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I PRINTERS sn L LITHOGRAPHERS li f 1 w Sf o fr ni- o - 11 Ins tow - 1307 W.mcrmod • Carlsbad. N.M.- Phone 4561Melven Wilkins Fay Ruth Sims Max Curry Mary Emily Smith Charles Bixler Rosa lea Lennord Herbert Slitzler Buddy Carson La Velle Carson Erwana Letterman Nelta Jo French John Allen Earnest Sally Ruth Watson Douglas Drury Frank Verna Mae Lance Shea Heslep Margaret Conway Mary Nell Hunter J. C. Eoff Dorothy Mayfield Wasly Scaibrough C. D. Smith Gladys Holly Georgia Leah DavisCharles McCoy Kathrine Wilkins Bill Gillpie Lucy Burt Joan Barton Gordon Fisher Howard Boles Geraldine Wilkerson Jack Newby Eva Mae Stephens Harold Waldrop Gwendolyn Dyson Virginia Cornwell Neil Allison Dorothy Lou Herron Robert Eoff W. F. Hardy Clarene Gardener Winston Stansberry Joyce Rose Hunter Colene Quigley Joe Ford Willie Mae Brown Bobby Ray Smith Henry Frazier Barbara Miller Terra I Mays Mary Lou PaschalJ. E. Stover Jo Louise O'Donnal Bess Sims Betty Ruth McWhorter Willie B. Smith Mary Frances Gardner Betty Jeanne Gaston Edgar Varner Wanda Mae Boydstun Bobby Helen Cravens Robby Dysen Melba Hill Billy Boatman Wanda Lou Pope Joyce Gaultney Leroy Creek Darlyene Powers Rosa Lee Muncy Shirley Jo Drury Conrad Watson Dusty Jeter Wanda SeaboltDarrel Shields Vivian White Robert Lee Cain Alice Miller Ellen McComack Wayne Weaver Joan Woods W. B. Wilson Ottis Petty Mary Joyce Parks Lloyd Dale Quigley Dorris Brown Ruby Nell Boyd Arthur Baker Mary Louise Green Wayne Gibson Dick Horner Frances Hardison Harold Varner Lois Spencer Rene Corner John Earl Reynolds Jackolene Conner Carl Galbreath Billy Cliff Goble Minnie Bell Sims Gerald Adkins Suella Robinson. FELIX ESTES MRS. FELIX ESTESLows Sherrill 0us tuvi rHdfta9er IDm. UWofetfU Snap SVud Ed W JSemect. Hanson Jft Urei GauXtajp $W Popular ti$itl jfltaf Popular jBoy K ve 5L Ga A we j Yarvce WiftttKteIfflisi $eaulitd far I $losf jfixadsMeJfty fihsl (tmctiUb $itl $W GmtceiJBnijjotuvs Sherrill'0csl ( trlAfhleie 0esl 0est Sport 9 6 ir I =z dvo tde (T ry Sr an i j Hit] n.v» SA«H n) 4. fh-S»9 trxjUik time M3«r .« «• Tht.Cs h 4 (ftridrrd G uHni«| a . £.1een £%«-mady ftS£:y top To m | 5 r VT • % . r f THE SENIOR CLASS f PRESENTS H The StMLW EUCENEONIELL Friday. April 12. 8tf0 u un =1 moAj Fred n.oUTTi fj.y Qr. JTl» » (Tl•»i ((W j •r ujJG. am mu Colors Maroon and White Flower Marron and Sweet Peas FACULTY ADVISOR MRS. HAZEL WINGFIELD OFFICERS President Bernece Honson Vice President Mary M. Carpenter Recording Secretary Dorthy Ann Kelly Corresponding Secretary .............. Potsy Dean Wallace Treasurer------------------------- Mildred Gaultney ACTIVES Bernece Hanson Dorthy Ann Kelly Mary Margaret Carpenter Patsy Dean Wallace Mildred Gaultney Merian Scott Iwanda Davis Allene Clower Mildred Fleming PLEDGES Elizabeth Newport In 1936 a group of girls, with Mrs. Hazel Wingfield, met for the purpose of organizing a club to encourage better grades and better sportsmanship among the girls who took part in athletics. A girl with the highest average from each class in school was chosen as a Charter member. They were Carrie Jones, Senior; Theresa Chandler, Junior: Virginia Dyson, Sophomore; Bernece Handson, Freshman; and Marjorie Curry from Junior High. To stay in this organization, each member must maintain a B average and attend all meetings and social functions. Although only one charter member remains, we have worked faithfully, old and new members alike, to make this year a success—eh, pledges! Alpha Gamma Alpha—Better Grades—Better Sportsmanship. 0 L Jennu SENIOR Singles Dorthy Ann Kelly 3rd in County Doubles Dorthy Ann Kelly—Iwanda Davis 3rd in County JUNIOR Singles Patsy Dean Wallace 3rd in County Doubles Madge Miller—Virgie Holley 1st in CountyJUNIOR TRACK Coach: Tommy Laxson Edward Pool, Harold Varner, Edgar Varner(fir la It son fYUv Curry Edward 3urt J.O.Cdbcr! tja nio ri First Fhce. C. o - vtj Vee FUclLfUl Coach: Mrs. Hazel Wingfield Captain: Mildred Flemming Co-Captain: Mildred Gaultney First Row: Iwanda Davis, Dorthy Ann Kelly, Arlene Johnson, Mildred Gaultney, Mildred Flemming, Bobbie Jean Wilkins, Ber-nece Hanson, Allene Clower. Second Row: Christine Boatman, Elizabeth Newport, Ina Bell Rogers, Grayce Sullivan, Madge Miller, Merian Scott, Ruby Lee Seabolt, Rita Baker. Games played: Lovington, Monument, Tatum. Tournament played at Tatum April 20, 1940.Coach-: Laxson, Carl Galbreath, Curtis Hardison, J. D. Gilbert, Edward Burt, Robert Flemming, Robert Eoff, Bill Worley. SCHEDULE Eunice 21---------------------------Monument 7 Eunice 10---------------------------Prarieview 11 Eunice 8 -----------------------Lovington 7 Eunice 19 .......................Tatum 6 Eunice 14---------------------------Tatum 10 Total 72---------------------------------------- 42Ltlall Front Row: Eugene Seobolt, Carl Russell, Pete Bright, Junior Co lemon, James Burt Bock Row Cooch-Montgomery, Maurice Hughes, Lee Boles, Dell Boles, Gordon Word, Charles Enderson SCHEDULE ---------34 Prone View Prone View 12 Eunice 27 Eunice Hobbs 30 - - Eunice 20 Eunice Grand Falls Prorie View Eunice 29- Eunice 31 Eunice 17. Eunice 28 Eunice 30 Eunice Andrews 25 Eunice 38 Eunice Eunice Dexter 26 i iu v Ivvun Lake Arthur House of D. 27 Eunice 46 Eunice 30 Eunice VK nunvcfH Grand Falls 42 Eunice 22 Eunice 27 Eunice Forrest - 7 Eunice Tatum 30 Eunice 39 Eunice Socorro 60 Eunice MOODS Cloudcroft 33 Eunice 19 21 14 21 21 20 55 35 21 —19 44 24 24 26 — 34 28 — 38 — 19 — 29 26 31 28 41 31Front Row: Neol Allison, Robert Eoff, Ed. Burt, Bill Worley, Dell Boles, J. C. Eoff, Curtis Hardison, Bill Burke, J. D. Gilbert, Capt., Carl Galbreoth. Back Row: Coach Laxson, Bobby Colburn, Lewis McGuire, Jr. Vaught, Grant Adkins, Clellan Russell, Conrad Watson, Lloyd Williams, Willie B. Smith, Mgr. SCHEDULE Brownfield 14 7 Eunice — 7 14 14 Eunic6 o 0 Eunice 25 Totals —35 46 CARL RUSSEL—This is Carl's first year with the Cardinals He is o good ployer who can pass, kick, and carry the ball with much ability. He mode many good plays this year and helped mold our team into one that wos beaten only once throughout the season. Carl will be captain of the Cordinols next year. VERNON WILSON—Halfbock; A good player who doesn't need anybody to tell him so. This is Vernon's second year and we'll see a lot more of him next yeor; known to oil his f riends os "The Great Fot." DOUGLAS SOUTH WORTH—Tockle; played outstanding football from his tackle position1 sort of owkward when it comes to catching passes but he knows how to block and tockle better than the next door neighbor When he hits 'em, they stay hit. Yossah! Doug will be co-coptoin next year. GORDON WARD—Played center this year; o good defensive with the ability to go ploces next yeor, doesn't look like an athlete but he con sure take it. This is Gordon's first yeor with the Cardinals. EDWARD LEE WILKERSON—Tockle; this is Edward's first yeor; mode a good tockle for the Cardinals5 says he should be coptain in two or three more years. GLEN VAUGHT—End; this is also Glen's first year. He came out not knowing much about foot bo 11 but willing to learn Glen will play next year. CHARLES WHITE—End; Charles come out for the first time this yeor and played outstanding fdotboll from his end position. Football fans probably remember some of those double-reverses he ran MAURICE HUGHES—end, Maurice usually ploys guard but this year he come out for end He received a broken shoulder in the jal gome and hod to be out the rest of the season BILLY DAVIS—Billy played tockle on the Cardinal team this year. This being his first year, he has much to learn, but he will be bock next year Billy ploys o good gome at all times B H DRURY—played guard; injuries kept him out for a few weeks but he came back with more pep than ever, a little slow for the guard position but he can block better than o full grown mule FERRIL RUSSEL—Holfback, known to his friends os "Cannon-Fodder"; Ferril made several outstanding plays this season; wolks bow-legged and soys he used to ride goats all the time Captain LUDIE LYNN—Quarterbock, led the Cardinals through o most successful seoson- liked and respected by oil who know him; could olways be depended upon His ability to coll the right plays ot the right time helped moke many a touchdown for the Cardinals. j. O BETTS—co-captom, played holfback on the Cardinal squad, a good, fast man who knows how to "grob" thot leather and streak around end, suffered o broken arm during the Tatum game and couldn't finish the seoson This is J O.'s lost year with the Cardinals. JACK WHITAKER—Center, a good defensive ployer who wos large enough to stop those center plunges, played the toughest position on the team, liked by all his teammates ond fellow students. Jock will not be with us next seoson. CHARI.ES ENDERSON—Fullbock, this is his second season- mode his shore of the extra points this year, a good player on both offense ond defense Chorles is known in Eunice as "Cosanovo." jOE ROY HURD—Tockle, this is his first year, slightly handicapped because he is so tall known as "Bigdog " He played in most of the games this seoson VERNON HOSTETTER—Guard; Vernon proved to be a good player his first year He is a good offensive player ond promises to be better next year, well liked by all his teammates "FROSTY" SEABOLT—Holfbock, "Frosty" has ployed three yeors on the Cardinal teom, con be counted on to moke four or five yards every ploy Announcer at Artesio called him "125-pound keg of dynomite " He will ploy ogam next year PETE BRIGHT—Holfbock, end: Pete come out for football about two weeks ofter the seoson started Determination and ability helped to make him a fine player EDWARD POOL—Guard, this is Ed's second yeor with the Cordinols, fost, mode good showing in the Hogermon gome this yeor. He will ploy ogam next year HAROLD SEABOLT—Guard, a fast mon who helped clear the way for many a touchdown, a willing worker who could always be depended upon to get his man (remember Loving ton I This is Harold's last year with the Cardinals. HERMAN POOL—This is his second yeor on the Cardinal teom; a good guord and also o good defensive holfbock, a senior this year ond a good worker in onything. He is liked by all his teammates LEE BOLES—Tockle; Lee probably trained more than any other ployer. He is very enthusiastic obout any sport; a bulwark in defensive ond offensive ploy. Doesn't understand how anyone con't like football. BILLY LYNN—End; one of the outstanding players of the season; came out not knowing whether he would make the travelling squad or not; mode two or three touchdowns on passes ond double-reverse plays. Sept. 15 Monument 0 Eunice 55 Sept 22 Jal -------------19-------Eunice------------- 0 Sept BO Artesio 6 Eunice 13 Oct. 6 --Hogermon 0 Eunice 41 Oct. 13----Tatum---------— 0------------Eunice 64 Oct. 20----Lovington ------- 7----------Eunice- ...—37 Oct 27 Monument — 0----------Eunice--------33 Nov. 10----Tatum —----------0-----------Eunice —.....55 Totol-----------------------32----------Eunice-----298JO - Back Jack Aihi r ' Ccate •- 5 's?Vw ” Shelton L m n fanrice VW Ves EvjersonL vdif- l-j 0 pt iiiv Vo j. ascm do y©CALENDAR (Continued) SEPTEMBER 1— Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these "SCHOOL OPENS AGAIN " 6— Class work begins, officers of class are elected. 7— Student body chooses sponsors for classes. 12— Concert given by Lovington Band. 1 5—Band gives assembly. Played Monument in Football—Are the Cardinols Tough! Eunice 54, Monument 0. 16— Band goes to Lovington for Parade and Rodeo, swell time! 18—Special assembly, Negro Spirituals were sung. Scouts met in new Scout hall. 22— Teachers give assembly. Jal-Eunice Football game, the game of the yeor. Eunice 0, Jal 19. Better luck next time boys. 29— Assembly given by Chief Deerfoot. 30— You're doing swell Cardinals! Eunice goes to Artesia. The game was another big victory for Eunice 13, Artesia 6. OCTOBER 2— Band plays concert, and bridge party is held to raise money. The classes elected Carnival King and Queen, the race is on! 3— Faculty unfair to Senior class so we hear in Assembly. The Cords played Hagerman and won 38 to 6. Nice going boys! 13— Even if it is Friday 13 we were not afraid 'cause we beat Tatum in Football 64 to 0. Tonight first night of school carnival. 14— Second night of school carnival Allene Clower named school queen and Frosty Seabolt named King -from the Junior class. Junior football boys go to Brownfield for footboll gome-got a bad breok, Paul Herbert broke his leg and we lost the game 12 to 7. 20— Eunice plays Lovington, whot a game! Eunice 28, Lovington 7 21— Juniors play Monohans—Eunice 13, Monahans 6 23— Wink Choral Club gives special assembly. School turns out to see 'THE WIZARD OF OZ." 24— Eunice wins gome from Monument. Teachers leave for Albuquerque for Teachers Meeting. 30— Home Economics Club Initiation. Mary Margaret Carpenter elected football queen. Attendants-Mildred Flemming, Morcella Woods, Jerry A. Dunham, and Lucille Frazier. 31— Freshmen have party and go to preview afterward Halloween and Black Cats. NOVEMBER 3—Mr. Louis E. Diehl speaks in Assembly. 7—Pictures mode for the Annual. 10— Eunice plays Tatum, Mary Margaret Carpenter is crowned and gives the kickoff. Eunice wins 54 to 0. 11— Bond oes to Hobbs for Armistice day parode 15— Mr. McKay, President of Portales Junior College, speaks for Assembly. 17— Journalism class and Annual staff goes to El Paso, Edward Pool elected Vice President of the S. W. H. S. P. A. 23— Mr. Clark, the State Supervisor, visits school. 24— School has their first picture show. 27— School building dedicated by Governor Miles. Band Hall dedicated in memory of Emily Jean Palmer "PALMER HALL" Auditorium named "CONWAY AUDITORIUM." 28— Oh! Those pesky tests again!fyLt Qjl Front Row: Edward Burt, Charley White, Bryon Ragsdale, Truitt Roberts, Louis Sherill, Jack Whitaker. Second Row: Edward Pool, Truitt Berryman, Bill Trembly, I. O. Betts, B. H. Drury. Back Row: Merian Scott, Wanda West, Ina Bell Rodgers, Elizabeth Newport, Pauline Hoppe, Mary Margaret Carpenter, Joyce Seger, Mildred Gaultney, Sponsor-Mrs. Peebles, Dorthy Ann Kelly Allene Clower. r'Camera Club fy c redF eM ig £ zabefhA fh Po F Fordo Id arJ Ffarjaret Caress Marc c))a Ivooc s A r vece f a Sa F s e £a ci li C l£ jf c S £ c e Clower D, £hy £e jfFirst Row: Clarene Gardner, Verna Mae Lance, Mary Joyce Parks, La Velle Scott, Mary Frances Gardner, Wanda Mae Seabolt, Bobby Helen Cravens, Betty Jean Gaston. Second Row: Sally Ruth Watson, Joan Barton, Georgia Leah Davis, Jackalene Connor, Dorothy Townley, Betty Ruth McWhorter, Barbara June Miller. Third Row: Bess Sims, Dorothy Mayfield, Vivian White, Dorothy Lou Herron, Joyce Gaultney, Frances Hardison. OFFICERS President -Mary Frances Gardner Secretary Treasurer--- Frances Hardison Reporter . Betty Ruth McWhorter Song Leader ............ Wanda Mae SeaboltBack Row. Bernece Hanson, Wanda West, Pauline Hoppee, Norma Miller, Wilma Jean Baker, Arlene Johnson. Front Row: Christine Boatman, Marjorie Pool, Helen Beth Elliot, Marcella Woods, Marqaret Ann Maness, Pauline Ford, Mary Beth Woodell. CLASS OFFICERS President.................. Marcella Woods Vice President — - Ruth Drinkard Secretary and Treasurer Arleen Johnson Social Chairman Margaret Maness The Home Economics Club was organized October 25, 1939. Candle light initiation ceremony was held October 30, 1939. The club sent several delegates to the Annual District Home Economics Meeting in Hagerman and Dexter. The Eunice Club will be host for the District meeting in 1941. Marcella Woods was elected President of the District Home Economics Club.C. ommetcuil (L luI First Row: Elois Ford, Wanda Lee Frazier, Margaret Mo ness, Marcella Woods, Inabelle Rodgers, Grade Sullivan. Second Row: B. H. Drury, Truett Roberts, Jack Whitaker, Harold Seabolt, Elizabeth Newport, Mildred Fleming, Pauline Ford, Norma Bowman, Third Row: Evalyn Eppler, Duane Shelton, J. 0. Betts, Buddy Evans, Linton Lanier, Bobbie Jeon Wilkins, Ramona Shakewitz, Merian Scott, Fourth Row: Mary Margaret Carpenter, Raymond Holley, Barney Ruffner, Glen Currie, Robert Fleming, Gordon Ward. Back Row: Edward Pool, Charles Endersen. Members not Pictured: Joe Roy Hurd, Louis Sherrill, Patsy Dean Wallace, Bernece Hanson, Charlie White, Wanda Turner, Dor-thy Ann Kelly, Ludie Lynn, Mildred Gaultney, Allene Clower, Pauline Like, Elsie Kaul, Charles Heslep, Edward Burt, Thomas Heslep, Bryan Ragsdale, Herman Pool, Carl Russell.Eunice hliak Sc heel Band First rOuj'. UL). L■ Bijron, Dueller-8rtjSn tfayldile Trurtf fcrrjmn-Barney Pullner- Chlrhc U)hiU - Do,My fTlat HlLftlev- Eichsrd Horner- Lucy Bur)- tui Iflse Sic liens - LUanda Conw j- Ulaiihi enocdy (Winnit Bell 5imS-Bobby ITlajhlarn- Hlarjotir P»» -0)o PrtT - ITldry 8 ID—dt II- Cerrij Umi Dm hum rUtUrtd 6iuU Second ftom ! BllllC BlLflu- itLlfC ILi Ll oods- Evalt n Epoltf- JoItxLUoodi- Ooriikif J»rd»n-Coleen Quujlfj ilrrma lYhller Loili3 Sk rrill- Elt ab th fu perl - flu C niV6r - koidJei Ltoruird - Lloyd Ouitjlfiij- (flitJIttX tnwd j- Bobbie Helen Crjuent Third ft ou • Jimci Buri- Billie deb CdHnedy - Joijee £dullneij- (Jirymn llltkibbtn- Loretta. tUorden■ ilhrtjirei (Tlintsj- f?ulk ft in bird- Ularij IU. Cirpenler- Ocrfhy Snn tety- 8. If. In Belle Royers J. 0 (silbetl - Edubird Bar - Joy ce Jeyer Top £ oaJ ! Dibt U) m J irdee- Bill Tremblty- Curi is BirdiSon - Ben. Coot-Clelin Russell- fichtrd SUHord Tdck Robtcls-Truuil Roberts- koff kenworlhu- Charles Eppler- John Rllrn Ernest - Earl Ga)bredfA- llhunce Hughes- Palsy Dedn Wallace tlfof Pictured Ouarul Shelton- Ju u or Polfmjn- Lesta Burdette- Thomas Hes ep - Charles HesUp Wilier Rdij UlkMer- Edujdtrd Lee We tv port ROSEMARY GENTRY Glee Club Jr. Band LORETTA WORDEN President, Band Student Council L. N. BARBER CALVIN HOOVER Jr. Band EDNA MARIE REEVES Glee Club JACK SULLIVAN Denver City Jr. Band Band entertains Hobbs and Tatum with concerts there. 12— Roy Rogers gives school kids program. 13— Footlight Guild has party and give 2 acts of 'THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING." 14— Freshmen have valentine party. 16— Press conference in Odessa, ten students attend from Eunice. 17— Eunice plays and beats Tatum. 22— Eunice plays Socorro and loses. 23— "THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING" or should I soy ore here. 0. K. kids, swell play! 27— Band gives concert at Jal. 28— 'The Campbells Are Coming" given at Kermit Public Schools MARCH 1— juniors give assembly program. 2— Basketball Tournament at Roswell, many girls accompany the boys. 7— Juniors order rings for next year. 8— Home Ec. gives assembly program. 9— Lions Club Basketball tournament. 12— Class Basketball tournament started today — juniors vs. Freshmen, Juniors win. 13— Juniors and Sophomores play basketball, Juniors win. 15— -Hobbs present assembly program. 15— Eunice Band rehearsal held in Eunice, directed by D. 0. Wiley. 16— All the bands from Lea County come to Band Clinic. APRIL 5—Freshmen give Assembly. 12—Senior play, 'THE STRAW" by Eugene O'Neille. CALENDAR (Continued) FEBRUARYLUCILLE FLIPPEN Band GENE COLBURN BEN COOK (Huck) Band Scout LUCILLE FRAZIER Glee Club J. D. GILBERT (John Dear) Band, Scout Jr. Football Basketball Jr. Tennis NAN FOSTER CURTIS HARDISON (Saucer Eyes) Band, Scout Jr. Basketball Jr. Football DURWOOD HARDEE Band MILDRED JUNE GOBLE (Mimi) Band VERNON HOSTETTER Football DOROTHY JORDAN Band JEANNE MARIE KELLY (Piccolo Pete) Band Reporter Volleyball AGAJOSEPHINE ADAMSON Glee Club Tennis GRANT ADKINS Jr. Basketball Jr. Football FRANCES BARTON Tennis MARY DELL BREWER Jr. Band ALMA BARR DELL BOLES Basketball Jr. Football WILLIAM EDWARD BURKE (Billie) Student Council Band, Scout Jr. Football BILLY EARL CAIN Jr. Band, Scout MURAL BRYAN Tennis SARAH LEE CHILDRESS Glee Club AGA, Tennis Volleyball BILLY BOB CANNEDY (Villain) Treasurer Band MILTON CARTER Jr. BandVIRGINIA McKIBBEN (Tootsie) Vice President Band MARY LOU KING Glee Club CLELAN RUSSELL (Squat) Band, Scout BERYLE ROBERTS Jr. Band ELLIE SIMS Secretary, Glee Club ANNABEL SOUTHWORTH JUNIOR VAUGHT Jr. Football GLENN VAUGHT Football WALTER RAY WHITAKER Band Scout EDWARD LEE WILKERSON Football LOUISE WALDROP BandSENIOR CLASS HISTORY (Continued) When we were Sophomores we changed, and every one decided it was time to start studying. That year we had some more rooms built on our school building and a gym and auditorium combined. Our class was the largest in school and came first in everything (ot least we thought it did.) We went on a trip to Ruidoso and Cloudcroft and came back through the White Sands and the Carlsbad Cavern. Here we are next to the last year in school in "Dear Old E. H. S." Everything is gliding along nicely. Now we have been so mean these last three years that we have to have two sponsors. The next swell guy to try and tame us down was Mr. Crutchfield. We were the ones responsible for giving the Seniors of 38'-39' a good time and a banquet. We worked for about a month raising money and we really did our best to put on o swell show. This year for our trip we went to Carlsbad Cavern on Governor's Day. At the end of the year we ordered our Senior rings. Construction work has started again and this time we really have a pretty school building, 18 new rooms and a new band hall and auditorium and one of the most outstanding Home Economic Cottages in the state of New Mexico. And we the seniors only another year to enjoy this lovely school. But the little class started back in 35'-36 is still surviving. This year Mr. Byron is our other sponsor. The Sailors of Eunice High School are: Ozella Bennett, Mary Margaret Carpenter, Jr. Coleman, Evalyn Eppler, J. O. Betts, Lesta Burdett, Charles Eppler, Glen Currie, Al G. Curry, Mildred Fleming, Elois Ford, Mildred Gaultney, Buddy Evans, B. A. Drury, Joe Roy Hurd, Elsie Kaul, Dorthy Ann Kelly, Joyce Seger, Bertha Muncy, Ramona Shakewitz, Wanda Turner, Linton Lanier, Ludie Lynn, Herman Pool, Truett Roberts, Harold Seabolt, Duane Shelton, Patsy Dean Wallace, Doris May Houser, Louis Sherrill, Jack Whitaker, Charley White, Vance Williams, and W. H. Turner. DECEMBER 7— An Occident! James Burt cuts off two fingers in shop today. 8— Basketboll game with Monument lost. Juniors win. 15— Sixth grode gives assembly program, Juniors give skits from their play. 16— Junior ploy given "GEORGE IS IN A JAM." Nice going. Juniors!!! 20— Seniors have Senior Prom in the Palmer Band Hall. 21— Band has Christmas party. 22— Classes have their Christmas trees after Assembly and school is out. 31 —Bond takes off for El Paso. JANUARY 1—Band marches at El Paso, wins 2nd in N. M. and 4th in all bands there. 5— Eunice plays Forrest in basketball, victory is ours 21 to 20. 6— Grondfolls 24, Eunice 21—we're the Cardinals. 13—Eunice 59, Lovington 34 Nice game! 19— Assembly given by 8th grade Eunice beats Tatum in Basketball. 20— Eunice ploys Dexter and they beat. Volleyball girls win their gome from Lovington. 21— Andrews vs. Eunice.MARY BETH WOODELL Band Glee Club Home Ec Club JACOB WORLEY Basketball Football WAULDINE LIKE Camera Club 2 DOROTHY JO SIMS Glee Club Jr. Band PAULINE HOPPE Glee Club Pep Squad Tennis Home Ec Club MARTHA JEAN KENNEDY Band JERRY DAVIS San Antonio, Texas Home EconomicsBOBBIE JEAN WILKINS Volleyball 1, 2, Commercial Club 2 Home Ec. Club 2 BOBBY MASHBURN Band BILL WORLEY Boy Scout Glee Club DOROTHY MAE HUNTER Camera Club 2 Home Ec Club 2 Band 1, 2 WANDA NELL CONWAY Band Home Ec Club RUTH DRINKARD Glee Club Band Home Economics ARLENE JOHNSON Glee Club Volleyball Tennis Home Economics MADGE MILLER Volleyball Home Economics GRAYCE SULLIVAN Denver City, Texas Commercial Club 2 BRYANT BRISTOW Pampa, Texas Boy ScoutCHRISTINE BOATMAN Volleyball 1, 2 Home Ec. Club 2 VIRGIE HOLLEY Volleyball 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2 PEGGY GILMORE McCamey, Texas NORMA MILLER Band 1, 2 Home Ec. Club 2 RITA BAKER Glee Club 1, 2 Volleyball 1,2 WILMA JEAN BAKER Home Ec. Club 2 Sec. Student Council 2 PAULINE FORD Home Ec. Club 2 Commercial Club 2 HELEN BETH ELLIOTT Band 1 Home Ec. Club 2 GERRY ANN DUNHAM Home Ec. Club 2 Band 1, 2 Glee Club 2 ELMER WEST (Curley)VERNON WILSON Football 1, 2 Basketball 2 Track 1,2 WANDA WEST Home Ec Club 2 Glee Club 2 IWANDA DAVIS AGA 1,2 Volleyball 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2 Home Ec. Club 2 ROFF KENWORTHY Band 1, 2 Class Pres. 2 JACK ROBERTS Band Baseball DORIS MARNEY RUBY LEE SEABOLT (Sister) Glee Club 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2 EDWARD LEE NEWPORT Band 1, 2 Camera Club 2 Boy Scout LOYD WILLIAMS MARJORIE POOL Glee Club 1, 2 Volleyball 1,2 Band 1, 2 AGA 1,2EDWARD BURT Band 1, 2, 3 Jr. Football Jr. Basketball Commercial Club Jr. Tennis GORDAN WARD Football Basketball Camera Club ELIZABETH NEWPORT Camera Club Commercial Club Band 3 NORMA BOWMANBILLY JEAN WARD LEWIS McGUIRE (Tarzan) DORA DAVIS Commercial Club BRYAN RAGSDELL Band 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club FERRIL RUSSELL Football 1 FRANKIE LOU SHELTON Volleyball 2 Commercial Club 2, 3PAULINE LIKE Commercial Club Glfee Club BARNEY RUFFENER Band 1, 2, 3 Commercial Club MAURIECE HUGHES Football 1,2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Track 1, 2, 3 Pres. 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2, 3 Band 1,2, 3 WANDA FRASIER Glee Club Commercial Club LAURA CHILDERS EUGENE SEABOLT (Frosty) Glee Club 1,2 Basketball 1,2, 3 Home Ec Club Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Camera Club 2, 3 Best Athlete 2FLOYD BRIGHT (Pete) Basketball 1, 2, 3 LEA BOLES Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 ROBERT FLEMMING Commercial Club 3 Jr. Basketball DOUGLAS SOUTHWORTH Football 3 BILL TREMBLY Band 1, 2, 3 RAYMOND HOLLEYCARL RUSSELL Basketball 1, 2, 3 Tennis 2, 3 Track 2, 3 J. J. LEOWERY Jr. Basketball 1 CHARLES HESLEP Jr. Football 2 Band 3 Commercial Club 3 Basketball 3 THOMAS HESLEP Commercial Club Band 3 Basketball 3 BILLY DAVIS Band 1 Glee Club 2 Vice Pres. 1 BOBBY COLBORN Jr. Football 3MRS. ANNE LAXSON Sponsor MR. W. R. WINGFIELD Sponsor TRUITT BERRYMAN Bond 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2 INA BELL ROGERS Bond 1, 2, 3 Volleyball Footlight Guild 3 Glee Club 1,2, 3 Sec. Tr. 2, 3 Commercial Club 3 MARGARET MANESS MARCELLA WOODS Commercial Club 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Camera Club 3 Ass't Editor of Annual 3 Pep Club 1 Home Ec Club 3 Home Ec Club 3 Band 1,2, 3 Commercial Club 3 Pep Club 1 Camera Club 3n ■ JmiictsVANCE WILLIAMS Cairo, Egypt DORIS MAY HOUSER Hobbs, New Mexico The History of this Senior class is one that should not be forgotten. Our class was first heard of when we were in the eighth grade. We elected class officers and sponsor, (Mrs. Wingfield) and formed quite an organized class. We started our career in a big one room school building until our new school was being finished. It seemed like a very large building to us although it was only four large rooms and a library. At the end of that year we graduated into high school and thought that we were quite grown up. At the beginning of the next year we really got it from the first of the year till the last day of school because we were the "fish." We had our ups and downs but we still had lots of fun. At the beginning of that year our roll consisted of the following: Mildred Biggs, Robert Biggs, Sylvia Brice, Mary Margaret Carpenter, Betty Carney, Junior Coleman, Bernece Manson, Irene Fraw-ner, Dorthy Ann Kelly, Bertha, Evert, and Ralph Muncy, Lenora Richardson, Louis Sherrill, Patsy Dean Wallace, Pleaz Farmer, Glen Boyd, Glen Currie, Durward Dyer, Buddy Evans, Othell Heinz, G. T. Lamberth, Dorthy Lewis, Estelle McCluskey, Hubert Rogers, Raymond Scarbrough, Harold Seabolt, John Stevens, Ralph Thornton, W. H. Turner, Melba Keys, J. O. Owens, Dale Philps, Ludie Lynn, and Lesta Burdett. CONTINUED ON CALENDAR PAGEDUANE SHELTON Football 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 4 Track 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Exchange Ed. for paper 4 W. H.TURNER Football 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2 PATSY DEAN WALLACE Band 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 AGA 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 TOBY DRURYHERMAN POOL Football 3, 4 Commercial Club Track 3, 4 OZELLA BENNETT LINTON LANIER Rosebud, Texas Commercial Club 4 TRUETT ROBERTS Band 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Pat. Leader 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Footlight Guild 4 Boy's Quartet 4EVALYN EPPLER Band 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 J. O. BETTS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Footlight Guild 4 Track 1, 2, 3 DORIS GRIFFIN Volleyball 4 Commercial Club 4 B. H. DRURY Football 4 Commercial Club 4 i 4LUDIE LYNN Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Commercial Club 4 ELOIS FORD Commercial Club 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 JACK WHITAKER Football 3, 4 Pres, of Commercial Club 4 Footlight Guild 4 GLENN CURRIE Commercial Club 4 Football 3 Track 2WANDA TURNER JOE ROY HURD Commercial Club 4 Football 4 LESTA BURDETT Football 2, 3, 4 BUDDY EVANS Commercial Club 3, 4ELSIE KAUL Camera Club 4 AL G. CURRY Glee Club RAMONA SHAKEWITZ Commercial Club 4 Glee Club 3, 4 JOYCE SEGER Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Foot light Guild 4 Home Economics Club 4DORTHY ANN KELLY Band 3, 4 Commercial 3, 4 Camera 4 Footlight Guild 4 AGA 1,2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 Volleybalf 2, 3, 4 HAROLD SEABOLT (Chief) Football 4 Track 1 Asst. Snap Shot Ed. 4 Class President 3 Footlight Guild 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Crooner 1 MILDRED FLEMING 'Monument, N. M.) Camera Club 4 Commercial Club 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Captain Volleyball 4 CHARLIE WHITE Football 4 Basketball 1, 2 Band 2, 3, 4 Track 1 Commercial Club 4 Footlight Guild 4 Camera Club 4 Most Handsome Boy 2, 3BERNECE HANSON Home Ec. Club 4 Sec. of Commercial Club 2,3,4 Pres. AGA 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Snap Shot Ed. of Annual 4 Class Treas. 3, 4 Mary Margaret Carpenter Band 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Footlight Guild 4 Vice President of AGA 2, 3, 4 Editor of Annual 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Business Mgr. of Class 3, 4 JR. COLEMAN Band 2, 3, 4 Business Mgr. of Class 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 MILDRED GAULTNEY (Milly) Drum Major 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4 Treas. of AGA 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Sec. of Band 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Art Editor of Annual 4 Captain of Volleyball 3 Co-Captain of Volleyball 4 Footlight Guild 4MRS. WINGFIELD MR. BYRON LOUIS SHERRILL Pres. Student Council 4 Bond 3, 4 Commercial Club 4 Footlight Guild 4 Class President 4 Bus. Mgr. of Annual 4 CHARLES EPPLER Band 2, 3, 4 Asst. Scout Master 3, 4 Vice Pres, of Class 4 Band Mgr. 2, 3, 4 BERTHA MUNCY Class Sec. 4 Composition Ed. 4 c • zz enLOt NAME Ludie Duane Elsie Bernece Evalyn Ramona Linton Joe Roy Harold Mary M. Mildred F. Joyce Seger Patsy Dean B. H. Doris May J. 0. Ozella Elois Bertha Muncy Lesta Junior Glen Al G. Charles E. Buddy Louis Truett Herman Jack W. Vance Wanda T. Dorthy Ann Mildred G. NICK NAME Ludix Sharkey Ree Boo Jean Mona Frenchie Big Dog Chief Maggie Shrimp Jottie Patie Bach Half Pint Joe Mrs. Lois Muncy Cotton June Gooigenheimer Charley Bud Working Boy Slim Herm Whakkey Egypt Motherly Baby Milly APPEARANCE Happy-go-lucky Dead End Kid Neat Domestic Shadow to Duane Cute Quiet Giant Indian Dumb Dora Care free Chunkey Nonchalant Frog Quiet Sissy Conservative Awkward Old Maid Skinny Sportish Bashful Gentleman Cow-boy Zeke Farmer College Boy Athletic Frenchman Heffty Cute Ul c . zzyeiiiot PET EXPRESSION ASPIRATION "Oh my Gosh" Coach " Go on" Field Work "Oh foot" Aviator "Tis not" House wife "Great Heavens" Archaeologist "Oh Hannar" Secretary "Nuts to you" C. P. A. "Come on Boo and take me home" Highway Patrolman "Well I'll be dog gone" President "Well," 1 don't see why" Secretary "Well, all right" P. E. Inst. "Kelsey" Beauty Operator "Garden Seeds" Secretary "Mrs. Wingfield I'm tired" Nothing Dog Doctor "That's too much" Engineer House Wife Secretary Architect "The little man who wasn't there" Agriculturist "Agnes, what a bear track" Aviator "I ain't done nuttin" Undecided "Thunder" Doctor "Twern't, me Skeered me" Architect "When I was in Egypt" House Wife "Why? Mrs. Wingfield" Doctor "Stephn" dear School TeacherA. B.—Univ. of Colorado Jr. High Ph. Ed. Secretary to Supt. A. B.—N.M.N.U.WM. R. WINGFIELD A. B.—N.M.N.U. ’35 Math, Biology MRS. NINA L. PEEBLES B. A.—Hardin-Simmons U. ’3 1 English, Speech ANNA L. LAXSON B. S.—North East Mo. M. S.—University of Colo. Home Economics ROSEMARY WILDMAN B. A.—U.S.N.M. ’34 Music—Jr. High JULIAN W. CATON A. B.—N.M.N.U. ’31 M. A.—N.M.U. Jr. High Principal MRS. LILA BROWN B. A.—Baylor University Jr. HighU. G. MONTGOMERY Coach, Science, History A. B.—N.M.N.U. ’30 M. A.—Colorado MRS. BOB GREEN Librarian, Eng., Spanish B. A.—Texas Tech ’30C A. on wait SUPERINTENDENT  Dirds-eye view op the -funice School plarr .. .l940 -Mi h School ■Entrance — t eluatel (j o Mr. W. F. Turner as a token of our appreciation for his sincere loyalty to the school and community he helped to build— for his character and leadership that mark him a true pioneer of the west of which he is so much a part.ou t. ILENE GUTHRIE County Superintendent BOARD MEMBERS SETH ALSTON, President R. L. D. W. PATTON R. MRS. ILENE GUTHRIE Secretary LOCAL T. W. RUSSELL, President D. E. HOOVER, Secretary F. E. HARDISON ROBINSON S. GASTON e, the Senior class and staff, present to you, students of Eunice High School, The 1940 Cardinal. We bring you this annual so in the years to come it may prove dear to you in both the serious and the humorous things that happened in E. H. S.Le atdutal Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of EUNICE HIGH SCHOOL Eunice, New Mexico Mary Margaret Carpenter Editor Margaret Maness Asst. Editor Louis Sherrill Bus. Manager Wm. Wingfield Advisor 

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