Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR)

 - Class of 1948

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Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 12 of 118
Page 12 of 118

Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 11
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Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 13
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Page 12 text:

HAROLD W. ALLISON, B-A.. M.A- Social problems, debate, U,S. history f.,ff..e.-ef Ygggre gg'-Q wg ng No 1 r-ohm. Q:--11 acts 3 gfzff --g N: 2 nobcn O'- fz :3"'a'Qf 'W VJ-: :' na' 'fr Ai .Y .s-3,-GQ. -A fs- .5 .A ,-- ... if M' fy- -fr LUCILLE ANDERSON, B.A, English ll, radio 'A Ahcl-KO", ,zfj 3 vw' "r- , -"'t:'f' i "- O U Sa ' Lab- l'nff1'H', -- .-"1 ig 'h- p'9g'U"' 'sf "- ., FL' 'od 3 3 KRD! ERA G. BANKS, B.A. Physical education, health if-4 - HS Nm. ca --41,53 ,i 5 -. .u ' , rff 'lf Bafk. can- :J vw-' 'Nea' 'L f, Y e,-..G.,.,f ., -,-, vejvnqy, Omg DG L..- :13 C31 ii. -1- Q: 1 -r' 'Q zzxrkzv ,iz -f . f 33..- RUTH HILL BEACON, B.A., M.Ed. English 12, dramatics, adviser to Eugenean A 11, fy act, v. 'in J F.-irwhq tT1"t qw' - A- 'fr 3"'1C':v' "wi--nm"-ct 'Q 'JJ vm' -V hr'-t in r1fi.f-init. i 1 ,, 1 .ft 1.1 H: ,ii CLARA M. BLAIS, B.A. Latin, French, adviser to Latin and French Clubs VA B11 rim 'PH 'r. v Civ' "'- vtfxl --"mr--' Sh no --accnitvsfz H Gu'-:Qs-C and ha tra. A -1 C1D":L1f,l Awing ht-r Jw Jw 'Li Mu 'ronglfit' 'xy ': -vivr cm' C-"'-"' , :,. .wh gy C4 CARL A. BLOOD, B.S. Mechanical drawing, general metalwork Mr Bbcci -ang S'a'f-N, snr- stands, 'QQ - 'of n-, i, Q grad-a'- 3' EH S ann a.o.f. tha' i' . 3 rio :JI-3 ur- t3 f-GCG 'W W .Aww '-AO'-,J PAUL BURCH, B.Ed, Social living, adviser to Class of '49, Rifle Club, and Assembly Committee .Ar B.1':n we 'he 'vos' vwdc-l,'-travel'-G '-.-ccnr,-r The- ofw, ha- 'ak'-n him acre.: we US t-,-iw tw-es, tc Eurcp- and the Phi ipptnr- ch:-, Hg hobbl-fs are hs-h mg and 'w-ok vi czrcm-r, '1aL,:g3vvw':iw' ILLIAM C. DEDMAN, B.S., M.Ed. Social living, English ll, adviser ta tennis Traveling - hi. favarve hobby. Mr Dr-diva' has time :or sport-, r-cord cohecriohs. ova v-,-achmg He ndulged it his favor-tu Io ' suinm-f when he took ah exten f':: caros, tha' LKS Roaming at Soi' Low- Ct. Orb,-ans, and Chicag:. ERTRUDE M. DEIERLEIN Typing, adviser to Ambassadors and Clere icol Dept. of Girls' League A s-'vor iw.:-r Meow. EH S without hafng we' M- D-eieflein. .emcr me-mln-r ci the fgi ju Sh- i. --.' -r,:'wL 'rwnd ABEL DE VOS, B.S. Physical education, health, adviser to Class of '48 and G.A.A. wt- D,-:Q weft- v rang. hgh- -V HQ '- ucv' C navy' fx al' asf' ARENCE E. DIEBEL, B.A., M,A, Chemistry, physics, adviser to Science Club Mr Dir-mr-N .-.tri w-lflcwct Jin trmdmq 'Much'- ffJr Orr-qu-w by 'tw Stow D' prwrt-mm' 3? Ed. Kuwait ba 1-fl ow notabiff cwncw- achif. f "-4 v't For 'Hi' 11111 ' tow yf-ur , thru. at Mr Dir-h.-1 e ,mdr-vt hu." lm v-t- n award,-cl trip' tc 'Nu hwgvzn D C by VV-4 tinghoc H in the Nut ovvcmi Scif-no' Tahi-t E'-Ufqh HAZEL FISHWOOD, M.A. City art supervisor AAG: Feta-:wood ln'-hi-ve-N that art is for '-.--r, che The macfico ot ti--r phiosonh, som,- t vw: rr-suits in tongue so sh-- reloxe rx, wq3r3.:l, nrowing her low-fn

Page 11 text:

xxx IDIQIXN XX. XIICIxI I XX IXI I. I'rim-iyiil XIV. XIicIwIxxiiit .1 i'csp1msiIwIc .IIILI cx.ict' 3 iuIw, .incI lIic L-Iiiuiciicx xxiLI1 xxIiiuIi In' xwrIXs docs mucIi ui I-spliiin Iiis pf1puI.ii'itx xxitIi ilu- NIIIQICIIIS. Ilis umIci'sI.imIiiig .iIsu LIucs iiiucli lu iiispiu' IIM' umIiaInmv IIiui InI.iu' in Iiim. l 0 I -7' N! J AIXAX IQIKI IS, Umm r1fCiirIs '-V!! Ilix icIi1ig Iici' timc Iwtxwcli Iici' CQii'Is JJ ' . V XX Iogiguc duties zmcI I1LlI'DL'l'0LI5 utlici pmIv Icms ul cmmunscIing. XI1ss Xingi Ixitls is IIN L'L'I1IL'l' UI socl1iI sL'IiL'cIllIlI1g LIIKI alctli IIICS. IIXIII POI IIQII, Ilwlil of Huis QiIgiimcnI Iwi Iiugum' IIigIi sincc I959, IBLILII Putter is czirrxing out 41notIici' SLlL'L'L'SNILl your Lis LICIXISCI' tu tIic I'cIImx's 1imI gi Ii'icnLI in iiII SILILICHIS gil I,.I I.S. IIIIIXIIX IiXXIDIS.,Im11m-6 n1r11svIffiA In Iii-1-wlli-gfiiiiis. XIi's, IY.mcIcs Ix-uiim' 1 pLllHI5L'IL'L'l' Im' 1'cI.ix.it1rm .it IIN: LI, ul XX Nun, xxlivn sIic is mit ci1ggiguI in sL'IimiI XXfJI'Ix. NIIL' UIIIHXN VIQIIIIQ .HMI NXXIIIIIIIIIIQ. IJ XX IIiXXIIOXX I1mif,rf r1zri1wIffr Xs Iuiiini' l'm1iisuIwi', NIL II.imImx is pin IIL't'I'IlI" Xk'I'X NLILLLWNILIIIX III .l I'lL'XX NI.lI5lL'LI S , . .11 I .I IS., nI1'ix urs' uILiLgitimi giml iryiiiiing

Page 13 text:

JULIEYTE CLAIRE GIBSON, 8.5. Newswriting, English l2, creative writing, adviser to E.H.S News 11 11 511 11 -' 1 li' fl fl l ' i l I CQ 11 1 'i', 'tor-I EDGAR A. GOODNOUGH, B.A, M A, English ll, adviser to Honor Society rf. my -1' fn 1 1 111 rm, 11,1 arm. i 1 , 1 H11.',r1 1' .rlf 'tw- 1' " ' V f1f,'1 1 11:1r,.rw v 1 'lil GLENN M. GRIFFITH, B.A , B.A.S., B.F.A. Vocal music superviser, A Cappella, boys' glee, band, adviser to Traubadours, ad viser to Assembly Committee Mdyc ha c1lffc1y- lf r-'k 41 vltal :Dart of lflr Grrttith' iii, l111t flrrctimi nw- 11t1f1rf11'r 'rw rc rmfl firwvfirwrl I,-rirw 11111- ,,Nl 11 4: t-:1ctw.1r , li' ZILDA HAYES, B.A. Shorthand, transcription, typing, adviser to Commercial Club M Hay-1 inlay r1'1i11r1g qw pf' por' frerrtselvff 'C inf- good tr,-riograrwvu Nz' only -- he acl'-pt at forihu'-ri 1:-A al O gn' 9514 RUSSELL G. HENDRICKS, B.A. Social problems, Activities Committee trawl m ' vrlucaf 01-51 nam c' not C117 .'.c1,L gf-ogr:1rJn1cf1'i, 'xtt-rwfli-cl Mr. Henni- rck, mai- r rl--gr r-r- Il bi- tr, owl, oo .1 11 r from rv tr1g, tc 'nw U Ll O l lirnr, ESTHER L. HETTINGER, B.A., M.A. Oral English, dramatics, adviser to As- sembly Committee, adviser to Thespians M Xi Hs-'ting' f url.. -,'- J mring kilt-A-Us tr.-c1chf -'. t fo, rm Q1 hot'-1, lc v-v- r1 brisk tur r: Mfxifzi' trwi 'vit 'MLC' Cami- fl,1'v1r1 gif-:1 br1',A t, 111-'l tmp 1-rwcg,f1r: cgrwhir 1 l' qu rim! --11311 gh pu1ct1cr1l '-- 1 " 1 mf r'1111g,.f111 .,,11L.r AMBROSE I. HUFF, Bth., BS., M.A. Social living, U.S. history Dying th' -,af1r, Mr Hutt rlwl -'1 .m1'1f,'1r1 r111cl ri-cry-r1' ffm! work ,rw r1 trr11- rv Ng,- rw-r ho rr-tfrw--cl tc E H S wh-yr. H1 tc1,f1r' nb.-fork the 1.-.fc1r. BETTY K. JOHNSON, B.S, Homemaking, adviser to F.H.A. M . Johrxrpr' hri r1 ,way with tri qirl Envri while 1r141k111g 'mv-11: tal. r,1,t fir , c".r,k1-cl H111 'tw'-, l,.f1r11 tr, r1r,g,r. 5 fn, 1,1 r r pier f1r.f1 1-f1i1ii., BESSIE KAMARAD, B.S. Geometry, basic mathematics, commercial arithmetic, adviser to TriAY, adviser to Class of '50 L 'rcrh 'QUE'-Y' ut: r- 2 , ui- 4 if 161' 'ut or, 'J' , Kumi: 1 frri-f ff ' 5colo'-- cm' BERT KERNS, B S, M.S Biology .L .,,.U.,, . , y,,, .71 ,,.4,,,,-I,. KENNETH KIENZLE, B.A Solid geometry, trigonometry, algebra, physics, adviser to Radio Club, adviser to Honor Society 'zz 1' : HENRY E. KUCHERA. B,A, M.S Health, physical education, head coach, football, basketball, track H111-K,:"'. .f,:" r11" , H, . I, . .1 1

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