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rf xc 1 ,UV H., ,. , ,. , -J I. rg ,L- f x 1 V , 1 :Af 1 ak,- 4 1 w ..g. 1 r J, K ' f gif 1 Qiijif H . ., X x 'I 1 PIMKQP ,.-w:1:L1C""'e??l'i'-1 1'957g'f-Q1 :f'5,f-fx'gi 'C 551,111 'ff' 5 -,.E..vf,,,,,g -,, ,:, -. Wi. WK , 'S , . , I . XX X. . . N .qgw 5: V ,- g . V Q: . .52k:3fx'f Q Q K Q I A w Q s ,x ,1 4-,gp v A, 1.-vs v,-Q 55-,!r,:yf.: ' M .',..,:?5g:' Q +14 'Ext - N J, J-.'.. ,r - 1 . .ug , 2 4 ,-, '-,L rf . ' J .hy ,aa ...Msg 1. , J, i. 5 a Lf L ki-'28 V, 1 - 42, W 4 fail- ' ,fl 'viii la? , .., .I ,Nl K 229 gi-ll ., Y 3 .e.,31,,N f ' ' r ww -,, . ,J M- , x " "' .4 , .,A. ,,- I -Es , -r. 1-133, it" , ,..A31ibETS:lll5.iUQfiiZ5fBn'.r.'L.Z.i Liv, - I 1 Y, -v -. --,f .23 r Mvzfff-mb ff1an.3Lr.Ki1.Ini'1fizi2!HZi:iQ ' ildnkiilsii-3. ' ' T H E H O R N E T Volume VIII EUREKA, ILLINOIS May, 1953 Na mum 5,4 f Edited by the Senior Class of Eureka - - - Congerville - - - Goodiield THE 1-1oRNET STAFF EDITOR .... RUTH KING ASSISTANT EDITORS Literary ...... Doreen Zimmerman Makeup . . Joy Bittner, Anna Lou Buenger Picture . . . . Anna Lou Buenger Sports . . . Tom Klaus Art .... . . Bob Taylor Business Manager . . Sue Johann Circulation Manager ...... Harriet Myers Chief Typists . Business- David Hohulin Mida Knapp Warren White Audrey Brubaker Eva Stromberger Richard Stoller David Bowald Marilyn Adams Darlene Adams Doreen Zimmerman, Anna Lou Buenger Makeup- Nancy Gerber Shirley Schumacher Harriet Myers Doreen Zimmerman Art- Louis Ferguson Maxine Siverly Walter Woosley Circulation- J oe Genre Ronnie Janssen Richard Crawford Nancie Heyl Typist- Edith Patton Ida Mae Steffen VIC Fehf' Doreen Zimmerman Sports- fglfg'yKI1gIigp Richard stoner Daryl Nichols John Smlth Jim O'Marah Frank Reeser Milton Sherman -Contributors- . Wilma Ales Merlyn Getz Yvonne Ammerman Roger Griflith Donna Brubaker Mary Krumholz Gene Collins Walter Kuebler Delores Cordes Janice McGilvary Eugene Detweiler Luke Rastetter Carol Geers Q Mae Sandstrom Eugene Tabor Harold Sauder Karen Taylor Jim Stalter Bill Tower Pat Wenniger Bob Wettstein Geraldine Zimmerman Faculty Advisor ..... Edward L. Major Official Photographers . Homer B. Reesman, William Lamb Printer . . Eureka Printing and Stationery Company Engraving . . . . Peoria Engraving Company 1.-1'-ifa..u 1 . ' 1 ' ' uf .yu L X N .LEU "Lis, . ' Y ' tw - ' -- . ' U51 'J gl?-5' I 2 lv '- , J, i E 'w' fi 's -- - a . - 5 -. rl4i."' i "7-.z:1f 'M i.. 'N , . Weil, 1, A so X l ,-in 'J Nr N 5- .- ' me 3 ' :llg,.:f3,,:g, - -1 f-9 u,-ffiigg 13, 1 -' - , 'Mx 21" " 'F' 253551555 5 '- 7 - 3 a 5 5 3 -M " 5 1 I ' I3 f-fa, l M ' Y 14"- ,-i -' 2 , V Q 1' 3, .- 'i:!!f2i:2 - - ---- ---- 1: gm' . - ' " """' ias:12if2":. ' 23: ,. ' --ff: - .5 'E -fwfr., ,. 'YQ - 4-1 -gg:--'fa"E -' , . - 51 inet? E fa, X- 'f'.., my-1, , X 41.2.25 gifs-'wvwaf , 1 -S2rfzr's ,1f X f' 2 fkiiisa. -.--. - 2 rr "'- 4 QP cu 4' .. J 'Q -111 5:25:53 "" . H ' 'TEL 42"-" - ' . . 'QMS 'figigifgfggzl " - 1 -ywiqff Q . rw as fi .,.4'.T,i l r , aff' O ,, .I lu-V-,, vl - ti - :Ez-51'-H " 11 ifaeisieaiifzf v X V+ ' 5 '+ 51 'Ng 13515-35355312 'X 'l"i'L-'-'-' H ' 'l ii -' - HEI:-5:5925 rv- , 'i'F12E'1sa:f ' - :' f ' ,,c, 'SQ - easibuuiisa ' - . .?: .f ?9f.3'1Xn f-,. 5-1,- .sssarssnissa 1 - -- - 1 ' Ig: Q, Q - ilu -".1k,i2E5!sSff555 1 Q . 3: ,L iga X w A .,:-gi g 1. 5 l. 1 : -L5'E - -L ', 1 15 .N . ., ,, .v ' 4 va 2. . - --- - 1 1 1 '1 -4-11--.PJ - ' -.-- L- wr' I ' M. Q " 'ff - J-.P ,,,,,,,.,.- !-- m s .-f -.' mmummuuuuuv ""'v""'1U"""'MH""' '-V 1- .V ' 'fc - sa .4 1 -i i- ,,-rTm""1"""'f'fII1mrl1l'.llf-f, f'- .1 J, A Q. -if it nunmw ui--u rung-.W-1 u.pun1mmnuv-mi Lx- jcl..1l:I',, ,i "Y '. Ju W- "" 'QV' H, " ".-' l':fW'- --..vqa,.,, X .Zi f FOREWORD As time is going at a rapid pace, so are we, try- ing to crowd every meaningful moment into this yearbook. We hope as the race of time is being run, that you will never let the cherished and fond memories recorded in this book he crowded from your mind. They say of the Old Woman who lived in a shoe She had so many kids she didn't know what to do. Now if you think she ever had woe Just look through our hook and you'll find it so, That Unit 140 sure needs to go For more do ...... re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do. DEDIC ATION We, the class of '53, dedicate our edition of the Hornet to two very de- serving recipients. First, to Mr. Rees- man, who has helped us so much by devoting the biggest share of his time to taking the pictures which appear in this book. As a vote of thanks for all the friendly and tedious labor he has given us, each and every one of us wishes him the best of luck and happiness in the future. We, the class of '53, also wish to dedicate this, the eighth edition of the I-Iornet, to Mrs. Naffziger. During the four years that she has been the office secretary and we have been stu- dents in the High School, she has al- ways willingly rendered her services to the utmost when called upon. Being the fine person that she is we wish her every success. :jg wmv f ,115 ,5g+.Kg:g?g:ga':yay:.3 , I1-3gg:'i,1p1?3?.f,i K K K K K K K V ' - K - ' 'K f 'G'-f'5M,ewzxf!ffK.fKQ15 Administration... xl- i ,nav-' ff, sb, ,gg .1 4- 1:5 N ... ii fi -'L Ka Y! aT 5. '1 'A + K. 52.3 a 43 S . is fi S 5 I Q VI . , X 1 AV 1 . ' V I I ' x " . .. Q . , ,Q .. ' . W , 1 ,' ' X . n . 5 1 E , 0 4 , , 5 N,r is V 'QP ,vi . .q 'Q in If 5,5 T532 mfg '12 1555 QF.: .15 .-1 Q. ' K:K..f They make the good old school tick, They are the finest of the pick. BOARD OF EDUCATION-UNIT DISTRICT NO. 140 FRONT ROW-Mr. Leslie Whitmer, Mr. Ralph Imhoff, Mr. T. E. Wiggins, Mr. Sam Bechtel. SECOND ROW-Supt. Tilman R. Smith, Mr. Earl Reel, Mr. Kenneth Cross, Mr. Roy Kuntz. During the past four years, these interested citizens have built the foundations and determined the educational policies for Unit District 140. They have given generously of both time and energy to meet their goal of a better education for all the children of all the people. They are spend- ing long hours in the making of plans to expand our physical plant and equipment to meet the coming onrush of young citizens. in EDUCATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL UNIT DISTRICT NO. 140 FRONT ROW-Mr. Walter King, Mr. Nathan Scharp, Mrs. Viola Leman, Mrs. Kay Weyeneth, Mrs. Evelyn Daniels, Mr. Melvin Guenerich. SECOND ROW--Mrs. Caroline Rokey, Mr. Ralph Litwiller, Mrs. Ruth Johann, Mrs. Virginia Argo, Mrs. Lois Hohulin, Mrs. Helen B. Major. THIRD ROW-Mrs. Gertrude Gresham, Mr. T. H. Brock, Mr. J. B. Schrock, Mr. Harvie Meier. FOURTH ROW-Mr. Harold Crump, Mr. Robert Goetzinger, Mr. Paul Buenger. NOT PRESENT-Mrs. Charlotte Barker, Mrs. J. E. Coplan Mr. Milton E. Fehr, Mrs. Therry Hays, Mr. Tom, Howell, Mr. Aaron Moser, Mrs. Margaret Nickel, Mr. George W. Riley, Mr. Warren A. Romersberger, Mr. Charles M. Smith, Mr. John D. Troyer, Mr. Gerald Harper. In this their third year, this group of interested citizens meet once a month with the Board of Education and the school staff to map out a program which will further meet the needs of all the children of all the people. The Educational Council is made up of representatives from the various geographical areas and social groups Within the Unit. It is a proving ground for ideas, a place Where ideas may be exchanged, in- terpreted, and evaluated in the light of their efect on all the children of all the people. MR. SMITH Mr. Smith, Superintendent of District 140, has the over-all responsi- bility to see that every thing clicks. The buses must run. Lunch must be served on time. All schools of the District must be visited. Supplies must be purchased and distributed. An over-all educational policy must be conceived and executed. With all the heavy load, he is never too busy to help a student , a teacher, or an administrator Work out a satisfactory solution to a problem. In all of these activities, Mr. Smith gives Without restraint of his time and energy. Mr. Kenneth Cable is the principal of the Eureka High School. The 1952-53 term is his eighth year of service. Mr. Donald Defenbaugh has served as principal of the Goodfield Grade School. He has just completed his first year. Mr. William Rossiter, prin- cipal of the Davenport Grade School, has been with us for two years. Mr. James Allen has been principal of the Congerville Grade School for the past three years. For some men three score and ten Are needed to make a mgark. Others in one score and ten Can leave an imprint That will last on through the years. Mahlon Saxton University of Nebraska Conservatory of Music, Leipzig Conservatory of Music Brussels The 1952-53 school year com- pletes twenty-one years of teach- ing for Mr. Saxton. He holds band classes in Eureka, Goodfield and Congerville. Albert Hammond B. S., Central Missouri Teachers College Mr. Hammond is in his twelfth year of teaching commercial courses-typing, shorthand, book- keeping, and oiiice practice. Edward L. Major B. A., Eureka College M. A., University of Illinois For twenty years, Mr. Major, an alumnus of Eureka High, has faith- fully served in the capacity of World History, American History, Civics and Economics teacher. We also owe him a debt of thanks for the long hours spent advising the Hornet Staff and Senior Class. Q A. B., Bradley University Mary Jenkins During Miss Jenkins' nine y ars at Eureka High, she has taught all girls' physical education classes and also has classes in the grade school. She is also faculty advisor to the Girls' Athletic Association. Homer Reesman B. S., Eureka College M. S., University of Illinois Mr. Reesman, instructor of Gen- eral Science, Biology, and Chem- istry, has been an active member of the faculty for nine years. Much of his time is taken up each year as photographer -for the Hornet, for which the Seniors are very grateful. Vance Emory B. Ed., Illinois State Normal University M. A., Bradley University This being Mr. Emorys' seventh year at Eureka High, he has filled the position as teacher of Indus- trial Arts I, II, and III. He also has a class of seventh grade boys at Davenport School. Rex Wallick A. B., Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity M. A., Bradley University Mr. Wallick has been giving his services at Eureka High for seven years. He coaches football, track, and is assistant coach of basket- ball. He also instructs Freshman Algebra- and Math. I. Margaret Sullivan B. S., Bradley University M. S., Iowa State College This year marks Mrs. Sullivan's sixth year as teacher of Homemak- ing I, II, and III. She also teaches a seventh grade class in this field and is advisor to the Future Home- makers of America. X -wkrt? Arthur Phillips B. S., University of Illinois Mr. Phillips has been instructor of Agricultural Classes at Eureka for Hve years. He is faculty ad- visor to the F.F.A. and the Junior Class. Frances Douglas B. Ed., Illinois State Normal University Besides teaching English II classes and filling the capacity as librarian, Miss Douglas is advisor to the Senior Class. She has served two years in the Eureka High School. wifi' Mary Clark B. A., Monmouth College As instructor of the vocal music department activities, Miss Clark also teaches music at Goodfield and Congerville Grade Schools. This marks her second year at Eureka High. Jean Vitzthum B. S., B. Ed., Illinois State Nor- mal University Completing her second year at Eureka High, Miss Vitzthum has taught English I and Latin I and II, She is also faculty advisor of the Nautilus and Sophomore Class. fx Shirley Keller A. B., Eureka College Miss Keller has just completed her first year at Eureka. She teaches English III, IV, and Speech. She also directs the dramatic pre- sentations of the school, and is advisor to the Freshman Class. Edward Thommen B. S., Eureka College This year of 1952-53 completes Mr. Thommens' first year of teach- ing here. He teaches Mathematics and Physics, and is coach of bas- ketball and baseball and is assist- ant football coach. Mr. Thommen is also faculty advisor to the Freshman Class and Student Coun- cil. He has done advanced work at New York University. Mrs. Scharp is completing her first year as the able secretary of Superintendent Smith. TOP ROW - Walter Flana- gan, Davenport Grade Schoolg Ervin Meyer, Davenport Grade School, Josh Nohl, Goodfield Grade Sehool. SECOND ROW-Bert Whit- man, Eureka High Sehoolg Peter Oyer, Congerville Grade Sehoolg George Adams, Eu- reka lligh School. BUS DRIVERS- FRONT ROW g Dallas Ro- land, Paul Lightfoot, Guil- ford Zook, Ivan Zook. SECOND ROW - Carl Jo- hann, Mike Miller, Emil Kel- ler, Kenneth Crawford, Dan- iel Knapp. We Sure Need More Room! 1. Clickety-clack. 2. Know your alphabet. 3. Interesting ? 4. Anvil Chorus. 5. You peeked! 6. Look at the shavings ! niors w 5 , ' xv' ' V I .k,. X, X EY E X TN XNTX ff x N J 1 f X M Click! 2"'E'71'7l'7lTE MARILYN ADAMS "I ha.te boys, they irritate me, I love to be irritated." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, Stunt Show 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Nau- tilus 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, Class Officer 2, 4, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Librarian 3, Hornet Staff. DOREEN ZIMMERMAN "Eyes that twinkle, feet that danoef' Class Touruumen 1, 2, 3: Stunt Show 1, PHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Jlfnlor Pluyf One Act Play 3, 4qlNaun3ms 1. 2, 3, 4, 7 GAA , L,!'!, Class Officer 4, Student unuil 1, 2 CSecre- t HJ, fVice Presidentj, Stuff, Homecoming que 4, Queen Attendant 2. dt K DABLENE ADAMS "My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." Stunt Show 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 8, Chorus 4, Hornet Staff, Operetta 4. YVONNE AMIMERMAN "Silence is golden." Class Tournaments 2, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. 'S1aff. FRANK REESER "Wealthy in friends." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Of- firl-r 1, 2, 4, Hornet Staff, Lettormen's Club 2, 3, 4. AUDREY BRUBAKER "If silence were golden I'd be poor all my life." Class T0lll'I1!1lli10ptS 1, 2 34 Stunt Show -1 ' 2, 3, 4, 6'HA 1, 2, 32' Junlor Nau- 'mw 115, 3,f1,.i1AA 1, 2, 3, rloadoxy 3, 4, Hornet WII-MA ALES "Gentle, kind and calm." Class Tournament 8, FHA 1, 3, Nautilus 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, Hornet Stal JOY BITTNER "She never paused for lack of words." Class Tournaments P., :I t Show 1, 2, 3, H , 3, Junior Play, s 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA , 8, Student Cou il etaryb, Cho- rus 1 , 4, Madrigal, A Canis O ir, Ensemble 3, OPETQQB 4, Solo 4. DAVID BOWALD "He seems to find his great- est joy in being just an average boy." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 1, Basketball 1, 2, Travk 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, One A4-t Play 4, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Chorus 4, ANNA LOU BUENGER "Somebody bright, somebody sweet, somebody capable, somebody neat. n Class Tournaments 1, 2, 'Stunt Show 1, 2, 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2423, Class Officer 1, SfWlWCOl1UCl 2 1SecretaryJ, J' CTre rer, Preside-ntJ,fflho:y , Or- chesgajk' 3, E., Qiken At- ten 4bVV DOLORES CORDES " A rhapsody of words." Class Tournaments 2, 3, FHA 2, 3, Junior Play, Nautilus 1, 2, Hornet Staff. EUGENE DETWEIIIER "A modest man never talks of himself." Stunt Show 2, Track 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, Class Tournaments 2, 3. DONNA BRUBAKER "Modesty is a diamond set- ting in female beauty." FHA 3, Junior Play, Chorus 1, Hornet Staff 4. GENE COIALINS "A man well dressed is at his best." Basketball 1, Track 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, Chorus 1, 4. RICHARD CRAWFORD "He makes sweet music." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, One Act Play 3, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 1, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal, A Cap- pella, Operetta, Solo 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Letteruien's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. VICTOR FEHR "Action, not speech, proves a man." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. LOUIS FERGUSON "If wise cracks and laughs were part of the course, I'm sure he'd be ahead of the rest of the force." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Show 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25 Track 15 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior P1ay5 One Act Play 45 Student Council 25 Chorus 3, 45 Hornet Staff5 Operetta 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. JOE GENRE "Let his deeds speak for themselves. ' ' Class Tournaments,2, 35 Stunt Show 45 Basketball 3, 45 Track 1, 45 Baseball 15 One Act Play 45 Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 45 Hornet Staff5 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. MERLYN GETZ "I have no cares and work does not bother me." Class Tournaments 2, 3, 45 Stunt Show 3, 45 Track 35 FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Hornet Staff 45 Op- eretta 4. NANCIE HEYL "When beauty is at the bar, blind men make the best juryuu Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Show 15 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior P1ay5 Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 45 GAA 1, 2, 35 Class Officer 15 Chorus 1, 2, 45 Hornet Staf. CAROL ANN GEERS 'To see her is to love her." FHA 35 Hornet Staff5 Queen Attendant 4. NANCY GERBER "Smiling and always ready for a good time." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 35 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4 QEdit01' 4P5 GAA 1, 35 Student Council 1, 25 Hornet Stnff5 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Queen Attendant 1. ROGER GRIFFITH "He worries not5 he hurries not5 his calm is undis- tux-bed." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 45 Stunt Show 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 8, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 15 Chorus 1, 25 Hornet Staff5 Lette-rmen's Club 2, 3, 4. DAVID HOHULIN "Happy go 1ucky5 gay and free5 nothing exists that troubles me." Class Tournaments 2, 3, 45 Stunt Show 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Baseball 45 Nautilus 2, 3, 45 Hornet Staff. RONNIE JANSSEN "It is not good that man should be alone." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 23 Chorus 3. 43 Letterms-u's Club 2, 3, 43 King Attendant 13 Homecom- ing King 4, - J RUTH KING "She knows the bliss of a scholar on report card day." FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 23 Chorus 1, 2, 43 Librarian 33 Hornet Staff fEditorj3 Operetta. JERRY KNAPP "I take things as they come -easy." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Show 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 23 Hornet Staff 43 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. MIDA KNAPP "Good nature must be her nickname." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Show '13 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 tPresi seth QAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Stude ou l'1, 33 Hornet Staff. IS! dl SUE JOHANN "With a wish to do and a will to try." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Show 1, 2, 33 FHA 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Play fPromptressJ3 One Act Play 43 Nautilus 2, 3, 43 GAA 1, 23 Class Officer 23 Chorus 1, 2, 43 Hornet Staffg Operetta QPromptressj3 Or- chestra 3. 4. TOM KLAUS "E'en tho' vanquished, he could argue still." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Show 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2, 43 Nautilus 2, 3, 43 Student Count-il 1, 2, 43 Cho- rus 1, 43 Hornet Staff3 Let- termen's Club 1, 3, 4. KENNETH KNAPP "An eye for an eye3 a tooth for a. tooth3 a, Knapp for a. Knapp." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 13 Nautilus 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3, 43 Hornet Staff 43 Operetta 43 Letter- men's Club 1, 2. MARY ANN KRUMHOLZ "A friendly pal you won't forget.' ' Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4 43 GAA 1, 2, 33 Studen Council 13 Hornet Staff. Stunt Show 23 FHA 1, 2, 3, t WALTER KUEBLER "Never let studies interfere with your educationi ' HARRIIT MEYER As quiet as a, thunder- storm." Class Tournaments 1, 2, Stunt Show 1, 2, , 2, 3, 4, Junior la. , AA 1, 2, 3, chonls 1, 3, 4, Hornet Staff, 0 tta 4, Solo 3. JIM 0'MARAH "It takes brains to be a real clown." Stunt Show 2, Basketball 2, 3, 47 Football 2, One Act Play 4, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3, 4, Chorus 3. 43 Operetta 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, King Attendant 4. LUKE RASTETTER "Faint heart never won fair lady." Class Tournaments 1, 29 Bas- ketball 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, Chorus 1, 23 Hor- net Stud. J' AN ICE McGH..VRAY "How well my nest is fea.thered.' ' Class Tournaments 1, 2, 35 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, ag Class Officer 33 Student Coun- cil 3, 4g Chorus 1, Hornet Staff. DARYL NICHOLS He's quiet, but he's :right there." 11 Class Tournaments 1, 2, 35 Track 2, 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Hornet Staff 4. EDITH PAT T ON "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." Benson 1, 23 FHA 33 Chorus 35 Hornet Staff 4. MAE SAND STROM "Who never gained a title and never lost a. friend." Stunt Show 1, FHA 3, Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, Librarian 8: Hornet Staff. HAROLD SAUDER "Farmers are the founders of civilization." Class Tournaments 1, 25 Stunt Show 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Hornet Staff5 Letter- men's Club 3, 4, MILTON SHERMAN, "Time elaborately thrown away." JOHN SMITH "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." Wisconsin 1, 25 Track 3, 45 Basketball 35 Football 45 Baseball 3, 45 Junior Playg One Act Play 45 Hornet Staff. IDA MAE STEFFEN "In athletics she shines like a star the prowess is eas- 1 1.1 ily seen from afar. Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4 Stunt Show 25 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 GAA 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Hornet Staff5 Op- eretta 4. SHIRLEY SCHUMACHER "She's a. quiet girl, at times." Metamora 1, 25 Class Tour- nament 35 FHA 3, 45 Baud 3, 4: GAA 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Hornet Staff 45 Operetta 45 Orchestra 35 Queen Attend- ant 45 Solo 45 A Cappella 45 Madrigal 45 Ensemble 3, 4. MLAXINE SIVERLY "We flnd in life exactly what we put into it."' FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Nautilus 1, 25 GAA 15 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Librarian 25 Hornet Staff 45 Operetta 4. JIM STALTER "Oh this learning, what a thing it is." Stunt Show 1, 2, 45 Baseball 15 Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 45 Hor- net Staff 4. RICHARD STOLLER "He's a pleasant friendly sort, not too tall, not too short." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 1, 2, 3,'45 Nau- tilus 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- cll 2, ,Chorus 1, 45 Hornet Staff5 Operetta 45 Letter men's Club 2. EVA STROMBERGER "Dark are her eyes as the night, but her spirit con- trasted is as bright as the sunlight." Class Tournam , 2, 3, Stunt Show 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, Jun' lay 3, Nau- tilus , , 4, GAA 1, 2, ' n 2, 3, Hornet 4. BOB TAYLOR "He alms high and will succeed."' Stunt Show 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 8, 43 Hornet Staff 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4. BILL TOWER "He makes the 'best of everything! ' Class Tournaments 1, 2, 33 Baseball CManagerJ 25 Hor- net Staf. WARREN WHITE "Men of few words are the best men." Track 1, 22, 3, 4, Baseball 13 FFA 1, 2, 3 CSec.J, 4 fPres.Jg Lettermezfs Club 3, 4. EUGENE TABOR "Little said is soon amended." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. KAREN TAYLOR ' 'It is no disgrace to be small, 'but mighty lnconvenlentl ' Malden 1, 2, 33 Stunt Show 4: FHA 4: One Act Play 4, Chorus 45 Librarian 4, Hor- net Staff 4. ROBERT WETTSTBIN "Sober, but not serious." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 43 Stunt Show 3, Track 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 43 Cho- rus 3g Hornet Staff 45 Op- eretta 4, Letterme-n's Club 3, 4. PATRICIA WENNING-ER "We know little of thee, but what we know is good." Stunt Show 4, FHA 2, 3, 4, GAA 4, Hornet Sllllf. GERALDINE ZIIDAERMAN WALTER WOOSLEY "A pleasant smile, a win- "Know1edge is power." ning way, but never very much to say." Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 3, Track 1, 2, 4, Class Tournaments 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 4, Stunt Show 1, 49 FHA 1, 2, Class Officer 3, Hornet 8, 43 Nautilus 1, 2, 3, 4: Staif 4. GAA 1, 2, 3g Student Coun- cil 3g Chorus 1, 2, 45 Li brarian 4: Hornet Staff 4. Motto: "Now we lift the anchor, set sail for ports unknown" Colors: Navy Blue and White Flower: American Beauty Red Rose .VV -KHFWW .,.?Wf'? ' . ,. ' 5' ,JM Ng ,AFV ?"??few.F':wZiTFx'v2f'fE2w i?Me1efM:f.fM I f X V ' '-ff., .U "1 'Lv-Iwgr. . .N Q . "ff .fr-' ,155 . , 1 , ' .er ,1 . Q Q ' 1 'I R , n 1 ,.,A sv.. . 'li 1 . . ' 3 , ' , y x A ' Q , . A , 1 x 1 . . , . I - s . . . S . 5 1 f. .n. 1 1 x , . 1 X2 L J! jing v f 4 -5 ,gif .1 My .N 424 5 4, K '51 X, vii .-WJ Av, M 25 ,N 1 "ff 2 ,sua r ag , V Wi W Q. 1 1 gif! 'Wa 4.13 iff? .Qs s Q V-2 1 ,. ':5 ' A ,, 5 Ji ,W .fig ,gn -ui. Q my p 3 w A f QR .J agp 5 if 'Q W ,. .. Nearing the threshold of higher learning, Increased knowledge is their yearning. Irma Bowald Bob Gresham Ernie Knecht Carolyn Miller President Vice President Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Under the able direction of their President, Irma Bowald, and with some good advice from their advisors, Miss Clark and Mr. Phillips, the Junior Class of 1953 is headed toward great success for their Senior year. Their chief goal this year was to make money to sponsor the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. To achieve this, they have given their Junior Play, "Seventeenth Summer," under the direction of Miss Keller. They also sold candy at noon and handled the concessions at home games. This year they plan to sponsor the Teachers' Institute Dinner. When the Class of '54 were Freshmen, Mr. Phillips and Miss Detweiler were advisors with Melvin Geiger as President. Last year, as Sophomores, George Thorn was President and the advisors were the same as this year. an Kumi 7 i g n A z TOP ROW-Vern Bachman, Dick Baner, Roma Bartlow, Doris Bechtel, Carol Blunier. SECOND ROW-Mary Lynn Brown, Jacquinot Collins, Luana Crawford, Mary Crider, Evelyn Crump. THIRD ROW-Mary Darst. FOURTH ROW-Jim Frerichs, Rae Jean Garber, Melvin Geiger, Edith Grusy, Jane Hartter. LAST ROW-Ruby Her- berger, Jane Heiken, Nancy Herschel, Sam Hohulin, Dorothy Imhoff. ik' NW? b ' TOP ROW-Virginia Karl, Ardith Kauffman, Gene Keidel, Bob Leman, Jerry Lyons, SECOND ROW-Mary McCutcheon, Donald Mason, Noland Meyer, David Lindsey, Bonnie Miller. THIRD ROW-Margie Miller. FOURTH ROW: Jim Morrowg Connie Nioecker, Dick Payne, Janet Pease, Carolyn Purdy. LAST ROW-Lois Reeser, Dick Reesman, Bill Romersberger, Sherry Rossiter, Barbara Roth. 3 s 5 x T Q f Wu' G., A 'QW '-il in , . TOP ROW-Isabelle Sanderson, Dorothy Sandstrom Minnie Marie Schlupp, Margie Selvey, Marie Selvey. SECOND ROW-Kenneth Tabor, Madolyn Tanner, Margaret Taylor, George Thorn, Janice Ulrich. THIRD ROW-Paul Jones. FOURTH ROW- Ronnie Wable, Glenn Wettstein, Willis Wettstein, Wilma Wettstein, Wayne Whitting- ton. LAST ROW-Catherine Wilson, Dick Woosley, Carol Zimmerman, Gladys Zim- merman, Marden Zook. So o mf O 1 g,L.- . If --L.. gi X X 9 !j 5 4 s 0 I k 0 0 0 . NNW , 1 -H I l n -g.,. lxxQ nu lm x..S Right in the center are they found, With books and fun they are so bound. Bill Travers Judy Geiger Judy Bittner Cornelle Sides President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1951, seventy-seven new recruits invaded the halls of Eureka High School. In their first year they led off with a party in the fall, and a picnic in the spring. The officers were: Barbara Scharp, Pres- identg Frank Woertz, Vice Presidentg Jean Allen, Secretary: and Wendell Litwiller, Treasurer. In their second year, there were sixty-five returning in the class. Their advisors remained the same as the previous year-Miss Vitzthum and Mr. Cable. Bill Traver was elected to usher the class through the year 1952-53. Judy Geiger was Vice Presidentg Judy Bittner, Secretaryg Cornell Sides, Treasurer. Their first semester party was a scavenger hunt followed by games. As Sophomores, the class won the stunt show with "End of a Perfect Day" as their presentation. TOP ROW--Myron Aeschleman, Ruth Ales, Jean Allen, Donald Bauman, Robert Bishop. SECOND ROW-Shirley Bradle, Sue Bradle, Ben Brubaker, Bob Brubaker, Kenneth Burrel. THIRD ROW-Wayne Carr. FOURTH ROW-Wanda Crump, Doris Denler, Gibson, Wayne Grieder, Bill Hamilton, Ronald Hammiond. A b iii ro uo ' Iuiii ,T in Bill Dildine, Evelyn Dubree, Janet Eastman. LAST ROW-Franklin Gerber, Shirley ':----:: E ..-:---- f- . X . x A I TOP ROW-Marlene Hartter, Bob Heyl, Pearl Householter, Sharon Janssen, Rita Krumholz. SECOND ROW-Dorothy Kuebler, Wendell Litwiller, Walter Lott, Rosie Martinez, John Mikel. THIRD ROW-Don Moreland. FOURTH ROW-Frank Myers, Rosanna McGinnis, Douglas Neaveill, Darlene Neuhauser, Clarice Ogden. LAST ROW -Ina Mae Owen, Betsy Roehm, Barbara Scharp, Robert Schieber, Peggy Schumm. 'Q 'E . ...'2 W, 2' l TOR ROW - Tom Sherman, Donna Singleton, Robert Smith, Gertrude Stager. SECOND ROW-Larry Stalter, Diane Steinberg, Betty Stewart, Joanne Stine. THIRD ROW-Russell Stoller. FOURTH ROW-Lauretta Tan- ner, Patricia Van Scyoc, Larry Wable, Mary Watkins. LAST ROW-Donald Whitmer, Frank Woertz, Barbara Willis, Irvin Woeliie. NX! F r e S1h Qm e 11 U23 x..,N.J"' g N-P' IX Brand new in this phase of life. Many problems seem their strife. Richard Remmert Nancy Wilson Joanne Goetzinger Delores Rokey President Vice President Secretary Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY The Class of '56 entered into their second step of erudition last autumn with enthusiastic ambitions. The Seniors introduced them into their first and most exciting event with initiation followed by a party for both classes. Class officers were: Robert Remmert, President, Nancy Wilson, Vice Presidentg Joanne Goetzinger, Secretaryg Delores Rokey, Treasurer. Fresh- man Student Council members have been Eleanor Zimmerman, Bill Hohulin, Leroy Clark, Marian Smith, Jack Keller, and Carol Ulrich. Mr. Wallick and Miss Keller advised and encouraged the class in all their activities. X my TOP ROW-Barnard Argo, Juanita Ammerman, Vera Blumenshine, Stanley Duane Brown. SECOND ROW-Jerry Brubaker, Kitty Brubaker, Barbara Leroy Clark, Patricia Crump. THIRD ROW-Eleanor Crawford. FOURTH Alyce Jane Curtis, Phyllis Denler, Lydia Dietrich, Leroy Dirden, Dick Engel ROW-Fred Ferguson, Richard Frank, Eugene Gibson, Allene Gooding, Hohulin. Bradle, Cheely, ROW- LAST William TOP ROW-Charlene Hohulin, Mary Hohulin, Clyde Holliger, William Honeg, Donald Horn. SECOND ROW-Vyra Deene Kauffman, Jack Keller, Larry Leiken, John Leman, Janet Lowder. THIRD ROW-Wayne Lowery. FOURTH ROW-Marjorie Martin, Marlene Meier, Larry Melaik, Anita Moore, Maynard Myers. LAST ROW- Nancy Miller, Linda Otten, Wayne Peterson, Norma Porth, Joyce Pfeffinger. A if K TOP ROW-Lester Riddle, Carol Rippel, Mary Ann Roney, Will Ann Sides, Richard Siverly. SECOND ROW-Doris Small, Marian Smith, Mary Ann Spaulding, Glen Stahl, Joe Stromberger. THIRD ROW-Phyllis Tanner, Robert Greenwood. FOURTH ROW-Cosby Taylor, Carol Ulrich, Donna Ulrich, Paul Watkins, Mildred Whitmer. LAST ROW-Robert Wilder, John Williams, Gerald Wilson, E1- eanor Zimmerman, Wayne Zobrist. Senibor Specialti v gf fy 44' 'fl 1' E ,J -S V-"'-y I 11 - ,I TTT- " 1 I -F g H-L """Q - ef H SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September of 1949, sixty-five little boys and girls were ushered into this old shoe where they were disciplined by the older children, namely the Seniors. They chose fearless little Frank Reeser to lead them through their first year of trials and tribulations in the shoe. Mr. Phillips and Mr. Parrish helped him. The next year they got brave and did odd jobs like checking coats and selling concessions at District Music Contest to collect money. Sue Johann took over the load with the help of Mr. Parrish and Miss Nor- rington. By being good, they got their delegates at large elected for Student Council for both semesters. Well, now, in the third year, Milton Sherman was delegated along! with Mr. Hammond and Miss Douglas to hold the kids down. They were doing outrageous things like being in plays CMen Are Like Streetcarsb, selling concessions at games, and putting on a big Junior and Senior Banquet. After being spanked soundly and sent on to the next level Without any money, they asked Marilyn Adams, Miss Douglas, and Mr. Major to help them put out a yearbook, of all things!! They sold ads, subscrip- tions, plastic rayon towels, and address books. They put out their year- book, and put on a play, and did all these things to graduate in May. Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1953, of the City of Eureka, County of Woodford, State of Illinois, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. To faithful old E. H. S., we leave all abused desks and tripped lockers: and to the amateur lovers, the lower hall since all the professionals are leaving. To help com- pensate for our great loss, we leave behind three horse tanks, one for each hall, to catch all tears. To the faculty we lovingly leave the following: Mr. Cable: A Handwriting Expert Book to tell who writes the excuses, and a neon light for all stop signs. Mr. Major: An automatic piece of chalk to dot i's and cross t's with a minimum of noise. Mrs. Sullivan: One fire extinguisher for the budding little Betty Crocker's. Mr. Emory: One emory board to keep his nails clean. 1 . Mr. Phillips: One automatic seat-changer for sixth hour Study Hall. Miss Jenkins: One gross of Shelby Plastic Rayon Towels for all the girls who ac- cidentally have forgotten theirs. Mr. Wallick: The memory of a football team able to beat Farmington. Mr. Thommen: One automatic score board to give the points to the right team . . . namely the Hornets. ,p Miss Clark: Ten tenors with excellent voices such as those who are leaving your chorus. Mr. Saxton: One band that will come to rehearsals on time. Mr. Hammond: One Spike Jones record for use in the typing room. Also one new needle. Miss Keller: A door 8x10 to let all the fourth hour English class out at once. One had to squeeze to get out of the old one. ' Mr. Reesman: A group of attentive students for his Biology classes and a memory of his well-behaved Biology Class that he took to Chicago two years ago. Miss Vitzthum: A bundle of all the old Nautilus' to save for the scrap drive so there will be some money in the kitty for next years edition. Miss Douglas: A revolving door to the library so people can get in the door with- out removing the bolts. Mrs. NaEziger: A lie detector that will automatically buzz when excuses are void. George: One air foam rubber cushion made to fit a Wastepaper basket. Bert: A hot rod to run home in and be back by noon. Nancie Heyl leaves to Connie Noecker her wonderful qualities that men so admire: also free lessons on "How to become a blonde in eight days." Walter Woosley leaves to Jane Hartter and Wilma Wettstein his standing Satur- day appointments at Block and Kuhl's Beauty Salon. Walt's motto is, "Don't depend on Toni, get the real McCoy." Janice McGilvray leaves the sparkle in her eyes and the ability to get a sparkler on her finger to Luana Crawford. Says Janice, "It wasn't the Fourth of July either." Darlene Adams leaves her towering height to Jim Frerichs. Darlene's famous quotation is "Don't let the stars get in your eyes." Wilma Ales leaves to Dick Baner and George Thorn her loud voice and talkative manner. Vic Fehr leaves his trapping skill to Margaret Taylor and Dorothy Sandstrom. Vic says, "Be surprised what you catch in traps." Class Will To Jane Heiken and Dorothy Imhoff, Gene Collins leaves his ability to fly an air- plane. Gene Detweiler and Luke Rastetter leave their motor bikes to Lois Reeser and Ruby Herberger. Says Gene and Luke, "It's better than walking." Carol Ann Geers and Nancy Gerber leave their ability to take a Knapp to Mary Darst and Irma Bowald. You might have to look around a while, girls. Warren White leaves his track shoes to Barbara Roth. James Stalter wills his expertness at playing the field to Bill Romersberger. Eva Stromberger leaves her rosy cheeks to Janet Pease. Bob Wettstein leaves his red pajamas that were willed to him last year to Janice Ulrich. Bob says, "Too big." " Bob Taylor and Bill Tower leave their hot rod knowledge to Evelyn Crump and Jacquinot Collins. John Smith leaves his stack of twenty-five cent pocket-size books to Sherry Rossiter and Carol Blunier. Eugene Tabor leaves his gallant stride to Jerry Lyons. Ruth King leaves her pleasant manner of speaking to Kenny Tabor. Maxine Siverly leaves her artistic touch to Carolyn Purdy. Roger Griffith leaves his ability to change positions and make a touchdown to Melvin Geiger. Frank Reeser leaves to Dick Reesman his ability to get into the Spotlight. Joy Bittner leaves all her surplus Study Halls and spare time to Marden Zook. We are sure he will make good use of them. Joe Genre leaves his crew cut to Virginia Karl. Mida Knapp leaves her head Waitress job at Busy Corner to Sam Hohulin. To Margie Miller, Richard Crawford leaves a fast car to visit the Bloomington vicinity. Yvonne Ammerman leaves her long blonde hair to Bonnie Miller. Says Yvonne, "Gentlemen prefer blondes, I don't know about boys though." Louis Ferguson leaves his skill to get into Study Hall late without getting caught to Mary Crider. Jerry Knapp leaves his place in the lunch line to Edith Grusy and Gladys Zim- merman. Mae Sandstrom and Edith Patton leave their capability to keep up the morale of the armed forces to Carolyn Miller and Doris Bechtel. fEspecially the Marines in Mae and Edith's case.J Pat Wenninger and Karen Taylor leave their ability to make many friends in a short time to David Lindsay. Merlyn Getz leaves to Paul James this advice: "If studying interferes with a good time, don't study." Mary Krumholz leaves her seat on the bus to Caroll Zimmerman. David Bowald leaves his ability to go with underclassmen to Nolan Meyer. Says Dave, "Train 'em young." Sue Johann leaves her ability to take both Chemistry and Psychology sixth hour to Glenn Wettstein. Tom Klaus leaves everything he learned in Physics class to Gene Keidel. Tom, you tightwadf' Delores Cordes leaves her capability to write chilling murder mysteries to Rae Jean Garber and Minnie Schlupp. Class Will Ronnie Janssen leaves his adeptness at changing lockers, in the middle of the year, to a very convenient place, to Dick Woosley. David Hohulin leaves his frequent trips to Metamora to "Burly" Leman. Donna Brubaker leaves fifth hour Study Hall to Sandy Sanderson to write her love letters to that certain someone out of town. "Keep 'em well supplied."' Richard Stoller leaves his power to go with the same girl all through our High School to Dick Payne. Daryl Nichols leaves his 4-H heifer calf to Madolyn Tanner. To Ronnie Wabel, Jim O'Marah leaves his manly physique. Anna Lou Buenger leaves her skill to write a perfect "Declaration" to Catherine Wilson and Ernie Knecht. Harold Sauder leaves his sideburns and mustache to Roma Bartlow. Doreen Zimmerman leaves her taxi service to Don Mason. Marilyn Adams and Audrey Brubaker leave their ability to be cheerleaders and to go to a dance at the same time to Mary Lynn Brown and Ardith Kauffman. Marilyn and Auudrey's advice is, "Don't do this too often because it isn't wise." Kenny Knapp leaves his station at the West door to Verne Bachman and Wayne Whittington. Shirley Schumacher leaves the gum under the third hour study hall seat to Mary McCutcheon and Nancy Herschel. CShare and share alike.J Geraldine Zimmerman leaves to Bob Gresham the combination to her gym locker. "Watch it, it's tricky." Ida Mae Steffen leaves her position of vice-president of F.H.A. to Willis Wettstein. Harriet Meyer leaves her ability to go with a half a dozen boys at the same time to the Selvey twins, Margie and Marie. Photographers Due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to obtain a picture of our other photogra- pher, Bill Lamb, but we wish to give him due recognition. Homer E. Reesman Baby Pictures 1. Our No. 1 girl, Doreen Zimmerman. 2. Blondie fAnna Lou Buengerj and her pup 'S What's so funnv bi , . .. . ,, g boy? Daryl Nichols. 4. Think it'll rain? Nancy Gerber. 5. First Grade-front row, left to right-Richard Stoller, Joyce Parsons, Tom Klaus, Nancie Heyl, Jim O'Marah, Doreen Zimmerman, Louis Ferguson, Mae K. Brown. Middle Row, left to right: Melvin Remmert, Richard Crawford, Carol Blunier, Marilyn Adams, Miss Workman, Ronald Keller, Dick Payne, Audrey Brubaker, Jim Brown. Back Row, left to right-Suzanne Sorg, Nancy Gerber, Eugene Detweiler, David Bowald, Gene Collins, Joe Genre, Eva Stromberger. 6. Going places '? Nancie Heyl. 7. Hold that tiger! Ruth King. 8. Our little sailor, Carol A. Geers. 9. Plunging neckline, Richard 11. All dressed up and no place to go. Luke Rastetter. 13. Brrr. It's cold outside. Joy Bittne1'. 14. Hi, Cutie. Sandstrom. 16. Interests elsewhere. Jerry Knapp. 17. Our some day. Vic Fehr. 19. "Pretty Baby." Shirley Schu- "Strommy." Eva Stromberger. 22. Blanket Soft. Ida Mae Stoller. 10. What're ye after, girl? Marilyn Adams. 12. What are you trying to explain? Darlene Adams. Pat Wenniger. 15. What's the big laugh about? Mae "Red." Audrey Brubaker. 18. I'll be a football player macher. 20. "Flycatcher." Harriet Meyer. 21. Baby Steffen. 23. What a pretty bonnet. Janice McGilvary. 24. Mona Lisa's smile. Bob Taylor. 25. Sweet as honey. Sue Johann. 26. How attentive. Bill Tower. 27. Seventh grade picnic. Class Prophecy l .Eva Stromberger, who is now a Freshman at the University of Eureka, is major- 1ng in Boys Physical Education Courses. I always knew Doreen Zimmerman would develop her artistic ability. She is now designing horse blankets for Sophies' Swayback Stables. Shirley Schumacher is now substituting for the bull, I mean the bull fighter, at the Metropolitan Opera. Louie Ferguson really made a smash hit on the screen. He plays the double role of "Ferocious Fergie" and his horse, "Baggy Bully," the horse with the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. Roger Griffith certainly did all right for himself. He is a famous dress designer. His new burlap and cheesecloth creations are modeled by the two famous models of Monkey-Ward, Gorgeous Gertie and Society Sal. Joy Bittner is the president of the Lonely Hearts Club of Coney Island. She has, however, been forced to resign her duties due to a sudden attack of liver quiver. Nancy Gerber and Carol Ann Geers say they don't have any trouble making their little ones take Knapps. Joe Genre is in Siberia as head tree chopper. Says Joe, "These Redheads are sure stubborn." Merlyn Getz is head veterinarian of Woodford County. He has recently success- fully and painlessly amputated the cats' meow. Nancie Heyl has just received the Gold Medal Award for being the world's most famous lawyer. She has an A. B. from Eureka, a C. D. from Cruger, and E. F. from Secor College. Dave Hohulin is on the last lap of the four year apprentice course at Caterpillar.. Dave feels that it's been well spent. Well, it's been spent anyhow. Janice McGilvary and Harold Sauder have established Sauder's Super Supper Serv- ice at Macy's Department Store Cafeteria. Darlene Adams now has a self-service first-aid stop in mid-space for all the air sick interplanetary travelers. Wilma Ales is now president of the world renowned "Purty Pink Pure Popcorn Poppers." She gets a big bang out of it. Edith Patton and Mae Sandstrom are the private Secretaries of the President and Dean of Men at the University of Eureka. Dave Bowald has invented a telephone pole with built-in elevators. He says "It's easier that way." Donna Brubaker is proprietor of "Dirty Didies Deftly Done Laundry." She washes 1,000,000,000,000 little triangles per day. Business is booming. Anna Lou Buenger is head organist at Versailles Conservatory besides being head soda-jerk at Richard's Roadside Run Inn. Gene Collins is chief pilot for "Fashes Fast Freight From Freeport." The av- erage time for his trip is three seconds. Gene was always noted for speed. Richard Crawford is now singing at Ogden's elite night club. Vic Fehr now owns 1,000,000 acres of good old Illinois dirt. Vic says that it is the first million that't the hardest. Of course he has a hard time remembering back t at far. Warren White is still trying to solve the problem of how a brown cow can eat green grass and give white milk from which yellow butter is made. That's really a toughie, isn't it Warren? Geraldine Zimmerman is well known for becoming the first woman president of Yale. Says Geraldine, "It's hard Work but it's exciting." Class Prophecy Pat Wenninger and Karen Taylor are talent scouts for Burpies Baggy Bloomer Girls. Mary Ann Krumholz is a famous model at Woolworths'. She models fur coats and diamond jewelry. Daryl Nichols has finally won the International Livestock Ampitheater. Twenty consecutive Grand Champions won it for him. Jim O'Marah is singing bass for the Metropolitan Opera. Frank Reeser has patented his own preparation called "Curly Lashes." All the distinguished people in the Universe use it. Maxine Siverly has recieved acclaim on her latest painting. She has already won awards on several thousand portraits. Harriet Meyer, now celebrating her golden anniversary of old-maid-hood, is still the toast of the town. Harriet's only comment is, "I'll never give up," New co-editors of the new hot rod magazine, "Modern J et-Propulsion," or "How I Use Cobs and Kerosene," are Bob Taylor and Luke Rastetter. Yvonne Ammerman is head of a Huge Hair Tonic Company. This secret now comes out. Stalter's "Cheap Sheep Shearers" were lately marketed. Jim has been working wonders. John Smith has lately changed his name. If you happen to meet him now, he will answer to the name of Sir Johann Schmittscheimer Van Einderstein. The Congerville branch of the famed State Farm Insurance Company boasts of a new top personnel manager, Ida Mae Steffen. Her job is to care for all pencil sharp- ening and ink bottle filling for the entire plant. Richard Stoller, after many years of hard labor, has finally invented portable post holes. Also see him for wells, doughnut holes, and all other sweet nothings. Bill Tower must now be addressed as Captain. He is Captain of a tugboat pushing Pumpkin barges up and down Walnut River. Bob Wettstein has a huge goose ranch. His geese are now sold under the name of "Goose's Geese." 'Walt "Wooly" Woosley is now wrestling on WMBD-TV channel number on twist to the left, one to the right, and close your eyes and give it a spin. Audrey Brubaker and Marilyn Adams are now among the stars. They are airline hostesses on the nightly flight to the moon. Ronnie Janssen is making his career in the Navy. He is captain of the clipper ship, "Eureka." Nurse, Sue Johann, has now invented Purple Pills for painful punctures. Ruth King is now Woodford County Superintendent of Schools. The Knapp brothers are now running a meat packing business. Their specialty is a new brand of hamburger. The secret formula is eight parts horse meat, one part food coloring and one part actual, honest to goodness beef. Tom Klaus has invented "smellevision" for R.C.A. He now controls a mint for his own personal use. e Mida Knapp has taken over "Busy Under-the-Corner" Cafe at the subway station located at the intersection of Route 150 and 117. The "Case of Black Mustache," the best selling mystery novel has sold over a million copies. The author, I. M. Longhaire, is the pen name of Delores Cordes. Gene Detweiler has just opened a new speed way ...... "The Psssssssssss!!!!!" Gene Tabor, now respectfully known as Monsieur Eugene' Taboar, has just com- pleted his latest five dimensional film, "Come with Me to the Cash-bar," or "I've Got a Charge Account." TUP ROW-Q-Nancic Heyl and Ida Mae Stetfen, Adding Machine-5 Harriet Meyer, Dictaphone Shaver: Delores Cordes, Dic- taphonc. SECOND ROW'---Joy Bittner, Mimeoseope: Mae Sandstrom and Edith Patton, Carbon Duplicator. THIRD ROW-Anna Lou Bucnger and Shirley Schumacher, Mimeograph. BOTTOM ROW'--Doreen Zimmerman, Calculator: Farol Ann Geers, Paper Cutterg Nancy Gerber, Electric Typewriter History Projects -5 "W""wW" '35 fa ff L.. in -sz G . Q . s 17' '52 if A 5 Q s Q ff ii iii' . 'bk J 3 in ng-y . J, ' ,....M-.+.,.,a aw 3 v 3- W 4 C- , ,N . s 8 f"iT'ww"""hi.x,,f S ' ' N ' " w nm 4' .f-"j,I,1.,,, xxx-..,,,, - . 'Q P ,fjjm -A--CIT fffjj' .W ,A '4"m,.? ,. 9. . ..-. ., ,M .,.Z ww ..v..,...,,..4mws- warg ' X Y 1. Lady of Spain? 2. Another Lady? 3. Left-overs from '52 Junior-Senior Banquet? 4. Old Relics. 5. Old Glory. 6. America with corn kernels. 7. Ambush! 8. Hoist ye sails. 9. Your house? 10. Fortress Eureka. 11. On the briney. 12. Scalp 'em. 13. Spin your own. I0 F lunk Day On Monday, September 29, a group of about fifty seniors told their teachers they were going on a vacation. The teachers very willingly agreed with their plans and preparations were made to go for a day to the fabulous Starved Rock. . Everyone was ready and " rarin' " to go at about 6:30 that bright Monday morning. Two buses pulled up a half hour late infront of the high school, but everyone being in a good mood, forgave the drivers and climbed aboard. There were students, lunches, jackets, cameras and more lunches and more students. An hour and a half drive to the "Rock" with laughter and singing was enjoyed by all. Only a few of the "night owls" were dozing: At around 8:30 the buses arrived at the park and in a few seconds all the "eager beavers" were out of the buses and starting out on their own excursions. With a last "Be careful" and "Be back on time" from the advisors there were no seniors in sight. , All the energetic ones saw such sights as "The Devil's Bathtub," "The Devil's Nose," "Lovers' Leap," "The Cave 'of the Winds," "Wishing Well," "Witches Cavern," "Horse Shoe Canyon" and "French Canyon." Those who enjoyed riding more than walking went on a "Boat Excursion." The ones who enjoyed climbing stairs took a trip to the Lodge where sing- ing, playing the piano, shufiie board and ping pong made the time fly. Pictures were taken of the lovely scenery and great landmarks, as well as the famous persons visiting the "Rock." fNamely the other seniors.J Some acted as contortionist and smiled at the birdie beautif fully. Ah, what a collection for the scrapbook. Around 4:30 the buses stood waiting for their weary travelers. On arriving in Eureka all yelled their farewells and goodnights to friends vowing they would never forget this year and Flunk Day. Baccalaureate Baccalaureate was held for the Class of '53 on Sunday, May twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and fifty-three at the Christian Church. The service was set for seven-thirty. Rev. Hilton Wind- ley was the speaker of the evening. ' Junior-Senior Banquet The Seniors of the 'Class of '53 were guests of honor at the Junior and Senior Banquet and Prom sponsored by the Junior class. The festivities Were held on Saturday, May sixteenth, nineteen fifty-three. The banquet was held in the Davenport Grade School Gymnasium. It was centered around the theme "Moonlight and Roses." Following the Banquet was the Prom which was held in the High School Gymnasium. D. A. R. RUTH KING Awards Citizenship TOM KLAUS SENIOR PERSONALITY TRAITS TRAITS Dependability Personality Initiative Most Likely to Succeed Courtesy Good English Pleasant Manner of Speaking Wittiest Best Sport Most Attractive Prettiest Eyes Prettiest Hair Physique Thoroughness Leadership TRAITS Dependability Personality Initiative Most Likely to Succeed Courtesy Good English Pleasant Manner of Speaking Wittiest Best Sport Most Attractive Prettiest Eyes Prettiest Hair Physique Thoroughness Leadership GIRLS' CHOICE OF GIRLS' CHOICE OF BOY GIRL Tom Klaus, Jim O'Marah Ruth King Jim O'Marah Anna Lou Buenger and Doreen Zimmerman Tom Klaus Ruth King, Doreen Zim- merman and Anna Lou Buenger Tom Klaus, Jim 0'Marah Ruth King and Richard Crawford Gene Collins Ruth King Richard Crawford Ruth King Richard Crawford Carol Ann Geers Jim O'Marah Audrey Brubaker I Vic Fehr and Mida Knapp and Ida Mae Jim O'Marah Steffen Gene Collins Janice McGilvray Jerry Knapp and Janice McGilvray Frank Reeser Rggef Donna Brubaker Gene Collins Nancie Heyl and Marilyn Adams Jim O'Marah, Tom Klaus Ruth King' Righard Crawford Doreen Zimmerman and Sue Johann BOYS' CHOICE OF BOYS' CHOICE OF GIRL BOY Ruth King David Bowald Ruth King and Doreen Zimmerman Doreen Zimmerman and Ruth King Jim O'Marah Richard Stoller and Harold Sauder Ruth King Tom Klaus Ruth King Jim O'Marah, Richard Crawford, Frank Reeser Doreen Zimmerman Richard Crawford Ruth King Richard Crawford and Marilyn Adams Doreen Zimmerman Doreen Zimmerman Doreen Zimmerman Nancie Heyl Marilyn Adams Ruth King Ruth King and Marilyn Adams Jim O'Marah Jim O'Marah Vic Fehr Richard Crawford Jerry Knapp and Gene Collins Roger Griiiith Louis Ferguson Louis Ferguson Warren White '7 I' 5 '3fyPl'.i!W""Q'?"'i1'4 'i?""f" mv" 'WNY 'W'"Wm'3"5'5ff552gr'4"n?1'f"51'jQT'!'?NIKf'CH'n1i' Y 4 . , A . A 4 ,. N . . ., N , 1 . .W .. , - .A '1 .Y 'Ip YK Activities... i l X Activities keep us on the run, Still they are a lot of fun. i SWKEEQ FRONT ROW-Nancy Gerber, Doreen Zimmerman, Ruth King, Joy Bittner, Shirley Schumacher. SECOND ROW-Harriet Meyer, Tom Klaus, Bob Taylor, Sue Johann, Mr. Major, Anna Lou Buenger. HORNET STAFF The Hornet Staff of '53 under the guidance of Mr. Major and with contributions from all members of the class co-operated successfully to publish a complete picture history of Unit District 140. The major details fall under the categories of the collection of ads and subscriptions, and the assembling of data and pictures. We hope you will 'like the results of our combined efforts. We especially want to thank Mr. Reesman and Mr. Lamb, our year- book photographers, for the fine pictures they secured for us. Band Specialties BRASS SEXTET-Luana Crawford, Dick Reesman, Gene Keidel, Margie Selvey, Bill Romers- berger, Anna Lou Buenger. MAJORETTES-Kitty Stromberger, Allene Gooding, Nancy Miller, Barbara Willis. WOODWIND QUINTET-Irma Bowald, Sharon Janssen, Mary Crider, Ina Owen, Shirley Schumacher. They March! They Play! They Win the Governofs Trophy! FRONT ROW, l. to r.-Mary Crider, Janet Eastman, Edith Grusy, Marian Smith, Carol Ulrich, Sharon Janssen, Betsy Roehm, Ina Owen, Shirley Schumacher, Jim Frerichs. SECOND ROW-Dorothy Sandstrom, Margaret Taylor, Sandra Honeg, Susie Nickel, Dolores Rokey, Linda Otten, Nancy Miller, Donna Singleton, Bonnie Miller, Nancy Gerber. THIRD ROW-Nolan Meyer, Carol Rippel, Marlene Meier, Kitty Brubaker, Elizabeth Hancock, Luana Crawford, Dick Reesman, Eugene Detweiler, Luke Rastetter, Susie Potts, Irma Bowald, Margie Selvey, Janice Bilbrey, Marjorie Martin, Joanne Goetzinger, Vera Blumenshine, Mary Ann Roney, Richard Crawford, Isabelle Sanderson, Ronald Hammond. FOURTH ROW-Alyce Jane Curtis, Donna Ulrich, Bob Leman, Dor- othy Imhoff, Bill Romlersberger, Merna Grusy, Sam Hohulin, Frank Woertz, Mary Darst, Leroy Clark, Anna Lou Buenger. LAST ROW-Bill Hohulin, Gene Keidel, Barbara Scharp, Sue Johann, Jean Allen, Larry Stalter, Sally Roehm, Susie Crawford, Virginia Karl, Mary Ann Spaulding, Charles Milbourne, Mahlon Saxton. BOTTOM PICTURE: Marching Band. GIRLS CHORUS-FRONT ROW-Janet Low- der, Barbara Cheely, Juanita Amerman, Vera Blumenshine, Sue Johann, Marjorie Martin, Will Ann Sides, Patricia Crump, Mary Hohu- lin, Vyra Kauffman. SECOND ROW-Karen Taylor, Darlene' Adams, Allene Gooding, Donna Ulrich, Mary Ann Spaulding, Mary Ann Roney, Charlene Hohulin, Linda Otten, Shirley Schu- macher, Joy Bittner, Nancy Miller, Nancy Wil- son, Ruth King. BACK ROW-Geraldine Zim- merman, Harriet Meyer, Kitty Brubaker, Jo- anne Goctzinger, Eleanor Zimmerman, Marian Smith, Phyllis Denler, Delores Rokey, Alyce Jane Curtis, Maxine Siverly, Marlene Meier, Ida Mae Steffen. BOYS' CHORUS - FIRST ROW - Paul Wat- kins, Dick Baner, Nolan Meyer, Barnard Argo, John Leman, Bobby Bishop, Tom Klaus, Jerry Lyons, Ernest Knecht, Dick Engel, Wayne Zo- brist. SECOND ROW-Bob Leman, Bill Ho- hulin, George Thorn, Kenny Knapp, Tom Sher- man, Franklin Gerber, Merlyn Getz, Gene Kei- del, Richard Stoller, Dick Woosley, Russel Stoller, Bill Honeg, Jack Keller, Miss Clark. THIRD ROW-Ronnie Janssen, Dick Reesman, Dick Payne, Jim O'Marah, Gene Collins, Jim Frerichs, Bill Traver, Don Moreland, Sam Ho- hulin, Leroy Clark, Richard Crawford. A CAPPELLA CHOIR - FRONT ROI -Janet Eastman, Connie Noecker, Ina Owei Margie Selvey, George Thorn, Don Morelanr Bill Hohulin, Tom Sherman, Ernest Knech Nancy Herschel, Edith Grusy, Mary Lyn Brown. SECOND ROW-Harriet Meyer, Jane Pease, Evelyn Dubree, Gertrude Stager, Mar McCutcheon, Richard Crawford, Sam Hohulii Joy Bittner, Bobby Bishop, Jerry Lyons, Sand Sanderson, Shirley Schumacher, Jean Allei Luana Crawford, Miss Clark. BACK ROW- Sharon Janssen, Virginia Karl, Mary Cride Dick Baner, Leroy Clark, Jim O'Marah, Dic Reesman, Merlyn Getz, Richard Stoller, Russi Stoller, Gene Keidel, Jim Frerichs, Barbal Scharp, Dorothy Imhoif. GIRLS' CHORUS-FRONT ROW-Marlen Hartter, Nancy Herschel, Connie Noecke Sandy Sanderson, Edith Grusy, Ardith Kauf man, Carolyn Purdy, Carol Blunier, Evely Dubree, Jean Allen. SECOND ROW-SL Bradlc, Margaret Taylor, Donna Singleto' Mary Crider, Mary McCutcheon, Virgin? Karl, Mary Lynn Brown, Margie Selvej Sharon Janssen, Gertrude Stager, Patrici Van Scyoc, Cornelle Sides, Clarice Ogde' BACK ROW-Barbara Willis, Mary Dars Ruth Ales, Wilma Wettstcin, Marie Selvej Diane Steinberg, Mary Watkins, Janet Eas man, Judy Bittner, Luana Crawford, Doroth Imhoff, Ina Owen. Chorus Ensembles 1. Madrigal. 2. Barber Shop. 3 Freshman-Sophomore Girls' Ensemble. 4. Girls' Junior En- semble. 5. Boys' Ensemble. 6. Mixed Ensemble. The chorus has finished a very busy year. Miss Clark directed the students in the Annual Christmas Vesper Services and the Spring Concert. The highlight of the year was the production of the operetta "A Waltz Dream" by Strauss. All of the students participated in the County Music Festival at Metamora. In November four girls and two boys were chosen to attend the All-State Activities. In addition to the Boys' and Girls' Choruses, many select groups have worked during the year. A Cappella was the largest of these with 42 voices. These three organizations along with two Girls' Ensembles, a Boys' Ensemble, a Mixed Ensemble and a Madrigal Group Went to contest. A local contest was judged by Mr. Henry Charles who determined the 10 soloists who represented Eureka at the district solo contest. A Girls' Barbershop Double Quartet and a Freshmen Boys Quartet completed the list of special groups who sang during the year. , 'M STUDENT COUNCIL I. FRONT ROW-Ben Brubaker, Joy Bittner, Tom Klaus, Anna Lou Buenger, Jim O'Marah, Bar- bara Willis. SECOND ROW-George Thorn, Barbara Scharp, Melvin Geiger, Marian Smith, Leroy Clark, Carolyn Miller Eleanor Zimmerman, Bob Gresham, Janice McGilvary, Bill Hohulin, Tom Sherman. STUDENT COUNCIL II. FRONT ROVV-Jerry Lyons, Marian Smith, George Thorn, Mida Knapp, Tom Sherman, Frank Gerber. SECOND ROW-Jack Keller, Jane Heiken, Evelyn Dubree, Carol Ulrich, Joy Bittner, Anna Lou Buenger, Bar- bara Willis, Mr. Thommen. THIRD ROW-Bob Wettstein, Leroy Clark, Tom Klaus. Librarians Left to right-Geraldine Zimmerman, Miss Douglas, Luana Crawford, Shirley Gibson, Nancy Wilson, Carol Blunier, Karen Taylor, Margaret Taylor. Nautilus TOP ROW-James Stalter, Bob Taylor fCartoon Editorj, Bob Leman, Tom Klaus fSports Editorj, David Bowald, Richard Stoller, Kenneth Knapp. SECOND ROW-Frank Reeser fNeWs Editorj, Richard Craw- ford, Joe Genre fCirculation Managerb, Gertrude Staeer, Dorothy Imhoff, Barbara Scharp, Sharon Janssen, Evelyn Dubree, Irma Bowald, A1'dith Kauffman, Nancy Herschel. THIRD ROW-Connie Noeeker,Geraldine Zimmerman, Marlene Hartter, Judy Geiger, Ina Mae Owen, Jane Heiken, Dorothy Sandstrom, Sherry Ros- siter, Betsy Roehm, Dianne Steinberg, Virginia Karl fAssistant EditorJ,Sue Bradle, Miss Vitzthum CAdviso1-J. FOURTH ROW-Mary McCutcheon, Joy Bittner CExchange Editorj, Sue Johann fSubscription Managerj, Nancy Gerber fEditorJ, Eva Stromberger fFeature Editorj, Marilyn Adams fBusiness Managerb, Audrey Brubaker, Darlene Adams, Anna Lou Buenger fTyping Editorj, Doreen Zimmerman, Bonnie Miller. F. F. A. FIRST ROW-Don Bauman, Richard Frank, Myron Aeschleman, Donald Horn, Wendell Litwiller. SECOND ROW-Mr. Phillips, Melvin Geiger, Ernest Knecht, Bob Gresham, Vic Fehr, Warren White, Rog Grifiith, Verne Bachman, Ronnie Wabel. THIRD ROW-Robert Schieber, Willis Wettstein, Jerry Knapp, Bob Wettstein, Stanley Bradle, Paul Watkins, Wayne Zobrist, Eugene Gibson, Dick Engle, Robert Smith. FOURTH ROW- Glenn Wettstein, Larry Wabel, Daryl Nichols, Eugene Tabor, Kenneth Tabor, Donald Whitmer, John Mikels, Bob Taylor. V Warren White, President Victor Fehr, Vice-President Bob Gresham, Treasurer Ernie Knecht, Reporter Roger Griffith, Secretary Forty-three members of the Future Farmers of America have par- ticipated in these activities: initiation and installation services, livestock judging and exhibition, playing basketball, and selling seeds. The high- light of the year was the annual Father-Son Banquet on the first Friday in May. F. H. A. FIRST ROW-Audrey Brubaker, Bonnie Miller, Doreen Zimmerman, Eva Stromberger, Sandy Sanderson, Marilyn Adams, Nancy Gerber, Harriet Meyer, Shirley Schumacher. SECOND ROW-Mida Knapp, Janice McGilvary, Geraldine Zimmerman, Ida Mae Steffen, Sherry Rossiter, Ardith Kauffman, Edith Grusy, Roma Bartlow, Lois Reeser. THIRD ROW-Carol Blunier, Pat Wenninger, Marjorie Selvey, Marie Selvey, Carolyn Miller, Ruby Herberger, Gladys Zimmerman. FOURTH R0W4Karen Taylor, Carroll Zimmerman, Doris Bechtel, Jane Heiken, Jacquinot Collins, Jane Hartter, Evelyn Crump, Janet Pease. WB So FRONT ROW-Dorothy Kuebler, Doris Denier, Rita Krumholz, Pearl Householter, Barbara Willis, Evelyn Dubree. SECOND ROW-Carol Rippel, Janet Lowder, Joanne Goetzinger, Wanda Crump, Shirley Bradle, Judy Geiger. THIRD ROW-Juanita Amerman, Shirley Gibson, Delores Rokey, Donna Singleton, Gertrude Stager. FOURTH ROW-Phyllis Denler, Barbara Cheely, Cornelle Sides. ABSENT-Ruth King, Dar- lene Adams, Margie Miller, Rozanna McGinnis, Dorothy Imhoff, Mary Krumholz, Nancy Heyl. G. A. A. TOP PICTURE. FRONT ROW-Ina Owen, Betsy Roehm, Wanda Crump, Dorothy Kuebler, Mary Watkins, Doris Denler, Pearl Householter, Darlene Neuhauser, Evelyn Dubree. SEC- OND ROW-Barbara Scharp, Gertrude Stager, Sue Bradle, Ruth Ales, Mida Knapp, Yvonne Amerman, Diane Steinberg. THIRD ROW-Judy Geiger, Clarice Ogden, Charlene Hohulin, Judie Bittner, Lauretta Tanner, Lois Reeser, Janet Eastman, Kitty Brubaker, Miss Jenkins. FOURTH ROW-Jean Allen, Madolyn Tanner, Carol Blunier, Ruby Her- berger, Bonnie Miller, Donna Singleton, Sharon Janssen, Eleanor Zimmerman, Marjorie Martin. BOTTOM PICTURE. FRONT ROW-Phyllis Tanner, Roma Bartlow, Nancy Wilson, Doris Small, Joanne Goetzinger. SECOND ROW-Nancy Miller, Phyllis Denler, Rita Krumholz, Allene Gooding, Donna Ulrich, Mary Spaulding, Peggy Schumm, Edith Grusy, Vyra Kauff- man, Mary Hohulin, Mary Ann Roney, Carol Ulrich, Linda Otten, Shirley Bradle, Pat Wen- niger, Rae Jean Garber. THIRD ROW-Ardith Kauffman, Mary Lynn Brown, Carolyn Miller, Margie Miller, Wilma Wettstein, Delores Rokey, Alyce Jane Curtis, Shirley Gib- son, Miss Jenkins. 4 VA 55-In Sports.. . 1952 a nc1 1953 I A . A . 5 f1'1' a..XW 1 k -fans' F: 5. is.u'd'.K.1!: Front Row+Janet Eastlnan, Joan Allen. Second Row-Nancy Miller, Clarice Ogden, Ma 1' i a n Smith. Cheer Leaders Football, baseball, basketball., traclfg At all af these, we have a knack. Front Row-Connie Noockor. Second Row-Ardith Kauff- nmn, Audrey Brubaker. Third Row - M ary L y n n Brown, Marilyn Adams. 0 R Vic Fehr Melvin Geiger Louie Fergus Captain '52-'53 Captain '53-'54 Most Valuable Player FRONT ROW-Fred Ferguson, Paul Watkins, Joe Stromberger, Robert Wilder, Gerald Brubaker, Leroy Dirden, Maynard Myers. SECOND ROW-Milton Sherman, David Bowald, Walt Woosley, Roger Griffith, Vic Fehr, Louis Ferguson Frank Reeser, Ronnie Janssen, Melvin Geiger, Barnard Argo, Larry Leiken. THIRD ROW-Mr. Thommen, Richard Crawford, Gene Tabor, Bob Wettstein, Harold Sauder, Kenneth Tabor Larry Wabel, Jerry Knapp, Mr. Wallick. FOURTH ROW--Ernie Knecht, Billy Hamilton, John Smith, John Mikel, Don Whitmer, Willis Wettstem B111 Romersberger, Frank Gerber. NAME Ronnie Janssen ,,,,,7 , Gene Tabor , , ,,,7, ,,,, . ., Jerry Knapp ,,,,,7,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Walter Woosley 7,,,,,,, Vic Fehr fC'aptain '52l ,r,,,7 David Bowald ,,,,,,..,,,,, ,,,77,, Harold Sauder ,,,,7,, Frank Reeser ,7,,,, Bob Wettstein , ,,,,,77 , Richard Crawford ,,,7 Roger Griflith ,,,r,r, W ,, Louis Ferguson fMost valuable player ,,7,,,r,,,,,, ,,,,,, Frank Gerber ,,7,,,,,, .,,,,7,,r,,,,., Larry Wable ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Melvin Geiger QCaptain '53J,, POSITION WEIGHT HEIGHT YEAR QB 127 5' 8 Senior FB 165 6' Senior HB 150 5' 8 Senior E 166 6' Senior G 158 5' 8 Senior G 174 5'11" Senior T 227 5'11" Senior HB 133 5' 7" Senior E 185 6' 1 Senior E 153 5'10" Senior G 208 5' 9" Senior FB 138 5' 4 Senior QB 110 5' 5 Sophomore HB 145 5'11" Sophomore C 160 5' 6" Junior 011 Football ' Aux .., 3 E . -' s.:..::-: , , ' ,V 42 4, 3- 3 .---v '- H K. :..., :., zi' in s....f L - , Cb k nnie an ser' W' H . E1 if 2 ' 4: ' Wal wa, 'J fa Xa f'l G S 3. i a r i wa f 5 .T ' If ' I Vg, ' V' ..lf?:?'k X V er' aus 2 . . f f . .il X , . i - ' -- Q- N gg' S ..,. , ':"2QiiQ, N , ,Lv ., n .. IC ll' PRW UF u eng r Qian 4531, Q X 5 O' is Bal: Weffsfei 3 0 L THEY WE DEER CREEK-MACKINAW ,,...... ...... - .......... 6 44 MORTON ..............A.,,....,......7.......... .....-.-.-....-......... 0 40 CHILLICOTHE ......................A.. - .-.- - ...- - ..... 6 6 METAMORA ...... .f....fv.. .......... 7 1 3 DUNLAP ..........,.... ........... - --.- -.-. H ...-.......... V ..-.... 0 40 FARMINGTON ..... .................. - .-,.- ........ --- ......... -0 14 WASHINGTON .... - .... - ......... ............. - ............. 7 7 EL PASO .......... - .... - ............. 7 13 TREMONT ...... .. .......... 6 48 Eg Q Jerry kfl tv F 'R 'if K Laws F-erquson t4 ' Fran Reese:- Ro J s wr. is me i N " 3 K L-rank Ger-'ner as iw A 'NTI Roger Grnffuffa x Har-ell Sauder N if X, Larrj be Xa Q V FL om B0 C W ,A 1 K ,Q Q wif w IJ f MC' G'3 K S X X Q xx K f Z x Q f wx Q f . RL Al C F a ga TL v M Basketball --- Varsity FRONT ROW -- Jim O'Marah, Kenny Knapp, Bob Leman, Bob Gresham Frank Woertz Coach Thommen BACK ROW Larry Wabel, Tom Klaus, Jim Frerichs, Bill Traver, Dick Payne Joe Genre VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES We They Hopedale .l.l. .,,...,.,,.,.,,,. 6 0 49 Benson ,..,........,.. L ,..,.,,.. 49 72 Washington ,.-..,, -.- ,.,l,,..,, 30 56 Morton ,r...,.........e..,... ....,r.,,, 5 4 58 Washburn ........ -L .......,.,.,,.... 63 84 Tremont .,..... ..............,,,....... 4 8 54 El Paso ,r .,..,,,.,,.... - r,...r....,..,. 53 59 Metamora l,r.........,.. ....,,.... 6 0 58 Farmington W, ,,..... ..v,,...,. 4 6 76 Washburn ........ ......,........., 5 6 62 Chillicothe ,..... ..............,..,,. 4 4 63 Roanoke ..,, Benson ,,,,, Dunlap ,,.,.. Roanoke ,,., Tremont ,,., Washburn ,L El Paso v..,., Metamora ., Washington Deer Creek-Mackinaw Dunlap .,,,,, Forman ..,,,, HONORARY CAPTAIN - DICK PAYNE G9 A . ag. PW J f Q Q I' x - Qt Q35 ? X Travsr 6 Joe Gem- xg 1? X Y ,4JW X145 N' x .v XS., I F reshman-Sophomore BACK ROW-Cosby Taylor, Kenneth Burrell, Bill Honeg, Jack Keller, David Lindsay, Leroy Clark, Frank Gerber Larry Melaik, Barnard Argo. FRONT ROW-Jerry Wilson, John Leman, Bob Wilder, Larry Lelken Melvin Geiger, Bill Hohulin, Lester Riddle, Richard Remmert. Name Payne ,...,,.,...... 0'Marah Klaus -..- ,...,... Travers .,.,,......7 21 Genre ,.....,......... 18 Frerichs 18 Wabel ........,.,.., R. Leman ,....,,.,, 12 K. Knapp Woertz ,,.,.,..,..... 8 Gresham Geiger ..- .,........ 5 Lindsay .,,..,...... 5 J. Knapp.. Myers ..- ,,..,...,. 2 Team .... 1 .......... Opponents Shots Attempted Field Goals Free Throws Made SAS 360 323 198 125 90 94 72 50 34 24 37 10 7 3 0 1427 FG FT FTM PF 123 50 28 59 108 70 43 67 56 50 46 72 50 44 44 55 27 21 28 39 23 36 30 28 21 12 17 15 13 13 15 25 10 14 15 42 11 6 3 4 8 11 17 24 1 3 2 10 2 1 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 454 331 288 446 549 387 316 389 TP 296 286 162 118 75 72 54 39 34 28 27 5 5 2 0 1203 1484 C1952-53 VARSITY BASKETBALLJ Legend: g'XGames F.T.M.-Free Throws Missed ' '- P.F.--Personal Fouls T.P.-Total Points Average Average shots points game game 15.6 14.8 8.6 5.9 5.0 5.2 6.5 4.1 2.6 3.0 2.6 2.0 1.4 3 0 62 12.8 12.4 7.0 5.6 4.1 4.0 4.9 3.2 2.6 2.5 1.9 1.0 1.0 2.0 0.0 52.3 64.5 FTW FGM 64.1 34.1 61.9 33.4 52.0 28.2 50.0 40.0 42.8 30.0 54.5 24.6 41.4 29.1 46.4 26.0 48.2 29.3 66.6 45.8 39.2 21.6 60.0 10.0 100.0 28.5 .0 33.3 .0 .0 59.2 31.1 54.8 ..,. -. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES We They We They Hopedale ......A, ...,..V 5 0 26 Washburn ..... ........ 4 0 33 Benson ......A........ ....... 4 2 34 Chillicothe .... ...31 44 Washington ....... ...,,., 3 4 36 Roanoke .,,e. .40 57 Morton ............ .,..... 4 4 50 Benson ....,,. .58 35 Washburn ......,7 ....... 3 9 36 Dunlap ....... .51 2 I El Paso ,..,.... ....... 4 8 47 Roanoke . ,,.. .46 66 Metamora ...... ,...... 5 0 43 Tremont ,...7 .50 30 Farmington ....... 42 57 Dunlap .... .48 49 Track TOP ROW-Coach Wallick, Leroy Clark, Robert Wilder, Jack Keller, George Thorn, Bob Smith, Joe Strom- berger, Fred Ferguson, Jerry Brubaker. SECOND ROW-Donald Whitmer, Don Moreland, Bill Traver, Vic Fehr, Bob Heyl, Walter Lott, Bob Wettstein. THIRD ROW-Barney Argo, Bob Bishop, Billy Honeg, Joe Genre, Sam Hohulin, Frank Gerber, Frank Woertz, Leroy Dirden, Maynard Myers, John Leman, Warren White, Frank Reeser. FOURTH ROW-Richard Remmert, Richard Crawford, Gene Collins, Dick Payne, Roger Griffith, Jerry Knapp, Gene Detweiler, Bob Taylor, David Hohulin, David Bowald. FIFTH ROW-Bob Gresham, Kenneth Burrell, Russell Stoller, Douglas Neaveill, Verne Bachman, Ernie Knecht, Melvin Geiger, Paul Watkins. Basketball Snaps 1. Get that tip! 2. Watch the ball. 3. Three way split. 4. In for Joe. Don't fight, boys 1'1tS i CB: ' In plays and drama we find pleasure. All produced in highest measure. Senior Play l f mm -sr: mamma .1 L gg .XXV .i f '. Top-Senior Play Cast for "Two Blind Mice." Middle Left-Mary Lu Imhoif, Dick Daniel, John Heiken. Middle Right-Bob Johann, Gene Fisher, Gene Selvey, Ed Kneecht, John Heiken. Lower Left-Amylu Lathrop, Barbara Baner. Lower Right-Nancy Flanagan, Sam Oesch, John Heiken, Tom Fay, Barbara Baner, Amylu Lathrop. F One-Act Play Mary McCutcheon, Connie Noecker, Sue Johann, Nancy Herschel, Mary Crider, Karen Taylor, Dorothy Imhod, Doreen Zimmerman. XINGU Xingu was first presented at El Paso on February, 1953, in a county speech festival. The play is about a Thursday afternoon ladies' club which on this particular afternoon has Mrs. Osric Dane, a distinguished novelist, as its honored guest. The subject of "Xingu" is brought up, and each lady tries to pretend that she knows all about the thingg in reality the only one know- ing is Mrs. Fannie Roby, the good, down-to-earth member Who brought up the subject in a time of great need. Shortly after the party begins, Mrs. Roby leaves to attend a previous "appoint- ment" with Mrs. Dane following her out. The ladies look up "Xingu" in the dictionary only to find that it is an obscure river in Brazil. This is climaxed by the maid, who upon being ques- tioned, tells them it is a river and assumes that EVERYONE remembered that from her geog- raphy. Cast: Mrs. Ballinger, Sue Johann, Mrs. Leverett, Nancy Herschelg Mrs. Plinth, Mary Criderg Miss Van Vlyck, Karen Taylorg Miss Laura Glyde, Dorothy Imhoff, Mrs. Roby, Doreen Zimmermang Osric Dane, Mary McCutcheong The Maid, Connie Noecker. Junior Play 1. Grand Entrance. 2. There he goes. 3. Now let me tell you. 4. Still trying. 5. Little fix-it. 6. Four of a kind. Seventeenth Summer was the three act, Junior play, presented on November 21st and 22nd under the direction of Miss Shirley Keller. The inexperienced love affair of seventeen year old Angie Morrow CConnie No- ecker and Ardith Kauffmanj to a baker's boy, Jack Duluth fBob Lemanl, caused her and her family very much confusion. While her parents, Mrs. Morrow flrma Bowaldj and Mr. Morrow fGene Keidelj, try to straighten things out, her two older sisters, Margaret Clsabelle Sandersonl and Lorraine fMary McCutcheon and Doris Bechtelb present more problems. Kitty Uacquinot Collinsj, a kid sister, gets to feeling slightly left out at times. Between Jane fSherry Rossiterj and Margie fEdith Grusy and Mary Lynn Brownl, they succeed in making life miserable for Angie. The boy friends , Art CGeorge Thornj, Martin fDick Reesman and Bob Greshaml, Tony CJim Frerichsb and Fritz QDick Banerj, keep things moving until the very last curtain. Junior-Senior Banquet 1952 Upper Left: Senior King, Jerry Crawfordg Senior Queen, Frances Criderg Junior Queen, Harriet Meyerg Junior King, Frank Reeser. Upper Right: Buddha. Lower Left: Chinese servers. CSophomoresJ. Lower Right: Banquet Hall. TOP PICTURE: Front Row-Donna Brubaker, Shirley Schumacher, Anna Lou Buenger, Queen: Doreen Zimmerman, Carol Ann Geers. Back Row-Tom Klaus, Gene Collins, Jim O'Marah, King Stand-ing Vic Fehr, Richard Crawford. Ronnie Janssen was elected King but was unable to at- tend. SECOND PICTURE: King and Queen on throne. THIRD PICTURE-Winning Stunt fSophomoreJ. Fourth Row, Left Picture-Senior Stunt. Fourth Row, Right Picture-Freshman Stunt. Fifth Row-Junior Stunt, 4 1. Operetta Cast and Orchestra. 2. Leroy Clark, Harriet Meyer, Dick Baner. 3. Bob Bishop, Mary McCutcheon. 4. Virginia Karl, Richard Crawford. 5. Bob Bishop, Gene Keidel, Shirley Schumacher, Mary McCutcheon. 6. Chorus Girls. 7. American's Chorus. 8. Tourists. 9. Orchestra. 10. Pianist, Barbara Scharp. W?'Wf!fV'Wi T Mk 1 I ' 1 Wi-s"' 'A -' , . .,.V , , U, ,. ,t ,qr . f 1 I, . .15 I .' ,' ' X " .A - U n i t l iJs . '10 o o o. s ilu -1 f --una-1.- 1 ?' ' 'Vi lo: - 6 , I N I :I . ' Ulf 'V V . l an "'-D X 1 J v f ' . b , . b , 1 V: f , . V' , 'I I. I X I, lf . . ' , 4 Q' 1' kxh, ,K A A i " A .. ' - Y ' 2 . 1' 4--- '. 'V e - 'Q V . L ' .X -- -l . - tl . ,,,. V , Y QA' J ERV Y if Another 3 R's Learning to read with understanding and appreciation, learning to write and speak clearly and concisely, and learning to make meaningful and accurate calculations are basic fundamentals of the public school curriculum including the high school. Nos- talgicly we refer to these tool subjects as the three R's. In today's schools these areas of learning receive more enlightened emphasis than ever before, and on the whole the teachers know more about presenting these materials meaningfully. However, today's curriculum is also placing increasing emphasis upon other learning experiences which contribute to the fundamental aim of education, that of developing good citizens. A second 3 R's consisting of Responsibility, Respect and Righteousness cannot be ignored. A child can learn to read, write and figure far above the average and still be a low grade citizen. Again it is possible for him to be somewhat short in these areas but if he is well grounded in the more basic concepts of good citizenship he can be happy, make his own living and be an asset to his community and nation. A child must be conditioned to his responsibility as an American Citizen. He must recognize that the world does not owe him a living but only an opportunity for earning a living. He is responsible for providing for himself and his own. He is responsible to make Wide use of the talents Within himself and in return for the rich blessings he has received under our American form of government and from God, he recognizes a debt which a full lifetime of devoted service does not fully repay. Our nation has become great because it was built upon the respect we have for the individual and his Creator. In America the individual is everything. The integrity and inherent rights of the individual are inviolable. In turn, the properly educated individual realizes that respect is a two dimensional characteristic. The good citizen respects other people's rights, public and private property, local, state and national government. He reserves the right to criticize but only from enlightened motives conceived in a climate of the factual foundation, and not from narrow partisan motives. One of our Biblical prophets states that, "righteousness exalteth a nation but a sin is a reproach to any people." It is refreshing and inspiring to have the president of the United States recognize the Divine order of the universe by prefacing his remarks to the Congress of the United States, with a prayer for guidance in the crucial days ahead. National sins are the result of people with warped ethical standards rising to po- sitions of influence without the moral equipment necessary for public responsibility. If those in the public schools today are challenged by today's teachers and backed by the proper home, community and moral influence, to get a well rounded education em- bracing the 6 R's, our nation will continue its role of World leadership. If -we fail sig- nificantly in any of the areas mentioned we will have forfeited our birthright. TILMAN R. SMITH, Supt. Community Unit Dist. 140. GOODFIELD Grade Schools DAVENPORT CONGERVILLE Davenport School i KINDERGARTEN, A. M.-FRONT ROW-Dougie Bankston, Pat Flanagan, Paul Moushon, Gary Steffen, Joanne Kenagy. SECOND ROW+Terry Kennedy, Tony Bruce, Ronnie Snyder, Charles Scheid. THIRD ROW-Randy Wallick, Leslie Garber, Ricky Wallick. FOURTH ROW-Ronnie Gustin, Mildred Lott, Rose- mary ImhoiT, Carol Humbert, Jean Chenowcth, Barbara Oliver. fDue to the Hu, only 18 of the 40 children were present! KINDERGARTEN, P. M.-FRONT ROW-Jackie Reeser, John Mozingo, Charles Taylor, Betty Jo Troyer, Joyce Walter, Susie Teegarden, Sue Ann Stromberger, Betty Grusy, Deborah Rocke. SECOND ROW- Billy Hartter, Connie Hartter, Barry Barker, Tommy Sharpe, Bunny Jo Frye, Dixie Fetters, Ann Rayburn, Mickie Klaus, Ketra Klaus, Arthur Hinrichsen. THIRD ROW-Melvin Tedford, Dennis Blunier, Judy Bo- gardus, Donnie Gustin, Dick Noll, Cynthia Crawford, Laurie Jo Fehr, Carol Sue Deck, Susan Glick, Roddy Grusy. Teachers-Ella Byrnes, Margaret Owen FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW-Sandra Roll, James Hartzler, Nickie Martinez, Bobby Leman, Benjie Klaus, Melvin Schroeder, Karen Householter, Doris Fehr. SECOND ROW-Joanne Troyer, Charles Ferdinandsen, Christine Trum- bold, Jimmie Harper, Connie Voorhees, Jim Cook, Ricky Myers, Merle Rocke. THIRD ROW-Marsha Gra- ham, Donnie Pioletti, Edwin Kupferschmid, Sharon Swann, Betty Hinshaw, Dean Greenwood, Laurel Jo Brown, David Troyer, Ruth Ann Watkins, Miss Workman. FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW-James Riley, Dick Rossiter, Susan Hill, Loretta Dunham, Denny Parsons, Sharon Shoup, Colleen Cawley, Suzie Klaus, Cheryl Naifziger, Mary Lohnes. SECOND ROW-Craig Bronson, Kent Franklin, Alan Romersberger, Margaret Moreland, Sharon Aeschleman, Timmy Sherman, Gene Schumacher, Lana Baldwin, Mrs. Ely, Diana Belsley, Maxine Kempf, Steve Onnen. SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW-HBrinda Taylor, Kent Roney, David Riley, Robert Siverly, Susan Kenagy, Joanne Darnell Norris Glick, Douglas Fehr, Vicki Bradle, Kenneth Ludwig, Sandra Zehr. SECOND ROW-Glenda Flanagani Sally Frerichs, Lonnie Kupferschmidt, Vada Mozingo, Karen Defenbaugh, Nancy Dick, Peggy Burmood, Danny Harrod, Dean Zimgmerman, Ronnie Willis, Tim Sharpe, Lang Colcord, Jeanne Wood. THIRD ROW- Aline Johnson, Clinton Blumenshine, Douglas Cawley, Alan Gerber, Sharon Colburn, Denny Noe, Billy Hinrich- son, Johnny Hancock, Griff Lathrop. SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW--Ruth Wittmer, Neida Blumenshine, Marilyn Underwood, Marvin Bachman, Donald Saunders, Chuck Johnson, Stanley Smith, Shirley Keshner. SECOND ROW-Patty Golden, Keith Windley, David Scharp, Penny Garey, Bobby Meginnes, Gerald Wilder, Sandy Reeser, Rachel Graber, David Meyer, David Bechtel. THIRD ROW-Tommy Oliver, Sharon Dooley, Christine Klaus, Cynthia Dewees, Laura Hines, Barth Dowling, Betty Stoller, Joe Rouviere, Alta Rinker. THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW-Diane Scott, Joan King, Linda Wilder, Walter Miller, Victoria Frerichs, Johnny Zimmerman, Donald Cremeens. SECOND ROW-Marvin Ginzel, Marsha Cawley, Erik Jensen, Patty Darnell, Mary Myers, Carolyn Cordes, Jerry Kenagy, Michael Noe, Duane Rippel. THIRD ROW-Joyce Glore, Patricia Flanagan, Mary Lou Emerson, Kathy Ulrich, Terance Flanagan, Ken Albers, Roger Traver. Anna Ogan, teacher. Dixie Schumacher absent. 1--......., ,, A Q, THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW-Betsy Sauder, Joyce Bauman, Jerry Fetters, Ricky Wuethrich, Darlene Fehr, Alice Wey- eneth, Susan Troyer, Freddie Meyers. SECOND ROW--Karen Betts, Allan Leman,iNorene Koehl, Barbara Brubaker, Marian Tedford. THIRD ROW-Larry Siverly, Karen Mischler, Tommy Anliker, Billy Singleton, Tommy Compton, Michael Hulett, Linda Ferdinandsen, Daryl Netherton, Sara Roth. Lucille Finley, Teacher. FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW-Alberta Blunier, James Dirden, Evelyn Grusy, Carole Neaveill, James Chambliss, Cheryl Bankston, Richard Hebner, Stanley Fehr, Alice Sullivan, Sara Lindsay, John Stalter, Howard Moser. SEC- OND ROWfBeverly Crawford, Loretta Kupferschmidt, Sammy Stimpert, Kay Hewitt, Harold Bradle, Tom- my Graber, Stevie Grusy, Jimmy Aeschliman, Nancy Fleming, Neil Whittington, Jerry La Conte. THIRD ROW-Roy Emory, Stephen Greer, Larry Brubaker, Danny Wood, Jo Major, Roger Glick, Carole Sherman, Bryan Noe, Gerald Nelson, Gerald Leman, Robert Melaik. Pearl Smith, Teacher. FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW-Raymond Schroeder, Jane Siverly, Charles Ludwig, Roger Spencer, Marshall Sauder, Tom- my Roney, Eleanor Smith, Carol Sue Burrell, Bonnie Turner, Barbara Stauter, Vicki Menssen. SECOND ROW-Barbara Baker, Etta Mae Noll, Carolyn Dick, Irvin Chenoweth, Jimmy Siverly, Karen Mette, Margie Tedford, Curtis Rocke, Tommy Moreland, Clara Neaveill, Mary Wittmer. THIRD ROW--Diane Blumenshine, Jack Roseman, David Neuhauser, Terry La Conte, Kenzie Meyer, Dale Knapp, George Walls, Connie Honeg, Harriet Sutherland, Sandra Beoletto, Mrs. Ward. Missing: David Windley, Wendell Martin. E FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW-Leroy Watkins, Merrell Zimmerman, Mary Ann Scheid, Barbara Robenstein, Tommy Spauld- ing, Barbara Potts, Janice Otten, Ginger Wuethrich, Eileen Ginzel, Gene Leman, Fred McCloud, Carole Herron, Doris Moore. SECOND ROW-Darrell Neuhauser, Sharon Argo, Russell Dentino, Marsha Brown, Joan Nickel, Carolyn Weyeneth, Carol Hinshaw, Timmy Grusy, Donald Anliker, Larry Fetters, Billy Taylor, Norris Taylor. THIRD ROW-Marvin Meier, Gary Wilder, Janet Scharp, Susan Wallick, Elaine Kempf, Donna Davidson, Becki Barker, Terry Gallagher, Roger Saunders, George Eades. Virginia Givens, teacher. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES FRONT ROW-Ralph Imhoff, Randall Gooding, James Baldock, Linda King, Steven Bilbrey, Sharon Lohnes, Joyce Sterzinger, Barbara Darnell, Sharon Netherton. SEOND ROW-Phyllis Moreland, Paul Graber, Nancy Naffziger, Jack Tweddale, Elnor Pease, Judy Smith, Janice Meyer, Janet Cremeens, Linda Zimmerman. THIRD ROW-Mr. Mayer, Beth Riddle Gloria Koehl, Bob Klaus, Dick Leiken, David Hulett, Norman La Conte, Melvin Glick, Dick Honeg, Betty Ales, Joanne Hines, Georgia Stromberger. QNNE SIXTH GRADE FRONT ROW-Jinx Dubree, Dean German, Jerry Getz, Jim Maloney, Marvin Blunier, Jack Gerber, Jon David Hartzler, Bobby Myers. SECOND ROW-Ruth Anne Cable, Virginia Johnson, Bonnie Shoup, Dianne Mason, Patsy Stoller, Donna Whittington, Ronnie Sauder, Ronnie Underwood, Eric Menssen, John Potts, Philip Brubaker, Stephen Lott, Kenneth Cordes. THIRD ROW-Sara Robinson, teacher, Rose Schroeder, Kitty Stromberger, Lynn Colburn, Susie Myers, Nancy Jo Durbin, Karon Taylor, Jennita Detweiler, Judy Turner, Patty Burrell, Mike Flanagan, David Traver, Lonnie Emerson. SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW-Marilyn Zimmerman, Joyce Blunier, Dan Sullivan, William Sanson, Steven Colburn, Glen Schackerbauer, William: Harshbarger, Larry Zimmerman, Terry Klaus, Mike Brown. SECOND ROW-Aileen Browning, Lynne Tweddale, Jane Moreland, Betty Robenstein, Lucy Hines, Ellen Barrett, Bonnie Nelson, Carol Humes, Jim Dildine, Keith Cable, Ralph Garber. SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW-Miss Schertz, Naomi Bowald, Lydia Leman, Susan Nickel, DeAnne Major, Donna Shoup, Linda Cook, Alice Sandstrom, Margaret Scheid, Carol Brown. SECOND ROW-Richard Sinn, Gary Lightfoot, Janice Hartzler, Mary Ann Troyer, Joy Myers, Sharon Hefner, Pam Miller, Eva Moore, Janice Blumenshine, Billy Krumholz. THIRD ROW-Jim Riddle, Garland Bachman, Jerry Zimmerman, Sam Harrod, Roger Fisher, Keith Wood, David Ginzel, Pat Riley, Dick Eastman, Milton Watkins, Eddie Crawford. EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW-Larry Eades, Lorine Martinez, Shirley Robenstein, Una Wittmer, Patricia Zehr, Linda Frank, Merna Grusy, Donna Schroeder, Janice Bilbrey, Judy Myers, Judy Bradle, Tom Lightfoot, David Thompson. SECOND ROW-Eddie Watkins, Sam Anliker, Betty Brubaker, Elizabeth Hancock, Carolyn Ger- man, Janet Schrock, Elizabeth Kruse, Valerie Curtis, Susie Crawford, Phoebe Woerner, Sally Roehm, Saundra Honeg, Ronny Smith, Jack Carr. THIRD ROW-Mr. Girardi, Bob Herschel, Allen Getz, Lee Karl, Benny Bowald, John Smith, Harold Cordes, Robert Baldock, Jim Whittington, Raymond Zimmerman, David House- holter, Henry Watkins, Louis Anderson, James Smith. Congerville , 1 ka ' FIRST AND SECOND GRADES FRONT ROW-Barbara Miller, John Mardis, Inga Wacker, Shirley Haulcroft, Elsa Wacker, Stephen Vaughn, Judith Reel, Diane Azbill, Orval Crump. SECOND ROW-Randy Greider, David Embry, Jackie Fuller, David Pierce, Martha Dosher, Stephen Schrock, Donnie Schwarzentruber, Jimmie Hoffman, Robert Litwiller, Gary Geiger. THIRD ROW-Karin Cross, Jerry Weaver, Bobbie Todd, Duane Craig, Martha Weigelman, Rudiger Wacker, Laureen Rediger, Martha Jean Sharp, Byron Schrock, Danny Kaufman. Teacher, Hannah Whittington. "'K THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES FRONT ROW-Jane Coplan, Joyce Azbill, Robert Hoffman, Jerry Sides, Duane Miller, John Engel, John Kauffman. SECOND ROW-Nancy Kinder, Sharon Irion, Joyce Miller, Judy Kennell, Judy Rokey, Larry Reel, Betty Todd. THIRD ROW--Miss Hinshaw, Karen Woosley, Ruth Reel, Helen Schwarzentrubcr, Adolf Wacker, Stephen Cross, Erika Wacker, Larry Young, James Tabor. ,V"'n' Cl i "" I A FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES FRONT ROW-Larry Irion, Sharon Miller, Erma Crump, Jan Yoder, Vaughn Martino, Sam Kennell, Russel Miller, James Rokey, Ed Hofman, John Klein. SECOND ROW-Linda Reeser, Jeanne Crump, Norma Mil- ler, Joy Kauffman, Mary Vee Sides, Sharon Winkler, Claria Kauffman, Mary E. Noland, Duane Tabor, Don- ald Miller, Mr. Schmeckpeper. THIRD ROW-Allan Schrock, Lee Rediger, Roger Litwiller, Linda Miller, Jacqueline Weaver, Sharon Stager, Raymond Wilson, Lydia Weigelmann. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES FRONT ROW-Benny Coplan, Tom Engel, Larry Miller, Robert Crump, John Kinder, Doris Noland, Ernest Stahl, Janet Rokey. SECOND ROW-Mr. James Allen, David Miller, Fred Miller, Lynda Dosher, Rachel Yoder, Mary Reel, Lola Woosley, Carol Noland, Phyllis Peterson, Della Mae Sides. Coodfield I 7 FIRST AND SECOND GRADES FRONT ROW-Lester Bauman, Paul Renkin, Darrell Reeser, Dean Wettstein, Jean Schierer, Kay Weishaupt, Dean Meyer, Bruce Hohulin, Sara Dietrich. SECOND ROW-Stevie Nohl, Mark Goetzinger, Charles Cato, Patsy Clymer, Patty Surber, Roger Birkey, James Hoyt Cooper, Marvin Wettstein, Stanley Hohulin, THIRD ROW-Teacher, Mrs. Taylor, Rosemary Young, Annette Knapp, Ronnie Heinold, Hugh Hays, Barbara Wett- stein, Joan Heinold, Christine Knapp. Not Present: Sandy Holliger, Eddie Fehr, Douglas Reeser, Darrell Reeser, Beverly Heinold. K-K J 5 4 S 74 K . V: L I 5.0, dis -f i M W A .a.. 1.-,,.gj,A.,Q,.. f9,f?,Q7,i?. ull 'P' THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES FRONT ROW-Carol Amerman, Julia Hohulin, Bobby McGinnis, Tommy Hohulin, Anne Hohulin, John Heiken, Charlyn Bauman, Kay Bauman, Frances Stoller, Mike Yarnell, K Guengerich, Dicky Hohulin, Fern Goet- zinger. SECOND ROW-David Weishaupt, Donna Wettstein, Myrna Rokey, Lynn Bade, Creta McDonald, Elain Cato, Connie Holliger, Marilyn Scherier, Delores Horn, John Purdy, Ervin Knecht, Mildred Dietrich, Clara Dreyer. Not Present: Carl Hasty, Sammie Reeser, Helen McRoberts. FIFTH A,ND SIXTH GRADES FRONT ROW-Joanne Stoller, Robert Reeser, Elaine Bauman, Nancy Dingledine, Judith Kindred, Walter Knecht, Kay Finley, Larry Kuntz, Phyllis Hohulin, Patricia Yarnell, Ralph Zobrist. SECOND ROW-Vernon Wettstein, Jammie Tower, Georgie Knapp, Gail Goetzinger, Ron Schertz, Nancy Winn, Mary McDonald, Mar- leah Guengerich, Dickie Hays, Donald Tanner. Teacher, Margaret Ulrich. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES FRONT ROW-Beverly Hohulin, Ray Reeser, Duane Heinold, Bobby Hohulin, Carolyn Zobrist, Mary Dietrich, Rita Siebenthal, Jim Hohulin, Elaine Bartlow, Sherelane Winn. SECOND ROW-Elsie Ott, Janet Tower, Carol Wettstein, Twyla Bauman, Wayne Wettstein, Billy Dietrich, Richard Knecht, Harold Knapp, Larry Bauman, Arlynn McGinnis. THIRD ROW- Doris Heiken, Roger Dingledine, C. R. McDonald, Donald Lud- wig, Glenn Weishaupt, Virgil Froman, Raymond Wettstein, Mr. Defenbaugh. DAVENPORT BAND-FRONT ROW-Garland Bachman, Merna Grusy, Danny Sullivan, Ruth Ann Cable, Janice Bilbrey, Pat Riley, Sam Harrod. SECOND ROW-Linda Cook, Jerry Zimmerman, Benny Bowald, John Smith, Suzanne Potts, Jenny Johnson, Deanne Major, Jennita Detweiler, Nancy Naffziger, Nioma Bowald, Judy Myers, Elizabeth Hancock, Saundra Honeg, Susan Nickel. THIRD ROW-Mr. Saxton, Janice Myers, Betty Brubaker, Sally Roehm, Susie Crawford. Q - qw. . H hlnnunqq TOP ROW-Mrs. Spaulding, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Brandon. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Driscoll. . .. Q I !t'k .y e Mrs. Bruce watches over the health of all the students in the district. Mrs. Spaulding, Mrs. Brandon and Mrs. Driscoll work with the special children throughout the unit. 'illvvv '14 Left, Top Row: Davenport, "Why we eat well. Second Row: Congerville, "Why we're all getting' fat." Third Row: Goodfield, '4Why lunch is ready." Davenport Cheerleaders: Judy Myers, Saundra Honeg, Lydia Leman, Susie Crawford, Merna Grusy. DkVENPOR'l HEAVYWEIGHTS FRONT ROW Heniy Watkins Manager Keith Cable, Bob Herschel, Jelly Zimmelman Ben Bowald Raymond Zimmelman Tom Lightfoot Manager SFCOND.ROW-Louis An- derson David Householtel Lee Karl, Ralph Galbei ROQQI Fisher Jeuy Wood M1 Girardi. DAVENPORT LIGHT- VVEIGHTS - FRONT ROW - Larry Eades, Ronnie Smith, Dick Eastman, Pat Riley, Mike Brown, Sam Har- rod, Edward Crawford, Terry Klaus, Manager. SECOND ROWfJohn Smith, Ralph Garber, Eddie Watkins, Roger Fisher, Jerry Zimmer- man, Mr. Girardi. BASEBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW - Ray mond Zimmerman, Ralph Garber, Bob Herschel, Mike Brown, David Householter, Jer- ry Zimmerman, John Smith, Terry Klaus. SECOND ROW-Mike Roseman, Allen Getz, Henry Watkins, Jerry Wood, Tom Lightfoot, Larry Eades, Tim Grusy, Sam Harrod. THIRD ROW - Jack Tweddale, Merrell Zim- merman, Ronnie Smith, Roger Fisher, Ben Bo- wald, Milton Watkins, Dick Eastman, Pat Riley, Eddie Crawford. CONGERVILLE-HEAVY AND LIGHT BASKETBALL FRONT ROW-Ed Hoffman, James Rokey, Vaughn Mar- tino, Dan Miller, Jan Yoder, Larry Irion. SECOND ROW -Russel Miller, Roger Litwiller, Lee Rediger, Tom Engel, David Miller, Ernest Stahl. THIIRD ROW-Allen Schrock, Ben Coplan, Larry Miller, Robert Crump, Fred Miller, Raymond Wilson, John Kinder, Mr. Schmeckpeper. CONGERVILLE CHEERLEADERS - Front to back: Janet Rokey, Doris Noland, Dela Mae Sides. GOODFIELD BASKETBALL TEAM-FRONT ROW- Walter Knecht, Dickie Hayes, Ralph Zobrist, Robert Reeser, Jim Tower, Vernon Wettstein, Bobby Hohulin. SECOND ROW--Jim Hohulin, Managerg Duane Heinold, Gegrge Knapp, Ron Schertz, Richard Knecht, Harold Knapp, Larry Bauman, Ray Reeser, Wayne Wettstein, THIRD ROW-Mr. Defenbaugh, Coach: C. R. McDonald, Raymond Wettstein, Virgil Froman, Donald Ludwig, Glenn Weishauptg Roger Dingledine, Manager. CHEERLEADERS-Left to right: Doris Heiken, Janet Tower, Carol Wettstein, Gail Goetzinger. .ie X . X Q Behind the scenes. 2. Why do they look so strange? 3. Shop work. 4. Bigamist. 5. Tarzan's horse. 6. They seem to be so py, anyway. 7. Future home makers. 8. Jim-ing. 9. Plaids don't match. 10. Indians, football players, or women? . :sw 1. Warren "White." 2. Half White. 3. Gibraltar. 4."Hold that porkerf' 5. Peeping Tom. 6. Baa Baa 7. Pride and Joy. 8. Posin'. 9. Just a little fella. 10. He'1l grow. 11. Looking back. 12. Heads up. 13. Rest- ing. 14. Prize stock. 15 Little Joe. 16. Just waiting. 17. Low middle. 18. Rear View. 19. Front View 20. Steady there. 21. Great expectations. 1 W , l , e y I GOODFIELD- First Left: Look at all the empty chairs! First Right: Watch the birdie! Second Left: Turkeys in the Win- dow. Second Right: Eyes Front. Third: Give 'em a down beat. glames gllale 511911, IHZUJH53 James Dale Allen was born in Wayne County, Illinois, on September 6, 1920, and moved with his parents to McLean County, Illinois, two years later. He was instantly killed March 3, 1953, in an automobile accident near his home While on his Way to the Congerville elementary school of which he was principal and teacher. In these days which try men's souls it might be advantageous to take time to reflect upon the life of an average American citizen who by dint of hard Work, unswerving purpose and spurred on by the courage, counsel and co-operation of a devoted mother, became an outstanding example of constant personal improvement against almost insuperable odds. That James Allen had human frailties no one would deny, but his strength of character: his honesty, sobriety, humanity, industry, his respect for his Creator and the dignity of man are most fully appreciated by those Who knew him best-a true measure of man's quality. "Jim" as we knew him, attended a rural school and 'finished the eighth grade at the age of twelve. He lived on a small farm six miles from high school, his father was sick and unable to work, his mother could not drive the car, depression finances would not permit transportation expenses, and there were no school buses. For three years through sunshine and rain, through storm and calm, Jim walked to and from the Con- gerville high school, a total distance of twelve miles a day. Congerville had only a three year high school curriculum so for the fourth year he attended Mackinaw high school, walking to the interurban station three miles away, riding six miles into Mack- inaw, in the evening taking the six o'clock interurban back and then again walking the last three miles. He finished his high school course, and he and his mother made plans that he should 'attend college. He worked for a neighboring farmer for a dollar a day during the summer following his high school graduation whenever he could get away from farm duties at home. The money earned in this Way was used for books. Mrs. Allen did sewing, operated their small farm, cared for her sick husband and accumu- lated limited funds with which to rent a room at Illinois State Normal University. By working early in the morning and late at night for a local grocer and by bringing foodstuff from home each weekend, Jim finished his first year of college. Mrs. Allen had the first of four major operations, and Jim was unable to return to college in Sep- tember. He took the teacher's examinations and received a teaching certificate but was too young, only seventeen, for a school board to take a chanceion him. Jim was able to return to college during the second semester and also during the ensuing summer, completing his second year. That fall he began his teaching career and taught for some years in McLean County rural schools. In September of 1942 he started teaching in Congerville but was called into his Country's service the following November. He later became a radar instructor, that being his position when he was honorably dis- charged from the Army in February, 1945. Mr. Allen then began attendance at Brad- ley University until September of 1945 when he began teaching in the Mackinaw elemen- tary school. Always along with his teaching he took extension and summer courses and was soon able to receive his Bachelor's Degree. In September, 1949, he began his principalship and teaching at the Congerville school using every opportunity to im- prove himself professionally and in community service. He was presently enrolled at Bradley University in an evening class for the final course which would have given him his Master's Degree in June, 1953. There would have been ,many opportunities for James Allen to quit in his strug- gle for self improvement and less hardy souls would have done so. He had four major interests-his mother, his' school, his church and his community. He had reached a place where he and his mother had a comfortable home free from debt and with less foreboding days ahead. Together they had counseled about the problems of the day, how her burdens might be transferred to his shoulders, how the days might become less toilsome and more secure for her diminished physical strength. Each had supreme confidence in and respect for the other. Today in the hour of her great tragedy Mrs. Allen whose very existence was bound up in the success of her son, must face a completely and bewilderingly different future. A widowed mother who has known little but sickness, toil, and tears told me recently, "Probably I ought to thank God that I was permitted to have James Dale for these thirty-two years." Such devotion, such courage and spirit in the hour of deepest trial and upon the threshold of better things in the sunset of life, might help to explain how James Dale Allen was made to possess that indomitable spirit which drove him on to better and better things. There is no such thing as a self-made man but in this case of a mother's supreme effort to help a boy to become his best and a son's sincere desire to fulfill his mother's fondest hopes, we have a story which might be of some inspira- tion when the way before us is rough and our direction uncertain. Supt. Tilman R. Smith. 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TANN ER CQNTRACTQR AND BUILDER .Phone 8811 GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS 9 o Juices - Vegetables - Fruits Canned Meats - Salmon - Pickles Olives - Condiments Baby Foods - Frozen Foods Loon 'ro Fon vnanzerlon --------------------------------------------Q .---------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Wishes, Seniors EUREKA PRINTING Q STATIONERY CO. Printers and Binders of the '53 Hornet A PLEASANT HOME IS A GOOD INVESTMENT Have Your Decorating Done by Competent Workmen GILBERT KIBLINGER Phone 438W HARRY KIBLINGER Phone 438R EUREKA, ILLINOIS WOODFORD COUNTY SERVICE CO. TANK TRUCK DELIVERY WILLIS WUTHRICH, Driver Phone Deer Creek 4903 NOW SELF-SERVICE FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE III BEN FRANKLIN Washington, Illinois F. T. Herbst Phone 39 ILLINIAMOTOR COURT NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. 108 Years of Protection LOREN P. KESLER Representative 108 E. 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GLICK OFFICE PRACTICE CLASS CLASS OF '54 DAVENPORT ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT CONGERVILLE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT GOODFIELD ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT ROBERT E. MUL-LINS E. R. MOORE CO. Get a T E X A C 0 Check-Up! Let us put your car in shape for warm weather . . . Here's what We do. We give your car a bumper-to-bumper check-up-battery, tires, fan belt and other possible trouble spots are double checked. We drain your crankcase and refill it with Custom- Made Havoline. It's a heavy duty motor oil-great for new cars and old ones, too. We lubricate the chassis with Marfak, for that cushiony feeling that lasts 1,000 miles or more. Gears get proper lubrication, too. Finally, for quick starts, smooth get- aways, and pep on the hills, We fill your tank with punch-packing Sky Chief . . . or Fire Chief, the powerful gasoline that sells at regular prices. 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PIOLETTI County Judge O DELMER POTTS 81 SON PLUMBING and HEATING Electric Wiring and Appliances Sheet Metal Work and Guttering DEER CREEK - ILLINOIS i H a feysmfmffw MW 56afAz1fvqra,oh 76Qf Sign your autograph where it will really pay off on a Kroger Employment Application. We have excellent posltions for intelligent young men and women good starting pay, and we ll tram you for promotions, too! Kroger offers a wide variety of interesting, stimulating occupations You enjoy freedom from monotony in clean pleasant surround- ings You ll find many unusual benefits at Kroger, too Free retirement program, liberal profit- sharmg plan and steady work with regular pay are Just a few of the many reasons it's smart to consider a. Kroger career. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Phone or see Personnel Mgr 111 Persimmon St Outslde Peoria, see local Kroger Store Mgr . 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It's a big, wide, wonderful world and we give it to you with our blessings. Our fathers gave it to us a generation ago. They told us it would be what we chose to make of it. They made it very plain that an education didn't entitle us to any more of this world than anyone elseg merely that with an education we'd be better equipped to face it, meet its challenges. Our fathers told us we'd stand a better chance with an education, and that we'd get more out of life. It was true then, and it's still true now. And then, as though sensing an unspoken thought, our fathers added another word of caution. "Nor is an education a substitute for hard work," they smiled. "It's just a great help in that work." We offer you the same words as those we received. We offer you the same world, slightly changed, but essentially intact. It's for your hands to improve. " " ,vw CATERPILLAR TRACTAOR' co. Let's Go Q S for the Out to Bestof FOOD AND DAIRY PRODUCTS . 6 ' - ' f 9 MILK AND ICE CREAM Best Wishes to the Class of 353 JOHN CRAWFORD, Prop. Curb Service The Best of Food The Best of Service Phone 118W Eureka, Illinois Hearty Congratulations to the 1953 Class HAN GARTN ER 86 BITTN ER YOUR JOHN DEERE, IVIAYTAG, WESTINGHCUSE DEALER Gooclfield - - Illinois EIIRIEKA FARMERS 00-0P. ASS'R Dealers in GRAIII, FEEDS, FEIIGE SEEDS ARD SALT Phone 46 Joe Leman, Mgr. Hearty Congratulatioiis to the 1953 Class! HARPER 8 SAUDER Your INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER -- MAYTAG Dealer Eureka -- and 1- Metamora E . B . L A R S O N CHAIR RENTAL SERVICE 207 Cruger Avenue Phone 392W EUREKA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF LEEDS-ELLIOTT DRESS SHOP Phone 97 EUREKA, ILLINOIS TRIPLE PROTECTION INSURANCE Auto-Life-Fire See Your STATE FARM Agent PAUL LIGHTFOOT Phone125 EUREKA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF B E N C . L E I K E N EUREKA, ILLINOIS G . T . M c G U I R E COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Phone 47 EUREKA, ILLINOIS BEN P. 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BEST WISHES Wrenn Motor Sales to the CLASS OF 1953 CARS- - TRUCKS - TRACTORS . Q Repairs - Rebuilding J. B. Snyder 8: Son 'i Phone 41 ROANOKE, ILL. Phone 182 COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES WILLIAMS EUREKA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF WOODFORD THEATRE COMPLIMENTS OF SCHIERER'S DAIRY METAMORA, ILLINOIS Phone 59J WHITTINGTON SHEET METAL SHOP WARM AIR HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING Phone 347R COMPLIMENTS OF WITTMER'S EUREKA'S APPLIANCE SHOP C. J. WITTMER A PRODUCE - POULTRY and EGGS Phone 457X EUREKA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF WOODFORD COUNTY ABSTRACT AND TITLE CO. First National Bank Building EUREKA, ILLINOIS THE WOODFORD COUNTY JOURNAL 32.50 A YEAR PRINTING AND PUBLISHING EUREKA, ILLINOIS STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto - Life - Fire - Hail Coast to Coast Service Quality and Service You Will Like Emergency Road Service EDWIN ANTHONY Phone 2l1R EUREKA, ILL. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 1953 BAND MOTHERS COMPLIMENTS OF DRS. BARKER AND BARKER PAINTING-iDECORATING INTERIOR - EXTERIOR CARL BOWLES EUREKA 535X BROWNS PEORIA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 240 S. Jefferson Avenue Browns is the only school in Peoria that specializes in qualifying high school graduates for choice office positions. We offer several excellent training programs for young men and young women. Ask for Bulletin of Courses. A. R. Beard, Director. BUSY CORNER CAFE FINE FOODS PLEASANT SURROUNDINGS Junction GOODFIELD, U. S. 150-117 ILLINOIS. ED BUCHWALTER WELDING - RADIATOR RECORING CLEANING AND REPAIRING 303 E. Eureka Ave. EUREKA, IL-LINOIS Phone 63 BRUBAKER TRANSFER EUREKA, ILLINOIS MOVING AND GENERAL HAULING Trips Twice Daily to and from! Peoria Leave Eureka Leave Peoria 7:00 o'clock a. m. 1:00 o'clock p. m. 11:00 o'clock a. m. 5:00 o'clock p. m. Eureka Phone Peoria Phones 460W 4-2111 4-4903 4-5402 1 BURCHETT STUDIO INC. 234 S. jefferson Peoria, Ill. Phone 3-3242 Maker of Fine P0 FLEMING'S TRUCK STOP COMPLETE SINCLAIR SERVICE FINE FOOD Route 24 Phone 548 EUREKA, ILLINOIS BEST WISHES CLASS OF '52 FOSTER JEWELRY DIAMONDS - WATCHES - CLOCKS SILVERWARE - GIFTS Phone 44 EUREKA, ILLINOIS FRERICHS GROCERY QUALITY AJND SERVICE YOU WILL LIKE EUREKA - GOODFIELD Free Delivery Phone 9 COMPLIMENTS OF F F A CHAPTER EUREKA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF DR. H. R. TEEGARDEN VETERINARIAN EUREKA, ILLINOIS Phone 555 COMPLIMENTS OF H . L . D Y A R EUREKA, ILLINOIS B. J. FEHR WELDING, BLYACKSMITTIING AND GENERAL REPAIRING Telephone 47 ROANOKE, ILLINOIS WILMER M. DYAR DEPENDABLE INSURANCE Telephone 184 EUREKA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF SHERIFF OF WOODFORD COUNTY GEORGE L. TOLER Deputy, Quentin "Jimmie" Durst COMPLIMENTS OF WALT'S SHELL SERVICE Phone 86 WALT METTE, Prop. SIMPSON-POWELSON LUMBER CO. GOODFIELD, ILLINOIS LUMBER - PAINT AND ACCESSORIES HARDWARE - TOOLS BARN EQUIPMENT - WALL BOARD PLYWOOD - PLASTER BOARD CABINETS - TOPPING - GLASS METAL MOLDING - ETC. "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" S 81 S MARKET GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS FROZEN FOODS Phone No. 2 SPEERS DAIRY GRADE "A" MILK Delivered to Your Door SCHUMACHER 8: GRIMM CARS - CHEVROLET - TRUCKS AUTO BODY REPAIRING GOODFIELD C. E. STEFFEN 8z SONS LOGGING ANID LUMBER SAWING BULLDOZING AND TRUCKING Phone 13F21 CARLOCK, ILLINOIS- STUMPF PHARMACY COMPLETE DRUG STORE SERVICE Your REXALL Store Phone 1 EUREKA, ILLINOIS VISIT OUR SHOP when you want to buy that "EXTRA SPECIAL" GIFT STATIONERY - CANDIES - GIFTS S T O P ' N S H O P EUREKA, ILLINOIS Phone No. 2 EUREKA, ILLINOIS M. SMITH L. SMITH CONGERVILLE HARDWARE CONGERVILLE, ILLINOIS Phone 5810-Deer Creek, Ill. CRUGER FARMERS CO-OP. ASSN. GRAIN-FEED-FENCE-COAL TILE4-GAS CRUGER, ILL. - P. O., EUREKA, ILL. TEL. MERLE CLAYMON EUREKA 801W Mgr. DAWSON DRUG STORE Phone48 EUREKAg ILLINOIS EUREKA COLLEGE FOUNDED 1855 A Liberal Arts College, using the Single Subject System of Instruction. Courses of Study in preparaticn for Teaching, Business and advanced study in graduate and pro- fessional schools. For information or calalog, write to President Burrus Dickinson. IUREKA FLOOR COVERING CO. See Us for ALL FLOOR COVERING NEEDS VENETIAN BLINDS and TRAVERSE RODS Phone 187 BILL KLAUS, Prop. EUREKA LOCKER SERVICE CAT YOUR SERVICEJ BUTCHERING, CURING, PROCESSING ffor Lockers and Home Freezersl. FROZEN FOODS-FRESH LARD-MEATS LOCKERS AVAILABLE Owner, GEO. ROBENSTEIN Phone 454 EUREKA MOTOR SALES B-U-I-C-K Phone 135W FRED J. DARNELL EUREKA, ILLINOIS CARL JOHANN IN SURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS Phones: Oiiice 3203 Res. 101 EUREKA, ILLINOIS GRADUATES l "I'M RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE When you take those first confident steps on the broad road of life, you'll soon find that Reddy Kilowatt is a mighty handy little fellow to have by your side. The magic of modern electricity ' has widened opportunities for Work and play As today's graduate, you can look forwarc' to an era of comfortable and profitable living. 0 k f 51" .9 Ufks Z' .. X 1 fp ,, y i aa 'W , l GOOD LUCK! CENTRAL ILLINOIS LIGHT CO. Reach for xl Q , E . -i - '- ' -- ..i- r 1 ""i ' . ,. ...., . llul lala s Emerg Packed

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