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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1947 volume:

J fam" . ffl fsj'ZfLw:41fr '21 7 " THE EUGENEAN, 1947 VOLUME XLVI Editor: Dorothy Christensen Manage1'.' Doris Melby Adzfifer: Mrs. Ruth Beacon lbechcafion We of the 1947 graduating class are seeing history in the making. We have struggled through the turbulence of war and the growing pains of peace. Enter to learrz, go forth to Jerzfe Fulfilling our motto, we have started to learn. The implicated duty to service is necessary to complete our task Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to service to our community, our nation, and to one world, world without end K Jn ,QW fAe OL! jamigar ij deed ...gulf - V -,Q-u'v"" 125' Q. R Wy fi my :5, QV qwfW'Qiy My M N 1? Qi? j ff VWEZQGEQQY Q- M Q K QAM 154,06 QW M fffvwnifw Wi , I Qffbbfv 947D X K, a1 L xQW2b,fV gwifb J VMS Qg Q Zia ww5 Q X . Ay Sify aww E W ee 771 UWM Qvbbvxvx WK QQ , MQW QWQQ XJMWM L ' 1 :J fy ff' M 1. ,W . pf fofvdf KXQYALJ f' cf 4 gui elaozi fd , I Q 1 xx 'mi' , W.-MM - Q1 ' T ' .X ' 1 x EF'-Q, , 5 yy? gigffif 13:1-.19 if 1 5 fifke Yin. , - J fa' 52:1 3121 f' ? 1 3- .:,f1fJ1,! Q3 vi- Tziii 71-W -: I nw' J . ,5 gg '- me-Q , 'el I if ,4 K 'Li 7 ,V v:5?'f5jg4.5Q-fghfig 'J , m K I-, .,fp'V1'.,.g'a!1- f :JW fl 51'1.,a1z1aef 2:4 f gy ,f,i4,,3xQf4,Q ',,N',1-ww Ed, A 3li5'Gfsi+ up ff' gs . 11 g ij: it EQ M ' 'f T525 3511! ' V J. , 1-L ,3,x,.M-git , ' 5' ifffff-7'5.+-25?5,ff" 4 -' ' . 4 ?PAfwT'W 1 f .L 'Q A9 yy A '32, , 1 ,igfri-M, 3f"' L'f?iE- - , ifffgf,151.A??cfH . , A-, wil :Vu-?,f,,E y, . f:efs,g MQW 335 ' ,M , A .5fZf0ef5i j:zfat-swgi :N A , ' , A Si"i. '-'i"fQ:-CW'Qf9'g"ff5fif4 Ba '?': l"X 'f" QV25. M. IQ ' fn. H359 ,ff cli.f-Mlm. Y, ,--.-3 .-5,12 I ' 2 ,Y We-Egg xr gygfff gg! '?Xl'ei-f -- ' 1 . , ,+q,fyrQ'.u ' vu L, 355- N 5 1:-2.- , 44 5 f ' . ,S-.4-.',.'Jw.,,q, . 11-211' .rf -V-Jef.. ,, J, 3,1-L,--A 0 ,L q 1.1 1 rg .Qui Y ' . r.. . min-,-'11 f ,'.,.Q jf-', ' . li. Q, ?'E'i-iigqiu-131' Psi. 25,9 ,4 : -- ' av- -A 4? Y ' .-1, 1 V , - E, f' W:'9Y--ga-Q,-AN, P7 15331 my 2 ,- I 'mmf' ' , , " AWWA' X ' WJ 'rw A k ' 11 . "BJP Qi?-iff, H iw. . , 1. ' w.'Q'H,wf1Qr-?'fL'-"'wW',.,'w f 'Liv' - ' hpvif ' 1 H wma-wfff' . I I vm 1, '. .. f 1 Aw " 4: Mfg,-jg .Q 3345 1,,'f59"1?,x '11 JN ,gy , Q wg .I fg ir :gr . 1 Affiwu' . Aff,-'F:r" "4Y',1fff"i13-6" 2-'-37z,M1r2'4.f:4Fx, 4,-5? ,H u 'Q ! pq. ..'-'IG' -' -Wh -"'-1!':.'..h'4:-W". 2 f' +' .A sr ' -fwzfuv '-":.- 1. J'vf"'L"?-V' "'- "' 'gf 1' '-v ' 1 Af! . ,-'K ' . Hr - ' PT,-lv',f.'!5vff.1.E.. + M HN f ,:H1 --gg M A mf ff f.-"MZ fw1J.:":zu 1 L ' 4 ' I' ' . ""iG,l"'Sn . ,, :, ".'.Y- .-fglfifv' K , .4 ,-: . A ... ' :J ,'f,' L., : DMM mv'-' 1' ms :+P-'. X-4 , up Liv 'JR' f 5.f'1"'g--bv a. 7 - S1-E45 ' :.'w-if! 1 J - Aff? 'Q 'i J- 4N:"" 2" A afa.:T"'AgFS:': f A x ' 'Elf-2 I ,wg-1 "Hp 59:0 I ' ' fAf':f,ga,-,gg'Qi,L, bgifgifggiiff " W' 'E' X 1 1-1 fm: g':,'fv" fi . ,M - ,HU-u : ,- Jg1,,:y..,H'g' ,gy . r ' .-.. 44 , . --w -44.13 P , rf'-ag. . - . ' w ' u --if'-'vf.N5'u,1-f 1 ww nys -1 mmf' A . -4 - 5 '-'-.-4--mn,-k..1 -,--.1-' ea. . , .523-1-,,1,,.,.,,.,f.-,l,,.M..u.lg, , was 641.41 5-, , 4 HIL! 4 . 1:-gg, if X x ,f H -W 4 A - , .hp.., ,l,,5.x,,. 9, ..,gg.yil5?..,q .- - A N :if :zz .11-P.-f'.-ww 1'-eq, ,,,,1,'N.f1 ',p,f.+Q,f-+'4AYuf' .9 wi- 'gg '-' nw mr 1 .gm-1.-.' ,M4 ww-411+ mae-a+' A it Aff' , ,, F .I:nv.,IL.df?1.t,kf,. var, , ,HEY 11 .lllqfam xi ,y ,uf L af r A Q , I, . Q H ,wht ,-.,- -my-57.31-,.,K 2,4-mwx 'Q K . W 31 .L +- . , 123 -,NV fix ly , ,- .fy X,' ,YJ Uv' " ' 15 ' j,-, v - Q4 . 1 Al Hhs? 411, - Qnfu ' ,qiguilfw ps? g ,f 4 1, .fix 53 ,JW f'if2jha:aigwiLvm4. it i.:3:G,f15?gLY5w?,1Ji4bav" -Lrifs E FQ!! 4? E Lx I 'fa :fu 2-i'lgQ3rQ5:'f-' ' K ' H V f A. x 1 "Y-.' 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N' F '-iff" " -A'?i"525':f.5:'?E ' "wEf'f2f5':'?E3'11's A lfiiig- 'J "W""2v!': Ri? x , f.ff:i-if ,gif , w,w,Q'1Qw.P.'.- 4, LHR, N- M: my L Va -, , . ' -.: if-.Q -P H sg- --N.P.a1i - ask ' --'QQ 'ff.f1'f'f 5 -'-,,.v .im-'E-L' af.'y,,fv . mf!-1?'e - ug.'?1,j.13xf rf! if, K fix., Q ,f -' 1 X A 1 V 212 ' , 4. Qfhjg .-gil' -, 'PQ' rf 1 gzfl. gg f bg f, 345.7 ',g.,,-ji,-,5fq4,U r ?5jyLf!'13yE5:--:fig Nfrgg H I All , V fgiiif 2 r :ev . .fff H141-.,-fr' ,'- gk: 4 iff, as ' ' X111 "TVN - x w:"v"., ' "T," f'1,siw sp! , V 5-g. , , " A " Li' + , -'AS' A :.-:lj-. 'f N L5 . -- f rf : ur W4-.yr J ---av-L1-fa' fX,'w.w'f1-'ffl' P", nw- lk :U ' 'f Af . - w.'J.'-'-ff. my--y ' --'ff-. .u-"p-v.- ,.'v'i,'f--g--,i:na-f,a- 4 4- ,a- . w, ,uma vz, 51,4-1w'.,5?,' -42+ 1,, If AQ, 5:,g,',g,A, ,'3.1:, Inv.. M I gnhnig---1:,g wa. F.,-v5:,., ' 'g.4'5y5r,g,5 fjq,..3'--'I,f.gx'.:-1--:F 1 1 1.1 ' v-,QQ :,1 r. LY'W'f,.'!Vl,' fi if-if'5iG,r,f4-"V -'f!4F'.f , ng,-Y X wg 50-1-29A41 .,' . ' ,1"'F3'2':cz' '.I""izf'f5fi' 1" A, A :rib q 'SAM' 5:5525 ' - 'Vi 1n!'f4-Nw g.z'.:.". 'gg' 11 "R+ 'n.1wmQ-HJW., ,, 'l,..Q ".5'i'.'i..11..?d1'LEr5.f.'o'-7'1 A V " 4 -' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ...mmw.M.-MmmMm..Awmw.wuwm'm.wh.w.wmmQw.,. 91- M.ML,.-Q..w,.gnm1mw:my1-M fQ,,qum.e..5.m.fw.- mmw--fqmwmmi-fm-.fy-,Lvf,.m.:wgwnm,:-.wma gwmwwrwwf. .um-gg?-ww In Memoriam CLIFTON A. COULTER 1888-1947 OUR PRINCIPAL We all admire Mr. Mickelwaitc for his quiet efficiency, wise judgment, and understand- ing as an adviser, leader, and friend. DEAN OF GIRLS Popular among all students is dean of girls, Miss Nina Kitts. Serving as an adviser to the Girls' League and custodian of the cal- endar we all have come to depend on her friendly aid. DEAN OF BOYS Mr. Potter, dean of boys, does much in solving the problems of the fellows and ot' the school. He is Vice-Principal, adviser to the Axemen's Council and director of Hi-Y aitivities in the Eugene-Springfield area. H2-. help is invaluable. SUPERINTENDENT AND ASSISTANT When Dr. Henry Gunn accepted a profes- sorship at U. S. C., Mr. Clarence Hines took over the superintendency of the Eugene City Schools. His pleasing personality and hard work have already commanded our esteem and respect. Dean Lobaugh has spent most of his time studying the curriculum with a view toward its revision. He is assistant superintendent. il., 426.61 fl. 5if.....l Eugene High if .still lop! in J,l7.i1'i! mm! .fcb0lm'rlai,D. Good luck to you who will L'Ll1'7'y 072 flex! year, amz' keep Eugene High al flue top. Alwayr, JACK GUNN History supports the idea that Jack Gunn has been one of the most capable of the long line of Eugene High Stu- dent Body presidents. A student-di- rected council has democratically re- vised our Constitution so that more stu- dents can be active leaders, encouraged the exchange of assemblies between neighboring schools, considered student problems, and done its bit to develop students' interests and abilities, Officers assisting jack were: jim Douglas, vice-president, Dolores Miller, secretary, Dolores Hanson, treasurer, Bill McCracken, auditor, and Ed Worth, student manager. With leadership of this quality Eu- gene High is "tops in spirit" and has made a great name for itself! ROW 1: L. Scott, J. Madigan, D. Vanderbelt, D. Hanson, D. Christensen, V. Cook, M. Hixon. ROW Z: S. Rierdon, D. Hendricks, M. Smith, D. Miller, J. Marks, P. McCinty, N. Kennedy, B. Daleiden, J. Kremmel. ROW 3: D. Ford, C, Beeson, W. Haynes, K, Welch, J. Douglas. ROW 4: E. Rutledge, J. Nasholm, J. Gunn. L. Campbell, H. Harris, D. Seeger, E. Worth, N. Richards. ROW 5: L. Haldorson, R. Dragon, D. Hubbard, D. Ruth D. Linder, D. Paden. .. ....Vwu Lawn .gint maxima uf MN we , 5 ae L. l.. N ' X '- ev N Q. 5 . ' ,Q .au . V. iii. .L.i. - I -'H J ' I ' .I I .fi 'W 'F 2 s4i"f'r vffw ffl Q.. ng, ' -Q.. 5 g 2 Q MISS MARY Ii. MALLERY Bookkeeping, Business Arithmetic, Adviser to Pep Club. Commercial Club and Student Body financial books MISS ZILDA HAYES Shorthand. Typing, Transcription. Adviser to Commercial Club MISS BESSIE KAMARAD Algebra, Geometry, Basic Math, Adviser to TrifY MISS GERTRUDE M. DEIERLEIN Typing, Adviser to Ambassadors, Clerical Dept. of Girls' League MRS. BARNI-IART Retail Selling MISS OLA M. INMDERMOTT Mathematics, Plane Geometry. Algebra MR. CLARENCE DIEBEL Chemistry, Junior Counselor, Adviser to Science Club, Faculty representative on Student Council, Sponsor of Science Talent Search MR. KENNETH KIENZEL Physics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Adviser to Science Club and Honor Society MR. DAN C. HAMLOW Biol0gY, Adviser to Hi-Y, Service Club. Golf Club MRS. NORA M. ROBERTSON Biology, Adviser to Science Club MRS. FRANC G. BAILEY Biology S MR. ROBERT H. LYON Social Problems, Adviser to Pack Rats n MR. HAROLD XV. ALLISON Social Problems, U. S. History. Debate MRS. VEOLA XVILMOT U, S. History MR, RUSSELL G. HIENDRICKS Social Problems, U. S. History. Activities Committee MRS, RUTH BEACON English 13, Adviser to Eugenean MISS JULIETTE C. GIBSON English 12, Newswriting. Creative Wfriting. Adviser to News MRS. FAY JUDY English ll, Adviser to junior Class MR. EDGAR GOODNOUGI-I English Il, Adviser to Honor Society CLCLL f MRS, LILAH L. BAKER A N Spanish. Adviser to Spanish Club MISS CLARA BLAIS French. Latin, Adviser to French and Latin Clubs MISS ESTI-IER HETTINGER Dramatics, Oral English. Adviser to Thespians MISS MARGARET E. ONION Library Training, Adviser to Auxiliary Dept. of Girls' League MR, ROY W. MALLERY Arr, Adviser to Paletteers MRS. 'IIHELMA S. LANDES junior Counselor. Girls' Glee. English 12, Adviser xo Sophomore Class MR. BYRON L. MILLER Band, Orchestra MR. GLENN M. GRIFFITH Vocal music supervisor, A Cappella, Boys' Glee, Assembly Committee. Adviser to Troubadors MISS I-IAZEL C. FISHXWOOD City Art Supervisor i I MRS. CAROLYN MELLEM Secretary MISS RITA NORRIS U Homemaking, Foods, Cafeteria supervisor MISS BETTY JOHNSON I Homemaking, Clothing, Adviser to Home Economics Club MISS MARY RUSCO Registrar MR. DUANE MELLE.M n Health, Physical Education. Coaching. Adviser to NNSS and E-Club MRS. LILLIAN LYNCH R.N, School nurse MRS. ERA BANKS Health, Physical Education, Adviser to Senior Class MISS INIABITI. DEVOS Health, Physical Education, Adviser to G. A. A. MR. HENRY KUCHERA Health, Physical Education. Head Coach, Football, Basketball, Tratk. Adviser to If-Cluln I3 MRS. CANNON-Cafeteria MRS, CHRISTIANSEN-Cafutcria MRS. NELSON4Cafeteria MRS. KITZ-Cafeteria MR, C. DONALD MOORE Inclusirial Arts, Aclviscr to Senior Class MR. CQLOYD B. MAKINSON Agl'iculturr,Aclvisc1 to F. F. A. MR. ODINE N. MICKELSON Induatrinl Arts, Representative chairman of Alr. Rc-tl f.i MR. C. A. QOULTER Mechanical Drawing. Flcctricity MRS, THPLMA LANDFS junior Counvclor MR. CI..-XRIiNC1If T',IDIIfBI1l. Junior Counselor MR. PAUL J. BURCH Social Living. Sophomore Class Adviser, Ride Cluh NIR. Ql- ALAN VUICKHAIN1 Social Living. U. S. History, Aclviscr to junior Clasa ani Chess Cluh MISS CAROLYN L. XWOODS Social Liv ing, Fngli5hl11,Ch. Activities Committee. Finance Dept. Girls' League MRS. RUBY A. NEXWMAN Social Living, U. S. History. Finance Dept. of Girls' League MR. XWILLIAM C. DFDMAN Social Living. English 11, Assembly Commirtee. 'licnn MR. LYLE T. SMALL Social Living. L'. S. History MW' M061 gang ff? T s' . 193 ffflfc fp . '.'f5':Q.2+f?'. 5 .31 :QA 7:4 r. IA JH ' In 359: ?.f.g+'1 .,'. Q f,.4.g-yy' f - VHZ'-7 ' ' -Q M154 .eg Vw .5.g9'.3.' 1 eg, .3.z:1.,,r 'qi f-'Ai' ' 1 f. "W51W I nr:-f. . X 321' 'kim-fi 1 . kia 9 . .faf.-'ag ' rjgkvvifyagi , N ,L .cujgev . mf. 't1rg,'.9' 4.. ,,-' gg. Nqr, - 1 jx, jg? ' .. "'1..1?. " fix, ' 23? 'M fl,4..:X.V HA f-3. YJ . .':yac2f.i" rw 'fir-r"'-"s1'?7 'fiii f xrpg by 32?-I . lgfiffiiv .11 "'xsg!?,1,'5 -if 1 . jggggfgp iff' .."..g:5'z2f .jill 1 X 5.-g w for " 1'-vim g'rXf-53134 .. '-71' f'335fg"1if ' ' 1 ", w .- If 'X 1 qw! nf V ,. Q . w .L 4. .. . ' 1. ,Q .7 w k,V'.,.K,':,. Vw, , ,. ,iqgfilxzxg "mi 1 'L' ,. qgiylflq' u .1 V - . f avi?-ff'i4. x x . irflfdvf "4- L . 3 i V'-f 'f wif. 'f' GQ, IA YL WI gn: gf ..::. -. .'-'ff' f ,:,g.'im 'I -:fu .3 '- ruff- gf . M.. X . '..,.5f12hg:14 5.15 -,..m..., .' ?QE1'f21'1i'ff1i - L nw' X '71 'J'-5 3 5?i'.'H14 ' ':.g'. Taxi.:-i jk i,4:AllgW,xi4 . ' ,- fQ -.ul . 1 if f.f.'?iQf" 'ig 'fl .1 , ,.,.. 3 1 fri! dvi .v fmugggg' :ii-f 'wi 3 ing. - -if aw." A. ., '---My S.-'iw N. . - 1 ' .e.. lwiigf nf i. 'griigi-fiilkwi. 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Q, V 1653... 35. . .,A,,. . ,... .. . , .. .,-,'. :. .J Af, , -Q--.1 'N-' ,.' fr- ,. Cizii. A 4 K , .. ' .. ..-gl. 1-, :, .--M, - J, Vw' -1, ' "X " ,, . 1. 1 . eniord The class of '47, destined to be the 46th graduating from Eugene High School, began its life crammed in the gym balcony listen- ing to the first of many assemblies and thrilling everybody by singing the song to the Alma Mater. We were the largest class in the school's history-446 vigorous sopho- mores. Right from the start we were in the midst of all school activities. Marcia Murray was elected Queen of the War Chest Drive, Sigrid Skade and Lucielle Zarzan were chosen as princesses for the Beaux Arts Ball, and Don Bench was president of the Lane County junior Red Cross Council. Upperclassmen found that the class held its share of talent when Doris jean Miller and Norman Richards walked off with prizes in the amateur show. The big money making project of the year was the "Beano" concession at the all- school carnival. The class officers for the first year were Ward Haynes, president, Dick Dahlberg, vice president, and Diane 16 Beairsto, secretary. Excellent advice was given by Mrs. Davis and Mr. Moore. We had brawn as well as brains that first year. The basketball B-squad was made up almost entirely of sophs. Gene Miner, Ernie Wilde, and Gene Rider also participated in the state basketball tournament. As juniors, mellowed with age and seasoned with verbal sauce, we were almost as wordly wise as the mighty seniors, largely due to the leadership of john McNutt president, Gordon Diebel as vice president, Dolores Hanson as secretary, and jane Carlisle as treasurer. The year was filled with outstanding and successful events cli- maxed by the dance "Peppermint Holiday" during junior Week. Naturally, the junior- Senior Prom was the best ever presented at Eugene High. "Guadalajara" featured a breath-taking scene brought directly from Mexico. A sidewalk cafe, a rainbow foun- tain, and wonderful lighting effects made the dance a truly spectacular affair. Star athletes abounded in the class that memorable junior year. John Banks was se- lected an All-star in football, and Gene Miner and Ernie Wilde made the District Six All-star team in Basketball. The high- light of the year was the winning of the State Championship in basketball. Notable was the fact that of the ten men on the team, five were juniors-Gene Miner, Ernie Wilde, Gene Rider, Don Ruth, and Dick Garrett. As a result of his superior record during the tournament, Gene Miner was se- lected for the All-state second team. Three years within these "white gleaming portals" produced a marked change in us and the school. Forty-six years of graduat- ing classes have left their mark-in names carved on desks and in worn places on the stair. Eugene High's contribution to them has been immeasurable. Our health was im- proved in combating the perpetual cyclone between rooms 111 and 113. Under the leadership of the senior class officers, we are about to complete another very eventful year. Many things have made it momentous. Dorothy Christensen won a trip to Wash- ington, D.C., and a 38100 scholarship as Westinghouse Science Talent Search Finalist. Dick Dahloerg was outstanding in two fields -science and speech, winning an Honorable Mention in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, the Bausch and Lomb science award, winner of State Extempore contest for two consecutive years. Stan Turnbull, Editor of the News, received Honorable Mention award in Pepsi Cola Scholarship competi- tion. jack Gunn and jackie Barbee were both finalists in Lane County Elks Scholar- ship competition. jack also won a series of contests in American Legion Oratorical Con- test, finally placing second in Northwest Dis- trict. State Champion orator was Fred Dodge, who also won honors in Knights of Pythias speaking contest. A team consisting of Dick Dahlberg, Fred Dodge, Harold Haight, and Dolores Miller, won second place in Oregon State Debate Tourney. Among the many sports award winners was john Banks, who received the Simmons cup for outstanding football playing, jim Hanns, john Banks, Robin Lee, Gene Miner, Charles Luttrell were chosen for the District Six All Star football team. Ernie Wilde was se- lected for the All State basketball team. Ed Worth and Gloria Jeske are the Pacific Coast junior pairs champions in ice skating. At writing time, there are a great many scholar- ship awards as yet unannounced. The Senior Dance, "Blue Rain," was a big hit, as was the Beaux Arts Ball with Freda Shannon reigning as queen. A heartfelt thank you to our teachers and to our advisers, Mr. Moore and Mrs. Banks, for giving us the guidance, patience, and encouragement to face the challenge of a broadening horizon. LEFT TO RIGHT: lane Carlyle, Mrs. Banks, Leigh Campbell, Mr. Moore, Gordon Diebel, Ward Haynes. ADAIR ,lR., ROBERT XVILLIAM-Entered from Seattle. Washingtcyng B-Squad. Football 2. Prom Comm. 23 A Cappella -R. ANDERSON. Robert L.fAxemen's Council 2. ANDREW, JEAN B.-G.A.A. 1-Z-3. Treasurer 33 Tri-Y 1-2433 Latin Club 3: Student Council Rep. Z1 Eugenean Salesman 3. ARCHIBALD, BETTY JEAN-Entered from XX'lllIllCl', Cui- forniag Thcspians 3. ARMSTRONG. ANNE-Pep Club 153 Paletteers 33 A Cap- pella 2-31 Girls' League Rep. '33 Girls' League Cabinet: Commencement Comm.g Announcement Comm.: Sr. Dancc Comm. 1 Chairman of Print and Cord Week EH. ARMSTRONG. RICHARD DAVID-Entered from Univer- sity High. ARMSTRONG, GARNER TED-A Cappella 5. AYDELOTT, ELNORA JEAN-Girls' League Rep. 3: Span- ish Club 1-Z-5g G.A.A. 3g Paletteers 51 Science Club 5g Ambassadors 2-135 Library Stat? 3. BAKER, MARY CAROLYN-Entered from Elmira, Oregong G.A.A, 3 Girls' Glee. BALE, BUFORD C.fArchety Club Ig F.F.A, Z-5g Camera Club 5. BANKS, JOHN DAVID-Student Body Vice-President 2: Honor Society 2-33 Student Council ll-Zg Stamp and Bond Comm. 21 Axemen's Council 2, Vice-President C53 Football I-V2-5, Co Captain 6, All Star l2g Basketball l-2-'53 Track 1-2-453 Club 1-2-53 National Athletic Scholarship 5. BARBIEE, IACQUELINE MAY-Honor Societ 2-31 P.T.A. Dance Comm. lg Girls' Glee 13 A Cappella 2-3g Debate 2-33 Paletteers Q-3g Troubadours 2-5: Pep Club 33 Activi- ties Comm. BARRIZLL, SHARON LEE BEAIRSTO, DIANE-Sec.-Treas., Sophomore Classg Sopho- more Dance Coming Ad Staff 2g Pep Club '2-33 Paletteets 2-E55 Girls' Glce 243: junior Dance Comm. 3. BECKER, EDWARD S.-Entered from Tucson, Arizonag Band I2-31 Orchestra 2-3g Science Club 33 junior Sym- phony 2-13. BLACK, CAROLIN RENEE-Entered from University Highg Honor Societv SL Latin Club 2-53 French Club 51 Tri-Y U-33 Ad Staff 2: Spanish Club 2: Scientc Club 3. BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA L.-Entered from Prineville, gkegung Band l-2151 Spanish Club lg Senior Dante ,omm. 5. BOESEN. CAROL ALICE-Spanish Club 11 Pep Club 3: Library Start 5: Paletteers 23 Student Council Rep. 5, BOLES, LEE ROYfEnteretl from Iwfalvern, Iowag Football 25 Basketball Manager 2133 Track Manager Z1 Football Manager 53 C'lub 11-53 Stu.lent Council 5. BOONE, DONNA L. BOWDE-R, IRIS JUNEWA Cappella -2-31 Troubadours 5g Commercial Club IB. BOYHIP, CHARLES ELDON-Vocational School .25 A Cap- pe aI5. BRANDT, KARLA MARY-Honor Society 3: Girls' League Comm. Chairman I35 Band 142-5: Sec. 5g Orchestra 1-Z3 A Cappella I5: Tri-Y 51 Ad Staff lg News Staff 33 Debate fig Inter Nos 5: Camera Club B. BRINKMAN, DONNA MAE-Entered from Grossmont High, San Diego, California: Girls' Glee 11 A Czkppella 5g Student Counci Rep. IVZQ News Staff 53 Ad Sta 6. BENCH. DONALD DEEfRitle Club Z3 Service Club Ig Stua tlent Council l 3 Stamp and Bond Comm, 1. BENNETT, KENNETH L.fEugene Vocational School. BETHEI., GLORIA JOYCE BILLINGS, JANICE-Spanish Club ZQ5. BISSELL, MAECEI. MAYfHonor Society 3: Girls' League Cabinet 53 Tri-Y 1245, Treasurer 33 Girls' Glee 2-51 Chair- man of Red Cross Drive lg Polio Drive Chairman 23 Am- bassadors 3. BISSELL, RAYMOND C.-f--Archer! Club I, Vice-President li Assistant Football Manager Z, Manager 33 Eugenean Sales- man 23 Clubel. BROOKS, PEGGY LAVONNEfEniered from Garden City. Kansasg French Club 2-53 Sec.-Treas. 3: Paletteers 2-33 Tri-Y 1-53 G.A.A. 3: Canteen Council Zg Canteen Suit? 1: Science Club E. BROXVN, BETTY JUNE-Paletreers 1: Stamp anclkliuntl Comm. l-2: Tri-Y 3: Ambassadors I-2-3: Girls' Cilee J. BROVUN, DOLORES EILEEN-G.A.A. 2-35 Science Club 52 Girls' League Rep. 2: Tri-Y 5: Girls' Glee 2: Senior Dance Comm. LS. BROWN, DON ARLENiEnrered from Cloudcraft, New Mexicog Ambassadors 1-Z3 Latin Club 5: Chess Club 5. BROWN. FRANK BASHFUL- --Represents all camera shy seniors. BRYANT. CHARLES L. HUCKLIZS, DOLORES E.gCommercial Club 53 Office Staff 3. ISLIRGIY. MARILYN JEAN-Tri-Y 2-E: Serxice Chairman 3. Szuclent Council 2: Girls' League Council 3: Latin Club E' Palemteers N33 G.A,A. '25 Canteen Council 1. BUTLER, DRING L. BUTLER, THOMAS THEODORE-Entered from Universitv Highg Hi-Y 6. BUZZIELL, PATRICIA JEANfI-Ionor Society 3: Commercial Club 9, President 52 Pep Club 1-2-3: Paletreers 2-3g As- sembly Comm, 2: Girls' League Rep. 2: Prom. Comm. 2: Othce Staff 51 Spanish Club 1: Girls' League Usher. CAMPBELL. XWILEY LEIGH-Entered from Klamath Falls. Oregong Sr. Class Presidentg Paletteers 453 Pack Rats 3-3: Basketball 'I-23 Ring Comm. 23 Student Council Rep. 2-5. CARLISLE, jANE7I-Ionor Society Z-5: Girls' Glee Club 11 A Cappella 2433 Treas. of Junior Classg Sec. of Senior Classg Pep Club 2-3, Sec. -Eg jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 23 As- sembly Comm. 'Z-+5 gGirls' League Social Chairman 25 Rally Squacl '3. CASPIZRSON. DONNA JEAN-Pep Club 2-5: Tri--Y 2-3: Publicity Chairman 33 Commercial Club 53 Student Coun- cil Rep. 21 Girlsi League Rep. lg Science Club 3: Office Training 5. CHRISTENSEN, DOROTHY jEAN4Ediror of Eugenean 31 Honor Society 2453 Tri-Y l-I-5, Treasurer .lg Latin Club 2-51 Science Club 31 Service Club 23 Girls' League Rep. 2, Chairman of Cnmmcnccmcnrg Finalist Science Talent Search. CLINTON, JAMES EUGENE-Entered from Salem, Oregon. COAKES, DONALD E.-Yell Leader 2, Axemen's Council: Boys' Glecg A Cappella. COAKES, RONALD DEAN-Yell Leader 23 A Cappella, Stamp and Bond Comm. COCKERLINE, ALFRFJD R, JR.-F.A.A. I-2-3: Sec. 3, Pres.l5, COE, VIOLA LOIS-Commercial Club 53 Library Staff 3. COFFELT, LOIS Ilflfntered from Prineville, Oregon. COGGINS, ,IACQUELINIZ BIETTY4Commercial Club 3. Office Staff B. COLLINS, BOB EUGENE-Enterccl from Holbrook, Arizona, Vocational Schiml Z-3. CASXVIILI., DOLORES M. CHAAIBIERLAIFI, DORIS ANN---G.A,A, 51 'I-l'l-If 5, Am- bassadors 1-5, Council 1 3 Student Council Rep. I-51 Stamp and Bond Comm. 1-1. CHAPMAN, DOROTHY MAEfGirls' Glen 1 3 Palctteers 'S CHAPMAN, LILA MARGARETfA Cappella 1-1-53 Palete tccrs 2453 Pep Club 2- 33 Camera Club 1. CHASIE, NI2ILfSpanisli Club 5g Pres. 53 Canteen Council, I-Ii-Y, fXI'lll1llSSilLlOl'SQ Buys' Cilcc 23 A Cappella 3. CHASE, PATSY MffPcp Club 3: Library Staff 51 Tri-Y '33 Girls' Glue 23 Ambassadors lal-5. COLLINS, HELEN MARIE-Entered from Klamath Falls, Oregon. COOK. LETHA Lf-Entered from Buistfort, Wlxsltingtong Girls' League Rep. 3. COOK, VIRGINIA-Enreretl from' Long Beach, Calif.g Girls' League Council 51 Pep Club 3g Spanish Club J: Com- mercial Club 51 Girls' League Rep, 3-Sq Srutlent Council Rep. 3. COOLEY, SALLY MARIE- --Entered from Myrzle Creek, Oregong Tri-Y 2-3, Music Chairman 53 Pep Club 55 G.A.A. 2-53 A Cappella 3. CORBIN. MARYLOIS-G.A.A. lg Office Stall 5. COX. MARCIA JEAN-Entered from Bamlon. Oregong G.A.A. Q-33 Tri-Y 3, G.A.A. Council 5, CRABTRIEE. GARVIN D,-Honor Society 255: Spanish Club 1-Z-3, Vice-Pres. 151 Chess Club .33 Science Club 6, Prest- tlent 35 Student Council Rep. 1-3, Debate 3g News Statf 3. CRAIG. ELIZABETH KELLNERfEnterecl from Aurora. Illinoisg Paletteers 2, Thespians 3: G.A.A. 2-3: Pep Club 'Eg A Cappella 5g junior-Senior Prom Comm. lg Stage Crew 2. CRAKES, JAMES G,-Honor Society 3: Football 3g Basket- ball 1-11 Baseball l-2-3g A Cappella 1-3-S: Sports Ed. of E,H.S. News 5g Axemen's Council Rep. l-Q-3, Treas. 53 Hi-Y 1-2-'35 Sec. of Finance -5g National Athletic Society 2-54 Stamp and Bond Comm. lg Assembly Comm. Q. DAHLBERG, RICHARD C.-Honor Society 2-3. Pres. 3g Vice Pres. of Soph. Classg Hi-Y 2-35 Service Club lg Chem. Club 3, hairman of Senior Announcements and Cardsg Senior Class Historyg Tennis 2-3: Debate 2-3: Stamp and Bond Comm. 1g Eugenean Staff 35 Honorable Mention in Science Talent Search. DAMMEN, THELMA EILEEN-Enteregl from Milwaukie. Oregong A Cappella l-2-5. DAVIS, XYXILLIAM R,-Axemen's Council I-23 Canteen Counrill DANIELS, DOLORES B.-Student Council Rep. Z: Girls' League Usherette 2. DAVENPORT, HELEN FAlTH7Entered from junction City, Oregong Student Body Sec, at junction City, Band and Orchestrag Commercial Club 33 Girls' League Alternate 3, Eugenean Salesman 3. DIEBIEI., GORDON-Honor Society 5: Senior Class Treas. G3 junior Class Vice-Pres. 2g Eugenean Photographer 31 HifY 1-3-3, Chaplain 2, Vice-Pres, 5: Rifle Club 2: jr., Sr. Prom Comm. 2, ir, Dance Comm. 5: Axemcn's Coun- cil Fun Night Comm. , 3 News Staff 5. EDGEWORTH, jANE LEEfEntered from Golden, Colo- rndog Girls' League RCP- 51 Girls' Glee Z3 Tri-Y 5. ELLISON, CLYDEiHi-Y 33 Rifle Club 2g Baseball 1-2-5 Captain 53 Club 2. ELLWOOD. DONNA JEAN-G.,-LA. 1-Z-53 Tri-Y Qg Intex Nos 2-B3 Pep Club 1-'33 Sramp and Bond Comm. lg Girls League Council 3. E-NGEBRETSEN, HAROLD LEROY FALK, EDWARD C. JR.-Stamp and Bond Comm. 1g Axe- men's Council Representative 3. FERRELL, GORDON W.-Entered from Los Angeles, Cali- forniag Spanish Club 5. FLADSTOL, LORRAlNE YVONNE-Spanish Club 1. FLUENT, JOHN L.-Paletteers ZJS FOX, AL FRANK DILLON, JOAN KAY-Entered from Van Nuys, California. DODGE, FREDERICK WlLLlAMfH4Dnor Society Z-3: Eu- genean Staff 53 Editor of Handbook 55 Hi-Y 215, Cha lain 5g Ambassadors 1-23 Treas. Z: Debate 2-3: Chess Club 35 Band 15 Axemen's Cabinet -31 Be-Up, Clean-Up Week Chairman 5g Editor of Axe Handles '33 Baccalaureate Chairman. DROLLINGER, RHEA JOYCE-Girls' League Attendant 2: Girls' Glee Club 1-2-5: V. Pres. S. DUGAN, SHIRLEY jEAN-Honor Society 53 Girls' Lea ue Rep. 5g Girls' League Cuuncil 23 Usherette 2g Pep Club 2453 Ambassadors 1-25 A Cappella 1-Z-3g Latin Club 3: Service bClub J-5. EARL, HELEN MARGUERITE-Honor Society 2-135 Vice- Pres. 5g Debate 3-33 G.A.A. 1-2-3, Sec. 15: Pep Club 2-Fig Tri-Y 2-'51 Spanish Club J-3, EDDY, DONNA YVONNEfEntered fmm Connon Wfood, ltlnhug Girls' Glee 3. FROLEN, EDWARD DONALD-ffiiaselcall 1-Z-33 Cluh 2-33 Sec. 33 National Athletic Scholarship Societyg Pack Rats 2133 Bancl 13 I-Ii-Y 2-33 Rifle Club 3. FULTON, ROBERT S.7A Cappella 33 Ambassadors 151. GADSDEN, CATHERINE MARYfEnteretl from Myrtle Creek, Oregong Student Council Rep-, 13 Majorette I-23 G.A.A. 3: Science Club 5. GARDNER, HAROLD GEORGE-A Cappella I-2-3: Palet- teers tl-Z-33 Vice-Pres. '33 Boys' Glee lg Club Q31 Camera Club 33 Baseball 1 3 Football 5. GARDNER. Pl-IYLLIS LOREENvEntered from Buffalo, New York3 Thespians Q, Pres. 33 Paletteers 'Z-33 Pep Club 5: Canteen Council Rep. Z. GARRETT, DICK LEE-"E" Club 1-5, Pres. 33 Basketball 1-2453 Axemen's Council Rep. 1-53 A Cappella 33 National Athletic Scholarship Society: Stamp and Bond Comm. l. GAVENEY. NANCY LEEYG.A.A. 1: A Cappella 1-2-31 News Staff 53 Peo Club 2155 Girls' League Otlice 23 Span- ish Club 13 jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.: Atl Staff 53 Sophomore Dance Comm. 1: junior Dance Comm. 23 Girls' League Usherette 2. GAYLORD. GERRY ANNfHonor Society 33 Pep Club ll-2-3, Pres. 3 Student Council 1-Z3 A Cappella 2-33 3 Vice-Pres. 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 23 junior Dance Comm. 23 Stamp and Bond Comm. 23 Girls' Glee lg News Staff S, Ad Starf'?- 3 Girls' League Usherette 2. GIBSON, JEANNE DEI..ORESfTl1espians 1-2-33 Stamp anal Bond Comm. 23 Girls' Glee Z3 A Cappella 33 Pep Club 53 Eugenean Staff 53 News Staff 3. GILLMORE, EARL M. GLICK, HERBERT EDISON-Entered from Mount Carmel. Illinois. GOODMAN. LARUE SUE-Entered from Martinez, Cali- fornia Ambassadors 3. GOODLIN, JOANNE-Honor Society ing Eugenean Staff 31 French Club 53 Vice-Pres. 53 Activities Comm. Z-31 Sophomore Dance Comm. 13 junior Dance Comm. 2: Stamp and Bond GRAVES, ALAN Club I-Z3 Stage GRAY, SETH L. Comm. 1. G.-Bantl 2-'S 3 Crew 1: Stamp -Entered from il-ZJ33 Vice-Pres, 33 Orchestra 23 Rifle Club 33 jr. Symphony 2. Paletteers 1-2-33 Spanish and Bond Comm. I. Marcola, Oregon3 Bantl A Cappella 33 F.F.A. 5g HALL. ALLAN MARTIN-Golf Team 1-I-Sq Captain 5. HAMILTON, DAVID R. HAMILTON, PATRICIA ANNf'l'ri-Y 2-S: Pres. 5: Inter Nos '2-35 Girls' League Cabiner 25 Girls' League Rep. 1-Z3 G.A..A. Ig Girls' Glee 2. HAMILTON, WENDELL L.-Entered from Winneld, Kansasg Chess Club 5, Vice-Pres. 55 Axemen's Council 5g Inter Nos 3g Service Club 3. HAMMOCK, BILL E.- News staff 2-51 Associate Ed. 3: Eugene-an Staff 33 Paletteers 2-51 junior Ring and Pin Comm. 21 Club 2-33 Football 23 Track I-Z-53 Track Captain iS: National Athletic -Scholarship Society: Chr. of Sr. Will Prophecy, and Historv Comm. Student Cabinet 3. HAMMOCK, VERNA MAXINE-G.A.A. I-'l-'51 Spanish Club 2-5. HANDLEY, DONNA JEAN-Tri-Y 2-5: Girls' Glee 1-2-31 Girls' League Rep. 5. HANNAFORD, GEORGE F.-Entered from Gainesville, Florida. HANNS, JAMES EDWARDvStudent Council 2-5: National Athletic Scholarship Society 2-55 Club I-2-55 Foot- ball l-2-3g Baseball l-2-5. GRIFFITH, MARILYN-Honor Society 2-5, Pres. 55 Pep Club I-2-ig Girls' Glee lg A Cappella 2-33 Troubadours 1-R5 Debate 1-5, Thespians, CUNN, JACK BERKLEY-Student Body Pres. 35 Honor Society 2-53 Hi-Y Z-'53 Band Z-33 Debate 2-33 Service Club lg Paletteers 23 Spanish Club 2-55 Eugenean Staff lg Chess Club 5g Tennis Team 2-5. HAIGHT, HAROLD C.vStudent Council 1: Football 15 Tennis Hg Debate 2-5. HALDORSON, LELAND KENT--FFA. l-2-3, Vice-Pres. 25 Sec. S3 Archery Club I. HALDORSON. LFNORE MAYfCommercial Club lg Othre Stati 5. HALIZY, RUTH V.-G.A,A. 31 Commercial Club 33 French Club 5. HANSON. DOLORES I-I.-Student Body Treasurer 55 Honor Society Z-55 junior Class Sec. 25 Student Council Rep. 15 Girls' League Rep. 25 Commercial Club I-55 Tri-Y 5. HANSON, KEITH D.-Entered from Tacoma, Xwashington. Chess Club 6. C HARRIS, HOWARD DAVID-Entered from Norwalk, Cali- forniag Student Council 35 Band and Orchestra 1-25 Foot- ball 2-3g Club 3. HAWKINS, DOROTHY ELLAfG.A.A. 1-2-'55 Girls' Glee 5. HAYNES, WARD M.-Honor Society 2-55 Sophomore Class Pres.5 Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Pack Rats I-.Z-.35 Vice- President 3g Axemen's Council 1-25 Rifle Club 25 Club 35 National Athletic Scholarship Society 2-65 jr,-Sr, Prom Comm. 25 Football 2-L35 Basketball 15 Student Council 3, HEIN, FLORENCE4Commercial Club 3: News Staff 3: Ad Staff 3: Eugenean Stan 5. HELIKSON, LOIS ANN-Commercial Club 55 Girls' Glee 25 Olhce Staff 35 Tri-Y 6. HENDERSON, JAMES E.-Entered from Monroe, Oregon5 Eugene Vocational School. HERBRANSON, JOAN CLAIRE-Rally Squad 55 A Cap- pella 2-55 Librarian 25 Pep Club 2-'53 G.A.A. 1-2-35 Girls' League Rep. 15 Try-Y 15 Spanish Club 15 Com- mercial Club 3. HINK, DOUGLAS I..-Entered from Elma, Washington. HOILAND, GEORGE ANDREW'-Axemen's Council Rep. llg Band 1-2-3. HORNIBROOK, RETA LOUISE-G.A.A. 1-35 Girls' Glee 3. HOSELTON, SHIRLEY NOREEN-A Cappella 35 G.A.A. 1. HOXEY, MARION I.-Entered from Glendale High Schoolg A Cappella Z-35 Girls' Glee 2-455 Ambassadors 3. HUBBARD, DELBERT M.-Football 2-55 Basketball 1-2-55 Club 35 Student Council 1-55 P.T.A, Dance Comm. 1-2135 A Cappella 55 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 25 Sophomore Dance Comm. 1. JEPPESEN, GLADYS I.-Tri-Y 2-33 Inter Nos 31G.A.A. 11 Girls' Glee lg Paletteers 5. JESKE, GLORIA JOHNSON, ERLENE ROSE-Student Council 1-23 Pep Club '2-'Zag Office Stal? 31 G.A.A, 1-25 Paletteers 2-3: Prim it Cord Week Dance Comm. Z5 Beaux Arts Ball Princess Zg Tri-Y 1. JOHNSON, GENE B.-Entered from Hazelton, Idaho: Vice- Pres. of Senior Class in Hazelton. JOHNSON, HOWARD H.7Studerxt Council 2. JOHNSON. MARJORIE HELENfTri-Y L26 Q Program Chairman 53 Thespians 3g Girls' Glee 53 Girls' League Council J3. JOHNSON, SHIRLEY ARDELLE-Pep Club 1-3-3: Girls' Glee 1-55 Junior Dance Comm. 2g Canteen Council Z: Tri-Y lg Girls' League Usherette 2. I fa JOHNSTON, HARVEY D.--F.F.A. .. JOHNSTON, RICHARD W.iVocational School 2-3 HUSS DAVEiITntered from Siuslavr Union High School. IJAMS, MARY I.EEiHoncnr Society 5: Eugenean Staff 55 Debate 2-'Eg Student Council J: Pep Club 3: 4Girls'1League Cabinet 53 G.A.A. J-jg Inter Nos lg Girls' Glee Z: Tri-Y 6. INGRAM. MARY LEE--Entered from Oakridge, Oregon! Girls' Glec 2. ISAACSON, PATRICIA RUTH-Tri-Y Zg Girls' Glcc 2-3 Stamp and Bond Comm. Z. JACK. OLGA MARIE-Entered from Pleasant Hill, Oregong Tri-Y 1-Z3 Commercial Club 3g P.T.A. Dance Comm, 53 Library S:aH 3g Oiiice Stat? 5. JAQUENOD. MARIE PEARL-Honor Society 33 Student Council Rep. 23 Girls' League Rep. 243g Ambassadors I-2-3. Vite-Pres. 5: Council Zg A Cappella 1g Tri-Y 2. IOHNSTON, TEDDY ALLEN-Entered ftoin University ' High School, VIONES. MARILYN M.-Girls' Glec I-51 G..-LA, 3. JONES, MARION ,IAY-Axemen's Council 1: Stulenz Council lg Fimtbiill 1. JORDAN. IXJLORIES PLAINEfPaletteeiw 31 Lilwmry Staff S. KEEFE. DORIS E.-Deb.ttc 2-53 Spanish Cluh 5. Ci.A.A. u-5. i KELLER. CQERMAIN DELORESfEniered from Menaslm. Wisconsin, G.A.A. 23 Tri-Y 5. KELLER, MARY ELEANOR-Entered from University High School, Palettcers Z-3g Spanish Club 2-55 Rally Squad 55 Student Council lg jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 25 jr, Ring Comm. 1, jr. Dance Comm. 2. KENNEDY, NANCY-Entered from Sheboygan, XX'isconsin A Cippelln 53 Pep Club 55 Student Council 5. KIRK, LUIS ALADENE-G.A.A. I-I-33 Tri-Y I1 Girls' Clee 2: Pep Club: Girls' League Rep. KNOLLIN, BOBRAY-Honor Society 5, Ritlc Club 2-5, President 33 Hi-Y 53 Pack Rats 3, Service Club 53 Axc- men's Council Z-53 Stamp and Bond Comm. 2, Science Club 5. KNOXVLES, ARTHUR LEROY KRIZMMEL, JO ANN-Entered from St, Marys, Yell Leguler lg Class See. lg Otfice Staff 53 Tri-Y 53 G.A.A. 'J-L53 Student Council Rep. 5. KRUEGER, KENNETH R.-Entered from Merrill, Wisciwnsin. KRLIMDIECK, DOROTHY L.-Girls' League Cabinet 23 li.A.A. 1. KUNKEL, RAY H-Entered from Dexter, New Mexico: Axe- men's Council l-2. LOE, XWANDA LORRAINE-Entered from Oakland, Cali- forniag A Cappella 33 Oliice Staff 5. LOPPNOXV, YVONNE I. L.fEntcred from University Higli Sclgoolg G.A.A. Z-l3g Girls' Gleeg Tri-Yg Vocational Sc oo 3. LOSETH, HOVUARD O.-Chess Club 3. LOUCKS, MERTON I.-Basketball 1-Z. LUNDBERG, ED HAROLD-Latin Club 2-3: Service Club 11-i2-135 Chess Club 3g Rifle Club 3g Science Club 33 Service Club 3, Pres. 3. LUTTRELL, CHARLES FRANKLIN-Football l-I-31 "li" Club Z-3. MADSEN, SUZANNE-Entered from Council Bluffs, Iowag Inter Nos Z-3g Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 35 Paletteers 2-33 Am- bassadors 2-3g Girls' League Rep. 2 Tri-Y 35 Pep Club 3. MAGNUSON, MARJORIE ANNE-Entered from Carrington, N. Dak.g News staff 3g Ad Stal? 3. MAHANY, SHIRLEY ANNE-Girls' League Cabinet 3: Rally Squad 35 Pep Club 2--33 Paletteers 2-31 Girls' Glee Club 2-33 Spanish Club lg Jr. Graduation Comm. LAKE, CHARLES E.-Agriculture 1-Z3 Boys' Glee 1-23 Debate 5g F.E.A. 1-1. LARKEY, KENNETH NELSON--Entered from Long Beach, California. LEE. ROBIN S.-Entered from Portland, Oregong A Cap- pella 39 Football 1-2-3g Track 1-2-5g jeffersonian Paper, r'nrtland1 Axemen's Council Rep. 3. LITTLE, ROBERT CALVIN-Service Club lg 'Iiuubadours 2-63 A Cappella 1-Z-3. LLOYD, JOYCE LAVERNE-Entered from Smithland, lowag Girls' Glee 1-2-3g Commercial Club 33 G.A.A. 3. LOCKARD, GERALD G. INIALOS, LENORE-Stamp Bond Comm, I3 Glee 3: Canteen Council Rep. 2. MALPASS, DAVID CHARLES4Axemen's Council Ren. 2-53 Pack Rats 51 Nat'l Athletic Scholarship Society 2. MANNEI., JOAN F.-Honor Society 5: Chairman of Girls League Homemaking Det. 51 Tri-Y 2-5. Cabinet 53 Orchestra I-23 Latin Clug 2-:Sg Service Club 2-31 jr,-Sr. Prom Comm. 23 Library Statl 5. MANSETH, ROBERT A.-Archery Club 13 Science Club 53 Service Club 53 Axemen's Council Rep. 3. MARINES, BEVERLY JEANY-Spanish Club 243: Girls' Glee 53 Pitletteers I. MARKS, LORALEE JEANNE-Honor Society 5: G.A.A. 1. Sec. 2, Pres. 53 Pep Club 1-2-33 Student Council Rep. 2-31 Girls' League Cabinet 53 Girls' Glee 5, Sec. 51 Social Prob. Librarian 5: lr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 21 jr. Graduation Comm. MARSHALL, ALICE ANNE-Orchestra 1-2, Vice Pres. 2: Girls' Glee l-IZ, Program Chairman 23 A Cappella 33 Tri-Y 11243, Music Chairman 2, Vice Pres. 33 Pep Club 2-53 Girls' League Rep. 23 Thespians 3, MASSON, RENEE OLGA-Entered from Portland, Oregon. lvI.g?CgJN, JEAN XV.-Spanish Club 3, Sec. 53 Commercial u 5. MCCRACKEN, 'JOHN WILLIAM JR.-Student Body Auditor 53 Honor Society 53 Pack Rats 12215: Student Council Rep. 1-53 Axemen's Council Rep. 1-'23 Debate 243g Football 23 Stamp and Bond Comm. 2. MCGILLICUDDY, BLAINE H.-Pack Rats 1-'2-3, Pres. 33 Hi- Y 2-53 Axemen's Council Rep. 53 Football 2. MCGINTY, PATRlClA4iirls' League Rep. 1, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 5, Lane County Pres. 53 Honor Society 2-'31 Student Council Rep. 23 Pep Club 1-2-33 Chairman Queen of Hearts Drive 23 junior Week Comm. 23 jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 23 jr. Rings and Pins Comm. 23 Latin Club 33 E.H.S. D.A.R. Girl 3. McEXXfI2N, DONNA-Entered from Seaside, Oregon. McHENRY, PI-IYLLIS JOANNE-Spanish Club 1-12-5 G.A.A. 1,2-33 Ambassadors 13 Student Council 2, MclNTlRE, ROBERT OXVENWPaletteers lg Service Club 2. MEANS, BILLIE -IEAN-Ambassadors Z-53 Orchestra 1-3-B: Girls' Glee. MELBY, DORIS ELEANOR-Honor Society 2-3, Treasurer Eg Eugenean Staff 3g Business Manager 5: Pep Club E: Commercial Club Z-3: Debate 21 Girls' Glee 13 Girls' League Rep. l-21 Library Staff Z-33 Office Stall' S: P.'l'.A. Dance Comm. l. MENTION, ROBERT MEREWIETHER, ALLEN E.-Yell Leader 5g Student Coun- cil 23 A Cappella 3. MERVYN. JOHN S. MILLER, DOLORES ELIZABETH-Student Body :-sc. 3: Honor Society Z-'51 Debate 2-3g Pep Club 1-2-5: G.A.A. I-2-3: Commercial Club 2g Student Council Rep, 1-Z3 Clajntsenf Council Rep. 2g Mask 8: Dagger 25 Tri-Y lg Stat 2. MILLER, DORIS jEANiHonqr Society 5g Troubadours 51 A Cappellag Orthcstrag Spanish Club BQ G.A.A. 1 3 Girls' L-lee C ub 1 g Debate fl 3 Li rary Stall 2. MILLER, JOSEPH J.-Spanish Club 1g Debate Z-'5g News Stal? '35 Ad Stall '3. MILLER, MARY LEE LOUISE-A Cappella 2-53 Pep Club Bg Band .2-3, Maiorette 2-5g Paletteers 2-3. Mt'lN'I'YRE, SARAH LOUTHERAffIintere.l from Spring- field, Oregong Spanish Club 33 Girls' Glee 1-1-K MQKIEEN, BEVERLY EVONNE-G.A.A. 1: Spanish Club lg Ambassadt rs l, MCKINNEY. SALLY DANTE4GirIs' League Rep. l-1-3g Tri-Y l-I-3. Sec. 5: Pep Club 31 Latin Club 51 News Szalf E. Bus. Manager 3. Ad Staff 2-3. McMANIMAN. BETTY LOUfMask Br Dagger l-Z-5, Sec. '31 Sophomore Assembly Chairman 15 Sophomore Nominat- ing Comm. I 3 A Cappella 3g Thespians 5. MCNUTT. JOHN B.-junior Class Pres. 1: Sophomore Dance Chairman lg Paletteers 1-2-3, Vice Pres. 5: Student Counril Rep, lg Hello Week Dance Comm. 3g Assembly Compu. 2-31 A Cappella 35 Hi-Y 5g Co-editor of thc Casa a. MCXVILLIAMS, BEATRICE MAY-Entered from Durango, Colorado: Service Club. l l l MILLER, NANCY LEE-A Cappella Z-51 Band 2-5, Major- etre 1-5: Pep Club 3. MINISR, DOUGLAS GIfNEfFuotball I-51 Basketball I-I-S: Track I-lg Club 1-1-5, Vice Pres. 53 A Cappella 111453 Buys' Glee lg Paletteers Fw. MINTZ, DONALD EUGENE-Hi-Y 51 Baseball I-ig "li" Club Zvi. MITCHIZLI., VERNON-Entered from Pleasant Hill. Orc- gong Axcmen's Council Rep. MOORE, PATRICIA M.-A Cappella 5: Girls' Glee 1-Z: Spanish Club 3: Girls' League Ushercrre 3. NIORISFIIZLD. ALLENE ELNORIK-Girls' Glee 51 Himnw Iicunmniu Club Hg News Staff 5. MORRUXV, MELVIN ALLEN MU-ELLER WILLIAM 1.4-Entered from Hawthorne, Califura n ag Band 13. MLTLLINS, JOHN ROBERT-Vocational School 1. MURRAY, MARCIA GAIL-Student Council Z.: G.A.A. I-1-Ag Stamp and Bond Queen lg Friendliesr Girl .lg Pep Club 1-2-G. NASHOLM, JOHN M,-Student Council I-5: Pack Rats 215LSeC, 53 Rifle Club 2-'35 H1-Y 2-51 Baseball Z-'51 ' E C u 2-3. NIZELY, BETTY j.-Girls' League Usherette Chairman 51: Palertcers l-2-5, Sec. 2, President 53 Pe Club 1-2-53 Trr- Y 53 Canteen Council Rep. 51 P.T.A. Igance Comm. 1-2: Thespians '33 Student Council Rep. 23 Girls' League Rep, lg Princess of Bcaux Arts Ball Z. NIZWMAN, RALPH EDWIN-Entered from Porrland, Ore- gon: A Cappella lg Track 2. NORDLING, DON G.-Football 1-123 Basketball lg Hi-Y 3g A Cappella 5. NYEGAAIRD, ALLEN j.-Band 1-2-31 Pres, 133 Orchestra 141-rig Stamp and Bond Comm. lg junior Symphony 2-5. PETERSON, BARBARA ANN7Sec. of Commercial Club 33 Pep Club 1-2-og Palerreers 1-2. PETERSEN, BETTY j.fPep Club 1-2-33 Paleireers 1-2-33 Student Council Rep. lg 'Girls' Glee lg Canteen Council Rep. 2. PETERSEN, DELORES M.fGirls' Glee 33 Ambassaelors 3. PETERSON, EDWIN J.-Entered from Gilmanton, Wis- consin3 Hi-Y 33 Axemen's Council 33 Band -1-2-33 Science Club 33 Tennis 12-3, Vice-Pres. B3 Debate Q-6. PETERSEN, KENNETH EARL-Rifle Club. PFEIFFER, ROBERT W.-Honor Society 33 Noon Entertain- ment Chairman 33 Service Club 11-2-3, Vice-Pres. 33 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 1-Z-33 Axemen's Council Rep. 1-23 Science Club 33 Drum Major 2-33 Board of Directors of Band 3. PICKELL, ROBERT ALLAN-Entered from Salem, Oregong Hi-Y 1-'2-133 Axemen's Council 23 Sophomore Dame Comm. 23 Assembly Comm. PIERSON, KENNY T HER DOREEN FAY Pe Club Palerteers 12 3 PIC ', - p 33 ' m -1.-,3 Thespian 2-33 G.A.A. 13 Bond and Stamp Comm, 23 Girls' Glee 33 Eugenean Salesman 23 Thespian -33 Stu- dent Council '33 Sr. Dance Comm. 33 Sr. Announcement Comm. 133 Pack Rats 1-L2-B. ULSEN, MARLIN-Library Staff 3. URCHARD, DON LLOYDANews Szalsf 2. OSTHY, KENNETH A. PKDEN3 RICHARD RAYMOND7Eniereil from Univcrsiry High, Eugene, Oregon3 A Cappella '33 Band 3. PELLANT, ELIZABETH LOUISE7En:ci'e1l from Pendleton, Clregeng A Cappella 13 News Stall 3, FENGRA, DONALD KElTHfA Cappella 1-2-3: Hi-Y 3: Tliespian W, PLAISTED, DONNA -lUlNE'.All1l7llSS3Cll!l'5 wg 1rlsA Glu: 'l-Z-3. PLANT, BARBARA D.-Palerreers 1-2-5. PORTER, MARY JEAN-Pep Club 2-5: Palezrccrs 2-3: A Cappella 1-53 Camera Club 1: G.A.A. 1: Tczrchefs Terr Comm. 3: Usherezre. POWERS, MAXINE LEE4Glrls4 Glcc 11 Tri-Y 3. PRATT, BONNIE MAE-Girls' Glcc Z: G.A.A. Z: Tri-Y 21 Vocational School l, PRICE, BETTY JUNE-Girls' Glee I-2-Sq Service Club Z-3: Ad Stat? 2. .fi PRJTCHETT, AUDREY CAROLfEntcrecl from Enid. Okla- oma. PRIVRASKEY. ,l. C.-Mask and Dagger: Eourball 5. PROUDEIT, DONNA RUTH-Paletreers 1-2-35 Commercial Club 13. RANSOM, DELCIE M.--Girls' Glee 1: A Cappella 2-n Science Club 33 Trr-Y 3g Ambassadors RASORA WVILLIAM G.fBoys' Glee 2: A Cappella 5. RAY, -IACQUELFNF l.0UlSEA-Library' Stafl B. REECE. GEORGE HAROLD-Rifle Club 3. REECE, HELEN REYNOLDS, RENA ANNE RICHEY, ILENE LOL'lSl2-Ambassadors 1-2-5. Council 1-Zg Girls' Glee 1. RIEDEL, DONALD F.--Vocational School Z-6. ROBB, HERBERT ROBERTSON, BETTY LOU-Tri-Y l-Z-5, Vice PreS, lg A Cappella '26, Girls' Glee l. ROGERS, MARJORIE ANNA-Entered from Triangle Lance, Oregon. RUITER, BILL RUTH, DONALD LUTHER-Axcmen's Council 1-Z, Sru- dent Council 5: Boys' Glee lg Pack Rats 5, Football 2433 Basketball 2-5, Club 2-6. RUTLEDGE, EARL R.--Dramatics 3. RUTLEDGE, VIRGINIA RUTI-17A Cappella 5. RHEINSBURG. BEVERLY LOU - G.A.A. 1-2-'53 Girls' League Rep. lg Tri-Y I-lg Commercial Club 5: Senior Dance Comm, 5. RHOADS, MARGARET ANNvEntere4.l from Lebanon, Ore- gon: Library Staff 5. RHOADES, PHYLLIS lfVEl.YNfHonoi' Society B3 G.A.A. Eugcncin Salesman lg Office Assistanr .Ig Commercial . ulw S. RHOADS, STANLEY C. Foiirlaull 1-3. RICHARDS, NORMAN FRANCIS-WA Cappella 2-53 Rifle Club 53 'l'roubiuloui's S3 Vice Pres, S3 German Band 1-2451 Band I-Z-3. RICHARDSON, JUANITA Llilf-fliirls' Glec 21 G.A.A. 1g Social Problems Librarian 1. SANCHEZ. I.INDAYOrcl1estra l-2-3. Seri. 1. President 25 A Cappella 2-3, Council 23 Spanish Club 1-2-3, Sec. 15 Rally Squad 33 Confert Comm. 1. SCEARCE, PETER THOMAS-Hi-Y Z-31 Band 1-2-55 Axe- men'S Council Rep. VI: Obsidians 2-35 Assistant Baseball Manager 'Z, Manager 5, SCHMIEDING. GORDON EVERETTfI-Ii-Y Z-5: Spanish Club 33 Chess Club S. SCOFIELD. RICHARD SCOTT, ROBERT SEM, GARY K.-Debate 3-3: Pack Rats 53 Snience Club 3. SHADIX, JACK E.-Entered from Huntsville, Arkansasg U. S. Navy 445-463 Football Q3 Baseball 2-'33 Hi-Y 25 jr.-Sr, Prom Comm 5. SHADIX, PAT-Entered from Huntsville, Arkansas, SHAFER, LEONA M.-Ambassadors 1-'24, Council 2: Gifs' Glee Club 23 Student Council Rep. 25 Commercial C u 5. SHANNON, FREDA MAE-Entered from Springlield, Ote- gon. SHERMAN, DOROTHY4Commercial Club 5. SIBLEY, DORIS EVELYN-G.A.A. Ig Paletteers Z-3: A Cappella i1-I2-33 Troubadours 2-3. SIMMONS, PAULINE-Entered from Kingman, Arizonag gpagish Club 2g Commercial Club 2-3g Tri-Y 35 Library ta S. SIMPSON, RUSSELL EUGENE-Entered from,New Orleans, Louisiana. ' SITTSER, EMERALD R.-U. S. Army. SMITH. HOWARD NEILfHonor Society '53 Axemetfs Council Pres. 33 Hi-Y 2-5, Sec. 53 E Club Z-5, National Athletic Scholarship Society 53 Basketball Manager 1-23 Hello Week Chairman A35 Student Council Rep, 2: Axe- men's Council Rep. l. SMITH, JIM VERNON SMITH, LEONARD L.-Student Council Rep. Z: Axemen s Council lg Service Club l. SNYDER, RICI-IARDfAxemen's Council 5. SNYDIER, VERNETA IDAAG.A.A. 2-,BL Council 51 Span- ish Club 2-5g Girls' League Council Rep. I-I-55. SOEHREN, LLOYD J.-Latin Club 2. SORENSEN, DONALD F.-F.F,A. ig Archery Club 1. SORENSEN, EILEEN ANN-Ambassadors 1-2-5, Sec. 33 'Girls' Glee 3. SORENSEN, ELAINE ALICE-Annual Salesman 2. SKADE, SIGRID D.-Rally Squad 5: Pep Club 1-2-53 Paletteers 1-1-53 Assembly Comm. lg Girls' League Rep. lg Thespian 51 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 23 Junior Dance Comm. lg Sophomore Dance Comm. lg Stage Design 2g Beaux Arts Ball Dance Comm. 1-2. SMALL, jACQUELINE4ommercial Club 3, Vice-Pres. 55 Pep Club 3: Tri-Y 2-5g Student Council Rep. 2. SMITH, ALBERTA MARION-Honor Society 2-51 Girls League Council Zg French Club 3-33 Library Staff 2-51 Student Council Rep. 33 Tri-Y 5. Music Chr. 5. SMITH, DONALD GREGORY--Hi-Y 1-2-5, President 5g Pack Rats 1-2-'Bg Chairman of jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 21 Eugenean Stal? 53 Hello W'eek Dance Comm. 33 B Squad Football 23 Senior Dance Comm. 55 Student Council 11 Axemen's Council lg Rifle Club 2. SMITH. FRANCES MARIE-Band SQ Girls' Glee 5. SMITH, HELEN NIAE-Girls' Cylee 25 Library Stall 5. i 1 SORENSON, DONNA M.-Pep Club 1. SOUTHWARD, CHARLES VALENTINE JR. SPENCER. DONALD ELMER-Ambassadors I-2-3. SPIERING, CHARMALEE R,-Tri-Y 23 Service Club G.A.A, fig Girls' Glce 2-5. STALSBERG ALPHA L.-Pe Club 2' Palerzeers Z: S ia , P , I' U' ish Club lg Canteen Council 2g Girls' League Rep. 31 ,Irv m. 2. Sr. Prom Com STELTING, HARRY EDXVARDiVocational School. STEVENS, CONRAD B. STINCHCOMB. REX C.+A Cappella 5. STRINGFIELD, DON D.-Entered from Missoula, Ninn ranag A Cappella lg Stare Musical Convention. STRINGFIELD. IOANNE LOUISE-Entered from Mis soula, Monranag Ambassadors Zg A Cappella 3. STRITE jR., DICK KELLER-Baseball 1-5: Track 53 Foot ball l-'Ig Basketball Ig Club '2-45. STRONG, DOROTHY J.-Entered from Tulelake, California STUART, BETH ANN-Entered from University High, Eu eneg Tri-Y 11 Spanish Club lg Science Club 35 Am Eassadors 3. STUBBLEFIELD, RALPH L.+Enrered from Crow High, Oregon. SULLIVAN, BOB-Associate Editor of E.H.S. Newsg Pres. of Chess Club 52 Service Club 2-3, Sec. 31 F.F.A. 1-2 Debate 2-53 Science Club 5. THOMPSON, IVAN E.fDebate 33 Vocational School F1 Boys' Glee 5. TITUS, TOMMY NORMAN-Service Club 1-3-3: .lille Club 53 Axernen's Council 2, Noon Dance Comm. 5: Sophomore Dance Comm. 1. TONE, ROY V.fEntered from Newport, Oregon, TOWNE, JAMES KIETH-Latin Club Z-3: Vice-Prcsitlenr 5, Spanish Club 3, Student Council Rep. 5. TUPPER, JACK W.-Band 1 , Student Council 1. TURNBULL, GEORGE STANLEY-Honor Society 3-3: News Staff Z-3, Editor 133 Eugenean Staff 23 Student Coun- cil 3g A Cappella 1-2-3g Troubadours 2, President lg Rifle Club 21 Track 3. VANDERPOOL, LILLIAN IRENE+Enrered from Cheyenne, Wyoming. VER BRYCK, DUANE E.-Entered from Grants Pass, Ore- gnng A Cappella 1, WALKER, JUNE PHARES-Honor Society 2-3g Eugeiq-an StaFf 3: A Cappella Z-33 Debate 33 Girls' Glee lg Band I-2-3g Junior Symphony, Orchestra. SWARTZ, PHYLLIS ANN-G.A.A. 1-2-33 Council 2-3: Spanish Club 215g Commercial Club '3g Oflice Staff 3. Oiitice Staff 3. SWENNES, THOMAS RICHARD-Pack Rats 1-21 Axemerfs Council 2-53 Student Council lg Stamp and Bond Comm. SWENSON, CARL O.-Entered from Woodburn, Oregon: Basketball, B Squad Z. TAYLOR, DUANE EDXWIN-Entered from Gresham, Oregon. THOMAS, DONN W,-Entered from Seattle, Wash.g Hi-Y 1-Z-235 Yell Team 5, Senior Dance Comm. 33 Be-Up Clean-Up W'eek Comm. 3, Axemen's Fun Nite Comm. 3 THOMPSON, CECIL L. 1 WALKER, LEONARD VUAYNE-Entered from Springlielfl, Oregon. WALKER, MARTHA RAI-lonor Society 2-5 Ad Stall 2 Stamp and Bond Comm. 21 Band 1-2-53 Orchesira, junior Symphony l-Z. ......... . XVATERHOUSE, DONNA XVATTS, ELIZABETH DORABELL-Girl's Cllee 3. VVATTS, KATI-lLEENYVice-Pres. of Fremh Club 2, Pres. Kg Tri-Y 'I 3 A Cappella 5. WEAVER, BARBARA JEAN-Entered from University High. Eugene, Oregon. XWEBER, LOUISE MARIAN-Tri-Y Z-5. Social Chairman -3: Larin Club 2-3: Sec,-Treas. 55 G.A.A, I-1. Sports Manager 21 Girls' League Rep. 1-2151 Commercial Clu 5. b i XVELCH. FREDRICK KEITH-Srudent Council 2-31 Bovs' l Glee 2: Football 2-53 Baseball 1-31 Baskerlwall 1-53 i Club 2-5. XVELDY, BEVERLY GARNETT7GirlS' Glee lg A Cappella 2-53 Troubadours 1-51 Tri-Y l 3 junior Reel Cross 1 : Girls' League Cabinet 3. WELLMAN, I.A VONNE E.-Entered from Compton. Cali- forniag Class Secretary I. VVENDLANDT, ROBERT EDXVIN-Veteran of U. S. Navy. WHITMORE, KENNY V.-Axemen's Council Rep. 23 A l Cappella lg Palerreers 2-5. WILD'E. ERNEST M,-Football 2-53 Baseball 1-51 Basker- ball 1-2-3, Capiain '52 Club 2-BQ Axemen's Council. WILDISH, MARY HELEN-Pep Club 2-3g Commercial Club 12-3, Treasurer Eg Tri-Y 2-3g Olhce Training 3: Library Training 53 Girls' League Rep. l, Treasurer 3. NWILLCOCK, DEAN L.fSruv.lent Couneil 1. WINFREY, DOROTHY H.-Girls' lilee lg A Cappella I-a WOLFE, SHIRLEY jEAN-Honor Society 2-33 Tri-Y l-2-3' G.A.A. Z-3, Custodian 51 Pep Club 2-Eg Paletteers Q-SQ Girls' League Rep. 1. Cabinet 5: H. 5. News Stall 5- Debate 243. WOOTEN, GWENDCJLYN H,fEntered from Norfolk, Viiv giniag Pep Club 53 Paletteers 3, G.A.A. 2-'51 Girls' League Rep. SQ Red Cross Rep. lg Stamp and Bond Comm. 2. if WORTH, EDWARD GEARYfStudent hlanager 53 Palet- teers 3. WRIGHT, FRED BURDETTEfScience Club 53 Palettecrs lg Stage Club 2. WULLSCHLEGER, KENNETH RAYgBand 1-1453 Traek 5. YOUNG, JEAN-Entered from Prineville, Oregon. YOUNG, RONALD VERNON YOUNG, ROSE MARY-Girls' Glee 1: A Cappella 2-a Troubadours 5. Sec. 51 News Staff 3. WILLIAMS, HELEN DOROTHY-G.A.A. 1. WILLIAMS, THOMAS WAYNE-Entered from Portland Oregon Senior Comm. 3 Hi-Y 33 Pack Rats 51 Junior Red Cross Rep. 3 Dance Comm. 33 Axemen's Council Fun Night 5 Chairman. Be-Up-Clean-Up Dance 33 Com mencemenr Comm, 531 A Cappella XVILLIAMSON, LOIS D.-Pep Club 3 gStudent Council Rep 53 G,A.A. 13 jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 25 Girls' League Rep lg Sophomore Dance Comm, I 3 Tri-Y 'I. XVILSON, CLEO LAVON-G.A.A. 1-2-3, Vice-Pres. 2. XVILSON, DUANE L.-Entered from Busston, Kansas. XWILSON RiHe ci LESLIE H.-Entered from Hebron, North Dakota ub T-3: Eugenean Salesman 3. 40 I ZARZAN, LUCIELLE ANN---Pmlcrtccrs 1-I-3, Social Sec. 3: News Staff 53 Girls' Lezzgue Rep. Z-5g Princess of Beaux Arrs Ball 2. ZIELINSKY, ROBERT ZIMMERDAHL, LUELLA CRYSTlNlimlEnrei-ed from Tilla- mook, Oregung Pnlcrrcers lg Girls' Glce J. To 1f'fl'f'flQ, ff ' flf ' 0C6r,30 CFA! 'rf 50,7 RIC. . 6,560 '37,-F pf 65 . ' flf' 1 QM' ffm xx. Mer f?gf,.Y QT 'Q ri Q' .2,.,5q5sp,,,iln,,0r ' flf' I P rvlgzggm Z if XS ' lb S4'i'Gl!0'L7f1p rxz. C 'C 620160 34' 11 17.14 C, ' J 'wi e ff 7x 'ighis ,. f, '01 "0 11,17 A, 'wa www SENIOR DANCE COMMl'l'TlTlT p V ROW' l: G. Smith, D. Pitcher, S. Hoselton, B, Neely, B, Cmig. ROW' 1: L, Campbell. lf XVilli.ims, A. Murc- wearller, J. MCNurt, j. Cmkcs. ROXV 5: G. Schmiclling, D. Tlmrnns, XV Hnvncb. OM we 3 F 24222 LZXC4, , 13 MW Qjgkw QNW W9 my WW Za, i was swf c U ZQXWQWLX ZQZQZQQ QF! , U7 Q20 Clam QM 2 WMM Q5 S uniord Suspended between mediocrity and stardom, the Juniors have made the middle-road a popular one. Prompted by the leadership of the class advisers, Mrs. Fay Judy and Mr. J. Alan Wickham. Cecil Andrus guided the class with the assistance of Cecil Daniels, Vice-President, Don Ford, Secretary, and Dorothy Robertson, Treasurer. The juniors opened the festive season by the first semi-formal dance of the school year, "Mistletoe Magicf' Don Walsh, general chairman, came up with an exciting event as a gateway to the December holidays. Bob Dtagoo, and an ambitious committee, made the Junior-Senior Prom, the only formal dance of the year, a fitting tribute to those Seniors who are pass- ing from our "white, gleaming portals." Tabu . . . Tabu . . . even the alluring name sum- mons visions of a tropical isle lapped by the dazzling blue of the Pacific-languorous, lovely, peaceful be- yond belief. This dream of "Tabu" was brought en- chantingly to you. A tropical garden of exquisite flowers and ferns lay on either side of a sparkling cascade. The haunting music macle this a night to remember. The members of the Junior class have been very active in all school affairs, making this a memorable year in the history of Eugene High School. ROW' 1: 5. Baker. II. Barkcr, j. Blurb, J. Bfrdrfurd. R. Hrckm. M. Bmrmxs, ul, Bruwn. j. Athcy, C.. Black, I., Clrrmphc-II. C. Andcrscn. ROXY1: If. Bryan, M. Burch. V. Andcrsun P BUAIS. R. Bcarry, 5. Carnpbcll, S. Barker, P. Crrlvcrt, I, Bcanmcr. B. Alford. ROXX' 5: I. Iiulin, M. Bcdur'tI1:1, K. Barnett, 5. Boyd. D. I'iurgr.1rI. C Arrdrux. B, liumrllm, N. Anmnc B Bmvur. C. Bcdortllxr. ROW' 4: IT. Berry, D. Brunkcn. M. ffallaglurn, H. C..aIIuw.ry. Iz, Hnrmn, ,I- Bfi'lIf'UVd4 D' BUWIIDQ. D, Andcrwru. V. Clhrrrmcl. D. Hlriklcy. ROW' 1: G. Copelarx, j. Cravcy, M. Cary. P. Cupingcr. I.. Drrscoll. Iz. Sovcn. I.. Cururlc. I-'. Daniels. M, Davrs. V. Dcylxudirv. ROXX' J: N, IJ4lI1I'!CIy,i B. Dmssclmeycr. V. Drrrkr- gg mrap. 11. Chfisfinnscn, B. Cushrnrrn, B, rurrlmfrr, ra. cgmrdm. R. Cook. Row sr 1, cgrafkc, cg. Ulmer, s. Crm. P, Davis. 1., QW. C, Craig, H. crrmmr. D. cglrrugrr. RCW' I Dr D4 I IN Kr I1 I 0 B l1Ic ugmm, D. Durrk, W", rage, I. frm rec. V. D uglns. ' . Day, R. DmmIitrIc. D. Dryur a ROW' I: -I. Gdcgnn. S. Gillilan, R. Everett. S. Fnndrcm, I.. Gilbert. I. IEIKSIIUTU. I.. Ifdsrm. B. Frolmg, A. Garevxrmd. I. Gray, ROW' 2: I.. fergrrsrsn. S. Fiuh. M. Fleshman I Farnsworrlw, E. Gillerr, I. Edmon. Gilrnure, L. Frye, D. Picker. ROW' 5: P. Gray. R. DunI11 . D. Ford. O, Itlvigron, I.. Gilmn, B. Fox. N. Crusrrxfson, U. Guirafson, B, Frank . P XV -I: VI. Gardner. B. Gardner. D. Qreincr. G. Gcrlmrd. M. Irarbcr, C. Clrrrstrnkcrr, C, Frnrkmrr. Ii, CI1urcI1rIl, R. Dykes. 44 fl-'S' me 9---.-1 Fit., WZ 'I 1, . -F alum iii .Q-"S-,M 6. -1 'iff'g""Q' g-"f . I , . ROW' 1: A. IIUII, M. IIQIIHQ5, K.. Hoyt. A. Alcnwn, I.. I'I.1IL-Q., 5, -I,1IIll1g, M. juI1uwn. If. I,. II.l1pIx.xm, I., IIw.Igcx. RUXX' F. V. Hurics, F. Icnwu, M, Iluguw. R. IIlIIn, M, II.u'- mun. ID. IIL'l1mIIICIxS, S. IIL1Inlw.u1I. IU. I'Iuumw, ROW' SA II. Ylunscn, S, Iflglrrlngmn, D. Ixwwrl, P. llmlumi. I IIumIrIkwr1, I.. I-IL1lCI1xns-nl. A, I'I.1j,'mw. ROW' l. ID. lurk-L-r1, VI. j.1cIv-urs. Il, IIul'rnIu1mmk, If. H.1mpIc, -I. Hudxpk-mln. XV, Ihmpy, I, IIL1LIxlm, fu Is.1.1Ii. ROW' I1 M. Ihxwrl. M. Lymll, P. M.1LU1'cgm, P. -IwuI.lr1, UI. I.-nI4.n1II, .'X. Kc1f'cIwr1wIc. Ii. IiL1sIcr, A. Kcdcl, Ii. I..uxI-11. ROW' I: HI. IuI1naun, M. I..lr1IIuIw. CQ. I.yunS, M. MMC-1IIu1n. R. Kculxum, S. I.yIlIl, Ii. I.Lmc, Cf. Luc. ROW' R' ID. I.rmIux, I.. Iuuwu, Cv. NIIKQHYIQ, NI, ,I-wmw, M. MIKur1m'y. M. Mdlrulxcm. -I,, I, ,Iwru-Q. VI, MII5r1mm, ROW' I: XV. I . Kr'.x.1I, C.. Kruy, P, Lymh. H. Ulunus, B, I.LIIuy. P. ,IL-mum, Ki. I'I.lwllIlgx. IB. lnuwrx. j. Kcrne, ROW' S. S. jwrux, D NLIIIIILWNN. I. Kmtr. ROV' 1: I,, MAIN, M. M1LI1cIxcu, I. Biyurs, P. lflnnrwl, P. NuIIcIm.m. I., NI,1r'xI1.1II, IJ. Payzxu, I. Nrxluumukg. I, I'.u1wI1, C.. NIwrl.1rtj.', ROW' li P. Mmrcrxwrz. X, Mnmtt. M. xg. Ix. MIIIUVII, I. M.u'M1II.m, N. XQMIMLIW, D. I.CiI1u. B. MMIII-I1u.uI, Y. I5.1rI-.y Ii. M.mwlI. ROW' 5: 11. YL-Iwn. C. P.uINuI. YI. XcxIwu, R. Pun, -I. Uyur. IU, Mwrrlw, I,, XI-In ' Mull. IU., Myus, Ii, I"4mcII. RUXY 4: I., UIQUH, I3 Uhlmrx, XY, UIXU1. N. Nmlxwn, Ii, Nfmiwfm, I, Nappur, I, Nnguml. IU. Milfs, UI. I-'L1wm.1n, K Pmtl 45 Q I ROW' I: H, Pctcrsnmtl, B. Recs, I.. Rhmicn, I. RL-nxI1.1wx. R1tItIIc, I.. Iiugcls. S, R1utdun.NI, RoIwc1'ts-In. ROW' 2: CI. Rn-ymmltis, IU. Rulwcrtmn. 'IA Ilutignrs. R. Rulwbim, I.. Ijltlfl, P R.1.xIvc, Ci. Rogers, M. Rue, M. PQUUIII. ROW' 3: Ii, Putter A. Iitnkrr. I.. Ptttsln-y, C.. Pctcxwn, AI, Rt-ynultis. B. Puttuf. XY. I'mrI1tAl. -I. Ruhcrtwn. ROXX' I: K. Rugcrs. N. Pt-tv: wrt. M. Petersen, D. Rtcu, P. Purtcr, R. Parka-r. I. RL-cd. ROW" I: C.. Storm, IJ. SILIICV, I.. 5tIuui.It, M. Slsgmund, I.. Sturt. I.. Mutt, M. Smcnwtm. If. 51111, R. Mmrp. ROW' 2' N, Ntclvux, Ii. Rolcns. YI. Skirvut. C. St:trIutLI, Y. Simons IT. SI1rutIs. R. Stquzcr, C. Smith, S, Smith, ROW' 2: R, R, Rust. R. SumIcrlumI. H. Sccgrt, ID, Rttmsrczxti, I. Smtth, D. Sccgcr, K, Stumlmcl, M, SuIIix.m. D, hlucxtq H. Ruthcr Mud. ROW' -1: B, Stern, I.. Storm, CQ. Stcwart. K. Stanslwcry. R. Scott. XXV. Stcwtxrt, A, Simpwn. ID, Russell. B. SI1umw.u', C. Shelby. ROXX' I: H. VUICAI If, 'I4ttmpIetun. V, 'I'ttII11term, C. Young, ID. Vnndctlvelt, I.. Titus, B. 'I'I1t1xtun, A, Ziolkuwski, VI. Ullrich, M. Ttvrricclltxa. ROW" 2: I.. XYIIIIIC. R, W'hIte, -I TrioIo. M. Tykcson, I.. Ttlvlor, P. Turner, P. Whltcr. R. W'clttI1, B. XVuIfe. ROW' 5: IQ. XVUULI, R. W'iIIxams, B. I.. W'uu1'rt1s, DI, Vi'c:nI1a1n, B. White, R, Wlvlf. D. XY'.1IsI1 M. XVL-instein. I. W'iIwn. ROW' I: D, XVIIIL-nk. B, XY'isc, C. XXf'ax'nuck. F. Tompkins. C. X5L'cIIS. I. Virus. IS. 'I'avIur. L. Zmk. I. Tribe, T. XVg1ttv'or1. 46 gSJ0l0A0l'l'l0l"85 Life in Eugene High School would be incomplete without the traditional class of sophomores. This year they have carried on their annual activities under the leadership of Burt Carlson, President, Bruce Chase, Vice-President, Dolores Goddard, Sec- retary, Jo Anne Davis, Treasurer, and advisers, Mr. Burch and Mrs. Landes. Their oflicial debut to the student body, the annual sophomore assembly, was successfully presented on February 21. Among the acts enthusiastically ap- plauded in the "perfect assemblyn were: Ron "Twin- kletoes" Murray, a girls' trio composed of Jackie Madigan, Barbara Fulton, and Eunice Miller, and a quiz program, l'Put Up or Shut Up," staged by Bill Hoey, M. C. Bob Stageberg, and jerry "Bette Davis" Stuart. Another major function, the Sophomore Dance, was held in May. To the delight of the ninth graders, they, too, were eligible to come and they appeared with anxious expressions, eager to see what Eugene High held in store for them. They came, they saw, they conquered. "Sophomore Alley," one of the busier corners of school, was always crowded with many friendly faces. Among the more familiar ones were: Mai-ilee Williams, Queen of Hearts for 1947, Dolores Clark and Imogene Means, princesses for this year's Beaux Arts Ball, and letter winner, Ronnie Murray. Now the school year has drawn to a close and we look back. We lind the sophomores, veterans of E.H.S., Willing and able to carry on the task of up- holding the standards of our illustrious school during their junior year. ROW' 1: K, ROW' 1: A. liiilrb. . Bushnell. N, Hcckcu. M. A. Baker, A. AflLiIU5, M. Bernd. P. Blfnlqlcv. ,l. llirll. D, Bumnrk. V. Allmll. li. Cgrllmun. li, Brown, A. Huilcy. D Bm". T. Ash. D. Bdrnclr. C, Augustus. I, Blcrlr. D. Buunds. M. Ruthflcld, M. Allcmlcr. Ci. Bacon, XY. B11rrl.mLl. G Bissell. ROW' 3: H, Burrell. li f H1 ROXX l D II L li ll D A k lv H lic R C Bumlr. CQ. Andcrmn. 'lf Atkrnsnn. f. gntun. H. Mcfrca. 7' 2 . B. mm, . Q . nun' cm. . lawn. . Qamplwc-ll. ROW' 1: B. Lux. ,l. Draws, li, Culcrick. M. Carroll, il. Cave. B. Dmlgc, Drxgrmm. M. Cyr. Al. Carter. L. Clank. ROW' Z1 M, Cnurcier. L. Clmrulmc-rlnin. M. I. Cmkcs, M. Davis. M. Curcl7. D. Clark. B. Brown. kl. Clmnmlln. lg. Cummins. ROW' 'Sz B, Dinkry. A, Cross. R. Davis. L. Dewitt. N, Clrasc, B. Dalculcn. Dctmcring. RUXX' 4. D. Burns. B. Czxrlsmx. B. Clmic. B. Clough. l., Curris. Il. C,ull.1rll. ROW' iz rl. Cxrpcnrcl. R. Hurge. Cv. Frslmcr. V. Hopper. B. Brown, ROW' l: C. Drinkwnrcr, M. Glndt, L. Frmr. j. llvans. B. Fulmn. B. Lggimrm. D. Cm4lllur,l. L. lfdwarnls, ,l. Gaim. ROW' J: D. lfyrc-S. lf. lilllson. S. Ford H. Drake. hl. li:-glcs. ROW' 3- U. Hcmlrrwn. F. Fcrgumn. D. Gilbert. F. llurrndn. H. Yzlllccnstcin. Li, llxrly. B. liadn. ROW' -l: D. Fox. B. Gill. il. Barnes 43 ll. Bugcn. ,l. Barren Pr. Pmlctr. G. Buchnkc Burrell. M, Cochrane Ll. COX. G. Cnfill, D B. Crnw. R. Cook. j. Garrett. A. Gcnrlu E. Dmldx "- A Q. . H7 L.. y"""""' .-.. . .rw ',i,.,,g.,4 j L Yu ww l 'ig -4. A' '.-.'2.."J.r i':'ff K ,..-....-. an ,QQ 6 auf 'H' .JN 0 ix RUNS' 11 I', Ifleukwn. M. Lmlgg, ,I. Holmcs. R. H.llI, Il, k,mt.Uw1u. FI, II.11xn11gwr1, -I. Huglxux, IU, IImx.uII, VI Hull, I7 II.II1Imwu. H. H.1mnIm11, RUXY' f. M., R. Hulmg, UI. Il.u11Iuxx, I. Huks, A. I4IumIr1yIw. IL. Hugux. I. HAIR. I'. II4.'mIu1. .X. I"IuxiIur. RUXX' 4: M. II.lI4Imwr1, Ii, k111fI1tIx. Ii. IIuIIspcrI1. IU. II.1mIvIa-11. M. Huxq, B, Ilugxrf. -I. CQULIQI, IL, H-nu, U. I.,1lIx.11n. ROW' I: D. HUIM-rr. Ii, II.u.x1I-N. I5 Ilwui., M H1w.Z. HuImcS. Il. II.uxxx, ID. Rmx ROW' N: Ii. Lvrucr. S. Quzmm. IIulxrmgt1m. IS, H.1II. ROW' 1: I. M.uI1g.1r1, U, Lzgln, 5, Alumni, D. MCC-vIIurz1. pl, YI4:I1nwf1. VI. KIIWIIJII, H. uIuI'1rxmfr1. Ia. Lug, .-X. ,I-mv. rl, Lawn ROW' li S. Kcrmdall. I. Krulxs, R. Iinuzwrm. A. Ins. A. I'i.uI,11'. NI, wI,uvu. .-X. NIJ.I.1x13Im,m. ,I-mqs. R. NIcf.m1x1xIk. RUXY S. A. Kxuruk. B. I..uIwy. P. ,lu-uwn, Ii, tn.ngIm. fx. -Iczxlurww. C.. I.cwrx.u'J. I l.uxI4, I.. Kurfc, RUXY I: I. ,I4uQIwr1, K. KI.11kx, XY. Flwimwn, P. I..1viur1, B. I.1ui4xc,a1. KI. VI,u11L1w, If Klvflxs. UI. -ICYINCII. RUXY :Z K, I.rpwr, NI. ,I.luIlws. I3 Kmggggl Q, fxI.4yImx', VI. NI.mmI. -I, Ixmlw, B, NIdky'g.I. I7. I.ugI.l5.J.1IkWn RUXY' I ll. NI.Kz1uwx1, P. NIIIII-1, Ii. Xulwn, H. Nfxulw. NI NIJ.I,'.m. YI, 5IiII1.xrIwL1. SI. 5Iwrg.1.l1. A. NL-Iwn. N. Ufmrxrmr. ROW' I: K, MIX, IL. Ynlwzx. -I. A. Mdfuq, H. Xfmxxg, I.. M1IIu!. I.. Nmxmn, I..N1x1m, P. Xlclwm, M. N'ul'r11.m, RKJXX' 4. H. Na-Iwrr. M. NIu.lJuWw, I.. NImI:uII. I.. Ulwrx, Y, Mullwr. I. Xfclrw. NI. fJIwm, R, XI1LII1uII, Ii. MI' K1nnq,. RUXY A H. Niyrrx. C.. MLXQH. Ci. RIM. M. Ulwm. D, M,I1L-r. lf. SIIIIQV, C. Urlwyi. P. Nuxumrx, RUXX' Q rl. X:Iwr:, D. Mexmgn. I 5IIIf.1II.Iur1. R Xiurmy. C.. Nfuvlwjv, II. XIII'Iu1rN. I5 XIUMJ, ID Xlmrfx, Ii. XIII!-MII, VI. NILIII:u.xf1 I9 w I i 4 .f , I I, ,I . hi XX I' I'111 nt Ix NI1I UI, Q1111 , 4. ,HS ,q ,Q ,wi av 15.21, ,5- 31 I vs A,---v ...,,.... -ov-7 I1 I'.1sx K X111x Ii' XX IL1 IN 11 IJ Inlw R N1'111 I II1 1 LIJ1 C I1111111II II II MILIQI1 :XI IXII 1' I Ixil ' NL 11111111y I3 N 114 11 1 1 L I 1 111 IxfIXX 4 X 1IIw1, Xf X 11 f 1 1 1 X RHX f11'1 1 X L 1 1 I 111 x X X x111A I , XX I1 1I11 1 R XX I xx, 'Kiki-ilhalb W ' ibefourd up ,.-- . lj-' I . .ff W, -xx? Tian-- . ff. Lal -4g:'i-5' . Usa 'J ' ' u,-1 ,x-.Lf wx I 15113, - 1 v 1, 5 La. Z. .HW wg. 'ili , -, X . K , cgi. . . '-wig- ' xx--if. - f .Mwf 1 , ff an . ., 1. fd,-'m ' 1-A -.Qin-5 ,aw mlm, 6:2 II ,S 4",x.i- 4- Jgrx ., A ,. gwgjgf f ' +R,5L.:lg, .jg-5,1 Q-.Qyv ,. , L fi. +'H:f'ew V f.:f1,2,,'g1, 17. ,f1'-Jah - f x ., . J . .y , .M -511' 43775, ' Y .. 1 'rf y :fl .?2,,.g,lfS 1 1.,.,mff,, . w:'.4wg..Q 7: xyqgiiggf, 'Q 1 l167.TfLi X A f. If ft Jaw - 'if , ,-., 5, ali ' - 1 , L xaffvf iii? 4115 if Zi -., V , Pg - 'H . 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Bissell, J. Gunn. ROW Z: G. Ga lord, B. Knollin, P. Buzzell, M. W lk r. j, C k , D. H nsen, M. Bat P Mfoinry, M. Haines. M. Gflfmh. Row 5: G. Diebei, c. Black, ji ixiannei, SiaVii3lfe, J. dafiisif, M. Jiq'li6n0a', F. Dodge, D. Miller, P. Rhodes, S. Turnbull. ROW 4: D. J. Miller, M. Crabtree, S. Dugan, J. Banks, D Melby B. McCracken, D. Christensen. H. Smith, I. Goodlin. OFFICERS-FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTERS President: Dick Dahlberg Marilyn Grifhth Vice Pres.: Helen Earl Bob Knollin Secretary: Jackie Barbee jackie Barbee Treasurer: Doris Melby Marilee Ijams Wafiona 0l'l0l" SOCLQQ SENIORS: Pat Hamilton Betty MacManiman Don Brown Nan Gaveny Louise Weber Robert Sullivan Mickey Marshall Tom Williams Phyllis Gardner Marjorie Johnson Letha Cook Sue Madsen joan Herbranson Robert Fulton JUNIORS: Pat Boals Don Ford jackie Meisel Rosemary Beatty Virginia Drake Anne Kerrebrock Marylyn Haines Joyce Barker joan Cavey Mary Hixon Letha Hodges Virginia Simons Traditionally prominent in the county, this year's Girls' League has made a proud name for itself through increased activity. Right at the top of the list, in bright red print, is the newly organized Girls, League Loan Fund. Lead by a generous donation of 3350 from Miss Carolyn Woods and a contribution of 3325 from the G.A.A,, this loan fund is in addition to the scholarship of 375 given to one girl each year. Being the only organization in this school to give money to some- one each year, the addition of a loan fund provides a real distinction. Little Bo Peeps, Gypsies, pirates and many other story book people were present at the "Little Sister" party held October 29 in the auditorium. A Hal- loween Party, Eugene High School girls were en- couraged to bring their little sisters and neighbors dressed in costume, with the promise of a prize for the cutest one. Games, program, and refreshments ROW' 1: F. Lowry, M. Lynch, M. Hixson, V. Drake, S. Maiiany, V. Cook, M. Ijams, A. Armstrong, S. XX'olte ROW' 2: P. McGinty, B, Weldy, j. johnson, M. H. Wildish, M. Bissell, S. McKinney, A. Gatewood, N. lNIariott. ROW' 5: S. Dugan, Il. Mannel, B. XVourm5. J. Marks, V. Simons, R. Beatty, -l. hieisel, B. Neely. . 6 7 1 I , lf' eague l PAT MQGIXTY were presented chiefly for the younger group, which means that the older girls had a super time. The Midway Roller Rink set the scene for a lively skating party for both boys and girls. A photog- rapher might well have found many excellent sub- jects in the tumbles and gymnastics produced by those unfortunares not accustomed to the sport. Everyone had fun laughing at one another and join- ing in the wisecracks directed toward themselves. Sharing in the spotlight was the May Day Party with the coronation of the Queen and presentation of her court, and the Ice Skating Party held at the Eugene Ice Arena. To the tune of "A Bicycle Built for Two" and the lively beat of Boomps-a-daisy, this year's Girls' League Assembly was a real treat. The 'Gay Nineties theme offered a host of opportunities for the pro- gram, which included a real tandem bicycle and many musical numbers. News of the promising en- tertainment fMickie Marshall, chairmanj spread quickly, and although produced primarily for the boys, the "fairer sex" filled a large portion of the auditorium. Even the chairs squeaked their amuse- ment. The Queen of Hearts contest offered a double service. First, the fun and excitement of a school contest, and second, the source of a donation to the "Save the Childrenn Federation. Soph, Marilee Williams, reigned as Queen. Through such contests and other means f"Paging a very efficient financial department", the Girls' League completely sponsors a school in Belgium. Bright colors and gay designs brightened the halls in the forms of dresses and shirts during the annual Print and Cord Week. Noon entertainment and street dances were a specialty with prizes for the loudest shirts and longest, shortest, and most un- usual pigtails. Elections were held for Gingham Girl, who was presented at the dance at Saturday along with the next year's Girls' League and Axema-1 Council officers. The dance was a girl-date-boy af- fair and brought to a close a week of fun and gaiety for everyone. As a final tribute and a suitable "finis." Pat Mc- Ginty, our prexy, was elected to preside over the Lane County Girls' League Conference. As many schools were represented, we felt this to be a great honor. ROW' 1: M. Nurrman. S. Rierdon. Al. Herbransim, M. Cary. A, Galewood. V. Snyder. R. XVl1ite. j. Kipflmrt, D. Clark. F. Lowry. ROW' 2: B. Peterson. -I. Athey, C. Black. S. Jones. L, Wbollcy, V. Blackstone. L. Parish. N. Gustafson. P. Mciiinry. ROXV H: L. Salshurg, G. Wfonren. I.. Weber, E. Wahlgrcn. M. Nwilliams. M. Siegmund, B. Neely, L. Zarzan, M. X5C'ildish. ROW' 4: P. Nielsen, M. johnson. S. Madsen. M. Beatty, A. Hendricks, M. Bond. E. Aydelott. J. Hendrirksnn. M. j. Porter, S. Dugan. RO Wi: XV. Sorensen, J, Edgeworth. H. Collins. son. P. Hamilton. S. McKinney. 39 Burge. R. D. Cfusmf- .,. 'ffl 7.-a..-..- Hi PRX ARD SMI TH Colored tags . . . pert greetings . . . topnotch assembly '... this year "Hello XWeek" was a rip- roaring kick-off for a record breaking year that made even the goal-posts tremble. Axemen's Council assemblies were presented with many well-known speakers. These included: Tex Oliver and Walter "The Great" Mails. "Step right up and throw a ball through the basket. Lots of prizes, everybody wins." . . . "Bingol,' . . . "Hit the gymie with a baseball-show the crowd your skilln . . . A carnival affair. Axemen's Fun Night on November 20 was a big success with boys and their fathers participating in a variety of games and activities. NIu't I Banks H Smith B Pteitler li Didnt ,I frikes 7 2 xenfzen 6 ounci Waiut to nncl that Ucertain persons' address or telephone number? just check in your Axe Handles and give a silent cheer for the boys who went to all the trouble of publishing it just for your benefit. Another fun night was held on january 22. The boys and their fathers were treated to a first class smoker and several rounds of hot dogs. Be-Up-Clean-Up Week fro quote Howard Smithj "Put a new shine to the old Alma Mater and made those white portals gleam." The week was climaxed with a super-special assembly fpresented for the girls but with a big masculine attendancej and a dance Friday evening. The theme of the week was "chivalry is not deadng we think they proved their point. , Perhaps the most progressive movement of the entire year was the complete changing of the or- ganizations constitution. Ofhces, authority, every- thing was changed to give next year's Council larger opportunities. Another Fun Night was held in April and a May assembly, with the introduction of next year's of- ficers, brought the year to an all-hit-no-run finish. CABINET: President, Howard Smith Vice-President, john Banks Secretary of Finance. Jim Crakes Program Chairman. John McNutt Noon Entertainment Chairman. Bob Pfeihfer Hello Week Chairman, Bob Sargent Be-Up, Clean-Up Wfeek Chairman, Fred Dodge JOHN BANKS ROW 1: 1. Nasholm, Ci. Smith, J. McNutt, J. Banks, j. Harrington, D. Ruth, K. WClL'l1, H. Smith, J. W'nrth. ROW 2: J. Cmkcs. B. Wlmlf, C. Ellison. Ii. XX'iltlc, D. Garrett, D. Hebert, j. jones, B. McGillicuddv, H. Thors- feldt. ROW 5: J. McBroom, N. Jones, B. Knollin, V. Mitchell. B. McKinney, F. Lundberg, ROW' -lg H. Summers, D. Malpass. D. Shreve, G, Cash, N. Chase, M. Webster, G. Beacon, Falk. ROW' 5: E. Peterson, R. Mansctli, B. B-17-vrrh. C. Daniel, G. Boehnkc, F. Scabcrg, B, Hoey, D. Fox, li, Dodge. Titty I I Froizurcee HHN DICK DAHLBERQ FRED DODGE ELLEN CI-IRISTIANSEN FRANCIS LOYJURY JOANNE COODLIN Llgellean Blinding Hashbulbs f"smile pleaseuj , incessant chatter of typewriter keys Q"Darn it? This crazy thing never worksfj . . heated arguments funow staff letls put it to a votehj sleepless nights . . . nnal achievement . . This is YOUR annual . . . we hope you like it. DOROTHY Cl-IRISTENSEN ,IUNE XVALKER BILL HAMMOCK GREG SMITH DORIS MITLBY VIRGINIA DRAKE GORDON DIEBEL I E 'H' ,rs I I 345' ' ,sv , -or 5 , .,.-, aksmx-fviwssfaf ww 'f ist . s I I in ,- , an .ihamma K Mil . hopeless problems Q"XY"here's Mrs. l Beacon?',j . . impossible deadlines . O O ROW 1: S. McKinney, B. Pcllant D, Brinkman, M. Magnuson, G. Gay lord. L. Williamson, N. Gaveney ROW! 2: F. Hein, R. Young, Mis Gibson, J. Gibson, M, Brandt. A Morcricld. ROW! 5: j. Crakes, D Ramstead, B. Sullivan, B. Hammock K. Rogers, G. Crabtree. EDITOR: STAN TURNBULL ADVISER: MISS JULIETTE GIBSCN Work . . . Work . . . and more work . . . sports . . . fashions . . current events . . jokes . . . the Turnbull-Hammock feud . . . fa battle of Wits-half witsj . . solicit for ads . . deadlines . . . midnight oil . diplomacy . . . organization . . . cooperation , . . skill . . . hitting the highlights of school life . . . winning the Eugene-Guard Cup ffor the best Oregon high school paper from a school with over 500 enrollmentj . . we're proud of our paper ROW' li J. Herhranson, S. Mahany, S. W'olfe, lvl. Griffith, J. Carlisle. E. Johnson, L. Williarnstan. D. Pitcher. J. Barbee, l Marshall, G, Gaylord. ROW' XZ: J. Gibson, N. Kennedy. G. Woryten, D. Melhy. N. Gaveney. P. McGinty, L. Chapman, S. Johnso D. Fllwood. D. Miller. ROW' 5: P. Gardner, J, Marks, M, J. Porter. N. L. Miller, M. L. Miller, B. Craig, D. Beairsm, M. l XVildish, L, Santhezl ROW! -1: M. I.. liams, G. Boesen, S. Madsen. B. Peterson. L. Zarzan. B, Neely, S. McKinney, P. Cllaf ROXY' Q: S. Cooley. P. Buzzell, S. Skade, A. Kirk, D. Casperson. S, Dugan. M. Murray, H. Furl. B. Petersen, A. Armstrong, ROXX' li L. Parish. J. Barker, F. Lowry. L. Hodges, M. Hixson. D. Houmes. M. Davis, S. Hubbard, T. Rodgers. S. Gillilan. v Anderson, D. Hendricks, Nemetovsky, J. Hendrickson. J. Robertson. P. Husband, P, Boals, J. Gelegan, S. Baker, I. Beamer. Meisel. ROXX7 5: R. XX'hite, C. Bryan, R, Beatty, B. Fulton. J. lgvans. J. Gavey. P. Miner. C. Smith, D, Robertson. ROW! -1: ll Burch. A. Jenkins, S. Rierdorx. l.. Rogers. N. Gustafson, J. Gray, J. Bertelsen, M. Mallery. ROV' 5: J. Lewis, D. XY'ick. J. Day. D. Goddard. L. Taylor. M. L. Williams, A. Hendricks. li, Hicks. fa. car G ERRY GAYLORD Initiation fnot really tough-this years score was only three dead and seven permanently disabledj . . cheering at games Quh-er-hoorayj . making pompoms . . selling programs at tournament . . decorating the halls with white sweaters and purple emblems . . giving banquets for the school heroes fOsburn Hotel-"The way to a man's heart . . . . . present- ing themselves Whenever and wherever possible as representatives of the l school's fmest . Initiation fschool enrollment decreased eleven the following dayj paddles . . . lettered sweaters . . patrolling the halls . . watching the cafeteria line fnot really blind. just understandingj . . smokers . . .s semblies fmsticks and stones can break our bones but words can never harm us", . . the "mighty mice" of Eugene High . CC 77 df ML DECK U,-'kRRl'T'l' ROXX' 1: D. Garrett. ROW' 2: D. Srrite. C. Lurtrcll, E, Frolen. K. Welch, G. Rider, L, Holes. ROW' 3: il Innes. H. Harris. R. Bissell, H. Gardner. j. Nasholm, Wilde. ROW 4: B. White, D. Linder, G. Miner. il. Douglas. rl. McBroom, H. Smith. ROW' S: D. Mcllem, J. Glover, B. Dragoo, J, Hanns, J. Banks, D. Ruth ROXX' rw: C. Ellison. B. Hammock. D. Hubbard, D. Mintz. XV, Haynes, H. Kurhera. :L J-'nw .-mr ,. ALLAN NYEGAARD KCIJLJ ROW 1: C. Peterson, j. Gunn, C. Lee, R. Rexius, B. Dragoo, S. Dagman, S. jalling, B. Frank, J. Walker, M Walker, M. Brandt. ROW Z: L. Marshall, F. Smith, C. Paden, D. Matthews, G. Risch, E. Swenson, L. White G.Nc1son, E. Peterson, E. Becker, D. Padun, C. Wells, P. Scearce, J. Bradford. ROW 3: V. Blackstone, M Lynch, j. Hall, E. I.. Calhoon, L. Campbell, H. Rutherford, G. Hoiland, W. Prather, j. Fegles, N. Richards A. Reid, j. Harrington, V. Elwood, j. Kerns, L, Hoelson, E. Larsen, D. Drysdale, R. Richards, P. Kraft, T XX'attron, J. Loughary. ROW -1: Mr. Miller, P. Gray, R. Ketchum, R. Pfeiffer, B. Alford, A. Graves, B. Dodds Ear splitting clamor of grating discord f"ah, such talent-such quality!"j . "now, let's play the Tschaikowsky number" . . "stop!" . . deadly silence . . Mr. Miller, pleading-"Look kids, let's play the other Tschai- kowsky one, we played the Tiger Rag yesterday" . . marching at games and Pep Rallies ffearured at tournament, . . playing for the Community Chest drive . . preparing for the spring contest . . background music for Commencement . 2 , ape a Two seetions . . . meetings fifth and sixth periods . . . iublie perform anees Qlilks Club. Rotary Club. Lions Clubj . State Confeiente f Churches . . . Good Friday Union Service . . . backgroundmusie for Ciiccn Pastures" fllniversity Theatrej . , . assemblies . . spring eoneeit Spring Music Festival . . State Music Contest . . graduation ,HM LRAKIS ROW' 1: A. Armstrong. D. Rrrnkrnan. kl. llerluanson. Li. Gaylord. M. Ciritnth. T. Dammcn. D. Sibley Il. Strrngneltl. l" I l l h on Shannon. S. Hoselton. N. Kennedy. B. XY'eldy. RUXY 1: D. laden. bl. Carlisle. F. Xlfalker. V. Rutledge. R. livcrett. F. Cvi s C. Anderson. M. L. Miller. D. Ransom. YI. Rarbee. Y. Poplin. I.. Santhez. S. Cooley. ROW' 5: D. Poplin. R. Young.-RI Marshall, D. j. Miller. Fr. L. Pellant. B. MatMnnim.irm, S. Dugan. N. Liaxeney. L. Chapman, M. Blanton. D. XX'1nlre, ROW' 4: N. Richards, B. Fulton. M. XY'.tlker. P. Moore. A. Loc. M. ll. Porter. B. Craig. K. W'atts. B. Robertson. M. Brandt D. Males. N. Chase. ROXX' ig T. Butler. T. Armstrong. S. Gray, D. Coakcs. R. Coakes, j. McNutt. B. Adair. j. Lrakes B. Little, R. Stinchcomh. ROW' oz D. Verlirvck. D. Strrngheld. H. Rasor. R. Murray, D. Norclling. T. Vfrlliams. H. Gardner B. Fulton. li. Thorsfeldt. M. f,lSUl'1.l ROW' 1: B. Rees. M. Carroll. j. Chapman. S. Rierdnn. R. XVhxte. D. Wick. L. Clank. ul. Madigan. D. Leslie. M. Hoxy. t. hiaicr. F. Loe. V. Dejardin. ROW' 1: M. Harmon. lf. Alensen. D. Hendricks. P. Boals. L. Harpiham. M. Jarvis. T. Rogers E. Miller, ul. Evans. S, Ciillilan, M. Davis. D. Hournes. il. Viuper. M. Landers. ROW' 3: Rhodes. J. Cavey. C. Starberg C. Craig. N. Newhouse. M. Mdiallurn. P. Llvrgion. I.. Moore. S. jongeward. D. Shreve. C. Rogers. H. Rutherford. F Passwaters. J. X'i'ernl1.trn. ROXX' fl: M. Petersen. R. Foster. D. Seeger H. jones. M. jones. J. Parsons. R. Campbell. H Conant. li. Boyd. G. Miner. lf. Seaherg. vl. Stewart. H. Haines. ROW' iz A. Reid. K. Marks. C. Vfclls. C. Christensen C. Hastings. 5. Clark. A. Peterson. R. Dupuy. -Y. Pearson, -I. Mtlirooni. B. Shumway. D. Blakeley. Cv. Cash. ROW! I: K. Wfelcli, D. Garrett, lf. Frolen, VV. Haynes, D. Malpass, J.-Crakes. ROW' Z: Mel, B. Hammock, I. Cilover, j. Hanns j, Banks, L. Campbell. ROW 3: L. Boles, B. White, C. Ellison, j. Smith, gl. Paseman, H. Smith, E. Peterson. ROW 4: D. Mintz, D. Walsh, C. Daniels, R. Lee, G. Miner, D. Dahlberg. Wafionaf .fgflzkfic .SiA0farfiAilo Sociefg A new organization in EHS fntake a bow. Melnj . . for the purpose of developing high scholarship among athletes, elevating the ideals of sports- manship, and producing outstanding leaders . . lettermen feither major or minor sport, . . average or above average grades . . . planning many business and social activities for future years , ROW7 1' J Athev P Miller P Hinkson M Scott E. Whlilgren. H, Earl, S. Wolfe. M. Hixson, L. Hodges, V. Snyder B. wifai, M. cofdz. D. Clark. C. oadsdeh. JI Lewii, B. Pratt, ROW 1. C. spiefing, B. Rheimbufg. A. Hull, B. Failing. D. Iillwood A Kirk J. Meisel D. Leslie. I.. Scott. I. Renshaw, B. Cox. l.. Scott, V. Harries, M. Cox. D. Keefe. C. W'ilson. ' 1. ROW 5: D. Chamberlain, D. Brown, C. Craig, L. Gilson, A. jenscn. R. Everett. E. Harpham. M. Peoples. A. jones. Randle, L. Nixon. L. Edson. P. Brooks, M. Iiams, E. Keefe, M. DcVos. ROW 4: M. Harmon, B. Hix. R. Beatty, L. Gilbert V. Simons, M. Burrell, J. Hill. B. Kragh, N. Beckett, M. McLean. S. Steltzer, K. Terry, M. Murray. D, Bounds. Hicks ROW iz L, Chamberlain, R, Haley. P. Swartz, M. Hammock. E, Aydelott, U. Rathbun. ROW 6: S. Barker. P. Calvert, I Beamer, I.. Edwards. Bogen. B. Brown. A. Krenik. ROW 7: B. Drosselmeyer, B. Rolens. J. Yates, M, Olson. j Gomllin. M. J. Porter, D. Gustafson, j. Carter. JEANNE l - IWARKS Potlucks Qhard on digestive system but lots of funj . . volleyball tour- nament. Qutwo hand for beginnersluj . bowling Q31-42-59-77-80 hmmmmmmmmj . . . basketball tournaments . . . roller skating Qskinned kneesj . . ice skating f'iHeavens, look at my hairlnj . . badminton tournament . . baseball . 65 ROW 1: C. Black, P. Brooks, I. Myers, D. Vanderbelt, D. Christensen, M .Marshall, S. Fandrcm, S. McKinney, N. Beckett, L. Clack. ROW 2: P. Hamilton, j. Small, J. Mannell, B. Stuart, D. Ransom, M. Petzold, j. Riddle, P. Chase, B. Brown. ROW 5: M. H. Wildish, L. Weber, M. Burge, S. Madsen, j. Triolo, J. Ullriclx. G. Childers, N. Mariott, I.. Edmon. ROW 4: D. Hanson, M. Bissell, D. Chamberlain, R. Beatty, j. Edgeworth, V. Drake. L. Wolley, I. johnson. ROW 5: L. A. Helikson, G. Jeppesen, L. Chamberlain, B. Petersen, D. Brown, D. Cgtsperson, C. Black, L. Randle, E. Wahlgren, B, Kamarad. ROW 6: M. Smith, B. Robertson, li, Christiansen, M. Brandt, J. Kremmel, C. Leonard, M. A. Baker, j. Wiper, B. Kragh, D. Clark. PAT HAMIL'l"ON l l"L' A "get acquainted" party fro honor new membersg everyone dressed in kiddie clothes, . . formal recognition service . . making sewing kits for teachers frefilling old onesj . . sending special holiday greetings to teachers . . community center Christmas party-New Year's Eve ball f"The Frosted Firnj . . . go-to-church Sunday . . serving at teachers' teas . a joint party with the Hi-Y . . .mother-daughter banquet . . father-dauglm ter banquet . . fellowship . . service . ,..,.'-v. Father-son banquet . . . Motherys Day breakfast . . joint meetings fSpringfield and Uni-Highj . . potlucks . . outside speakers . sport dance . . Christmas party . "go to church" Sunday . . con- tributing to World Service fund . . assisting in Community Chest drive . slam sessions f"Don't you hate Johns hair since he parted it in the middle and look at Fred'sg why I bet he never puts it up anymorefuj . l- CRIHC rMITil ROW 1: Greg Smith. ROW 2: H. Smith, G. Diehcl, F. Dodge. J. Crakes. ROW f3: D. Thomas. H. Seeger. j. Gunn, li Peterson, B.PickelI. ROW 4: J. McNurt, D. Dahlberg, D. Ramsread, K. Stenshocl. M. Weinstein, N. Chase. ROW S: D Mintz, j. Nasholm, G. Schmieding, L. Campbell, C. Warntxck, K. Wullschlegcr, j. Gardner, D. Ford, P. Scearce. ROW 6 N. Richards, C. Ellison, D. Hubbard, D. Pengra. C. Napper, D. Shreve, H. Jensen, H. jones, Frolen. ROW 7: T. Wil liams, B. Knollin. B. Hoey, C. Andrus, T, Butler, D. Nording, B. Shumway, B. McGillicuddy, D. Seeger. KNlZl2l.lNCi: D. Houmes, j. McNutt, B. Neely. ROW' l: D. Payne, L. Taylor, li. Wriglit, A. jenkins, M. Jarvis, M. Miller, A. Armstrong, S. Wolfe, j. Barbee, D. Pitcher, G. Wfooten, M. Keller, T. Rodgers, P. Miner, S, Ciillilan, M. Davis. ROW 2: G. Copelan, E. Wilhlgren, S. Mahany, L. Driscoll, P. Copinger, D. Leslie, L. Scott P. MacGregor. E. Aydelott, B. Hamilton, S. Baker, j. Meisel, L. Schmidt, P. Buzzell, S. hkade. RCTW 5: D. Sibley, D. Davis, L. Randle, D. Beairsto, j. Hendrickson, P. Boals, I.. Chapman, M, j, l-forter, B. Craig, M. Burge, S. Madsen, B. Moorehead, D. Robertson, G. Jeppesen, P. Gardner. RCJW -l: C Craig, L. White, B. Petersen, j, Proudht, G. Anderson, S. Clark, H. Gardner, A, Graves, L, Campbell, j. jones. J. Robertson. RCJW S: S. Harrington, B. Hammock, C. Warnock, P. Porter, K. Pratt, K. Burnett, j. Neilson. G. Diehel. I, Fluent, K. Wlritniiare. BIZTTY NEIELY Ctifiegfri First semester initiation fdancing, refreshments, a regular riot, . Halloween Barn Dance fdancing, refreshments and . . . er . . uh . well, dancing and refreshmentsj. Beaux Arts Ball fthe big affair of the year, Freda Shannon as queen . . . a super dancej. Second semester initiation fheld at the canteenj . . These are the future Gainsboroughs and Van Goghs of the world . 1 ROW 1: B. MacManiman, P. Calvert, B. Froling, D. Pitcher, D. Goddard, Barker, D. Robertson, Gillctt. ROW 2 j. Miller, P. Gardner, P. jordan, M. Gridfith, M. Marshall. M. johnson, S. S adc, B. Craig, D, Vanderbelr. ROW 3: S Harrin ton Collard D Bc-airsto Gibson B Neel D Hink D Brown B Sullivan D Paden ROW 4 E Herrin er 'lg .j. ,. Y, . '. , , . . 1. g II. Privosky, D. Pengra. Pl-IYLLIS GARDNER .mefiloiand Membership won by outstanding dramatic work in class and public per- formance . . monthly meetings . . business . . dramatics . . re- freshments . . entertainment furnished for assemblies . . radio . programs . . . public gatherings . . . mystery . . . romance . . , drama 'rem' ROXX' l: j. Mitnnel. C. Black, D. Christensen. C. Bliiis, C. Black, P. Mciiinty, S. Madsen. ROW' 1: P. Hamilton, L. Weber, ll. Wernlirxiii. V. Simons, rl, lDel.ap, Christiansen, M, Hurgc, G. Jeppesen, ROW7 5: D. Brown, R, Scofield, I. Towne, IZ. Lundberg, XV. Hamilton. ROW' 1: P. Brooks, V. I-Iarries, Miss Blais, II. Cavey, C. Black. ROW Z: YI. Wernhanm, M, Bissell. j, DeI..1p, I.. Taylor. ROW' 3: K, Watts, M. Smith, NI. Mtflollum, C. Craig. C. Leonard, ROW' -I: D. Ford, J. Goodlin. D, Armstrong. 1 Jaffa Initiation fof a serious naturel monthly business and social meetings . individual reports fRoman culture ,etc.j . . . parties fgames, refreshments, entertainment, . . . joint picnic with French Club fheld at Benton-Lane-swimming-singing-lunchI L L . amoeamas . . . amat fhmmmmmmmj PQIQCA "Comment allez-vous aujord'hui?" fuuha huh-er uh yah, Iguess so . . . . . smooth questions . . . vague answers . . . old members chatter . . . occasional "Oui" or "Non" from the initiates . . . French poetry and songs . . . Miss Blais insisting on early hours . . . busy afternoons wrapping cloth- ing bundles for French children . . . cor- responding Q"it isn't that I can't translate it, I just can't read their writingfj . . . ROW' 1: P. W'alter. R. Ketchum. D. Vanderhelt. B. Rees. I.. Hotlges. Ii, I., Harpliam. S. Baker. N. Chase. AI. Barker. P. Mulligan. R. W'hiic V, Snyder. Il. Ullricli D. Houmes. T. Rodgers. ROW' 2: P. McHenry. Iwi. Hammock. P. Swartz. j. Meisel. P. Husband. M. MtCratken. M. Barrows Gillett. I.. Parish, B. Kragh. l. Means. G. Crabtree. ROW' '31 kl. Maxon. P. jordan. A. Kerrebrock. Aydelott. B. Stuart. M, Mtffollun. N Mariott. A. Bailey. P. Guntly. M. Sthuneznan. A. jones. J, W'iltshire. L. Randle. H, Falkenstein. Iwi. W'einstein. ROW' -l: J. Robertson. xl. Hendrick son. C. Bryan. M. Haines. V. Blatksrone. H. Earl. L. Clack. M. Peoples. S. Turnbull. N. Beckett, J. Towne. H, Booth. D. Doak. l. MtBroom ROW' 5: Mrs. Baker. R. Beatty. D. Krefe. Il. Hall. N. Gustafson. j. Gray D. W'alter. D, Gustafson. ROW' 6: H. Bale. D. Anderson. Ri Siinlerlan G, Ferrell, j. Gunn. T. Atkinson. B. Razor, G. Miller. D. Ramstead. ROW' 1: j. Madigan. N. Morgan. I.. Clack. M. Peoples. P. W'altcr. C. Gadsden. G. Bethel. P. Brooks. li. A. Stuart. D. Ransom. ROW" Z: D. Christensen. A. Kerrebrock. B, Petersen. M. Barrows. M. Haines. D. Brown. C. Black. C. Rathbun. D. Clark. A. Krenik. G. Crabtree. ROW' 5: A. Telford. If. Christiansen. P. Mortensen. I. Beamer. j. Yaets. F. Aydelott. N. Marloti. G. Childers. D. Caspcrson. J. Ross. ROW' fl: B Bale, D. Barnett, J. DeI.ap. V. Simons. C. Leonard. B. Robertson. C. Craig. H, Gardner. I. Hall D. Greiner G Barron ROW' Q' R Cook R W right. P, Donnor. l. Huntington. D, Matthews. K. Kienzle. J IQCUQLJA Parties freally Spanish in decorations, en- tertainment. and refreshments, . . . twisted tongues f"If at first you don't succeed, try, try againj . . . speakers . . Spanish dances, fstep, step. step, stumblej . . songs . . games, Donde esta' juan? . . assemblies . . anything to instill real Spanish cul- ture . CLQFLCQ C ll, Divided into several divisions Qcamera. chem- istry, biology, electricity or radioj . . . sep! arate monthly meetings . . joint meetings fdemonstrations given by a different division each time, . speakers . . . a fairly new organization, with plans for future ad- vancement Qexpecting any minute to solve the problem of relativity, . al vcveea. R. Mamerii. E. Lundberg. B. itnoiiin. B. suiiivan. I.. Mme. B. Pfeiffer. r. Peterson. D. Dahibefg. ii. at-fm. Row 6. ti. 'tail-bei. F. ROW' l: j. Bleth, B. Nelson. M. Michelsen, P. Cummins, H. jolinston. J. Drollinger. B. W'ital, li. Templeton, S. Turnbull. M. Grttgg, j. Holmes. R. Hall, j. Billings. M, L. Glasgow, C. Young, M. Cord7, j, Hughes. D. Pitcher. L. Tilson, M. Radcliff, l. Means. ROW' Z: C. Spiering, A. Ziolkow ski. j. Gelegan. L. Scott. E. Slater, Krebs. P. Miner, N. Beckett. L. Newton, P. Pritchett, R. Hornibrook. M. Cary, C, Drinkwitter, C. Stone. P. Nutlelmixn, S, Mahany. ROW' 3: lvl. Bond, li. Sorensen. il, Lusk, R. N. Hicks. B. Froling, S. Stelzer, A. Jensen, Olson, M. Olson, S. Newby, l. Renshztw, C. Smith D. Handley, J, Richardson. B. W'ourms, J. Barker. B. Mansell. ROW' 4: R. W'alker. P. Davis. D. Caswell, A. Krenik. U. Rathbun, J. Bleth, j. Bashforcl, B. Eggiman, D. Beairsto, L. Rogers, Ci. Childers, D. Morris. R. Cook, F. Davenport. S. Barrell, j. Marks, J, , Mellor. ROW' S: S. Barker, R. W'illiams, M, Bissell. L. W'oollef. B. Price, S. johnson, M, johnson, M. McCracken, C. Pakulak. L. er, D. Petersen, M. Powers, L, Zimmerdalil. B. Drosselmeger, B. Myers, S. W'inston, ROW' 6: M, Siegmund, B. Fenner, B, Larkey. Gilbert. I.. Haley, E. Larsen, l. Sanders. F, Shrosle, B. Means. J. Hamlow. B. W'orden, W'. Sorensen. L, Rirhardson. ROW' ': D. johnson, V Shzlter. D, Ci, Rogers, L. 1 Hawkins. B. Pratt. B. W'eaver, D. Plaistetl, R. Haley. B. W'atts, L. Chamberlain. liorensen. ROW' 1: L. Sanchez, j. Meisel, M. Nuttman. B. Means, S. Dagtnitn. N. Mariott, S. Campbell. M. L. Watts, ROW'1: Cy. Hoilanrl, V. Blackstone. H. rlohnston. li. L. Harphrtm. L. Marshall, 1. Van Rysselberghe. li. Petersen, li. Becker. M. Brandt, J, W'alker, M. W'alker. ROW' 5: Mr, Miller. P. Cray, R, Pfeitter, B. Dnleiden, M. Harmon. C. Lee. R. Rexius, C. Peterson. YI. Loughary. B. Gardner, A. Nyegaarrl, Absent: S. Gray, H. Ruthertortl, D. l. Miller. D, Drysdale. M. Tykeson. lf' fi 00 l"C Q6 PCL ' ' O A f Daily classes fma-me-mi-mo-muj . . . Playing for assemblies . . entertaining at caroling in halls at Christmas fradiating that P.T.A. meetings . . . contest at Albany . . . super-sonic warm feeling called "the Christmas concert at McArthur Court . . . touring the Spirit", . . taking part in the Christmas district's grade schools fthis is Mr. Miller's program . . . spring concert . . com- "chef d'oeuvre" and is planned for each fol- petition at Albany . . Baccalaureate . lowing yearj . me Q ' 'fmsw S. me I er f Wrpvw ...Av--'N M , WS, 5.2 3 QQ! K . 5 , s .4 , W ,' i 2. H fl i r .EI ROXV 1: j. Nasholm, M. Hudsperh, B. VC'isc. ROW' 1: C. Andrus, K. Stenshoel. J. Napper, D. Shreve, Mr, Burch. ROXX' 5: B. Knollin, B, 'l'r1ylor, L. Piztsley, L. Wilson. R, Rust. K. Roger. ROW 1: j. Nasholm, T. Williams, G. Smith, B. McGillicudrly, D. Malpass, G. Sem, B. Memion, N. Chase. ROW 2: D. Seeger, B. Shumway, D, Hebert, J. Gardner, G. Zehrung, H. Jensen, H. Thorsfeldr, ROW 3: D. Shreve, P. Porter, Z, Holmes. J. Napper, M. Webster, J. jones. ROW rl: G. Bissell, B. Gill, XV. Haynes, C. Andrus, D. Ruth. B, Chas:, H. Knollin. H, Seeger. if e l9acL pub Weekly meetings . . . rifle range under Ski fHoodoo, Willamette, . . . mounr west ramp f"That janitor makes the best darn tain climbing fThree Sisters, Mt. Yoranj . . . targerluj . . . pie shoots once a monthg gun bums , , , blisters , . . Q"Ah, the losers treat winners Q"But I don't like custard great OL1fdOOfS!nD , , , our Qwn "camp- pies!"Q . . . marksmanship examinations QUIE fm-3 boys," you'd leave one eye open, it might help."j . sharp shooters . . rp W , ROW' 1: B. Rees. H. Peterson, D. Melby, -1. Herbranson, P. Buzzell, V. Cook. II. Coggins. I.. Fladstol. I.. Hodges. ROW' 2: F. Hein. M. XVildish A. Hall, J. Arhey. V. Drake, O. jack, P. Macliregor, j. Small. ROW 3: B. Rhcinfburg. I.. Haldorson, P. Swartz, D. Casperson. D. Sherman, j Proudfit, I.. Weluer. ROW' 4: M. McCracken. R. Haley. P. McHenry. D, Miller, I.. Heliksnn. Miss Hayes. RUXX' 5: V, Coe, D. Buckles. DI. Bowden' H. johnson. M. Olsen, Wilde. 5'2A'I'I2D: L. Haldorson. ff. Mellem. P. Swartz, WX. Lot-. Ii. johnson. M, Rusco. D. Buckles. STANDINCRA P. MtHenry, I.. A. Helikson, D Melbjs, P. Buzzcll, M. I.. Corbin, O. jack. DI. Kremmel. D. Casperson. L, XYf'illifumson. M. Keller. M. H. Wfildish. rl. ffoggins. 0Ifl'll'l'lQI"CLCL! ' Ofhw Sta!! Monthly meetings . . . potlucks . . speakers . . . movies fconcerning correct of- fice procedurej . . alums returning to tell of office work . . . the Christmas party fan outstanding event with games, refreshment, and gift exchange, . . . second-year book- keeping and transcription students flooking forward eagerly to that first job as a real stenog- rapher after june graduation, . Hurrying from room to room with announce- ments . . , waiting patiently for absent- minded teachers to fill out attendance lists . , . typing and mimeographing . . . making out code books so the teachers can read the an- nouncements . . , sharpening pencils . . . taking care of the lost and found Q"Here, Lois, which one do you want?"j . . helping out wherever needed . . SITTING: M. Olsen, P. Chase, D. Melby, J. Ray, D. jordan, 1. Manuel, M. H. VC'ilt.l1sh. STANDING: XV. Olsen. M. Rhodes, H. Collins. IQ. Boesen. M. Smith, P. Simmons, O. jack, Ii. Aytlclott, Miss Onion, V. Coe. R. Cook. ROW I: D. ,I. Miller, B. W'eldy, R, Vfhite, D. Wick, I. Caveg M. Grithth, J. Barbee. ROW 1: P. Boals, Miller, V. Parks, j, Van R sselbcrvhe, N. Newhuuse, I. Evans, D. Sibley, R. Young. ROW 5: D. blakley, B. Shumway, B. Little, K. Marks. D. Poplin, N. Richards, Grilllith, P. Iflvigion. .0i,..., swf Books, books, and more books . . . label . . . paste . . . file . . check in-check out-collect fines . . . deliver overdue slips . . . take study hall attendance f"Pul- lease sit stillg this is the third time I've counted you", . . . a real service to the school . . 3"0lfL6Cl,6!0lfLl':5 Representing the finest in musical talent in Eugene High . . . singing fchoral and soloj . . . instrumental . . entertainment fin and out of schoolj . ROW' 1: J. McFadden. D. Sorensen. A, Cotkerline, B. Bale. Ci. McKenzie. L. I-laldorson. Ci. Gustafson. L. Torricellas. ROW' 2: M. Belortha. C. Bryant, j. Kommer. S. Gray. F. Xwaldrip. D. Matthews, L. Dunlap. li. Dukes. ROW' 5: B. Calloway. M. Callaghan, R. Foster. F. Newby. F. Schwartz. M, Haltlorson. K. Lipsit. ROW' 4: D. Green, ,l. XXf'ilfon, R. Parker. B. Sullivan. B. Day, B. Mcl-lenry, M, Ringsdotf. C. lNIakinson. ROW' I: L. Titus. N. Morgan, A. Karlas. E. Schaaf, E. Pearce. M. Siegmuntl, I.. Frost. ROW' 2: Il. johnson. il. Mannel. C. Spiering. B. fl. Prite. C. Leonard. D. Cireiner. ROW' 5: R. Manseth. E. Lundberg. VV. Hamilton, B. Knollin. B. Sullivan. B. Pfeiffer. Mr Hamlow. . . . Meetings every two weeks . . social meet- ings at members' homes . . . projects fcon- sisting of livestock, poultry, or crops and netting a total of 354,589.93 , . . producing an in- dividual fair fin cooperation with the County Fairj . . . national and state contests . . highlighting the year with a large banquet fheld at Danebo Lutheran Church, with speak- ers, presentation of scholarships, letters, and awards . . . one of the school's most active organizations . , . These are the men that will feed our nation . eruice Frequent meetings fwhen neededy . . . caring for scoreboards and taking tickets at school games . . . lights at football games . serving at social events . . . ushering . . . new sweaters for members fwhite and purple axesj . . . giving their time and labor for the school . CM Axemenls Council Assembly was a big hir. "Frosted Fir" . . . Tri-Y New Year's eve formal. Our basketball team was honored at a banquet A festive Christmas party was held by Commercial club. I I ROW' 1: M. jaquenod, H. johnson, J. Mithaelson, P, Blakley, N. Morg an, D. Walter, B. Myers, P. Walter. D. Sutton, R. Ketchum, B. Hamilton Miss Deierlein. ROW 2: P. Chase. B. Brown, R. Hornibrook, C. Peterson. M. Barrows, F. Still, A. Jensen, M. Hoxey, S. Campbell, E. Hugus, P. Nielsen. ROW' 5: L. Shafer, E. Sorensen, D. Chamberlain, R. McCormick, A. Adams, E. Slater, M. Haines, P. Daniels, D. Plaisted, I. Richey, li. Pearte, K. Mull. ROW 4: K. Thramer, L. Chamberlain, L, Goodman, j. Watson, M. Bissell, j. Yates, J. Saunders, V. Parks, Aydelott, F. Sbrode, B. Dodds, D, Blakley, J, Mondell. ROW' S: D. Brown, M. Jaques, D. Poplin, D. Mesman. j, Huckins, D. Drysdale, H. Rexius, D. Spencer. B. Manseth, R. Hornibrook, L. Moore, D. Paden. ROW lr G. Crabtree, 1, Gunn, W. Peterson, J. Worth. H. Loseth. ROW 2: D. Dahlberg, J. Hall, J. Van Rysselburghe, S. Kendall. S. Turnbull, W. Hamilton, D. Brown, F, Dodge, R. Scofield, I2, Lundberg, B. Hempy. ROW 4: B, Sullivan, K. Hanson, R. Foster, A. Wfickham. .!4I'l'l66L.'5dCL 0114 C4856 Weekly meetings Cfhursdayj . . . speak- Business meetings . . . active meetings ers . . . talent shows . . social meetings . . . contests . . . tournaments f"Take a . . . banquet Qformall . . . young peoples bow Mr. Brownfj . . . social events . . . Christian group . . inspiring fine ideals . . agile minds-nimble fingers . . more fun!!! O , . O I O U" if 809058 Cfllllfleff eaS Teaihds T lol ffog' fjplfv gkolzf All, 41 MOV . 3 rp ' N . 43,0 11,45 'QQO 41 lbzliaffnro If QS fi V K ft, ' . . . A50 gf 2212 611755 Afqfcg R uzigr' Orol' regoqeecf, in lv 'fn 8, I, 4' 004 R1 3,46 69 I, 'Y' J COO IU-7 da: I D . ' C004 1-ak 4,6 S ey v S. Q llbony X X W in 33 1 Selections from thu top - notch assembly presented tor the boys. favs Q Ls .......... QNX ROXV 1: H. Haight. D, Miller. rl. Gunn. j. Barbee, ul. Barker. R. Beatty. M. Tykeson, H. Allison. ROXV 1: G. Sem. Miller, S. Wrrllie. j. Dclatp. lf. Christiansen, F. Lowry, K. Mull. ROW' 3: li. Dodge. D. Dahlberg. B. Mention, D. Keele. B. Bozorth. V. Simons. ROW' -1: lr. Peterson. D. Brown. G. Crabtree. B. Sullivan, L. Moore, B. Hempy. ROW' 1: -I. Mannel. Lf. Rhoades. P, Calvert. M. Magnuson. I.. Marshall. R. Ketchum. ROW' 2: D, Ransom. B. Fos, L. Taylor .B, Cushman. tl. Lockattl. RUXV '31 B. Daleiden. A. Moteneld. B, Watts. B. Robertson. B. Johnson. lbelafe Linfield cup winners fResolved: that the fed- eral government should provide a system of complete medical care, available to all citizens at public expensej . . . inter-class debates . . . never-ending advice from Mr. Allison fstand straighteriput that pencil downhtalk louder-look at your audience-more light- less sarcasm-Q . . . practice . . . improve . . . more practice . . . out of town de- bates . . . contesting with other schools . working for state championship . 07118 C. Monthly social meetings fat school or at a members homey . . . projects Qpenants . , . covering a davenportj . . . valentine flower booth fcupid's corner of romancej . . . spring tea and style show ffor mothers of home-ec. girls and members of facultyj . . . newly organized . . . planning to join the national F.H.A. next year . . .xgcfiuifiw Girls' Glee and A Capella furnished excellent entertainment at many as- semblies. . . a feature of "Be-Up, Clean-Up XVeekf" Hello Vifeek dance featured "Lena, the Hyenaf' Also during Be-Up Clean-Up Week was a Faculty vs. Student basketball game. Thespians held an initiation banquet -+enj0yed by all. .fgcfiuifiw gommiffee Checking students for grades QC or above, and number of activities fone major and one minor or three minorsj . . . listening to pleas fdefinitely not accepting bribes, . . i ROXX' 1: j. Barhce, -I. Gootllin, D, Ford. ROW 2: Miss Wood, Mr. Hendricks, Miss lilnii. Afiemdfg Commiffee School assemblies fplan, censor, presentj . . talent show ffirst and second prizesj . . exchange assemblies fouchlj . ROW' 1: Mr, Dedman, j. Carlisle. J. Hendrickson, Mr. Goodnouih. ROW Z: Mr. Grithrh. 1. Gunn, Miss Herringer, j. McNutt. ROW 5: B. Pic 'ell, K. Stenshoel, J. Crakes. ,Q-.7 . .lance ommiffee Friday night dances fatter school games and activitiesj . . entertainment . . music . . coat checking f"My jacket is black but any color will do so long as it matches my dressfj . ROW l: M. Cochrane, IT. Gillett. L. Parish, L. Hodges. ROW 2: D. Walsh, M. Burrell, B. Stageberg. O. jack, T. Nugent. ROW 3: D. Hubbard, R. Pfeiffer. B. Dragoo, B. Carlson. I .S70l0Aomore ance om m iffee Sophs took us back to childhood . . . slides . . swings . . . dramatic entrance. ROW 1: 1. Chapman. j. Harrington. I.. Taylor. ROW' 2: M. Bnknr, B. Baker, B. Kmgh, unior ance om miffee "Mistletoe Magic" . . . Don Walsh proved to be an able chairman. . . ROXV 1: B. Kuslcf S. Harrington, P. Miner. ROW' 2: J, Hendrickson. j. Lougharv, M. Burch. 2 un lor en for rom om m iffee "Tabu" . a languorous theme of tropical islands . . we danced and dreamed. ROW' 1: M. Davis. P, Boals. -I, Meiscl. S. Ricrdon. ROXY 3: QQ. frglig. S. Harrington. ul. l'Del.ap. C. Peterson. li. lDr.1g-io. w. 'Qi' eaux .Arla gaf Whispers . . . mysterious postures . , . the silhouette of a lost city surrounded by vast deserts . . . the evening-tinted shadow of a dancing maiden . . , "Arabian Nights"-depths of enchantment revealed only through the dark halls of the unknown . . . the penetrating perfume of a romance-filled evening . . . the graceful swaying of a lone couple on a polished Hoot-Freda Shannon and het escort dancing the Queens Waltz . . if ff' . Q gif M"r-rmwwgmg g ,f . we ,, SIGRID SKADE LSLQQQ JACKIE BARBEIE emonagfied Sig and Greg-Soap Suds Sal and Tidy Tim . . . reigning victors of school contest . . . ring side seats at the Be-Up-Clean-Up assembly . f"I love that perfume you're wearing, Sig. What is it, Purex?"Q Gingham Girl-queen of Print and Cord week . . crowned and presented at the Friday night dance . . with Jackies lovely hair and striking personality how could she lose? . Queen of Hearts . . Marilee Williams, sophomore candidate-alL school queen . . . newcomer tops junior and senior candidates . . . the fun of a school contest-plus-a generous donation to "Save The Children Federation" . 59 Wifi ang? W'hen alums Warren, jim and Wes returned to give Homecoming plans? 2 When the drama class presented K rr W swell entertainment for the student e W body at Christmas? Those "talk sessions" with Kuchera? When this magician used John, Pat, and jim for his guinea pigs? 0 OU 8141 0771, QI' The farewell assembly for Band leader Orme? Wherl Dorothy and Dick were pre- sented for winning honors in the XY'estA inlghouse Science Talent Search? Athletes, john, jim, and Gene as the "Stink Spotsu? The Hello Week Assembly with jack. Mr. Mickelwaite, The Deans. and Superintendent Hines participating? .1411 f0gl'6ll0Arf f, my V -44 iz' , 1 V V- ,,,. U! 3 ., V' " "" Ffa 'if-,'V V. Q?- ' 'inn .-,,.AVr,.- . 'Y' ,fn 1 VV-f,r.34- .0 V :MT 453 1 .: ax- ,.V 1 XVI E1 ... 2. -,Q , .4 ,'3t?'fV' -' fy 4 Q74 - ef ' . .Vi :V ., fb. : qv-vi. V , -25-ggi., fyfpfe ' p 553 -. . -s.'f.i1'f 'r' IQ J Y, 5 .. xl bv, V VV 'f.f?f:Pf'Qw' X' Z ' V --. V 1 , 4 L .,, 411' ,.',, .- ,ml ! . f' I Q L? 9,25 r' I Q-Q 25 1 'V gf-'ffgf , --' .' i? -'Min - 4. R- 21: . ' 1,54 H gi' ' z 9 -iw 'R'-ay E1-arg, ,Ah ki Xu I. ri. , . 3.n,'.1:.V'1":,3j , '- :iff Q f i Jffizzief 'V u.' "'-7 V FV Q 4-gV.vr' LE-V-31x,,1VV -, V V. -.,-:QQ V-. 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" 1 -MV H',4,mV2??',1-g rqa-bfi-.Va-4',f,fa N'-'-:.-crm?11-f-2'-,1,-,'afwf4,V-p-V:V-V1 ' fifgfmg-,vix ,?',VL:2VZ ,-4,55 A33 I eg 1 V-aifgg glg ig ? fav . 1--dQ'f,,5ig,4::-'75f?5,'555-7:1-gig-ig-fxilg-25.,A:fLg3,-f:,55,:1.-gj"- 5 H " ' 4 W' - --Vf-"-A'V31"'x'.if'- 'fr-E'-iff'I-'S!Q.'1'?lj--JinA "fif--LQ,2r5--2-251-K1-..r.T'5 .zx:-V1.,b'h-.Pu -V.-,..-9 V-,V,Q2 .3fA'!." '- ?S. .'iTC-4 . 5 ' ' " ' ' ' ' 2414 f0gl'Cl,l9A:5 S are W7 ROW 1: G. Rider, G. Miner, R. Lee, H. Harris, J. Smith, C. Luttell, J. Reed, J. Glover, D. Ruth, J. Banks, J. Hanns. ROW 2: Coach Mellcm, D. Hubbard, J. Douglas, B, White, B. Dragoo, D. Prim- ya rose, J. Provasky, E. Wilde, J. McBroom, J. Jones, W. Haines, Coach Kuchera. ROW 5: Manager l K. Mull, B. Powell, D. Burgratf, R. Murray, W. Johnson, D. Bums, B. Summers, B. Wolf, K. Welch, Manager R. Bissell. ra, cf...,..,,. Eugene's season in retrospect University high . . . . . . more annual brass than Anaconda has cop- per . . . a school with a total enrollment ot boys equaling a single axeman roster . . . Lee shifted the sporadic eleven into high gear with a 70 yard sprint to tally turf . . . Unwavering power that hammered through a golden tide clan, which failed to materialize an offense . . . Uni high received their worst spanking in "civil war" history . . . the score . . . 64-0. Medford . . . . . . a southern tornado that threatened to black out a purple constellation and sweep through the entire state . . . first a candle and then a bon- fire as star-studded shoulders slashed East for goal post fuel . . . six for six in the third . . . the Medford line as secure as the rock of Gibraltar . . . Medford's grandstand generals prepared another march . . . when the dependable hands of center, Jack Smith, tallied from 12 yards on a tornado passing cloudburst . . . the rejuvenated fire again blazed toward the counter cage and then subsided as the timer's trigger ended the fracas, deadlocked at 19-19. Klamath Falls . . . . . . oh, we're mud, mud, mud, mud, sloggin' over civil slush, mud, slog, slog, slog, sloggin' over civic slush . . . if Kipling's "Boots" could have waded the stadium "mud bowl" . . . unrecog- nized gridders clad in traditional axeland mud- brown . . . the Eugeneans accustomed webfooted warriors converted the tussle into a cross-country track meet . . . listen city of Eugene . . . we JOHN BANKS JIM HANNS need a turf field . . . we need a basketball court, we need a track . . . home of the university . . . 30,000 residents . . . three high schools . . . still we invite opponents to a "hog pen" . . . incidentally, the score . . . 34-0 . . Eugene's blue ribbon day. Springfield . . . . . . The Millers crossed the Willamette Septem- ber 27, for their third annual timber turmoil clash with the Purple . . . the mythical Paul Bunyon wielded the axe and sent the glory boys power hous- ing like "Babe" the great blue ox . . . the Miller lumberjacks were no match for the hard armed Axemen . . . a victory hard fought . . . but secure . . . the Miller team packed the porkchop pickle 80 yards . . . the big Axe rolled for 298 ...Goback . . . Goback . . . Goback to the woods . . . Millers . . . Cause you aint got the goods . . . the Axeland empire stands . . . score . . . 20-0. Bend . . . . . . Two of the toughest teams that ever churned up the civil "soup dish" . . . A pulverizing full- 1Continued on Page 94J are 91 ' 52 A in f ' ..:" 35 5, mu 'Ld 43 ' 5 msgrumms L Q1 Fullba W if f . 1 3 if Q S . 1 Q, EHH 51+ ' ,Q 4 ,i,., ! :W t .. Q ,Af ' 3 Q ? ROBIN LEE R. Half fall statejq IACK GLOVER E L R. Tackle ' -GENE MINER X f Qucrrterbaqk Call star, N4 'ii . 'DON RUTH ' L.VTackle can sun, , .. .LA L. Hcxlfbatk D 'Z KEITH WELCH HOWARD HARRIS V I.. Guard CHARLES LUTTRELI. IOHN BANKS - L. End Call star, VB is . , 8 ui R M ,sg . ., -wr Q , Q., .W SL l iw- : . 1 I gg .STX 6Adl'l'll0.'5 tContinued from Page 913 back . . . Jim Hanns, who smashed . . . A pint sized half . . . Pee Wee Welch, who scotted . . . result: touchdown . . . third canto that saw the Lava Bear start uphill . . . and there was the Eugene line standing likeastone wall . . . Luttrell, Harris, Ruth, Glover, Banks, and Rider . . . athree yard line wall that held . . . Jim Douglas and Robin Lee . . . fourth quarter wheels rolled from the Bend 48 . . . and things settled at 13-0 . . . Salem . . . . . . It was Dasch . . . Dasch . . . Dasch . . . admiral of the Viking ship that ran aground on shallow turfed Willamette University's Sweetland Field . . . there were rough and tumble pirate tactics that made ordinary football resemble a kin- dergarten Saturday night . . . Roger Dasch, ace aerial admiral torpedoed the Axeman destroyer with passing accuracy . . . But the Vikings were soon capsized . . . and though the sea was choppy there were blue skies in the end . . . and once more the Eugene Axemen proved to the capitol land lubbers, by a count of 12-6, that they're still the top sailors of the 45 year feud. McMinnville . . . . . . Cold enough to freeze Admiral Byrd . . . confident Axeman fans saving money for a Portland spree . . . half-time score, 0-0 . . . Eugene broke the uneasy quiet with a pass and lateral received by end john Banks who slithered over . . . Eugenes game in the proverbial bag when . . . The Axemen again rolled . . . squarely behind the "eight ball" . . . with a minute and half left the "axe'l slipped . . . the charmed pill sailed through a net of limbs to tie the score 7-7 . . . Mac annexed the title on first downs. Albany . . . . . . A Eugene outnt unleashed a combination of greyhound and husky against the stubborn Albany bulldog which growled and smoked as the Axemen displayed the real way to dogfight . . . an Al- bany kickoff drive backfired . . . three plays and forty yards later Banks landed Miners spiral and sprinted over 220 style . . . limping and licking its wounds the bulldog was returned to the kennel . . . and into print . . . another chapter in the "Fall of the Albany Bulldog." Corvallis . . . . . . The Spartan invasion that failed to bring the Trojan horse . . . instead the Jack of all Sports, Civic Stadium, was converted into gladiatorial coliseum . . . the Eugeneans losinga revengeful axe which dented and then crushed the Spartan shield . . . Corvallis took a worse pounding than besieged Rome . . . Welch and Lee skirted and scampered over for a dozen points each . . . four touchdowns in four quarters . . . the Wil- lamette hornblowers were "Big Purplel' fans . . . but the really big noise was the score . . . 26-0. 11 f f 'K 'MY' ga4Lef6a! K , . 1 , A ' ' 1 . - .vw v ,.N......,gV M- X is ' is 1 BASKETBALL Roseburg ..... 41 junction City '.... 46 St. Mary's ...... 50 Salem . . . . . 46 Lebanon , . . . . 39 Springfield ..... 35 Uni High . . . . . 57 Albany ....... 63 Cottage Grove .... 46 Bend ,...... 85 Junction City .... 45 Corvallis . . . . . 47 Uni High ..... 33 w Salem . . . . . 35 Bend . . . , 45 Lebanon . . . . 50 27 21 34 36 34 32 36 36 16 66 28 45 31 42 44 44 BASKETBALL Elmira . . Roosevelt Commerce St. Mary's Commerce Roosevelt Medford . . . Coos Bay Coos Bay Springfield Albany . Cottage -Grove . . . Corvallis ..... Elmira . . Roseburg . . . . 43 32 42 24 39 37 44 34 59 49 44 45 33 55 48 27 48 41 14 30 53 40 43 55 35 46 25 34 36 37 Crgirrett. ROW' 2: B. Wo t. j. Smith, D. Linder. 1. Banks, I Q' N . 3 3 we '99, nffg-' 4 ,ff x' ,I at ,. 779' 'f ...K . aZi.a" 'Q 'fi Ca At- e W'-Ti. li RC-IW' I.: limit XX'ildt. Ci. Miner. Cr. Rider. D. Ruth. D. K. Welielr. ROXV 5: Coach Kuchera, D, Hubbard, B. Las' sen, Manager I.. Holes. The end of 27 years of sardining in Wfillamette university's fish can at Salem . . . the annual state basketball tourney was netted for Eugene's massive pavilion . . . McArthur Court . . . better known to its many admirers as the "Igloo," The defending state champion Eugene Axemen . . . along with 15 other district champs . . . pageanted on the Duck's emerald floor . . . col- orful, magnificent, breathtaking . . . five nights of casaba fan's utopia . . . Coach Henry Kuchera's Eugene Axemen . . . a team thoroughly Kucherad . . . without an ex- perienced man over six foot . . . overcame the handicap by developing a gang that could really sling the ball . . . named by prominent sports- writers as "The best ball handling club in the state" . . . at the close of the first tournament round . the Axemen automatically climbed the ladder to sit with the eight best teams by scaring a TKO over LaGrande . . . the Tigers were on the ropes most of the time stunned by Miner and Wilde's rights and lefts to the bucket . . . next . . . a David and Goliath myth . . . only the Golia- thican Klamath Pelicans were tougher than the ancient . . . at length the Pelican proceeded to slowly pull the second consecutive championship cup from the Eugenean's hopeful hands . . . The season's highlight . . . and a fitting cli- max for an outstanding basketball club . . . Cap- tain Ernest Wilde . . . "Ernie" . . of course . . . was selected All State . . , 20 points potted in the Klamath fracas . . . the towering Pelicans were shown that it takes more than height to stop a determined, hard playing, all around great ball team, individualized in Ernie Wilde. ROW! I: Couch Mellem D . , Ars. . t . . r gton, D. Anlcerherli, D. Baker F Fistman ROW' T' NI D S L ia Q- J D H x C l j Parsons, H. Carlson, j. Barnes. ROW' 5: D. p Hebert, B. 91 ...Slide...s JIA1 D If OU 1 R fglilgi S Ro FIQI W D fn, C ' Ku ' pfake apufhz 'ich W ,K .Cl ffcl, ' S!e,-A3351El1l1Y050lv,',7,L6e , J. pa'S6IlI?14-1, 63,134-k Sm. Jn' Giylggx' l3di,h'A!fm Dau, 1 ' H-illmz' Mgas' J' , B gina 4 'ID H ' Mlmffr Ho a"'1S em War :fob , D dxgm, rz N . Burgnffhl Rdshol aff Owm, E, A ' Ca 2: Ulf fPen,erC0aC1, 'ldc-, E E 1 B!V6llemdd'6 rnes. , lide into home . . . and brother when you slide into an dish ou sli-i-i-ide . . . at scribble time Coach Mellem's rin ower by pitching junction City Oregonian soup y men have just exhibited district conque g p h rd hurlin jim Hann's "moun d" wasn't a candy bar into the cellar . . . a g . . but there were plenty of "Babe Ruths" in lettermen Ellison . . . Douglas . . Mintz . . Frolen . . . Wilde . . . Nasholm . . Smith and Welch . . the nucleus nine . . N 100 .Ll"Y'-RICiHT.' K. Uwulls '. Cfulmmf. C. Sl:- hull. Ii, Hg znk chic ir Lllvy, S. T: unrnmk. li Pwnc-1l,j K. ROW 1: D. Linder J. Mo 1111, f M 1ef. 7l C M , D. Suite, S. Turnbull, B. Pun . Jlsclv, K. W I1'hIA 4, , 7 mrds, A. Recd. ROLVL?I:cfj,lAICr' R A Kurllvfa, axmistarzr wad: Sc-chu get Set ' ' 10 strokes ' by k weather I H trac B21IlkS - ' Ruth ' ' ff? w Jw 2 'lv ffl. CEIDFSIH B. Hmn 1,-V B. Tf-1 Y . ll-A ' Xewrfzgn. ROW' sf C. s1i1zfy,U33, Pf,n11fSZf B. ARJLT rg WNW" 0- Rfdef, D- Rurh. J. Banks, C, Lumell, S, Grey, Coal-1, ' , leading . k diVe ' ff with 3 qulc heys O I bafig ' 1 , 1 0165-O' 1aSh ' ' d SP 100 yar f the the winner O 1155 defs , HOUU 1131 b veteran Heetl led Y ell . AXCm 141118 , -L1 SHO hdl rhfi V li POW ck ' ' Hammo Ridef ' A ' hatclicked ' Miner . ' .1 inclad Clubt , '5 fl KuCherd 2 TENNIS-f-Ll2F'l' TO RIGHT: ROXV I: R. Lcc, D. Dahllvcrg, Captain lf. Peterson, R. Nugcni, Cmulx Deilnnin ROXX' 2: XV. Haynes, H. Haight, R, Bissell, XV. Hamilmn. ROW' 5: D. Swcnncs. XV, Dmlgu. H. Scugci' D. Seeger. ROXV 1: B. Mention, ul. Crakes, H. jones. ROW' iz A. Nvgnrd, bl. Luwry, B. Bmclfnml, l. Kcrm GOLF TEAM: P, Lynuh. B, Butler, A. Hull, B. Cliasc. D. Srrirc. INTRAMURAL-LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW' 1: B. McGillicuddy, C. Ellison. D, Mintz, J, Nasholm, ROW 2: kl. Hanns, G. Schmieding, B. Mention, Manager H. Smith. .gnframurafgadlfefdaf A debut of forgotten dribblers . . sponsorship and trophy presented by the Club BROWNIES Leland Haldorson Louie Torcellis Keith Lipsit Merlin Haldorson Gary McKenzie Robert Day Jerry Wilson Robert Foster John Yates Floyd Waldrip DEWDROPPERS Dan Strite Jim Carpenter Bob Stageberg Jack Schaefer Elton Olinghouse Jack Parsons Duane Poplin NO-NAMES Bob Dragoo Keith Stenshoel Don Walsh Tom Nugent Jim McBroom Cecil Daniel Monty Sullivan FALCONS Earl Churchill Allan Nyegard Harold Haight Dick Swennes Gene Johnson Gary Sem Ed Becker Ted Watron EAGLES Dick Paden Bill Dodds Larry Moore Tom Atkinson Dean Morris Phil Pynes Ray Rexius Dan Fox SEXTET Earl Gillmore Roy Tone Bill Rasor Wimp Jones Mert Loucks J. C. Privrasky Don Jackson SHOOTING STARS Bob Hughitt Erling' Thorsfelt Robert Manseth George Katland Roger Campbell Dick Hamlin Harold Beeson Boyd Morgan Mel Olsen RAPID SEVEN John Nasholm Don Mintz Blaine McGillicuddy Clyde Ellison Ward Haynes Bob Mention Gordon Schmeiding Ji Jim Hanns ' BULL DOGS Fred Hample Dick Primrose Bob White Clyde Shelby P. Lynch George Gerhart Barton Potterf ROCKETS Harold Nebert Jim Pearson Ronald Burge Bob Readen Charles McNutt Jim Fegles Alan Babb DRIPPY DRIBBLERS Kenny Whitmore Bob Adair Delmar Landers Don Pengra Ed Worth Don Nordling Donn Thomas HOT SHOTS Ronald Coakes Donald Coakes Ted Armstrong Allan Hall, Captain Kenneth Ostby George Reece Stephen Rogers 25 5 ,, , V X, sw, 45 Y -'argue QFMSV ,sm 8174? 6 Q z W' 5' if ENS R , , I - , Qin? "ffm-7 ' L' 'W I , ,,Mgg.,gM5 41 gg Vs .1 .axaaffmm Half 533 x12 J! 53 5. n 1 Q sw 1 7. 'iz V --.V - ww., ' vi. , Y - V ?" ' 3" ?QQl12QY??f u N E I 9 4 1 2 E 4 4 v 14 LL f0gI"Cl,,0A5 .ALL t0gl"l1,l0A5 .1414 t0gI'6l,PA5 .1411 t0gl"al9A6 jrien A of gugene .gzltoof The Eugenean is proud to present here a list of advertisers whose support has made possible the publication of this 1947 Annual- BICYCLES Hutch's Bicycle Store ,,..... ....... CLEANERS Electrrc Cleaners .,,,.... cLoTHiNG QMC-ffsy joe Richards .....,............,.,... ....... CLOTHING QWomen'sJ Kaufman's .....,,,.............,...... ....... Russell's ....,................... -...... CREAMERIES Medo'Land Creamery ....... .,..... DEPARTMENT STORES Broadway ...............,........, ....... Fennell s ,,...,.............. Miller s ,.r.,.,.,................. ....... Montgomery Ward ........ ....... Sears Roebuck ......,..... FREIGHT LINES McCracken Bros. ...., . FRUIT-PRODUCE Eugene Fruit Growers .,....... ....... FUEL Manerud Huntington Fuel .....,..... ....... FURNITURE fHome Furnishingj Eugene Furniture Co. .rV... . johnson .......,.,,,.............,,v........... ....... Rubenstein's ...r.,.,Y...,. GROCERIES Hogan's .....,,.re.....e Royal Market ...... Stuart's Grocery ..... HARDWARE Coast-to-Coast ,...,.... Eugene Hardware .,...,.,.. ....... Gordon Hardware ..,,..., ....... HOTELS Eugene Hotel .,....., ' . Osburn Hotel .,.... ICE ARENA Eugene Ice Arena ...... 131 118 117 131 115 121 116 118 127 132 116 131 122 129 116 125 122 118 125 116 129 129 121 116 121 124 GREG SMITH, Advertiring Manager INSURANCE AGENCIES and COMPANIES Cross Insurance .............,........................,.......,....,.... 127 Smith 8: Crakes .......,.,....,....,........,.,.....,.......,..,. ...... 1 33 JEWELERS Laraways ........ 129 Skeie's ............... 125 LAUNDRIES Eugene Laundry .,....,,...........,..,,....,,,......,..,.,,.....,..,,., 119 LUMBER-RETAIL, WHOLESALE, PROCESSING, BUILDING MATERIALS Giustina Lumber .....,.........,,..,..,,,.,.,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 131 Midgley Planing ..,...................,,.,,,,..,r,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 16 Mid-west Lumber, Bridge 8: Su 1 Co. ..... ....,, 1 29 MACHINE SHOPS Andrus Bros. ..,..,..,.,,..,., ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 2 7 MUSIC DEALERS Graves Music ....,...,,.,..,,, ,,,,,, 1 26 jacquith ....,,....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,-.,, 1 18 PACKING COMPANIES Eugene Packing ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,-,., 1 31 PHOTOGRAPHERS Kennell-Ellis .,...,,,.r,. 120 Jack Lamb .......,..... 129 Wiltshire's ..,,,.,,,,.,.,,,,.,., ,,,,v, 1 14 PRINTING Valley Printing Company 13-4 RESTAURANTS Seymour's Cafe ..,....,......, ...,.. 1 19 SERVICE STATIONS Danner Service Station ..ev.. ..,... 1 18 SHOE STORES Powell 8: Edblom ....,... 121 TIRES jim Brannen ............,...... ....,. 1 28 TITLE COMPANIES Title Abstract Co. .,,..... 127 UTILITIES Eugene Water Board ,,,.. ...... 1 30 We wish to give special recognition to Valley Printing, Wiltshire Engrav- ers, and Kennell-Ellis Studios for the assistance given us in the making of this annual. The Retail Selling classes, pictured at the left, are among those who have helped create good will between the school and the merchant. ROW 1: M. Jones. B. Lane, P. Isaacson, M. L. Corbin, D. Daniels, H. Collins, I-I. Calloway, P ersen, F. Davenport, B. J. Price, L. Zarzan, S. johnson, L. Williamson, M. Powers. ROW 2: D. -I. Handley, D. Williams, D, Chapman, G. Bethel, D. Brinkman, L. Malos, M j hnson. ROW 1: D. Eddy, D. Krumdeick, L. W'ellmone. j. Riddle, M. Baker, D. Ellwood, A. P MGinry L. Sralsb rg H R S 'b' E h D h b l' D ' K k kms, ir, , e . . eece. . Nevs y, . jo nson. . C am er am, . Haw H ler. 113 X E gf fe 0111 Sm: ' Usso S ,. fag'-'X ,awk 9 E EEEEEEE EE Y A "K 4, , 1 "alf" u ns fl " 9 Z , f if .x. OUR SWEATER TEAMS Slipons and Cardigans-Long and short sleeves-To combine, mix or separate: to tuckin, blouseout, or belt. Deliciously soft, in all your favorite colors. ongmtulaztiom to the Clam of '47 110 , Eugene Hotel YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR ANY OCCASION Dining Room Banquets Coffee Shop Dancing in The Persian Room Every Saturday Evening CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1947 STUART'S GROCERY EUGENE, OREGON 295 West 17th Pho 3697 , , W, L -1. I - ,W f Extend 1 CONGRATULATIONS AND I BEST WISHES ABOVE YOU SEE DORIS MELBY, CAUGHT AT THE '47 IEWELRY COUNTER OF - - THE Y O Stop Shopping Center ua We Th F 1end1iest Store in T Wn "Jo "" """"" 183 10th Ave. West, Eug -Wi ,, ,, ,W ,, , , Y ,P Y CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '47 Eugene Furniture Co. 740 WILLAMETTE "YW DOUW WOW AZWW EUGENE, OREGON 7,7777 J "YOURS FOR YEARS" . MIDGLEY PLANING MILL CO. ESTABLISHED 1881 Tel. 1059 EUGENE, OREGON 4th and High 116 gf Ad'- Headquarters LLL YUU GIRLS Select lim' gifrf fm' B IlJer.Fatl1e1' ci- p-""'w ,yeaclquarfem for ,aff yu, yefzw to Select vom- S eaters Slacks Sport Sh ts Top Coats jackets Ties J Q E R I C H A R D S Oflgeftzf 6lcrffLLrL7 QM! GuefLzAAm7f.L 875 Willamette Eugene, Orego Try DANNERS' SERVICE STATION for Associated Products :S Services, Federal Tires - Aera Batteries WASHING SIMONIZING 10th Avenue West and Olive Street PTIOUS 2514 KIETH FENNELL'S CAMPUS DEPARTMENT STORE COLUMBIA KNIT SWEHTERS 860 East l3th Avenue Eugene, Oregon REMEMBER THIS - Kenny Whitmore and Greg Smith as Bill Green? Suds Cheney and Well-The PI-ICNOGRAPH in the above picture was presented by IAQUITH MUSIC CO.-and Lougharys nimble Wit netted him this handsome and usetul instrument. The Iaquith Music Co. is interested in your student activities. Our statt ot experienced musicians is always ready to help you with your music needs. See us tor: Records - Radios - Phonographs - Sheet Music -- Band and Orchestra Instruments - Reeds, Oil and Access ' To quote Pat Isaacson: For recordf mperb, and mzuir Jzzblime Iff JAQUITH you think of every lime. 1' 41 lnnrr ulzmfzzn f -!- COMPLETE Music smvicr HOGAN 'S GROCERY and COOK'S MARKET Complete Quality Food 544 East l3th Avenue Phone 2066-2057 SANITONE EUGENE CLEANING on-:ONE soo mo wzu.AMeTTE OREGON 5. - A-5 118 testes .-'ii W ns 153, l FOR BETTER LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING TRY: Eugene Laundry and Dry Cleaners 174 Wes: 8th Phvne 123 EoE 25 YEARS THE MEETING , A S E, T 9 PLACE OP EHS STUDENTS Q 'LI m I A 4d75i:l,nn!Ian1::gl:id:r61,- memorie5--- A ' - ' A A A A T,Sr A-gp A Among the Pieosomt Mem- ories of High School Doys, will be the times you met the going ot Seymour'S for or Coke or o Sundoe ond tolked things over. l 20 Congrafufafiond- C4144 of 194 7 VVQ are proud of having worked with vou during this eventful Vern' KENNELL-ELLIS arfifnf Iakofogralokem Photographers for the '47 Eugenean Q Supplies and Equipment--- For ALL Your SPORTS GENERAL HARDWARE --- KITCHEN WARE Joe Gordon Hardware, Inc. 771 Willamette St. 'DRINK FOUR GLASSES OF MEDO-LAND MILK EVERY DAY-WE DOI' Phone 1008 HOTEL OSBURN and DINING ROOM "A Home Awczv From Hmm" 7 h d P 1 St. E CD Mmm-LAND QWlJai,EQBQl DAIBYPRODUCTS EUGENE, OREGON T 1 h 3428 E ongrafufafionfi fo flue CAM ,, IQLI-7. S L , IT'S ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL WHEN YOU GET LUNCH AT THE - - ROYAL MARKET Daily Deliveries of MEATS GROCERIES CONFECTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES 198 West 17th Phone 671 A 3 ' 2 ii 1 FURNITU RE COMPANY CORNER OF EIGHTH AND OLIVE 123 REMEMBER THESE SHOTS? GIRLS LEAGUE SKATING PARTY Uma Ea! ,UMJAM fo dw Cfaaa of 7947 EUGENE HIGH'S PACIFIC COAST IUNIOR PAIR SKATING CHAMPIONS ED WORTH and GLORIA IESKE EUGENE ICE ARENA We Offer Quality Merchandise in BILTWELL Living Room Suites Johnson Furniiure Co. 649 Willamette Phone 2693 SKEIE'S CARRY ALL POPULAR STERLING PATTERNS - - - WI-IY NOT START YOUR SET EARLY, THEN ADD TO IT A PIECE AT A TIME - - - JewEt,wffQ25f0rQ 12 Above can be seen Alan Graves showing Gordon Schrnieding a Magnavox Radio while Margie Cordz and Ioan Herbranson look over the record albums. Ae ne' f0I0 eC0l"6! ADI? 69 O S S " WITH RECORDS FROM TUCKER TO TCHAIKOVSKY l"6L U86 M U S I C A R T MAGNAVOX DEALERS EoE LANE COUNTY l l 98 Willamette Phone 4407 126 H- M, f , ixj 3' . VISIT OUR FASI-IIONABLE AND COMPLETE COSMETIC DEPARTMENT Rauf!! .95 .14 .yadif Started in the teens, diligently practised through the twenties and then system- atically followed forever. EXCLUSIVE O jfztgzzeline Cochran I Du Barry 0 Mm!ameHzmti11gfom' Il I F R l 1 1 .:ff.Qj,t,,5: .... ., V . , "'t ANDRUS BROS. MACHINE sHoP COI1g7"1lfZlfm'Z0715 MANUFACTURTIIQS OF SAWIVHLL to The PLANING MACHINERY C L A S S Phone 870 ' of 209 Polk Street Eugene, Oregon 4. 1 9 7 TITLE ABSTRACT COMPANY OF EUGENE Capitol 525,000.00 "DEPENDABLE TITLE SERVICE" Phone 684 881 Ocxk Street Eugene, Oregon 295301 IHSUPLHTICE P- + + + + + + + + 111 EAST BROADWAY 127 IIM BRANNEN R R E E C P A A P I P R I I N N G G In keeping With our Policy of the finest of Quality and Service may We extend our congratulations and wishes to each and every member ot the Class of 1947. The very best of everything in the years to come. Y IIM BRANNEN "Your Neighbor in the Tire Business" TWO LOCATIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Highway 99 South Eugene. Oregon 972 Oak 128 EUGENE HARDWARE COMPANY "Everything you need in Hardware" Broadway and Oak Telephone 670 "KEEP WARM AND HAPPY" MANERUD-HUNTINGTON FUEL CO. 997 Oak St. Phone 651 . for teen budgets If you're spending a lo! or a little, you want genuine quality in everything you buy . . . Laraways label is your best assurance. Leigh Cunpbcll, Lois Whl- , liarn , Tom Willianiw vvW'h1, and Anne Armstrong learn X about hue Sterling fro jean Rriy gt Laraway EHSYIW, r l h '1fSt.l2vfeleu.S1mE Q 1016 Willamette Street W Jack Lamb Film Shop Fine Film Fiuiflaifzg Photogmploir Supplies and Equipment 7th and Willamette Hardware - Car Accessories - Sporting Goods Coast-to-Coast Stores Locally Owned IOE and TED IONES 73 West Broadway Eugene, Oregon CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 MID-WEST LUMBER, BRIDGE 81 SUPPLY CO DAN CHRISTENSEN Telephone 4462 208 Ardel Bldg, 129 .gf I Ll L X D 40:1 +0 41 - rw , - LJ 1 Q' 1 f " 5 ' '- f . Q1 ,G 0 G A-A -Ai 5,4 - MUNICIPAL ELECTIIIC IINII WIITEH Where you get more Service for your cIoIIar. In spite of the continuous rise in the Cost of Iabor and material your eIectric and Water rates have not been increased. UTILITIES Ai the counter you see Colleen Bryan and Leigh I Campbell visiting the Eugene Water Board 130 I HUTCH'S BICYCLE STORE EARL HUTCHINSON, Prop. Bicycles, Supplies and Repairing HOME OF FAMOUS WORLD BICYCLES Phone 3113-M WHIZZER BIKE MOTORS 85 West Eighth The House of Fine Foods EUGENE PACKING CO. 1 FREE DELIVERY UW" Green Stamps Phone 38 Qf SQ 675 Willamette Sl. ,ff y ' X I x24-3Pf4q:.11r:.,.t.1. ,,,, .v.A- - - """"""' """4" - ""' ' " - -- - -, ' . ,.. . ' A X96 4 , Q IN THE BOOKS It all began a long time ago when we realized you girls needed something special in the way of fashions . . . and it's a continuous story with us . . . for there's no end of tricky sportswear and clever gadgets for classes . . . of sophistication as you want it for date-times . . . at Kaufman Bros. By our Wishing Well, Shirley johnson, Pat Boals and jane Carlisle model cxrcrpts from our sportswear dcpartnicnl, on the balcony. Z 3 -:LM ,. - ,W .,,.- , fwd . t att, 0 .E we-faxw it-new " Y U A I EUGENE S FASHION CENTER GIUSTIN A LUMBER YARD Lumber. Shingles and Building Material West Second Avenue at Garfield Phone lUlO Eugene, Oregon P.O. Box 989 MCCRACKEN BROS. M 0 T 0 R I' R E I G ll T "YOUR HOME OWNED TRANSPORTATION COMPANY" Phone 1234 Eugene, Oregon 131 You Saw Time You Same J may WHEN YOU SHOP AT WARDS A EAR REACHING NETWORK OF COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORES THROUGHOUT THE NATION . . . A TREMENDOUS BUYING POWER WHICH REACHES OUT INTO WORLD- WIDE MARKETS TO BRING YOU DESIRABLE MERCHANDISE-AAT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES AND-ABOVE ALL-A RETAIL STORE COMBINED WITH CATALOG SERVICE IS AL- WAYS CONVENIENTLY AT YOUR ELBOW- READY TO SERVE YOU WITH Zfienclfg courlfwy monfgomerg mr! E U G E N E Congrafufafionzi fo Me CAM of 217 Wore .jwlaiofay ibaya ,1fUAen .gnaurecl wifh Smifk gd Cuzlfefi All Typ f I Smith 8: Crakes h. 582 .AM f0gI'al9L prinfing ,945 Quin gufiinedd . Dorothy Christensen . . . very able editor of the 1947 Eugenean . . . that's her hand pointing out suggested changes in page format of the annual . . . Dorothy gives instructions as to what she wants printed . . . and how . . . the Valley Printing Company helps to makeawell balanced page . . . prints it . . . and how . . . for . . . Printing Is Our Business.

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