling, Carolyn Tolar; 4th Row: Margie Kelso. Mona Causey. Jayne Olvey; 5 » Row: Shirley Smith. Carolyn Walters. Kathleen Taylor. Annabel Bradley, Ann Marie Studinka, Carol Milam, Miss McLeod. SOPHOMORES OF '51 Irft to right, ht Row: Mary Durden. Hannah Martin, Freda Parsons. Rebecca McCIcskcy. Betty Rowe, Mary Frances Wadkins, Emily McCrorie; 2nd Row: Peggy Price. Billy Scott, Johnny Vowcll. Jimmy Duncan, Jimmy Armstrong; Ird Row: George Walters. Donald Robinson. Cecil Harris, Fred Millar, Miss Smith.Isft to right, lit Row: Everett Mill, Lois Fortner, Barbara Bradley, Dorothy Cawy, Charlene Burley, Peggy F.viiu: 2nd Row: James Busby, Martha Ann Don nor, Bobbie Baggett, Ann Brooks, John Cox, Billy Glasscoek; Ird Ron: Charles Bate , Eddie Berry, Irick Manasco. Scot tic Ward, Bobby Pond, Walter Crane, Brooks Blanton, Bobby DcViesc, Bobby Freeman. Mr. Hewlett. FRESHMEN OF '51 lsft to right, lit Row: Catherine Smith. Lena White, Lois Hotchkin. Mary Jane McElroy, Sarah Jones, Antoinette Gagtiano, Tommie Ann Parks: 2nd Row: Mrs. Blanton. Pati?cia Lay, Patricia Glasgow, Terry Marbut, Marion Jayne, Dale McDanal; )rd Row: Henry Hychc, Sue Mood, Glenda Hollis, Jean Hallman: 4tb Row: Terrell Hardman, Bobby Lowery, Billy Kilgore, Myra Johnston.I.rft to right, lit Row: Mr . Pratt, Sue Strain, Ann Newman. Martha Weaver, Katherine ! car»on. Roberta Pair, Ruth Ann Morrow, Patricia Carter; 2nd Row: Janie Nichol . Martha Smith. Lucille Stag . Tom McNaron, Walter Davii; Jr. Rou-: Ben MePherwn, Bobby Whiten; 4th Ron: Ralph McKinnon. Charlc von Hermann. Lawrence Wilton, Joe McNce . John Sox. FRESHMEN OF ’51 Isft to right. It! Row: Judy Studinka, Charlene Style , andra Moon, Annette McClinton. Kay Cauell, Tommy Porter, Bobby John, Benny McKcn ie, Jack Walter ; 2nd Row: Harry Frohoff, Pat Thoma», Sonny McLendon, F.ddic Howe; Jr. Row: Mr . Collin , W’ayne Kirby, Bobby Gunter. Norman Looney, Freeman Tucker, Jamet Franklin, Janie Ward. Jimmy Watkin . Tommy Cox, Bobby Raygan.SEN! IIIBEAUTIES ha nolle rJJavisH □ IN 3 S i LvimBEAUTIES Cjivendoiyn onesomsSENIOR Gettis and Robbie Friendliest Clarence and Jackie Most Athletic Teddy and Barbara Rest All Round Khnni tii Salesman Betty and Ed WittiestWHO'S WHO Dot and Teddy Most Representative Shirley and Don Most Studious Virginia and Curtis Best Dressed Clarence and Gwen Lord and Lady Gwen AND Tommy Best ManneredThe Let us learn to work witk a nd for otkers Dorothy Maples Co-Editor Don Gardner Co-Editor Shirley Buckels Business Manager Bill Register Business Manager With the help and leadership of our two sponsors, Miss Lola Clarke and Miss Alma Hays Howell, the staff worked hard to give you a yearbook to be cherished. We had obstacles to surmount. Probably the greatest of these was the lack of a student who could take and develop pictures. This obstacle was overcome by our staff photographers persuading Mr. Lindsey of the Lindsey Studio, Ensley, to come to our assistance. Bill Anderson and Ferrell Cox also gave us assistance. Since the class made an all-time high record in the magazine subscriptions contest, the 1951 Crucible has several more pages than the 1950 Crucible has. Although there were obstacles to overcome and hard work to be done, the staff enjoyed the time spent in trying to make your Crucible a yearbook you will be proud of. Miss Lola Clarke Miss Alma Hays Howell Sponsor SponsorTHE 1951 ERUCIBLE Lois Dobbs Typist Barbara Bridges Typist Virginia Yarbrough Feature F. Jit or Ramon Custked P x tograpber Doris Lindsey Pixitographer Jackie Weaver Class Editor Robbie Gray Club Editor Gerry Scott Junior Representative Dennis Brooks Junior Representative Lindsey Glasgow Sports Editor Teddy Woodsides Sports Editor Barbara Elwell Art EditorThe Fairfield HI-LIFE Virginia James Editor Miss Anna Ria Davis Sponsor Pat Vai i.ely Assistant Editor Under the leadership of Virginia James, editor, and the direction of Miss Davis, sponsor, the Hi-Life staff continued to keep the students informed on all happenings around school. The Hi-Life staff sponsored the Miss Valentine contest again this year. The staff is to be congratulated for getting out copies that interested everyone. The two pi in ted issues, the Valentine and the Graduation, were especially newsy and attractive.THE HI-LIFE Lois Dobbs Typist Irene Lewey Feature Writer Robbie Gray Typist Barbara Bridges Typist Ed Naylor Circulation Martha May Co-Social Editor Barbara Lacey Co-Social Editor Leonard Burley Sports Editor Sammy Barkley Art Editor Margaret Anthony Feature Editor Shirley Buckles Typist Betty Allen T y pis THE STUDENT EDUNEIL OFFICERS Teddy Woods ides President IIarhaka Bridges Vice-President Ann Gravlib Secretary-Treasurer Walter Cox Parliamentarian The Student Council consists of a president, a vice-president, a secretary and treasurer, a parliamentarian, a representative from each homeroom, and three faculty advisers. Its purpose is to help solve school problems and in so doing to teach students the responsibilities and privileges of good citizenship. The Student Council sponsors Homecoming, Friendship Week, and F-Day; it also has charge of assembly programs.This year, for the first time, the Student Council printed a directory for the teachers and the students. This directory contains the names and addresses of teachers and students, a list of the clubs, sports news, and other items of information and interest. The Student Council is a member of the State and National Student Council Association. Left to right, lit Row: Jackie Weaver, Ann Brooks, Carolyn Goddard, Billie Clements, Toni McNaron, Mary Jane McF.lroy, Ann Gravlee. Left to right, 2nd Row: Pete Nazaretian, Clovis Box, Charles Smith. Archie Duncan, Walter Cox. Tommy Karp, James Rowe. Left to right, )rd Row: Jimmy McCleskcy, l.ouis Hasc. Left to right, 4th Row: Mrs. Blanton. Miss McLeod. George Walters. Teddy Woodsides. Coach Hewlett.BAND Left to right, 1st Row: Patsy Patrick, Margie Kelso, Judy Smith, Roy Swift, Yvonne Hall, Jerry Maples, Jackie Smith, Virginia Canant, Ldward Whitson, Jerry Lampkin, Hilly Leon, Joe Sanders, Ann Sadler. Carol Milam. Left to right, 2nd Row: Margaret Anthony, Shirley Smith, Robert Norris, Catherine Smith, Carolyn Kelly, Don Patterson, Richard Caughron, Lynn Parker, Dale Hudson. James Hallman, Lindsey Murdoch, Dennis Brooks, Janette Johnson. Gladys Chelstorp. Left to right, )rd Row: Barbara Clark, Sammy Barkley. Joe Rickies, Dan Hughes, Jimmy Waters, John Sox, Jerry Kilburn, Mr. Jordan, James Nichols, Johnny Farrington, Ann Brooks, Jimmy Neal, Bobby Raygan, Anna Jo Hall. Susanne Cash. Montgomery Round Ready to strut Blow your horn!The major project of the Beta Club for the year was railing money to buy a U. N. flag. At an American Education Week assembly program the club presented a panel discussion on ‘‘The Pupil's Responsibility in Perpetuating Our Democracy.” BETA CLUB . • to right, I si Row: Ramon Custred. Barbara Bridges, l.oi Dobbs, Shirley Buckets, Margaret Anthony, James Hallman; 2nd Row: Dot Maples, Teddy Woodtides, Mi abeth Stuart. Miss Davis, Deborah Smith, Ann (jravlee, Don Gardner, Victor Harwood, Walter Cox. Harold listock, Neil Burke. THESPIANS f-r to right, 1st Row: Jackie Weaver. Janice Alverton, Gail Brown. Blanche Vowdl, Sarah Jones, Virginia Yarbrough. Sandra Wilson, Mary Kathryn Byrd, Barbara I accy; 2nJ Row: Kenneth Mauldin, Mrs. Blanton. Mary Jane McFJroy; Jtd Row: Jimmy Prince, Sue Smith, Virginia James. Barbara El well, l.ois Dobbs. Shirley Smith, Sammy Barkley, Joe Murchison; 4th Row: Fred Fry, Irene Lcwcy, Margaret Anthony. Janies Hallman, Jerry Hollyficld, Victor Harwood, Eddie Lusk, Dennis Brooks. Thespian Troup 491. through the plays "Henrietta the Eighth" and "The Carol of the World" kept alive the motto "Act well your part: there all the honor lies."Di uiifi«) Occupation il I ptMilM C »-op r-Ilin training protrim lor High acbool iunion ind union who vitk to obtain (Milling lor ■ trade or occupation. D. O. atudenli complete iKnr kHooJ work in iki morning! inJ train in the downtown itorct. •hopi, ind offtcca in th« ilurnoom. U. D. CLUB Strickland; ird Row: J. C. lx ft to right, 1st Rou: Carl Kilgore, Franklin Colquitt, Charles Clark, Edgar Earl Whiten, Pat Hollock, Dan Lavender; 2nd Row: Austin Davis, Peyton Hay, Peggy Jones. Jackie Lay, Gottis Woodall, Marie Ingram, Mr. Byrd, Hugh Long, Buddy Kendrick. Buddy Parker (not in picture). FRENCH CLUB Left to right, 1st Row: Ann Hamilton, Deborah Smith, Janice Alvcrson, Mona Causey. Elizabeth Millar, Ann Sadler, Carolyn Walters, Sue Smith, Carolyn Tolar; 2nd Row: Lu Jean Thrasher, Irene I.ewcy, Elizabeth Stuart, Lindsey Murdoch, Jimmy Waters, Dan Hughes, Dennis Brooks, Billie Gail Stripling. Sandra Wilson; )rd Rou : Clovis Box. Shirley Smith, J. I). Smith. Jimmy Jones, Victor Harwcod, Neil Burke. Eddie Reed, Jerry Kilburn. Jimmy Neal. Miss Howell, Sammy Barkley. The track Club continued »(• worthy ptoi-cc( of lupporting a I'rtwli ojpbin, Francii V 11 c n I i », For hi Chrtitmai | ■ l »Hi« year. the club chipped i bicycle co him in Parti. VcIcoim (ini ii ciil lid time (o the club through the pn c money won by id queen. Mum Ciutcy, who «« crowned "M i • • I'm-field" during the city Foriirih Annuercarr Celebration.The F-Club it made up of the boy who have lettered in at lean one of the three major port»— football, bateball, and batkctball. F-CLUB La'ft to right, 1st Row: Leonard Burley. Clarence Canter, Bobby McLcIlan, Robert Burrell; 2nd Rote: Teddy Woodsidcs, Jerry Sansom, Lindsey Glasgow. James Rowe; }rd Row: Coach Inman, Coach Battle, Coach Hewlett. COMMERICAL CLUB Left to right, 1st Row: Shirley Buckets, Katie Bates, Robbie Gray, Virginia Yarbrough, Marion Fanchcr; 2nd Row: Miss Sharpe. Frances Styles, Gwen Jones. Betty Ann Allen. Jackie Weaver. The Commercial Club worked on the club tcrapbook. told candy to make money for it project, and participated in F ir-f;cld'» Fortieth Anniversary parade.The Y-Tcen Club i, a service organization connected with the Y.W.C.A. The program for thii year were built around improving one’ personality and fostering Christian relationship. lap Picture, left to right: Sue Strain, Barbara Bradley, Mn. Creel, Ann Marie Studinka, Patty Oliver. Sandra Wilton, Carolyn Walter , F.lixabcth Millar, Ann Sadler, Barbara Garrick, Yvonne Hall, Vivian Jones. Charlene Burley, Lois Fortner, Martha Weaver 2nd Row: Vivian Stylet, Pat Mangum, Jean Hallman. Shirley Strickland, Billie Gail Stripling. Carolyn lolar, Carolyn Goddard, Jean Fuller, Mary Ann Hardy, Virginia Canant, Sarah Jooet, Toni McNaron, Peggy F.vint; }td Row: I.oi Hotchkin, Antoinette Gagliano, Terry Marbut, Emily McCrorir, Rebecca McCIctkey, Freda Parson , Betty Rowe, Sue Hood; 4th Row: Glenda Hollit, Jayne Olvey, Mary Durden, Billie Jo Clement , Mary France Wadkina, Patricia Ort-born, Annabel Bradley, Catherine Smith, Janette Johnson, Mary Jane McElroy, Patricia Glasgow, Bobbie Baggett; WA Row: Dorothy Catey, Lena White, Patricia lay, Ruth Ann Morrow, Ann Newman, Barbara Mattey, Dale McDanal, Margie Kelso, Martha Smith, Shirley Smith, Myra Johnson, Ann Brook . Carol Milam, Lucile Stagg, Martha Ann Donnor, Katherine Pearson, Roberta Pair, Marion Jayne, Ann Carter. Y-TEENS l.ower Picture, left to right, lit Row: Jackie Weaver, Blanche Vowcll. Katie Bate , Betty Ann Allen, Robbie Gray. Virginia Yarbrough. France Style , Barbara I.accy, Martha May, Dot Maple ; 2nd Row: Mary Jo Gagliano, Betty Lowery, Virginia Jame . Barbara hlwrll. Shirley Bucket . Gwen Joner, Ann McCroric; )rJ Row: Jo Ann Pair, Ruth Kurtt . Jerry Stalling , I.yda Holme . Gloria Nceland, Barbara Stringer, Elizabeth Stuart. Ann Gravlcc, Mi Smith. Mary Kelley. Charlotte Davit.The Hi-Y Club of our school arc established to create, maintain, and extend Chriitian fellowship among the member . Both club take an active part not only ■n school activities, but alto in state wide activities Uft to right, 1st Row: Jimmy Gates, Ed Naylor, Walter Cox, Peter Nazarctian, Victor Harwood, Dennis Brooks; 2nd Row: Dan Lavender, James Rowe, Eugene McElroy, Eddie Strain. Joe Murchison, Ramon Custred, Louis Hase; )rd Row: Don Clark. Gettis Woodall, Eddie Lusk, Bill Register, Don Gardner, Tommy Earp. Mr. Guthcry; 4th Row: Walter Bowman, Jack Lampkin, Harold Estock, Noel Duncan, Joe Rickies, Jimmy Prince. HI-Y Ixft to right, 1st Row: Lindsey Murdoch. Jerry Hollyficld, Jimmy Waters, Dan Hughes, Jimmy Neal; 2nd Row: Jackie Everitt, John Ward, Eddie Reed. Jimmy McCIcskcy; rd Row: Mr. Battle, Bruce Green. For iti project tor the fim tcmcttcr our Red Crtm Council chose to nuke and till Veterans' bap; for the second semester it completed an album given in exchange to Japan. RED CROSS COUNCIL left to right, lit Row: Mr . Pratt, Yvonne Hall, Betty Ann Allen. Gwen Jones, Sarah Jones, Charlotte Davis, Elizabeth Millar, Ann Del aney, Marion Faneber; 2nJ Rou : Ann Brook . Ann Gravlcc, Carolyn Walters, Janice Alvcr-son, I mily McCroric, Mary Frances Wadktns. Betty Rowe, Martha Smith, Katherine Pearson, Barbara FI well, Virginia Yarbrough; ird Row: Charles Bates, John Cox, Terry Hardnun, Fddie I.usk, Victor Harwood, Jimmy Neal, Walter Cox, George Griffin, Jimmy McCleskcy, Bill Register, Dan Waters, Gordon Donnelly. r T T f""l T -a t oright, I it Rou : Billy Cable, Ed Naylor, Charles Clark, Martha Smith, Shirley Strickland, M II I ri Robbie Gray. Virginia Yarbrough. Ann Sadler. Charlene Burley, Martha Weaver, I.ois Fortner; 2nd Row: Everitt Hill, Gordon Donnelly, Pat Mangum, Manors Fancher, Shirley Buckels, Mary Jo Gagliano, lasts Dobbs, Barbara Bridges. Patsy Oliver. Barbara Garrick. Carolyn Walters. Vivian Jones; ird Row: Clovis Box, Jo Ann Pair, Jerry Stallings, Ruth Kurus, Margie Kelso, Billie Clements, Mona Causey, Pat Orsborn, Janette Johnson, Janice Alvcrson. Sandra Wilton, Billie Gail Stripling; -ill• Row: Curtis Brasher. Johnny Farrington, Eddie Strain, Eddie I.usk, Jimmy Gates, Eugene McElroy, Kathleen Taylor, Deborah Smith, Gail Brown, Gerry Scott, Jean Fuller, Ann Gravlct, Carol Milam. Shirley Smith. Carolyn Tolar Yvonne Gad-Jell; l A Row: Don Clark, Gettis Woodall, Tommy Earp. Charles Smith, Roger Guin, Kenneth Mauldin. Jimmy McCleskcy, Joe Murchison. Mr. Kelley. ,-w'' - The choir did remarkably well this year; it presented more programs than ever before for the enjoyment of everyone in the community. It took an active part in Fairfield's Fortieth Anniversary Celebration.DRIVER TRAINING r L?Lr“Cash'Bjrba" Left In right, 2ml Row: Mr. Mumpowcr, Melon Mc-Master, Jimmy Gates, Ann DeLancy, Jerry Stallings, Blanche Vowell, Charles Sanders, Jo Ann Pair, Curtis Brasher. T TDT1 A T1 V A CCTCT A I TTC to right, 1st Row: Paulette Berthon, Betty LlJjilAllI AJJIjIaIN 1 J Rivers, Mrs. Wood, Yvonne Caddcll, Vivian Jones. Left In right, 2nd Row: Sammy Barkley, Rebecca McClcskcy, Clovis Box, Mary Kelly, James Allen, Annabell Bradley, Neil Burke.HOMECOMING The Homecoming spirit still prevailed despite the rain and a loss to Hueytown. Gloria Neeland, our Homecoming Queen, was presented a beautiful bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums at the game. Her lovely attendants were Charlotte Davis and Janice Alverson. Following the game, the Student Council and the P.-T.A. sponsored a party at the City Hall.FAIRFIELD 4DTH ANNIVERSARY The celebration lasted three days. Many outstanding people were present for the event. All school and civic clubs entered floats in the largest parade in Fairfield’s history. The Thespian Club float won first place in the High School competition. The celebration was brought to a thrilling climax when, on the last night, Mr. Nunn crowned Mona Causey, queen of the French Club, ‘'Miss Fair-field.”F-DAY Ping-pong, tennis, swimming, diving, horseshoes, football, basketball, softball, bowling, volleyball, relays, dashes, races — all these and Heaven, too, on the afternoon of April 20, 1950, our annual F-Day. And on Stunt Night, a stunt, a yell, and a song were presented by each group, seniors and freshmen against juniors and sophomores. The competition was keen and close in every activity—and the two groups left to right, ht Rom : Clovi Box, Clarence Canter. 2nd Rom-: Ann Grav-Icc, Jackie Weaver. ACTIVITIES were almost breathless as they awaited the decision of the judges which was, "Seniors and freshmen a total of 1445 points; juniors and sophomores a total of 145 5 points.” In 195 1 the seniors and freshmen again competed against the juniors and sophomores. The senior-freshmen leaders were Clarence Canter and Jackie Weaver; the junior-sophomore leaders were Clovis Box and Ann Gravlee.CHEERLEADERS Leading the student body in cries for victory, the cheerleaders showed us what real school spirit is. Whether a game was won or lost, the cheerleaders had still helped school spirit by their cheering. Their vivacity and leadership were felt at all times. Leading the cheerleaders was Charlotte Davis, a veteran of one year. Charlotte did a good job as leader. Billy Cable served his second year as a cheerleader. Other members of the cheering squad were Martha May, Dot Maples, Barbara Lacey, Janice Alverson, Ann McCrorie, Gcttis Woodall, and Eddie Lusk. . ■ to right: Kddic Link. Janice Alvcnon. Ann McCrorie, Martha May, Gcttit Woodall. Billy Cable, I)ot Maple . Barbara Lacey,FOOTBALL The 19SO Tigers had a good record—five wins and four losses. Although they did not win all their games, they accomplished a feat that had not been accomplished in many years—they heat EnslcyM This is something they will long be remembered for. Yes, they really showed the Tiger spirit when they overcame a six-point lead at the half and won 7-C in the last minutes of the ball game. Never has there been a group of boys more proud than the group of boys that left Legion Field with the job well-done. The "’JO” Tigers also won over Minor, Shades Valley, Carbon Hill, and Oneonta. The team really had some football drilled into them this year by our fine coaching staff, which consisted of Coach Inman, Coach Hewlett, and Coach Battle. ThisC □ - C A P T AIN S Clarence Canter, Buster Buri ey was Coach Battle’s first year here. He came from Western Kentucky and has added much to the coaching staff. The team was well lead by our two capable co-captains, Leonard Burley and Clarence Canter. These two boys deserve a great deal of credit for doing such a thorough job of directing the team on the playing field. Left to right, lit Row: Marvin Glasgow, J. D. Smith. Scotty Ward. Robert Hurrcll. Teddy Wood»ido. l.ouit Haw. Leonard Burley. Lindtcy Glatgow; 2mt Row: Tat Vallely. George Griffin. Clarence Canter. Roger Guin, Johnny Vowcll, Johnny Cataban, Jackie Everitt, Coach Inman: )rJ Row: Coach Hewlett. Jimmy Strain. Bobby McLcllan, Johnny Ward, Marshall Gli», Jimmy I airly. Tommy Earp, Jamct Rowe, Jerry Samom, Coach Battle.Leonard Burley Guard, Co-Captain Robert Burrell Guard Clarenci Canter I nil hack, Co-Captain Johnny Catsban Hal hack Tommy Earp End Johnny Everii i Quarterback James Fairly Halfback Lindsey Glasgow Tackle Marvin Glasgow Guard Marshali Glass End George Griitin Halfback Roger Guin GuardPLAY Louis Hase Center Bobby McLbli.an Halfback James Rowe End Pat Valeely Quarterback Johnny Vow Halfback ttL Johnny Ward fullback Scotty Ward Tackle Teddy Wooosides Center Jerry Sansom End J. D. Smith Guard Jimmy Strain TackleBASKETBALL The 195 1 basketball team had little experience because there were only two regulars back from last season. Except for Jack Lampkin’s 6' 2" the team didn’t have much height. Coach Hewlett took care of this handicap by putting in the fast break; this was an advantage over last year’s split attack. Although the boys had a poor season, they didn’t let it get them down. They worked hard in practice and improved a little each day. They lost several games by close margins; they might have won these games if they had hit their foul shots. After they started working on foul shots, they did not miss as many as they did before. Except for one or two, the "B” team consisted entirely of freshmen. These boys looked rather ragged at first but they improved considerably as the season moved along. Left to ri bt, lit Row: Clovi Box, John Hvcritt. Don Gardner. Jamc Clark. Charlet Smith. Second Rou: Jamct McOctkey, Pat Vallcly, Jam« Fairly. Jack l.ampkin, Kugcoc McElroy, Leonard Burley. Harold Thrathcr, Coach Hewlett.JOHN EVER ITT JAMES Cl.ARK LEONARD BURLEY JAMES FAIRLY DON GARDNER JACK LAMPKIN EUGENE McELROY JAMES McCLESKY CHARLES SMITH HAROLD THRASHER CAPTAIN PAT VALLELYIxft to right, ht Row: Clarence Cancer, Leonard Burley, Clovi Box, Pat Vallely. l.indtcy Glasgow. l-tft to right, 2»J Row: Seth Box, Dave Friend, Robin Hlliton, Don Mauldin, Hugh Bandy, Jack Riddle, John Ray Penny. BASEBALL Under the coaching of Head Coach Russell Inman and Assistant Coach Robert Hewlett, the 1950 baseball team had a good season—winning five, losing one, and tying one. For the second straight year the Tigers finished in second place in the Western Division. This meant playing in the Fifth District playoffs for the second straight year also. Although nearly half of the team graduated, there are a few experienced players back this coming spring. There will also be several valuable boys coming up to the varsity from the "B” team. The boys coming back this year plus the added help coming up from the "B” team should make a fighting team that will be hard to beat this coming spring.SNAPS Citizenship Girl . . . Giving Highlights of Battle Citizenship four . . . The Big Eleven . . . B-Team . . . Pep Meeting . . . Pepperettes . . . Scene at Gym . . . Stage Crew . . . She Took the Show . . . F-Day Sideline . . . Friendly Enemies . . . Variety Show . . . Seats of Honor . . . Big Sell-outSNAPS Three Musketeers . . . Entrance to Heavenly Bliss . . . Nothing Could be Nicer . . . Our First "GI” . . . World-Wide Information . . . "Henrietta VUE Cast . . . South American Girls . . . Guess Who? . . . The Winner . . . Mr. and Mrs. . . . Jack and Bill . . . Keeping in Shape . . . "Come and Trip It . . .” F. H. S. MusicianSNAPS Miss Him, Becky? . . . Jackie ... La Car de Chasse . . . They Led Us . . . Jolly Juniors . . . F-Day MC . . . Five of a Kind . . . End of F-Day . . . Sea Scouts . . . Victim of the Sea Scouts . . . River Rats . . . Before the Rush . . . Inseparables . . . Installation of Student Council OfficersALMA MATER To thee, dear Fairfield High School, We sing our praise anew Thy name forever shall inspire Thy sons and daughters true. Through all our many cares and woes Thy guiding light we’ll see. Our Alma Mater, Fairfield, Leads us to victory.To the advertisers, old and new, who made possible this edition of The Crucible, the staff wishes to express its whole-hearted gratitude. ADVERTISEMENTS s i M CRAWFORD JOHNSON COMPANY, Inc. WISH ME A WISH AND SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE W1!’ 'W V »% Barberls BARBER PURE MILK COMPANY 2410 Seventh Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama It Does ! t 'Take a Crystal Rail to See YOUR FUTURE IN TELEPHONE WORK If you choose a Telephone career you mav he sure of: • Good pay from the start • Frequent scheduled raises • Friendly co-workers • Helpful supervisors • Interesting, important work • Plenty of opportunity for advancement • One of the best sickness-benefit pension plans in all industry One visit to our employment supervisor will show you definitely what you can expect in salary progression and benefits, and how the advantages of telephone work can add up to a real future for Y 0 U. SOUTHERN HELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 5705A (5%" x 8 2") High School Annuals—1951Congratulations to Fairfield High School on another successful year in education. C. A. CARTER EXDO PHONE 3-1217-8 TOMATOES Iftppfu Urntln'rii. Inc. Wholesale FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 1031 1st Ave., North Clyde Carlisle. Mgr. Birmingham. Ala. Compliment of Wm. Harris Woolen Company Best Wishes of R. L. ZEIGLER, INC. Makers of Seasoned-to-please SausageEnjoy Dortch’s Cakes, Cookies, Pies I’rv a Buddy Bar—Sc Dortch Baking Company Phone 4-0474 WEDDING INVITATIONS Dance and Party Bids DFFIEE SDPPLIES ENGINEERING SDPPEIES DFFIEE FURNITURE ZAC SMITH CD. Two Stores To Serve You 2014 First Ave., No. and 608 Graymont Avc. Phone 5-7231 SUES AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 2110 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama We have everything you need for the earM Sc crun-' representing Roberts Son J20-50 South 19th St. Birmingham, Alabama Printing, Lithography, Engraving, Office Furniture Office Supplies, Binding and Rubber Stamps Compliments of CITY PAPER COMPANY Headquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES 3700 1st Avenue. North "Birmingham’s Oldest Paper Company— Established 1807" Best Wishes BIRMINGHAM LEATHER CO. Compliments of Charles Eagan Company S. B. Dick Mimeograph Distributor WIMBERLY AND THOMAS HARDWARE CO., INC Birmingham, Ala. SPORTING GOODS DEPT. Everything for Every Sport JOE BIDDLEHEREFORD DIARY P. O. Box 73 Phone Powderly, Ala. 6-6517 Phone 56-3274 Producer and Distributor of SPECIAL PASTEURIZED and HOMOGENIZED “VITAMIN D MILK” and MILK PRODUCTS including, ICE CREAM Produced and Processed On Our Oivn Farm In Alabama’s Most Modern Farm Dairy Plant M. E. Sisco. ManagerPAUL C. HARMON Distributor The Mechanic’s Tool Forge Company “MAC TOOLS” IVr»oiiulixe«l Servfer — Guaranteed Took Direct — Factory to Mechanic 1108 Fulton Avenue. W. K. Phone 8-5562 Compliments of Spradling Supply Co. Wholesale Automobile Trim, Paint, and Body Supplies 2125 Second Avenue, South Birmingham, Alabama Magnus Chemical Co. Garwood. New Jersey Manufacturers of Industrial Chemicals and Cleaning Machines CALL W. W. McLain. Birmingham 3-9750 Van B. McCracken, Birmingham 6-0324 Compliments of National Supply Corporation 171 Mitchell St.. S. W. Atlanta 3, GeorgiaCrane Company 2 South 20th Street A Friend Birmingham AVSCO Quality Hand Tools all Mechanical Trades Aviation Supply Corporation Airport Atlanta, Georgia Magic City Food Products Co. M. J. Jaffe Son, Inc. 3230 North Tenth Avenue GOLDEN FLAKE Birmingham. Alabama POTATO CHIPS Alabama's Own Dealer In SCRAP IRON METALS Office 53-2684 Home 3-5684Frank Chambers Engraving Company 2106 5th Avenue. North Birmingham. Alabama Wedding Invitations, Calling Cards, Graduation Invitations, Diplomas, Commercial Letterheads Superior Ice Cream CC CCm £ ner(ji.f All That The Name Implies Superior Ice Cream Co. Bessemer, Ala. Phone Bessemer 20 and 21Compliments of Empire Leather Company 1608 Third Avenue, No. Birmingham 1, Alabama Visit Headquarters for Cafeteria and Lunchroom Equipment at Wholesale Prices VULCAN EQUIPMENT SUPPLY COMPANY David H. S-ihit . Owner WE BELIEVE WE SERVE YOU BETTER— BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO ASSIST YOU WHEN YOU BUY Complete Service—Handling the Best Ranges—Steam Tables—Sinks—Cook Tables Refrigerators—Chinaware—Silverware—Paper Cups—Utenrils—Toledo-Sterling Dishwashers Food Mixers—Potato Peelers See. Write or Call Us When in Need 2208 3rd Avenue, North Phone 4-0665 SEE OUR DISPLAY OF jtnjtbumesiZb The boy8 and girls who are winning band honors are invariably those who have the advantage of QUALITY instruments. Many of them have been equipped at this store with late model CONNS. We will be glad to advise with you and with your parents. Our stock of Conn clarinets, cornets, trumpets, trombone , saxophones and larger instruments is the most complete in this section. Austin Music Co. 1922 4th Avenue, N.THE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK By COLLECE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENCRAVING COMPANYTHE EMBLEM OF FINE PRINTING Birmingham Printing Company Birmingham, Alabama

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