Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM)

 - Class of 1954

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Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1954 volume:

 754 (? zn U uz£ EUNICE HIGH SCHOCfo. Eunice, New MexicoWe dedicate this annual to the memory of out president-elect, Ronnie Ponder. Despite the fact he was taken away from our group, he has been a constant inspiration to our class. His devotion to his duties as a class officer, his loyalty to classmates, to his school, and to his church will always linger in our memories. MR. VILAS TUCKER Administrative Assistant MR. C. H. CONWAY Superintendent Hats off again to the annual staff, to their sponsor. Miss Aline Smith, to Mr. Caton, and to the many students who have worked together in the preparation of this, the 1954 Cardinal Yearbook. This book is a striking example of the accomplishment that results when many people work cooperatively and enthusiastically together. The spirit of cooperation you have manifested makes good yearbooks, good schools, and communities. I wish to express sincere thanks to you and to all who have helped in any way to make life in the Eunice Schools pleasant and worthwhile. Sincerely, CHC:s Superintendent of SchoolsMR. JULIAN W. CATON High School Principal MISS MATTIE JORDAN Elementary School PrincipalFACULTYMR. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW MR. J. I). BROWN MRS. LILA T. BROWN Band Shop EnglishMRS. LOIS DAUGHERTY Junior High Reading MR. OTIS B. MALLORY MR. MITCHELL MALOUF MR. CHARLES PURSLEY Social Science SocUl Science and Math Spanish and English IIMRS. LLOYD WELLS Rhys. Ed. and Social Studies MRS. ROSALIE AKIN Pre-First Grade MRS. STELLA BAILEY First GradeMRS. RUTH CARTER Fourth Grade MRS. J. W. CATON Pre-First Grade MISS WINNIFRED CARTER Pre-First Grade MRS. O. M. CEARLEY Fourth Grade MRS. WILLIE COFFMAN Third Grade MRS. VIOLA DAVIS Third GradeMR. WALLACE GOODMAN MRS. LENIOR HARBOUR MRS. L. B. HARDEN F if til Grade Pre-Fiist Grade Mu«tc MRS. MABEL McDOUGAL Second Grade MR. JACK SCHWEGMAN Fourth Grade MRS. REVA SCHWEGMAN Second Grade Sponsored by VAN NOY’S SERVICE STATION Oil CenterMRS. DOROTHEA E. COLIN School Nurse MRS. C. P. STEWART Secretary MRS. JULIA VOSS Secretary MISS DOROTHY BALL Secretary Sponsored by GOOD EATS BAKERY GOLDEN CRUST BREADScAwxl S x4,rcC D. W. KEY DON GORDON5EH DBSSettavi Office SANDRA MALOCH, Vice President; LARRY MCSPADDEN, Treasurer PEGGY VINES, Secretary Seti i MR. MALOUF, MRS. WELLS. MR. BROWN Sponsored by FAUGH H. BOWDEN INSURANCENANCY BEARDEN Dramatics Club 4 Student Council 4 Junior Play 3 Band 1. 2,3,4 Chorus 3 Annual Staff 4 Favorite 2 TOMMY COULTER Student Council President 4 Football 1, 2, 3. 4 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2 Tennis 1 All-State Football 4 Junior Play Dramatics Club Princess Escort 1.3. 4 Chorus 1 Sponsored by: ED. W. CANNEDY PATSY COULTER Student Council 2, 3. 4. Secretary 4 Football Queen 4 Football Attendant 3 Junior Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Dramatics Club Chorus 3 Librarian 2BETTY CARPENTER Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Chorus Operetta 1,2,4 Spanish Club 1.2 Junior Play 3 All State Chotus 1,2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 MURRELL DANIEL Student Council 3,4 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 1 Tennis 3 Science Club 4 Dramatics Club 3.4 Junior Play 3 Favorite 4 JOHNNY ERNST Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 2 PATSY DANIEL Class Officer 2 All State Band 1,2,3 Spanish Club 3 Dramatics Club 1 Junior Play 3 Band Drum Major 4 Band Librarian GREGG Spanish Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 Junior Play 3 Chorus 1. 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Librarian 4 i JIMMY GARDNER Football 3, 4 Basketball 1 2 Tennis 1, 2 Dramatics Club 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 EDWIN JOHNSTON Football 1. 2 Basketball 1, 2 Track 1, 2. 3 Spanish Club 2. 3 Favorite 1 FRANCES JOHNSTON Class Officer 2 Student Council 1 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Chorus 1, 2 Cheerleader 1, 2 Sponsored by GRIFFITH'S INC. HOBBSMARILYN HOLDER BABS JORDAN Spanish Club 1,2,3 Chorus 2 MAX IRWIN Class Officer 3 Student Council 3,4 All State Band 3 Basketball 1 Tennis 2 Track 2,3,4 Junior Play Band 1.2. 3,4 Science Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 ROWLAND KEMP Class President 3 Class Treasurer 2 Football 2, 3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 All-State Football Honorable Mention Junior Play Queen's Escort 4 Track 3NANCY KENDRICK All State Band 3 Band 1.2, 3, 4 Chorus 3 Queen Attendant 1 Dramatics Club 4 LARRY McSPADDEN Treasurer 4 Student Council 1,3 Football 1,4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Track 3 Science Club 4 Dramatics Club 3.4 DON1E MALES Student Council 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Dramatics Club 4 Junior Play 3 Chorus 2,3 Favorite 4 Librarian 2 SANDRA MALOCH Girls' State 3 Librarian 3,4 All State Chorus 1 Junior Play 3 Chorus 1,2,3 Queen Attendant 2 Vice President 4 Student Council 2.3 Spanish Club 4Dramatics Club 4 Chorus 1,2,3 Librarian 1,2,3,4 FT A 4 CHARLES PASCHAL Football 1.2 Basketball 1,2 Band Annual Staff 4 Junior Play Dramatics Club 1 Spanish Club 3.4 Tennis 3 Operetta 1,2,4 Librarian 1 CLETA PRICE Salutatorian Spanish 3,4 Secretary 4 Dramatics Club 1,4 Cheerleader 1 Annual Staff 4BILLIE RAGAN Tennis 3 Dramatics 4 Chorus 1,2,4 Transferred from Bangs, Texas Volleyball 2 FHA 1,2,3 Librarian 2 Library Club 2,3 Annual Staff 3 BILL WELLS Student Council 4 Football 2 Basketball 2 Track 2. 3 Favorite 2 All State Track 3 Science Club 4 Junior Play 3 MARY NELL SMITH Class Officer 2, 3 Student Council 1,4 Chorus 1 Halloween Queen 4 Cheerleader 2,3,4 Girls’ State 3 Annual Staff 4 Sponsored by VOGUE FASHION SHOPJIMMY SNELL Class Officer 2 Student Council Treasurer 4 All-State Band 1, 2,3 Football 1 Basketball 1, 2. 3,4 Spanish Club 2. 3 Junior Play 3 Band 1. 2,3.4 PEGGY VINES Class Officer 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Dramatics Club 4 Junior Play 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Queen Attendant 3, 4 Sponsored by: EUNICE FLOWER SHOP ECONOMY SHOE STORE, HobbsCHARLES WOOLDRIDGE Dramatics Club 3,4 Junior Favorite MARY GAIL WILDMAN All-State Band 1.2. 3,4 Tennis 1,2 Spanish Club 1,2 Science Club 4 Junior Play Band 1.2,3.4 California Western Conference Band 3 Annual Staff 4 Treasurer of Science Club 4 CARMEN YOUNG All State Band 3 Band 1,2, 3 Dramatics Club 4 Chorus 1 Favorite 3 Annual Staff 4 FHA, Dumas. Texas 2 JACK ROBERTS Football 1, 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 Sponsored by EUNICE LOCKER PLANTCJfVr eN' UJhe, I hew LOe re Kids vaj nav I new "Bill71 1 Spowsored Va TtdvAJeXV. MoVo ” Co , HobbiSente (9 O ccenA ALEATHA BROWN ELOISE SMITH- -BETTY HERRICKS-DON STEADHAM- - - President - - Treasurer - — Secretary Vice President Se U t MR. DAVIS, MISS ROSE, MR. BYOUS Sponsored by: EUNICE CHAMBER OF COMMERCEANN DON DORIS JIMMY JOAN BETHENE BRIGHT CARTLIDGE COFFMAN DICKISON DODSON DUNNAM ROSE BOBBY JIMMY BOB JEAN TOMMY GREENLEAF GARDNER HUTTON HAMMITT HANKINS HISER HERRICKS HONN IDLEMAN KELLEY McCASLIN McMILLANPATSY SALLIE BILLY BURN ILEA GARY MARSHALL MARSH MITTAG PLUMLEE ROBERTS MARVIN MARVIN DON ELOISE MARY RAINBOLT ROWE STEADHAM SMITH SCOGGINS JED JOHNNY BOBBY DELMER JACKIE SELLARS SCOGGINS TAYLOR TIPPS WHEELER ELAINE MORGONSOPHOmORES Left to Right: Richard Irwin. President; Claire Conway, Secretary; Lou Neil Gladden. Treasurer; James Kennedy. Vice President. Sofi£o H ie SfrotuKvui MR. SHOTTON, MRS. SNELL, MR. PURSLEY Sponsored by: CAWARD'S Hobbs✓ Iris Ann Peggy Renee Richard Cherrie Glenn Akin Alford Arrant Brown Boaz Barber Buddy Verne Buddy Royce Burnett Campbell Carpenter Carmack Yvonne Don Cobb Chaney Claire Ernest Ronald Donald Billie Glen Conway Colin Darnell Drake Dunnam Darnell Imogene Harry Lou Neil Roy Leonard Charlotta taker Gruber Gladden Greenleaf Hopper Hendrickson Maudie Jerry Billy Alvey Richard James Hall Heliums Hanks Hogan Irwin KennedyI Martha Iva Barbara Lillie Lou Clista Linda Knott Lord Langley Landrum Lowry Lowry Donald Vera McCarrell McCullough Dale Marshall Carolyn Meeks Betty Curtis Murphy Newcum Ronnie Patterson Don Larry Rudean Charles Jo Reese Robertson Sharp Smith Scott Leon Irvin Jane Bobby Sims Smith Stanley Tucker Loren Marshallene Tate Turner Barbara Turman Otto Terrell Harry W erner Ray Wallach 1 Wanda Billy Waggoner PrewittLeft to right: Delores Langley. Secretary; Edgar Allen Patterson, Vice President; Kay Hardison, Treasurer; Mickey Lee, President. MRS. BROWN. MR. RICHARD BROWN MR. PHIL STRINGER Sponsored by HOBBS PIPE and SUPPLY CO.,'HobbsT , jim $ a jilt, f i 0 0’nr mav» | 1 twi hO »0 J n £ c 0 HU i v W ' ' IK » Sponsored by EUNICE PIG STAND David Anderson Virginia Armstrong Jim Bob Akin Patsy Bullock Shirley Bradley Jimmy Brown Glenda Blackmon Clayton Bond Dickie Bohannon Darrell Bearden Tommy Bright Paul Baker Don Barnes Mable Clayton Mason Costin David Crutcher Edward Clement Edna Clement Dorothy Chaney Jimmy Caton Howard Chandler Verne Campbell Larry Drew Mayo John Durney Annette Davis Don Fourqueran Jerry Gillian Jimmy Grogan Donald Gordon Florence Green Jim Bob Henderckson Jo Anne Hayes Juanelle Hinman Luke Hoogeboom Ralph Harry man Patricia Hall Mary Hammitt Gerald Hummell Bobby Hamlett Thelma Hair Kay Hardison Patricia Hodge Bobby Harvey Wayne Hoover Hubert Idleman Jo Ann Ivy Annette Jetton Glenda KendrickSharon Kemp Jimmy Lott Mickey Lee Donald Locke Willa Faye Lynn Delores Langley Billy McCarrell Veronica Moran Jimmy Moore Shirley Morrow Barbara Nelms Roy Nolen Clay Osborn Ronald Payne Edgar Patterson Lynda Price Richard Quick Glen Reynolds James Robbins James Smith Patsy Steadham G. A. Stamper Jessie Stringer Paula Sorrells Dallon Sanders Katherine Striegl Charles Scott Troy Tankersley Johnny Turknett Mary Leveta Thrash Eddy Vaught Ted Walden Louise Walden Wilbur Witherspoon Doris Williams Shirley WheelertyuuCe G cccx Presidents— - — ------------ - - — Lawrence Alford, Dorothy Eubanks, Wanda Farris Vice Presidents- --------------------- Donald Smith, Loretta Sharp, Ronald Villines Secretaries- - - ------------------- — Gloria Wallach. Wanda Hogan, Evelyn Henry Treasurers------------------------ — ....----------------Kay Malone, Kenny Parrish Reporters- --- -------------------------Betty Coulter, Rayburn Cobb, Barbara Robbins tylCUte X6 Mr. Mallory, Mrs. Conway. Mr. CearleyRuby Akin Lawrence Alford Bruce Arrant Nancy Baker Patsy Brown Lois Bryant Pat Burnett Linda Carmack Ray born Cobb Bonnie Colin Betty Coulter Dorothy Daniel Jerry Denton Nell Dodd Sandra Duffy Jerry Dunnam Willie Eaves Sharon Echols Carolle Edwards Marie Edwards Carolyn Erast Dorothy Eubanks Leo Evans Wanda Fanis Sandra Guest Duane Golden Lowery Hall Ronald Harden Bruce Hardison Evelyn Henry Wanda Hogan Paula Holder Carolyn Honn Jackie Honn Ronald Hoover Joan Jordan Sponsored by JENNY LIND DRIVE INPhyllis Journagan Vicki Keith Mary Jo Lane Mary Ann Leonard Rowena Locke Billy Lord Kay Malone G a vane Massey Eugene Martin Loretta Mills W. L. Murphy Tommy O'Quinn - r Kenny Parish Jerry Paden Billy Rea Anna Mae Reynolds Barbara Robbins Bobby Roberts Correne Robinson Loyette Stamper Mary Frances Self Gail Scoggins Loretta Sharp Norma Sims Donald Ray Smith Jack Smith Jerry Smith Ranee Smith Sue Soil ting Sharon Taylor John Raye Terry Ronald Villines Gloria Wallach Harriet Werner Ronnie Westbrook Ramon Young rs ; , y r A iVl - ■) t K ■r m fdi i' ■ n ' o AJi. 4 ■ 1 Vitti | ■ ft Myrna Teer r% Don Tucker Y 1 Sponsored by: VELMA PETROLEUM, HobbsSeventh tytcute Lonnie Hamlett, President, Group III; Dickie Gruber, President, Group I; Tommy Pippen, Vice President, Group I; Gene Mullins, President. Group 0; Gary McCarrell, Secretary-Treasurer, Group III; Ronnie Dean. Vice President, Group III; Janice Sharp, Vice President, Group II; Reporter, Connie Dial, Group I; Wanda Nelms, Secretary-Treasurer, Group I; Willa Jean Turner, Secretary-Treasurer, Group n. Seventh tyiade MRS, DAUGHTERY. Group I; MRS. SCARBOROUGH, Group II; MR. COOK, Group III. Sponsored by; HOBBS FLOOR COVERING CO.ft ft ft i ' f ' I Sponsored by: WM. CAMERON CO. Judy Bailey Andrew Bayes Glen Bethany Wanda Bishop Delores Boaz Beth Bohannon George Bissey Phyllis Bradley Freddie Brooks Pat Chandler Larry Chapman Annie Louise Cobb Dwight Cobb Janice Cravens Gwen Culpepper Ronnie Dean Lana De Lancey Doris Dodson Linda Elliott Andy Frost Jeana Fultz Donna Gabbard Kay Gartman Shirley Grogan Dicky Gruber Lonnie Hamlett Billy Haney R. L. Hardy Betty Harvey Ronald Hasty Jerry Herricks Wybe Hoogeboom Billy Holder Gerald Hollis Jim Hopper Ronnie Hudson Larry Hummel Ann Hutton Adela Lara Barbara Little Mary Lowe Burl Dean Magee Oralee McCann Gary McCarrell Ruth McKenzie Gene Mullins Byron Myers Wanda NelmsWendell Norris Johnny Northcott Billy Osborn David Osmondson Vanda Joy Owens Norma Parra more John Parrish Don Pebsworth Janyce Piggott Tommy Pippen Patsy Plumlee Jerry Prewitt Georgia Quick Virginia Randall Jimmie Reynolds Don Roberts Glenda Rowe Elkin Rutledge Joan Ryan Gary Sanders Sharon Scott Mary Seay Patsy Selby Janice Sharp Sandra Shields Betty Simpson Ella Ann Smith Lanenon Stephens Boyd Stewart Dorothy Tankersley Richard Thomas Ronnie Throneberry Ann Toombs Patricia Trail Willa Geane Turner Ernest Waggoner Harriet Weber James Whitehead Jimmie Wilkinson Phynus W itherspoon James Woodward Jerry Wright Sandra Duffy Sponsored by: THE EUNICE STARStxt tyt ctc Mr. Spears Dale Akin Kay Baker Buel Brown Reba Sue Bryant Jerry Calhoon Bobby Caton Norman Cole Clint Cook Marie Cox Charles Davis Janette Dunham Junior Frost Clarence Golden Linda Harless Patsy Hassler Vera Hobson Jane Idleman Bob Ivy Gene Jordan Terry Martin Glenda Rainbolt Joyce Lee Romines Eddie Taylor Dale Ray Trimble Brenda Turner John Walker John Bob White Tommy Witt Sponsored by: D. M. REPAIRSixt i tyuzde Mrs. Laznik Elvin Barber Earl Cobb Melvin Cole David Dearman Jerry Dodd Bennie Ellison Ronald Gordon Earnest Hampton Ethel Henry Lillie Hodge Sharon Key Wayne McGar Twila Miller Lynda Ragan Patsy Reese Terry Rexroad Janice Schwegman Peggy Scoggins Elizabeth Shanklin Kenney Smith Winford Sweet Billy Turner Tommy Ward Billy Welch V irginia Wheeler Linda Whitly Don Williamson Ida Wood Sponsored by ANTHONY'S STORE, HobbsSixt Mrs. Hassler Jerry Anderson Pat Armstrong Juanita Bulraan Cloys Chaney Neldon Costin Bobby Farr Gary Ferguson Emma Grogan Harold Groomer Louise Hankins Brenda Hollis Sonja Honn Travis Hopper Jim Morgan Sue Payne Terry Scott Hal Smith Caroline Steadham John Stewart Bobby Tate Josephine Tenison Patsy Terrell Emery Throneberry Dean Tucker Paul Walenciak Terry West Florene Williams Nita Witherspoon Sponsored by: SCOTT’S LUMBER Mrs. Tucker Jim Akin Sharon Bums Gerald Carter Ronny Chapman Barbara Coffey Sammie Drew Michael Duffy Antonia Fierro Elvira Grado Mickey Guest Ernest Hamil Lanelle Hatley Johnny Hye Lynn Kemp Garry Kendrick Jerry Margaret Meeks Jean McSpadden Virginia Nelms Jimmie Owens Charles Patterson Mike Pearce Kay Dean Plumlee Sellene Ray Patsy Reynolds Jessie Lou Smith Darrell Stevens Pat Stephenson Benny Whitehead Bobby Woods Sponsored by GIVEN BROTHERS SHOE STORE Hobbs{fKide Mrs. Shepherd Virginia Anderson John Arewood Jack Bissey Johnny Borgia Georgia Carter Carolyn Cole Wayne Farris Daniel Garrison Edward Goode Wayne Gordon Vernon Green Joe Paul Gregg Patsy Hagood Shirley Hamlett Donna Hampton Donald Hardison John Harryman Linda Hopper Barbara Hoover Freddy Jordan Gary Keel Jean Mayfield Patricia Murphy Carol Pendleton Patricia Reed Dale Ridgeway David Sellers Beverly Smith Galen Taylor PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE William Teague Catharine Thomas Esther Thompson Cheryl West Sponsored by: JARRATT’S MUSIC CO.. HobbsMrs. Ford Teddy Baker Delorse Barber Patricia Bohannon Freddie Buck Lorraine Byous Tom Cherryhomes Jretta Coleman Bonnie Dean Sibyl Dodson George Forqrean Joyce Gariepy Sharon Gartman Merrylen Gillian Sammy Hall Larry Hamlett Charlotte Keeling J. L. Keeney Jerry Kendrick Leon Kirby Ronald Latimer Stanley Mayo Sherry McLean Johnnie Miles Jerry Don Mills Gloria Parramore Robert Pebsworth J. C. Ragan Bonnie Rea Kay Robinson Sponsored by: FURR'S FOOD STOREMr. Goodman John Able B1U Bailey Nevell Bishop Judith Baker Bob Blair Rena Jo Campbell Rebecca Chism Jerry Clark Rusty Clayton Victor Cooper Kenneth Edwards John Ellis Gunderson Francene Hines Sandra Howell Robert Hudson Darlene Kennedy Dickie Lynn Sandra Malone Carroll Martin Tommy McGlocklin David Parsons Darlene Perry Earl Quick Ellen Ryberg Rita Gay Sanders Coleen Shatter Sponsored by: DAIRY QUEEN0?ount6 tyuute Mi. 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Gabbard Mike Gladden Johnnie Grogan Sharon Hammitt Clifford Harden Lloyd Hasty Nancy Honn Lorene Jones Linda Locke Hopi Lara Harold Mathis William McCombs Jimmy Parrish Norman Reed Othel Sorrels Jackie Trail James Walker Carol Sue Weber Loretta Whitehead Sponsored by: KEY'S AUTO PARTS rs ft ft ft i i I )K No AM' : ft X s v ft r "1 ft v? i ) 'm ft ' — ft - ' 7 ft ft .•i 4 4. Jk ft i Rita Tucker Gary Ward Ronnie Willingham . 06 V . 1 ft % ft |ft k. i1 - J 1 4 ft y J?zk ■ X J ft ft, ' Ah ft •" - 4 ft o ft -c » r ft ft t " l r A A ? Ci ft ; n ft ft ft o Sponsored by: O'QUINN DRUG tyuuie Miss Hughes Sharon Able Tommy Adams Larry Anderson Charles Buchanan Wesley Bulman Janet Byous Royce Chaney Reida Dodson Billy Eubank Quita Gabbard Glenda Goode Elmo Gregory Gay Hampton Joe Gary Mitchell Thomas Pearce Sidney Simpson Earl Smith Ovie Smith George Stringer Barbara Terrell Mrs. Davis Peggy Bishop Kirby Blevins Dwayne Carmack Craig Coulter Robert Craddock Hallie Davis George Ford Jerry Gariepy Raymond Gartman Dickie Gorden Phyllis Green Ronnie Green Jessie Hobson Tommy Hoover Gary Latimer Norvell Moss Jimmie McVay Jobeth Reynolds Ross Robinson. Jr. Ellis Shanklin Sue Simpson Francis Strange Paul Swartz Joyce Wallace Joy Welch Sandra WitherspoonMrs. Franklin Donnie Adkins H. B. Bishop Riley Blevins Donna Faye Bryant Danny Carver Judy Davis Stephen Duffy Earlene Farris Elva Fierro Bobby Gruis Doyne Hester Royce Hines Morris Hopper Charlie Lewis Johnny McAfee Karen Maloch Alvin Parks Bobby Patterson Harlen Robinson Vicki Simmons Betty Sims Tawana Ward Mrs. Coffman Murphy Able Linda A Ivey James Barclay Kay Carpenter Joe Roy Clark Sherry Curry Odene Eaves Allen Farr Brenda Gore Ray Hale Ronnie Wayne Hammond Joe Hardy Ronald Holder Tony Howell Pam Kendall Edwin Kennedy Dean Mitchell Gregory Rampley Terry Ann Selman Gary Sikes Susan Stewart Dale Turner Joan Voute Darlene Welch Jimmy Witherspoon Harold Wooley Woody Young 2 n. - » • - v jk m £ •mi A a r% r. s A r • Tf 4 r « 1 J » mmI o rx ■ . a A A to •' -rr ' —y ft r -flgP % ft ft 0 n j V ft «• V • Vii ■ Judith Woolsey Beverly Wylie Dale Young Juanice Young Sponsored by: JOE'S SHOE SERVICE Seco tcC Mrs. Schwegman Chucky Bonds Sandy Boyett Jan Bridges Gary Lynn Brooks Diana Bump Nancy Colin Julia Craddock Dickey Eaves Kay Frederickson Larry Goodman Judy Gregg Alice Hankins Larry Wray Hart Gary Hines Tina Kennedy Earl Wayne Lyons Larry Mills Pamela Moore Larry Parker Carole Sue Perkins Brendji Pritchard Eddie Reynolds Ruth Ann Scoggins Judy Sorrels Eugene Stamper Roy Stulting Milton Summey Marty Swearingen Allen Wilson Mrs. McDougal Pamela Armstrong Leslie Bohannon Roger Burnett Patti Carlson Dick Cayce Ann Cox Roy Davis Elouise Ford Eugene Gordon Gail Hale Dickie Hammond Barbara Hodge Wayne James Edna Fay Johnson Kathy Kirby Billy Dale Kitchen Gary McDaniel William Montgomery Vicki Pender LaDonna Rinehart Robbie Gayle Talley Marshall Thompson Freddie Waggoner Carolyn Wilkerson Jimmy WintersSecond tyi de Mrs. Farley Larry A Ivey Becky Ann Arwood Terry Baker Tommy Lee Brown Tony Bryant Kellie Lou Burnett Sharon Dodd Eva Lou Grogan Tommy Dean Gruber Joyce Haase Leslie Hester Terry Wayne Hibbitts Ranae Howell Sybil Jean Jetton Betty Jane Jordan Billy Gene Jordan Carolyn McFarland Gary Lee Moran Patricia Beth Nave Lucia Osmondson Janie Ragan Terry Don Scarborough Terry Scon Beny Lee Smith Jean Smith Joe Allen Sorrels James Sweet Dennis Winters Joe Harold Wood Miss Brown Bobby Calhoon Don Diamond James Dodson Larry Franklin Jack Frost Patricia Grogan Marvalin Hancock Johnny Harrell Ricky Hatley Harley Huggins Treva Mae Jones Hoyt Jordan Dena Key Bobby King Kenneth Kuhn Sandy Moore Joyce McUsh Carol Nix Anena Roberts Sue Rowe Judith Rutledge Linda Schrader Sandra Scon Marsha Smith Donna Snodgrass Barbara Trail James Turner Richard Wallace Sherry Williams James Wright o V- 4% li 2 n j f) ' { 7 onf i i ':a n 0 t IM 0 r . v . .riSrit I n in - tf'% 1 i o n t JJ m ■ "T V 1 1 0 V ’ V ' 0 0 A O t jui on ■;.s . ,J| fin Sponsored by: HINMAN'S TEXACO STATION'prut tyiacte Mis. Bailey Wardell Allen Nelda Alvey Cleo Boyett Loi' Burgland Lorreen Cole Norreen Cole Bobby Dean Harold Flippin Kenneth Grogan Jimmie Hamil Jimmy Hawkins Mary Hirrill Royce Jones Kay Parks Earl Peeples Flora Mae Quick Lynn Ray Mickey Seay Jerry ShaDklin Raymond Sharrer Lish Wilkerson Larry Willard Terry Willard Madge Wilson Mrs. Harbour Glenda Sue Adams Bobby Anderson Gail Bagwell Glen Cheesman Wynona Cook Joyce Daniels Sally Echols Gerry Hahn Marilyn Hasty Sherry Holley Linda Hutcheson Charley Lisinbee Charles Morgan Ronnie Neal Jennie Lee Noble Leslie Ray Nunn Ikie O'Neal Kenneth Parker Danny Richardson Arnetta Sellers Floyd Lee Sims Gay Nell Smith Richard Wlaker Vivian Gene Wilkerson Joyce Marie Wooley Sponsored by: THOMPSON HARDWARE FURNITURE CO. 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Akin Frances Adams Patty Bailey Louie Barber Virginia Boyett Mike Burnett Alexa Lynn Burt Ronnie Curry Mike Ditmore David Doyal Terry Dyer Annette Elkins Kathie Foss Howard Grogan David Groves Charles Heard Rebecca Hye Virginia Kirby Lenora Luckie Carla LuKe Bobby Mathis Jerry Nave Linda Pearcy Frankie Pickerell Billy Trimble Albert Welch Danny Wilson Barbara Wooley Brenda Wilkerson Sandra Wngnt Miss Carter Janice Anderson Yvonne Barclay Patricia Campbell Linda Coulter Danny Crow Jeri Earl Michael Fowler Junior Fox James Gwinn Sharon Hoover Janice House W. C. Lentz Gailand Overton Ronnie Purtell John Roberts Cathrin Shanklin Linda Sharp Linda Stephens Larry Stevenson Teresa Sue Tonge Terry TrainorSection- 'ytyup l 'p 7ccuh MR. COOK - MR. MALOUF LEA COUNTY SAND AND GRAVEL EuniceJED SELLERS DELMAR TIPPS ALBERT WOODELL E. M. ROWLAND TRUCKING CO. Eunice McCASLIN JIMMY HUTTON RAY WALLACHBILLY HANKS DON REESE 4 RONALD DARNELL BILLY CHARLES SMITH PHILLIP WONDER MURRELL DANIEL WELLY DON FARRIS Manager Manager J. W. SMITH PLUMBING AND HEATING Eunice IRWIN SMITHQueen Pat is Crowned Queen Pat and her escorts Queen Pat receives her bouquet tZueeK cuui 4tteKc0zHt4 Billie Dunham, Sophomore Attendant, Eloise Smith, Junior Attendant, Patsy Coulter, Queen, Peggy Vines, Senior Attendant, Kay Hardison, Freshman Attendant. Sponsored By: ' EUNICE FURNITURE "S" 7e fluttuvi “pootfail Sponsored by TERRELL MOTOR CO."s4 ” 7ea K z4 et zlC COACH PHIL STRINGER "A" Team Coach COACH ERNIE SHOTTON "B" Team Coach Sponsored by ALEXANDER FOOD STOREGARY ROBERTS ALBERT WOODELL BOBBY GARDNER LEON SIMS ROWLAND KEMP Sponsored by DENNIS HARDWARE RONALD DARNELL LARRY McSPADDEN TOMMY COULTER TOMMY HISER JIMMY SNELL Sponsored by: WATSON'S TRUCK and SUPPLY Hobbs, New Mexico lutu i ‘ttyOpA, a 6etfcilt s4 ccuk (IcitU i Scutetfadl '" ft 7e z K Sponsored by: BROWN’S MEN’S STORE Hobbs, New MexicoSenior eHKi fJciKuvi 7e uU @lu Sponsored by- BARNES ELECTRIC HobbsSenior pootfaUt SOUTHERN UNION GAS COMPANY 7ea K ‘Sa 6et6 zlC 6ee le4utc't 7m k Sa 6etfcUC (ZAevUetutex fJcaU i ‘S t46edkUl (26ee%tecuCe 4 Sponsored by CARDINAL DRIVE-INDirected by: ORIN L. BARTHOLOMEW Sponsored By: EUNICE CLEANERS M00I eycKHevd z tci Directed by O. L. BARTHOLOMEW ftuKtO'l ut Directed by O. U BARTHOLOMEW Sponsored by: EUNICE NEWS STAND Bgmaray Sponsored by: PAY DAY STORESpecial l oice Student  4C£- State “SantC a cct @tuyiu4 BAND CHORUS Patsy Daniel Betty Carpenter Mary Gail Wildman Rose Greenleaf Max Irwin Patsy Marshall Jimmy Snell Ann White Doris Cohnftfl f Eloise Smith Tommy Hiser Ann Bright Claire Conway Anjie White Iris Ann Akin Carolyn Elliott Jo Scott Don Chaney Linda Lowe John McCaslin Loren Tate Richard Irwin Leonard Hopper Dale Marshall Sharon Kemp Don Steadham Barbara Nelms Buddy Carpenter Dalian Sanders Johnny Scoggins Delmar Tipps Sponsored by: ALDRIDGE MOTOR CO. Hobbs, New MexicoSchool Operetta Directed by Mr. L. B. Harden cihcC cfaaxccitui LINDA LOWE PATSY DANIEL Sponsored by: JIM BOB AKIN EUNCE BEAUTY SHOP 4kHUOI Seated left to right: Flo Ann Noss, Art Editor; ]anice Gregg, Copy Editor. Standing: Cleta Price, Assistant Art Editor; Mary Nell Smith. Girls' Sports Editor; Don Smith, Boys’ Sports Editor; Patsy Coulter, Snapshot Editor. Sponsored by: EUNICE JEWELRY Seated left to right: Nancy Bearden, Assistant Editor;Carmen Young. Assistant Business Manager; Max Irwin, Business Manager; Mary GailWildman. Editor. Standing: Miss Smith, Sponsor; Mr. Caton, Sponsor.Student @6uhcU O ice ie. Left to right: Patty Coulter, Secretary; Gary Roberta, Vice-Presideut; Tommy Coulter, President; Jimmy Snell, Treasurer; Mr. Caton Sponsor Sponsored by SCOTT'S FOODS Student (Council Senior 'pavaritea DONIE MALES and MURRELL DANIEL Sponsored By: LEA COUNTY BANKPcut Car pauarCtea BETTY HERRICKS and WILLIE DON FARRISSafiAaMare 'pdowiitcd CLAIRE CONWAY and RONALD DARNELL Sponsored By: EUNICE GULF SERVICE'pxedhfuZK 0?cuwute4 JUANELLE HINMAN and TOMMY BRIGHT Sponsored By: JACK'S WELDING WORKSSckuxx TOM NANCY BEARDEN wills her ability to get along with her teachers to Darrell Bearden. BETTY CARPENTER wills her ability to hook her man to Betty McMillan. PATSY COULTER wills her ability to fall off the throne to next year's football queen. TOMMY COULTER wills his ability to make all-state football to Albert Woodell. MURRELL DANIEL wills his flaming red hair to Tommy Bright. JOHNNY ERNST wills his ability to graduate at mid-term to anyone who is getting tired of school. PATSY EVANS wills her drum major position to Iris Ann Akin. JIMMY GARDNER wills his ability to sleep in study hall to Ronald Darnell. JANICE GREGG wills her ability in typing to Bobby Gardner. MAX IRWIN wills his ability to get along with lower classmen to Jimmy Caton. FRANCES and EDWIN JOHNSTON will their ability to get married to Dale Marshall and Maudie Hall. BABS JORDAN wills her ability to get along with Mrs. Brown to Marvin Rowe. ROWLAND KEMP wills his personality to Don Drake. NANCY KENDRICK wills her seat in band to Bobby Tucker. DONIE MALES wills her ability to graduate to Charlie Bettis. SANDRA MALOCH wills her "light and bright" hair to Anjie White. JO MILLER wills her loud mouth to Ann White. LARRY McSPADDEN wills his height to Donald Chaney. FLO ANN NOSS wills her shy ways to Donnie Mc-Carrell. CHARLES PASCHAL wills his chair in band to Jim Bob Hendrickson. CLETA PRICE leaves her ability to study to any of next year’s Seniors who need it. TOMMY RIDEOUT wills his ability to look like a movie star to Harry Gruber. BILLIE RAGAN wills her shorthand book to Marlene Blackmon. JACKIE ROBERTS wills his black curly hair to Richard Irwin. DON SMITH wills his ability to sell ads to next year’s annual staff. MARY NELL SMITH wills her fed hair to Ann Bright and her height to Doris Coffman. JIMMY SNELL wills his ability to play die bass drum to Ronnie Patterson. LINN IE TAYLOR wills her long hair to Mickey Lee. PEGGY VINES wills her height to Marie Edwards. BILL WELLS wills his dancing ability to Patsy Steadham. WALLACE CHASTAIN wills his ability to ride horses to Loren Tate. MARY GILL WILDMAN wills her ability to be annual editor to Doris Coffman. CHARLES WOOLDRIDGE wills his job at Eunice Gulf Service Station to Billy Hanks. CARMEN YOUNG wills her ability to eat a lot and not get fat to Lou Neil Gladden. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 WILLS: All the good times, heartaches of their Senior year and dreams of the future to the present Junior Class. MOTTO: Not Finished, Just Begun FLOWERS: Red Row COLORS Navy and White SONG: ”1 Believe” Sponsored by RODMAN SUPPLY CO,K j House for Sale--Haunted Directed by Mr. L. B. Harden - .. i Old Marthy Gilpepper................................... ANN Miss Oletha Lenhart- - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ALEATHA BROWN Edwina Page- - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ELOISE SMITH Gracie Greenwood- - - Tug Ralston--------- Liz Yokum- ------- - Ezekial Euripedes Jones Zara- --------- Hi Lowe- ------- Snorky Snodgrass- — - Serpentina- — ------ Jo-Jo............... Lem Looney- -----Butch Kilagrew- - - - . PATSY MARSHALL - - - BOB HAMM1TT ANN BRIGHT - - TOMMY HISER - - ANN EUBANKS - BOBBY GARDNER - - BILLY MITTAG ANJIE LOU WHITE JOHNNY SCOGGINS ALBERT WOODELL • - JIMMY HUTTONSponsored By: PENDER'S DEPARTMENT STORE ffciKtto 6 (Za et ua, St M £t6%ei'U€lK4 Science"PHONE CALL FROM A STRANGER" Starring the Seniors Scene: Public Phone Booth Time: Sometime in the Afternoon, 1964 Mr. Brown: Operator! Operator! Oh, you were there all the time. Well, could you give me the phone number of Mrs. Lloyd Wells? You see, I've been out of town quite a few years now, and I'd like to to talk to her and find out how our Senior Class of '54 made out. Operator: Why, Mr. Brown! Of course I will! Gee! Are you the Brown that won $30, 000 on the radio program "People Are Funny, " well, of course you are! I'll ring her for you myself. (Telephone rings in die Well's mansion.) Mrs. Wells; Hello. Mr. Brown; Why Mrs. Wells! Your voice hasn't changed a bit. This is Dudley Brown. I was just passing through Eunice so I stopped to call you to find out what happened to those hairbrain Seniors of '54. Mrs. Wells: I'm so glad you did. It's really good to hear from you. You know since I was forced to retire from teaching here because Bill has become so famous in his rodeo activities, it's a full time job to take care of his fan mail. I guess you've heard that Wallace and he are appearing in Madison Square Garden next week. Mr. Brown: What about that shop class of mine? How did Jimmy Gardner turn out? I always thought he had quite a future. Mrs. Wells: Well, Gardner was so good in your shop class that they just made him teacher. You remember Murrell Daniel, of course. He was so good in the Senior Play that they wouldn't let him get a haircut, just took him right on to Broadway. Mr. Brown: Say, did you see Betty Carpenter Walden on TV the other night? She appeared in the Metropolitan Opera and on her concert tour she was accompanied by the world famous pianist, Janice Gregg. Mrs. Wells: Speaking of TV did you see Louie's Lucious Lovelies (all girl band) directed by Max Irwin and starring the vocalist Mary Nell Smith? Mr. Brown: Did you read in the newspaper where Billie Ragan successfully swam the English Channel? Cleta Price is now redecorating the Stork Club. Tommy Coulter is head Coach of the All-South Football team this year. His assistant coach is Larry McSpadden. Mrs. Wells: I was really proud of Linnie's winning Mrs. America contest in 1960. Hope her children follow in her footsteps. Flo Ann Noss is art editor for Life Magazine. Sandra Maloch is in Paris this week at the annual convention of Laboratory Technicians. Mr. Brown: Just saw Jackie Roberts win’ the World's Lightweight Championship. It just goes to show what a good manager Tommy Rideout turned out to be. Charles Paschal and his wife have settled down on an alligator farm in Key West. Mrs. Wells: Mary Gail Wildman is writing a sequel to "Mother Goose. " I was ever so surprised to learn that Frances and Ed are running the Eunice Tidy Didy Service. Donie Males and Pat Evans are really giving them lots of business. Babs Jordan is still keeping house for Paul. Mr. Brown: Rowland Kemp was so good in Miss Smith's Bookkeeping Class that for the past ten years he has been keeping books for the Last National Ban in Eunice. Jimmy Snell is teaching Band at Hobbs. Mrs. Wells: Carmen Young is a famous Undertaker. They tell me she really has to dig for every penny. Charles Wooldridge is now President of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty :o Rodents. I just finished reading Peggy Vines' popular novel. HOW TO WIN BOYFRIENDS AND INFLUENCE HUSBANDS. Nancy Kendrick has been said to have become another Florence Nightingale. Mr. Brown: We left John Ernst aj the beach when we went on our Senior trip. I guess he's still collecting sea shells. I saw Don Smith as I went through Wichita Falls. He's in charge of the strait jackets there. Mrs. Wells: Patsy Coulter has become quite a well-known lawyer in this part of the country. Her last case was for the Bigdone Oil Company of which Nancy Bearden is head secretary. Marilyn Holder took Mr. Burt's place as Sanitation Teacher. Mr. Brown: Well, it seems that the Senior Class turned out swell. Did you know that sweet little Jo Miller is now known as the Female Liberace of TV? And our co-sponsor, Mr. Malouf, has gone back to his cotton-picking country and is picking cotton there? Mrs. Wells: Well, Dudley, be sure and see me next time you are in town. Mr. Brown: You can bet on that. I've enjoyed talking to you again. Bye for now. Sponsored by BAILEY'S MEN'S STORE Hobbs ate tytade Scfool 'Pcctu e PR£-FIRST and FIRST GRADE Jimmy Brown Ina Buntin Sammy Joe Farris James Goll Margrete Hoogeboom Bill Keel Wanda Keith “J Jerry Peel Margaret Ray Raul Scott Geneta Sorrells Dolores Ward Shirley Williams SECOND GRADE Glenda Brooks Nita Carlile Clyde Cogburn Roe Minge Donald Peel Donald Rexroad Beverly Rider Joe Scon Shirley Sorrells Frankie Trail THIRD GRADE Carolyn Brigman Jimmy Carter Houston Cogburn Lawrence Dennis Nancy McLain Sandra Rosson George Scott Wayne Spence Jeanne Smith Patricia Smith Geraldine Thomas Jill Turner Roy Wilkerson FOURTH GRADE Judith Ann Cooper Jack Selby Gene Spence D. L. Walker FIFTH GRADE Glenn Murray Augustine Thomas Jackie Turner SIXTH GRADE Paul Brooks Thomas Caddel Leon Cogburn Kenneth Farr Eugene Strange Sponsored by ft ft t a f A ft W ; — • yn rs T £ £9 § 0 A 3 Q 14 fa Q rv U £| ■ [ A r i r - a A1 EUNICE NEWS STANDA LITHOGRAPHED J YCAORAniC YEARBOOK DALLAS . TEXAS - Ks'j • - v •.;S 7 . rr % -o 

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