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sk . e LE EM-OIR Line up: -I enne-Feirward lirinker-Forward lietsher--Center Herrun-Guard Gmclnil-Gi1a1'd Shearer-Secwnd Center Tl1e next ganie was played with Iluffalu February I3 on the 1101116 cuurt, lt was a complete walkaway fur the Eureka girls. A goal was made almost every minute, resulting in a scrwre wf 51 tel 5. Line up: .Ten11efF11rwa1'd Shearer-Ftvrward lietsher-Ce11ter lI11dgs1 Pl1+SL'Cl1Iltl Center llivine-Guard I lerri in-Guard Tl1e second team played tl1e next game rin the hnnie court February IS with Quincy. lluth teams played hard, hut Eureka had much tl1e faster Zlllfl swmewhat tl1e larger team of the tww. The two division court was used during the fi1'st half and three diyisinn ceurt tl1e last half with Only five members im each tt'H1'I'l. Eureka defeated Quincy 33 te, 7. For the secwnd team's first gante, it was a Qilllld 11119, 'lfllk' line up was: lJix'ine-Ffirwarrl IZrinker-Fmvrward Thrall-Center G. Cilmclmvii-G11a1'cl lluclg'sf1n-Center Stillwell-Guard Ewert The must exciting' game nf the sea- sun was played Fehruary 20, on the hwme court with El l5m'adr1. Both sides were determ'ined to win and since Eureka had not forgotten that the preyiuus game with El Dorade this year was the only une they had lust the fight was hard. The Eureka girls far uutclassed El Dorado, which excited them green. Our team was vict111'imis with a scr11'e11f2I tw IZ. This was a great game for our girls hecause it was tl1e first time they had wwm fwer El Dnradn. The Line up was: -TL'llllCiF4l1'VV3l'd Shearer-Fwrward lletsher-Center Hcdgsiin-Seceind Center H errt in-Guard Divine-Guard Corclnn. G.-Suhstitute l1rinker-Suhstitute The next game was played with Chanute +111 the lnnne crwurt, Fehruary 27. The Chanute eirls were somewhat larger than the Eureka girls, hut Eu- reka had the pep and HfllllSC.N Cha- nute had nut lust a game. and Eureka had lost only Hue. lh-th teams were ahuut evenly' matched- lt was excit- ing frmn start tr- finish, resulting' in a Very' Cl11Se SC1'11'e uf 25 to 22 in E11- reka's favor. Line up was: Tenne-Forward Sliearei'-F4'vrward lletsher-Center lIoclgsmi-Seewnd Center llerrl in-Guard Divine-Guard The follfwwing' Friday, March 5, the team we11t tu Elll,IJf'll'lH to 1'ep1'ese11t E. ll. S. at the Fourth District basket hall tournament. llaving been beaten M IR unly ence they deserved the chance fnr the District Champii-nship. They were given a rousing send riff at me station and started away with high spirits, The first game was with Allen, and the girls came thru with an easy win. lleulah Shearer was taken wut Of the game un perswnals and Divine was then shifted In furward, Gorclnn tak- ing l3ivine's plaee. lt was a gwnd fast game, althw Eureka was nut up tw standard and the game ended lf tu 3 in Eureka's faveir. The see-ind game was played at QI-Z0 Saturday mwrning. This game was with Kliehigan Yalley. .Xfter a glvlffl night's rest nur girls had rather re- e--vered frem their stage fright lthis was the first tournament the majurity uf the girls had ever seenr and fwund their eppiinents easy tw defeat- Klieh- igan Yalley made hut une field goal and twin free thrwws. Divine fell and hurt her knee during the seewnd half and Cmwlwii was put in as suhstitute. The game ended 23 tn 4 in fav-yr of Enreka, The third game was the hardest and lmest game the girls had. lrleringtirn was their mppnnent. tlnise "nipity tuck" 'whistle hlew fur the end uf the game. 1.1. in l'leringtwn's girls shwwed lots This was 1'-ne of games until the finally ending If to favmr. The Eureka of fight and were several times in the Tie lead hut Clllllfllllt hold it. The Eureka girls wht' ti-nk the trip were: Shearer, blenne, lletsher, lludgsun, llerrun, D1- vine. Gmclwii and lkrinker. The last game was played at T0- r-vntw, .Xlthu the Eureka girls were handicapped hy the exceptionally small euurt, it was nu truuhle at all I0 run the sewre up tw 55 Um 3. The line F13 was: ,lenne-Fffrward Shearerglllirward lletsher-Center Ili flgscni-Seeuiicl Center l lerr1m4Guard lfivine-Guard 12, 1Zi,rdfin-Substitute l'rinker-Sulistitute Urr girls' liasket liall team Ought tn he given three Cheers, fifteen rahs' :nd everything gwecl. Xlve are pruud if them! They have earned tfs 'ni-uvli. if the duality 1-f playing erunfed ,tu emnpletely euver their sweaters. .Xll seasun they played extraor- dinarily well and have lnlnored Eu- reka and the Red and the lllue up-in all -feeasinns, Their resistance has heen gi--'-fl natured. fair. and well-lwred in the hir-'hest de-free. Nut only have S S . thei' xv: n athletie hut alsu mural vie- twries fwr E. ll. S. .Xll lmnm' tr' wur Cirls' Team. Seasuirs Suarez Eureka, 2992 OD- ponents, Ili. E MEM In 1 K fe gap fu f ff Qfl x nf f fav ' .,. I 3' A 1 'l . : gl al ! ' I' ' 1 'PA' ' Q' . , 7A I eff? , ' Q A . " zz S. f . W' X, -F ' " -ff N -.3 ji , ,SF V Q- f f . 42 'V R fx 1 ' gf ,4-. ga W Q.: 4 I 25 fx 6 5' l V, Ga 3 ' . 1+ --:v I -..3 :" 7 Y :A ,Q .A V f Q 1 , D N 4 A , , 1 .. 4' .f E7 , , L E M IR A 6 1135? Lfiall, '1'111-1111ys11ft111- Eurcka 111g'11 501111111 .X1l1All 30th, 121111-1c21 1., I11111'a1'd 7, at SC111,111l 111-cided Cflfly in t111- s111'i11g' 11- 111-1x'z11'11. 111'ga11iz1- Z1 base 112111 C1111l. .Xcc111'f1- Klux' 7t11, E1111-1qg1 Q, Sum-1-v 2, at ingly 11611 .X1i1'1Q'1'11 was 611-cu-11 cz1ptz1i11 Em-,.1mb ' ' 1" 1111111 111C 1i11'1f11- 11C"1'g-L' 1135 111111 Klux' 14111. F1111-1qz1 10, N1:111i+1111 4, 111 an 1-11t1111s1ast1c 11'111'1ce1' Illlfl the t1-21111 Hmliguu 11:15 1112111-fl 311 111 t111- 511111-5 sc11cd111e11 ,. 'Y U, W l . . l,Cg,a1,d1CSS mf rcsult. 1 l 11L'A1U.l111 11115 K1I111l1115Cfl 111 thu 1111- Gcwrgc .X1i1'ig111 and .X1't '1'cic11- -H111112 1111.111 l graclwer wccupiccl t111- pitc11c1'+ 11111111111 1,t11'1"1'1 111111- '-- 211151 C1- at i11tc1'1'z11s x1'11i11- 113111111 1l111't 31111 1'1" 111' -11f1'1!'111- 11- 3-W1 S9- liavid Riu- did t111- 11-1:1-i1'i11g' act in fl -111 '111'1"11!A1'5'L'1WV- 11- 5111'1 1'1- x'c1'v c1'cr11t:1111c 1112'l1111Cl'., 9"'11"'1'f 1111111111!'1"11- 55- 1116 11-ws clid 11-ft 11it Z1 11-1'1' succcv- 11"11,V11 111'111'1'1'- 31' 31111 311 1111 trail 1111ti1 12110 111 the SL'f15.11l1 Zlllfl as 1121111 Riff C- 511111 31"- :1 l'L'SUl1 111111 11111-11 ga1111-s, t11-11 1'11L' 111111 11"1'1'11f1- 11- . gamc. 211111 lvst t111'1-Q QHITICS, 1l1'ZlC11L'k' 116111151111 511111013 11. 1111'1 31'- 11 as c111'tz1i1ed -1111113 tw thc Q11-211 11131111' 11115"11- 11'- r1111111111t 111 SQI111111 11'111'k, E1111' 1111111f1'11- 111- 31111 311- 1119 sc111-duly and 1-1-s111ts Z11'L' as 1111- 1'1511A1'1' S1111111- lf, A IUWS: C11-11 1111111-111-11, 1'1, and 01. .-Xprii 21111, Elll'x'1iH 9, ll1lXYfl1'f1 IO, 111 '1'11c 11as1- 112111 lwys arc 1'L'I'Y Q'l'Hfl'1U1 E111-ska, 111 E11'1.X211'f1 1j1111l1C1', 11:11-111 R111- ll111'1 .Xpril 9t11, E111'u1c:1 7, 1121111111-111 32, at 11"WN2l1'11. ,11-1111 1114111151111 1111' 1111-11' 11'i11- Ilamilmu 1llQ'I1C4Q 111 use 111L'11' cars fm' t111- 1-1111 111 .-Xpril 111111, E111'c1c:1 S, SQV1-ry 3: at WWII 2311195- Scvcry. April 17111, E111'eka. AXIJYI1 33111 at E111'L'1CZl. T111- 1-11s 11'1111t11111c11z11't 111 1111 1111r1Q1-Q E111'l.'1Cll 111, 112111151111 Q1 .11 311111-tics 2111- 111dc1'111-11 111 111-3111 11a11. '11f'l11 15111-111-Q, R111 S11C1'l11Z111, X111 E1111-1:11 17, 1131111111111 17. K1cFz111 111111 X11-., liitc. 1111.111 w1-1'1- Q1-1111 11l'l15tC1'4 111 1116 111115 fit all 1111105 M IR ALLCQW-KYB JVXAN-e, -Sin All: ex-'L Miller D 0 wlgr Davad Rmce. 1 m ir Ruth Opel DlVLHC ! SZ M Nr V- af- m, 9 TW .41 aw 2 '.j.'.13E:?E5:'ll j 5 X fsif-'fl-'PMM K Xi:!?5'qt5' E wx fffmifims GL ,4- ELE IRE XVHO Beulah Shearer Iiflua Hellman Gladys Ervin Keith Dotyler Opal Divine Zehna Garrison Ifclitli Hoffman Maiion Cracraft George Akright Iirma Betsller Margaret McHugh Alma Garrison Albert Miller Marie Singleton Iihno Milliken Alice XVare Yiyian james Yiyian Herron Alice Prather Ruth Norman Harolrl Sears Hoiyarrl XVelch Cecile VVorkman 'Willa McLean Ethe Tomlinson Iithel Prouse Charles Rice David Rice Mahclle Briggs mimi mira IS H. B. Shark Always .illlQ'l1ll1Q' Class lieaclliglit XICKNA MIC Nlizllrcll "If1lclie" Hllemli' The lviiswt liluttcr "Kee" Silly Lounl uioutheel Small Foppish Class Giant Yery quiet Graceful Lazy Man of the hour Popular A slick ffrafter Short lllonclc Fat Frecklecl A gofcl clelmter Good-looking Polite Quaiut Courteous Quiet Stuclioua A woman hater Couiical Sniart Mhlikei' Hzekefi 'illlx " '.B21l,ry" 'iAckie" "Slim" HHatlge" ,la Da" "Ali" ti .s Maudie' "lXi.1nk" "Alsuice' 'iYiy" Hliiclclyn Hllillw HNorman 'iCutic" HDi1ny1les "iles" "Tot" Tom " lithie" Charley' it it ts i'Tater" 'iCurly" i. it ' W et SAYING Il's luscious." Oli Gee H Oh Gosh" Beg' l'artlou.' Laucl salma" It makes me weary IVell I know" Dawgawiiitu Don't you know" UShucks" O my cow" Ye Gods" I clon't kuon"' It lac-ate thcclenct- and Toni Xihillzcr IYhat thc use" O Boy" ISn't this the way you do it? If I cloutgcf 1 I Y Duru" I'm looking' for Pete I'll he a great man some clay I'll learn that before long It's beyond me" My Heavens" Oh gee whiz" Oh Kid" Let me see" Say Mr." O my" LE HFMOIHA Q m l 4 qu w 1 x P I 4 L , ,. , 15 1 'L f , w N N K 4. if 2: ?LlI EMIRt Y -V i,, pf illvliahle ilntfnrmatinn Qncs. ning is cnrsf llww lung aftt-1' thc lK'Q'lll' Kns. Makc thc c11st111nCs ot tht- it. lmcttwrc ll lfwt-1' s q11a1'1'cl wc- vthci' n1e1nhc1's11fy11111' class lntmlc 111-:iv lilac thtisc pf l'a1'is lQ"l'L'L'l1l. .Xns. .Xsk-1111111-l. 111' llnrl lqUl1L'll. Qnes. Xhvllfll is thc rpiiclccst antl Qncs. llnw is a pump 11l1t:1i111'1l? vasicst way in whicl1 tw ht-cfiinc an cv fins, .Xsli Elwin XY. pt-rt musician? Qncs lluw flfi ytin gt-t a11 "cX- .Xnsw ,Xslq Miss xxvllllfltlll for she Cust-rl"? can play fiyc llyIHl1S- llllllllil at 11111' ,ms mf 1111. 111111-1-. 111111-A ' Qlncs. l'l11w flu sfwlllc girls finfl 11111 Miss :XlCll'lllL'TXxYllL'l't' flu they lla w1tl1111 24 h11111's when stvinc now man is in twwn? iXns. ,Xslc Lillian Larlcl. 1l1'v farining? Stiiclt-11t-T111-y dm cl1'y l2l1'll1lI1Q"4'li1 Vacilic occ-an.. Qncs. Xlhat is a gtmfl l'ClllL'flV fm' Miss llarninn had f"'1't-at fl'Ol1l3lC with fI'6ClilL'S? I IM-1' L-yQg N xfns, ,Xsk Miclccy llcnne. .Xnrl hcr nsnally gf-tid pnpils all twlrl Qncs. ll1 iw can thc Call girls hc lies: told apart? Ans, -it llvith unc- eu- lTE1lll'lZ1'jCfl ncatly thCV tilt-cl intn class, Qncs. XYhat is a lTl'L'SlllNZll1ClZlSS1'1l- lt was lnclcv in thc cnrl they Cvcn TICC1' Snppfiscrl tm flu? fmt tu pass. JOKES. rlic21Cl1c1'Z Xuw lflnyrl, in ll't11ltHl yun win hayt- thc n111'tl1, at ywin' lcft ynn have thc wcst. at V11111' right thc cast.. Nww, what hayc yon hchinrl ywn? Flnyfl ll 1 .X patch un my pants, lllililllll. l tnlfl ma y'1111'cl scc it. Sliflitly lntwxicatcrl Man: Can XIII' tm-ll nit- whcrc thc ntlici' siflc nf this strvct is? gcc' nfl: Mvhy, mvcl' tliz'-rc-, tif C1'm111'sQ lV'i1'st: 'l'hat's funny, s11111t-11110 tfmlfl inf- it was twcr hcrc., M. C. tlltmiilqlct-1-piiigilt Tlicrc, l'1'C writtcn all thc namcs of the ninnths 1-xct-pt Nay ancl l'1'c left it Ont. Elnio: Oh. my gpncliicss, Cllilllif lcavc Mac ont! The mmiw wry sec thc actiwns nl Iltiwcll .lcffcry and Flnycl l'1'n11sc, thc I1lt'1l'CXVCl7QllCYC in thc thervry that nn-n aw clcsccnflt-d frwni 1n11nlc0ys. "Fav Miller, why rlnn't you gm with Miss Cari' any inure?" Nh: 'AXYQII vnu st-Q, ht-ing' a schnnl teacher, slit- wanted a written cxcnse. signcd hy nw fatht-1', Qyt-ry night I 1li1ln't go ClUNVll..H V ?x.1-1 mnmoxn 3 f 1 I u I I I x x 5 I K E V, LE EM Euhlr uf Qluntrnlu Ijeclicntifm Faculty .'Xll1lllHl Stuff Suuim S Cl:1fsllislm'y ,I uxmimls Suplwluw -rw lfrcslum-n Claw lllwvpllcsy Muxic Dqmrtmunt Sociuly' lig11111c1'SlnlT Ilclszxlc Class Plan' Stlllltll' XY1ll Athletics jokes gX1lS. L CIR 1 LE HEMOXB K2 iid: Ui 15951 Beauty Hints ,, ,.A,. ,, .. How to he Popular, Hand Book on Bluifing, Fooling the Faculty Useless Conversation Argumentation M . Etiquette ...,. ., Cramology ..,..,.A ,, Chasing Chickens ,,.,. How to he Slender ..,,.. Speech Making ,....... How to be smart ,, Dancing ,l,, ,,,. . l..... , Care of the Face ....,... Svrllvra .Wg Marie Singleton Beulah Shearer Charley Rice Vivian Herr-in ,.Keith Doxvler For Sale:-My dimples. Call Howard VVelch. Ernest Barrier Albert Miller Opal Uivine Howard VVelch Erma Betsher Gladys Ifrvin Mabel Briggs Margaret McHugh Alice Prather NVanted.-A date with Keith Dowler. Gladys Ervin. Lost:-My ability to write 30 words a minute in Typewriting. Vivian Herron For Rent:-My ability to stall in Am. Hist. Terms very low. Keith Dowler. Recently David Rice was taking Marion Cracraft to the countrv and going at the rate of fifty miles an hour. He coniplainecl of the cylinders knocking. Marion, not being used to riding so fast, ex- ClHll1l6d,liWl1j'lIl31llTl1!ItyS11Otlll6 cylinders knocking,it's my knees. " The Shorthand teacher we adore, But O! It's such a bore To transcribe the dreadful notes That very often get our goats. Can you imagine-- Iirma Betsher fat? Babe Shearer teaching school? Ernest without Donelda? Margaret McHugh going with Howard? Mabel Briggs without her curls? X WAKE- UPX ADVERTISE CH Ufrit 905' .BC Y DCD? 'Y "DOF D66 'NGK 'Y 1 Iistinnzzxlus Clmccrfully Fxmlislmcd All XYm'k CQIIZITZIIIIEECI fx . . OPPHIICE Qarfren fer' C3011 irncfof' ,u , ' XY-ull Ihpm X Pnintw l,iCl'l1TL'S Flf1llllL'l1 I'.IlYlH'.Q1'll gnml Tr:wsfc.1'cd. Furnitnrv Mads mul Repzaircrl. Plwm- 18 Sub North Hain St. lim'-,-km, Kansas , KQI, D3 W ,fQQQ, JQQQ DG Y f QQ, JG, W 'Y' 'D' 367 vf"'3C?35"'H 3-C337 'Y' mr Dt' WL- ,I .X. RUNI:N sl. li RONICN QWOIZGIZ Q QPOS. Blfefy zjhfllllsfgf' Ill!!! .7Cfe!1l'y Lfjealilillly IQUIISUIILIIIIK' Rntcs Suutla Iflm Strccl Phone 189 4 - Y? W7 91 Y if 79QCQl:YV YJQQQ Mi - D6 55 3 i jf'if ai ' 'icwf wwf , sf F-T71 . W Harisook 55 Co. Wifzolesale Produce DIf:XI.IfRS OF FLUI'R AND FEICID Plwm- 7114 1 Y ,QQK Y QC-DL Ji JQG QQ? JQG IQQ K 006 ECDC va ' 1566 D66 we 906 YR "' 51 U x! . . Gawler Q ,yewelew ara? cap ficia I1 Q if QQ 6 Cglufekrl, 17fansas I I PHONE 56 N , J X S61 97 n N af JQCQQ DQCQG JG jig QQ aa 903 4--- kr I W if Y 3536 KEQ5- if DF if 163 fa f.. 1 Q1 1, Q ff, . ef Q Cllkl CF' LQLZPCZ Q Lin 6 ., . Q " Hezulqnarters for RICIIQIICU Qualxty Goods ' P11356 8 Sanborn Coifee and Tea 5 ., The finest of Corn Feed Beef ef Q5 .. . Q W T111 Top" Bread Phone No. 1 ' my .5 Q, 9 3 :Qs AQ! ,mc D96 990 9914 996 , li l 956 U66 tif 956 YJGCY' DSC Y, Y ijt I hd . . P6120 z U 0 Q NEXYS STAND PHONE 123 V Confectionery, Fine Cigars, Stzxtifiiiery, Novelties and Ji S130I'Iil1gC30OCiS LISTS PLAY BALL 3 SQL 3 ' 55 93. QCQCQL ?QC-DG ,. Qi JG JG JCQQ 805 if 56 if 13605 QCDG6' if 796 if 308 U 17 w U pl . . LQ- 5- JK: 30. J l ,qqysician ana Sllfgeon U 1' Special Attention Given Diseases of Ifyc, Ifzir, Y Nose and Throat and Fitting of Glasses Office over Clin-k's Drug Store S96 1: as sc 16993 UQQ6 DQ c Ja as E07 sc if nc iii-306 BGG? '26 me ic E03 1 5 Qmm - Q 54. 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Paul whose skilled supervision has so ad- vanced our high school and whose sympathy and interest in school life has won for him the affection of every high school student, we, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Twenty respectfully dedicate this Annual. D636 DOD? na D526 566 2696 ' QF "7 Q3 Ls Eureka Overland 'o. Eureka, Kansas x., x-9 Q ef Q Q U 9 .. Q Q Q -' - , OVERLAND 'A WILLY S Light Four Z Knight Harry D. Millard, Mgr. ,U igggil The Cars That Make the Rough Roads Seem Smooth S9 43, 93 9? 3995 9996 96 QQ, JG 393 c W6 96 BF ' E605 ma? 'if DL gc 19 . . UKIIZS ,. - .flzrniizzre 0113 C!l1c,ef'iaA'inlg W , HP S11clfHn1'11xv:1r-s, Stoves, Ranges, Gmnitewnre Tinwznre, Illxggies. Tin Shop in Connection Store Phone 55 House Phone 161 G X-DC JQI JG JC-EG 996 X-36 JC-Elf W S Q U f' UGC !Qf .if 26X 965 D66 2 06 V2 3 ig KN F. A Cguffefcz 511259 . 5 izfcfefz 2 Q Ln 1 Q sw Jcfonze Jfzucfe Candies 6 ,QQ Egg A Q if-' Jce GFCHIIZ 1?0zuzfa1'n cqJf'1'nA's eranes Gkoeofafes 2 Y in SQ! N 1 91 -QQ! 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EYAXS X'iCi'-P!'EFifiCII1S U V JOHN REDM.-XX H. F. ROCKHILL ' Cashier Asst Cashier. 4 F Qi Qf 4 Q4 -Of HQ! 'Qi 1 N U 1 a J LE MEM IR .!Z0,01'ecia fion 06 Iiveryone who assisted in the publication of this volume, we extend greetings. VVhile the actual work of preparing the Annual falls upon the Staff, we realize how greatly we are indebted tothe student body, the faculty and the business inen of Eureka for the co-operation and timely assistance which has made it possible to produce this volume. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that we dedicate this space to our helpers and well- wishers as a tribute of appreciation, 6 DQ? Y 966 DC EGF X36 167 '- KDE PHONE 368 P. 0. Box 607 . . 7461105 ci CZ. C 0 l ! Can Sell your Farm, City Prupe1't3', or IiXf:h:111gv x mm' Pmpcrty I for what you wzlm. Sue Us. SQL i PG JG 96 JQCQC A?QQf-Q Ji QQ 96 306 96 DJ' 96 3666 D065 if if if H usic vsfzzrfos M AI N STR ICET F ltliznxn---Hilisn lgugnv Hiulin---mr. 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Phone: 17 MD ORE:-2 Phnnc 131 Q UITICX ICS' my VIIICXTCX' 5 DENTISTS rw OHHCQ Over Bcllwoorl's Drug Store, First X, Stnirxmy South of Cit?z1-ng National Bank, V5 . . f- Iuurcka, 1x1l1SI1S Lthlwaq 71611112 Cjlll' xgfleeiaffy SQ Q. ,A is M JL , JCQFQQ V JCCQ5?-f f,f-g1 LGF' ' 1 345 , 865' Y Yifif- -Y if i i KWYYW"S31iY 7255111 "V kM mi5' -Y ' 1 .- 'L .ffaf-f Scbaffnerf cf- Marr elofbes , 1 V ' -Qofaf LQo1zc7 efofbes Mczflwouer Sboes if 1761102 ant, Sfefson .Wafs - g SQ Q 1 Q Headquarters for voung men X 1 and men who Stay young 1,1 130 F1 . 1 . ff TH-EWKE nf Y., ELOTHING Co.g 1 51 11 - :fQ14' 1' 3 ,QQ Qfigig if ffl Q "2 v 3105 we sc W0f"w'mivCD 'Qm3f ' -QF' M30 XXX W , I . sf ' A 1' PZIZCESS 80 P6 l 43 f .,,! . ' 5 1 w u!7!lllIIyS a 190067 560111 IW 3 894 31 93 JF 'L 'L ,QQQ 1' Tw g1YD.fQ1,,fQg .1 f C Wi 9, ?Il'3GQD Y3fjQf- 'fwfr' "DF 'if Ywlfjlk? 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' ' ' -2: " "UUE-,' - f . . : - A ine: ' 1 'ii E' '85 Q fag 1 .:i3m .4-15 E M0111 ,-X Q. N EF. 25. Haul. A. El.. Iiriuripal Qlinnsus State NlJI'llllll School? NIflI1lfg'lll3fiCS :md Physics 76 A. iii. Qrrrun, A. ii.. Slqxrrintvnhrnt cLTIliX'CI'Sitj' of Knusasj LED1 IR Sarah Eiinghauu. A. B. fUniversity of KansaS5 Mathematics and History Qrlru Idrffrr. A. ILS. English iHrnnrvs iillrmunr. A. ES. Ujniversity of Kansas? Science lUnix'crwity of Kansnsl fix Lx: mum lui mf' lguulinr Glarr. A. EE. fUuiversity of Krmsrzsl English and Hibtory Hazel ilinuglv, A. ill. QMidl:1ucl College? Languages Salliv liarnunn fSalina Business College? Commeleizul Subjects , 9 M mwwrn g Elgar 111. 31arksun Manual Training and Coach Erin Qnugh Uiansas State Agricultural Collegd Domestic Science and Art fXYar1'e11slvt1rg Normal Sclmoll guy.-t' , Q ...V 1+ W pf 'Sir ,IM Ji f 'Nui-1 :nw .,V ,w U55 J w I I ' 9' I r 'hh' ' 4, ,I I ' v v I l I 1 l If .wi " , I , I fm Q ' ' v 1 ,vg x 4 I X' X ' 1.11 au., .1 I' 4 y , I U ', . yi ,, 'Q r 1 . Q" 1 All-.I ,- ' f wi 0 ,gli 1 .LLx..+- L X I ...I '-UI . ' '.' '-' in, U Wvtl? wh. .la .. . .:.4 A f-5 5 p, my , 'ff "' Af., -rut J, LE HHN EHPIIIIEI mhartun, 111115. E5 fUiiix'ursity of Kziiiszi-J Pixiiio and Hariiiiniy Emu 133. Hittrngrr, img CU1iiverSity of Kaiiszwj Voice :md Public Sghool Music LE mnmom LE mamma QE HE IR Pmnual Waff I2mlit11ri11'c11i1:f ,. Associate Eclitur J . L11si11ess xIflllUQCI :XIl1le:t1C Repnrlcr Slwcicty Reportur Lihglklry Rey 1111 IGI' A111111 Ili Julius Kodak 1, Art If111lc'1' Sullim' l1L'1ll11'lL 1' Gladys If1'14111 1711.11 D1x'i11c .xlllbft M1111-14 Cm-01'g1c ,'Xlq1'1Ql1t Marie Singleton l'2l'1lt'St liarrim' I'illllH Hull111:111 xILH'i.11l C111cr1:tt 12111111 H11ff1111111 NIx11'g:ll'L'I Mnxllllgll 114111111 42.11141 ll LE mzmoxn E3 f f X 4 , m.g:01,o11,o I I -, I ' W. LCC L... kt cb nvc gki ..-,j. fb-,i L, fif 'ffwcegvij - '- if L , 'zg lnxy kc I sry Qfwq W ' Qfdl ZAQQ 'D X, X ci? nfsfgjrffii 154. my W Yfss- JiNQ1,f.i'f' .- gf 'il' Y , h-Kxffqzlhgg. A254 v1'Qi-Fi-Eg! rx el- MU QR GL -.f LE IR Sruiur GBftirrr5: President .,,, ,. ,, , Albert Millrr Vice Prewident ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , A ,, , ,, ,,,, Iirnest Barlicr Secretary and Treasurer ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ,, Margaret McHugh Sergeant at-Arms, ,, , ,, ,, ,, ,,,,, . ,,,,.,,r H:1rolclScz11's Olnlura:--iRvh anh mhitr Hiuttu:--mark Illius Eurrgtlping si 1' 2' M IR 6 MARIE SING LETON College Preparatory H011 one she smiled and he was blessed." Yice President QD 133 Annual Staff Senior Play DAYID RICE Connnercial "A little nonsenne is relished by the wisest men" President ill Foot Ball Q-ll Senior Play ERMA BETSHER College Preparatory HA faithful friend iS forever a friend." Basket Ball C43 ALBERT MII.LIiR General U.'xllOlllCl' of his fashion thex' have not to lead their business." Banner Staff ill fll CU If S. Service '16-'19. President C47 Foot Ball l-U Annnal Staff S6'lllOl'PlflY XVILLA MQLEAN College Preparatory "The woniwn worth while is the one who will Smile when everytliing goes tleml wiongf' Larned lligh School ll, M132 re EDITH HOFFMAN Normal Training and College Preparatory "She hath a natural, wise sincerity." Secretary C35 Annual Staff Senior Play HOWARD WELCH College Preparatory I'm very fond of the company of ladiesf' Senior Play BEULAH SHEARER Normal Training "Cl I'm stabbed with laughter." Basket Ball CU, 125, CD, UU. Captain Basket Ball C31 ERNEST BARRIER General "Let ns consider the reasons in the case, For nothing is law that is not reason.' President Athletic Association OU Treasurer ll? Yell Leader CSD Foot Ball C45 Senior Play Vice President MJ Annual Staff i ALICE PRATHER Normal Training Inflanied with the study of learning and the admiration of virtue." Glee Club C25 Reece High School KU, CZD. cs M IR 9 GLA DYS ERYIN College Preparatory Quiet and self-contained, but earnest and sincere." Vice-President CU Editor-in-chief of Annual ELMO MILLIKFN General He doeth indeed Show some sparks that are like wit." Foot Ball Q-U Basket Ball Q45 Base Ball Q31 HJ OPAL DIVINE Normal Training Genius must be born, and never can be tI1llj2'l'lt.H Debate C4D Basket Ball CED Q-H Annual Staff KEITH DOXVLIER General If words are music I'1n a biass band." Piedmont Rural High School ill ill Debate Ml Yell Lender 1-ll RUTH NORMAN College l,I'Cl7I1TZ1l0I'Y "I have n heart to let" Debate H1143 Clee Club 1331-U Expression 151 Yell Leader 13? Camp Fire- 123 131 Senior Play guy.-t' , Q ...V 1+ W pf 'Sir ,IM Ji f 'Nui-1 :nw .,V ,w U55 J w I I ' 9' I r 'hh' ' 4, ,I I ' v v I l I 1 l If .wi " , I , I fm Q ' ' v 1 ,vg x 4 I X' X ' 1.11 au., .1 I' 4 y , I U ', . yi ,, 'Q r 1 . Q" 1 All-.I ,- ' f wi 0 ,gli 1 .LLx..+- L X I ...I '-UI . ' '.' '-' in, U Wvtl? wh. .la .. . .:.4 A f-5 5 p, my , 'ff "' Af., -rut J, MIR? I W6 ETHEL PROUSE Normal Training "I see the right and I approve it too." VIVIAN JAMES Normal Training "She has striven and achieved much" CHARLEY RICE College Preparatory "None but himmelf can be his parallel ALICE WARE Normal Training Be careful but not fnll of care" IQFFIE TOMLINSON Normal Training' Not much talk, a great, sweet Silence' 7 IRC re EDNA HELLMAN Normal Training ct Y, So blessed a disposition Annual Staff MARION CRACRAFT College Preparatory Sweet are the slumbers of a virtuous man" Treasurer f3l Banner Staff C45 Animal Staff Senior Play MARGARET MCHUGH College Preparatory Seraphs share with thee Knowledge, But Art, O, XVOIUZIU, is thine alone!" Banner Staff lll Ca1npFi1eC1P C25 Seeretary and Treasurer l-U Annual Stali GEORGE AKRIGHT Commercial No one knows what he can do till he tries." Foot Ball 157 H5 Base Ball C35 UP Base Ball Captain C-ll f3l Annual Stall' YIYIAN HISRRON Connnercial My own 'thoughts are my sole com- panionsf' Onaga High School CU CD Basketball l3l f-U Glee Club C-U Yell Leader f-U Senior Play M IR ZELMA GARRISON Commercial "A woman has to do a lot of talking in order to explain what she is talking about." Glee Club CU Animal Staff HAROLD SEARS General HI value science, none can prize it more. Basket Ball 131145 Foot Ball C31 C45 Sergeant-ab arms C45 Climax High School H2121 ALMA GARRISON Commercial "I am sure care is an enemy to lifef' Glee Club CU WILBUR MOORE General "Girls may come. and girls may go, but I go on forever." Foot Ball C31 C41 CECILE VVORKMAN Normal Training' HShe speaks, behaves, and acts just as she ought." McPherson High School QU, CZJ, C35 3! l wk LE IR 5 MABIEL I3 R IGGS Normal Training HXXYIIEVE WiQdUIll is bliss, 'tis folly to be ig'Il0l'flllf.H DQ-lmle C-0 LE mnmoxn LE M Ui 0115155 Qiztnrg 19150 EPOCH l. Four years agn the class uf '20 launched upon the route uf gwfrcl edu- cational training. and nnw we are fin- ishing our high sclinol cnurses, which have fitted some of us fur practical. energetic lives.. Stune nthers are iirwv completing the intermediate cwnrse in their education, and are intending tn take up the last lap in crrllege. At the outset uf this scene in Ulll' lives this class tif thirty-une was crun- prised nf SQ very fresh little buys and girls, whn tu express the tnpininn nf ie class nf 'I7, were sn glnriwnsly green, that fur a few days they snfs fered the indignities uf being guided tn and fi-nm class 1-ntmis, wearing dunce caps and nf being the brunt ru' all laughs, brilliant ur iitherwise. This freshman class, thnngh large in num-bers was small in physique, but we were hardly to be suppressed, as may be shnwn bv serine uf wnr scliowl activities.. Uur 'freshman buys made a good shuwing in ftintball, Ernest lYilsnn, Fred Davis, tlscar .lwliiir-wi. Ralph XYarner and Harry Lewis all showing guild form. These nien all gave prnmise uf being future stars and snme proved later tn be brilliant wnes. it This same winter girls' basket-hall was organized in E.. H. S. and lluelah Shearer and Evelyn Stewart stepped into the light uf the gwal. ln the spring llarry Lewis was nur repren sentative in the field and track, dv-ing the 440 and half mile in Lf H d tllllL'. EPOCH ll - During the first year fun' -:lass sut- IHEU fered the usual ravages rf spring- fever, such as the h'z'e uf wftrlq in the garden and nther field activities and "an rvccasinnal fishing trip" Ily fall snme nf nur class had transferred tw wther ttuvns, but in spite nf these in- rftads nur class returned the secnnd year in grand f-trce and established it- self in a pwsitive and expressive inan- ner. This year Lewis, hlnliiistui, Davis Xliarner and XYilsen all came back and began tu establish their brilliance Ull the fnntball field.. This same year the tld E. ll. S. banner invaded the far cwrners and ends tif the state and was ever victnritins, with the exceptiwu nf twu games, either uf which held the state chanipit nship, llnth uf these games brnnght defeat by small mar- gins. This same winter lienlah Shearer and Ruth Xnrnzan again develwped inte letter girls in basket-ball and birth did very gwwvcl wwrk.. ln literary fields Ruth Xwrnian was nur representative in the district de- bates. The dehaters that year ad- vanced as far as the inter-district de hates at nur neighbnring city nf XYichita. .XI tilt' lJt'uI'ZNlu intel'-Sclltunl lifet- ary and field crlntest in the spring XYarner and Lewis birth featured with filrlt flint xvt'u'k, El'tJCll lll. .Xfter enrollment in the fall nf mid. l'rr1fess+ir Paul annnnnced lu cur surf prise and dismay that we had lust by transferring, Marguerite Cox tu Law- rence, and that the fnlluwing penple: Cligirley Druialdsim, Cecil lilunhain. '94, ,, ?LED'1 M013 Ernest Klcllride, llarry Lewis, Fred llavis, Ralph XYarner, Ernest XYilson. Evelyn Stewart, and Ralph Spurs, had all snught tither passages tlirmigli life. Swine are married to jwhs and swine tu the uther sex, fortunately and uniiirtunately. llut at the same time Yivian llerrun, Keith llvwvler and llvward XYelch came into nur class frtnn nther sclnwls. 'lihe final cuunt at his time left ahwut fnrty in our class. 'lille fall uf 'IS flint-llzlll started Ollf with very hrilliant pruspects, hut Ow- ing tu an influenza epidemic the sea- s-rn was uf shtirt duratiiin. Our junior vear lniys, Genrge .'Xlcright, David Rice, Elmti Milliken, llmvard NYelch, Ilarwld Sears, Culhert Huntingtun, XYilhur Kliuwe and Oscar bluliiisrni all shiiwed fine fwrm and we are sure we wnuld have had a pennant winning seaswn, hecause the lmys wnn all the games they played and a great deal Hf prwgressive and iniative ahility was tn he seen in the team.. llasket-hall seasfin proved wut four letters fm' us, Ruth Nurman, lleulah Shearer, Yivian llerrwn, and llarold Fears. This seasnn was a success as the hrvys' team heat every team that it played during the scasiin, hut thfiug'i the girls played against fortune, they still came nut with a gpfwcl score. ln the spring' Xlr. l'a'.1l tirganizf cl 'x hasehall cluh and frnm nur Class picked Genrge .Xlcright, captain, Crwl- lwert lluntingtl in. Elmw Klillilcen, Klaurice Ervin, llwward XYelch and llavid Rice. These men all showed guild ltirm fur their first season. llc clused Hur Qllllllfbl' year hy giv- ing a general Ringling llrtis.-llarnum N llailey cfvmlmined circus and carnival, and we are safe in saying that this achievement was one never duplicated heir re nr afterwards in the history nf creatiun. As a final effort we pre- sented tri the Senior class an elaborate hanqret at the gymaiasium.. XYe are safe in saying' that this was une nf t'1f- mnst beautiful farewells ever served hy a .luninr class in the annals of the lligh Sclnml. El"UCll IV. lhmfessi-i' l'aul startled us hy shnwing us records that pruved we had lust Yelma llaskins tu El Diiradn. Freda XlcEntarfer hy transfer, and that Currine Ruckey and Oscar hlwhn- sun had deserted us at this stage in the juurney llut at the same time we were stimewhat reconciled hy receiv- ing in exchange Miriam Xlhtwcl, prist- graduate, ,Xlhert Miller, une of Uncle Fanrs men tif three years' service, alsm an ex-student uf E. ll .S, and Erin-4' llarrier, an ex-student uf nur sehwul. Wie than la1'nch'd upun wir final and must exciting, thrilling and glnri- wus year in wld E. ll. S. Xt the first uf the year the sclimil H"e'anized an Again athletic assticiatiun in which all the uf- ficers were chrvsen fre-m nur esteemed and dignified Seniur class. This same week a schritil paper l'l'he llannerl was again organized and sev- eral tif the staff were frum the Senior class. Then came the night nn which we initiated the class uf '24, whti tp say the must, were g1'eener hv far than we ever dreamed tif being in 1916. ln- stead nf a general rough-hnuse as nf some years, the evening was spent lr: giving a program, in lunch and then snmie party games. lYhen the font-ball season Opened and the men In-gan to get nut a g-twirl manv of our class men drew enthusi- astic attentirin, and before the season 9 12 'aa it LE mum IR was over each had played a stellar pusitien, These men: .Xkrie'ht, liar- rinejtun, liarrier, Milliken, Miller, lXlmuil't', ll. Rice, SCZLVS, Illlfl XYClCll, all added tt- nur success. Eureka llig'h's Girls' hasket-hall team was an all-victuriuus team and much nf its success was due tu the Seninr girls: lleulah Shearer, Upal Divine, lrma lletsher, and Vivian Her- run. These girls were gmal getters and we were proud Of them. The huys' basket-hall seasun was nut so successful, hut uf the Seniur tlass Ervin, Milliken. Sears all played strung' pusitinns. In the inter-class games IJ Rice, C.. Rice, .tXkright, Dow- ler, liarrier, Craeraft, all played with spectacular and comic pnsitinns. llurintf this last year Klahel liriggs, Upal llivine, Ruth Xnrman and Keith lluwler figured in the district dehate and represented the schuul very credit- alvlv here and at llurlingtun This year as in all years the class xy as well represented in the Cllee club unrk and their success nn several Oe- casiwns was verv marked, and in the entertainments they sang in thev niet XYltll hearty appruval.. .Xs is custuinary with each Senitn' class. we urqanized a shww truupe and 1 uder the inanaffement uf ll. XY. Grit- Fu nth, llelen l'effer and l'auline Carr, fach if whniii very genernusly and ahlv cwvntrilnuted their effurts and alvilitv, we made Hur play the success uf the vear and really the hest in years. The play, "The llear Old lluyf' was vf-ll attended and was received in a xery gratifying manner ln fact there v as quite a demand fur its reprndnc- tit n here. .Xfter the appearance here the play was taken tu Yirgil and pre- sented hefure a full hnnse. The pen-. ple whit played were Marie Singletun, Yivian llerrnn, Ruth Nnrman, Edith lluffinan, .Xlhert Kliller, Ernest liar- rier, liavid Rice, Klariun Cracraft. lluward lkelch, This was nur final entertaimnent and was given tu shww the pulwlic sume uf the talent cultivated in nur high schuul. ln the lwase hall seasun wt Hur last year a few uf Hur Seninrs. Elmu fxlillif ken, llavid Rice, Llullwert lluntingtnn. and Captain Kkrigtht, played intpurt- ant pt-sitions, and at the end 'If the seaswn the reeurd slntwvfl that the team wnn mwre gaines than they lust. The seasrmn Llwsed the liistury ttf the Iggzv athletics at this time. liullwwing a custinnary prttcedtue the -luniurs lmade ns a grand farewell un Klay 7th, at their animal hanquet. The evening' passed in a very eniuv- ahle manner with a good many excel- lent tuasts and at this time Our gulden cane was presented tn the -luniwr llresident. lleward Tucker, by Albert Kliller, nur St-ni-fr President. The eveninQ's tuasts were arranged with a lfulshevistic prngraln and afterwards a trtsrpe uf dancers gave a ,pleasant entertainment. XYhile regretful in clusing and leav- ine' dear wld E. ll.. S. and the instruc- turs tu whrnn we :Awe su much, we are ewing' furth with light hearts and each and every une uf us intends to conquer this little planet, .Xnd ntiw in cun- clusinn we wffer final manifestatwn nf our appreciatinn nf llear Old E. ll. 9 hy pulwlishing' this splendid annual l.e Xleiiiniiz ln parting, we hid the entire a reluctant farewell. '.. LE MIR Than u,JC Hcfnf? Lam e. WQYWMHJ Vrvm4fHeY1oM YK YIHT?-ri MY wnlwe 1 z- UNHZH2' 'ia , ,, l X H? W Mx I J J ,I 2 ' C A mmm Qilams QBi1irrr5 President ,, ,,w,, ...w.. w..,....,, H o ward Tucker Vice President W ..,,.. ...,..... ..... ....,.,., B e x ilah Beacon Secretary :md Treasurer i,,,, A .. ....,..... Cecile Hodgson Glulursa--LEu1I1 ann Illlhitr ME MOIR LE mamma Ki. -LE IR? ' W 6 Jluuinra These pages are devoted In singing' the many praise-5 nf the -llllllmmr class, llve are not puffed up nur are we al- ways sure that we are in the right, but we du believe that we are members uf Eureka lligh Scliuuls greatest class. l'erhaps we have lust several contests in selling tickets, but that dries nut niurtally injure ns if we are helping' the schfml to gain more athletic and literary ricturies than any other class. The class uf IQJI has never lauded the small cwiicniest and on this ac- ewunt has received many slurring' re- marks. The -lllllltil'-SCllllil' banquet althuugh it cust us time, labur and mwney, repaicl us the tlelvt in tliifiwnigli satisfactiun. We think that nur sclifiul is the best there is but next tu her we liwe and reverence the class vf the white and Qcmlfl Among Hn Jluninra A is frrr .Xll of us, XYe're witty and wise: Since we're 'luniurs in E. ll Q Wie sure are swine guys, .s., B is for llrinker, Her 11211110 V011 sllrnild know: She's a basketball player, .Xnd sure makes a shuw. C is for Catherine, There's twm in nur classg One is quite sassy, The other has brass. D is fm' Dorwtliy, She wears her hair down: lleware Lfirls, clun't braitl it, Or ywu'll meet with a frown. E is for Ervin, NOW girls iust hush: Xllhen we luuk at "Grease" He's sure to blush. F is for Fischer So tall and so fair: Shell get tlirmigli High lYitli0ut ever a snare. . . f, G is Iwi' imiwluil, She plays ball with ease, ,Xnml is there with the gvwfls, XYhen the game's a tight squeeze. H is fur llugh. .X sturniy yming nialeg When he rants and he VHVGS The teachers turn pale. I is fur IT, Xlhich we all know we are. .Xnfl if ywu think nfvt There are feathers anrl tar. signifies blolni, Tu uinit him's unfair: ,Xlways seen with Klarie, They'l'e a charming yuiiug' pair. K is fur Koogle, Hur wise language teacher: .Xml if yflll flun't like her Yuu're a Very queer creature. L is fur l.e0nard, Ut llasket-llall fame: Ile sells "Stars and Times" .Xnrl "Snip's" his nickname. ? L E i ME M IR M is fur Kl?lI'g'HI'C't Tis fin' 'liGlCl'lg'l'ElClJCl', .Xnd Mae Su tt. savg 'l'ht-sc maids art- insepamlmlc lituth at wurk :ind at play. is fm' Ncrvc, U XX'hich limit- Of ns luck: XX'c say Z1 gum-at dt-ul, iXnd dart- lu talk hack. lle's witty and wisc, A gcnninc cnt np iXnd small fm' his size lil is fm' United, XX'hich vin' class claims tu Fin' if XX'L'll'C diviclcd XX'hat a catastimpliel O is fur Uratc V is for Xvt-da, XX'hich thcy all love tw dwg llwth happy and kind: XX'l1Q11 m1e's in tht- stiwly hall iXt all timt-s shu is wmrkinfi llc lit-:ws qnitt' a ft-W. linpiwwiiig hey mind. P is fm' lk-ffer, VV is fm' XX'm'k, Um- sptmstir and guide: XX'hich wc think is Veal fun 'ln Qcvuntli llmni' English Fm' il sliccpskin Slim- hunks with g'1'CZ1t pridc. XX'Q'1-C SU-ix'ing', in twcnty-11 O is fur Quick, Xyz arc all rlnt-ei' lcttcrs, Uh' wti have lots uf pgpg rllllL'l'CiS nmie vt-ry lincl I1 gllgt, glut-11g tim-L-1-Q 'l'lwng'l1 it cannot hu lit-lpn-cl lint tht-i'e's nut imc, x-tm het. 'Tis snrt-ly a crime. R it fm- IQUM-11. lit-rc we arc ti- tht- L-nd, Xxvllu flrivt-s a nun' 'lClicY"Z Him' U" mmii' U' dm- XX'hcn ht- steps mn thc gas 9- thfce rzihs tn l'rcsidt-nt Tnc t jump .Nicky if 5.1,u'd HU.. Xifcl with this wc say adien. S is fin- Spain, .Xnrl fin' Swnrs it stands: XX hw it win iwtict' lXi't- dvft with tht-ir hands- LE HFMOIR LE IR - Svrninr Gilman lgnrm lfrunl Eureka lligh Seluuil cumes .X jully hunch this yearg Each lmy and girl so full of pep Nu task can cause them fear. Hur seluml events, htvth great and S1119-ll. lly faithful applieatiwn .X few we've lost and many won, Each proved an inspiration. XX'e entered this nlcl stutly hglll .Xs green and timid Freshmeng lt's every rule we quickly learned 'lin avwid a premiisefl threshinf 'lihey gave us mlany tasks tw du, .Xlsu eighth htvurs Su tlreaclg This tnrture made us our faults regret, .Xnfl "XX'e'll behave," we said. Each has his furte in wwrk Hr play, ln reeitatiun some exeelg ln hard exams slime get high marks, XX'hile wthers stall quite well. Swine play ftmthall, lrasehall, wr golf, ln the must engaging way, liut these Seniwrs live with nu Other Tllflllifllt, 'I'han lu pass C1Pll1ll1CllCCIllt'Ilt Day. lint those uf the wurld will praise us, .-Xntl thnse of the wurltl will hlame, Thu we wurk fur the jtw tif winning, .Xntl climb up the pathway nf fame. Fur eaeh in his separate station, His separate tlimuflit will express, .'Xs he fwllrvws his path as he sees it 'lb the goal that In him means suceess. .Xml nuw :mr High Seliuul days are Over, .Xncl Lift-'s seliool is just begung XX'e hid farewell tri pleasant vears just past, .Xnd welenme thuse In eeme. XX'e shall pass tliruugh eaeh test as we meet it, .Xt the sounding of dutv's stern Call: XX'e shall wurk every day-when we have tO- .Xnd never tire at all. MABEL BRIGGS SQ? f f" 1 W1 M QM WQ .Z V . ,gf 3525:- ., , XJ Q?f:.:: 2 w'ssf" ""' ,Q 5 jffg mv' W Sk V 2 We mmf at N5 u X6 2 1 WE 59 X, ' 44 - 4 1 .Xu ' 6' " K Z: I , 'T fa M -lfxg ' Tv J .ji X f fiaiulx f' I"3S':3' ff' I -X:-, - up 3' - I K. 1. -J Jig., - ' f-- , 4 Q , Z P xx.-LQ 5- I Vx V lg X , f , 11 l ,Wig f . Ar Wk 2- LE M IR Snphnmnre Qbftirvraz President. .,,...,. , ....,...,, ,... , .., ,w,w .. Harold Burt Vice President ........ .......v. , Ae.. , s, ,sHarold Souiiers Secretary and Treasurer .,.,,,,, ,. ., Y,Hazel Ainsworth Sergeant-at-Arms . ,,., .... ,r,,,, ,,...... .r...,..., F r e d Singleton Q'ln1nr5:--C511-rn anim mlpitr 6 5 LE mnmoxn A x L.- n I xr, f 2' --av. , VW' -43.- 'Fi lf' -1, . . . fn -.I fn' 'H ,,s.f ,QV N., .J , vin: . LL.:-5 4 ii 2-'O ' x .-.VA . .sf .-'11-f 1-v 'J V.. . fl" 1 n 5 '21, ' . V ' . - ' . ' 1 4 a 32 .-' , 'T ,n x. l f .ggbx J fx I. . .19 -:.'5f1.f . fr. '31,- ., -M - - w. 'fwfr' 'Q' "-W' "4-. ' WA. , ?'.F " V 1' '1 :- 1 , T- .A 1' -4 1.-,L ' 'T ?..,,,' ' 43- 311 V, ,-f 1-. ' Ak' '-if vu Q' .1 ..1 ,-fa.. v'A.' if .'P"f H' . 2 Wu- " S. ft." ' -..If6""'z. " .A 4-bp, ' .:" s.'S"'4p- ' x , A124 'x Q J' .- . 1 1,. W..-K, 3 'A u,'.A ' . Avy..-, H 5 ,: ,b WI.: ,. 1 la V' ' fi? i, . ll 7 'A 1.- if - .f ' ', if ' 'v .2 - S,.. - afg- I , , , '.1g'.,-,V - ,L N -L .-Lf ,.-rfge' . 4, 1 -31. : --Kgs? ' 'fi Af fnrt5"nine in the class, 1l1ey are as line a e1'1111'cl 111 yunng tnlks as there has ever heen in E- ll. S. XYe are al- ways 11111 fm- a gwncl time, lllL'I'CllPl'C, 'l'reasnrer. pnrter- ine' the past nine niunths. are cleliyerecl. IJ, yes! The liaenlty 12 LE MEM IR -. fix 9npltn111u1'r5 S4ll5ll1ll1lUl'L'S are all right, there are lj1ist ask Mr- llfll , . we nsnally fincl it. f hir fifficers are: llarnld llnrt, llresiclent. llaruld Swnclers, Xvlft'-ljI'CSl1lCllt. llazel .k1llSXY4lI'lIll. Secretary and lllanche XlCNlllllC1l, llanner Re- Frecl Singleti '11, SCl'Q'L'Z1Ill-Ill-iXl'lTlS. All have flnne exeellent wnrk flur- Vep! XX'e ean't he heat! lf any- thing is asked uf a Snph. tlle gnnfls D 1 talks ernss t-1 11s, qsninetiinesl hnt they lwye 11s just the saine. llftnnr Rulls neyer lie! .Inst think xyliat a 11eree11tag'e nf the llmiiir Rnll is taken hy the Siwplifiiiimes. fllll' keep up the interest 1 W f fjlll' share uf sehnnl activities ran s high. ling llnrt was Captain nf th' lfnnthall ancl llaskethall teams an: llarley bnnth has taken an at 111 part in athletics. .Xlice Nixon dt hates. Then luuk at 11111' clramt L ahility, can it he eqnaled? lf X4 ineinnry isn't ton shurt ynn pruha reinemher that we tnnk the pilft selling Lyfenin Tickets last fall. lieeitatiuns are our delight! Rta 1 sw, and nn jnkinq. llesifles the lessuns out of hunks there is always Nl nntsicle wnrk 111' references html hrnnglit up tn elass, This helps tw Fxaininatinn Clay! Did ynn L nntiee that bmwpliiiiiiftres always chu: exaniinatii-n clay tn Qu visiting wr fis ine' er jest anrl enfiiv theinst its 'Think harcl fur there's the reas Siinply this, if a stnclent gets sky lni gracles he is er 1-inpfp frnin exams, it Z SIHIIISIIVS were Slll'L'lf' sent frnni yllll heginninq' tn see light, llearen. tlpiwsite in ei'-inplexiwn Sllllllllllli if all UP WC are 21 I4 thai' inst snit ns. lieth are nriiinal, lW1'Cl15 ll3W 5V""1' 'YHICUN and Hf H111 11111. Miss llingham ancl Kliss Knngle, FIIWC 'lf DUDE Villllf high 215 Stllfltll N 11,11 Isly.,-,yg Miss lllllgilllllll isn't enm- hziyf- line spiensursg haek all sthi ing' haek tu 11s next rear, hnt we an-Q f'etiyities: ancl rarely take examina I,i41f1in1.- hi-1-11 f,,,A AlieQ 1Q,,,-1.-1, fm- nn- tinns, XYhy sl1111'lfln't we he ha S 5 ' iv' 1 I 11111' spffiisnrs next year. are niafle hx' S11pl111111111'es, tif ewwrsf- the 911111 ewrreets the material, hnt. the laet ri-n1:1ins that the tliniiglits all right: Mwst :.f the llanner e1111t1'ih11tions Green and Xkihite. Green and XX S11pl11111i111'es, S11pl1m11n1'es, thu XX'hite and Green, XX'l1ite and Citi 11' are 9"lllllllllHl'C lhfinelits anrl the llgm- Snplitmimes, F1 Avliimines surf- a' 1f1'1' has hf-1111 hetter than ever hefnri- keen. LE Pllmozn E DUIMOIR P 5 1 TESMWEN fag J X Qu f ii Q 7 A X QNX' SQQ n Q X Q, f Y f--J -fr Y f -'T 5HI'l'5l1lllEl21 0DHirm'5: Pxcsidunt. AA.,.,... .,,. . . .,,,.,.,. I3!nim- XYIISOII Vice Pruiclunt ,..,.,.. ,, .... Holm-xt Clugslrm 'Fl'??!Sl1Tt'l' ..,,,. ., .,..,,. XVi!m:m Ilovcx' SL'CI'L'1Ill'vX' Razlh Muller illnllmu--S'lag Blur uuh liiinla. LE HEMOIB Ll! IR 3 XVe are the Freshmen XVe number eighty one, XVe are striving and working To complete what we've begun. If our teachers have tl1e patience And the students study too. XVe'll show the E. H. S. XVhat the Freshman Class can do. C. is for Carr from whom English we take, M. is for McCune who makes us all shake, K, is for Koogle from the country of Gaul, P. is for our good Principal Paul. Young Eugene XVicker got mad the other clay when n pretty girl ran up behind him and pushed him down stairs. liugene's mind has been so occupied in selling shoe strings and handkerchiefs in a clothing store that he was giving no thought to the manner in which true love manifests itself. Our class will never want bread since we have a Miller tjackl. Our class will never have the reputation of being bad since we have the Good Cjuanital. XVe will never fear danger since we have two Shields flillenl and CLvdial in the class. Xl'hy should we worry over shelter for as long as we have a Robin we can build every spring tHz.roldl. LE M IR A Edwin Scars ruliizirlcccl thc lltllk'l' clay that hc likcrl El thick steak, Init hc says, "nur family is S11 largu wg havc In havu area in 1-ui' sti-ak." Um' l'1'csirli-ut XYils.f11 dues nm lin- iii XY1lSl1lIlQtU1'l tlillziim-l. XYhz1tis5w1i1i'11zi111u in full, Xns. Xllilmlii iX1'cliihz1lrl llinshaw. llzivcy1+i1cx'c1' hzul Z1 I1lClillIllllk'? fins. ll-cli. Xxvllllt is ywiii' liwhhy tmlzxy? Nils. XYHVIC. Xxillllt was ywui' ziiulwitiim lmuf-wc cu- ti-ring' lligh Salim-fl? fins, Nui tw whrk. Xxillllt cvcul in ywui' lifu Ullllllgtll ywiir mind? .X1is,. Num-ssity. lf yi-ii hail it In ilu liver again xxhzlt xx'-viilml lm ywiir clwirc? .Xiis. Ili-ing :L milliiwiifiiu-'s sim, Xxillllt wi-iilcl ytrll flu with ll milliwn flullzirs if ytfll haul it In gxivc ziwziy? .Xns. lwlviilflift. This wfwlml wc :irc livin' in ls miqlity harcl tw hi-ut: Yum gut ll tlwfil in uvery imsc. l1iitf:11'i-1i'1' thc imscs swcut, me E ME IR i nmxn. . AY V,-, Svrninr Qllaaa rnphvrg It gives me a feeling uf indefinahle pleasure to stand hefure this delight- ful audience and deliver an address after an absence uf sit many years. I will nrwt waste time on an introduction, hut will tell ynu at unce what I know of the wherealnfuts and wecupatiwns of the class uf 1930. ynur friends and mine. I have read sumewhere that a friend is a perswn who really knwws you and still likes yon. That may he why swine petyple have sf- many. Friendship is what keeps the world gtiing. It gives one an inctnnparahle thrill tu have an unexpected encwunter with an wld friend and it has heen my gtincl fnrtune tu have many I'-f these thrills. .Xfter I finished Iligh Scliunl. I taught for ahuut ten years. My uh- ject in teaching fur st: lung a time WHS tu try tu saveimuney tu huy a I7-vrd. but it was an unattainahle whject. llwwever, I did save enwugh tw take a pleasure trip tt- Kansas City and while walking alwng the street I met an wld lady who came up tw me and asked huw I was and if I l'ClllL"7lllCl'4.'ll her, I said "fill, yes. it is KIl's Iil'HXY11.II "Nair," she answered. "thu it is swim '- thing ahnut c1+lw1'." I immediately tlmugln I f all ti' culnrs in the rainlmw and calltd ha-1' Mrs. Green. X-1, it wasn't Green Rlrs. XX'hite? Mrs. Illaek? Xu. Th sitvatit 11 wa: hectimiug eniharrassing when, finally, she tuld me her name was Redding. I recalled it a ma-'nent later- She then proceeded tw tell me linw much she had always admirf rl me and said she weuld greatly eniwy diving swmething nice fur me. I tfvld her she cwuldn't pussihly enjny it mnre than I. She then asked nie what I wt-uld like tu df, hest. Shakespeare said: "There is a tide in the affairs tif men, which, taken at the flntid leads -in tt, ftirtunef' and I immediately retugnized this as the wave upon which I shtinld launch my life-heat. I wished Fate had given me a little time tri think. hut that's the way with fate, always hringing up snmething'unexpected, sn I cnncen- trated all my energies upnn the ques- Tiwn llllClCl' C1n1sifle"Z1tiwl1. 'lIIlCl't' were twin things I had always ardentlv ch-sired. a linrd and a trip rnund the vw-rld. I had heard a rumtfr that teacher's wages were advancing' and I thtvuglit perhaps I might some time purchase the Ft-rd, hut a world trip wuuld he hevund nie: su I tfyld the wld lady that I would like a trip artiund the wtwrld. Sl- hegan my wwndrnus iwurney. I hnarded an air-ship at Ii- C. and started tw I.wndwn. wishing, first, tl' see the glories uf Other lands hefmre viewing thwse uf my tiwn. We had trtwuhle with the engine after a few huurs' ride and were hurtled thru space into the dark hlue sea heltiw. I was picked up hy a hwat. manned hv Ilnward XYeleh. lIe had saved me frnm an awful death and as a token of appreeiatiwn f-ir this, I immediately nffered tm he his darling fur life Great was nfv emharrassment when I learned that he was already married and living happilv with Fdna llells man cn the mast uf Iceland. XXI- were finally picked up hy an- -.J " Q xg. AF Q. ,, 4 4 Lv I K fs. , . ,J Q.. 1,5 . f - - n .- 'V ' .,V,,,4' X, - 9 .Q Q 'H "' ' .:' Ira ,. A K1 ,. 3' ' v' 5 I -'-1.. ,Z'l .g A A -f V rf. J Lg' H ' 4. M, an ',.,.-, Mig,-N V -. .1 r A , 1. f .,- . .- - V, ,A f . ,, ,Q , Af '54 Lui' '-gy-'I ' . 'H .- , ' - '-1 If , ' ' v .Q ' a " .-4 f . .- it . 1,1 - v . - ' 1 -"' - 1 - ' X 5 ':., .. :.. '- ' ' -'ffwff , ' , , n 1 . 1 '-. 3'7'-1 "L r .4-. , 2 'L- ' "" - ' , ' ' 'f 'L TL , f- A , , .. 7.52. 1, ., . - - x ' r. 1 '. - My cn' f 'Y--wi. 4. 1 J -I, g-,Z 111' 1 -,-15' 5- X ft-gy ,-15,3 Xi? .Q 'J I , - X ,., . ,. 1.3!-,f, A , , Jr 1 . V',x.,,,, , V , "J s- '. f, , fj-.Ag A Q "1 '-"" VI , -' '-. ,Y . N: --Kg. , L , 14- . , , ,. M' 3 p ' W H: V, "K U , : ' 1 " x.' ,395 ' -' ,i'1A,'irL1 ' KY T'-YS: , r J' .-lf' 'E' Q., .,-' 51,1 A A f 1?- .. . A ,. Y. , . - . N L - ,ff V 1 .-X ,, .qi .4 ' '- L ,.v"r-'4.-1-L 147, . -A H! L 'Q I . - 1 4.4-H: ,li- - . ff. 1' I ' 'S 'f .1 ,,:,5 N4-152 ' -' P K' 7- QT' ,iflff , . ,MSW , -I .. L: , . . ,Q ,l A M, V . ' '. K . , -t"'- ' "Q, K lqfef- 4 A .E.+sffE' 1 ' f 'hgyf ' -jf. 47 'izfifi-' 1 ff. . . T -1- 15 J' - V ' 1, 9 f, ,- .-a A mf 'iffy ' Q, ' ' f ff-Q, gn, ,. X , , rf' ' w 'w N' 1. 1. . . y 21 in. ' , 17:3 '-'r- " f 4 1 M:-:11.4'-12 . , .4 A Alf I s ' '. Q .Q ' ffl - 3 1 v-' , 1 A . Lv ""l Nl A 5167, A ,ff 1 pf A1 ' ' 1"'C3f"!' l 1 'K' " ,. ,.' .4 FF If . 4 .4 4 9 .-' I. r .1..q., 1 , sa 1 1: 15 ' Y 'f. , 4 , ,A . 'Lf' ,l Malik: Y ,N sbt ?Ll-I MIRt , '-N other aeroplane, but found that it did not stop i11 London so we had them drop us in a parachute. XX'e landed near XX'estminster Abbey and hearing strains of heavenly music l started in quest of its source. The music st-emetl at first to come from the lofty roof but upon investigation l found that thost- immortal notes were com- ing from an imtmense pipe-organ, played hy Effie 'l'omlinson who had developt-tl into a famous mqusician and played thest- soothing strains in order to keep quiet the ghosts of tht- great men huried there. for they wt-rt- in- clined tt: wander about and often frightened visitors. That evening l went to a theatre in l.ondon. The title of the play was ".X Lady of Fashion" and lXlarie Single- ton was leading lady whilt- Zelma and rXlma Garrison did the Highland Fling ht-tween acts. .Xt tht- end of the play l went tu the stage door with the hope of speakin--' to them. hut l S was told that they had engagements until 3 o'cloek the next morning. l wasn't in tht- hahit of rising so early so l gave up my hopes of an intt-rview. ln leaving the theatre, the hand organ of a lmlind man attracted my at- tention and as l recognized George rXkright l stepped hack, with all mv ponderous weight upon tht- toe of a portly gentleman, who looked at me pitifullv. wiped his eyes and passed on. lf he was so sympathetic. l thought, ht- might at lt-ast have given fleorge a nickel for he would appre- ciate that more than a tear. l gave him a dime, myself. .Xfter lt-aving l.ondon l stopped in Ilerlin. lt was vt-ry noisy and unset- tled there at that time. Une never knew when he might he hlown up hy i W ef a lxomh. XX'hilt- walking down the street one morning l saw a crowd on one of the corners. l stopped to find tht- cause of this gathering and my as- tonishment knew no hounds when I recognized Charley Rice, striving to mount a small platform. lle was de' tained lay three policemen, hut, sud- denly, he shot all three and. mounting the platform, ht-gan to speak. lle had hect-me a radical lmolsheviki. Says he: "XX'hy, only yesterday my brother was sent to the asylum hecause he wanted tht- moong hut those who want the earth are still at large " He was interrupted here hy a voice crying, "'l'here's one who will soon he out the tht- way tho." l turned to see Ruth Norman leading a body of women toward Charley and those around him. .X violent hattle ensued and as l could he of no assistance to either side, l hurriedly lt-ft- 'llhe next old friend l saw was in a church in Paris. XX'illunr Moore was earnestly preaching a marvelous ser- mon on liars. l entered in time to hear him remark: "l told ye all fu rt-ad lXlark 17. The half ef von who just now said ye did, should know this fact. Mark I7 is nit. Ye are tht- ones to whom l wish to speak." Then while climlning the .-Xlps one day l came to a high fence and the guide would not lt-t me go heyond it. XX'e had, therefore. to go many miles out of our way to a path descending the other side of the mountain. Upon investigation l found that llarold Sears and Elmo Milliken had bought the top of the mountain from the Swiss Government and were striving' hy means of wireless telegraphy to Communicate with Mars. llt-ing tired of Europe l decided to E .LE M IR go to .Xfrica and while strolling thru the jungle one day came upon a band of natives. Seated on a throne in their midst was a familiar figure. In order that I might observe, unseen, I climbed a tree and experienced again one of those incomparable thrills I mentioned at the beginning of my address, for the king of these native Africans was David Rice. I learned later that he had gone to .Xfrica with a minstrel show and the natives, liking his smile, chose him for their king- Little had I dreamed that one of our class would ever hold such an exalted position. Being dazed by this, I absent mindedly boarded an aeroplane and flew away before ex- ploring the rest of the country. NYC landed in India. I imtmediately became ill with fever, but was miracu- lously restored to health by two fa- mous doctors, .-Xlice lYare and Cecile ixygbfl-UIICII. They have a wonderful cure for this raging Indian malady. The patient is placed in a quiet room and ine of the doctors scraps her fin- ger hails en a piece of slate. This causes the patient to have cold shivers and the fever is driven off, I asked .Xlice if there was any place in Asia worth visiting and she said "No," except that Yivian james was teaching in China and I might visit her. Iiut I was getting homesick so I decided to return tu my native land. .Xfter about a days' travel some- thing again became wrong with our plane. Vve could not ascend or cle- scend and so we kept on. In an hour or two we sighted a body of water and the conductor said "That must be the Mississippi." lt turned out to be the Atlantic ocean and we landed in N, Y. I was not sorry for I had al- ways wanted to visit the great me- tropolis. The first thing attention was a Ilugh, Medium." however, because which attracted my sign "Madam Mc- I did not enter, I've always had an aversion to anything spiritual and liked the more concrete things in life, -like Fords, Now on my right was advertised a theatre Su I crossed and paid 35.00 to see specimens of the human family perform antics behind the footlights. It was worth the price, tho, to see ll'illa McLean in her original Ha- waiian dances. She made a great hit in lilroadway. .Xfter the performan'Ce I was thrust into the street in time to hear a voice say, "Citizens and Countrymen. I am .Xb Miller." This sounded interesting and I stopped, thinking, perhaps, .-Xb had started a campaign for president. Iiut in this think I was disappointed for. with beseeching words and en- treating glances, :Xb was begging his and countrymen to refrain from the use uf cigarettes and the vile habit citizens uf dancing. I had many more thrilling experi- ences in N. Y. but. none, perhaps, m which you would be interested- My next encounter with members of my class was in Lawrence, where Keith Dowler was professor of the art or stalling and Ifeulah Shearer, director of athletics in the State University. In XYichita I saw Ernest Barrier, who is an expert accountant for a large firm there and drawing an enor- mous salary, by which. no doubt, he is able to make his dreams come true. for I once heard him say that he would iLE M1112 just like to "lay up about SIOO a month for two years," lly this time l was thinking that the most beautiful scenery in the world was that around Eureka. So yesterday morning I boarded the train at XX'ichita and started here. lYhile coming' thru Reece I was much surprised to see a large building that had been erected since my last visit to that place. I turned to my com- panion for an explanation and he said that Alice I'rather, being disappointed in love so many times, had founded a home for disappointed lovers and the fierce little man in the Vandykc beard, standing' on the platform, was Marion Cracraft, a recluse of said homye. This was such a shock that I knew nothing' until I arrived in Eureka. I went to the Lyndon Iflotel and was agrccably surprised to meet Ethel I'rouse, head cook there. I asked her if she knew anything' of our class members and she said "yes," that e .QQ Gladys Ervin and Edith Hoffman were tight-rope walkers with the Barnum and llailey circus, l d1dn't ask her about any more Of them but as l walked down past the Princess Theatre I saw on the posters that Erma lletsher was playing the leading role in the picture, "The Vir- tuous Vamp." And upon arriving at the High School found Mabel Ilriggs installed as principal while Vivian Ilerron shakes her gray hairs over the problems of commercial teaching. So my journey ended. Each mem- ber of the class of '.2O is carrying' out the purpose fr-r which he was created- Small wonder, after knowing' this, that life is such a crazy-quilt, but. Each is brave and each is working, Each is climbing to survive: .-X11 achieving and believing Victory comes to those who strive. XYith due apologies to Henry IYads- worth Longfellow. OPAL DIVINE. WAWUSEKC iw? my 4.11 9 h1.f09vEf. LE M IR ljiiemn 'BPQJEIFTIIIPIIT PIANO STUDENTS C ITIICVTIIL' Iiaclu-rt CZlfllCl'i1lC I.vflQc -ll-gmwt H1-ight Iisghur Qllzlthews ,- , , 1' mc . mum- MH' I'11b'Q'1 lzlm-11C KIT-Xluilun IJ 1l'11lllX' l,llCl1L'X' Ulu f Lrtrurlc lfiscllur Mimwfi Xi1,k.l.t Xulliu f32ll'l'iSlPl1 Ruth Nurxuflll Xl lu llwwlicy Ellyn l'iIU'Ilg'L'l X ll'Q'illi?l Hull I51mcldz1 I'1'zlthc1' Xl lry llzmly llczltricc XXMHIS Xlivc DIZICIQSHII Ruth XXMIII- llll'illL' hlcum- CQ-vile XXv4l1'Iil'l'I2lll X Ima Kirk Xlilflrcd XX'w1'l4n1:1u XX ilmzl Kraus Xliriam XX'w:rl HARMONY STUDENTS. Xpllik- cL2l1'I'iSl?l1 Klilrllwd Nilmcft ITUIICIIIII I'1'z1tl1cr LE mum IR RECITAL BY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. High Sch'-UI .XIIlIIt4ll'IIIlI1 PRI JGRXXI. Euscmhlc: X alst- Hp. 39, XII, N ,,,,,,,.,,A,,,,,SS,AA,, ,,SS,,,, 'I SCI'l2l1kOXX'Skl X'i1'gi11i:1 Hull, XIQIQ IIII.II:Qy, Ibmmtlqy XX'i1li3ms, I3Ia11chc Mcllulleu. tal Iudizm Dzmct- Up. 7 ,A..,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,, X X'iIkQs IIN .X Curil-us Stt-ry ,,,A..AA.,A,...wSS,,,A.,A.,,,,,,..S A..,,,, I It-Ilt-r Hzlzul :Xinsxxw,+1'tI1 XX'iII IV th' XX'isp ..,.......,,Y,,,......,,....,,,,,,,A,,A,, ..,,, V Iungmann Esther lIz1ttI1t-ws XVHISQ I'apiII1I1111Q Hp, SS, Xu, 2 ..,.A,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,Y,A,Ak F 1'i11'lI X'i1'g'i11iz1 IIuII XVPCZIII IGI In IIc1' OICI-I"asI1i:mQfl XX'a5 ',,,,..,..,, ,.ITI'In1'cIt-Int IIN Gov-cI-Ilye SIIIIIINCI' ,,,v,,,,,,,,,,7,,, ,,,,,,,A L yncs 3IZI.I'Q21l'C'E Iiright Xlhum Lt-af Y,YA,,...,,A...,,,A.Y,..,,,,.,.,,,,,A,,..,A,,A,,,,,,, Y.,.... X X'huIpIcy RIITIZIIN XXIIIIWI X'aIst- .XI'ZII3L'5IllIC Hp. S3 ,,A.Y,,,,..,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A...,,v .,..A,... L ack I:I'L'X'dfI Ilt-th KIcEnta1'ft-1' IZII KIich1ight ,, ...Y,,,,,,,,,,,,A,, Y.,.,,...,,,...,,,,,A.,,.,,, ,,,A ' I 'orjusseu llum 'Ib thy Spring ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,tt,,,,,,,,t,,,,,,,,tt,,,,,,t,,,, ,,,,, I , 'I'1'n'j11sSt-11 Dtmelda Prftthcr Iltwt: Inltt-rlnqzztw ...,.,,,, ,,., ,t,, ..,.t. C I 1 zu-It-5 XX'akcmau Cndmfm Illzmcllt- XIcXIuIh-11, I5..1mtI1y XX'iIIiams1I11 St-rnatzt . , ,,,, ,,... ,,,,, ..,,,,,,t.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,..,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,t I I w1'wxx'SIii KIIIKIVWI Xiht-rt aw I'1'eIurIt- in AX ,..,..t,,.t,,.,,...,..,,,A,,, ,...,,,,,,, .t,,,,, L ' Iwpilt Ihr I'I'L'IIIdC in C minm' ,,.. ,,.. ,,,.,.,,,.., ....,,, C ' I IHPIII Ruth X- II'lI'lZ11I IZII Night in tht- Dust-Vt .,,....,.,,,,,.,,., ,, ,,,..,,,, IIHIIIIIHX' IIIJ IIUIIIIIIQ Sung I 111. NV, ffm 3 ,,..,. ,,.,,.,,,.,,,, ..,,..,., ,.,,, I I t 'IIQI' I 71 IIN 1tI1Y CIICHUX' Xlgqalg If I had XX'ings ,.I...... I ..,,,..,.,..,,,, FIIIYQIICL- Turugr Haley 1IIl'I1I1'l'l XXIIIICI tal I1i1'cIIiug' ,,.,.,..,...,,....,.A....,,...,,.....,..,..,..,, t,.....,, I VIVICQ Ihm 'Il' Spring ,,,.,,.,, t..,,.tt..,,t,,,,,t,,,...,,,,,..,..... ...,A... G 1 'ICQ' Catlterinc Ilacht-1't an I Lfwe Thcc, 'I'1'z1uscriptiIIu ,,,.t.,,...w,,t ...,,,..,tt.,,,,. G rcig IIJI GII11duIiQ1'a II,,,,I,I,,,,,,,,I,II,....,,,,,..,,..,.,.,,,..,,I ,,,,,, K II ISZIQUWSIQI XIZ11'g'ZII'Ct Bright Rust-1nIuIQ: Imitatifht- 21 Ia XYIISQ, Up. 65 .,,,A.....,.,..,.,,,.......,,, XIz11'ia Yun XX'uIae1' Ilfmttlxy Cllum-jf, Catllcriut- Lvdgc, CatI1cri11Q Iiaclmcrt. Ruth Xortnan 9. nlmom . 2 , Y , Y ,i Elie Girlz' Mlm, Qlluli There are Hu 111i'.:'u:xlly lrirgi- mim- lier ul gills in th' lilee Lxlrlm this ytill' :md they have wlwkt-d hard Zlllfl faith- fully. Tliey have mzule several public zipperiliiiiccs, the first time lu-iug' at the Limiiity '11-aelu-rs' Assucizltiuii. Mis Vitteuger lll2lllllQfl a tiuueert fur the girls tri lu- given iu the xxiuter, hut Qu accuuut uf the "ilu" it had tu he gin-u vp. Later iu the spring, part uf the muuluers were given as a preluflc for the ltcture cuursc.. The specialties fur the St-uiur play were given by the Glec Clulm Girls. The twii specialties were "Rumen and Juliet," a panto- mime, and "Say lt XYith Fluwers,' given lay a clmrus uf boys and girls The lust appt-fu'ancc was at Com m'euce-ment.. The uumlmers renderer were HDElNN'llH aufl "lilrmwer Suiigx' The girls have eujuyecl their wwrlc a great deal and say they owe their sue Y cess and pzmi St to Miss litteuger, their clircctu to Miss lYl1a1'to11,tl1e accom uf' 25" M s h . 55,2 751. 1. 7'y-.l . X" . E. X 5 Q , - .-X A5 - . LWLQ' ,- .,X.j., .,.,. -- 0 ff -' Z.. X- - Q94 be ,. I5 V Ae ff , '. 3 1' ' .. . , lffsmv K, , , ,Ar tp, .vi - . QA!-1 I fpig?-xi In I-glib' KC, . . -Q , . . , - ' an. k k : V, 4-1 s 4 , Ja QCiQw15y TLB IB. c Q Y V Y W e Annual illrrnhmvn llvrrptinn The annual reception to the new students and memlmers of the faculty was given in the gymnasium of the East Side school huilding, Friday night, Septemher 19. .Xlhert Miller, Vresident of the SCIUUI' Class. opened the program with a speech, addressed to the Freshmen, to give them all necessary informa- tion to guide them safelv thru their first year in E. ll. S. This talk was answered hv one given hy lllaine lYil- son, President of the Freshman Class. The next numher was a vocal solo hy Mr. A. Rl, llerron. .EX Sopho- more stunt, "Romeo and vltflietf' was Qlvell lly Halwltl Snudgrg and Guy liradford. This was followed hv a vocal solo hy Miss Lena l'ittenger: ac- eompanied hy Miss Thelma XYharton. The -lunior stunt was a dramatic in- terpretation of "The Rosary," hv Eliz- aheth Call, Cecile Hodgson, Maurine lenne and Fern lirinker. Une reason for the success of this numher was the SENIOR .-X Senior party was given at the llerron home Fehruary 14. The house was decorated with red and white hearts. The guests played games dur- ing the first part, of the evening After everyone arrive d a hunt was started for candy hearts, which had heen hid- den in obscure places about the rooms. For this the guests were divided into teams and Ernest l3arrier's team won. Next a heart was placed in the door- extraordinary costumes worn. Alice Nixon gave a reading which was fol- lowed hy an unique interpretation of the ".'Xnvil Chorus" hy three Sopho- mores, Lillian Ladd, Cecil Rhodes and Russel Pugh. Ten Sophomores then gave "XYhere, oh, XYhere are the Yer- dant Freshmen?" The last number on the program was a jazz Orchestra eomposed of Margaret l'11'ig2'l1t. Cath- erine Lodge. Dorothy Cheney, Mae llooliey, Ruth Xorman. After the program punch and wafers were served. The gymnasium was decorated with the various class colors. Before the program the classes vied with each other in their yelling. The hash- ful Freshmen were very much fright- ened at first, hut their timlidity ahated somewhat as the evening progressed and hy the time they were ready to go home they grew quite hold, for some uf them are known to have engaged in conversation with Seniors. PARTY way at which the guests were to shoot with an arrow The person who could shoot through the heart was to win a heart and .Xlhert Miller seeniys to he the only one in the Senior class who is likely to have any success in matri- mony. The games were ended hy a progressive game of "Hearts" Before the guests departed they were served refreshments of hrick ice cream and heart shaped cakes. 1 Z L, 'E 2. W .LE IR Bluninr-Svrninr Eautqiwt 'lihc -lnniors gave the annual hun, rlnct fur tht- Scniwrs in tht- Qyl'IlllI1Sllll'Il wt tht- East Nth- scli-ml hnilrling l'l'l' rlny. Klziy 7. 'l'ht- gnt-sts warm 1'cct-irerl :incl :it N230 tht- Qlfwrs Of thc lllllllllltt hzill XX'L'l'L' mfpt-in-rl :ind tht- gnc-sts Ullf twt-rl, Thu rnwin was cluvcrly cltmwg- rzitcrl tri rcprt-sont n mt-sting uf thc "Rt-fli' .Xt tht- flmir wt-rc rt-rl flagw :incl Il large hlzick lwnih rullurl rlznigur- HllSlY fllnvlli. 'lilly IHlrlL'S WLTC Clt'CO- rzitcrl with rul and whitt- czwnzitiimg, thc Scniwr Class llwwcr. .X icvvii L'4llIl'SL' clinncr was scrvcfl. ,X twnst was Q'lYL'Il ht-twvt-n L-:ich cwiirwc. 'l'ht- tlvlwts wt-rc very gwml nnrl czirrii-el tint the tlii-11-glit uf a "lit-fl" mt-t-tiiig , .Xftvr ln-im" st-rvt-fl lhv Qin-sts weri- l'I1l6l"lllll14'4l hy fwnr girls frwm Em- niirin, whim gave iimtt-i'pi't-tivc rlziiivt-Q, This wiv cnjuyecl Vt-rv much hy t-x'ci'v- lint- :is it was cliffurt-nt hmm cmiiiwmv place things. Thi- st-ni1n's wish til express tht-ir thanks tu the -lnninr class fm- thu liwclv iJflllllllCl given in their llullnrnli, 1 1 I e . 4 I I LE mnmom LE I ltr Ezuuwr STAFF MEMBERS. Editor-in-Chief .,,..,,.,, Durutllj' Cheney liusiness Klanagei ',..,,,,,..,. .Xlbert Hillel' Music Editor ',.. .,A.,.AA. C atherine liachert Athletic Editoi ',,, . .,l.....,... llarold llurt Senior Reporter... .,l..,,, Marion Cracraft 'lunior Reportei ',,,,,,,,,,,,, ..... l lugh Xlillis Suplltfllllulw Repulic-I' ,.,..,..,...,.,,,......,,... lllanche Klealullen Freshman Reporter ',,,,..,,,,, Xlice jackson Faculty Advisor 'l,...,, ,,,,,,, l 'lelen Peffel M IH it llannti was established with the school and this little paper has al- ways very industriously and con- sientiously devoted its space to spread- ing its newsy tidings over this high school and commuunity. Last year owing' to the slogan "XYork or Fight," everybody seemed too busy to attend to anything other than the true American advance to victory. so our dear old Banner sank intl- oblivion. After a year of absence, the llauner returned to us as a semi-monthly news sheet. This paper is always read by the students with pleasure and its come back this year has been splendid. lts work and purpose is quite com- mendable. Our staff is comprised rf high school students and a faculty supervisor, Miss l'effer. Each member I tu stltt la always been on the job and has striven lu do his best lu make ull r paper an outstanding' feature of E ll. S. and W6 of the student body feel that they have. At the same time we feel that Dorothy Cheney, .Xlbert Rliller and Miss lleffer are deserving inf special comment for their splendid and de- Yutefl work. lt is tn be noticed that a part of the staff is leaving' with the graduating class. but we feel that with the splen- did training we are receiving in our English department we shall be able to continue this publication in a note- worthy manner, and in keeping step with the progress uf the literary world we even hope to be able tu surpass the recent publication some time in the fu- ture.. LE HE AFFIRMATIYE TEAM N I2GA'1'IYI5 TEAM ? LE M IR I Qi 4, M - - , -S. 5 I-11. - ,, V ' ' " ' ' -1 X 'i "1-wmgmalgg ffthf - N : L ' 2 iyyf NK' f"- ""h'Q--. " 1 lg :iii-w ' ' 'iff K af t X it t lf! 'iff A H 4. ' ' t Xkqmx I I Ai at 5 if if i Efauunnlf lwlliwffasayesul . Lfh : ,aK . -In 0 i I - ,A - X 7 Q M V i 1 ' I i - Brhatv El-1l'L'kZ1 High Sclitml 1113111-3 fl x'-:iy The negative tt-am mt-t lit-zimliiijs ifcdlmllff Shfmllll HS 11 lllk'l'Ti1L'.' 1 1' thc aiiii'matix't- tt-am at Eurt-ka, wiimiiig xai isas State High Sclitwl ihihating Lcaguu during tht- prt-sciit schtttil yt-ar. X f1l1lLLl NLh4lU1llLi fx iitd L,. , -. - mating' had ht-ch fax'- iii hv E. H. S. tht- lwuxi-time 5'-Jar. .id vis wctc 5UItlClL'lltlY xxt"l t1'1i'1wl In . . 4 i ru-enter tht- Lt-zigiic with this handicap, win mic rlchatt- am! Itvst- Om' in tl lc Ftvurth District tT'iIl!'.LfiL' .Xftt-1' a spluiiclid cliapui in which fourtceii studciits p:11'tirip:itw1. thcsc teams were clitwst-11: Xffiiiin- tivc-Mahcl Ilriggs, Xlictl Xixtvii, Ruth Noriiian. Nt-g'z1tix't--V111ht-riizc Lwdgc, Keith Rfvwlcr, and Opal livi- vine. -ztsiljf Ivy a 2-I dt-cisittii. Thr E- Il. S ztifi1'1natix'u team was ch-ft-zltt-fl hy tht Iturliiigttvii iicgatwc tcam 3-1. 'l'hc qiit-stwiii was "Rt-sulvt-cl, that tm- l 111111 btatcs shtluhl cstzihlish ll sys- twm ttf tw-iiiptils-viw' military traiuiiigf' M11 He1'1'tt1i and Miss Vcffci' cf1:it'Iivcl tht- tuams- Thc sclitmls iiichich-rl in tht' I"uui'tli District triangle, iiillI'liIlg'tU11- Rt-adiiig and Eureka, cach with and lust a ch-hatc. Tht- cliainpittiisliip uf tht- district was awarded tw Reading Hn points. LEHFMUIR -1 - MIRA , Q l Uhr Bear CIBIII Eng THE CAST. Jane- lYi11k1CY'S Nieccxwlio seeks love rather than money ... Marie Singleton Kitty BCI1dCl'S, the play and eln-,rns beauty --VIV-Vw-wwVA-AqViiiiV---A Ruth Nurnum lxllllt 121116, Xxiilililefis Sister-in-law, who pgyg f5IQ'O0O fm- H man 0V---K-,AA-0, A Sussette, Aunt .lane's Maid ,00Y,0,,,,A,,,,,0 Unww E dith lrwffman lYm. XYinkler, "The Dear Old lloy Bob llaxter, the true lctver of lane., -. ,. Albert Miller Ernest Barrier llenjamiu Moore, around the world for the wrong lane ,,YA....., Marion Cracraft Samuel, the ctvmie colored pflrtgr ,,,.,AA,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,VV,,V,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,, ,7,,-, I david Rik-Q Tinglepaugh, the acting proprietor of the llalcyon llouse ,.., lloward XXI-lch "The Dear C-ld Hoy" was of the chorus and stage beauty. .Xfter ef- Uringside, bleacher, and bald headed row type." He was fond of the long glass and the beauties of the chorus, and to make ends meet he would "stoop t0 conquer." The play was given as one of our final efforts to show our training in dear old E. ll- S., and to enable us to publish our year book. The play covered five hours of rapid fire action at a summer resort in the Catskill mountains. "The Dear Old Boy" for financial reasons planned the marriage of 'lane to Benjamin Klctrre and Aunt .lane to the man from the matrimonial agency, so that he might be financially situated well enough to marry Kitty, a brilliant he intended to on the 310,000 by the double a dttuble part, tthat of Kitty, the actressl, and him- self, llobby Baxter, the real and true lover of -lane, clears the coast until XYinkler. by taking advantage of 8 teclmical error discovered at the last moment in the will, finally manages to get the 320,000 by mlarryiug -lane tu liobby and .Xunt -lane to Moore and in this manner he brings about a triple wedding by marrying Kitty. The play was a decided success and after meeting the best approval of a large Eureka audience it was given be- 5 fore another full lntnse at X lffll, fecting this little deal retire and live happily that he would realize wedding. lly playing LE mnmom W6 by :if 1 9 f n' ' UA. 0 LLN Nlofe- ,S HM .Jhffez ll Q 0 il 5? fig Q Q., E, ,J-n ME.. Q vfsukmf mmm' . - 'Q 64. -is 3 -W. f w ' ' HH T tr X IBA 5 nickle, :Qf-Seffiof vplafj CASDCQ 1'l.0'1Q.Nv4fh. 'r LE EM IR 1 e Alumni XVhere Some of Them Are and Xvllflt Thev Are Doing. L'Hl'l'll1t' l't-ttcrswn, '19, is cashit-r at l.i1'01,k's strife, Etht-l Eastw-mtl, '02, is County Clurk. Ilt-len lluntcr, '15, is stgn11g1'apl1t-r ful- tht- 1'i11ncu1' Trust Cu, Margaret Nels: n, '13, is stt-nugraplwr fur Q, Q, X5-C, llclcn ll-ffer. '15, is teaching English in E. ll. S. MMF' Garclncr, '19, is stt-111-g1'apl1cr fur tht- L'1111nty Farm .Xgt-ncy Lnrcna Lt-wis, '19, is teaching thg 4th g'l'2'HlQ, l'a11l llcnnis, '19, is 1xw1'ki11g'fwrtl1e Elgctric Light Ctr. .Xnita Milran, '18, is clcrking' at lit-11.1155 Sturt-, Lucy Nixwn XYatts, '10 is living mn a rgmgh in wt-stt-rn Kansas. Xlinnit- lirnrlll, '19, is stun-vgraplicr f.1 bl. XX'.Sl11l'Q'L'4Pll. Ralph Marlin, '07, is Cuunty SL1I'Y6yUl'. ficrtrufle thmlliii, '12, is tt-aching tl1c3r1l graclc at tht- East Side. llt-lun Sellick, '05, is clcrking at l3rw1k's stttrc, Maixclt- Stt-rens, '03, is teaching thu :nl Lrarlc at thu East Sirlt-. Ruth llaniiltf-n, '19, will gracliiatt- frwni Xursus 'Vraining SCl1111wl,9t. Francis lluspital, XX'ichita, this spring- 1 .Xnna llmfltvii Vurlcalmlc, '17, is tt-aching tht- :nil anfl 3rd grarlt-s at tht' XX't1st Sidc. Marie l'CtfCl'5Ull. '17, is Cltflilllg' at l11't1f1k's string livt-rctt McMullt'n and Mrs, llulcgi XX'ft1nack McMullt'n, '15, art- flrfing' Lffict- wtirk in lX'icl1ita. Miriam Xlkmql, '19, is taking lmst graduate win-k. lfarjurig Slnwk, '17, is stunwgrapliur ft-r ll. F. liizer, .XlJstract1vr. liltwssit- Singlt-twii, '10, is assistant inmkkut-lrui' fur tht- Electric Light C-1. 'l'hc class wif '19, whu art- teaching scliuul are: May XN'ln-clc1', .Xlicc llcricr, lfern lltvgan, ,Xgnt-s llawtlmrlie, Lily Millt-r, Clt-1: Sniclt-r, 'It-ssc l'rathcr, Edna l'rathur, ,Xrininta llainwn, Zella May Smith. Menihcrs 1-f the Classt-s uf '13 and '19 whw have gmnu tw Cwllcgt' tn nbtain a higher uducatiun arc: Catherine Cuultcr, '19, Cwzettc ,lt1hnsnn. '13, Itwlenu Cnx, '18, Cecilg Dunham, '19, Naclint- Crux, '18, Robert Focht, '19, XX'illian1 Clawson, '19, are attending' thc L'nivursity of Kansas. Herman Hunter, '19, and -lwhn liraden, '19, Manhattan. llazcl Swift, '19, and Frt-d Mattingly, '19, Fairmf-unt, sk, Y .LE M IR A Y Y W ce Gllaaa will lloard of Education, Faculty and Friends: Upon behalf of my client, the class cf IQZO of the Eureka High School, of the City of Eureka, Greenwood Coun- ty. State of Kansas, U. S. I have called you together upon this solemn and serious occasion to hear her last will and testament and to receive from her dying hands such gifts as she may have tu bestow in her last fleeting moments. She has tried to be fair in the distribution of her property and wishes to do it in a manner that will be pleasing to all, especially the Fresh- men. llowever, owing to a flighty condition of her brain due to the ex- citement over the success of the Senior l'lay, the sorrow of leaving her dear friend, Eighth Hour, and over-eating at the wlunior-Senior Banquet, she may possibly have been mistaken in hei' in- ventory: but such things as she thinks she has, she hei'eby gives to the per- sons named, hoping' that thev will ac- cept them as a sacred trust from one who has gone before.. You will then, please, listen cai'e- fully while I read the document as drawn up. THE XYILL. llc, the Senior Class of IQZO, com- posed of thirtv-one separate and dis- tinct individuals being about to pass out of this sphere, in full possession of a crammed mind, an unwavering and untiring memory, and an understand- ing pronounced perfect by our dear lfacultv. do nalake and publish this our last will and testament, hereby revok- ing and making void all former wills or promises by us at any time hereto- fore made, or perhaps carelessly spok- en as an idle wish in the presence of some under classmen. First we do ask that our funeral services shall be conducted by our friends and well-wishers, our superin- tendent and his omnicient and eyer- coin-,petent faculty, who have been our guardians, only asking that the funeral be carried on with all the dignity and pomp that our positions as Seniors merit, Our estate we do dispose of as fol- lows: X ltem l-We do g'ive and bequeath to our beloved Superintendent A. M. llerron, and beloved lligh School. Principal, F. S. l'aul, our sincere thanks and appreciation of the watch- ful care exercised in our behalf during our sojourn with them. To them we extend our deepest reverence and heartiest gratitude for the patience ex- ercised in correcting our difficulties and in an attempt at partial payment for all they have done for us, we make over to them a heavy mortgage on our future in the Great Unknown beyond. ltem ll-XYe bequeath to the dear lnstruetors of E.. H. S. who have been our guides in all the wisdom of the ages. sweet dreams and restful nights. No Icnger may they lie awake through the long' watches of the night worrying' over whether or not this one will have all his mathematics in the morning or that one will have her history map book readv iq hand in. or some one else have the theme assigned ready to hand in on schedule time. lt has been a hard strain on them, we know, for Seniors are always difficult to man- Q, f 1 T3 2' LE MEM IR age. But they have done their duty well and verily now shall they he re- xvarded. ltenl lll-To the under-classmeu we do make the following hcquests: I. To the -luuiors we leave the many privileges we have enjeiyed as Seniors, including the right In the hest seats in the chapel and the right to loaf in the basement.. 2 To the Sophomores we hequeath all the broken maps, hlacklioards, desks and other discarded equipment including the time worn and dust covered hust of our venerable friend, Christopher Columbus 3. To the Freshmen we give any unclaimed wads of gum which may he adhering' to the underside of various desks, seats, hanisters or in any likely cr unlikely places. They are pro- miscuously scattered around hecause in moments of peril we have often been forced tu dispose of them hastily. hut the Freshmen should lie ahle to find them and this will no doulmt save the memhers uf the class a great many lluffalr- nickels. ltem lk'-XX'e do give and lwcepieath Qu our official school paper, "The liaunerfi and the effieient staff there- iji, all the events ot our hves, past. present, and future, with all the won- derful adventures, sensatfonal and hair-hreadth escapes, glorious attain- nients and other notoriety or lame whieh may he heaped upon us whether deservedly or undeservedly, trusting' these may furnish plenty of material for news items and editorials in future years, and also serve as inspirations fer the younger students tu Qu and fi-t likewise. Item Y-To Pllr heloved Sponsors, Miss Frances KlcCune and Miss Paul- ine Carr, we wish to express a deepest feeling- uf appreciation for the unlim- ited interest which they have shown in all Senior activities. To recom- pense them as hest we know how for their untiring efforts in our hehalf we do give and bequeath to them all the astounding' knowledge and startling information that we have furnished them from time to time in our various examination papers. Nu douht much which we have imparted to them in this way has heen entirely new to them, as well as ti- all teachers and students everywhere. lf they see fit. they are herehy authorizd tu give out such of this information to the world as they may feel it is ready to receive. Item YI-The following' may seem to he trifling lwequests, hut these prop- erties which we have accumulated lor think we have accumulatedl during nur journey through lligh School, are very dear tu us and we hope that they will lie accepted gladly hy the persons To wluin they are given, not tu he east aside as passing fancies, hut to he cherished fondly in memory of the Llass it 19:02 llie leave to the student Imdy in general all of lleulah Shearer's posses- sieus except her prt perty in the Freshman Class, Edwin Sears. ldfe leave Zelma Garrisoifs ahility to sleep in Room Five to any one who can surpass her in the volume of noise produced while sleeping. Xlie leave Iii Fliiyd l'rouse, George .'yk"iCrjlit's and llarold Sear's athletic achievements. that when lfloyfl is a Senior he will not he entirely devoid of accomplishment. . Wie hequeath Effie Tomlinsons hdld dispositii n to Catherine Lodge. XXI- le-clreatli Yivian llerron's and lloward lYelch's dramatic ability to lieth fliffin and llohhie Clogston. 4 .1,:. -171' ., -Y . .,., bijftmyi' 31-1 , W - - .sl-1 in . . .' , - . A '- Y '-. 4 o.,u,' Q- -,- 'f V v--e. - Q - - I 'filk ' ij' --"Lf 'PL ' . "ang , .Ss ,ug ' , mr V-L .. -,Q . -V HN 5 -,4 --1f5-r,5f, , ,, .V-Q, 5 'Q' .. T7 ,jf ' ' ' I' H 4, , W . ' ..7 x . ', 4.2, ,125 ,., gp, , ' LSI", - s-- 1,5 " ., ,- , ' ,,' 'Q "' "4 , 9- ' :.1 v' w J-. -' P U . , ,L .-:v --' ff- ,, : A . ,,, ,L l- ' Q-4 Q, 'g'..',:-v-,k "N ,':"!lf Q- , 1 1 ,A .Y , -T ..-X-J QI, nb", an ' ' ' ' ' fl?-J." 4 f'4--1 -1- - V a- -w V' - . ' " Z ,:L' - , "i W' - . 1. , , can 7 L. 'J, ' 1 '-.4 ' '. ' , - L: .: ' ' QQ. . ' . 'A . fi w '. , ---f .H - -w 1- .x' , --g.,L,,, - U ,X I Q ml I , . Q, fj-gf'-, gb.-j v'fq':'- - f 5 f-Bghjf, xqxd'-J" i , t , -'Nvy :fs5.-,1',i.w.-- . l -. X . L , px A f- ,.'1,+,1, .1 Z ,.,. r--,5,.qg2 Q - .- l f . " ,' - ,. ', , fr- ,Q -,,q,i,"4 A f', "- ' - Y' .5-' I' , ' ' m S.. ' L W A - :pp ,, . 1-3, 5. .w.,A .- V- ,-,ip 'f 1-f 31 yi: .JI ,, :. Y 'neg Y' F :' 'r , fray L '11 ' f ,. AL -ei - T , ' ' , 2: v .wifi - ' Ft-'J' . . vi. Y la.- , , ff. "- if-' .11 Q' ' ' 5 ., L 4 ,, ' .. 6 'V J' .V digg, 'fa ' 'F -. , 2 g.rff':'i4wf " ' ' gg. " f-Vz.- - .-sf?-wi?" A-H , .. ' .- ' x r ry V A A - .4-.AT-,Hu . ln . ,,, . . ,' . - .-19' ', f'15'if': 3 5- ' ., -V A ' , V ,ff:M+12:f,, J ' -. ' 3 ' x, 'ft-1 , p '- A, -X -Q. , 'I rv ' ' . .. X44 A 75, '- . N l 1 iv, ' h x 1 - -:jg , ' W" 1 . . A4 'A-'.' "-4, ' , M , lm x 'L f. .' J x 1 1 M., .. -- , 's L Ay ,', .1 ' X 1- , ff, ,TA f . -.4 yy . 5 v- ,, ' ' ' . V- wa W. . ' 'M rr," ,aj , -4, ',-' V . .- , , ' V' 4,1 , . ,I G-.-,vfn . 1 .H '4 , A -. L, r , . V - r , ., J 3 qv -,. , 'A ml' 1 .Aj Q V. . . , I . , -I L , ' 'O . Y Z Af 1-.- . ' J N 1 .I I , .JA L , ' ., , Q, ,, . . . 54.1 .., . ' f., ,- ,- :fb AA 7 ' 5 .31 sl . - , L N Q LA' 3. L. . ' in , 'E- - ' ,vf . gh. f , by . -vfeh f 2 21. '--s ' -11,1 fg'1ffk..QPf',. -'il' sf! , - F I A 5, v, ,- J .grsw ---I -ky 1-, , 1 '-"'r"". ' "bf " f - A .' "'f"'5' '?T" R754 34 .iv ,. 5. -Q a- -5 .Q ' .,., 1: ' -' Iv 'J fp " f' xq wg " Q 1 M. ' .F , "T -3 .1 .q-vf, 17" 7-' 1 -' - L U . gl W '. Y, -, ,rc-44,-V, .- r- 1 ' A- , j: ' 'J' -, ,, is '- 1915. 4Pv,,:-QA'-vs K ', f TQ' v Aff' nl 4 , V 1 5 W, W1-as-:J in gr., , rj -,y ng, , fm . ,'-1-. aj .. . ,, 1 -. , rx' 'm-,3.x"4fA1 ? M IB. To anyone who can fill these places rs ably as they have been filled this year, we leave Albert Miller's Presi- dfntial and Gladys Ervin's editorial rvd literary ability. 'Xe leave Ethel l'ronse's and Vivian Alaiues' love of dancing' to Miss Pitten- ef r and Miss XYharton. lYe bequeath Keith Dowler's pro- 'f"'iencv in making chapel speeches to l :irl Miller. l-Ye leave to Fern llrinker all of llice l'rather's powder, rouge, and f"1er ingredients necessary for the pr' paration of a complexion. lYe bequeath Marian Craeraft's rfekname, "Halle" to llarold Burt lVe 1 "" 'nest that all students use this rivkname when addressing' Mr, Hurt.. 'Ne leave Margaret McHug'h's artis- tic ability to Lottie Giffin. Margaret has gained much fame by her cartoons for the 1920 year-book and Lottie irifght be able to use this when she is :' Qenior. ll'e leave David RiCe's and Elmo Millikeifs abilitv as first class come- dians and mandolinists to john Reich and Guy llradford. Fearing that by constant study and hard work lllanehe llreeehs' men- tal ahility may have become somewhat Worn, we leave to her some of Opal l5ivine's good common sense. ll'e leave Charlev Rice's fondness ff -' "Biscuits" to Miss Carr. 'loping' that thev will be of invalu- Wl le service to him. we leave Mabel Vrieets' curls to Mr, Paul.. lYe leave Erma lletsher's successful ' nerd in basket-ball to Evelyn Allen. 'lovin-3' to leave it to some one who really needs it, we bequeath Ernest l'arrier's stand-in with Miss Barnum . W6 to Thelma Moran and Anna Downing. XYe leave Edna Hellman's almost perfect attendance record to any one with more than two unexcused per- mits. , XYe bequeath XYilbur Moores suc- cess as a "ladies man" to .lohn Brook- UYCY. XYe bequeath Alma Garrison's liking for Mary Garden perfume to Miss l'effCI'. lYe bequeath lYilla McLean's I and I- grade in French translation 'to Maurine hlenne.. lYe leave Edith Hoffman's love for fat people to Margaret Bright. lYe bequeath the mfimeograph in Mr llerron's office to lrma Dennis, hoping that it may be of aid to her in her letter writing.. XVe leave Cecil VVorkman's line of fast talk and slnsh to Cora Hartland. XVe bequeath Ruth Norman's latest slang: expression to Catherine llachert. the rest and residue of our All property, whatsoever and whereso- ever, of what nature, kind and quality so ever it may be, and not hereinbe- fore disposed of, we give and bequeath to our beloved sponsors for their and benefit absolutelv and to be posed of as thev see fit. lYe do hereby appoint these, our sponsors, as executrixes of this, our last will and testament.. ln n itness whereof we, The Class of 1920, have signed, sealed, and pub- lished this our last will and testa- ment at Eureka, Greenwood County, Kansas, this 26th day of May, in the vear of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty. use dis- tSignedl Thirty-One Members of the Class of 1920. . N i 11 J. li Q44 ' ' ' ' 1, L E Y M-EMOIB 5 vi! V ,Xl 7 , ,f ,,, , , X , 1 I K1 41 51 1 r 3 , T17 x . Q. P E' K 2 LE M IR5 AY ,3- x W 1 . 1 A - . "h' - -," ' Q " 'Q - :Wh1le4 i5rx..MyerS'!:5WfwreQ J Q vf I S i ' . k 33115-nt xxbxmmeviiourse '45, 2 I Q Af. N 2 -tamuaf .J Q. 25 Z if xi ', ' , 8 'so 1 . 1 Q 5 5, ,ADM1F!7sONE ADULT N -3 1 5' ' ' 'ilQ.g.i?,141'xQf31f' ztgg iiisggi, Q5 TE , T XJ 'W 'I 3 ,. A 4 U 'S ' 'xf X5 ff, Fir ciS4Z.."?:"'4 i f XQA-' b - , -. --QA Q N, X 4 if R 1 v ' i , fr aww, 1 15 fx Q. 1 wi' Hlvgag- L-ff nam? , by 2 X RF j ff W gfilsawnaagd 1 ,'., 5 X E fi gp: Xi 'WGLEY3 m, Q on ' ' . , 1 ' Q 2 Q- Xu ,LM H- 3 .Q S ' 'N A' ."vfwcJ?ERFEcT GUM 14.5-TS ' 53' Q ' I 22 ix l' N' ' Q s 2 Q ' s S MW., ' - ' '5 -5 E F? om. K 2 a 'S "' gf, Y-1 , S , ,Q 5' f' ' Q U fi - 0 bs :. u u ra C' O7 m 52 JO fd xf x- A 5-'. , af' S Lyceum'-1Course Q , " V A20 'P - KL' ' :: 2- 5-' ox 6 1, H. s. Q 5 ge EA Q YD - ' A - N um' 2 'X fsnitison 'rxcxzfr 1' 5 Vw '55 4 ,-' . 5: UN E 'Q s"'f1?'-----l- 555 ' -Q ' ii ' 'A f 3 'G XY H IC R Ii MY MONEY GOES Xxx ff " ' r I I C, X - Mx X R l Q ' fu . x ,Stink Ajit, W 1 fffyk I ,,-... E LE PU? M013 COACH JACKSON KX llll R NIOURIQ Right Guard Height b tt. Weight 175 Fatty was a stone vs all on the defensive and a charger on the offensive He played right guard for three sears and always play ed a good game. A guard tha' we could depend upon and was never known to give up. IR -. 1- --. ,Q HA ROLD Bl' R T Quarterback Height 5:1115 Weight 168 Bug was a good captain, liked by the entire squad. He was heady and dependable: always tried to make things go. Bug has a wonderful knowledge of football. He is one of the best quarters that E. H. S. has ever had. Burt will make one of the best athletes Eureka has ever produced. GEORGE .-XKRIGHT Right Tackle Height 5:11 Weight 182 Ackie was the heaviest man on the team. Played right tackle for rhree years. Aclean and willing player, and plowed through the opponents' line without mercy. Ackie was a wicked tackle and brought down his share of the opponents' men. Long tackles were his specialty. GL H LH mum IR ERNEST BARRIER Right End Height 5:95 Weight 150 Hienie woke up to the fact that he could play football the la t f h ' ' s o t e season. He made aremarkable showing at right end. He played a good game at smashing end, spilling the lnterference in many rushes. He was fast and shifty. and was especially valuable in getting flown under punts. A LBICRT M I LLTQ R Full Back Height 52105 Weight 145 Ab came out this year for full back and was filling the position well, and handling his opponents with ease. Ab was hard on the opponents' interference, and was fi a rst class tackler. He played four years for old E. H S. ,lOHN RISICH Left Guard Height 5:10 Weight 155 John always got the jump on his man when the ball was snapped and was thus able to play an effective game. He was a good tacklei' and could be relied upon to stop his man in the open field He will be with us again next year and there will be no need of looking for another left guard. II SS 'XIILLICR Right End Height 5 b Weight 125 Jess started the season making an excellent end, but getting his shoulder hurt put him out for the rest of the season He was a hard fighter and always loyal He will be with us again next year. L PM IR HAROLD SEARS Right End Height 5:7 Weight 140 Harold was with the team two years and played both end and half well. He was light in weight but his speed enabled him to break up the opponents' interference and passes. A splendid end and in an emergency could play a good half. E. H. S. will miss him next year on the field. EDWIN COULTER Full Back Height 5:6 Weight 145 Bear-cat was speedily elected to the vacancy of full-back, and he carried the position admirably and played the position with honor throughout the season. He was fast and his speed enabled him to gain many yards through the line. He will be with us next year and a successful season is very promising. GLF N Xl XRNER Right Half Height 5 6 Weight 140 Warner was a good steady half and he played the position well He was a good tackle and he never knew when to give up This was his second year and we look forward to his returning next fall LE IR . 2. 5:1 V Y ? 6 DAVID RICE Left Tackle Height 5:11 Weight 142 Tater's first year of football was a successful one. He was a fierce tackle, and downed them regardless of their interference. He p'ayed quarter-back the last game of the season, and the ability he displayed was remarkable. This is his last year with us. HOVVARD TTQCKER Center Height 5:11 Weight 150 Tuck was fully qualified for the position of center this year. He was a steady, accurate passer and a dangerous moving center. This was his first year on the team, and he won distinction for his splendid tackling He will prove one of the ma n-stays of the team next fall. LE nm IR i Ae HARRY BARRINGTON Left End Height 5:10V2 Weight 145 Windie inade his showing at end. He was fast and full of pep that kept the team in motion. This was hig first yel' with us and his services were Certainly appreciated. HG played a good game and was good on the offensive as well as the defensive. ELAINE WILSON Right Half Height 5:6 Weight l-15 Curley filled the position of half-back very effectively. This was his second year on the team. His short end Pulls and line bucking netted many zz gain for us. With his educated toe we were always sure of a goal with every touchdown. Curley will be with the squad next season. ELMO MILLIKEN Left Tackle Height 5:10 Weight 142 Monk was always willing and a hard worker, His weight was against hini but he would, when needed. make wagon rooin in the opponents line He Was a line srnasher and with his perpetual pep he played the position well. This is Monks last. year and the team will miss him. Q X... , , - ' - ' -- -' QQK Il 9 5 966 17666 D we -'-Dc ' D03 G nl , .- A 3 , 1 f-X xx X X X X ill V LJ wi ,Z M 3 J W I Y 5? 'gf "Thug QQWWQQ I C5 Q F Q 3 I 1 F2 Ialuhlishrh bg x . - - . Q R ' L Uhr Svmunr 0115155 nf iE11rrka1,!,51gl1 'Evrhunl Q W V3 l lf S96 il G Cl QQ' , JQCQL, M K 'YA-- 'iDQ5 sk :Ll-I Mllit Ellnnt Tht- football season started off with an unusual amount uf pep and enthus- iasm. Du to several nf tht- old veterans returning' and .Xlliert Hiller and Har- old liurt matle it possible for us to look forward tw another successful sea- son of ftrnthall, ,Xu .Xthlt-tit' .Xssoeiation was or- ganired tl-mposetl of the majority of the student lwdv, with Ernest llarrier aeting' as l'resident- Mr. Paul made every effort possible tn schedule as Illfllll' good fast teams as possible lliht-n the fellows lvegin getting' out llllllgs l11mrlit'Cl gtmvfl. TllCl't' were Ql- 'vost enough ft-r two teams. This af- forded much gtmtl praetice for the r4:Q'ular line-up. .Xfter ahout two weeks if 1-'11-fl hard practice the first game of the season was played on the home fit-ld with LeRoy. LeRoy had a fast little team hut were unahle to cope with our lmovs. Eureka pushed tlnvvugli the Lellov line with ease, and the hall was in our territory practically all the entire game. Eureka won with a sore of 34 tu 13. The first trip of the season was made to Augusta. The .Xugusta boys asked us to parade up and down tht- streets before the game: feeling sure of victory tu come their v av. The game was called at 3:50 and the fight begun, This was probably tht- fastest game uf the season' One 1 f the reniarkalmle features of the game ' W 6' Zfdull -pas llurt tearing off fifty yards on 'an end run, scoring' a touchdown. Au- gusta elaimt-rl one of the fastest teams in tht- country hut they, too, were un- ahle to step with Eureka. The score ,tls I3 tu li, The next game was played with ilu-.'a1'cl on the loeal field. lloward had a goocl fast team, and this was also a goocl game. This was a good elost- game with a seore of 6 to 7 in llewards favor. Yt-ry few long' gains wt-re made. rXnother game was played on the home field with llamilton. lt is safe to say that llamilton had four of the fastest nrt-n in tht- hack field that Eu- reka went up against this season. llut they were ton light and were unahle to Cheek tht- progress ef our men. The senre was 36 to 13 in our favor. .X rt-turn game was clue llowarcl and Eureka wt-nt to their field. This was a rt-al fast game and the hall was in Eurt-lca's territory most of the time. h-:xx ever, lloward succeeded in scor- ing' feurteen points against us. This as a game til- much interest and there vvert- many loyal boosters from Eu- reka thert-. The score was I4 to O in l'ov.'arrl's favor. In the latter part of the season a game was seht-cluled with the old veterans known as the "All Stars," etnupost-d of the Prather brothers, 5-4 '3 2' LE MEM IR '111'1U1'l1f' 1'il1l'1lL'S, .lim 1111x'ia 11111112 Klilclu-11 111111 11111115' 111 1111- 1111101 imit- 111111 1111111-rs 11111111111 t11w11. This was :1 xx-1'yAi11t1-11-f1i11g g111111-, T111- S0111- was lj 11111 iii f11xw+1' 111 1111- ".Xll Stars." 1111-11151 g'11111c 111 1111- sc11s1+11 win 1111111-11 w1111 Fl 111-1111111 -111 thu P11111-1:11 111-111. 11115 was Il tiglil 3111110 211141 t'1111L'l' x111g 1I111g111 111ll'11 f1'11l11, 1116 1JCg'1l1- ning 111 1111g 01141. E1 15111111111 111111 Il xx-iw' 12151 tL'11111- N11 pwiuts w1-rc 11111111- 1111 L'1111L'1' si11c. 111.1s 1111- Souix- was 0 111 11, , E111'C1iZl sums 1111 the IQIQ 111111111111 501191111 with 1111'c1- x'ict111'i1-s 111111 11111-1- lwssus and lrllg' tic XXX- will have 1111 111111111111111'c 111 1111111-1'i111 111-xt y1-111' atl'L'11g't11Ql11-11 111' S111111' 111 t1lL' 1CitU1A 1111-11 111-ing 1111c1c, El11'Q'1iH will 1111x'C a g111111 11151 11-11111 next f'k'11l'. Too much ca11not be said about Mr Paul's eiliclency 111 CO'1Cll1Ilg the tase ball and basket ball teams He was always out on the field to nialte things go He made l1llllX1Clll'll training '1 specialty As 1ll'lll3g6I' of athletics 'md 'ill school actixities he has made good not haxmg, ft single resolt by MA IR re It is to Mr. Herron, the capable coach of the Girls' Basket Ball Team, to whom we owe the victories of the year just passed. He believes in a team with a strong school spirit, that is willing to work together for the glory of the school rather than personal honor. It is this spirit which enabled us to lose as fairly and as cheerfully as we won. H H OIR f ' x 1 i E MO D'1E H155 E W 2' LE M IB. l , AV Y,-N EES 'igugn' Elgar-krt Mull The llasket llall seasliu uf IQZO did u-it lutnu up very hright at the wutset uf the seasuu. as there was hut Hue hasket hall man un the squad. .Xll 1-ther meu were li-rmer substitutes ur merely "Fans" tif the fast fl'-ur game. llwwever, iiuuiediately after the eluse uf the fe-uthall seaswu, the lmys -ieeiued tw take au unusual auinuut lvl iuterest, and after suiue lew weeks if practice, class gaiues were seliedulefl and an ahuudauce uf material put in its appearauCe. The ,luuiur Class with the class series- .X gwfcl schedule was arranged and all interest was turucd tuward meet- ing tl1e autaguiiistie lures aliuut us. 'I'l.m11to was the first victim, lau. th. lusiuo' 1111 nur ewurt hx' a cluse P1 . SCUYC uf I7 tm II, The liue up was as fulluws: S11lClCl'fFl'vl'XX'Z1l'fl XYilsu11-F1irward Ervin-Center Reich-Guard Sears-Guard Klillikeu-Center The result all this game put the pep in the huys, aud they pimhahly tell liver euufideut as tl1eir uext game. cue week later, was au utter rwute hy the liuffalo huys tt, the time uf 32 t-1 fl. The fureigu cuurt prwvecl to be tim 111l1Cl1 uf 9. l1t'-1 vcluu, The men that cmupused this team vtcre: Snider, Reich, xYllSllll, Erviu. Fears, Klillikeu, Forbes and Teieh- graeher, and they all had a whirl at the game, ,lauuary 23, Eureka llighs jwur- l1eyeflfw1'tl1 In El l5u1'arl1v,a11fltl1s luws plavecl real hall tl1e first half ul the gauie. The lmys were alert Ilrlfl Ull tl1eir guard every u1iuute uf tht first half, making it pussilple fur the ehalkers tit chalk 7 fur Eureka and 3 ft 11' the wld time rival El lluraclu. liut the last half uf the gauie spuiled the reewrd uf the Eurekaites and after all dust and efmlimitirii had sulisided tl1e se-ire read 31 ti. 13, lIiX'Ul'lllg' Hui wurtliy uppimeuts. Line up: Snider and Teiehgraelier-l7m'warcls Ervin and Klillikeu-Ceuter alter- uately Sears and lQeieh4Guards F1rrhes-Substitute February 13, lluffali. returned tht game and the lnnys retaliated theii fU1'111e1' flefeilt lwy stwre uf I7 tw fa. .X New liue up appears: Suiderfl? lrward XYilsli11gl71-rw'ai'd Xlillikeu-Center Tlurtgtluarcl lQL'lk'll-GllHl'fl Sears-Guard Quiuey was the uext vietiui and wa lveateu hy a large semre. Fehruarv Joth. the swift El Durad Z1Q'Ql'CL'Afitl1I1l returned their 'fame and put up auutlter wiuuiusj fight. Serif' I4 tri I7. Tlurt-Guard Reich-Guard fXlillike11-Center XYilsm1-Fmrwarcl Snider-Forward lliushaw-Substitute Ewrhes-Substitute Ervin-Suhstitute Q - e LE MOIR Fehruary 27, Yirgtil, the real wizards V WN Q the lmest free tlirow man On the team. .if the 1-"une C'lme over with the ex- Ervin has strung initiative, loves xc ,, c pectatiwn ef putting the Eureka lligh the game and will make a splendid Seln-ul hack tu fairyland, tu dream the dream tif the first defeat Over 'Virgil man fin the court next year. Reich spent mulch time with hasket- fur three years in the haskethall gaine hall practice and made gwmrl develop- :if last year. llut their recwrd this ment. He is a clean player and has time did nut carry Su much weight as an accurate pass. the inudest scwre uf ll tri 5 in their Sears played the guard pnsitimi farfir wuuld indicate. hest yet, with swine training' wuuld 'lille fwllmviiig men played the make a fine fwrward. llartild grad- game: uates this year. XYils1in-F1'irward 'l'eiehgraelaer was usually a lucky llinshaw-lilirward hird Un hall caging. Watch iXrt's left Milliken-Center arm next year. Sears-Guard Klilliken played center during mrwst lieieh-Guard nf the games and played the piisitirin Ervin, 'liL'lL'llQ.'l'IlCllL'l', l74n'lmes-Re- well. Elini: managed to chalk his serves, l'lfRStJX.Xl. KIENTIHN. This is l3urt's first year uf lwasket hall and he shuws up fine at guard. Next year "ling" will he line uf the "Ing stand lays" nf the tealn. Snider was fast and had the unique luck ul' making ewvals at an uncredit- ahle distance. l.e1vnard will make gym d next year. XX'iIsnn has the physique tim make a f"reat liasketluall man. XYitli1un fliiulwt' share of the fL'ZlllliS prmints. Furlmes held first hench for the re- serves, .Xlways anxious fur a chance ull the flrnmr. lulin Awill land gr first lCZllllL'l"S pusitiun next year. lt is true that this is the first real l'asketliall f-ir a yast majeritv of the team ineinhers and tlmugli the lmys did init win nearly all elf the Qaines, they fuuglit hard and played for the lwwe ef the Uame, which will make it piissilile fur a winning team next year. 1: mnmoxn E M L EMOIB I

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