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X x f' 1,117 7 A, 6, yi 1 GR UNB 9 X , MJ 5 xx ,Q X X W Q GJ 0 'f W X .iffy ' X , ff y f f- , ' X r I K ,f 1 f jx, 4 ' V 5, . JA ,fy Y fjiy K! ' qv X,- iff di U, f A m 1 4 ff gf, Al gulf, lf, sf, V X' ,-" VIA ,V ' A, 1 if W if 'f jj in 7' 4 ' 1 f" ,g Q ' ,, ff f ,f I f J X ' ' 'ev - , f 1 L! J, f' 4 K j ' 'Q will f.Nr if .1 ' K J! ' f .J h!,5i"r if I J' J 5' 'd v . U 493 fmwwfliv M 9? Qi K+, WW " ' . f GMM' ffwfw mn W I WMM 'N 175. 1 r .' -my 'i -1 3 , 1 ..'S- C v.. ,i1.. QJ-+ ,. y. 1, L X Y ,Q 55,1 ..,v,., qw af ,,. Q.. 9 'flu r i' 4 Cu' I 7-Ka?-1.1: v -- Q .. :V -, 4 U... ---.f , 3.'I ,...:1, .J 153 but .I f",p1. 3.4, ,I .Vg , .. I I V M A lf. L, ' 3 L 13.2lx. ,ff " -'q-' " A : ff-S Q -fl yi 9' '- A 1. Q ,yy ,Qi Tiqizf- , 1 G I if " I ' , 3 V . L ,V A ' , In 111 ' A , 2 ,, 1 r I JO "' ' 1.4- .:.' 2 , 3+ A t s ' E 1 L 'Y 1+ I- 1 , TV. :' ' Y .v, 'Tw I' f Q! Q MN I ,E S X 1 X ' ' li' x jig, ig Nw Y-:E , 'V Q , 5 Wx , rf X1 .V W ,719 , 1' I N- W, ' Q" 'mx' , ' EUGENE HIGH SCHOOL EUGENE, OREGON 1956 , 19" Q3 Q xt? if Q, X! 'EW 1,1 -- 'R' md' 5, 9 " 1, in . ,ed 1 ff fx wiv: f 7 5' .Q vids, SV 1 L .Mg V , V4--E1 'V H ' W .WL SG W . i "'-, -ff? ' 5 . f mi? 1, gs sie., H5 1. I i 5 MX ing Z K . A'kL 1k.,,.g: :,. I ,g,g1b:i,. -W' ffs' y aah 'Q ,,f'f+"' 1 ', Af ,X Q...--.. 4--on ,.,,..-1 ,M 1 :-F" 1 'H ...nn ,Jr- 2 ...Ava 5 z S 1 .4 N 21' Q ft ,XM J, f - -1 C K - S E525 in ,--Q , ws .me 2 'sf 5 -9 f, 'S v 5 Viv 'L Wm... hmmm. ibwwu. W, M Lx Uh-.2 !. 'i' fix 1 -sg Wi STUDENTS ARE LEARNING TO WORK WITH THEIR HANDS. KN EASY ATMOSPHERE PREVAILS IN THE CLASSROOM. EXPANSION -i INTRODUCES NEW METHODS OF STUDY. w an as K U 1 I ., . -Eg v 4' --v 'E I IE Vw THE OPPORTUNITY FOR THE STUDENTS TO LEARN BY DOING HAS PROVED ITS VALUE IN THE RESULTS OF THE IOWA TESTS WHICH PLACE EUGENE HIGH IN THE UPPER TEN PERCENT OF THE NATION'S SCHOOLS. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT. IT cult" I l' W COOKING BECOMES A SCIENCE, AN ART, AND A PLEASURE. .-.- -.....-.A.. n-11:-npnnrr 1-A IIALIIN ILI LIALIIN 1 1 6 H: Y.. NI 51 1 'SX :lx 47 TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ADMINISTRATION 6 FACULTY BERNCLIFF PRINTERS SPORTS CLASSES KENNELL-ELLIS ACTIVITIES G EVENTS LINCOLN 5, ALLEN CLUBS ADVERTISEMENTS EUGENE REGISTER-GUARD STAFF EDITOR ........,.... PHOTOGRAPHY ...... .,.,...., SECRETARIAL ...... .......,........................................................... SPORTS ........., CLUBS .....S, EVENTS ....,S.,, CLASSES .,S.S I SENIORS ..,S... ART ..,.......,.S,,. FACULTY ........,.... ....,... BOOKKEEPING ........ BUSINESS ......... ADS ............ JOHN LINDSTROM WESLEY WEATHERS, CLAUDE SANDELL, RON SCOTT JANE CAMPBELL ED BENNETT, BOB GABRIEL JEAN WILLIAMS, BARBARA BRANSFORD . ,,...,...... KATHY RICHMOND, PAT PARKER BEVERLY SCHROEDER, MARIE JOHNSON EDRA STANLEY, JUDY HENDERSHOTT LINDA FJALSTAD,JANET HENNING, PAGE MAHLER JUANITA NIEMI JERRE PUNTENNEY, CHERYL SWAN, NANCIE BOLLS i j mubjk tx , My A N ,,3TA.,N5, A A N Wxx, nu w gm' X 1 HY, . . .C , . F 'S 3,, 1 1 V? ll Mm :N MU-23 ff N 4, Ji' 3' 9. X . 'vnv,, mkqgns dl' wt '-sw Dean W. Mickelwait, Principal What makes a principal? A cluttered desk piled high with decisions in the making, a great sense of fairness, the huge res- ponsibility of a school and its students, plus a real desire to help each of them-do these really make a principal? These qualities and many others are an important part of Mr. Mickelwait, a very quiet and conscientious person. Ray Hendrickson, Vice-Principal Attendance, activities, and discipline all deal directly with the student. Working in these capacities Mr. Hendrickson has met each of us, and we all greatly appreciate his help. Formally he was the Administrative Vice-Principal of our school. Z? 're' 'ffl' No matter how much he enjoys working with teachers, stu- dents, and statistics he can't keep his nose to the grindstone all the time. He might be found relaxing by singing baritone with the Gleemen, trolling for steelhead, camping in the mountains, or simply enjoying an evening at home with his family and two cats This is Mr. Mickelwait of Eugene High. Chuck Hale, President The many details in the office of Student Body President be- longed to Chuck Hale. Characterized by a friendly "Hil", he was kept busy by such duties as taking chorqe of the Student Council, the Student Body Cabinet, all assemblies, choosing the Student Body Committees, and doing the homework that a senior in the Honor Society had to complete. ,ge . ,ff A "sr-ff' ABBY ADAMS: French ll, Latin l and ll, Spanish ll, Advisor, French Club, National Honor Society. Expression: Well, bow would you translate it? LOYD AMICK: P.E. and Health, Advisor: Football, Track, E Club. Expression: lt tokes lvroms To ploy football' MISS KITTS Did you plan a dance or some other social event? Did you try for a schol- arship? lf so, you worked with Miss Kitts, the dean of girls. You probably found her busy giving her personal attention to all girls who come to ask her advice, although she is primarily concerned with seniors. You may have also found her working in her other capacities as the head of pre-college counseling and club organization. MR. POTTER When you first came to Eugene High School, you met Mr. Potter, Vice-prin- cipal in charge of Student Personnel. He supervised all counseling, testing, and guidance activities. All students are certainly indebted to him because he provided individual assistance and help in his duties as dean of boys. FACULTY W NX ,.,.,,- Xxx CQ- TSFAX . QSS S-J-'F QA HAROLD ALLISON: Debate, Social Prob- lems. Expression: Tlnorefrc more wovs of killing O CGilllGfllOVII'1Qll To Cloollw BERNICE ANDREWS: Social Problems, Advisor: Activities Committee. Expres- sion: Just for fum' Un, byll X ,," i ' A .-'-',... f - 'it' ,7 . 5 :Q r A "., ox ' ' 77 ' FLORENCE ALTHEN: Typing l and ll Advisor: Office Scanners. Expression Now, it just might luv' GLENN APLIN: Social Living, Advisor Rifle Club. Expression: Som- doys Gfll lilw thot' V: ig.- .......qg,l VERNA APLIN: Social Living. Expres- sion: Great Scott' ROBERT BRUSH: Biology, Physics, Ad- visor: Radio Club. Expression: You lmow what xou're supposed to be dolag wlflea the bell rings BARBARA BARKER: English ll, U.S. His- ALICE BARNHART: Retail Selling: Ad tory Advisor: Ax-ents, Sophomore Coun- visor: School Store, Magic Mirror. Ex selor. Expression: lt's all right, dort't pression: Heyglads' worry about lt RUTH BEACON: English I2 C.P., Read- ing: Advisor: Rally Dance Committee. Expression: ltls tremendous' CARL BLOOD: Mechanical Drawing, Ad- visor: Hobby Club. Expression: Ob jim- mutex" t""""" M-M... '- A-.1 AGNES BEST: P.E. and Health, Advisor: G.A.A. Expression: Front , , . side , , . back circle, circle. WESTON BROCKWAY: A Cappella, Girls' Glee, Mixed Chorus, Introduction to Music, Advisor: Assembly Committee, Purple Pipers. Expression: l may have meotlorwed It betore EMORY BRUNS: Basic Math., Algebra, Plane Geometry: Advisor: Ski Club. Ex- pression: Xlifbat wlll tbe sign be? WILLARD BURKE: P.E. and Health, Head of P.E. Department, Advisor: Sophomore Football, Wrestling, Tennis. Expression: You Carft do tbat You just eam't do it. . 3 gl. : ,f -- .Q IF? ,,. . g,.' MICHAEL CALLAHAN: Social Livii World History, Advisor: Hatchets, A tivities Committee, Sophomore Counsel Expression: That is really sadl I? ROBERT CHAPMAN: Advanced Speech CECIL CHASE: Study Hall. Expression: MADGE CHILCOTE: Reference Librarian: ll, English ll, Stagecraftg Advisor: Dra- Plpc down' Advisor: Previewers, Expression: Oh, mo' natlcs Club. Expression: Gb brother' fa Iomr' ARJORIE ENGLISH: P. E. and Health: dvisor: Y-Teens, Table Tennis Club. Ex- 'essionz Wlwy bc: difficult when with so tlo mort: vllorl you Cori bc impossible? MAXINE CONSTANCE: Spanish I and ll. Expression: lleaverwly doysl ELSIE DAVIS: Typing I and II. Expres- sion: OK. LAWRENCE DAGGETT: Latin I and II French lg Advisor: Rally Squad, Latin Club, Golf Team. Expression: Mon Dioul WILLIAM DEDMAN: English ll, I2 C.P., English ll Honors: Advisor: F.T.A. Ex- pression: Experience is tbo best teocbor it you com live tbrougb tba: expcriorwco RAE DODGE: English IO: Advisor: Junior Class. Expression: Hal JULIETTE GIBSON: English I2 C.P., Eng- Iish I2 Honors, Creative Writing, News- writing: Advisor: E.H.S. News.'Expression: As sure os tbe gods mode little groom opplcs. STANLEY GLICK: Chemistry, Physics, Ap- plied Science: Advisor: Physics Club. Ex- pression: liigblrl t , , Ol coursc'-v it uL.u'tl f-- f ... 2 9 if b 11:42.35 1,4222 'J' INV M, 1 1 , x , 'U L, awgg 9 Q31-I yep W. 'Ns me-5-w7g,Q..,. .l hr it ' .1 , x , f ' ,Q-mfer 3.1, 4441, fi L I W W . ,, 4 1 Jn, , ,,,f"'f'i,,,pv- 4' .,.:, ' J Q' ..,, ,X mfvQ':"f ' 'sw u ,455 45. -. -, viii g'.:124S-iii 'FFL mia' , ,' ' 'H .if ,Egg -: fi' A dw! 1. If- . ' I-,s:'Q:1 ' " QA F-MJETW' f. ' 'I -7 f ,, f. .-14-'S' 'V f-MP - . H 7 Q-figjfi ..,,.'-" . Q ' ' "' 3 A --.. -, 'fu .-L, - ' . 5715 ' iff 4 N A Q xl ing' it-, v. "Ns 5 4' aff 4 1 41 .., ,. K - WNQV , .,, 1 "'-1-ff""m vi ,, gif + f LX .XA yjf' ' ff' ,fwf-' ' y ODINE MlCKELSON:Waodwarking, Head BYRON MILLER: Senior Band, District DONALD MOORE: WoodworkingII,Gen of Industrial Arts Department: Advisor: Music Consultant. Expression: Take your eral Metals: Advisor: Service Club. Ex Axemen's Council, Industrial Arts Club. horns home orid proctice, pression: Let me hove your otteritior Expression: OK. fellows! pleose. MAXINE MOOREHEAD. Typing i, ii. Ex- pression: I'd rother be riibbled to deoth by iii rittti' the ducks KENNETH NEAL: Drama and Speech I: T Advisor: Dramatics Club, Thespians. Ex- pression: I suppose so. High, ggfysw nil .ly MONTE MORRISON. Study Hall. Ex WM, pression: Quiet l RITA NORRIS: Foods, Homemaking. Ex- pression: Girls, iust o minute, pleosel JOAN NUGENT: Social Living, English I2 Lab.: Advisor: Sophomore Class. Expres- sion: The bell hos rung, GEORGE PETERSEN: Typina I, Bookkeep- MARTHA PETERSON: English 11,12 Lab. HARALD PLATOU: Biolo9Yi Adviso ing I, Head of Business Education De- Expression: Forgoodhess sokel Senior Class, Rock Hounds. Expression partment, Advisor: Game gate receipts. L2T'S VIGVG O TEST. Expression: I do riot grode occordirig to the port in your hoir. - X L-.W 1,-1:2 f --R . K. L I V limi, 'Q ry . K , ,, nl L :I ,NT-I' AC- F - .... i ' ' X' ge ' . ' w uf' x JEi.i,!"x fb' ,f ix f , AF ' ,C l-Q ,Q . .,. .,, . LL,, ' , MONTANA RICKARDS: English ll. Ex- BUD ROBERTSON: P.E. and Health, Ad- NORA ROBERTSON: Biology: Advisor: pression: My word' visor: Football, Track. Expression: You Biology Club, Expreggiong No Qgllmq lwolbvodsl if HUM' :C bf y 15395-4 iD STONEBREAKER: English ll, IZ Lab. fxpression: Groot Scotllll ROY RUTTER Driver Education Expres sion: Groot Stoll" LYLE SMALL. Social Problems. Expres- sion: AII right now, ICT! how The News OSCAR SCHAAF: Basic Math., Algebra, Plane Geometry, Head of Mathematics Department: Advisor: Math Club. Expres- sion: Con you prow W 1 -.4 ' A 4 E EARL SMITH: Arts and Crafts l0, Crafts 10, ll: Advisor: Service Club. Expression: ood The like LOIS SPARKMAN: Shorthand, Typing I, Office Machines: Advisor: Senior Class, r : u Office Scanners. Expression: Hove forti- tude ood pofrorwfc PHYLLIS TALUS: Biology: Advisor: Biol- ogy Club. Expression: It shows to go you N ' J! A .. rw' -'fs FRANK TlLLY: English ll. Expression: lull lwciw it Qin T' , L ' GLEN TRUSTY: Social Problems, U. S. History, Advisor: Sophomore Class. Ex- pression: lt's o problem MILDRED WILLIAMS: World History, Head of Social Science Department. Ex- pression: OK. Av .H s fig, 3-5 - ,,i. WILLIAM TWEEDIE: Orchestra. Expres- sion: Soy ir with music. GERALD WEBKING: Social Living, World History, Advisor: I.R.L., Ski Club. Expres- sion: Mlrmesotol VIRGINIA WEST: English ll, Advisor Spanish Club. Expression: All right, chil- dren' J. ALAN WICKHAM: Social Living, World History, Advisor: Junior Class, Hunting and Fishing Club. Expression: Shdvingsl NAN WILCOX: P.E. and Health, Advisor: Tumbling Team, Intramural Program, G.A.A. Expression: Good l-lonlcl VEOLA WILMOT: U.S. History, Advisor l.R.L. Expression: Oh, l-leoveri help usl CECIL WARNER: Social Problems, Ad- visor: Hi-Y, J. V. Football, Sophomore Basketball, Junior Boys' Counselor. Ex- pression: l-loly rriockerell . - l I Q s , . g fr: 1 fi BETTY WORMINGTON: Clothing. House Furnishina, Family Relations, Advisor: F.H.A. Expression: Dorff you think it would look better if you did it over? 1 Q Z 5 OFFICE STAFF Grades, statistics, reports, all were concerned with you. These were com- piled and collected in the Personnel and Attendance Offices. The Business Office took care of the many details that have a vital part in the operation of our school. These included every- thing from running off tests for teach- ers to counting and writing receipts for all money that was handled in the school. Miss Elaine Elliott, Mrs. Maggi Ken- nedy, Mrs. Betty Bergman, Mrs. Esther Mickelson. CAFETERIA STAFF Hamburgers! Hotdogs! Chili! We all looked forward to lunch time. About 900 of us spent from S6000 to S7000 a month eating food prepared, served, and sold by the cafeteria staff of l0 women, several students, and Mrs. Jones, the cafeteria supervisor. The re- cent addition of a cafeteria snack bar further supplemented the selection of food. Mrs. Edna Johnson, Mrs. Emma Hol- seybrook, Mrs. Selma Vangsness, Mrs. Lillian Kirkootrick, Mrs. Ruth Petersen, Mrs. Bernice Kallas, Mrs. Marjorie Waske, Mrs. Myrel Rose, Mrs. Arlene Hughes, Mrs. Mae Tyler, Mrs. Dorothy Jones. 'MF-'T LIBRARY STAFF The library was one of the quietest rooms in the school and yet one of the busiest. Four adults and thirty stu- dents were at work checking out 300 books per day, processing and purchas- ing all textbooks, and buying new books. About 900 people visited the library daily. Seated: Mrs. Madge Chilcote, Mrs. Thelma King. Standing: Mrs. Laurel Hjelte, Mrs. Sally Riley. " ' " ' it . E.: .aw- CUSTODIAN STAFF One hundred fifty gallons of deter- gent, 250 gallons of wax, plus a great deal of elbow grease washed and waxed the floors of Eugene High School during the year. lt usually took l6,000 gol- lons of oil to heat it for a month. Much of this maintaining our school and mak- ing it a clean, comfortable place fell on Mr. Violette and his crew of seven janitors, a laundryman, and a matron. Row l: Mrs. Effie Mansell, Earl Boettcher, Viggo Petersen, E. K. Vio- lette. Row ll: Charles lman, PauleEd- wards, J. F. Bailey. I9 KW, mx, W ,, f Q ,,,,, ... ,. ,Mm M, . nf yr ar 1 'H viva: vvvwguwlm, W ff Wi' 1' - 'X 5 , 4. 4. . , N ,..,g. -A h , A Q ,VL N w M. WAV- af .5 .-QWMAN-mmifww Q .wmwi at - again" 'CZ W-w.Z'X ' Wy' in -N .-Q LS Sf' 3 5 , 3 1 . X 1 Q xx X x ,X han X kfN +?'9'fN fy., ROW I: Neil Goldschmidt, Bill Bunce, Roger Peter, John Gustafson, Clifford Allen, Ed Curry, Loretta Smith, Diane Doty, Carol Buono, Carol Maxwell, Jean Williams, Kathy Richmond, Marian Johnson, Sharon Horton, Bev Smith. ROW II: Kay Haun, Linda Owen, Susan Lynes, Gloria Darold, Unidentified, Joyce Justus, Sandra Lee Rinnert, Virginia Goddard, Marian Squires, Jeannette Ingell, Jolene Taylor, Doris Pettijohn, Bunny Brissenden, Sharon Bruce, Sue Carter, Phyllis Culbertson. ROW III: Bob Parker, Milton Quam, Bob Embry, Tom Treadwell, Todd Lundy, Chuck Laird, Dave Winn, John Holloway, Larry Rubenstein, Unidentified, Frances Haines, Jo Ann Heidgerken, Carolin Smith, Virginia Holman, Diane Lynch. ROW IV: Gary Geersten, Mike Barnhart, Bill Ziniker, Ken Brown Steve Cruikshank, Harold Kennedy, Wayne Small, Unidentified, Betty Shoup, Sharon Anderson, Chuck Hale, Sharon Tarpenning, Kay At- kinson. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL Opposite Page CHUCK HALE, STUDENTBODY PRESIDENT, REAgL:5EOgrIOIZ:E'?-gzssgugsga B?z?gH2.FFIgEE?I1ER. carry out this year. There were as follows: A Black Masquerade Ball to With a rap of the gavel Chuck Hale opened the Student Council meetings for the year. They planned five projects which they hoped to GARY GEER1-SEN, AUDITOR: be held on .Friday the thirteenth, a foreign exchange student, a Hsost Night BEV SMITH, TREASURER: :Dolce during gm Stgtedliasketbgll TouLnament, a irinlkgggugtain gorkthe SUE CARTER,HISTORIAN, oc er room in ivic ta ium, an a trop y case ort e tate as et- VIRGINIA HOLMAN, TREASURER, ball trophy and for the pictures of the players who won it. Although all BUNNY BRISSENDENI SECRETARY! of these plans did not materialize this year, some of the groundwork was JOHLOgSISTicgg5B' SI4ISgEILH3SIDEl'XIgER. laid so they could be carried out later, possibly next year. Again the year ' MAN ' ended with the brisk rap of the gavel of the Student Body President. BOB PARKER, AUDITOR. Student Council in Action fff-AA- -, ft1b' - A 'vw-1 v l . e . 'mf Mm-f.,., 2 W 1 55 rf as 1 wwf 5 R A D Q Q19 .. , , , Q V fr A A 'v 5 H, gg v 6 W Q yi , a ,v '. , .NE Ll? F . ., ' :mf "'.5 ., f . Rl, A m. 5 14, X , .H D .1 4. I--. , M AQ ., 'K H' , ' 5 1 3,12 5... . wi' 5 - - - if ' ,Q f ' Q , , gf 5 -3 4 ' xx , . K , , A "'!.fr'jJ, lk, , . ,W 2,.:.E:'li:x, ,l: wk' V -- i A g V 'V L I x ,g A W A .-'Sym :.fxf A F U a .Q ,, ig' ., W ,J SK-2.1 F ,,. Y -Q ,AZ " 5 5' W 'f - ,air as I f 2-wgq' 1 1, N . ,w,,.,.,,.. ,Z 4 - .- 1. MK my H i 34 E ,, v , 1 1.,vnX,1w . ..Q. 5 .W Q-i ACTIVITY-Lucy Hart, Ellen McMurtry. Ab- sent: Stan Hayden. This group distributes activities and offices among as many students as possible and encourages better scholar- ship. Advisors: Mr. Callahan, Miss McDer- mott, Mrs. Andrews. BUDGET AND FINANCE- Front: Bev Smith, Pat Cleveland, Daniel Ch'en, Gary Geertsen. Back: Bob Parker, Virginia Holman, Quentin Breen. This com- mittee's duties include setting up the school budget and planning the concession program. Advisors: Miss Mallery, Mr. Micklewait. POLICIES AND PRACTICES - Front: Connie Ayotte, Diana Scott, Kathy Richmond, Gary Wolfe. Back: Met Wilson, Terry Foskett, Bunny Brissen- den, John Gould. They discuss ways of improving student assistance in building maintenance and student behavior-in other words, school spirit. Advisor: Mr. Hendrickson. SOCIAL - Sandra Loveall, Burton Gray, Chuck Hale, Sharon Bruce, Loretta Whitworth, Dave Lyons, Carol Eskala, Marie Johnson. Absent: Tom Jones. They help regulate school social affairs. Ad- visor: Miss Kitts. ?"""w,,. ,ea ,U " wp . rlslifbi' , , A .,,5..59:, JA. 4 sf Hx A ' -, E-1 'V ' 'lu n .. ' ' ,f N 5 , .. Q M . ,A -H ' ' . , V FSA ff 6 -Q Wibert ends the long grind with a first. With Civic Stadium once again the scene of hustle and bustle, Fall Sports at Eugene High were underway. The coaches faced once more the task of getting their material in shape for a good season. Many panting youths were just plain hushed after enduring the ordeal of the first few practices, but the strenuous calisthenics and wind sprints paid off in victories. After a few weeks of really rugged training, the mentors sifted through the hordes of candidates and came up with their teams, ready to go. Q5 The J.V. s practice for their season. LOYD AMICK, head football co ach. . jpg gogll e N 'N I if px! is 'X ' , s f as f A ' - QA , 1 I v iw Q, . M Q LQ W ff W ,Q , J .lin 9 ... i g ' I, 4 I 'T' 3 - ' ' "-Q . fa. Q a 55 P agp li 5,-...QT TW gf X,,W 4 gawk Si mi., -- J A A ,,,, 4, f , L' -,M f f-jf 4-s2',f'521zzzf1 " 7-Y ' K .X , ces through e o. A52 9 'ga' 1 44, . :W X v - ff M A 2- - I 4. X , 'YW Mi 1 ' '21 - . ' , is v -f Xe . f if 'lr . , ' ' 2625 1 . 1 4, In 1 Q, A at lg, X E 3 3? Q it , 7 an 4 Q, igiintxt , Q 7,6 Q A ' . N, 5 " .. v A .J k I x 7, i G J - Q ,L A ' L V ,' f ii ff' if A L ? J vf bs it W? mf" if 8 4 gif ' ,f ,, w f f , gwwqg Wg -E -if' wwfff -H if '13 X EX-, fQ.""W x I' fx 1 x ,+ ,gf - 1 ...HEI J, i 1. ' - -P' 4 K, at Q z f '1 kv if ga fi' 5 , Nl I I I 175.5 2, 5 .1 jg I 1 5 hiv. n.q - '- 'V .1 ,J 4 . ' '11 x . fx. , ' . 7 xv wig his -. xx 1 5 Msg ,,.,.,, Q: yu-fs. , "I 1 Q83-1... lun , Q. U D ,W . ww.. as 'Ko is ff.. - , fi' M M.. 'Z ., -x is if 1 Q 53 5 1 1 'Q' J ? G8 as -me L! f 6 'mis 1 ' ROW l: Lynn Coons, John Tiffany, Mike Patterson, Bill Muhr, Howard Gieger, Curtis Bryant, Gerry Steele, Clarence Decker Dale Church, Terry Davis, Joe Blakely. ROW ll: Coach Loyd Amick, Gary Waddington, Cliff Allen, Roger Peter, Ron Turner Ed Bennett Galen Shorack, Dave Powell, 'Don Tenbrook, Don Lawrence, Craig Bushman, John Willener, John Gustafson, Mel Olsen ROW lll Monte Ausland, Wally Schulz, Tom Slocum, Martin Langley, Charles Wilson, Jim Gardner, Darel Glatt, Leroy Polndexter Greg Willener, Charles Warren, Jack Mills, Vern Kelso, Coach Bud Robertson. . r it ABOVE: Darlan Davenport and Loy Buley, the Axemen's hard working man- agers, are debating whether or not to sneak down to Christy's for a shake. RIGHT: Darrell Hufstader, student trainer and statistician, applies a relaxing rubdown to ailing Jay Stanford. VARSITY K Q Jill-.P :Fidel I' .4 we NN --4 ' Ni ROW l: Ron Landskroner, Bob Holstrom, Leo Holland, Lowell Thomas, Jim Woodruff, Clark Texley, Arlen Cluster, John Bryant, Leon Olson, Jim Risinger, Dick Admire, Phil Williston. ROW ll: Johnny Keller, student coach, Dave Summers, manager, Chuck Laird, Darl McAllister, Jim Heldman, George Walker, Gary Wills, Loren Sears, Walt Osborn, Joe Power, George Bunning, Dave Berg, Cece Warner, coach. ROW Ill: Rusty. Diehl, Bill Moody, Monte Auslund, Ray Senkel, Ralph Harris, Gordon Turner, Jack Thornburg, Don Brummett, Gary Nielsen, George Hulse, Jay Stanford, manager. J.V. FOOTBALL Against rugged competition, Cece Warner's Junior Varsity football team emerged with a fairly successful season. Beginning the season with a game that is now a traditional event, the green J. V.'s were barely tipped by Spring- field's experienced ball club, 26-25. Other games included South Salem, who defeated the E.H.S. J.V. team, 27-0. Albany squeezed by, l9-l3, after which came a thriller in which the little Axemen took honors over Cottage Grove, I2-9. Facing Springfield for the second time in their season, the juniors and sophomores had a chance to get even with the Millers, which they did to the tune of 7-O. Many of the boys who played J.V. ball this year will be stalwarts on the Varsity next year and for seasons to come. Young Axemen bring a Springfielder to the turf. RC- - il .La 1 I 5' 2 I B 1? L Y I w I K- J ROW l' Errol McPheeters Gordon Madsen Dan Guthrie Dwaine Collins, Larry Campbell, Rick Cerkoney, John Polhemus, Bert Clausen, Gary Armstrong. ROW ll: Dick Moody, Malcolm McEwen, Maurice Roberts, Tom Henshaw, Cecil Linder, Jim Chrislock, Tom Jones, Ray Allen, Dale Dillingham, Al Reddig, John Holloway, Jack Bennett. ROW lll: Kieth Tucker, student coach, Don Bray, ' lk B b K G r Powell, Jim Cole- Larry Senn, Tom Robinson, Larry Snortland, Harold Long, Bob Saunders, Jack Myers, Bob Wa er, o raus, a y man, Tom Bryant, Bill Kuykendoll, manager, Bill Burke, coach. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL l955's Sophomore Axemen turned out to be one of the most promising groups in many years at E.H.S. Even though handicapped by a lack of equipment, they continued to turn out. ln their regular season games they easily walked over their opponents, with Springield throt- tled 27-6 and 20-O in two encounters. The Hatchet boys also took two tiffs from Cottage Grove. To provide a further test of their prowess, they were allowed to play one step higher, with the J.V.'s. Bigger opponents didn't scare them, however, and they continued their victorious play. To close their successful season the Sophs had a hand in the J.V.'s defeat of Springfield's J.V.s. Rick Cerkoney ran for the only score of the game to insure the Axemen's 7-0 victory. ROW I: Bob Booth, Larry Davis, Allan Dunlap, Dee Dompier, Jim Simmons, Jerry Conn, Jim Christensen, Ron Ness and Bill Kuy- kendall, managers. ROW ll: Ken Maier, Bob Eidson, Terry Gardner, Bruce Taylor, Roger Hill, Doug Brown, Dave Lemery, Jerry Ruthven, Wesley Weathers, Bryan Hodges, Mike Fish, Ed Hearn.ROW Ill: Bill Burke, coach, George Wiedrich, Dennis Ruff, Wayne Whittington, Eugene Burelson, Dennis Ferguson, Dennis McCorkle, Gary Ragsdale, Harry Pickett, George Nelson, Walter Neylon, Tom Crowder, Larry Olsen, Gil Durey, student coach. Q' I si: QGE4' ' as 554' ,gm w e 464' Qiifaf .Q . 6 gh .gi gg l' ijt 5. 'i , . v Q l G 66519 r N3 4' CROSS COUNTRY Hank Kuchera, the coach who led the Axemen's basketball team to a state championship last year, and into a runner-up position the two previous years, took over the duties of cross country coach this year. In so doing, he came pretty close to making them state champs too. Eugene finished eighth in a field of twenty-six at the state meet, their best performance in years. Starring for the varsity this year and finishing many meets in first place was Jerry Wibert, a junior. When Kuch took over cross country he took practically the entire basketball staff with him. By this we mean Bill Reiersgaard, who, in Ku- chera's words, "is one of the best managers I have ever seen." Bill did indeed do a valuable job for the cross country team merely through his managing. But that wasn't quite all he did though. He also took down all important statistics since there was no regular statisticion for the team. .A few of the basketball enthusiasts turned out at the first of the season to begin training, how- ever, it was soon proven that it takes a very well developed young man to make a cross country man, and the hopeful basketballers just couldn't quite develop the wind. An interesting thing to watch would be how the team develops next year as the maiority of the team will be returning. Here's wishing them lots of luck. ROW I: Grant Kernutt, Dick Lacey, John Reece. ROW ll: Harold Davis, Francis Ingram, Coach Hank Kuchero. 11" g 1: D' L- 49550 ROW I: Paul Barber, .lerry Wi- bert, Bob Berry, Jim Hiebert, Bill Watson. ROW II: Bill Potterf, Max Chancellor, Dwayne Raabe, Bob Wil- . Iiams, Bob Scott. , Y Vs, .. . -1 . , i x Q X is W. is ' 5 ' ' .y C .et , , g, J, ,Q-5r,f!.y: S f We . B ... 4... 'Ur S ,QQ 5 ' w- -4 .. -, . ' 3. .i B .ve 'IRQ g 'f"MveQ.ff"f A'--3-I f.,Qf,,. ,lj N' v .u,' ui.. nj-x . pee... .W ,,, .Wff ,." S t 2 I 5' ",. 1 I F I' i"""' meson-. Y-ff' 1 Z' sell 'Wa " -ssc"-'Str ..,,, T VVV7 K V , if ' g Tally ho . . . the chase is on. HANK KUCH ERA, Head Basketball Coach f i1'15'L!A,g W b f 4 K if' f 1 lu ' '- ' - fx ,gee A if - fl ' .l B K, l f if jr 7 ff? " , Lil v'k, .,yQ: . . Lf I Z , 3 L iii ffl . .fails - g . ' if , ri . H" Q fl. L'L,' lf . r P is 5 s. - . is i F 17 if +V i "Ji: 'Y . A v v. Y Q A 'Wg A f y , . . 'I , m . ' K -Q 4 ii X"' 'B Q Time out for conference. Football pads were packed away until next year as the moisture-bearing clouds began to cover the face of the sun. Athletics went indoors with the opening practices of Basketball, Swimming and Wrestling. Yes, the long dead Purple Pavillion began to take on signs of life. The hoarse groans of worried coaches, com- bined with the nervousness of the newcomers and the hope and doubt felt by the veterans, knowing that if they failed this year there would never be another chance, all added ta a new high in spirits. "On the ball everyone, there are some championships to be won." Heavy bodies pounded the mats as the grunt and groan- ers began Eugene's first season of wrestling under the coaching of Dr. Willard Burke. Looking forward to many victories were the boys who turned out. Another new sound in the sports department was the splashing of water and talk of ". . .back stroke . . . half-gainer . . With the near completion of the "Y" center and pool, some of the swim enthusiasts couldn't wait until next year for the first swim- ming team, so they started their own under the excellent coaching of Gil Durey, a student teacher from the U. of O. l Doug "the Dox" Lundstrom, a boy who left a brilliant trail in E.H.S. basketball, was elected captain at the first of the year. BASKETBALL Bill Reiersgaard, veteran manager of the Axemen, truly deserves all the praise bestowed upon him by Kuch. He is not only one of the best managers Kuch has ever had,' but also one of the best sports- men. Powell makes like a ballerina against Albany. E. H. S. 52 MEDFORD 56 E. H. S. 64 MEDFORD 38 After making the rounds of the North and compiling wins over Benson and Albany, the Axemen took a brief southern trip, for what were expected to be fairly easy ball games. Medford's group of fired up athletes made it extremely rough for Eugene to make their shots and in the end, came out in front by four slim points, 56-52. 2-l. The Axemen, after sleeping on it and trying to decide whether they wanted to waste the trip or save it, came bouncing back Satur- :lay nite to literally mop up the floor with the Medford boys. The first quarter score was 20-7, and the points just kept piling up for us throughout the game until the end, where it stood at 64-38, for E. rl. S. 3-l Doug Lundstrom Bill Reiersgaard Guard Manager Captain E.H.S. 63 BENSON 53 E.H.S. 49 ALBANY 46 Eugene had lost quite a bit of material from last year's state championship team, but that didn't mean we're beat. The Axemen started their rugged basketball season far away from home when they tangled with the Benson Mechanics of Portland at the Techmen's home court. lt wasn't too long before the Axemen proved that they intended to take the state crown again, as they proceeded to run all over the pride of Benson Tech and come up on the top side ofa 63-53 score. l-O. Next in line for the Axemen to trounce were the Albany Bulldogs. This proved to be a real test for the boys early in the season, as the lead chanqed hands every time the ball went down the court. The final score was 49-46. ln the Axe- men's favor of coursel 2-O. 1 1 i QTL "'-." . ,J L ,gg Us 1 Q 2 X il 3i?41 Y .-.ew 1 3 2 f ,gg 2 'iff YQ Q 1 rt ff If fw w ,fi iii: xxx kQO6 .SO 3 ' 4 94 g l W' 4 5 . f -5 L A 0 1 in M K Gi w I N.,--'f ez:- U 41 T7 In AW' Ai' 6 , v ME, ,v as ,y 1 3 x 1? v,V l. ' . ' 1 'aff .s of J?-fl' I SSW i -in 34? -on . -I? 1 :Y Za ,J H3 ,P 4 x 1 ni' M", 2 . V' if A , L 0 E! wg! in X' 'Q f 'P1 , F 1 ' . ' f - if , ig 1153 K ? if X 2 .J sus- sur F! in Wig 1', MK! A O 'in Sw .SSI 'I 2 I f hiv? 9 4 ' :A Qing! 'E ' 3 + Q 1?3'Q93'y' 4 . , W, YQ Q - A. fezngtv Q, '4 I 14 if 'bf ' 4' f , - f WUI! , " ' . - 5 f- . , F in , f - .Q ' w I . gb ' X Us , Y Q ig " i.. sl EL fi, ,,,,,,' , 9 W5 f' iv Y, fi XS-. i 22 MW MA, ,, ,fn 'ff X 1" 'sf-" QD ji! lx Lf -fd Q, ,TLV K , Nl ' ls XV ' mn lXxf 'I i 'I rx XXI , . N1 , - NX " I NY I I , L 1- i -.--1 5 ig 4E Y' Lv K, IW?- if A gg., Q Xt 'xv Q H .QQ-0 f' 1 lf Q ,iw it ' af. 4' ' 1, X' J - 2' Q. I ,J , .. , A -11. Awq., an i D 4' , 1, lriji xg ,. i 'L-I P" 1 1:451 1-. XJjMg5"?Lff.f'21S::,. LL A .i, me K - M A, LLLL m www P L :MQW W,-A ,I A 'f'x,.f'J5'l' x-,114 , ,V-4 1. xv- P 1' s Ai 2 , ,N -.4332-,421 xi. ,,., .,. "ix 'gf 'QT 'rffff - ' .gg-" , . ','1:Q. 2 . f K 1, ,, A3 , X '13 'Q ,, L mil 5 A N- a wg-gig. .,-sn, - if -wffsfff :'g?'1?++l' -T di, - ,,, ' I 1- ' : r H 'Sul S' a -,-1- Q I 'I Ln .... ll 'hs l'c23 '7? - ,s,, M 2217 iii! x Fri x I A K gusfun ctgfiflyf UIGEIE glliik 'ZX x e 31 26 wffi JW, if , x V' wi RW 1 E? Ll H , M gk , N-5 mKQn nkr i 1 E . 434 , , L 1 .1 h H ,. 2 ,M Q ROW I: Wayne Whittington, Harold Long, Larry Senn Larry Campbell Jack Myers Jack Mattison Jack Bennett ROW II: Dale Berg, manager, Wayne Small, Gary Armstrong Gary Jensen Terry Finke Bill Louvrmg Tom Jones Harold Kennedy Ray Allen, Coach Cece Warner. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Eugene High's Junior Hatchetmen upheld the school's winning tradition this year, by taking I2 of I6 games. Cece's boys were a well balanced squad with no one dom- inating the scoring. Two members of the squad improved enough during the season to move up to the J.V. squad, they were Tom Jones and Jack Myers. Fcr the statistical minded, of the four games the Sophs dropped, the average difference in scores was a mere 2.5 points. The I2 wins were by an average of I9 points per game with only 3 games won by score of less than I4. The Sophomores should make some fine contributions to Axemen basketball in the coming seasons. SOPHOMORE SCORES 44 E.H.S ALBANY E.H.S S. SALEM E.H.S ST. FRANCIS Ijvl E.H.S S. SALEM E.H.S ALBANY E.H.S SPRINGFIELD E.H.S ST. FRANCIS Ijvl E.H.S C. GROVE E.H.S SPRINGFIELD E.H.S SPRINGFIELD E.H.S. C. GROVE E.H.S. SPRINGFIELD E.H.S C. GROVE E.H.S SPRINGFIELD E.H.S C. GROVE E.H.S. 46 SPRINGFIELD Row l: John Halloway, Bill Cruise, Dick Lacey, Duane Collins. Row ll: Dan Guthrie, Clarence Decker, Larry Kimball, Joh n Willener, Lance Williams, Clark Texley, Ron Landskronner, Dennis Ruff. Row lll: Cliff Allen, Allen Dunlap, Tom Robinson, John Freeman, D a r el Glatt, George Hulse, Tom Bryant, Fred Edwards, Ron Ness, Manager. Row IV: Bill Anderson, Terry Wol- bert, Eugene Burlson, Gary Col- lins, Bob Carter, Arlen Cluster, Don Walton, Gil Durey, Assistant Coach. Cliff Allen gains the advantage. Te The Eugene Tankmen, operating rather in- dependently from the regular school sports program, managed to take third in the state swim meet. The swimmers practiced in the Men's pool on the U. of O. campus and re- ceived coaching from a student, Gil Durey. The state meet was the only one which the Axemen were able to schedule due to their late start. Scoring for Eugene were: Rick Friberg, first in diving, Dick Moody, third in the lO0 yard freestyle, and in the relay, Bill and Dick Moody, Bob Link, and Dan O'Con- nell placed second. The outlook for next year is excellent with only Rick Friberg and Mike Patterson gradu- ating. The team will also be able to practice at the new "Y" and schedule more meets. I rn R - Rirk Frihera. Mike Patterson. Bill WRESTLING SWIMMING s, ty, ,N -an-.W 4 fi if Q -- ...f-,M SPRING Being blessed with sunshine in the early spring, which for Oregon, is very unnatural, has provided'E.H.S. with one of the best sporting opportunities in history. The baseball team, at this writing, has lost only one game in seven. At this time last year, they had yet to play their opening game. Filling out the participating teams for spring are Track, Golf, and Tennis. DUANE MELLEM, baseball coach BUD ROBERTSON, track coach. Hurdlers skim the sticks i , 5 mf .1 fi Q. 4', 2 . p,.g' .W iii' A Em ,, M 'A '14g.'-- ,Q jfi'+q-1' U s' g. -, I 3 Q L wyqtg Ag .o-'A"".'. f "' ' K .,w..',v " --4r'7+' ' , ,, . S" fi' 'iv v Q-f .. or V-f"','..-it - fc U Q' 1' v 12.5 T f" gl ssjyf 4 3 T., . . T ' ' . '7 1 f V .5.,,,g., . ,,. f r A 'i ,: ,l ,,,, af " ---- rf, M' gf ,W-mx.-A v . W. .. , V, .. k i . 1 ,. ,.,.f5V.t fm, E: i1V..,,,,g5, 1 .. , ,, ,, f , , ,sy , .., ,., -1 ..Q f , I ' 4 W 1 , k W , . .1 - ' - r N ,W .- W , . ...s I . ,,,f,,, , .V .A M, , - , . , . .A ,, Q A V, ,M,,4:,..A My ..,. 4 , , N 4 'J . A .A dbh, gm, ,, f 3 k ,. F ki ,V 341-QM 5, U v ,-,3M ' ' ",,. N '- ', l L A ,ef - if - ip .44-may - - ' , ,,., - A . Ae 1 'nfs 1. 'JA W A l .mw- V . f , , .. ' , V . ,W ,, V zrj."f?-ig, ,g n .-, f :J 525, jg' .g A ' " 2" 'M Q r 7 f D S ,ii KL, 'K' 5' , iff, ff .j.,.j T ' .9 . -' , 5 rg nt. K- K I f 's W f N. ,T M , ., ,V , 7. fr- L, -r - -rf?u,fM.w,,' , K V, 4 , -A , - , , . , , . ,. . 3,55 , g'V,,,n. - 7 -n, aff ' f ' E f W5 if ,Lge fy 4 A , ,v Aff, -V , , .. M v .. T I- H , 5 e-, M, LYWQVK, of .Y -if K ,. ...,.,.,. , -M T ,sun JN ,lg f, A ft, I H ..,-1, Is J ,414 .W -. -- W 1 Q ' ,. ' . .n ,- N f ,.,,,,,, ,,. - H ,. , -. . . . S ' 2' A . - as ..f ,...s ' ox. swf- A . . - Q 0, c W-: ,L , .4 I M , - JF!" ' +. -' asf' "'-'f . My 'MK W N' 5. 0, P Q .W ,st - .,.,a..-f.. - W' , . , V 1 4. , . . 1 f. A V A f .. I .. . W ,. .. ,, 394 ,ku s ., R .Q-, F' ,W A r' .J 5. '-' . A E L L Eugene's Baseballers got off to a good start this season by winning 6 of th 7 games. These included wins over Albany, Klamath Falls, Oregon Frosh, and Please Hill squads. Mellem's boys played those first 7 games without a field to practice 4 or a complete infield practice, indicating that they might go far this season. The team boasted about 10 lettermen from last year, one transfer in the pers of pitcher-outfielder Ed Farrell, 3 sophomores, and several men from the .l.V.'s. For a week the Axemen played with one of the few pitching machines in the sta The purpose of this machine was vague so it did not become a permanent fixture. Eugene's baseball program also included a J.V. Squad, coached by Cece Warn and a Sophomore Squad, coached by Robert Brush. , ,M Y :E , -I l.X 5 ' . - .-ar, A sn-, 5 ' , V ff , 5 H+ fs 5 fu-U' Q. ,S 1"-, . N ., ,,,, ..s.,,,t-, ,Q . -M .. s . W, T wc -J-' ff, pw- . mms , .3..,a.:,,'- ,xt . wimjahiviat- , -,,. V gg. f Tl..-P-Q' ,fuk ' , -Q 'JF' X 5,11- , Egg-vi H ..-5, s mfs sf..-as y -, it -T , -T r n7"'f",-P-:ff . A 1 we ff r, Q - T N..f-Sgr Q. , - ",:g,"iW :""'l:4 ,- - ' ' I' l . M-'Hf1Q,'X't1g, ff ' , ' - .mf 'gf 3' 0 , 2 A MQ, ., + Tiny 344' -- -2 'fs -.i , 'ew f A 'Tn ' if" if iff " ,, .. X ' 'TQ' '- t"' 'Pm r 'W ' . ww. Qkff Q.,-'- 1- ., ' K . at Q ' 3' A' if, ' .rf ', fl ' ' :ag L ,k.,,, 5 .QS s .7 , W .Mn "' '- '-s4f.,..'f sri ,we V, Q, ,V ,, , me If , ,gif ' Y' if-",f',m, ,Q is as ,X 6... J' V E .4 - 1- S l : 'F' - Q- s! A Ang.- 5 J, f Q gn 'C' 1 fi ROW I: Roger King, Captain, Dick Little, Jim Crouch, Don Erwin, Dave Winn, John Reece, Ron Rubenstein, Ray Allen, Howard Gieger, George Walker, Dick Lacey, Ken Erb, Cecil Linder, Bob Scott. ROW ll: Dave Coe, Mel Olsen, John Warren, Bob Berry, Harold Davis, Gerry Wibert, Giff Powell, Dave Stonsiffer, Tom Henshaw, Larry Campbell, Larry Senn, John Bryant. ROW lll: Tom Slocum, Lee Poindexter, George Hulse, Ed Erdman, Loy Buley, Jim Heldman, Clark Texley, Gary Armstrong, Bill Moody, Fred Edward, Al Reddig. ROW IV: Bob Overstreet, Cliff Allen, Bud Bean, Bob Holstrom, Leo Holland, Darel Glatt, Dave Berg, Tom Robinson, Ron Landskroner, Bob Kraus, Larry Snortland, Dave Summers, Jim Crislock, Phil Williston, Dave Passwaters. ROW V: Ed Johnson, Joe Blakeley, Ray Hutton, Skip Stewart, John Willener, Jim Sindberg, Ben Ebbeson, Jim Gardner, Waldean Anderson, Tod Lundy, Craig Bushman, Mike Lokken. g Big John gives the shot a mighty heave Holstrum is up and over. t:t,::, s . ff sas 2 A yy, ,. J ,. - A E J' G il Easy does it, Rog. Coach Bud "L.K." Robertson's thinclad Axemen had the makings of one of the best teams in E.H.S.'s history. Roger King, early in the season, proved himself to be one of the best highjumpers in the Northwest when he cleared 6 feet twice, and went avg-:r 6'2" in practice. lncidentally, the present state record stands at 61 ll Lee Poindexter, letterman 440 man who captured a third in the state meet last year as a sophomore, was doing double duty between his favorite, the quarter, and the l00. Last year his best time was 50.9. Lee did double duty this year by running the l00 yard dash as well as his specialty, the 440. With the approaching of the State Meet, this year, the Axemen hopes were high. Finishing a close second in the past two years, with a bit of luck they had a good chance for the top spot. iam? inf! 'Hx 1' W f XXXX his iii Stewart takes a series of highs. Wibert puffs it out four times around. Broadjumper Coe heads for a sandy landing. th NWN GOLF ROW I: Mike Wenzl, Gary Geertsen, Bob Booth. ROW ll: Lyell Stark, John Hirons, Elaine Porritt, Buzz Wick, Mr. Doggett, Coach. MISSING: Wally Schulz and Jack Mattison. The Axemen Iinksters, defending State Champs for two years running, started the season with only one returning Ietterman, Captain Gary Geertsen. A unique feature of this "Doggy" coached team was the one female member on the squad, Elaine Porritt. In early season competition the Axemen placed very well, taking second place in all of their first four meets. Scores were as follows: lst match, Corvallis 4Il, Eugene 4l9, and Albany 432. 2nd match, O.S.C. Rooks 379, Eugene 420, Albany 424, South Salem 430, North Salem 435, and St. Francis 456. 3rd match, Corvallis 435, Eugene 437, Albany 437, St. Francis 462, South Salem 464 and North Salem 472. 4th match, Corvallis 388, Eugene 394, Albany 400, North Salem 403, St. Francis 4l6, and South Salem 4l9. Porritt tees off with a square one. ? is. . ,,..wl , A TENNIS ROW I: Jerry Wilson, Chuck Laird, Dick Bristow, John Hiatt, Terry Gardner, John Ottosen. ROW ll: Stan Kambly, Bruce Taylor, John Gould, Met Wil- son, Chuck Hale. The Eugene tennis representatives opened their season with just three men from the previous year, Jerry Wilson, Met Wilson, and Chuck Hale, Captain. Not wanting to break tradition, the boys lost their first 4 matches, although they promised a win before the season closed. All joking laid aside, the Axemen "Racqueteers" were no pushover for any of their opponents and played with the true Eugene High fighting spirt. Captain Chuck Hale wields a "wicked wacket." Spiker Gould is get fo butcher his opponent, , ..,. , v 3 P kwin "" M.M""'-.Mm ,MMM 1' Mt"'-M Ki me is ensl .rflli wigs 2 1649 7 ' Q s L W 2 4 -,. .J- 'ii v !! ' :TSP Fm 44 , , fe m ,qw...r-.,m-is A . W. 8 5 -f 1 ' A I 'W A f,,.. A, -f' X1 -X 4 . 'O f E3 if 1 Q ' + f Q' s w a: "iv: ,J Sf: ?i V - M? .Ni H an .L f 'J , ,. L J' L x .., . f-fl ' . 12" my .. ,Q m v ' 9- X k:5,3,,5,,,Yf fm ww fx iam? La 1 19 f , xi 2+ iv. 5 P' fix I 1 33 C if ,vw am 1 ,-. 'k'-1 .5 R 11' 'QW ff U 3 5 H14 IM. W 'K '15, rf 457 , YM , wif' f ' " W ,np V Q , X ' " 1. -a 'l 'hr' E' ' MI' 1+ . , ' if W' - Q-,L W, .H w' ff mf f 1 'U tx if , 'FN' V Q1 W it N -r , "r A - WN QV' fs 3 .,,, ' ' ' ' 1 ... W' Q, pi y r fi 1:1 K X X Q 'B ,f Ni ., 'A . M A xl -sl , M MN' X 'af my F 'I cl' ': . ' W vw- 40 as 4-5- ,. 1 National Honor Society 1 T J io O To KAY ATKINSON CONNIE AYOTTE JAMES BLANTON SHARON BRUCE CAROL BuoNo 'Q DARLENE BURCH SUZANNE CARTER DANIEL CH'EN MAUREEN CHURCH GRANT CLARK 6 J , JUANITA CONNER TERRY DAVIS DIANE DOTY PEGGY FULTS JEAN GUSKE A I A J J T . 1 , S P 5 S E CHARLES HALE CAROL HENDRICKS JANET HENNING MARIE JOHNSON JEWEL JULSOI SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP CHARACTER SERVICE JACK KIENZLE We-I KROL MAXWELL al HRYN RICHMOND T TER WENGERT ' 5. 'R' - I wa' ....I.. Q 'KY' KATHARINE LANG JOHN LINDSTROM DAVID LYONS I 1 . I I I ,., Q wil . i ,s x H ELLEN MCMURTRY ARDENE MYRMO JUANITA NIEMI KATHERINE PRICE WILLIAM REIERSGAARD CAROLYN RISLEY DIANA SCOTT CAROLIN SMITH WENDY WOOD ROSALIND YORK WILLIAM ZINIKER fi CLARK souzns NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY x vx 3 1 I 5' ix PRESIDENT ROGER PETER SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL VICE PRESIDENT MEL OLSE I SECRETARY CONNIE AYC TREASURER DIANA SC DAVID ADAMS: Football l, Baseball l, Suence Club 2, Latln Club 2, 3, Prolecttonrst Club 5 ARLENE AIRD: Girls' Cbolr 2, Y-Teens l, FTA 2, Hatcbets l, Biology Club l CARLENE ALLEN: llatcbets l, Skt Club l-S, Service Club 3, FBLA, R, Offtfe Helper 5, G. L Usher 2. CLIFFORD ALLEN: Sludenl Counctl Fl, J V .Foot- ball 2, Varsity Football P, 3, Baseball 2, 3, "E" Club 2, 3 GLORIA ALLEN: Malorette l-R, Offlce Helper 3, l-latcbets lg Tumbllng Team l, 2 ROSE ANN ALTO: Transfer from Aberdeen, Wasb- lnglon DONALD ANDERSON: Rtfle Club 3 FRANCES ANDERSON .JM , v ' . Z E I t MARGIE ANSLINGER: Servtne Club 2, 3, Sfbool Store 3, Hatrbets l, GAA l, Sopb, Cbolr l, Gold Prn XX!tnner 3, Handbook Comm R. CAROLYN APPLEWHITE: FBLA l, Y-Teens l, 2, FHA 7, 2, GAA, l, Hatfbets l DANIEL ARCHIBALD: Football l, Band H SONJA ARLINGTON: FB L,A 2, Sr Breakfast P, llatfbets l, Girls' Cbotr 2, Skt Club Q KAY ATKINSON: G L, Vtrv-Pres P, Student Couna Cll 3, llonor Sovrety 3, Tbesbtans Y, Varsity De- bate 2, 3, Queen ol Hearts Prtnfess 2, Class Leader 7, Sortal Cornrn 2, Rally Squad ?, GAA Vlfr'-PTUS 2 ' BARBARA AVERY: Olltve Sfannurs 1, FBLA Q GUY AYDELOTT: litology Club 3, 9, Sec 3, Pres Q, Debate 2, Band l-4, Jr Syrnbbcny l, Spanrsb Club 2, 3, lvlustv Avlard 7, Summa Club l-8 CONNIE AYOTTE: Sr Class Sec' fi, Student Coun- utl P, Ptzltt nel. Fr ltrat trees Comm 3, Pep Club Q, 'l, IRL ,7, rl, Vrtnt Fr Cord Queen P, Class LlHldt'l' D, llttrtvr' Sutluty 2, 4, Soc' t, A Cap' bella 4, llattltuts l ALICE BAILEY MYRNA BANKHEAD: G. L. Rep. l, 3, Office Helper 3, Ski Club l-3, Office Scanners 3, F,B.L.A. 2, Hatchets l. MARLENE BANTON: Ski Club 3, Service Club 2, Spanish Club 2, Girls' Tumbling Team l, Sr. Breakfast 2. SUE BARKER: Service Club, 2, 2, Purple Masque l, Hatchets l, l.R.l.. 2, 3, Thespians 3, Girls' Choir l, Drama Dept. Wardrobe Mistress 2, 3. JUDY BARNES: Spanish Club 2, 3, G. L. Rep. 3, l.R.l.. l-3, Ski Club I-3, G. L. Usher 2, Sr, Breakfast 2. RICHARD BARNES: Student Council l. MICHAEL BARNHART: Hi-Y l-3, Ski Club 2, 3, Eugenean 2, Student Council 3, Hobby Club 3' Wrestling Team 3. ROBERT BASHFORD: A Cappella l-3. 1 EDWARD BENNETT: Student Council l, 2, "E" Club 2, 3, Axemen's Council Cabinet 3, Foote ball l-3, Basketball l-3, Track l, Prom Deco- ration Comm. 2. ROBERT BERNARDO GORDON BERTELSEN: lzaak Walton 3, JESSIE BETHEL: G. L. Rep. l, 2, Cabinet 3, Pep Club 2, 3, A Cappella 3, Girls' Choir Pres. 2, Service Club l, 2, M,M.M. 2, 3, Music Award 2, Spring Sports Banquet Co-Chairman 2, Prom Decoration Comm. 2. ROBERT BIELER: Ski Club 2, 3. WARD BILLINGS: Ski Club le3. JOAN BISSELL: Purple Masque l, Axents l, Eu- genean 3, Dramatics Club 3, F.B,L.A 3, DIANE BLAKELY: Jr Class Council 2, Axents l, 2, Sec. 3, Hatchets l, French Club 2, 3. ELMER BEAN: lzaak Walton l, Football 2, Track I, MARILYN BECK: Ski Club l, Y-Teens l, Spanish Club l-3, Spanish Honor Society I-3, Hatchets LORENAH BENDSHADLER: Y-Teens l-3. DIANNE BENNETT: Thespians l-3, Hatchets l, French Club 2, Pep Club 3, Print 6 Cord Dance Comm. 2, Prom Decorations Comm. 2. The ghosts of our seniors .. i . liill X' 7 in it C - 'Q' DOROTHY BRABHAM: Service Club l-3, Soph Choir l, Handbook Comm. 2. LARRY BRABHAM: lzaak Walton l. FERN BRADBURN JAY BRADY: Golf Team 3. JAMES BLANTON: Yell Leader 3, Student Council I, Axemen's Council Rep. 2, 3, Graduation Usher 2, J. V. Baseball 2, Assembly Comm. 3, Hunting ir Fishing Club I, Hi-Y 4, Honor So- ciety 3. BRENDA BOREK: Hatchets l, lr. Class Council 2, Latin Club l, 2, Paletteers 3, G L Cabinet 3. LYLE BORUP WILLIAM BOSTICK: Band l, 2. ALETHEA BOWMAN: Transfer from Chester, Ne- braska 3, Office Helper 3. ELDON BOWSER: Drama Club 3, Library Helper 2. PHILLIP BOYD JERRY BOYLES . 'V r ims-i T- Wal f if fgfiiuiiiww L? lj : '- l - .ff 'H' , .' ' xv' tip. US . F '. '- - 7 'T?" ?5 TQ: of .. - W I . F ,t ' ,151 Y PATRICIA BRADY: Spanish Club 2, 3, Paletteers 3, Spanish Honor Society Sec 3, Handbook Comm. 3, G. L. Rep. 2, 3. ' WILLIAM BRADY JAMES BREWER GERALD BRINDLE: Band l, 2, Pres. 3, MMM 2, 3, Math Club 3. CLAIRE BRISSENDEN: Student Body Sec. 3, Pep Club 2, 3, l RL 2, 3, G L. Rep. 2, French Club l, 2, Hatchets l, Purple Masque l, Policies G Practices Comm 3, Student Council l, Student Body Cabinet 3, Football Queen 3 DIANNE BROOKE: Axents l, Hatchets l, FTA 2, 3, G. L. Usher 2 JO ANN BROWN: El-lS. News 3, Thespians 2, 3, MMM 2, 3, Pres 3, A Cappella 3, Girls' Choir 2, Variety Show 2. KENNETH BROWN: Student Council 3, Axemen's Council Rep l, 2, Intramurals l-3 MELBA BROWN: Axents 3, Ambassadors 3 ROBERT BROWN: HieY 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3 MONA BROWNING: Paletteers 3, Prom Comm, 2 SHARON BRUCE: G. L. Pres 3, Cabinet 2, Prom Comm, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, l-lonor Society 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, IRL I-3, Girl of the Month 3, Hatchets I, Football Princess 3, Social Comm 3, Daisy Mae 3. CURTIS BRYANT: Axemen's Council Rep, 2, "E" Club 2, 3, Football I-3, Track I, Basketball I, Baseball 2, 3, Captain 3, lzaak Walton 3. TONKA BUCK: Transfer. CAROL BUFORD: A Cappella I-3, Purple Pipers 3, MMM. 2, 3, Treas. 2, Music Award 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Biology Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3, ICC 3, IRL, 2, 3, GAA, 2, 3, Variety Show 2. CAROL BUONO: Rally Squad 3, Jr. Class Council 2, Student Council I, 3, Pep Club 3, Latin Club I, 2, Ski Club Z, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Honor Society 2 3' IRL. 2, 3. 1,1 MARGARET BURRELL: Hatchets I, Paletteers I, Z, Pep Club 3, Purple Masque I. ALICE BURTON GREG CAMERON: Ski Club I. DAVID CAMPBELL NADINE CAMPBELL: Y-Teens I, 2, GA A. I, F, H, A, Z, 3, FBLA, I, Hatchets I, Silver Pin Winner 2, Girls' Choir 2. BARBARA CARLETON: Band IV3 WARD CARSON: Ski Club 2, 3, Axemen's Council Rep. 2, Teens Against Polio Co-Chmn. 3. SUZANNE CARTER: Class Council 2, 3, Student Council 2, Student Body Historian 3, Prom Comm, 2, IRL, 3, Spanish Club Sec. 2, Ski Club 3, Class Leader 2, Pep Club 3, Gold Pin Winner 2, Honor Society 3, .,s..fZ... . f ia: an ., f ' i '- .,f: I ' , A ' - I Q 5 I i f fill-iiFi"z2f' if fi ' Q 2 A I DARLENE BURCH: A Cappella 2, 3, Debate 2, 3, I R L, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Hatchets I, Honor Society 3, Doernbecker Tea 2, 3, Chmn. 3. PATRICIA BURGESS: Pep Club 2, 3, IRL. I, Girls' Choir I, 2, Soph Assembly I, Purple Masque I, Hatchets I, Variety Show I. MICHAEL BURKE: Transfer from St, Francis 3. CURTIS BURLEY This little piggy went to the football game PHYLLIS CLAYDON: EHS, News 2, 3, Thespians I-3, Y-Teens I-3, Hatchets I, Dramatic Club 2, Handbook Comm. I, 2 ARLENE CLIFT: Sr, Breakfast 2, Hatchets I, Y- Teens I, 2, Axents 3, Girls' Choir 2. NAIDA CASEY: Y-Teens 2, GA A. 2, G. L. Usher 3. MAX CHANCELLOR: Band I-3, Cross Country 3, Axernen's Council Rep, I, VIRGINIA CHAPMAN: A Cappella 2, 3, Purple Pipers 3, Soph. Choir I, Orchestra 2, EH S. News 3, IRL. 2, 3, Prom Comm. 2, DANIEL CH'EN: Science Club I-3, Pres, 2, Honor Society 2, 3, Treas. 3, Policies G Practices Comm 2, Budget G Finance Comm. 3, Boys' Rifle Club 3, Pres 3, VP 2, Axemen's Council Rep. 3, Radio Club I, 2, ICC, 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Physics Club Pres 3 JO CHESBRO: Hatchets I, Purple Masque I, Ski Club 2, Prom Comm. 2, EHS. News 2, 3, Handbook Comm, 3. MARILYN CHITTICK: Soph. Choir I, Ski Club I-3, Hatchets I, A Cappella 2, 3, Y-Teens I, Axents 3, Doernbecker Tea 2, Breakfast 2. MAUREEN CHURCH: IR L I-3, Pres 3, Honor So- ciety 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, VP. 2, MMM. 2, 3, Assembly Comm. 2, 3, Debate 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3 GRANT CLARK: Service Club I-3, F.B.L.A. 2, Span- ish Club 2, 3, Proiectionist 3, Honor Society 3. bfi, 'C'-", 4 ROBERT CLUSTER: Axemen's Council Rep, 2, Latin R , Club 2, lzaak Walton 3. CLARA COCHRAN: Pep Club 2, 3, Sr. Sergeant-ah ' I Arms 3, Ski Club 2 ,3, Hatchets I, Paletteers i, 2: K ,V 1 V y H 1 -is 0 r I f h C d I l :J fe' A ' t e asca es. Lira? Xe 0 x ROBERT COEN DIXIE COKER: Library Helper 2 DAVID COLE: Band I-3, Sr Class Council 3 COLLEEN COLEMAN: F HA 2, 3, Sec. 2, Y-Teens 2, Ski Club I, Girls' Choir 2. EDDIE COLLAR SHARON COLLVER: Soph. Choir I, 2, Biology Club Sec, 2, 3, Girls' Choir I-3, Axents 2, 3. RUTH COLTRAN: GAA. I-3, Sec. 3, Handbook Comm. 3. D JUANITA CONNER: Student Council I-3, Y-Teens Pres. I, Social Comm, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Foot- ball Princess 3, GA A, I-3, Honor Society 2, 3, EHS. News Editor 3, A Cappella 2, 3, Queen of Hearts Princess 3, Purple Pipers 3, MM M. 2, 3, DOROTHY COOK: Paleteers 2, F.B.LcA. 2, 3, Sec. 3, Pep Club 3, GL. Rep. 3, Variety Show 2. CHARLES COOKSON BEVERLY CORNUTT: Y-Teens 2. ROBERT COX: Band l-3, Soph. Choir l, Axemen's Council Rep. 3, Table Tennis Club 3. WYATT COX: Science Club 2. SANDRA CRABBE: Y-Teens l, 2, Girls' Rifle Club I, Drama Club I, Purple Masque l. MARIANNE CRABTREE: Paletteers 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Girls' Choir 2, l-latchels' lg Pep Club 3. JAMES CROCKER S l .Y 'lx K4 .. PAMELA DANNER: Girls' Choir l, 2, Prom Comm. 2, Service Club 3, FBL A 3. MARILYN DAVIES: GAA. l, Y-Teens 2, Fl-lA. 2, 3. GEORGIA DAVIS: Girls' Choir 2, Y-Teens 3. TERRY DAVIS: Football 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Track l, Tennis 2, Honor Society 3. DARLENE DAYTON: Band l-3, Malorefre 2, 3, Pal effeers 2, 3, Ski Club 2, Y-Teens l. JOHN DICKSON: Spanish Club IA3. ROBERT DIESS: Axernen's Council Rep. l. JAMES DIETZ: "E" Club 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Base- ball l-3, PAUL CRUIKSHANK: Transfer frorn Medford 2, Band 2, 3, Brass Sextette 2. BILLY CRUISE: lzaak Walton 3. EDMUND CURRY JUDITH DAMERON: Pep Club Treas 3, GL. Rep. 3, A Cappella 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Jr. Assembly As the "Valley 5" prepare to leave, I 6 EDDA EDENS: Thespians l-3, IRL. l, Drama Club 3, Drama Award 2. JEANI EGGERS: Pep Club 2, 3, Sec. 3, Girls Choir 2, Purple Masque Pres. l, Hatchets l, Student Council l, GL, Rep. 3, Y-Teens l, KATHERINE EISENHARDT: Hatchets Pres. l, Pep Club 2, 3, VP. 2, Pres, 3, Ski Club l-3, Prom Comm, 2, Paletteers l, 2, Purple Masque l, Pep Assembly Comm. 3. JERRY EKLUND: Table Tennis Club l. Ward Ca-a-h-son is left holding the bag. ,, . .ppl-ui BELVIN DOANE: Axemen's Council Rep, 2, A Cap- pella 3, Table Tennis Club Pres 3 NANCY DOBSON: MMM, 2, 3, Sec, 3, Orchestra l'3, Pres. 3, FTA. l-3, Music Award 2, Jr. Symphony l-3, Handbook Comm, 3, IRL. 2, Music in May l, GL Rep l. MAYME DODGE: FTA, l-3, Sec 2, Pres 3, Girls' Choir l-3, Axents l. RONALD DOERKSEN: A Cappella 3, Axemen's Council Rep. l-3. THOMAS DOGGETT: Transfer from Walla Walla, Wash. DIANE DOTY: Varsity Debate 2, 3, GL Rep. 2, Cabinet 2, Student Council 3, Thespians l-3, VP. 2, Soph Class Council l, Paletteers l, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, EHS News 3, Honor Society 3. CHERYL DUDLEY: Hatchets l, Thespians 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Orchestra 2, Soph Choir l, Axents l, Ski Club l, IRL. 3 MARGARET DUPUIS: A Cappella 3, Band I-3, GAA l-3, Treas. 3, Sr Breakfast 2, Hatchets l. T' K LE ANN ELWOOD: Pep Club 3, Ski Club 2, Y- Teens VP 2, Band l, l,C C. l, Prom Comm. 2, Sr Breakfast 2, ROBERT EMBREY: Yell Leader 3, 'Student Council l, 3, Election Comm. l, E HS. News 2, 3, Palet- teers 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, Greeter 3. EDWARD ERDMAN: Track 2, 3, KAREN EVANS, Transfer from Portland, Ore. EDWIN FARRELL: Basketball 3, Baseball 3, Sr King of Hearts 3, Cleanest Boy 3l MAUREEN FERGUSON: GL, Rep, l, Cabinet 3, ICC, 25 Y.Tg-Qng VP 2, Ski Club l-3, Service Club 3, Prom Comm 2, Band l, . ELIZABETH FOLLETT: Varsity Debate l-3, lRL. l-3, Sec -Treas. 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Math Club 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Axents l BYRON FOREMAN: Student Council I, JIM FRANCE MORRIS FREESTONE RICHARD FRIBERG PEGGY FULTS: Y-Teens I-3, I RL. 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, GAA Pres I-3, Prom Comm 2, Purple Masoue I, Sopb Choir l, Blol- ogy Club 3, Science Club 3, Honor Society 3, RICHARD GALE: Latlrw Club I-3, Freoclt Club 2, 3, I R I., I-3, Commencement Usher 2, Debate I-3, Debate Award 2, ALBERT GAMACHE MARSHA GARDNER: Glrls' Choir I-3, Hatclrlets I, I R L 2, 5, French Club 2, 3 ALBERTA GARMIRE: Otflce Helper 3, GAA. 2, 3, Servlce Club 3 F' ROBERT GHEEN EVELYN GIBBONS: Transfer. GENE GILBERT: Music Award 2, Band I-3, Ski Club I, 2, IRI.. 2, 3, lr Symplwony 2, 3 CAROL GILBERTSON: Glrls' Glee Club 3, FH A. 3. RONALD GILLESPIE: Boys' Rulle Club 3 RONDENE GILSTRAP: E H S News Z, 3, Paletteers I-33 Spamsh Club 2, 3, Irlatclwets I, VIRGINIA GODDARD: GL Rep, 2, 3, F Bl A 2, 31 Pe Club 25 Student Courtcll 3, mmrflcs GOODMAN JAROLD GASKILL: FFA I-3 MARILYN GEARY: A Cappella 2, 3, Axertts 3, IRI. 3 GARY GEERTSEN. Student QOUITCII 2, 3, Student Body Audltor 2, 3, Golf I-3, Basketball I, Prom Cltmp 2, Budget C1 Flpance Comm. 2, 3, Bacca laureate 2 ROBERT GEWISS: Ski Club I-3. What a mess SAUNDRA HARRIS: I GERALD GOODNOUGH LYDIA GRANEMAN MARGARET GRANT: I A'I'1I'IIIIII ,I SI III IIIIIIIIII II IIIIIII, ,YI SHARON GREYERBIEH CIIIII IIII'I,IfI III II I GARY GROVES: II.I I I PATRICIA GRUBBE: IIII II I I If I I Ix I I S III A Nr I I III 'J- 'II I LVIIIIFIIIIIII 'II Iv III I I , II,II I IIIII If IIIIIIIII II II IV DIANE GUILD: II.III IIIIII 2 II I A III'I'III IIIIIII' I IIII I I I I I I GEORGE GUILD: IIII, IIIII I II III IIII I S II-III I IIIII I .I I CHARLES HALE2 SII III IIII'I XII' I IUII I I I II IIII II III III I-II .I , III I II NI I III IIIII I IIIII I In 'II.IIv II III I I I II II X.IIIIIII IIIIIVI ,II A I I I III III IIIIII-I III I I II I SHEILA HALEY: I'IIIIII I I N I II I I I I I III II III I' I IIII' I I'.III I I I I I A KAREN HAMAKER: I'II I I I, ,II ' II. I III III. IIIII I IIIII I I IIII I I I III 'XI II I IIII IIIA IIIIIIIII KENNETH HAMILTON: II I I LARRY HARRINGTON: I SIIIIIIIIIIIII A I .II'I II 'XI I XX .IIII II I I III III I IIIIIII II MELVIN HANSEN: A I. I GARY I'IANSON1fXvII.III III I II III III, II II I JANICE HASTINGS: Y-Teens l, 2, Student Coun- cil 2, G. L. Rep. 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Prom Comm. 2, A Cappella 2, 3, Girls' Glee l, Hatchets l, Handbook Comm. 3, Ski Club l. SHERI HAUCK: French Club 3, Office Helper 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Sr. Breakfast 2, Jr. Symphony 3' Industrial Arts Club 3, Sec,-Treas. 3 HAROLD HAWKINS: Spanish Club 2, 3, Axemen's Council l, Track l43, Paletteers 2, Jr. Class Council 2, IRL. 2, Prorn Comm. 2, Football Dance Comm. 3, Hi-Y 3. JUDITH HAWLEY: Hatchets l, Purple Masque l, Girls' Choir VP. l, 2, Thespians Treas. 2, 3, Student Council 2, G.L. Rep. 3g Pep Club 3, M.M M. 2, 3, l.C.C. 2, Jr. Assembly 2. RICHARD HAXBY: Sr. Class Council 3. STANFORD HAYDEN: Soph. Class VP. l, l, 2, Ski Club l-3, VP. 2, Pres. 3g Activities Comm 2 3, Student Council l. DARLENEHAZELTON: Prom Comm. 2, Student Council l, 2, Ski Club l-3, Pep Club 3 ,Purple Masque l, Hatchets l, Girls' Choir 2 HEARN Music Award 2 3' Band l 3' DAVID : , , - , MMM 2, 3, Orchestra l-3, Band Drum Major 2,3 l JAMES HENSON: Axemen's Council Rep. l, Track 3. DAVID HICKMAN: Basketball 2, 3, JV. Track 2 CAROLYN HIXSON: Latin Club l-3, F.B.L.A. 2, 3g l R L, 3. STEPHEN HODGES: Ski Club 2, 3, l Bl., 3, Student Council l, Axemen's Council Rep, 3 GARY HOLLAND CAROL HOLLISTER: A Cappella 3g Band l-3, lr. Symphony l-3, FTA. l-3, Treas. 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Math Club l, 2, GL. Rep. 2, M.MM 2, 3. VIRGINIA HOLMAN: Student Body Truas Budget G Finance Comm. 3, Pep Club 3, Class Leader 2, Prom Comm. 2, G.L. Rep. l, GAA. 2, Y- Teens 2, Student Council 3, FBLA. 3. OUENTIN HOLMES CAROL HENDRICKS: Service Club l-3, Sec, 2, Pres 3, GL Cabinet 2, Hatchets l, Ski Club 2, 3, IRL. 2, 3g French Club 2, 3, Girls' Choir l-3, Honor Society 3. JANET HENNING: Axents Treas. l, l.R.L. 3, French Club 2, 3, Paletteers 2, Handbook Comm 3, Eugenean 3, Varsity Debate 2, 3, Chemistry Club 3, Honor Society 3. FRED HENSHAW: Ski Club l'3g Boys' Rifle Club l, 2, JV. Football 2, l.R.L. 3. KAREN HENSLEE: Hatrhets Treas. l, Pep Club 2, 3, Purple Masque l, Ski Club lg Girls' Choir 2, Gold Pin Wiriner 2, 3, Sr. Class Council 3. Old seniors never die .4 X x MW 4 I N: , , ,nm 'Ula , , , I s 6 JEANETTE INGELL: Rally Squad 3, Pep Club 3, F B LA. 2, A Cappella 3, Music Award 2, Prom Comm 2, Jr, Assembly 2, MM M. 2, 3, Student Council l, S, Jr, Class Council 2 DAVID INGLIS: Basketball ,l, Football 2 JUDY JACKSON: GL Rep. l, Student Council 2, Palelleers 5, Girls' Choir 2, l-latchets l. DONNA JACOBSON: Ski Club l-2, FBLA. 2, 3, Service Club 3, GL. Usher l, Prom Comm, 2, Hatcbets l PATRICIA HOUSE: Band 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3 RICHARD HOUTS: Football 2, A Cappella 2, 3 THOMAS HOWELL DARRELL HUFSTADER: Football l, 2, Mgr. 3, Axe- men's Count-il Rep S, baseball 2, 3 GARY HUGHES: Band ld JOHN HUGHES GERALD HUSTON RAYMOND HUTTON: Cross Country 2, 3, Track 2 Wonder how Jock and Bob will look in 30 years? liiffib X WILLIAM JACOBY ALLEN JAMES KATHLEEN JAYNE: Axonts 3 BETTY JOHNSON: Library Helper 2, 3, Y-Teens l, Ambassadors l EDWARD JOHNSON: Axemen's Council Rep l, FTA l, 2, Science Club 2, 3, Debate 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, Purple Pipers 3, Trark lj J,V. Football 2, Boys' State 2, Sr Class Play 3 IRWIN JOHNSON: Siienrf' Club lrjg Stage Crow 2, Radio Club l-3, Rally Dance Comm, 2 LORAYN JOHNSON: Y-Teens 3, GAA. 3, Svliool Store l, FBLA l, Drama Club l, Hatchets l MARIE JOHNSON: Student Counfil l, 2, GL Ca' binet 2, Social Comm 1, Honor Society 2, 3, VP, 3, Latin Club l, 2, Palotteers 2, Pep Club lg Eugeuean if lCfC 1, William llallin Mo- rnorial Trophy 2 'lh RICHARD JOHNSON JESSIE JONES LYNDA JONES: ETA l, Cwlrls' Clworr 2, A Cap- plla l, Drama Club j, Vdmsry Show rpg, I-,V brary Helper l, Sr lwcol Store :J RICHARD JONES: baseball l, Football l NAOMI JORDAN: Palertecrs il, Prom Ccmm 2 Terms Agalpsl Pollc 3 JOY JORGENSON: l'latrllets l, Purple lvlasquv l, IRL l, Clrls' Cburr l, l:fCf1Cl1 Club l JEWELL JULSON: GL Ser. 3, IRL, 2, 5, Sec- Trvas Vllrl pl lbo XXXCCIQ l, Pep Club 5, Prmr if Cord Cpmm, 2, Assembly 2, Class Leader 2, Freymglw Club l-3, Spamslw Club 2, 3, Spamslw Hrgrmr Surely 2, 8, Harrdbcpla Co Eflrtcr fr, Howrr Srfrlefy 3 JOYCE JUSTUS2 Studbrrr Cuurwfll 2, 3, Pep Club gl, CAA l, 2, Pram COmm 2 DONNA KENSLER: Y Breakfast 2, Srrrwv Club lg Sk: Club Helper 2 JANET KERLEY: GL Assembly 2, IRL Club 3, Hatclwets l lx QU -5-.ff Tbens l, 2, Axwus 2, Sr Q Club 'r Llmtfllels l Rllle ,r, 1 , -3, Mrxbd Clrprus 2, Lrbrary Rep 2, Prom Comm 2, Jr l 7 2, 1, Scrvwb Clup 2, Pep JOYCE KERNS: Swrvvw Club 2, 2, Ambarsadors l 2 Cirl' Clur 2 S Hitlwrs l' Clpld Pm w s wi, 2,2, Lx , , Wrrwrwcr 3, Sr llrual-Llasl 2 JAMES KESLING JACK KIENZLE: ram ls, FFA l-4, Truss Srglerwfe Club l--r, VP 2, llorwor Surely 2, gi, ICC, 2, lVlll5l-' Award 2, llcflb Huurwds Q3 LARRY KIMBALL ROGER KING: Baskcfllmll lr r, l'r.rflQ ls Cxaplam 4 "E" Clulw SUSAN KINGSLEY: Sl.r Club l- -, 'lrvas 1, Drama Club 'r BARBARA KANE: Slxl Club l, Hatclwets l, Y-Teens l, Jr Class Ccupol 2, Purple Masque l, Prom Comm 2, Sparwlsb Club 2, 5 BARBARA KEITH: GAA l, Hdrrjlwets lb ALVIN KELM RICHARD KENNEDY: buys' Rillc Club 2, 5, Exefus tm' Comm Seniors are the peppiest! 555 5 5 'Y ES KIRKMIRE Sr QI C 1, Tmws BA BARA KNOX Fink I 3 D ami LIUID 3 ER KORSTAD SM KIIIQ I A :IV5 COIN I 'S 5' X DONA LANGE FHA 7 I I um! A MARTIN LANGLEY E Llub Vamry FOO! SANDRA LANHAM T1rmbImq Tnw I, Sorw JA K LAW Y II had: JI Masquu I LARRY LAY Shep grub 1 Mm LUUHZII I ARROLL LEAVITT N T0 rms I Ira 5 f, Pu mb Irrlr lY7TUl'dI'u I CARL LEMKE: Science Club I, Axemen's Council Rep. 3 WINONA LESAN: Spanlsh Club 2, 3, Ofttce Helper 3, Band 2, Handbook Cornm. 3, Servlce Club 3, Charrrnan Teens Against Pollo 3, Glrl of the Month 3 MURIEL LEVOS: Axents 3, School Store 3, Ambas- sadors 2, 3, Treas. 2, Sec. 3, Sr. Class Counctl 3. JOHN LINDSTROM: Honor Socuetv 2, 3, Skt Club IA3, I.R L. 2, 3, Latin Club I, Student Council 3, Eugenean 2, 3, Edltor 3 ROBERT LOUVRING: Basketball I, IV. Football 2, Student Councul 2. DOUGLAS LUNDSTROM: Student Councll I, Axe- me-n's Councll Rep. 2, "E" Club 3, Basketball I-3, Track I, Football I, Baseball 2, 3, Boy ot the Week 3 DAVID LYONS: Student Council l, 2, Skt Club IY3, MMM 2, 3, A Cappella I-3, Axemen's Coun- cal Cabrnet 3, Honor Society 3. LERRY LYONS: Science Club IY3, Service Club I 45" gs. If FLORA MCCLAIN ALLEN MCCOY: Transfer. EARL MCCRACKEN: Thesplans 2, 3, Soph Cholr I, A Cappella 2, 3, Drama Club I-3, Axernen's Councrl Rep. 2, Vanetv Show 2, 3, Operetta I, Table Tennis Club 3. JOYCE McCULLOUGH: GL Rep I, FHA Sec. 2, Axents 2, 3, Sec. 2, Pres 3, IRI. 2, 3, Hatchets l ARNETT MCDOWELL: Safety Councrl Pres 2, A Cappella 2 CAROL MCEWEN: Purple Masque I, French Club 2, 3, FTA. 3. LEE McINTYRE: Photography Club I, 2, Band I, Service Club I, Prolectlonlst 2. KENNETH MCKIM: Band I-3, VP 2, Student Councrl 2, Axernen's Councul Rep. 3, ICC 2, Math Club 3 MORRIS MCADAMS: Soph. Class Councul I, Base- ball l-3, Axemen's Council Rep. I, 2, "E" Club 2, 3, Izaak Walton 3. DAN MCALLISTER: Axemen's Councll Rep. 3, Cabtnet 3 DONALD McCABE MARILYN McCANN: FBLA. 3, Ottlce Helper 3, GAA 3, GI. Usher I, Prom Cornm. 2, De- bate 2. Mighty Seniors-Poor Russ. Ie, F, lr in rf' Q--' 'iv Iliad Ji ELLEN MCMURTRY: Artrviuos Comm 2, ?, Servrrv Club 2, AI, MMM 2, I, GL Cabinet 2, Or- fhvstra VP P, Sm? R, ICC I, P, Musnf Award 2, I, Axouts VP I, Soplw Cr Jr, A55Crr1IbIi0s I, 2, Honor Socwly 3 ROBERT MCNUTT: Slu Club I- I, Rwllc Club I-2 LEROY MCPHERSON MARTHA MACY: Lallu Club I, Frmrclw Club 2, 3, Tlwespraus SN I-i, Scrvnfv Club 7, I, PTA Dame Ccmm I, 2, EHS Newt, S, IRL I, Prom Comm 2, Y-Toons I JAMES MAINWARING RICHARD MARENTETTE: Mrxod Chorus I, Skl Clulu I EDWARD MARINEAU: A Cappolla Q, Purple Prpors I, Drama Clulv I, Spanish Club P ROBERT MARTINEK: Spanish Club P, 3, Prvs Y, Varsity Dvbato 7, -3, Soplw Assomlvly I KAREN MICKELSON: A Cappella 2, I, Grrls' Clrcrr If PCD Clulv 7, 5, Ilatllwls I, Mwsuf Award P, I, Latin Clulw I,' Fall FIKVIIOIIH Clwalrmau 2, MMM 4 LYNN MILLER: Spavwlw Clulw I-S, Ilalllwls I JACK MILLS: Ffullmll I-8, III-Y 7, 4, Trwas 3, Wrvsllrrvg 3, "F" Clulv I BARBARA MINKLER: Ilalclwls I, CIAA I, Y- TOCHQ I, Y, Ollrw Slammers Clulw R, Sclmpl Slorv 9, Purplv Mwsrulu I MARTHA MOE: Y-Twwmg I, Ilntl Ilwlra I DIANE MOLLIER: ISI Trvas ig Pup Clulu 9, Ilmwd' Ivocrk Clrrvm I, Sluclnut Cwunrvl 2, Clnag Lmclvr 'W , I 1 ., I-IHI A IIJIIIINIS I I'ulrrIr- Afldxrllw I LARRY MOORE WARREN MOORE: PTA, I, CHAEDEIS-X ZAORRIS: Ambassadors l-3, Pres 2,3, PATRICIA MORRISON: School Store 2, Drama Club 3, Y-Teens l-3, GAA, l,2, Prom Comm, 2, Debate 2, l-latchets l, SHIRLEY MORSE: GAA l,3, Ski Club 2, Y-Teens 5, FTA 3, Intramurals l-3, Library Training WILLIAM MUHR: Axemen's Council Pres 3, "E" Club Soc-Treas 3, A Cappella Choir Master l-3, Soph Class Pres l, Baseball 2,3, Football 2,3, Basketball 3, Purple Pipers 2,3, M.M.M, 2,3, Boys' State Rep,2 DAVID MULKEY: FFA l-3, Jr Symphony l-3, Orchestra l-3 MELVIN MURRAY: Thespians l-3, Ski Club 3, IRI. 3, l-li-Y 3, Prom Comm 2, French Club 3, Drama Club 3, Service Club 3, School Store D, ARDENE MYRMO: Service Club 2,3, GL, Rep 2,3, MMM 2,3, Jr. Symphony l-3, Prom Comm 2, Orchestra l-3, VP. 3, l,C.C. 3, Music Award 2 LAVONNA NEWMAN: Soph Class Council l, Pep Club 2,3, IRL 2,3, Mixed Chorus 2, Purple Masciue l, Flatchets l, Gold Pin Win- ner 3 ROYAL NORDSTROM' A Caupella 23 - l 1 MARCELINE NUSS: Pep Club 2,3, Palelteers 2, Gl. Cabinet 3, GL Rep 2, Print C1 Cord Queen l, Student Council l, Football Princess 3 EILEEN NUTTER: Girls' Choir l-3, F,l-lA 3 JANICE OLDHAM: Ski Club l-3, Service Club'3, Intramurals 2,3 GARY OLSEN MERLIN OLSEN: Student Council l-3, Sr Class C rnen's Council VP 3 Re VP 3, Axe , , p. l, A Cappella ll, Football l-3, Basketball l-3, "E" Club 2,3, Track 2,3 PATRICIA O'TOOLE: Girls' Choir 3, Sr Class Council 3 LESLIE PANTHER: Axemon's Council Rep 2,3 1 Q E E E MARALOU NICHOL: Office Training 3. BARBARA NICOLAI: Thespians 2,3, French Club 25, Sec 2, Drama Club 3, El-l.S News 3. 'K if XII 2 JUANITA NIEMI: Girls' State Rep. 2, Handbook Comm l,2, Service Club l,2, Girl ol the Month Pep Club 2,3, GL Cabinet 3, Assembly Q Comm 53, Gold Pin Vfinner fl, Girl of the i, ll,,, , I Xlifeek Fuoonean 3, Ski Club l,2 I 5, M' RODNEY NissEN C it ,sll i .5 Q, A .iifeebi H ' The local representatives of The N. B. A. ,," Q . I I , ,s y 5 T ,.Q.. it I I 2 RONALD PETERSON WALTER PETERSON: A Cappella 2,3, Izaak Wal- ton 3. ROBERT PETIT: Servtce Club 3. JOHN PETRUZZI ROBERT PARKER: Student Body Audttor, Jr l, Jr Class Council 2, Craduatuen Ccrnm 2, Band I, Student Councll 5, Budget G Ftnanre Comm S, Student Body Cabtnet j WILLIAM PATTISON DAVID PEARSON: Isaak Walton 2,3 RONALD PELTOLA YUCCA PENNISTON: Gurls' Rttle Club I, GAA I-3, Gtrls' Turnbltnq Team 2,3, Y-Teens I,2, Debate 2, Clwomtstry Club 3, Lattn Club 3, FRANCES PERRY: Gtrls' Choir 2 ROGER PETER: Sr Class Pres 3, "E" Club 2,3, VP 3, Football I-4, Basketball l-5, Baseball I-w, ICC 2, ll' Class VP 2, Stuclvttt COut1c'll 3, Isaak Vlfaltrwn il JUDITH PETERS: A Cappella 3, Glrls' Choir 2, Servlce Club I-3, VP 3, ICC 3, Purple Ptpers 3, GAA, IVE, MMM 2,3, Muslr Award 2, Y-Teens I,2. 3' 1 DORIS PETTIJOHN: GAA 2,3, Student Councitl 4 SHARON PHILLIPS: Pep Club 25, GAA I-3, Handbook Comm. 2,j, I-latcbets I, mold Pun Wtrwntvr I, GL, Rep, 2, Y-Teens I PAUL PHINNEY: Sopb Class Cvunrll I, Student Council 2, Axer'nen's Counctl 4, A Cappella 3, Purple Pnpcrs 3, Spantslt Honor So-rtety Pres I BARBARA PIERCE ROGER PIKE MARILYN PITCHER: Scrwtc Club I--5 FRANCENE POLE: Translvr from Lalwvww, Ort' SHIRLIE POMEROY: A Cappella I- S, ELAINE PORRITT: GL Cabinet 2, GL. Rep, T-3, Prom Comm. 2, Soph Council T, lr. Council 2, Pep Club 2,3, Golf Team 23, Print 5 Cord Comm. 2, Gold Pin Winner 2, Handbook Comm 3, IRL. 22, Spanish Club, 2,3 CAROL POTTER: Student Council T, GL Rep. 25, Hatchets T, Purple Masque T, TRL 2, Y-Teens 2. CLARA POTTER: TRL T-gi, Soc 2, Latin Club T, Service Club 2, Math Club .5 DAVID POWELL: .ir Class Pres 2, Axemen's Council Rep 2,3, lzaak Walton Club 3, "E" Club T-3, A Cappella 2,3, Friendliest Boy 2, Varsity Football T-5, Basketball T-1, Varsity Baseball T-3, Future First Citizen Candidate 3 DAVID POWERS: A Cappella T-3, Purple Pipers 2,3, MMM 2,ji, Musii, Award 2, Football T. EDWARD POWER: Baseball T-5 KATHERINE PRICE: Orchestra T-n, lr Symphony T-3, G L. Rep 2, Debate 2, Handbook Co-Editor 3, GAA T,2, Service Club T,2, Honor Society 25, MMM 2,3, Historian 3, IRL 2,2 MARLENE PULLIAM ROBERT RANKIN: Rttle Club T-5, VP, CS, Base- ball Manager T,2, I.C,C. 3, VP T. JANET REAR: Hatchets T, Purple Masque T, Palet- teers T,2, Treas 2, Thespians 2,3, Pep Club 23, French Club 2,3, Sr Class Play 5, Doern- becher Tea Comm 2, Print G Cord Dance Chairman 2 DIANE REDGROVE: Drama Club F' BRAD REED WILLIAM REIERSGAARD: Student Counril Rep 2, Izaak Walton Club 3, Basketball Manager T-3, Baseball Manager 23, Cross Country Manager 5, "E" Club 2,3, Band T GLEN RENKEN: FFA TB, Sr Council 3 WALTER RICHARDS: Rifle Club 5, Seryife Club T EDWARD RICHARDSON: Paletteers T QA JERRE PUNTENNEY: Paletters 3, Eugenean 3, CHERYL PUTERBAUGH: FHA, 2,3, V P. 3, Hatch- ets T, Girls' Choir 2, Soph Choir T, A Cappella 55 LCC 3, Y-Teens 2, Prom Comm. 2, Hand- book Comm 3 MILTON QUAM: Student Council Rep. 3, Hi-Y 2,5, VP. 3, IRL TA3, Graduation Co-Chair! man 2, T956 Football Dopester Editor 3, Band T,2, MMM 23, Axehandles Staff 3. DAVID QUIVEY: Basketball T-3, Football T, Band T , "Tig" and "Jake" indulge in wholesome recreation. 1 .,..1 ,, Y nv .f., Z ,Zi :IK A ,QW in J krr v It ,,. .S . A A A ,, ' K M I... ,, . A ,kt . I' W .Q -lr . 'xii' .yi ' I ' . 114' ,Q I ""-I.."" 6' 1 l , 3 ,Lf 2 .4 J! M .- -f'i"i,1 1 sr Wx ef-1' K lx DAVID ROGERS: FFA 2,3 MARGOT ROSS: Axems 5, Library Tranmng 2,S, Mlxecl Chorus 3, Girls' Rrfle Club l, GARY RUBENSTEIN: Sbarmb Club 2, 1, LHS News B, Baseball 2,3, Basketball Manager l,2, Mower Operalor's Club 3 ROBERT SAKS: Drama Club 5 "Axe" and "Cas" look busy. ,pf- '20 1""" ,a-'-0 W I x A . . Q , vf,esg I , A , ' ,guy , ,. KATHRYN RICHMOND: llonor Sammy 2,1 Rally Squad 3, Sludem Coumfrl Rep l-3, Graduation Leader 2, Ski Club Treas 2, A Cappella 2,1 Eugenean 3, Prom Comm 7, Pulrr ws Fr Praf trees Comm. 3, MMM 3 MARILYN RICHMOND: GL Rep l, Prrm C1 Cord Comm l, CAA V P 2, Slxr Club2,1, Pop Club 2,S, Hatfbets l, IRL 1, Sr Cbarrmau Daem- bor ber Tea 3 LYNN RIETMANZ Slu Club l ', S1lL'Hrl'LVllIl7 I MARCELLA RIFFE: Sludbul Cuurnrl llwp Ofm-r Helper 3. CAROLYN RISLEYZ Sobb Claw Cbuurrl l, Crrrls' Cbolr l,3, Frcmrb Club -3, I ll L 4, Sorvrfe Club 3, Sopb, Assembly l BERNARD ROBERTS: lruramuralsl 4 WILLIAM ROBERTSI lidala Xllflallou Club l, DC- bale 3, JOAN ROBINSON: Hafrbotx l, IK L 2, CL Cab- luet 5, Print G Cord Comm 2, Girl :ll rbo Wefik 3, Co-Cbarrmau Hr-llo XXXCQLQ 5 l fig- i' qs.. if Q x l hu, ns' A ',Q-5 my ' lit' 'L ' If"Q?!l:4 I 'IPTUE 56,121 5"- M' u fi . g CLAUDE SANDELL: lilIrJL'l1r'mw Al, lhwvrnl kcvrvur 1 Prugortruulsl Club l -r Slauv llvlbur fy ARLENE SAYLES: Svbb Vlrwr l, rurl-r lnllxll ,I A 2 Fll!X ,' N lruur, l lapguolla S, FTA l , u..r.m5 l, ' ANITA SCHAEFER: Ouuuu ul lluurls l'rmrus5 l, i,lr.ruf'sv irlrl l lr Alu-,-X Sr .I Nlrrxr Axmvd 2, MMM 2, lxllflllnl llrrvurxf T, Frmurl lrwi lrui , XX C.lbbrll.1 ,I , ligllg Suuml j Urrlwxlra 2,1 MYRNA SCHMIDT: Axfrus ,', ,V l' ', llar bvlx l, Y-Turrus 2, 3, llsi S pb I lwrr l RICHARD SCHREIBER BEVERLY SCHROEDER2 Srl Qlrb 3 llulrlulr, l Fllql-rn-Arr r, l l'?Lf'X ' llaurilr .L Sm' CONRAD SCHULTZ: AYlx'VlWr'lllw four rl 2, NX lvullmll 2, Siuclvut lluuu rl lub 2 BEVERLEE SCHUMACHER: S1 um Club l l.r'm Club ff, Sl-.4 Crlub l , llamlbvvi 2 l!.u.lwr 'L l, lrbrarx llvlbur l R7 DIANA SCOTT: Scph, Jr, Sr Class Troas l--S, Spantsh Club 2,3, Ser-Treas 2, VP 5, ICC FS, Honor Sotjlety 2,3, Spantsh Honor Soetety 2,5, VP 2, Pep Club 2,1 Prom Chmn 2, De bate 23, Thesptans 2,l, Gtrl ot the Month Ai, Football Prlnress 3 RONALD SCOTT: Fugenean 2,3 JUDI SEARS: LSL Cabtnet 3, Ctrls' State Rep 2, FHS News 51, Vartety Show l,2, Pep Club Handbook Comm, 2,3, Lattn Club l-9, Spantgh Club 2,f,, Jr Assembly 2, Hatchets l GALEN SHORACK: Student Counctl I, Axemen's Counctl Rep 2, Football 2,3, Co-Captatn 3, Srtenre Club 2, Math Club 31, Trafk l,2, "F" Club 2,3 BEVERLY SHOULDICE: Transfer 1, Serytff- Club A MARGY SHREEVE: Seph Class Ser l, Pep Club 2, Hatrhets l, GL Rep 2, Soph Asserrbly I, French Club 2, Skt Club l, Paletteers 3 NOEL SILLIMAN: Sftencie Club l,i CLAUDIA SIMMONS in KC' and TILLY SLOTEMAKER: A Cappella 3. BEVERLY SMITH: Student Body Treas 5, lr. Class Counetl 2, FBLA. Treas 5, Class Leader 2, IRL I-,SMCAA l,2, bold Pun Wtnner 5, Hatchets l, Pep Club 3, Budget Cr Ftnancie Comm, 3. CAROLIN SMITH: Student CounCtI QA, Debate 2, Spantsh Honor Soctety 2,5, GL Rep 2, Pep Club 3, Honor Soctety 3, Gtrls' State Rep 2, Jr Class Counctl 2, IRI. I-3, Ser 1, Spantsh Club 2,3, Phystcs Club l GRAHAM SMITH: Paletters I, lr Assembly 2 LORETTA SMITH: Paletteers 2,3, Treas 5, Offtre Helper 3, Hatchets l, FBLA 2, Student Counctl 3. PHILIP SMITH SUE SMITH: Pep Club 5, Hatrht-ts l, Prom Comm 2, Football Banquet Comm 3, Handbook Comm 3, GI. Usher I,2, Axents l, Football Dopester Comm 3 Jr Assembly 2, Vartety Show 2. DOROTHY SNYDER: GAA I, Btology Club I-l, Paletteers 2,3 S :Ut 'QP' JAMES SINDBERG: IV Football l, Traik I3 CLEON SINGER: Hatfhets l, FBLA 23, Servlee Club 2, VERNON SIVAGE: FBLA l-5, VP. 2, Pres. 3, Serytce Club 2,3, ICC. Bookkeeper 2, Spantsh Club 2,3, Ltbrary Helper l,2. JOAN SKEEN: GAA, 2,3, Spantsh Club 3, Mtxed Chorus 5. Sweat and tears finally bring our Axemen another victory! 21 I -?' , j t I NN I-ISYUIWIYL JIYIIJLR. I IIfX ,ll 71 V I' If VIL 5 5, FTA 2, GAA l,2 CLARK SOUERSZ Scwvrnu Crlulv l-H, Truas P, Plwslls Club Pres 2, llovlxlwuuuds '?, Frvmflw Club 251, Cross Country 'lmxm H, Au-m4'u's Cnumful ROD 2 BARBARA SPRAGUE: CwIrls'Clw0Ir lf, Sl-v Club If 1, Y-Tvms l,2, IRL ll, Prum Comm 2, Hahlwli l CARL SQUIRES: Debate 2,3, Pram Comm 2, EHS News 9, IRL 23, Lalm Club 2, SLI. Club l-3, Hafcalaurcralo Usher T, Soplw Assomf bly l, Jr. As5embly 2 EDRA STANLEY: Sk! Clulu l, llalllwts l, Suplw Class Counfnl lg Pop Clulw 11, Euqomean 3, Lluld Pm Wnrwrwor 2, Punt Cr Curd Comm 2, Sludorwl COunCll 5, Gul of llw W'Cc'lK -1 LYELL STARK: bull Tmm X, 1, lalwll- Il'IllllS Clulu I JULIA STEARNSZ AC.3ppClla 29, E H S News Co- Eilllkll Fruu ll Qlulv l,f, ll.1Mlwul5 l, Svrvuu Clull .', Q, SM Clulw l,.', llwgmms l -1, llmma Clulu w GERALD STEELE: Axomcm'5 Coumwl Rup 4, Foot- ball l-3, Trail. l- 'l, "F" Clulx 9 1 ,N-' xl LL. JAMES STONE EUGENE STRINGFIELD: ltulwllmll .Ii lmflx Y RENATE STURGEON: Svmlw Cllulu l, FHA 2 LOUIS STUVE BEVERLY SUMERS: 4-AA lf, ll.u.Il.lrK, I PHILLIP SWAGGART CAROL SWANTON: C-uls' Clwvu l lvl Uxlwor l llatflwels 1, ' ' SUSAN TANGFELDT: Sli Llul' l IYl'l'llAIW Clulw ff, IRL F, Stuclvut Cwumll l, ML Calwwt T, ITFCVN Comm 7, llnlllwurs l N Tvmwf. l JOLENE TAYLOR: S'udent Cpuncll 3, CSL Rep 2, Pep Club 2,.I, Sergeant-at-Arrns 2, Spanish Club 2, Constltutlon Conwm 2, Hatpbcts I, Purple Masque I BETH TEAGUE: Pep Club 2,v, A Cappella Ifw, Purple Papers 2,1 MMM 2,'I, IVIIISIL' Award 2, Servlre Club 2, ICC Scfpb Counrll I, GL Rep 2, Hatfbets I JUANITA TEDISCH: FTA 3 DONALD TENBROOK: Football I, Trarl 3, SLI Club H, "E" Club 2 CLIFFORD THORN JOHN TIFFANY: Hobby Club VP 3, Football 2,2 TOM TREADWELL: Student Counful 2, Siienre Club 2,1 Latln Club 3, Malb Club 3, SLI Club TIMOTHY TRUESDELL I Ac: MARY UTTERBACK CAROLYN VAALER: Orcbestra I-5, Pres 2, GL Cablnet 5, Sk: Club l,2, I IQ L, 2,l, Servtfe Club I,2, CIAA I,2, JANICE VAN CLEVE: F tl A IJ, A Cappella 2,3 JERRY VAN TASSEL: Palettec-rs I, Servufe Club 2,3,, Tbesplans 2,3 SALLY VANDEHEY: FBLA 2,w, IRL 2,1 GL Rep. 3. DEANNA VAUGHN: C-rrly Clmrr I,7, FTA ,I PEGGY VIESTENZ: FHA gl JUDY VILLBRANDT: Hatrgbcts I, Scpb, Cbolr I, Axents 2,-1, Fl? LA 2, Clrls' Cbolr 2 MARLENE TRYON: GA A, 2, Hatclwets I, Y-Teens I, Glrls' Choir 3. RONALD TURNER: "E" Club Pres, 3, Axemerfs Council Rep, 3, Football I-3, Baseball IV3, lirgrn Comm. 2, Spanlslt Club I,2, Basketball VIRGINIA TYLER: lrlatcbets I, Purple Masque I, FBLA 2, I RL, 23. GLORIA UCHYTIL: Girls' Glee I. Seniors begin to prepare for the finale of their E.H.S. career '-. 'vm Q SHEILAH WATKINS: FBLA 2, FHA gl IRENE WATSON: Mixed Cbolr S ROB ERT WATSON PAT WATTS: lr Coumll Rep 2, Servire Club fl. DOUGLAS VINCENT: Ska Club l-fl, Hobby Clubl GARY WADDINGTON: Football l-35 Spanish Club 2455 Axemorfs Coumfll 2g Basketball l,2g Track l, Prom Comm 2g "E" Club 2,1 MARIANA WAITE: Sorvlve Club l-S, IRL 2,1 Prom Comm, 2 LEO WALDAHL: liaurl l, Arrlbassadors l,2, Wood Worklrwg Club 3. C BARBARA WALN: Handbook Stall 2,.5, Sorvrrc Club 2,lg GL Cabmel l, Palotteors l,2, Sk: Club lf, Baud l-lf Fronrb Club 7,5 DARLENE WALTMAN: Cold Pm XXfmucr 2, Axcnls, VP 2, PPD Club Il, MAA l l, ICC 2g GL RGD 5, Y-Tubbs l-bl LORETTA WARD CAROLINE WATKINS2 Sctbb Cbolr l, Grrls' Cbolr ff Y-Teens lg Axvnls lg Fremrlw Club ?,3g llalfbols l, ual 12, rim 1 JACKIE WELCH: baud lf, llwlooy Club Pros lf VP QI, lilrarba Club l PETER WENGERT: lblll' Clull ff, llllouy P105 I, Snlomv Club lrll lin klvuuncl 43, From b Club ll, Clwrwstry Club Varslly llobalu I D0- ba'v Award 2 MICHAEL WENZL: fM-dmc-u's Coumul Rub l, Coll loam 2,9 E H S Nawxs 'X JEANETTE WHITE: Awuls l, Sr llwalCl.1sTComrb 7, Qlllw Snarwrwvfs Club 'F LARRY WHITELY: FFA ,IA 'l JAMES WHITSON LORETTA WHITWORTH: lluvplv Nlasquv Sw l, l'lalllluls VP l, Sll Club lp, Swgllm Cl1alrm.1u Qlrvwu ol lluarls lumm lf P011 Club ,lt Cl-L Rub ly Qlolcl lbu Xlwrmrwr l, ll L l, Sr llrvals- lasl Cowuw sl, Sw ml lrllllllll 'l ARTHUR WICK 91 WILLIAM WIEGMAN: Record Comm. I-an JOAN WILCOX: Hatribets I, Y-Teens I, Ska Club I, IRL 2, Frenflt Club 2,1 PHYLLIS WILLCUT: FIA I-gd, Orrlwestra 2,3, Grrls' Cltolr 2,-r, Ambassadors I-3. JOHN WILLENERZ Football I-1, Irafk I-2, Ski Club I-:, "E" Club 2,j, Axemerrs Counrirl Rep 7 JEAN WILLIAMS: Rally Squad Student Council Rep Ip, Pep Club 2,9, IRL 2,j, CJL, Rep. 2, FHLA Sec 2,3, Eugenean 2,j, Hatcbets I, Ottrre Iralnlng 5, Cbalrman ot Queen Ot Hearts 2 LANCE WILLIAMS: Baseball I-3, A Cappella 3, Purple Plpers 3, lzaak Walton -I, Boys' State 2, Rltle Club 2, Melodrers 2, Boys' Quartet 2 LOIS WILLIAMS: F I3 LA 2,3, VP. 3, Sopb Court- rrl I, Purple Masque I, Hatclwels l, Servrce Club I, GL Ushers, Sr Breakfast 5, Sr Prom Comm. 2, ICC, 3 ROBERT WILLIAMS l . 'uv is-av LORNA WILLS: FBLA 2, Ottlre Sranners 5, GERALD WILSON VIRGINIA WILSON: FIA Id, Fl-lA 2 RAEBETH WINTER: Band I,2, Orrlrestra I, A Cappella 251, Purple Papers -r, FTA Doern- berker Tea Comm 2. MICHAEL WISE: Skt Club 2,-3 i JESSIE WOJAHN: GL Cabrnet 2, Pep Club I, GL Rep 2, Prom Comm 2, FBLA 2, Jr rnfll 2 COL , DUANE WOLFE: A Cappella Flr-Y Pres 2,3, Axeme-n's Counrrl I,j, Debate 5 WENDY WOOD: Grrls' State 2, Pep Club 2,1 GL Cablnel 2, FHS News fr, Latln Club Sec 2 Tbesprang 2,j, Pnnt FJ Cord Corn I, GL Rep 2,3 Y-Teensl BONNIE WILLIAMSON: Qllrfe Trarrung 2,3, FBLA I-3, Servlce ,Club 2,3, Flatcbets I. JAMES WILLIAMSON: Football I, Track 2,3, Shop Club I. JOYCE WILLIAMSON: Skt Club I, Axents 2, FHA 2, Llbrary Tralnlng 2 BRUCE WILLS Thats our coach, hey! ' r A 1-.we-w a A M r W ' V IJ . ff ? . -L 3 5 It , z, k k.,. J .Near Sw v .' fi.: r .x -,Q rg ,kb In Q wb SQ' ft was f SW T Q r wifi I al rx V595 'S I ,E , I :WJ- 2 1,1 'Q ,A Mr I A "Gert" and"'Annie" greet. JIMMII: WUUDD: rootball Z5 Ski Club l. NINA WOODS: Spanish Club 2,3g Service Club 2,3g Rally Dance Comm, lf3g GL Rep 25 Hatchets lg Jr, Council 2, LOREN WULLSCHLEGER LINDA YARBROUGH: Ski Club I, Axents 2g FHA Treas 3. 4 ROSALIND YORK: Student Council I, Jr Council - - 2g Policies G Practices Comm 2g Prom Comm ,. -- 2, Queen of Hearts Comm. lg Doerenbecker Tea - Comm, lg Pep Club 2,35 French Club 2,3g IR L 2g Honor Society 2,3, Pres 3. JAMES ZEHRUNG: Ski Club 3 WILLIAM ZINIKER: Science Club 2,1 Student Council Rep. 3. ui I I it-Q... The Happy Wanderers. YW W' or-be I e+2fZl94r'.5 cgi- t2gffe::11fi C C I 602 ."Ies'6'd' llsc iiil I t ?ff:fz'ffg - ff 12.4, I I I mine Senior boys after one of the regular slumber parties. Garth gobbles. VICE PRESIDENT MET WILSO 'As' 15' , ' "Rn ---. 3 PRESIDENT JAY STANFORD JUNIORS ' .N .. gig? - 4 Z 'M' -Q SECRETARY CHARLENE WORMINGT TREASURER MARY ANN ASHI .,, I -'-4 .-- S A ' I ' EEII 'P I WALLY ACKERMAN I I . ' 4 I I A v S Q 5 5? B Q ll I I NCHARD ADWR5 jj N .gg Q .S ," - . f I , I I C V JOHN ALBINO ' I I '- B w A A Q If I AL, KAY ALDERMAN I - I A A I S EP I A DAN ANDERSON .5 in I I . b ' ' A A A . IUDITH ANDERSON ADAD Q . I 3 p A3 LR Q MARY ANDERSON g, Q ,. "A' 5 ' lx f-'X RM ' I5 DXAD B I SHERI ANDERSON as LARRY ANTHONY A A A ,, 5 LUCY ANWAY V , f Iv I M IS' I ' NANCY ARISS 'U A 6 C , I- SHARON ARMSTRONG ' I I GARY AR NE A E Y 1 MARLENE ARTHUR ' -A 'I S DAVID ASHBY l - MARY ANN ASHLEY I ., ,.. A I . GARY ASHWORTH - - A . DOROTHY ATWOOD gi -f In I, . MONTE AUSLAND ' ' . , LEE BABB V ' I B I jx , CAROL BAKER M B' YSSS Ir 1752, - 5 A . . ' "' MARY BAKER A A A 'LNND I I RICHARD BAKER I .. - I I . I PM A RICHARD BALDINGER R 5' A ,B "' I' I 0 In S ' A 1 LEONARD BALL L- 3, I A - JOAN BARBER lr I - , PAUL BARBER I I in ' f RICHARD BARBER Q K U, ,I SUSAN BARLOW I I I Q f - GLENDA BARNES I I B I , . QI- MARK BASS I W-'lf I 0' ff 'T - 'S' JOAN BAUERLY I I ..- V , 5 SANDRA BAYS . I "D A 1 AI'I 5 HOWARD BEACH A I A I u pjf JAMES BEAL D' -I.. I . I f A 'N ' FP . A ' " A , A ' ! , 1 I r' WINIFRED BEAL I y A CLYDE BEAT A A I I -if SEAS-IERINE BEATTIE - B- as W x f - BECHTOL I SC I A ' . ,Y STEPHANIE BECK ' 'B L 155: - STEVEN BECK P I , I BRENDA BENGSTDN I 1 I A I I . V. ..L, .AL DAVID BERG C S II I I E xif: PATRICIA BERG IIISB A yi 1 A if BARBARA BIELER I I ' I Q A. Ll LYNDEN BIGLIN I I I ,. ,gg GEORGE BLAIN C, N - if JOE BLAKELY Pj.. A 73 ABL A BARBARA BLINKHORN I , H SEEI r 1 fbi I A 1- A VERNA BOLIN JUDITH BOLLES NANCY BOILLS EDNA BOND PEARL BRANDT BARBARA BRANSFORD FRED BRAUN 95 Sv' BE? fa - I ..., Q, , .i 7 'H-. ' ',. It I A' SPID T Q If in my Z, BB I I AISmh HAROLD BRAUNER JAMES'BRAWN NORMAN BR-ENNER PHILIP BRENT MARILYN BRINK CAROL BROADBENT JOYCE BROCK DONNA BROOKHART BARBARA BROUHARD DOUGLAS BROWN GLENDA BROWN GLORIENE BROWN LEOTA BROWN MARTHA BROWN SHARON BROWN ROY BRUMLEY DONALD BRUMMETT JAMES BRUNS DEANNA BRYANT JOHN BRYANT LOY BULEY FRED BUNCH GEORGE BUNNING LYNNE BUONO DELORA BUOY DALE BURES CAROLE BURGESS KAREN BURKETT RS . .X ,V . W m EM. ,, A .Eff I fi 241: Q, . -,1,,.., L ,. an 111. , , . K: L'- 4 ' J S ' f- . K' ima fai V - K 2 W. mm. I 'Q 0 , . ,.k, v . 5' In P I I I , A M A A 4 A, .. ,.. . ,.... C ..h: E ,.CCE,, I I ,I I T if 'P I i .M I . ,,,,,,,,J, -,W A JCC AC f AJIJ l , .. ,,,, . S ' I K Wk . I ' ,mf J' I 5 , I JIJ U J IJJ' , 1 f ,I ' ' A' N , M .0 ,-,I . A A Q ,... I JRE iN fa Y ' if I ws- ix A I J I i B f I I I A . A- A .:,.C m I CL . A " P 4' f ' ' I .- ' . f D 35, ....-- 76? 1 I JUNIORS JUNIORS GARY BURNETT MYRA BUSH CRAIG BUSHMAN ELIZABETH BYLUND DOROTHY CADDY JAN CALAVAN , ,A CHARLES CAMERON A X ,. I. , , f JANE CAMPBELL I A ALBERT CAREY ' . I JOHN CARPENTER JOHN CARSON ' -ROBERT CARTER MURIEL CASS - CLERESE CHALMERS NANCY CHAPIN JAY CHICKERING A I K i s, A gain' pf 7.. . W -n k i .Q., ., A K I 1 - -'- lj, I X P A rx--I ,pr ,Q-vw i-fh. Z . I ' ,I MQ. K -K . S ,A', 3 'Q 'VIJ' w I - - f 'f' I 1 .. ' z- I K 'J ' . K '..- ' J "'k I ' - ' I' I 1 CJS A . CAJ if WALTER COBURN I L"J" if IV: I 2 J ,- A "I 1.' s' 'f'1 f JIM 4.b'J 5 J'5sf5i?Z1f3f5 WAYMON CHIN MARGARET CHRISTENSEN PATRICIA CHRISTIANSON DALE CHURCH ROBERTA CLARK ' ERNIE CLEMENTS PATRIClA'CLEVELAND SHIRLEY CLEVENGER DAVID CLOSNER Q L .' CLAUD CLUSTER a ' DAVID COE 'H' .. f A A E .V.., A . '- ' A- I ,. A A . . ' L Q ' . . , I 3 A I ,I , V' . I gf I j ,L-2 E .'k" Q ki in JJ X 'A A I A III I I f - TX X K I M 1 li' fx '- 'YQ A I I . - I A ' ' IIIII .I A I IIAII I! A.. . . I I I '- m ,. . . " ' F . I If 5 E I 'R .. AA . Q E-Q. I , , V, ,Y . t A 3 5 5 4 5 f I ,J , , , A is ,sn I' I I Q 't 'K .,.., 4-, , 'R fn ' 1 'J' I ' I 'f1E1,1, . I 4 I JUNIORS SPENCER DRAPER DAVID DUNAHOY DIANE DUSHANE MARILYN DYER FRED EASTON LAURITS EBBESON GERALDINE EDMINSTON FREDERIC EDWARDS WILLIAM ELDER JAMES ELIAS MELVIN ELLIS ROMONA ELLIS GARTH ELMORE CAROLYN EMERSON KENNETH ERB LINDA ERICKSON CAROL ESKOLA DENNIS ESTVOLD ALMA EVANS TED EVANS MARILYN EVERETT cAIzoI.IN FARQUE RICHARD FARWELL oEI.oI1Es FISHER KAREN FJALSTAD MICHAEL FLANIGAN LAWIIENA FLEMING BARBARA FORD uri" I 'fa I Xb I f 1 '6.ff"Q BONNIE COEN MARJORIE COFFEY ROBERT COLLETT LYNN COONS BARBARA COPPING JAY COSTER GARY COUNTRYMAN GARY CRAWFORD PHYLLIS CULBERTSON GEORGE DA FOE DORLAN DAVENPORT DEANNA DAVIS DIANA DAVIS JAMES DAVIS SANDRA DAVIS SUSAN DAWE DONNA DAY CLARENCE DECKER RUSSELL DIEHL SANDRA DIRIMPLE DALLAS DODGE ELLEN DODGE RICHARD DOLL DIANA DONOHUE BARBARA DOTSON ROY DOWNES VICKI DRAKE GINENA DULLEY JUNIORS JU 1 -Qu . 'E' I X ' -ff 'J 5 ' I who-I 'il Q7 A VAK ,,ZI 1 A I V . X Q-A .Z :I I ws' ,,,, ! In If A an ,fy Al WILLIAM FORRESTER TERRY FOSKETT LOWELL FOSTER JOHN FREEMAN YVONNE FRESE REBAJO FRETWELL KAREN FRIBERG VERNON FRY EDWARD GARDNER JAMES GARDENER JANET GARRETT GARRY GERMAN CAROLYN GETCHELL HOWARD GIEGER GAY GILBERTSON JUNE LLE GILBERTSON ARLENA GILLELAND JOSEPHINE GIVENS JAMES GJESVOLDT DAREL GLATT PATRICIA GODELL MARION GORDON JOHN GOULD JAMES GOWDY BURTON GRAY WILLIAM GRAY DAVID GRIFFITH STANLEY GRIFFITH - -J' ,Z'J', by Y i 1 IIE. EEIII Nc' EE, if 4 K - 1 A " "AI-hifi 'E'E- . ,tg CA .E -f ff. 1,535 ,,g1L3-LN. W A E. HE., I Afx' "E:-E--Yg:',w .z N , .,,v 45, If ,,-.,,, Ewu-lm WE- - fa ze A J A A Q .5 Az . . 'C' Q T K e 5' L Nix 4? .I A s ' 5 . .. - W' ' 3 ...1,N E Qwwi If , ,U ., i,,5UmE,E... 4. 5 , AE. A II.. . A E A A A-A A in 'E AJ , . Y T . 1 A A ' A-A 131 ", 'Ra' I-6114 A ' . 5 1 ' EE-V A E3 A - g ' - A A N-3 A 7 "'J I 4 E A J A --' A A-. ' . JEEE A, . f A ' 1 A A'f . 3 A - I I C X If X 1 IORS JUNIORS . lm-11 9 1 1 Y . . .. Am.. E-L I , , -. , .. 1 . f f OIIA , I V .Q J ,pu E A A A A AA A :AQ f A . g AAR ' A,I,, ' Q 5 . I E.: A A III' A A , ' ' A ma -.fs X U? fx, -E mm., . ,,,, ., ,,. - ,Ev ,. - fffi: ,Q , ,. ,, E , 3 ',-,g:. : 3, ,,,4i . . Q Q ...V E- Q i .3553 A r ,A , 522 .L .L ,L JUNIOR MARGARET GRIGGS EMMA GRUBBE LEWIS GUBRUD SANDRA GUM KAREN GUSTAFSON CECILE HACKETT I MYRON HAFDAHL SQ I xx W, IE. A A A ., , ELAINE HAHN , I j JAMES HALE 'A "E .A A A fl ' E BARBARA HALL . I . 7 b .. A A I 5 DOUGLAS HALL 3' . AEEJA . EEA A A .. T A.,-Y NANCY ANNE HALL ' A if I A ' NANCY JEAN HA'-L , .4 f A... A JACK HAMILTON R k ,... . IIA. W. I m I . ff x .,,.AE,Z"Z . p""" I Q E' I 1' I. 3323 ' QT", I 2 ,A .. 3 gygxv I . -. - . MA The-Af f,.-- .. -Q . - 'E ,gy -M A . . ,. . ,, ,,LL 4 f it -A 45 --'- X ..E, 9 .,.. f itt AQ M V I V LVV N, 'L gag.: . 3'AZ'l,,4. 155055 .1 f AEE, , V ek ,-tems wig 5,35 , , .... ,Iwiii p , A A , M., .ffl A . L .E-,L 3, gwzz -- 'E .fm - A , Eff: , 'iw DENNIS HANEY THOMAS HANNIGAN JOYCE HANSON LARRY HARMON RICHARD HARPER EMERSON HARRIS RALPH HARRIS LUCY HART RUSSELL HARTLEY NITA HARVEY DAVID HASSETT MARY ANN HAWES WAYNE HAWKE LAVAUN HAWLEY 1 I 1 1 nl - - - - - 1" ' ROBERT KEITH I A . 1 A. f i IR VERNON KELS0 I 'I L W A f A sg I A f E I DAVID KING EEIIA ie? n ' I L ,A-A .L A 4' STUART KINGSLEY , Q, ,lf A , JACKIE KLENK ' .A l I E A I-'NDA KI-ITZKE I 3 ' . AAIA JUDITH NIGI-IT - I . A TT'fTT Q I A A ' , 1 Aff AFIAAIEA. MEAA , . . ,,:. , I... -.,,,. Ewa, M, A A ., ,, . 'A,I1A!51fI E k ,EM W,N-. A . -,. A. I-A ':ff,,1,. ,, ,. - A ' ' 'A . ,, . ..,,,.. W, N.,N . k ,. A . . . I ".'4'f.2Y kyxf V "A' LINDA IcoEsTER AADI 4 A DOROTITKY KREBS T AIII - .. .A I-OREN RUSENSTJERNA A . ' . I .ff A "' ' -'-"EI DAVID KUHL .AID A' U I. g -v I I ' s. PHYL'-I5 LACEY " A . ZIII V A EAU I 'E-I CHARLES LAIRD -AA'A I A . IDDDAI I IIII I fii ' A L I . I CAROLYN LAKE A ,I . - A E 'I . 11112, xfy 'fy ' ' .," ' A, A. 11.-M LAM. we . 'II 'A'A '.-L . "-Y'-. ' -'L- , " ' TTI EEI lA7 'Q ::,,T fi IID . I A 1 " ' Iil IAI ,IIA A I RUDOLPH LAKE ' A T. . A . AA RoNNIE LANDSKRONER 1 . 5 , M JERRY LANG . N I . A I. I , A A 1 A1 LEANN LAURITZEN ADf .AI Q I A V 1 ' P Li CHRISTINA I-AW 1f EEA. . i A AIIJI III EIIE i A ' R ...E . I 'E' DON LAWRENCE A I IIIA . I E AI DEE ElEAAE'EEI R AIIA AA Q DIANNE LEE . liv I If I A . .9 fg .A . I - Q S I ' I ,.II , A A. . Q I E'D A f A. MARYELLEN LEE MARGARET LEMON VAUN LINDSAY . BOB LINK ROY LOE MICHAEL LOKKEN DYANN LONBERG ORS A AKA 'X' 4,-In .E--5 . AAAEAAAAA MA any N551 7k 5.f: "T'IWiesf5'A f " E' . ' 5121, ..,AlL'f' Qffi lff A A A G A CE A ' .IUNIORS A --AA.g,,.g1,A,f .-f I .'f:,gi.sN.x::'w A, AEA. . A'-Av-EN. , ff ear A it E' 1 Q EA , ' f JUNIORS IL,.L , . .. .,,, 'ZQAIRMAEEAg,5.g-A-En --" 'ffl-ff H A ., , A A Y I A Q .V W V T V.AV AA A. A , . A A A 1 I' D. A . IIIIL A-- A I A 'A . 3 .-E" A " - A . ' f' , I . 'wk' 7A . A A 4 .. A S . A. It . ' A, ' , 'flf' J'Efli1"A2,.I: 5 ' ' ' 'Q Q ' if I I F E , ,E ...A W il' A M I .1 ' A ,. A ,,I K ,, . V A. ,, VF! I A- r M Am. . I tm X I I i55AfIIfii'55fi5A A, is -A.: AM AAAmIi:.J3IH-AWE-5 ' , I A ,,,,, W, NRM f.,,-. . , 'AS AA A, ,A A f ,AA' I 'T . F. 1 n " . A 1 A iff' . A ,"' A r. 1 V 5 ' I W W ..I, .sax M v a , ,fi H iqqygw In -5, Q A An 'X Q' f ' ull, : T. K 1- 3 'tqflr " ggzg . . . A. A I ,A ' I A , A -'2 T'-f-'L 'If' -A A A "X "AE':,i A :Ari 1 .,.,,,,, -W K' , 5 'A -4 "L' V541 ' ' if LAE. "'I AAA, A ffffx. . :IEI . AII . ,,.I .. AII. .IJ, . A AA A. A , A . A , A . 1 4 ' ' ' i A W D' I. A YI . fi' I I A A 7 ' I A ' AEA .A EE'E 1 "EV " ,. 'IE' 'I I I ff- If E , . I H -. A A: ,',AA I A 'E " A A 'A .' " 'wi DONNETTE LOPUSON MELVYN LOVE KENNETH LOWERY DIANNE LUCK THEODORE LUNDY ELIZABETH LUSH DIANE LYNCH CORALYN LYON ARTHUR LYONS MARILYN LYONS JAMES McALEXANDER DARL McALLISTER GALEN MCBEE MURIEL McCALLUM JUDY McCULLOCH STEPHEN MCCULLOUGH WILLIAM MCCUNE STEPHEN MCDONALD FAYE MCGARY SHIRLEY McGUlRE MIKE McLEOD JOAN McMANN ELEANOR MACRILL PAGE MAI-ILER NORMA MAIER RONALD MAINEs RUBY MANFULL KAY MARQUIS -an 1 3 I J ' Q ' ' 'W' , I J- f 31 ,I- V' -.7 4 I ,.H, . ., . J W I Q I EAW? 'HN I Iii? I MW .,., .xt 1,253 JM 4, I 1-3 1' 'lk' 'Ss I 'RYE IL, . . W 'nv X 5 T51 '?.".'m A Rae ww fn , x ,Nur ' A - I ' V K I ,JS . - E 1 H ,, 1- , 1 X . A . . k'Vk 5. . fa N ., f I ' ,I JE'I5f"'I , , Y 1. gg Lk: I N I A 'R 521 ,N m , H -. N ag? ' I. .f"" X QI J. tj' we A J msn T - 'PJ ' ,gy v ann? lb ' R 'M' 51? 1 J' 1, 'II K- X ROBERT MARSDEN JUDY MARTIN RICHARD MARTIN' KENNETH MASTERSON JERRY MATTHEWS CELESTE MAXWELL ESTHER MAY IEANETTE MAY SALLY MAY BARBARA MEADOWS PATRICIA METZLER DONALD MICKEL BETTY MILLER MARIAN MILLER MARILEE MILLER MARSHA MILLER ROLF MILLER SABRA MILLER TERRILL MILLER WILLIAM MILLER PATRICIA MILLIGAN GORDON MILLS JAMES MILLS KENNETH MINTURN DAVID MITCHELL MICHAEL MOGAN CHARLOTTE MOLES WILLIAM MOODY JUNIORS JUNIORS RAYLENE MOORE CAROL MORSE ANNE MOURSUND SUZANNE MOWEN ELSIE MUHR RICHARD MURDOCK MAX MURPHY PAUL MURPHY DOUGLAS MYERS MICHAEL NELEY CHARLOTTE NELSON STEVEN NESS NANCY NEWMAN ANN NEWSOM STEPHEN NEWSOM GARY NIELSON NELS NIEMI KAYE NIER JUNE NORRIS RITA OLIVER JAMES OLSEN KARIN OLSON LEON OLSON DALE OSBORN WALTER OSBORN DICK OTTO JOHN OTTOSEN BOB OVERSTREET fi I I ..:,. . i fi: i' ' , 'Q :ng I 6 I --fx !:.,f . I uri Q will me if r ' '- JJ frf -:.' . , . J I Ak 'J 1 I .J Ifnkik fm, K A J' ' f s ' sf ',J, f ' .I f I I 4, I ,Q 'K f E,,A. I I. E V x'., W A E ' J . f I5 f 7 - 4' E AJIE 9 IAER 101 AASE ' I I If SANDRA PAPEL ALICE PARKER CAROLYN PARKS HAROLD PARMENTER SHERI PEARL DIANE PEARSON FRED PEDERSON PATRICIA PEDERSON MAXINE' PENSELIN MARILYN PERKINS MARILYN PERSON JOHN PIERSON MARILYN PIERSON LEROY POINDEXTER MARVIN POLENSKY PATRICIA PoLLocIc JERRY PosToN WILLIAM POTTERF DAVID POWELL Glrrono POWELL NOBLE POWELL JOSEPH POWER RONALD POWER BERTHA PRICE ELAINE PRINCE PETE PROPER DWAYNE RAABE DEANNE RASMUSSEN JUNIORS f Uma fs. I v I' I I' I I . . A k"' ' " I - - I RRALL I I A P ,II .ff 1' Z g " IQ' , , - ion - if . "' ' - II 4 ,,L, .. . . , . I, , , . . A I,-I.,IfI I S, fltf-hfgfk ' . I '. I- KI:-i.',V ,I . 3 . I, I A ,I .I MI ' PIIA Q ' I I I , , I I I , 1' 5-Dlx. -I' ' '--- :22I.?I2I Q I --:Ig I If Riff ' .Ifs I I If .I I.. ..', I - I If I PIAI LALA I f -I'-I- ILIQI. -PI .I - II- IP-pu I,.II- 1 IIIWIQ-I A ' - ' I 'f " ' 611.753 5 P "'1fI37' 1 I I I "I 'I 2 ' I ' , I f II1. ' I' .'.' :II . , I I 1: ' I Ig, . Im-5 ...I ' I gI . ' - -' - 5, ' ,,fI.1,. .I 5 ,I ,... K K . 'I 'WFIQF I f Vg. I I -' V I .V 1 ,, I .3 - IZ ! I V 3- 5 'W' 1 slr- - I I "1 5 - ,I I - IMA.. I II. I. I - Q e- Sys' ,Ii AQ, 5 If , . I U' 5 if Ii II ,g f .5 If I ag I ' JUNIORS " we .I 41, I- . Q. ,. , 2 f I ' I . ,I ' ' - I 1 I -I I A A -I: A .-wg,II,, .1 I . .V I' I , I II I L-f wmv I- , , I ,I ,, i f -II 'If A I 'SIIQEYFY ' I' 331. - 'JV R. .If ' - S, 'gslif ' ' SI I -I --.III. I I I II . , . . I ' 'K'-q. f . - I azz: ,,I, - I I. - K. .. , H 5.1: A -A I gIY2g5t,II.,m U A., 'P .. , - . I 51-I ,,,. A I . I-Q,-Mt, I I ,I I 5 . I , ,V ,, gi M " nv - P I 'Z 1.515-vi S 3, 5-.Q - K, 1 ., I ' 'XW3' A I , 535. . .If QI 1 ' I- ' " ' 'IMI I I . ,, - I . I I- A AI . I .a.ff,I z. I. I I C ,I .- 4 Am ,I . - X. H. F W W 'liir-"army, - - - -II-I -I I I T,I'Iff ' f' .I I I. P - II P" A . I ,,L..,,.,.,..,.f . I PSI, I, . 1. ,,,, A I. . L . .IM SIA. ,. ,I I I, ., ,III I .,I..I . S I WIC? ' I I. 'QI ' I 15442: I :A.2.Z.As " A' . II 12 A 'I " if E::e:5i:' I '. I ' ' I ' I' Y. . ' 143 - ...A-5' - IP '-1, I-5 I. . " 1 . mn" .-V1 5 ggi -. 11- '1--gi :JR 9 I I QII, " I I - . , - ' I ' f - . I I I ' Z wi Q 5, in I I - .M K ,I V, AP- Iv ,-PI, I . ffy . A MI. 1 'I .QA I f QI I. X A I I A A s iff - II. f 'hir 'PW I,-gm I 2 M , + III. IAP. I , I - 3 iw 5 '-I VII LII 'za QI if ,:II ,I- A 1 I I.. Def , f 'A Iv - I, - --II Inq? is , ff L 'Ig M11 I A 'I I . II., Li f I 1 wi IO II. ...I H' Lf ' 1"" JUIN JAMES RATHBONE CHARLES RAYFIELD JERRY REAGOR NANCY REAR JANICE RICHINS JIM RISINGER MARY ROBERTS ALBERT ROBERTSON DOUGLAS ROBINSON MARIAN ROGERS DOUGLAS ROMAINE JOYCE ROSEN CHARLA ROYSTON WILLIAM ROZMAN SANDRA RUBEIRT SHARLEEN RUBEIRT DOLORES RUFF RICHARD RUFF WAYNE RUSE JUDY RUSHING' DIANE RUTHVEN WALTER SAGE A WILLIAM SAVILLE ROBERT SCHAEFER KARYN SCHLEICHER LAURI LEA SCHOMP KAREN SCHREINER WALTER SCHULZ wr, , 3:-L! g if ew S1 ,asf "5 1 '52 f gm n Y w .WL -V im Y - ,za -i wav., 7 Q . ,Aw f , 1 fIT'1i3?ff'- , xg' WK? a I I .,f,v,,: -3, l ' , - ':,. ' 'vi 4415: 4 -. '- ' gfefilw-S' , ' 7 f 11.1, X ,MH ' ' V' .K f.. ' "?1.-N i :K . ' 5' 7 ', ' Q?" gilzgijgjzw givgggiif In THE ' , KG' t X1 , va -.f1:, K - 'vx-QM-1 1 Aug. ' i - k vifvs j ' v' Af" ' 1' 'Q' -ff V . 2 - I s 53,1741 . -' , , 3 'w-' ', Q v LN -'V , k 7 k fl - ,mbfxl 1 EZ I . af JOHN TRENHOLME ALICE TUCKER TAMYRA TURNER PATRICIA,TUTTLE GARY UCHYTIL PATRICIA UPP ROBERT UPP SHARON UPP SONDRA URYCH CAROLE VITUS SYLVIA VLASAK SUE VOGEL GRETCHEN VOS LAWRENCE WALDAHL ELOYCE WALKER GEORGE WALKER DONALD WALTON RICHARD WAMPACH EDNA WARD NORMA WARE JUDITH WASHBURN CAROLYN WASKE BARBARA WATSON LUE PEANNE WEINRICH ELSIE WELDON BENJAMIN WELLETTE MARY JANE WELLS JULIE WEST an I ' I ' , I ., I.,l 1 I 5 1 K if rf , of " V I , I x W wr I 5 li -f 'f f ,f Q7 I . 1 ,-Y . I 1 ata, ' 5 , W XV , My Aw V. I JJJ A f IAAR 9' I A AASE I A I-I "" ' I III., , ' " A a t ' Q I -S, I1, 5: , ' I I I A gi If, , I I I X I I .fwf3' If 1I' 21 1 , .- 0 ' I I L. I ,,.W xr fi 1 :- 'im L, I ' I i f? .W 5 -ffiqffiwf .'-L'- 4 ...Q ,, 'sr X H 3-A 'Q' sz 6 A xl' '7 L x ,JK 8' 'Ip Q I,- 'ff 'TT I , In "" ,f , W, ,,,f5,Iw3 . ,V K, A an V 1,3 . -I . . A ' , -4 911 .I f . I 1 wi , I.. I I I I Q- A f . f ' A ' .www .gr - I ,f g..1',fz,,:,5:.'. - - 1.501 'fxgfyggx A , - 1-fn -- , 5-f'?,'?CV5fI'Ii f2v'k'F f15QIU1f'f4Lb??Z4E- :ffE155f1f:,' :I .71 291- '. "-1' Z f I , A S':-:Fifa-' wslem K ,Q 3' .IUNIORS 53:45 vffi- , ,- 'f - -fy .". - ",, - I ' rg ' . 5 I A I .wf A p V vi an ' -'am .. - .I Q j if 1 -- . ,. I ',. - , N5 HQQJ -Q - H Y i I A ' A . 1 'ES' - , A , , , I . A I J Y '- g - , ,K ' 5 3, , , ,..- 3 '7 , --E? Q A AJJS A I I I ?f.:I5g---Q .,--,L fr. fl S il- , ww-Im A r - 7. , E A ln K I if H W, Ea . M, , , f 41 f, , vt -fn, , 'I F' 'Z V .mg 1 1. ,. -wf:f.1w we . , I I ,I,, I JUNIORS is ' if . 5- I..,,f fkf,z:'1,1,,1,g,,x:,,+gU1. ,Na-, ,yd :f , 'if I 'si I - I ff Q? ,I A -Q. nw. .-an I' 1 I, " Q 3 z I E V 1 fe ' '- ' L 11 ,I :xg lily.. , . . 2 , ii-iff?--L? -. , ,,,,,,1,Y , I I 'N -2'-I5-44-1.-5 .- -1,-zwxg-s' I ilk' 14 1 i A f ' :2'j,:sg:w ,:gE,,ff- 4'-' ,ij,'f,b E! - . 5-gygwzz Q- I "" I f I f ,Y JJJEJJJ f I f I I I' . I 2- II A A, ' .. ' fi ffflff. . I if - LJI, . I V I I I, IHA I04 MURIEL WESTERLUND GRACE WHEAT DANIEL WHELCHEL JEANIE WHIPPLE GLEN WHITNEY SANDRA WHITNEY GERALD WIBERT GARY WICKSTROM JOANN WILDISH ROBERT WILLCUT BETTY WILLETT HELEN WILLIAMS PHILLIP WILLISTON GARY WILLS OPAL WILSON OWEN WILSON DAVID WINN RICHARD WISE DEANNA WOOD DOROTHY WOOD JAMES WOODRUFF JANET WOODS YVONNE WOODS CHARLENE WORMINGTON HORACE YATES KENT YOCKEY EVA ZINK ILENE ZUVER - Qt' v Q Q ,ff Af fini ,f.'r' Fragment of Junior Pep Assembly "Underwater" fwhere's June RusseII?J w x PRESIDENT RON RUBENSTEIN SDPHDMORES VICE PRESIDENT JOHN HIA SECRETARY LE ANN WESTERLU TREASURER GARY WOL as 94 ,312 11 UCP! wx LI ' + 13 'hs + wh, 3 X 2'1" 14 .-A gy, i, . ff., J ,.. 4 -Hd , .15 I ' x , 'v '55 WL A wg, Q fi ' ii! , ma. Y II 1. IHA, ,. . . .lr ., +5 if FX I six I Q E ,I ff IQ 'WF 'sd SEWWWWWWMM. E B SBS gl., E5 sl, 4Ei,1l, ISP I x 5 I ILA. ' ' I I f fm, f'.,, , - -, ff: f 1. I gl' ,,, 5 ,, W 'H mv PM we ,fp fy QA -CXO , I' ' Ia ,iff . , 4 IAM SOPHOMORES CAROLYN BUREKER EUGENE BURELSON KAYE BURROUGHS BONNIE JO BURTON DELORES CAMERON KAREN CAMPBELL LAWRENCE CAMPBELL MARGARET CAMPBELL DIXIE CAPPS SHARON CARLE MARVIN CARLSON JAMES CARMICKLE WALLACE CAROTHERS DARRELL CARROLL RICHARD CATON LOUELLA CERKONEY RICHARD CERKONEY DENNIS CHAMBERS DIXIE CHAMBERS NANCY CHANEY GERALDINE CHAPMAN ROBERT CHAPMAN STEVEN CHARLES JANE CH'EN JOSEPHINE CHILEN JAMES CHRISLOCK JAMES CHRISTENSEN FVA FI ARK ' A J I 4 I Jr . :mfs an IS"" ' ' gfwgl 3 'Wu QF I Wgsix Q ROBERT BOOTH KATHERINE BORNHOLZ JUDY BOYER MARJORIE BRADBURN DARLENE BRADWAY DON BRAY QUENTIN BREEN MARILYN BRENT GERI BREWER YVONNE BRIGL RICHARD BRISTOW ANN BROGDON CAROLYN BROWN CORA BROWN DOUGLAS BROWN FRIEDA BROWN SANDRA BROWN SHIRLEY BROWN GREGORY BRUNIG ORIN BRUTON TOMMY BRYANT WILLIAM BRYANT CHRIS BUCHANAN MAVIS BUCK KAREN BUCKBEE WILLIAM BUNCE MARLENE BUNCH KEOLANI BURCHAM SOPHOMOII 2 E -'KI MRF' o 2:-. .A-qi if 1 ,J .ln ws., h .Ev LPf fCC 1Q 7 B lM'wf AIB A 'anMQu3Q5S IIVI if ,MJ qPIff I BI ' E9W wf?E1MN I KA A -,R S1 , ,, VV ,hi V ., M V V, H L IIII E mV,IAV V I V , L, D! I - I ,I.A+--.II A , Q I at . rf' re. 'W ' I iQVmWY5Mfs IIPI hI ,qwwgw A IN I ,,I.CwC C,CCC Www I .R QW 4W4!g94i!g'W IIPC sl, AMI, V .II .'BA I BIPIA IAEB SA A CIBA ' "" I IIAILIAA I A JANICE CLARK ALBERT cl.AussN A A JoN cossms I PAUL couz mxle COLLINS DWAINE cou.lNs GARY coLuNs X VQW, .L 3 Q.. JERALD CONN WANDA CONNER SANDRA COOK WILLIAM COOK ALBERTA COPELAND LINDA COPPING JOE CRENSHAW ' . -EN GORDON CROSKREY MARY CROSS JAMES CROUCH MICHAEL CROUCH THOMAS CROWDER STEPHEN CRUICKSHANK xx Af GARY CROUSE sk CLAIRE DAGGETT GLORIA DAROLD HAROLD DAVIS JACK DAVIS WALDENE DAVIS DONALD DEALY ., 4 A M WILLIAM DELAY , ,xxx 5 ' :.v 5. f I L2f5'739f'5i?I ' 'if' I , 's A ff A A-I f 1 f If In QF' - 'N Q I qui! 255 I Z A , - .N A1 L, AA! ' f' I 9 SOPHOMORES SOPHON K , L? 1. mb n A' :hw A ' ml'- - .I fy - .5 IIII ,T 55.3 ' A Q ' F I ,N Qi sw 3 in I I 4 I , X , A 9 'NX fx 'xl . no 1 I A IIIA A - V ' 1 f -I.. I , ,. 5.1 4, 5' we A i,. ' I. 1 'ff' nv. ,,,, z ' A C54 r , ,I I . 'I 21,4 RICHARD DENNY HARRY DIEHL DALE DILLINGHAM DEANNA DIRLAM CHARLOTTE DISEKER DIANE DIXSON DEE DOMPIER LORNA DOWLE MARDEANE DRAGOO DEANNA DRAKE JUDITH DRURY DAVID DRYDEN WILLIAM DUNCAN ALLAN DUNLAP JAMES EARLE MARILEE EDMISTON JOYCE EICKMEYER ROBERT EIDSON DON EIGSTI NANCY EKBOM CAROLE ELDER ROBERTA ELMER NYLE ELLIOTT SHARON ENGLISH ROBERT EPPERSON RONALD EPPERSON SANDRA EPPLE KATHERINE ERDMAN Inn gg I 4 my ke? , .:,, , ' H ',f, , ' -wi.: 'I gl ,3,kf '0wgfI I sw ff ,. I ,f Q gg f , eg -.I M 5? ,X w' , , ,,.,,,.g11gr , ,. " I? RES TERRY GARDNER THOMAS GENTLE CHARLES GETCHELL RICHARD GETTY ETHEL GIBSON GLARICE GILBERT WANDA GILBERT SAUNDRA GILES ROBERT GILLETTE THOMAS GLASSMAN MARY GOIN NEIL GOLDSCHMIDT SIGRID GOLDSMITH ROSALIE GOULD CAROL GRASLIE COLLIN GRAY WENDELL GRAY DOROTHEA GREEN GLORIA GREIVE MARILYN GRIGGS STEVEN GROFF REBECCA GROVE JOSEPH GUNTHER BRENDA GUSTAFSON DANNY GUTHRIE FRANCES HAINES JAMES HALL EUGENE HAMPEL W7 Blu, MRM I IT'-f , .V 4 We "ff x , T 'S" --,. 2 I . 5 I ' " f .,,, ,Q3,, Q 2 - W 1, ' , ' -. 1 ,A , , I V, fax!! . 4' b S ... ax, if 19 In I tugs. ' 4 'ci we: 1 M- ff . ,' -1,-:af k,,f:: X ffv,,,. :11i:i.'f, Vfwfiiw-A lui' SOPHOMORES , 1. CHARLES ERHARDT ALLEN ERICKSON DONALD ERWIN JOY EVANSHENKO ROBERT FALKNER ROBERT FARWELL WILLIAM FARWELL JOETTA FAW DENNIS FERGUSON LAWRENCE FERGUSON JOHN FIFER TERRY FINKE MICHAEL FISH DENNIS FITCH BILLY FITZSIMMONS GAY FJALSTAD VIRGINIA FLINT HENRY FLOYD RICHARD FOREMAN MILDRED FORD CLAIR FOX CHRISTINE FRANZ MARILYN FREDERICKSON JON FRESE IONE FRETWELL SHERYL FRISBIE ROLAN FUGITT JOCELYN FUREY O I . ' I L . 'H , 'S , . f 7: K K A I 1 I X .W X -'I X I R A In ' . - ' I.... . Q ' K A R f Y X f I ' I f A AA A 'sf' A vu' J., If I iiffxk " I I T I O fy a V! XX Q I IIIII I 3. -x ,- A 5'I'7,N, Q I K 'V J Al 1, I' 12 'far .I a my Lf - hgh Q' v ' E L , , 1- I ' i I - I ' I II'A B I RR'W 5QQQ2 J A ABACA - If -f A .. A- I .., ' , , I BBJL I Q' I as A A I Q I g .- ' A , A . f I .'., 'R I ' zv, JBR' JI I I ' JULIA HAMPTON JUDITH HANNIGAN KAREN HANSON JUDY HARGREAVES CHARLENE HARLOW BETTY HARRY JEANNE HARTMAN MARTHA HARTSOCH ELEANOR HAUN GERALD HAWKE RONALD HAWLEY ROBERT HAXBY ED HEARN LESTER HEDGECOKE E ....,tY,,F,A fwxzuw-V W, M. C' J xx .-h. K I K W X F .- - .. ,J Q , . 35.11, 5 ' X DAWN HEGSTED SPENCER HEIDE CAROLLEE HEINZ I - J- I . SANDRA HEMMINGSEN R V - 1 L- A S ROBERT HEMPI-nu. E - , Y ' VELMA HENAGER J S I , EJAN ' A - JEAN HENDERSON A R THOMAS HENDRICKSON EDNA HENRY THOMAS HENSHAW DOUGLAS HENSLER ,Q JAMES HEPNER SWE I . I GEORGIA HERBURGER , ETQ A P. JOHN HIATT H" 3: f A I A I 1 9 X XEEE , . . I , ,W , .E 6 f X , OMORES SOPHOMORES vin 'I fi? fl in fr R x fziwf . 4 f. -'- EEAEE Y - . . 1 -N 2 V Vi LH -E'A "'. "' ' ng Lk Ae,l I E-,, VEi nf JST . LR' X A ' A -I :M ,E I ,, . . S ,S YEEEEE ,EEEg3gffY,xL I F- . Q, . gvwff. , f .- f K L., - , ik E ,, 'zu 5 J, , ,K if .. - WI' r 55 . ' - ,V v , .. A. , 7 4 I . , , Y ,, ,, ., S? Ei ' ffzif W 'ILE "1WifI'Y'fsf'i ,sw-'Ei ...E ,E ff. im -:gy I' ,J 'H L, L , . T' + in , , " ! A l ,533 .gr 'Eggs W, K E ' 'X Y - E' . ig 3 MQ H gag ' E ' ,3l"1T? " ' , ,N , ,Q , I I ' fc, M I .. f,,,EfEEE ,-.W ,.E, EEEE , , 1 , , . . Y ' gig .123 X 5.3 A 51' , A I 'F' ' E ai ' ' 'TEMEE 'I' ' f' Ita iw " ' Mig? I . ,E , . -1 9?-E' mu- ' . -s I I ' 'REE -I ws- U' A I , r R nm L -EL Q sr gi .5 'Q gr - I E I KAROL HILL ROGER HILL BRYAN HODGES FRED HOFFMAN LORNA HOGANSEN HENRY HOHBERG JUDITH HOLLAND JOHN HOLLOWAY ARTHUR HOLVERSON LEWIS HOOKLAND LINDA HORNING THOMAS HOUGHTON JANET HOUMES CHARLES HOWELL ROBERT HOYLES BARBARA HUDSON DONA HUFFMAN JAMES HUFFMAN LYNN HUFSTADER CAROLYN HUGHES JACQUELINE HUGHES JOHN HULL JAMES HUMPHREYS MARY HURD HAROLD HUTTON FRANCIS INGRAM WAYNE IRVIN THERESA ISAAC 4, A 0 af '- Q V I 3,5 AV.. f . , . V 'f"4'Pd'311 , , V I E SS I I , if U 5 .A Y 5 J ' s .31 V xhry I, , ' V ' V,.I I I-Q V ,L. '-' V ft , ml m kA ' . ",, 6 :V H .Q 5 Jw -Ov., , V V I J - A fn V -V I , U . - -L. Q V ,,m.., 4, I . , . , 1 ' A V is X S J I I ' I X. I M' ,. I 5 x ii RT f 'kvxb A 'VZI 15 , J A 5, DARLENE JACKSON JAMES JACKSON JUSTIN JACKSON KAREN JACOB BARBARA JACOBSEN MARLA JACOBSON VIENNA JACOBSON MARY JACOBY SHERRYL JAMES BARBARA JANZIG ANNETTE JAROS PATRICIA JENKINS GARY JENSEN BARBARA JOHNSON ELOISE JOHNSON FRANCES JOHNSON GLORIA JOHNSON JOYCE JOHNSON JUDITH JOHNSON KEITH JOHNSON LYNN JOHNSON NORMA JOHNSON THEODORE JOHNSON DOROTHY JONES THOMAS JONES STANLEY KAMBLY WALTER KANGAIL LEONARD KEARNEY SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES GLENN KELSO JUDITH KELTS HAROLD KENNEDY MELVIN KERNUTT JUDITH KIESS SHARON KILPATRICK THOMAS KING LYNNE KINTER BARBARA KLABUNDER JAMES KNOEDLER VERNA KOBERSTEIN LOUIS KOPP KAREN KORSTAD DIANNE KOVTYNOVICH CHARLES KRAFT CAROLYN KRESS MAX KUNTZ WILLIAM KUYKENDALL RICHARD LACEY ROBERT LAIRD CELESTE LAMBERT DAVID LAMONT LOREN LAMORA CONSTANCE LANDERS KIRK LANE MARGUERITE LANGAN VIRGINIA LARSON I AMA I AXYIC I V . '10 V ..,, tw' V , " i A ,J ::v f, .-J I5 R 1 I SI - I Q I - , .J JIVB R I I V S V " I V , A I f' V, , E sf, I V V f .V VVVVV VV V V V A V J- fa. ...L .A V ' A x, A V K V mn, , S A Q'-9 I w 1 I JJVC I JJ I A . VV , VV V ., . ' V LV VV VVVVV V A I3 I I CLAYTON LAWSON DDD . A CHARLENE LEACH Jo ANN LEACH JOHN LEACH Q 5 I R 4 JUDITH LEATON BARBARA LEE LINDA LEE - .,,.,,L, f.::,.-A ,w"1f' - ' I EN,EN .ELN, NNNNLN. A A A , 2' DAVID LEMERY EALA I 5 S L I sauce LEsAN -,V ,S A , A S JAMES LEWIS , ' - . CECIL LINDNER 'I I Rosen LINDLEY A 'E ' RICHARD LITTLE I . , A ' X' 5' . my 1 1 s - ww A 1: if .,.,, ., ,.,k..,. , A GENEVIEVE LOBAUGH I A OWEN LOGAN A A HAROLD LONG BILLY LOUVRING SANDRA LOVEALL A I 2 - PRISCILLA LUSK A - SUSAN LYNNES A, .S 'D BARBARA MCCABE A JANET MCCABL DEANNA MCCARD JAMES Mccwns A IAAAQ VI JANE MCCLURE 4 DOUGALS MCCONNELL I 45 OPHOMORES 'G' 5' L ' 1' -.. A A M IIIf1 g A A I' ,,1,, Aw ' A I hi s Y- 1 fx A X1 .fx ' f gx:g1,3ff,g, , --.W .,.., ,. ,QQ-. 5, , 4' R as SANDRA LOHIKOSKI ,V I 'i f 'W , g X I A M AAI .. g ., 1-1 L 1 E' I rf- :L - r ' 3" t - ' K 7 ' aku v I ' z bf-A 7 J f f 1 fx A - , - ,. ff- in A I , I "' A 21: ,ZZ A 1 I 4 S4 A sf rn . , L, ' 5 Si A 'Ilgj f 1 IT'5f'5""i19?i2-' - " K . ,.., A f '1..' I -.1,,1 5- ' I , I A 1 ' . W Q' T' D - ' - A AAAA 3' -I' D I I ' ' 'Y' "" A A . f ' ff . ,- L. Y Lf' AA'1 5 , 5 A I f ,:' 4.-I . ku. f- ,. ,1,.' gg Q :, . afwmzifwcx' V, Y' ""' AAAA I " I A I A ii? A 9 I AAAB. A gf.: A I .N ,I M A,.S.,4,. -HJ, V - - 1 ,, A ,., 1... A . L. , Hula- .-,. 1 L ' 'A , f I ELMER LLOYD ' 1 A A I A ik, H I A .Q G' A 4 v- ' I ,... SOPHOMOR DENNIS MCCORKLE BARBARA McCOY JOANNE MCDONALD MALCOLM McEWEN BONNIE McKAY LINDA McKAY WANDA MCMAHAN ERROL McPHEETERS GORDON MADSEN RAYMOND MAHONEY KENNETH MAIER SHARON MANLEY GLENDA MARSHALL ANNADELE MARTINEK JIMMY MATTHEWS JACK MATTISON JAMES MATYCHUCK DEANNA MAX DENNIS MEILI ANN MILLER CORDELIA MILLER LOUISE MILLER NANCY MILLER SHELDON MILLER VERNIS MILLER FRED MILLETT PATSY MINKLER ROBERT MINTZ 112 A ,,,k L.,,, Q I ,Lk, g,.c,1,gmf:f,+,I -Igfj, 1-I 1 F f - A l l1 A 1 8 I 1 '1 1, I I -X'-f' A -ne. 'K I V ,Q , S, I , ' ,p I i 'E ' ' 5 ,.,:' , I A I gf K I cy v. N 15? f I F g , ' I Q Y A ,, ui, A K , V A 95 gui fm ,lla A 5. i 'I 1 I SCAN, J ,fax I wwf , ',,.-aw N I SAMUEL OLSEN LINDA OWEN FRANKLIN PALMER DAVID PASSWATERS MARILYN PEARSON EUNICE PENNISTON LINDA PERKINS PRISCILLA PERKINS KAY PERRY THOMAS PETTIJOHN DUANE PETZOLD KAY PHAIGH SABINE PHELPS HARRY PICKFTT LLOYD PIERCE PATSY PITTS THOMAS POAGE JOHN POLHEMUS KAY POOSER CLAYTON POPE CHARLES POWELL ELLEN POWELL GARY POWELL ROBERT PRICKETT SANDRA PULLIAM HALEY PYLE BQNNIEI .QU IQKI i , P 1 2. Ig-.. 0 'Y' . ..a' ..,,... MI... ,II I., 39 E ' ' A ,xc igg 5? e ' II ' ' I f W K I f V I1 I,, ,Iwi ua ' K' if M I K ' 3 DON MONTEL RICHARD MOODY ELIZABETH MOORE BARBARA MORGAN CHARLOTTE MORRIS LOWELL MORRIS RICHARD MORRIS DEANNA MORROW ROBERTA MORSE CAROL MOUDY GERALD MULKEY ROBERT MULLIGAN MYRON MURRAY BARBARA MYERS DARLENE MYERS JOHN MYERS LINDA MYRMO ROBERT NEEDHAM VIRGINIA NEEL DAVID NEET GEORGE NELSON PHYLLIS NELSON RONALD NESS WALTER NEYLON BARBARA NIXON LINDA NOICE CAROLYN O'HARE LARRY OLSEN SOPHOMORES SOPH . .,.::-mam If is , ,Q ,fmriwf I. -,2,,.-1 I. I . IMI.-II., ,135 - If bfi- '-bb 'S wx I . Qi. IQ ,W I 3" ,I., , ,, , P M, f , I ,,,m,,,II5m.I ..f, ,W I I I I S ' I A 5 G I I I ELIJ I zldfi-ilffr I "' - V A f s-'gf --,'I. , H r S A A I A - gg f A I ff Sf E A III ' f II I. , , 4 f' ,I t F 'is- Qfl Br i Kirin 1 222, gg y sf 'IK w I .gg , 5 I. I Lg I I I If 'kk' fi' 'Y , ,I LEWI- A I! , F' .I S Q II V ' AAI-AI I SAAP I A I s' V ' ' I , S I .III . ' - " ff I f ' Q- A- ' ,fl ,- V, .pg gg, .' -' .1 3-. H - II Q- 1 , ' . .Q XI ., I, A- K A i f-: -i ff, I W I ,H , V - Igffl f- 5 . K ggi 'figgff ' I 1 . V ,--QI: ink ff I, ,.,ImW ,I..IIg I lil II .11 ' A I. 3 wgfii s wn:.m,,-g ,v swf'-if I' mY. SONDRA RADER GARY RAGSDALE PATRICIA RANKIN ALVIN REDDIG JOHN REECE BARBARA REED BETTY REED ROBERT REESMAN RUTH REIERSGAARD DEANNA RELYEA ROBERT RENKEN LINDA REVELL THOMAS RHEA CHARLES RHOADS ROMA RICKABAUGH CHARLES RICHARDS LINDA RIGSBY SANDRALEE RINNERT ELEANOR ROBERTS MAURICE ROBERTS JAMES ROBERTSON LEANNE ROBERTSON DOROTHY ROBINSON THOMAS ROBINSON DEE ANNA ROBISON JOHNELLE ROGERS EDNA ROSEBERRY C ,....w, , ,,., .. X . ,, Y , ,, . , ig I, fyr. 5 kK,,,K,, .,.nf1., . K K K K ,ixfg K LL,1 K -K,1. I I f . , I I 's wwf' - L K K , ,uh , J in -as if ,Q '? QT I, --.. , au ,,.-I I. . ,..- -q. I O T? f ss- Q .. L I " , 'W ' ' . .Q -. I ,, :Q K -r ' .4 I A1 3 'JG 1 ph I ln A A 7: I rf- ' RICHARD ROBLYER ' I I .fl S- K I , KK! KK! ' A 20 --f- '5 A IORES SOPHOMORES Iv: I f AJET, I A' 'C'-' If , N , R K KK A4 . K I . '1 , , f 4 J 'AAI A QA, 5 sf A 'W mf ' L, I E'-F ' -cj 'Sf ' I I K N I - 'Rf .f Q ' In 1 -r S ' L I N 1 I Ia. , ' I A, 49 A inf A , QW A LIS1T I Z. I J' I 'I I f-I ' ' on K f-'-K' , K ' K KK ' i . F' . I I I TI..ISI 5 if LARRY RUBENSTEIN RONALD RUBENSTEIN DENNIS RUFF DELORES RUSSELL WANDA RUSSELL JEAN RUTHVEN JERALD RUTHVEN VINTON SALISBURY ROBERT SAUNDERS CAROL SCHAMBER MARY SCOOPMIRE DONNA SCOTT ROBERT SCOTT MARY SEAL WAYNE SEARS STEPHEN SEASHORE GENA SECHLER JOHN SEELEY ANNA SEEVERS LAWRENCE SENN JAMES SEYDEL PEGGY SHADDY JUDITH SHAFFER BARBARA SHAFFNER ROBERT SHANKS CAROLYN SHAW CAROLYN SHEPARD HAZEL SHORT SO 9 I' L Q' 4 .. . , ' I f I I' .1. ' .EJ Ib '. "Iggy ,A f Nj .g , -- ...JH I , I - I W . I, V P :-' :ml ,,,.f Wh J I I VK f" -1 -Q-' if P - - xi If-Q.x,,L,. E , . 1 ,'1ff-:if-'I-awe vw-f ' . ,,,. ,.,,., , 1 . , 5 -nl A ., U - Q A ., A I, A I , V S., 1 il AAVA A . , , - I , f I- - . I f ' A 4 Q ,I I A A 1:22- M .V , :,, ,.,, all i.. i iq.: M 3?'i,vf',. f if few.. . w I I fi , I I KVLL I I- I I . A Ji ' ', :'A lvrr V 57 U - - kk: 5- Q - 'z ,,.. i x K -, , M .1 ,,:, . I V, A . f ,J ,f-, I f lf, , ' ' 'f XX Nik GARY SHUCK CHRISTINA SHULTIS LARRY SHURTZ LOREN SICKS BOBBIE SIMMONS JAMES SIMMONS KAY SIMMONS LARRY SIMMONS BARBARA SITZMAN RODNEY SMALL DARREL SMITH DENNIS SMITH GARY SMITH GRETCHEN SMITH JAMES SMITH ROBERT SMITH ROGER SNELLSTROM LARRY SNORTLAND PATRICIA SORENSON CONSTANCE SOWARD CHARLES SPARKS GAYLYN SPARROW ROBERT STALEY JOHN STANKS JAMES STARKWEATHER SCOTT STARLIN DEANNA STENSHOEL WILLIAM STENWICK 'HOMORES SOPHOMORES EDDINE STEPHENS LAWRANCE STEWART NANCY STRAYER VIRGINIA STRITE ALLAN STROMME GERALD STUMP JUANITA SULLIVAN DAVID SUMMERS KARIN SUMMERS NEVINA SUMMERS STANLEY SWANGER MALICENT TABER ELDON TAPP BRUCE TAYLOR ROBERT TERPENNING BETTY THARP ALBERT THENELL ARTHUR THENELL WILLIAM THOM JAMES THOMAS WILLIAM THOMAS BETTY THOMPSON BONNIE THOMPSON FRED THOMPSON GERALD THOMSON KAREN THOMPSON SHIRLEY THOMPSON Mr. IW, lk. ' , .. I-I ' I 'NE I zfw-iw, , Zigi ' -I "'III- 7 .,I,' 'M 6 I IIPE 'EIS B . s I B,IJP f Z' , X .. V ,A A V "T'f!Lz I I I A-'ff-H A I -I if Is' I Q, , 3. w,a5J:.-QA., J? - I I I A f+ 5 Bi L if 'I I I "-..-" I., 1 I Q, 1 gn, ..SSJ I I I f SISSSSJ I f v - . - , ' ,.,, - J I- 'v ' 5 , L , , ,,,, iqgq-,, ,.,. --- . , I Y", , ' I I --sam:-SJ HM- ' P1.f"' I w fl ' ,pau ' A-n . I . ir it I "' g, L 8 2 1 If ,,,. ',-' I ,V 'Q pr' ' - "-.TQ i ,.. rv A :'T'5gl'.ff-, ' , ., -as ' SQLTTBAQ-14 111- ' :uf ,, -5. W, . W" . . . I Le, -- . . f ' , . f -- ' ,, . , , 5 S' - I ' ' ' I - '.:s5f-..- V275 . ,. ' ' J K f . 1-wg .cfs-Pg,z'1f?"' ?Sr?"Ig1 K, I 3 ' V 57411 --L A ' .s, - 1 ,- g3..,'-, - ' , - -f-h I ..t.v,?5I-gg:-N , f ' 'r , I I :n w Hg-5 aff-L -, W w .w.f-mm. 4 -,M . -. I -If -1 - - ,W ff- s f'1,4.ffe'f2 - f I ---may-wg ff -I . . , -1 . 1 1, -v ' -' ' Q , Q.: . , , 4 - ,, -1 W . 1 ,L CLARISE TIFT CHARLOTTE TOBIN TERRENCE TOLSON KATHRYN TORVIK MARILYN TREADWELL PETER TRENHOLME CLAUDETTE TROJAN SHARON TULLAR CAROL TULLOCK CLARA TULLOCK JEANNE TYACK JOHN TYSELL WINTON UCHYTIL CHARLES VAN DUYN DOUGLAS VAUGHN MYRNA VEALE KATHERINE VOELTZ EDWARD VOGEL ROBERT WALKER GAIL WAILKLEY HOWARD WALLSMITH DONNA WALTERS BARBARA WANING JERRY WARD CAROL WARREN CHARLES WARREN GARY WARREN JOHN WARREN ' ""1"fJ- -":"5 "' 1 ff 1' 'iw , A V! 5, - 5 M" ' I ' QS' wg ,iv If fait I 515 -xx 'ff 1 , A Q I fa 2 , I I I I If JAAA I I 7 ' :,, 9 ? ,. j i fm . 5 ' ' .Q I .. vi K ' f if 2 A , .X Y G' UU- I f 'MK li V II' 'T X fig vt: I H , If H' JAJJ , I E EJ T if AJf I f I - .2iL-11' X i A. I lzig Q A f 1 Iw J, im I ,I TTJTYETT R 1 8 I f- f ' .. ,. A I Q , A 'T I E' JJJJ s. A I , . I-7' " Qi P SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES if L- W N as . , ., x vi fx X I 5 'STXD 1 k -H V I Q F J p :,. 1 , Ar -Q . l x 15 0 , EJTY - I I INJ A ,NX ff, -ur " . f' K JW -In I 1' Pi '1- ssgi .' ' 5 T, V. 4-I QP LARRY WARREN VERL WARTENBEE LEONARD WASSOM MARGARET WASSOM PAUL WATSON WESLEY WEATHERS PEGGY WELLS MARILYN WESTERLUND BONNIE WHEAT ANNALIE WHEELER PARALYN-WHITE WAYNE WHITTINGTON GEORGE WIEDRICH DARRELL WILDER GEORGE WILEY GERALD WILHELM JOY WILKINSON GREGORY WILLENER CAROL WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS PATRICIA WILLIAMS RICHARD WILLIAMS WILLIAM WILLIS ALVIN WILLITS BRENDA WILSON CHARLES WILSON GEORGE WILSON MARSHA WILSON Y. gyfyfwzspez 1: . NITA ZAMORANO 'f".31 I.f"H::I'x,- ,H Q b M 1 T31 4' X M, "f S ,, .J 3 X R W' 'fn ',: 3, YN 0 Hue 1 If A RICHARD WILSON DARLEEN WIRL TERRY WOLBERT GARY WOLFE ROBERT WOOD WILLIAM WOOD BETTY WOODS SHARON WOODS MARIANNE WOODSON MARY LOU WOODWARD CRAIG WRIGHT LINDA WRIGHT CORDELIA YATES LINDA YOUNG SOPHOMORES I I "Sophomores"I gnu: fi ,I ,Mi "Paul Revere" rides again at the Sophomore Smarty P This is a study haII?I Fl' W E 1 Q iff Qz .. uf Eg: my-if gp'-we ,Qu - an , . . TO BETTER THE COMMUNITY AND HAVE EUN AT THE SAME TIMEQ OR WAS IT THOSE CENSORED ASSEMBLIES AND DANCING AETER A TOURNEY OAMEQ AND XXXHAT ABOUT THAT OLD FAVORITE - JUST PLAIN EOOLIN'AROUND7 HOW MUCH DO YOU REMEMBER " m HELLO WEEK Heyl The boys do dance, don't they. Hello Week was the beginning. Eugene High opened its doors and los eiiiaiiis terrilnlua isophomoresl, blase juniors, and mighty seniors began once more their search for knowledge. Confusion reigned. During the week classrooms and lockers were hunted and everyone was greeted with a friendly hello. The mad scramble before the last bell, the "other" person in the locker, and the first term paper will always be remembered. The week was climaxed with the Hello Week assembly, at which the sophomores were welcomed and the new teach- ers introduced. The Friendliest Boy and Girl, who were elected during the week, were announced, and the Axemen's Council then presented a traditional "too green to burn" skit. Ed Bennett, eating grapes and plucking his fiddle, gave a sterling performance as Nero, rage of the ancient music world. Then came our l3-6 victory over Klamath Falls and the year's first after game dance, which everyone enjoyed. .fer ,. ff . i Q. 1- v , . i All f' 515' W 4 ki 'T 1 W 'EW E Q :ii Q1 if img! ii 6 E iit , , fi . f it in i jf . H 1 - -- e . it Q of gl' XV if f i 1. f , ' s W W if is af . v .i ll Q, , , , bg: Q 1 R jf 5 ,, V, sl . 'j 5 ' A. X , , A s ,Q . I Q , 5 g5'4fh"' ' ' if f fl MAX. e Junior and senior supervise sophomore. iff '95 9 gm- i A Friendliest Boy and Girl 1-vi ANITA SCHAEFER CHUCK HALE it 2- .. i - Q wa K-- A:,.., A ff' ,- ui- F1 -1 R Wsf, Pink slips take on a new shape. V V .,-' 11 5' Fl m 'TW r 49 . X KNK5 291' Y ff ' 5,-4 nr f '11 5- ". ' 1 i5iW 'Y 'sr yy e I 'il if ls 4 .ygnvnhh 5? Y lg A Q. P-1 Q 04. wx A f .i Q 1 2 f ' 4' ' . ,pg -"v 11,-W-1 If , . Q - nge ur, , 5, ,Vw ff- s I . M 1 E yi J, ,N,, 41 , if w"'27' 1 Q ,ul F, 3 in Q M fn. , I x U i'nm'+-.:. A vw.. We , L f K . W 23 9 X, .X w v .-' af! 6 in i x 91.2 ,Q A .J w.. 4. -Q X Q ijt 4 ff' 2 5 ig-lm . I ,ik 5 - . my a , y n ,A 'fh4T'f I 0-' as-.gli f.5 '?, 3 uv X, :I ,. 393 mf. 1. ,wh M., 7,5 .JE f -6- cm P 'f w 24 x ? , 'w haf- 3 sf- fl 'T' , x S ' S A '51 1, I X ' 'Q Q if A ?f' Q gf '22 l 9 B ,Q sv fi' 3, , ,R ,- J w x .+ if m ' 1. A A f ' K . K 4 Q X N' A I A. RQ, 3, . .m Q! ,'. , Y 4 Q Q 9 9 j G' Q., 3 Q if V5 f 5s 'Qi f J Q- '- V s , Q, ,, Lwf 1' L 1 Lff,gLTk I v gl I G G if sw . -Q E' F Q? , Q V QQ H ' N gil b F ,J l j Q' x 5 :X 4 K 3, 'g f E! 5 in . gf A552 gg rl, mi A, 2 'ia K ,L ax' Q u I A A , ., Ei in 'gl ' L'iW 'W e ? A 3 i fL- K ' f VK? V' " li' ' "3 x' V M mmzl ig t V 5 5? ,4S1 fig if 'Z my ' 719 f 1 - F . A m , ' L. .. fra, A U gi , X - 1 I5 1 . 3 ' W: ig 3 2 .' - L3 9? EA 'A'L 5 Q? X 1 I ' i fQi 5EfgHQ 5fm f22Q1gig gEgi2 V sg 5 an if Y Kv-1 : 1' . 2. 3 -w , A 1? sis: wk. g . -Q wh, Vi i .1 If . i .dwg V x fi., X N, 3 A - v 4 A ' ri I 1'-W ' 6 ,Q Im QU' ,Q W qw-lbw' Y i i A-. fm' - , ggi- T wi 5? fi PRINT A Iottons blossomed at the Print and Cord Dance. I C: COR ix e cutest matching skirt and shirt. MARIANNE CRABTREE GALEN SHORACK tj in Ni fl I ' K, Q:-Qs Q 4 Q3 . revwe-4' x Li as 4' X I 'X ' 4 PAT BERG DOUG LUNDSTROM . i I www Y s 1 i ev . - u 54 f 5 l T 37s " The Princess and Prince of Prints . 5' , I fi' v-' Q .rg .Q an if t-' mn :Iwi 4 ww' Jw 41 131 nfl 4 N , Q-41' S vg- x wh ,Z ,. fg sr, ,, . . A , 1: ,,yd5 N.,-- , f. .4 'J " Q U- -" i?"'9551i. f ' . x . f.g15:2.. is ' i MT: , K X . pf g V- ji? i 'J ,H fix 1 if I I 4 F . 5, Sjjif f f fs gf? ik, 5 wr Q fx M 1 Q 3 5 K 'K' 3 1 4 I 4 KY ft Q, xg Q, is 4 3 z a ww ,g -2 zfflatii'-" , , K R, S -. A 'X -35'5 A z3??.. z 'MZ' " ' ' 4 -'MQ' , 4 K "Summertime" by Sabine Phelps. Flowers and hams grow big in "Green ValIey." fltb... Tom Dogget gave an outstanding portrayal :.. H-rl.- r--:-- t. .- A . .. .. ... In Am. Rf, -..A I..,I.. I-l.....I,.., .-- A C L c ....-- 1:1 I r 1 K2 ,,, 5 dv C5 4 Q 1 f 'sf' Av I K K X 'xiii .1-1 ff f. fue . A 'FN 4' rv 9' rw., ,.-ay: ff' 1, .L .X bw if M21 Q if - A i il s y mg Spring has sprung. if if I . 9 ' fm, ,. Gs!" ,uw H Irie . Ii G Q2 W mr., , A scene from the traditional Christmas assembl Q 1 55 .4 V. 4-S- Y? 8 M b 6 'fig Q V3.6 X F' M 13.8 a f mg ' X N , ff' 11. V , .w.,,,, as 'ik SP V Win mf in iw 'CII tw K sa f un P' hr 'Sh Q1 V77 HA 'L 1 lf. 5 'X 41 ROW I: David Pearson, Bill Cruise, Jack Law, Jim Blanton, Monty Adams, Wayne Irvin, Thom Glassman, Bob Reesman, Dick Wilson. ROW Il: Mr. Wickham, Lance Villiams, Larry Brabham, George Wiley, Don .DeaIy, Bob Cluster, Bill Riersgaard, Mr. Harrison. ROW Ill: Larry Kimball, Bob Carter, Jay'Coster, Dick Haxby, Skip Stewart, have Powell, Roger Peter, Bill Roberts, Bud Bean, Tom Slocum. ROW IV: Dorlan Davenport, Dale Berg, Gordon Bertelsen, Walter Peterson, Don Lawrence, John Ottosen, Ben besson, Bob Cowen, Quenton Breen, Craig Bushman. Hunting and Fishing Hobby Row I: Keith Newsom, Collin Gray, Frank Palmer, .lay Anderson, Richard Martin, Johnny Tiffiny, Mike' Barnhart, Bob Hamgby, Wendell Gray. Row ll: Steve Charles, Terry Miller, Lou Gubrud. Tom Crowder, Wavne Whittington, Marvin Polensky, Bob Walker, Spencer Draper,Charles Powell. Row Ill: Leo Kilger, Douqlvs Robinson, Charles Warren, I-GSIGY Hedgecoke, Bob Staley, Bill Kuykendall, Dick Wompack, Bob Henderson, Sam Olsen,Mr, Blgqdl if . 353, 25 . ', si i 1 '1iiT'fii1g, is I 'A ' - gl 3' Lance Williams President 5:2 Johnny Tiffiny President Asia . . . Africa . . . India . . . The very sound of these countries is exotic. The members of I. R. L. are privileged to hear about them and many more in their monthly night meetings. Foreign visitors, often exchange students, and Americans who have visited such places tell of their experiences in other lands. Though this club is the largest and most popular inschool and had I R L to be divided into two groups, it succeeds in its purpose of ' learning about the customs, ideas, and plans of other countries. President Annually, a state conference is held, and delegates are selected to attend. There, they meet and become acquainted with others around the state who are also interested in promoting friendly relations throughout the world. Maureen Church John Albino, Ray Allen, Joan Barber, Sue Barlow, Mary Barney, Joan Bauerly, Stephanie Beck, Barbara Bieler, Delora Buoy, Bunny Brissenden, Sharon Bruce, Carol Buford, Carol Buono, Sue Carter, Muriel Cass, Virginia Chapman, Maureen Church, Pat Christenson, Glen Duncan, Fred Easton, Carol Eskola, Liz Follett, Peggy Fults, Dick Gale Marsha Gardner, Edwina Gunther, Jeanne Guske, John Gustafson, Mary Haworth, Judy Hendershott, Carol Hendricks, Karen Hendrickson, Janet Henning, Fred Henshaw' Carolyn Hixon, Steve Hodges, Sharon Horton, Judy Jeffers, Marion Johnson, Jewell Julson, Bob Keith, Janet Kerley, Celeste Lambert, Kirk Lane, Margaret Lemon, John Lindstrom, Genevieve Lobaugh, Betty Lush, Diane Lynch, Martha Macy, Judy Martin, Deanna Max, Doug McConnell, Joyce McCullough, Betty Miller, Marsha Miller, Gordon Mills, Darlene Myers, Keith Newsom, Bill Pattison, Sharon Pearl, Patsy Pitts, Elaine Porritt, Clara Potter, Katy Price, Lynn Pyle, Milton Quam, Janice Richens, Marilyn Rich- mond, Carolyn Risley, Ron Rubenstein, Judy Rushing, Bev Smith, Carolin Smith, Barbara Sprague, Nick Squires, Karen Summers, Virginia Tyler, Carolyn Vaaler, Gretchen Vos, Mariana Waite, Carolyn Watkins, Jean Williams, Dave Winn. -.l.l-m ww 1 -. 1-in Row I: Carol Moudy, Lynn Kinter, Donna Lange, Cheril Puterbaugh, LaVonne Snyder, Linda Yarbrough, Mari- La Vonn e Snyder President lyn Davis Joyce Rosen Row ll: Joyce Williamson, Gloria Allen, Dixie Coker, Janice VanCleve, Renate Sturgeon, HAH I ever do is disheiu Carolyn Applewhite, Coleen Coleman, Sheilah Watkins, Joyce Rosen. Row lll: Carol Gilbertson, Shirley John- son, Ann Koffler, Eileen Nutter, Barbara Humes, Donna Day, Nadine Campbell, Peggy Viestenz, Mrs. Worm- ington. FHA FFA Row l: Jack Kienzle, Glen Renken, Dennis Haney, Zene Steward, Jary Gaskill, Alvin Kelm. Row ll: Lloyd Pierce, David Rogers, Lyle Borup, Larry Whitely, David Mulkey, Robert Epperson. Row Ill: Kenneth Cum- mings, George DeFoe, Richard Hayes, Howard Beach, Dale Henze, John Warren. Row IV: Robert Needham, Ernest Mantold, Ron Spence, Don Anderson, David Famont. This will not be the wail of those fortunate girls in F. H. A. -They won't end up being dull and dreary housewives with no spice in life. The girls are learning how to be accomplished homemakers, working at a full time job. lt's often said that a homemaker must be a dietician, nurse, referee, playmate, athlete, seamstress, cook, maid and laundress all rolled into one. Those are exactly the chores they must learn to do. They also learn to coordinate meals, making them varied, nutritious, and colorful. "Look at that big cowl She has a blue ribbon, tool" lf this was heard at a state or county fair, it was probably said about one of the animals raised and entered by a member of F. F. A. They not only enter animals, but participate in the judging of livestock shows. The club takes part in district shop contests, safety and conservati l I programs, community service banquets and socials, and state and national conventions. The club also has public speaking and parliamentary contests, and story writing contests. Bob Steward President ' Dodge President "Will you people in the back raw please be quiet!" This simple phrase is the most universal wail of the teaching profession. The members of F. T. A. are conditioning themselves to saying it for a long time to come. But more important, they are learning to be good leaders in school, and later, in their . ' ' - ' ' Row l: Arlene Sayles, Virginia Wilson, Carol McEwen, Joyce Johnson, Shirley Morse, Raebeth Winter, 'ommullmes' Yould be nglmsters' Mayme Dodge. Row Il: Phyllis Willcut, Laurie Schomp, Juanita Tedisch, Ann Newson, Carol Hollister, soclal wo' ers' and 0 course' Marilyn Person, Annadele Martinek. Row Ill: Bob Keith, Deanna Vaughn, Mary Haworth, Harold Brauner, 'eachers are represented. Amon 9 Janet Houmes, Mary Roberts, Warren Moore. h . t eir varied activities are earning money for college scholarships and serving others. They ilso take field trips to departments of the University of Oregon. l'hey serve as teachers' helpers, learning more about what teaching eally is. l'his club is organized on a local, state, and national basis o bring together those students who are studying ausiness. Speakers, movies, potluck dinners, and fanel discussions were all on agenda this year. The state onvention was held in Corvallis at which the club prepared rograms and decorations far the Friday night dinner. Each lember works toward earning a bronze, silver, or gold pin, he national emblem of the club. FTA FBLA Holman, Connie Ayotte. Hayes. Row Ill: Carolyn Hixon, Joan Bissel, Sally Vandehey, Vern Sivage, Virginia Lois Williams, Jean Williams, Marilyn McCann, Margaret Grant, Sheilah Haley, Miss Row l: Bev Smith, Dorothy Cook, Gloriene Brown, Barbara Avery, Opal Wilson. Row ll A record of all points earned . carefully recorded in the Points Book. Slvage President Y i sr 2 I J John Lindstrom Editor Row I: Judy Krogh Janet Henning Kathy Richmond Juanita Nlemi John Lindstrom Jean Williams Barbara Bransford Page Mahl Row ll: Marie Johnson Nancy Balls Beverly Schroeder Judy Hendershott Pat Parker Jane Campbell Cheryl Swan Row Ill I Scott, Bob Gabriel "It has to bleed around three edges." "Overburn." "Leave a gutter." "Put it in the dummy." These mystrious phrases are known only to the initiate-namely, the staff of the annual. They were casually batted around at the slightest provocation. This year, the Eugeneam staff worked very hard, and overtime, to complete this year's record of school faces and events. They made the book a representative and sampling of all the things that were done, to keep the memories of Eugene High fresh. EH S News ,f -121114 V xi .,. at g . sss kt .,,.. Dead. . . Dummy. . . Assignment . . . Beat . . . Chase. No, these aren't the glaring headlines of a sensational unsolved murder mystery. They're simply a few of the terms used by the staff of the newspaper in planning its twice monthly distribution to the students of Eugene High. The reporters and photographers go all over the school interviewing and taking candid shots. Because of the schooI's enormity, it's difficult for the paper to be as intimate as it would be in a smaller place. However, the newstaff is the very best, and through the paper the students get to know one another at.. .-- fits l at least a little better. Juanita Conner Rowul: Jo Chesbro, .lo Ann Brown, Judi Sears, Diane Doty, Linda Kuykendall, Row ll: Juanita Conner, Julie Stearns, Jeanie Guske, Martha Macy, Pat Christianson, Rondene Gilstrap, Row lll: Gary Rubenstein, Mike Wenzl, Bob Em- bry, Nick Squires, Virginia Chapman, Miss Gibson. Co-editor Julia Stearns Co-editor 142 Row I: Juanita Niemi, Maureen Church, Carol Hendricks, Jean Guske, Janet Henning, Katy Price, Jewell Julson, Jean Williams, Elizabeth Follett, Carolyn Vaaler, Margie Anslinger. Row ll: Sue Smith, Sue Carter, Pat Brady, Beverlee Schumacher, Janet Kerley, Marlene Tryon, Margaret Grant, Connie Ayotte, Elaine Por- ritt, Beverly Schroeder, Janet Chesbro, Dorothy Brabham. Row lll: Ruth Coltran, Janice Hastings, Roni Lesan, Barbara Waln, Nancy Dobson, Diane Mollier, Ardene Myrmo, Barbara Bransford, Betty Thompson, Diann Long- berg, Phyllis Claydon, Judy Sears. Handbook Ax-ents ROW l: Karyn Schleicher, Pat Sloan, Brenda Bengs.ton, Marilyn Chittick, Arlene Best, Marilyn Fredrickson, Judy Han- nigan, Carolyn O'Hare, Broadvent, Margo Ross. ROW ll: Mary Johnson, Deanna Davis, Marilyn Bolin, Sharon Culver, Janice Richens, Muriel Westerlund, Sharon Spangler, Sharon Upp, Bobbie Simmons, Betty Johnson, Eleanor Roberts. ROW lll: Judy Villbrandt, Diane Blakely, Delora Buoy, Donna Brookhart, Bertha Price, Joetta Faw, Linda Fjalstad, Nancy Bolles, Dorine Shaffer, Muriel Levos, Nancy Chapin. ROW IV: Joyce McCullough, Myrna Schmidt, Fadalia Adams, Janet Garrett, Sandra Horninq, Kathy Jane, Melba Brown, Barbara Brouhard, Marlene Pulliam. Jewell Julson Co-editor Katy Price Co-editor "But we can't get the whole buildi on the cover, it's a physical impossibility!" This impassioned wail was heard very often am shrieks and demented screams as Handbook committee tried desperately to plan the cover for book. But it wasn't the only problem they had to cope with, as they worked during the sumi to finish the book before school started. They had to worry al the printing, whether or not to ha cartoons, who would take the pictures and make un the faculty and other problems. The main activity of the girls in Ax-ents is serving at many E functions during the year. This yea they served at the Future First Citizen Banquet, at All-In-One dinners for teachers, for the Junior Class Potluck, Civic Music occasions, the Democratic din: and the Junior-Senior Varsity Football Banquet. The girls became acquainted with organizat similar to theirs, including the Caterettes of Springfield for whom gave a party. Joyce McCullogh President Doris Pettijohn Student Manager e me some typing paper quickl" This order given at about A.M. in the morning is quickly complied with by a member ie student store. The student is supplied promptly and iently not only because the staff is very swift and iess like, but also because they admire and respect a Jn with the intestinal fortitude to squeeze through the mad lr of one hundred or so students in front of the c each day. iebody turn on the lights! The film brokel" ugh school films often flicker on and off, and there are long k spaces, it never happens with members of the Projectionist . They depelop skills by practicing and discussing I projection procedure, and review certain films for 'ed helps in improving their abilities. Occasionally, the take field trips to theatres in town to observe :ssional projection. They are very interested in raising ay for new audio-visual equipment for the school, and they do this xhibiting feature films. R Y - T J y lfix :N X l Raymond Senkel President Row I: Doris Pettiiohn, Lynda Jones, Phyllis Claydon, Diane Mollier, Mona Browning, Dorothy Brabham, Margie Anslinger, Bunny Brissenden. Row II: Melba Brown, Muriel Levos, Marsha Gardner, Lorayn Johnson, Pat Morrison, Barbara Minkler, Carol McEwen, Betty Johnson, Janet Rear, Mrs. Barnhart. Row lll: John Hughes, Michael Wise, Roger Korstad, Jeannette lngell, Arlene Best, Bill Jacoby, Mickey Murray, Charles Morris. Student Store Projectionist Row I: Monty Adams, Allen Miller, Mr. McCulloch. Row ll: Leon Olsen, Charles Huss, Roger Richert, Jack Jackson. Row III: Dave Adams, Ray Senkel, James Woodruff. ,Z Y . i,5.,K,',-' w -qguu 13v4ff:?m' . 'f I ' -l'?""'?,ii" 1 :., 1 - TSG I Fink,-' annual Christmas party for I I Donna Ackerman, Jackie Adams, Margaret Adams, Judy Anderson, Margie Anslinger, Sharon Arent, Marlene Arthur, Dorothy Atwood, Monte Ausland, Marlene Banton, Sue Ba Barbara Baxter, David Berg, Margarie Berns, Sharon Boggs, Dorothy Brabham, Glenda Brown, Karen Burkette, Grant Clark, Janice Clark, Sue Clark, Pat Cleveland, Pam Da Clarence Decker, Sandra Dirime, Judy Drury, Jenneva Dully, Margaret DuPuis, Roberta Elmer, Maureen Ferguson, Delores Fisher, Mildred Ford, Alberta Garmire, Arlene Gill Margaret Grant, Jeanne Guske, Brenda Gustafoson, Jim Hale, Carol Hendricks, Marianna Waite, Barbara Walfn,, Edna Ward, Nina Woods, llene Zuver. "Two tickets to the game, please." At this request, a member of Service Club will quickly and efficiently comply. Not only will he sell and take tickets, usher, and work at concessions at football andbasketball games and other school functions, but he will. also deliver voter's pamphlets throughout the Eugene-Lane County area. The club gives an Service underprivileged children of the Pearl Buck School. For their own enjoyment, they have a spring social outing. For the unfortunate new members, there is a fall potluck and initiation. This club is devoted to service for others and in the true spirit of service, they often go in rain, sleet, and snow to do their public duties. President Q Q L,, T Q ,.., WB Agvnl gnxf, ' 'esnifis 3 Q .-u , I .-5?- W -M, My K W 4 I--u-.-...uh .,.. -...sf x '35 ...M V, -Q., , K. ,gg 1 "uf , 1, wr A 5,-Q ..L - l , L,'.,.1'1J . . --A ' 5" -1, ., 'fl' ,vi-f Kathy Lang President Parley-vous francais? At this query, any French student is certain to look down guiltily and try to hide, or look up guiltily and try to answer, depending upon his personality and grades. The average student will fumble and search for elusive words for long minutes, trying to be intelligent. Out of this ensuing melee, the members of French Club emerge victorious. Their main purpose is to learn a working knowledge of the language. By speaking only French at their meetings, they slowly and painfully acquire this knowledge. Amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatus, amant. These familiar words bring to mind ancient Rome, the Caesars, togas, banquets, the Coliseum, and the Latin Club. lt is very select, and there are many trials and tribulations to be gone through before one may enter its sacred portals. The crowning torture, which has already gone down in the annals of history, is the nectar of the gods. This concoction is prepared by a sadistic old member, and every cowering new member has to down it in one gulp. After the men are separated from the boys, the members hold meetings at each others houses, discuss Latin customs, show slides, and sometimes hear speakers. Jim Starkweather President Row l: Judy Sears, Elizabeth Follett, Pat House, Linda Kuykendall, Carolin Smith, Judy Barnes, Patti Grubbe, Page Mahler, Josephine Givens. Row II: Terry Davis, Grant Clark, Pat Brady, Barbara Kane, Marlene Blanton, Elaine Porritt, Jewell Julson, Ronald Turner. Row Ill: Gary Rubenstein, Bob Embrey, Vern Sivage, Harold Haw- kins, Bob Martinek, Guy Aydelott, Norman Brenner, Bill Pattison. Stage Crew Row l: Delmer Ludington, Sue Wheeler, Sandra Crabbe, Ellen Dodge, Row ll: Mr. Chapman, Edda Edens, Dave Griffith, Arnett McDowell. Row llI: Bill Forrester, John Crocker, Bob Wood, Tom Doggett. lf? 19 W '- A Bob Mortinek President Adios Amigos! Though this seems to be all that the Cisco Kid knows, a member of the Eugene High Spanish Club knows much more, enough to carry on an intelligent conversation in Spanish. Any student who has taken one semester of Spanish may join Spanish Club. Regular meetings were held on the third Thursday evening of each month. Each fall the Spanish Club attends the Tortulia held at Willamette High School Other activities include the annual Christmas party at which they have a pinata and entertainment. The initiation potluck is held soon after the end of the first semester. "Kill the overhead and switch on the spot!" What's this, an invasion from Mars? No. it's just one of the many instructions that the Stage Crew might cope with during the school productions. They build and maintain the scenery and lighting for plays, provide stage properties for assemblies and musical events and provide all necessary Public Address set-ups for these events. The crew assists committees in setting up scenery and lighting for school dances in the cafeteria. Even with all of these activities, they find time to provide lighting, scenery and properties for all shows presented in the Little Theatre. Tom Doggett President Row l: Dick Doll, Bob Reesman, Peter Wengert, Daniel Ch'en, Bob Renkin, Bill Moody, Phil Williston, Row ll: Le- Roy McPherson, Tom Howell, Walt Richards, Dale Bures, Dale Osborn, Ernest Tilley, Ron Gillespie, Row lll: Jon Ankeny, Mike Mogan, Gary Wickstrom, Steve Refi' Dick Kennedy, Ken Masterson. Boys' Rifle Office Scanners Row l: Jo Chesbro, Bonnie Andreason, Marilyn McCann. Raw Il: Barbara Minkler, Jeannette White, Barbara Avery. Row Ill: Miss Althen, Lorna Wills, Miss Sparkman, Sally Vandehey. Richard Kennedy President " Pro--mariksmen , marksmen,markSn first-classyand sharpshooteru these are a few of the titles earn' b" deserving Rifle club memh Daniel Ch'en has gone the farthest in winning the series of awards issued by the National Rifle Associations. Off the rifle range, this Club has movies and Pie feeds Mr. Aplin is the Advisor. "What's the big black machine with the handles for?" This query probably comes from someone who is in Office Scanners as she visits an office on a field trip. The club is made up of senior students who are taking a business course. The main purpose of the club is to visit real office situations. This year the field trips included visits to the telephone office, a bank, a lumber office, and an insurance office. Their primary concern is promoting interest in office work by showing an office in actual operatio Marilyn McCann President Diane Doty President Thespians be or not to be, that is the question." For the aspiring g actors in Thespians, this is the question. They have the rare rtunity of working backstage, if they are so inclined. They learn make- cenery design and construction, lighting and sound, prompting , ' Row I: Diane Doty, Dianne Bennett, Jo Ann Brown, Celeste Maxwell, Phyllis Claydon, Judy Hawley, if and 0l'h9l' jobs VBI'y Martha Macy, Jaen Guske. Row ll: Barbara Nicolai, Wendy Wood, Jewell Julson, Janet Rear, Edda- I1eC2SSOI'y f0l' puffing on Edens, Muriel Cass. Row lll: Earl McCracken, David Griffith, Jerry VanTassel, Bill Goode, Mickey ssional and finished performances. M""3Yf M'- Ke""e'l' Neal- Those who are strictly interested ting, who really have greasepaint :ind footlights in their blood, ve an excellent grounding in the fundamentals of acting. CKY At this warning, people frantically hurry and scurry rt out of the way of an onrushing skier. This same might well be one of the chosen few on an overnight to one of the Ski Areas. The :lub has its choice of two areas, Willamette Pass or Hoodoo. During these times, iills are literally covered with Eugene High students. iuite easy to tell when there has been a trip of this kind, use the next day there are assorted bruises, ches, and broken ankles, feet, and legs. , -an gg, x l 2 Stan Hayden Carlene Allen, Chuck Andreason, Marlene Arthur, Dorothy Atwood, Marlene Banton, Myrna Bankhead, Joan Barber, Sue Barlow, Judy Barnes, Stevie Beck, David Berg, Patty Berg, Bob Bieler, Ward Billings, Martha Blackburn, Barbara Blinkhorn, Bob Booth, Larry Brabham, Joyce Brock, Bob Brown, Sandra Brown, Greg Brnnig, Jim Bruns, George Bunning, Carol Buono, Lynne Buono, Lani Burcham, Gary Burnett, Bonnie Burton, Dorothy Caddy, Jane Campbell, Wally Carothers, Ward Carson, Bob Carter, Muriel Cass, Clerese Chalmers, Bob Chapman, Marilyn Chittick, Jim Christensen, Margaret Christensen, Clara Cochran, Gary Countryman, Doug Cox, Marianne Crabtree, Jim Crocker, Jim Crouch, Mike Crouch, Steve Cruik- shank, Ph ll' C Ib t H D' ' ' ' y is u er son, arry iehl, Jim Dietz, Dave Dryden, Kay Eisenhardt, Garth Elmore, Carole Eskola, Joy Evaskenko, Maureen Ferguson, Elizabeth Follett, lone Fretwell, Rebajo Fretwell, Karen Friberg, Jim Gardner, Bob Gewiss, Pat Gibson, Sigrid Goldsmith, Jim Gowdy, Karen Hamaker, Jack Hamilton, Ken Hamilton, Karen Hanson, Jean Hartman, Nita Harvey, Kay Haun, Stan Hayden, Darlene Hazelton, Jim Heldman, Sandra Hemmingsen, Judy Hendershott, Carol Hendricks, Fred Henshaw, John Hirons, Steve Hodges, Steve Hoffman, Lorna Hoganson, Leo Holland, Skip Hoven, Ranny Howerton, Judy Hought, Bobbie Huse, Donna Jacobson Kathy Jacoby Judy Jeffers Joyce Johnson L nne John M ' J h , , , , y son, arian o n- son, Dorothy Jones, Leonard Kearney, Judy Kiess, Stu Kingsley, Sue Kingsley, Barbara Klabunder, Karen K d D' ' ' ' ' ' orsta , ianne Kovtynovich, Connie Landers, Sandi Lanham, Marguerite Langan, Linda Lee, Maryellen Lee, John Lindstrom, Dick Little, Sandra Lohikoski, Tod Lundy, Diane Lynch, Susan Lynes, Dave Lyons, Norma Maier, Mike Mason, Jeanette May, Sally May, Galen McBee, Dennis McCorkle, JoAnn McDonald, Bob McNutt, Leroy McPherson, Herb Merker, Bill Miller, Marsha Miller, Nancy Miller, Pat Milligan, Jim Mills, Barbara Morgan, Pat Murphy, Linda Myrmo, Bob Needham, Charlotte Nelson, Janice Oldham, Sam Olsen, Walt Osburn, Linda Owen, Lou Parmenter, Pat Parker, Bill Pattison, Sheri Pearl, Pat Petersen, Harry Pickett, Le Roy Poindexter, Kay Pooser Bill Potterf Deanna Rayburn Brad Reed Kath Richm d 1 1 1 I Y on I Marilyn Richmond, Lynn Rietman, Dolores Rough, Judy Lee Rushing, Diane Ruthven, Wally Schultz B Sh h . . . . . . . ev c umac er, Loren Sears, Spike Seigrist, Sylvia Skorpen, Tom Slocum, Gretchen Smith, Jim Smith, Dan Sparks, Charmalee Spencer, Barbara Sprague, Nick Squires, Peggy Stephen, Skip Stewart, Jerry Strump, Karin Summers, Cheryl Swan, Alice Swanson, Sue Tangfeldt, Don Tenbrook, Betty Thompson, Marilyn Treadwell, Tom Treadwell, Alice Tucker, Pat Tuttle, Jeanne Tyack, Doug Vincent, Kathy Voeltz, Lawrence Waldahl, Leo Waldahl, Sandra Whitney, Loretta Whitworth, Brenda Wilson, Met Wilson, Dick Wise, Mike Wise, Char Wormington, Linda Young. 1 P Biff'-' - J 1 v 4' '- A-QF i . N l5l Qi ,R X Z . 4 Jx . 5954 I Jack Lqw Bob Embrey Q.. . .g g M is , ,. L,,. ,., Carol Buono Rally "Give 'em the axe!" As the familiar figures of the Rally Squad go through this traditional yell of Eugene High School, each student feels o quickening heartbeat. These are the memories that will remair the longest. The white sweaters, purple letters, and purple culottes for football, white for basketball, are symbols Mason Jean W. XUN F Illialhs :- Koghl Squad our school. The Rally Squad :md Yell Leaders practiced long www' 90 hours during the summer months to perfect their yells, both old and new. The group not only Jrganizes the student rooting section, but manages to be present at . y . :Il home games and many of the ones l away from home. ln the spring they are guests at the Spring Basketball Banquet. eo 01,6 he ,"9el1 Anita Schaefer V W., W .. f . ' ! ., xx v . mf ,..- www ,, , . 'Vfy f Y R f Row l: Jack Mills, Bob Embrey, Jim Blanton, Milton Quam, Chuck Hale, Mike Barnhart, Ken Hamilton. Row ll: Duane Wolfe, Harold Hawkins, Dale Church, Lou Parmenter, Max Ruff, Bob Falkner, Jack Hamilton. Row Ill: Bob Brown, Wally Ackerman, Dennis Ruff, B05 M3"Sd9", Jay Caster, Gary Wolf, Mr. Hale. Hi-Y "E" Club Raw l: Mel Olsen, Ed Bennett, Clifford Allen, Roger Peter, Ron Turner, Bill Muhr, Gary Waddington, John Gustafson, Roger King. Row Il: David Coe, Mike Patterson, Morris McAdams, Jack Mills, Don Tenbrook, John Willener, Galen Shorack, Bob Holstrom. Row Ill: Lynn Coons, Tom Slocum, Howard Geiger, Leroy Poindexter, Charlie Warren, Skip Stewart, Dave Powell, Bill Reiersgaard, Darrel Hufstader, Dorlan Davenport. Row IV: Gerald Wibert, Loy Buley, Jim Gardner, Vernon Kelso, Greg Willener, Craig Bushman, Doug Lundstrom, Jim Dietz, Curtis Bryant, Darl McAllister. Duane Wolfe President "Fathers and sons sit together please!" As the chairman of seating the gu makes himself heard over the dull roar, l00 or so fathers and so sit down at the annual Father-Son Banquet of the Hi-Y Club. There is also a Mother-Son Breakfast during the year. This club, affiliated with the Y, does service work for the Y, gathering decorations and helping to decorate the Y at Christmas. During the football season they have comple I charge of the football progri and when spring is in the air, the help announce at the baske! games. The boys attend a state youth legislature in Salem give money for world service. Track . . . Football. . . Baseball. . . Basketball. . . All are represented in the E Club, ar honorary club for Eugene High athletes with C-average or better, a who have earned varsity letters The boys are distinguished by their purple on white letters which they wear on navy blue sweaters. Th wear these sweaters an designa l days. Among their many activities, the boys supervise the lunchroo during both shifts and hold the rape around the gym during basketh season. Ron Turner President Judy Peters President W C00 we get the clubs to work together? 'How can we them to help improve the i school ? e Inter- Club Congress was formed to answer se problems. Here fhe vice-president of each club ked together to sponsor such projects as the concession Row l: Walt Osbourn, Jo Ann Heidgerken, Beth Teague, Milton Quam, Carol Buford, Jean Guske, Ardene Myrmo Row ll gram, the sgle of booster ribbons, a handbook about the Clubs, and lGqU2 to be awarded to the Club that does the most outstanding the school. t tubes . . . Formulas... Mad Scientists . . . 5 is not what the club is composed of, but of those interested in ig into the varied fields of science. The club is divided several sections: Biology Club, Radio Club, Math Club, chounds, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, and Camera Club. Each under the main one is completely independent with officers and ything that goes into making a club. The Science Club nply a way of binding them all together. .... L V M , David Powell President l Lois Williams, Karen Gustafson, Ann Newson, Marie Johnson, Stephanie Beck, Lucy Hart, Marian Johnson. Row' Ill: Mr Huff, MYU13 Sdlmldl, Cheril Puterbaugh, Bob Rankin, Allen Erickson, Clark Souers, Karen Hendrickson. service Il1tel"'ClUb Congress Science Guy Adylotte, Carol Baker, Rich Baldinger, Leonard Ball, Kenyon. Bebe, Vera Bechel, Bill Belts, Gregg Brunig Carol Buford, John Carpenter, Daniel Ch'en, Dale Church, Carol Darrel, Dee Dompier, David Driden, Glen Duncan, Ted Evans, Peggy Fults, Righard Getty, Joyce Hanson, Leo Holland, Carol Hollister, Erwin Johnson, Celeste,Lambert, Kathy Lang, Margaret Lemon, Cecil Linder, Bette Miller, Nancy Miller, Ralph Miller, Gordon Mills, Ann Morrison, Jerry Mulky, Ken Myier, Ron Ness, Dale Osborn Yucca Penniston, Dave Powell, Lynn Rietman, Doug Romaine, John Seeley, Ron Sike5,' Noel Silliman, Phillip Smith, Clark Souers, Bill Stenwick, Jolln Trenholme, Peter Trenholme, Kaye Torvik, John Tysell, Gary Ucytill, Sandra Ul'YCll, Peter Wengert,Richard Williams, Phil Williston, Bill Ziniker ,Y -i- Jack Bennett, Joan Bissell, Eldon Bowser, Barbara Bransford, Martha Brown, Orin Bruton, .lan Calavan, Muriel Cass, Dick Catron, Phyllis Claydon, Sandra Crabbe, Fred Crafts, John Crocker, Diana Davis, Ellen Dodge, Jim Earle, Nyle Elliott, Don Erwin, Carol Eskola, Rebajo Fretwell, Charles Getchell, Louise Grubbe, Nancy Hall, Ralph Harris, Bonnie Heddinger, Karen Horton, Carolyn Hughes, Barbara Janzig, Joyce Johnson, Keith Johnson, Lynda Jones, Barbara Knox, Kay Krebs, Clay- ton Lawson, David Lemery, Dianne Luck, Page Mahler, Ned Marineau, Bob Marsden, Ken Masterson, Celeste Maxwell, Allen McCoy, Mike Patterson, Kay Rader, Roma Rickabough, Richard Robbyer, Bob Saks, Darlene Smith, Eloyce Walker, Jacquelyn Welch, Sue Wheeler, Darrell Wilder, Phil Williston. D Make-up, business, publicity, ' properties, and costumes. rarnahcs Name it and the Dramatics Club has it. lt is unique in that it was not organized as a club in the usual sense of the word, but by a theatre group with members of Thespians as chairmen of the various sections. The club periods include organization of activities, crew meetings, "l think I found a fossil that . flemonstmllons .of mulfeqlp' wewe never seen beforeyf llgllfllllg, andhother 'interesting This excited call is often heard Rggk Hqunds th l H595 tl at To e 'up on field trips taken by this e Pm uc 'on 0 G P ay' newly organized member of the Science Club. The nucleus of the Rockhounds' activities this year has been its field trips. One trip a month was held on which the members brought back specimens of fossils, zeolites, and shells, many of which were placed in a permanent school mineral Gnd TOCK C0ll6Cl'l0l1- In Ofdel' Lundy, LeRoy Poindexter, Clark Souers, Jack Kienzle, David Powell, Lowell Foster. to add to the knowledge of the members, they identified minerals, and several speakers were invited to the club meetings. Row l: Marvin Carlson, Mary Lou Halburg, Vera Bechtol, Steve Groff, Bob Terpening. Row Il: Tod Clark Souers President -'r ,. i- 'iv n E' Uuvnm. I U.armm Mary Ann Ashley, Kay Atkinson, Connie Ayotte, Sue Barlow, Stephanie Beck, Dianne Bennett, Patty Berg, Jessie Bethel, Bunny Brissenden, Sharon Bruce, Carol Buford, Carol Buono, Lynne Buono, Carole Burgess, Margaret Burrell, Betty Bylund, Dorothy Caddy, Sue Carter, Maureen Church, Clara Cochran, Juanita Conner, Dorothy Cook, Barbara Copping, Marianne Crabtree, Phyllis Culbertson, Judy Dameron, Susan Dawe, Diana Donohue, Diane Doty, Jeani Eggers, Kay Eisenhardt, LeAnn Elwood, Carolyn Emerson, Virginia Goddard, Patti Grubbe, Karen Gustafson, Barbara Hall, Nancy Hall, Karen Hamaker, Lucy Hart, Janice Hastings, Judy Hawley, Darlene Hazelton, JoAnn Heidgerken, Karen Hendrickson, Karen Henslee, Virginia Holman, Jeannette lngell, Judy Jeffers, Marie Johnson, Jewell Julson, Joyce Justus, Janet Kerley, Jackie Klenk, Linda Kuykendall, Carolyn Lake, Dianne Lee, Donnett Lopuson, Bette Lush, Norma Maier, Sally May, Gloria Metcalf, Karen Mickelson, Marsha Miller, Patti Milligan, Diane Mollier, Elsie Muhr, Charlotte Nelson, LaVona Newman, Juanita Niemi, Marceline Nuss, Karrin Olson, Patti Pederson, Sharon Phillips, Elaine Porritt, Dianne Rasmussen, Janet Rear, Kathryn Richmond, Marilyn Richmond, Judy Rushing, Anita Schaefer, Diana Scott, Judy Sears, Sylvia Skorpen, Beverly Smith, Carolin Smith, Sue Smith, Edra Stanley, Irene Street, Jolene Taylor, Beth Teague, Janice Tift, Corinne Tino, Pat Tuttle, Darlene Waltman, Sandy Whitney, Loretta Whitworth, Jean Williams, Wendy Wood, Jessie Wojahn, Charlene Wormington, Rosalind York. in Pep Club Kay Eisenhardt President AXEMAN, AXEMAN, YOU CAN'T BEAT AN AXEMANl Anyone hearing this rhythmetical chant will immediately think of the Pep Club. This girls' club was started mainly for the purpose of supporting the teams in several of the sports events. ln a school as large as Eugene High, an organized rooting section is badly needed. The girls with their white sweaters, purple skirts, and numerals add much to the football and basketball games. Besides the large job of keeping order in the student sections, they sponsor a late fall Football Banquet and a Spring Basketball Banquet for the athletes of the teams. They also sell programs and ....Z.l-- -L LL, rl . n r .n n 'I Sharon Abbott, Marina Aird, Joyce Alcoon, Arlene Allender, Sharon Anderson, Susan Ash, Mary Barney, Joy Baumann, Shirley Bays, Delores Beach, Darlene Beat, Lita Bish, Martha Blackburn, Judy Blakesley, Darlene Block, Kitty Bornholz, Judy Boyrs, Darlene Bradway, Marilyn Brent, Geri Brewer, Yvonne Brigl, Colleen Brown, Frieda Brown, Sandra Brown, Karen Buckbee, Marlene Bunch, Loni Burcham, Carolyn Bureker, Kay Burrough, Bonnie Burton, Karen Campbell, Marge Campbell, Delores Cameron, Dixie Capps, Sharon Carle, Louella Cerkoney, Dixie Chambers, Nancy Chaney, Geraldine Chapman, Jane Ch'en, Jo Chilen, Eva Clark, Gayle Clough, Dixie Collins, Wanda Conner, Sandra Cook, Linda Capping, Margaret Cross, Claire Daggett, Gloria Darold, Waldene Davis, Deanna Dirlam, Charlotte Diseker, Diane Dixson, Deanna Drake, Marilee Edmis' ton, Nan Ekman, Carole Elder, Sharon English, Sandra Epple, Joy Evashenko, L. G. Fialstad, Christine Franz, lone Fretwell, Sheryl Frislie, Jocelyn Furey, Pat Gibson, Jeaneil Giles, Mary Ellen Gain, Sigrid Goldsmith, Susan Green, Marilyn Grewe, Rebeccca Grove, Frances Haines,Julie Ann Hampton, Karen Hanson, Judy Hargreaves, Char- lene Harlow, Betty Harry, Jeanne Hartman, Kay Haun, Dawn Hegstad, Sandra Hemmingsen, Velma Henager, Jean Henderson, Karol Hill, Lorna Hogansen, Linda Horning, Dona Huffman, Jackie Hughes, Mary Ellen Hurd, Theresa lssacc, Vienna Jacobson, Barbara Jacobsen, Kathy Jacoby, Sherry James, Annette Jaros, Barbara Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Judy Johnson, Norma Johnson,Dorothy Jones, Judy Kiess, Sharon Kilpatrick, Barbara Klabunder, Diane Kovtynovich, Carolyn Kiess, Celeste Lambert, Connie Landers, Marguerite Langban, Virginia Larsen, Lana Laws, Charlene Leach, Judy Leaton, Barbara Lee, Linda Lee, Genevieve Lobaugh, Sandra Loveall, Priscilla Lusk, Susan Lynes, Barbara McCabe, Janet McCabe, Barbara McCoy, Jeanne McDonald, Sharoon Marley, Glenda Marshall, Deanna Max, Bonnie McKay, Linda McKay, Dell Miller, Louise Miller, Patsy Minkler, Betsy Moore, Barbara Morgan, Charlotte Morris, Deanne Jean Morrow, Roberta Morse, Barbara Myers, Darleen Myers, Linda Myrmo, Linda Owen, Marilyn Pearson, Linda Perkins, Kay Perry, Sabine Phelps, Ellen Powell, Lynn Pyle, Bonnie Quick, Barbara Reed, Ruth Reiersgaard, Linda Revell, Linda Rigsby, LeAnne Robertson, Dee Ann Robinson, Jeannie Russell, Jean Ruthven, Carol Schamber, Kay Scoopmire, Donna Scott, Gena Sechler, Judy Shaffer, Carolyn Shaw, Carolyn Shepard, Hazel Short, Tina Shultis, Gretchen Smith, Barbara Sitzman, Patty Sorenson, Connie Soward, Deanna Stenshoel, Peggy Stephens, Virginia Strite, Karin Summers, Jane Taber, Betty Thompson, Bonnie Jean Thompson, Tona Thorn, Clarise Tift, Charlotte Tobin, Marilyn Treadwell, Claudia Trojan, Sharon Tullar, Jeanne Tyack, Myrna Veale, Kathy Voeltz, Gail Walkley, Donna Walters, Barbara Waning, Carol Warren, Peggy Marie Wells, LeAnn Westerlund, Paralyn White, Joy Wilkenson, Pat Williams, Brenda Wilson, Marsha Wilson, Rochelle Wilson, Darleen Wirl, Betty Woods, Sharon Woods, Linda Wright. Amid shrieks, groans and yells at many of the sports events a group of girls attired in white blouses, dark skirts, and purple headbonds emerge. They belong to a newly organized sophomore group called the Hatchets. They have a rooting section at the football and basketball games, Hatchets giving support to the teams. During the year, to acquaint the girls with the fundamentals of the games, members of the teams came to the meetings. The Rally Squad also came to help them learn school songs and yells. Purely for n fnn the girls made an annual Jackie .HUQl1eS trip to the coast, and a Pf95ld9nl' roller skating party was planned. Zh- ..,, is .. -f. . fy-mm.: e f,,,, ,-,, 5, -, . ,, ,,,, --..-.- --..-, ........,.. ......., cnana noysron, Lll'ld3 Thiessen. Miss English. ROW ll: Bud Doane Earl McCracken, Bob Holloway, Bob Holsrrom, Walt Osburn, Dan Guthrie, John Polhemus. ROW lll: Lyell Stark, Jerry Eklund, Lee Tison, Bob Cox, Bob Taylor. Table Tennis Previewer Row I: Marianne Woodson, Gene Gilbert. Row II: Judith Bolles, Gay Gilbertson, Carol Arnold, sf wi i " 'i Walt Osborn President Ping! Pong' Ping! Pong! All eyes swivel from side to side following the tiny white ball as it rhythmicolly bounces back and forth across the net. Why is there so much interest? lt is probably because a member of this newly organized club is wielding an expert paddle to make the exciting game even more exciting. Intramural tournaments are held after school during the week when the members compete with one another. This past school year, table tennis tournaments were held with schools in surrounding cities, such as Springfield, Salem, and Portland. John Steinbeck . . . Nathaniel Hawthorne . . . Ernest Hemingway . . . Victor Hugo. . . The colorful works of these well- known American and foreign authors of the contemporary and classical period are previewed by this newly organized club. They also make E. H. S. boolfmarks in our traditional purple and white colors for all students, and have a monthly movie-book display. A book responsibility drive was held for the whole school, and the club made book lists for the teachers. President Tom Treadwell President '52"ly2 equals? To the average student in Eugene High School, this multiplication problem is a real puzzler, and must be laboriously thought out. But to any member of Math Club, a newly organized club and a branch of the Science Club, this problem is no problem at all. The club is reallly interested in higher mathematics. During their meetings they work math puzzles, talk about math problems, -work geometry problems, and breath in a math-like atmosphere. "How does this yellow color look on me?" l'm short-waisted . . . long-waisted . . . too tall . . . too thin hard to fit. . . my face is too full . . . my neck is too long." Most of these problems can be solved, and were, in this newly- organized and very unique club. lt is composed entirely of girls who critically analyze each other, honestly telling good points and bad ones. They learn to emphasize their better features and 'minimize their adverse ones. During the year they heard speakers on hair styling, complexion care, and good qrooming. ' ' 1 President fy Row l: James Rathbone, Clara Potter, Elizabeth Follett, Gerald Wibert, Joe Powers, Mr. Schaaf. Row II Mac Thompson, William Elder, Nels Niemi, Bud Gray, Jerry Brindle. Row lll: Fred Easton, Terry Tolson Quentin Breen, Galen Shorak, Gary Scoville, Tom Treadwell. Math Magic Mirror ROW l: Linda Klitzke, Bonnie Beal, Loretta Shite, Colleen Johnson, Cynthia Sorenson, Barbara Watson,,Yvonne Woods, I C l G t li I ROW ll Eva Zink Marian Squires Baarstad, Phyllis Lacy, Carolyn Waske, Janet Woods, Marion Mil er, aro yn e c e. : , , Janet Jones, Eleanor Mackrill, Jeanne Weinrich, Elaine Prince, Arleen Hixson, Kathy Erdman, Alma Evans, Cecil Hackett, 1 Brown, Maxine Penselin. ROW Ill: Marge Stuller, Vicki Drake, Nancy Huntington, Diane Ruthven, Delora Ruff, Cheryl Swa Metzler, Bonnie Coen, Carolyn Parks, Kay Beatty, Norma Ware, Mary Wells. ROW lV: Kay Marquis, Mrs. Barnhart, I McCord, JoAnn Leach, Gay Sparrow, Mary Seal, Barbara Ford, Barbara Dotson, Nancy Anglis, Darlene Jackson, Nevina Sul Nancy Newman, Mardelle Traylor. i ria Allen, Dan Archibald, Gary Arne, Carol Arnold, Mary Ann Ashley, Monte Ausland, Guy Aydelott, Richard Baldinger, Jim Deal, Harold Brauner, Jerry Brindle, Marilyn Brink, lg Brown, Delora Buoy, Carolyn Bureker, Barbara Carleton, Max Chancellor, David Cole, Paul Cole, Bob Cox, Gary Crouse, Paul Cruikshank, Claire Daggett, Darlene Dayton, rgaret DuPuis, Bob Eidson, Gene Gilbert, Gay Gilbertson, Frances Haines, Larry Harrington, David Hearn, Dale Henze, Carol Hollister, Pat House, James Johnson, Lynn Johnson, ll Kienzle, Leanne Lauritzen, Coralynn Lyon, Bob Marsden, Bill McCune, Kenneth McKim, Betty Miller, Marilee Miller, Rolf Miller, Ken Minturn, David Mitchell, Ann Newson, 'don Olsen, Mike Patterson, Joyce Pollock, Dave Powell, Jim Risinger, Loren Sicks, Pat Sloan, Terrence Tolson, Gary Uchytil, Carole Vitus, Barbara Waln, Don White, Gary Wills, tt Wood, Marianne Woodson, DeWayne Zuber, Junior Band, Greg Brunig, Orin Bruton, Dale Berg, Marilyn Bolin, Don Bray, Gloriene Brown, Loy Buley, Dennis Chambers, Robert lpman, Tom Crowder, Dee Dompier, Glenn Duncan, Joyce Eickmeyer, Nyle Elliott, Bill Forrester, Sigrid Goldsmith, Wendell Gray, Steve Graft, Jack Hannigan, Janet Hounies, bara Janzig, Gloria Johnson, Keith Johnson, Norma Johnson, Bruce Lesan, Ernest Manfull, Linda McKay, Dale Osborn, LaVerne Roberts, Richard Roblyer, Dennis Ruff, Robert aefer, Elaine Self, Judy Shatter, Carolyn Shaw, Tina Shultis, Lowell Thomas, Wesley Weathers, Wayne Wilson, Russell Harrison, Director. Band Get on tune! This is a sound you will often hear. The band participates in many activities in and around the school. They play at the games, pep assemblies, and school assemblies. There is a Junior, Senior, and a special pep band which also plays for state tournament. The band has a big concert in the spring of the year. They also go on a camping trip to the coast. Anyone can join the band os a junior member and advance to the senior band. Jerry Brindle President as QW CHA ROW l: Katy Price, Nancy Dobson, Fred Easton, Ellen McMurtry, David Mulkey. ROW ll: Fred Crafts, Dick Coe, Dick Pedersen, Anita Schaefer, Phyllis Willcut. ROW lll: Joyce Polluck, Sherry Hauck, Priscilla Perkins, Orchestra Nancy Dobson President ROW l: Terry Foskett, Ardene Myrmo, Sandra Davis, Sharon Anderson, Kay Torvik, Carolyn Hughes. ROW ll: Carolyn Vaaler, Hohn Hull, Ed Delores Fisher, Philura Miller, Mr. Tweedie. S Dagner, Barbara Johnson ga li 'll- 5121 . ,.., it J . W X! if f T? Oli ow I: Kay'Krebs, Tamyra Turner, Dclcra Buoy, Carolyn Risley, Nancy D.obson, Katy Price, Ardene Myrmo, Juanita Conner, Kathy Richmond, Anita S:le:efer, Maureen Church, iretchen Vos. Row ll: Darlene Smir 1, Jo Ann Brown, Coralyn Lyons, Mary Ann Ashley, Marilyn Brink, Judy Hawley, Carolyn Vaaler, Carol Hollister, Raebeth Winder, Gene iilbert, Terry Foskett, Sandra Davis. Row Ill: Phyllis Willcut, Beth Teague, Ellen McMurty, Margaret DuPuis, Muriel Cass, Fred Eston, Jack Kienz'e. David Griffith, Karen lickelson, Joan Barber, Virginia Chapman, Barbara Waln, Pat Cleveland. Row IV: Mr. Harrison, Dave Lyons, Bill Muhr, Larry Harrington, Bob Cox, Dave Hearn, Paul Cruik- rank, Jerry Brindle, Ed Johnson, Clyde Beat, Dave Powell, Harold Brauner. Modern Music Masters Row I: Juanita Conner, David Griffith, Raebeth Winter, Paul Phinney, Virginia Chapman, Lance Williams, Anita Schaefer, Clyde Beat, Carol Buford. Row ll: Beth Teague, Dave Powers, Pat Cleveland, Ed Johnson, Joan Barber, Ned Marineau, Judy Peters. Jo Ann Brown President Purple Pipers --1---.-....,.,.,., IZA "Girls, please"' With seventy girls making noise, these two words are often heard during the rehearsals of the choir's many appearances. The choir is most active around Christmas time. They perform at the bank, at both Christmas assemblies, at the annual gathering of all Eugene choirs, and this year the choir went caroling at Sacred Heart Hospital. During Girls' Choir these appearances, they specialized in singing carols not often heard- both old English and contemporary. ln the spring the girls participated in the music contest held at Salem, at which time they were judged on uniformity of appearance, tonal quality, and depth of tone. They made numerous appearances at schools in the surrounding area, including many junior highs and grade schools. Row I: Susan Ash, Janice Tift, Judy Kelts, Sharon Carle, Jane Ch'en, Helen Williams, Margaret Griggs, Carol Burgess, Marsha Gardner, Loretta Srite, Sandra Lohikoski, Marilyn Person, Bette Schoup, Lana Laws, Diane Luck, Karen Friburg. Row ll: Mayme Dodge, Joy Evaskenko, Muriel Westerlund, Carolyn Risley, Jo Ann Heidgerken, Barbara Eberhardt, Linda Hoiting, Marilee Edmiston, Rebajo Fretwell, Dee Anna Robinson, Sharon Collver, Karen Gustafson, Phyllis Willcut, Deanne Rasmussen, Judy McCulloch, Sandra Dirimple. Row Ill: Tamyra Turner, Sabine Phelps, Pat O'Toole, Sonja Arlington, Virginia DeMoss, Beverly Shouldice, Barbara Janz- i-g, Wanda Conner, Barbara Bransford, Nancy Hall, Mary Haworth, Judy Drury, Marlene Tryon, Nancy Chaney, Dixie Chambers, Row IV: Joyce Kerns, Barbara Ford, Barbara Dotson, Eileen Nutter, Charlotte Diseker, Genevieve Lobaugh, Pat Parker, Mary Hawes, ix Ann Anderson, Carol Hendricks, Sandra Springer, Gay Gilbertson, Jeanette May, Elsie Muhr, Lynn Pyle, Barbara Johnson, Suzanne owen. e m,.mvuexu.tew 'L Q' fi- 33+- EIHFUJ ' 3 ' is x I 7. i . mf, -,N 4., gg K , 5 . Fla' F 1, 72 Y f- I nf 1 5 . 7 R75 In M1 ' i, 'Ev Row l: Judy Barnes, Dorothy Cook, Sally Vandehey, Jeanie Eggers, Wendy Wood, Judy Dameron, Myrna Bankhead, Charlotte Morris, Janice Tift, Marilyn Dyer, Linda Kuykendall. Row ll: Brenda Gustafson, Donna Brookhart, Deanne Rasmussen, Judy Jeffers, Karen Horton, Edwina Gunther, Nancy Chapin, Carol Potter, Judy Hawley, Kathy Lang, Darlene Waltman, Tina Shultis. Row Ill: Glenda Allison, Louise Grubbe, Janice Richins, Dorothy Caddy, Carolyn Parks, Sandra Springer, Dolores Ruff, Glenda Brown, Terry Foskett, Susan Ash. Row IV: Diane Squires, Elaine Hahn, Patty Milligan, Sally May, Jerry Chapman, Jeanne Hartman, Julie Hampton, Jeanie Tyack, Ellen Powell, Nancy Chaney. Girls' League Representative Sharon Bruce Karen Hendrickson President Vice-President Jewell Julson Diane Mollier se c re ta ry Treasu rer C l Spring and Fall Cabinet ROW l' Sue Tangfeldt Judi Sears Marceline Nuss, Barbara Waln, Maureen Ferguson, Sharon Bruce, Bobbie Huse, Joann Wildish, Glenda Brown, Deanne Rasmussen, Joan Barber.. ROW ll: Jessie Wofahn, 'Joan Robinson, Juanita Niemi, Jessie Bethel, Carolyn Vaaler, Judy Hendershott, Charlene Wormington, Sally May. X v Axemen Council Bill Muhr President Mel Olsen This club, to which every boy in Ed Belmeff Vice- President E. H. S. belongs, is a service sec re tary, Treasurer organization. Each year the boys edit the Axemen's Dopester, an athletic information guide, and The Axe Handle, a compilation of all the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the school's students. This year during Hello Week, they sponsored an assembly. In the spring the boys main project was Be-Up Clean-Up Week. Row I: Ron Turner, Duane Wolfe, .lim Blanton, Dave Lyons, .Iohp Gustafson, Mel Olsen, Bill Muhr, Ed Bennett, Dan Ch'en, Galen Shorack. Row ll: Lowell Thomas, Mike Flanigan, Clark Souers, Bill Miller, Bob Link, Bob Gabriel, Darrel Hufshaider, Gerry Steele, Paul Phinney, Ron Doerksen. Row Ill: Dallas Bardgett, Roger King, Jim Waldman, Bob Overstreet, Craig Bushman, Charles Warren, Charles Wilson, Bob Kraus, Carl Lemke, Tom Jones, Dick Moody. Row IV: Fred Pederson, Vaun Lindsay, Dan Guthrie, Ray Allen, Jim Coleman, Larry Campbell, Jim Starkweather, Ken McKim, Fred Krafts. vi' , ' ,L 5 ,, . 5 Qui AWK 0 IQ 1 ,.1"u'35J 0 , e" - . . . 0 1 .fs 5' ' f' Q " ' JV 5' 'Q Q. .0 ' fl.. !'. 'Q' W' 'I-rua. 'a J 5 , U' . A C 9 ' ' It 3 ' Y, vQ,1 du 0 Q lf IV,- sqliwu out 9 A J A, Q , ' 1 .Jef 9 Ji p , ' -. F? . ' x V 1 . 5 ' ' V if . ' , I ff Q f . . Not Wealthy but Wise THE WISE OLD OWL SAYS TO THE WISE OLD OWL FOR PHOTOGRAPHY GO 92 J f-5'-E T ? ARTISTS V1.. 'QQEQ K ee as HOTOGRLDHER'-Lg-L STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR CHOOSE BEA UTY WORK FOR YOUR CAREER BEA UTY CULTURE .- Bw M: The Professional Career N for young women SZ men Ulee ' Ai' J E ' A ZRO 'Mg - SECURE YOUR FUTURE AS A COSMETICIAN :try A 'X ER w '? nz 45 s 1 TRAINED HANDS ARE NEVER IDLE STORE FOR MEN F lowersuund Gifts of -' Congratulations - Distinction Class of '56 1022 Willamette Dlamond 4-6011 58 E. BROADWAY Dlamond 4-1454 l ll OLSENS' JEWELERS MUSIU HUUSE Oldest. fllost Complete Music Service in Eugene 1070 WILLAMETTE Dlamond 5-5312 WHEN lT'S A VACUUM CLEANER ws STARK'S EUGENE VACUUM CLEANER CO. 1 I FROZEN Fon YOUR FAMOUS roons CONVENIENCE O sumo 1 A OLSENS' THE HOUSE OF DIAMONDS NEXT TO THE MCDONALD THEATRE Dlamond 4-3203 FOR EVERY MEAL FOR EVERY PARTY FOR EVERY OCCASION Rose Bud Bakery BAKERY GOODS E1 SPECIAL CAKES 56 Bl'0UdWUy Dlamond tCh THE BON MARCHE Everything for Yourself, Your Home, and Your Family arnellon A MUTUAL SAVINGS INSTITUTION SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS Pacific lst Federal Savings PERSONAL STATIONERY and Loan Association L l0th and Willamette ' ' " Q DI d 5 0126 865 Willamette Eugene OITIOI1 - Stanley's Furs by Rudolph Del Rey Restaurant Eugene's own custom Furrier - and - Complete line of new Park slde Lounge BREAKF s S - - - COATS -- SCARFS --JACKETS LUNQHES - - U CAPES -- sToLEs DINNERS - - - Dry Cold Storage BANQUETS ' ' ' in 7th Ave. west 845 Wi"U"'e"e Dlamond 5-2232 Diamond 5-2115 Powell .I MEDO-LAND Drug Company CREAMERY At Smith Center FARM FRESH MILK Gifts COTTAGE CHEESE Cosmetics AND Greeting Cords ,CE CREAM Prescriptions Q 41 River Road Dlamond 4-3832 D"""""d 5-237' 675 C"""'e""" Congratulations Class of '56 s 7 A G' W RO0T BEER OF PORTLAND Twenty-Ninth and Willamette Providing Income Providing Employment For Eugene and The Emerald Empire 4 ' I Eugene Fruit Growers Association Et bl' h d l908 r""" 1 . wx N QS X YZXX .NNY .. .X N : X. 5 X '-X. I Qyyjqp ll0llllf1llllWl'l0l'S for tlmsv flvlightful yolulg-nzimlvfl fuslzions -you 10170 - - - YCMWZM Ellgfllllfgli fashion CCIIIPI' 957 Willalmfttf' Dlamonfl 5-1581 , HAMBURGER HEAVEN Friendliest spot in town H E R M A N E K ' S Hermanek's quality apparel 1224 Willamette Dlamond 3-1031 870 Willamette Dlamond 4-3051 COAST TO COAST STORES Everything for the farm, home and auto E Co' 73 W1Braadway 93 E. Broadway Dlamond 5-3412 R. H. CHAPMAN HEATH'S WONDER FABRICS Chapman has plumbing OSCUF SUUUSS 242 W. 6th Dlamond 4-1264 878 Willamette Dlamond 5-5352 ROSE CLEANERS Drive in for your convenience 7th and Lincoln Dlamond 4-8012 COBURN FILM SHOP Everything photographic 7th and Willamette Dlamond 4-8241 CHARM CLEANERS Your Sanitone dry cleaners 1469 Willamette Washing Machine Service Service is our most important product 530 Willamette Dlamond 5-3014 Pete Whitney's Service Station 6th and Oak Dlamond 5-7624 S H E R K H A N 642 Oak Dlamond 4-2067 TED REED -- NASH Trade right with Ted Reed 8th and Pearl Dlamond 4-5281 RAMSEIER SHOE HOSPITAL We rebuild your old shoes like new 1254 Willamette 8 to 5:30 EVERYBODY'S DRUG 986 Willamette Dlamond 4-0221 JOHN WARREN HARDWARE Willamette Valley sports center 771 Willamette Dlamond 5-3353 1 KOKE - CHAPMAN CO. Painting and lithagraphing TROEH'S SPORTING GOODS Specializing in guns 6th and Willamette Dlamond 5-5431 is ' , a t : 7 1 , ' 'i' . Il' ff J-P' sa P11 .,,,, if ,Q , K.. I A 0 Mac's Quality Made Batteries Complete Battery Service 1330 W. 6th D,a,,,,,,,d 5-1281 VIOLA'S BEAUTY SALON The beauty meant for all ages 688 Olive Dlqmgnd 3-6541 MONROE CALCULATING MACHINE CO., INC. L. F. Dempewolf-branch manager 1480 W- 6fI1 Dlamond 5-2811 OLSEN-QUICK APPLIANCES Always the best deal in town 820 Charnelton Dlamond 5-8528 Siegenthaler 81 Stevenson All kinds of general insurance 16 E. Broadway Dlamond 4-3211 DOMESTIC LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Send your laundry 81 cleaning together 121 W. 7th Dlamond 4-3205 REXIUS FUEL SERVICE We specialize in pleasing you 1704 W. 7th Dlamond 5-0348 EIIiott's Home Furnishings Philco Appliances and Television 80 W. 8th Dlamond 3-6013 HEILIG-MAYFLOWER-LANE THE SALAD BOWL We serve fine foods For the best in movie entertainment B19 Wmmt. Dlamond 5-9860 ROBERTSON AUTO SALES CHUNG'S Quality used cars American and Chinese Foods 13th Cr Olive Dlamond 5-2071 26 W. '7th Dlamond 3-1825 - Eugene Mirror and Glass Co. 725 Oak Dlamond 5-5213 Ace Radio and TV Service Service is our only business 592 W. 6th Dlamond 3-2243 HAASE SAW SHOP Hand - circular - crosscut and chain saws W. 6th 6' Van Buren MAGAZINE EXCHANGE Eugene's toy and hobby center 125 E. 11th Dlamond 4-2117 "VAN" TASSEL REALTOR When you want real estate, call "Van" Tassel 610 High Dlamond 4-5014 A. J. Sauer Packing Plant Wholesale meats Best Wishes zwa l"f" I' Fl' l' Duck G' Jlm s V EI Pronto 1689 Willamette l"I"I" V r :- l'fCo1igratiilatio1is and Best Wishes.'.' Penney's ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Broadway 81 Willamette Eugene, Oregon Shopping values Dlamoncl 5-5101 for the entire family . . Play Ball! Smith With the Choice of Champs 8 Macgregor Sc Voit Baseball Center C r a k e S H D E Insurance Counselors For the Sportsman 58 West llth Street 770 Willamette Dlarnond 4-5227 E: 610 El , 3:1 f-1 V7 ri: Tl ITT 12: I sl .Z .Z ff T ' 178 A JE HBTLFBIL-T:,ff'i ff? ron HIGH SCHOOL I- I- I- I' F' I- I HI STYLE CLAYPOOL S 9 IN SHIRTS r r o IN PANTS DRUGS 'ti v IN SUITS ' IN JACKETS DRUGS 1 SUNDRIES TOILETRIES The place to go for PRESCRIPTIONS Carefully Compounded ON THE CAMPUS 8th d W'II fl' ss East 13th Dlamond 4-4031 E F D,f,':,,ond'4fff,3e I. O NAGLE LUMBER CO. 'The Best Place to Shop . . . After All" Serving you with oil kinds of SHOP MlLLER'S FOR NAMES Building Materials from the ' I f n Id. THAT MEAN QUALITY ALWAYS LUmbe'CGD'TO O T eww JANTZEN WHITE STAG CBS - COLUMBIA SWIM SUITS SPORTSWEAR TELEVISION RECEIVERS SWEATERS si.AcKs T-SHIRTS Phone Dlamond 5-4344 1845 FRANKLIN BLVD. Dl d 4-3273 840 Willamette amon EUGENE .24 1' YJ EAT 'Z , f V 4 2-i ' -J LIC L- 317 I ,I'l?'l' fi q lg? r'--511 1-In Ewfewkkyef ,uw W Giwfggiy ?'Q!Jr"'M,1, M WW Scherer Buick Center 942 OLIVE STREET 27h 'For the buy shop Big Y" me FAMOUS BRANDS TO BE FouND AT THE WINSOM SPORT SHOP Braemar - Connaught - Dalton -- Nelly De Crab Aljean - Haymaker - Mac Shore - Greta Platley Congratulations Class of '56 64 East Broadway GEORGE MYRMO 6: SONS Machine Work - Electric Welding 1937 Franklin Dlamond 5-3373 VAN DYKE GARDENS Flowers for all occasions D 995 W. 7th Dlamond 4-3411 BIG Y SUPER MARKETS Diamond 5-8411 VALLEY PRINTING COMPANY Quality Printinq 1049 Willamette Dlamond 5-6126 Dlamond 5-3314 J 01111 Warren Hardware VALLEY SPORTS CENTER 771 Willamette Dlamond 5-3353 Coca Cola Bottling Company 2000 Franklin DlCII'h0I1d 5-2326 Eugene Music Company epend on Fred 62 Red for Everything in music 1198 Willamette Dlamond 5-1215 AL LINDLEY SHELL SERVICE "WE NEVER CLOSE" 2091 Franklin Dlamond 3-4214 Nu Way Cleaners For Better Appeamm- 200 River Road Dlamond 4-7311 -If ef Nfl-ig Slgnol Oil Company FRANK C. JONES V. W. GOWDY ll DISTRIBUTORS Ja l8l7 6th Avenue West ,..l .- L-' CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF '56 lj AMERICAN STEEL 8. SUPPLY COMPANY INDUSTRIAL, LOGGING 8. MILL SUPPLIES, G. E. MOTORS, HARDWARE SUPPLIES 5l E. 7th Avenue Eugene, Oregon Phone Dlamond 5-0373 for Steel WEYERHAEUSER TIMBER COMPANY SERVING THE NORTHWEST IX Coll Dlamond 6-25ll Jll A ..,, Y ,X 42nd Springfield FRAEDRICK HEATING OIL y0lLT RICHFIELD RICH HEAT distributor for Eugene -- Springfield I,..I Call Dlamond 4-8121 or DIamond 5-8386 I8 nm Crnwn Company ANNOUNCEMENTS - JEWELRY - DIPLOMAS - GOWNS . Capitol 8-3385 h k B b M R ld JO H Wat ms 1316 S W 13th Avenue 0 C eyno S k ' ' ' A ' D . Bud Star Portland 1, Gregon Jlm e Gmw I 4 The U. of O. Co-op A STUDENT OWNED STORE SERVING OREGON STUDENTS 1000 E. 13th On the Campus gif' -1' -,..1.' X For The Finest In KE Drive-in Service M 0 T 0 R C 0 . It's 1 o o Ford s Drlve-ln ' FORD SQUARE Where Olive Croses Willamette On Hiway 99 Between Eugene and Springfield fl 3 '-u 1290 Olive Dlamond 5-8491 '7-ET: L' fn ' .ZH RADIO GOES WHEREVER YOU GO . . . KERG 81 CBS RADIO So, stop, look and listen You'll enjoy yourself when you listen to the best KERG CBS Compliments of Skeie's Jewelry 1027 Willamette W e Give S 62 H Green Stamps Johnson's Furniture Co. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 649 Willamette Dlamond 4-2281 Sclaarpfs TWIN OAKS For All Your Building Needs 184 669 High Street Dlamond 4-3248 Glustma Bros Lumber Co. TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 2nd 81 Garfield Dlamond 5-2301 hab- ,-xt I :W , SPENCER DRAPER ' ' Q,'K -ff 5 iv" W , 2.,. .VL . 5 If '1"'..- . ,? -Q V '5f'? ?1t?3i?Im., 'SA-W4 QU!!!-Huw v - gg , ' , grrgit 'S -'AX' 4- ,x 157m wi' 'Yi , H" ixxvwsw ' . . u FC 4 4:1 v it ' ,un Q4 Us Y au- " -. - 'P Q, -+- : .- .. J? i -I N -4 - 5? ,V FI' f 1' u 5' 5, 'Q I -X .1 f-II XEQLA :ggi . , 's.,':t-. -'waz-Q-mg,----N - .vo r.. on .- '-- ' . L '1Q"0-1,-- -Q' ,M "'.aL.. -'- .vu , ,- . . lk grew Af- 43512 l " ,4-5-,,.' , ,tai . .- ' Q v 4' 1 r" . ' . N "M ". A'f . ,' f" a ,Y ' ,FX r, 'I sp.. .Q I, 1 ,, W ,U-4 LN! N W K- - J My 'Q fl, . ' '1 ' g- nc. li" . 'X , -1 "fir 'gf Fi 4 W N134 M f'Q2a.1. 2-"N Jr - -- - ff--f ,..,...a-' x l iffgfgfj-v:..6y,., -Q - 'x 'JP 2 any .. - . Q 'E UN V A .BM x I.-r N Quinn X., ,Vx I nf .3233 ,gif ,, 'AY A 45 LIL-L U I I Il . 2 0 ,m:f. 5 13 gk r - Q -" nun . V .. rn. 3.3, 1 I . K Y . X ,ma .,. Q -. ..,4-a gall .. ' wiki'- ,-. .. -za ...Y 1 . X

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