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f a-ef 1:7 512 3 .3, 5- ' ., '-r.: - if -MQ- ':- 'i'.Z'2'6:s ,Q A41 M- W 4- --.2 , N. , A 1 xvq, '+FLEf,:'f' ' ',, - W'-'-'Jr V -sf' " LQMA-0-'05 X N.: V ,E-'jr W 4: gr Q- 11:45 gg, Y , ,Z . 'I ,Z - -3- --V -. , . ' '+--f-.a?,,g,. .. ,sglgj-E 5 5 , ,.,f-,--- . ' .Y-F-fit K if 3. i :E ,M f u X , f 1 ,317 ,-nl K A' 7 " w- 4 gr o' 'L 8 'FG ff' f'1"iF?I1 - T: -QL f A- v-Q -Y ., gg-Zeer,-gag V4 '- ' V Q,f:L.zL:g-gif ' l' 11515 b Q ' 7' .qr fa r- - ,- 1 1, X A 'slr ui., - 'f' EP-151 , , "rl, 'frlffifiia ilfiixfifvz 13"- Qiili, it ff -5 'yy fmt . f 14 554A . 17 135: '. Y '-- K ?'2: -,: ' , Ajfffil 'zvrv'g', ."rQ MAA, H+. -' aw ww s 4. MU cp 'Munn " . , I 2 1 v fi --ww,-wr, um. Aff.f.,,,.nm,,,.-wrmf...1..,-.fn-,. ' V 4 , 'fi C, 3,1 .311 i . The Sequoia IQ4I The Eureka High School Year Book, Volume Thirty-seven, Published by the Eureka High School Student Body Composed and Printed by the Eureka High School Printing Department Q Eureka, California Humboldt County Heart of the Giant Redwoods 1-.. ww ww, -W, W , V , iq :Mm-wmuwmmwgmmrw, Time Marches On It is the year 1999. As you skim through a dusty book, a familiar face catches your eye-Why, its' yourself-This must be a Sequoia-Yes, it is-1941-and there is a picture of your best friend. The years slip backward and you live again your high school days, all because you have saved your yearbook. And that is what the Sequoia Staff has tried to do-make this book a clear memory of 1941 that will last through the years. lahc groves were God's first temples. - Bryant IN MEMORIAM Craig Nelson Class of June IQ4I mmm mow am ,MN aw. maxim QSWXQM -XXALRA MM 4, M. Qu xv mug avxaxgmxmmixw M wx.,xW Aww M films. mf Wim Max. A 5 'aww mm xm ig mi KMAJAXL xt ' Q . on Qxiwklknkmmm. ' QM. ' Q. em ' u fw . .... .. .... . ...... . .. 0. u www umm us U va ' ,hum in ' mms L on wa . ,Quan lwfguelse. va umm madman? a n ' on om sm om. 'AL 1 ww ' . csljmwinam wwmwh ' lnwt W. ' KA. . .. .L Miss Bertha Fitzell 1. 1 i f x M Z 1 if 2 ,"' 1' X 'Uwe ff f' 4 9' -fs' ,fu '04 1J Ns -1' 'el .. L ,fha . 1 , , f 'P,,5"'i 'ff .gif -' ' . H v,' ., n' ws' '- -f n. . v ,. v. , Y ' "'!X"' . ' .-'i iff if 'I . " A K, u Q.. Rpipf ' I , 1- ' SP "' ' Iiff rw. qw ., my 5 V .. y - 4 wif" f '-'fklrfjfxik' ' . k 5. A 0 r x nf in ,Nxt ,iiaxi '-.Ep 11,-A 1,fi'Q-1s y,g',a ' f 5 KA' 12-"u.Bg V .r lg q fi, iff!! 'xr ,344 Y L., . I H ,, 1'1- vyfiqtgt g-- J-..w,x..,A V .J ff-59 "H f "fn ff' 70 f'f'kfim,f3:i v.:-, ' A,,g,.f3i,g-U, X, ,fl Ola' , !'V,. ' ,'v 4 ,Via ,., fr H :..-,-.- at jf: sits? .V 4 Q,na FP24- t 1' 7 . 4 A., ,R 4 f fx ff, V 37. . " -V 1, 1 'I' in ,mf J' ,WL 1 f3,r P155 V' 'f1"9. J f'7JJl 12 , fl: .' x ' fan ge' , f" . hi-Msg A, .C .,va.u-, ,144 I' was 5' K rj 3-If . 4' 5 , 5' , ,',Jm,.X , :"1 5.3" ' 5...f,,4,. -J 9 fQ'i"ly. " nv' ,Q ' 93' "' -.y 'iv ' .A fb , . Y Y. ., M I A , 3 ff, ,1 ,,z.. 38 '. K , l? ' 'v if' , 'K .rj "1-'fy s . . H J, 250' .f:",-avi' f P qv L 'v ,l no-. C' . ", .'..-,Q 4 .x'2" V ' wr N . v . x 5-X i A . fl K ' 1 A 36 5 Q L iw FSL A E 4 ji f. A . X I- f.ff4,,g ' . f W . A1 ' 7 ig? . ,Q f 5 3 W ' J" itil q ' ' rd n 9 2 ,A ' I EL ,se-L M ,K-i..,. x ,Q if . 'X 'fd' , Tm Y' , -gf-I 1 1 . Il' El ' K ,f ' 4 E MX M 1 M K 6 Q.. ,ff if f . ,Q i f . A ., ' H. ' -- sf , ' -ff, wQ- "-'47 file - '1ff'g.f4 5 T .f . c is X .N ' l 1. V 2 K, -L: k ' ff! 1 xii: X gif' . ' V fi ' M . pf . P. . t I Y!! . N H 5? 4. L. . Y ff W X . J f Sv ' X I 'A 15 h ' 1 V 1 -Q. ' ,Q ., S , lx K x K :A 1 P X . f I, ,, fe ' H 5, . ,T is .,. .en 5 . S' , 'f ' ,A M . . K X 5 i' j i 1 . xxx 4' 'Z " fi :fl si ' fx " , ,. :- V' Q Q' ' ' S 3 e 1 I ' ' k ff V 45. Q.. NS, M I X as ' 3 L fl K A xl W1 ' N f aj Vg K Q17 1 XL M K X A , if xx . if Vk.. , fE1 ',ff,A 'y gi -Q 'LQQTQ' fem- UIQ" w X 1 , 1 i 11, : 1, .Rf ug? ff . r tif. V I 'sk X Mf,vlN Q 2 YI' ,Ak J I 1 Xl' Q , - Q w sf - 1 - ,, ,G E ,, , . L A, A f , A .N wt, ,Af . w.. A ,. , ff .w.4 -I , X, , .. X I X A 1 y k V M 35 A I r Q i lg 1 ' E 5 kk X ,ffl gc. iQ ,ff . ' 1 ,943 ,, ff 1' ix I ' rg, ! , ' .S ,I ey? V -x n 9 .7 - K, lx K A . lik ', Q K who - ,yy , K Q, 4 - iiihz tiu g Q if 'X gl : K - 5 1 :, . V V. x ' - , 5 "rj, .-.' . x x Ai: I . mt I ' M f 4 .. , x S Q , Q 5' . Nh Y 1 EXIT? 3 X .3 V Ni:,,j'X,, NJJ lm I. - ...Ji ' E sw: sn ,,-J W X N., I N ., 1 Q M ki K 'wiv f ' ' ,Q ,' X N Ay ., vs., 5 ,r ff 'Uv ,Q-5,1 jf- . . . ,LQ M., id i irj i M ni milf W ,SJ is Q .gk -Y 1 b .,- , M Q no ., hh S y ' .S 4 g ig 4-xxx t V, f r, M.. K- if ' K ,iw 44 15: ' E? ' ,Q I " ,fu A iff 'J' 'P ff, gif Egg A L .,fx..- rg, r A1 , f A' fi!-AFM . . , r an 8 A - V-'Af . 1' 4N ie r. "3 Et WMM.. "Let Music Swell" Recording on the machine and broadcasting our school program from "Or- chestra Hall" are outstanding activities in the new building, which was crmplet- ed in january 1940. The accomodations thus afforded greatly aid the instru- mtntal work carried on in our school. XVith its large rehearsal room, prae ic: rooms, and instrument storage room, the building ranks among th: best in the country. Realistic History Having twelve "Slave Killers" ofthe two-legged ty pe Qmore than any olhgi public collectionj is the boast of the llureka Museum of Humboldt Count.: which is housed on the ll. H. S. campus. lts founder is Georg, li. Albe: and it caretaker, Miss Cecile Clarke. Among its collections are mounted birds, eggs shells, guns and revolvers, lndian artifacts, and relies of hist.'rj,'. .mn-i 1. n A.- W sw,- l School Detective? YVith the turn of the dial our office secretary Miss Stevens, can now lislen in and talk to any of the classes in the six rooms in the Manual Arts building. Our new public address system or the Talkophone with its master s1ation locat- cd in the Senior High office, makes this possible. This new system is a great convenience and time saver. lVhat's Cooking? Modern is what we can now call our cafeteria, for it was remodeled during the summer of 1940. The color scheme of cream and tan is carried throughout the gwo main dining rooms, teachers' dining room, club room, hall, serving room, and kitchen. There are accommodatfons for approximately 350 students in our new school .lining rooms. 1 . 1 Q L 5 Q s. p E L f mis- ' , r Ll - L Guiding Hands IA-ft to right: Chi-is Knudseng J. VVzi.i-ren Ayer, ss-vw-izni'yg Ur. ILM. Mzirshull, pn-sifleiitg Dr. John A. Hi-lfilsg li. 19. Mzulst-rig and Hsrai' Swzuilund. They Give Their Time Working behind the scene and ever alert to the affairs of the school is that group of men who give so freely and generously of their time, the Board of Education. During the last year this Board has authorized contracts for a number of improvements. The outstanding accomplishments are the remodeling of our cafeteria, the laying of three thousand square feet of sidewalk on the grounds, and the painting of the Junior High School, the work shops, tltfe girls' gym or the so-called "Shack", and the authorizing of a bond election for the construc- tion of four new elementary schools which cost more than S300,000. Dr. B. M. Marshall, a member of the Board for twenty years, is the presi- dent and Warren Ayer, superintendent of schools, is the secretary. The other members are Dr. J. A. Belfils, Oscar Swanlund, E. F. Madsen, and Chris Knud- sen. This year Mr. Knuglsan was appointed to complete the term left vacant by the death of A. DeLong, and Mr. Madsen was appointed to take the place of Fred J. Moore, Jr., who resigncl. Page Twelve W Parents And Teachers The group whose responsibility it is to promote activities designed to im- prove conditions in home, school, and community is the Parent Teachers As- sociation. A helpful project, the revolving scholarship loan fund to be used for Worthy students desiring to attend Humboldt State College, was again main- tained through the year. Upon the suggestion of the students the P. T. A. successfully sponsored dances after football and basketball games. An outstanding meeting of the year was the dinner and evening meeting held in the new cafeteria. Bishop Noel Porter of the Episcopal Diocese in Sacra- mento gave an inspiring address. The officers were president, Mrs. Herbert Kramerg first vice-president, Mrs. Percival Nealeg second vice-president, Mrs. B. H. Mooreg secretary, Mrs. A. R. Smithg parliamentarian, Mrs. T. Glenn. ., M... :nz . llurk ltmrz Mrs. li. II. lkloorr-, Mrs. liulwy Sllilllllllllll. Mrs. ll, .Xlkiro .' Si-soml Huw: Mrs. .l, U. Iiilfliklllll, Mrs. Gl'Ul'3:l' Winzler, Mrs. lil. 'l'. 'l'i'll'1llJ1l, Mrs. .-X. J. Dv Lon Front Mow: Mrs. Stanley Roscoe, Mrszfh., J. Kramer, Mrs. l'. J. Neale, Mrs. Sarah Carter Page Thirteen nw: Miss l'I:lriss:1 Imnion. Mrs. llutli Smith. Mrs, lim-ssiv Kit-ppm-ig Miss Minnie Smith s livin-ii lxll'AlJlllUIl. Mrs. IGI1-:iv Knigliton, Miss iluhy I'nwi-il, Mrs. Susan 4l'l'minm' 1-V. Mrs. ICine- i'1-nlrolli. Miss Mzirir-I XV:il!li1n1l. Miss I-liin Xi Wlllllll. Mrs. Annu l'lil'l:-ll!IY1SUil s - . f . n .nwt Miss Imnzi 4.iz.1im-ry x inns, Mrs. Snruli ll2lll1'I', Mrs. 111-4 l'ul"" . , ,, 4 1 IIYWZ Miss M:u'g:ur1-1 Ilnvis, Miss IR-1-ilv l'i:irk. Mrs. Main-I Imppinmif-l', Miss linux 'Z ' ' . wth-ni':1'. Miss Mnriii Miss Maury IT:-:iw-r, Miss iii-riiin I-'ilzi-il, Miss lNl:u',::1il Hivlui P1-lzisvini, Miss Irma Sta-veils. Miss V1-:wi .lnvobs Facult Joseph T. Glenn lidith McGeorge Mary A. Beaver .. Adolph Bolenbach Agnes O. Borg J. M. Bowersox Margaret B. Davis Mrs. Sarah F. Cartsr Cecile Clarke Clarissa M. Donlon Mrs. Mabel G. Dopplmaier J. Doren Chares joseph Dreyer Frank A. Fick Bertha M. Fitzell Frederick W. Frye Lena Guidery Glenn Guthrie Harold W. Hunter . Principal Vice-Principal, Engish Civics .. Printing .. .. Art Consumer Science .. ...Librarian English . U. S. History XVorld History Biology Wtodworking Auto Machine Shop . Mechanical Drawing Guidance, Mathematics Mathematics English, Continuation U.S. History Mathematics, Fnglish Page Fourteen Pearl Jacobson George M. Jamitmon, jr. Mrs. Bsssie Smith Klxpper Mrs. lflene Hanson Knighton Vernon Kruse Margaret Mary Mathews Mrs. Helen Virginia McMahon Marian K. McMillan ,7,, ,, , , George A. Morgan Mrs. liine Pedrotti llmily V. Poindexter Ruby Powell , Earl Roberts C. Nathaniel Sanders Minnie M. Smith Mrs. Ruth li. Smith Louis XY'eichs2lfelder, Jr. l-'v H. Wfillarcl Irma Stevens Glcc, A Cappella Bookkeeping Home Economics English linglish, Civics Spanish s French, Iinglish Physical Education Chemistry, Physics Stenography, Bookkeeping Spanish Latin, Drama . .XVorld History Sales, Civics , , Typing Foods Band, Orchestra Phvsica' Education U . Secretary liotlom lion! l-'. l+'i-'ic N, S1lllllt'l'S, Y. Kruse. tl. Glitlwii-. IC. Iloln-rls, .l, XYilU:ur:l, 11, 'Won .l. lioxvm-rsox S1-1-onul Hou: 11. .Iumie-son. .I. 'I'. till-im. V. l1l'1'A'l-l', Il. Hoxvlzmnl, ll. Shim-Iris, M. Ilrilt, 1 liioun Top lloxv: .l, IM:--11. IC. llllllllilll. .I, lXli'.-Xllisti-ig A. llolvnlmi-li, lf, I-'rm-, U. llllnlw-r, I Wan svlll-,lull-1' Page Fifieen Q1 Ln Wlmere We Practice Democracy k7fff"f.f7 H lf' S-'I'l'I1lGN'I' HUIIY Ill+'il+'ll'l4IllSg lim-lt row: .lnmes Ul'21L1ll4'll1l. Se-rum-:itll-:ut-zirmsg l"i':1n1-is Nook. lmys' :ltlllc-tis' imlzlimgvrg .lime Ms'l.:1in. girls' allliletim- l1HlIHl!4'l'1 lfny 'l'lmm:ns. SQ'l'I'1'l9ll'Xj Iiylv Allill'l', pre-sulvzit l'1l'Ulll row: II4-len 121-iri-li, ll'1'2l.Slll'Ul'Q Guy Kr-itll. x'i1-4--pn-siila-til All Of Us The lively student body meetings were enjoyed, judging from the remarks of many of the students wluen voicing their opinion about Eureka High this year. Many programs were cut short because the greater part of the hour was taken by enthusiastic discussion of various subjects. In spite of heated argument at times President Lyle Alkire showed he had command of parliamentary rule and handled thje meetings expertly and with poise. In anticipation of a successful football season much pep, excitement, and cooperation among the students was displayed in the pep parade held be- l fore the initial game of the season. The year's programs were highlighted by the speech delivered by Milton L. Huber, alumnus of our school, the two programs given by tle talznted Scrubs at ther first meeting with the Student Body, several educational and entertaining films, in add- ition to numbers from our own students. Lyle Alkire, president 'D Page Itighteen S'I'l'l+I'ZN'l' IIHIWY 1'UI'N1'II.g Ilzivk row: IH-rry Ilvlzini-y. UH: .lnlin XX'omlvm'Ii4 11,3 I.5Ie Al Im'--, l'I'l'Sllll'Ill. Ilan-lim-I Ilviigslon, Ill: Huy Keilli, vim-Q--pi'i-sicli-iilg Miss Smith, :ulviser Front row: Mr. lmri-ii. zulxisi-rg I":15 'l'llUIH2lS, sewn-!:li'y3 Helen llii-iw-li. lI'4'JlHlll'l'I'I lion Shelton. 2l,g :Not slmwnl .limini Moi'i'ms. itll. :mil Ilairolil llorm-m:un. ZZI, liluered representatives of the classes and the president, vice-president, er.1ary, and treasurer of the student lzody form the Student Couric l, who in 'eclsly meetings act upon the most important business ef the stutfnt body. Our monthly meetings and other student body activities provide a means rhrougli which each student may take part in practical democracy and cooperate with the faculty in solving problems which arise from school affairs. l In-lallulion ol' Student Body Qrffieers Strictly Femmes Witli the objective for the year--to have as many girls as possible active in Girls' League work wour organization for girls has completed a suc- cessful year under the leadership of the president, liris Green. Th rough its committees the league has carried out many projects, among which are th: prim-pam 'al: by the Pip committee, the foods drive for the needy by the Sunshin: committee, the monthly pro- grams and the penny collection for gifts for the Eris Green p l'SlCll'I1l patients at the County Scliool for the Tuberculous by the Hospital committee, the big-little sister parties and the luncheon for the Fortuna cabinet by the Social iommittee, the sports banquets by the Ho pitality committee, and the unique stage decorations at Chrismas by the Decoration committee. Among the outstanding numbers on the programs were the Chris mas rea .l- ing by Mrs. Gordon Manary and the description by Miss Helen Crozier of her experienc:s while acting as an exchange teacher in XWales. In order to acquaint the incoming girls with our league the last meeting of the first semzster was highlighted by a lively program which vividly and humor- ously dramatized the work of each committee. ,ii i qillqlls' l,l+jAxtll'lf1 4rl+'I"I1'ICliS1 I,-fl'l to rielilz Mahi-I I':1m1ilu-ll, x'ii-1--1-in-siili-:mtg .lt'2lIl Iii-wis. elm! 14-ml,-Vg I-Iris 111'--r-ii. ma-sill:-iilg Ili-li-n ,Xml Nvnli-' Sl'l'!l'Zllll-IllAJIVIIISQ llonnii- Iwi- lin-vii, r-ol-1.-Spoiiilipu' si-en-i'ta1i'yg Al2l!'llYIl IH-tr-rson, Il'llilSIll'4'I'Q 1Nol showm Iii-xerly XVing. sm-in-' tu ry Page Twenty Nw. GIRLS' I.lCxGI'lCVIIXIRNIICN 2I.1-It lil riulml: Ihflsy' Iizilwuvlt, In-Ir, lfzli 'Plum lla-xi-V15 NYinZli-11 lVl'U5-lI'1lIIIQ ll'l1I7l lll'lNll'llll, l'l1'2lIl'lIl1Q Sm- Nhuvnls. ImspiI:lIil51 llllll'Ul'lIl, I-In-lin .XllHlI'll. lifihvlllvllll If-lilly Sldnnwx. Ii-A-l Vw-ss, NI:ii'i:en Nuns. l.w- N1-Isung Sliinli-5 Aliilli-in: Imiwllyx Ilnlslilx Faculty advisers for the committees are Miss Poimlexter, Miss Mntlwews, Miss McMillan, Mrs. Smitli, Mrs. Klepper, Miss Clarke, Mrs. Dopplmgiier, Mrs. Carter, and Mrs. Pelrotti. Miss McG:orge is general adviser. Girls wlio served as cnmmitiee lieuds during tlie second semester and are not included in tlie picture are Virginia Couer, of tlie Psp cgummitteeg Glenna Vallercnmp, of the clean-up committeeg and Nellie Mae Dickson, who replaced Bev XVinzlerg Rosemary Butt, basement: and Norma Pmgnudn. Red Cross. The incoming officers me l'UZlUy to luke over, Page Twentv-one S him YHS lull Il Vnrnl o Girls l,l'1Mil'I-I 1lFFlt'l'IllS: Ls-I1 lu riglne XlillII'Q'l', llI'l'5llll'lll 2 Tom linker, Nl'I'l'Q'liIl'X llulv, xii-ef-me-siilvllt: Ilarulil Nnrrnn The Boys' League has just compieted its second year of CX- istence under the leadership of John Maurer, this year's president. Its constitution provides for seven committees, the chairmen of which are Russell Hodge, programg jack Bolger, new-suudentq Dave Mitchell, inter-school relations, Bill Cochrane, school ser- viceg Charles Roscoe, athleticsg Eldred McMillan, socialg and Hugh Kelly, community relations. The new student committee showed the incoming sopho- mores around the building to acquaint them with our campus, and cooperated with the Hi-Y in editing a guide-book. Besides arranging the monthly program, the program com- mittee has brought movies to the students. In january the athletic committee started competitive sports in the gym during the noon hour. The neat appearance of the grounds has been mute evidence of tlze effectiveness of the school service committee, which also remembers those boys who are ill. I '11, . 'x fc-fe X w.f"' John Maurer. president Page Twenty-two Allowed New boys are sliavcefl around. The Boys' League has an advisory board, callsd the Council the members of which are the following: john Maurer, presijentg Frank Hale, viee-president: Tom Baker, secretary: Harold Nar- ron, treasurer, and tHe representatives of each class, who for the first half year were Bill Granieh, 4Hg Fred Coons,4Lg T. Bartlett 5H: Brett Melendy, 3L: Sidney Hansen, ZH: anl NWallaee McMil- lan, ZL. Teachers who serve as advisers are Mr. Roberts, Mr. Kruse, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Jamieson, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Dreyer, Coach W'illard, and Mr. Bowersox. pain!! ...ans lnnllnlltri- lh.illlm'n 1.1-Il Io llgllll .lark Holger. neu slllilvnlsj l'Ii:ilIi's IZos4-iw, .illllviirsi Ihlssrll Ilolgr, ini-:l.nni llugli Ki-III3, emniiiunili re latinlisg liill l'm'lir:nl, -rlninl -1-iiirv Page Twen ty -I h ree u s 'lZlI'flil1'l'l Viale, edi if' H+. I I2 Pages For You XVho else besides the editor is responsible for planning and editing our annual? The Sequoia Staff as a whole! Throughout the school year the editor, assist- ant editor, and two other members of thc Staff mer every fourth period in Room 17. At that time write-ups were prepared, pictures identified, and various problems which arise concerning the mak- ing of your annual were discussed. Wforking during their spare time the Staff photographers took most of the pictures for the snap pages and the Art liditor made the sketches found throughout the book. Miss McGeorge, Miss Fitzell, Miss Borg, Mr. lloren, and Mr. Bolenbach and his boys were very generous with their help. These people are really the unsung heroes. I ii In I i ri 'sw ini valor. Igilr in Hyli-, snap ph.i1n,:v,ip'e.: Plnllis liimililn. unit:-'zip eililoli Xlzily l lil I i lux X xx wmv ull vlllnl lull Nplnas. .is-lslalvl lbllsllll' mil1u'i'l2 .li-lunli' Suzilnsoll, siilwllisille. Page Twenty-four 1 ,. - ,H N, ll1IlX ILUIDIIIIUX MAI! Im-rl In lv-'11 I'nlm- Ifuulxlmu Iulm QIIYIWIIAVII. Xlz. lh-If-1111.14-In. mlxlwl. l'Iu:ulw ln,nlnI1.uln,u, lull uflllllllltl, lmI.lluI lznlml guoius un- out! Frmi Forms, Businvss NIEIIIZILIOI Dom Hurst, editor Newsy Noses The "Dope Bucket", Editor Don Hurst's weekly comment of school happenings, has this year given an additional amount of school spirit to the REDWOOD BARK. It has attracted many siudints by its praise of the various doings of the School, an,l a'so by its amusing endingsg for in- stance, "IN CONCLUSION t see you at the game tonight, and even tho' this is '41, this is '30'." Several other columns have had the students eagerly awaiting their copies every Friday, sixth period. These range from interviews with the foot- ball heroes to facts about other well known per- sonalities. Tlwre were also interesting gossip and exchange columns, as well as now and then a worth-while editorial. up Ilmi: ltuh l':nrlsun, I.:-11 l'4mri', Null l:I1'llIIIllI, llill l4Il'iksu'n, 'I'uln linker. llulpll Nytialril, d limi: .ll'Illlll' Pnlills, lion lllllal, Imslin- l11.m-ltun. llznulfl lllsun. l'ill1'l'll Ogle, Ilvlll limi: lwggiv llilnlwil. I'n! lhvulvs, Wilma Wrigley. l"l':1 nw-s I'raltln-I, lmris llamsen j 1 i Page Twenty-six In x II01 man Bixtrin, busim-ss nxiznzxgx-1' xx Iiill x'xlxxlxlllgIx.:lxx. XII lluIx'1xlx.xx'Ix, Iflnlllx l'1'llIA. 1'lx:xxIx'- Iixnx: 1 xxmp llllxlxx I xxnxl Ku Ilxlx l'.xN.xllx'lx. xx Hill u.Illlllll.I, .lsxvlx Blu-x'Ix-x, lxvxxxxx-th llx-.xxxx-Ixzxmxx. I'xx'lx li xx 'xx ' ' ' ' .. xx I-IV lu-xxx-1. ,Ixrlxxx hxlllxx-lI,xlxxI. I''xX Vxxxxxx, .lxxlxxx Wxmxlx'xxx'Ix, IIlx'Ix Srxrlx I-lxxxxl Ixxxxx. NI ,xxx:1x' Hxxxxxlx. Xlnrx Ix.l . - I ' ' ' , xxxxxlx, l.xxxxI .x,,,xlxx. Xxxx.. lfnvlxxx lizx-xxxx Nlxxxxxxx-x Yxxlxx , . . ,. , xXxxx Nlxxxxx NIH l'xx'lxlix'x-, .lxrlxxx 4'xwpx'1, 1':xll XUINHII. I5.xxIx:xl:x l'.xlrxrII f A xx Nw, 'X K U, I X R jx!!! I Iliff' .ummufl W ji W H w . I On The Why Up They Made E. Beverly Wing, president 30 H. S. History The class that dared to be different! Instead of having a formal Senior Ball, this January senior class broke all traditions of our high school and an informal one. The outcome was "Three Starlit Hours" and all who were present said it was a great success. Their Senior Class Night, portraying a modern Ali Baba and his forty wives, drew a large audience that any class would be proud to perform before. Individuals such as Mary Halsby, Merritt Neale, Eari Gossard, and Charles Roscoe fthe honor :tudentsj helped make this class an outstanding one. To show their high esteem for Mr. Glenn, the class presented him with a red necktie. What class would not treasure the compli- ment paid to them by our principal: "This class of January 1941 has set a goal for all classes to work toward." Page Thirty Q , if Sinn- 'ln S X tx ,La Kathryn Morgan Elizabeth Kramer Beverly Wing Alta Fulton Russell Hodge William Granich Dorman Willard Me.lnee Boyd Dolores Olsen Mary Budiselic Damiel Jennings Charles Roscoe Dayton Murray Mary Geitner Margaret Wold Buyatte Schorr Mary Jane Halsby Merritt Neale .. 5 2 3 -at . s " .. .- fxffilqxixu ' if E W 9 J' Am ' s latgkfr, in ,,, , 1 gp sip ,Qs , is -ak S1 , f Fx it I :U- , l .., ' , v . My sv .. 'Q' Faith Adams Melba Pieri Robert Mostyn If Anne Radich Arthur Veit Frances Prather Clinton Dale Elizabeth Babcock Robert Hartman Emma Mausa James McClaskey Teresa Leal Harold Olsen Gloria Giaconi Vernon Applcwhnte Eda Fre-son Evelyn Johnston r Rachael Bengston A wg Jean Oglesby Florence Davenport Earl Gossard Tlhais Baldwin Mervyn Selvage Gladys Smith Ralph N ygard Gloria Borks Darol Crabtree Rosalie Duffield Robert Jennings Dorothy Zerlang Joseph McDonald Georgia Williams Robert Pear-cc Bert ha Veit Gay Wigiams Clara Mori '--wk i I .Y .P J 1- tx ,-A-Q KN M- L- :x ,.-Q gt A 1 Ruth Annette Jones Dorothy Rolley Richard Anderson Adolph Corder Doris Halnson Coral Wooden Irene Bonomini Leon Beamer Desmond Beltz Andrew Spinas Marjorie Harvey Eleanor Sargent Peggic Jean Hihbert Jack Cloney Constance Clifton Josephine Ivancich Dortha Dinsmore gd -Q lol mlm si wi'- fi up Row: lfllixzilwlli Willv, iVls'i'vdiHi K2ll1Sl'Il, Kzithlevii 1"l0iiiiiig, lDzil'1'ull Flu! L .owz Run Xfilrun, Crystal Gvslvr, Czirlcton Daily, Emily Lzimpcllzi Waiting for thvii' diplomas. 1 5 Fred Coon, Boys' League Councilg Davio Mitchell, treasurer, Guy Keith, vice-pres- ident, John Woodcock, Student Body council, Margaret Viale, secretary. . --- W-M-4-V g -3 1 r l John Ccoper, president HIGH TOPPERS ,e.,e.e.f....e...,......V...-....,.. Before we close that volume, "Our High School Years", let's look back through its pages. What a lot of leaders in our class! Here's that well-Worn page ---- "Athletics". Just look at the captains, Prentice, Brennan, and Hale, and all the other favorites, Del Grande, Nel- son, Ruud, Cerny, Ingraham, Wahlund, Nitchman, H. and B. McMillan, Wheeler, Mitchell, Brazel- ton, Laurilliard, Beauchamp, and Duncan smiling out at us. "Student Body Officers." Yes, here they are- Alkire, Keith, and Fay Thomas. Aren't we well represented!! and Girls' League, too, with Eris Green and Beverly Winzler. And here are Margaret Viale and Fred Coons. Remember how hard they worked on the Sequoia? And Don Hurst and Herman Bistrin who spent their time on the Redwood Bark. What grand memories! Page Thirty-six :L Margaret Viale Frances Naas Lillie Wahlund Paul Jadro Annie Bassi Frank Cerny Eris Green Fred Coons Inez Frierson George Wilson Hairbara Carroll Wiley Cousins Aud Anderson Robert Nessier Shirley Brown Jacqueline Levey Dorothy Halsby John Woodcock E Qck if pil ' 52 E, - k' . X ,A 31 9 'Se E Q f . 5 sy Beverly Tanner Suzanne Woods Glenna Vallercamp Leslie Brazelton Wilma Wrigley Jerry Newcomer Lorraine Mitchell Lyle Alkire Patricia Bowles John Cooper Elsie Nordman Allen Hill Leonora Frediani Frank Wilson Faith Hope Doris Wahlund Vivian Finley John Sutherland Eileen Ogle Marilyn Walsh Evelyn Brown Gracellen McMillan Bill Toroni William Wahlund Don Remick Ruth Jensen Sybil Barber Katherine Jennings Bill Prentice John Howland Vernon Dahl Beverly Winzler Louise Larrabee Evelyn Kosch June Exline William Cochrane Jennie Politis Ida Massei Cha rlef Davidson Jacqueline Newell Guy Keith Glennis Mulkey Roy Macklin Irene Albonico . Jimrfy Kirkemo Frances McDowell I-Inward Lovfald Margaret Goodwin Kenneth Stayton Eva Alexander Jack Wheeler Efsie Benge Margaret Havens Royal Potter Lois Felt Phyllis Ricardo Don Hurst June Mc Lain Glenn Swanbavk Lois Emenegger Robert Jakotich Mary .Iudro Frank Hale Sophie Nickalou Hill McMillan Lillian Laughlin Roland Pearce ' Vera White David Mitchell Fay Thomas Peggy Airth Virginia Carey Fi Barbara Conoly Rosetta Watson Lorna Hawkes Ida Susich Dick Scott Herman Bistrin Rudolf Pasalich Ruby Still Mariie Anker Cleota Skinner Carlo Ratila Eugene Biasca James Cook Magry Beckwith Barbara Rhodes Patricia Black Jerry Falor Harvey Gier I 'Z Am? sf ld Annabel uonncr Iva Jean Smith Jane I-less Earlino Ingham Rob:-rt Brennan Ernost Yymcr Robert Kellon Norma Jean Gifford Marian Yost Mildred Trott Stanloy Wilkinson Warren Ruud Leonard Conry Agnes Long Palricia Hill Dorothy Chapman William Mc Millan Cai-I Krug Margaret Jennings Carl Nelson Dorothy Still Edwin Login Robert Fridley Jack Mustonen Robert Wills Clarence McCa1lister Vernon Cousins Charles Beauchamp Donald Ogden Edwin Mathes Francis Cook Curtis Otto Ben Ingraham Beverly Larkin Lida Mabry A Familiar Scene just One More Step This ambitious class has one more step on the ladder of clas:es befoxe they will be on the top looking down. The officers especially have been Working diligently so that their senicr activities Way be successful and will long be remembered by the stuldents. All through high school this class has been wide-awake and has sponsored and taken part in many activities. This class is well represented in almost all the activities of the school, with john Maurer acting as Boys, League president for the past year, Margaret Don- ovan participating in numerous speaking contests, and a large number being members of the band, orchiestra, gleeclubs, and A Cappella choir. In athletics we find Carl Del Grande, John Maurer, and Bo McMillan. The officers for the year are president, Eugene Soaresg vice-presilent, Eb a Sundstromg secretary, Shirley Mulleng treasurer, Hugh Kellyg and the council representative, Mary Lee Wing. , Eugene Soares, president Hugh Kelly, treasurerg Ebba Sundstrom, vice-presidentg Shirley Mullen, secretaryg Tom Bartlett, Boys' League representativeg tNot, shownl Mary Lee Wing, student body council representative. gr... Ihvilunv limi lla-liiuln' Iulx I.. Si-4-mul III-xx Wm Iminm-:vii I lillllil-I-ll 'I'Ilil1I limi I. Iirikwii, I I-.I-5 Ifullllli limi W Nlvliw, 'I I I Iwi Twp limi XI IIIII, I- XIIIICII, I Ihiliuul IIN Xiuiiill. xx hlvlil mm Ilixznlx. Ilsulivt Xl1'l'IvIIzm. I!:1lIm1.u l'I.llI1'. .I.llln'I Ilzmlmiu. me-I .igzgu-In-13 XIII!!-ll'l'I lmiimnn, Ylxiai l.lIIII.lIII, I.iIIi.m ,In-nnimgx. I.:-ix Iliil. l'iixwI.n wi, Ii. Iwxin-r. A. Iilyln. 42, Imninx, ,X. Ilxlvkvy. ly, Il, xI1lf.xIliI.III. II. K4-Ili, .I. Xlznlllr-I, 'I'. Iinzilviti .l. 42riNlu,mi. II' Iillinii, I I'lIllIIIIII.ZiIIIIIl, li. Iizwkilllll. Il, ltrfmfi--II, XI. lkmivr, 1:1 Stn-wzll'T. Ih'luliF Smith. Xlnry xII'I,l'II.lII, Iiirlui Sulluixiwni, Xlzuiinu- SVIIIJIII, Sllixim-lx XIIIIIMI, Iriw . . .ny 5-an-ilii limi':x Xlilullv, Gm-uilllilv Piniu, NIIIIIIIQ' 'I'.1!L.n. Sunil' lI'1'mlln'r, llI.uIu ILIIII-IIN, Sxxmw-lu XI ' I 1 Kim timmy Xllllix , 1 I'I1i :I Iimi, .I, Slim-vilul limi 0'Ilul1 . , N nl-II. I':nl Ulu-ll. XI:nr,imiv N1-IIN, lim-nxln l'inn-nt:-I. NI.uiI3n Iwi:-awww, Ii Slmlmlmlx. 'Imp Hun IX, IH-Iv:Nn1i4 .l. Sunneull, 'I'. Wm-slfsnll, G. Simumi, .I, II:uIirI1, l., Ilin-zl, 53 sk 'X Q Ol" Y-SCYCH 4 Fl- --:fx QR 1 s .Y Q9 QU v 14 1 'TK Y? wb.- liintnni Kim I'.iIili'l:i fililllllllll. l':iI I,1'Y:1lln'5. Lillian lie-nslvp. Milflllll laillge-r. S1-i-mul kim Nninm Wimvr, llvlvn llivrn-k. liQ'!'llll'Q' 'l'elt'nlml, ldstlwl Silm. Nellie- Blau- llii-hom. Inga llnu l., l.nnlell, l. lialwr l' tnioll 1 IN-l lllallulw S Charles Berry Xiu 1-ls. Charles Berry Nearly every phase of life has to have one shining example to lead the way. Here is ours Charles Berry. In September of 1937 while "Chuck", then a sophomore, was on a trip to the State Fair in Sacramento with a group of Humboldt Times carriers, he was suddenly stricken with infantile paralysis. The story of his brave fight for recovery is well known. Now we have with us again this smiling youth who is tackling the job of finishing his high school education. This semester he is taking math and U. S. history and has been doing perfect work in both subjects. Welccmme, "Chuek"! Your courage is a living inspiration. Page Forty-eight They Challenged And Won Bonnie Lee Green, preside Gerald Carrico, vice-president, Jimmy Morrow, student couneilg Rosalie Davenport, secretary, Edward Dilling, sergeant-at-aimsg James Braghetta, treasurer. lNot shown? Brett Melendy, Boys' League council. Through the efforts of Bonnie Le: Green, president, Gerald Carrico, vice- presidentg Rosalie Davenport, szcretaryg James Braghetta, treasurerg and Ed- Ward Dilling, sergeant-at-arms, this class has made great headway in getting acquainted with its fellow students. Brett Melendy and jimmy Morrow have represented the class in Boys' League Council and Student Body Council meetings, respectively. Assisting Miis Smith, who is the chief adviser of the class are Mrs. Klepper, Miss McGeorge, Mr. Daren, and Mr. Jamieson. At the beginning of the term, such pzople as Carol Lee Nelson, who won second place in the lower division of the Speech Arts contest, James Braghetta, and Leland Maudlin, who played important parts in the school play "Adam and Eva", Mabel Campbe'l, who is vice-president of the Girls' League, Bonnie Lee Green, the Girls' League recording secretary, james Braghetta, the Student Body sergeant-at-arms, and jimmy Morrow and Gerald Carrico, outstanding basketball players, have :et a high challenge to the other members of the class. Page Forty-nine - L A -.1 Al RIYIIUIII lion: .luyvv liznllm, I'IIvnm'u lil:u'kIs.lln, l'1ill't'll l'JII'U5I. .Klirv 1':nIiuI'l, Nlzzln-I l':1mpIr4-ll. l'I:4ilv lhyxm. HZAILIII Sw' l"lIlt'lY1I, lin-lyll Allmm. mul Run: lmrix .Ml:nlls, Fay lhilt, In-ml If!'l'Yhl'lI, RAlM'lllJlI'X lianlt, Iitllllflll lilwnzvltull. H. 1'JlIIiK'Il, I., l.HlNII!l, .I, I4r.ugln'tI:u, R. l'onm'r. Tllirli Run J. Ahlnnl, ll. Vlllixte-lm-ll, G. f'lllll'l'IIill, R. lioxwlllmzutmfr, .I. l'1IlIl!'lIiII, II. Iiynnl. li, linlwl. Fourth lhmill. l'n'!ilm, ll. lh'r1.:, I.. lllIl'l'lll'I', IG. lllswklullrn, .l. Fulixzns. W. li:u'tlvH. .I. flxrlplu-Ilv, .l. linlgvx. 'I'. l'I1.npm-llv. T11 v Howl E. lilifflllilll, ID. Hl'I'lllll4ll'Z, G, Nllfllill, Xl. Hall, I-I. NJIIIIXUII, K, lim-zululmlllp. IC, l'l1:llnhs'x'l:nill, 1-. I,l.uLll, I,. Bullm-k, Il. Hu-mull. liultmn Rum: Nlnllm Ulllllilli. .loy Gilll.IE5l', I':at l"l'y1', l'l1:ulo!tv Grvc'i:ll1, l,llrih' Ihlxix. liumlin- llslwnpnn, ,Ie-:ul lI.uho-lxlmwk. Sl'I'llll4l Ibm: ICN: llzmsvn, Ibswullly G:ltliH', l,:sllrs-ln' lllltlxrin-, Imrntlny UiH4lIIIil'l', Em 1:nl.ulu'n. .IllIIl' hs-ulgn--011, I-:uIn:1l.l llnmlm-, Virginian l'lIt'llI', 'I'hiHl lhm: lmlnws DI'l'Xl'l', Gail Ibnllpllmlalivl. Ii. Idlikwsx. li, Ifilgm. li. Ifrzm-1'. ll. tml:-5, Hmmm- lm- lim-lv. l"ourtl1 llmx: If. fox, li. l'ml1t1'4-v, I". Hlgam-xivlx l.. Ihuivul, lf. Hlllllll, IG. Fmls-I, l'. lllnu-1. Top Row. li. l'Nl'lil. V. lluakills, I,. IMnkun'il4'l'. K. l"I'JINl'I'. ll, llzmlxins, L. I,znxull. li. Ibllllllgg. Us Page Fifty linilmn limi .Ii-zmliv IIi.u. .liinv I':ilIwl', l':iml Im- Nm-lvui, Aiaiix .ln!.i1wil. Sziizilu I.:lix. .Uiwiizi Iii-vin. Rum .Iiv!ii1x.iu. Nlzzrxiyn .lm'llniiigN. sl'l'UIIII Hun: NI.iii:m Nznzu. .Im-ini Imuie, Ili-Ivll .IIIII Nm-nlv, Ihwiliziri 5Il'I.QIll1IlIIII, 494-iznlnlinv XII-I1-gill. Virginia IIIIIUIIIIIN, .Iv.m1u' Rim-t'm1il. 'I'I1i1'mI Ibm: lil.: Nliziiiv. Nlziijiuriz- liziwpvr, II. Iiisliilan, AIIIIII' Murizu, livily Imgiw-. Ilziiimizi Rimini-. Xi-in IImi.il4l. l4'uu.ih It-ru' ii, Iii-I-ii, I-'. Nm-wxw, li, l.igl1l, .I, Xluirmi, I.. Xlzuuillin. Il. I'zmm. l'. Iwmlli. NI. l.uxil.iI1I. 'Yup limi, Il. I..IIIlI!1'II. IC, IQIIIPIIIII I.. XIi'll:lnivI. J. II:il1g:Iiv5, Ii. XII-Iz'll.I5. II. NZIIIAIII, Il. NIui.m:I:u. I.. I.1-:iI. S. Ii.m+. I Iiutloln limi: tixlylv IIIIIIIIIIUIIS, xIilI',IlII'IL' Sailitbcllv, xIiIXIIII' 'I'uI'I. AIIIIX Ilnliivi 'I'i.u'i'. Ii.uIIiIyu Illini. Iliwulili Srln-Il.XI.n1iI.I:i SIIIIVII. Xlangio Itlmvll. Syn-mul limi: Illln-:mm Wing. l'I:u:i .hm Wlxiln-, Itmlgn-lx. NIJXIIII' Slxulvi. I'I.IiiIi Sliiimv.. Ilvli-ri Sivululx, I.iIy I'Ii1-Ilix, .IIILIIUI W1-mil. Nlnrgii- Ihuinlirii. 'liiiul lim: .I. Smilli. I'. Spillzu, XI. SIilIIilI'l', IS. II'znr4I. 13. Simi-iii. .X. II'.iI1'1N. I.. Sillllniwwivlx. I. Ihlw-II, Iwniiili limi: I.. Iuinnl, .I. hznnlvz-, II. Sum-I, .l. Iimivi, II. II.IIIIl'I, ll. II.iiuIim:I. 'I'. ZZ..ii. 'Yup limi: .L Smith. Ii. .I1'llNl'II, 41. 'I'IIOIIIils, I'. 'I'11rln-I. NI. Itolnilmui. .l. IvIilIIiIl1Ix, .l. Ihumix. .I, Simi:-. I xis' -. Q .a- fx Page Fifty-onc Half Way Up "Half Way Uppers". Imagine it! They have a year and a half behind them now, with only another year and a half to go. Goodness, they're proud! They realize, as 'Joes the rest of the school, that in another year they will be the back' bane of Eureka High. Their Senior Bail will be in the middle of January, 1943, and, no doubt, will be the highlight of their many projects. Their advisers, Miss Borg, Miss Jacobson, Mr. Morgan, and Mr. Roberts, credit the class with most of the original ideas it has presented at their meeting. They were among the first agitators to urge having sweaters with the numeral year of their graduation gewed on. Apparently the radicals in the class were the only ones who wished them, for time after time the suggestion was voted down. The officers of this up and coming class are Evelyn Berry, presidentg Pat- ricia Early, vic:-president, Lois Kirkemo, secretaryg Henry Lambert, treasurer, Harold Borneman, Student Body Council representative, and Sidney Hansen, Boys' League Council member. ,cis Klrkemo, secretary Henry Laffibert, treasurer: Sidney Hansen. Boys' Leag'-if nuncil imemberg Harold Borneman, s Early, vice-president. ludent body council representative, Patrlcgg 'TTI '. Evelyn Berry, president Page Fifty-two lup I xxx xi uv- linltnnl lhm' Kula .ll'1llI 1':1l'l1xl1'l1:nvl. Lilllanl K.l1:u'lml1-, llupq- Ilznymle-n, lin-lynn In-ny, X!.niI5n In-Imn, Mm tnlunn Xlulllxn Ili-my, Xlzuiun llllll'lll'mIIl. Sn-mnni Hou' I.u1'lllL- .Klulc-lx-nl, l'AII Eauh, I-Iluiuv lim-ima-r, l,-:lx lhqullvx, Xlnuilyll I":nlk, XI.nry Flux. X nu lxlll hm III I lvlull 4. limx 'l'lnilrl lion: Il. Ulllnilngllulll. W. I':m-. J. HWINIIIIIH, N, Eplillu, I,, Swim, S, llzmv. I. "- ' . Twp Hum I,. liulxin, I'. llvlum'5, Nl. 1'liIllIl'l, Il, Ih-Luk, H. Ilmln-l11,u1, II, lilmnlkmu, XI. .Xlulvux mn Ilullmu lhm' l'.ut Xlrllltw-slr, Ifritviv Nlznlllvx. I,ilIi.m Mllllxil, Mau Klulms. RJIFIIJIIZA Xlm'l':1lIh4x,I.uix lii1'kvllm,I':ll W1-Nllulml ond linux' ll.u1'Iw:1l:n SuN.n1Iln', Imix l.:uwx1, lmix limvll, l'Il:lill1' .I:nm'nlmnl, l'ull1'x'lI Slznif, lmlw-lin Slovklnll, Vinlvl Nlzll 4 Illllyll S1'Iu,4I'vl. Iluul Hum X!.ng.uvt Xlmrix. Eh-:nun Zulu-l, IC. SNIII, IC. SUIIYJI, llnrie Xlm'1'.nm, llitu Alvkiillxm, lumlln Hum Ii. We-iwivh, K. K:llx:1l:1, H. Nluuw, G, Jtlllllxllll. li. .luln1mu. II. Hulxtml, IS. Millvr. I llnlrvll. Inu H, Nlvlh-5l1:vl1ls, A, .lqmu-s, H. Lzuwll, lf. Kivhillliitvll, W. Hl'.xlliIIll, IP R0ln'l'Iw, ll. JIIIIIUNIIII, I-I. I':nIIn'll NI1 ll Jim Walsh, president Eula Westberg, secretaryg Marjorie Wahlund, vice-presidentg Wallace MacMillan, Boys' League council, Don Shelton, student body council, Sunter Walsh, treasurer, Bob Hill, Boys' League council. Future Favorites With only a half year to get acquainted with Eureka High,Qthis young, en- ergetic class of June '41 has made great progress. With leaders like President Jim Walsh, Vice-President Marjorie Wahluncl, Secretary Eula Westburg, Treasurer Sunter Walsh, Council member Don Shelton and Boys' League Representatives Bob Hill and Wallace McMi lan they have made a good start on their journey through our school. Mr. Hunter, Miss Guidery, Miss Donlon, Mrs. McMahon, and Mrs. Pedrotti are helping this class get into the Eureka High School's spirit. Their Valentine dance was an outstanding affair an,l drew a mixed group cf all the classes in Eureka High. Since this class has a great deal of talent,, a few of tlw: members were ielected and at various times entertained the student body with their programs. This large class is interesting to the school as a whole for a number of th: members come from other parts of the Unitdj States such as South Carolina, from which Jean Lough hails, and Montana, the former home of Lee Post. For this class we see a bright future during their two more years in Eureka High School. Page Fifty-four Immun: lhm Mm Av va. nl lmnm-n lmw Xlw14ll'm1-ml I'-nl flulw NI-ww-mlvl 1'1g'u1': m"1 Inn- Iimlvil lifln lim-ull 1 In' I-,ulIn'.I. l.lx1.n l.ng1l:luLu, h.wu.1.1 I-mx l.wxH1N huluu. Nluilsx llznlw, llvily, Lol.: l:l'.INIl'X. .llmv M:-x.m'e-I. , X:vE,-'1. lil-Mx I-uma Xllllllll' liI,4lw, 114-Hx l.U.1 Iinwfmmi. Imam! lwu .X I-r:vw.ul1.ulu. IP. llllllllllllyh. AI. l'1:n:1In-Illnx, Singm- Vzulwll. .l. Ii.ui4'!n W, l'I4lH'IH!l, l,, Ilim n Vnilzllx Num IP ll1'IIvm'-null. 1- Il. llllllxw, In' lhm Il, .Xl"l'II, li Xlmuxl, .l. Ilulvlmlm-1. IC. l'JlI'lNIlIl, l', Iillzlxx, ll, lin-II. li, l!l,unV:.mi I f- ltmlmn I N 'ruvlni ll I .If mu imma: hm ld.: l"I'iIlIl'X, lmmllllx ll:xllxIin.v, Sllillm l'uggn.m-. Lulx lknlxilln. UI:-vu Vw mx. Wm lhwlllllm-, I.oI.u Mm- Iwrlxl, I':1IIy Ilumm, llvwvlx If,-I1f,.XI.uiv l',.l1m I I In xu-mn llmux llwx 'Hlllml Ibm: l'. Ilxgvll. ,L lfivmlizllli, H. lflcvyd, J, l'uIlxL1N. l, Hmrlxwl. lv llwylull, Tull Hun lu, l'lmI. 1-, I'll5g:lN, lu. I'Ivlll1mL. II. l3JlllIl'lf. 1, Mmpvv, pt P11-fc Fiftv-five X Itutlmn ll - s.. mx IC4-vly tlmul-nn. Lnix ,Icnn-N. l'l:u'ir-1' Ilznqllx, lmmlhy Km-ating, lim Im- lI.nmm, Xlmivl ll:-lullirkwxx, Xl.nly lluilivlx. Sz-vulul Ibm .Klum Huy. l.llm'illv llinmsm, Nlillivvllt Ilymzm. ,I4mmn- Jlillllvbll, l':nIli1'i:1 K1-II3, l':llli1'i:4 KHAIIIUS, Em-Ilv K.4hrv. 'l'hir4l Il-vu .In-:nu lI.1Illy. UIIYIN Im,:l:lh:un1, lilinm' .Ln-kxmu, Mm H.Ill'i44 llulnlnw H. HIllIl4'I', Z-wl.4 Klum Ilill, ,I,m1lu-lynvv Kvnnvnlx. Fourlh Ibm ll, ll1'iln'iri, H. Ilaxlvtvaul. li. llill, .l. Hznl-un, R. Gmuluilm, 'l'. II.lwI1, IC. Gmnuw. Top Ibm. l'. llixm-nw, Il. lIvm!ri4'k, ll. llnmmln, S. llilnlmv, .L lhmvlill, II. Martin. Hnltmn R-mi lla-wllx Nlurplu, l'lX1lI:n I,llu-Imlg--rg .Imp-v N1-Nix. Nlilmlrml Nllllrmx. Yin-lw-rin NM'k:1l1-un, In-wllx .In S1-wnnl Rum NI.nilyx1 X:-Nun, Ililn Xu-lwn. H:uh:u.u IH-tm-xx, Yiuln Nlzxwulli, Il.m-I NIm'l'lIl1lu. Ymlz-I Nlvlin, Mule' 'Vhilzl Ibm Zn-tlzn Litllv, Img- Imllixv Klum-ll:-I. .IIIIIO 13:1-bamzu. l..4Y1-:lv Nlmlm-5, l.nlul,u Nl.m'ln, Nlangzm-V lkfhmx Hull Nlit1'h1'll. l"uln'Il1 Ibm: .I, Xlunlv, li. l.4'l'lbllIll, li. 5lm'Kvn'w1'. ll I,:1I'uiuI1', F115 Xvulmli. Vlxyllix Nil-4-ll. Twp Hun: W. Xlallzsivivll. IC. Nllmllvr. IC. lfillllfwll, ll Km-zuwlg W. Nlzwklillznxl. Nl. Xlvlvmly. X.. lll luxl JVM .Q 4. o. -. llnllmn Iluu Kzxlluyu S1-llnlx, Hdyth IIUIWIIA. Hlmign llnhillwlu. Elxiv S.1lr.nI9ni. .Xml ' SLHII. 'l'hi1:I lhm' t'ImrluIle- Sluytn-1, Mun Hay, lilllvl Spilmx, Iflllu Sz-u-um, Iizlplln- Shu , Ivy N'!mll. ICM-Im l',wlIwA Sw-mul Ibm, NIzng1.m'I Smlvn, H4-ln-n Stznrlanv. l.iIIn Lx-:1 Silxinm, lmrullny Simuni, M.u1Ix11 hI.u'k. l..IS.4IvIIf- S.n1xnN Klux 1'Ill:lIwl, I'fI1'XI4' l',1lIu'v, 'I' Slnw I-'ullllll Hou I.. In-ft, K'. Sllvlmnl, Il. I'IliIp. Ii. S4'Ilw'lIl1vI.n'l, li, Slrvnl, Il. SIIPIIUII Twp Hmm I'. l'r'1'n'lli:l, lf. Svpiv. 1'. I'nIxlu I HH .. xlvlnn-5vl', I". I'vlo-IN. Il, Smith. I. Sl:-wn, I-nlluun Ibm Xl.uwrl1' W.1I1ImnI, Ulgxl SIIGIVII, Ifhlitll Yam IIIPIIIIII. .loyvv 'I'Imm:nN, I.m'5 Wilkinwn S1-vmul I Sxwvl, Ihlnl Hum .I, Zulu-1. A 'I'uw-y, .L 'I'r:n'y. H. Zllmuzlll, II. Wlrmh. I'1IllIIIl lhm W, Sm-.Ill1u,:vl'. .I, W.1lkvl', IP. Sunulllml, li. Wilkillwll, W. W.1INm1. IG. W.1IXlu, 'lhp I hm .l, Y.uu'n-4 W, Willmmw, Il. 'I'n-null, S. NIJILIIIVI, J. Wzllvh, W. 'I'l:n'5. S. NIIIINII. l'InIIm hm K.nIl1v1ilu' Wilkinxnn, lim-H5 'I'hunl:nw. 'I'ln-In Walsh, Elllzn Wm-Ntlnug. Lum 'I'l1-vllvxw. IIUIUIIII II-'IWW SIIHIVI .-v lilllltllll lluu: Ll-ft In light: lvillllil Ilygm-l't ii1tIlHtl'iI Iluyllultlx, .lt'JltI lmllylll, l'irllll'I' Slllitll. l'1llll:l t'lt'zlwlll, iit'IlZl llnlll-l.l, l'll-lil ll-lltllllll Xl'llp.ll1t tlllllnll. NI..lllyll XIlNI.lllllN. ll.tml l.llllnl,,. ?'1't'IIllti limi: 1'llllll'lllIl' Hl'lt'lxNIllI, lillllll'llt' l':llll, Imllixt- Xil4'l1lll.lll, Nlzlit-l Ile-z1llt'l.zll1lgv, l.lll:l'llv l..lll,xlll12,x, lwlllillx lli.lNm':l, .lvalll Imylv, l':lt lit-ll, ht-llv lnlllllt'tN1'lI, lilllll Nll't'lt-llzlll. 'l'Il1I limi: M4-llill l5l'IlIll'I, l'llilill Ill-Llllllg, .lll7llI I.:liw, Xllllllll Nllllxll, iilt'Illl ll.:ll, llttlll'll t'.l..llllllL1Ll. l,lI,lll ,Xllll Ntllnlg, Roll llupv. Junior High Immigrants a dwa rd Alora, president l i 535' BaCk Row: Roh Thomson, Boys' Lvaguv counvilg Harold Nl-lsvn. Boys' lA'?l2.Illl' i'0lll1l'llQ Tom Ezlstlick, studont councilg Tom Quinn, vim--pl'l-sirivllt. Front Row: Clara .Joan Jacobson. svcrctaryg Pat Smith, S0l'f.fUHlll'-ill-QIITNS, tN0t shownl Gail Bradford, t1'0asu1'v1'. Page lfifty-eight 4g A 'II1111 II1111, Ii. Szugvlll. IC, Ililwlwll, I". 'I':1II111, W. Muvll, Roy I'II'Il'IIlI, Xl. ,l11I111w11, I.. Xl.11Is1-11, H113 I"1i1-11:I. II. XI1'K1'1111:1. 'I'I1i1uI II1111: .IIIIIl' Sllxirll. Il11l111'1-5 III111111'11tI1:1I, I1llI'I'iIIIIl' I.1'XI111111-, A1111i1- S1'1:1I'i11i, IIIIIII NI1-1r.1lI. I'IIIIIiI Wznx, .I111 4lNI1111i1'I1, XI:111l111 II2lIIlll'I XI1 If Nuggu, .IIIIIII lI1':11'. S1-11111111 Ibm: I':1II11'1i111' Iixlim-, IM-tty III'INIIIllII, II11II1 N1111111-11111I11-1', IN:1IwI l4l111'L, NL111 II11t1'I1i11x, III'III'IIIIt' I,l11I1I11-, H111 ,1111i1- G11f1:1tk1111, I'.11 S111i1I1, I-'1':1111'1-Q 'l'.1I111:1.1Ig1', .I:lIIII'l' I.:111g1'1'. I'I41III 111111: 1111111111 l'.1Il.1gI1:111, .I1-1111 l'111111111gl1:1111, IIEIIIIJIIYI IIIIXII, If1'IIIII2l li11:11'1I, IIi:11111 X111-1111111-111, IIIN Mxvu. X'i1 g1l111.1 Sp.11I11111 Xl-1111511 Xl1'Ii1i1I1-, l'I:11:1 .I1':111 .I2ll'4IIl5IllI. 'I1111 II1111: II. Iim1111x. .l. I'111111IIy. XI. 'I'a1yI11r, IIl'Il'II l'uIiIiN, Ii. 'I'I1111w1111, II l1i1-IN111, II. II.IIIN4'II, II, I1I:1N1Ii1-L, IS I.lIIIl, Il. .I:11111w. I1111I I111 I. .I11x5.1-1 If' IIIII'Iw11II II G1--11 II I'1-1-1'I1i-1 W II-1111-it li II111111f1 I1"111'1'1-l11I'1'1v11 'I' Q11i1111 I'1--11,11 I1,1g,:111, I'.1I Kimm- 11111I II111 II XI111v'Ii I' I1'11'---N II l'1111f1li11, II. NVINIIII, Y, lIy,IvJ11, ll.1II Il1.11II.111I, Ii, I.z1111i11. II.111iv11 IIIIIIIL h11I1'I-111I, J. M11111 1 Il 1211.1 .I .I.IIIIIIN, l, ...111Il. l11.1I!1 I.13l111, II11.1 .1..1.11, I1.1I1111 lI111111.,111, I1,11.1I.4x .'11111I1. I,. .Xl11..1, IS ' '1111l1'111 I1 tl111-1. I., II1 l s nga Fifty-mlm' o I v ,oc ..u,,o 1 H' .f""'X f'.':'o' J.: o .,-3, .'o.','4'u .'..v...f,'f .Ill ffl, .J 1 J. News Dlllel' ADAM A EVA ' xi -. S Q X Q X Q N m H AU D. E ?'Am s Self Expression Sl I qt 11 Su' l-ull l'll'll When The Boys Get Together Service is the aim of the members of the Excalibur Club. They show their school spirit by their patrol work at basketball and football games and their semi-annual dances given for the benefit of the Sequoia. fily, The officers for the first half year were Don Hurst, presidentg Dayton Mur- vice-presidentg .Dorman Willard, secretaryg and James Cook, treasurer. For the second half year Tom Bartlett was presidentg Hugh Kelly, vice-pres- identg Des Shannahan, secretaryg and Bill Eriksen, treasurer. year Among the prominent men who spoke at the regular programs during this were Arthur S. Gist, who gave a talk on The Purpose of Thanksgiving, Dr. Garff Wilson, who spoke on Enunciation and Pronounciation, and Claude E. Morrow, who gave an inspiring talk about Lincoln. This year Eureka was the host at the annual county convention. nding: Tom ed nn Dlblllllllli Dun Hurst, Hill El'iksvi1. Huy Keith, Des Sh:1n:ll1:m, V0l'IlvIll Col1si11s,.Ixmhl1 Womlc'ock,.Ia1ni3a l!r:ngIgctt:i. Un sims rSt:m sl Rum: .lam l5lllil'I', Vernon llzihl. ilingl: Mr, Szllnli-rs. Us Funk, Ilnrnlll UISVII. und Run: lbmmim Willuul, l'h:n'lii- Hlmwr. llaytun Rlurrny, Wallzwc lillliutl, lhiral Rim: Ilugh livlly, l.vs Islam-lion, th-m'gv lilazil. i Kun: Hull rtll Rim: ltivlmrd lnnnii-lsmn, John xl2llIll'l. Mu Nlaualillim, 'I'i.m liautli-lt. liri-Inman, Ih-x liuurillisml. Page Sixty-two The H. 'Pup Hmm: Wnllxxro t'la13'c'1'nt'l, Gvm- 'l'l14ml:1w, lflullk Hlllllll, liill l4'l'IlliIIlll1'Z, Mr, l':1ul 1'iIIlIlJIIl'll, Fr:-ml forms. Curl 'l'ur Philip Ilvlmllg, Mr. HlllIIl'l'. -um! How: Hr. KIHNV, Huh f':u'l1su11, Lyla' .Xlkiu-, Tom l'lmpp1:IIm-, .lvlry Ulmlvpvllu. Jxumw Xlsflxnxlwy, Nlvllitl Nvznh' -num SXHIIISUII. Htllllllll Ibm: Hzzil .I4vhlmn1, .Xrr lirivkvy. HIUIIII Xlnniw. .I1-rnnw Summm, .lurk Iiulpvr, tlvulgv Wilson, .ln-lry Fnlur, l'lll'l Qiuillzn. Hill Nlillvr. -.--m...,,-Q, lick! You're Shot l,,l : Nlvrlv 1'ur4I1-r. Hn-mgm' Ii:1kl'l'. :L '. Awlix' lilvlld, NIM-an l'u.nm'l. Siluw H1-M, Eqluill linlnlxxitu, Where Harmony Excells The A Cappella Choir of thirty-eight voices is one of our musical organ- izazion of which we are very proud. There being no open period in the day for the choir, practice is held during thc noon hour. The Second Choir of fifty'four voices, which meets on Friday noon, is for training substitutes for any vacancies that might occur in the first choir. The Choir sang on numerous occasions during the fall semester, namely, the Thanksgiving Day Community Service, che Chamber of Commerce Christ' mas Forum, the 20-30 Club Convention dinner, Kiwanis Club luncheons, Rot- ary Club lunchton, and student body programs. Their annual Christmas Carol Candlelight Service proved to be equally as beautiful as last 'year's. For each carol, Miss Powell directed tabfeaux, which critics likened to oil paintings. A Cappella Choir: l-'list row clown: th-ft! Bryce Vnnnick, Eflwnrd lllbfflllilll, llex l,:nn'illl:n1l, lmrrell Flallerty, Mary Gletner, .larqueline L1-xey, Pnl ln-Yzxllm-5', Second Row: llnlwrl .lukntirlg Ulnytnn Wlwvlm-r, Alvrvyn Selvuge, lk-n Ingralizmi, Flmrles llnsme-, lhuhert llamnnll. Elaine Geilner, Bzn'ban'zl l':n'rnll, Glurlys llnlwrts, Illznrjnrie Nellisl. Third Row: lllcluml fnffey, linml l'l'illDll'k't', Gvm- liurkilnll, Roy Urullfielxl, Edwan1l Souza, Lee Post, .lurk Thompson, Leon lieznner, linrnllmy l'llllk'lllt'l, llolows Invycr, -liIlll'l Aggvler. Front Row: Doris 0'lDonnell, Maury lrunciclx, l':n Olsen, Agnes Long, Gail Tinnnons. Minnie- 'l':atk:x. lla-len Anne Neale. Evelyn Berry, Put Ginnnini, Marian Langer. Page Sixty-four During the spring semester the choir appeared in the Spring concert given by the Cvlee Clubs, they sang at the Community Easter Sunrise Service, the Music Festival, and appeared on club and church society programs. ln the spring of 1940 the choir went to San jose to attend the All-Westerii Regional Music Conference where they were rated among the best. The 1940 choir was again honored this spring when they were chosen as one of the out- standing choirs in the natien by the "First Chair of America", a national organ- ization which publishes a yearbook of outstanding bands, orchestras, and chor- uses of America. The honor was more disiinctive becaus: our choir was the only one represented from the Pacific Coast states ansl because this is the first edition of the book. The organization also highly praised our director, Pearl Jacobson. The officers for the choir for the fall semester were: president, Dick Mc- Donaldg vice-president, janet Aggelerg secretary, Ben Ingraham. For the spring semester were: president, Rex Laurilliardg vice-presidsnt, Ben Ingrahamg and secretary, W'arren Ruud. The Cvirls' Glee Club, one of our popular organizations to which many girls belong, is considerably larger than usual this year. The officers for the spring semester were: president, Aggelerg vice-president, M. Nellist, secre' tary, V. Carmichaelg treasurer, M. McLellan. The Boys' Glee Club although fewer in number than most years has car' ried on its work with as much enthusiasm and ability. Their officers for the spring semester were: president, B. Brennan: vice-president, R. Kelleng secre- tary, Hansen, treasurer, B. Wills. The outstanding projects were the winter and spring concerts presented in connection with the band and orchestra. Page Sixty-five fwfr' .',,.w.-.- -v-. 'l'np Rim Mull limnliw. flapiuli Wln-elm-I. llrx lanliilllzurd, lmiglutoiu llirlxaniulsim, llnlaml l'm'air1-. lbivli Senll. 'I'hinl limi Iflilxnml Swim, .xllllllllly tiussi-lin, IN-eil llisw-x, Nlilluin Ball, Nliss .law-Iusim, lfnanris ll.lIl0ll, Mil: kt vu Imu llursl. Si-eunil limi l..uiy l..ilili, .Ianni-s Ilansn-11, Ilnu lialslon, 1'l1:nlos W1-inu.ns, Huh Wills, l".im-ll Zulu-l, Hill li.: Butt-ml limi lmnvl fillilllilllilll, Warn-rl liuull. 'Vnm l'l1.ippelli-, .Ivrry l'li.iupi-llv. llirli.u4l l'ut't'vy, Imltny Smith p,lu Top Item MilI'iiXll Wnlxlu, .Lum-l .lgge-Ivr, Nlrlrl-vlim' Nvlli-I. Imix Kirlwnm. .Xlulrm Wulf-lf, rilllll' F:u1muuLl1, Small SI:-mart, Xlnrinriv Kl'lll,I, l.s1V1-rlv Nlmlvy. Im-'L Ifxin-mm, Nlllrvllqx Svlllviluv, lizly uiiiiwillrull, Xlury Xngzl. lfiftll limi. lie-wrly 'l':mln-1', Ilumllly Still, Almzl llzsix. ,lmw ll.m:1xmy, Rumi I'nl1L'l'.'1'niIn' I.1-Xlnilu-, lmlmv- lilum 4-ntlml, KiIlilQ'l'ilIl' .i1'IlllillLH. ltlllwy Still, lmlix lfllnlmvll, ills-mm V:nll4-In-znnlyi, l-kiln-1' Silva. lf':ul1ll1 Row l':ll lim-ll, Yilginizl l'm-ln, 'l'mx:l We-lili. Xlunlx llznlivt 'I'm4'y. l.ur'ille-, ll:lxiN. Iiilliillt' Xlnllin, li.u llln-,li Xlznijimiu- Kzuqn-r, l.:nlln-rw lilliilI'il', lhllli Nl:-I4'zult', Il:-ily 'l'Imnl.1w. 'l'lnir1l lhvw, lmis LZIINPII, I"ram4'n-- llmizl, I'zal l"ry1-, IS:-H5 Imglvv. llmqulhxll Svlxe-ll, Lumix I-'vll, Immim' Inlllgxmlllii, liullmlu Vvvuoly, ll:-rlrlnlv Early. Svrmul Row. lin-wrly i"iiIiIl'Iij', Ninn llmlnzulll, Nlnrianl liilllhllil. l'zll Smith, l'ill'iYll Allmlll. I'illllil'l' l.ut'gn-11. .hun- Susirh, Clmrluttv Sluytvr. llutlnln Iluw: Yixiam i'.ilIil'X, llnilmlan Blum:-, lu-lmix Smith. i"lJIllI'4'x Nlm-llmwll, Xl:ltilnl:1 Swirls. Milliilll Num, .Immu- Xvllix, llaizvl Xlilvlwll. llrwk limi: .lnyvv llnrlln-il, l,inl:1 Ilulglllulzx, Hn-ltlllnlv l'intu, Xlm-lim llllnlslp, ,luliiw llalxtlvtl. llzuxin-I Wing, I'ntril'il Km-arm, ,lm-gm l'm'ln. Yilgilli.u llulvlninwu. Slam NI4'l.n-llzm, Aiillllil' 'I':a1k:l. lfmlrlll Run llumillu ll.eIki1l4'X, Xlznion iillll'iliIIN4lll, lbs-un lin-rtwll, Yinlrl .ln-gm l':umix'li:l4-l. Yirtmisu Xin'll,1lml, l.m'ille 'l'n3Iur, Malilyll Xlm'l5l'i4ln-, Nllniiv Snillwluv, lhllll .lnlllnxlmy l,illi:n1 Kulm'l1:nln-, Nlnry lllltrlxins. 'l'l1ir1l Ihm: lmix Nlrdlznllm, ll.m-I lflnlnwlg, Aidly Stzuli, l-Imlitln liu!n'l'la, lllmizl ltnluilmul, lmif lllzullm-5. Xl.u5 Hun, iillllllilllilillll, Virginia Sluulmli. S1-wmul Run: l'ntrim'i:a 1' 1,-six i'illll'lIl'LIlIl'I, 1'u11Nl:m1'n- llrve-4l4'n, ll4m-lnslry lizall. lCi:l lm- llzmmnl. lin-lin lin-lu, NLM llnilivn. Agln-A l'ull:lglu:xn, lfflilll Ibm. Xlnlgulvl Vrilipvli. l"l:1m'vx 'l':1lyll.l1lg11', llwllliv Vllzxvaxliix, Luis Jnllllslmx. Vnlul lm- X1-lwm. Lui.: iiujlllll1i.l Alllill'X Svlmrr. Over The Air They're on the air! It is Friday, the time 4:15, adj E.H.S. has another half-hour broadcast to make. The credit is due to the members of the radio clazs who meet with Mr. Jamieson every day after school except Thursday and plan these programs. Voice recordings are made, dramatic skits rehearsed, news is collzcted, and mike technfque is developed. The script writers prepare the weekly program and handle informal discuss- isns on timely topics. Those intere ted in the t-Lchnical aspect cf radio, blend music and voice, handle transmitting Cf programs over the te ephone to KIEM, ani regulate the volume throughout the half hour. The programs consist of dramatic skits, school news, musical selections by the glee club, band and orchestra, individual speakers, quiz programs, and panel discussions. The major objectives of the course are to acquaint students with problems of radio broadcasting, to train in writing and producing educational script, to pro- vide training in announcing, to study technical aspects and acting through broadcasts, to assist in teaching correct use of principles in English and public speaking, and to providie a basis for appreciation of quality in radio production. Left to right: Vernon Anplewliitv, Silas llvss, Eli Nnrclnuist. Ed Baldwin, I!ns:,m-II llmlge. fil'l'll'lIlll' Pinto. .Innes llriiglietia, Lola Beasley, Agnes lanlg, .Ierry Falor, Beverly Winzler, Kathryn Morgan, Barbara Mrl'arihy, Mary Gllninre, Marilyn l"alk, Marilyn liaison, Jacqueline Kennedy, Alice Caltnfl, Bonnie Lee Green, Mary lim-vkwiili. t -,-, .,,.. t r A . . ' ' ,Q-ftiitsft ' Page Sixty-seven Slitlllillllll Nlr. u'l'll'llh!'lft'lIit'I, Aulnliey Wm-lull, l':n XlC'llll4lslI. litllilllll Slillllllll, Lois liasuer, l'eggy Ailili, l,1n'.:iinr Xliti'ln'll. llzieli Rim: I-'ay 'I', linlv Sloth-, Glennis Nlulke-5, Ha i'ill'l'1llIl'U, llnlzuil l'm':nei-, I'eriy lbi-lam-5, Ge-ralil i'lIllI'l'llill, Rin' l'I'lllIl'il'lll. lilstlivr Smith, lion lizinger, Mary Xlelntosli, Wallace l'r:m'rnl't, Elmo l'atI1-n, Ruin-It Nt'hNll'I, Georgi- lirrlzil. Fall Tuili, KilllI0l'lIIl' 'l'.lrli, Wallaiiw- lillliut, xl2ll'LI2ll'1'l llznells, lluli .loin-4, Gail .InImson. llnln-ri l'z-zilve. Sei-mul limi- lmrotlly llalsln, K:1tl1l'yll ixlliliiilll, Nlelxin liernier, liuly Failson. Fay liiitt, l'i-guy .lanw liliilge-, Ruby Qlill I"nI l4'V'illev l'liil Ili-lnnlg Sui- la-V:llli'y. .lime I'znki-r. Mzixine Slliyh-1, Sanlina Ilel Hrallile. Xlileln-il MIIIIIJX. lfrullt limi: Gladys Smith, llarolil Nelson, .lnlm Stone, Elsie lim-ng:-, Slzniun l.illI!FI', Gene- llunile-iso-n. lmiis Nli'l':lllll, Lulu Xlalwy, -lf'l'onlv Swanson, lflrm-st Wynier. Our Band ---- Praise for our band has been expressed by all those who have seen them in full uniform at their frequent appearances. Performing successful marching stunts during half-time at the football games, playing at basketball games, tak- ing part in a rally parade in the down-town area, and assisting in patriotic cere- monies, festivals, concerts, and many civic and Student Body affairs, have resulted, in one of the busiest years for the band. The spring band is the largest our school has ever had. It is made up of sixty members of our Student Body who are interested, eager to learn, and want the experience of working with others in such an outstanding organization, The instrumentation, providing good balance, has played an important part in this group's success. Several splendid recordings as well as numerous elaborate performances have been made by our band. Page Sixty-eight - - - - And Orchestra Our orchestra has continued to develo durin the ast ear, not so much P g P Y in number but with improved instrumentation and qua'1ty of performance. This or 'anization 5 ends its time stud in standard works both b the iv P Y 3 Y old masters and modern composers. During the year the orchestra made its appearance on a number of oc- casions. Among them were the winter concert, where it performed in cannec- tion with glee Clubs and band: the spring concert: the fall play, "Adam and Eva", where they performed as a theatre orchestra: and at the Music Fesiival held in the spring. Some fine recordings were made during the czzurse of year, some of which were used on the school's radio broadcast. lfirst llaui IH-ggiv llihlwri, llarrel l'ilillll'l'll, Flitzie Xlantlxvs. Hlsii' Rx-llgv, Margrarz-t Sl1IIl'lN, Mary IiluIi1'vIli1'h. Sue l,Q'Y2Illl'5. Sn-emlzl limi: Vllzulntli- Qiri-viau. liillllillil linyil, Vat Hl'l'l'II, Hlailys Smith, Lirla Blalrry, 3l1lI'1.I2II'Q'l Imnmall. 'l'hir1l Run. Hiigvltu l.Q'Slxlllk'll, xlillj limwkuitll. Zulu Marie' Hill, liuh Hill, Ellu-l l'lllII'l'll, Thais lialiluin, Phyllis Hifforll, .Luck K1llL1!'l liill l'lllllllIlg'llilYlI, Maxim- Slllyh-r. June I'al'kn-r, liomtlu liramzltun, IN-gm Aillh. l'lll1II'lll Run: Nlilliw-In HXIIIJIII, Wayne Cam-. Arlinv NIIIVIGAX, Kay Wilkinson, hliIl1llII'l'l Hun-ns, Elm-alms SIlI'1lt'lll, Slillllllllflf Mr. uil'iK'lll'lfUllll'I. l'illL.1l'IIQ' lllIH'lQlllIl'll, l.nrr:linr Blitrlirll, Pal I,e'Y:illvy. Page Sixty-nine , f :Ml ll li is i'i'Vlll il' 5 i 5, Adam and Eva: Leland Maudlin, Darrel Flaherty, Gladys Roberts, Bob Kellen, James Bfaghelia, Dan Jennings, Fay Thomas, Mary Gilmore, Elizabeth Kramer, and Bill Fernandes. Adam And Eva Family trouble! That is what was wrong with Father King Qotherwise Dan Ienningsj in our school play "Adam and Eva" which was given in the Junior High Auditorium on December 13, 1940. And two extravagant daughters, Julee De Witt and Eva King Clilizabeth Kramer and Fav Thomasj didn't help matters along. Clinton DeWitt, husband of julie QBill Fernandesj , spent the old man's mon' ey without doing a bit of work. The partff Mr. King's faithful maid, Corinthia, was acted by Mary Gil- more. Those dashing suitors of Evais, Dr. Delameter Uames Braghettaj, the Scotch fortune hunter Lord AndrewQDarrel Flahertyl, and the home-loving Adam Smithflueland Maud inj afforded the romance of the play. The man of all ailments, Uncle H0raceQBob Kellenj, and the sophisticated sister-in-law, Aunt AbbyfGladys Roberts? provided the comedy. When bills, run up by his ungrateful family, provej too much for Father he left Adam Smith in full charge of his family and business affairs and went on a trip to his rubber plantation in South America. In desperation Adam faked a story that the family had become bankrupt and took them to a chicken farm in Newark. Adam, Corinthia, Lord Andrew, Eva, and Julie raised chickens while Clin- ton got a job in town, Uncle Horace sold life insurance, and Aunt Abby mar- ried a rich old man. What a surprised man was Father King on his return home to find the family of his former dreams! Page Seventy Their ames On The Cup The winners in the spring Speech Arts contest of 1940 were james Braghetta in the lower division, and Bill Granich in the upper division. Bothi speakers spoke on the topic "Over Here and Over Thereu. Bill's talk was notable for his appropriate use of strong expressions, one of which was his climax, "Some people call it war, but I ca l it hell!" In liis prize-winning speech, james declarel, "There is no intellecrual freedom in a totalitarian state." I-Ie concluded with, "Thank God for Americaf, The other students who participated were Millie Ann Koger and Merricon- nie Gossett in the upper division, and Margaret Donovan and Sidney Hansen in the lower division. The fall contest of the same year had very close competition for first place in both upper and lower divisions. The scale finally balancel in favor of Mary jane Halsby and Lois Larsen. Eris Green and Carol Lee Nelson received second place. One section of Mary Janeis talk should be especially noted. She said, "A dark night will not cover the world because democracy is now taking its stand." And again, "The desert of the nations will rejoice and blossom like the roseg the seas will no longer dividieq and deep in the heart of all classes and races will stir the sense of human brotherhodj in the abiding neighborhood of all peoples." Each of the winners has his or her name engraved on the silver cup the library presented to the Student Body in 1922. But now this cup is covered with names and the Student Body is porchasing a new one this semester. , Q 2 ' James Braghetta, Bill Granieh, Lois Larsen, Mary Jane Halsby Page Seventy-one Left to right: Mary Harriet Tracy, Margaret Donovan, Margaret Goodwin, Mary .lane Halsby, Faith Adams, Margaret Viale, Faith Hdpe, Alta Fulton, Alice Caltoft, Crystal Gessler, Betsy Babcock, Eris Green, Royal Potter, Beverly Wlnzler, Gay Williams. Literary,Laurels Observing Book Week- ' -November 10 to 16, 1940" -was a big affair for E.H.S. In keeping with the theme, a program was held. A playlet, "Shakespeare's Garden Club", intrdduced several women char- acters from Shakespeare's Writings. This play Was under the direction of Mrs. Elene Knighton and those taking part were Margaret Viale, Faith Adams, Crys- tal Gessler, Margaret Donovan, Faith Hope, Royal Potter, Margaret Goodwin, Gay Williams, Melnee Boy d, Mary Harriet Tracy, Alta Fulton, Beverly Winz- ler, Mary Jane Halsby, Alice Caltoft, Betsy Babcock, and Eris Green. Three selections, "Hail Alma Mater", "Cherubim Song", and "Temples Eternal" were sung by the A Cappelfa Choir. Beverly Wing, Bryce Connick, Dorothy Rolley, Francis Carroll, and Mar- ilyn Walsh were those taking part in the play, "A Sisterly Scheme", directed by Miss Ruby Powell. "My B-est Friends in Books" was the topic of the lower division essay contest. Norman Swanson was awarded the first prize, honorable mention went to Helen Ann Neale and Alice Caltoft. In the upper division the topic was "My Favorite Author". The first award was presented to Betsy Babcock, and Eris Green and Jacqueline Levey received honorable mention. "Good Books - - Good Friends" was the topic of the poster contest in which Francis Naas was awarded first prize. Phyllis Ricardo received honorable men- 121011. First prize in the book plate contest was presented to Phyllis Ricardog hon- orable m-ention went to Jacqueline Levey and Evelyn Johnston. Page Seventy-two In The Christmas Spirit "lt is far more Satisfactory to give ihan to receive ,wif-,,.Q '-'W All ready for St. Nick QQ X Q1 J. Newnn-er Good Sportsmanship Prevails ,hn Maurer ab Brennan ave Del Grande Zill McMillan Laurence Saundersoen Frank Cerny Bill Wahlund Carl Nelson Captain Bill Prentice Coach Jay Willard Carl Del Grande Darrel Cavanaugh Bon Ingraham Tcm Bartlett Dorman Willard Louie Nitchman Joe Aruda Warn-n Ruud Bntinm Row' Gm-urge Brazil, Huh Roll, l.IIlll'l'IlI't' Ssilizirlzwsuli, lmriiizlii Willard, Georgu- Winzler, Sill Gilmore, Huh .lnhnson, .Inlm Rziillrli, .luv .lrru1l:u, Second llmr: l,rruy lmliin, Roy llauiwu. Mark Ala-ls-nrly. .lim .lnlmstmu-, Kill Wnhluuxl, 'l'1vm. lsartli-tt. llurry Arggri, l-'loyll I'n-te-ns. Third Rem: llzm' llrl Khzillilr, lil-h Im,u:il1:in1, .luhu hlElllI'1'l, Huh lhvnllzlli, lY2ll'l'l"ll lillllll, Hill l'lt'lllll'Q', Furl Del Gramde, llill Mdlillsili, Frzink 1'vruy, llill Nlralillzm. Ton Rim: .lim Walsh, .luri-ll Snmlkmirli, l':irI Xvlsull, Kill liiiniinglisini, Alfie-fl l'mli1-li. l,i-nie Nitrhman. Inn-rl-ll l':n'ain:im,1l1, Ilzirulil Nurrun. llwlu-rt Ks-llwn, Fliiylmi Wlivm-li-r. Capturing the C.I.F. county championship with decisive wins over Ferndale and Arcata, the Eureka High Loggers ended their season with five wins and four defeats. The season started with the alumni squad, headed by Rod Coffron and Louis Tomanovich, scoring on an intercepted Logger pass in the final minutes after trailing the Red Green during the entire game. Eureka was then invaded by Pittsburg, the leading team in the bay dis' trict. The Southern boys, pre-game favorites, lived up to all expectations but were held to our score by the determined Loggers. Next, the Red and Green journeyed to Medford where they were met by a huge pep parade. At the half time the score stood 36 to 6 with the Oregonians on 'the top end. In the final quarter Captain Bill Prentice, led an attack which netted the Loggers three more touchdowns and a conversion. Prentice, playing his greatest game for E.H.S., gained 144 of the total 159 yards from scrimmage. Returning to Eureka the Loggers went through tough practice sessions in preparation for the Arcata tilt. Intense rivalry was displayed on the field but the Loggers carried too much axe for their White City foes. Enthusiasm and determination were high among the squad before the Duns- muir tilt. On the gridiron the determination proved the winning point. Time after time the Orange and Black was thrown for losses while the Red and Green marched twice over the Dunsmuir goal. Before the powerful Pelicans of Klamath Falls the Loggers were held score- less until the final quarter. The game was played during the height of a drench- ing dgownpour before a handful of spectators. Fort Bragg fell easy victim to the up-and coming Loggers. Starting in sec- ond quarter the Red and Green scored almost at will- Every' member of the Eur- eka High squad saw some action. In the second lhalf of the county championship series the Loggers easily overwhelmed the Red and White of Ferndale. Substitutions were made freely but it was not until the final minutes that ,the Cream City Eleven was able to score. Frustrated while on Eureka's one-yard line by a fifteen-yard penalty, the Vallejo Apaches took a 7 to 0 scalping from the Loggers. Prentice galloped 19 yards on an off-tackle play for the lone tally of the game. September 27 Eureka6, Alumni 13 October 4 Eureka 0, Pittsburg 7 October 11 Eureka 25, Medford 36 October 19 Eureka 20, Arcata 7 October 25 Eureka 13, Dunsmuir 0 November 1 Eureka 6, Klamath Falls 14 November ll Eureka 43. Fort Bragg 0 November 21 Eureka 25, Ferndale 6 November 26 Eureka 7, Vallejo 0 Prentice shatters Fort Bragg game. Page Seventy-nine From the bench 11's in the air! Page Eighty 1.i:1:-lp. In llza- Imck fix-Ll: livin Imusllxallll, ri1:!:1 lmll' lmvlv.: lhm- Ilvl ll im e-, Iull Im-lx: ll.Il I'n-:Lim-1-, lm-I'I lmlr' lmvh: llllllllilll W.I!:11.i. 11:l:u'lm'l'Iuu'k. Lim-: ,lulm XlilllI'1'I. right mul: Vlillllx l'vrny, light Izlrklvj Ilill NlrMillam, light gulzml: 1'.u'l Xvlwu, K'1'lIll'IQ w'2ll'lL'll lhmzl. im-fl gnnrmlz Iiuh Hl'l'llIIillI, lvft Iawklz-1 tml Ilvl Gr.n1.h-, ln-fl 1-ml, Loyal sons of Euroka High Page Eighty-one John Maurer Bob Bell Carl Del Grande Dorman Willard Frank Cerny Jack Wheeler Tom Bartlett K , W I I 6 ' Captain EMM Heavyweights Page Eighty- Lightweights Tim Morrow Bert Scuri Bob Hill Bill Cunningham Allrn Hill llo lVlclVlillzm Curt Spinzw ll 1 3 l Captain Frank Hale Page Eighty-three Bark Row: Frank f'l'I'IlX, Don Ilamnn, Hs-rniam liistrin. John xlillll'l'I', Holi Bri-iiiisin. Pre mt Row: Sid Gilninn-, lluh li:-ll, Tum Bartlett. Vail Ile-I Graiirlv, Meliin Amlersmi. Basketball Frank Hale, Bill Cunningham, Allen Hill, Jimmy Morrow, and Don Dun' can were the only veterans returning to the 1941 lightweight squad. After losing the first game of the schedule to Fortuna, the Logger Lightweights came back and won two straight before losing again. Captain Frank Hale with his cool steady, close guarding was one of the outstanding lightweights. Allen a1S.l Bob Hill, brothers, were two steady' sharp' shooting players. Allen played guard and was a good long shot while Bob, although inexperienced, was a good pivot man. Bill Cunningham and Jimmy Morrow were two fast, tricky forwards both being exceptionally good shots. "Bo" McMillan was a very good substitute at either guard or forward. Curt Spinas was a great push shot artist and the team's best treat as a scorer. Other members of the squad were a s follows: "Zeke" Saunderson Gerald Carrico, Bob Carlson, Don Duncan, Bert Scuri, and Jack Winters. The Lightweights won five games and lost six. The heavyweights with seven veterans returning started the season with Del- Grande and Bell, forwards, Wheeler, center, Brennan and Wfillard, guards. Captainediby'1Bob Brennan, the Loggers lost a thrillsr to Fortuna in the first game of the season. Wlien Dorman XVillard was lost to the heavyweights via th: graduation route, his position at guard was filled by Frank Cerny. Page Eighty-four The Logger heavyweights were the "hard luck" team of the league, losing four games by three points or less. Their captain, Bob Brennan, was a very good long shop artist amd a good floor man. Playing in the hole was Carl DelGrande who led the team inscoring and was constantly a threat to the opponent. At the two forwards were "Jake" Wheeler and Frank Cerny. "Jake" was a good long shot and the team's best recovery man. John Maurer was the strongest replacement and with Tom Bartlett formed a pair of very capable reserves. Other members of the team were as follows: .Dick Scott, Don Dayton, George Brazil, Herman Bistrin, and Sid Gilmore. The heavyweights won six and lost four games. Lightweight scores: Heavyweight Scores: Eureka-22 Fortuna-23 Eureka-22 Fortuna-24 Eureka-34 South Fork-28 Eureka-54 South Fork-16 Eureka-33 Hoopa-10 Eureka-32 Hoopa-16 Eureka-14 Del Norte-16 Eureka-36 Del Norte-10 Eureka-29 Ferndale-27 Eureka-26 Ferndale-28 Eureka-25 Arcata-28 Eureka-25 Arcata-27 Eureka-28 Fortuna-41 Eureka-20 Fortuna-23 Eureka-21 South Fork-19 Eureka-54 South Fork-12 Eureka-12 Del Norte-23 Eureka-38 Del Norte 10 Eureka-22 Ferndale-26 Eureka-26 Ferndale-16 Eureka won both games from Arcata by forfeit. Burk Row: .lim Morrow, Frank Hale, llill Flllllllllilllillll, Bu Mehlillam, Allen Hill I+'ronl Now: Huh llill, Roh l':irlsull, Gvnllli l'1lI'I'll'll, lion llllllfilll, Bert Seuri. ,. . .... i EF Page Eighty'five S PM ulwr-iglns :md Iln-:n'ywvi1.:h1s 1-ml up sms X lI's IIN' llm-avywviglmlrt' Vil'l0'I'5! Page Eighty-six C9 , Back Pow: Ray Sweet, Curt Spinas, Jim Morrow, Gerald Carrico S Front Row: Rob Carlson. Don Sholion, Lloyd Gardnvr. Us Back Row: Don Lautin, Bob Hill, Edward Alora. Front Row. Rlll Woodcock, Gmnc Lucas. Page Eighty-seven l i Back Row: John ltmiieh, Elton Melaiin, Bill Hiestnut, Frank Cerny, llarulil Nxwrmni, Huh Bell, Bob Brennan, Frank Hale, Conch Momieylmin. Second Row: Bill Wahlunil, Lloyd lllmirne, .Ie-rry l'm-ur, .lack Brcxnnam, Bill Prentice, llarnion Kisklla. Front Row: Dun lmyton, Arleigh llale, Louie heal, lliek llermudez. Three Strikes and Out Despite the fact that there was no C.l.F. baseball in 1940. the athletes of the diamond had a very successful year of baseball. Under the direction of Coach L. L. Mooneyham, intramural teams were chosen and the varsity Red and Green team was selected from these 60 or more boys. Brennan, Beauchamp, Chestnut, Stark, Couer, and Prentice were picked by Coach Mooneyham to choose teams. Intramural baseball awards were given to all members of Prentice's team. Outstanding performances in pitching were shown by Couer, who pitch- ed two and three-hitters, and Beauchamp, who hurled a no-hitter, and a two-lhitter. High School Baseball The ax was swung by Coach Mooneyham on the lntramural squads and suits were issued to the following: A. Hale, F. Hale, Cerny, Prentice, B. Bren- nan, Leal, McLain, Monroe, Beauchamp, Couer, J. Brennan, Bell. Bcrmudez. Page liightywight Wahlund, Radich, Narron, Dayton, Del Grande, Chestnut, and Brazil. May 14. . . Ferndale vs. Eureka The Eureka High team defeated the Ferndale Wildcats 3-2 in a one- sided victory as far as hitting was concerned. Jorgensen allowed the L0 ers 7 hits h'l B h a no-hit game in 7 innings. gg w ie eauc amp and Couer pitched May 25 . . . Del Norte vs. Eureka Eureka came out on top 6 to 1. June 6 . . .Del Norte vs. Eureka The Crescents were held scoreless until the sixth inning. At the end of nine innings the Loggers Won by a score of 19 to 7. S F T 'i .. tt- .-. NH . I -....... r l.ET'l'EliMEN: Standing-ll. Del Grande, B. 1llEl'llllillIl. Sitting: on stepsi ll. Willard, B. Wahlund, H. Kiskila, A, Hill, C. Roscoe, E. McMillan, .I. Maurer, .l. Murrow ll Narruu, W. Ruud, R. Laurilliard, l'. Del Grande, T. Baker, T. Bartlett, D. l5t'f!llllll0Z, A. llalz-, ll. Uranfielrl J Mcllunald, A. Uurder. Sitting un podium: li. Saundersuu, B. Prentice, C, Nelson, B lirenuan I" Hale I lhdich ll NIMIIII . , . , ., . , . r 1 im, B. lllll ll. Sweet, F. Cook, B. Carlson, V. Dahl. The Cinder Path The outcome of the 1940 C.I.F. track meet held in Ferndale was de- cided by the last two events of the meet when Eureka swept both the light- Weight and heavyweight relays to overcome a 3 and 2-3 point Fortuna lead. Alora, Dygert, Morrow, andHil1 were the winning group in the light- weight relays. Morrow, anchor man on the team, staged a brilliant finish to win by less than three inches from the Ferndale man. The Logger heavyweights cinched the meet with a speedy relay victory run by Prentice, Langer, Nichols, and Narron. Two recordss were broken when Hfuddleson of Del Norte broadjumped 19 feet 2 and 1-8 inches, and Mahan, of Fortuna, cracked the 200 low hurdles mark by running it in 23.1 secondss. The reconds for the meet are as follows: LIGHTWEIGHTS: High jump: Hud- dlesonlDNJ, first: NordicktFo.J, second: FreylFe.J, third: Hos:ierlFo.b, PritchardfAJ fourth ltieb. Height: 5'3" Low Hurdles: LorenzotFe.J, first: HaleylFo.l, second: GriffinlAJ, third: Ros- coelED, fourth. Time: 15.9 seconds Pole Vault: EisnerlFo'.J, GriffinlAJ, first ttielg DahlfEl, RylandertAJ, fourth ltiel. Height: 8'9" 100 yard-dash: MaitteolilAJ, first: MorrowlEJ, second: ConnicklF0.7, third: EisnerfFo.J, fourth. Time: 11 seconds Shot Put: GriffinKAJ, first: WigtonlFo.l, second: Saundersontlil, third: Frey fFe.J, fourth. Distance: 46'3" 440-yard Dash: FreytFe.l, first: 'ConnickfFo.J, second: Hil1iEJ, third: Walker tFe.J, fourth. Time: 57.8 seconds er Q , - s - - he-1 - Y M Q t- f''+5f,-fm. , ,ni Mg Front Row' limi Watson, Ilohurt .I:ikotich, 14111 ltinul, Ilunulil Lnlugur, Zane Nichols, llnrmun Willaml, 1-my l'r:infield. li N Burk Row: llnrrel lirown, lit-Imam! Argeri, Galen Olsen, Clark Nvllist, Gerald Coeur, Bill Prentice, Haro! arrnn. Page Ninety Broad Jump: HuddlesonfDNJ, first: EisnertFo.J, second: GriffintAJ, third: ManosartDNl, fourth. Distance: 18' 2 and 1-8" 220-yard Dash: MatteolitAJ, first: MorrowtEJ, second: HaleytFo.J, third: O'BrientFo.J, fourth. Time: 24.7 seconds Relay: Won by Eureka. Alora, Dygert, Hill, and Morrow. Time: 50.7 Seconds HEAVYWEIGHT: Pole Vault: JonesfAJ, first: BarnestFo.J, ClausentFe.l, sec- ond ttiel: Ruud and Browntlill, fourth ftiel. Height: 10'6" High Hurdles: FriedenbachtFo.J, first: NellistfEl, second: NicholsfEJ, third: GodditAJ, fourth. Time: 17 seconds Broad Jump: NicholstEl, first: Narron,tEl, second: Pier5alltAJ, third: Liscom IAJ, fourth. Distance: 20'5" 880-yard Run: CoeurtEJ, first: BrowntDNl, second: WoodcockfFo.l, third. Tilme' 2 minutes 10.9 seconds 100-yard Dash: MahantFo.J, first: NarrontEl, secondz: PrenticelED, third: Lang- ertEJ, fourth. Time: 10.4 seconds 440-yard Dash: BartowitFo.J, first: C0eurtEl, second: BrowntDNJ, third: Can- trelllAJ, fourth. Time: 55.8 seconds High Jump: FriedenbachtFo.J, first: Hal1CFo.J, LiscomfAJ, second ltiel: Nel- listfEJ, fourth. Height: 5'7" Mile Run: Pifferini,fAJ, first: WatsonlEJ, second: CranfieldCEl, third: Moore- headlDNJ, fourth. Time: 5minutes, 5 seconds 220 yard-dash: Langertlil, first: NarrontEb, second: BurgessiFo.J, third: Cham- pieiD'NJ, fourth. Time: 23 seconds 200-Low Hurdles: MahanCFo.J, first: Nicholstlill, second: NellistfEl, third' FerrentFo.l, fourth. Time: 23.1 seconds Shot Put: FriedenbaclqCFo.J, first: PrenticeiEJ, second: OverholtKFo.l, third: LangeriEJ, fourth. Distance: 47'11" Relay: Won by Eureka, team composed of Prentice, Nichols, Langer, and Nar- ron. Time: 1 minute 37.7 seconds 1 lhzck Ihxw: l"z:rrcll Zulu-l, l'llIlI'l.'i, vlhlllill lmhl, lluyiun Murray, Merritt Neale, Leonard Stevens, Fflblll Row: l,:mrvm'c SlIllllll0I'Qllll, Warren Rumi, Watrrcn Sweziringer, .lim Murrow, Edwainl Alum, Bill llubinsull. Page Ninety-one f Lead Un To Victory Annie Bassi, Jean Lewis, Don Hurst, Mary Beckwith, DOl'0thy Pimental. l Camellia Halkides, Marjorie Wahlund, Dorothy Brazelton, Anne Radich, Dorothy Still, Frances Naas, Audrey Waters, Lois Kirkemo, Bonnie Lee Green, Doris Hansen, Frances Prather, Estell Kahre, Eris Green. Page Ninety'two Gn The Court !.-.......,-, W--- . ., , W, Dorman Willard, Betty Morrell, Charles Sweet, Georgie Williams. After approximate'y five weeks of tennis playing, the top six in both the girls' and boys' ladder play off the four high positions in each division. These four highest players represent the school on the tennis team in the inter' school county tennis tournament held in the latter part of May, under the supervision of the C.I.F. The semi'finals for the year 1940 were held at Arcata with Hoopa, Ar- cata, and Eureka players competing. Winners in this tournament competed against the winners in the South Fork, Ferndale, and Fortuna contest. Eureka finally won the following matches in the final tournament: Girls' Singles, Boys' Singles, Mixed Doubles, and Girls' Doubles. The players for 1940 were Georgia Williams, Gir's' Singles, Bert Johnson, Boys' Singlesg Lor- raine Logan and Charlotte Dudek, Girls' Doubles, Charles Sweet and Paul Lucas, Boys' Doublesg Betty Morrell and Dorman Willard, Mixed Doubles. There are a large number of beginners going out for tennis this year, and they must strive for accuracy, they must keep their eye on the ball and have a good and correct grip on the racket, these being a few fundamentals which lead to a successful tennis player. Page Ninety-three lllllll ll link lion' 1 Look out for those hockey sticks! Girls ln Shorts Rain or shine, each period of the day and every day of the Week, girls part- icipate in some gym work under the direction of Miss McMillan. The team games, hockey, volleyball, kiekball, and softball, tend to develop i-n the girls the qualities of cooperation and fair play which are vital in every walk of life. The individual games such as tennis, badminton, ping pong, and horseshoes, are popular because they carry over into adult life and afford a beneficial past- une. During the rainy periods old-fashioned dancing is the order of the day. The girls enjoy the quadrilles, the three'step, the military schottische, and the polka. The girls willingly endure sore muscles from the frequent exercises because The champion volleyball tezmn on Ham-I Nlmllllllg. .Xrlinv Murray. l,illiz1n -l1'llllllIl,Is, .llire 'l'l1ssvy. iolrlie l'ln.n':nkis, Sophia Nivkalou. 1llllll'l'lXlllll', llosvlnary Ml'l.!lllt!llllll,.lt'JIlllI1' .Killa-1'. Wave K... Ts 5 4 -two g ' . rfii'H"....'Z 'Q f The girls get lots of practice in kicking. they know healthful and attractive posture is the reward. Every Friday the girls in the gym classes give instructive talks on general health and hygiene, poise, personality, and manners. Many girls take part in after-school sports, which are hockey, badminton, tennis, volleball, and softball. For the school year Big E's were awarded to Irene Albonico, june McLain, Marjorie Nellist, Mary McLellan, Faith Hope. Mary Lee Wing, Agnes Long Lillan Jennings, Pat Olsen, Crissola Knudsen, Nellia Mae Dickson, Vista Can- nam, Kay Jennings, Inez Frierson, Georgie Williams, Sue Woods, Frances Naas Grace MacMillan, Mary Geitner, Ruby Still, Lois Felt, Lorraine Mitchell, Eva Alexander. Miss McMillan Can we girls hit the ball? Page Ninety-five Spoodhall, om- of Ihv favorito spring sports. L'Miillfil?l0fl,SWil'1f.Iy0L1I' IJ2lI'lYlOI', amd za grand right and lv , n "'iwmw,, -gms. ay. ,. Page Ninety-six Ready, go-1,2,3 lilvk Row: .lllne 5ll'l.ilill, l'ln-urn Slnillm-I, f'fiSMllIlKlllI.lNL'Il. Hllllx' Still, Mary GL'iIIIl'l", Jilllt' llmwsjlilalrvmi 'I'rnIl. Maury Nlrln: vom! Ron: Eu-lynn Koss-h, Slllllliil Nia-k:almx,I,uis IH-ll. Im-z Frin-rsnn, Kutlwrim- .lQ'llIlill1.ZS,I"l'Ell!l'i'5 Num. lfrunt Row: I,urrnim- Nlivln-ll, Nu-Hiv Slum' llirk- Nm, Vivian lvllilllillll, I.i!Ii:u1 .ls-nningw, Hl'IN'l'Ill'llMCMHIEIII, Em Al:-w:nmh-r Page Ninety-seven ,i. -1111' -.-i,.,,..1.1-1l--1'- ,1l,. -,,1,...1.....i11-1-- lil-l--i-1-1-1 .i-.11-1 -,l-1.1.1-1-1--11 ,l.. J. Newcume The Finishing Touch -map K-A . 'Z -A MQ ,N S, .fi . V an Rvziding zivross Isl row: Studying hard, Girls? Fziyc and Lylc Carry on thv movi- ing Ge-tling an vduczition Iboggonv il! Zmi row: C':1n'1 ho hothc-rc-d, wv'rv valin' Bert and his harmonica. Zlrci row: Suv iixvs that how in plzivv Rc-Mixing on school time? Page One hundred .7 Qt? Q F . f i ,, t Iliff-i - Reading across ist rnw: What a big understanding! Is Mr, Morgan walking out on us ?-Hmm! get their phone number. 2nd row: Niece and aunt ponder over the situation.,-Bev and George, brother and sister. Stayton's Gang. 3rd row: See no evil?? ? ?wWe're betting on the winner 4Down but not out. Page One Hundred-one Rvading from top to bottom lst, row: Darrel makes it shinQmDotris and Wilma 'saw thc' birdiv R0y's tmodol t'?J car. 2nd row: Barb and Faith, two Of our orators f-Aggie, Dolores, and Pat saw thc jokc? ? ? Lon, onv of the Killer Dillors. Still stcadios!! 3rd row: Happy about something Esthc-r?ff-Here we find Camilla, Elsie, and Marge Still stvzidivs. ,lr ,.....----- Rl'2ldiI1Q.I ZIITOSS lst row: Pvp comimittvm- puts on salt'-4Uh, w'v'ro kind oi' lmshfllll 21--:F-ff nt IOVK ortunfl girls as guests-The Hi-Y mm-ting gots underway Ilonvst, this was unposvd. 3rd row: It's zilrvady taken, kids- ffShucks, they Won Jennie sure looks stufiious. Our Thank-You Note - - - - - - - to all you who so willingly helped this Sequoia Staff make our 'l941 annual what it. is. Thank you,Advertisers. you have backed us with your ads and .made possible a book of this size. We hope your name will appear in next Ayear's ahnual. The exatreme generosity of the class of january '41 and June '41 enabled us to have more pictures than ever in our annual. What would we have done without the financial aid of these Senior classes, basketball teams, Hi-Y, Ex- calibur clubs? We just couldn't have a stiff cover! Mr. Doren spent many hours of his time taking and printing the pictures which appear throughout the book. Edmund Baldwin took the fine shot of the Seniors in their caps and gowns appearing on page 35. We thank every one who helped us the least little bit. The Staff sin- cerely hopes this book will make your efforts worthwhile. We pause a .moment to pfay tribute to Barbara Rhodes whose death occurred May ls, 1941. Barbara was a member of the june graduating class and her picture appears on page 42. As this book was already on the press her name does not appear in "In Memoriam" in the front of the book. Page One Hundred-four Bank of America's more than two million four-hundred and fifty-thousand depoSit0rS are served by a trained staff of over 9000 men and Women .... all par!-owners of ifzis slate- wide bank. BANK OF AMERICA IS NOT ONLY LOCATED IN 307 CALIFORNIA COMMUNITIES, BUT IT'S 152,000 OWN- ERS ARE MOSTLY CALIFORNIA, INCLUDING A STAFF OF OVER 9,000 MEN AND WOMEN. WHEN You TRANSACT BUSINESS WITH ANY MEMBER OF THE BANK OF AMERICA STAFF, YOU ARE ACTUALLY BEING SERVED BY AN OWNER- "BANK AMERICANS" RENDER THE SAME PER- SONALLY INTERESTED TYPE OF SERVICE YOU NAT- URALLY EXPECT FROM THE OWNER OF ANY BUS- INESSS' Bank of America BANKING THAT IS BUILDING CALIFORNIA Your savings fund in the Bank of America enjoys the protection of America's fourth largest bank . . . a bank with large capital and diversified California-Wide resources . . . a bank which is a member of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. EUREKA BRAIICHES 500 Fifth Street. , 350 E Street. Page One Hundred-five DALY BROS. Humbolclt's Own Store For 46 Year's I2 Dalys Have Attended Eureka High THEREFORE WE KNOW ALL ABOUT WHAT THE HIGH SCHOOL BOY OR GIRL NEEDS TO WEAR WE'RE 100 percent FOR YOU EUREKA HIGH H. H. BUHNE CO. Inc. Hardware, Crockery Athletic Goods Thd dFS E kClf PgO I-Idd WE WELCOME YOU AS A DEPOSITOR THE BANK of EUREKA Commercial and Savings A Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THIRD AND E STREET IURILKA CALIFORNIA PgO Hdd Success to the Gracfuafes The Standard Furniture Company Rae BfYaU H. R. Bartlett FIFTH AND H STREETS. The J. C. PENNY COMPANY "Humboldt 'S Friendly Department Store " Fifth and G Streets. Eureka Calif. Cloney's Dr u g Stores RED CROSS PHARMACY 427 F Street Phones 360-361 SIXTH AND F STREET DRUG STORE 537 F Street Phone 18 SANITARH DAIRIES CCD. Qualitq Dairq Products Sixth and D Street Phone 418 Page One Hundred-eight THE BON BONIERE Lunch Fountain Candy and Ice Cream A PLACE TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS 433 FS Ph 475 IT IS BETTER TO HAVE THE BEST THAN TO WISH YOU HAD IT ' S30 F STREET EUREKA CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 318 CHEVROLET FOR IQ4I The Car That Is Complete Gustafson-Jenson Co. F rrh and H Streets Eu k C lf P ge One Hundred-n -.-. .,. Ritchie Woods Drugs Prescription The Rexall Store Phone 435 Sth St. and G The Big Four FINE ITALIAN DINNERS PERSONAL MANAGEMENT OF EVANGELIST BROS. "Come up and see us sometime" One mile North of Phone Arcat 215 California for Reserv HOME ELECTRIC CO. Electric Contractors Arcata, 412 Fifth Street Phone 190 L.A. POLAND Wm. MADSEN Phgne PI'1OI'1C 124611 Post Office Market Groceries, Produce, Delicatessen FREE DELIDERU Phone 224 243 S09 H Street YOUR MOTHERS AND DADS WERE- 'fi I 201 1 ' 'xl - 'A,,",:1j If SCHOOL KIDS WHEN WE SOLD OUR ,,,-,--A '--RNXG1 ,,f'Qf,'2f' ' FIRST CAR 29 YEARS AGO W ' ll - -. ,I ,AA .AA at 3 i f fear' A 'si In those 29 years we've found that honest, AV N. ' V, 1' - ' 9 ' -r ' dependable service is the basis of all sound 'QI V' 15? - X a -,f - I Qu 4 business' Y ff F ' INN FORD-MERCURY-LINCOLN-ZEPHY:ER 4 , fvfx f 'f Z . 6th at B HARVEY M4 HARPER Phone 3040 , A-R, Z I Eureka Bowl Present Student Cards and Bowl for Half Price 129 West 4th Street Phone 40 Mc Quary Norris Presents Exclusive Performances With Altinized Engineered Sets Eureka Automotive Supply Co. Fourth and I Streets Phone 186 or 187 ARTHUR JoHNsoN's I-Iumboldt's "Leading Clothers' FOR YOUNG MEN S th and F Street Eureka Calif. Gi1'lS -- Youth Takes The Spotlight in June's Fashion Parade of Hairstyles, Love- ly Brides and Charming Cvrads. 1005 G S treet PATRONIZE THE Phone 1305 ORCHID BEAUTY SHOP Golden Crest Ice Cream Company 3156115 et Ph 368 K. B. IVIC Carthy Dodge-Plymouth Sales 81 Service SEVENTH AND H STREETS EUREKA, CALIFORNIA HORNBROOICS Buster Brown Shoe Store , Buster Brown Shoes Air Step Shoes Roblee Shoes 617 5th Street Eureka, California Pgoridd 1 Danielson 81 Petersen FINE QUALITY Men's VVear and Shoes Fourth andFS t E k Clf tree s ure a, a i or Third and Russ Market Inc. QUALITU MEATS PHONE 441 G Streets Eureka, Californ All Pictures of Graduates 526 F Street Seely Art Studio Phone 148 O -'-: fef-':i?if5f?fFf5fi?- r'.-::V: s e euuuus s a eeees O fe 5 , xg Yffif ' X- WWUAMS fm www' llalnunfg Loma Jeweler O""""""u'w Q Q Q HJL IIWIIIQUIIII ' a e TEN WINDOWS fu,',"':.::m-Pvi1': ":?:':? -all-lf, Biiilrgliyl ON CORNER OF IOOOOOOHOO .,:.V 2 ,,e,r jgsffrezf r-r, :gg-gf e:1:.e. Q EW THIRD sl F ST. I., iz, ,:,:.:' ,. ,Zi.F,,.,.-,.:,:5g-H.-Inj. Page One Hundred-thirteen 1 v 4 1 'r sxr,',vl" ' ' "' 4 ! 1 M Q . 0 . H.: . . . ,, 5 lit apph I ws K wr- , , X , ' 5 f ' mv' f' ,- H 1' WWI- fi 11 K' ,, '- X .kj4' -- .V ."-fmgl 49, , , Q34 ', ,1 ,ug"11w4.' L " 'H 5' Q '?"3T??'? -.1 .S tm,QWsUQW - , .. sv .gg .sf ,- 1. i, ,Y N '- fr , . M: 1.x -1-'1 . . ,E 'L 5: z,,x,-mia-rgzfwgxzv, 7.2 -gg gk-.N-,?, ' vV1W'?l'Ff,-w :uv -1' ,Wy N.,wwvm,M ' xr fb, ,N U -w ' 'Wf,,"4Y,'.+.1p:,gY -,5 ' xg. ,my , ,A 'kt 1 . wi Nkjkaqa T ,, P s f Ui, Q x 2 f .n.,, Hu L, qi, ,X - M.-w , .M M ,KVA-,iv 1. vig, .,ff,.- W. 1 Tir- . W1 4, ,au 'w. L . 1 .5 -Q . V , +4 fm +4 W ' 1 QQ? ' 5 f, J. -.. mm-.Munn mm-df... . x, wmv. kwfwmm- ..-mfgx L1

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