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ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIOR FRESHMAN () on ten is ORGANIZATIONS— 2) 2 C a o n Each senior who has passed through the doors of Eunice High has, at one time or another, come in contact with this wonderful teacher. She has helped mold the patterns for our lives. She seeks no thanks for her work. Therefore, we, the annual staff, wish to dedicate the 1961 CARDINAL to our own Mrs. Lila T. Brown. J) oarcf of I cfucaiion D. W. KEY, President JOHN R. TATE C. H. CONWAY, SPENCER CROW KIRBY BLEVINS Superintendent NOEL KENDRICK F. F. HARDISON WESTERN AUTO - HobbsADMINISTRATIONCongratulations to the annual staff and advisor for the industry that has made this a yearbook which will be treasured by students and faculty of the Eunice schools in the years that lie ahead. We are all proud of our schools because of the many worthwhile activities we enjoy here. The acquisition which will mean most to students in future years, however, and will contribute most to the preservation of the American way of life will be self-discipline and training of mind and body. These are necessary if democracy and freedom are to triumph in the struggle in which they are engaged with the forces of false propaganda and slavery. I salute parents, students, and teachers who have caught a new vision of the importance of education and are working cooperatively to improve its quality in the Eunice Schools. Sincerely,Super in ten dent s Staff and Gounsefor Secretary MRS. EGGLESTON Supervisor of Special Services MR. E. L. CURNUTT School Nurse Secretary MRS. COLIN MRS. AGNES H. STEWARTCxi npus ScenesFACULTY7Ji nncipal s A m essaye Greetings: Between the wonderful yesterdays and the uncertain tomorrows we build today. Sincerely, 'UPMR. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW MR. J. D. BROWN MRS. L. T. BROWN Band Industrial Arts English MR. R. BROWN Mathematics MR. O. M. CEARLEY Biology - Geology MRS. M. B. BURT English MR. J. C. COOK Journalism - Football MRS. F. CURNUTT Librarian MR. O. L. DAVIS History - Government MRS. SUE DURHAM Biology - GeologyMRS. BILLIE HACKNEY Home Economics MR. J. L. LANGSTON History - Basketball r MR. L. B. HARDEN MR. T. KENNANN Chorus - Speech Mathematics MR. V. TUCKER Business Education MISS P. WATERS Hygiene - P.E. MR. J. M. WILCOX ScienceSENIORSJOHN HARRYMANLINDA HOPPERcS. enior JOHN HARRYMAN RITA GAY SANDERS NEW MEXICO BANK TRUST COMPANY - Eunice DARLENE KENNEDY SAM HALL GOLDEN KRUST BREAD - Hobbs JKr. an fWCiss C.7 .S.President - - - - — - JACK ABENDSCHAN Vice-President---------- - SUSAN DODD Secretary - -RITA GAY SANDERS Treasurer...........................LANELLE HATLEY Reporter.................RANDY SIMMONS MR. WILCOX MR. TUCKERSeniors JOHN HARRYMAN National Honor Society - 2,3.4; N.H.S. Officer - 3,4; Student Council - 2,4; Boys’ State; State Science Fair - 2; Science Club - 2,3; Spanish Club - 2,3,4; Halloween Escort - 4; Who's Who; Track - 3,4; Basketball Escort - 4; Class Favorite - 4; Basketball - 1,2,3.4; Football - 1,2; Valedictorian. JUNE GIVENS SANDRA MALONE Senior Play; Chorus - 1,2; Operetta - 1,2; Special Voice - 2; Spanish Club - 2,3,4; Annual Staff - 4; Future Teacher - 4; Dramatics Club - 4. ARLICE NORTHCOTT Baseball - 3,4. JAMES McELVANEY Track - 1; Annual Staff - 4; Who's Who; Future Teacher - 4. LARRY CURNUTT Football - 1,2, 3,4; Basketball - 1,2; Baseball - 3,4; Basketball Manager - 3; Student Council - 2,3,4; Student Council; District Vice-President - 4; Spanish Club - 3,4; Science Club - 2; Boys' State. Librarian - 1,2; Chorus - 1,2,3,4; Special Voice - 4; Dramatics Club - 4; Annual Staff - 4; F.H.A. - 1,2; Operetta - 4; Student Teacher - 4. 1Seniors BARBARA COFFEY Band - 1,2,3; Chorus - 1,2; Operetta - 1, 2; Dramatics Club - 4; Football Attendant -4; Cheerleader - 1,2; Junior Play; Senior Play; Band Librarian. GERALD CARTER District Tennis Doubles; Basketball - 1; Tennis - 1; Future Teacher - 4; Band - 1,2, 3,4. STAN MAYO Track - 1.2,3,4; Football - 1.2,3.4; Football Captain - 4; Class President -3; Student Council - 4. DICKIE LYNN Football - 1,2, 3.4; Football Captain -4; Football Escort - 2; All-State Football - 4; Most Valuable Lineman -Track - 1,2,3,4; Class President - 2; Class Favorite - 2; Student Council - 3 GARY KEEL Football - 2. LANELLE HATLEY Band - 1,2,3; Choir - 1; Operetta - 1; Junior Play; Annual Staff - 4; Librarian - 3; Future Teacher - 4; Librarian Club Officer - 4; Class Officer - 4; Halloween Princess -4; Spanish Club - 3,4; Band Advisory Committee - 4; Dramatics Club - 3.Seniors JIMMY OWENS Class Officer - 1; Football Escort - 1; Football - 1.2; Track - 1; Who's Who. CAROL KING Cheerleader - 2.3; Football Princess - 3; Basketball Princess - 2; Who's Who; Senior Play; Student Council - 4; Dramatics Club -4; Dramatics Club Secretary; Newspaper Staff - 4; Chorus - 1,2; Librarian - 2.4; Operetta - 1,2; Librarian Club - 4; Senior Play; Chorus - 1,2; Operetta - 1,2. DENNIS HARRIS Basketball - 1,2; Baseball - 1; Track -2,3; Football - 2; Student Rep. - 2,3. CHARLIE RAGLAND Tennis - 1; District Tennis Meet; District Doubles; Band - 1,2,3; Drum Major - 3. CAROL PENDLETON Cheerleader - 1,2,3.4; Student Council - 3; Student Council President - 4; Who's Who -4; Band - 1,2; Basketball Attendant - 1,4; Chorus - 1; Junior Play; Operetta - 1; Dramatics Club - 2,3.4; National Student Council Convention - 4. HARRY BYRUM Football - 1; Basketball - 1; Track - 1,2; Chorus - 2.3,4; Operetta - 2,3.4. Allstate Choir - 3; Dramatics Club - 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Who's Who.(Seniors BONNIE REA Librarian - lj Halloween Queen - 1; Band -1,2; Chorus - 1,2; Special Voice - 1,2; Newspaper Staff - 2; Class Officer - 2; Football Attendant - 2; Student Council - 2,3,4; Student Council Officer - 4; Cheerleader -2,3,4; National Honor Society - 3,4; N.H.S. Officer - 3; Dramatics Club - 3,4; Dramatics Club Officer - 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Science Club - 3; Future Teacher - 3,4; F.T.A. Officer - 4; Girls' State; D.A.R. Representative; Who's Who. CLAUDE FRISTO Student Teacher - 4. TOM CHERRY HOMES Track - 1,2,3; Basketball - 1,2; Baseball - 3,4; Spanish Club - 3,4; Spanish Club Officer - 3; Science Club - 1; National Honor Society - 2; Class Favorite - 3. RANDY SIMMONS Football - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 2,3; Track - 3,4; National Honor Society -2,3,4; Class Reporter - 4; Class Secretary - 2; Science Club - 2 3; Sec.-Treas. of Science Club - 3; Boys’State Alternate; Spanish Club - 3. JACK ABENDSCHAN Football - 1,2, 3,4; Football Co-Captain -1,2; Honor Crew - 1,2; All-State - 3,4, Football; All-Southern Honorable Mention -3,4; Basketball - 4; Track - 3,4; Senior Class President; Who's Who; South All-Stars. SUE WOODALL Science Club - 1; F.H.A. - 1,2; Raider-ettes - 1,2; F.T.A. - 3; Spanish Club - 1; Bowling Club - 3; Chorus - 4; Special Voice - 4; Dramatics Club - 4; Class Play -2. Seniors BOBBY WOOD Science Club - 1; Tennis - 1; District Tennis Doubles - 1; Chorus - 1,2,3; Operetta -1,2,3; Special Voice - 1,2,3; Boys’ Sextet and Quintet - 2, 3; All-State Chorus - 2, 3; Dramatics Club - 1,2,3; Baseball - 3,4; Newspaper Staff - 4; Annual Staff - 4; Future Teacher - 4; F T.A. Officer - 4. PATSY MORRIS Operetta - 1; Chorus - 1; Senior Play; Newspaper Staff - 4; Librarian - 2,3; Future Teacher - 4; Annual Staff - 4. KENNY EDWARDS Band - 1,2,3,4; Band Advisory Committee . MARY DUNIVAN Annual Staff - 4; Future Teacher - 4; Dramatics Club - 1,2,4; Science Club - 1,2; Operetta - 1,2; Choir - 1,2. JOHN ARWOOD COLLEEN SHARRER Chorus - 1,2,3; Operetta - 1,2; Special Voice - 1.2; Dramatics Club - 1,2; Annual Staff - 4; Future Teacher - 4; Newspaper Staff - 4.Seniors ERNEST BOLLES Spanish Club - 2,3; Science Club - 1,3; Future Teacher - 4; State Spanish Festival-3. RITA GAY SANDERS Class Officer - 1,3,4; Class Favorite - 4; Student Council - 4; Who's Who - 4; Chorus - 1,2; Basketball Princess - 3; Basketball Queen - 4; Operetta - 1,2; Librarian-1; Dramatics Club - 2; Future Teacher - 4; Annual Staff - 4; Newspaper Staff - 4. PATRICIA REED Chorus - 1,2; Special Voice - 1; Operetta - 1,2; Who's Who; Tennis; Dramatics Club - 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff-4. TERRY REAGAN Band - 1,2,3; Who's Who; Dramatics Club - 2,3,4; Dramatics Club Officer -4; Junior,-Senior Plays; National Honor Society - 3,4; Future Teacher - 3,4; Spanish Club - 3,4; Band Advisory Committee - 4. NEVELL BISHOP Dramatics Club - 2,3,4; Librarian - 1,2,3, 4; Library Club - 3,4; Library Reporter - 4; Junior Play - 3; Newspaper Staff - 4. JIM SIMS Football - 3,4; Basketball - 1; Baseball - 3; Track - 1,2; Spanish Club - 3,4. Seniors LLOYD ALLGOOD Spanish Club - 1; Operetta - 1; Senior Play; Future Teacher - 4. KAY ROBINSON Librarian - 1,2, 3,4; Librarian Club - 4; Band - 1,2,3; Spanish Club - 3. KENNETH DILLER Basketball Manager - 1; Science Club -1; Dramatics Club - 1,2,4; Future Teacher - 3. SHERRY McLEAN Band - 1,2,3; Chorus - 1,2; Special Voice - 1,2; Operetta - 1,2; Band Librarian - 3; Future Teacher - 3,4; Cheerleader - 1,2; Football Attendant - 1; Class Officer - 2; Paper Staff - 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Spanish Club -3; Dramatics Club - 2,4. DON HARDISON Football - 1,2, 3,4; Basketball - 1,2; Track - 3,4; Golf - 1,2; Class Vice-Pres. - 3; Halloween Escort - 3. JEANNE McSPADDEN Librarian - 3,4; Who's Who - 4; Junior Favorite; Newspaper Staff - 4.Football - 1,2,4; Track - 3,4. Seniors LORRAINE BYOUS Science Club - 1; Chorus - 1.2,3.4; Operetta - 1,2, 3,4; Special Voice - 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; Librarian - 1; D.A.R. Alternate; Girls' Sextet Pianist; Future Teachers - 4; Who's Who; National Honor Society -4; All-State Chorus - 3; Football Queen -4; Spanish Club - 3,4. DERRIL HOPPER JIM WILBURN Football - 1,2,4; Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Baseball - 3,4; Track - 1,2; Football King - 4; Basketball Escort - 3; All-State Basketball - 3; All-State Honorable Mention Football - 3; Who's Who. SHARON GARTMAN Future Teacher - 4; National Honor Society - 4; N.H.S. Reporter - 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Operetta - 1,2, 3,4; Homemaker of Tomorrow; Librarian - 1,4; Librarian Club - 4; Special Voice - 1, 2.3.4. SAMMI DREW Chorus - 1,2,4; Band - 1; Operetta - 1,4; A Cappella Choir - 3; Newspaper Staff - 4; Dramatics Club - 4; F.H.A. - 2,3; F.H.A. Treasurer; Future Teacher - 3; F.N.A. - 3; Spanish Club - 3; Golden Review. GAYLON TAYLOR Football - 1,2,4; Band - 1,2; Los Crates -3,4; La Tartulia - 3,4; Science Club - 1. 2,3; Spanish Fiesta - 3,4; All-State Spanish Fiesta - 4.Seniors DAN GARRISON Band - 1,3; Track - 2; Science Club - 1,2, 3; Los Cuates - 3,4; La Tartulia - 4; District Spanish Fiesta - 3,4; State Spanish Fiesta - 4; Dramatics Club - 4; Junior, Senior Play. DELORES BARBER Chorus - 3; Operetta - 3; Newspaper Staff -4. NORMAN COLE EDDIE PURCELL Football - 1,2; Track - 1,2; Chorus - 1, 3,4; Operetta - 1,3,4; All-State Choir - 3,4; Junior, Senior Plays; Who's Who; Dramatics Club - 4. SUSAN DODD Chorus - 1,2,3.4; Girls' Sextet - 2,3,4; All-State Chorus - 2,3,4; Special Voice -1,2,3,4; Operetta - 1,2,3,4; Student Council - 1.2,3; Student Council V.-P. - 3; Class Officer - 4; Who's Who; Band - 1.2; Class Favorite - 1; National Honor Society - 2; Librarian - 1; F.T. Officer - 4; Future Teacher - 4; Newspaper Editor - 4; Spanish Club Officer - 3; Girls' State Alternate; Junior, Senior Plays; Dramatics Club - 3,4; Dramatics Club President - 4. JACKIE WARFORD F.F.A. - 2; F.F.A. Officer; Class Officer-1.Seniors DARLENE KENNEDY Class Favorite - 2; Class Officer - 3; Chorus - 1,2, 3,4; Operetta - 1,2, 3,4; Sextet -3,4; All-State Chorus - 3.4; Who's Who; Miss E.H.S.; Special Voice - 1,2,3.4; Dramatics Club - 1,2; Future Teacher - 4. SAMMY HALL Football - 1,3,4; Football Honorable Mention; All-State Football - 4; 2nd Team All-State - 4; Basketball - 1,2, 3,4; Basketball Captain - 4; Basketball King - 4; Baseball - 3,4; Who’s Who; Mr. E.H.S. CHARLIE VESTAL Baseball - 1,2, 3,4; Football Manager -4; Future Teacher - 4; Who's Who - 4; Annual Staff - 4; Newspaper Staff - 4. MAX GRAY Football - 1,2, 3,4; Track - 1, 2,3,4; Spanish Club - 3; Science Club - 1; Junior Play; Football Escort - 4. TED BAKER Paper Staff - 4; Track Manager - 4. LINDA HOPPER Special Voice - 1,2,3,4; Band - 1; Chorus - 1,2,3,4; Operetta - 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Sextet - 3,4; National Honor Society - 3,4; Newspaper Staff - 4; Girls' State; Salutato-rian.Seniors THOMAS CADDEL Football - 2. JESSIE SMITH Class Reporter - 1; Dramatics Club - 1,2,3; Operetta - 1,2,3,4; Science Club - 3; Future Teacher - 4; Special Voice - 1,2, 3,4; Chorus - 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff Editor - 4; National Honor Society - 4. BOBBY FRANKLIN Football - 1,2,3,4; Track - 1,2,3; Junior, Senior Plays; Newspaper Staff -4; All-Southern - 4; Honorable Mention; All-State - 4; Future Teacher - 4. Goodness! Are these Seniors???df£e Senior Gfass Jjresen s: OUR COLORS Pink and Silver OUR FLOWER White Rose OUR MOTTO "Work as though everything depended on you; Pray as though everything depended on God." OUR SONG "MOMENTS TO REMEMBER" February to December, we'll have MOMENTS TO REMEMBER. The New Year's eve we did the town, The day we tore the goal posts down, We'll have these MOMENTS TO REMEMBER. The quiet walks, the noisy fun, The ballroom prize we almost won. We'll have these MOMENTS TO REMEMBER. Though summer turns to winter and the present disappears, The laughter we were glad to share will echo through the years, When other nights and other days, Will find us gone our separate ways, We'll have these MOMENTS TO REMEMBER. The drive-in movies where we’d go, And somehow never watch the show, We'll have these MOMENTS TO REMEMBER.MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ALL-AROUND Johy Harryman Terry Reagan Bonnie Rea Sam Hall BEST SCHOOL SPIRITED Carol Pendleton Charlie Vestal MOST TALENTED BEST PERSONALITY Jim Sims Susan Dodd Darlene Kennedy Harry Byrum PENDERS DEPARTMENT STORE - EuniceFRIENDLIEST WITTIEST Rita Gay Sanders Jack Abendschan Jeanne McSpadden Eddie Purcell IjAo 's BEST LOOKING Carol King Jimmy Owens MOST ATHLETIC MOST COURTEOUS O'QUINN DRUG - Eunice Pat Reed Jim Wilburn Lorraine Byous Jim McElvaney( ass 7.) Jack Abendschan wills his shirt to any Junior who thinks he is big enough to take it. Lloyd Allgood wills his ability to be a guitarpicker and finish high school all at once to his little brother, Benny. John Arwood wills his pigskin boots to Mike Gladden. Teddy Baker wills his right to miss his sophomore year and still graduate to James Turner. Delores Barber wills her loudness to Peggy Bishop. Nevell Bishop wills her ability to be library reporter and never go to a library club meeting to anyone who thinks they can get by with it. Ernest Bolles wills his position in the senior class to anyone dumb enough to want it. Lorraine Byous wills her ability to receive the "3 Famous Kisses" to the next Football Queen of EHS. Harry Byrum wills his '47 Ford with the bright patches to Mike Carlile. Thomas Caddel wills his ability to have two senior years to any unfortunate English student. Gerald Carter wills his ability to sit on the front seat in English IV and still not get good grades to Phillip Curtis. Tom Cherryhomes wills his ability to get along with the teachers to anyone that wants to get kicked out of school three times in one 9 weeks. Barbara Coffey wills 10 of her 80 pounds to Susie Weber. Norman Cole wills his ability to go with out-of-town girls to Jerry Jordan and H. B. Bishop. Larry Cumutt wills his out-of-town girlfriends to any Junior boys that want them. Kenneth Diller wills his ability to get along with the teachers in EHS, especially Mrs. Brown, to anyone who needs it. Susan Dodd wills her ability to find sisters-in-law for her two brothers to anyone fortunate enough to have 2 brothers and no sisters. Sammi Drew, being of sound mind, hereby wills her ability to keep her name out of the school paper to anyone who needs it. Mary Dunivan wills her high standing in English IV to Carl Savage. Kenny Edwards wills his ability to grow a beard to "Red" Farris. Bobby Franklin wills his ability to never go steady during his high school years to Mike Wesbrooks. Claude Fristo wills his western belt to Sherry Beadle. Dan Garrison wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Brown to Larry Ward. Sharon Gartman wills her homemade time-bomb to any future senior that has the courage to use it. June Givens wills her ability to have four classes under Mr. Tucker and still be a friend of his to anyone that thinks they can put up with him that long. Max Gray wills his boots to any boy in the Junior class who thinks he can fill them. Sam Hall wills his ability to play ball to Little Charley Trimble. Don Hardison wills his pole-vaulting ability to Ronnie Wesbrooks. Dennis Harris wills his ability to have his car run over cattle-guards to any boy that has a car strong enough to take it. John Harryman wills his good left arm to Jeffrey Key. Lanelle Hatley wills her blue suede shoes to Carol Loyd. Derrill Hopper wills his car to Scot Parker. Gary Keel feels that he should take everything he has with him.Linda Hopper wills her ability to marry the senior she started going with as a freshman to Yvonne Wright. Darlene Kennedy wills her ability to get engaged in her senior year to Gail Parrish and her quietness to Tina Kennedy. Carol King wills all the cowboys around Eunice vicinity to Kathy Magee and her hospitality in Jal to Sue Boaz. Dickie Lynn wills his freshman girlfriend to any junior who wants to raise his girlfriend the way they want her. Jim McElvaney wills his friendship with Mr. Tucker to anyone that wants it. Sherry McLean and Rita Gay Sanders will their ability to cause the biggest uproar in school, get engaged on the same night and to plan for the same future to Pat Nave and Sherry Williams. Jeanne McSpadden wills her ability to get along with Mrs. Curnutt to Sharyn Bormouth. Sandra Malone wills her faithful tape on her glasses to anyone who doesn't have the money to buy a new pair. Stan Mayo wills his 1 2 mile to anyone crazy enough to run it. Patsy Morris wills her ability to celebrate two birthdays a year to anyone who doesn't like to work in shorthand. Arlice Northcott wills his ability to go with a girl secretly under her father's nose to anyone sneaky enough to do it. Jimmy Owens wills his scientific and mathematical disasters to John Anderson. Carol Pendleton wills her positions of President of Student body and head cheerleader of her senior year to any girl who loves to run around in circles. Eddie Purcell wills his ability to get kicked off all athletic teams to anyone who appreciates the coaches as much as he does. Charlie Ragland wills his private chair in Mr. Caton's office to Lee Leonard. Bonnie Rea wills her good fortune to be elected secretary to so many organizations and yet flunk secretarial courses to any poor fool who hates writers' cramp. Terry Reagan wills her OU pennant and her ability to sing "Boomer Sooner” louder than anybody (and more off-key) to Jeanie Risinger. Pat Reed wills her ability to get Most Athletic in Who's Who by acclamation to Jeanie Risinger. Kay Robinson wills all of her free time in the office to Ervanell Collom. Colleen Sharrer wills her position at the Cardinal Drugstore to Kathy Magee and Brenda Harrell. Randy Simmons wills his term theme and research papers to next year's seniors. Jim Sims wills his ability to this year's juniors to get along with the next year’s juniors. Jessie Smith wills her ability to date, go steady, become engaged and marry the same boy in the space of 1 year. 6 months and 2 days to any girl who can remember all this. Gaylon Taylor wills his cast iron stomach to any poor slob that eats in the cafeteria. Charlie Vestal wills his bashfulness to Larry Goodman. Jackie Warford just leaves. Jim Wilburn wills his ability to kiss the Football Queen three times to any Jr. who thinks he is man enough to take it. Bobby Wood wills his ring payments to Ronnie Wesbrooks and his car to Mike Wesbrooks. Sue Woodall wills her ability to fix wild hair styles to Joy Redden.JUNIORSMIKE WESBROOKS ERVANELL COLLOMVice-President President Reporter Treasurer Reporter James Walker Lindy Lott Nancy Deines Bryan Willard Jimmy Gabbard c5 sponsors Mr. Pursley Secretary Susie Weber Mrs. Hackney FAUGH H. BOWDEN - Eunice Mr. KennannErvanell Collom Bill Conway Judy Cooper Sue Brunson Victor Carlson Janet ColeNeil Goodman Norma Graves Larry Green Mary Green Wayman Green Johnny GroganKay Hendrickson Lor an Hopper Kenny Houston Robert Jones Ronnie Johnson Jerry Jordan Glen KempLinda Locke Lindy Lott Rita Gay Louy Bruce Kendrick Jeffry Key Hope Lara Carol Loyd Juniors Brenda McCray Kathy Magee Archie Mann Rebecca Martin Wanda Martin James MasseyDean Mathis Charles Patterson Joy Redden Norman Reed Scott Parker Gail Parrish Lois Trimble D. L. Walker James WalkerHard At Work! Carol Sue Weber Mike Wesbrooks Bryan Willard Margaret Richardson Ji uniors Ginger Wallach Jim Ward Larry Ward SOPHOMORESC So ) } opnomore (Vf'c ers Vice-President Secretary Ronnie Green Ron Abendschan Reporter Pam Anthony President Bobby Patterson Mr. Davis THOMPSON HARDWARE FURNITURE - HobbsSopAi nomores Ronald Abendschan, John Anderson, Pamela Anthony, H. B. Bishop, Peggy Bishop, J. B. Blevins. Kay Carpenter Robert Carver, Steve Clemens, Barbara Collins, Craig Coulter, Donald Cox, Rebecca Cox. Kirby Blevins, Nicky Blevins. Georgia Bolles, Jerry Bradford, Janet Byous, Carolyn Bowen, Juanita Brown, Roger Carmack.c S opnorn ores Phillip Curtis, Judy Davis, Emma Devers, Ruby Dollarhide, George Ford, George Fourqurean. Ouita Gabbard, Raymond Gartman. Brenda Gore, Ronnie Green, Ronnie Hammond, Joe Hardy, Archie Hemken, Doyne Hester. Ronnie Holder Betty Hopper, Jim Landes, Walter Lowe, Johnny McAfee, Nancy McLain, Earnest Manry.c S of) ) o n or v. s Donald May, Joe Mitchell, Bobby Patterson, Jerry Purcell, Jo Etta Ritz, Sharon Ragland. Gregory Rampley, Ross Robinson. Wayne Rutledge, Terry Selman, George Scott, Vickie Simmons, Sidney Simpson, Sue Simpson. Betty Simsophomores Pam Stoner, Don Thompson, Cherri Thurman, Gary Ward, Helen Whittenburg, Johnny Williams. Janelva Wilson, Jimmy Witherspoon. Sandra Witherspoon, Harold Wooley, Judy Wynne, Marina Stubblefield, Ronald May, Danny Dunham.FRESHMENSecretary Vice-President President Treasurer Reporter James Turner Tommy Gruber Bobby Calhoun Larry Goodman Dena KeyJres nnen Douglas Boyett, Gary Brooks, Janet Brown, Thomas Brown. Bobby Calhoon, Mike Carlile, Patricia Carlson, Nancy Colin, Lawrence Dennis, Don Diamond. Benny Allgood, Becky Arwood, Dinah Avara, Billie Ayers, Terry Baker, James Barclay. Stephen Dyer, Odene Eaves, Richard Eaves. Eloise Ford, Larry Franklin, Joyce Givens, Larry Goodman, Phyllis Green, Eva Lou Grogan. Jresfimen Tommy Gruber, Joyce Haase, Richard Hammond, Johnny Harrell, Larry Hart, Ricky Hatley. Charlsie Havner, Leslie Hester, Morris Hopper, Larry Hunn. Tina Kennedy, Dena Key, Kathrine Kirby, Kenneth Kuhn, Sharon Land, Earl Lyons. Pat McCord, Joyce McLish, Charles Mann. Patricia Miller, Frida Moore, Lora Moore, Gary Moran, Freddie Morris, Jeff Morris.Billie Decker, Dwight Murphy, Patricia Nave, Elaine Parker, Larry Parker, Carole Perkins. Judith Rutladge, Carl Savage, Linda Schrader, Margie Schader, Joe Scott, Sandra Scott. Darlene Spence, Eugene Stamper, Roy Stulting. Marty Swearingen, Jimmy Thompson, Tommie Thornton, Mary Ann Trimble, Dale Turner, Barbara Richardson. f I Jres n men Brenda Pritchard, Wm. Pritchard, Virginia Ragland, Douglas Rusk.7res i nen James Turner, Richard Wallace, Ronnie Wesbrooks, Sherry Williams, Judith Woolsey. Yvonne Wright, Dale Young. "What Are YOU Doing Here?” PRESS’S DRIVE-IN - EuniceORGANIZATIONScS Sponsor C )arcJ naI C Jit ors Jessie Smith Sandra Malone JJAo toy rap A er Mr. Vilas Tucker 03, us ness JKc anayers Bobby Wood James McElvaney Patsy Morris ' jnpniyict uity I c i ors Lanelle Hatley Rita Gay Sanders y s' Spor s Cjc i i or ) ops c por s Cc c i or Charles Vestal napsAo Cjc ors Mary Dunlv c°Heen sharrer V-35 June Givens( morusA AG a e GA or us Gpecia TJo ce BROWN MOTOR COMPANY - EuniceDarlene Kennedy Linda Hopper Reba Dobbins Kay Sparkman Susan Dodd Rebecca Martin Lorraine Byous i he JKefocfies BUSINESS MACHINE, INC. - Hobbs Ghe Garcfinaf Quints Mickey Snyder Clifford Harden Raymond Gartman Dean Mathis James MasseyI960 Operetta ss ss pp Main Characters: Clifford Harden, Dean Mathis, Raymond Gartman, Troy Gladden, James Massey, Danny Carver, Eddie Purcell, Calvin Elkins, Susan Dodd, Darlene Kennedy, Linda Hopper, Sharon Gar tman, Becky Martin, Lorraine Byous, Janelva Wilson, Janet Byous.Senior J)andyl I S a e Jiancf J)ancf Advisory (Committee WATSON TRUCK SUPPLY - HobbsJlssistant Orum TKajor Judy Cooper 2). rum JlCan ajor Dean MathisJiancf oiSrarians Terry Reagon Doyne Hester JKajoreites Rusty Blevins Mary Ann Trimble Carolyn Bowen Sharon BormouthJSiSi ranans President Vice-President Secretary Publicity Reporter Hopi Lara Jo Ann Stulting Gail Parrish Pam Anthony Merry Gilliam Editor: Susan Dodd. General Staff: Jeff Key, Waymon Green, Bobby Wood, Rita Gay Sanders, Carol King, Charlie Vestal.A)pan is A () uf) Cxecut ue Committee Larry Goodman, Jo Ann Stulting, Shirley Terry, George Ford, Linda Hahn. Span is A GfuS DR. 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Dan Garrison Harry Byrum Barbara Coffey Dan Garrison Sandra Malone PRICES CREAMERIES, INC. - HobbsJla Ioween Queen Lanelle Hatley John Harryman Kay Hendrickson Bryan Willard Judy Wynne Ronnie Green 1 ▼ I I f M A ATHLETICS n. Jarc ina s EUNICE CLEANERSVarsity C )oac i and C) apt a ins Dickie Lynn - Stanley Mayo - Mr. Cook - Dale Ridgeway OUR SCORES WE 36 Van Horn, Texas THEY 0 6 Wink, Texas 6 0 Lovington 41 20 Porta les 7 45 ♦Fort Sumner 0 56 Tucumcari 0 20 Jal 28 Conference Games • Conference Game and Homecoming GameBOBBY FRANKLIN MAX GRAY SAM HALL DON HARDISON DERRILL HOPPER DICKIE LYNN RANDY SIMMONS JIM SIMS ALEXANDER'S SUPER MARKET - Eunice JIM WILBURN STAN MAYO DALE RIDGEWAY XJarsitu LARRY CURNUTT football JACK ABENDSCHAN JOHN ARWOODMIKE GLADDEN JooiSa l BILL CONWAY NEIL GOODMAN WAYMON GREEN BRUCE KENDRICK JEFFERY KEY LINDY LOTT BRYAN WILLARD D. L. WALKERMOST VALUABLE LINEMAN Dickie Lynn Jlff-S ate 7 f S out iern Vearn MOST VALUABLE BACK Jimmy Witherspoon SECOND TEAM Sam Hall - Dickie Lynn HONORABLE MENTION: Jimmy Brown, Wayman Green, Jack Abenschan, Jim Wilburn, Bill Conway, Bobby Franklin.Kay Hendrickson Sherry Beadle TJarsity Carol Pendleton Lois Trimble Bonnie Rea ( neer ear ers Lois Trimble Bonnie Rea Carol Pendleton Sherry Beadle Kay Hendrickson C. R. ANTHONY CO. - EuniceI960 JootSa d m9 TCino and Queen Presentation of Football The "Kiss" The Crowning Presentation of Necklace 7i my Jim Queen oorra neurn I960 T'ooiSa I Queen Goronaiion Sherry Williams Ouita Gabbard Brenda Harrell Barbara Coffey 7Ji nncesses an cf C scor s Sherry Williams Lorraine Byous Don Diamond Brenda Harrell Jim Wilburn Waymon Green Ouita Gabbard Barbara Coffey Bobby Patterson Max Gray BOWLORAMA - HobbsGrab that boy'. 1 Don’t let him make it! He's gonna make itCCG” Gea n footfaa B J CLOTHIERS - HobbsDena Key Patti Carlson Pat Nave Sherry Williams Mary Ann Trimble WHITE'S AUTO - EuniceTJarsity GoacA ancf Gaptains OUR SCORES WE THEY WE THEY 67 Andrews, Texas 51 56 Plains 38 55 Ft. Stockton, Texas 38 57 Hobbs 78 57 Lovington 59 67 Dexter 54 55 Artesia 39 96 Lake Arthur 39 72 Cliff 47 51 Jal 54 60 San Jon 40 95 Hagerman 50 67 Lovington 60 73 Lake Arthur 47 47 Plains 25 75 Hagerman 47 45 Carlsbad 46 68 Lake Arthur 36 54 Alamogordo 43 86 Dexter 45 66 Albuquerque Valley 54 89 Carrizozo 44 43 Jal 31 60 Jal 54 72 St. Peters 61 Hot Springs S2 Dexter 46 State 73 Tatumn 35 67 Monahans 48 72 Seagraves 52 KEY AUTO PARTS - Eunice 7Jars a asAe 7a DISTRICT AND REGIONAL CHAMPS 3rd PLACE STATE WINNERS1 Uirs iij lasAetbci JIM WILBURN All-State 2 years All-District JACK ABENDSCHAN SAM HALL All-District JOHN HARRYMAN All-State Honorable Mention MIKE WESBROOKS All-District JOE HALL JIMMY WITHERSPOON JEFFRY KEY WAYMON GREEN BAILY'S MEN'S WEAR - Hobbs BITSY WALKERSTANDEFER'S MARKET - EuniceSAM HALL RITA GAY SANDERS 1961 ) a sAe tha 1my an fQ ueen Presentation of Basketball "Once more, for the boys in the balcony" HOBBS NEW SUN - Hobbs iasJzetSaff Q ueen Coronation JOHN HARRYMAN CAROL PENDLETON JOE HALL GINGER WALLACH MIKE MATHIS WAYNE WRIGHT RONNIE WESBROOKS PAT NAVE RONNIE GREEN JUANITA BROWN LESLIE’S MARKET - EuniceKENNY SMITH EUNICE BASEBALL SCORES COACH WADE Eunice 5 Loving 3 Eunice 12- 9 N.M.M.I. 4- 0 Eunice 8- 6 Lovington 9-12 Eunice 6-11 Monahans 13- 2 Eunice 5 Andrews DISTRICT 8 Eunice 30- 8 Dexter 0- 0 Eunice 16-17 St. Peters 1- 0 Eunice 9- 9 Hagerman (forfeit) 0- 0 Eunice 6- 7 Jal REGIONAL 1- 5 Eunice 3 Hatch STATE PLAY-OFFS 0 Eunice 15 Bernalillo 3 HOBBS CLEANERS Eunice 10 Las Vegas I.C. FINAL RECORDS 0 iasefja I C )oac j anc ()ap tainc a e CJ iamp ions I960 GLADDEN MOTOR COMPANY - EuniceTJarsitu )aseha I TOM CHERRYHOMES LARRY CURNUTT MIKE GLADDEN NEIL GOODMAN RONNIE GREEN SAM HALL ROBERT JONES ARLICE NORTHCOTT D. L. WALKER MIKE WESBROOKS JIM WILBURN BOBBY WOOD CHARLIE VESTAL DORAN CHEVROLET - Hobbs Managers ROSS ROBINSON JOHNNY WILLIAMS 'T'ie cf Cuen s J'Jeiajfits Jimmy Witherspoon, Stan Mayo, Dickie Lynn, Max Gray. Jack Abendschan, Jim Ward. C Sprints O stance Dickie Lynn, Bryan Willard, Waymon Green, Stan Mayo, Jim Ward. Stan Mayo, Derrill Hopper, Don Hardison, John Harryman, Jimmy Gabbard, Jeffrey Key. Lindy Lott.JUNIOR HIGH JJrincipafs TKessape On behalf of the junior high school, let me tell you, the annual staff, that we sincerely appreciate your giving us a section in the Cardinal Annual each year. By having a section set aside for the junior high school to use we are given an opportunity to have mementos recorded which will mean more and more as the years pass. We are happy to have some small part in the annual, we want to compliment you on your diligent work, and we are looking forward to receiving another fine publication.junior Dhy i 7acufty MRS. HAZEL CONWAY MR. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW MR. WILEY GOODMAN MRS. RUTH LAZNICK MRS. R. E. McCULLOCH MR. J. E. EARHART MRS. W. P. HASSLER Junior JfigJi faculty MR. MARVIN McSMITH MR. JOE RICKMAN MISS WINNIE SIMS MR. CHARLES SISSEL MISS JESSIE SMITH MR. MARTIN WADE MRS. OLIVER WILDMANEIGHTH junior 7fiy i 77auorites SEVENTH Marklin Malone Judy Fowler Stephen Simmons Gradean Roberts Kenneth Parker Suzanne Colborn SIXTHC 1 2iJi 5Jrac e Officers cS sponsors MRS. WILDMAN MR. SISSLE MISS SIMS MR. BARTHOLOMEWC icj itf) Jracfe Wardell Allen Pam Armstrong Virginia Boyett T ony Bryant Lorreen Cole Norreen Cole Richard Crowley Roy Davis William Eubanks Earlene Farris Kathy Foss Clyde Gardner Virginia Harbin Norman Harless Wendell Hobdy Betty Jordan Billy Jordan Frankie McCray Johnny McCasland Bobby McElvaney William Miller Jerry Nave Jean Newman Gailand Overton Elaine Purcell Flora Quick Ronda Ross Billy SchaderC lyfit i (Jracfe Betty Smith Richard Thompson Rita Tucker Stephen Turnbow Roger Varner Robert Winn Juanice Young Glenda Adams Sue Jane Barker Faye Boyd Patti Clark Linda Clayton Sharon Dodd Larry Harvey Billy Henson Dwight Holder Coleen Hopper Rebecca Hye Royce Jones Bill Keel Loraine Keele Teresa Northcott Lonia Rusk Lee Salone Ruth Scoggins Terry Scarborough Gay Nell Smith Wanda Sylvester( ig it i S.Jracfe Geneva V arner Dwane Vowell Freddie Waggoner Bobby Wooley Joyce Wooley Ross Baxter Kenneth Braggs David Clark Mary Clemens Danny Crow Glenda Daniels Annette Elkins Sol Erdwurm Clifton Foster Howard Grogan Kenneth Grogan Allen Hahn Duane Hopper Kathryn Keele Carolin Kelt on Virginia Kirby Joe Landes Ricky Langston Lee Leonard Mike McKnight Jennie Noble Kenneth Parker Linda PearcyShirley Reed David Ridenour Carol Rowe Joyce Salone Raymond Sharrer Floyd Sims Tereas Tonge Craig Wilson Barbara Wooley Gail Bagwell Dean Boyd Alexa Bun Suzanne Colborn Karen Curnutt Judity DeGroot Mike Ditmore Judy Ford Mike Fowler Marilyn Hasty Otis Langley Lenora Luckie Robert Mathis Marilyn McCulloch Margaret Ray Diane Robbins Dan Slate Terry Trainor Charley TrimbleC ly ith Jracfe Alice Wade Sue Ann Wallis YaVetta White Roland Wildman Randy Wynne Brenda Barber Jan Bridges Larry Willard "Smart aren’t we?Seuen A Aracfe 0 v veerscSevent Jracfe Jon Baker Danny Berry Tommy Bost Cleo Boyett Nicky Brister Verna Sue Coy Bill Decker Perrie Franks Joe Gillum Glenda Heberling Ricky Heberling Betty Hendrickson Larry Henson W. C. Lentz Francis McCoy Sharion McCray Rex Mclntire Jimmy Manry Mary Manry Leslie Nunn Doyle Rawlings Lynn Ray Mickey Seay Russel Dean Thompson Linda Thurman Frances Adams Louise Akin James Andersonc Seoen t i Jra cfe Yvonne Barclay Sandra Blackburn Dianne Bland J. W. Catron James Collins Mike Conrad Sam Farris Linda Gregory Diana Hunn David Lynn Marklin Malone Ramon Mendoza Sharon Miller Wanda Miller David Noble Sherry Pritchard Barbara Ray Lynn Raybon Tracy Rogers Dennis Snyder Monty Turner Mary Turner Alton White Bobby Williams Tommy Anderson Tommy Barclay Darrel Bethany Judy BowmanSeoen A cJrac e Linda Brown Jana Cathey Stanley Cottrell Elsie Essman Henry Fox Brenda Gilstrap Gerry Hahn Sandra Jones Jerry King Shirley McKibben George Martin Jimmie Martin Ann May Beth Moore Thomas Moore Frankie Raybon Glenda Jo Skinner James Taylor Lillie Bell Templeton Marty Wallace Linda Williams Gerry Williamson Jeffan Yell James Allen Gregory Bradford Rex Busby Sherry Carlton rSeuent i Jracfe Mary Coulter Patricia Flynt Carolyn Foster Judy Fowler Maudine Gibson Tanya Gray Linda Hester Eddie Hicks John Higgins Richard Johnson Janice Landes Joe Lara Judy Myers Patsy Rayburn Larry Rowland Raul Scott Ronnie Shanks Dave Slate Terry Trout Linda Majors We're doing HER homework! Hey! He's fouling!S x A £Jracfe OJjfn veerscSixi i Jracfe Michael Anderson Ina Carol Berryman Joe Wesley Ball Kenneth Bost Donna Cheryl Boyett Randy Brister Sharon Callaway Buddy Eaves Royce Gavlt Troy Hahn Beverly Harvey Anna Lee Hearrell Ernest Wayne Henson Jerry Don Hines Larry Hutchins James Kelton Jackie Ann Loyd Howard Eugene McCall Phyllis McLish Larry Gene Malone Manuel Martinez Barbara Metcalf Linda Patterson Silvero Ramos Carolyn Robbins Berry Standefer Howard Varner Elmer VaughanS x A Jracfe Hazel Williams Jimmy Woodftn Ricky Barclay Othodeen Baoz Thomas Bolles Lynda Buckhanon Barbara Busby Thomas Eubanks Claudette Gladden Terry Flowers Gerald Haase Elaine Hester Belinda Hobdy Zela Kay Ivy Jackie Mae Locke Glen McCall William McCasland Elizabeth Martin Richard Meek David Morris Judy Noble Rita Overton William Rawlings Dennis Ridenour Tina Schrader Stephen Simmons Larry Trainor Cynthia VaughtSix A Jrac e Beth Waggoner Max Walenciak Kathleen Wesbrooks Gwyndlon Williams Rebecca Woodall Betty Bagwell Louie Ray Barber Bobby Carter Jimmy Davis Melba Devers Inona Hinson Linda Key Hipp Coreen Hopper Linda Huffman Gary Hughes Audrey McCaslin Kenneth McKibben Sharon McLish Patricia Newman Kurtis Phagan Barbara Quick Ethel Roberts Walter Stricklin Larry Throneberry Retha Adams Richard Allen Sarah Carter Ronald Cookc ixt cJrac e Billie Evans Frances Gary Randy Evans Elma Gregory Deena Jo Helms Kandis Meetze Belinda Merchant Jay Todd Miller Mark Moody Linda Nave Billy Parker Barbara Perkins Ernie Rounsaville Clifton Russell Ronald Schroeder Martha Scoggins Ricky Taylor Vickie Teer Paula Trammell Bill Vermillion Judy Wilson Phillip Young CARDINAL BARBER SHOP - EuniceJunior Jfig i loibrarians 'Junior 7 icj ) JiancfjUi SJracfe )ancfJunior yfuj i GAeerJeac ers Pam Armstrong Alexa Judy Joyce Burt Fowler Wooley Junior JficjrJi Jrac£ Suzanne Colborn EUNICE STAR"Jimmy - that hat?!!1 "Butterfield 7" Did you say, WORK!!!" "1-2-3 Pull" "Free Ride to Class" "And Then!" "It's a Hit!!' "There's the Tree - Where are the Presents?"ELEMENTARYPrincipals JlCessape Education fails unless the Three R's at one end of the school spectrum lead ultimately to the Four P's at the other - Preparation for Earning, Preparation for Living, Preparation for Understanding, Preparation for Participation in the problems involved in the making of abetter world. --Norman Cousins, "Clearing House"MARY BROWN MRS. SYLVIA BROWN MRS. CLETUS CARTER MISS WINNIFRED CARTER MRS. FRANCES CATON MRS. WILLIE LEE COFFMAN MRS. JOE LANGSTON MRS. J. E. EARHART MRS. GLAYDS FANCHER MRS. O. L. DAVIS MRS. JULIA FORDSracfe School 7acufty MRS. BLANCHE FRANKLIN MRS. J. C. McDOUGAL MRS. VILAS TUCKER MRS. MARY JO HAMRICK MR. LEO C. PITCHFORD MRS. LORENE WALLIS MRS. L. B. HARDEN MR. LESLIE R. ROE MRS. WILLIE MAYE WYNNE MISS LENA HUGHES MRS. AGNES SHEPHERD MRS. MARY YELL Jrac e Mrs. Ford Jackye Alexander Carolyn Barber Gall Brown Ronny Collom Sally Coulter Roy Cottrell Paul Daniels Elizabeth Flynt Adell Gardner Harold Graves Betty Hamilton Norma Jean Keele Sheryl Marie Kennedy Linda Langley Weldon Langley Nolan McCall Barbara Nell Gail Annette Franklin Dean Mitcham Johnnie Parker Brenda Jean Pritchard Roy Rickie Ray Rudolph Royal Jenny Sanders Phyllis Silhan John Spence Billy Twilley Glenda Kay Williams Benny Wright Brenda V aughn Cliff Yell Mrs. Shepherd Bobby Akin Gary Bettis Robert Bilbrey Jean Blackburn Sharon Braggs Carolyn Coy Elizabeth Jane DeniesJ-iftfi (Jrac e Patricia Fowler Janice Givens JoReta Gryder Nancy Jane Harris Donnie Heberling Bobby Henderson Steven Holler Kathy Land Martin Lininger Sherian Kay McGee Michael McLean Diane Newman Billie Joe Noland Jackie Nunn Jeannette Pierce Deborah Parker Alejandro Ramos Barbara Robinson Earnest Keith Sharrer Franklin Spalding Malta Vowell Woody Weeks John Westbrook Jackie Wooten Mr. Roe Alvina Anguiano Donna Bagwell Steven Barber Wendell Carter Pamela Eggleston Jimmy Ellis Clarence Fletcher David Gulley Kathryn Hair Ronald Roy Hackney Alfred Joe Lee V icki Lyon Linda Manion Connie Mann Roy Don ManryPat Moran Gloria Ortiz Linda Pike Kenneth Raybon Deborah Russell Jimmy Sanders Vickie Seely Carol Sikes Martha Sims Eddie Spence Bernice Webb Marsha Thurman Mike Tyler Kenneth Winn Mary Ann Wotring Mrs. Tucker Robert Abendschan Linda Diana Adams Dannie Boyett Alice Bridges Barbara Bea Brown Janice Carmack Goldie Davis Bert Decker Glenn DeGroot Jimmy Dyer Mike Swearinger Rita Fay Flowers Doreetha Gardner Edna Ruth Grogan Teddy Harrell Kendal Harris Timothy Hugh Harris Michael Hatley Georgene Havner David Hicks Raymond Holder Tommy Johnson Patsy Ann Landrum Peggy Jo Landrum Patrick Wayne McCasland Joan MacAhan Jrac e Vivian Nikki Osborn Edward Pense Betty Seifried Billy Stamper Judy Wakeland David Y oung Jouri i Jrac e Mrs. C. Carter Jimmy Akin Loyd Black Bobbie Maye Boyett Mareca Cabbiness Susan Clayton Charles Daniels David Flowers Socorro Grado George Goins Eddie Joe Harper Joe Harrison Delbert Hester Paula Hiser Paula Houston Dwain Hughes Kathy Jones Wanda Irene Jones Camille Leonard Larry Haase Steve Lynch Linda Lee Ragland Sara Scarborough Joe Sims Don Slate Roy Dean Varner Ricky Wagner Mary Pat Wallis Jimmy Warford Betty Whittington Micheal Williams Mrs. Cearley Gary Don Anderson Robbie Raye Boyett Roy Bryantfouri i Jrac e Henry Carter Nola Ruth Catron Peggy Susan Curb Gary Ellis Randall Fowler Donna Hayes James Keith Henson Johnny Jackson Glen Johnson Robert Lackey Larry McCullouch Craig McLean John McSmith Valroie Morgan Shirley Lee Northcott Daniel Pike Stanley Reed Byra Rogers Jane Sanders Lowanda Stricklin Shirley Thompson Sherry Ann Wade Darla Ward Kay Wilburn Jackie Wilson Paula Witherspoon Donald Wotring Gary Wright Mrs. Hamrick Danny Bryant Gladys Bowman Joe Pat Carlile Pauletta Coffman Margaret Cryer Phil Dodd Fletcher Mae Gardner Thurman David Gartman Laverne Gilstrap Sue Ann Groomer Therresa Jane Hackney'7'ourt i (Jracfe Marvin Hines Stephen Hohimer Danny Hopper Kathy Lyn Irwin Wayne Kretchmar Bill Lara Ferrel Wayne Lent2 Guy Lynn Lyons Pat McCallie Kathy McKnight Linda Lou Martin Joyce Faye Noble Meda Sue Quick Rickey Sliger John Spalding Celia Vaught Gilda Ann Tipps Billy Williams Mr. Pitchford Jimmy Dale Campbell Marsha Carlton Mary Carter J onny C oy Martha Franklin Robert Fristoe Jimmy Gladden Billy Ray Gordon Rene Gregory Bobby Haines Rose Mary Hearrell Scott Jones Marian Lowdermilk V ance Luckie Jack Martin V ickie McLish Ronnie Michael Sammy Miller Michael Moore Donald Noble Gary Owings Danny Pershall'J'ourl i Jracfe Roxie Pilcher Mary Lou Quick Debra Reeves Bill Sims Deborah Shanks Dolores Skinner Kathlyn Jo Spence Don Weber Jerry Welch Danny Williams Kfnrci Jracfe Mrs. Coffman Beth Abendschan Thomas Dale Alexander Sammy Callaway Beth Clower Robert Colborn Richard Dale Criswell Sterling Eggleston Darlene Gavlt Melody Ann Hackney David Hammond Dickie Hayes Doyla Lee Herderson Dedra Ann Kennedy Miller Malone Robert McKibben Pattie McLean Robert Nolen Raymundo Ramos mm r Randy Spence Glenda Gale Taylor Annie Templeton Bill Turner Gregory Trammell Douglas Dale Wagner Paula Gaye Wakeland Connie Weeks James David Welch Robert Vaught urcf (Jracfe Robert Vaughn Mrs. Davis Mary Adams Vickie Sue Allen Terry Allen Debbie Arnold Billie Brinkley Stewart Byous Lee Christopher Sharol Collom Ronnie Conn Royce Crowell Kenneth Ford Donald Harris Gayla Hasty Dale Heberling Janet Hegwood James Hohimer Joy Del Landreth Billy Loyd Ruby Hines Irene Martin Bobby McConal Danny Palmer Loyd Rogers Thomas Shields Javier Skinner Harvey Stambrough Beth Thompson Glen Williams Connie Wilson Mrs. Franklin Marva Askbrook Franklin Ballard Timothy Boyett Mondell Chaney Michael Clampitt Ranklin Collins Jane Cook Joe Driver George FarrisGary Flowers Helen Haase Ann Harbin Charolette Havner Loretta Hudson Max Hughes Buddy Johnson Jerry Kelley Elizabeth Landeros Cynthia Langston Judy Mason Donny McSpadden Ricky Rickman Edgar Seward Ubaldo Skinner C John Terry Barbara Threatt Leon Williams Celeste Woodward Miss Hughes Maria Anguiano Lennie Ball Glenda Barclay Steven Bell James Broom Paul Wayne Coffman Mike Copeland Donna Creech Sharon Farley Jerry Hamm Mike Harvey Charla Ann Hawkins Judy Hendricks Shelly Kay John Clarence Jones Mike Keaton Brenda Lentz Arnold McCall Douglas Northcott Alfredo OrtizMarcie Rich John Paul Ruth Donald Schrader Phillip Seward Kathy Tonge Douglas Troxell Arley Trull Brandy Turman Roger White Mrs. Langston Jose Anguiano Billy Don Bilbrey Charlotte Bradford Jackie Brooks Thomas Byrne Cobern Coker Amos Cox Charles Evans Bobby Golden David Gwinn Micah Harris Pamela Jordon Linda Fay Lewis DuWayne Loyd Danny Lynn Edward McCasland William Pierce Minnie Sue Rawlings Dianna Riddle Roy Salone Ronald Scoggins Brenda Shanklin Tamara Trout Mary Ann Weaver Mary Jane Wooley Dennis Wright Seconc Jraoe Miss Mary Brown Carla Bennett Linda Busby Gilbert Cherryhomeseconcf Jracfe Gregory Dennis Lee Ann Eastham Roger Dane Elms Morris Clay Gore Michael Hayes Mary Jo Heck Gene Hopkins Ronnie Jones Mary Ann Klahr Rodney Lescalleet Randy Malone Johnny Martin Lori Martin Bobby McGuire Debra Ann Miller Brenda Kay Mitcham Lee Ann Moates Michael Patterson Denise Sparkman Rex Stulting James Ward Sharon Kay Welch Belita Jo White Mrs. Sylvia Brown Charlotte Adams Delton Ball Rhonda Bolles Mary Ann Cabbiness Jeff Drew James Edwards Jean Elms Bruce Ensey Patricia Gardner Willie Grando Thomas Graves Morris Helms Estelle Henderson Dusty Landreth Anita Lee Robert MartinSecond Jrac e Pamela Mason Wilma Sue Meetze David Morgan Larry Pursley Deana Quick Cam Robbins Rebecca Rusk Donna Tharp Randy Williams Sandra Willson Miss Winifred Carter Beverly Kay Anderson Dora Anguiano Mitch Arnold Alvin Ray Brown Melinda Kay Burns Twila Fay Chatfield Sidney Franklin Egnew Robert Joe Fisher Shirley Fletcher Kevin Foss Michael Hearrell Beth Annette Hines Russell Hinson Billy Joe Hutchins Vivian Marie Locke Margaret McDaniel James E. Moon Brenda June Palmer John Patterson Billy David Reese Janlyn Schroeder Donald B. Scoggins John Carl Standefer Ammie Dell Templeton Donnie Trull Mrs. McDougal Rebecca Bea Wilson Mary Frances Wynne Kathryn BishopSecond drade Bridget Blackwell Peggie Bridges Loren Christopher Rocky Lynn Conn Matthew Gary Duane Gryder Patrick Harris Jessie Shirline'Howard Garnice Land Edgar Locke Larry Lord Linda Gail Lynn Mark McCullouch Jeanne Gay McGee Gary Merchant Jacky Miller Clint Newman Rossa Pilcher Johnnie Sanders Nita Elaine Shanks Paul Tipps Catherine Wotring Mrs. Yell Connie Baucum Loretta Bevers Sue Ella Boudreaut Leatta Byrd Michael Col born Kathryn Dodd Jimmy Dale Evans Donald Grogan Ronald Grogan Lonnie Guinn Sharon Hamlett Karen Ann Hunter Ricky Langley Bonnie MacAhan Ricky McLean Mark McCasland Judy Kay MillerSecond Jrade Wendell New Bart Parker Connie Purcell Terry Ray Robert Ruth Paula Shanks Donald Softley Billy Standifer David Vernon Sue Boudreaux Loretta Bevers Cathryn Ward Janice Webb Debbie Wooley dirst Sdrade Mrs. Breedlove Sammy Adams Gary Anderson Ronnie Dean Anderson Larry Bentle Karen Foss Unverto Grado Eugene Grogan Santos Gutierrez Gary Harris Donald Higgs Ronald Higgs Shelby Higgs Angatia Landeros Deborah Lyons Gary Marr Paula Martinez Rosa Martinez David Mitchell Roger Rounsaville Dorothy Ward Jde-dJirst d rade Mrs. Caton James Fletcher Alexander Philip Berry James Irvin Boyd Byron BrinkleyLinda Sue Cottrell Karen Culver Wesley Goodman Hugh Gregory Chester Grogan Vester Grogan Tanya Higgs Mark Edward Holler Brenda Sue Hughes Alma Sue Hearell Ronnie Lackey Rose Marie Lininger Kenneth Mayberry Ben Allen McCasland Kimberly McSmith Rhonda Northcott Cynthia Pierce James Powell Debra Jean Ray Debbie Gay Reese Rex Rich Ruthie Ritz Diann Sword Ricky Weaver Micheal Edward Witt Mrs. Earhart Lou Baskin Sheila Bilbrey Tommy Jay Black Danny Bradford Audrey Lee Branham Bobby Bryant Michael Byrne Cheryl Byrum Dana Carson Bobby Lynn Clement Rhonda Sue Conn Jesse Cryer Debbie Dunn Verda Marie GardnerJjre- Jracfe Hector Grado Susan Jan Gulley Kevin Gayle Harris Thelma Lou Hearrell Billy Max Hodges, Jr. Harlan Gene Hogan Walter Howard Brenda Hutchins Keith J ohnston Becky Lucas David Lee Mithcell Tommy Dean Parker Gloria Kay Parish Robert Don Sherrard Zana Turman Roberta Dean Westbrook Kenneth Wilson Mrs. Wallis Steven Van Brooks Lynn Ray Byrant Susan Marie Clower Merlyn Mae Coy Gary Lynn Criswell Pamela Jo Crowell David Dean Dale Joe Westley Daniels Richard Glenn Ellis Cheryl Sue Elms Pat Henry Erdwurm Mark Dana Henderson Verma Joan Hines Donald Ray Hiser Sharon Marie Jones Linda Ann Kretchmar Lajan McConal Dewey Ray Males Terry Wayne Moon Debra Northcott Elizabeth Sherrard Charles Dennis Sissel JACK JILL SHOPPE Broadmoor Shopping Center HobbsJJre 7irst Jrac e Vernie Wayne Skinner Bonnier Kay Tlpps Douglas V anOostrum Derlynn Wade Jacquie Lynn Willson Jonny Morris Wright Mrs. Wynne? Larry Bob Abel Ronnie James Akins Tommy Ball Pamela Marie Barnes Joe Bob Bentle Claudia Anja Courtright Mildred Cox Brenda June Dodd Dona All Gladden Pamela Ruth Hahn Randy Hamlett Robert David Hamrick Jeffrey Johnson Richard Ray Jordan Terry Kelley Rhonda Kay Long Phillip Wayne McDonald Jo Ann McDurmitt Robert Wayne Martin Teddy Martin Marilyn Perkins Randal Edmond Roper Sharon Shields Tresa Ann Stover J. C. Stricklin Michael Eugene Thompson Theresa Ann Troxell Chanley Keith Turner Patsy Ann Wooten Mrs. Akin Dusty Allen Wanda June Barber Adon Chambleefirst 5Jrac e Dellana Lynn Coker David Garrard Paulette Gladden Shauna Lee Goodman Eddie Lee Grogan Bobby Reece Hester Debbie Hobbs Chris Jones Mary Beth Leonard Barbara Luferne Lynch Cynthia McLean Mark Ervin Miller Mike Prater Larry David Purcell Dalphina Riggins Cynthia Roberts John Lynden Scarborough Donald Ray Shanklin Jimmy Sliger Thresa Lynn Turknett Jill Vaught Eddie Joe Wooley Bennie Martin George Lynn Sims Stephen Terry Miss Berryman Linda Amerson Vergil Alan Baker Richard Neill Broom Roy Louis Burns Mark Allen Dean Diane Driver Glen Findley Barbara J o Flynt Gloria Ann Gibson Carla June Gryder Pedro Gutierrez Karen Sue Houghton Russell Mack Hughes Judy Carol Lackey CAWARD'S - HobbsJjre "first cJracie Sandra Langston Carol Jo Meri’dyth Karen Fran Michael Sharon Ann Michael Johnny Doyle Noble Freddy Palmer Cheryl Phagan Mike Puritt Sharon Robbins Zelma Lee Rogers James Rusk L. T. Templeton Ethel Louise Thompson Mike Waldrop Bobby Dale Wright Special ( ' ass Mrs. Fancher Deanna Henderson Linda Henderson Clidene Kirby James Roy Lackey Donna Robbins Tommy Rusk Bonnie Squalls Shirley Squalls Mary Lou Templeton Ring around the Rosie Get ’em .... Get 'em . .BROWN'S MEN'S WEAR - Hobbs 7Sus Drivers GusiocfiansC. H. CONWAY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS EUNICE MUNICIPAL SCHOOLS EUNICE, NEW MEXICO LAWRENCE W. BYOUS JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL JULIAN W. CATON METTIE JORDAN HISH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL We wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the following advertisers for their help in making this yearbook possible. E. M. Rowland Trucking ------------------ -Eunice Western Auto - -- — — — — — Hobbs Golden Krust Bread ----- - — - - - - — — - - - - Hobbs Penders Department Store -- — - - - - — — — Eunice Faugh H. Bowden Insurance -------- — -- — Eunice O'Quinn Drug - -- -- -- -- - — — - - — -Eunice Thompson Hardware Furniture ------------- — -Hobbs Press's Drive-In --------- — - — -Eunice Green's Portraits Camera Center ------------- -Hobbs Norman's Men's Wear -------------------- Hobbs Alexander's Super Market --------- - — Eunice Bowlorama - -- -- -- -- — — - Hobbs Watson Truck Supply --- ------------ — — Hobbs C. R. Anthony Co. — -- — - Eunice White's Auto -------------- — Eunice B J Clothiers - — Hobbs Key Auto Parts ----------------------- Hobbs Bailey's Men's Wear ---------------- Hobbs Hobbs News Sun ----------------------- Hobbs Leslie's Market ------ — ----- ------- Eunice Standefer's Grocery --------- Eunice The Music Box -Hobbs Doran Chevrolet ---------------------- Hobbs Gladden Motor Company ------------------- Eunice Hobbs Cleaners ----------------------- Hobbs Caward's --------------- -------- - - Hobbs Jack Jill Shoppe ----- -Broadmoor Shopping Center - - Hobbs Prices Creameries, Inc. ------------------ Hobbs Cardinal Barber Shop -------------- — — - -Eunice Brown Motor Company ------------- - -- --- Eunice Eunice Star - -- -- -- -- -- - — - - — — - Eunice Cardinal Drug Store -------------------- Eunice Brown's Men's Wear Hobbs Business Machines, Inc. ------------------ -Hobbs Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. ------------------ -Hobbs New Mexico Bank Trust ------------------ Eunice Eunice Cleaners — — Eunice The StaffSeniors L as JBooJ? t We, the Seniors of 1961, look to the past with pride and to the future with anticipation. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY . . -. .v r - v---- ' vr‘

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Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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