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.- ' f-,F .r-1:.4.,v.-fx-MX-:aww-vmff . .. , mamma: 'mpwg-wr, V vw.-f -A - f 1 ff'- 7422 Volume XLV Editor e e ALICE KINGMAN Manager e ee ,. DERALD PARKS Adviser ee A Aeeee MARY X. PLUMMER - 1 - A f k - u.u.u:m.,.h. uma mmm. z..4L,.. ,M mf. .A .f ...u..,1.a...han....nQ..1.f 541..L.... i..:,w, um' I O THIS YEARBOOK IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF A-16, WHO HAVE SUCH AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE AHEAD OF THEM IN THE POST-WAR WORLD. MAY ALL OF THEIR HOPES AND AMBITIONS BE FULFILLED, AND MAY THEY CONTRIBUTE THEIR BEST EFFORTS IN ENSURING A FREE AND PEACEFUL SOCIETY. DEAN W. MICKELWAIT, Principal Although at Eugene High but two short years, Mr. Mickelwait has made himself a welcome fixture in school life. His personality overcomes any hard 'feel- ings resulting from a student's being "taken to task." leaders of various groups have found that contrary to popular conceptions, a principal is the person to go to when their groups are in need of financial or other types of aid. He has supported athletic and social ac- tivities wholeheartedly, and has seen that groups need- ing a "boost" to make their activity a success have had it. CLARENCE HINES, Assistant Superintendent Students see Mr. Hines around school quite often with- out knowing his identity. He can frequently be found in the rear of some classroom, a silent but watchful spectator of class proceedings. The duties of the as- sistant superintendent consist of organizing the teach- ing curricula for the various courses of grade, iunior high, and high schools. Expansion of district boun- daries has increased Mr. Hines' work also, and keeps him necessarily "on the go." V HENRY M. GUNN. Supt. of Schools In his second' year as Eugene's school superintendent, Dr. Gunn has been given a district almost doubled in student population and more than tripled in area. The consolidation of outlying districts with the Eugene sys- tem has created many new problems which we know he has the ability to solve. Dr. Gunn's energetic, radiant personality and his out- standing ability as a speaker makes him a welcome vis- itor to any student gathering. 5 . X Q X 5 x - Xx. XXXX: 1, v W Q ww X is 'EX XX X SX X E 1 1 2 X aa:s:g5:1-,U X X .X X JK, ww X IX X gf Sk X, XXX x ' V I If A ' X MX wx 5 wxwffwf' K QTY? . X55 .. . M X.,..X,XXX X X N Q is wX XX fl .ag 5 ssfkgf jeff 1 N sg Q f Q , :S QS 'S in 45 fizilfv- ,xg i X X ig S X 1- 1 Q X ..... X X i S 'I' X X X X ' .. XS ,X nf S X A X X K RE :XX Xx fig X xgm k 'xii 5125? 1 X X fa X XXX X X S . i X X QQ X X? X X SS ,XX xx X SX XE X XXX X -Ny.. N SX -S X ' , . X X XX 1.525 X - X' i X SQ XXXXXXSXX ,S Y SX X X S E wg:-,:f., ' X... X K 1 S X f Q X si? 5 Q + X w JULIETTE CLAIRE GIBSON Siilvjm-1-1:I'I1ig'Iisli 12. 1'iw-z1tive- NYi'it- ing, :ind Ni-ws XVi'iliup:. Advisor to I1I,il.S, Ni-ws, :md Girls' IA'2lf-ful' Pulm- In-ily. EDGAR A. GOODNOUGH Siilvji-i-lg l'I11g.:'lish. .Xdvisur to Honor Siwiviy. IRENE GREENBAUM Suhji-vt: Spanish. GLENN GRIFFITH Sllhjn-vt: A Vzimwllzi, and I'!oy's Glu-. Advisor to Assvnihly Voiiiiiiittvv. ZILDA M. HAYES Siihjovtt Sh0I'lilZllld :uid 'Iyl'ZlllSk'I'iD- limi. Advisor In .Mftivitivs Vommitte-1-. RUSSELL G. HENDRICKS Subjn-vt: l'.S. History. Advisor to Av- tivitivs Voiiiliiitte-v. ESTHER HETTINGER Suhji-vt: Sin-wli, Iirainizitivs, and ling'- Iish. Advisor to Musk :ind llzigge-i', :ind ,Xsseinhlv 4'ommittw-. ELEANOR HINES Sulujvvl: l!i0log'v. BESSIE KAMARAD Sulvjvi-I: l'hl'lIliSll'Y, Hzisiv Mzltlwinat- is-s. :ind :Kim-lr1':i. Advisor to 'Fri-Y KENNETH KIENZLE Sulvji-vt: Physii-s, :uid 'I'ri5:rm0nivlry. HENRY E. KUCHERA Suhjv-vt: S1-iiior l'.I'I. :ind Hx-nlth H1-:id l'0ilL'll of lfonllwaill. llzisli--limil, 'l'I'zu-li. .XK1X'iSlll'll1E.f'1Ull. ROBERT H. LYON Sllhji-vt: Suviul l'rolnln-ms. ,Mlvisrrr In l':u'k Halls. CLOVD B. MAKINSON Sliliji-1-I: ,XL1'l'i1'lllllll'l'. ,XflX'iSOI' to I".l+'..X. MARY E. MALLERY Sulnji-vt: lthoklu-1-piiiyg, und Iizisis' .Xrilliim-tis-. Advisor to t'miii1iv1'c-izil Vlulu. 6 QLA M. MCDERMOTT Sulvje-vt: .X1lJl'l'I'1l, um! 45.-mv11'I1'5'. CAROLYN MELLEM S.-v1wfl:11'y, DUANE MELLEM S111-jl-vis: Ilinlugly. .Imxiwr l'.I4I. :mud H1-zlllh. .Xsslslzllll ftililfll, llc-:ul 1-uzxvll--Ilzlsvlulll. .Mlxisur In IC Vlllln. ODINE N. MICKELSON Sulxjf-s-I: !llflllSlI'iill Arts, ,Xflxisur to l Russ of 40. C. DONALD MOORE Sulvje-1-I: Imluslrizul Arts, .Xllx'isn1' In Flaws nf '1T. RITA NORRIS Sulfj.-1-1: Hmm- liwmwlulif-s, 4'ul'Q-In-rizm SIlIl1'I'iIllVIHIVIIT. DOUGLAS ORM E Sllbjq-4-1: Hand :md Um-In-sll':l. All- mhlx Vmnrmlillu vism' in Asw- MARY X PLUMMER Slllvjn-1-12 Iimilis . h .Xrlx'ism' In l'1ug1-n- Vllll. NORA M. VEOLA P. WILMOT ROBERTSON l'1nl1 x ,X1ix'ism' lu Vlzlss uf ' l .tx lls ary. listury. Sulrjn-4-I: Ifnglish. lb. IfISl1Yl'j'A CAROLYN L, WOODS SUI-j1-wi: Sm-i:gIAIfix'im:, I-Inglixlx. All- Xlsul' ln .X1'llYlIl vS l'HlllIllifl1't', :und Girls' l.1'2lL.Qlll' I"illHlll'l2ll 1 luurmuu. 7 NINA KITTS-Dean of Girls Miss Kitts also helps students to find work, and is always available when girls have things to "talk over" with their advisor. She is kept extremely busy with the many Girls' League activities being carried on, and during the fall and winter must organize and supervise P.T.A. dances on ac- tivity-less Friday nights. THELMA LANDES--Advisor to Junior Girls Mrs. Landes is also in a newly-made position, that of ad- visor to the iunior girls. Her duties are much the same as those of Mr. Diebel, fixing schedules, determining credits, and advising students. She teaches English, and has de- veloped a fine group of voices in the Girls' Glee. PAUL POTTER-Vice Principal, Dean of Boys Mr. Potter's office is almost continually crowded with boys asking his help in solving their problems-and they have many, including girls! He helps boys needing financial as- sistance in finding a iob to fit in with their school work, and recruits workers when farmers send out emergency calls. Added to this is the responsibility of advising the Hi-Y and Axemen's Council, and finding volunteers 'For the Service Club. 'CZK' aff CLARENCE DIEBEL-Advisor to Junior Boys Mr. Diebel holds the recently-made position of advisor to the junior boys. He must organize their schedules, make certain that they are obtaining enough credits to graduate, besides having all of their other problems to solve. When not cornered by boys, Mr. Diebel can be found drilling chemistry or physics into his classes. Due to the guidance of Wes Nicholson, we are able to look back on another out- standing year in Eugene High's school gov- ernment. The purpose of the student council is to determine the many activities and policies of our student-controlled school in a demo- cratic manner. In each fifth period class a representative was elected to the council. It was his duty to take student problems and suggestions to the council for consid- eration and to inform his- roll room all that was discussed and decided by the council. The other student body officers were: Vice-president, John Banks, Secretary, Phyllis Morgan, Treasurer, Joanne Fryden- OZJ.B k..P.Nl ,J.F,d l d.BOT- ' ' 105, B- S2l',oQ,,,,g, ,,,,'f",lf,'2,,,,,s,,,,fV en un lund, and Auditor, Bob Schooling. FIRST ROW: M. Keller, M. Jaquenod, P. McHenry, A. Jeans, D. Oberg, L. Conner, B. Hunnicutt, S. Moore, G. Youngquist, M. Banton, M. L. Glasgow. SECOND ROW: A. Merewether, E. Johnson, M. Burge, P. Akers, D. Cas- person. M. llams. J. Frydenlund, M. Bradshaw, P. MCG-inty, G. Gaylord, J. Small. J. Egge. THIRD ROW: D. Parks, B. Schooling, H. Smith, M. Flock, J. Thorson, J. Tourtillot, J. Hendrickson, M. Burch, D. Daniels, J. Arch- ibald. P. Moraan. T. McKenzie. FOURTH ROW: C. Smith. D, Neet. H. Johnson. W. Dodds, F. Collins, D. Miller, J. Marks, B. Neely, K. Mull, W. Stewart, T. Wattmen, J. Paseman. C. Christensen. FIFTH ROW: D. Hendrick- son, R. Hopper, J. Soehren, L. Smith, P. Agerter, M. Callahan, S. Smith, L. Campbell, J. Hanns, J. Banks, S. Wherry, M. Mlckelwait, D. Ramstead, J. Mannel, B. Gardner, 9 l Editor .. ,. ,, Ass't. Editor , ,, Senior Editor ., Activ. Editor ,,,, Sports Editor Junior Editor . Sophomore Editor., Business Manager... Ass't. Bus. Manager ,,,, Advertising Manager Ass't. Adv. Manager., 10 Who Can It Be? ........,Alice Kingman Jim Cox Joan Dodson , ,,,,, Phyllis Gravos . ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cal Smith . ,,,, Jean Heffernan Jack Gunn Derald Parks ,.......Doris Maughan Stan Turnbull Betty Chase 6016403 Although the staff had, roughly, 31,300 less in its budget than in '45, it feels that it has produced a year- book which is more than comparable to previous year's books. Some fea- tures considered non-essential were sacrificed to make room for the more important items, but some innovations were also made. This year has also seen the staff acquire a press camera, which was paid for bya movie pay as- sembly, and doubly paid for itself through much usage. The staff was reduced in size by al- most half, and this made more work for everyone, but as each did his share, matters moved more calmly than might be expected. To every teacher and student who aided the least bit in the publication, the staff extends its thanks, hoping they like the results of the year's efforts. 2.1 Ex sflgg gs :txt Stan Turnbull, Adv. Mgr.: Jack Gunn, Soph. Editorg Jim "General" Cox, Ass't. Editor: Cal Smith, Sports Editor, Derald Parks, Bus. Mgr.: Mary X. Plummer, Advisor: Alice Kingman, Editor: Phyllis Gravos, Activities Editor: Joan Dodson, Senior Editor. CENTER: Jean Heffernan, Jr. Editor: Betty Chase, Ass't. Adv. Mgr. MISSING: Doris Mauqhan. Ass't. Bus. Mar. Since 1914 the E.H.S. News has served as the official news organ of Eugene High, and few preceding years have been so suc- cessful as this latest. Under Michael Cal- lahan, editor-in-chief, the News had set several records by Christmas of 1945. Of a total of six papers issued up to that time, four had been six pages long, one had been eight pages, and the Christmas issue was no less than twelve pages. Heretofore no E.H.S. News staff has published more than two six-page issues per year, and never before has any issue been more than six pages long. The Eugene High column in the Register-Guard was also written by staff members. Except for the editor, who holds his posi- tion through all the school year, the staff of the paper changes each semester. As- sistant editor of the News for the first se- mester was Paul Agerter. His successor in the second semester, a iunior, is slated to be editor-in-chief for the following school year. The paper is published every two weeks, Round Table Discussion except holiday periods, by the iournalism class, under the direction of Miss Juliette Gibson. All members of the E.H.S. News staff also serve on the Business staff, with other students who wish to serve only on that force. Each advertising solicitor was as- signed a regular beat in the downtown business section to be covered for each issue of the paper. Business Manager for the year has been Don Orchard. FIRST ROW: J. Christen- sen, M. Flock, I. Lowry, C. Wood, C. Winchester, . J. Tourtillott, D. Thoma- son. SECOND ROW: B. Barton, W. Rader, J. Frydenlund, J. Peterson, N. Ashworth, D. Hyde. THIRD ROW: J. Gibson, B. Hammock, S. Turn- bull, P. Agerter, W. Young, M. Madsen. FOURTH ROW: M. Cal- laltan, T. Lovelace, H. Boehnke, B. Sullivan. 11 af 46 STANDING: O. Mickelson. H. Wright, V. McHenry, N. Robertson. SIT- TING: A. Raisanovsky. D. Moll. With June and graduation rapidly ap- proaching, the Class of '46 paused for a moment in its upward climb to look briefly over the past three years. Some of them have seen the fulfillment of their dreams, and others are slightly awed by the fact that they made it. To all of them these years have been happy ones. Class officers during that first uncertain sophomore year were Art Johnson, presi- dent, Willy Dodds, vice-president, and Har- riet Vannatta, secretary. The class gave a sport dance in the spring, the theme of which was "Springtime Swingtime." lt was the most successful financially and in attendance of any of the dances held that year. Its success during that year and the two following is attributed to the able guid- ance and leadership of its advisers, Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Mickelson. Although their patience was sorely tried at times, they, with the class, weathered the many stormy committee sessions and activities carried on by the class. 2 Their junior year was one of outstand- ing success, beginning with "Sadie Haw- kins' Week" in October. The next event was "The Holly Folly," the annual Junior Dance, which was held in December. The climax of activities came with the presen- tation of the Junior-Senior Prom, "Blue Grotto," which was acclaimed to be among most original and beautiful in years. The class was led through this year by Wesley Nicholson, president, Dick Mack, vice-pres- ident, Janis McCoy, secretary, and Gene Heany, treasurer. Then came September, 1945, and the beginning of the senior year. The officers chosen for this period were Dick Moll, pres- ident, Alex Riasanovsky, vice-president, Helen Wright, secretary, and Virginia Mc- Henry, treasurer. The Senior Dance, "The Blue Moon," was held in November. Now the class is looking forward to June 6, 1946, the climax of high school days, and is confident that the future will be as rich with success and enjoyment for them as the past has been. af '46 ADAMS, BETTV B.-sU1-lim Vlull 1, 2, :zz Girls' wiv.-1 -1 1--11.-rr.-111-Q1 -' -1 1 ,-,.,, . , ,..,.. AGERTER. PAUL DAVID-Suph. Imiivn- QIOHIIILI .lr. Imiuw- 1'0IIllIl.I Asst. I4'z1s1-Imll lI4lll2U.Z'l'l'I Hi- Y I, 2, Il: Uhvss l'I11ll l. AKERS, PEGGY JANE-.Ir,-Sr. P1'o1111 1'0lI1lIl.I Girls' l.o:1g.:'111- 1'I1. 31 Gr:14I11:1tim1 IIUIIIIII, 4'I1. 25 G,.X..X. I: 1311111-1'z1 Vlulv, 'l'r1-ns. 2: P1-p Flulu . .., v. 2, .1. I1.1114I 1, ALFORD, CORAL JOANN-Girls' I..-z1,:'11v Ib-11. ZLL I':1l1-lu-1-1's 2, Ilg Spainisli Ululm 2. C11 .XIlIIIIISS2l' ilrvrs I. ANDERSON, ALLEN L.-P111-k Rails 2 JI: lliflo l'l11Iw 12, Il. ANDERSON, DOREEN ELLEN-Stiulf-nt 4'o1111uil Ill-11. 123 Girls' I,1':11.:'ll1- Ill-p. I, Ill 15111 l'Iuh 2, ZI2 Ilzuid l, 2, II: I,2lI1'lIl'l'l'S 2. 23: G,.X..X. l, 2: Girls' 1II4'1l I. ANDERSON, DOROTHV MAE-I'z1I1-th-1-1's I, II. G,.X.,XA I,3lj 1Ii1'Is'lII1-1-II. ANDERSON, LOIS ELLEN-Girls' I1n-1154111-Iln-11, IZ lk-in 1'Iulu 2, 213 Spznuish 4'luI1 I3 Girls' Glw- 2, 32. ANDERSON, SHIRLEY F.1I'IIlIQ'l'l'1I frrrm Svzxsidv, lIl't'Q.l'UIlI .X Vaippvllzn tl: 'I'1'm1ln1dm's3 I"rvn1-l1t'l11l1. ANDRUS, ALBERT WAYNE--Slznmp and Iimui Ill-p,1I: Slllllvlll I'0lIIIi'II ZIL A IIZIIIIIUIIRI IZ. Ili Imys Mlm' I. ANDROS, STEPHEN R.-5111111-111 LW111111-il I, 2 Ilillv 1'luI1 I, 2, ZI3 1'1'n's. il: Hi-Y 11. APPLING, JO ANN-Musk and I72l!.I'Q.l'Q'l' ZZ, IZ: Pri-s. 223 IH11 1'l11I1 221 Girls' Glu- 23 .IX Vzlpin-lIz1 il. ARCHIBALD, JANICE-Girls' l.1-:1g'1u- II1-11, 25: 'I'1'i- Y I, 2. fl, S1-v, II, ASHWORTH, SARA NADINE-N1-ws Slilfl' Cl: 'l'1'i- . .,, .- - , V 1 --... , ., N I, -. uiils mlm- I.UtI11'1-bln!! .,, IN-p4l1ih.., 523 G..X.,X, I, 2, Il, S--1-, 23 A IIZIIIDVIIZI 2, 22: lI2l1ll- 1-rn IIIIIII 2. BAILOR, DONALD H.-.Xxl-m--11's t'ou11c'il Rep. 15 Ilnys' GI:-0 2, ww MN...,w" 1.1 6,4 '46 BAKER, DONALD F.-P'.I4'.A. l, 2, 3, Pros. 3. BANTON, MAXINE NOLA-Iintvred from Sunny- side. XVz1shing'ton: Studvnt I'0lIIlt'll Il. BARTON, BETHEL BERYL-Nvwswriting Jig Son- ior lmncu Uomm.: Studvnt Uounc-il Rn-p. 1, 2: Spanish Vlulr I, 2, Vim-'1'rQ-s. 2: Pop Club 1, 2, Il: G.A.A. l, 22 'I'ri-Y I: Anilrzissziclors l, Z. BAUMAN, REITHA ANN-National Honor Soc-ivtv 2, Il, Sm-. 31 Girls' I.vz1g'x1v Ih-p. I, il: 'I'roulm'- rlors 3. BEARD, GUY A.-llntvrvrl from H1-llinf:h:1m, VI'nsh- ington. BECK, BETTY JO BELL, ELIZABETH-lint:-re-d from ,NSIIIZIIIIL Orv- gon: Hill-ttvi-x's 2. Il, BERTELSEN, BARBARA ANN-Stude-nt Vouni-il lie-11, I, 23 Girls' lwzigrm- Roll. Il: Ilihrury Stuff 22 Anilmssudors l. BEVEL, EUGENE N.-F,l-'.A. l, 2. Il: Studi-nt Nouns-il Hop. l: Stump and Bond lie-11. l. BOEHNKE, HENRY L.-l'I.H.S, Ni-ws 2. 14: Stu- di-nt Council R4-p. 23 Hi'Y 2. 3, 'I'n-us. Zi, P114-k Nuts 1, 2, 31 Rifle- Vlub 2, K. BOENTGEN, WILLIAM A.--Slmnish Vlulr Sl. BOWMAN, EARLENE MERYLE-Uri-lu-strzl 3, GIFIS' Glev I, 2. BRADFORD, LEWIS E..-l'1lll4'I'Q'lI from XV:1ll:L IV'z1llz1, XVzishington: Iiziskm-tlmll 23 141 Ululv 3. BRADSHAW, MARION-Entvrvd from Vnivcrsity High Sc-hoolg National llonor Sovie-ty Zig Som-. 34, Girls' l.m-ziguv Uh. 39 Si-nior lmmx- 4'h, 141 Jun- ior Ilzinm- Comm. IJ, 'Fri-Y 12. BRANDT, MARILYN YVONNE-'l'1'i'Y 2. Il. Pros. 511 Girls' Glml l. BRITTON, JAMES E.-Elm-l'vd from l'UI'YIllllS, 01"-1:0112 Hi-Y II. BROWN, LORENZO SCOTT BROWN, MARGARET E.-A Vnplwllzl 3: Urvhes- tral 2: Girls' lllvo 2. BROWN. VERLIE ADELINE- BRUND, WILLIAM MANSON-Axm-me-n's Vounvil I, 23 I'.'l'.A.. lmxmvv Uomm. I, 2, 3: A t'z1ppe-lla I, 2. Il. BRYANT. MELVIN RAY BUCKLIN. PATRICIA MARGARET-Studvnt Uuunvil lil-p. 2: I':1le-tu-I-l's 1, 2, 3: Amlmssadors I, 2, II: 11..X.A. 1, 2: l"l't'Ill'll Vlulm 33 Vznm-ran Uluh 2. BUTZIRUS, R. RUSSELL-Naltionaxl Honor Scwiety SI: Hams'-lmll Blurlzlgx-1' 13: Stumlm-nt t'oum'il 2: Hi- Y 2, Ill l,iIu':u'y Stuff Ili .lux-Sr. Prom. l'ommit- In-nl 'l CALLAHAN, MICHAEL GEORGE-National Honor Sm-il-xy 2, II: IC.H.S. Nows Illditnr 3: Jr.-Sr. l'x'um, Vmmu. 2: Studn-nt Vounvil l, JI: Dvlwzltv IZ. CAMERON, BETTY JANE-Girls' lmzlgul- lil-11. 23 lIinp.:':un1l Pins Ummm. Il: Suph. IIZIIIUO Comm. 11 v, 1 .. v Imp 4 luls I. 3. l2llI1l'I'Il Vluh I. CANNON. PHILIP RAY-l".l"..X. 1. CARTER, ROSEMMA JUNE-4l,A..X. 1, 2, II, Pus- tmliun II: llifll- Vlulr 12: l,iln'zu'y Stull' 3. CHALCRAFT, LOIS M.-Illnll-lu-d from Vrosluy, North Imlmlzlg 1I..X..X. SIL 4'mmnn-rs-iul Vlulr Zig Ilrum 1l1IjlIl'Q'lll' II. CHAPMAN. DOROTHY LENORE-Stump and liuml Ihfp, 2: IH-p Club 233 Musk and 1l2lLZ'f.Z't'I' 2, SI: 'I'ri-Y I, 2: Spzmnisll l'luIs I, 23 4':uxu-ral Vlulv 2. CHASE, BETTY LORRAINE-ling:-nvml Staff II: 1':um-rn Ululx 22. Svc. 22: Spanish Plulv 2, 34, Vico- I'1-vs. 351 A. Valpln-llal 2, II: Girls' Gln-v I2 Am- lr:lss:ul4n's l, II, 3. CHENEY, GYENDOLYN ROSE-Hand l, 2, CI: Or- I-lin-slrzi l, 2, A Vziplwllsi 2, 223 Girls' Glu- I, 'l'ri- Y I, 2: 'l'rouIu1cim's 3. CHRISTENSEN, . DORA. MAXINE-Studi-ut Vflllll- 1-il 2. h..X.A, .,,1.irls hlvv l, 2, CHRISTENSEN, GRETA PAULINE-Girls' J.vz1g.:'11v Ri-p. 2, 21: Latin Ululv 2. II, l'rvsirlQ-nt JI, IH-In l'luIn .,. ,Q X X ., ,Z 4. 1.,-.: . ... .. CHRISTENSEN, JEAN MARIE-lC.H.S. Nmvs Stuff 35: Pvp Uluh l, 2. SZ: Latin Club 2, II. CHRISTOFFERSON, WILMA MAE-Girls' Lvzlguc Rim, 2: Pi-p l'luIv l, 2, II, Girls' Glu- 2. CHURCHILL, DORIS RUTH-Sv1'x'ivv Club 1, 2, Sm-. l. Pre-s, 23 Girls' Glu' 2, il: Spanish 4'luh I, 2, tl. CHURCHILL, LESLIE A.--liiflv Vlllh 213 l':u'k Rats 133 l".I".,X. 1. CLOUGH, BETTY JEAN COEN. FRANK JAMES-Ad Stuff I: xxXl'lllI'll-S l'0llIlt'lI 2 COLE, BETTY-A Uziplwllzl 2, Il: Girls' Glu- I: Simnisli l'luIm l, 25 Latin t'luIm 513 'I'ri-Y I. COLLINS. VALERIA ANNE-Girls' lmzlgiiw- Ri-pg G.A.A. l, 2: Pwr Uluh I, 2, II: l,iIn-airy Stuff II, l'1iIl1Ul'2l 4'luIv 2, Pri-s, 2. CONNER, LAVELLE-Stump und llnml III-iv, Il: Studi-nt Vouiia-il Ih-iv, IZ: 'l'l'i-Y 23 Spuiiish Uluh 2, 21: Girls' Glu- 31. CONOLG, SAMUEL T.1xvt'Il'I'1lllQ ICIIKI-l'm-dI'i'nl11 Ur- lund, 1'2lllf01'Ill1l. COVEN, AGALIKEE-Girls' Glm- 2. COX, JAMES B.-liiigi-in-:xii Shift' 22, Ass't. lid, ZZ. of '46 CRESSEY, JOHN PAUL CRONE, IRIS MODENE-Girls' lA'k1f.Z'll0 Rf-yu, ll Girls' Ulm- l. CROSEN, ELLEN WINNIFRED CROSS, DORIS IRENE-lk-11l'lulr ZZ, 33 ll.,-X.,-X. l, 21 l'llllt'lll't'l'S Il. CUMMINS, BEVERLY JANE-Girls' till-1-24. CUSHMAN, EMILIE MAE-lint-rm-d1'1'nn114'lu1'v11--4-, 1 Ur.-gmll Girls' ln-zlglle' lh-p. 2: Pzllm-ttf-4-ls JS, Girls' lllvv ZZ. DARKINS, DOROTHY NlARlE1Alllll2lSS2lflfII'S Girls' sill-.A 1. DAY, MARY JACQUELINE-lilmtl-xx-sl from Sam Nlzllvu, 1'z1liI'fv1'11iz1: .III-Sr, Prom. 1'mum. L55 Studs-nt L'uum'il 11: l-'lu-lu-lm l'lulr 3. DeCOU, EDGAR J.-l','l'..X. Immw- Comm. 1: Jw- lvnll- Ji: lli-Y I. 2, 21: .X 1'uplwll:1 253 'l'l'01llV2lllUl'S IRQ Ulwss Ululn l, DICKERSON, THOMAS EUGENE-lflnte-1'vrl frmn lil:-ndzllv, l'illlf0l'lllil. DICKEY, EVERETT PHILIP-A Fumwlln 2, 32: lloys' lllw l: lll'x'lle'SIl'Il 2: gXlllllZlSS21ClUI'S I, 135 'l'x'o11lu:1dux's 22. DOAK, ROBERT A.-l'lllIQ'l'l'il from 'I'x'inidz1d. Volo- rzldog Nntiouzll llmmr Sm-in-ty 3, I-'rl-s. Ci: .lil--Tp 1'll-un-l'p XYN-k l'h. :Sl l-'outluzlll 313 'I'rzu'k 23: lli-Y 2, Cl: l'I1'lulx2l. DODDS, WILLARD A.-Sllnh-nt Rody Yin--l'x'4-S. Eg Srmph. Vim--l'xx-s. 1: .XXt'llll'l1'S Fuum-il 1, 312 Sllulvllt ll0lllll'll llvp, 23 Hi-Y ZZ. 3. DODSON, JOAN-Nzltimml llonux' Soviq-ty 2. 37. l'ws, Sl: Ifllurvxmvzlll Stuff 31 Ilulmte- Zi: Girls' l4l'1lf2.'llt' R1-1b. l: 'l'ri-Y Zi. DRAGOO, BARBARA JEAN-Jr. Dum-o t'mnm. 22 IH-p l'Iuh 1, 2, ZZ: Musk :md Imggvl' 33 l,ilu':1ry Stuff' Il. of '46 EASTHANI, BETTY MARIE-f1..X..X. 1. EDBLOM, DOROTHY ANN-Girls' 1,1-:1g'1111 111-11, 12 1"4-11 1111111 1. 2. Il: S11:111is11 1'11111 1. 23 '1'l'i-Y ZZ, 1211111-1':1 P11111 LZ. EGGE, JUDY MARIE-Nzltilmzll 111111111' Srivivty 2, il, 'l'1w-11s. Il: Girls' l11111g.1'111- 1'l1, Zi: 5111111-111 V411111- 1-il lima, 2, Cl: Girls' I,1f11g:'11o- 4'1111111'i1 2, C31 l'1-11 . .,4 ,. 4 - .1 . 111111 1l'1-1 ..Q41..X..X. ILV111111111-1'1'iz1l1'I11l12!, EKSTRONI, JAMES RONALD-1'I111v1'1-11 fl'flIll Port- 1:1114l1 U1'1-g1111I 13z1s1'l1:111 2. Zi, fwllll. C51 ,Xx--1111-11's 1'r111111'1l 111-11. 3: Hi-Y 22, 311 1':111l11D 21. Il. ELSPAS, ROBERT 1-EO11'2l11'11l'Q'1'S I, 2, Ii, l'1'11s. IZ: AXSSl'1!l1P1X l'r1111111. Il: 111-:111x Arts 121111 Uh, 2, 22: Slum- l'1'1-w Al1111:1g:'1-1' C21 .XXl'lll1'1l'S 1'f111114-il 111-11, II. EMERSON, RUTH ELOISE-1111111-iw-11 fl'lllll Purl- 12llll1. HV1-grni: 'l'1'i-Y 2. ESSIG, ROBERT WESLEY EVANS, DORIS MAE-Girls' l,1-:11,:'111- 111-11, I3 ,X 4211111111111 2. 32: Girls' Glu- lg '11l'U111l2lf1Hl'S Zi, EVONUK, MARGARET MARY-H1111-1'1'11 fl'1lIl1 St, A12ll'X1S. 11111111-111-, 111'11g'm1. EYRES, WESLIE JEAN-Nzulimizll 111111411' S111-if-13 ., .., Y ,, .,, ., -. .1. 111-1 -, .,. 111-1111111 FARMER, NORMA JEAN--1111111-1-1-11 fi-11111 1'111111ill1-, H1-1-5:11113 1311111111-1'1-iz1l 1'l11l1 Il. FERRELL, DOROTHY LOU-1411111-1'1-11 f1'0111 11111- xmr Vily, l':1lifor11i:1: Musk :md lmg'g'1'1' 2. 31, Vim- Pri-sl 221 Uffiu- Stull' 113 S11z111isl1 4111111 Si 41il'1S' film- 11. FINLEY, SHIRLEY ANN1N2l11fllli11 ll1111n1' Sm-i1-ty 2, 211 Girls' I11-:1g.:'111- S111-, Ji: A1-livitivs 11Illll1l1, 2. ZZ: 1121l1ll l'11111 1, 2, 3, 1'r1-S. 22 l'HllllllQ'l'l'12l1 4111111 231 1'1-11 4111111 2, 33: A 1'2lII1l1'112l il. FISHER. PATRICIA RUTH-1'I1111-re-11 i'1'11111 1'11'2IS- 11111 Hill. 11l'1'2.Z'lDllQ Girls' 1,1-:1g:11v 1'l1. Zi: l':1l1-t- 1w1's Il: S1z1g'1- 11l'L'XY CS. FLADSTOL, MARJORIE MAY-Spzinisli 1'1ll1ll1. FLOCK, MARGARET LILLIAN-Nzltimml llmnor Scwiw-ly 35: Stmh-nt l'oum'il Rm-11. 211 .1'1l't'lll'11 4'lu1: ii, Vrcs, IX: Stamp :md 1:01111 Rn-11. L53 IN-p 4'1ll1l II: 'Pri-Y 2, FORDHAM. ELAINE-1l..X..X. I. 2. 3: VHIIIII1'-l'1'i2ll P11111 ti. FORDHAM. LORAINE-l1.A..X. 1,2.:124101l1!l141'1'1Rl1 Vluh Ci. FOSNAUGH. DEAN RICHARD-Junior lvzxnu- Umnm. 2: Studm-nt Uounvil R1-p. 1, 2: 1'zll4-lim-rs 1. 2, fl. FRAEDRICK, RONALD-Axvnwnfs Uounvil Hvp. 211 19001111111 II, 3: 1C l'11l1l 2, 312 1g2lSk0I1H111 2, FREDRICKSON, DELAINE JUNE-Palm-Il:-4-l's ' 2C141il'1S'l111'n'1Q41..X..X. 3. FRYE, CLAUDE J.-'I'r:u-k I. ZZ: 1'li'111Iu 1, 2, . FRYDENLUND. JOANNE MAR1E'NZl11fbll2l11"1011U!' Sm-iq-Iy 2, lk: Stud.-nl Rudy 'l'rvz1s. 3: IH-p 4'1lll1 1, 22, il: l'Iug:1-m-.un I: Nm-ws Stuff 31 Slaunp and liund Uh. 21 G..X..X. 1, 2, C11 Uflivv Stuff 12. FURROW, JEANN ELLA-.X 112lI1Ilx'11il 311 11il'1s' Hlm' 1, 2, FURROW, JOANN JESSIE-.X Czlmn-llzl 112 Girls' Glu- ZZ, ZZ. FUSON, MARIAN LOUISE-Girls' 1.1-zlgllv livin 11 l'.-p 1111111 2, 335 Girls' Glu- 31 Spanish Vlub 1, GARD, OMAR DAl.E-Stump and Ilond lim-p. 1. GEORGE, KEITH-lliflv l'1u11 21. GERICKE, DONNA JEAN-1':l1vttm-rs Ii: ,X Vamp- pm-Ilal' 12, Ii: .Xlll112lSS2ldlTl'S R1 lliflv Vlulr II, Sl. Sw-. .1, 1ull1S l-1m'v 1. GILLETT, LARRY B.-1411111-rm-d from Hulllcln-V. Uulurlulo' lllnnd '1' l't'l'1l1'lIl I'-md "' liifl ' . . . -. - . 1. .., l'11111b .... ., ,.. .., luck 1.Als.w. GRAF, BERT ROGER-I'Inlr-rvd from XVQIIIH 'XVaIIa, XX'z1sI1im:gt0113 Mask and Ililgf-!t'I' 3, Sn-rvicc Uluh " J. GRANT, PEGGY JEAN-Pulf-tlm-v1's I. GRAVOS, PHYLLIS RUTH'I':Uf.Z'l'II1'2lll Stuff 33 Ass.-mhly Comm. 3: Girls' I.t'2l5.l'lll' Re-lv. 2: PI-11 I'IuIv I, 2, 311 Girls' Glu- I. CI. GREEN, ROGER E. GREENE, FLOYD-Ifootlmll 2, II: Hzlsf-Imll I, 2, IC 1'IuIv I, 2, 31 A Vuppf-lI:1 SI: 1,2lI'k Rats II. GRIFFETH, MARJORIE MARIE1I':lltt'TI'li from Imlizmzllwolis, Indiana: .Xvtivitivs Ummm. C51 IIVEIIIIIZIIIOII l'0mm, 2: IIPIFZIU' 13: Spzlnish Vluls CI, GUERIN, BETTY JANE-Iintvrvcl from 'I'2Il'0III2l. XYZISIIIIIEIIOII. HAIGHT, CHARLOTTE NEVILLE-National! Hun- rvr Sm-im-ty 2, 3: Girls' lwaxgua- Rm-p. I: Sunny: and Ilond Umlmfil 3: 1I..X.A, 23 Ummm-rvizxl 1'luIv 212 I,:1li11 Vlulm Ig SI-1'x'i4-v 4'IuI1 I, HALSTEAD, PERRY NEIL-Iliflv I'IllIv 2, HAMILTON, BETTY LOU'-1'IDlIIlIIt'l'C'i2lI 1'IuIv S! Sn-1: 211 Spanish l'IuIu 2. II. HAMMOCK, SHIRLEY-41..X..X, 2, HANRAHAN, PHYLLIS JEAN-I-'alle-itm-vl'S I, if ., ., ,, .,, Ilvzls. -. .,. HARRIS, GERALD E.-.Xxx-nn-11's Foum-il .lic-yr, I, 2, IS: Foothzlll I: In-Imtv 223 Hi-Y I, 2, 24: Mask :md Imggvr il: IC l'IuIu I, 2, II: Ilifh- l'IuII I, 2, I!! Puk I Itxl I v.. - 1 U. ,... HARRIS, PAULINE MAE-Girls' I.1-zlgum-. HART, GORDON-ICntI-xwd from Alyrtlv Vw-I-k, lII't'LIOII. of '46 HASSAD. DONALD R.-.X l'zllv1n-lla 2, II: I':1ll-tim-1's I, 2, JI. SI-rvivv Ululv 2, 33. HASTINGS, EUGENE EDWARD HAWKESWORTH. FLORENCE MARIE-Girls' I,l-:1x:11+- III-p. lg Musk and lmggl-1' I, 2. 21. S1-my II: Sxumislu Vlulv I. 2. II: 001111111-1'n-iell Vlulr :Ig Iwp I'luII Zig llrwllvslrn I. 23 'l'ri-Y I. 2. HAWKINS. NIELVA FAWN-Girls' I.vzlp:11v. HAYES. MARIE EVELYN-Sm-1'x'is'v Vlulr I, 2 HEAD. LOWELL ROY-YI-tl-rzlnz Asst. Mgr. 'I'ra1vk I: Smwiw' Vlulx I. 2: Vznlmlvran Flulw I. 2. HEANY. E. GENE-Jr. I'l:lss 'I'r4-us. 2: Girls' I.l'IIAL1lI1' lim-p. I1 IN-p I'IIIIn 2, ZZ: 4'mm11I-I'1'1zll VIIIIICI. HEISEL, JANET KAY-Musk :Ind llznggl-1' 2. Ilirls' Ill.-v 2: .X Vzlppvllzl II. I-IENDRICKSON, DANIEL J.-Iflnlvrl-cl l'I'om Iirzuul .Ium-lilm, 4'nlurz1du: Nzxtimml Ilmmr Scwn-ly 21: .Xxl-mf-Irs Vmum-il I'rI-s, 71: I"uuIImII 2. :Ii Hus- In-Ilvzlll 2. tl: 'l'ruvk 2: Ii Vlulx 2. 311 Hi-Y 2, SI' SIUIIUIII 1'oum'il lil-11. 33. HICKENBOTTOM, RICHARD LOAL-ANI-mvlrs Uoum-il III-p. I: III-Y 2, II. HIGGINS. DELORES MAE1I':IIlt'l'l'lI from lil-ll, I':nliI'm'11iu3 .X Falmn-llzl II: 'I'1'i-Y l. HIXSON. PHYLLIS M.-l'o-Uh. Smile- Hawkins XY:-I-k 2: .Ir.-Sr, I'rmn, IIOIIIIII Uh. 2: Sllliivlll l'0lIIlL'II In-p, I. SI, IH-U Ululr I, 2, JI: I'zxlI-ttvws 1I14I..X..X,1. HOFFER, JAMES E.-lfontlmznll 2. II: Studvnl Foun- 4'iI lie-11. I: Fhvss l'luI1 I. HOPPER, RICHARD S.-NIIIIUIIIII Hollor Sovim-ly III .Ir.-Sr. l'rum. Ummm. Uh. 21 Foollwzlll I. 2. 21' Slusll-nl Vmxm-il lla-p. I, 2: Hi-Y 2, II, Prvs. " IC l'luII 2, CI. Sm-, CI. HUFFNIAN, GWENDOLYN LOIS-Nzltimmzll Ilmmr Sm-il-ty il: Girls' lmzxgllm- lil-p. :Ig I"I'Q'lIl'II Vlulx II, VII-1--pr--s, II: IH-p lIIllIl 2, II: I'zlle-Ilw-I's 231 1' X X I "'1'i1'Ie'1'lI-mf" I.. ... . .I. I . 1 .I. I1 JW" KI BE af '46 HUGU5. NELLIE DOLORES-.X111In1ssz11I111's I'1'1-S, il. HUNNICUTT, BETTY-8111111-111 l'ou111-il Iivp, 321 P1111 Vlulm I, 2, Il: Slillllll 111111 Iinml I, 23 Girls' film- Il. HUNTER, WILLIAM EDWARD-I-21111-11111 fI'0lll 1'fIl'lI2llld, f5I't'f.'I0ll, I"1mlI1z1Il ZZ, Il: ,X 12111111-IIz1 l, 2, Il: Ituys' Glu- 2, 'I'1'o11In11ln1's Tl. HYDE, DONNA FAYE-N11lio1111l Illllllll' Suvin-ly 2, Il: Iflditor Hzlndlmook 213 Asst. Iius. Mgr. IG. ILS. N1-ws JI: Student 1'0u111-il Iivp. lg S11zu1isl1 l'Il1ll I, 3, Sl, Pre-S. Cl: A I'z1pp1-IIz1 33 Slillllll 111111 Hfllld 23 l'ZllIlt'I'2l. Vluh 2. JACOBSON, REID CHALIVIERS-Hi-Y 22. JEANS, ALICE-IC11l1-rn-11 f1'u111 I'll111i1'z1. U1'1'g'1m11: .MI S1z1l'I' 21: Pz1I1-tn-1-1's ill P1-11 l'l11I1 Zig liz1111I 2, SI. JENKINS, FLORENCE ELIZABETH-I'111t111w-fl from .XIlk'Il0I'2lg't', .XIz1skz1. JOHNS, MARILYN ADELMAiNElIi4lII2ll II1111111'Su- 1-ivty 2, II, 'I'1'1-ns. Il, .I1'.-S12 I'1'm11. l'4lIlllll. 23 Girls' I.1-11g:111- l'h:1i1'111:111 il: A I':1pp1-IIz1 2. ' 111-1-l1vs11'z1 21 'l'I'0lIIl2ldlIl'S II, JOHNSON, ARTHUR CURTIS'-'.XXQ'IllllII'S 4'11u111'iI II1-p. 2, YI1-1--P1'1-s. 2: Snph. 4'I:1ss I'1'1-si Footlmll 2, Ill Wi-Y I, 2, Il. S1-11 111 I'Il'I11I1 2, Ill A Pup- p1-Il21 I, 21 I':11'k Ilzlts 231 Il1-l1:1t1- ZZ. JOHNSON, MILTON DUANE--I':11'k Ilzllw I1 JOHNSON, ROSE LOUISE1l':IIlt'l't'll t'1'o111 I'u1'I' Iilllll, U1'1-7:0111 I'z1l1-111-1-1's 2, Il: Utliw- Stull' 213 1'rr1111111'1'1-iz1I I'l11Iv 71: S1I1'x'i1'1- 4'l11I1 il. JOHNSTON, DOROTHY MAE-IG11l1-1'111I 11-11111 Nillllllil. Iflulm. ,X111Iu1ss111l1n's 2, JONES, MARY MARGARET-I'Z11t1-1'1-1I I'l'UIll St, M:11'y's: Nzllifmkll Ilrmm' Smlivty Zlg Ad Stull 123 Girls' I.1-:1g'111- II1-11. 323 Musk :111cl l72lf.f3.1'1'l' II, 'I'1'i- Y 13: 11,A.,X, :L JONEZ, AL RAY-S--nim' IIz1111'1- Vllllllll. 4'I1. ..3 N11z111isl1 ltllllv I, 2, II, l'1'1-s, 23: I",I"..X, I, 2, Il, S1-1-. 2, 'I'I'1-215, Il. JORDANGER, ELEANOR C.-Nilllllllill lllllllll' S0- 1-11-ty 2, 321 lmlilllilllflfbli stz1t'I' fl: IM-I1z111- II: I11t1-1' Nos II. JUHL, GORDON MERLE-I4'.If'.A. 1, 23 Riflv Vluh 23: Ilnys' Ulm- I: Stump und Bond 3. KERREBROCK, JACK LEO-lCntvrvd from Unk- lnnu, l'z1lit'ornizx, KINGERY, ERNEST LOYAL-Puck Rats I. KINGMAN, ALICE MAV-National Honor Sovif-ty 22. II: l'Ill5.Z'x'IIt'2lII Stuff 2. il, Editor Il: Jr.-Sr, Prom. Uh. 2: Suph. Imnu- Comm. I: G.A.A. I. 2. 32, Yin'-l'l'n'S. 21 Ilifll- 1'llllb l. 2, 3, Sew. Z1 lyvll VIUII I, 2, II. KOCH, MARTHA GENA-Pall:-tteors I, 2,1-l14l.,X..X. -I KOEPP, EARLENE GENE-Girls' In-zlglllv Ih-11. I: YI-II Qlllvvll :Ig In-p l'llllI I, 3, SIL Musk and Img'- grz-r I, 2. II: l'illl'lll'l'l'S II: Girls' Glu- Zi. KREHBIEL. DONNA MAE-Girls' ln'Ilg.:'llm' Ill-p. SI KRUNIDIECK, OSCAR FRED-l'z1uk Rats Il. KUNTZ, KAREN GAY-Girls' l,I-:1g:uv lh-p. 2 IH-lv Ululv 2. Il: ,X Vnpln-Ilu 2, Ill Girls' Glu- I, LANE, ANNETTA DELI-'l'1lllx'l'Ud from ,X't'l'Il0lll2l. lll't'2.1'UIlI Girls' till-v I. LEE. LILLIAN L.-Ufllvv Stuff' 33 l'UlIIllIl'l'1'l2ll Nlull LINGO, MARY FAYE-I-Int:-rl-fl from l'nix'1-rslty High: Stzunp und Ilond llvp, CI: l'zlln-ttm-l's 2. IZ. LOCHNER, PATRICIA ANN-Girls' Inluprm- Il:-11. ll IR-11 Ululu I, 2, 32: l'0mlm-rr-iul Ululm 35, Vive l'rvs. 311 Spanish 1'IuIs 12: 'Fri-Y 2. LOCKYEAR, ROBERT W. LOVELACE, TYRUS R.-I'Inh-rvd from 1l2lkI'lllg't'. Url-pqmx, I"rmtlmII fl: Ilnskm-tlmll 3. 'Gw- 6 .rl- 4 'Q 23 195 N. RJ' 1 4 .4 TWRY. ISABELLE JOANN-I'Ixitvr4-II fl'llIlI Blil- xwziukii-. Uiw-grail: l4I.ll.S. Ne-ws Stull' Zig IH-Imll II: I':Ill-ltr-:ws II: 'I'ri-Y 2, II. IIACK. RICHARD DAVID-.Ir. Vlziss Yivv-l'lw-s. ' Stull.-nl l'4mu11-'il Iii-p, I: A. Vupin-Ilzl I, 2, I'r--s. II: IIifY 2. fl: 'I'i'rrllIsaului's II. MADSEN. MARGARET ELINOR-I'1iit-in-fl frun Vmiiivil IIIUITH. Iowan: I-1.II.S, X-'ws Stull' 22' l':lll-III-4-ix Ill .Xliilrzisszilluis Il. MASON. V. GILBERT MALJGHAN. CALLA JEAN-Girls' l.1-:lull--. IVIAUGHAN, DORIS BEOVITA-Iillul-in-:lil Stull' -C11 .X!iilf:uxs:lrlni's I, J. ,., X1-'I--I'1'-is, Zig I41l1Illl1'I'I'I:ll I'Il1Ii IE. 'l'r--rms. II: .X 12111314-llzl Ill Girls' lil.-v l. 21 'I4I'l'X I: I'2llII4'l'2l Vlull 3. IVICALOON. JOHN LELAND-.X Vnppi-lI:l 271 Ihiyx Hlw- 2. McCAIN, GEORGIA MAE-Stiul-'nl mmm-il Il.-p, 2: il..X..X. I. 2, 21, l'r4-S. II: I':1lvlt1-1+i's :EQ I"--p Vluli Il: Girls' Ulm- J: Ilifli- Vlull 2. IVICCALLISTER, PHYLLIS L.-Girls' IA-Qipqiiv Ili-p. 2: l':fl+-llvfis 2, II1Ili1'ls'4Ilw- 2: 'I'ri-Y 2: Valm- 1'I'2I Ivllllv 2. IVICCLANAHAN. RAMOLA MAY-1':im--r:1 Vluli 2. IVICCLINTIC, DOROTHY JANE-Girls' IA-zlgllv lla-lv. 2: Simiiisli 4'luII l. 2, 311 I'zll1-It----rs 21: IH-p Vluli IVICCOY. JANIS LEE-.Ili Flzisx Si-I-. 3: IH-im "lull I. 3. ZZ. Sm-, 223 .X Vzimu-llzi 3, 313 I42lllIl'l'1l l'l11Ii 31 Muir Mlm- I. MCCOY, LOUELLA MAE-Slllllwiil Vuiiiivil Ili-p, I. NICHENRY. VIRGINIA MAE-Sr. Vlnss 'l'r--aw 311 Girls' I.:-znullv li--im, 1,21 IN-p4'lullZ!:1'm11i1i4-iwizll Vlixli II NICNETT, MARY JEAN-'I'I'i-Y 2, III 4liI'IS' III1-1' Z. Ii: Vmiiiiil-i'vi:lI Vllill ll. of '46 IVIEATS, BETTY MARIE-Sn'l'Yi4'v 4'IuIm I, MELBY, LILLIAN MARIE-Sllldx-III I'0llllm'il IZ SIIIIIIISII 4'Iul- 2. 31: S--I-Y :Zi IH-p Vluh 3. ZS: I':ll- 1'IIn'1'l's IZ. MEYER, JOHN EDWIN-Iixllvl'-'II frrmx 'III-milmwml. Url-gmx: Iliflv Vlub Il: l.:1li11 l'l111+ 2. NIICHELSON, DELORIS MAE-H1114-l'I'1I Hmm: Iknsvu, Wzlflnillglfm. MILLER. ELIZABETH ANN-Ihvp Vlulu 21: 'l'Vi-Y I,1'1tIi1'lx'1lII-'22l':lm--1':l4'll1I+Zl14l..X..X.Il NIINDLE. EDITH I,--I'Inl-lwml frfun 1":1Ip::u'5, Vam- .l4I.1. Ilp I Illlv 1-..X..X, .-. h11:ll11slu1Iulv.,, MISBACH, MYRNA RUTH-Ilillufxw-mi frmu I'nix'v1'- sity High. MOBLEY, BRUCE JUSTIN-.XX1'Ill4'll'S I'llllll4'II 21. MOBLEY, DELL L. MOLL, RICHARD E.-Nutimml Iluxmr Sm-iz-ly 2. Il: Sr. Vlnss I'rI-s. 11: I'I1xgvm-:mlm Slznft' 2: ,Xsm-nv lvly t'umm. 2. 221 In-Iunlv 223 Sluch-111 IIUIIIIVII I1 Ili-Y I,Z,Il2I'I1'IuIl2T. MOORE. LON G. NIOORE, PRISCILLA ANN1N1lIIliIl2lI IIUIIUI' Su- , ., ... V- . Q- , .I , I-im-lx -, .-. .1-xl. l,I-anpzuv Ir--s. U. lwp. 2: lwp IIIIIIY 2, IL: 'l'l'l-Y I: Wunnlm-l'1-izul Vlulv 111 Girls' Illw I, 2 IVIORNHINWEG, CHARLES-Ifmnllvzlll U, 712 IC I'lLlIv MORGAN. JAMES EDWARD-.Xllxlxzlsszlnlnulw 2, Nh--as 1'luI+ I1 SQ-1'x'iIw Vluln 22. MORGAN, PHYLLIS C.1N2lII4IIl2II Ilnnm' Sawim-ly 2, ITC SIIIIIVIII Iimlg SI-mx 2: Vu-1'h. SZIIIIU Hawk- ins' XVIIKI-Ia 2: Ph. I'l'i11I SHIKI Ford XVI-wk JI: IH-lx Uluh 2. 22: l,iIn':n1'y Slzlfl' II: 1l,.X..X, l: Girls' Illvw I, in gem of '46 MORGAN, ROY FRANKLIN-Nzxtimml Honor Sn- .. ,. H , . . . . . L11-ty .-1, Xuw--Irvs. .11 Stud.-nt tonne-ll Rx-11, .21 Ax:-nu-n's Nnum-il Rep. 22. NIORTENSEN, EUGENE H.-,X l'zlmwe-llzL SIL Boys' Glu- l: I".l"..X. l. NAGEL, VIRGINIA L.-ICHI1-rl-tl fl'fllll IIIISIIIIPII, Illinois. Girls' Glu- Ii. NEUENFELDT, EDWARD LELAND-Sludvut 4'uu11c'il lim-p, lg lfootlmll ZS: llzasf-hull 2, IS. NICHOLSON, WESLEY LATHROP-Nzltimxnl llcmor Soc-in-ty 2. fl: Sturlvnt Holly Prn-s. 241 Jr. Class PM-s. 21 Jr. lmmw- Uh. 2: Soph. Immu- f'omm. I: llvlmzllv 333 liznsm-lmzlll I, 2, 135 Hi-Y 2, II. NITSCHKE, MERTON DOUGLAS-Slmnish 4'll1l+ 21 I'zllm'llc-MRS 2. OBERG, DOROTHY MARION-Stumlm-111 4'nunvil livin. ill P111 IlIllIJ I. 2, HQ t2i!'ls' tllw- l. ll, S1-V. 23 Tri-Y l. OLIN, MARILYN MAE-lilxlmw-ll from Vmnptmm, t'z1lit'orni:11 .X Vznpgwllzl 37: Spanish Vlulv 12. ORTON. NONA BELLE-fl..X..X, I, 2. ill Inlvx' Nos Ii: Hwlu-sI1'z1 2. :Ii Il2lllIl'l'2l l'luIv 2: Girls' HI!-ll l. OWEN, WALLACE D.-I".I"..X. li l'zl1'k llzlts 2 1 PARKS, DONALD1I'lll,Ll't'll4'2lII Stull' 25: Sluch-nt I'I!IIllL'Il Ibm, 1, S21 .X Uznmn-llu I, 2, Ili Svrviw- Vlulv 2. II, Vivv PM-s. 2, ZZ: Wnmm-rc-izxl l'luh 551 Uhvss Ulull lg 'l'1'mll1:ulu1lx's tl. PAULUS, HARRY DANIEL-lfrmlluzxll 2. 15: 'l'r'zu-k I: l'14'lulm I. 2, Ii. I'r+-s. 125 liuml l. 2, Il: Ili-Y 2. II: Um-Il:-st1'z1 l. 2, 13: .XXUIIIUIIIS 1'uum'il H4-11, 'XZ 'Ill'UHIl2lll0I'S 22. PAYNE, JUANITA CLAIR--.Xvtivitivs Ummm, 1, J, .,, N-my J. .X Iillllbvllil I. J. ... I2lIl'It4'l'I'S .4. PEARSON, MARY ANNE-lintvrvd from St. Mzu'y'sg Girls' Ill-algllv lil-lr. 21 'l'ri-Y 2, 243 Girls' Glu' 3. PETERSON, J. GENEEL--Stump and IIfH1l'IlIil'U. 2. PETERSEN, EVERETT VERNON-Ax.-m.-u' mmm-il It--p. I. 2: YI-II l,I-:uh-1' 2: li l'luIu 2, SI lf'.l"..X. I, 2. PETERSON, JOANNE ALICE-Iixmtm-Iwi from 'Fu I-mmm, XX':lsI1inp:ImI: Nzllifmzll Ilonm' Sm-in-ly JI I-Z.II.S. NI-ws Stuff SZ: ,Xnllmssauiors CI. PICKETT, NIARY ANN-Nzltimlzll Honor Snvim-ly II Girls' Imzlpzlxe- 'l'rI-us II: 4I..X,.X. I. Iii .X1nImssz1 dum I. 2. II: IH-p I'IuII :Ig .X Valpgwllzl SI. Farm-ra 1'I11I1 23 l.iIIl':lI'y SIQIIT 2. II. PORTER, RUTH VIOLA-I'I11t1-I1-mi from SI-Imzlstopul. I"1IiIm'ni'1' 1' X X " PORTIS, JOHN SANFORD-'Frau-k 33: IMI:-lim-rs I POUNDS, DORIS ILENE-Girls' I,--ngllv Ilvp. I " "' Q Iwi.. I'IuI 1' X X " .,, ,.. .v -. I ... 1..... Ir. POWELL. BETTY EILEEN-Ilalml I2..XIIIIl2lSS2l1IU!'S I " "' VVIQI 'VII-If " , .., U, I . I .I. ., ,X . ., .., . . .., --,, . PRICKETT. GLORIA JEANNINE-.X Vzxmwllzl 2 U. lap 1 IIIII I. -. .-. I...X..X. I. 2, .I. llllls Mlm' I PRIVXRASKY, NORMAN CALVIN-Iflmtlmll ZZ. " Imslu-lIr:III 2: I-:und I. 2, .., Irvs. .IQ lu I Iulv 2. mm.. ... - ' .I --. y. ,. -. , I. .,. lv. - -. va, I . , , .I. QUINER. JOHN H.-.XX1'lIlI'Il'S K'4IllI1L'II Ile-p, 2 In IN IIIN I uh huts I RADER. WANDA ELNORA-ICIIII-l'v1I I-I'tIlII Ii l':1su, 'I'vN:Is. I'f.II.S. X1-ws Slzlfi' SI: l'zlI4-tl:-vis JI: Musk :md Ihlpluw-I'2I1 SpalllishI'II1I121H..X..X. 2 RANDLE. ROBERT B.1SIIllIt'llI 1'ulI114-il .Ill-lx. I .XXI-lm-n's Uollnu-il IL III-Y 2. ii. RANKIN, RAIVIONA IVIAE-I.:IliI1 IIIIIII 2. S4-my ' 1I..X..X. I. READ, NORMAN LESTER-5111111-ut l'UllIl4'II Jim 2. .Xxvun-us IHlIII1'II lzxhlnvl .I. lnuul I, 2. ... lim-I'm:1lI Ilzlml 2. IZ. I.1-:IIII-r 3. READ, ROBERT D.-.X IIEIIIIIPIIZI I, 2. II: Ili-Y SI. If REED, NANCY JOSEPHINE-Girls' l.n-:u:1u- .Ib-p. 2: Spzxnish 1'IuIm l, fig Girls' 4114-.A I, REXIUS, JUNE-I':lllk'l'x'4I frmn Sprillgfim-III, Hrv- ,EHIIQ Girls' Mlm' 211 .XIIIIIIINSZIIIUVS 21, RHOADES. THOMAS LESLIE RIASANOVSKV, ALEXANDER V.-Sr, Vluss Vim-- I"x'I-s, 71: ,XX1'lll1'Il.S t'o1n11-il III-p. 2: I'IlIf.Z1'IIl'2lII Slzlft 23 In-Imlv ii: IJIIIII Vinh I, 2, S13 4'IlIIIt'l'it Vluh I.Z24'I11-ss4'll1I. I. RICE, TREVA YVONNE-Ililltmw-ml I'I'1lIIl M1-1iI'urcI. U1-I'ggu111 Vrmmrm-lu-izal 1'I1lI+ SI. Iwwfs, JZ, RICHARDSON, DORIS ALENE-Stump :xml Iinml III-Iv. 2: 4l..X..X. Z1 I4UIIIIlll'l'1'I2lI l'IuIr JZ, ROBERTS, VERNON RAY-I':u'Ii Ilzlis I. 2 IliI'I1- Vllllv IZ. ROBINSON, SHIRLEY-Girls' I..-zlggllv Ilm-lu. If IH-p IIIIIIII 711 I':1I1-III-I-V5 31.3 Spzlnish IIIIIII ZZ, 101111111-wlxul 4 lub 1.1rIs 4.1--If ROVER, CHARLES A.-H1114-l'1-II frmu IinsI-Inllrgq, IIVI-LZU11, ROSENBERG, NIARJORIE L.--Stump and Ilnufi livp, Sl: 4l,A..X. I,2.2S:S1ulI1isI1lIIl1I-JI, RUTLEDGE, DONALD EDWARD-Stump and Ilnnd Ile-11. li 1'In-ss Vlulr lg I4'4I4'.,X. lg lII'l'Ill'StI'2l 'I SCHOOLING, DERRELL ROBERT - Nutimml Ilrmnr Sm-ia-ly 2. JL Stmlvnt Iimly Aurlilm' 543 Axn-rm-11's Vuum-il Iivp. 2: Studm-nl Vuune-il RI-11. 24 Jig SIZIIIHI :xml Ilrmll t'I1, 2: 'Fvnnis IIIVZIIH lg Hi-Y Ii. SCHAEFER, CHARLES R.--.X l':11rp1-Ilz1ZL SHELBY, ROBERT W-1SIll4I1'IlI IIHIIIIVII Rn-p. IQ .XX1-nu-11's l'm1m'il Ill-lv. I: IJUIIIIIRIII Alznmlgvx' JI, ,Xss'I. 3: Slzunp :xml Ilrmrl Ilvlv. I, 2. SHREVE, BARBARA CAMILLE-I'Il1tn-re-QI from I,zlI':13'vl1m-, l'zlIil'm'ni:xZ SIIZIIIISII IIIIIII 2, III I'Il'l'Il4'Il t'IuI1 II. of '46 SHREVE, GLORIA-Illul--xx-d funn Imfzny--tl'-. Vall- IIUVIIIZIQ rpun1sI1 2, .JJ I'I'1'III'II 4 lub ... SKILLERN, GRETA-Stump and IZUIIII Ilvp, 2. IU-II 1'IuII Il: I.11liu I'IllIr 2. III l'zm1I-ral 1'I11II lfl 'I'riAY I, 33 Girls' Ulm- 2, SMITH, CALVIN R.-I-Illgl-11-Azul Stuff ZZ: Stunie-nl Wann-'il Ii.-p. fl: .Xxx-1m'n's l'uum-il III-11, I, 23 Ifmvllfull I. 2, II. l'u4':1pt:1i11 III Iialsk--tluull I. 2: Ifzlm-Iulll 2. 213 III-Y I. 12.21. Yivv-I'1'vs. III IC l'IuIu I. Z, il. SMITH, CHARLES EUGENE SMITH, GAIL MARIE-I'm'1vl'IIIIu I. Y, Ii: Pills-llw-I's SNOEN. COLLEEN JEANETTE-ICIIII-In-11Irum Klum-mx, ldzllm. STEELAND. LILLIAN RUTH-Iiil'Is' Illm- 2. 211 Il..X..X. I. Z. TI: Iiifln- l'IIlII 2. IT. 'I'rI-us, JI: I.iIv1'z11'5 SIJIII' ll, SULLIVAN. PATRICIA A,-Slzump :xml lhmd Ih-p. 22 I.:1IinI'I11II I.2. SLJMMERS. MARY JOANNE-.Xssvmhly 4'1IlIIIIl. U. :Ig .Ir,-Sr. I'r1wm. Vumm. 2: IH-p I'IuIv 2. 351 Ilumi I, 2, 31. Swv. :Ip .X Vznpp.-IIzI 2, 11: l.:1liu 1'IuI- :Ig 'I'ri-Y I. 2.3 4I..X..X. I. 2. il. SUTTON, BETTY GENE-I-Zum-xx-II from I.:-luuwll. I I I I x ' I I'1'L1lIII .Xl11I:Isszlrl11'.' I. LZ 'I'l'iAY II. SWANSON, JACQUELYN N.-Stump :mal Ihmcl Ilvp. ZI1 I.:IIill l'Illlv 2. Il. S1-4'.-'I'l'1-als. III IIIVISI lihw II SWARTZ, JOYCE VIOLA SYLVESTER. DORIS H.-Girls' I.1-zmllv Ii--Ir. IZ I1..X..X. I. U. THIESSEN. EUGENE DONALD THOMASON, DOROTHY C.-I-1.II.S. NI-ws Stuff 33: Y.-II IA-:III--1' :Ez Imp 4'IuI- 2. :Ig l.:1ti11 l'IuIv 2. II .X Films--IIzl III 'l'I'i-Y I. 2. . Wx. gem af '46 THOMASON, GERALDINE-A Vzlmnvllzl I, 2, 25. THOMPSON, LUCILLE MARIAN-Spzinish Vluh I, 23 4'miilm-rwizil Vluh ZZ. THORSON, DONNA JOAN-.Xssi-mlrly I'UlllIll. 3: Studi-nt 4'rr11m'iI In-p, 291 Girls' I.vz1i.:'i1v Iii-p, 2, 31: I'zlh-tim-i's I. 2. il. l'i'vs. ill 4I,.X,.X, I, 2: Span- ' 4 luh I isli ' . TOURTILLOTT, JOYCE ELAINE-Ifiiitvn-ft from Alzxiiimwru'. XVism'rmsiii: lC.H.!-1, N1-ws Stuff Ii. TOWNE, DALE WILLIAM--Pzilvttw-i's 2, 3. TOWNSEND, DALE RICHARD-.Xxx-mc-11's Woun- vil Iivp I' X 4"lllIbl'II'l I "' Hrws' Flu I 1 1.-. ,. I". TULLEY, MIRIAM NIAXINE-Girls' l.e-ilpluv Rvp. 2, 221 .Xiiilinsszlrlors II. VICARY, JACQUELINE L.-l.iIfi'aii'y Stuff II: Vom- im-!'vi:114'IuII211l.A.,X I " WALDER, BETTY LOU-Iiiite-iwml from Rm-kI.:1lu-, Nurlh lmkritalz Girls' 1114-as 22. WALKER, HAROLD S.-Ifcmtluill 2, ZZ: Co-l'zli1tuin 33: Iixisi-bull I, 2. Ii. WALKER, IRENE MARIE-Iiiite-iw-sl froiii llrzxnts I':1ss. Un-5:0113 liirls' Glu' 22. 32. WATTS, LAVERNE-I-'iw-iivli Vluln SL S4-w.-'I'1w-ns. S23 'Pri-Y I, 2:12,.X..X. 1. WEIDENKELLER, ROBERT LESLIE-Illnti-lu-d from lmly Pity. Vziliforiiizi. WETZELL. BETTY LOU--Girls' 1.1-zlgiic lim-11. I, 2, Zi: Aiiilmssudcvrs I, IJ. WHERRY, SCOTT-limi-ri-d from H1u'im,:fivlcI,Ohio. WHITE, KATHLEEN BARBARA-I-1IItvI'I-II IAVIDIII I'III'v:IIlis, In-.-gIIII: .X I':IpIII1lIzI 31, WHITMAN. VIRGINIA M.-IIIIWIS' I..-:ILM II.-II. ' WILKINSON, HUBERT HOWARD-SIIIIIIISII I'IIIII I -I If I-' I IV III Y I WILLIAMS, JOAN--I'zIIIfIII-I-I's Il. WILLIAMS. NADENE V.-1I,AX..X. I, 2 I1 I':IIf I-III-I-I'-QI " " WILLIAMS, ELDORES MARJORIE-llirls' LI-zIgIIII III-II. I1 SIZIIIIII :IIIII IZIIIIII III-II I. 2. WILLOUGHBY. RUTH SUZANNE-I,:IliII Vlulr 2. WINCHESTER. CLARA B.-I1I.II.S. NI-ws Slufl' TI: IIIIIIII I, 2, 331 HI'I'II-'slI'zI 3, 571 'l'I'IIIIIIzIIIIII's JI. WIPER, BETTY JO-SIIAIIIISII l'l11II I: 4l..X,,X, I, WITTWER, HANS JACOB-SIIIIII-III l'4Illl1I'il Ilvll. lj I':Ivk Huis 2. II: l'rI-s. 2. 22: IIIIIIII I. SI: IIifII- I'IIIII I1 .Xl't'II1'I'j' UIIIII I, WOMACK. 'HUGH EDWARD-Student Council Iwp. I, NIIIIIIII AIIIII IZIIIIII III-lv. Il, Ji. WOOD. CAROLYN M.-IIEIIIII I, 2. Ji: 1'2IIIIl'I'2I Iilllfh "' lII'I IIINII I " WOOD, WAYNE BERNARD-IIIIIIIII'I-IIf1'IIIIIIlzIIIzIs. 'I' Y-IQ I'. I .. WRIGHT, HELEN HUNT-N:IlImIzII IIIIIIIII' SII- I-iI-ly 2. il: Sr, Vlnss SI-In II: Girls' I.I-zlgllv View-- I'I'I-s. 2: III-III- XIX-I-k VII, II: SIIIIII-III VIIIIIII-iI III-II, I, 2: I'I-II 1'IIIII 12, li: Girls' IIII-v I,23:1'uIII- IIII-IwI:II VIIIII 21, YATES, MARY ALTHEA-Girls' III'2If.1'lIv Ib-p, I, "' I 'IIIII 4'IIIII AI Nix Jw vh- Q of '46 YOUNG, HUBERT A.lI':lltl'I't'll from In-Ridder, IA0UiSiHHZl. YOUNG, MARY LOU-I'Intvwd from Fort Morpqzxn, lif!l0I'1ldU1 Girls' Gln-Q1 2, 12. YOUNG, WALTER SANFORD-lillte-re-d from Glmmclzllv, Urvgon. YOUNG-QUIST, GENEVIEVE JOAN-I'I11te-rvdfrom XX'vll:4t1+1'. South Imkutzli Studq-nt 4'nuum-il RQ-p. lx Ili llzztiu l'luln 223 Pale-ttf-Q-',' CS. We The More the Bevier Whcr- No Men? lcundr y Limpers 7441464 704 74a xvm Becux ond Belies 4 J. McNutt, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Banks, G. Diebel, J. Carlisle, D. Hanson Throughout T945-46 the iunior class was outstanding in school activities. In early December the iunior week "Pep- permint Holiclays" introduced the class to the social program and was climaxed on December 'I6 by the annual iunior dance, also "Peppermint Holiday," which proved a success under the excellent leadership of John McNutt. The dance was an all-school, non-date, sport dance with the Christmas season as its motif. Following this activity, iunior class en- ergies focused on the outstanding social event of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom, sponsored by the class and living up to the high expectation of the student body. The beauty and color of Mexico filled the eye, while the gay sidewalk cafes of Guad- alaiara beckoned all present. The Latin atmosphere was further enhanced by the Spanish fountain in the center patio, and the brilliant colors of the entire effect. The quiet lighting, which seemed to transport the dance to a warm, enticing evening south of the border, and the charm of the entire evening made light hearts in all who attended. The Prom, held May 3, was efficiently managed by Greg Smith and the Prom Committee who worked many hours to make it the success that it was. With its class officers-John McNutt, president, Gordon Diebel, vice-president, Dolores Hanson, secretary, and Jane Car- lisle, treasurer, the class helped greatly in making the year a truly fine one. lt certainly seems with the activity rec- ord the iunior class has made this year, with the help of Mr. Moore during both years and Miss Greenbaum and Mrs. Banks during the past year, there will be no worry ofa poor future in their path. X Wifi ,Z ,Z Adair. R. Alford. D. Armstrong. T. Ault. J. Barrell. S. Bealrsto. D. Bissell. M. Blssell. R. Boone, L. Bosshardt. B. Brinkman. D. Brooks. P. Burge, M. Butler. B. Casperson. D, Caswell. D. Anderson. R Aydelott. E. Becker. E. Black. C. Bowcler, J. Brown. B. Buzzell, P. Chamherlaln. D. Andrew. J. Baker, M. Bale, B. Bennett. K. Bertelsen, P. Blackstone. V. Blanton. M. Bowllng. P. Boyd. C. Brown. D. Brown. D. Califf. M. Campbell. L. Cl'1apn1an.D. Chapman. L. Archibald. B. 92.4.9 Armstrong. A. Armstrong, D. Banks. J. Barbee, J. Bethel, G. Billings, J. Boesen. C. Boles, L. Brandt. M. Bricker, V. Bryant. C. Buckles. D. Campbell, W, Carlisle, J. Chase. N. Chase. P. 43 1 Q . is ,,jj:. i P 10' Christensen. D. Clark. M, Coakes, D. Coakes, R. Coggins. J. Collins, B. Collins, F. Conoly, S. Cooper. K. Corbin, Nl. Coven, J, Cox. M. Dahlberg, D. Darnrnen, T. Daniels. D. Davenport, Dodge, Fred Donahue, T. Drinkwater. L. Drollinger. Eddy, D. Edgeworth, J. Ellison. C. Ellwood. D. Ferrell, G. Fisher. D. Fladstol, L. Fluent, J. Fulton, Fl. Gardner, H. Gardner, L. Gardner. P. 4,3 Cockerllne. A. Coe. R. Coe. V. Cook, L. Cook, V. Cooley. S. Crabtree. G. Crnkes, J, Craig. B. H. Davis,W. Diebel. G. DilIon.J. R. Duqar1,S. Durflinger, R. Earl. H. Falk, E. Farmer. J. Fenner, B. Fowler. W. Fox, A, Frolen. E. Garrett, D, Gaveney. N. Gaylord, G 'R Sf if 'Q F' Gibson,J. Glllmore. E. GIover.J. GoodI1n,J. Grady. B. Graves.A. Gray,J. Griffith, M. Gunn. J, Haight, J. Haldorson, L. Haldorson, L. Hall. A. Haley, R, Hamilton. D. Hamilton. P. Hamilton. W. Hammock. B. Hammock. M. Handley, D. Hanns, J. Hanson. D. Hanson, K. Hapner, V. Harpster, F. Harris, H. Hought. E. Hawkins, D Haynes. W. Heffernan. J. Hein. F. Helikson, L. Henderson, J. Herbranson, J. Hunshnw, M Holland. G. Hoitmg. J. Hornibrook. R. Hoselton, S. Hoxey. M. Jeppesen. G, ljams, M. Ingram, M. Isaacson, P. Jack, O. Jaquenod. M. Jeske, G. Hubbard, D. Johnson. E Johnson. G . Johnson. H. Johnson, M. Johnson, S. Jones. M. Jones. M. Jordan, D. S ...Q x we Keefe. D. Keller, M. Kirk. A. Knollin, B. Knowles. A. Kremmel, J. Vrueger, K, Krumdieck, D. Kunkel. FZ. Lake, C. Landers, D. Larkey, K. Leigh. B. Lundberg, N. Little, B. Lloyd, J. I ochard, G. loppnow, Y, McHenry, B. I oucks, M. Lundberg. E. Luttrell, C. McCracken. B. McGiIIicuddv, B. McGinfy, P. Loseth, H. McHenry. P. McInt1re, B. McKeen, B. McKinney, S. McMaster, M. McNutt, J. McWilliams, B. Madsen. S. Magnuson, M Mahany, S. Malos, L. Malpass. D. Mannel. J. Manseth, R. Marines, B. Marks, J. Marshall, M. Maxon, J. Means, B. Melhy, D. Mention, R. Merewenther, A. Milnr. H. Miller, D. Miller, D. Miller, J. Msller, M. Miller, N. Mir1er.G, Mintz, D. 38 K 9 'F' . Ik S - ww sutgx. X Q. , NN to Mlsback, G. Mitchell. V. Moore. P. Morrill, H, Nasholm. J. Neely. B. Neet. D. Newman. R. Olsen. M. Orchard. D. Ostby. K. Pengra. D. Peterson, E, Peterson. K. Pfieffer. B. Plckell, B. Plmsted. D. Plant, B. Porter. M. Powers. M. Privrasky. J. Proudfit. J. Ransom. D. Rasor. B. Reynolds. R. Rheinsberg. B. Rhoades. P. Rhoads. M. Rrchey. I. Richman. G. Rrder. G. Ruedel, D. M- X L Sk 1 Morrow. M. Nnckelsen. L. Petersen. B. P erson, K. Prather, N. Ray, J. Rhoads, S. Robb. H. 6- Mullins. R. Nordllng, D. Peterson. B. Pinkerton, M. Pratt. B. Reece, H. Rlchards. N, Robertson. B. 4 Murray. M. Nyeganrd, A. Peterson, B. Pitcher, D. Price. B. Peece. G. Rlchnrdson. J. Rohde. J. 50 l i Ruth, D. Scott, D. Simmons, P. Smith, J. Sommerville, J. Spencer, D. Stringfleld. D. Swenson. C. I Qs x 15' at S I S 'W -sc. S '95 W' ex " fn in " 'B- 2,55 X we 'K 'Q' .4 Rutledge, E. Sanchez. L. Sargent, B. Scearce, P. Schmieding, G. Scofield, R. Scott. R. Sem. G. Shafer, L. Sherman, D. Sibley, D. Sibley, R. Skade, S. Small, J. Smith, E. Smith. G, Smith, H. Smith, H. Smith, J. Smith, M. Smith, S. Snyder, R. Snyder, V. Soehren. J. Sorenson, D. Sorenson, E. Sorenson, D. Sorenson, E. Southward, C, Sparling. V. Spierllng C. Stalsberg, L. Steele, K. Stelting, E. Stevens, C. Stinchcomb, R. Stringfield, J. Strite, D. Strong, D. Sullivan, R. Swartz, P. Swennes. D. Taylor, D. Thompson, I. Thornton, N. Titus, T. Towne, J. Tupper, J. is Y 0' Turnbull, S. Ver Bryck, D. Walker, J. Weber. L. Welch, K. Weldy. B. Willcock, D. Williams, H. Williamson. L. Witcraft, D. Wolfe. S. Wolfenbarger, Young. R. Young, V. Bench. D, Campbell, D. Brown. B. Engebretson. Burk. G. Huss, D. Callaway, H. Johnson, D. Walker, Nl. Wells, I. Wilson. C. Wood, W. Zarzan. L. CAMERA-SHY Lamb, W. Marvyn, J. Minney. T. Ott, J. Ku Watts, E. Whitmore. K. Wilson, L. Wooten, G. Zlelmsky, R. Paulson. B. Qrnith. D. Stelting, B. T0r16,R. Watts, K. Way, J. Wilde, E. Wildlsh, M. Winfrey, D. Witheck, N. Wright, F. Wullschleger, K Zlmmerdahl. L. Vaughn. J. Wilson. D. Worth. D. Young. J. -ll AWWA Mighty Eugene High has received an- other ponderous income of eager young Sophomores ready to carry on its great tra- ditions. This year's sophomore class is one of the largest in the history of the school, and has proved to be a real asset in help- ing Eugene High go over the top. The sophs have put through two major functions this year-an assembly on March l, which was organized and put on solely by sophomore talent: and the sophomore Dance, put on in May to entertain the ninth graders. The sophomores have also mode a good showing in the various school contests, La- vina Rodgers being chosen Queen of the Beaux Arts Ball. A few have also distin- guished themselves by earning letters dur- ing their first year here-these were John Reed, Jim Douglas and Dean Linder. Of course most of the sophs have gone D. Burgraff. A. Wickham, K, Stenschoel, R. Beatty, S. Gilllla Atkinson. through the traditional initiations of the many school clubs. Now, as the year draws to a close we see the sophomores, the greenness worn off, ready to carry on as iuniors, working to keep the name of Eu- gene High School near the top for having the best standards and talent among the schools of our country. FIRST ROW: B. Wolfe. C. Lynn, A. Keller, L. Gilbert, M. Roe. V. Buckingham, F. Jensen, C. Moriarty. SECOND ROW: R. Statzer, C. Brvan. Z. Jones. M. Sorenson, M. Fleshman. J. Woodard. B. Cushman. THIRD ROW: B. Lane, L. Williams. P. Husband. l. Beamer, B. MacManniman. M. Johnson. J. Bleth. FOURTH ROW: A. Simon, K. Pratt. R, Henriksen. R. Barker, J. Paseman, G. Gustafson, E. Barton. R. Durflinqer. FIFTH ROW: R. Doo- little, M. Jones, J. McBroom. 43 w, l lim' -wlliiani... FIRST ROW: M. Hixson. M. Haines, J. Cavey, V. Simons. J. Riddle, J. Ullrich. D. Hull. P. Paulson. S. Fand- rem. SECOND ROW: J. Mondell, B. Rogers, D. Morris, P. Calvert. D. Maser. D. Malos. M. Wilson, W. Stewart. THIRD ROW: J. Douglas. W. Wise. R. Bomer. J. Reynolds. R. Rust. D. Hickey. O. Vian. FOURTH ROW: N. Antone. J. Livingston. C. Christenson, C. Hastings, J. Smith. K, Mull. FIFTH ROW: F. Arnold, B. White, G. Gerhard. FIRST ROW: E. Templeten, G. Gray, S. Hubbard, D. Blackburn, B. Froling, D. Iverson, M. Torricellas. SECOND ROW: S. Smith, B. Phelps, D. Madgan, P. Mortensen, P. Coppinger. E. Coven. THIRD ROW: T. McKensie, S. Harrington. D. Wilcock. N. Garden. J. Robertsen, D. Clough, J. Ward. FOURTH ROW: J. Napper, C. Thomp- son, C. Peterson, D. Doak, F. Herbert, V. Channel, M. Farber. D. Russell. FIFTH ROW: B. Bozarth, R. Foster, P. Gray, D, Dropdale. FIRST ROW: M. McKenney, J. Lockard, M. Davis, M. Siegmund, C. Hoyt, P. Nudelman, D. Vanderbelt, A. Ker- rebrock. SECOND ROW: G. Copelan, A. Jensen, D. Leslie, R. Robbins, A. Byrnes, L. Hayes. L. Cordon. THIRD ROW: B. Dodge. M. Weinstein. C. Parder. C. Smith, F. Shrode, E. Rhodes. A. Schaaf, N. Donner. FOURTH ROW: D. Stevens, L. Storie, D, Walsh, K. Rogers, J. Jackson. J. Hurlspeth, D. Linder, L. Zink. FIFTH ROW: B. Laursen, A. Baker, H. Halpern, P. Lynch, D. Romstead. W ,m. ...- W W -W we-sm r , M A'3ffM' 'mf . . . ff :isa .'. - . we M . A E, , li' earn- 'H ,gf . es: - wal 4 math QE A 1 M ff' . fr 'N l Q? 1 'ss""2 V A l l B-ev . 'tiff Ns" ' 2 viii M. .... .......... .M .., .Q ...W me W.,,.,. , 1 .QQ ,, K was ,,,.,.W S, 4 can-nn sv 'inf-If 'U E ,,... .x I. A W i . E 'V' E' far. C 1 I lv. 3. 3, si. I. . gag? ,H 1 1 ::--- I 5 in 'i" P, QU .,,. as ' 'N' Sr K --:": ' Q J w W B Y 4. :Z :-:..., . N- as. W ...:1.-....,,,, iz. : 1 4 FIRST ROW: P. Davis, A. Hull, M. Harmon, C. Inman, R. White. B. Rees. M. Johnson, P. Kleinsmith, D. Ficker. SECOND ROW: L. Gilson, V. Drake, J. Arhey, S. Cook, P. Boals. R. Beatty, L. Rogers. B. Drosselmeyer. THIRD ROW: J. Wermham. S. Barker. L. Elson, L. Driscoll, R. Purcell. P. Jordan. I. Jorgensen. FOURTH ROW: B. Potterf, E. McKenzie, D. Mathews. L. Moore, R. Day, N. Peterson. FIFTH ROW: N. Nickson. M. Jensen, W. Clouse, C. Shelby. FIRST ROW: L. Marshall, L. Hodges, D. Edwards, V. Anderson, M. Glasgow, M. Cary, V. Detering, L. Haley. C. Shuler. SECOND ROW: L. Spear, S. Folling. P. MacGreqor. S. Baker, L. Parish. S. Stelzer. B. Thazton. C. Black, F. Lowrv. THIRD ROW: T. Nugent, P. Elviglon. E. Christiansen, M. McCallum, M. McCracken, J. John- son, M. Barrow. C. Mulloy, D. Griner. FOURTH ROW: T. Bower, D. Shreve. J. Bolin. R. Ross. E. Ziniker. B. Frank. E. Hopkins. J. Tribe. FIFTH ROW: C. Warnock. D. Spencer, C. Daniel. G. Garrett, J. Gardner. FIRST ROW: C. R. Reynolds, L. Titus. B. Kusler, N. Gustafson. J. Bashford. L. Taylor. J. MacMiIlar. SECOND ROW: L. Scott. B. Peterson, D. Robertson, L. Scott, M. Burch, L. Pratt, E. Hamlin. THIRD ROW: L. Hutchin- son, F. Waldrip, S. Rierdon, J. Hendrickson, L. White, M. Bedortha, H. Rutherford. FOURTH ROW: R. Paris, B. Potter. J. Jones. H. Jensen, P. Jensen. C. Krey, L. Dunlap. FIFTH ROW: C. Andrus. J. Loughary, B. Dragoo. M. Callaghan, S. Boyd. .gh E55 . 'MM .4132 . . ..,.,..,........L..... .........,........,.,..... -if J' 'A Q7 40 I5 was an ff ... in--luv ,W 1,1 , Us R+ M- FIRST ROW: S. Hefley. I. Brown, R. Weltch. L. Carone. J. Robertson, J. Barker. D. Payne. P. Daniels, P. Raabe. SECOND ROW: M. Hugus, B. Wlcal, I. Renshaw, L. Williams, I. Myers, R. Hicks, C. Young, B. Moore- head. THIRD ROW: B. Mansell, R. Williams, C. Craig, J. Dyer, A. Cluster, E. Larsen, J. Skirvin. FOURTH ROW: L. Grant. C. Bedortha, L. Moore. H. Seeger. J. de Brockert, M. Peterson, L. Pittsley, B. Hooper. FIFTH ROW: H. Hardcastle. J. Vitus. D. Green. FIRST ROW: V. Taliaferro, A. Ziolkowsky, D. Shafer, E. Gillett, D. Houmes, M. Tykeson, E. Nemerovsky, L. Campbell. M. Lynch, L. Schmidt. SECOND ROW: D. Sova. D. Hendricks, G, Childers, E. Gilmore, S. Fitch, T. Rodgers. P. Weber, B. Alford, F. Still. THIRD ROW: N. Mariott. D. Askinwall, W, Olsen, P. Kroft, M. Trude, J. McMahan, L. Farnsworth, C. Lee. FOURTH ROW: D. Brunken. C. Orloff. F. Tompkins, H. Conant, M, Crab- tree, K. Hathaway. FIFTH ROW: R. Kelso, D. Ford, C. Wells, V. Elwood, FIRST ROW: R. Cook. A. Gatewood, N. Newhouse, S. Gilland, V. Harries, P. Roth, B. Fox, M. Petzold, C. Smith. SECOND ROW: E. L. Harpham, J. Miesel, R. Scott, M. Sullivan. E. Sterishoil. A. Havnes, J. DeLao, J. Zelinsky. THIRD ROW: E. Churchill, R. Dykes, R. Lilley, M. Lee, D. Burgraff, K. Stansberry, D. Olsen, D. Lane. FOURTH ROW: D. Seeger. H. Jones, B. Taylor, B. Hampv, L. Ohlsen, B. Lassen. T. Wattron, F. Parsons. FIFTH ROW: B. Gardner, S. Clark. C. Stewart. E. Readon. L...- PWM A s ,ve aww... N, . run . K I v e , 1 Stuteiy She Stands We Qet7o9eZ4m As Tnme Goes B Y Boomps-cADoiSy w..,,X She's No Dummy! .1 1 1 aw uw 4" HANK KUCHERA Football, Basketball, Track DAN HENDRICKSON Track A Q CAL SMITH Football "' "Nun, JIM EKSTROM Baseball W if as HAROLD WALKER Football dz DUANE "MEL" MELLEM Assistant Coach Baseball Coach Q ,Q S A of-.Q Harry Walker Receiving Earl Jones Cup When sixty-five boys, including eleven lettermen and one regular from last year's team, turned out for the initial practice the chances of Eugene High's making a cred- itable showing in '45 were rated very low. Swinging a meaner axe than was thought possible by most, "Kuch's Klan" chopped their way into second place in the No-Name League. Losing, in league play, only to this year's champions, the Corvallis Spartans and during a season of eight games the team lost only two, one to Cor- vallis and the other loss being to the Black Tornado of Medford. The opening game of the season was with University High, our little brothers across the city. With their best chance in years for a victory the Tiders' heavy and experienced team bogged down and the Axemen trampled them into the mud to the tune of 26-O. Next to be led to the block was Spring- field, in their first season of No-Name League play. The "Mighty Millers" were promptly trimmed 24-O. The sore point of the season, which seemed to leave its imprint on the follow- ing two games was our 52-7 defeat by Medford's Black Tornado. After losing three games the Albany Bulldogs proved they still had teeth and gave the Purple and White a rough time FRONT: G. Rider, N. Privrasky, R. Hopper, D. Hendrickson. C. Mornhenwig, H. Paulus, J. Banks. CENTER: G. Miner. BACK: B. Doak. C. Smith. H. Walker. 50 14 Slam. 7.1 , 5 Y FIRST ROW: R. Hopper, G. Miner, E. Wilde, H. Walker, B. Hunter, C. Mornhinweg, J. Douglas, B. Sargent, C. Luttrell. SECOND ROW: D. Ruth, H. Paulus, N. Privrasky, G. Smith, B. McGiIlicuddy, B. Doak, C. Smith, J. Jones, T. Nugent. THIRD ROW: J. Banks, J, Hanns, D. Hendrickson, J. Hoffer, A. Jonez, D. Nordling, T. Lovelace, D. Hubbard, E. Neuenfeldt, G. Rider. unTil Eugene garnered The only Touchdown in iTs 7-O vicTory. STill spinning from The Medford TwisTer, The Axemen baffled in The SparTan's "Fog Bowl" aT Corvallis only To lose a 19-12 Tally somewhere on a foggy field. Following This, The Team snowshoed over The mounTains To Bend where They came To life swinging a sharper axe, snowing Bend under by a counT of 20-0. Eugene Traveled To KlamaTh Falls The nexT week, The home pond of The Pelicans. "K, Falls" held on To a 13-13 Tie unTil laTe in The TourTh quarTer when Eugene surged Through for an 5-yard drive ThaT secured a 19-13 vicTory wiTh only Two seconds lefT in The game. For The Homecoming game our enemies from Salem paddled up To Eugene wiTh every inTenTion of Taking The axe away from us. BUT The Axemen sank The Viking's boaT in The "Civic STadium Lake", swam off wiTh a 13-O Triumph, and second place in The No-Name League. """'fini. J. Robertson, B. Shelby, R. Bissell. 52 All-Stars: D. Hendrickson, C. Mornhinweg, J. Banks S Y ' 1 53 The Eugene Axemen, under The waTch- ful eye of Hank Kuchera, compleTed The mosT successful season in The pasT TwenTy years, finishing up wiTh The STaTe Cham- pionship under Their belTs. They sTarTed as a very green Team wiTh one Transfer and The rest "B" squad players from The previous year. AlThough losing many of Their pre-season games To pow- erful Teams, as Medford, WashingTon and RoosevelT of PorTland, They gained valu- ,4 T xl .ll .fl able experience and presTige which paid off in The end. TogeTher wiTh winning The sTaTe cham- pionship They won The No-Name league wiTh buT one defeaf in Ten games. This was aT The hands of The Corvallis SparTans. The Axemen had liTTle Trouble in subduing Dis- TricT Six Teams and rolled along wiTh Ten sTraighT vicTories. SignificanT of Their dis- TricT championship was The placing of Three men on The DisTricT Six All-sTar Team: Ty Lovelace, Gene Miner, and Ernie Wilde. Eugene Then moved To The STaTe Tourna- FIRST ROW: K. Welch, E. Frolen, T. Smith, B. Wolfe, B. Adair. SECOND ROW: D. Mellem, J. Banks, D. Hubbard, G. Garrett, D, Lee. .l. Crakes. THIRD ROW B. Sassen, J. Nasholm, C. Swensen, L. Campbell, M. Loucks. ment and met Hillsboro in their first game. The Spartans boasted a center of 6 feet 795 inches, but the hard driving Axemen could not be held down, and went on to win 47 to 27. Next they encountered the Pirates from Marshfield and fought to a 55-46 victory. Next was Medford, undoubtedly their stiffest test. They had already been beaten All Stars: G. Miner, T. Lovelace, E. Wilde. twice in pre-season games. The Axemen trailed all the way, but kept on driving and finally nosed out the Tigers 33-32. Eugene was now ready for the finals. They were to play Washington, defending state champions from Portland, who had also beaten Eugene in two pre-season tilts. By this time the Axemen had reached the climax of the season and surged on to win the Oregon State Basketball Championship 52-27. Receiving additional fame were Ty Lovelace and Gene Miner who were se- lected on the All-State first and second teams respectively. .Y ,.,.,,..,gi -1 2, Managers: L. Boles, H. Smith 55 They're Off! To all outlooks Eugene High should have had a successful track season but con- sidering the deadline, we had to wait to find the outcome. The initial practices began late in March and the team was set on getting into "con- dition" for the Hayward Relays, April 19. They were then to take part in two triangu- lar meets with Springfield and University High. Next was the District 6 meet, the qualifying round for the state track meet. Each year two contestants are selected in each event to go to the state meet and in all probability Eugene would have several entrants in this meet. The Axemen would also take part in a Big Six meet which in- cluded Salem, Corvallis, Albany, Bend and Springfield. Returning letter winners were Dan Hen- drickson who would run in the 880, throw the discus, and high iump, Gene Rider was also one of the lettermen high jumpers- John Banks, who clicks off the "century" at 10.5 was aided by Gene Miner in the sprints, Gene also puts the shot. Other valuable "thinclads" were Bob Doak, quar- ter miler and Harry Paulus, an 880 and 440 man. In addition to these fellows there were numerous Sophomores and transfers which made up a fine track squad this year. FIRST ROW: D. Paris, K. Wullschleger, R. Newman, J. Banks. G. Rider. T. Donahue, R, Kelso, D. Reidel. SEC- OND ROW: D. Hendrickson, R. Green. E. Barton, G. Miner, W. Haynes, S. Turnbull, D. Ruth, B. Haylor. THIRD ROW: B. Doak, E. Fteaden, J. Portis, K. Long, D. Linder. B. Hammock. C. Shelby. H. Paulus. 56 9 At press time the outcome of the '46 season was still an unknown secret, but in all probability it will be very successful due to the many returning lettermen. Heading the list will be pitcher, Harold Walker, who played on the Esquire-All-American Boys' Team in Portland last year. Others include Captain Jim Ekstrom, who was shifted to first base and Cal Smith, outfielder in the '45 season, moved to shortstop to strengthen the infield. Pitcher Jim Hanns, infielder Keith Welch, catcher Dick Strite, outfielder Floyd Greene, and utility man Eddie Frolen forming the nucleus of the Axemen "nine." Other recruits included numeral winners of '45 and some promis- Oooooh. What Form l ing sophomores and transfers. The Axemen were to play an 'I8-game schedule, having a pre-season game with the University of Oregon Freshmen. Games with University High, Springfield, Junction City will make up District Six play. The Axemen were defending Co-Champions of the Big Six League, and played Albany, Corvallis, Salem and Springfield. Out-of- league games will be played with Pleas- ant Hill and Lebanon. This year's team had its sights set on a chance to play in the Oregon State Base- ball Championship playoffs held at Port- land University. SEATED: D. Garret. B. Sargent, D. Mintz. FIRST ROW: E. Frolen, F. Greene, J. Douglas, E. Nuenfeldt, J. Ekstrom, J. Hanns, C. Smith, J. Smith, H. Halpern, C. Ellison. SECOND ROW: D. Mellem, K. Stenshoel, W. Haynes, J. Paseman, J. Crakes, J. Nasholm, D. Strite, E. Wilde, H. Smith. 57 9 , 1 High school girls enioy participating in sports just as much as boys and although they do not play inter-school games they enioy intra-class competition. This year the socker season was fairly short due to the weather but a few hard- fought games were played. The next sport taken up by the gym classes was basketball. The rules were re- viewed and a tournament was conducted in each class. Later in the year volleyball was started M. De Vos, Head Instructor and continued until the good softball weather. In volleyball also, teams were organized and tournaments played in each class. At the first sign of spring girls interested in tennis iourneyed to the University courts where a few good matches were played between showers. Near the end of the year when the weather permitted softball was enjoyed by the gym classes, again organizing teams and playing tournaments. 58 Geronimo! Om! 0 j7664 Wald Lad ies from do-- Hold tight! Hades fp fSecond Semeste FIRST SEMESTER ' Www Saccbtq SECOND SEMESTER Joan Dodson so o E.E, osPresident E -- ,Bob Doak Ed De Cou -ooVice Presidentc- o ..Ao so Roy Morgan Reitha Bauman J to Secretarycool as or , B v,--saMarion Bradshaw Judy Egge .oE.. J E J ooovo ,E J, Treasurers so B oooooo so aoooo B J o aMarilyn Johns The Alpha Chapter of the National Honor Society was granted Eugene High in 1924. The constitution of the national or- ganization recognizes four cardinal objec- tives as fundamental in all educational practices: Scholarship, Leadership, Char- acter, and Service. Students are selected for membership by the faculty, the number limited on a per- centage basis. Besides the two formal initiations there were two new activities this year, the study hall committee which took charge of extra study halls and the Ushers Committee which ushered the reserved seats at the football games. Nineteen Seniors became members dur- ing their Junior year, eleven last fall, and fourteen in the spring. The advisors are Nina Kitts, Clara Blais, Edgar Goodnough, Kenneth Kienzle, Paul Potter and Dean Mickelwait. r Members Electedj SENIORS Coral Alford Betty Chase Barbara Dragoo Mariorie Fladstol Omar Gard Mariorie Griffeth Phyllis Hixson Al Ray Jonez Jack Kerrebrock Janis McCoy Mariorie Rosenberg Bob Shelby Marian Thompson LaVerne Watts JUNIORS John Banks Jackie Barbee Jane Carlisle Dorothy Christensen Garvin Crabtree Dick Dahlberg Fred Dodge Helen Earl Marilyn Griffith Jack Gunn Dolores Hanson Ward Haynes Jean Heffernan Pat McGinty Doris Melby Dolores Miller Marion Smith Stan Turnbull June Walker Martha Walker Shirley Wolfe 61 FIRST ROW: C. Black. P. McHenry. B. Marines, E. Mindle, L. Conner, D. Ferrell, B. Guerin, F. Hawkesworth. SECOND ROW: P. Simmons. B. Shreve, C. Alford, B. Chase, D. Miller, J. Maxon, D. Churchill, S. Robinson, L. Melby. THIRD ROW: D. Hyde, M. Rosenberg, N. Read, M. Griffeth, R. Bauman. B. Hamilton. Nl. Fladstol, D. McClintic. FOURTH ROW: N. Chase, G. Schmeiding, B. Bale, B. Boentgen, C. Ellison, H. Halpern, H. Wilkinson, J. Gunn, G. Ferrell. FIRST ROW: T. Rodgers, L. Sanchez, S. Baker, J. Meisel, E. Harpham, E. Gillett, R. White, L. Parish, K. Black. SECOND ROW: D. Robertson, J. Barker, A. Kerrebrook. E. Rhodes. E. Aydelott, THIRD ROW: M. Barrows, E. Nemeravsky, J. Hendrickson, H. Earl, H. Mllar, P. Harris, L. Fladstol, M. McCallum, J. Wernham. FOURTH ROW: A. Graves, G. Crabtree, D. Linder, K. Roger, C. Smith, D. Ramstead, J. Heffernan, M. McCracken, V. Anderson. I The Spanish Club was organized to pro- mote interest in Spanish as a language and Spanish-speaking countries. The most important of the meetings held each month was the Christmas fiesta. Mrs. Baker, who took Miss Greenbaum's place as Spanish instructor, was introduced at this meeting. A pinata was broken as in the Mexican Christmas celebration. Three Mexican movies sponsored by the 62 Spanish club and the Sigma Delta Pi, Span- ish honorary of the University of Oregon, were shown: "Grand Hotel", "Maria Can- delaria" and "Cuando Quiere un Mexi- cano". Officers for the year were: President, Donna Hyde, Vice-President, Betty Chase, Secretary-treasurer, Lillian Melby. There were 75 members in the club. LATIN CLUB- i FIRST ROW: L. Weber, J. Christensen, N. Orton, J, Summers. D. Christensen. G. Younqquist. SECOND ROW: D. Thomason. S. Madsen. J. Peterson, J. Swanson, E, Jordanger. THIRD ROW: P. Hamilton, D. Ellwood, S. Finlev, C. Black, C. Blais. FOURTH ROW: M. Ijams, G. Skillern, E. Lundgerg, R. Schofield, D. Towne. FRENCH CLUB-I FIRST ROW: G. Huffman. J. Day. B. Shreve, G. Shreve, P. Bowling. SECOND ROW: P. Bucklin. M. Flock, P. Brooks. S. Hansen. C. Blais. THIRD ROW: M. Smith, K. Watts. J. Goodlin, L. Watts. 'hm The Inter Nos Club was organized to supplement the Latin classes in a further study of Latin culture and its influence on the world of today. Social and business meetings of the club were held each month. The first social meeting was held at the home of Shirley Finley where sixteen new members were initiated. With each member contributing twenty- five cents per month, Inter Nos co-spon- sored with the French Club a school in France. Adviser to the club was Miss Clara Blais. The officers were Greta Christensen, Presi- dent, Alex Riasanovsky, Vice President, .Iacque Swanson, Secretary Treasurer, and Bob Mention, Ski Chairman. .fe Zak ' After a lapse of two years Le Cercle Francais was reorganized this year under Miss Clara Blais. Margaret Flock was elected president, Gwen Huffman, vice- president, and LaVerne Watts, secretary- treasurer. A business meeting and a social meeting were held each month. The first social meeting was held at the home of Margaret Flock. At this time the members of the sec- ond-year class were initiated. In January members from the first-year French class were initiated at the home of LaVerne Watts. The entertainment at the social meetings consisted of French plays, games, and talks by outside guests who had lived in France. 6 FIRST ROW: B. Fenner, D. Fredrickson, N. Williams, P. Hanrahan, P. Bucklin, L. War- inner, N. Kuhnhenn, B. Mc- Henry, D. McClintic, J. Swartz, J. Prickett, D. Hugus, M. Hayes. SECOND ROW: G. Smith, V. Whitman, B. Dragoo, D. Ander- son. The Retail Seiling class, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Alice Barnhart, completed a valuable year's work including actual sell- ing experience in many Eugene stores. During the first semester its members work- ed a total of 8,145 hours, earning 54,0l7. This class is working on a pre-employment and co-operative basis with twenty-nine local retail establishments providing train- ing stations. Jeannine Prickett served as the class president during its first year's operation, ably assisted by Barbara Bertelson, vice- president, Karen Kuntz, secretary, and Bev- 64 FIRST ROW: J. Williams, 0. Gard, J. Way, B. Bertelsen, K. Kuntz, J. Maughan, B. Beck, B. Eastham, B. Meats, M. Yates, E. Williams, C. Snoen, SECOND ROW: P. Bertelsen, B. Wetzell, B. Wiper, L. McCoy. erly Paulson, treasurer. Included in the class work- was a study of personal development, store-system mathematics, selling techniques, merchan- dise information, and merchandising. ln addition the classes have worked out var- ious counter and window displays using actual store equipment in the room, such as show cases and counters, a cash-regis- ter, mirrors, mannequins, and various types of merchandise. The class is made possible through the George Dean Act and local school funds. 7. 'ZA This club has been very busy during the year trying to complete its full schedule of activities. At the Parliamentary Procedure contest held in Albany, the club won fourth place. Al Ray Jonez was'its representative in the Public Speaking contest held in Cottage Grove. Several basketball games were sched- uled with Coburg, Cottage Grove, Corval- lis, and Junction City. Although the team did not win all of its games, the players enjoyed playing and meeting boys from other towns. Cloyd B. Makinson became instructor and adviser to the group after Wendell Gross resigned to operate his farms. FIRST ROW: D, Green, A. Cocerline, A. Jonez, L. Haldor- son. B. Sullivan. SECOND ROW: L. Dunlap, B.-Hooper, M. Bedo- rtha, R. Derfllnger, S. Byrd, D. Matthews, D. Baker. THIRD ROW: C. Bedortha, R. Parker, E. McKenzie, D. Johnson, D. Scott, F. Waldrip. FOURTH ROW: L. Moore, G. Gustafson, M. Callahan, R. Day, J. Yates, E. Bevel, C. Makinson. FIRST ROW: B. Hamilton. H. Wright, P. Lochner, T. Rice, D. 3 Maughan, S. Moore. F. Hawks- worth. SECOND ROW: J. Fry- denlund, G. Heany, V. McHenry, S. Finley, J. Egge, C. Haight. THIRD ROW: D. Hanson, M. Wildish, D. Miller, J. Davenport, E. F dh N. F or am, armer. FOURTH ROW: M. Mallery, B. Bell, L. Chalcraft, M. McNett, L. Fordham. L. Lee, Z. Hayes. FIFTH ROW: L. Halderson, R. Johnson, M. Thompson, J. Vi- cary, D. Richardson. l The Commercial Club, organized this year, is comprised of second-year book- keeping students and the students of trans- cription. The officers of the club are: president, Treva Rice, vice president, Pat Lochnerp sec- retary, Betty Hamilton, and treasurer, Doris Maughn. The club has had several interesting speakers who have had experience in the commercial field and also some movies on office procedure. One of the outstanding social activities of the year was the Christ- mas party, at which games were played and gifts were exchanged around the Christmas tree. 65 l S. Moore, P. McGinty, S. Finley, M. Pickett. The Girls' League of Eugene High School is the school's largest organization, as every girl in school is a member. The pur- pose of the League is to develop friendli- ness, leadership, and participation in all school activities. lt operates through a council which is composed of the officers who are: President, Sally Moore, Vice-Pres- ident, Patricia McGinty, Secretary, Shirley Finley, and Treasurer, Mary Ann Pickett, and seven department chairmen and their advisors. They are: Financial, Judy Egge. , 1 Pat Hamilton, and Miss Carolyn Woods, Clerical, Marion Bradshaw, Marion Smith, and Miss Gertrude Deierlein, Social, Helen Wright, Jane Carlisle, and Miss Nina Kitts, Auxiliary, Peggy Akers, Shirley Dugan, and Miss Marjorie Chester, Home Econom- ics, Patricia Fisher, Dorothy Krumdieck, and Miss Marion Brewster, Publicity, Na- dine Ashworth, Nan Gaveney, and Miss Juliette Gibson, and Special Teas, Marilyn Johns, and Jean Heffernan. At least one maior activity was held FIRST ROW: N. Gaveney, S. Dugan, P. Fisher, J. Egge, M. Smith, J. Hef- fernan. SECOND ROW: M. Johns, P. Hamilton, Miss Deierlein, J. Carlisle, N. Ashworth, H. Wright, P. Akers, M. Bradshaw. THIRD ROW: Miss Ches- ter, Miss Gibson, Miss Kitts, Miss Brewster, Miss Woods. FIRST ROW: N. Gaveney, S. Dugan, P. Fisher, J. Egge, M. Smith, J. Heffernan. SECOND ROW: M. Johns, P. Hamilton, Miss Deierlein, J. Carlisle, N. Ashworth, H. Wright, P. Akers, M. Bradshaw. THIRD ROW: Miss Chester, Miss Gibson, Miss Kitts, Miss Brewster, Miss Woods. 66 wmv-we """W!uu. FIRST ROW: D. Shaffer, A. Gatewood, G. Huffman, J. Ge1egan,S.Fandrem, S. Robinson, J. Christensen, D. Chris- tensen. SECOND ROW: A. Kerrebrock, A. Collins, B. Cameron, A. Jeans, J. McCoy, M. Jones, M. Jacquenod, M. Marshall. THIRD ROW: R. Williams, C. Alford, R. Bauman, P. Hamilton, S. Madsen, D. Anderson, A. Armstrong, L. Driscoll. FOURTH ROW: C. Craig, M. Siegmund, P. Jordan, M. Brandt, J. Archibald, S. McKinney. Pat Husband, C. Bryant, N. Gustafson, D. Hendrick. each month, alternating all-girl parties and assemblies. Outstanding assemblies during the year were the Axemen's Coun- cil assembly, the Style Show and two with speakers. The outstanding social activities of the year were the Christmas party, the May party, and the Print and Cord Week dance. To round out the social activities, nu- merous teas were held throughout the year, such as the welcoming teas in the fall, Valentine tea, the Mothers' Tea, and teas held for the teachers every other week. The Girls' League is a growing organiza- tion, as each year the girls work out new and interesting proiects and endeavor to carry out suggestions given to them by fac- ulty and students. Harry and Vickie Swing It For the Axemen Thanksgiving Tea, No Doubt! 6 715- Z Many services to the school cmd com- munity were rendered this year by the Eu- gene Hi-Y club, affiliated with national Hi-Y and the Y.M.C.A. The club held its regular meetings at the Community Center. The duties of president and vice-presi- dent were well carried out by Rich Hopper and Cal Smith. The records of meetings and events were handled by Art Johnson, and the financial details were transacted by Hank Boehnke. Gordon Diebel held the office of chaplain, and Mr. Potter was the adviser. The club sponsored many social activi- ties during the year. Potlucks and slam sessions occasionally took the place of reg- ular meetings. The members in a body at- tended several different churches during the year. Traditional events included a Father and Son Banquet and a Mothers' Day Break- fast. A picnic and barn dance were com- bined to take the place of the usual fal! 'S oo Qxdok 9 ef dx Q 0 dance. An assembly for the student body was produced in the spring and another big picnic was held. Programs were printed and sold for all of the home football and basketball games. Other constructive activities were aiding the Community Chest and Red Cross drives. Q-'W' FIRST ROW: J. Quiner. B. Pickell, H. Smith, B. Schoolin , J. Crakes, R. Jacobsen. SECOND ROW: D. Hicken- H P I R H F D d P A erte D Mack THIRD ROW P Potter S Andrus J Nasholm R bottom, . au us, . opper, . o ge, . g r, . . : . I , . , , - , - Butzirus. B. Lockyear. W. Dodds, J. Britton. FOURTH ROW: J. Ekstrom, W. Nicholson, G. Diebel, B. Doak, B. Randle. FIFTH ROW: D. Moll, H. Boehnke, G. Smith, D. Hendrickson, A. Johnson. 68 xp , t to xf O We Q wh oe Under the leadership of Dan Hendrick- son, the Axemen's Council had one of its biggest years. The Axemen's Council is an organization composed of all boys in school. lts purpose is the development of sportsmanship and the sponsoring of worthwhile activities for the boys of Eu- gene High. Early this year the first iob ot this or- ganization was to sponsor Hello Week. The week featured tags, dances, and a welcome party for the "sophs." Another important week arranged by the council was the traditional Be-Up Clean-Up Week. Ground and locker clean-ups and room inspections were held at various times dur- ing the week. The usual number of Axemen assemblies was increased this year. They included several speaker assemblies, and an ex- change assembly with the Girls' League. On December T2, the council presented a "Fun Night" for the boys and their Dads. On January T7, the boys presented a hi- lariously successful assembly for the Girls' League. Noon dances were sponsored by the council throughout the year. The members of the president's cabinet were: Art Johnson, vice-president, John Quiner, treasurer, Willie Dodds, program chairman, Norman Read, noon entertain- ment, Ronnie Fraedrick, Hello Week Chair- man, and Bob Doak, Be-Up Clean-Up Week chairman. Adviser to the group was Paul Potter, dean of boys. i FIRST RQW: K. Pratt. D. Malpass. D. Walsh. J. Quiner, R. Fraedrick, J. Mitchell, J. Smith, B. Davis, D. Gar- rett, B. Pockell. SECOND ROW: J. Jones, G. Swennes, M. Olson. P. Acer-ter, R. Doak, R. Hopper, W. Haynes. THIRD ROW: P. Potter, C. Krey, R. Kunkel. K. Krueger. C. Warnock. D. Ruth. A. Johnson, H. Paulus, C. Smith, D. Hendrickson. 6 fifdeemflq ee The assembly committee which consists of representatives of the faculty and student is chosen by the student body president. Its objec- tive is the preparation and presen- tation of interesting and worthwhile assemblies for the entire student body. The members of this years com- mittee were Miss Hettinger, Mr. Orme, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Banister, Phyllis Gravos, Maureen Barrows, Jo Summers, Jane Carlisle, Joan Thorsen, Dick Moll, John McNutt, Pat Buzzel, Bob Elspas, and Wes Nicholson, chairman. An. .n.d f e This committee is headed by Miss Woods, with Miss Blais and Mr. Hendricks assisting. The two sen- iors serving on the committee are Shirley Finley and Marjorie Griffeth. The junior who will serve the follow- ing year is Joanne Goodlin. The stu- dent body president appoints the students. The purpose of this group is to maintain high standards of leader- ship in all activities carried on by the student body throughout the year. To pass the committee, one must have average grades in all subjects and hold not more than one major and one minor office. 70 2414426 ' The P.T.A. Dance Committee, con- sisting of eighteen student members representing the three classes of the high school, and advised by Miss Nina Kitts, dean of girls, sponsored dances in the gym following home football and basketball games and on open Friday nights. On the nights when there were no other activities the committee ar- ranged for game rooms as well as for dancing. Invitations were extended to vis- iting schools too, and intermission entertainment was arranged by the committee for many of the dances. ,-uf. In an attempt to fulfill their purpose: "to find cmd give the best," various types of meetings were held throughout the year. After four open meetings, a get-acquainted party and recognition services were held. ln November the members attended the Leadership Training Conference held at the Community Center. Some of the activities were: Filling Red Cross boxes, aiding the Community Chest Drive, and sending gifts to the Lane County Farm. Officers for the year were: president, Marilyn Brandt, vice-president, Betty Lou Robertson, secretary, Janice Archibald, treasurer, Dorothy Christensen. Chairmen, Service, Mary McNett and Mary Anne Pear- son, Music, Mickey Marshall, Devotion, Weslie Eyres, Social-Program, Jean Heffer- nan, Publicity, Shirley Wolfe, Junior Board Representative, Sally McKinney. All members of the Tri-Y are also mem- bers ofthe Y.W.C.A. FIRST ROW: C. Black. M. Jacquenod, P. Hamilton S McKinney J Small D Christensen M Burge L Weber B. tiiamarad. SECOND ROW: S. Wolf, Black D Casperson J Mannel M McNett P Brooks I Lowry D T R Han Aley. P. Isaacson. W. Eyres, HIR OW M Brandt G Jepson Bssell Wildlsh B Sutton D Morris, B. Robertson, B. Cole, D. Ellwood, L. Farnsworth G Ch ld s FOURTH ROW J Heffernan O Jack The Pep Club is organized to symbolize school spirit and to promote organized cheering at games. Fifteen Seniors, twenty Juniors, and nineteen Sophomores were elected to the club by all of the girls in roll rooms in the fall, bringing the club membership to a hundred and one. The gay initiation pot- luck was held on the evening of Novem- ber 7. Honoring the football squad, the annual football banquet was given on December TO, with the senior Pep Club girls as hos- tesses. A basketball banquet was given in honor of the T945-46 basketball team, on March 15. Junior girls were the hostesses. were the hostesses, with Phyllis Hixson in charge. A combination Pep Club-E Club dance was held on April 26, in the school audi- torium. General Chairmen were Phyllis Hixson and Harry Paulus. This year, the Pep Club added more novelty to the games by electing five mem- bers who led the clapping while music was being played. The Song Queens were as follows: Gene Heany, Marion Fuson, Joanne Frydenlund, Lillian Melby, and Anne Collins. The officers of the club were: President, Phyllis Hixson, Vice-president, Pat Buzzell, Secretary-treasurer, Janis McCoy, and club advisor, Miss Marjorie Chester. FIRST ROW: G. Huffman, J. Christensen, P. Loohner, B. Hunnicutt. D. Edblom. E. Koepp, S. Moore, P. Hixson, S. Robinson. D, Oberq. G. Smith. E. Mindle, F. Hawkesworth. SECOND ROW: A. Jeans, D. Thomason, P. Akers, E. Miller, L. Anderson, P. Gravos, N. Ashworth, B. Barton. L, Melby, M. Flock. P. Morgan. D. Cross. THIRD ROW: G. Heany, G. Skillern, J. McCoy, B. Cameron, H. Wright, V. McHenry, S. Finley, M. Pickett, J. Egge, B. Dragoo, FOURTH ROW: D. Chapman, J. Frydenlund, M. Fuson, J. Summers, W. Christofferson, D. Anderson, D. McClint1c, G. McCain, M. Chester. FIRST ROW: C. Anderson. J. Cavev. S. Skade. S. Mahanv. M. Wildish, M. MacMaster, S. Dugan, D. Casper- son, S, Wolfe, G. Gaylord, J. Herbranson, M. Davis. SECOND ROW: L. Stalsberg, B. Jones, M. Burch, J. Robert- son. J. Gray. J. Meisel. K. Steele, L. Sanchez, M. Griffith, A. Kirk, C. Bryan, S. Hubbard, D. Houmes. THIRD ROW: J. Carlisle, J. Hendrickson, E. Johnson, M. Hixson, D. Beal:-sto. N. Gustafson. P. McGinty, H. Earl, L. Zarzan, P. Boals, B. Neely. FOURTH ROW: P. Husband, S. Johnson, N. Gaveney, L. Chapman, M. Porter, J. Marks, M. Murray, D. Ellwood, B. Petersen. l t. .rm v T . 1' if I "'A X """"' 'f ' I ffm--A., ff' , 3 FIRST ROW: C. Luttrell, K. Welch, E. Wilde, D. Strite. SECOND ROW: F. Greene. G. Miner. N. Privasky, C. Mornhinweg. THIRD ROW: R. Hopper, B. Doak, A. Johnson. E. Neuenfeldt. FOURTH ROW: D. Mellem, D. Hendrickson. J. Hanns. J. Banks. T. Lovelace. D. Moll, J. Ekstrom. W. Nicholson, G. Harris, C. Smith, H. Kuchera. MIDDLE: H. Paulus. E. Petersen. B. Frye, L. Bradford, E. Frolen. The "E" Club, after disbanding last spring, was reorganized by a committee consisting of Harry Paulus, Ronnie Fraed- rick, John Banks, and Cal Smith. Although losing some of its "mightiness," it gained the school's backing. The purpose of the "E" club is to create a spirit of unity among lettermen ond to develop in its members qualities of good sportsmanship, scholar- ship, leadership and citizenship. The new policy of the "E" club makes it more difficult because of the pledge a new member takes. Aside from the initiation, Post-Initiation Line-up 5 the prospective member must maintain a "C" grade average. Besides the regular meetings every Wednesday, the "E" club sponsored three initiations during the year, a picnic in the latter part of May, a cooperative dance with the Pep Club, and an assembly. The officers werey President, Harry Paulus, Vice president, Ronnie Fraedrick, Secretary, Rich Hopper, and Sergeant-at- arms, Floyd Greene. Coaches Hank Kuch- era and Duane Mellem were advisors. 73 This year, the numerous cmd varied dut- ies which confronted the administration de- partment of Eugene High were efficiently handled by a student office staff of fifteen senior girls, together with Mrs. Mellem and Mrs. Banister, secretary and registrar of the school. ln addition to the regular everyday tasks of attendance checking, errand-running, and delivering messages, the girls obtained valuable clerical experience in typing, mimeographing, and filing. The office training course, either a one or two-semes- ter course, was under the direction of Mrs. Mellem. 14 FRONT: Cameron, B,, Lee L., Frydenlund, J., Vncary erson, , 1 ern, . Richardson, D., Evans, D. Chase, B., Ashworth, N. Hamilton, B., Ferrell, D. B. Dragoo, Miss Chester. K Kuntz, R. Carter, L. Steel and, A. Collins, P. Morgan D. Cross, J. Egge, R. Butz: 0 G d BA K P cary, B. Shelby. For several years the Library Training class, offered only to senior students has been very successful. This class, taught by Miss Mariorie Chester, school librarian, is taken during the first semester, after which the students act as library assistants one period each day. By the 500 students using the library each day, the assistants are often asked the location of reading material. Through their training class they become familiar with the library, enabling them to be of greater service to other students. In the spring two iuniors are chosen to take the course, that they may act as li- brarians during the next fall while the class is in session. J. BACK: Farmer, N., An- d D. Sk ll G rus, . ar . C : Agerter, M. Pickett, J. Vu- Debate The E.H.S. debate teams this year have argued the question of compulsory military training in four maior Oregon tournaments. The first of these was at Linfield College, McMinnville, where Eugene took all honors in both varsity and iunior divisions. On March 14, the varsity debaters took the Lower Willamette District Champion- ship, and March T5 saw the Eugene teams tie for second place in the Willamette Uni- versity tournament at Salem. ln the April State Championship meet, Eugene entered the varsity team, which won second place. Composing the varsity "split-team" squad were Marge Gritteth and Wes Nich- olson, affirmative, and Gerald Harris and Mike Callahan, negative. FIRST ROW: M. Callahan G. Harris, M. Griffeth, W Nicholson. SECOND ROW E. Jordanger. J. Dodson, I Lowry, M. Ijams, D. Keefe H. Earl, D. Miller, Mr. Ai Iison. THIRD ROW: A. John son, J. Gunn, J. Flynn, D Moll, H. Haight, D. Dahlberg F. Dodge. FIRST ROW: A. Graves, S Harrington, B. Elpas, D , . rc I a , . IX son. THIRD ROW: B. Essig B. Craig, P. Fisher, B. Neely F W Id F . a rop, . Wright FOURTH ROW: D. Hassad J. Mervyn. mga Zum The Stage Design class, under the di- rection ot Robert Banister, has been new at Eugene High School this year. The class was designed to provide a crew to make the settings for the various school produc- tions and also to equip students with a working knowledge of stage properties and equipment. This year has seen many fine sets completed by this class. The Stage Design class, under the super- vision of the stage managers Sid Harring- ton and Bob Slpas designed and built the sets for the Christmas play and the back- ground for the A Cappella Choir, the plays "Trysting Place," "Ghost Wanted" and the "Shooting ot Dan McGrew." 75 Fosnaugh. SECOND ROW: S. Skade, J. Appling, B. Ban- ISTEP B A h'b Id P H - 7 The Troubadours, a new club organized in Eugene High this year, had for its ad- visor and director Mr. Griffith. The group performed in assemblies, on the radio and before many groups of the community. Highlight of the year was the entrance of small groups and soloists in the Music Con- test at Salem. Officers of the year were: President, Stan Turnbull, Vice-President, Norman Richards, Secretary-Treasurer, Marilyn Johns, Business Manager, Dick Mack, Pro- gram Manager, Marilyn Griffith, Publicity Manager, Gwen Cheney. 76 FRONT: DeJardin, V. Boals, P. FIRST ROW: Winchester, C., Cheney, G., Griffith, M., Barbee, J., Anderson, S. SECOND ROW: Johns, M., Bauman, R., Miller, D., Evans, D., Sibley, D. THIRD ROW: Hunter, B., Turnbull, S., Richards, N., Mack, D., Mr. Griffith. FOURTH ROW: DeCou, E.. Paulus, H. B. Dragon, J. Gunn, N. Read, H. Paulus, N. Rich- ards. anna gauze! The German Band was organized in October, 1945, by Norman Read and met with fine success. The music is typical German music, short in length, fast and snappy. Read, Paulus, and Richards were mem- bers of last year's German Band under the leader, Joe Kelsey. The Uniforms consisted of short, black coats which were two or three sizes too small, red ribbon ties about three feet in length, white shirts and pants, and old band hats. 020562 ew The Service Club is operaTed for The benefiT of The school. Selling TickeTs aT games and dances, Taking TickeTs aT games, and assisTing in The many odd iobs ThaT musT be done around school fill a very busy year. Officers for The pasT year were: Doris Churchill, presidenT and Derald Parks, vice- presidenT. The adviser is Mr. Paul PoTTer. FIRST ROW: B. Price, D. Churchill, S. Dugan, J. Mannel, D. Christensen. SECOND ROW: R. John- son, B. McWilliams, L. Taylor, B. Adams, L. Grant, P. Potter. THIRD ROW: L. Ferguson, C. Moriarty, E. Lundberg, J. Morgan, R. Coe. FOURTH ROW: D. Parks, T. Titus, B. Graff, B. Sullivan, D. Grelner. N. Read, R. Banister, E. Ban- ister, N. Ashworth, B. Pick- ell, P. Bevans, Qateea The currenT CanTeen Council has been funcTioning since AugusT, 1944. IT began as a proiecf of The Tri-Y and Hi-Y organiza- Tions of boTh Eugene and UniversiTy High Schools, but has been broadened To include Springfield. The represenTaTives from Eugene High are Bob Pickell, Phil Bevans, and Nadine Ashworth. Mr. and Mrs. RoberT BanisTer are employed by The council To assisT and advise iT. The main funcTion of The council lies in serving as The sTudenT governmenT of The Teen CanTeen. 77 's BAND-FIRST ROW-LEFT TO RlGHT: C. Peterson, J. Gunn, M. Petzold, S. Falling, B. Frank, J. Walker, M. R W A J C L F S th L M hall E Peterson E Becker G Cheney Walker, M. Brandt. SECOND ..O : . eans, . ee, . mu , . ars , . , . , . , L. Campbell, G. Holland, D. Anderson, H. Rutherford, M. Lynch, V. Blackstone, C. Wood. THIRD ROW: B. Dragoo, C. Anderson, R. Porter, G. Nelson, L. White, D. Lane, G. Garrett, N. Lindberg, W. Young, V. Elwood, C. Wells, B. Gardner, P. Scearce, K. Wullschleger, N. Richards, A. Nyegaard. J. Summers, D. Drysdale, P. Kraft, S. Clark. K. Pierson. T. Wattron, J. Lou hry, H. Paulus. BACK ROW: N. Miller, C. Winchester, N. Read. P. Bevans, P. Gray, S. Gray, W, Wood, A. Graves, B. Alford, B. Pfieffer, M. Miller. BAND MEMBERS NOT IN PICTURE: H. Wittwer, E. Hall, N. Privasky, L, Herbert, C. Mulloy. FIRST ROW: L. Sanchez, L. Williams. E. Harpham, M. Brown. M. Banton, E. Bauman. B. Means. SECOND ROW: J. Meisel, H. Milar. M. Brandt. S. Jolling. B. Frank. J. Gunn, C. Peterson, J. Mannel, M. Marshall. THIRD ROW: M. Tykeson. N. Orton, Z. Gardner, A. Nyegaard. E. Becker, G. Cheney. T. Wattron, J. Lowry, H. Paulus, L. Marshall, B. Daleiden. FOURTH ROW: N. Marlott, J. Gray. Zend The Eugene High band, under the excel- lent direction of Doug Orme, has had a truly eventful year. The band played for all of the home football and basketball games this year and made one trip for an out-of-town game, to Corvallis. Besides playing at the games, the band has played at assemblies, pep rallies, parades, for the Community Chest Drive, and it presented programs at the three iunior high schools. They participated in the Eugene High Music Concert which was given this spring, and for the first time in three years, the band went to Salem for the Regional Music Contest. The officers this year were: Norman Privrasky, president, Leon Herbert, vice- president, Jo Summers, secretary, Gwen Cheney, librarian, and Pete Scearce, uni- forms. 78 0 The Eugene High orchestra, under the direction of Douglas Orme, had a success- ful and eventful year. The year the orchestra met daily dur- ing fourth period. These rehearsals con- sisted of only string instruments. When the full orchestra was desired, the necessary wood-wind, brass, and percussion players from the band were added to the string ensemble. The programs given by the orchestra this year were as follows: Community Cen- ter, Christmas program, iunior high school assemblies, spring concert, and the district contest at Salem. Officers of the year were: Linda San- chez, president, Mickey Marshall, vice- president, and Lois Williams, secretary- treasurer. FIRST ROW: J. Heisel. S. Dugan, D. Miller, J. Furrow, K. Kuntz, J. Walker, O. Thomason, M. Griffith, E. Harp- ham. P. Bertelsen, L. Sanchez. N. Miller, T. Dammem, B. Weldy, J. Barbee. J. DeJardin. G. Griffith. SECOND ROW: D. Maughan. J. Payne. J. Furrow. G. Cheney, L. Campbell. B. Chase. J. McCoy, D. Ransom, S. Anderson, M. Olin, B. Rees, J. Cavey, S. Finley, D. Winfrey, J. Bowder, M. Blanton, B. Cole. THIRD ROW: R. Young, M. Johns, R. White. P. Beals. D. Evans, J. Herbanson, M. Miller, M. Pickett, E. Rhodes. D. Higqens, J. Appling, M. Porter, M. Honey, D. Hyde, N. Ashworth, J. Summers. FOURTH ROW: N. Newhouse, M. Brown, M. McCallum, P. Dickey, N. Richards. D. Springfield. F. Greene, H. Gardner, W. Andrus, S. Turnbull, B. Sargent, G. Miner, D. Pengra, E. Mortensen, S. Smith, B. Little. FIFTH ROW: B. Robertson, D. Gerrcke, A. Armstrong, P. Bevans, D. Parks, E. DeCou, B. Hunter, L. Gardner, C. Shaefer, D. Hassad, D. Townsend, H. Paulus, J. Crakes, K. Whit- PN YHOPC. FIRST ROW: Donner, N., McKenney, M., Nicholson, L., Spiering. C., Edgeworth, J., Drollinger, J., Handley, D. Malos. L., Davis. M.. Nudelman. P., Jensen, A. SECOND ROW: Powell. B.. Rexius, J., Krehbiel, D., Huffman G., Gelegan, J., Kusler, B., Barton, B., Kirk, A., Mahany, S., Cameron, B., Mansell. B.. Koepp, E., Gilbert, L. Milar. H.. Freeman. G. THIRD ROW: Cummins, B., McMaster, M., McCaIlister, P., Wical, B., Renshaw, I., Hun- nicutt, B., Lane, A., Reirdon. S., Scott L., Bashford, J., Fuson, M., Christofferson, W., Marshall, M., McNett, M. Misbach, M., Shrode. F. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd, J., Conner, L., Hefley, S.. Robertson, J., Young, C., Carone, L Collins, A.. Churchill, D.. Adams, B.. Steeland, L., Pratt. B., Anderson, L., Beairsto, D., Zimmerdahl, L., Drink- water, J. FIFTH ROW: Johnson, R., Bryan, C., Hubbard, S.. Hubbard, M., Froling, B., Edson, L.. Raabe, P. Growrv, l.. Walder. B.. Bissell M., Madqer, D., Cluster, A. SIXTH ROW: Wolfe, B., Sharp, R., Leigh, E., Hicks R., Bleth, J., McCain, G., Isaacson, P., Pearson, M., Swanson, J., Brown, D., ljams, M., Fleshman, M., Chase P., Richey, I., Richardson, J. SEVENTH ROW: Harris. P.. Plaisted, D., Jordan. P., Powers. M., Shafer, L. Hought. E., Barker, S., Moore, P., Davis, P., Hamilton, P., Jones, M., Skirvin, J., Larson E., Cushman, E., Dyer WWQKWKW J., Helikson, L. The A Cappella Choir, directed by Glenn Griffith, started a very successful year with 94 members. The choir presented several programs for assemblies and also sang for various prominent clubs and organizations of the city. One of the year's highlights was the participation in the Spring Concert held March 27, at McArthur Court. The choir appeared in the music festival the second week in May, and in the Music Contest April 5 and 6 in Salem. The Choir's officers were: Dick Mack, President, Lila Chapman, Secretary, Joan Herbranson, Librarian, Program Commit- tee, Shirley Finley and Derald Parks. The Girls Glee Club was divided into two classes this year, under the direction of Mrs. Thelma Landes. Officers were elected for each semester in both classes. The purpose of the class was to enable any girl interested in music to participate in group singing and to have a sample of all types of music. At the Christmas season the Girls' Glee participated in the Christmas assembly and in the Christmas Tree Parade. April 5 and 6 fifty girls from the two classes went to Salem for the state music contest. ,Ads 'Wm E? rig' ,ww FIRST ROW: S. Andrus, S. Turnbull, V. Roberts, N. Tharnton. C. Andrus. C. Ellison. SECOND ROW: L. Gillett, L. Steeland. G. Smith, D. Gericke, J. Nasholm, L. Wilson, W. Haynes. THIRD ROW: L. Churchill, K. Petersen, B. Knollin, G. Diebcl. J. Meyer. FIRST ROW: J. Nasholm, B. McCracken, C. Smith, L. Churchill. W. Owen. SECOND ROW: R. Lyons, J. Qulner. T. Donahue. H. Wittwer. E. Churchill, M. Johnson, C. Andrus. THIRD ROW: W. Haynes, A. Anderson, H. Boehnke, G. Smith, B. McGiIlicuddy, S. Andrus. The purpose of the Rifle Club this year was to promote not only shooting accuracy but a thorough knowledge of the mechan- ism and parts of the gun. In addition to the regular shooting session, different stu- dents once a month were held responsible for a short lecture on parts and operation of the gun. A regular pie shoot was held once a month. Due to a shortage of ammunition some meetings were postponed, but attendance was good on the part of the 25 members. The advisor for the club this year was Mr. Herbert Armstrong, and the officers were: President, Steve Andrus, Secretary, Donna Gericke, Treasurer, Lillian Steeland. 80 79442 2m As snow fell early in the Cascade passes last fall, the Pack Rats were soon on skiis and making weekly trips to Hoodoo Bowl and to the Willamette Highway Pass. Most of the Pack Rats have ioined the Obsidians as junior members, and entered ski meets. Several were taken into the Willamette Ski Patrol and did duty on as- signed Sundays at Santiam. Membership was limited to 30 boys this year. The officers were: Hank Wittwer, president, Steve Andrus, secretary-treas- urer. Adviser to the group was Robert "Bob" Lyon. FIRST ROW: D. Anderson, E. Nemeravsky, B. Pratt, M. Ijams. J. Herbranson. M, Haines, G. Keller, P. Swartz, H Earl 'i Coole Q W Ife M Bake L Hod SECOND ROW B Rh' ber L S tt S R d D . .y. .. o , . r, . ges, : . eins g, . co . . eir on, . Brown, M. McMaster, M. Cox, P. Daniels, M. Hammock, E. Fordham. L. Weber. N. Orton, R. Hornibrook. THIRD ROW: B. Craig. A. Kirk. B. Drosselmeyer, G. Christensen, B. Wical. P. Boals. R. Beatty, I. Beamer, L. Ford- ham. J. Athey. M. Hixson. FOURTH ROW: C. Wilson, R. Carter, G. Wooten, D. Fredrickson, M. Burge, P. Lockhard, J. Marks. D. Richardson, D. Miller, D. Keefe. D. Leslie, FIFTH ROW: M. DeVos. D. Ellwood, D. Miller, G. McCain. L. Steeland, M. Johnson, M. Pickett, M. Rosenberg. C. Craig. J. Goodlin. M. Murray. I T I I 0 The Girls' Athletic Association, better known as G.A.A. is an athletic club for girls. All girls interested in sports are elig- ible to ioin if they enter into the activities, and attend the meetings and potlucks, held the third Thursday of each month. Sports manager sorganize the teams and tournaments and keep a record of the points earned by each girl. Lillian Steeland and her assistant Mary Ann Pickett or- ganized their volleyball teams in early winter, and Dorothy Miller and Beverly Rheinsburg conducted the most successful bowling season in the club's history. 'N-.vb A basketball tournament was organized later in the year by Greta Christensen and Dolores Miller, and during the spring soft- ball was the center of sport activities. Sep- arate class teams were organized by Mar- cia Murray and Phyllis Swartz. The climaxing activity of the year was the Mother-Daughter dessert at which time the awards were presented and next year's cabinet was announced. Officers for the year were: President, Georgia McCain, Vice-president, Cleo Wil- son, Secretary, Jeanne Marks, Treasurer, Joan Herbranson, and Custodian, Ros- emma Carter. FRONT: J. Herbranson. BACK: G. McCain, C. Wilson, R Carter, M. Devos. 81 ae'- aa' fx B Eocliallx -We For the last three years enrollment in the Palletteers has increased so that it enioys the privilege of being ranked among the largest school clubs. Its activities have been various and many such as annual Beaux Arts Ball, tall Barn Dance, spring picnic and parties and potlucks throughout the year. Acting as a club or individually, members also decorate for school and can- teen dances, Red Cross work, staging, pub- lish a state-wide high school art class bulle- tin and sponsor cultural activities such as exhibits. The officers elected were: President, Joan Thorson, Vice President, Harold Gard- ner, Secretary, Betty Neely, Treasurer, Phyl- lis Hanrahan, and Adviser, Robert Banister. :QD Mask and Dagger, the dramatic club of Eugene High, began the year with ten members and a new adviser, Miss Ester Hettinger. Try-outs were held, and new members added both first and second se- mesters. The first event of the year was an initia- tion banquet at the Eugene Hotel. Dean Mickelwait, high school principal, was the guest speaker. Mask and Dagger members, assisted by Gho St Wanted ? the regular dramatic classes, presented a number of plays at high school assemblies. They repeated some performances at the three iunior high schools. Members also took part in the programs presented over KORE semi-monthly. In the spring the club presented a three- act mystery comedy "Ghost Wanted" at an evening performance in the high school auditorium. FIRST ROW: E. Koepp, D. Ferrell, B. Dragoo, W. Rade' D, Chznman. D. Pitcher. F, Hawkesworth. SECOND ROW: J. Gibson, D. Miller, J. Appling, J. Helsel, B. NlacMnniman, Nl. Jones, P. Gardner. THIRD ROW: E, Het- tinger. B. Maguire. L. Gardner, D. Paris, G. Harris, B. Graf. f 82 Il Corinthians 5:20 Organized in late November, 1943, the purposes ot the group are to provide Chris- tian fellowship and to forward Christian ideals among high school students at meet- ings held every Wednesday during the noon hour. The average attendance was about 40 students, representing approxi- mately seven denominations. The Ambassadors provided an oppor- tunity tor all high school students to par- ticipate in the programs, the students either took charge themselves, or invited min- ,4 isters, youth leaders, and evangelists ot ditterent denominations, as guest speakers. Several social events held were: a Christ- mas party at the Christian Church, the annual potluck, and a group picnic. One ot the proiects was to distribute to students in E.H.S. book marks listing daily Bible readings to be read between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The otticers were: Dolores Hugus, presi- dent, Doris Maughan, vice-president, Betty Chase, secretary, Fred Dodge, treasurer: and adviser, Miss Deierlein. rar:-ia-1 are ri mln FIRST ROW: M. Hugus. B. Wical. B. Chase. M. Jaquenod. C. Schuler. J. Peterson. D. Hugus, J. Rexius. SECOND ROW: G. Deierlein. D. Maughan, L. Schaefer, S. D ' , E. C h P. Ch I - . ugdn us man, ase. TH RD ROW. B. Hamilton B. Powell. E. Sorensen, M. Pickett. M. Madsen. E. Richey. J. Mondel, K Nlull. FOURTH ROW: F. Dodge, P. Dickey, D. Spencer. C. Orloff, D. Drysdale. 8-l .ff .w Bmins, Brown, and Schooling Qfaandd Food for the Victors as N-sf Dressed for Dinner W Dvds Lu! Tow Awww s.s.g.s.5.s.s.s.,.g.s.x.s.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.s.s.s.x.x.g.s.x x.g.g.s.g.g.g.g.g.x .g.s.,.s.g.x.x.x.x.g.g.g.5.g.y.s.g.s.g.Q..5.x.x.x.x.x.g.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.x-y.g.g-5.5-5.5.y.g.g.g.x.g.g. COMPLIMENTS OF PIK'N PAK The Friendly Store 1963 W. 6th St. Phone 1030 g.g.g.g.s. .x.x.x.x.s.s.s.s.g.s.g.5.g.x.x.x-x-g.5.y.g.g.y.g.y.y-5-5-g.x.g EVERYBODY'S DRUG EUgene's Leading Drug Store sERvE YOURSELF AND SAVE AT EVERYBODY'S-986 WTLLAMETTE g.s.y.g.x.g.g.g.x.s.g.g.5.g.s.5.5.-s.g.g.g.x.s.x.s.s.s.s.s..5.g.s.g.s.s.g.x.s.s.-g.x-s.g.g.x-g.y.x.x-5.5.5-5.5.5.-5-5.5-5.5 Hutch's Bicycle Store BICYCLES, SUPPLIES AND REPAIRING "HOME OF WORLD BICYCLESH Phone 3'II3-M B5 WDSI' 8th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 5.5.5.x.g.s.s.g.5.x-5-s.g.s.s.g.x.x.,.x.x.,.x.s.s.s.y.s.5..s.g.x.g.,.5.x.x.x-x.s.g.g.g.g.g.s.s.s.s.g.s.g.s.y.s.s.g.g.g. 5 4 5 COMPLETE TITLE ABSTRACT COMPANY ' Q or EUGENE HOME - e Capl1uI 525,000.00 "DEPENDABLE TITLE SERVICE" PM 684 LYONS FURNITURE co. I 2 1203 willumene phone 1438 Oak Streei Eugene, Oregon 5 I JACK LAMB FILM SHOP PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 0 PICTURE FRAMING 0 PHOTO FINISHING EUGENE, OREGON Sevenih and Willamette Street ENLARGING O TINTING O COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY .y. .S.x.s.s.5.x.x.w..x-x.g.g-5-5-x-x.g.g.g.x.s.g.g.s.g.q.s.s.s.x-5 EAA.M-,.,.,.Mx.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.-.-.,.,.,.,.sm.,...,.,.,.,.,.,.,N.-.E.,W.,.,.,.,.,.x.,.,.-.x.-.,.,-WW.,.,., 4 s ..,.x.Q.x.,.,.x.x.g.g.s.5.x.s.g.s.s.s.x.s.s.g.s.x.5.g.g.x.g.g.x s.s.,.x.5.x.s.s.s.x.s.x.s.x.x.x.x.s.s.y.s.s.x.g.x.g.x.x.x. , s.x.s.s.s.s.s.s.x.x.s.x.x.5.C.,.x.y.x.x.x.x.x.x.g.s.s.g.x.g.x.-.,.s.s.g.5.x.g.y.y.s.g.g.g.x.g.x.y.g.g.s.x.s.x.g.g.g.s.g.g.g 1 x.x,.x.x.x.x.s.s.s.g.x.s.g.s.x.x.g.g.g.g.x.g.g-x.s.s.s.g.y.s.s.s. In Eugene II's YHBROADWAYW wearing apparel-dry yoods 30 Easr Broadway Phone 674 Eugene, Oregon s-x-s.x.5.5.x.x.s.g.s.s.y.x.g.s.g.g.x.,.,.g.g.,.s.s.s.s.s.x. JOHNSON'S Furniture Co. "Qualify Furniture at Low Cost" .x.s.g.g.s.,.5.s.s.s.s.x.x.s.5.s.g.x.g.x.s.x.x.s.x.y.x,s.5.x. "Say it with Flowers" CHASE GARDENS 649 Willcmetie Phone 2693 Eugene, Oregon phone 4240 FILMS CAMERAS SUPPLIES Ph 248 - ----Q --- ' III E I llih one 111 East llth Phone 202 Us HARDWARE CAR ACCESSORIES SPORTING GOODS COAST-TO-COAST STORES Locally Owned Joe and Ted .Iones 73 Wes? Broadway Eugene, Oregon s.g.x.,.x.5.x.s.y.s.s.s.g.5.x.x.x.x.s.x.x.x.x.x.x.y.x.y.y.y Eugene Hotel YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR ANY OCCASION Dining Room Coffee Shop Banquets Dancing in the Persian Room Every Salurday Evening x.x.,.x.x.x.s.s.s.s.x.x.s.s.s.s.x.x.x.y.x.y.s.s.s.s.g.x.x-x-x x.s.s.s.s. .g.g.s.s.s 5.x .y.g.g.g.1.y.x.g.g.g.5.x.x.x.x.g.s "KEEP WARM AND HAPPY" MANERUD-HUNTINGTON FUEL CO. 997 Oak St. .s.s Phone 651 .g.g.g.g.g.g.,.x .s.5.g.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.x-5,5-5 R, A. BABB HARDWARE CO. Sporting Goods and Hardware Phones 47-48-49 ,s,,,,,,,,.s.x.5.,.g.g.s.s.s.s.x-x-s Everything in Music Exclusive distributors- Kimboll Pianos Conn Band Instruments Eugene, Oregon .s.x.g.,.5.5.5.-5.x.x.s.x.s.s.x.x.x.s.s.x.x.g.g.s.5.g.g.x.s.,.s.x.,,,,,.,,,., I I 3 Compliments of I 4 I I 1 New SERVICE LAUNDRY EUGENE'S FINEST LAUNDRY SERVICE WILSON MUSIC HOUSE I 1 39 E. 10th Ave. Phone 727 g.x.s.s.s.s.s y.g.g.s.s.x.g Established 1932 I Z 839 High Street Phone 825 and 826 l .Q.x.s.5.,.s.y.g.s.g.s.x.g.g.y.g.g.g.g.s.s.s.s.4g.g.5.s.y.g.g.x.x.g.g.s.g.x.g.y.x.s.s.s.y.s.g.s.5.g.g.s.,.,., EUGENE'S ,MQW .,.,.s.s.5.s.g.g.s.5.s.s.s.s.x.s.s. FASHION CENTER g.x.y.g.x.s.-,.x.g.s.s.5.5.g.s.s.s.s.s.5.x.s.s.x.x.g.g.y.x.g.g.x.g.5.g.s.5 Figs I S s.s.x.s.s.x.x .g.s.x.g.s .y.g.x.g .g.5.s.5.5.s.s.s.g.s.s.s.x.-g.s.g.y.s f 104 ya 4fy5a1Lv for HIV I 54. Q IJ Qqmdwnm ', l-vi ,mf W N' ,W .1 5 f 'I , of ' I .s.s.s.s.x.s.x.x.s.s.x.y.x.x 'Ill WILLAMIYTI .g.s.s.x.x.x.,.x.x.s.s.s.g.5.x.x.x.x.g.x.g.g.s.s.,.5.g.s.x.,.x.s.y.5.g.y.g-5 .s.s.s.x.x--s.s.s.5-5.5.g.s.x.s.g.5.g.g.s.5.s.g.s-s--g.g-5.g.g.s-5-s.g.s.5 ,.x.x.g.x.g.g.g.x.g.s.g.g.x.5.- .5.y.5.g.5.5.y.x.x.x.y.x.s.x.x.x.y.-s.s.g.s.x.x.x.x.5.5.s.x.5.s.s.g.-g.g.x.x.x.s.,.s.,.s.s.x.s VALLEY PRINTING 81 STATIONERY CO. 76 WesI Broadway Telephone 470 sANlroNE EUGENE, C L E A N , N G PHONE 300 mo WILLAMETTE O R E G O N - 3 . . I "Everything in Footwear" Q I , I "if I ja, 5 E U G E N E I 4 H A R D W A R E I I fine- l'outwc-ar I S H O E S T O R E "EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN HARDWARE" I I I 1060 Willamette Phone 968 Broadway and Oak Telephone 670 3 A R D E I. S Tops in Fashion for Miss and Mrs. 991 Willamette Eugene, Oregon x-x-s.x-s-s-x.x.x.5.g.g.g.s.s.s.x.x.x.x.s.x.,.g.x.x.x.x.s.s-x- s.s.x.g.x.5.x.x.g.g.g.s.y.x-s.g.s.x.s.x..s-s.x-s-s-x-g.g.g.g.x Best Wishes to the Class of '46 From- KarI's Shoe Store 7th and Willamette Eugene, Oregon L ,.,.,.,.s.,.,.,.,.x.s.S.x.Q.s.x.,.x.x.s.s.x.,.x.,.x.,.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.,.,.s.s.,.,.,.-.,.s.,.-...x.,.s.s.x.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., A s n this page . . . CAL SMITH STEVE ANDRUS HANK BOEHNKE MARILYN JOHNS JOAN "Freedie" FRYDENLUND GEORGIA McCAIN JUANITA PAYNE BOB SHELBY JANIS McCOY HUBERT YOUNG NORMAN READ DON HASSAD WAYNE ANDRUS DICK MOLL DOROTHY "Dusty" ANDERSON "GENERAL JIM" COX ALICE KINGMAN DERALD PARKS BETTY CHASE We Present the I9 Best Seniors at EHS 5.5.5. . . . .g.s.g.g. .g.g.x.x.g.g.g.5.5.5.g.g.g.s.g.,.s.x.x.s.x. . . .g.s.s.s.x.s.g.s.g.g.g.g.g.g. . . .g.g.g-5-5 - . . . .x.g.s.5. . .s.x.x.s.x.s.y Congratulations On Your Graduation . T059 Willamette Phone 4200 A.- .vs-.vs.,.,.,.,.x.s.s.s-vvs Eugene, Oregon 927 Willamette .x.x.x.g.s.s.s.s.x.g. s.x.x.g.x.s.s.s.x.x.5.x.s.y.x.g.g.s.g.s.s- -s-s- .g.g.g.x.x.x.x.x.g.s. .Q.,.g.y.x.x.5.5.5.g.s.s.s.x.x.s.x.s.,.g.s.x.s.5.g.s. .y.x fPaid Adv.J 1 - I Compliments of 4 I 1 Kennell-Ellis 5 4 Photographer-Artists 5 I I I I Montgomery Ward 5 2 I Y Good Luck to Class of 1946 I x x 1 - 1' 7 Y j5tore 5 2-1-li. 1-1 ! I I A- .s.,.,.,.,. . .,.,.x.x.x.,.,.s. .s.,.x.x.,.,.,.,.x.x.5.-.s.,.x.,.s.s.,.,.,.,.x.s.s.s.s.s.x.g.s.s.s.,.s ,.,.,.44 s ' 91 ,,.x.x.x.x.s.s.g.s.x.,.s.y.x., 1 HOTEL OSBURN AND APARTMENTS "A Home AWAY FROM HOME" x.x.s.g.s.s.g.g.s.x.s.Q.Q.s.g.g.x.Q.-5.x.g.g.x.s.x.x.x.s.x. .s.g.5.x.5.x.x.s.x.5.g.5.x.s.s.s.x.g.g.s.g.s.g.g.5.g.s.,.g Compliments of Eugene Plywood Co. Eugene, Oregon ..x.5.g.s.Q.g.g.x.5.x.x.5.5.s.g.g.x-s.x.s.g.s.5.g.s.5.5.g.5.s. COMPLETE SERVICE IN REAL ESTATE, LOANS, AND INSURANCE F. J. BERGER 61 W. Broadway Phone 782 Eugene, Oregon 32 Yeors In This Business 5.x.g.S.5.x.x.,.s.g.g.,.5.5.S.s.x.x.x.g.x.x.x.x.s.x.s.g.x.x .5 .g.x "YOU RS FOR YEARS" MIDGLEY PLANING MILL CO. Established I88I Telephone 1059 41h and High Eugene, Oregon x.5.s.g.s.5.5.5.x.x.s.g.s.x.s.s.g.x.x.x.s.g-x.x.s.s.g.x.x.x.x .x.s .g.s.5.5.s.5.x.s.g.x.x.s.x.y.s.s.s.g.x.s.s.Q.x.x.s.s.g.x.x Best Wishes-Class of '46 TH E ROYAL MARKET GROCERIES, HOT DOGS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES I98 W. I7fh Si. Phone 671 ng Emil J. Vodjansky Rec lfor Warren M. Korstad Phone 574 273 Miner Bldg. Res. Phone 4724 Eugene, Oregon A- ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.,.,.-.,.,.,....,vs.-.-,.x.,.C.x.C.C.C.C.,.C.-.,.,.,.C.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.,.-.,.,.,.,., 4 .,.s.x.,.,.x.5.x.g.s.s.s., .x.s.g.s.s.g.s.s.x.s.x.s.g.5.g.x .s.g.x.x.s.s.s.s.x.s.x.s.5-5.5.5.x.x.x.s.s.g.s-Q.g.g.g.g. .g.y.x.5.Q.g.g.x.5.5.x.g.x.g.5.g.s.g.s.s.g.s.x.s.s.s.s.g.s x.x.s.x.,.,.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.,.y.g.x.x.,.x.s.x. X. ..,.g.s.C.s.s.,,s.x.x.x.x.x.g.s.x.s.x.x.x.g.s.s.s.x.g.g.g.s.x..5.g.s.g.x.s.s.x.x.x.x.s.x.y.g.x.x.g.s.g.x.y.y.y.x.x.x.x-x For 35 Years E. H. S. Students have been meeting at Tenth and Willamette for their "cokes" and Fountain Drinks. 9 veq ou TA "'m"-'Tffffff' ff"f,f5iff!1' ..,.g.x.x,s,s.x.x.x.x.s.x.s.s.s.x.g.s.s.s.s.x.s.s.x.x.x.x.x.5.Q,.y.x.s.s.s.s.s.g.s.s.y.x.s.s.s.s.s.y.x.y.s.y.g.x.y.5.x.x.x s,x.x.x.g.x.--.x.x.x.x.s.x.x.x.s.g.s.s.s.4.s.x.x.x.y.y.x.x.,.,.s., CHRISTENSEN'S DAIRY STORE 149 East Broadway x.x.x.x.g.x.x.s.s.g,y.s.y.x-y.x.x.g.g.g.s.s.s.y.x Eugene, Oregon .x.g.s.s.,.Qx.s.g.g.g.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.g.s.s.s.s.s.x.x.s.s.s.5.s.s.x.s-x- ' .1-J....1l B .II A 5' Y - DHI: -' A . , . , p MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC AND WATER UTILITIES x.x.x.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.,.s.,.s.x.s.s.s.s.s.g.x.s.s f'9f"'if' 0""' S"""' it U S S 6 S s.x.x.g.x.x.s.x.x.x.x.s.x.s.y.y.,.s.x.x.,.,.,.x.x. .s.s.s.s.s.x. x.,,x.x.s. 4 4 4 4 4 4 I PQWQZLQ EDBQ4 , 4 in oo f w e a r I 4 f aza wallamene 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 .,.x.x.s .x.x.X.s.s.s.s.g.x.s.s.s.,.s.s.s.g.s.g.y.g.x.x.y.x.s.x.g.y.x s.s-s.g.x.x.x.x.x.s.s.s.s.y ,, .-.--.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.,.,...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.x-.,., Quality Dairy Products Phone 393 ,.x.x.,.s.s.x.x.g.x.s.s.s.s.s.x.s.s.s.s..x.s.s.g.g.s-x.s.x.x.x.x,.x.s.s.s.x.x.g.x.s.y.x XFN C Q ,.:.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,N,.x.,.,.,.x.x.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,N,.,.EN-,.x-.x.,.,.,.,.-.,,.,.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.,., 3 FOR 20 YEARS EUGENE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS HAVE LOOKED TO . 3 5 ITIUHFIISUFI-HEl'll'lll'lG l Q J'fo'ze joe 77Zefz I 8 FOR LEADERSHIP IN YOUNG MEN'S WEAR 5 Drop in and meet the fellows at . . . 1022 Willamette 3 ,.,.x.x.s-s.x.s-s-5.5.x.5.g.s.Q.s-x-s.x.,.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.x.,,.x.x.x.5.x-x.x-s-x.x-s-s.s.s-s-Q-Q.s.s.x.,.,., f BEAUTY IS YOUR DUTY f 2 ' . 3 9 - fs Q FOR YOUNG FASHlONS ' 5 , . , . ' I 3 F: 555, IJ :-,U For YOU' Q . and Dependable Quality E Appointment 5 To Loveliness G0 onls 1 -. -Q- l ' H -..,, Q2-'2::5E.,, I S ' Q '- ,.'v,.-, 5 0 'F 5 .., , PHONE 1727 COUI'S6 I , 5 VOGUE BEAUTY SALON Q I Upstairs Over Seymour's 4 1030 Willamette Street 5 Roberta lee Arthur Watters Q ,N.,.,.-.,.,.,.,.x.x.,.,.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.x.-.,.,.-.x.,.xl.,.,.,.,.,.-.,A.,.,.,.,.-.,.-.,.-.,.,.,.x.x.,.x I 3 l Q DALE JE ELRY T RE ' 'S W S O f S "Better Time at Dale's" l 3 11 w. Eleventh EUGENE, OREGON Phone 1017 J ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.x.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.x.,.E..,,,.,.,.,.x.,.,.x.s.,.s.,.x.s.,.,.,.x.,.,.,.x., l I Q MOUNTJOY 81 CARMICHAEL I 3 Home Decorations g Floor Covering Upholstery Draperies 3 77 East Broadway Eugene, Oregon Phone 286 Q I 5,,,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.x.x.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.,.,.,., A 94 .s.x.x.s.x.s.g.s.s.s.s.g.x ,.,.g.S.S.,.,.x.X.5.s.,.,.s.s.s.s.,.x,.,.,.x.s.s.s.x.x.x.x.s.s.s.x.,.g.s.g.s.s.x.x.x.s.x.s.x.s.s.x.s.s.s.s.s.x.5.g.x.x.x.g-s.g.g.x.' Y , I f 5 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE cLAss or '46 1 I . 5 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 C 6 9 ' I I 5 I I 5 5 ON 4 ' 5 D 6 HHIS 5 4 Pl 5 I G 6 r eos r ' 6 f Ou u e , . f 5 To Serve You" 5 . 5 ' 5 "Drop In and Meet Your Friends" Q Z 4 5 I I 5 I 1016 W.llameHe Phone 1589 840 WillameIIe Phone 1090 5 I . 5 I x.x.s.x.s.x.s.s.x.x.x.x.x.x.s.s.g.x.s.s.s.s-s.x-x-x-s-x-s-s-s--X.s.s.x-s.s.s.s.s.s-s-x-x-s-s.s-s-s-s.s-s-x.s.s.s.s.x.s.s.s.s.- I 775 6 'V A' 5 4 5 5 4 5 Q --,,-,,,--,,-,,,e,,,-,,,--,,,o,,,,e,,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,., I . I TIRE RECAPPING I 5 z f Q JIM BRANNEN TIRE CO. , . 5 GENERAL AND SEIBERLING TIRES 3 "Your Neighbor in Ihe Tire Business" J 922 Oak Phone 4545 - I Q 5'5's's'5'5'5'5'5'S-SUS'LlX05-SI5-Q-LvLlicisini-X-Q-Lui-Q-Q-SL-Q-5-LuioQnk-Q-X-25152-5-51Qvi-1-L-L15-Q-L-5-Q5-Q.5.5,5.5.- 5 I 5 g 5 - I S THE ECONOMY GROCERY 5 - I 5 STAPLE AND FANCY GRocERlEs 5 - I 5 AND VEGETABLES-GARDEN BEST - I 3 Phone 818 104 E. Broadway 5 ,,,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.E.,.,.,.,.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.f,.,,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.- I . 5 ! 5 , Hendershott's 5 5 - 5 5 . ' I g SPORTING oooos Q ' I S oFElclAL AWARD swEATERs 5 ' I 3 Phone 151 770 Willamefle Streef 5 ,.,.,,e.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.S-.,.x.,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.e.,.,.,.,.,.,.. f J I 2 I ' "II's a Good School" I I . j I Q EUGENE BUSINESS COLLEGE 5 5 . 5 A. E. ROBERTS, President I 5 I ' 5 S Phone 666 364 E. Broadway Eugene, Oregon Q L,.-.-.s.,.,.,.-.,.-.,.,.,.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. .NEAAA-.E.-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.x.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., .,.,.,.x.,.,.,a 95 . K Q J, . ,,.. ,,,,,,,-,1!,: N.- .1 ,.,,,,v:,.,-..,. .,.-.. ..., , ' WL W V Amwuh jx? fx Q AX 6? 5 fi . 2 JXxgJwf.f's V I i . rj! jaw QMW iq B 4 Q.. OJ f fy an 1' 'r tj g,,' 3 ,a - X K gxq :,Ajffj,f f, L X' W Ni E7 of M 55 . f I Aix' WJUWI all T? 'iW SW N QQX f In "IW 0 M it fb . " f' 5' Xu P f N 5 6 Y ,tw 7nh,,f .,,,, , V' w 'LQ I Cuts by H k Ch He E g g C Po tl d O egbn ,H ' Print d by Sh If T b II F II Co E g e O eg n .xxwvx 96 gk, .-225 2. Q 1 L 'fs , si H M 'Q .-lf: ' P4 , 1 . . K I r , 'F . -Q -' Aff. 1 :fig , A '41 r 221, -' ,QQ ' A - JV! ff .':?'is:" ,L 4, 'Lf - 'F ' 11,1555-fiiff. .gjgmrf 1 '24 .L V' 4 , . ff? 1 ' i - . .-.u

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