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May we have the next contestant A please? Supreme Court nominee Judge Robert Bork fails congressional confirmation because of his controversial record. The president's second nominee. Judge Douglas Ginsberg admits to past marijuana use and withdraws his nomination. Judge Anthony Kennedy, the third nominee, finally won confirmation. Athletes compete in Canada and A Korea Having won few medals at the Winter Olympics this February in Calgary, Canada, the U.S. Olympic team looks forward to greater success when the Summer Olympics open in Seoul, Korea. Take my stock ... please. OCT 19: The Dow Jones Industrial plunges over 500 points in one day of panic trading on the New York Stock Exchange. J ■ m i K •• f p -a L . Mine your own business The U.S. Navy moves into the Persian Gulf to sweep for mines and protect merchant shipping under attack in the spreading Iran Iraq war. f What a man ... A Mikhail Gorbachev is named Time Magazine's "Man of the Year." Aft signing the nuclear arms reduction treaty in December with President Reagan, Gorbachev gained the approval of the western world. Rescued at last OCT 19: After three days of slow progress, rescuers finally free 18-month-old Jessica McClure from abandoned well in Midland, TX. J feigner — actor Jafki Cfeason TT — comedian Husion 81 — dihectbr aetor Danny Kaye 74 - comedian Ray BoJger actor Harold Washington £5, — mayor (f Fred Astaire 88 — actor dancer Leo Marvin 63 actor Bob'Fosse60 — choreographer v 'Lorne Gfcen 72—actor Andy Gibb 30 — singer mm. acid-washed jeans' ¥fiffies (young urban failui disposable cameras Donald trump Spuds Mackenzie couch potatoes v thirty so nothing CD players snowboarding PICTIONARY superconductors Glasnost V £ .;.A fall from grace ... TV evangelist, Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, is banned from the pulpit by church officials. In February Swaggart confessed to "moral failure" and publicly apologized to his congregation. However, Swaggart defied the church ruling by announcing his May 22 return to the pulpit, y Panama in the red A Gen. Manuel Noriega holds onto power despite U.S. economic sanctions aimed to oust the Panamanian leader. Noriega was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of drug trafficking in February. Panic in Arcadia A SEP 11: The Ray family of Arcadia, FL, whose three boys suffer from the AIDS virus, leave town after their home burned down, presumably by arson. They later settled in Sarasota, FL where that community offered its sympathetic support. The Iran-contra Affair: Final Chapter NOV 18: After months of testimony, the Congressional Iran-contra Committee concludes the ultimate responsibility for the affair rests with the president, even if he did not know what was happening. J And in sports ... The Washington Redskins celebrate their 42-10 Super Bowl rout of the Denver Broncos. Minnesota took the World Series in seven games against Louis, f Presidential showdown Vice President George Bush appears certain as the Republican nominee for the presidency, while Gov. Michael Dukakis holds a commanding lead over Democrats Jesse Jackson and Albert Gore, ¥ 1988 Cardinal Volume 46 Eunice municipal Schools Eunice, N.fTI. CONTENTS Administration.........................8 Seniors...............................16 Juniors...............................22 Sophomores............................28 Freshmen..............................34 Personalities.........................40 Organizations.........................54 Sports................................68 Junior High...........................94 Elementary...........................120 Supporters...........................150 Mr. Sam Oswald has been the art teacher here for five years. He has spent many hours working for the betterment of Eunice Schools. During these years of service, he has helped develop students into fine artists by working individually with them and encouraging them to enter their work in exhibits. His artistic talents have also been utilized for many functions. His family has helped with many of these activities. Therefore, it is with pride that the 1988 Cardinal staff dedicates this yearbook to Mr. Oswald for his endeavors. 1OPENING SECTION... OPENING SECTION... EHS has been invaded?! 2 Opening SectionOPENING SECTION • • • OPENING SECTION... Opening Section 3 OPENING SECTION... OPENING SECTION... The crowd awaits the unveiling of the Wall of Champions. Mrs. Chapman adds make up to Jalena for the play “Ghostchasers.1 4 Opening SectionOPENING SECTION... OPENING SECTION... OPEN I always wanted to ride In a (Ire truck,” say Michael and Chris. Soon, these students will catch the EHS spirit. Baseball games — Fun in the sun. Opening Section 5OPENING SECTION... OPENING SECTION... OPENING SECTION... Mr. Oswald is absorbed In his work. ‘You caught us with our mouths full!' ‘Watch out for Mr. Cavity! 6 Opening SectionOPENING SECTION... OPENING SECTION... OPENING SECTION... A round of applause Is given to the Talent Show participants. Opening Section 7Administration The administration worker’s main purpose was to run the school system. Mr. Herron, the Superintendent of Schools, signed papers, attended board meetings, worked up the budget, and carried out his other duties. Debbie Moberly, LuAnn Pearson, and Norma Pickerel were the clerk and secretaries, respectively. Included in their duties were keeping records accurately, recording minutes at meetings, and preparing the payroll with the aid of computers. Mr. Don Herron Mrs. Norma Pickerel Mrs. Debbie Moberly Mrs. LuAnn Pearson takes minutes at the board meeting. Mr. Herron, with his coffee, is ready for the board meeting to begin. Mr. Herron speaks briefly about the Wall of Champions 8 AdministrationWaiting for the doors to open are Mr. Overton and Mr. Worley. School Board Members are W. T. Huffman, Libby Berry, Gailand Overton, Brenda Parker, and Bobby Worley. Administration 9Bus Drivers — Evelyn Gladden, Rebecca Woodell, Judy Landes, and Wanda Kelton. (Not pictured) Scott Gladden. 10 AuxiliaryHelping Others High School Custodians — Roger Brewer and Dean Johnson. (Not pictured) Juan Rodriguez and Bill Trammell. Auxiliary 11People Worth Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Walker had many duties in the high school office. Mr. Robinson approved functions, disciplined students, went to committee meetings, along with many other responsibilities. For her first year in the high school office, Mrs. Walker tried her best to keep everything running according to plan. She gave change to students, printed report cards, took care of the money, plus many other office duties. Together they strived to make Eunice High School the best it could be. 'The bonfire seems to be going fine Mrs. Walker enjoys the breakfast for the faculty. Mr. Robinson talks to the seniors. 12 High SchoolRecognition Miss Ford is displeased with the weather. The camera finds Miss Robertson in a cheerful mood. Mrs. Andrews takes inventory. Mr. Oswald is very proud of his art program. High School 13Faculty A mixer provides a quiet moment for the faculty. Lois Andrews Librarians Glenda Chapman English, Speech Government Bruce Bussell Social Studies P.E., Coach Linda Carmack Business Ed Annual Ed Davis Biology. Com. Sci Driver’s Ed. 14 Teachers wait to be served at the Jr.-Sr. banquet. Sheila Ford Math, Coach Nancy Hicks Science, CoachInvolved Connie Massey P.E . Coach John Malone Counselor The National Honor Society installation brought joy and laughter to those who were present Sam Oswald Art Don Reese Social Studies. Coach Scott Gladden is a second semester student teacher. Belinda Robertson English, Speech. Drama Jennifer York Home Economics HERO. Cheerleaders Guess who? That’s right, Coach Reese! Mrs. York is thrilled about having her pictures taken.The Senior float takes third place. CI«m Favorites are Kent Hind and Dawn Yarbrough. Class Sponsors are Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Carmack. Class Officers are Treasurer Brandon Robbins, President Dale Jones, Vice President Donna Montanez, Secretary Wanda Kelton and Reporter Kristin Worley. 16 nJSeniors Berumen, Antonio Clements, Tracey Michele Dennis, Anita Charo — fl Different Boatman, Lloyd Shay Conner, Jeffrey Gordon Espino, Arsenia Angle Carrasco, Linda Sonia Coulter, Sara ChristineIn Touch With the Future Fox, Henry Lee III Haviland, Sheila Beth Class Motto: Then give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. from “Life’s Mirror” by Mary Ange de Vere 16B Gaytan, Gabriel Herrera, Sylvia Gonzales Holguin, Consuelo Ruiz Gonzales, Lucilda Hind, Kent Gary Jones, Richard DaleAnything But Ordinary Gass Souq'. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” Gass Rower. Peppermint Carnation Gass Co ots'. Reyna, Rosa Isela 5, Brandon Scott Red, White and Silver 16Cfin Impressive Lineup Ruiz, Adrian Armendariz Vender, Jacaues (Exchange Student) 16D Willoughby, Jimmy (Heck) Serna, Irma Estella Walker, Alana Ann Worley, Kristin Lee Sikes, Laura Ann Weldy, Joy Lynette Yarbrough, Dawn MichelleThe Seniors are honored at a banquet sponsored by the First Baptist Church. Yeah! I finally made it Are the Seniors too big for the little “bug"? irandon help at the cm wash Senior BERUMEN. ANTONIO JR. BOATMAN. LLOYD SHAY Football 4. Track 1. 2. 3 Football 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3. 4; Football Homecoming King 4; Basketball Homecoming Attendant 3; Hall of Fame 4. HERO 4; Football Honorable Mention 3; Football Most Improved Player 3; Mr. EHS 4 CARRASCO. LINDA SONIA Speech Drama 3. 4. Art 1; Science Project Award 2; Spanish Club 1; FHA HERO 4; FHA HERO State Convention 4. Halloween Attendant 1 CLEMENTS. TRACEY MICHELE Track 1. Band 1.2; Band Officer 2; Golf 3; Football Homecoming Attendant 3. Class Treasurer 3. Drama 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; FHA HF.RO 4. FHA HF.RO Reporter 4. Administration Office Aide 4 CONNER. JEFFREY GORDON Basketball 1.2. 4. Track 1. 2. 3. 4; State Track 2. 3. 4. Football 4; Band 1.2. 3; Hall of Fame 4. Office Aide 4. Mr Clause 4. COULTER. SARA CHRISTINE Volleyball I. 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2.3. 4. Golf 1. 2. 3; Drum Major 2; Halloween Queen 3; FHA HERO 4. FHA HERO President 4. Hall of Fame 4. Region G Volleyball Champions 2; District Volleyball Champions 3, 4. District Basketball Champions 3. Assistant Drum Major 1. Drama 3. 4 Tony Linda Arsenia Lee Sylvia Consuelo Dale Wanda DENNIS. ANITA CHARO Basketball 1 2. 3; Volleyball 2. 3; Drama 3. 4. FHA HERO 4 ESPINO. ARSENIA ARMENDAREZ Office Aide 4. FHA HERO 4; Drama 4; Art 1; FHA HERO State Convention ■ FARRINGTON. TERA JO Office Aide 3. 4. FHA HERO 4; FHA HERO State Convention 4. Hall of Fame 4. FOX. HENRY LEE III NMJC4 GAYTAN. GABRIEL GONZALES. LUCILDA Football 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1, 2. 3; Spanish Club 1; Spanish Club Vice-President 1; Office Aide 3. 4 £ HAVILAND. SHEILA HERRERA. SYLVIA GONZALES Homecoming Attendant 1; hall of Fame 4. Volleyball 1. 2; Basketball 1. 2; Art 1.4; Choir 1; Spanish Club 1; Office Aide 4; Library Aide 3; FHA HERO State Convention 4; FHA HERO Parliamentarian 4; Class Treasurer 1 HIND. KENT GARY Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Football 1.4. Track 1.2. Border Conference All Tournament Team 1; Library Aide 4, Homecoming Basketball King 4. HOLGUIN. CONSUELO RUIZ Spanish Club 1; Office Aide 3. 4. FHA HERO 4. Art 2. 3. 4 JONES. RICHARD DALE Class President 1.2. 3. 4. Student Council President 3. 4. Student Council Representative 1. 2; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Hall of Fame 4; National Honor Society Secretary 3; Annual Staff 3. 4. Pnn opal's Award 1. 3. 4. Rodeo Club Officer 1.2. 3. SADD Chapter Public Relations Specialist 4; Academic All-State Basketball 2. 3. Academic All-American Basketball 3. With Original Cast 18 SeniorsAccomplishments KELTON. WANDA JEAN Mm F.HS 4; National Honor Society Treasurer 3; National Honor Society Reporter 4; Student Council 1.2.3, 4; Class Secretary 1 2. 3. 4, Girls' State 3; Football Homecoming Queen 4. SADD Secretary 4. Basketball Mgr 3, 4; Annual Stall 3. 4. Hall ol Fame 4; Halloween Attendant 2. Goll 1.2.3 LYLE. CHRISTOPHER LEON Basketball 2.3. 4; Baseball 3; Football 2, 3. 4; Track 2; Football Homecoming Attendant 2; Halloween King 3; Class Favorite 3; Student Council 3. 4; Student Council Convention 3; Hall of Fame 4; Library Aide 4; Boys’ State 3. MORROW. WILLIAM GRANT Football 2. 3. 4. Basketball Mgr. 3, 4; Track 1. 3. 4; Student Council 1. 3. 4; Class Vice President 1, 3. Class Favorite 2. RYLA Awardee 3. All-District Football 4. National Honor Society 4; Hall of Fame 4; Boys' State 3. LEMOND. PAXTON WAYNE Basketball 1. 4. Tennis 2. 3 MONTANEZ. DONNA Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Track 3; Golf 2; Cheerleader 1. 2. 4; FHA HERO Treasurer 4; Volleyball 3; Student Council Convention 1, 2. 3; Student Council Representative 1, 2. Student Council Vice President 3. 4. Class Officer 1.2,4; Class Favorite 1.2; Football Attendant 2. Hall of Fame 4 NORMAN. BILL III Football 1. 2, 3. 4, Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4. Baseball 2. 3. 4; Track 1, 2. Football Homexommg Attendant 1.4. Basketball Homecoming Attendant 2. All-District Basketball 4; Hall of Fame 4. Office Aide 3, 4, Drama 3. Donna Bill Brandon Adrian Laura Alana Joy Jimmy Dawn REYNA. ROSA ISELA Homecoming Attendant 4. Volleyball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Hall of Fame 4; Drama 3, 4; FHA HERO Vice President 4. FHA HF.RO District Vice President 4. FHA HERO State Conven tion 4; Spanish Club 1. Aide 3. 4 RUIZ. ADRIAN ARMENDARIZ Office Aide 3, 4; Art I. 2. 4. Hall of Fame 4 ROBBINS. BRANDON SCOTT Football 1.3. 4; Honorable Mention Football 3; Ail District Football 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Academic Athlete Football 1; Academic All-American 3; Academic All-State Basketball 3; Principal's Award 2. National Honor Society 3. 4; National Honor Society President 4; Student Council Representative 2. 3, 4; Student Council Treasurer 3, 4. Rodeo Club Officer 2. 3. SERNA. IRMA ESTELLA Drama 3; Art 1. 3. 4. Library Aide 3. 4; English Award 2; Principal Honor Roll 3; Honors English 4. Miss Claus 4. FHA HERO Secretary 4. Hall of Fame 4. National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 1. SIKES. LAURA ANN FHA HERO 4. FHA HERO State Convention 4; Hall of Fame 4; Office Aide 4. Drama 4; Art 1. ■ VENTER. JACQUES Exchange Student from South Africa — Track 4. Hall of Fame 4 WALKER, ALANA ANN Volleyball 1.2. 3. 4. All District Volleyball 2. 4. MVP Volleyball 2. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; All District Basketball 3. 4. Basketball Attendant 1.2. 4. State Track 1.2. 3. 4; MVP Track 1,3; District Champs Volleyball 3, 4. District Champs Basketball 3; District Champs Track 2. 3; Hall of Fame 4. All-South Basketball Team 4 WILLOUGHBY. JIMMY DALE (HECK) Football 4. Basketball 1. 3. Rodeo Club 1.2. 3. FHA HERO 4. Halloween Attendant 4. Office Aide 4 YARBROUGH. DAWN MICHELLE Volleyball 1.2. Basketball 1,3. 4. Golf 1. 2. 3; State Golf Tournament 2. 3; Golf MVP 3; Student Council Representative 4. Class Favorite 3. 4; All District Basketball 3. 4. Basketball Homecoming Queen 4, FHA HERO District Representative 4; Office Aide 3. 4. Hall of Fame 4. Halloween At tendant 4 WELDY. JOY LYNETTE Band 1. 2. 3; Drum Major 3. Basketball Manager 1; Basketball 2; Golf 1.2. 3; NMJC 4 WORLEY. KRISTIN LEE National Honor Society 3. 4. Volleyball 1.2. 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1.2. 3. 4. Girls' State 3; Volleyball All District 4. State Track Meet 1. 2. 3. 4. Principal s Award 1. 2. 3; Student Council 3; Superintendent’s Honor Roll 1.2. 3, 4; Basketball Homecoming Attendant 3; Annual 3. 4 Illustrated Above Seniors 19A Busy Year for 2 Seniors The senior girls presented the football guys with good luck flowers. I he seniors and juniors prepare to say the pledge Will I Ul« IC91‘You can’t sneak up on me.” says Gabriel. Rosa and Wanda participate in the Halloween costume contest. Shay Boatman, Dale Jones, Wanda Kelton and Billy Morrow attended Senior Saturday at ENMU. Seniors 21meeting the Adams, Cecil Allen, William Almager, Steve Barber, Eddie Barraza, Guerrero Bayes, Gail Benham, Jimmy Conner, Lora Copeland, Carl Dobbs, Dawn Fabela, Fred Frazier, Michael 24 JuniorsChallenge Juniors 25of Hard Work Galindo, Octavio Gonzalez, Herberto Good, Jeffrey Gould, Michelle Henson, Shelly Hernandez, Nanette Hicks, Ricky Johnson, Jeffrey Kelton, Elizabeth Lord, Rodney McCasland, Mlkea McMahan, Donna Montanez, Doreen Morrow, Jeri Morrow, Scott Motes, Larry Osborn, Justin Overton, Shane Parker, Michael Rangel, Sara Reed, Helena Reyna, Raul Sims, Latoya Sims, Samantha Slaughter, Jerry Stasluk, Jason Teague, Jo Velasquez, Donna Werner, Rose WhitfUl, Mitizl Juniors 27Ana and Elvia — “Dreams of Future Proms’ 28 SophomoresSophomore Class Officers are Treasurer Cameron Peckham, President Scott Mitchell, Reporter Shaun Lester, Secretary Donnie Hill, and Vice President Celina Montanez. ; ' ■No Turning 30 Sophomores32 The Saga Holt, Bob Hopper, Jalena Howell, Rachel .Hughes, Kenneth Huntsman, Holly Jennings, Larry Jones, Stephanie King, Craig Landes, William Lester, Shaun Leyva, Elvla Locke, Randy Manney, Shellle Mauldin, Mark McCarty, Cheryl McCasland, Jennifer McWillfcms, Bryan Mitchell, Scott Montanez, Celina Morrissey, Desiree SophomoresContinues Orozco, Humberto Osborn, Austin Peckham, Cameron Phillips, James Ragland, Ken Don Rawlings, Hope Richardson, Jamie Roach, Chad Robinson, David Rodgers, Leslie Rogers, Elaina Saldana, Claudia Saldana, Liliana Scarfe, Jennifer Smith, Shane Tingle, Dawn Torrez, Anna Walters, Kathy Williams, Tommie Not Pictured: Morrissey, Lance Tucker, James Sophomores 33Hands on experience came with the rock formation Freshmen take time out during a pep rally on the front steps. The Freshman float takes first place honors.Class Officers are President Alan Worley, Vice President Xan Gladden, Secretary Becky Jones, Treasurer Felipe Navarrete, and Reporter Julie Henson. 35Forward Able, Jennifer Armendariz, Norma Beck, Shannon Boyd, Kendall Cartwright, Clay Colvin, Kelly Copeland, Charles Copeland, Scott Coy, Tammy Cueto, Cecelia Dennis, Rebecca England, Tania Espino, Fernando Fox, Loyd Fuller, Michelle Giles, Melanie Gladden, L’Juana Xan Grogan, Keith Freshmen 3738 Grogan, Melissa Henson, Cheryl Henson, Julie Hernandez, Rachel Holland, Jennifer Hughes, Craig Jones, Peggy Jones, Rebecca Jordan, Deanna King, Stacy Logan, James Logan, Wendy Madrid, Bernadette Morrissey, Coleen Morrissey, Heather Muniz, Dalia Navarrete, Eric Navarrette, Felipe Ramos, Steven Rangel, Aracell Freshmenthe Changes Raybon, Ronnie Reese, Melissa Reyna, Fernando Richardson, Christina Robinson, Amber Rodriguez, Nancy Sanders, James Sanders, Steve Serrano, Antonio Sikes, Bobby Stringham, Geminy Turner, Misti Tyree, Mltchel VanMaanen, Tamara Vozza, Astilc Waggoner, Michael Werner, George Westmoreland, Laura Worley, Alan York, David Not Pictured: Beck, Frank Ruiz, Eloy Valencia, Lourdes Freshmen 39Dancing the night away, Mixing and mingling. The Halloween attendants nervously await their debut. 40 Personalities41Homecoming ’87The movement of spirit continued to be exemplified in each moment of homecoming week. The students met each night to build their class floats which would be viewed in the parade on Friday. The classes were bursting with anxiety hoping they would capture the first place prize. Included in Friday’s busy schedule was the traditional pep rally, with the attendants being introduced and spirit filling the air. According to the freshmen, the annual Student Council homecoming parade proved to be a big success, as their float was awarded first place. The freshman class attendant and escort were Julie Henson and Felipe Navarrette. Chosen by the sophomore class were ana Ambriz and Kenny Hughes. Juniors Mikea McCasland and Jimmy Benham proudly represented their class. The Queen candidates, designated by the senior class, were Rosa Reyna and Wanda Kelton. Escorting these ladies were Bill Norman and Shay Boatman. Football Homecoming 45HPLLOWEEN ’87 Saturday morning was spent preparing the community center for the annual festivities — the Halloween Carnival that evening. The coronation was once again sponsored by the Student Council. The senior class’ marriage booth put Dawn Yarbrough and Jimmy Dale Heck in fourth place. The freshmen’s dart throw gave Cheryl Henson and George Werner the third place slot. The sophomores, Cheryl McCarty and Ken Don Ragland, came in second place with the haunted house. The jail once again brought the junior class a King and Queen, Lora Conner and Cecil Adams. The community center was standing room only, packed with ghosts and goblins of all ages. 46 Halloween (Tlr. hi fTliss Christmas The Christmas spirit was illustrated through a precedent set and sponsored by the Student Council. Each class nominated a couple to be chosen as Mr. and Miss Claus. The winners were chosen by the class with the most money placed in boxes kept in the hall. After viewing the drama class’ Christmas plays, Student Council President Dale Jones announced the winners — Estella Serna and Jeff Conner of the senior class. Representing the juniors were Shelly Henson and Jeff Johnson. Holly Huntsman and Heath Boatman were elected by the sophomores. The freshmen chose Tamara Van Maanen and Allan Worley. After Jeff crowned Estella, all of the attendants received candy canes for their avid participation and enthusiasm in the new event. Following the assembly, everyone met in the main hall for a mixer catered by the HERO class. It was the consensus that the Mr. and Miss Claus contest was a success. t Conner. mmam Representing the junior class are Jeff Johnson and Shel ly Henson. wmm Freshman attendants are Alan Worley and Tamara VanMaanen. Sophomore candidate, are Heath Boatman and Holly Huntsman Christmas 47O' The gym was filled with excitement as the large crowd awaited the homecoming ceremonies. The night began with the Lady Cardinals defeating the Hager-man Bobcats. After that exhilarating game, the tired attendants began the tedious task of preparing themselves for the homecoming festivities, which took place at half time of the boys’ game. The path the attendants followed and the arch they proceeded under were decorated with red helium-filled balloons. O 6 v The freshman class attendant and escort were Cheryl Henson and Craig Hughes. Chosen by the sophomore class were Holly Huntsman and Bryan McWilliams. Juniors Shelly Henson and Michael Parker proudly represented their class. The Queen candidates, designated by the senior class, were Alana Walker and Dawn Yarbrough. Escorting these ladies were Paxton LeMond and Kent Hind.BASKETBALL HOmECOfTIINGStudents looked forward to prom from the beginning of the school year. Continuously raising money for this special occasion, juniors and their sponsors planned the construction and decorations weeks in advance. Upon completion of the preparations, students donned their formal attire in anticipation of the big night. Choosing the theme “Destination Unknown” the juniors used Oriental decorations on the cafeteria walls. Students who attended the banquet were served an elegant meal. When returning to the dance with their dates, the students were entertained by a live band from South Plains College. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of Brandon Robbins and Sylvia Herrera. It appears that an Intense discussion of the decoration is in progress. 50 Prom Those present at the Prom enjoyed dancing to the live band from South Plains College.u Servers for the Banquet were Donnie Hill, Bob Holt, Scott Mitchell, Celina Montanez, Chad Roach, Jenniter McCasland, Anna Torrez, and not pictured Holly Huntsman. Banquet and Prom Wearing tuxedos and formats makes Prom a special event ' «■ w Rose and Latoya wonder why their friends are eating without them rOm De$l no£ on UnknownHall of Fame Wittiest — Ross Reyna and Chris Lyle. Most Forgetful — Laura Sikes and Jeff Conner. Most Talented — Sara Coulter and Bill Norman. Most Athletic — Shay Boatman and Alana Walker. Best AU-Around — Brandon Robbins and Wanda Kelton.Friendliest — Gabriel Gaytan. Most School Spirited — Bill Morrow and Donna Montanez. Friendliest — Estella Serna. - Best Appearancce — Sylvia Herrera and Kent Hind. i% V"lPep Band Officers are Jalena Hopper, Nancy Rodriguez and Joy Weidy. On their first assignment, these HERO members catered the National Honor Society installation. “Sometimes she makes me so mad!” says Jeff in the play. m er Eli. l M ml11w "INotional Honor Society The National Honor Society is a very prestigious organization, in which privileged members are carefully selected. To be one of these honorable members, the student must maintain a 3.3 grade point average throughout the year and should uphold the characteristics of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. In their monthly meetings, they were often reminded of their duties as being National Honor Society members. For their annual service project, the members enjoyed making and delivering fruit baskets for the elderly. They participated in Slave Day, which proved to be fun while allowing for a break in the routine. With the help of the proceeds from this event, the members ate a bountiful feast at Cattle Baron in Hobbs. Officers are President Brandon Robbins, Vice President Jimmy Benham, Secretary Michelle Gould, Treasurer Billy Morrow, and Reporter Wanda Kelton. Brandon thanks Mr. Goodman for his speech at the Installation. 56 National Honor SocietyStaters Sunday morning came early to Wanda and Kristin as they departed for their week at Girls’ State in Roswell. Upon arrival they were separated into their respective cities where they remained throughout the week. The purpose of Girls’ State was to expand their knowledge in government, patrotism and politics. There was little time for recreation between the meetings, assemblies, and rallies. Guests spoke on being successful, making decisions, and setting and reaching goals. Girls’ State proved to be an educational experience. The 1987 Girls Staters are Wanda Kelton and Kristin Worley. • •« nmmm nift unu uiuci; iu uug perpetuate a one This copy is written from the viewpoint of two boys’ staters. “If you are ever nominated to go to Boys’ State, don’t give it a second thought. Pack your bags and take along your sense of humor. One full week will be devoted to organizing a city, county, and state government. You’ll learn politics by being involved with the actual process of electing government officials. The four 1987 Boy Staters agree, “this is an experience we will never forget.” Congratulating the Boys’ and Girls’ Staters are Gladys Patterson. Dan Berry and Louie Miller.Student Council Over the years EHS has been known to have a fantastic Student Council. This year was no different! Throughout the 1987-88 school year, the Student Council was involved in many different activities. The Student Council sponsored assemblies, the Halloween carnival coronation, the football homecoming parade, an enchilada supper, bake sales, car washes, and concession stands. They ended the year by presenting a school play, involving forty students in the production of “Ghostchasers.” With strong leadership, the Student Council continued the precedent of having a successful year. The President and Sponsor discuss matters. Student Council members are (1st) Brian Raybon, Julie Henson, Becky Jones, George Werner, (2nd) Ana Ambriz, Stephanie Jones, Celina Montanez, Cameron Peckham, Jennifer McCasland, Chris Diel, (3rd) Jalena Hopper, Jimmy Benham, Latoya Sims, Doreen Montanez, Donna Velasquez, Michael Parker, Jennifer Scarfe, (4th) Mr. Reese, Vice President Donna Montanez, President Dale Jones, Secretary Michelle Gould, Treasurer Brandon Robbins, Mrs. Chapman. I. A Early morning enthusiasm is lowDrama The Drama class first learned the basics, then progressed to small skits and monologues. On Halloween, the class performed two skits about witches and murder. In November, they co-produced a dinner theatre and performed a melodrama. This was the first of its kind and it was a huge success. The second semester they began a full-length production and it, too, went off as well as the previous plays. As a farewell, the drama class created a variety show for the high school. Much of the success of this class is due to the director. Miss Robertson. She commented on the class, “1 have been very proud of my drama students. They have always managed to pull a play out at the last minute; it doesn’t do a lot for my nerves. But as long as the audience never knows what goes on back stage and they see a well-staged production, we have been a success.” Jimmy Dale exerts all his strength Michelle portrays a stubborn mother. These students reaUvj ta fox Drama. Taking bows are Drama membcra: Michelle Gould, Jimmy Dale Willoughby, Donna Montanez, Jell Conner, Elizabeth Kelt on, Shay quez, Carl Copeland, Laura Sikes, Arsenia Espino, and Linda Canasco.HERO Officer (front) Historian Samantha Sims, Vice-President Rosa Reyna, (back) Reporter Tracey Clements, Treasurer Donna Montanez, Parlimentarian Sylvia Herrera, Secretary Estella Serna. Not pictured President Sara Coulter. S 11 FHA HERO The newest edition to EHS organizations was the FHA HERO class. It was structured as a catering business, called Krazy Kitchen Katering Kompany. They catered events for the school and public. They held many fund-raising activities, including selling burritos, salads, soups, and much more. Ten girls and Mrs. York attended the state convention held at Glorieta in April. Through hard work and dedication, this year’s members formed the ground work to be followed in the future. HERO Class members are (front) Samantha Sims, Laura Sikes, Tracey Clements, Mrs. York, Rosa Reyna, Linda Carrasco, Estella Serna, (back) Jimmy Dale Willoughby, Arsenia Espino, Donna Montanez, Tera Farrington, Dawn Yarbrough, Sylvia Herrera, and Shay Boatman. Not pictured are Jacques Venter and Sara Coulter.Pep Club This was the first year for EHS to have a forty-five member Pep Club. The main objective was to build enthusiasm with Cardinal fans. The group banned together at football games to put spirit in the air. The eleven member Pep Band performed at the bonfire and pep rallies. The Pep Club and Pep Band were sponsored by Dori Wallach and Kay Patterson. The hard work of these dedicated students and sponsors motivated the students spirit meter to an ultimate high. Club build excltem«n‘ n X2onPep Band These girls get involved. The Pep Band plays “Buckle Down” for the bonfire. Pep Band 63 Mr. Oswald and twenty future artists go to display exhibits at the annual art fair In Hobbs. Art students portray high school teachers from a different angle. Art 65Annual Staff This second-year annual staff went at it from a New Angle. They selected the theme “From Every Angle” and spent countless hours creating a book that will last a lifetime and be cherished forever. They were editors, photographers, copywriters, darkroom engineers, salespersons, layout technicians, design analysts, and data entry personnel. The five members and their sponsor worked above and beyond the call of duty to meet their deadlines. Brandon displays his unique photographing form.Annual Staff Members are Kristin Worley, Wanda Kelton, Alana Walker, Dale Jones, Mrs. Carmack and Brandon Robbins.The bench plays an Important role.Look at that move. Receiving Track awards are Jacques Venter, Alana Walker, Elalna Rodgers, and Eric Navarrete. Kristin and Dawn show off their new uniforms SSI; BOWS 69Cheerleaders The 1987-88 Cheerleaders were a hardworking and spirited group of girls. “Teamwork” was the key word for accomplishing their various spirit boosters and fund raisers. The result of their school spirit and morale showed through as the fans were more supportive than ever before. The enthusiasm was greatly appreciated by all. ( 7 The Varsity Cheerleaders are (let) Tracey Clemente, Michelle Gould, Elizabeth Kelton, (2nd) Donna Montanez, Donna Velasquez, (3rd) Ana Ambrlz. Junior Varelty Cheerleadere are Xan Gladden, Julie Heneon Shannon Beck. Jr: r S-.» Jk.' V son, and I 70 CheerleadersLady Cards are (1st) Shelly Henson, (2nd) Kristin Worley, Sara Coulter, Latoya Sims, Doreen Montanez, Alana Walker, Dawn Dobbs, Celina Montanez, Helena Reed, (3rd) Coach Connie Massey, Coach Nancy Hicks, and Margaret Mark Mauldlm. fl TraditionContinues Coach Hicks Is surrounded by seniors Sara Coulter, Alana Walker, and Kristin Worley. District Champs?! Yes, once again the Lady Cardinals took the District 7AA Championship. They were 7-9 in the regular season and 3-1 in district. After winning district, the Lady Cardinals went to Truth or Consequences where they were beaten in the first round by Tularosa. Even though a trip to the state tournament was not achieved, the pride, cooperation, and desire to be the best team possible is still very evident in Lady Cardinal Volleyball. Shown below are Alana Walker and Kristin Worley who were named All-District Players. Volleyball 73Junior Varsity Volleyball Let’s go, Cards! Junior Varsity Volleyball Players are (1st) Samantha Sims, Tania England, Melissa Reese, Elvla Leyva, (2nd) Hope Rawlings, Jennifer Holland, Amber Robinson, Melanie Giles, Jennifer McCasland, Rose Werner, Cheryl Henson, (3rd) Coach Connie Massey, Rachel Howell, Misti Turner, Becky Jones, Coach Nancy Hicks, Cameron Peckham, Tammy Coy, Shelly Hernandez, and Manager Mark Mauldin. 74 VolleyballCards Strive to Be Better The team mobs Shay as he makes the first touchdown of the season. Eunice Eunice 12 Scoreboard Opponent Capitan 6 Eunice 0 O’Donnel 47 Eunice 0 Wink rr 41 Eunice ,7 Texico y k 22 Eunice 12 Tatum I 13 Eunice Eunice 15 Carlsbad JV 20 14 NMMI ™20 Eunice 1 0' Dexter 28 All-District Players are Billy Morrow, Jeff Good, Brandon Robbins, and Jimmy Dale Heck. The Cardinal football team showed promise of success by thrilling the fans with a 12-6 win in the opening game. As the young and inexperienced team appeared each week, progress could be seen as they played hard and remained competitive. Although the final scores were not always in their favor, they strived to be dedicated and conscientious. Football 75Eunice Cardinal Football Eunice Cardinals are (1st) David Colvin, Brian McWilliams, Shane Smith, Fernando Reyna, Brian Raybon, Scott Morrow, Alan Worley, Kendall Boyd, Scott Copeland, (2nd) Jeff Good, Eric Armijo, Shane Overton, Tim Clements, Eric Navarrete, Felipe Navarrette, Gary Barraza, Shay Boatman, Lance Harvey, Humberto Orozco, Manager Kelly Colvin, (3rd) Coach Bruce Bussell, Billy Morrow, Scott Mitchell, Donnie Hill, Kenny Hughes, Jimmy Dale Heck, James Ebel, Jimmy Benham, Steve Almager, Chris Lyle, Randy Locke, Gabriel Gaytan, Coach Craig Coulter, (4th) Coach Don Reese, Brandon Robbins, Bill Norman, Carl Copeland, Jeff Conner, Shaun Lester, Kent Hind, Jim Phillips, Jeff Johnson, Craig Hughes, and Michael Parker. Not pictured: Tony Berumen, Craig King, and Jason Stasluk. 76 FootballRaising their helmets, Jeff and Phillip gulp down water provided by Kelly. The Cardinal Seniors are (1st) Brandon Robbins, Billy Morrow, Bill Norman, Kent Hind, (2nd) Jeff Conner, Shay Boatman, Gabriel Gaytan, (3rd) Chris Lyle, and Jimmy Dale Heck. Not pictured is Tony Be rumen. State Honorable Mention Jeff Good returns a punt for yardage. Football 77Coming Lady Cardinals ore (Front) Donna Velasquez, Alana Walker, Sara Coulter, Dawn Yarbrough, Kristin Worley, Michelle Gould. (Back) Celina Montanez, Doreen Montanez, Shelly Henson, Coach Sheila Ford, Cameron Peckham, Coach Connie Massey, Donna Montanez, Holly Huntsman, and Manager Stephanie Jones. LADY CARDINAL Opponent Loving Seagraves, Texas Plains. Texas Whiteface. Texas lEBOAl The, Tatum H german 1 Tatum j plains, Texas Loving Tb rosa Lake A H Dexter jB Hobbs JV Carslbdd JV Lake Arthur Hagerman With Sara providing assistance, Dawn gets the rebound as Donna waits for the outlet 78 Girls’ Basketballon Strong “The Lady Cardinals had another successful basketball season through much hard work and dedication,” stated Coach Ford. Their record was 17-6 for the season and 4-1 in District. In the first round of the regional tournament, the girls played tough against Truth or Consequences, but lost by a few points. Dawn Yarbourgh and Alana Walker were named to the All-District Team. In addition, Alana was picked to play on the North-South All-Star team in the summer.Future State Champs JV Cards are (front) Elaina Rogers, Jenny Holland, Becky Jones, Melanie Giles, Leslie Rogers, (back) Melissa Reese, Cheryl Henson, Coach Connie Massey, Elvia Leyva, Coach Sheila Ford, Jennifer McCasland, and Manager Stephanie Jones.Coming On Strong Boys’ JV Cardinals are (front) George Werner, Fernando Reyna, David York, David Colvin, Bryan McWilliams, Coach Brad Alpers, (back) Manager Lerry Jennings, Humberto Orozco, Scott Mitchell, Craig Hughes, Chris Diel, Shaun Lester, Chad Roach, Heath Boatman, Alan Worley, Donnie Hill, and Kendall Bovd. Boys’ Basketball 81Varsity Basketball consists of (Front) Shay Boatman, Gabriel Gaytan, Chris Lyle, Michael Parker, Brandon Robbins, Jeff Good, Octavio Galindo. (Back) Manager Billy Morrow, Bill Norman, Paxton LeMond, Tyler Seals, Shaun Lester, Kent Hind, Jeff Conner, Coach Brad Alpers, Dale Jones, and Coach Bruce Bussell. Winning five of the first six games at the beginning of the seaso motivated the Cardinals to a 14-8 record. In addition to their responsibilities as players, they began a youngsters’ program. Throughout the season the Cardinals coached first through sixth graders the basics of basketball. After a few days of practice, the young boys were assigned to teams and then played on Saturday afternoons. One of the varsity players commented that “the Cardinals really enjoyed teaching the boys.” Octavio looks for an open man. 82 Boys’ BasketballSeason Shay comes to a quick stop before shooting the ball. Brandon shoots for two while Dale hustles in for the rebound. Cardinal Opponent Basketball Us Them Loving 132 50 Seagraves 75 90 Plains (OT) 58 57 Whiteface 92 51 Carlsbad JV 94 90 Tatum 76 61 Tatum 73 102 Wilson 72 64 Loop 79 73 Loop 79 73 Plains 97 82 Loving 101 55 Lake Arthur 95 84 f Dexter 107 93 Carlsbad JV 93 75 Lake Arthur 102 84 Hagerman 105 61 Lovington (OT) 89 92 Dexter 68 75 Jal 75 90 Tularosa 80 95 Jal 85 94 Dexter 68 81 Boys’ Basketball 83 Bill was named to the All-District team.Finishing Girls’ Track Team consists of (Front) Melanie Giles, Alana Walker. Melissa Reese. Kristin Worley. Tania England. (Back) Manager Dawn Yarbrouqh, Elaina Roqers Jov Weldv Sara Coulter. Jennifer McCasland. and Coach Sheila Ford. You’re almost there, Alana Eunice track meet is cold for Jacques and Rodney. Kristin breezes across the finish line. 84 TrackStrong Kelly and Steve concentrate on getting a good hand off. Senior Track Star are (Front) Joy Weldy, Kristin Worley, Sara Coulter, Alana Walker. (Back) Billy Morrow, Jeff Conner, and Jacques Venter. Everyone waits for the photographer to arrive. Track 85► - ft- . Boys Track Team consists of (Front) Eric Armijo, Herberto Gonzalez, David Colvin, Eric Navarrete, Raul Reyna, Kelly Colvin. (Middle) Rodney Lord, Craig King, Donnie Hill, Steve Almager, Ken Don Ragland, Jerry Slaughter, Felipe Navarrette. (Back) Coach Don Reese, Billy Morrow, Jim Phillips, Jeff Conner, Jacques Venter, Jeff Johnson, and Heath Boatman.the Cold! It’s too cold for a track meet! David wins the 800 run by a few feet. Track 87Let’s Play ar® ( ron0 K dall Boyd, Tyler Seals. Michael Parker. Jeff Good, Craig Hughes. Alan Worley, Larry Jennings. Lance Harvey. (Back) Managers Cameron Peckham and Michelle Gould, Gary Barraza, Jimmy Benham, Bill Norman, Brandon Robbins, Coach Brad Alpers, Scott Mitchell Kenny Hughes, Brian Raybon, and Shay Boatman. y Jeff awaits the approaching fast ball. Kenny pushes off the mound for a fast ball. 88 BaseballThe dugout provides shade from the afternoon sun. Pre-game warm up has Gary at the mound. Between Innings Tyler juggles baseballs. Brandon swings for a good hit. Baseball 89Awards Given at Receiving awards for baseball are Shay Boatman, Michael Parker, Jason Harris, and Scott Mitchell. Volleyball awards went to (Sitting) Alana Walker, and Kristin Worley. Basketball awards were presented to (Standing) Dawn Yarbrough and Donna Velasquez. 90 Sportsthe Sports Banquet Michael Parker, BUI Norman, and Shay Boatman were given basketball awards. Recipients Recognized on May 9 Football awards went to (Sitting) Jeff Johnson, Donnie Hill, (Standing) Shay Boatman, Jeff Good, Brandon Robbins, and Billy Morrow. Sports 91Eunice SEBaLL BaSC Ball FOOT MU TRACK STaT JA S FOOT BaU 19 «g» 7 STATE CHAMt S STATE STATE CHAMPS STATE CMA» S BASEBALL STATE CHAMPS TATE CNA S TENNIS | TENNIS ;Tate Champs|state champs BASEBALL IB B« ;TaTC Champs football 19 «|» II ruTf champs EUNICE WALL OF CHAMPIONS! BOTS AU-SPORTS I97S-7B TATt CHAD’S] TENNIS •'SA sut haj s BASEBALL It M STATE CHAMPS RaSRETBAU i» »• Baseball IB 67 STATE Champs »OOT BALL It «1» 77 ,TaTI Champs football It «|» 78 STATE CHAMPS XU SAIL 19 (|» 17 SUTICHA S T BALL 19 «t If STAT HA S basketbau IB SB state Chah S rasketsau baseball' TRACK f" i9 :4fc c»» IB 6M IB 69 STATE C MAMI'S STATE C«»M J STATE C-» 4 J BASKETBALL baseball 19 «0 state champs I HATE CHA» S IB 60 BASEBALL 19 70 STATE ChampsI STATE Champs BASKETBALL •9 t][i 7i STATE CHAMPS :SE3 Wall of Champions — The meaning of pride to a Cardinal.C rvrrlinrklc Bob Douse Is a starter at the track meet. District Champs again!C RD NFL Class Favorites are (front) Elyn McReynolds (6), Natalie Evans (7) , Leah Dodson (8), (back) Bradley Woodring (6), Tim Clements (8) , and not pictured Fred Anders (7). These eighth graders are exhausted after a hard day at track Seventh Grade Class Officers are President Natalie Evans, Vice-President Keith Copeland, Secretary Casondra Williams and Reporter Belinda Ferbrache. Fred and Brett experiment with a trap. 94 Junior HighEighth Grade Class Officers are (bottom to top) Reporter Sherry Hill, Secretary Dana Wilkinson, Vice President Amy Rush, and President Caprice Bettis. Sixth Grade Class Officers are Reporter Amanda Riley, Secretary Ana Navarette, President Bryan Crowell, and Vice President Elyn McReynolds.Recognition of Don Jones Charlotta Robertson Principal of Caton Junior High, Mr. Don Jones, is shown above receiving his birthday present from the students. Mr. Jones’ duties never end; such as, teaching classes, disciplining students, conducting conferences, and performing countless other activities. His secretary, Mrs. Charlotta Robertson, is there to assist in the running of the school. Shown at right, Mrs. Robertson is busy at the computer. These two, along with the faculty, prepare the students for their future. 96 Junior HighJobs Well Done Wallace Goodman Math Nell Turner Special Education Connie Varnell Math Manerva Lee Special Education Maurice Partin Monica Pryor Tom Schend Resource Room Special Education Diagnostician “Teacher of the Year” Is Tracey Davis. Junior High 97Adams, April Arcldez, Letisha Armijo, Amy Berumen, Estevan Bettis, Caprice Blake, Patricia Boatman, Stacy Bravo, Joe Britton, Howard Caballero, Juan Castillo, Victor Christopher, Loren Clements, Timothy Collins, Michele Colvin, Daniel Conner, James Cooper, Clifford Dixon, Melissa Dobbs, Angela Dodson, Leah Eighth Grade Autographs: 98 Eighth GradeEighth Grad© Galindo, Lorena Garcia, Estevan Gaytan, Juan Gaytan, Octavio Gonzales, Brenda Gooch, Jimmy Harvey, Lance Hatley, Lori Hernandez, Ramon Hernandez, Roberto Hill, Sherry Johnson, Darrell Jones, Charlotte Kirkland, Sheila Leyva, Elma Malone, Kellie Martin, Kerry McCasland, Mindy Montanez, Elaine Montanez, Michael Autographs: Eighth grade 99Eighth Grade Montoya, Ernestina Montoya, Javier Newton, Jennifer Nolen, Robert Overton, Shelly Rendon, Mary Rodriguez, Matthew Rush, Amy Ruth, Joshua Saenz, Jose Saenz, Maria Sedtllo, Christopher It is chaos exiting the auditorium. 100 Eighth GradeEighth Grade Vc School can be fun! Serano, Albeto Serna, Paula Sims, Joe Swezey, Dorothy Valencia, Naomi Vozza, Cesar Westmoreland, Shelly Whitflll, Angela Wilkinson, Dana Williams, Elton Yeager, Richard Not Pictured: Gardner, Dage Madrid, Melissa Saenz, Annabelle This book belongs to: My best friends are: Eighth Grade 101Seventh Grade Abrego, Annabelle Adams, Tonya Ambrlz, Angelica Anders, Frederick Armendariz, Celia Armendarlz, Noel Berry, Jessica Brewer, Darell Byrum, Marcey Call, Dennis Campos, Susana Conner, Joseph Contreras, Yvonne Copeland, Keith Criswell, Richard Cueto, Marla Davis, Candida Dixon, Barbara Evans, Natalie Farrington, Angela Autographs: 102 Seventh GradeFerbrache, Belinda Flno, Geneva Fuller, Terry Garcia, Jessica Gass, Charles Gaytan, Sandra Gladden, Randall Gould, Perry Grado, Oscar Graham, Kathryn Gutierrez, Georgia Haase, Jennifer Hemphill, Jerry Henson, Clabe Jordan, Lisa Juarez, Jimmy I Leyva, Osbella McLean, Randall Meek, Jason Moberly, Scott Autographs: Seventh Grade 103104 Seventh Grade Togetherness is a trait.Seventh Grade of seventh graders. Parker, Brett Patterson, Chad Pilcher, Sammie Ramos, Alejandro Rawlings, Franklin Rivas, Francisco Rivas, Lupe Jr. Ruiz, Able Elizabeth, Araceli, and Annabelle walk in the morning sunshine. Seventh Grade 105Seventh Grade Saenz, Israel Santa Cruz, Lisa Scarfe, Joseph Sedllio, Elizabeth Slaughter, Melinda Smith, Vanessa Stephens, William Terry, Wesley Usener, Amber WhltfUl, Joseph Williams, Casondra Willson, Taml Ziegler, Shawna Not Pictured: Able, Jason Bettis, Bradley Briones, Lorenzo Bulman, Heather Carrasco, Allison Gardner, Geadell These guys enjoy the homecoming parade. Hard at work! 106 Seventh GradeSixth Grade Adams, Delta Ambriz, Marla Avalos, Sandra Avalos, Veronica Bishop, Christa Brasted, Guy Caballero, Edward Caballero, Nancy Carrillo, Michael Castillo, Christina Contreras, Sergio My favorite teacher is: My favorite subject is: Sixth Grade 107Sixth Grade Craig, Deena Crowell, Brian Cueto, Patricia Doyal, Grady Estrada, Beatrice Flennlken, Misty Garcia, Erika Gonzalez, Arturo Gonzalez, Manuel Harris, Dawn Heath, George Heredia, Sofia Herrera, Belinda Hlce, Kristi Hill, Amy Hopper, Randall Howell, Jeffery Hughes, Gayla Jordan, Rebecca Landes, Jack After I graduate from Eunice High School I plan to: If I could have lunch with anyone in the world, it would be: 108 Sixth GradeSixth Grade Logan, Gwen Lujan, Claira Manly, Kryssla Marshall, Pamela McCasland, Matthew McLean, Lance McReynolds, Elyn Montanez, Marty Montoya, Jorge Motes, Angela Navarrete, Amy Navarrette, Ana Nolen, Mendl Olivas, Edmund Peralta, Alma Perkins, Taml Pierson, Chad Rangel, Gerardo Remagen, Tammy Riley, Amanda After school I like to: My favorite book is: This summer I would like to: Sixth Grade 109Sixth Grade Rivas, Maria Rivas, Pablo Robertson, Monique Robinson, John Rodriguez, Geisha Rodriguez, Mario Ruiz, Eusevio Saenz, Charlene Saldana, Ramon Sanchez, Maria Savory, Billy Slate, Damon 110 Sixth GradeSixth Grade Sutton, David Teague, Janice Teague, Shirley Terrell, Christopher Thomas, Christie Tippett, Aaron Torrez, Melissa Tyree, Klrt Weldy, Belinda Werner, Wade Wllmot, James Woodring, BradleyFootball Members of the CJH Football team are (1st) Charles Gass, Ray Christopher, Buzzy Gould, (2nd) Danny Colvin, Randy McLean, Clabe Henson, Steven Navarrette, Darell Brewer, Joe Conner, Keith Copeland, Chad Patterson, (3rd) Coach Ball, Fred Anders, Willie Stephens, Randy Gladden, Jason Meek, Juan Caballero, Javier Montoya, Frankie Rawlings, Hank Palmer, (4th) Steve Berumen, David Criswell, Octavio Gaytan, Elton Williams, Juan Gaytan, Joe Sims, Chris Sedillo, Elias Montoya, Joe Bravo, and Coach Alpers.Volleyball — Hatlejj Stacy PoifridrJBpB ontanez R)Lis do. Angela Dobbs, Shelly W strno reland. Shelly O orTAmy Rusr g kU)n Members 6i the Eighth tirade Volleyball team are (fsU Kerry h Santa Cnj 'LetisKa Tdez, ChaTOtfe Jones, Sherry Hill, Lorena •teya. and Coach Varnell mtreras, Jennifer Haas« CJH Volleyball 113Basketball Members of the Eighth Grade Boys’ Basketball team are (1st) Jason Able, Ray Christopher, Javier Montoya, Armando Vozza, (2nd) Octavio Gaytan, Juan Gaytan, Jose Saenz, Elton Williams. Coach Coulter, and Stevie Garda. 114 Basketball Members of the Seventh Grade Boys’ Basketball team are (1st) Chad Patterson, Randy McLean, Randy Gladden, Darell (2nd) Fred Anders, Hank Palmer, Jason Meek, Israel Saenz, Coach Reese, Elias Montoya, Wesley Terry, and Frankie Rawlings. Pablo Moreno.Basketball Members of the Eighth Grade Girls’ Basketball Team are (1st) Victoria Saenz. (2nd) Angela Whitfill. Kerry Martin. Dana Wilkinson. Elaine Montanez. Letisha Arcidez, (3rd) Tina Montoya. Amy Rush, Shelly Westmoreland, Coach Varnell, Lorena Galindo. Shelly Overton, and Sherry Hill. Members of the Seventh Grade Girls’ Basketball Team are (1st) Natalie Evans, Jennifer Haase, Tonya Adams, Yvonne Contreras. Belinda Fer brache, (2nd) Sandra Gaytan, Laci Owens, Coach Pryor, Shawna Zeigler, and Jessica Garcia. Basketball 115Track 116 TrackJust Say No These students are members of the newly formed Juat Say No club. Just Say No Officers are Vice President Tina Montoya, President Dana Wilkinson, Reporter Ana Navarrette. and Secretary Treasurer Sherry Hill. Just Say No 117Junior High Mr. Goodman is busy at another track meet. The basketball boys listen Intensely to Coach Reese. 118 Junior High Valentine Sweetheart candidates wait patiently for the winner to be announced.From Every Angle Up! Down! Up! Down! Junior High 119crfAKD ir yfftiROUQH THE EVINE Chris Holland proudly displays his science project Join hands everyone. Nurse Kellum puts a smile on Evan’s face Decisions, decisions, decisions! Z Li 8 121Leaders of the Little Ones Shown above is Mr. Gary Johnson, Elementary Principal. His job is never done and each day he is faced with a new challenge. His secretary, Mrs. Bobbie Helen Miller, is shown to the right displaying their new copier. Her duties keep the elementary functioning smoothly. Together, these two professionals go above and beyond the call of duty to assure the best possible educational atmosphere for all Mettie Jordan Elementary students. 122 ElementaryMr . France Herron Chapter 1. M . Kay Patterson Special Education M . Deanna Richardson Special Education Mr . Dori Wallach General Music V; Mr . Sharon Westmoreland Library Aide Mr . Lucille Kellum Nurse (: « • Mr . Evelyn Wink Special Ed. Aide Elementary students enjoy special attractions. Learning our ABCs. Elementary 123Fifth Grade Rhodes, Dustin Rivas, Michael Saenz, Beatrice Serna, Christina Serna, Ramon Soriano, Alberto Stone, Jeremy Swezey, Mavis Williams, Jaimie Woodring, Jonathan Not Pictured: Avery, Jason Armendariz, Andy Brooks, Jackson Clouse, Rodney Gaytan, Maximo Gould, Lance Hedrick, Joseph James, Ryan Lujan, Mayra McBee, Robert Nicely, Dave Nunez, Guadalupe Ortiz, Daisha Fifth Grade 125Fifth Grade Acosta, Timothy Beck, Timothy Boyd, Kelly Burcham, Jacob Cartwright, Jonathan Carrasco, Crystal Colvin, Jennifer Criswell, Jay Goforth, Tonya Johnson, Gary Jones, Michelle Landes, Chrisy Luster, Diane Masslngale, Michelle Morrissey, Dean Navarrette, Richard Newton, Michael Norvell, Willie Palmer, Kenny Rice, Jamahl Rivas, Tommy Rusk, Shanon Valencia, Rlgo Ziegler, Brandon Not Pictured: Rivas, LeeRoy 126 Fifth GradeFifth and Fourth Grades Mrs. Jill Hodges Mrs. Lee Ann Burton Fifth Grade Arcidez, Felisha Armijo, Jennifer Chaffin, Matthew Daniels, Tiffanie Dodson, Kevin Harlan, James Jenkins. Phillip Jones, Doug Kelton, Richard Meek, Jaime Oswald, Jason Rios, Ramon Rusk, Belinda Sanders, William Fourth Grade Borden, Brooke Caballero, Rachel Collins, Katandra Dodson, Keith Saenz, Cynthia Saenz, Larry Soriano, Juan Tippett, James VanMaanen, Jonathan Not Pictured: Bulman, Jon Michael Fifth and Fourth Grades 127Fourth Grade -.1 w-W' Mrs. Jo Springer Caballero, David Craig, Kristie Dean, Chad Evans, Marsha Grogan, Shannon Heady, Gary Johnston, Slade Kirkland, Jason Locke, Marsha Montanez, Randall Montanez, Ryan Paris, Jack Ramos, John Rathbun, Amanda Robbins, Ashley Rush, Clay Ruth, Shelby Saenz, Karina Santa Cruz, Brenda Serna, Silvia Smith, Rusty Terry, J. T. Valencia, Jesus Wilson, Travis 128 Fourth GradeFourth Grade Avalos, Marla Barber, Shane Blair, Amanda Canafax, Tory Conner, Gabriel Copeland, Christopher Fields, Chanda Fisher, Bert Grado, Hugo Harris, John Heady, Rebecca Holland, Christopher Kendrick, Robert McCasland, Misty Madrid, Christopher Masslngale, Charles Mendoza, Edward Miller, Kristi Moreno, Cheo Ritchey, Jennifer Smith, Bryanna Snitker, Doug Stanton, Jessica Wright, Robert Not Pictured: Young, Timothy Fourth Grade 129Third Grade Ashlln, Christy Avalos, Selina Criswell, Brian Cueto, Daniel DeLozier, Cody Galindo, Veronica Gonzalez, Candy Griffin, Amanda Gutierrez, Charbel Heady, Rusty Hemphill, Michael Lawson, Kara McGill, Christopher Morris, Grady Nymeyer, Tye Pierson, Travis Rivas, Melissa Rodriguez, Carlos Rusk, Jeremy Sedlllo, Annette Thrash, Jalmee Tumer, Courtney Wilson-Bock, Dee Anne 130 Third GradeMrs. Cathy Jones Third Grade Allen, Bridgett Black, Chad Daughtry, Bruce Evans, Nick Gaytan, Maria Gladden, Jerad Sims, Blanca Stone, Brandi Terrell, Jeremy Walser, David Wllson-Bock, Lee Anne Third Grade 131 Graham, April Hernandez, Elizabeth Hernandez, Robert Huntsman, Charles Leyva, Amulfo Lujan, Malra Manly, Jacob Orozco, Oscar Parker, Brian Payne, Nathan Ramos, Patricia Rhodes, ThomasThird Grade Carrillo, Janette Cooper, Ryan Criswell, Greg Fisher, Charlie Garcia, Enrique Gonzales, Linda Hackett, Diana Hill, Richard Koeberle, Christ! McCasland, Manda Moberly, Kyle Najera, Erica Nicely, Ricky Nunez, Lori Ortiz, Penelope Savory, Wesley Serna, Gllberto Slate, Derek Soriano, Patricia Wllmot, Otis Woodell, Zacharlah Yarbrough, Kyle 132 Third GradeSecond Grade Anders, Shawn Anderson, Cristina Armendarez, Nora Beldzlg, John Brooks, Benjamin Bundtck, William Bustamante, Robert Carrasco, Soyla Dixon, Edmond Galindo, Guadalupe Gutierrez, Christina Gutierrez, Martin Harper, Samanda Heady, Helga James, Toble McBee, Timothy Oswald, Philip Payne, Brooke Radcllff, Crystal Ritchey, Billy Saenz, Ellas Terrell, Joshua Thompson, Adam Wilkinson, Gina Not Pictured: Young, Eric Second Grade 133Second Grade Ambriz, Veronica Berry, Shaun Bishop, Monica Black, Keegan Carey, Chelcie Clouse, Joel Collins, Joe Dean, Heath Hahn, Beth Hernandez, Aldo Herrera, Carlos Herrera, Jason Jones, Cody Kirkland, Melissa Miller, George Newton, Debbie Orozco, Cesar Palmer, Christ! Patterson, Andy Remagen, Chrystal Santa Cruz, Sandy Stone, Tracy Tyree, David Whitaker, Kyle Not Pictured: Avery, Wendy 134 Second GradeSecond Grade Angulano, Orlando Aranda, Armando Avalos, Andrea Blair, Angela Blevins, Bradley Brooks, Jonathan Byrd, Ashlee Caballero, Daniel Faulkner, Crystal Heath, Susan Lawson, Dana Luster, Cody Montoya, Angela Ortiz, Beau Radcliff, Rachel Rodgers, Matthew Rusk, Eric Shakra, Joshua Shugart, John Skinner, Jeffrey Stoffer, Norma Torrez, Yvette VanMaanen, Jason Not Pictured: Evans, Tina Mitchell, Crystel Second Grade 135First Grade Alvldrez, Omar Aranda, Josue Caballero, Miguel Heady, RoyLe Herrera, Jeremy Hoover, Scotty Jenkins, Jared Jeter, Annie Lee, Blake Locke, Evan 136 First GradeFirst Grade Mrs. Barbara Osborn Armendartz, Omar Bailey, Brooke Brown, Daydra Charo, Carlos Cleaver, Trisha Colvin, Johnny DeLozler, Duane Gaytan, Juana Goforth, Terry Hernandez, Marcellno Hlce, Wesley Ledbetter, Shannon Nunez, Elizabeth Ramos, Monica Rawlings, Bobby Rios, Christopher Usener, Sara Sklnne, Joey Wright, Amanda Zelgler, Rendl First Grade 137First Grade Hedrick, Marshall Lucero, Luciano Lujan, Alfonso Montoya, Eddie Morris, Ronnie Newton, Christina Radcliff, Richard Sanchez, Holly Simpson, Anna Soriano, Grasiela Sorrells, Harold Stanton, Jamie Stringham, Franklin Wilson, Kristen 138 First GradeFirst Grade Grado, Angela Hahn, Travis Harless, Damon Jones, Marshall Kelton, Kelly Locke, Michael Lujan, Margoby Morrow, Jo Norvell, Nicole Ramos, Ruby Reese, Luke Serna, Fernando Thrash, Billy Usener, Jeremiah Williams, Shayla Burcham, Joshua Contreras, Carina Contreras, Carmen Coy, Garet Cueto, Jesse Danford, Danielle Fifth Grade 139Kindergarten Armendarlz, Carlos Bustamante, Michael Carrasco, Blanca Cleaver, Desswolr Collins, Angela Harris, Joseph Lovell, Danna Reese, Camille Robertson, James Sanchez, Cynthia Serna, Andy Snltker, Casey Vinson, Jessica Not Pictured: Nunez, Armlda Velez, Jennifer 140 KindergartenKindergarten Adams, Amanda Cabellero, Adrian DeLozier, John Gutierrez, Antonio Gutierrez, Susie Harvey, Houston James, Kaycee Jeter, William McCasland, Eric Muro, Adrian Nelson, Caleb Ramos, Melissa Ramos, Michael Riley, Kyle Ritchie, Frank Kindergarten 141 Ruth, Bradley Shakra, Lensl Teague, Steven White, JenniferKindergarten Caballero, George Frisk, Justin Grado, Gabriel Heady, Leslie Hicks, Danny Jennings, Kristi Laws, Anissa Lewis, Jaylon Madrid, Jose McReynolds, Connor Molina, Sendi Owen, Lindsey Porras, Juan Rendon, Roger Smith, Wesley 142 KindergartenKindergarten Acosta, Raquel Arcidez, Castulo Bland, Michelle Faulkner, Joey Gaylor, Brandon Sutton, Laura Teague, Stephenie Tyree, Richard Walker, Jeremy Not Pictured: Anderson, Charles Batchelor, Ryan Manly, Scotty McGill, Amanda Muro, Jose Navarrete, Ann Newton, Wilma Nymeyer, Sherri Ornelas, Javier Phifer, Charles Ramos, Zachariah Soriano, Elsa Kindergarten 143AWARDS... AWARDS... AWARDS... AWARDS... AWARDS... High School Superintendent’s Honor Roll — Xan Gladden, Alan Worley, Chris Diel, Kristin Worley, James Sanders, and Dale Jones. Jr. High Superintendent's Honor Roll — Elyn McReynolds, Natalie Evans, Keith Copeland, Shawna Zielger, and Amanda Riley. Scholarship Awardees — (Front) Wanda Kelton, Estella Serna, Dawn Yarbrough, Kristin Worley, Sara Coulter. (Back) Alana Walker, Dale Jones, Kent Hind, Brandon Robbins, and Donna Montanez. 144 AwardsHigh School Principal'• Hoi Roll — (Front) Cheryl Hen Stephanie Jones, Estella Serna, Ju Henson, Ana Amhriz, Donna Veil quez, Shelly Henson, Alana Walke (Back) Wanda Kelton, Kendall Boyt Jeff Johnson, Jeff Good, Brando Robbins, and Becky Jones. Jr. High Perfect Attendance — (Front) Wade Werner, Jorge Montoya, Chad Patterson, Elyn McReynolds. (Back) Charlotte Jones, Elton Williams, Shelly Westmoreland, and Belinda Weldy. Jr. High Principal’s Honor Roll — (1st Row) Candida Davis, Ana Navarette, Amy Navarette, Chad Patterson. (2nd Row) Kryssia Manly, Wade Werner, Christa Bishop, Misty Flennlken, John Robinson. (3rd Row) Armando Vozza, Lori Hatley, Charlotte Jones, Susie Campos, Letisha Arcldez. (4th Row) Shelly Westmoreland, Dana Wilkinson, Jack Landes, Randy Gladden, Tina Montoya, and Darell Brewer. Awards 145..GRADUATION... GRADUATION... GRADUATION... GRADUATION... (Front) Arsenia Espino, Anita Dennis, Estella Serna, Rosa Reyna, Linda Carrasco, Alana Walker, Sylvia Herrera, Tera Farrington, and Joy Weldy. (Second) Shay Boatman, Sheila Havlland, Dawn Yarbrough, Donna Montanez, Laura Sikes, Tracey Clements, Sara Coulter, and Wanda Kelton. (Third) Tony Berumen, Consuelo Holquin, Adrian Ruiz, Gabriel Gaytan, Brandon Robbins, Jacques Venter, Dale Jones, and Chris Lyle. (Back) Kristin Worley, Lee Fox, Billy Morrow, Kent Hind, Jeff Conner, Bill Norman, and Paxton LeMond.LOSING SECTION... CLOSING SECTION... CLOSING SECTION... CLOSING$ 1OO Contributors Eunice ABC Rental Tool Company First Interstate Bank of Lea County Gold Star Service Co., Inc. John Hice, Jr., Welding Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kennann United Bank of Lea County Wallach Concrete Inc. $100 ContributorsEunice Ballenger’s Dairy Freez II B H Construction Eunice Well Service GCI Construction Hobbs Repair Service, Inc. J.D.’s Shell Wrecker Pay-n-Save Hobbs Blaine Chemical, I Cobra Well Service,Eunice Bo-Kay Flower Shop Cardinal Drug Chaparral Service, Inc. Eunice Booster Club Eunice Cafe Eunice Chevron Eunice Locker Plant James L. Evans, Independent Producer Robert M. Harris, C.P.A. Johnston Construction Leavell Danford Insurance Agency, Inc. Lin’s Hair Design Brass Gift Shop McCasland Hardware and Sporting Goods McCasland Services .... ' Mighty fluffler Red Bird LP Gas Cp., Inc. Rowland Trucking Go? Scott Lumber Supply, Inc. SouthwesterffTnsturment Company Standard Welding Works, Inc. Union SuppIy'Company Vee Bee’s Closet Watson Supply Company, a Division of Watson Truck Supply, Inc Hobbs Elliott Waldron Title Abstract Co.Fnc. Forrest Tire Co., Inc. Hobbs Cleaners Saloga’s Jewelry Valley Federal Savings Badk 152 $25 Contributors4 v

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