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 KfotoUcctiOK AcbtUtuctnatio and, 'faculty (fytteec 'pawvute OxycLHiyxticHC Athletic fluKuyi ftytyh SleutcutafUf'DecUcatcoK On behalf of the 1970-71 Annual Staff, we wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. and Mis. Vilas Tucker. We are eternally grateful for their many years of unselfish labor as teachers and their endless patience in personal guidance based on Christian principles. Our lives are richer because of their influence upon our youth. 1 tmPAT JONES Secretary AGNES STEWART Office Manager MADIE WALKER Secretary SufieniKteKcCeHt ScAoolt With a great deal of appreciation it is a pleasant task to write this congratulatory message for the 1971 Cardinal Annual. In looking back over the Cardinal Annuals of the past years, it is difficult to conceive of a publication that can surpass those of the past. However, it seems that each year the annual of that year is better than the previous annuals and I feel confident that this will be the case once again. You are to be commended for your dedication and hard work. Dear Annual Staff: 3WILL McCASLAND BOB WALLACH J. E. STOVER DAN BERRY ScAoot W. T. HUFFMAN LARRY LARSEN AWe read and hear on every hand today of the turbulence and violence and unrest found among America's teenagers. It is very rewarding to me as your principal to be part of an educational system whose students adhere to the traditional American values of achievement, success, hard work and respect. --- iyA, School 'P%CHCCfUlC Secnet uf — 6 GWEN HAHNROBERTA SHAFER JAMES WALKER Girls P.E. Government ELIZABETH LANGSTON English, Speech 7P. D. DITTEMORE Mathematics BENNY JONES Am. History, Coach JEANNIE MEDL1N Spanish 76eir facet tAocv tAecx involvement . . . tAein. mindt and 6eantt altvcuft atniviny . . . SeancA tAete meaninyfal facet . . . ROGER BAKER Choral Music ROBERT AKERS Distributive Education 8DEE CASEY Mathematics, Coach - HOWARD W. MORAN tyou eodtt | W eHt u taAm, t p E Coach special tctfie cAo'vaete'i cutd AcAalcvt fafi . . . 'Devotto and. Owe fa't t letn uwnA and tAevi atoccteHtA . . . RICHARD SHANKS Instrumental Music ROBERT TANNER Chemistry 910 GLENDA SHANKS English SUE DURHAM Biology( a eteni 12 97f Vice-President Treasurer KATHY HAIL CONNIE BAUCUM Reporter PAM HOLMES President GILBERT CHERRYHOMES Secretary CHARLOTTE MAGEE 'Katfaf SieAefi Cheerleader 3,4 Nat. Cheerleaders Association 4 Who's Who Football Queen 4 Basketball Att. 3 Football Att. 2 Sant Pantten Football 1 Football Mgr. 4 Track 1 Baseball 2,3,4 Teacher Aide 3,4 San xna, Odum G.A.A. 1 Student Council 1,3 Workshop 1,3 Convention 1,3 Chorus 1' Operetta 1 Cheerleader 2 Girls' State Rep. 4 Who's Who Halloween Att. 3 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 4 Teacher Aide 3 anny yid Football 1,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 D.E.C.A. 4 Tftvnntd t vne Academic Senior Student Council 1,2,3 Officer 3 Band 1,2,3 Solo and Ensemble 1 Football Mgr. 1,2,3 Basketball Mgr. 1,2,3 Track Mgr. 1 Sc Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Nat. Cheerleaders Association 4 Band 1,2 G.A.A. 2 Solo and Ensemble 2 Teacher Aide 3,4 Office Aide 3 Basketball Att. 2,4 Junior Class Play 3 Who's Who Annual Staff 4 Steve tyamee Boys' State Rep. Band 1,2,3,4 Student Council 2,4 Officer 4 Track 3,4 Who's Who Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3 Workshop 4 Convention 4 Stage Band 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 N.H.S. 4 Tri-M 3,4 Lit. Mag. Editor 3 Academic Senior ’Tttantf OtfHKe Girls' Track 2,3 Volleyball 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3 Twirler 1,2,3 Science Club 2,4 Officer 4 Pep Club 4 Captain 4 Who's Who 15 HuIk Mr. E.H.S. Football 1,2,3,4 Top Def. Back 4 Captain 4 Track 1,2,3,4 Football Att. 2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Class Favorite 1 Who's Who Librarian 3,4 TRAotcta ‘SetcAen Who’s Who Cheerleader 1,2,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3.4 Natl. Cheerleading Association 4 Gymnastics 4 Class Officer 3 Basketball Queen 4 D.E.C.A. 4 Pep Club 4 Class Favorite 1 Football Att. 1 ‘TfCevtJt UCc aAlauct Track 1 Football 1 Golf 2,3,4 Who's Who Class Favorite 4 Librarian 4 SaucOta l antmaK Student Council 2 Workshop 1,2 Choir 1,2 Sextet 1,2 Operetta 1,2 All-State 2 Solo and Ensemble 1,2 Teacher Aide 4 Pa t 'ttyolmcA Class Officer 4 Teens for Christ 4 Pep Club 2 D.E.C.A. 4 Spanish Club 1 7 H Uf tyiaaeA- Who's Who Track 1 Baseball 2 Academic Senior Boys' State Basketball 2,3,4 Basketball King 4 Student Council 3,4 Workshop 3,4 Class Officer 1,2 Spanish Club 1 Paper Club 3 Band 1,2 Solo and Ensemble 1 Jr. Class Play 3 Football 1 "Paula, S ohAa- Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 Clinic 4 Natl. Cheerleaders Assn. 4 N.H.S. 4 Who's Who Football Att. 3,4 Class Favorite 3,4 Office Aide 4 Teacher's Aide 4 Tl ilUc tyiaeCa Football 1,2,3,4 Captain 2,4 Hon. Mention All-State 4 Basketball 1.2,3,4 Captain 2,4 Baseball 2,4 Track 1.3 F. of C.A. 3,4 Choir 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 Officer 2,3,4 Newspaper 2 16SilUe 'SrtH lecf Choir 1,2.3,4 President 4 Madrigal 4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 Solo and Ensemble 4 Tri-M 3,4 F.T.A. 2,3 Class Officer 2 Stu. Council 1,3,4 Officer 4 Workshop 4 Convention 4 Halloween Att. 1 Pep Club 4 Who's Who Miss E.H.S. J z ne 74 and Choir 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 Solo and Ensemble 3,4 Special Voice 2 Madrigal 3,4 Tri-M 4 All-State Choir 4 Spanish Club 2 G.A.A. 2 N.H.S. 4 Office Aide 3,4 Basketball 1 Mgr. 2,3,4 Track 1 Baseball Mgr. 2 Class Favorite 3 Who's Who Teacher Aide 4 Football 1 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3.4 Who's Who Football 1,2,3,4 Captain 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1 Football Att. 1 Chorus 1 Librarian 2,3 Hon. Mention 3,4 All-State 4 Top Def. Line 4 Who's Who Baseball 1,2,3,4 Gymnastics 1 Red Cross Assoc. 1 Librarian 1,2,3,4 F.T.A. 3 F.H.A. 1,2 Library Cluh 1,2 D.E.C.A. 4 Pep Club 4 7Ki6c Class Officer 1,2 Student Council 4 Workshop 4 Track 1 Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Basketball Rep. 2 Football 1,2,3,4 Best All-Around in Football 4 Football King 4 Who's Who Academic Senior ianlottc Ttfayee Choir 1,2,3,4 Sextet Acc. 2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3 Tri-M 3 Office Aide 3,4 Class Officer 1,3,4 Student Council 2 Workshop 2 Class Favorite 2 Halloween Att. 4 Pep Club, Capt. 4 Who’s Who 1718 (JoAk PattcnAe Librarian 3 Teacher Aide 4 7?t VUf s4 Ut Spanish Club 2,4 F.T.A. 3 N.H.S. 3.4 Officer 4 Chorus 3 Operetta 3 Lit. Magazine 3 Newspaper 4 Office Aide 4 Stu. of the Month 2 Who's Who Academic Senior Football 1 Golf 2,3,4 Librarian 3,4 Choir 1,2,3,4 Sextet 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 Solo and Ensem. 1,2,3,4 All-State Ch. 1,2,3.4 Madrigal 3,4 Tri-M 3.4 F.T.A. 4 Stage Band 4 Pep Club 4 Spanish Club 1,2 Junior Class Play G.A.A. 1,2,4 D.A.R. Alternate Annual Staff 4 Academic Senior Sue SoucOteeucx Spanish Club 2 G.A.A. 2 Teacher Aide 3,4 D.E.C.A. 4 S 0 t -£ c4e Football 1,2 Band 1,2 Track 2 s4rtAelt z 'ftycuzAe 'Ttecvmeui Football 1,2,3,4 Captain 4 Top Off. Back 4 Baseball 1,2 Track 30Kanett Choir 1,3,4 Operetta 1,3,4 G.A.A. 1 Tri-M 3,4 F.T.A. 2,3 Class Officer 3 Junior Class Play 3 Student Council 4 Workshop 4 Convention 4 Librarian 3 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 3 sat SuUcUi Librarian 2,4 Football 3 Who's Who £ 4tcCa, Su faf Choir 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 Sp. Voice 1,2 Spanish Club 1,2 F.T.A, 3 Officer 3 D.E.C.A. 4 JKt e PattenaoK Football 1 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Manager 4 Teacher Aide 3 Class Favorite 3 Librarian 4 D.E.C.A. 4 Who’s Who Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball Att. 1 Teacher Aide 4 Who's Who Choir 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 Sp. Voice 1,2,4 Madrigal 3 Solo and Ensemble 4 Sextet 4 G.A.A. 1 Tri-M 3,4 Spanish Club 2 Lit. Magazine 3 Newspaper 4 N.H.S. 4 D.A.R. Rep. Annual Staff 4 Academic Senior Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 State Final. 1,2 Class Officer 1 Spanish Club 1 Halloween Att. 2 Teacher Aide 3,4 Newspaper 3 Academic Senior ‘Dc Tfaxyit Chorus 1,2,3 Operetta 1,2,3 Teacher Aide 4-N.H.S. 4 D.E.C.A. 4 19 OKttiC Band 1,2,3,4 Manager 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 3,4 Solo and Ensem. 1,2,3,4 Tri-M 4 Spanish Club 1,2 Gymnastics 1 D.E.C.A. 4 Officer 4 District Leadership Training Conference Play Tech. Director 4 March of Dimes Co-Chairman 4 Annual Staff 4 (ZAcswcf lotceA. Band 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 1,2,3,4 F. ofC.A. 3,4 Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3,4 Tri-M 3.4 Class Officer 2,4 N.H.S. 3,4 Officer 3 President's All-America Team Track 1,2,3 Academic Senior S tUt6 Choir 2,3,4 Madrigal 4 Tri-M 4 Junior Class Play 3 Lit. Magazine 3 Newspaper 4 D.E.C.A. 4 Who’s Who in Home Ec. 2 Pep Club 1,2 G. A.A. 1,2 Spanish Club 1,2,3 Officer 2 F. T.A. 1,2 G. A.A. 2,3,4 Halloween Att. 2 Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Class Officer 3 Girls’ State Rep. Student Council 4 Workshop 4 Convention 4 Who's Who Pep Club 4 Teacher Aide 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Manager 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 3,4 Solo and Ensem. 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 1,2 Track 1,2,3,4 Tri-M 4 Sfanlccf "pieCcAc Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 Officer 2,4 F.T.A. 1 G.A.A. 1,2 Librarian 3,4 Teacher Aide 4 Class Officer 3 Chorus 1 Operetta 1 Teens for Christ Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Who's Who tyuzcpum Football 3,4 Captain 4 Track 2 Band 1,2,3,4 King 3 Stage Band 1,2,3,4 Solo and Ensemble 1,4 Tri-M 3.4 Officer 4 Halloween Att. 1 Who's Who 20'Kat y Wail Class Officer 4 Academic Senior Who's Who N.H.S. 4 D.E.C.A. 4 Spanish Club 1,2 Officer 2 Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 State Finalist 3 N.M. Jr. Olympics 1,2,3 Tex. Jr. Olympics 1,2 Girls' State Alternate “£cx StutUny Academic Senior Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Basketball Captain Basketball Att. 3 N.H.S. 3,4 Officer 4 Boys' State Who's Who Librarian 3,4 D.E.C.A. 4 ‘DuaCtf cLKcOietA. Football 1,3,4 Football Att. 4 Track 1,2,3,4 Top Off. Lineman 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Solo and Ensemble 3,4 Stage Band 3 Academic Senior N.H.S. 4 Tri-M 3,4 Officer 4 Football 1,2,3,4 All-State 4 Track 1,2,3,4 Choir 1,2,3,4 All-State 1,2,4 Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3, 4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 Madrigal 3,4 Science Club 4 Student Council 3 Jr. Class Play 3 Halloween Att. 4 Newspaper 4 @o 4Ue ‘ftyiK oK Choir 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3 F.T.A. 2 Office Aide 3,4 Class Officer 4 TKantf ‘ityecA Band 1,2,3,4 Asst. Drum Major 3 Drum Major 4 Solo and Ensemble 1,2,4 Tri-M 3,4 Officer 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2 Spanish Club 1 Jr. Class Play 3 Student of Month 3 Annual Editor 4 Annual Staff 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Manager 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 3 Solo and Ensemble 1,3 Baseball 1 Variety Show 3,4 Spanish Club 1 Operetta and Jr. Class Play Tech. Director 3.4 21SlOKCCtt Chorus 3 Track 3,4 Librarian 2,3 Teacher Aide 4 Football 4 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4 Who's Who De66ie TVooUetf Spanish Club 2,3 Stu. of the Month 3 Teacher Aide 4 Office Aide 4 Librarian 4 D.A.R. Alternate Football 1 Track 1,2 Baseball 3,4 Teacher Aide 4 D.E.C.A. 4 £wzh Band Solo and Ensemble 2,3,4 Mascot 4 F. T.A. 2 G. A.A. 2,3,4 Teacher Aide 4 Pep Club 4 Who’s Who Chorus 1 Operetta 1 F.T.A. 3 D.E.C.A. 4 Spanish Club 2,3,4 Officer 4 Teacher Aide 3,4 Librarian 4 Spanish Club 1 Baseball 2 Football 1 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Teacher Aide 3 Librarian 4 Basketball Att. 4 Who's Who PilcAer Chorus 1 Cafeteria Helper 3 Librarian 1,3 Band 1 Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 Reg. Gym. Meet -1st Place State Final. 3,4 Teacher Aide 3,4 Junior Class Play 3 Newspaper 4 22loafer sttuUn o , l icAic “Patton D.E.C.A. 4 Officer 4 Conference 4 Roswell Contest 4 Band 2,3 Librarian 2,3 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Teacher Aide 3,4 Donald tytoyan Connie “SaJ en. Band 1,2,3 Gymnastics 1,2,3 Photographer Cl. 1 Roadrunner Cl. 2,3 D.E.C.A. 4 Librarian 1,2,3 Basketball 1 7wuf s4Uck Football 1,2,4 Track 1 Halloween Att. 3 PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE: RAY RAMOS PAT WELLS LORETTA FAULKNER LIZ ANGUIANO(21 44. o£ 7f If the elevator to Success is not running, take the stairs. Red and Silver We Gotta Get Out of This Place" Peppermint Carnation 70dU I, TERRY A., being of sound mind and body, will them to Tommy P.; and to Susan C., my car when I'm dead and gone. Do unto others as they do unto you. ROGER A. I, ANDREA A., will all my fun times at All-State to my sister Lisa, and my "Fight Sanity" poster to all future seniors. I, DELANE B. , will to Cindie R. my place in National Honor Society and next year’s Fish to the Seniors of 72. 1, RHONDA B., will Ricky W. Better luck than 1 had; and to Theresa, Janet, and Kathy K. all my "hiding places” for ... 1, KATHY B., do hereby will all my good times in E.H.S. to Judy, Steve, and Janice; to Sandy L., I will all of my extra T-shirts. 1, JACKY B., will my speed to Paul T., Bonnie to Billy, and my good looks to Hal E. I, SUE B., being of good will and sound mind, (Ha), do hereby will to Pat S. my place in DECA and all future banquets and to R. R., J. W., L. R., and N. W., all the good times I’ve had in E.H.S. I, ANN B., will to my brothers John, Dee, and Ben, and my sister Marg, the best of luck in the hard struggle through school; and Sherry P. to Birdie G. I, BILLIE B., will my good times and pride in E.H.S. to my brothers Byron and Bruce, and my ability to get caught passing notes to anyone who flunks they can slip by Coach Jones, also to Janice F. I will my ability to laugh at any and everything. I, KAY B., will all the good times I had in E.H.S. to my little sister Ranae and to Pam C. the ability to hold on to the boy she has now. Last to the B Team Cheerleaders R. M., D. K., L. A., D. M., and W. T. I, LINDA B., will all my good times in E. H.S. to Larry, my little brother; my top locker to Ruth R. and my title of Most Bashful to anyone who is more bashful than me. I, MARY ANN C., will Kevin H. my nickname "Stupid Okie" which I got from Micah last year and to Shorty (W. T.) my height. I, GILBERT C., will my Red Man and spit can to Mark M., whom I know will use them in good faith. I, MIKE C., will all the best to E. H.S. for giving me the best of everything. I, JAMES JEFFERSON D., will Mr. Walker to any future millionaire, just buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he Is worth. I, DENNIS D., being illiterate after 4 years of E.H.S., will the marathon to Royce K. I, DORIS E., will my brother Ray my mascot suit, for his actions fit it, and my nickname Bird to Nina W. for she eats like one and last the band hall to anyone who can stand it. I, JIMMY E., will my memory to Faye C. and the school to Mrs. Hahn since she runs it anyway. I, LORETTA F., will June D. half the boys in E.H.S. and Pam T. the other half. Also Paula M. all the good times at E. H.S. and to Carol M., Mr. Casey's paddle. Last to Kay B. the cafeteria, and to Cindie M., M. B. I, BOB F., will to the nobodys everything I have got except for Pam C. and to the everybodys nothing. I, SHIRLEY F., will my ability to get into trouble in every class, every day, all four years of high School to Diane B., my role as "Most Forgetful" to Jann G., and a year's supply of coffee to Mr. Walker. I, MELYNDA G., bequeath my position in sextet to Pam C.; and a perfect friendship like I have enjoyed with MAK to Gail Y., Pam C., and Janet P. I, SANDRA G., will my sister Jonnie, the ability to get a bottom locker all four years of high school. 1, MATT G., will my old nickname "Sweat-man-Sweeny" to Royce K., the indoor shot put to Danny (D. A.) L., and this part of the Union back to Mexico. I, MORRIS G., will my tremendous ability to stay out of trouble to anyone who deserves it; and any part of the high school that she wants to Debi. I, TOM G., will to E. H.S. StudsInc., my playboy ability which included being put down and jilted for a midget cowboy. I, RAY G., will all my good times in E.H.S. to anyone with a strong stomach; and my to. 1, KAREN H., will my 4 year, all purpose, red notebook to Gail Y., my good set of lungs and vocal chords to Susie so that E.H.S. won't be haunted with quietness after Shirley F. and I leave, and all the good times in E.H.S. to Susie and my brother. I, RONALD G., will my ability to make Coach Jones mad almost every time I go on a fire run to Adon C. and the job of explaining the Fire Dept, to new teachers to Dennis S. I, ARTHELLA H., will my ability to go to school, work, take care of a family, and graduate to Jackie E., and the ability to skip class with the principal's permission to Steve B. I, KATHY H., do will my position as the only girl in Physics to anyone who thinks they can stand it and my good times in E.H.S. to my little sisters, Joyce and Lennie. I, MIKE H., of sound mind will my tremendous abilities of being the biggest nothing in E.H.S. there ever was, to anyone who wants to fill this fine rewarding experience. I, MARY JO H., will my bottle of Excedrin to next year's Annual Editor. I, STEVE J., will some luck to T. J., I also will E.H.S to the state of Okla. May God have mercy on their souls. I, DAVID J., will the job of superintendant of E.H.S. to Colonel Shafer who does her best to run the school, and to myself a one way ticket to Farmington. I, RONNIE J., do hereby bequeath my body and soul to Mrs. Debra Jones; and the auditorium to A. C. and B. C. I, MARY ANN K., will the ability to live nearby a guy for 2 years, go riding around with him, have long phone conversations, and regular visits from him to anyone who can do all this and still be his girl's best friend. I, DUSTY L. , will to R. B. my chair and base trombone in band, and to V. S. a lot of luck since she will need it. I, RICKY L., will my position on the basketball team to R. M. or D. K., and to the underclassmen the ability to withstand a few more years of E.H.S. I, ED L., will this school to who ever wants it; also my chair in the office to Ricky W. and David M. Last my memory to Faye C. I, LARRY L,, will all my good times in E.H.S. to my little brother, and all my bad times to Lonnie D. and David B. I, CHARLOTTE M., will the position of choir accompanist to anyone who has the patience; the mustang to Rodney so he can sneak to Hobbs more often and all my good times in E. H.S. to Gaines. I, MARK Me., will all the time left on the clock to anyone who will need it to get out of this prison, and also the girls back to their pig farms in Iowa. I, DEANA M., will to Ruthie R. my senior good grades, and her to P. D. I, RICK M., hopefully of sound mind and body, do hereby will to my little brother my stick that 1 have used during my high school carrer to fight the girls off with, (after 4 years it's still like new). I, CLINT N., will my ability to stay out of (bad) trouble all through high school to David M. and Ricky W. I, BARBARA O., do hereby will to Shauna G. the ability to make it through her senior year while her boyfriend is at Eastern, and to Pam and Debbie my position as "Chef'' at die D.Q. I, BART P., will my fabulously well developed "bod" to Kathy G., my '55 Chevy to my little brothers Jerry and Stevfe; my '71 football season managing career to "Kinky" C. M. and my good times in E.H.S. to J. G. I, JOHN P., will to the underclassmen E.H.S. I, MIKE P., will all of my abilities to get thrown in JAIL for being wasted and for getting run home every night by H. D. for being out past curfew to W. T. and D. K. I, VICKIE P., will to Merlyn C. great times and a well planned future. To J. P., S. H., and D. P. I will all the great times I've had in E.H.S. To Derlynn I will the school, I am finished with it. I, ROSA P., am willing E.H.S. to my sister and my model car to "Bones" A. I, RAY R., will one case of nutriment to Mrs. Medlin, and a case of Metrical to Mrs. Cumutt. I, CAM R., will to Mrs. Robinson a perfect English IV class, to Bobby W. arid Mark S. about 6 inches of hair, and me to Belinda L. 25 continued on page 87s4c cCe ftic Highest Honors REX STULTING JOHN PATTERSON MELYNDA GARTMAN High Honors KATHY HAIL High Honors MORRIS GORE (Zuntaai f fixamftta tAc {nqu Uity AtuaUnt ta qua ttaK, ta li tCH. ta twin . . . DanAnraa tun a (a liyAt . . . 'liu t laplocaa untxutA . . . SeUccotlat ptoaa AixtA ta ucAteocmtMt . . . a ut tAa atuaienta orf tatUuf Aceama tAa taauiaaa tamonnata. MARY ANN KLAHR GILBERT CHERRYHOMES MIKE COLBORN TOMMY GRAVES ANDREA AZBILL STEVEN JAMES MARY WYNNE 27 RONALD GROGAN“Seat D%e ed, MIKE HARVEY MARY ANN CABBINESS TfUtt s4tAUtic MARY WYNNE JAMES WARD ’TKoat SfUn£tect DORIS EVANS JACKIE BLANCETT “Scat 4U DAVID JONES BILLIE ANN BRINKLEY “Seat KATHY BISHOP MIKE COLBORN 28"THoct to Succeed STEVEN JAMES KATHY HAIL 7V6o TfCoet intelligent MARY ANN KLAHR REX STULTING TKoet 'pnieucdtf RHONDA BETCHER RICK MEYERS Utoot ‘SacA ul RICKY LANGLEY LINDA BUSBY Tltoct 0p yu ct ul MARK McCASLAND SHIRLEY FLETCHER 29 cteAt Smite ‘Styye t splint Paula Alvin Kay Mike Shanks Brown Burns Patterson 7 lc tc t Barbara Odum Ray Grayson 0?%O4t oevi teeue Charlotte Bill Magee Siddall Witty Karen Tommy Hunter Graves 30JUNIORSSecretary ALANA USENER Reporter 'DONA GLADDEN President PAUL TIPPS Treasurer JANIS MARTIN Vice-President DOUG MOORE petition, O tcenAJimmy Dusty Dors Albert Alexander Allen Anguiano Armendarez Steve Ricky Darrell Susan Brooks Broom Caperton Chambers Adon Harold Deaion Gayla Linda Mildred Chamble Clegg Colborn Cooper Cottrell Cox Merlyn Pam Karen Paul Coy Crowell Culver DeLozier 33Paulette Shauna Gladden Goodman Wesley Goodman Humberto Grado Hugh G regory Chester Dianne Pedro Santos Pam Grogan Grogan Gutierrez Gutierrez Hahn Joyce Debbie Jeff Kevin Hail Haile Harbour Harris JU -V Keith Havins 34 Alma Hearrell Thelma Hearrell Mark Henderson Velma Hines Debbie Hobbst Gene Mike Sherry Ricky Sandy Hopkins Jones Jones Jordon Langston Rose Lee Janis Rosa Ben Lininger Mallett Martin Martinez, McCasland Mary Ricky Mark David Doug McDonald McLean Miller Mitchell Moore Tommy Cynthia Mike Mike Debbie Parker Pierce Prater Pruitt Reese Ruth Ritz Cynthia Roberts Yolanda Ruiz James Rusk Becky RuskDonald Lynn Dennis Julia Shanklin Sims Sissel Smith Jackie Pat Teresa Stoffer Stoffer Stover Mark Stacy Sheila Stubbefield Larry Swartz Mary Bonnie Templeton Tipps Paul Alana Tipps Usener Derlynn Nina Ricky Wade Webb Wells Julia Wickham 36 Jacquie Willson Sandy Whitaker Patsy Wooten Bobby WrightSofeAotnene LONNIE BROWN Vice-President 38 BECKY OLDS Treasurer DEBI MORSEY President PAM HYE Secretary KAREN DORITY ReporterDaina Allen Lisa Azbill Lisa Theresa Judy Barteet Betcher Bishop Tommy Lonnie Kay Sheri Black Brown Broom Brown Donald Danna Bruce Dianna Bobbie Callaway Canafax Cherryhomes Courtney Criswell Gary Beverly Evelyn Jennifer Criswell Culver Culver Davis Monica Mark June Gary Davis Dean Deck Deck 39Lynn Karene Hal Jackie Ray Ronnie Dickey Dority Elless Evans Evans Evans Rex J anice Perry Fisher Foreman Frazier Jan Hector Vester Gore Grado Grogan David Kent Skyla Hamrick Harless Harris Sharon Theresa Patty Anita Wayne Kathy Hawthorne Hawthorne Hegwood Hopkins Huffman Hunter 40Pam Hye Tin James Harvey Roy Danny Kathy jarvis Johnston Kellum Key Royce Angie Danny Klahr Landeros Lester Barbie Rodney Paula Lynch Magee Martinez Debbie Leonard Cindie McDonald McGriff McLean Carol Charlie Debi Johnny Becky Jerry Meridyth Moore Morsey Noble Olds Parker 41Eva Patterson Guy Pearce Kim Purdy Kathy Jody Ricky Vickie Sandra Shade Stoffer Stoffer Stover Stulting Pam Ammie Pauline Walter Mark Teer Templeton Tivis Tonge Woodell David Joyce Guy Kay Gail Walser Williams Wink Wylie Young 42u u President DANNY ARMENDAREZ Reporter JOLENE MASON Vice-President PAM CLARK Treasurer JANICE EARHART Secretary DEBBIE GLOVERSarah Anderson Kenneth Arington Alfredo Danny Armendarez Armendarez Dianne Bachman Alan Baker Robbie Baker Billy Carta Kendal Bean Blankenship Bond John Branin Dina Bums David Busby Scott Burton Corliss Cash Diane Charo Pam Clark Becky CulverAndy Dittemore Lonnie Dunlap Janice Earhart Fred Ferbrache Debbie Mike Kathy Glover Goins Gore Alvesa John Lennie Grado Grayson Hail Hugh Redona Harbour Harper Holly Sherry Barbara Billy Henderson Henson Hines Hodges Karon Hawthorne 46Kathy Richard Hooper Hutton Donnie Gary Johnston Johnston Linda David JoLene Landreth Mallet Mason Janet Mitchell Susan Mitchell John Moffatt Greg Myers Mary Noyes Judy Patton Claiborne PearsonCrill Steve Janet Kenny Pearson Prater Pruitt Purdy Elizabeth Robert Billy Lissa Radcliff Rice Richardson Ritz Terry Teer Greg Rodgers G eorge Rowley Juanita Ruiz L. T. DuVane Templeton Usener Jody Robert Wade Wallach David Stan Judy Wickham Willson Wright 4850 4Cvi imw s .s. Mce s4 t tSenior 0?av Ute6 ‘PtutCa 'TH mA ’THc za ukI 52Cu«ityi 'pawitteA Do ta (fl "Douy. TfCooneS rfi6 HH yie 'pawuteA fl ZK (foie 'WeUten 7o tyef '?%e 6 K ZK @lc144 '? xwvute Utl 'Pe t o $ dtH 55(ZAee “fccet and u Atte. frfAt «dtA miyAt. victory frr tAio yame toniyAt . . . freedom to coin. freedom to fryAt. and freedom to do toAoteoea to li At . . . 'PromotinecAool spirit. Aeiny fr endty to all, alantyo utorAiny to tend tAe otndento i AacAiny tAe team . . . TVerAiny Aand, practicing tony Aouxa. alcoaye cvorAiny tuitA a epinit competition . . . SAouto 4 victory, tear oj defrat. expreooiono Aappineoo and frelinyo of oadneoo . . . "pxeedom to iooet tAe team to fryAt. freedom fr% one and alt. 56  uhmUl SetcAvi “Paula, S6om6a 0Kat «t “Sittofi 'Kay SunuA Sandy £a y4tou 57"S" 7etUK (?Aeenle denA Skyla Harris Theresa Betcher Jan Gore 7ccuk @6eenle den Lisa Barteet 58 Terry Teer Janet Mitchell Kathy Gore Susan Mitchell Crill Pearson'Kitty "Tfti ie @oMlonK KatAy 'poot aU 59ANITA KIM HOPKINS PURDY SUSAN MITCHELL 0p'vcA mett STAN WILLSON PAULA DUSTY SHANKS LANDRETH KEVIN flu U yUl BOBBY HARRIS WRIGHT0?CtKy 7o t tty 2uecK 1R,6a uCa, encfoi a 6et alC 61THERESA JOHNNY BETCHER NOBLE ALVESA GRADO DANNY ARMENDAREZ KAY BURNS SeHCtyvA RICKY LANGLEY SHAUNA flutU lA’ GOODMAN JIMMY ALEXANDER 62 "ityaCCotve t ( oetnt 2uee t Utituz Tfoetten, 'Kitty “TfCanA itye utenAo t Settion Sofi£o t ie ?%e tnen CHARLOTTE MATT JUDY MARK PAM MAGEE GARY BISHOP WOODELL CLARK BILLY HODGES‘TfOl. ZKct S.'fty.S. Uvi StUte 64ORGANIZATIONS■ ‘P'le ideMt — ‘7?£ vi6 'JTtilte't Secnetany — “Sciite ‘S'tctt ley 07 ecuuncn- — Steve flame ‘P'leettCettt 7omm f “Panderi Student (Zouucct O icen 66fJuMt t efyie eMtatioe Leo Dittemore Gloria Gibson Keith Havins Gayla Cooper S ft6o tuyie e eMtative- Alvesa Grado Billy Hodges Andrew Dittemore Linda Landreth Sent i efne e tt ztcve Mary Ann Cabbiness Karen Hunter Mike Colborn Tommy Graves Danny Kellum Walter Tongue Janice Foreman Pauline Tivis 67'H tUo caC 'ZSohox Society SPONSORS: Mr. Curnutt, Mr. Tanner, Mrs. Gary, Mrs. Shanks, Mrs. Durham, MEMBERS: S. James G. Cherryhomes, M. Gary, R. Stulting, J. Patterson, D. Moore, T. Parker, L. Dittemore, K. Hail, D. Quick, M. Gartman, P. Hahn, S. Langston, S. Goodman, R. Jordan, P. Shanks, J. Willson, D. Bachman, C. Fourier, R. Lininger, M. Klahr President REX STULTING Vice-President SHAUNA GOODMAN 68 Secretary- Treasurer ROSE LININGER Reporter MARY ANN KLAHR ?■ 7.s4. SPONSOR: Mrs. Shanks MEMBERS: D. Reese, A. Usener, S. Goodman, J. Martin, J. Davis, V. Stover, D. Haile, G. Young, D. Wade, D. Gladden, L. Cottrell, K. Harris, A. Azbill, T. Stover, P. Wooten, R. Martinez, P. Hahn, C. Fourier, P. Hye, P. Tivis, S. Stulting, L. Azbill REPORTER Teresa Stover PRESIDENT SECRETARY Linda Cottrell pam Hahn VICE-PRESIDENT Crystal Fourier TREASURER Dona Gladden PARLIAMENTARIAN Patsy Wooten 69SPONSOR: Mr. Akers. MEMBERS: L. Mallet, D. Trull, M. Patterson, E. Locke, B. Armendarez, L. Baker, H. Gregory, D. Allen, E. Shanks, J. Hail, A. Branin, K. Hail, G. Moberly, D. Quick, L. Busby, P. Wooten, J. Willson, V. Patton, M. Coy, P. Stoffer, P. Holmes, J. Smith Vice-President President MIKE PATTERSON DON TULL This D. E. Club offers the student vocational understanding, civic consciousness, social intelligence, and leadership development. The students are challenged to participate in state and nationally sponsored contests such as public speaking, display, job application, merchandise information manuals, and others and will receive recognition for projects well done. Sweetheart • Secretary MERLYN COY JACQUIE WILLSON 70 SftOsttA l @Cc{ MEMBERS: P. Frazier, M. Henderson, D. Massingale, D. Armendarez, M. Goings, L. Brown, L. Ditter-more, Mrs. Medlin - Sponsor, P. Tivis, J. Mitchell, M. Klahr. K. Key, P. Hye, S. Hunter, K. Dority, L. Hail, E. Shanks, P. Martinez, Y. Ruiz, A. Landeros, J. Davis, J. Gore, S. Brown, J. Foreman, D. Reese, S. Jones, S. Fletcher, L. Azbill, K. Harris, L. Anguino, L. Landreth, D. Anguiano Vice-President PERRY FRAZIER Treasurer SUSAN HUNTER Secretary-Reporter ELAINE SHANKS President SHIRLEY FLETCHER 71 WKlScience SPONSORS: Mr. Tanner, Mrs. Durham, Mr. Dittemore MEMBERS: M. Gary, R. Roper, M. Woodell, L. Biown, R. Stulting, P. Hahn, L. Dittemore, J. Davis, P. Wooten, C. Fourier, M. Wynn PRESIDENT Leo Dittemore SECRETARY Mary Wynn V. PRESIDENT Keith Havins4 UUr aud “SotfA State 07o Kf tyuxveA San vuz CcCu k Rex StuCtcny TtttVUf s4k C (? £4iH€44 Steve (JcUiteA Staters (eon t£e meaning otf eUmocxa t . 731st Alternate - Andrea Azbill Representative - Melynda Gartman 2nd Alternate - Debbie Woolley 0i%O4Me KCi6e't MELYNDA GARTMAN 'DauyfaenA t£e s4 nentca t evoCutio RICHARD SHANKS, DirectorSeventy A. Azbill, K. Gore, K. Mclean, L. Azbill, J. Grayson, L. Landreth, L. Dittemore, D. Doyal, L. Ritz, R. Broom, D. Trull, R. Grayson, H. Jarvis, B. Olds, J. Harbour, S. James, G. Cherryhomes, B. Cherry-homes, A. Chamblee 'U41H Julie Wickham Rosa Martinez Bruce Ronnie Donnie Cherryhomes Jones Trull Ricky Dennis Adon Broom Doyal Chamblee 76 Dxu k CYNTHIA PIERCE D%U K ’TfcO'j l MARY JO HECK 0?Mtunc 07cu tlcn, VuUh4U Tfal cot RHONDA BOLLES DORIS EVANS 77(Z ldiKal t7fC rtc6iKy, zhcC ’WCai viette GLORIA GIBSON PAULETTE GLADDEN Head Majorette VICKIE STOVER SMS. KAY BROOM NINA WEBB 78ROGER BAKER, DirectorTfCtuOttyal A. Azbill, M. Gary, J. Smith, P. DeLozier, D. Bachman, D. Colborn, G. Rodgers, C. Roberts, P. Hahn, B. Brinkley, D. Sissel, R. Lineger, D. Burns, K. Harless Sextet 80 CHARLOTTE MAGEE, Acc. Sherry Jones Melynda Gartman Andrea Azbill Rose Lininger Bonnie Tipps Jacquie Willson70Coden t TfCuaic 'Wfauten . SPONSORS: Mr. Baker, Mr. Shanks. MEMBERS: C. Roberts, S. James, T. Parker, R. Grayson, L. Dittemore, G. Cherryhomes, C. Pierce, K. Hunter, B. Brinkley, P. Hahn, M. Gartman, J. Willson, S Jones, M. Gary, A. Azbill, D. Colbom, R. Lininger, B. Tipps. Pledges not shown: D. Bachman, C. Baucum, R. Bolles, D. Doyal, G. Gibson, A. Chamblee, R. Martinez, J. Smith, D. Trull, S. Sissel. President MATT GARY Vice-President RAY GRAYSON Secretary - Treasurer MARY JO HECK Historian CINDY ROBERTS 7A ie tA mucA to Ac ycUttecC faott cut vuzl eMtevtoUtutieHt.. .a me teupe corner tAnauyA fao tt tAe fane tAc up tAat acwvouhcC ud . z teceA ittf fan, tAe irnfmevetteHt oun tU uC .0?oetfai£C rty HHeco u t frDUSTY PAULA LANDRETH SHANKS KIM ANITA PURDY HOPKINS BOBBY KEVIN WRIGHT HARRIS 4tteKcUiHt s4tte uC ZKt STAN SUSAN WILLSON MITCHELL 83' X4 et z££ 84RICKY LANGLEY KAY BURNS JIMMY SHAUNA ALEXANDER GOODMAN S%. s4tte tcUutt SafiA. 4tte uUutt JOHNNY THERESA NOBLE BETCHER s4tteKdciKt 4ttetd ZKt DANNY ALVESA ARMENDAREZ GRADO •5Special s4U State 'peotAall MATT GARY MIKE HARVEY f4U State (tyein, ANDREA AZBILL CINDIE ROBERTS DeLANE BACHMAN DEAION COLBORN MATT GARYTvau I, ELAINE S., do hereby will my nickname of "Hughy" back to Hugh G., and the two birds in Mr. Akers closet to Pete and "Birdie" - if they can find a way to get them again. I, PAULA S., will a box of "Cheeze-itz" to the "B" Team Cheerleaders, so they can have another "crumby" night of sleep on over-night trips and to my sisters all the fun I've had in E.H.S. I, BILL S., do hereby will a box of plaster of Paris to Paul T. so he can make his own casts and a good Sr. year to any Jr. smart enough to have one. I, JOAN S., will to all future students of E. H.S. the determination and love of life to be a part of everything in E.H.S. I, JOHN S., will my Playboy image (just the image, not the magazines) to Walter T., the beer-drinkers of E.H.S. to Hal Dew for his entertainment and delight, the girls of E.H.S. to the Viet Cong, and E.H.S. to Hee Haw. I, REX S., being of unstable mind and body do hereby will my basketball suit and place on the team to Rodney M., and Reggie B. I, DONNIE T., will my good times at E.H.S. and my ability to run around during all my classes to my little brudder B. J. "Dud, ” and the greatest people in the world, those of E. H.S., to anybody that is lucky enough to meet them like I did. I, JAMES W., completely sound-minded, hereby will my ability to foul a man the best I can to Ricky J.; also all the good ties in E.H.S. I, DEBBIE W., will my inability to spell to D. R. J. the II. Senl iA 7f cut UKVi and fUayf CJJZT 87Dear Students Throughout this book you will view the activities of the students for the year 1970-71. The faces in the pages are familiar because one meets them daily in the halls. We have been with these faces and the personalities behind them through the current year and it is time to be separated from them for a few months or perhaps permanently. And so, the CARDINAL has provided you, the students, with a graphic record of the faces to maintain the ties you have established. To a dedicated sponsor, Mr. Tucker, and to the members of the staff, I say a grateful, heartfelt, thank you. Without die help of the entire crew, this book would not have reached your hands. I now present the 1971 CARDINAL, with the hope you will read and enjoy it now and in future years. Sincerely Editor STEVEN JAMES DoKHie 7xu(t Odu t tucOieti s4yfa(t DecUoK (? x( yiH0Kaxf “SunnA TttelcfHtCa tfantMtfiH ■f THatt (friruf Sfanletf 'pUtcfoi 90 (fyanlotte TtCayeeATHLETICS92 46 ‘ffyatcA- 25 ?4 SeayxaoeA 22 0 PonttUed 20 20 l OK “tfy lK 20 2 aoutytoK 35 6 Tftc UKecp 22 20 ?t. Su Mten ?2 0 Setuyuxved 22 2 4CfUtte 40 ?6 20 Ttteetiny cAaltenyed Acad-on coitA aU oned aiitittf . . . 'Ixylnj fax tAc dcAool, fax tAe team, fax ail tAode faiendd . . . 4 moment o£ anticipation . . . and . . . "ZAe faued Aid cAailenyexd dquaxe f. txylny Aaxd . . . Coaches BUDDY BELL HOWARD MORAN ROBERT TANNER 7i finy, win ox (ode, alwapd txyin?. 93 “7Ald id a Santee 'axdinal atAlcte . .MIKE COLBORN 3 yr. Letterman Def. End MATT GARY 1 yr. Letterman Tackle WILLIE GRADO 2 yr. Letterman Def. End 94RAY GRAYSON 2 yr. Letterman Center DUSTY LANDRETH 2 yr. Letterman Guard MIKE HARVEY 3 yr. Letterman Tackle LARRY LORD 2 yr. Letterman Def. End CLINT NEWMAN 2 yr. Letterman Fullback 95MARK HENDERSON 2yr. Letterman Guard REGGIE BAKER 2 yr. Letterman Quarterback RICKY JORDAN 1 yr. Letterman Quarterback 96DAVID MITCHELL TOMMY PARKER MARK MILLER Tri- Captains: ALVIN BROWN MIKE COLBORN MIKE HARVEY Having see action: DANNY KELLUM - Def. Back LEO DITTEMORE - Guard RICKY WELLS SANDY WHITAKER BOBBY WRIGHT 97THoMOyenA BART PARKER CHARLIE SW Off. SW CLINT NEWMAN 'rty nuyia6lc TfcctttioH- 4ll State MOORE MIKE HARVEY SANDY WHITAKER WILLIE GRADO REGGIE BAKER Seat T ei- SacA edt T e£. tKC HOM 98 ALVIN BROWN MIKE HARVEYCOACH MORAN S’ " 7e COACH TANNER TOP LEFT: M. Woodell, P. Erdwurm, J. Scarborough, D. Lester, R. Stoffer, L. Dittemore, R. Roper, C. Moore, H. Grado, H. Grado, L. Brown, R. Klahr, K. Purdy, D. Kellum COACH HATLEY ' 6 lea MGR. TEMPLETON TOP LEFT: A. Dittemore, D. Armendarez, D. Busby, B. Hodges, B. Bean, R. Baker, J. Grayson, L. Dunlap, M. Gongs, K. Purdy, D. Usener, S. Willson, W. McLean, A. Cruz, R. Wallach, J. Meridyth, J. Bentle, B. Richardson 99100COACH BENNY JONES COACH LEE LEONARD MIKE PATTERSON RICK MYERSREX STULTING Senior All State Tournament All District JAMES WARD Senior All State Tournament All District MIKE HARVEY Senior All District 102 DAVID JONES Senior All State TournamentMIKE COLBORN Senior 29 7V£ u 2 044€6 WILLIE GRADO Senior RICKY LANGLEY Senior 103RICKY JORDAN J unior DOUG MOORE J unior 104 PAT ERDWURM J unior REGGIE BAKER JuniorCOACH LEONARD g" “7m k J. Scarborough, J. Alexander, P. Erdwurm, D. Mitchell, W. Tonge, D. Kellum, H. Grado, H. Grado, R. Magee, R. Wells, R. Baker, J. Noble, W. Goodman, S. Whitaker, M. Jones COACH CASEY G. Meyers, R. Wallach, R. Baker, D. Busby, D. Armendarez, B. Bean, D. Massingale, C. Pearson, D. Usener, R. Hutton, M. Prater, J. WadeHis First and Last Trophies 107 V znAity ZAe zlC COACH CASEY S" '7e K TOP LEFT: T. Parker, W. Goodman, D. Mitchell, J. Alexander, P. Erdwurm, R. Baker, W. Tongue, D. Hamrick, R. Johnston, M. Prater, C. Robbins, R. Magee, B. Parker, M. Patterson 108MGR. RILEY COACH JONES MIKE WEBB State MIKE COLBORN MIKE HARVEY DAVID JONES REX STULTING BOB COLBORN 109DICKIE HAYES GREG TRAMMELL MARK WHITAKER 110 'p'ttA lHteK COACH ROACH COACH TANNER MGR. MOORE TOP LEFT: Coach Tanner, R. Stoffer, H. Grado, R. Klahr, H. EHess, D. Kellum illWEIGHT MEN R. Moore M. Gary P. Guitterrez r r JrS BROAD JUMP R. Crowell HIGH JUMP C. Newman J. Ward R. Jordan HUDLERS L. Lord J. Ward D. Landreth MILE RELAY D. MOORE R. Crowell U. Skinner D. Wright MEDLEY RELAY A. Brown D. Doyal G. Cherryhomes C. Newman BROAD JUMP D. Shanklin 112DISTANCE MEN TOP LEFT: B. Armendarez, S. James, D. Doy-al, S. Guiterrez, L. Dittemore, R. Berry 440 YARD DASH TOP LEFT: P. Guitterrez, A. Brown, L. Lord, U. Skinner, D, Landreth, D. Moore, R. Crowell 440-880 RELAY TOP LEFT: R. Crowell, D. Wright, U. Skinner, D. McCall D. Kellum Goes Up And Over! SPRINTERS TOP LEFT: D. McCall, D. Wright, W. Skinner, R. Crowell, G. Cherryhomes, D. Shanklin, J. Miller 113114 7c k SPONSOR: Cathy Webb, P. Tipps, J. Drew, D. Lester, J. Standefer, N. Webb, K. Harris, S. Jones, J. Hail, K. Hail, L. Brown, D. Sis-sel, D. Callaway JOHN STANDEFER Senior KATHY HAIL Senior JEFF DREW Senior CATHY WEBB SponsorPAUL TIPPS Junior KEVIN HARRIS SHERRY JONES J unior J unior NINA WEBB Junior JOYCE HAIL J unior DONALD CALLAWAY Sophomore LONNIE BROWN Sophomore DANNY LESTER Sophomore 116$ s4.s4. 3 su etfctfC TOP LEFT: S. Goodman, J. Martin, K. Key, B. Olds. M. Davis, P. Crowell, L. Barteet, A. Grado, D. Hobbs, R, Harper, V. Stover, K. Broom, D. Evans, J. Bishop, G. Cooper, D. Gladden, H. Henderson. A. Landeros, K. Dority, G. Young, P. Martinez, S. Stulting, L. Azbill SfKU OutAtAHtcUt it Roberta Shafer 117{ JUNIOR HIGHIt is indeed a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of a school comprised of such a wonderful student body. May each of you take advantage of the educational opportunities available to you with the realization that your future will in no doubt be shaped to some degree by how well you have learned your lessons today. To an excellent and dedicated staff, please accept my thanks for the excellent job you have done. Congratulations to the annual staff and especially to Mr. Tucker for the hours of hard work he has given in past years in guiding and assisting annual staffs to turn out such excellent annuals. Da tyuMt t ‘ttyiqd. 'Principal Secnctantf 120 RUTH SISSELROGER BAKER Chorus O. BARTHOLOMEW Social Studies BUDDY BELL Boy’s P. E. J. D. BROWN Shop SYLVIA BROWN Math J. E. EARHART Science MARION GARY Home Ec. WALLY GOODMAN Math CATHY GRAY Girls' P.E. acuity STELLA HASSLER English LEE LEONARD Science GLADYS PATTERSON Special Education R. SHANKS Band ROSEMARY WILDMAN Reading 121JOE tyuute HERRERA SUSAN GLADDEN Pi" p ooitte Seventh uuCe SUSIE ROWLEY SCOTTY VINSON Sixt6 tyuute BRUCE ELIZABETH WALLACH MITCHELL 122tyieute O iceno PRESIDENT 8-1 Byron Brinkley 8-2 Kenny Grayson 8-3 Billy Thrash VICE-PRESIDENT George Heady Susan Gladden Joy Smith SECRETARY Sherry Pennington Belinda Lee Brenda Massey REPORTER Anna Martinez Kenny Jones Tloe ww tAe cKtelltyeuce you blue W telceoe ck younoel attcC cuAat you u ie cCochj. tyou cuk xeucA zl toot any youl you oet foi younoefy. ( oufoCeKce iu younoefy to tAe foot %eyucrie K€Ht foi aoAceottuy oucceoo ck UKy fold. 123(26eentetuten Susie Rowley Dana Terrell Kim Baucum Belinda Lee Susan Gladden Jane Anguiano Tina Anguiano Paula Baker Kim Baucum Pat BeU Joe Cathy Dale Steven Sharon Bentle Berryman Bettis Bishop Bond Byron Kellie Joyce Melanie Brinkley Brown Carmack Carver Arturo Richard Joyce Dorann Collins Courtney Cox Cruz 124 Richard Shanks, Director Roy Cruz I Billy Dickie Johnny Ann Susan Curtis Flowers Gartman Gary Gladden Rosemary Wildman, Acc. Roger Baker, Director 125Jim Goodman Robert Henderson Kenny Sheila Edward Grayson Gregory Grogan J°e Ricky Herrera Hobbs Helen Guerra George Heady Timmy Danny Hucks Jeter Kenny Jones Larry Langley Belinda Mike Lee Leonard uxde 'poot zCC COACH LEONARD Mgr. Grayson Injured QB - R. Hobbs 126Zt i uute '3 z4 et z£t Mgr. Jones Coach Tanner Mgr. Langley Audrey Gaines Jeannie Anna Brenda Mike Locke Magee Man Martinez Massey Mathis Wesley Brenda Sandra Deborah Gil McLean Miller Moore Noel Olds Donita Sheny Joann Debra Patton Pennington Pilcher Richardson 127 Coach Hatley Clay Lulline Cindy Kent carl Joy Robertson Shanklin Sherrill Shirley Smith Smith Randall Cynthia Justin Danny Bobby Billy Spicer Stoffer Stoffer Terrell Thomison Thrash Pamela Gloria Tommy Jonnie Donna Turner Westbrook Williams Willson Wilson 128ill nil 11 r;: on i 7t t tfaade PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY REPORTER 7-1 Joey Harvey Marla Purdy Sue Zann Graves Bucky Smith 7-2 Mitch Cooper Vivian Sims Jo Ann Gtado Paul Jones 7-3 David Cottrell Dean Crowell Kathy Laing Scott Vinson David Anderson Celia Margarita Anguiano Armendarez Jane Ashmore Q k Melanie Chris Atkinson Barteet 129Deborah Gary Don Kenneth Harvey Christa Kathryn Barber Blevins Boyd Branin Brown Bruce V I V Larry Busby Treva Canafax Lisa Cayce Howard Chapman Cloe tilde Charo Ranee Colborn Mitch David Dean Grant Terry Willie CooPer Cottrell Crowell Culver Darnell Dean Patty Randy Pam Michael Maurice Nacather Dittemore Dorse tt England Flynn Gardner Gardner Jo-Ann Grado- Elvira Guerra Kathy Glover Minerva Sue Zann Grado Graves Terry Goforth 1307t6 tytfute SclA et aCC Coach Moran David Joey Jeff Valerie Tony Peggy Guiterrez Harvey Heck Henderson Hernandez Hines Lea Ann Hodges Richard Jackson Donna Johnson David Jones Paul Jones Vickie Langford Steve Langley Lexie Lehrmann Burt Kellum 131George Mike Brenda Jacqueline Glen Comelis Locke Lord Mallett Marks Martin Martinez Martha Martinez Steve Prather Jill Lucy McCasland Moffatt John Jane Rose Mary Morsey Olds Ortiz Cynthia Robertson 132 Cathy Webb, CoachSusie Charles Scott Cindy Vivian Rowley Rusk Shade Shanks Sims Bucky Patty Tami Ronald Doris Dana Smith Smith Stewart Stover Templeton Terrell Brenda Kathy Scott Danny Debbie Thrash Tivis Vinson Wooten Yeager 1336t£ (faute O icen PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY REPORTER 6-1 Russell Lee Robert Meridyth Elizabeth Mitchell 6-2 Howard Ziegler Margaret Branin 6-3 Debbie Thompson Jeff Casey Jim Bob Evans Kathie Johnson Jenny Robert James Jimmy Sherry Jeff Arm end are z Armendarez Barber Barber Bettis Billingsley 134Margaret Karen Allen Bruce Jeffrey Robert Branin Broom Bums Carver Casey Courtney Gary Jackie Jerry Cindy Ricky John Coy Criswell Cruz Culver Curtis Earhart Richard Jim Bob Laura Mark Mike Matthew England Evans Faulkner Fisher Foreman Frazier Scott Gail Gladden Goforth Debbie Joan William Gome Graham Graham Trelba Hail Donna Karen Virgil Caroline Tommy Kathie Henson Hooper Hunter Jackson Jeter Johnson 1356t i tyuuCe Scucd Richard Shanks, Director Twila Barbara Gayle Russell Raymond Johnston Kirby Langley Lee Lewallen Bart Mike Jay Jo Ann Jiggs Lynch Manley Martin Mason Mathis Kenneth Kimberly Robert Jane Elizabeth McDonald Medlin Meridyth Mesa Mitchell 136Frances Anita Martin Terri Lana Mitchell Ortiz Pena Pennington pike Johnnie Ramona Charles David Kennith Gregory Pilcher Reed Rhodes Roper Shade Sanner Nelson Gary David Kevin Mike Shanklin Sherrill Shields Shirley Simpson 6t i tfaide (tyonuA 137 Roger Baker, DirectorDeborah Becky Thompson Thrash Bobby Mike Billy Charles Bruce Ann Thrash Threatl Trull Vaughn Wallach Webb Mike Cindy Beckie Dianna Wells Whitaker Whitehead Wilson Debbie Richard Leeta Howard Winker Yeager Young Ziegler 138Goal for the seventies - "that no one shall be leaving our school without the skill and the desire necessary to read to the full limits of his capability." StetueKtawf 'PfuHccfrai 140 BOBBIE HELEN MILLERMARY JO AGNES OPAL GLORIA MURL RICKY HAMRICK SHEPHERD tucker EARHART HAMMOND HATLEY 5th Grade 5th Grade 5th Grade 4th Grade 4th Grade 4 th Grade SCetHetfantf Picture Not Available BLANCHE FRANKLIN 3rd Grade ARLENE GIBSON Sp. Reading JACKIE HAVINS 3rd Grade BARBARA OSBORN 3rd Grade LENOIR HARBOUR 2nd Grade VERA INGRAM 2nd Grade faculty MARY ROSALIE YELL Akin 2nd Grade 1st Grade FRANCES CATON 1st Grade NADYNE GARTMAN 1st Grade DOROTHY SHIELDS Kindergarten MARGERY FLOWERS K. Aide 141 Richard Shanks, Director TfCuAtC tytacU fain Roger Baker, Director M2OPAL TUCKER Teacher Janice Sammy Ricky Patty Ranae Bishop Blevins Bradfield Brown Burns Vivian Cates Scot Mary Kay Jimmy Tommy Fourier Goodman Graham Gregory Linda Bonnie Johnny Jill Mary Gutierrez Hines Johns Jordan Mathis Dian Meridyth Alan Miller Belinda Pat Robertson Rusk tyuute Sherry Sewell A N jpcr n Kelly Timmy Shanks Stover Larry Walter Westbrook White 143AGNES SHEPHERD Teacher Terry Jolene Batchelor Bayes Bruce Nedra Brinkley Brock Rudy Naomi Randall Janet John Charo Culver Dunn Flowers Goforth Katherine Jerry Lori Hugh Sheril Givens Heady Hendersor. Huddleston Johnston Richard Jimmie D'Ann Locke Marr Martin Kim Richard George Donna Paschall Radcliff Thomas Williams J avier Lenora Martinez Miller 144MARY HAMRICK Teacher Steven Dean Denise Denson Terry Gardner Bambi Guthrie Kevin Hucks Donna Hughes Donna Phyllis Tony Selena Jackson Kellum Leonard Marks Nora Mesh Roger Vicki Morsey Nutter I Timothy Judy Mike Pickeral Ruth Shanklin June Don Janet Smith Spence Staffer PHOTO Nof Avoilabl Mary Ann Testillo 145Beth Nina Leo Vaughn Bishop Blevins Collins Collum Arthur Charlsa Cox Dodd Barbara Kimberly Fourier Fultz Virginia Phillip Gome Hahn Denise Henderson Sammy Debra Todd Hodges Jackson Lord 146 Schaun Marks Rex Morsey Tommy PearsonDena Kristi Connie Rodgers Shirley Welch Emma Terry Judy Anguiano Armendarez Ashmore Mike Baker Tammy Leslie Batchelor Bond Ben Cecilia Garry Branin Castillo Cayce Cathy Frazier 147 David Huddleston Tracy Johnson Kristi LaingJohn Lopez Kelly Stephanie OTCief Prather Lisa Joe Ben Simpson Stigall Roberto Billy Martinez Neeb Kevin Neyman Billy Rhonda Rusk Ruth Beverly Threatt RICKY HATLEY Teacher Dawn White Carl Whittaker Otus Williams Catalina Armendarez 148 Sarah Ashbrook Denise Atkinson Billy Bentle Ricky BryantDavid Castillo Lisa Darryl Cleveland Culver Barbara Teresa Danny Catron Chapman Charo Diane Vickie Green Jamison Steve Roger Jeter Lollar Steve Parker Kenneth Donita Bill Christina Reed Roach Sherrill Testillo 149 Rosie Templeton Carrie Walters Rocky Winker Ricky ZieglerBLANCHE FRANKLIN Teacher photo not available Maria Anderson Sammy Anguiano Tracy Atkinson Greg Debra Blevins Curtis Debra Dominguez Kimberli Laing Kevin Fisher Diana Gibson Tim Gome Diana Lopez David Meridyth Patricia Marr Beth Terry Hamrick Jackson Not Avoilobl Greg Neeb David PaschalVance Smith JACKIE HAVINS Teacher Mark Vinson Gregory Smith Janette Teresa Templeton Thomison Talena Villines Cindy Annette Billy Arington Armendarez Beggs Johnny Castillo Byron Cayce Betty Joe Darnell Faulkner Andrea Juanema Larry prost Huddleston Hummel 151152 Jimmie Rodgers BARBARA OSBORN Teacher Billy Jayme Belinda Stigall Terrell Thrash Lucy Rosemary Robert Albidrez Armendarez Ashmore Norma Belasquez Bobby Atkinson Linda Winker Gina CanafaxBilly Debbie Belinda Ted Carolyn Glenn Hughes Hutto Andy LaDonna Landes Manley Bob Gabriel Chip Vera McCasland Martinez Meyers Radcliff J ohnita Greg David Steven Jana Melody Ray Shoults Teague Tesillo Walters Tinker 153Lenoir Harbour Teacher Lee Elizabeth Raymond June Debra Acy Ashmore Charo Cruz Dominguez Mitchell Rosemary Tracy Dominguez Graham Haley Maomi Kirby Sonya David Lowery Minefee Ernie Montanez Dana OKief Kerry Owings W 'M y t '(M |t V •. ’ 0 ■r Lji l Brett Anita Keena Sanner Shanks Stewart Terry Norma Donal Pickeral Rodriguez Ruth Second tyuute 154 Joanne Teresa Stoffer Tivis Scott Turner VERA INGRAM Teacher Darrell Williams Jonathan Elisa Kimberly Tamara Larry Walker Washburn Wilcox Arington Balsa Brenda Paul Debra Twyla Bates Brister Brock Cramer Mike Janette Gary Mack Freddy Tony Rotanda Dodd Dunn Farris Garigan Guffey Jamison 155Patricia Karen Rhoades Roach Jerry Scarber Jenny Smith Donald Teague Kay Teresa Cynthia Threatt Vaughn Velasquez LaRhonda Clinton James Shannon Sandra Batchelor Boman Bristo Bryant Castillo MARY YELL Teacher 156Diane Valerie Sandra Barbara Lisa Cleveland Fisher Hail Heady Little i Virginia Kenneth Wade Wesley Gino Lopez Lord Mathis McClintock Mendoza Mona Gary Don Jackie Clifford Tammy Murdock CKief Pender Ray Rodgers Kendra Daniel Joyce Doug Jerrie Root Ruth Stoffer Thompson white 157Timothy Patrendia Eddie Arington Bilbo Collins Bobby Debbie Lanita Mark Donna Dominguez Fisher Ford Gardner Gome Lorrie Michael Henson Hodnett Scott Rhonda Theda Larson Lewallen Lewis Kimberly Harris 158Mike Meridyth Pete Pena Sherry Prather Kimberly Yarbrough Brenda Freddy Gloria Jimmie Albidrez Anguiano Armendarez Bilbo Owen Xavier Djuana Bryant Carrillo Chaney Rodney Chapman Lewis Cortez Patrick FaulknerMelody Manley Cathy Rose Johnny McCasland Moore Neeb PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Richard Robertson Alicia Rodriguez Kelly Denise Sharon Darla Sutton Tenison Vaughn Walker NADYNE G ART MAN Teacher Randy Arington Randell Brandy Baker Bayes 160Julie Giles Mary Jimmy Lisa Glenda Hummel Little Marks Martin Amy McClintock James Ronnie Sandra Meridyth Montanez Nunn Joaquin Martinez Roman Pallancs Irene Paul Tommy Rodriguez Rowe White 161DOROTHY MARGERY SHIELDS FLOWERS Teacher Aide 'KuutenycinteK Lucy Ashmore Danny Patti Veronica Corina Epefanio Btisto Canafax Carrillo Charo Cortez Tanya Tammy Dan Carolyn George Tyler Cramer Eaton England Francis Goforth Guthrie Hayley Vickie Martina Sandra Kenneth Wade Guyger Hamrick Hernandez jenks Jones Longnecker 162 Josefine Martinez Ricardo Martinez Joe Mathis Chuck Moore Jana MooreKeith Teresa Marty Steve Regina Karen Mvers Ruth Smith Stevenson Stringer Sutton ! v .. '? o t£ v I i I Id • Velma Rhonda Jason Pena Roach Robinson Juan Doris Benny Rodriguez Teague Vargas Special ScCucatcoK Allen Walters GLADYS PATTERSON Teacher Armando Brenda Linda Armendarez Crossen Crosson joe Vickie Davis Lockes Pamela Mike McDonald Nunn Jackie Kim Radcliff Smith Robert R°y Templeton Templeton 163 164t SunntAe cCoe t toot all HuytKtny s4 claudlasutf doetoit la t all day Ttoae Ufa 4 uny can. Coat s4(l tdl y mu t fraA , all tdlttyA MU4t fcaAA atuay 168 TAYLO J»U»LISHING COMPANYI 

Suggestions in the Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM) collection:

Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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