Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM)

 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1959 volume:

Board of Education C. H. CONWAY, Superintendent JOHN R. TATE NOEL KENDRICK D. W. KEY, President KIRBY BLEVINS C. F. FOURQUREAN F. F. HARDISON, Secretary WESTERN AUTO HobbsSecretary MRS. EGGLESTON Supervisor of Special Services MR. E. L. CURNUTT Secretary MRS. AGNES H. STEWART Counselor Nurse MRS. LOK DAUGHERTY MRS. DOROTHEA COLINFaculty MRS. JOYCE BANISTER MRS. HAZEL CONWAY English and P. E. Librarian MR. J. D. BROWN MR. J. C. COOK Industrial Arts Drivers' Education and Football MRS. LILA T. BROWN MRS. FAYE CURNUTT English English MR. RICHARD BROWN MR. O. L. DAVIS Mathematics History and Government MR. O. M. CEARLEY Biology and Geology MR. L. B. HARDEN Chorus MR. TOM KENNANN Algebra and P. E. MR. JOE LANGSTON History and Basketball MR. TERRY LAUGHLIN General Math and Band MR. CHARLES PURSLEY Spanish and English MRS. LENORE SNELL Home Economics MR. VILAS TUCKER Business Education MR. JOHN TURNBULL ScienceOfficers Reporter President Vice President Secretary Treasurer TOMMY PIPPEN DELORES BOAZ BILLY HANEY JUDY BAILEY BYRON MYERS Senior Class MRS. L. T. BROWN Sponsors MR. O. L. DAVISJUDY BAILEY Band 1,2, 3, 4; All-State Band 3,4; Basketball Princess 3; Girls' State 3; Annual Editor 4; Who's Who 4; Chorus 1; Operetta 1; Band Librarian 1,2; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Secretary 4; Student Council 2; Student Council Officer 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Future Teachers 4; Science Club 1,2; Newspaper Staff 2; DAR Representative 4; National Honor Society 4; Basketball Queen 4. GLEN BETHANY ANDREW BAYES LONNIE BELL WANDA BISHOP Chorus 1,2; Operetta 1,2; PE 4; Christmas Program 1,2; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Librarian 3; Dra matics Club 3. DELORES BOAZ Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Major 4; Brass Sextet 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band Librarian 2; Sextet 4; Operetta 1,2, 3,4; All-State Chorus 3,4; Special Ensemble 3; Special Voice 1,2,3, 4; Class President 4; Who's Who; Football Attendant 4; Halloween Attendant 1; Student Council 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Dramatics Club 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Study Hall Officer 2; Student Teacher 4; Science Club 2.LARRY BYRUM PAT CHANDLER ANNIE COBB Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,3; Baseball 1; FFA President 2; FFA Secretary 3; Class Officer 1,2; Paper Staff 3; Best Personality 2, 3; FHA Prince 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; All-State Chorus 4; Dramatics Club President 4; Who's Who; Class Favorite 2. Track 1; Future Teacher 4; Science Club 2; Archery 2; Dramatics Club 3. Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Operetta 1,2, 3,4; Special Voice 3,4; Who's Who 4; Special Ensemble 3; Band 3,4; Halloween Attendant 3; Class Favorite 2; Sextet 4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Student Council 3; Student Council Officer 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; All-State Chorus 3; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 3,4; Future Teacher 4; Honor Study Hall 1,2. KENNETH ELROD Band 1,2,3; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Bas ketball 2; Track 2, 3; All-State Football 4; Southern All-State 4; Spanish Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; Chorus 3,4; Boys' Sextet 4; All-State Chorus 4; Who’s Who; Operetta 3,4. ANDY FROST Chorus 1,2,3,4; Boys' Sextet 4; All-State Chorus 3,4; Special Voice 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Oper etta 1,2, 3, 4; Christmas Cantata 1,2, 3,4; Christmas Play 3; Class Officer 3; Drivers Education 2; Student Teacher 4. VIRJAMA HALLOCK Operetta 4; Christmas Program 4; Special Voice 4; Chorus 4.JEANNA FULTZ DONNA GABBARD KAY GARTMAN Student Council 4; Class Secretary 3; Who’s Who; Cheerleading 1; Senior Play; Junior Play; Dramatics Club 3; Paper Staff; Annual Staff; Chorus 1,2,3; Band 3; Operetta 1,2; Honor Study Hall 1. Tennis 1; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Operetta 1,2, 3,4; Band 2,3; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Club Reporter 4; One-Act Plays 3; Who's Who; Student Teacher 4. Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Librarian 1,2; Special Voice 3,4; Future Teacher 4; Sextet’s Accompanist 4;Oper etta 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; All-State Chorus 4; Voice Recital 3,4; Who's Who; Chorus Festival Soloist 3. GOLDEN CRUST BREAD Hobbs JERRY HERRICKS LONNIE HAMLETT Football 1, 2, 3,4; All-State End 4; Honorable Mention All-South 3,4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Who's Who; Dramatics Club 3, 4; One-Act Play 3. BETTY HARVEY Annual Staff; Future Teacher; Band 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 1,3; Operetta 1, 3; Dramatics Club 3; One-Act Play 3. Cheerleader 3,4; Junior Play; Dramatics Club 3,4; Future Teacher 3; Football Princess 1; Class Officer 1,2; Honor Study Hall 2; Who's Who; Annual Staff.DICKY GRUBER LEWANNA HOWARD RONALD HASTY Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,3,4; Class Favorite 1, 4; Who’s Who 4; Mr. EHS; Class Officer 1; Dramatics Club 3; Junior Play; Student Teacher 3,4; Annual Staff; Football Captain 4; Most Valuable Back 2; Football King 4; Football Escort 2; All-American Football Nominee; Class "B" All-State 2,3,4; Southern All-State Football 3,4; North-South All-Stars Alternate; Science Club 3. BILL HOLDER Football 1,2, 3,4; Honorable Mention All-State Football 4; Basketball 1,2; Track 1; Future Teacher 3,4. Who's Who; Woodwind Quintet 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Band Librarian 2; Chorus 1,2,4; One-Act Play 3; Special Voice 2,4; Operetta 1,2, 4; Honor Study Hall; Student Teacher 4; Dramatics Club 3. FERGUSON CONSTRUCTION CO. Eunice ANN HUTTON Class Reporter 1; Football Princess 2; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Dramatics Club 3; Junior Play; Science Club 2; Future Teacher 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Cheerleader 2,3, 4; Football Queen 4; Class Favorite 4; Who's Who; Miss EHS: Office Assistant 4. Who's Who; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club Officer 3; Science Club Officer 3; Chorus 4; Operetta 4; Band 1,2; Boys' State; Student Council 3; Honor Study Hall 1; National Honor Society 3; Senior Play; Dramatics Club 3; State Science Fair 3. JAMES HOPPER All-State Chorus 3, 4; Operetta 2, 3, 4; Quintet 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Special Voice 3,4; Senior Play; Basketball 1,2,3; Dramatics Club 4; Football 1; Science Club 2,3; Christmas Program 2,3,4; Student Teacher 4.BILL HANEY ADELA LARA Track 1,2, 3, 4; Football 3,4; Honorable Mention All-South; Basketball 1,2,3; Student Council 3,4; Class Officer 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club President 3; Science Club 2,3; Chorus 1; Special Voice 1; Operetta 1; Junior Play; Band 1,2; Annual Staff 4; National Honor Society 3; Who's Who; Boys' State. LLOYD PARKER Who's Who; Spanish Club 1,2; Hi-Y 1; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Chess Club 2; Intramural Basketball 1,2; FFA 1; All-School Play 2. Chorus 2, 3,4; Class Favorite 3; Librarian 1, 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Special Voice 2,3,4; Who's Who; Operetta 2,3,4; Honor Study Hall 2. MARY LOWE Student Council 1,2,3; Student Council Vice President 3; Class Officers 1,2; Favorite 1; Who's Who; Halloween Attendant 2; Football Princess 3; Junior Play; Science Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3; Spanish Club Officer 2; Future Teacher 3, 4; Paper Staff; Chorus 1; ABA Convention; Band 1,2,3; Woodwind Quintet 1,2; Future Homemaker of Tomorrow 4. ■ I JERRY KELLEY Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3; All-State Basketball 3; Student Council 4; Junior Play; South All-Stars 4; All-America Nominee; Class Vice President 1; Science Club 2; Football Captain 4; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Who's Who; Basketball Escort 3; Halloween Escort 4; Boys' State Alternate 3; Southern All-State Football 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. DAVID PARKS Football 1,2; Track 1; Band 1,2, 3.4.BURL MAGEE ORALEE McCANN BYRON MYERS Football 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,3,4; Class Officer 1; Student Council President 4; Student Council 1; All-State Football 3,4; All-Conference 3; Southern All-State 4; Science Club 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Football Escort 1,4; Halloween Escort 2; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 4; Operetta 4; Who's Who; Dramatics Club 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Football Captain 4; Most Valuable Lineman 4; North-South All-Stars Alternate. Science Club 2; Science Club Officer 2; Future Teacher 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; All-State Band 1,2; Flute Trio 3,4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta 1,3,4; Accompanist 1,2, 3; Sextet 3, 4; Special Ensemble 2,3,4; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Who's Who; Special Voice 1,2,3, 4; All-State Chorus 4; National Honor Society 3; ABA Band; Dramatics Club 3,4; Junior Play. Track 3: Spanish Club 2,3; Science Club 1,2,3; Science Club President 3; Annual Staff; Who's Who; Local Science Fair 1,2,3; District Science Fair 1,2,3; State Science Fair 1,2, 3; Lea County Fair; Class Officer 4; District Science Club President; New Mexico Medical Association. DON ROBERTS GLENDA ROWE Honor Study Hall 1,2; Future Teacher 3, 4; Who's Who; Science Club 1,2, 3,4; Scientists of Tomorrow 4; First Annual Science Camp 3; District Science Fair. BETTY SIMPSON Chorus 1,2; Operetta 1,2; Christmas Program 1,2; Science Club 2; Spanish Club 2,3; Annual Staff.JANYCE PIGGOTT Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Special Voice 1, 2,3,4; Operetta 1,2, 3, 4; Voice Recital 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Christmas Program 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics Club Officer 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Spanish Club Officer 2; Future Teacher 2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; One-Act Play; Tennis; Science Club 2. TOMMY PIPPEN Basketball Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; All-State Basketball 3; Student Council 1,2; Senior Play; Spanish Club 1,2; Science Club 2; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Who's Who; Annual Staff; Class Officer 1,4. JERRY PREWETT Chorus 1,2,4. MARY EDNA SEAY GARY SANDERS SANDRA SHIELDS Librarian 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Operetta 1,2,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Office Assistant 4; Special Voice 1, 4. Class Officer 2, 3; Favorite 2; Basketball 1; Spanish Club 1,2; One-Act Play 3. Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Operetta 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Junior Play; Librarian 1; Honor Study Hall 2; Science Club 2; Student Teacher; Special Voice 1,2,3; Junior High Pianist; Paper Staff 4; Special Ensemble.ALAN SUDBROCK RONNIE THRONEBERRY Chorus 1,3,4; Special Voice 3,4; All-State Chorus 3,4; Boys' Quintet 3; Boys' Sextet 4; Who's Who; Operetta 1,3,4; Christmas Program 1,3,4. WILL A GEANE TURNER Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Operetta 1,2, 3,4; Student Teacher 4; Who's Who; One-Act Play 3; Chorus Christmas Program 1,2, 3,4. ERNEST WAGGONER PHYNUS WITHERSPOON Who's Who; Class Favorite 3; Football Escort 3; Halloween Escort 3; Chorus 1; Operetta 1; Band 1,2,3; Junior Play; Track 1,2, 3, 4; All-State Football 3,4; Class "B" All-South 4; South All-Stars 4; Future Teacher 4. HARRIET WEBER Cheerleader 1,2,'3, 4; Who’s Who; Halloween Attendant 4; Annual Staff; Class Officer 2; Honor Study Hall 1,2; Science Club 2; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Junior Play.SALLY HENSON Student Council 4; Chorus 3, 4; All-State Chorus 4; Special Voice 3,4; Operetta 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Paper Staff. DELBERT GILLUM Valedictorian ORA LEE McCANN GEN'S FLOWERS AND GIFTS Hobbs and EuniceSalutatorian RONALD HASTYDICKY GRUBER ANN HUTTON RICE AND HUGHES HobbsBest All-Around BURL MAGEE DONNA GABBARD Most Intelligent RONALD HASTY ORALEE McCANN Most Talented RONALD THRONEBERRY KAY GARTMAN PENDERS DEPARTMENT STORE - EuniceBest School Spirited BILLY HANEY ANN HUTTON Most Athletic Wittiest JUDY BAILEY PHYNUS WITHERSPOON BYRON MYERS GLENDA ROWE SHAIN'S JEWELRY - HobbsBest-Looking HARRIET WEBER JERRY KELLY Cutest Couple LEWANNA HOWARD TOMMY PIPPEN Cutest Smile JEANNA FULTZ LOYD PARKER JACKSON DRUG - HobbsMost Courteous ANNIE COBB ANDY FROST Most Likely to Succeed WILLA GEANE TURNER KENNETH ELROD Friendliest MARY LOWE ERNEST WAGGONERMost Forgetful JERRY HERRICKS LONNIE HAMLETT Most Bashful ADELA LARA LARRY BYRUM Biggest Flirt DELORES BOAZ DICKY GRUBERGirls' and Boys' State JUDY BAILEY DELORES BOAZ, BILL HANEY RONALD HASTYClass Will JUDY BAILEY wills her lost locker keys to Rita Gay Louy and "Ginger's” football suit to any girl who THINKS she would like to play football. ANDREW BAYES is just willing to go. WANDA BISHOP wills her old-maidish way of walking to any girl who prisses. DELORES BOAZ wills her ability to become engaged and elected Biggest Flirt in the same month to Bonnie Rea. LARRY BYRUM wills his brother to the next year's Junior Class as a mascot. ANNIE COBB wills her pet dog in Albuquerque to Bonnie Rea. KENNETH ELROD wills his ability to listen to Mr. Harden yell and still grin to Wayne Farris. JEANNA FULTZ wills her cute smile to Carol Pendleton and her long hair to Glenda Rainbolt. DONNA GABBARD wills her liveliness to Darlene Kennedy. KAY GARTMAN wills the ability to be in the boys' sextette to anyone FORTUNATE enough to get it, and the honor of never having been called to the principal’s office on bad behavior to Sharon Gartman. DICKY GRUBER wills his ability to get out of school to Charles Patterson. VERJAMA HALLOCK wills her inside track with Mrs. Curnutt to any freshman who needs it. BILL HANEY wills his shot-put to Bill Clemens. BETTY HARVEY wills her ability to read and write shorthand to anyone who has the ability to do it. RONALD HASTY wills his spikes and the half-mile to Harry Byrum. JERI HERRICKS and HARRIET WEBER will their ability to go with lowerclassmen to anyone who thinks they would enjoy it as much as they did. BILL HOLDER wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Conway in Study Hall to Hal Smith and to be Mr. Davis' No. 1 pet in American Government. JAMES HOPPER wills his ability to stay in school 14 years to Freddie Tucker. LEWANNA HOWARD wills her ability to go with an athlete (especially a basketball player) to any girl who enjoys the solitude of listening to the games over the radio during the weekends. ANN HUTTON wills her ability to go with an athlete and live next door to the coach to any girl who wants to risk it. JERRY KELLEY wills his ability to play poker to Hal Smith. ADELA LARA wills her ability to talk so much to Dolores Barber. MARY LOWE wills her old bicycle to J. L. Keeney so he won’t have to walk when he gets tired of riding his mule. ORALEE McCANN wills her ability to catch a most unique football player in a most unusual way to Barbara Coffey. BURL MAGEE wills his ability to get drip, scrap iron, and the back seat of the bus to Dwayne Gray. BYRON MYERS wills his bicycle and paper route to Robert Reiss. LLOYD PARKER wills his "ducks" to Shorty Rutledge. JANYCE PIGGOTT wills her ability to do such a good job of messing up Mrs. Snell's routine to anyone who can do it. JERRY PREWITT wills his ability to get along with Coach Cearley to Harold Grommer. GLENDA ROWE wills her crude sense of ha-ha to John Blackburn. SANDRA SHIELDS wills her ability to get cut, burned, and shocked in the chemistry lab to the unknowing General Science Class of '59. BETTY SIMPSON wills her seat in typing to Mary Green. ALAN SUDBROCK wills his ability to make a grade (finally) in English III to any future brain that has to take it. RONNIE THRONEBERRY wills his ability to stay in English the rest of his life to Bobby Woods. WILLA GEANE TURNER wills her ability to get Most Likely to Succeed to Sue Payne. ERNIE WAGGONER wills his ability to be a coach to Jerry Dodd and to be a geology teacher to Hal Smith. PHYNUS WITHERSPOON wills his gold teeth to anyone who is broke enough to need them. SPANIOL FORD - HobbsProphecy As we were traveling down a well-known highway while on vacation, we chanced to see an old school friend, Delores Boaz. She dropped her work on the Eunice STAR "Gossip Column" to invite us in for coffee. In the course of our conversation, we were brought up to date on the lives of some of our other school chums. We find that Pat Chandler is now a smashing success being the owner of a chain of pool halls, with his main office in Eunice. Janyce Piggott is the head instructor of the Boston Riding Academy. Lloyd Parker is assisting Arthur Murray with dancing lessons. Betty Simpson is the first lady Mayor of Eunice. Ernest Waggoner, fulfilling his ambition, is running a hot dog stand on Coney Island. Jeanna Fultz is a professional Freshman in college. Mary Lowe is a taxi cab driver in the bustling city of Eunice. Jerry Herricks is the proud owner of the Geronimo Lounge. Andrew Bayes is top soda jerk at the Cardinal Soda Shop. Harriet Weber, having married a rancher, is a real cowgirl. James Hopper is just about ready to turn in his last term theme to Mrs. Brown and graduate. Bill Haney is, of course, about to become principal of the Eunice High School. Betty Harvey, between flights to Germany, is a successful X-Ray technician. Wanda Bishop is secretly working for the F.B. I. Donna Gabbard is the healthy president of the Geritol Medicine Corporation. Jerry Prewitt has the largest chicken farm in the United States. Tommy Pippen is an outstanding doctor and is doing research on the incurable disease T.P. with which Lewanna Howard has been a victim for a considerable length of time. Lonnie Hamlett is at last a successful comedian working with Jerry Lewis. Dicky Gruber is working in the field of dentistry. Ann Hutton, his assistant, has a beautiful set of false teeth. Lonnie Bell is playing with the world famous Globe Trotters. Glenda Rowe has taken Mr. Cearley’s place in the biology department. Byron Myers has just been promoted to the position of Vice President of the Ford Motor Co. David Parks is the Captain of the Merchant Marines. Mary Seay is an accordionist and is recording with RCA. Sandra Shields is the artist of the Dick Tracy series. Kenneth Elrod is constructing a new road to Oil Center. Kay Gartman is giving piano lessons to Liberace Jr. Willa Turner has her own TV show called "Hints on Cooking. " Gary Sanders is proudly continuing Einstein's theory of relativity. Concluding our conversation we find that Burl Magee is doing very well for himself as head football coach at Oklahoma University. Back on the road, we turned on the radio. We tuned in to our favorite station on which Alan budbrock is both disc jockey and news commentator. We hear the sweet voice of Ann Cobb singing "Curtis Brown. " Next is a record by the teen idol, Ronnie Throneberry. Now for the news - Adela Lara, beauty of Spain, will begin making a picture in May. Phynus Witherspoon, opera composer, announced today that Bill Holder will be singing his compositions in the Metropolitan Opera. Virjama Hallock, owner of the world's largest banana plantation, discovered that she is allergic to bananas. Hollywood has finally found someone to take Marilyn Monroe's place. Her name is Oralee McCann! Ronald Hasty has just been nominated for the Presidency. The Golden Casino took in over $1, 000, 000 last week announced owner, Andy Frost. Glen Bethany has just been given the role of Tarzan for the new television series. The news has been brought to you through the courtesy of the Delbert Gillum Mortuary. FLASH!!! Judy Bailey has just landed on the moon. The success of this flight is due to the amazing achievements of Jerry Kelly, famed U. S. scientist. Larry Byrum's prize white rat also survived the trip.Reporter SHARON KEY Officers Treasurer SANDRA CLARK Secretary President Vice President SUE PAYNE DWAYNE GRAY CAROLYN WOMACK Junior Class Sponsors O'QUINN DRUG - EuniceLou Creech Jerry Dodd Janette Dunnam Gary Ferguson Jo Foster Junior Frost Lloyd Allgood Johnny Bryant Thomas Caddell Jerry Calhoon Bobby Caton Sandra Clark Earl Cobb Melvin Cole Neldon Costin SCOTT’ S LUMBER CO. - EUNICE ILouise Hankins Linda Hatless Patsy Hasslet Ethel Henry Travis Hopper i arty Hummel jane ldleman Bobby ivy James Jones Sharon Key Sharon May Anthony Mclntire NEITHERCUTT’S-HOBBSPaul McPherson Twila Miller Johnny Northcott Jeannie Sanders Terry Scott Norma Shannon Robert Singletary Hal Smith Kenny Smith ®OWDEN INSURANCE EuniceTankersley Carolyn Steadham John Stewart Etvan Sudbtock Bobby Tate Emery Throneberry Dale Trimble Freddie Tucker Billy Turner Paul Walenciak plorene Williatns Don Williamson Mita Witherspoon Walker VOGUE FASHION - EunicesophomoresVice President DEAN ANDERSON Officers President DICKIE LYNN Assistant Reporter SHERRY McLEAN Secretary RANDY SIMMONS Reporter REBECCA CHISM Treasurer BONNIE REA Sophomore Class MR. RICHARD BROWN Sponsors MR. O. M. CEARLEY MRS. LENORE SNELL MR. CHARLES PURS LEYDean Anderson James Armstead John Arwood Delores Barber Nevell Bishop John Blackburn Kenny Bowman Lorraine Byous Harry Lee Byrum Georgia Carter Gerald Carter Tom CherryhomesCarolyn Cole Norman Cole Jretta Coleman Victor Cooper Jerry Criswell Terry Criswell Kenny Edwards Bobby Franklin Claude Fristoe John Gardner Danny Garrison Sharon GartmanMax Gray Sammy Hall Larry Hamlett Shirley Hamlett Don Hardison John Harryman Linda Hopper Sandra Howell Winnifieur Jean Huddleston Robert Hudson Johnny HyeJ. L. Keeney Tommy Kemp Darlene Kennedy Carol King Leon Kirby Dickie Lynn Sandra Malone Carroll Martin Stanley Mayo Sherry McLean Jeannie McSpadden Manuel Mendoza Patsy Morris Curtis NewtonRonald Gene Newton Arlice Horthcott Nix Osborn Jimmy Owens Charles Patterson Carol Pendleton Darlene Perry Eddie Purcell Charles Ragland Sellene Ray Bonnie Rea Terry Reagan Patricia Reed Dale RidgewayMary Rowe Linda Ann Sanders Rita Gay Sanders Colleen Sharrer Randy Simmons Jessie Smith Charley Vestal John Bob White Bobby Wood Mary Ann Rhodes THOMPSON HARDWARE FURNITURE - HobbsfreshmenVice President JAMES WALKER Officers President Reporter Secretary JEFFRY KEY KATHY MAGEE NEIL GOODMAN Freshman Class Sponsors MR. J. C. COOK MRS. FAY CURNUTT MR. VILAS TUCKER MR. JOHN TURNBULLJohnny Anderson Teddy Baker Freita Barclay Rita Barclay Sherry Beadle James Bertrand Sue Boaz Sharon Kay Bradley Jimmy Brown Sue Brunson Victor Carlson Bill Chastain William Clemens Janet Cole Ervanell Collom William Conway Judy Cooper Yvonne Cottrell Reba Dobbins Judy Dodd Dillard Donahoe Calvin Elkins John Evans Wayne Farris George Fourquerean Jimmy Gabbard Mike Gladden Troy Gladden Neil Goodman Norma GravesLarry Green Mary Green Wayman Green Johnny Grogan Tommy Grogan Linda Hahn Joe Hall Soundra Hammitt Clifford Harden Brenda Harrell Lloyd Hasty Kay Hendrickson Floris Hoogeboom Loran Hopper Kenny Houston Lynn Howell Harriet Idleman Robert Jones Jerry Jordan Glenn Kemp Bruce Kendrick Jeffry Key Hopi Lara Billy Lee Linda Locke Lindy Lott Rita Gay Louy Carol Loyd Carolyn Lynn Leta McCaslin VANDIVER'S HARDWARE Hobbs wKathy Magee Linda Malone Archie Mann Rebecca Martin Wanda Martin Bryan Willard James Massey Dean Mathis Linda Moore Donald Owings Scott Parker Gail Parrish Jimmy Parrish James Quick Norman Reed Robert Riess Jean Risingei Wayne Rutledge Kay Sparkman Jo Ann Stulting Royce Taylor Cherri Smith Shirley Terry D. L. Walker James Walker Judy Wallace Ginger Wallach Jim Ward Larry Ward Kaye Warford Carol Sue Weber Mike Wesbrook9 Senior Class Favorites DICKY GRUBER ANN HUTTON LEA COUNTY STATE BANK EuniceJunior Class Favorites PATSY HASSLER DWAYNE GRAY Sophomore Class Favorites harry bryum DARLENE KENNEDY ACME LUMBER CO. - EuniceFreshman Class Favorites HOPI LARA MIKE GLADDENAnnual Staff Assistant Editor Editor JEANNA FULTZ JUDY BAILEY Business Managers TOMMY PIPPEN JERRY KELLEYSnapshot Editor BETTY HARVEY Photographer BYRON MYERS Activities Editors DELORES BOAZ ANNIE COBBCopy Editors BETTY SIMPSON JERI HERRICKS Girls' Sports Editors ANN HUTTON HARRIET WEBER Boys' Sports Editors BILL HANEY DICKY GRUBER Student Council Officers Treasurer: JUDY BAILEY WESTERN ARTS STUDIO Hobbs Sponsor: MR. PURSLEYStudent Council Representatives Junior HAL SMITH SUE PAYNE DWAYNE GRAY CAROLYN WOMACK Freshman RITA GAY LOUY JEANNIE RISINGER KAY HENDRICKSON SHIRLEY TERRY MIKE GLADDEN BILL CHASTAIN BRUCE KENDRICK JOE HALL Senior JEANNA FULTZ KAY GARTMAN JERRY KELLEY BILL HANEY Sophomore SUSAN DODD BONNIE REA LARRY CURNUTT JOHN HARRYMANNational Honor Society MR. CATON MRS. BROWN MR. DAVIS Sponsors Officers Secretary-Treasurer JUDY BAILEY President TOMMY PIPPEN Vice President NELDON COSTIN RADIO LAB. - HobbsHomemaker of Tomorrow MARY LOWE Daughters of the American Revolution RepresentativeFuture Teachers Librarians MAYER’S GENERAL TIRE SERVICE - HobbsNewspaper Staff JEANNA FULTZ BONNIE REA SUSAN DODD ANNIE COBB SUE PAYNE HAL SMITH MARY LOWE SANDRA SHIELDS DELORES BOAZ All-State Band SHIRLEY TERRY JUDY BAILEY Directed by: MR. TERRY LAUGHLIN Senior Band Dram Majorette DELORES BOAZ Chorus Directed by MR. L. B. HARDEN Accompanied by MRS. L. B. HARDEN Oralee McCann, Delores Boaz, Annie Cobb, Susan Dodd, Linda Harless, Patsy Hassler, Accompanist, Kay Gartman. Mel-O-Dees Cardinal Six James Hopper, Ronnie Throneberry, Bobby Woods, Junior Frost, Andy Frost, Kenneth Elrod.All-State Chorus NORMAN'S MEN'S WEAR Hobbs Special Voice The Pioneer's Papoose A Light Opera Presented by The Eunice High School Choir CAST OF CHARACTERS Chief Tomahawk...........................................................KENNETH ELROD Prince Whiteface - -- - — - -- -- -- - — - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- JAMES HOPPER Layemout - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- JUNIOR FROST Pioneer — - — - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - — - -- -- -- -- -- -- - BURL MAGEE Waltzie...........................................................................LINDA HARLESS Lillamush - -- -- -- - — ----- - PATSY HASSLER Moonfair - -- -- -- -- -- -- — - - — - -- -- - — ---------- ---------- KAY GARTMAN Starshine.............................................................CAROLYN WOMACK Bowbright....................................................................... JANYCE PIGGOTT Lightfoot.........................................................................BOBBY WOOD Choreography..........................................CAROL LOYD and SANDRA MALONE INDIAN GIRLS WALTZIE GIRLS INDIAN BOYS Director.................................................................................MR. L. B. HARDEN Organist.....................................................................MRS. L. B. HARDEN Pianist..........................................-.............................VIRJAMA HALLOCKPresident LARRY BYRUM Vice President SHARON KEY Secretary JANYCE PIGGOTT Treasurer DONNA GABBARD Sponsor: MRS. FAYE CURNUTT Dramatics ClubDramatics Club Play Time Out for Ginger’’ CAST OF CHARACTERS Lizzie - - Agnes Carol -Howard Carol Joan - --- Jeannie - - - Directed by MRS. FAYE CURNUTT GLADDEN MOTOR COMPANY Eunice - - JEANA FULTZ Ginger - --------......... JUDY BAILEY - DELORES BOAZ Eddie Davis - -- -- -- -- -- - LARRY BYRUM - - BURL MAGEE Tommy Green - - TOMMY PIPPEN JANYCE PIGGOTT Mr. Wilson - - — RONALD HASTY ---ANNIE COBB Ed Hoffman - -- -- -- -- -- - JAMES HOPPER Thais My Cousin CAST OF CHARACTERS Custer Henshaw---------------------BOB IVY Millie Fisher...........TWILA MILLER Kitty Drake........CAROLYN WOMACK Clem Wagner.......DWAYNE GRAY Up de Graff.............NELDON COSTIN Adele Warren....................SHARON KEY Laura Hunter...............SUE PAYNE Harriet Baker..................HARRIET WEBER Bramwell Up de Graff - - - FRED TUCKER Kent Tyler..............KENNY SMITH Bun Holbrook......TERRY SCOTT Bob Granger......JUNIOR FROST Helen Kruger............PATSY HASSLER Jane Arnold.......................MARY LOWE Mary Cooper........JANETTE DUNNAM Tullina La Gallimore - - - JERI HERRICKS Big Wind................BOBBY CATON Starlight..........FLORENE WILLIAMS Directed by MRS. FAYE CURNUTT 5 p P i r i a n y 8 Officers Vice President Reporter Alguacil DEAN ANDERSON HOPI LARA JOHN WALKER Treasurer CHARLIE RIDENOUR Secretary TWILA MILLER President FLORENE WILLIAMS Sponsor - MR. PURS LEY Spanish ClubSpanish Club Sehor and Sehorita ROBERT JONES JEANNIE RISINGER Western DayREBECCA CHISM Halloween Queen ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS Rita Louy Rebecca Chism Sheila Wright Harriet Weber Mike Gladden Harry Byrum Tommy Witt Jerry Kelley EUNICE BARBER SHOP - Eunice600 5 Most Valuable Back JERRY KELLEY Most Valuable Lineman DENNIS HARDWARE - Eunice BURL MAGEEClass r B99 State Champions MARVIN McSMITH J. C. "BULLET” COOK MARTIN WADE "A" Team "A" Team "B" Team EUNICE CLEANERSBILL KENNETH BILL LONNIE HOLDER ELROD HANEY HAMLETT TRAVIS HOPPER GARY BOB FRED FERGUSON IVY TUCKER ALEXANDER'S SUPER MARKET Hobbs, Eunice. JalPAUL DON LARRY STAN WAYMAN McPherson Williamson hamlett mayo green rx - JOHN BOBBY JIM LARRY ARWOOD FRANKLIN WARD CURNUTT B. J. CLOTHIER - HobbsFootball Queen Queen ANN HUTTON PAY DAY STORE EuniceEscorts JOE HALL DWAYNE GRAY BURL MAGEE DICKIE LYNN Attendants BONNIE REA DELORES BOAZ SUE PAYNE SHERRY BEADLE J. C. (BULLET) COOK Coach of the Year South All-Stars Alternates JERRY KELLEY PHYNUS WITHERSPOON BURL MAGEE DICKY GRUBER Class B' All-State LONNIE HAMLETT DICKY GRUBER JERRY KELLEY PHYNUS WITHERSPOON KENNETH ELROD BURL MAGEE BOB IVY paul McPherson WATSON TRUCK SUPPLY - Eunice Southern All-State JERRY KELLEY PHYNUS WITHERSPOON DICKY GRUBER KENNETH ELROD BURL MAGEE BOB IVY paul McphersonC” Team Football C. R. ANTHONY COMPANY Eunice rrA” Team CheerleadersrrA ” Team BasketballTOMMY JERRY DICKY BOBBY PAUL PIPPEN KELLEY GRUBER CATON McPHERSON STANDEFER'S GROCERY - EuniceBasketball Queen JUDY BAILEY SUN - HOBBS NEWS HobbsAttendants LEWANNA HOWARD CAROL KING SHEILA WRIGHT LEWANNA HOWARD and TOMMY PIPPEN SHEILA WRIGHT and NELDON COSTIN King JERRY KELLEYrr5” Team Basketball rrC” Team BasketballCAROL SHERRY BONNIE CAROL BARBARA KING McLEAN REA PENDLETON COFFEY rrB” Team Cheerleaders rrC” Team Cheerleaders CAROL SHERRY RITA GAY JUDY KAY LOYD BEADLE LOUY DODD HENDRICKSON WHITE'S AUTO - Eunice"A” Track 1958 State ChampionsRelays Weights JERRY KELLEY BURL MAGEE RONALD HASTY BOB IVY BILL HANEY FREDDIE TUCKER DICKY GRUBER High Jumpers Pole Vaulters JERRY DODD STAN MAYO JIMMY OWENS DICKIE LYNN EARL QUICK HARRY BYRUM In this day in which you live, without being trite, let me again remind you that you are in a great strife whether you realize it or not. The people of the world are divided between two conflicting camps, the camp of the free and the camp of the enslaved. If the camp of the free is to be victorious it will take a concerted effort on the part of the youth of today to prepare themselves the best they know how for tomorrow. Having experiences with and taking the time to devote a lot of work to such as this publication, the ANNUAL, indicates that you are willing. This willingness is half the battle. Congratulations on your good work and devotion to the work.MRS. NUTA BARTHOLOMEW English MR. L. B. HARDEN Music MR. ORIN L. BARTHOLOMEW Band and Math MRS. W. P. HASSLER Sixth Grade MR. J. D. BROWN Shop MRS. LOIS LAUGHLIN English and Music MR. L. W. BYOUS Math MR. TERRY LAUGHLIN Band MR. J. E. EARHART Sixth Grade MRS. RUTH LAZNIK Sixth Grade MR. MARVIN McSMITH MR. CHARLES SISSEL Social Studies Social Studies Boys' P. E. MR. JOE RICKMAN MRS. LENORE SNELL Science Home Economics MISS WINNIE SIMS MR. MARTIN WADE Math Sixth Grade MISS JESSIE SMITH MRS. ROSEMARY WILDMAN Girls' P. E. ReadingEighth Grade Sponsors MRS. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW MISS WINNIE SIMS MR. CHARLES SISSEL MRS. O. WILDMANMurpW Sharon Able John Anderson Pamela AnthonY H. B. peggv Bishop j B. Blewns Kirby »levinS Georgia 6o'“ y ' ■ Janet Byous Dona Calvert Roger Carmack Linda Carpenter Robert Carver Steven Clemens Barbara Collins James Coulter Sherry Curry Phillip Curtiss jetty Bradford juanita Brown Donna Bryant Sam Buiman Gloria Burris Judy Davis Brenda Denton Emma Devers Calvin Donahoe William Eubank George Ford Ouita Gabbard Raymond Gartman Brenda Gore Kathleen Grayson DORAN CHEVROLET - HobbsfMOTO t avau 1 Donald May Ronald May Johnny McAfee Nancy McLain Gary Joe Mitchell Max Neill Wayne Noel Robert Patterson Jerry Purcell Sharon Ragland Gregory Rampley Donna Riess Ross Robinson lo Etta Ritz George Scott Terry Selman Vicki Simmons Betty Sims Sue Simpson Sidney Simpson Ronald Green Vernon Green Elmo Gregory Bobby Gruis Ronald Hammond Joseph Hardy Archie Hemken Doyne Hester Ronald Holder Betty HopperPatricia Smith Bennie Smith Jeanne Smith Mickey Snyder George Stringer Paul Swartz Barbara Terrell Donald Thompson Cheri Thurman Marvin Turner Joyce Wallace Gary Ward Darlene Welch Helen Whittenburg Janelva Wilson WHian Withe'spoon Vithersp00n Seventh Grade Sponsors MRS. TERRY LAUGHL1N MR. JOE RICKMAN MISS JESSIE SMITH MR. MARVIN McSMITHBenny Allgood Rocky Armstead Becky Arwood Terry Baker James Barclay Douglas Boyett Gary Brooks Janet Brown Thomas Brown Diana Bump Bobby Calhoon Patti Carlson Lloyd Carruth Nancy Colin Virgil Dee Cox Lawrence Dennis Don Diamond Sharon Dodd Stevie Dyer Dicky Eaves Odene Eaves Jeannette Evans Earlene Farris Elouise Ford Larry Franklin Larry Goodman Mike Graves Phyllis Green Eva Lou Grogan Tommy Gruber Ernestine Hall Dickie Hammond Johnny Harrell Larry Hart Ricky HatleyCharlsie Havner Joyce Haase Leslie Hester Renae Howell Linda Sue Jordan Kathryn Keele Tina Mae Kennedy Dena Key Kathrine Kirby Kenneth Kuhn Earl Lyons Charles Mann Linda Marshall Elsie McComack Joyce McLish William Montgomery Frida Moore Sandra Moore Gary Lee Moran Freddie Morris Jeff Morris Dwight Murphy Patricia Nave Cathie Newton Elaine Parker Larry Parker Carole Perkins Bill Pritchard Brenda Pritchard Janie Ragan Virginia Ragland Douglas Rusk Judith Rutledge Sandra Sandlin Linda SchraderJoe Scott Sandra Scott Janell Spalding Darlene Spence Roy Stulting Thomas Thornton Charlene Turner Dale Turner James Turner Carolyn Vinyard Richard Wallace Ronnie Wesbrooks Sherry Williams Allen Wilson Judith Woolsey Yvonne Wright Beverly Wylie Dale YoungGlenda Adams Wardell Allen Pamela Armstrong Charlotte Gail Bagwell Brenda Barber Ross Baxter Leslie Bohannan Dean Boyd Virginia Boyett Kenneth Braggs Jan Bridges Tony Bryant Alexa Burt John Carruth Kenneth Carswell Patricia Clark Suzanne Colborn Lorreen Cole Norreen Cole Butch Cox Danny Crow Karen Curnutt Ronnie Curry Glenda Daniels Roy Davis Judith DeGroot Michael Ditmore Annette Elkins Sol Erdwurm Janet Fiscus Judy Ford Kathy FossClifton Foster Michael Fowler Raymond Futch Clyde Gardner Frankie Gardner Joe Gillum Howard Grogan Kenneth Grogan Allen Hahn Delvin Hall Shirley Hall Norman Harless Larry Harvey Marilyn Hasty Billy Henson Mamie Herrington Dwight Holder Margrete Hoogeboom Coleen Hopper Duane Hopper Rebecca Hye Royce Jones Betty Jordan Billy Jordan Loraine Keele William Keel Virginia Kirby Joseph Lynn Landes Otis Langley Ricky Langston Donald Leach Leland LeonardLenora Luckie Peggy Martin Bobby Mathis Mike Montgomery Johnny McCasland Marilyn McCullough Rex Mclntire Michael McKnight Jerry Nave Gregory Nelson Carolyn Jean Newman Jennie Noble Teresa Northcott Lucia Osmondson Gailand Overton Kenneth Parker Linda Pearcy Sharon Pierce Lois Purcell Flora Mae Quick Teresa Ramos Margaret Jo Ray Shirley Reed David Ridenour Dianne Robbins Thurman Roberts, Jr. Carol Rowe Lonia Rusk Joyce Salone Lee Salone Robert Sandlin Terry Scarborough Ruth Ann Scoggins Max Laverne Shannon Raymond Sharrer Floyd Sims Dan Slate Barry Smith Betty Smith James Smith Gay Nell Smith Donna Snodgrass Larry Stevenson Wanda Sylvester Teresa Tonge Terry Trainor Rita Tucker Steven Turnbow Alice Wade Freddie Waggoner Sue Ann Wallis YaVetta Jean White Roland Wildman Larry Willard Terry Willard Craig Wilson Elaine Wilson Barbara Wooley Joyce Wooley Bobby Wooley Juanice Young Dwane Vowell Linda Kaye ByersJunior High Favorites Eighth Grade PHILLIP CURTIS CHERI THURMAN Seventh Grade Sixth Grade BOBBY RAY WOOLEY KAREN CURNUTT LARRY HART SHERRY WILLIAMSNewspaper Staff Student Council Officers and Members Seventh Grade Band Eighth Grade BandFifth Grade Band Sixth Grade BandGirls' Chorus Autoharp Singers Directed by: MR. L. B. HARDENJunior High CheerleadersEighth Grade Football Seventh Grade FootballEighth Grade Basketball Seventh Grade BasketballJunior High TrackelementaryMRS. ROSALEE AKIN MRS. CLETUS CARTER Pre-First Fourth ORIN L. BARTHOLOMEW Band and Math MRS. LORENE BREEDLOVE High-First MISS MARY BROWN Second MRS. MARY BETH BURT Fourth MRS. RUTH CARTER Fourth MISS WINNIFRED CARTER Second MRS. FRANCES CATON First MRS. IRIS CEARLEY Fourthv MRS. WILLIE COFFMAN Third MRS. DOROTHEA CURRY First MRS. DOROTHY FARLEY Second MRS. JULIA FORD Fifth MRS. VIOLA DAVIS MRS. BLANCHE FRANKLIN Third Third MRS. GLADYS FANCHER Special L. B. HARDEN Music MRS. ALICE DUNAWAY First WALLACE GOODMAN FifthMRS. PAULINE HARDEN Music MISS LENA HUGHES Third Grade MRS. ELIZABETH LANGSTON Third Grade MRS. MABEL McDOUGAL Second Grade MRS. MARY NEILL First Grade MRS. AGNES SHEPHERD Fifth Grade MRS. OPAL TUCKER Fifth Grade MRS. LORENE WALLIS Pre-First Grade MRS. MARY YELL Second GradeFifth Grade Mrs. Julia Ford Louise Akin Bob Allen James Anderson Pamela Arwood Carolyn Barclay Danny Berry Ronald Carswell J. W. Catron Linda Coulter Linda Essman Melanie Eubank Tanya Gray Walter Hall Betty Hendrickson Linda Jean Hester Eddie Hicks John Higgins Linda Jones Jerry King Joe Lara Mary McComack Tern Moore Sherry Pritchard Lynn Ray Frankie Raybon Dave Slate David Welch Jeffan Yell Mr. Wallace Goodman Frances Adams Linda Alexander Rex Busby James Collins Teresa Cook Verna Coy Elsie Essman Sam Farris Mary Fiscus Kenneth Fletcher JARRETT MUSIC CO. - HobbsJunior Fox Walter Futch Vickie Hall Joseph Hogan Bobbie Jackson David Jobe Steve Jones Sharon Keeney Janice Landes W. C. Lentz Shirley McKibben Ramon Mendoza Judy Myers Leslie Nunn Lynn Raybon Gary Taylor Dean Thompson Mrs. Agnes Shepherd Tommy Anderson Darrel Bethany Sandra Blackburn Larry Bradley Wanda Burns Larry Don Cahill Suzanne Carlton Teresa Culpepper Frances Daharsh Judy Davis Judy Fowler Larry Henson David Lynn Marklin Malone Jimmie Martin Ann May Beth Moore David Noble Barbara Ray Patsy Rayburn Raul Scott Andrea Settle PARKWAY CLEANERS - Hobbs4 1 I Dennis Snyder Gary Stevenson Terry Trout Linda Turner Monty Turner Martin Wallace Gerry Williamson Mrs. Opal Tucker Jon Baker Tommy Barclay Dianne Bland Tommy Bost Judy Bowman Cleo Boyett Gregory Bradford Jana Cathey Bill Decker Patty Flynt Carolyn Foster James Grayson Linda Gregory Gerry Hahn Gregory Howell Sandra Jones Vernon Jones Johnnie Lee Linda Majors Fern Rogers Larry Rowland Mickey Seay Ronnie Shanks Mary Jo Shearin Lillie Templeton Linda Thurman Billy Trimble Bobby Williams Mrs. Mary Burt Steven Alexander Betty Bagwell Deanie BoazDudley Bolles Barbara Busby Sharon Calloway Terry Cummings Randolph Evans Claudette Gladden Rita Gregory Anna Lee Hearrell Mike Henson Cheri Jennings Howard McCall Andy McComack Phyllis McLish Larry Malone Ronnie Moore David Morris Janet Murrish Judy Noble Ronnie Noel Lynn Newman Diana Roach Clifton Russell Steven Simmons Larry Snodgrass Walter Stricklin Janie Sudbrock Paula Trammell Judy Kay Wilson Phil Young Mrs. Cletus Carter Sherilyn Able Rickey Barclay Billy Belyeu Donna Brown Stevie Curry Buddy Eaves Karen Evans Randy Gooch Janene Graves Jerry HaaseEarlene Hartshorn Gayle Hester Jerry Don Hines Faylene Hinson Judy LaSalle Glen McCall Tommie McComack Sharon McLish Manuel Martinez Mark Moody Cheryl Newton Betty Jo Osmondson Billy Parker Mary Lou Potter Doyle Rawlings Dennis Ridenour Carolyn Robbins Hilda Salazar Martha Scoggins Nancy Sells Larry Smith Benny Wright Mrs. Ruth Carter Louie Barber Kenny Bost Donna Boyett Ronald Lee Cook Jimmy Davis Sandra Derrick Jimmy Woodfin Melba Devers Adell Gardner Frances Gary Troy Hahn Beverly Harvey Wayne Henson Coreen Hopper Gary Hughes Kay Ivy Audrey McCaslin Sarah CarterKenny McKibben Kandis Meetze Belinda Merchant Jay Tood Miller Linda Nave Silvero Ramos Billy Bob Rawlings Gradean Roberts Lee Sudbrock Brenda Sylvester Vickie Teer Bill Vermillion Beth Waggoner Gwyn Williams Pinkie Williams Mrs. Iris Cearley Hazel Williams Retha Adams Michael Anderson Ina Carol Berryman Lynda Buckhanon Diana Condry Patricia Fletcher Jerry Gray Jo Gregory Deena Jo Helms Blaine Hester Larry Jack Hutchins Hazel Johnson Norma Keele Jackie Locke Elizabeth Martin Richard Meek Sandra Morris Glenn Nelson Rita Overton Barbara Perkins Barbara Quick Dale Rounsaville Tina SchraderRonald Schroeder Barry Standefer James Standefer Ricky Taylor Larry Throneberry Larry Trainor Cynthia Vaught Max Walenciak Kathy Wesbrooks Donna Wildman Third Grade Mrs. Willie Coffman Jackye Alexander Alvina Anguiano Alice Bridges Barbara Bea Brown Alan Bump Stevie Cartlidge Sally Coulter Paul Daniels Jimmy Dyer Pamela Eggleston Jimmy Essman Doreetha Gardner Kenny Harris Mike Hatley Glen Johnson Sheryl Kennedy Weldon Langley Steve Lynch Mike McLean Connie Mann Johnny Parker Linda Ragland Tony Spence Carol Sikes Judy Wakeland Alex Trimble Sherry Walker Cliff Yell Mrs. Viola Davis Diana AdamsDonna Bagwell Sharon Braggs James Clement John Cottrell Joe Dominguez Eddie Harper Mary Ann Hoogeboom Larry Jobe James Leach Michael Lynn Michael Marshall Gilbert Murrish Ray Newton Edward Pense Mary Lou Quick Meda Sue Quick Stanley Reed David Sandlin Vickie Seely Steve Sewell Keith Sharrer Martha Sims Eddie Spense Kathy Standefer Roger Walker Jackie Lee Wooten Mary Ann Wotring Mrs. Blanche Franklin Cheryl Arnold Carolyn Barber Stevan Barber Dannie Boyett Elaine Calvert Ronny Collom Bert Decker George Goins Edna Ruth Grogan Gary Groce David Gulley David Hicks A Raymond Holder Beverly Hutchcraft Tommy Johnson Kathy Jones Patsy Landrum Peggy Jo Landrum Vicki Lyon Barbara McSmith Pat Moran Duane Newman Donald Noble Alegandro Ramos Larry Rogers Deborah Russell Linda Sudbrock Billy Williams Mrs. Lena Hughes Bobby Akin Norman Bentle Robert Bilbrey Glenn DeGroot Brenda Kay Finlay Harold Graves Kathy Hair Betty Hamilton Teddy Harrell Jerry LaSalle Alfred Lee Joan MacAhan Nolan McCall Lawrence McClendon Diana Newman Bruce Newton Jackie Nunn Gloria Ortiz Nikki Osborn Gary Ouings Jeanette Pierce Clayton Roberts Jenny SandersJimmy Sanders Sandy Sims Marsha Thurman Glenda Williams Mrs. Elizabeth Langston Wesley Able Gary Bettis Mareca Cabbiness Janice Carmack Henry Carter Wendell Carter Carolyn Coy Alan Duniven Elizabeth Flynt Larry Haase Georgene Havner Bobby Henderson Joy Faye Jones Patricia Jones Benny Bruce Landes Linda Langley Guy Lyons Richard McComack Deborah Parker Brenda Pritchard Ricky Ray Kenneth Raybon Barbara Robinson Leroy Sims Kent Stevenson Elizabeth Trammell Bill Twilley Malta Vowell Linda Kay Wildman Michael Williams Second Grade Miss Mary Brown Jimmy Akin David Bump Pauletta Cofiman Fletcher GardnerDelbert Hester Susan Hewett Marvin Hines, Jr. Dwain Hughes Johnny Jackson Alice Jones Dennis Jordan Jeffrey Laughlin Larry McCulloch Craig McLean John McSmith Jack Martin Deborah Reeves Sharon Roberts Sara Scarborough Barbara Starr Lowanda Stricklin Hansel Turner Mary Pat Wallis Darla Ward Scott Whitley Miss Winnifred Carter Pat Carlile Ann Cox Richard Criswell Margaret Cryer Bobby Daharsh Phil Dodd David Flowers Martha Franklin Randy Gooch Richard Hall Kathy Irwin Enos Johnson Pat Jones Cammile Leonard Pat McCallie Sammy Miller Michael Moore Alfredo OrtizBill Sims Kathlyn Spence Darlene Sudbrock John Terry Shirley Thompson Danny Williams Paula Witherspoon Gary Wright Mrs. Dorothy Farley Johnny Angel Donald Carrell Mary Elizabeth Carter Nila Ruth Catron Jerry Cummings Andy Gruis Helen Haase Trina Hogue Danny Hopper Susan Houston Bill Lara Marian Lowdermilk Edward McCasland Vickie McLish Linda Martin Ronnie Michael Rudolph Salazar Janice Talley Gilda Ann Tipps Bill Turner Jimmy Warford Jerry Welch Cynthia Wilkins Don Wotring Mrs. Mabel McDougal Gary Anderson Stephen Hohimer Marsha Carlton Melissa Clement Johnny Coy Sue Groomer Buddy JohnsonWanda Jones Billy Jordan Kathy Kirbie Wayne Kretchmar Wayne Lentz Vance Luckie Jill Morgan Linda Murphy Joyce Noble Danny Pershall Roxie Pilcher Bobby Rogers Tommy Rusk Dolores Skinner Don Slate Annie Templeton Arlen Turner Sherry Wade Donnie Weber Mrs. Mary Cliff Yell Loyd Black Gladys Bowman Bobbie Boyett Robbie Boyett Roy Bryant James Carswell Lael Cook Charles Daniels Randy Fowler Linn Fristoe David Gartman Jimmy Gladden Rene Gregory Rose Mary Hearrell Keith Henson Paula Hiser Beverly Liddell Diana McClendon Mike McComack Kathy McKnight JACK JILL SHOP - HobbsJane Sanders Debbie Shanks Rickey Sliger Celia Vaught Jackie Wilson High First Mrs. Lorene Breedlove Mary Adams Mike Alexander Ricky Anguiano Randi Armstead Lee Christopher Sonny Collins Amos Cox Phyllis Essman Kevin Foss Charlotte Havner Tony Hogue Max Hughes Pauletta James Edgar Locke Minnie Sue Rawlings Don Schrader Baldo Skinner Jabier Skinner Pre-First Mrs. Rosalie Akin Nora Able Terry Allen Maria Anguiana Billy Bilbrey Jimmy Broom Stewart Byous Paul Coffman Rusty Condry Donna Creech Karen Daharsh Charles Evans Sharon Farley Gary Flowers Glenda Graves Gayla HastyDickie Hayes Christine Hewett Ruby Jo Hines Debra Kennedy Sharon Luttrell Bobby McKibben Jackie McComack Robert Nolen Deana Quick Jim Roach Ronald Scoggins Ammie Templeton Robby Vaught Mrs. Frances Caton Dale Alexander Charlotte Bradford Alvin Brown Mike Clampitt Cebern Coker Jane Ellen Cook Kathy Dodd Kenny Ford Patricia Gardner David Hammond Donny Harris Jan Jennings Nette Landis Cindy Langston Vivian Locke Danny Lynn Margaret McDaniel Miller Malone Michael Mossburg La Donna Newton Rey Ramos Mary Lou Templeton Beth Thompson Greg Trammell Tamara Trout Glen WilliamsMrs. Dorothea Curry Pat Ballard Glenda Kay Barclay Jackie Brooks Mondell Chaney Dennis Duniven Jean Elms Sharon Hamlett Jerry Hamm Mike Harvey Estelle Henderson Loretta Hudson Kathy Jones Elizabeth Landeros Andy LaSalle Judy Lindsey Judy Mason William Pierce Roy Salone Johnnie Sanders L. N. Saul, Jr. Donald Ray Softly Glenda Taylor Barbara Threatt Kathy Tonge Gerod Williams Leon Williams Randy Williams Mrs. Alice Dunaway Lucia Apadaca Claudia Byers Sammy Callaway Dan Carruth Mike Copeland Charles Ray Derrick Lynn Driver George Farris Billie Irene Goble Jerry Gregory Mike Hearrell Doyla Henderson Billy Joe Hutchins Pamela Jordan Cindy Lee Brenda Lentz Bobby McConal Melton Martin Stephen Nelson Danny Palmer Ricky Rickman Jan Rogers Corinne Salazar Candace Sewell Dianne Standefer Beverly Stickney James Ward Carrie Wilson Mrs. Mary Neill Rebecca Atkinson Margarita Baeza Arnold Bentle Debra Clark Micah Harris Judy Humble Tommie Johnson Linda Pense Bobby Ramey Terry Ray Marcena Rich Jesus Rios Betty Jo Jones David Lewis Johnny Martin Glen Mason Janet Moore Bob Rogers John Ruth Brenda Shanklin Harold Shipman Randy Spence Mike StrongPaul Tipps David Tipton Arley Paul Trull Danny Turner Paula Wakeland Robura Williams Connie Wilson Celeste Woodward Mrs. Lorene Wallis Kayla Arnold Carlos Baeza Tim Boyett Marsha Carroll Johnny Cabbiness Barbara Carswell Beth C lower Bob Colborn Sharol Collum Corky Eggleston Ellen Evans Jimmy Evans Bobby Golden Santoz Gutierrez David Gwinn Charla Hawkins Jimmy Herrington Shelby Higgs Joy Landreth Arnold McCall Patti Jo McLain Patricia McMasters Donny McSpadden Irene Martin Romey Newton Charlotte Wisehart Jane Wooley Dennis Wright MRS. FAN CHER’S CLASS Mrs. Gladys Fancher Augustine Baeza Neda Jean Blackburn Bobby Carter Richard Groce Clidene Kirby Rubin LaSalle Rex Mclntire Gary Sikes Shirley Squalls David YoungCafeteria Staff Bus Drivers BROWNS MEN'S WEAR Hobbs Custodians •'V .It | MM ANVdwoD ONiHsnand aoiAvi 

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