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- 5, ,V 7. pg' I f A 4 nf 4, 1-V P 4 1 1 V v . ----A - - fr ,. , , .. , , ,. Y ., - . C . ,Y , , fx af ' iA-1 , 5 , , ,-gr YA, ,V . .W , . ,.,.,..Y wa--,l ., TF ,,, Aw.. , ,x ,, ..,,, . .Mk . ,fx 1.1mm 1. ,, - ..-,4-fy, , ,eg-, -, . ,Gi .N t,,,.f,-, X H , , , U' FW BK' Y' QM A -is 5 f 'f . K- ' J f V W- - ,Y N ,, , ., , ,-u .. Q ,,1.,, 4.4 'W -, -I -, . f,-,,fA?f'E..wyc .f J- , .-V.-.fu . V f ,- . , f. , p W ,. .rl-9, ' K f ' , v., Y 1 . , . .un'. :urlznr 1m..'1aaf.:anne1auwxvuamn9"va:: -Lu A 5 xr. wi mz,lnw'fQ.f1w.ww:'m-LJ. af-'nal ' xx' . N 1 V?-1 v? X 1 , A . I . 435, yi ' ,-30.5, 1 Nfl im. M., .. 52543 . "3:3i'fL 91 -2 , . L, ,. . V. is 1 G ,rw . af ,W ha . A -x 1 'bra Hi-Q 4 , ,Q , , '-fy, V Qi?f?fi?f5ffS7?' L, ,f-fx ,1 . ' A Q. .3 V Lwff-15:1 I '15, 4. '- ig V .L . , ol , W1 f 5'-vb if--H W w T W, - ' '-: 'wiwgesw ' 1 . 1 Q! Wnw 'ff 1 ' 0 . WP, fm 1 1 M' 'M .,,, 1 V K -+ . A L Fm se: ' a if 0 'IW Zh 2 W ii" 4, .SC v he SE U01 I 2 The Eureka Senior High School Year Book, Volume Thirty-eight, Published by the Eureka High School Student Body Printed by Eureka High School Printing Department I Eureka, California Humboldt County Heart of the Giant Redwoods The Sequoia ff J X ff yZXQiiY55' WW? Mm wx? W ? ggi!!! A 'V X? Wfff? S W X :ZF X I 'vc'ov9:gi5:if5Qig!9X2T4,,Qf , fr! ,41 ' yy . ,LO,1 10,415 I I' , t,.A:'jf.:,-,J I. g, , WWW 1942 The Foreword Some of us are leaving school now, and some are going to continue our education. A number of the boys are going to enter the army or the navy, if not this year, next. Some will stay at home to prepare for defense. But all of us will have the symbol and the emblem of our country flying above our heads-the flag of the United States of America. In this time of stress, we need something which all of us can honor as one. Our flag fulfills this need. That is why your staff has chosen it as the theme of this .annual We hope that this flag of ours will always cause us to try to preserve our democracy. Dedicated to the Memory of Joseph Travelli Glenn l l DEDICATION To the memory of the man who directed our school for the last fourteen years, we affectionately dedicate this Sequoia of l942, Mr. Glenn built his monument in the mcmory of the hundreds of boys and girls whose lives he has influenced. They will always recall with love and respect the tall stooped figure in the grey suit and red necktie. l-le was very proud when the lune Seniors of l94l celebrated "Glenn Day" in his honor. His loyal interest in all the activities in the school was shown' when, although not feeling well, he was in his accustomed seat on the players bench at the football game with the Alumni on the night before he wax: stricken with the heart attack which caused his death one week later. According to an editorial in the Humboldt Times, llle talked to people, not at people. The honesty in his makefup was not a mere negative qual ity, to refrain from falsehood, but was a positive part of his whole active make-up." We are proud to have known him as our friend. A'Sunset ond evening star, And one clear call for me. May there be no moaning of ihe bor When I put out to seo." from A'Crossing the Ear"-Tennyson. In Memoriam JIM JOHNSTONE Class of june 1944 BILL CUNNINGHAM Class of january IQ42 EDNA sHERR1cK 4 Class of june I943 'Www' 2-M t N 4 f MW' ww ,Au W ., .N M .- L L' ,- Row ' .f , 5' Av. . " D -. U ' 1 'q'31l.f V Ji.: -N w , ,, AW.. 1 ,.,:',f va. ' Q, ,., . 'fa' 'Q ,A . -. . 4, , , r VV Jr ,sig-2.-.. W mi, ow, . 37 f ,K X' . . SQ, ' iq wg: , ,-.visl ft . wwf ka .5 5 af , Y xx 9 Y ,Aw - ! - 6 .f if E f' ' W Q Vi kgxiggfg I n""""f"""'-'-0+.-M. .,,,m,.-WM 5 M . 9, U xi , -.15 W ii :L S D ., Wa Q X b ia: 3 'Z if ,. , A ,o ff ,lymp- 'fr' lop ,.... un- W.. . 'I' W 55" ,s Jiq4'Ll!,.nx,.M., 4,41 U ff bra E 's -H 1,11 , .,,- F , , xii' ,, . f 4 iff, f l 'WN '35, ' E23 p' 'Ag fu-'11-'- 4 xi e 1 3 ,. ' j"y.i Ag, 4 X ,Lf ., J - . 'L' 1 f . ..'5' f' X T 'I , 1 1 K 2. 1' -1 fm nf .W -A 'KI ,A ,Y ,flkevffl , A fi . ' ' Aug-' f-J. A v , Fw. V 'Miff- . ,a,x,,, KW, Q., W TTL . " FS, 1 .W 1-4111 WZ 1 ,J-1 1 fff 1 , ,N ' R' "WS: .1 . 'iukvf' 4 M415 ,. f .i-Fin. V I' -L ' ' . - ' ,JQXN-."9 A , gy. ruff, -f -' , wg. . w V Q, ,N -w ff. ' 4 V. YQ, lf' Aw W J , ,, --4 U,-.QP 'T'7fi"-1f'L, A- 1 1 4' 43-w 9 Q X 4 K h .is up W . 'If' Al, Jn uv R H. v ' , . 4 S Q v - i . A 'QS 4 wwf s W a Q. is PQ 4. W, vw ,J -. H we M 1 ,, s -W! 'M ,, v , 6, 1 ' 7 L fi , ,, A W K fx Y in 5' Am' as. 4 , N K .ff 4 jp at . 3' M, ,X , x 4 H ff' no f . up-' : J:"K xi .' 'Lv ' ' 1 S 51, . , f,5.,f, 5, KI' rs 1 I1 -X - -K -1, qc . :'A . ":Q,.1v , - . . . I 1. .,, -M-. , . . mmm 5.5-' t I 'i 'qv vu. .F wggfiim . " ' Jn "JI E'- Lggfig is ' Ag ' 7 r P ' K ' -A 'fi'l,.TI?- Q 6' .. 1- . . ,,,-.,.. , iv "j'jT,1.'2fIIII.. 'z . -. ,.,-"' 5 January Seniors The party at the Eureka lnn, given by this class when they were low seniors, and their senior ball, 'lWinter Wonderland", were brilliant social activities. lohn Maurer, co-captain ol the lootball team and a prominent man in track, Tom Bartlett and Bo MacMillan in football and basketball, and Iohn Radich in football, baseball, and track, made their mark on the annals of sports' records. Prominent in other activities were Leslie Blend in the Camera Club, Crissola Knudsen in tennis, Ianet Aggeler and Mary Gilmore in dra matics, and Margaret Donovan, Marion Langer, Maxine Sluyter, and Wal lace Elliott in the band and orchestra. Ian. Senior Officers Mull:-ii, 5l'l'll'lil.XI l'Ilmlm.l S1lli'IsIl'iiin. iii' l'HlllIl'll. Page lS I.L'iI In iiglit--flliiggli lwllx. Ii:i.usilyt'i': Shlrlix llI'K'sl1l1'!lfI lin NI.i4'Xlill:m. ltnys' 1,1-iigvix Tom Weslfall Criauzola Krruclzsen Hilbert Kesler l..-nv Slrnuh, jiI.'xllll'Ill Robert lanes Patricia Olsen Mary lVGl'1C1Cl'l Eldred Maclvlillan Marilyn Peterson Gertrude Pima Ioe Sheehan Page 19 Wallace Elllot Pat LeValley Mary Gilmore Sam Nevers lanet Hannah LeRoy Smith Eugene Soares Maxine Sluyter Norma Wimer Barbara Miloiie J , Desrnoncl Shanahan Marian Langer Gladys Roberts Minnie Tatka lim Blake ii SS "" I k i frfw sesif Tom Baker Bernice Telford Barbara Earle Lillian lennings Torn Bartlett Sargent Page 20 ll url tlw All l'r1r'm 1 'Wolf' l"'lv H irlmrd l3GI11C?l:lOFl llnf- P11 Ilfftf Gene Hfxrkdull Mildred Turk ll ml lwfltlnf- llf-lf-n fnffrf-lc Mcxrnmrol Swanson lluoll Kelly Pnl Gifrr Illlxul lock Thompson lrizs Merrill lf4f'lffllf1:1lw ,llf lxflfxrlfvrrf- l-mlllf' lr CIQO 21 Prod Cox Levlie Blend Morqorot Donovan Esther Silva Vista Carinam Ionei Aggeler Albin Kryla George Dornaz Ebba Sundstrom Einar lngebretsen lohn Maurer Nellie Mae Dickson Delores Smith Mary McLellan Gael Breshears Doris O Donnell 1-ly l Eugene Thomas Ierome Swanson Shirley Mullen Page 22 inc Senior Officers I tt vii iight .Ii-iii l'iiIi ,ig Imis I,i-.igulv riiull' 1-it th-ii iw- Wiiifli-i wllll it limlx 1-ulliivil' Imlili hiiiiiii, lin-.isui.-I3 Il.i:nl:l Nilloli, iii-V iiiisifli-iii. Ir,-I Ililliiig, Ni-iginiiii .ii .illllsl II lilli Hlillnu-i, Ni-vivtiiii The June Seniors .Lirli ltiiligvl, llIl'Altil'Ill. Evidently the l'Leapin' Lena" was a leap in the right direction, for it cer tainly set the Iune Class of 1942 off to a grand start in their sophomore year. Their next big event was the 3H Carnival early in l94l. Their pencil sale advertising Eurekas football schedule merits attention too. ln honor of their beloved principal Mr, Glenn, this class established the "Glenn Memorial Fundw. This class provided such important offices as president and vicefpresident of Girls' League, vice-president and secretary of Student Body, boys' athletic manager, editors of the Sequoia and the Bark, cheer leaders, business mane ager of the Bark, first president of Iunior Statesmen. Curtis Spinas, Timmy Morrow, Bob Carlson, George Brazil, Harold Narron, George Winzler were topnotchers in sports. i i Y'3..-.- OG Rosemary McLaughlin George Baker Ruby lohnson Bill Chestnut Deon Bertsch Bob Slotte lim Smith Lucile Davis Dick lones Betty Legree Robert Wahlund Patricia Frye Maxine Toft Ray Bowerrnaster lecmne Hite Milton Lovdahl Ev-elyn Del Grande Ed Dilling l Page 24 Ifilfyfm Chnl'-r ,NIfPl"If'? Winzlf-r lime Georflfvaon Charles Turner Surah Luis Bill Robinson lfflfirifl Mfirifllin Romfviiiury 'Bali Bob Ccvlson Lonelo Rodfgorzs Lowell Davison Mabel Campbell Page 25 Word Bortleil Bonnie Green Ralph Berg Arline Murray Fleit Melendy Chzrrlotte Grecian Frank Gruhn Norma Bognuda Harold Narron lean l-laberstock loe Womack Constance Bre-eden QV' Sue l,eValley Dario Pasini Lucille Maxfleld Perry Delaney Mary Harriet Tracy B111 Gxles Gerald Carrico Helen Anne Neale Roy Lxght Claire Bryanl Kenneth Iensen jBarbara Hodge Page 25 Lewis: Frost Marale llllfzxzell Ray Celina Elenora Blackburn W' lack Bolger Mar1an Naas Arclxs Iohnson Iohn Siowe Betty Lebsack Carol Lee Nelson Charles Glover Marjorie Santsche Eugene Kempe Dara hy Adler Ierry Chappelle Richard Colley Gayle Timmons Iames Braghetta Page 27 l Mumda Susich Bill Eriksen Eva Carranco Carl Del Grande Milton Bull C t S 'ri s ur pl G Dorothy Dinsrnore Lawrence Saunderson Don Macpherson Cecilia Andrews Nolan Epling Virginia Coeur Ray Sweet Audrey Waters Tom Chappelle il Anna Mae Loquist Franklin Nevers Dor. Bagley j Page 28 Fay Brill Pliill McLean Ioy Ginger r l l Louis Wilson Alice Caltolt Clifford Hoskins Iohn Cameron Marian Canepa Iohn Raclich Elsa Hansen Iim Morrow Barbara Moore Page 29 lerry Colivas Bill Bagley Melba Dunlap Bob Filgas Neva Howard Iesse Sanders . 1 i I 4 . l 1 ' 1 t NIM.-N.-1 - X David Christensen Margaret Morris Eill Moranola lack Winters is X Q X Q X SN is Gail Doraplmaier Charles Berry Dorothy Skoog Eugene Blackburn Dolores Dreyer Gerald Churchill Laura Evans Melvin Robinson Roselyn Schell George Brazil Edith Skinner Silas Hess Doris Adams Ed. Coffman Page 30 Gino Simoni Roy Dedmi lemme McrcCouri Dick Crabtree Page 31 3 X sg .gg , zgsgw S is X ,- N 5, X XX-:x NRM kfx jigig, S N? Q Left to right- Wziyiu' l':ue, president: Mzuilyu Fulk, ll'E2lSlll'Bl'Q Put l'Izu'ly, secretary: Mary Mulutusll, student-body coun- cil: Mn-l Alllll'l'i1lll, stumlcnt-Inmly 1'11lllll'llI lleury l,:uullert, serggemlt-ut-urine: Gene Ditty, vice-president, Harold Borne- mzul, sergt-:uit-alt-sirius1 Earl Smolkuiicll, Buys' League cuuucil. KSU! SllUWlli1lUll Joluisuu, Boys' League c0uncil.l Leaders All the Way Through Many of the students in this class are outstanding in school activities. Elaine Geitner, Russell Gustafson, Evelyn Berry, Francis Rovai, and Gail johnson are members of the A Cappella choir. Pat Early is one of our lively yell leaders. Bert Scuri, Melvin Anderson, Harry Williamson, and Earl Smolkovich are prominent in sports. Bill Miller is secretary of the Boys' League and lim Heasman is sergeant-at-arms for the Student Body. Mr. Morgan, Miss Borg, Miss lacobson, and Mr. Roberts are the advisers of this class. The officers this year are Wayne Cave, president, Gene Ditty, vice-presi- dent, Pat Early, secretary, Marilyn Falk, treasurer, Henry Lambert and Harold Borneman, sergeants-at-arms, Melvin Anderson, council member, Don Iohnson and Earl Smolkovich, Boys' League representatives. Page 32 x Iil:W IWW IIUII' IHIIX' IIIPII' IIUW ROW ICUW HIVX 'tw 1, ? Hullin- l'I1.w.xIIiN, Illuli.1 II.zlim:m, IIuyu- II:151In'll, l'.l' IC:nxI3, Ilvwxly II1'1r'lI3. ICIUIXII Iln'l,, ,Xg,w1'- J.IIu:1'.1,1, - .Xllvrw Imltun, I.lI4'IIIl' .I1l!n-mm. S.lII5 Iiuula-N, I,IIII.IIl IIl!IIIl'I. NI.IIiI3l1 Iiwlwll. NI.m U .,'. Inn II:.IlIx", IQIIIIIII' 121-illlvl. Hu ilyll II"IIIX, Xlminll IIlm'Iu-mln, .It'IIIIlIl' 4QmI,.un, SIIIIIPI IIIIIIUII, I'1'1j1x Ilzirfw--, lim-:II IIII '.I?w+1. IIMIIIII I.nlL. .lun, IH-lux III-Inn-x Imllwlll lulmlluglnun. 1,1-my Il-II,1u. I'' l.m-A NI:-I .XIII--xwlv. II.wII !2m11::n.m. Iivm- IHIH I':lI Xlvllllmll, I"l'iIlin' Xlzxllwi, I':1I III g1.lln't IIi1'IlI1'l'. '-Ntphul, Slum YilgLiui.4 Xlvlnimlx, I'I1.xIIIx II'm.4I1'wII. I-'x.m.I-N Ilmpu. XIII 1'nIIv'll SMH. Yilllvl NI:nlxI1. I'II.IIIil' .I.n'uIlx4m, lmix Iwwfu, Ilux Iilwlmx Ilzllrlzm Suxnillr' I'nllxl11 I'1'l'I1II'x Imx Ixukv-nm. IH-11 Swvui, II.m II'z'iwiu'Il. Ivmix XI4'1':mll, Itim XIVNIIIIIHI, Illigilm I.vNIIixu'll, I,ul1'II.I Illmmmx, Iflw-.:'v1n Iillxvlw nv 1-11, Ilvmy l,:lmlw1I. IIIII lIiIlm'I'. .1-Inge' Lxln-I, .IIIIIHIIII -IZIIIUN, W:1IIucs XII-.Irl.nn, W.g1I.m' 'IlllIx. tilvml ilu-Lv, I,'.x11clI .L.nw.:1, Elm' l'.1iiv'w. mil .IwIu1wu11, Ilun -IIIIIIIMIII. Page 33 CI.ass Officers - Left tu I'll.Illl-'EYHXII l':irkur, svn-i'ul:iry: Glenn llzill, ti-e':isi1iei'L Zulu Marie Hill, stlnleiit-lmily council: Sid Gilnmre, president: I':iiil liiiriis, ue-presirln-nl: Jim Xlnwre, Buys' Leaigue council. They're Well Known Under the lriendly guidance ot Mr. Hunter and his assisting advisers. Mrs. McMahon, Miss Donlon, Miss Guidery, and Mr. Mathiesen, the SH clasp has spent two pleasant years in our school. Ollicers for this year were the following: president, Sid Gilmore, vicc- president, Paul Burns, secretary, Evelyn Parker, treasurer, Glenn Hall. Zcla Marie Hill was representative to the Student Body Council and Don Shelton to the Boys' League Council. This class produced its share of outstanding students. Prominent in sports were Bob Bell, Sid Gilmore, Elmo Gomes, Bob Hill, Wallace McMillan Calvin Polsley, Darrell Cavanaugh, Don Dayton, and Mark Melendy. Bob Bell was also president ol Boys' League, and Wally Craycrolt conducted our school dance orchestra, Page 34 A Q L III HHH ISHN IHIN HHH H4 IN mm HOW Hum HIIW .l1'wllHvlm' -- ' f V ' - ' ' ' ' ur, .lwxu l.,nll4H, Xlnmn I.l.uks. XI.u4x Ilfmlmlv-4 I'mm:4 lmnwlu, ll.-.1 ll.r,ml':m, NI,.1g.uu'r t'i n ll Xlllln-N Ilumufr .llllmlrw twllwx. .I.mlr1- limllvll. I',H 4'l.nvlw, Sllillm fmglmz-, Muir.: Iiullm, l'InlInx llzallun. l.ixi:x Iirrgllllmll, Xlrnu-1 I1--,m4'M.uuw, I.--I,md llimn-.n. .Irm Illlvhwlf:-r. Iwlw lwllulmngx, Imllf lim-.nNln'5, ,luvu .Xlz'mluIn'l, IIUIU Ilmllllzu, .Inv l1.u5l1'I1, lla-Ilrvzt l':4lIn'l lhm Xlflllixv. l'Mll!1g- IM-I.-mg, Imix Unlxillu. I!-IU llllkll, I'.nI Ih-II, Silllll' I'.nIwu, ,I4-,mllv Mnlwn, Huh Iimm Imwl. Iivllx Ilmxlwlfl lillm l.uIxnu, Xlvlxm Ilvrmw. Wnllwn- 1'1.m'l1!I, Xlxm I41-ul-lu, Ii.:lI Vmlh, I'.HlI Hmm, Hydn- l'm:1u'l, Huh IZ:-VI, Il.nvl4'NI 4,n.m,nllpgI1. NI.ux 1Ln,m.lluw. mvlw-'nllv f'IlI1'lw1lVl, l'l,nir1- lI.IU'IlX, NLM Ilullivn, Xlmivl Ilvmlrlvkwll, lim I.z'v II.1mln, .Klum II.u.. Imymlu l'.u.Nrvvm4 Lui, ,Ium-N, ,lvumllv H.vIu-x. I--I.: I'li4IIv'x, .lulw lim-,1xx:1x, Willlm llxgvll, .hum IMvUn', lim-xvrl-x .luxllvm lim Il,m1, Hull IIlllur,,. .lmlwu .lnlwrnxmg ,hmm Iwvxlvl. Ilvlvlw Hmlpvx. Iivtix lhmlull, lluuix Illglqllmlll. Xlllllrvlll Hjllhlll, I,l1f'1IIv- llxmnm Z1-I.: Klum- Hrll. .lmu I' AVIlNXl1'lllP. Huh Hill. th-wx-'v I-'1Ig1x. Llwul lhmlluw, I'I11u4x'l VI!-lmnit, Ih-wrlw I4'1"f, lm Ilumm .lun-: Ilmfuul, lin 15fWIun1. Sul 1i1l1mm-, ldmwx I-'1 51. lim Lvl lim -x iihm mb, I. ..- . lm Jr.. Igugrlu- IIJN-mul, Page 35 1 -.. HOW IWW ILUW ROW IWW GROU now IUIW HOW lh IW R1 WN' l ,., ,f l.: CLASS OFFICERS lp-'I In night .lv ii 1'iViiiiiiggli:uiil. svvlvtaiiw Illini-sl Itivltwri. 1'-miii-il: l':it Smith, xivi-pin-si1lvlit: Vic 1 lI'JIN'Ii'Il limi liilllllllv lin--i4Ii-Ill: .lim Sharp, Nf'I1,U'Jllll'Qll'iIl'lIIS, Un I heir Vlfay lflcmy iitember: ot the SL class are prominent not only in school activities oil alma in sports. Ed Alera, assistant business manager ol the Sequoia, :rg a leader in last years track meet, Pat Smith is a majorette. Doi. iitin, class president, vas a member at the C Division basketball team: V if O lfgby is Clio a basketball pleyer. lean Cunningham is the assistant il? r el tlie Sequoia. 7 f'i'zs Bertha Fitzell is chairman et the advisers with a committee cam' ed ol l!lr.s. Dapplmaier, Mr. Bowersox, Mr. Sanderson, and Miss Beaver A it f ' .Q ,W INN I .v i-:lx 1:ilI,ig:I.:m, l:t',IIIliI':uil. Ii:irIm:.i Html, .71-mi flllllllllgllflllt, ll.-tix liwum-Il. HIM 2- Nlnijniii- Htblillsllll, Ilulmi-P, Isnlulli- ltlaivk, lwgpn IP:11g:.m. Itwi'uIl'x' Antn-Ii. ROW 'titjll Alwrsi. Ewrvll Aiiilvrxuui, Wziltvr Ihuinvtt, Hill lim-ii, Ilivk Elini:-s, liill Vlhiii-5 Page 3 7 IHIW HOW ROW HOW ROW HOW ROW HUW ,- L flux N".uu, Iilllllllk' Ulilllllillll, Nlnrllyn XIc'lh'iaI0, 1'l:n':x .l:1m'.vhm11, Hlllll NlIllIlt'lIlillxl'I. Y-Gl'I'1Illlll' Llnltkv. I'1lIIIil'1' l,nt'grv1l. l.nrr:1in4- Im Nlnim-, Ruth Hetmnnlf. Xlslry Nugn, Slum lllltrllinw. AKUIIIIPIII Iluntvr. Imn I.:1ntin, 1,1-uix Nlmlwn, Viv lbglm-sm, llarulrl Nm-hull, 'I'rum:m .lznfyn-r. Huy Ilnnsvn, Max ,lulnuwun -fl'mtif Sllllfltql, Frznwvf Tullnufigf, Bill Wouzivnck. -Iinfiv Svrznfini, Lucille Tuylur, Annie SP1"s!'i11i, ,lim Szzderlunsl, Virginia Spufloni. Diana Y:1rr'nrzymki -lm Smiflx, Erma Wax, Blurlxn TJIILHQF, Anne Susich, Surah Stuart, He-le-rx Pnlitis. Farroll Jmws, -Ijugvrw S:1l1,:vn1, Ruler! Pevrfiia, Tum Quinn, James Sharpe. Page 38 N CLASS OFFICERS Left to right, buck row-Dun Caimpln-ll, presidi-nt: Bl'llCt' .lolmsun, Boys' lmaigiie cozxnzfilz Bnh l'remit-e, vice-president. Front Row-I'0te Carroll, Boys' lkillllle vulllicilg Nulwy Ilaivis, lI'92ISlIl'Pl'Q Nauwy Ilzitini, stiulellt-hotly council: Fultll Miller, se:returi'. Democratic Sophomores Soon to organize itself was the ZH class. lt enjoyed the informal class meetings where presldent Don Campbell presided, assisted by vice-president Bob Prentice, secretary Faith Miller, and treasurer Nancy Davis. Representa- tive of the class to the Student Council was Nancy Batini. Pete Carroll and Bruce Iohnson were Boys' League Council members. The advisers of this class are Miss Clarke, chairman, Mr. Dreyer, Miss McMillan, and Mrs. Smith. The students feel that they suffered a great loss in the accidental death of their fellow-classman lim Iolmstone, who was very popular and outstand- ing in sports. Also prominent in sports were Roderick Rotermund and Frank Massaro. The class is also proud Fidel Caliesch who won the lower division of the Speech Arts Contest. Page 39 HOW NNW IIIIW IHZW IWW IWW IUIW 5 IWW l,f:i1':xim' Slzmw, Xlqxlvn-lla: Hvnxinglml, Namvy I'l1011ux, 'l'!wlml:z Nmllx, Elm lllwoll. Iflqlrmwx UIIMM. ll.-xllivvv I-lwlwy, Sylxizl Szxllrlm-IQ, lvilllwlilll' Snliih, EllIIil't' Sln'..k, Wilma: Willxilmnl, llnyfh- lim Simmcrly. . , . -Mlw I.:ullx'l1. lilpgnhvrtn I'm:n, lhvul S.n1m1h-lx, lillw 51.113 tlgrhx., Hlllllyll xllmullvll. lzlnn-w l':uw -l -:lily NUI I':ls:1lii'h. nvrlx. .lim lin-illy, .lim Smith. liim'lx:1r1l Szlukim, limb l'lvx1tirv, EVIIUNI Num-Q, Wm-lrla-ll Nix lhllh NI.lItvn-1. Xllllj MIHUIIYIN. Nlnly 1l:1m'1l1llu11gLl1. .luyvo Mmm, hlaxlm' Bllllk'l'. Iumnln Nlurl. " 'I':11II1 MlHl'I'. YXUIIIH' XIIIUIIVXIIFIIII, lmlnuw Nllllkm-5. Elilillt' May, Hairy NIc'l":l1'I:ln:l. Ellvily liwwll. .XM -lmm: Blmmn-. R11-sn-ll XI21IlliIl4l'll, l'h:u'lv+ Nelson, liill Ml'l"ill'l2lllll, .luck Ml'l1lll'll. Hill Km-mp, I':mI --"I'm11 Nilw ay, tra. ,ff-VK Il. Frzmk Nlzusanru, Slilllhj' Mntsull, Me-hill KIIIIIIAPII, AVTIIIII' M:1ns:l1,Lli, .I1-Nw AIm'riwnl. ' w VF if Page 40 1 L up Qu 1 4 A Hun lhlu llmx Ibm linux' Hmm lhm RUM' J -11.1 Jw R-1 -an- 3, l l lllml lullrlx Xhlvml Il.: 5- lmn t'l11i5I I X.ntIu:m I"l xxx, N.: -o x ffN I 4 1 - I I 9 nl hmm I lNl'I. NI.n'iv Uvslqu. th-ru-un l"ll'IlllIIL'f, lh-u-115 Ivilmvmn-, .l:lllix'm' lmylv. I-Iwlpn Eanly. HINUII. lfllNN1'l 1 'navy llmix, Iimlmln l'l'2lIIlt'l, Irma lh-nil, .I-vyvv 411- llnmn, lllllil Vlxnlvlm-. '1'-ufrlw, Nlvlh- Ifmzwll. Jawl- Fume-1, lmhn-5 Fm, Vlydv lllllllllllllglr, ml. hunt! lla-mln, Null 1'lIl'II'j', lllvmx Umgn-l', lflllgvlln- l"I:IIll'lX. Urrvn l"nll:-II, Vu! Iluffy. 1-,lx-.umv Sm-YV, Wilnm Wnrrn-ll, Lll1'llt' Wvrlz, Kmllvrilu' Turk, .Vln " 1, -5 Huh--11, S.1r.1 'l'n'lI'orrl,WilLi1:.h'.1ll Wllli.mmm, 'I'P4'llIIIY Tlvtivn, Nlfflflfl Wm-lub, El.l.l1IlN'll1 Wilwwn, lrlf Willa, Nznliln- Wilwn, .hwvv Wxldn-r, Ruth Wmulf, ll:-lun lvllbllllt Klllllflll Hills: 5 Yvlnml Y.Lll4-r1zul1p lim' Sl Imrl, Vauulo-nv Turuvr, Muillm' Yvrkim. Ml'Fll'1lIl Wnlvlf, .lnyu Slvlw, Murlun Wllllanuw. llal Sh'naAl'I, G4-nr1,1v Wundhurpf. limuw Wuln, ynmml Ylulv, Lnring Smmlwmal, l'cWUl8ll'l Smith. .lulm lhxirlu. livuuw- Ym Jr. Page 41 . L, mg, T-un Wadulund. RiLl SNJIUWIII, fm 4 "MH ""' ' f iifsvrtf wusafs v img . 'fzgwywsa' Qfzflzeww-If . V. K, L ' ,. 415. ' kms Huw 'V Ibm Ibm Hun Hun Hum Iiuxx -... f-141111-I l':1limm'h. .I1-:ul l:!Nt'IIl1iLNIl'I, lhltlx Fzxlllmlll. Alsllm-I Fulligzm, .llPX1'E.KI'llXHI. l,m'illv lilzllwy. litllvl l'hlIl'l'll, lx.'.1.n'..1 ilu- ln ' .Xntlnlr fvllilbf. Inga: liznmw, Elxiv .Xn'kvrm:m, Jllllik' AIIJIEISIIII, Sully Ilzlbvuvk, Imuise .xlHlL'I'N1Ill, ,Ioyvc BXIIIIIII l.uuIw l5:LlIlvII, Hil'llill'1l flume, V - l-Izwlmxull HZILUI. liluwrt KIIYI, Xznwy liznini, Kalllwxillu l'li:11':1kif, Xlzlrilyn l'2!I'lxllll-, Virginia lfl'IlllL'I'. .lzwk Ailml, Wzmn- .xIflIil'll, lim! l'zunplwll, lh1TIzu'4lu Iivlmulwlli. V , 4-Iiirlnml Bmw-11, Iwrvl' Mrroll. .Iulm f'Ell'YQ'l', Rulnll liruzil. .Inv Benzunelli, Huh Iivrtuin. -l1!l'II11ll liziggs. Yr-rmnl llilmlvllrzmlx. Ginn Ilzulqlucm-i, t'urlis hues. --'Huh Hilllir. l.:uin:l llixxnn, Helm-n Illjlilllillll. Iivttly Ki-'YClI2llll, lluri, Giffurfl, Visizm llillmun, Rleiv G4lilH'iII, l':1t Him-, Iflulllillzx FI'il'Illl. NI1-rlv lluntm-n. lin-113 Lam. lhrrix Fl'il'l9Ull, Xlaniun Ufllllll, Estlxur liogam, .lunv llamsvn, IN-ggiv Iluuscllultv-r, NI.n1 Ilaullnull, I':u tim-na, lmix ll:1nQex1, fllqirly Klum-ll. 1'li1't'cu'1l Hillinrll, Gm? llnpe. llznzlmru I.:-mix, .Ivan linezlper, R:l1'Im:n':1 lluakim. Milrlrvrl l,ill1Ill11Iln, ,Qll,l.l'5' I,.1l11ul'.':lxlx. Hill Ilulst, HIIIIIUI' IllgQ'U!'UTSt'II. 4--tlvurgv Ilillh. Hill llum, Bruce Jullnsml, Curtis Geitner, lion Gifford, Leslie HUl'S1l1lilI1, Ulimun Ingram, ""1eal1ey llonpes, Henry Jaunes. llmu Rum Rum Hmm lhlw Hmm Km! Ibm Ibm Run 3b1SS of Our Lhool L Y 'F' ,i9'W-Gy" , Ei? M ., ., p . , , 4. I 'fbi :L .x .5 ww 'J ,,G,3,qgN,L 4' 7, 1, w6?ab.i?25 i, Ejffz Yfpingh izzw, ., ' .T.i.'f-3 gn, '-3 i. Q """w04 ' A :,. .vs ' X Q 1 1 X x X fr I Q f ff. R' f A ' 1 rr Q .db , A Il .' J f 'SVR ':- 'e-.dx .NSY xxx ln luirll rumi Mrs. Flllllli lialriilull. Mrs. li. ll. xi01il'l'. Mrs. Roy Alkire, first iic'P-prvsifleilti Mrs. Frerl Tnft. Miss Ellitli Nlm-flvmgn-, Miss ltuliy Pmwll, Mrs. George Winzler, secretziryi Mrs. Szirzili l':nrli-r, Mis. Wairrl Bartlett. Fi-vinitl limi: Mrs, H. 'II 'l't-lforil. st-vunxl tice-presieli-lit: Mrs. llerliert Krzmier, Mrs. Wultvr 'l'l1m'esm1, Mrs. Elmer Alim- llillllsllll, lIl'lIilll'l'l'C Mrs. Georgie llnlmerts. lfrinit mu: Mis. ltului Slizmziliam. iiresirleing Mrs. W. 'l'. Tlllllll0llS, Mrs. l'. .l. Neulv. Parents Plus Teachers Equals Association fhe Parents-Teachers Association of the Senior High has this year risen . the challenge brought by the war. They entertained the boys in uniformg T any members attended the Well Baby clinics, or the first aid, nutrition, or iicine nursing classes. They have Worked on the Red Cross and Community Chest drives, generously donating S25 to the Red Cross. But above all other achievements, is the fulfillment of the pledge made by this group to promote school welfare by bringing into closer relationship the home, the parents, the teachers, and the students. Their attractive prof grams and the variety of topics discussed at their general meetings gradual- ly drew a larger, more interested attendance than before. The Mother Singers made their appearance on November 7, l94l, during a program for Barents' Nightff During the observance of National Education Week, Paul Corbin spoke on the Way to distinguish facts from propoganda when read iii a newspaper. The problems of our teachers were described by Miss Mary Sample of Arcata High School. The P. T. A., led by Mrs, Ruby Shana' han, president, has sponsored the popular dances held after football and aaactfgall games. ln this they were assisted by the Girls' and Boys' Lea- ,u,s. The group also treated the lanuary Seniors to a dinner and dance oi ine 'Big Four" a short time before their graduation, Page 46 vww-1 - -' -- We Present Mr. Patten Mr. Patten, principal ln these war days we expect and demand loyalty on the part of every resident to our flag and our country. ln every state, community, and organ- ization we expect members to be loyal to that unit. lt is important that we are loyal to both the organization to which we be long and to the other members. Loyalty means devoted allegiance to a government, to an organization, to a friend, or to a cause. We expect the students of Eureka Senior High to be loyal to our school, our community, and our country. We are counting on you. A. P. Patten, Principal. Mr. Patten, who took over the duties of principal of the Eureka Senior High School at the opening of the second semester, comes highly recom- mended and is well qualified both by education and experience for his position. Besides, he is enthusiastic about sports, being himself an expert bowler, and a badminton and volleyball player. We welcome you, Mr. Patten. Already your friendly smile of recognition makes us feel not quite too unimportant. We hope that the student body of this school will rise to meet the challenge contained in your message. Page 47 The Board of Education This year the Board of Education was laced with the problem of setting up a defense program in the schools. These men feel keenly their respons- ibility of planning for the safety of the hundreds of school children in this city in case of invasion or an air-raid by the enemy. Members of the Board of Education are Dr. B. M. Marshall, president, I Warren Ayer, secretaryg Dr. I. A. Belfils, Oscar Swanlund, Chris Knudsen: Miss Emma G. Kinman, assistant secretary. Robert Murray replaced E. F. Madsen who moved away. The Faculty A. P. Patten .......,............................ .........................,.......... P rincipal Edith McGeorge ...... .................. V ice-Principal, English Glenn I. Guthrie ...... ........ V ice-Principal, U. S. History Mary AA. Beaver ....... ............................................. C ivics Adolph Bolenbach ...... .................... P rinting Agnes O. Borg ........ I. M. Bowersox ......... Margaret B. Davis ......... Mrs. Sarah F. Carter ......... Cecile Clarke ................... Clarissa M. Donlon ............... Mrs. Mabel G. Dopplrnaier .... I. E. Doren ............................... Charles Ioseph Dreyer ..... Frank A. Fick .................. Bertha M. Fitzell ......... Frederick W. Frye ..... Lena Guidery .......... Harold W. Hunter .......... Pearl Iacobson ................... George M. Iamieson, Ir. ...... . Mrs. Bessie Smith Klepper .....,.... Mrs. Elene Hanson Knighton . Margaret Mary Mathews ........ Martin P. Mathiesen ................. Mrs. Helen Virginia McMahon Marian K. McMillan ................. George A. Morgan ......... Emily V. Poindexter ...... Ruby Powell ................. Earl Roberts ......................... Lczwrence A. Sanderson ...... 'iirinie M. Smith ............ . Llrs. Ruth E. Smith ............ Louis Weichselfelder, Ir. ..... . jay H. Willard ................. Irma Stevens ...,.... Page 48 Consumer Science Librarian English U. S. History World History Biology Woodworking Auto Machine Shop Mechanical Drawing Counseling, Mathematics Mathematics Civics, English Mathematics, English Glee, A Cappella Bookkeeping, Visual Aids Home Economics English Spanish Physical Education French, English Physical Education Chemistry, Physics Spanish Latin, English World History Stenography Typing Foods Band, Orchestra Physical Education Secretary 'E' 'A :kv 'wr' J sv NX! 1 fy 1 N' Q 552 S x '. 5 ,LL- L LXXL K m . , ,. ,N , . M .N 2, X' am 4 x' MW S M A ' NV. . Vx Al, Nik? ' Q , . M x 31'- yf + .. A A ,lv , , Q, as if QI' K Y 9' ..1 ft -:N sg nv fi . X 4. .4 6 .1 X fi ami M 3 :V E - M5 Q ggf5'f?i X Q N. Q ' 'WQLM X SP' We ll Participate Because of the variety of programs pre 'rm sented by chairman Mary Harriet Tracy, the monthly Student Body meetings met welcome response this year. A demonstration of their Work by the local Sea Scouts, films concern ing safe driving and U. S. Coast Guard, ct beautiful Christmas program, and a "Student Slng" were some of the programs enjoyed. Correspondence was read by Secretary Bonnie Lee Green. Most memorable was the telegram of thanks from a former student, Don lim Walsh, president. Durdan, in reply to' our congratulations and good Wishes sent to him just before he played in the Rose Bowl for O. S. C. Another standing committee appointed by President lim Walsh is the Estimating Committee composed of Lawrence Saunderson, chairman, lack Bolger, lune Georgeson, lim Morrow and Bill Walsh. Miss Minnie Smith is the adviser. The budget for the entire school year is submitted and ac- cepted by this important committee. The Bally Committee headed by Bill Eriksen has fulfilled its duty by providing the students with many peppy rallies this year. Student Body Officers Left to right-E11 billing. lrensiirerz .lim Ilezisiiiuii, sergeant-ut-urnis: Jim Walsh, president: Gerald tml-icu, buys' :ith li-tic Illirllilgtfll Zvkv Sziulitlt-rsoli, lll'0-Dl'k'Slfi9lllQ Bonnie L00 Green, secretanryg Put Early, girls' athletic lllilllil"Cl Page 50 Student Body Council Seated in liawk-Iiinniie Lev Gruvn, St'l'I't'l2lI'l'I Zulu Mau-iv llill, itll: Nmu-5' ltntini, 2ll: Bliss Smith. :ulriser Bll'llllllSll, ili, sn-vuml M'lllt'hlt'l'Q Mr. ltorcn, :uliisvrq l'1-try lN'l2lIlt'X, -ll,, first hl'IlltfSll'l'. Sealed ill front- Ernest llicksuli, KL: Zola' Sznlnilvrsuil, tier'-lirvsillellt: .lim Walsh, llll'slllt'IllI Hd llillillg, ll George Winxler, 4 ll. ' ur Executives A typically representative body is the Student Council which meets every Monday noon to transact the main business oi the Student Body. Composed oi the Student Body president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and a representative from each oi the six classes in school it makes up and passes on the annual budget, it sets the price of the Student Body tickets and admission to all games, and it passes on the athletic program for the year. Any revisions to the constitution must be passed on by the council be- lore being presented to the Student Body. The minutes ot all these council meetings are read by the secretary at the regular meetings oi the Student Body and in this way every member of the school is made aware of what business is being transacted. Since the school paper is under the supervision of the Student Body, all cuts for the Redwood Bark have to be requisitioned by the council. Miss Minnie M. Smith and Mr. lohn E. Doren, faculty members, are the ' Page Sl L Mary llf I just Women This year brought many problems for the Girls' League, The cabinet meetings had to be rearranged, because of the two lunch periods created in December. lt was decided that those cabinet members who had first lunch would meet with the president Alice Caltoft on Fridays, and those having second lunch, with the vice-president Virginia Coeur on Tuesday. Later when the one lunch period was reinstated, all were very much relieved. Alice Caltoft, president A community spirit has prevailed at the Girls' League meetings this year Everyone seemed interested in the business and many lively discussion periods were held. The programs helped to provide interest by their variety Mabel Campbell was program chairman for the first semester, and Ruth Metcalf for the second semester. ln March there was a spring fashion shov with a number of the girls modeling attractive clothes. Barbara Hutchin? chairman of the decoration committee, and her committee arranged the flowers on the table at the League meetings, and also the decorations ana the corsages presented at the teas. A beautifully impressive yet simple ceremony in honor of Mr. Glenn was enacted at the first meeting following his death. :git Kli t'ult1iI'l, musimlviitg Sully lluxilvs, st-1-i'z-tain: Ibm-iiiaiiy 3Il'I.ElllLLlllill, cniwsiuiiinliiig svvivtziiig Luis rg Eulzi uvvillrllltj, se-liimilt-:itfzilmsg Yiigginin l'm-ur, ilu--1il'esi4le11t. Page 52 In luzwtt, Ivti In Ilgllll l..i Xvllv Xlnilvi, in-ii, Xmlii NI.4Mmil. l'lIlLI1' Nliiln-N -1-ul FUN, wi-tiiitl st-im--It-I: ll.iiImi.i lluivhiiis, iI4fmi.iii--iv. Ibis:-ni.iii Il.iit. Imsnliiiiil. fir.: sn-im-sl:-i, llimithx .Xilli-1, Nl.iilI5ii l4'.ilIt, lllllltttlll In limit ltuth Xli-wilt, uiuginlu, svvuliil si-itil-sim. .le-.mmf H.iIvx, -nunls-li Nuttall 1 1 4 . s , ni I I iliitil l,i-i- X4-lsiiii, suiixliliu-3 llwmiin- lm- lim-ii, puttin' i--l.ilimix tNui Iintgnlul.i. Ile-il llnss, tins! si-lin-su-i, XI.iilm1n' S.iiiisrllv, h.iwiiin'nl, wmiut 1.4-ing:--mi, tmsliimliix, Lniimhvll, giiiiimiili, tllsl sv-aiu'-ti-I, lam Il. .liiliiisiuh gimlviv, ttr-I ss-im-stvi'J. The Daffodil Tea, given by the Social Committee of the Girls' League on March 19, was a colorful affair at which all new and sophomore girls were entertained. The Sunshine Committee was prompt to communicate with those girls who were out of school for more than two days. This group held a Christ- mas drive that received a large response. A tea for the Seniors was held in May with the Hospitality Committee acting as hostesses. Under the supervision of Senorita Mathews and lune Georgeson, chairman, they also served at the banquets held after each athletic season. A new committee, Public Relations, created "paper week" and gathered over IOUO pounds of old magazines and newspapers. They assisted th-9 Business and Professional Womens Club in their rummage sale, the pro reeds of which helped equip an ambulance. For continuing its splendid monthly programs at the County School for the Tuberculous, the Hospital Committee received a sincere letter of app-re ciation from Mrs. McGinley, teacher at the school, on ticliall of the paiserits Other committees are the Decoration, Basement, Program, lied Cross Garden, Uniform, and Pep. Page 53 shmxii Nm si-liivstn'i' I --, N. N. llllr :iii -mul .krflis lll.l THEY W0 T0 GH FIGHT The Boys' League meets on the third Wednesday ot every month in the Senior High School auditorium during the same period that the Girls' League meets in tho lunior High audie torium. Their entertainment consisted chiefly ot instructive Bob Bell president- motion pictures and speeches. Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Patten, and ' Duane Waln were among several speakers who talked to the boys. This year the Boys' League won the annual P. T. A. membership drive and they also cooperated with the Girls League in putting on the after-game dances which the P. T. A. sponsored. These popular dances were held iron. nine to twelve in the lunior High gyms. Left to right-Bill Milldr, sbcretarfg lfob Bell, president: Brett Melendy, vide-Uresidentg Sidney llzmsen, trcasui-ur. Page 54 S., :Lu-L mu ,li-in 1'-vlims, -lllg IH-tv 4':u-roll, ill: Hill Rlillr-r, St'l'lt'lJll'XI Bri-It M4-It-mly, tice-presitln-lit. lfimir run-Frvnl 'l'utlt:i, Jil.: lflzul Slllllllxlbllfll, -ll.: Sidney llntiseii, ti'e:nelll'el': fliffonl llzmseii. prugrnin 1-tmirn shllllllllllillltll llvll, IlIt'5llll'Ill. Painting the trash containers stationed at various points around the school was another project which was undertaken by the Boys' League. President Bob Bell has also appointed a basement committee to take charge of the boys' basement between classes. Iames Moore is the chairman, Pete Carroll is in charge of a bicycle committee, and Silas Hess was ape pointed as head of the School Service Committee. The membership of this organization includes every boy and mate teacher in this school. Mr. Glenn Guthrie and Mr. Earl Roberts are the advisers. Page 55 lune Georgeson, editor. , A 'l ,,.,,...,-W -t Spinas, business manager. This Sequoia ls aide By Us Hitt-M The staff has Worked for a year trying to give you an an nual that will mean something to you in later years. Your business manager has Worried about how the book could financed, and he and your editor have tried to cut down expenses. At first it was feared that rising prices and priorities would make it impossible to print your annual, but little by little that difficulty has been overcome, and now you hold in your hands this Sequoia of l942. We hope you will enjoy it in the days to come. lvl! In ui-'hi furlllill lim-rg, lny-mn Q-flitur: Sully limxlvs, twist: Ed .KInr:1. zmistznnt lrllsinvss nlanlzigl-15 lfxnitli Nlilll ,vi 4.3 ' rg , gaelgr - ' ny fmt wlllillllflllll Mmlnxx. qassisizilll zulu-iiising Xulirilfmi xxrito-lip wlilrl hm fllllllllgllllll 1 If nl ull! I lNn Ipfl In Itiltlil--lZ.iitw Idiliii. ICI Iiiitt. Mr, linluiilyaiclt, lit-:mtv Pllllllh, .Iulm 0strut'I'. tNut sliuxiii-Merle Currier, Lju- Innnir l':is.nlir-ln, lililgit-iw S:irget1t.t Printed For You This book is in part a student project. All the students' written work was done during school time and members of the staffs received credits for this project. The teachers who assisted were Miss McGeorge, Miss Fitzell, Miss Borg, Mr. Bolenbach, and Mr. Doren. The editorial staff, composed of lune Georgeson, lean Cunningham, Ralph Berg, Faith Miller, and Sally Bowles. designed the book, arranged and identified the pictures, and wrote the articles. Curt Spinas, business manager for the Sequoia, and lim Smith secured the ads which helped finance the book. The boys contacted Eureka business men after school and during vacations. Ed Alora, assistant business manager, was in charge of the sale of tickets and circulation. ln former years all the printing was done in the Eureka High School print shop. This year, however, owing to the fact that there were not enough experienced linotype operators, a commercial firm did the linotype work. Mr. Bolenbachs boys assembled the cuts, pictures, and write-ups, and did the press work. These boys, the Sequoia staff, and other students it this book pleases the boys and girls of Eureka High. The production staff in the print shop were the following boys: Press- in the school folded the pages. work, Merle Corder and lohn Ostroff, assistants, George Philp, Ed Bott, and L. Pasalichg Make-up, Merle Corder, Ed Bott, and Burke Falor. Although the staffs had many long hours of work, they will feel repaid Page 57 Sl.llIlllll,.l lY:'3,1:v i':lv. Sully liumls, Flairilixi Fulk, tilzlmlis Rulverts, Cliaiilutte Grcciini, l.uc'ilo lizlxis. lizlxu l'l1i'iftviN-li. llill l+i2'ilM-li, llllslllvw nizlllslgvl. Sawilvml, lmvlt l'lIIll'll'f 'l'llIllk'l', Hull lfilguw, Xlvl ll4llPlllbIlll, Ilzirulfl NIll'lIllI, liulm f'Jll'lSUll, ellilorg G+'ox'ge' Wilwlvl. Scam-il, fruiilg Fmiik Griilzii, Holi Hill. zlssistanit t-rliturg Htl billing. Read It And Enjoy lt Jld you try working those cross-word puzzles? Did you "let oil steam" in the new column "Open Valve?" Oi course you turned first to the gossip culump to find out who Mary went with to the show. high school life, and the Ukidsl' all seized their papers eagerly as they were All in all, our weekly publication gave to the world a cross section of our delivered every Friday lalrnostl just before school was dismissed. Bolo Carlson, editor Bill Eriksen, business manager. Li-fi to riirlit- liixgwiin- Sairgt-tit. Iizli-lm Ifaileir, Gvu:'ge l'liilps, Walt Glierii, Ilzirulrl Fiiiikliii, Gmiii Slwanr, lil Iiitt Nh lhilm-iilanrli, .Iulili llstrotf. rXnt slinim-l"i'e4l Tutksi, Holi Kvsler, Sami Neicist Hard Work Makes The "Bark" This weekly publication is a newspaper of, by, and for the students of Eureka High School. The staff elected for the current year is as follows: Bob Carlson, editors in-chief, Bob Hill, assistant editor, Bill Eriksen. business manager, and David Swanlund, assistant business manager. Miss McGeorge is adviser for the Bark and Mr. Roberts is the advertisino adviser. Charles Turner, prominent member of the staff, received honorable mens tion from the Quill and Scroll for an editorial entitled "A Democratic Hand- shake for our Neighbors to the South." Assisting the business manager in collecting subscriptions and soliciting ads was Mary lvancich in the first semester, and Lucille Davis in the second semester. There was considerable business training in connection with this activity. ln the print shop the production staff, guided by the printing instructor Mr. Bolenbach, set up the copy on the linotype and ran the paper through the press. The Bark was delivered to the subscribers by the staff members of the sixth period. Editor Bob Carlson ran a first-page column entitled "Here 'n There" all year, and the sports column was taken care of by Ed Dilling, Frank Gruhn, and Harrold Narron. An original cross-word puzzle proved to be a popular feature in the second semester. Page 59 ' , .-mf-,fame 1.41 -mu w.m1w.L..,.w ' ' 1 F! .., V, , 4 Mfg. wmnnn.. ,X Q C Q S N . 9 X," Q I 5 x ,PW f Q 3 Q Li, I i lit? rem-'flI:uv Suzmlllml, Ilun 1'JlIIll!lll'll, Vziliin I'nlslv5. l'liil lIvl.mig. H4-nlgv Winllr-r. .lQ'i'mm- Snzilusnli mtl rim-.lvrry t'ulii:1s, .Xrl l5I'll'l'll'X, .luvlw liulizvr, Gvlie Tlllllllils, llzirulll Nvlillll. it ruw-l,luyrl Gzn'clnur, llrmmt Ilivksiui, Ray Siwvt, Roh Tlinm-wit, Nurnmn Smmssn One ot the most active organizations in Eureka High is the Hi-Y. This group originated such projects as the shoeshine, the studentftaculty luncheon, and the horseshoes tournament. Keeping scores ot the football games on the stadium scoreboard was another project that was appreciated by the student body this year. Mr. Hunter is the adviser ot this club. uards Up goes Old Glory Because of the present emergency a new organization, the Eureka High School Emergency Guard, has been tormed under the direction of Mr. George lamieson, a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve. The duties of these Guards are to assist the faculty during air raids and dispersion drills, raise and ldwer th'e flags of th'e schoblsi, and regulate traffic during noohtin'fe'. Page 62 ltiwk I'1lllfHltIlll'lIt' lfzillt, Mr. SilI1llt'I'N1lll, liomiiv Lon- Gl'1'l'll. Mr. .Inliiim-mil, Nlllllhlll Sxizuisoii. lkiiulil Xairrnii, tt.'o.igr Wilizln-r. l'I1ii'4l ruin Wzxllzirt' Kllintt, ltnln 'l'Iiiuin-viii, l'I.lliv Itivlnuil. Wlillim' l'IJlH'lIlf'l. I'o'ii'y llt'ltlIlt'X, flttllvlllj' .Xtllt'i'. Sn-vniifl ron Iii-iiiivv 't't-ltmtl, Nzzllvy Ilznis, Iiwliii Itviiy, Yisln l':zim.mi. .Xlivv tkiliufi, H1115 Xlvliilovli. l':iiol lmv X4-lsoii, Mari llsniiit-I 'I'i:u'i, .I1':iiim- lti.iIi.iiii. I-Ilziiliv lt:-itilvi. Ifiinil nm Nu-Iliv Xlziv Itii-tt-on, Fiissulgi Kinialwn, ltust-in:iiy Xlrlunigliliii, Harold Charters Memorial Chapter of The Jr. Statesmen A new club was started during the past year, largely through the efforts cl lames Bragliotta, who attended the Montezuma Mountain School for Boy., last summer, Tliis, the lunior Statesmen club, was organized into a chapter soon after ffiinos returned. Two weeks after the first meeting, an executive board was oloctod. Since the late Harold Charters, co-founder of the Iunior Statesmen cliia, was ci Eureka f-ligh alumnus who rose to an important post in the or- ganization, tlie club decided to adopt the name 'lf-larold Charters' Memorial. ' Projects of the club included distribution of handbills at football games, ,1 safety pester contest, in wliicli Fidel Caliesli and George Baker won prizes, 4' School Spirit poll, a regional convention of liigli school students, anil . :ndies of city government. Aiiiong the speakers at meetings were Mr. Wilson Carter and Mr. Tliomp fogi, Iunior Chamber of Commerce officials, Professor lf. A. Rogers of Monte Zuma School, founder of the organization, Mayor Simmonds and ludgo Runner of the city government. Officers for the second semester were George Winzler, president, Perry Delaney, vice-president, Rosemary McLaughlin, secretary, Wallace Cray- croft, treasurer, Charles Turner, parliamentarian, Ernest Dickson, sergeant- at-arms, Blanche Falk, senator, Carol Lee Nelson and Harold Narron, as- semblymen. Mr. lamieson and Mr. Sanderson are advisers. Page 63 H " " - ' 2 ' V. , sa .X '. .U Q H ig 1 I Q W ,sf as il a y Af an ' B g g Sweet And Low-U IIH XI il I.:iiig4-I, Ifiitziu Xliillin-sg UI:-ii-. I'I:iy I':iiIi-5, Nlzirgiili-I Imiimzilig l'I:iliiit'I: I'iit Gu-i-ii. Itolniit 'I'iiivl1-will I ii Juni- I'.iiIii-I. Nlnxiiiv Slilpfi-I: l"ll'Ill'lI Iiiirli: Imixi- Ifrnsl, Itulivrt IIiII3 'l'ilinipi'I: limi Itziglm-5, .I:it'It I ltr, 'I'mliiIuiin- Itiiiiii- .fum-N, Ilztili IHJIIII 'I'inip.nii: I-1:1141-iii' RliIl'lxlllIIIIQ Ifiist tiiilili. liziiliiiizi Ihvyil, II Itli- thi-i'i.iii, .llilliro-nt Ilxlimii. ltiiizittzi I,1-skills-ti, Gliniii NI:itIn-N, Ili-mga' Mini, ,tiliiiv AIIIIIIIX, .Ii-:iiiiiv I t 1 Si-viuiil iiiilini' I-Itlivl l'Iiurt'Ii, I-Ilsio tlmiii-iii, l'I:iii4'i- Il:ltt'tls, Ke-liiivtli .Ii-lim-xi, Aiulri-3 I.:iiiiuiv:illx, .lim , .lim-if Xiwni, k:itIi1-flnv ttllltnisiiiij Xlnln: Siu' I.vY:ilI1-5, XI:iitLim't Nloili-3 IR-Ilii' Vlillliill lfltuailii Stliiig I'.it I,i-Y,iIIi-5, I'1iiI.i Wi-sfln-ig. Our band encouraged the students by its appearance at the games dur ing the football season and participated in most of the rallies and the home basketball games. On April I7 the band gave a formal concert. This nation at war provided other opportunities for the band. lt partici- pated in the defense bond sales parade in April and also made a trip to Samoa to entertain the soldiers and sailors stationed there. Our orchestra, too, showed itself to be capable of doing its part. lt be gan the season by playing for the opening day of the Teachers' Institute in October, and formed the nucleus for the North Coast Section of the Music liducators' Orchestra comprised of players from the various high schools participating in the Institute. The orchestra gave a formal concert on lanuary 20 in conjunction with the Girls' Glee, and during the spring seniester performed for the lunior High School student body. Our colorful Baton Corps provided additional interest to the football and basketball games by appearing with the band, and also made a fine show' ing in the defense bond parade. Audrey Waters, twice winner of the first prize in baton twirling at Field Day, has proved herself capable of with- standing all competition, Mr. Louis Weicliselfelder fr, is director of our Band, Orchestra and Eaton Corps , Page 65 Front row: Exelyn Hurry, Hill Wnmlcock, Jezui Cumiinghuni. Sl'i'4lllll run: llzlxvl l'Il1luL'rg, Let' Ihlwt, Yilllxl Blumsoni. Third rms: Cum! Lou Nm-lawn, Hel Almai, vllllilllil Spnrinrli. l1'oui'tl1 1'ms:Snlh' Iizzlnviwk, llxiwlsi Nelson, Irucile lmvis. Fifth ww: Jinu- llzxssaiuaiy, Dun Gifford, l'zxt l'Iau'ly. Sixth rim: Ihiw-Il Gustur'-mi, lizxylc Tllllllllllls, Kim-luzuml l'otI'm-y, 'l'ruxzn Wehh, Gull .Inlmsun, l':zt llllwll, Kvnm-tli Ihmtv-1, Ilvlcn Allllt' Nt-zilv. Iroxwll Ilzuiflsml. Svwntli rms' Eli l'o!'l'r11:11l, NlA1l',ihl'ie' Krug, Tum flllmvllll, Rusulin- lk1!YllllIlUl'l, .li-rry l'li:1p1u-Ile, lirigithl lrvskilil-ll. Vlznylmx u'll!'t'l1'l'. Fl'tlIll'0m Rmui, Gi-rzalrl l'llllI't'lllll, Eighth nm AlIII'llXll Wlmnm-ll, Tum l'll:lppi'll1', I,:1 Yvrh' Morley. Ninth rim, Elaine Hcitllvr, Huh llainnzxh, " ur Father Which Art ln Heaven" One ol the most prominent musical organizations in Eureka High School is the A Cappella Choir, a group oi thirty-eight voices under the direction oi Miss Pearl lacobson. Miss Iacobson also directs the Boys' and Girls Glee Clubs. The Choir was honored when they were asked to sing at the funeral and memorial services ot Mr. Ioseph T. Glenn, our late principal. A program was given by them for the Navy men at the Eureka Navvl Base. Alter they sang "Beautiful Savior", "l'losanna", "l Want to be Ready , "America My Own", "Sunrise on Easter Morning", and "God Bless America , the men joined them in a sing ot familiar songs, The annual Christmas Carol Candlelight Service again thrilled tn- audience as beautiful tableaus arranged by Miss Ruby Powell furnished the background for the harmonious singing of the Choir. Among other occasions where the Choir sang this year were the Thanksf Page 66 friviiig llay Community Service, the Chamber ol Commerce Christina ff rum, the ljaster Sunrise Service, and both graduation exercses. Since there is no period in the school program in which the group can lilflffllffi they meet during the noon hour, Any vacancies in the Choir are lilled by mernberss ol the second choir which assembles every Friday at noon They Helped To Uphold The t lorzile of Our Armed Forces lfliszsa Pearl lacobson is the talented director ol all vocal music ol Eurcls 1 llicili School. Under liffr d rcction the girls' glee presented a formal concert on la:iuar" ill in c:airiiiirii,fiiggri with the orchestra, and during the Christmas season san r at the lfureka lnn lor the Rotary Club luncheon. Both the girls' and boys' glee appeared in a program given for the mem bers ol our armed lorces stationed in Eureka and Samoa. On May 22 both glees appeared in a spring concert in conjunction with the A Cappella choir, also under the direction of Miss lacobson. The annual Music Festival held at Arcata was cancelled this year be Pause the rationing ol tires hindered the school buses from bringing students in from outlying districts. However, a local festival was arranged to be held in May. Music awards were given in lanuary to Minnie Tatka, Bill Bagley, and Milton Ball. This book went to press before the Iune awards were given. Ii'It im twil Il.s1'ix. tin' XXli1'1'l4'i, .lvily 1illJIllll1'lll', Toni llllilllllvlltt, Iluii Wmuls, li'l l'ofi'iii:iii. I iiil :mi Xiilim l"I,lm'l, Xliltitii Ihll, llill iiiipliq, tiny ll.m41'li, Nlulvin ltutiiiismi, liiili ll.iiiii:iIi. N i'il 11.1 :mi I. v-i' lim .lu'miisi-li, Hill Slwllx, lriiiig Nlilnu-, Miss ilillhlllbilll, Wulvvr Hvlilivtl, limi tiitfuril, Hlilhr Glvllivs lust :im Hill Hurst, ,I,inws ll.m:nii, 491-i.iI1I l'ui'ii1'u, Jim Smifh, .lim Miiriim, liulr S4it't'n-ll. -Q.. llmx llmx llmx lhm llml llrm Ilmx lim llmx llmx .Xml Inna.: Ilmon. Aull- ,lnlm-mn. XliIlIlXll tmlwxm. lizllluvrilw l'lnzu-zllxih. lln-nn Fncur, Xlznilln l.lIIILll'I, llmix Hmm ' - Nlilllpllx Nun, l'IllllIlIl Iulxnlv MK-lvl. Klum lI.ul1n'I lIIIl'5. Xlmvv luxm, Nl.xlx Nllllvrlllx. l'L'23L5' ll4nlw'l1ul4lvl llvxl-rlx I-lxln-llx' lllvilll 1-1 nm, lgglm linux-X. lllllllllll' l.1- Nlmm-, xllglllllil llllll'llIllN, lllx llrllx, l,IllIIlll Nl.nllx:4, ll.u5 llllll'lllIIN, Nmllm Wvlrll, lizlxlmlw Nlmnw ,lnxuv Ihmul. Klan' lxlulmx. Ilmn-111.113 Xlvlglllpglulill. t'l.uiu' Ihyulll. llnm ln-mln. llulll Xls'ls'a1lI'. Klux Ilulvn lvllvlll, Sully llzllrwwk. lvl lh"ll11'll:1lnp. l'.ll l"I.llu'lIh. l'll5lI1N -ll'lIIlIIIg1x lmmrllp Skwug, l,:l Xvllv Xlvllll-3. .llIlIl' ilxlwuxaxy. Nlillllwl lfuxlm-I, Nlzuy Nmgn. .Ivy lllIlLL!'l. Nlnmn llnllmlux, Yllpfllllil llll4'llI, lnrllwll Stull. l'l'Illlt'l'N llllwlll, X:lllt'l l!.nlilll, llululin- l'll:1r,llliN, f'HlINlJIllK'4' Illmwllll, llmlx hlllmul. Lam! Im: Nvlm. . 1 1 In XI: lln lmlllnp. NIJ: un ie- Sum nm Willxillx wlw, I'vl'iIi:x .lluellu-xxx, ICI:lim- ll:nml4-lin. Aliw .lm-ulfwll, Iluwl-ln.113 liurl, mul: lun llullx l'lll till. . . I l Nl . llllum llilllvll. lin-In I.:nu-qlxlvl, lhnivln Xlillvx. Nlmims Ihmnnnx-4-ll, Kzlvlwliln- 'I'mL, Lmy lllll lim-ull lh'vI4'l14'. liywm, .lulxrv Wllll:-r. l Illxmv .I:u'wlrNul1, lllmly WiI4lf'lm:m. llurlu lllllllllllll, llumlluy Ilinxnmu-, Nlzxliull lknwpau. NI.ulrIv llnm-lvlw 'I'l1l-Ill: Xu ull, Klan mn 4-mlm. l Iutlu-rlxuv I..nlllllrn-my lutlu-I lllmllunx, Ilvln- luzulp. l'.lI lunlly, l.lll'IlA' llillli. l'lllll4'Ill .lllllllll llux lIu4'l1Ilml ll lumix .Xll,mlN, Page 68 We Iwft to l'il.1lIl-'AllllI'l'X xvt'lllll-Jlllit' Ilurris: .launvs lllatyglim-tt:iAXIr. ll:n-rin: l.uiwI:i Itmlgvrs- Mrs. 'l'ntIlv: liill CIWIITIIII - llr, Wmul, Si Ili-ss -l'llIIll'I' 'l'uIlIi-3 .lamvl Aggi-lvl'--HI'I'in-1 Xa-Ilia' Maw lhivksmu----Milly Lou: lhilauial l'v:u'rv - Xll-riyn Ihiln-Its: Maury Gilllimn--l'1-lilly Wmnls: Guy K1-itll--l'I1urk Ilzlrris: l4::l'li:1l':i Ilmlgv-fSliirli-y Wvlitiimtll: liclamrl Xlllllllllll-RIILIUI' Vain Vlvvk: Tom lluinll--R:ilpli w'1'l1llUPI'Ill. "june Mad" At 8 p. m., May 23, 1941, the curtains in the Iunior High auditorium parted on the 3-act play "lune Mad". The amusing plot was woven around Penny Wood and the boy next door, Chucl: Harris. Penny's Uncle Mervyn, fivc-1 years older that she, brought home from college a senior, Roger Van Vleck, who had a way with women. Penny forgot to be a man-hater and conceni irated on her fascination for Roger. Upon discovering that he was doubles- crossing Mervyn by trying to steal his girl, Penny was restored to her senses and, incidentally, to Chuck. The cast for this hilarious play consisted of the following: Penny Wood- Mary Gilmore, Chuck Harris'-Guy Keith, Mrs, TuttleeLoneta Rodgers, Di. Wood-Bill Cochran, Effie-Ianet Aggeler, Milly Lou-Nellie Mae Dickson, lflervyn Roberts-1 Roland Pearce, Roger Van Vleck-fLeland Maudlin, Mr. Harris Iames Braghetta, Ralph Wentworth--,Tom Quinn, Shirley Wentworth Barbara Hodge, lulie I-larrisf Audrey Wendt. The play was sponsored by the 41. class. The senior orchestra, under the direction of Louis Weichselfelder Ir. furnished the music. Fay Thomas under-studied for Penny Wood and assisted Miss Ruby Powell in directing this play. Page 69 Camera Club Q 7 .vll In ri lit Im-I4-It .Xl11lvism1, lun-slilvlit, Inst s:i1l1'sZ.',: MXITIII flIiIllI1'I. wl'l'I'l'lIlIXf liulf llanrls, I1v:xsl1lel', sm-vnml we im-stvr' ltwx l'1'lir1'n tim-lux' illvlll lull I inn lu Volt QI: " in , 4, ., - N , N N' 'N ' I r t IUC. lltfilslllvl, YIINI Nt'lll4'slt'l', ll.l'wlll02ll, Nt't'ItIlll Nl'IIll's- 11: .Iunv limi-gr-alll. The night meetings held at Miss Fitzells house were the high points ol he year. There the club printed, developed, enlarged, and experimented. Vhey even tried printing Christmas cards. The club has been planning a iarlc room on the school campus instead oi using Miss Fitzells home. g.. , . ,. .. Luk mu -Lulu lwligiis. I-Ill Iulilw-in, Xlvl .llIlll'lNUll, ltlvll Nlvlvluly, Wslllzm' Xlillallllilll. Sm-colin l num--XII: Ssuulvmni, l'l1:urliv Kilmer, IH-Iii' lll'lIlll1'l, Hutt Hill, .lim Nlnmm, Xlr. lfivk. Iwmlt I-In W,:Il.wv t'r.x5rrut'l. liill l'lI!'Nlllll, Imli Slwltuii, .lnmvs I51':l,gll1'It:i. lY:lll:l4'1' lflllifull. Excalibur Excalibur ollicers ttirst semester? were "Bo" McMillan, president, Mel Anderson, secretary, l-lugh Kelly, treasurer, Mr. Sanderson adviser, isecond semesterl lim Morrow, president, Mel Anderson, vice-president, Sid Gilmore, secretary, Bill Walsh, treasurer, Mr. Fick, adviser, This club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, has held a dance on the last Friday of each semester and the members have policed the stadium dur- ing games. Eureka High Students Won Crowns For Us wr, '- The winning bookplate ' Books were given as prizes to the following winners in our annual Bool: Week contests: Wallace Craycroft, lower division, and Nellie MaelDickson, upper division, for the best essays, Barbara Hutchins for her drawing of a book plate: Fidel Caliesch for the best book mark. The judges named Mary Harriet Tracy, upper division, and Fidel Ca- liesch, lower division, as the best speakers in the annual Speech Arts con- fest held annually in this school. The names of these students will be en- graved on the Library Cup. Among more than 6000 posters submitted, Vemon Dahl's won third prize of S4 in the annual international poster contest sponsored by the La- tham Foundation for the Promotion of Humane Education. - Iames Braghetta with his stirring speech on Peter Lassen won top place in the first two steps of the annual speech contest conducted by the Native Sons. He will compete later in San Francisco with other winners from North- em California. I In the zone elimination test for the annual Lions Club speech contest, the first two places were won by Fortuna boys and Lola Beasley received a bronze medal for third place. Page 71 Boxes of Good Cheer Serving ot the Dcffiodil Tea Page 72 5 V Our nfztlorml FIUHIOIII V lor Victory Drmce! Page 73 . . ,,, ., . 'J if 'QM-..4,,gs mi-Q53 1, W :wrt nan mn - 4. T, 'ln :f' .. m , -f 1 ,, .x 53,-fn ,. 9172.4 :iff 4'l:'gtw h .ff - ar+1wFr.K.- -f.,L slfsu .1 :jf2,,1ax:.'Lf- ' W .hy , - 4 - ,ff 52 x ,lf-ff' ', 1.4 wi. ,, W ,H , ,W . Jw' at V ,. . 11-Vi. z Q . 3 1 IN J J, X n ' fy, li A ' rx ? K Tea 5' . nXg,,W. , , .W A ...Q fit-'f.. -,g r 5 M '1 2 ff 'ffm fx? yi 1, ,. f7L'f,4,,,ju K in T fiifni-1' . 1 , Q., 9 ' x v u. l Football Zeke Saunclcrson, co-captain. YHLL LE.XlDl-IRS-.III11 Marx-lm, Alulrel llilllllllwll, Jenn Lewis, Pant Early. Pclqe 76 Coach Icy Willard We Cheered Them On ln spite ot an inexperienced team and many injuries, the 1941 grid season will be marked down in the Red and Green history as a very successful one. With only one veteran returning, Coach Willard had the problem ol building a new team from a rec- ord turnout ol grid prospects. He worked the squad overtime every night to make up for the lack of experience. Iohnny Maurer and l'Zeke" Saunderson were elected co-captains for the Loggers. At- ter starting the season at end, Iohnny was switched to hallback where he proved him- self a hard charging, rugged back. "Zeke injured his knee early in the season and saw little action. At the annual banquet held after the sea son was over, "Wavy" Cavenaugh was elect ed captain for next year. w Lillvllllf 'I'In' li.nrli!'ivIil- .lulm Nl:illl1'l. light : ' 1:"3 "u 1' 4- linlt lull Im liiitltl llllllllllx lim XI 11 11111 111 1 livll, Ivfl lusilf l1:u'l1t. 'l'fii- l.ilu'--Sill llilliiun-, right mul: Fzrl I'nlwlt-X, right lawklrq "W:ixl-5" 4111111111111 111111 1,11 .lim ll'.1l,,i, lvtl 1gii.inl1 lfluynl l't'll'l's, li'I'I t:u'ltlt': llsnulil Nitll' Page 77 Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. 26 Eureka 3 Eureka lU Eureka 17 Eureka 24 Eureka 31 Eureka 8 Eureka l l Eureka 20 Eureka Alumni Westwood Fort Bragg San Rafael Klamath Medford Ferndale Arcata San Iose Thi Top ruwfSid Gilnmre, Tom Iizirllett, .lnliu 1I2Illl'9l', Jim Walsh, "W:m-y" flil!'llI'llIgll Imlm Rztdicll. . 1 v Polslvy, Bill Vv2llSll, Bu Msmilillull. Secmid I'4lW+Ed Bott, Iinlr Rell, Gene Ilitty, Ilairulal l5Hl'lIl'llIiIll, Ginn B2IIIlllll'l'l, lim Hansen. rrl ruwfliill Clllllllllgllilfll, Earl Snwlkmicll, "Wimly" .Kl'IlINTl'0ll1l, Einur liuttoni I'0W-FUllCll vvillilfll, George Brazil, Frank Mzissnru, "Xt-ke" Sniniiilvw , boys: Archie Berger, Bob Pine. The following boys Won their letters in football: "Zeke" Saunderson, Iohn Maurer, Cal Polsley, Bob Bell, Darrell Cavenaugh, Earl Smolkovich, Floyd Peters, Roy Hansen, Tom Bartlett, George Winzler, Mark Melendy, lim Walsh, Iohn Radich, Sid Gilmore, Frank Massero, Bill Walsh, and Harold Narron. A striking feature of the game with Klamath Falls was the fifty-two passes attempted by our team throughout the evening. The largest number ever attempted before did not exceed thirty-two. The last game on Thanksgiving day with San lose gave a promising: preview of what next years team will do. Beautiful interference almost lets Bell through Page 78 f1lI'lwl'll, l':ll X I ll Water xii" 'Q Q l 'H 'J' ' "nf '-Q 'PQ 1 'ff' ' ,st . Q0 - W 9 4-rs' tivnlgl- lllnflvn, llltll l'l1',lllt'l'A Ibm: ,lllI.alsml, Xl.n:lt Xln-In-llxly, lirl K:nluul.u. ll.uulll Nilllllll, Roll licl'l:ail1, Wally t-Xllll,nn, 1.1:-lm Il.lll. lu' llgluln. l'.ull llums, Ihllu llhlllllllllll, Illlsl:-ll llvln iri Ilulf Il,lmum. lllll Xllllvl. liul lull lllznnlv, Sul lllllslt. llvulgv llzulis. lllI'llX l"m4l, l,lll4l4l l':1l:lsilli, Htl mimi. ,Inn Swlluvlulml. Il.llwl:I Xl-ls-nl. Ilwn Slluulqllisl, Nlult Xlnlllll-X.-lu ,lulm ll-lmllr lfl-ml I'l-ll-ns, .lun .Iltlllnslmu-, l,n-mx Ilnlxin, llill llmu, .luv Xln-wi, .lim llilvy. lll'lll't' .ltrllllSOIl, Imfl Nunlltlllu. I.llI hm-n. Wall lllwm, W.lll'llmt- llvlln-ul llllllwrt. .tmlx liluulsl-nl Ilnll l"1vn'1ll.lll.l'll:llI4-s lfu-1-nlznl. llulzmtl 'll1lI!Ilil'll.I,lvlllillll Willils, l Ilutl-llmlml, lul mlllvnl, l,u:my Stmmlllml, Ilull lltllis. .lnllll Slmw, IX letter was awarded in rnernory ot lun lohnstane who was accidentally killed when cleaning luss gun a tew llour-:z alter lte had played in the Fern dale game, and anatller letter ta the uteutary at Bill Cunntngltam who was cut lar tlle :season because ol an injury received ln the Alumni game and wlta later collapsed in a basketball game in Ferndale and passed away a lew minutes later. Ray' Teaml Page 79 -L Coach Mooneyham and some of his boys lntramural Baseball provided the big chance for the first early season practice, and found a large number of fellows on lntramural teams. Cap- tains of the teams were hard hitters Bill Prentice, Iohn Badich, Frank Cerny, Bill Wahlund, Frank Hale, and Carl Del Grande. After stiff competition among the teams, the contest boiled down to the Badich, Prentice, and Cerny teams. These three teams headed for the field to battle for the championship, which the Prentice team won. ln lnterscholastic baseball the strong-hitting Loggers won the C. l. F. League Championship. The team didn't lose a gamefa record! Charley Beauchamp starred in the first game of the season With Fortuna, by holding her to one run, While the Eureka team bagged l7 runs. The biggest thrill came when the Loggers' bats collected lU runs to Win over Arcata. Both teams played good ball and showed their spirit with several spectacular plays. -Geivrgv llIrlLll, Don 'l':lyliii'. Wzzllzlvv Blillallllilll. llzilulil X:irrin. Full llvl fil'1lll!lE. .lulm Rilllll'll. f'll2ll'll'3' auchamp. 'fllick Svutt, Holm BH-'llll1lll, Huh l'l'1-llliw, Dun liziytull. Iivri SL'llI'l. l qid Gllllltll? .lim Walsh, Ilzirrull fliltilllilllglll, Bill llllt-Nlllll, llulr livll, Scores 19 Eureka l 7 .............., Eureka lU ...... Eureka lU .,..... ...... Eureka 5 ...... Eureka 8 ...... Eureka 8 ..... ..... 4 ...... Eureka Page 80 41 . Fortuna Arcata Ferndale .. Fortuna Hoopa Ferndale Arcata Strong Hitters A sharp grourider The game with Ferndale was a close one up to the sixth inning, then the thundering bats of the Loggers came in to action and drove across 7 run: Kbdnmhthegame. ' lnthe Fonuna game Bob Bdlsaved me day brthe Loggem when he drove across a screaming double. Hoopa ahnoa downedthe Loggemsbutthelng bah:olFYank Cerny and Bnlprennce swung nno achon,hehjng kJscoreE3runs Chadey Beauchannb held the l-loopa team to 6 runs, 4 ot which were unearned. Tholastganuzidayed aganun Armna underthe amrlghm onthe nknw ollAay lU,secured KN Eurekclthe C,l.ff chanujonshul Senkxs BHlPWen hoo Frank Cerny,F?ank Pkne,lohn Badkir Bob Brennan,Cfhadey Beau- champ, Bill Wahlund, Don Taylor, and Dick Scott played their last game to: llureka that night, The game was a l-l tie from the seventh to the twelfth inninggthen the Loggerssnaged a tounrun raHy in the lust hah cn the Ott the bagl twelfth when Beauchamp, Del Grande, and Prentice scored to make the :core 4-l. Page Bl Uur Winners Good recovery, Crissolo: Del Norte, Fortuna, and Eureka teams gathered in Eureka on May lU ot last year for the tennis semi-tinals, and Ferndale and Arcata played at Ferndale. ln Eureka, Del Norte won boys' singles, Fortuna took boys' doubles and mixed doubles, and Eureka captured girlsfsingles and girls' doubles. Ferndale won all the games from Arcata, but was unable to meet the Eureka team on either ot the two dates set, therefore their team de- faulted to Eureka which was acknowledged C. l. F. champions in girls' singles and girls' doubles. Del Norte had only one entry in boys' singles, Mitchell, who was a brilliant player, and won from Ferndale, 6-4, and 6-l. Iohn Stowe and Helen Ann Neale, mixed doubles, lost to Fortuna. Their last set was a deuce game every other play, an exciting game. Our championship team was Crissola Knudsen in girls' singles and Gayle Timmons and Maxine Tott in girls' doubles. Others who competed were Bob Carlson in boys' singles, Helen Ann Neale and Iohn Stowe in mixed doubles, and Vernon Cousins and lames Braghetta in boys' doubles. Frmit ruwfGz1yle Tllllllllilli. llI'lr-Nkilil Klllllltitlfl Maxine Toft, Helen Anne Neale. Buck mu' ---Hub 1':u'ls1u1, .Iulm Stowe, James Brzaglxetta, Vernon Cousins. in r r - n a1 - w'1e'!v.w .-imuu1.I 1941 Track Records Eureka came to the top in the 1941 C. l. F. track meet, winning both the Heavyweight and Lightweight divisions. The final score for the Heavy- weight division was Eureka 48M, Arcata 26, Ferndale 24M, Fortuna 23, and Del Norte l. In the Lightweight division it was Eureka 45, Fortuna 39M, Ferndale SM, and Arcata 3. The complete summary of events and the winning times or distances are as follows: Heavyweights 880-Stevens CED, Contrell CAD, Hill CED. Time: 2.8:l. 4 100-Narron CED, Early CFD, Prentice CED and Piersall CAD. Time: l0:7. 120 high hurdles-Maurer CED, Iones CAD, Nelson CED and Radich CED. Time: l7:4. U 440-Hill CED, Connick CFoD, Bartow CFoD, and Ferrando CDND. Time: 55:2 220-Narron CED, Early CFD, Piersall CAD, and Rhodes CFoD. Time: 23:8. 200 low hurdles-Mela CFoD, Radich CED, Vincent CFoD, Maurer CED. Time: 2419. ' Mile-Frey CFD, Dayton CED, Stevens CED, Winkler CFD. Time: 5:l.4. Shot-Prentice CED, Parker CFD, Briggs CFD, Sawyer CFoD, Distance: 44 feet 8 inches. Broad jump-Piersall CAD, Early CFD, Narron CED, Eisner CFoD. Distance 20 feet 3M inches. ' High jump-Iones CAD, McCutcheon CAD, Bartow CFoD, tie for 4th Clausen CFD, and McMillan CED. Height: 5 feet 6 inches. Pole Vault: Tie for first-Mela ,CFoD and Iones CAD, Simmons CFoD, tie for fourth, Massaro CED and Swanback CED. Height: ll feet. Relay-Ferndale CLorenzo, Parker, Frey, EarlyD, Fortuna, Arcata. Time: l:39.2. ' ' Lightweights 100-Morrow CED, O'Brien CFoD, Heinrici CED, Haley CFoD. Time: ll:2. l20 low hurdles-Irwin CFoD, Haley CFoD, Liscom CAD, Shelton CED. Time: 16.5. - 440-Heinrici CED, Dygert CED, Robinson CED, Wigton CFoD. Time: 57.6. 220--Tie for first, Morrow CED, and O'Brien CFoD, McCall CFoD, Timmons CAD. Time: 24.7. Shot-Wigton CFoD, Saunderson CED, Pullen CFD, Carrico CED. Distance: 48 feet SM inches. Broad jump-Windbigler CFoD, lrwin CFoD, tie for third, Haley CFoD, and Hcinrici CED. Distance: 18 feet l inch. High jump-Windbigler CFoD, tie for second, Boynton CFD and Hill CED. Iensen CFD. Height: 5 feet SM3 inches. Pole Vault-Spinas CED, tie for second, Lovedahl CED and Abbott CED, Lucas CFoD. Height: 9 feet 9 inches. Relay-Eureka CHeinrici, Dygert, Alora, MorrowD, Fortuna, Arcata. Time: 48.3. Page 83 E is ott goes up-and over! Prospective Warmerdams lnterest in track in l94l ran high, and the C.l.F.hA9SlNNGS one otthe bem anended ol those held tor several years The C relay team, composed of l-leinrlci, Dvgert, Alora, and Morrow, broke the old record ot 507 seconds,1nade in 1940, and seta new one of488 seconds Then per lonnance wassunoodtand dean,and H was their Winning points that gave Eureka the C dvEwntMe Morrow, Eureka, and O'Brlen ot Fortuna lnnshedin a dead heatto setcu new record ol 24.7 seconds. Sweetpea up in the air .v-Itolvert .lawkuticlg Bill Itlrfllillun, George Winxler, ,luhn Raulicll. I rmvAl'Id Flellllllll, Allen llill, Glvllll Swamlmck, Furl Nelson, Fx rmv-Lowell Iiznirlsun, ll:u'oI4I Nzlrroll. 4 ,, ,, lr MJ Page 84 lim-k ww-Ulzairr llygt-rt, llustt-il lleinriri, l'urt Slninais, Rliltun lmulailil Svvuml ww--l',4l Alum, lllll Rlilllllillll, .lim Murruw, .lurk Ahlmll. lfrnnl ruwwvliuli llill, lmn Shelton, Gerald Curricu. 9 1' A Q? .. ,H z 4 lt looks easy but-- The high scorers were Narron for the A divisipji with a' total of twelve points, two lirsts and a third, and Morrow for the division with two firsts. The C division pole vault record was raised 12 inches, to 9 feet 9 inches, when Curt Spinas cleared the bar set at that height. Abbot and Lovedahl hed km second phuce. - Stevens, of Eureka, ran in both the 880 and the mile, winning the 880 and placing third in the mile. But a new C. l. Ffuruling prohibits the run- ning of the 880 and the mile by one competitor, and, if the ruling is upheld, Ferndale will win second place with 26M points. Page 85 "Marty" Mathiesen Six Footer Takes Charge The boys' gym classes of Eureka High have grown to a major importance this year under the direction of dual coaches, lay Willard and "Marty" Mathieson. This veritable giant "Marty", who is six feet seven inches, has devoted most of his time to the interest of the boys as a whole. While he coached intra-class sports, lay coached inter- school sports. First aid was taught once a Week, a whole gym period being set aside for that purpose. lntra-mural sports include touch football, basket ball, "hunch basket ball", baseball, track, tennis, horse shoes, boxing, table tennis, and handball. Calisthenics were given at certain intervals for body developing. The kids bore in Page 86 ,,, If Hrfxiy If 11111, Almrngzt T00 lfavv H mlm" I l Ihllullwp. Ihvly lu--lvl Ifvwll' Xln uw, ilu! Nlulrm. llmulfi Nwllwvru. Sn lnrlv, llnlf Ilnll, HAH, n4's- XluXI1lI,m. Ium I uxllvll. Iwlu Imxhm, 41 v-:: lg- Iwnfll Nxvvllng Nllllnlu I.-umhi. li 1'1v ngu- NIIVIPI III lllvlv-x, Il' Wu-XI1NI.m. Hlzxhf Ilvrllrlvl Ima Xllvlvwu, XML XIv'!v'll:Ix. ICI Xluln. Ilanwll I 'mlm ILM. I-wx II,m :--.. .Iam Xhlxlu, I ul n-'IL-muh: Ill! XMI--H, Zwlw 'imnl-'lx-nn lulm Xlmwn Y .su . """s..gii llzlvtt mn -l'umt'l1 Will:irtl, 11101111 llzill, Vit' 4l'ltwl1y, Klmu tlunles, Z1-tw Sailuttlelsuii. Mvrlt- lmggett. 1- lfmnt mu-f.Izi1'k Wintvrk, .lim Smith, ,lim Xlnrrow, l'11rt Spinzis. Hula llill, Bolt lvilflhltll, The Lightweights The Eureka High lightweight basketball team tied with Ferndale lor the C. 1. F. championship this season. The lights proved themselves to be one ot the greatest little teams in the history ot the Redwoods by winning seven out ot their nine-game schedule. Curt Spinas and lim Morrow, graduating seniors, were two ot the outstanding forwards in the league. Bob Hill was the smallest center and one ot the best passers in the league. Guards Elmo Gomes and Bob Carlson were good passers and both strong defensive players. Graduating seniors are "Zeke" Saunderson, lim Morrow, Curt Spinas, lim Smith, Bob Carlson, and lack Winters. The boys left to play on the light weight squad next year are Elmo Gomes, Bob Hill, and Merle Doggett. Glenn Hall is being transferred to the heavyweight team. Lettermen for the lights are lim Morrow, Curt Spinas, Glenn Hall, Bob Hill, 'Zeke' Saunderson, lim Smith, Bob Carlson, and Elmo Gomes. One ot the best games was the one against Arcata. By winning both games with Ferndale, the last step was accomplished in tying for the C. 1. F. championship. Spinas in for a shot lan. lan. tcm, Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb, lan. 9, 1942 Eureka 70 Del Norte ll 1942 Eureka Fortuna 1942 Eureka South Fo 1942 Eureka Ferndale 1942 Eureka Arcata 1942 Eureka Ferndale 1942 Eureka Fortuna 1942 Eureka Hoopa 29 49 39 rk 13 34 19 23 22 23 22 32 44 31 16 1111 11134 1111 'HZ 'MX 'MM IM! 'MX 'MZ ,l. 1-Y11 4.5 11.-1' 1 1 lf 1 ZH 121 1: lil ,31111l1 l lf ld l"1 ,l'l ll, , H, Ar K11 W1 l'1-1 V11 W1 ly' 7 Sis Wi an X Q ll, 111 '11 U "zQ'7f. M K 1' 1.1. - - mm.. 1.11 fll t W! H1151 1-11 IL111 I1111N1111, IP1111 I1.1xI1111, l',111I l!1l111N. W.1ll.11'v Xl.11'NI1ll,111, 111111 lY1ll1,1111- 11 N1l l1l1111 I 111 l 1l111 ,4 1 A' I ' " 111111 1 111111. 11,1111 11,11111.1x.-11. 1:..1, l.1lI. 13.111 11.111, 11111 ,111111-ml., 11.1111 111111 111 N Allllf1ll'lll 1'l11'.111:1 111111111:1l llOCIVY odds tl11:: ::c111sao11, the lfuroko H1ql1 111m 1111111 llv11v1f1:: w1'111'1 f1l1lO to w11'1 lOl1Y Olll ol CT pomrslblo 111110 oc'1111e:2. 1701111111 l.:-lone ll1f- l.1111111v1 111111 by C1 dolool ol one 11111110 ooc'l1 were Hoopo, Dol Norlfv, 111111 Sfblllll Fork. 'l'l1c11'o wma o spl1t Vvllll Arcolo ol one win, one loxc llf lfv111fl'1l1v 111111 lOl'lllllFI 011111 won lwo CICxIlIlC'!I l1o111 use tlus yeon Noxl ','f?11l w1ll ,zoo l1lf1C'llf'CIllY IT wl1olo lllill :st1111q of voleron players lllQ1f'1Jlll" lllllfl? ,1f'lllOI5l Gln? 1 M1111 ul ll11.' ,z-r111:o11:: l11d luck lo1 ll1e H1111 c1o111 11 out 1 w x 111d CYQIKGCII boys 111c1y be 111l1111r:ci lu 1111- 11111 111111 only two VC'lPlTIIl ployorsz worm loll on the 1061111 LT ll1f- 111-111111111111 ol 1110 ,11f1111'11'l111 liolf Boll, wl1o 1111:1 278' 3 11lc1y111c,1 llllllllltlw lo l11f: Crodlt wors 11::11C1lly l1 1 Jllll lllllll lfll ll11,- l, ll in faq1111d l.1'llr'11111:11 5111 1l11- lle11'1v1u:: 1110 Bob Boll, HKIIIKY W1ll111111:so1'1, l5o11 IDLIYUJI W11ll111'1- l!l111'l!l1ll1111, H1-11 Sf'lllll, 4311111110 H1'c1x1l, Mol AIldt'?l:lLDll, 1111d lf111'l C110 11ll1,' l!l11f'l!l1llf111 l1 111-11111111 KIXNIIV lIlC7lll ll111vk11 11111lc111c1 0110 loss: wood 11l1,1x 1 1 1 ll1f- lll il "11111f1 11f11-fl 'IN A 11-11,11- 1111111111111 Page 89 Dayton takes the rebound Timerout Page 90 D Scores Oct. Oct. Nov Nov C Scores Oct. Oct Nov Nov 24, 1941 28, 1941 4, 1941 7, 1941 24, 1941 28, 1941 4, 1941 7, 1941 "C" Basketball Team 1511111 111 11111 N111111, 15111 l.1'I1.111.11111. 111111 111111111 I111 1 1111 1111-11 11111111-1 . 11 . 11 .'1'1'11 11 '1. . S 111 1 ll 11 X111 11111 11 1 11111 11111 I,14.111111, 111111 l.:1111111. 111111 N1 111111 1-111111 11111 .1111 511111 1111 11 111 X 1' . I '111 1' ' ::gLg111'. . 111 IN11 J1111111f 11'1111'I1 l11Il1, 151 11111 11111 11 ll 111 Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka '1'111'1I 1fI1'lli'1. .I.11'I1 l11'1'111-11. l'1.:11-I1 11 111111111 Fortuna Arcata Fortuna Arcata Fortuna Arcata Fortuna Arcata "D" Basketball Team 11.111 11111 11111 M1111-ug, 1111111- .111111-N, .11111 lllll. 11111111 11111-11.1111 X11111,11.111, 411111 l11111.11, 11.1111-I1 1111111-1, 1111 11111 II, - 111111 ,11111 1111111-1. 1N111 111111111AlK111' 1,111.1 Dfw no Q1 Girls ith Yells. Because so many girls went home on the busses and could not stay for the alter-school sports, an amendment was made to the constitution giving awards to the twenty-five girls who had the greatest total of points during the school year. Points are given for being on a team that takes first or second place within the class or the school, for being a sports manager, and for being captain of a team. The girls' athletic manager, Pat Early, has the responsibility of keeping up-to-date a filing system for the points earned by each girl. Since this book went to press before these winners were announced, we cannot give the names of those qualifying for their big Es. ln volleyball, Lois Bradley's third period team defeated the Winning teams of the other periods in a hotly contested series of games. Members of her team were Lois Bradley, captain, Marjorie Nellist, Iris Merrill, Mar- garet Souza, Lois Thomas, Marilyn McBride, lean Haley, Agnes Wilson. Beverly Callaghan, and Virginia Hutchins. Will it go over? H-'ww--mm L1 , y? An infield ball? First Aid victim Page 93 vu A high one-and she got it! Not so good Speedball is a tough, hot game. lt is somewhat similar to fieldball, but it is a combination of basketball and soccer. An adept player can raise c ball to herself and can then play it as an aerial ball. Some girls excel in the kicking end of the game and prefer to drop 'a caught ball to the ground and play it as a ground ball. But softball! Some girls excel all the way arounclg they can bat a ball almost as far as the boys and catch swift balls. Others of us try very hard, but we just don't know how to do it. We have only enough power to hit the ball to pitcher's box and are consistently put out at first. Page 95 Pingfpong and hockey show a great contrast, or so some people think. but to play pingfpong requires as much knowledge ot the game and as much skill as hockey. Since there was no attervschool hockey, everyone turned out enthusias tically during the periods just to get banged up and to see sticks fly, so it seemed to Miss McMillan, who called a tree hit time after time for "sticks", Several new pingfpong tables were made by Mr. Doren's woodwork chop, and new equipment was purchased in order to give more girls a chance to play. ln the past more girls have wished to play than there was equipment tor. The new tables have folding legs, and are collapsible anul mire easily cared tor, No :clicks here' For outdoor enloyrrient l Page 94 A , v, R , 'ls , 2 A-lmv.wAmw,4'wumr w wmwvm impnnwmwwavzfiwmawwmn. ,. il 'H M x 5 x Axkiuvf jg, P' ff T' 'R L Yi 'n 1 41 -N , Q. Xuan: -mm. S, x 11 .Jug K N ff3L?1 EZ' K 4, QQNLQRT. 1 W rx 1 I 4 'B .. F x ' M, X 1 1 - ' . ' an A-P' ,' M, ' B I .Tr I MX x , , 'X " rg". fi-sf v s -, . A A N . is-35 'W Ei. ' 4 f ' .A - s K, 3 ' 3? JN ,Q 4 N -an W ' K f X M Ei X N by-A ' 4 I KA J as or-4' M, ...Q ' ' D 'L Q. 1-Qs a: f fa w K R ,W www' Q 3 N . 4? f - -- X LF' Q P . 1 Jv1.cM Li,i?f:?-l?x,k.4.,.1 . ' k .ff :hnv 742, :inf vwa' '. ' ,,.fy.2aL,iQ.- .W A A-fF"E5LW'v'f: ldfl-:V":f Sf W Mg kmkx Mf 1 j,,,,, I ji i+ F ' ,K Ncfffef wx fi K A I mir NL xi KM' ggi- Wt, gif: sf J llow flow How How Row l--Boy' What cl tussfslel Pretty ne-ot huh, fellows? Whos your triend, Gerry? Points Good! A :lice cosy group, no? A breod line. She has Q new one now. Good prctctice, Two hoods ore better thon one. Whats up? A noon hour brdwl ACKNOWLEDGMENTS A farewell note from another Sequoia staff. Before we say good-bye, we wish to thank all those who cooperated with us in producing this book. Our advertisers, in this last section, are the ones who have given us much financial help. We greatly appreciate this and we hope that they will continue to find it profitable to advertise in our coming issues. Many school groups generously gave to our fund. Among these are the Senior classes of Ianuary and Iune, and the Student Body. To Mr. Doren, who was always ready to take pictures on a minute's no- tice, we wish to cay "Thank-you". Most of the photographs in this book., excepting the Seniors, were taken by him. We want the boys in the print shop, and especially Mr. Bolenbach, to know how we appreciate their interest and desire to have a good Sequoia this year. Patronize Our Advertisers Pg 101 WE WELCOME YOU AS A DEPOSITOR THE BANK of EUREKA Commercial and Savings Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ThirdandES E k Clf P 102 DALY BROS. Humb0Idt's Own Store For 47 Years I2 Dalys Have Attended Eureka High THEREFORE WE KNOW ALL ABOUT WWI-IAT THE HIGH SCHOOL HOY OR GIRL NEEDS TO WEAR. We're IOO per cent For You EUREKA HIGH THE BON BONIERE Lunch Fountain Candy and Ice Cream A PLACE TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS 433 F Street Ph 475 Pg 103 J. c. PENNEY COMPANY I-Iumboldt's Friendly Department Store F'f h d G Street Eurek C l'f BAKER 81 CRGSBY Hardware, Paints, Housewares, Aladdin Lamps and supplies, Sporting Goods, Electrical Appliances C er 5 th 85 G Stree Telephone 130 POST OFFICE MARKET Groceries, Produce, De icatessen FREE DELIVERY Ph 224 86243 H 509 H Str Eureka Co-Operative Dairies QUAUTY oauw PRooUcTs S h nd D Street Ph 418 Pg 104 Golden Crest Ice Cream Company A. B. Counsil H. B. Counsil J. R. Counsil 315 6th Street Phone 368 Mathews Music 81 Stationery House "Your Musical Headquarters" VICTOR - BLUEBIRD -DECCA RECORDS 423F STREET PHONE 565 EUREKA, CALIF, RUSS MARKETS, INC. Quality Meats ONE MILE SOUTH OF EUREKA ON REDWOOD HIGHWAY Phone 442 Eureka, California THE EUREKA BOWL Present Student Body Card and Bowl for Half Price 'BETWEEN H and I ON FOURTH Pg 105 CGMPLIMENTS Cf a Friendly Institution The BAHK of AMERICA Eureka Branches so UEARS of SERDICE Serving Humboldt's Needs in Hardware and Sporting Goods BUHNEYS Order Flowers and Corsages from SMITH Eureka's Florist Frank Smith ARTHUR Joi-1NsoN's H umboldt's "Leading Clothiersn V ' FUR YOUNG MEN Fifth SL F Street Eureka, Californi All Picturee of Graduates MADE BY Seely Art Studio S26 G Street Phone 148 Eureka, Calif. . . 'AZ' ' S 'li S lvl l l m Qifif-I: ,a5::ff'1'i.1521gs:si1:' ' f' 1 R lDilliazr.s JEWELER llillllm ml Q A I A i Ten Windows ': . E Aiiivzzvzl -WE 'W29 .2533 X I On Comer of fl ','2 , l S ,,,: : ",:' F5 .ihi giffffifffi5IEf5f1Q5.,,i.r"I55::flf':S Third 85 F SL f 'iii -IIQ r - Page 107 Eureka, Californi Danielson C9 Peiersen FINE QUALITY Men's Wear and Shoes F nh and F Srreer Eureka, C If W. P. Fuller 81 Company DEALERS IN Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers Glass, Wallpaper 5 F f h S reet Eureka, C If SUCCESS to the GRADUATES FROM The Standard Furniture Co. RAE BRYAN H. R. BARTLETT Fifth and H Streets Ritchie Woods Drugs PREseR1PT1oNs THE REXALL STORE P 108 F E D E R A L Quality Apparel For Men 81 Women REMEMBER "It's Easier To Pay The Federal Way"' Home Electric Company ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS 412 Fifth Street Phone 190 L.A. POLAND WM. MADSEN Res. Phone 844 Res. Phone 1246-,I VERNE JoHNsoN Gen. Electric Home Appliances, Zenith Radios and Tire-Re-Treading 525 E Street .. .. ..,.- PHONE 301 Eureka, California HORNBRGOICS Buster Brown Shoe Store Buster Brown Shoes AIR STEP SHOES ROBLEE SHOES 617 5 th Street Eureka, Calif. Pg 109 Cloney's Drug Stores Red Cross Pharmacy 427 F Street Phones 360-361 Sixth 81 F Street Drug Store S37 F Street Phone 18 HOME FURNITURE Lanes Cedar Chests Krohler Living Room Sets GUY LIBERA 325 F S E k C lf AUTGGRAPHS .V I f 1'f,VL.,1.S:1., ' 4., -'V' 1 L ' I 1' 1 ,wil '-:mr M," 'z,.ful" 'Ya -I u, 1 ,,v , E - f , - A ,ip ',,:,1.,- Q' 1 . TV.. 4 U lf, H' ye . . 5,- . 1 '-,."'L":f , . vw" " x 5, ,HW , f , - 'fm-:ia "nl 4 L' iwut., Y 4f52'5k5f'. , 1 i W w 1. a,.,v-'ywlcnfrsr vn,ummM:Lf.z-w.1a1dr,fff'1w " ,. 'f .f r :ww ww.--' Qu 24-xv,--1'a.-m1m:1'xf-rmsmmukmz'-xwm 3 E 4 x Y i 1 1 ,1 i 3 1 S T I . l 1 I 5 1 v B

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Eureka High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Eureka, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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