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THE HURNET Volume IX Eureka, Illinois Moy, 1954 ,,..l .9 Era at g Q: ....':o':: is z 9 ,E gk f ENR, ' 4 f f 0 A Q Edited by the Senior Class of GOODFIELD EUREKA --- CONGER VILLE Unit District 140 THE HORNET STAFF EDITOR . . . MARGARET TAYLOR ASSISTANT EDITORS Layout . . Dick Reesman Literary Nancy Herschel Picture . Irma Bowald Sports . . Bob Gresham Art . .... . . . Carolyn Purdy Business Manager . . Dorothy Sandstrom Circulation Manager . . . Ernest Knecht Chief Typist . . . Caroll Zimmerman Literary- Layout- Art- Jane Heiken Mary McCutcheon Dorothy Imhoff Sports- Gene Keidel Jim Frerichs Melvin Geiger Picture- Bob Leman George Thorn Edith Grusy Jerry Lyons Minnie Marie Schlupp Luana Crawford Verne Bachman Dick Baner Roma Bartlow Evelyn Crump Ardith Kauffman Connie Noecker Mary Lynn Brown Virginia Karl Circulation- Jacquinot Collins Don Mason Wayne Whittington Carol Blunier Mary Crider Business - Doris Bechtel Norma Gerrish Sam Hohulin Nolan Meyer Bonnie Miller Margie Miller Dick Payne Janet Pease Lois Reeser Bill Romersberger Mary Darst Connie Noecker Nancy Herschel Virginia Karl Marie Selvey Typists- Janice Ulrich Barbara Roth Jane Hartter Ruby Herberger Margery Selvey Kenneth Tabor Madolyn Tanner Ronnie Wabel Glenn Wettstein Willis Wettstein Wilma Wettstein Gladys Zimmerman Dick Woosley Faculty Advisor . . Edward L. Major Ads .... . . Mary Clark Circulation . . . . Arthur Phillips Official Photographer ..... Homer B. Reesman Printer . . Eureka Printing and Stationery Company Engraving ..... Peoria Engraving Company Dedication MARY CLARK ARTHUR PHILLIPS We, the class of '54, dedicate our volume of the Hornet to Miss Clark and Mr. Phillips, in appreciation of their constant endeavor to advise us and to make our days at E. I-I. S. memorable. They have stood by us unfalteringly, always willing and eager to give of their time to help make a success of all our undertakings. It is with deepest sincerity that we offer our thanks and wish them a very successful future. Foreword Like birds, we have winged our way through four eventful years and are now ready to start our flight toward new and indi- vidual goals. The highlights of these years of work and fun are retained within these pages, a lasting remembrance of this step to the doors to the future. THOMAS ELBERT WIGGINS EUREKA HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION 1936 - 1949 PRESIDENT UNIT 140 BOARD OF EDUCATION 1949 - 1954 Few men can cut through the bonds of selfishness to serve their age in a genuinely altruistic manner. To do so takes character of the highest type because our basic urges are ego-centric and the art of working for the common Weal has to be carefully cultivated if it is to iiourish. Thomas Elbert Wiggins dedicated his life to enriching the lives of others. For this cause he Was Willing to lay down his life and Work far into the night long after lesser men would have laid down the burden. Mr. Wiggins had an unusual capacity for seeing through surface elegance and ap- praising the true value of ideas and things. He recognized long time values and was willing to devote his energies to the attainment of such. He was a true friend of lib- eral education, of teaching and of people. His consuming desire as president of the board of education of Unit District 140 Was that every decision of the board Was in line with the philosophy, "What is best for all the boys and girls in Unit District 140 ?" T. E. Wiggins Would not be disturbed by the trifling things of life. He held positions of high honor and distinction because station in life did not affect his true sense of humility or his true sense of values. He could smile in defeat and from the rubble and splinters of blasted hopes find the material for building better mansions. Regardless of the burden he carried in his heart he did not complain or in any Way expect or accept sympathy. He served his age in many different Ways. He was an outstanding teacher who could re-activate the great beauties and lessons of literature and kindle an enthusiasm among his students for the hidden treasures of man's best recorded thoughts. He could lead groups of people in thinking through important problems and arrive at sound de- cisions. He had the capacity for true friendship. In spite of his great capacity for leadership in many causes of importance his ever abiding interest was that of his family. He brought patience, kindness and forbearance into his household in unusual proportions and even in his last hours Was solicitous lest his illness become a burden to his loved ones. Thomas Elbert Wiggins had an abiding faith in God and the things of the Spirit. He believed that "All things Work together for good to those Who love God" and he was ready to contribute his talent to the Work of the "kingdom not made with hands." Even in the face of declining physical strength he accepted great responsibilities in the Work of the local church. He would never have been brought to consider himself a great man. The things he did were not spectacular. He did not accumulate material Wealth, world acclaim or political power. It would have been entirely foreign to Mr. Wiggins' nature to have desired to do so. But to know him well was to love him and the fact that he walks no more among us will bring with increasing poignancy the realization that a great and good man has taken his departureg but "his good Works do follow him." Tilman R. Smith, Superintendent Community Unit School District 140. Administration f"N-"N X-1 'P i Q i Y f f:::: X i Q4 M If K AX M ' f x 3 I xupy Y:-N IW W5 P1 ml Board of Education, Unit District 140 FRONT ROW - Mr. Sam Bechtel, Mr. Ralph Imhoff, Mrs. Margaret Riley. SECOND ROW - Superintendent Smith, Mr. Roy Kuntz, Mr. Kenneth Cross, Mr. Earl Reel. Piloting the destinies of Unit District 140 is the heavy burden of the members of the School Board. During the five years of organization of the District Unit, they have worked tirelessly to coordinate the needs of the various schools with the desires of the public. In these days of high taxes and expanding population, it is no mean task, and we feel fortunate to have such capable individuals at the helm. IN MEMORIAM We sincerely mourn the loss of Mr. T. E. Wiggins, President of the School Board of Unit District 140, who died March 2, 1954. It is the loss not only of a devoted and able worker, but also of a true friend to young and old alike. Educational Advisory Council, Unit District 140 FRONT ROW - Mr. Ralph Litwiller, Mr. Warren Roemersberger, Mr. John Troyer, Mrs. Ed Riley, Mrs. Lyle Barker, Mrs. Wayne Netherton, Mr. Glenn Voorhees, Mr. Walter King. SECOND ROW - Mr. Dick Romersberger, Mr. Ray Heinhold, Mr. Clyde Knapp, Mr. John Eyman, Mr. Nathan Scharp, Mr. J. B. Schrock, Mr. Robert Goetzinger, Mr. John Kauffman. The Educational Advisory Council of Unit District 140 consists of a group of inter- ested citizens from all parts of the district who work with the Board of Education and the school staff. The primary aims of this organization are to promote a better un- derstanding of the school program, to seek ways of improving the present system, and to exchange ideas dealing with education in the community. This group can certainly be commended for its interest and public relations work. Executives TILMAN R. SMITH As superintendent of Unit District 140, Mr. Smith has the exacting job of planning, coordinating, and adminis- tering the four-school unit. During his years in this capacity, it has been his constant aim to improve the educational facilities of the district, and despite his many school obligations, he still finds time to take a personal interest in both students and faculty. B. A., Cornell University M. Ed., M. A., University of Illinois Mr. Cable, Principal of the Eureka High School, also teaches a second se- mester Psychology class. Along with his other school responsibilities, he gives much of his time and effort in personal counseling. KENNETH D. CABLE Faculty MAHLON SAXTON University of Nebraska Conservatory of Music, Leipzig Conservatory of Music, Brussels Mr. Saxton, who has been a memlber of the Eureka teaching staff for twenty-two years, teaches the band classes in the high school and also in the grade schools of District 140. ALBERT HAMMOND B. S., Central Missouri Teachers College This marks Mr. Hammond's thir- teenth year at Eureka High School. He teaches all the commercial sub- jects-typing, shorthand, book- keeping, and office practice. EDWARD L. MAJOR B. A., Eureka College M. A., University of Illinois For twenty-one years Mr. Major, an alumnus of Eureka High, has faithfully served as instructor in World History, American History, Civics and Economics. He has also been the faculty advisor to the Hornet Staff and has spent much time and effort in this behalf. MARY JENKINS A. B., Bradley University Miss Jenkins has been with Eu- reka High School for the past ten years. She is in charge of all girls' physical education classes. She also has classes in the Davenport Grade School and is faculty advisor to the G. A. A. HOMER REESMAN B. S., Eureka College M. S., University of Illinois Mr. Reesman has been a faculty member of Eureka High School for ten years. He teaches General Science, Biology, and Chemistrv. and gives much of his time and eifort throughout the year as photographer for the Hornet. VANCE EMORY B. Ed., Illinois State Normal University M. A. Bradley University For eight years Mr. Emory has taught Industrial Arts I, II and III at Eureka High School. He also has a class of seventh grade boys at Davenport Grade School, and has been co-advisor to the Fresh- man class this year. 3 REX WALLICK A. B., Illinois Wesleyan University M. A., Bradley University For eight years Mr. Wallick has served on the Eureka High School faculty. He teaches Freshman Al- gebra and Mathematics I, and also coaches football, track, and is as- sistant basketball coach. This past year he has been co-advisor to the Sophomore class. MARGARET SULLIVAN B. S., Bradley University MP S., Iowa State College For the past seven years Mrs. Sullivan has taught Homemaking I, II and III. She also teaches a seventh grade class at Davenport School, is faculty advisor to the F. H. A., and has been co-advisor to the Freshman class this year. ARTHUR PHILLIPS B. S., University of Illinois M. Ed , University of Illinois Mr. Phillips has been instructor of Agricultural classes at Eureka for six years. During this time he has been faculty advisor to the F. F. A., and Senior class co-ad- visor for the 1953-54 school term. Faculty MARY CLARK B. A , Monmouth College Miss Clark, a faculty member for the past three years, is in charge of the vocal music depart- ment, and also teaches music at the Goodfield and Congerville Grade schools. She has given gen- erously of her time as co-advisor to the Senior class. FRANCES DOUGLAS B. Ed., Illinois State Normal University ' Miss Douglas has taught three ycars at Eureka High School. Be- sides teaching English II classes and filling the position of librarian, Miss Douglas has been co-advisor to the Junior class and advisor for the Cheerleaders the past year. JEAN VITZTHUM B. S., B. Ed., Illinois State Nor- mal University The year 1953-54 marks Miss Vitzthumfs third year at Eureka High. She teaches English I, Latin I and II. She is faculty advisor for the Nautilus and has been co- advisor of the Junior class for the past term. Faculty SHIRLEY KELLER A. B., Eureka College Miss Keller has just completed her second year at Eureka High School. She teaches English III, IV, and Speech, and directs the dramatic presentations of the school. She has been co-advisor to the Sophomore class this year. GUIDA NAFFZIGER Mrs. Naifziger has been school secretary for the past five years. She is always willing to assist in any way. EDWARD THOMMEN B. S., Eureka College Mr. Thommen has completed his second year at Eureka. He teaches Mathematics and Physics, and is coach of basketball and baseball, and assistant football coach. He is also faculty advisor to the Student Council. MRS. CATHERINE BRUCE Mrs. Bruce watches over the health of all the students in Unit District 140. Custodians GEORGE ADAMS BERT WHITMAN Bus Drivers FRONT ROW - Mr. Emil Keller, Mr. Kenneth Crawford, Mr. Lloyd Stalter, Mr. Dallas Roland, Mr. Dan Knapp. SECOND ROW - Mr. Gilbert Hasenyager, Mr. Paul Lightfoot, Mr. Carl Johann, Mr. Mike Miller, Mr. Guilford Zook. L A2 g l QI LUANA CRAWFORD "Her good points are many, her bad points few." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, Year- book 4, Operetta 3, 4, Librarian 3, Stunt Show 3, Solo 1, 2, 3, Contests 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Ofiicer 4, President 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Queen 4. GENE KEIDEL "Enough work to do and strength enough to do the work." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Nautilus 1, 2, Yearbook 4, Operetta 3, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, Football 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, Stunt Show 2, 3, 4, Solo 2, 4, Contests 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Vice President, Ensembles 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Madrigal 4. J A N E H E "A personality peppered I K E N with good humor." Junior Play 3, One-Act Plays 3, F. I-I. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, Student Council 3, 4, Nautilus 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Class Tourna- ments 1, Librarian 3, 4, Stunt Show 4, Class Officer 4, Secretary. JERRY LYONS "Slow and steady wins the race." Band 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Mad- rigal 4, Student Council 3, Yearbook 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Base- ball 1, 2, 4, Stunt Show 2, 3, 4, Contests 3, 4, Class Oflicer 4, Ensembles 3, 4, Operetta 4. VERNEBACHMAN ROMA BARTLOW "Talks so little, thinks so much." "Simplicity and an unaffected air." Vlwrus 1: I". I". A- 1. 2, 12. 4: Class Tnllffwmvuts F. H. A. 1, 2, :s, 4: ts. A. A. 1, 2, :ig Nautilus 2, Yam-- ly 55, 41 Tm"k 2. 31 43 Bilwhflll 43 Sllml Show 3- book 41 Class Tournaments 1, 2, Stunt Show 3. RICHARD BANER DORIS BECHTEL "What an atomic personality, confoozin' but a.moozin'!" Hshe is not like 3 star, for of her there is only cnet., Band 1, Chorus 1, 2, Zi, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Junior may 3: 0,,,..Ad play 33 Y,..m-imnk 43 Class Tgurna- Chorus 4, Junior Play 3, One-Act Play Si, F. H. A ments 1, 2, 11, 4: Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 1. 2. Hisfflflflll 3, PN'Sldf'Y1l 4? G- A- AA 1. 23 Silldfql Travk 1, 2, Stunt Show 1, 2, 3, Solo 2, 3, 4, Contests Count-il Reporter 4, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4 34 3, 4: lq,,M.,,,bl..S 3, :xg Operetta 3, 4. Operetta 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, Librarian 4 Stunt Show 1, 2, 3. CARGL BLUNIER "The girl with smiles for everyone." 1 Chorus l, 2, Zi, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Nautilus 1, 2, Ii, Yearbook 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, Librarian 15, 4, Stunt Show 2, Contests 2, 3. IRMA. BOWALD "Doing easily what others find diiiicult is talent." Band 1, 2, Zi, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3, F. H. A. 1, 2, G. A, A, l: Student Count-il 1, 4, Nautilus 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4: Operetta 3, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, IS, 4, Stunt Show 1, 2, 3, Solo 1, 3, Contests 1, 2, 3, 4, Vlass Officer, Treasurer 2, President 3. MARY LYNN BROWN "Dynamite comes in small packages." Chorus 1, 2, Ci, 4, Junior Play 3, One-Act Plays 3, F, H. A. 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 15, 4, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4: Operetta Ii, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, Il, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 3, Contests 2, IS, 4, lflnsembles 3, 4, Madrigal 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Solo Si, 4. JACQUINOT COLLINS "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Chorus 4, Junior Play 3, One'-Act Plays 3, F. H. A. 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, G. A. A. 1, Treasurer 2: Student Council 2, Nautilus 2, 4, Year- hook 4, Operetta 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 2, fi, Solo 3, Contests 3, Ensembles 4, A Cappella 4. X l i M A R Y C R I D E R "No limits 'but the sky." Band 1, 2, Il, 4, Cont-ertmeister 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, rg, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3, One-Act Play ., F. H. A. l, 2, Reporter 2, G. A. A. l, 2: Nautilus 2: earhook 4, Operetta 3, 4, Stunt Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Yolo 3, 4: Contests 1, 2, 3, 4, ldnsenibles 1, 2, 3, 4, Cappella 2, 3, 4. E V E L Y N C R U M P "As good-natured a soul as e'er trod on shoe of leather." F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A, A. 1, 2, 3, Nautilus 2, Yearbook 4, Class Tournaments 4, Librarian 4, Stunt Show M A R Y D A R S T "I laughed tlll I cried." Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Il, 4, A Cappella 4, F. H. A. l, 2, Nautilus 2, Yearbook 4, Operetta 3, 4, Con- tests 1, 2, 3, 4. JIM FRERICHS "A man of inches, and every inch a. 1na.n." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Yearbook 4, Operetta 3, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Stunt Show 3, Contests 1, 2, 3, 4, En- sembles 2, 3. NORMA GERRISH '1Gentlemen prefer blondes, but not when Normals around." Salem, Illinois 1, 2, 3, Chorus 4, Nautilus 4, Year- book 4, Operetta 4, Homecoming Attendant 4. MELVIN GEIGER "The best of men, the best. of sports." Chorus 1, 2, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President, Student Council 2, 3, Nautilus 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Class Officer 1, President, A Cappella 4, Lette-rmen's Club. ROBERT GRESHAM "A man of few words, but those words count." Band 1, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Junior Play 3, F. F. A, 1, 2, Il, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Vit-ze President 4, Nautilus 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Operettn 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3. 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Stunt Show 2, 3, 4, Contests 1, 2, 4, Class Officer, Vice President 3, Ensembles 4. EDITH GRUSY "'1'wink1ing eyes that bespeak a. pleasant nature." Band 1, 2. 55, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, One-Act Plays 3, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Nautilus 1, 2, JS, 4, Yearbook 4, Operetta 3, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, Stunt Show 2, 3, Contests 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4. JANE HARTTER " What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" NANCY HERSCHEL "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety." orus l, 2, il, 4: Une-Act Plays Il: F. H, A. 1, 2, lp, H, A I 2 3 4. G. A4 A' 2, N,,,,,,l,,S I 2. tl. A. A. 1, 2: Nautilus 1, 2, Cl, 4, Yearbook 4, Yearbook 4: Class Tournaments l, 2, Cl, 4, Stunt Ulwlhelta :li 4i Class Tmlrnamlanls 1' 2' ll' 47 Stunt Show 3' Shaw 2, JS, 4, Contests 2, Il, 4: ltlnsembles 2, Sl, 4, A Cappella Il, 4. RUBY HERBERGER "Just call her a true and thoughtful friend." S A M H O H U L I N "He is no devil, yet no saint perhaps, but well-he is the very best of chaps." Band l, 2, Sl, 4, Chorus 1, 2, fl, 4, Nautilus 1, 2 lik ll. A- l. 3. 31 li- A- A- 3, 32 Y1'iWb00k 43 Clilss Yearbook 4, Uperetta 3, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2 'l'our-naments 4: Stunt Show Il. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, Cl, 43 Stun DOROTHY IMHOFF "Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." Band 1, 2, Il. 4: A Cappella 3, 4, Madrigal 4, Chorus 1. 2, Sl, 4, President 4, One-Art Play Il, F. H. A. 1, 2, 'I'i'eusure1' 2, tl. A. A. 1, 2: Student Count-il Cl, 4, Secretary 55, Nautilus 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Uperetta il, 4, Class Tournaments 3, Stunt Show 1, 2, Il: Solo 2, Ii, 4, Contests 2, Il, 4, Ensembles 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA KARL "Without music life would be a mistake." Band 2, Il, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, A Cap- pella 2, Il, 4, One-Apt Plays 3, F. H. A. 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor Il, Editor 4, Yearbook 4, Operetta Zi, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, Stunt Show 1, 2, 3, S010 2, 3, 4, Contests 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, Vice President, Ensembles 2, il, Madrigal 3, 4. ARDITH KAUFFMAN "She is pretty to walk with, pretty to talk with, and pleasant to think of." Chorus 1, 2, Zi, 4, Junior Play Il, One-Aet Plays 3, F. H. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: G, A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Council 15, 4: Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Operetta Zi, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, Il, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 2, Si, Contests 3, 4, Ensembles 3, Home- coming Queen Attendant 4. ERNEST KNECHT "Not for the glory of winning, but for the fun of the game." A Cappella Zi, 4: Madrigal 4, Chorus 1, 3, 4, F. F. A. I, 2, Ii, 4, Treasurer 4, Student Council 43 Nautilus 35, 4, Yearbook 4, Uperetta Il, 4, Class Tournaments l, 2, Zi, 4, Football Sl, 4, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball Zi, 4: Letterme-n's Club, Stunt Show 2, Con- tests Il, 4, Class Officer Il, Ensembles 4. Show Il, 41 Contests 2, Ii, 4, Ensembles 2, Sl. 4' A Cappella Si, 4: Madrigal 3, 4, l1ettervnen's Cluln. ROBERT LEMAN 'Don't rush me, girls. The line forms at the left." nd 1, 2, Sl. 4: Fhui-us It, 4: Junior Play Zi: Studi-nt unvil 1, 2, 4: Nautilus fi, 4: Yi-sxrbfmk 4: Oporeltzi 3 43 Claus Ttuirmiiiix-nts 1, 2: Fuutlizill 2: Baiskvt- lull 1, 2, Cl, 4: Sulu 4: Conti-sts 1, 2, Zi, 4: linsemlilt-s g 43 A Cgiplwllzi 4: Mutlrigul 4: King Attendant 4. MARY McCUTCHEON 'KA sweet smile, and oh, those dimples!" f'lim'us 2, JS, 4: A Fzlppvllzu 2. 25, 4: Juniui' Plill' 752 One-Ar-t Plays 511 I", H. A. 1, 2: G. A. A. I, 2, 353 Nautilus 1, 2, ZZ, 4: Yeairliouk 4: Upwuttai 55, 4: Uluss Tfiiiriisuiwilts 1, 2, 25, 4: Stunt Slum' 2, Sl: Sulo 8, 4: Contests 2, Sl, 4: liiisvinliles 2, ii, 4: Maidrigail Ji, 4, D 0 N M A S 0 N "A take-it-as-it-comes lad." Yvairlmfmk 41 Stunt Show 2, 3. NOLAN MEYER "A pleasant and likable fellow." Band 1, 2, IS: Chorus 2, IS. 4: Yearbook 4: Opt-retta 35, 4: Class Toi1i'iimm-nits 1, 2, 35, 45 B2Wk0'LbP11l 13 Stunt Show 2: Uontvsts 1, 2, 55, 4. BONNIE MILLER "Personality and vitality-as much fun as a circus." Band 1, 2, Zi, 4: Chorus 1, 2: F. H. A. 1, 2, 8, 4: ll. A. A. 1, 2: Stunt Shuw 3: Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3: Librarian 4: Contests 1, 2, 3, 4. MARGIE MILLER "A live wire that crackles with mischief." F. H. A. 1, 2. 13, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Vive President 4 Nautilus 2: Yearbook 4: Class Tournament 2, 3, 4 Stunt Show 15, 4. CONNIE NOECKER "Poise and refinement are among her many qualities." Chorus 1, 2, Zi, 4: Junior Play 3: One-At-t Plays 3: F. H. A. 1, 2: G. A. A. 1, 2: Student Count-il 1, 2: Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4: Yoarbuok 4: Opervttzi Ii, 4: Cheer'- lezxdei' 2, 3. 4: Stunt Show 2, Zi, 4: Conte-sts 2, Ii, 4: Ensvmlrles 2, 3, 4: Queen Attendant 1: A Cappella 2, Il, 4: Madrigzxl 4: Solo JS, 4. RICHARD PAYNE "Doing nothing in particular with a. great deal oi skill." Student Council 1, 2: Opervtta IB, 4: Class Tourna ments 1, 2, Ji, 4: Football l, 2: Trzuek 1, 2, LS, 4 Stunt Show 2: Class Officer 1, 2: A Cappella 4 Lette-'rInen's Club: Basketball 1, 2, li, 4. J A N E T P E A S E "I'11 build a road to the stars." Ulmrns l, 2, Ci, 43 A Uznppcllax 2, Il, 43 l", H. A. l, 2, 76, 4: Nautilus 2, 253 tlpprm-tial Si, 43 tllzlss 'FKIIIFIHIIIIQIIIS lg I.ihruria1n 4: Stunt Show 353 Solo 2, 153 Contests 3, JS: Iinsvnxhlt-s 2, 15, -1. L 0 I S R E E S E R "Cute and clever." l-'. ll. A. l. Il, Ci, 41 tl. A. A. 1, LZ, 35: Nuutilus 2 Yezu-lumk 43 tllnss 'Fournalnwnts l: Stunt Slum' Cl. 'W"'k RICHARD REESMAN "There is no great genius without C A R 0 L Y N P U R D Y some touch of madness." h- H UTD love an beauty Whether of nature or of art' Hand l, 2, IS, 4: Chorus ZZ, Cl, 4: Juninr Play 355 Une I-horns 2 33 4. F. HA A' 1 2. Nautilus 4. Yearbook 4. Avt Plays Ii: Student fluuuril l, 2, 4: Yr-'nrlrook 4 Ulwwtm gl 4, mhmriunl 3, Stunt Shlow 2 3 4: 1lilE'l't'1lil ZS, 4: Bnskotlmll l, 13: Stunt Show l, 2, 35 4 S010 3 3. cvuntmis 2 3 4l. Enselnhms 3 4, V Y t'untt-sts 1, 2, Zi, 4: l'lIlSt-'llllJll'S 73, 43 A Cnppllln Il 4 WILLIAM ROMERSBERGER "He is a good scout in every way." Band I, 22, 22, 43 t'lmrus 13 l". l". A. 1, 2, Zi, 43 Yearlmuk 41 Kllzlss Tu1xl'lmnu'nIs l, 2, Zi, 45 Frmtllzlll Ii, 43 liuskutlmll l, 21 'I'r:u-k 2: Iiasvlmll 1, 2, Si, 45 flolltt-'sts l, 2, 25, 43 l'Inse-lnlrlvs ii, 4. BARBARA ROTH "Nice, neat, and hard to beat." l'lmrus l, 12, 43 lf. H. A. 1, 25 Nautilus 1, 2: Yearhouk 43 tlpvrvtta 4: Stunt Show Il. DOROTHY SANDSTROM "It seems as if she is always in a good mood." Hand 1, 2, il, 45 Chorus 13 F. H. A. 1, 25 Nautilus l, 2, JS: Yearbook 43 Stunt Show 1, 3, 43 Con- tests 1, 2, ::, 4. MINNIE SCHLUPP "Of quiet way, but brightest thoughts." l". ll, A. 2: G. A. A. 1, 2. Mzldrigfnl 4: Solo -1. MARGERY SELVEY "A friend once, a friend forever." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 55, Nautilus l, Yearbook 4: Opt-retta KENNETH TABOR "Happiness is cheaper than worry! Why pay the higher price?" 3 4. gt gh C txt' 1 9 1 44 Ememmeg ,V F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, ' ' ' um ' ml ' on P' 5 ' " " ' ' ' ' ' Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Lettermenls Club. Orchestra. MARIE SELVEY "One is bound to like her." MADOLYN TANNEIR "Quiet, but oh so nice." Chorus 1' 2. 3, 4: F' H' A' 1, 2' 3: Nnumus 1. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Class Tournaments Yearbook 4: Operetta 3, 4, Stunt Show 3, Contests 1' 21 31 45 Stunt Show 3- 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4. MARGARET TAYLOR "A good mind possesses a, kingdom." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, Nautilus 2, 4, Yearbook 4, Operetta 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, Stunt, Show 2, 3, Class Officer 1, Ensemble 4. G E O R G E T H 0 R N "It is quality rather than quantity that matters." Chorus 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, One-Act, Plays 3, Student Council 3, 4, President 4, Yearbook 4, Operetta 3, 4, Basketball 1, 23 Track 3, Stunt, Show 2, 3, 4, Contests 2, 3, 4, Class Officer, President 2, A Cappella 3, 4. JANICE ULRICH "Winning is her way, pleasant is her smile." Chorus 1, 2, 4, F. H. A. 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, Nautilus l, 2, Yearbook 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 4, Stunt Show 3, Contests 3. R 0 N A L D W A B E L "No one knows what he can do till he tries." Chorus 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Operetta 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Lettermen's Club, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. GLENN WETTSTEIN WILMAWETTSTEIN HIVS always Well for gne "The friendly way is the best way." to know more than he says." Chorus 2, 3, F, H. A. 1, 2, 4: G, A. A. 1, 2, 25: l"- l", A- l. 3, 53, 4. ViC9 Pfesldellf 4? YP2H'l100k 4? Nautilus 2: Yearbook 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, Class "I'ournuments 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4g Stunt Stunt Show 2, Show 2, IZ. WILLIS WETTSTEIN WAYNEWHITTINGTON "I live my life with no regrets " Hroouoose and fancy Heep ICA lu. A, 1' 2' gg' 4: Yearbook 43 Class Tournaments Chorus 13 Yearbook 4, Football 1, 2: Stunt Show 2, 3 l, 12, Il. 43 Football IS, 43 Baseball 4, Stunt Show 2, 3, Uontests 1, 2, IS, In-ttermen's Club. CARROLL ZIMMERMAN "Not bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, but a nice mixture of them all." cll0'l'TIS l, 4: l". H. A. 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 2, Nautilus 2, Yearbook 43 Upon-Ha 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, Zi, 41 llllJl'2ll'l2lll 4. GLADYS ZIMMERMAN "Never serious, always gayg she's just that way." F. H. A. 1, 2, Zi, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Nautilus 25 Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 3. 0 O Motto ft' ' 99 Knowledge is a key that wlll open man doors Colors: Lavender and White F ower: Lilac Senior Class History It was in the early autumn of 1950 that a somewhat bewildered group of Freshmen took their first steps through the doors of Eureka High School. At the beginning of the year they were busy getting ad- justed and acquainted, and later were surprised by the Seniors with an initiatio11 ceremony. In a class election, they chose Melvin Geiger to act as President. Being a very bright class, they realized that money-making oppor- tunities were available for those who would go out and get them. Thus, during their Sophomore year, under the supervision of George Thorn, they served a dinner to the teachers at Teachers' Institute and picked up corn. The class also won first place with their stunt during Home- coming. They continued their quest for learning-and money-during their Junior year and picked Irma Bowald to aid them. Jobs such as noon candy sales, concessions at home games, another dinner served to the teachers, the Junior play, and the Junior-Senior Banquet-Prom all added to their funds and experience. At this time the class realized how for- tunate they were to have such able advisors as Miss Clark and Mr. Phillips. After three months of much deserved rest, the class of '54 again en- tered the doors of Eureka High. This time, as Seniors, they made Luana Crawford president and devised plans for a yearbook, the Senior play, and graduation. They were kept very busy, but somehow they found time to surprise everyone by skipping school, one nice day, and going to Starved Rock. In the spring the class of '54 parted. Each member went his separate way, taking with him these memories and experiences in education, which will long influence his life. Awards Citizenship D. A. R. RICHARD REESMAN IRMA BOWALD F. F. A. 119531 Whitman 119535 WARREN WHITE, MR. THOMAS EDWARDS, ROBERT GRESHAM TOM KLAUS Senior Specialties e w e i num if iv ILL T Z L HlSt0RY 'Prophecy Ml, Class Will We, the members of the Senior class of '54 of Eureka High School, being of sound mind and body, and being of superior knowledge, do hereby publicly ordain and es- tablish this to be our last will and testament, and do solemnly proclaim any resem- blance of this manuscript to a legal document of similar purpose to be entirely and purely intentional. FIRST: We bequeath to our beloved Alma Mater memoirs of days well spent, when our tinkling laughter and soft footfalls drifted unpretentiously down the hallowed halls of E. H. S. SECOND: We direct that the following be granted to the custodians of our edu- cation, the faculty: Mr. Cable-a special clock whose hands will obligingly stay at 8:29 a. m. until the very last student is in the building, so that his valuable time won't be wasted filling out tardy slips. Mrs. Naffziger-a scooter especially fitted with square wheels to assist her in as- scending and descending the stairs on her many errands. Mr. Saxton-a Stradivarius violin, so that he may have nothing to do after classes but fiddle his time away. Mr. Major-a gun with which to fight the "Battle of the Bulge." Mr. Hammond-an attachment for the mimeographing machine that plays the "Missouri Waltz" as the little handle is being turned. Miss Jenkins-all the left-over mixtures from the chemistry lab to be used as a footbath. This is beneficial in removing the athlete's foot! Mr. Reesman-one large magnet to make General Science "attractive" to all Freshmen. Mr. Wallick-a box of twenty-five cent cigars to distribute While announcing the thirty-nine F. H. A. girl addition to his family. Mr. Emory-one group of students with the unique ability to draw and saw in rhythm to the accompaniment of the chorus classes above. Mrs. Sullivan--a year's supply of food capsules to lighten kitchen toil. Mr. Phillips-we leave, assuring a quiet sixth hour study hall! Miss Clark-a mousetrap that plays a catchy tune when it has caught its prey. Miss Douglas-a bottle of ammonia to keep up her spirits at the games. Miss Vitzhum-"something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," and something "real George!" Miss Keller--a Reader's Digest to balance the podium and something "real Howard!" Mr. Thommen-the spirit of Henry Hornet to make next year's basketball team an- other real stinger. George-our textbooks to be used as fuel, so that all following classes may be kept warm, and the coal supply may be conserved. Bert--a box of anti-slumber pills to keep him awake during late parties. THIRD: We, the class of '54, unselfishly give a few of our many talents and possessions to the members of the Junior class as follows: Dick Baner leaves a booth in the lower hall to be run in his absence by Shirley Bradle. The sign on the booth reads, "History Projects-Cheap." Virginia Karl and Nancy Herschel place their little brothers, Lee and Bobby, in the care of Donna Singleton and Dorothy Kuebler, so that they will not miss any "sisterly advice." Kenny Tabor leaves his ability to "grin and share it" to Ruth Ales. Class Will fcont. Carol Blunier leaves her job at Crawford's to Mary Watkins. You've got to keep jerking those sodas, Mary! Margaret Taylor lends Janet Eastman a foot-of height, that is! To Tom Sherman, Lois Reeser leaves her talent for getting a mid-year "shiner." Jerry Lyons leaves his boots to Judy Bittner. You might get Jerry, too, if he can't get out of them! Marjorie and Marie Selvey leave their book entitled Two Heads Are Better Than One to Marden Zook. Jim Frerichs wills his long, lean and lanky frame to Ronald Fryrear. This is a frame-up! Connie Noecker leaves the Crosley to a well-suited Junior, Bill Traver. Says Con- nie, "I'm just too tall!" Wayne Whittington sadly bequeaths his best pair of Levis to Bill Hamilton, and says, "Wear them well." Janet Pease wills her old shoes to Don Moreland, so that he may further his ex- periments with pink and green dyes. It has been scientifically proven that a porous head accumulates more knowledge, so Jane Heiken feels that she is quite generous in leaving her head with the many holes to Darlene Neuhauser. Dick Reesman leaves his never-ending flow of wit to Ina Mae Owen, with the hope gliat she will carry on the old tradition of being "Champion Wise-cracker in the Senior ass. Luana Crawford leaves her last name to Sharon Janssen. Turnabout's fair play. Bonnie Miller leaves her ability to calculate figures to Ronald Hammond. This should be of great service to you, Ronald! Marlene Hartter is the lucky recipient of Minnie Schlupp's dramatic manner. Min- nie wondered, "To give up my drama, or not to give up my drama-that is the question." Gladys Zimmerman leaves her excess supply of chewing gum to Ken Burrel. Gladys has turned to "chewing the fat" instead. In other words, gum chewing interferes with the fine art of conversation. Ronnie Wabel leaves his football suit to his little brother. Says Ronnie, "You might have to grow into it, Larry!" Mary Crider wills her large stack of science-fiction comic books to Billy Dildine and Frank Myers. Caroll Zimmerman wills her ability to get kicked out of girls' gym class to Russell Stoller. This particular ability shouldn't be too hard to acquire! 1 Margie Miller leaves her year-round sun tan to Bonnie Noll. Marg well remembers the day when her hide was tanned for good! Bill Romersberger leaves his chair in band to Walter Lott, on the condition that Walt says every day, "Bill Romersberger sat here." Irma Bowald leaves her knack for taking three weeks off from school and for be- ing able to do schoolwork at the same time to Dick Woosley. Edith Grusy leaves her cherished bottle of Quickie Hair Dye Cshade redl to Dar- rell Eymann. Says Edie, "I never got the nerve." Dick Payne leaves his class ring in the custody of-guess who? Ardith Kauffman and Norma Gerrish bestow their place in line at the mirror upon Evelyn Dubree and Cornelle Sides. To the whole Junior class, we advise keeping the lines full if there is to be any hope at all of equaling the beauty passing out with the class of '54. Class Will fcont. Willis Wettstein leaves his report card to Betsy Roehm. There might be room for improvement here! Dorothy Sandstrom wills her job on the cutters in the factory to Frank Woertz. Dorothy explain that this is one place where you can really be a cut-up! George Thorn leaves his long years of study at the piano and his own rendition of the Grand Canyon Suite to Barbara Scharp. What about the sour notes? Mary McCutcheon leaves her ability to get to first hour English class just before the last bell rings to Douglas Neaveill. She says all you need is a fast jalopy, enough energy to leap the stairs three at a time, a green jacket and no breakfast. Bob Gresham leaves his ability to keep cool and calm during a political discussion to Bob Bishop. You just have to be calm, be cool, and be collected Cwith apologies to the cheerleadersj. , Mary Lynn Brown gladly leaves her many allergies to Judy Geiger. Says Mary Lynn, "I've got more scratches than a box of matches." Ernest Knecht wills one-half of his mustache to Larry Stalter and the other half to 'Wayne Carr. To Doris Denier goes Janice Ulrich's special talent of spraining her ankle just before gym class and recovering in forty minutes. Verne Bachman and Glenn Wettstein leave their ten easy lessons on the Art of Fluent Speaking to Diane Steinberg. Roma Bartlow leaves the natural bleached streak in her hair to Rosie Martinez. Striking combination! Doris Bechtel leaves her jar of freckle cream to Ben Brubaker. Says Doris, "It makes the cutest freckles." Madolyn Tanner leaves two big jugs of aged apple cider to drink before every his- tory test to Robert Smith. It's supposed to make the test perfectly painless. Sorry we can't guarantee that the tests will be painstakingly perfect! Wilma Wettstein wills her cheery greeting to be used particularly on gloomy days to Donald Bauman. Melvin Geiger leaves his "terrific television talent" to Wendell Litwiller. Jacquinot Collins leaves her good common "horse sense" to Rita Krumholz. Jane Hartter and Ruby Herberger leave their ability to study while typing an assign- ment in office practice to Shirley Gibson and Peggy Schumm. Gene Keidel leaves the privilege of running errands for Miss Keller during home- room, study and eight other periods of the day to Tom Peterson. Barbara Roth leaves Robert Schieber knowledge of a short-cut to Washburn. Don Mason Wills his fishing lines and tackle with which he successfully "caught" a Freshman girl to Donald Whitmer. Mary Darst leaves her girlish giggle to Franklin Gerber. Evelyn Crump leaves a book called VVhat Every Senior Should Know to sister Wanda. Carolyn Purdy leaves her term paper on Angus cattle to Pearl Householter and Lauretta Turner. You'd have to be in the moo--d for this one! Bob Leman leaves his famous nickname to Rozanna McGinnis. Dorothy Imhoff bequeaths her repertoire of jokes and tricks, which she has ac- cumulated throughout the years, and a feather to Irvin Woeliie and Pat Van Scyoc. The feather is to be used only in case no one laughs! Nolan Meyer leaves his prize locker to Barbara Willis. It's right by the history room. Due to Sam's deep regret there are no Hohulins in the Junior class, he has decided not to leave. In Witness Whereof, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty- four, we have hereunto afiixed our seal. Class Prophecy Being endowed by nature with a considerable curiosity, and being filled with four years of excellent and sober counselling, we resolved at the earliest opportunity to ob- serve and seriously reflect upon the consequences of those aforementioned four years of counsel and diligence on the part of the illustrious members of the class of '54. By very good fortune, we learned that a member of this class had invented the first in a series of time machines, and ignoring the importunities of our betters, we persevered in our desire to tempt Providence and take "Crider's Crazy Cruise" into the future. It is impossible to express the astonishment we felt on this truly prophetic trip, and the following observations, to the best of our belief and memory, are a true re- port of the class of '54 twenty years hence: A crowd is gathering around the White House chanting, "Long Live President Irma!" It is said that Miss Bowald is the first lady to run for President, since none of the fairer sex has ever reached the age of thirty-five up to now. Dick Baner and George Thorn have gone far in the music world-in fact, too far. George grinds the organ while Dick rhythmically grabs for pennies. Carolyn Purdy has a studio in Peoria. Her sign on the window reads, "Premium Prices at Purdy's Painting Patio." After years and years of experimentation, Dick Reesman has found a magic potion to lasting youth. What is this wonderful potion? Explains Dick, "Goo." Roma Bartlow, Lois Reeser and Madolyn Tanner are chief guides at Tanner's Or- chards. Their famous tour is called, "Scenic Cider Sights." Gene Keidel has just joined the Toni troup. With his curly hair, he's a natural. Doris Bechtel is still President of F. H. A.-Feeble Housewives of America, that is. Mary McCutcheon owns a taxi service. Says Mary, in confidence to her car, 'Tm walking behind you." Willis Wettstein has become a partner in a great manufacturing firm. The labels on the little cans now read, "Libby, McNeiland Lippyf' Giddyup and whoa. There went Jacquinotl Miss Collins has gained fame as the new queen of the cowgirls. Evelyn Crump is now Mrs. Evelyn Tea. Five little "crumpets" keep her plenty busy. Edith Grusy is a bug exterminator at Schumacher's Jewelry Store. She takes care of the ticks. With eyes intent and fingers flying, Margaret Taylor is frantically working several hundred levers on a mechanical brain. Says Maggie, "This brain is a pain! I could get the answer faster myself." One illustrious boy is "Knecthed" with an important business firm, and is working "Ernestly" to get ahead. The f'Miller Sisters," Bonnie and Margie, can be heard and seen on the Arthur God- frey Shows. They have been with Mr. "G" for seven years, and recently won an award for their unusual ability to retain their humility. Monsieur Nolan Meyer has won World acclaim for his "cur-cut," featured in his exclusive universal salon. Class Prophecy fCont. Ardith Kauffman is writing an autobiographical sequel to the Mother Goose rhyme, "Old Mother Hubbard." Commenting on her book, Ardith says, "Times certainly have changed." Janice Ulrich and Gladys Zimmerman are chief hash-slingers and bottle-Washers at Blunier's Beanery. They're dishing out a lot of corn. Luana Crawford has just persuaded hubby Ronnie to go into the Janssen Bathing Suit Business so they can swim happily through life together. One of the class members has become the star of a great soap opera named, "Darest I-Ie Marry Darst?" Sam Hohulin is chef at the Goodiield Home for Leftover Sisters." His favorite dish is hen's stew for the stewing hens. Virginia Karl at last has a job at the Metropolitan. She cleans the rotten eggs off the curtains! Ronnie Wabel, Glenn Wettstein, and Verne Bachman are circus flea trainers. Say the three, "we're just itching for fame." As secretary to a large pillow manufacturing firm, Norma Gerrish has certainly landed a soft job. Barbara Roth is a well known reporter for Buyers' Guide. She claims you can find anything from eggs to nickel at Roth's.! ' Dorothy Imhoff's latest book, a sequel to The Egg and I, Me and the Chickens, is selling very "cheep." Says Dot, "It's strictly for the birds." Geiger's Counter has become the favorite eating place of many. His specialty is uranium herbs. Nancy Herschel is manicurist at the Herschel Manufacturing Company. She files the nails. Dick Payne and Jim Frerichs are now modeling bathing suits. Jim always said that he'd got the job by "Hook" or by crook. Caroll Zimmerman can be seen daily in the Woodford County Journal in a comic strip entitled "Zippo Zimmerman, the Greatest Magician." Connie Noecker has opened a studio near Bradley University known as "Brook's Ballet Bar for Budding Ballerinasf' Her nurse's training certainly comes in handy at at times. Having acquired the title, "World's Champion Flagpole Sitter," Janet Pease has finally realized her ambition to be on top. Wilma Wettstein is still engaged to Les. Says Wilma, "This is an important step in my life, and I don't want to rush into it." Mary Lynn Brown and Bob Gresham are coaching the Donkey Baseball Team. It's strictly democratic. Jane Hartter is working in the Walt Disney Production of "Alice in Wonderland." Her role is that of the Mad Hartter. To get away from his many lady admirers, Bob Leman picked the coldest spot on the map to do his crooning. He's still sending them, though. Everywhere in the Arc- tic people are sighing, "Burrrrrr." Class Prophecy fCont. Margery and Marie Selvey are posing for advertisements of Double Bubble Gum. Say the girls, 'How did we happen to get stuck in this business ?" "Bubbles O'Lyons" is now appearing nightly in Secor Summer Stock. Don Mason and Wayne Whittington are now traveling with the French Foreign Legion. When last seen they were having a gay time in gay Paree. Jane has married the last of the Mohicans. Now there are no mo-Heiken. A famous personality in the Woodford County Farm Journal is Ken Tabor, who poses for the tooth paste ads. His motto-"keep smiling." Bill has invented a new sandwich which he calls a Romer's-Burger. Ruby, how- ever, claims that Her-Burger is better. Minnie Schlupp is the Vice-President in charge of the Schlupp's Finer Soups Com- pany. All the consumer has to do is open the can and shl-l-I-o-o-pp!!! Dorothy Sandstrom is Business Manager for Roszells. She has just made the head- lines in the Nautilus for submitting a twenty dollar ad for the 1974 yearbook. Upon our safe return, We gave sober thought to the above accounting and did note with pleasure that the four years of application and industry had not fallen upon wasted ground. The class can be commended for its superior intelligence, lack of conceits, temperance, moderation, and undertakings of a nature above the common!!! 95 Baby Pictures 1. V. Karl, 2. A. Kauffman, 3. N. Herschel, 4. J. Heiken, 5. J. Ulrich, 6. B. Gresham, 7. B. Miller 8. R. Bartlow, 9. B. Roth, 10. M. Darst, 11. M. Cridcr, 12. Willis and Wilma Wettstein, 13. J. Pease 14. S. Hohulin, 15. D. Bechtel, 16. D. Imhoff, 17. Guess Who? 18. Marie and Margery Selvey, 19. J Hartter, 20. C. Zimmerman, 21. C. Purdy, 22. M. Taylor, 23. M. McCutcheon, 24. C. Blunier, 25. E Knecht, 26. J. Lyons, 27. M. Tanner, 28. C. Noecker. Senior Personality Traits TRAITS Dependability Personality Initiative Most Likely to Succeed Courtesy Good English Pleasant Manner of Speaking Wittiest Best Sport Most Attractive Prettiest Eyes Prettiest Hair BOYS, CHOICE OF GIRLS' CHOICE OF GIRL Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Connie Noecker and Luana Crawford Bonnie Miller Jacky Collins Ardith Kaufman Connie Noecker Doris Bechtel Physique Ardith Kauffman Thoroughness Irma Bowald Leadership Irma Bowald TRAITS GIRLS' CHOICE OF BOY Dependability Bob Gresham Personality Bob Leman Initiative Bob Gresham Most Likely to Succeed Bob Gresham Courtesy Bob Leman Good English Pleasant Manner of Speaking Wittiest Best Sport Most Attractive Prettiest Eyes Prettiest Hair Physique Thoroughness Leadership Bob Leman Bob Leman Dick Reesman Ernie Knecht Bob Leman Bob Leman Sam Hohulin Bob Leman Bob Gresham George Thorn GIRL Irma Bowald Luana Crawford Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Irma Bowald Jacky Collins Jacky Collins Connie Noecker and Luana Crawford Connie Noecker Norma Gerrish Ardith Kauffman Irma Bowald Irma Bowald BOYS' CHOICE OF BOY Bob Gresham Dick Payne Bob Gresham Bob Gresham Bob Leman Bob Leman Bob Leman and George Thorn Dick Reesman Dick Payne Dick Payne Sam Hohulin Melvin Geiger Dick Payne Dick Payne Melvin Geiger Bob Gresham George Thorn Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom The J unior-Senior Banquet and Prom, the big annual event sponsored by the Junior class, was held at six-thirty on the evening of May 15th, 1954, in the high school gymnasium. The theme chosen by the Juniors was Mardi Gras, and the decorations all centered around this theme. Members of the faculty, the school board, and the janitors, as well as the Senior class were guests at the festivities, and Sophomores, dressed in keeping with the theme, served the meal. Immediately following the Banquet, a Prom was held in the gym- nasium with music provided by Bob Barron's orchestra. Reigning over the banquet and dance were members of royalty chosen from the Junior and Senior classes. Baccalaureate The Baccalaureate Service for the graduating class was held in the Eureka Christian Church, Sunday evening, May 23, 1954, at seven-thirty o'clock. Music was furnished by the high school A Capella choir, and the Baccalaureate address was given by the Rev. John W. Swearingin. Commencement The Commencement Exercises for the graduating class were held in the Davenport School gymnasium on Friday evening, May 28, 1954, at eight o'clock. The class of '54 set a precedent and voted to present a student arranged program with music and speeches given by the members of the Senior class. Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom, 1952-53 Juniors 99-fa C39 f E Hi i A A .' :: ,J A "' zz- . V, .. , fi' ., 4.. it in Judy Geiger Bill Traver Sharon Janssen Donna Singleton President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Junior Class History The Junior class began an extremely busy year by choosing Judy Geiger to succeed Barbara Scharp and Bill Traver, who were preceding Presidents of the class. Judy was assisted by Bill Traver, Vice-Pres- identg Sharon Janssen, Secretary, and Donna Singleton, Treasurer. They chose Bob Bishop and Jean Allen to represent them in Student Council. Miss Vitzthum, Miss Douglas, and Mr. Cable served as advisors. The class' activities included noon candy sales, concessions at home games, J unior-Senior Banquet, Junior Play, and an all-school Square Dance Party. They also sold Christmas Cards to earn extra money for their treasury. Ruth Ales Shirley Bradle Wanda Crump Doris Denler Bill Dildine Evelyn Dubree W Janet Eastman Darrell Eyman Ronald Fryrear . Franklin Gerber Judy Bittner Wayne Carr 5 ,'w:i1 :g V, 1 , Q3 Iiiiii i if ', M A Bill Hamilton Ronald Hammond Marlene Hartter Pearl Householter Rita Krumholz Dorothy Kuebler Wendell Litwiller Walter Lott Rosie Martinez Don Moreland 5 ..,::: ::.:: ,. P V -A V Frank Myers ae a 'Qi 1 i 'ii':' ' 1 ' Rozanna McGinnis :izisiaia - Q ' f A Q 4' 1"' Q 3 :EV bvzll W Douglas Neaveill rrri as gg ,.,..,.:.,,::.1,..,,, .: S ,Blix f""- if ,1: 'if :'- im K - :,:' 1 :.:...,,.,- ii"'- R ug . ,.., i1,,.e. ":,.Q V llv, R Darlene Neuhauser Bonnie Noll Ina Mae Owen Tom Peterson Betsy Roehm Barbara Scharp Robert Schieber Peggy Schumm Tom Sherman Cornelle Sides Robert Smith Larry Stalter Diane Steinberg Russell Stoller Mary Watkins Lauretta Tanner Patricia Van Scyoc Larry Wabel Donald Whitmer Barbara Willis Irvin Woelfle Frank Woertz Dick Woosley Marden Zook Sophomores ao ff f QS 171 l rmo Xxvsg:-21-Qfgfb 2 gig S E35-f Z ,f Ri 42247 Y X --fffky, Leroy Clark Marian Smith Alyce Curtis Marjorie Martin President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sophomore Class History After a successful Freshman year with Richard Remmert as Pres- ident, the class of !56 chose Leroy Clark to serve as President, Marian Smith, Vice President, Alyce Curtis, Secretary, and Margie Martin, Treas- urer, during their Sophomore year. Miss Keller and Mr. Wallick were their advisors throughout their first two years and witnessed the class initiation, parties, and many extra-curricular activities, in which the members of the class took an active part. They chose Mary Ann Spaulding and Richard Remmert to represent their class in Student Council. Juanita Amerman Barnard Argo Vera Blumenshine Stanley Bradle Gerald Brubaker Kitty Brubaker Patricia Crump Phyllis Denler Lydia Dietrich Leroy Dirden Dick Engel Richard Frank Eugene Gibson Joanne Goetzinger Allene Gooding William Hohulin Charlene Hohulin Mary Hohulin Clyde Holliger fa J William Honeg Donald Horn Vyra Deene Kauffman Jack Keller Marjorie Lawrence Larry Leiken John Leman Wayne Lowery Marlene Meier Larry Melaik Nancy Miller A James Morrison Maynard Myers Linda Otten Joyce Pfeflinger Norma Porth Richard Remmert Lester Riddle Carol Rippel x l Mary Ann Roney Dolores Rokey Will Ann Sides Richard Siverly Doris Small Mary Ann Spaulding Glen Stahl Joe Stromberger Phyllis Tanner Cosby Taylor Carol Ulrich Donna Ulrich Paul Watkins Robert Wilder Gerald Wilson Nancy Wilson Mildred Whitmer Eleanor Zimmerman Wayne Zobrist Freshmen ' ,. m 0 O V ga' 5 UW X 11' Jim Hohulin Lynda Dosher Saundra Honeg Elizabeth Hancock President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Freshman Class History The Class of '57 joined Eureka High in the autumn of 1953 and with sixty-eight members became the largest class in the school. They were led through the year by Jim Hohulin, Presidentg Lynda Dosher, Vice Presidentg Saundra Honeg, Secretaryg and Elizabeth Han- cock, Treasurer. Mrs. Sullivan and Mr. Emory were their advisors. They chose Bob Herschel and Sally Roehm as their Student Council Repre- sentatives. The activities of the class consisted of the traditional Freshman Initiation and two class parties. They were also strongly represented in F. H. A., G. A. A., F. F. A., Chorus, and other extra-curricular activities. C Q V 2 ey' f sg W an 5 y 4' 55 f v -fs ff! E Louis Anderson Sam Anliker Twyla Bauman Janice Bilbrey Benjamin Bowald Judy Bradle Betty Brubaker Jack Carr Harold Cordes Suzanne Crawford Geraldine Curfman Valerie Curtis William Dietrich Larry Eades Linda Frank Virgil Froman Robert Fryrear Caroline German Allan Getz Myrna Grusy Doris Heiken Robert Herschel I Qi ., W wwf 4' A' , ,,'.-A,. 1 ,, 2 'HAIV In 5 ::"f.v1 ',z. '. "" Q' ' use Beverly Hohulin David Householter Lee Karl Richard Knecht Elizabeth Kruse Tom Lightfoot Mary Lott Lorraine Martinez David Miller Fred Miller Judy Myers C. R. McDonald Arlynn McGinnis Carol Noland Bill Noll Elsie Ott Phyllis Peterson Wayne Peterson Suzanne Potts Mary Reel Shirley Robenstein Gerald Rocke Sally Roehm Michael Roseman Janet Schrock Donna Schroeder Rita Siebenthal John Smith Ronald Smith David Thompson Janet Tower Edwin Watkins Henry Watkins Raymond Wettstein Wayne Wettstein Una Whitmer James Whittington Sherlane Winn Phoebe Woerner Gerald Wood Rachel Yoder Patricia Zehr Raymond Zimmerman Q S W Y-df-M QW Legg. Activities 0 3 www 7 Bug so QE Qi' 61, x W .1..-L ... -i. 5 in I Hornet Staff FRONT ROW: D. Sandstrom, C. Zimmerman, C. Purdy, N. Herschel, M. Taylor, D. Reesman, R. Gresham E. Knecht. SECOND ROW: C. Noecker, A. Kauffman, M. Brown, M. Schlupp, E. Grusy, J. Collins, J. Lyons M. McCutcheon. THIRD ROW: Miss Clark, Mr. Phillips, V. Karl, G. Thorn, I. Bowald, Mr. Major. Nautilus Staff FIRST ROW: J. Collins, D. Bechtel, J. Heiken, C. Purdy, M. McCutcheon, A. Kauffman, E. Grusy, N. Ger rish, C. Noecker, N. Herschel, B. Miller. SECOND ROW: R. Leman, B. Scharp, S. Bradle, B. Roehm, I. Owen D. Steinberg, E. Dubree, J. Allen, J. Geiger, V. Karl. THIRD ROW: R. Gresham, C. Ulrich, M. Smith, N Miller, A. Curtis, M. Taylor, I. Bowald, S. Janssen. B. Willis. FOURTH ROW: M. Roney, A. Gooding, M. Spaul- ding, N. Wilson, D. Ulrich, L. Otten, V. KauEman, Miss Vitzthum. FIFTH ROW: M. Geiger, E. Knecht B. Honcg, L. Leiken, L. Melaik, P. Watkins, L. Clark, L. Riddle, W. Zobrist, R. Remmert. Student Council FRONT ROW: D. Bechtel, D. Imhoff, J. Allen, B. Scharp, B. Gresham, G. Thorn, A. Kauff- man. SECOND ROW: B. Leman, E. Zimmerman, N. Miller, J. Heiken,J. Geiger, B. Herschel, M. Smith. THIRD ROW: Mr. Cable, B. Bishop, S. Janssen, M. Spaulding, I. Bowald, L. glaik. EOURTH ROW: Mr. Thommen, R. Remmert, W. Litwiller, R. Reesman, W. Zobrist, J. nec t. Librarians FRONT ROW: V. Kauffman, W. Crump, B. Miller, E. Crump, C. Blunier. SECOND ROW: D. Bechtel, N. Porth, J. Heiken, V. Blumenshine, M. Lawrence, L. Dietrich, C. Zimmerman, Miss Douglas. F. F. A. FRONT ROW: D. Householter, R. Zimmerman, R. Smith, D. Thompson. SECOND ROW: P. Watkins, R. Remmert, B. Gresham, M. Geiger, E. Knecht, W. Zobrist, G. Wettstein. THIRD ROW: W. Wettstein, V. Froman, G. Wood, H. Watkins, A. Getz, D. Engel, R. Wettstein, R. Knecht, D. Horn, E. Gibson, Mr. Phillips. FOURTH ROW: G. Rocke, B. Dildine, R. Frank, D. Miller, K. Tabor, F. Miller, W. Litwiller, D. Bauman, V. Bachman, S. Bradle. FIFTH ROW: C. Taylor, W. Wettstein, D. Whit- mer, L. Wabel, R. Smith, R. Schieber, R. Wabel. F. H. A. FRONT ROW: C. Blunier, B. Miller, M. Miller, E. Crump, D. Singleton, J. Collins, E. Dubree, D. Bechtel, J. Heiken, G. Zimmerman, J. Hartter. SECOND ROW: R. McGinnis, D. Schroeder, W. Crump, L. Dosher, J. Myers, P. Zehr, C. Sides, B. Willis, C. Hohulin, M. Hohulin, P. Peterson, R. Bartlow, L. Reeser. THIRD ROW: S. Gibson, R. Krumholz, J. Bilbrey, S. Bradle, P. Householter, D. Denler, W. Wettstein, J. Goetzinger, J. Geiger, D. Neuhauser. G. A. A. -52,15 , y f FRONT ROW. C. Noland, A. McGinnis, I. Owen, B. Roehm, D. Kuebler, S. Bradle, W. Crump, R. Martinez L. Martinez, D. Schroeder. SECOND ROW: J. Allen, J. Tower, R. Siebenthal, R. Krumholz, P. Van Scyoc J. Myers, J. Geiger, S. Bradle, P. Schumm, J. Eastman, J. Bittner. THIRD ROW: A. Kauffman, D. Neu- hauser, L. Tanner, D. Singleton, D. Steinberg, B. Brubaker, E. Hancock, R. Ales, S. Gibson, S. Roehm B. Hohulin. FRONT ROW: P. Zchr, V. Blumenshine, M. Hohulin, N. Porth, P. Crump, P. Peterson, T. Bauman, A. Cur- tis, A. Gooding, D. Ulrich. SECOND ROW: M. Meier, M. Lawrence, C. Rippel, P. Denler, L. Dietrich M. Smith, N. Miller, D. Rokey, C. German, V. Kauffman. THIRD ROW: C. Hohulin, J. Goetzinger, K. Bru- baker, L. Otten, E. Zimmerman, G. Curfman, S. Crawford, V. Curtis, U. Wittmer, M. Roney, Miss Jenkins FOURTH ROW: E. Ott, D. Heiken, N. Wilson, M. Martin, P. Tanner, D. Small, M. Spaulding, C. Ulrich S. Honegr, J. Amerman. 1 Q Band oder, J. Frerichs. ' en, R. Y OW I. ,m' ith, D. Sullivan, C. Ulrich, S. Janssen, B. Roeh IT1 ,M.S SY 1' U stman, E. G Ea W: M. Crider, J. RO FRONT Miller, D. Sin- er, N. U2 artin, J. Goetzi rs, N. Bowald, J. Bilbrey, M. M yi! ock, J. M BHC ckel, E. H S. Ni oneg, Sanclstrom, S. H W: D. RO D SECON Selvey, L. Crawford, D. Reesman, M. tt. L. Otten, C. Rippel, M. Meier, ,E.O CY W: K. Brubaker, D. Rok RO THIRD iller. I gleton, B. lv FOURTH ROW: J. Zimmerman, ond. mm Ha ey, R. OH er, M. R W Taylor, M. Reel, V. Blumenshine, J. To M ulin, oh B.H Bowald, Bowald, B. I. Harrod, onald, S. CD rtz, C. R. M 06 ersberger, F. W en an, A. Curtis, D. Ulrich, L. Melaik, W. Lott, L. Leman, B. Rom BL Smith, J. 1 Cook, L. Stalter, J. Allen, L. Scharp, L. Dosher, Keidel, B. ulin, G. oh B.H Saxton. 1'. W:M RO FTH FI Darst, L. Clark. y, S. Hohulin, M. M. Grus . Spaulding, J. Hohulin. M S. Roehm, S. Crawford, V. Karl, '161.IBH6 9U0qdOXBS 161.19116 QGUQJBID-MOH alll 'S9119-IOFBIAI-AAOH CINOOEIS s,1ou.1eAoQ '.iqdo.ttL NUM .L pr -0 PUFMPOOAA-AAOH dO.L ssmg 'qaqugnfj 'qaqxag Band Specialties Chorus FRONT ROW: L. Otten, D. Ulrich, C. Ulrich, M. Crider, J. Pease, M. Darst, C. Purdy, M. Selvey, M. Selvey, N. Wilson, J. Goetzinger, M. Brown, M. Roney, M. Martin. SECOND ROW: W. Sides, P. Crump, J. Am- erman, C. Blunier, M. Taylor, A. Curtis, A. Gooding, P. Denler, B. Roth, J. Ul1'ich, C. Hohulin, M. Hohulin, M. Meier, I. Bowald, A. Kauffman, N. Gerrish, D. Bechtel, C. Zimmerman, Miss Clark. THIRD ROW. N. Herschel, V. Karl, J. Collins, D. Imhoif, K. Brubaker, L. Crawford, M. Smith, M. Spaulding, E. Grusy, C. Noecker, N. Miller, V. Kaufman, E. Zimmerman, D. Rokey, M. McCutcheon. FRONT ROW: M. Lott, S. Bradle, J. Myers, A. McGinnis, P. Peterson, J. Geiger, J. Bilbrey, C. Sides, B. Roehm, D. Singleton, V. Curtis, T. Bauman, U. Whitmer, B. Brubaker. SECOND ROW: S. Janssen, B. Scharp, B. Willis, E. Hohulin, G. Curfman, D. Heiken, S. Winn, D. Steinberg, E. Hancock, Miss Clark, C. German, S. Honeg, L. Dosher, R. Yoder, J. Schrock, P. Van Scyoc, J. Allen, J. Eastman. THIRD ROW: E. Dubree, S. Crawford, M. Reel, S. Potts, E. Ott, J. Tower, M. Grusy, P. Zehr, P. Woerner, S. Roehm, J. Bittner, I. Owen. FRONT ROW: R. Baner, L. Karl, G. Wood, R. Kneeht, D. Woosley, Miss Clark, B. Scharp Qaccomlpanistj B. Honeg, B. Herschel, J. Carr, D. Payne, B. Gresham. SECOND ROW: B. Traver, R. Wabel, F. Gerber A. Getz, L. Leiken, D. Engel, L. Melaik, B. Bowald, R. Leman, J. Leman, E. Knecht, M. Geiger, W. Zobrist B. Argo, J. Hohulin, J. Smith, S. Anliker. THIRD ROW: G. Thorn, R. Stoller, B. Hohulin, S. Hohulin, L Clark, D. Moreland, R. Reesman, G. Keidel, J. Keller, R. Bishop, J. Lyons, W. Lott, M. Myers, J. Frerichs N. Meyer, J. Whittington. 1. A Cappella Choir Chorus Ensembles Q X M. u,S Z -:I ?i'4,j'q-'5Q5'QHXllQY' ----- CE el s l -"' . KZ A ,,.,, Mlxmwlslkf YQ 933: -Q 5 t H .W 5' as l mel-sf :,. iff! fill e if ll, l , G, -e-- 'si ,-s,. r W wk A "" A ff 5 ' V xv 2 .li-Q f s f e w 1 R 4 W EiE5553555555lliiffzffglmisflsezzemallllzalliillilllfxlifis Qfmlllliiliilflllis Madrigal. 2. Mixed Ensemble, 3. Boys' Ensemble. 4.Bzu'be1-shop. 5. Girls' Ensemble A. 6. Girls' Ensemble 1 Sports X U iff iw J Cheer Leaders Connie Noecker, Ardith Kauffman, Mary Lynn Brown, Jean Allen. Suzie Crawford, Nancy Miller, Marian Smith, Merna Grusy, Judy Bradle Football Lettermen Melvin Geiger Frank Gerber Ernest Knecht Captain '53-'54 Captain '54-'55 Most Valuable Player FRONT ROW: V. Froman, E. Knecht, G. Brubaker, P. Watkins, B. Wilder, G. Wood, M. Myers, M. Geiger. SECOND ROW: L. Wabel, K. Tabor, K. Burrell, B. Hamilton, J. Strom- berger, F. Gerber, D. Moreland, W. Wettstein, D. Whitmer, R. Wabel, B. Romersberger, Man- ager B. Argo. Name Position Height Weight Year Bill Romersberger HB 5' 9" 136 Senior Ron Wabel G 5' 5" Senior Willis Wettstein E 6' Senior Kenneth Tabor E 6' Senior Ernest Knecht CM.V.P.D HB 5' 5159 Senior Melvin Geiger CC. '53-'54D C 5' 5" Senior Larry Wabel HB 6' Junior Frank Gerber CC. '54-'55D QB 5' 10" Junior Don Moreland T 6' Junior Ken Burrell E 5' 10" Junior Bill Hamilton T 5' 9" Junior Don Whitmer E 6' Junior Jerry Brubaker C 5' 9" Sophomore Maynard Myers HB 5' 6" Sophomore Joe Stromberger G 5' 10" Sophomore Bob Wilder FB 5' 5" Sophomore Paul Watkins G 5' 45" Sophomore Jerry Woods G 5' 6" Freshman Virgil Froman FB 5' 11" Freshman Football Squad FRONT ROW: D. Whitmer, B. Wilder, R. Wabel, P. Watkins, J. Brubaker, D. Moreland J. Stromberger, B. Hamilton, W. Wettstein. SECOND ROW: B. Argo, M. Myers, D. Eyman F. Gerber, V. Froman, E. Knecht, L. Wabel, B. Romersberger, K. Tabor, G. Wood, Coach Wal- lick. THIRD ROW: Coach Thommen, R. Knecht, R. Herschel, L. Clark, W. Peterson, H. Wat- kins, J. Keller, F. Miller, R. Zimmerman, R. Remmert, J. Smith. We T'hey Deer Creek-Mackinaw 6 - 0 Morton . . . 26 - 13 Chillicothe 7 -- 14 Metamora . 0 -- 48 Dunlap . 7 - 0 Farmington 0 - 35 Washington 6 - 26 El Paso . 0 - 13 Tremont . 0 - 18 Basketball --- Varsity FRONT ROW: J. Leman, B. Honeg, W. Zobrist, M. Myers. SECOND ROW: Mr. Thommen R Smlth R. Payne, B. Traver, J. Frerichs, L. Wabel, F. Gerber, B. Leman. Name Frerichs Traver ..,..... Payne O,O,.... Wable ..,.,OvO Smlth ,OOO..O7 B. Leman Myers ........ 19 J. Leman rrrr Woertz ....., Zobrist ,v,rr, Gerber rr,.,r.. Honeg .rrr..,, Burrell ...... Team ....,,,,. Av. Pts. F.T. F.G. F.T. F.'r.M. P.F. T.P. Game 172 100 50 60 444 18.5 66.7 86 79 51 70 251 10.46 60.7 92 25 27 53 209 8.7 48.08 67 35 48 41 169 7.04 42.2 37 32 22 33 106 4.6 59.3 15 18 14 52 48 2.4 55.5 15 13 22 37 43 2.26 37.1 4 8 1 0 11 3.67 75. 8 0 8 8 6 .9 .0 1 1 1 2 8 1. 50. 1 0 0 8 2 1. .0 0 0 0 8 0 .0 .0 0 0 0 1 0 .0 .0 -24 493 306 239 358 1292 53.83 56.1 Junior Varsity FRONT ROW: J. Whittington, J. Hohulin, L .Eades, D. Eyman, B. Noll J Smith T Lightfoot SECOND ROW: M. Myers, B. Herschel, C. R. McDonald, V. Froman, L. Clark, D. Engel B Honeg W Zobrist J Leman VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Benson Washington Morton Roanoke Washburn Metamora Farmington E1 Paso Washburn Chillicothe Benson Dunlap Morton Roanoke Chillicothe El Paso Metamora Washington Dunlap Tremont fForfeitD ILLIO TOURNEY 51 Farmington COUNTY TOURNEY 57 Benson Roanoke Washburn REGIONAL TOURNEY Eureka 45 Peoria Man l Baseball---1953 FRONT ROW: B. Romersberger, B. Wilder, F. Reeser, R. Grihith, D. Hohulin, S. Hohulin, T. Klaus K. Burrell. SECONFD ROW: L. Melaik, B. Hohulin, E. Knecht, P. Watkins, F. Woertz, B. Hamil- ton, E. Tabor, F. Myers, Mr. Thommen. Events if Zf'fWff U! iff! wwf' 'if 4,,4.,f L,4.J-J School Calendar AUGUST: 31-Teachers' Workshop SEPTEMBER: 15-PAT. A. meeting 18-First football game: Deer Creek-Mackinaw-here Cwe wonl 21-Assembly program by "The Romers," vocal trio 22-F. F. A. initiation 25-Morton-here fwe wonj OCTOBER: 2-Chillicothe-there fwe lost! 6-7-Operetta, "The Fortune Teller" 8-Illio Conference dinner 10-Metamora--there fwe lostj 12--B-squad game with Morton Cwe lostl g Senior Flunk Day 15-Stunt Show 16-Homecoming: Dunlap-here Qwe wonj 20-Freshman initiation: P.-T. A. meeting 22-Freshman party 23-Farmington-here Qwe lostj 24-G. A. A. Playday at Washington 30-Washington-there fwe lostlg end of nine weeks NOVEMBER: 6-El Paso-there fwe lostl 8-14-American Education Week 10-Nautilus Party 11-Armistice Day 13-P.-T. A. Penny Supper 17-P.-T. A. meeting 20-21-Junior Play, "Meet Corliss Archer" 23-24--Senior I. Q. tests 23--Freshman party 24-F. H. A. party 26-27-Thanksgiving vacation DECEMBER: 1-First basketball game: Benson-here Cwe lostj 4-Washington-there fwe lostj 5-Freshman game with Roanoke fwe Wonl 8-Morton-there fwe lostl 10-Illio Conference Banquet 11-Roanoke--here Cwe lostl 3 F. H. A. Christmas Party at Old People's Home 15--P.-T. A. meeting 15-18-Illio conference basketball tournament 15-Farmington-here Cwe lostl 18-Tournament dance sponsored by Student Council 19-Freshman game with Washburn-there: Junior class party 20-Chorus Christmas Vesper program 21-Washburn-here fwe Wonl 22-Band program-here 23-Christmas assembly and party: vacation JANUARY: 5-Metamora-here Cwe lostl 8-Farmington-there fwe lostl 9-El Paso-there fwe Won! 12-Washburn--there fwe lostb 15-Chillicothe--here fwe lostl g end of lst semester 16-Winter Formal 19-Benson-there fwe lost! 3 P.-T. A. meeting 22--Dunlap-there fwe Wonl 23--Morton-here fwe lostl 25-29-Woodford County Tournament at Roanoke 25-Benson-at Roanoke fwe wonl 28-Roanoke-there fwe lost! 29-Washburn at Roanoke Cwe lostj 30-Freshman game with Washburn-here fwe Won School Calendar FEBRUARY 1 1-Marionette show 2-Roanoke-there fwe Wonj 4-Woodford County Chorus Festival at Minonk 5-Chillicothe-there fwe lostj 7-13-Youth Week 9-El Paso here-fwe Wonl 11-Metamora-there Cwe wonj 12-Lincoln's Birthday-no schoolg Local Vocal Contest 13-Ilgreshman game with Hopedale-here Cwe won! 5 F.H.A. Sweetheart ance 16-Washington-here Cwe lostj g P.-T. A. meeting 18-Woodford County Speech Festival at El Paso 19-Dunlap-here Cwe wonj g F. H. A. Sock Dance 20-Freshman game with Morton-hereg P.-T. A. meeting 21-27-Brotherhood Week 25-Race Relations and Brotherhood Assembly 27-District Speech Contestg Freshman game with El Pasog Square Dance sponsored by Junior class MARCH: 1-Regional Tournament at East Peoria-Peoria Manual Cwe lostl 6-District Solo-Ensemble Contest at Morton 6-Freshman-Sophomore Tournament at Hartsburgg San Jose Cwe Wonj 8-Freshman game with Hartsburg-there fwe lostj 5 Woodford Coun- ty Teachers' Institute 9-Woodford County Band Festival at Roanoke 11-Assembly from Eureka College 13-Sectional Speech Contestg Turn-about dance 16-P.-T. A. meeting 18-Latin Banquet APRIL : 2-3-Senior play, "Stage Door g" State Final Speech Contests 5-First baseball gameg Dunlap--there 10--District Music Organization Contest 12-Metamora-there 14-Roanoke-there 16-F. H. A. and F. F. A. trip 19-Farmington-here 20-P.-T. A. meeting 22-23-Student Council Convention in Chicago 23--F. H. A. Mother-Daughter Banquet 24-University of Illinois Scholarship exam 26-Tremont-thereg F. F. A. Father-Son Banquet 27-Illio Track Meet at Metamora 28--Washburn-there 30-State Solo-Ensemble Music Contest MAY : 1-State Music Organization Contestg District Tennis Tournament 3-Morton-here 4-Woodford County Track Meet at Metamora 6--Roanoke-here 8--District Track Meet 12-Washburn--here 14-State Final Golf, Tennis, and Track Contests 15-Junior-Senior Banquet 17-Washington-there 18-P.-T. A. meeting 21-Spring Concert 23-Baccalaureate 24-Chillicothe-there 26-27-Final Exams 28-Graduation Senior Class Play --- 1953 r.--W The Senior Class of '53 presented the three-act play, "Our Miss Brooks," at eight o'clock April 23 and 24, 1953, in the high school auditorium. The cast of twenty gave an entertaining performance under the direction of Miss Shirley Keller. ONE-ACT PLAYS-1953 The Boor Mr. Snoop Gets Murdered He Ain't Done Right by Nell Junior Class Play---1953 The Junior class presented the amusing comedy, "Meet Corliss Archer," on November 20 and 21, 1953, with CAST Corliss: Jean A ll e n , Janet Eastman. Mr. Archer: Donald More- land, Bill Traver. Mrs. Archer: SharonJanssen. Louise: Diane Stein- berg. Mildred: I n a Owen, Evelyn Dubree. Dexter: Darrell Eyman, Miss Shirley Keller directing. CAST Mr. Franklin: Frank Gerber. Mrs. Franklin: Barbara Scharp: Cousin Agnes: Marlene Hart- ter. Doctor: Ronald Hammond. Betty: Betsy Roehm. Nurse: Bar- bara Willis. Bob Bishop. 1. Dubree, Roehm, Bishop, Eastman. 2. Eyman, Allen, Owen. 3. Gerber, Janssen, Scharp, Traver, Eyman, Allen. 4. Hartter, Traver, Janssen. 5. Allen, Steinberg, Janssen. Senior Class Play --- 1954 FRONT ROW Dorothy Imhoif, Mary Lynn Brown, Nancy Herschel, Edith Grusy, Margaret Taylor Janice Ulrich MIDDLE ROW: Norma Gerrish, Mary McCutcheon, Dick Baner, Ardith Kauffman Jim Frerichs Jane Heiken Caioll Zimmerman. BACK ROW: Melvin Geiger, Jerry Lyons, Bonnie Miller Bob Leman Barbaia Roth Bob Gresham, Dick Reesman, Virginia Karl, Connie Noecker, Mary Crider, Gene Keidel Jac quinot Collins George Thorn, Doris Bechtel, Sam Hohulin, Carol Blunier, Ernie Knecht. "Stage Door," a three-act comedy with a cast of thirty Was pre sented by the Senior class on April 2 and 3, 1954, under the able direction of Miss Shirley Keller. Olga Brandt . Mattie . Mary Harper . Mary McCune . Bernice Niemeyer Madeleine Vauclain Judith Canfield Ann Braddock Kaye Hamilton Jean Maitland . Bobby Melrose Louise Mitchell Susan Page . Pat Devine . Kendall Adams Tony Gillette . Ellen Fenwick Mrs. Orcutt Frank . . Sam Hastings . Jimmy Devereaux Fred Powell . Lou Milhauser David Kingsley Keith Burgess . Dr. Randall . Larry Westcott Billy . . Adolph Gretzl . Terry Randall Cast of Characters . Dorothy Imhoff Carol Blunier . Edith Grusy Margaret Taylor Nancy Herschel . Barbara Roth . Virginia Karl Caroll Zimmerman Jacquinot Collins Connie Noecker Doris Bechtel Norma Gerrish . Bonnie Miller Mary McCutcheon Jane Heiken Mary Lynn Brown Janice Ulrich . Mary Crider Ernie Knecht . Sam Hohulin . Bob Leman Bob Gresham Dick Reesman . Jim Frerichs . Dick Baner . Jerry Lyons George Thorn Melvin Geiger . Gene Keidel Ardith Kauffman Operetta Snaps CAST OF CHARACTERS Fresco, George Thorn, Count Bere- zowske, Don Morelandg 1st Agent, John Lemang 2nd Agent, Larry Melaikg 3rd Agent, Bill Honegg Lt. Timar, Jerry Lyons, Jack Kel- ler, Lt. Almir, Dick Reesmang Wan- da, Jean Allen, Connie Noeckerg Vera, Edith Grusy, Mary Lynn Browng Irma, Mary McCutcheon, Vyra Kauff- man, Capt. Ladislaus, Dick Baner, Bob Bishop, Sandor, Leroy Clark, Bob Lemang Musette, Virginia Karl, Boris, Bill Traver, Gene Keidelg Vaninka, Mary Crider, Dorothy Im- hoffg Mme. Pompon, Carolyn Purdy, Nancy Herschel. 115 Operetta cast and chorus, 129 Mary Crider and Bill Traver, 133 Dorothy Imhoff and Gene Keidcl 143 Dick Bzxner, Jerry Lyons, Carolyn Purdy and Dick Reesman, 155 Virginia Karl and Bob Loman 161 Bob Bishop and Nancy Herschel, 171 Bill Honeg, Larry Melaik and John Leman 181 Ballet ,quls Don Mole land and George Thorn, 191 Mary Lynn Brown and Jack Keller, 1101 Vl1,2'lHl3 Karl and Leroy Claik 1113 Orchestra, 1121 Gypsy Chorus. UwQQrmf2H DARNELL BUICK Phone 135W EUREKA, ILLINOIS PEORIA ENGRAVING CO. PEORIA, ILLINOIS EUREKA PRINTING 8g STATIONERY CO. Printers and Binders of the "Hornet" ongratulations Future Farmers of America F. F. A. Members Bachman, Verne Bauman, Don Bradle, Stanley Dildine, Bill Engel, Dick Frank, Richard Froman, Virgil Getz, Allan Gibson, Eugene Horn, Don Householter, David Knecht, Richard Litwiller, Wendell Miller, David Miller, Fred Peterson, Wayne Remmert, Richard Rocke, Jerry Advisor President Vice Pres. . . Secretary Treasurer Reporter . Mr. Phillips . . . Melvin Geiger Glenn Wettstein . Bob Gresham . Ernie Knecht Wayne Zobrist LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE EUREKA F. F. A. CHAPTER F. F. A. Members Romersberger, Bill Schieber, Bob Smith, Bob Smith, Ronnie Tabor, Ken Taylor, Crosby I Thompson, David Wabel, Larry Wabel, Ronnie Watkins, Henry Watkins, Paul Wettstein, Ray Wettstein, Wayne Wettstein, Willis Whitmer, Don Wood, Jerry Zimmerman, Ray ANLIKER 81 GETZ FORD SALES AND SERVICE A-1 USED CARS PHONE 108 EUREKA, ILL. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 KAUFFMAN GIFT 8: CARD SHOP PHONE CONGERVILLE DEER CREEK 5810 ILLINOIS G . T . M c G U I R E COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE PHONE 47 EUREKA, ILLINOIS BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF '54 ROBERT SULLIVAN DENTIST COMPLIMENTS WHITTINGTON ELECTRIC CO. PHONE 462W EUREKA, ILLINOIS BEST WISHES To THE CLASS OF '54 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE H. RILEY EUREKA, ILLINOIS W H I T T I N G T O N SHEET METAL SHOP WARM AIR HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING 112 N. Creamery St. Phone 347R EUREKA, ILLINOIS BEN J. JOHNSON COMPLETE SHELLING JOB SHUCK AND COB WAGON TRUCKING Phone 8l7J Eureka, Illinois W I L M E R D Y A R DEPENDABLE INSURANCE TELEPHONE 184 EUREKA, ILLINOIS STUMPF PHARMACY COMPLETE DRUG STORE SERVICE YOUR REXALL STORE Phone 1 EUREKA, ILLINOIS Eureka, Ill. Phone 809J WALTER H. SMITH GENERAL AUCTIONEER Sales Where Service is Ren- dered to Buyer and Seller and to the General Public. None Too Large -- None Too Small Susie' s Restaurant THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD "Where Friends Meet to Eatv FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 396 Eureka, Illinois State Bank of Eureka STRONG FRIENDLY HELPFUL EUREKA, ILLINOIS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE TIRES - BATTERIES - BICYCLES TOYS - SPORTING GOODS Mmm, APPLIANCES TLT?" PHONE 550 DAWSON DRUG STORE Phone 48 EUREKA, ILLINOIS KEENAN SPORT GOODS Headquarters for HONOR SWEATERS EUREKA OFFICIAL AWARD LETTERS Sewing On Free KEENAN SPORTING GOODS 514 Main Street Phone 4-9165 PEORIA, ILLINOIS B. J. FEHR WELDING, BLACKSMITHING and GENERAL REPAIRING PHONE 47 ROANOKE, ILLINOIS " O L I V E R " "First In Farm Machineryi' NEW HOLLAND BALERS MISHLER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phone 37 Roanoke, Illinois WITH ALL GOOD WISHES H . L . D Y A R EUREKA NEWS AGENCY BUS STATION 111 South Main Street EUREKA, ILLINOIS HILLMAN PASTRY SHOP WEDDING CAKES - PARTY ORDERS FANCY PASTRY OF ALL KINDS PHONE 69 Sponsored by Ralph I mhojf Minneapolis-Moline Kaiser-Frazer Machinery Cars GMC Trucks - General Repairing, All Kinds Gibson Home Freezers and Refrigerators . Home Appliances Problems of Farm and Home Talk It Over With KDEHL SALES and SERVICE Phone 518 :: Res. Phone 298W TIMBERLIN E GRAVEL CO. 41Nc.p RCAD GRAVEL :: FILL DIRT Pits Located at CONGERVILLE Call Deer Creek 6210 ED and DICK BADE SELF-SERVICE FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE III DRESS ACCESSORIES - LINGERIE INFANTS' WEAR - YARD DRESS GOODS - NOTIONS - BOYS' WEAR HOSIERY - ELECTRICAL GOODS LIGHT HARDWARE-HOUSEWARE STATIONERY - TOILETRIES CANDY - TOYS B E N F RA N K LI N VVASHINGTON, ILL. F. T. HERBST PHONE 39 Raeuber' s Building Supply Co. LUMRER - PAINT - HARDWARE CUSTOM-BU ILT CABINETS Phone 12301 Deer Creek, Ill. CONGRATULATIONS to CLASS OF '54 A. W. Curtis Dairy DISTRIBUTOR OF ROSZELIXS SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 652 Martin lmplement Company "Everything for the Farmer" REPAIR PARTS AND SERVICES JOHN DEERE TRACTORS ALL FARM IMPLEMENTS G. E. APPLIANCES WILLYS JEEPS, CARS, TRUCKS STATION WAGONS 1954 GMC Hydromatic Trucks Phone 2F2 Roanoke, lll HEYL MOTCR CO. Chevrolet---Oldsmobile---Pontiae , S ssse 5 s - ,wif I H "iii i 5 Qjiili ' t r 1. F . 1 im yr Q 'l, l uunsslllaua F Phone 95 --- Eureka Standard Oil Products Towing Service Best Wishes-Class of '54 Traver Food Market Libby, Frozen Foods Libby's Canned Fruits and Vegetables Wilson's Smoked and Fresh Meats Phone 341 . . the key to 4, if I your future p I E B F kl n used his key . . . and paved th Way Tj, ,, 1 ll th d conveniences we enj y th ough 'I' 54' 1 t ty ff f 'MQ M 9 S X, el , Th dpl th t y h d your 5 we ' 5 , l t pply y l g dult, practical - 5- lg, 5 A A' y,.i w ld. U y r key well . . . that graduates in the -l f ' I Q ' t nay benefit from the better society you Qfr gfplx xp c , ,f , avill have helped create for them. ' I 'A X ' 3 o , I we6aqmZ'Z1!aE 7 ' ' . - Q lr fl 'B Q ""' I ee ' CENTRAL ILLINUIS LIGHT C0 Congerville Grain and Feed Co. Dealers in GRAIN, FEEDS, SEEDS and FENCE GRINDING and MIXING WATER I-IAULIN G Phones: Deer Creek 202 :: Danvers 1710 Under New Management Mahlon and Katherine Zimmerman BUSY CORNER CAFE FINE FOODS PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS Junction Goodfield, U. S. 150-117 Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF GILBERT-COMPTON, INC. GRADING CLEARING DRAINAGE 204 Walnut Street Telephone 517 HAECKERS' RESTAURANT "DICK" "GEORGE" "Where Friends Meet and Eat" Homemade Do-Nuts for Parties or Home Use Do-Nut Sundaes - Home Cooking Delicious Colfee PHONE 78 West Side Square EUREKA SIMPSON-POWELSON LUMBER CO. GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS Lumber - Paint and Accessories Hardware - Tools Barn Equipment - Wall Board Plywood - Plaster Board Cabinets - Topping - Glass Metal Molding - Etc. "Service With a Smile" ED PYLES TRUCK SERVICE "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING Fertilizer Spreading PHONE 301 DEER CREEK, ILL. DELMAR POTTS 8z SONS PLUMBING 8: HEATING Phone 3401 Electric Wiring Sz Appliances Sheet Metal Work 81 Guttering DEER CREEK : ILLINOIS HOHULIN BROTHERS CHAIN LINK WIRE FENCES Ornamental Iron Fences and Porch Railings GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS J. R. WOERTZ GENERAL INSURANCE Car - Truck - Farm Liability Family Liability Congratulations C L A S S 0 F ' 5 4 ear L. Strother Real Estate Insurance Eureka, Illinois 45X 1 f5!l!'4!l2?77k9,06 Z4 I D vdrf si?-ff :N1a15:1:f'. X . s . 5552555-g ji gf:f-,555 Sign your autograph where it will really pay off--on a, Kroger Employment Application. Q "',', -'-' 555:51 f We have excellent positions for intelligent 'j:5igff5.5g5g5gg51jf, young men and women. . .good starting pay, I.. and we'll train you for promotions, too! X11 if ' Kroger offers a, wide variety of interesting, stimulating occupations. You enjoy freedom from monotony in clean pleasant surround- ,,.,.1. ings- You'll find many unusual benefits at Kroger, too. Free retirement program, liberal pront- sharing plan, and steady work with regular pay are just a few of the many reasons it's smart to consider a Kroger career. , Fon ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ACT NOW! Phone or see: Personnel Manager, 111 Persimmon St., Phone 3-3633. Outside see, Kroger Store ager. COMPLIMENTS OF Samuel G, Harrod STATE'S ATTORNEY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF "54" John Keller 8: Sons U READY MIX CONCRETE SAND AND GRAVEL CONCRETE PRODUCTS Eureka, Ill. Phone 250 COMPLIMENTS OF Eureka Ben Franklin Store VIRG CHAMBLISS Goodfield State Bank COMMERCIAL BANKING OF ALL TYPES Capital Surplus 325,000.00 310,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation E L M E R G I N Z E L GENERAL TRUCKING Livestock - Limestone - Grain Phone 21912 : Eureka EUREKA FARMERS CO-OP. ASSN. Dealers In GRAIN, FEEDS, FENCE SEEDS 81 SALT Phone 46 Joe Leman, Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT E. MULLINS Phone 125L Order Today D Y A R "TOP QUALITY" SEED CORN AND SMALL SEEDS DYAR HYBRID SEED CORN CO. 4 Miles N. E. of Metamora COMPLIMENTS OF DR. J. W. RILEY CONGERVILLE HARDWARE CONGERVILLE, ILLINOIS Phone 210, Deer Creek, Illinois EUREKA PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Theme for 1953-1954 "ALERT TO CHANGING TIMES" Object: "To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and community." Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month, 7:30 P. M. COMPLIMENTS OF THE C 81 L SUPERETTE "Clara and Lawrence Zimmerman" GROCERIES - MEATS EUREKA, ILLINOIS Hours - Week Days, 8:00 a. m. to 9:00 p. m Sundays, 8:00 a. m. to 6:00 p. m. Hearty Congratulations to 1954 Class HAN GARTN ER 86 BITTN ER john Deere, Maytag, Westinghouse Dealer GCODFIELD, ILLINCIS When You Buy Life Insurance Get the Most for Your Money Country Life Insurance Gives You Lowest Cost ancl Greatest Security Duane Genre U d R Lge Member of Illinois n erwriters, ound Table High School Chorus Department Hornet Patrons LEEDS-ELLIOTT BLUNK'S BARBER SHOP PRODUCERS DAIRY K EN CRA WFORD'S DECORATING SERVICE E. R. MOORE AND COMPANY STUMPF'S COUNTRY STORE OF GIFTS AND FURNISHINGS DR. MEL-VIN I. GLICK BILL LUDWIG MR. AND MRS. P. N. LYONS ROLL'S TRUCK STOP MILLER GARAGE Congerville, Illinois GOODFIELD AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE BEETSCHEN'S STORE Guodfield, Illinois KNAPP SERVICE STATION Goodfield, Illinois I To the Class 0f1954 I Congratulations! I BILL 8 MAC'S ' Standard srarinn ' Phone 124 I I I BEST WISHES To CLASS OF'54 Otto Wagner Eureka Beauty Shop The stcret of a smart coiffure lies in the molding of the hair in lines that are the loveliest for you. FOR APPOINTMENT CALL 2 3 1 CONGRATULATIONS and MUCH SUCCESS tothe CLASS OF '54 lil Illinois Builders Material Co. Roanoke, Illinois SPIES OF CHICAGO "Best Class Rings Made" Class Jewelry Senior Announcements Club Pins Trophies - Medals - Diplomas FRANK HYSON, Rep. George Spies lndustries, lnc. 3729 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago 18, Ill Bnrehett Studio, I ne. 234 S. Jefferson Peoria, Illinois Phone 3-3242 Maker of Fine Portraits GOODFIELD GRAIN 81 FEED CO. HONEGGER'S FEEDS - GRAIN TIGER BRAND SEED GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS PHONE 11303 Pete Plattner - Sol Rassi SCHUMACHER 81 GRIMM CARS - CHEVROLETS - TRUCKS Auto Bxdy Repairing GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS ,- COMPLIMENTS C . N . B R A D L E GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS NAUMAN'S SUPER MARKET Congratulates Eureka Grade and High School Students AL NAUMAN Phone 608 Eureka THE WOODFORD COUNTY JOURNAL 32.50 A YEAR PRINTING 8z PUBLISHING EUREKA, ILLINOIS R C A RADIOS - TELEVISION Victor - Decca - Capital - Columbia Records ROBINSON'S RADIO LAB. EUREKA, ILLINOIS "DICK" KING INSURANCE SERVICE EUREKA, ILLINOIS TREMONT BLACKSMITH SHOP WELDING - BLACK SMITHING REPAIRING Reo Power Lawn Mowers, Roof Weed Mowers, Goodall Rotary Mowers, Roto- Hoe Garden Tillers, Lombard Chain Saws, Sales and Service. PHONE 200 Give Your Automobile A the BEST IN LUBRICATION at Woodford County's Most Complete and Up-to-Date Service Station. Rog Mc Russ TRADE WHERE THE SERVICE IS SNAPPY AND THE BOYS ARE HAPPY Woodford County Service Company PHONE 40 EUREKA, ILLINOIS SCI-IRDCK Fertilizer Service CONGERVILLE Phone: Deer Creek 801 - Danvers 333 "A FARM SERVICE ORGANIZATION" "Fertility That Fits" Tailor-made for Each Field Each Crop Each Farm CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ,54 FOSTER JEWELRY 109 South Main Street EUREKA, ILLINOIS ILLINI MOTOR COURT EUREKA, ILLINOIS OTTO-ARGO FUNERAL HOME D. H. ARGO A. H. OTTO EUREKA T9 DANVERS 2 FOR FINE CANDIES, LUNCHES, REFRESHMENTS, GO TO MICHAEIRS SWEET SHOP PHONE80 EUREKA, ILLINOIS B R O W N S PEORIA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 240 S. JEFFERSON AVE. The only school in Peoria specializing in qualifying high school graduates for top business positions of all kinds. ASK FOR 1954 SCHOOL CATALOG A. R. BEARD, Director Don't Throw Them Away . Repair Them Today! SHOES - LACES - POLISH RUBBER FOOTWEAR - MEN'S SOCKS SCHOLL'S FOOT COMFORT REMEDIES PARSON'S SHOE SALES 81 SERVICE EUREKA, ILLINOIS ' N I C K E L 8z R O T H BLUE RIBBON STORE QUALITY GROCERIES AND MEATS Birdseye Frozen Foods EUREKA, ILLINOIS PIFER HARDWARE EUREKA,S MODERN STORE Best of Merchandise - Reasonable Prices Efficient and Courteous Service 205 South Main Street Phone 140 Compliments of OlDea9s Cleaners .... ,7Lwwl5fdd4m2ZWL, Q I 0 in the United Stafesl : and Canada : 0ooooooooocooo0OO00 Phone 2 Phone 125 Roanoke, Illinois Toluca, Illinois Compliments of DICKINSCN LUMBER CO. "Everything for the Builder" PHONE 27 EUREKA, ILL. Unit District 140 Builds Your Education Let J. B. SNYDER M SON BUILD YUUR HOME rl..... Congratulations To The Class of '54 0 Q Juices - Vegetables - Fruits Canned Meats - Salmon - Pickles Olives - Condiments Baby Foods - Frozen Foods Loon 'ro Fon Pnnrnerlou COMPLIMENTS OF W I T T M E R ' S EUREKA'S APPLIANCE SHOP ROANOKE VARIETY STORE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ROANOKE, ILLINOIS DR. L. G. MELAIK DENTIST EUREKA, ILLINOIS E . L A R S O N CHAIR RENTAL SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF DR. CHARLES W. MULLENIX SAUDERS AT ROANOKE FINE FURNITURE Established in the Confidence of the Community Since 1907 MEYER MEAT MARKET 109 COMMERCIAL SQUARE WASHINGTON, ILLINOIS At the A Sz P Store NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. 109 Years of Protection A LOREN P. KESLER REPRESENTATIVE 108 E. Conover Avenue Telephone 41 EUREKA, ILLINOIS 9 Compliments of BEN R. TANNER Contractor ancl Builder GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS Phones 88 1 1 Hearty Congratulations to the 1954 Class HARPER 86 SAUDER Your International Harvester - Maytag Dealer I Eureka and Metamora BEN P. MARTIN 8: SON IMPLEMENT CO. MASSEY HARRIS - NEW IDEA Sales and Service ROANOKE, ILLINOIS Phone 10F23 COMPLIMENTS HIGH SCHOOL BUSINESS DEPARTMENT FOR STANDARD PRODUCTS CALL R . E . R 0 S E M A N 3 4 2 EUREKA, ILLINOIS S T O P ' N S H O P "FANNIE MAY" and "MRS, STEVEN'S,' CANDIES "Norcross" Cards and Gift Wraps Gifts - Stationery - Novelties M. SMITH L. SMITH G A R B E R ' S A. W. GARBER, Prop. Modern Food Market - Frozen Food Lockers Try Our Own Ice Cream BOX 158 - PHONES 12 8: 15 METAMORA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF WALT'S SHELL SERVICE PHONE86 WALT METTE, Proprietor GEORGE .STROMBERGER Your CLOTHIER AND CLEANER in EUREKA, ILLINOIS PHONE 94 EUREKA LOCKER SERVICE KAT YOUR SERVICEJ BUTCHERING, CURING, PROCESSING CFOr Lockers and Home Freezersj FROZEN FOODS-FRESH LARD--MEATS LOCKERS AVAILABLE Owner, Geo. Robenstein Phone 454 HORIZONS unlimited . . . Look in any direction . . . look north . . . south . . . east . . . west. Anywhere . . . everywhere, thereis an opportunity. You can set your sights on any goal you choose, and pursue it as diligently as you wish. This is your heritage because you are an American. You are one who can freely seek . . . and whose opportunity it is to find . . . your fortune. This is your priceless birth- right. What you do with it is up to you. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO H. F. Ogan AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATES FURNISHED All Metal Work - Roofing 8z Spouting Colonial Warm Air Furnaces Phone 364 Eureka, Ill. Eureka Auto Body Eureka, Illinois BODY Sz FENDER REPAIRING Complete Paint Job SAFETY GLASS Cut and Installed, Any Make or Model Phone 513 Lester Kenagy l. F. Dooley BLACKSMITH and WELDING lj PORTABLE WELDING PHONE 617 HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 Eureka Hardware Co. Your GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SEIGLER HEATER and CHIEF PAINT DEALER D Eureka, Illinois R. G. Herbst J. W. Leman Reach for " . . .,.. .-..-,. --.-: """ A... -W , .... 'L --, ... A, 4 , " -'-. L . , "AV f: "44 ....-,, : " .'., . .,.,- 5 f -: '--- f- "'-'-" f """ ' Emerg Packed! HALF GALLON BULK Roanoke Veterinary Hospital Residence Phone 36 Office Phone 6 BOARDING KENNELS Approved Foods SILAS KEMPF, D. V. M. Roanoke, Illinois Eureka Greenhouse and Flower Shop CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS WEDDING BOUQUETS FUNERAL DESIGNS lj Candlelabra, Palms and Ferns For Rent Mr. and Mrs. Francis Flanagan Phone 252 Eureka, Illinois Carl Johann INSURANCE REAL ESTATE - LOANS PHONES: Ofiice 320 Residence 101 Schumacher Jewelry A Complete Line of DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY SILVERWARE, CHINA AND GIFTS III "A Safe Place to Buy a Fine Diamond' OVER 33 YEARS OF SERVICE Phone 246, Eureka Roanoke, Ill

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