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The 1981 CardinalPeople We Appreciate Cardinal Dedication Mr. Sissel Mrs. Hahn We the people of the 1980-81 annual staff wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. Sissel and Mrs. Hahn. Mr. Sissel and Mrs. Hahn have been in the Eunice School system for 25 years. They have taken much of their time as well as patience and understanding, to work with the students, teachers, and parents. In the past 25 years Mr. Sissel has been involved in many activities. He has been the high school principal, junior high principal, teacher, coach, and a member and officer of various organizations. Mrs. Hahn has been secretary and registrar for the high school office since 1956. She has been secretary under Mr. Caton, Mr. Byous, Mr. Curnutt, and is currently working under the direction of Mr. Sissel. As students of Eunice High School, we appreciate their efforts, time, dedication and kindness. 2And Respect Mr. Sissel Mr. Sissel has been in the Eunice Schools for 25 years. He has made it a pleasure to be a part of this school. Mr. Sissel has been coach, teacher, and principal for both junior high and high school. Mrs. Hahn Mrs. Hahn has been secretary for the high school for 25 years. She has performed many duties to aid in our education. She has helped the students, as well as Mr. Sissel, in the past years. Mr. Sissel takes time out of his busy schedule to have his picture made for the annual. Mrs. Hahn is looking forward to Spring Break. She just can't wait till it starts. 3Administration and Board Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Robertson, Miss Criswell, and Mrs. Stewart take time to pose for the photographer.Authorize EHS Office Manager Agnes Stewart wonders why the mail is late. Remodeling Secretary Jackie Criswell types a letter for Mr. Hughes. The school board members this year are L-R: Irene McCasland, W. T. Huffman, Robert P. Wallach, Morris Denson, and Donald Gladden. 5EHS Gains Kathryn Bumpass Linda Carmack Glenda Chapman Art Annual English Business Ed. Ed Davis Cindy Dennis Coach Home Economics Science Cheerleader Sponsor Sue Durham Biology William Dyer Instrumental Music LaVerne Griggs English Practical Communications Judy Hiner English Librarian World History E. C. Jenkins Coach History Physical Education Don Jones Industrial Arts Kendal Lawlis Coach Mathematics Bernice McDonald Vocal Music Melvin Reynolds Coach History Raul Sanchez Coach Elementary Bilingual Spanish Roberta Shafer Coach Health Education Physical Education Charles Williams Mathematics 6Many New Teachers Mr. Jenkins prepares his daily lessons. The photographer catches Coach Lawlis off guard. Mrs. Griggs checks her daily class attendance. Miss Dennis demonstrates for her class how to make jelly. 7It Takes Mrs. Kellum is the nurse for Eunice Municipal Schools. Mrs. Nell Turner is the junior high librarian. Dedication and Hard Mrs. English is the counselor's secretary. The counselor, Mr. Malone, wonders where he left his cup of coffee. Mrs. Hiner and Mrs. Carolin Turner are the high schcx l librarians.Work to Serve EHS Students Cafeteria ladies are as follows: Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Howell, and Mrs. Kelton. These dedicated ladies work hard to please the students of Eunice Public Schools. They stay busy serving the elementary, junior high, and high school throughout the school year. And on top of their daily routines, they occasionally prepare employee dinners, banquets, and meals for various organizations. Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Brewer prepare the rolls to go into the oven. 9Employees Who Are on the Go Bottom row (L-R): Mr. Brewer, Mr. Ortiz, Mrs. Essman, Mrs. Harless, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Conner. Top row (L-R): Mr. Trammell, Mr. Seely, and Mr. Blancett. Not pictured: Mr. Smith and Mr. DeGroot. These people are the custodians and maintenance staff of the Eunice Schools. 10 (L-R): Mrs. Gass, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Bethany, and Mr. Burt are the bus drivers.Expressions to Remember Michael smiles for the camera. Cathy enjoys the sweet things of life. Below: Mrs. Shields converses with her students. Cory and Clifford seem to be having a private conversation. 11Students Create an To laugh, to cry, to sing, to sigh—the lasting experience of the meaning of Life is the theme for the 1980-81 yearbook. Photographers Robert Baker, Shawn Davis, John Jeter, and Doug Thompson are always busy taking and developing pictures, as well as drawing up layouts. In addition to all of his other responsibilities, Robert Baker designed the cover for this year's annual. Doug displays his photography talents. Robert seems to be in deep concentration about one of his pages. Mrs. Carmack is the yearbook sponsor. 12Annual From Memories Patti Wallace, the yearbook editor, proofreads pages, looks over layouts, and keeps a schedule of all the deadlines. Mrs. Carmack, the yearbook sponsor, helps the staff by looking over the schedules and plans that are made. Brenda Bates and Jo Ann Velasquez help set up dates for pictures that are to be taken, as well as organize their sections in the annual. We hope that in future years you will look back through these pages and remember the 1980-81 school year. 1980-81 Cardinal Staff Shawn checks the camera to see if it has Patti sorts through the school day film. pictures. Brenda is caught off guard by the Jo Ann tries to decide which heading sounds the best, camera.Expressions Found in Monika watches the Basketball Homecoming game. Halloween night is buzzing with activity. Below: The boys gather round as Mike, Pat, and Donny discuss the latest on football. 14the Eunice Schools Mr. Earhart's seventh grade science class prepare to do an experiment. Below: Mr. Costin is the new math teacher at EHS. Brandon looks at the photographer with amazement. 15Above: Jerry, Coach Davis, and Brian measure a piece of glass. Below: A group of second graders put on a play.SENIORSGraduation Is a Time DAVID AGUILAR LARHONDA KAY BATCHELOR Cardinal Impressions 3 Cheerleader 2 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Teacher's Aide 3, 4 Solo Ensemble 1 CLINTON BOMAN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Golf 2, 3 Chess Club 1, 2, 3 Science Club 2, 3 Industrial Arts Club 1, 2 SAMMY ANGUIANO BRENDA BEA BATES Annual Staff 3, 4 Band 1 Chess Club 1, 2 Office Aide 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 4 DEBRA LAMAR BROCK Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Attendant 2 Choir 4 Office Aide 4 Track 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4 Hall of Fame 4 All-District 4 18To Laugh and To Cry. KIM BROWN Chess Club 2, 3 Chess Club Reporter 3 Hall of Fame 4 Industrial Arts 2 Teacher's Aide 4 CHRISTOPHER EARNEST CHESSER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Teacher's Aide 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 BETTY JACQUELINE DARNELL Class Favorite 3 Librarian 3, 4 Teacher's Aide 4 SUSANA CASTILLO Choir 1, 2 Teacher's Aide 4 SUSAN MARIE COLVIN Band 1 Basketball 3, 4 Football Attendant 4 Hall of Fame 4 Teacher's Aide 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1 MICHAEL SHAWN DAVIS Annual Staff 3, 4 Baseball 3 Basketball 2, 4 Choir 4 Class Officer 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Hall of Fame 4 Science Club 2, 3, 4 State Football Champs 2 Student Council 2, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Track, All-State 2, 3, 4 19Seniors Look Back on a MICHAEL WAYNE DODD Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3 Basketball 1 All-State, Football 3, 4 Hall of Fame 4 Office Aide 3, 4 State Football Champs 1, 2 Football Co-Captain 4 CORY DOYAL STEVEN WADE FLETCHER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Chess Club 1, 2, 3 Chess Club Officer 3 Teacher's Aide 3, 4 KEN EDWARD DOWLEARN Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1 Student Council 1, 4 Office Aide 3, 4 Homecoming King 4 Pep Band 1 State Football Champs 1, 2 ROBIN EDWARDS Track 1 Prom Staff 3 FHA 4 JERRY LEE GAYLOR Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Golf 1, 2 Teacher's Aide 3 Band 1 Student Council 2 Halloween Attendant 2 Hall of Fame 4 State Football Champs 1, 2 20Year of Memories. maria isela h. GONZALES Teacher's Aide 3, 4 Art 2, 4 Production Woods 4 Library 3, 4 GERALD ANTHONY GUFFEY Football 1, 2, 3, 4 State Football Champs 1, 2 Football Captain 4 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 MARY ELIZABETH HAMRICK Band 1, 2 Choir 2, 3, 4 Flag Corps 3, 4 Teacher's Aide 3 Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Solo 3, 4 Pep Band 1 ALFREDO GRADO TRACY LYNNE HALEY Band L 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2 Track 1 Golf 2 Office Aide 3 Teacher's Aide 4 Solo Ensemble 2 MELANIE DAWN HINER Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Hall of Fame 4 Teacher's Aide 3 Basketball Attendant 1 Halloween Attendant 1 State Track 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 2 Powder Puff Football 2 Pep Band 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 1, 2 21Seniors Face New and SAMMY RALPH HODGES Rodeo Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Teacher's Aide 3 Track 2 Office Aide 4 Hall of Fame 4 JOHN MICHAEL JETER Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Student Council 1, 2, 3 Class Officer 4 Hall of Fame 4 All-State Football 3 Football Captain 4 DAR Nominee 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Industrial Arts Club 1 Teacher's Aide 4 LISA DAWN LITTLE Student Council 2 Library Aide 1 Teacher's Aide 4 Volleyball 1 Drama Club 1 Speech Club 1 Modeling Club 2 VINNIE MYCHELLE JAQUESS Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 NHS 3, 4 NHS Officer 4 Girls' State 3 Hall of Fame 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Teacher's Aide 4 Powderpuff Football 2 DORIS ELFRIEDE KOEBERLE Cheerleader 2 Choir 2, 3, 4 Choir Officer 4 Girls' Ensemble 3, 4 Cardinal Impressions 3, Hall of Fame 4 Teacher's Aide 4 Solo 3, 4 NHS 4 All-State Girl's Choir KENNETH WAYNE LORD Football Manager 1 Golf 1, 2 Rodeo Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 3 Teacher's Aide 3, 4 22GABRIEL MARTINEZ IRMA MARTINEZ Interesting Challenges. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Choir 1, 4 Teacher's Aide 3, 4 NATALIE J. MEYERS Club President 2 Girls' Soccer 1, 2, 3 Student Council 1 WESLEY McCLINTOCK Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Attendant 3 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 All-District Volleyball 2 Track 1, 2, 4 Spanish Club 4 Choir 4 Librarian 3 Hall of Fame 4 KERRY BRIAN McCLANNAHAN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 All-District Basketball 3 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' State 3 Industrial Arts Club 2 Chess Club 3 Class Officer 3 NHS 4 TERESA LYNN McWHINNEY Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Teacher's Aide 4 FT A 1 Speech 1 Flag Corps 4 Choir 4 23Seniors Have High Goals ERNESTO MONTANEZ Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball Attendant 3 Football Champs 2 State Track 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Officer 4 Office Aide 4 Spanish Club 4 Spanish Club Officer 4 JAMIE JO NORRID Basketball I, 2, 3 Track 1 Student Council 3, 4 Hall of Fame 4 Homecoming Princess 2, 3 UIL Typing 3 Cheerleader 3 MARTY PENA Choir 1, 2 KARIE MOORE KERRY ANN OW1NGS Rodeo Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Most Improved Cowgirl 2 All Around Cowgirl 2 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State Choir 2 Solo Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 4 Track 1, 2 Library 1, 2 JACKIE RAY PENDER Football 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3 Class Favorite 3 Teacher's Aide 4 24for the Future. terry dean pickerel Football 1, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football State Champs 1 Library Aide 3 Teacher's Aide 4 CLIFFORD EARL RAY Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 State Football Champs 1, 2 DONAL MIKE RUTH Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3 State Football Champs 1, 2 All-State Halfback 3 Football Attendant 1, 3, 4 Hall of Fame 4 Teacher's Aide 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 2 Class Favorite 1 Outstanding Offensive Back 3 BETTY LAWANDA PILCHER Annual Staff 3 Class Officer 2, 3 Hall of Fame 4 Cafeteria Aide 1 MONIKA MINNIROSA REED Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 State Track 3 Teacher's Aide 4 Hall of Fame 4 Class Officer 1 Football Attendant 2 Student Council 2, 3 Powderpuff Football 2 Pep Band 1, 2, 3 WILLARD DANIEL RUTH Rodeo Club 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 3, 4 Track 3 Hall of Fame 4 Library Aide 3 Basketball Attendant 2 Baseball District Champs 3 25Seniors Look Forward ANITA KAY SHANKS Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4 Solo 1, 3, 4 Choir Officer 3, 4 Cardinal Impressions 2, 3 Librarian 4 Hall of Fame 4 KEENA STEWART JO LAVONNE SUTER Who's Who Among American High School Students Girls' State 3 Student Council Officer 3, 4 Student Council Representative 1, 2 Class Officer 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Band Officer 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Hall of Fame 4 JENNIFER BETH SMITH Choir 1, 3, 4 Flag Corps 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 3, 4 Journalism 2 Choir Section Leader 1, 3 Choir Officer 4 Halloween Attendant 4 JOYCE ANN STOFFER Volleyball 2. 3 Choir 1, 2 Teacher's Aide 4 Flag Corps 4 Solo and Ensemble 1, 2 DAVID TEAGUE 26to Graduation. DONALD RAY TEAGUE Industrial Arts 1, 2, 3 Office Aide 3 TERESA ANN TIVIS NHS 4 Student Council 3, 4 Class Officer 2, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Drum Major 4 Annual Staff 3 Volleyball 2, 3 Hall of Fame 4 Girls' Track Manager 1, 2, 3 Football Homecoming Queen 4 Football Attendant 1, 3 Class Favorite 1, 4 CYNTHIA VELASQUEZ Cheerleader 1 Class Favorite 2 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 4 Basketball Manager 3 Basketball 4 Class Officer 3 Hall of Fame 4 Teacher's Aide 4 Girls' State 3 Halloween Attendant 3 Spanish Club Officer 4 JAMES DOUGLAS THOMPSON Football 1, 2, 3, 4 State Football Champs 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 State Golf 2, 3 Hall of Fame 4 Annual Staff 4 Teacher's Aide 4 Baseball 4 Student Council 2 NHS 3, 4 NHS Officer 4 SCOTTY WAYNE TURNER Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Favorite 2, 4 State Football Champs 1, 2 Hall of Fame 4 Teacher's Aide 4 Choir 1 All-State Choir 1 PATTI ANN WALLACE Annual Staff 3, 4 Annual Staff Editor 4 Band 1, 2 Basketball 2 Cheerleader 1 Class Officer 4 Office Aide 3, 4 Pep Band 1, 2 27Seniors Look to the Future. RYAN WITHROW GARY MACK YEAGER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 3, 4 Golf 2, 4 Track 3 Football 3, 4 Basketball Attendant 1 Halloween Attendant 4 Teacher's Aide 4 Baseball District Champs 1, 3 Band 1, 2 Class Song All Over the World -Electric Light Orchestra- Class Motto "Live each day as if it's the Last; for yesterday is gone And tomorrow may never come. Class Colors Maroon and White Class Flower Peppermint Carnation 28Famous People at EHS Best Looking are Cynthia Velasquez and Daniel Ruth. Best Dressers are Teresa Tivis and Doug Thompson.New and Interesting Faces in Best All Around are Donal Ruth and Jo Suter. Most Forgetful is Melanie Hiner and not shown Sam Hodges. Most Talented are Shawn Davis and Shelly Jaquess. Friendliest are Kenny Lord and Jamie Norrid. Most Intelligent are Kim Brown and Dorie Koeberle. 30the Hall of Fame Biggest Flirt are Jerry Gaylor and Susan Colvin. Most Bashful are Ryan Withrow and Anita Shanks. Most School Spirited are Clifford Ray and Monika Reed. Most Likely to Succeed are Debbie Brock and John Jeter. 31Sponsors Help the Officers Senior class officers are as follows: front row. Shelly Jaquess, treasurer; Patti Wallace, secretary; and Teresa Tivis, reporter. Back row, John Jeter, president; and Cory Doyal, vice president. 32JUNIORSThe Juniors Are . . . Betty Acosta Brenda Albidrez Robert Baker Rodney Chapman Danna Alexander Freddie Anguiano Gloria Armendarez Eddie Collins Kim Deaton Yesha Dyer Robbie Ferbrache Debbie Fisher Bryan Frost Richard Gass Charles Ham Darla Hix Mary Hummel Cathy McCasland Amy McClintock Albert McWhinney Ronnie Montanez Rose Moore 34Next in Line Brenda is trying to get involved in the conversation. Danny Thompson Darla Walker Lorie Walters Jo Ann Velasquez Tammy Wallace Sonja Ward Kim Yarbrough Stephanie Parker Shauna Roach Pete Pena Oscar Santa Cruz Sherry Prather Jeff Stephens Robert and Eddie can't decide what to do next.The Juniors Depend on .. . While Coach Davis is giving his pep talk, it looks like Rodney just can't keep his eyes open. Kim takes time out to day-dream in Coach Lawlis' math class. The Juniors worked hard this year and finally won a first place in the float buil 8 contest . . . WAY TO GO, JUNIORS! 36The Junior Leaders Junior class sponsors are as follows: Bottom (L-R), Miss Dennis, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Hiner. Top (L-R), Mr. Jones, Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Malone. Junior class officers are as follows: (L-R), President Rodney Chapman, Vice-President Bryan Frost, Secretary Betty Acosta, and Treasurer Robert Baker. Not shown is Reporter Eddie Collins.Students Plan for Prom Sherry, Robert, and Miss Dennis discuss the prom plans. 38 Kim lets her fingers fly. Darla demonstrates the correct form of typing.SOPHOMORESSophomores Show Leadership Fernando Acosta Patti Canafax Bobby England jeanne George James Hoyt Lisa Blevins Ascension Castillo Shane Fields Tonya Guffey Rodger Jaquess Kim Branch Kim Darnell Clayton Frank Vickie Hamrick Sandra Jenks Bet ha Brown Marian Deaton Angelica Garcia Loretta Heady Charlyn Kemp Charles Brown Beverly Dennis Mercedes Garcia Terry Heady Joaquin Martinezas They Advance in School Keith Myers Teresa Ruth Travis Thompson Danny Newton Kim Smith Allen Walters Josie Martinez Janice Osborne Steven Stevenson Kim White Richard Martinez Rhonda Roach John Stoffer Melissa Withrow Rory McClannahan Richard Robertson Dennis Thompson Hay ley Yeager 41Students Arrive Early These sophomores take time out to have their pictures made. These freshmen and sophomores wait for driver's ed class to start. 42Sophomores Are Inquisitive Sophomores have a talent for listening. Sophomores discuss the latest on their money-making plan. 43Sophomores Begin to Raise Money Sophomore class officers are from L-R: Betha Brown, Secretary; Lisa Blevins, Reporter; Kim Branch, Treasurer; Keith Myers, President; not shown Charles Brown, Vice-President. Sophomore sponsors are from L-R: Raul Sanchez, Linda Carmack, and Ken Lawlis. 44The Freshmen Realize Temple Bishop Alvan Bitsue Robin Boehm Laura Brasted Becky Bryant Ty Chanley jolena Corzine Danny Crocker Andy Darnell Marty Davis Raymond Dennis Tammie Ellis Charles Ferbrache Clarence Fite Michelle Furr Paige Good 46What High School Is All About Gary Hack Shanda Haley Traci Harris Rebecca Heady Beatriz Hernandez Lollie Hernandez Glenn Hilton James Hilton Cliff Hiner Randy Hobbs Jerry Houston Susan Hughes Karen Jenks Latrell Kemp Doug Little Cliff Miller Diane Moody Blaine Moore Velma Pena Brad Raybon 47The Freshmen Take Roger Reid Jason Robinson Esteban Rodriquez Irene Rodriquez Daniel Ruiz Martin Smith Doris Teague Michelle Tucker Johnny Velasquez Mike Waldrop Candy Wallace Brian Wallach Teresa Ward Jimmy Webb Shawn Willaby Donna Winker 48In Many Activities During the Year These freshman boys, Jason, Gary, and Allen, discuss how to bug As Jason directs traffic at the float construction, he is saying "I the teacher. do believe” it will work. The freshmen concentrate on building the float for football homecoming. The freshmen got third place in the contest.Freshman Learn of EHS The freshman class is just now getting used to the high school ways of life. In a single year, they have gone from the top of all classes in junior high, to the youngest of all classes in high school, but most of these students think it is worth the change. Under the direction of Mrs. Sue Durham, Mr. Rocky Williams, and Mr. E. C. Jenkins, they organized a homecoming float; and as for their participation in the Halloween Carnival, they profited from the marriage booth. The Freshman sponsors this year are Mrs. Durham, Mr. williams, and Mr. Jenkins. Freshman class officers are Michelle Furr, Secretary; Becky Heady, Treasurer; Donna Winker, Reporter; Brad Raybon, Vice-President; Bobby Bates, President.FAVORITESMr. EHS Is Ken Dowlearn for a book. 52Miss EHS Is Teresa Tivis 53EHS Favorites Are Class favorites are chosen at the beginning of each school year and remembered throughout Senior class favorites are Scott Turner and Teresa Tivis. junior class favorites are Sherry Prather and Ronnie Montanez. 54Popular People Sophomore class favorites are: Charlie Brown and Kim Freshman class favorites are: Becky Heady and Bobby Bates. Branch. 55Happy Expressions Tell the Queen Teresa Tivis and King Ken Dowlearn. The 1980 Cardinal Homecoming is held prior to the game against Portales. During this exciting event, the lovely ladies are presented long-stemmed flowers by their escorts. Senior Queen candidates are Teresa Tivis, escorted by Ken Dowlearn, and Susan Colvin, escorted by Donal Ruth. By student body vote, Teresa Tivis is crowned by Ken Dowlearn as the 1980 Homecoming Queen. Ken also presents Queen Teresa with a bouquet of roses and a necklace. Other attendantsand their escortsare as follows: Juniors Rodney Chapman and Debbie Fisher; Sophomores Rodger Jaquess and Lisa Blevins; and Freshmen Jason Robinson and Donna Winker. Queen Teresa watches the football game. 56 Freshman attendants: Donna Winker and Jason Robinson.Story at Homecoming The football homecoming attendantsare Lisa Blevins, Debbie Fisher, Senior attendants: Susan Colvin and Donal Ruth, and Teresa Tivis. Not shown Susan Colvin. 57Basketball King Doug presents Queen Monika with the necklace. The 1981 Basketball Queen and King are Monika Reed and Doug Thompson. The traditional kiss. Junior attendants are Cathy McCasland and Pete Pena. 58Crowning of the Halloween This year at the annual Halloween Carnival, the junior attendants, Jo Ann Velasquez and Eddie Collins, regained the title of King and Queen. The juniors had the jail as their booth. The seniors had a bean guess, the sophomores had a skeeball, and the freshmen had the marriage booth. Queen Jo Ann Velasquez and King Eddie Collins. 60Royalty Happens Again Seniors Gary Yeager and Jennifer Smith I Sophomores Allen Walters and Vicki Hamrick Freshmen Brad Raybon and Paige Good 61Accounting Takes Accuracy Teresa Tivis received the Eunice DAR award. Other students nominated for DAR were Jo Suter and John Jeter.ORGANIZATIONSPerfection Comes Concert Band: Front Row, Mary Hummel, Vicki Hamrick, Patti Canafax, Paige Good, Travis Thompson, Charlyn Kemp, Kim Deaton, Rose Moore, Robin Boehm, Michelle Furr, and Teresa Tivis. Second Row, Yesha Dyer, Jeff Stephens, Jimbo Webb, Marty Smith, Marian Deaton, Randy Hobbs, Clarence Fite, Clifford Hiner, Johnny Velasauez, and Candi Wallace. Third Row, Jo Suter, Shelly Jaquess, Bryan Frost, Rodney Chapman, Ernie Montanez, Shanda Haley, Susan Hughes, Doug Little, Brian Wallach, Steven Stevenson, and Jo Ann Velasquez. Top Row, Becky Bryant, Sandra Jenks, Velma Pena, and Brad Raybon. 64 The Flag girls are Beth Hamrick, Karie Moore, Amy McClintock, Jennifer Smith, and Missy Withrow.Through Dedication The Drum majors this year are Teresa Tivis and Mary Hummel. The twirler is Jo Ann Velasquez. Travis, Marty, and Bryan prepare for pictures. Band officers are: Ernie Montanez, Treasurer; Jo Suter, President; Shelly Jaquess, Secretary; and Jo Ann Velasquez, Vice-President.The EHS Choir Is The Choir Ensemble group from left to right, top to bottom are, Beth Hamrick, Jenny Smith, Anita Shanks, Kerry Owings, Amy McClintock, Kim White, LaRonda Bachelor, Dorie Koberly, Beverly Dennis, Charles Ham, Shawn Davis, and Raymond Dennis. There are two groups in High School choirs today that are honored very much—The Elite group and All-State. In order to make the group a person has to be dedicated enough to put up with the pressure that is applied toward him or her to achieve his goal. The elite group this year is called "the Cardinal Impressions." These people in the groups have something to be proud of in the future. 66 Three people were honored enough to make it to All-State. These people are Shawn Davis, Dorie Koberly, and Charles Ham. Also pictured is their instructor, Mrs. McDonald.Working Hard for Success The officers of the EHS Choir are working hard to make the choir do the best job they possibly can. The choir put on a Christmas concert and was very well received by their performance. The Cardinal Choir is successfully moving up the ladder. Officers from top to bottom are Anita Shanks, Librarian; Kerry McClannahan, Secretary; Karen Jenks, Librarian; Latrell Kemp, Librarian; Jenny Smith, Vice-President; Beth Hamrick and Terri McWhinney, Librarian; and Dorie Koeberle, President. Choir, 1st row: Ms. McDonald, Kim White, Doris Teague, Beatriz Hernandez, Laura Brasted, Beverly Dennis, Charles Ham, Beth Hamrick, Debbie Brock, Irma Martinez. 2nd row: Dorie Koeberle, Terri McWhinney, Latrell Kemp, Karen Jenks, David Aguilar, Alfredo Grado, Kim Smith, Billie Darnell, LaRhonda Batchelor, 3rd row: Rhonda Roach, Peggy Hood, Janice Osborne, Kim Darnell, Amy McClintock, Shawn Davis, Kerry McClannahan, Anita Shanks, Kerry Owings, Jenny Smith, and Michelle Tucker. 67Staters Climb to Success 68 Shelly and Cynthia hold back a laugh as Kerry explains the details of Boys' State.Future Scientists at EHS The Science Club members are as follows: Cory Doyal, Robert Baker, Keith Myers, Shawn Davis, Allen Walters, Ernie Montanez, Clayton Frank, and Yesha Dyer. Science Club officers are as follows: Robert Baker, Secretary Treasurer; Cory Doyal, Vice-President; Shawn Davis, President; and Yesha Dyer, Reporter. 69Council Schedules Movie Student Council members are as follows: Jason Robinson, Andy Darnell, and Clayton Frank. Dennis Thompson, Jamie Norrid, Jo Suter, Patti Canafax, Teresa Tivis, Sherry Prather, Stephanie Parker, Loretta Heady, Beatriz Hernandez, Shanda Haley, and Ken Dowlearn, Cory Doyal, Chris Chesser, Eddie Collins, Bryan Frost, and Shawn Davis. Student Council officers are as follows: L-R: Cory Doyal, Treasurer; Teresa Tivis, Secretary; Shawn Davis, Vice President; and Jo Suter, President. 70NHS Tackle Responsibility These talented young leaders are members of the National Honor Society. Each has a unique character, but all have the knack for scholastic achievement. They are selected on the basis of this achievement, as well as character, leadership, and service. Being a part in this organization allows the student to tackle responsibility. For example, this year the members will be introducing College Day representatives to the Eunice High School student body. Pictured at right are: Doug Thompson, President; Shelly Jaquess, Vice-President; JoAnn Velasquez, Reporter; Teresa Tivis, Secretary and Treasurer. Pictured below are (Front) Jo Ann Velasquez, Doris Koeberle, Shelly Jaquess, Tracy Haley, Yesha Dyer, Debbie Fisher, Teresa Tivis, (Back) Doug Thompson, Kerry McClannahan, Bryan Frost, and Rodney Chapman. 71The Rodeo and Industrial Arts Mr. Jones poses for his picture. From left to right officers are Vice-President Charles Brown, Secretary Lisa Blevins, and President Kenny Lord. Left to right are Mr. Jones, Kenny Lord, Charles Brown, John Stoffer, Richard Robertson, and Lisa Blevins 72Clubs Strive to be Better Front Row: Jason Robinson, Allen Walters, Clayton Frank, and Keith Myers. Back Row: Mr. Jones, Raymond Dennis, Bobby Bates, Steve Stevenson, and Rory McClannahan. The Industrial Arts Club are very artistic in their creative work. They have won many trophies on their projects. Officers are front row President Allen Walters, Secretary Clayton Frank,Coordinator Jason Robinson. Back Row: Vice-President Bobby Bates, Sergeant at Arms Rory McClannahan and coordinator Keith Myers. 73The Spanish Club Is a Success!!! Mr. Sanchez works hard for the club. The officers are (front row) Ernie Montanez, Reporter; Johnny Velasquez, Treasurer; and Pete Pena, President. (Back row) Cynthia Velasquez, Vice-President; and Sherry Prather, Secretary. The members of the Spanish Club are (bottom row) Pete Pena, Irma Martinez, Sherry Prather, and Sam Anguiano. (Middle row) Marisela Gonzalez, Cynthia Velasquez, Josie Martinez, Brenda Albidrez, and Richard Martinez. (Back row) Ernie Montanez, Ronnie Montanez, Bryan Frost, Angelica Garcia, Gloria Armendarez, and Johnny Velasquez. 74ATHLETICSCheering the School Through This year's Varsity cheerleaders are: front, Hayley Yeager; middle, L-R, Debbie Fisher, Sherry Prather, and Betha Brown; top, Lisa Blevins.Times of Winning and Losing This year's junior varsity cheerleaders are: front, L-R, Paige Good, Doris Teague, and Donna Winker; standing, L-R, Michelle Furr, and Becky Heady Being a cheerleader is no easy task. The cheerleaders do various things to help promote school spirit. They make signs for the halls and run throughs for the games. Some of their weekly activities include preparing A pep rallies, doing cheers in the 'a hallways, and yelling at the games. ’ They plan homecoming events, sell football ads and programs, work in the concession stands during the basketball season, and sponsor various student-faculty contests. The cheerleaders have a new sponsor. Miss Cindy Dennis, who is the Home Economics teacher in the high school. This year the "A" team went to Portales to participate in the summer cheerleading camp. They received three superior awards, two excellent awards, an excellent trophy, and a spirit stick. Sherry Prather also received a leadership award. nSeniors Are The Leaders Seniors, L-R, Front Row, Jackie Pender, Mike Dodd, Gary Yeager, Charles Ham, Ken Dowleam, Chris Chesser, Ernie Montanez, Top Row, Doug Thompson, Clifford Ray, Shawn Davis, Wesley McClintock, Scott Turner, Tony Guffey, and John Jeter. Sitting, L-R, Andy Darnell, Shane Fields, Brad Raybon, Jason Robinson, Clayton Frank, Randy Hobbs, Alan Walters, Raymond Dennis, Travis Thompson, Brian Wallach, Doug Little, Manager Sammy Anguiano. Middle Row, Coach Jenkins, Jackie Pender, Johnny Velasquez, Clifford Hiner, Gary Yeager, Juan Rodriquez, Bobby Bates, Danny Thompson, Rodney Chapman, Mike Dtodd, Robert Baker, Roger Jaquess, Marty Davis, Mike .Waldrop, Coach Sanchez. Top Row, Coach Davis, Clifford Ray, Ernie Montanez, Wesley McClintock, Chris Chesser, Ken Dowleam, Charles Ham, Scott Turner, Doug Thompson, Tony Guffey, Bryan Frost, Eddie Collins, Albert McWhinney, Shawn Davis, John Jeter, and Coach Lawlis.Coaches Instill Character Coaches this year are from L-R: Raul Sanchez, E. C. Jenkins, Head Coach Ed Davis, and Ken Lawlis. SCOREBOARD OPPONENT US THEM Seagraves, TX 0 42 Van Horn, TX 3 7 Portales 0 21 NMMI 13 7 Lovington 0 20 McCamey 0 35 Dexter 0 0 Ft. Sumner 21 6 Jal 0 12 District 79 Cardinal players attempt to block a kick.Cardinals Clash Head On Cardinals meet an onrush of enemy jerseys. 80Open The Door to Volleyball L-R, front row, Terri McWhinney, Irma Martinez, Cathy McCasland, Debbie Brock, top row, Mary Hummel, Loretta Heady, Cynthia Velasquez, Jo Suter, and Shelly Jaquess. Seniors, L-R, Jo Suter, Shelly Jaquess, Debbie Brock, Terri McWhinney, Cynthia Velasquez, Brenda Bates, and Irma Martinez 81With the Right Key "B" Team, Front Row, Yesha Dyer, Danna Alexander, Josie Martinez, Betty Acosta, and Robin Boehm. Middle Row, Irene Rodriquez, Laura Brasted, Jeanne George, Candi Wallace, and Beatrice Hernandez. Top Row, Brenda Bates, Loretta Heady, Latrell Kemp, Karen Jenks, Shanda Haley, and Charlyn Kemp. Opponent SCOREBOARD Winner Score Carlsbad H.S. Carlsbad H.S. us them 0-2 Lovington Lovington 0-2 Lovington Eunice 2-0 Carlsbad Carlsbad 1-2 Andrews Andrews 0-2 Tatum Eunice 2-0 Wink Wink 0-2 Van Horn Eunice 2-1 Jal Jal 0-2 Tatum Eunice 2-0 Jal Jal 0-2 •Dexter Dexter 1-2 •Jal Jal 0-2 •Dexter Dexter 1-2 82 District MatchesAthletics Involves Everyone Mr. Goodman and Miss Massey are the official timer and scorer at the basketball games. The basketball boys are trying to decide who is going to rebound The marching band performs at the f x tball games, the ball.Cardinals Shoot High The varsity players are from (L-R) Eddie Collins, Pete Pena, Ernie Montanez, Kerry McClannahan, Clinton Boman, Steve Fletcher, Shawn Davis, Doug Thompson, Chris Chesser, Rodney Chapman, and Gary Yeager.The seniors are bottom row (L-R) Ernie Montanez, Doug Thompson, Chris Chesser, Gary Yeager. Top row (L-R) Kerry McClannahan, Clinton Boman, Steve Fletcher, and Shawn Davis. US SCOREBOARD OPPONENT 55 Plains 58 44 Artesia 92 86 Plains 68 64 Tatum 82 41 White Face 65 60 Jal 46 52 Denver City 85 75 Jal-B Team 54 58 Cloudcroft 75 76 Hobbs-Soph. 70 58 Hagerman 73 40 Lovington 98 56 Kermit 72 69 ’Jal 61 54 Artesia 84 68 “Dexter 65 65 Lovington 98 Hagerman Kermit “Dexter Jal “Indicates district games. Clinton Boman goes up for the shot while Steve Fletcher fights Clinton Boman gets out-jumped on the opening tip-off; Eddie for position on the rebound. Collins can't believe it!!!!! 85The Freshman players are Bobby Bates, Jimbo Webb, Roger Reid, Esteban Rodriquez, Clifford Hiner, Johnny Velasquez, Jason Robinson, Juan Rodriquez, and Daniel Ruiz. Coaching the freshmen is Coach Sanchez, (not shown) £9 ll t The Junior Varsity team this year are Richard Martinez, Joaquin Martinez, Ronnie Montanez, Rory McClannahan, Bryan Frost, Freddie Anguiano, Roger Jaquess, and Dennis Thompson. The coach this year is Coach Lawlis (not shown). Skilled Hands LeadToward a Successful Life Shawn looks on as Clinton tips the ball. 87Team Pride Plus Team Spirit The girls' varsity members are as follows: First Row: JoAnn Velasquez, Debbie Brock; Second Row: Cynthia Velasquez, Betty Acosta, Irma Martinez; Third Row: Susan Colvin, Shelly Jaquess, Monika Reed; Fourth Row: Melanie Hiner and Jo Suter. Monika shoots a free throw as Melanie and Jo watch. Melanie and JoAnn practice shooting from the free throw line. 88Equals a Winning Season The girls' Junior Varsity members are as follows: first row, Kim Yarbrough, Kerry Owings, Kim Darnell, and Kim White. Second row: Shanda Haley, Charlyn Kemp, and Patti Canafax. Third row, Latrell Kemp, Billie Darnell, Becky Bryant, Robin Boehm, Beverly Dennis, and Tonya Guffey. 89The Basketball Girls This year the managers for the girls basketball teams are Tami Wallace and Keena Stewart. Coach Montoya is the Junior Varsity coach, while Coach Davis is the Varsity coach. Us 24 23 27 28 25 18 15 25 24 23 29 26 29 0 0 0 Opponent Plains Tatum Lovington Plains Tatum Plains Whiteface Jal Hagerman Lovington Hagerman “Dexter “Jal Hagerman “Jal “Dexter “indicates district games These basketball girls prepare to practice their drills 90Soar Into a New Season The seniors this year are as follows: Debbie Brock, Irma Martinez, Cynthia Velasquez, Jo Suter, Shelly Jaquess, Susan Colvin, Monika Reed, Melanie Hiner, and not shown Kerry Owings. Irma attempts to block a pass. The girls gather around as Coach Davis explains the next play.Last Year's State Qualifiers John shows his style in throwing the discus. Last year's state track qualifiers are Eddie Collins, John Jeter, Shawn Davis, Ernie Montanez, and Donal Ruth. Shawn shows his technique in high jumping.Train for This Year Last year's State Track Qualifiers are as follows: Jo Ann Velasquez, Beverly Dennis, Yesha Dyer, Monika Reed, and Melanie Hiner. 93Players Slide into Action The baseball players are 1st row, Clayton Frank, Randy Hobbs, and Clay Walker. 2nd row, Daniel Ruth, Robbie Ferbrache, Brad Ray bon, Allen Walters, Rodger Jaquess, Richard Martinez, Alfredo Grado, and Daniel Ruiz. Back row, Steve Fletcher, Danny Thompson, David Aguilar, Johnny Velasquez, Ronnie Montanez, Ernie Montanez, and Rodney Chapman. Mr. Sanchez is the new baseball These baseball players listen to what Coach Sanchez is saying, coach. 94Golfers Putt into a New Season This year's golf members are as follows: Jason Robinson, Cathy McCasland, Sherry Prather, Keena Stewart, and Gary Yeager. Coach Reynolds, Doug Thompson, and Debbie Fisher. As the annual goes to the press this year, the golf season has not yet begun. The golf members are Jason Robinson, Cathy McCasland, Sherry Prather, Keena Stewart, Gary Yeager, Doug Thompson, and Debbie Fisher. This year the golf team has a new coach. Besides teaching history and government classes, Mr. Reynolds is also the basketball coach. We wish our golfers this year the best of luck and great success. 95 Last year's state qualifiers in golf were Doug Thompson and Debbie Fisher.Unique Individuals Cross Monika, Jo, and Melanie are waiting for the ball to come down to see if it goes through the basket. Donal, Shawn, and Ernie look surprised at the size of of John's muscle, but Eddie can't seem to find it. 96 Ronnie is heading for the gym to get ready for practice.New Bridges In EHSStudents Are Active in CJH These girls wait for the photographer to take their Coach Montoya explains to his class what they are going to do for the hour, picture. 98 Miss Massey checks roll while her girls prepare to do their exercises.H9IH UOINIT Principal and Secretary At Caton Junior High, Mr. Don Herron is still the principal, but Mrs. June Walker has moved from her librarian position to take the job of secretary at Caton. Just as the students keep Mr. Herron busy, he keeps Mrs. Walker twice that busy. They work together as a team, and maybe that is what keeps Caton Junior High going. 100 Even when relaxing, Mr. Herron stays busy. Mrs. June Walker Mr. Don HerronWork With the Faculty Kenneth Ball: Reading. Treva Collier: Reading Craig Coulter: Pat Coulter: Science, Social Resource Room Studies, and Coach Nell Davis: Language Arts J. E Earhart: Wally Goodman: Connie Massey: Science and Shop Math and Typing Physical Education Science and Coach Ron Montoya: Physical Education, Science and Coach. 101Eighth Graders Plan for Marcia Aguilar Nathan Batchelor Michael Bennett Judy Berumen Nellie Berumen Johnny Blevins Michael Brock Tom Broom Evan Brown Todd Carter Christopher Charley Corina Charo Jimmy Collins Tammy Conner Todd Cooper Todd Cox Phillip Deaton Kelli Diel Cindi Ellis Tammie FerbracheHigh School Life . . . Galdino Garcia Tomas Garcia Heriberto Gayton Jeannie Houston Connie Hughes Lucy Jenks Darrall Kelly Bobby Lord James Meridyth Dennis MontanezTo Be a Success!! Kim Osborne Don Owings John Pilcher Mike Pyburn Maria Reyna Armando Reyes Curtis Roach Juan Rodriquez Jesus Santa Cruz Phillip Sarmiento Tom Sawyer Jose Serna Pat Sims Stacy Tucker Richard VelasquezSeventh Graders Achieve Goals Steven Alexander Maria Alvidrez Jason Atkinson Kavin Ballard Sara Bannister Darla Benham Gwen Berryhill Teresa Bishop Robert Boman George Brown Becky Brown Lee Bryant George Callahan Rosa Castillo Violet Colvin(VI Seventh Graders Learn the Stephen Crocker Rosa Cueto Susan Davis Shelly Dunn Rita Espino Lisa Fish Teresa Frank Melissa Frazier Carmela Garcia Tim Garrett Shawn Gass Paul Gaylor Cathy Good Royce Gould Mike Hemmingson These seventh graders prepare to take notes. 106Art of Note Taking Armida Herrera Susan Hiner Ricky Hoyt Angie Hughes Peggy Jaquess Lee Ann Jones Jimmy Jordan Devin Landes Stacy Meridyth John Morrissey Adam Muro Candi Nelson Billy Newton Dorianne Norman Keith Phillips 107Seventh Graders Lead Donny and Craig stop by their lockers before going to class. Craig Phillips Johnny Ruth Chris Turner Kelly Roach Susanna Serna Ranee Turner Albert Rodriquez Donnie Spoon D'Ann Vestal Corina Ruiz Teresa Stephens Austin Williams Ruby Ruiz Tanna Thompson Linda Wood 108an Active Life Mrs. Collier's class looks for books in the library. The junior high cheerleaders practice after school. Miss Massey's class prepares to watch a film. 109Witty Students Are Found in CJH These junior high students take a break from their studies. Mrs. Walker writes Jeff an absentee slip. 110Sixth Graders Learn Democracy Lupe Abrigo Robbie Bethany Victoria Abrigo James Bland Patsy Albidrez Curtis Callahan Mary Alvidrez Cloys Chaney Jimmy Be rumen Anita Charo Johnny Collins Cathy Diel Laurie Collvins Bunny Easter Jeff Conner Paul Emmert Kim Cox Eloisa Espino Lisa Coy Janice FiteSix Graders Begin Lee Fox Solomon Garcia Kristi Hatley Bryan Henson Siria Hernandez Pedro Herrera Wendi Holt Jerry Houston James Inman Roman Jenks The question and answer period is interrupted by the photographer. 112New Studies in CJH Aaron Johnson Gary Laing John Lane Wayne Lewis Cindie Lott Lisa Meridyth John Moody Lance Morrissey Le Ann Lord Charles Motes Paula Motes Alex Muro Jody Nordman Dwayne Overton Larry Pacheco Amy Pickerel Maria Ramirez Mary Reed Matt Robinson Linda Rodriquez 113Six Graders Make New Friends Belen Serna Tana Vestal Laura Sikes Clint Walker David Smith Tina Spoon Billy Watkins Anita Weber Dario Velasquez Frank Werner Picture not available Michael Westbrook Heidi Wiltshire Federico FabeloJr. High Class FavoritesStudents Have More Fun 116 Juan and Tom have found something more interesting than their studies.Special Children in School Sheila Chaney Loyd Fox Nanette Hernandez Peggy Jones Roberta Jordan Paula Stonecipher Shannon Worley Second Grades Await Instructions 117The Leaders and the A few of the students of CJH gather around for a morning rap session with Mr. Goodman, who is busy filling up the coke machine for the students. Officers seated: Reporter Steve Alexander, Secretary and Treasurer Kim Cox, Vice-president Bobby Lord, and President Dennis Montanez. Members: Teresa Franks, Peggy Jaquess, Alex Muro, Kim Osborne, Marcia Aguilar, Melissa Frazier, Paul Emmert, and Le'Ann Lord (not shown). Sponsor Mrs. Davis. 118Officers Lead the Way The eighth grade class officers are: Bobby Lord, President; Pat Sims, Vice-President; and Kelli Diel, Secretary-Treasurer. The seventh grade class officers are Steve Alexander, President; Susan Davis, Secretary-Treasurer; and Mike Hemmingson, Vice-president.Officers Have Determination The 6th grade officers have found out what it is to be leaders. They are from (L-R) Paul Emmert, President; Kristi Hatley, Secretary-Treasurer and Lisa Coy, Vice-President. 120Cardinals The junior high program for the basketball boys has helped to improve their ability to play basketball tremendously, thanks to the help of Mr. Jones and Mr. Coulter. They have put in many hours teaching their teams the fundamentals of the game. Even though the team's record does not show that they are winners, they have the potential to become winners. Left: The 7th grade team is bottom row (L-R) Keith Phillips, Austin Williams, Adam Muro. Top row (L-R) Jimmy Jordan, Steve Alexander, Albert Rodriquez, Johnny Ruth, and Coach Jones. Below the 8th grade team is bottom row (L-R) Armando Reyes, Jimmy Collins, Todd Cox. Top Row (L-R) Todd Carter, Mike Pybum, Michael Brock, Craig Phillips, and Coach Coulter. 121Girls Show Pride and Skill Eighth grade basketball team, sitting, Laurie Collvins, Teresa Stephens, Marcia Aguilar, Lucy Jenks, and Violet Colvin. Standing, Darrall Kelly, Tammie Ferbrache, Connie Hughes, Jeannie Houston, and Kelli Diel. Seventh grade basketball team, sitting, Maria Alvidrez, Candi Nelson, Peggy Jaquess, and Darla Benham. Standing, Susan Hiner, Cathy GtxxJ, Tanna Thompson, Armida Herrera, and Susan Davis. These teams are coached by Miss Shafer. 122. . Volleyball Spirit Is . Members of the volleyball team are as follows: Bottom row: Roberta Jordan, Kelli Diel, Candy Nelson, Tanna Thompson, Peggy Jaquess, Teresa Frank, Susana Serna, Sara Bannister, Darall Kelly. Top row: Coach Massey, Lee Ann Jones, Susan Hiner, Connie Hughes, Cathy Good, D'Ann Vestal, Shelly Dunn, Armida Herrera, and Manager Manuela Berumen. 123 Coach Montoya and his students discuss 'The Alien."Below: These Junior High students find their studies fun. Above: These students all seem to be daydreaming.Band Members Show Dedication Junior high band, 1st row: Teresa Stephens, Kim Osborn, Violet Colvin, Connie Hughes, Maria Alvidrez and Candi Nelson. 2nd row: Kelli Diel, Darla Benham, Cathy Good, Jeannie Houston, Sarah Bannister, and Shawn Gass. 3rd row: Dennis Montanez, Richard Velasquez, Evan Brown, Tim Garrett, Donny Spoon, Paul Gaylor, Curtis Roach, Jason Atkinson, Juan Rodriquez, and Phillip Deaton. Back row: Peggy Jaquess, Tanna Thompson, Gary Laing, Aaron Johnson, Johnny Blevins, Robert Boman, Mike Hemmingson, Johnny Ruth, Todd Cox, Jose Santa Cruz, and Galdino Garcia. 125These Choirs Make Music The Junior High Choir members are as follows: Ms. McDonald, Teresa Frank, Rebecca Brown, Maria Alvidrez, Fredrico Fabelo, Salomon Garcia, Jody Nordman, Chris Kahn, Paul Emmert, Royce Gould, Lisa Coy, and Laura Williams. Second row: Rosa Pondo, Ruby Leyva. Susana Serna, Corina Leyva, Jimmy Jordan, Ranee Turner, Dwayne Overton, Chris Turner, John Morrissey, Anita Weber, James Meridyth, Armando Reyes. Third row: Frances Moody, Lucy Jenks, Darrall Kelly, Melissa Frazier, Linda Wood, James Inman, Kelly Roach, Christopher Charley, Todd Carter, Austin Williams, Tom Sawyer, Mike Pyburn, Albert Rodriquez, and Peggy Suter. Fourth row: Cindi Ellis, Shelly Dunn, Stacy Meridyth, D'Ann Vestal, Joyce Mantrell, Michael Brock, John Pilcher, Valantin Saenz, Ricky Hoyt, Devin Landes, Craig Phillips, Nathan Batchelor, Tomas Garcia, and Phillip Sarmiento. Seventh and Eighth Grade Choir members are as follows: first row, Lucy Jenks, Teresa Frank, Rebecca Brown, Ruby Leyva, Corina Leyva, Jimmy Jordan. Second row: Darrall Kelly, Melissa Frazier, Shelly Dunn, Armando Reyes, Todd Carter, Austin Williams, and Mike Pyburn. Third row: D'Ann Vestal, Christopher Charley, Michael Brock, Ricky Hoyt, Craig Phillips, and Tom Sawyer. 126Important People Preparing Mrs. Miller and Mr. Johnson have managed to keep things in the elementary school organized. Mrs. Miller has been secretary for twenty-two years and she has built up good relationships with the students. This is Mr. Johnson's fourth year as elementary principal and he has kept the students in line and has helped them with their needs. Mrs. Miller and Mr. Johnson are helping the students look into the future. 128Students for the Future PAofo AVAILABLE The elementary faculty has many responsibilities watching over their students during school. The teachers are around whenever they are needed. They prepare the students for junior high which takes time and patience. Ms. Alexander, K Mrs. Bachman, 2 Mr. Barrett, 3 Mrs. Chaffin, 2 Mrs. Col born, 5 Mrs. Dyer. Resource Mrs. Earhart, 3 Mrs. Hammond, 4 Mrs. Hamrick, 5 Mrs. Harbour, Reading Mrs. Herron, 1 Mrs. Holland, Aide Mrs. Jenks, Aide Mrs. Jones, 3 Mrs. McLean, 2 Mrs. Myers, Aide Mrs. Osborn, 1 Mrs. Patterson, 1 Mrs. Shields, K Mrs. Springer, 4 5 Mr. Werner, 4 Mrs. Westmoreland, Aide Mrs. Wink, Aide 129Fifth Graders Expand The following students on this page and the following page to Jimmy Willoughby are in Mrs. Colborn's fifth grade class. On the following page, Nichole Alford through Tim Carter are in Mrs. Hamrick's fifth grade class. Octavio Alvarez Elizabeth Cueto Patricia King Tony Be rumen Shelby Edwards Celia Landeros Linda Carrasco Troy Frank Julia Lenard Olga Castillo Toni Heady Travella Lopez Chris Charley Elizabeth Hilton Frankie Muro 130 These fifth grade students take a milk break.Their Field of Knowledge Tobie Orona Todd Reid Rosa Reyna Brandon Robbins Maribel Rodriquez Consuelo Ruiz Estella Serna Joseph Smith Joy Weldy Jimmy Willoughby Nichole Alford James Bannister Marcella Bolster Becky Boman Tim CarterFifth Graders Study 132 The following students on this page are in Mrs. Hamrick's fifth grade class. James Helms Craig Lane Carolina Cueto Sandra Herrera Corbit Moody Jim Dennis Sylvia Herrera Larry Motes Melody Donoho Billy Jackson Bill Norman Arsenia Espino William Landes Melissa Reese This fifth grade student is putting together Angel Rodriquez Adrian Ruiz Dolores Saenz a poem book. Lupe Villalobos Alana Walker Tami WestbrookMath and History The following students on this page are in Mrs. Springer's fifth grade class. Cherie Braddock Sheila Carmack Tera Farrington Dale Jones Ismael Perez Galen Shephard Doyal Chaney Sara Coulter Donna Montanez Wanda Kelton Ronnie Meridyth Dawn Yarbrough James Tucker Kristin Worley 133Mrs. Hammond's and Mr. Werner's 134 Butch Allen Dana Easter Kimberly Howard Shane Overton Regis Shepherd Gail Bayes Keith Emmert Aaron Judkins Stacie Putnam Latoya Sims Frank Beck Jason Fields Lorena Landeros Helena Reed Cheryl Jo Teague Mary Berryhill Jeff Good Doreen Montanez Carey Rudd Michael Waggoner Micah Canafax Misty Hiner Melissa Motes Tyler Seals Becky WaltersStudents Have Fun Learning Steve Almager Grant Davidson Ronald Graves Keith Logan Jimmy Ben ham Ken Don Fish Shelly Henson Samantha Braddock Michael Frazier Shannon Jones Valerie Brasted Herberto Gonzales Elizabeth Kelton Wade Brown Michelle Gould Cheryl King These fourth grade students show their smiling faces to the photographer. 135Shy and Happy Students Mikea McCasland Corinna Smith Heather Morrissey Ruth Vargas Justin Osborn Donna Velasquez Blanca Ramirez Mitzi Whitfill Paul Reyna Kelly Willard Make Up the 4th Grade Above: Mr. Werners students: Below: Mrs. Springer's students. Daniel Albidrez Stephanie Barnes Cente Castillo Sonya Cooper James Dennis Rodney Lord Desiree Morrissey Michael Parker Samantha Sims Rose Marie Werner 136Third Graders Learn Cursive Shawna Kelly Algie Lenard Kevin Mackey Timothy Nordman Austin OsbornThird Graders Take a Big Mrs. Earhart and Mr. Barrett work with these students each day. Hope Rawlings Justo Rios David Robinson Bobby Sikes Winford Branch Danny Deaton Frank Dittemore Greg Gomez Kimberli Holden Kimberly Brecheen James Brown Victor Castillo Gene Cooksey 138 Rachel Howell Elvia Leyva Celina Montanez Jeff Lott Cameron PeckhamStep Toward the Fourth Grade Mrs. Jones teaches Responsibility to her class. Heather Preas Sergio Prieto Fernando Reyna Nancy Rodriquez Jennifer Scarfe Tommie Williams Scotty Acosta Eric Armijo Shannon Beck Laura Britton Crystal Charley Chris Diel Daniel Edwards Kim Hemmingson Bob Holt James Jenks Stephanie Jones Brian King 139Third Graders Learn Patience Jennifer McCasland Richard Meridyth Anita Ortega Chad Roach Leslie Rodgers Steve Sanders Lori Westbrook 140We Have Walked . . . Jennifer Able Brett Bethany Kendall Boyd Melanie Giles Christy Green Cheryl Henson Kim Coulter Rachel Hernandez Cecelia Cueto Jose Herrera Bryan Jones Lucia Landeros Allen Madden Elaine Montanez Dalia Munez Sammy Ortega Misty Owens David Pacheco Terry Reid Eloy Ruiz Paula Serna George Werner These are Mrs. Bachman's students. Second Grade 141A Mile, but Have . . . Tammy Coy April Judkins Felipe Navarette James Sanders April Adams Robbie Dunn Elma Leyva Christy Owens Misti Turner Amy Armijo Brenda Gonzales Bryan Mahan Paul Putnam Kennith Weber Robert Boozer Julie Henson Michelle McFarland Amber Robinson Alan Worley Kelly Colvin Jennifer Holland Danny Miller Joshua Ruth Richard Yeager 142Many More To Go Norma Armendariz Christy Collins Ramon Hernandez juan Lucero Flor Rios Shawn Bethany Kenny Cox Larry Jennings Bobby Miller Annabella Saenz Howard Britton I iura Dennis Becky Jones Colleen Morrissey Charles Stonecipher Cynthia Campos Xan Gladden Christine Kelly Juana Perez Shelly Turner Scoop Clemens Joe Helms Damian Lopez Brian Raybon Laura Westmoreland 143First Graders Begin Annabelle Abrigo Chris Colvin Michelle Horry Kellie Malone Frank Rivas Noel Armendarez Melissa Dixon Cynthia Kelly Anita Montenegro Belen Ruiz Steve Berumen Steve Garcia Sheila Kirkland Shellv Overton joe Robin Sims Aleisha Branch Jimmy Gooch Wendy Logan James Peterson Richard Terry Dennis Call Kandi Hemmingson Mindy McCasland Holly Preas Angela Veteto 144to Read and Write Armando Vozza Dana Wilkinson Elton Williams Students Armando Vozza through Elton Williams are in Mrs. Herron's first grade class. All other students on this page are in Mrs. Osborn's first grade class. On preceding page these students are in Mrs. Herron's class. Stephen Aguilar Brent Cates Oscar Grade Heidi Knight Danny Alvarado Daniel Colvin Timothy Green Hardy Lenard Veronica Avalos Deniece Cornett Melissa Grogan Martha McCullar Tony Bolster Lorena Galindo Joey Ivey Scott Moberly Juan Caballero Gloria Gayton Samantha King Javier Montoya 145First Graders Take Their Robert Motes Jeana Nicely Sabina Ortega Gloria Prieto Rosalba Rodriquez Amy Rush Willy Stephens Aztrid Vozza The above students from Robert Motes to Kiley Willard are in Mrs. Osborn's first grade class. The students below and on the following page are in Mrs. Patterson's first grade class. Micah Ramos Shelly Westmoreland Kiley Willard NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Patty Blake Jason CopleyFirst Step to Success Charles Gass Octavio Gaton Tommy King James Logan Steven Navarette Robert Nolan Leaslie Gray Lori Hatley Randy McLean Michael Montanez Brett Parker Kristene Rawlings Charlotte Jones Ernestina Montoya Matthew Rodriquez 147 Joey Scarfe Janice Teague Angelia WhitfillKindergartners Experience PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Dinah Alvarado Randy Gladden Rebecca Jordan Hank Palmer Jason Able Darell Brewer Manuel Gonzalez Michael Lapsley Rebecca Payne Robby Barnes Allison Carrasco Beth Gray Belia Leyva Marla Rudd Michael Boehm Debbie Cornett Jennifer Haase Bobby Madden Isreal Saenz Nancy Caballero Roberta Cueto Aaron Hensley Pablo Moreno Vanessa Smith David Criswell Jill Fino Scot Hodges Angelica Nuney Celia Armendariz t Candida Davis The students on this page, starting with Dinah Alvarado through Vanessa Smith are in Mrs. Alexander's morning kindergarten class. Celia Armendariz through Candida Davis are in Mrs. Alexander's afternoon kindergarten class. 148the Excitement of School PHOTO Not Avoiloblo Jeremy Delozier Henry King Casondra Williams Belinda Ferbrache Russell Lee Sandra Gay ton Gwen Logan Taresa Worley Jessica Garcia Gideon Lethco Clabe Henson Misty Mathis Rocio Acevedo Perry Gould Jason Meek Jeffery Howell Laci Owen Jessica Berry Brent Hodges Jimmy Nicely Linda Johnson Abel Ruiz Heather Bulman April Hunter Rochelle Paterson Jackie Lenard Christy Turner Elipido Cueto Rocky Jenks Lupe Rivas 149 The students on this page, Jeremy Delozier through Taresa Worley are in Mrs. Alexander's afternoon kindergarten class. Rocio Acevedo through Lupe Rivas are in Mrs. Shield's morning kindergarten class.Cardinal Pride Begins Here Trey Whitfill Cokie Donoho Jason Lane Ernie Peterson Tami Willson Sandra Avalos Natalie Evans Georgia Gutierrez Lance McLean Angela Motes Frankie Rawlings Amber Usner The students on this page are in Mrs. Shield's afternoon kindergarten class. Not shown is Barbara Dixon. 150Band and Choir Make Music 5th grade band, 1st row: Kristin Worley, Sarah Coulter, Melody Donoho, Galen Shephard. 2nd row: Wanda Kelton, Donna Montanez, Maribel Rodriquez, Tera Farrington, Ronnie Meridyth, Melissa Reese, and Joy Weldy. 3rd row: Brandon Robbins, James Bannister, Tony Berumen, Shelby Edwards, James Tucker, Cherie Braddock, Bill Norman, Joseph Smith, Todd Reid, Jimmy Heck, and Troy Frank. Back row: Billy Jackson, Marcella Bolster, Brian Henson, and Nicole Alford. Not pictured are William Landes and Doyle Chaney. 5th grade choir, 1st row: Dawn Yarbrough, Teresa Cordoza, Olga Castillo, Sheila Carmack, Guadalupe Villalobos, Dolores Saenz, Sonya Reynolds, and Michael Heady. 2nd row: Arsenia Espino, Julia Lenard, Consuelo Ruiz, Sylvia Herrera, Toni Heady, Carolina Cueto, and Celia Landeros. 3rd row: Craig Lane, Larry Motes, Rosa Reyna, Estella Serna, Linda Carrasco, Angel Rodriquez, Corbit Moody, James Helms, and Gary Hill. 4th row: Ismael Perez, Timothy Carter, Adrian Ruiz, Dale Jones, Chris Charley, Becky Boman, Eleazar Pando, Octavio Alvarez, and Frankie Muro. Not shown: Jim Dennis, Elizabeth Cueto, Patty King, and Alana Walker. 151Milk time is fun. Can't you see we are trying to work? HM

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