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The 1985 Cardinal Uolume 43 Eunice Municipal Schools. Eunice. New Mexico Contents Dedication 2 Elementary 58 Administration 8 Sports 84 Seniors 16 Jr. High Sports 108 Juniors 22 Personalities 116 Sophomores 28 Organizations 134 Freshmen 34 Supporters 150 Junior High 40 The yearbook staff proudly dedicates the 1985 yearbook to a very deserving couple — MR. AND MRS. J. E. EARHART. As Dedication they are retiring at the conclusion of the current school year, we want them to know that all their efforts have been appreciated. Mr. Earhart has been employed at the Eunice Schools for 34 years, and Mrs. Gloria Earhart has worked here for 26 years. In addition to his junior high teaching duties, Mr. Earhart has been called upon numerous times to repair projectors and other equipment, to set the clocks, to drive a bus, and to assist other personnel when asked. Mrs. Earhart has taught in the elementary school at various levels, and she is very helpful to those students and others around her. She and her husband have taken part in professional organizations and attended conventions as delegates many times. We wish them well in their retirement, and we know that Eunice Schools will miss them. to Mr. and Mrs. Earhart Mr. J. E. Earhart has been a junior high Mrs. Gloria Earhart has been an teacher. elementary teacher. Mr. Hughes presents the retiring Mrs. Earhart, Mrs. Durham, and Mr. Earhart with plaques ot appreciation for their many years of service.Memorable Moments To laugh, to cry, and to remember are all part of life’s MEMORABLE MOMENTS, which is why we have chosen this to be our theme. By carrying out the theme throughout the book, we want you to reminisce with us as you turn the pages of these memorable moments. Remember when Miss New Mexico spoke to the senior girls, the play that was staged by the Student Council, the sporting events with both happy and sad endings, having to do homework, having a “new” principal, going to school from 8:15 to 2:40, attending camps during the summer, struggling to meet yearbook deadlines, having the first male cheerleader, campaigning for offices, decorating the Christmas tree, going to Hobbs on a business field trip, winning the Free Enterprise Bowl, setting new traditions, and rewarding retiring teachers. Elementary students study prehistoric animals. Junior High students look back at elementary days. 3Fond Memories Juniors practice singing a song for prom. EUNICE HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Carmack's business class will remember the field trip to visit Hobbs' businesses. 4of High School Students decorate the school's Christmas tree. Xi Beta Eta hosts the senior girls' breakfast with Miss New Mexico as the speaker.Free Enterprise Leads Students Congratulations to Mr. Pittman's class — Pat Sims, Joyce Martell, Maria Albidrez, and Royce Gould for winning the First Enterprise Bowl in Hobbs. Mrs. Durham receives her 25-year award. Juniors Teresa. Susan, Cody,and Darla smile for the camera. (nto a Bright Future Mr. York converses with students in the hall. Mrs. Schmitt and Mrs. Saldevar anxiously await the outcome of the football play. Miss Hathorn. kindergarten teacher, is the NEA-Eunice President. 7Administration Prepares for In the pictures at the right, President Huffman and newly elected Vice President Charles Evans seem to be observing as Mr. Hughes, who is retiring after thirteen years as superintendent, congratulates Mr. Don Herron after the board meeting in which Mr. Herron was elected to serve as the next superintendent. Under Mr. Hughes’ direction, the school board has made numerous changes in the school plant. In addition to many remodeling projects, the tennis courts, natatorium, and kindergarten have been built. In comparison with other schools, the working conditions for the personnel and student body are superior, and the community should be proud of the school. The Board Members are: Mrs. Libby Berry, Mr. W. T. Huffman, Mr. Gailand Overton, Mr. Don Gladden, and (not pictured) Mr. Charles Evans.Monthly Meeting Mrs. Luann Pearson phones board members to remind them of the date of the monthly meeting. Mrs. Debbie Moberly takes time-out from preparing the payroll Mrs. Norma Pickerel looks over expenditures prior to the board to smile at the photographer. meeting. 9High School Principal and Secretary Mr. Don Herron is the principal of the high school and has been in the Eunice Schools eight years. In addition to carrying out school board policies as delegated by the superintendent, he establishes and supervises policies and procedures necessary for insuring the proper maintenance and retention of those records required for the high school. Included in his duties are the supervision of the curriculum, instruction. textbook selection, activity program. the accounting of school properties. and the handling of discipline problems. Mrs. Gwen Hahn is completing twenty-nine years in the position of high school registrar and secretary. She types and mails all official transcripts and writes requests for records on students new to the system. Serving as the attendance clerk for the students and high school employees and as activity fund bookkeeper. Mrs. Hahn also keeps all the permanent records for the student body. 10Remember the Faculty Arnold, Al Industrial Arts Hallsted, Paul Band Manly, Dianna Mathematics Carmack, Linda Business Ed. Annual Henson, Bell Physical Ed. Coach Chapman, Glenda English Hicks, Nancy Science Coach Durham, Sue Biology Hiner, Judy Librarian Elliott, Jennifer Home Economics Malone, John Counselor 11 Miss Hicks asks, "Why Me?"Faculty Has Memorable Mr. Reese views the game from the pressbox. Miss Elliott wonders what to do next! 12 Norman, Laurie Choir Robertson, Charlotta Library Aide Oswald, Sam Art Saldevar, Scott Physical Ed. Pickerel, Norma Counselor’s Secretary Schmitt, Darlene Natatorium Aide Pittman, Kenneth English Government Schmitt, Philip Social Studies Not Pictured: Mrs. Nuno Bilingual Spanish Reese, Don Athletic Coordinator Social Studies York, Dwain Computer Sc. Math CoachMoments Too! Mrs. Carmack's most memorable moment while teaching at EHS was receiving the “Teacher of the Year’’ award in 1981-82. Mrs. Hiner states, “My best memories (and worst) are of the proms we have had. Last year Tam-mie Conner sang, ‘Time in a Bottle,’ and it was so beautiful that I still get a lump in my throat remembering it.” In interviewing Mr. Pittman he says, “In my short time here, my best memorable moment was the time I was in the coaches’ office changing clothes and waiting for a cheeseburger when several unnamed females walked in!” “My most memorable moment was watching the faces of every player of the 1983 Cardinal team after defeating the Lovington Wildcats 20-0,” comments Mr. Schmitt. Mrs. Durham’s most memorable moment was having the annual dedicated to her in 1970. 13Cleaning. Driving. Cooking, and The Custodians are: 1st Row: Linda Rush, Mary Zamora, Mildred Harless. Bonnie Essman, and Dean Johnson. 2nd Row: Jay Seely, Jacky Blancett, Oscar DeGroot, Bill Trammell, Roger Brewer, and Ramon Ramirez. 14 Lucy Kellum, our school nurse, always has a smile for everyone.Nursing Are Our Business The auxiliary personnel include the bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, maintenance people, and the school nurse. Together they keep the school in good condition and make it a more pleasurable place to be. Included in their duties are seeing that students have a ride to school, a clean place to study, good nutritious meals so that they feel like applying themselves to their studies, a well-maintained facility, and someone to aid them when they become ill on the campus. These people provide a very important link to the school’s functions, and they are appreciated. The Bus Drivers are: 1st Row: James Burt and Jackie Palmer. 2nd Row: Opal Deaton and Blanche Bethany. The Cafeteria Workers are: Irene Lewis. Georgia Kuhn. Rosa Rios, Juanita Allen, and Linda Brewer. 15Seniors place fourth with “Coyote Busters” in the homecoming parade. The hazards of being a football player Seniors listen to graduation details. Seniors 16Senior Class Officers are: Vice-President Kelly Diel, Treasurer, Kim Osborne, Reporter Todd Cox. Not Pictured: President Pat Sims and Secretary Janet Maltbie. Senior Class sponsors are: Mr. Paul Hallsted, Mrs. Linda Carmack, and Mrs. Bell Henson. Class of 1985 17Seniors Have ALARCON, FRANCES LEE BERUMEN, MANUELA H. (Nellie) Choir 2,4; Spanish Club President 4; Basketball Manager 1, 2; Basketball Attendant 3; Volleyball Manager 1, 2; Solo and Ensemble 2; Hall of Fame 4 BROCK, MICHAEL KEITH BROWN, H. EVAN Football 1,2,3, 4; Football District Champs 3; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Reporter 4; Student Council Representative 3; Halloween Attendant 2; Band 3 18 AGUILAR, MARCIA ANNE Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Class Favorite 1; Basketball Attendant 1; Football Attendant 2; Cheerleader 1, 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Spanish Club Officer 4; Officer Aide 3, 4; Hall of Fame 4 ALLEN, SHERYL DENISE Band 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Cheerleader 3; Basketball Homecoming Queen 4; Office Aide 4; Flag Corps 1; Solo and Ensemble 1, 2; Band Officer 3; Hall of Fame 4 BLEVINS, JOHN REESE Football 2, 4; Baseball 2; Student Council President 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Rodeo Club 1,2, 3; Track 1; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Hall of Fame 4 BROOM, THOMAS GLEN CHANEY, SHEILA KAY Choir 1,2, 3COLLINS, JIMMY DON Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football District Champs 3; All-District Football 3, 4; All-State Football 3; Principal’s Award 1, 2; Halloween Attendant 1; Class Favorite 1; National Honor Society 3, 4; NHS Vice-President 4; Hall of Fame 4 CONNER, TAMMERA DIANE Choir 2, 3, 4; Choir President 2, 3, 4; Student Council Vice-President 3; Student Council Representative 4; Track 1; Solo and Ensemble 4; Class Favorite 3; Football Attendant 3; Halloween Attendant 4; Student Council Convention 3, 4; Hall of Fame 4 DIEL, KELLI KAY Volleyball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Volleyball All-District 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Football Homecoming Queen 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Principal’s Award 2, 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Class Favorite 4; Hall of Fame 4; Miss EHS 4 GARCIA, TOMAS Football 1,2, 3, 4; Football Homecoming Attendant 2; Spanish Club 4; Office Aide 4; Hall of Fame 4 GONZALES, SYLVIA MENDEZ Office Aide 4; Annual Staff 3; Hall of Fame 4 Fond Memories COX, ALTON TODD Football 1,2, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Basketball Manager 2, 4; All-District Football Champs 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Class Officer 4; Student Council 4; Hall of Fame 4 FERBRACHE, TAMMIE I. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Rodeo Club 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 3; Office Aide 4 GONZALES, RUBEN MENDEZ HILL, JENNIFER BLAIR Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Treasurer 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Band 1, 2; All-District Volleyball 3; All-State Volleyball Honorable Mention; Basketball All-District 4; Class Officer 2, 3; Principal's Award 1; Hall of Fame 4HUCKEBY, BOBBI LYNN Choir 2; Office Aide 3, 4 KELLY, DARRALL ANN Basketball 2; Choir 3; Annual Staff 3, 4; Office Aide 4 MALTBIE, JANET BERNICE Class Secretary 4; National Honor Society 4; NHS Secretary 4; Student Council 4; Band 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Teacher’s Aide 3 MONTANEZ, DENNIS N. Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track District Champs 3; Football Attendant 3; Football King 4; Football District Champs 3; All-District Football 3, 4; All-State Football 3, 4; Basketball Attendant 3; Student Council 4; Class Favorite 4; Hall of Fame 4; Mr. EHS 4 JOHNSON, KEVIN WILLIAM Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 4; Track 1, 3, 4; Hall of Fame 4 LORD, BOBBY WESLEY Class Officer 1, 3; Student Council 1, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 1, 2, 3; Rodeo Club 1, 2; Band Officer 3 MARTIN, BRETT DIXON Football 1; Golf 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; NMJC 4 MORGENSEN, GARY LEE Football 4; Class Favorite 2; Annual 4 OSBORNE, KIMBERLY ANN JV Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 2, 4; Student Council 3; Halloween Attendant 2; Band 1,2; Annual Staff 4; Office Aide 3, 4; Band Librarian 2; Class Favorite 2; Hall of Fame 4 20OWINGS, DONALD ALLEN Football 1; Halloween Attendant 4; Rodeo Club 2; Boys’ State PILCHER, JOHN NMJC — Building Trades 3 REYNA, MARIA L. Choir 2; Spanish Club 4; Solo and Ensemble 2 RODRIQUEZ, JUAN G. Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2,3; Baseball 1; All-District Football 3, 4; Football District Champs 3; Track District Champs 1; Band 1, 2; Class Favorite 3; Office Aide 4; Hall of Fame 4 TUCKER, STACY LaRHONDA Band 1,2, 3, 4; Band Officer 3, 4; Office Aide 3; Track Manager 1; Solo and Ensemble 1; Student Council Representative 4 PENLAND, MELANIE CHARISSE Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Flag Corps 2, 3; Office Aide 3; Student Council 4; Annual Staff 4 PYBURN, MICHAEL GLENN Football 1, 3, 4; Football District Champs 3; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Baseball 1; Golf 2; Choir 1; Office Aide 4; Science Club 3; Hall of Fame 4 ROACH, CURTIS Football 1,2, 3, 4; Football District Champs 3; Baseball 1,3, 4; Track 3, 4; Rodeo Club 2, 3; Band 1; Choir 4 SIMS, GEORGE PATRICK Track 2; Student Council 2; Class President 1, 2, 3, 4; Rodeo Club 1,2,3; Band 1, 2; Boys’ State; Hall of Fame 4 Picture Not Available DEATON, PHILLIP RAY Football 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Solo and Ensemble 1, 2; Band Officer 2, 3; Baseball 4; Football Manager 2 21Craig, Austin, and Steve show their cooking skills! Rita is taking shorthand dictation. Juniors 22Junior class officials are President Cathy Good, Vice President Keith Phillips, Secretary Austin Williams, and Reporter Armida Herrera. Juniors visit the Lea County Courthouse. Junior class sponsors are: 1st Row: Miss Norman. Mrs. Hiner. 2nd Row: Miss Hicks. Miss Elliott. Mrs. Chapman, and Mr. Schmitt. Class of 1986 23Juniors Alexander, Steven Alvidrez, Maria Atkinson, Jason Benham, Darla Berumen, Jimmy Boman, Robert Charo, Joe Crocker, Stephen Espino, Rita Franco, George Frank, Teresa Frazier, Melissa Garcia, Carmen Garrett, Timothy Gass, Shawn Good, Catherine 24Await Seniority Gould, Royce Hemmingson, Michael Herrera, Armida Hiner, Susan Hoyt. Richard Hughes, Angie Jaquess, Laura Jaquess, Peggy Jenkins, Tonya Jordan, Jimmy Landes, Devin Martell, Joyce Morrow. Michelle Nelson, Candace Norman. Dorainne Patterson, Cody 25Juniors Prepare Phillips, Craig Phillips, Keith Rendon. Andy Roach, Kelly Rodriquez, Alberto Ruiz, Corina Ruiz, Rubelia Ruth, Johnny Sanchez, Joseph Stephens. Teresa Thompson, Tanna Turner, Ranee VanMaanen. Melissa Williams, Austin Not Pictured: Hunter. Darryl 26Candy-Grams Seniors Receive Candy-Grams Maria, Ruby (back row) Tonya, Candi, Susan, Marcia, Carmella, and Sylvia are all smiles as the juniors deliver the Valentine candy to the seniors. Johnny, Stephen, and Royce learn to type business letters.Sophomores place third with "There's No Stopping Us Now" in the Homecoming Parade. Kristi and Cathy serve at the Nationa Honor Society installation. i happy moment. Sophomores 28Sophomore class officers are: President Aaron Johnston, Vice-President Cathy Diel, Secretary Rosie Zuniga, and Reporter Clint Walker. Sophomore class sponsors are: Mrs. Dianna Manly, Mr. John Malone, and Mr. Dwain York. Class of 1987 29Sophomores Take on Challenges Albidrez, Patricia Allen, Angela Carpenter, Michelle Charo, Anita Collins, John Cox, Kimberly Coy, Lisa Diel, Catherine Dobbs. Kimberly Drake, Christopher Espino, Eloisa Gonzales, Lucy Hatley, Kristi Henson, Bryan Hernandez, Siria Holt, Wendi 30of Hi£h School Houston, Terry Inman, James Johnson, Aaron Laing, Gary Lane, John Lord, Le’Ann Lowe, Michael Maltbie, Kristi Marshall, Scott Motes, Charles Natividad, Diane Overton, Dwayne Pickerel, Amy Quintanilla, Roy Reed. Mary Rhea, DeweySophomores Robertson. David Robinson, Matthew Silva. Carmen Stasiuk. Dominic Velasquez. Carlos Velasquez. Dario Walker. Clint Webb. Michael 32 Werner. Frank Zuniga. Rosa Not Pictured: Chaney. Cloys Kim dissects a dogfish shark as classmates assist.Frank Werner concentrates on the music. Aaron and Scott are caught off guard by the photographers. Dissect Sharks ? 33 Patsy. Lisa and Kristi examine the internal organs of a shark in Biology class.Freshmen place second with “Kick the Coyotes” in the Homecoming Parade. Freshmen earn classroom time in Drivers Ed. Rosa gazes into the wild blue yonder. 34 FreshmenFreshman class officers are: President Dale Jones, Vice-President Billy Morrow, Secretary Donna Montanez, and Treasurer Sylvia Herrera. Alana tells Dawn about the state track Freshman class sponsors are: Mr. Sam Oswald. Mrs. Sue Durham, Mr. Kenneth Pitt meet. man, and Mr. Scott Saldevar. Class of 1988 35Freshmen Begin Memorable Abrigo. Guadalupe Berumen, Antonio Boatman, Shay Carmack, Sheila Carrasco, Linda Clements, Tracey Collvins, Laurie Conner, Jeffrey Cortez, Ginney Coulter, Sara Dickerhoff, Jacqueline Espino, Arsenia Farrington, Tera Jo Fite. Janice Fox, Lee Gaytan, GabrielMoments at EHS Hardt, Jeffrey Hayslip. Jerry Herrera, Sylvia Hill, Gregory Jackson. William Jones, Dale Kelton, Wanda Landeros, Celia Lara, Debra Montanez, Donna Morrissey, Lance Morrow, William Newton, James (Billy) Norman, Bill Robbins, Brandon Robinson, Michael 37Freshmen Rodriquez, Angelita Rodriquez, Jaime Rodriquez, Linda Ruiz. Adrian Ruiz. Consuelo Saenz, Dolores Serna, Estella Tucker. James Walker. Alana Weldy, Joy Willoughby. Jimmy Worley. Kristin Yarbrough. Dawn Not Pictured: Blackwell. William Dennis. Jim Fabela. Fredenco Haynes. Billie Mendyth. Lisa Quintanilla. Guadalupe Ramos. Billy Reyna. Rosa Rivas. Mike 38Attend Assembly Freshmen converse before the awards assembly. Consuelo. Joy. Arsenia. Angel. Janice, and Sheila anticipate awards assembly. 39■I C A V s s-ffoe Eighth grade officers are: 1st Row: Doreen Montanez. Mikea McCasland. 2nd Row: Rodney Lord and Jimmy Benham. Sixth grade officers are: 1st Row: Julie Henson. Becky Jones. 2nd Row: Tania England Mr. Goodman discusses the next foot-and Craig Hughes. ball play. 40 CatonSeventh grade class officers are: Holly Huntsman. Leslie Rodgers. Chris Diet, and Kimberly Hemmingson. Eighth graders acquire sewing techniques. Seventh graders take notes. Junior High 41Principal. Secretary, and Mr. Don Jones has been in the Eunice Schools for ten years, but this is his first year as Caton Junior High Principal. As there are many functions and activities that go on in a school, Mr. Jones is available to make sure these are performed smoothly. The main duty of a principal is to see that the students receive the finest education that is possible. Mrs. June Walker has been with the Eunice Schools for six and one-half years. She enrolls students and assists the principal and teachers in any way she can. She is responsible for maintaining school attendance records, students’ permanent records, activity, and cafeteria fund records. Mr. Jones and Mrs. Walker make preparations tor the school day. 42 Mrs. June WalkerTeachers Greet Junior High Students Earhart, J. E. Social Studies Basic Skills Math Turner, Nell Library Aide Ball, Kenneth Language Arts Coach Beasey, Nancy Special Ed. Ferbrache, Karen Special Ed. Aide Carver, Bruce Social Studies P.E. Coach Goodman. W. A. Math Social Studies Coulter, Craig Social Studies Science Coach Massey, Connie Science Coulter, Patty Diagnostician Resource Partin, Maurice Resource Junior High personnel take a few minutes for a break.Junior High Leaders Adams, Cecil Albidrez, Daniel Allen, William Almager, Steve Anguiano, Cynthia Barber. Eddie Barnes, Stephanie Barraza. Guerrero Bayes, Gail Benham, Jimmy Brasted, Valerie Canafax, Micah Chaney, Doyal Conner. Lora Dobbs, Dawn Frazier, Robert Fuller, Michael Galindo, Octavio Gonzales, Herberto Good, Jeffery 44Are Eighth Graders Gould, Maria Henson, Shelly Hernandez, Nanette Hiner. Misty Johnson, Jeffrey Judkins, Aaron Kelton, Catherine Landes. William Lara, Anthony Lord, Rodney McCasland, Mikea McMahan, Donna Montanez, Doreen Morrow. Jeri Morrow. Wendell Motes, Larry Osborn, Justin Overton, Michael Parker. Michael Quintanilla, Sofia 45Eighth Graders Complete Rangel. Martha Rangel. Sara Reed. Helena Reyna. Raul Rodriguez. Saul Rudd. Carey Sanchez. Annette Sanchez. Bernadette Seals. Michael Sims. Latoya Sims. Samantha Smith. David Stasiuk. Jason Teague. Cheryl Velasquez. Donna Werner. Rose 46Junior High Eighth graders show enthusiasm at the football game. Mitzi Whitfill, Misty Hiner. and Helena Reed participate in the high school band. 47Seventh Grade Is a Step Acosta, Scotty Ambriz, Ana Armijo, Eric Beck,Frank Bennett, Shelly Blackwell, James Boatman, Gregory Branch, Winford Cates, Christie Colvin, David Conner, Michelle Cooper, Sonya Coy, Kimberly Deaton, Danny Diel, Christopher Donoho, Melody Drake, Marjorie Espino, Fernando Frank, Troy Gooch, Jeri 48Up in Life Grogan. Keith Hemmingson, Kimberly Hernandez. Sergio Hernandez. Shelly Howard. Kimberly Hill. Donnie Hogue. Jeramie Hogue. Justin Holt, Bob Hopper, Jalena Howell, Rachel Hughes. Kenneth Huntsman, Holly Jones, Stephanie Jordan, Deanna Landeros, Lorena Leyva, Elvia Logan, Keith Lowe. Stephen McCasland, Jennifer 49Seventh Graders Strive Montanez. Celina Morrissey. Desiree Morrissey. Heather Nemec, Donna Osborn. Austin Paulson, Shelly Peckham, Jean Prieto. Sergio Rackley, LaDonna Ragland. KenDon Ramirez. Ramon Rawlings. Hope Raymond. Brian Richardson. Christina Richardson. Jamie Roach, Chad Robinson. David Rodgers, Leslie Rodriguez. Nancy Rogers. Elaina 50For Success Santana. Silvia Scarfe. Jennifer Stephens. Carla Torrez. Anna 51Sixth Graders Begin Able. Jennifer Adams, April Armendariz, Norma Armijo, Amy Arnold, Luke Beck. Shannon Blackwell, Patrick Boyd, Kendall Britton, Howard Britton, Laura Cantrell. Apryl Castillo, Victor Chavez. Adam Clark, Christy Clark, Misty Collins, Michele Colvin, Kelly Copeland. Scott Coulter, Kimberly Cox, Kenneth Coy. Tammy Cueto, Cecelia Dennis, James Dennis, Rebecca Dickerhoff, William 52Journey Through Junior High Dobbs, Angela England, Tania Fox, Loyd Fuller, Michelle Giles, Melanie Gladden, L’Juana Gonzales, Brenda Gonzales, Theresa Gooch, Chad Harris, Andrew Hemphill, David Hemphill, Tammy Henson, Cheryl Henson, Julie Hernandez, Rachel Hernandez. Ramon Holland, Jennifer Hughes, Craig Jones, Bryan Jones, Peggy Jones, Rebecca Jones, Sabrina Judkins, April Kelly. Christine Kelton, Kristi 53Landeros, Lucia Leyva, Elma Lindsey, Brandy Logan. James Logan, Wendy Martinez, Rosa Miller, Bobby Miller, Danny Montanez, Elaine Morrissey. Coleen Motes. Melissa Navarrete, Eric Rangel, Araceli Raybon, Ronnie Reese, Melissa Reyna, Fernando Robinson, Amber Ruiz, Eloy Saenz, Annabelle Serna, Paula Serrano, Antonio Sikes, Bobby Turner, Misti Tyree, Mitchel Valensia, Lourdes CJH Welcomes 54Sixth Graders Westmoreland, Laura Worley. Alan Worley, James Zamora. Sonia Not Pictured: Harmon, Shawn Meridyth, Richard VanMaahen. Tamara Velasquez, Veronica Vigil, Efrin Vozza, Aztrid Werner, GeorgeJunior High boys receive their sports awards. Dawn serves the volleyball. End of School Activities Are 56Exciting for Caton Junior High Junior High students are ready for the pep rally to begin. PE. students cheer for their team. Was it out of bounds? 57 Fifth graders take advantage of warm weather by having class outside. Students await second half. Kindergartners play dress up. 58 Mettie JordanFourth graders work on Language Arts. Young students learn Swlmnastics. Second graders color pictures. 59 ElementaryPrincipal and Secretary Find Work Rewarding Mr. Gary Johnson has been principal of Mettie Jordan Elementary School since 1977-78. During the day Mr. Johnson checks the situations in classrooms, on the playground, and in the cafeteria. He also has conferences and completes various reports as required by the system. He says working with elementary students is a very rewarding job. Mrs. Bobbie Miller takes care of the secretarial work and the cafeteria accounts for the elementary students. " iir Seh( " 1 Secretary 60Fifth Graders Review Science t K drrsd Abrigo, Annabelle Armendarez, Noel Barnes. Tyshawn Bennett. Daniel Blake, Patricia Bolster. Anthony Colvin, Daniel Cooper, Clifford Gass, Charles Gaytan. Gloria Gaytan. Octavio Hatcher, Jamie Hill, Sherry Johnson, Darrell Johnson, Pauline Kelly, Cynthia Knight. Heidi Montoya, Javier Newton. Jennifer Paulson, Stacey Saenz, Victoria Sanchez, Luis Sims, Joe Stacy. Kristi 61Fifth Graders Enjoy Aguilar, Steve Berumen, Estevan Branch, Aleisha Caballero, Juan Christopher, Ray Conner. Jason Dixon, Melissa Galindo, Lorena Garcia, Estevan Gonzales. Cynthia Hemmingson, Kandi McCasland. Mindy Morrison, Denny Motes, Robert Noel, Christopher Overton, Shelly Rendon, Diann Rush, Amy Saenz, Jose Scarfe, Joseph Valencia, Naomi Webb. Mickey Wilkinson, Dana Zamora, Martin 62 Mrs. HamrickHappy Times Abrigo, Amy Alvarado, Danny Arcidez, Letisha Blackwell, Michele Boatman, Stacy Cates, Brent Clements, Tim Cooper, Sean Dodson, Leah Gooch, Jimmy Harvey, Lance Hatley, Lori Jones, Charlotte Kirkland, Sheila Martin, Kerry McLean, Randy Moberly, Scott Montanez, Michael Olson, Cheryl Rodriguez, Matthew Ruth, Joshua Smith, Michael Westmoreland, Shelly Whitfill, AngelaFourth Graders Thrive Gayton, Juan Gray, Leaslie Malone. Kellie Montoya. Ernestina Rodriguiz, Cindy Vozza. Armando Ambriz, Angelica Armendariz, Celia Atole, Syrena Farrington, Angie Ferbrache, Belinda Gladden, Randy Jordan, Lisa Juarez, Jimmy Meek, Jason Parker, Brett Patterson, Chad Ruiz, Abelon Social Studies Able, Jason Acevedo, Rocio Barnes, Robin Berry. Jessica Carrasco. Allison Cates, Jamie Criswell, David Davis, Candida Garcia. Jessica Grado, Oscar Gray, Beth Harris, Kevin Howell, Jeffery Johnson, Bobbie Juarez, Norma Montoya. Elias Olson, Robert Pilcher, Sammi Rawlings, Frank Rivas, Lupe Rodriquez, Geisha Seals, Ryan Teague. Janice Usener. Amber 65Fourth Grade Has Time Adams, Tonya Alvarado, Dena Anders, Fred Bettis, Bradley Bulman, Heather Contreras. Yvonne Evans, Natalie Gaytan, Sandra Gonzales, Manuel Gould. Perry Graham. Kathryn Gutierrez, Georgia Haase, Jennifer Hatcher, Carrie Henson, Clabe Jones, Shannon Nemec, John Owen, Laci Palmer, Hank Pitts, Chasity Quintanilla. Raul Ruiz, Belen Santana, Juan Serna. Alberto Mrs. Hammond Templeton, Tanisha 66for Books and Music Brewer, Darell Campos, Susie Copeland, Keith Cueto, Roberta Fino, Jill Fuller. Terry Hemphill, Jerry Hensley, Aaron Hughes, Gayla Hunter, April Lara, Patrick Lane, Donald Leyva, Belia McLean, Lance Moreno, Pablo Paterson, Rochelle Quintanilla. Roman Rivas, Frank Rodriguez, Mario Rudd, Marla Santa Cruz, Lisa Smith, Vanessa Whitfill, Trey Willson, Tami 67Third Graders Are Adams, Delta Arnold. Paul Bishop, Christa Brasted, Guy Caballero. Nancy Crowell, Brian Cueto, Patty Donoho, Dee Drake. Sarah Galvan, Melissa Gonzalez. Arturo Hensley. Eric Hodges, Scot James, Ryan Jordan, Rebecca Kelton, Angel Landes. Jack Motes. Angela Remagen, Tammy Robinson, John Sanchez, James Torrez, Melissa Toy. Steve Woodring, Bradley 68Good Readers Carrillo, Mike Cole, Glen Contreras, Sergio Dixon, Barbara Flenniken, Misty Garcia. Erika Goforth, Tonya Juarez, Rosalinda Lane, Cooper Levesque. Misty Logan, Gwen Lujan, Claira Marshall, Pamela Noel, Mikey Olivas, Edmund Rivas, Maria Robertson, Monique Rodriguez, David Saenz, Veronica Teague, Shirley Terrell, Chris Tippett, Dwight Tipps, Benton Tyree. Kirt 69Third Graders Color Artwork Ambriz, Maria Atole, Matt Conner, Jack Doyal, Grady Harris, Dawn Harvey, Kelly Herrera, Belinda Hice, Kristi Hodges. Brent Hopper, Randy Kincaid, Michael Knight, Jimmy Langley, Wendy Lindsey, Justin Manly, Kryssia McReynolds, Elyn Montanez, Marty Morrison, Jessica Navarrete, Amy Rangel, Gerardo Ruiz, Eusevio Sanchez, Carmen Sanchez, Jason Slate, Damon 70Second and Third Graders Study Hard Acosta, Timmy Caballero, Eddie Castillo, Cristina Craig, Deena Dodson, Kevin Gaytan, Maxi Heredia, Sofia Hill, Amy Johnson, Gary Kawecki, Teresa McCasland, Matt Mebane, Billy Vasquez, Mauricio Mrs. Parker Montoya, Jorge Rivas, Pablo Robbins, Ashley Ruth, Shelby Saenz, Beatrice Sutton, David 71Fun Time for Second Boyd. Kelly Burcham, Jacob Carrasco. Crystal Clouse, Rodney Daniels, Tiffanie Dodson, Keith Ferguson, Willie Gaytan, Pedro Harlan, Michael Jenkins, Phillip Kirkland. Jason Meek, Jaime Nemec, Mark Ortiz, Daisha Palmer, Kenny Rackley, DeAnna Rhodes, Chris Rios, Ramon Rivas, Tommy Saldevar, Christina Stone. Jeremy Templeton. DeVona Tippet, James 72Grade (s Class Time! Armendariz, Andy Armijo, Jennifer Atole, Bob Barber, Shane Chaffin. Matt Chavez, Joseph Franklin, La Crisha Jones, Doug Jones, Michelle Lancaster, Robert Landes, Christine McCasland, Misty Morrissey. Dean Oswald, Jason Rhodes. Dustin Rivas, Michael Roach, Kevin Serna, ChristinaSecond Grade Awaits Spring Break Aguilar, Matthew Arcidez, Felisha Beck, Timothy Carrasco. Keith Clark. Cami Criswell, Jay Gould, Lance Grado, Hugo Heady. Gary Luster, Roxie Massingale, Michelle McBee, Robert Newton, Michael Norvell, William Paterson. Landon Rice, Jamahl Rivas, Lee Roy Rogers. Heather 74 Mrs. McLeanGrade School (s for Fellowship Jeffery Rodriquez takes time out from his cutting to instruct Tye Nymer, Leah Boggs, and Shandra Rhodes. Diana Hackett says ‘‘cheese” for the photographer. Juan Santana, Shannon Jones, Heather Bulman, and Clabe Henson are in Mrs. Hammond’s fourth grade class. 75Benjamin, Kandy Bullman, Jon Caballero, David Collins, Katondra Criswell, Brian Curtis, Rebecca Davis. Krystal Galindo, Veronica Gutierrez, Santos Haynes. Michael Huntsman, Charles Kelly. Tommy Massingale, Charles Montes, Candelario Morris, Grady Rathbun, Amanda Saenz, Cynthia Santa Cruz, Brenda First Graders Are introduced to Soriano, Juan Velasquez, Alonzo Waters, Crystal Wilson, Travis Young, TimothyReading. Writing, and Arithmetic Armendarez, Minnie Conner, Gabriel Courtright, Angela Craig, Kristie Criswell, Greg Dean, Chad Harris, John Johnston, Slade Lara, Caroline Law, Jeremy Locke, Marsha Montanez, Ryan Ramos, John Rhodes, Thomas Roberts, Kris Saenz, Karina Saenz, Larry Sanchez, AracelyFirst Graders Build Village Albidriz, David Caballero, Raquel Canafax, Tory Coulter, Matt Doughtry, Bruce Drake, Della Fisher. Bert Jones, Kevin Lujan, Maira Miller. Kristi Montanez, Randall Nuno, Joaquin Rivas, Melissa Rush, Clay Santana, Juan Serna, Gilberto Smith, Bryanna Snitker. Douglas Stone, Michael Valencia, Jesus Weaver, Chad Not Pictured: Ritchy, Jennifer 78First Graders Work on Packs Alvarez, Martha Beck, Macey Blair, Amanda Fields, Chanda Grogan, Shannon Hatcher. Michael Holland. Christopher Juarez, Andres Kendrick, Robert Landeros, Ruben Levesque, Sharella Leyva. Arnulfo Lujan, Luis McKee, Mindy Moreno, Cheo Naegele, Joseph Olson, David Pitts, Christopher Quintanillo, Reymundo Serna, Silvia Van Maanen, Jonathan Velasquez, EliseoKindereartners Improve Coordination Allen, Bridgett Baker, Eddie Berry, Shawn Black, Chad Boggs. Leah Bustamante, Robert Caballero, Daniel Carrasco, Soyla Cates, Kasie Donoho, Cassandra Gaytan. Maria Gladden, Jerad Lindsey, Tannon Luster, Cody Manly, Jacob Najera, Erica Nymeyer, Tye Rhodes, Shandra Rodriguez, Jeffrey Sims, Bianca Slate, Derek Walser, David Waters, Robby 80by Coloring and Pasting Alarcon, Jeremy Ceraceras, Lidia Chavez, Jason Coffman, Kasey Cueto, Daniel Dunson, Neanda Olson, Timothy Paulson, Samantha Rogers, Jennifer Stoffer, Jacob Terrell. Jeremy Evans, Nick Fisher, Charlie Garcia. Enrique Gonzalez, Candelaria Griffin, Amanda Harguess, Daniel Harlan, Christy Harris, Angela Jenkins, Paul Koeberle, Christi Levesque, Crystal Newton, DebbieKindergartners Anders, Shawn Ashlin, Crystal Bettis, Abby Blevins, Tabatha Bittle, Christy Carrillo, Janette Collins, Joe Day, Kathy Flynn, Crissy Franklin, Camieo Gonzales, Linda Gutierrez, Martin Hodges. Brad Langley, Lynnzi McCasland, Manda Montoya, Angela Ortiz, Penny Payne. Nathan Rodriguez. Carlos Rodriguez, Genoveva Tipps, Mickala Yarbrough. Kyle Young, EricLearn to Share! Bullock, Crystal Bundick, William Cooper, Ryan Dixon, Edmond Graham. April Hackett, Diana Harper, Samanda Hemphill. Michael Hernandez, Aldo Hernandez. Elizabeth Hill, Richie Lawson, Kara McBee, Timothy Moberly, Kyle Olivas, Esther Olivas, Romon Parker. Brian Radcliff, Rachel 83Alana breezes across the finish line. Cathy gets ready for a spike. Coach York explains the next play. High School 84Another one bites the dust! Kelly protects first base. Evan relaxes his mind for a putt. Sports 85Cheerleaders 86 Cheerleaders enthusiastically cheer at a basketball game. Kim and Patsy keep energy high. The Varsity Cheerleaders are: First Row: Kim Osborne. 2nd Row: Candi Nelson, Lisa Coy, Teresa Frank. 3rd Row: Darla Benham, and (top) Susan Hiner.Spark Spirit Wanda and Donna are intent on building spirit. The varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders participate in a number of activities. Miss Elliott, sponsor, supervises the making of signs to put in the halls, at the football field, and in the gym. They make the run through for the football games and work the concession stand at basketball games. Many hours are put in before and after school to prepare pep rallies, skits, and cheers. The cheerleaders also participate in summer camp held at ENMU in Portales. There they learn new cheers, stunts, fund raisers, skits, and new ways of promoting school spirit. V ------•—i-----• The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are: 1st Row: Mike Webb. 2nd Row: Patsy Albidrez, Wanda Kelton, Donna Montanez. 3rd Row: Kim Cox, and (top) Angela Allen.Football Takes Dedication » 4.. % -■ --Vo!Sr •: '»urs inis year are first row. Todd Cox, Tomas Garcia Johnny Blevins. Curtis Roach. Richard Velasquez. Jimmy Collins. Second How: Michael Brock, Evan Brown, Kevin Johnson, Gary Morgensen, Mike Pyburn, Tom Broom, and Dennis Montanez.and Determination OPPONENT THEM US Seagraves 41 21 Wink 48 13 Texico 16 29 Tatum 7 21 Lovington 0 1 Alpine 31 23 Dexter 12 42 Lubbock Christian 0 20 Jal 39 18 Estancia (Play Offs) 21 22 Animas (Quarterfinals) 28 14 The Cardinals fight hard to receive the ball.Cardinals Make (t To Play-Offs To be a Eunice Cardinal one must be dedicated, hard working, disciplined, and willing to get the job done. A team that is willing to make this type of commitment will always be a winning team no matter what the record is. The Cardinals finished the 1984 regular season with a record of 5 wins and 4 losses. They entered the state playoffs as District Runner-up. For the first playoff game the Cardinals traveled to Estancia and came out on top in a close 22-21 victory, which led them to the quarter-final game at home against Animas in an emotional 28-14 loss. This loss ended the 1984 Eunice Cardinal season. The final record was 6 wins and 5 losses. The Cardinals scramble to find the ball. Todd calls the plays in the huddle. 90Volleyball Is a Team Sport Sitting: Rosa Zuniga. Cathy Dial. Sheryl Allen. Armida Herrera. Connie Hughes. Cathy Good. Kelli Diel, Kim Cox. Marcia Aguilar. Alana Walker. Kneeling: Joyce Martell. Coach Bell Henson. Eloisa Espino.Volleyball Bumps Sitting: Rosa Reyna and Angela Allen. Kneeling: Angelita Rodriquez, Anita Charo, Sylvia Herrera and Da r-brough. Standing: Melissa Frazier, Tanna Thompson, Coach Hicks. Amy Pickerel, and Sara Coulter Time-outs are crucial for planning maneuvers on the court Tana strives to improve her spi 92Through Season Alana, Cathy, Kim, and Kelli view a junior varsity volleyball game. The 1984 Eunice Cardinal varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams have had an adventurous season this year. Head Coach Bell Henson and Assistant Coach Nancy Hicks are proud of the progress their girls have made during the strenuous activities they were subjected to in order to be successful teams. The events of this season promise an even better future for the Lady Cardinals. Cathy and Dawn watch while Kristin bumps the ball Opponent Us Them Capitan 2-3 Capitan 3-2 Lake Arthur 3-0 Carlsbad 0-3 Tatum 0-3 Carlsbad 3-0 Imperial 2-0 Tatum 2-3 Lake Arthur 3-1 Imperial 1-3 Jai 0-3 Dexter 2-3 Jal 0-3 Dexter 0-3 Dexter 0-3 93Basketball Teams Drive T irsity boys are: Kneeling: Coach Kenny Pittman, Coach Bruce Carver, Mgr. Steve Alexander. Standing: Bryan Hens V uez, Kevin Johnson, Cody Patterson, Mike Pyburn, Dennis Montanez, Jimmy Collins, and Joe Charo. The seniors are Kevin Johnson, Dennis Montanez, and Jimmy Collins. 94Through Season The Junior Varsity team consists of: 1st Row: Jimmy Berumen, Billy Jackson. Frank Werner. 2nd Row; Gary Laing. Dale Jones. Gabriel Gaytan, Coach Pittman. 3rd Row: Jeff Conner, Brandon Robbins, Bryan Henson. 4th Row: Bill Norman, and Dario Velasquez. 1984-85 BASKETBALL SCORES: Brandon watches for a helping hand from a teammate. OPPONENT US THEM Andrews. TX 71 83 Floyd Tournament 76 50 (Dora) Floyd Tournament (Ft. Sumner) 46 41 (Ft. Sumner) Floyd Tournament 63 58 (Floyd) Tatum 49 55 Hagerman 51 42 Plains Tournament 73 30 (Plains) — B Plains Tournament 60 48 (Plains) Plains Tournament 65 67 (Kondike) Kermit 64 72 Lubbock Christian 69 58 Dexter Tournament 38 54 (Colonial Juarez) Dexter Tournament 53 46 (Weed) Dexter Tournament 62 47 (NMMI) Hagerman 62 46 HobbsJV 69 71 Dexter 62 59 Lubbock Christian 53 54 Floyd 44 50 (OT) Jal 56 67 Dexter 54 58 Jal 51 56 District Tournament 59 57 (Dexter) (OT) District Tournament 63 69 (Jal) (District Champions) Regional Tournament 75 64 (Tularosa) Regional Tournament 56 69 (Jal) (Regional Champions) State Tournament 62 66 (Hope) (OT- 1st Round) 95 dy goes for a layup. Cards Jump for State - 5 Joe shoots for two points against Hobbs. II Cardinals work hard to block a goal. 96 Dennis jumps for possession of the ball.Lady Roundballers Show Potential The Varsity basketball players are: Kim Cox, Alana Walker, Kelli Diel, Jennifer Hill, Herrera, Sheryl Allen, Billie Haynes, and Marcia Aguilar. Susan Hiner, Coach York. Cathy Good, Armida Leading the Lady Cards are: seniors Sheryl Allen. Kelli Diel. Jennifer Hill and Marcia Aguilar. 97Lady Cards The JV Basketball players are: Kneeling: Eloisa Espino, Donna Montanez, Kristin Worley, Dawn Yarbrough, Anita Charo. Standing: Mgr. Jody Weldy. Rosa Zuniga, Wanda Kelton, Joyce Martell, Cathy Diel, Sara Coulter, and Coach Bell Henson. 1984-85 GIRLS BASKETBALL SCORES: OPPONENT US THEM Animas (Weed Tourn.) 27 30 Carlsbad (Weed Tourn.) 64 41 Hagerman (Weed Tourn.) 43 22 Carlsbad JV 67 15 Tatum 29 51 Hagerman 37 16 Plains (Plains Tourn.) 33 38 Stanton (Plains Tourn.) 49 34 New Deal (Plains Tourn.) 31 38 Imperial 89 17 Lovington 60 31 Carlsbad JV 58 27 Lubbock Christian 38 45 Imperial 91 35 Jal 46 49 Lovington 45 34 Hagerman 46 23 Dexter 40 44 Lubbock Christian 53 73 Floyd 40 41 Jal 48 57 Dexter 44 39 Dexter (District Tourn.) 41 45 98 Alana drives down the court for two points.Have Winning SeasonTracksters Run IMMm—iMHJ .111 :tn I 1 l.l I i: VJJWlIf I Trai t'S'T iii ; I Berumen. 2nd Franco, Kevin The high school boys track team consists of: 1st Row: Jaime Rodriquez. David Robertson, Charles Motes, Gabriel Gaytan. Tony Row: Coach Schmitt, Jimmy Jordan, Jimmy Berumen, Billy Morrow, Scott Marshall, Jeff Conner. 3rd Row: Coach Reese. George Johnson, Dennis Montanez. Cody Patterson, Jimmy Collins, Bill Norman, Michael Brock, and Miss Elliott. Gabriel runs his laps. George reaches the finish line.Kevin follows through after throwing the discus. The boys’ track team has had a good year and several of the members have had the privilege of entering the state meet in Albuquerque. Working hard and striving for perfection, the tracksters have shown steady improvement during the season. Those going to the state meet are Jimmy Jordan, Dennis Montanez, George Franco, Jimmy Collins, Jimmy Berumen, David Robertson, and Tony Berumen. Jimmy rehearses the mile for the state track me 101By working hard and achieving most of their goals, the following girls went to the state meet in Albuquerque in May: Jennifer Hill, Sheryl Allen, Ar-mida Herrera, Susan Hiner, Kim Cox, Kristin Worley, Nellie Berumen, and Alana Walker. Susan completes the 100-yard dash. Speed and Agility Nellie and Jennifer discuss the day's work schedule. Darla stretches her muscles.Create Winners The high school girl's track team consists of: 1st Row: Coach Schmitt, Kim Cox, Kristin Worley. Alana Walker, Tracey Clements, Patsy Albidrez. 2nd Row: Coach Reese, Jennifer Hill, Sheryl Allen, Armida Herrera, Susan Hiner, Darla Benham, and Miss Elliott. Sheryl and Helena limber up before practice. Armida leaves the ground as she puts her all into the shot! 103Baseball Is a ■iiwihim ill Members of the baseball team are: 1st Row: Steve Alexander. Todd Cox. Johnny Ruth. Ranee Turner. 2nd Row: Austin Williams. Keith Phillips. Johnny Blevins. Jimmy Jordan, Mgr. Clint Walker. 3rd Row: Head Coach Saldevar, Gary Laing. Kelly Roach. Tom Broom. Craig Phillips, and Asst. Coach Carver. Coach Saldevar has a conference on the pitcher’s mound. 104Hit in 85 Seniors are Tom Broom, Todd Cox, and Johnny Blevins. 1985 BASEBALL SCORES: OPPONENT US THEM New Mexico Military Inst. 1 8 New Mexico Military Inst. 8 7 Denver City, TX 7 12 Seminole, TX 10 13 Seminole, TX 16 10 Carlsbad JV 11 7 Carlsbad JV 8 5 Denver City, TX 13 15 Kermit, TX 3 14 Tularosa 4 7 Seminole. TX 4 9 Seminole, TX 4 15 Hobbs JV 2 13 Hobbs JV 0 19 Jal 7 10 Jal 2 12 Jal 3 10 Jal 7 11 105 Johnny hits a double to left field.Golfers Putt With Iron Golf members are: Front Row: Sara Coulter, Joyce Martell. Wanda Kelton, Candi Nelson, Dawn Yarbrough, Joy Weldy. Back Row: Coach Henson, Brett Martin, Michael Webb. Bryan Henson, and Evan Brown. Not pictured is Austin Williams.Joe goes up for two. Action Shots Keith follows through on a pitch. •a-’- Wnl»ii n •• I The west wind poses a challenge for the girls during practice. 107Eighth graders take part in the cheerleader elections. Junior high volleyballers discuss their defense. These girls take part in class volleyball games. Junior High S 108Here we have battle of the classes for the volleyball title. Assisting at the track meet are Scott, Jeff. Austin, and Justin. Heather and Jo keep the spirit up for game participants. Sports 109Junior High Students 110 CJH cheerleaders are: Bottom Row: Mikea McCasland, Michelle Gould, Kim Hemmingson. Top Row: Shelly Paulson, Donna Velasquez. and Cameron Peckham.Learn Teamwork 1 The CJH football team includes: Front Row: Justin Hogue. Jeff Johnson. Doyal Chaney. Michael Parker. Gary Barraza. Kenny Hughes. Cecil Adams. Middle Row: David Colvin, Daniel Albidrez. Jimmy Benham. Jeff Good. David Robinson. Donnie Hill. Chad Roach. Jeramie Hogue, Eric Armijo. Back Row: Coach Coulter, Mike Fuller, Tyler Seals, Carey Rudd. Coach Ball, and Mgr. Bob Holt. IllCJH Volleyball Sitting: Helena Reed. Dawn Dobbs. Kneeling: Samantha Sims. Shelly Henson. Latoya Sims, Cynthia Anguiano, Elizabeth Kelton, Stephanie Barnes. Standing: Miss Massey, Rose Werner, Doreen Montanez, Misty Hiner, Valerie Brasted, Karen Ferbrache, Cameron Peckham. Seated on floor: Christie Cates. Holly Huntsman. Kneeling: Hope Rawlings, Stephanie Jones, Kim Coy, Celina Montanez, Jennifer Mc-Casland. Melody Donoho, Elaina Rogers, Leslie Rodgers, Elma Leyva, Nancy Rodriquez. Standing: Mgr. Cameron Peckham, Coach Connie Massey, Jalena Hopper, Rachel Howell, Shelly Hernandez, Jennifer Scarfe, Asst. Coach Karen Ferbrache. 112youngsters Aim High The 8th grade basketball players are kneeling: Aaron Judkins. Daniel Albidrez, Jeff Good, and Herberto Gonzales. Standing: Carey Rudd. Gary Barraza. Eddie Barber, Steve Almager, Mike Fuller, William Allen, Cecil Adams. Tyler Seals. Mike Parker, and Shane Overton. Not pictured are Jeff Johnson and Mgr. Billy Landes. Coach Coulter is in charge. The 7th grade basketball players are kneeling: Bob Holt, David Robinson, and Eric Armijo. Standing: Jeramie Hogue Donnie Hill, Coach Ball, Justin Hogue, and Chad Roach. Not pictured Chris Diel and David Colvin. 113Little Cards Discover Strategies The eighth grade basketball team consists of: 1st Row: Helena Reed, Elizabeth Kelton, Shelly Henson, Cynthia Anguiano. 2nd Row: Asst. Karen Ferbrache, Valerie Brasted. Doreen Montanez, Latoya Sims, Coach Saldevar. 3rd Row: Misty Hiner, Michelle Gould, and Jeri Morrow. This year's seventh grade basketball team consists of: 1st Row: Stephanie Jones, Shelly Bennett, Nancy Rodriguez, Elvia Leyva, Christie Cates. 2nd Row: Michelle Connor, Jennifer McCasland, Rachel Howell, Holly Huntsman, Celina Montanez, Cameron Peckham, Coach Karen Ferbrache. 3rd Row: Coach Saldevar. 114Tracksters Leap Into Action The junior high girls’ track team consists of: First Row: Elizabeth Kelton, Leslie Rodgers, Heather Morrissey, Christie Cates, Elema Leyva, Nancy Rodriquez, Donna Velasquez, Michelle Gould, Stephanie Jones, Mgr. Second Row: Jeri Morrow, Jennifer McCasland, Cameron Peckham, Celina Montanez, Elaina Rogers, Helena Reed, Misty Hiner, and Coach Connie Massey. The junior high boys' track team consists of: 1st Row: Steve Almager, Jimmy Benham, Jeff Good, David Colvin, Austin Osborne, Jamie Richardson. 2nd Row: Justin Osborn, Mgr. Wayne Barber, Ramon Ramirez, Gary Barraza. Scott Morrow, Jeff Johnson, Cecil Adams, Daniel Albidrez. 3rd Row: Coach Craig Coulter. 1Lori and Scott are all smiles after winning the Halloween Crown. Andy is sworn in by Tom as Pat looks on. Kelli shares a joke with Alana, Dennis, and Jennifer. High School 116Mr. Pittman’s Court as a mock trial during an American government class. Dennis and Kelli wait for the Homecom- Sheryl and Kevin are basketball honorees. ing results to be announced. 117 PersonalitiesDennis and Kelli Receive Dennis prepares for graduation 118Mr. and Miss EHS HonorsClass Favorites Park Provides Setting and... Senior favorites are Dennis Montanez and Kelli Diel. Sophomore favorites are Cathy Diel and Mike Webb.Remember Childhood Freshman favorites are Donna Montanez and Tony Berumen. ... Brines Back Memories. Junior favorites are Peggy Jaquess and (not pictured) Steve Alexander.The half-time activities for the 1984 homecoming get off to a good start with a 13-7 lead over Tatum. The procedures for selecting the queen have been changed so that each class chooses an attendant, and the football team nominates and elects the queen. In addition the team selects representatives from its ranks to be escorts for the young ladies. Arriving at the scene of the festivities in Corvettes provided by individuals in the community, the ladies are met and ushered onto the field by their escorts. As the introductions are made, each young man presents his lady with a long-stemmed carnation. The highlight of the ceremony is reached as the queen’s name is announced over the loud speaker. Dennis Montanez then proceeds to crown Kelli Diel as homecoming queen by presenting her with a tiara, a necklace, an autographed football, and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Homecoming fans have been treated to a night of memories as the evening draws to a close with a 21-7 win over the Tatum Coyotes. Ceremony Highlights 122123Halloween Royalty The 1984 Halloween Carnival had many amazements in store for children of all ages. Food, games, and exciting contests were available to all. One such contest was the crowning of the King and Queen who were chosen on the basis of how much their booth made. Sophomore attendants Laurie Collvins and Scott Marshall were crowned King and Queen for Halloween. The rest of the Halloween court consisted of freshman attendants Linda Carrasco escorted by Tony Berumen, junior attendants Tonya Jenkins escorted by Keith Phillips, and senior attendants Tammy Conner escorted by Don Owings. The seniors had the Car Smash, the juniors had the Jail and sold homemade ice cream, the sophomores had the winning Marriage Booth, and the freshmen had the Toilet Paper Throw. As a whole, the Carnival was a great success to everyone. 124Surprise All! Sophomore attendants were Laurie Collvins and Scott Marshall. Junior attendants were Tonya Jenkins and Keith Phillips. Freshman attendants were Linda Carrasco and Tony Berumen. 125Homecoming Starts Queen Sheryl and her court pose for pictures after the ceremony. Junior attendants are Armida Herrera and Cody Patterson. Freshman attendants are Alana Walker and Dale Jones. 126Tradition King Kevin Johnson presents Queen Sheryl Allen with her necklace. The 1985 Basketball Homecoming has started a new tradition with the boys' teams selecting the escorts and the girls’ teams selecting the nominees for queen. The groups then cast their votes, with seniors Sheryl Allen and Kevin Johnson receiving the honors. The other representatives are freshman Alana Walker and her escort Dale Jones, sophomore Kim Cox and her escort Bryan Henson, and juniors Armida Herrera and Cody Patterson.Hall of Fame Dennis Montanez and Kelli Diel are Best All Around and Best Looking. Best Dressed and Most Talented are Dennis Montanez and Tammv Conner.Popular Faces of EHS Kelli Diel and Jimmy Collins are Most Intelligent with Sheryl Allen and Kevin Johnson as Most Forgetful. Most Athletic are Dennis Montanez and Jennifer Hill. 129Seniors Select Personalities Most Likely to Succeed are Pat Sims and Kelli Diel. Marcia Aguilar tries to pick among the guys for Biggest Flirt because Juan Rodriquez and Mike Pyburn were not available for the picture. 130Seniors Graduate With Style i EUNICE HIGH SCHOOL no o i Graduates of 1984-85 Leading the class, Kelli graduates with highest honors and Janet graduates with high honors. Todd smiles as he prepares to leave high school.Miss New Mexico Visits Eunice Sheryl meets Miss New Mexico Valerie Joy Faber at the Senior girls' breakfast.Junior High Chooses V3HIC c bdihau CAH MUj Brian Raybon and Julie Henson are Mr. and Miss CJH for 6th grade. Justin Hogue and Leslie Rodgers are Mr. and Miss CJH for 7th grade. 133Ruby, Rita, Peggy, Carmela, and Sylvia are departing for Hobbs. Tracey, Donna, Shelly, and Dawn add their musical talents to the band. James does a solo in the choir performance. High School 134 Phillip and Darrall wonder what will happen next. A. The band plays at a football game half-time. The cast gets ready for the play. 135 OrganizationsBand Is the Sound The high school band consists of: 1st Row: Rose Werner, Evette Sims. Elizabeth Kelton, Mikea McCasland. Stacy Tucker. Darla Benham, Kristin Worley. Samantha Sims. Doreen Montanez. Le’Ann Lord, Wanda Kelton. Johnny Blevins. 2nd Row: Dona Velasquez, Mitizi Whitfill. Misty Hiner. Amy Pickerel. Eloisa Espino. Maria Alvidrez. Frank Werner. Joy Weldy. Dawn Dobbs. Helena Reed, Shelly Henson, Tracey Clements. Donna Montanez. 3rd Row: Jimmy Benham. Daniel Albidrez, Jeff Good. Tyler Seals. Rodney Lord. Laurie Collvins. Sara Coulter, Cathy Diel, Angela Allen. Micah Canafax, Shane Overton, Michelle Gould, Royce Gould. 4th Row: Mr. Hallsted, Tim Garrett. William Landes. Jeff Conner. Bill Norman. Greg Hill, and Steve Almager. EUNICE HIGH SCHOOL £ The Drum Majors are Maria Alvidrez and Sara Coulter. President Johnny Blevins talks to other officers, Jeff Conner. Tim Garrett, Stacy Tucker, and Greg Hill. 136Darla Benham is the twirler. Of EHS The band closes halftime by performing traditional “E.” Mr. Hallsted improves the sound of the Cardinal Band. The Flag Corps consists of: Kneeling: Joyce Martell. Standing: Rosa Zuniga and Eloisa Espino. Not Pictured: Michelle Morrow, Rita Espino, and Wendy Holt. 137Choir Displays The choir performed at the Christmas and spring concerts. Many students sang solos during these programs. The addition of several young gentlemen has added a new dimension to the group. Singing is a wonderful talent to have as it provides the students with enjoyment and variety in their lives. Serving the choir are: Michelle Morrow, librarian; Miss Norman, sponsor; Tonya Jenkins, secretary. Standing: Joyce Martell. vice president; Tanna Thompson, librarian; Tammy Conner, president. Participating in the choir program are: 1st Row: Donna McMahan, Sheila Chaney, Dolores Saenz. Gail Bayes, Tammy Conner, Laura Conner, Celia Landeros, Sara Rangel, Tonya Jenkins. 2nd Row: Sheila Carmack, Teresa Frank. Cynthia Anguiano, Valerie Brasted, Larry Motes, James Inman, Shay Boatman, Tanna Thompson, Frances Alarcon, Peggy Jaquess. Nellie Berumen. 3rd Row: Dorainne Norman, Jacqueline Dickerhoff, Joyce Martell, Michelle Morrow, Cary Rudd, Curtis Roach, Michael Fuller, Jo Teague, Billie Haynes, and Janice Fite.Talent Miss Norman announces the finale. Tonya sings her rendition of “He’s Still Working on Me." The choir patiently waits for their first selection to begin. 139Student Council 140 The Student Council, under the leadership of Mrs. Chapman, has had a very exciting year. Providing entertainment for the student body was one of the roles of the Student Council. They have sold jewelry and stuffed animals to the students in order to rent a movie for the student body to see. The highlight of the activities was the presentation of the play, Krazy Camp, which was staged for the community on May 3. We would like to thank the Student Council for being helpful in an organized way. Student Council officers are: Vice-President Kelli Diel, Treasurer Joyce Martell, President Johnny Blevins, and Secretary Tonya Jenkins discuss jewelry sales with Mrs. Chapman. Members of the Student Council are: Seated: Kelli Diel, Tonya Jenkins, Rita Espino, Melanie Penland, Joyce Martell. Back Row: Johnny Blevins, Donna Montanez, Cody Patterson, and Dale Jones. Not pictured are: Tammera Conner, Bobby Lord, Dennis Montanez, Jimmy Berumen, Angie Hughes, Catherine Diel, Siria Hernandez, Dewey Rhea, Michael Webb, Tony Berumen, and Wanda Kelton.Produces Play The guys from Camp John Smith arrive at Camp Pocahontas.Society Attends Dinner The four qualities of the National Honor Society are character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The National Honor Society prepared and delivered fruit baskets for a select group of elderly citizens as their major project of the year. Two of the sponsors, Mrs. Carmack and Mr. Schmitt, accompanied the group to Hobbs to eat at the Cattle Baron for their Spring Dinner. Kelli attends installation. Secretary Janet Maitbie, Jennifer Hill, Vice President Jimmy Collins, President Kelli Diel, Parliamentarian and Treasurer Darla Benham, and Reporter Joyce Martell are ready to depart for their spring dinner. 142El Club Hispano Mrs. Nuno and the Spanish Club have been working several mornings before school selling homemade burritos for a money making project. Much hard work and effort is being put forth by the members to obtain their goals. The Spanish Club consists of: 1st Row: Roy Quintanilla, Tony Berumen. Tomas Garcia. 2nd Row: Consuelo Ruiz. Ginney Cortez. Marcia Aguilar, Dolores Saenz. Rosa Reyna. 3rd Row: Mrs. Nuno, Estella Serna. Andy Rendon. Cody Patterson, Sylvia Herrera, Nellie Berumen, George Franco. Carmen Garcia, and Linda Carrasco. 143Mrs. Carmack is actually smiling! Michelle, Kim, Darrall, and Teresa prepare layouts.Records Memories Mike is a second semester member. Melissa works with the Lanier. To Preserve Year’s Events The 1984-85 Annual Staff consists of many students who are working hard to compile the yearbook data for the student body. With the help of Mrs. Carmack, many tasks are being accomplished. The staff is finding out that one gets out of the annual what one puts into it. Included in the duties of each member are: taking pictures, drawing layouts, and writing copy for the pages to carry out the theme of “Memorable Moments.” The staff elected Melissa Heady and Darrall Kelly as editors to help them with their work. Ruby and Corina keep up with the budget.Bovs’ Staters and The 1984 session of Boys’ State was held at Albuquerque. There the boys learned procedures of government, making laws, holding sessions, and having elections for office. It was a week of nonstop working, learning, building friendships, smiling, and just having a good time. Attending Boys’ State were: Pat Sims, Johnny Blevins, and Mike Pyburn. Not pictured is Don Owings. Scholastic Honor Roll Certificate winners are: Darla Benham, Janet Maltbie, kristi Maltbie, Dale Jones, and Brandon Robbins. Not pictured is Patsy Albidrez. 146Awards Assembly Students The Awards Assembly is one of the highlights of the year. Many students receive scholarships that are appreciated. Also, academic and scholastic scholars are given awards. Some teachers award their outstanding students with certificates that are happily received. The awards that are given include Choir, Band, Science, Vocational, Government, Cheerleader, Mathematics and Computer Science, Clothing, Foods, Industrial Arts, Art Recognition, Girls’ P.E., Elective P.E., UPI Selection All-State Football Team and Principal’s Awards. Academic Honor Roll Certificate achievers are: Kelli Diel, Joyce Martell, and Kristin Worley. 147 Seniors who received scholarships are: 1st Row: Jennifer Hill, Marcia Aguilar, Maria Reyna. Sylvia Gonzales. 2nd: Kelli Diel, Sheryl Allen, Kim Osborne, Tammie Ferbrache, Janet Maltbie. 3rd Row: Patrick Sims, Johnny Blevins, Todd Cox, and Bobby Lord.Music Brings Harmony The seventh grade choir consists of: 1st Row: Sonya Cooper, Kim Howard, Kim Hemmingson. Wendy Logan. Christie Cates, Christina Richardson, Marjorie Drake. 2nd Row: Kathy Walters, Desiree Morrissey, Melody Donoho, Michelle Conner, Holly Huntsman, Elvia Leyva, Kim Coy, Miss Norman. 3rd Row: Jennifer Scarfe, Jamie Richardson. Frank Beck. Troy Frank. Sergio Prieto, and Heather Morrissey. The seventh grade band consists of: 1st Row: Stephanie Jones, Jalena Hopper, Anna Torrez. 2nd Row: Leslie Rodgers, Cameron Peckham, Jennifer McCasland, Shelly Hernandez, Celina Montanez, Hope Rawlings, Nancy Rodriguez. 3rd Row: Chris Diel, Ramon Ramirez, Danny Deaton, Tommie Williams, Shelly Bennett, Donna Nemec. 4th Row: Fernando Espino, Donnie Hill, Keith Grogan, Mr. Paul Hallsted, Austin Osborn, Michael Waggoner, and Elaina Rogers. 148to Caton Junior High The sixth grade choir consists of: 1st Row: Paula Serna, Christy Collins, Shannon Beck, Elaine Montanez, Tammy Hemphill, Araceli Rangel, Norma Armendariz, Sonya Zamora, Rosa Martinez, Bobby Miller. Eric Navarrete, Shawn Harmon. 2nd Row: Tania England, Amy Armijo, Jennifer Holland, Becky Jones, Lourdes Valencia, April Judkins, April Adams. Brenda Gonzales. Colleen Morrissey. Fernando Reyna, Kendall Boyd. 3rd Row: Xan Gladden, Theresa Gonzales, Michelle Fuller, Melissa Motes, Rachel Hernandez, Lucia Landeros, Bo Tyree, Bryan Jones, Victor Castillo. 4th Row: Elma Leyva, Cecelia Cueto, Sabrina Jones. Becky Dennis, David Hemphill, and Craig Hughes. The sixth grade band consists of: 1st Row: Kim Coulter. Melissa Reese, Laura Britton, Apryl Cantrell, Laura Westmoreland. George Werner. 2nd Row: Melanie Giles, Julie Henson, Angela Dobbs. Misti Turner, Jennifer Able. Amber Robinson, Tamara VanMaanen, Christy Kelly. 3rd Row: Veronica Velasquez, Danny Miller, Luke Arnold, Adam Chavez, Alan Worley, Kenny Cox, Brian Raybon, Cheryl Henson, Tammy Coy. 4th Row: Brandy Lindsey. Patrick Blackwell, Kelly Colvin, James Dennis, Ramon Hernandez, Howard Britton, Kristi Kelton, and Mr. Paul Hallsted. 149The following patrons have each contributed $100 to help finance the 1985 CARDINAL: Eunice ABC Rental Tool Company First Interstate Bank of Lea County o., Inc. Gold Star Servic Mr. and Mrs. Toi Mrs. Pat Sims Hobbs Wallach Concrete. Inc.The following supporters have each contributed $50 to help finance the 1985 CARDINAL: Eunice Chaparral Service, (nc. DA S Oil Well Servicing, Incorporated Eunice Well Servicing Hobbs Repair Service, Inc. Johnston Construction Moncor Bank Parker Shell Pay-N-Save 4 Rowland Trucking Co. Southwestern Public Service Company Hobbs Cobra Industries. Inc. Daniels Insurance, Inc. Gulf Oil Corporation Watson Truck 8c Supply. Inc.The following boosters have each contributed $25 to help finance the 1985 CARDINAL: Eunice A-1 Auto Supply Hardware Anadarko Production Company Dairy Queen Eunice Gulf Eunice Locker Plant John H. Hendrix Corp. Leavell Danford Insurance Lin’s Hair Design Brass McCasland Services Morrow Auto Parts Producers Machine Supph Red Bird LP Gas Co., Inc. Reliable Pumping Service Robert M. Harris, C.P.A. Scott Lumber Supply, Inc. Southwestern Instrument Company Standard Welding Works, Inc. The New Misco Supply Co., Inc. Hobbs Blaine Chemical Industrial Supply, Inc. Eddie Horn Oldsmobile-Cadillac, GMC, Datsun, Inc. Elliott Waldron Title Abstract Co., Inc. Forrest Tire Co., Inc. Hobbs Cleaners I Got It Business Machines and Office Furniture Miller Waldrop Furniture Company, Inc. 162 Saloga’s Jewelry 

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