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.,.,.. .... , 0.1 .,., ,.,, f 1' 1 fn' 1 'R , ,. A F?-umm. 1 -. , :V 1 wg-5 1 in . .EA up, ' fn W ,gg . H.. A , 155,-, . , 04. ,H x ' 1 f ,A Y 4- -bl, 1 I f 1 , , rf-. rm M .sw-5.5'1 fm iid' K ,M W. , Jvzpl-' ' xx - ,i., V . E ,H r- 1 ,L . 17. K.---HM i , . A ,., FI4 X ,-4, f,,3,.:g.W 12332-f ' J' i:.', W4 , V , N , w w- ' - -1 x- V u4-:15E" '- f'-, , W. 'R mi "IW: 1:3111 M '- w ' f ' I ' '5.lH5f"?Q49 4 ., ,g1,,.f'-M. ...Q-'. 'W' ' -. 'wrllvtx ..:- .,.4., , . .,' w ' " Y ' I 4. , 1 ,..5. M... ., .. .. ,N l ' 5 ,, wg-... . ', ' 1. A qf.. ,, K. 1. vw "'.'-." . :V . , X . ..x v A . . ., 4. w. , I Y. . Wx fb gage .4 V .1 'Y-'NV' f .." I. 1 1 ' 1-.v "-f 1'.'.f7"' . .. J,-,. , . 3 U.: Wy... w fm'-Q ,. ... , . A ... 'wtjlkx '..,',, ' V. . --. A 45' . ll ., .N 5 .Ft ' ...-J. " . 1' , . W, , . mvxlf - f 1 ,IJ wh., ...L, ",y lf' I 1 ., . "5 v W f.. .. ' ,. . V, , , ..-. r .,,.1 ,. . ' . . - x ., ,. Va V, W .. tg , 1 .us ,..5. ,, .v.4.' 4' 4. V ,QQLTQ-' X . 1 ., ... .f , . 1 X 1 Q., M- ,W-.I-. M .',,w...... . 1 1'-"1:Vf: 11' Nuff.: -,Q .. ...aj mf mx ' ,ef "'."."f"U' " 1 ,,,W5v.,.-1 .'.,.. A ..' .'f'.,. Vv' .. '.' v . 5 'xl:.3Q-.x..:iv.11.x. J- A. . , if , .' Q., . . . -3352, M,..L.n'1-. ..g.. Hn: ,, ,L ff' X 'X I-Q Q , -1. -. N X X 9 , ,EX .ix xx DQR 5. 3,1 X, J 1 ' ' ggzbrz ITAFF 'HIEF Vivienne Ballengei' INESS MANAGER Raymond Milliken EDITOR Denny Deere Asst. BUSINESS MANAGE Jaques George JOKE EDITOR Julia Fraser ACTIVITY EDITOR Louise Russell KODAK EDITOR Paul Scott SPORT EDITOR Lester Bitlei' Mid-Continent Engravin C S Wichita, Kansas -L1 .Endan- The Eurekan a the ftory W-Q of the - Y 6 ar 1 9 2 Q by the femior Class Eureka High School E aka Ka sas AE: 5 umumunmu 3 1 5 HUM fpimming and Weaving a-M Illlll I UT , D WW DEDICATIO THE PIONEERS OF GREENWOOD COUNTY IN RECOGNIITION OF THE STEADFAST C O L R A C E HEARTY ENDUR XNCE AND PERSISTENT LOY AI TI T0 AN IDEAL UNDIMMED WHICH HAS MADE OUR COMMUNITY CHURCHES AND TRANQUIL HOMES VSHA1 IT IS TODAX WE THE SENIORS OI' 29 DO RFVERENTI Y DEDICATE THIS VOI UME OI' THE ELREIVXB V' TO mum IVITH ITS S C H 0 O L S: 7 1 I. 1 ' I ' I. I. I I 'T I c J i r, i!,f.A.a., 4, ' fx 1 -I 1 5 3 -1 .I 4' II' WHEN YEARS HAVE PASSED AND YOUR FACFS THE UNROMANTIC RESPON- SIBILITIES OF IIFE THIS BOOK SHALL POR ONLY A FLEETING MOMENT CALL OUT OF THE TWILIGHT OF THE PAST THAT THRONG OF LAUGHING SHADOWY FACFS A N D BRICHT MEMORIES WHICH ARE A PART OF THE HAPPIEST YEA-RS OF YOUR LIFE - THEN, THIS BOOK SHALL HAVE FULLY ACCOM- PLISHED ITS PURPOSE. FOREWO RD mmm RAVE Wig mm S! HHN e CONTENTS 1 M The Weavers Weaving Apprentices Q Pick-up Ends N l? ff' Xxx N Weavers K f XS 1 4 i,,, ,Q5? WWF: Y' Z 1 I IIG PI SCHOOL s '-A4 Q 1 'Qi-.Q wh., , il -',,g.g- Q, JEL,-Q 'f ,A AA, 1, , P Q 4 6.484 1 I ,, ., ., A. 4 ,'. , ,., fr -45,1-. -1 , '-:."'- p-- -fav " 19.1-,.,...., ..,,. "- W' 5 :Lv ' " f"" QA ALJ? , C, ..1,lA,,ny:.' wx . ffl - 1-f Lgi- 'yawfx- agioew. A4 ,, , Q A 55,411 WF-ug , 14' V -" J -2-"f5'f41:b -A f if - L-455 A ' 1 . qw' Vg.. . Fir! ! H 1 W4 -1 Mui, , 'f-1. 1' -V-A' .vw , fx 7 W ! V vw 'W' rl l ,, .-,W - , Y . 6 'apr 'v,,gi".-knv.-1,ExfL. """ -- .,., X' Nu' T-KQV KP A v. . 'Q -fha, 'f tw iq A GY' 0 ,J , :F Q . ,q,5,,,- -'fu an . -H, N , Q -? "1 '.. -1. 4. ' -,1"'fvv2 " JUNIOR. IiIGIi X v L CLASS ROOM SCENES s ADMINISTRATION I i CLYDE U. PHILLIPS, A. M. Superintendent KB. S., Kansas Teachers College of Pittsburg: A. M., University of Chicago. Special work. Columbia University and University of Kan- sas. Phi Delta Kanpag Pi Gamma Mug Kappa Delta Pi.7 W. M. OSTENBERG A B Principal English and Debate. QA B Beth any College. Special work lbib Graduate work, University of Kan sas. Pi Kappa Deltaj BOARD OF EDUCATION HAROLD CONE. Pres. J. W. HINSHAW GORDON A. BADGER EDWIN KNUDSEN EDGAR W, JACKSON R. C. TEICHGRAEBER, V. Pres. i mc me ma.1ELkf.1Q.RzI i.f'.?w-,Ni-'F-I-:"':-"N"'X-.TCU - FACULTY HARRY R. WILSON, MUS. B., Supervisor of Music. fMus. B , Kan- sas State Agricultural College. Special work, Wichita College of Music and University of Wichita. Private lessons, Cosmo- politan School of Music, Chicago. Phi Mu Alpha.J ETHEL CABBELL, B. S., Latin and French. QB. S., University of Missouri. Stephens Junior College. Graduate work, University of Chicago. Special work, University of Colorado. Phi Theta Kappa.J EUGENE A. WATERS, B. S., Vice Principal. A Science. fB. S., Kan- sas State Agricultural College. Graduate work, ibib. University of Oklahoma.J ANNA MAIN, R. N., School Nurse. fGraduate, Christ's Hospital Training School, Topeka. Special work, University of Missouri' Simmons College, Boston, University of California, and Uni'Ver: sity of Michigan.J RUTH BACHELDER, B. S., English and Journalism. QB. S. Kansas State Agricultural College. Graduate work, Univergityygf Kan- sas. Theta Sigma Phi.J I THELMA FOWLER, B. S., English. QB. S., K St t . College of Pittsburg. Special work, Uniselisaiiy gfe g5l?i.2E1t,S Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Delta.J ' LORNA JOHNSON, B. S., Con 1- ' I, B, S, K - e1-S College of Pittsburg. I?2i?mp2aDelti1 Pi.JY ansas State Teach A, ,,,,-,.,.7-., -lf ?-fa.T1-2,.ii-2L-l.-lgi,"-211i'i-f-Y'Q-..-Y' W- - A - - - - - ..-+..f- .fs.,--- 1--,-.-cf ---. -t,-.3.-:g:f.1-5-'- 1+ W- - f ' Y-5,1-, - L 'KAI f L s V ' C - USA: 1 s., , ,,,, .-. 1 ,,. is " ' , ..,- ii 4 Q Hu l" A V' .1 iV"lf'v!l 1,4 ' ' ,', ll Nm? if - I FACULTY . . . .. - . ... 1...,,.. . ., NELLIE SHULTZ, Librarian and Study Hall Supervisor. fKansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Coloradog and University of Michigan. Correspondence, University of Chicago, and Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburgh EDITH WALKER, A. B., Dean of Girls. History. QA. B., Baker University. Special work, Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria. Graduate work, University of Kansas.J W. F. LOVELESS, B. S., Industrial Art. QB. S., Kansas State Teach- ers College of Pittsburg. Kansas State Agricultural College. Ad- vanced work, Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburgj JULIET DOWDY, B. MUS., Piano and Harmony. QB. Mus., Univer- sity of Kansas. Drake University. Graduate work, University of Kansas. Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lambda.J HAZEL GREGG, Secretary to Superintendent. Eureka High School and Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburgj R. M. GODLOVE, A. B., Director of Physical Training and Athletics, fA. B., University of Iowa. Cornell College and Iowa State Teachers College. Graduate work, University of Iowa.j GRACE SMITH, B. S., Home Economics. QB. S., Kansas State Agricultural College. University of Kansas. Graduate work, Columbia Universityj WOOD BLOXOM, A. B., Mathematics and assistant coach. CA. B., University of Kansas. Southwestern College three years. Phi Delta Kappa.5 A - - N.--x,.,Y. wa.-- ..,- ,---- ,--.,-..,.... -- . Y., - V ,, ,x-N-.Hn R h Q ,,-aax,-..+.,,,,' A A A ex,-.D-i-.1-..-,.,.f 4--s-.,,.-s.- .-, - ,Mx .,. , V 'If- J.-xj-..--.,...-,,-N,-,... .,- A .- ,f--,- ...', q , , - ufx,--., . . , ,, ,V 'Wx In -..:.-V-.fN,-..-E--.-.H,,-,.f-,-..a,,x, .-.,.. . ..,,.,,,.,,M nv .. ll--i?E l?iiiiiZiCTlic lEUl'lRIElliL5bJ?l: . ll SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOHN EDWARDS-College Prep., Radio Club 1, Latin Club 2, Boys' Club 1-2, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Emporia Contests 3-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 4, Annual Staff, Adver- tising Club 4, Basketball 4, Dramatics Club 3, Class Vice-President 3, Class President 4, Senior Play, Student Council. WILBERT STEPHENS - G e n e r al Course, Glee Club 3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Football Captain 3, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, Track Captain 2, "E" Club 2-3, Operetta 3, Boys' Club 2-3, Class Treasurer 2-4, Mixed Chorus 4. DENNY DEERE-Commercial Course, Radio Club 1, Bo ys' Club 1-2, "E" Club 3, Glee Club 2-3-4, Football 2-3-4, Basketball 3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Band 4, Operetta 3-4, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Hi-Y President 4, Annual Staff, Commer- cial Club 3, Class Vice-President 4, Mixed Chorus 4. "X-'X-Q---f--f ----..---.1 fl-Itj4jAj.fij.:1 'lil :Z-E-1--lil v4-v+7 f-1A - f-- - -- ---.f-,-... ...,-Q,-vzfafvz -1 -,:-f--2:-1 f--.----+Y- A - - A - 1 A -- 1, .-af? A-'L--:f.A-: i-L -:FL -+:-1- L- 1 1: --- . 1: fgjgsfgj 4 ' i ,i , ,,,. 1 ,L fs :4..w..u ' 0' '-N-J--f-.1.,.,.-A-.2 -1--.-Q-.ff -T va,- ll l j2.'sf-.,E'f-...a-'Teal-Tire lEKJTRlTEU4i1S3N?i2':?ii lS-T :--.-Il . SENIORS Schreffler Dennis l Dodson Scott Bower Carson Cook Elder Bilson ROY SCHREFFLER-General Course, Track 1-2-3, Basketball 1-2-3, Foot- ball 3-4, Football Captain 4, Boys' Club 2, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Class President 3-4, Banner Stall' 4, Operetta 3-4, Dramatics Club 3, Mixed Chorus 4, "E" Club 2-3, Senior Play. DOROTHY DENNIS-General Course, Glee Club 1-2, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Operetta 2. EDITH DODSON-General Course, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, G. R. Cabinet 4, Operetta 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-4 President 3-4, Girls' Quartet 2, Mixed Quartet 2-3, Interstate Music Contest Pittsburg 3, Orchestra, 3-4, Band 4, Dramatic Club 3, Secretary of Home Room 4, State Music Contest Emporia 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Play. PAUL A. SCOTT-General Course, gagdio Club 1, Boys' Club 2, Operetta ALLISON BOWER ELIZABETH CARSON - Commercial Course, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Com- mercial Club 3, Tennis 4. ROY A. COOK-General Course, State Scholarship Contest Emporia 1, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Tennis 3, Banner StaH 4. ETHEL ELDER-Commerical Course, Wichita 1-2, Girl Reserve 3-4, JESISIE BILSON-Commercial Course, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, Operetta 2-4, Dramatics Club 3. 'W""""I" vw- -' ,.,,,., , I '5 iiHlal3i2Wi'l2'nf1.lX6xi1-?iQ5ii2:'1,4llg .L--. af- .f--. . - ,-.K-s-.-..,--,--.,-.. X - . .. .,,-,f-,--,.-,- 1-.-,,.. .f -, . ,-. -N- H fihc CIE cu me ui lKL'iX.l5l P3-22-Aff' J SENIORS Brown Sanders - Ballenger Wilson Beal Shearer Russell ' Swenney Chambers Anderson EVERETT BROWN-Music and Gener- al Course, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Operetta Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Band 1-4, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Northeast, Kansas High School Orchestra 4 Topeka, Ban- ner Staff 4, Dramatics Club 3, Senior Play, Music Contest 4 Emporia, Track 1-2. Advertising Committee 4, Or- chestra Southwest Music Conference 4 VVichita, Debate 4. DOROTHEA SANDERS--College Prep., Glee Club 1-3-4, Operetta 1-3, Orches- tra 3-4, Honor Roll 3-4, Debate Club 1, Latin Club 2, Banner 4. VIVIENNE BALLENGER-Fine Arts Arts Course, fCollege Prep. Pianoj, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 3-4, Carpe Diem 2-3, Clavier Club 1-2-3, Orchestra 3-4, Band 4, Emporia 1-2-3, Operetta 4, Annual Staff 4, Student Council Committee 4, DOLLIE E. P. WILSON-Commercial Course, Glee Club 2-3, Operetta 2, Girl Reserve 2-3-4, Commercial Club 3. GLEN BEAL-General Course, Boys' Club 1, Football 3-4, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 4, Glee Club, "E" Club 3. - -f-,,.-..-'..,,-.... -.1 -4.-.H-..-.--C...-c, .. A .-. ,.. -..,-.,--. x. ..-5---. HAZEL MAE SHEARER4Commercial Course, Pep Club 1-2, Radio Club 1, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3- 4, Basketball Captain 3, Tennis 2-3-4, Track 1-2, Commercial Club 3, Glee Club 1-2. LOUISE RUSSELL - Commercial Course, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, G. R. Cabinet 3-4, Glee' Club 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Operetta 2-3-4, Class Sec.- Treas. 1-3, Advertising Committee 4, Annual Staff, Orchestra 4, Band 4, Emporia 4, Dramatics Club 3. HARRIET C. SWENNEY-College Prep, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Operetta 2-3-4, Oy- chestra 3-4, Band 4, Girl Reserve 1-2, 3-4, Debate 2, Clavier Club 3, Carpie Dlem 25 Piano 1-2-3-4, Senior Recital, Dramatlcs Club 3, Banner Staff 4, Mixed Chorus 4. AGNES CHAMBERS - Commercial Course, Radio Club 1, Dramatics 3, Girl Reserve 1-2-3, Commercial Club 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, gperletta 1-2-3-4, Advertising Commit- ee . ELLEN ANDERSON - Commercial Course, Girl Reserve 1-3-4, Commer- cial Club 3, Community Civics Club 1. -. --...- .,-. Y-,,.,fi,3..i. fi-Y A 3.j.v-gf-Z if--, -...x --..- . - -c.- - .f-.-F-.--'-w.Z'x4..4s:s.-l,xZ- If-.-3,T..lgi, ft wwamuuv "aifarW'lfvf, .. , A ,,,..,,.. V. .,,, ., ,,,', , i:hr:.3,,i-1, ...M - 11. ---fr-TQ:-gg-'t ' n. g:'i'i' 3 'A ,H . . - V, i 1 .,-..,..,..-1- -- - - - , I ,V K A "N x . .Ml - QW - im' flaw. if f. Wal ' SENIORS lj --f4.l - l Bitler Fraser Henley Fitzpatricklf Milliken Stuber Edwards Forbes Richards Wheeler LESTER BITLER-General Course, Football 2-3-4, Basketball 3, Track 2, Glee Club 3-4, UE" Club 3, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 4, Boys' Club 1-2, Boys' Cabinet 2, Operetta 3-4, Em- poria Contests 1-2-3-4, Annual Staff. JULIA DEVIER FRASER-General Course, Glee Club 3, Band 4, Orchestra 3-4, Operetta 3, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Dramatics Club 3, Annual StaE. DAVID HENLEY-College Prep., Glee Club 1-2-3, Clavier Club President 3, Operetta 1-2, Band 4, Orchestra 3-4, Student Council 4, Boys' Club 2, Radio Club 2. BLANCHE FITZPATRICK-Commen ical Course, Girl Reserve 1-4, Com- merical Club 3. RAYMOND MILLIKEN - General Course, Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3, Captain 4, Track 1-3-4, Boys' Club 1-2, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4, "E" Club 2-3, Operctta 1-2- 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Radio Club 1, Mixed Chorus 4. J. LELA VV. STUBER-Commercial Course, Commerical Club 3, Pep Club 1-2, Glee Club 2, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Tennis 2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2 Captain 2. ..-rv.-A ,f.w Yi,-,.v-v.. W - Y v - - - ,. A ,. - ,.,,.. JOHN EDWARDS-College Prep., Radio Club 1, Latin Club 2, Boys' Club 1-2, Hi-Y Club 3-4, Emporia Contests 3-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 4, Annual Staff, Adver- tising Club 4, Basketball 4, Dramatics Club 3, Class Vice-President 3, Class President 4, Senior Play, Student Council. HAZEL FORBES-General Course, Bas- ketball 1-2-3, Basketball Captain 2, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, Girl Reserve Cabinet 3, Girl Reserve President 4, Glee Club 1-3-4, Advertising Commit- tee 4, Pep Club 2, Class President 2, Emporia 2 lst Foods, Tennis 2, An- nual Staff, Banner Staff 3. CHLE RICHARDS-General Course Matfield High School 1-2-3, Banner Stalf 4. DORA WHEELER-College Prep., Latin Club 2, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Tennis 4, Girl Reserve 1-2-3-4, NELLIE BOYER-Commercial Course, Girls Reserve 3-4, Commerical Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, Emporia 2. QNO Picture.l - -- -,,.. ,-1,-..-.,Q.,.-.--,-S--.fQ..fs--.,..., q,.-,,..e-.,- I , -v-f-.A-...,.,..,.,..r,,,...,,. fs:-sa-1-' ' lfffxff-sf.-T.-T,-.f-If-I-T-.z-' -J-'J-4,1 .1"'1",l "'f:',1 -'Y' :jj-I-,L 7 --+ --- -- f- - .- '- -..,-. ..,,... ' X t ll me ft.peL1.f..fsss-fr-si - -f ree-2-fill JUNIORS XVhen, in 1927, the class of '30 came into high school, they were forty-one in num- ber. After the initiation they met and elected as officers, Joe Root, president, and Agnes Vanderman, secretary-treasurer. Miss Dowdy and Mr. Waters were sponSOI'S- As a Freshman class the class of '30 took part in all the school activities and did its part to make each a success. A special Freshman orchestra and glee! club were or- ganized for the Freshman chaped program. In 1928, as Sophomores, the class of '30 elected Wilbur Marshall, president: J. B. Coil, Vice-President: Agnes Vanderman, secretaryg and Dorothy Anderson, treasurer. Miss Tower and Mr. Loveless were sponsors. The class was well represented in ath- letics. Seven of their number received football letters and two were on the basket- ball team. Three members of the girls' basketball team were Sophomores that year. In track events, the class was represented in high jump, broad jump, pole vault, discus throw, shot put. and races. J. B. Coil, then a Sophomore, took third in pole vault at the Oklahoma University track meet. Corrine Garrison and Betty Edwards, Sopho- mores, were members of the high school quartet. Wilbur Marshall sang in the mixed quartet. At the beginning of their Junior year, the members of the class elected Mildred Mills, presidentg Philip Braden, vice-presidentg and Ogle Cornett, secretary-treasurer. Miss Smith and Miss Dowdy were class sponsors. The Juniors had five men who re- ceived football letters and one who played on the basketball team. Five members of the girls' basketball team were Juniors. The class had five men on the track team. Five members of the girls' glee club, four of the boys' glee club. and five of the mixed chorus were Juniors. The Juniors this year did something' different in that instead of the usual three act play, they presented three one-act plays: "The Valiant," "Solid Ivory," and "Neighbors" The plays were well received. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mildred Mills ...... H ,wAA-7Y-fri-Vf,f President Phillip Braden ...... A,YYY-,rf7-- X rice-President Ogle Cornett """ ----' S 9C1'6taI'y-Trea,Su1'Q1- SPONSORED BY f f A l sh AL A E0iNE HARDWKF-QE ANVDAFURNITOREZS 'T Z ' 'W' Fi: -Til':+?f:r5- -J-.B-T1:Q jf'-iv' -'rr'-W7 ' -' -,,- L ' A 7 Y HCOMPL - - -f--5'-.f-..-f:Alif-A-Z.-LAY-44..fx,.' 7 ETE HOMEQURNISHINGEH lvl. anon ' Lv. 1'-.,15a.4 JUNIORS l l Eleanor Brackett Evelyn Bratton Vivian Brackett , Wesley Moreland Herbert Hawthorne Elizabeth Boyer Earlene Aaroe Philip Dales SPONSORED BY 'v - v v -r-A-Y-v -'A-'---W'-A-'STB -AY A--f:-J-:AQA-A:-:ll-5Qigill r - A'A A' - - - -'.'.'.f.f. -f, f vi f-ig,-vi, 1-iv THE RsxALl. stone' ' ' v - i Y '-'-v v J Y "Z"fi':Ir' '-'f15', -, mv.iwi:':rf"F 'L .1 .X ,W 1. . ig J 1-f - - , , ,, r. . 'Lu.ww..,:Q.,q,.. , .. n fm im Maw JUNIORS - Wilbur Evans Wayne Ellis Lawrence Wilderman Hildred Brown Hazel Teegarclin Shields Trigg Harold Warner. Helen Hodgson Dorothy Wiggins EPONSORED BY .-..-,, ,.- -- ' " "1g.f.:f:i.T-T-.sxvllliiiliiif-',.,:5l3:l:3lYg1:g A L rg P - A - W A -, K ,YAMOZIIQJGO STUDIO W rv' T T - :Q-.Fir L.t:r,9:,- slr, 3- --1iZ.t:f.i,'iQ,,51j,L:-rfsiivtlg lgljijjxigii 41 5Liv1:A, S 'I f JW-.Qu ,Q ,- , ,M ll lQi??fTE?:li Vim- IECU mf.11iaL,mm:i JUNIORS Floyd Byidgman Ralph Hoffman VVilbu1' Marshall Thelma Jones Phyllis Denchfleld Corrine Garrison Oscar Cummins Derwood Hawthorne Georgia Bratton SPONSORED BY 5 Ll' :A':':':lt'L':'L'5 6175 EEETE 'J K E? f ri A' - :""""'w-'xA I lgglgiglggiljiiizl :I:ill-LALZLAL-Qllgll-T2i,lLi1 igll TRADE WITH THE BOYS" I A kx W M 1 . stuka ba IDN 1 N W tliiliff-Ff?'f, ..ou...n,d -2111- ' H X :iff 1.:i::g:,1 f-- NA--A-.f--I,-AFX,-.fs.f ll A25 L l 3 11.55431 Tl IC E CQ H33 IE IXSAN EEN' PTAA ff fx SOPHOMORES MOTTO: We have crossed the bay. The ocean lies before us. COLORS: Blue and XVhite. FLOWER: Sweet Pea. The class of '31 was very successful in its Frrst year of high school life. The class was represented in athletics having lettermen. It was also represented in music. Two members of the girls' quartet were freshmeng Bonnie Boone and Elizabeth Jackson. Several members of both glee clubs were freshmen. The class of '31 was represented in debate by its class president, Fritz Forbes. This class Won two of the important con- tests of the year: The Banner Sale contest and the Circus Queen. Hazel Ronen was Circus Queen. Two social events were staged-a picnic and a Hallowe'en party, both very successful. A new custom was adopted by the freshmen class, the laying aside of five dollars for their senior memorial. Freshmen officers were: President, Fritz Forbes: Vice-President, Elizabeth Allang Secretary and Treasurer, Hazel Roneng Spon- sors, Nellie Shultz and L. S. Curtis. The class of '31 made its sophomore year just as interesting as its freshman year by holding up its reputation in athletics, glee clubs, mixed chorus, orchestra, and band. When the operetta cast was chosen, Bonnie Boone and Frank Porter, two of the class of 31, were on the list. Half of the choruses were also sophomores. Fritz Forbes again represented his class in debate as first speaker of the affirmative. The sophomores won the operetta ticket sale. They were given a party by the operetta cast and were served by the seniors who were the defeated. There was also an inter-class party dealing with this same contest. A "Hobo Hike" was another stunt that proved the originality of this class. Sophomore oflicers were President, Frank Ford, Vice-President, Arnold Lewis: Secretary and Treasurer, Myrna Rockhillg Student Council Representatives, Fritz Forbes and Frank Porterg Sponsors, Nellie Shultz and Ethel Cabbell. Historian, Fritz Forbes. l SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS F1-anlc Ford . ,,,... ,...., ,,,. , K ,,,,,, p resident Arnold Lewis H Vjcgnpl-Osfdgm MYF1121 Rockhill .... Secretary-Treasurer SPONSORED EY vii :'.'zk:i:2L2i?:I:Z zigzsrggilijggygifl.-::...:-i.: i L: -13.1 EY. Y, V, Y - fi' '.'J'-'ilariiiii .f.ri'-:rl-geqifgl'-If-.-r'f'sq-I-2 Efloa W- E E Y Y A A A E Y Y 5 I ' ' 'A f' n-'N-'--f---- -'x.,-i--si-l-t- LAL.-xt,-1-f 3- we 3.1412 FOR ECONOMIC -v AL TRAIxSFaTATlOfx - CHEVROLET llwf-2. Ville Him muxairlem-fri ll f , , .. ,JY mgwze ' ' " ' '-2 V' ' BACK ROW-1Left to Righty-Flavia Mozingo, John Putnam, Evelyn Beach, Ray Maxwell, Mary Good, Murrel Aaroe, Chester Boterf, Frank Porter. SECOND ROVV-fFro1n the Back, Left to Rightl-Viola Estes, Erwin Elder, Elizabeth Allan, Robert Milliken, Bertha Schreffler, Irene Culler, Alice Handley, Mary Ann Parks, Marjorie McKinney. THIRD ROW-KFrom the Back, Left to Rizhtl--Arnold Lewis, Ralph VVard, Erma Lang, Earl Schreffler, Virgie Mock, Elizabeth Jackson, Robert Hartley, Hazel Ronen, Savilla Lassater. FOURTH ROW-fFrom the Back, Left to Righty-Oscar Coulter, Velva Todd, George James, Christine Bancroft, Frank Ford, Myrna Rockhill, Hortense Sanders, Bonnie Boone, Dan Crouch. FIFTH ROW-fFrom the Back, Left to Right!-Florene Breech, Edna Pennington, Maxine Downard, Ronald Colvin, Katherine Badger, Lee Ballenger, Irma Broddle, Charles Carlock, Fannabell Mills, Albert Jackson. SPONSORED BY A - C - C CSQUQERQ QRQSEGABAQQ A f-'H Qu 5?bgE6LEQfiT.jQgE1:5EQ'f A A --sf--f.-.--:P-53:-1-1Q----LAILLZ Jaxii, Y , , v , " ws we '- -- WHAT SAY D0 WE D0 Do svsmfrmms Fon 'ms aun.osn" H it J 1-Kiley. f- H ffm- lEFOmilEH6AN E li?,2ii FRESHMEN ln the fall of '28 eighty-two bright and shining green Freshmen enrolled in Eureka High School. At their first meeting the Freshmen elected Philip Forbes, presidentg John Elder, 'vice-president: and Donald Prouse, secretary-treasurer. Later Donald Prouse moved .to lVichita, so Henry Miller was elected to fill the vacancy. Miss Thelma Fowler and Miss Lorna D. Johnson were class sponsors. On September 14 the Freshmen underwent the much dreaded initiation and came out full-fledged students of E. H. S. In the Banner selling contest, in which all the classes took part, the Freshmen came out second, losing by only a small margin. The class was divided into three home-rooms under the supervision of Miss Fowler, Miss Johnson and Miss Bachelder. A scholarship contest, which was to last six weeks, was arranged between the Freshmen home-rooms. Miss Fowler's home-room, having the highest scholastic average, won. The members of the winning home-room were guests of honor at a February party. In athletics the Freshmen were well represented by Terry Gray and Virgil Stever on the football team, and by Terry Gray on the basketball team. The Freshmen have a right to be proud of Ruth Moore, who ranked in the highest one per cent in Latin and English, in the Every Pupil tests given January 8, 1929. Eleanor Dales and Ruth Moore represented the freshman class in the Student Council. At the beginning of the second semester, there were approximately seventy-two pupils enrolled in the Freshman class. FRESHMEN OFFICERS Phillips Forbes .... - .............., I ..., President John Elder ......... ,-.f ..... . V ice-President Henry Miller ..,,, ..,,, S ecreta1'y-Treasurer SPONSORED EY leg-5-f'-"N""'-""..'2t..'2J-"LL'-'J13'-3il'L'lil:i:i:i,Ti1--,3g-i 1--1-: 1 --- soungas RADIO SHOP Y - ' ' i ' J" -"j'Nj"jTf: ' I-iii-iii-x'.i':IIiai',ZQ,l:-i ',ir'..L --f -'fir' -P 'A - :Ye-,A - .. U fx.,-i,-. v WHERE RADIO IS Ng A SIDE-LINE" ' if r v .........,...,.......1......-,.- .fl X ,......! X SPONSORED av STRAIGHT BROS. FLOWS - SEPARATCRS - TRACTORS A I Q IIIII Weaviw Il ll Q . lllll Athletics lVlusic Debate C ubs Dreirnaitics Stuclent Council Publications iv ite civxm l ....-..-.,.. Wm "" EXNAVNEI - I Q II Q:E,igl 12g?3z2e2'-2335 CN .. IE . f"N a . N33 ,P fav---am- it to -mvYa:lI19ZQ,l?f':fill N:::.f Yi ii .il ,Q .Q il' 5 I , WT. 5 W. BLOXOM R. M. GODLOVE J. F. DOOLEY Q. 'i Y Q.- ,A This year nine games were played in a ten game schedule. The game with Arkan- li sas City had to be cancelled because of bad weather conditions. Sir games won, two Q' tied and one lost is the past season's record for the Eureka team. This team will long " be remembered not only in Eureka, but also in this section of the country as one of the best, if not the verv best, team in southeastern Kansas. Some of the best teams in the state were on the Eureka schedule this year, but only one of them succeeded in ad- Fi ministering defeat. .gi Coach Godlove started the season with eleven letter-men from last year's squad. This. in itself, is sufficient to show that the Eureka aggregation was feared bv its op- ponents. Weight, speed, teamwork and determination are the qualities that govto make 7. up anv athletic team, and the Eureka football team of 1928 certainly possessed these if qualities. T The season opened with a 47 to 0 victory over Cedarvale and i th 'ii fha fast Roe Indian team of Wichita was defeated 13 to 0. ' The Xugfsffcggiqfixi , said by many to be the biggest mud battle that they had ever witnessed. This was the Q first tie game of the season. It ended 0 to 0. Eureka next journeyed to Gridley where 5 it found the hardest hitting team that it met this season. This unexpected surprise gave - Cornett the inspi1'ation to "plow" the line nine consecutive times for thirty-Six V31-ds Z' and a touchdown. This lone touchdown was the only score made during the entire Q game. Y SPONSORED BV 4 :.i72:,rL121::1::3:frgrgzgigg-3151-1: iiieliijgijzgi jYii4i.:iT-W i ifAi 1 .'fE.SL"E3Eff?.'19.52E5Li'l'lH' '55I,N!L55El,.c, ,g - EV! 'i- CARTER ' ' E 'E' ' i " " ""' "ff'AE"'Y'A"""" ""N"T"'x""""""'-"'-"-"1-1643-if--..-1 1-I-1 -:J i.: FOR EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT" "GIFTS THAT LAB-ri. -" - " tt' ' 'S T .L ,, ,. 5 N , x . , ,,. W-.,+.fal.ali.1-.. -'.....e.A.,.QLaM. ' f"'xvA,,MA,,,,,, .,,.,,.,,,.f1-N C71 ILS IE to mf.1i11ifm,r.s ll The Neodesha game resulted in a 20 to 0 defeat for Eureka and the only loss of the season. Neodesha had a good team but the comparative strength of the two teams can not be judged by the score. In this game Eureka amassed a total of 377 yards from ' e while the Neodesha team labored for 46. But after all, Neodesha had scrimmag , I twenty points to their credit while Eureka had failed to score. Neodesha flied Frledlonia 0 to 0 on Thanksgiving day this year 101 the VGld1g'l1S Valley champions lp, w ic is, in reality, the championship of Southeastern Kansas. Then came Fredonia with a well-coached team. This game was scoreless until the last few minutes of play when Warner intercepted a Fredonia pass and carried it to the one-yard line, where Cornett plunged the ball across for the only counter of the game making the score 6 to O. The gala game for the Eurekans came on Armistice day which is set aside annually as a benefit game for the athletic fund. Yates Center and Howard alternate at fur- nishing the opposition for this game. When Yates Center came here this vear, the Eu- reka fans were surprised when Eureka beat them 50 to 6, since four regulars were on the bench because of disciplinary trouble. Eureka journeyed to Madison the next week to defeat the "Bulldogs" 13 to 0. Then came the last game of the season with Howard, the Elk Countv Champions. This game ended a scoreless tie. This last game was played under many handicaps due to injuries and ineligibility, and Eureka was fortunate in holding' Howard to a tie. Prospects forthe 1929 season are rosy since eleven letter-men are returning from the 1928 souad. and next fall should see another high powered team take the place of last season's eleven. 1 .. STANDING-Godlove CCoachl, Putnam, Stever, P. Schreffler, Lewis, Braden, Deere, CXrnett6H:gXfhorne, Beals, R, Schreffler, T. Gray, Coil, Moreland, Coulter, Bloxom ss . oa . SEAg7E?IE13BL2?hi1i'f1Wl-B0te1'f, Cummins, Scott, Darby, Bridgman, Bitler, Stephens, FRONT ROW-Johnson, Crouch, A. Jackson, Rush, Miller, Edwards Rawlings Ford J. Jackson, Wheeler. ' ' ' SPONSORED EY Av-LA Fggiggqfb-IFA'-vivizgji :':liiglalfE-Ea:Ki:R-Q !:Z:L:3Tii f A'sf-f-----fri,,,,.,.:.:,Y f!YA, , - 74711 v Y Y v v "MODERN EQUIPMENT AND melts HHQME OF GOL' v sf - - DEN cnusr snsfxn ,5lg'..f1"-f,',, 1 ?,71,w,. ., x, V u ,... .ii +f.r:AiffffiYxlZ.'!',.,i.-111.1 .... .4 -L, Jagmemafa, II mf EUmilElKAiE':l ll Stephens Deere R. Schreffler Hawthorne Coil Beals Cornett Milliken VV. STEPHENS-Half Back, 4 years, weight 155 lbs. D. DEERE-R. Tackle, 3 years, weight 155 lbs. R. SCHREFFLER-"Capt," L. Tackle, 2 years, weight 155 lbs. D. "FAT" HAWTHORNE-Center, 2 years, weight 243 lbs, J. B. COIL-Halfback, 2 years, weight 160 lbs. G. BEALS-L. End, 2 yea1's, Weight 162 lbs. O. CORNETT-Fullback, 3 years, weight 178 lbs. R. MILLIKEN--R. End, 4 years, weight 145 lbs. SPONSORED BY --,,,k..,.....,,--.,--fx,-L.-,,-,.. ,- -.,. , . -f .,-we-N.----fs-1---.-3-N..-V-sv-:-..i::::i2-:-t++- K+- - A,-, A,.,- , - , SAFEWAY STORES T Y 'F'-'AT""A": WA-'f' .1-- ,e Y.,-V---f..L-.-1.-. - -L,f,,,.X, , A A , -"'-" -'-JT" -" -' -' 'if' 'N 'XJN-I----.-.?,T.ig-.1,.,j,, if-jg--A-ff' if -pf A-ff, DISTRIBUTION WITHOUT WASTE" lx-'NJ-1 N., 1 '11 .,35?3l9F 'J V 1' -. nm " 1 If "'."l A A -'--"".,....,..,. 1 X M -ff ff- ff AN ll:-1---'NIQE11-iezfsgzf C The ITE ro me 1 li Ufzmfi Darby Stever Lewis P. Schreffler Warner Gray F. DARBY-Guard, 1 year, weight 152 lbs. V. STEVER-Tackle, 1 year, weight, 156 lbs. A. LEWIS-R. Guard, 2 years, weight 165 lbs. P. SCHREFFLER-Quarterback, 3 years, weight 142 P. BRADEN-R. End,2 years, weight 160 lbs. H. WARNER-Quarterback, 2 years, weight 145 lbs. T. GRAY--Tackle, 1 year, weight 155 lbs. L. BITLER-Guard, 3 years, weight 160 lbs. SPONSORED EY S. Bradeh Bitler -,f,v,YA-Y-.v--Av. 1v-YA , A ?Ej'5HER BROTHERS ' ' ' ' -A- - 4,5 - - -- A A-A -A lA:Yv --v ,AY Y-Y 7 Y A , , v fvavs,-qg f f - -gqggr-Y ., - - -r-.-v WE DO IT BEST" I ' .'1...'1 .15 '1' ?".g.Q...Z .b :A SPONSORED BV n n f Nic nip mf. is Mui, eiei,ffmTEie1.efee1l BOYS' BASKETBALL f"l I i 1 I i 1 1 I i i 4 STANDING-John Edwards, Chester Boterf, Terry Gray, Wesley Moreland, Keith Johnson, R. M. Godlove fCoachJ, Fritz Forbes, Erwin Elder, Harold Warner, Ray Milliken tCapt.D John Putnam. SEATED-Orvis Day tTrainerJ, Murrel Aaroe, Joe Burke, Albert Jackson. Out of seventeen games which were played this season, twelve games were won and five lost. This 1929 team of E. H. S. has won three more games than has any other E. H. S. basketball team, since the establishment of the school. For this reason it is believed that the 1929 team is the best that Eureka High School has ever produced. Coach Godlove's fast breaking oHense and tight zone defense are responsible for the success of the past season. The play of the team was characterized by dazzling floor work. fast passing, and alccurate shooting. The members of this team were handicapped in many games because of their lack of neight, but they made up for it by their speed. Raymond Milliken who was elected honorary captain of the team at the close of the season, was a good leader. The letter men made no mistake bv electing him to this office. Ray's floor work and his ability to handle the ball made him an invaluable man on the team. Q Prospects for next yea1"s team are unusually bright since only one player, Cap- tain Milliken, will graduate. Five men received letters for the past season's work. They are Captain Milliken, Erwin Elde1', Harold Warner, John Putman and Fritz Forbes. Much credit must also be given the second team which plaved a twelve game schedule. Without their help, it would have been imypossible to have such a team as Eureka. produced last season. ext- ..-..--N.. . if J - f- .---.,-.---.,-Q,-.".-.f"..,-.A '?L1:1f,-Yiililj ff-'Q-:f-3-:AQZ-I-Q12 Q - jill- f--ff--W Y-,W-e-ef ,,!fL,9,'3.ELUiE!,99l?'l5'E'Y ---e LA--f--f A - - ee- f - . , f .. ...W A fx.,-x,-.,a,,.s -fnlwkf--r-N ' UA NATION-WIDE INATUTIONH . T-,.,, .4 .,. . .,..-.4-a-A -,......1..,. .,-..-.f-.-x.. .,..,-fu-.A .,..,...,.- ' , . ,T , .zfrsr3:2rf' X5 II IQL-3-,sz-Z-,QCHIIIL TElUll?.ll.,-llif.'Q,F-I Il BASKETBALL LETTER MEN F01-beg Elder Warner Milliken QCapt.J THE SCHEDU LE E. H. S. ., 43 Toronto .,,,,,, ..,.., . 8 E, H, S ,..,,, 31 Alumni ,,,, ..,..,, 3 0 E, H. s. LLLL 25 Virgil LLLL, LLLA,LLL 8 E, H, S. 20 Madison ..... .,.,,, , 13 E, H, S ..,,,, 36 Climax ,..,... .,,,,,, 2 G E. H. S. ,.... 20 Indians ....... .,..,,. 2 6 E, H, S .,.... 15 Emporia ..,....,,.,,.1, 19 E. H, S ......, 32 Yates Center ....,. 31 E, H, S, ..,, 21 Cathedral ...,..,..,., 39 E, H, S, 34 Virgil ......,..,. .,... . W 9 E, H, S ,,,,,, 34 Madison ..... ....... 1 2 E, H, S ,,,, 17 Emporia ...L .......,,, .40 E, H, S ,,,,, 29 Indians ..,,.,..,,..,.... 35 E. H. S. ..., 48 Yates Center ....... 25 E, H, S, ,,,, 32 Climax ...........,...., 26 E, H, S, ,,,, 32 Piedmont .....,,,..,,,, 19 E, H, S. .,,, 54 Toronto ..... ....., 2 4 Total-E. H. S. ..............., ......., 5 10 Opponents ............ ...,..., 3 80 Putnam Godlove Q Coach J A-.AA-,--A-AL,,-,vv-w,v-vv,Y,,-.YYY,v.L,Lf - Y -'A' -' - - fvf -A- -Y Y A-.--f.-.-v-,,-Qfi,-. --A -Amr----v ll C7hc IEQJrse.iEuQSlAx1mivW"r li?,2'll TRACK TOP ROW-Coach Godlove, M. Teter, Jackson, R. Milliken, V. Evans, "Fat" Hawthore, C. Richards, J. Burk, J. Wheeler, O. Day, fTra1nerl. SECOND ROVV-E. Elder, P. Braden, J. Putnam, A. Lewis, H. Warner, J. B. Coil, O. Coulter, O. Cornett. The 1929 track season opened with the Class Relays, in which the Juniors carried off the championship after an unexpectedly hard fight with the Sophomores. Following another local meet in which the squad was divided and named after the two state institutions-K. U. and Aggies-the red and blue athletes competed in two practice meets with a group of county schools. Climax, Madison, Piedmont, Severy and Tonovay of the county league offered little opposition as far as team totals were con- cerned, but gave the inexperienced Eureka squad some of -the competition they needed. These early season meets gave evidence that the Eurekans were rather strong in the hurdles, pole vault, broad jump, shot put and half mile relay, but that they lacked strength in the sprints and distance runs and in the discus, javelin and high jump. On April 19th Coach Godlove entered four men in the Annual K. U. Relays at Law- rence. Harold Warner ran a great race in the mud and rain to win his preliminary heat by a good ten yards in the low hurdles and also qualified for the finals of the high hurdles by taking second in the heat won by Cobean of Wellington. A half hour later he followed the flying Gridley of Wichita to the tape to win a second place medal in the low hurdle race. The winning time of 25.4 sec. was remarkable considering the con- dition of the track. The competition in the pole vault was too keen for Coil, who was in a slump and the 880 yard relay team of Lewis, Putman, Warner and Coil was forced tg follow Wichita, Hutchinson and El Dorado to the finish line in the last section of t e race. The first annual Eureka Invitation Track and Field Meet was held at the fair grounds track on Saturday, April 27th. Two hundred twenty athletes from 20 schools braved threatening weather conditions and raced, jumped and threw their way to good marks. The meet which was sponsored by the local civic clubs was a great success and promises to develop into one of the state's largest annual competitions. It was a state qualifying meet and first, second, and third place winners were eligible to enter the state sectional meets. SPONSORED BV """"s3-7- -2 ' '-I-L-i-jijLZL1'gIjZ:2J4L1:1jli ijZii:EL5:A,l:i,l:Z1?Q ve-- f.'liA':FE 291. SLOTHIERS vu. L FLEIEBQ - - - o -'N--- -3-- --i-Yer,-L-Ire:-. 1:2 iliggpiji-A 'wLv.f-Lili-3.1445.-L-:-L--,-1-:-: "ous Fmczs .ms LOWEST" S Jzwsrzn AND onromsmnsr ,-rf qi-1-Q' Nw' , 2 QV l. , tat it-in .aw-v-he ,,-...,s.-... ..f-.4sa-4- .,-.n-.q..-- -,..,,...,..- The f X -Jw ,I N ll lQl C7l:e H?.KJI1'RIEHcS.6b..N 2 5i i,,1,.,. Xi! X f record holders and their newly made records follow: 120 Yard High Hurdles ,.,,...Y 17.1 sec. .,,A.........,...,..Y,,,.... Warner, Eureka 100 Yard Dash ,....,,,,,....,,,,, , ..Y. 10.2 sec. ....,...,.,,,,..w..,,,, Bonnett, Fredonia Mile Run .....,,., - ...... - .,.,....r,...,. 4 min., 52.4 sec. ,,.,....,,,,,,, Redding, Leon 880 Yard Relay ..,,.r.,.,, . ..... 1 min 37 sec. ....,.,,, ,..,..,,,,,,,,, F redonia 440 Yard Dash .... , ,,.,........,,..1,Y 54.8 sec. ...,,,,,... v ,,,...,,,,,,, Bidwell Rosalia 220 Yard Low Hurdles ....,,.. 27 sec ...,..,....,,.,,.,,,.r,,r,... Milton, Elk City 880 Yard Run ...- .,,,,,......,.,,, .2 min., 15.2 sec ,.....,,..,,,,,, ,Lane, Climax Medley Relay ,.,,.... ,....... 3 138.2 ,,,,....... Crawford Co. of Cherokee 220 Yard Dash .1.... .,... . .23 sec. ..,......... ,,.,..,..... B onnett, Fredonia Mile Relay W-.- ....... ........... 3 244.8 ,.,........ Crawford Co. of Cherokee Pole Vault .,..,, ...,.....,,.., 1 0 ft. 101A in. 1 ,i,..,,,.... ., Coil, Eureka Shot Put ....,. - .,...,, 45 ft. 3 in .,... Hartenbower, Neosho Rapids High Jump ..... ,... ..,...., 5 f t. 7 in. ,....., Lair and Barves, Fredonia Discus ........ .... ,........, ..,. . . . 111 ft. 9 in. ..,...,...,,.,........,,... Fox, LeRoy Javelin ...........,.. .... - .........,,... 1 47 ft. 11 in. ,,,r.........,,, . Eppley, LeRoy Broad Jump ....... -- ......,, , ,,...,. 19 ft. 3in. ,.,,, ,,,,,,, B ridgman, Eureka Team Totals-Fredonia 35, Eureka 28, LeRoy 18, Emporia 1514, Leon 14, Crawford County 10, Rosalia 10, Neosho Rapids 8, Tonovay 725, Elk City 714, Howard 6, Climax 6, Chase County 55 Labette County 5, Madison 4w, Grenola 3, Severy 3. The following Eureka track men qualified for the sectional meet by virtue of plac- ing in the Eureka affair: Warner-High Hurdles, 1st placeg Low Hurdles, 2nd place. Coil-Pole Vault, 1st place. Bridgman-Broad Jump, 1st place. Ray Milliken-880 Yard Run, 2nd place. 880 Yard Relay Team-Putnam, Allen, Warner, Coil-second place. Mile Relay Team-Putnam, Milliken, Warner, Coil-second place. The best times and distances made in 1929 by Eureka men to April 28 are listed below. as 120 Yard High Hurdles ...-...17.l sec. ..... .. Warner 100 Yard Dash .....................- 10-7 SGC --A--- -------f--- C Oil 220 Yard Dash ,,,,,,,,-,,V ,,,,,,, , 23.3 sec. r............. ............. C oil 440 Yard Dash W, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 56.6 sec. .................. ........ .Warner 880 Yard Run V,,--Y,,,,,,,,., Y ,,e,,, 2 min, 15.9 sec. .... - - ............., Milliken Mile Run V,,---,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, 5 min, 36.7 sec. ..-W Richards 220 Yard Low Hurdles ,.,..,.., 27 sec? ............ ....... Warner pole Vault -W --,,,,,A - -,,v , .,,,,,..,,, 10 ft. 1024, inf ........ , .... 1 ........... ..Coil High Jump 4-,,V ,,,,, -,,,,A,,,,,,,., ,,., 5 f t , 3 in ...- .................................., Putnam Broad Jump ,,.V,, ,,,,,,r , ,,,,,.. 1 9 ft. 10 in. ...- Bridgman and Coil Shot Put -,V,--,,,,,, E ,,,,,,,,,.., -42 ft. 9 infi ..... H, .................,, Cornett Discus ...- ...... f ---. -H Javelin .......... A-.- ----- V 4 - Indicates high school record. 97 ft. 10 in - ,...... 134 ft. 6 in ak ...............,Cornett ..........Braden llfiuggxi idx Cjizc IECUIRQJE l NELLIE BOYER Write-up in regular senior section. Picture received too late through over-sight. i w, 1 ,, , N, ,IQ 47, gwgrwixiwwl 1: ,E .1 lzvlb V ,b' FV Q , .,, , .,., .,.,, . ., ,, ,gr ,ggi . 1 pa, f- , N, , 'ff:2SH2gL"' ,V , , Riff .4 M ' ' .'El1'zf'f5'f: diff-ffa1y:c.s, ,, i'l:y,3?'?:i - "W-I , fn f 4wG?.:e'fi ' 11- f CE ffl'7"2.'i"1-sQ:I,' ' fs--. ::IZ:,e:'x-,,::'., 4 "' , u ii' , , 2-T--3, , - V f g ..., I . ' -512,4 .X yi: " ,, f ' ' 23- 3, f,., 'ggi'-I'E, , pk :V V -. I .. .V I ,111-U '3"2-'- 1 .E:.f""','f.tgJ'1. -5 -I 1 M... ,..,,.,...,,..,:w,,, ,. Wg, g-....,,,z, 1 W, .:, A , rf: 2-jg.:-,J-356 . ..,. - Q- - , Z .wwf f ' .,,..f,4.-I,. , - - V- ,. "" I I X V A Fw ,A -fn , . E. , -5 1' , -.,,,Q1',, 59' ' .iii-Qlzfgg jf- gi f ,Q .ii s'-gg A I I , V 333 , , , ' ' if-f I fffl Q I' if ' ,-,. .V.-, I if! . , T' A ?1f'I'i?f""?7 Q' ,- ,:1'2".f:.":1'lj5.,.'f'fqfv ., jnlifi. ' -' .' , gl' "Ill Iv 11 'fiiilfiiffg .lf J V E : 4 Ll In ,, A ,gqv 1: , - : 1. 3 : LA, ri nl iii ir EQ I' I If'2I+ V -1 41 1 fa--,1ffQ5g+1g.,,5ff, i . ,q, , , , ,,, f -, A, ,,,,.1 1 .gf ,V . .. f fig " IL -' f I .. ,. .- 'gv .1 jj WP", ':':'7i':"'LS"uQ1I.Z'i"f'gf'L" '- I I 'P 2,1 ' 1, 5- 335 P -9 995 19 fr-- ,iixrir I 1 ' -- ---- 4 51 , J- 'l' I 2' I , I 5 'K-iw i' - 25 'W'-:f'3'32 i ""' ' P 1 I I ,w,,," I 15 I xg-.33l1A42ua'S4Z-M M . I M . -- ....... ,W PIONEER SCHOOL BUILDINGS OF EUREKA --E. - - - ., .1-,-454- Y ,Yi - Y-Y.i- Y, Y A Y Y -..,-.+,, A 4 A "-'--f-fv-:?:,- Y----- - - ,A, Y- ., A - A Y - - - Y - .. Y - 'fff'-"-f-v--.-.-,-'AiA23--'Af-ZLQ4 - A --.fA -L-Z 5 , . " 'LE . ' .,.. 1 ,,,,,,-.-N, .,-.,-.f-asm lla--:el I GIRLS' BASKETBALL l Miss Bachelder, fCoachj Earlene Aaroe Betty Edwards Agnes Vanderman Bertha Schreffler Lela Stuber Hazel Shearer Dora Wheeler Katherine Mauk Hildred Brown Basketball was chosen as the winter sport to supply the need of some sort of girls' t athletics in Eureka High School. Miss Bachelder and Mr. Bloxoin consented to ac as 'h . P' ctice began immediately after Christmas vacation -and a total of eight ccac es 13 inter-school games were played. The squad was small, but the guls were much intel ested and were faithful in their efforts. Those earning letters were Dora Wheeler, forward, 4th year, Bertha Schreffler, forward, lst year, Hazel Shearer, captain, forward, 4th yearg Agnes Vanderman, guard, 3rd yearg Lela Stuber, guard, 4th year: Earline Aaroe, guard, lst yearg Betty Edwards, guard, lst year. Others on the squad were Hildred Brown, Hazel Teegardin, and Katherine Mauk. ' SPONSORED BY -'-A -' -Av--- 'vAf A- -'--A-E1?Q-B A.AiA:-5.3 - 3 A- igilzlzigi ?:l:A5:lLZ: 1 Y-v-:- I-.I-J - -.-.-.-s.-..,.,.,,.,.v..-,L A-Av 'A fnvh A - IN Business Fon voun HEALTH v FTM. IE co ma ua llfqfsixilxl ll iliac ?-1-lr+M1T,C71rQ lEccJrra1ia1r:SAN ll SENIORS To appreciate the worth of the class of '29 we must go back to their beginning and trace their advancement, marked by the accomplishments, which brought them to the successful close of their Senior year. When, after the initiation, the members of the class of '29 became sufficiently ac- customed to the high school atmosphere they met together to organize. They elected as officers Philip Braden, presidentg Virginia Peterson, vice-president: and Louise Russell, secretary and treasurer. The Freshman history was very creditable. In ath- letics they had four football men, three basketball men, and five basketball girls. In music the class of '29 showed themselves unusual from the start, for they had three boys and fourteen girls in the glee clubs. The class assembled again the following fall full of pep for the 'forth conring year and elected ofiicers Hazel Forbes, president Caroline Clark vice presldent and VV1l bert Stephens secretary and treasurer In every school activity they took part I the Sophomore year, the class was represented on the football team by four lettermen on the track team by the captain and three other men who placed high rn the county meet Half of the girls on the county champion basketball team were Sophomores In scholarship the class of 29 took the only honors won by E H S at the Emporia con tests that year Eight of the members of the glee clubs were Sophornor es So thus far their progress through the Sophomore year gave a promising outlook for the Junior vear When they met again as Juniors forty four in number they realraed that the serr ous business of their high school career was starting so they elected R05 Schreifler president John Edwards, vice president, and Louise Russell, secretary and treasurer Five Juniors one of whom was captain, received football letters three were on the basketball team and four were on tne track team Four members of the girls basket ball team one of whom was captain were Juniors As for music both at Emporia and at Pittsburg they were prominent Although rt was impossible for the class of 29 to grvc a play they entertained the Seniors most successfully with a banquet rn the lower hall of the school burldmg So the Junior year end d with them feeling that they had more than lived up to the expectations of a Junior class The next meeting was held after the opening of school on September 3 1928 and their number had diminished to thirty three As Senrors, they elected as president John Ldwards as vrce president Denny Deere and as secretary and treasurer Wrlbert Stephens The Seniors accomplished manv things In football sir: lettermen and the captain were Seniors The captain of the boys basketball team was a Senior Three of the girls on the basketball team were Seniors The class was also well represented in music, by three students who graduated rn piano The Senior play Dummy, went oxer big both as to acting and attendance The members of the class of 29 have done their best to live up to the standards of the school In leaving they realme that they owe all that they have accompllshed and all that they have succeeded rn doing to the influence and high standards of the Eureka 3141-141'-E24-I-251-?i:-7:-lA:-' ' '-Jiri'-'-A . , . . . . . . . . U n Y I ' 1 ' 1 1 T v . , '. .. . . v . . , - . . ., . , g . r' . . l 1 " N. ' 7 ' 4 4, . - . .- - I . . 5 . ' ' 1 , - 7 C I - ' ' 1 J ' . . ' . ' ' ' . - 1 4 7 ' . ' e - . , . . . I. l .Y -, . . - ' ' . ' 3 - 7 1 ! s . . . . J - ' , . . ' ' , . ' ' ' A: rr . . ' ' , . . w 7 ' 1 1 ' High School. , I T " I i . f 4? f-"' .' ' 1, 'v ., fm , . 1' ' I isgw ii 'vi www-r-4-95.0 ' f' s ' IIT-writ: film- im 1w.,w 1n'is1rcinifJ10ln ll . SENIOR PIANO GRADUATES To graduate in the Fine Arts Course, a student must have, besides the iegulal College Preparatory Course, four years work in paino, Freshmen, Sophomoies and Juniors are requested to take one lesson, and Seniors two lessons a week. A public recital is required during the Senior year. The Class of '29 is fortunate in having three representatives in this group. SENIOR RECITAL TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 1929 8:00 p. m. MEMORIAL HALL Sonota Pathetique-Grace, Allegro Mr. Henley Nocturne ,,,.,,, ..,,..,,,,, ,,.,,..,.,.,.,,,...... , - .,,,,.. , Beethoven Meyer-Helmund Etude Mignonne W ,l,,.,,l.,,............,,..,, ,.,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,, S c huett Petit Bolero ,,.,,,.. ,.,,,..,..,.,,,,.,. - .,,,,,,,,..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,., , , Ravina Miss Swenney Valse Brillante .....,, ,,,,,., - ...,.,,,,,,,,,,.,l..,.. ,,,,,, C h opin Arabesque ,,.,.,,,.... .,,...,,.,.,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,,,, , , , , Debussy Hungary .,... ,,,,,...,.,....,sA....... ,,ss,se,,s,.. . . Koelling Miss Ballenger Nachstuck ...... .4u,u....,.,,,......u,,.....,. ,.,,,,. S c humann SOBYIHE -W -,-f------ .,,....V, ,,,,..,, , S chumann En Courant .,,,. A ,,,,,,,,A, L ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, KYKA, , 7 Godard Gypsy Dance -....-. .M .u.Au.uuuu,u,,,..,,,uu ., Dent Mowerey Mr. Henley Polish Dance Q2 pianosj .,,,.ll,,,,,-,.,,,,el,,, ,,,,,,-,w ,-,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, U S C ha,-Wenka Misses Swenney and Ballenger SPONSORED BV iffilllff iffTfff1'ZffifE?5?5f?i??:l2333142:3 TIRES - ACCESSORIES - STORAGE I elm.. ,..,.-.--fs-...m.,,.,., ..,,, ,, ,.,,l,.,-, - - - .-4-,AJ-W. .,s.f-.f.,E-,x,-. seonsonsu sv Q1 Z CII IE: "B GIRLS GLEE CLUB The Girls Glee,Club also did outstanding work this year. They sang several times for chapel. They sang for the County Teachers Convention assisted in the pro gram given by the musical organizations and attended the Emporia contest First Soprano-Hortense Sanders Bonnie Boone' Hazel Forbes Allison Bower Ruth Moore Katharine Badger Hazel Ronen Betty Edwards Second Soprano-Dorothea Sanders Edith Dodson Harriet Swenney Jessie Bilson Mary Duncan Dorothy Peeler Earlene Aaroe Irma Lang Marjorie McKinney Corrinne Garrison. Alto-Elizabeth Jackson Vivienne Ballenger Mildred Mills Christine Bancroft. Maxine Downard -Louise Russell Agnes Chambers Helen Anderson Thelma Jon-s MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus a new organization composed of members selected from the two lee clubs also assisted in the various programs and attended the State Music Con test at Emporia. Soprano-Hortense Sanders Dorothea Sanders Edith Dodson Allison Bower Hazel Ronen Betty Edwards Harriet Swenney Bonnie Boone Alto-Elizabeth Jackson Mildred Mills Christine Bancroft Vivienne Ballenger. Earlene Aaroe Louise Russell Agnes Chambers Corrinne Garrison Thelma Jones Tenor-Sterling Porter Denny Deere Ray Milliken Frank Ford Wilbert Stephens Ralph Ward Wilbur Marshall Bass-Frgnk Porter Henry Miller Everett Brown Roy Schreffler Fritz Forbes YVilbur vans. BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club' did more than satisfactory work this year. At the beginninfz' of the year they sang unison songs-at the end of the year they sang regular fou art , . T P irranggingnts for mens choruses. They appeared in chapel several times, before the 1 . . . . . . thons du , assisted in the program given by the musical organizations combined with e gra e school opperetta, and finished the season by attending the State Music Con- test at Emporia. First Tenors-Murrell Aaroe, Frank Ford, Wilbur Marshall, Sterling Porter, Ralph Ward, Wilbur Stevens, Ogle Cornett. Second Tenors-John Putman, Denny Deere, Lee Ballenger, Ray Milliken, Lester Bit- ler, Erwin Elder. First Bass-Roy Schreffler, Henry Miller, Everett Brown, Phil Braden, Keith Johnson. Second Bass-Frank Porter, Wilbur Evans, Fritz Forbes, Arnold Lewis, Glen Beal. ,,.,,e,.v -, E C A A A ZQCHERTS sr-foe sroae ....,.,..,.,,. - ...J L L so LL.L...v.-e - L L Aa - L A- e A A - Y .1-H.-., ,,....,. v.-,. ,.v- lnkfg-- -.:,- -vi.-.:.3.3jY1vA -- NEW STYLES IN FOOTWEAR FOQUNG MEN AND MISSES - 1 ,kw,,.W,,,,prls Y . Aw ' V ,,.,.,-r fl--T X ,,N,-.1-.,.,.L,-X.,-. IIJ-axxl ef f.s:f.:f ic rcJ1i1rreHsiffr.1Q1We-A-N.s.e.,,.l 1929 1I "- X,.! 3 7 , , - , . , I 7 Y ' 1 1 Y I 7 I ! l 7 . ! I 7 ! ' H 1 1 S' , - 7 Y 1 7 , . Y I 7 Y y l .- wg 3 4 .1,-ii: A 1 'm2f.rf'z,a."Z'i' . f H" I SPONSORED av RED OWL ANNEX JOHNSON BROS. GROCERY anunswlcxs, Nr-:ws. Rsconos "n-as mc:-uzusu s'roRE" llfiw' ga lil 'fC7!ic Hiro nisuenN r 1l ORCHESTRA In two years time the High School Orchestra has developed from an insignificant group of eleven pieces to a symphony orchestra of sixty pieces with full instrumenta- tion, which lends its support and music to all music programs and festivals, and is in readiness at any time to assist in community affairs. fDifferent groups and individuals from the orchestra aid in many of the chapel programs, and most of the members are found in the various Sunday school orchestras in the city.J The orchestra also entered the state contest at Emporia. First Violin--Velda Hilyard, Betty Edwards, Freddy Boyersmith, Harry White, Mary Allison Badger, Greston McCoy, Myrna Rockhill, Dorothea Sanders, Margaret Stevens, Velma McCully, Lois Teter, Helen Hodgson, Earlene Aaroe. Second Violin-Sterling Porter, Wendell Grove, Mary Duncan, Maxine Herman, Wah- neta Criswell, Margaret Neel Gray, Ruth Rhodes, Leora Bradshaw, Wilma Eaton, Maxine Criss, Florence Kingsbury, Iva Lee Johnson, Vera Knox. Viola-Doris Bitler, Bonnie Boone. Cello-Hazel Ronen, Elizabeth Jackson, Katharine Badger, Hortense Sanders, Martha Leedy, Fern Hilyards, Eleanor Dales. Double Bass-Vivienne Ballenger, Fritz Forbes, Corrinne Garrison. Flute-Ruth Moore, Julia Fraser. Clarinet-William Johnson, Alice Handley, Lee Ballenger, Virginia Coalscott, Frank Ford. Oboe-Harriet Swenney, Oscar Coulter. Bassoon-Paul Scott. French Horn-Tom Trigg, Edith Dodson, Henry Ford, Louise Russell. Trumpet-Everett Brown, Christine Bancroft, George James. Wilbur Evans. Trombone-Frank Porter, Denny Deere, Ogle Cornett, Irma Johnston. Tuba-David Henley. Percussion-Ronald Colvin, "Pete" Harold Warner. Piano-Mary Allison Bower. BAND Another new organization in the high school this year was the Eureka high School Band which played at all the football gamesg made two trips with the teamg played at all the pep ralliesg and gave their pep and enthusiasm in general. The band also made the trip to the contest at Emporia. Trumpetsh-Everett Brown, Christine Bancroft, George James, Wilbur Evans, Lyndon Herman, Howard Anderson, Pete Mahan, Elwood Marshall. Clarinets-Vklilliam Johnson, Alice Handley, Lee Ballenger, Virginia Coalscott, Frank Ford, Coleman Steeby. Piccclo-Ruth Moore. Flute-Julia Fraser, Lucille Keck. Oboe-Harriett Swenney, Oscar Coulter. Saxophones-Wilbur Marshall, Dan Crouch, Maxine Downard. Bassoon-Paul Scott. Alto-Tom Trigg, Edith Dodson, Henry Ford, Louise Russell. Baritone-Betty Edwards. Trombone-Frank Porter, Denny Deere, Ogle Cornett, Erma Johnston. Tuba-David Henley, Fritz Forbes. Double Bass-Vivienne Ballenger. Percussion-Ronald Colvin, Harold Warner, Paul MacCaskill, Freddy Boyersmith, Ster- ling porter. OPERETTA The Boys and Gills Glee Clubs combined o plesent tne operetta Purple 'low eis by Don Wilson It proved to be the outstandlng musical event of the yeai The cast perfoimed then parts 1n plofesslonal mannei and the chorus sang and acted with pieci lon An orchestia composed of a few townspeople and selected members from the htilgn school oichestra gave valuable support to the cast and plaved some feature num Principals Bonnie Boone Wilbur Marshall Denny Deeie Frank Porter Wilbur Evans Phil Biaden Rov Schiefller Edith Dodson Thelma Jones Corimne Garrison Chnus Harel Ronen Mvina Rockhill Allison Bower Earlene Aaroe Mildred Mills Maxine Downard Christine Bancloft Agnes Chambers Hauiett Swennev Dolothea Sanders Lee Ballengei Ralph Ward Muriel Aaioe Sterling Poiter gglg Cornett Lester Bitler Glen Beal F1ltL Foibes John Putman F1ank oi po ialty Dance Yvonne Dovsnaid SPONSORED BY rr,--vrvr-A A g A A LEADER GARAGE -f- .A-.433-if:-.:.T-Ajlrgzjgf.-:v'-lkjligijg oun Punposs 'ro ssnvz AND vms oun Punpons ' '- ' ' L . V 4: . . U - , rv - . . . v . ' - . ' M , L . - 1 S I . . J b ' ' ' ' , 'v . 1 ' v , 1 . l ' '. . ' ' . . ' . 1 - A . 4 , . Y - , . ' 1 1 f 1 A V i 1 : 11 Q . 1 ' ' V . 1 1 1 v fl . . .' , . . v , , , n S if r K ,Vi , . """N'r -- ,,. 1-ig:-2-1-15 ,11- SPONSORED ev LYLE C. BAIRD YOUR HOME SHOULD COME FIRST x R f"'X llrfief-im ueffezlif ce Cnr reonrfeums rzg-sin! DEBATE In an unrelenting spirit, Coach Ostenberg molded four inexperienced men-Fritz Forbes and Wilbur Marshall, affirmativeg Everett Brown and John Edwards, negative -into the fourth district champions for the third successive year. After the teams were once stimulated with the ethics and arguments of debate, they triumphantly won the championship with an unquestionable 6-O decision against their strongest opponents, Osage City. In a preliminary tournament at Emporia before the debate season opened, the squad upset all expectations by winning four out of five rounds of argument, only losing the fifth by a 2 to 1 decision. With two experienced men-Forbes and Marshall-Mr. Ostenberg is planning for a 'tbigger and better" debate season next year. John Edwards, a senior, very commendably won second place in extemporanecus speaking both at Emporia and Wichita. Wilbur Marshall, a junior, succeeded in winning third place in the meet at Emporia. GIRL RESERVES The G. R. Club this year was organized under the leadership of Miss Walker and Miss Smith. Cabinet meetings were held e-very Monday in activity period and G. R. meetings Thursday activity. On October 27, an all school party was held sponsored by the G. R. with the Hi-Y. On November 6, 7, 8, and 9, girls of the G. R. were sent to Augusta for a convention. On January 24th the G. R. held a football banquet. On March 28, the G. R. and Hi-Y held an Easter sunrise service and a brealcfast afterward at the Christian chu1'ch. The officers of the G. R. Club for this year were Hazel Forbes, presidentg Catherine Wiggins, vice-presidentg Elizabeth Edwards, secretaryg Louise Russell, treasurer. The chairmen of the committees were, Allison Bower, music: Edith Dodson, programg Myrna Rockhill, publicity, Hazel Ronen, serviceg Mildred Mills, social. The officers for the coming year are president, Catherine Vtfigginsg vice-president, Corrine Garrisong secretary, Georgia Copeg treasurer, Kathryn Wesley. The chairmen of the committees are Elizabeth Edwards, music: Mildred Mills, publicityg Hazel Ronen, programg Myrna Rockhill, serviceg Agnes Vanderman, social. H I-Y The Hr Y was organized at the beginning of the school year with W F Loveless and F A Waters s sponsors Denny Deere was elected presrdent Wilbur Marshall vice president, Shrelds Trrg secretary and Erwin Elder treasurer The odrcers appointed Wrlbur Marshall program chairman, Glen Beal, chairman of Bible Study Lester Brtler chairman of pub lrcrty Wilbur Evans World Brotherhood chairman and John Edwards servrce chair man Some of the more important achrexements of the year are The series of vom twful INGGUHQS The H1 Y G R Mixer The Good Wrll dinner served to one of the visiting football teams The Hr Y G R Thankselvrna Sunrlse Servrce and breakfast the Potato Day for Christmas a chapel period program and the Easter Sunrise Serv ice and brcaktast which was helc' at the new Chrrstran Church and whrch was attended by 115 guests The early morning Easter Service was '1 very good servrte It was attended bv the mothers and fathers of the Hr Y members and the mrnrsters of the diferent churches The oflicers for the 1929 1930 Hr Y year have been elected and will soon appoint Philip Braden vrce president, Shields Trigg secretary Frank Ford 'rnd treasurer Derwood Hawthorne . . A 1 ' 1 ' . -. , ' - . ' . ' x -0- . 4 . . . , ' ' , N f 1 , I, U- . ' , '. . . . I 1 I , ,Y , 1 I - 1 1 1 C i , '- ' ' 1 ' 1 1 , : ,- I .K - ' . ' ' .gl - - . , . L- - ' - ' ' 3 . . ' 4 1 9 -f . 7 ' 'l ' . . ' f 1 ' , C . . . ' , . V the heads of the various committees. The officers for the ensuing year are president. ' 4: ' . . f ' Y -5 - - y .6 . .. I C 1 . ., :ii-fi-Lf:-1--:g-1-g4-an :.-.AL+,- ,A-- - A A - - A - Y AY. , - - "H"-A-139iis7:-14 13 Zflibiiii 4:L:.1:t,'.21:g4:13A:Z14: vng- ggi-2323211 jigll V 'V . ,. 5 l- . r .rig SPONSORED BY CITY BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY LEONARD BATTERY SERVICE "Home 0 F JONES' BUTTER-TOP BREAD" MAGNETOS. WICOE. GENERATOR REPAIRING 'x .,-.fN.-.fs- llwml? I .,...-....,N.. ,-.4-...,,. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, consisting of ten members, held its first meeting January 18, 1929. -1 Membership is made up of two students from each class, one- each from Hi-Y and Girl Reserves, elected by the respective classes and organizations, and faculty sponsor chosen by the council members. The officers are as follows: President, Vivienne Ballengerg vice-president, Wilbur Marshallg secretary, Ruth Mooreg and treasurer, David Henley. Miss Ethel Cabbell is faculty advisor. The purpose of the council as set forth in the constitution is this: To promote and support school activities. To create a spirit of co-operation and understanding between student and teacher. To promote a finer spirit of true sportsmanship in both scholarship and athletics. To promote the general welfare of the school in any way possible. The council has been quite successful in accomplishing its object. During the past semester the Council has taken the responsibility of entertaining visiting teams. A new feature of the Council was the introduction of all-student and all-faculty chapels, as well as the plan now in use of having each class or department furnish chapel programs. SENIOR PLAY . On March lst the class of '29 presented the Senior play, "Dummy," by Ross Far- quhar. Miss Walker and Mr. .Loveless directed the play. Margaret Walton, daughter of absent-minded Prof. Walton, has been kept awav from the young men all her life by her mother, who because she is unhappily married. fears that the same thing will happen to her daughter. Curtis Blair, a friend of John Cameron fMargaret's cousinb falls in love with Margaret's picture, which he chances to see in John's room at college. When the Professor advertises for a deaf mute secretary, Curt seizes the ad and, masquerading as a f'Dummy" answers it. Margaret immediately falls in live with him. With the the entrance of the thief, Hedges, and the loss of a valuable diamond, the "Dummy" with Jim's help. solves the mystery, speaks, and wins the surprised Margaret much to the disgust of Mrs. VValt0n. The complications and jokes added to the amusement and made a very enjoyable evemng's entertainment. THE CAST Dummy ff-,-,f,ffff-.f-f .,....................... . ........... E 'verett Brown Mafgafet xV3,lt0Y1 .,,,... ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,A,, , , ,g,,,,, E Dodson P1'0f- Walton f-,,........ ...... L ....... ......,, R 0 y Schreifler MTS- WSQUSOH -- ---- ...., P Iazel Forbes Jim CHITISTOU ------- ......, J ohn Edwards Sylvia, the maid Y,,V.- .... ...,... E l len Anderson Sam Hedges ,-Y--,--f. ......... .......,...., D e nny Deere DOFOUIY Burke -----f--f f --... H . ...... Agnes Chambers Alaska --f------ ---------- - ---f-ff-,-,-f-A-------f-,,f--,--Kf-----...f..-,--..............,. L ester Bitler n THE EUREKAN The annual staff is made up entirely of members of the Seniors class of '29, Thev stand responsible for all annual work. ' At the beginning of' the year Vivienne Ballenger and Ra Mill'ke - h b the class to -fill the position of Editor-in-Chief and Businesss Mai1'ag1e1iVei'2siJe?:iix?elyy The ' met with Mr Lot eless and chose the other membeis of the staff The staff has t11ed to publish an annual XVl'l1Ch c v h f h 1 11 rontalns several featuies which have not befoie been iyncedis evptiid P age 0 SC 00 I e poia e in Eu k I and one of which the school may be proud in years to come a le a annua spomsonsn av L .,:.1.,- ,- g--rIl",'i DEMQCBQWC' MESQETH are 5' 'A' 'A " "" i"':f Home or eoob SQEHIGD-'A' ' 'Y' Y fl, 1 , r ., A ' ' ' ' c I ' 4 v ' ' ' ' ' u ' ' 4 y - c . ' - - - V 1 . I 7 . A ' v . MAKROF THIS ANNUAr W v v W 1 i -iii 11? A CONF SPONSORED EY ,L, FRENCH. NEWSSTAND MILLER CLOTHING co. ECTIONERY, FINE CIGARS, STATIONERY HTHE STORE FOR YHE ENTIRE FAMILY ,-...,......... T- f"x llff-lf I2r::rf-ax.-ECYIIQ IEtUrrRIEH1SAN L l THE BANNER The hlgh school publxcatlon The Banner has been publxshed by the students of E H S for the last twenty two years It has grown from a small magazme to the present four page slx column paper The Banner IS publlshed bl monthly and lts alm IS to glve accmate school news for the heneflt of the student body and frxends of the school A class 1n Journallsm has beel a part of the regular school c'ur1 iculum for the past five years Mlss Ruth Bachelder who IS a graduate of the department of Journallsm at K S A C has been the faculty advlser durlng th1s year A change ln staff posltlons IS made tW1CB a year to enable the students to galn a better knowledge of the varlous phases of Journallstlc work THE FALL SEMESTER STAFF Managlng Edltor Mal aret Allan Edltor Harrlet Swenney Busxness Manager Advertxslng Manager C1rculat1on Manage1 Sport Edltor Exchange Edltor Reporters Roy Cook Hazel Ronen Katheune Mauk Dmothy Sand els and Roy SchreH'le1 THE SPRING SEMESTER STAFF Managlng Editor Edltor Buslness Manager AdV6Tt1SlHg' Manager Sport Ed1t01 Exchange Edltor Repmtels Frltz Forbes Harrlet Swenney Eve1ett Brown Jake Geolge Mylna Rocklnll Futz Forbes Chle Rlchards Hazel Ronen Myrna Rockhlll Malgaret Allan Roy Cook Jake George Eve1 ett B1 own Faculty AdV1S01 MISS Ruth Bacheldel SPONSORED BY TF E B'ROO1ZSAIWD"SON HUNIFORMLY counrso 'msA'rMsNr" - . ' ' u H ' , . A ' ' ' . . . ., . E 1 y 'l 1 1 . ' 7 ll' Circulation Manager ,,..see ,W ,,,,,s,,e, ,,YY,,Ae,, 7V-,.,,7ww Y,,-- C h 1 e Richards 1 . T ' , , ' I 1123 iii-t::f41:iLl 32'ff-3:2113:-1figf1i:::t::: 2 :1i -gig: 4 115-Z12i1l1l1?i if ,::1::f:l:-2iifAv .zzzzilgzzlzfglg -: 1 4 -gvg ,gg ,Aw '1 ful-Lw?e4s2f.+4,1p.u,ldwi6iha' ,41v' f 1- l LE::L:2,lpi 'gal xt-112:11 x,:,f,, ' 1' .--- , 1 0 ' . ly- ----f ' TT' X ' lf,-ZTAQQIgif-g,f:,gg C I hu, Ii, QU nfe.11-izlcmr-11 , l ,I LIZQIII Ll. fi THE 'mms MlfCI!AN'lCS 'x1zs'r An ununual type of tual was zmn' bv Mr- xvmm I the manual trnlnmg It eomlstcd of an box af meclumlml device was ukud tp mgedu-r ln thx sum dntenmne nach puthnk 1101. cur gmdes mule mlahn , hmmlling devices. ual hmmm satisfactory ably by made in luwnii . Dressu.-sl an um 'Did you 1-wr bo dawn and nut' over tn ln wlth us an meal." Such were du- sent by the sophnmorun ln members of thu hlzh schvol Any Cahn Qhzl thu- gn-In haw thc-mselxui nlmusl imc mombership the 0 mn grnnml ..-lm Th ul Girl ,. M mf ln. ffm: mr. 1 , vm c tio mn.: unkn wn mitufn W uw W, 5.1 the lunrsfnrrn Lars were llazvl ul' the dvvd Milla cnmrmzwe. all lm' A Ir:-An4u1'v hunt Nm- 'Qvmn uf ln v n. m.,,,, , ,W fm 1.1 E ,Msn , .. . mm mu, ,Wmz U, bf lm. mu an , . X1 1-1' th-ln. l r. ..- u' lux ur'-'IA'-4'!4l' sl Lhluuu 1- 'rn ,f Ly.. ln. lk I .hy-lwn fl' , mu, ullfpuwuf. lftul WE! I Lenders W nrk UR wx-Q Sch hav .IK Sev- ...M Ml i u I! S Nl f Furek T8 F II. S. Cong! 1-umnn chapel -mmf. Cnnnlltntinn of Q E lh up mm.: of me Staten hrs vlerlfzd nrganizntiurm. tu the oiflcel, an nbulxtv han bcvn recug-' his clnnmawa: nl the tu-ue he is given an nppur to ignin nxpm-in-me as have fun in thu! office. mnnl habla. mn uw rhv president over last veur :md ,cm-ch bf N 1,-nrms Thr fren-vi Irom me junior high win' . ..J,,,,.. W me slrumz. mm sa 11.-:mg club slnnuld Q0 -' Q 5. f M 4 7 juni-vr, wuf thu- full. ,lr--wx.-m-y mhcr 151. Hu subject xalue Ln the Audr- e r. out lntu nu. Hls r. vil5l" Th.: 1-poilw in this the wnvrrmulvnb by nu- -1.-umm -.wma by lhr san 'in reward Km- -...- which This ner Smtl 1 whur I- 1 lm- fulrlmll lvmu 1 ,umnnmu pm 'nlllm Ninn- lgnln lrlll 4. ' ul.- 1..- 1. xrwillm-nl -lf llxulr uv. nl- u.,.l.v,l, pm-xlml mmm Lim! clul, I v lm-mlm' f-I Ulnxn-nu.-1-. "Tu , ln u 1 lm lr nl ln In vu y.-ur, um. wh .mu um-,H X , rl w I mil n Y' 'ml 1,00 Lulu, uw.-lvl. rl. ,ll U 1 :ml ln., 4-1. , -'nun . xx wh d . 11101-nf ,.v .-lrmulmmx 1 ll-lw my-w.', ,- mms mu ' nm. ...H fu,- ,.-5 u.1.l..!.,. mf. ,n Ahml fm -uvmlwl Lv ul'.lwr, lmv 'c 1 M 1 - rl.- lff ., M 'lf "W l 1 Eg':fkfll3.w,3,g,,3 , "Q 1 , SPONSORED BY if-ivzfr-4 3-, f 1-LlTI:1:4-ii' ""'ZA"" 'A""'.-'lil"A-"lal:lT2L1'1--1-13-72-2' 'v'--'fvN-'- Klf'C'E'N ?'D'PiU'GN?'1'DR"E -YA'-4-'V Y-,1-5: 2:1 r:.2iir,T:2I2:-x,Rf:Ir.2' ' " 'ig Qu' '?.ff,?7.'.C2i74'j,,if,..':1:J:.-111, fv' 'Af ' 4 ' ' ssnvlcs WlTH PLEASURE I Apprentlces I -,, wa 32 , 1 1, jf' 4 2 . . , P ' gl' 'fi 1 ." X. f 1 , ,H ., rl sl' w ,. f 4 "W H, 11.5 - M: YK , , , My q ,. 'iff if w' . I' . J .H . . .- I, 7, 12 E:- .. -ii' 1 n 5. 1 ,X ' 'L '52 'J H , fit '4 L xx JV 1 T , U J? V. u w' Q5 J , f Q . - ,, 1, .W Y P., , Z" ,ff -P1 E if 2. ff H F3 ' L! , 1,1-..',y Y W. fl ' 5. 5 X nw, 'fr ji ' '12, I V- - ,. . ' .' 1 v x m i Teachers Students Athletics Gperette 2 5 mr .. N, , U v J . 1 v .L, I K ' ,l'L....,i,t53.mfJjw5i ' ll SE L . Q- .4 1 , 7 f'!'!1l: Himme1121.1f:1,mf-'-3 L X , JUNIOR HIGH DORIS RUSH, B. S., Mathematics. KB. S., Kansas State Teachers College of CAROLINE RIDDLE. B. S., Art Pittsburgfh. Graduate work, Univer- fTeache1's College, Emporia.J sity of Chicago. Kappa. Delta PM ' V. S. HASS, Principal. fKansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg. Hays Teachers College. Salt City Business College, Hutchinsonj SPONSORED BY Y'----L,-W..--... xv, ...,,-...L.,,, W... ,,...-....-Q-w......,.. ..,,, f 1- f - 9 .,i.i5.,,,- A Y ' " ' w-'K-""-'--f"--v1---W--.. x.--sf--Um. -...f--..-I,-Q,--- -wfzlaf-.1-..-W----.-:L-W-5..+,14lJ A MWIEUREKA ROLLER MILLS HARTENBOIAKIIQR AUTQ su greg co. ' ff- L .--' 'iii' 3?"':'3f1-:T'::"fffv-4.1'gz:2:g:g.:.g::1:'..",.-.."".4 ',.-...'-?:Q1',-:,.i,-....1 ,i-,.T--,..'-:,5 UKANEAE HARD WHEAT FLOUR" 5 GOODVEAR TIRES-SHELL GASOLINE .., .-'JJ' "nr, nz. fe. .af JUNIOR HIGH AGNES M. RIGGS, B. S., English. QB: S., Kansas State Teachers College ot 7 I w , Pittsburg. Eastern Tennessee State MARY V-,WX LIE' Asslsiflnt 5uP9,1'V1501' Teachers College one and a half years. Of MUSIC- iLlfe Celflflcafey 5211535 Rochester Bible Training School two Stall? T9aCl16QS QOlle,1Ie oi Emporia. years, Hunter College of New York 51390131 Work U1 Vlolm- City one year.j ELEANOR DRUMMOND, History and JOHN F- DOOLEY, B. S., Geog-1-ayphy Girls' Gymnasium. QKansas State and 52151025 Ejluchatlgnh 'SB' Agricultural Collegeg Kansas State i?li,g,",ae eamels 'O are O Its' Teachers College of Emporiag and University of Kansasj SPONSORED BY BRIGHT CLOTHING COMPANY BUSH MOTOR COMPANY HART, SCHAFFNER at MARX CLOTHES HFORD AND ronnsom' f-A-.a-...-' ' T 5,3177-:Akiffli 221 :li:l:i5:IL4ri:-21:-1-14SAI- L-11:-2: g-3 !"'X ug me ieoaeuaksg iii JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Last fall was the first time the Junior High 'put forth a football team. It was not a highly successful season but it answered the purpose for which it was created. That was to teach the boys the fundamentals of football so they would be better equip- ped upon entering high school. The First game was played with Fredonia. Fredonia won 19-0. The second game was played with the Madison second team which won 13-6. The last game was played with Fredonia, the opponents winning 6-0. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL For the first time the Junior High made a serious attempt at basketball. Ten new suits were bought at the start of the season. This helped to create an interest among the Junior High boys. About twenty boys reported for practice at the start of the season. The team played part of the games with a strictly grade line-up, and for the other games several Freshmen were added. A total of thirteen games were played. In these games the players gained considerable experience which should help them when they become high school players. THE GRADE OPERETTA The grade school operetta, "The Play Room at Night," was given under the supervision of Miss Mary Wylie whose careful training did much to make it a success. The dances were executed by pupils of Miss Blanche Riske. Miss Louise Brite was pianist. Late one evening, a little fairy wanders into the playroom anticipating a real frolic with the children in the home. But when she ente1's all are sleeping. She hunts hero and there, but finds nothing but the children's toys. They, too, are asleep. With her magic wand she brings them to life, but assures them that at midnight at the stroke of the clock in the tower, they must become toys again. N 4 . A'-r - , yv:5""""' ty.. -5.31" '7 ' . ...-.f.i..m 'i vi- e ::-'mi-fVf:?f:"V"",' 4 '2 ,K r, V. ? , 11 e - vw f , . . 3' ' -'31 .?'7"?T7',1 W4 A .1 V,ii2'7?'7' 4- 1.51, H , I, , ,:A.V,,V Vu: w,.,... ,,. V, 51 V K, ,M .,, V I ,V:. , . I V V . . ,,,, , HJ. .0 V. .MIA V 1-J .iff '- .-.Vf'Vwa'wv?' Vf' V 119-L ww ' --wr ' H qw: V V -v A 11+ .41 iw - V iff-V A A A WP - 4- IJ- -'Q if, 'vii' - Vgjf.,-. K: --V1 , ,f , 1+ .V "?35wfQ5Qf2g-,,,'1F , V. ' ,Vu fl, Y ,Ay " :V,gf1.i4-GIQQKQQEKESJ . 'Vg"",sHF i32'1":7' ' 251- .oiilmlff -' V ' fc 6 ' V -gf! QV 1" M 5 ', 1.1-4-v??,p1.rA15T,..j,'Vg,"g!2.qg fr, YI Nr if f- : - . . ., 1- ,' , 3 1-W: V1 'Lg al 2 -iqlpzfx-.VV132,i1. -' g ijiwjf-1:4 I .Q .,f , kV,:ipL4V,1h4,. r A-Ti.-.-----I, ,- , 4:1 4 V-l ,x:,'f,Vf ff fri? 4, A ."U:'nA'Qgri'QQQ1rg4'N A Y Vv"'?W"W5".:rU'lf g-.fgiiffeigfaiqwwji--.13 3 vi 530 'V E' ,- 5' gt k- .3 kVQ:f'i'V E' , 'ZTFTZHN - 537141-nw' . V V V - " :f"ff'i, .' ra' ' . -w Vw '- ' . "Va ' 1 1 ,V V H N.. 5 " "' ff? '4 4V V -1 'Vfifwlfw ,- V .Q 1V,l.g,.Ygff5Qil,l.' f, Af 4, - .a, V"Y gf . , 4, .A,,I,, A V1 J ,VV V Ez.. . A , F A -1' : - lr 1 V-.4 -' 4.5 ,A Vpa . :V ' V ,-, V, - - '.: - V , 1 ft',J.,'m - I ,,f:, , Vr' rr ' V .V il., Qi'? ,, x, gr, Vw, T .- K- A ' .. . Q! ,V V V, V Hziil A If -, , Q . ., , ' -. , A " , ' ' 4 ' :V ' - .6 fir 'I 4' " " .Pg 1 ' , W A 'T .' ', , ll n F L.. , V5 Y-, , , ,J . . T L W5 -"1 f "M X 'V . 2 ' lr' i V 4 eu . ' tl V 'ff' 1 gl 1 U, , 1 ,. . il' 'q My , ,ip V' -.,1, , f.',',,-L ' V ,YQ , p, V3 4 V, A, ' I !."'c-.913 If tg f' "-'W 1 ' I V V- FL VLVV 3 'Vi -1 ., V 1 -4 :V. 1.11: VV3Lv,::4fVAVV- I V V Y, W X Y M W A Y' U V M yv,?g 1,7 .5 ,Q f ' 'A f 2 " Bi 3354 SPONSORED BY WESTERN NATURAL GAS CO. PRINCESS - REGENT "cooK wun-1 GAS" "ALWAYS A sooo snow'- V 1 , 1 Pick-up Ends A 5 x If , v ,x 'H Q 5 P 1 w F . ., ,,,. , ,M "'- ' -13, , ' Iii, ' 1 V '11 mfg,- ' 9"- ' :V - ,E , gy., wi nlofii , MQ .,, 11, H ,fb N. . Li 1,39 fd: , . . u , k-.1 we - WG J' 14 ., ,I 'S qi ri, .. ,. ,Q fi, ,, L, .,1 . A , if X, . 'fn ?' 'N ,N , ' 'VL ,R 'f , ' Xi, ' 'Q , TL Wu ffl If ,:, rx ,A A l ' . V, rv , '1, Y 4, h W g. 1:4 ag 5 .,,, 5 Q- , H? . J ,. .' 1' Ig, 2 f,l'rx fm . :ff , ,. X gf.. ' . 3' J G ' X nf' ' 'zu w A '1- im ' 5' Vi. ' . .- - ,Q . . 'ix .g fx . ' xl. HHH PRGGRX-XM 1. Snap Shots Advertmsements Autographs .1 .3 .-1-,-if ' ,- 1, I, f ' ' gag-?9,,ye3,ggL-1 .ggfa JU K' ! uw ws. '. , ,, ' 1 s.,.,.,u.1.!.v.f:..,.e- A- The Board. "Biddy bound for the Sahara." "Pete and Mid." Would-be center man of baslfet- ball team-"I can jump as high :As this school building." Coach-"What, you think you can jump that high?" Aforesaid-"Sure, better than that, the building can't jump at all." "The Soph's Party." Miss Fowler-"Have you read 'To a Field Mouse'?" Hazel Ronen-"No, how can you get them to listen?" "For once the Seniors were slaves." SeniorT"What are the three ways of spreading news?" Freshie-I'll bite what are they?" Senior-"Telephone, telegraph, and tell-a-woman." "In Action." "Look us over." Erwin Elder-"Some one has stolen my car." P. V. Clark-"These antique col- lectors will stop at nothing." fRead the sign." V Vaughn Evans-"They s a y kisses are the language of love." Helen Hodgson-"Well, why don't you say something?" "Within it's walls." "'Tis work." He gazed at her from head to foot, What beautiful proportions, What shapely legs, She's a beauty, I can't get along without her. And another good cow had changed hands, "Waiting" HeQ"A1-e you fond of indoor sports?" She-"Yes if they know when to go home." M.'sI3Q'.1w'zg,Egg3 'E' 'vdliza' .vc K .izlwu 'NL J.. ,. .. .',E'Zf" f '..f:.1!.:.4,zu4.s...,4 Of.. Aff f ' ,MDX-5.-Trai,-Ms' . ?:T:Z:f1'lfF1'f!-:T-Xff'?72j IMO EIU ERIE MAPS 212' I' ll E TH REKA BANK E 2 ga AND Q THE EUREKA BUILDING si ij LOAN ASSOCIATION 9 E Established 1870 9' . E N H. D. Tucker, President Z, F. H. Hull, Vice-President Z E. S. Tucker, Vice-President ij I.. A. Gould, cashier Z F. J. McCue, Ass't. Cashier 2 D. E. Jones, Ass't. Cashier I E E E I 5 RESOURCES EXCEED S1,800,00 E I T3 Q E. 5. TUCKER 65 CQ. E 3 "Where Insurance Is Not A Sideline." El1nl UEKIT IE' 'E PMI If 5 if J 0 A 17 1717 A 0 17 A 150 0 If f' V M A 'A'jZ3C3- Y A A Y Y - lv' ' 1:-.-,:,.-- A ::,.W,A,-.',-.',-,f f, -E ,Av . xcD0c.:: "The jig is up," said the doctor as the patient with St. Vitus dance died. "Strong" "Mr. Ostenberg-"Did you hear the one about the Scotchman who went to a four-ring circus." Mr. Wilson-"No." Mr. Ostenberg-"He's been cross-eyed ever since." 4'Up-side down." Dr. Bower-t'Young man what do you mean by bringing my daughter in at this hour?" Phil Braden-"Well, I've got to be at school at eight." t'Way down South." f'What does 'A' stand for in this reaction?" Hazel Forbes-"I ha-ve it on the tip of my tongue." Mr. Waters-"Well, spit it out, it's arsenic." "Little George W'ash.' Frank Porter-HI d0n't know what to do with my week end." Sterling Porter-"Put your hat on it. M28 vs. '29." Edith Dodson-"VVhat have you there?" Rav Milliken-"Some insect powder." Edith Dodson-"Good heavens, you aren't going to committ sui- cide?" "Stage Hands." Casting director-"VVhat experi- ence have you had?" Applicant CLester Bitlerj-"I was the fellow that called on the telenhone in the third act of our senior play. "Some of them." I should like to crown the clown, That insists on saying "I faw down." xnwelvr "Everett Brown wears such smart hats." "Yes, he ,gets them only from the most exclusive restaurants." .J ,---"X , Ar ,ff-K .,,, W, , , 5'f'5f..:.::-f. -. , - . A -Q f22'T5 l j 51:11 ,izlf f- 'fill CI-IIQ, mi H1 1,:,:g15.,,.l'QJmU A, ,Verve fl il fuul lw l l v iv i v u v i v i v me n 11 ll v llwl llwllwll a m i E ' Z ' E Q Q 3 2 Ei 5 2 5 ' IZ e w E 52 .2 2 BA 2 E 2 3 2 E' YOUR ACCOUNT APPRECIATED E E 292 E Q N L. A. Ladd, President i Q 2 A. E. Green, Vice-President Z, 2 H. F. Rockhill, Vice-President T, i R. L. Marlin, Cashier , Geo. F. Akright, Asst. Cashier A Geo. H. Mack, Ass't Cashier 2 ..x , i A ? We Pay 4 Per Cent on Time Deposits Q And Savings Accounts E 'E - 2 DIRECTORS 2 Z Q 5 L. A. Ladd A. E. Green W. H. Barger Q2 5' H. F. Rockhiil R. L. Marlin E. C. Roby ' 2 VVm. Bays VVai'd A. McGinnis H. M, Marriott iz 2 . .2 5 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 2 9 3 3 ' .Q ' f,- . - L4-Lhi.l.3 Y ,-,,s.- .A.A-A.-Y-i-.A.-,-.AJWAL-..,,X,.-A ,QA3-.-v-.-. "When we get to heaven Buddy Stephens-"Why are you talking to yourself Denny Deery Deere-"For two reasons Buddy, I like to talk to a sensible person and I like to hear a sen sible person talk "His last chance Speaker-"What is a home with out a mother? Senior-"An incubator ultu "Is he tight?" "Is he? Tell him you like flow ers and he sends you a package of seeds." "The Songsters " "Rah! Rah! Eureka " .N , i ' rv 17 n rv n n n "Heave Ho." "Caught," Fanny Mills-"Are you the big' man on the campus?" Roy Schreffler-"I don't know, but I'm the big noise in the library." "Going Fishing '?" "Trash." Bub Milliken-"You have won- derful talent for painting." Maxine Downard - "Oh dear, how could you tell?" Bub Milliken-"I can see it on your face." "A big day." "Shoot" K ll ..,-S,-..J'-fx" Tix' I 0 C71 IC IE co neue MAN i HOME NATICNAL BANK CAPITAL 325,000 SURPLUS AND PROFITS 370,000 The confidence of the people of Greenwood County and surrounding country in this bank is expressed by the increase in accounts of deposits. surplus and profits. This bank has taken care of every legitimate need I 6 i nil Q 'Z 12 52 lx E 1 P l 1: V05 Q A F119 UHWQVQLVQQQQ !7jH?J11?1lVllViiV!l9!l9ll Iwi Iwi lwll il ll Jl ll VJl A -'P 1' if ' 4, 2' Q ' Q 2:- w Q E ig if N iw: E 2 'Q Q, Q 5 F 2 Z W E E4 2 W E ' Q V 3 of its customers for seventeen years. This record is the best guarantee that we will take care of your busi- ness satisfactorily. Tell us your requirements. Our facilities are ample and we solicit your account. Elm ood Marshall President . J. Marshall Cashier M. E. Holmes Vice-President . E. Marshall Ass t. Cashier l ' T E 1: 2 Q Ar: Q S 2 Q Y 1 E v l ' , J , ' f G2 Q 2 T Qia n Mm lialmifa alialiel lib blib 1 9 9 Q 9 l as 5 9 i 9 ew' fa- W , 94 l 'Z i av' 9 9 I S? W 4 W4 l "1 W4 l W4 4 25 94 E Y v A - , - Y-J v-Y V , , w:-v--Av. YY- - , - Y.-,.v,5-,.:.YLi AY W - X ll"""' C7119 1Enm-me ii PARKING SPACE L-, Q r 1 L-' Y -1 f I-TA.-L-2'-3 -li -f:!l3L:,p-.1 - A ' f f 1- a-P-L-gl-fh:?i'4-,J-' Y,--1, YA L. ,?T 131, YA AYA Y ,i,i -:?L'4w5i1?,.,- 'NY J , ,nil , QP Mx- f 1 V, , .il 5 ft " '- all ,xg .1 ,ff 15 A , . -JS R. I A 1 "T ' r 5' w ,r r KA L 4 , ltw f I .+L K, -yi 1 ff , T4 N, ,gf V, -11 x ri:- . X4 -if, 56 L w Er' ,L . 1 :ff I ,A nf 'f fi , V? ,Ls 1 , ... K. --xx . -vw. - V fe' mtg: f . 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Suggestions in the Eureka High School - Le Memoir Yearbook (Eureka, KS) collection:

Eureka High School - Le Memoir Yearbook (Eureka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


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Eureka High School - Le Memoir Yearbook (Eureka, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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