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M fic-ff-l2L4Jv1fZ I7 1 .w, ,z . "VM a 'H' T 4 ...lqcg -, , ...N -1- . , . ,X w .U 'v ,xx , 2. 'X .n7N.4XgS.--Y www4 , .5 Eg pt ,Rn . if 'w.17:S'- va.. ML., 2. KX-' 35 ,..,x3,v. . .fl L ,W SN w 'sun - Q9-. . 4 5:13 -.-IX, .."1. 4 9,5 'X .a4.i',l13 .L . 5 KN V 4 .Q 5, . s, K Q x X21 .X 1 . . Six W 3 .Q t ' N xv Wi :A 4 X X .n N XM 'K e' .5 H ' Elnwy " . A 261.5 Q " '4 x.x,.xm,-,4 . ,. , -5 'g-.yiw A vu U' x 4 Vx K wk.Q.", 4 J ff 1 ' P PRESEN'fING ':,' --fin' .,,1f,. ',- R' A vw-T' 'Q1n"?.V1 's Zxlff-1 x iffwg .1 N' .wwww. .,fw+-mw hug- .yirvfjfxz y A r-'fyvx .' lilw-::f.'t:-,N .'.isKPwl+. f iv izwfif cbs, .Aw g S,,2X'. .'.9A.',Qsg -Q -, ...Q 44 - 4. if-: x, .5 3"5'f1i'51ia'ff5,4Z.'S 4, 4' 4 ' Q . ww' ':'t'Viy-Y'.fgftfki--'Na ffm . .. .QL 'X 1. 1 Mix- .XYZ -. 1-'4..':.w"f4fzxafmk' 1 . N41 fc-ww 4 . 4 - . 5-Q4 .. 'X 1. 4. - .4.:' . .4 .mglggiqfl ,SNSQE-Q, ,. 5 ,. W 'x x ,E X v 4 'LQSQX 5.-4.57, 'M' " .'- 5 '. W -iaXm'1-A--.N . N- -' 1, x wif K5 '-.uf W: --4 ' .J - 'ali' . ' -Q 'NIR '-i?--.5??:5w'HW5E' - I 2' Mm- .,. km' '5 ffkfi- ' .-M-, !.K':I1-Q."f4"fT . 'Srl :. ., pw 'M auxfgzf 3 QNX' 3 - 24 x ilzfff- mf. . --N 'YN E1 sf, M,5:kt1-mf: li3fXi4?W' 1 xl: ' If -ff ."'5'-1'fv',,-' --- , - 31M,f',',' I 1 ' .5-'Q ' 4 4. W--1 X.-. . .4 . 4 g5g..3m-,J.z 3-NX L L i.XN'l'vt ,A-4 U Z1 211.3 'v 4wNg's3fi3"-ll"-N1fg,'M . BJSXXK 4 -QQ: ,:,j,xa2:3tt"' '- '3-C.l'R,fkiA1" V W v-43,ff4.- . .- fr.-QM. k A " '4.: ' wings , -. ' ' ' WS- .' I ..1,,1i1.i'd,..g - . 435 -421.-.4 r.--mf ' 'f-f.fi4,-Tzu. q w . gr. 1 51' 5' I. 13.533-"Q, 'Sy , ' ' x,6.".1- Y J' N'-eh, ...- - rf -,Xu-iii , Y '- Y ' ' --lg! sw 'C' . ,-,5f4 . -'.1 1-" .:J54 "4 . 4- '41 ' " . 'ww ' 4 Yi Q c wa-'-af:-2.4 Y .N 4 ww X' '21 -mi: 1.2 .4H.a.'fg-7':- 44 ',1F.'r I ,' X' ".1QQrf . 3,5 -QP ,4j'4ET",fT!::ig?la. - . I K-' ,- ' -'ff'-nw ..'1f'9'i W4-xv: . "X'2'.'.'QX-f4V?PEf. 5 -P . ..n.- .' . '- -. XA., Q 4.-N,-4-x '-M 4 M. . . 95.14-44 wg 'mg fn . 4 0 '7 'WM "?7"fivf 4 447.15 .-.1.'-5-h'u4f.3S.3H P4 I '5' '1:f'."'3, F53 '-iflilxlt-iQ5x5gQ7?'k54u ' . Vg-, .. - -fx '-.21 K. , ,lfgii .-wg Y Y'-My: ng: 5 L 4 MW, 44 K '15 1.1412 93 '- 43.9. M ' '-' xr. 1 ' . '.. -.5-. -'-Q.,-1 '.. 41' '-5' pr ,' nl-Rmb - 4 -1-: 3-lf" 5,9 4:2 My xay ,.p,q,.' r .ly ' 9 if em -EfgX,"'f:'3:.w,'Q15"1gf:v 15,,F1'i75:.','?w- 'Xi ,Q '75-fff,:f'Af'4'.'1,ik'5sYig'.' ' W x ffmfsg-'?:q4 . 'b.fg3g.Q - -NK. , 4 f UH.. Xl, . -. 4' ,Q l'. "'v.', uQ,x', fn wg. fh- Q 'ix vi-Q' M : 5 ., n5. .'.'.f-4s.E33g14gfgm .Q-,1f1.1.-4.nfx2 is-f 4. Y. a. ' r-.1 wssiwfaxg. -. sv-uv I ff. .41 :N wb-, 'mv'-.5:Q'mLS:'F:wKQ,g 'R .f'xX'1v. '.1,.4R:4 ,-, ya' : '.j '.w, 'iw , -5. 'fb -:.'g-,Wil-1-1 QQN A ' gYsLv:fQff',.y!: -gig! ix' ' ,gn -' wwf.. ":'.L, -:-W'-,' ..:..'-A 1 . p-I fjx wr.-,gigiggisqgl ,Sk 41 Q.. X'-. M- xr ,.n:. ya 4 .1 my, -2,-'w-5' .1414 , . it gy.,,.,MA5-W ,Wq , .-,T . ..4.,5.w fl. . 1 ...Q gg, - '--..w 4, Af. Vx -xx. 4 ' .P-!-'N WN, 4..-H: - Yr .x'iN:.u.. 1 ww- rv 4 f' .4 wfuxk f -MX 4 3 - 4, 3P'x.'Nv.y!yy4.'fg. 'f Q. . ,'?X.-.:,is4-Q 1,5 719, 4 :yn N- 'SL-S-Q M- Lf.-wJ44.,'l4 . - -gym ,f'4,.2?S4'-.4-' ..s-1.-K-wp?-wff. 4 '-A xi-wal .-.5.-Xing! xl- Q-my .:- M N353 A- 1 .7 .45 if ig L gxiiv Y! - 2:7 I Y .YXSRQI--,, 6:15 fx .igF..1.-wif, -71 35. KW. W.. Q55 Q PXWQ'-x . -,is xi-:.-aff ' dw'g.3f25Y. 'ww P ' vwfi- V.: . ,' -4..'.f-3- ' -' .sg bf "-'X 'W'aW5'4".'YJfv" - -' QNTV4 .134 1-My :4Sy"".fr' 411546. whwmyxmg awww? fwwwwwwq .. 3 ..,., -., Y .- , f' K if A -,-. ,'-9,.:,.3 ' v'-. fi' 41' N?f'gi"3.k' i L .. val. "Rfk 43 Z 1 'N 5i5'A"':5f5?N"E- ,fy Wi nys g1y,.,, ,. WQ, x. . .. ,. . W iw, .M '17f4'-4?'4fml.Etg,3:" P 1: tw ' .5 '54 H15 ' 4f . 'Q'1..f?f15"x, OS?" 3-.'1ffi44xwY3 JE? 4 xi-3:95. . .-'Wx NM-x Y- If ., ..42f4g.ii3-reg' 4-?r3?cNws,m fx . 54. 414-si-.. 44 Q -- 1. 4+ 4-v-mm 4 ','Fv7'2 .4 wQiW7vf 4 xv Q v f Q- ' mm 4 .4,.g.:xD4g:,g. . ,.S4k'Q53 M i- x, --,Q,Q?g.1.'-X eiw -'ww -.1 .af1,5,,gv . "Pi:--4.-:.. "-3 'W.'f2T5f1 35. 13 -'fllv-93' '- TQ: 51 52 J' . 'PJ -'.E1.:,1 N, wx-'...?'-F' 'V . x. '92, ' c xx f ,991-Y K"Fe,X ' A . -ffiv'-3"zN"' A - bf -V 1 Ji' 'JL .5:'!r-'f'-.' J 'f . '- :24" f wp 4.-il. .'Is.':'E- ws, Nz -. 'f 5:4 1 gm: .4 -N-5.4 '. pf ., . wr'- - .. lil " iw ' e " '7 -Q?" . gE5ZQ4s,.ffL-.ix f- 1f5."i.m3?S5x RSV . '- "Ya"-AV7kQ72:. ,'5fwUz"'Wx '- "fi ?. .'9,l'1-5 f ' ' m v' " H ww . -14.-1 fn, Q 4. A --.. ...wk . P: -fu 1 .-.wk -ww.--.f uk nf' h?:+,v".-.- 4.5-WMTXQ 'KX Qu-?"','lN'e, ., ..-.:4cf:w'rA '...w, '--V4-1-wSaW:+" g 4?y::Swffs4Hh " -:'q.4g4.':wf.4vw.2ww-vi 44N,"4J.4iH.4+1?-114-. . 4.n35'4u'z'-AWS. ' 1 Y .- Xwiggeix fb. - -4:14 -1 'bt ,,.fgef2g?'q,--lwwfw :2?f4Y.1fr: " " .14 ' xv y, w 3 3 4" f..-.:1?w4 " 5 .--52.4 .gekzl-ng-s 'rig v.yiQ13, - is av ww. .a -:sry mf.-. ..+'+.1 -:1 W: 'EFQQP4 '. H iff? 'i x!yxW5" fC5 'g.X- kfgk " ix' 4. 5' .. I-5: ' ' ' " N IPM - " 4 f .1 ' SPF' If-81551555 Q fig '11'255.2-43105549N-Rfg'34:.c':"- 95 ' 'f-'X " .4.we'.M4PA:i"' 4 2' - , " ".v,'m"H J ', X ' . I937 EUREK TI-TE Published by The Junior and Senior Classes of Eureka College " 'NeoTh The elms upon The compus, Glorious To view, STonols Eurelco, Almo lvioTer, EoiThTul, Tried oncl True. "LiTT The chorus, speeol iT onward, Ne'er our voices Toll. ' Proise To Thee, O Toir Eureko. Proise To Thee, all hail!" COLLEGE I937 To MISS WAMPLER, Who hos served Eurelco College for 'lwenly-one yeors os Professor, Deon of Women, ond loyol friend of all s+uclen+s, we dedicole +l'1is volume of lhe PRISM in grofeful oppreciolion. INTELLECTUAI. SOCIAL ATHLETIC s - ' N w f 'M f If A ' 22,211 -52 it 1 H ,b P- Ja-Kuff" . , .5..., ff s. , ,, , '35 l Q - 4 v -', X QQ, inf, 79,1 , Ky 3, A., M-.,. L.. , . 'ww Mwuwwwm- W- f W - :Q .3 at M.- if M.. Q 1 . ff ' . JZ? L . , , , idk? 13 1 A. , JJ , ,QA . ,az . .4 F3 1 . x , 5?. K 'K , 6 A mg' 'Fa gy 52 ,Pg - x, -A Q QQ f i...,, .,' t . is-of 3 if 1 v Ke- K .-fgw I 530: fQE2s,,?A-:MSVHY IFA" x 1 , fw M, . k 'K - -' : 5, 2 sy iff , -, Q, ' ' V 7 ,gQ, My V NT' 1 "' . Q Q Qtgh WI' ' I fm? Af jr -,1 4 .X L:'71"V ' 'f iigfzifif' 'V I , V T7 ,AA W A f v- , '4Q"ifQ??,v-im" Y 3231 ' " flviir- I 5'5,"X r ,3 K' "' ' ' f . .,-:4.:lQ'f - 3 , ,, V, 'A K - -waszfvwzw 5 A f , 'X 4 "+H4eg,fa4gZ?f:1gA.w:iSJ5 ,,,.:. M I Lg- fgiffyliwwn-n A 3 A 7 pliiif ivmiii ' ' F , VL'W'1'i?'57 P Nw x""A f- mx . f .gy5QiQ.e::?,i21zjgfw'Tgf5lf: N' ' -wzw f- A ' . , 5.1, ., A M , ff, . , Y ' . m f 53 X ,Wf ,ji .4 i , + 'Q Wffvgfm Fix lg. fp ' ' 5 :L w K wfgffi 'i ' in wi, Q . ' fi SE 2 V 'fi wg. E754 Mama ww wzzrsmw W 'ww 1 fa aw ,md ws" .1 JI ,V vi, ii- Y 'L -V .15-.. , ,Fw ,.:,v : 'L .. 7' . ww- ,N , . TTMQ ...,..ggr1:'44:3zmw . A W as mm i fviiik AR 334142 M K M, Q- ' ' fr 59, LP . ,pw 3 W 3 Lkg ' s J -. 'wrlfkwf ia, wma, 5 Aww A , ,QW .qi Q- Sify' A., ,.. mf 01' - , .. ,R .,,g,, , , Q . ,, Wm ,V W , ., ... ,nv . N ..,,,,,i,. ., , F ,K ,swzvif wx, 'Y' 7 R' , , A fl ,4 ' Lf 5 J ,. A kr LM' 'FZMQQ .23 ,Wil--i'fLi2 U R . kk V bg K 5,5 Ji 13 W QF 1 ',.,'. + , 1,,w.,Lw0-W ' A" ' A M1 ,, , , w w. , f . Q- V my , yn ,Q ' "' , L ' -av Y' M' A 4' V' V ' law. W' " sf ' " Q- A 2 av'-5 M23-. A h,,,,Q1w'3E 'Q ' ' , ' W , f 4 , f ' , r ff" f 45, fi' ax ,, H M 2:9 ,I 'vyyfvflzvf "HU . , 'fn . A , gg. , Mb- . , Vi 1 Q J ,,, Q. 5 My H, A A RAYMOND F. MCLAIN Presiderfr of Eureka College 5 5 .4 SAMUEL GLENN I-IARROD Deon of fhe College L E HELEN B. HOLTON RAYMOND G. AYLSWORTI-I Deon of Women Deon of fhe Slrudenfs 53: 5 if Se 2 g 3 is si L -3 55 2 2 25 3 52 5 5 ii 2? 5 8 Ei ?3 ik ,, S 513 Zi 43 Q 53 5 5 5 Ef 16 Si 3 E PR IC THE PRISM "To be af home in all lands and ages: fo counf nafure a familiar acquainfance and arf an infimafe friend: fo gain a sfandard for fhe appreciafion of ofher men's work and fhe crificism of your ownq fo carry fhe lceys of fhe world's library in your poclcef, and feel ifs resources behind you in whafever you underfakeg fo make hosfs of friends among fhe people of your own age who are fo be leaders in all walks of life: fo lose yourself in generous enfhusiasms and cooperafe wifh ofhers for common ends-fhis is fhe offer of fhe college for fhe besf four years of your life." -William DeWiff l-lyde THE INTELLECTUAL ADMINISTRATION TI-IE PRISM I2 FACULTY THE PRISM CLASSES I3 SCHOLARS FACULTY Aylsworfh, Benfley, Beard, Berry, Blankinship Carlson, Compfon, Greene, Gunn RAYMOND GARFIELD AYLSWORTH A.B.. Cofner College, I896: A.M., ibid., I906g A.M., Yale Universify 1907: B.D., Union Theo- logical Seminary, l93O. Dean of Sfudenfs, Professor of Bible. RAMONA CRUIKSHANK BEARD B.A., Carlefon College, l924g B. Mus., ibicl., l925g M.M., American Conservafory of Music, I935. Professor of Piano. JOHN W. BERRY A.B., McGill Universify, I930g A.M., ibid., I9333 B.D., Chicago Theological Seminary, I935. Professor of Economics and Sociology. HAROLD S. CARLSON B.A., Sf. Olaf College, l926q M.A., Sfafe Universify of iowa, 19297 Ph.D., ibid., I934. Professor of Psychology. JAMES STEPHEN COM PTON A.B., Eureka College, l902: A.M., Universify of Wisconsin, I9I2. Professor of Biology. ALEXANDER CHARLES GRAY B.A., Universify of Toronfo, IB96: A.M., Hiram College, 1897: A.M., Universify of Michigan, I908: B.D., Yale Universify, l9l5. Librarian. ANNE GREENE A.B., Birmingham-Soufhern College, I924g M.A., Universify of Chicago, I936. Assisfanf Professor of English. GEORGE W. GUNN B.M., Chicago Musical College, l922. Professor of Voice. SAMUEL GLENN HARROD A.B., Eureka College, l903: A.M., Universify of Chicago. 1908: Ph.D., Princefon Universify, l909. Dean of fhe College, Professor of Lafin. ERNEST E. HIGDON A.B., Eureka College, l9l5: A.M., Yale Uni- versify, l9I7. Professor of Psychology. THE Piaism THE PRISM L HELEN B. HOLTON GRIFF L. LATHROP, JR. A.B., Baldwin-Wolloce College, I923g A.M., Radcliffe College, l928. Dean of Women. Ins+i'ru+e of Musical Ar+, I93I. Direcfor of Music Deporlmenl. PAUL E. HQWEY LEONARD E. LOOS B.S., Universiiy of Illinois, I933. I 'I' I' ' B' I . . ns mc or ln lo ogy Lecfurer in Eclucolion. WILLIAM THOMAS JACKSON A.B., Eureka College, I889g A.B., Horvarcl Universify, I894. MARY HOOVER JONES A.B., Eureko College, I9I9. Professor of Clnemislry. Prollessor Ol: French' RALPH MCKINZIE A.B., Eureka College, I923. Direclor of Alhlelics. HAROLD H. JAMES A.B., Beloir College, l923g A.M., Universify of Clwicogo, I930. Professor of His+ory and Government MARY WINSTON NEWSON B.M., Findloy College, I922q M.M., Delroil A.B., Willenberg College, I922g A.M., Teocfw- ers College, Columbia Universily, l926. A.B., Universify of Wisconsin, I889g PI1,D., BLANCI-IE LATHAM Secrelory +o The President Goe'Hingen, Germany, I897. Professor of Mailiema+ics. Gray, Harracl, Higdon, Hollon, Jackson James, Jones, Langslon, Lalrham, Laflwrop I5 I FACULTY FAC J LTY LAURENCE EUGENE NORTON DONALD M. SALMON A.B., Carle+on College, I927g A.M., Uni- A.B., Befhany College, l927: B.D., Yale Uni- versily of lowa, I934. versify, I930, Assisfanf Professor of English. Lecfurer in Religion. GERTRUDE TAYLOR RUTH RAY B.E., Wesfern illinois Sfafe Teachers College: M.A.. Columbia Universify. B.M., American Conservalory of Music, I9I7. Professor of Violin. Professor of Home Economics. MARGARET TELLEEN Secrefory fa lhe Public Relalions Deparf- IRENE REYNOLDS meni- Assisfanl' lo College Treasurer LYDIA ALICE WAMPLER A.B.. Universify of Kansas, l902: A.M., Co- lumbia Universily, l928. JACOB RINKER Professor of German. B.S., Eureka College, l9I8: M.S., Universify O'PfO'1fSj2f'ol9QfQm THOMAS ELBERT WIGGINS A.B., Eureka College, I9l3: A.M., Universify of Chicago, I9I6. Professor of English. WILLIAM V. ROOSA B.A., Drake Universify, l9I5: M.A., Universi+y 1 of Chicago, l9I6g Ph.D., ibicl., I933. B.S.. Norfhwesiern Universiiy. Professor of Philosophy and Educofion. Direclor of Physical Educalion for Women. FLORENCE M. ZIVI THE PRISM I6 PR I7 SENIORS Abbadusky, Boslian, Blankinship, Corbin, Cronkhile, Duncan Ewing, Forney, Harrod, Henry, Innes. Mursener OFFICERS Presidenl . .. ........... ....... P AUL NOFTSKER Treasurer ............ .......,.. B ONNY WYATT Secrelary ,,........,.... ..........,. M ARGARET McCARVER Senale Represenlalive .... MARY LOUISE ABBADUSKY A.B., Classics Ellisville Thefa Sigma Chi. W.A.A. I, 2. Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4. STANLEY WAYNE BASTIAN BS., Biology Telugu Thefo Kappa Nu. Presidenl Social Board 3. Senale 2, 3. Track I. Tennis 4. Presidenf Boosler Club 3. Chapel Choir I, 2. Social Board 2. ROBERT BLANKINSHIP A.B., Economics and Sociology Eureka Tau Kappa Epsilon. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. Quarlel I, 2, 3. 4. Swimming I. Bond I, 2, 3. Oraforio I, 2, 3, 4. Church Choir I, 2, 3, 4. Opera 3, 4. Pegasus manager 3, 4. Prism Sfaff 3, 4, manager 4. Infra- murals 4. TONY J. CARGNINO B.S., Malhemalics Kincaid Psi Alpha Lambda. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4, co-caplain 4. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. E Iribe. CAMILLA CLAUSEN A.B., Music Educalion Secor Della Zela. Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4. Oralorio I, 2, 3. W.A.A. I, 2. Opera I. Y.W.C.A. 2. Chapel Choir 3. ORIMAE CORBIN A.B., English EU,-ekq Della Zela, vice-presidenf 3. Oralorio I, 2, 3. Bela Pl Thelo 2, 3, Treasurer 3. Alpha Epsilon Sigma 2, 3, secrelary 3. May Fefe 2. ESTI-IER PEARL CRONKHITE A.B., Music Educalion Pelersburg Della Zefa. MacMurray College I. Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3. W.A.A. I, 2. Madrlgal Club I. Women's Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4. Oraforio 2, 3, 4. May Fefe 2. Opera 3, 4. Board of Managers 4. ...........MINAMAREE EWING THOMAS JEANNETTE DUNCAN B.S., Home Economics Greenfield Della Zela. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. Oralorio I, 2, 4. Women's Council 3, 4. MINAMAREE EWING' A.B., English Eureka Delfa Della Pi, presidenl 4. Freshman Trio I. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, program chair- man 3. One ocl plays I, 2. Class secrelary I. Sophomore Trio 2. Class 'rreasurer 2. Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4. Pegasus Sfaff 2, 3, 4. Senale 3, 4. Opera 3. Senior play 4. RUTH EUGENIA FORNEY A.B., Classics Walnul Della Della Pi. Oraforio I, 3, 4. Glee Club 3, 4. Chapel Choir 3. Y.W.C.A. I, 3, 4, Cabinel 4. Medbury Club 4. SARA VIRGINIA HARROD A.B., Classics Eureka Della Zefa. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. Women's Trio I, 2. Oralorio I, 2,1 3, 4. Opera 2, 3, 4. Be'Ia Pi Thefa 2, 3, 4, presidenl 4. Y.W.C.A. l, IZ, 3, 4, program chairman 4, Geneva Represenlolive I, 3. Church Choir I, 2, 3, 4. Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, 4. FRANCES HARRIET HENRY B. S., Biology Abingdon Delia Zela, presiclenl 4. Oraforio I, 2. Glee Club I. Y.W.C.A. I. Pegasus Slaff I, 2, 3, 4, edifor 4. May Fefe I, 2, Prism co-edifor 3, 4. Presideni, Womens' Council 4. Wafer pageonf I, 3. Presidenl, Women's Panhellenic 4. Senale 3, 4. Board of Pub- Iicalions 3, 4. Eureka Scholars 2. MARTIN EDWARD INNES A.B., Economics and Sociology Chicago Tau Kappa Epsilon, president 3, 4. Class vice-presi- den? I. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Class presidenl 3. Opera 3. Chapel Choir 3, 4. President of Senale 4. Presidenl of Boosler Club 4. Senior ploy 4. THE PRISM THE PRISM MAURICE McGUIRE B.S., Malhemalics Eureka Psi Alpha Lambda, presidenl 4. BERTHA MARGARET McCARVER A.B., French LaPorle, Indiana Phi Omega. Scholars 2. Bora Pi Thcra 2, 3, 4. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL NOFTSKER A.B., Economics and Sociology Chicago Tau Kappa Epsilon. Presidenl senior class 4. Social Board 2, 4, presidcnl 4. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, presi- denl 4. Opera 3, 4. Baskelball 2, 3, 4. Senior class play 4. E Iribe 3, 4. Senale 4. Homecoming play 2. groin? Schairmon 3. Board of Publicalions 3. Prism a . KENNETH LEO PATTON A.B., Religion and Philosophy Harvey Neslorian, presidenl 4. Alpha Epsilon Sigma 3, 4. "Children of The Moon" 3. "PerfecI Alibi" 4. "Behold This Dreamer" 4. Senior play 4. Medbury Club presidenl 4. Campus Council of Religion 4. Orcheslra 3, 4. Scholars 3, 4. FRANK TONY PERACI-IIOTTI A.B., Hisiory and Governmenl Tovey Psi Alpha Lambda. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4, co-capfain 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4, co-capfain 3, 4. Inframurals 5, 13, 44. Afhlefic Board of Conlrol 3, 4. E Iribe JAMES WI-IITCOMB RILEY B.S., Cl'IerT1iS'l'ry Eureka Thela Kappa Nu, presidenl 3. Senale I. Alpha Epsilon Sigma 2, 3, 4. Scholars 4. Golf I, 2, 3, 4. Cheer leader 3. Ass'+ editor of Pegasus 2. Glee Club I. Class officer 2. Senior chemisf 4. CHESTER RENNER A.B., Hislory and Governmenl Walnul' Psi Alpha Lambda. Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, capfain 2, 3, 4, coach 4. Foolball 3, 4. Baskelball 2, 3, 4. Golf I, 2. DOROTHY HELEN SHEPPARD A.B., Music Educafion Roanoke Della Della Pi. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, accompanisf 3, 4. Oralorio I, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET SHOOK R.N., B.S., Biology Peoria Olivel College I, 2. Mefhodisl' Hospilal Training School, Peoria. Campus Council of Religion 4. Medbury Club 4. Y.W.C.A. 4. Oralario 4. Sludenl Forum 4. College Nurse 4. PAUL PARKE STORM A.B., Hislory and Governmenl Lovinglon Tau Kappa Epsilon. Glee club I, 2, 3, 4. Opera I, 2, 3. Oraforio I, 2, 3, 4. Chapel choir 3, 4. LOUISE ELIZABETH TETER A.B., French Pekin Phi Omega, secrefary 3, vice-presidenl 4. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, presidenf 3, vicevpresidenl 4. Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, cabinel 2. Tennis Ieam I, 2, 3, 4. Oraforio I. Bela Pi Thefa 2, 3, 4. One acl plays I, 4. Sen- ior play 4. May Fefe I, 2, 4. Pep club 3. Women's Council 4. Prism slaff 4. Panhellenic 3. RUTH NADINE TIMMONS B.S., Biology Hoopeslon Phi Omega, pledge adviser 3, presidenl 4. Ora- forio I, 2. Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3. Women's Council 2, 4, vice-presidenl' 4. W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, vice-presidenf 3, Iefler 3, cabinel 2, 4. Panhellenic 3, 4. Class vice-presidenf 3. Board of Managers 4. May Fefe I, 2. Chapel commillee 3. Pep club 3. JAY MUNDELL TOMB A.B., Music Educalion Eureka Tau Kappa Epsilon. Alpha Epsilon Sigma 2, 3, 4, presidenl 4. Chapel choir 2, 3, 4. Church choir I, 2, 3, 4. Glee club I, 2, 3, 4. Oralorio I, 2, 3, 4. Opera I, 3, 4. Foalball I, 2, 3, 4, capfain 4. Baskelball 4. Tennis 2, 3, Inframural baskelball I, 2. Quarlel 2, 3, 4. JAMES EDGAR WAGNER A.B., Economics and Sociology, Tulsa, Okla. Thela Kappa Nu. WILLIAM HAROLD WHERLEY A.B., I-lisfory and Oovernmenl' Lewislown Baseball 2, 3, 4. Glee club I, 2, 3, 4. Opera I, 3, 4. Alpha Epsilon Sigma 2, 3, 4. Hisfory assislanl 3, 4. Oralory 2, 3. College quarlel 4. Band I, 2, 3, 4. BONNY LOUISE WYATT A.B., Psychology and Educalion Cleveland, Ohio Phi Omega. W.A.A. 3, 4. Y.W.C.A. 3, 4. Women's Council 3, 4. Nofrsker, Pallon, Perachiolli, Riley, Shook Slarm, Teler, Timmons, Tomb, Wagner, Wyall SENIORS JUNIORS FIRST ROW: Abboll, Ackerman, Adams, Armslrong, Barnes, Baughman. SECOND ROW: Beeler, Blanchard, Carney, Churchill, Ewing, Easier. OFFICERS Presidenl ........... .,........ ......... R E A KREIDER Secrefary-Treasurer .... Senale Rcpresenlalive. ,. Howard Elmer Abboll' ...,..., Slerling Rulh Elizabefh Ackerman ..., Oak Park Frances Mildred Adams .... Harrisburg Wayne Elrzen Armslrong. .Chandlerville Allred Schroen Barnes ,.....,.. Topeka Ruby Lucille Baughman ...... Edinburg Lyle Lee Beeler ....... ..... R onloul Marian Blanchard .... .... C hicaga TI-IE PR ...MGEORGINA SMITH . . . . .RHODES CROWN Doris Annefia Carney .,,.,.... Maroo Donald William Churchill ...... Tiskilwa Rhodes Leslie Crown ........ Lilchliield Annellre Ewing ........,..... Eureka Margarel Ross Easier Indianapolis, Ind. Howard Lowell Eullerlon ..., Monmoulh John Oliver Hallock .... .... C arlock ISM 1 THE PRISM : Elmer Wayne Hensley ....... Saybrook Johnnie Alberla Howard .,.......,.. Muskogee, Okla. McKendree Boyd I-Iufchins, . .Wilmelie Oliver Clark Jochums ,......... Eureka Roberl Franklin Kimberlin. . ,I-Ioopeslon Rea Emerson Kreider ,......., Slerling Naomi Rurh McRae ............ Cuba Leila Marie Mead ..., Dowagiac, Mich. Oscar Lee Muicfley ,........... Shirley Margarer Frances Parish Warrensburg Elizaberh Parron .........,.,. Harvey Genevieve Marie ReiI'zeII ....,,.. Dixon Rurh Violer Robinson ........ Rockford Dororhy Louise Rosborough .......... Lawrenceville Dean Addison Shari ......... Saybrook Ellen Marie Smiih ........ Washingron Georgina Margarer Smiih .... San Jose I'Ienrie++a Smilh ...,.. Muskogee, Okla. Floyd Herberr S+evenson. . .Champaign Margarel Marie Wallick .....,....... DaingerIieId,Tex. Wallace Reid Weidman ......... Pano Harold Francis Woodhouse. . Lockporf James Woods ....,....,.,,. San Jose FIRST ROW: Hallock, Hu+chins, Jochurns, Kimberlin, Kreider, McRae. SECOND ROW: Meade, Muffley, Parish, Reirzell, Rosborough, Shorf. THIRD ROW: E. Smilh, G. Smifh, Slevenson, Weidman, Woodhouse. JUNIORS SGPHOMORES FIRST ROW Adams Ahlun Boker E BecI'wIeI N Bechfel Bogoff SECOND ROW Borop BoHreII Brondf Bucher Burns CompbeII THIRD ROW Casey Combes Crown Dovns J Dyor M Dyczr FIFTH ROW Greene Guflwrue Hormlfon I-Iond Horrmon Huworfh SIXTH ROW Heflebower Hnlf Hoeflan T PR M 22 FOURTH ROW: Ellicgf, rolforh-1. Gilgscn, JI Oibson,I GIendon: Goode H M HE IS H 5 THE PRISM S FIRST ROW' Houglwfon H I J In , , ur, oc urns, Jordon, Kaufman, KIescII1. SECOND ROW: KIopIens+ein, McClure, IvIcDonoId, IvIeIIcIc, IvIur1cI1,NoI:IzIger. THIRD ROW: Newcum, Nichols, O'Brien, Oldenburg, Pczrfridge, Perdlewifz. FOURTH ROW: Pixley, Poor, PoHenger Ouinn Romsey Risser FIFTH ROW: Rowe, ScI'meIder,ScI1usIek ISmi+I1 SlIewcIrdsoI1 Sfur Ieon. . . I 9 SIXTH ROW: Sumner, Thorp. Timmons, WiIIicms. 23 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Adams, Aden, Baker, Bell, Benneii, Bice, Bodine Chambers, Clark, Cox, Davis, Dixon, Donovan, Dragsfrem Dyar, Dysiin, Edwards, Eilioif, Ewing, Freeman, Fuiier Graham, Griesf, Harper, Helmufh, Higdon, Imhoff, Johns+on K r Kiesofh Lamb, McClellan, Mclliure, McDonald, McEvoy er , , Mispiay, Morris, Muffley, Parke, Peferson, Pifer, Pugh Ti-IE PRISM n 24 Tl-lE PRISM Reeves Rrchmond Rohrer Soulor Soss Schode Schoede Schroeppel Schullxs Seelye Sharpe Slcxler Slck F Sm 'rh R Smith Slewordson Slolp Taylor Theobold Thomas Tomb Vnnes Waddell Websler Wheelhouse Whnfe Wllhonle Wlknn on Wnsegorver Wuellm Ich Yepseh 25 FRESHMEN 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 I 1 - V - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . P 1 1 . . 1 1 1 I -' 1 1 1 EUREKA SCHOLARS Fnrs+ Semes'Ier of I936 I937 Year EUNICE FELTER CATHERINE HAWORTH KENNETH PATTON ROBERT PUGH MARGARET IMHOFF ELLEN SMITH JAMES RILEY NANCY CHAMBERS BETTY JANE HIGDON ANNA LEE FULLER JUNE FREEMAN WILLARD DONOVAN These Iwelve sIudenIs were honored IH chopel on Honors Doy ond were presenfed w1Ih gold keys which signify membershrp In I'hoI' chosen of Ihe end of eoch semesfer for Iheur ou+s+ond1ng scholoshc ochleveme-nfs TEPR M 26 ougUsI ond scholorly body, Ihe Eureka Scholors. The Scholors ore I-I I S THE PRISM "Friendship Jrakes Jrime Jro ripen. I+ needs a background of experiences, humorous, wearisome, or even Jrragic eve-n+s shared Jrogefher, a cer+ain +rac+ of memory shared in common. I+ needs in+erchange of books, meals, +oge+her, discovery of one ano+her's whims, wifh mu+ual friends, To gain proper perspecrivef' -Chrisfopher Morley. THE SOCIAL SORORITIES . :JJ ..., M. , K 'J Pa". .. 'S his f :fx ' a Tg U.. , . ' .iii -,F-g?-1 .IM-.. v. H ' .1 V.. fv,v..:?Jf!,j' -Ji, 3'-M" CN. welfglcf H . ra 'Iii :By A5 .A Mg' .QQ y f.-Aj 55 55,3-'., Q y,,g..1,f K., wdfw ing, . v 'N ,. lg., v . - . -.em1,1f.'i1, ix? - ' if.. , I A--2 H. . . .vu-a'.e.1... -N 534 R. 5443- -. ,..v,ef,.- H "iw 'iviwib w ,.i Vik.: A-C. -WU! SMX -,Lg 51?Ji, :.E, fig? ' T' 'lf'9Jt'.jf- ' 'KN' '.-'l,I'J9n "mp 1 T4 ,. .vyrgyi 3.-V4 --, V X... XV: 3 A f n 'ff' L,'i.'x, .','1g'v 53gm, 5" ., ..',1.-Y 322: -'fx-Qi" xfii-Wifi. L v-Q Q1 ' . .. +.:fYSAs.gfiQ2. ... :'i3Q.,i'-Us' s:"','.---lf. ','.!3aQ-is A Q - h 25 ' ,L gov A SE-'mga 3 .J , MH-'f,p.L i yu..-:1g'f15',9. 1' ' ,' . ., - V .. wh ...:,..,.fg .MT W, ,,,. l I L i., ' .f N31 K m."..,f - .Egg A A L-25' 3X1f,.'2f5A?e51 - WW ff? , ' I' r'.1' '- ,-uw 'L x '- " M1 '1J'.'zL?Qf"f .1 , . 1' . 4 : -, W . -1-X S. '- :. . . 1 315 x 1 K ,. ., .V -:- , ,- B, K' , " 1'.f.--11H ..- -Q .f.'we'f-1-avi? . -, mg.. ...ij . . U 5:-my Q ef -..,.',-5 , x ix .X QNX' X. 3. 1. X ' , Yo . Q, .F 'QK QRN XM e 4,1511 X 'x ' . Q Y ' I Q . ww T ' 1-1 ' 'I -W , xv 1 RW . A 5 its x fm max .' ' .5 'Q Q' M ' mx "VN XFX? 33 W K U my U xx 1 Lg:-YN w Q ...1.., , wg? 'fp yn ' :Z .i1.wX1E3x' A Jw...-:. , .1 . r ,l 'i Q Xx hixt- .EH X V it N598 x i ' 'i yfyzt fk!,f,G. 1 ff-'f'.1: ..,.fgx-xg? g:'5.f.v d 15Ff.'5..-1 . I 1QQ5'J .'5v r., f i-.g,.. f.a V'-wif 1-lag? 453533 is3f.'ifr.8f-'4"'-i We 'Xl'-'2551ii1" kx 1 ia 'Z!5Aix..i5f'5- - :fi A ' . 115.2 ,,,3.3w gym, , ,33M.f.:, A 7f'.5,'Qg,.,j V. .. 4 v 51- " Q fQ?14H7'Kf '-L? .3 ' 'Exif fig':sQ'!. Nalfuxsxil'-ix' A 'a - . .win e'fv .-i.:'5w Ifi2QF"f: .. mm- . 1. 1 PM iff . 'Z W 'Zxf5Qff2F1 we- -is f4'1w+' 1- 1 2.329 'H P 5-rf -- R . w.1wy.q '-'f uggwps ff f' ' Q. 1- Q' ..e-" 'JJSRN ' - , .v 11' gb- -1-V. 155'- ,gxif ,-,gm .Qian 2 2541,-,H ,vw -- ,, xg., , .. 5, rf,y.V wi 51" cgi. 'fi "sU:1'4-Xgf-L 4+ 'f f -H, my H"-Re vb' --1-...' .ma -'vwwfw if."-.v :mx f .a -. H1351 fx 125-f1e+gq, ,, - fpgjl, Y' -fgig, A +5 :If -1 X QM. , 'U' .4-N, . 4XAf1gf':f.., . .- 1 xxx... 'T H2?5Z"?rr. P .i5:15:Q. ' .:1"1-SSH Vu Q - 2. y:,:.,Jg.-',. ,.'f"3E'- '.-, 1515, - '- 1 'gf U 4. Q. " . V? ff'Wf,'ff ig1eiQ'5' , f553.l.E. fgsE'5f- Zw bg QA .3 . ' , w ,.?i'aJ. 'llvfgi-.IS-.W'iavq:fE1Nz -.Q ..,'v:il2x , K-'QQ .. W. . . ...I 1 X '.'.f."ffL Wg, - ww' N Wal. ggi: K, V L. x. V, 1' 3 1- .-.x X., -. 2- Q r -1: I L 1, . 1' .,-2 14-Q3 - '-.HgliE5'fffgQ'v5.?fff.'g.sf' fir ,HC-T .-f' Qj'535f'4f1Y. ' g dulv LIQLR' f. "U .mi-J., 4 EET'-1 ' A' ' -'ii 'J ' Q ',.'g."'1:'1 : W "W .I ' Q ' 'H' FT5 f-- ff:f3i3'Qk.Wfwf-.f I ' X . K 32 3 1 1 ,- iw'-..v',fQ:.- .'+ . 1:14 inn.. ' 1. w if. H iffxiih k 5 . . .,1eifjf'i-fiiif if A SE? " 435252-.Qgifif 333 3 N-3 5 -Qgykuifq, - '-ip ici..-,j-Y 'ql. . .g.A '4 ,jf It v gafffw. V'fg,Qf554mQ' N ,A 5. ,f-if-is X 2 Y 5135" 2- 'QU' '1Nf"qY?! V ,X SWU FfM5?:2- C '. f'Qi- f ' fr , 1 'F1.:'- ' ' uf' . . . f.svg.,.Q,2f.3gq .gf ,P .1 .mg - ,fv....--Q . ' fy ' f 'TEFQRW Q -img gi ii, -.i,r.':'- ' 1. vm. 'I V EQ. - PH' J Q3 , - 5 'ff' if, ,.-,f5',. 9' 94 'isffiw ' 5"'fi3:.?g f i K XM RG.. Tx ":.-?f'..fis.,-. -. W ' "'51'.g3 1 - ' Qi , ' -. ..TeS?g3gg5g5 3 5- 2 51g.fgh'l gi - 1: fm- fi 2- 1- X1-1 1 Q -WXRfN'..,g': xi. xzhwf . N 'L 1? 1 1.4,-ag -.,f , ".--:-A -1-Y.. , 1 '- -2 1. .' -L f- : K -' J 3: Ag, ..-'13 Y .fg-1.-.ww D i 1 . .3213-ag wf .--ww ' ...Jus 3 .i....,.Ag1, ff2Ti'KiE'Q ,V . 1' , L.,3,m.:.., ew .1 :k. r!Qs.:.W.5,f. XJ! ,,g3.i4FE,Y :.5:?g..iEI.iA, . X ga S., f,s.,w. 'fpfQ5?gPifQX3,. Ng. 3 XX 2 . 556339. al' 'fi' -1959114 . -45 'mg "3 '1 in ' 'w - ' li wh '-"Q4'f"':7 'Az 41 115 I ' -' ,'xf54.:'3'if'-3 .A ..Xf-f- . X W. Af V. .2 . X . .X x, . 1 .P AN aw... , , . X 2 '.5.-'QSM-' if ' v'.1-4.2-tw:-zfk..-1.N.2 N' 5 4 X Fi-,f,.5q...,' Q .snfwilugg f ,fi-Af. . F , Q -.sf . X I , X J,,' .U I . fQ3Nf'Q'9'xE,.,. 1 . r 'X frmfifsvy -,K,'gf'..f:i5z' wwg. " ' ' 3 .S ' fl V '-fl" 'N Xiu'-X' V' :VTE L' - -.f- 'xl .W f"7'.'i".1"'4 W. 2 Tl. " K 'Win - N "MS -.iw +':'V-,,'.x - . T nf'- .V -,W T: A ,,?i:,NM:7 ,F ,J I J 5 Lg .n wily., Yrs- gifs I KWFL M d Wulf 1 . 3.f?E?,f1...f1 .famgqigiasiyf 5 - P ,, .f..?13fiQ1fWk .WV g ,. N, ,gglyq ., ly, . V :-- X. Q. -L, -.,v1 ,, .1 -,- -5, -nf,-X ,- , 'Ag A, gy? . ' R.. if me Eg.. . -4 UQ! ,fqgg 4,5 1 ' -1 il' -f'SwFf'lA- h4i1!ff5f -3 651. if. , 31, fi "iff V: -.-. x-.1,X1!XS.g1-Q N.,-.-. .P TQ. - 4. S1 1.-x. , ,. '15-'r 4:1-x?34+i'7k?' - 5V35Q,12:Qq5i' ff-'VTEZQ V W 'A T ha.5'35?,'N, -f-gfx.:"1Q 1 - ' r -53, ' 1, Q3 :g":'f, gg ., ff,-'Qlml'-Y -L... K , . gifs -vw'-5-'m i -'Y ' ,- - ..y-5. - . S... if 001-' H .sis-5. V ' fm. " 'QQ 'f Fa . , 12 244. . 'F Qiik .wk I, Q K. JNL A , 6- 1!1n ii::3jhU gi P 'rv 1-4 :E 1 1 J gg 4' , 4,'- 455 ' -I H ' 4 'N . ,f's'3,. 2 4 'm -,W - : . gn 'Mig Uf ' 'Q giifzw ' Y if 755. Q E.-Q:.',' xi QQ! ,",3lff3"wzfqxg-Y 1? , N . Mild." X 1 THE PRISM 28 TI-IE PRISM ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES 9 DELTA DELTA PI Neda Aden Edilh Bechlel Norene Bechlel Marian Blanchard Jane Bodine Evelyn Bucher Mary Grace Dyar Annerfe Ewing Minamaree Ewing Rulh Forney June Freeman Helen Gibson Janice Gibson Gerfrude Hand Mary Lois l-lellebower Mary Frances Helmulh Aden, E. Bechlel, N. Bechfel, Blanchard, Bodine, B che J.Gibnl-landl-llilbwrl-ll'rhl-lid K so, ,eeoe, emu,gon, er Schneider, B. Smilh, E. Smifh, G. Srnifh MEMBERS Tl-IE PRISM 30 Be+'ry Jane Fligdon Roberla Kerr Jean Klopfens+ein Carrie Meliclc Anna Pifer Mildred Risser Esfher Sass Marjorie Schade Boneila Schneider Doroihy Sheppard Beulah Smilh Ellen Smilh Georgina Smilh Rachel Smifh Margarel Thomas Maude Wilhoile THE PRISM Dyar, A. Ewing, M. Ewing, Forney, Freeman, H. Gibson Kloplensfein, Meliclc, Filer, Risser, Sass, Schade R. Smiih, Thomas, Wilhoile OFFICERS Presidem' ............ ..... M INAMAREE EWING Secreicrry ...... ...... ..,.. G E ORGINA SMITH Treasurer .,...,.......... .,.. A NNETTE EWING Corresponding Secrelary .... .MMARY GRACE DYAR Chaplain ................ ......... E VELYN BUCHER Marshal ......., ..... .... D O ROTHY SHEPPARD Social Chairman . ...., JANICE GIBSON Cuslodian ..... .... G ERTRUDE HAND Delia Delia Pi was founded in The year I9IO by seven members of a local club which had disbanded ai Thai' lime. Della Delia Pi has conlribuled much 'ro lhe campus life of Ihe college. Each member engages in college ac"rivi+ies. The group provides for Hs members Jrhe social life and friendships so esseniial for a well- rounded college career. DELTA DELTA PI DELTA ZETA Adams, Ahlin, Bennerl, Carney, Clausen Combes, Cronlchile, Duncan, Felfer, Fosler Goode, l-larrod, l-lenry, l-lilr, l-lurr MEMBERS Aclives Frances Adams Jean Ahlin Doris Carney Pearl Cronlqhile Camilla Claussen Mary Eleanor Combes Jeanne++e Duncan Eunice Feller Berlrha Goode Virginia l-larrod Frances Henry Lois Marie Hurl Rachel Kaufman l-lelen Klesarh Gladys Klesalh 32 Florence Munch i Margarer Nichols Charlolrre O'Brien Genevieve Reilzell Dororhy Rosborough Arcelia Sailor Rulh Schroeppel Rulh Schusrelc l-lelen Tharp Pledges Dorolhy Bennerr Margarer Fosrer Geraldine Hill Marion Reeves Hazel Welosrer Karherine Wilkinson Tl-lE PRISM Tl-IE PRISM On February I7, I9I7 fhe sororiiy Kappa Del+a Pi was insfallecl as Pi chap- Ter of Delia Zero. The 'rwen'rie+h anniversary of Pi chapfer was celebraled a+ 'rhe annual birihday dinner This year. Delia Zeia has always Jralcen an aciive role in campus life having repre- senraiives in many exira-curricular ac'rivi+ies. For +he las+ seven consecuiive se- mes+ers ii has ranked firsi among Greek leHer organiza+ions in scholas+ic sfand- ing. This year 'rhe group won +he +rophy presenfed a+ Homecoming for +he besi siuni' and floor. OFFICERS Presidenf ...... ........... ...., F R ANCES HENRY Vice-Presidenf ,,. ... ...... FRANCES ADAMS Treasurer ............... ...,, J EANNETTE DUNCAN Corresponding Secre+a.-y ..... PEARL CRONKHITE Recording Secrefary ..... ..... V IRGINIA HARROD Edi+or ..............., ....... E UNlCE FELTER Kaufman, G. Klesafh, H. Klesafh, Munch, Nichols O'Brien, Reeves, Reirzell, Rosborough, Sailor ' Schroeppel, Schusfek, Thorp, Websrer, Wilkinson DELTA ZETA PHI OMEGA Ackerman, I. Baker, M. Baker, Bell, Campbell, Chambers, Clark, Dixon, I-Iaworfh, Imhoff, Jochums. MEMBERS Ac+ives Rulb Ackerman Irene Baker Mar+I1a Louise Balcer Jeannelie Bell Alice Bice Emily Jane Campbell Nancy Chambers Audrey Dixon Margarei Edwards BeI+y Greene Cailwerine I-Iaworllw Margare+ ImI1oI'F Eunice Joclwums Barbara Jordan Margarei McCarver Mar+I'1a Ann McEvoy Rulli McRae TI-I E PR 34 Bice, Bauglwman Edwards, Greene Jordan Leila Mead Ruilw Mufiley Margarei Parish Lila Parfridge Helen Perdlewilz Frances Smiilw Be+I1 Sfolp Maxine Talbof Louise Terer Ru+Ia Timmons Ka'l'l1Ieen Tomb Ellwylmarie Williams Belly Lou Wisegarver Bonny Wyalf Pledges Ruby Bauglwman Wilma Clark Mary Jo Pelerson ISM I .TI-IE PRISM McEvoy. McRae, Meacl. Muhfley, Parish, Parlridge Perdlewifz, Peierson, Smilh, Sfolp, Talbot Tefer Timmons, Williams, Wisegarver, WyaH' OFFICERS Presidenl' ....,. ........... .... R U TI-I TIMMONS Vice-Presidenl ,........ .... L OUISE TETER Treasurer ............... ......., M AXINE TALBOT Corresponding Secre+ary ............. IRENE BAKER Recording Secrefary ..... ..... E MILY JANE CAMPBELL Phi Omega was charferecl on February 6, I92O. Since Ihal' Iime The sororily has grown and prospered un'ril Ioclay il slrancls on an equal basis wi+h +he Iwo older sororilies. The members lake 'rheir places in all phases of campus life and give 'rheir share To Eureka. - Many aclive and iniereslecl alumnae con+ribu+e much 'ro The growlh and Ira- diiions of Phi Omega. PHI OMEGA THETA KAPPA NU Armsrrong, Basfian, Bogoll, Boffrell, Brand? Casey, Churchill, Donovan, Dyar, Ewing l-loughlon, Kimberlin, Kreider, Lamb, Parke Acfives Wayne Armsrrong Sranley Basfian Wesley Bogo++ Orville Boflrell L le Brandi Lkayd Casey Donald Churchill Willard Donovan John Dyar Don Ewing Raymon l-loughfon Roberr Kimberlin Pere Kreider Donald Lamb Frank Parke Jerry Pixley MEMBERS Fred Poor Roberl' Pugh James Riley Oliver Slick Lane Sfewardson Olis Slewardson Donald Srurgeon l-luloerl' Sumner Roberl Timmons Roberr Vines James Wagner Wally Weidman John Wuelhrich Pledges William Beer Wayne Wheelhou THE PRISM SS Tl-IE PRISM Pixley, Poor, Pugh, Riley, Sliclc L. Siewordson, O. Sfewordson, Siurgeon, Sumner, Timmons Vines, Wagner, Weidmon, Wheelhouse, Wuefhrich OFFICERS Archon .. ............. ..... W AYNE ARMSTRONG Treasurer ........... REA KREIDER Scribe .......... .. ..,.... GERALD PIXLEY Oracle ................. ........... F RED POOR Copfuin of fhe Guord ..... WESLEY BOGOTT Guard ............... ....... L YLE BRANDT ln I925 The locol frcierniiy Koppo Sigmo Phi become cf perl of +he nczfioncul froierniiy, There Koppo Nu. Since +ho'r lime The chopier here hos ployed ci prominenl perl in 'rhe life of Eurelco college. Members pclrficipole in exfro-curricular oc+ivi+ies os well os moinfoining high scholosiic siondords. TH ETA KAPPA NU TAU KAPPA EPSILON H. Adams, M. Adams, Borop, Blankinship, Burns, Davis, Dysl n Glendon, Gufhrie, Hallock, Hoeflin, Hulchins, lnnes, Naffzigge MEMBERS Aclives Harold Adams Merlin Adams Roberl Blankinship Niles Borop Jack Burns George Dyslin Thomas Glendon Roberl Gulhrie John Hallock Louis l-loellin McKendree Hulchins Marlin lnnes Paul Nollsker Gail Plumley Claylron Ramsey Phil Rowe Dean Shorl Harlan Spelman Herberl Slevenson Paul Slorm Jack Taylor James Tomb Jay Tomb Pledges Delberl Davis Donald Neumendahl Wilson Richmond Glen Seelye Gene Sharpe Richard Shullis John Slaler Harold Yepson THE PRISM TI-IE PRISM In I9I7 Iola chapler of Tau Kappa Epsilon was inslalled on The Eureka cam- pus. I+ was formed from a local group which had been eslablishecl in I907 as Pi Alpha 'I'heI'a. T. K. E. has always been prominenl in all phases of college life including scholaslic as well as exlra-curricular ac+ivi'Iies. Prylanis . Epi-Prylanis Gramme+eus Chrysopholus I-Ieslor ...... Hypophe+es Pylorfes . . . I-Iegernon . OFFICERS ......Iv1ARTIN INNES ,,,,,,..,.....JAYTOIv1B ....I-IERBERT STEVENSON .......GAIL PLUMLEY ........I-IARLAN SPELMAN . . . .ROBERT BLANKINSI-IIP ......CLAYTON RAMSEY ...UPAUL NOFTSKER Noffsker, Ramsey, Richmond, Rowe, Schullis, Seelye, Sharpe Short Slafer, Srorm, Taylor, James Tomb. Jay Tomb, Yepsen 39 TAU KAPPA EPSILCDN PSI ALPHA LAMBDA Myron Bradford Richard Crown Clair Dyar George Ellio'r+. Harry Fosier James Fehlrnan Charles Harfman Bernard Hinderf Oliver Jochums Maurice Klofz Donald McClure Enos McClure TH MEMBE E P R 40 Cargnino, Crown, Dya E OH Har'rman,Jocl1ums, D Mc RS Roloerf McDonald Maurice McGuire Les'rer Muiifley Oscar Muffley James Mursener Carroll Payne Frank Perachioifi Chesler Quinn Ber'r Sclwaede Bernard Smifh Willard Wakefield James Woods l S M THE PRISM McClure, McDonald, Muffley, Mursener Perachiolli, Quinn, Schoede Presidenl' ...... Vice-Presidenl' ... Secre+ary .... Treasurer .. Guard ..., Marshal .. Chaplain OFFICERS .....MAURICE McGUIRE ....CHARLES HARTMAN ......BERNARD SMITH ............JIM WOODS . . .. .FRANK PERACHIOTTI ....TONY CARGNINO .CHESTER OUINN Psi Alpha Lambda was founded April 2l, I92O as a local fralernily. Dur- ing i+s sevenleen years ils members have parlicipalecl in all phases of college life. Recenfly The Pals have been especially prominenf in +he world of sporfs and have achieved success here. 4l PSI ALPHA LAMBDA NESTORIANS Barnes, Beeler, Davis, Hamilfon OFFICERS Presideni' ...... ...... .... .... K E N NETH PATTON Vice-Presidenf ..... ROBERT POTTENGER Secre+ary-Treasurer ..... ALFRED BARNES MEMBERS Alfred Barnes Wayne Newcum gf 3232? Kennefh Pa1'+on Howard Fullerfon Roberf POHen9e" Deforresi' HamiH'on Harold Woodhouse T H E P R I S M 42 Tl-IE PRISM The NesToricms were organized Two years ago by a group of non-TraTerniTy men who recognized scholasTic achievemenT as The ulTimoTe goal of college sTu- denTs. High sTandards of scholarship musT be mainTained in order To reTain mem- bership in The group. For The lasT Two semesTers The NesToriar1s have lead in The race among campus groups for The highesT scholasTic average. Newcurn, PoTTon, PoTTenger, Woodhouse 43 NESTCRIANS' PANHELLENIC l FIRST ROW: Jochums, Ouinn, James, Armslrong, Bucher. SECOND ROW: Crown, Huichins, Holion, Henry, Slurgecn, Houghton. OFFICERS General Presidenl' ...... ................ ..... M A URICE MQGUIRE Vice-presideni ....... .. ....... CHESTER OUINN Men's Presidenl ....... ..... M CKENDREE HUTCHINS Women's Presidenl' ..... ........, F RANCES HENRY Secrefary .....,..... ............ ..... W A YNE ARMSTRONG MEMBERS Delia Delfa Pi Theia Kappa Nu Evelyn Bucher Wayne Armsirong Gerirude Hand Raymon Houghion Minamaree Ewing Donald Siurgeon Del+a Zefa Tau Kappa Epsilon Frances Henry McKendree Huichins Rachel Kaufman Clayion Ramsey Helen Tharp Harlan Spelman Phi Omega Psi Alpha Lambda Caiherine Haworih Richard Crown Eunice Jochums Maurice McGuire Ru+h Timmons Chesier Ouinn FACULTY Miss Hollon, Mrs. Beard, Mr. James T H E P R l S M 44 THE PRISM 45 SENATE FIRST ROW: Greene, Innes, I-IoI'ron, I-Iorrod, McI.oin, I-Ienry, Noffsker. SECOND ROW: Poffenger, I-Iu'rcI'1ins, Adams, Aylsworfn, Sfevenson, Jones, I-Iougnfon, Burns, Wuefhrich, Woodhouse. BOARD OF MANAGERS FIRST ROW: I-Ioeflin, Timmons, Cronkhife, Dovis. SECOND ROW: Blcnkinship, Taylor, McRoe, Woodhouse, I-IoI'ron, I-Iowey. TI-IE PRISM -Ib THE PRISM SENATE PresidenT . .. .......... MarTin Innes SecreTary . .. ............ Jaclc Burns MEMBERS Senior class represenTaTive, , ,Mlnamaree Ewing Junior class represenTaTive ...... Rhodes Crown Sophomore class represenTaTive ,.... . ..... ...............,.......Charles HarTman Freshman class represenTaTive. .John WueThrich President BoosTer club ........... MarTin Innes Pegasus ediTor ................ Harold Adams AThleTic Board represenTaTive ....... Jaclc Burns PresidenT, Social board ......... Paul NoTTsIcer President Women's Council .,... Frances Henry President Men's Panhellenic ...........,.. .............,.......McKendreeHuTchins President Women's Panhellenic. .Frances Henry President Campus Council.Harold Woodhouse NesTorians ......,,...,..... RoberT PoTTenger Board of Managers ,............... Lee Davis FaculTy .......................,......... . .Dean AylsworTh, Miss Greene, Mrs. Jones Dean oT Women .......,......... Miss HoITon Dean of FacuITy ..... ......... D r. Harrod Ex-officio ...,....i ........... P residen+ McLain Once a monTh The SenaTe convenes To consider The weighTy problems oT sTudenT-TacuITy government PresidenT McLain has noT as yeT Transferred The burdens oT his oTTice To This digniTied group, buT such acTion is hourly anTici- paTed by PresidenT Innes. The oTher campus organizoTions are subsidiary To The SenaTe and To The high moguls oT The SenaTe is IeTT The Tinal acTion in all imporTanT maTTers. BOARD OF MANAGERS MEMBERS Chairman ..,............. Harold Woodhouse Foods deparTmenT. . .Miss Timmons, Miss Taylor DormiTory depa rTmenT .......,........... . .. . . .. . .. . . .Pearl CronIchiTe, Miss HolTon SecreToriaI deparTmenT .......... RuTh McRae Grounds deparTmenT .... Lee Davis, Mr. Howey Buildings deparTmenT ....,,....,..,...... . .. .. .. . . . .. .Louis Hoeflin, Mr. Blanlcinship The Bored Members wearily Trod The campus wiTh bulging noTebooIcs under Their arms and careworn expressions on Their Taces, Tor Theirs was The colossal, giganTic, sTupendous Task oT direcTing The Eureka Plan. Formerly Tive sTudenTs were on The Board and were responsible Tor The whole oversighT oT The Plan, buT This year a sixTh sTudenT was made chair- man oT The Board and Tour TacuITy mem- bers were aslced To help in The various deparTmenTs. An elaboraTe sysTern oT red, whiTe and blue warning cards Tor vicTims of con- sTiTuTionaI inerTia or indolence has been perTecTed. and members oT The PRISM sTaTT have hourly been expecTing a com- posiTe of The Three. PEGASUS STAFF FIRST ROW: Ewing, Armsfrong, Adams, McRae, I-Ieflebawer. SECOND ROW: Wiggins, Pugh, Schuslek, FeI+er, Sfevenson, Mulziley, Ramsey, Woodhouse Edilor .....,.., Assisfanl Ediior. Assislanl Edilor. Ediforial ........ Business Manager.. Sociefy Edilar. ,. Columns ....,.. Sporls ..,,,,... W.A.A. News. ,. Religious News.. Music News .... . . . .. . . .HAROLD ADAMS ............RUTI-I MQRAE MARY LOIS I-IEFLEBOWER . . . . . . .KENNETH PATTON , . . .WAYNE ARMSTRONG ...HMINAMAREE EWING JIM RILEY, ROBERT PUGI-I . . . . . .CLAYTON RAMSEY , . . . .CHARLOTTE O'BRlEN ,,I-IAROLD WOODI-IOUSE . ..MARJORIE SCI-IADE Facully ..,...............,..,............................. T. E. WIGGINS Reporfers ..............,,....,...,.....,.........,..............,.... EUNICE FELTER RUTH MUFFLEY DORIS CARNEY, LEE DAVIS, JACK BURNS scandal The cry "Peg's are ouI"' brings +he s+uden+s +o grab up +he Ia+es'r campus and gives 'Ihe franfic ediior a brief resl before he musl' delve again inlo Jrhe news of Jrhe day. The above picfure does noi slricrly represenl I'he 'Iac'I's of The case for never was an edi'ror's desk as neal' as Ihal shown, and never was a sIa'FI so cheerful al The Ihoughl of assignmenls. A combined mixlure of prin+er's inlc and midnigh+ oil is essenliol for 'rhe weekly appearance of 'rhe Pegasus-and Ihere is always Ihe quesfion of 24 poinl Golhic vs. a 'Iwo column spread of I8 poin'I cloisier for I'he big slory of 'rhe weelc. PR 48 THE PRISM Trying To geT The sixTh sub-choirmon OT The super-sub-commiTTee on someThing-or- oTher To pose Tor his picTure is no snop job. And by The Time one hos The sixTh sub-choirmon The Third ond TourTh ore Iilcely To hove wondered OTI To Tincl The second who wenT oTTer The choirmon--. Then people hove o woy of oslcing, "When will The Prism be OUT?" when The STQTT hols iusT begun To woncler if There will ever be C1 Prism. BUT by The Time you reod This-iT you do reocl iT. oncl we cidvise you noT To boTher-our worries will be over ond we will hove Tlecl The counTry. No, we ore noT going To Ieove o Torworcling oddress. Senior EdiTor.. Junior EcliTor .... Business Manager .... ArT Eclifor ...... OrgonizoTions. Music.... ...... . Men's AThIeTics .... .. Women's AThIeTics. .. .....,,FRANCES HENRY .HERBERT STEVENSON .ROBERT BLANKINSHIP ...KENNETH PATTON ..HARI.AN SPELMAN ....ANNETTE EWING ...RICHARD CROWN ......LOUISE TETER FIRST ROW: Ewing, Henry, STevenson, PoTTon, TeTer. SECOND ROW: Crown, Blonkiriship. 49 PRISM STAFF BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Chairman . ,. SecreTary .,.,. I-Iarold Adams. .. Wayne ArmsTrong Frances I-Ienry. .. I-IerberT STevenson ...., RoberT Blankinship Miss Greene. . . .. Mr. Blankinship. .. MEMBERS ..I-IERBERT STEVENSON .ROBERT BLANKINSI-IIP . .. . . . . . . .Pegasus EdiTor Pegasus Business Manager ..,.........Prism EdiTor ,....,......Prism EdiTor ..Prism Business Manager .. .FacuITy RepresenTaTive . . . . . . .College Treasurer The sombre Tone oT The phoTograph below is due To The TacT ThaT This plcTure was Taken iusT aTTer The Board aTTempTed To balance The budgeT oT The Pegasus Tollowing The removal oT one oT The biggesT ods. The I-Ierculean Taslc was accomplished, and The business manager gradually IosT ThaT harassed Ioolc. AnoTher Trying duTy oT The Board is To make nominaTions every year Tor The Pegasus sTaTT. ATTer much prayerful mediTaTion behind closed doors and locked windows The nominaTions are announced To The sTudenT body. AddiTionaI norninaTions may always be made by The sTudenTs. FIRST ROW: Greene, R. Blanlcinship, STevenson, D. Blanlcinship, ArmsTrong. SECOND ROW: I-Ienry, Adams. THE PRISM 50 CAMPUS Presideni .... Secrelary-Treasurer Doris Carney .... Rurh McRae ......, Mary Grace Dyar.. Phil Rowe ...,..... Donald Slurgeon. .. Rhodes Crown ....... Lucille Oldenburg.. Deiorresl I-Iamilfon. Margaref Shook . .. THE PRISM COUNCIL OF RELIGION MEMBERS .. . . .HAROLD WOODHOUSE .......LEE DAVIS ....DeIl'a Zela .......Phi Omegab ....Del+a Della Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon ..The+a Kappa Nu Psi Alpha Lambda- .Non-sororiiy Girls Non-'frafernily Men ..Member-al-Large The Campus Council of Religion is Jrhal augusr group of personages which occasionally descends upon lhe Wood lor a Ienglhy afiernoon session. Apparenlly lheir dulies are very arduous for They always dine al The Wood and seem gralelul when spinach is on lhe menu. The funcrion ol Ihis aggregalion is ralher obscure 'Io The more unenlighlened of 'l'he sludenl' body, bul' aller much delving inl'o Ihe archives we lhinlc we have someihing here. Parr of ils program is +o bring speakers of nole lo lhe chapel plallorm, send delegales 'ro I'he Geneva Summer Conferences and olher similar meelings, and 'ro cooperale wilh lhe local church. FIRST ROW: I-Iollon, Shook, Larham, Woodhouse, Carney, Dyar, Oldenburg. SECOND ROW: Porrenger, Pallon, Beniley. Rowe, Srevenson, Aylsworlh, Roosa, l-Iamillon, McRae, Davis. SI Y. W. C.A. CABINET FIRST ROW: O'Brien, Thorp, Loflwom, Parish. SECOND ROW: I-Icrrod, Meclde, Beniley, Forney, I-IoIIon, Wyoff, Ackerman. MEDBURY CLUB FIRST ROW: Oldenburg, Corney,AyIsworII'1, Rooso, LOIIIGFYI, I-Iurf. SECOND ROW: Woodhouse, Dovis, Poffenger, Shook, Podion, Forney, I-Iornilfon, I-Iollock, Barnes TI-IE PRISM 52 Tl-TE PR Y. W. C. A. PresidenT ,.... ,.,.. B lanche LaTham SecreTary ..... ..Bonny WyaTT Treasurer .. ..... RuTh Ackerman Music chairman... Program chairman. Social chairman... ...RuTh Forney .AnneTTe Ewing ...Helen Tharp Lake Geneva represenTaTive. . .Virginia l-larrod PubliciTy chairman ........ ..CharloTTe O'Brien ln addiTion To l'learT SisTer week and The Sunday aTTernoon Tea given The day beTore school sTarTs, The Y. W. C. A. sponsors inTeresTing weekly meeTings. This year The group has shown revived inTeresT and is becoming an inTluenTial campus organizaTion. I S M MEDBURY CLUB PresidenT ..,................. KenneTh PaTTon SecreTary-Treasurer, ....... DeTorresT l-lomilTon MEMBERS Ahcred Barnes Nancy Chambers Lee Davis lvlargareT FosTer RuTh Forney DeTorresT l-lamilTon Lois Marie l'lurT Blanche LaTham Wayne Newcum Lucille Oldenburg KenneTh PaTTon RoberT PoTTenger Genevieve ReiTzelI lviargareT Shoolc l-larold Woodhouse The Medbury Club was Tormed in I932 by a group oT men inTeresTed in The minisTry or in any OT The Tields OT religious educaTion. This year several coeds were admiTTed To The group and The genTle- men were Torced To submiT To The peculi- ariTies oT The Teminine inTellecT. The Club holds regular meeTings Tor The discussion oT problems oT rnuTual inTeresT. WOMEN'S COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Jordan, Timmons, Holfon, Greene, Henry, Teier. SECOND ROW: Duncan, Tharp, Meade, Carney, Perdlewiiz, Parish, Wyaif. OFFICERS Presideni ....., ............ ...., F R ANCES HENRY Vice-presideni ,... ..... R UTH TIMMONS Secrefary .... ............ ..... B A RBARA JORDAN MEMBERS Seniors Sophomores Frances Henry Barbara Jordan Louise TeI'er I-Ielen Thorp Rufh Timmons F h Bonny Wyaii res men . Margare+ Edwards Juniors Doris Carney P"0C'I0"5 Leila Meade JeanneI+e Duncan Margarei Parish Helen Perdlewirz . Miss I-IoI+on ..,.. . . .ex officio Miss Greene .... . . .... Iaculry Such Ii++Ie ma++ers as going our aI+er hours and making foo much noise during quier hour are among Jrhe varied subiecis broughi up for discussion by The augusf Council which mee+s once every Iwo weeks. The members Iake a Iiendish deIigh+ in planning fire driIIs for unheard-of hours in 'rhe nighi and morning and in making 'rheir slumbering sisfers arise and go inio 'rhe coId, cruel ou?-of-doors. THE PRISM 54 THE PRISM SOCIAL BOARD OFFICERS Presidenf ..... ..,......... ...... P A UL NOFTSKER Secrefaryw. . ....... RUTH MCRAE MEMBERS Paul Noflslcer Rulln McRae Donald Slurgeon Miss Zivi Professor Gunn This year l'l'1e Social Board has brouglfr ilsell from flue region of obscure campus organizalions fo a posilrion of an aclrive college group. The Board has sponsored several all-school dances and open-houses in Jrhe gymnasium. Noffslcer, Zivi, Gunn, McRae, Sfurgeon. 55 WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB RAMONA BEARD. Direclor Season of l936-l937 PROGRAM lnvocalion of Orpheus .,......... Perl The Old Woman and The Pedlar .... ...,....,..,...........EnglishAir Echo Song ...,.............. di Lasso The Club Elude Op. IO No, 5 ........... Chopin Miss Sheppard l Could'n l-lear Nobody Pray ....... byGaul The Lord's Prayer .... .... E orsylh The Rainbow ..,............... Boyce The Club The Dulchman's Serenade. .Anonymous Miss l-lellebower Dedicolion .... .... E ranz Rain .......,........., .... C urran Shorl"nin' Bread ,.............. Wolfe The Club Organ Solo. A NIGHT AT THE OPERA Madame Bullerfly ............ Puccini Aria: "One Eine Day" Miss Cronlchile Duel: "Every Flower" Misses Cronlchile, Tomb Mikado .......... Gilberl and Sullivan Trio: "Three Lillle Maids from School" Misses M. Ewing, l-larrod, A. Ewing Carmen ...,........ .. . . .Bizel Solo: "l-labane-ra" Miss l-lelmulh The Club Eausl ...................... Gounod Chorus: "VJallz Song" The Club Eureka Alma Maier. Tl-lE PRISM E PRISM FIRST ROW: Cronlchife, Tomb, I-Ielmufh, Beard, M. Ewing, I-larrod, A. Ewing. SECOND ROW: Sheppard. Bechrel, Gibson, Duncan, Mead, Kaufman, Tharp. Reilzell THIRD ROW: Jochums, Nichols, Goode. Dyar, Forney, I-Iigdon, I-Ieflebower, Sailor Bucher Combes Bodine, While. Direclor ..... Accornpanisl ... Organisls ..... Dancers ,.. Firsl sopranos Evelyn Bucher Mary Eleanor Combes Pearl Cronlchile Jeannerle Duncan Mary Lois I-leflebower Berry Jane I'ligdon Rachel Kaufman Leila Mead Arcelia Sailor Eirsl alros Jane Bodine Annelle Ewing Margarel Easier Virginia I-larrod Carrie Meliclc Karhleen Tomb PERSONNEL 57 MRS. RAMONA BEARD DOROTHY SHEPPARD EWING, A. EWING, KAUFMAN BODINE, KAUFMAN REITZELL Second sopranos Edilh Bechlel Mary Grace Dyar Minamaree Ewing Rurh Forney I-lelen Gibson Berlha Goode Eunice Jochums Margarer Nichols Maude Wilhoile Second Allos Gene Reilzell Mildred Risser I-Ielen Thorp Imogene While Direcfor ,....... Accom panisl ..... Firsl Tenor Jack Johnslon Roberl McDonald Clifford Noe Huberl' Sumner lack Taylor James Waddell Barilone l-larolcl Adams Ralph Griesf John Hallock Marlin Innes Rea Kreider Joy Tomb Harold Wherley MEN'S G PERSONNEL Adams, Blankinship, Burns, Dyar, Dyslin, Grieslz Hallock, l-larlman, Hoellin, l-lufchlns, Innes, Johnslon ......PROFESSOR GUNN ..,...ROBERT VINES Second Tenor Jaclc Burns Louis Hoeflln McKendree Hulchins Wayne Newcum Gail Plumley Wayne Wheelhouse Boss Roberl Blanlsinship John Dyar George Dyslln Charles l-larlmcln Paul Nollslcer Paul Slorm James Tomb THE PRlSM se PROFESSOR GUNN THE EC-UB Kreider, McDonald, Newcum, Noflslcer, Slorm, Taylor, James Tomb, Joy Tomb, Waddell, Wheelh Holy Thou Ari ........... Worship of God in Nafure.. Romance.. .,.. . . Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! from "Naughly Suobian Folk Song. .........,..... .. The Cossaclc lUkranian Folk-Song! .... Sea Fever ............. ,...... Johnny Schmoker ................... Riff Song, from "The Deserl Song". ... When Through Jrhe Nighl ,....... The Nighf Has a Thousand Eyes.. Keep in 'rhe Middle of The Road ...... Messrs. PRISM Sumner. ouse, Vines. PROGRAM I Mr.Vines lll Mariefla ..,,...,.... Solo by Mr. Newcum Readings Pershing of lhe Fronl Befween Two Loves Mr. Johnslon V msisig isy'M'rQeirgL.i ' ' ' 4' Vl Noe, Plumley, Tomb, Blanlcinship Vll College Songs All Hail our Alma Maier Oski! Wow! Wow! Alma Maler ........Handel .....Beel'hoven . . . .Sibelius ...Herberf ..........Brahms ....Arr. by Koshelz ..........Andrews Arr. by Raphaelson .........Romberg .... .Liszl-Clark ..........Clolcey ...,,Bc1r'lholomew The very successful year of Jrhe Men's Glee Club closed wi'rh Their home concerl in +he college chapel. The ilinerary of Their spring four included Slrealor, Prince- Ton. Dixon, Slerling and Walnul. 5'-7 MEN'S QUARTET FIRST ROW: Noe, Mrs. Tomb, Blonkinship. SECOND ROW: PIumIey, Tomb, FIRST ROW: CronIchiIe, M. Ewing, Meade, Kaufman, A. Ewing, I-lorrod, Nichols, Beard. SECOND ROW: Newcum, Hufchins, PIUmIey, Summer, Lofhrop, Tomb, Sform, HoefIin, Innes. TI-IE PRISM 60 CHAPEL CHOIR THE PRISM Mews QUARTET Having appeared aT banqueTs, lunch- eons, Kiwanis dinners, high schools, and churches, The Eureka men's quarTeT has done much To adverTise The college. During eighTeen weeks oT The TirsT se- mesTer They gave TwenTy-one perTorm- ances, and aT The Time OT wriTing had appeared TwenTy-Tive Times during The second semesTer. The quarTeT includes: Dick Noe, Top Tenor, Gail Plumley, Tenor, Jay Tomb, bariTone, and RoberT Blankinship, bass. The Two IaTTer are seniors. MargareT Mundell Tomlo is The direcTor and ac- companisT. CHAPEL CHOIR The Chapel Choir, under The direc- Tion oT Professor LaThrop, has been es- pecially acTive during The pasT year. Aside Trom arranging The music Tor aT leasT one chapel a week, They have given Tull musical programs aT Hoopes- Ton, STerIing, WashingTon, and aT sev- eral high school baccaIaureaTe services. The members are seIecTed Tram The sophomore, iunior and senior classes and are as Tollows: Minamaree Ewing, Pearl CronkhiTe, Leila Mead, Mary Frances HeImuTh, Rachel KauTman, EdiTh Bech- Tel, Virginia I'Iarrod, GerTrude Hand, MargareT Nichols, BerTha Goode, An- neTTe Ewing, MarTin Innes, Paul STorm, Jay Tomb. Louis I-IoeTIin, James Tomlo. Rea Kreider, Jack Burns, McKendree HuTchins, Gail Plumley, Wayne New- cum, I'IuberT Sumner, and James Wad- dell. The accompanisT is Ramona Beard. THE OLD SENIOR BENCH Sep'rember Ocfober Oclrober Ocfober November November December December December .Ionuory March Moy HEADLINES FROM THE PEG McLAIN, FORMER EUREKA PASTOR, ASSUMES PRESIDENCY OF COLLEGE SIX NEW MEMBERS OF FACULTY ARE WELL OUALIFIED FOR TASKS HERE PARADE, TUG OF WAR BETWEEN FROSH AND SOPHS FEA- TURE FLUNK DAY SCHOLARS AWARDED KEYS ON THURSDAY MISS GREENE FEARS APPROACH OF WINTER PLANS FOR GALA HOMECOMING ARE COMPLETE: LARGE GROUP OF ALUMNI, FORMER STUDENTS ARRIVE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FOR WEEK-END MAC'S GOLDEN TORNADOES SHOW BEST FORM OF SEA- SON TO HOLD WHEATON TEAM TO A I3-I3 TIE COACH McKINZIE RESIGNS AFTER SIXTEEN YEARS AT EUREKA COLLEGE MILDRED INSKEEP MORGAN SPENDS THREE DAYS SPEAKING TO GROUPS ON HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS PROFESSOR JACKSON AND MISS WAMPLER TO RETIRE FROM FACULTY AT END OF CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR FACULTY ENTERTAIN STUDENTS AT DINNER BENTLEY HANDS IN RESIGNATION AS REGISTRAR: TAKES WORK IN NEW YORK - CARL SANDBURG IN ARTISTS COURSE HERE KLESATH, PRESIDENT OF BOOSTER CLUB: HUTCI-IINS, PRESI- DENT OF SOCIAL BOARD LARGE CAST PRESENTS LOVELY ANNUAL OPERA THE PRISM 62 TI-IE PRISM DIRT FROM THE SWEEPER OTey: Moy I have The lasT dance wiTh you? Girl Triend: You've already had iT. A parTing shoT: During vacaTion have a good Time or be good. He: WhaT is ThaT gurgling noTe? She: I'm Trying To swallow ThaT line you're Throwing. Eureka college biscuiTs. I shovel concreTe. I barrel assorTed Tishhooks, shingle nails. and barbed wire. I pinch oT pIasTer oT Paris. Flavor wiTh arsenic, serve in garbage cans, and call The board oT TrusTees. You'll need 'em. How many people have noTiced ThaT The "Sophomore SpiriT oT Eureka" has a Goode Greene Hand? PeT sayings Shadow Ramsey: Two pinTs make one cavorT. BeTTy PaTTon: The old-Tashioned woman who darned hor husband's socks has a daughTer who socks her darned husband. ProT. I-Iigdon: ParenTs spend halT oT Their Time wondering how a child will Turn ouT and The resT oT The Time wondering when a child will Turn up. ReiTzelI: Social TacT is making your company Teel aT home even when you wish They were. G'Brien: The average man is prooT enough ThaT a woman can Take a ioke. One nighT Jean Ahlin was using The ironing board as a sTudy Table and when someone asked her why, she replied, "Oh, I'm going To have a Fronch TesT Tomorrow and There are a Tew Things I have To geT ironed ouT". She: No, we musTn'T. Didn'T you know ThaT The dean has decided To sTop necking? He: Aw heck. The TirsT Thing you know They'lI be wanTin' The sTudenTs To sTop Too. 63 ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA FIRST ROW: I-Ieflebower, Kaufman, Talbot Ewing, Reilzell. SECOND ROW: Riley, Nor+on, Spelrnan, I-Iarlman, Tomb, Pallon. HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS Presidenl ..... ........... ............... J A Y TOMB Secrelary .... ...... R ACI-IEI. KAUFMAN Treasurer .. .............. ...... A NNETTE EWING MEMBERS Annelle Ewing James Riley Charles I'larIman I'IarIan Spelman Mary Lois Heilebower Maxine Talbol Rachel Kaufman Jay Tomb Kennelh Pailon I-Iarold Wherley Genevieve Rei+zeIl Professor Norlon "The Periecl Alibi" was presenled by members of Alpha Epsilon Sigma of I-Iomecoming. This spring Professor Norlon direcled The group in The play "Behold This Dreamer." TI-IE PRISM 64 THE PRISM PI KAPPA DELTA FIRST ROW: I-Iurl, Carney, Williams. SECOND ROW: Wiggins. Po'Henger, Norfon, Beeler. NATIONAL HONORARY DEBATE FRATERNITY OFFICERS Presidenl' ...... .................. ..... R O BERT POTTENGER Vice-preside-nl .... ....,... D ORIS CARNEY Secrefary ...... ......... L YLE BEELER Facully Sponsor ,,...... ,.... .... L . E. NORTON MEMBERS I-larold Adams Roloerl' Pollenger Eylei Beeler Genevieve Reilzell OHS cimey Ellwylrnarie Williams Lee Davis . Eunice peprer Professor E. E. Higdon Lois Marie I-Iurl Professor T. E. Wiggins Lyle Beeler, Roberl Pollenger, I-Iarold Adams and Lee Davis parlicipaled in 'Hwe Regional Pi Kappa DeI+a 'rournamen'I'l'1eld in DeKalb. Every year a prize of 'ren dollars is presenled 'ro 'Phe lwighesl ranking deboler on Eureka campus and five dollars To The nex'r lwiglwesl. This year 'rlrie +o'Ial amounl of 'flue Iwo awards was divided equally belween Lyle Beeler and Roloerl' Pollenger. 65 MEN'S DEBATE Adams, Norfon Beeler, Po++enger, Davis MEMBERS I-larold Adams Lee Davis Lyle Beeler Roberl' Polfenger Professor Norlon. Coach The Team fied for Iirsl place in +he Slofe 'rournamenl cmd during 'Ihe-whole season won a 'I'o'I'aI of I'hir'Ieen oul' of eighleen decision debaies. Ou'rs+anding +ournamen+s aH'ended were of Normal Universi+y. Normal, Illi- nois. a+ Whi+ewa+er, Wisconsin. and a+ Manchesler, Indiana. Adams and Davis debc1+ed afIirma+iveIy and Polfenger and Beeler +ook Jrhe negalive side of The quesfion. THE PRISM 66 THE PRISM WOMEN'S DEBATE MEMBERS Doris Carney . . Eunice Feller Geraldine I-lil'r Lois Morle HUM Genevieve Reirzell In addilion +o parficiparing in many non-decision debales, 'rhe girls enlered Tournamenfs a+ Normal, Whirewaler, Wisconsin, Manchesler, lndiana. and Bradley. A+ Whilewalrer, Reilzell and Hurl debaled alfirmalrively and won Jrwo auf of four. Carney and Felfer weml To lv1anches+er and won one ou+ of six. Bolh +he negalive and affirmalive 'reams en+ered The Jrournamenl a+ Bradley and won a Jrofal of Three our of eight Chambers, Hurf, Reifzell, Felfer, Carney, Norron. 67 EUREKA COLLEGE SCHOOL OF MUSIC Vogl ...... Kupelweiser Schwind . . . Flower Girl .... Schober ..,. Scharmloff . . Bellabruna. .. Schuberr .... Mifzi Kranz. . Frirzi Kranz. KiI'zi Kranz Binder . . Erlcman .... Mr. Kranz. Mrs. Kranz. Grefa . ,..,. Novofny ...... Presenfs BLOSSOM TIME by Schuberf- Romberg GEORGE GUNN, Direcfor CAST OF CHARACTERS ......James Waddell .. . .Roberr Blanlcinship ........James Tomb .. . .Pearl Cronlchile ......I-Iuberf Sumner . . . . .I-Iarold Wherley ......Eunice Jochums .. ......Ralph Griesl' Mary Frances I'IeImuIh ......Ka+hIeen Tomb .... .Arcelia Sailor . . . . .George Dyslin . . . , . . . .John Hallock ...........JayTornb .....BeI'+y Jane Higdon Mrs. Coburg ..... ... Ros: .......,.. Waifer ..... Danseuse .....Anne'r+e Ewing . . . . . . . .Louis Hoeflin ......Virginia I'Iarrod Mary Eleanor Combes . .McKendree Hu+chins ..........Jane Bodine Friends and acquain+ances of Franz Schubert Edifh Bechfel, Mary Grace Dyar, Margarel Fosler. Ber+ha Goode. Rachel Kauf- man, Gladys Klesafh. Helen Klesafh, Jean Klopfenslein, Leila Mead. Paul Noffslcer, Lila Parfridge, Gail Plurnley, Boneila Schneider, Jaclc Taylor. THE PRISM as T I-I E PR ISM BETA PI THETA FIRST ROW McCorver I-IoI+on Jones Felrer SECOND ROW Te+er Jordon Hcrrod Re1fzeII NATIONAL HONORARY FRENCH FRATERNITY Presmdenf Vu ce presndent Treasurer Foculfy Sponso Doris Carney Eunice FeI+er Mrs Gray Vlrgmncz I-Iorrod Ccnherlne Howorfh OFFICERS MEMBERS L59 VIRGINIA HARROD MARGARET McCARVER LOUISE TETER MRS JONES MISS I-IOLTON Lois Morne I-IurI' Borboro Jordon Mcrgoref McCorver Genevleve Re1I'zeII Louise Tefer Secrefury ,,... .... -. . .GEN EVIEVE REITZELL rs .......,........ , .......... . , ORATORIO DIRECTOR GEORGE W. GUNN SOLOlSTS JANE WOODMAN .,.4.... Soprano GRIFF LATH ROP.. ,... ..... T enor OLGA BOLLINGER .,,.... Conlralfo GEORGE GUNN ...,.,.. ..Bari+one ACCOMPANISTS RAMONA BEARD MARGARET MUNDELL TOMB The Eureka Choral Sociely is composed of college siudenls and in+eres+ed +owns people, and each year one s+andard oraiorio is presenlred. This year "The Mes- siah" by Handel was given iusf before The Chrislmas holidays. Tl-IE PRISM 70 T I-I E P R I S M H is cz poor spori' Hwcnk .is nof wor+h Hwe candle."-I-Ierber+ THE ATHLETIC FOOTBALL BASKETBALL X Tl-IE PRISM Tl-IE PRISM BASEBALL W.A.A 73 COACH RALPH MCKINZIE IIMGCII THE PRISM 74 T E PR M E TRIBE FIRST ROW Plumley Jochums I-Ioughfon Mursener Tomb EIIuo++ Wherley No'I+sI:er SECOND ROW IsraeI Parke Cox I-Ioeflln Weidman Mooberry Traylar Arms+rong Cargnlno McKenzie Dyar Perachuo++u Hensley Israel OFFICERS Secrefary Ireasure GEORGE ELLIOTT The E +r1be as an orgamzahon of aII Ihose a'rhIe'res who have won an E sweafer In any sporlr The men hoIcI regular meehngs for The purpose of be'I"rerlng The coIIegla+e aIhIe+lc program of shfengfhenlng reIaI'lons befween The aI'hIeIes and 'the Iaculfy and bejrween Jrhe aIhIe'res 'I'hemseIves 7 I'I ' I S Presiden+ ..............................,............,.,.,...... JAY TOMB E PR 76 Poor Abboff Sfewo dson SY Muff O F- U7 M .K Corgn no OX COND wo- .C U U U 3 CZ Q CK I G .sc O I r- an D 5 K Fl R W: I , r , , . SE ROW: McKinzie, C , I , EHIOH, Joy Tomb, Percchioifi, Houghfon, Weidman, Par . T I O : o McKinzie, Wue+l'1rich,Arms1'rong, Mursener, Pixley, Hoe lin, Troylor, Jochums, Dyor. FO ROW: Lomb, Fehlmon, Helm, Crown, W efield, Tomb, Plumley, uirm, Kimberlin. TI-IE PRISM FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Eureka OCT. 3 here Bradley ........... . I9 O OcT. 9 There CarThage ......, . 2I 7 OCT. I7 here NorTh CenTraI . 39 O OCT. 24 There ElmhursT ...... . . . 20 6 OCT. 3I II-lomecomingl ShurTIeTT .... , O 36 Nov. 7 There WheaTon. . I3 I3 Nov. I4 here Normal ..... . O 6 Nov. 2I here CharlesTon . . . 7 O SUMMARY STill inexperienced and noT auiTe ready Tor so powerTuI a Toe Eureka was unable To maTch BradIey's superior weighT and speed in The opening game oT The season . . . ATTer baTTling Through The enTire game aT a seven To seven deadlock, Eureka Was unable To sTop The avalanche oT passes and end runs in The IasT Two minuTes aT play, and bowed To CarThage TwenTy-one To seven . . . Wi+h The loss oT several regulars The weakened Golden Tornadoes couIdn'T sTop NorTh CenTraI's TleeT backs and hard charging forward line: They were swamped ThirTy-nine To noThing . . . Finding Their sTrengTh and power aT IasT, Eureka ouTToughT and ouTplayed EImhursT only To lose on several hearTbreaking plays ThaT broughT vicTory To an ouTcIassed eleven . . . Winning The TirsT Homecoming game in years. The Golden Tornadoes swepT up and down The Tield aT ease. Many reserves saw acTion as we won easily ThirTy-six To noThing . . . FighTing Tram The sTarTing whisTIe To The Tinal gun Mac's eleven held a sTronger WheaTon Team To a ThirTeen To ThirTeen Tie . . . A desperaTe Team oT iron men who IasTed The enTire game ouTrushed and ouTkicked a heavier, sTronger Normal Team To score The biggesT upseT oT The enTire season and whip Normal six To noThing . . . ATTer baTTling on even Terms The enTire game. a cosTIy Tumble allowed CharlesTon To push over The lone Touchdown in The IasT minuTe oT play To clown a courageous Eureka eleven. THE PLAYERS Four real TooTbalI men are IosT This year by graduaTion. They are Co-capTain PerachioTTi, small buT hard hiTTing haIT who scored more poinTs Than The resT of The backs puT TogeTher, Tony Cargnino. The big Tackle who was iniured The TirsT parT oT The season yeT came back IaTer and played a whale oT a game, Co-capTain Jay Tomb. versaTile backTieId man or line man who played wiTh equal skill wherever moisT needed. and .iimdMursener, Tlashy end who Turned ouT To be one oT The besT Tlankers Eureka ever a . 77 BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: NoTTsker, Dyslin, Hensley, McClure, lvlooberry, Mcliinzie. SECOND ROW: ShorT, McDonald, Jochurns, Poor, Cox, Tomb, KloTz. THE PLAYERS CapTain l-lensley, Torward, was The leading scorer of The squad wiTh Jochums, guard, ranking second . . . Cox. Trash guard, showed his meTTle in early games. and won The sTarTing assignmenT in mosT OT The games . . . McDonald, lasT year's reserve, alTernaTed wiTh Moe KloTz aT Torward, and boTh gave good acc.ounTs of Themselves . . . Two cenTers, lvlooberry and McClure, a Treshman, lcepT ThaT posiTlon an uncerTain one and pushed each oTher To The TullesT ThroughouT The season . . . NoTTslcer, a Torward, was converTed inTo guard and Tilled The poslTion adequaTely . . . ShorT. Dyslln, and Tomb all helped The reserve sTrengTh aT The Team. Tl-IE PRISM 78 Dec. I7 Jan. 3 Jan. 7 Jan. 9 Jan. I5 Jan. I9 Jan. 23 Feb. 5 Feb. I2 Feb. I6 Feb. I9 Feb. 23 Feb. 26 Mar. 3 PiIIsbury MiIIs , .. Peoria CaTerpiIIar ShurTIe1CI ....... NormaI .... AugusTana .. Bradley ..... EImhursT . . . Normal ...... AugusTana .,. MiIIikin .... EImhursT . . . Bradley .... Macomb .... MiIIikin . . . T I-I E P RIS SCHEDULE .. here .. .. here . . here . . There . . There . . here . . There . . here . . here . . There . . here . . There , . There . . here SUMMARY M Eureka 3I 56 36 27 34 23 34 30 26 32 42 26 32 37 Opening The season wiTh Two vicTorIes from non-conTerence Toes. Eureka goT off To a good sTarT . . . ShurTIeTT pulled o surprise and beaT Eureka here on The home Tloor . . . AugusTana exhibiTed size and accuracy To deTeaT Eureka in Two games . . . Bradley, showing a powerful aII-sophomore Team. downed The Red DeviIs Twice . . . EImhursT bowed To Mac's five in several cIose games . . . NormaI. showing wonderTuI reserve sTrengTh, ouTIasTed The Eurekans and Took Their measure in Two games . . . MIIIikin won on Their home courT. buT in The IasT game of The season IosT a close game To The Red Devils in The Tinal minuTe of play . . .Macomb showed Too much scoring punch for The Eureka men and Took The counT on The Macomb courTs. 79 BASKETBALL BASEBALL SCHEDULE April IO Elmhursl' ............ here April 22 Bradley ..., Ihere April 28 Normal .... Jrhere May 4 Wesleyan.. here May 7 Normal .... here May I4 Bradley .,.. here May I8 Wesleyan ....,..... Ihere This year's baseball prospecrs looked brighler rhan usual. Co-caplains CARG- NINO and PERACHIOTTI were back a+ second and cenlerfield respec+ively . . . The ISRAEL Twins. TOM and BILL, will be on hand Io hold down shorrslop and ca'Ich- ing dulies . . . WAKEFIELD played on firsr and JOCHUMS and WHERLEY Tool: 'rhe orher ourfield posirions. I-IENSLEY, WIETHRICH, JOCHUMS and DRAGSTREM were all promising pilchers and kepl' The pilching silualion well in hand. TENNIS SCHEDULE April 24 Bradley ........ . . . Ihere Moy 5 Wheafan. . . 'rhere May 8 Elmhursl' . .. here May IO Bradley .... here May I I Normal .,.. here May I5 Normal 'rhere May I8 Normal .,.. lhere May I6 Elmhursr .., Ihere May 2I Whealon. .. here May 27 Wesleyan .... here MEMBERS Slanley Basrian Don Ewing Wayne Hensley Richard Crown Paul Noflslcer Chesler Renner. former Li+I'Ie Nine+een Iennis slar. has Ialcen over 'rhe coaching of Ihe Iennis Jream 'Ihis year. The evenly marched marerial formed a well balanced Ieam. Don Ewing, freshman slar, ranks firsl' wilh Ihe 'Four ofhers all pushing him for a number one posilion. None al Ihe men have had varsily experience before, buf all made a good showing. TI-IE PRISM 80 THE PRISM GOLF James Riley RoberT Kimberlin Rea Kreider Reid Weidman ATTer a brief respiTe Trom varsiTy golT This sporl' was Talcen up again This year. MaTches were scheduled wiTh Wesleyan, Normal, Macomb and wiTh oTher schools as The season progressed. The Tour men roam The Tairways wiTh a poise equal To ThaT oT a Bobby Jones. INTRAMURALS lnTeresT and exciTemenT over inTramural sporTs reached a new high This season. LasT year The cup was won by The Three TraTerniTies, since all Tied Tor TirsT place. Each decided To be The sole possessor oT The Trophy during The '36-'37 period. AT The Time The Prism goes To press The Pals have The edge. FirsT Touch TooTball .... Pals Volleyball ...... TheTa Nu's BaslceTball .................. Pals Swimming .................. Pals Score: Pals, I8: TheTa Nu's, I2: Telres, 6. Second TheTa Nu's Pals TheTa Nu's Telces Third Telces Telces Telces TheTa Nu's Baseball, Tennis and golT were run oTF laTer and possibly will make some change in The Tinal score. The non-TraTerniTy men and The NesTorians enTered Teams buT aT The Time oT wriTing had noT yeT won any poinTs. Bl THE OLD CAMPUS . ,IL -fa -, , 511341 . ' ,f, ,I ' 955 , ,agar Ifffi Q ,- uf ff 9' f ' . f- ' V A,,r?QZ?,,fZ wwf' 4 , fy . " ww W ., .11 . ,. 1.--W' zrffffwfwfafigwiprfqz,-1 '- , Q , ' fzzfwrg. gy was at -ru , -'-, -,7'i',rf. 'Zi 1,7 " Wuxi ,l5iif?25"" 4?21?ffjW-Vff' 5143? Agfwl ,w1,w'2i,.,,,,,4qwz1y1q, 7 , 4:-f 1, H 4 ..1':,f , 'lg449frzzW!W?W10Zf'! : 'Q . 4, - I , ,1,5,,, ,,V, U W am 'ch44qrm'f.1,1!z::w'1:.' 5 ' . ,-Ly fy' A W -fffffmli S52 if ' P3 'D ,Na 23 1-fa ga 1- A --1 , E- im-. fa" " . 1 fn 3 +4-H ' 'EE "" fL"'f'5f ::. 3- Tm 5 E 2 ff 37 1-: z E , 1 - - , - ..-' '-ff,-4 256.41 ! 'Sy-11-w,.af, H 1.,y?fw1Swv'p?, W- , A, N r 19 --vf ,-f . Y-vw ,pm luu 4, f5iEmgifW,5muNmwrM'3.x:m,,,,7,WC, W Q yvllkhfu 1 M : Mamie w . - Xu :-, - , ,, Ji, -55,1 -',',y-g.iy1,w.,..,x1 .-. ,- WN -,un Nu,--A ,lK,"gHv, , 41,,:,1,1.l-my,mg-y,K!WM, . -- 'jfs "V f' ff.-21-fm . 1 - QL-X , '..v. x 1 'Jug . ., A.: - 1 ' t L 4, H1351 " u5'Jg"M f"M"'- W1 T, 'J . , mg. J. 'i7+E.-WLXCADEMY THE ACADEMY THE GOODE LIDAS WOOD PARLORS THE FIRST CHURCH O L D E D A Y S WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Jordan, Jochums, Greene, Te+er, Timmons. SECOND ROW: WiIkinson, Gibson, Smirh, Schneider, Perdlewiiz, Zivi, Pererson, Sailor. THIRD ROW: We-bsfer, E. Bechiel, O'Brien, Schusrek, N. Bechrel, Muffley, FuIIer. FOURTH ROW: Klesarh, Benne'I+, Reeves, Schade, Schroeppel, Bell, Baker. Lasr fall rhe W.A.A. sponsored a Bow Day for Ihe purpose of raising funds for a deplered Jrreasury. Maroon and goid bows of crepe paper were sold +o s+uden+s and Iaculry 'for 'rhe price of one nickel. The wafer pageani' is an annual affair and inciudes +aIenI 'From all branches OI a+hIe'rics in addi+ion To aquaiic srunrs. This year Ihe produciion was "We Join Ihe Navy." Anorher money raising scheme was The W.A.A. carnival which included every- 'rhing from a for+une 'reller and a kissing boo'rh Io a dance in Ihe Wood dining room. The girIs have managed several open houses ai Jrhe gym, sponsored a ping pong Iournamenf which was won by Perdlewirz and Parish, hiked couniless miles, indulged in a play day a+ Normal, and made enough poinis Io win insignia. The Iasi eveni of The year by 'I'he W.A.A. is 'Ihe May Pere given annuaIIy in Ihe amphiihearer. THE PRISM E4 THE PR W. A. A. BOARD Presidenl ....... Vice-Presidenl .... Secrelary ...... Treasurer .......... Publicily Chairman... Social Chairman. .. Swimming ..,..... Tennis ......... Volleyball .... Ping Pong .... Badminlon . .. Baslcelball .... Baseball .... Archery ............... lnferprelive Dancing ..... Soccer... , ..BARBARA JORDAN ......LOUISE TETER .......BETTY GREENE NEUNICE JOCHUMS . . . . .CHARLOTTE O'BRIEN .. . . .HELEN KLESATH ....RUTH MUFFLEY .....JANICE GIBSON HGEORGINA SMITH .. .. .RUTH SCHUSTEK . . . . . .HELEN THARP . . . RUTH TIMMONS . ...BETTY GREENE .HELEN PERDLEWITZ ...NORENE BECHTEL BONEITA SCHNEIDER ln Jrhe middle of Ihe year Helen Klesalh was elecled Presidenl and Kalherine Wilkinson was appoinled Social Chairman. FIRST ROW: Jordan, Jochurns, Greene, Teler, Timmons. SECOND ROW: Klesalh, Smilh, Schneider, Perdlewilz, Zivi. THIRD ROW: Tharp, Gibson, O'Brien, Schuslelc, Bech+el, Mulllley. 85 THE PRISM 86 THE PRISM ATHLETIC BOARD T n FIRST ROW: Lofhrop, McKinzie, Jordon, Ziyi, Horrod. SECOND ROW: Hensley, Burns, Corgnino, Norlon, Rooscl, Tomb, Perochiolfi. This boord I problems of inlercollegiole ond inlromurol s o Jr Th b d s on odvisory body 'ro +he college odminislrolion ond seHles all p r s. e oor is mode up occording +o Norfh Cenlrol requiremenls ond consislrs of +he Presidenf of Jrhe college, The olhlelic direclors, coploins of Jrhe mojor sporls, +hr-ee focully represenlolives ond one represenlolive of Jrhe sludenl body who is no+ on o+hle+e. The Boord's chief funclions ore lhe owording of leHers. schedulin Jr Jr T d Hl of 'rhe gomes. g con es s, on se ing business deloils B7 88 THE PRISM EPR 89 AUTOGRAPHS THE PRISM 90 TI-IE PRISM PATRON ZE CDUR MAJESTIC CLEANERS LOWEST POSSIBLE Pklces We Deliver Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saiurdcxy. Call OHo Wagner's sfore for our fruck. Complimenfs of Q C MSE Uhlu' 91 WLINOIS if lg USE ELECTRICITY In Apprecialion 5 A of FOR THE BEST Conlinued Pafronage Q16 SERVICE During +I1e HEAT P0 U 9 9 PM CENTRAL ILLINOIS LIGHT co. "Save WHI1 Safely A+" S Z O L D S "THE STORE FOR THRIFTY PEOPLE" 220I So. Adams PEORIA. ILLINOIS Year Jusf Past Klaus Floral and Landscape Service Phone I87 EUREKA. ILLINOIS 'I'I'IeSI'oreoI dependable merchandise O P.A. BERGNER 81 Co. I, M. G. Chianakas, IMiIceI personally lhank Ihe facully and s'I'ucIen+s for 'lheir palron- age. I will always be ready 'Io I1eIp I'I'Iem In any way I can MICHAEL'S SWEET SHOP TI-IE PRISM PORTMAN'S for SPORTSMEN I20 No. Adams PEORIA, ILLINOIS J. M. ALLEN Com pIe'I'e Building Service Es+obIishecI I873 Phone 27 Eurelca, Illinois A. ESPENSCHEID Slclioner and Office Ou'IfiHer SI-IAW WALKER Sleel Filing Equipmenl, Desks ond Choirs: Porloble Typewrilersg Loose Leo? Boolcs ond Forms: Founlcin Pens ond Pencils, Scrapbooks: Typewriler Poper, cic. Phone 9022 222-224 S. Jefferson SI. Peoria, Illinois O. E. CORBIN'S MARKET O The Home of Qualify Meals TI-IE PRISM DUST-ALL MFG. CO.. Inc. Since I890 Scinilary and Jcinilor Supplies for Buildings, Schools, Hospilols Phone 4-2338 I25-I27 So. Wa+er SI. PEORIA, ILLINOIS ' 5c and I0c Sl-00 GMI UP BEN FRANKLIN STORE "Qualify Merchandise ol Reasonable Prices." Eurelco, Illinois We Always TRY Io Please Ford Cars and Trucks Always DO O WATCH THE FORDS GO BY O MOSER MOTOR COMPANY Eurelca, Illinois THE WOODFORD COUNTY JOURNAL Publishers O Dis+inc'Iive Prin'Iers 'llqhnlill i er Hgaiii . . I 1. P A rftnl P H d Ma f'AFin e ,PruntnnVgV1-gQgggs'for B I G Lf' or A . 3? f' .wa 1- 12 11 1 -.111 1 . .-1. "I IWW- 5'9" " ' ' : 1 Q 1 1: Ac11 ,'A i4 Q fl 1 1'5 E I E 'MU E ' : ' 1 1 1 5 ' gZ2 :1'Q,:111:i:1:4f ll 1- 1- , 1- ,, :,1,. 1 1 V t V. 1 11:11:11: 1: , W t ., ,gg if 1-1 1 1 ,.1Z 1 .11 f THE PRISM 94 THE PRISM OKE of Excellence RADUATION . . . major moment in the life of each of us because it marks an achievement, culminates years of intensive preparation. The perfection of a great printing plant marks an achieve- ment, too - a half century devoted to a standard of crafts- manship and service. In school, the sheepskin, the cap and gown, denote a token of excellence . . . in business, its counterpart is the esteem and trust placed in us by clients and associates. Williamson Printing Sc Publishing Co. Formerly Hartman-Jefferson Co. 219 South Fourth Street x', Springfield, Illinois 95 PATRONS AND ADVERTISERS Dusr-All Manulacruring Co... Block and Kulwl Company ,... G. N. Porlman Co. ...... . P. A. Bergner X4 Co.. .. Maieslic Cleaners. . . Joseph Szold 3: Son ....., Wasliinglon Greenhouse ,..,. l. C. Longman Candy Co. .... . E. B. Espensclweid ....,.... Slwelian and Company .,.. Moser Molor Co. .,.... . O. E. Corlain ...,......... Nickel X: Rain, Groceries ...... H. C. Brown, Groceries ......... The Woodford Counry Journal ..... Liglwifoof Oil Company ......... B. H. Schumacher, Jeweler. .. M. G. Clwianakas lMikel ...., Eureka Prinling Company ..... J. M. Allen ............... Eureka Hardware Co. .... . Ben Franklin Sfore ................ E. B. Slumpf, Druggisr ............... A. L. Wargo, Plumbing and Healing .... Cenrral illinois Liglwir Co. ............ . Joe Klaus .................... Rol1rer's Lunch .................. Woodford Couniy Service Slarion .... The Eureka Tlwealer ............... Heyl Mofor Company .......... Drs. L. G and N. Melaik ....... Eureka Tinning 84 Roofing Co.. . . . TI-IE PRISM 9A . . . .Peoria . . . .Peoria . . . .Peoria . . . .Peoria . . . . .Peoria . . . . .Peoria Wasl1ing+on .......Lacon . . . .Peoria . . .Peoria . . . . .Eureka . . . . .Eureka . . . . .Eureka . . .. .Eureka . . .. .Eureka .....Eureka . . . . .Eureka . . . . .Eureka .....Eureka . . . . .Eureka .....Eureka ...Eureka . ..Eureka . ..Eureka ...Eureka ...Eureka ...Eureka ...Eureka ...Eureka ...Eureka . . . . .Eureka .. .. .Eureka

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