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II III III in Dehicaticpi To Dr„ Henderson Irwin, Chairman of Eureka School Board for 36 years, we the Seniors of 1952, dedicate the third edition of Eu-Re-Hi-Ke Daze. We appreciate Dr . Irwin for the great interest and loyalty that he has shown our school. " He has been a stranger to none, and friend to all. " Miss Janice Sasser Junior Sponsor V er Mr. Talton W. Jones Principal Oi-U. W VAVC j CA-o- ' ' -t H Mrs. Sam Marlin —— mJ Mr. John Tart Agriculture Teacher Mr. O.A. Robinson Freshman Sponsor Mr. W. J. Peterson Sophomore Sponsor Mrs. George Becton Fifth Grade Mrs, P. H. Starling Sixth Grade Mrs. Joel Minshew First and Second Grades Mrs. J. W. Bell First Grade Music Teacher Mrs. Betty Rackley Mrs. Fred Kirby Fourth Grade OnHual Editor -in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Art Editor Sports Editor Humor Editor Feature Editor Pictorial Editor Circulation Manager . . . .Shirley Murray Ann Sauls . , . . Charles Davis . . . Jimmy Winders . . .Douglas Murray . . . . Billy Langston . . Barbara Bartlett Mary Daily Morris . Wilhelmina Chase . .Louise Yelverton cnioh, Cia s Left to right: Mary Daily Morris, President; Ann Sauls, Vice-President; Shirley Murray, Secretary; Charles I vis, Treasurer; Barbara Bartlett, Re- porter. MARY DAILY MORRIS t " She ' s little ' tis true, but very- precious in value. " Treasurer of Music Club, 3; Halloween Beauty Queen, 3; Junior Play, 3; 1st Place County, 3rd Place District, F. C. X. Winner, 3; President of Senior Class, 4; Senior Play, 4. BARBARA BARTLETT " Dreams will be no master to her, but she will master her dreams. " Class President, 1; F. H. A. President, 2; Music Festival, 3; Dramatics“Club President, 4; Junior and Senior Play, 3, 4. MASCOTS Co ' t Shirley Murray " Success is hers via mentality and effort. " Editor-in-Chief of Eu-Re-Hi-Ke Daze, 4; State Debate, 2, 3, 4; Class Pres. , 2; Class Sec. , 1, 4; Highest grades, 2,3;Scholas- tic Medal,2; Jr. Play, 3; Cheer- leader, 3; Chief Marshal, 3; Sr. Play, 4; Dramatics Club, 4 V Charles Davis Apollo never had a greater . , It rival. Class Pres., 3; Class Treas., 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Report- er, 2; Music Festival,2; Master of cei enionies dr, and Sr . Ban- quet, 3; Dramatics ClubTreas., 3; Rhythmic Club Treas., 4 ; Marshal, 3; Jr. and Sr. Play, 3,4 Ann Sauls ' " To greater heights we know she is soaring. ' fh, y. L. M •ic. i i , ' f y Jimmy Winders " He doesn ' t rush, yet he has efficiency. " Vice- Pres, of 4-H Club, 1; Treas. F. F. A. , 1; Vice-Pres. of Dramatics Club, 3; Pres. 4-H Club, 2, 3; Treas. 4-H Club, 4; Music Festival, 2; Cheerlead- er, 1; Jr. and Sr. Play, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 2; Marshal, 3: Bus Driver, 4; Class Treas., 1; Asst. Bus. Mgr. of Annual, 4 1 O ' ’- C y V } Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; State De- bate, 2, 3, 4; Peace Essay Win- ‘--u ner, 3; F.H.A. Vice- Pres. , 2; F. H. A. Pres. , 3; F. H. A. County Officer, 2, 3; Class Vice- yy Pres. , 1, 2, 3, 4; Asst. Annual Editor, 4; Marshal, 3; Dramatics , T " Club, 4; Jr. and Sr. Play, 3, 4 tv O .J A.l . GEORGE YELVERTON " To know him is to love him. " Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Rhythmic Club President, 4; Music Club, 2, 3; F.F.A. Club, 2, 3, 4; Pro- gram Chairman for Senior Play, DOUGLAS MURRAY do LOUISE YELVERTON Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; F. F. A. Club, 2, 3; Junior Play, 3; Bus Driver, 3,4; Music Club, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4; Sen- ior Play, 4; Art Ecjitor of Annual, BETTY BRADSHAW Basketball, 1,2,3; Class Secre- tary, 3; State Debate, 2; Dra- matics Club, 2; 4-H Club Presi- dent, 1; 4-H Club Secretary, 2; Senior Play, 3; F. H. A. Club, 1; Music Festival, 2; Annual Staff Member, 3; Rhythmic Club,, " a winsome little personality, " 4-H Club, 1; Cheerleader, 2,3; Music Festival, 2, 3; Music Club, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4; Senior Play, 4; F, H. A. Club, 2,3,4; Halloween Beauty Queen, 1, 4, " His winning personality is not surpassed, ' " Her blonde beauty matches her charming manner, " arie Barnette . .3 O- " in her quiet way, she solves her problems well. " F. H. A. Club, 1 ; Music Festival, 2, 3; Music Club, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4; Senior Play, 4. A ' lc iCd Marie Edmundson Ruth Hamm I Light-hearted and gay; this will pave her way. " 4-H Club, 1; F H.A. Club, 2, 3, 4; Song Leader, 2; Parliamen- tarian, 4; Music Club, 3; Music Festival, 3; Junior Play, 3; Sen- ior Play, 4; Head Cheerleader, 4. Oj M4 ■Ur-iZ Ci, V A Earl Lancaster " Small in stature, lofty in thought. " F. F. A. , 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Treas- urer, 2, 4; Music Club, 3; Jun- ior Play, 3; Senior Play, 4. " She ' s loved most by those who know her best. " 4-H Club, 1; F. H. A. Club, 2, 3, 4; Miisic Club, 3; Music Festi- val, si Sfieej eader, 2»3; Sen- ' Tpr laj 4; hythmic Club, ' V J Reserved, modest, and capable are qualities which win him re- spect. " 4-HClub, 1; F. F. A. Club. 2, 3, 4; Won trip to Kansas City, 3; Baseball, 2, 3; Basketball, 3, 4; Music Club,3; Rhythmic Club, 4, : i .1 i i Wilhelmina Chase Bonnie Grace Howell She likes to play, which adds to her many desirable qualities. Class Secretary,. 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A Officer, 2; Dramatics Club, 3; Junior Play, 3; Senior Play, 4; Marshal, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4. " By his wit, laughter flows from the mouths of his comrades. " President F. F. A. , 3, 4; Treas- urer of F.F.A. Wayne County Federation, 4; Bus Driver, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Festival, 3; Music Club, 3; Sen- ior Play, 4; Rhythmic Club, 4. " Time rushes on, but she ' s still the same. " F.H.A. Secretary, 2; Marsha] 3; President Library Club, 3; Senior Play, 4. J Xv ' 24. C IK. M ■ -iu i . d n 0 nx A. CL y; Christine Lewis " Sometimes life is tempest- uous, but later it ' s only one sweet song. " Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. , 2; Dramatics Club, 3; Junior and Senior Play, 3, 4; Rhythmic Club, 4; Marshal, 3 £ Billy Langston " He ' s like a big ray of sun- shine on a dark, rainy day. " Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. , 2, 3, 4; F. F. a] Officer, 3; Member of Parlia- mentary Procedure Team, 3,4; Dramatics Club, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4; Junior and Senioi Flay, 3. 4 Velva Pender ' Often seen, but seldom heard. " 4-H Club, 1; Cheerleader, 2, 3; F.H.A.,2,3, 4; Music Club, 3; Music Festival, 2, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4; Senior Play, 4 Charles Boyette " The Master gave him a brain- - but will he seek to attain? " Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 1; F. F. A., 2,3,4; F.F.A. Officer ,‘3; Dram- atics Club, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4; Member of Parliamentary Pro- cedure Team, 3, 4; Stage Mgr. for Junior and Senior Plays, 3, 4 HARLOWE PENDER " a friend to all, a foe to none. ' ' 4-HClub, 1.2; F.H.A.,2; F. H. A. Officer, 2; Library Club, 3 ; Library Club Officer, 3; Drama- tics Club, 4; Basketball, 4; Senior Play, 4. LMA SAULS " She smiles unreservedly at the funny things of life. " GLADYS DARDEN " She ' s always one you can de- pend on, " 4-H Club, 1; F. H. A. , 2. 3; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. Offi- cer, 2; Music Club, 3; Senior Play, 4; Dramatics Club, 4, : MURIEL WILLIFORD " She ' s the same today and to- morrow. " 4-H Club, 1,2;F.H.A. Club, 2; Music Club, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4-H Club, 1; F. H.A. Club, 2,3; Library Club, 3; Rhythmic Club, 4. On that memorable day, September 9, just four years ago, a group of green, frightened freshmen entered Room 34 at Eureka High School. We were glad that we didn’t have to be initiated into high school, but we were still filled with awe. We elected our class officers, with the help of Mrs. Charles Winborn, our home-room teacher. They were: Barbara Bartlett, president; Ann Sauls, vice-president; Shirley Murray, secretary; and Jimmy Winders, treasurer. As Freshmen, we were elated to have three girls and one boy on the basketball teams. During the year, we entertained the Senior class with a chicken fry at Mrs. Winborn’s home. Four of our class-members accompanied the Seniors to Washington on a sight-seeing trip. Our Sophomore year wasn’t too eventful. We were stiU trying to learn. Again, we elected our class officers. They were: Shirley Murray, president; Ann Sauls, vice- president; Wilhelmina Chase, secretary; and Peggy Bradshaw, treasurer. Mrs. Bessie B. Bradshaw was our home-room teacher. During the year, we took the Seniors to White Fake. Our number on the basketball teams also increased. We had four girls and five boys. We were very proud of these boys and girls. We entered our Junior year at Eureka High with an elated spirit. Mary Daily Morris joined us at the beginning of the year. Our sponsor this time was Miss Janice Sasser. We presented our play and gave the Junior-Senior Banquet under her leadership. About the first thing we did was to elect class officers in our Junior year. They were: Charles Davis, president; Ann Sauls, vice-president; Wilhelmina Chase, secretary; and Billy Fangston, treasurer. Next came the very important business of presenting our Junior play, " Aunt Susie Shoots the Works.” It was very successful. We really enjoyed practicing for this play. Miss Sasser directed us. Next, as Juniors, we were giving the Junior-Senior Banquet. We had waited so long for this impressive event. We had our banquet in the gymnasium, the first class banquet to be presented there. We decorated it, and were very pleased with the results. This was a real highlight in our lives. After our summer vacation had quickly passed, we were happy to return to school and be greeted once -more by our cheerful classmates. AH were happy because we were Seniors. First, as Seniors, we elected our class officers. They were: Mary Daily Morris, president; Ann Sauls, vice-president; Shirley Murray, secretary; and Charles Davis, treasurer. Mrs. Sam Martin was our Senior sponsor. Now we all began thinking about our Senior play. After much debating, we decided to present " Aunt Tillie Goes to Town.” It was very successful. Mrs. Martin and Mr. Robinson directed it. Next came the task of publishing the third edition of the Eu-Re-Hi-Ke-Daze. It has proved a task, indeed. Even though it was work, we are glad we had the privilege to publish it. It was something that we knew we had made. Now we want to express our appreciation to Mr. Talton W. Jones, our principal and Economics teacher; to MrS. Sam Martin, our Senior sponsor, French, and English teacher; Miss Janice Sasser, Home Economics teacher; Mr. Orville Robinson, Com- mercial teacher; and Mr. W. J. Peterson, Algebra, Chemistry teacher and basketball coach. As we go forward into a new life, we will always appreciate their understanding and patience throughout our happiest years. Mary Daily Morris Ann Sauls iTasf Will ' Testament We, the members of the famed class of ' 52, realizing that the remainder of our days in E. H. S. are few, and being of sound body and comparatively sound mind, do hereby bequeath to the Juniors our worldly possessions, our charming ways and our charming personalities. As a class we wish to bequeath the following: First: Our desks, classrooms, and immovable fixtures we leave to the school; all movable fixtures probably to disappear with us when we depart this seat of learning. Second: To our teachers, we leave our friends and relatives in succeeding classes, with a heartfelt prayer for their mutual happiness. As individuals, we would like to leave our following qualities to our schoolmates: 1, Douglas Murray, do will and bequeath my way with the women to G. C. Morris, to be passed on if not needed. I, Billy Langston, do will and bequeath my promise of absolute loyalty to Sally Parrish in the hope that she will return the same. I, Betty Bradshaw, do will and bequeath that intangible something called " technique” to Annie Rose Smith. I, Wilhelmina Chase, do will and bequeath my luck in love to Faye Sauls. 1, Shirley Murray, do will and bequeath my never-fail flirting technique to Joyce Lancaster in the hope that she will make good use of it. I, Ann Sauls, do will and bequeath my ability to play basketball to Kay Taylor. 1, Mary Daily Morris, do will and bequeath my certain somethin’ to Ruth Cooke. We, Bormie Howell, Muriel Williford, and Velva Pender do will and bequeath our quiet ways to Betty Lois Jordon, Hilda Hollingsworth, and Dot Frazier. 1, Jimmy Winders, do will and bequeath my enormous and substantial feet to the ’53 basketball team, believing it to be sadly in need of a firm foundation. 1, Ruth Hamm, do will and bequeath my business intelligence to Floyd Ray Sauls. I, Barbara Bartlett, do will and bequeath my ability to get along with people to Edith Sauls. I, Marie Edmundson, do will and bequeath my innocent looks and ways to Inez West. I, Charles Davis, do will and bequeath my place on the basketball team to Leon Mooring. I, Billy Bartlett, do will and bequeath my wolfish ways to Bobby Herring. I, Louise Yelverton, do will and bequeath that quality called " glamour” to Colleen Kearney. I, Melvin Sauls, do will and bequeath my spot on the substitutes’ bench to Carl Richard Becton, thinking that he’ll need it since he’s worn his out. I, Earl Lancaster, do will and bequeath my neatness to Johnny Edmundson. I, George Yelverton, do will and bequeath my " sweet looks” to Wayne Harrison. I, Charles Boyette, do will and bequeath my interesting personality to Billy Sauls. I, Alma Sauls, do will and bequeath my habit of giggling in class to Patricia Howell. I, Marie Barnette, do will and bequeath my cute ways with the boys to Norma Ann Smith. I, Gladys Darden, do will and bequeath my dependability to Selby Grant. I, Harlowe Pender, do will and bequeath my glamorous hair-do to Jerry Cockrell. I, Christine Lewis, do will and bequeath my charming manners to Frances Kearney. In this manner, we dispose of our possessions, and do declare this to be our Last ' Will and Testament. Signed: Shirley Murray Mary Daily Morris Class Motto " Not For Ourselves, But For Others” Class Flower Red Rose Class Colors Red and White Class Poem We, the Seniors of ’52, Graduate with a smile to you; For it was you who gave us the courage to face those problems that were not trimmed with lace. It was you helped us most; You, who struggled with us to this very post. We realize that we face a future that can’t always be bright; but thank you so much for holding high for us our light. May we take it now and carry it with us; for we know now that leave you we must. So farewell to you now, farewell to you all; And thanks for so faithfully answering our every call. by Barbara R. Bartlett There ' s a gleam in our eye Guess you ' re wondering why. But you really should know why it ' s there. With such power in our smile. Since we ' ve come the last mile With our happiness with you to share. Though our days have been long. Our hopes are still strong For a future we hope will be bright. We ' ll be happy all the while and at all times smile And carry the bright shining light. Tonight our eyes are smiling. Our life has just begun. You can hear the Seniors laughter As they bring back songs they ' ve sung. When Seniors hearts are happy. All the world seems bright and gay. And now classmates eyes are smiling So to you farewell we ' ll say. Here ' s to our colors white and blue Dear old Eureka how we love you. And to prove our faith in thee We ' ll go onward to victory. Rah! Rah! Rah! We love our school, she stands for right We ' ll pull for her with all our might. We ' re proud of her, she ' s our friend We ' ll love her until the end. Rah! Rah! Rah! Here ' s to our colors white and blue Dear old Eureka how we love you. And to prove our faith in thee We ' ll go onward to victory. by Barbara and Louise flumci Pi aae Earl L.: " Barbara, what are you doing on the ground?” Barbara B.: " I tried walking on the sidewalk with Mr. Robinson, and this is what happened.” Ann S.: " George, why aren’t you insured this year?” George Y.: " Well, Pa thought it over and decided he’d rather take a chance on losing me than to be sure of losing seventy-five cents.” Mrs. Jones: " What? My husband kissing that teacher! I am surprised.” Mr. Jones: " No, my dear, I am surprised. You are astonished.” Mrs. Martin: " Do you think your son will forget what he will learn in college?” Mr. Davis: " I hope so. He can’t make a living courting.” Mr. Robinson: " So you admit that this unfortunate freshman was carried to the fishpond and drenched. What part did you take in this disgraceful affair?” Melvin S.: " The right leg, sir.” Christine L.: " Here’s an ash tray.” Douglas M.: " Thanks, but the floor isn’t full yet.” Harlow P.: " Mary Daily, I understand that it was you who broke the windowpane.” Mary D. M.: " Yes, Harlow, I am the one who broke it.” Harlow P.: " But why?” Mary D. M.: " I threw a brick at Billy Bartlett and he ducked.” Charles B.: " What did you think of that ventriloquist last night?” Billie B.: " Oh, I didn’t think he was so hot, but that little fellow on his knees was awfully funny.” Ruth H.: " I wonder if it’s five o’clock yet?” Betty B.: " Why?” Ruth H.: " Because I’m supposed to be home at five, and I’m not there yet.” Muriel W.: " Gladys, have you lived in Wayne County all your life?” Gladys D.: " Nor yet.” Velva P.: ' Why do they call our language the mother tongue?” Jimmy W.: " Because the father so seldom gets a chance to use it.” Mr. Peterson; " What ancient ruler played the fiddle while Rome was burning?” Louise Y.: " Was it Hector?” Mr. Peterson: " No, not Hector.” Louise Y.: " Then it was Duke.” Mr. Peterson; " Duke? What do you mean?” Louise Y.: " Well, then, it must have been Nero. I knew it was somebody with a dog’s name.” Judge: " Speeding, eh? How many times have you been before me?” Billie L.: " Never, your Honor. I’ve tried to pass you on the road once or twice, but my car will only do fifty-five.” Mr. Tart: " Charles, what is steam?” Charles D.: " Water that’s crazy with heat.” Miss Sasser: " Shirley, define ’nose’.” Shirley M.; " A part of the body that shines, snubs, snoops, and sneezes.” Bonnie H.: " Well, since you ask, what is the difference between a sewing machine and a kiss?” Alma S.: " One sews seams nice, and the other seems so nice.” Mrs. Edmundson; " Marie, what do you mean by feeding the baby yeast?” Marie E.: " She swallowed my nickel, and I’m trying to raise the dough.” Wilhelmina C.; " You should eat your spinach, Marie. It will put color in your cheeks.” Marie B.: " Who wants green cheeks, anyway?” If upon your face appears one smile, I’ll consider my work worth while. Barbara Ruth Bartlett Class PiopLecxj Looking into the future of the Class of 1952, the magic curtain is parting, the fog is lifting, and now I can see the fate of my classmates — It is 1958 and I can see Charles Davis, a doctor, curing a girl who has had hiccoughs for fifty-nine days. Bonnie Howell, his nurse, is assisting him. Flash! Latest news is Miss Mary Daily Morris and Mr. Earl Lancaster are happily married and spending their honeymoon at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. Betty Bradshaw is directing a swimming class at White Lake and we hear that the new M.G.M. director, Melvin Sauls, has spotted her for a replacement of Muriel WiUiford. Down at Carolina Beach, you’ll find a cool little vacation spot operated by the former Shirley Murray and her better half, Jimmy Winders. Barbara Bartlett is a typing teacher now. She is a graduate of Mr. Robinson’s instruction. Referee George Yelverton is ill from effects of pop bottles he met when calling the Eureka-Fremont basketball game. In Stantonsburg, I see Mrs. Willie Mozingo, formerly Wilhelmina Chase, and her three-year-old twins, Tillie and Willie. BiUy Langston and Charles Boyette have been given credit for capturing more stills in Wayne County than all other deputies combined. Captain Billy Bartlett is home on leave from Army Service. Velva Pender and Gladys Darden have completed their course as air stewardesses with the South-Eastern Air Line. A school teacher’s life is not a holiday, say Ann Sauls, Christine Lewis, Louise Yelverton, and Mane Edmundson. Soon bells other than school bells for them! Ruth Hamm is owner and operator of a chain of clothi ng stores patronized by Marie Barnette, Harlow Pender, and Alma Sauls, three of our better housewives. Mary Daily Morris enioh, upedatioes BEST ALL-AROUND SHIRLEY MURRAY JIMMY WINDERS BEST PERSONALITY RUTH HAMM BO MURRAY MOST POPULAR AND MOST TALANTED NEATEST LOUISE YELVERTON CHARLES BOYETTE VELVA PENDER EARL LANCASTER enici upedatioes MOST ATHLETIC HAPPIEST AND Wilhelmina Chase MOST DRAMATIC Billy Langston Marie Barnette Billy Langston BEST SPORTS Barbara Bartlett George Yelverton MOST GENEROUS Alma Sauls Billy Bartlett enici upedatioes BEST LEADERS Shirley Murray Billy Bartlett Not pictured: Gladys Darden and Earl Lancaster, Most Dependable; Betty Bradshaw and Earl Lancaster, Cutest; Barbara Bartlett and Billy Bartlett, Wittiest; Bonnie Howell and Melvin Sauls, Most Religious. enic ' i upedatioes MOST STUDIOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mary Morris Ann Sauls Charles Davis Melvin Sauls MOST AMBITIOUS BEST DRESSED Ann Sauls Christine Lewis Charles Davis Jimmy Winders BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT BEST LOOKING Charles Davis Harlowe Pender Jimmy Winders Betty Bradshaw MOST MUSICAL QUIETEST Marie Edmundson George Yelverton Muriel Williford Melvin Sauls CtMion BETTY JORDO: ,ED MOORING HILDA HOLDINGS, JOYCE LANCASTER CARL BECTON KAY TAYLOR BOBBY HERRING COLLEEN KEARNEY RUTH C BILLY SAU S INEZ WEST RAY. SAULS EDITH SAULS WAYNE HARRISON MARION HOWELL DOT FRAZIER CHARLES TAYLOR ' JOHWY EDMUNDSON FAYE SAULS G. C. MORRIS ©ITH KIRBY HAD WILTON JORDON ROBERT LANCASTER JUANITO MIJ SBE WILLIAM DARDEN ARMINTA MINSHEW SHIR GERALDINE COCKRELL Dan Minshew Peggy Little Alene Owens Willard Herring WT - Carl Lewis Caswell Bogue Preston Barnett Edwin Pike Sherwood Murray Carolyn Bradshaw Nancy Edmundson Peggy Davis Betty Lou Frazier Dorothy Sauls Mary Lou Lewis Marie Blizzard Mary Evans Helen Williams Susie Carey Carleen Scott Jean Sauls Shirley Pender Rena Balance Eleanor Grimes Barbara Pike Billy Howell Marcellus Harrison Donald Mooring Cecil Pender Carlton Sauls Eunice Kearney Grace Pender aae. eOentli Cjia e n -- - Jk- f- ' I Cj ' ia e Cj ahe ecoH Gia e " fifist an eccH Cj a es OomLine j ;4ctiwtie [ liXjikmlc Gluly George Yelverton, President; Dot Frazier, Secretary; Charles Davis, Treasurer. Diamatic Olui Barbara Bartlett, President; Joyce Lancaster, Vice-President; Shirley Pender, Secretary; Nancy Edmundson, Treasurer. Inez West Alma Sauls Shirley Murray Ann Sauls Gladys Darden Harlowe Pender Frances Kearney Madeline Sauls Nancy Edmundson Shirley Bartlett Peggy Moye Grace Pender Oluly President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Adviser . .Billy Bartlett Charles Taylor William Darden Earl Lancaster .Richard Becton John Tart clylyii (3luly Carson Kearney, Calvin Carter, J.D. Blizzard, Willard Herring, Joe Bass, Carlton Sauls, Caswell Bogue, Dan Minshew. DiioeM JP19?73i Left to right: Melvin Sauls, George Yelverton, Carl Richard Becton, Billy Bartlett, Jimmy Winders, and Douglas Murray. T laiskals 1 : iL Left to right: Edith Sauls, Hilda Hollingsworth, Bobby Herring, Kay Taylor, Joyce Lancaster, Chief. M.Q. Qlui Adviser President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Reporter Song Leader. . . . Pianist Historian County Officer. . Parliamentarian Miss Janice Sasser Kay Taylor . Betty Lou Frazier . . . Dorothy Frazier Peggy Davis Edith Kirby ■ Faye Sauls . .Hadylene Phillips . . .Annie Mae Sauls . . . o . . . .Kay Taylor . . Marie Edmundson s ?a$ket(yall T earn Left to right: Kay Taylor, Edith Sauls, Wilhelmina Chase, Louise Yelverton, Alene Owens, Harlowe Pender, Gladys Darden, Ann Sauls, Faye Sauls, Juanito Minshew, Ar- minto Minshew, Peggy Little, Edna Yelverton, Christine Lewis, Hilda Hollingsworth; Coach, W, J. Peterson. [ oyjS ?a$lzetlyall eam Left to right: W. J. Peterson, Coach; Melvin Sauls, Carl Richard Becton, Charles Davis, Jesse Corbett, Billy Langston, Charles Boyette, Jimmy Winders, George Yel- verton, William Darden, Charles Taylor, Charles Sauls. ?a$el)all T earn First row, left to right: Carl Richard Becton, Charles Davis, Bo Murray, W. J. Peterson, Coach. Second row: Charles Taylor, William Darden, Leon Mooring, B illy Bartlett, Charles Boyette, Johnny Edmundson. Our baseball team is looking forward to another highly successful season. Last year in conference play our boys won 7 games and lost only 1 thus becoming Northern County Champions. In the playoff with Mount Olive, of the Southern Division, we won 2 of the 3 games to take the Wayne County Champions. We have lost only two players from our last years ' champion team; and have hopes of being county champs again. SMPSHOTS I ■ -V- ■ ■ . ■ ' i f--. ;4do‘€fttc €n i. I f CO M PL- I M ENTS New Planters Warehouse WILSON, N, C. SERVICE YOU CAN DEPEND ON ' congratulations lEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OE 1952 FROM Easley Warehouse Company ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. BOYKIN GROCERY CO, , INC, WHOLESALE GROCERIES PHONE 2131 WILSON, N. C. MOSS COMPANY, INC. treat - PEOPLE - RIGHT WILSON, N. C. PARKERS BARBECUE FRIED CH ICK EN HIGHWAY 301, 2 MILES SOUTH WILSON, N. C. PHONE 38361 COM PLI MENTS BOYKIN GROCERY COMPANY WILSON, N. C. COM PU 1 M ENTS OF SETH B. HOLLOWELL OIL CO. ATLANTIC PETROLEUM PRODUCTS C. T. Davis PLANT LOCATION, ADAMSVILLE GOLDSBORO, N, C. TELEPHONE 898-J DEALER IN congratulations, GRADUATES! GENERAL MERCHANDISE AND FARM IMPLEMENTS BEST WISHES! FOR THE LIFE YOU NOW BEGIN FERTILIZERS WEIL ' S EUR EKA N, C , IN GOLDSBORO FARO GINNING MILLING CO. EUREKA MILLING CO, MANUFACTURERS OF FAMICO FEEDS AND CORN MEAU FEEDS AND MEAL, CUSTOM GRINDING AND MIXING EUREKA , N. C, FARM BUREAU INSURANCE CO. WILLIE MOORING AGENT R. EUREKA E, CHASE N. C, meats GROCERIES EUREKA N. C. HENRY J. SAULS GENERAL MERCHANDISE EUR EKA N. C. 1 COM PU 1 M ENTS COM PU 1 M ENTS OF OF EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT ATLAS PLYWOOD STORE CORPORATION GOLDSBORO N. C. GOLDSBORO N. C. SMITH PELT SEYMOUR FUNERAL HOME INC. J. RODNEY COMBS AMBULANCE SERVICE JULIAN W. WEST OFFICE PHONE 1065 V GOLDSBORO, N,C. GOLDSBORO, N. C. COMMUNITY MOTORS CORPORATION GIDDENS JEWELRY STORE " north Carolina ' s oldest jewelers " SALES AND SERVICE FOR D 138 S. CENTER ST, GOLDSBORO N.C. GOLDSBORO N, C. COM PU 1 M ENTS COMPUl MENTS OF OF MADE RITE BAKERY GRIFFIN ' S BARBECUE " enriched " EAT MADE RITE BREAD ROLLS GOLDSBORO, N.C, QUALITY BICYCLE SHOP SCHWINN BICYCLES KEYS MADE LOCKS REPAIRED BYRON GREENi OWNER 209 N. JOHN ST. GOLDSBORO N. C . BRANCH BANKING TRUST CO. THE SAFE EXECUTOR COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE MEMBER F. D. 1. C, GOLDSBORO N. C. DEWEY BROTHERS IRON AND METAL WORKS GOLDSBORO, N, C. WEEKS AND DEBRUHL GROCERY GROCERIES — MEATS - GAS - OIL SANDWICHES 4235 GEORGE STREET PHONE 3290 GOLDSBORO N. C . CORBETT MOTOR COMPANY YOUR BUICK DEALER 202 E. GREEN ST, TELEPHONE 6106 TOBACCO BELT RULANE COMPANY TAPPAN RANGES BOTTLED GAS PHONE 5671 121 N. DOUGLAS ST. WILSON N, C. WILSON, N. C. NATIONAL BANK OF WILSON MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT CORPORATION COM PL I M ENTS PETE AND MIKE ' S CAFE WILSON, N. C. I CONGR ATUL.AT IONS SENIORS L. C. WOODALL FROM 221 EAST BARNES STREET QUINN ' S GIFT SHOP FURN ITUR E FIRST FLOOR LEONARD refrigerators ENTERPRISE GAS RANGES, R. E. QUINN FURNITURE CO. duo-therm oil HEATERS AND NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES PHONE 3188 WILSON, N.C. WILSON, N, C. DICK ' S ELECTRICAL CO. COM PLI MENTS OF MAYTAG-HOOVER-CROSUEY HUGHES MOTORS HOTPOINT SALES AND SERVICE WILSON , N. C. DODGE PLYMOUTH 307 E. NASH ST. WILSON, N, C. DODGE TRUCKS PHONE 2579 sco-co HIGH QUALITY BRYAN EDMONSON TRACTOR FERTILIZERS CO. THE SOUTHERN COTTON OIL CO. FORD TRACTORS MT. OLIVE HIGHWAY A NEIGHBORLY INSTITUTION TELEPHONE 3000 GOLDSBORO, N. C. GOLDSBORO N, C. VISIT SMITH HARDWARE J. C. PENNEY CO. " anything IN hardware " " the home of values " GOLDSBORO N. C. GOLDSBORO, N. C, LEWIS BROTHERS TIRE CO, EXPERT RECAPPING HEILIG-MEYERS FURNITURE " for WISE buyers " PHONE 2133 WILSON, N. C. WILSON, N. Co VAUGHAN ' S JEWELERS G B COFFEE SHOP JEWELRY, MUSIC, REPAIRING 106 E„ BARNES ST. 310 E. GREEN ST. WILSON , N . C . WILSON, N. C. OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY BRIDGER ' S ANDY ' S PAINT WALLPAPER CO. 1255 S. TARBORO ST. " where friends meet " 125 S. TARBORO ST. WILSON N. C. WILSON, N. C. COM PL I M ENTS OF COM PL I MENTS OF Wm. HINES BARBER SHOP 130 S. GOLDSBORO ST. WILSON, N, C, MOTHER-DAUGHTER FASHIONS WILSON , N . C , TILLY ' S SHOP TOWN AND COUNTRY FROM TOTS TO TEENS 106 N. TARBORO ST. WILSON N. C. BOTTLED GAS GOLDSBORO -K 1 N STON— TAR BORO COMPLI MENTS OF THE PATE-DAWSON MOTOR CO, , INC. PERSONAL DEPT. SALES, OLDSMOBILE SERVICE GOLDSBORO, N. C. NATIONAL BANK OF WILSON PHONE 707 COBB MOTOR CO, GOLDSBORO PAINT CO, , INC, CHEVROLET PAINTS, VARNISHES, AND BRUSHES 204 N, CENTER ST. GOLDSBORO N. C. GOLDSBORO N. C. ■ TAFF-COOKE, INC, COM PL I M ENTS OF OFFICE OUTFITTERS-SUPPLI ES 139 N. CENTER ST. GOLDSBORO, N. C. EFIRD ' S DEPT. STORE WILSON NORTH CAROLINA TOM LANCASTER GRO, GOLDSBORO BEAUTY SHOP ADA MSV 1 L.L.E , N, C, 2135 CENTER ST. i GENERAL MERCHANDISE PHONE 1107 1 GOLDWAYNE LAUNDRY DRY HOME CASH GROCERY i CLEANERS PHONE 2 — 5 GOLDSBORO , N , C . GOLDSBORO, N. C. COM PL 1 M ENTS OF PATE FARM EQUIPMENT i S„ H. KRESS COMPANY GOLDSBORO-WILSON HI-WAY A GOUDSBORO, N. C. PHONE 933J J SOL-1 S ACCS GEORGE-CASTINE, INC. FARMERS SUPPLY CO. CENTER ST. 1 18 NORTH JOHN ST. J GOLDSBORO, N. C. GOLDSBORO, N. C. WHITES ' LAUNDRY BERNEY’S LOAN CO. j CLEANERS, INC. 201 WALNUT ST. € GOLDSBORO, N. C. GOLDSBORO, N. C. A 3 WAYNE AGRICULTURAL WORKS INC. § RICE ' S MEN SHOP J GOLDSBORO, N. C. 118 SOUTH GOLDSBORO ST. € WILSON, N. C, A HACKNEY AUTO SUPPLY § MULLENS BARBER SHOP | YOUR B. F. GOODRICH DEALER 116 SOUTH GOLDSBORO ST. ? WILSON , N. C. WILSON, N. c. y MORRISON ' S DRUG STORE WILSON AUTO SALES | " complete drug service " DESOTA PLYMOUTH DEALER ? BRIGGS HOTEL BLDG. VV ILSON, N, C, NEW AND USED CARS J GARDNER ' S WELDING SERVICE S. GEORGE STREET GOUDSBORO N. C. DUMAS-GIDDENS OIL CO. , INC. PURE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS GOLDSBORO N. C , CAROLINA TRACTORS, INCc MT. OLIVE HWY, GOLDSBORO N. C, SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE AT LEDER BROS. GOLDSBORO N, C. ED ' S DRIVE IN FRIED CHICKEN M I LKSHAK ES CAROLINA POWER LIGHT COMPANY GOLDSBORO, N. C. GOLDSBORO N. C , J. C. HALES INSURANCE FREMONT N, C. PHONE 377-6 BRYAN OIL COMPANY AMOCO PRODUCTS GOLDSBORO N. C. SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. WAYNE BARBER SHOP PHONE 1602 GOLDSBORO N, C, GOLDSBORO N. C, YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AT ISAACS ' FURNITURE COM PL I M ENTS ARROW CLEANERS GOLDSBORO N. C , GOLDSBORO IT PAYS TO PLAY MUSIC SPORTS, INCc GOLDSBORO, N. C. WILLIAM’S PAINT SUPPLY PAINTS AND WALLPAPER GOLDSBORO, N. C. COM PL I M ENTS HEITIG - MEYERS THOMAS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. PHONE 243 GOLDSBORO N. C. GOLDSBORO N. C, COM PL 1 M ENTS TOM R. BEST OF KNOX HATS EDWARD ' S FRUIT STORE GOLDSBORO, • N. C. GOLDSBORO N. C. COM PL 1 M ENTS R. H. DILLION CO. OF BOX 543 BEN ELLIS PHONE 1156 GOLDSBORO N. C. GOLDSBORO N. C. NELSON ' S PHOTOSHOP COMPLIMENTS OF 118 S. CENTER ST. GOLDSBORO ROGERS CAMERAS PHOTO F 1 N 1 SH 1 NG GOLDSBORO ' S FRIENDLY JEWELER THE HAT SHOPPE SARDESON ' S EXCLUSIVE MILLINERY APPAREL FOR MISSES AND WOMEN GOLDSBORO N.C. GOLDSBORO, N. C. CHURCHWELL ' S INC. WILSON HARDWARE CO. JEWELERS COURT HOUSE IN FRONT OF US WILSON • N . C . W 1 LSON • N . C , W. H. GRIFFIN SON J. J. BOWDEN, DIST. COAL GULF OIL PRODUCTS PHONES 47-48 GOLDSBORO, M. C. GOLDSBORO N. C. N. E. S. W. SER. STATION W. B. BAILEY TEXACO PRODUCTS ESSO PRODUCTS GROCERIES M. FUTRELLE GOLDSBORO N. C. FARO , N.C. CASH DRUG CO. GENERATOR STARTER EXCHANGE PHONE 170 127 W. CHESTNUT ST, 133 E, WALNUT ST. PHONE 1028 — M GOLDSBORO N. C. GOLDSBORO, N C. BOTTLED BY BARNS HARRELL CO. WIUSON N. C. J. R. AND G. E. YELVERTON COM PL. I M ENTS AND BEST WISHES FROM ROY B. WEBB INSURANCE AGENCY E. M. NADAU ruth ' s shoppe S. E. GRIFFIN GENE RARER ALVIN BISSETTE CECIL BARNES BILL HICKS CARROLL BATTS LEONARD REGISTER GEORGE HOWARD PAUL D, FRANKS R. H. CHASE SERVICE STATION. STORK NEST, WILSON. N. C, CONIKEn ' S, GOLDSBORO, N. C. COLONY GIFT SHIP. GOLDSBORO, N. MONTAGUE FEED AND MILLING CO. BRUCE LAMM ' S STYLED MENS WEAR T. E. BROWN, JR. BILLY BLACKMAN QUALITY BAKERY, WILSON, N. C. CITY BARBER SHOP, WILSON, N. C. BLAIRS REX SHOES AND REPAIR GRICES ' BEAUTY SHOP, WILSON, GOODYEAR SERVICE, WILSON, N. GRICES ' SEED STORE, WILSON, N, C, EUREKA, N. C. N, C. C. V .- •V,- ... ; % ' - W: : ■ ? • ■■•, ' • • ' .. • • .:f . -t- J • I’-t ., ' .S .. ... :■ . -. ‘ :r- a; " W? " - , • ' ■■ ' ■ " .vrm - ' -V W ■ ;. v: -i’.j ■ ■ ».»t asrf5 , : .Vv ,,;S %?:.:■ ■: . .■ ... ... •■ w. ' -;■ siimv Did KuirneiiT COMPIM seoi EilST ROSEDALE FORT WORTH, TEXAS rn Pnlilishers of this Annual |]i;penen(;e...not an Emperiment . f -r V 4 III III III I ' m. ■l AUrp ' UNIVERSITY SUPPCY EQUIH, M woRTH rEXASiiij :

Suggestions in the Eureka High School - Eu Re Hi Ke Yearbook (Eureka, NC) collection:

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