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1 1 1 S- 1 w ,I L PRESENTING THE PRISM THE FORTY-QIXTH voLuME FOREWORD The theme of this yearbook is ABSTRACTION. The many complex functions of campus activities, the complexities of the student, the complexity of the administration--faculty and staff create a tangible--vast--colorful picture of the campus life. The existence of the campus life is never defined--always changing with time. We in this abstraction exist in a pursuit of education which is fulfilled through the college traditions, classrooms, social life and activities. Thus, the following pages give--in short--a visualiza- tion of this abstraction. Editor. Ted Moutrey Assistant Editors: Lorena Reese and Judy Cherry Photography: Harry Noftsker Layouts: Mike Ramme--Dave Couden Art: Bob Bohn Advertising: Howard Moser - -Ed Getz - -jack F indlay- -Bill Knoerle Advisor: Dr. Jane Wilde 2 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION- FACULTY-STAF F 6 TRADITIONS ...... I8 ACTIVITIES. . . . . 30 ATHLETICS ....... 54 SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS 78 CLASSES ........ 90 ADVERTISING. . . . ISO ATHLETIC I SPIRITUAL ACADEMIC QQCIAL J... . -,. w,,s....- A FACULTY ADMINIQTRATIDN STAFF v-.L ADMINISTRATION WC' Q ,. 3-+V an-.5 .5 Dil vg.iJ""VL fx- ,'ff,,ziw fb eff- If ? - kfyfff M651 lffT'11i- Ig' I-,.-,,.-:,:-QENQL I r -A fa- ,:- I-f 1.7 - .1 '- A Vw-f.f-,S:af,s- ' - : ' - 41 5:,1e1'g:2f,.. 5, ,ffflfi -A fI',1,'.mj g I If-S LJLJ, L 1 nv: E: 'few' -'V 1 1"f.I '5i"'f'fY- H" +-.W 'a Q 'af' ', A 1-- Q 'QSM ,. .fi fl. ' .., : Vi ,,5.g..'.,. 3. H . .1S',w"','u.-I EXECUTIVE DEAN PROF. CLARENCE R. NOE Education PRESIDENT DR. I. W. LANGSTON DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRAR MR. GEORGE HEARNE ADMINISTRATION DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES PROF. LELAND R. BECK Psychology FACULTY DR. CHARLES D. MILES MR. ELTON COUCH PROP. JACOB RINKER Biology Physics and Geology Professor Emeritus Advanced Physics , . QW-7' X, V '. r' w V 1 :ggi it-1.4 is ,, f mf. Aw 6 1 W 1 W? Li if PROF. RONALD GREEK DR. LEONARD B. BRUNER DR. RAYMOND MILLER Mathematics Chemistry Education 10 FACULTY fx L.. PROF. EDELTRUD S. MILLER MR. LOREN LOGSDON MRS. WILLIAM A. DORAN Modern Languages English English and Speech i DR. MABEL BAILEY PROF. LEO TRAISTER DR. CHARLOTTE BOTHWELL English Athletic Director and Coach Counselor of Women Physical Education Physical Education 11 FACULTY DR. JANE WILDE PROF. WILLIAM A. DORAN MR. DAVID BLAKESLEE History and Government Sociology and History Speech and Drama PROF. PAUL MURPHEY PROF. ROYAL HUMBERT DR. CHESTER CROW Chaplain and History Philosophy and Religion Religion 12 www PROF. ALVIN THOMAS Economics and Business fd X ' , .H 'ii FACULTY DR. BURRUS DICKINSON PROF. RICHARD OLSEN Economics and Business Music 3 is . ", Jr. X , MRS. LOIS HUMBERT PROF. ERNEST HIGDON MRS. ALMA T. STEIDER Music Professor Emeritus Librarian Psychology 13 STAFF MISS IRENE REYNOLDS MR. AGARD BAILEY Treasurer Librarian MR. ROBERT WHITLER MR. ROBERT TINNEY Admissions Counselor Business Manager 14 MISS NORMA C. BROWN Associate Director of Development MR. DONALD LITTLEJOHN Associate Director of Development STAFF FOOD CENTER STAFF--Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Garber, Mr. Horton, Mr. Hardy, Mrs. Ulrich, Mrs. Golden. 'Tv'-we BOOKKEEPER: Mrs. Ducks .':' " -' ' if QR 4 1 ww K ' I .f -H ' nr I Ag in 'gi A . H L' J wi I' BOOK STORE: Mrs. Wuthrich SECRETARIAL SERVICES: Mrs. Klopfenstein 91- STUDENT UNION: Mrs. Clymer HOUSEMOTHERS--Mrs. Nauman, AXA, Miss Ralston, Woodg Mrs. Miller, Jones: Mrs. Reedy, IE, Mrs. Ricks, Gunzenhauserg Mrs. Dawless, Davidsong Mrs. Shannon, TKE5 Miss Lawrence, Magdalene. 15 Dr. Bruner assists student on special problem. FACULTY Mr. Olsen explaining the principles of music, Prof. Rinker and wife attend football game. ACTIDN Discussion with Assembly speaker. Faculty-student conversation at food center. "NC Mi. Faculty at CONVOCATION. ,J .K Prof. Higdon explains more psychology after class. Dr. Dickinson assists students with a problem in business. President Langston with Congresswoman Green. ,gap-we' FACULTY IN Adviser-student relationship t f sid.. YQ. sn .:.::R':i':,-r-- 'K 1. J F na f f Coach Tra1ster playing the game from the sidelines Faculty at CONVOCATION i155 . F 1- tzps I 3' ,Z M -QI ru. TRADITION9 FLUNK DAY Freshmen show Seniors due respect . r r Q7 H zz Km w HIT T iw if W 5' w gil" TL 'El 'Lk 1 ,. EQ ua figx,,1U,.v?gilgwggg..m...m W , FIX' , xi' ' 1 L W.: Sing pretty, Frank. An overanxious Junior. 20 Mudmaking 101 FLUNK DAY Andy??! ! Peanuts to onions The Militia! Splish, splash. A Trail Blazer Verdict: GUILTY! I 963 HOMECOMING QUEEN fps- 3' fm. fm., L, yu ff. T 55? J fffff' I gl, N fl 25 z , ,1 W .fgugvsw Q Miss Helen Brown, M U '- ' " "HM 1 x M Wg xfmw M5 77 s Aledo, Ill., being crowned by Pres1dent Langston , 1.5 ,H H :ME gm , L: ,4 n fn 1 H vs 51, W L , W H, , Dwarf ,tu L MH' Y H 'iii Sf 1 221 H M CN, 'J J Q o 1o 41 3, ,. 3'."L53u?24 lit " 7-'Ty 'Ip' 'xx 1 Q wi Al o- so I F3-fx ww M Y- ' ,X s Ngo n 22 N w ' N :lrgbigieif , ,, , -if ,gt gn, ,ff.- 1 , nw ig mo' , ,W 1 gym H MDV, i: ww , V, V 15,21 '1 I.. ' , 6" W2 X vm, , , L .Q me ly ' ' if . ' , ' 11 4. M "1 , vi -H., : , .. i -' vm, in tl ' Jiifiif KVKVS3 ' 133-X' A " i 'V . ig, 1 f X , " " ' M LQ -1, -1 f. , ,fiLff55f,5gfQ3fg.,3'Q,,1 . 'lei N ww if '1:2iiz,g:w WN., new 95 i f Qflirxmiiqy ffaegjfgmgai 1 55322515 5 QI Y , il L A ROYAL COURT QFrom leftj: April Turnbo, Dan McMillan, Vicki Zanaglia, J erry Zimmerman, Queen Helen Brown, Harold Lange, 1961 Homecoming Queen, Sharon Kimple. bi F'aH'1-fi' 'BG'Q5" Queen Helen reigns at game. Three royal loveliesg April, Vicki, Helen. 23 'Qk.!afe., -M,-,,- fu'- Delta Pi's fire up enthusiasm. TKE s mash their way to first. ,. mms x X Ig' ' Indee Men dispose of the opposition ...ln Y I DEVIL VH LL Lambda Chi s put Eureka on top. HOMECDMING WELL nm: ro wcmn on rap or ou: I u W 71 Wwe H W ,Wu 3, f'-fa V U DZ's cucle fust Talented Delta Pi's performance No. 1. X fiizsfi Lambda Chi's perform in style. Beneath the rainbow with the DZ's. 1 Rf' I f 0 '1,,Ew"' M Q ' ' , , ' 2' f A ,, w " G? Y , N 13 Team counts TD's. Operation Stumt Show. Pajama relay Tricycle race Football kick 26 f. '-F, gif- ' 'H ' 34, H, U ? EEEEEE 1' N, .. , Nw 'i lm f55yiL 12W w "lil ""'3'5 i' "' Uwe-2 ,: , - Q .mo N Boys' Relay Chariot Pull Pass that baton. And the TKE's repent. M my.. . xv ow bf fa' Mk ' Strummin the old banjo. 27 W CHAPEL "Once a week, we come here to seek! " 1 i K H 1, mv ' w N "9 ,I Preparing for the weekly assembly ASSE M BLY Science Day Assembly N 28 y GRADUATION I 96 I -62 ,gl- " . . . When We leave these halls forever Never to returng Still Within our hearts fond memories, Steadily will burn." M 'f:ri'jvzf7P-- ., , - BACCALAUREATE i I 96 I -62 ACTIVITIES H 41 CHOIR N WWE N , :Nag y E N an an ?i2 ROW ONE: Mrs. Lois Humbert, pianist, Celia Fujita, Nancy Gallaugher, Diane Hensley, Denny McNee1y, Shirley Littlejohn, Keith Carlson, Carol Benelisha. ROW TWO: Prof? Humbert, director, Sue Feken, Karen Sinn, Paul Hammer, Dick Stone, Doug Sergeant, Jim Waddell, Judy Tegtmeyer, Julie Thornton, Dave Kirtley. ROW THREE: Ralph Henson, Don Brooks, Gordon Whitehead, Ron Howell, Mike Dawson, Steve Innes, Dave Adams, Jan Huston, Emery Richardson. MALE QUARTET Karen Sinn, Pianist, Keith Carlson, Paul Harn- mer, Jim Waddell, Ron Howell. 32 BELL CHOIR I ' ., , O -'ff 1 , in W, ? ' ei ' J 4' Q fi A ' 32 ' 'f G5 .1 ROW ONE: Barb Folkers, Liz Griffith, Claudia Neahring, Georgianne Urban, Denny McNeely, Lois Hum- bert, director. ROW TWO: Sue Fecken, Bill Taylor, Dave Adams, Gene Dyar, Shirley Littlejohn. BRASS-QEXT ET Mr. Olsen, director, Paul Hammer, Claudia Neahring, Rich Logan. ROW TWO: Dave Adams, Wayne Groth, Rick Perkins. 33 ALPHA E PQILON SIGMA Jerry O'Ma1ley, Ann Holmes, David Blakeslee, Advisorg Sharon Kimple, Danny Thornton, John Cedraitis. THE LAST ROSE OF SUMMER H ai-ffmwzvfgg-3, ,N ,o., 1,33 U, V N I f hi? TEN NIGHTS IN A BARROOM ff .Qr,?'? E 'X DRAMATICS "You, my friend, are a typical DRUNK." "Come on Daddy, tell me another bedtime story." Student Union before PROI-IIBITION'?? .i 'S Us sit 352- Focus members attend art lecture. OFFICERS President - -David Batzka Vice -President - -Lindy Ericks on Secretary-Treasurer - -John Gedratis Focus, a newly organized menfoer of the college community of activities, proposes to fill religious doubt with provocative and critical discussion. Focus has added much to activity of the college. Gne of the outstanding activities centers around the Friendship House in Peoria. Every Saturday morning Eureka College students go to Peoria to assist the Friendship House in providing wholesome activity for under -privileged children. Members of Focus discuss Marriage and The Family In the bag. ummm In the lab. MP- Focus members assist Friendship House child. A 5? J f f n f M iw A 1 .1 im, , 7 If 4" ,x xl V Discussion group of Focus listen attentively to speaker. if? ,r SITTING: J. Alderson, C. Benelisha, P. Noftsker, D. Hensley, V. Rosholt, C. Arends, C. Johnson, J. Penner. IStandingj SECOND ROW: Advisor--Dr. Miller, C. Fujita, P. Wessel, C. Conibear, E. Griffith, J. Staley, G. Ur- ban, J. Trump, J. Koppenhoefer, K. Wernsing, J. Nelson, B. Churchill. THIRD ROW: K. Sears, D. Essig, B. Mei, D. Couden, L. Shupe, M. Brower, M. Ackerman, J. Fulkrod, K. Holiord, Bill Fulk. FOURTH ROW: B. Gaines, G. Kleinhans, D. Moore, D. Geibel, B. Folkenroth, B. Young, F. Thierer, L. Emerson, R. Icenogle, SD. McMi1Iian, L. Ulfers. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION President- -Dave Geibel Vice -President- -Bernie Mei Secretary- -Pat Wessel Treasurer- -Marjory Brower Advisor--Dr. Raymond Miller Panel giving a report 38 ff Dr. Miller submits his philoso phy to the members. in Diane Hensley presents her report to those interested in education. f'J'l'f President Geibel presiding. JUNIOR COUNSELORS fl . IW' T ' li if jr, 5' fi , S.. ., ' xl v v l -5 ' 1 Left to Right: N. Reynolds, H. Hunt, R. Icenogle, H. Brown, Adviser--Mr. Beck, A. Turnbo, J. Lane, W. Groth, G. Urban, J. O'Malley. J .C. gives help to student with study problems. With the multiple problems of incoming students and their adjustment to Col- lege life, the College has chosen upper classmen with varied qualifications to live in the freshman dormitories to counsel and advise newcomers . "E" TRIBE FOOTBALL BASKETBALL Composed of "Red Devils" who have earned a varsity L L PIeSiC1SH1l--BOb G3iT1eS letter in inter -collegiate Sports D The Organizatien Vice -PI'eSideHC--Brian YOL1l'1g operates a concession stand at athletic events to raise SGCIGIHIY-TISQSUIGI--JEICK Filldley money for senior and honorary awards which are presented at AdV1SeI"C0aCh Leo TIHISITS1' the annual athletic banquet. TRACK M GOLF 41 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: S. Hooe, V. Rosholt, J. Cherry, K. Wernsing, S. Annel, J. Shaffer, Adviser--Mr. Beck. SECOND ROW: L. Larson, M. Brower, D. Brooks, B. Fulk, B. Gaines, G. Urban. THIRD ROW: B. Hal leck, S. Innes, M. Dawson, R. Kohler, R. Bryant, C. Theena. Ulf Q Sm ,ii , I M OFFICERS , President- -Bill Fulk 5 W Vice-President--Steve Innes Secretary--Ann Holmes Adviser--Mr. Leland Beck 42 PRESIDENT'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE UNITED NATIONS SEMINAR President Langston Jack Findlay Vicki Zanaglia Gene Dyar Judy Cherry Bemie Mei Dave Adams Robert Kohler Judy Degnan Don Brooks P of. Thomas--Adviser Jane Millspaugh INTRAMURALS Intramurals is principally an athletic organization which gives to men students a chance to represent their organization or dormitory in athletic events . Men from each organization or dormitory, T .K .E . , A .X .A . , Wood, Gunzenhauser, jones, Old Timersg com- pete in badminton, ping pong, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Each team gathers points from wins through the year in competing for a first place position . 44 INTRAMURAL9 Warm up time. Crowd watches the action. Easy out! PEGASUQ .. i 0 31. 3 L 'Y N 1 J' arf E. f' wi ,A i i ' .-: .-.. . - 4, I 1 T wwf H wr Members Pictured--SITTING: Bob Gaines, April Turnbo, Mrs. Doran, Trudi Propeck, Karen Sinn, Ray Cameron. STANDING: Howard Moser, Rich Landsdown, Lloyd Derby. STAF F 'i "i Editor ..... Assistant Editor . . Editorial Staff . Business Staff . Sports ....... Feature Writers Reporters . . . Art ....... Social News . Proof Reader . . Circulation . Typist .... Adviser . . "THE VOICE OF THE CAMPUS" . . . . . . . . . .Apri1Turnbo ................VickieZanag1ia . . . . . . . . jerry O'Ma11ey, Calvin Corbin . . Rich Landsdown, Managerg Howard Moser jerry O'Ma11ey, Joe Cirigliano, Don Schaefer . . .Ron Temple, Lloyd Derby, Dave Adams . . . Kay Sears, Ray Cameron, Pat Wessel, Carole Sherman, Lana Larson. Trudi Propeck, Maryjo Lewman, Amy Flegel .................SharonAnne1 ..... .......KarenSinn . .Lonnie Emerson . . jane Koppenhoefer . . . .Mrs. Doran 46 DINING ROOM COUNCIL EYKT H.. U ' ' I -7 -- -1- I .Vi . f Tv' Y 1' ' Q R ' ' Mfiiif' 'T N N 1 M M iii ' "V 1552155 W - F .y 2 . sl if i Aus 2 ' ' f G 1. N 1, - V if 1 , , 1 fi. f iii Y' 1' I i 1 Ji L WT 9 , 3 L. -a 5.3 at-iid' Left to Right: Dixie Davis, Lindy Erickson, Lana Larson, Pat Wessel, Wayne Groth, Jeanne Snype, Mrs. Miller, Dr. Bothwell. The new Dickinson Food Service Building. 4-7 I-324-ZTPO TH lllijllill lll lllll py ip THIS leads to THIS? ga eil' ' 'Q -,ji -as-ai L39 s'f'w4,'fT'f if 'e PUFF goes the Delta Pi's. ,Aff " ,. M,.ww miziizifi X x ,..i d A Y X eabwcfzr 9 g -c 'xiii The Jr. Carnival, a highly favored tra- dition, is sponsored each year by the jr. class as a money- making project for the Jr . -Sr . Prom. Each social or- ganization provides a booth for fun and merrymaking, and the Jr. class fills in with traditional projects such as the cake walk, the jail, and the burlesque show. At the all-school dance following the carnival, the event climaxes with the crowning of the king and queen. Campus targets. 48 . , SLA? Diane Potter, Carole Sherman--Vice President, Karen Schaffenacker--Secretary, Vicki Za1xag1ia-- President, Judy Tegtrneyer, Dr. Bothwell--Advisor. Cooperating with President Kennedy's Physical Fitness Program, the girls in the Women's Recreation Association, provide activities for the women on campus in the form of athletic events. W .R .A . provides fun in a wholesome way by inviting the girls to participate in bowling, volleyball, archery, and other stimulating sports, both indoors and out. "What do you mean, you don't want to play games today?" 49 SIGMA ZETA FIRST ROW: M. Klaus, E. Wheeler, S. Hathway, D. Geibel, G. Patterson, J. Zehr. SECOND ROW: Ad- viser--Mr. Couch, J. Lane, R. Swank, G. Whitehead, W. Groth, R. Ciarcia, K. Cordes. OFFICERS President--Fred Gustoff Vice-President 81 Treasurer--Dave Geibel Secretary- - Steve I-Iathway .:f ' v Informal discussion of faculty and students on various scientific President Gustoff presides over the topics. meeting. 50 it - - I5 PX KOINONIA FIRST ROW: J. Sheffer, C. Benelisha, L. Derby, N. Reynolds, C. Neahring, K. Carlson, Adviser--Dr. Crow. SECOND ROW: E. Hombacker, D. Van Hoosen, L. Kuntz, M. Hopkins, H. Htmt, J. Elder. THIRD ROW: D. Batzka, J. Gay, M. Peachee, J. Byrne, R. Cameron, D. Stone, B. Darnell. FIRST ROW: Dick Stone, Bruce Darnell, Harold Hunt, Merle Peachee, Keith Carl- son. SECOND ROW: Mason Hopkins, Adviser--Dr. Crow, Larry Kuntz, Joe Hood. 51 TIMOTHY CLUB T'I11b-ND Left to Right: H. Moser, H. Noftsker, J. Cherry, T. Moutrey, M. Ramme, D. Couden, Dr. Wilde, L Reese, J. Millspaugh. 4 , - ., ,. wr 4 f if 'I , 5 f' , Av., kb ff' X fwev' 3- 5" ' ,ff , Planning the layout 'X 'D' ' ig, -. ee 4 ere. ee ee "Layout" 52 Sorting pictures Lf- 'Er-..g..:f: ' -"F-Til . Kali ,,., ,. Q,. zfguif- .va . 1 .gs I 'js.if,,..fl".i4LWf?gE 5' 4 I 5. if ' Engl ll .M I ifiet, W. l 3 ' J J' f l I . ' Ii? ' C. Folkenroth, S. Hooe, D. Davis, A. Turnbo, A. Holmes, B. Craggs, S. An- nel, R. Geick, D. Stiker, B. Taylor, J. Nicholson, D. McNee1y, K. Schaffe- nacker, G. Fesler, T. Steinman, C. Corbin, J. O'Ma1ley, D. Revelle, D. Simeck, D. Blakeslee--Adviser, G. Coulter. WEUR--broadcasting from the top of D Burgess Hall bringing listening plea- sure to the college community and campus . . . A newly organized body of students designed to promote inter- est in the field of radio . ,g--M V N ' 1 .qs ., ,, S i , sa 1 ' 1 .xg ' 5 fair", A . . L WEUR mlllllz 9 3 I 'EL is v I 6 ggi N I' 'S ATHLETICS FOOTBALL SITTING: Holford, McMillan, Zimmerman, Thierer, Albin, Lange, England, Erickson. KNEELING: Manager Fulk rod, Corbin, Zorn, Findlay, Cox, I-Iershberger, Stevenson, Wilder, Gaines, Leos, Wiley, Manager Cirighano STAND ING: Coach Traister, Darnell, Wilson, Falkum, Ferris, Heberg, Linck, Swank, Gay, Patterson, Merrill, Withrow, Asst. Coach Small. Stevenson on the move Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka 1963 Season's Record O Illinois College 6 Milton . . 13 Rose Poly . . 6 Northwestern . O Lakeland . . 14 U. of l.C. . 7 St. Procopius . I V .l. 1 Bob Fred Ken Dan Albin Thierer Holford McMillan QC aptainj 1 1 V H X ' ' , , H gm.,'mW X H 1 X U 1 w 'u?"cy55uu5ej W 1' wx 2:53 v . 1 21-f M 'V S, I H H 1 BACK OF THE YEAR Stevens on Harold Jerry Lange Zimmerman Tom Bob Jim Jack England G aines Stevenson F indl ay 57 Lindy Chuck Rudy Gary Erickson Hershberger Leos Wilde r LINEMAN OF THE YEAR Albm George Dick Zom Ferris A Y 'W .E N A ' H ,..T' , I 1 ' C alvin Roger Jim Marty Corbin Cox Wilson Linck 58 Ron Bruce Bob Patterson Darnell Swank John Bob Dave G ay F alkum Withrow I I Y I a " 7: 2. QA: .5 . if nfl if , life- "Q - ' si-Hi. . .-.ze ' Loren Stu Outside Locker Room Wiley Heberg 59 Opponents on end run attempt Traffic jam up middle Coaches assisting on the sidelines Eureka trips up an opponent's at- Words of encouragement and cor tempt rection 60 wl- K eel Q ,,, N W Benchwarmer "Srnearsvi11e" Managers Eureka on the move Depth of the Team 61 BASKETBALL 61224-6 KNEELING: Fulkrod, Wilder, McCormick, Aeschleman. STANDING: Asst. Coach Small, Clough, Moutrey, Thierer, Albin, Icenogle, Coach Traister. E O Rose Poly 45 . . . .68 George Williams 64 . . . .60 1963-62 Shimer 94 . . . .28 Illinois College 58 . . . . 73 U. of Ill. of Chicago 51 . . . . 44 9 Trinity 66 . . . .83 E Rockford 71 . . . .55 Trinity 82 . . . .71 A U. of 111. 61 Chicago 70 . . . .63 9 Northwestern 73 . . . .72 Lakeland 53 . . . .62 0 11166616 56 . . . .71 N George Williams 90 . . . . 64 Lincoln 75 . . . .60 Milton 64 . . . .71 Shimer 80 . . . .21 Milton 71 . . . .51 WON 14 ' ' ' LOST 7 Alumni 73 . . . .66 Lakeland 70 . . . .80 13535 igjigeiiiiggngeilgcin Confe ence Northwestern 60 ' ' ' ' 55 I Blackhawk QMolineJ 74 . . . .68 62 Coach Traister Asst. Coaches Logsdon Small Manager George Zom Fred Thierer Most Valuable Third Leading Scorer in the Conference 63 Ron Aeschleman Captain of 1962-63 Season Captain of 1963-64 Season One of the Top Scorers in the Conference Ted Moutrey Most Improved Fred Drives for a "bunny" Stork' up for two Bob Albin E. 1 N I i Gary Wilder d John F ulkrod Left-handed hook for another Eureka score Freddie high on the rim as Bob positions for rebounds 66 kxmw - 'EMM 1 , , ns J , ikiiesgwi r wma EEZEEQQQ . Lf,, 6533 525, 2 ,Hui wi? Dave Simeck Collin Clough MQ, . '- gf --4' , X H:'?'f'14+-'z ,ii-Ngk f 2 E ' 1 1 1 ' g K. v 5 Setting up the play "Ash" on a fast break 67 Thierer drives down the middle for another Eureka score fr' 4 JA, ..L.".n:2k" "' The game starts Reserves watch tensely "Ash" up for the score ,f BASKETBALL J R KNEELING: Darnell, Gay, Manager Zorn, Miller, Helmuth, Nussbaum. STANDING: Coach Logs- don, Peachee, Steinman, Heberg, Thompson, Patterson. Q-Q V A R S I T Y SQ Time out N ' 74 MI " . , ,r ,N WW. Wm- we , W Www'ww1,N"n5,1ww , 69 Q-L.i, Q,1 Fred drives for two. SCHEDULE April 20 --Monmouth Invitational April 27--Elmhurst Invitational May 4--Triangular: Ill. College Culver -Stockton V Eureka May 8--Triangular: Ill. Wesylan Carthege Eureka May I I --To be scheduled May 14--Triangular: Carthege Culver -Stockton Eureka May I7--Conference Meet at Janesville, Wis . JERRY ZIMMEROF 100--220--440 TRACK HAROLD LANGE Mil e-- 2-Mile Javelin- -Discus ANDY ESPOSITO JIM WILSON Hurdles--220 100--220 70 ,.. x 'Q:.- , X Manager - -BOB FALKUM TERRY VANCIL Bro ad Jump--220 BRUCE DARNELL Mile 2-Mile 1-. - '-311: 5 -, ,f f ffif ' 4 1 -1- y ,f- A 14 -f-'efqlv ,-I ' .1 5- FRED THIERER 'ax VV 574 'FI' Q Shot Put gf fp-M 1 hm' fwii Discus if -, " - "J i 'Q w a HSEFFA F ff- 1s., ' V,... ' ,V -:-- lovin ,F d z.. 7, BOB SWANK Mile--2-Mile 71 ,, Duane Nussbaum A Coach Small Rick Wuethrich. Frank McKe1vey 72 Wally Miller April 16--Elmhurst CTD April 19--Rockford CTD April 22-Elmhurst CHD April 26--Lincoln and Shimer CHD May 3--Sterling and Shimer CTD May 6--Lincoln CTD May 9--U.I.C. , Milton, Elmhurst CTD May 15--Rockford CTD May 17--Conference at Janesville Gary Patteson ' Jim Thompson Dick Peck 73 Brian Young CHEERLEADERS Mary Jo Lewman, Peggy Fullmer, Judy Degnan, Jamie Colford, Georgianne Urban. 74 Vg Hi' 31'f:e:::xL-Q2 V - ,fri gh . JA 4 V,-, HQ, g P ,, ,Q Q Y , 1 W., .ff QF- -Q-Q,-.1 Crowd gathers for the opening kick-off. ire., ill! llllliilillim All eyes on the play. Left: Not Right: Give me an "E." again! 75 You tell 'en-1. Don't worry, Marge, Sandie will help you. Yes, it's required. ? Wake up, Bunny Another term paper: Another trip to the library 76 But Charlie did it! Delta Pi's - - - Chow Down! Being intergrated by man's mechanical monster w H J fi w : Left: DZ Winter Formal Can I play too? SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS -.rv ,.1 ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT WOMEN I5 L SITTING: C. Fujita, C. Neahring, J. Sheffer, S. Littlejohn, D. McNeeIy. STANDING: L. Griffith, B. DeFrance, M. Mahany, D. Sendelbach, L. Shupe, R. Geick, C. Folkenroth, N. Pratt, D. Potter, C. Benelisha. ' Q .L . . . . f President: Shirley Littlejohn W Secretary-Treas.: Joyce Sheffer E Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Lois I-Iumbert S Active in campus activities . . . Spring S Q E Formal . . . Organization of non -Greek 3 , iw vi, .5 A X Q2 I 5 S affiliated members. Q 2 'Xi Q - X - 5 Nw,.,f-.-'-gx af-544, 3 80 ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT MEN , , E 1 SITTING: D. Kirtley, D. Cox, R. Kohler, T. England, B. Amason, STANDING: B. Knoerle, G. Kleinhans, 1 X . J. Stevenson, S. Hathaway, R. Johnson, G. Heerman, D. Batzka. Il I Q Q w ' I Ks, , Flrst place stunt show . . . Second place house deck . . . Intramurals . . . lived in jones Hall . . . active in campus activitles . .. These are the signs of A.I.M. 81 DELTA ZETA Acnvss SITTING: P. Wessel, C. Johnson, P. Noftsker, L. Ulfers, J. Cherry, J. Alderson. STANDING1 J. Nelson, A. Holmes, K. Wernsing, M. Brower, E. Hornbacker, R. Buren, S. Kimple, L. Lamson, J. Koppenhoefer, I-I. Brown. PLEDGES FIRST ROW: E. Dravillas, C. Conibear, J. Thornton. SECOND ROW: P. Full- mer. L. Craggs, S. Feken. 82 DELTA zETA x 'ii I it - .xly '13-:lv V X". ' rf- XR r ' 5 ' ig if - ' M Q '.v- 5 A :A --1,1 , , :3f?5.fLis,f4 , E 'en-5' ' '53 ' W. me Sf' ' Kan 1' ' POL Officers: President , Leona Ulf-er S AZ's working on house decoration. Pledge Trainer: Judy Cherry Rush Chairman: Pam Noftsker Treasurer: Carol Johnson Recording Sec.: Jane Alderson Corresponding Sec. : Pat Wessell Historian: Eleanor Hornbacker Social Chairman: Sharon Kimple DZ's in kitchen getting fat. Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Steider +e Homecoming honors inc1ude--Home- i coming queen, first place housedeck, second place stunt show, first place Greek games, and over -all trophy: . . . Hawaiian Rush Party . . . Spring Formal at Ivy Club . . . Mistletoe, Music, and Magic at Winter Formal . . . Babes in T . . . Oyland theme for pledge dance AZ--T.K.E. decorate house for Christmas. These were among the activities that kept the Delta Zetas busy. 83 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ACTIVE9 SITTING: B. Taylor, J. Findlay, T. Ward, J. Waddell, R. Landsdowne. STANDING: R. Leos, J. Fulkrod, P. Hammer, B. Fulk, B. Albin, M. Dawson, F. Thierer, J. Cirigliano, B. Gaines, H. Moser, G. Zom. PLEDGES SITTING: J. Lane, B. Merrill, B. Stoetzel, A. Esposito, A. Bach. STANDING: T. De- Stasio, L. Wiley, R. Henson, R. Falkum, R. Swank, S. Heberg, J. Vitale, J. Schwartz, J. Wilson, G. Dyer, J. Douglas. 84 an ggucam czzergcens m : WMWQ 1 ,S .X Q 'J 5 1 s WJVVD' C5 --if. --f 'f:, . X X vm ,, N W " Xfm 7 Vit Y Ns qi Q ip do 1 5 15352753 Y 'A OJIISOJIG President: Tom Ward Vice -President: Jack Findley Corresponding Secretary: Jim Waddle Treasurer: Harry Noftsker Faculty Adviser: George Hearne Second in homecoming stunt show . . . Piggie Feste . . . house dances . . . ex- changes . . . Winter Formal . . . Pledge Dances . . . Founder's Day . . . Spring Formal . . . The group in purple jackets . . . Chi's add activities to contribute to the social life of the Greeks. DELTA DELTA PI ACTIVES SITTING: C. Theena, J. Degnan, V. Rosholt, K. Sinn. STANDING: B. Folkers, B. Churchill, G. Urban, C. Sherman, V. Zanaglia, S. Armel. PLEDGES SITTING: J. Colford, S. Hooe, N. Gallaugher. STANDING: M. Lewman, J. Houston, S. Argo, J. Tegtmeyer. 86 A Q Q 0 Q Q ke g Nj rj li President: Judy Degnan Vice-President: Valerie Rosholt Secretary: Janet Miller Treasurer: Christine Theena Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mabel Bailey First place homecoming stunt show . . . second place house decoration . . . house dances . . . Christmas Serenade . . . Winter Formal . . . exchanges . . . Pledge Dance . . . Spring Formal . . . Powder Puff's of jr. Class Carnival . . . A few of many contributions to excite the campus social life. DELTA DELTA PI Delta Pi's with one of AATT founders. F f -H Warming up before house dance. 87 Pajama relay team. TAU KAPPA EPSILON ACTIVE9 - - Q:-vw. SITTING: Mr. Thomas, D. Geibel, S. Innes, R. Bryant, Mr. Logsdon. STANDING: M. Ramme, E. Getz, D. Sergeant, J. Zimmerman, T. Moutrey, B. Young, H. Lange, R. Aeschleman, A. Benedick. PLEDGES SITTING: H. Peer, D. Couden, D. Nussbaum, G. Patterson, J. Trendle, R. Cox, F. McKe1vey, J. Pease, W. Miller, T. Brown. STANDING: D. F erris, R. Hayes, R. Ciarcia, E. DeVore, G. Fesler, R. I-Illock, D. Adams, J. Thomp- son, W. Hart, J. Kihlstrum, G. Ekstrom. 88 I c 1 in gli., I I ' 4 5 RMT- Q Q 16 ' 4 YA fr U Q P M Ni 'hfgnmotms' Officer s: President: Steve Innes Vice -President: Ron Bryant Secretary: Dave Geibel Treasurer: Mike Ramme Historian: Chuck I-Iershberger Chaplain: Ron Aeschlernan Sergeant-of-Arms: Brian Young Pledge Trainer: Al Benedeck Faculty Advisors: Al Thomas and Loren Logsdon "Bold-had TKE's" . . . First in Home- coming House decoration . . . Winter Formal . . . Winter Serenade . . . Pledge Dance . . . Illinois T KE Basketball Tournment . . . Founder's Day . . . TKE Ir. Olympics . . . Spring Formal . . . These are a few of the many TKE activities. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Checker Time . . . Shower Time . . . Card playing Time . . . 731751 , -1-. CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Connie Arends, Vice-Presidentg Jane Millspaugh, Presidentg John Fullcrod, Treasurerg Judy Degnan, Secretary. Senior Skip Day . . . Senior Seminar . . . Dumping the freshmen on country roads . . . Yelling "Air Raid" and "Button Beanie" . . . Senior gift . . . Graduation exercises . . . these are all a part of the Senior Year . . . 92 l 93 SENIORQ BOB ALBIN Economics 8: Business JANE ALDERSON E1emen!:2.ry,Education CONNIE ARENDS Elementary Education RON BRYANT Social Studies RAY CAMERON Religion JUDY DEGNAN Natural Science SENIOR9 LLOYD DERBY History 8: Government LONNIE EMERSON Natural Science BILL FOLKENROTH History 6: Government CELIA FUJ ITA Elementary Education BILL FULK Economics 8: Business JOHN FULKROD Natural Science Q11 95 QENIORS DAVE GEIBEL Education 8: Psychology JANE GINZ English STEVE HATHWAY Natural Science KEN HOLFORD History 6: Government MASON HOPKINS Religion ROGER ICENOGLE Physical Education QENIORS STEVE INNES Biology GARY KLEINHANS Economics Sz Business BILL KNOERLE Biology ROBERT KOHLER History 8: Government HAROLD LANGE Biology LANA LARSON Education Sz Psychology l 29 97 SENIORS DAN MQMILLAN Physical Education BERNIE MEI History Sz Government JANE MILLSPAUGH English TED MOUTREY Natural Science BOB MYERS Economics 8: Business JUDY NELSON Elementary Education QENIORS HARRY NOFTSKER Economics 8: Business JUDY PENNER History 8: Government LORENA REIBE Biology VAL ROSHOLT , , Qi, MD ? Elementary Education 1 A' , sn , ,fm A DOUG SARGEANT Natural Science LEAH SHUPE Educational Psychology 98 ff Seniors "Kangaroo Koui-t" for Freshman. is 'faux SENIORS DICK STONE History Sc Government FRED THIERER Physical Education KAY WERNSING Elementary Education JERRY ZDAMERMAN Physical Education Ti- rd" ":"GM:f Id - ""WiillI-'i' - ll -- l Delta Zeta's 8: Sex Peek-a-boo, Bunny. Fine, Ted. Now, with the ball. Friends of the Lambda Chi's rii:'3'1f2f-ini 1 , -::,"' . "1,' f Q Enough of this. Where's my PLAYBOY? Practical application of integrated knowledge. - .,1 .. .1 ' Jiri: Lewman rides again! H ssh JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1 Lindy Erickson, Vice-Presidentg Ann Holmes, Executive Committeeg Jim Stevenson, Presidentg Chuck Matthei, Treasurerg Tom Ward, Executive Committeeg Judy Cherry, Secretary. Junior Carnival . . . Planning the Junior-Senior Prom . . . earning money . . . declaring majors . . . endless class meetings . . . These are all a part of your junior year at Eureka College . . . 102 ffl? Nga 17 Ron Bill Alan C arol Aeschlem an Amas on Bene deck Bene lisha J U N I O R H'-sw Don John Keith Brooks Bryne C arls on -JM ,f Judy Don Tom Lindy Cherry Cox England Erickson 103 Jack Findlay - i c W9 Chuck I-Iershberger fide, weed' Bob Roseann Ed Gaines Geick Getz Elizabeth Wayne Fred Griffith Groth Gustoff 'U"x -uf Ann Ele anor Harold Holm es Homb acker Hunt 104 C arol Choong Sharon Ray Johnson Kew Kim Kimple Krieger ZR Rich Rudy M artin Lansdowne Leos Linck fi Chuck Janet Pam Mike Matthei Miller Noftsker Ramme 105 Sue Kay Jim Jim Randell Se ars Stevenson T atum Bill Ron Christine Taylor Temple Theena v John April Leona Richard Trump Turnbo Ulfers Van Hoosen 106 ,pu Torn Pat Gary Brian Ward Wess el Wilder Young Break Time! Chow Time! ' L4 107 UI S Ole Burgess Hall On the Union scene. VO The arrival of the Stork. Mr. Clean and helper EE She 's pretty! We play. . ... 1 ' Some study. i Typical Eurekan 109 Mad Dog rings a bell. Z- . Rocks, test tubes, bugs Szfigures. -:rsyag .M SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS John Schwartz, Vice-Presidentg Vicki Zanglia, Presidentg Dixie Davis, Treasurerg Georgianne Urban, Secretary. "We are finally upperclassmenlu . . . "No, I'm not a freshman!" . . "I'll study later. I'm only a sophomore!" . . . "I have to join an ac- tivity!" . . . "Of course, We will earn some money, later!" . . . These are phrases often heard from members of the sophomore class . 110 SOPHOMORE9 5.-9 'if Al Mark Sharon Sharon Ackerman Annel Argo Bach -dl cm- 'Rx 5 David Margie Helen Ruth Ann Batzka Brower Brown Buren N? -v 'OJ g'F'N- Keith Wayne Mark Beve rly Cable C arter Childs Churchill SOPHOMORES 7 Jim Joe Bill Collin C iancimino Cirigliano Clark Clough Dave Dixie Mike Tom Couden Davis Dawson DeStasio John Andy Dick Gerry D0ugl2.S Esposito Ferris Fessler 112 QOPHOMDRES Beverly Barb Nancy John F isher Folkers G allaugher Gedraitis L Kent Chet Bob Janice Gerber Gibson Grob Guy Paul Ken George Diane Hammer Haynes Heerman Hensley 113 SOPHOMORE9 Norman Bill Ron Manny Hofmann Hopkins Howell Jerome John Mary Ann Jane Larry KihlstrLu'n Klaus Koppenhoefer Kuntz 1 'FY l John Shirley Richard Dennis Lane Little j ohn Log an McNee1y 114 QOPHOMORE9 Howard Mose r if fi Richard Perkins Claudia Dick Dan Ne ahring Peck Perkins ,253 nr.. me Jerry Dale Nancy Reinmann Revelle Reynolds W X tx! 'Q-A Karen Gerald Joyce Carole Schaffenacker Schraeder Sheffer Sherman QOPHOMORE9 mtffyf John Dave Karen Don Schwartz Simeck Sinn Stiker Jeff Georgianne Terry Jim Trendle Urban Vancil Vitale Jim Eleanor 4 Jim Vicky Waddell Wheeler Wilson Zanaglia 116 4 i 1 Maurice John Yordy Zehr , mx In the Library George Zom E E In the Class Room In the Laboratory 117 a P E I Basketball or ballet ? 'S Oh, you're kidding! Eyeing campus activities "Be Sociab1e" 119 F RE SHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Joe Knoerle, Vice-Presidentg Lynn Craggs, Secretaryg Merle Peachee, President. Freshman Walk . . . Orientation . . . Flunk Day . . . Eternal Air Raids . . . Rush . . . Pledging . . . Trying to impress the upperclassmen . . the experience of being a college student at last --This is the life of a freshman. 120 ww ' 53555 li E, I wig' Y Linda Baldwin Jack Be aty Lewis Betts ,Q Diane Broshe ars Terry Browne Dan Berger Dave Adams FREQHMEN Mike Alexander Rob Annable Skip Beyea Bob Bohn Larry Bricker Gary Burton Rick Ciarci Jamie Colford FRESHMEN IX Cece Conibear Jim Copley Roger Cox Bruce Darnell Roy Davis Becky DeFrance Jane Dworkin Gene Dyar Craig Ekstrom G? Lynn Craggs Becky Craggs Dirk Dahlman Tom DeBo1t Eric DeVore Estelle Dravillas wT'.Z"' 57' Mike Fisher Amy Flegel Connie Folkenroth John Gay Steve Gerdes Tom Gibson V119 yvu John Elder Bob Falkmn Sue Feken Terry Flannagan Lorenzo Forbes FRESHMEN Peggy Fullmer Steve Girdler Glenn Glas Ella Grady FRESHMEN Harold Hahn Bob Hallock Carol Harrold 'of 'Ph- Dave Helmuth Ralph Henson John Heiken Bob Hopper J an Huston Eric Jensen Walt Hart Ron Hayes Stu Heberg Bill Highline Bob Hofer Sharon Hooe 4-'-- 1 'Q 'Q' -1 Lois King Dave Kirtley Joe Knoerle Linda Lowe Danny McCormick Carl McGhee vi mf? V' Q4 as... Ron Johnson FRESHMEN Eugenia Johnston Joan King Beth Lange Mary Jo Lewman Charles Lippincott YY' WS-J Mary Ann Mahaney Frank McKe1vey Norman Mendell FRESHMEN Bob Merrill Pat Michaels Paul Michelson Lloyd Murphy Jim Nicholson Duane Nussbaum Merle Peachee Judson Pease Hal Peer Wally Miller Barbara Millspaugh Mike Modjtahedi Kenneth Oe dewaldt Gary Patterson if Ron Patterson H Trudy Propeck Randy Reed Tom Reeves Terry Smith Tom Steinman Bob St oetzel 'Lf 'SD if YS'- 127 FRESHMEN Ray Perkins Diane Potter Neena Pratt WEN 80,4 F-L Don Schaefer Sandy Schuld Dana Sendlebach John Streit Bob Swank Judy Tegtmeyer FRESHMEN Jim Thompson Judy Thornton Jim Wallace Gordon Whitehead Dave Withrow Rick Wuethrich Charles Thorp Keith Torgeson Loren Wiley Robert Wiseman it W ' - .1 ,yr T3 eww mf ., 1-N M ,mf at ,Q .Y X ,X Books for another term paper. 11 A A' L k WE' W. , ,, Wa ,v v-f is , Y' gli. Ted Wilson and Major 'E xp ' 'Z q4"y!:l A-1 awk H157 'H Waiting for Chapel to start. as it looks. Right: Should we or shou1dn't we CUT class? 129 . .- Chapel Left: Really, Rick, it's not as bad I l 3,-41, ' :pw -. mwn 115 ff E lf I: ' KRT: . .f:-15, .5 ' 5 ..N 1-. ., W1 QF' ADVERTISING I v KEN KENAGY-JEWELRY Diamonds--Watches--Jewelry Gifts--Si lverware Phone 44 Eureka, III ROCKE'S APIARIES Producers and Packers of Fine Honey Phone 725 Eureka, III . Congratulations and Every Success Class of I963 MR. 8g MRS. OTTO WAGNER ROBINSON RADIO LAB. TRAVER'S RED 8. WHITE R . C .A . T.V. 8g STEREO FOOD MARKET Classical --Popular--Sacrecl Records Congratulations Class of I963 EUREKA PRINTING AND STATIONERY COMPANY MAC'S STANDARD SERVICE Tires Greasing Batteries Washing Eureka, Illinois EUREKA SPECIALTIES Bibles--Books--Gifts Sunday School Supplies Summer Bible School Materials Phone 901 -J Eureka, Illinois UREKA CAFE Plate Lunchesg Chicken--Steaks Homemade Pie Open for Sunday Dinners All Kinds of Baskets to Go. West Edge of Eureka--Rt. 24 Phone 548 Compliments of G 8. S SUNDRIES Fountain Service--Short Orders George 8g Shirley Selvey Phone 28 Eureka, Ill . FARMS HOMES LOANS KENNELL REALTY CO. I07 South Main St. Eureka, Illinois Phone 723 SCHUMACHER JEWELRY --The Bride's Choice-- "A Safe Place to Buy a Fine Diamond." Over 42 Years of Service Eureka Roanoke Phone 246 A. B. MOSER REALTY Office Phone--187 Real Estate Appraisals Resident Phone--96-W Eureka, Illinois WILMER M. DYAR Insurance Service Compliments of DUANE J. GENRE COUNTRY LIFE INSURANCE Phone T84 Eureka, Ill . At the Farm Bureau PEOPLES STATE BANK of Roanoke, Ill . WOODFORD COUNTY SERVICE CO. Gasoline Washing Greasing "Sound, Friendly, Progressive Bank-- Tires Serving All the People." Eureka, Illinois WUETHRICH OIL CO. SkeIIy Service Phone 67I Eureka, IIIinois EUREKA LOCKER SERVICE George Robensfein Cusrom Bufchering for Home Freezers and Lockers Curing and Processing Frozen Foods Business Ph. 454 Residenr Ph. 350-W EUREKA IGA "Across from The High SchooI" Open Monday thru Saturday 8 A.M. To 8 P.M. DARN ELL BUICK Clarence and MerIe Darnell I2I W. Cenfer Sf. Eureka, Illinois Phone 9 Eureka Phone I 35 -W MAN GOLD MOTOR SALES Ford Sales 8. Service Phone I08 Eureka, III THE WOODFORD COUNTY JOURNAL Printers--Publishers Eureka, IIIinois OUR SPONSORS PARSON'S SHOE STORE ROTH'S SUPER MARKET TY GUTH WELDING DR. L. G. MELAIK SAMUEL G. HARROD DR. J. W. RILEY DON B. PIOLETTI OUR SPONSORS ILLINI MOTOR COURT BEN C. LEIKEN MELVIN I. GLICK, M.D RIVINIUS, INC. WITTMER'S APPLIANCES SHERMAN'S BARBER SHOP H. J. WIRTH, D.D.S EUREKA REALTY COMPANY Carl Johann 8K Congratulations Class of I963 Sporting Goods ROANOKE VARIETY 325 Fulton Peoria "Stop in and See" Paul Don "Gifts for Every Occasion AI Clem Roanoke I I Iinois KING INSURANCE SERVICE Eureka IIIinois Dick King STOP 8g SHOP qw Fannie May Candies st Edge of Eureka--U.S. 24-J Greeting Cards Milk Glass Arabesque Jewelry Handkerchiefs 8. Linens PIFER HARDWARE Eureka, Illinois JOHN KELLER 8. SON Ready-Mixed Concrete Washed Sand and Gravel Road Gravel "Manufacturers of Concrete Products" Phone 250 Eureka, Ill . Compliments of JET FLAME GAS Division of Northern Propane Gas Company Phone 35 Eureka, lll . EUREKA GREENHOUSE 8. FLOWER SHOP "Flowers for Every Occasion" Members of Teleflora Phone 252 Eureka, lll . BERTRAM'S SHELL SERVICE Eureka, Illinois K - f T , T KENAGY'S CITIES SERVICE Complete Auto Service U .S . 24 at Myers Street Phone 74 Eureka, IIIinois Congratulations Class of I963 HARPER 81 SAUDER, inc. Phone 32 Eureka , IIIinois HERBST CO. Hardware --Fu rnitu re --App I ianc es Carpeting--Draperies '55-f "House of Gifts" Washington, Illinois 3 ,Q-,-Q. YF:-Q-fa v?- 2- pp., -E-S-f.. Y an---V N ,, I I I I A . I I I I EUREKA BEN FRANKLIN Shop and Save V . Chamloliss Eureka, Illinois "The Beauty of Our Business Is FIowers" Member of Teleflora EUREKA BARBER SHOP WASHINGTON GREEN HOUSE Rex R. and Norma M. Martin--Props. Highway 24 East Washington, III . Phone 283-341 I "FIat Flat Tops" 2 Barbers--Don and Lyle Phone 702 Eureka I II Im rs: FRANK'S BARBER SHOP C 8. L SUPERETTE All Students Welcome Groceries and Meats "l Need Your Head in My Business." Open 7 A.M. To 9 P.M. Mon.-Sat 8 A.M. I'o 6 P.M. Sun. Frank Hickman Eureka WESTERN AUTO ASSOC. STORE "The Family Store" AuIo Acces., Bicycles, Toys, and Nofions Phone 550 Eureka, Ill . Perer Provenzano--Owner ,f15g::5',,,.,.-'f-- -:L A I M I W L lm A f, if l -U'--:-1-.. Ai '1" ,. . I F , r- . I- ' llit gdi ' ,asv I .. ffl?"-ri., f .V VV - t A 'WH Fflfill l 1 I y YI- K -xfifxu 'ii'-,,r, ' 'aw if . ' . ,,- -' Jill, , , MMD 1 L , 'LW A 'Sv f ff 1 ' za, . W H.glNx!9l,l . T y, :Q fn A. nv, . EWATW, T ,324 r lllllllall v Nr if ff ' " . PT gf A LINCDLN THDUGHT A HUNDRED YEARS AHEAD Abraham Lincoln was prophetic on many issues facing us today. Nowhere more than when he said: "In all that the people can individually do for themselves, government ought not to interfere." CENTRAL ILLINOIS LIGHT COMPANY EUREKA COLLEGE Builds Your Education et J. B. SNYDER 8K SON Build Your Home Leading Hardware--Lumber--Bui lding Materials Plumbing 8m Heating Phone l82 Eureka, Illinois "Make One Stop ancl Get All" J Si J CLEANERS "Across from Cemetery on Rt. il7" We Clean Better Than the Best Free Pick up and Delivery Phone 483 Eureka, I II PFAFFMANN BROS. Fine Furniture Upholstering and Cabinet Work 512-514 Spring Street Peoria, Illinois EUREKA FARMER'S CO-OP. Association Dealers in Grain, Feeds, and Fence Phone 46 Eureka, III 3 .JP ""1P'3B' . . . As this yearbook comes to a close, it is bond with a visual glimpse of the many memories which will forever burn. It illustrates a perspective of the past which We as students hold sacred . By this we have presented the PRISM for 1963 . . 144 fill i...i'2L.7 Y i 1 .2

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