Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM)

 - Class of 1950

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Eunice High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Eunice, NM) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1950 volume:

DEDICATION With sincere appreciation to our friends who have transported us some 80,000 miles a year for the past fourteen years without a major accident, and to help show our gratitude to them for the many trips they have made just for our pleasure, we, the Cardinal Staff, representing the Eunice Public Schools students, wish to dedicate our 1950 yearbook.CARDINAL STAFF 1st Row: Mary Pope --- - Assistant Copy Editor Martha Caudle -- --------...----.... Art Editor Stewart Holmes - -- -- -- -- -- - Assistant Editor Pat Robertson - -- -- -- -- - -Girls’ Sports Editor Robert Gregg - -- -- -- -- -- Boys’ Sports Editor Jean Pevehouse - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Editor 2nd Row: Tom Burt-------- Roe Hurt - - - - -Miss Smith Mr. Caton ----- Jane Rowland - ■ Louise Whitaker Pat Gladden - - ■ - - - Snapshot Editor Assistant Art Editor ......... Sponsor ........ -Sponsor ...... Copy Editor - -Business Manager • - - Snapshot EditorLOCAL SCHOOL BOARD F. F. HARDISON President J. W. CATON Junior and Senior High School Principal METTIE JORDON Elementary School PrincipalIt is a pleasure to work in a school and community when parents, teachers, school board, and administrators are working happily together to provide the best in education for girls and boys who recognize the opportunities offered and who make a sustained effort to profit thereby. This condition obtains to a favorable degree with a vast majority of those connected with the Eunice Schools. This is why I enjoy working here. CHC:jlSTUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Bobby Wallach SECRETARY Joan Sanders VICE-PRESIDENT Robert Hinman TREASURER Pat Robertson STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Sponsored by LONE STAR WELDERSMISS MARY COLWELL Speech L. B. HARDEN High School Music MRS. DALE CONVERSE Math O. M. CEARLEY Athletic Coach and Biology MRS. C. H. CONWAY History MRS. IVA SCARBOROUGH English MISS ALINE SMITH Commercial Work L. W. BYOUS Science MRS. LENORE SNELL Home Economics ORIN L. BARTHOLOMEW Instrumental Music MISS ELIZABETH MILLER Librarian MRS. LOIS DAUGHERTY Heading LEO SHIPLEY Athletic Coach and Math EUGENE HOWARD Spanish and Social Studies MRS. LILA T. BROWN EnglishMRS. V. P. HASSLER MRS. O. M. CEARLEY MISS GRACE RAY f Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Fourth GradeMRS. GWEN HALLOWAY Fourth Grade MRS. O. L. DAVIS Second Grade MRS. JO LANDUSKY Secretary JAMES H. DEARHOLT Sixth Grade MRS. ALOIS LAZNIK Sixth Grade MRS. AGNES SHEPHERD Fifth Grade MRS. STELLA BAILEY First GradeMRS. BOBBIE ALLEN School Nurse MRS. O. L. BARTHOLOMEW First GradeRICHARD DEMPSEY Vice-President CLAYTON WOOTEN Sponsored by GRIFFITH'S INC. Hobbs, N DONALD GLADDEN - President JANE ROWLAND Secretary LaVINA GREENLEAF CHARLIE TIERCE Treasurer DOYLE GIBSONSTEWART HOLMES, JR. Freshman Play Sophomore Play ROE HURT Ass't Editor Annua] Staff Junior Play Annual Staff 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Annua) Staff 4 Junior Scholarship Chorus 1,2,3,4 Volleyball 2,3 Basketball I Spanish Club 3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Publicity Club 1,2,3 Cardinal Chatter Staff 1,2,3 JEAN WALKER Spanish Club 4 Chorus 3,4 Junior Play Basketball 3,4 CECIL SINCLAIR Tennis 1,2,3,4 JANE ROWLAND Volleyball 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Secretary Class 4 Annual Staff 4 Cardinal Chatter Staff 3 Football Queen 4 Band 1,2 Sponsored by BOB DANIELS SONS, INC. Hobbs, New MexicoROBERT GREGG Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Track 1,2,3 Baseball 4 Chorus 1,3,4 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 Junior Play J EAN PEVEHOUSE Chorus 1,2,3,4 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2 Cheer Leader 4 Secretary 2 Annual Staff Editor 4 Cardinal Chatter Staff 3 Band 1,2,3 Junior Play CHARLIE TIERCE Football 3,4 Track 3,4 Baseball 4 Class Treasurer 4 Class Favorite 4 PAT GLADDEN Chorus 1,2,3 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 Student Council 4 F.H.A. Club 1,2 Cheer Leader 4 Treasurer 1 Class Secretary 3 Annual Staff 4 Junior Favorite Publicity Club 1,2,3 BENNIE JOE BAGGETT Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3 BILL WEAVER Football 2,3,4 Sponsored by WATSON’S TRUCKING SUPPLY Hobbs, New MexicoMINNIE EAVES Volleyball 3,4 Tennis 1,2 Class Favorite 4 Publicity Club 1,2 Librarian 1,4 F.H.A. Club 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3 Basketball 4 DEAN YEAGER Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Baseball 3 Student Council 4 DOROTHY NOLAN Basketball 2,3,4 Volleyball 1,2 Volleyball Manager 4 Band 1,2,3 Chorus 3,4 DALTON TANKERSLEY Football 2,3,4 Chorus 4 Basketball Mgr. 4 Tennis 1,2 Sponsored by DAVIS OFFICE SUPPLY MARY POPE Volleyball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 4 Chorus 1,2,3 F.H.A. Club 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Tennis 1,2 Librarian 2 Publicity Club 1,2 Junior Play RICHARD DEMPSEY Football 3,4 Basketball 1 Vice-President 4 Band 4 Annual Staff 4THOMAS A. BURT, JR. Chorus 1,2,3,4 Cheer Leader 3 Tennis 4 Publicity 2,3 Annual Staff 4 Cardinal Chatter 2,3 CLAUDINE COFFEY Volleyball 4 Chorus 4 Annua] 4 MARION CARLTON Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 junior Play 3 Sponsored by EUNICE FURNITURE Eunice, New Mexico JOAN SANDERS Favorite 1 Treasurer 2 Publicity 2,3 Student Council 3,4 Junior Play Chorus 1,4 Volleyball 1,4 DONALD GLADDEN Football 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3,4 President 1,3,4LOUISE WHITAKER BOBBY WALLACH Football 1,2,3,4 Publicity Club 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Class President 2 Student Council 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 Publicity Club 1,2,3 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 F.H.A. Club 1,2 Elasketball 3,4 Cheer Leader 2,3,4 LaROY KNOTT Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 SAMUEL KAKER Basketball 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Class Favorite 3 Sponsored by J. C. CLOWER Eunice, New Mexico PAT ROBERTSON Volleyball Class Favorite 2 Junior Play Annual Staff 4 Student Council 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Publicity Club 3 F.H.A. Princess 1 KENYON HICKS Basketball 1,2,3,4,5 Football 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4,5 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Publicity Club 2ALMEDA PASCHAL ROBERT NEWBERRY” Basketball Baseball Publicity Club 2 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Volleyball 1,3 Tennis 2 Home Ec Club 1 LEONARD BOYD Basketball 2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Publicity 2 PAUL GREGORY Basketball 1,2,3,4 Tennis 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Baseball 4 Cardinal Chatter 1 MAXINE VINES Chorus 1,2,3,4 Volleyball 1,2 Class Reporter 2 Journalism Club 2,3 F.H.A. Club 1,2 Junior Play Pep Squad 1,2,3LACY SCOGGINS, President BILLY WOOTEN, Vice-President JANICE ALEXANDER, Secretary DONA KEELING, Treasurer f« MRS. BROWN MR. DAVISBILLY WOOTEN DONNA HAMRICK TERRY CHERRYHOMES WAYNE STEPHENS BARBARA TAYLOR ROBERT JOHSTON JIMMY McILROY JANICE ALEXANDER HARRELL WRIGHT GLENN ELLIOTT DONA KEELING E. A. WOODELL LARRY AMYX CHRISTINE COBB TOMMY CALHOUN Sponsored by CHRISTENSON STEAM SERVICE Steamer Tank Truck Service Phone 3671EARL MONTGMERY JERRY BURNETT ROYCE SMITH PAT ALDERSON DOUGLAS EUBANKS PAT WILKINS DELOYED CAMBELL BONNIE SUE MAYBERRY BOB BALIFF MARY LOU MAYBERRY GEORGE YOUNG NADENE HURD INEZ JOURNAGAN KENNETH WALDEN HELEN SUE WYCHE Sponsored by TERRELL MOTOR COMPANY Eunice, New MexicoMARTHA RANDOLPH CHARLIE LYNN JOE SANDERSON DARRELL HALL EARLENE SHELTON TOMMY POPE PERRY HORNE LOUELLA GARRETT DALE TEER JACK JOHNSTON IMOGENE FLEMMING DAVID MORRISON JACK RANDOLPH DELORES GARRISON DANIEL JOHNSTON Sponsored by LEA COUNTY BANK Eunice, New Mexico JANICE ALEXANDER Drum Major of the Eunice High School BandSofiAomate @C i44 Vice-President............... Julia Nichols President....................Mike Daugherty Treasurer.......................Ruby Eaves Secretary.......................Bobbie Cryer Poke Bowden Bobbie Cryer Ida Kathine Thomas Ruth Nolan Roberta Shaffer Linda Johnson Bob Dale Sponsored by OLIVER WILDMAN Eunice, New MexicoRuby Eaves Lloyd Wright Latricia Daysinger Marianne Bramlett Don Walker Iva Jean Barber Leroy Hendricks Jane Lee Donald Cooper Dale Eubanks Betty Holmes Joyce Walden Tom Risinger Lou Bertrand Jerry Brown Franklin Sims Patsy Walker Julia Nichols Flora Price Gary Noss Mike Daugherty Delene Falkner Jimmy Lee Alice Smith Nolene Kendricks Vila Jean Tucker Winona Hodel Donald Clement Geraldine Earhart Frances McAfee Sponsored by EUNICE GAS COMPANY Eunice, New MexicoCARDINAL TRACK TEAM 1949 Won Lea County Championship in both Junior and Senior division. The Juniors were undefeated in 1949. Front Row - Left to Right: Dale, Cherryhomes, Tierce, Gregg, Smith, Wooten, Coach Charley. Second Row - Left to Right: Cooper, Hunter, Scoggins, Knott, Baliff, Mcllroy, and Baggett. Sponsored by MEADS FINE REST FURNITURE Eunice, New Mexico'pret untut Barbara McSpadden Clara Smith Wilbert a Van Nay Gloria Hall Le Roy Hinman Helen StringerLillian Dulaney Bennie Daniels Betty Dempsey Charles Hendricks Tootsie Bowden Sue Price Bobby Hunter Billie Gladden Edwin Johnston Hattie Coffey Betty Carlton Mickey Sanderson Zoe Hurt James Hardison Bessie Wyche Norma Alexander Norvin Price Jean McAfee Bill Stephens Reba Hunter Betty McCarroll Lawrence Kennedy Terry Richards Rufus Walker, Jr. Bonnie Hester Josephine Gillian Tommy Boaz Ronald Clement Kerry Daugherty Murldeen Boyd Sponsored by SCOTT'S GRO. AND MARKETEIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Treasurer - Nancy Jane Bearden President - Sandra Maloch Vice-President - Jane Mitchell Secretary - Elizabeth Hamrick MRS. SNELL MRS. CONVERSE MR. SHIPLEY Sponsored by JOE'S SHOE BOOT SHOP Eunice, New MexicoPatsy Weaver Wilma Cox Billy Scandefer Jackie McCabe Shirley Culver Jerry Dale Joan Miller Ann Bertrand Betty Carpenter Patsy Coulter Mary Asbury Juan el Moore Jimmy Gardner Ida Jean Raap Lucille Lowery Sue Kuykendal Donna Morrison Larry McSpadden Mary Smith Patsy Daniels Mahon a McDougal Sandra Maloch Tommy Coulter Joyce Barnes Janice Gregg Don Smith Roy Wayne Hamlett Nancy Kendricks Charles Stalcup Charles Henderson Nancy Jane Bearden Sponsored by YORK’S SERVICE STATION Eunice, New MexicoPeggy Vines Richard Morrow Wylla Sensabaugh Ronald Flowers Barbara Bond Mary Gail Wildman Auburn Ballard Hazel Henderson Harold Flowers Joy San Lynn Marilyn Walker Jackie Roberts Jane Mitchell Murrell Daniels Glenda Surratt Flo Ann Noss Roland Kemp Patsy Cheairs Charles Paschal Shirley Rowland Linnie Sue Taylor Jimmy Snell Cleta Price Max Irwin Wilma Falkner Minnie Johnston Bobby Hicks Frances Coffey Theron Walker Elizabeth Hamrick Sponsored by E. M. ROWLAND TRUCKING Eunice, New .MexicoSEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Lynn McDonald ------ President Ann Eubanks ------- -Secretary and Treasurer Albert Woodell - - -Vice-President Ann Bright - -- -- -- -- Treasurer Jimmy Dickinson.........President Jo Ann Mills ------- -Secretary Nettie Garrett ------- President Bethene Dun man - -Vice-President Mary Scoggins ------ - Secretary Luppe Salazar ------ -Treasurer Raymond Sanders Clifford Moseley Lewanna Hamlete Don Adams Ann Eubanks Doris Coffman Mack Johnston Gary Roberts Don Jackson Corinne Garrett Don Steadham Glenda McGeath Lola Jean Hancock Tommy HiserT. J. Ballard Lena Mae Hogue Billie Smith Jack Patton Mary Scoggins Jack McKinnis Rose Greenleaf Larry Shivers Vella Stephens John Hester Bob Hammett Latrell Elrod Carl Elrod Lupe Salazer Patty Smith Bumilea Plumlee Rodger Adams Nettie Jean Garrett Harry Robertson Joycelene Oliver Dick Kendrick Bethene Dunnam Patsy Marshall Johnny Thomas Janice Stacey Eloise Smith Mike Duke Carolyn Pace Wayne Nicholas Sherry Bankhead Sponsored by W. M. CAMERONAnn Bright Dan Carter Jo Ann Mills Jean Stevens Angie Lou White Carolyn Elliott Helen Ildeman Truman Hamlett La Von Woolsey Marilyn Holder Jerry Morris Glenda McGeath Carl Morrow Constance Burnett James Barber Norma Sue Cobb Albert Woodell Roberta Bailey Winfred Baggett Ruth Evans Sponsored by TIVOLI BEAUTY SHOP Eunice, New MexicoSIXTH GRADE Mr. Dearholt Lora Ann Teer Loren Tate Roy Greenleaf Dorthy Nelson Ronald Darnell Leonard Hopper Shirley Morrow Roy Whittington Iva Lord James Moles Freddie Mitchell Mary Hardison Curtis Newcum Tommie McAnally Bobby Tucker Jo Pope Janice Hinson Royce Bankhead Billy Lou Dunnam Leon Sims Cherrie Ann Boaz Dale Marshall Wayne Bryant Clista Lowry Edward Newton Charisie Bearden Claire Conway Richard Brown Shirley Wright SIXTH GRADE Mr. Spears Ray Wallach James Kennedy Larry Robertson Elaine Galle Donald Register Frances Sinclair Glen Barber Donald McCarrell Verne Cambell Patsy Buck Sue Cheairs Sponsored by CAWARD’S Hobbs, New MexicoEleanor Wright Carolyn Bohannon Jack Morris A1 Don Edwards Rose Mary Mitchell Billy Hanks Ronnie Patterson Barbara Langley Walter Cobb Billy Smith Willa Faye Lynn Richard Irwin Barbara Ferguson Jack Wilks Glenabel Ferguson SIXTH GRADE Mrs. Laznik Robert Rozell Wanda Waggoner Royce Carmack Yvonne Cobb Billy Prewett Mike McClannahan Linda Lowe Bill Caudle Jo Scott Charles Hankins Renee Arrant Irvin Smith Morene Bertrand Otto Terrell Aileen Carmack Jackie Carsrud Lou Neil Gladden Donal Chaney Martha Ann Knott Eddie Vaught Iris Ann Akin Warren Asbury Billie Barnes Sponsored by THOMPSON HARDWARE FURNITURE Hobbs, New MexicoDon Reese FIFTH GRADE Mrs. Hassler I.amayne Males Marcille Cunningham Ray Ash Dolores Langley Clay Osborn Paula Sue Sorrels James Smith Patsy Brown Jerry Gillian Linda Price Tommy Bright Thelma Hair Ted Walden Patricia Flowers Harry Werner Velma Phillips Billy Kirkendall Aubrey Pike Dickie Bohannon Jo Ann Ivy Ralph Harriman Patricia Hodges Donald Fourqurean Dalian Sanders Jim Bob Akin Elizabeth Pearson Jimmy Caton Patricia Carsrudy Jack Kirkendall Sponsored by STONEBAKER INSURANCE Hobbs, New MexicoWarren Chester Charles McAdams Edward Clement Donald Gordon Milton Lindsey, Jr. FIFTH GRADE Jimmy King William Eaves Mary Hammitt Joe Earl Stephens Glenda Kendrick Jimmy Lott Janice Woolsey Doyle Perkins Mickey Lee Johnny Turknett Louise Walden Darrell Bearden Larry Drew Kay Hardison Howard Chandler Marilyn McGeath Elton Bearden Ginger Hardy Paul Baker Jessie Mae Stringer David Anderson Norma Dollar Hubert Idleman Harvey Reed Charles Hartgraves Barbara Mayberry Ronald Payne Juanelle Hinman Mason Costin Mrs. Shepherd Billy Dunn Carol Ann Surratt Billy Orum Barbara Parry Anthony Whitfield Sponsored by GRAY MOTORS-LINCOLN MERCURY Hobbs, New MexicoRichard Dickerson Connie Dunn Richard. Quick Consuela Salazar Kenneth Horne Doyle Chonnell Billy Lynn Shirley Rosell Dorothy Cheney J immy Smith Barbara Nelms James Robbins Troy Snyder Bobby Hamlett Glenda Blackburn Don Barnes Edna Clement Richard Snyder Wilbur Wilks Patsy Steadham Donald Locke Richard Wilks Dearll West Max Whittington Doris Williams Kaye Koepp Jim Bob Hendrickson Dwain Nelson Sharon Kemp Bobby Harvey FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Holloway Billy Bob Kenn Sue Martin Bobby Haynes Thelma McCeath Harlon Murrell Leonard Cooper Nancy Baker Ronnie Westbrook W. I. Murphy Marie Edwards Bill Rea Sponsored by WHITEAD GRO. and MARKET Oil Center, New MexicoLarry Barzune La Dell Geiger Jackie Fletcher Gloria Wallach Gary Fdmiston Phyllis Journagan Billy Osborn Walter Mosley Frankie Morris Ranee Smith Lynda Walker Vancel Skidmore Ronald Villines Tommy O’Quinn Dorothy Daniels Jerry Dunnam Mrs. Cearley Judy Dickerson Tommy Hix Gavane Massey Norma Sims Don Ash Wilson Cox Shirley Lewallen Bruce Hardison Betty Jean Couter Paula Holder Glenn Channell Sharon Echols Betty Cearley James Hopper Kay Malone Peggy Thomas Frankie Dunn Mary Jackson Leo Evans Dean Wilson Frances Fitzhugh Michael Cockrell Spon sored by BUCK LUMBER COMPANY Eunice, New MexicoFOURTH GRADE Miss Ray James Roberts Myma Capps Jerry Denton Gail Scoggins Ronnie Hoover Linda Carmack Ross Huckaby Carrolle Edwards Billy Don Hall Glenda Chastney Ronald Harden Harriet Werner Dwight Cobb Dorothy Eubanks Roy Cobb Barbara Robbins Bruce Arrant Nell Dodd Lowery Dean Hall Vicki Keith Scotty Wright Doris Wilson Dwight Cobb Jane Williams Duane Golden Bobby Murphy Billy Lord Donald Smith Bobby Roberts Jerry Smith THIRD GRADE Miss Britton Pat Chandler Rozell Bates John Mayberry Beth Bohanon Elvin Barber Sponsored by CROW GROCERY and MARKET Oil Center, New MexicoReta Roberts Jerry Bailey Donna Beekman John McGuire Sharon Scott Byron Myers Jolien Pape Phynus Witherspoon Janet Littrell Billy Dubose Carolyn Hoke Johnny McCallum Patsy Plumlee Lonnie Hamlett Patricia Phillips Donny Roberts Vanda Owens Tommy Witt Vera Omdorff Junior Rose Joyce Romines Dorothy Sutton Georgeen Wilson Janis Littrell THIRD GRADE Mrs. Coffman Delores Boaz Jerry Prewitt Linda Crowell Andy Frost Wanda Bishop k A Freddie Brooks Janyce Piggott Burl Magee Gay Huckaby Billy Haney Georgia Quick Junior Hardy Linda Elliott Frankie Bailey Betty Mae Harvey Joe Hicks Thelma Christens Sponsored by BOWDEN INSURANCE SERVICE Eunice, New MexicoMike Williams Wills Turner Ernest Waggoner Veronica Templeton Travis Hopper Carolyn Greenfield Wanda Nelms Paul Hardy Jeanna Fultz Gary Sanders Mary Lowe Virginia Randall Mary Woodall Joyce Reed Patsy Selby Andrew Bayes THIRD GRADE Miss Hughes Don Brown Sandra Stacey Dickey Couch Glenda Stowe Allen Perry Lanenon Stephens Adela Lara David Osmondson Edna Seay Kenneth Elrod Enedina Salazar Louise Perry Boyd Stewart Laneita Perkins Billy Holder James Harper Betty Sue King Jerry Wright James Flowers Dorothy Tankersley Gltnn Bethany Terry Martin Tommy Pippin Sponsored by PENDER’S DRY GOODS Eunice, New MexicoMISS BELLAH’S SECOND GRADE Miss Bellah Patsy Hassler Jerry Anderson Peggy Scoggins Ronald Gorden Mary Samaniego Freddie Davis Sue Payne Charles Nelson Linda Harless Teddy Baker Jane Idleman Eldon Kennedy Twila Miller Bobby Wood Carol Sue Crowell Earl Quick Melvin Cole Johnny White Phil Koepp Cloys Chaney Gary Hicks Vickie Woolsey Donny Owings Gary Campbell Jerry Calhoon Sponsored by LILLIE’S STYLE SHOP Eunice, New MexicoHarold Rozell Claude Sims Manual Salazar Barbara Barnes Doyle Brinkley Oralee McCann MRS. DAVIS' SECOND GRADE Mrs. Davis Buel Brown Carla Gladson Bobby Ivy Nelda Walker Junior Frost Mike Steadman Kenneth Farr Louise Hankins Robert Tate Davis Walters Odessa Drenman Johnetta Calhoun John Walker Glenda Holloway Lynda Ragan Kenny Smith Emma Grogan Sharon Key Lynn Dell Callison Larry Hamlett Linda Kennington Billie Stewart Lillie Hodge Gwendolyn Turner Patricia Murphy Sharon Lewallan MRS. CATON'S PR E-FIRST Mrs. Caton J. L. Keeney Linda Hopper David Parsons Linda Kennedy Jimmy Dulaney Sponsored by LEA COUNTY BANK Eunice, New MexicoSammy McCall um Amy Pike Raymond Willingham La Vetra Smith James Capps Patty McGeath Judy Baker Sue Ann Sensabaugh Beverly Smith Carlotte Buttrell Bonnie Rea Charles Young MISS BROWN’S SECOND GRADE Gary Ferguson Mary Cooper Stanley Mayo Merry Gillian Earl Cobb Nancy Wright Reba Bryant Mike Hartgraves Caroline Steadham John Stewart Eugenia Cavin Dale Akin Sponsored by CURRY AUTO SERVICE Eunice, New MexicoForrest Smith Janice Schwegman James Morgan Milton Hampton Monty Stanford Neldon Costin Paul Walenciak Clarence Golden Eddie Taylor Bobby Caton Joe Whitfield Danny Couch Dian Bulman Patsy Reese Dixie WebbMRS. HARBOUR’S PRE-FIRST Billy Edmiston John Gunderson Bobby Worley Russell McDonald Danny Garrison Wallace Christenson Charles Allen Hodge Judith Ann Crowell Donna Sue Males Donna Jean Elliot Sharon Lee Jay Aubrey Drennan Sharon Kay Perkins Jimmy Trail Jean Overby Darlene Kennedy Joy Jane Chaney Jimmy Ray Foreman Bobbie Ray Woodword Billy Joe Dunn Johnny Oldham Cherry Stalcup Tandy Gonce Glenda Ann Martin George Allen Peters D. L. Walker Sammi Drew James Quick Rebecca Chism Melba Huddleston Sponsored by OIL CENTER CAFE Oil Center, New MexicoMRS. AKIN’S PRE-FIRST Mrs. Akin Jerry Robertson Jessie Smith Dickie Lynn Virginia Nelms George Forqurear Irene Stach John Harry man Jerry Clark Carolyn Lance Don Plattsman Barbara Coffey Lanelle Hatley John Arwood Paulette Fulks Darrell Stephens Carolyn Lynn Joe Paul Gregg Sandra Grissom Nickie Russell Faye Bulman Raymond Adams Johnnie Nichols Wayne Gordon Emma Devers Charley Gladson Larry Bailey Danny Brown Jerry Thomas Clifford Harden Jimmy Sims Leon KirbyRandy Simmons Judy Dodd Donald Ray Campbell Sandra Sue Howell Donald Mills Jack Bissey Carole Cass Jay Stewart Judy Wallace Royce Taylor Rebecca Dickerson Tom Cherryhomes Delores Barker Ronnie Fuchs Sandra Rozell Dale Ridgeway Shirley Kay Hamlett Dean Mathis Tommy Mounce Jimmie Witherspoon Jimmie Parker Kenneth Icenhower Douglas Brinkley Mickey Pope Donald Stewart Sponsored by CONOCO SERVICE STATIONMRS. McDOUGAL SECOND GRADE Mrs. McDougal Nits Witherspoon Jerry Dickerson Patricia Terrell Bobby Fair Linda Gayle Williamson Nevell Bishop Jerry Dodd Darlene Hampton Homer Mills Janette Dunnam Clint Cook Charles Patterson Terry Scott Carolyn Johnston Harold Smith Ivy McGeath Norman Cole Jimmy Casto Sondra Blalock Max Campbell Bitsy Bob Blair Jimmy Ray Soloman Jretta Coleman Novellia Wilson Sponsored by COLBERTSMRS. BAILEY’S FIRST GRADE Freddie Buck Kenneth Edwards Gloria Watkins Glenn Kemp Betty Wasson David Ford Brenda Galbreath Linda Galbreath Arvin Rozell Jimmy Owens Linda Malone Efran Samaneigo Dennis Woolsey Mary Crawford David Skidmoore Sherry McLean Wayman Green Lynn Kemp Garry Kendricks Jerry Kendricks Linda Hawkins Bobbie Drennan Bobby Holladay Donald Beekman Wayne Pape Donald Hardison Doris Grogan Deloris Grogan Ronald St. Aubyn Carroll MartinCLASS FAVORITESSOPHOMORE FAVORITES RUBY EAVES DOYLE STEVENS FRESHMAN FAVORITES CLARA ZOE HURT BENNIE DANIELS Sponsored by EUNICE LUMBER COMPANYSEVENTH GRADE FAVORITES PATSY MARSHALL GARY ROBERTS EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES FRANCES COFFEY BOBBY HICKS Sponsored by R. W. WATER WELL DRILLINGSponsored by LFF ( OINTY SAND GRAVEL Funice, Net MexicoSponsored by ALEXANDERS FOOD STOREUnidentified man of Eunice tackles Artesia man after he completes a pass. Daniels, 20, is coming up. Knott, 31, is looking on. Bergin tackles Ellison on Hobbs team as Daniels comes up from the side. Sponsored by LEA THEATER Eunice, New MexicoO. M. "Doc" CEARLY Basketball Coach DALTON TANKERSLEY Manager J. D. BROWN Football and Junior Basketball JIMMY LEE Manager SHIPLEY Junior Football and BasketballSenior - 5’ 10” Forward 4 Year Letterman Captain MARION CARLTON Senior - 6’ 3 Year Letterman DEAN YEAGER Senior - 5’ 10”, Guard 3 Year Letterman BOBBY WALLACH Senior - 5 8”, Forward 3 Year Letterman Sponsored by ACME LUMBER CO. Eunice, New Mexico JIM McILROY Junior - 6 ForwardPAUL GREGORY Senior - 5’ 10” Forward La ROY KNOTT Senior - 6 2”, 3 Years BILLY WOOTEN Jumor 5 9” Guardkt IX Cardinals 41 Cardinals 36 45 Monument 25 48 Carl sbad 36 54 Hobbs 27 35 Lovington 42 46 Jal 22 52 Artesia 36 46 AJ amogordo 32 37 Lovington 36 47 Texico 32 44 Hope 23 33 Hobbs 31 44 N.M.M.I. 40 60 Dexter 45 60 Menaul 24 62 Alb. Indians 25 44 Monument 36 47 Tatum 43 56 Carrizozo 35 43 Tatum 34 69 Jal 33 1013 Total 693 Total Eunice has averaged 49 points a game Opponents average 33. Sponsored by EUNICE AUTO SUPPLYCOUNTY CHAMPS Standing: Mike Daugherty, Bennie Daniels, LeRoy Hinman ALL COUNTY TEAM 1st Row: Ronald Clement, James Hardison, Norvin Price, Charles Henderson 2nd Row: Edwin Johnston, Tommy Pope, James Holder.JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL 1st Row: Norvin Price, Bobby Gardener, Jimmy Dickenson, James Hardison, Winfred Baggett, Ronald Flowers, Don Steadham 2nd Row: Jackie McKennis, Rowland Kemp, Mac Johnston, Lawrence Kennedy, Bill Stephens, Earl Elrod, Larry Shivers, Harold Flowers, Harry Robertson. 3rd Row: Clayton Wooten, Dan Carter, Billy Standefer, Gary Roberts, Wayne Hamlet, Tommy Coulter, Don Smith, Albert Woodell, Mr. Shipley. 1st Row: Harold Flowers, Rowland Kemp, Winefred Baggett, Allen Crawford, Jimmy Snell 2nd Row: Murle Daniels, Charles Paschal, Don Steadham, Max Bowen, Donald Teer, Harry Robertson. 3rd Row: Mr. Shipley, Jimmy Gardener, Bobby Hicks, Tommy Coulter, Gary Roberts, Albert Woodell, Larry Shivers, Max Irwin. COUNTY CHAMPIONSGIRLS’ TENNIS 1st Row: M. Pope, N. Hurd, M. Randolph, I. Journagan, P. Walker, M. McDougal 2nd Row: R. Shaffer, J. Mitchell, G. Surratt, D. Hamrick, J. Walden, M. Boyd, M. G. Wildman. BOYS’ TENNIS 1st Row: M. Bowen, J. Johnson, J. Hester, B. Mittag, J. Thomas, B. Gardner, C. Mosley, T. J. Ballard 2nd Row: C. Henderson, E. Elrod, P. Gregory, D. Clements, A. Ballard, D. Smith, L. Maynard 3rd Row: B. Bryant, L. Amyx, T. Burt, W. Nichols, M. Duke, R. Sanders.SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM Pat Robertson, Louise Whitaker, Jean Pevehouse, Jane Rowland, Mary Mayberry, Pat Alderson, Bonnie Mayberry, Nadine Hurd, Claudine Coffey, Mary Pope, Joan Sanders, Pat Gladden. Managers: Dorothy Nolan, Dona Keeling Sponsored by CLOWER DRILLING CO. FOOTBALL FATHERS Eunice, New MexicoJUNIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM Murldeen Boyd, Bobbie Cryer, Frances McAfee, Joyce Walden, Linda Johnson, Kerry Daugherty, Delene Falkner Managers: Dona Keeling, Dorthy Nolan. DONNA HAMRICK Our Tennis StarINTER-CLASS CHAMPS VOI LEYBALL Pevehouse, Robertson, Whitaker, Sanders, Gladden, Coffey, Rowland, Capt., Pope. INTER - CLASS CHAMPS BASKETBALL Hurd, Randolph, Taylor, Alexander, Hamrick, KeelingLIBRARIANS Iva Jean Barber, Bobby Cryer, Clara Smith, Minnie Eaves, Kerry Daugherty, Shirley Williams, Ida Kathryn, Dorothy Nolan, Miss Miller, Betty Dempsey, Almeda Paschal, Latricia Baysmger, Julia Nicholas. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Eloise Smith, Glenda Surratt, Jane Mitchell, Anjie Lou White, Betty Carpenter, Frances Coffey.Sponsored by CARDINAL DRUG JANE ROWLAND LOUISE WHITAKER Head Cheer Leader PAT GLADDEN JULIA NICHOLASGRADE SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sponsored by - OLIVER WILDMANJo Scott Lou Neil Gladden Claire Conway Patsy Buck Mary Hardison Vera McCullough Iris Ann AkinSENIOR BAND Orin L. Bartholomew DirectorSponsored by PAY DAY STORE Eunice, New Mexico JUNIOR BAND Orin L. Bartholomew' Director Sponsored by MERCURY CLEANERS Eunice, New Mexico SENIOR CHORUS L. B. Harden - Director Mrs. L. B. Harden - AccompanistRICHARD DEMPSEY Most Handsome JANE ROWLAND Most Beautiful Sponsored by ED W. CANNEDY OIL WELL SERVICING Eunice, New Mexico LOUISE WHITAKER All School Favorite1. Dean Yeager - - Best Athlete 2. Mary Pope - - Best Athlete 3. Claudine Coffee - - Friendliest Girl 4. Stewart Holmes - - Most Talented Boy 5. Robert Gregg - - Best Personality and Friendliest 6. Norma Thorn - - Most Intelligent 7. Roe Hurt - - Most Intelligent 8. Jean Caudle - - Most Talented Girl Sponsored by WALT'S MACHINE SHOP Eunice, New MexicoCuttion. 'ptW sponsored oy GALBRFATH TRUCKING CO. Eunice, New Mexico •Mm I k The Haunted High School CAST OF CHARACTERS Flavia Delande, Dramatics Teacher......... Cordelia Drake, Another Teacher........... Ambrose Giles, School Janitor ........... Pearl Southard, Sister of Late Principal Mrs. Ogden Penoleton, Socialite .......... Johnnie Strupe, A Detective ............. Barbara Taylor Delores Garrison Wayne Stephens .... Jerry Burnett Earlene Shelton Harrell WWght Stephen Jefferson, New Principal ........................ Jimmy Mcllroy Myma Manson, School Secretary ............................. Dona Keeling Penny Pendleton, New Student ............- Janice Alexander Celia Sampson, School Prankster ........................... Pat Alderson Esther Myles, Akward School Girl ...................... Inez Joumagan Clarence Arliss, School Tattle-tale ....................... Glenn Elliott Butch Callahan, School Ruffian ........................... Royce Smith Wayne (Dopey) Sheldon, Easy-going Boy ..................... Larry Amyx SYNOPSIS The entire action of the play takes place in the reception room and Principal’s office of Eagle High School. Act. I. Afternoon of an early October day. Act II. A few days later; Tuesday morning. Act III, Scene I. Half an hour later. Scene II. That evening.Sponsored by EUNICE CLEANERS The Senior Class of Eunice High School Presents QUIT YOUR KIDDING Friday, March 31, 1950 Pat Robertson -Robert Hinman -Pat Gladden - - ■ Kenyon Hicks - ■ Jean Pevehouse Claudine Coffey Robert Gregg - - Joan Sanders - - Louise Whitaker Paul Gregory - -Jane Rowland - • Stewart Holmes • - - - - Evelyn Buford ----David Whitten ----- Mrs. Buford ..... Dr. Shannon - - - Betty Anderson - - - - Binnie Buford - - - Winston Buford Camilla Dusenberry ------ J ean Owen - - - Thomas Patton - Sophronia Buford ----- Jim Travis Mr. Hardin Director of the Play tjorac Dame da en isponc nes s€ in hos » cama. ermana In Her rOlllip hie Robe J Tiene Coi]ve La AsociifCLO De Ganaderc ALLUP -Los bue« l.J Gallup han suf J is corazon '. do pnr Ml p •n de 14 a(k qa oi; m u 0 a luz. viTtu durante c en los tOgudes las nl o6n. en cucvttS y en c -' ndonadas. - ■ 1 muchacho es Gilbert SantiHa-i Su nombre aparecio durante la estigacion que hacia el alguacil P. Mollica del robo de una tiendi comestibles. ¥0 tenia hambre.” se guejo el :hach '■ »«♦ pn tmie hara- if r « I !ab n v -i«’ s pi». a .tcrosn dt lhtamcnie a ay idar 10 mucha- — ■ -»■ — 1 ■- que iue uetcuiuo"T—nivestigado habia dado a s .hijo nada mils que por el alguacU Mollica. Ya no ?2 5° P " “ ---- acion de andar un SfxutO died u»pa para el trabajo, W1 !«♦ »• her mo sarle ninauna molestia” noroue I-i decimac.iarta conven A«ociacion de Pasteo del J Nuevo Mexico, se cfecluo en Roswell, segun el deeir Merchant, president qu en Capitan. Se esperaba de trecientos labradores d del estado asistieran a vencion anual. La orgamzacidn. establ media lament despues d« redactb el Taylor Grazin 1934. se interesa por lo n los problemas de pasteo front»n n hnmhrps gall uda a 1 email” •iadores la Aso is de N 1 Suj nen ■ausa S»1 aadc ibstu e pc oropl s ti el s Hap algui : R nienl 'aria tos a c pre; oora | e ac mei| ales r. Lcil vestal uiacl andci incil Tomo 101 Numero I EL NUEVO Mexicano Santa Fe, N. M. Precio 5c Lillian Dulaney Terry’ Richards Jerry Burnett Barbara Taylor Patsy Walker Sponsored by Jean Walker TIDWELL MOTOR CO. Hobbs, New Mexico E- R. Howard Tootsie Bowden Rufus Walker Douglas Eubanks Bob Dale Franklin Sims Jack JohnsonSponsored by STANDARD WELDING WORKS Eunice, New MexicoSENIOR CLASS HISTORY Louise Whitaker: Pat Gladden: Pat Robertson: Claudine Coffey: Jean Pevehouse: Mary Pope Jane Rowland: Marion Carlton: Martha Caudle: Minnie Eaves: Donald Gladden: Robert Gregg: Charles Tierce: Dean Yeager: Richard Dempsey: Paul Geogory Dorothy Nolan: Norma Thorne: Jean Walker: Bobby Wallach: Billy Weaver: Robert Newberry: Doyle Gibson: Bennie Baggett: Leonard Boyd: Tom Burt: Roe Hurt: La Vina Greenleaf: Robert Hinman: Kenyon Hicks: Stewart Holmes: Sam Kaker: La Roy Knott: Almeda Paschal: Cecil Sinclair: Joan Sanders: Dalton Tankersley: Clayton Wooten: Maxine Vines: Came to Eunice in 1936 from Came to Eunice in 1942 from Came to Eunice in 1938 from Came to Eunice in 1949 from Came to Eunice in 1945 from Came to Eunice in 1941 from Came to Eunice in 1945 from Came to Eunice in 1949 from Came to Eunice in 1944 from Came to Eunice in 1945 from Came to Eunice in 1942 from Came to Eunice in 1946 from Came to Eunice in 1948 from Came to Eunice in 1949 from Came to Eunice in 1948 from Came to Eunice in 1944 from Came to Eunice in 1948 from Started to school in Eunice. Came to Eunice in 1947 from Started to school in Eunice. Started to school in Eunice. Came to Eunice in 1947 from Came to Eunice in 1938 from Came to Eunice in 1940 from Started to school in Eunice. Started to school in Eunice. Came to Eunice in 1949 from Came to Eunice in 1947 from Started to school in Eunice. Came to Eunice in 1942 from Started to school in Eunice. Started to school in Eunice. Started to school in Eunice. Started to school in Eunice. Came to Eunice in 1946 from Started to school in Eunice. Came to Eunice in 1946 from Came to Eunice in 1942 from Came to Eunice in 1945 from Carlsbad, New Mexico. Hobbs, New Mexico. Odessa, Texas. White Deer, Texas Hobbs, New Mexico. Cisco, Texas. Hobbs, New Mexico Pernell, Oklahoma. Andrews, Texas Carbon, Texas. Hobbs, New Mexico. Jal, New Mexico. Odessa, Texas. Shidler, Oklahoma. Denver City, Texas. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Crane, Texas. Artesia, New Mexico. Carlsbad, New Mexico. Graham, Texas. Crane, Texas. Shidler, Oklahoma. Loveland, Colorado. Jal, New Mexico. Jal, New Mexico. San Angelo, Texas. Denver City, Texas. Seymour, Texas.PROPHECY Bennie Joe Baggett - is now a successful barber in the big city of Eunice. Tom Burt - is an independent photographer. Roe Hurt - Technical Engineer. Teacher for Stephen’s College. Martha Jean Caudle - raising a houseful of block headed, blue eyed musicians. Richard Dempsey - Playing the drums for Harry James’ orchestra. Pat Gladden - is still trying to figure out a way to get her man!! LaVina Greenleaf - an old maid manager of the Lea Theater. Louise Whitaker - a famous chorus girl at Earl Carroll’s Vanities. LaRoy Knott - a second Einstein. Claudine Coffey - coach of a girls' basketball team, she’s strict, too, no late hours and no boys. Jane Rowland female dectective in Abilene looking for an eligible bachelor. Jean Pevehouse - a famous artist in New York painting models (male). Joan Sanders - Speedy has now won the Olympic Championship for the 60 yard dash. Clayton Wooten - is now fire chief of Eunice. Maxine Vines - a famous court reporter in Shanghi. Bobby Wallach - joined the Bachelor’s Union that has turned Eunice into a city. Dean Yeager - Still undecided. Bill Weaver • Hard-boiled coach of Notre Dame. Kenyon Hicks - still playing basketball and keeping late hours. Marion Carlton - still the clown of "dear old E. H. S. ” Donald Gladden - the idea] husband. Robert Hinman - the friendly undertaker that is shoveling along. Stewart Holmes - a famous cometist in Spike Jones’band. Sammy Kaker - runs the Eunice Pool Hall. Leonard Boyd - enjoying his millions. Paul Gregory - still chasing the women. Norma Thom - still trying to teach shorthand. Billy Steadham - is a famous hot-rod racer. Charlie Tierce - a great salesman. He got the experience selling concessions. Doyle Gibson - successful preacher. Dalton Tankersly - successful preacher. Robert Newberry - world’s greatest midget. Cecil Sinclair - understudy for "Thin Man." Jean Walker - raising her little "W'oodies.” Pat Robertson - shorthand expert making a fabulous salary. Robert Gregg - geometry teacher in E. H. S. Dorothy Nolan - has gone in the Petroleum business with a certain black headed guy. Mary Pope - has decided one is enough (ring) and has settled down to be Hurt the rest of her life. Almeda Paschal - has now settled down as Mrs. Shelton and is the leading matron of Hobbs.SENIOR CLASS WILL 1. Louise Whitaker wills her loud mouth to Terry Cherryholmes and her prevaricator ability to Le Roy Hendricks. 2. Roe Hurt wills all his silliness to Raymond Witt. 3. Jane Rowland wills her temper to Earlene Shelton, and all her silly giggles to Julia Nicholas. 4. Almeda Paschal wills her ability to catch her man to Billie Gladden. $. Claudine Coffey wills her ability to keep the basketball boys out late to Alice Smith. 6. Robert Hinman wills his ability to play football to Bobby Hunter, and all his wisecracks and corney jokes to Bill Stephens. 7. Donald Gladden wills his red hair and good looks to Wayne Stephens. 8. Doyle Gibson wills his preaching ability to Mickey Sanderson. 9. Tom Burt wills his way with girls to Buddy Daniels. 10. Paul Gregory wills to E. A. Woodell his ability to stick with one girl. 11. Pat Robertson wills her ability to beat those red-heads time with the boys to Jean McAfee and her ability to play volleyball to Joyce Walden. 12. Pat Gladden leaves it all to anybody that wants it, and especially my cheerleading to Patsy Weaver. 13. Dorothy Nolan wills her ability to break up with the men to Nadine Hurd and all the gum under the old study hall tables to Janice Alexander. 14. Stewart Holmes wills his height to Charlie Lynn. 1$. Joan Sanders wills all the tardy excuses she received during her Senior year to Glenn Elliot. 16. Martha Caudle wills to Alice Smith all the thumb tacks she has put in others seats. 17. Kenyon Hicks wills his great height and powerful physique to Larry Amyx and his place on the basketball team to Le Roy Hinman. 18. Jean Pevehouse wills to Dona Keeling her way with men and her cheerleading to Delores Garrison. 19. Marion Carlton wills his charming ways with girls to George Young and his backward shots in basketball to Jimmy Mcllroy. 20. Cecil Sinclair wills his ability to fool the cops to Royce Smith. 21. Robert Newberry wills his ability to stand under the clothesline when it s raining and not get wet to James Hardison. 22. Sam Kaker wills to Bob Baliff his ability to pester Mrs. Scarborough. 23. Minnie Eaves wills her beautifully kept blond hair to Zoe Hurt. 24. La Vina Greenleaf wills her height to Ida Jean Rapp. 2$. Maxine Vines wills to Janice Alexander her good grades in Shorthand. 26. Mary Pope wills her ability to get 60 words per min. to Jerry Randolph. 27. Norma Jo Thome wills to Robert Shaffer her dependability. 28. Jean Walker leaves her way with men to Delene Falkner. 29. Leonard Boyd wills his developed ability to flirt to Lewis Bayes. 30. Richard Dempsey leaves his ability to love the girls to Joe Sanderson. 31. La Roy Knott wills his ability to get along with the teachers to Tommy Calhoun. 32. Clayton Wooten, leaves his ability to get married to anyone that needs it. 33. Coach Bill Weaver wills his coaching ability to George Young. 34. Bobby Wallach wills his ability to charm the teachers to Wayne Stephens. 35. Bennie Jo Baggett would just like to leave. 36. Dalton Tankersly just wants to leave his "ability” to anyone. 37. Dean Yeager wills his ability to play fullback to LeRoy Hinman. 38. Charlie Tierce wills his happy go-lucky way to Lacey Scoggins. 39. Robert Gregg wills his red hair, his freckles, and his friendly way to Janice Alexander.EUNICE WINS DISTRICT 10 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT ON FEBRUARY 24 ALL DISTRICT TEAM Eunice players at far right: Bobby Wallach, Marion Carlton, and Kenyon Hicks, (all district captain)7 Ufl n-mcuU SCHOOL ANNUALS ! Dcuflox. 1 ltMiAfunf Company SKILLED CRAFTSMEN —MODERN EQUIPMENT and 35,000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR AREA are combined to produce FINE SCHOOL ANNUALS for 1400 schools in twenty-three states Binding Inipecfion TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY P. O. Box 597 DALLAS, TEXAS 6320 Denton Dr.

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