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JZ; d2s L ” dZA A -t L uA ■ A-A ' A ' A — AAAd. — ' ' dd AUAlte j Ux Cs £a £ -A ' Aa u ) XX cA u y Au c A CJ U AA -c -g -- -- d - AddA y dLr . 2 ACAe u ' Uy yCAC z tAs d£- - d €a ( dZAAkyz sS ' Ad d £c- A " . ctAA 2 ; KV rfCu l ct X y. dL —d£L — L £t y yy. Ayy — — 2 d ACtd - • X- s ft-us yz AA yy s ' ' Ayy AdA iy? -z A xyLu. u- ' ’2 Xt-£ C «sr £3 . A dZA o ■ A aAA- 2 - ' . ?C sr " ' f ' - ' aax t c-c - ' «- - s c y - A , £. yy2 y dA yy x - " r $j-g. -t, Cl a L . Httbu Ji ■ ' LL Ct-dJd Kt rZiJ t ' J) r a (J-o-ot. a, t .o S A ' 0 aT Ll A-c-e-t-.ot» O ' tac JLIa-oc t clo H - ux»- 6 —o-d- t £ -X — ai r -c -- e. t -t A c JLJL |, {tc dl A-£tt jl f un- ■KJ t- — O ' " to G Jt . k a x i j g. Ok LJt, J JX- J . ' J) A n —A G X d CM. W. Hu cxy J. PLM Ut u JL . ' (y+. ' H 4L Ji oJ l vuujb r r k r x n c Jb JLcust " - Xil y rt .. " n . . .. “ JEL a ’£ nur L k .. A.A 4 yj-xjidm o bnA- •t ■ ' Wto ' ' Q y JU “ Y £Uu -l o SUuuu. V JLc - (Lj Y -k kH-klJL . £- ( j} K -..1 Zi b-cX ' Q £jL,) CL Sl J j2 jj Ln - - !?- ++- . -yj-l SU QsQo njH ' cf tx, C X-fc ' xv. ' tg- ' cWw - U) Sa ' . i i •uxrw X ' lLjt -Q dUX£ (U-U+, aS ZLu L.A-C ks ajLlOX - ' C to CL X- X : .£j£ . -JL 4 r ! otb-c ANNUAL STAFF Editor - - - - Assistant Editor - - - Pictorial Manager- - Circulation Manager Business Manager - - Art Editor ------ Sports Editor - - - - JOYCE LANCASTER COLLEEN KEARNEY - -SALLY PARRISH INEZ WEST - LEON MOORING ■ - BOBBY HERRING KAY TAYLOR Feature Editor CAROLYN DAY I Pill ‘Dedication The Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-three wishes to dedicate our Annual to the dearest people on earth to us. It is they who have madeour education possible. They have been patient and understanding in allour shortcomings. Well have they guided us through our lives. Now we take this opportunity to express our great love for them and to express our gratitude for all they have done for us. So it is with humble hearts that we dedicate this Annual to our dear parents. OUR HATS ARE OFF TO YOU. DEAR PARENTS! k I ULTY T.W. Jones, W. Peterson, O. Roberson, Mrs. J. Martin, J. Worthington, J. Sasser, J. Boykin, Mrs. E. Jones, Mrs. K. Starling, Mrs. L. Shackleford, Mrs. O. Minshew, Mrs. M. Kirby, Miss M. Condon, Mrs. L. Musgrave, Mrs. T. Becton. CLASS HISTORY It was in the autumn of 1949 that our class entered high school. We were filled with great anticipation and expectation for we were soon to become a part of what we had looked forward to for eight years. Mr. Elmer Loftin was our sponsor, and we found his guidance most helpful to the nineteen verdant Freshmen. In our second year, we had twenty -two members. Betty Jordan, Bobby Herring and Ann Lewis were the new additions. It was our lot it appeared to have men to sponsor us. Mr. Peterson was our homeroom teacher. He gained great favor, and soon endeared himself to us. A number of our group participated in basketball that year. During our Sophomore year we constantly sang " Tell Me Why. " Joyce Lancaster was " Queen of the Halloween Carnival. " We were proud, and considered it one of our high-lights. We were most happy to become Juniors, for there were more big events for us than ever before. Miss Janice Sasser was our sponsor, and how helpful she was in making our play, " Betty Jane from Punkin Lane " a big success. Career Day also came, and we were all there for the splendid advice given us. We must not forget our banquet; it was done in " Treasure Island " motif, and was a great success. Eight Juniors also took the Washington trip on a chartered Greyhound bus. What fun it was. It was with pleasure that we wel- comed Sally Parish this year. It was with a bit of sadness and pleasure, too, that we approach our Senior year. Mrs. Sam Martin is our sponsor. More responsibility is thrust upon us. The Annual, the Senior Play, Oh, Aunt Jerusha and our commencement. We were saddened by the marriage of Hilda Hollingsworth and Edith Sauls, but we were very happy to have Carolyn Day join us. As the new world beckons us onward, only fate knows what will happen to us before the end, but we hope that on May 28, 1953, seventeen happy girls and boys will receive their diplomas. Kay Taylor CLASS SONG Oh, classmates dear, Oh, classmates dear we hate to leave you so. Will meet again some lonely day and go along life ' s way. The time has come for us to part, but we will think of you To this fair school we leave our love and hope to meet again. Senior (?lcuo President Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer — - SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BOBBY HERRING - KAY TAYLOR SELBY GRANT LEON MOORING CLASS COLORS: Red and White CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose CLASS MOTTO: " Honor lies at labor ' s gate. WAYNE HARRISON FFA 4; Science 2; Class Treasurer 2. KAY TAYLOR 4-H Club, FHA Club, Basketball 2,3,4; Debat- ing Team 1,2; Glee Club; Class Officer 2,4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4. BETTY JORDAN Glee Club 1; 4-H Club 2,3; Class Officer 3; Dramatic Club 2,3; Librarian 4; FHA 4; Senior Play 4. LEON MOORING Basketball 1; Class Officers 2,3,4; FFA 1,2; Drama 2; Rhythmatics 3; Class Play 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. SELBY GRANT FFA 1,2, 3,4; Class Officer 4; Class Play 3,4; Dramatics 2; Rhythmatics 3. RUTH COOKE FHA 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics 1; Senior Play 4. r ANNIE ROSE SMITH 4-H Club 1,2,3; Dramatics Club 2,3; FHA 4. FLOYD RAY SAULS FFA 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 4; Dramatics Club 1; Bus Driver 4; Rhythmatics 3; Play 4. JESSE CORBETT FFA 2, 3,4; Science Club 2; Teenage Club 4; Basketball 3. JOYCE LANCASTER Class Officer 3; Dramatics Club 2,3; FHA Officer 2; Halloween Queen 2 ; Highest Grades 2; Scholastic Medal 2; Chief Marshal 3; 4-H Club 3; Plays 3, 4; Debate 3. CAROLYN DAY Glee Club 1,2,3; FHA Club 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3,4; Cheerleader 3; Annual Staff ' ' t ' JL 4; Play 4. P--y = BOBBY HERRING Class Officer 2,4; Marshal 3; Science Club 2; Play 3,4; An- nual Staff 4; Rhythmatics Club 3; Teenage Club 4; Glee Club 4. J h ■ X jl . I u 52 - CARL RICHARD BECTON Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics 2; FFA 2, 3,4; Play 3,4. COLLEEN KEARNEY Class Officer 1; 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics Club 2 Rhyt ' nmatics Club 3; Class Plays 3,4; Librarian 2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4. SALLY PARRISH Cheerleader 1,2,4; Beauty Queen 1; Teenage Club 1,2; Rhythmatics Club; Annual 1 Staff 4; Class Play 3,4; FHA 4 ; Glee Club 4. BILLY SAULS FFA 1,2, 3,4; 4-H Club 1, 3 Basketball 2; Rhythmatics 3; Dramatics 1; Plays 3,4. INEZ WEST FHA 2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics Club 1; Bas ketball 1; Cheerleader 3; Plays 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Music Club 1, 2. Senior Class Samites BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Inez West, Wayne Harrison, Annie Smith, Jesse Corbett, Neatest COLLEEN KEARNEY, JESSE CORBETT Best All Around KAY TAYLOR, BOBBY HERRING Most Intellectual Most Athletic JOYCE LANCASTER, BOBBY HERRING CARL BECTON, KAY TAYLOR J Most Dependable RAY SAULS, BETTY JORDAN Most Popular SALLY PARRISH, LEON MOORING Cutest CAROLYN DAY, LEON MOORING Most Attractive SALLY PARRISH, BOBBY H. Best Personality SALLY PARRISH, LEON MOORING Most Musical INEZ WEST, SELBY GRANT Most Likely To Succeed Wittiest JOYCE LANCASTER, BOBBY H. ANNIE SMITH, CARL BECTON Friendliest Best Sports BETTY JORDAN, LEON MOORING KAY TAYLOR, WAYNE HARRISON - HADYLENE PHILLIPS JOHNNY EDMUNDSON - JUANITA MINSHEW - WILLIAM DARDEN rJ p ' h pfl ' AILEEN OWENS JUANITA MINSHEW ARMINTA MINSHEW President - - - Vice President Secretary - - Treasurer - - - J. D. BLIZZARD SHIRLEY BARTLETT WILMER VANDIFORD JUNIORS W. DARDEN H; PHILLIPS C. TAYLOR F. KEARNEY NCASTER G. C. MORRIS M. SAULS R. LANCASTER JUNIORS J. BASS E. KIRBY E. YELVERTON W. HERRING P. HOWELL J. COCKERALL C. SAULS D. MINSHEW C. KEARNEY tPAoto- AVAILABLE SOPHOMORES President - - - Vice President Secretary - - ■ SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Carolyn Bradshaw — - Edwin Pike Nancy Edmundson - Sophomores P. Davis B. Howell B. Pike C. Lewis E. Kearney E. Pike J. Sauls N. Edmundson P. Barnett C. Scott S. Pender R. Balance B. L. Fraizer M. L. Lewis G. Pender FRESHMEN 0 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President - - - Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Jreshmen - - - Mary L. Taylor ■ Edith Darden James C. Edmundson - - - - Hoke Parrish T. Harrison C. Herring N. Thomas J. Sauls H. Parrish M. L. Taylor E. L Edmundson M. Jordan K. Whitley J. Mozingo E. Kearney H. Bell P. Mooring S. Lancaster J. Blizzard S. Heath H. Carter H. Ham W. Ballance N. Davis R. Yelverton I. Owens J. C. Edmundson M. Heath B. Morris, P. Jackson, D. Owens, F. Edmundson, K. Head, M. Ballance, R. Lane, A. Rose, M. Lewis, V. Davis, J. Ham, H. Sauls, G. Taylor, K. Yelverton, R. Roberts, O. Minshew, J. Driver, A. Baily, R. Sauls, J. Davis, K. Edmundson, C. Howell, J. Edmundson, E. Tyndall, J. Sauls, E. Bartlett, L. Mozingo, D. Bryan, P. Ham, G. Minshew, B. Driver. » 7 EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE J. LUcas, E. Kearney, J. Sauls, T. Jordan, B. Owens, J. Smith, E. Scott, A. Sauls, B. Bass, M. Grimes J. Jackson, S. Sauls, E. Munford, P. Owens, H. Yelverton, A. Kearney, B. Cooke, B. Shackleford, J. Herring, C. Kearn- ey, H. West, A. Chase, C. Blizzard, C. Chase, E. Owens, W. Sauls, E. Davis, H. Sullivan, N. Hines, P. Mullins, D. Jackson, R. Davis, P. Howell, P. Pierce, W. Whitley, E. Roe, P. Mullin. SIXTH GRADE G. Bogue, W. M. Mooring, P. Bartlett, B. Owens, G. Howell, J. Howell, C. Gooding, K. Frazier, E. Johnson, N. Bartlett, W. Blizzard, G. Jordan, H. Sauls, J. Rose, J. Heath, K. Howell, F. Lancaster, H. Lewis, A. Teachy, W. Casey, J. Mozingo, B. Kearney, J. Bass, H. Bartlett, E. Overman, B. Lewis, J. Langston, J. A. Sauls, H. Lewis, R. Walston. FIFTH GRADE D. Lane, G. Lancaster, B. Sauls, F. Lancaster, J. Overman, F. Smith, E. Price, M. Edmundson, J. Owens, P. Bell, B. Johnson, M. Lewis, J. Pierce, J. Blizzard, C. B. Bartlett, F. Bass, E. Wooten, M. Strickler, W. Driver, R. Carter, J. Howell, P. Rogers, F. Snipes, R. Grimes, L. Sauls, D. Rowe. ! FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES G. Yelverton, M. Lancaster, B. Pike, B. Lane, B. Edmundson, D. Sauls, L. Lane, A. Scott, D. Yelverton, B. Herring, C. Gooding, H. Jones, L. Bass, G. Minshew, C. Heath, B. Mullins, C. Walletts, A Whitley, A. Smith. FOURTH GRADE P. Johnson, J. Kearney, B. Reeves, P. Bartlett, R. Head, B. Sauls, P. Yelverton, E. Owens, W. C. Grimes, D. Blizzard, E. Harrison, L. Thomas, R. Bell, A. Driver, B. Malplass, M. Gooding, P. Howell, R, Bass, E. Munford, C. Bradshaw, D. Langston, J. Kearney, R. Turner, M. E. Head, C. Sullivan. THIRD GRADE A © K. Edmundson, R. Kearney, L. Kirby, B. Thomas, S. Daniels, J. Chase, B. Jordan, F. Sauls, L. Mercer, B. Sauls, A. Reason, J. Mooring, D. Edmundson, B. Lane, A. Bogue, K. Head, L. Sauls, B. Gooding, A. Price, F. Herring, W. Mooring, J. Murcer, D. Kirby, S. Lewis, S. Blizzard, D. West, D. Ham, D. Mullin, D. Ham, B. Mooring, A. Price, B. Sauls, M. Driver, C. Howell, J. Owens, C. Bass. SECOND GRADE F. Mooring, J. Mooring, P. Coley, K. Kearney, M. Strickland, J. Bass, L. Strickland, J. Tyndall, J. Grant, J. Owens, K. Mozingo, N. Chase, L. Mooring, G. Evans, A. Grimes, M. Gooding, V. Carter, G. Holloman, M. Rowe, E. Hamn, L. Smith, D. Owens, G. Yelverton, J. Howell, A. Reeves, W. Sauls. FIRST GRADE M. Lane, C. Owens, G. Minshew, D. Grimes, A. Howell, S. Sauls, S. Kirby, J. Musgrave, C. Lewis, G. Wallette, B. Harrison, E. Thomas, J. E. Bass, B. Herring, J. Gooding, D. Strickland, J. C. Blizzard, M. Bogue, G. Sauls, C. Yelverton, D. Head, C. Snipes, W. Mercer, F. Sullivan, C. Pike, A. Lucas, W. Mullins, C. Page, J. Owens, W. Holloman, R. Head. ACTIVITIES future Momemakers of America ' putune ' pa wt ni Of tmericei Floyd Ray Sauls, J. D. Blizzard, Wilmer Vandiford, Carl Richard Becton, Wilton Jordan, G.C, Morris, Johnny Edmundson, Juanita Minshew, Edna Yelverton, Hadylene Phillips, Chief; Edith Kirby, Arminta Minshew, Charles Taylor. SW t D’iCue% Glee Club i ' ZScdCMve ' ett Patten Utte (Hatton ’PidUng, 7ime CHEER LEADERS VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL It ' s play time Let ' s work boys Eyes on own paper please Pick me up HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG JOYCE LANCASTER SALLY PARRISH COLLEEN KEARNEY butstsi MtKKilNO BILLY SAULS CAROLYN DAY ANNIE ROSE SMITH SELBY GRANT BETTY JORDAN FLOYD RAY SAULS wua cf uvty too School (A out ATHLETICS Coach W. J. Peterson of Clinton will soon end his third year as director of athletics in the Eureka School. His Specialty is basketball with baseball. as a close runner-up. The 1950-51 basketball season was a successful one for the Eureka basketball teams. During this year the girls and also, the boys finished in second place in the county conference. Both teams were runners-up in the county tournament. The baseball team was also very successful during the 1950-51 season as they won the county championship. The 1951-52 season was a very successful one also. During this year the girls team was co- champions in the county conference. The boys this year were champions. Both girls and boys were again runners-up in the county tournament. The 1952-53 basketball season has not been as successful as were the two previous years. This year is proving to be a building year for the Eureka basketball teams. Coach Peterson has been both a help and inspiration to the Eureka basketball and baseball teams. We appreciate his kindness, sacrifices, understanding, and the training that he has given the boys and girls. Qirls’ basketball From left to right are: Peggy Davis, Dorthy Sauls, Carolyn Bradshaw, Aileen Owens, Edna Yelverton, Arminta Minshew, Margaret Jordan, Kay Taylor, Carolyn Day, Edith Darden, Faye Sauls, Mary Lane Taylor and Juanita Minshew. Cheer JCeaders boys’ basketball M. Harrison, R. Lancaster, P. Barnett, J. Edmundson, C. Lewis, C. Taylor, W. Darden, J. C. Edmundson, R. Yelverton, H. Parrish. asteflij F or F amico Corn Meal and Feeds Seeds and Insecticides At Faro GOODNESS Sake EAT Stantonsburg, North Carolina Compliments of NEW PLANTERS ' afym ud-es Number 1 and Number 2 Service you can depend on Sell at New Planters Number 1 and 2 Wilson, North Carolina r l company Oilseed Products F omco-Wayne Brand Fertilizers Fremont, North Carolina Fremont, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of 1953 BAN K d WAYNE Your Home Bank Goldsboro, North Carolina Shop with confidence of and wear with pride Goldsboro, North Carolina Department Store Compliments of WARE-HOUSE Guy Best - Bruce Smith Goldsboro, North Carolina FARMERS WAREHO USE 1 and 2 Farmers Auction Stockyard Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 7 09 Goldsboro, North Carolina ‘The Sate Executor” Dial 2311 Dial 3721 Fremont, North Carolina Pikeville, North Carolina Compliments of OSCAR E. TURLINGTON Fremont, North Carolina Congratulations For Good Food Visit ANN’S DELICATESSEN 233 North John Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of FREMONT PHARMACY Prescription Druggists Fremont, North Carolina G. C. THOMPSON Fremont Barber Shop Haircuts and Shaves to suit your choice Fremont, North Carolina S and W MILLING COMPANY Custom Grinding and Mixing Fremont, North Carolina HOGNES RADIO LABORATORIES Specializing Radio and Television Service 1009 North William Telephone 2412 Goldsboro, North Carolina JOHNSON COTTON CO of Goldsboro East Carolina Home Appliances Phone 142 132 East Walnut Street Your Transportation Center Lincoln - Mercury ' .entrtaz mvm MOTORS I NC. Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of Gas - Oil Company Goldsboro, North Carolina (X -HEILING % MEYER Dealers in House Furniture Goldsboro, North Carolina TOM LANCASTER Grocery Gas - Oil - Groceries Adamsville, North Carolina wmy BICYCLE S -H Byron Green, Owner Schwinn and Columbia built bicycles Lawn Mowers Repaired 209 North John Street Goldsboro, North Carolina FURNITURE. Visit •HARDWARE Anything in Visit us soon Goldsboro, North Carolina Hardware Goldsboro, North Carolina MOTOR SALES iNc Sales and Service Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Wilson, North Carolina Compliments of MOTOR. CO. 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Sales and Service Fremont, North Carolina MILTON BEST INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Fremont, North Carolina GARRIS DRY CLEANERS and HATTERS 208 North Center Street Phone 819 Goldsboro, North Carolina FREMONT DRY CLEANERS Pick Up and Deliver Phone 2631 Fremont, North Carolina THOMPSON - WOOTEN OIL COMPANY Shell Petroleum Products Phone 666 Goldsboro, North Carolina O. W. SASSER - Wholesale Fruits and Produce 411 South Goldsboro Street We Sell Everything Wilson, North Carolina E. L. HORNE Food Machines 309 South Tarboro Street Phone 4915 Wilson, North Carolina TOM R. BEST House of a Thousand Suits 119 East Walnut Goldsboro, North Carolina m ANTHONY WAYNE Service Center Back of Bank of Wayne Phone 858 Goldsboro, North Carolina TAFF- -COOKE, INC. School Supplies Portable Typewriter 139 North Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of EFIRD’S DEPARTMENT STORE Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of ROY’S LUNCH Goldsboro, North Carolina CITY BARBER SHOP FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY 112 North John Street 118 North John Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina SEYMOURS FUNERAL HOME INCORPORATED HOWELL OIL COMPANY Always at your service Box 653 Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 543 Goldsboro, North Carolina ED’S DRIVE IN Fried Chicken - Sea Food and Sandwiches Open 5 P. M. - 1 A. M. Goldsboro, North Carolina GOLDSBORO BEAUTY SHOP Specialist in Permanents 213 South Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina CONE KINS Shoes and Hats Goldsboro, North Carolina CASH DRUG COMPANY Phone 170 133 East Walnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina BERNEY’S LOAN COMPANY SEARS, ROEBUCK and COMPANY Shop and Save at Sears 201 East Walnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina 215 West Walnut Street Phone 3700 Goldsboro, North Carolina HUGHES MOTORS FORD’S MOTOR COMPANY Wilson, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments of KOONTS TEXACO SERVICE 118 North John Street Goldsboro, North Carolina 3725 Goldsboro, North Carolina Cr ' 3 -£ ca aJ c L g X j —We ? J. 2i — ' p 4 t s Z - 1 .. j(Z LyJ - — ' — z 1 — c o-w ' r . 6t £ ..- J ' -y ■ ' 20. Z . “ 1 ' ' ' ' - o6ry ) L , y p j7 ' ' " tf 5 ' - ' d «o y T 7 • ' I O I. I . L va- Jl { ULA ' JL ' UU h 0 j . y-U- -Ul ' " J y d j s o VUVAw rv . SL 0 -j tjb - v V JLllj +k xj oJL Tx yx jLU J { y- - rtjL o CJ 0 O’ -oj |° ' - j L £-A- 4 -Q J -O L-tJsj jS) ' T IU ' sy-y J. — VV |yt A . - lXj J ' U v y Qry j iv £ . 1 j s AAA i A-i- ' IJL — • J t • Si— ryuCJU ) J[ J J P - ' v -6 -t LLaHh M -ITl ' l) l J 3 r iJ-t , J ' ' •■ «£ r n- c-a-A? ■ - Z-J ' -ZY-AJ £jL - J y A. s-i U a w y y y OU - .vzCS A LITHOGRAPHED MfCoxrntGtCe YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS ' ' tfcv C W% e O U , - - Cfa, 5 ? T?Zfacs d L Cd£ yZufi- ' ( -C- ' ' w d fazd?- ■ ' • ' -id s« - ac zr A cl - 4 Ccd ' s J fj? z ty KO ' t C jpdfay O $y rroo 2 63 dfap - iy. . .’.j , T 2 y a - ' - -J ' £ ' 4b ¥ ' yO-fafacsz y y£ s-, ' ' iV C A ' 6 fafa ? xyL. } ; -600 C, yruz, ' x jL ' t a- c ■ c yvc sC J a V - r-z?-Jp -y JLe y yrf yzCe ' C«C tuj zx. cfaA y fad j.y 1 C 4 CdfatO zt J6 a6f aj sst st -«so ✓ y y 2 " r y y (P y . ,fa : JL ' ’ ’ ' -you,, fact £ -. - jZ — 7 - - ' r — £J ' •,c-“ t- - :.. . P c ■ ' ' Z r ' ‘ iWHffiWBUii

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