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PROPERTY UF SCHUUL DISTIUU R-I ST. Louis cuunw, Mug NLlMBER,,,,,.......---- PRUPEHTY UF SCHUUI. DISTRICT R-5 ST. LDUIS COUNTY, MU. NuMaEn--g.u......Q.. " i :A Align 7 JK Editor, Ruth Anne Atwell Assistant Editor, Doris Wright Business Manager, jorclen Vesper meyurli my ' X the f I I x 4' I ' ENTIEIEIH H, It JI I V if 'NIH-' -. 'Ci A i f f' YEARBOOK OF EUREKA HIGH SCHOOL EUREKA, MISSOURI I 9 5 6 .,, M , hi X 'X x xi i -2,111-u-+ THEME The Eurekana Staff of 1955-56 chose recordings as the theme of this book, because through recorded music so much pleasure is given to the world. Popular songs and dance music provided our student body with many hours of pleasure dur- ing the school year. Dramatics interpretations, famous words, and music by incomparable musicians are made available for the listening pleasure of everyone through our modern records. History has now been recorded, and famous speeches by men of world-renown are made available for posterity. Plays and poetry recorded by famous artists in their field are used to help students understand and enjoy these literary master- pieces. Languages are taught by recordsg the blind are alble to enjoy recordings of literature. Recordings offer a long, unend- ing list of pleasing aids in various fields of modern living. This modern method of entertainment, recorded for our listening pleasure, has made the world a more pleasant place in which to live, to Work and to play. Thus we dedicate our Eurekana to one of the miracles of our modern age - record- ings. J? Z 7 n ADMINISTRA .MX 1 ww ew v U ,wwia xx .XX XX and It has always been true in America that the people with ability and a desire to secure a good education were the most successful people. These were the men and women who helped make our country powerful and pros- perous. Other countries are now learning that train- ed minds are necessary if a society is to de- velop the potential of its people. As a result of this awakening, the educational systems of many countries are receiving top priority in the resources of their governments, For the past twenty-five years many of the leaders of our country have not been as con- cerned about our educational system as they should have beeng and, as a result, our country may find itself lagging in the supply of trained people available to operate our -complex so- ciety. Opportunities were never greater for an in- A Message From . . telligent American youth. Each of you attend- ing Eureka High School has an opportunity beyond your imagination to contribute to your Cwn welfare and to that of your country. You have a broad choice of subj:cts: mathematics are hereg the science curriculum is adequate: English and the social studies are offered in abundanceg many vocational subjects are now available for those desiring themg a good fine arts curriculum and excellent sports and health programs are avilable. It is only necessary for you to have the determination to master what is offered to you. It is Encouraging for me to detect a greater desire on the part of most of you to do a better job in your school work than you have ever done. This attitude must prevail in every American school if we are to stay in the fore- front of the great countries of the world. May each of our graduates preserve this desire for excellence throughout his life. MORGAN SELVIDGE superintendent of R-6 District VIVIAN POUNDS secretary to the superintendent 'gal lll'0ug MORGAN SELVIDGE, Superintendent of R-6 School District 4--. ?""N INK J. VARNUM JONES, Principal of Eureka High School J. VARNUM JONES principal of Eureka High School and DOROTHY SIDES secretary to the principal the yeard E' . . The Administration The Eureka High School serves a large area and the students now in school will go into many different fields of work after graduat- ing: the professions, business, farming, home- making, and the trades. The program of Sub- jects has been set up to meet the needs and interests of all types of students and also to meet the needs of the community which we serve. We now offer vocational agriculture, vccational homemaking, commercial subjects. industrial arts, driver education and the tra- ditional college entrance subjects. While the first objective of every modern schcol is that of teaching students the required subject matter, contemporary life demands so much more than learning from citizens that schools are attempting to meet the current ne-eds. Today's well adjusted people must be able to get along with those who work with them and must be able to accept a certain amount of responsibility. Some are called upon as leadersg more must be trained to be intel- ligent followers of these leaders. The fast pace of modern life demands physical vitality and mental alertness. With increasingly shorter working hours, there are many hours of leisure which must be wisely filled. Such requirements can not be handled entirely in classroom situ- ations: therefore, our expanded program of extra-curricular activities, where students working as members of a team, a cast, a staff or a group activity may learn to adjust to the various people with whom they are very close- ly associated, may accept the responsibility such group membership entails, may learn to lead well, or to follow intelligently, in other words may become well-rounded personalities. Congratulations to the seniors who are grad- uating this yearg I hope your future experi- ences may be more successful for having spent these years at Eureka High School. FACULTY Benjamin Marie Harttman Burlrlemeyei' Music Sciznce Bette Gudermuth Commerce Henry Hyde Social Science Eleanor Johnson English - Speech Wilma Johnson Commerce Kenneth Koeppe Shop Jane Mattingly Music Helen Meyer Physical Ed. Driver Education Julia Moriarity Social Science Ethel Pierce Mathematics Eldon Powell Voc. Agriculture Robert Rayon n Physical Ed. Frances Roques Social Science George Schonk Science Rose Shanight Home Economics Muriel Smith Art Edna Sparlin Music Grace Stenerson English - Library Dorothy Williams English - Latin NOT PICTURED Frances Bolen English AUXILIARY STAFF BUS DRIVERS Standing: Wendell Couch Guy Johnson Walter Dempsey James Gudermuth Kneeling-: Herbert Brock Earl Rudder Gerald Brundege 'Q uflzidtle 'uflzife Ou WOFA E' MAINTENANCE STAFF Joe Little Alfred Savory Leo Guibor Perry Wetzel Earl Rudder CAFETERIA STAFF Annie Pullen Marine Harness Wilhelmina Kindel Emily Gudermuth Sr cqClt00l Jbtlyi Board of Education A Board of Education is one of the most important elected bodies of men and women who serve each com- munity in America. Generally these citizens serve without pay and have as their only motive the pro- motion of the welfare of the children by giving their time for the general direction of the schools in their community. No institutions in our country are closer to the will of the people than are our schools. For this reason you will find a great variance in the quality of our schools. Some commuities will not be satisfied except with the best that can be afforded. Other communities are not too concerned with the education of their child- reng and as a result, the schools meet few of the pres- ent day needs. Fortunately, our community has men who are con- cerned about the schools and are daily giving thought to the many problems facing them. In this expanding community the problem of securing good schools is difficult. One reason for the continued progress of our schools has been the confidence the community has been willing to place in the men who direct the broad policies under which the schools operate. School efbaya 'Q glue .High and the Mighty E' SENIORS I i:, - Ei" ' hr Q , ,V,, . , , . . 'tk A Q. 1 1 r 5 , . MV.. xi A ,. ' ' S 'M' le N I 1 EM? fra! I '45 I, l ! ,rr V y , M Presldent .... Raymond Bopp , l I Vlce Pres1dent .... Jim Murray I A X I f Secretary Pattie Parker Treasurer . Bill Hailey 1 :gli fb fl. CLASS WILL Being of sound and disposing mind, the members of the Senior Class of Eureka High School hereby bequeath the following parcels of goods to various legatees. Jerry Corley gives his all around athletic ability to Robert Horneker. Jerry Hagemeister leaves his Innocent Look to Jim Brown. Barbara Hemann bequeaths her pony tail to Shirley Hall. Ann Howald leaves her giggles to Carolyn Walke. George Hudson inherits Jim Traiteur's abili- ty to dazzle the girls. Ray Bopp donates his pitching arm to Richard Cloak. Jorden Vesper gives his gavel to the next president. Judy March- bank leaves her ability to play the clarinet to Bob Fridley. Don Collins wills his ability to drag to Bob Glaser. Betty Cerny contributes her singing talent to Jane Buddemeyer. Reid Bohning is the recipient of Bill Hafley's clever remarks. Dave Hall leaves his ability to get through small places to Bill Wientge. Chu-ck Alt is taking' Nita with him. Paul Heinzel leaves Mary Ann Myers, but not because he wants '00- Jerry Donovan donates his long eyelashes to some girl who would love to have them. Jim Murray wills a seldom used razor to Wayne Ruck. Sandra Duff bequeaths her artistic works to Mary Brayg with this added ability Mary will really go far. Jim Keener gives his brains to his little brother John whether he needs them or not. Ruth Ann Atwell and Doris Wright pass on their Eurekana editorships to any juniors who are lucky elwllgh t0 receive the honor. Nancy Lee Taus and JoAnn Konneman will their cars to any underclassmen who are not lucky enough to have them. Allan Koebel leaves his flying ability to Bill Dintleman. Carol Aubuchon and Gloria Weber will their quiet Ways to Norma Bell. Penny Brockmeyer allows Bev Nelson to have her seat on bus No. 5. Barbara Anderson hands her athletic talent to Rosemary Waters. Bill Lewis gives his wonderful bass voice to Kurt Diekmann for so'o parts. Myrna Sparks gladly divides her height with Harry Hibbert. Forrest Gilley wills his zoot trumpet to Don Krueger. Carol Buermann and Grace Piel bequeath their quiet ways to the trouble-makers in study hall. Carol Ann Haug wills her dancing ability to all the Freshies whose theme song is "Stumblin!" Waunetta Wynn leaves her piano playing artistry to anyone who will contribute this talent to the choir. James Umphres lets a future Latin I Kz II sufferer have his E in Latin. James Miederhoff gives his lst alto sax spot in the band to Reid Bohning. John Johnson and John Paul Jones leave their seats in the Dance Band to some new rhythm makers. Carol Lee Funk bequeaths her tenor voice to Clarence Grimes, who does all right on his own. Barb Ferguson lets anyone who can fill them have her tight skirts. Larry Burns deserts his seat in Literature to one of next year's tragedy readers, Charles Davis leaves his method of doing homework at the last minute to some unsuspecting Freshman. Kenneth Signor and Bobby Schimsa decided to give their flat tops to Sidney Hammer and Steve Mulvaney, Donald Shaffrey was going to tell us what he wanted to leave behind, but in- stead he took a nap in American Problems. Susie Gudermuth wills her sweetness to the Freshmen Class. Bill Norsworthy leaves his collection of Pin-ups in his locker to the highest bidder . . . line forms to the right. David Messerla gives his little black book full of phone numbers and addresses to his brother, Mike. Sue Taber is the recipient of Susan Case's beads. Margaret Cooksey hands on her bobby pins to Jolene Pantland. Mary Dudley leaves her job on the office staff to someone who wants it. Mary Duncan donates her comical ways to Betty Hull. Dave Edington contributes his active place in F F A to David Shelton. Ronald Flentgen deserts his position in choir to a baritone. Barbara Flagg gives her task of giving the response to any- one who has the speaking voice to do it. Judy Fritz leaves her pleasing disposition because we think more EHS students need it. Rose Marie Fuson passes on her pleasing smiles to Jane Budd-emeyer. Vincent Howard wills his white and black shoes to any claimant. Judy Baumer leaves hier gay spirit to pep up the school in the future. Judie Benton is leaving her swing to her sister, Janet. Victor Smith bequeaths his corny jokes to Vivian. Dorothy Roberts donates her long black hair to Marlene Schnarr. Pattie Parker transmits her lively dis- position to Marilyn Blanc. Judy Rowe gets Doris McGee's position as cheerleader. Mary Louise Trog hands on her neat appearance to anyone who needs it. Neil Preiss, Leroy Kelley, and Orville Boemler give their h-eight to Perkins. Hazel Schreiber leaves her collection of boy friends to Joan Feco, who does all right on her own. Dave Mulvaney wills his curly hair to Mike Corley. Wayne West would like to let someone have his wolf techniques, but no one will hav-: them. August Rusert and Don Paubel leave - they hope! Robert Barton wills hi: ability to be tardy to Danny Corley and Richard Haug. Jacki: Bennett and Roger Bennett give their scientific knowledge to Georgie. Marshall Hinkle has the gift of Allan Stroud's speed. Kenneth King wants all the girls to have his curly hair. Betty Bongner leaves Mrs. Moriarity to the O'Day twins. Jane Branson and Faye Schubel allow Dorothy Kraus and June Hodgis to use their locker and bottle of Jergens hand lotion. Joann Tilker leaves her cat-eye glass-es to Judith Frye. Clyde Brinley hands his membership in the U. N. to John Campbell whether he wants it or not. To Glenna Huskey goes Joyce Bryeans' diamond. Virginia Woods gives her Latin translations to the future Latin students. Nancy Wendell gladly passes on h-er blush to some of these "real cool" pasty-faced kids around here. Ruth Rufkahr bfsqueaths her ability to keep one man to the less fortunate gals of E. H. S. Karen Fick leaves her typing mistakes to anybody who will claim them. Kay McKinley's beautiful brcwn hair gots to Suzanne Maas. John Waters walks away from his Driver's Ed. Class with no regrets. Richard Walsh leaves his skating ability to Barry Bennett since he spends most of his time on the floor. JoAnn Varone gives her nostalgic memories of E. H. S. to Clarice Pemberton, who has plenty of her own already, al- though she has only been here one year. Susie Gudermuth donates her beautiful complexion to any girls who want it. Bill Rowe is glad that he is departing so h-2 can join Margaret Kincaid. Garnet Wunderlich gives her typing speed to anyone who can use it. Mary Sue Goodner contrib- utes her baton twirling to Janet Benton. Bob Hacke leaves his "bomb" to Melvin Polkinghorne who definitely could use a change from his scooter. Joyce Hinds wills hier dimples to Sharon Funk. Kenneth Harris leaves his wavy hair to Mark Haley who has plenty of his own. Wayne Harness passes on his quick answers in chemistry to all the chemistry students of next year. Dave Monroe gives his hcight to Bill Weintge. Dennis Nolde wills his black hair to Mary Gudermuth. We wonder how she will like the new color. Irene Rackovan leaves behind her hook shot in basketball to all the future Billikin players. Gerald Pemberton and Bill Rowe leave their mechanical brains to anyone who can repair Mrs. Stenerson's "rod" when it's out of whack. The Senior Class as a whole bequeaths the choice seats in assembly to the Juniors, who have been waiting for the chance to sit in them for three years. To the sophomores we leave our determination to enjoy every minute of our High School experiences. To the Freshmen we leave our ability to arrange our schedule to get out on first bell all of the time. Departing seniors in band leave behind a memory of four active and pleasant years filled with activity, musical and social, and kinda wish in a way that they could take more than the memories with them. To the many juniors waiting with bated breath, the American Problems and Bookkeeping classes l-:ave their empty classrooms. The bookkeeping students might like to pass on their completed workbooks, but wary Miss J. says no. The speech classes leave an empty stage and an un- touched assembly schedule to the next year's assortment, The "advanced" girls having profited from a year of "laboratory" work in the office, are naw ready to turn over their experimental sta- tions to the new class of aspiring office workers. The publications class, all seniors, leaves as a record of a year of hard but pleasant work, this 1956 Eurekana, trusting the students will enjoy the efforts of the class. All dispositions are final and binding. Attested this 24th day of May in the year of our Lord 1956. Pattie Parker, Secretary Witnesses thereto: Ruth Ann Atwell Doris Vernell Wright 'D went off the air. Nancy Lee Taus was working on Betty Crock2r's pro- gram, but now she has her own hornemaking show. On Search For To- morrow, we find Fayfe Schubel in a very serious love entanglement which threatens to ruin her young life if things don't get better. Victor Smith is now teaching shorthand and typing at EHS and among his pupils he finds brothers and sisters of his own class- mates. Barb Ferguson, Judy Fritz, and Karen Fick are singing together and their sister act is now playing at the Palladium in London. They have been there for a month and are still wowing them. Dave Edington went West to seek his fame and fortune and is now one of Hollywood's top movie producers. Ronald Flentgen is an eminent minister and is now traveling around the country lecturing on "Man and His Struggle To Exist In a Hostile World." Mary Sue Goodner has just been crowned Baton-Twirling Queen of the World at the annual contest in Miami. All you cats look out! Susie Gudermuth and her partner, Barb Flagg, are fingerprint experts with the F.B.I.. and they have the prints of all their classmates. Vincent Howard's debating ability has stood him in good stead. He has been active in Washington for a long while and is now our ambassa- dor to Italy, France, Poland, and Russia. Bob Hacke and Ken Harris are still up to their monkeyshines. But that's because th'y're working in an auto body shop as grease monkeys. Wayne Harness and Lorraine Hart- mann are in Rome studying to be sculptors. Wayne's first effort, which he entitled "Nothing", won a blue ribbon at a recent exhibition in Paris. John Johnson, John Paul Jones, and Jim Miederhoff are now getting their 56 piece orchestra ready for their opening at the Copa Cabana. This engagement will mark th-eir fourth anniversary On the nightclub circuit. David Messerla is a barber. It took him a long time to get here, because he couldn't learn to shave the balloon without breaking it. His specialty now is th-e Hollywood Haircut. Dave Mulvaney is a tap dancing instructor at Arthur Van Muriel's Studio and is so good that he is bringing tap dancing into the ballroom. Bobby Schimsa became mayor of Eureka three years ago and has been mayor ever since. He attributes all his campaigning success to Miss E. Johnson's speech class. Dennis Nolde and Dave Monroe are serving life terms in the French Foreign Legion. And why? To get away from the girls who were chasing them so furiously. They joined the Legion just last year. Joyce Hinds is now Dean of one of Missouri's top universities. Allan Koebel is giving flying lessons-kit-e flying, that is. His plane went down two weeks ago and he is trying to earn enough to buy anoth- er plane by giving these lessons. Bill Lyons is now modeling eye lashes for the "Our Own Oddities' Company. He has worked for them since they saw his picture in the Eurekana. Jo Ann Konneman answered the 564,000,000 question on last week's program and went out and bought Texas the next day. By the way, Hal March had to quit because he started slipping the contest- ants easy questions and Bill Lewis took over his job as M. C. on the program. Doris McGee and Pat Lanpher took jobs as cigarette girls at Cir0's so that they can get free all the cigarettes they want. Doctor Jim Murray is now the physician at EHS. His specialty is broken noses, but he will repair the minor damage done by the reckless here. Irene Racko- van, a stewardess on the EFE Special-Escape From Eureka, is engaged to the pilot of her plane. Very soon she is going to give up her job and get married. She wonders what kind of stewardess her husband will get once she is on the ground. Dorothy Robfrts is using her talent for twisting pretzels at the Sally-No-Good Company. She is the originator of the delightful new shapes in pretzels these days. Bill Rowe is running a used car lot. "Here today. gone tomorrow" is his motto. And he is certainly right. He has a complete turnover every day. Of course, he has only two cars on his lot at a time and that may account for it. Ruth Rufkahr has taken over Martha Cur's column in the Sunday Evening Post. People from all over the world write to her, and she answers all of them personally, writing an average of 300 letters a day. Myrna Sparks has married h-sr Texan and they have moved to the Sahara Desert where they are caretakers of the oases. Allan Stroud now owns a Turkish Bath. Through a dense fog we see him at his occupation of chief masseur. James Umphres was one of his best customers for so long that Allan took him into partnership. Jo Ann Varone is still work- ing her way through college studying to be a licorice twister. Must be a tough course. John Waters is now a Professor of Fine Arts at the Academy of North Africa. He teaches the natives how to play a congo drum like Brandy Marlo. We see that Nancy Wendell owns her own Rhythm and Blues record shop on Hollywood and Vine. Her most frequent customer is that real gone gal, Sandy Duff, who buys all the newest records as soon as they are released. Last of all, we see through the crystal ball that Gloria Webber is modeling Goggle-Lu eye glasses for the Oop Shoop Spectacle Company. Now that we have seen what the Senior Class of 1956 will be doing 10 years from now, the haze returns to cloud the crystal ball for anoth- er year. We hope that the members of the class will go out immediately after graduation and apply for their respective jobs. SENIOR UCMMITTEE Seated - Miss Pierce, S. Gudermuth, S. Duff, B. I-Iemann, P. Parker. Miss W. Johnson. Standing -R, Bopp, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Rayon, J, Corley, K. Slgnor, and Mr. Jones. Senior Class History This is strictly for the records of our four years at Eureka High. One hundred and fifty nine meek "freshies" passed through the doors of the brick building on the "hilltop", as Ole Susie our record player, weakly gave out with TOO YOUNG. From the one hundred fifty nine, we chose as our Student Council disc-jockeys: Doris McGee, Alfred Baumer, Carol Buerman and Mi-ckey Miles. As the leader of our freshman class, Ray Bopp was chosen presi- dentg to assist him Darlene Harris was elected vice-president. To keep our records in order, Barbara Hemann was chosen secretary treasurer. The summer quickly passed, and in the fall of '53 only one hundred twenty seven returned to hear the melody of "I'm A DREAMERU from Susie. Although we wersn't quite as green as the previous record showed, we were still a little retiring. However, not noticably so, when we chose our disc-jockys for '53-'54. On the Student Council were Virginia Woods, Pattie Parker, Doris McGee, Joan Diehl and Billy Hafley. Neil Preiss, chosen as president, led our sophomore class very well. Helping him as vice-president was Jorden Vesper, with Carol Buerman as secretary- treasurer. In the spring of '54 Jorden Vesper represented us at Jefferson City. This trip was made possible by the Federated Womens' Association. Once again after a vacation one hundred seven students returned to make our junior year one of our best. To do this job, Ray Bopp, Patsy Kirkland, Judy Fritz and Jorden Vesper were selected as '54-'55 disc- jockeys for the Student Council. Jim Traiteur, presidentg Jerry Corley, vice-presidentg Nancy Taus secretary, and Jim Murray as treasurer made a fine team to lead our class. The junior class play, a comedy, "Footloose" with an excellent cast, directed by Miss Eleanor Johnson, was a treat to watch. The Junior Prom Committee, under the expert guidance of Mrs. Bette Gud-ermuth, entertained the seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom in the tropical atmosphere of Havanna, under the stars at the Tropicanna Night Club, with Al Judd's orchestra setting the tempo. Four lovely maids, Doris McGee, Anna Mae Kincaid, Margaret Kincaid, and Joan Bird attended the 1955 queen, Hazel Schrieberg the prom was a success! And so ended our junior year to the record "NO HELP WANTED," for we were beginning to become a little more independent. The fall of '55 came and once again our class, now totaling one hundred eight, entered the school house on the "hilltop", this time for our final year. Susie was giving out in-Elodies from "HIGH AND MIGHTY"-for after three years we were at last seniors. To begin the last year, we wisely chose Bill Norsworthy, David Hall, Forrest Gilley and Jorden Vesper, who was later chosen president of council, as our Student Council members. Leading our class were Ray Bopp, presidentg Jim Murray, vice presidentg Pattie Parker, secretaryg and Bill Hafley, treasurer. Our senior team played the juniors in the annual softball game. Sadly Susie played UMESSIN' AROUND" as the seniors lost 9 - 8. Many other events, the Junior-Senior Prom, the senior play and the junior-senior basketball game made our final year very pleasant. The senior committee guided our activities during our senior year, planning the hayride and picnic. The committee chose the white carna- tion for the class flower, and navy blue and white for the colors. "Not for ourselves, but for all", is the motto of the class of 1956. The senior sponsors were Coach Rayon, Miss Ethel Pierce, Miss Wilma Johnson, Mr. Henry Hyde, and Mr. J. Varnum Jones. After a wonderful year and tearful good-byes, we say so long to E. H. S. on Thursday, May 31, when We graduate and receive our diplomas, as mem- bers of the class of 1956 of Eureka High School. CLARENCE ALT BARBARA ANDERSON RUTH ANNE ATWELL Library Staff - 4 Entered from Webster - 3 National Honor Society Band - 1, 2, 3 GAA - 3. 4 Prom Ccmmlttee FFA - 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll - 3, 4 Honor Rolll 1, 2, 3, 4 Library staff - 3, 4 office staff - Bugle staff Annual staff - Editor GMA - 2, 3, 4 U. N. Committee - 3, 4 CAROL AUBUCHON Entered from Kirkwood - 2 Honor Roll - 2, 3, 4 Library Staff - 4 Btgle and Annual Staff FHA - 4 - Pep Squad ROBERT BARTON JACQUELINE ROGER BENNETT JUDIE BENTON ORVILLE BOEMLER BETTY BONGNER BENNETT Choir - 3, 4 Entered from Eminence - 2 FFA - 1 Glee 'Club - 2, 3, 4 Honor Ron , 3 Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, 4 office staff - Junior Play GAA - 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir , 3, 4 ubrary staff - 4 FHA - 2, a, 4 Bmd , 1' 2' 3' 4 Honor R001 - 4 Orchestra JUDY BAUMER Honor Roll - 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff Bugle Staff - Ca-Editor Choir-2, 3, 4-FHA-1.2 GAA - 1, 2. 8 4 Operetta - 2. 3 County Chorus - 2. 3, 4 Pep Squad RAYMOND BOPP Class President - 1, 4 Student Council - 3 Senior Committee Honor Roll - 1, 2 Basetall - 1, 2, 3, 4 Bugle and vAn::ual Staff Junior Play Boys State Representative JANE BRANSON Library Staff - 4 Office Staff FHA - 1 - FTA - 3 Glee Club - 2, 3, 4 SUSAN VIRGINIA CASE Honor Roll - 3, 4 Cholr - 3, 4 - FHA - 1, 2, 3, 4 U. N. committee - 3 Pep Squad CLYDE BRINLEY Library Staff - 4 U. N. Committee - 3, 4 FFA - 1, 2 BETTY CERNY National Honor Society Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee Annual and Bugle Staff GAA-1-Band-1,2,3 Choir - 2, 3 Operetta. - 2, 3 PENELOPE BROCKMEYER Entered from Brentwood Honor R011 - 3, 4 Choir - 4 - GAA - 4 DON COLLINS Entered from Ritenour - Honor Roll - 4 JOYCE BRYEANS CAROL BUERMANN LARRY BURNS Entered from Lindbergh - 2 Class Secretary-Treasurer - 2 Entered from University City - 3 3 Offlce Staff Student Council - 1 Honor Rlolfl - 2, 3, 4 Office Staff FHA-3,4-GAA-3,4 GAA-1,2,3,4 FHA - 1, 2, 3 MARGARET COOKSEY JERRY CORLEY CHARLES DAVIS 1 FHA - 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President - 3 Library Staff - 4 GAA - 1. 2, 3, 4 Senior Committee FFA - 4 Baseball - 3, 4 Basketball! - 1, 2, 3, 4 Track - 1. 2, 3. 4 JERRY DONOVAN MARY DUDLEY Baseball - 4 Honor Roll - 1 Basketball - 1, 2, 3. 4 Office staff FHA - 1 KAREN LEE FICK BARBARA FLAGG Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll - 1, 2, Bugle and Annual Staff Choir - 2. 3, 4 Choir - 4 - Junior Play Operetta - 2, 3, 4 FHA-2,3,4-GAA-2,3.4 FHA-4-GAIA U. N. Committee - 4 U. N. Committee SANDRA DUFF MARY DUNCAN DAVID EDINGTON Student Council - 1 Honor Roll - 2 FFA - 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Committee Cfflce Staff Library Staff - 4 Barnwarming Mlld - 1 FHA - 1, 2. 3. 4 GAA - 1, 2. 3, 4 Archery Club - 4 - Pep squad Honor Roll - 4 RONALD FLENTGEN JUDY FRITZ CAROL LEE FUNK Prom Committee Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society Sec. Honor Roll - 1, 3. 4 Student Council - 3 Pram Committee Bugle and Annual Staff Office Staff - Choir - 3, 4 Honor Rolll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir - 1. 2, 3, 4 FHA - 1, 2. 3, 4 -- GAA - l Bugle and Annual Staff U. N. Committee - 4 Prom Maid - 4 Choir - 2, 3, 4 - Band - 1, 2, County Chorus - 2, 4 Junior Play - GAA - 1, 2 Pop Squad Sec.-Treas. BARBARA FERGUSON Student Council - 3 FHA - 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA - 4 - Archery Club - 4 Honor Roll - 4 ROSE MARIE FUSON Honor Roll - 4 - Office Staff Library Staff - 3 FHA-2, 3,4-cnou--3,4 FORREST GILLEY Student Councll - 4 Prom Committee - Choir - Band - 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra - 3, 4 DAVID HALL Student Council - 4 Iionor Roll - 4 Prom Committee Library Staff - 3, 4 Bugle and Annual Staff Choir - 4 - Operettn Junior Play MARY SUE GOODNER SUSIE GUDERMUTH BOB HACKE BILL HAFLEY JERRY HAGEMEISTER Entered from National Honor Society Library Staff - 4 Class Treasurer - -1 Honor Roll - 3, 4 4 Paus Valley High - 4 Senior Committee Student Council - 2 Chair - 1 Band - 4 Prom Committee Choir - 3, 4 - Operetta - 2, .5 FFA - 1 Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play FHA - 2, 3, 4 U. N. Committee - 4 GMA - 1, 2, 3, 4 Prom Maid - 4 WAYNE HARNESS KENNETH HARRIS LORRAINE CAROL ANN HAUG PAUL HEINZEL Honor R011 - 1, 4 Library Staff - 4 HARTMANN Entered from Coyle - 2 Basketball - 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee Choir - 1, 2. 3 Band . 3 GAA - 4 - Archery Club - 4 Track - 1, 2, 3. 4 vu. - a. 4 BARBARA HEMANN Class Secretary-Treasurer - 1 Senior Committee Library Staff - 4 - Choir - FHA-1,2,4-GAA-1,2. Basketball Queen - 3 Honor Roll - 4 Cheerleader - 4 JIM KEENER National Honor Society Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball - 2 - Junlor Plly U. N. Committee - 3 4 3 JOYCE HINDS Entered from Kirkwood - 3 FHA - 4 LEE ROY KELLEY FFA - 3, 4 ANN HOWALD National Honor Society Prom Committee Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Bugle Staff - Co-Editor Annual Staff -- Choir - 2, 3, 4 Band - 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA - 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA - 1, 2, 3, 4 - Junior Play operemta - 2, 3 FTA - 2, 3 - G1rl's State - 3 Pep Squad U. N. Committee - 4 KENNETH KING Track - 1. 2 VINC'ENT HOWARD Honor Roll - 1, 2, 4 Travk - 1, 2, 4 Bugle and Annual Staff Choir - 2. 3. 4 - Junior Play U. N. Committee - 3 Operetta. - 2, 3, 4 ALLEN KOEBEL FFA - 1, 2, 3 JOHN JOHNSON JOHN PAUL JONES Track - 1, 2, 3, 4 -- Choir - 4 Entered from Texarkana, Operetln. - 3 -- Orchestra - 3, 4 Texas - 2 Band - 1, 2, 3, 4 Bugle and Annual Staff Honor Roll - 4 - Orchestra Band - 2, 3, 4 JO ANN KONNEMAN PATRICIA LAMPHER Honor Roll - Office Staff Bugle Staff FHA - 1, 2, GAA - 1, 2, Girl's State 1, 2' 4 Entered from Brockport - 4 - Annual Staff - Choir - 4 3,4 3,4 -3 WILLIAM LEWIS WILLIAM LYON Track - 3, 4 - Choir - 1, 2, 3, 4 Entered from Rltneour - 4 Operetta - 2, 3, 4 County Chorus - 3, 4 JAMES MIEDERHOFF DAVE MULVANEY Band - 1, 2, 3, 4 JUDY MARCHBANK Natlonll Honor Society Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Bugle and .Annual Staff Clholr - 3, 4 - Band - 1, 2, 3, FHA-1,2-FTA-3 Operetta - 3 JAMES MURRAY Honor Roll Class Treasurer - 3 Olass Vice-President - 4 Prom Committte Blsketball - 2, 3 Baseball - 3, 4 Choir - 2 - FFA - 1. 2 DORIS McGEE Student Council - 1, 2 Honor Roll - 4 - Office Staff Choir - 3, 4 - FHA -- GAA Ju xior P.ay Basketball Maid - 2, 3 Prom Maid - 3 Cheerleader - 2, 4 DENNIS NOLDE KAY McKINLEY Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee Bugle and Amuall Staff Choir - 2, 3 - FHA - 1 GAA - 4 - Operetta - 2 Pep Squad President Archery Club WILLIAM NORSWORTHY Honor Roll - 4 Student Council - 4 Basketball - 1, 2 - Track - 1. Band - 1, 2, 3. 4 DAVID MESSERLA :rd DAVE NUSMAN - 1 PATTIE PARKER Student Council - 2 Class Secretary - 4 Senior Committee Chou- - 3, 4 FHJA - 3 - GAA - 4 Basketball Maid - 3 Prom Maid - 4 Cheerleader - 4 GERALD PEMBERTON GRACE PIEL NEIL PREISS IRENE RACKOVAN DOROTHY ROBERTS FFA - 2. 3. 4 FHA - Honor R011 - 4 class President - 2 Entered from Panonvnle - 4 Entered ffm S01f1fm'UlfWm - -5 Prom Committce GAA - 4 FHA ' 3 " GAA ' 3' 4 Basketbwl - 2. 3. 4 Choir - 2. 3. 4 WILLIAM ROWE RUTH RUFKAHR BOB SCHIMSA HAZEL SCHREIBER FAYE SCHUBEL DONALD SCHAFFREY Prom Committee - FFA - 3 Honor Roll - 2, 4 FHA - 1, 3, 4 - GAA - -1 Honor R011 - 2, 4 Cheerleader - 3, 4 Prom Committee Basketball Maid - 3 Library Staff - 4 Prom Queen - 3 FHA - 2 - GAA - 1. 2 FTA - 3 - Junior Play KENNETH SIGNOR Honor Roll Senior Committee JAMES TRAITEUR Class President - 3 Prom Committee Baseball - 4 -A Track - 2, 3, Bugle and Annual Staff FFA - 1 - Operetta - 3 Junlor Play 4 VICTOR SMITH MYRNA SPARKS ALLAN STROUD Entered from Kirkwood - 3 Entered from Maplewood - 2 GAA - 4 MARY LOUISE TROG JAMES UMPHRES JO ANN VARONE FHA - 1, 2, 3 Honor Roll - 1, 3, 4 FHA - 1 GAA - 1, 2. 3. 4 NANCY TAUS Honor Roll - 4 Class Secretary - 3 Prom Committee FHA - 1, 2, 3, 4 GAJA - 1, 2, 3, 4 PFA-3-Cholr-2, 3, 4 JORDEN VESPER Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council Treas. 3 President 4 Iwatlonal Honor Soclety President Baseball 3, 4 Basketball - 2, 3, 4 Bugle and Annual Staff Band - 1, 2, 3 - Junior Play Sophomore Best Cltlzen Class Vlce-President 2 JOANN TILKER Honor Roll 1, 4 Bxgle and Amual Staff Choir - 2, 3, 4 Band - 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 2 -- GAA 1 -- FTYA 3 Ogeretta 2, 3. 4 County Band 2, 3 County Chorus 4 Office Staff RICHARD WALSH FTA - 3, 4 - Choir - 2, 3, County Chorus - 3 JOHN WATERS GLORIA WEBBER NANCY WENDELL WAYNE WEST VIRGINIA WOODS Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council - 2 Bugle and Annual Sta!! Junior Play Office Staff Honor Roll - 4 DORIS WRIGHT National Honor Society Honor Roll - 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Stat! - Assistant Editor Bugle Stat! Library Staff - 3, 4 Office Staff - FHA - 4 GAA - 2, 3, 4 U. N. Committee Entered from FFA - 1, 2 Ursuline Academy - 2 Honor Roll - 2. 3, 4 Bugle and Annual Staff FHA - 3 - GAA - 4 U. N. Committee - 4 Pep Squad GARNET WAUNETTA WYNN Honor Roll - 3, 4 Entered from Lutheran High - 2 GAA ' 1- 4 '- FHA ' 1 Archery gum . 4 Choir - 2, 3 - Band - 1, 2, 3 Operetta. - 1. 2. 3 Orchestra - 1 JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Front Row - J. Rowe, M. Schnarr, J. Schulze, J, Feco, G. Arft, T. Hafley, D. Kraus, J. Buddemeyer. Second ROW - J- Campbell. K- Diekmlmn. W. Ruck, J. Vander Heyden, R. Fridley, B. Bennett, R. Krausch, P. Kendall, Mrs. Gudermuth, C. Benson, V. Smith. S. Williamson. JUNIOR HISTORY Very shy and bashful, the class of 1957 entered EHS as freshmen in the fall of 1953. They elected as their leaders Bob Fridley, presidentg June Hodges, vice-president, and Sandra Sides, secretary-treasurer. Kurt Diekmann, Bob Fridley, Jane Buddemeyer, Carolyn Benson, and Dixie Grenn were chosen to carry out their wishes on the Student Coun- cil. As sophomores, when they returned for another year at Eureka, they elected as their capable leaders: Kurt Diekmann, presidentg Charles Wagner, vice-president, and Dixie Grenn, secretary-treasurer. Sue Taber. Carolyn York, Dixie Grenn, Carolyn Benson, and Bob Glaser were chosen to represent them on the student council. The honor of being the sopho- more outstanding citizen was gladly accepted by Charles Wagner. As juniors they came back very confident and elected as their lead- ers: Wayne Ruck, presidentg John Campbell, vice-presidentg Judy ROWS. secretaryg and Nancy Barnhart, treasurer. Susan Williamson, George Arft, June Hodges, Vivian Smith, and Judy Rowe were elected to the Student Council. Their play "Love is in the Air" under the direction of Miss E. John- son was well presented and well attended by all. It was 'a darling love story which turned out well for all. The Junior-Prom Committee, directed very capably by Mrs. B-ette Gudermuth, planned the elaborate prom which was the glittering windup to the social season. The efforts of the committee were appreciated by all in attendance. Q3 ,ue got the uforfcl on a Stringa' President ....... ......... W ayne Ruck Vice-President .......... John Campbell Secretary ....... ....... J udy Rowe Treasurer .. ..... Nancy Barnhart : ',:. Q --Nazi IUNIORS A In ' x X ,::, 5 E '--- . x ' - 'M , 1 i " 5 legwbw, I f? E 'ltL3.,.,A,, A I 3, ,: wiv Q! 45 -- L. A ' "ge ff. x I . Q f" Q df , N I I 1 'Q if-tg George Arft Ivan Brown Nancy Barnhart Jane Buddemeyer Otto Barnhouse John Campbell Alice Baum Nancy Chamberlain Paul Beard Richard Cloak Barry Bennett Loretta Conway Carolyn Benson Diane Davis Marilyn Blanc Jim Davis Billy Dintlemann Wanda Glaze Pat DuBuque Thomas Graham Earl Duncan Dixie Grenn Katherine Dutton Clarence Grimes Joan Feco Tommy Hafley Betty Ferguson Mark Haley Billy Fowler Shirley Hall Robert Fridley Wilma Hardesty Mary Bray Patsy Demis Sharon Funk Richard Haug Barbara Bridgford Kurt Diekmann Robert Glaser Larry Herget Marshal Hinkle Patsy Kendall Liz Maness Gary Overton Eugene Hoffman Ron K:ssels Janet McNail Marilyn Parker Joyce Holiaday Betty Koebel Harold McLaughlin Elaine Piel Shirley Hollenburg Dorothy Kraus Ernie Mertz Charlotte Poe Don Horton Donald Krueger Beverly Nelson Gilbert Poertner Betty Hull Edward Kummer Robert Nelson Judy Rowe Glenna Huskey Clifford Lewis Viola Nevins Wayne Ruck Gloria Johnson Clarence Lindsey Lorraine Novel Marlene Schnarr Robert Kanyuck June Loshr Joan 0'Day Alice Schulze Arlene Keareby Ronald Lutke June O'Day Janet Schulze Charles Scott Frgd Strode Sandra Sid:s Barbara Sullivan Martha Slieerin Sue Taber David Shelton Sam Theiss Mabel Smith Jay Thomas Vivian Smith Wanda Tullock June Steffan Phillip Turner Jo Ann Steinert John Vanderheyden Mary Strauser Mary Van Norman Jimmy Stricker Charles Wagner Carolyn Walke Louis Walka Annette Walsh Doris Weible Irene Whitaker Sue Williamson Pat Woods SOP!-IOMORES ggjvot ad a Strangers President ...... ........ B ob Bush Vice-President .......... Harry 1-Iibbert Secretary ...... ..... D ebbie Wientge Treasurer .. ...... John Schaedler Paul Albrecht Robert Blechle Dan Ccrley Gail Anderson Raid Bohning Mike Corley Michael Bacon Iva Brown William Creech Carol Bates Robert Bush Lloyd Crum Eugene Bausch William Bush Carolyn Daniels Mary Bay William Cash David Davidson Javada Belcher Mae Caskey Jack Dennis Lavell Belcher Paul Childers Barbara Deuser Wayne Belue Katherine Claspille John Dorrell Janet Benton Norman Coad Tamra Dorrell Eulene Black Betty Collins Jerry Dozier Catherine Bielicke Brenda Cook Larry Duncan Arthur Evans Randolph Fits Robert Fletcher Sandra Freeman Judith Frye Janet Gaynor Linda Giesler Robert Gilixland Norma Glaze Gary Gr en J aan Groenmger Robert Guyott Donna Hafley Robeit Hsrneker Kathe1'ine Kemp Wiliam Medlin Mary Hagemeister Mary Jo House William Kesselring Ronafd Mzrtz Sidney Hammer Carol Sue Houser Joyce Kinanan Delores Michel Robert Hansel George Hudson Edwina Lamar Gene Monroe Steven Hanselmann Donald Hutchings Kathie L2Riche Dorothy Morley Glenn Harris Essie Jackson Dan Lewis Steven Mulvaney Kay llaussels A Carol Jeffries Suzanne Maas Tum Musgrave Marlene Hellman Jack Jennings Larry Maness Dssley Nelson Ronald Herman Jack Jerca Wanda Mathis Ellen Netscher Harry Hibbert Gerald Johnson Bonnie McCampbel1 George Niehaus David Hodge Joan Kaufmann William McKean Bruce Norris Karen Holladay Gloria Keller Betty McKenzie Joseph Noblin Donna Jean Null David Rees Shirley Shllby Brenda Weber Virginia Parks Anita Reinke Mary Louise Shelton Rcger Weis Merrilee Perry Betty Rhodes Earl Stevens Ray Westmoreland Marilyn Phillips DOH Rhodes Emma Stfvens Deborah Wientge Melvin Polkinghorne June R0bbiUS Cecilia Thompson Monta Bolle Williams Michael Poll James Sanderson Dolores Thurmond Mary Wilson Don Preiss John Slhaedlel' Dwayne Tucker Dale Worthing Don Presley M9-fy Kay Schmitz Barbara Turnsr Lewis Zinn Norma Puryear Anthony Schnapp Janet Turner Alfred Zumalt Lowell Puryear Joan Scott Lance Wall Yvonne Ravens Jerry Shelby Wendall Wallach l l 1 FRESH MEN 'Q fewitcfzei lfotlzerezl I E. and Kewlldefell Presldent ..... Jolene Pantland V1ce Presxdent ...... Mike Messerla Secretary Treasurer .. Pete Ferguson Bobby Adams Mary Blomes Cora Haley Joel Langston Lowell Akers Millie Cahill Nora Ann Haley Barbara Jones Carl Albrecht Robert Dennis Mary Hance Bob Kearbey Madonma Ambrose Lawrence Doepke Pat Hanephin Mike Keeler Penny Ballard Walter Ferguson Louis Hardesty John Keener Charles Becker Barbara Freeman Ralph Helton Marilyn Kennedy Billy Beeson James Foster David Henderson Edward LaMar Thomas Benton Gwen Graham Herbert Holladay Ethel Lewis Carole Brown Mary Gudermuth Tim Holland NanCy Lynn Jaequeline Brown Bobby Hafley Darlene Hutchings Tom Manley A Lonnie Maness Donnie Pocrtner Harold Marshall John Rademacher Wilbur Maxwell Charles Sanderlin Jill McDowell Gloria Schneider Paul McKinney Robert Schulze Michael Messerla Charles Selvidge Jane Alice Morris Ann Stanton Mary Ann Myers Larry Suttles Ruth Ann Otis Louis Throgmorton Jolene Pantland Joseph Turner Clarice Pemberton Paul Turner Gordon Verheyden Betty Jane Wallach Theresa Walsh Bill Waters Mary Rose Waters Catherine Webber Bill Weber Bill Wientge Bill Williams Gloria Jean William: Dixie Lee Worthintz Students Not Pictured with Classes Willis Foulk June Hodges Donna Keenei Glenn Jensen Ronald Krausch Nelda Davie Ruth Ann Lewis David Davidson Paul Castleman 406 Q: For more than one-third of qxentttry tnevhnve' been 5 f' -f 15 21:1 -. V ' s, ef'-4911, . - , - ' , photoengruvtng masterptetes onmetul. Weave pleased 4 ,ti...,35y:gxsggsdMt. ' - -Y - - , .. to have had u part towgrdfestnhltsffttng thi stundurd A E C Q N O M Y of excellence whith thisedltian lheffurgkunu depicts. We wish to snlutg the fugulty advisors und -X et student stufi for their Notts. Y-., -' ' f 2 're 4, Q semi-. V., Zxevgi- - 'tw 1. M, - fs ',:-le?Sn.-,-., ,Swap Q U A I. I T Y b ,. . , ttt - s .. ' . --' ' A ' ' , ke -sf: T y - ,. X L, 225 1 , 'V e it we tm-ev 1 ORGANIZATIONS iqiww Z A NTl'DEN'l' l'0I'Nf'IL 1 t Row D. Win-nt e. J. Rowe. J. tivnton, J. Vespcr. D. Hall. J. Hodges, S. Williamsou 2 d R w --e J. V. Jones. H. Hlbbc-rt, J. Ken-ner. M. Messvri-1, G. Arft, B. Bush iri R v V. Ymith, B. Norsworthy, M, Corley, P. Ferfzus an F Gilley, L. Aki-rs. W. Johnso Student Council Early in the fall of 1955 the student council, one of the most important organizations in our school, was elected. The creditable choice of council members may be attributed to the members of the home rooms, who thought these particular people would faithfully perform the multiple tasks which they were called upon to execute throughout the year. This year the council elected Jorden Vesper. president: David Hall, vice- presidentg Janet Benton, secretary-treasurer. In the meetings, council members have an opportunity to express the ideas of their fellow studentsg very often these ideas are made into motions and favorably passed upon. The social calendar of the year is planned by the group. and the all- school parties are general favorites with the student body. The council honors the members of the basketball team by presenting the basketball prom. They also serve the school by operating the supply store. Under the competent direction of Miss Wilma Johnson and Mr. Jones, the student council has done a Wonderful job. 'Q n Eureka 'E' Student Council Presid nt Vesper receiving gav from Mr. Jones gf . ahonal 0411 tlzem E. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated --- J, Marchbanli, A, Howald, C, Funk, D, Wright, R, Atwell, S. Gudermuth. Sta ding -- Miss Pierce, J. Vesper, J. Keener, l National Honor Society Hhis year marks the sixth anniversary of the formation of the Eureka Chapter of the National Honor Society. 'lhe faculty members select the girls and boys for membership, taking into consideration character, leadership, serv- ice, and scholarship. Of the five per cent eligible last spring, the folowing were chosen: Jorden Vesper, president, Carol Lee Funk, secretaryg Jim Keener, Susie Gudemuth, Ann Howald, and Betty Cerny. In November, an additional three sen- iors were added to the club, Judy March- bank, Ruth Anne Atwell, and Doris Wright. During the second semester the follow- ing students were selected for member- ship: seniors, Virginia Woods, Carol Au- buchon, Kay McKinley, Barbara Flagg, Judy Benton, Nancy Taus, and Susan Case: juniors, June Steffan, Sandra Sides. Wayne Ruck, Jane Buddemeyer, Charles Wagner, and Carolyn Benson. On December 27, the annual National Honor Society was held at the Al-Pac. The reunion of the past and present members provided an enjoyable evening for all. Miss Ethel Pierce and J. Varnum Jones sponsor the Eureka Chapter of the Nation- al Honor Society. gjvafionaf alntfnemi' FUTURE FARMERS 0F AMERICA 'lst Row A D. Corley, D. Shelton, T. Musgrave, B. Fowler, G. Monroe. J. Rademacher. R. Fletcher, R. Helton. 2nd Row - L. Walka, R. Mertz, J. Thomas, E, Mertz, B. Rowe, D. Edingtou, C. Alt. C, Davis. 3rd Row -- R. Kussels, G. Jensen G, Johnson, A. Schnapp, L. Duncan, T. Manley, J. Shelby, E. Duncan 4th Row - D. Tucker. D. Monroe, W. Wallach, C. Sanderlin, L, Hardesty, C. Lewis, 5th Row A- J. Strlcker, B. Horneker, L. Kelley, G. Pemberton Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America have completed another year as one of Eureka's most active organizations. Their instructor and sponsor is Mr. Eldon Powell, the Vo- cational Agriculture teacher. Members participated in the tractor rodeo at St. James and won a livestock award at Illinois National Stockyards. Members of the group also participated in dairy and poultry judging contests. The Future Farmers have monthly meetings to discuss business and to plan entertainment. This year they have had various social activities including the "Barnwarming" and numerous field trips. The boys presented an assembly in Feb- ruary. The officers pictured below led the ac- tivities for the year. on ,t ence .fue .9115 FFA OFFICERS lst Row -- B. Homeker, G. Pemberton. J. Thomas 2nd Row M I. Walka, E. Mertz, R. Menz. E. Powell l . V 1 .Q an .falem PUBL! CATIONS CLASS 15g Roxy -. J. Konm-man, D. 'Wri1Zht, N. Wendell, J. Marcllbank, V. Shelton. C. Aubuchon. V. Woods. 2nd Row .Y D. Hall, J. Baumer. K. Mclilnley, A. Howald, R, Atwell, J. Tilkl-r, C. Funli, 3rd Row - R. Krausch, K. Flck. R, Vopp. J. Tralteur, J. Vesper. V. Howard, J. Jones. ANNUAL EDITORS h Alwgll . Doris Wrignt School Publications The publications class again this year edited both the Bugle and Eurekana. Ruth Anne Atwell was elect- ed editor of the annual, and she chose Doris Wright as her assistant. Class selected Judy Baumer to edit the Bugle, and Ann Howald was chosen co-editor. Jorden Vesper was elected business manager for the year. The first task of the newly elected editors and staff was to select a theme for the annualg having selected recordings as the theme, the class began work in earnest. The Bugle. the monthly paper of E.H.S., serves as a medium for news and entertainment for the whole school. The special edition for Valentines Day was run at school. Several bulletins for the R-6 district were edited and prepared for distribution by the classg Virginia Woods, Ronald Flentven, and Carol Aubuchon under- took the duties of editing these bulletins. 'sf BFGLE EDITORS wafk KOI' ight id Clominga Judy B Placef' U. N. VOMMITTEE lst Row --- B. Flagg, D, Wright. 2nd Row - A. Howald, C. Brxnley. 3rd Row -- N. Wendell. B, Hafh-y. -ith Row -- R. Atwell, K. Fick, l Top f Mr. Hyde. United Nations Committee In October, our delegates to the model United Na- tions General Assembly met in the St. Louis Univers- ity auditorium. Representing the Dominican Republic, they heard a roster of speakers from India. England, and the United States. The model assembly sponsored by the League of Women Voters discussed the program of Technical As- sistance to underprivileged nations. After this discus- sion, three students from different schools were awarded the all expense paid trips to New York and Washington, D. C. The following students from Eureka High School took the U. N. trip to New York and Washington, D. C.: Karen Fick, Jo Ann Konneman, Margaret Cooksey, Bill Hafley, Doris Wright, Judy Fritz, Nancy Lee Taus, Susan Case, Carol Aubuchon, Ann Howald, David Hall, Barbara Hemann, Susie Gudermuth, Judy March- bank, Sandra Duff, and David Messerla. 'ei anna ay nude with gona' Future Ho-memakers of America The Eureka Chapter of the Future .Home- makers of America was organized eight years agog since then the organization has acquired a membership of ninety-seven and has become one of the most active clubs in our school. During the first meeting, a picnic at Babe ler Park, the following officers were elecl- ed: Judy Marchbank, president: Nancy Taus, vice-presidentg Susie Guidermuth, secretaryg Rose Fuson, treasurer: Gwen Graham, his- toriang Janet Benton, parliamentariang Sandy Sides, song leaderg Ellen Netscher, reporter. Under the guidance of these offi- cers and the sponsor, Mrs. Rose Shanight. the girls have participated not only in local chapter meetings, but also in sub-district. district and state meetings. FHA OFFICERS lf. Nctscher. S. Gndermuth, N. '1'H.llS. J. Marchbanii. R. Filson. J. Benton. G. Graham. FCTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERIF1 lst. Huw - - J. Hinds, D. Worthing, C. Biellcke. B. Flagg. N, Lynn, C. Schuelt-Y. J. Buildemeyer. C. Bcnson. M. Ki-nni-ily B. Hemann. D. Thurmonci, L. Jeffries, J. Benton, R. Fuson, C. Anbuclioii. S. Cnsc. B. Mclicnzie, M. Meyers. 2111 Row Y - G. Graham. G. Piel. H. Schreiber. FD. Stevens. M. Hill. S. Tabor. J. Fritz. J. Brys-nm, g. Ninas, 14, Fi-rgnsnii W. Glaze. Iinl Row - K. Kemp. S. Duff, D. Null, M. Wilson. A. Baum. M. Gooclner. L. Gu-sler, S. Freeman, B. Collins. ld. .lack- son. D. Hailey, S. Shelby, T. Darrell. E. Lamar. ith Row H- M. Bay, M. Gndermuth. J. Brown. K. Otis. D. Wright. M. Hagsmcistvr. J. Frye, N. 'l':ins. A. Schulze, M. Trog. K. Fick, P. Kendall, l. Brown. C. Poe. D. Grenn, M. Phillips. J. Scott. A. Howalil. Sth Row -- E. Netscher. J. Gaynor. B. Deuser, C. Daniels. W. Mathis. R. Lewis, M. Bray, M. H1-use. A. Stanton, xl. Schmitz. S. Guciermutli. D. Michel. J. Marchbanic. L.. Novel. J. Kuulmnn, C. Honsvr, E. Bifzglq, W. Harm-sry, -J. Brown. P. Ballard, J. Grooninger, S. Schneider. OFFICE STAFF lst Row - M. Duncan, D. Roberts, M. Dudley, J. Tilker, J. Konncman, M. Cooksey, J. Bryeans. 2nd Row -- G. Wunderlicli, Miss Pounds, Mrs. Sid s Mrs. Glciermuth, J. Bra s P Parker, D. McGee, G. Webber, R. Atwell, D. Wright, J, F l z J. Benton. 'Q gpewrifer Sonya' Office Staff The girls of the Advanced Secretarial Class form the office staff which works in our administrators' offices. This work is part of their regular classroom study. They are learning many of the office's duties from their teacher. Mrs. Gudermuth, and the two secretaries, Miss Pounds, and Mrs. Sides. The girls' knowledge of shorthand, typing, mim- eographing, and filing has been proved very useful many times. This actual work experience which the girls receive is very helpful to them since many of them obtain secretarial positions after graduation. This group is one of several organizations which contribute to the efficient operation of the school. The students profit from the assistance offered by this capable group of workers. The principles which are taught in the class room are applied in this "laboratory ex- perimentf' and this type of cooperative ef- fort has proven very successful. lgfvlernando ,J ffivleawaya' Library Staff At the beginning of the school year, it is one of the important duties of Mrs. Stener- son to chose students to assist her with the work in the library. The main requirement for the student librarian is a knowledge of the library system, but many other things are considered, such as ability to alphabet- ize efficiently and quickly, a willingness to work and give spare time, and the ability to get along with other students. During the course of a year the librarian is asked innumerable questions, which are always answered to the best of his or her ability. In a typical day such questions as these might be asked: "Who wrote Uncle Torn's Cabin?". "Where can you find who said, 'Don't fire uvntil you can see the whites of their eyes'?", "Where can I find a copy of Longfellow's poems?", "What is the popula- tion of Russia?", "When did the law for auto- mobile license plates go into effect?" Through the efforts of our library staff, these questions and many more were easily looked up and answered. This group of stu- dents deserves recognition for their contri- bution to the student body. LIBRARY STAFF lst Row - Mrs. Stenerson, J, Hodges, D. Kraus, C. Aubuch on, F. Schubel. J. Brans B. Hemann, R. At Wright. 2nd Row - B. Kanyuck, D. Hall, B. Norsworthy, D. Edingt n, C. Alt, C. Davis, R. Bem tt C. Bi 1 y lst limi .Srd -lti I 5th GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Row -- G. Graham, G. Huskey, P. Brockmeyer, N. Wendell. S. Duff, P. Parker I Bryemis, J. Buddomeyer, S. Maas, K, McKinley, W. Glaze. C. Benson. B. Anderson B. Ferguson. Row -- Miss Mi-yer, R, Atwell, D. Roberts, J, Baumer. S. 1-'rven1an. lx. Holladay K. Flck. C. Hang, N. Wynn. B. Nelson Row f- D. Hailey, M. Phillips. E. Stevens, D. Michel. l. Rackovan, A Stanton, M Schmitz, J. Holladay, G, Anderson, M. Bray, S. Funk. D, Thurmond, J, Rowe. Row Y D. Grenn. C. Poo, A. Baum, M. Gudermuth, D. Wright, M. Hagemeister, N Taus, S. Gudermuth. M. Cooksey, J. Pantland, M. Trog, J. Konneman, P. Kendall A. Schulze. J. Scott, N. Bdrnliart. Row --- E. Netscher. B. Flagg, C. Brown, J. Steinert, B. Bridgeford, B. Sullivan, J. Morris. D, McGee, H, Schreiber. M. Schnarr, A. 1-lowald. B. Bonfiner, N, Bell P. Woods. N. Chamberlain. B. McKenzie, C. Bielickc, .V girl 'E' G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association stresses good sportsmanship and cooperation among the girls. Participation in various outside activities, intramurals, and in class results in girls working toward the goal of winning the coveted emblems and letters. Early in the year the group chose the fol- lowing leaders: Susie Gudermuth, president: Judyt Rowe, secretaryg Barbara Anderson. treasurer. Miss Helen Meyer, the girls phys- ical education director, sponsors the organi- zation. A small group of members of the GAA who were particularly interested in archery formed an organization which met after school. ARCI-IERI' M. Gudcrmuth, G. xnderson. C. 1-lriugg, G, Wunderllcn, K. l!cKinli-y. J. Brye:1ns, B, Anderson. J. 'l'ilker, li, Ferguson. .l. Morris. G. Grahaiin. U. Brown. Miss Meyer. 'QZQCICII .fue oniglzlii' 1 Future Teachers of America The Future Teachers of America. spons- ored by Miss Frances Bolen, provides a gen- eral insight into the teaching profession, and helps the members prepare for college. This year, Ann Howald was chosen presl- dentg Judy Marchbank, vice-presidentg Judy Fritz, secretary-treasurer: and Nancy Taus, librarian. The organization had many activities planned: but because of the snow vacation, most of them had to be canceled. Among the activities that the future teach- ers Were able to carry out were: a trip to Missouri University, trips to other disirict schools to observe different teaching meth- odsg a cleanup campaign, and a talk by Miss Elaine Williams on preparation for college. The group attempts to foster interest in teaching as a career and should be commend- ed for the progress it has made. FYTURE 'l'EAl'lIl'IRS OF AMERICA lst Row --- M, Shelton, J. Fritz. J. Marclibank, A. Howald R. Fusnn. S. Mais. E. Maness. End How - Miss Bolen C. Grimes, P. Kendall. N. Tauz. RI. Hmm-rnoister. M. Schmitz, C, xlaug, R. Walsh VH! ff Q 7 ACTIVITIES X ff f . Z M W Z Pep Squad One of the most active organizations this year has been the Pep Squad. 'lhroughout the year this group helped the cheer- leaders in their efforts to support the teams. At the first meeting of the group, on October 7, Kay Mc- Kinley was chosen presidentg Barb Anderson, vice-president: and Carol Lee Funk, secretary-treasurer. There were 45 girls in the Pep Squad this years We hope this organization will continue to grow and to assist the cheer- leaders of our teams at Eureka High School. Cheerleaders Barbara Hemann, Doris McGee, Pattie Parker, and Hazel Schreiber were our energetic cheerleaders. This team was chosen by the student body on Friday, November 11, 1955, The cheerleaders' continued support and expert cheerin' led our teams to many victories. The attractive quartet of blondes was unusually faithful in the performance of their duties, and their efforts were appreciated by the students and the basketball squad. if ree Clzeerda PEI' SQUAD lst Row - P. Parker, H, Schreiber. B. Hamann, J. Bryeains, C. Funk, K, Mc Kinlcy, J. Benton. M. Schnarr. C. Benson, J. Kauffman, C. Aubuchon. B Anderson. Ind Raw e D. McGee, J. Marchbank. J. Fritz, N. Taus, A. Howald. R. Fusou B. Ferguson. N. Wendell. S. Duff. J. Baumer. B. McKenzie. S. Williamson. 3rd Row - G. Huskvy. J. Loehr, J. Bucldemeycr. S. Case. G. Anderson, J. Pam land, M. Cooksey, P. Brockmeyer, C. Haug, D. Grerin. 4th Row W E. Maness. C. Walka, V. Nevins. E. Stevens, K, Kemp, C. Schuler B, Brlclgford, M. Smith. B. Sullivan. A, Baum. D. VVeiblc. Cl-IEERLI-IADl'IlKS Hazel Schreiber. Doris McGee, Pattlc Parker, dnrbara Ht-mann 1 E' Zake .fue Out to lst Row B. Medlln. C. Wagner. G. Arft, R. Cloak. W Ruck J. Tralteur. M, Corley. 2 d Ro R. Bopp, S. Mulvaney, P. Ferguson, R. Glaser, 3rd Row J Donovan, K. Dlekmann, 0. Barnhouse, Coach Rayon I Murray, J. Corley, J. Vesper. D. Mulvaney. the Kallgamea' Baseball The Eureka baseball team, under the good coaching of Bob Rayon, had a season record of nine wins and three defeats. Eureka took second place in the final league standings of the South County League. George Arft sparked the team in the hitting depart- ment with a sizzling .426 batting average. Right behind George were Otto Barnhouse with . 409, Jerry Donovan at .336, Bob Glaser .344, and Jerry Corley with .324. The team average for the year was a fine .301. The pitching was done by Jorden Vesper with a rec- ord of 1 and O, Charley Wagner with 4 and 1, and Ray Bopp with 4 and 2. George Arft, Ray Bopp, and Jerry Corley were selected for this years South County All Star Team. Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka 4 7 8 3 4 3 3 11 11 14 13 9 Scores of the Games Valley Park .. Mehlville . . . Hancock Bayless . Lindbergh Affton Valley Park Hancock Bayless . Lindbergh Affton .. Mehlville "B" BASKETBALL .-.. ..--...- .-. ........... ..- ..-. .........-.-.--...- 1stR.ow A- B. Medlln, H. I-ilbbert, T, Holland. D. Davidson, E. Bausch, P. Ferguson, C. Se-lvidge, B. Kearbey. End Row D. Mulvaney. E. Wi tge. A. Ebans, R. Horneker, D. Preis B Bush, M. Corley Coach Rayon. "B" Basketball After a very slow start, this years "B" team ended the season by winning their last eight games out of Eureka 37 eleven. This finish was topped by the first place trophy Eureka 37 taken in the "B" team South County Tournament. The Eureka 42 record of 11 wins and 9 loses is the best a Eureka "B" Eureka 51 team has had for four years. The outlook for the Eure- Eureka 58 ka basketball teams seems to be well in hand. Eureka 32 Schedule Eureka 43 Eureka 4 ......... Pacific 34 Eureka 52 Eureka 36 .... .... M ehlville 43x Eureka 68 Eureka 48 .... Bayless 44x Eureka 52 Eureka 24 Lindbergh 36x Eureka 24 . Hancock 46x Eureka 39 Eureka 38 Pacific 41 Eureka 46 Eureka 33 .... Lindbergh 36x Eureka 38 Pacific "B" Tournament .... ...-st .... ...-.-. -..-Q.. Affton 39x Valley Park 27x Hancock 44x Mehlville 28x Bayless 53x St. Francis 40 .... ...- ....... .... ...............--.-.. Tournament .... ......--.-..--.---..- .... ..............- an .... ... Affton 51x . Jennings 51 Sullivan 42 Washington 41 Hancock 33 Affton 43 Lindbergh 30 Tourna Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka "A" BASKETBALL TEAM Standing - C. Wllgllvr, J. Corley. J. Donovan. K. Dickmann, J. Murray, E. Kummer. J. Vcsper, R, G-laser P H 1 IX t r tl dj fNeil Preiss - To .nc irc Front Cent - Coach Rayon, D. Mulvaney "A" Basketball The 1955-56 "A" team had its ups and downs during Eureka 67 the seasonal play. The overall record of 12 and 12 does Eureka 62 not show the true ability of our team, as many games were lost by bad breaks in the closing minutes of the Eureka 49 games. However, the team did show its true compet- Eureka 45 itive spirit by winning the annual South County Eureka 59 ment. SCHEDULE 68 .............................. Pacific 56 Eureka 49 65 .... Mehlville 66x Eureka 48 62 ....... .... ...... B a yless 66x Eureka 63 58 .......................... Lindbergh 29x Eureka 51 56 ............................. Hancock 59x Eureka 54 Louisiana Tournament Eureka 66 62 ...................... Bowling Green 68 Eureka 54 50 ............................ Mehlville 52 -- Eureka 45 58 ....... Pacific 57 Eureka 34 67 Lindbergh 40x Eureka 63 Eureka . . . . Affton Valley Park Hancock Tournament Soldan Blewitt Regional Tournament Hancock Mehlville .. Hancock .. Mehlville Bayless . . . . Affton . . Jennings . . Sullivan Washington . . Mehlville Webster . . Kirkwood 79x 45x 46 43 4J 50x 56x 58x 52x 39 52 75 36 43 67 Orchestra The orchestra was organized as a string group this year, meeting twice a week during the sixth hour. Brass, reeds, and percussion were added only when preparing for a program. The group played for the operetta, making its first public appearance. The newly formed orchestra also participated in the annual spring concert. DANCE BAND lst Row - R. Krausch - pianist, R. Bohnlng, J. Miedefhoft J. Tllker, J. Johnson. 2nd Row - F. Gllley, J. Jones. ORCHESTRA lst Row -- M. Phillips, J. Groenlnger, J. Buddemcyer, P Childers, J. Bexuett, J. Johnson, Y. Ravens. 2nd Row - M. Hellman - pianist, L. Maness, Miss Harttman, J. Jones, J. Steffarx, S. Hammer, J. Tilker, B. Fridlcy, F. Gilley, B, Norsworthy. G. Huskoy, D. Michel, P. Mc- Kinney. Dance Band The Dance Band has finished a successful year while attending Eureka High. Among their outside engage- ments this year were performances at the Crystal Lake Country Club, a New Year's Dance in St. Louis, and a Tacky Dance at Creve Coeur. The Martinis have provided music for several school activities including the Barn Warming Dance and the FHA Valentine Dance. This summer the group plans to play for wed- dings and other dances. The Eureka High Dance Band, which plans to remain togehter, will be known as the Martinis. Rug BAND PLUTES J. Bennett G, Burgstecie CLARINETS B. Fridley J. Tilker J. Marcli'bank M Schnarr C. Selvlngc M Goodner D Tliurmond S. Funk P. Albrecht M Hellman J, Sanderson li. Mertz R. Hellman l,, Mnncss gallexanafer Q ' E :me and ' BASS CLARINET A. Stanton OBOE P. Childers ALTO SAXOPHONE J. Min-dernoff R. Bohning TENOR SAXOPHONE B. Kesselring M. Schmitz WRENCH HUBNS J. Steffan S. Hammer M. House TROMBONI-IS J. Jones B. Beeson l.. Walka C. Hlnkle G. JOhIISOn TRUMPETS BARITONE PERCUSSION F. Gllley B. Bennett J. Johnson B, Norsworthy TUBAS N. Chamber ani D Krueger R. Krnusch B. Williams E. Mertz J. Foster G. Huskey M Messerla STRING BASS P, McKinney J. Morris A. Howald Band The Eureka High School Band has contributed a great deal of entertainment to this school year. At the beginning of the year, the band members chose the fol- lowing to direct the year's activities: Bill Norsworthy, president: Forrest Gilley, vice-presidentg Ann Howald, secretaryg Judy Marchbank, treasurer. Although the band had a full schedule, it was always willing to help out when it was necessary. It has played at several of the basketball games, an assembly at Crestview, and an assembly at Eureka. In addition to this it marched at Valley Park, presented a Spring concert, and several members played in the all-county band. Its last public appearance of the year was at graduation where it wrapped up a perfect year of work with the playing of 'tPomp and Circumstancef' .Q llefe ld Cl Cq0l'lg Girls Glee Clubs The Girls Glee Clubs, under the direction of Miss Jane Mattingly and Mrs. Derry Sparlin, participated in several musical events during the school term. The girls meet three times a week, the second, fourth, and sixth hours. This year they took part in the Vesper Services along with the Choir, gave the Christmas assembly, and attended the Musi- cal Festival. Music plays a large part in school activities and We extend many thanks to these groups for their participation and co-operation in school activities. GIRLS GLEII CLUB lst Row -- D. Welntge, J. Benton, J. Kaufmann, D. Kraus, B. Rhodes, B. McKenzie. D. Roberts. S. Maas. B. McCamlphell C. Schneler, F. Schubel, C. Jeffrlos, E. Black. D. Hailey, W. G'aze, N. Chamberlain. 2nd Row - J. Feco, J. Rowe, J. Stelnert, K. Claspille. B. Free- man, C. Haley. N. Bell, R. Waters. D. Collins. S, Funci. J. Bryeans, B. Ferguson, T. Walsh, C. Bates. T. Dorrell. 3rd Row - - D. Null. M. Bay. B. Cook. M. 'l'rm:, E. Lamar. J. Hodges. S. Taber, B. Turner, J. Holladuy, K. Ho'l'1d:1y. W. Tullock, J. Turner, J. Steffan, C. Hang. J. Bnllmfner 4th Row e G. Johnson, M Hagemelster, J. Belcher, S. Ilanl. R. Rufkahr, A. Schulze, I. Brown. N. Barnhirt, E. Jacks son, S. Hollen-berg. M, Blomes, J. Frye. M. Schmitz, J. Scott, V. Nevins, C. Walka. Sth Row 7 P, Ballard, K. Haussels, W. Hardesty. D. Wieble. B. Deuser, D. Keener. M. Smith, R. Lewis. L. Maw:-ss, .l. Branson, C. Hauser, C. Brown, M. Strauser, M. Duncan. V. Parks. 61h HOUR GIRLS GLEE CLl'B lst Row e W. Wynn, B. Bongner, M. Wllllnms, N. Hal:-y, E. Lewis, M. Myers, D. Worthing, C. Webber. 2nd Row -- M. Calhill. J. Brown, G. Schneider. R. Oils. M. Ambrnse, N. Puryear, M. Wilson, N. Lynn. B, Wallach. 3rd Row - A. Helnke, G. Ks-llvr, D. Michel. J. Gaynor. M. Kennedy, J. McDowell, M. Sheerln. M. Phillips. R. Atwell, D, Wright. Teacher --- Edna Sparlln in flue 0405 Boys Glee Club and Double Quartet On Tuesdays and Thursdays during third and fourth hours, there comes the pleasing sound of male voices from the music build- ing, where the boys glee clubs are meeting. The boys, under the direction of Miss Hartt- man, have provided a great deal of enter- tainment for EHS this year. To start the ball rolling, the groups pre- sented an assembly for Crestview Junior High. They also participated in the Vespers. Thanksgiving assembly, the operetta, and the Easter assembly. The glee clubs took a singing tour of several schools and presented an assembly of their own. The boys double quartet, composed of glee club members, took part in several assenfi- lies. Among these were the operetta. Cres- view, and a special song for graduation. BOY'S Gl,l'Il'I ULU!! lst. Row - R. Bohning. G. Green, J. Darrell. l.. Suttlt-s. Sutter, K. Krnusch, D. Hall. B. Hufley, J. Foster. ' Hudson G. Arft. P, McKinney, Miss Harttnian. 2nd Row - R. Walsh. C. Grimes, B. Norris. B. McKean, Bennett, P. Childers, J. Carnipbt-ll. G, Harris. L. Main-ss G. Overton, D. Krueger. 3rd Row Y W. Ruck, V. Howard, B. K.-amy, R. Wcstmorcilzxiicl. P. Ferguson, J. Sanderson, J. Johnson. B. Norswortny. la Gilley, G. Jensen. -ith Row 3 W. Bt-lue. J. Jvrlm. J. Joni-s, R. Cloak. B. Weber, M. Corley, L, Zinn, B. Lewis, B. Weintge, ll. Dintlcman, I. Traiti-ur. M. Haley, G. Poertner, B. H:-ifley, R. Bennett. BOY'S DOUBLE Ql'AllTE'l' Seated -- R. Krausch. Miss Harttman First Row - D. Hall, J. Tralteur, C. Grimes. L. Maness Second Row R. Walsh, V. Howard. W. Huck, B. Lewis Qxuuaic, Juudic, Mud ica Choir The choir has completed another success- ful year. The group contributed much enjoy- ment to our own student body and to neighloorlng schools which the choir visited. The students chosen to help assist Miss Harttman are: Bill Lewis, presidentg David Hall, vice-president: Glenna 1-Iuskey, secre- taryg Joann Tilker. treasurer. UHOIR Among the activities in which the choir lst. Row lA.. Huwuld, l,. tliesler, J, McNalI, J. Schulze, C. Thomprmn. J. Fritz, C. Funk, N, Taus, J. Stefian. C. Ben- has participated were the Christmas Vesp- son. M. 5.1-lmarr, is. Maas, D, Mcuee, B. blagg. ers, the Spring Festival, and the biggest un- Zncl Row lwllss Hnrltmun, B. Riemann, S.'Case. J. March bunlc, L. Suttli-s. J, Johnson. B. Norris, R. Walsh, l.. Maness dertaking, the Operetta, uS'S. Manhattanas, I-'. liillvy, Y. Ravens, K. Kemp. V. Smith was a decided Success 3rd Row J. Budmlvmeyar. G. Huskey, D. Davis, C. Grimes. G. Harris, D. Hail, B. riufley, W. Ruck, V. Howard, J ' Tmlteur. J, Bennett. P. Dulluque, J. Konneman, -llh Row P, Broclrmoyvr, R. Fuson. B. Lewis, M, Hinkle, N. Coad. J. Campbell, G. Poertner, R. Bennett, C. Lindsay K. Divkmann. K. Flck, J. Tllker, J. Baumer, P. Parker, JUNIOR SEXTETTI-I SENIOR SEXTETTE Miss Harttman, J, McNal1, P. DuBuque. M, Schuarr, S. Maas, J. Mlss Harttman, P. Brockmeyer, J, Tilker. R. Fusun. B. Flagg S, Cas--, Buddemeyor, V. Smith A. Howald. I 1 . I 11 O C 1 . 0 visa. MJ I. xo' w Q "0r..". 'JF JUNIOR PLAY CAST lst Row - G. Huskey, J. Buddemeyer, S. Sides, M. Schnarr, D. Frldley, S. Williamson, J. Schulze. 2nd Row - C. Benson, Miss Johnson, S. Taber. K. Diekmann, J. Campbell, G. Arft. 3rd Row - W. Ruck, B. Bennett. Junior Play The Junior Play was presented on November 18 at matinee and evening performances. "Love Is In the Air" included in the cast: Bob Frid- ley, Sandra Sides, Susan Williamson, Marlene Schnarr, Wayne Ruck, John Campbell, Jane Budde- meyer, Kurt Diekmann, Janet Schultz, Sue Taber, Car- olyn Benson, Glenna Huskey, and Barry Bennett. Carol Lee Funk was assistant director. All those who worked on the set, stage properties. publicity, and lighting are to be congratulated for a splendid job. Vincent Howard was stage manager, and the music between acts was provided by Ronald Krausch. This delightful comedy about the younger members of the family who decided their parents lacked rom- ance in their lives, was chosen by the director, Miss Eleanor Johnson, who trained the cast so expertly that the play was a great success. i 1 SENIOR PLAY CAST Seated - S. Case, V. Woods, K. McKinley, Miss Johnson, F. Sdhubel, J. Fritz, N. Tous. 2nd Row -- C. Aubuchon, B Cerny, R. Fuson. B. Hemann, C. Funk, J. Benton, J. Marchbank. N. Wendell, P. Brocx- meyer, A. Howald, D. McGee, J. Hinds. 3rd Row - D. Messerln, P. I-Ieinzel, J. Jones, R. Fdentgen, B, Harley, J. Tralleur. 4th Row - J. Corley, R.. Bennett, B. Schlmsa. J. Vesper, 'V. Howard. Senior Play On April 26, the senior class of 1956 presented the dramatic play, "The Crime at Blossoms," an unusual offering due to the element of mystery involved. "The Crime at Blossoms" aroused the interest of the audience since the identity of the criminal is 'not re- vealed until late in the play. The action of the play takes place in the cottage where the crim-e is commit- ted while the Merrymans, the owners of the cottage are away. The house had been left in the care of Mrs. Woodman, a neighbor, while the Merrymans were vacationing . When Mr. and Mrs. Merryman returned the cottage, Valerie wanted to turn the Garden Room into a show place. Since the Merrymans needed money desperately, Valerie seized the opportunity to exhibit the room and at the same time earn money. Then after the home had been converted into a showplace, Val- erie realized how wrong it was and so wished to re- turn to the original status. It was not until the very last of the play that it was revealed who had really murdered the two people. The play built up to a wonderful climax, and the cast gave two commendable performances, the shows di- rected by Miss Eleanor Johnson proved to be very successful. E 9 sh Em 3 5 E 5. xi FEATURES Q X mmf D7 'ig fff, 4 NN A cf I f my umoz dmcucfi JUNE HODGES JUDY ROWE Junior-Senior Prom On May 19, the Eureka High School Auditorium was transformed into a colorful Parisian setting for the occasion of the Junior-Senior Promenade. The Eiffel Tower dominated the Paris scene. Miniature towers were used as centerpieces for the tables. The favors were lberets for the boys and dancing girls for the glrls. A typical outdo-or cafe scene accented one gym wallg opposite was the skyline of Paris. Light blue. dark blue, flame, and silver were the colors used to transform the auditorium into a Parisian setting. The prom was a splendid success and a credit to Mrs. Harry Gudermuth and her Junior Prom Committtee. who made this delightful evening possible. PATTIE PARKER cgsniofc dlffaicfi JUDY FRITZ SUSIE GUDERMUTH fgaagefgaff Queen am! Jlffazcfa 1956 BASKETBALL QUEEN Pattie Parker MAIDS Carol Lee Funk Marlene Schnarr Judy Rowe Dorothy Kraus x LW. 2 . ,,,.,...vx,.,.xN,,.h.m W..-V -.N MM, X ..--SX o-""-""""" Q-v-.... If you think Q spun, Vw aut Wm f9fQg"m Adorama 11, if yowre going 1:5 biithiad sulk .Vanin infos U ,l ' .,. , N 1 ll V ' ' too much Lf q3!"i uffes, they are law may-Taxa, Dail' Hut why ahouldrvt I seem stupid A -Q - ls- A ts my tesauhsrf--siaefa a eallege , 'What dv Yaunlwk for in gg-adugfgl, gn M L r J A cigarette? I I think youwe been drinkin C"""""fJ 2 .NNN 523' Vw , x I Wf 'f Q 1 ' V. x 2 . .M ,. A I 2 -1 -www gy .mg 'U' IH 6 il! EVE, iffilf mf. IL "T ii? "N iw 511' thy- xf J KA' NXMAMJ 'W'E Hvsiw asm? Lifwf? I .,.,,-V H JERRY CERN, Dnvg ITA , -ff' MIN!! UNCH fn my 'P rl Juv 1: Juni! 'B. X mic 'IIA MAGGIE DOROTHY FL. . 3 1 i , M'W ff HZ!! I ...-,, - , fgf C, 4 W. 37" Q Ji J E' efo y alle Nita Wynn and Chuck Alt - Youlll Always be My Life Time Sweetheart Barbara Anderson - Hit the Target, Baby Ruth Anne Atwell - Sincerely Carol Aubuchon - Whispering Robert Barton -- I Don't Care Judy Baumer - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Jacqueline Bennett - Flute Cocktail Roger Bennett - Call of the South Judie Benton - The Yellow Rose of Texas Orville Boemler - No Strings Attached Betty Bongner - Beautiful Brown Eyes Raymond Bopp - Take Me Out to the Ball Game Jane Branson - Tenderly Clyde Brinley - Tutti Frutti Penny Brockmeyer - Pennies from Heaven Joyce Bryeans - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend Carol Buermann - Zana Zana Zana Larry Burns -- Sweet Sixteen Susan Case - Sweet Sue Betty Cerny - Daddy-O Don Collins - The Terror of 101 Margaret Cooksey - Margie Jerry Corley - See You Later Alligator Jerry Donovan - Dark Eyes Mary Dudley - Bonnie Lassie Sandra Duff - I'm a Dreamer but Aren't We All? Mary Duncan - Baby Face David Edington - No Business Like Show Business Barbara Ferguson - I'm Blase! Karen Lee Fick - Going Steady Barbara Flagg - Short and Sweet Ronald Flentgen - You'll Never Walk Alone Judy Fritz - Hearts of Stone Carol Lee Funk - Seventeen Rose Marie Fuson - Rose Marie Forrest Gilley - Trumpeteris Lullaby Mary Sue Goodner - I Love a Parade Susie Gudermuth - Sweet and Gentle Bob Hacke - I'm in the Mood for Love Bill Hafley - Cry of the Wild Goose Jerry Hagemeister - Earth Angel David Hall - Crew Cut and Baby Blue Eyes Wayne Harness - Day by Day Kenneth Harris - I've Been Thinking Carol Ann Haug - I Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango Paul Heinzel - Stouthearted Man Barbara Hemann - Dream Joyce Hinds - Tenna Marie Ann Howald - Moments to Remember Vincent Howard - No Help Wanted John Paul Jones - The Jones Boy Jim Keener - Sitting on Top of the World Lee Roy Kelley - Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? Kenneth King - The King and I Allen Koebel - Flying High Jo Ann Konneman - Heat Wave William Lewis - My Love is With Me. Bill Lyon - Pretty Eyed Baby Doris McGee - Sweetheart Kay McKinley - Green Eyes Judy Marchbank - Flat Top Dave Messerla - Pretty Boy James Miederhoff - Twelfth Street Rag Dave Monroe - Get Happy Dave Miuflvaney - Mr. Taptoes James Murray - Hard to Get Dennis Nolde - Dennis the Menace Bill Norsworthy - Bill, the Bartender Pattie Parker - Steam Heat Donald Paubel - Oop Shoop Gerald Pemberton - Song of the Dreamer Grace Piel - Red Head Neil Preiss - High and Mighty Irene Rackovan - Goodnight Irene Dorothy Roberts - Unchained Melody Bill Rowe - Blondie Ruth Rufkahr - A Fine Romance Hazel Schreiber - Sugar Lump Faye Schubel - You Are My Love Bobby Schimsa - Wonderful Guy Don Shaffrey - Sentimental Me Kenneth Signor - Real Gone Guy Victor Smith - One Alone Allen Stroud -- You're Wrong, All Wrong Nancy Lee Taus - P. S. I Love You Joann Tilker - Band of Gold James Traiteur - Hey Good Lookin' Mary Louise Trog - Mary Lou- James Umphres - To Make a Mistake Jo Ann Varone - My Goal J orden Vesper - Hawkeye Richard Walsh -- Open the Door, Richard John Waters - Oh, Johnny Gloria Webber - Won't You be My Honey, Honey? Nancy Wendell - Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes Virginia Woods - Scatterbrain Doris Wright - Pretty Girl Garnet Wunderlich - I Want to Love You 1 ' WQQ U NA at S X . WS s A W is ' Q9 S ss. kill 'SL - ff ,pf P was ,kk .me at 'A xg, Y ,...., QS? ' QW X QW ?,: -. was s i, Y f- QE, S ,Q , 5 'gags mwfxsg: : A qfgjmf 4 1 13. 512522 K pf QI, If IN E322 f N The Staff of the 1956 Eurekana wishes to urge all the students and friends of the school to patronize the loyal merchants who advertise yearly in the Eurekana. Without their help it would be impossible to publish editions of the yearbook as the subscriptions take care of but half the actual cost of producing the annual. Remember them and express your gratitude by your continued patronage. W3 OUR PATRONS Vfgp'-1 Al-Pac 3 miles east of Pacific Pacific Antna Television C0. Ellisville Ballwin Hardware Store Ballwin Compliments of Dr C. R Beckmeyer Bellefontaine Motor Inc. Bellefontaine Bob and Lill s Place Grover Bray Material and Supply Co. Grover Ace Barber Shop Grover Cy s Coffee Shop Pacific CL 7-8827 Chesterfield Bank Chesterfield George Clarks Service Station Fenton Clem s Barber Shop Bellefontaine Clyde s Lumber Co. Murphy County Refrigeration Service Co Creve Coeur Drug Store Creve Coeur TR 2-7597 Ted Dahlke and Son Water Hauling LA 7-2557 Compliments of I. E. Drewel D. D. S. JU 7-2891 Fick 8a Wolf Feed Co. Chesterfield Compliments of a Friend Fromme Sz Wallace Chesterfield Wild Horse Creek Road GR Inc Gerber s Pet Shop Pacific CL 7-2515 Instruments Rented - Rent Applied Gerlachs Chesterfield R. J. Glaser Shell Distributor Chesterfield Foreign and Popular Records Grover Service Station Grover 4626 Gravois PL 2-7300 Gudermuth Garage Eureka Q 1 Q-Q.. ..g..g.. g..g..g...g..k.g..g-q g- - -x-g--1--s- x-x-x-x-x-t-k-l-l-k-l-l-l-K-Q 1.-g.L..g.g. -g.g. g.g. ..g.g..L.g. g.g.g....g.g-g..q.. -g.1.g.Q... g H 77 7 7 7 7 9 7 7 Y 7 1 y 7 7 7 , 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 I 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 3 3 -3-3'X'B-3-Xfi-1-3-7-3'3-1"7'1"3-1-7"'3"7"7- -7-7"3"'7- -7-3-3 .. -g...g.g.. - -Q. g..g-1.4. -g..g.. .. -1..L.g.L..L.. -q.. .. -1. .- OUR PATRONS Haberberger Motor Co., Pacific, CL 7-2495 Maple Park Service Station, Hollow, W. Holderrieth Hanephin Cafe, Eureka Hoven Electric 8z Refrigeration, Pacific, CL 7-2020 Jacob's Shell Service Ellisville Kelpe 8z Von Gruben, Custom Work, Grover Glenn Konneman Market and Food Locker Chesterfield Koebel's Variety, Ballwin Kraus Bros. Market Ballwin LA 7-2933 Saddlery, .Harness and Shoe Shop, Manchester Ray Laux, Water Hauling, Chesterfield Leach Clothing Store, "Clothing for Everyone," Pacific CL 7-2277 Al Lowe's Tavern Chesterfield Lutke Welding :Sz Boiler Repair, Ellisville, LA 7-2 Manchester Upholstering Shop, Manchester, LA 7-3443 Matt's Tavern Chesterfield Mauthe Dept. Store, Pacific, Dry Goods and Groceri-es McLain Variety Store, Eureka, "Eagle Stamps Myra Cleaners Sz Laundrette, Manchester, LA 7-3551 Miller's Self-Service Laundry, Pacific, CL 7-2141 Miller's Service Station Pacific Murphy's Store, Murphy, Highway 30 Myrt's Beauty Shop, Olive Street Road, Chesterfield, LE 6-7760 Nahlik Motor Company, House Springs Wm. H. Nelsch Bill the Barber ', Ellisville Wull Bros., Excavating Ellisville Compliments of a Pond' Friend Preiss Cleaners Ballwin LA 7-2104 Rock Insurance Agency Urban J. T. Rock Agent Eureka Red Cedar Inn, Pacific Riverside Tavern Fenton Geo. Elliott Prop. D. Ross - Radio and TV Service Pond Sappington s Barber Shop Ballwin Schneeman Sandwich Shop Ellisville Schneider Shoe Store Work and Dress Shoes Pacific Schumacher Elect ic Co. Ellisville LA 7-2376 Herbert s Site s Service Station and Restaurant Eureka Steinbrueck Hatchery and Feeds Ellisville LA 7-3490 Stoecker Soda Manchester Toma Bakery Located in Graczak s Market Ellisville Compliments of Valley Trailer Court To the Graduate: Good Luck from Valley Park Drug Von Gruben s Tavern Grover Victorian Cleaning Branch Grover V. 8: S. Stores Inc. For Greater Values and Service Ellisville LA 7-2504 Welcome Gift Shop 8a Eureka Cleaners Eureka A. J. Wetzel s Market Pond Compli ments of Whiz Kids J ess Jack 8z Hubert Fenton Williams Shack By the Railroad Track Pacific CL 7-8808 Fred L. Wulf Gen ral Insurance Grover CR 3-6268 as 1 7 L 1 Cn 7 9 9 1 1 1 7 s v v 7 a 5 y TZ 7 1 s 9 1 r ' 1 a 1 u 1 so a 9 I , , ' 1 a 1 890 9 9 s 1 1 77 1 s v 5 9 9 a 1 1 v g as 19 9 1 1 Ci 1 V - 7 -'-l-3-l"1- -lv-l"' 3-3"'l l"l""3"1"X-I-5 I 3- -3-3 -3-1- 'U-5-3-3---I-3-1-H-3'3 -I-5 -I-3-3-3 3-3 5 3 g.x- -g..g-Q. - -g. - .g.g. ..g.. - .. .. -g.g. -g..x,.. Youll Find It at Eureka Buildmg and Repair Materials EUREKA MISSOURI JUstice 7-3431 Groceries Fine Meats Vegetables HIGHWAY 66 AT EUREKA MISSOURI Open Daily from 8 a rn to 6 pm JUSt1C6 7 8271 Eureka Service and Equipment Co Ferguson Farm Equipment Texaco Gasoline and Firestone Tires Retail and Wholesale EUREKA MISSOURI nc I-IEITMANN S A G STORE Meats Groceries and Vegetables EUREKA MISSOURI J Ust1ce 7 3391 J Ustice 7-2201 Rlvermont Airway Service Station Fuel Oil and Farm Gas HOUSE SPRINGS, MISSOURI Highway 30 ESsex 5-7288 Wm- EUREKAI G A MARKET EUREKA, MISSOURI Selling at I. G. A. Every Day Low Prices Soetebier, Mgr. NIEI-IOFF DAIRY "Once Used Never Refused" Service West St. Louis County EUREKA, MISSOURI JUstice 7-3541 Your House of Service WI-IITLOCK JEWELERS PACIFIC, MISSOURI Guaranteed Watches and Watch Repairing - 3-.3-ju - my: - n 1 nj- -3-3131 -y-313-3-3-3-y-3-q-3-3-3-.3-3-.3 3-3-3-3-3-5-3-3 5-1-3-y-3-3-3-5-5-y-y-3-,-3..,-3-3-x..3- EUREKA LUMBER co., inc. THRASHER'S NATION WIDE MARKET L -K-K !.-K-K-I-K-K-K-K-l-K-K-K-k-k-k-K-K-K-K-1-K-I-K-K-hl-l-K-K-t-K-l-k-l-K-k-x-l-k-I- g-L-L-Q-I-I-I-I-L-g.g.I-I-g..I...I.I-g.g..L.g..g..I,. Compliments of 1-IELLWIG BROS, Inc Chesterfleld, MISSOUYI OLIVE STREET ROAD EXPRESS Everett Konneman CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI Compliments of WIEST CHEVROLET CO. PACIFIC MISSOURI LISTER BARBER SHOP Two Barbers EUREKA MISSOURI DREWEL APPLIANCE Inc Sales and SEPVICG GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Bottle Gas for Cooklng Refrlgeratlon and Water Heatmg EUREKA MISSOURI Phone JUst1ce 7 2891 7 C o 0 0 7 , u A I 7 , ! I 3 -3-3-3-1-1-3 'I-1-3-I-I-3-I-I-I-3-I-3"3-3-3"I'3"'3-1"3'3"1'I"3"I'I-I I-I'3"3-I'I'Y-3-3'I'I-I-5'I'3-3'3'I-1"3-3'I"3-I-3"3-3-YH!-3"'1 I -hbhhhghhhhhbhhh-hhh-hh--hbhhhhphwwhwhhbhhhb.h- -h.hbhh ---h-----p--w u nd .I I SHAW 66 SERVICE STATION Lubrication - Oil Changes - Flats Fixed TIMES BEACH MISSOURI I-IOLEKAMP LUMBER CO. CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI LEhigh 6-2402 GAINES POULTRY FARM PACIFIC MISSOURI CLearwater 7-2626 ROLLA F ICK Distributor of Sinclair Products YOrktown 5-6641 CRestview 3-6348 GROVER, MISSOURI PACIFIC, MISSOURI Frozen Food Center Processing Storage "We Weld Anything But the Break of Day" PACIFIC WELDING SERVICE 801 N. Columbus PACIFIC, MISSOURI Phone CLearwater 7-2188 Nights, VAlley 5-4431 SCHOTT S GARAGE P O. GLENCOE MISSOURI Highway 100 General Repairing PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE .I .I .I I .I .I J 9 .I .I .I .I .I .I .I .I .I .I .I ul , .I .I .I .I .I .I .I I PACIFIC REF RIGERATING CU. .I .I .I I .I .I .I .I I .I .I N! 7 I .I - , I I .I .I I E. L. Schott, Prop. Phone CRestview 3-8681 I1 FARM BUREAU MUTUAL and FARM BUREAU LIFE August Hill, Special Agent LEhigh 6-2304 CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI, RT. 2 Policies are Non-Assessable Uiiimmimiimiiiiii-w-iwwi-w-wwww6-wwwwwwwxwwwWwww-W--WWWW-WWW1wwww-www- - -K- -K-K-l-Ir-K-K-l-K-K-lK-l- -k-K- -K-k-1- Ink-K-K-K-l-K-l l-l-K-K-K-K-K-l K-K--l-K-K-K-k-K-I.--K-k-l-l--K-k- i-k--t-l-I- -l-R-1-1-1-1-1-I-I-K I I ,- ul I .! I- I J A FOX CREEK GROVE I L PARKWAY TEXACO SERVICE STATION , 1 .I Swimming Pool, Cork Ball Courts, Horse Shoe Courts I .E Refreshment Stand, Pavilion, Tables P 1 Highway 40-61 and Clarkson Road I .I Bar-B-Que Pits i I .l .I I I ,- I For Reservation Write Mrs. Norman Schaedler I Goodrich Tires and Tubes I I I I I ,: Highway 66 at Fox Creek Road I I I I I I J Frank E. Seaman Ernst F. Hill PACIFIC, MISSUURI I I I A Wonderful Place for Your Picnic or Outing Wayne Panoramic Buses are America s Safest MARVIN STANDARD SERVICE STATION Painting Dent Work Welding Washmg S1mon1z1ng GUMBO MISSOURI LEh1gh 6 7755 WAYNE PELKE BODY CO We Sell Wavne Bus Bodies for LESS' Try Us .I 1- ' 1- ' 1- , I' ' f- I' ul J - 1 I 1 L rl 1 L I 1 i .4 ' ' Q I 1 L 1 I is L 1 L 1 L 1 L .! I 1 L 1 L i . . , , . , . gl 1 L 1 . . . L 1 L 3 L 1 L 1 L .! f I 1 L 1 L .1 - - I 1 A I ' I I ' - f I 3810-12 S. Spring- Ave. ST. LOUIS 16, MISSOURI f I , ,V - . . Q ,KIDEBZIBZESIIABZBIDKS k Q Q-1-x-x -1-g.g-g.g.g. -g.g..g.g.g- -1- -g-x-1-x-Q-k-l- k-i-t-k-K-1-1-x.g.i.g.Q.g.g.o. -g.g..g. -g. ... - - -Q. - .. - - - .- - - - o- POND MOTORS General Repairing POND, IVIISSOURI Harry Atwell, Prop. CRestvieW 3-8682 JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT AND SERVICE STATION CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI GArfield 0358 MILTON KRAI FOX RIVER DAIRY CO. Imported and Domestic Cheese - Quality First Represented by Stand No. 99, Union Market ST. LOUIS 1, MISSOURI BRAUER HEATING CO. Oil Heating Installations PACIFIC, MISSOURI CLearwater 7-2082 GLASER'S HARDWARE Paints, Glass, Toys and Fishing Supplies GROVER, MISSOURI Phone CRestview 3-5440 JERRY I-IERZOG SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Wrecker Service LE 6-7776 Days LE 6-2478 Nights Highway 40-61 CHESTERFIELD MISSOURI MANCHESTER DRUG STORE Earl R. Brornmer, R. Ph. Phone LAfayette 7-3355 MANCHESTER, MISSOURI J. Edward J. Harold SCHNARR REALTY CO Homes Acreage Farms - Titles Loans Notary Public GROVER MISSOURI Manchester Road Phone CRestvievv 3-6311 9 I Y 7 I 9 ' -3-y-j -3 -3-3-y 3-j-3-3-3-3-3-3- - - - -3-3- - - -3- - -3- - - - - - - - ...Q-Q. -Q-Q ...Q-Q-Q. .. -g.Q..g...g.g..g.. ..g... - - .Q-Q.. ..Q.g.g..Q.g..g..Q...Q..g-Q.. ..Q. ..g..g. ...g..g.. ..g...g..g..q-g...y. -g.g..g... -g..1.g.m-g.g. .. -g...q,..g.g L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Farmers and Merchants Bank of Eureka Eureka High School Class Rings Medals Invitations Trophies EUREKA MISSOURI Diplomas Awards Taylor Made Yearbooks Caps and Govsms Servmg the Commumty Smce. I 91 2 NEAL THOMPSON Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 328 Banff Circle ST LOUIS COUNTY 15 MISSOURI OFFICIAL CLASS RINGS 7 C1 H ' ! E :xx x 1 1 :nj Qgxzxcjzmzx-n xxzy-xzxzxu-ynju-3-n 131,-ju-m1,1ju-31j1x-131, 315-,131x1m-'31s-5-3-3-ny-3-5:V-315-ju-xzjyqy-ynyzxgj-3.-35, 3-x,3,x ' Q Q Q-Q-L-k- lg -L-Q-Q-1..l-Q..Q-L-L-Q- -l-k- Q-K-lat-l-K-K K-Q-K-R-Kal-K-l K-k-K-i-K-K-l-K-K-i-l-K-K--l-l- t-l-l-K-K- -I-I-I-K-K-K-K-K l K THIEBES FUNERAL HOME CLearwater 7-2730 PACIFIC, MISSOURI Compliments of DR. C. S. PUF F ER, CD. OJ PACIFIC, MISSOURI Towing Day or Night J Ustice 7-5851 RAY'S AUTO SERVICE Highway 66, V4 Mile West of EUREKA, MISSOURI Body and Fender Work, General Repairing, Painting Cars, Trucks, Tractors McDILL'S EUREKA DRUG STORE Prescription Druggist EUREKA, MISSOURI W. H. POWELL LUMBER CO. "We Serve the Ozarks" PACIFIC, MISSOURI Ro-bert F. Howe, Manager Free Delivery CLearwater 7-2040 H. E. KNAPPMEIER General Insurance GROVER, MISSOURI ANDERSON DRUG CO. PACIFIC, MISSOURI CL 7-2111 Hemann Auto Supply and Servic-e- Station Auto Parts and Accessories HIGH RIDGE, MISSOURI ESsex 6-4479 Bud Hemann 1 I I I-3'I'I 3-I'5-I"I-I- -I-3- -I'5-I-H-3' ' I'5-I-I"I-3- 'I'3-I-I-I'I-I-3-I I'I-I-I'3-I-A-I 5-I-I-N'-I-1"'1-5" -l'!"3-D-I-I-I'I'I-I-I'I-I-I 5 1 5 - -g- - -4- - - -Q. -g- - - - -g..g- -Q. - .. ... - - .Q.g. -1.1-1-Q-1-g.g.g. ..Q.g...Q-g...g. Q.. -g.g..q...g.Q..g..g.g..g..g..g..Q.g... -Q-g.g..g.g.g..Q,. of T1-IE CHECK INN J Open 24 Hours Daily Carry Out Orders CONSTRUCTION Cltles Servlce Gas and FaC111t1eS CHESTERFIELD MISSOURI HIGHWAY 40 GUMBO, MISSOURI LEhigh 6-2372 A1 Blacksher, Prop 7 9 K Q Ktkik1K1H1i1Q1i1Qit1K1KiikiiikikiKikihtililtikikilit K-K-K-K-1-I-l-K Kal-l-l-K-C13l-l-K-l-ll-l-l-l-l- K-K-l-l---l- -K-1-K-l-l K l CLARK BROTHERS Well Drilling - Pump Service FENTON, MISSOURI Compliments of Phone DAvis 6-0047 Compliments of vlass BOTTLING COMPANY MANCHESTER COMMUNITY BANK MANCHESTER, MISSOURI H Best Wishes Class of 1956 Compliments of from A FRIEND JEROME L. HOWE Real Estate and Insurance Agency Serving Your Real Estate and Insurance Needs PEVELY DAIRY COMPANY Since 1935 More People Drink Pevely Milk Brentwood Than Any Milk in Town W'O0dland I-5062 H 3 3 3-1-5-3-3"1'X'X-3-1'3"'3'3-3'3"1'3-3-3' I-3-I 3-l"1-3"l'i'i'X-1-3"1"5-3'l-3-3"1-3'H"3'3 3-X-3-!"l-H-3-3-3-3-l"l"B-3-3'3"H-3-1-3-3 3 I 1 I - - .. - ..g.. .. .. .. - ..g. -4. -4- - -Q... -g..g.. ...Q-Q. -1. -g.g.. ... ... ..g.g..g..L-t.t.g.1.L.g.g.g.g. -g.g. -g.Q.L.Q.Q..l-t.g.g.g..t.g..g.g.g. -g.g.i..g Q g g FROESEL OIL COMPANY CORLEY BROTHERS GULF SERVICE Mobiigas, Mobiloil and Fuel Oil LeRoy Froesel LAfayette 7-6601 EUREKA, MISSOURI Pick Up and Delivery Service Complete Lubrication Washing and Waxing Road Service JU 7-8561 ELLISVILLE, MISSOURI Electrical Contracting Ralph C. Butler o BUTLER ELECTRIC COMPANY EUREKA, MISSOURI JUstice 7-4041 Union Shop HENRY F. 'WOERTI-IER INSURANCE BALLWIN, MISSOURI 324 Manchester Road LA 7-6777 LOVING TRAILER SALES AIRSTREAM WORLD'S FINEST LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL TRAILERS Ballwin, Missouri LAfayette 7-2304 a IEZEiY3EE7253 ' ' 'I' " ' "3"J'l'3'1 Old Vienna Potato Chips Are Always Fresh and Crisp Buy them at Your Favorite Food Store OLD VIENNA PRODUCTS CO. Manufacturers of Korn Kurls ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 'Y-I-T'I"I-I"I"I-Y-I"'3"1 'I'I-I"3"3'3""I'I-1"'H""I'I-1"1-3-"3-3"'3"5'1-1-313-1"'I-3'3-I-3'-5"I I 3 I MANCHESTER MUTOR COMPANY "LIVE IN BEAUTIFUL DRAKE MANOR CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH AND FERGUSON TRACTOR DEALER R, RUSSELL DRAKE, SR, General Auto Repairing p Gas, Oil and Accessories Real Estate W Insurance Ph MANCHESTER' MISSOURI Office, JU 7-5411 Residence JU 7 4851 one LAfayette 7-23 D B CAFE TOYS FISHING TACKLE GIFTS GUMBO, MISSOURI MANCHESTER HARDWARE Under New Management MANCHESTER' MISSOURI Opposite Post Office LAfayette 7 2579 CHICKEN - STEAKS PLATE LUNCHES Benjamin Moore Paint LEh1gh 6-7774 Compliments of GUMB0 SA'-E5 D1-:PENDAHLSS NATION WIDE STORE Contracting, Tools, Supplies, Furniture, Appliances House- ware, Gifts, Jewelry, Toys, Miscellaneous Items QAll at Discountj GUMBO, MISSOURI SCI-IROEDER BROS. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Fuel and Buildirg Material MANCHESTER, MISSOURI Phone MANCHESTER, MISSOURI Fresh Meats, Vegetables and Groceries LA 7-2611 MUEHLENDYCK BAR Lunches, Ice Cream, Beer and Soda MANCHESTER, MISSOURI B. P. S. Paint LA 7-2365 LA 7-3380 3 1-3-3-1-3-3 3-3-I-5'5-3"I-3-1"3-1"3-"'3"- 3-3'3'N-I-1-5-5-I-1"3-3-3"3"3"I-I-3"1-I-3'1-3-3'"-3'3-3-I-l'3-3-3-3-3-'P'-3-5-3-3-l 3 3 X 3 5 y 3 11:3-A11 u-an -:Kahuna-I-111:-Kun 1-QQQQQQ Q I I f L L L L L L L L I I L L L L I I' L L L I L L I L L L I I L I I I I L I L i' Graczak s Incorporated Qld Tyme Rye Dehcatess- n Rye GCS .k 1G93-'SLZS I, H I Cap Sheaf IUOWQ Whole Wheat and Tender Crust Ples Baked by 920 South Taylor Avenue St L0mS,M1SSOuFl One of the most modern super markets 1n the St Louls Area .md . S, - - GI ' , U ' I I O O to . 4 .: : 4 jI- ' .5-5:5-: 4:i'wri"":"'----'-I-'f:f:ff1:5:g'-gpg---"1-::'1'1gs:::':-::-p'------:f-gv:-:-.Ly--f-'L--3:-:f,55,.A3,:z 2:2-22' fi?-'iifial 5 I 1 Liz: I- I ?'iQ31'2i2. -T ' Z:2:.2fff:t2l212 41 15112 .si-if afptg-it -, SL' 1-155 " E' 1.1,-5-1 f ':.i,::4gi1A2 :Fifa - 1 .. f I , - I 5-.515 :ig I 4 - , . L A: it :ig Eff' I .Q I .issgfgzjjl Q5 W 1, 1-Qgwighf' it Z:-?z.v:fiAg ,fgzv wg.. .H , .I 4:-5 4? 522. FEI 2-.R 1 ' fgas. gf 'at eine I- -g s' gtk sigfvsiffig - I 2 as-Sai? Iffeiriii I ' - 5 " ' E in .. 1 .4 zz, F J' --21: . . ' ' - fr Q-gf' fg -It H ' 5: Z ix - 25352 .. . ' gigs. , 9 gfgg Y Qy5.1'f 5 - x I 15: - . ,gem 15151. 5- x' Z, ' . . '5 I I . a Q-'e EEA -- ii- wifi: fu' 3- 2 I ,.r"' LA 55 ' I 2:11 " 5.15 me W 21:23.-f.",f ' 2 , -. 4:2 wang: 'fe I " 1 . I ' 'f' toignfv-i' Q - 5 -we-I gy. lk f 2 I' gif 3 , I f255f..1::-gf' - 2 . 5 fi,-. 53, ,.. If ' 9 , . , LZ if -I f 1' A . 'E I 3 fig A, iff., .,,g, ,,,, , Q. ,q,,, ,,a:.f' ww mf. twi g aww! W' if ww 21 ig ZSUQIWH M' 'Ti I-I fb C- I5 Q- U5 :D 5' I5 UQ O O '3 'U so 'I5 we n-m..,..,,,L ,ww wwWW M M.."1,'l'L"W-we wvwgreww Clarkson Road North of Manchester Road Elllsvllle, Mlssourl -g.g..g.1.q,.g. -g.g.q.g.g.1.. -Q.Q.g.Q.g.t g.Q-Q.g.g-Q.g -Q-Q-1-Q-1-1-1 t-1-1-1-t.q.g. - -g..g..g.g.g.r.1- g.g.g..r- - -Q-K-Q-L-Q-Q-l-1-K-K SCI-IROEDER REXALL DRUGS Prescription Specialists Hallmark Cards - Borgiss aergl gfllissouri Valley Ice Cream Plaster Board Contractors m c y Max Factor, Cora Nome, Helena Rubinstein, Shulton CHESTERFIELD MISSOURI Free Prescription Delivery ' LAfayette 7-2392 LE 6-2553 BALLWIN, MISSOURI LAMERTI-IA'S CONEVS - SHAKES - MALTS - SUNDAES LANG AND DENNIS SHOPPING CENTER So Smooth, So Delicious, So Tasty Sweet Highway 66 and 141 Also Stewartt in Fra-Red Sandwiches VALLEY PARK, MISSOURI Manchester and Reinke Groceries, Meat, Hardware and Restaurant ELLISVILLE, MISSOURI Office CL 7-2960 Residence JU 7-5531 Mondays and Sundays by Appointment Only DR. JOHN D. EICHELBERGER BOB C01-TON CHIROPRACTOR LANDSCAPING CONTRACTOR Hours: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.g 6-9 p.m., Saturdays 11-2 p.m. Phone LA 7-6734 Highway 66 and Sixth Street PACIFIC, MISSOURI FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION CERNY FLOWERS LooK YOUR BEST, LIFE is SHORT 122 East Lockwood Avenue COY'S CLEANERS 81 CLOTHING STORE WEBSTER GROVES, MISSOURI PACIFIC, MISSOURI WO0d1and 2-2950 -IU 7-2061 3 I I-I-I' ' ' I' 'I' - 'Y' 'I'I'I-I-I-I-3'I'3 I-I-I'3'I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-3-I-I-I-I-8'I-I-X"1'I-3 I-3'I-I-X'1-1'5-l'X"i'I-I' "3-I-I-3'l'3"I-3'-113 I X 1 1 -L Q Q GK K KS HK-HKS 'HKS 1 SK1K-lK'-K1K-li-l- H-K-KHQSKUIBIKSQHQHIKSKGKSKIIKGK-K-KGKSK-lltlill-lr SK-41? 3K1 D Cl-K-KGKSKGK-KI-K-I GK-K-it S ll-0-Qui IT 2 U ,- Mark the occasion with a .,,,,, "' H VD ,I f E 1 gc x 1- . E525 is-5 1 Photo Reflex Portralt 2 U53 Hai M xv- M- ' F C g 'Agn g 0 L3 PQ -' 4 I 1' - s- : 5 A R- f H . 3 2 5 rg, N " " 1 1 ' . . . :ra o N 1 Z Let the unique Mirror Camera of your 'EEE gg 123' l L in 0 : 3 V '- 5 o 3 ou 8 E ia . f- . I 0 3 E E :xr 0 N D f official Yearbook photographer be M 5-is 3 m ,,.- t if ' in -v . Q E your recorder of all memorable 5 L .n L , 9 L G f occasions tg. E E Q '- V-ei -.r. , ,Q . ii I Photo Reflex Studio, 4th Floor ' 'D ,. c Xi fc Q -4 - xi' 2 'Q v f A Zr. ,. Scruggs Vandervoort Barney as -1 f IT .- 5 IT 1 -v-w.-AENEISQ il :L :I 1 1 1 'RASCI-I SHELL SERVICE 1 1 Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Greasing I We Give Eagle Stamps 1 5 GUMBO, MISSOURI 1 Phone LEhigh 6-7765 Highway I I I I I Eckelman's Market and Greenhouse 1 Highway 40-61 I I I 1 : Perennials, Annuals Spring Vegetable Plants 1 Lishigh 6-2594 I I WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owned by Frank Cronin Appliances, Batteries, Davis Tires, Automobile Parts and Accessories PACIFIC, MISSOURI CLearwater 7-2166 F ROESEL SERVICE STATION Service and Towing Oliver and Eugene Kiefer Props. ELLISVILLE MISSOURI LA 7-8875 Compliments of RAU REXALL DRUGS PACIFIC MISSOURI WEI-IRLE S TOM BOY MARKET BALLWIN MISSOURI U. S. Government Grade Good Beef Farm Fresh Fryers LAfayette 7-6778 MAE S CAFE AND HOTEL Chicken and Steak Dinners TIMES BEACH MISSOURI JUstice 7-8511 Weddings - Groups - Portraits KRAUSCI-I MORISSEAU PHOTOGRAPHERS GROVER MISSOURI Phone CRestview 3-5477 ul 3 J .1 3 V J 3 I "' I J 9 J ul 2 ul 1 1 .- J 9 1 l , 1 1 1 I uf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . Q , 1 1 ul I 1 1 1 - 3151133553113 For Progressive Farmers GREEN DIAMOND Feed, Plant Food, Petroleum Products St. Louis County Farm Bureau Service Company CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI LEhigh 6-2360 5C1 ALTHOFF'S QUALITY MARKET Fresh Meats - Groceries Frozen Foods - Vegetables FENTON, MISSOURI PACIFIC FUEL 8: SUPPLY CO. Coal, Coke, Briquets and Fuel Oil Coleman Stoves PACIFIC. MISSOURI Phone CL 7-2378 We Tow ,919-goo Expert Anything Auto Repair DAVE BUSH SERVICE STATION No .I ob Too Large or Too Small FENTON, MISSOURI VI 3-3547 DR. MARSHALL W. STEPHENS OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Hours 10-12 a.m. - 6-9 p.m. Sunday and Monday by Appointment Highway 66 and First Street PACIFIC, MISSOURI Phone CLearwater 7-2480 GEORGE SEEGER :Sz SONS, Inc. McCormick Farm Implements and Tractors International Trucks and Refrigeration Sales and Service CREVE COEUR, MISSOURI HEmpstead 2-2031 d '3EbZIZi1IZIii -3'3-. '3'3'3'3"3"3-l'3-3-I-1-3-3-H-1 -3-I-3-l'3"1"3'3-3"Y'5"3"3-3"3- -5"3-I-3'3"3-I-5"I-1-3-3-3'3-3-3-3 3 3 gif:-xff-1:ifiHc:1QEce1e-fiffeirvm-:cf:v:c:x+:f.:iv:xca':f.:v:.n:v:sf:v:1:a:r:Q:1:v:.f:i:fc:f':xf:t.v:cf:Q:f:v:x':x:f:xf:v:v::cc:v:.c:xf:f:v:1f:xf:1m'::i':f.f:i:cv:x:-rf:0:fcc':i:1f:L:f' 9 , OSQAR. scHNE1DER's STUDIO I li 5 'L H 5121555 f . ' I ' I j I I ' 3 L 5 L I wc' f 2? f 3 R ll QR gt : X 5 L I L L I E ' I ' L ' I ' I ' ' I I L A ' I ' I 3:-4 H E INFORMAL WEDDING PORTRAITS ll Ili studio locted at PORTRAITS 1 3314 California Avenue lnformal Wedding Albums St. Louis, Missouri Studio Weddings Adults and Children E' Studio, Prospect 6-7755 Copies, Restorations Residence, Crestview 3--6247 Family Groups lhmppppggpmpmmmp mumm: 1: mzmmpmmmmmmmimpxammmmmmmmmmns:sx:sx:':n:n:n:3::i:n:s:ix:sx:n.:n:.x:.m:.s:m::.x:w-:.3:y,:,Q I I - - - -I- - - - - - - - - -1- -I-1-I- -I-I I-K-K-1-K-1-1-K - -I-I-I-I-I-M ci-K-K-K-K-K-K-bk-K-1--K-k-l-L-K-- -I- -I-I-I I I I 1 Fred J. Roedel Carl T. Roedel YENEEI union WI 4, ., ,. I P, 1 IMAIISHMIWWSI ROEDEI. BROTHERS, Inc. I "" g . i .,.x , International Motor Trucks -2 fill bgawsvngsnig SALES - SERVICE ,J ff I -, I , 1035 North Kirkwood Road For Good Eating Always Buy TAy1Or 1-4013 Yorktown 5-2322 CURTlSS'S FINE CANDIES KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI Arthur Nickel, Distributor SCHRADER FUNERAL HOME MERAMEC VALLEY TRANSCRIPT BALLWIN, MISSOURI PACIFIC, MISSOURI i I I - ' 1-x-x- - -x-u-x-I-x-I-x-i-s-x- I-I-I-I-i-x-I-I-I-w -y--y- - -x- -I-I-x- -s-x-I-m-x- -I-I-I-I-w -x- -x- -s- -x- -m- -x- -m-m I I 1111 -1- - - -K- -K-i-l-k- Q- - -Q- -L-. - - - - -g.L-L-l-Q-C-. -g.x-Q-1-I- -g.g.g Q 1 Q Q LEhigh 6-2302 Chesterfield Farms rs Elevator and Supply Company CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI Grains, Feeds, Coal, Farm Supplies J. I. Case Farm Machinery Sales and Service ELECTRICIAN FORREST PUELLMANN CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI LEhigh 6-2631 Truitt 8: Campbell Skelly Service TIMES BEACH Oil, Gas. Fuel Oil, Tires, Tubes Phone JUstice 7-8395 If no answer, call JU 7-5231 or JU 7-5791 We Deliver FARM BUREAU SERVICE COMPANY OF MISSOURI, Inc. EUREKA, MISSOURI Manufacturers of Green Diamond Feeds and Plant Food Dealers in General Farm Supplies Compliments of SUTTERIS CLOVER FARM STORE General Merchandise for ALL YOUR NEEDS Phone JUstioe 7-3451 Compliments of JOHN G. RINKEL 8z SON A Complete Store Phone CRestview 3-6297 WRIGHT ELECTRIC Hot Point Appliances GROVER, MISSOURI Electric, Hardware and Plumbing Suppli-es Easy Washers - RCA Radios Safest Place for your valuable papers is in a Safe Deposit Box in our vault CITIZENS BANK OF PACIFIC Phone CL 7-2244 X 3x13 5,151 1 1-,Q 1 11, 1 1,1 151.-51,1 zxzjzxqx-iizjzxrypx-31313 131x13-.5ix-q131y11qx1j-qzjnxzyz mynyqyrjqxixgygxq3-xitxtxtx-X x X y x l K -l-- ---1---l---K-K-K--K--in-K-K-K--K-K K-K-K-K-K-Q-K-K K-K-K l-K-K-K-K-K-R L K R K l R K l K K K K K Q K I I l K K We Sell Wholesale Only Candy Bars, Penny Candies, Gum Brach's Box and Bulk Candies Elmer's Fine Southern Candies - Also - School Supplies, Paper Plates, Napkins, Towels Phone or Write BUESCHER'S WHOLESALE, Inc. Phone 342 WASHINGTON, MISSOURI For the Finest Musical Merchandise LOUIS BAND INSTRUMENT COMPANY, Inc 918 Olive Street ST LOUIS 1 MISSOURI H. F. PAF FRATH Fruit and Produce POND, MISSOURI CRestview 3-5529 "Not How Cheap Bu-t How Good" PARRETT S RESTAURANT PACIFIC MISSOURI We Take Pride in the Excellence of Our Food 9 ST. ' 9 cs ' l ' 1 Q Q QQQQQQQ Q-Lunlqkg QLQQQQQQQQQQ-Qu 1QQQQQQQ.-Q-.QQKQKQK-AQQQKQAKSQ-HKSK-K-KSKQKQK-K-Q-11K-QQ Q-41K-QQQQK-Q-Q1 -Q-Q-K-K1Q-K-l1lgK-11Q1- QQ-Kg I NAVY BRAND MF G. CO. I 2025 Washington, Avenue ST. LOUIS 3, MISSOURI Sales ROYAL Service CHeStnut 1-6161 Milk Ice Cream Missouri WOODLAWN FARM DAIRY co. 48 Years of Service er Ex ange KIRKWOOD 22, MISSOURI TA 1-8181 Rentals and Rebuilding New and Used Pianos also Piano Tuning Repairing Reasonable Prices FRANK D HAGAN Manager ALL WORK GUARANTEED WENTZVILLE MISSOURI ST LOUIS PIANO EXCHANGE 6146 Delmar PArkv1ew 7 7210 u a Q , A 9 o Y 1 ju- ju-Y-xzsxjzxzj 1y1x1j:31yux1j1x1y-,gym njzjzxzxunj1x1,1,1ju-,131-3-jzyny 5151311zjsyunyuqsuqvy-x1yzjnx-1ny1,1313131315qyzxzx-njzxxjixnyzxzx Q1 1 QQQ Q1 1- 1 1 1- 1 1 Q an -1 mln -Km 1 u-L-K-n QQQX 1QqQ-A-QqQsKxK u-KQQQQQ 1- gh- -. 1 nh-Q-1 -QQK-. QQQKQLQ u-1-QQQQK-L-l-l-L-Kqlq ESSEN CHEVROLET, Inc. FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD .,.1,:,,.:.:.:.:,,.,.:.,..,,.,..,. ... STElNY'S INN ""' fi The Perfect Environment for Your Next Banquet -:.:. 1 -:.:': L Q ':': .:':':4t':':':':':':':':':4:':':'.'4V'4: an Bridge Party or Club Dinner FOR YOUR NEXT CAR - A FAIR DEAL ALWAYS Restaurant - Hotel Accomodations JUstice 7-8541 or 7-3041 BALLWIN, MISSOURI Overlooking the Meramec at Highway 66 LA 7-2969 WO 1-4400 TIMES BEACH GLASER MERCANTILE CO. GROCERIES, MEATS, VEGETABLES R. Rt. 1 CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE BALLWIN, MISSOURI - un u- - u- - - -I - - 1 - Q31 -qu -5- - - -3-3-3-3-5-.3-3-3-3-3-5-3-5-,gy-3-5-3-3-y-3-3-3 ,-.3-.3-3-3-3-3-3-y-3-y-3-3-3-y-3-5-3-y-3-3-3-5-5 3 m - - ... .. - - - - ... ... .. ..Q-Q-k-l-K-t-K-l-K-t-k-l- 1-k- -Q-Q-Q-Q. -g.Q..Q..Q.1.1.x-Q.q-x..1...g.g.g.Q. -6.6-1-Q Q Q 1 A B C AUTO SALES WRIGHT'S MARKET Used Cars Bought and Sold POND, MISSOURI Groceries and Meats GLENC E, I URI Otto Barnhouse CRestview 3-6378 0 M SSO Edward Brown CRestview 3-5515 Phone CRestview 3-6316 ED, KQKESH JOHN RENZ TRUCK LINE Plumbing and Septic Tank Cleaning PACIFIC, MISSOURI Clayton and Baxter Roads Moving and General Hauling PSC and ICC Permlt CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI No Job too laige or too small LAfayette 7 6766 Phone CL 7 8830 PACIFIC SHOE COMPANY CL 7 2988 GUMBO RESTAURANT PACIFIC MISSOURI D1v1s1on of Omega Shoe Company Hlghway 40 and Long Road St Louis Missouri R Kesselrmg Prop 3 . , , . , . I 1 I'3 "Y"Y'-"W"'I'Y-I-1'I-I-I-1-If!-I-1-I-I"3"1"I'I-3-3"5'X-3-X-113-3"'3"Y'Y'I-5-3"3'I-I-I"3-3'3'3"-I-I'5-3-3-I-3'3-I"5-I-3"5-3'5'5 I I I 1 Q - ..g... Q..g. - - -g..g.. .. -g..g.g.. -Q-g.g. -1. - ... -Q.-Q-1-.g.. -Q-Q-1-Q-1..g.g..i.1..g.g.Q...1.. g-g-Q.Q-i-.x-x-x-k-K-K-K-K-I-K-l-K-K-K-K-I--K-if-Q l BOB GALYON I EUREKA HARDWARE Mason Contractor M EUREKA, MISSOURI ELLISVILLE, MISSOURI LAfayette 7-2598 Hutchinson Road JUSUCB 7-3381 TABER WELL DRILLING CO. F UNK'S STORE EUREKA, MISSOURI GROVER, MISSOURI JUstice 7-2981 Groceries, Meats and Vegetables PACIFIC REDDI-MIX co. GUENTHER SHEET METAL Specification Concrete Furnace Installations Cement, Mortar, Sand and Gravel Aluminum Awnings, Storm Windows PACIFIC, MISSOURI GROVER, MISSQURI Phone Clearwater 7-2151 CReStVieW 3-5491 E. W. SCI-IALK . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Express and Hauling ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI P. o. Glencoe SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 Res. CRestview 3-6333 Term. GArfie1d 1-1077 ' -5-x-x-5-3-x i-x- -m-x-x- -3-m-5-J-x-5-x-1-x-1-x-m-x-m-x-x-5-m-x-i x-m-x-i-x-x-i-w-m-x-m-m-x-s-x-m-x-1-x-m-m-m-s-m-x-m-m-x-m-s-x-x-w Q aiu tograplw 5 Q Ju lograplw 5 PROPERTY UF SCHUUL DISTRICT R-if ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MUG 4' NUMBER.............- 'f PROPERTY UF SIJHUUL DISTRICT R-5 sv. mms cuuNTY, M03 OUR ALBUM OF F AMILIAR RECORDS FROM THE SCHOOL YEAR OF l955-56 DESIGNED TO OFFER A LASTING RECORD OF DAILY EVENTS AT E. I-I. S.

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