Eureka High School - Le Memoir Yearbook (Eureka, KS)

 - Class of 1950

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,v I x ' 1 Av! "I 1' 'ff F :fl ,Jn - ,hz I fi, ff C. E: 'E 1. WI' f, d ik' V1 I 1 .U A 4 4 9 r ..! .1 vi ,Z . ,' '93 fn' v. . H1 ,Y .3 I u 1 xf ' - xy v ..Z F 'Q 'I 4 , . 's F Y if v A F 25 i -,nf-W-H1 .. ,. 4 , 'v"'vfMw -- mv-f. -gc' r .' ' '?f"f 'WWA vim'-L ., 1112 '1:"1" f. '7 v mf-f'1'v"5r' mq"""'TY'T""T"' ' 1' rv5f"74 .N ,. Q'-'L-Nfl! kg' A""EKl' g'iEQ5fg3w3?,Haig-5',b'gyb'?Wi"T,f:1MTE ?y1W,rff?3-23g ' 4 X Q cbcafion 5 sf' 55 1 wif" 115. vi! -six.-ffvsf ci fr - Y 1.-111 - Zhi? ...T 77 qw-faQ5WLQ'l,79Elifw5? gffiami ' .-fajffivwi? e u en A acu f lib' 'f?4'6ir5:gwjff-Q3 -as -fs"4S'!.:ls ,.3f1fG,'41f zQfv?fu 245: 55... 65.05, ,A ,A ',Q9k.,,l., 0 .?-fi'5'1fiQg,fi"""'f3gP- f-R-W ,S-WSQ me r'?5l.-112-. sg,,.,4,-ill' .wztsavvg e'11vs2-wAs...f4fsJ9f- 'wjbf-2'1" ure a Lg C 00 ge , '17-"av 413,555 Hg' 6, .5 -3 . ,iff-A-Q3 fifxif' . 1 .- '. , , ,..'-Zigy 3.1: A :Q 'Q-1' Q f-2 A -ff.. :g'f'ff1a+41.Q i'd41x2"fi-4 - 3,a?s:b5A3'g,1z+ The annual staff and sponsors of th1s -L,..v.lnsE fw-:.EZ'5:5nrL'A:,': 1:'1,'Q: annual for the year 1949-50, proudly present - . . Tffqfii' ..fIe,z'f'?'AS': Vi: th1s annual espec1ally to you as a memo1r - - of a wonderful and eventful school year. ,,::f". -. - ,j:'1f. -5-Ex p ly., gg--' I' Q '..., .fiyxtffiifaqff'55ll3nis'2l1 ,.n?Zuw1'5J. ?S+?,"r:5'T,3Q'+l' gGfwffW:ufQe:,h'-4.-'QF .-ixfiqgb if-,mln WE?--'2Q55'g:QL.-'a 3, K? Q vzfffijiy- 55:5 4.25, 2455.2-.J "'3iQ'iJ13?!?'l'4'l.' 'fgv n." 5f'?ff3f15,fiif".'- E U R EKA, KANSAS 'e"::fgE14'.-,dx 113105. -'-'f fy 5, ig,--g"gi. 1,Zw-," . -, 1.44.Y,.. .--,,,.,. 4.-., ,..a,,.- ,, .,.,l.-.Q yy., ., 5. 0.5.5. x.,-L,. .Q ,.,fL.5.. .21l'fF+.-'A2:1wZ4?'.:r,'?lif ,eff-fvrd. :fi-:-izff-.'ff5:-rf!-:fir X, ,Li Q C 6 S S - 1+ A l++ J 42 S - L I T5 , H IV: ,I I, Q- Ifv ,:,Q tZ!t:lnt1!i5Z A , TI In JOHN E. CLEMENT T. 5:L,, . -T 1.1 fi if PRINCIPAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE1 CO-SPONSOR SENIOR CLASS. W. C. KAMPSCHROEDER SUPERINTENDENT. LELA MAE HART I SECRETARY TO SUPERINTENDENT AND BOARD or EDUCATION. LAWRENCE E. BLAIR HEAD ATHLETIC COACH AND COMMERCEQCO-SPONSOR SOPH- oMoRE CLASS. VERLAN SHEARBURN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ASSISTANT CoAcH or ALL SPORTSQ CO-SPONSOR FRESHMAN CLASS. DONNA GRAY PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC? VocAL DEPARTMENT. T. D. WHEAT INSTRUMENTAL MUSICL C0-SPONSOR SENIOR MAXINE MORRISON COMMERCE: FACULTY ADVISOR or YEARBOOK1 CO-SPONSOR FRESHMAN CLASSQ Co-SPONSOR G. R. JANE DENNIS SCHOOL NURSE. CLASS. , 339' vWE3ww:wL . I 5-gms A--A FI,f.s.IIIE Am I -IIQKEEQQHQ II- "w:1s:r2.IIwN.V A sv I -S Qfiga , - ' Ziggy ...guyz I qv 'IMI I, im . J, I, A acuity Q WILLIAM B. ANDERSON BIOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE: CO-SPONSOR SENIOR CLASSQ SPONSOR OF DEBATE CLASS. ROSEALEA CAULKINS GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ENGLISHg SPONSOR OF THE TWISTER AND PEP CLUBS Co-SPONSOR OF JUNIOR CLASS. HARRY L. COFFEL VOcATIoNAL AGRICULTUREQ SPONSOR OF F.F.A.5 Co- SPONSOR SOPHOMORE CLASS. GERALDINE FEIGHNY ENGLISH AND LATINQ SPONSOR DRAMATICSQ CO-SPONSOR SENIOR CLASS. HAROLD K. BROOKS INDUSTRIAL ARTSQ CO-SPONSOR SOPHOMORE CLASSQ Co- SPONSOR HI-Y. VIVIAN BUSLEY VOOATIONAL HOMEMAKINGQ SPONSOR F.H.A.g CO-SPONSOR JUNIOR CLASS. NELLIE SCHULTZ INOT PICTURED, LIBRARIAN. MAXINE KIRSCHBAUM SOCIAL SCIENCE: CO-SPONSOR SENIOR CLASS3 SPONSOR STUDENT COUNCIL . WILLIAM G. RINNER MATHEMATICS3 CO-SPONSOR FRESHMAN CLASS3 CO-SPONSOR HI-Y. NELDA STEFFEY h ENGLISH AND SPANISH1 CO-SPONSOR SOPHOMORE CLASS5 CO-SPONSOR G.R. 3 X I N, f f 's 'Us Marc! of giclucafion Hats off! .... to you citizens who serve our school as a member of the Board of Education. MEMBERS AS READ couNTER-cLocKwIsE: E. E. JACOBS, PRESIDENTI WALTER FISCHER, VICE-PRESIDENT: AUDRE BASHAM, CLERKQ O. K. CORNETT, RALPH RENO, C. E. BETSHER, W. C. KAMPSCHROEDER, CHAIRMAN. Q .xdcfnfzinidfrafion . . . And also to the Administration who have coped with unending problems to promote a better school year. 4 If SUPERINTENDENT, W. C. KAMP- SCHROEDER1 SECRETARY TO Su- PERINTENDENT, LELA MAE HART: PRINCIPAL, JOHN E. CLEMENT. J .K .xgnnuaf gay ,. ' 3- aeZ28w ' 4..QfAmg A 7 Uma Jx.!,4,f,.,ii, 0 9.121 w,,..1.a,r,,.,f.,,q 17 .gtg ' Zlwwfqxxfa. ff, - I W X-a' f.z.41,,.1Lw4, llalfleb, 9L'h9f sfdif ' ,3,p,,,, ,453 Maya- sf' , Q I . ' - 1 fs. fgfmmumwfwwwk if a a 'mei X I aa.. iafgaffrsj , l ' apprec tion to a 14-5 The annual staff of 9 9 O presents this annual with best wishes and ll of those who helped make it possibl Sp lth k go toMiss Maxine Morrison p 5 !7-riff J S- Z -HX 'X sg, if . A S 3 "W4:g:C?a Seniors! The last year and the best year of all! The class of 1949-50 will al- ways remember the wonderful times they have had at E.l-I.S. Among those memor- ies of the Senior year were such events as initiation day, the Senior play, the prom, baccalaureate, and graduation with all its festivities. Long remembered will be our mem- bership in school organizations, the work and planning which makes them success- ful.We have had leaders in all organiza- BILL RUSSELL, GENERAL ANNUAL STAFF 43 BUSINESS MANAGER My BASKETBALL U3 FooT- BALL My TRACK Ng nEn CLUB My Hl'Y My GLEE CLUB Ng MUsIc FES- TIVAL 3g PROCTOR Mg STUDENT COUNCIL Mg TRANSFERRED FROM ROBERT LEWIS, GENERAL HI-Y I.3: GLEE CLUB l,3- CLIMAX 3. eniom THE ABOVE PICTURES READING LEFT TO RIGHT: TARYS PAT LEADER, DITH, VICE PRESIDENTJ GRAM CHAIRMANQ DALE CULBERTSON, PRESIDENT. tions and activities. In sports we have excelled whether in football, basketball, or on the track field. We have known the thrill of Victory and the sorrow of defeat. We express our sincere thanks to our sponsorsg Mr. Anderson, Mr. Clement, Miss Feighny, and Miss Kirschbaum for helping make this year such a successful one. And as we leave the halls of E.H.S. we hope to make our old school as proud of us as we are of it. RUTH HARDING, GENERAL ANNUAL STAFF I,2,3,1Lg ART EDITOR I,2,33 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 7-Ig CLASS OFFICER I: PROGRAM CHAIRMAN I: G.R. l,2,3,1I5 AcA- PPELLA CHOIR I,2i BAND 2,3,7-Ig TREASURER 7-Ig TWIRLER 2g TWIRLING DRUM MAJOR- 33 MARCHING DRUM MAJOR 1-Ig GLEE CLUB I,2g MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3,1Ig MUSIC ENSEM- BLES I,23 PEP CLUB 2,3,lI:.CLAss PLAY 3g MIXED CHORUS l,2,3. . ,V DEANE PETERSON, SECRE- TREASURERQ JUDY MERE- IRLENE RAWLINGS, PRO- eniorfi KENNETH NORTHEDGE, GENERAL COURSE INOT PICTUREDJ KATHRYN WILLIAMS, GENERAL COURSE G.R. l,3,Ug PEP CLUB 2,35 GLEE CLUB 33 TWIS- TER STAFF H. HELEN JUSTICE, COMMERCIAL COURSE G.R. U3 LIBRARY STAFF U5 GLEE CLUB U. MARETA BROWN, GENERAL COURSE G.R. I,2,3,Hg LIBRARY STAFF IQACAPPELLA CHOLR I: GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Ug PEP CLUB l,2,3,U5 STUDENT COUNCIL 35 MIXED CHORUS 2,M. ALETHA SMITH, COMMERCIAL COURSE G.R. I,2,3,Hg LIBRARY STAFF 2,33 PEP CLUB 2,35 PROCTOR 2,3,U. BENJAMIN OWENS, GENERAL COURSE FOOTBALL 1,43 HEH CLUB U3 BAND I: F.F.A. I, 2,3,M9 SECRETARY U. MARTHA HELLMAN, COMMERCIAL COURSE G.R. I,2,3,Hg GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Ug PEP CLUB 2,3,Ug F.H.A. 3,N: MIXED CHORUS H. GERTRUDE DIMICK, COLLEGE PREPARATORY ANNUAL STAFF U5 G.R. I,2,3,Ug GLEE CLUB I, 2,3,hQ REPORTER Mg MUSIC FESTIVAL l,2,3,Ug PEP CLUB U5 PROCTOR 3,Ug CLASS PLAY 35 F.H.A. My SPANISH CLUB My MIXED CHORUS l,2,3,N. ANNE HILLMAN, COLLEGE PREPARATORY G.R. I,2,3,Ug LIBRARY STAFF 3g GLEE CLUB I, 2g MUSIC FESTIVAL 23 PROCTOR 143 STUDENT COUNCIL Ng F.H,A. 3,Mg VICE-PRESIDENT 3g MLXED CHORUS 3. MERLE BRADEN, GENERAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF Mg HI-Y I,U: STUDENT COUNCIL My F.F.A. 2,3,Ug VICE-PRESIDENT 3,N. ggsiggm WIIBIIIII-' : as I II-:I - Tfigimg wish: 2 z IB' Iwwwwwm WWW wvw. my "I'ffIlfifffA'fI eniorzi LLOYD OLSON: GENERAL COURSE LIBRARY STAFF I5 FFA My SPANISH CLUB U. MARY JUANITA PARK: GENERAL COURSE GIRL RESERVE Up GLEE CLUB U5 PEP CLUB Ng MIXED CHORUS M. JEANEENE FISCHER: COLLEGE PRERARATORY ANNUAL STAFF U, ASSISTANT EDITOR Ng GIRL RESERVE l,2, 3,M3 G. R. CABINET l,2,3,N, JUNIOR PRESIDENT 25 SEN- IOR PRESIDENT 3,N: LIBRARY STAFF I3 GLEE CLUB l,2,3, M, SECRETARY U5 MUSIC FESTIVAL l,2,3,Ug PEP CLUB I,2, 3,H, SECRETARY-TREASURER 23 PROCTOR Ng STUDENT COUN- CIL I, 2, PROGRAM CHAIRMAN 25 CLASS PLAY 3g MIXED CHORUS I,2,3,Ug GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO 3,Ng TwISTER STAFF N, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF M. DOLORES BRAZIL: GENERAL COURSE GIRL RESERVE I,2,3,M5 GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ug MUSIC FESTI- VAL I,2,3,U3 PEP CLUB I,2,3,uQ STUDENT COUNCIL U3 MIXED CHORUS 2,h. JUDY MEREDITH: COMMERCIAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF I, G. R. EDITOR 3: CLASS OFFICER 3, U: VICE-PRESIDENT 3,U: GIRL RESERVE I,2,3,hS G. R. CABI- NET l,2,3,N5 BAND I,2,3,U, PRESIDENT U3 ORCHESTRA l,25 MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3,43 PEP CLUB 3,Ng CLASS PLAY 3. DICK CREBO: COLLEGE PREPARATORY BAND l,U3 GLEE CLUB 33 SPANISH CLUB M. PAT LOPP: COLLEGE PREPARATORY GIRL RESERVE l,2,3,Ng BAND I,2.3S MUSIC FESTIVAL l,2, 33 PEP CLUB 3, MIXED CHORUS U3 TwISTER STAFF M. CLYDE E. CHASTAIN: GENERAL COURSE BASKETBALL I,2: FOOTBALL l,2,3,hQ TRACK 2,33 HEU CLUB 2,3945 HI-Y I.1I:.FFA 3,1+. DEANE PETERSON: GENERAL COURSE CLASS OFFICER N, SECRETARY N3 HI-Y I. 2, 3, N, HI-Y CABINET N, RELIGIOUS CHAIRMAN Us GLEE CLUB 3,M3 MUSIC FESTIVAL 3,M3 FFA 2. DAVID PUGH: GENERAL COURSE FOOTBALL 3,H5 TRACK 2,3,U3 CLASS OFFICER 3, PRESIDENT 33 GLEE CLUB 2,3,Ng MUSIC FESTIVAL 33 SCIENCE CLUB I: FFA 2. eniom FREDA DAVIS: GENERAL COURSE GIRL RESERVE I,2,3,uQ PEP CLUB l,2,3,Ug FHA 3,U, RE- PORTER N. BETTY LARCOM: GENERAL COURSE GIRL RESERVE I,2,3,Ug LIBRARY STAFF 25 GLEE CLUB I,23 MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2: PEP CLUB 39 FHA 3. RICHARD GAINES: GENERAL COURSE FOOTBALL 3.Mi TRACK 2,3,U: HEI CLUB M5 HI-Y 3,hg FFA M. DOROTHY HENDERSON: COMMERCIAL COURSE CLASS OFFICER 2, SECRETARY-TREASURER 25 GIRL RESERVE I,2,3,U: G.R. CABINET I,2,Ng GLEE CLUB I,2,3,M, PRE- SIDENT hi MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3,M5 PEP CLUB I,2,3,U, PRESIDENT N: STUDENT COUNCIL I, 2, 33 CLASS PLAY 35 MIXED CHORUS U. PATRICIA LEADER: GENERAL COURSE CLASS OFFICER U, TREASURER U: GIRL RESERVE I,2,3,Mg G.R. CABINET 2, 3, U3 LIBRARY STAFF 23 GLEE CLUB 23 MUSIC FESTIVAL 25 PEP CLUB l,2,3,Ug PROCTOR 3,U3 FHA hi TWISTER STAFF N. HAROLD DEAN DENNIS: INDUSTRIAL ARTS FOOTBALL 2,35 TRACK 2,35 HI-Y I,3,Mg GLEE CLUB 3,H3 BOYS' QUARTET 3: MUSIC FESTIVAL 2, 3, Ng PROCTOR Mg CLASS PLAY 3. BETTY ROBINSON: COMMERCIAL COURSE GIRL RESERVE U, GLEE CLUB I, 3, My MUSIC FESTIVAL U: PEP CLUB U. IRLENE RAWLINGS: GENERAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF 2,3,U5 CLASS OFFICER 3,H, SECRETARY 3g GIRL RESERVE l,2,3,h3 G.R. CABINET U9 LIBRARY STAFF I: GLEE CLUB I,3: MUSIC FESTIVAL I,33 PEP CLUB 2,3,N, VICE-PRESIDENT U: PROCTOR 3: CLASS PLAY 39 FHA 3: DE1 BATE Us TwISTER STAFF M. MARY ELLEN BROWN: COMMERCIAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF U, BUSINESS MANAGER Ng GIRL RESERVE l,2, 3,R: GLEE CLUB l,2,3g MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,33 PEP CLUB I,2,3,M, REPORTER My STUDENT COUNCIL N9 FHA U3 MIXED CHORUS I,2. JOYCE SPAIN: COMMERCIAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF U3 GIRL RESERVE I,2,3,Ng LIBRARY STAFF Hg GLEE CLUB 35 PER CLUB 3,Ug PROCTOR U. eniom DALE CULBERTSON, INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE BASKETBALL l,2,3,Hg FOOTBALL I,2,3,Ug TRACK l,2,3,Ms CLASS OFFICER I,3,h: PRESIDENT I:,SEC.- TREAS. 3: PRESIDENT My HI-Y 3,Ng STUDENT COUNCIL 2. SALLY SNIDER, COMMERCIAL CDURSE G.R. I,2,3,Ug PEP CLUB I,2,3,Ng CHEERLEADER 2,3,Mg F.H.A. 3. JIM DOWNING, GENERAL COURSE BAND I,2,3,Hg VICE-PRESIDENT U: MUSIC FES- TIVAL I,2,3,Mg MUSIC ENSEMBLES 2,3,U. LORA BROOKS, GENERAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF My ASSIT. EDITOR hy G.R. H LIBRARY STAFF 2g GLEE CLUB I3 MUSIC FESTIVAL I3 PROCTOR 3,M. BILL DOTTS, GENERAL COURSE BASKETBALL MGR., Ng FOOTBALL 3,N5 TRACK 2, 3.3: HEH CLUB 2,3,M. CAROL CROSS, COMMERCIAL COURSE G.R. I,2,3,Ng BAND 2,3,M, SECRETARY My PEP CLUB I,2,3,U: CLASS PLAY 3. ETTA MAE BURRIS, COMMERCIAL COURSE G.R. l,2,3,Ug G.R. CABINET 25 ASSIT. PROGRAM CHAIRMAN I,U: GLEE CLUB 3g MUSIC FESTIVAL 33 PEP CLUB U3 SEC.-TREAS. H. DON LE VIEUX, INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE BASKETBALL I,2,3,Mg FOOTBALL I,2,3,Ug TRACK l,2,3,Ug WEN CLUB 3,Ug GLEE CLUB 2,35 MUSIC FESTIVAL 2g CLASS PLAY 3s MIXED CHORUS 2,3. MARY LOU DUNN, GENERAL COURSE GLEE CLUB 23 MUSIC FESTIVAL I: PROCTOR My F.H.A. I,2. SHERWOOD EVANSON, GENERAL COURSE FOOTBALL 3g TRACK 2g HI-Y l,2,3,Mg BAND I, 2,3,Hg ORCHESTRA I,2,3g GLEE CLUB l,3,Ng MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3,MS STUDENT COUNCIL N: F.F.A. U. eniom SAVOY SNIDER, INDUSTRIAL ARTS COURSE BASKETBALL I,2,3,Hg FOOTBALL I,2,3,Ug TRACK l,2,3,H5 CLASS OFFICER 23 PRESIDENT 2g WEN CLUB 2,3,U: HI-Y 3,33 TREASURER My HI-Y CABINET My STUDENT COUNCIL I,3,Ug TREASURER M. MAYE BURTIN, GENERAL COURSE G.R. 2,3,Ug LIBRARY STAFF 23 PEP CLUB 33 PROCTOR 3,Ug F.H.A. U. BILL HARTMAN, GENERAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF up BASKETBALL 23 FOOTBALL I,2g TRACK I,2g CLASS OFFICER I,2,33 TREASURER lg PROGRAM CHAIRMAN 2,3g HI-Y I,2,3,M5 vIcE-PRES- IDENT 3g PRESIDENT 4: BAND I,2,33 ORCHESTRA I, 25 MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3.Us MUSIC ENSEMBLES l,23 CLASS PLAY 3. SHEILA STURGEON, COMMERCIAL G.R. I,2,3,h: G.R. CABINET Ng SECRETARY My GLEE CLUB I,2,3g LIBRARIAN 33 MUSIC FESTIVAL I, ?,3,U: MUSIC ENSEMBLES 33 FRIDAY CHOIR 33 PEP CLUB I,2,3,Mi SEC.-TREAS. 35 CLASS PLAY 3g MIXED CHORUS 3,M. HARRY GREEN, SCIENTIFIC COURSE HI-Y 25 LIBRARY STAFF I. RUTH PICKENS, COMMERCIAL G.R. I,2g LIBRARY STAFF Ip GLEE CLUB 2,M. ELAINE ROBY, COMMERCIAL G.R. I,2,3,Ug GLEE CLUB 3: MUSIC FESTIVAL 33 MUSIC ENSEMBLES 35 PEP CLUB 2,3,Ug MIXED CHORUS 3. PATTY HODGSON, GENERAL COURSE G.R. I,2,3,Hg AcAPELLA CHOIR 3: GLEE CLUB I, 2,3,Ng MUSIC FESTIVAL I,2,3,Hg PEP CLUB 2,35 F.H.A. 3. JOHNNIE HENDRICKS, COMMERCIAL COURSE ANNUAL STAFF 3: G.R. I,2,3g PEP CLUB I,2,3, hp CHEERLEADER 3,Mg STUDENT COUNCIL I,2,33 F. H.A. 35 VICE-PRESIDENT 3. PRISCILLA ANGERSBACH, GENERAL COURSE MIXED CHORUS Hg BAND hi G-R. My TRANSFERRED FROM ILLINOIS. DICK CLOSE KNOT PICTURED, SCIENTIFIC COURSE. in Lallsglg. enior nalafi . . . Letterman! "ii, f--'15 .:.-- Our own business manager! J fee , I' M rf" "i.. 1 ... -3- H i fa f Lx One Sunday afternoon M1rar:1e' Sheha s mouth closed' Classy 'Eh'? Easier way to wear that hat! Hiya! Yes ? ? ? ? ? Whatcha huntin' girls ? Get that! Pepsodent! 12 Egan uniorfi QU' 'S We, the future Seniors of '51 have ESQ'-1 J J completed a most successful year at E. I-I.S. Our very competent class officers were elected as follows: Lila Miller, Presidentg Jack Broddle, Vice Presidentg Donald Cheatham, Secretaryg Stanley Marshall, Treasurerg Ida Belle Reich, Program Chairman, Janet Hawthorne, Assistant Program Chairman. Our Student Council representatives were: Sue Baird, June Bumgardner, and .Tack Cooper. On December Z, 1949 the annual Junior Class Play, "Cross My Heart", was presented under the direction of Miss Geraldine Feighny. With the entertaining of the Senior Class at the "Prorn" a very successful year was climaxed. The Juniors have been outstanding this year in all activities. We wish to express our sincere thanks to our sponsors, Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Busley, Miss Caulkins, and Mr. Wheat for their generous help in all our projects and activities. The above picture reads as follows left to right: Don Cheatham, .Tack Broddle, Lila Miller, Stanley Marshall, Janet Hawthorne, Ida Belle Reich. l 2 I Sue Baird Janet Hawthorne Jane O'Neal 13 unior-A Tom Pomranky Marjorie Hughes Gene Francis .To Ann Brice Lawrence Murphy Nelda Jarvis Donald Cheatham Naomi Montgomery Tommy Logan Barbara Belt uniom Lila Miller Tracy Tucker Ida Belle Reich John Green Lois M cD ade Stanley Marshall Thelma Hudson Jim Sharp Maybelle Brooks Jack Broddle unions Karl Kennedy Roy Russell Teresa Teichgraeber Jim Sears Fred Criswell Mary Ellen French Anita Shaw Ver a Mor ris Carolyn Hillman Charlene Rader Mary Ellen Vaughn Louise Reider uniord Gene Sprague .Tanice Farmer Wayne Churchman C arole Gaffney .Tack Cooper Margaret Rose Frank Bumgardner Evelyn Barrier Jack Jeffrey Doris Lewis Joe Church MI'lLOI":f Alberta R als 'lion Raymond Brice Marilyn Loebel June Bumgardner Mary Myers Jim Burke Alan Leonard Sally Wallace Daryl Day Q9 we cl unior nalofi - X1 l V Hmmm. Need we say more? Janice is the Junior. Snazzy, eh ? Always yappin' H Buddies g ,W If w,T,11 H g Stand in. I see it now. 19 I . L P" .. , , it if f Q 2 2 xgzld 0I'l'l 01485 The Sophomores of 1950 fformerly Freshmen of 19495 have once more com- pleted a very successful year at 'ole E'...H.S. At our first class meeting, officers were elected as follows: fc orresponding to the above picturel Treasurer, Jerry Evensong President, Jack Hendersong Vice-President, Chuck Hendricksong Sec- retary, Jeanne Campbell. Elected to Stu- dent Council were: Buddy Hughes, Pat Mcllvain and Dale Whipple. Class Cheer- leaders are: Sue Straight and Jerry James. 9 'Il During the year, Sue Straight was e- lected candidate for Football Queen. Tata Webb and Hurley Breech were candidates for Harvest King and Queen. The-Sopho- more boys were all well represented in all sports as were the girls in many or- ganizations. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Blair, Mr. Coffel and Miss Steffey, we have concluded a very enjoyable and success- ful year. Next year when we meet again we will greet you as Juniors of 1951. .Sip omorefi FIRST ROW: V. MCGIRR, B. WOLFE, D. MOON, G. KLEIN, D. EowARDs, J. COLVIN, F. CLoYD, C. WHITE J. BRIZENDINE, J. DOWNING. SECOND ROW: W. ELLIOTT, J. HENDERSON, D. WHIPPLE, J. DocHow, R AILOR, E. LEwIs, P. MclLvAIN, J. CAMPBELL, V. BLACK, D. MARTIN. THIRD ROW: C. BARRIER, B. WEATH ERBEE, F. BURTON, J. ELLISTON, H. BREEcH, J. JAMES, F. GAINES, J. PAUL, W. WYGLE, H. TROLL, R HILL. FIRST ROW: B. RABER, T. WEBB, V. BUMGARDNER, N. BILES, D. SCHNEIDER, M. PICKENS, P. DUNN, P LEVIEUX, E. HEDGES, S. STRAIGHT, J. EDWARDS. SECOND ROW: W. KUNKELL, I. CHASTAIN, G. GULICK, D JORDAHL, J. NEWBY, C. CooPER, C. HENDRICKSQN, J. Coon, S. WASSELL, B. HUGHES- THIRD ROW: C CHRISWELL, L. THORN, J. HENSLEY, C. SMITH, G. DIXON, P. JOHNSTON, D. SMITH, J. HAWTHORNE J EvENsoN, J. WEBB. 9 2.1 t ff W Thank "Windy" for the sports shots Huggin' an' a chalkin' J 0 xx H nf X 51:9 S.. Q 4 '1 N ' W A popular man! Latest style in horse blankets. xgiild 0l'l'L0l'0 Howdy, Tex! sky ' D" ' T3-ke mY Picture? Sure! ' 55 'Qffw R I Jes' loafin'. ""' " ":' 5 by ll - - . u -4- . , 1 Must be a Sophomore ,V :i2"g7'QQ1.- 'ff there some place! if -Lrg ! - fSighQ Hello, Handsome! b ' Y V ' n e X, ,,w'sgg V 7 5 22. I Dwiiiw QQ F- J g X aff iz goodly .J WasvH' ohm "' wmere' D " 'l X g V N 4 Ca9e.+ev'Ka, SUB' an W amy! I-J Q. Wig X an k H K ' ., Y , S an I ' xt'- +Q x , o O ' " 'ha . f f uaww L ' Y SS I 'si-,...-j--L-'F V E! lmao-Kem cxe.'Y5 Smaller ' X 2 X Bu +he.+3me- ' ' .tYd'CY'8.S+l'hq+--sq The lib. S'tuAQfTl"s- . lf f reJAmen On September 6,we "freshies", com- monly called "greenies", entered E.H.S. We were primarily frightened, but the new soon wore off. We elected our class officers as fol- lows. fCo1-responding to the above pic- turel: President, Peggy Ecklesg Vice-4 President,Dary1 Evensong Sec-Treasur- er, Don Gant. Shirley Meyers, Dorothy lylcllvain and Ronnie Rowe were elected to Student Council, , Throughout the year, our Freshtnan tlassiplayed an active part in the school,:,f activitiesg Freshman initiation' with a dance in our'honor in the evening was a Fax, 'ri 4 vs A ' I I . 1 Fei,-lem P ie"-15, ' K o 0 ' 5 , 'A V 'S-su9?f,' :L 5 S 'A I J 'lac - LY' 3 - 4, li rollicking success. As we became more accustomed to the events taking place, we ourselves entered into them. The majority of the boys enrolled in football, basket- ball and track, while the girls enjoyed G.R., Pep Club and various organiza- tions. Now thatwe have earned our titles as Sophomores of l950,we are eager and yet reluctant to give up that mirnicking title of ufreshiesn. ' A Our Sponsors for the year were: Miss Morrison, Mr. Rinner, Mr. Shearburn. Miss Schultz. . jl"e5Al'l'I.2I'l FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. PURKEYPILE, D. MCILVAIN, E. SEARS, M. HANNON, A. RENO, P. ECKLES, N. TE1cHsRAEBER. J. BURTON, B. PICKENS, K. JACKSON, R. CLOYD, M. STUART. SECOND ROW: K. EVENSON, M. BURTON, D. ROCKHILL, C. MARTIN, B. BRADEN, C. CARLSON, J. BASHAM, J. JEFFREY, M. MOORE, D. EVENSON. THIRD ROW: M. DONALDSON, R. RowE, B. McCoLLoM, B. CHURCH, B. BRowN, L. SAUNDERS, B. SAUNDERS, M. DAY, K. MoRRlSoN, J. ROSE, B. DUNCAN, S. HART. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. ESCARENO, B. MUMFORD, M. MAHAR, H. MATTINGLY, B. CRUMRINE, M. BRATTON, T. NORTHEDGE, B. PEARSE, D. REED, J. BAYLESS, A. THoMPsoN, H. CURNUTT. SECOND ROW: C. ARGUELLES, P. BUFFINGTDN, T. STILWELL, M. STARKEY, R. JAMES, M. COOPER, N. CREED, W. CLARK, S. MYERS, T. SOULE, J. HILLMAN. THIRD ROW: D. GANT, J. BRANDON, L. BRowN, G. CLOSE, D. HUDSON, K. HENRY, K. BENTON, R. TOMILSON, G. ADAMS, J. HYSON, B. SAMUELS. " u II" T3 25 Q 'T v"' f f ,Q ,gym N , V 9 , , 'fl I lit 'f 1 -f. F , 3-N- 1. www X , M 11 N -, w 'WHWNQ HY' W M W! w N 3. 17 Q-1 jl'2JA.I'I'lCll'l H0105 No, 1et's go this way! Wanda fThe one with her mouth open? Course its my doll Modern version, two Romeos -! Goo! Sun sure is bright today! Easy does it! . rj X - .f. l:,U ,- 4. .:n'.- -Q ,, . - ag! Hold it ! 'Q 'S E. C? rocforfi Lwfwe P i lI.LII.,,,, 'V llu-lx... y W so X Age-WSI F534 '-N. BACK ROW: MARY Lou DUNN, DEAN DENNIS, JEANEENE ' 'Q -gf FISCHER, BILL RUSSELL, JOYCE SPAIN. FRONT ROW: L-. 0 , LORA BROOKS, ANNE HILLMAN, PAT LEADER, MAYE ,l BURTIN, GERTRUIJE DIMICK. Nor PICTURED: ALETHA SMITI-I. Proctors are choosen bythe faculty from students who volunteer for this service. The absence lists are collected and are recorded in the office by the proctors. The announcements are typed and 'distributedto the class rooms, and filed in the office by the proctors. These proctors are always on duty, ready to perform services needed b the faculty, visitors, and the students. Y The proctors are very grateful to their sponsor, Lela Mae Hart. 27 .gzwfenf Counci COURTESY COMMITTEE: JACK COOPER DALE WHIPPLE CHA1nMAN MERLE BRADEN BUD HUGHES ,-ir uf? cr H 1 x CABINET: BUD MURPHY SECRETARY JACK HENDERSON, VICE-PRESIDENT E JOHN GREEN PRESIDENT sAvoY SNIDER TREASURER 'EIFFEUCG' 2? 2, fx -' 2 bi? 6-im --- .' Q ZEEEELQZEP 'Q' ---.f2ff' Jiiiig EEEEEEEEZ52?f . P: f W if '--f,ff ,- .SZIJMI ounci DANCE COMMITTEE: PAT MCILVAIN SUE BAIRD CHAIRMAN SHERWOOD EVANSON SUE STRAIGHT DOROTHY MCILVAIN PROGRAM COMMITTEE: MICKEY BROWN BILL RUSSELL CHAIRMAN RONNIE ROWE ANNE HILLMAN PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: JUNE BUMGARDNER MARY ELLEN VAUGHN CHAIRMAN DELORES BRAZIL SHIRLEY MYERS IA If u CI 5- . . 43, SENIOR CABINET FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: SHEILA STURGEON, SECRETARY: JUDY MEREDITH, VICE PRESIDENT: JEANEENE FISCHER, PRESIDENTL PAT fun IK' 5: fic! ,Rf f' L: T W S5 6 h' K A . q f 4 ffl QA c I ,O f LEADER, TREASURERS.JANICE FARMER, CHAPLAIN. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: ETTA MAE BURRIS, SUE BAIRD, IRLENE RAw- LINGS, MARY ELLEN VAUGHN, DOROTHY HENDERSON. During 1949-50, the G.R. hada success- ful year under the direction of 'our sponsors Miss Steffy and Nliss Morrison, president .Teaneene Fischer, and cabinet. G.R. had a membership of 120 girls participating in the many activities. ' Purpose: To find and give the best. The G.R. did its best to fulfill this purpose by completing successfully the projects under- Cd rl 5 JUNIOR CABINET FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: JEANNE CAMPBELL, SECRETARY5 JOYCE BRIZENDINE, VICE PRESI- DENT: SUE STRAIGHT, PRESIDENTQ PAT MclLvAIN, TREASURERJ VIR- GINIA BLACK, CHAPLAIN. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: DARLENE REED, WANDA PURKEYPILE, JEAN BASHAM, NORMA TEIGHGRAEBER, PEGGY ECKLES. ir efierued taken during the year. The year was highlighted by such events as the Father-daughter Chili Feed, Mother- daughter Tea, and the Christmas Party. With the Installation of Officers and Fare- well to Seniors, another year of G.R. closed resolving to make new friends but never to forget the old. me ffm - -Eze i- U 2. .4 an 'cb Cuuuvll 6 .S 3 if 'U- The Hi-Y, under the sponsorship of 1... 39 I Bill Rinner and Harold Brooks, has had M. a very successful year with an outstand- ?7:,. 1 q X ing membership of 72 which is larger Q'b"" 5' , than it has been in the last few years. Nffj - 5 O The organization has highlighted the year with their Hi-Y-G.R. Hayrack ride, all-school assembly, and Father-Son Chili Feed. Part of the group attended the Regional Conference held February 16 which featured several well known speakers and boasted almost ZOO members of Hi-Y clubs from other schools. All members enjoyedthe play nights and meetings held periodically throughout the year. FRONT ROW, READING LEFT TO RIGHT! MR. RINNER, SPONSORS JIM SHARP, VICE PRES1DENTi BILL HARTMAN, PRESIDENTJ STANLEY MARSHALL, SECRETARY3 SAvoY SNIDER, TREASURERS MR. BROOKS, SPONSOR. BACK ROW: JACK PAUL, BUD MURPHY, JACK HENDERSON, HURLEY BREECH, DALE WHIPPLE, JACK BRODDLE, DEANE PETERSON, NoT PICTURED. THE CABINET IN THE AsovE PICTURE READS As FOLLOWS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: J. CAMPBELL, SONG LEADERL L. REIDER, HISTORIANQ M. HUGHES, VICE-PRES.: T. HUDSON, PRESIDENTQ J. HELLMANQ D. REEDQ E. BARRIER, TREASURER. FRONT ROW: J. O' NEAL1 M. FRENCH, PARLIAMENTARIANQ A. HILLMAN, B. BELT AND D. MARTIN, REPORTERS. The Future I-Iomemakers of America was first organized inEureka High School in 1948. The membership has grown ex- ceedingly from the few members of the first year to the forty We now have. The group consists of girls who have taken at leasta year of Home Economics. With such a large group, we have been able to partake in more activities .... such as the trip the cabinet took to an FJ-LA. convention in Pittsburg, Kansas. . SIJM In December the F.H.A. together with the F.F.A. sponsored a box supper. A har- vester king and queen were elected and crowned as a highlight of the evening. The king:Hurley Breech. The queen:lda Belle Reich. We wish to express our sincere thanks to our Mother Advisors, Mrs. French and Mrs. Brizendine, and to our sponsor, Mrs. Busley. 32 f'. I ' F- fx J I y if .L '4 lx PICTURED ABOVE ARE THE OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR 19149-1950. p- U - 1- i -Nj FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: MERLE BRADON, VICE PRESIDENTQ I XP CLINT HUNTINGTON, PRESIDENT: MR. COFFEL, ADVISOR. BACK ROW: Wi, 69'-,.,, ROY RUSSELL, TREASURER3 HURLEY BREECI-I, SENTINEI.g FRANK GAINES I REPOR ER Xf T Under the leadership of Clinton Huntington, President, and Mr. Coffel, Advisor, the FFA chapter enjoyed a very fine year, There was a commendable membership this year with all attending the meetings and play nights. The chapter attended the American Royal at the beginning of the year. While there they visited Armour Packing Plant, airport, and stock yards. By sponsoring a basketball team: by choosing a Harvester King fl-Iurley Breechj and queen, at the FFA-FHA Carnival, the chapter feels it has completed a successful year, 33 ibegafe Q 4,5 Q se 1 sl Xfmf 71 Debating was revived at Eureka High School this year for the first time in many years. The question used throughout the debating season was: "Resolved: That the president of the United States should be elected by the direct vote of the people." From the sixteen students who participatedin debate work, four were chosen to form the team which represented Eureka High School at the District Debate tournament at Emporia, January 28, Under the able coaching of Mr, William B, Anderson, the debate group had a successful season. Practice debates were held with Madison, Yates Center, and Eldorado. An all school assembly was given to inform the students of the debate activities. 34 ' l 6 X .-4 .. J s X K l Q Qt - O ourna :rim f X Ml' f Nine issues of the Twister were published during 1949 1950 X gy to bring reports of school events to the students and townspeople This was the first school paper to be distributed since 1947 I The Staff included: A r -Q, Editor in chief . . . .Teaneene Fischer News Editor . . Business Ivianager. Feature Editor . Society Editor . . Circulation Manager. . . Feature Writer. , Sports Reporter . lrlene Rawlings . . Pat Leader . . . Pat Lopp . Betty Larcom . Betty Robinson Kathryn Williams . . . . .Kenneth Northedge, Don Le Vieux, Dean Dennis The staff members wish to express their appreciation to Miss Rosealea Caulkins, advisor, who so willingly ga ve her time and effort to assist them in all their work. Thanks, also, go to the printer, school officials advertisers, and subscribers who helped 35 to make "The Twister" a success 41 ' mrec! Ckorufn fi FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. JUSTICE, M. PICKENS, S. MEYERS D. REED, J. HAWTHORNE, J. FISCHER, V. MORRIS, L. MILLER M. VAUGHN, A. SHAW, N. TEICHGRAEBER, D. BRAZIL, J. HELL ,hi MAN, M. ROSE, S. STURGEON, E. BURRIS, E. ROBY. SECOND ROW C. ARGUELLES, R. PICKENS, J. DOWNING, J. BRIZENOINE, D MARTIN, J. CAMPBELL, C. CARLSON, N. CREBO, J. BURTON, B css----'-4, ' MUMFORD, P. ECKLES, B. ESCARENO, J. FARMER, W. PURKEYPILE is' H. MATTINGLY, B. RABER. THIRD ROW: P. ANGERSBACH, C. MAR TIN, C. RADER, S. WALLACE, P. HODGSON, M. HANNON, E. SEARS W. KUNKEL, D. MCILVAIN, G. DIMICK, J. PARK, T. TEIOHGRAEBER ' J. BUMGARDNER, C. GAFFNEY, P. MOILVAIN, T. WEBB, E. LEWIS FOURTH ROW: D. HENDERSON, P. LOPP, M. LOEBEL, I. REICH, J gif, O'NEAL, S. BAIRD, S. STRAIGHT, E. HEOGES, P. LEVIEUX, M qggx HELLMAN, D. ROCKHILL, M. MAHAR, B. PIERCE, M. BROWN, L MODADE, D. ANGERSBACH, J. ROSE. BACK ROW: J. JAMES, J GREEN, D. DENNIS, J. BURKE, S. SEARS, R. RUSSELL, J. CHURCH J. SHARP, J. BAYLESS, B. LEWIS, D. CHEATHAM, D. SMITH, B RUSSELL, D. LEVIEUX, K. MORRISON. The mixed chorus has been a large organization this year but slightly shy of tenors and bases. Lack'of boys has been but a minor problem, however, for the chorus as a whole made complimentary appearances at the musical festivities at school. The group combined with the band at Christmas time in bringing the public a Christmas melody. The group appeared at the music festival under the direction of T. D. Wheat. 36 0 7 U":5 ,-1 ROW ONE: H. JUSTICE, K. JACKSON, B. PEARSE, J. CAMPBELL, M. BROWN, J. HELLMAN, D. BRAZIL, E. LEW- Is, P. MCILVAIN, T. WEBB, C. GAFFNEY, P. Lo . TWO: C. MARTIN, G. DIMICK, C. RADER, J. OINEAL, . LOEBEL, I. REICH, D. MARTIN, M. VAUGHN, J. FISCHER, V. MORRIS D. HENDERSQN. ROW THREE: A. SHAW, T I TEICHGRAEBER, M. ROSE, S. WALLACE, P. ANGERSBACH R. PICKENS, M. PICKEN5, M. HELLMAN, M. GANT, J COLVIN J. BRIZENDINE, E. SEARS. ROW FOUR: D. Eo- I WARDS, G. KLEIN, F. CLOYD, M. MAHAR, B. RABER, H MATTINGLY, W. PURKEYPILE, C. ARGUELLE5, M. HANNON, P. HODGSON, J. HILLMAN, J. BUMGARDNER. The Girls Glee Club is alarge organization this year and has been particularly helpful in providing entertainment for school affairs. The group meets every Mon- day, Wednesday, and Thursday. They elected as their president, Dorothy Henderson. During the course of the year, the organization participated in the Christmas Program, the Tri-Valley Music Festival, the District Music Contest at Emporia, and the Spring Program. 37 ufiic V FLJQHQLL TRIO JANICE FARMER, ALTD5 MARY EL- LEN VAUGHN, SOFRANO1 LILA MILLER, ACCOMPANISTQ ANITA SHAW, SECOND SOPRANO. TRIPLE TRIO STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: NANCY CREBO, ACCOMPANISTS JEANEENE FISCHER, SOPRANO3 MARGARET ROSE, ALTO: JANICE FARMER, ALTO3 TERESA TEICHGRAEBER, SDPRANOQ TATA WEBB, ALTO. SEATED: MARY ELLEN VAUGHN, SOPRANOQ JEANNE CAMPBELL, SECOND SOPRANOQ ANITA SHAW, SECOND So- PRANOQ LILA MILLER, SECOND So- PRANO. JJIALIIC Lgnfroclucfion CHEER LEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: I. REIcH, S. SNIDER, R. HARDING, D. REED, J. OINEIL fHEAD CHEER LEADERJ, M. MEYERS, M. BROWN. CENTER: J. JAMES. NTT DRUM MAJOR AND TWIRLERS FOOTBALL QUEEN QUEEN, JOHNNIE MAE HENDRICKS ALL SCHOOL CANDIDATE, D. HEN DERSONS JUNIOR CANDIDATE, S BAIRD3 SOPHOMORE CANDIDATE S. STRAIGHTS FRESHMAN CANDI DATE, P. ECKLES. TWIRLERS, LEFT TO RIGHT! S. STRAIGHT, E. HEDGES, N. TEIcHeRAEBER, DRUM MAJOR: RUTH HARDING. P, Lgvgqux, P, ECKLE5, A 39 ,.-lL,,-,L,,,. ,,m? Mr Wheat i XVBAND .DIRECTOR CLI1 The Eureka High School Band has worked hard to attain its present size and strength. Under the direction of T. D. Wheat, the band has performed at ballgames, the Christmas Program, pep as- semblies, and the annual music fe stival, Members of the band are: PICCOLO Nancy Crebo FLUTES Ruth Harding fDr Anita Shaw Judy Meredith Dick Crebo OBOE Nancy Biles C LARINETS Janet Hawthorne John Green Margaret Rose Curtis Newby Joyce Brizendine Joan Downing Janice Farrner Barbara Wheeler Pat Reeder Carol Loebel Dorothy Cook Keith Rhoade s Irene Arguelles Phyllis LeVieux CLARINE TS CON'T Eleanor Hedge s uni Maj or, Sue Straight BASSOON Donnie Pat Smith BASS CLARINET Peggy Eckles ALTO SAX Winola Clark FRENCH HORNS Karl Kennedy Priscilla Angersbach Gene C lose Wanda Greenwood CORNETS AND TRUM PETS Sherwood Evenson Jim Downing David Angersbach J , L, Hawthorne Richard Ailor David McMannis Alan Leonard Larry Gamblain Elliot Mann 40 TROM BONES Tata Webb Darlene Reed Bob Samuels Jack Casner Hurley Breech BARITONES Francis Farr Jarnes Jordan GLOCKENSPIEL Norma Teichgraeber Janis Burton PERCUSSION Tom Pomranky Gene Francis Shirley Meyers Ronnie Johnson NOT PICTURED: Mary Ada Cooper Alto Clarinet Mike Haugh French Horn Bonnie Jean Mumford Bells FIRST ROW: W. PURKEYPILE, W. CLARK, P. ECKLES, N. CRESO, V. BLAcK, K. JACKSON, L. MILLER, M. MAHAR, D.:ROCKHlLL, M. HELLMAN. SECOND ROW: S. WALLAcE, J. DOWNING, J. BRIZENDINE, D. MARTIN, J. BUMGARDNER, R. JAMES, E. SEARS, F. DAVIS, B. MUMFORD. THIRD ROW: B. RABER, M. LOEBEL, L. REIDER, M. HUGHES, T. HUDSON, M. FRENCH, G. KLIEN, D. EDWARDS, F. CLOYD, S. BAIRD. .,. cm Under the able leadership of Miss Caulkins the 1949-50 EHS Pep Club membership was outstanding. The Organization was very active in partici- pating in both home and out-of-town games during both Seasons, basketball and football. The following officers presided throughout the year: Dorothy Henderson, President: Irlene Rawlings, Vice President, Etta Mae Burris, Sec-Treas.g Mickey Brown, Reporter: DoloresBrazil, Student CouncilRep- resentative. FIRST ROW: A. HASA, A. THOMPSON, V. MORRIS, J. FISCHER, M. BROWN, P. LEADER, T. NORTHEDGE, L. MCDADE, B. PEARSE, G. DIMICK. SECOND ROW: M. VAUGHN, C. RADER, N. BILES, J. FARMER, C. GAFENEY, M. STARKEY, P. ANGERSBACH, J. MEREDITH, I. RAWLINGS. THIRD ROW: E. LEWIS, J. PARKS, S. STURGEON, M. ROSE, E. ROBY, D. HENDERSON, T. WEBB, J. HAWTHORNE, E. BURRIS. .Ir amamifrgg nf -i-ji 'ig 'A ' ' gg .,X, WW. is , Eggiri: '.N' ggi- rig: V -Y , . . uw X H .1 , ---ir-irml X. X 4 W. W 1- r 8udl"f1-4 :fflj 1 ADM W 1QfM1f,!Z..,Ar g00f66l! cbgffefnflefl SCORES A TEAM hdadison 7 Garneh 7 Iiunnboldt 0 Fredonia 7 Burlington ' 0 Cherryvale 19 Planeview 19 Neodesha 7 Yate s C enter 0 E11 'o Z7 Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka 20 0 O 0 19 Co-captians Dale Culbertson and Savoy Snider. Not Pictured: Ben Owens. SCORES B TEAM Madison 2 Madison 0 Yates Center 6 Yates Center 11 Eldorado 19 Augusta 7 Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka L..A , . -'EE 42 i . , ., : 2.0 ' ' 6 0 0 0 5811.2 7 42 Haw . , asf Www WMM C1f"'f"" Dwi- M""6'?Z'3V Awww gan J-Z-1,0 WM- ffffW4f1fWJ9'?",35.fiL'f 'MJ Jed Z ' 4 ' U "II ' f,liEfVf' " II Z-loofdaf BOTTOM ROW, L. TO R.: S. WASSELL, J. NEWBY, D. LEVIEUx, D. CULBERTSON, J. SHARP, J. COOPER, J. JEFFREY, R. GAINES, J. SEARS, B. RUSSELL, J. DocHOw. SECOND ROW: C. CHASTAIN, iiggggs B. HUGHES, A. LEONARD, B. DOTTS, C. HENDRICK- 'Mis A SON, S. SNIDER, J. HENDERSON, D. PUGH, B. -TD TE MURPHY, D. WHIPPLE, J. COOK. THIRD ROW: ASSISTANT COACH V. SHEARBURN, J. BRANDON, F. BUMGARDNER, B. OWENS, E. BALL, D. DAY, , gMfIAI.q'II-A II' MI II I A Zi T l .- IG ,V-4 Pl: 'U J , ' I F- GAINES, H. BREECH, R. RUSSELL, D. CHEA- Ogg f.Q THAN, L. SAUNDERS, COACH L. BLAIR. FOURTH K . hir, X ' Q ROW: K. HENRY, B. DUNCAN, J. BRODDLE, J. A ' " ' xg I ..,., Q " EVENSON, J. WEBB, G. STRINGER, J. BAVLESS, -' , E , B. MCCOLLOM, J.L. HAWTHORNE, T. TUCKER, K. . A E ' MORRISON. BACK ROW: MANAGER F. CRIswELL, R. H -" ROwE, J. HYSON, D. HUDSON, G. GULI , . . J Y LEM 'f ig SMITH, G. ADAMS, R. AILOR, MANAGER JOHN ROSE. QQ? ', E ,T 4 KWQI' NOT PICTURED: C. HUNTINGTON, K. BENTON, B. , N it XI C' 5 WEATHERBEE- ' "-E 5 A -,-II' r F Q. ., lg-, Coach Lawrence Blair and Assistant Coach Verlan Shearburn supervised a successful year of football at Eureka High. Eureka tied for third in the Tri-Valley League at the close of the 1949-50 season. Four boys who made the All Tri-Valley first team were: Savoy Snider, quarter- backg Dale Culbertson, tackle, Don Le Vieux, endg Jack Henderson, halfback.Four others whoreceived honorable mention were: Charles Hendrickson, Bill Dotts, .Tack Cooper, and Jack Jeffrey. 44 'xv I . gl! L, - 1x E - -. Hug' I. - 7' .lr I - Q .- MIS? I III -' Pall gl THE FOLLOWING BOYS REPORTED TO COACH LAWRENCE E. BLAIR FOR THE I95O A TRACK SEASON: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: F. CRISWELL, B. MCCOLLOM, S. HART, J. HAWTHORNE, J. EVENSON, J. BRODDLE, B. DUNCAN, D. EVENSON, J. WEBB, J. HYSON. SECOND ROW: J. DOcHOw, J. SEARS, A. LEONARD, L. MURPHY, B. HUGHES, B. DOTTS, S. SNIDER, J. HENDERSON, D. CULBERTSON, 5. MARSHALL, J. COOPER. THIRD ROW: COACH BLAIR, J. SHARP, F. BUMGARDNER, J. NEWBY, K. KENNEDY, C. COOPER, G. GULICK, D. CHEATI-IAM, F. GAINES, T. POMRANI-:Y,.ASS'T. COACH SHEARBLJRN. FOURTH ROW: P. JOHNSTON, D. HUDSON, C. HENDRICKSON, J. HUFFORD, K. BENTON, R. ADAMS, S. WASSELL, D. WHIPRLE, L. SAUNDERS, R. SOI-IREFFER. NOT PICTURED: D. LE VIEUX, D. PUGH AND J. JEFFREY. I . W on non 3 sl Ek L 1 1: . qv- V -0 Q' rg? ' 1- ' L' 'L Q.: I -r 7 I, if 4. ' T Bw f Rf. - ff -. A.. . if I S Y Z I L" 'V":1' : ' 5 ' - '-':'-ft. QTY.-'ll' X - df 46 BOTTOM ROW: T. POMRANKY, L. MURPHY, D. WHIPPLE, J. SEARS, J. COOPER, S. MARSHALL, C. COOPER, D. JORDAHL, B. RUSSELL, J. HENDERSON, S. SNIDER, A. LEONARD. MIDDLE ROW: COACH BLAIR, J. EVEN- SON, J. BAYLESS, J. DOcHOw, C. WASSELL, J. JAMES, G. GULICK, J. HUFFORD, C. HENDRICKSON, J. HAwTHoRNE, J. SHARP, J. BRODDLE, ASSISTANT COACH SHEARBURN. TOP ROW: MANAGER B. DOTTS, B. DUN CAN, K. BENTON, B. MOCOLLOM, J. WEBB, P. JOHNSTON, D. GANT, L. SAUNDERS, D. HUDSON, K. HENRY, R. SCHREFFLER, G. CLOSE. gaalfefgaff USSELL, C. COOPER, J. SEARS, D. WHIPPLE, ASSISTANT IST TEAM: COACH BLAIR, MANAGER B. DOTTS, B. R COACH SHEARBURN, A. LEONARD, J. HENDERSON, B. MURPHY, D. JORDAHL, S. SNIDER, S. MARSHALL, J. COOPER, T. POMRANKY. 48 ,W ,. fgffiiai :Lf 354. Eiga M - ,exif -. 5-sg -14 ' A guna Wag 7' K vi, f K9-7 ' The Junior Class presented its annual l ' K 5: ,I ,I I I U ff X I 4 Q N 5 I play a three act comedy Cross My Q .EZ if I aigign Heart," on December Z, under the direct- , 7' -9- fy E f L tion of Geraldine Feighny, x 'L The cast of characters include: L l Q 1 U, tg Y L' Eleanor Ross . . . Anita Shaw 3 N Bob Adams . John Green Dave Adams . . . . . Jim Sears Bess Adams . . . . . Sally Wallace This lay was a lively fast mov- Pauline Adams ' ' Mary Eugn Vaflghn Mrs. Ross . . . . . . Lila M1ller P ing picture of a typical American family with teen-age children. Their adventures and misadventures made this drama a highly amusing piece of entertainment. JimRoss . . . Mr. Jerome Ross Charlie Westover Carl Young . . Lola Pomroy . Patsy .Tones . . Henrietta Duval , 49 . Gene Sprague . .Tack Broddle . Don Cheatham . Gene Francis . . . Sue Baird . .Tanice Farmer . Margaret Rose an ff s H' ' W T19 4 717, n.J L 0 a P I I X Wafconaf .Honor oczefg BACK ROW: PAT LEADER, BILL RUSSELL DEANE PETER , soN, JIM DowNING, JUDY MEREDITH. FRONT ROW: JEANEENE FISCHER, LORA BROOKS, IRLENE RAWLINGS. THESE SENIORS WERE SELECTED AS MEMBERS TO THE NA TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BY THE EUREKA HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY. THEY WERE CHOSEN BECAUSE OF THEIR OUTSTANDIN , CHARACTER, LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE. G RECORD OF SCHOLARSHIP 50 Z yum IWW KQJI I I I I , 4,v I ,AW ' I M IM I ffm ?2 E .fx fs, .. f 4' I II., elorefsenfafwe Lgzwlenfa In SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: JEANEENE FISCHER, DoRoTHY HENDERSON AND IRLENE RAWLINGSL STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: BILL HARTMAN, DALE CULBERTSON AND SAVOY SNIDER. THESE STUDENTS, THREE BOYS AND THREE GIRLS, WERE ELECTED BY THE STUDENT BODY AS REPRESENTATIVE STUDENTS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS. A PRELIMINARY LIST OF SENIORS WAS DRAWN UP BY THE STUDENT COUNCIL ON THE BASIS OF PERSONALITY, CITIZENSHIP, LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE. '51 I .A P N.. Clfellle 0 Q 0 Q The annual staff wishes to express their ap- preciation for the help and cooperation, that the community has shown during the past year. 52 F CTURIAL YE BOOKS cusrom vans MYERS C A. s sv 1. ' K nncnnvoluun Venn. 11,.n,x ,f-4, ,. 1 V J . - I -- L- , -4, .' , - :I ,uv 4., H P.. x !...,,,,, aj --. 2,241 I gm . ,V ,. , . If W ..g . 1, .,H,J, 'dl' '. 'IT' ' 11- .' .awp-. 1 I , ffgl fo ?ffjw2-F, a' A-I' 2.16- . , S rn' -L v ,- I pa 'r,'J" I f x frm xAq2H . , I 'Www Kjefrr. 531: ,5 e -' MY.-E 'T-A-4 , if-PM wing I P I 1! 'S' :Zi Q I 5 is V r F 1 ,gy A Sify? MQ Mm ji f 'Y-Au "I N, L. Gp: A, Ev. - -n - I . ffl- .vfief Ln.11l .I , Try' xcljlf, .v- V W ,:.-7 wif af 1' F .. 3 'fp H Eh: , li " YQU A nl' . .g by I i"dt"?s .A ,. 1 iguk . z? Q 5, M ri 1' 13.25 f k 3 .V 1 .xl Q fx' H4 -:Y I M W7 1 ,J ,. Q I' I 1 ii' -'A M ..q x -ev 'J L-V1 'xi' -'T gmail! um ",' .-H1 an -. 'ni' LH 51 1 FM. ! 'z-3-21 VH33' ,, I T! , ,. 1 . 1. . .. M , . , . . , , ,, , . ,, .., , .,. . .-.VZ-. --,- ' 471--M ,--x, ,g ' 'I-'i-41. .- -. .1-. .- -1 x sf-14' 'va-ff-v "f"".y f .1 -, ,-"f,. Y H", f:,1,,'."'1 Q V14-Vw' ' -1 .,f" ll 4,-L1 " M- ' 'A '."1f"1V -' ' N'-" W in Q' 4 ' " N .. 'rl vm' nf .-x .. 'AA' 4. MA.: f. 4. -4' H I X --A - -1-l4'+!fJy:' 'lf Mn. .Nu x x.1:x.f: . -.1-f'1 --:'f"+' --'14 1" "V" ' " ' .-. - --, " , -,,,Av , , . -. Na-f . - - .ev -

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