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, ,Z F 'P I T+J MWMWWII ,ff l V lflll f 'PY'o er og Beverly Eschenbrenner Editor Jane Bader Assistant Editor Joan Grammer Business Manager Joan McKinley Business Manager ,fngggm gs W! f N ,I Tflhef , fd!! O! I X .X , ff f ' EHEIHH .1 ul h I KJFL if . "b' , L Cf: YEARBOOK OF EUREKA HIGH SCHOOL EUREKA, MISSOURI 1952 ehicatinn To the art of Drama this 1952 edition of the Eurekana is sincerely dedicated, High school life offers moments of high com- edy and bitter tragedy, or so they seem at the time. Life of a teenager is one dramatic episode after another. On this basis we have chosen drama as the theme of our yearbook, for where can the ele- ments of drama be better expressed than in the presentation of a three-act play in the high school auditorium-the dramatic thrill of win- ning a tournament or basketball game-the heart-Warming sensation produced by a song beautifully sung-the awed excitement of being crowned queen of the prom! ln our 1952 Eurekana we have included the directors and the cast of students portrayed in their hours of study, excitement, and entertain- ment in this great drama-the Drama of E.H.S. ..x X Tv. V If 'f 4 '. M , Q1 P f f ff' ,A K f ff WI, I ,M Qgf ff 'f ' f V? 'ff ,fy I !:fIl17i"L4 VZ 7' 4 ' I4 M ff ' fl X 7 "Q X1 ....T., .- -i? -f y I 51547-ck ff ' .fl K .': f . ,LZ-'l 4 1 Y V 4 fi ,f f f, f,,. , ? lf" 'I ff W A f A Y' - 1. ,Li-1 Q9ur irentnrs jfarultp The members of the faculty of Eureka High School are well qualified in their respective fields. They are aware of the broader scope of education, that of teaching democracy, coopera- tion, and preparing the student for living experi- ences. The addition of Vocational Agriculture Benjamin Buddemeyer Science Elaine Evans Music Clyde Guenther Physical Education Marie Harttman Music Ethel Hoskins Social Science ' Eleanor Johnson English - Speech Wilma Johnson Commerce William Kleyboecker Science - Guidance Kenneth Koeppe Shop Bette McDowell Commerce Helen Meyer Physical Education Julia Moriarity Social Science Ethel Pierce Mathematics Eldon Powell Voc. Agriculture Francis Roques Social SCience Rose Sihanight Home Eiconomics Muriel Smith Art Grace Stenerson English Dorothy Williams English e Latin Martha Thiebes English and Industrial Arts courses has improved our offering to rneet the needs of all the students. Our guidance director was added to help the students and faculty correlate their learning experiences. l J. VARNUM JONES Principal of Eureka High School Q if-Blessage from At this stage of our country's history, cit- izens, both young and old, should take stock of the moral fabric of the nation. So, we may determine if the basic moral principles, upon which our great nation was founded, are being neglected or being replaced by principles less noble than those of our early leaders. The corruption recently revealed in gov- ernment offices, high and low, has made it evident that the moral values of personal integrity, honesty, and self-discipline are seemingly being perverted. This shameless proffering and acceptance of bribes on the part of those from Whom we expect the most honest dealings is evidence of the des- truction of certain moral values. The much- publicized bribing of college athletes in order to manipulate the scores in athletic contests is but one more example of the prevalence of flagrant dishonesty. Investigation of various persons who have given bribes for favors and privileges re- ceived from elected officials has left a stig- ma of which not only America but the entire world is aware. DOROTHY SIDES secretary to the principal and J. VARNUM, JONES principal of Eureka High School the Qhministratinn If this be true, then, there must be some cause. The effect of recent wars, the mount- ing complexity of government, the increas- ing amount of aimless leisure, the changing pattern of family life, and the inability of the church to cope with changing conditions have been offered as reasons. Whatever the cause, certain moral decisions of unpreced- ented variety must be made by the Ameri- can people. In order that the right decisions be made, the schools of America must shoul- der their share of responsibility. Our schools must help clarify the true values of Ameri- can life and identify the moral values which help our nation become strong. Our teach- ers must discover new methods of teaching these values effectively. It is my hope that through your experien- ces in Eureka High School, yo-u have been able to receive some moral concepts which will enable you to keep steadfast in the path which leads to a happy, honorable and use- ful life. Morgan Selvidge, Superintendent VIVIAN POUNDS secretary to the superintendent and MORGAN SELVIDGE superintendent of R-6 District MORGAN SELVIDGE Superintendent of R-6 School District Iasses The directors and producers of the 1952 Eure- kana are proud to present to you "Hi-School Daze," a delightful play featuring all the students of Eureka High School. The first act of school "daze" is presented by the "Understudies," a cast of hard-working Fresh- men who have already established themselves as future stars of Eureka High School. The Sophomore, too proved to be an excellent group of "Supporting Players" in the second act of our dramatic interpretation of school life. The third' and final act is opened by the Juniors whose experience and initiative have fit- ted the members of the class for their roles as "Co-stars" in the drama of the school year at E. H. S. The finale of Act III is highlighted by the "Stars of 1952," a splendid cast of Seniors. Along with the pictures of our cast, we have included some dialogue from the play as heard in rehearsal in any E. H. S. classroom. WHu.sCHoqLLpf1AzE A Exffeifed Q' The slifgfljf B047 0 i MSCQIOOW Em-ebay, I EU'EiT'3?'l ' - ' 1 M61 iiwdyllqsl lin the limelight Pi3::::ffLQ PM V -Jgieifpearb AQ xvrhe UHJQWHYMIIW Il rsfuJlG9 UI -J AC' -Sv I ncwmwmeg A iqle Suibigljzllh Grit Ci Qcehfe I Ntnwmwg we CONSfarSU Sfene H wgfemmalfif The StQ"9o1f' N52 . i4:,,...,f ME. 3? '-v. , 5" fl .. M fi, .- ,lt SG .5 X " .vip A 13? .1 A , 592155: KP u .12 5, gy v 'air -,L L fr 4 fa: wi: JV' '1- EY' e' 15+ !f1?,.,. H. fe '-","..' 'f- - V1Tiw.- ' E-35? if UW -'il .ffl '- a+ ii- 54' J A , ge.. ,. .- W mir' L 4 . f .,. ru- 'Y ,-. ffx-e - . , vxgw. ' 'JW . 'UF' , w ., .,, -1 P M ,,.-7,. ,L-W4 J: 4 4 S my .f lu v N 1 x 4 1 F 'X 4 K 1 151 5' .1 J 4,4 sd: U ,yn 4 -32 , ,f.,z: X 11, -avr' ...- r' r RH -u f, 4.51445 Exit "'2a5.x. ' v J,-fin -33 'Bw 'X B 1' we-A , ' ,,...,,....,.,1-, , H I ,A.,:,,-.YJ , M .- H ,. ' - Q-... - ..f- ,,. ,Q-M' ,E ,,..r.v, 31,-:IJ , .Q-4, " . , . ' 1-2.-f iff, ' A ', 7 '- 1. J7?YP?fG:il+Q -- " ' 1' ' ' f . . lj., ',f5,LL5,,A. HN ., X, 4 " . ' -' J .J- A sr AJ -X A . 'gn . x w .yr x f- "if ,, ,, ::.g N. '. +3 ' 'M'l!5 " ' J ' 'F - -Ji-2 -'- V-:'.Y.'.-. Z' -:- "vw f " 'iw -. YJ, .-,- - - freshmen Freshmen - Our Understudies Our Understudies, a cast of Fresh- men, crossed the threshold of Eureka High with a firm determination to make the most of the opening act of Hi-School Daze. With this thought in mind they sped through the first act and have learned their lines so Well that they are ready for Act II. Not only did they Show academic ability but also the ability to take an active part in music and sports. The "B" Basketball team has been out- standing through the efforts of some of the Freshmen players. Yes, they have done an excellent job in their roles as the Understudies in' the drama of school life at Eureka High School. Roy Albrecht Margaret Albrecht Wayne Alexander Roy Anderson Elaine Aselman Patricia Baldwin Louise Barnhart Lester Bausch James Bean Betty Jean Belt Patricia Ann Bergmann Robert Arthur Bergmann Joan Bird Glenn Bopp Jerry Burkhardt Dorothy Buermann Donald Burian Jill 'Cerny Charlotte Coffman Carol-yn Clark Elizabeth Corless Geraldine Lee Cooper Dick Craig Shelvia Craig Leon Deitz Joyce Delmain Ilonna Dost Tommy Dubbs Freshmen Not Pictured Evelyn Belue Bill Vliambless Barbara Cole Dona Keswelring John Liebespeick John Presley ,Sandra NVells Margaret Zagari Qtr I Freshman Class Officers Mary Schutte .......................... President Zane Jaeger ....... . . . Vice-President Anna Mae Kincaid .. ..... Secretary Pat Hart ......... . . Treasurer gmt l freshmen Mr. Buddemeyer: "Margaret, describe a caterpillar." Margaret Hart: i'0h. a caterpillar is an upholstered worm." Mr. Powell: f.After explaining to his Agriculture class the many uses of eowhidep "John, what is the chief use of cowhid'e?" Jo-bn Hansen: qwith an intelligent lookl "To keep the Cow together." Tommy DuBuque Charles Duff Mildred Essen Oreon Farkas Bobby Farrar Lewis Feas-el Eric Fink Floyd Fitzgerald Ralph Flentgen Carol Ellen Foulk Earl Gaehle Buddy Garner Margaret Geatley Alice Geixlsert Myxna Goehri Raymond Graham Edna Greene Harold Gregory Edwin Gudermutli Jimmy Gudermuth Shirley Hafley Dick Hall Danny Hall J-ohn Hansen Robert Hansen Margaret Hart Donald Hathaway Garland Hathaway Donald Haussels , Herman Heitz 4 Eugene Helsee Rosemary Hizer Preston Honea Carolyn Howard Frank Huebner Laverne Huebner Charles Hutson 1 Ralph Hyer Walter Jarvis Bobbie Dean Jeffs QBur Tltlnherstuhies Qtr I Mrs. Hoskins gave each of her Freshmen three buttons 1'eDT9SemiUg Life, Liberty. and the Pursuit of Happi- ness, and asked that on the next day they be aible to explain the gifts. Mrs. Hoskins: "Oreon, explain the meaning of your three buttons." Oreon Flarkas: tHolding out just two buttonsl-"Here's Life, and here's Liberty, but Mom sewed the Pursuit of Happiness on my pants this morning." Alfred Jensen Charlotte Johnson Kathleen Johnston Judy Jones Carl Jung Louise Kauffman Terry Keeton Robert I-Ielpe Jeanette Kessels Letty Kessels Margaret Kincaid Norma Jean King Norita Kraus David Krueger Urban Kuenz Kenney Leith John Litzsinger Barbara Lovell Rita Ann Mack Doris Markwardt Charles .Martin Norma Mertz Charles' Middendorff Richard ,Moore Charlotte Mueller Rlivchard Munzlinger Charles Murray Rose Mary Meyer Melvin Meyers David ,Myers Walter Neff Marvin Newman Rose Ann Nezzer Lillian Nickel David Nusman R.aymond Oberkramer Curitis Oliver Clara Jo Patton Donald Paubel Betty Ploudre Qct l wut Mnhzrstuhizs Miss Meyer: "The population of China is so great that two Chinese die every time you take a breath." fAs she glanced around she noticed Bob Kelpe puffing furiouslyj "Bob, what are you doing?" Bob: "Killing the Chinese Reds." Howard Puryear Sterling Quaethem Diana Rebscher Michael !Reed Roger Reed Mary Ann Rh'oads Joe Ritchey Larry Roiberts Eugene lliobernson Charles Robertson Ronald Roellig Donald Roqiues August Rusert Allen Sappington Ken Sappington 'Donald Schneider Oscar Schneider Nancy Schuster Virginia Shelton Dorothy Sontag David Spencer Ruth Ann Steiner Joseph 'Stocker Patrick Andrew Storie Carole Strothkamp George 'Painter Iris Theiss Arnita Mae Thomas Judy Thomas Joe Waddell D-mn Walker Barbara Wallach Marlene Warner Fred Wayne Warren Weinel Mary Ann Wendel Craig Wilson Thomas Yates Norman Veryl Young Violet Zumalt The Supporting Qllast Qtr ll Miss Pierce: fAddressing her Geometry classl "How many sides are there to a circle?" Leslie Daniels: fAfter a slight hesitationy "Two," Miss Pierce: "Oh, what are they?" Leslie: "Inside and outside." Edward Baldwin Richard Barker Paul Biarnhart Irene Baumer Donald Bella Stanley Bonacker Guy Borrson Betty Brown Delores Boyher Bob B-uddemeyer Mary Ann Bush Barbara Butler Ralph ,Carney Terry Corley Benny Dautenhahn Norma Day Charlann Deitz Jacqueline Delbruegge Marilyn Delbruegge Joe Dennis Virginia Diehl .lim Dintleman Billy Donovan i Berlin Dudley Wilma Duncan Donald Ellrich Irwin E-tzold Donald Ferrell Pat Flagg VVandia Forsythe Bob Frank Shirley Harness Jim Harrison Clara Hartung Harold Heidbrink Donna Hemann Dail Hendrix Carol Hill lVesley Hoch Jerry Hoehn Qtr Il Mr. Kleyboecker: fExp1aining Edentates, a group of animals that lack front teeth, to his "Anteaters belong to this group. Can you give me another Edentate, Katy?" Katy Schlager: "Yes sir, my grandfather." l l bnpbumnres Biology classj Patsy Hoehne Irene Hudson Roger Hummel Nancy Jaycox Lewis Kannawurf Howard King Ray Knight Janet Koch Bob Kovis Jacqueline Kristoff Bill Krueger Robert Kyle Loa .Ian Lewis Ray Lovell Henry Lupo Harriet Mertens Tommy Messerla. Helen Meyer Joyce Miller Millard Mitchell Shirley Montgomery Colleen Moore Joe Neely Richard Niedringhaus Mary Oberkramer Phil Orth Bobby Pemberton Michael Perry Allen Peterson Roger Peterson David Pfitzinger Bob Purdy Ronald Rickard Delores Robertson Rodney Rodemich Frank Sagehorn Katy Schlager Leroy S.:-hoessel Leo Schulze John Shelton The Supporting Qllast The Sophomox-es-"Supporting Cast" The excellent job that the Sopho- mores have done as our Supporting Cast can not be over-emphasized. They have proven themselves outstanding both scholastically and socially through their participation in curricular and extra-curricular activitiesg namely, ath- letics, band, music, and the other or- ganizations. They have taken their parts well as S-ophornores, and We are sure that they are well prepared to take the rolls of co-stars in the next act of Hi-School Daze. Mary Singleton Richard Smith Agnasf Sunoff Mary Alice Starkey Dorald Stocker Marcella Stranz Richard Tappmeyer Wanda Turrentine Bill Vestal Shirley Wall Riose Wallaih Dormaiee Whitaker Shirley Whitaker Elaine White Jack Wihite William White Kenneth Wideman Vernon Willey Elizabeth Williams Dorothy Wolff Marilyn Young Ralph Zuber tt ll Mrs. Moriairity: lQu,izzing her history classy "What was the former ruler of Russia called?" Joe Dennis, "Tsar!" Mrs. Moriarity: "Right-and his wife?" Joe: "Tsarina" Mrs. Moriarity: "Correct-and the T'sar's children?" Joe: "Tsar'd'i.nes!" Sophomore Class Officers Leslie Daniels ........................... President Shirley Strothkamp .. Vice-President 'Pony Haenni ....... .... T reasurer Manda King .. Secretary Not Pictured Roy Burkett Russell Fischer Sue Huddelston Howard King Qct lll, Same l Miss Johnson: iExplaining the use of the hypheny Take the word bird-cage. Bill, why do we put a hyphen in bird-cage?" Bill lSltrothkamp: qWith an intelligent look on his facej "Tlhat's for the bird to sit on " Bluniurs Junior Class Officers Sammy King President Terry Macalady Vice-President Kathleen Kullmann Secretary Will-iam Strothkamp Treasurer When the curtains parted on the opening of our "Hi-School Daze," Shirley Wideman and Terry Macalady were the leaders of our class. Beverly Bechtel, Harold Krueger, Terry Macalady, and Jim Slevin were our representatives on the Stiuodent Council. Harold Krueger, Terry Maicalady, Harry Caldwell, and Sammy King led our class as officers in our second year at E. H. S. We selected Marilyn Godar, Sandra May, Rodney Bell, and Harry Caldwell to carry out our wishes on the council. Beverly Bechtel represented our class among the maids at the Basketball Prom of that year. This year we again elected fine leaders: Sammy King, Terry Macalady, Kathleen Kullmann, and Bill Strothkamp. Pat Mach, Dan Fridley, Sammy King, and Terry Maca- lady were elected to represent us in the Student Council. Featured productions of the junior year were the junior play "It's a Great Life" and the Junior Prom. The committee, which was responsible for this lovely social occasion, contributed time and effort to the Uglitter- ing" climax of the year's social life. Jr. Prom Committee Row 1: J. Cerny, R, Reim- ers, R. Gudermuth, H. Cald- well, J. Howald, S, Hill, S. May, I. Schreiber, C. Parm- ley, R, McGee, R. Corless. 'Row 2 R. Harness, V. Lut- terman, H. Strieder, ID. Frid- ley, D. Kelemetz, M. Godar, M. Glaser. K. Kullmann, S. King, P. Mach, E. Etzold. The Ciuzbtars Slut Ill, Scene I Mrs. May: QEnteriing Sandra's bedrooml "Sandra, get up! Remembe1', it's the early 'bird who catches the Worm." Sandra: fTurning over lazilyy "Let him have it, mother, I'm not hungry." Donald Balcom Luc Baerman Rfodlney Bell Dale Bergmann Ray Boston Lester Bouzek Janice Biuriton Harry Caldwell .lohn 1Cerny Ruth ,Corless David Corley James 1C'ulp Judy lliavis Kathryn Denton Patricia Duff Elenor Etzold Doyle Falls James Fiswher Laverne Flesher Robert lF0rsythe James Freivburghaus Daniel Fridley Francis Geatley Jacqulin Geissert Gerald Glaser Marilyn Glaser Marilyn Godar Robert Guderrnuth Jerry Hafley Harold Hagemann Jean Hardesty lick Harness Pat Head Sandra Head Dorothy Heckelmann gmt Ill, Sums I Punk fO'Donnell: "What's the matter with you?" Teiry Macalady: "Nothing'fs the matter with me." Punk: "You gave me a nasty look, why?" Terry: "Me? Well, you snre have a nasty look, but I didlft SWG it to YOU-" iluninrs Donna Heidbrink Doris Hendrix Janet Herzog Shirley Hill Stanley Hill Carvl Hoefer Betty Holladay Lee Houser John Howald James Hubler Doris Hummel Lodell Jaeger Beverly Jeffs Reva Johnson VVinfred Johnson Lornaine Johnston Delores Kelemetz Patsy Kelpe Leroy Koehler Glenn Krieg Ha1'old Krueger Albert Lewis Eugene Lewis Jerry Lightfoot Vernon Luttermann Robbie MCG-ee Pat Mach Shirley Markwardt Sandra May Bernard Mertens Carol Mertz Patricia. Messerla Theodore Mic-hel Laurene Mitchell John Monroe The Qllmbtars Qct III, bmw lThe lights in the gym go off suddenly. Someone kiss es Ruth Ann Corlessj Rluth Ann: "Why Sammy, you shouldn't have kissed me with all of these people around." Sammy King: fWith an astonished look on his facel "Why Ruth, I didn't kisis you! But 'l wish I knew who did, l'd teach him a thing or two." Ruth Ann: 1SighingJ "Sammy, you c'ou1dn't teach him anything-" Andrew Thelma Charles Eugene Morgan Moss Nesser Nollman Dale Oetjen Carol Overton Franklin Oxford Charlene Parmley Janice Payton Shirley Warren Reagan Pemberton Pierce Plemmons Bob Poertner Franklin Reed Richard iReimers' Donald Richard William Rufkahr Nancy Sfhindler Marvin Schneider lrene Schreiber Barihara lS1ingleton Nancy Soetebier Grace Sontag Beulah Starks Joyce Steiner Henry Strieder Jacqualine Traylei Fred Van Norman Frank Waddell Luella Wendell Marie Winkle Norman VVo1ff Thurman Worley Hof Pictlll't-sl Joe Ann FISCITQI Bonnie Loyd gmt Ill, bums Il beninrs SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September, 1948, three long years ago, the stars of '52 made their debut as scared little "Freshies" in the halls of E.H.S. We proved our ability as well as our versatility in our memorable "Hillbilly Assembly" and several of our boys were chosen for the "B" team. As the year progressed. we, under the leadership of our president Denny Robert- son, grad-ually fit into the pattern of social and athletic events along with our regular academic life. Everyone was glad to see school begin our Sophomore year, for we returned to the many new friends made our Freshman year. With Dave Butler as our leader, we decided to settle -down and work, and our efforts were well rewarded by our large represen- tation on the honor roll. In the fall of 1950, cast as co-stars in the final acts of Hi-School Daze, we made our entrance. For the second time, Dave Butler was chosen as our class president and led us throuugh a successful year. Our two main achievements of the year were our class play "Let Me Grow Up" and our colorful "Mardi Gras," our prom to honor Seniors. Having confidently learned to pick up our cues, we waited With bated breath for our curtain call-curtain for the "Stars of '52" in closing scene of "Hi-School Daze." SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HARVEY HENRICKS "A happy heart and winning ways" Class President 4 Basketball 2 Claus Vice-fPresident 3 llntramurals 1, 3, 4 Senior Committee H. R. Officer 3 Prom Committee CARL GLASER "Sound: of mindg sound of body" Basketball 3, 4 Cllwass Vice-President 4 Intramurals 3 Prom Clommittee 3 Library Staff 4 Honor Roll 1, 2 H. R. 'Officer 2, 4 Baseball 3, 4 DONA DEEMS "Calm but forceful" National Honor Society 3, 4 Adv. Choir 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Annual Staff Bugle Staff H. R. Officer 2 Student .Coumcil 3 Class Secretary 4 Senior Committee Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Pe-p Squad: 21. 3 LEONARD VESPER "Strong in silence" Claes Treasurer 4 Intramurals 1 Baseball 4 H. tR. Officer 2 The Stars nf 1952 Qct Ill, Susana II SENIOR COMMITTEE At the beginning of the school year, each Senior homeroom selects two capable stu- dents, a girl and a boy, to serve as home- room representative on the Senior Commit- tee. This all-important group makes many of the decisions and plans all activities of the Senior Class. Among the early duties of the group are the choice of the Commence- ment invitations and the selection of a mot- to, flowers, and colors for the class. This year the eight members of the com- mittee chose blue and white for the class colors. the white camellia as their flower, and "Thus Great Things From Small" as their motto. The committee planned the Senior Hay- ride and Senior Day, occasions of notable pleasure in a Senior's life. The committee helped to plan the numer- ous events of the commencement week and there as in other decisions, the group proved itself outstanding. Our '52 Stars take a final bow as the cur- tain closes on "Hi-School Daze." Senior Committee Seated: Jane Bader Pat DuPar.ri Elileen Boyher Dona. Deems Standing: Rolla Barr Harvey Henriicks lDave Butler Norman Blarnhouse Quit Ill THE STARS or 1952 JANE BADER "Not careless of her duty" Senior Committee Prom Committee iionor Roll 1, 2 Pep Squad 3 G.A.A. 4 Adv. Choir 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 -Operetta 2, 3 Annufal Staff -Office Staff Bugle Staff H. R. Offiver 1 ROLLA BARR "Tlo work is to succeed" Entered from Mercy High Senior Committee VIRGINIA BOEWER "None look but to admire" Prom Committee Glee Club 1, 3 Library Staff 4 Ofiice Staff H. RJ. Officer 1 EILEEN BOYHER "A light hearted lass"' Entered 'rom Maplewood 3 Senior 'Committee Intramurals 3 B 'gle Staff SHARON BURFORD "We hold her dear" Student Council 3 Pzom Committee Honor Roll 3, 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 Pep Sqcad 1, 2, 3 Adv. Choir 3, Treasurer 4 County Chorus 3 Band 2, Secretary 3, 4 Bugle Editor l1'.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Susana ll NORMAN BARNHOUSE "He comes at every beck and fall, With paint a.nd brush he covers all." Senior Committee Prom Committee Annual Staff Bugle Staff WENDELL BELL "A tiue friend" Entered from Mehlville 2 Basketball 3, 4 Glee Club 2 Llbiary Stfaff 4 RITA BOULWARE "A person ot' delight" Entered from Poly High 3 Basketball Maid 3 Prom Committee 3 Junior Play G.A.A. 3, 4 Pep Squad 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 F.H.A. 3, 4 ROBERTA BROWN "Meeting hardships bravely" Glee Club 1, 2 DAVID BUTLER "He led the way" Claes President 21, 3 Senior Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 Honor Roll Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 4 H. R. Officer 2, 3, 4 gli lll THE STARS OF 1952 BETTY JANE DAVIS "Gentle in manner, strong in deed" Prom Committee Honor Roll 2 Pep Squad 1 Library Staff 3 F.H.A. 1, 2 DONALD DIEHL "He strives to please" H. R. Officer 4 ELLA DIEKMANN "Fairest of her kind" Prom Committee G.A.A. 3 Pep Squad G-lee Club 1. 4 Annual Staff Bugle Staff Library Staff 2 F.H.A. 1, 2 PAT DU PARRI "Per,lonality plus" Student Council 2, 3 C'ass Secretaiy 1 Senior Committee Basketball Maid 2 Prom Committee Junior Play G.A.A. 3 Pep Sqvad Advanced Choir 2, 3, 4 Operetta Bugle Staff Office lStaff Library Staff li, R. Olfficer 1 MYRL FUNK "A gentle lass crowned with sweetness" Pep Squad 2 Adv. Choir 3, 4 Glee 'Club 1, 2 Opere-tta 3 office Staff 4 1 H. R, Olfficer 4 an Stem II KATHLEEN DAY "domed with all perfection" Pep Squad 2 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 H. R, Olficer 2, 4 DOROTHY DEVINE "Sound in understandin-g" Glee Club 1 F.H.A. 1 HELEN DULZ "Always ready for fun" Pmm Committee G.A.A. 1 Pep Squad Band 1, 3 F.H.A, 1 BEVERLY ESCHENBRENNER "She was the first" Student Council 1, 25 Vice- Pres. 4 National Honor Society 3 Pres. 4 Class Treasurer 2 Prom Mfaid 3 Basketball Maid 1, 2 Prom Committee Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play G.A.A. 3, 4 P-ep Squad 2, 4 Annual Editor 4 Bugle Staff Library Staff 4 Office Staff H .R. Officer 3 JEAN GAEHLE Her sweet voice enchantsi' - Prom Committee 'G.A.A. Point Manager 4 Advanced Choir 3, 4 Orohestra 1, 2, 3 Operetta 3 Band 4 County Chorus 3, 4 F.H.A. 2 Pep Squad 2, 3, 4 Qct Ill LARRY GOTTFRIED "Life is a pleasure" Entered from Valley Park 2 Prom Committee H. R. Officer 4 FRED GRUENEWALD "Sincere with quiet ways' F.l7.A. Officer 4 MARGIE HANLON "Quiet and reserved" G-lee lfflirb 1, 2, 3, 4 Operettfa 1, 2, 3, 4, BETTY HELLMANN "She lives to laugh" Pep Squad 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 4 TREVOR HILL "An able leader" Student Council President 4 Class Treafurer 3 Prom Committee Honor R'oll 1, 2 Intramurals 3 Glee Club 1 Annufal Staff Bugle Staff H. R. Officer THE s'rAns or 1952 912112 ll JOAN GRAMMER "Nothing is too much" Prom Committee Honor Roll 1, 2, 4 Junior Play G.A.A. 3, 4 Pep ,Squad 2, 3 Advanced Cthoir 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Operetta 1, 2, 3 Annual Staff Bugle Staff DOROTHY GUIBOR "Outstanding in sports" Entered from Valley Park 2 G.A.A. 2, 3 Pep Squad 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Bugle Staff 4 CLETA HATZ "D0ubly sweet in her ways" Prom Committee Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 H. R. Officer 1, 2, 4 GLORIA HELLWEG "She holds constant cheer" Prom Committee G.A.A. 2 Pep Squad 1, 2 Advanced Choir 4 Glee Club! 1, 2, 3 Opelretta 2, 3, 4 Bugle -Staff fF'.H.A. Officer 1 H. R. Officer 4 RUSSELL HUDSON "A merry soul" Bugle Staff Qtt Ill ANTHONY J AEGER "Napoleon was a small man" Student Council 1, 3 Senior Committee Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Advanced Choir 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Bugle Staff SHIRLEY KOEBEL "A spectacle of human happiness" Student -Council 2 Basketball Maid 1, 2 Prom Committee Junior Play lntramuralsi 3 G.A.A. Secretary 4 Cheerleader 2, 3 Pep VS-quad 1 Bugle Staff Office Staff SHIRLEY LAUGHLIN "Blest with every grace" Pep Squad 2 Advanced Cholr 4 Glee .Club 1, 2, 3 Library Staff 4 F.H.A. 1 VANDA MCKEETHEN "A well loved friend" Enteied from Wydown 2 Pep squad 3 Glee Club 3, 4 ARLENE MARCHBANK "A smile that wins" Prom Committee Pep Squad 2 Advaneed Choir 3,4 Glee -Club 1 Orchestra 2. 3, Library Staff 4 F. H. A. 1 THE STARS OF 1952 SEBI!! ll DOROTHY JAHNSEN "Quiet butt friendly" Pep Squad 1 Adv-anced Choir 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1 Operetta 3 Office Staff KENNETH ,LAUGHLIN "A faithful worker" Prom Committee Basketball 3, 4 Annual Staff H. R. Officer 4 PATRICIA LOEHR "We see her with joy" Prom Committee Honor Roll 3 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Pep Squad 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 .Operetta 3 Bugle Staff JOAN MCKINLEY "Fair to look upon" Student Council Treasurer 4 Prom Committee Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1 Annual Staff 4 Bugle Staff 4 Library Staff 3 F.H.A. 2 LAWRENCE MERTZ "Ever the foremost" Advanced Choir 4 Vice-President 4 git III THE STARS OF 1952 53112 Il 1 E J ACQULYN MOSCO-N1 NANCY MICKELETTO Suvh Open mend mp-- "A person liked by all" Entered from Clayton 3 G. A. A. 3 Pep Squad 1 JUNE NORSWORTHY MERLE NEWMAN "Her friendliness wins all" "Friendly and courteous" Entered fl'0'm Soldan 4 Glee Club 3 .Pep Squad Of.lC6 Staff 4 JOHN UDONNELL PHYLLIS PARMLEY "Light is her dance" Entered from Kirkwood 2 .Cl ff' 3 Junior Play ass O lcer "He will not baikward be" Prom .Committee 3 T k 1 G.A.A. 3, 4 rac ' l 3 Advanced Choir 4 Cheer eader Intramural Winners 2 Pep igliiitil Z Cheerleader 2 Avmsal Staff gpegetgfficer 4 Bugle Staff ' ' H. R. Officer 3 JUANITA PAYNE "Quiet in her ways" G-A-A- 2, 3. 4. ROGER PETERSON Pep Squad 2, 3 Advanced Choir 4 Glee Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 "He has ever been true" H. R. -Officer 2 CHRISTINE PIEL RICHARD PONKAUSKI "Everything well done or no- "A smile for all" thing attempted" Prom Committee Entered from vaney Park 1 l Annual Staff Prom Committee Bugle Staff Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 UUFHYY 'Staff 4 Glee Cluib 2 F.F.A Re-porter 4 H. R. Officer 2, 4 3 , Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 QU lll THE STARS OF 1952 GLADYS RUPPEL "A kinder friend has no one" Prom Committee Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 3, 4 H. lR1, Officer 1 ELIZABETH SCHLAGER "Good natured and fun" Prom Committee Junior Play Intramurals 3 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 I-'ep Squad 3, 4 Annual Staff Bugle Staff F.H.A. Reporter 4 II. Ri. Officer 3 JOYCE SLEVIN "Fair to look upon" Entered from St. John 2 G. A, A. 4 FRANK STONE "Power within" DONALD VAUCHER "A willing hand hath he" Class Vice-President 1 Prom ,Committee 3 Track 1, 2 Intramurals 3 Advanced Choir 2, 3 Vi,ce-Presi- dent 4 Operetta 22, 3 County Chorus' 3 Annual Photographer 3, 4 H. R. Officer 1 Sirens ll HELEN RUSERT "Sweet and lovely" Prom Maid 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 H. R. Offlcer 3, 4 WILLIAM SHELTON "Quiet and Sincere" JOYCE STEGMANN "An understanding friend" Entered from VVyd'own 2 Prom Committee Honor Roll 2, 3 Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Pep Squad Library Staff 4 Office Staff 4 LUCILLE STRAUB "Sweet serenity" Advanced Choir 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Office ,Staff 4 DELORES VEHLEWALD "Beloved and lovely" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 I Annual Staff 4 ,,jBug,le Staff 4 Qtr Ill BEVITY ANN WALLACH "Knowledge hath Power" National Honor Society 3, 4 Student Council 'Sec'y 4 Plom Committee Honor Roll 1. 2, 3, 4 Junior Play G.A.A. 2, 3: Vice-Pres. 4 Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4 Adv. Choir 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Bugle 1Stafl' Library Staff 4 Office 'Staff 4 F.H.A. 1 II. 'R.. .Officer 2, 3, 4 MARY ANN WALLACH "A maiden calm and serene" G.A.A. Treasurer 4 Pep Squad 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 L'brary Staff 4 F.H.A. 1 H. RL Officer 3 DON WEHRLE "Contented with life" Student Council 1 Class Vice-Pres. 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 H. R. Officer 4 IRVIN WRIGHT "A well loved comrade" Intramurals 3 Bugle Staff F,F.A. 4 VIOLA CLASPILLE "Her skillful hands" Pep Squad 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4 'F.H.A. 1 DON CRAIG "Good to friend and foe' Entered from Kirkwood LARRY FERGUSON "Not lacking in spirit" Baseball 3 THE STARS OF 1952 JIM WALLACH "A hearty soul" Baseball 2, NANCY WATSON "Firm in heart" JIM WULFMEYER "He marks and heeds" Scene ll Entered from St. Mary's 3 Track 2 'Intramurals F.'F.A. President "A moat gracious maid" Pep Squad Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra Operetta Library staff FJ-I.A ELMER WEINRICH Prom Committee I Honor Roll 3 HERBERT GAINES "He has winning ways' Entered from Pacific 4 NOT PICTURED , ROY HAWKS LEONARD FERGUSON ..A mmhty man ,S hen "True in his deed" Track Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Chgif 4 3 'l'TaCk 3, 4 Orperetta, Intramurals 2 FRANK GAINES F'-F-A. 4 "With a, .hearty smile for all v Duma umm vamua Junior Play H. R. Officer 1 If last will anh Zlliestament Testator Legacy - Heir Comment Jane Bader long locks girls with crew-cuts better appearance -7 9 9 Norman Barnhouse Rolla Barr Wendell Bell Virginia Boewer Rita Boulware Eileen Boyher Roberta Brown Helen Dulz "Boots" Davis "Sug" Burfonu Dave Butler Don Craig Viola Claspille Kathleen Day Dona Deems Dorothy Devine Donald Diehl Ella Diekmann Pat Du Parri Bert Eschenbrenner Larry Ferguson Leonard Ferguson Myrl Funk Jean Gaehle Betty Hellman J Gloria Hellweg Carl Glaser Larry Gottfried Joan Grammer Fred Gruenewald Dot Guibor Margie Hanlon Cleta Hatz Roy Hawks Harvey Hendricks Trevor Hill Russell Hudson Tony Jaeger Dorothy J ahnsen artistic ability just leaves No. 6 jersey leaves all the Senior boys baton home work big eyes editorship No. 10 jersey crew-cut her plaid skirt good looks her place in band curly hair neat appearance hillbilly songs popularity pretty clothes his seat in sixth hour speech his position as pitcher on the baseball team refined ways loud giggles his porcupine haircut and graceful manner Casonova techniques neck pieces farmers' ways basketball and softball ability ballet techniques engagement ring height his innumerable supply of jokes gavel one hundred ways to get out of school black wavy hair black curly hair John Cerny 6595 ' iifuegei-' next year's Seniors Rose Nezzer her sister. Delores Miss E. Johnson to anyone Bobbie Kelpe Dick Reimers Betty Brown underclassmen an up-and-coming Freshie Edna Green Harry Caldwell Delores Robertson Pat Hart 4 any one who can squeeze into them Harry Caldwell Moe Lutterman Jerry Cooper Robbie McGee and Charlene Parmley Jerry Lightfoot Eddie Baldwin Jiuldy Jones John Shelton Jackie Giessert less graceful dancers Pat Mach David Nusman Bob Kovis next president Rosie Wallach Joe Dennis Miss Williams needs all he has! for next year'5 team no choice in the matter no use for it after graduation Eileen's getting married! better to see you with my dears! somebody has to do it! he'd better grow tho! he has too much anyway no comment she has plenty to spare we hope she does as well as Dona to save Edna trouble though Harry doesn't net it a worthy heir she'll make good use of it shouldn't be wasted poor Miss Johnson so he can take it away from Jerry Hoehn "our Freshie wrestler" "Meow-Meow! !" or should he take it with him? his runner-up for the sweaters she wears put it to good use, Jackie! so Pat and Rodney can be as happy as she and Denny he needs a few inches he can probably out-do Harvey any day he can't take it with him maybe she will be lucky and won't get caught just for fun wonder how she'd look Testator Legacy Heir Comment Shirley Koebel Bill Strolthkamp "Pete" Jaycox "Pete" has been patient- ly waiting for years Ken Laughlin lankiness Don Belk maybe Don can take Kenny's place Shirley Laughlin just leaves ............... Paul wants her Pat Loehr engagement ring Lodell Jaeger ' she'll have a wedding band Vonda McKeethen her earrings no one she can't get along Joan McKinley Arlene Marchbank Lawrence Mertz Nancy Mickeletto Jacqulyn Mosconi Merle Newman June Norsworthy John O'Donnell Phyllis Parmley Bebe Payne Roger Peterson Christine Piel Richard Ponkauski Gladys Ruppel Helen Rusert Elizabeth Schlager William Shelton Joyce Slevin J-oyce Stegmann Frank Stone Lucille Straub J Donald Vaucher Dee Vehlewald Leonard Vesper Jim Wallach Mary Ann Wallach Betty Wallach Nancy Watson h Don Wehrle Elmer Weinrich Irvin Wright Jim Wulfmeyer winning ways violin seriousness shyness fondness for the opposite sex ability to make friends easily her seat in advanced secretarial Robbie McGee dancing ability small feet cooking ability scholastic ability , Hsunny smile" stature sweet disposition "old flames" quiet nature divides her long eye lashes height nothing to leave position in office would like to leave picture taking techniques slimness good looks office in FFA roller skating talents blond hair soprano voice American problems position awards in 4-H his Levis his leopard-lined hot-rod his Margie Hart any freshman Betty Holliday Jerry Hoehn Alice Geissert Sandra May Eleanor Etzold Terry Macalady freshmen 'boys Leo Schulze Home Ec. girls Zane Jaeger Mrs. Roques Carol Hill Mrs. Sternerson sister Katy Carol Overton less fortuate girls Ruth Corless Marilyn Godar Charlie Nezzer someone with extra pounds Rodney Bell future farmers Bernard Mertens Mrs. Sides glee club members anyone Robert Hansen John and Robert Hansen Mr. Kleyboecker without them orchestra needs new members need we say more? although we like Jerry the way he is she already has a nice start to go with such a sweet smile since Eleanor likes shorthand so well Terry, I like that!Huh? who can't :dance at all so he won't fall over his own so they will improve he needs it! to brighten up the halls no comment benefit of 6th hour study hall little sister is already running close second who can stand a little toning down she has enough to go around so she can come up to the clouds with Sammy taking everything good experience but he needs them no comment who certainly doesn't need them no comment ditto nature isn't always right, but Tintair is! they will be lost but who wants it? even though Robert is doing well by himself we hope they fit better so he can escort his wife to school affairs This is the last will and testament of the class of '52, We have disposed of all that is disposable. rwffstage 'fx Q EUREKA I HIGH SCHUO L preserffs ORGANIZATIONS OI sm LID In I AMISIII af, FA F INN XX GAA HA W I Ifm I IIVI I III I3 G E-ure O. 7! - -11--gi, ' f ' N,lfA 1 " -+I.. SQST I I I ' ........- I I 'I S+uJenI GzuncmI IIIc1IlonaII-IUIIOVSOQ X , It Iice a I ravyga YI cz Q uIe If II IF. . If I, , X il wx , , . I I IIIIIII I N ez Sep. qu. a ',ff I Iac 2 I4 I x Us If mn - I iv-hlIII7vr!'. btuhent ftlnunctl One of the hardest working organizations at Eureka High School is the student council. The council sponsored three school parties during the yearg the Hallowe'en party, a January party, and the Basketball Prom. Another important undertak- ing of the council is the supply store. This year the council chose as its president, Tre- vor Hill, who accordingly is the president of the student body. The other officers include: Beverly Eschenbrenner, vice-presidentg Betty Wallach, sec- retary, amd' Joan McKinley, treasurer. Each council member represents his home room amd reports to it on the business of the council. The council acts as a clearing house for student problems and in this capacity is the most important of our student organizations. Mr. Jones, council sponsor and Trevor Hill president of the student body STUDENT COUNCIL OF EUREKA HIGH SCHOOL Seated: P. Hoehne, B. Eschenbrenner, J. McKinley, T. Row 1: QStandingJ C. Hill, L. Lewis, L. Daniels, W. Tur Hill, B-. Wallach, S. Craig rentine, M. Goehri, M. Kincaid, K. Sappington How 2: Mr'. Jones, P. Mach, S. King, T. Mawcalady, D. Fridley, Miss Johnson jaatiunal Iannur bounty This year marks the second anniversary of the Eureka Chapter of the National Honor Society. Fiv-e per cent of the Junior class was eligible to be chosen to supply the nucleus for the com- ing year. The students chosen were: Beverly Eschenbrenner, Betty Wallach and Dona Deems. In January, another five per cent were chosen which consisted of: Christine Piel, Joan McKin- ley, Joan Grammer, Sharon Burford, and Trevor Hill. Still, in the Spring of this year another ten per cent was chosen on the basis of character, schol- arship, leadership, and service of the student. The faculty selects the members of this group on the basis of their participation, in the school activities and willingness to help when needed. They are not necessarily chosen for their high scholastic rating. Beverly Eschenbrenner was elected last year by the charter members to be president for this year. She headed the group through the entire school year until a new president was elected in May. The other officers were not chosen until the number of members was complete. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Sharon Burford, Betty Ann Wiallaich, Joan Gram- mer, Dona Deems, Christine Piel Rfow 2: Beverly Eschenbrenner, Joan McKinley. Trevor Hill, Miss Pierce Q9ffine Staff The office staff consists of girls from the class in Advanced Secretarial Practice, which is under the direction of Miss McDowell. Miss Pounds and Mrs. Sides instruct the students in office routine. Having adequately learned the details of typ- ing and shorthand last year, these girls are quite capable of typing tests, taking letters, checking records and absences, running the mirneograph, Working the adding machine and doing miscel- laneous office work. The one hour a day that each girl Works is a great help to Miss Pounds and Mrs. Sides and invaluable to the students who receive practical experience in their chosen field. This is one of several service organizations in our school and one Whose efforts are sincerely appreciated by all. MEMBERS OF ADVANCED SECRETARIAL CLASS Row 1' R Eschenbrenner, P. DuPa'rri, D. Jahnsen Row 3: L. Straub, J. Stegmann, J. Bader, B. Wallach Row 2: V. Boewer, S- K'09b91, J. Norsworthy, M. Funk Standing: Miss McDowell Girls Qtbletic Zlssnciatiun One of the popular girls' organizations at Eureka High School is the G.A.A., a group of forty-nine girls all of whom strive during the year to merit the old English "E" awarded on Honor Day. Points toward an enblem, "E" or pin are earned by participation in sports, outstand- ing scholarship and attendance, along with many other activities of their "Hi-School Daze" Officers for the year are: Dale Bergmann, pres- ident: Betty Wallach, vice-presidentg Shirley Koebel, secretary- Mary Ann Wallach, treasurer. Jean Gaehle was selected as point-manager for Seniors, Shirley Hill for Juniors, Donna Hemann for Sophomores, and Jill Cerny for Freshmen. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Row 1: K. Schlager, D, Hemann, S. Strothkamp, D. Whitaker, W. Forsythe, M. Warner, L. Jaeger, M. Delbruegge, V. Diehl, D. Dreems, I. Schreiber, B. Vtlallach Row 2: C. Strothkamip, N. Mertz, J. Davis, B. Loyd, P. Mach, N. Jaycox, M. Geatley, D. Buermann, M. Wall- aiih, M. Glaser, P. Messerla, D Bergmann, S. Hill Row 3: S. May, S. Montgomery, S. Burford, J. Cierny, P. Hart, M. Starkey, A. Thomas, J, Grammer, S. Koebel, W. Turrentine, N. Schuster, P. Baldwin Row 4: P. Parmley, J. Bader, J. Hardesty, K, Denton, P. Duff, P. Hoehne, P. Loehr, J. Payne, M. King, U. Gaehle, R. Boulware, B. Lovell library Staff At the beginning of every school year, students who have shown interest in the library are ask- ed to Work as student librarians. Books are checked in and out during the day by these student helpers who also try to assist in the selection of interesting and suitable reading ma- terial. Since some of the students are unable to attend the library during class hours, it is nec- essary to keep the library open both in the morn- ing and at noon. The librarians under the capa- ble direction of Mrs. Stenerson have made the library facilities available to our high school students and by their efforts have contributed to the welfare of the student body. The responsibility which these students assume is great: the care with which they check books in and out is responsible for the small number of brooks lost during the school year. LIBRARY STAFF Row 1: N. Watson, M. Wallach, S, Laughlin, B. Eschen- Row 2: Mrs. Stenerson, D. Butler, G. Glaser, J. Steg- brenner, B. Wallach, V. Boewer, P. DuParri, A Marchbank mann, G. Ruppel, R. Ponkauski, W, Bell Clliureiaana At the beginning of the school year, Beverly Eschenbren- ner was selected as editor, and Jane Bader was elected asso- ciate editor of the yearbook. Joan Grammer and Joan Mc- Kinley were elected business managers. The first task of the newly elected staff Was to select the theme of the publication. Having selected Drama as the theme, they began work on the Eurekana in earnest. S-oliciting advertisements to help finance the annual was the first assignment for the Publications class as a whole. The money from the sale of these advertisements helps de- fray the cost of the annual. Norman Barnhouse and Delores Vehlewald, Art editors of the Eurekana, did a marvelous job as such. Much work and preparation has gone into the making of the yearbook, and the editors and staff hope you will enjoy the product of their efforts, The 1952 Eurekana. EUREKAN A STAFF Seated: P. Parmley, B. Eschen'brennei', D. Deems Row 1 J. Grammer, J, Bader, J. McKinley, E. Diek- Row 2: R. Ponkauski, T. Hill, D. Vaucher, K. Laughlin, mann, D. Vehlewald N, Barnhouse 1 Zguglz The Bugle, the monthly paper of Eureka High, is made possible through the efforts of the publication class. Early in the year, Sharon Burford was elected editor of the Bugle, and Dona Deems, associate editor. They soon selected the staff and reporters for the newspaper. Assignments of writing articles and reporting coming events were ass'gned early in the month by the editor, so that assignments could be completed by the deadline. It is the practice of the Bugle staff to put out three special editions of the Bugle. They normally include the Christmas Bugle, which was, however, not distributed this year because of delays due to bad weather. The Valentine issue, which is dedicated to the sweethearts of E.H.S. and the May issue, featuring the Senior class, are the other special editions. The Bugle serves as a medium for news broadcasting, in that copies are often mailed to friends of the school to ac- quaint them with coming events. So, in addition to the planned purpose of providing news and entertainment, the Bugle is also an excellent advertising medium. BUGLE STAFF Seated: J. Grammer, B. Eschenbrenner S Buiford E Boyfher, J. Bader, J. McKinley How 1' A. Jaeger, P. Parmley, R. Boulwarel P. Loehr, Row 2: D Vehlewald I Vhight R Ponkauski N Bain G- Helllveg, D. DGGYUS, S. Koefbel, P. DuParri, B. house K Lau hlin T H111 R Hudson E Diekmann Wallach, D, Guibor Jfuture iiaumemakers nf Qmerira The Eureka Chapter of Future Homemakers of America has been active now for years. This year the twenty-eight members have had their most active year. The girls have regular monthly supper meet- ings, and in addition to the monthly meetings, they attended a Sub-District meeting held this year at Mehlville. The motto of the F.H.A. is "Toward New Hor- izons"' the flower is the red rose, and the colors are red and white. The emblem represents the home of tomorrow in the hands of the youth today. The officers of the F.H.A. are Wanda Forsythe, president, Kathryn Denton, vice-president, Lo- dell Jaeger, secretary, Mania King, treasurer- Norma Jean Day, historian, Elizabeth Schlager, reporter, Harriet Mertens, songleaderg Shirley Hill, parliamentarian. Mrs. Rose Shanight, Vocational Home Econ- omics teacher at E. H. S., sponsors the Eureka Chapter of the Future Homemakers. The organ- ization is national in scope. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Seated: S. Hill, L. Jaeger, K. Denton, W. Forsythe, M. King, D. Whitaker, H. Mertens Row 1: J. Bird, B. Loyd, M. Warner, D. Hemann, N. Day, I. Baumer, S. Wells, C. Mueller. C. Thomas, J. .Coolper Row 2: Mrs. Shanight, J. Delbruegge, M. Delbruegge, V. Diehl, I. Schreiber, R. Meyer, C. Clark, J. Herzog S jfuturz Jfarmers ni Zlmerica One of the newest and most active organiza- tions in Eureka High School is a direct out- growth of the new Vocational Agriculture de- partment. The high school campus now includes a large Vocational Agriculture building built for this pufrpose. The F. F. A., organized at the start of the school year, works closely with the units in agriculture. The boys in this organiza- tion have meetings twice a month, discuss busi- ness, and plan amusements. The chapter has a F. F. !Riow 1: U. Kuenz, D. Oetjen, K. Wideman, H. King, F. Geatley, L. Baerman, J. Bean, W. Weinel, IFE Hueb- ner, P. Storie, O. Schneider, II. Wright, J. Shelton Row 2: E. Nollman, J. Wallanh, R, Hansen, E. Fink, M. Schneider, S. Hill, C. Murray, A. Jensen, J. Hansen, T. Corley, L. Kannawurf, L. Mertz, R. Pemberton Row 3: S. Bonacker, 'Rt Anderson, J. Cerny, T. Yates, D. basketball team which schedules games with eleven other chapters in this area. The Eureka Chapter of this national secondary school organization chose for its officers: Jim Wallach, presidentg Larry Mertz, vice-presidentg Fred Gruenewald, secretary, Stanley Bonacker, treasurer: Richand Ponkauski, reporterg Dale Oetjen, sentinel. Under the leadership of Eldon G. Powell, the new organization enjoyed a very profitable year. A. Nusman, D. Myers, J. Liitzfinger, S. Quaethem, R. Albrecht, M. Newmn, K. Sappington, H. Puryear VR1ow 4: D, Buxiian, P. Hone-a, FR. Ponkauski, J. Howald, L. Feasel, D. Stocker, H. Lupo, F. Gruenewald, R. Oberkramer, L. Schoessel, R. Tappmeyer, NG. Painter, B. Eluninr Brumenahe Feverishly the Juniors worked as the last days before the Prom neared. After it was all over, all agreed that it was well worth the effort. Surrounsded by the fragrance of cherry blossoms symbolic of ancient Japan, the whirling couples danced to the music of Al Judd's Band. Lifesize figures lent a realis- tic apearance to the oriental setting. A tiny wishing-well occupied the other corner of the gaily colored gym, as miniature lant- erns furnished a warm glow. Finally the climatic moment arrived! At 11 o'clock the beautiful queen was crown- ed. This Prom, one of the most enjoyable, will long be remembered by all who attended. Spotlight an Clllelehrities QA, X N . ,ix f N fvv' A. PAT MACH junior 19mm jlillaihs DALE BERGMANN Senior 39mm illilaihs BEVERLY ESCHENBRENNER SHARON BURFORD Qtblettrs Sports play an all-important role in the drama of "I-Ii-School Daze" and are perhaps in the limelight more than any other extra-curricular activities. Basketball, baseball, and track are the main attractions of E.H.S. while between the major scenes, various intramural competitions are played. Among these are aerial darts, bald- minton, basketball, horseshoes, and volleyball. These, along with the major sports, do their share in developing good sportsmanship, a characteristic so necessary in the future drama of life, and in addition offer many moments of high drama to the spell-bound audiences. Qputligbt un Spurts VISWORS HONIETEAM . ll 90.7912 xxx l,'z '79-S-Jo . 23991 3 .4 99-307 - - - 72 JJ-ZJQ3 1 ' 6 'ZJJQJ 9, Jug Z : ,'7J.9, , .. 9,1 x0 ffnmx' 1 gym NB' Wg Q Baseball Ulieam With the opening of school came the opening of the baseball season. This year Coach Buddemeyer began the season with only three lettermen from last year. They were Carl Glaser, Lester Bouzek, and Glenn Krieg. The E. H. S. nine, with little practice, were shutout in the first two games before winning three in a row. They finished in fourth place, winning four and losing six. Jim Wallach led the team in battins? with a .391 average. Carl Glaser followed with 321, and Les- ter Bouzek with .292. This year's lettermen are as follows: Bill Strothkamp, Vernon Lutterman. Jerrv Hoehn, Sam King, Lester Bouzek. Bob Buddemeyer, Dan Fridley, Glenn Kreig, Bob Forsythe, Jim Wal lach, Terry Macalady, Leonard Vespier, Carl Gla ser, and Albert Lewis. 1951 Schedule of Games Eureka C01 at Affton Q31 Eureka 101 at Hancock Q21 Eureka C51 at Mehlville Q41 Eureka fl01 at Valley Park Q11 'Valley Park Q31 at Eureka Q01 Bayless 131 at Eureka C01 Eureka f31 at Bayless Q91 Affton 181 at Eureka C71 Hancock C11 at Eureka Q01 Mehlville Q61 at Eureka Q41 BASEBALL TEAM Seated: L. Vesp-er, T. Macialady, S. King, J. Wallach, A. Row 1: 'R. Buddemeyer, C. Glaser, G. Krieg, Z. Jaeger Lewis D. Fridley Row 2: Coach Buddemeyer, R. Forsythe, W. Strothkamp, L. Bouzek, J. Hoehn, V. Lutterman " Q" Basketball One of the most exciting scenes in "Hi-School Daze" was basketball. This season the Wildcats went through their schedule of twenty-four games scoring twelve wins. In league games, the team won six and lost four of the gamesg while in non-league competition, they won eight and lost six. David Butler led the team, scoring with 285 Pacific . . . Mehlville St. Charles .. Eugene Coyle Bayless ..... Pacific ...... Valley Park . Union ...... points, an average of 11.8 points per game. Ken- Hancock .... neth Laughlin followed with a 9.9 average, and Fairview Vernon Lutterman averaged 9.1. Hancock .... Affton .... -- Sullivan . . . . Opponents Eureka Opp. Mehlville Bayless ............. .... 5 5 32 Valley Park Riverview Gardens . . . .... 38 36 Affton . . . . . . Bayless ............. .... 3 4 38 Hancock .... Pacific ......... .... 3 3 37 Washington . Herculaneum .... .... 5 4 47 Festus ...... "A" TEAM C. Krieg, W. Strothkamp, W. Bell, V. Lutterman, L. Bou- K. Laughlin, R. Rodemich, D. Butler, J. Hoevhn, T. Maca zek, C. Glaser lady, R. Bell Center: Coa-ch Guenbher and R. Forsythe, Manager Basketball The Eureka "B" team this year Won only seven games of the twenty scheduled for them. Bob Bufdemeyer was the only member of the "B" team with previous experience. He was also high point man with an average of seven points per game. The freshmen members of the team, who will have a full year's experience behind them, should have a good team next year. The "B" team participated in both the Pacific and Mehlville tournaments this year. "B" Team Schedule Bayless 1261 at Eureka 1361 Eureka 1301 at Hercullan-eurn 1231 Eureka 1211 at Pacific 1341 Mehlville 1191 at Eureka 1351 Eureka 1281 at St. Charles 1441 Eureka 1231 at Eugene Coyle 1251 Eureka 1241 at Bayless 1281 Pacific 1331 at Eureka 1391 Eureka 1441 at Valley Park 1191 Union 1211 at Eureka 1271 Hancock 1431 at Eureka 1401 Eureka 1311 at Affton 1351 Sullivan 1401 at Eurreka 1251 Eureka 1211 at Mehlville 1371 Valley Park 1211 at Eureka 1251 Affton 1361 at Eureka 1351 Eureka 1341 at Hancock 1561 Washington 1411 at Eureka 1201 Pacific Tournament: Eureka 1341 vs. St. Francis 1631 Mehlville Tournament: Affton 1461 vs. E-ureka 1371 "B" TEAM D. Hendrix, R. Graham, P. Barnhart, R. Buddemefyer, W. Hoch, M. Reed, J. Gudermuth, L. Bausch, M. Luspo, R. Pemberton, R. Kelpe, A. Siapfpington L. Schoessel L. Schulze -Center: R. Forsythe, Manager, and Coach Guenther Qlirark sam Coach Guenther started the track season with a team of inexperienced trackmen, since but four lettermen returned for the '52 season. The large 1952 Track Schedule April 1-Open A,pril 4-Triangular at Hancock twashington, Eureka, Hancockj April 8-Triangular at Hancock iHancock, Mehlville, Eureka April 10-Affton at Eureka April 12-Clayton Invitational April 15-Valley Park at Valley Park April l'8-Triangular at Hancock QValley Park, Eureka, Hancock April 22-"B" Prevliminaries at Pirincicpia, April 26-"B" Finals at Principia April 29-South County League Preliminaries percentage of beginning trackmen promises well in future years, however, the team got off to a slow start this year. May 3-South County League Finals at Maplewood May 6-Open May 9-10-State "B" at 'Columbia Events and Entries M.le run: R. Bell, A. Morgan, J. Lewis 100 yd. dash: R. Rodemich, H. Caldwell, M. Perry Fr. 100 lyd. dash: S. Hansen, T. Dubbs, D. Craig 440 yd. dash: J. Shelton, J. Storie, K. Sap-plington 880 yd. -run: A. Mongan, J. Storie, K. S-app-ington 180 yd. low hurdles: R. Bell, H. Caldwell, D. Craig 220 yd. das-hz R. Rodemic-h, J. Hubler, R. Barr', WR. Zuber S80 yd. relay: J. Hubler, J. Shelton, R. Zruber, R. Rode- mich, R. Barr Mile relay: T. Macalady, J. Storie, R. Bell High jump: T. Macalady TRACK TEAM Front Row: W. Pierce, M- Perry, R. Riemers, T. Maca- Third Row: Coach Gunther, R. Han. en, A. Morgan, E. lady, G. Krieg, R. Bell, D. Craig Lewis, 'Rt Rodemich, J. Hubler, R. Anderson, T. Cor- Second Row: NR. Roellig, D. Hall, K. Sa-ppiiigton, H. ley, C. Jung Caldwell, YR. Zuber, R. Knight Kmzginia Boswsz BASKETBALL SWEETHEART OF 1952 J-Blusir Beitween the acts of our drama of school life comes a musical interlude presented by the music department under the batons of Miss Harttman anid Miss Evans. The band, orchestra, choir, and glee clubs furn- ished fine entertainment both between the acts and as the main attractions of 1951-52. Throughout the year, the choral groups took part in a number of enjoyable programs, the most important being the Spring Concert and the County Music Festival. The instrumental groups, too, stole the show on several occasions- graduation, baccalaureate and the High School Review. 1 lin :Front of the juutligbts ILNJJ C' 3.7 1 C .0 Gob 339 6 40000212 So5ci,,Z,283q,7f7r7 ac' '90 'bg 60093 7 9 0000 R QQ sc FEAT'-voooo. C oo U 0 0 Q L 9 be Rx LC 06 A 9 ogg , E x ,, E L- F OUELEQRLHY7 ings VW, .J C200 , . QQEQCCLIU S- c S000 1, U X A ot: QQLCGX DP C F1 X , D V - gf" " c, ' V X -, oo a ooo .-a H X 9-MQ 1 M , pfy' 1 N -- , Beginning Glen Clubs There are approximately one hundred twenty- five members in the three beginning Glee Clubs. These three groups which meet twice a week are under the direction of Miss Elaine Evans and Miss Marie Harttman. The foreign songs, dances, and gay and color- ful costumes of these groups added to the real- ism of their theme, "A Visit to Foreign Lands" in the Spring Concert. This group has had a successful year and will do equally as well when the members take their places in the Advanced Music groups. BEGINNING GLEE CLUBS Row 1: E, Corless, I. Theiss, J. Delbruegge, C. Clark, M. Goehri, nl. Jones, C. Johnson, C. Dietz, M. Sohutte, M. Young, .M. Oberkramer, D. Markwardt, P. Baldwin Row 2: Miss Evans, H, Rusert, V. Claspille, R. Wallach, M. Sbranz, M. Warner, M. Rhoads, R. Steiner, B. Lov- ell, V. Zumalt, R. Nezzer, J. Delmain, M. Kincaid, A. Kincaid, M. Albrecht, C. Patton, S. Whitaker, E. Greene, L. Nickel, A. Thomas, Miss Hartitman Row 3: D. Boyher, S. Wells, ID. Buermann, N. Jaycox, L. Kauffmann, M. Geatley, D. Hemann, W. Forsythe, N. Day, 'S. Montgomery, B. Loyd, K. Day, J. Steiner, J. Kristoff, A. Sonoff, C. Coffiman Row 4: R. Mack, D. Dost, E. Aselmann, M. Essen, V. Shelton, C. Howard, C. Strothkamp, N. Mertz, B. Ploudre, J. Bird, B. Belt, D. Sontag, C. Mueller, N. Knaus, D. Robertson Row 5: J. Thomas, M. Wendell, J. Cooper, S. Wall, P. I-loehne, W. Duncan, J. Kesisels, M. King, B. Hell- man, L. Kessels, L. Huelbner, S. Hafley, D. Wolff, B. Wallach, S. Huddleston, R. Meyer Accompanist: Dale Bergmann i 1 I Qhhanceh Girls Else Qlluh The Advanced Girls Glee Club is under the direction of Miss Marie Harttman. The accom- panist is Sharon Burford. This group is composed of fifty girls who sing in three-part harmony. The Spring Concert which this year, was a two night performance was a success and the girls portion of the program, arranged by the girls themselves, was clever. The comical love scene, the clever dances, and the acrofbatics Which the girls worked into their theme of a "Charity Pro- gram" added to the blended voices of the girls. As the Stars of '52 take a final bow, they wish to thank both the Advanced Girls' Glee Club and Miss Harttman for helping them to make their "Hi-School Daze" Successful. ADVANCED GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row 1: S. Head, J. Trayler, J, Hardesnty, D. Guibor, N. Row 3: D. Hummel, I. Hudson, P, Messerla, D. Wfhita- Watson, .C. Mertz, P. Flagg, M. Hanlon, J. Gaehle, C. Hill, R. Corless, Miss Harttman ker, L. Lewis, B. Stairks, J. Cerny, V. Claspiille, R. Bouelware, E. White Row 21: L. Jaeger, C, Overton, I. Schreiber, K. Denton, Row 4: G. Ruppel, H. Mertens, J. Mosiooni, E. Diekmann, N. Soetebielr, C., P. Loehr, D. Heckelmann L. Wendell D. Vehlewald, D. Kelemetz, J. Payton, V. McKeeth- en, M. Wallach, S. Strothkamp Accompanisit: S. Burford Cltbuir The forty-five members of the Advanced Choir are selected by individual tryouts. Much of the musical entertainment provided by E.H.S. is giv- en by the group. School assemblies "star', the Choir, ready to perform whenever needed. One of the main events of the year was the KWK Radio Station broadcast, "The High School Review? Of those who participated in the pro- gram, the students chose the Choir to sing in the Spring Festival at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, The highlight of the year for the Advanced Choir was the Spring Concert. The Choir's con- tribution to the musical festival was an Indian pantomine featuring solo voices, choral groups and several Indian dances. The beauty of the musical selections, most of them old favorites of the audience, made the evening one of pleasant memories. CHOIR Seated: U Bergmann, Accompanist, Miss Harttman Row 1: J. Fisher, J. Bader, J. Gaehle, J, Payne, N. Wait- son, S May, J, Ritchey, A. Jaeger, H, Heidibrink, J. Grammer, R. McGee, C. Parmley, P. DuParri, L. Straub Rlow 2: M. Glaser, G. Hellweg, C, Mo-ore, B. Jeffs, D. Jahnsen, R. Peterson, B, Purdy, J. O'Donnel1, S. Laughlin, B. Wallach, E. Williams, C. Hartung, D. Deexns Row 3: M. Godar, K. Srhlager, L.. Mertz, E. Baldwin, W. Rufkahr, J. Neely, D. Ellrich, M. Funk, A. Marrih- bank, S. Burford Row 4: S. King, B. Forsythe, B. Mertens, D. Vaucher, R. Hawks, lDt Fridley, R. Hummel, W. Pierce, W. Johnson, T, Worley The Maps Glas Qllluh The Boys Glee Club composed of thirty-five members under the direction of Miss Marie Harttman has contributed to many of the pre- sentations of the music department. This group displayed its talent in the Western Scene which the boys presented as their contri- bution to the Spring Concert. Its realism was brought about by such props as chuck wagons, clothes of Western style, corrals, guitars, and Western songs. Many of the members, being underclassmen, will remain to continue the success of this group. THE BOYS GLEE CLUB Rvow 1: IH. Puriy, D. i"pencei', G. Hathaway, R. Neid- Row 3: Miss Harttman, T. Corley, S. Hill, W. Krueger, ringhaus, J. Rllgliey, R. Hyer, A. Jaeger, K. Leith A, Morgan, S. Hansen, W Johnson Row 2: R. Flentgen, W. Neff, W. Pierce, M. Mitchell, H. Row 4: L. Roberts, S. King, L. Dietz, D. Corley, D. Heitz, R. Kyle, E. Robertson, H. Heidbrink Vaucher, R. Hawks, J. Dennis, T, Keeton, J. White Afcompanist: Dan Fridley Zganh The band, being one of the busiest organiza- tions in the school, participated in many activi- ties. Early in the year it was asked to participate in the Kirkwood Homecoming. On November 27, the group gave a concert at the Creve Coeur Farmers Club. The band has made the basketball games more enjoyable by playing for several home games. The band played a large part in the spring concert and presented a fine assembly. I-'lute 1' Melody Saxxopllone Dona Deems Flalrinets Jean Gaehle French Horns Its officers, chosen at the beginning of school, proved to be fine leaders. They are: Dan Fridley, president: Henry Strieder, vice-presidentg Sharon Burford, secretaryg and Bob Buddemeyer, treas- urer. Miss Harttman and her group brought the year to a successful conclusion by taking part in the All-County Festival. Baritones Hai old Krueger Dale Hendrix Tulms Nancy Watson Sharon Burf'ord Henry Strieder Bebe Payne Beulah Starks Leslie Daniels Shirley Harness Carol Burddemeyer Pat Bergmann Ann Howald Bass Clarinet Wanetta Wynn Alto Saxophone Don Ferrel Betty Cerny Bob Bergmann Barbara Lovell Judy Jones Trumpets Bob Buddemeyer John Cerny Earl Gaehle 'Frombones Dan Fridley James Hubler Carl Jung Terry Keeton ,Jill Cerny Gene Nollmann John Howald Gene Robertson String Bass Pat Mach Percussion. Ralph Carney Pat Hart Ronald Bates Margaret Hart David Nusinann Tenor Saxophone Wesley Hoch Director Marie Harttman tamarins The spotlight now moves to Dramatics, the true exponent of our theme for this year. Through the efforts of the members of the Dramatics department, many entertain- ing programs are presented throughout the year. Among these, the Junior and Senior plays, and the public presentation by the Dramatics are the major productionsg but also important are the various assemblies prepared by the classes in the fielndl of dramatics. ' On the following pages we have focused the camera on the featured players and scenes on the stage at Eurkea High School. w. , x, Eebinh the Jfuutligbts STAEE I 665 4- . ' , D R 5 cv , . is J X .NSA ' Q ov- rm beniur 1915119 The Senior play, presented May 2, 1952, was entitled "Nine Girls." The action of the play took place in a sorority lodge in the mountains of California. When not concerned with murders and tragedy, the play was a frolicsome comedy, with a laugh breaking the spell of terror. The play lets the audience in early on the chief sus- pect, keeping a few paces ahead of the guilty person, secure in thinking her crime was un- known. 'Ihe play came to an exciting and dra- matic conclusion when the criminal was discov- ered and apprehended. Directed by Miss Eleanor Johnson, the cast, consisting of ten girls, did a fine job of acting in the presentation. SENIOR PLAY CAST Last Row: E Yfallach, E. Diekmiann, S. Koebel, J. Mc- Middle 'Riow: J. Grammer, B. Eischenbrenner, P. Loe'hr', Kinle-y Mis E. John son Fkxiiil Row: P. D11 Parri, J. Gaehle, P. Paxmley l Euniur iBIap November 16, 1951, was probably just an insignifi- cant date in the minds of most people, but to the members of the Junior class it was a momentous event. For on that day fourteen members of their class shared the spotlight in the sparkling production of the farce comedy "It's a Gneat Life." The plot revolves around the harum-scarum Pea- body family, who, as George Peabody, the father, says are "all trying to row one boat in four different directions at the same time." The results of daughter Jeanne's love affairs to- gether with son Rlufssell's indifference in studies but avid interest in trap drumming are just too rnuch for Mr. Peabody, especially since Grace, his scatter- brained wife, knows and does next to nothing about managing the home. To straighten out the family, therefore, he takes the advice of Dr. Appleby, his neighbor, and devises the "Peabody Plan." But even though the "Peabody plan" backfires after a series of hilarious mishaps, there 1S a delightful ending for all. The outstanding performance given by all the mem- bers of the play together with Miss Eleanor Johnson's very patient and skillful direction contributed to the play's success. JUNIOR PLAY CAST Row 1: S. May, J. Burton, R. Mc4Gee, Miss Johnson, C. Overton Row 2: R. Reimer-s, K. Kullmann, H. Caldwell, J. Howald lRow 3: T. Macalady, M. Godar, M. Glaser, D. Kelemewtz Row 4: S. King, H. Strieder, D. Fridley, J. Cernwy The One-Acts, presented on March 27 by the Drama- aics classes, were a major dramatic production of the school year. The entire program, under the capable direction of Miss Eleanor Johnson, was well accepted by the audience and proved to be a tremendous success. 'Ihle program included four one-act plays, the first of which was "Star Struckj' a delightful farce about the life of a famous motion picture star. "Star Struck" featured an all girl cast as did "Ladies of the Mop," a hilarious comedy of rhyme and rhythm. The excel- lent cast of "Concert in the Park," a po.gnant tra- gedy, received: many compliments from the audience. "Once a Sailor, Always a Sailoru cleverly taught a lesson in the art of getting a free dinner plus a date. The program included four "Quickies," bits of drama, "It's a Small World," "A La Eugene O'Neill," t'Just a Love Nest," and "The Initiation." The One-Acts were a departure from the recent variety shows and provided an equally enjoyable form of entertainment. l Q9m::Qct5 FASHION SHOW The Home Economics Department presented its fifth annual fashion show on April 4, and it was hailed a tremen- dous success. The theme, April Showers, was carri- ed out in a beautiful rainbow setting. The stage featured an irridescent rain- bow at the end of which was a pot of flowing gold. The black cyclorama furnished a background for the silver raindrops which hung gracefully from the ceiling. The girls modeled an array of beaue tifuil Spring dresses and suits which they made in their Home Economics classes under the supervision of Mrs. Shanight. Music was furnished throughout the show by the Girls Glee Club and Miss Evans. Zlpril bbutners Jfzatures For the finale, the camera turns to our features-the calendar, snapshots, and our advertisers. We wish to express our gratitude to the advertisers who have helped to make pos- sible the production of the 1952 Eurekana. Our only method of expressing our appre- ciation more adequately is your patronage of our advertisers. The calendar and snap- shots recall the humorous events which have enlivened the school year. Qlurtain QEaII f?FS'g,1, VFD S ST UQ fog 7- Eff i AUDI ly K 75 'QI C'1o Ol RUM' SE NY 52:4 7, I EA 3 M I '-,- . Y' e 1 '- , up- Y 'Wa 1' ' X KX I . . ' N6 O U S ' ll' V AM XIX ' ll, Mxx I 1, q lxssjx U Eehinh the Scenes Artist's A11 or- Woodwork ? ? ? "Ye Olde Chemists" "Bug,'o1ogy "How now brown cow', "What it it? "A stitch in time" fs I I in Eebinh the Queues Watch the game, not the camera! Stop peeking, Harvey Too Many Cooks Quiet! For a change- Prospective Farmers "Don't Work Too Hard H.S C A L E N D A R 1951-52 . 23, 25 2 2,7 28- 2 9 we lgf.?fil'm'iBfl:'2350!n.::U,2m:fK: Baselmu gbwienk Council Lass. Basziaan Jw-, , Square mamrvodxyy mqw' ,-,- Z the love csame wlum fnslailalion imma lo 65399 ,ff Dance uma sa-ex: mm wmv ' , V. Cf S' Vauey Pa-41 Assembi Ba yeas rg,-f5'f:1'f31Zf' Skkhdabls mms, www.-sem: ww 7 7 ' 56,42 ao. W' W- - Q , 3 , A .... iw, Fw-es men a fm Lake- 404.5 J" 45124551 Mfpmmfomf GQ fn--WP an Class hqihs awjieg 42351513 if j 'MfgWm,f:x2zw1.:2ii:n,gwQ,:'1Mf: Rflufes chgtnvts' Rvervfew C-faYJen5 ii' H is U15 pf- Qmffzzgilggwgntfzf' jmkeh go' x -cami n M A P"m"'X :WW 'Mi - .,,,, " ' '5 as-af. Q K , me 'i1" 2- 'T ' Q ff MMM If 4' M M-w,mXVm.m..w FROM Above if ffm i 7 5, . 1' ,, as -4.4 2-I 1 . J .'f' i3.,:L '- 4 'T' 1 , --,, ,- -vi . , '., -f,- , f ,, .Q :.-- V . - .N - , -.7 l rr :N ,ji 2 - - 'I .Y , .liz JlrA,jj,'V,j,5fi?.l 3.4".--l lfvjfgx, 37,45 H a, -I , , : . A. I : MERAMEEC TRAILER PARK Overnight Parking Running Water - Sewers Groceries K. Rodernich Fenton 7152 Route 12 Kirkwood 20, Mo. HEMANN AUTO SUPPLY CO. 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I Wd movie CAQS 911. assem 54v W 4,,z.,,,e 'ygyffmwma 5 aim! 0m'f1I'Wm "May ,1 3 ,wif ,,,1 fag-1 one Arewggl fi e re sf Zim, lyme QUIZZZF Q' if iv W fvvief ci Bancffffsemlb' 'ew Hancock . - X wwf- Fir, 3 5 6 as' ffrnuar az go' S . 31 9 Bayksfaut' Ama y e 2104? egg Y 3 Eiga Q,m46m4l 0,,9AC,ff y4ffee,4,,7 feacfeff I 4' ::,., 6 3 JA f i V Leffywf , ,tra 1 2? ff W M y ffffwfdffff .1 2 2 in 15 17 29 21 522 23 Biff? acc iw-ea e fehlar 6555 ehfw' .QEVIICDY G'0'O440240l'L X656 of P ffssefnlff fjramffrarffofzs fcfwo W Vi 4 P IW " ' i":15?1w -' -w.!':-vwe ' .Q 5 , M. if Compliments of I. E. DREWEL, D. D. S. Willow 7-2891 Famous for Fine Food S T E I N Y 'S I N N - The Perfect Environment for Your Next Banquet, Bridge Party or Clulo Dinner Restaurant - Hotel Accomodations Willow 7-4541 or 7-3041 ' Overlooking the Meramec at Hi'way 66 Eureka, Mo. Walnut 3440 Sales BALLWIN RADIO AND TELEVISION COMPANY Service on All Makes of TV Manchester Road Ballwin, Mo. 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Compliments of DEPENDAHL'S NATION WIDE STORE Manchester, Mo. Fresh Meats, Vegetables and Groceries Phone: Walnut 2611 Compliments of MANCHESTER COMMUNITY BANK Manchester, Mo. POND MOTORS General Repairing Pond, Mo. Harry Atwell, Prop. Pond 8682 E. R. SUTTER General Merchandise for All Your Needs Phone: Willow 7-3451 HEITMANN'S A. G. STORE Meats-Groceries-Vegetables Eureka, Mo. Willow 7-3391 DU PARRI SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil, Greasing and Lubrication Walnut 8852 R. G. Du Parri, Prop. Manchester, Mo. MANCHESTER DRUG STORE Earl R. Brommer, R. Ph. Manchesterz Mo. Phone: Walnut 3355 IT PAYS TO PLAY DREWEL APPLIANCE, Inc. Sales and Service General Electric Appliances Bottle Gag MERAMEC VALLEY TRANSCRIPT For Cooking, Refrigeration and Pacific, Mo. Water Heating Phone: Willow 7-2261 Eureka, Mo. BUESCHER'S WHOLESALE, INC. 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Victor 3-4125 Fenton 15 MANCHESTER HARDWARE Manchester, Mo. Walnut 2579 Paints Glass Toys Plumbing Tools TRUITT BROTHERS SKELLY SERVICE Times Beach Oil-Gas-Fuel Oil-Tires-Tubes We Deliver Phone: Willow 7-4395 Try Our Coffee Shop ROLLA FICK SERVICE STATION Grover, Mo. Sinclair Products Washing-Lubrication-Steam Cleaning R. H. Schrick, Prop. Pond 8687 AL AND JIM'S TAVERN AND POOL ROOM Grover, Mo. Phone: Pond 8695 SCHNARR REALTY CO. Homes, Acreage, Farms Titles-Loans Notary Public Manchester Road Grover, Mo. Phone: Pond 6311 Excavating Road Material NULL BROTHERS General Hauling Walnut 2574 Ellisville, Mo. GLASERFS HARDWARE Paints, Glass, Toys and Fishing Supplies Grover, Mo. Phone: Pond 5440 H. F. PAFFRATH Fruit and Produce Pacific, Mo. Phone: Pacific 3l3M ANDERSON DRUG CO. Pacific, Mo. Phone No. 1 Tel. Pond 6297 G..E. Appliances WRIGHT ELECTRIC Grover, Mo. Electric, Hardware and Plumbing Supplies Easy Washers RCA Radios JERRY HERZOG SERVICE STATION Hy 40-61 at Clarkson Roazl Chesterfield, Mo. Specialized Phillips "66" Lubrication Lake 7776 EATHERTON SERVICE STATION Shell Products Hy 40-61 at Clarkson Phone: Lake 7783 Chesterfield, Mo. OLD VIENNA Potato Chips are Always Fresh and Crisp Buy them at Your Favorite Food Store OLD VIENNA PRODUCTS CO. Manufacturers of Korn Kurls St. Louis, Mo. EUREKA HARDWARE Variety and Liquor Store Willow 7-3381 Eureka, Mo. McDILL'S EUREKA DRUG STORE Prescription Druggist Eureka, Mo. Compliments of FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Eureka, Mo. Total Resources Over 31,500,000 Compliments of COTTAGE TAVERN Eureka, Mo. DEVINE TRACTOR 8: EQUIPMENT COMPANY Ferguson System, Sales 8z Service Highway 66 Allenton, Mo. Phone: Willow 7-4411 Compliments of GERLACH'S Chesterfield, Mo. Compliments DR. C. S. PUFFER QD. OJ GUTMAN LUMBER COMPANY Eureka, Mo. 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Claser, Shell Distributor, Chesterfield Grover Service Station, Grover Haberberger Motor Co., Pacific Hagemeister Bar and Grill, Eureka Guderrnuth Garage, Eureka Halsey's Shell Service Station, Highways 66 Sz 141, Valley Park Harvey Henricks, Motogas Service Station, Highways 66 and 141 Hollywood Cafe, J. Demis, Prop.-Valley 5-8852 , Hussong's Bar, Manchester Jack's Barber Shop, Pacific Johnson's Restaurant 8z Service Station, Gumbo Kel1y's Store, Castlewood Koebel's Variety Store, Ballwin Dr. W. C. Kruse, Dentist Glenn Konnernan, Chesterfield Irwin Kraus, Water Hauling, Lake 2654 Lang 8z Dennis Groceries, Highways 66 and 141 Paul Langenbeck 8: Sons, Manchester Manchester Upholstery Shop, Manchester Matt's Tavern, Chesterfield McLain's Dime Store, Eureka-Reasonable Prices Mauthe Dept. Store, Dry Goods and Groceries, Pacific Mel-rose Tavern and Bar-B-Q, Murphy Mill Motor Sales, Manchester Miller's Self Service Laundry, Pacific-Washing, Drying, Ironing, Dyeing Myrt's Beauty Shop, Chesterfield-Lake 7715 Niehoff Dairy "Once Used Never Refused Olive Street Roaiii Express, Chesterfield Pacific Brick Co., Pacific Wilhelmina's Cafe, Chesterfield A. J. Wetzel's Market, Pond Pacific Hauling Co., Pacific-Phone 278-Coal, Coke, Fluel Oil Phillips Products-Ed Bergmann-Highway 66 Red Cedar Inn, Pacific Sanker's Variety Store, Pacific E. W. Schalk Express 8: Hauling-Pond 6333 Schneider Shoe Store-Work and Dress Shoes, Pacific Schvvenck's Country Side Inn, Chesterfield "Eat At Sites Restaurant" Highway 66 Sites Station, Highway 66, Eureka--Willow 7-4111 ' Stoecker Soda Les Taylor Motogas Service Station, Highway 66 Leach Clothing Store, Pacific "Clothing for Everyone" Thrasher Market-Highway 66-Groceries and Meat Welcome Gift Shop, Eureka Williams Super Marker, Manchester Qutugrapbs

Suggestions in the Eureka High School - Eurekana Yearbook (Eureka, MO) collection:

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