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 f •  •“♦ADMINISTRATION- ADMINISTRATION W.H. Turner, Tros. King,See. T.W. Prossloy, Mombor C.H, Conway, Supt. Corl Crutchfield-Principal of High School J.W. Caton-Principal of Junior High school Mrs. Mottio J. Mock-Intormodiato Princip 1 Miss Ruby ■'illiams-Primary Suporvictr C.H. Conway,Sunt. Corl Crutchfield, Principal end Sociology • .: i inrr Jii ?f io? d, Conch end Mr theme tics Mrs. Edith FnminCjComoreo and Scionco Mrs, Hard Wingfiold,Commerce and English Mrs. r eb Groon, English and Sppnirh J.M. Crt-Sn,Principal of Jur.icr High School .Ilf £ Rat1 ryn Shea-,or, MusicSENIORS pearl hulluuk CARllIE JaNE JONES-VICE PRESIDENT LEOi; L. MMESS-SEC.BTEM ,JID T SDEElt COLORS-BLUE iiND SILVER FLO' ERS-YUCCA iVlID ROSESenior Class GibLboC.L (0. "Persist ncc and nodesty in their nost beautiful for i." CARRIE JxJ E JOKES "but to know her was to love har-love her bc 'U“nnd love forever," KERRY J. SIRES "Athlete Supreme." LEOi: L. i iKBSS "bound to succeed if rod hair spells succoss." R.C. PARSER,. Jr. "Persistence Personified " JACK I,:OORE "Endowed with Unlimited Ability " RITA BURlIIAi.; "A C binition of Capability nd Personality." G1EIALD a. LOOI EY "Lin Curley Loclcs C iv.,r a multitude of Brains." G. .ORGE A. HOLDER "itc Attends go his Own .ff'nirs-A Rar, T lent." QPj L S'fUGCKR •'Quiet and Depend ble."r w. ’ class Wii'i We, the Senior Class; of EunideiHigA School , the County of Lea, 'State of New Mexico, in perfect health and memory (praise be) dO"make and ordain this our last will dhd testiment in. manner and form following: That is to.say that being of jubilant mind and joyous memory, do' blithely improvise and publish this, our first will and testament, as s noricaliyjpossi blc, to dispose of our-’ interest in Eunice High School to succeeding classes of boys and girls. Being only carefree and impoverished minors and mendicants, our estate is in Spain and of no more than ininginary value, therefore we cannot dispose of that, and our right to oxistancc as Seniors is but a concession from the State, is not at our disposition. These items excepted, all else in high school we now proceed to will and bequeath. I-tciLl. Wc give to fathers and mothers every where in trust for their children,sound zest and zeal to onter and eventually graduate from high school. Item II. We bequeath to the boys and girls in high school our favorite hants in stock tanks and sand hills for swimming and winnie roasts. Item III. We leave to boys and girls in High School, long .long days to be happy in ..nd no days to scribble tests in. Item IV. To every bey graduate, we bequeath the sweetest girl in seven states, including Alabama.Item V.. To every girl graduate, we bequeath the handsomest man this side of Hawaii Item VI. • The Senior class wills to tbc fmosiacn class all of the ohewod up ponoils and wads of chewing gum that may be found in various secluded spots over the building, as well as the many candy papers that have been pushed from view in desks and behind radiators, ■Item Vll. To the sophonre Class we will our left over soup plates and cups that we used only once, also any narks or scratches that r.i;ht have been made while we became jittery over final examinations. Vlll. To the Junior class we will the favorite stools and bench in Mrs. Dunhams Cafe, that have been the haunts of many an erring Senior who wanted to re-couperato his troubled mind and stomach before facing the task before him. Also the paper left behind in the typing desks that represent many, many hours of labor and were laid there with unkindest words of regret and disappointement; Personal Item- 1, R. C.. Parker will to Charles Clark all the Spanish that I borrowed from him during the class period just beforo English. Iter. I, George Holder, will to Thomas Bragg all of ny two for a nickel cigars and remains thereof to be us d to keep the moths from des- stoying the cloth bound bocks in the library. % Item I, Henry Sik s, will ny boxing ability ind popularity with Freshmen girls to Happy Bright. —I ten I, Leon teaness, v ill ny blistered back to Jick Parker and all future swinners whcrplay. hocky and go swiming, as well as extra tine r.ade up for said event. I ten I, Cy Looney, will to Gerry Norwood ny ability”to go like a train” and frighten nervous junior girls into spasns of fear. I, Leonard Parker, will to Wilbur Bivc-n the ncuth piece to ry horn to call ducks with • I, Jack Mocre, will to Lee Taylor ny dranatic ability and conc itodness. I, Frank Glayon, will to Betty Fitzpatrick njy ears in order that she rny learn tc play the piano by the use cf said instruments. I, Opal Stucker, will r.y height tc Lucille Frawncr in order that she nay lock down upon non. I ton- 1, Rita Burnhar, will to Paulino Burwell ny sanll dainty figure. Item- •• I, Carrie Jane Jcnes, will ry spelling ability to Jirric Snyer. Iten- I, Pearl Bullock, will ny ability tc catch —d and nanage a husband to Theresa Chandler Itcn- We, the Senior .Class will tc all of the beys cind girls of Eunice High schccl nany, nnny grand-children tc tell their experiences of Eunice high tc. 1 m I whatsoever and wheresoever, rf what nature , kind and quality 3ccv r it : ..y be, and net herein dispesod of, we give and bequeath to our bolcvod Principal, for his use and benefit absolutely, and tc be despesed -cf for the good of the coning classes as he :.ay sec fit. And we do hereby constitute and appoint the said principal, sole executor cf this cur last will and testir.or.t. In witness whereof. We the .class of 1937, have to this our will, and set cur hands and seal this 21 day of May, one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven. SENIOR PLAY On the '-nonings of Thursday and Friday, April 15th 8hd 16th,tho Seniors prosontod n comody-droma- Lighthouse Nan. Tho cost was os follows1 Hon, John Enlow-Loon Mnnoss, Nod Bioko-Henry Si os, Ichobod Buzzcr-R.C. Porker Sir Arthur Choko-Gcrold Looney, Injun Jim-Nan- Poorl Bullock, Moll Buzzor- Rita Burnhnm, Hon. S0rnh Chumbloy Choke- Opnl Stuckor, Hortcnso Enlow- Corrio Jonos. Tho piny took lnco on the const of Caroline in n rourh lighthouse. Nod Bioko was soonding his vacation with tho Buzzors. Ho wns oepturod rith tho chcorfulnoss end simplicity of Non. Mr. Enlov- visits the lighthous r.nd diccovors tho oossibility of Nan’s oduention. After two ya ars in a boarding school, Hon roturn3 to tho Eniov homo for tho Christmas holidays whoro sho mofets Nod, who elenrs uo the- mystery and proves Non to bo the daughter of Mr. Eniov .CL-.S3 P0EI1 Out on the wind-swept prairies ’ here the sand drifts to nature's song There cone a group of plainsmen An settled ere the days vere long. The years v ere many qs they struggled on To make the best they could as they vent llany had lost all their fortunes .jid others were becoming old and bent. But Divine Providence---------------- That i3 nature's guding hand Placed the pools of liquid gold Under those pioneer's fertile land. I In the middle of the community '. hero the people stopped to trade There, grew u fair little city '. here the first settlement was made. Children came to toym By scores and even more .jid school was started on the church Pith little more than vails and floor. In nintccn hundred and thirty six f The school had doubled in size The first Senior class v as organized Of students both bold and vise. ’Pearl vith her sveot disposition And amition3 so full of life '. as vooed by a during young man ,jid no . she-is his vifo. Carrie so lovable and sve t Has endeared herself to Eunice High By her enduring charms ,jid spirit of never ;ive up or die. Henry, -,hose sense ol humor attends him all the vhile Is known by his follow studentsGerald, better knovm as "Cy" Hps be,on the life of our school And has never-no never Been known to break the golden rule. George, whoso chief asset Is attending to 14s ovm business you know Is always a ready'and willing worker , hen there are picnics and places to go. Frand who wanders here and there Picking on sono ope "Just for fun" But always dependable and willing - hcn something needs to be done. R.C. Parker, the valedictorian Of the class of thirty seven And if argument shall avail He’ll surely get to heaven. Leon, kno by raorc .3 Red, Stands above just six feet four Is an all-round good student--Jho could wish for more? Leonard, without a gift of gab, Played the cornet 30 bold That the brass all turned to silver hen he played those melodies old. Jack, whose ambitions are rare, '.ants to be a play director bold ' ho scolds .is slothful actors ’. kwh they clo .not do as they : .re told. Rit ., the s lutorian of our class grade:; so v- ry high That she c .aid at make c. failure of life io mat ter how k .rd, 3hc should try. .jid I, Opal, whose job this was to do Look ao m upon all the rest, But I shall try to do ny part To give to uln. world my best..and nov v;o nust bo 30 ins cxtc.y From door old Eunice High, But wo Again to wish you well As we s.-.y our loot good-bye. Opal Stuckcr- " DO YOU REMEMBER?" The Junior-Senior Woinie Roast? Tho tacky party and menu of boons,cornbroad turnip-groons and buttor-milk? Tho Thontor Party at Hobbs- G0 cst Young Mon Tho many pnrtios hold in tho home of our soonsor! Serenading tho toochors during Christmas week hy Henry mode poor grod " s the first of tho yoar? -l Tho many hours of play practlco on Lighthouse Nan? Why Red could novor got to play practice? Why R.C. novor got to school on time? How Carrie end Poarl always missed school on tho same day3? Why Red end Cy got arrested for speeding? Why Leonard Perkor stooood school at mid-term? Tho low soirits of tho Senior class when Pearl got married? „ , The night xre attended the Spook Show at Hobbs The Junior-Senior Banquet? The trip to Carlsbad? The Banquet after tho graduation exercises? "if you placo you noso on a grindstone rough and koco it down thoro long enough, You'll soon forgot thoro arc such things As brook3 that bubble,and birds that singj ;md for you your v holo world will compose Just you-ond tho stono-and your Poor old noso. uu: raM■ —...... - FR 1'N G-'-.LYON x ' "Vanity of Vanit ios" Vanity."' S .ith Fr nk, "All is LEOi.aRDJP.u J£ER "A Man '. ith His Own Ideas." WHO'S mo IN THE SENIOR CLASS Pearl Bullock----Cl .ss Sweetheart Opal Stacker---.--Most Dependable. Carrie Jones------The Prettiest Girl. Rita Burnham------The honor Student Henry Sikes-------The most popular Boy. Cy Looney---------The Class Shiek. Red--------------The Best Looking Boy. 6 Frank-------------Class Pest. R. C. Parker.----The Class Baby. George Holder-----Best Sport. •Tack Moore------Host Talented. Lenard Parker----Most Bashful. ' Mri Crutchfield--Best Sponser. v o : .of. i or vv' 55 r. • - - $ » • , »• K yi fi • 'V r n - 11 0ri LI, Wk it 7} . 38 t ) H ‘ r) f . , f.' - S ' ‘ - ' ? ■ SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Henry Sikes attended school at Silas, Alabama as a Freshman and as a shphomore. His Junior and Senior years were spent in Eunice. During his four years h6 was active in all athletics including boxing. Rita Burnham registered as a Freshman in Blaci well, Oklahoma, and As a -Sophomore and Junior in Fairfax, Oklahoma. She played in the orchestra, was a''member of the Basket ball team and the Glee Club, and assisted in the Library She was salutatorian at the close of her Senio year in Eunice. Carrie' Jane Jones. enrolled in High School at Fluvanna, Texas-as a Freshman and remained -a the sane school during her Soplruore year. She continued her v;d rK in H? gh 3chooi as a Junior and Senior at Eunice. She starred in tennis and was a ;peg5 ar player on the basket- ball tea] ; Georgs Holder ynoei-ed as a- Fresnman -and stayed through -his- SophmOre year at Hot Springs, Now Mexico. He ’v s a Junior at Hobbs, New Mexico In his Senior year he attended school at Eunic Throughout High. School he was a member of the band and the baseball teem. R. 6. Parker enrolled r.s a Freshnan and contin ed his Sohonore year k . A-.'P, Texas. His work as Junior ana a'Senior was done at Eunice, He a active in basobclij basket ball and declamit .o Ke took part in the Senior play and was Valici of Lhe class ot 1D37. Frank Galyon registered as a Freshman at Range Toxes. He went to Big Springs, Texas as a Sop hnore and to Pecos, Texas as a Junior. Ke joi the dignified Seniors at Eunice. He took part in football, basket ball, and the Senior Play, also, a member of the orchestra.T Leon Maness registered as a Freshman at Lefcres. ,, Texas. His Sophomore and Junior years were spen" in 'White Deer, Texas. During these years he was a member of the football and track team. He starred in foot ball while a Senior at Eunice. He was also advertising manager of the yoar book, Opal Stucker registered as a Freshman and Sop-hmore at Lafyey, Texas, During this neriod she was a member of Volley ball. She was enrolled in the Eunice High School during her Junior and a Senior years. She had an active part in the •if Senior Play. » Geral Looney entorea hie Freshman year in Big Lake, Texas. He studied at League, Texas in his Sophmore yoar, and at Eunice in his Junior and Senior years. Ho was nn active member 5a football bucket ball rnd track during his four years of Hign Schoc. Tack LlO'vr soert his Froshmnr, Sophmoro aid junior years at Casper, VJycmii.g were he'tooK part in i football., basket bell, tennis, ballsy ball . y .u Senior year was spt nt i: Eunice, Few Mexico. .joi.erd I’crxoi autorded Junior and Senior yoar I ut Fur?he. lie played footb.ll daring his Junior .•uj. He was ai c a” of the band in hi3 Junior aiid Senior years- ‘ Pearl 3ullock attended her I'roishmrn year in Loventuji, •iJuv- Mexico. There she partiqipiited j in be snot Sail, uennis and chor .1 club,. She lotendod nor Scnancre in Hobbs, Now llexjeo. ,r{ Tui’ic rnd Senior years were spent in Eunice, ••more she partioxpaited in,basket, ball and war president of the Senior Claes -IJUNIORS •JUNIOR ORGANIZATION President.....................Theresa Chandler Vice. Pres....................Betty Fitzpatrick Secretary.....................Irene Berryman Treasure......................Lucille Frawner Sponsor:.......................W. M. Wingfield JUNIOR ORGANIZATION President,.... . Vice. Pres.................: !::Theresa Chandler Secretary' ' ....Betty Fitzpatrick Treasure .......................Irene Berryman ....................Lucille Frawner Motto' First to Stand; Last to Fall Theme: Tepee Class Name: The Warriors (Skookums) Flowers: Cactus and Carnation Colors: Purple and Gold Song: Indian Love Call Sponsor: MR. Vfa. WINGFIELD CLASS ROLL Berryman, Irene Bivens, Wilbur Bragg, Th6ma5 Bright, W. l. Burrell, Pauline Chandler, Theresa Clan'.., Charles Cooper, Kynen Jit-apatride, Betty ■ Frawner, Lucille ' Herron, Roberta ‘ holly, ilildlred • Norwood, Jerry ' • • Barker, Jack . Roush, liable Sims, Jewell Smyer, Jimmie Stacy, Ha?el Taylor Le. Thompson, Leonard Wallace, Doroth Nell ? mCLaSS HISTORY Mynan Cooper attended her Freshman year in Loore, Oklahoma. Having moved to Oklahoma City she started her Sophomore year there, and attended that school there until mid-term. The term was finished at Borger, Texas. She began her Junior year in Jal, Hew Mexico and from there moved to Eunice. Pauline Burwell attended her Freshman year in Richmond Oklahoma, her Sophomore and Junior year in Eunice. Roberta Herron attended school in Bront, Texas during her Freshman and Sophomoreyear, then moved to Eunice. Betty Fitzpatrick attended school in Chickaska, Oklahoma during her Freshman and Sophomore year. She oved to Eunice during the summer. LucJ.l Frowner spent her Freshman and Sophomore year of schooling in Pampa Texas, then moved to Eunice. Dorothy Nell Wallace spent her Freshman and Sophomore year:, of schooling in the town of Brid.mport. She come to us ir. her Junior year. Thomas Br .gg spent his Freshman and So honore y .-ars in Portalos New Mexico and his Junior year in E’mice, New Mexico. Theresa Chandler attended London school during her Freshman year, started to school there in her Sophomore year, but raov-.d to Jal, New Mexico and spent one nonth, then ioved on to Eunice where she spent the rest of that year and her Junior year. Mildred Holly spent her Freshman, Sophomore year at Clovis. She come to Eunice after schoolWilbur Bivan spent his Freshman and Sophomore . years in Oakdale Lusanna, and his Junior year in Eunice. Charles Clark attended school during his Freshman and Sopemore year3 in Crane Texas, and ha3 spent his Junior year in Eunice.- Happy Bright attended school at Joaqu'n, Texas, while he was a Freshman and has spent his Sophomore and Junior year here in Eunice. : Jerry Norwood attended his Freshman and Sopbow • , more years in Wichita Falls, Texas and his junior year in Eunice. I Mable Roush attended her Freshiian year in Conroe Texas. Started her Sophomore year in Hobbs, Then moved to Jal and finally ended her year up at Eunice. Jimmie Smy r attended her Freshman year in Lorenza, Texas and has attended school in Eunice during Lor Sopho.norj and Junicr year. Jack Park or started his Freshman year in Ark, Toxa.- and oved to Eunice for the rest of his schorl in,-. Irene Berryman nyr.t her Freshman year in Corona New .i-x‘co and ha’ spent, her Sophomore and Junior yoaiu. .,-:rc. Loonaiv Thomson ittonded school in San Antonia, Texas during ’Hr an year, Artesia New Mexico during his . o- nomore year and Eunice, during hr Junior year. Lee Talyor attended school in London, Texas during his Freshman and Sophomore years and also spent his Junior year there up until- mid-term. Jewell Sims 3pent her Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year3 at EuniceJunior-Senior Banquet The most outstanding social event of tie year was the Junior-Senior Banquet, May C, in the Eunice Eigh School Building. The hall was beautifully decorated to caii. out the theme of both the Junior and Senio’ classes. On one side was the forest and the Indian tepee for the warriors (Juniors). On the other side the plains for the Plai; sraan (Seniors). Trees and yucca were brou'-. from the mountains by the Junior class to mate the decorations al. Place cards in the form of a tepee and nut bowls of small decorated covered wagons aided in carrying out the theme. A six course dinner was served with an enloy able program between courses. Mrs. Smyer and Mrs. Norwood prepared the meal with members from the eight, ninth, am t nth grades serving. Junior Activities At the beginning of school, the Junior and Senior classes had a weiner roast out in the. sand hills. We all had a very enjoyable time and got better acquainted with each o-ther. At Christmas the Juniors had a Christmas party. We all drew numas and had the party the day on v hich we got out for Christnua holidays. .We had a very enjoyable tine. The Juniors also had a troasure hunt. The Seniors also gave the Juniors a party after the Junior Play, "Where's Grandma?'' The Junior class all went to Carlsbad and went through the Cavern, March 6. The first of April the class gave Jewell Sims a surprise birthday party. The Junior class went to the mountains for the weekend to get shrubbery for the Junv r Senior Banquet.9 THE JUITI OC CLASS i32e6tFPppiiiiHrB 3jrrl-Jerry Norwood Moat -popular Girl-----Hazel Stacy Most-Beautiful Girl —Pauline Burwell Most Handsome Boy------Lee Taylor Cutest Girl -- b et ty Fitzpatrick Cutest-Boy —Jack Parker Bost Sport —Boy--W. L. Br ight Best -Sport Girl —Jimmie °myer Best Athelete—Boy--Jerr y Norwood Best Athelete—Girl— The r.esa Chandler Best Dressed--Boy -- ee Taylor Pest Dressed—Girl --Pauline Burwsil Class Pest Wilbur Bi en Most Eepre sentati e —Irene Berryman Best Student Irene B err,’mienSOPHOMORESLiuU. E SitHnXUE-PSBSIDEi'T OLEli CaRNEY-VICE PRESIDENT ELLIOTT TURNER-SECAETEuY AND TlffliiSOi Eil OZELLA WALLACE- REPORTER COLORS-OLD ROSE AND SILVER PLO.iER- SWEET PEA MOTTO-"Ol' AED EVEK-BnCKw vRD NEVER'' MRS. BOB GREEN-SPONSORSOPHOMORE REVIEW Xherc remain eighteen Sophomores from the ori-gional twenty-seven enrollment. At our first class meeting our sponsor and . class officers were elected. We are proud to Say that Mrs. Bob Green s elected ns our spon sor. Derlync Germain was elected president, Glen Carney vice-president, Elliot Turner, secretary and treasury and Darwin Ingram for reporter. As Darwin Ingram moved away, Ozolla Wallace was elected class reporter. Our class colors, flower, and motto '.'ere also chosen at our first class meeting; Old rose and Silver for our colors, the sweet pea for our flower, and "Onward ever, backward never” for our motto The following are the sophomores now enrolled: Darlene Germaine, Glenn Carney, Elliot Turner,’ Ozolla Wallace, Eddia Leo Galbroath, Marie Wilkerson, Mark Lasely, Beulah Muncy, Norma Miles, Leona Jean Galyon, Jessie Baker, Bill Elliott, Ruth McGuire, Virginnia Dyson, Eleanor Burrows, Jess Powell, Emslay Smith, and »ilna Worley. Tile first event of the y ...r was the initiation of the freshman. We had a party on Halloa-"Con, a weinor roast at Thanksgiving, a banquet at Christmas and a party on St. Valentine’s D y. We are proud of our Sophomore class -aid wo hope that wo have set a st .ndard of good and loyal work through out this school term of 193o-37 We shall strive to push "Onward Ever. Backward Never".FRESH.AN INITIATION The Sopho lores had .s one of their projects this year the Freshman Initiation. The Freshman were very good sports about every thing they had to do. The boys were dressed like girls wearing dresses and hair ribbons, while the girls were dressed as boys. Some had to wheel a baby buggy, some dress like hoboes and others wore slickers and carried umbrellas. They ill had to wear an onion around their nock At noon w s had a tug of was between the Shpho-mores and Freshm. n. The Freshman won and got to leave their onions off for the rest of the day. If they had last they would have had to eat their onion. During the day the Freshman had to furnish the Sophomores with enndy, carry our books for us, and bow to us every time they saw us. The Initiation was ended by the Freshman giving the Sophomores a party Best all around Sophomore---Elliot Turner Protest girl----------------Dnrlyne Germaine Best Looking Boy------------Glen Carney Poet------------------------Eleanor Burrows Popular girl----------------Ruth McGuire Popular boy-----------------Mark Lasly Uglist boy------------------Jess Powell Conceited girl--------------Ozella Wallace Teacher Pet-----------------Darlyne Germaine Class Pest---------------- -Jessie Baker Hontfr Student------------- Beulah Muncy Tackey Girl—----------------Marie Wilkerson Cry baby--------------------Lcana Jean Galofan Best dressed girl-----------Ruth McGuire DEDICATION The high school classes purchased trees and put around the school grounds. The trees were dedicated to the pupils.JRESHMEN AS THEY RATE Biggs, Mildred.—Noisiest girl Biggs, Robert—Champion tricktricycle rider Bengston, Arbutus—Most timid girl Boyd, Glyn—Most bashful boy Burdete, Lesta—Class pessimist Bullock, Elmore—Best all around Freshman Bryce, Sylvia—Dale's inspiration Carney, Betty—Best sport Carpenter, Mary Margaret—Most vain girl Coleman, Junior—Most conceited boy Currie, Glenn—Class pest Dyer, Durwoar—Most popular boy Drury, B. H.—Most perfectly developed man Evans, Buddy—Big bass man Galbreath, Nina—Best athlete Frowner, Irene—Song Bird Hanson, Bernice—Most representative Freshman Hackworth, Eloise—Our married girl Kelly, Dorthy Ann—Most beautiful girl Keys, Melba—Class flirt Lamberth, G. T.—Answer to a maiden's prayer Lynn, Ludie—Our football hero McQuain, Stark—Oui timid boy Muncy, Bertha—Most studious girl Muncy, Everet—Most studious boy Overton, Roy—Our track man Phelps, Dale—Freshman hall walker Rodgers, Hubert—Teacher's pet Robert, .Trnj.-t----Cl.-ss yodeler Seabolt, Harold—Class crooner Sherrill, Louis—Class optimist Scot, Merian--Carefree lassie Schwegman, Jack—Class bully Thornton, Ralph—Our''Don't Care" man Turner, Vi. H.—Freshman love bird Unger, Dorothy-Marie—Most conceited girl Wallace, Patsy Dean—Most inquisitive girl White, Charlie—Truant officers hobby Mrs. Wingfield--Freshman bossFRESHMENPresident.................. .....ELnorc Bullock; 'Vice. Pres......................Betty Carney Secretary........................Bernice Hansor Reportor.........................Louis Sherrill Sponsor..........................Hazel Wingfield THE FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman class has sailed right on through the year and hejje we are about to become those Sophomores We know you said we'd never make it, but take another look at the class of 36-37 . The first important ovent of the year was the freshman initiation the seventh wook of school. »Ja drosscd ns the Sophomoros orderod and did th- ir bidding oven to giving them a party in tho evening. Tho initiation and party wore a great succoss and wo became full flodgod freshmen. One tho nieht of October 23rd, wo had a woinor roast in the sand hills south of town. Games were onjoyod by ovory ono. Just brforo Christmas the class ontortoinod in assembly with an oporotte" Tho Old Woman in tho Shoo", and a Christmas treo for all of the high school. Other ovents during tho year have boon! a party by tho Sophomoros givon to the Freshmen, a trip to tho Corlsbnd Caverns on March 6th, through rain and mud, a Sunrise breakfast on Foster morning with on Erstor Ege hunt, a socond entertninmont in ossombly with a program ronrosonting th old west around tho cnmpfiro,nnd the final evont, n treasure hunt and donee on May 14th. Wo onyl widh for ns grand n tine in our Sonhomoro yonr as we have had in 1936-37. There ore dight f»0 3hnjcnt on tho honor roll, four'of them Einvspo ■ Bullock, Bortha Muncy, ' Betty’Cnrnoy-end•Boruico Hanson are straight "A" students. • "Yon. Sailors" "Wo are at your 3orvico"  FOOTBALL Henry Sikes(160 )Full back end captain was probably the outstanding player through the first three quarters of the seaso'ti, Henry was always full of fight and was as hard hitting a pigskin carrier as ever nl nyed on any high school team. Injuries kept him out of the ramc during the last qunrtor of the season, ;The vacancy left by his graduation will be herd to fill. Jerry Norwood(135 ) A powerful center converted vto n quarter-bock in the lnttor part of tho season,transferred to tho Cardinals from Wichita Falls, Texas. Jerry proved tough competition to nnyono coming his way, and wasn’t out ef the game once during tho ontiro season. W.L.(Kanpy)Bright (l3o ) Ho-py os half back starts his football career hero for tho 6ardinals last jper, whore he wpn prniso for his servo and blocking ability. This yoar ho fulfilled his promise. Ho will bo with us onothor year. Buck C0].omnn(l327 )Spoody and a hard hitting .half. One of the smoothest players of tho tear. Hero.from Oklahoma, did his first football training at Fu‘ ice. Ludy Lmn(l38 ) Trfmsfnrrod from Hobbs. His blocking obility end interference nddad strongth to tho backfield in tho position of half back. John Cannody(l72 ) Put vs plenty 01 beef at tacklo and afforded tho opposition nlonty of worries, ' . Frank Golyon(l47 ) A Focos nroduct-liis place on end will bo ’hard to fill through his loss by gri duation, ’’Poncho' is quite adept at Gl n Bojd (157 ) Snapped out of it this yonr and oponod up 3ono nice holes in the oppos- . ins lino this year. Kig ploying position v ns gun rd. i Glon C9moy(l60 ) A ronkoned sido wonkon tho lino during tho latter port of tho sonson. Carney was fnst nnd was n gcxl dofenee nan. Elliott Turner(145 )Hna tho making of a rod linoamen-Plonty of fight nnd dotornination. Loon Mgnoss(l85 )Transfor from »toito Door, , P os s os so"s plenty of fight nnd norvo . Ho will bo nissod in tho linoup next 50 ar, Mark Lnsloy(l45 ) Aiv nys willing nnd plugglrr 'Way at his position in the lino. Equally . as good at guard nnd tackle, Hp has a bright futuro in footfnll George MoAtoc(l40 )' iUnrtorback nnd n good ountor, Dnrwin Ingrsm(l30 )Llttlo but mighty. One of tho hardest fighting little ends oh nny high school team. Trnnsforrod to Clovis, Hoskoll Wisonan(150 ) A substitute ond, but a bright futuro in football, Durwood Byor(l43 ) Tacklo, contor or hnlfbnck, it mado no difforonco to Dyer. A little moro oxporionco will make him one of tho toughest players of tho confcronco. SEASONS RECORD Although tho Cardinals logt all but one gano, they proto'’1 to bo some tough opoosition for nil of tho opposing tonns, Scagravea,Soninolo Jal, Lovington,Andrews and Hobbs affordod tho 00003ition with all but Andrews too strong for the Cardinals.Tho homo gnm s woro the hardest fought. In each home game tho Cardinals threatened to win, onl - to lose by a snail margin each tino with tho oxcoptlon of ndrows. With sovorel lottcrmon coning back next yea wo predict c brierht |(futuro for football with Eunice on top, 'Lets Go Cnrdinnls” VOLLEY BALL Tho Eunice girls onjoyod a successful y»ar in voTloy ball this school tem,. and finishod tho soason by dafoating T»tum and taking second placo in tho 6ounty Tournament, The V ioy Ball team is ns follows! Throsa Chrndlor- Captain- Jimmie Smyar, Poarl Bullock, Nine Golbroth, Virginia Dyson, Bornico Henson, Mildred Birgs, Ina Boll Rodgor, Leona Gone Gelyon, Jossio Baker,Lucillo Frawnor, Jewell Si s Betty Fitzpatrick, Dorthy Ann Kelley, Marjorie Curry,Wilma W0rloy, Mildrod Holloy, Molbo Keyes, Carrio Jones, Dfcris Owens, rntsy Lean nllnoo, Betty Carney, and Irinc Fpawnor. Other athletics spoasored during the year v:ero basketball, baseball, boxing and track. Due to tho bad weather and the lack of a suitable laying court, it was impossible to put out n basketball team to compote against the more fortunato teams. In baseball the junior boys won all gomes ployod'and Henry i'ikos won tho district in boxing. Lots build Eunice for tho futurewIliL’S TFiinrs The girls tennis "earns both junior end senior enjoyed quite a successful season of tennis, Thresa Chandler and Carrie Jones maae up our senior team and won second place in the county tournament. Carrie won fourth place in singles and Theresa well earned first place, but in the fourth game of the set, was forced to forfeit t the game to Jal bedau3c, unfortunately, she suffered a sun stroke, Jacqueline Chandler and Dorothy Nell Wallace composed the Junior team. Jacqueline Chandler placed se'dond in the j,unior girl’3 singles, with Dorothy Noll Wallace’3 fourth in the coun ty tournament. BOY’S TENNIS ' W.L. Bright and Junior Colemon were chosen as the So: ior team to represent'Eunice at the county meet. Although they were defeated by Tatum •J they played a good brand of tenhis and afforded some good competition for Tatum. Maurice. IIughe3 and Lee Taylor played for the Eunice Junior tennis t6am, and we re defeated by .Jal at the County Meet, We are goir,g to have a new gymnasium next year, so we oxpect to win all games in which we participate. Me are getting'new equipment in football, basket ball, volley ball and tennis.The Girls Basketball Team The Girls Basketball team organization at tv 3 beginning of the school term and continued until the mid-term was a leading activity. The girls wore cardinal red suits (shorts an1 blouses) trimmed with white satin. On the back were worn cardinals, on the right leg a letter E, and on the blouses the numbers. Games were matched every two. reeks with surrounding schools. The girls helping to curry Eunice to the top i:i this activity were; (First team) Carrie Jones, F.; Theresa Chandler, G. ; Pearl Bullock, F.; Jewell Sims,F.; Jiranio Srayar, G.; and Nina Galbreath, G. Substitutes:" Mildred Biggs,G.; Joyce Davis, F.; Marie Wilkerso .. F.; Virginia Dyson, G.; Wilma VIorlev, F.; Melba K ys, G. ; Dorothy Ann Kelly, F.; Marjorie Curry, F.; Jacqulinc Chandler, F.; Dorothy Noll Wull.ce, G.; and Lucille Frawncr, G.; Boo Hanson, F.; Jessie Baker, Irene Frawner, Estelle McClusky, Patsy Dean Yiailuoe and Ina Bell Rodgors. Basket-ball Basket-ball season was started with quiet a lot of enthusiasm but cold • inds and bad weather all but prohibited practice on the outdoor courts so s. ’.via 'on lagged with the result of only five Vettv 1 m for the season. The players vure: H-nry S' , G.; Frank Galyon,C.; Jerry Norwood, x. ■ W. L. Bright, (Captain) F.; and Charles Write, F.; Substitutes- "Cy" Looney, F.; ’'Putl! Cannady, F,; und Elliot Turner, G. • •  ALfHx GAMi-Ji ALPHA Alpha Gamma Alpha was organized by Eunice High Schools girls on January twenty-fourth, ninteen hundred thirty-seven. This is an athletic society organized for the purpose of creating more interest and to enocurage higher grades among the girls who take part in athletics. The charter members are: Carrie Jones, President, Theresa Chandler, Vice President, Virginia Dyson, Recording Secretary, Bernice Hanson, Treasurer, Margorie Curry, Correspondent Secretary. ---Sponsors: Mrs. Green , Mrs, Wingfield, Mr. Wingfield. Colors: Cordinal and white,---Flower: Cordinaj and white sweet peas, Motto: Active members: Jimmie Smyer, Betty Fitzpatrick Jewel Sims, Dorothy Ann Kelly, Jacquline Chandler, Reta Burnham, Betty Corney, Patsy Dean Wallace, Mildred Biggs, Jessie Baker. January, 24--------- February 6 --------- February 8 --------- March 9-10-11---- March . 14--------- March 18--------- March IE--------- April 20-21-22— April P3......... April . 27—......... April . 28--------- April 28--------- April 28--------- ---Organized ---Progressive Dinner ---Pledging ---Active's Week ---Treasure Hunt ---Initiation ---Pledging ---Active’s Week —Slumber Party ---"Pop” Day —Initiation ---Pledging ---Ice Croan Supper We wish to exor ss our appreciation to our advertisers for their Co-operarion in making t: i; year book possible. We ask you to pat ,'onize them as loyal supporters of Eunice Hit h School. XCONGRATULATIONS SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OP Wm. CAMERON GCO. SUCCESS TO YOU- SENIORS" EUNICE WELDING WOEiCSEXAMINE OUR SHU Al QUALITY QtyAaESSAMDEIR niMirr MrwMFvirnr v ,• ytt l takb JOKES Wanted-Stenographer for speoial work after hours-Prefer onw who has no college education , as the work will require correct spelling, and Punctuation, and the use of Common Sense. Leon, had just driven home from school. "Did you pass everything?" asked his mother anxiously. "Everything but two Terraplanes and a Packard. Darned if they mustn't have airplond motors in them." Senior- "Did you take a bath this morning?" Fish- "Why is one missing?" R. C, Parkor- "Mr. Crutchfield, I can't go to class today." Mr. Crutchfield- "Why?" R. C.- "I don't fell well." Mr. Crutchfleld-"Whero don't you foel well?" R. C.- "In class. Mr. Wingfield- "Glen, what is the cause of Cancor?" Glon-"I did know sir, but I have forgotton. Mr. Wingficld-"WLat a pityI The only man that over knew thG cause of cancer, and he's forgotten it. f To next door noighbor)- "Mr. Fitzpatrick 3onds his compliments, and would you please shoot your dog, as it koops him awake?" Neighbor- "Give ny rospocts to Mr. Fitzpatrick and toll him I shall greatly be his debtor if h.. v ill poison his daughter and burn her piano." Henry- "May I kiss you?" Dorthy Mairof "Heavens! Another amutuer'," Mr. Frawnor- "Isn't that young man r .thcr fast?" Lucil' c- "Yas but I can ko p up with him."AUSTIN'S FOOD STORE Eunice.New Mexico Keller Hotel EUNICE NEW MEXICO CHADWICK'S DRUG STORE WE FILL PRESCRIPTIONS COURTEOUS SERVICE YOUR HOME FOR COMFORT AND ECONOMY PHONE 22 EUNICE N.I.I HOTEL GILBERT COMFORTABLE ROOMS MODERN CLEANERS COURTEOUS AND DEPENDABLE PHONE 82Henry- "hy did you bromic your engagement with that 3chool-touchor?" Cy-"why is tho history professor soro because I followed them all over town?" Jerry-"Do you love me, darling?" Botty-"Of course I do, Loon." Jurry-"Lcon! LIy nans's Jerry!" Betty-"Why so it is. I keep thinl:inr: that to-d y is Ilonday." Eliot-"When I di.nce v.'ith you I fesl ..s though I ware tro.ding on clouds." Thersa-"Don’t kid yourself; those are ny feet." Darlins-"Can,t you ch or your little brother up and stop his cry in'-?" Harold-"Well did you over try to cheer anybody'- u that’s just i-d five b..nan s, t’. o hot dogs, ..nd seven ice crc ni con s?" Mr. Crutchfield. "Which is farther „'a.y, England or the moon?” Jess-"England." Mr. Crutchfield-"England?" ,rou think England is farther away than the noon?" Joss-"Cause vie can see the noon .nd ’ e c« n't Sae En -land.TULSA RIG REEL G MFC. CO. RIG AND BUILDING MATERIALS PAINTS-HARDWARE SERVICE-QUALITY PHONE HG64 EUNICE, N.R- THE ENTIRE FAMILYFUTURE BUILDERS Thia page la respectfully dedicated to the Senior Class of 36-37, ,,the Future Builders of the nation,..,., builders of more than homes.., ,,., builders of CHARACTER and CITIZENSHIP, ACME LUMBER CO QUALITY-PLUS-SERVICE PHONE NO.6 EUNICE. NEW MEXICOGAS COMPANY A GUARANTEE OF COURTEOUS SERVICE TELEPHONE NO.21YEARS ooo Milton Bradley Co. SPRINGFIELD MASS.sssss DISTRIBUTORS — Boston - New York Chicago - Philadelphia Atlanta - San Francisco Hoover Bros, Inc., Kansas City, Mo, 'CAP AND GOWN R E N TAL COMPANY National Guild o Xcademic Costumers (An organisation for the promotion of improved Cap and Gown Rental Services) .TO THE GRADUATES --TO THE UNDER GRADUATES --TO THE SUPERINTENDENT — TO ™E PRINCIPAL and TEACHERS-- We hope that our cooperation has enabled you to enjoy a better Year Book than would otherwise have been possible. a «• B KOTHERSoooooo o INC. KANSAS CITY.MO. DISTRIBUTORS FOR MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, MASS.Wo have conplotod as uu rly a3 possible tho first yearbook of Eunice High. This has been our first experience end wo know there are many mistakes and some disappointments, but v e hope some of the things we have included will s rve as a pleasant ro' indor of the school yuar of 193G-37.  LOOSE-LEAF PROJECT TRADE HARK year book Patent isotick U. S. PATENT APPLICATION PULLY COVER METHOD OF COMPILING. GEN-ERAL ARRANGEMENT AND DESIGN. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MADE AND SOLD ONLY BY I NTER-COLLEOI ATE PRESS KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI w 

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