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THE CARDINAL Published by the SENIOR CLASS of EUNICE HIGH SCHOOL EUNICE, NEW MEXICO RUTH McCUIRE Editor JESSIE BAKER Composition Editor MARY MARGARET CARPENTER Assistant Editor ELLIOT TURNER Business Manager WILLIAM WINGFIELD Advisor - V FOREWORD One more year has passed, bringing its changes in the history of Eunice High. It has been our wish to portray in a spirit true to E. H. S. those things humorous as well as serious which may prove of interest to the reader. With the hope that in the years to come it may prove dear to you, we present. The Cardinal for 38-39. THE EDITOR. [ 4 ]Foreword 4 Junior High . 45 Dedication . 7 Intermediate . 50 School Board . 8 Primary . 54 Administration . 9 Organizations . 65 Seniors . 17 Athletics . 73 Class History . 21 Here Comes Charlie . 83 Senior Play . 23 Cardinal Staff . 84 Senior Will . 24 Favorites . 87 Juniors . 25 School Janitors . 94 Junior Play . 32 Calendar . 95 Sophomores . 33 Who's Who Among Seniors . 97 Freshmen . 39 Ads 99 C O N T E N T s [ 5 1[ 6 ]DEDICATION “OUR DRUMMER” Dedicated to EMILY JEAN PALMER of the Eunice High School Band Some where a band is playing, Some where the snare drums roll, Some where Cod’s conducting a band of Holy members all. Cod must have needed a drummer. To play in his heavenly land. So he looked the wide world over and Chose one from our school band. Her parents’ hearts were torn and bleeding, Her friends and teachers stunned by the blow, Because Cod had given no warning He wanted our drummer so. We are sure she is playing in heaven, Surrounded by angels up there. With the greatest of conductors smiling As she lifts her drumsticks in the air. So as the meaning of her going Sinks into hearts of her friends, Let each vow to meet our drummer, Where she plays in that heavenly band. CHARLES EPPLER. [ 7 1COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD ILENE GUTHRIE County Superintendent BOARD MEMBERS SETH ALSTON. President R. L. ROBINSON J. W. OWENS MRS. ILENE B. GUTHRIE. Secretary D. W. PATTON R. S. GASTON LOCAL BOARD MEMBERS W. H. TURNER, President W. H. KING. Secretary D. E. HOOVER TED RUSSELL [ 8 ]ADMINISTRATIONGreetings: To you seniors and undergraduates who have built up the traditions of Eunice High to make it one of the finest in New Mexico. May you ever keep before you the ideals of industry, honesty, democracy, and service to your fellow man that come through the forming of habits that lead to lasting success and happiness. Sincerely, CARL CRUTCHFIELD. [ 10 ]Greetings to ail who have lent a hand to the upward climb of the Eunice High School. It is through your cooperation that our school has attained a respectable place among the better schools of this and adjoining states. For your part in this attainment I wish to express my appreciation and congratulations to each of you. C. H. CONWAY. [ ll 1JULIAN W. CATON Jr. High Principal Major—History, Adm. Education Minor—£hglish (Speech) A.B.—N.M.N.U. '31 Graduate Work—N.M.U. M.A.—N.M.U. MRS. MEJTIE MACK MISS RUBY WILLIAMS Elementary Principal Major—Education Minor—English, Soc. Science, Math. A.B—N.M.N.U. '27 Primary Supervisor Major—Primary Education Minor—English, History A.B —W.T.S.T College Craduate Work—E.N.M.N.; Univ. So. Calif. Dramatic Club Women’s Athletic Assn. t 12 ]U. C. MONTGOMERY Coach, Science, History— Major—Social Science, Psychology Minor—Eng., Ed., Phy. Ed. A.B.—N.M.N.U. ’30 M.A.—Colorado Beta Chi, Alpha Psi Omega Football, Basketball, Track, Tennis Most Representative Senior ‘31 MRS. NINA L. PEEBLES Speech, English Major—Speech, English B.A.—Hardin-Simmons U. ‘31 Literary "S” at graduation Graduate Work—Univ. So. Calif. Community Players, Pasadena Radio Work—K.F.I., Los Angeles MRS. HAZEL C. WINGFIELD Commercial, P. E. Art. Major—Commerce, Dramatics Minor—Art, Education A.B —N.M.N.U. ‘34 Graduate Work—N.M.N.U. Sigma. Sigma, Sigma Art Club, Koshares Student Welfare ’34 W. I. BYRON Band, Math, Boy Scouts Major—Band, History Minor—Group Drill B.S.—Hardin-Simmons ’33 Cowboy Band ‘29. ‘30. ’31, ’32, ‘33 European Tour ‘30 Football, Basketball, Track Graduate Work—M. C.. Cincinnati, Ohio WM. R. WINGFIELD Math, Science Major—Math, Commerce Minor—Spanish, Ed. A.B.—N.M.N.U. ’35 Beta Chi, Sec.-Vice-Pres. Spanish Club Sec. £r Treas. Student Council Jr. fj Senior Class Pres. ’34-’35 Graduate Work—Univ. Colo. MRS. ANNA LEE LAXSON B.S.—North East Missouri State Teachers College M.S.—University of Colo. Pi Kappa Sigma Kappa Delta Pi Campfire, Glee Club, Dramatics Major—Home Ec. [ 13 ]MRS. BOB GREEN Spanish, Librarian Major—English, Education Minor—Spanish B.A.—Texas Tech ’30 Graduate Work—N.M.N.U. Spanish Club MRS. ROSEMARY WILDMAN Major—Public Sc.. Music Minor—English, Piano B.A.—U.S.N.M. ’34 Graduate Work—U. of N. M. Phi Theta Kappa Sigma Alpha Theta Annual Staff—Vegas Spanish Club TOM E. LAXSON jr. Hi. Math. Or P. E. jr. Hi. Coach A.B.—Univ. of Colo. 38 Spanish—Southwestern Univ. Band Pres. Fresh. Class Football MRS. RUBY MONTGOMERY Major—Education Minor—History j.A.B. Pep Club Literary Club MRS. LILA BROWN Eighth Grade Major—English, Education Minor—Foreign Language B.A.—Baylor Univ. ’21 Graduate Work—U.N.M. EARL HARTLY Sixth Grade Major—Political Science Minor—History Wayland junior College Univ. of Hawaii Univ. of New Mexico Dramatic, International Relationship [ 14 ]MRS. VEMA BROWN Fifth Grade Major—English Minor—Education Sul Ross N.M.N.U. MRS. VERA PORTER Fourth Grade Major—History Minor—Education Glee Club, Dramatic Club MRS. NORMA CURRY Fourth Grade Major—English Minor—Education E.N.J.C. ’35 Glee Club, journalism Dramatic Club HELEN L. DENTON Southeastern Teachers College Durant, Oklahoma A.B. MRS. PEARL CARLISLE Fifth Grade Major—English Minor—History Education A.B.—Southwestern Teachers College Oklahoma ’24 MISS KATHRYN SHEARER Third Grade Major—Primary Education Minor—Public Speaking B.S.—West Texai State ’32 [ 15 1MRS. VORA HARTLY Second Grade Maior—Business Adm. Minor—Education A.B.—Texas Tech. MRS. BLANCHE FRANKLIN Third Grade Major—Education Minor—English Glee Club MISS BESSIE ROSS Second Grade A.B.—Simmons Univ. ’30 Major—Art Minor—English Cowgirls Art Club Delta Kappa Gamma MISS ANNE THURSTON Second Grade Major—Educational Hist. Minor—Biology, English B.S.—Sul Ross State Teachers '36 Delta Kappa Gamma MISS WILLOUGHBY SMITH Secretary to Supt. Major—£omm. Ed. Minor—English Ed. B A.—Univ. of Texas ‘31 Gamma Epsilon Pi MRS FRANCES M. CATON Third Grade Major—Primary Education Minor—English, Social Science A.B.—N.M.N.U. '32 Graduate Work—U. of N. M. t 16 ]SENIORSIRBEN FANNIN President 4; Football 3,4; Commercial Club 3; Glee club 4; Soft Ball 1,2,3.4 ruth McGuire Editor of Annual 4; Commercial Club 3,4; Secretary 4; Pep Squad 3,4; Glee Club 2,4; G. R. Club 1; ACA 3,4; Volleyball 1,3 BILL ELLIOT Vice-President 4; Band 3,4; Commercial Club 3,4 CHARLES RUSSELL. |R. Basketball 1,2; Football 3,4; Tennis 1.2,3.4 CEANE DRURY Editor of Paper Staff 4; Debate 1 ; Commercial Club 4; Pep Squad 3,4; Reporter 4; Volleyball 3,4; Baseball 3,4 MARVIN RUSSELL Football 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,3; Basketball 1,2,3.4; Baseball 1,2; Soft Ball 1,2; Debate 2.3; Clee Club 2.3 ELLIOT TURNER Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3; Band 3,4; Treasurer 2,3,4; Secretary 2, 3; President I; Commercial Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4 JESSIE BAKER Volleyball 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Baseball 1.2; ACA 2,3,4 Sec.; Commercial Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 4; Pep Squad 2,3 [ 18 ]BEULAH MUNCY Vice President 3; Pep Squad 1 ; Commercial Club 3; Paper Staff 4; Glee Club 2,3.4 MARK LASLY Football 2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; President 3; Vice-President 2; FFA 1 ; Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 1,2.3,4; 4H Club 1 j. C. DAVIS Basketball 2,3,4; Secretary 1,2; Commercial Club 4 NORMA MILES Volleyball 1 ; Basketball 1 ; Commercial Club 3; Annual Staff 3.4 Baseball 3.4 BETTY COLBURN Basketball 2; Commercial Club 4; Glee Club 2,3; Pep Squad 1 HAROLD CREEK Football 1,2,3,4; Commercial Club 4; Baseball 1 ; Soft Ball NINA GALBREATH Paper Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Volleyball 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2; Glee Club 1,2.4; Pep Squad 1,2,4; Commercial Club 4; GA Club 1 SHERWOOD CARTER Basketball 2.4; Track; Football 2,3,4EDDIE LEE CALBREATH Volleyball 1 ; Basketball 1 ; Pep Squad 1,2,3; Commercial Club 2.3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; President I; Secretary 2; High School Orchestra 1; CA Club MERLE RUSSELL Basketball 1,2,3,4; Com- mercial Club 4; Track 1.2,3 Soft ball 1,2 GOLDA PRICHARD President 1; Basketball 1,2; Music 1,2,3,4; Commercial Club 3.4 MARIE WILKEKSON Basketball 1,2; Volleyball 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Commercial Club 3; Pep Squad 2,3,4 I ESS POWELL Commercial Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2 OMA BRAY Basketball 1; Pep Squad 2,4; Commercial Club 3; Treasurer )OE SIMS Football 2.3; Baseball 1,2,3; Commercial Club 4; Swimming Club 1,2 WILMA WORLEY Volleyball 1,2,3; Pep Squad 3.4 ( 20 ]BUD ENDERSON Football 4; Tennis 3,4; Commercial Club 4 CLASS HISTORY When twenty-five seniors are graduated this year, Eunice citizens will be proud to know that this is the largest number of seniors ever to be graduated from Eunice, New Mexico. Of this twenty-five, Elliott Turner is the only one who entered his first school in Eunice. Beulah Muncy entered high school here in 1935, coming to us from our neighboring school, White. Two of our seniors, Jess Powell and Marie Wilkerson have done all their high school work in Eunice High. Most of our group entered Eunice High in 1936 as sophomores; among this group are: Eddie Lee Calbreath, from Borger, Texas Nina Calbreath, from Borger, Texas Wilma Worley, from Navarro, Texas Jessie Baker, from Seminole, Oklahoma Bill Elliott, from Lubbock, Texas Norma Miles, from Wink, Texas Ruth McGuire, from Russell, Kansas Mark Lasly, from Pioneer, Texas. Our enrollment increased when the class entered their Junior year with the addition of seven students. We welcomed to our group; Ceane Drury, from Healdton, Oklahoma Oma Bray, from Hobbs, New Mexico Sherwood Carter, from Monument, New Mexico Irben Fannin, from Granbury, Texas J. C Davis, from Williford. Arkansas Harold Creek, from Big Springs. Texas Harold Enderson, from Ft. Worth, Texas Charles Russell, from Vera, Texas. When we started the last mile of our high school race as seniors in 1938, we rejoiced to add to the membership of our class five young people: Betty Colborn came to us from Borger, Texas Colda Prichard entered from Talco, Texas. Joe Sims transferred from Carlsbad. New Mexico. Marvin and Merle Russell entered this year, transferring from Roby, Tex. Mrs. Bob Green, has ably steered the major part of this group from their sophomore year through their senior, as their sponsor, working untiringly and unselfishly toward the betterment of the group. [ 21 ]I SENIOR SNAPS I 22 ]i f(rupp pe), oce ves rc n nobgoUi House ScN'or PUJ S55!.i» frfir k - M t h ’ X -i T»tk $ Torso C -— [ 23 ]SENIOR WILL OF ’39 We. the Seniors of Eunice High School in the County of Lea and State of New Mexico, Spinsters and Cents, in perfect health and memory (praise be), do make and ordain this our list will and testament, in manner and form following, that is to say: FIRST: We commend our ambitious selves into the hands of Life, our ultimate destiny, hoping and assuredly believing, through the stresses and struggles thereof, to add unto ourselves success, affluence, happiness and fame ever lasting. SECONDLY: We bequeath to our beloved and esteemed Superintendent, C. H. Conway, admiration, respect and friendship; we recommend that he be as considerate and fair with forthcoming freshmen, sophomores, and juniors as he has been with us; lastly, the enduring love of each of the classes. THIRDLY: We give to our true friend and advisor, Carl Crutchfield, our heartfelt thanks, for his assistance, companionship, understanding, and our unused credits to be given to those needy seniors who may follow us. FOURTHLY: We bequeath to all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors a succession of teachers who have not forgotten the days of their own incarceration in school and are lenient accordingly in small matters of punctuality, whispering, mumbling due to the mumbler's oral cavity being full of something other than words and dentals, day dreaming, irrelevant levity in the midst of prosy discussions on pythagoras and ancients of his ilk, total or partial lack of intelligence, illegibility and inattention. FIFTHLY: We give and bequeath to the incumbent Juniors of Eunice High School, entailed to their rightful successors, absolutely and forever, our seats in Session room XI. SIXTHLY: We give and bequeath to the incumbent Sophomores of Eunice High School any and all retiring, quiet, unobtrusive, modest and supine characteristics that may possibly (but improbably) remain to us under our present vainglorious exterior, remembering, though with difficulty, the quiescent state of the Juniors, who have neither the mirth-provoking verdancy of the Freshmen nor the blatant sophistication of the Sophomores nor yet the scintillating supremacy of the Seniors, the said Juniors being only, merely, nothing but and simply Juniors. We make and constitute this benevolent bequest that said incumbent Sophomores may fill the aforementioned Juniors’ seats next year with becoming passivity. SEVENTHLY: We give and bequeath to the infant freshmen one stick of red and white peppermint candy, to be unwrapped and broken by Mr. U. C. Montgomery, a teacher known to be the champion ever of the oppressive, into as many portions as there are freshmen and to distribute among them to assuage, mollify, appease, mitigate, pacify and alleviate their aforestated tortures, torments, ridicule and humiliations at the hands of the then sophomores. EIGHTHLY: We give and bequeath to our esteemed sponsors, Mrs. Bob Green and Mr. U. G. Montgomery, all the fear, admiration, reverence, awe, respect, and deference, in which we hold them that they may, when we are gone, distribute said fear, admiration, reverence, awe, respect and deference impartially among the incoming freshmen. To Patsy Dean Wallace, Jessie Baker leaves her ability to pester the teachers. Oma Bray wills her ability to get her man to Mary Margaret Carpenter. To Mildred Gaultney, Norma Miles wills her ability to paint place cards for Junior-Senior banquet next year. To Evalyn Eppler, Geane Drury leaves her gift of gab. (Continued on page 107) [ 24 1IOSEPH HAROLD SEABOLT Glee Club 1,2,3; Thespian Club; Commercial Club 2; Baseball 1 ). O. BETTS. )R. Commercial Club 2; Football 2,3; Track 1,2,3; Vice-President 3 OZELLA BENNETT (MRS.) Commercial Club 3 jAMES HAROLD BLAKELEY Fordyce, Arkansas; Thespian Club; Business Mgr. 3 MILDRED CAULTNEY Drum Maior 3; AGA 2; Commercial Club 2; Volleyball 1,2,3; Secretary 2.3; Band Secretary 2.3; Captain of Volleyball 3 BERNECE HANSON AGA I, President 2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2.3; President 2; Vice-President 1 ; Treasurer 3 MARY MARGARET CARPENTER Alpha Gamma Alpha 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2; Commercial Club 2; Band 2.3; Volleyball 2.3; Tennis 2.3; Business Mgr. 3; Ass’t. Editor of Annual 3 t 26 ]LOUIS SHERRILL Ex-President 3 Commercial Club 2 PATSY DEAN WALLACE Band 2,3 ACA 2.3 Commercial Club 3 Volleyball 1,2,3 Tennis 1,2,3 ACA 2,3 WANDA BOWMAN Commercial Club 3 f TRUITT ROBERTS Band 2.3 Glee Club 1,2,3 Boy Scouts 2.3 Commercial Club 3 CHARLES EPPLER Mgr. of Band 3 President of Band 3 Commercial Club 2 Thespian Club Jr. Asst. Scout Master EVALYN EPPLER Glee Club 2.3 Commercial Club 2 Band 2,3 Annual Staff 4 RAMONA SHAKEWITZ Brown wood. Texas Glee Club Pep Squad ELSIE KAUL Wink, Texas Tennis 2.3 Commercial Club % I 27 ]w;lliam jack whitaker Football 3; Commercial Club 2; Boy Scout 2,3 PAULINE HARBERT Commercial Club 2; Glee Club 2.3 ROY OVERTON Glee Club 1,2,3; Band 2,3; Track 2;3 jOYCE SECER Carne, Texas; Band 1,2,3; r Basketball 1,2; Reporter 3 MELBA KYEES Pep Squad 2,3; Glee Club 2, 3 AL G. CURRY Crystal City, Texas; Boy Scouts 1,2,3; Commercial Club; Football 2; Track 3; Baseball; Band 3 BERTHA MUNCY Glee Club 1,2,3; Commercial Club 3; DURWARD DYER Football 1,2,3; Band 2 [ 28 ]HERMAN POOL Lubbock, Texas Commercial Club 3 Football 3 MIRIAM BUCY Band 3 DOROTHY ANN KELLY Band 2,3 Treasurer ACA 3 Asst. Editor of Paper 3 Tennis 1,2,3 Volleyball 1,2,3 ACA CLENN CURRIE Commercial Club 2 First Aid Scout 3 Football 3 CHARLIE WHITE Band 3 Commercial Club 2 ELOIS FORD Glee Club 1.2,3 Commercial Club 2 EMSLEY SMITH Commercial Club 2 Boxing 2,3 BEN COLEMAN |R. Band 2,3 )r. Basketball 1,2,3 Tennis 1,2,3 |r. Football 1,2,3BUDDY EVENS Clee Club 2.3 B. H. DRURY Commercial Club 2; Band 3; DUANE SHELTON, ]R. Basketball 2.3; Football 3; Band 2.3; LAVOE FERGUSON Commercial Club 2; Boxing 2.3; Football 3 W.H.TURNER Football 1 ; Commercial Club 2; Tennis 2.3 LUDIE LYNN Glee Club 2; Football 1,2,3 [ 30 }JUNIOR SNAPS [ 31 ]JUNIOR PLAY [ 32 ]SOPHOMORESCLEO KOGER (Sleepy) Seminole, Okla., Pep Squad 2 THOMAS HESLEP (Tom) Band 2, )r. Basketball 2 BETTY LOU LUBBES (Baby) Glee Club 2, jr. Band 2 ROBERT MASSEY (Bobby) Bug Hunter EDWARD POOL (Son) Football 2, Track 2 LEE BOLES (Toughie) Football 1,2; Basketball 1.2 MERIAN SCOTT (Chubbie) Glee Club 1,2; Pep Squad 2 BILLY DAVIS (Billy) Band 1 ; Glee Club 2; V-Pres. 1 LAURA CHILDRES (Sleepy) Glee Club 1.2 BUFORD ALDRIDGE (Bashful) Band 1,2; Jr. Basketball 2 MAURICE HUGHES President 1,2 Eunice Football 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Band 1,2 WILMA LEE WRIGHT Glee Club 1.2 Pep Squad 1,2 INA BELL ROCERS Band 1.2 EUGENE SEABOLT Football 1.2 Basketball 1,2 TRUITT BERRYMAN Band 1,2 Glee Club 1.2 PAULINE FORD Band 1 lewis McGuire Eunice MARCELLA WOODS Pep Squad 1 Band 1.2 IMOCENE STURM Pep Squad 1 Band 1.2 FLOYD BRIGHT Jr. Football 1 Basketball 1,2 t 3S ]HELEN FAY MARTIN Pep Squad 1,2; Volleyball 1,2 DOUGLASS SOUTHWORTH Eunice ELMER WEST Football 1 HELEN WALLACH Treasurer 1 ; Basketball 1 ; Softball 1; Reporter 2; Pep Squad 1,2; Glee Club 1,2 BILLY JEAN WARD Eunice CARL RUSSELL Basketball 1,2; Tennis 2; Basketball 2; Track 2 FRANKIE LOU SHELTON Volleyball 2; Pep Squad 2; Dramatics 1 ; Commercial Club 2 BARNEY RUFNER (Eunice) CHARLES HESLEP Band 2; Jr. Basketball 2; Jr. Football 2 [ 36 )CHARLES ENDERSON Football 2 Jr. Basketball 1,2 Track 2 jr. Tennis 1,2 jAMES BURT jr. Football 1,2 jr. Basketball 1,2 Track 2 jr. Tennis 2 Band 2 EDWARD BURT Band 2 jr. Basketball 2 jr. Football 2 MARIE STACEY Band 1.2 Pep Squad 1 RAYMOND HOLLY Eunice BRYAN RAGSDALE Band 1.2 Glee Club 1.2 MARGARET MANESS Pep Squad 1 Band 1,2 BOBBY COLBURN Softball 1.2 jr. Football 2 j. ). LOWERY jr. Basketball 1 WANDA LEE FRAZIER Hagerman, N. M.SOPHOMORE SNAPS [ 38 ]MARY BETH WOODELL (Wood) Band, Glee Club IWANDA DAVIS Cut.e Tennis, Glee Club, Pep Squad, Volleyball HAROLD jONES (Oklahoma) Baseball PATRICIA BUCY (Sue) Glee Club 4 jACOB WORLEY (Jake) Jr. Basketball, Jr. Football WILMA JEAN BAKER (Jean) Glee Club, Volleyball . JACK ROBERTS (Lankey) Baseball FRED WALDROP (Nuts) Band, Glee Club MADGE MARIE MILLER Volleyball HELEN BETH ELLIOTT (Bonnie) Glee Club, Band jOE MENDEZ (Chappi) Baseball BERNICE CARLILE (Bee) Glee Club Tennis Volleyball DOROTHY )EAN YOUNT (Dot) Glee Club Jr. Band BILL OLEN WORLEY (William) Boy Scout Glee Club DON STRICKLAND (Slim) ERMA GAYE LEDBETTER Glee Club CHRISTINE MARION BOATMAN (Chris) Glee Club, Tennis. Baseball JACK JOHNSON (Cutie) VERNON WILSON (Fat) Football DOROTHY MAE HUNTER (Dot) Band Glee Club [ 41 |BRYANT BRISTOW (Bryl RUTH DRINKARD (Rufis) Glee Club, Band JACK ROBERTS (Nephew) DeALVA STIRLING (Del Glee Club. Pep Squad IRMA ARLENE JOHNSON (Nene) Glee Club, Volleyball, Tennis PAULINE CHARLINE HOPPEE Glee Club, Pep Squad, Tennis HARDON PAYTON (Sister) Band VIRGIE LEA HOLLEY (Virg) Glee Club, Volleyball, Tennis CHARLES CRIBBS (Slatz) PAUL HARBERT (Sleepy) Boy Scouts, Glee Club t 42 ]RAMA LEE OSTERLOH (Amy) Volleyball Tennis Pep Squad RITA CLAIR BAKER (W.ta) Tennis Volleyball Baseball Glee Club Pep Squad WANDA NELL CONWAY (Connie) Class Reporter OTEKIA BELL (Beautiful) Glee Club ROFF KENSWORTHY (Mt. View) Durant, Oklahoma LOYD WILLIAMS (Skinny) MARJORIE POOL Volleyball Tennis Band Pep Squad DONALENE WEEMS (Blondie) Tennis RUBY LOUISE SEABOLT (S.ster) Glee Club Pep Squad Volleyball Tennis Baseball DOROTHY JOSEPHINE SIMS Glee Club WM. ELSWORTH Glee Club Football EOFF (Bill) [ 43 ]FRESHMAN SNAPS [ 44 ]• JUNIOR HIGHLORETTA WARDEN jUNIOR VALT BETTY jO KARL BYRLE ROBERTS HARVEY REYNOLDS MURAL BRYANT CALVIN HOOVER BARBARA NELL AWALT NAN FOSTER WALTER RAY WHITAKER BILLY BOB CANNEDY REX BEAL MILDRED jUNE COBLE DOROTHY JORDEN HELEN LOCKE LOUISE WALDROP VIRGINIA DALE McKIBBEN MARY LOU KING MOZELLE WHIT ESTELLE DAUEE LUCILLE FRASIER ELLIE SIMS jEAN MARIE KELLY ALMA BARR [ 46 ]BILLY BURKE JOAN MOORE MYRLE BEANA LUCILLE FLIPPEN DURWOOD HARDEE BILLY EARL CAIN ROY FLOYD GRANT ADKINS MILTON CARTER SARAH LEE CHILDERS GENE COLBORN CLENN VOUGHT |. D. CILBERT ALICE MILLER CLELEAN RUSSELL CURTIS HARDISON DELL BOLES ROBERT CHECK ANNA BELL SOUTHWORTH W. B. WILSON WAYNE WEAVER ED EDWARD LEE WILKERSON CARL CALBREATH VERNON HOSTETTER JEAN FROSTLE BENN COOK SUELLA ROBERTSON [ 47 ]EIGHTH GRADE SNAPS [ 48 ]SEVENTH GRADE SNAPS [ 49 ]jOYCE CAULTNEY A. C. WINDHAM ELLEN McCORMACK WILLIE B SMITH ROBERT EOFF RENE CARNES j. W ALBERTSON ANDREA MENDEZ MINNIE BELL SIMES LeROY CREEK EDGAR VARNER NOLAN jETER SHIRLEY jOE DUREY ALTON CHEEK RUBY NELL BOYD RICHARD STAFFORD HAROLD VARNER JO LOUISE O’DONNELL BILLIE LYNN JOAN WOODS MELBA HILL JOHN EARL REYNOLDS ROSE LEE MUNCY ). M RUSSELL BESS SIMS OTIS PETTY ANNIE FRANCES BYRON WAYNE GIBSON A. V. RODGERS DICK HORNER [ 50 ]BOBBY HELEN CRAVENS BILLY CLIFF COBLE BETTY |EAN GASTON BILL WILSON BILLY BOATMAN MARY jOYCE PARKS DARELL SHIELD WANDA MAE SEABOLT WANDA BOYDSTREN ROBERT LEE CRAIN DOROTHY TOWNLEY BOBBY DYSON ARTHUR BAKER jACKDLENE CANNER FRANCES HARDISON MARY LOUISE CREEN DORRIS BROWN HELEN SINCLAIR FRANCES CROW JESSIE MAE ALLISON LOYD QUIGLEY BELLE ARMOUR STIRLING CERALD ADKINS GEARLDINE WILKERSON JEAN RACSDELLMARY ANN JOHNSON CECIL HAMILTON CUCA MENDEZ ROBERT DYER DOROTHY LOU HERRON CORDON FISHER LEVADA JONES WALTER LEE ALBERTSON ERWANA LETTERMAN BOBBY DEAN NATIN MARY NELL HUNTER C. D. SMITH GWENDOLYN DYSON JOE FORD JOYCE HUNTER ROBERT GLASSPOOLE DOROTHY MANFIELD CALNER LEE BRYAN NELLE BURKE BOBBY LEE FORD VERLETA WOOLIVER W. T. HARDY VERNA MAE LAUCE FLOYD POOL GLADYS HOLLEY HOWARD BOLES ETTA MAE CARLILE NIEL ALLISON GUADALUPE MENDEZ MALCOLM BUCK LUZ SALAZAAR PAULINE DAVIS ( 52 )LO NELL EVANS GERALDINE jOHNSON jOHN YOUNT MARY LOU PASCHAL WESLEY SCARBOUCH GLEN ROSE WILLIE MAE BROWN CHARLES SCHLITTER COLLEEN QUIGLEY WINSTON STANSBERRY S ALL IE RUTH WATSON GENE GREEN EVA MAE STEPHENS DONALD BARR MARGARET CONWAY TERRELL MAYS GEORGIA LEAH DAVIS HAROLD WALDROP LUCY BURT H. DEE BAKER SALL RUTH BARRETT BUDDY CARSON NELDA jO FRENCH CHARLES BIXLER LaVELLE SCOTT MAX CURRY SHIRLEY FISHER SHEA HESLEY FAY RUTH SIMS LEE McCOY CLARENCE GARDNER VARDEMAN SMITH DOUGLAS DRURY EDWARD HOLLEMAN jOHN ALLEN EARNEST VERALEE TAYLOR BOBBY MYRES [ 53 ]FIFTH GRADE Teacher: MRS. VEMA BROWN 1st row: Billie Jack Scaggins, Katherne Hook, Jack Evans. Elena Salazar, Julian Baker. 2nd row: Christene Griffith, Luis Salazar, Anna Beth Evans, Carl Jo Standefer, Billie Jean Albertson. 3rd row: J. D. Strickland, Imogene Henderson. Carl Edwin Halleman, Billie Marie Cheek, Douglas Bryan. 4th row: Wanda Bowman, Elus Warden, Ruby Mae Albertson, Gerald Wyatt, Betty Jean Stover. 5th row: John Harbert, Ranalda Barber, Clifford Dye, Joyce Marie Darnel, Wayne Clarkson. 6th row: Barbara Jean Strickland, Lida Bee Greenwood, Norma Lee Await. t 54 ] IFIFTH GRADE Teacher: MRS PEARL CARLISLE 1st row: Lynn Crosby, Jackie Golden, Jay Denton, Julia Baker, Billy Vought. 2nd row: Martha Bohannon, Kenneth Harbison, Norene French, Clifford Beasley, Juanita Adkins. 3rd row: Charles Tabbot, Patty Rickman. Robert Frostle, Imogene Kaker, Jack Raymond. 4th row: Myron Bennett, J. C. Manning, Joyce Byrum, Roy Miller, Margaret Emmons. 5th row: Jimmy Raymond, Marie Earnest. Bob Green, Jr., Peggy Lou Cannedy, Carl Pool. 6th row: Dickie O'Donnell, M. H. Drury, Jeanell Putman. C. D. Wickson. Trinidad Mendez. I 55 1FOURTH GRADE Teacher: MRS. NORMA CURRY 1st row: Charleen Berry, Lewis Warlick. Mary Faye Carlile, Don McCoy. Helen Horton. 2nd row: Charles Dan Seabolt, Joyce Roberts, Eugene Firguain, Wanda Wright, Jimmy Bucy. Third row: Billie Louise Caldden, Eugene Bivins, Grace Erlenmeryer, Wayne Mays, Ethel Blair. 4th row: Floyd Boyd, Mary Houston, Tom Denton, Rose Trostle, John Glass-poole. 5th row: Betty Claire Roberts. Boyd Rogers, Geraldine Hunter, Fred Boyd, Norma Hobbs. [ 56 JFOURTH GRADE Teacher: MRS PORTER 1st row: Melvin Hardison, Geraldine (ones, Billy Wayne McGrady, Virginia Lois Yount, Darden Hardy. 2nd row. Dorothy Jean Whitt, Francis Stevens, Melba Jones, Bobby Gene Dyson, Dorothy Nell Minter. 3rd row: John Mclnturff, Betty Jean Letterman, Hardy Jones, Margie Mae Morris, Bobby Vought. 4th row: Grace McWorter, Jim Cain, Wanda Jo Gardner. Billy Jones, Betty Jo Woodell. 5th row: Pat Sims, Marian Harris, Douglas Gipson. Kathryn Smyer, Billy Bert Earls. 6th row: Nelta Knott, Willie Fleming, Lydia Baker, Donald Fisher, Mable Colborn 7 th row: Bobbie Jean Davis. Marjoye Greenwood. Doris June McKibben. Mary Jane Boyd. Doris Deasley. 8th row: Gordon Brown. Pete Flynn, Harry Sinclair. t 57 JTHIRD GRADE Teacher: MRS. HELEN DENTON 1st row: Charles Brown, Winnie Simms, Donald Ray Clarkson, Nancy Lou Trostelle, Bobby Joe Sullivan. 2nd row: Delilah Cook, Jimmy Woods, Patricia Ferguson, Sidney Hardy, Donna Wilhelmi. Third row: Larry Petty, Johnnie Bell Noble, Donald Wilson, Barbara Stirling, Donald Gene Curry. 4th row: Betty Measles, Loyd Jones, Phoncille Bramlett, Billy Bob Herron, Patty Lou Wallach. 5th row: Kenneth Wyatt. Edith Ford, Gene Teer. Margaret Wilson. Reeder Owens. 6th row: Charlene Dye. L. A Await, Aleitha Russell. Marie Barr. [ 58 1THIRD GRADE Teacher: MISS SHEARER 1st row: Robert Stover, Patricia Snell, Paul Manning, Anna Jo Counts, Billie Jo Brian. 2nd row: Bess Evens, Dale Rogers, Barbara Nell Roberts, Don Henderson, Martha Louise Martin. 3rd row: Doyle Gibson, Maurice Johnson, Sammie Swinford, Wanda Lee Goolsby, Max Bodkins. 4th row: Audramaua Alison, Frank Glasspoole. Ruby Hook, Bobby Robinson, Jimmie Dick Scoggins. 5th row. Douglas Stansberry, Billy Tom Floyd. Troy Carrigan, Raymond Boyd-stun, Charles Roy Ford. [ 59 ]SECOND GRADE Teacher: MRS. VORA HARTLEY 1st row: jean McConnell, Lawrence Baker, Jesse Ray Pharis, Donald Whitaker, Betty Sue Alcorn. 2nd row: Patricia Ford, Clyde Waldrop, Dolores Holt, Harold Scarbrough, Cordon Stirling. 3rd row: Eddie Brannon Billie Catherine Carrigan, John T Watson, Betty Ruth McKibben, Donald Conner. 4th row: Mildred Bohannan, Raymond Burk, Peggy Lou Cheary, Charlotte Schilitter. 5th row: Bobby Dick Boyd, Bobby Manning, Bill Sanders. No pictures: Mona Jean Await, Mottie Jean Brown, Phyllis Kenworthy, Billy Ray Frazier, Gene Lundgren, Charles Ray Minter, ). W. Weenis. [ 60 ]SECOND GRADE Teacher: MISS ANN THURSTON 1st row: Lois Jones, Billy James Tabor, Volma Hankins, Sammy Joe Rose. Frankie Lee Harris. 2nd row: Carlon Dodson, Wanda Myrl Sturm, Mary Joyce Dennis, Don Greene, Peggy Joyce Jones 3rd row: Bobby Burke, Betty Ann Standefer, Tom Ogden Foster, Patty Gean Hoppee, Herschel Clepper. 4th row: Margaret Salazar, Marivin Holley, Bennie Lov Lance, Billy Frandlin Roberts, Patty Lee Parks. 5th row: Bobby Glenn Whitt, Finley Ford, Carl C. Greenwood. Verlons Smart, Robert Johnson. 6th row: Clyde Williams, Ramona Gae Bryan. No pictures: Billie Gene Davis, Jimmy Ray Surnbord, Wanda Marie Martin, Oita Marie Helbert, Jack Sherrill. t 61 1FIRST GRADE Teacher: MISS RUBY WILLIAMS 1 st row: Colleen Ritchey. Robert Hinman, Reba Newton, Walter Wilhelmi, Carol Ann Fisher. 2nd row: Donald Logan. Elva Jean Noble, Donald Cook, Clara Mendez, Paul Raymond. 3rd row: Geraldine Rose, Tom Burt, Jr., Dorothy Ayers, Kenneth Boyd, Louise Whitaker. 4th row: C. W. Sullivan, Kay Mclnturff, Lloyd Pharis, Anna Merle Henderson, E A Woodell 5th row: Lula May Barrett, Walter Daniels, Bobbie Sue Ritchey, Dale Teer, Joye Goolsby 6th row: Virgil Bennett, Betty Rose Heironimus, Jimmy Rentfrow, Earlene Shelton. Royce Horton 7th row: Ruth Hunter. [ 62 ]SECOND GRADE Teacher: MISS BESS ROSS 1st row: jack Ellenburg, Gearldean Barbour, Connie Lee Papp, Bobbie Davee, Maxine Talbot. 2nd row: Freda King, Leonard Boyde, Bobbie Gene Staneberry, Jimmy York, Donald Ray Dyson. 3rd row: Curtis Warden, Jackie Hunter, Billy Ray Nations, Almeda Paschell, John Cheek. 4th row: Leroy Angermiller, Glenn Yates, Billy Weaver, Kenneth Newton, Naomi Smart. 5th row: Bobby Wallack. Robert Johnson, Donald Diehl, LeRoy Knott, Patsy Roy Robertson. I 63 ]FIRST GRADE Teacher: MRS. BLANCHE FRANKLIN 1st row: Virginia Smart, Bobby Yount, Anna Pearl Roberts, Lacy Cene Scoggins, Jacquita Gilbreath. 2nd row: Stewart Holmes, Dorotha Daniels, Billy Ray Thedford, Geraldine Greenwood, John Quick. 3rd row: Joe Edward Newton, Norma Jo Thorn. Samuel Kaker, Geneva Albertson. 4th row: Bill Don Naul, Eva Von Wyatt, Kenneth Dyson, Joan Sanders, Johnny Tripplehorn. 5th row: Vernie Rose, Joe Yowell, Teddy Louise Beaty, Durward Bowden, Hershel Drury. 6th row: Bobby Hunter, Robert Baker, Victor Adams. [ 64 ]ORGANIZATIONSALPHA GAMMA ALPHA Colors Maroon and White Flower Maroon and White Sweet Peas FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Hazel Wingfield OFFICERS President ..... Vice-President . Recording Secretary .... Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ...... Bernece Hanson jessie Baker Dorothy Ann Kelly Mildred Gaultney Ceane Drury ACTIVES Bernece Hanson .... Dorothy Ann Kelly .... Jessie Baker .... Mary Margaret Carpenter Patsy Dean Wallace . Ceane Drury Mildred Gaultney . Merian Scott PLEDGES Iwanda Davis..........................................Marjorie Pool In 1936, a group of girls, with Mrs. Hazel Wingfield and Mrs. Bob Green, met for the purpose of organizing a club to encourage better grades and better sportsmanship among the girls who took part in athletics. A girl with the highest average from each class in school was chosen as a Charter member. They were Carrie Jones, Senior; Theresa Chandler, Junior; Virginia Dyson, Sophomore; Bernece Hanson, Freshman; and Marjorie Curry from Junior High. To stay in this organization, each member must maintain a B average and attend all meetings and social functions. Although only one charter member remains, we have worked faithfully, old and new members alike, to make this year a success—eh. pledges! Yeah! Alpha Gamma Alpha—better grades—better sportsmanship. [ 66 ]ALPHA GAMMA ALPHA [ 67 ] NRk[ 68 ]EUNICE HIGH SCHOOL BAND wAOAKtr bobb} J CRfltIBMS m rytrel V arvt 5, Tmajenc. 5fu.rn ( Warty ff?. )ppe» ter Dorothy Hcl y, fl.V. Pea f 5 Xnp . Vo,a'rj y t 70 JBAND BAND MEMBERS AND SEASON RESUME THE EUNICE HIGH SCHOOL BAND PERSONNEL FLUTES—Helen Elliot, Wanda Nelle Conway, Eva Mae Stevens. PICCOLO—Jeanne Marie Kelly. OBOE—Marjorie Pool. BASSOON—Louis Sherrill. BARITONE SAXOPHONE—Otekia Bell. TENOR SAXOPHONES—Walter Ray Whittaker. Lloyd Quigley. ALTO SAXOPHONES—Bobbie Helen Cravens. Margaret Conway Mary Beth Woodell. CLARINETS—Bryan Ragsdale, Truitt Berryman, Barney Rufner, Charles White, Richard Horner, Marie Stacy, Marcella Woods, joan Woods, Dorothy Mae Hunter, Dorothy Jordan, Evalyn Eppler, Coleen Quigley, Dorothy Criswell. FRENCH HORNS—Ina Bell Rogers, A V. Rogers. Dorothy Ann Kelly, Mary Margaret Carpenter, Imogene Sturm, Margaret Maness, Ruth Drinkard. BASSES—Charles Eppler, Roff Kenworthy. Jack Roberts, B H Drury, Al C. Curry. CORNETS—Bill Elliott, Truett Roberts, Junior Coleman, Durwood Hardee, Durward Dyer, Curtis Hardison, Jack Maib, Cleland Russel, Ben Cook. DRUMS AND TYMPANI—Tootsie McKibben, Billy Burke, Joyce Gault-ney, Billy Bob Cannedy. GLOCKENSPIEL—Patsy Dean Wallace. BARITONES—Joyce Seger, Edward Burt, J. D Gilbert. TROMBONES—Roy Overton, Duane Shelton. Maurice Hughes, Carl Galbreath, Elliot Turner, Joan Moore, John Allen Ernest. FLAG CARRIERS—James Burt, Charles Heslep. Thomas Heslep. DRUM MAJOR—Mildred Gaultney. The trips which the Cardinal band has taken were: Loving-ton County Fair, Roswell Eastern New Mexico State Fair, Monahans, Texas, to marching contest, Lubbock; Nov. 5th, Texas Tech Band Day, Carlsbad; Football game, El Paso Sun Carnival, taking third place in contest for out-of-town bands and first place in New Mexico State Band Division; Tatum for concert; Jal for concert, Jal Waterworks Celebration; Lubbock Live Stock Show; won second place in marching and playing contest, Clovis Eastern New Mexico Music Festival. I 71 ]FIRST AID TEAM BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA B H DRURY TRUITT ROBERTS AL G CURRY JACK WHITAKER GLENN CURRY The Boy Scouts, sponsored by the Eunice Lions Club, have made a very commendable showing since organizing. Living up to the Boy Scout reputation, they are always ready to serve when the opportunity presents itself. Last year, which was their first year, they took part in the Camp-O-Ral held at Roswell, New Mexico, and won first place in discipline. The drill team also winning first place. A trophy was their reward. The next camp attended was Camp We-Hin-Ah-Pay, in the heart of the mountains close to Weed. It is a really wonderful place. The boys enjoyed a 10-day camping period featuring swimming, hiking, and things that go with regular camp life. The next camp attended was a water camp at Carlsbad. The purpose of this camp was to better the swimming abilities of the scouts. The Eunice lads took to the water and practically lived in the Pecos for three days. Eunice is going to the Camp-O-Ral again this year. Thanks to Mr. Clower the boys are going 100 per cent uniformed. Twenty-two boys were given the opportunity to earn their uniforms. With the drilling teams in A-l shape the Eunice troops should take off all prizes or a good share of them. Under the able scoutmasters, W. I. Byron and Earl Hartly, the Eunice scouts are looking forward to a happy summer of scouting. [ 72 ]ATHLETICSFOOTBALL 1938 COACH MONTGOMERY Captain Durwood Dyer 3 Ludie Lynn 3 Co-Captain Mark Lasly 3 1 J O. Betts 2 Eugene Seabolt 2 • Harold Endersen T Elliott Turner 4 Charles Endersen 1 Irben Fannin 2 Vernon Wilson 1 Lee Boyles 2 Marvin Russell 2 Harold Creek 4 Charles Russell 2 Herman Pool 1 Maurice Hughes 2 Sherwood Carter Edward Pool 3 jack Whitaker Reserves joe Sims Glenn Curry 1 [ 74 ]SEASONS RESUME FOOTBALL ’38 The Eunice High School saw its most prosperous year of football this season. We started the season by losing a hard game to Lovington. As it was the first game of the season, we were not in too good shape and the loss of the first game, by 6-0, only made us work out harder to get in shape for the next game, with Monument, the following week. Here we started our winning streak with a victory of 13-6. This gave us a start. The next week we went to Seagraves to blast them with a score of 14-0. Then came our old rival, Jal. We played them on our home ground, and for the first time in history we finished the game undefeated with a score of 0-0. After we had held jal to a 0-0 game, we were just a little too confident of ourselves and when Lovington returned their game with us, they were determined to knock us down and then run over us. Again we gave the Eunice fans a 0-0 game. Now for the worst let down game of the season, that of Carlsbad at Carlsbad. We went down with the hope of playing them a very close game, only to return with a 30-0 defeat. With only two more games left to play, we had won two, lost two, and tied two. We then played Monument on our home ground and almost gave them what Carlsbad gave us, a score of 27-0. Our last game was that with Seagraves at Eunice, the score being 0-0. We finished with three games won, two lost, and three tied (four and one-half won, three one-half lost) 625. We are very proud of this record and we feel that every man did his part in helping the coach make this record.BASKETBALL 1938 Coach: U. C. MONTGOMERY Eunice Opponent Score Score Pra irieview 17 19 Lake Arthur 17 21 Quay 15 25 Hobbs 30 15 Prairieview 16 33 Hagerman 32 34 Monument 35 27 Jal 14 20 Lovington 25 45 Lake Arthur 1 1 26 - Dexter 25 31 Monument 41 34 Hobbs 31 17 Jal 16 26 Dexter 22 28 Total Scores 357 401 Players Fouls Poir Boles 36 54 Bright 05 03 Carter 04 05 Davis, Cap. 14 66 Hughes 23 97 Powell 08 12 Russell 41 67 Russell. M. E. 09 17 Seabolt 35 68 Consolation was won by the cardinals in the Roswell Tournament. A new record was set for the Eunice Fans in Basketball this season. Eleven games out of fifteen were victories. t 76 ]SENIOR TRACK Bud Endcrsen, Joe Sims. Vernon Wilson. Frosty Seabolt, Sherwood Carter. J. 0 Betts. Al C. Curry, Herman Pool, Carl Russell. The Eunice track team made a very good showing even though they only won third place. [ 77 ]JUNIOR TRACK Bill Worley, Maurice Hughes, Chas. Enderson, Jacob Worley. Duane Shelton Thomas Heslep, Chas. Heslep, Edward Pool, Roff Kensworthy. Bryant Bristow. With this group of boys we hope to win the county track meet next year. Maurice Hughes won seven places in this year’s meet. t 78 ]TENNIS V SENIOR TENNIS Charles Russell, Bua Enderson, Carl Russell. Eunice won fourth place. Doubles [ 79 ]TENNIS JUNIOR TENNIS James Burt, Maurice Hughes, Charles Enderson. Doubles Eunice won finals from Jal, New Mexico, on forfeit. Singles Charles Enderson, won third place from Highway, New Mexico, on forfeit. I 80 ITOP: Arlene Johnson, Frankie Shelton, Ruby Lee Seabolt, Mrs. Wingfield, coach; Pauline Hoppe. Ceane Drury, Amy Osterloh, Rita Baker. BOTTOM: Jessie Baker, Iwanda Davis. Nina Galbreath, Dorothy Ann Kelly, Mildred Caultney, Bernece Hansen, Mary M. Carpenter. Patsy Dean Wallace. VOLLEYBALL The Volley Ball team made a very good record this year, losing only to Lovington two games. They won second place in the County tournament, losing to Lovington by one point. [ 81 ]GIRLS’ TENNIS 1 I a Q , I Nina Galbreath, Jessie Baker, Bernece Hanson, Iwanda Davis, Elsie Kaul, Dorothy Ann Kelly, Patsy Dean Wallace Senior Team—Jessie Baker-Bernece Hanson. Won fourth place Junior Team Dorothy Ann Kelly-Patsy Dean Wallace. Won second place. Patsy Dean Wallace—Won third place in Junior Singles. [ 82 ]HERE COMES CHARLIE 'PtrrtK iH La f thAt-lie- t7 «- C-Ast ill ft r,hAr l e. »- u»o t I el ChA» )ift - i n rt J I 83 JASSISTANT EDITOR i SPORTS editor CARDINAL STAFF C«ti)POSlTiOH EDITOR AS.T f KJ EDITOR ART EDIT OH CTO XL EDITOR SMP SHOT EDITOR [ 84 ]MR HARTLEY (having a rough shave) : I say. barber, have you another razor? BARBER: Yes; why? MR H,: I want to defend myself. MRS. PEEBLES: What is the most famous piece of wood in the world? CARL RUSSEL: Charley McCarthy. CHARLES EPP: How did Bill die? B H DRURY: He fell through some scaffolding. CHARLES: Whatever was he doing up there? Being hanged. HAROLD J : Did you miss your train? DURWOOD D. (panting) : No, I didn't like the looks of it so I chased it out of the station. Scene: An employment bureau. Elliot T.: “I would like to register for work, please.” "Very good Can you mow lawns, type, raise chickens, keep books, lay bricks, teach, cook, saw wood, write, dig ditches, run a comptometer, paint pictures, build bridges, proofread, orate, milk, grow bananas, janitor, run a jackhammer, drive a truck, wax floors, wait tables, wash cars, make paper flowers, plaster, prescribe medicines, pile coal, lay sidewalks, solder metals manage a store, doctor trees, carry a hod, take care of children, or slaughter steers?” Elliot: “Yes.” "Sorry. No openings " A certain visitor from overseas was being shown around a little Southwestern village. He saw the church and the village shop and school and all the rest of it and to finish with he was taken to the local carpenter’s shop, where he watched the carpenter at work. "A most extraordinary man. that,” said the host. "He’s deaf and dumb, yet he turns out the best work of any carpenter I know ” A moment later the carpenter was seen running all over the place looking for something he appeared to have lost. "What's the matter with him?" asked the visitor. "Oh,” explained his host, "he's hit his thumb with the hammer and he can't find his pencil and paper.” MRS. GREEN: Bob Junior said he was your caddy all afternoon. BOB, SR : I thought I'd seen that boy somewhere before. FOREMAN OF ELECTRICAL SHOP: Do you know anything at all about electrical apparatus? LOUIS SHERRIL: Yes. sir. cOREMAN: What is an armature? LOUIS: Oh, that's a guy who sings on Major Bowes' program. Mr. Crutchfield was visiting in the far east He was oroudlv displaying his cowboy equipment he had bought for that puroose. He showed the rope and proudly said, "Out west we use this rope to catch steers with ” A lady who had never been any farther west than the Mississiopi River spoke up and gushed. “How interesting! And what do you use for bait?” MR MONTGOMERY: Waiter, this hash tastes terrible. Call the manager WAITER: I'm sorry, sir, but the manager won't eat it either. FROSTY: I have thought it over and have decided to agree with you despite the fact that you are my kid sister. RUBY LEE. That's too bad. I just changed my mind. [ 85 ]FACULTY SNAPS [ 85 ]FAVORITES[ 88 ]Jem 8a re y mo fltf-r-ne ve iHo s jpft a up - • »M (I ')6 [ 4. I lV»tf .0) 5 T«°WV 1 Vy )y [ £6 ) SdVNS IHY3HI33MSSCHOOL JANITORS MR. FELIX ESTES MRS. FELIX ESTES MR GEORGE ESTES MR. NEALUS ESTES [ 94 ]CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 6— High School registration — Everyone gets acquainted. 7— Class work begins. Everyone is glad to get back, we hope. 17—Football. Lovington 6, Eunice 0. What a game! We should have won— Bad breaks. 17—Band plays for Football and Rodeo at Lovington. 23—Freshmen beat Sophomores to draw and give initiation party. Sophomores are meanies. 30—Monument 6, Eunice 13. Looks like we have something in football. OCTOBER 1— Boy Scouts observe fire prevention week 5— Band makes a big hit at Roswell State Fair. 6— We won another football game. Seagraves 6, Eunice 14. 10—Boy Scouts tell us about safety week. 13— Hope every one passes on the first six weeks exams. 14— What a game! Nothing to nothing with jal our old rival. 21— Another tie, but we should have won. Lovington 0. Eunice 0. 25—School Carnival. A prize in every package. Right this way—you can't lose. 27—The teachers all take off for the State teachers meeting at Roswell. 29—Some one has to lose. We gave Carlsbad a game to the tune of 30 to 0. 29—The people of Carlsbad are still talking about the Cardinal and White band that played for the game. NOVEMBER 4— Whitewashed Monument 27 — Nice going, boys. 5— Band goes to Lubbock to give them something to talk about. 6— Seagraves are a little tougher; Eunice 0. Seagraves 0. 1 I—Take a rest for the next month's grind. 12—Juniors successfully present "Hoodooed Coon." 23—Second six weeks exams. Have to tell the teachers what they don't know DECEMBER 2— Grade school presents operetta. 10—Close shave, boys! Basketball. Prairieview 17, Eunice 19. 16—Lake Arthur takes defeat here. 17-21. 19—What! O yeah, another senior party. 21 —A game we didn't know about. Quay 1 5, Eunice 25. 22— Santa Claus is coming to town. JANUARY 1—Band goes to El Paso to Sun Carnival — First place in New Mexico division; third in general division. 3— Serious accident on way home from El Paso. Emily Jean Palmer killed. 9—School opens after a long holiday. 10—Hobbs Eagles swoop down on Cardinals, 30-15. IB—We get even with Prairie View, 16-33. t 95 1CALENDAR 19— Too close for comfort, Dexter 32, Eunice 34. 20— Monument 35, Eunice 27. You should have played harder. 21— Yum! Yum! Football boys get a big feed and rewards. 27— Lovington went down before the firing squad of basketeers, 45-25. 28— "Little Clown" Junior play. Nice performance, Milly. FEBRUARY 2—Basketball team takes a trip. 2— Hagerman 25. Eunice 31. Atta boy! Cardinals. 3— Lake Arthur 1 1, Eunice 26 — Keep up the good work. 4— Looks like the Cards are bringing home the bacon. Dexter 22, Eunice 28. 6—Bingham decides to move. Farewell party at his home. 8—Because of their low ceiling or something, the girls lost the volleyball game to Lovington. 10—Monument is too tough in basketball, 41-34. 1 1—"Here comes Charlie," Public speaking play. 12—With a farewell party we lost one of our best liked juniors, Miriam Bucy. 14—Seniors throw a big party. Lots of fun. 1 5—Hobbs again wins, 31-17. We will beat them next year. 16— What’s this? The girls give Lovington some of their own medicine in volleyball. 17— Jal bows to the Cardinals again, 16-26. MARCH 2—Cardinals off to district meet at Roswell. 4— Eunice wins consolation tournament at Roswell. 8— Cardinaletts defeat Monument in volleyball. 17— Annual staff sells everyone a Shamrock. 18— High School Operetta. Lots of work but a huge success. 26—The "Cals" again come through with a victory over Monument. APRIL 1—Teachers go to Meeting to try to learn something No hope. 1—Mysterious phone calls and silver salesmen. 5— Band goes to Lubbock to win second place in contest. 9— Spooks and more spooks. Senior play. Hobgoblin House. 14—Our champs try again. Tennis Tournament. 21— Our Coach hopeful. County track meet. 22— Another blaze of glory. Band to Clovis. MAY 6— Gala Senior Sendoff. Junior-Senior Banquet. 12—Fun! Fun and more fun! Junior Jamboree. 21—Dedication to Seniors. Baccaulaureate. 23— Senior Tourist. Senior Trip. 26—Goodbye to another group of seniors. Commencement. t 96 1WHO’S WHO AMONG THE SENIORS NAME APPEARANCE PET EXPRESSION KNOWN BY ASPIRATION Jessie Sunshiny Red hair Nurse Oma Tincy “You ole horse’ Black eyelashes Marry J. C. Betty Skinny “My Godfrey’s goat Irben Ceane Neat ‘‘Well’ Chatter Be a lawyer Nina Athletic “Where’s Harold?” Figure Go to Oklahoma Norna Dutch “Now. Son” Short legs Learn to bowl Eddie Lee Motherly “Well 1 don’t know Her boy Be a good mother Beulah Old Maid ”1 know” Studiousness Go to school Colda Sportish “Yeh. Boy Conceit Soda jerk Marie Flapper “What boy” Mouth Go to College Wilma Demure “Now Bill Quietness Nurse Sherwood Pugilist “Now Billy” Jokes Boxer Harold Farmer “Sister” Norna Settle down J.c. Don Juan “I’m a good sport” Ability to play basketball Bill Band master “That’s so cute” His band playing Band director Bud Author “Lochinvar” Remarks Traveling salesman Irben Bashful “Betty come back’ Conduct Mark Opera singer “Let’s go. Eliott” Deep bass voice Go to college Jess He man “Gotta drink” Slim Have a good time Charles Cunning “Hello. Hon” Girl friends Make love Marvin Cute “Hey Toots” Football Having a good time Merle Working boy “Evalyn, Evalyn” Honesty Husband Eliott Gentleman “P. D. Q.” Curls Joe Cow-boy “Isn’t she cute” short hair MechanicCHARLEY W.: Chief, you should put your hand over your mouth when you yawn. CHIEF: Whut! An’ get bit? HERMAN: My granddad had a terrible time with his scalp. JOE. Troubled with his dandruff? HERMAN: No. troubled with Indians. SHERWOOD: What shall I say about the two peroxide blondes who made such a fuss at the game? MR WINGFIELD: Just say the bleachers went wild. UNCLE: James, have you had your multiplication tables yet? JAMES B.: Nope, we're still using plain desks. Mrs Wingfield was looking over the shrubs at the nursery. “Is that laurel?" she inquired, indicating a glossy-leafed bush “Yessss, ma’m," replied the nurseryman, "and it’s hardy, too!" Notes on the bulletin board of old E. H. S.: LOST—Purse, by lady with white stripes down the back. LOST—Small white dog by a boy with brown ears. LOST—Green umbrella by teacher with broken ribs. MRS. HUGHES: Mourice says he keeps all the girls at arm's length. SLEEPY: Well, from what I saw last night, he has awfully short arms. CARL S.: You didn’t know who I was when I called this morning, did you? HELLEN W.: No, who were you? NORMA M : Hello. Harold. Fishing3 HAROLD C.: Naw, drowning worms! MRS. WILDMAN: Did you see much poverty in Europe? MRS. PEEBLES: A great deal. In fact, I brought some home with me. CHIFF: And there, as I entered the house, I came face to face with a ferocious ape. What do you think I did? BORED LISTENER: Removed the mirror MRS. GREEN: This photograph makes me look lots older than I am BOB: Well, that'll save having one taken later on. MR BYRON: How long can a person live without brains? MRS. BYRON: Let's see—how old are you? MR MONTGOMERY: Where are the Andes3 CHARLES ENDERSON (better known as Casanova) : I don’t know. Where did you put them last? Bud Enderson, five years after finishing High School, had joined the Marines, and one night attended a party. He saw a pretty girl and ambled over and started talking to her. They talked for about thirty minutes and then Bud said, "Do you know that ugly sap of an officer standing over there? Well, he's the meanest egg I have ever seen.” She: "Do you know who I am3 I am that officer’s daughter.” Bud: "Do you know who I am?” She: "NO.” Bud: "Thank goodness.” MR CATON: Say. Nubbin, I saw your wife down town yesterday with a black patch on her eye. How did the accident happen? MR. BYRON: Accident! There wasn’t any accident! That was her new hat. ( 98 ]ACME LUMBER CO. Eunice, New Mexico Telephone No. 6 "When You Think of Building, Think of Acme WE RE KEYED TO YOUR LUMBER NEEDS; EVERYTHING IN BUILDING — WHICH MEANS NO IOB TOO SMALL OR NO JOB TOO LARGE CONGRATULATIONS — CARDINALS Ray Williams Manager [ 99 }BEN and ALEX "Have the Best in the West" Eunice New Mexico HI- JACK'S CAFE Good Foods Our Specialty Eunice New Mexico 0- ...0 EUNICE GAS CO. Phone 21 or 53 24 HOUR [Ten Minute] SERVICE HOMER [Doc] LEDBETTER. Mgr ..J3 TIVOLI BEAUTY SHOP Permanents — Our Specialty A Complete Line of Cosmetics Kathryn and Frances — Owners EUNICE NEW MEXICO GT KEY and DAVIS Accessories for Cars and Trucks “What You Need—When You Need It" Phone 44 Eunice, N. M. Ip...........................B SHANGHAI CAFE j We Specialize in | Chop Suey and American Dishes I EUNICE NEW MEXICO COMPLIMENTS OF WATSON'S Barber Shop "For Those Who Care' WATSON—PROP HUB CLOTHING i Clothing For The Entire Family HARRY MOGILL — OWNER .0 • •••••••••MM -ra j HARV'S BARBER SHOP Sanitation — Courtesy | Quality i Eunice New Mexico A WALT, PROP Qiiiiimihiiimiihm ......mi.... PIG STAND "Eat A Pig" i Eunice New Mexico I. M. FIELDS — OWNER imiiiihiimhI! [100]COMPLIMENTS OF Eunice Drug Store s MITH TYLE HOP Eunice New Mexico i Ladies Ready To Wear EUNICE NEW MEXICO WILKERSON CAFETERIA { SCHOOL SUPPLIES Lunches - Cold Drinks j - Candies - Eunice New Mexico I .........................i) Compliments of EUNICE WELDING WORKS Paul Wallach, Mgr. Phone 55 AUSTIN'S FOOD STORE "We Can't Help It 'Cause We Sell So Cheap" W. B .Smith. Mgr. Eunice. New Mexico 1 101 1[102]..................................a SCCTT Sk W 4ELICK Highest Quality Groceries At Lowest Cost | EUNICE NEW MEXICO I Carson's Real Estate GILBERT HOTEL Dealers in All Kinds QUIET AND RESTFUL of Real Estate Clean - Cool - Comfortable I Eunice New Mexico EUNICE NEW MEXICO j 3 C CAMERON LUMBER CO. You Name It — We Build It I RIG TIMBERS Eunice New Mexico ] 0................... mm......... •••••............... 0 |j]i. i . Hill — IHTTIIlllll 11 it.lit.1. mmmmmmmmm.............. 0 New Mexico Electric Service : PHONE 29 EUNICE NEW MEXICO S' ..0 I 1031COMPLIMENTS J. C. CLCWEC Eunice New Mexico 0..............................................................■ EUNICE CAMP "In The Heart of Town" CLEAN AND COMFORTABLE I Mrs. Drexel, Prop. Eunice, New Mexico j 0 .IIIMIIMM.I.IMIIIII.Hill.HIM.Mill.Ill.HU.I. HIIIIIH.ID.MMIHIMIIlQ Best Wishes to the Class of '39 Eunice Ice Co. R. C. RUFFNER Eunice, New Mexico ..I... I.I..... Patronize the Merchants in your "Cardinal" who have l | helped make the publication of such a book possible. The | staff and sponsors gratefully express their thanks and good wishes to each of the advertisers. f 104]RUTH MC (on phone) : Did you read the account of the accident and my death in the papers? MARIE W : Yeah, I was sorry to hear it. But where are you phoning from now? Mike O'Shaw was among a group of Freshmen taking astronomy. The first meeting of the class was held in the observatory late one evening When the class had been accounted for, the professor went to a telescope and began to make an observation. Just then a star fell. Mike gasped. “Begorra, that was a foine shot, sir,” he said with great admiration "Why, ye hardly had time to take aim at it.” POP: How can you stand there and lie to me like that? JUNIOR COLEMAN: Oh, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. MARIE S.: Is ink so expensive. Father? MR STACEY: No; why? MARIE: Well, Mother’s awfully upset because I spilled some on the parlor rug. ' Shall I brush you off, sir?" asked the Pullman porter. "Brush me off?" frowned Mr. Conway. "Well, no: I reckon I'll just get off the regular wav.” FROSTY: How do you think up all those Jokes? SHERWOOD: I sit down and laugh and then think backwards. Charley White finished High School and became an explorer. He was in the heart of Africa when he came upon a tribe of cannibals. Charley walked bravely into the midst of them, raised his hand and said: "How” in his deepest baritone He then asked, “Am I too late for breakfast?” The cannibals growled: “Yes, but you’ll do for dinner.” "What will you give me for these jokes?” asked Sherwood. “Ten yards start.” replied Mr. Wingfield. SOUVENIR BARBER: Do you want anything on your face when I’m finished, sir? MR LAXON: Well, I hope you’ll leave my nose. MRS. WINGFIELD: If I take a potato and divide it into two parts, then into four parts, and then each of the four parts into two parts, what will I have? EMSLEY: Mashed potato. A man who was “suping” in Julius Caesar was leaning dolefully against the wings, smothering in a coat of mail. Someone came up and said: "Are you Appius Claudius?” "No," he replied, “I’m un’appy as heck.” MR CRUTCHFIELD: Where you been? EDWARD POOL: Having my hair cut. MR C : You know you can’t have your hair cut during school? ED: Well, it grew out during school. MR C.: Not all of it. ED: Well, I didn’t have all of it cut off. Bob Green, during his younger days was a great slugger, and also a very henpecked husband One day he brought Mrs. Green to see a game. The first time at bat he lifted the ball into space with a mighty crack that looked good for three bases. Dropping his bat he fairly flew to first base. His wife in the grandstand arose and screamed, “You, Bob, come back here and put that bat where it belongs.” [10S]a- SIMPSON GROCERY AND MARKET "Best Wishes To Eunice Faculty and Students” Eunice New Mexico ALEX WOODELL'S MALCO STATION GAS AND OILS TIRES AND ACCESSORIES Eunice, New Mexico Phone 18 Box 528 VARIETY Eunice KREST STORE We Have Everything You Need 5c to $5.00 NOVELTY New Mexico TEE REBEINS COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Eunice New Mexico [ 106]SENIOR WILL ’39 (Continued from page 24) Nina Calbreath wills her ability to play volleyball to Dorothy Ann Kelly. Ruth McGuire wills to Elois Ford her form and gracefulness. Beulah Muncy wills her loyalty, scholarship and dignity to her sister Bertha. Eddie Lee Galbreath wills her temper to Wanda Bowman. Marie Wilkerson wills her dancing ability to Pauline Harbert. Sherwood Carter gives to Harold Seabolt the right to have his hair cut short. Golda Prichard wills her collection of bugs, etc., to some poor fish who can’t collect any. Harold Creek wills two stale hot dogs, relics of the carnival which we did partonize in the middle of October last to Bryan Ragsdale. J C. Davis bequeaths unto Frosty Seabolt his position as a leader of the Basketball Cardinals. Bill Elliot would like to bequeath a part of his ability as trumpet player to some one whom Mr. Byron thinks could use it. Harold Enderson bequeaths his ability as a heart smasher to Jim Blakely, as he needs it. Irben Fannin wills his presidency of the Senior Class to the Sailor Captain of next year. Mark Lasly wishes to give and bequeath to Herman Pool his vocalization powers. To Charles Enderson, Jess Powell leaves his speed of basketball. Charles Russell is desirous of leaving his ’’lovable” personality to some Junior that doesn’t have the power, whom Mrs Wingfield might suggest. Marvin Russell bequeaths his ability as a football player to J. O. Betts. To Louis Sherrill, Marvin Russell bequeaths his ability as an all around athlete. Elliott Turner wills and intrusts the money and finances of the Senior Class of next year to the one elected to fill this responsible place. To some worthy young gentleman who might be a bus driver, Joe Sims leaves all of his ability. To Dorothy Mae Hunter, Bette Colborn wills her beauty and sweet personality. To Marcella Woods, Wilma wills her knowledge of Home Economics. We make, constitute and appoint our aforementioned sponsors, Mrs. Bob Green and Mr. Eugene Montgomery, to be executrix and executress of this our last will and testament. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal this twenty-sixth day of May. 1939 A D [ 107]JIM: Ay vant to take dis book out. EDNA: This "Ben-Hur"? JIM: Yeah, dat ban she. MRS. GREEN: Let this be a warning against accidents. Sherwood’s little brother took his sled out on a steep hill and broke his leg. Now he's in the hospital. (Silence for ten minutes.) VOICE FROM REAR: Where’s the sled? JACK W : Mother nature sure is smart. BILL E.: Why? JACK: Well, she didn't know we were going to wear glasses, but look where she put our ears. J. O. BETTS: My father and a man named Mulligan have been fighting for twenty years, but they have stopped now. LUDIE: Why? Did they bury the hatchet? J. O.: No, they buried Mulligan. MR. MONTGOMERY: Yes, the earth does travel around the sun, but what travels around the earth? NORMA B : Tramps, sir. Mr. Montgomery’s history class was going through a session in French history. The teached motioned to a “cute” sixteen year old lad. “Stand up, Elmer," said Mr. Montgomery, “and tell the class the name of Napoleon’s wife.” “Waterloo,” replied Elmer swiftly. “Why. Elmer, that's where he was defeated.” “Served him right," snapped Elmer. "He should've remained single.” The disappointed customer (Mr Conway) walked into the bird store. He carried a canary he had purchased just one week before. And he scowled heavily as he approached the proprietor. "I purchased this canary here last week,” he stated, "and I’m telling you right here and now that it’s a phoney. I haven’t heard a peep out of this bird since I bought it And I'm here to tell you that I want my money back ." The proprietor coughed slightly. "Just a moment, sir," he countered "This bird comes from a famous breed of English canaries—the world’s best warblers. Are you certain this bird doesn’t sing at all?" The customer nodded sadly. "It’s absolutely hopeless,” he said. "I watched it take a bath—and even then it doesn't sine!" This is the way Mark proposed to his girl, after working all summer on a farm. "My darling sweet POTATO; do you CARROT all for me? My heart BEETS for you alone. You are a PEACH, with your RADISH hair and your TURNIP nose. You are the APPLE of my eye, but if we CANTALOUPE now. then LETTUCE be married soon, for I know we will make a happy PEAR. "Yours till Night Mares er used fer Saddle Hosses "Respectvly Yourn, Mark L. Lasly." JESS P.: O-w-w-w! DENTIST: But I haven’t touched your tooth yet. JESS: I know; you’re standing on my foot. MARY MARGARET: Whenever I’m in the dumps, I get a new hat FROSTY: Oh, so that's where you get them MILDRED: Don't you sailors have a special ship where you get your hair cut? A sort of floating barber shop? SAI LOR: No. there are no such ships in our fleet. MILDRED: Then what are these clipper ships I’ve heard so much about? ( 108}

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