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  7 £s m2  Sue 0ft e6e'i "STIS'IS” The Lord giveth and tne Lord taketh away; Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21JOE HALL GOLDEN KRUST BREAD Hobbs• KAY HENDRICKSON DORAN CHEVROLET Hobbs 962 s4 t tu £ 2uee t “ytyofieministration oarict £cUccttfto t President D. W. KEY JOHN R. TATE C. H. CONWAY, SPENCER CROW Superintendent KIRBY BLEVINS F. F. HARDISON rs WESTERN AUTO - Hobbs To The Annual Staff and Sponsor: I am aware that you, in addition to a full work load, have given many hours of your time and energy to make possible the publication of an annual of which the Eunice Schools have just cause to be proud. You have done your work well and the rest of us want you to know we are grateful to you for it. I felicitate you on the quality of character that has caused you to place "service above self." Sincerely, C. H. Conway Superintendent of Schools4 Sta££ tutct 0 M t4el n, Supervisor of Special Services MR. E. L. CURNUTT Secretary MRS. AGNES H. STEWART Secretary MRS. RUTH SISSEL t Secretary Counselor MRS. PEGGY HARRIS MRS. LOIS DAUGHTERY School Nurse MRS. COLIN"PiittctfiaC 7tte4 zye Seniors of 1962: May this yearbook serve as a chalice where the many fragrant mem -ories may be kept alive and nurtured, and may it help you hold on to the faith, that while the present days are the good days, tomorrow could be made up of better ones; if we plan correctly. Sincerely, HAHN SCOTT’S LUMBER CO.‘ftyiy l Sc ooC 'pacuCtty MR. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW Band MR. J. D. BROWN Industrial Arts MRS. L. T. BROWN English MR. R. BROWN MRS. M. B. BURT MR. J. C. COOK Mathematics English P. E. - Football Coach MRS. F. CURNUTT Librarian MRS. SUE DURHAM Physical Science - Biology MR. L. B. HARDEN Chorus - SpeechMISS EXAH MASON P. E. MR. CHARLES V. PURSLEY Spanish MRS. JEANNE RICKMAN English MR. VILAS TUCKER Business Education MR. MARTIN WADE MR. JOHN M. WILCOX MISS JANE WOLCOTT Government - History Science Home Economics MR. JOSEPH LANGSTON History - Basketball Coach4'TTtsi. cutcC Section, JOE HALL JEANIE RISINGER NEW MEXICO BANK TRUST COMPANY - Eunic Settton, VICE-PRESIDENT Gail Parrish SECRETARY Bruce Kendrick PRESIDENT James Walker TREASURER Kay Sparkman Mr. Vilas Tucker Mrs. Lila Brown Mr. J. M. WilcoxMIKE ATWOOD Football 1,4, Track 1, Baseball 4, All-State Football. 4, Halloween Escort 4, Who's Who 4, Basketball 1, 3, All-American Honorable Mention Football 4. FREITA BARCLAY Spanish Club 1,2 Newspaper Staff 4. RITA BARCLAY Spanish Club 1, 2, Librarian 4. SHERRY BEADLE Football Attendant 1, Cheerleader 1,3, Spanish Club 1, 2, State Spanish Fiesta 2, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Junior Play, Student Council 4, Girl's State 3, Who's Who 4, Future Teacher 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Academic Senior, A.A.T.S.P. Medal 3. SUE BOAZ Dramatics Club 2,3, Junior Play, Student Teacher 4, Future Teacher 3, Annual Staff 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Football Attendant 4, Newspaper Staff 3, Chorus 1, Operetta 1, Who's Who 4. SHARYN BORMUTH Band 1,2, 3,4, Majorette 1,2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1,2, Horizon Club 1, 2, Freshman Class Beauty 1, Future Nurses of America 1, Student Council 1, 2, Who's Who 4, Annual Queen Candidate 4, Science Club 4, Librarian 1, 2, 3.JIMMY BROWN Football 1, 2,3,4, Honorable Mention 3,4, Track 1, 2, Band 2, 3,4, All-State Marching Band 4, Science Club 3,4, Junior Play, Future Teacher 4, Student Teacher 4, Brass Sextet 3,4, Brass Quartet 4, Student Council 4, Spanish 1,2. SUE BRUNSON Future Teacher 3, Librarian 1,2,3, Spanish Club 1, 2,3, Band 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Science Club 4, Spanish State Fiesta 2,3, A. A. T. S, P. Bronze Medal 2, La Tertulia Award 3, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4, National Merit Semi-Finalist 4, Academic Senior. VICTOR CARLSON JANET COLE Librarian 3,4, Library Club Officer 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, Student Teacher 4. ERVANELL COLLOM Dramatics Club 1,2, Science Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Spanish Fiesta 3, Class Favorite 3, Office Help 4. BILL CONWAY Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Captain 4, All-Southern Honorable Mention 3, All-State Honorable Mention 3, All-State Football 4, Track 3, Band 1, Science Club 1,4, F.T.A. 3,4, Junior Play, Spanish Club 1, Basketball 1.WAYNE FARRIS Basketball 1, Newspaper Staff 2, Operetta 1,2, Chorus 1, 2, Annual Staff 4, Who's Who 4, Yearbook Business Manager. JIMMY GABBARD Football 1, 2,3,4, Football Escort 4, Track 1,2, Basketball Manager 2,3, Science Club 1,4, State Science Fair 1, Class Officer 3. MIKE GLADDEN National Honor Society 3,4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1,2, Baseball 2,3,4, Who's Who 4, All-State Football 4, Class Favorite 1, Junior Play 3, Track 1, Band 1,2, Halloween Escort 1. Spanish Club 1,2, Future Teacher of America 4, Student Council 1,3, Academic Senior 4, Student Teacher 4, Boy's State. TROY GLADDEN Chorus 1, 2,3, 4, Special Voice 1, 4, All-State Chorus 3, Operetta 1.3,4, Christmas Program 1,3,4, JuniorNEIL GOODMAN f Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Captain 4, All-State Football 4, Basketball 1,2, 3, Baseball 2,3,4, Junior Play, Class Officer 1, Student Council 4, Who's Who, National Honor Society 4, Future Teacher 4, Band 1, 2, Most Valuable Back 4, Science Club 4, Spanish Club 1,2, Track 1. NORMA GRAVES Librarian 4, Dramatics Club 3, Chorus 1,2, 3,4, Special Voice 1,2, Operetta 1,2,3,4, Newspaper Staff 4. LARRY GREEN Spanish Club 2, Junior Play, Track 4. MARY GREEN Spanish 2, 3, Librarian 3,4, Student Helper 4. WAYMAN GREEN Football 1,2,3, Track 1.2. 3. All-South Football 3. All-State Football 3, Basketball 3, Football Escort 1, Paper Staff 3. LINDA HAHN Science Club 1,2, Science Fair 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Spanish Club Reporter 3, Spanish Fiesta 3, Dramatics Club 1,2, Future Teacher 4, National Honor Society 4, D. A. R. 4, Academic Senior 4. Who's Who, Annual Staff 4, Student Teacher 4.JOE HALL Football Escort 1, Football 1, Student Council 1, Basketball 2, 3,4, Basketball Escort 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Spanish Club Officer 2, Class Officer 2, Class Favorite 4, Basketball Captain 4, Who's Who 4, Future Teacher 4, Mr. E. H. S. 4. CLIFFORD HARDEN BRENDA HARRELL Cheerleader 2,4, Chorus 1, Operetta 1, Student Council Officer 4, Librarian 4, Football Attendant 3, Newspaper Staff 4, Future Teacher's Club 4, Junior Play, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Who's Who 4. LLOYD HASTY Who's Who 4, Future Teacher of America 4, Junior Play, Track 1,3,4, Science Club 1,2,4, Basketball 1, 2, Band 1,2, Spanish Club 1,2, State Spanish Fiesta 2, Science Fair 1,2. KAY HENDRICKSON Student Council 1, Band 1, Dramatics Club 2, Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Halloween Attendant 3, Junior Play, Miss E. H. S. 4, Who's Who, Basketball Queen 4. LORAN HOPPER Football 1, 2,3,4, Chorus 1, Student Helper 4, Science Fair 3.KENNY HOUSTON Football 1, 2, 3. 4, Band 1.2,3,4, All-State Marching Band 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Junior Play, Science Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 2. RONNY JOHNSON ROBERT JONES Baseball 2,3,4. Band 1.2,3,4, All-State Marching Band 4, All-State Band 4. Brass Sextet 4, Pep Band 4, Class President 2, Class Favorite 2, Spanish Club 1,2, Spanish Club Senor 1, Spanish Club President 2, Who's Who 4. Science Club 4, Future Teacher 4. F. T. A. Vice-President 4, Academic Senior. GLENN KEMP BRUCE KENDRICK Football 1,2, 3, 4, Track 3,4, Junior Play, Class Officer 4, Student Council 1, Who's Who 4, Student Council 1, Who's Who 4, Spanish Club 1,2,3, State Science Fair 2, Science Club 3, 4, Letter of Commend ation. National Merit Scholarship 4, National Honor Society 4, F. T. A. President 4, Academic Senior. JEFFRY KEY Student Council 2, 3, Student Council Officer 3, Class Officer 1, Who's Who 4, Newspaper Staff 3,4, Basketball Escort 2, Band 1, Spanish Club, Junior Play, F. T. A., Football 1,2,3.4. Basketball 1. 2, 3. Track 1.2,3,4, Annual Staff.HOPE LARA Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Secretary 4, Pep Band 4, Class Favorite 1, Spanish Club 1,2, Spanish Club Reporter 1, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Library Club Officer 3. 4, Future Teacher 3,4, Future Teacher Officer 4, National Honor Society 3,4, National Honor Society Secretary 3, Who's Who, D. A. R. Alternate, Annual Queen 4, Junior Play, Academic Senior. CAROL LOYD Chorus 1, Special Voice 1, Operetta 1, Cheerleader 1,2, Basketball Attendant 1, Who's Who 4, Junior Play, Football Queen 4, Annual Queen Candidate 4, Student Teacher 3,4, Dramatics Club 2,3. LINDY LOTT Sand 1, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 3, Track 3, lalloween King 2, Spanish Club 3,4, Science Club 4, tVho's Who 4. RITA GAY LOUY ialloween Princess 1, Chorus 1, Operetta 1, Spanish Club 1, Student Council 1, Basketball Princess 2, News aper Staff 3, 4, Student Nurse 3, Librarian 4, Library Hub Officer 4, Cardinal Chirp Editor 4, Cheerleader 1,2, Junior Play, Dramatics Club 2, 3.BECKIE MARTIN , Band 1,2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3,4, Sextet 3, 4, Operetta 2,3,4, Junior Play 3, Spanish Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Student Teacher 3, Office Help 4, Special Voice 2,3,4, Spanish All-State 2, All-State Chorus 3, Brass Sextet 4. WANDA MARTIN Band 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 1,2, Librarian 1. JAMES MASSEY Spanish Club 3,4, Dramatics Club 3,4, Special Voice 1, 2, 3,4, Quintet 2, 3,4, All-State Chorus 2, 3, 4, Future Teacher 4, Spanish Fiesta 3, 4, Operetta 1,2, 3,4, Junior Play. DEAN MATHIS Band 1,2, 3,4, Chorus 1,2, 3, 4, Drum Major 3,4, Pep Band, Quintet 2,3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3,4, Junior Play, Student Council 1,2,3,4, Student Council President 4, Who's Who, All-State Chorus, 2, 3,4, All-State Marching Band, National Honor Society 3, 4, Brass Sextet, Academic Senior. GAIL PARRISH Librarian 1,2,3, Spanish Club 2, Spanish Senorita 2, Halloween Princess 4, Class Officer 4, Library Club Officer 3, Reporter for F. T. A. 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Junior Play, Operetta 1, Future Teacher 3,4, State Spanish Fiesta 3, Science Club 4, Academic Senior. JEANNIE RISINGER Chorus 1, Operetta 1, Special Voice 1, Band 1,2, Student Council 1,4, Student Council Officer 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Junior Play, Who's Who, Miss Senior 4, Spanish Club Senorita 1.KAY SPARKMAN Spanish Club 1, 2, Spanish State Fiesta 2, Special Voice 1,2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2,3, 4, Sextet 2, 3,4, All-State Chorus 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Who's Who 4, Student Teacher 4. JO ANN STULTING Band 1,2,3,4, Halloween Queen 2, Librarian's Club 2, 3, 4, Officer of Librarian's Club 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Officer of Spanish Club 3, State Spanish Fiesta 2,3, Girl's State, National Honor Society 3,4, F. T. A. 3,4, Science Club 4, All-State Band 2, 3,4, Academic Senior, National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4, Operation Future 3, 4. SHIRLEY TERRY Band 1,2, 3, 4, All-State Band 1,2,3, 4, Student Council 1, Class Officer 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, State Spanish Fiesta 2,3, Dramatics Club 2,3, Student Teacher 3,4, Future Teacher 4, March of Dimes Queen 4, National Honor Society 4, Girls' State Alternate. LOIS TRIMBLE Band 1,2, Cheerleader 3,4, Student Council 4, Who's Who 4, Librarian 4, Student Teacher 3, Future Teacher 4, Basketball Attendant 4, Newspaper Staff 3,4, Junior Play. D. L. WALKER Football 1,2,3,4. Baseball 2, 3,4, Track 1, Basketball 1, Junior Play, All-State Football 4, All-South Football 4, Most Valuable Lineman 4, Football King 4, Newspaper Staff 3, Spanish Club 1. JAMES WALKER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Escort 4, Track 1, 3,4, Football 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 4, Brass Sextet 2, Spanish Club 1,2, Science Club 4, Future Teacher 1, Who’s Who 4, Class Officer 1,3, 4.GINGER WALLACH , Miss Sophomore 2, Chorus 1, 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2, 3,4, Spanish Bronze Medal Winner 3, Spanish Club Officer 3, Student Council 2, 3, Spanish State Fiesta 3, Special Voice 1,3,4, Basketball Princess 3. JIM WARD LARRY WARD Football 1, 2, Future Teacher 4. MIKE WESBROOKS Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Basketball Captain 4, Basketball King 4, Basketball Escort 1, Baseball 2,3,4, Track 1, Boy’s State, National Honor Society 3, National Honor Society Officer 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Spanish Club Officer 2, 3, Class Favorite 3, Class Officer 2, Future Teacher of America 3,4, Annual Staff 4. BRYAN WILLARD Football 1,2, 3,4, Football Captain 4, All-State Honorable Mention Football 4, Junior Play, Track 1, 2,3,4, Who’s Who 4, Band 1, National Honor Society 4, Class Officer 3, Basketball Manager 1, Halloween Escort 3, Science Fair 2.CLASS SONG "Graduation Day CLASS MOTTO To look up and not down. To look forward and not back, To look out and not in, and To lend a hand. CLASS FLOWER Chrysanthemum CLASS COLORS Red and Whites4ctuCe tuc Senior ROBERT JONES HOPE LARA 4 BRUCE KENDRICKs4c cCe ficc Settco% GAIL PARRISH SHERRY BEADLE DEAN MATHIS CjbZ BEST ALL-AROUND Jeff Key Kay Hendrickson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sue Brunson Neil Goodman MOST INTELLIGENT PENDERS DEPARTMENT STORE Robert Jones Jo Ann Stulting BEST SCHOOL SPIRITED Joe Hall Sherry Beadle MOST ATHLETIC Jeanie Risinger Mike Gladden FRIENDLIEST Kay Sparkman Lloyd Hasty O'QUINN DRUG BEST LOOKING James Walker Carol Loyd MOST COURTEOUS Hope Lara Mike Atwood CUTEST SMILE Brenda Harrell Bryan WillardMOST FORGETFUL Lindy Lott Sue Boaz WITTIEST Dean Mathis Lois Trimble MOST BASHFUL Linda Hahn Bruce Kendrick BIGGEST FLIRT Wayne Farris Sharyn BormuthTOM Mike Atwood will his ability to get nominated and elected to a position he didn't know existed by someone he doesn't know exists for nonexisting reasons to any existing Jr. football player. Frita Barclay wills her ability to go to sleep every day in American Government and still pass to Peggy Bishop. Sherry Beadle wills her ability to not be able to boil water in Chemistry to any future housewife. Sue Boaz wills her ability to pole vault Jal football fences barefooted and her bucket of paint to Renea Howell. Sharyn Bormuth wills her BIG mouth to Patty Carlson, who needs it. Jimmy Brown wills his ability to play only a half a year of football and still get "honorable mention." Susanna Brunson wills her ability to have a lot of "girl parties" to anyone who likes to be a night owl. Victor Carlson wills his Ford product to Walter Lowe. Janet Cole wills her unused credits to those needy Seniors who may follow. Ervanell Collom wills her favorite pastime of unlocking lockers to anyone who needs their daily exercise. Bill Conway wills his chain to Wardell Allen. Reba Dobbins wills her ability to keep a mad crush on the same boy for a year and a half with no results to the unfortunate girl that falls for this same guy. David Duffield wills his muscles and ability to whip any Senior boy to anybody who thinks they’re big enough to take them. Wayne Farris wills his ability to trade cars three times a year to his "lil" brudder and his high school career to George Fourqueran. Mike Gladden wills his ability to use the most tape to hold him together during football season to Fuzz Green, who won't need it. Troy Gladden, Jr. wills his English grades to anyone that feels worthy enough to receive them. Neil Goodman wills his pretty blue truck to little brother Larry. Larry Green wills his Chemistry seat to George Ford if he needs it next year. Norma Graves wills her ability to go to Jal nearly every week-end to Marina Stubblefield, and her forgetfulness to Eloise Ford. Mary Green wills her ability to be librarian during her senior year to her sister Phyllis. Linda Hahn wills her ability to set up and take an all-night permanent to any future night owl. Joe Hall wills his bleached hair to next year's basketball team. Clifford Harden wills to Mr. Wilcox (and anyone else who wants it) his knowledge of how man was created. Lloyd Hasty wills his foreign girls to anyone who will go after them. Kay Hendrickson wills her position of head cheerleader to Cherri Thurman. Loran Hopper wills his ability to get out of Chemistry his Junior year with a D and be a student helper the next year to Jerry Bradford. Kenny Houston wills his ability to get along with Mr. Wilcox to Jerry Bradford. Ronnie Johnson and Wayman Green will their ability to debate evolution to the next Earth Science class. Robert Jones wills his cuts and bruises from Mrs. Tipps' meat cleaver to Larry Goodman.Glenn Kemp wills his seat in Mrs. Brown’s English class to Mike Carlile. Bruce Kendrick wills his rotten, holey, torn-up notebook to any rotten, holey, torn-up Junior who has gotten through English in. Jeffry Key wills his "Gouch-Arm” to anybody with two right arms. Hope Lara leaves to anybody that wants it anything they want. Lindy Lott wills Linda to Wardell Allan. Rita Gay Louy wills her ability to go to the Prom with one boy and leave with another to anyone that can do it. Carol Loyd and Brenda Harrell will Quita Gabbard and Sharon Ragland to any cute cowboy that comes along. Archie Mann wills what he has that no one wants to Nickey Blevins. And that's goooood! Beckie Martin wills her ability to get by in school without working to Mr. Langston. Everything else she needs desperately. James Massey wills his bloody knife to Ronald May. Dean Mathis wills the presidency of the student council to anyone with rocks in his head. Gail Parrish wills her seat in Trig, to Larry Franklin. Jeanie Risinger wills her ability to stay happy to Karen Curnutt and her paint brushes to Judy Wynne. Jo Ann Stulting wills Girls' State to any Junior girl who wants to get away from all males for a week. Kay Sparkman wills her knowledge on "How to Catch a Man" to Janet Byous and hopes she gets the same results that Kay did. Shirley Terry wills her ability to get stranded in Chicago, and then ride from there to Dallas in a plane full of recruits to Nancy McLain, Helen Whittenburg, Sue Simpson, and Janet Brown. Lois Trimble wills her many nicknames to Mary Ann. D. L. Walker wills his ability to get out of English III in just 1 1 2 years to Barney Williams. Jim Ward wills ability to get licks in P. E. to any poor fellow who wants it. Larry Ward wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Brown and his abilities to get B's in Speech and Government without studying to his brother Gary. Bryan Willard wills the third one from the left in the sixth formation to anyone whose mind is capable of perceiving the fact that some beings living among the people of the earth are really aliens from another world who are here for the purpose of studying and infiltrating the minds of of the human inhabitants. Mike Wesbrooks wills his rebounding ability to Charlie Trimble."T isi. cutd 7?tc4 (lutuon. JERRY PURCELL JUDY WYNN EUNICE NEWS STAND PRESIDENT VICE -PRESIDENT Donald May Juanita Brown SECRETARY Johnny McAfee Mrs. Faye Curnutt REPORTERS Ross Robinson and Brenda Gore TREASURER Ronnie Green Sfro t4 yt Mr. Thomas Kennann GARDNER BOWDEN INS. AGENCY Jimmy Peggy H. B. Kirby Bertrand Bishop Bishop Blevins Nickey Jerry Georgia Blevins Bradford Bolles Carolyn Bowen Juanita Brown Janet Byous Jeffrey Burdett Rodger Carmack Kay Carpenterputt,UW ft V W Danny Carver Steve Clemens Barbara Collins Craig Coulter ■ Rebecca Cox Judy Davis Danny Dunham Ouita Gabbard Ronnie Green mL Johnny Groganflcatiofi4 Joe Ronnie Archie Ronald Hardy Hammond Hempkin Holder McLain Walter Lowe Betty Hopper McAfee Donald May Mitchell Patterson Jerry Purcell Sharon Ragland ft MMMr- -w mr-wm '■ — — — Gregory Jo Etta Ross George Rampley Ritz Robinson Scott Terry Vickie Sidney Selman Simmons Simpson Sue Simpson r' Betty Sims Bobby Skinner Pat Smith(?catt vi4 Geroge Marina Paul Cheri Stringer Stubblefield Swartz Thurman Gary Helen Johnny Ward Whittenburg Williams Jimmy Sandra Judy Witherspoon Witherspoon Wynne Pfo. cutci Soft tOM ie DON DIAMOND JUDITH WOOLSEYSofe£o uvie Ofifteen PRESIDENT Ronnie Wesbrooks REPORTER Mary Ann Trimble Mrs. Sue Durham VICE-PRESIDENT Mike Carlile REPORTER Shelby Martin Mr. Martin Wade THOMPSON HARDWARE FURNITURE - Hobbs Elizabeth Lawerence Don Eloise Dennis Dennis Diamond Ford George Larry Joyce Larry Fourqurean Franklin Givens Goodman Phyllis Tommy Joyce Richard Green Gruber Hasse Hammond Johnny Harrell Larry Hart Ricky Hatley Charlsie Judy Morris Reane Havner Hines Hopper Howell Lawerence Tina Dena Kenneth Hunn Kennedy Key Kuhn Sharon Jim Earl Charlie Land Landes Lyons Mann Ronald May Joyce McLish Freda Moore Sandy Gary Dwight Pat Moore Moran Murphy Nave Larry Carole William Virginia Parker Perkins Pritchard Ragland Douglas Joe Margie Linda Rusk Scott Schader Shrader Sandy Scott Roy Stulting Darlene SpenceS yk£ Muvte4 Marty Mary Ann Dale James Swearingen Trimble Turner Turner Richard Sherry Ronnie Harold Wallace Williams Wesbrooks WooleyFreshmen z td 0??£t4 0p'ie 6 Htut WARDELL ALLAN DIANE ROBBINSf PRESIDENT Otis Langley VICE-PRESIDENT Kenneth Parker Mrs. Mary Burt SECRETARY Linda Pearcey Mrs. Jean Rickman TREASURER Randy Wynne Mr. R. Brown Mr. J. Langston Glenda Warden Pam Gail Brenda Ross Adams Allen Armstrong Bagwell Barber Baxter Jan Dean Bridges Boyd Alexa Burt Virginia Boyette Kenneth Braggs Linda Lynn Suzanne Clayton Clemens Colburn Faye Boyd Clark Clark Danny Richard Karen Glenda Roy Crow Crowley Curnutt Daniels Davis Bill Earlene Mike Judith 1 Sharon Ditmore DeGroot Dodd Erdwurm Eubanks Farris Judy Kathy Clifton Mike Clyde Ford Foss Foster Fowler Gardner Eva Howard Kenneth Allen Kay Norman Grogan Grogan Grogan Hahn Harbin Harless Marilyn Larry Dwight Reed Colleen Duane Hasty Harvey Holder Hopper Hopper'pre4A K€ t Becky Hye Royce Jones Betty Jordan Billy Jordan Bill Keel Virginia Kirby Joe Otis Ricky Leland Lenore Landes Langley Langston Leonard Luckie Shelby Bobby Johnny Marilyn Frankie Mike Martin Mathis McCasland McCulloch McCray McKnight Jerry Jeanne Jennie Teresa Gailand Nave Newman Noble Northcutt OvertonKenneth Linda Elaine Margaret Shirley David Parker Pearcey Purcell Ray Reed Ridenour Diana Rhonda Carol Lonia Joyce Robbins Ross Rowe Rusk Salone Terry Billy Ruth Ann Raymond Floyd Dan Scarborough Schader Scoggins Sharrer Sims Slate Betty Gay Neil Larry Wanda Teresa Smith Smith Stevenson Sylvester Tongue Terry Charley Rita Duane Alice Sue Ann Trainer Trimble Tucker Vowell Wade Wallis Ya Vetta Larry Terry Roland Robert White Willard Willard Wildman Winn DIRECTOR O. L. BARTHOLOMEW ScA oC ‘ a ut DENNIS HARDWARE Mary Ann Trimbles4ti State Robert Jones, Shirley Terry, Jo Ann Stulting, Carolyn Bowen Sei tct WATSON TRUCK SUPPLY"State Sextet aut€tcf 0pcUnDirector, MR. L. B. HARDEN (%4 na6 NORMAN'S MEN'S WEAR - Hobbs Accompanist, MRS. L. B. HARDEN‘ytyooct ’ « Main Characters Robin Hood--------------------------------------------- Sherrif of Nottingham---------------------------------- Maid Marion-------------------------------------------' Little John---------------------------------------------- Guy of Gisborne------------------------------------------ Friar Tuck----------------------------------------------- Dame Durden-------------------------------------------- Annabel------------------------------------------------ Allan-A-Dale--------------------------------------------- Will Scarlett------------------------------------------ King Richard-------------------------------- CLIFFORD HARDEN - - DEAN MATHIS - - JUDY WYNNE - DANNY CARVER - - RONALD MAY - RONNIE HOLDER - - REBA DOBBINS - -BECKIE MARTIN - MICKEY SNYDER - - JAMES MASSEY H. B. BISHOP CARDINAL DRUG STORESfiectaC l occe s4il State (tyonue BROWN MOTOR CO.c X t e t PIANIST Shelby Martin Reba Dobbins Kay Sparkman Yvonne Wright Janet Byous Beckie Martin Kay Carpenter Bobby Mathis Dean Mathis James Massey Clifford Harden Dave Ridenour etutenAicfe, 'TfattotuU "rtyotuvi Society Service Advisors MR. CATON MR. LANSTON MRS. BROWN'putane 7yc zc ien s4 h Uc z Auvisors MR. PURSLEY MRS. BROWNStucCe U ou tctC O ccen PRESIDENT Dean Mathis TREASURER Jeanie Risinger GREEN'S PORTRAITS CAMERA CENTERNeil Goodman Sherry Beadle SENIORS Lois Trimble Jimmy Brown JUNIORS Wayne Hammond Mickey Snyder Carolyn Bowen Georgia Bolles SOPHOMORES Roy Stulting Patti Carlson FRESHMEN Rickey Langston Charlie Trimble Marty Swearingen Dena Key Joyce Wooley Sue Ann Wallistin SEN OR Ronnie and SENORITA Pat Sfr ni Jl @Cot A- A. T. S. P Sherry Beadle% LA FIESTA - Hobbs Sponsor: MR. CHARLES PURLSEY (?lu Sponsor: MRS. FAYE CURNUTTMRS. DURHAM Sponsors: MR. WILCOXs4Cte'tH6tfe HOPE LARA SHERRY BEADLE VICKI ANN’S STYLE SHOP SUE BRUNSON 72 tu 6ter V 4nce%ccdK evatutc K 7 .efefic ic it tc Ae LINDA HAHNJo Ann Stulting Sherry Beadle State Soy State Mike Wesbrooks Mike Gladden ECONOMY SHOES Hobbs-N'T tCoach Cook Coach McSmith T anUtct jea K EUNICE CLEANERS Eunice Scared Opponent 20 Van Horn 7 8 Wink 34 20 Lovlngton 13 14 Portales 12 53 Fort Sumner 0 13 N.M. M.I. 7 18 Seagraves 16 33 Jal 6 7 Tucumcari 14 REGIONAL GAME 21 Lordsburg STATE GAME 52 Gallup Cathedral NEIL GOODMAN 1st Team BILL CONWAY s4tt State ATWOOD'S CONOCO BRYAN WILLARD 2nd TeamBRYAN WILLARD FB D. L. WALKER G MIKE GLADDEN HB MIKE ATWOOD E LINDY LOTT , GJIMMY GABBARD T KENNY HOUSTON T BOBBY PATTERSON C CRAIG COULTER T ■ JERRY PURCELL HB JERRY BRADFORD C JOHNNY WILLIAMS E E. M. ROWLAND TRUCKING - EuniceRONNIE WESBROOKS HB DON DIAMOND E LARRY GOODMAN QB MORRIS HOPPER MANAGERS ALEXANDER'S SUPER MARKET - Eunice DALE YOUNG E MIKE CARLILE C COACHES(Z tcUttaC Queen and Attendants KING D. L. WALKER and QUEEN CAROL LOYD PRESS DRIVE-INZ cot i z tcC s4tte tcCcuct6 SUE BOAZ and JIMMY GABBARD Senior Representatives TERRY SELMAN and JOHNNY WILLIAMS Junior Representatives QUEEN CAROL KING D. L. MARY ANN TRIMBLE and BOBBY CAl.HOON Sophomore Representative? ALEXA BURT and TERRY WILLARD Freshman Representativess4CC- ftn u ztt 'rtyattoriz ie Uteittioit s4U S uct i 'VcUutUtte MIKE ATWOOD D. L. WALKER NEIL GOODMAN EUNICE SHELL SERVICE JIM WITHERSPOON D. L. WALKER(£6ee CecuCe Kay Hendrickson Lois Trimble Brenda Harrell Terry Selman Cherri Thurman 7ccuk (? leenCecu(en Becky Arwood Pat Nave Sherry Williams Dena Key " 7c (? e iCeaciex Diane Robbins Pam Armstrong Linda Pearcy Karen Curnutt Suzanne Colburn WHITE'S AUTO - Eunice Mary Ann TrimbleCoach WadeMIKE WESBROOKS Captain JOE HALL Captain cutcC COACH JOE LANGSTON Scares Eunice 85 Bars tow 55 Eunice 85 Dexter 47 Eunice 57 Plains 32 Eunice 73 Monahans 41 Eunice 74 Lovington 45 Eunice 61 Jal 48 Eunice 54 Artesia 47 Eunice 69 Seagraves 45 Eunice 46 Monahans 41 Eunice 69 Hagerman 40 Eunice 80 Barstow 53 Eunice 66 Dexter 44 Eunice 53 Lovington 41 Eunice 69 Lake Arthur 36 Eunice 59 Albuquerque Valley 56 Eunice 56 Hagerman 51 Eunice 47 Hobbs 64 Eunice 56 Jal 38 Eunice 62 Alamogordo 56 Eunice 110 Lake Arthur 31 Eunice 69 St. Peters 46 Eunice 44 Fort Stockton 59 District Tournament Eunice 43 St. Peters 39 Eunice 57 Carrizozo 44 Regional Tournament Eunice 71 Cliff 51 State Tournament Eunice 78 Dora 70 Eunice 67 O.L.O.S. 49 Eunice 65 San Jon 69 EUNICE GULF SERVICE"S Suite u ute 4-'Ztfr KEY AUTO PARTSBITSY WALKER Senior RONNIE HAMMOND Junior JIM WITHERSPOON Junior JOE HALL Senior All-State MIKE WESBROOKS Senior All-State BAILY'S MEN’S WEARRONNIE WESBROOKS Sophomore TOMMY GRUBER Sophomore2.uee i' (?aunt Clay Robertson Cynthia Robertson e Ju+uzti Larry Parker Dena Key William Eubank Fay Boyd LESLIE'S MARKhi Wayne Hammond James Walker Lois Trimble Brenda Gore Setuax HQVM HDVOD MOOD HDVOD .9..I z4e zlC MARTIN WADE Sc l46 Eunice 2 Loving ton 13 Eunice 6 N.M.M.I. 5 Eunice 4 Loving ton 5 Eunice 8 Seminole 6 Eunice 1 Roswell 19 Eunice 15 Dexter 2 Eunice 12 Dexter 3 Eunice 3 Monahans 5 Eunice 1 Jal 5 Eunice 8 Seminole 6 Eunice 5 Seminole 6 Eunice 1 Roswell 9 Eunice 20 St. Peters 0 Eunice 19 St. Peters 0 Eunice 6 Artesia 3 Eunice 2 Jal 6' . r . " ' ’• vJV • . V . Jr 2rci5 Assistant Coach Joe Langston l €Ui tfrf Sa e zU GLADDEN MOTOR COMPANY - Eunice Manager Head Coach Johnny Harrell Martin WadeArlice Northcott Sam Hall Jim Wilburn Charlie Vestal Bobby Wood Mike Gladden D. L. Walker Mike Wesbrooks Neil Goodman Robert Jones Ronnie Green Phillip Curtis Ross Robinson Johnny Williams Larry GoodmanTHE MUSIC BOX - HobbsRelay Team Sprinters W eightsHighhigh school. This letter is our opportunity to congratulate you on your work and to say thank you for giving us some space on which pictures may be placed which will someday, no doubt, be very important mementos to all who are now in school. Secretary MRS. CHARLES PURSLEYt flcution, 'rtytyJi P zcuCt f MRS. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW MRS. C. H. CONWAY MR. J. E. EARHART MRS. BILLIE HACKNEY MRS. W. P. HASSLER MR. MAURICE HUGHESMRS. RUTH LAZNIK MR. CHARLES SISSEL MISS JESSIE SMITH MRS. R. E. McCULLOCH MR. JOE RICKMAN MR. MARVIN MacSMITH MRS. OLIVER WILDMANf JUDY FOWLER MARKLIN MALONE RONALD SCHROEDER DEENA HELMS WELDON LANLEY JENNY SANDERS0 cce't MR. SISSEL MR. HUGHES MRS. BARTHOLOMEW MRS. WILDMAN Jon Baker Danny Berry Cleo Boyett Tony Bryant Jessie Burton John Cummings Bill Decker Rodney Dunham Henry Fox Gerry Hahn Glenda Heberling Ricky Heberling Betty Hendrickson W. C. Lentz Jimmy Manry Mary Manry Beth Moore Sharion McCray Bob McElvaney Doyle Rawlings Linda Rhodes Mickey Seay Gary Stevenson Frances Adams Louise Akin Yvonne Barclay Sandra Blackburn Diane Bland uuCe James Catron James Collins Mike Conrad Barbara Ray Linda Gregory Diana Hunn Jerry King David Lynn Marklin Malone Raymond Mendoza David Noble Sherry Pritchard Lynn Raybon Lee Salone Dennis Snyder Alan Stubblefield Linda Turner Freddie Waggoner Davida Wickham Bobby Williams Tommy Anderson Tommy Barclay Darrel Bethany Judy Bowman Linda Brown Jana Cathey Stanley Cottrell Verna Sue Coy v cCe Elsie Essman Sammy Farris Tanya Gray Sandra Jones Jimmie Martin Mike Martin Ann May Tim Moore Judy Myers Leslie Nunn Frank Raybon Glenda Skinner James Taylor Lillie Templeton Marty Wallace Linda Williams Gerry Williamson Jeffan Yell Bob Allen Luther Azbill Robert Beekman Jerry Blanton Gregory Bradford Rex Bushby Suzanne Carlton Linda Coulter Patricia Flynt Carolyn Foster Judy Fowler Maudine Gibson Linda Hester Eddie Hicks John Higgins Ricky Johnson J anlce Landes Joe Lara Linda Majors Thomas Mullican Patsy Rayburn Larry Rowland Raul Scott Ronnie Shanks Dave Slate Terry TroutSeventh tcuCe O cce MR. RICKMAN MRS. McCULLOCH MRS. HASSLER MISS SMITHSeventh ( i cCe Louie Ray Barber Betty Bagwell Ina Carol Berryman Thomas Dudley Bolles Bobby Ray Carter Melba June Devers Coreen Hopper Linda Diana Huffman Gary Leslie Hughes Manuel Martinez William McCasland Tommie McComach Barbara Ann Quick Ethel Gradean Roberts Tina Schrader Walter Stricklin Brenda Kay Sylvester Donna Boyett Jimmy Davis Brenda Dennis Jerry Haase Anna Hearrell Faylene Hinson Linda Hipp Kay Ivy Earl Meadows Kenneth Moberly Howard McCall Seve tt l tyicuCe Phyllis McUsh Sharon McLish Lynne Newman Judy Noble Rita Overton Silvero Ramos Billy Rawlings Larry Throneberry Larry Trainor Cynthia Vaught Max Walenciak Kathy Wesbrooks Retha Adams Othodeen Boaz Lynda Buckhanon Barbara Busby Sharon Callaway Jerry Eubanks Royce Gavit Claudette Gladden Troy Hahn Judy Hammond Deena Jo Helms Jerry Don Hines Cherree Jordan Larry Malone Elizabeth Martin Richard MeekSeventh tyituCe Kandis Meetze Linda Nave Barbara Perkins Carolyn Robbins Clifton Russel Martha Scoggins Ronnie Schroeder Bill Vermillion Becky Woodall Phil Young Richard Allen Rickey Barclay Sarah Carter Ronnie Cook Karen Evans Randy Evans Frances Gary Josie Gregory Beverly Harvey Larry Hutchins Jackie Locke Jay Todd Miller Mark Moody David Morris Billy Parker Dennis Ridenour Dale Rounsaville Steve SimmonsScxtt, tytcuCe MRS. HACKNEY MR. EARHART MR. GOODMAN MRS. LAZNIKScxt i df'itute Carolyn Barber Neda Jean Blackburn Dannie Boyett Steve Cottrell Sally Coulter Carolyn Lou Coy Gerald Cummings Patricia Fowler Harold Graves Georgene Havner Betty Hamilton Raymond Holder Benny Landes Johnny Parker Brenda Pritchard Jimmy Rhodes Rudolph Royal Jenny Sanders Glenda Kay Williams David Young Darlene Youngman Alvina Anguiano Glenn Bilbrey Sharon Jeanette Braggs Paul Daniels Glenn De Groot Earl Fitts Clarence FletcherStxt tfauCe Rita Flowers Doreetha Gardner Edna Grogan Jo Reta Gryder Kathryn Hair Timothy Harris Linda Langley Weldon Langley Joe Lee Barbara Nell McSmith Dianne Newman Gloria Ortiz Barbara Robinson Deborah Russell Earnest Keith Sharrei Eddie Spence Marsha Thurman William Twilley John Westbrook Cliff Yell Linda Adams Bobby Akin Barbara Brown Donna Bagwell Bert Decker Adell Gardner Janice Givens David GulleySixt fyi de Ronnie Hackney Teddy Harrell Donnie Heberling Challa Hughes Sheryl Kennedy Kathy Land Patsy Landrum Connie Mann Pat McCasland Debbie Parker Linda Pike Alejandro Ramos Kenneth Raybon Jimmy Sanders Martha Sims Tony Spence Jeff Wickham Malta Vowell Kenneth Winn Benny Wright Jackye Alexander Bill Azbill Gary Bettis Robert Bryan Connie Carlson Jan Carmack Wendell Carter Ronald CollomScxt£ tyuute Pamela Eggleston Beth Flynt Kendall Harris Mike Hatley David Hicks Junior Jordan Peggy Landrum Martin Liniger Vicki Lyon Joan MacAhan Pat Moran Sherian McGee Mike McLean Vivian Osborn Jeanette Pierce Ricky Ray Vickie Seely Carol Sikes Jackie Wooten Mary Ann Wotringtyuttcox Student otatccC 7Rejyie4e tt4Uive MISS SMITH Sponsor MRS. CONWAY MR. BARTHOLMEWSixt tyicute tcuCe cuuCCoach Sissel Coach Goodman Seventh tyitutes i 9 A t A 9 0 t p6, z4 bet6 zCC(?Aee Ce zd i6 v. CAROLYN FOSTER BIRDIE CARLTON JUDY FOWLER DEANIE BOAZ BETH WAGGONER EUNICE STARtyuuCe ScJumC 'pcLcuCty MRS. ROSALIE AKIN MRS. LORENE BREEDLOVE MARY BROWN MRS. SYLVIA BROWN WINNIFRED CARTER MRS. FRANCIS CATON MRS. WILLIE LEE COFFMAN MRS. J. E. EARHEART MRS. GLADYS FANCHER MRS. JULIA FORD MRS. BLANCHE FRANKLIN MRS. LENOIR HARBOUR MRS. L. B. HARDEN MR. JAMES HARPER MRS. WILMA HARPER MISS LENA HUGHES MRS. BETSY MARTIN MRS. JOE LANGSTON MRS. J. C. McDOUGLE MR. LEO PITCHFORD MR. LESLIE ROE MRS. CLETUS ROWLAND MRS. AGNUS SHEPHERD MRS. VILAS TUCKER MRS. LORENE WALLIS MRS. WILLIE MAYE WYNN MRS. MARY YELLuzde Mrs. Julia Ford Jimmy Ray Akin Linda Appleton Dan Ballard Loyd Black Danny Bryant Alice Bridges Mareca Cabbiness Charles Daniels Linn Fristoe Fletcher Gardner Marvin Hines, Jr. Paula Hiser Johnny Jackson Kathy Jones Wanda Jones Clidene Kirby Wayne Lentz Vance Luckie Jack Martin Vickie McLish Sammy Miller Gary Owings Ellen Patterson Linda Ragland Jane Sanders Don Slate Rickey Sliger Shirley Squalls Jerry Welch Mr. Leslie Roe Bobbie May Boyett Roy Alvin Bryant Marsha Gayle Calton Mary Elizabeth Carter Henry Charles Carter Mary Faye Conway Philip Dan Dodd Martha Jean Franklin David Gartman7 George Goins Irene Gregory Steven Hohimer Glen Johnson Bill Lara tytcute Marian Lowdermilk Roy Don Manry Craig McLean Ronnie Michael Michael Payne Danny Pershall John Rodrigue Deborah Shanks Roscoe Sims Lowanda Stricklin Sherry Ann Wade Darla Ward Kay Wilburn Jackie Wilson Mrs. Agnes Shepherd Steven Barber Robert Barnes Robbie Boyett Nila Catron Johnny Coy Randy Fowler Jimmy Gladden Socorro Grado Sue Groomer Joe Harrison Rose Mary Hearrell Danny Hopper Kathy Irwin Wayne Ketchmar Guy Lyons Larry McCulloch Karen Mullican Don Noble Shirley Northcott Meda Sue QuickfyacCe Stanley Reed Sandy Sims Kathlyn Spence Celia Vaught Ricky Wagner Paula Witherspoon Donald Wotring Richard York Mrs. Opal Tucker Gary Don Anderson Gladys Bowman Gail Brown Joe Carlile Susan Clayton Pauletta Coffman David Flowers Larry Haase Jane Hackney Eddie Harper Susan Houston Dwain Hughes Scott Jones Camille Leonard Pat Leverington Steve Lynch Linda Martin Karen Martin Kathy McKnight John McSmith Michael Moore Daniel Pike Roxie Pilcher Mary Lou Quick Sara Scarborough Dolores Skinner Mary Pat Wallis Jimmy Warford Donald Weber Gary Wrightdfaute Mrs. Faye Harper Vicki Allen Franklin Ballard Tim Boyett Penny Burton Sammy Callaway Paul Coffman Cebern Goker Jane Cook Sharol Collom Sterling Eggleston Bobby Golden Ann Harbin James Hammond Charlotte Havner Ruby Hines Brian Jordan Dedra Ann Kenndy Gary Lanham Brenda Lentz Miller Malone Judy Mason Jimmy Moberly Raymundo Ramos Minnie Sue Rawlings John Paul Ruth Donald Schrader Ronald Scoggins Philip Lane Harvey Stanbrough Barbara Threatt Douglas Wagner James Welch Mr. James Harper Thomas Alexander David Appleton Maria Anguiano Glenda Barclay Steven Bell Jackie Brooks pountJi tyuute Mondell Chaney Donna Creech Robert Colborn Aoms Cox Charles Evans Kenneth Ford Darlene Gavit David Gwinn Charla Hawkins Dale Heberling Loretta Hudson Byron Hughes Joy Del Landreth Linda Lewis Danny Lynn Danny Palmer Bill Pierce Brenda Shanklin Ubaldo Skinner Gary Stewart Kathy Tonge Gregory Trammell Robert Vaught Jane Wooley Dennis Wright Mr. Leo Pitchford Jimmie Adkins Joe Anguiano Susie Armendarez Marva Ashbrook Charlotte Bradford James Broom Lee Christopher Frank Collins Richard Criswell George Farris Jay Hohimer Micah Harris Dickie Hayes Doyla Henderson'pocwtA uuCe David Hammond Shelly John Gene Jones Elizabeth Landers Edward McCasland Bobby McConal Patti McLain Donny McSpadden Robert Nolen Alfredo Ortiz Randy Spence Glenda Taylor Ricky Trapp Tamara Trout Douglas Troxell Bill Turner Leon Williams Connie Wilson Mrs. Cletus Rowland Terry Allen Danny Barnes David Beekman Billy Don Bilbrey Billie Ann Brinkley Stewart Byous Mike Clampitt Mike Copeland Royce Crowell Sharon Farley Gary Flowers Helen Haase Donald Harris Gayla Hasty Janet Hegwood Buddy Johnson Pamela Jordan Cynthia Langston Irene Martin Arnold McCall Joyce NobleJerry Rhodes Ricky Rickman Roy Salone Edgar Seward Tommy Shields Javier Skinner Annie Templeton John Terry Arley Trull Mary Ann Weaver David Williams Glen Williams Mrs. W. L. Coffman Mary Adams Carla Bennett I Bridget Blackwell Gilbert Cherryhomes Kathy Dodd Jeff Drew Lynn Driver Bob Fisher Donald Grogan Mike Hearrell Beth Hines Jessie Howard Ronnie Jones Bonnie MacAhan Randy Malone Mark McCasland Wilma Sue Meetze Cathy Parish Bart Parker Cam Robbins Billy Stansifer Sharon Welch Belita Jo White Mrs. Blanche Franklin Linda Busby Loren Christopher Jean Elms7 W (faacCe Doris Evans Shirley Fletcher Kevin Foss Patricia Gardner Matt Gary Tommy Graves Melody Hackney Mike Harvey Garnice Land Ricky Langley Vivian Locke Bob Martin Wendell New Mike Patterson Rosa Pilcher Phillip Seward Paula Shanks Rex Stulting David Vernon Mary Wynne Miss Lena Hughes Connie Baucum Kathryn Bishop Alvin Brown Lee Ann Eastham Joey Egnew Jimmy Evans Willie Grado Pat Harris Mary Jo Heck Morris Helms Terry Henson Karen Hunter Linda Lynn Clint Newman John Patterson Deana Quick Billy Reese Rebecca Rusk Johnnie SandersDonald Scoggin Elaine Shanks John Standefer Ammie Dell Templeton Sandra Willson Mrs. Elizabeth Langston Charlotte Adams Andrea Azbill Peggie Bridges Mary Ann Cabbiness Michael Colborn Roger Elms Melynda Gartman Ronald Grogan Duane Gryder Gene Hopkins Max Hughes Rickey Landes Anita Lee Edgar Locke Larry Lord Johnny Martin Mark McCulloch Lee Ann Moates Larry Pursley Terry Ray Denise Sparkman Donnie Trull Debbie Woolley Mrs. Betsy Martin Ronald Auer Delton Ball Melinda Burns Twila Chatfield Gregory Dennis Bruce Ensey Morris Gore Lonnie Gwinn Sharon Hamlett Billy Joe Hutchins 7 vid tyuute Mary Ann Klahr Lelia Jennette Landes Dusty Landteth Salvador Marin Jeanne McGee Ricky McLean Bobby McGuire James Moon Robert Ruth Janlyn Schroeder Donald Softley Rhonda Trapp Cathryn Ward Catherine Wotring Second tyuzde Miss Mary Brown Dusty Allen Ronnie Anderson Rhonda Bolles Lenetta Beekman Adon Chamblee Anja Courtright Joe Daniels Rhonda Ditmore Karen Foss David Garrard Shauna Goodman Wesley Goodman Susan Gulley Pedro Gutierrez Pamela Hahn Jeff Harbour Bobby Hester Sandra Langston Barbara Lynch Gary Marr Paula Martinez Mark Miller Cynthia Pierce Mike Prater Debbie ReeseSecotuC uuCe Garry Rowland Lynn Sims Theresa Troxell Jacquie Willson Joyce Williams Mrs. Sylvia Brown Larry Bob Abel Dora Anguiano Dana Carson Merlyn Coy Kenneth Cross Cheryl Elms Gloria Gibson Paulette Gladden Eugene Grogan Vester Grogan Kevin Harris Alma Hearrell Chris Jones Ricky Jordan Deborah Lyons Karen Michael Sharon Michael David Mitchell Terry Moon Brenda Palmer Tommy Parker Marilyn Perkins Larry Purcell Cynthia Roberts Donald Shanklin Patricia Skinner Jacqlyn Stewart Chanley Turner Julie Wickham Mrs. Winifred Carter James Alexander Alberto Armendarez Tommy Black Audrey BranhanSecottd t zde Steven Brooks Richard Broom Roy Burns Linda Cottrell Pamela Crowell Pat Erdwurm.Jr. Dona Gladden Carla Gryder Mark Henderson Deborah Denise Hobbs Edwin Johnston Sharon Jones Angatia Landeros Becky Lucas John Meadows Richard Miller Michael Pruitt Roger Rounsaville Kietha Teague Saphne Trapp Derlyn Wade Dorothy Ward Roberta Westbrook Patsy Wooten Karen Vaught Mrs. Mabel McDougal Linda Amerson Wanda Barber Billy Bell Irvin Boyd Lynn Bryant Dellana Coker Stevie Dunham Deborah Dunn Eddie Grogan Karen Houghton Russell Hughes Brenda Hutchins Dianna Kellum Linda KretchmarSecotuC tyiacCe Mary Leonard Rhonda Long Rosa Martinez Lajan McConal Deniece Melton Debora Northcott Delephena Riggins James Rusk John Scharborough Tresa Stover L. T. Templeton, Jr. Michael Witt Joe Wooley Kenneth Wilson Hollis Weatherford A f % Bobby Wright Mrs. Mary Yell Sammy Adams Debbie Bailey Philip Berry Cheryl Byrum Mildred Cox Barbara Flynt Karen Culver Umberto Grado Hugh Gregory Chester Grogan Santoz Guiterrez Thelma Hearrell Shirley Henson Joan Hines Russell Hinson Donald Hiser Gene Hogan Brenda Hughes Rose Lininger Pamela Mason Ben McCasland Kimberly McSmith Rhonda NorthcottSecond, tfaute James Powell Ruth Ritz Sharon Shields Dennis Sissel Jimmy Sliger Sheila Stubblefield Ricky Weaver Jimmy Womack ‘rtyiyd-'P iot uuCe Mrs. Lorene Breedlove Ronnie Akins Pamela Barnes Byron Brinkley Bobby Bryant Corliss Cash Olivia Charo Diane Driver Loretta Faulkner Glen Findley Verdia Gardner Hector Grado Jeffrey Hammond Billy Hodges Jeffrey Johnson Ronnie Lackey Kenneth Mayberry Randy Roper Roy Tallman Mrs. Lenoir Harbour Alan Baker Joe Bentle Danny Bradford Gary Lynn Criswell Mark Allen Dean Randy Hamlett David Hamrick Walter Howard Maria Marin Robert Martin Cynthia McLean Carol Meridyth- 'pcnAt tyuuCc Johnny Noble Freddy Palmer Reginald Phillips Debra Ray Wayne Skinner Stephen Terry Teresa Turknett tytfute Mrs. Rosalie Akin Susan Beekman Rebecca Blevins Cheryle Carnes Diane Charo Billy Curtis Brenda Dodd Rebecca Garrard Jeffery Gulley Joe Lynn Hart Patty Hegwood Pamela Hye Terry Laznik Kent Lyon Charles MacAhan Jolee Martin Wesly McLean Janet Mitchell Terri Pitch ford Denman Powell Deana Spence Sandra Stulting Robert Templeton David Witt Mark Woodell Gail Young Mrs. Frances Lisa Barteet Caton Bruce Cherryhomes Nancy Cook Kathy Decker '■ ""me Foss'P'ie-0?vi4t tyuute Laura Grogan Redona Harper Sherry Henson Don Hogan Gary Howard Monica Hicks Monty Ingram Kathy Key Steve Manley Lee Ann Martin Jo Meridyth Do-Dee Parish Janet Pevehouse Kevin Pritchard Donnie Rhodes Vickie Stover Walter Tonge Carolyn Wright Johnny Wright Mrs. Gloria Earhart Daina Allen Debra Appleton Judy Bishop Kay Broom Lonnie Brown Donald Callaway Vicki Conrad David Cross Karen Cummings June Deck Ronnie Evans Janet Gore Juan Gutierrez Jeanne Hamilton Anita Hopkins Roy Johnston Royce Klahr Deleta McGinnis Jerry Parker Joyce Rhodes'P’te-0?Oi4t Chris Rodrigue Lulline Shanklin Joel Wade Mrs. Lorene Wallis Donna Amerson Lisa Azbill Kenneth Bell Lillie Bryant Jimmy Chatfield Gerry Conway Bobbie Criswell Ray Evans Rex Fisher Wayne Fitts Janice Foreman Elaine Gavit Ronna Gregory Holly Henderson Wayne Huffman Susie Hunter Danny Kellum Gayla Kennedy Audrey Locke Tracy Lyons Ana Martinez Danny Roberts Marcie Shipp Weldon Thompson Pauline Tivis Mrs. Willie Wynne Valentina Anguiano Bobby Bell Teresa Buckhanon David Busby Lisa Cabbiness Levi Carter Gary Deck Merry Gay Findley Timothy Halpain Skyla Rhea Harris'P'ie-0?vidt Kent Harless Kenneth Jones Janet Jackson Alicia Marin Stephen Mason Micheal McKinley Patricia Murphy Eva Lynne Patterson Regina Phillips Fay Session Claude Skinner Linda Softely Randy Thurmar Debra Weaver SfrecuzC Mrs. Fancher Larry Bentle Jerry Hammond Jessie Marin Jacky Miller Tommy Rusk Bonnie Squalls Mary Lou Templeton Jane Trammel James Ward BROWN'S MEN'S WEAR - HobbsEUNICE MUNICIPAL SCHOOLS C. H. CONWAY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS JULIAN W. CATON HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL EUNICE, NEW MEXICO LAWRENCE W. BYOUC JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL METTIE JORDAN ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL We wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the following advertisers for their help in making this yearbook possible. E. M. Rowland Trucking ---- ----------------------------------------------- - - --------------------Eunice Western Auto------------- ------------------------------------------------ - - - -- Hobbs Golden Krust Bread--------- - -------- - - - — — - Hobbs Penders Department Store------------------------ ------------------------------------------------- Eunice Faugh H. Bowden. Insurance------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eunice O'Quinn Drug - - - -- -- — - - - — - -- -- - — - - - — ------- — - -- -- -- -- -“-Eunice Thompson Hardware Furni..................................................................... --• Hobbs Press's Drive-In------------------------------------------------------ —----------------------- Eunice Green's Portraits Camera ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hobbs Norman's Men's Wear------------------------------------------------------------------------ — “ --Hobbs 'Alexander's Super Market ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -"Eunice Watson Truck Supply - -------------------------------------------------------------------- --Hobbs C. R. Anthony Co. - - ---------------------------------------- - --------— -'Eunice White's Auto----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;Eunice Key Auto Parts - - - - 'Eunice Bailey's Men's Wear------------------------------- -------------- - -------------------------------- Hobbs Hobbs News Sun------------------------------- — - ------------- — -------------------------- — - -Hobbs Leslie's Market------------------------------------------------------ - - - --Eunice Standefer's Grocery----- - - ------------------------------------------------------------------- -Eunice The Music Box------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hobbs Doran Chevrolet------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Hobbs Gladden Motor Company ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eunice ’Hobbs Cleaners------------------------------- • Hobbs Cardinal Barber Shop - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- — "Eunice Brown Motor Company — ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eunice Eunice Star........- - Eunice Cardinal Drug Store ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Eunice Brown's Men's Wear --- ----------------------------------------------- .-- - ---------------------•- Hobbs Business Machines, Ino. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hobbs ’New Mexico Bank Trust ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Eunice ’Eunice Cleaners — --------------------------------------------------------------------------Eunice tJdVCSSaS© —..................................................................................Eunice Dossey's Texas Service Sta. - ------------------------------------------------------------------- Eunice Eunice Gulf Service----• - ------------------------------------------------------------------ Eunice Eunice Shell Service - "Eunice Scott Lumber--------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------Eunice -Gordina 1 Ne -STaTrir - - -------------------------------------------------------------------- Eunice Wacker's Store - "---------------------------------- — - Eunice •fifthly Ftardw a re-------------------------------------------------------- — Eunice ’Vtukt"Ann'sEtyTe Shop .------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Eunice Economy Shoe Store---------- - ------------------------------------ — — ------------------------------- Hobbs J.I FI Flift f oik We wish also to thank Mrs. Scott for the use of her house for taking pictures and Sharyn Bormuth for her art work; also Green's Portraits Camera Center for the photographic work in making our yearbook possible. THE STAFFI Sue Boaz, Editor Kathy Magge, Activity Editor Marina Stubblefield, Copy Editor Linda Hahn, Layout Editor We seven, tired but contented people, hope that we have worked a tangled mass of plans, pictures, and names Into a Cardinal of which you will be proud. To the graduating class, we extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes for a happy and successful life. WACKER STORE - Eunice ■Q T- TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made". 

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