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Eureka High School - Eurekana Yearbook (Eureka, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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hflr 'ka r 'I'-I, .L ,, , N , - , , .'9.'T.-A-, ' -. -,rim-L!u 1 f, AWK ' .. A I .I ' sl'-N K fr- ld. V. 'VL . i' rx Q 1. E RL, W' ' 3 . ,L lA.fh.yj- J - L ., V - I ..-- AX, 1 , A ' V , , -53 . X V1 -' ff. 5.L'.UL ,I A E' A V up -ut n, ,Qixlx x 1 4 .' ' Nu, X ' '. u ' ', Y, A , A 'fn W f , ,' , A' L-I ' -', i , AA Y.. " R - vw:-f ' ," '1 K -. . airy Q5 . , if 17.-1 vl . H 1 lg X 1 . F, ,-L.. , - ., V .' ,fi 'ft .Z Z, -' K ,g' 5 ,Lv if ,j. .. , V " if -- Q, ' -J' ,A . 1. vm ,B Jig, A - air- , M... X . 37 U N , b 1 L in V ,. d , ,E 3- A 'H T: P' L: ' ' .- '.-4 4- - L". r,- -. - -f ' 4 , ' , .-, 41-fsa. :ap1f-24,1 4. If . ' -f ' 2 Q D 'H-' ' 1 Qu .f,,'1V w fi 1.-rf . ' ' - -,p-ri. , - ' - ' A ' '. I'-.f J -M 3 "H 1:4 114 , im 'A-.A 'I' ' - , .v 1, 3, k 55 --' , ' ' arf' ,-. Q1 gm .,yffg,,' - -,1:,gg3 :J , '- -. f' ' - A , 'L .4 ...- bf , lu, ' Y V uv' 1 - f 1',.'m"",.', J' A " 'lr W, ' 5 ' 4 "' ' ' L - 1 .. ' I ' 'H' I ,L ' if " ' x4 H ' i. -". ,J 4 ' fl," ' ' - 4 - .' ,. J.: 1 ... '-I, '- ff' -' , I N'-.' I- ' 'f ,'1",'f,':gl' 3 -f:i",'1': . , 1 ' nk '. A r ' 5 'I -'5'Hs ' ' ,-91+ .fr' . 1 ,- 4, - -, ' fr 3 .- - , 1 ' 2 1 ' f- . - k -. ' ' . ' ., .' N. . ' 4 . I: ...Ii y x ' K s i , 1 - 5 Z V "' ,. 51 V , -vi.. 'Gibb , .re X2 1: ' ,." 1' , ' r ' l - . ' -1 .' Q ' " is' ,, al ,, A qi -, "P, Tift? 3' . 4 ' l A ' IH - ' 1-f 'I - 4' ' ' 'W I. H 'Q ' V ' ' , ' f ,- , - , I - - . Q, '5' ' '- 1 , N ., W ' T ' ' s ia: ' - ,lx-., ,I -f - , I , L . 3. . - 5 ' '4 , 1 Qi' ' A C , Eb." I' 'I ' L TTA-. i 'r '-. 'J' fi - if x ' 1 'J L.- '! 'Q 2 " ' y f lg V -, .' 5- -A -'- T- - f ' 1 ' sww-1-,e .12 Q 1, fs K l -W -- A V , ,5 1 H l . ,I ,,,, Q ,X J "- jf- A uf V. I -V, VA? E VV AL.- , 1 . . 'W I V-,ik V N ,I w Q.- X I' P , -4 1 v- V all -A -5, f',,,g.,a I . - P 'Q , H' - g--:.f- : - -A - wr-'.. r- w - .?- f .1 - -.521 " nt" " Vvi ..- W L' ,cw ' fy. , 1, ' . 1 . .15-, + ' .4 .Q 3- Q 2 ' ,V ,gLSi1 i:.f'1 fJ, .- M, F f ,, ' 'J " Q, A, in " ' Q7 ' ",2' . v , ,.uf'.' ' I . I' ' rw.-L i - , , Q - , - - , -L -- -- W .' FJ: cl I 4. -"4 fi ,V Uh' ' 'W' 'J - ' E' I -. W A-. .QJ ing 'fr,f'A4 , l is - u L - .. L -A V IZ! - I H I ,rl bi ' B ,Y ,vin f 4. QM' VI Q '. "F gi' 'irq ' V 'I - .,'-., .5 ' n,i'1'Ifl gf: A y Mi - -, ' 4' - - . 54. - . . ,. .1 . - . - , ,. , - 1: - - , '- ' . , fu-lx 1 , - V s . FL :.,. - - 1 4 A ,Q , E4 15 ,1 A I A I . g A . , ,Ml , ,. V . lv 1 T ..., V I J . u se 1' ff "' Q- ' 5,12 A . -' .. 'i f ' iff, 1 2 .H ' ' 'gif 1 ,'H.,, . l - , F- 1 Y ' , . . ,U .Y , . ,, 'I -'-wir-. a-,. 11, . ' ' -- " f -. ' 1 'pg --' -' ,,--. . L I , - " ' ' ,Q J .15 ' 1 1, .1 ' : . 4 .gy uf. - X I ' ,' ,., - , I "- ',- Q '. " 1, . - mg- . Q, - --1 I f w- f f ., -- 4 -. , . -2 1 . E, .-,-1- , ,V A X12 '- I . 1 V., f' 1- .. - V 'P I . 1 . ,, 3.4 . gs ".,v f Qi 'F-:L -7,5 N V ,V f ' f- 4 ' - 1: lg tif- H ' iv. 1 M. 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L 'Zi 7 f-4,1 :E lx x H f..f- U , I ' ' Hrs-1' , I -v ' '- ' 'F W5- -A" f a' ,, I ' 4 'x ', M' Q 3, 'K - . . . 1 . f 4 . , - 1 Q . .f,5,, .--1 , V ,,,,. ' , . . ..,,! .. . V - . , .2- .xi gi ,,.-I ' rm - ,n ,T t .1 h ,K 1 -I .2-.4 I., . 'I Y ,A Q TJ , ,Tni,.!1 . .. ' y- , 1 ,IL . nl ' 4 1 . u r Ax A- .. ,. , Y f, - , X ,, - , ,. V 1, .,-gg . ' - ' . - ', , 4 -1 1 H ' -,IAM '- g ,, 4, M 71, 'Q f ' ' J - - . ,'5 V ,V 1 - I f' K Y 5,341 I-K1-, ,N '. . ,- I V ' -A -i. --, --. , . ' -' :H ',.!' " A' " ' 1' I ' V.. 1- .1-3 Y P, .H Aw :Tdvfnuif f , .5 X n 'swear 'FY Q ' ' ., '- aj fn A ', xwv I. f- 'i . ,. i , M - ,,, X V , - , il'-if' 3- ,, U . , ' ' , " H' -- , ' A' '. ,V ,,, K' N if-Ffh Pg'-'Eli " b ' ' ' ' ' R 1' ' ' Mk "i V4 " ' ' 4 ,I ---1 veg 1' , ., , . r, - . 1-1. -- -V Y - rg Sw . 41 - - ,P 1- 1 - . ',.,up 1 4- H -vi' 4 f ' ,.!" lr. 'V L F 4- . ' w , , W i . if -L-L ' W. -A' ' V ,N ,. K, f . - - -. , .. A 1 if- 45,41 , M , U A , . U, - 4 , W 4-ff' ,1 il , ' ' , Q F5 ' fl! ' WPI, 1 3 ,f - N' '- ' ' 5 V W I X f - , ,A I Q ,. - '- If Ie- I . . 'f' '.- 4 5 N , " ,X W- 1- 1 E.. N i'..S, . -L, M , 'J ' ' ' ',.f -Z ' jx ,",ugw 1 'V , 4 ' 1 " R ' ,V ,' . " 5,-NJ4 -- .mr , . I-,.., F' .JJ .k - . is ,aw ,A r K- Y V I , , F. . . ' , .- ., 1 , A A ,V , I 4 1 M W4 1.7 J f"' .K ', - '4' , ' ' 7 - G 4 J , ' ' L ' - ' " x , . 4 i , . ' . ,v A .Q I 4 A' , I W N ' -Q ' F": v L' , - Q 5' A F ' , I 1 1' Y ,gf ,Ig 1 , -1 L, -Q , .5 Q , , I -Q! , 5 Al' J, ' . .v '- ' 4 , 1' 'I . 1 ' ' ' .' ' - W. ' ' . I . - .., ,, x 1 J V , ,K l - - , . V I ,H ,, ,,-Q'.",Af.. I, , 3 .' . f ' I ,'- 4, F- 'f- , F I' K. , 11 '- L' :Y 1"--, 4 1 Y - :'. ' - - -' 7 V . 5- f,w . 3.1 1-ff ' ' - ' M - 'sr' ' f .v -f'- ,A , 'Skip -v-,, " '59 'J' M- , ' -4' ' , A "- A ' , fi, . U V """. YKQQQ5-W, 'f - Jr 1 I --I . f. L45 ', ' , ' " I' 55-" ul 1 . J ,, 519.1-4 ffm' ' " .' ' . 3-inrgy.-.,,,5 I, .4 - 'ff J , .I wh I 'Mr M it . - . ' J 'ua -A ,,! , L . -I -V , , , ,I , . . - PQ,-i 1n5!- ,I ,M ,- , 4 ' ca. - --n . ' If -'E' 'I 3 gr , .pf 1 'xl V' r q h V 1 .x . , Q., . , ,, , 'Q' - L7 " '-'N was-53 v-2,11 4. 'r qu 1 1: UQ W , H ' G N. ,,. wx' , IX! fill! a,,,4::f' own ' - cl I I QQ ,.r:.a7- DORIS UI SIfN A I NNIIZ IORII- OZARIQ UUISV I5AR'I4Ul.IJ I L'C3IiNIf SIEIIRI CIIARI IES KRII11 CIIIARI I:S I IIZAU .IIM IfROI1SI5I VIRNI1 BRIEIZIJVN 'IILLWI .Y ., Axim g V ,4 S We .fone Sa We!! STAFF OF EUREKANA Iillrlur ,f'U't'lIlIUI' ffu-udrlor , SuIv.wMum1qvr Salas Afltll7llQ1'I' fIr'l1xl , Arlml Arllxl SI7Ul7SKlI', I IARDIHVIA ALOHA QUIiA'I'HIiM ANNA I.ANL3IiXVISCH I2I.AlNlZ IIIYVIZRSON GIiRAl,DINIi KOIiBI:I. KAYIz MQDIII CHARIIES GRIIVIIB JIM KOIEBVI, FRIED WOI.If N CROXVIQ Rvpul'lu1' Rupmlvr Rvgmrfvr' R4'pm'lur' Rrpa l!'IL'!' Rwpwrlt r Rrporlvr Rvpurfvr -III As the years travel past us. we clearly remem- ber certain incidents. other memories are only vaguely recalled to our minds. while many are completely forgotten. lt is our sincere hope and desire that this book will in later years help you to recall old friends and various activities and features of Eureka High School. May this book be a treasure chest of memories for everyone from this day forward. We, the members of the staff, proudly present af M47 I I On the hilltop in Missouri. There is a school we loue so well. Where we'ue played and where we've studied And it's there our mem'ri.e.s dwell. REFRAIN Forward then Eureka High School, For we are all for thee. And we will fight to make thee The best school in Missouri. We will boost Eureka High School And giue our service true And try to show our logaltg In all we sag or do. REFRAIN Forward then Eureka High School For we are all for thee. b And we will fight to make thee The best school in Missouri. America, outstanding in science, economics, inventions, modernization, government, and many other areas of development, now stands on the threshold of world leadership. She has achieved this success and advancement by virtue of the resourcefulness, resiliency, and untiring efforts of her people and the inherent strength of her institutions, of which the school is a basic one. The purpose to which this institution is devoted is the developing of leadership that promises a brighter future through education. Therefore, it is to those student leaders-past and present-Whose dynamic personalities are inseparably linked with the identity of the school: to every stu- dent and teacher in all branches of education who have helped to make this and every year worth while: and to those leaders of future years that we respectfully dedicate this nine- teen forty-seven EUREKANA. Five lIfSl.lIi GRIMUS Supa-rinlemlent W.1shingtimn U niversily lid. D. BFNJAMIN BUDIJIEIVIIIYIAR Setence University of Missouri A. M. lfI.l:ANUll .lOl INSON English and Speech Drury College A. B. lVlARIl- HAR'I"I'NIAN llflusie VJeI1ster College B. in M. S i x ETHEI. PIIQRCIE FRANCES ROQU IES HARDIQMAN Claowir Mathematics Social Studies English University of Missouri Drury College University of Missouri A. M. A. B. B. S. in Ed. IWORGAN SEIA-'IDGE CORALEE BARNES ALICE 'TURIJEY Principal Voc. Home Economies Social Studies Colorado University N. E. Mo. Teachers' College Cen. Mo. Teachers' College M. S. DOROTHY Vv'lI.I..IAMS English and Latin Xklashington University A. M. DoNAi.D Rivvvroii B. S. in Ed. l.UCII.l.lff DAVIDSON Physical Education Kansas University B. S. in Ed. VIVIAN POUNDS Physical Etluvulion Sefrelary University of' Missouri M. lf. ganna! af Z ' XV. Vvv. lVlAUI'IN Al, BUSH IIMII. XAlAI.l.ACH OLIVER KIDD ROBIERT GIQLILIIIE EARL CAHUON B, S. in Ed. VIRGINIA Nliilllilfli Cornnn-rcial S. XV. Mo. Teachers' College B. S. in Ed. EDNA LYNCH Co m merfial N. E. Mo. Teachers' College B. S. in Ed. 0-df mah-V 1 ' 'W' 'iw avfwsm if VZ? za . - See how well you know your friends. Make your choices: then check for the answers as you turn the following pages. Helen: a. stop, b. jump, c. stahl, d. run. Homer: a. weak, b. huskey, c. strong, d. brawny. Helen: a. brave, b. courageous, c. bold, d. manley. Loretta: a. cowbell, b. schubel, c. bluebell, d. dinner bell. Don: a. ferrier, b. cobbler, c. blacksmith, d. weaver. George: a. joke, b. tease, c. pester, d. jester. Warren: a. noschmidt, b. niederschmidt, c. everyschmidt, d. anyschmidt. Joe: a. tinker, b. baker, c. miller. d. tailor. Charles: a. cruce, b. fly, c. glide, d. sail. Eugene: a. flower, b. reed, c. cress, d. fern. Norma: a. growl, b. bite, c. howl, d. schnapp. Joyce: a. mountain, b. valley, c. hill, d. plateau Myrtle: a. fmcl coy, b. bashful, c. shy, d backward. George: a. maples, b. ochs, c. ashes, d. pines Edna: a. hang, b. imprison, c. lynch, d. tor- ture. Dona: a. ridicule, b. mimic, c. imitate, d. mach John: a. superb, b. wonderful, c. devine, d nice. Gene: a. mueller, b. carpenter. c. mechanic, d farmer. Mary: a. vacation, b. holladay, c. festivity, d anniversary. Fred: a. tiger, b. lamb, c. wolf, d. dog. Mary Ann: a. peppy, b. happy, c. droopy, d lively. Kaye: a. sour, b. sweet, c. fmcj dill, d. kosher Helen: a king, b. princess, c. empress, d. duch- ESS. Lowell: a. skating, b. swimming, c. bowling d. jumping. Eight Lucille: a. got-a-way, b. found-a-way, c. hathaway, d. lost-er-way. Jim: a. rope, b. wire, c. chain, d. koebel. Tom: a. pearl, b. ruby, c. diamond, d. emerald Phyllis: a. slender, b. plump, c. stout, d. thin Maud: a. stops, b. looks, c. pauses, d. parks James: a. cutsel, b. ripsel, c. froesel, d. tearsel Calvin: a. grabbed-her, b. held-her, c. hugged her, d. koester. William: a. ancient, b. young, c. antique, d modern. Tom: a. granite, b. slate, c. marble, d. lime. Buddy: a. high, b. medium, c. neutral, d. lowe Annie Lorie: a. Rocky, b. Alp, c. Ozark, d Appalachian. James: a. moore, b. little, c. less, d. much. Wanda: a. ache, b. hurt, c. payne, d. ail. Reuben: a. bat, b. buzzard, c. robin, d. crow Carol: a. streams, b. brooks, c. lakes, d. rivers Shirley: a, divan, b. bed, c. sofa, d. kausch. Bob: a. saw-her, b. caught-her, c. grabbed-her d. broeker. Gilbert: a. woodsaw, b. meatsaw, c. litzau, d hacksaw. Bob: a. bird, b. fish, c. fowl, d. goat. Clement: a. shoes, b. hatz, c. coats, d. gloves Dot: a. animal, b. insects, c. perssons. d. places Eugene: a. birdhouse, b. barnhouse, c. dog- house, d. playhouse. Walter: a. plantin', b. raisin', c. pickin'. d breeden. Bobby: a. boehr, b. fox, c. lion, d. goat. Dorothy: a. nickel, b. dollar, c. dime, d. quarter Wilma: a. toldwell, b. saw-well, c. caldwell d. heardwell. xxX HRX XXX QM? Folie Ab The And And Ere A sf rnbllhq OV on .nn .-4'! 077 HARRY' A'l'WliI.l. Quiet. reserueil and wellflzhetl Intramural Sporta '40, '47: One Acta '47, RICHARD BACON .4 miyhlu mun ia hef Baweball '40, '47: Track '45, '40, '47, One Acts '4', LOUISE BARTOLD Quiet in srhrml lherr tx no duuhl. Hu! wulrh her when the xrhoul is nul Ci, A. A. '46, '-47: Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Student founf cil 44, Prom Lommittee '401 Library Stall '40: Annual StatI 47: Spring Cfoncert '40, '47: Intramural Sports '45, '40, '-67. One Actx '-17: Opererta '-95. ROBERT BIRD A happy hear! uml Iwirilrling eyes. Pleuaantry tx botmtl to rise. Izntered lfureka High School '40, '47, Baseball '4b. Seniur Soft- ball Team '-46: Intramural llrawltetball '4', FERN BOEWYZR None look but to admire, Lil-'e Club '44, '45, '47: Bugle Staff '47: tfheer leader '47, Junior Prom Maid '40, Senior Prom Maid '47: G. A. A. l'resif tlent '47: Intramural Spurtv '46: Senior t'ommittee '47: Student t'ouncil '44, '45, Senior flass Treasurer '47: Senior Popularity Girl '47 VERNE BREIQDEN l'hen he will Iulk ye gutlaf Hou: he will lulkf Vice-President of Sophomore Class '45: Vice-President of Sturient Council '47: Library Stall '40: Bugle SUR' Iftlitor '47: Annual Staff '40, '47: Junior Play '-40: One Acts '46: Basketball '45, '40, '47: Track '40, Prom Committee '40, Glee Klub '47: Mixed Chorus '47, Sophomore Softball: lrreshman Basketball: Attentletl Northweatern National Institute. WALTER BREEDEN Happy um If-from ears um free. Why un-n'l ull rrtnlent with me? Baxltetball '45, '46, '47: One Acts '4b: Glee Club '44, Student Vouueil Alternate: Sophomore Class l'resident1 Prom Vummittee '40, JOHNNY BUFORD Simere with :liner truua, TOM CAUSEY lum it rip! ap! In do unurlung. NORMAN CLAMORS Large iuua hia bounty und htx mul sxnrere. lilee Club '45, '40, '47, Intramural Sportx '45, '40, One Ach .47 BERNICE DAI flltruyx hllflp'-it ulituys lheit- she goes, on her Secretary'Treasurer ol' Freshman Vlass 47, Mixed lfhurus '40: All County library Staft '-17: Student Council '40 '47, Intramural Sports '44, '45, '41 '45, '47: Prom tfcmmiltee '40, G, A, 'ILKE guy. nn-rru uuu Glee Club '44, '45, '40, Chorus. '47: Junior Play: : Oflice Staff '47: Une Acts li Student lfouncil Alternate A, '40, '47, Dorotttas Dam Srlenre lhul'a rnflen broken with mueh sucreaa, . , ' 4, '45, '40, '47, Glee Klub Paailtetball Maid '47: G, A A 4 44, 45, 40, 4!: One Staff: Bugle Stall: Prom Secretary ol ll. R. '45, Ach '47i Mixed fhorus '47, Office l'ommtttee. Treasurer of ll, R. '47, I DOROTHY Dl1SAl.Ml4 luhm llumm ln lhrll funn' lhxml 45 -Hx, '-lf. Spring fkarucvrr '-Hu, '-F tounlv ll-xrivnl 411. '-6' One Arn '-17: Orch-wrr.u '-HJ JOHN DEVINL5 Hr mfr.-.x nl pl.-uw lnrr.1mur.1l Spnm '41, lVlARY DIEVINF Shn' nmlulurl u xnulv lllfmrv Stall 4-. Ulln' Smtf '-li Jbssmmi DUFF Krmwlmigl- hath pun-1 Fnlcrui lmm Llcvclnml Hugh Sclmul. G A, A '40, '47, lubmuv Bull -Hu. -lf. l.AVI5RNEECKL1l.MAN .Y-11 nm A.-ru-,u,x, mn nm gm. xl xwull grrl rn rrurh or plum ln .N A '-Uv, '47 Cllcc l'lub '43 ll'lr.lmur.ll Spuru '44, '-05. 4' .lunmr Plnv: l.ihr.1ry Surf '-W': Officu Sxntl '-V. Un: Arn 4. ARLINE PICK Um Wu mp :hrs um ll, A. A. '45, '40, '47, Glcc Cflub '45, '46, '47 Intramural Sporlx '45, Juninr Plav. Unv Acts '-471 Offrcc Staff '-17: Spring Vonirrl '-Hx. '47 ELSIE FRANDSEN lm ,,..fuf.- l,m,nl fur .mn Um Act- '-G", Srunlvnr Vuzxlwcil '44, l,1brnrv Staff '45, Buglr Stall '4- PAUI. FRANDSEN .l Hur- ymllvnvun who Iuuks Ihr part, llrcxuicnl of l7rcwl'nr.xn Claw '-ll: Vxccfprcsidvnr ol Soplmnmrc Flaw '-H Prcxidrnt of Scnnor flaw '47, Scnior fornrnitlcr '-I7: Om- Arms '4": Pruidrnl of H R '-ll. '-W", JIM FROESIEI. Hmm lull' Ihr' gr!! uf luughlrr Sunil-nr Inuncll '41, Annual Sufi '-V': Srnim fnmmutlcc '-V, Um- .Xiu '-V. LUClLl.l2 I'lA'l'HAXVAY sl phunlmry uf mlrlrybl. Ulm- l'lub 45, '46, '-ff, Nllxul Clmrux '-Hu. Spring lnnfvrl '46, LR .-X A '-Hs, '4', MARY JANE HIECKl5I.MANN Xl J ll am! llrllgvml' v1fLm!.x Suu. s .Xnnual Null '-Hy Om- Aux '44 MARY Lou HOLLADAY ,Vw m-ru: zmuhllw rmublv unnl rmublr zmubl.-N iw Srudcm inuncnl -H lnbmrv sun '-V. agn- Elm' U77 Twelve .,,v1 ROBERT HUNNICUTT 'I hmu' away .wrruwf Vuxl uuuay run. Sembfw JERRY HLlTCPllSON Napulvon was a lillle man. Band and lntmnlurnl Sporty RALPH JAEQER Ihr :ln-puxl rim-r bzdfs lhs' pun-sl guild. NORMA JEAN JARVIS A yn-nllv Iusx tuilh a mrrry Iuugh. lilcc Klub '44, '45, G. A. A. '45, '46, '47g Intmmuml Sports '44 '45 '46 JAMES JONES fl man nl few wurrrrx. linlcxrd from Marxlun High Srhoolz Softball '46, Bnskrlball '46, '47 LORRAINE KAJEWICZ I-'mrrdxhm has powvr, G. A, A, '45, '46, '47: l,hmry Staff '45, 47 ELIZABETH KELLY Quu-I Luth pll'uA1ng munnvr Un: Aclw '47, JUNE KETTERING ll'halm'vr rs uwrlh mlrung al all tx wurlh doing r.L'n'Il. lilrc Club '44, '47: Mixed Vlmrux '47. JAMES KOEBEI, Hr rsn'l lull 1:1 hzg ur strung. liul hr' as nvar whuv lhmgx qu usmng. Ona Aus '46: Annual Stall '46, '-17: of Scnior flaws CALVIN KOESTER funn! nulurvd. lnlxnmurnl Sports '-H11 Track '-Hx: Unc Acts '47, MAKE KREIENKAMP Sli!! wafer runs zlcvp. ti. A. A,'-15, '46, '47, One Acta '-17. HARVEY KRUEGER "Thr sagr lhlnkx much. hu! says lrrllv, lnlmmulal Sports '45, '46, I RENELDIA LALK fl gentle lass crowned with sweetness, Office Staff '47, ANNA PEARL LANGEWISCH She who labors, conquers. Annual Staff '47: Office Staff '47: Library Staff '47: One Acts '47 IRAGENE LEE Hi-'x bigger Ihun you think. Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47: Band '44, '45, '46, '471 Baseball '45, '46, '471 Mixed Chorus '471 Student Council Alternate '47, All Vounty Chorus '47: One Acts '46: Softball '46, '47, CHARLES LITZAU Ht' funn-s at every beck and full, With Pdlfll und brush he covers all, Ou! on the floor tl'S basketball. Iintered from Brentwood in '45, Bugle Stal? '46, '47: Annual Staff '46, '47: Basketball '45, '46, '47: Track '46, '-47: Prom Committee '46: President ol H, R, '47: Intramural Sports '46, '47: Art Vvlork for School '46, '47, MARX' ANN LIVELY Nou: lo the damsel thu! is merry. Entered from Gompers High School '43: Junior Play: One Acts '46: Ci. A. A, '45, '46, '47: Glee Club '47, BUDDY LOWE To every wherefore he has a why, President of ll, R. '44, '43, '46, '47: Softball Team '45, '46, '47: Glee Club '471 Mixed Chorus '47: Intramural Sports '45, '46, '47: Popularity Junior Boy '46, TOMMY MARBLE lvhul ture I if bookwurms get lmltgestlun' lnliainiiral Sports '44, '45, '461 News Staff Editor '46, '47, ARVILLE MERTZ A kinder friend has no man. Intramural Sports '47, GILBERT MERTZ ,-l little rmnsense nuu: uml then In relished hu Iht' best of men. Track '45, '46, '47: Band '44, '45, '46, '47: Junior Softball Team, Senior Softball Team: One Acts '46: lntramural Sports, GLADYS MERTZ Little strolzvs fill grunt ouks, Intramural Sport: '45, '47: Glen Club '45, '-16: G. A. A, '45, '46, '-47: Mixed Chorus '46: Spring Concert '46: Office Staff '47: One Acts '47, KENNLQTH MERTZ illirschieruus. Qilee Club '45, '46, '47: Baseball '46, '47: One Acts '47: lntta- mural Sports '44, '45, '46, '47: Junior Softball Team: Senior Soltball Team. DOLORES MITCHELL ,4 friendly nuture ix the key to mulzlng friends. Band '45, '46, '47: Glue Club '46: G, A, A. '45, '46, '47: Orchestra '473 One Acts '47: Spring Concert '46, '47, Thirteen endow DANIEL lVlO'l'Z Qunlr un mlm lr Arla 4, DAVE MUNIIQRD Inn Ihr" zmwqrmlwrl, Irv ll-uI.l ulquv 41111 llaxkvlball '44, '45, '40, 47 Band '44, '45, '40, 4' Sccrclarx' and 'I'u'.nllrvr nl' Banll '40, Um' Acu '40, All inunlv Hand '4" KAYE lVlCDll.l, K ,ln all-around num. , ff llllm apurrs Ihruuyh Ihr bumi liaxlu'llvall '44, '45, '40, '47, Hand '44, '43, '40, Vin' Prulllcnl , '47 'lrcasurvr, Mnxcd lhmus, V1ccl'rvulu'nl nt' Frulmman Vlan, Clarinui lin-,rmblc '44, '45, '40, Bawball '45, '40, '47, Track 45, '40, '47, Brass l5nwmbll- '45, Snlllwall '-Hu. Annual Slalf '40, '47: NL-we Stall' '40, '-47: l'mn1 Imnnnllcc '40' .lunmr , Stud.-nl Vuunfll '40, liuglc Slafl '471 All lwunw Orchurra , m- 1 4 s , DAVIQ MCGRAW Hua lnmlra luv luxl ui munlu nmld lm hrlrdu xpmzrlv uml umlml bull! ll R, I'xrs1lIcnt '44, '40: Baslwxball '44, '45, '40, 4', Slullcnl Cnuncxl Allvrnalc '44, '45, Prusulcnr '4T': Track '45, '40, '47: an-ball '40, '47, Vxrcfl'rcxidcnl .Iunmr Vlan '-40: Prom Com lnillvc '40 Junior Play: Intramural Sports '44, Hugh- Stall '4': Xlml Popular Huy '47, Sullball '45, '40 MARII.l'N MCKIEAN ul rful'vv1Iu glri u'zIf1 ll flu-mllu mull- lnlsrrsl Irvm Maplrwuvd Hugh: lnlramural Npnrlx 45, '40, ln A A '45 '40, '47. Ulm' l'lul'1 '44, '45, 40, '47, Svirvlalv of .Iunmr Clam '40: library Slalf 40: Prom llnnnxiuw '40: Juumr Play '46, Sludvnl Vnunnl Allrrnalv '40, Xlixrll Vhnrus '46, Nm-wx Staff '40: Office Slaff '47: All Lhunty Vlmrus 4", Iiaslwl- l'.1ll Quurn '47 DOROTHY Ntxljllgll Rr.wr"n'll hu! lrnmlly lfnlvrcd lmm Pallunvlllc '43, GEORGE OCHS ,X'u'.'r' ini run- fu'rpll'Avrl, DORIS OLSEN In ml' rmlrr lluur la nulwv lhnum lhan ull IM' glrzax nl url, Ulu' Vlub '45, '40, '47: Spring luncvrl '40, '4', luhrarv '40, l'rnm Vumnwiltcc '40, Mixul lhnrus '40: .Iunmr Plav '40, Annual Slafl '40, Fdilnr '47, All Vuunlv ihnnux '4' ' ANNIIE l,ORIli OZARK l:'L'l'lu X'1'r!ul" l'L'vlU funn" l,nwr.-ll lrnnm Snutlmwuu '40, lllu- Vlub '41 Annual Srafi' '4' l.ORRAlNl? P1'Kl5l3RA'l'll llrl vym ull' rm xlurs -JI' lnrlllghl I If lu lqhl mn h 1 liuxlw hm .1 r '11 J 47 l , Murlmx luuncll Alu-rnur '-H: ll, R, llruili.-nr '45 ll R Sv. lvlary '40, '47 .lunmr Llaxx 'lrcasurcr '40, Cllvc l'lub '45: U A, A, '40, '-87: .lunxnr Play '40, Annual Stall '40 l'mrn Own mlllrr '40, Ncws Stall '-46: Junmr Prom Maul '40, S-'num l'mnx Maul '47 Mm! Popular .Iunmr lnrl '40, S.-nmr ikwnnmllcr 47 library Stall '47 Ufllcv Nall '-V' MA UD PARKS flown ll: Ihr clvuzmw ldnmal' llrmplm uw' pull: nal.-.V Club '45, '40, '43 Mixed fwfr., '41 cs A A '41 mmf Slafl '47, I VFRA PAULDINU llw au'-'a'Ir.! qlulrlml Il' Il,l' xll'l'rl-'-I man! ll, R. Vnccljrcsidrnt '-45: H, R, Srcrclary'l'ruaxurcr '40, l'ruru fumnlillw '401 Li, fx. A '47, lahrary Stall '4', URN: Small 4f: Bugle Stall '47: Prnrn Maud '4', l"KJllI'fl'4l7 I XVANDA l.El' PAYNIE .4 .wil null' zurrzrx lar. Lll Klub '44, '45, '-lh. '47. Mxxcll Vhcrus '-Ha: Orchestra '-lb. Sprung funivrl '4 7 ELAINE PETERSON .llwl hvr any funn uf dug Sh' lllwczys smrlvs Ihl' mrm' Swrul Wulf. llebntr 'l'v.nn '40: Annual Staff '46, '47, Glue C'lub '40, 4' G A. A, '46, '-17. Buglc Staff '47: Oflicv Staff '47'. Nvws Null 47. NORMA POERTNER I nhl' 1-: nmhu frwmls. Q, -X A 41. -Hx. 4 1 lubrnrx' bull 4v. 40, 41. CHESTER POLLARD H.- 1. M pl.-.mul DONALD QUAISTHEM X'-.1 ux nuff: ax :mu Hunk, ROBERT QUAETH EM .fx ll-111mg hmm hath mv, RUSSELL QUAETHEM I nn. in bv .lf hvlp ALOHA QUEATHEM A muldvn calm und snrnu. hlcr Klub '44: lnbmrv Stat? '-45: lnlrnmuml Spnru '45 Annual Stall' '47: ll. A, A Svcrcmry '47, H. R. Secretary '4'. Olllcv Staff 41. Dams MAF RAMBAUD cnh.m.f,h.,,l crml from Wnshxngmn '43, ll. A A. '46, '4': Ulcc Club '46. CECILE RICKARD ,-lllrayw rrmlmf for fun. il A, A '4b. '4': lnlrnfnuml Spvrlx '44, '45, '46, '47, Sprung I-vncrxl '46: Opcrvlta '44, Hlfl.lfN RIDGLEY rlqnmlhlu ln u luvzul luulf. Lf A A '45, '40, '47: Gln' Club '4fxg Lihmrv Slnfl 4". Oflicv Null' '-l", ll. R. Sccrclnrv '45, Spring Vnncurl '46 TOM RUBY lhl- mulus lhut wm, Suplmnmrv 'lrrnxurvr '45' Studcnt Council '45: Junior Vlnw ljrrsidcnt '4h. Sludvnt fnuncll Allcrnnte '47, Junior Play '-Hx, lluglv Staff '47: H, R. Viccfl'rrxidrnr '-HJ: H. R, 'l'rc.1surrr '47, Intramural Spnrls '46, VT lfrfn-en Szfx' lvvn JOHANNA SAAK ' .Vw nur, xlw uyzxhmi. um! In lin' prrfv lnpn.-.I l'nl.-rl-ll from llurmmnn, Uffucu Sufi '4' ERVlN SCllAl2Dl.l5R l'lm'lJx1I7alu qua! lulr.1mur.ll Spmls '43 40 Rm' Scimzolamlk l'nlrrul lrum Klrluauml JEAN SCHUAUXNN Rolls ul-vm! nwlh u .xnulw uml u sum! ll A A 40, 4 . bln-rilub, 45, '40, '47 Rosle SCllAl5Dl.l5R lluppu-yu-Im hu nwrrgf nmlruf Annual Sum '40, Um' Ach '40, llbrarx Slnll '43, 4' Ullur .uli '47: liuglv Smfl '47 ARI.INlfSl1l2l1l-R .Huh un flu' uf 4-I.-ciluh 44, 41 40, 4' C1 A A '40 4' DAN SHEISRIN lllmlx lrum hm 1.1M yvnwullml muff? llllulwll- num PAT Sylllll I him- 1.5 iw mfr.-1.-1-1 vc Klub 44, 40, '47, Opurclln '4:I. Nllxul Khuxux 40, lnlrn ml Sports '40, Rl A A, '40, 4', Sprung lvmcll '40, lkuunlx Charm '47 'VOM SlXll'l'll lin- llrxl mqrmlwnl m nlmwrmlmn rx rrulln ilu wx! q-ml N.-me Ihv Ihml youll Iummr, um! IM' lumlh ull I'v.1Hlu'lb.1ll '44, '43, '40, '4', lhnd '44, '43, '40, Vxcc I'runl4-nl 4 : IM-bats '40, ,lunior l'l.1v 40. Annual Smff '40 Pmm Cum nnllcr '40, Clqlinsl limrmblr '44, '43 '40, Une Aus '4' JEAN SONTAKE llrlvx lu Ihv lmlnlvrw ul Iuzxflul Muzrn' w . . Lfllu' 5l.lll 4', Ulm' lllllv '43, 40, 4'. M A A 40, 4' -ur Blf'l"l'Y SPAIIVC IJ.-nmrr um! .mmm Hl'l.lfN S'l'Alll, lv w-ln iw vu: -vl' :hu umlj lu .ul 1,1 mwlmln .mrlx 4'w. ll R Sccrvlnrx' 44. 45 40 Klum-ll Lhurux 40, '47, lllvx' lfluh '44, 45. '40 '44, Qi A A 43. '40, '47, Bugle Sufl '4', luunlx Llmrux '4' Ollnc Null '4' ihwr lc.nll'r '47, JOAN STOCKAMP Su xlurcly hi-r form um! xo lovely lu-r fuu- lznlcrul from Cicnlml High: Liles Club '44, '45, '40, '47: Cl, 46 4 S A.A.' , Vunccrr '4 0. ' 7: .ludunt Council '441 Mixed l'horus '46, Spring HAROLD ST. ONGIE sl smilv fur ull, Sports '45, '46, '47 RUTH STROTHKAMP Whal rx mon' gratifying than an cull.-ss rhum of ffwnlxf Glue Club '44, '45, '46, '47: Studcnt Council '44: Studint Council Alre lnlmmurnl S Stull 4- male '45: Opervrln '44, '-45: G. A. A. '46, '47, porlw '45, '46, '47: H. R, YifcP:'c..inlv11l '47: Uflicv MARJORIE STUBBLEFIELD llvr .-.pi-wh ix ua u lhuumml vm-Q 'l hmugh xulvrfh wr sw lln- u."rlil. linlcivd from Mnncrt '-16: Buglc SMH' '-47: Uflicr Sufi' 4' FREDDIE VESPER A will um! u way, Frcwhmnn flaw Prvxidcnt '44: Band '44, '45, '4h. Prciidcnl '47, Intr.miur.1l Sports '45, 46, County Music Festival '46, '4': Ons Acts '47, FERMIN VOSS Wvll nh.-41 Inunmuml Sparta. IM-,cb.iIl Tcnm '44, '45, MARY' Voss .4 happy hi-ml and uslnnmg uzzyw, Cl, A, A, '46, '47i lntmmurml Sports '44, '-43: Glvc Cflub '43, 'mm Lommiltcc '46: Bugle Staff '47, Office Staff '47, SPENCER WADDELI. ll'l1rlh r17.1lar,x Ilw mun, Sportx '40, '47 B.iwlv.1Il ' ', RA'Y'KlfJND WAl,l.ACll llrrfs for u girl ln a'L'ury r-wp. 44 '46, '47t B.1slwtb.ill '45, '46. lnlx.1mur.ll Sports 44, 4v, -Hi, 41. SHIRLEY XWEBFR lfurlh has rm! unuthmg lu shwu' nwrv fuif, lznlurcd from l'lcvul.1nd, Hiking, Rnllcr Sknling. Volluvball, Buwlf ing Vlubs '44 At liurckn: Gln: Klub '45, '46, '4': G. A, A 46, '47, Mixed Chorus '46, Spring Conccrl '46, LUCILLE VVIRTH Hur flu'mll'1m'.w wux m"l-1' ili'mi'lI li A A, 4'v, 4lv, ,, l'n DON WOLFE ,' uk lm: if Fund '46, '47, Sunxor Vonxlnlltcc '47, len-nl from Stsclvillu '-46: Biulwibull '46, '-47: Track '40, '47, ' .' ' IE 1,1 Ii. 5 ,,,, -,Q 5 'qv' ug-ni ' r Svuen teen 'Wwtow A memorable undertaking was approached by an unusually large group of excited individuals in September of 1943 as the present senior class entered Eureka. This group of one hundred thirty-nine students assumed its first responsi- bility by choosing Freddy Vesper, Kaye McDill, and Bernice Dahlka, to fill the executive posi- tions. Representing us on the student council were Fern Boewer, James Froesel, Joan Stock- amp and Ruth Strothkamp. Activities were limited, but we were not to be held down. In the annual basketball game between freshmen and the eighth graders we were victorious. Our first year of unforgettable experiences was completed in May with the departure from books and the familiar title. Returning from vacation the following Sep- tember were one hundred twelve energetic soph- omores, prepared to continue on the road to success. The officers selected for this year were: Walter Breeden, president: Verne Breeden, vice-president: Helen Stahl, secretary, and Tom Ruby, treasurer. Our delegates to the student council were Fern Boewer, Clark Casey, Mary Lou Holladay, and Tom Ruby. We advanced to a higher position among our fellow students by contributing seven members to the basketball team, supplying girls for the softball team, giv- ing an assembly, and by winning the freshman- sophomore basketball game. With May another chapter in our history was concluded. The fall of 1945 brought back one hundred six juniors who had the traditional pep, energy, and vitality of the original freshman class. Ex- tra special events of our high school life were introduced during these fifth and sixth semes- ters. To enable us to carry on our business intelligently we elected Tom Ruby and Dave McGraw as president and vice-president respect- ively. Marilyn McKean and Lorraine Paffrath were in charge of keeping our records and finances. Three members, Bernice Dahlke, Kaye lVlcDill, and Jane Zuber, assisted in making decisions in student affairs. Nine juniors were selected to compete in basketball. In the junior- senior softball game we administered another defeat to our opponents with a score of 3 to 2. E lghleen I VERNON RUSSERT rllwuys employed in something useful. Intramural Sports. WILLIAM YOUNG Anal still Ihvy gazed, und slrll Ihc womler grew Thai a head so small roulz! carry ull he kneuf. Entered from Soldan: Debate Team '46: Editor of the Annual '4h. Our first setback came when the seniors out- scored us in the junior-senior basketball game. A "big" event of the year was the presentation of the play, "Going Places." The event most highly anticipated was the prom. A capable committee made it an impressive occasion for all who came. Fern Boewer and Loraine Paffrath were chosen as our prom maids. .A year of many happy hours spent together and events never-to- be-forgotten was thus drawn to a close. On September 6, 1946, we returned for the last time. A group of one hundred sophisticates. ones who were respected by their underclassmen. Organizing, the first task, was diligently per- formed, and those placed in the key positions were: Paul Frandsen and Jim Koebel, president and vice-president: Aloha Aueathem, secretary, and Fern Boewer, financier. Three delegates, Dave McGraw, who was elected to the executive position of the council, Verne Breeden, and Rob- ert I-Iunnicutt, represented us on the council. An abundance of events and activities immersed from everywhere. The first special item on our social calendar was the annual junior-senior Christmas Party, featured by the crowning of a basketball queen! Congratulations go to Mari- lyn McKean, recipient of this honor. This was certainly a merry Christmas, for just before the holidays those distinctive beauties arrived-our rings. In sports we continued to advance by defeating the juniors in the annual softball game, which we also did in the yearly basket- ball game. As our high school careers neared an end, activities became extremely numerous. The one- acts, the musical festival, the senior play and the much-loved prom were over before we'd realized it was spring. Three attractive ladies were our prom maids. They were Fern Boewer, Lorraine Paffrath and Vera Paulding. Time exceeded all limits and May appeared. Excitement and ac- tivities were at their climax-examinations. baccalaureate, senior day, and, last but far from least, GRADUATION! Happy and proud were we to have our diplomas, but within our hearts we all felt quite deeply impressed with the fact that parting was truly sweet sorrow. Came September 5, 1944, and a hundred and seven frightened freshmen groped their ways through the unfamiliar halls of Eureka High School. We were uncertain and bewildered, and the Seniors terrified us. In not too long a time, however, we adjusted ourselves to our surround- ings and buckled down in earnest to the duties at hand. Our class chose four boys as officers: Charles Cruce, president: Eugene Sehrt, vice-president: Charles Mach, secretary, and Harry Gebhardt, treasurer. To represent each of our home rooms on the student council we chose: from Miss Jump's home room, Mary Lois Glaser: from Mrs. Roques', Peggy Ann Dodson: and from Miss Atkisson's, Eugene Sehrt. We gave a large contribution of class members to the band, and we were the victors in the freshman-eighth grade basketball game. In 1945 we returned to Eureka High School greatly decreased in number. Now there were only eighty-seven of us. But, we were sopho- moresl This time there was less frightened con- fusion and a more business-like adaptation to duties. Elections were soon cleared away, and the results showed that once again a fine group had been chosen to conduct the affairs of our class. As president we chose Charles Mach: as vice-president, Charles Krieg: and as secretary- treasurer, Eugene Sehrt. Our class sponsors were Miss Griggs, Miss Crowe, and Mr. Alex- ander, with Gardner Hausman, Lois Darnell, and Betty Heitman as those chosen to represent . ww their respective home rooms on the student council. As sophomores we contributed several of our class to the basketball and track teams, and our acting genius was displayed in the sophomore assembly. The fall of the present school year brought many happy juniors back to enjoy and work with all the traditions of E. H. S. Early in the year we chose our class oflicers. Charles Mach was again selected president: Charles Krieg, vice-president: Joy Hellwig, secretary: and Dona Mach, treasurer. Our class sponsors were Miss Lynch, Miss Johnson and Mr. Budde- meyer, and to represent each of their home rooms on the student council were Charles Cruce, Eugene Sehrt and Charles Krieg. Among the major events of our third year were the junior-senior softball game and the junior play. The junior-senior softball game was lost to our elders, but only with the de- termination to win back the honor in our senior year, and the presentation of "A Date With Judy" was a performance upon which we will always look with pride. When gossip of the spring prom began to permeate through the halls, we chose as our prom maids Dona Lou Mach and Joy Hellwig, two pretty and popular lasses. At this time Eureka High School is a place that will remain deeply embedded in our fondest memories, and we look forward with pleasure to our senior and final year. Nineteen 'Q , 'Q '.z2 4 I I 'Inu-nlmf ' 4 . I INIARYIN Am: CI .XRIIRI-I. ARI-I' VI-1e.'xB1 I Ii DORIS Pall IIVK Bora Bm-111: Rum RI Bm II BI IIN ISIQLHCIQXIAN Bl-'I II' Blemvx IIXNII-I Bvicmx Rl-L'm4x Brix.-xmu X'r41cNoxC.Ixx1v1s1'l I II-1.x MM Coral rss UI,-X111 1+ t,RL'v1- I ms DMN: 1 1 NIARII Dfxvis IfIDXX'.'XRlJ DI-YINI' INTRO I I IX IINII I'I IXIULLI NI' lZ1A:l,Im I'II.I-I-N I'L1RII1XN CIIARI I6 I:L'I lfIII R IIARRN CII'I'vII.XRI3I KI NNIIIII CII .XNIHII IXIXRY I HIS CII ,NSI R :Xl IVI IIAIQAN IEUIS IIXMIINII II R lI.XRI'7XI-R II.'XI'5XI.-XX I1wI'IINIII-IINI.-XX .Im III'I 1 Wu, Dumas III Nlzmvlis ANNA HIM I-R MAIN III-I'l IR A1'1u1eI-I IIUI-I IMI- Vnvll-1 Hun 1-xx.-X 1113!-NI' Sl-RI l'I cuahw NLKRY HoN1u14wR'V CARI. HUDSON XVINI-RIED Husm Y J.-mils JUN!-S ffl SH: JUNU Dux Kr-RN HI-RMAN K1-UNL HI4l.l-N Klxc, ClI-RAI,DINi- Korim-1. CHARLIAS KRIIALT DUNALIJ I,ICHlL'S MII,'ION l.1'lzmxnx1A1e QHARI rs MACH DONA I.oL' MACH Glicvlzull NIANVIAZKI- XV1l.1sl'R'I Ml-RTL ldxvlflaxrl Mowlnauxllllu' N-1.fx1z'rzN Mow Doreo'1'm' Nlcimrl Str Nomxu-xsr-N K MNH 11- QL'Al5'I'HI4N1 CARUI Rlvues fVlIfI.X'IN SCHA1-1-1,14 I5I,ORI-NCT SCI IO!-'I'l'I.l-R I .lmxxr Vfxujlll-le LZIIRAID WAI 1 .Mil- lfMlI. l.L lxl- Vx All ACH . , v IUIINNY XVIIITIA XVll.lilfR'I' VVSPI-R ROY XVIRTH CHARLI-S NVINKIJA NHARII- Vx'Ul.I-l- 'l'u'w7Iy A one 'l'LUl'l7lU- I Luo I my ,- 'O K . .1 43 A ,X RQ 'I I 1-wq S HI'I.l-N Ax'R1fs .lUI1BAKIfR liUc1ifN1f BARNIRASII MAX BARNLIS RAl.1f1l Blllfl' RL"ll1l,l11- BIRD DONALD BUNACR1-'R l,uw1fl.1. Bowl mu Ifl.oR15Nc,:l1 Bolfcimrl MANN BOB BROFKVR ARNQLD BL'R'mN NX'lI.MA CAI.lJWl4I,l, PAT CAUSIAY HARULIJ C21 I-x'lfNca1AR CHAR: 1-s Cm'1fR'l' IQARI. CLAMURS Vlci Comm-R Rosh lfl.l.l'N Cum rss NORMA JUAN D12 BACCo li'I'lHil. DIfN'l'oN .Im DliSAl.Ml- Mm. DISNH IHDWARD Dwmss GLEN EBLQRWLAN .IVNNYl.IllfliSc1lll4NBRliNNl-R PATSY If'l'ZOl.l7 CllARI.IfS If11RuusoN l2l.VlRA FIQR 'N-'Bora ITRANDSIAN .IIAAN FRANKLIN 1VlARIl.YNl3RANZ BI5'I"l'Y JANE FUNK SHIRLEY FUNK DONALD GIfA'l'l.l:Y GHJRLEI4 GOFHRI' C11AR1.l2s GRIN-URI? CnAR1.rfs GRlAu5s l lil AND HAt1i5MI'Il1R RICHARD HAHAY ALMA HARD1-s'l'x RICIIARD HARRISON CIl.lsMr4N'1'H,-xv LEULQIINLI HAL'SSlfI.S MARY Lol' HIIITZ LAURA HUHINIJ S NQRMAN HLISIHQS Blu Y .lmcinx .lx-AN Josh SuN.1A JUNL1 S11lR1,1fx' K,-xrscill .llxxxw Kumi lil ,UNF KLZRN LHJNARI7 KLSSI-l.S RUBI-RAI Kl4L'Nl- VRANK Kolisw-R DORI.IfNli KOHLVR DARWIN KRAUS JANI: KRAUSCII IA VHRNIQ KRUIZQHQR JUNIOR KRL'MR!5Y .loHNI.AN1u DORIS LHIMANN G1I.BLR'l' l.l'l'ZAL' :XR'I'Hk'R IVlAc1A1.Am' FRANCIS IVIACAIJXDY RICHARD MAINISRN Hr-1.1-N MAN11-Y .MAN MCKM lfI.lZ-'XNOR Mlfll-li DONALD MIIRTZ NIILIJRE-ID N1lzR'l'Z DONALD Ml'I'CI1lI:l.l. NIORRIS PAT NIORRIS DOROTHY NIOTZ Iiull-Nl1ML'liI.l,lQR J. C. N1cI1o1.s NIARII- NOl.l.M,-KN VICRY O'DoNNl4.1,1, MARY I7AI5IfRA'IAII B1-x'11R1.x PARRS .IVAN PARKS lfuam' P,-xL'1.mNu N'lARY PAYNP Rmsfx Pl4MBi'R'I'ON IJ-ROY Pl:'I'l4RSON DONALD l71,L'NKli'l"l' VRANCIS I,ljl'R,IkNllR .IL'Nll POVRTNIER N1ARCl1I.I.APOI-R'l'Nl5R 'I'u.'un1u - I hrm A" -v '. Y , .NJ ' K 'r I ,., C , "W Y 1 -it ., 4 'U Roi' l3Ol?R 'IAN li R lfARl. RAMBAUD i l.l2ONARD REIS JANICIE SAAK .lliAN SAAK lVll5l.VIN SAAK CHARLES SANULRS KIINNIVIXH SCllAl1DI.lfR l7l.ORA SCHMIDT RONALD SCHMIDT HAROLD SCHNARR l.ORl:'l"l'A SCIIUBFI. ALVIN SCllUl.'lil- lfl.VIN SONTALR lVlARll.YN SPAL'l.DlNk JOHN SIPROCK Hlil,l5N STARR l'l.ORliNCl5 S'l'l3INlfR'l' ROSUMARY STIQVIQNS DOROTHY THORBURG lVlARI.lZNl5 TILKIER l:RANK Vlilll,WAl.D lVlARGARli'l' VJADDELI. lVlARIl,YN Vw'INKl.l5 l5RlflJ Worr 4' Hi1Nio' Wiizm lVlARVlN Youxo aw icing lt goes without saying that the history of the present sophomore class is the most outstanding of any class that has ever entered Eureka High. This fact evidenced by the following notables found in our midst. Bing Crosby--Vic Cooper Helen Jacobs-Helen Ayres Dinah Shore--f Harry James- Marilyn Franz Jim D:Salme Betty Grable-Jenny Eschenbrenner Danny Kaye- Fanny Bryce- - Twmru-four Mel Disney Joan McKee Hedy LamarrhlVlary Paffrath Robespierre-Leland Hagemeier Frankie Carl-Fred Wolf Bob Hopefloe Baker Gene Autry-Darwin Kraus Ethel Smith-Betty Jane Funk Ted Williams+Harry Strothkamp HARRY S'l'RO'l'l lKAMl' Um ' emu' At the beginning of a long and happy year on September 3, 1946, we, one hundred and one bewildered newcomers opened Eureka's doors. Although quaking legs and quivering lips kept reminding us of our fright, we quite readily adapted ourselves to our new surroundings. Wasting time was foreign to us and before many days had passed, we had assured ourselves of secure footing on the untrodden path which lay ahead by selecting strong leaders to guide us along the way. Bill Mach was given the lead man's staff with Joyce McGee to aid him: Virginia Jaycox was to keep our records while Rex Barnes paid the bills. To plead our case and keep us informed Clinton Estelle, Johanna Honigfort, and Bill Mach were sent to the stu- dents' council. We were a very active class, and consequently many of our number were found taking part in the various activities which had made us deeply attached to our new life. Among those things to which we point with pride are: those of our class who were on the honor roll, the members we contributed to the band and choral groups, our entertaining assembly program, the number of our boys who became a part of the track team, our freshman basketball squad, and those of our boys who were on the "B" team. The highlight of our first year was the play- ing of the freshman-sophomore basketball game, in which we bowed to our predecessors by four points. However, our spirit was undaunted and remains high in anticipation of the years to come. A Re-FRESH-ing Story On a hill in the little town of COLLIN'Sville lived a HUSKEY and HANSEN fellow. He loved a DEVINE little girl with BROWN wavy hair, who lived across SHEERIN Creek. He would WADE over NEELY every night to see her, and they would sit on the soft GREEN grass, while he would VESPER sweet caresses in her ear. One day he BADER to marry him, but in these days of shortages he didn't know how he could HAUSER. for he didn't want to KRAMPH his parents. A MUELLER, hear- ing of his plight, came to him and said, "WAT- SON this I hear about your wanting a house? I have several BARNES I will sell to you which you could SELVIDGE and rebuild into a home." K Scraping up a NICKEL here and there, he finally had enough to purchase them. So he began to MACH a house in which they were to live. He built it on a HEIDBRINK over- looking a LEE. When the house was finished, they were married and lived as happily as KINGS in their little LOEHR upon the hill. Twenty-five A 1,0 fa. . .ii QU, , I uw-nl ll - su x 7 A"lARI.I'NI- ARIVI' XA'Al.'l'l-'R ARI-'I' DARIJ-Nr BAD!-R Rlfx BARNLS Ki-NNI-'IH Bm-xvl-R BRTDDY BROWN AIARILYN CAHOON l.U'I'IHfR CO1 LINS EDDII5 COVIIRT lfIJl'I'll COX RUTH DI-PIJNDAHI. AAVILLIAM DFVINI4 N1A.IORIIf DOST JOY DRVWVI BARBARA DUI-l C.: INIUN l1s'Ha1.l,l- ROBIfR'I' liwI5N RICHARD I:Ilfl.Nl5R DUN I5l5RRlI5R v . FRANK VRANDSI-N MARILYN GRHN Do1.oRlas GRLf1aNxxvx1.n DoRo'rm' HMM' CIIRIS'I'lNIf HANSIAN I.lfs'1'1IR HARRISON BVRNICIQ HAuss1f1.s l,Il,I.IAN HAUSVR GPN11 HAWR H1f1,12N Hl21msR1NR VFRNON HIiI.l.!fR MAR'1'1N HlfNDR1ciRs IiRNs'l' HIl,l. .Im'CIf HII.1. .IOHANNA HONlUl'UR'I HUMMR HUSKI-Y VVRNON .IAYCOX VIRGINIA JAYCOX JIMMII5 Jl'Ill-RUSS GFORLZIZ .IIZS'I'l4R Bl1'I'I'Y JONVS .lcmili Kllll, l.I'l'A Kms JOHN KRAMPI5 l,oRRA1N15 KR.xx1m- Vs'lI.l ARD In- 7 .l11,-xxl.l-Ml' Dux 10111111 '-' R11111-111' l.1'x1s1n1-N Bll 1 Y MAC11 ""' CIARA ANN M1-XNIf'I'ZKl-' l,o1s MA1eKwA1m'11 MY1z'1'1.14 Mcifiox' .1m'ci1f MCG1515 ANNA Mc:K1i1fv1f1a FFKIXIA MALI NIIECEIJCII AR'l'HL'R Nilzllzk ROSIKIARY NIIERTZ DUANI: MICfKl1I. RUSEELLA ML'lfl,Kl-Ii ARLIENV lVlUlzI,I.lER Bi-'I"lY NICKEI. N1fXRClZLI.A NIliDRlNGIIAL'S SHIRLVY NIIEDRINUHAUS XV.-XRRI-N NlliDlERSCHMlD'I' ROBl5R'I' PAHMl5ll:R RlI.I'Y PIIMBIERIUN RUTH pIfMBlfR'I'ON ANITA PFI RY El.IZABli'I'H RADKMACIHZR HENRY RADIJINUXCHER IVIAR1' RA1J1lx1Act111l1a DUNALD RASC11 Do1,u1e11s RAUsc311111a BILI. ROGERS .HARRY SCI-1M11J'1' NORMAI.l1lESClINAPP AILIEIJN SCHNIQIDER l.II.I.lAN SClI0li'I4'IAl.lER SIIIRLIEY SCHWIZND JOHN 'I'oMS11121a1z1N Vv'll,l.lAMSlfl5L1l5R rXl,IfRI1D SlfI.i.kENRll5K KDNA SMITH PllYl.l.IS STOUI' EDGAR STRANZ MAL'1a1ci1- V1-s1D1lR Al 1111111 W,-x1.1.Ac:11 J1x1x11'W12BP, JUAN W11.1.1Ax1s A11-111211 W1ssMANN MARY Lou W111'1'woR'1'H bs Z - . A .xjrx '14 4'- '1 ' -.Lu Iuenlu S' 'n Emma pk 3 0 AND 5 as Q, I NJ EGIUEQHIEQE . vm A ,5 K ,X-,X im -i',.L.2!Q Q 'sl XX IT K My 1" , W: x ml , f N X gi 41 X in I 5 AJ "LW ,l.gS' .x W' Qlwxlg Eff C N F 'L NX ff MM f, v J 3 1 f ff X I q"',,g, ff :ff SWIM 'ff J 1 mv :N .WW x 11 f' 3 Q 5 2 A si d 4 "Fw ' 5- fa fif vf- ' M' gf f M A 27' . JW Uma , x 1 fgbf' V - ZH: Qvcg 'Q N ' ' A 753 75,5 tgj-5 'Q5rg,gA1 f.,.X kj l 5,5 , ,IK 4.1255 A A7105 1 9 W- 'Iii -fx " Q .j:v'??' y, - J ,r . v I ,, 1 I + " Q1 , D 1 ,Q lliwgl " .Z,f " 5 Z4 N in 1' U, X5 A , n A Z im f ' XM f X, 1 , Y ' J, WH?Px xiwfgj 5 5 X Wg 1 ' X X fnll1l-uw y L, V H X H Tiki l 'ffa ' si v ' X v H! -. My P X - R 1 Q 31 ' R -' f S E! Q A 4 ly- qht ,Iafl -gf f' 6 Z7 Xb I i A - X X X' 3 1 MZ ? 7 df7,' tfln : f 9 A H J -Q . - , . fwh 'Nb' ,Skis , v '? X 34 04' Nr!!-:cis ' X f. , f- vs' - Xxsggsgix 2 X - -1 Q fi f- 9 T 5 WS?-f-"' ' . J f G gl-F fu.. .-'X xg? "ju , d' f0l .1 , .N ,g I 'IQ 9 06 -L j,E 'E 5 f-s A X-f"'L-, X 47 Q N1 63 12325, Q I , A i e-9 : O 74g423fs1fr3 6 X H .I : 5 f n I i t j ff Qqilg xl' 1 -4' 4 ' A ' 1 -f 4: w-f f.-C ff' llhmull ,-353 '2,1g?'31---.,,, k fl, -1 'll--.-:I-'f?,, fl- C '-"' f' i , Q.. -wwxxii ' 5' .- -r-l' 1' j N Siantling Miss XX'illi.ims, llmlnn lxielle. lhll Mach. Fred XVnll, lhailes Krieg, Bob llunnicutl. .lim lk-S.tli1u', N.-,intl Nlniliv lxailxili ,lt-h.unn.u lltihlgltvtl flmrles Lruce. l7.i'.'e Nlcinraw Ytine lllieiltii llalsi lilulil. lugcne Nchrl liarly in the fall of I9-lo the student coun- cil. one of the most contributive organizations in otir school, was elected. This creditable choice may be attributed to the members of the home rooms. who thought these particular people would faithfully perform the multiple tasks which they were called upon to execute through- out the year. 'lihe council table was surrounded by thir- teen home-room representatives who presented the gavel to Dave lVlcCiraw.elected Verne Breeden as his understudy, chose Robert Hunnicutt to Gll the position of treasurer. and selected Patsy litzold as their secretary. ln the meetings of this council the members have an opportunity to present to their co- workers suggestions which they and their fellow students wish to offer. Frequently these ideas 'I'hi'r1tf are put into the form of a motion and are brought to a vote. The results of such decisions are then relayed to the home rooms by the vari- ous representatives. As is the case with most governing bodies, this group was kept busy carrying out its many plans. Just a limited number of the activities in which the council engaged during the year were: l l l the sponsoring of all of the school parties. namely. the Halloween masquerade, the Christmas dance, and the backwards frolic. KZ! the selling of "Wildcat" shirts. Url the pur- chasing of records for the phonograph, and Q41 the presenting of an assembly program. Under the competent leadership of Miss VVil- liams and lVlr. Selvidge the student council has done a commendable job. X geek Stamlnng Klux Wxllmnu, Dave lX'ltCn.iw. llelen Stahl. lmlxe Mcliull lharles Iitlau, lrern Boewer. Nerne l'wrrn'dtn, Xen l'.1uItling. 'Inm Ruby. Marjorie Slubbleheltl St-ated Marv Xoss, l-luv Praiurlseim. Dolores Halo, l1l.une lhlerwn. Rose Sthaetller. The student body is aroused into a jovial. talkative mood approximately once a month by the publication of the school paper, the Bugle. This anxiously-awaited chronicle is truly a school product, for its staff is composed only of students. chosen by Miss VVilliamsi and her literature class: its publishing is done by the advanced secretarial class: and within its pages the entire student body finds a market for its ideas. The last mentioned was made possible this year by the placing in an accessible spot of a box in which any interested person could drop bits of current gossip and news. Through the medium of special editions, the editor Verne Breeden and his assistants put into the hands of their readers papers which will long be held as cherished souvenirs of their high school years. Two of these were the Christmas and Valentines Day Bugles. The former, the usual outlet for junior English material, was compiled largely of themes and stories written by last year's junior class. and through them the spirit of Christmas was presented in a very in- teresting manner. The latter was applauded by all, for it contained some new features, studded as it was with cupids' hearts and budding and full-bloom romances. Cf all the BugIe's attractions, the student's Stamp of approval was perhaps most gingerly placed upon the new fads and fashion column and the contest which was held to determine the students who possess the most outstanding physical attributes. Needless to say, the Bugle. with its afore-mentioned features, the special tribute it pays to honor students. and its pre- sentation of the general news of the school, is always eagerly sought and its monthly appear- ance held as a highlight of every Eurekan's high school career. Thirty- one Mme? Staff l9.11k Row l.11el11e ltkel111.111, lorr,1111e l'.1Ilr.1ll1. Xl.11'1e l3.11'is, .len1111.1e Dull, .le.111e11e Y.111tl1e1' Nlitltlle How Xl1i1 Inu llt1ll,1-fav, Xorm. te e 'e 1 P11111 1, X 1.1 ll.111ltl1111,. 1ls1t lr.1111ls111 A1111.1 l'1,11l l,111ges11ttl1 lo11.1111 K,11e11i11 llelen llitlglev, Nl.1r1' ll.-1'111e, lit-111' l.111e l-1111l1 M111' lots liluer li nt lf 11 Xl XX ll 1111 li x Sl11 ll r ll 1111 l llkt tt -1 , iss 1 .. s. t1e,1 .et e. er 'e 7.11 'lihe group of students which compose the membership of our library staff is undoubtedly one of the most active aggregation of students in our school. By virtue of its prominent posi- tion at the front of the study hall and the nature ol' its services. it is .1 group with which every boy and girl is thoroughly acquainted. 'l'hose who serve lll this behalf are selected very soon after school opens each fall in order that the machinery ol o11r educational system might early lunction to its greatest extent. Among the criteria for determining who should Hll the va- cancies are: the students scholastic record, the amount of free titne he has, his dependability. and his integrity, A position on this staff is ililllllll lun the coveted desire of many, for to be chosen as a member is considered an honor. Among the duties performed by this body are those of familiarizing the student body with its library, assisting classmates in the selection of books, opening the library before school in order to facilitate the needs of all, and keeping the department in orderly. efhcient running con- dition. Although the librarians are kept very busy, few enuioy their work more. Many of the members take great interest in their -jobs because of the opportunities it gives them to learn about authors and books and the intricate system em- ployed in this branch of our institution. Led by Miss Williains, this is one of the most help- ful organizations in our school. fffw fd!! Back Row .luv llellwig. lklarilvn McKean l'liiril Row llmetlv l'rrockni.m, lNl.irjuric Svubbletield. J.1h.inn.i Suk. Ann.: l'e.irl l..ingl'wisch. Ruse Schaedlrr, Renelilii l..ilk, Yen Paulding. Maud Parks. Elaine Peterson. Setnnil Row Misx B". Helen Ridglev. Laverne Eelxelnmn. Arlinv liiek. Ruth Slrnlhkiiinp iilarlx, Mull. Aloha Queathem. l,orr.iine l'.iffr.iih. Miss Lynch. lfrvnl Row Sprung Marv Ui-vine, Bern.ce lhhlke .ary Vt x. l7oln:'iw Dalia, llelen Stahl Miss Vivian Pounds. whom everyone knows as the secretary of our high school, plus the girls in the advanced secretarial class, compose the office staff. The students in this class have completed their required units in shorthand and typing: therefore, a large part of the office work. of which there is an abundance, is taken over by them, Miss Pounds' efficiency in handling the multitude of tasks which greet her each day is a well-known fact, but sometimes we doubt if she could combat. without some assistance, all of the work that drifts in. These office helpers are willing and capable of doing many things. They type addresses on cards and envelopes, type stencils for tests. ope- rate the mimeograph. distribute announcements, copy records, and run errands. Once in a while they take a letter in shorthand and transcribe it, not merely to hand in as class work, but to be mailed. Of course all of their duties are not drudgery. The girls enjoy the privilege of being permitted in the halls during class periods and being the first to learn of the many news items, which they type into the bulletins. They are aware that they are filling responsible positions and developing self-reliance as well as gaining the opportunity to put into general use their knowl- edge of office work. The girls thoroughly ap- preciate the worthwhile training and experience they gain which will equip them for a business career. And the school is equally as appreciative of their contribution to the efhcient manner in which its administration is carried on. Thirty -lhree ff II 6405 l'.nk lit xt it ith lliopett-tg line Nltliraw XY.llli'r lireedi-n, llarrv Cielwhartlt 4Miii.igerl, tharles l itliu Ytiut- lint-etlen Nlviltllt lit u' Kan Nltlltll. lim Smith, llmrlrx Matli, llave Nlunlolil limes .luites. ltagenr lee lrwnl li-xx in-urge Xlanellkt limmx Xkallcvw Don kklill Basketball is the outstanding sport of our school: consequently it is with great anxiety that each new season is anticipated. The one iust passed was no exception. By virtue of its previous history the lfureka quintette had earned the title ol' "the team to beat." and scores ol loyal supporters rallied behind our hoys to watch them defend their noted repuf tation, As the season opened, Coach Rippetoe and our squad ol' determined Vklildcats faced one of the fullest schedules in llureka's history. Be- sides the numerous conference games. there was a large number ol' "practice" contests, and four tournaments to be played. This was done with a membership consisting mostly of newcomers, only two of last year's lettermen, Dave McGraw and Kaye lVlcDill. having returned to take up the hall again, This made it possible for a wide range of players to display their talents. liinding the going tough at the outset. the team picked up speed as the season progressed and played "professional" ball on many ocf ililvfrtu loin' casions. Often it seemed as though they just couldn't miss. But. as the old saying goes."You can't win all the time," and like all teams. great or small. its winning streaks were followed by slumps. In conference competition the boys proved themselves to be contenders for the league title by Finishing the year in third place. ln the tournament engagements at Bayless. Fergu- son. and WentZx'ille they struck a hard first attack and always went back for reappearances. Only in the subregional tourney were they counted out after one game of play. Thus it was that much planning and practice again made Ifureka's a high ranking basketball team. Those who lettered were: W'alter Breeden Senior James Jones Senior Charles Krieg .lunior Charles l-iEZJU Senior D 'gligliiflnltiiiorary Colcaptains DJVL' lVlCQTfJW Sgnigf Don XV0llC Senior Cl0m0DI HJIZ Sophomore W fl llirk lbw lhraltl XV,illate luther Collins. Altlvin Schaefer, llemtnt llall Nlxtlilli' limi loath Rippetor, XYillarcl lee, llairv Slrivtliltanip. lin-tl Xkawll. lunzor Krlliuiex' Pull liugtrx talanageir laonl lieu Heb lirantlwen. .llnimv Xkfilit-rs ltlwartl lan lt is with deep enjoyment that we look for' ward to next year's basketball season. Although much of our present HA" team will graduate, never have we had hopes for such a bright future, Such is true due to the fact that some very promising athletes are coming through the ranks to fill the "A" team roster. This group. commonly referred to as the "B" team. is comprised quite evenly of freshmen and sophomore boys who play their own schedule until they are capable of becoming full-fledged Wildcats. They began this year by playing up-and-up ball. Practicing the first hour in the morning and on two nights a week made them a well- coordinated team. After winning most of the games in the first half of the season, the "B" team entered the Pacific Tournament, from which they brought home a third-place trophy. Several additions were made during the sea- son. and the kittens ttheir nickname! continued to play a snappy and well-organized 28 min' utes. They had a few bad nights, but despite this, only two or three games were lost by more than three points. Toward the end, their shooting eye seemed to be lost somewhere in the dressing room. Then, suddenly, a hidden spark was ignited and they came out to win in the last game with St. Clair. They ended the season with ten victories against nine defeats. One of the highlights of the season was the part they took in the selecting of the basketball queen. Those who lettered were: Willard Lee, Honorary Captain Luther Collins Jim DeSalme Junior Krumrey Don Loehr Fred Wolf Bob Frandsen Edward Dubbs George Manetzke l-larry Strothkamp Ciene Mueller Thirt y -live Wig! Saba! Zend 'ruins lleralil W,iIl.ii.', lies llarut-s. Heh llagenieier, llarinets Dolores Mitchell. lions llilticli. lleebe Payne. Anna Nlclieevrr, lxaye Nlclhllr Tim Smith, .Ioan 5leKi-e, lie-ltliv Yesper, llnane Michel. Charles liriniew. Trumpets Gilbert Mertl, Mel Disney. Wilhert Yesper, .lov llrewel. .lin ileS.ilmi-, Stout. lmntis l'ot-rtntr Flute .lane Krausch, lfrench llorn. Ralph llariison, Doris llenilrickx. Richard llarriwn. Saxapliovies .loin Iemp, 5.l.irv l'.ixn.-, lwroilw-J lit-Salnie, lingerie St-hrt, lzdwartl Morrell tllavitoml. llub XVhitt.iker, Janice llnttick, l'uh.i liave Xlimforil. lla s Yiil Xlavilvn 1 ,ilu vu liilett-vi Nlarii' ll.1rttm.1n Trumbones llon llonacker, lion XVolte, Vhas, liulcher The initial rehearsal of the band in Septem- ber revealed with striking evidence the absence ol the nineteen forty-six senior members of this organization. Therefore. additional instru- mentation was needed. Under the capable lead- ership of Miss Marie Harttman a number of students started their training on instruments which would produce a Hne instrumentally- balanced band. The officers of the band, who proved them- selves capable executives, were elected as fol- lows: President. Freddy Vesper: vice-president, Tom Smith: secretary-treasurer, Eugene Sehrt. This group's Hrst appearance was made in a pep assembly in the fall. in which it lent much to the enthusiasm of the meeting. At the junior play the band furnished entertainment before and between the first and second acts, and after the last act. A Fine reception of our band was made by the audience. In January, those stu- 'l'hi'rl Ll - six dents who began training with Miss Harttman in September were admitted to the band, mak- ing the organizations total membership thirty- one, On the evening of April eighteenth. the band held its annual concert, and this program was definite proof of the fine progress made by the nineteen forty-six and forty-seven organi- zation. Another "big event" was its appear- ance with the all-county band in a concert in conjunction with the United States Marine Band at Kiel Auditorium. The last big event of the year was the annual county music festi- val which was held at Webster Groves in May. The Eureka band entered, presenting besides all-band participation numbers. specialty num- bers from the various sections. This day proved to be a socially enjoyable one as well as a profit- able experience for each member of the organi- zation and brought the current school year to a pleasant close. 0 Back Row' Doris llendriclcs, Sonja Jung. Vernon Heller. Miss Hnrttmnn, Ralph Harrison, Joy Drewel. Charles Fulcher. M. rv Payne, Dolores Mitchell Marilvn Lahoun, Music contributes graciously to our environ- ment and helps make our school a more enjoy- able place in which to spend many happy hours. A department of music which has returned to Eureka High School after an absence of approxi- mately four years is the orchestra, an organi- zation which was in its infancy of assemblance and organization last year. Six girls co-ope- rated with Miss Harttman in forming this musi- cal group, and their membership increased to the number of twelve by the time last year reached completion. Since meetings were not held regularly, and there wasn't a suflicient number in the group to form a well-balanced organization, no public appearances were made. Upon returning to school this fall Miss Hartt- man was pleased to welcome new faces accom- mni Row: Warida Lee Pnviie. Patxy lflzold. Norma Jean DeBacco. Duane Mickel, Jane Krauxch, Belly Brewster, Ruth Penihertcn. panying those of the group of the previous year. In 1947 the group consisted of eighteen students, twelve playing string instruments and six handling the brass section. The orchestra assembled three times a week, at which times, besides routine practicing, it studied the sym- phony and lighter numbers, which added much to the enjoyment of those who participated. At a P. T. A. meeting in December the orchestra made its Hrst public appearance. The manner in which it was received did much to stimulate its morale. A progressing department of music, opened to numerous advantages and pleasures, is the orchestra, and new members are heartily wel- comed by Miss Harttman and the entire group. Thirf y - seven tk Rim- lim lKl.iikw.irtlt. Alma llartleslv. l7.irlene llatler, Helen Stark. Aileen Schneider, Bernice llausxels. Marilyn linen. llelrn llrxtlbnnlt. l-lvirt lack llelrn Ayres, .'Xrli'ni- Nluellvr. llellx' .lane Punk, Bflly Jones, Joyce Kiel. Rowman' Stevens. Dolores liruenwalil. lliml Row .Ioan Ienip. liivsi-ni.iri Mull, IM-uv Nickel, Anna llepler. Marie llavix, Virginia Jaycox, Sonia Jung. Dnrmlix Perxsmis, Mildred Meri: Rosrlla Muelkvr. Myrtle Md oi. l'lox.i Schmidt. Anita Pelrv, lela Mae lforli-ss, Beverly Parks. lileanor Miner S iiinil Rtivt Shirley l-unlx. Nlarleni- Arll. Vhrtstine llansen, .lean Franklin. lilaine Kern. Doris Lehmann. M.irilrxi XYinlilr. lflureme Bti-inert. Janell Morris. Nlanlvu Mary llepler, loretta Schubel, Ruth Btril. XVilm.1 Caldwell, Miss llarttman. lriinl Row Vttliy O'l'imnell, .loliantla llonigiort, .lean lit-rxl. l.tllian llauser. Rose lillen Ciorlexx. Phvllix Stout, Slwilei' .Min Srliwrmli llvlrn Nlaulei liwti- Nlcliri-, linina .linzn Nleglieli. Nl.iyum- Him, l'.iuv Morris, Marilyn Frans. Dmotlw Moll. Nl.i:y I'.iflr.itb ln the early part of the school year, a group of sixty-eight girls was assembled to form the third hour glee club. This group was soon adapting itself to the task that lay ahead. The girls began immediately to strive for the goal of high achievement in voice blending. As their contribution to the glee club assembly, they presented a number of songs composed by Stephen Foster which represented the early music of this country. The next appearance by this group was at the annual Christmas program ilihirlu vertlhl which was built around a medley of carols. From this group the mixed chorus was formed. The group sang "Ballad for America" in the Spring Concert. This year our vocal depart- ment was privileged to participate in the St. Louis County Music Festival. Frequently the girls spent periods listening to recordings or seeing films displaying music techniques towards which they strived. This club was organized and is maintained for the appreciation of good music and the enjoyment of singing together. 7 Wd!!! 66 link Row .lean Srhurnalin liilllh lux. Klrirrx Ann Xlrinelzlw. NV.ind.i lee Ilavne. Joan Slockamp. Arline Seeger. l'.ilw Smith. lleggv l', lucill ll.ithaw.iv, Nlarilvn Xlcliean, lloris Olsen, Dolores llalo, lflaine Peterson. Bernice llahlke hurl Row, .lean Strung, Shirley' Nieilrnngluiis. Doris Rarnbautl. Ciecile lkxclmlrd, :Xrline Fuck. Klirol Rivers. Fern lioewer, Don.: lou Klich, limwgrrie litfoll Florence Broetkelniann. Nlarv l.ou lleitl. Nlautl Parks. Violet lloHm.unn econd Row Annie Lorie Ozark, Martell.: Niedringliauw. Florence Schoelller. Alice llagan. .lune Kettering. Ruth Strotlilxamp, ldna Smith, I'.it flatten Shirley Kausch, Anna Xlrlieever. llorothv Nickel, Shirley XVeber. Miss Hirttman. mnr Row Jeanette Yaucher. lou Darnell. l.ila King. Norma Srhuapp, Audrey lloeltge, lilsie Jung, Ruth lleiiilmr-rum, llelen Stahl, louise lhrm l'l.1ine Yeelv, Xl'llll.1lus .lovce Nlarie lllll The girls who have had a background in choral training have been placed into another section of our music department known as the fourth hour glee club. This group, composed of about fifty girls, has been trained in part singing and in harmony. A profitable year was enjoyed by them reviewing old songs, learning new ones and making public appearances. In the assembly for the glee clubs, they sang songs of George Gershwin representing the modern music of America. Whenever vocal music was necessary for any of the other assemblies, it was supplied by members of this group. From this organization girls were chosen and given the opportunity to sing in the St. Louis County Mass Chorus that sang with the St. Louis Sym- phony. These girls, combined with the other girls of the vocal department,sang in the County Music Festival which was held in a suburban school. The main event of the year was the Spring Concert. at which this group sang songs representing the countries of the world. among which were: "Artists Life" by Strauss. 'Czechoslovakian Dance Song." "Kerry Danc- ers," the theme from Tchaikowsky's Fifth Sym- phony, "O Sole Mio," and 'Celito Lindo." Music has taken an important standing in the lives of the students of Eureka, and it will continue to advance with the support of the students. Thirty - nine ' 640714 I nk Iitivc llaiuel Ilurtolt, Kiene Xluellei, I5.trvttn Kraus. I'u ene Sehrt. VII tin wr. Verne lireetlen. Charles Sanders. Ilob livin-lxer, Iltitltlx Itwe lragrn ll I lei- Wilhevt Nli-rtl Arthur Meier, Iugi-nc llauxxelx, Hill Rogers. Wiitlrtwl Ilnwkey. Vlitltlle Iitvw liorothx I'erxwnx, Marilyn lirevn. Jean I'ranItIin, llelen .Xvrey Vicky O'lIivvmeII, Alvita Ilepler. .Iuue l'it-ttetiitg. Ilvita link, Iioseinaix Ntrvi-ns. .lean Sontag, Iiuth lee Ihril, loretta Schubel u x Itt-nl Row Klan Ilepler, litilotu l'.xlo, Xlaiv Iallrath. Ihvllix Stout, .Iovfe Mrliee, Max Iltrttman. lions Iehmann, llainc Kun Xlarilvn I'r.tn1,, XX'ilmi laltlwell. Ilellv Iivutw The theory that 'everything good and beau- tiful emanates from the gifted few" might be applicable to that part of our music department known as the Mixed Chorus. This group was initiated in IQ45-46 under the direction of Miss Harttman and was re- organized in September of this year. It con- sisted of girls and boys whose voices had shown exceptional ability, there being approximately thirty in the group. lt met only once a week. but with the advance training and the talent of its members. accomplishment was rapid and effective. They displayed this talent and training at the annual Christmas program, in which sev- Iorttf eral individual solos were offered. and by sing- ing "Ballad for America" at the spring concert on April l8. They also participated in the annual St. Louis County Music Festival where much was gained in constructive criticism for the betterment of choral groups. Music, a natural, joyous, life-sharing art conl cerned with the feelings we all share. and ap- pealing to sympathies engendered and fostered by the imagination. has been thoroughly en- joyed by the Mixed Chorus, and with the patient. persistent effort they have put forth, this organization should become one of the leading musical groups in the future. gage' Qiee 66:45 lhck Row. Nouuan Hughes. Clinton lfslt-llv. Bill lhclyers. l7.1n1i'l Fvurluli, ,Ire Baker. Ifugene Mueller. Verne lilrctlrn. llmxlm Samlers. l'mb liroelier Vernon Javcnx. Johnny Buford, li-land ilagmwwr, llairv liubhardt, Norman Vlginors. Kenneth Merlz. Vernon Klampbell, Roy XX'irtli Xluddle Row- Donald liaxclw, llli-ment llaw, Martin Moll.. John Spruclx. llrimnn lirunr. Roy Pc-trlzrer, Fugt-ne Sehrt, lfugenv llaussels, Cn-oigr Ji-snr Jerry Schmidt. Kenneth Bot-wt-r, Cilen libenwrtn, l-.url Rambaud. XYxlberl Mrrtz, lrunt Row: Arthur Meier. Junior lirumrev. Max Barnes, Darwin Kraus. Vit Ciutzper. Arnold Burton, Winfrrd l'luskrv. Robert Palxnwier, XVill1.1m Si-cgi lragenr l.t-v, Buddy lows. Richard lieilner. Among the many branches of Eureka High School's music department is that known as the Boys' Glee Club, a choral group consisting of forty-two voices, which made marked ad- vancement during the year 1946-47. At the organizations initial meeting the pos- sible activities for an assembly program were discussed and the result was the presentation of a Negro minstrel, which, from numerous comments observed after it was given, revealed utmost enjoyment. One of the greatest sources of pleasure which the cast had was derived from the fun they experienced in "making up" for their program. The finished product was so excellent that recognition was undiscernable. The entire group participated in this spiritual, which had a "catchy" skit and included colorful songs, the latter of which afforded the boys the opportunity to learn many-part songs with beautiful harmony. Among the familiar ones were: "Swanee," 'AThe Qld Lamp-Lighter." the "Ranger's Song," and "I Love You for Sentimental Reasons." Some of the numbers which they practiced throughout the year were entered in the annual St. Louis County Music Festival. The progress made by this organization in the past year is indicative of a promising future. Some of the songs which the Boys' Glee Club worked on during this past year are as follows: "Stouthearted Men" A'Ranger's Song" "Home on the Range" "Bells of the Sea" "Home in the Heart of the Hills" "Singing Along" 'AAmerican Patrol" lforl y - one 4 ff, ff, link Row Vera lhniltling, .lane Krausth, Alice llagan. lucille XX'iilh. Marilyn Mcliean, Rowniarv Sli-vein. .Ioan Sioekainp, Dolores Mitchell. Dona lou Math. .-Xrline Seeger. lleveili' l'.irlis, lon Darnell. l'.it Camry, Vicky 0'Donnell, Norma Del'i,iceo, lzlaine l'eii-rxon, .loan lemp. liurih Row l'.iiriri.i lilold. l'i-gyv llauliling, l,iVerne Krueger. Jeuimae Dull. Dorothy l-mhi. Marv lois Glaser, I5-uv llvitman. Xlae Krienkamv l.iVr-rne lwkleinann. lli-len Ridglev Marv Vow, Audrey lloellge. Loretta Schuhel. lilorence Sclioeriler, l.ela Mae liorleu, Violet llollman. Bernie llahllie lliml Row l-:lien l-urlmii, llorotlvv Nickel, Wilma ialdwell, .lean liranklin. Mary llepler. Nlarie Davis. l.orr.zine Kaiewicl, Noun.: Piwrlner, Alohi Qin-.iilii'ni, llelcn Stahl, f--tile Ricliaril, Ruth Strothkanip, lflsie Jung. June Poertner. .lean Sonlag. liloience Sieinert, l'.ii Morris N ioml Row .l.ih.inn.i lloniulori. Sonia lung. Marilyn lfranl, Shirley Funk. Anna llepler, Doris Rambaud. Helly .lam lfunk, lx-rn Pmewer. Mary llaffrath lliilim-x Halo. l'.ir+.v Smith. Marilyn Spalding, Gladys Mertz, Dorothy DeS.ilnie. Louise Pmitold, Mrs. Davidson, lion: Row Maud l'.irkx, Iucille ll.ilh.iw.iv. Jean Schumann. Shirley VVeber. Doris llentlriclix, Doiix Hittick, .leant-lie Yauclier. llelen Nlanlev. Norm.: .lean l.iri-ix, Arline liick, lorraine l'.itfr.iih, Sue Nlonimvnsen. lieraliline Koebsl. Joy llellwig. Mary lou lleitl. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Davidson the Ci. A. A. of IQ46-47 has experienced a pront- able year. The one hundred enthusiastic mem- bers assembled soon after the opening of school to elect ofhcers and choose uniforms. To share the responsibility of leadership the following students were selected: Fern Boewer, president: Joy Hellwig. vice-president: Aloha Queathem. secretary: and Lorraine Paffrath, point man- ager. Displaying good taste in beauty and prac- ticality. the girls decided upon uniforms which consisted of navy skirts. white blouses, white cardigan sweaters, bobby socks, and black shoes. Gaining membership into this organization is .1 challenge to every girl in school and one which is met only by those possessing the stamina and perseverance to earn the one hun- dred points necessary to gain admittance. This l"or1u-Iwo prerequisite is met by participating regularly in gym class, by going hiking, bowling, skat- ing, swimming, horseback riding. bicycling or by taking part in any of the numerous body- building sports. and by working hard to get on the honor roll, all of which are sources of points. the number received depending upon the extent to which they are carried out. The acquiring of the much-coveted "E" is the ultimate goal of all who belong, for its acquisition is the recognition of its owner's having achieved an enviable position. attained by the participation in enough of the above-mentioned sports to have earned five hundred points. Relatively few have qualified for the but all have enjoyed the opportunity for fellowship and harmony derived from a group in which all have similar interests. Z S Standing Fred XVolf. lzugenu Sehrt. Cieralrline Koebel. Jim limewl, Charles Krieg. Miss Crowe. .lim Koebrl, Charles ...'ene eeen."rXci. lilziu X r Br cl lxay l Dll Sealed Anna Pearl langewisch. Annie lorie Olark. lflainf Prlerxon, Doris Olsen, Louise Barlolde. Aloha Qinxulwm. iihules lirimes Smoothness. smartness, fashion. economy, all included in a book you could treasure for life- these are the things you were promised. You now hold them in your hands. But all was not as simple as reading this would lead one to think. We, your staff. spent many hours in dreaming and equally as many in diligently working to make those dreams come true, and those features of our Iinished product of which we are most proud are those things which many of you have perhaps left unobserved thus far. It is some of those very things-the engraving process by which the pictures were made clear and distinct. the printing process by which the written matter took on an attractive. easy-tof read appearance, and the use of enamel paper -that brought about the deadline and discount worries, photographic difficulties, and a myriad of other plaguing problems. Yes, those are the big things found in our book. Many smaller ones lie behind it all, ones too numerous and technical for most of you to conceive. How- ever, in spite of innumerable perplexities, we have done our best to present vividly the events. associations, and accomplishments of the past year as you would like to remember them and in a form you would like to keep. Forly-lhree I For the smile of beauty . . . get E's on your report card. l'd walk a mile for one . . . cafeteria lunch. More doctors prescribe a Mickel lunch . . . Better than any other meal. Always milder. better tasting. cooler drinking . . . Eureka water. For good transportation . . . catch a Eureka High School bus. Seldom equalled, never excelled . . . Eureka students. When better students are built . . . Eureka High School will build them. Chase dirt . . . janitors. Fresh roasted daily . . . frequent office visitor. Yours for a glorified lifetime . . . a diploma. The signature of prestige . . . . M. C. S. Skin you love to touch . . . . sheepskin. When it rains it pours ..... semester tests. Deep down excitement . . . Jr.-Sr. B. B. game. Never a dull moment . . . from 9:00 to 3:18 p. m. Forty-four I I Best by taste test . . . Annual staff hot dogs. Stay brighter longer . . . by Attending E. H. S. When company is coming, serve . . . home economic girls' doughnuts. Fast pain relief with . . . Miss Pierce's sick- room aid. Take no substitutes . . . insist upon Miss Tur- ley's tests. Back home for keeps . . . Paul Frandsen to ???? There's a women in your future . . . Harvey Kreuger. More teachers advise study than any other method. Good to the last drop . . . . . January ice. The blend of experience . . . Charles Sanders. Starts better, runs better Cfor what they're after is betterj . . . first group at every lunch bell. The pause that refreshes . . . between class foun- tain stop. For more thrills per miles . . . ride with Charles Cruce. Yes! We now have bus service available to 69 important towns in St. Louis County. EXT T mi? 7 if aff ff' , , , ,' Q5 ' ,, ' if fffff J if If ff" ffl wk fl N! ',-'fffyi f - If f'4 f, ,f Vx" fi Vfyf X 'f if ,ff X! 3, f 0 f f f 40 X Q f X ? 5 'Q ff M I' r 7 1 7 ,X f if A Kmfx fi X f G! ,ff f? K CEQQ5 19 Il! ii 61 WW RRAINE PAFFRA I I I Sendafza Y' I XYIIQ I I IxN POI VIR.-X I -T dvtddfflfdd ',XL'I IDINCL DON :X I 66056074 I OL' XI,-XC.II ,IOY III,I I XX IC I l'c1rILl-u L r Zawezdadz 2 awed al mm- endafz Awww: On the night ol' December l-l. I9-lo. the annual .lunior-Senior Christmas Dance was held in the gymnasium ol' our school. l.ilxe all yearly events. this was one which was greatly anticipated. However, this particular occasion had more reason than the others for being a looked lorward-to one, lor it brought with it an innovation the crowning of the basketball queen. This position of honor was filled by Marilyn Mcliean, who, with her maids, was selected hy the boys of the "A" and UB" basket- ball teams. llaving the coronation ol' her majesty in mind as well as the Christmas season, the deco- rating committee appropriately dressed our ball- room to bent the presence ol a regal personage and to bespeak the Yuletide Season. Smooth dancing rhythm was provided by a Eve-piece orchestra. At the stroke ol' eleven the coronation began. Verne Pmreeden. who acted as master of cere- monies, introduced the maids and their escorts. who were: Mary Paffratb, escorted by Dave Mciirawz Patsy litzold. on the arm of Charles Mach: Doris Bitticlx, escorted by Charles l.itzau: and Dolores Dalo, escorted by Skip Schrader. 'lihe maids were followed by our queen Marilyn, who was escorted to her throne by Kaye Mcl3ill, where Mr, Selvidge crowned her and presented her with a gorgeous bouquet ol' roses. Marilyn and Mr. Selvidge then led the dance ol' the maids and their escorts. 'lihe party drew to a close as midnight ap- proached, everyone agreeing that this had been the most successlul Cfhristmas Party llureka lligh had ever given. lt is hoped by all that we may have many more to equal it. llirltl eitlht This year was a "red-letter" year in the social life of the students of Eureka High. The parties were given at night with bulg- ing buses of eager joy-seekers arriving for each event. New ideas were introduced this year, namely: masquerading, which was hilari- ously carried out at the l-lalloWe'en Party: the crowning of the basketball queen. the setting for which was the Junior-Senior Christmas Dance: and the act of coming "backwards" to the spring festivity. a plan enjoyed by all whereby the tables were turned, the girls doing the tagging and paying all the bills. Pictured on this page you will Hnd some of your friends as they appeared at or before the evening gatherings. Om ' Forzqenirie J., . .43 I' 6 paybafafz iw .Brow ,Mrmmzx Jumuzix ,M1p!ml7ml'4'.x CHRI S I I HN I'1l1l XVI Ii l3.JNAl1tl'lN'1M'll .II NNN I II I'SigIII'NI'1IiI NN BUYS IIXYI NIIXQIIQKXX' CIIIARI I'5 MAVII II NIUIQ KRVXIRI-X IfRI2SHMl1N ILM! NICICQI I4 .IIXIMX XV.-Xl Il RN '24 D .gwaf One of the major dramatic productions of the current school year was presented by the Eureka High School Junior Class on November 22, l946. It was the ever-popular "A Date With Judy", an adaptation of the radio pro- gram by Aleen Leslie. Judy Eoster, a pretty teen-age lass, together with her family and friends, represent the typi- cal American family of today. Judy learns that a benefit ball is to be given and that the girl who secures the largest amount of money for the Community Relief Eund is to be the queen of the gala affair. Since she is determined to be the honored one, Judy is thrown into a fit of despair when she learns that her worst rival, Tootsie Whiteman, also has her heart set upon reigning over the ball. So. Judy immediately puts her ingenious mind to work to devise some method of out-distancing Tootsie in the race. The Foster candidate is not Hghting her battle alone, for Barbara Winsocket, Judy's friend, offers advice and consolation at this trying time. ln the hope of raising money, Judy enters every contest the magazines can offer and as a result gets into many embarrassing situations, the outcomes of which cause her parents much grief and make Hannah, the Eoster's maid, quite indignant. Judy learns that a friend of her father's, a theatrical producer by the name of Mr. Martindale, is coming to visit Mr. Foster. and immediately she and Mitzi Hoffman, an- other of her friends, devise a method of so intriguing Mr. Martindale with their acting ability that Judy will be sent to Hollywood, where, they seem to think, their resources will instantly mount. Their plan is a fizzle, and Mr. Martindale leaves in a rage. Randolph, Judy's kid brother, is highly amused, especially when Mrs. Hotchkiss, a neighbor, brings her daughter. Eloise, to A'elocute" for Mr. Martindale. Judy, hoping to sell her talent, writes a story for True Confessions entitled "Why I am a Bigamistn and unfortunately places it where her mother's P. T. A. speech should be. Due to Mrs. Eoster's inability to attend the meeting. Mrs. Shultzhammer volunteers to read the speech in Mrs. Eoster's stead. In so doing she is literally stunned by what she sees, and her stirring presentation of "the facts" to Mr. Eos- ter is one of the most amusing scenes of the play. Comes the night of the ball and Judy, who has had a quarrel with Gogie Pringle, her cur- rent heart-throb, resigns herself to stay home while Oogie escorts the victorious Tootsie to the ball. As her parents leave for an evenings entertainment, she is left alone with Randolph and the children from next door, Rexford Meridith and his kid-sister Susie. When the startling news is announced that Tootsie has contracted a strawberry rash and that Judy is thereby the winner, the crisis of the play has been reached, and Judy's joy was the joy of all who saw HA Date with Judy." This production, excellently directed by Miss Eleanor Johnson, was a smashing theatrical suc- cess and one which reached the highest financial level ever attained by a dramatic presentation of our school. Fiftu-one Zu 2150034 liew schools in the state of Missouri have as elaborate a bus system as has Eureka, and we are pleased with the bus drivers for the dexterity with which this system operates. Our bus drivers possess a great quantity of "patience and forti- tude" and are to be congratulated on the excel- lent performance of their job, The comfort of the student body depends largely upon the labors of the custodians. As a result of their ceaseless toil, our school is an enjoyable place in which to work and play. lvflif Ituo Qaeda 7eac4m4 Little do we realize the fine job done by these people in preparing the younger generation for a successful school career. It is with deep appre- ciation that we say "thank you" to our Eureka Grade School teachers for a job well done. Wetmamz During the past year examination of the roster of Eureka High School revealed that among her students were several veterans who came from all branches of the United States military forces. With her usual hospitality. Eureka High School has welcomed them and invited them to become a part of her youthful throng. For what they have contributed she is appreciative. and for what they have gained she is glad. h,4ez'mc'cz tag! No place in our school is as well-liked or as hurriedly gotten to as the cafeteria. Mrs. Mickel and her staff. with their friendly spirit of co- operation and superb culinary abilities. have carefully developed it into a very popular place. Proof of this is the fact that they serve approxi- mately 85,000 lunches a year. To this group and their leader our hats are off! Vvlhat would we do without them? SEPTEMBER School began-312 "oldies" sailed through the halls while 114 freshies meekly trod their ways. Schedules were slowly arranged. Home room officers and senior committee were elected. Meeting was held to organize the student council. Charlie Krieg's nine played their first baseball game with Affton. Too bad. so sad! Student Council assembly was given. Dave McGraw was installed as president. First G. A. A. meeting was held. Class officers were elected and the first meeting of the senior committee was held. Hancock defeated us in a ball game on their field. Freshmen began taking tests - Oh those awful memories! Junior-Senior softball game--Poor Juniors! Senior ring salesmen eliminated to one, who took the class order and survived the ordeal. Photographer took individual annual pictures. Then we waited. OCTOBER Bayless defeated us in a baseball game C10-61 . An enjoyable speech assembly showed us how to become a success. Failing notices. Help! Baseball with Bayless, still losing. Seniors began orders for cards and invi- tations. Hancock gave us our last defeat of baseball for the season. Better luck next year. Magician gave assembly. Entertaining, but where were the rabbits? lncidentally, William's quite the mathematician--or is it magician? Senior Hayride. What a nite! First annual staff meeting acquainted members with the job ahead. Ohio college aptitude test made seniors squirm. Freshmen defeated the eighth graders by 20 points in a baseball game. Girls' Glee Club presented an assembly featuring the works of Foster and Gershwin. Seniors began their trek for those "glamour" shots. Halloween party disguises brought fun cmd folly, and everyone was fooled. Right, Harry? Freedom! fTeachers' meeting.J Everyone but the teachers were happy. NOVEMBER Report cards. How true! How true! Cheer leaders were chosen. Congratulations to Fern, Helen and Vic. Sophomore assembly took us "out of this world" then brought us right back to earth. Basketball teams were introduced at a pep assembly. Girls Glee Club helped dedicate the Eureka Baptist Church. Third edition of Bugle was welcomed. We all kept "A Date With Judy" and realized that there wasn't a better way to spend an evening. Prom Maids were chosen. We deserved an E for good taste. A basketball game was lost to Hancock. Thanksgiving assembly found Dr. Grimes and Mr. Selvidge on the stage. 29. Bayless tournament. Thanksgiving vacation gave us lots to be thankful for. DECEMBER Group pictures were taken for the annual. Pep assembly helped us defeat Pattonville. Popularity contest confirmed public opinion. Game with Affton. We won 42 to 31. Seniors got their rings. Perhaps the office should be enlarged. . Christmas assembly and Bugles built us up for a big let down--we lost a game. Christmas vacation was here. O happy days! Halls and lockers exchanged appearance, as the latter got that much-needed cleaning. fic 7521 JANUARY No school as scheduled. Oh you lovely snow! Wildcats lost to Hancock. Exams - "I shoulda studied!" New semester. Two veterans leave us. Speech assembly enlivened everyone as Miss Johnson and Jim stole the show. She was good. wasn't he? The nine-week headaches emptied the aspirin bottle. Valley Park defeated us mid unparalleled excitement. We defeated Affton. At pep assembly, Willard pre- sented Dr. Grimes with the beautiful third-place trophy we won at Pacific. Senior cards arrived. Mehlville game. Hurrah for the Wildcats! We defeated Mehlville again as the Ferguson tourna- ment began. Freshman class presented its talented many in an assembly. We lost out in the Ferguson tournament. FEBRUARY Hearts fluttered as the Valentine issue of the Bugle was released. Home rooms had parties. District Oratorical Contest was held at Affton. Tough luck. Tom. "A" Team repaid Valley by winning 34-31. Our trusty radios broadcast the voices of I5 E. H. S. students who sang with the all-county chorus accom- panied by the St. Louis Symphony. Wildcat "T" shirts went on sale. We lost out in the sub-regionals. MARCH The "Docs" and other teams made the birdie fly as the aerial dart tournament began. Seniors again outscored the juniors. This time it was in basketball. Band assembly was given. Bob and Duane played encores for their public. One acts packed the gym to see the jury hung. The "tallies" of the afternoon classes were victorious over the morning classes in the girls' phy. ed. assem- bly. Second group of one acts left us wishing for more. APRIL April Fool's Day! How "sharp" were you? Our first track meet was held with Hancock. Track meet with Ferguson. Easter program was pre- sented by Miss Johnson and Miss Harttman. -l l. The vocal festival found many of us participating. Three cheers! Second all-school party. The girls did the honors! Clayton invited us to a track meet. Track meet with Pacific. Physical Ed. program kept us entertained. Track meet with Bayless. Spring concert had us all feeling as though it was a grand night for singing. -25. Band festival was held at "U" City. County district track meet. Style show was scheduled for home ec. department. There'll be some lucky fellows some day. MAY That BIG evening. the climax of the year-the Junior-Senior Prom. At last we saw her majesty. Senior class play. What has Broadway that we don't have? County track meet. Honor day. Attention was focused on the deserving ones. Baccalaureate services were held. Seniors prepared for graduation. Senior day! At least one day in four years should be ours! GRADUATION! Who'd a thought leaving would be so difficult? The end of a perfect year. Fifty-three Zaagdmzdtieacloallaagiewdliqaa Mr. Selvidge firritatedl: "If there are any morons in the room. please stand up." A long pause. finally Kaye McDill rose. Mr. Selvidge: "What, do you consider yourself a moron?" , Kaye: "Not exactly. but I hate to see you standing up there all by yourself." 1 1 Miss Harttman: "Young man, are you the teacher of this class?" Max Barnes: "Nope." Miss Harttman: "Then stop talking like an idiot." 1 1 Miss Williams: "What is your name. son?" First Boy: "Jule. madam." Miss Williams: "You shouldn't use a nickname. Your name is properly Julius: Next, what's your name?" William Young: "Bilious Young, m'm." 1 1 Miss Pierce flocking over Darwin Kraus' home workl : "I don't see how it is possible for one person to make so many mistakes." Darwin: "lt wasn't one person. Miss Pierce. Junior helped me." 1 1 Mr. Budde: "Who was the greatest of all inventors?" Tom Smith: "Edison." Mr. Budde: "And why?" Tom Smith: "He invented the phonograph so people would sit up all night and use his electric light." 1 1 Shorty Lee: "Mrs. Niehoff, is it correct to say. 'water the horse' when he is thirsty?" Mrs. Niehoff: "Why certainly." Shorty Lee: "Then I guess at noon I will go home and milk the cat." L 1 1 Mr. Grimes: "Why did you put this frog in Mrs, Roques' desk?" Johnny White: "I tried to find a mud turtle and couldn't." 1 1 Mr. Rippetoe: "What do zebras have that no other animals have?" Charles Krieg: "Little zebras." 1 1 During basketball practice. Coach asked all the players what they would do under certain conditions. When it came Dave Munford's time, his answer was. "I would move farther down the bench so I could see better." Fifty-four Doctor Grimes: "Your cough sounds much better this morning. Mary Ann." Mary Ann: "Well. it ought to. I've been practicing it all night." 1 1 Miss Harttman: "Why aren't you singing with the chorus any more Marilyn?" Marilyn McKean: "Because one day I had a bad cold and didn't sing and someone asked if the piano had been fixed." 1 1 Joe Baker and Edward Dubbs were comparing notes on their summer vacations spent at separate resorts in the Great Lakes region. Edward: "It was so cold where I was that the candle froze and we couldn't put it out." Joe: "That's nothing at all. You must have smoth- ered. Where I was the words came out of our mouths in pieces of ice. and we had to fry them to see what we were talking about." 1 1 Vicky O'Donnell: Did you ever take ether? Pat Causey: "No. Who teaches it?" 1 1 Lorraine P. twhile caring for her kid sister while her parents were outjz "Be quiet dear. the sandman is coming." Child: "Oh, really. Then give me a dollar and I won't tell mom. 1 1 Tom Ruby: "Was Marjorie expecting me tonight?" Mrs. Stubblelield: "Why, yes." Tom: "How did you know?" Mrs. S.: "She's gone out for the evening." 1 1 Arthur Macalady tjust before a world history testl: "Quick. Tell me. Who was Talleyrand?" Lowell Bowling: "A fan dancer. you lug. Cut out the baby talk." 1 1 Vera Paulding fworking on her American problemsjz "I suppose I'll be up all night tonight: I have to make out my expense account." Marilyn McKean: "Why don't you tell the truth and get a good night's rest?" .L'au94mvdl5e,aa4aoZ!aa944wrJz'4 Bobby Boehr lpreparing for' finalsiz "What did you do with my shirt?" His Mother: "Sent it to the laundry." Bobby B.: "Ohf Heavensl The whole history of America was on the cuH'sI" 1 1 Teacher: "Harry, who was Anne Boleyn?" Harry S.: "Anne Boleyn was a Hat iron." Teacher: "What on earth do you mean?" Harry S.: "Well. it says here in the history book, 'Henry. having disposed of Catherine. pressed his suit with Anne Boleyn." 1 Y Miss Crowe: "This theme on 'Our Dog' is exactly like your sister's." One of the Saak Twins: "Yes. m'm. it's the same dog." 1 1 Interested Visitor: "Whos the most popular boy in your school?" Jim DeSalme: "Last term Bob Frandsen was. He gave us all the flu." 1 1 Emil Luke: "I once got ten dollars a word." Marvin Ard: "HmmY How was that?" Emil L.: "I talked back to the judge. ' 1 Y Miss Williams: "Did you write this poem yourself?" Maud Parks: "Yes. every word of it." Miss W.: "Then I'm glad to meet you. Oliver Wendell Holmes. I thought you died years ago." 1 1 Richard Bacon was getting ready for a noon boxing match. When he neared the ring. he hesitated. A friend. seeing this, urged him on. "It's all right, Richard. Just say to yourself 'I'm going to beat him,' and you'll win." "That's no good." replied Richard. "I know how hard it is for me to keep my word." 1 1 Buddy Lowe: "Chester. why do you call your car ,Baby,?., Chester: 'It never goes any place without a rattle." 1 1 Charles Covert: "I've added these figures ten times." Miss Pierce: "Good for you!" Charles Covert: "And here are my ten answers." 1 f Miss Johnson: "Jones, spell 'weather'." Jones: "W-e-t-t-h-e-r." Miss Johnson: "Well, Jones, that's certainly the worst spell of weather we've had for some time!" Mrs. Roques: 'AWhat kept you out of school yester- day-acute indigestion?" Sue Nommenson: "No, a cute engineer." Y 1 Gardner Hausman: "Did you knock 'em cold in the I-atin quiz?" Mel Disney: "Yep, I hit zero." 1 1 Mrs. Davidson wrote on the blackboard "please wash" and the janitor took his bath before Saturday. Y 1 Verne: "We all want you to come to our party tonight, Helen." Helen: "Can't, I have a case of diabetes." Verne: "Come over anyway and bring it with you. This gang will drink most anything." 1 1 Junior Seeger: "Why did the paper doll commit suicide?" Harry Gebhardt: "Because she found out her mother was an old bag." 1 1 Miss Turley. upon asking her students about forms of government, received the following .answers given by Bob Bird. COnly recitation he ever gave,l If you have two cows-l Under Socialism. you give one of your cows to your neighbor. Under Communism. you give both cows to the govern- ment and in retum it gives you some of the milk. Under Fascism. you keep the cows and give the milk to the government. Under the New Deal. you shoot one cow. keep the other, throw the milk away and apply for relief. Under Naziism, the government shoots you and takes both cows. Under Capitalism, you sell one cow and buy a bull ..... 1 1 Were you there: When Fernie fell on both ends of the yell? The day Tom Smith put his arms around two girls and soon discovered that Mr. Grimes was right behind him? The night the referee fouled a basketball boy for holding hands with his opponent-one of Helen Stephens' Olympic girls? Fifty-five X c Smile ol llcrsonnlily Always Smiling Sccond Step to Succcsi Double Attraction XVILH Cincy' I'hy l3,1ng'q All Hqrc "XVl1y. Oh Wlhy. Did l lfvcr l.c.1vc XVvoming" Swing limo Xvaiting for tho: Bus to Conn ln lnscp.1r.1l'wlc Two 'lihc' Happy Trio XVishing Chccr Up lkvllou thc l,codcr Of all unearthly sights and sounds. de 1 a That make you scringe and shiver. 'l'here's nothing Ihal can be fomparml To that famed old Cooper Flziuver. CXUY lf, 1 I'-lflll .im Hnppv Days Two Down and Two to Go Vvhlch thc Birdiv ouking 'foward the lllllllff lxvvclv lo Look Ar He Uwd Burma Shaw Tall and Handsomc 'lkhrcu is A Crowd The Thrcc Musketeers Strictly Stag Proud High on .1 Ridgc Stormy XVcarhcr Standing Runnin Only I1 Irrters up Ihe slreets hu dug. AI High! disturbs your .slumluvr II skids and Sfl'fI'L'-S and rallies so. The cops Cdflll read its nunvher f4rI l71fI gl-S1'L'z'I7 m.Jb I5.1vdrmn11ng Holdinf,1H0rB.1-ik l'wn HL-.mdcd ciL'Ill Sxudious' XX'.1iling Chris' f2ll.lI'ICllk' Scniur fiOl'l1l'l1ill0x' Acrnlml l unc XVnlx'cs Clxscv .nl thc Pm! 'l'hirdl5.1w Cfmwdcnl 1' I'm Hungrv Ifricnds or Rdalivss' Slccping BL'.lllIiCx l'hCLl'L't' slrippcd rl dmun and dresser! I-I Llp. IU su!! mlm' crazy I7Ul1'Ol7f Am! Luhvn ll shzmnnvcs down lhc slrcel. I1 Iulzes lhv przzv for molmn. f fm I, I-'rim muh! mi! ll! X 'ffl' Nu Chuslnul lrcc? Hansel and Circlcl? lmnclv H s'.1 rlx Club Sdlllftldl' Night lake .1 l,clIcr Dogs Life County Cliuius Cold lfdll XVhu'i Dal Up Dar? lluiglw Silvrr Sidc Show lixccss Baggngc Nickel for Your Thought Must Bc Jim And when. some day. il jumps the pike. And falls into the river. "Now, I'II be dammedfn the stream will cry. "By that old Cooper FlI4L'L'8!',H I' :flu - mm' .Sixlg I I I You need no fortune You need no fame To be my friend And sign your name 7a0ufz,-4 ' The EUREKANA is not published by any par- ticular group of individuals, but by the com- bined efforts of many. Of these groups the advertisers form one of the most essential. The business men found on the following pages represent the many communities from which the Eureka High School students come. They have generously contributed their sup- port and cooperation toward making this 1947 EUREKANA a success and deserve the reader's undivided patronage Whenever pos- sible. With this thought in mind, read on! Sixty lg-Ju. HERFF-JCNES C0. The Finest Class ' Jewelry BEST SERVICE D. W. BLAKENEY DEXTER, MISSOURI Compliments of A FRIEND L. 'Z5 W., INC. Plumbing Supplies Youngstown Cabinets Complete Line of Bath Room Equipment HIGH RIDGE Osage 2801 ROLLA PICK GROVER. Mo. Home Phone. Pond 348 Office Phone. Kirkwood 220 Distributor of Sinclair Products Clothe the Entire Family at Laura's Dress Shoppe FENTON, Mo. Hand-Made Children's Dresses Notions . Dry Goods .Ready-to-Wear Phone. Fenton 90 Laura Mitchell, Prop. Alan L. Castillon Washz'ng Machine Repairing A. B. C. and Maytag Washers Sales and Service Hardware and Appliances Phone. WEsrmore 305 Creve Coeur, Mo Compliments of JOHN RINKEL AND SON Gudermuth Service Station Road Service EMERGENCY REPAIRING Modern Greasing Equipment Phillips Products "SMOKE" GUDERMUTH EUREKA. MO. Phone 2751 Manchester Nursing Home Founded A. D. 1926 MANCHESTER. MO. For Conualescents, Inualids and Nervous Cases Rates and Accommodations for All Classes Ralp M. Huber. Manager .lostphinc R. Huber. Superintendent Phone. Walnut 305 Norman Rethmeier Decorator Walnut 44 Ol BALLWIN, MO. HEITMI-XNN'S A. G. Compliments STORE of Meats . . . Vegetables Groceries A FRIEND EUREKA, Mo. Paul Langenbeck '55 BALLWIN S0115 HARDWARE STORE U pholstering BALLWIN, Mo. MANCHESTER, MO Phone ..... Walnut 308 Sixty-th Spielhagen Service Station PHILLIPS 66 GAS and LEE TIRES Auto Repair and Road Service Phone. Lake 604 Fenton Drug Store A Complete Neighborhood Drug Store Fountain Service We Make Our Own Ice Cream Wines-Liquors-Beer ROYAL THEATRE ED JACUBS PACIFIC, MO. ESrabliShedlQ1'5 Shell Products and Air Conditioned by Well Water Lawn Mowers Sharpened Walnut 8 5 3 3 NV.1Inut 4 381 Woods-Mill Hatchery IIRANK LINGEMAN U. S. Certified Baby Chicks True Tested New Hampshires MANCHESTER. MO. Parks Nation Wide - Market MURPHY, Mo. Quality Groceries, Meats and Vegetables GERWES LCG HOUSE CAFE A Home of Good Food Highway 66 Eureka, Mo. Compliments of of I. E. Drewel, D. D. S. Sixly-four Manchester Drug Store EARL F. BROMMER. Reg. Pharmacist THE REXALL STORE Fountain Service Large Selection Greeting Cards for All Occasions Jack Armstrong I. E. Drewel Gas-Electric Appliance Company Sales and Services Stohers . Ranges . Washers Refrigerators, Radios, Home Freezers Water Heaters and Softeners Phone 2261 EUREKA, MO. Telephone. Terrvhill 4 2031 Geo. J. Seeger '55 Son MCCORMICK-DEERING Sales-Service-Parts International Products Creve Coeur P. O. FERN RIDGE, MO. Bellefontaine Motors C. F. BROEMMELSICK, Prop. Dodge Trucks ' Sales and Service Wrecker Service and Body Work DODGE : PLYMOUTH Official AAA BELLEEONTAINE, Mo. Ask Anyone who Travels It's T H E D I A M O N D S Restaurant McDill's Eureka Drug Store Prescription Druggist OVER A MILLION SATISFIED CUSTOMERS LAST YEAR EUREKA, Mo. Junction U. S. 50-66 Mo. 100 'H U. S. Approved Pullorum Controlled I S C H R A D E R Baby Chicks F U N E R A L sTE1NBRUECK HOME HATCHERY JOSTEN'S 1897 Fine Class Rings and ' Announcements Representative HAROLD KERSCI-I Box 71 COLUMBIA. MISSOURI East End Service Station MANCHESTER, MO. Prop.. BOOT SCHUMACHER CAUSEY'S oooo ENTERTAINMENT Big Dance Every Saturday Night Delicious Food I6 Miles from City Limits on Highway 30 D HIGH RIDGE. MO. For reservations. Phone Osage 298l E. W. Zierenberg Y5 Sons Schott's Garage General Merchandise General Repairing and Pontiac Sales and Service John Deere Farm Implements Glencoe P. O.--Fox creek. MO. LAKE, MO, Phone, Lake 480 E. L. Schott, Prop. Phone. Pond Z7l NIEHOFF DAIRY Pasteurized Grade A Products "Once used-never refused" PRINCESS BEAUTY SHOP BELLEFONTAINE. Mo. Evenings by Appointments Phone. Lake 544 Compliments of BOEKER INN Sandwiches 1 Good Drinks Lake 784 BELLEFONTAINE. MO. GLASER MERCANTILE CO. General Merchandise GUMBO. MO. Phone , . . Lake 430 S ix! Pl POND MOTORS General Repairing Towing Service Shell Service Station Phone, Pond 272 Harry L. Atwell E. R. SUTTER General Merchandise For All Your Needs Phone. Eureka 3451 DIECKE, MO. "SONS OF REST" "RAcs" JENNISH. Mgr. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '47 from BRIMMER FUNERAL HOME HOUSE SPRINGS, MO. Osage 2681-2411 I Rod eo! VALLEY MOUNT RANCH Watch for Dates . . . Big Dance After COME AND SEE A REAL RODEO COWBOYS and COWGIRLS in FINE HORSEMANSHIP Steer Roping-Riding Bronco Busting-Acrobatics ALSO When Planning Hayrides, Barn Dances, Wz'ener Roasts . . Call . . . VALLEY PARK 191 Then Let Us Do the Rest to Show You a Cwood Time ly-ei gh! THE AL-PAC ON HIGHWAY 66 Between Allenton and Pacific, Mo. LITTON ELEC. CO Kel uinator We Serve Breakfast. Lunch and Sales and Service Dinner Sandwiches of All Kinds "EVERYTHING FOR PARTY RESERVATIONS ELECTRICAL" Call Pacific l2Rl2l We Do Appreciate Your Parronage HIGH RIDGE, MO. JEAN and FRED MILLER Osage 2801 TIMES BEACH Complimem SERVICE STATION- of A FRIEND EUREKA, MO. ' CAFE 66 FUNK'S STORE Groceries . M eats' . Vegetables Flour . Feeds GROVER, MO. Formerly Big Chief FineFoods M. Aceto, Propriet POND. MO. Package Store-Hy Linnenwerth, Mgr. HOUSE SPRINGS. MO. Osage 2441 LED Realty Company F arms--A creage--Insurance-Loans COUCH Ice and Feed Company Zeigler Coal Phone 291 I EUREKA. MO. l5OrcsI 0551 Haas Shoe Company Orthopedic Footwear 4951 Delmar Boulevard St. Louis, Mo. Myrt's Beauty Shop Myrtle Wardenburg. Prop.- Complete Line of Beauty Service Open Evenings by Appointment Phone. Lake 391 CHESTERFIELD. MO. Best Wz'shes "Let Us Solve Your Gift Problem" IN C' C UQ U E T s Department Store and Jewelers Super Market Optometrists MANCHESTER AND sr LOUIS' LEADING sc:HooL C1,ARKsoN ROADS JEWELER Walnut 5031 513-I5 ARCADE BLDG. ELLISVILLE, Mo. MAin 2540 Ph E Z2 WEII. I-IPPLIZINIIE IIII EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL EOR THE HOME Refrigerators . Stoves . Washers Home Freezers . Stokers . Radios Bendix Home Laundry V EENTON, MO. uenlq 1 COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY HOENE Cottages and Cottage Sites on Big River HOENE SPRINGS Gudermuth Service Station and Garage Eureka 275 l HARRY GUDERMUTH Alice Bopp Burgess. Mgr. Walnut 36D Visiting Hrs.: Wed. and Sun.. 2-4 P. M. Pine Crest Homes FOR AGED Aged, Inualids and Pensioners No. l. Ballwin, Mo.-No. 2, Manchester. Mo. Attending Physicians: Dr. R. B. Loving, Eureka 2963 Dr. R. Jansen. Dr, Anton I.. Merklin Box 12, Manchester Road Ballwin, Mo. Courtesy of HELL IG BRQS. Compliments from A FRIEND Stop and Shop the White Way White Way Food Mart Groceries, M eats Package Liquor and Beer Eureka 3816 TIMES BEACH, MO. H. F. PAPPRATH Groceries . . . Meats Fruits . . . Vegetables POND. MO. Phone. Pond 398 Electric Troubles Service Calls Ars Fixit shop Plumbing, Wiring, Electric Pump Repairing, Pipe and Fitting, Wells Driven, Washer Well Points Used 214 BIRCH, TIMES BEACH Phone. Eureka 3861 or LAclede 3305 AL'S TAVERN DIECKE, MO. LUNCH AND BEER Phone, Eureka 2 3 Ol Country Side Inn Dancing Every Saturday Night Highway 61 and 40 CHESTERFIELD, Mo. Lake 798 Prop., N. Schwenck POND POOL ROOM AND TAVERN POND, MO. Frank Bader Daniel Boone Trails W CAFE Delicious Food . Good Drinks Phone. Lake 545 MR. AND MRS. COOPER Seventy three BOB 'id HOMER MOTOGAS SERVICE STATION HIWAY 66 14 Miles West of St. Louis-8 Miles East of Eureka Phone . . . Valley Park I89 Highest Quality o a a Gasoline and Oils Chesterfield Farmers Elevator '55 Supply Co. Grain-Feeds-Coal J. I. Case Farm Equipment Phone. Lake 302 CHESTERFIELD, MO. MOTO GRILL Highway 66 AT MOTOGAS STATION Open All Night H. Roberts, Prop. Compliments of Farmers and Merchants Bank EUREKA. Mo. Capital and Surplus. . 355,000 Farms . Homes . Acreage Notary Public . Loans . Titles J. E. SCHNARR Real Estate Phone. Pond 'ill MANCHESTER ROAD GROVFR. MO. 'U Etzkorn Lumber Company MANCHESTER, MO. Walnut 335 Garlocks County Feed '55 Supply Co. Blue Banner Feed Good Feed-Honest Prices Free Delivery MANCHESTER-CLARKSON ROAD ELLISVILLE, MO. Compliments of A. D. "ART" Motz BALLWIN, Mo. The Chicken Coop ' EAT ALL You WANT Southern Fried Chicken Nothing Fancy, Just Good Food TIMES BEACH Eureka 2531 Compliments of DEPENDAI-IL'S A. G. STORE Fine Selection lVines and Liquors Telephone 46 Williams Shack NEW RATHSKELLER By the Railroad Track DANCING A MANCHESTER, MO' Every Saturday Night phone' Walnut 7411 Jim Williams. Prop. PACIFIC. MO. Polled Herefords Hampshire Hogs E. L. Wallach '55 Sons EUREKA, MO. Phone 346 I RED CEDAR INN Chicken and Steak Dinners Sandwiches of All Kinds One Mile East of Pacific on 66 Phone. Pacific 74 Seve nt CAHOON Service Station PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Eureka 2331 Gravois Auto Service Route l, House Springs, Mo. M obz'lgas-M obiloil A Complete Line of Fire Extinguishers LEO. A. MOUNTS . . . Prop. STEINY'S INN The Perfect Environment for Your Next Banquet . . . Dinner Party D i n e -- D a n c e TIMES BEACH Bridgehead Service Station TRACY PAYNE Highway 66-Eureka, Mo. P. O., Cresent, Mo. P. R. Products M odern Radio and Electrical Service LOUIS H. PREUSS HOUSE SPRINGS, MO. W. H. Powell Lumber Co. House Springs, Mo. All Sorts of Building Materials Chas. Murray, Mgr. "We Serve the Ozarks" ossge 2551 Eureka Service S5 Equipment Co. John Deere Farm Machinery Texaco Gas-Firestone Tires Eureka 2201 Compliments of General Boiler Equipment Co. House Springs, Mo. Phone. Osage 2731 Night. FI.anders 5528 Grover Service Station Mobil Gas and Oils and Accessories Louis NULL. Prop. Koebel's Variety Store Ballwin, Mo. Package Liquors . . . Tobacco Ice Cream . . . Candies Gifts for All Occasions Phone. WYdown 0281 Tallman-1V1cCluskey Fabrics Co. St. Louis, Mo. TED MCCLUSKEY 9225 Olive Street Road BUD'S TAVERN MANCHESTER, MO Alice Beauty Shop Manchester Beauty Shop All Lines of Beauty Work Reasonable Prices Open Mondays Through Saturdays 8 A. M.-9 P. M. Owner. A1.1CE BOPP BURGESS Phones, Walnut 4431, 8701, 360 Biele's Service Station Philco Radios and All Electric Appliances Seat Covers-Wholesale and Retail We Give Eagle Stamps Hi. 40 and 61 Chesterfield, Mo SCHROEDER BROS. Electrical Appliances You're Twice as Sure With Two Great Names ERIGIDAIRE MADE BY GENERAL MOTORS Refrigerators . Water Heaters . Home Freezers . Kitchen Cabinets MANCHESTER, MO. Walnut 3 65 S tu 77cwwz4,,, Seventy-eight C. F. Kouns General Merchandise, Crescent, Mo. Weigel's Tavern, Diecke, Mo. Esquire Ice Cream Parlor, Ellisville, Mo. C. I. McLain, Eureka, Mo. Chris and Mae's Restaurant, Eureka. Mo. A Friend, Eureka, Mo. i Ed. Dailey, Eureka, Mo. A Friend, Eureka, Mo. Vince Hoene. Hoene Springs, Mo. Roses Tavern, Cedar Hill, Mo. A Friend, Eureka, Mo. Wehrle's Certified Tom Boy Market, Ballwin, Mo. Clem's Barber Shop, Bellefontaine, Mo. Vic's Tom Boy Market, House Springs, Mo. Fishers Texaco Station, Manchester and Reinke Roads, Mo. Art's Restaurant, Ellisville, Mo. Frosel Oil Co., Ellisville, Mo. Hillside View, Grover, Mo. George Hoehne, Grover, Mo. Wright's Grocery and Meat Market, Glencoe, Mo. Dreamland, Manchester and Barrett Station Roads Glen Konneman, Chesterfield, Mo. Risse Service, Gumbo, Mo. D. Ross Service Station, Pond, Mo. Haas Tavern fd Ice Cream Parlor, Chesterfield, Mo. Albrecht Inn, Chesterfield, Mo. Dr. Beckmeyer, Eureka. Mo. Cooksey Garage, Times Beach, Mo. Mertz Tavern, Manchester, Mo. Edw. Tilker's Service Station, 301 South Warson Road. Clayton, Mo Cuchetti's Market, Valley Park, Mo. Tom Bienmueller Barber Shop, Eureka, Mo. Zefawwe In giving you this book we have hoped and tried to further the progressive spirit of Eureka High School, to express our appreciation of the thought and endeavor spent in the making of its history, and to give you a yearbook worthy of your utmost approval. In attaining this goal the staff could not have succeeded had it not been for the time and energy which so many freely gave. The staff wishes to take this opportunity to express its sincere appreciation to the student body. the administration, the advertisers and the general public. More especially do we thank for their cooperation in the editing of this book: Mrs. Mickel, Jean Gerst, Johanna Honigfort. Bob Broeker, Joan McKee, Chester Pollard, Mr. Guibor, Miss Turley. and Mr. Selvidge. We are happy to announce that only a small number of students was absent the day pictures were taken. Those who fall in this group and con- sequently are not pictured with their classes are: Harold Beard, Jean Gerst, Henry Kramer, Kenneth Uhlemeyer, James Walters, Elaine Neely, and May Briggs from the freshman class: James Moore, Dorothy Perssons, and Eugene Reed from the sophomore class: and Melvin Aselman, Arlyne Knorr, and Charles Hall from the junior class. Those who entered late, of course, could not be pictured. We regret not the many hours of strain and toil, the neglected classes and the one thousand and one cares that are connected with the publishing of an annual if we have made brighter your recollection of your high school life. Seventy-nine Highly 1 1 1 This page is reserved For pals old und dear To write a las! note And au! ograph here. ...a ,I I,-..III..y. I " JI 54. I 'H v s.."' .' if I. ,. .Ii Q1 4. '. " ' 'A '-41' ' '.- - ' -- ' '-- - . I , " .Il ,--, r ,. , I I, . , , , , ., I. ng w 1 I ,I .I . .. IIlI IPI . ,I IA-'II I,,I I I-I-y L I ,gIIgn1I,I,.-, IIIII iw.-II.fIIgf5I II II. I I .w . -I - . I II. - .- "5 I 11- .- , f - - - - - . . ' -'lf " fa"-y .- .?!f'Vi .1 - -,xiii fl IW - .3 K' f'- '- ,, .,, ' - Q '1' ' r -1 "' .ii 2 ' '- 'HL' fir .1'.'--H ' 51.4 ' . ,I '.III,'IlI' 'fy' , 1 . ,.J I I, , I-f'-gg, .Iii . . . -If. ,YH -ha" -' . ' .5 z " ' -T .' Y."'.'f:I.l " ",.,1'," 'f - -I-.' ,l . . . - :,, 1-.- '1 'X -,W ., ., PJ", f- '.L,?"" Y' 1, 7-a ' .u' . "'-- 5- I, ,, I I. Q., I..g,, -, I, II. -II I ,I.,..I I ,, . .., 'I 4. , . -,I:1: I .--, - .Q ' ,,-..,-31. ' -7 ,. ,- -, 4a . ,J I 1" - . - '. Q, , " '.-'- HAL- '.'- . -'- ' ,px I.I.1I '.I,.,,,. I. . I., I ,. .I I .II,. I 'A' ' ',, i" ,, .- ,, :.- ---:3 . - ,,- - - - - A . ' . u, . - - fi-I-1. If-I III Iz, -QQ-.,9.I ' ,I 'If-.II I .I ,gf I-I I, , . . W." ' '. ', .- ' aw. " ' 'F ,. . .. -- ' ' A ,,'..1'I'I , In, -' '.- - -1 .. 4 -, 3 4-'I' - D Q , ".p- - ' 1-4. -NLQI. . .-I5 Q- .nw I I j I .Y .4 I .g I ' . ,g"' r' -' ' "pH Pg. r-, HV! III, l"F H? ' . I ,J . v, .lI- I, ,. .Ir . . ., ,I , v-. , ..4 'L' .4"" +I -. '..-!?I.v.' V: 1 .-l",'.-' ., LL' ' -,-.. I.I , r - , ', I., 'E , , - ,III - . I+ 4. - ., II If I - "' ' n 1 n . , - . 15"-f ' - 4 ..,,' ' -.f "1 . " ' . K -I ,Inf ,. II. I,,1I ,E I , ,I I, ,.I -I. WI, ,I I I. .IILI,,I. I I1I .I . - ,I I H..IIII., -. .- ' n n I' A -' f 1 -. '.. ,y- , - - -, ng.. .,'z r' .II I .IIIIfI I... . I., .. I . II III III .. I. I . .' 11 I, 'II,.I III - III - ' -I ,II-If -I I .,fIII-1 I I , . -ff, II--I.,-I -1 - ... .I-, ' I, If- -.4 A ,g..--.-4 -. if . .. . 4 --' . , 1 '-1 -. -' . ', is v ' an - W.-,, ' ""' - '.a ' - .. -- " "u . -L .I N "' I I ,, I I I I I I, I 4, .. I, II ,I t ,I ... 'I I - ---I-.I.I.fyj - III- , I . -gi, ,, '- ,II."I, I ,I Q.: .4-. .II 'L 4' I -,.QI. -, I "' "vAL,'I'- '- -'I -- I,l II I..-ra, UIIIII. 'xg I II I . :I 5 I I ' -, in Iv-'I I I I I . , . II .I.I " . I' IIIIf f,II -I 1 I. If II, .I ILIPII II IIII I IIIIII -.- .I I III I-Ir IIII.II I IIIQ5II, " .. " 5" 'J . ,' ' If ',',,'-,.'1','I-' 'f f, ' T-Q: ' mfr- - 1 -'ilf ' 'I ' f 'C-"" W"-fr."',"" 'T ,.: .- H 41- Y: ' ' ff-." .v 'Q' 5 J" .' ' ' .. IJ , HI . II . 'I III, I III,.I,I,,, If '. ' -,, ',,'T'. X --,,-' I , 'T - T' 4, - ', " - Y . ,IXI If II I II- . I I .I .- FII,II ILL? I . I7 I I . . 'IIII .mg ,I. LIZ, III VIIII 'I - ,!.,."Ir' -, K- .' ,E ,z ' . n . I ' '- '. ,,. I F A I, I, , ' 'I I-I J L. '-,nl w I1 I 4 I , ' I' Q- ,- ff' 1 " - .I . -"'-' I, - ,I f .I ,I, I, ,- I, I - -. - I .r - gi, I I, . .-.-. I, .r jg.. ,V ,. ,,. ,' I o..,'r ' ' -I . 1 - ' ., - - ' f I, , .i Q- .'. 's 'an I ' 1'1" . - . '- ' .' . ' ' ." Y . '23 . i' - '. -'K ff' E 4' " - . -f' . " -," .' . ':". - ' I ,PII w- -'-,"! I --. w 13" - ,I L, '-gIIII- I... WI -L I , .J '.: 4 IIFY , si' V X' Y I U wil! " ' at' 1 I :fl :X W J: , - II.-1... r. . Q, - . . 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Suggestions in the Eureka High School - Eurekana Yearbook (Eureka, MO) collection:

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