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flCONTENTS DEDICA TION - Page 3 SCHOOL BOARD - Page 4 ADMINISTRATION - Pages 5-7 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY - Pages 9-12 SENIORS - Pages 13-26 JUNIORS - Pages 35-43 SOPHOMORES - Pages 45-59 FRESHMEN - Pages 51 -55 ORGANIZATIONS - Pages 57-82 ATHLETICS - Pages 83-98 JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY - Pages 101-103 EIGHTH GRADE - Pages 104-107 SEVENTH GRADE - Pages 108-111 SIXTH GRADE - Pages 112-116 JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES - Page 117 JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES - Pages 118-126 ELEMENTARY FACULTY - Pages 129-132 ELEMENTARY CLASSES - Pages 133-148 ELEMENTARY ACTIVITIES - Pages 149-150 NON-TEACHING PERSONNEL - Pages 151-152Through many years Mr. and Mrs. Harden have aided in the growth and development of the seniors of 1957. In grateful appreciation to them for their patience and understanding, we dedicate this year book. Seniors of '57 3Inset--JOHN TATE Replacing D. W. Gordon who moved away. SCHOOL BOARD President - D. W. KEY Secretary - D. W. GORDON F. F. HARDISON C. H. CONWAY. Superintendent NOEL KENDRICK C. F. FOURQUREAN 4 Sponsored By: AMERICAN CAFE By the time this yearbook is in your hands the final curtain probably will have been brought down on the 1956-57 performance of the Eunice Schools in the drama of education, a drama in which each pupil, each parent, and each faculty member has played an important role. The over-all success of the performance has been due to the positive contributions made by the individual performers working co-operatively with the other members of the cast. Congratulations to each one who has played well his part in this important production. d. ") -. 6Your excellent accomplishments for Eunice High School have been a double pleasure to me. As your principal, I extend to you, a hearty Congratulation and wish you the richest blessings of life. But I can also join with the other fond papas in wishing you well on your continued journey. 10FACULTY MR. DUDLEY BROWN Industrial Arts MRS. LILA T. BROWN English MR. RICHARD BROWN Mathematics MR. O. M. CEARLEY Biology and World History MRS. C. H. CONWAY Librarian MR. J. C. COOK Drivers' Education and Football MRS. FAYECURNUTT English and Speech MR. O. L. DAVIS History and Government IIMR, L. B. HARDEN Chorus MR, T. U LAUGHLIN Band and English MR. JACK PARKER Science MR. CHARLES PURSLEY English and Spanish MR. ERNEST SHOTTON, JR. Mathematics and Basketball MRS. LENORE SNELL Home Economics and English MR. PHIL STRINGER History, P. E., and Basketball MR. VILAS TUCKER CommercialSENIORSMRS. CHARLES E. BROWN Sponsored by: 14 VOGUE FASHION SHOPSENIORS JIM BOB AKIN Basketball Manager 1,2; Football Manager 2; Junior Play; Band 1. GLENDA BLACKMON Chorus 1,4. Special Voice 4. Operetta 1,4; Tennis 1; Pep Squad 2; Physical Education 1, 2; Student Teaching 2 Speech and Dramatics 4; Science Club 3. DOROTHY CHANEY Who's Who 4; Operetta 2, 3,4, Chorus 1.2, 3,4; Librarian 3; Honor Study Hall; Speech and Dramatics 3,4; Senior Play. DARRELL BEARDEN Basketball 1, 2, 3,4; Football 1, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Track 1; Who's Who; Student Council 2, 3; Senior Play; Brass ensemble 3; Class Officer; Baseball; Halloween King 4. TOMMY BRIGHT Basketball 1, 2,3,4, All-District Basketball 3.4. All-State Basketball 3; Football 3; Baseball 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 3; Chorus 1; Band Manager 1, 2,3; Class Favorite 1; Who's Who; Boys' State Alternate. PATSY BULLOCK Tennis 1; Librarian 3; Class Officer 3; Honor Study Hall 3,4; Speech 4; Annual Staff 4; Who's Who; Foot-ball Princess 4. Sponsored by GOOD EATS BAKERY Hobbs, New MexicoSENIORS SHIRLEY DURHAM Girls' Glee Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Festival 1,2; Home Economics 1,2; Honor Roll 2,3; Honor Study Hall 4; Future Teacher As. 4; Girls' Softball 1,2; Girls’ PE 1, 2.3. EDWARD CLEMENT Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Officer 4; Honor Study Hall 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 4; 4-H Officer 2; Student Teacher 3,4; Science Club 2. JIMMY CATON Student Council 1, 2,3. 4. Vice President of Student Council 3, President of Student Council 4; Band 1,2, 3; Class President 2,3; Chorus 1; Basketball 1,2, 3,4, All-District Basketball Team 3.4, All-State Basketball Team 3; Junior Play; Golf 1,2, 3; National Honor Society 3,4, Vice President of National Society 3; Who's Who. MASON COSTIN Most Valuable Back 3, Football 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; All-State Chorus 4, Chorus 1,4; Junior High Basketball Coach 4. FLORENCE GREEN Physical Education 1,2; Speech and Dramatics 3,4; Safety Education 4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play, Senior Play; Science Club 1. ADOLPHUS CALDER Basketball 2; Chorus 4, All-State Chorus 4; Band Manager 4. Sponsored by HOBBS NEWS SUNSENIORS EDDY VAUGHT Basketball 2; Football 4; Track 3, 4. Spanish Club 2; Science Club 4; Junior High Basketball Coach 4; All-State Track 3. District Champs Track 3,4. HOWARD CHANDLER Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1; Chorus 1,2,4; PE 1,2; Honor Study Hall; Speech and Dramatics 4. PAT HALL Chorus 1, 2,3. Special Voice 2; Librarian 2; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 4; Honor Study Hall 3, 4; Who's Who 4; Class Officer 3; Halloween Attendant 2; Student Council 4; Operetta 2, 3. JERRY GILLIAN Track 1; Chorus 3,4; Operetta 3,4; Senior Play. Speech and Dramatics 4. Science Club 3,4; Drivers Education 4; Tennis 1; Physical Education 1, 2, 3. GERALD HUMMELL Basketball Manager 2,3. JERRY HELLUMS Baseball 1; Football 1,3,4; Basketball 2; 4-H President 3; Who's Who 4; Senior Play; Chorus 1. Sponsored by FERGUSON CONSTRUCTION SENIORS JIM BOB HENDRICKSON Football 1, 3,4, Football Captain 4, Football King 4, Outstanding Senior Player 4, All-State Football 4, Honorable Mention North and South 4; Basketball 1; Track 4; Class Favorite 3; Who's Who; Junior Play; Senior Play; Band 1,2, 3,4. Brass Ensemble 3,4, Cornet Ensemble 3; Chorus I. MARY HAMM1TT Special Voice 2, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3.4; Class Favorite 3; Junior Football Attendant; National Honor Society 3,4; Honor Study Hall 3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Annual Staff; National Honor Society Officer; Who's Who; Speech and Dramatics; Senior Play. JUANELLE HINMAN Class Favorite I; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2, 3; Special Voice 1,2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Who's Who; All-State Chorus 3,4; Student Council 1; Student Teacher 4; Senior Play; Cheerleader 1, 3; Operetta 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Tennis Club 1. RALPH HARRYMAN National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Study Hall 1,2, 3,4, Honor Study Hall Officer 4; Boys State; Science Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Football 3,4, All-State Football 4, Most Valuable Lineman 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, All-State Basketball 3; Track 3,4; Who's Who; Senior Football Escort; S. All-Star. BOBBY HAMLETT Football 2,3; Basketball 2; Track 1,2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Baseball 1. KAY HARDISON Student Council 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4, All-State Band 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Council Treasurer 4; Junior Play 3; Girls' Sextette 4; Who's Who 4; Operetta 1,2,4; Newspaper Editor 4; Class Treasurer 1; Senior Play; Special Voice 1,2, 4; Annual Staff 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Honor Study Hall 1,2, 3, 4; Freshman Football Princess; Halloween Queen 4; Dramatics 3,4; National Honor Society Officer 4; Woodwind Quintet 4.SENIORS DON GORDON Band 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4; Basketball 2; Science Club 3,4; Operetta 1,2; Drivers Education 4; Tennis 1; Physical Education 1, 2. LUKE HOOGEBOOM Basketball Team Manager 2,3; Track 3,4; Basketball 4. GLENDA KENDRICK Band 1. 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3,4. Special Voice 1,2,3,4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sextette 4; Annual Staff 4; Halloween Princess 3; Who's Who; Junior Play; Honor Study Hall 3,4; Dramatics 3; Speech 3; Girls' Choir 3; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play. DON FOURQUREAN Football 1, 3,4, Football Captain 4, Honorable mention for All-State Football 4; Basketball 2, 3; Track 4; Baseball 1; Projectionist Club 1; Science Club 4; Who's Who. BOBBY HARVEY Chorus 1,2; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Who's Who. DONALD LOCKE Basketball 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,4; Physical Education 1,2,3; Operetta 1,4. Sponsored by: KEY AUTO PARTSSENIORS JESSIE STRINGER Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Science Club 3; Speech and Dramatics 3,4; Librarian 1; Operetta 2,3,4; Future Teacher 4; Who’s Who 4. DELORES LANGLEY Class Officer 1, 2; Halloween Princess 1; Student Council 2, 3, 4, Student Council Officer 4: Chorus 1,2, 3.4, Special Voice 1,2, 3,4, Sextette 2.3.4, All-State Chorus 2,3,4, Operetta 1,2, 3,4; Cheerleader 3; Honor Study Hall; Junior Play, Senior Play; Who’s Who 4; Girls' State. RONALD PAYNE Band 1,2, 3,4. All-State Band 3,4, All-State Orchestra 2, All Star Band 1, Junior Jazz Band 2, Brass Sextette 3,4, Comet Ensemble 3; Chorus 4, Special Voice 4, Boys' Quintette 4. Operetta 4; Basketball 2, Basketball Manager 1; Who's Who; Halloween Escort 1, 3; Student Council 1,2, 3, 4; Honor Study Hall; National Honor Society 3,4. TED WALDEN Chorus 2,3; Halloween Escort 2; Dramatics 4; Who's Who 4; Senior Play. KATHERINE STRIEGL Science Club 1; Librarian 2, 3,4; Spanish Club 2, 3,4, Spanish Club Officer 4; Honor Study Hall 2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4, Reportei 4; Physical Education 1; Future Teacher 4. VERONICA MORAN Science Club 1; Class Officer 2; Chorus 2, 3,4. Special Voice 2, 3,4. Operetta 2, 3,4. All-State Chorus 4; Honor Study Hall 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4, National Honor Society President 4; Dramatics 3; Who's Who 4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play. SENIORS CLAY OSBORN Football 1, 2; Junior Play. JIM LOTT Football 1,2,3,4. All-State Football 4; Honor Study Hall 1,2. SHARON KEMP Chorus 1,2, Special Voice 2, Operetta 2; Band 1,2, 3,4. All-State Band 1,2, 3, 4. ABA Band 3. Woodwind Quintet 3,4, Band Librarian 3. Assistant Drum Major 3, Drum Major 4; Class Officer 3: Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Student Council 4; Who's Who 4; Honor Study Hall 1,3, 4, Honor Study Hall Officer 4; National Honor Society; All Star Band 1. JAMES SMITH Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,4; Football Manager 3,4; Chorus 1, 2, Operetta 2; Junior Play, Senior Play; Baseball. EDGAR PATTERSON Class Officer 1,4; Band 1,2, 3,4. Cornet Ensemble 3, Junior Jazz Band 2; Chorus 1,2, 3,4, Special Voice 1, 2,3,4. Operetta 1,2,3,4, Boys' Quin tette 2,3,4, All-State Chorus 3,4; Who's Who; Student Council 4; Spanish Club 2, 3,4; Class Officer 3,4; Boys' State; National Honor Society 3,4; Honor Study Hall 2, 3,4, Honor Study Hall Officer 4; Junior Play, Senior Play; Student Teacher 4; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 4; Golf Team 3,4; Football 1. DON BARNESSENIORS GLORIA RIDENOUR Glee Club 2. Chorus 3; Spanish Club 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Honor Study Hall 3,4, Class Officer 4; Who’s Who; FT A 4; Operetta 3; Honor Roll 1,2; Girls' State Nominee 3; National Honor Society 3,4. MICKEY LEE Class President 1; Cheerleader 1,2, 3; Chorus 1,2, 3,4, Girls' Senior Sextette 3,4; Junior Play; Football Queen 4; Class Favorite 4; Who’s Who; All-State Chorus 3,4, Operetta 3,4; Senior Play, DALLAN SANDERS Track 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 1; Class Favorite 2,4; Band 1,2, 3,4. All-State Band 1,2, 3,4, All Star Band 1. Brass Ensemble 3,4; Chorus 4, Boys' Quintette 4, Special Voice 4. Operetta 4; Who's Who; Student Council 1; Dramatics 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play, TROY TANKERS LEY Football 3,4. All-State Football 4; Basketball 4; Honor Study Hall 3,4; Chorus 1,2, Chorus Operetta 2; Speech and Dramatics 4; Senior Play; Boys' PE 3; Spanish Club 1; Driver’s Education 4. PAULA SORRELS Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Operetta 2, 3,4, Special Voice 2, 3,4, Junior Sextet 3; Pep Squad 2; Cheerleader 2; Tennis 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; Who's Who; Physical Education 1; Senior Play; Dramatics 3,4. PHYLLIS WELCH Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4. Special Voice 1, 2,4, Operetta 1,2, 3,4. Junior High Accompanist 4; Band 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Honor Study Hall 3,4; Girls' State 3; DAR Representative 4; Class Reporter 4; Who's Who; Assistant Editor of Annual 4; FTA 4; Representative to State Science Fair 3.BEST ALL-AROUND MICKEY LEE JIM BOB HENDRICKSON DOROTHY CHANEY JAMES SMITH MOST POPULAR PATSY BULLOCK DARRELL BEARDEN 26WHO'S WHO COURTEOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED GLENDA KENDRICK EDGAR PATTERSON MOST INTELLIGENT MARY HAMMITT TOMMY BRIGHT PHYLLIS WELCH JIMMY CATON 27WHO'S WHO CUTEST COUPLE BEST-LOOKING DELORES LANGLEY DALLAN SANDERS PAT HALL TED WALDEN CUTEST SMILE GLORIA RIDENOUR JERRY HELLUMS 28 Sponsored by: PENDER'S STOREWHO’S WHO MOST ATHLETIC PAULA SORRELS RALPH HARRYMAN SCHOOL SPIRITED WITTIEST VERONICA MORAN BURKE WEBER 29 SHARON KEMP BOBBY HARVEYWHO'S WHO BASHFUL BIGGEST FLIRT KAY HARDISON RONALD PAYNE JESSIE STRINGER DON FOURQUREAN MOST CONCEITED JUANELLE HINMAN JAMES ROBBINS 30 Sponsored by: TIDWELL MOTOR CO.BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ STATEG- vtK Art f S oN . lube H tJf -Survey t . ! « eM- B VfR oVi.t h M OaLIKU S , 4% dakl y Viv Z o fi c. i«iv VTAR W - HISTORY The history of the Seniors of '56 - '57 goes back about twelve years, when twenty members of the present Senior class first entered the Eunice School as students. These were as follows: Darrell Bearden, Jimmy Caton, Howard Chandler, Mason Costin, Don Fourquerean, Jerry Gillian, Kay Hardison, Bobby Harvey, Jim Bob Hendrickson, Juanelle Hinman, Sharon Kemp, Glenda Kendrick, Delores Langley, Mickey Lee, Jimmy Lott, Clay Osborn, Dalian Sanders, James Smith, Eddy Vaught, and Troy Tankersley. Gradually, as we went through grade school, we gained new members to this memorable class. They were: Tommy Bright from Andrews, Texas; Edward Clement from Hobbs, New Mexico; Don Gordan from Monument, New Mexico; Jim Bob Akin from Odessa, Texas; Dorothy Chaney from Wapanucka, Oklahoma; Bobby Hamlett from Portales, New Mexico; Mary Hammitt from Jal, New Mexico; Jessie Stringer from Ada, Oklahoma; Ted Walden from Monument, New Mexico; Ralph Harryman from Magnolia, Arkansas; Ronald Payne from Hobbs, New Mexico; Paula Sorrels from Antlers, Oklahoma; Glenda Blackmon from Pioneer, Louisiana; and Donald Locke from Dayton, Texas. Upon entering Junior High, we already had thirty-four members of the present Senior class numbering fifty-one. As we said good-bye to Junior High and hello to High School, we found we had gained ten more members. These were: Florence Green from Hobbs, New Mexico; Pat Hall from Abilene, Texas; Luke Hoogeboom from Weiringer Wad, Holland; Gerald Hummel from Oblong, Illinois; Edgar Allen Patterson from Sundown, Texas; James Robbins from Tatum, New Mexico; Katherine Striegl from Tulia, Texas; Burke Weber from Eldorado, Kansas; Phyllis Welch from Belen, New Mexico; and Johnny Turknett from Monahans, Texas. On August 30, 1953, a group of Freshmen, destined to be the best in the history of Eunice High School made their debut as high school students. During this wonderful year, we added the following students to our class: Patsy Bullock from Monument, New Mexico; Jerry Heliums from Monument, New Mexico; and Veronica Moran from Mena, Arkansas. When May 21, 1954, rolled around, a sadder and wiser bunch of kids left the doors of Eunice High School, some to return as "Sophs, " some as "Fish, " and still some not at all. During this eventful year, we had no additions to our present Senior class, but we enjoyed many pleasant and sentimental moments. As the Juniors of '55 and '56, we did many outstanding things. We gave as our Junior Play, a very colorful and exciting production of "Meet Me In St. Louis. " We also entertained the Seniors with a Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. We had a Spanish Theme which was very colorful and enchanting. To help us with preparations for these events, we gained two members: Gloria Ridenour from Wichita, Kansas, and Adolphus Calder from Jal, New Mexico. Now the final year of instruction and participation in the Eunice School is upon most of us. Two new students, Shirley Durham from Gramby, Missouri, and Don Barnes from Roswell, New Mexico, have come to enjoy the many pleasures and honors of their Senior year with us. We Seniors of '57 feel very honored that the football team rated second in state this year. We are also looking forward to having the state basketball champs. We are preparing a Senior play as our final production here in E. H. S. We are looking forward to a Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. But most of all we are looking forward to a trip to some unknown destination, our final project as a group - The Seniors of '57. CLASS WILL Jim Bob Akin wills his ability to flub-up in everything to Don Smith. Glenda Blackmon leaves her tight blue jeans to Mary Ann Leonard. Don Barnes bequeaths his seat in English IV to Ronald Hardin. Darrell Bearden wills his ability to get along with Stringer to Dickie Gruber. Tommy Bright wills locker number 88 in the new gym to Tom Pippin. Patsy Bullock wills her variety of boyfriends to Jean Gowan. Adolphus Calder leaves his position as band manager to Mr. Laughlin. Jimmy Caton wills his height to Bobby Caton. Howard Chandler leaves his half of Locke's locker to David Osbonson. Dorothy Chaney wills her ability to wear a real pony tail to Mary Jackson. Sponsored By: SPANIOL FORD CO.Edward Clement wills his ability to serve cokes in the concession stand to Duane Golden. Mason Costin wills his ability to study English to Scottie Wright. Shirley Durham wills her loud mouth to Lawanna Howard. Don Fourquean wills his position of football captain to Phynus Witherspoon. Jerry Gillian bequeaths the apple-polishing which he acquired for Mr. Shotton's benefit to Jackie Stanley. Don Gordon wills his locker full of cheat sheets to Andy Frost. Florence Green wills her artistic ability to anyone who can draw pictures for everyone and still make a B in biology. Pat Hall wills her meek mouth to Wanda Hogan. Mary Hammitt wills her ability to go steady the longest to Phyllis Joumagan. Kay Hardison leaves her boyfriends to Wanda Farris. Bobby Harvey wills his seat in English to Ray Young. Jerry Heliums wills his dancing ability to Bill Haney. Jim Bob Hendrickson wills his ability to stay in English III for two years straight to John Ray Terry. Juanelle Hinman wills to Ernie Waggoner her ability to get her English assignment in American Government. Luke Hoogeboom wills his extraordinary knowledge of bookkeeping to Wybe Hoogeboom. Sharon Kemp wills her desire to go with a tall boy to Norma Sims. Delores Langley wills her flashing eyes to Joyce Romines. Mickey Lee wills her liveliness to Donna Gabbard. Donald Locke wills his lost locker key to anyone who can find it. Veronica Moran wills a crowbar to the person who inherits locker 100. Clay Osborn leaves his ability to get out of Shotton's study hall to Pat Chandler. Edgar Patterson wills his distinction as a Casanova to Tommye O'Quinn. Ronald Payne wills his ability to keep his car clean to Gary Sanders. Gloria Ridenour wills the ability to attract a good-looking Hobbs boy to Evelyn Henry. Dalian Sanders wills his good looks to Emery Throneberry. James Smith wills his slyness in acquiring drip without being detected to Bud Arrant. Paula Sorrels wills her uncanny ability to leap into typing class just as the bell rings to Betty Coulter. Katherine Striegl wills her long engagement to Nancy Baker. Jessie Stringer wills her bashful ways to Shirley McPherson. Eddy Vaught wills his bookkeeping book and his track shoes to VamellHart. "May they rest in peace. ” Ted Walden wills his dear (or was it d-e-e-r??) hunting ability to Don Roberts. Burke Weber wills his ability to get along with the teachers to Eugene Martin. Phyllis Welch wills her memorable walk to Nona Meek. CLASS PROPHECY After spending ten years in staging plays and revues I was struck by the idea to call together all my old classmates and feature them together in the grandest show ever presented to human eye. This was easier said than done, however, but being backed by unlimited resources, 1 finally rounaed them up. Now the curtain raises to disclose the many players who are appearing as their natural selves and we settle back in our seats to enjoy the brilliant pageant. First we see Veronica Moran, who is now head of a Famous Fashion Designing shop in Paris, France, and Glenda Blackmon, now owner of a Beauty shop. Edward Clement, lawyer, and Don Barnes, general instructor at the N. M. M. L at Roswell, are here too, along with Don Fourqurean who is still chasing calves while running from the gasoline revenue officer, and Dorothy Chaney who is running a shirtwaist shop in Dallas. Bobby Harvey, the manager of the Cleveland Indians, is here, also Glenda Kendrick who is now married to a successful manager of a bubble gum factory. Among the international celebrities appearing are Jimmy Caton, the fiist scientist to reach the moon, along with his secretary Juanelle Hinman; Edgar Allen Patterson, brilliant playwright; Ronald Payne, leader of the famous Musicians orchestra, and Jim Bob Hendrickson, all American linebacker for Notre Dame University. Others of almost equal renown are also noted; Burke Weber, a noted cartoonist; Adolphus Calder, star 35of the Grand Ole Opera; Luke Hoogeboom, noted surgeon with his famous nurse Paula Sorrels, and his X-ray expert Don Gordon. There is a small group of those who have succeeded in politics. Our present Secretary of State, Ralph Harryman, is here in all his glory, surrounded by Gloria Ridenour, woman senator from New Mexico, and Patsy Bullock, leader in the Washington political society. Some of the crowd still in Eunice are Donald Locke, biology teacher; Mary Hammitt, stenographer; Mickey Lee, owner of a chain of theaters; Gerald Hummel, undertaker; Jim Bob Akin, owner of the Eunice billiard room, and Troy Tankersley, now football coach in Eunice. Next we see Jerry Heliums who left the rodeo to be here with us tonight. Kay Hardison, editor of the Eunice Times; Shirley Durham, an expert secretary; and Katherine Striegl, now mother of three fine children. Howard Chandler, who is now retired on his father's ranch, flew in on his private plane piloted by Jimmy Lott. Here from a snappy dress shop in New York is Delores Langley, and also Mason Costin, famous as designer of men's hats and with him his artist, Florence Green. Others here out of the old crowd are Ted Walden, the chief jeweler of Tiffany’s, who is accompanied by Pat Hall, who proudly displays his wares; Phyllis Welch, professor of English at E. N. M. U.; Jerry Gillian, who now sends a Christmas tree to the White House annually from his farm. Clay Osborn, the chief stage manager at M. G. M. Studios, and James Robbins, an auto racer. Last of all we see Sharon Kemp who is now an expert nurse; Johnny Turknett, head of the J. T. Construction Co. ; James Smith, Dodge dealer; Jessie Stringer, stenographer; Dalian Sanders, who has now changed his stucco business into a large brick factory; Eddy Vaught, chief of police; and Darrell Bearden, who finally got his inheritance. And now the curtain falls again and those interested turn slowly away, loath to leave, but glad to have seen the old familiar faces once more. CLASS COLORS - Blue and Silver CLASS FLOWER - Carnation CLASS MOTTO - Set Your Standards High And Rise Above Them CLASS SONG - - "You'll Never Walk Alone" "When you walk through a storm. Hold your head up high. And don’t be afraid of the dark, At the end of the storm is a golden sky, And the sweet silver song of a lark. " "Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain, Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown. Walk on, Walk on. With hope in your heart. And you'll never walk alone, You’ll never walk alone!" 36OFFICERS Treasurer JERRY DUNNAM President VARNELL HART Vice President KAY MALONE Reporter NORMA SIMS Secretary MARY JACKSON 38 Sponsored by: MERCURY CLEANERSh°Rach carrell BONNIE CO UN BETTy coulter wanda Darnell Jerry dunnam SHARON ECHOLS Sponsored by: CARDINAL DRUGJUNIORS °EvZ Wanda Farris "ancyfraNklin duane golden DIANNE HALL RONALD HARDEN BRUCE HARDISON V RNELL Hart BVELYN HENRY » Ng7n 0 0 hoover Mary jackson 10AN JORDONSponsored by: O'QUINN DRUG JUNIORS PHYLLIS JOURNAGAN mary ann Leonard ROVVENA LOCKE billy lord kay Malone EUGENE MARTIN GAVANE MASSEY bhirley McPherson w■ L- murphy TOMMY O'QUINN BILLY REA Barbara robbins bobby Roberts CORRENE ROBINSON NORMA SIMSJUNIORS 42 JOHN RAY TERRY RONALD VILUNES GLORIA WALLACH Harriet werner scotty wright Ray young Robert striegl STULTING SHARON TAYLOR Donald smith JERRY smith RANCE smith Sponsored by: FAUGH H. BOWDEN INSURANCEWTv ! ® £ O a SOPHiOFFICERS President TOMMY P1PPEN Secretary HARRIET WEBER Reporter JERRY HERRICKS Treasurer GARY SANDERS Vice President MARY LOWE SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS MR. CEARLEY MR. TUCKER MR. STRINGER 46 Sponsored by: ALDRIGE MOTOR COSOPHOMORE Judy Bailey Andrew Bayes Glenn Bethany Wanda Bishop Delores Boaz Freddie Brooks Kathie Carrell Pat Chandler Thelma Christenson Annie Cobb David Crenshaw Gwen Culpepper Andy Frost Jeanna Fultz Kay Gartman Donna Gabbard Dicky Gruber Lonnie Hamlett Bill Haney Betty Harvey Ronald Hasty David Haymes Jerry Herricks Billy Holder Wybe Hoogeboom Jim Hopper Lawanna Howard Ann Hutton Jerry Kelly Sponsored By: EUNICE FURNITURESOPHOMORES Adela Lara Mary Lowe Burl Magee Oralee McCann Bobby Moore Byron Myers David Osmondson Joy Owens Don Pebsworth Janyce Piggott Tommy Pippen Jerry Prewitt Don Roberts Glenda Rowe Elkin Rutledge 48 Gary Sanders Sharon Scott Mary Seay Sandra Shields Betty Simpson Alan Sudbrock Ronnie Throneberry Willa Geanna Turner Ernie Waggoner Betty Walker Harriet Weber Jimmie Wilkinson Joyce Wischmeier Phynus WitherspoonSOPHOMORE FAVORITES GARY SANDERS ANNIE COBB Sponsored by: ACME LUMBER CO.FRESHMENOFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer Vice President Reporter President JOHNNY BRYANT CAROLYN WOMACK SUB PAYNE NELDON COSTIN FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS MRS. EDSELCURNUTT 52 Sponsored by: DON CLARKFRESHMEN Herman Akin Lloyd Allgood Barbara Barnes Tommy Boyles Paul Brooks Johnny Bryant Thomas Caddell Jerry Calhoun Bobby Caton Sandra Clark Earl Cobb Melvin Cole Neldon Costin Lou Evelyn Creech Ershel Dennis Jerry Dodd Sibyl Dodson Janette Dunnam Gery Ferguson Junior Frost Ronald Gordon Emma Grogan Harold Groomer Jean Gowan Kenneth Hale Louise Hankins R. L. Hardy Linda Harless Patsy Hassler Ethel Henry Travis Hopper Ronnie Hudson Francisco Huerta Larry Hummel Jane Idleman Bobby Ivy James Jones Jo Ann Jones Sharon Key Glady Lou Lytle 53FRESHMEN Jerry Lytle Sharon May Terry Martin Paul McPherson Nona Meek Twila Miller Johnny Northcott Sue Payne Lynda Ragan Glenda Sue Rainbolt Patsy Reese Charley Ridenour Joyce Romines Peggy Scoggins Terry Scott Norma Shannon Harold Smith « Kenney Smith Jackie Stanley Carolyn Steadham John Stewart Ervan Sudbrock Winford Sweet Robert Tate Emery Thorneberry Joyce Towery Dale Trimble Freddie Tucker Billie Turner Paul Walenciak John Walker John White Florene Williams Don Williamson Nit a Witherspoon Tommy Witt Carolyn Womack Sponsored By: SNELL INSURANCE AGENCYSANDRA CLARK JOHNNY BRYANTfORORGA NIZA TIONSANNUAL STAFF i—-«| Business Managers PAT HALL EDGAR PATTERSON Sponsor MR. TUCKER Editor SHARON KEMP Assistant Editor PHYLLIS WELCH Activities Editor KAY HARDISON Snapshot Editor GLENDA KENDRICKGirls Sports Editor JUANELLE HINMAN Boys Sports Editor RALPH HARRYMAN Copy Editor and Assistant MARY HAMMITT PATSY BULLOCKVice President RANCE SMITH President 60 Treasurer KAY HARDISON Sponsor MR. PURSLEYSTUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Seniors SHARON KEMP EDGAR PATTERSON RONALD PAYNE PAT HALL Juniors TOMMY O'QUINN HORACE CAROLL LONNIE BELL NORMA SIMS DIANE HALL Freshmen BOB IVY KINNEY SMITH FLORENE WILLIAMS Sophomores ERNEST WAGGONER TOMMY PIPPEN MARY LOWE JUDY BAILEYHONOR STUDY HALL OFFICERS Front row: Delores Boaz, Treasurer Back row: Ralph Harryman, President Gloria Wallach, Vice President Sharon Kemp, Reporter Delores Langley, Secretary Edgar Patterson, Sergeant-at-arms HONOR STUDY HALLOFFICERS - A Kay Hardison, Secretary Edgar Patterson, Veronica Moran, President Mary Hammitt, Vice President Sergeant-at-arms Katherine Striegl, Reporter NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYOFFICERS: Edgar Patterson, Treasurer; Correne Robinson, Secretary; Gloria Ridenour, President; Katherine Streigel, Vice President; Mary Lowe, Treasurer; Billy Rea, Reporter. SPANISH CLUBReporter President Vice President Secretary ORALEE McCANN TOMMYE O'QUINN HORACE CARRELL RONNIE WESTBROOK SCIENCE CLUBDRIVERS EDUCATION"Summer Comes To The Diamond O" Directed by: Mrs. Lenore Snell DRAMATICS Panel DiscussionsI FUTURE TEACHERS LIBRARIANSAssistant Editor DIANA HALL Business Manager EDGAR PATTERSON Editor KAY HARDISON Assistant Editor SHARON KEMP Sports Editor JIMMY CATON CARDINAL CAPER’S STAFFfcD'i) Katrin - - -Mama - - -Papa - - - • Dagmar - -Christine -Mr. Hyde - Nels -------- Aunt Trina Aunt Sigrid Aunt Jenny Uncle Chris - - — - — - - — Delores Langley ........... juanelle H Inman ............ - Darrell Bearden Kay Hardison ............. Pat Hall . — .... — . Donald Four quean ............ Dalian Sanders ........--- Mary Hammitt ... — ....... Dorothy Chaney ■ - — - Mickey Lee ............ Edgar Patterson “ REMEMBER MAMA” A Woman---------— - - Mr. Thorkelson--------- Dr. Johnson ------- A Nurse - - - - — - - - Another Nurse --------- Soda Clerk - -- -- -- - Madeline------------ Dorothy Schiller ------- Florence Dana Moorehead Bellboy - — .... — - - Veronica Moran Howard Chandler - - -James Smith - - Paula Sorrels Glenda Blackman • - - Ted Walden - - Jessie Stringer Glenda Kendricks - Florence Green - - Jerry Gillian DIRECTED BY MRS. E. L. CUR NUTT 70JUNIOR PLAY “DOWN TO EARTH” CAST OF CHARACTERS Agnes------------- Wilfred........... Pi lone----------- Augusta Applegate Diana Clump------- Orpha Teel-------- Ruthie Teel--------- ----BONNIE COLIN ■ GAVANNE MASSEY - - - RANCE SMITH - - EVELYN HENRY DOROTHY EUBANKS • BARBARA ROBBINS CORRENE ROBINSON Millie Bromsley----------------------DIANE HALL Baxter Bromsley-------------TOMMYE O’QUINN June Bromsley------------------ NANCY FRANKLIN Richard White.....................BRUCE ARRANT Herman Howell - - ----------------DUANE GOLDEN Robert Hanley - - - --------- - DONALD SMITH Director.........................FAYE CURNUTT Sponsored By: MOATES DRIVE-INNDRUM MAJOR SHARON KEMPWoodwind Quintette BAND ENSEMBLES Brass EnsembleBAND LIBRARIANS ALL-STATE BANDDirected by: MR. L. B. HARDEN CHORUS Sponsored by: EUNICE BEAUTY SHOP Accompanied by . MRS. L. B. HARDEN SENIOR SEXTETTE DELORES LANGLEY MICKEY LEE GLENDA KENDRICK KAY HARDISON JUANELLE HINMAN VERONICA MORAN BOYS’ QUINTETTE RONALD PAYNE DALLAN SANDERS DUANE GOLDEN EDGAR PATTERSON RONALD HARDEN JUNIOR SEXTETTE GLORIA WALLACH PHYLLIS JOURNAGAN DOROTHY EUBANKS WANDA FARRIS KAY MALONE BETTY COULTER Pianist, SHARON ECHOLS 77ALL STATE CHORUS SPECIAL VOICE“MISS CHERRYBLOSSOM” A Musical Comedy Presented by The Eunice High School Chorus CAST OF CHARACTERS Cherryblossom . . . Kokemo........... John Henry Smith . Henry Foster Jones . Horace Worthington James Young . . . . Jessica Vanderpool . Togo............. Togo's Pages . . . . ..............JUANELLE HINMAN ..................RONALD PAYNE ..............EDGAR PATTERSON ................SCOTTY WRIGHT ....................ANDY FROST .................DUANE GOLDEN ............DELORES LANGLEY ................RONALD HARDEN ................JUNIOR FROST NELDON COSTIN Geisha Girls American Girls American Boys Japanese Customers Director . . . Organist . . . . Pianist .... Stage Manager MR. L. B. HARDEN MRS. L. B. HARDEN . ORALEE McCANN , . PHYLLIS WELCHH A L L O W E E N Q U E E N Queen King KAY HARDISON DARRELL BEARDEN Attendants Escorts 80 Sponsored by: DORAN CHEVROLETw E S T E R N D A Y Winners CLAY OSBORN, MRS. SNELL, MR. CATON, and JOY OWENS Sponsored by: JODY’S FLOWER SHOP 81CLASS ACTIVITIES 82S0I131H1VQueen King MICKEY LEE JIM BOB HENDRICKSON Escorts 82 Sponsored by: PAY DAY GROCERYCoached by J. C. (BULLET) COOK “A” TEAM FOOTBALL Assistant Coach MARVIN McSMITH 00 I Sponsored By: PHARIS RADIATOR SHOPR. HARRYMAN, Captain J. KELLY B. WEBER End - Senior Back - Sophomore Back - Senior B. HOLDER R. YOUNG D. GRUBER P. WITHERSPOON Guard - Sophomore End - Junior Back - Sophomore Back - Sophomore F. BROOKS S. WRIGHT D. BEARDEN End - Junior 86 Guard - Sophomore Back - Senior Sponsored By: LEA COUNTY SAND AND GRAVELR. HOOVER M. COSTIN R. SMITH D. SMITH Back - Junior Back - Senior End - Junior Guard - Junior V. HART H. CARRELL J. B. HENDRICKSON J. STANLEY End - Junior Tackle - Junior Captain - Tackle - Senior Guard - Sophomore Sponsored By: E. M. ROWLAND TRUCKINGALL-STATE FOOTBALL “B” TEAM FOOTBALL ‘ •1 ' N • 71 ' mamm Sponsored by: 88 J. W. SMITH PLUMBING AND HEATING "A” TEAM COACHES MR. J. C. COOK MR. MARVIN McSMITH Most valuable Lineman RALPH HARRYMAN "B" Team Coach MR. ERNEST SHOTTON Most Valuable Back DICKIE GRUBER "A” Team Manager JAMES SMITH "B" Team Manager DALE AKIN Sponsored by: C. D. SCOTT "A" Team Manager GARY SANDERS 89“A” TEAM CHEERLEADERS H v Sponsored by: RED'S CONOCO BONNIE SHARONSHIRLEY HARRIET JEANA ANN BETTY “B” TEAM CHEERLEADERS Sponsored by: WHITE’S AUTO“C” TEAM CHEERLEADERS SUE GLENDA SANDRA JEAN JANNETTE 92  o w Sponsored by: ALEXANDER'S SUPER MARKET “A” TEAM BASKETBALL Coached by: PHIL STRINGERTOMMY BRIGHT JIMMY CATON RALPH HARRYMAN DARRELL BEARDEN SEASON'S RECORD WE THEY 52 Monahans 27 49 Tatum 34 32 Hagerman 33 58 Kermit 24 41 Lovington 36 33 Cliff 34 51 St. Peters 39 54 Floyd 25 43 Lovington 37 70 Kermit 51 34 Monahans 27 57 Jal 22 34 Tatum 27 58 Carrizozo 25 50 Tularosa 22 63 Hagerman 30 63 Dexter 30 57 Capitan 37 47 Ruidoso 34 69 Jal 31 62 Lake Arthur 33 72 St. Peters 45 BOBBY HARVEY TOMMY PIPPEN 94 Sponsored by: STANDEFER GROCERY JERRY KELLEYDONALD LOCKE RANCE SMITH LUKE HOOGEBOOM RONALD WESTBROOK JAMES HOPPER 95A" Coach B" Coach 96 A" and ”B" Team Managers ’C” Team Managers“C” TEAM BASKETBALL Sponsored by: EUNICE GULF SERVICE TRACKGOLF TENNISJUNIOR HIGHAnnual Staff, please accept the sincere appreciation of the Eunice Junior High School for your work in preparing another fine piece of work in the publication of the 1957 annual. Each publication seems to be better than previous editions, but this is naturally true since you have profited from the fine work in the past editions. However, you have much to do to improve over the past annuals and I sincerely hope and expect that you will surpass the annuals of past yean. Sincerely, ejP fa L W. Byous, Principal Eunice Junior High School 101 MR. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW Band and Geography MRS. FLORENCE BEASLEY Sixth Grade MR. L. W. BYOUS Science MRS. LOIS DAUGHTERY Reading MR. L. B. HARDIN Music MRS. STELLA HASSLER Sixth Grade MR. CHARLES LANKFORD Social Studies, Health MR. TERRY LAUGHLIN Band 102MRS. RUTH LAZNIK Sixth Grade MR. CHARLES SISSEL Social Studies and Physical Education MISS BONNIE LEE Science and Home Economics MRS. IVA SCARBOROUGH English and Library MRS. ROSEMARY WILDMAN Sixth Grade MR. MARVIN McSMITH Math and Basketball F A C U L T Y MISS CLAIR VAGNEUR Physical Education and English 103OFFICERS 8TH GRADE SPONSORSGerald Carter Tom Cherryhomes Rebecca Chism Wallace Christenson Jerry Clark Barbara Coffey Carolyn Cole Norman Cole Jretta Coleman Victor Cooper Larry Curnutt Susan Dodd Sammi Drew Kenny Edwards Wayne Farris George Fourqueran Bobby Franklin Claude Fristoe Brenda Galbreath Linda Galbreath Sponsored By: SLICK"S HUMBLE SERVICE106 Darlene Kennedy Lynn Kemp Leon Kirby Dickie Lynn Sandra Malone Carrol Martin Stanley Mayo Sherry McLean Jeannie McSpadden Manuel Mendoza Sponsored By: EUNICE LOCKER PLANT8TH GRADE Patricia Reed Dale Ridgeway Kay Robinson Mary Rowe Shirley Sanders Rita Gay Sanders Collen Sharrer Randy Simmons Helen Singletary Beverly Smith Jessie Smith Linda Spence Gaylon Taylor Augustine Thomas Catherine Thomas Gwen Turner Willie Turner Kenneth Whittenburg Tommy Wischmier Bobby WoodOFFICERS 7TH GRADE SPONSORS MRS. IVA SCARBOROUGH 108 MR. CHARLES SISSEL MR MARVIN McSMITH Sponsored By: j EUNICE STAR MRS. LOIS DAUGHERTY7TH GRADE Johnny Anderson Freita Barclay Rita Barclay Jimmie Gail Barrett Sherry Beadle James Bertrand Lavonne Black Sue Boaz Martin Bond Jerry Bradford Jimmy Brown Sue Brunson Faye Bulman Donald Campbell Victor Carlson o n Bill Chastain Janet Cole Ervanell Collom Judy Cooper Yuvonne Cottrell Dale Crenshaw Ella Roy Dickison Reida Dodson Judy Dodd Marjorie Douglas Calvin Elkins John Evans Eloy Fierro Jimmy Gabbard Mike Gladden Troy Gladden Neil Goodman Mary Green Vernon Green Waymon Green 1097TH GRADE Johnny Grogan Tommy Grogan Norma Graves Gene Gunderson Linda Hahn Joe Hall Earnest Hamie Soundra Hammett Sharon Hammitt Clifford Harden Brenda Harrell Lloyd Hasty Kay Hendrickson Bobby Hicks Macy Holder Floris Hoogeboom Loran Hopper Kenny Houston Carolyn Hummel Harriet Idleman Jerry Jordan Glenn Kemp Bruce Kendrick Jeffry Key Hopi Lara Billy Lee Linda Locke Lindy Lott Rita Louy Walter Lowe Carol Loyd Carolyn Lynn Kathy Magee Linda Malone Archie Mann Sponsored By: EUNICE MOBILE SERVICE H. T. Loyd7TH GRADE Rebecca Martin Wanda Martin James Massey Dean Mathis Jean Mayfield Leta McCaslin Linda Moore Donald Owings George Parsons Gail Ann Parish Jimmy Parrish James Quick Norma Reed Patsy Reynolds Jeane Risinger Wayne Rutledge Janice Sharrer Billie Singletary Kay Sparkman Jo Ann Stulting Royce Taylor Shirley Terry Thelma Truman D. L. Walker James Walker Judy Wallace Ginger Wallach Jim Ward Larry Ward Susie Weber Bryan Willard Ronnie Wylie III6TH GRADE MRS. ROSEMARY WILDMAN 112 SPONSORS MRS. RUTH LAZNIK MRS. STELLA HASSLER MRS. FLORENCE BEASLEY6TH GRADE Murphy Able Sharon Able John Anderson Pamela Anthony James Barclay Billy Barlow Herman Bishop Peggy Bishop Niska Blevins Rusty Blevins J. B. Blevins Juanita Brown Donna Bryant Janet Byous Roger Bulman Dona Calvert Danny Campbell Roger Carmack Kay Carpenter Danny Carver Larry Chidester Sue Christenson Roy Clark Barbara Collins James Coulter Phillip Curtis Sherry Curry Hallie Davis Judy Davis Brenda Denton Kay De Spain Emma Devers Jimmy Eaves Billy Eubanks Elva Fierro Sponsored By: NORM AN S MEN WEAR I6TH GRADE George Ford Ronald Free Len Freemyer Quita Gabbard Raymond Gartman Kathleen Grayson Ronald Green Elmo Gregory Brenda Gore Bobby Gruis Larry Hale Ronald Hammond Joseph Hardy Archie Hemken Danny Hendricks Doyne Hester Ronald Holder Morris Hopper Linda Hopper Darmy Howard Tony Howell Tommie Huff Jimmy Landes Barbara Lytle Janet Manard Donald May Ronald May Johnny McAfee Nancy McLain Joe Mitchell Sandra Moore Nancy Lee Morgan Norma Nolen Bobby Patterson 114 Jerry Purcell6TH GRADE Lillian Ragland Gregory Rampley Vada Faye Reynolds Joe Etta Ritz Harlen Robinson Ross Robinson George Scott Terry Seim an Betty Sims Vickie Simmons Lynda Sue Simpson Sidney Simpson Bennie Smith Earl Smith Jeannie Smith Howard Smith Patricia Smith Pamela Stoner George Stringer Paul Swartz Mike Taylor Barbara Terrell Gerldine Thomas Cherrie Thurman Dorthie Turner Wieger Uitterdyk Joyce Wallace Gary Ward Elton Warren Darlene Welch Johnny Williams Helen Whittenburg Sandra Witherspoon Jimmy Witherspoon Harold Wooley Sponsored by DENTON'S SKELLY SERVICE 115JUNIOR HIGH FAVORITES Secretary- Treasurer Barbara Coffey President Charles Patterson Vice President Mike Gladden STUDENT COUNCILJUNIOR HIGH BAND Directed by: T. L. LAUGHLIN Directed by: O. L. BARTHOLOMEW SIXTH GRADE BAND SIXTH GRADE CHORUSES Director - MR. L. B. HARDEN Assistant - EDGAR PATTERSON — - BARBARA COFFEY BONNIE REA LINDA SPENCE SHERRY McLEAN CAROL PENDLETON 123 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERSJUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL 8th GradeSeventh Grade JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Eighth GradeGIRLS’ P. E. TENNISCongratulations to the annual staff for their untiring efforts in publishing an annual worthy of the school it represents. This is an achievement of which they should be proud.MRS. ROSALIE AKIN Pre-First Grade MRS. STELLA BAILEY High-First Grade MRS. NUTA BARTHOLOMEW Pre-First Grade MRS. LORENE BREEDLOVE High-First Grade MISS MARY BROWN Second Grade MRS. MARY BURT Fourth Grade MRS. WILLIE LEE COFFMAN Third Grade MRS. RUBY IRIS CEARLEY Fourth Grade MRS. FRANCES CATON Pre-First 129MR. WALLACE GOODMAN Fifth Grade MRS. PAULINE HARDIN Music MRS. LENA HUGHES Third Grade MRS. MABEL McDOUGAL Pre-First MRS. AGNES SHEPARD Fifth Grade MRS. OPAL TUCKER Fifth Grade MRS. LORENE WALLIS Pre-First MRS. MARY YELL Second Grade 130GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY MRS. CLETUS CARTER Fourth Grade MRS. DOROTHEA CURRY Pre-first Grade MRS. DOROTHY FARLEY Second Grade MRS. RUTH CARTER Fourth Grade MRS. VIOLA DAVIS Second Grade MRS. JULIA FORD Fifth Grade MISS WINNIFRED CARTER Second Grade MRS. GLADYS FANCHER Exceptional Children MRS. BLANCHE FRANKLIN Third Grade 1315TH GRADE Mrs. Ford's Room Becky Arwood Burnace Boles Sandy Boyett Janet Brown Tommy Brown Diana Bump Stevie Dyer Dickey Eaves Earlene Farris Mary Gutierrez Johnny Harrell John Huff Brenda Jones Joyce McLish Sandy Moore Patricia Nave Larry Parker Douglas Rusk Judith Rutledge Darlene Spence Milton Summery Richard Wallace Allen Wilson Beverly Wylie Mr. Goodman's Room: Gary Brooks Benny Allgood Bob Calhoun James Dennis Don Diamond Judy Olegg Larry Goodman Dick Hammond Larry Hart Tina Kennedy Dena Key Kenneth Kuhn Will Montgomery Fred Morris Brenda Pritchard Janie Ragan Virginia Ragland Jobeth Reynolds Linda Schrader5TH GRADE Fred Waggoner Sherry Williams Yvonne Wright Judith Woolsey Mrs. Shepard's Room: Sharon Dodd Jeanette Evans Larry Gerber Phyllis Green Tommy Gruber Joyce Haase Rickey Hatley Bobby King Katherine Kirby Joseph Landers Richard Lannen Earl Lyons Charles Mann Jeff Morris Dorthea Morton Carole Sue Perkins Lee Salone Sandra Scott Gail Sharrer Bonnie Smith Roy Stulting James Turner Shirley Warren Dick Wheeler, Jr. Mrs. Tucker's Room: Terry Baker Glenda Brooks Pattie Carlson Nancy Colin Lawrence Dennis James Dodson Odene Eaves Eloise Ford Larry Franklin Eva Lou Grogan Leslie Hester Freda Moore Sponsored By: JARRETT'S MUSIC STORESTH GRADE Gary Moran Lucia Qsmondson Vicki Pender Joe Scott Lillian Sims Lois Spalding James Sweet Tommie Thornton Dale Turner Dennis Winters Dale Young 4TH GRADE Mrs. Burt's Room: Linda Anderson Patty Bailey Brenda Barber Cleo Boyett Shirley Clegg Lorreen Cole Danny Crow Ronnie Curry Mike Ditmore Annette Elkins Kathie Foss Charley Lisenbee Bobby Mathis Jean Newman Jennie Lee Noble Kenneth Parker Wayne Pierce Elaine Purcell Flora Mae Quick Margaret Ray Lonia Rusk Terry Don Scarborough Raymond Sharrer Dan Slate Betty Smith Terry Trainor Dwane Vowell Roland Wildman Terry Willard Joyce Wooley Sponsored By: PRESS' DRIVE-IN4TH GRADE Mis. Cletus Carter's: Gail Bagwell Donald Booth Judy Bowman Virginia Boyett Jan Bridges Tony Bryant Ann Carrell Jolene Chidister Glenda Daniels Judith DeGroot Clifton Foster Michael Fowler Lewis Gildon Kenneth Grogon Larry Hammond Duane Hopper Rebecca Hye Royce Jones Donnie Leach Lee Leonard Gailand Overton Shirley Reed Diane Robbins Jimmy Robinson Alfred Ruiz Joyce Salone Ruth Ann Scoggins James Smith Kinney Smith Janetta Turner Charles Wiley Barbara Wooley Mrs. Ruth Carter's: Wardell Allen Pam Armstrong Alexa Burt Suzanne Colborn Norreen Cole Karen Cumutt Roy Davis Judy Ford Kay Frederickson Frankie Gardner Sponsored By: WESTERN ART STUDIO4TH GRADE Allen Hahn Larry Harney Charles Heard Dwight Holder Margrete Hoogeboom Billy Jordan Otis Langley Lenora Luckie Mike Montgomery Jerry Nave Lynn Ray Carol Rowe Gaye Nell Smith Mrs. Ruth Carter’s Room: Steve Turnbow Sue Wallis Ya Vetta White Larry Willard Madge Wilson Jimmy Winters Slyvia Wischemier Bobby Wooley Janice Young Mrs. Cearley's Room: Leslie Bohannon Dean Boyd Pattie Clark Sol Erdwurm Howard Grogan Norman Harless Marilyn Hasty Coleen Hopper Betty Jordan Bill Keel Cardan Kelton Virginia Kirby Marilyn McCulloch Ronald Neal Teresa Northcott Linda Pearcy David Ridenour Eugene Roberts Judy Sessions Floyd Sims4TH GRADE Paul Sims Dale Smith Donna Snodgrass Larry Stevenson Jean Taylor, Jr. » i Teresa Tonge Rita Tucker Alice Wade Brenda Wilkerson Kathryn Womack 3RD GRADE Bob Allen Danny Berry Dianne Bland Tommy Bost Gregory Bradford Jerry Brow Rex Busby Teresa Cook Linda Chumley Melanie Eubank Vickie Hall Freddie Hammond Linda Jean Hester Eddie Hicks Donna Sue Howard Joe Lara Linda Majors Audrey McCaslin Tern Moore Judy tylyers Sherry Pritchard Doyle Rawlings Eddie Reynolds Mickey Seary Ronnie Shanks Dave Slate Lillie Belle Templeton Mary Linda Turner David Welch Diana Wheeler Sponsored By: SCOTT'S FOOD STORE3RD GRADE Jelfan Yell Mrs. Davis's Room Tommy Anderson Tony Anderson Yvonne Barclay Darrell Bethany Verna Coy Teresa Culpepper Judith Davis Jackie Duree Dickie Elliott Linda Essman Judy Fowler Kathy Haller Jean Hardy Dottie Hicks Mary Higgins Joseph Hogan Greg Howell Steve Jones Vernon Jones Janice Landis Larry Lannen David Lynn Deanna McNeme Ramon Mendoza Janice Miller Carolyn Morton Carolyn Sweet Gary Taylor Linda Thurman Terry Trout Marty Wallace Mike Wallace Larry Joe Wiedeman Jimmy Wiley Mrs. Franklin's Room Jonny Baker Tommy Barclay Jana Cathey James Collins Susan Edwards3RD GRADE Elsie Essman Sammy Farris Tanya Gray Linda Gregory Jimmie Hamil Garry Hammond John Higgins Sandra Jones Sharon Keeney W. G. Lentz Shirley Jean McKibben Sharon McLish Colleen Mahan Jimmie Martin Shirley Jean Martin Betty Ann May Buddy Moore David Noble Leslie Nunn Patsy Rayburn Sue Reynolds Paul Scott LaDonna Shannon Billy Trimble Leroy Warren Bobby Williams Gerry Williamson Miss Hughes' Room Louise Akin Linda Alexander Leon Carpenter J. W. Catron Clayton Chidester Linda Coulter Jimmy Dennis Jeannie De Spain Timothy Dickison Kenneth Fletcher Carolyn Foster Jimmy Grayson Carolyn Guinn 3RD GRADE Joe Guterrez Walter Hall Gerry Hahn Betty Hendrickson Johnny Lee Sharon Lund Marklin Malone Manuel Martinez Beth Moore Donald Ools Linda Peel Gwen Rasco Barbara Ray Margaret Robinson Larry Rowland Gary Stevenson Janie Sudbrock Joe Bob Summey 2ND GRADE Miss Brown's room Betty Bagwell Sue Brown Lynda Buckhanon Ronald Cook Sandra Culpepper Jimmy Davis Faye Ford Patricia Fletcher Rita Kay Gregory Jerry Haase Deena Jo Helms Jerry Don Hines Kay Ivy Deborah Johnson James Kelton Jackie Mae Locke Kenneth McKibben Phyllis McLish Kandis Meetze Mark Moody Ronnie Moore Judy NobleArvel Ools Betty Osmondson Carolyn Robbins Dale Rounsaville Shirley Singletary Guy Smith Tam Strickland Ricky Taylor Beth Waggoner jimmy Woodfin 2ND GRADE Miss W. Carter's Room: Sherrilyn Able Rodger Bulman Deanie Boaz Diana Condry Patricia Edwards Randy Evans Billy Estes Frances Gary Randy Gooch Patsy Gallant Beverly Harvey Gary Hughes Gayle Hester Judy La Salle Elizabeth Martin Richie Meek Janet Murrish Larry Malone Lynn Newman Billy Parker Barbara Perkins Diana Roach Judith Scott Ronnie Schroeder Tina Schrader Barry Standefer Walter Stricklin Larry Trainor Paula Trammell Cynthia Vaught Sponsored By: CARDINAL BARBER SHOPr 9 £ 9 ;C 1i mm :f ' A T fid: ’ •fr.S-dh j 2ND GRADE Pinkie Williams Gwydlon Williams Mrs. C. Yell's Room Retha Adams Rickey Barclay Brenda Brow Andra Culpepper Terry Cummings Stephen Curry Karen Evans Buddy Eaves Josie Gregory Anna Lee Hearrell Elaine Hester Larry Hutchins Jackie Loyd Belinda Merchant Glen McCall Jay Miller Roger Miller Linda Nave Leslie Oldham Carolyn Parsons Billy Bob Rawlings Gradean Roberts Martha Scoggins Nancy Shotton Stephen Simmons Susan Taylor Vickie Teer Hank Uitterdyk Bill Vermillion Hazel Williams Becky Winters Phil Young Mrs. Farley's Room Louie Barber Steve Beloat Ina Carol Berryman Donna Boyett Doyle Burwell Sally CoulterNorman Dobbs Claudette Gladden Earlene Hartshorn Danny Heard Faylene Hinson Johnny Kimbler Mike McCasland Terry Moore Clayton Roberts Judye Sharrer Linda Sudbrock Larry Throneberry Max Walenciak Billy Williams Judy Kay Wilson David Young PRE-FIRST Mrs. McDougal's Room Stevie Alexander Mike Anderson Carolyn Barber Kenneth Bost Dannie Boyett Barbara Busby Melba Devets David Durham Adell Gardner Troy Hahn Mary Hamil Billy Hendricks Raymond Holder Joy Faye Jones Howard McCall Rita Overton Diane Peterson Barbara Ann Quick Dennis Ridenour Wanda Singletary Lee Sudbrock Mrs. Bailey's Room Linda Adams Steven Adams Alan BumpHenry Carter Joe Chumley Carolyn Coy Paul Daniels Glenn De Grott Cesario Fierro Harold Graves Teddy Harrell Carolyn Jo Highnight Kathy Jones Benny Landes Gloria Artiz Johnny Parker Rex Skelton Tony Spence FIRST GRADS Mrs. Breedlove's Room: Irby Acosta Pamela Adams Alvina Anguiano Glenn Bilbrey Larry Haase Betty Hamil Eddie Joe Harper Mary Ann Hoogeboom Jerry La Salle Robert McSpadden Brenda Ools Gary Owings Linda Ragland Pat Ramsey Janie Sessions Keith Sharrer Alex Trimble Mike Williams Wesley Able Mrs. Akin’s Room: Wendell Carter Jimmy Dyer Linn Fristoe Edna Grogan David Gulley Mike HatleyDavid Hicks Jimmy Hogue Alice Jones Peggy Landrum Linda Langley Wayne Lents Joan MacAhan Pat McCasland Martha Oldham Mary Quick Ricky Ray Barbara Robinson Jenny Sanders Marian Scoggins Vickie Jay Seeley James Sharbutt Leroy Sims Annie Templeton Floretta Turner Walter Warren Cliff Yell Mrs. Bartholomew's: Ronnie Sue Baker Martha Baron Loyd Black Sue Burns Mareca Cabbiness Donald Lee Carrell Stevie Joe Cartlidge Janice Carmack Karen Clark Ronny Collom Alan Dunivan Joyce Eaves Sualo Huerta Dwain Hughes Greg Hamlett Michael Jones Stephen Lynch Michael Lynn Jack MartinGlenda Kay McNeme Charles Miller Joyce Miller Pat Moran Vivan Osborn Jeannette Pierce Shirley Squalls Jackie Lee Wooten Mary Ann Wotring Mrs. Caton's Room Tony Acosta Bobby Akin Donna Bagwell Barbara Brown Elaine Calvert Johnny Cottrell Andy Gruis Joyce Hamil Kenny Harris Bobby Lee Henderson Sheryl Kennedy Patsy Landrum Weldon Langley Jimmy Leach Alfred Lee Connie Mann Mike McLean Sue Morton Meda Quick Stanley Reed Carol Sikes Martha Sims Eddie Spence Darlene Sudbrock Billy Turner Bill Twilley Pat McCalls Glenda Williams Homer Winkley Mrs. Curry’s Room Jimmy Ray Akin Danny Joe Ammons Sponsored By: JACK and JILL SHOPPRE-FIRST Danny Bryant Cathie Burwell Pamela Duham Jimmy Lee Ellis Jimmy Essman Doreetha Gardner George Goins Melton Lee Guinn Helen Haase Kathy Ann Hair Betty Hamilton Darlene Hardy Diane Miller Donald Noble Billie Joe Noland Jackie Nunn Chucky Roberts Larry Rogers Tommy Rusk Jim Sanders Sandy Sims Marsha Thuman Malta Vowell Ray Jerry Welch La Donna Whaley Gary Wright Mrs. Wallis Room Jackye Alexander Gary Anderson Norman Bentle Vickie Beloat Alice Bridges Gary Wayne Bettis Brenda Finlay Kathy Hartley Rose Mary Hearrell Tommy Johnson Gary Lynn Lyons Mary Jane Maxell Buckie Murrish Nolan Lee McCall too MATPRE-FIRST Barbara Nell McSmith Dianne Newman Sheila Ools Alfreda Oritz Deborah Parker Doreen Peel Edward Pense Sharon Roberts Linda Scott Stevie Sewell Kent Stevenson Charlie Turner Sherry Wade Debbie Wheeler Mrs. Fancher's Special Class: Janice Boland Bobby Carter Bonnie Firrro Clyde Gardner Max Shannon Gary Sikes Annie Laura Sparkman Nancy Vickers Gene Wilding A to »• V tAVlOt MAIM T OH CM PU« M»Vi COMTAtrt DAI LA} tIXAS 148FIFTH GRADE BAND Spore CKRDWIMUSICAL ACTIVITIESHIGH SCHOOL CUSTODIANS NURSE JUNIOR HIGH CUSTODIANS

Suggestions in the Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM) collection:

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