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The ELIGENEAN VOLUME XLIV EDITOR, DAVE STONE MANAGER, EUGENE PAUL ADVISERS, MRS. WICKHAM, MRS. PLUMMER ' 1 oolzivaq fo 1-56 iltufuve V ebica 1-eb xg QQ X f., fbe Q Q53 X fuve numb fkose rvesevvinj its Q 'Cbeals f Q As snnlighl ollon nioiros lhi' lringos ol' lho ilorkosl rlonils, so also lho Iirillionl honos holil lor lho lnlnrr shine through own tho gloom-si sliorlows rosli ln lhi' rlonressiiio ronililions nl' loilan. Tho glorious worlil ol tomorrow hos lioronn' lho ilroznn inrlooil tho Qool ol niony noonlos. To lhoin il ollrrs an roinnlole oxpirssiiiii ol' noone onrl soriii'ily, ol' srionlilir ond rullorol llf'l'llHli'llllll, and of eniogohlo os woll os nrolilohli' lixing. Nlony are looking lo lho lulnro ocroinplislnnonls ol man for tho reolizolion ol' lhoir honos. Uthors are owoil- ing the lIllCl'YPlllllJIl ol' tho Uinnipotrnt Forros, but in either rose, lUlllUl'l'UNN,S world holds lor all the opox ol their osnerolions and nroiloininotos their thoughts ond or- tions today. DAVE STONE x Miss Mae D. Kinsey In Nl0lll0I'lillll A GREAT TEACHER In thinking of Miss Kinsey, there comes to mind a line from the 31st chapter of Proverbs: "And her chil- dren shall rise and call her bless- ed. u Many are those of her former "children" who have written from the war fronts, from all walks Q' of life, to tell her what a blessing her understanding, her humor, her love of the beautiful and true, her insistence on work well done have meant to them. It is most fitting that the Eu- genean should honor Miss Kinsey, for it too, is one of her "children." For many years she guided its editors and staffs to produce a record of Eugene high of which its students might well be proud. To a faithful and loyal friend, a perfect teacher, and counsellor of youth, Miss Mae D. Kinsey, the Eugenean pays grateful and lov- ing tribute. Requiescat in Pace Although new this year to Eugene High School, Mr. Micklewait has already won the friendship and admiration of both students and teachers. Under his able direction our school has become reinvigorated with the earn- est desire to make Eugene High a definite and valuable contribution to this community. lt is because of his understanding outlook, wise guidance and fair judgment that so much has been accomplished this year which will add to the renown of our Alma Mater in future years. Mr. Miclclewait came to us from Kelso, Washington, where he was principal for nine years. Reared on an ldaho farm, he attended Oregon State and the University of Washington to receive his Bachelor of Science and Master or Arts degrees. l-le has two sons-one a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps and the other a student at Francis Willard. Teaching seems to be the pro- fession of the Miclcelwait family, since the lieutenant's wife is a teacher in Washington and Mrs. Micklewait is at present teaching at Frances Willard. Of the students of Eugene High Mr. Mickle- wait says, . . they are good citizens . . . thoughtful, pleasant and nice." Our Principal "There are always certain ambitions to which one aspires, and mine seems to hare been fulfilled in the acquisition of this posi- tion as principal of Eugene high. I have sin- cerely enjoyed my work during the past year with the cooperative faculty and student body of this prominent and tradition-fouruled in- stitution. It is a pleasure to see active and en- ergetic students at work laying the founda- tions for the 'world of tomorrow', and to know that you have had a share in guiding those who will someday be entrusted with the tasks of building the cities and shaping the ideals of the future. "I look with pleasant anticipation to the years ahead and only hope that I shall be able to successfully continue doing my part to prepare the youth of today for their responsi- bilities as the citizens of tomorrouff' Your principal, DEAN MICKLEWVAIT We of the student body have truly enjoyed the able leadership of our new principal and wish to extend to him our appreciation for the fine cooperative spirit he has exhibited in work- ing with us during this school year., "He is our leader, our adviser, and most of all . . . our friend." "A family Man, too . . . " 9 Ile-an nl' Girls Miss Grittis, as dean ot girls, is otten con- tronted with the school and personal problems at the girls ot Eugene l-ligh, to whom she gives adequate counsel and guidance. Serving also as Girls' League adviser, Miss Grittis is active in helping with the Work and recreation ot this organization. llean of Boys ln close contact with the hoys, Mr. Potter does much to aid them in solving their problems and answering their questions. lt is his help that enables them to make their ideas accomplish- ments. Mr. Potter is also adviser to the Axemen's Council. llifice Stall' The ottice statt is composed, aside trorn the regular secretary, ot girls who devote one period each day to oitice work and who receive credit tor their experience. Miss Carolyn Stacy was a new addition to the ottice torce this year, having come trom Portland to till the position ct secre- tary at E.l-l.S. STANDING LEFT- RIGHT Miss C Stacy, L. Seaberg, F Reynolds, J. Ward, B. Hebard M. DeVos, E. Terry, J. Jackson B. Gillis. SEATED LEFT:-RIGHT: J Murray, B. Bennett, N. Richard son, S. Hansen. mgmmmmwv' S it g 1 ' l t 2 Z R 1 1 l 3 f 2 S Uur Superintemlent Not only did Eugene welcome a new principal to her educational systern this year, but also a new superin- tendent, Dr. Gunn. As evidenced by the reception that he has been given by the students ot Eugene schools, Dr. Gunn's pleasing personality has already won him rnuch respect. Before Corning to Eugene, Dr. Gunn held the position ot Assistant Superintendent ot Schools in Portland, Ore- gon, a position he had held tor the last three years. Dr. Gunn received his Bachelor ot Science and Master ot Arts degrees from the University ot Oregon, his doctor- ate in education trorn Stanford University. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky and lived there until the age of ten, after which he received his educaf tion from the tilth grade through high school at Herrnis- ton, Oregon. He has resided in Portland tor the past 5 cw--....,. ,., seventeen years. Dr. and Mrs. Gunn have three chili dren: lack, a student at Eugene High, Mary Elizabeth. eleven: and Buth Ann, born November 29, l944. "It .scenes to me that Eugene is a town zrith a rich, lLZlSf0l'lCUl backgrounrl. A city which has mafia a rc- corfl for itself in Oregon, both in the lillxllllcss and wl- zfcational zrorlrls and that it is a city of great prom iso. I thfhlf its schools arc :cell staffed and thc xtmlciizziv turner! out from those schools are of excellent quality. I rio, lzozrelrczg fl1,1'nlf that we necrl to e.t'tc'ml the huilrl- ing program am! Iooli' forzcarfl to the time zrlzmz Eu- gene' zrzll lzarff a neu' high school to which tha com- nmnzty as non- flwlzcatzng itself in termx of .y4'100,U0o per year for thc Heart' fire' years. Since' the lmoplv of Eugen!! arc my pcoplc, I think they arc thc limi' pcoplff in thc lrorlflf' C. L. Constance. G. D. MacLaren. E. H. Christensen. H. Larsen, C. Hines. H. M. Gunn, V. M, Cameron. 7 I'mard nt' Etluratinn The Board ot Education is the policy deterrnining body cut oui educational organization which torrnulates and supervises the worlc ot the Superintendent. This ' year there were tour inen and one woriian on the Board: Mr. G. D. Maclaren, chairnian, Mr. V. M. Caineron, Mr. E. H. Gliristetisen fvlr. Hart Larsen, and Mis. C. L. gfonstance, .41 was PAUL P. POTTER lwan of Hoys, Yll't'-l'l'llIk'l1lill1 .Xdvisvr tn Hi-Y, Axvim-n's i'ounm-il and Sl-rx'im- Vlulu. MINERVA M. GRIFFIS In-an of Girls. Advisor fiirls' l.f-ag:1u-, Honor Sovil-tv P. 'l'. A. lil-cf. Voiiiinittvv, MARJORIE CHESTER Lilrrarian. Advisvr to Girls' lA'2lSIll1'. 12 Faculty HAROLD W. ALLISON Sulsjwtz Social Studies. Ad- viser to Stamp and llontl Vonini. OLIVE B. ATKINSON Sulijvutz Sol-ial Stndivs, ROBERT B. BANISTER Sulujm-t: A rt. Adviser to 1'1llvlI.vv1'S. CLARA M. BLAIS Sulrjm-ti Latin and lfiu-iivli. .Xdvisi-r to Intl-r Nos and Honor Socicty. NELLIE M. COLLINS Suhjevt: Biology. CLIFTON A. COULTER Sulnji-ut: Mvvli. Drawing: ANITA DAVIS Sulwjl-vt: Social Studies. Ad- visl--r to Sophomore Class and Jr. lil-d Cross. GERTRUDE M. DEIERLEIN Subject: Commercial Train- ing. Aclvisvr to Girls' l,t'H2.'Lll' and Amlmassadors CLARENCE E. DIEBEL Sulvje-4-ts: Physics, Chemistry, and Piw-Fliglit. Adviser to Stagt- l'rt-W. JULIETTE CLAIRE GIBSON Sulrjf-vt: English. Advise-1' to Ne-ws Staff and Girls' Tlvilglltl. EDGAR A. GOODNOUGH Subject: English. Advisor to Svnior Vlass and Honor So! vivty. IRENE GREENBAUM Subject: Spanish. Advisvr to Spanish Plub. GLENN GRIFFITH Sulljt-ct: Voc-al Musiv. Advis- vr to Girls' Glu! and .X Cap- pella. WENDELL A. GROSS Sulrjl-ut: .AX'l'iL'llllllI'1'. Advisl to F, F. .-X. ZILDA M. HAYES RUSSELL G. HENDRICKS Subject: Social Studies. Ad- visor to Rifle Club. ELEANOR HINES Sulmjt-ct: Biology. R UT H HOPSO N Suhjert: liiology. Sulvji-vt: Uonnnl-i'c-ial li un ing. Arlvisl-1' to S1-nloi l Iiss Facult A C. RI IV NORA M. ROBERTSON Sulrjem-ls: Iliology and Health. Adviser lo Junior Class LYLE L. SMALL Sulmjt-vt: SOl'l2ll Studit-s. M I N NIE SMITH Sulvjevtz Homi- .Xllvisa-r to Girls' l,vz'1gl1v GOLDA WICKHAM Subjvvt: Englisli. .-Xdvisvr to lCug'v1w:ui Stuff VEOLA P. WILMOT Sulrjm-ts: ICng:'lisli :mul Sc Studies. CAROLYN L. WOO Sulrjvm-ti Sm-izil Studivs. Ad- wisvr to Girls' l,t-agllv. .Xr-tiY- itius Comm. LADELLE HOUGLUM Sulvjt-vis: ljrzlnm and Nug- lisli, lXrlvisn-r to Musk :mal I I2lfIg'+'1'. BESSIE KAMARAD Sulfjl-vt: ll2ltll1'lll2lII4'S4 .Mi- Yist-r to 'l'ri-Y, Stump :tml Ilfmfl Vomm., Jr. Ilod Cross. KENNETH KIENZLE Sulljt-vts: Matin-viizxtivs 111111 Pliysivs, Advise-r to Honor Sovie-ty, f':um-ran Club, Stump zmrl lioml Womm. ROBERT H. LYON Sulijt-vt: Social Studies. Ad- visf-r to Puck Hats. OLA Nl. MCDERNIOTT Sulvjr-rt: AIut,l1c1i1z1tirs. MARY E. NIALLERY Sulrjt-ct: Hllflkktlt-'DIll4I.l', St-liool .X llfllt0!'. ODINE N. MICKELSON Sulrjt-ct: ll1dllSlIjlillAX1'IS. Afl- visvr to Junior Class and Ar- t-livry Vlulr. DONALD MOORE Sulwjevt: Influstrizxl Arts. Ail- vist-r to Sophomore Flaws. TA N0 R R I S Suhjem-ti Home Iivoiiomivs. 1'z1fvte4ri:1 Simf-riutvmll-nl. DOUGLAS ORME Sulrjwt-t: lustrumt-ntzll ,Xlusit-, A ORM E Sulmjt-ct: Eriglislr MARY X PLUMNIER Sulxjevt: E11gliSli. Advislfr to l':llLZ't'Il92lll Stuff HENRY E. KUCHERA Atlilvtiv Uoacli. .Xclvisor to IC Club. MABEL DeVOS Girls' Gym Instructor. A1 visur to ll. A. A. DUAN E M ELLEM .Xssistzlut Vozlcii lil-oiiomics. wlill DS 13 Uur tutlent Guvernnient At Eugene High School We have endeavored tc make our school a vital asset to the community. We have tried to develop in the students those character- istics and interests, both social and personal, that are so essential to useful and successful living in a demo- cratic society. During the school year of l944-45, our school govern- ment was in the hands of one of the ablest students who has ever held this office of student body president of Eugene High, Warren Webster. Assisting him in his duties were: Willard Dodds, vice-president: Freida Koppe, secretary: Ardys Dahl, treasurer: and Willis McCullough, auditor. ln accordance with our democratic form of govern- ment, each fifth period class elected a representative to the Student Council, and it was his obligation to keep his classmates well informed as to all that was accomplished and discussed by this body. ln addition, his job included the taking of student problems and suggestions to the council for consideration. The voices of these youths were regularly engaged in determining the policies of our student-controlled institution and its many activities. AWYS Dahl' Wl"iS N'CCU"0U9"- Wmafd Dodds, To our student council We owe most of the credit for progress made by us during this year. With such leaders as these we can face the future with confidence. Freida Koppe ROW 1: Y. Bowers. B. Petersen. A. Dahl. F. Koppe. B. Bennett, J. Murray. S. Rappaport, B. Bertelsen, C. Smith, C. Miller, J. Egge. S. Finley, S. Andrus, M. Smith. ROW 2: E. Johnson, N. Winter. I, Love, L.Swofford.A. Hoadley. P. Bucklin. D. Anderson, J. Day, H. McAdams, M. Murray, D. Miller, H. Wright, H, Wright, J. Goodlin. Row 3: D.Fosnaugh, W. McCullough, P. Si- mon, A. Bodner, R. Hopper, H. Boehnke, W. Nicholson, H. Haight, D. Still, W. Webster, J. Mc- Nutt. ROW 4: B. Hjeim, C. Mobley, H. Wittwer, D. Bench, G. Smith, R. Morgan, L. Kunkel, S. Nasholm, D. Hubbard, J. Banks. ROW 5: R. Wildish, J. Luckey, D. Robinson, R. Ham, G. De- Bell, G. Bryan. Stately She Stands Stately she stands. our Alma Mater, Bright with the sunlight ot youth: Down through the years our Alma Mater Has stood for brave honor and truth. Blood-red her vines' clinging fingers Bind her walls close to our hearts: Spring-like her memory lingers Through the years though they lead us apart Each stone in her white. gleaming portal Is a symbol on symbols piled high. A monument glowing, immortal A sign oi Youth's star in Liie's sky. -Juliette Claire Gibson With each succeeding year the list of those who have passed from the portals of Eugene High and entered the world of reality, lengthens. We, the Senior Class of l945, are adding about 270 names to that record. But even as we leave these halls and all the pleasant memories that they hold for us, Eugene High is making pre- parations to open its doors to another group- the class of '47, and so the wheel of education turns endlessly. Yet, it seems as though it were only yester- day that we were sophomores wandering be- wilderedly about the halls of this "huge" struc- ture and asking seniors where to find rooms 2l5 and 3l2 or how to get to the library. During that first and, as usual, difficult year, we entrusted the task of leading us in school activities to Don Hlebechuck, Freida Koppe, and Lidy Lu Swof- ford as president, secretary, and treasurer re- spectively. Under their direction we made our formal debut by presenting the "Hobo Hobble," the annual sophomore dance. Using decora- tions of clothes lines, log stumps, and old clothes, we gave the auditorium a somewhat realistic semblance of a hobo camp. Unfortunately, Don, our sophomore presi- dent, departed in our junior year as did also our sophomore adviser, Mr. Parks. However, we found other talented leaders to guide us through this very successful year in the persons of Cal Hersey as president, Bill Hutchinson, IUH vice-presidentg and again Lidy Lu Swofford and Freida Koppe as secretary and treasurer. As juniors we suddenly displayed a real interest in our various preassigned activities, and with the assistance of our advisers, Miss Hayes and Mr. Goodnough, we planned and presented "Club 45," our lunior Dance, preceded by the assembly "Stagedoor Canteen", both of which proved enjoyable events. However, our crown- ing achievement was the lunior-Senior Prom, Reverie Rendezvous. This formal ball, under the guidance of Dave Stone, was one of the most colorful dances given during the year and ac- cording to most critics surpassed in beauty the majority of previous promenades. As seniors, we have found ourselves in a whirl of activity-activity which has made this year one of the most spirited in the recent his- tory of our Alma Maier. Glenn Warberg, serving as our Senior Class President, has worked co- operatively with Vice-President Bob Moffit, Sec- retary lanice Murray, and Treasurer Shirley Kissling on the many tasks to which a graduat- ing class falls heir. ln addition to their regular duties, these class officers directed the presenta- tion of our semi-formal dance, "The Snow Ball," which, as its name suggests, was based on a winter theme. But now all these events have become mere- ly memories for tomorrow, and as we leave we cannot help looking back and regretting that they are over. ln any case, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for the cooperation which our advisers have given us during these three years. With the experience of the past be- hind us we feel that we have little to fear from the future. "A daily session . . . " S. Kissling, B. Moffitt, Miss Hayes, J. Murray, G. Warberg, Mr. Goodnough l7 enior AMES, GAYLE LORRAlNEfl.iln'z11'y Stuff 3, Tiunrl l 9 fl ANDERSON, EDWARD MCCALL-I'Zntl-rerl from Portland, fJI'0,2'01l, Hi-Y Il, li L'luIl Ii. lnlllltllilll Il. ANDERSON, VERDELLE PATSY-Pep 4'luI1 I-2-3, Pnletteers 3, Mask and Img'p:'f-r' I-3, ANDRUS, MARY ELIZABETH- Illiitl-iwml from Ill-mlsprJi't, f,I'i-'QBQUIII Student l'ouiu'il Ilep, Il. BAILEY, VlRGINlA4Honor Sonic-ly 2-23. rxllllllill Stuff ii, Pon l'luIl 1-2-Cl, Rifle l'lulm I-2-Il, G.A.A. I-2-Il, Ji: Imrive l'omin, 2, UQIIIS and Gowns Uoinin. Zi, Jr. Si: Prmn Uoinm. Z. BAN KS, WALTER-A Vzlime-llzi II, l'y2ll'lC lizltrl 2-23: Vive-Pres. 2, Hoys' Glue l'luIl 2, Jr, S12 Proin Vonim. 2, BARNHART, DIANE RAE--Pl-p Vlull tl-L-rs l-2-3. I-2-Il, Musk and Imgsggei' I-2-il, Pallet- BEAMER, EVELYN JEAN-Pk-11 il, Ad Staff I, Girl Ill-sl-1'x'l-s I-Z-ZS. Girls' lA'2ij.Z''l'0I1lIll. Ht-and 2, Ill-il. .I ,L BEAN, ORPAH-'lllritvxwlrl from Prosser, xVQlSlll1l,2'- Lon, I-izinrl II, News Stuff 3, Girls' I.ez1g:ue Vomin. Head JI. BEEBE, LLOYD BELLOWS, BOB BEN N ETT, Barbara Joy-Honor' Sol-it-ty 13, Pen Ululr I-2-3: Pres. Il. Spzinisli Club I-2-Il. Girls' Glw- l'lub 2, Girl Tlesviwvs 2, A Czlmwllzl Il, lCug'enezu1 Stull' 2. Sturlenl Couuuil Rep, Zi. BERKSHIRE, LETA JOY'fSD2l1llSll Ululm I-2-21. G..X.A, 1-2-SI, Girls' Glek- Ululz I-2-31, G.A,ll.S. I-2-ii. BEST, THELMA BLOOM, DOLORES MARIE-A Cup- K pvllzl 2-Q, fnrls illvv 1. BLOOM. VIRGINIA LEE-lCu- 52,'x'llt'2lll Stuff IE, Iliflv l'IuIm I-2-IS. IN-in Ululm 2-Il. Se-1'Yif'e l'lul1 l. G.iX..X, I-2-II: Vim--I'i'ws. 2, .Iii Si: A l"l'0III IXOIIIIII, 2, Gus liUIlSi'l'Y2ltllJll Voinni. 2, Vo-VII. Sr, Ilunvlu-on ij. BODNER, ANDREW EUGENE-IC Vlulm 2-fl, Axo- nien's Uouncil Rep. 2, Student Council Rep. 2, Foot- lmll I-2-3, 'l'1':u'-k 2, Tiziselmll 3. BOND, MARGARET EILEEN-Spanish Clull Vluh 2, Girls' Glee 1. BOWEN, BETTY BOWERS, VELMA JEAN--Girls' Leagllo I-lop. 1, Student Council Rep, 3. ' l 5 Among the many social events of the year was the Pep Club ban quet given in honor of Eugene's No-Name League football champ i0r1S. who were unbeaten. untied and unscored upon in the league Eugene HigI1's assemblies were well attended affairs during '44 and '45, as is indicated by this typical scene. .U eniors BRAKEL, EUGENE-IG Vluli 2-Il, Ili-Y 2-II, Grill' 'l'i1zim 2-Il: Vzipl. Cl. BRASHER, JAVANDA ANN-Hilti-1'1-d fl'UlIl Ilnswi-II, NIM' Mexico, BREEN, ELIZABETH EDNA-l'I11u-lu-il frmii I'nix'i-rsily High: Im:-1' Nos il. 1I..X..X, ZZ. Ilzind Il, BRIN KMAN, DOUGLAS-Iilltuxw-il l'l'UIlI IQFUSHIIIOI, 1':lliI'ui'i1izl1 A Vzimwllzi Il. BROWN, BEVERLY ANN-I'I11Ii-iw-d from IIN-f-ln-5', 1'wlfi1':irl4i1 Musk :mil lbziggi-r II, 'l'1'i-Y ZS. I':LlQ't'lh'2lll Shall' 21. .Xiiilizirsszirliirs Il. BROWN, EDSEL-1421111-ri-rl Iii-uni liig' Sp1'im.:', 'I'vx:is, BROWN, KATHLEEN SARAH-Girls' fill-if Ifil. BUCHANAN, ROBERT ALLEN- Iiliitf-ri-d frmii I,mi,:'x'ii-W. XVash- i11,u'Lou: Hi-Y 3-Il: l'i'i-s, Sl, Prilvt- Ii-ers 2-Il. Iillgviii-:iii Stuff Jr. Sr. I-'rum Vmiiiii. 2. Sr. Immu- Vmiiiii. IE, ,XXI'llll'llAS Vriulii-il lb-p. J. EUNIPUS, KENNETH EUGENE-IlzimlI-2-3l:P1'1-S. Il. Siiaiiiisli f'Il1li2-Zi, .XXI-rm-11's I'UllIl4'Il li--li. 2. Stu- ilwiii Vfiiliivil It--ii 2. BUNCH. MARY JANE-Girls' Illiw- il. BUSHNELL, CAROLINE PEARL- Spziiiish l'luli I. Stump :ind Iionnl Hep. 32. BUSHNELL, DOROTHY LEA- Spxiiiisli Vlull I-2. BVRNE, EVELYN-Iflntf-red fxwim lllaiskly, Oregon. BYRNE, JOHN pATRICKiIIflllfll' Soi-in-ty Il. 1'2llIli'l'2I Vllili I, Ilifle fqlllll I. I'Il1g'i-114-2111 Stull Il. ,XXI'Ill1'll'S1'Ullll4'il limi, 2: Viilliiivl ii. Stanip ziiid llriml Szili-snuin II, lfootlmzill 241, CALDER, DOUGLAS GORDON-Sr. llaiiim- Primm. Il, Jr. Sr. Iirrmi Ummm. 2. CAMPBELL, ALVIN WEBSTER liitvi' Nos 2-ZS-: Pri-s, ZZ. CAMPBELL, ANNAMAE--Anlllzisszlilnlw 2-ZZ, Girls' I,i-sigliv Ili-yi. Il. CAIVIPBELL, CHARLES FREDERICK-Hi-Y 21, l",I",.X. II-il, Isllfblhilll Il. CAMPBELL, LOIS ELL.EN1.'XlUlI2lSS?l- ilfirs II-Il: Swv, Zi, 'I'ri-Y I-2-Il. CAREY, LaVERNE-l'zil1-ltelws ll, ,XiiiIrz1:-1sad01's 2-23, Illlvl' NOS fl, Girls' I.v:ig'1u- Ili-il, Il. eniors At an assembly given December 8, George DeBeIl, Bill Moore, and Jim Luckey satirically portrayed the district 3 committee respon- sible for the appointment of Gresham as District 3 state tournament football representative. 20 CARLSON. JOHN WEBSTER-Honor Society 2- lG Ululv IE, l!z111d 1, fnllfltllilll M:111z1g'v1' 3. CARSTENSEN, MADGEL ELAINE-Girls' 1,1-zipgiie Rt-11. Il. CHAFFEE, E. NATALIE-G.A.A.1-2-11. CHRISTENSEN, JOHN B.- V' F.A. l-"t Vim- Pres. 2, Hand I-ZS, Gi-1'1m111 lhmd il. C' APK. VVAVNE FRANCIS-.X1'L-'H-11' l'l11'i: P11-s, 2. H-Y 2-Il Band l-2-El. Student fiUl1lll'l 111-11, 2-32. S12 llzlliiw- l'Ul11l11, 3. CLENIENS, IRENE MAY-Honor Society l11tv1' Vos 2-il: Vice Pres. 2. A Uzimwllzt 2-ll. U1-vi 4'lu1- 2-il. Rifle t'lul1 2-3: 'l'r't-us. Il. Girls' IA-:1g'11e Cfjlllltil 2, KLA..-X. 2-il: f'01l11t'11 Il, Girls' 1.t'2lQ,'l1t' i'11z1ir111:11i fl. CLOUGH, DIANA DEE CONN, DlXlE JEAN-1':l1ILll'Plf 1'l'O111 I.0s .-Xllgi-lvs, l'z1lif01'11iz1: SD2ll11Sll Ululi Sl, Stziimi and lfiontl Irh-pr 2, Girls' In-11521111 T1-an i'11zii1'- main Il. CLUSTER, CHARLOTTE COSBY, BILL COSTIN, PHILIP-1G11t01't-d f1'Ol11 N01111 t':ll"01i11ilL Tloys' filet- 1. CROW, MARILYN CURFMAN, FARRELL DALE1.-X1'i'11H1'B.' Vluli 1: l'1'i-s, l, 4211111-ni Vlulm Il: lfres. Il. DAHL, ARDYS-Honor Society 3, Student llmly 'l'1't-z1su1'1-1' 23, Del-3ELL, GEORGE-Ed. ol' I-I H.S. News 25, lliflv Club 1, A Uztplwllzi 1-2-Il, Stu- dent Uounvil 21, 'l':1,15.Tt'!lPil11 Staff 23, E11- gviw High l'0l1l'L'1't Uomm. Ch. il, DeLESS, BRUCE CHAPMAN- Hi-Y 1-2-Il: Vim- Pres, Il, A F2111- Dtrllil 2-21, Rifle Clulm 1, Boys' film- 1, Axi-111v11's 4t0ll1lL'il Ri-11. 2, S12 1121111111 f'0l11ll1. tl. DELMORE, FRED DSMUTH, JOHN WILLIAM-Archery Club 1. DENZER, MARION ELNIER-Butt-1'erl from Cottage Grove, QJYPQOIIQ 141 Club 2-Il. Footlmll 2-3, Bziskt-tbzlll 2-3, 'P1'2lL'k 2-Il. de TEMPLE, E. MARY-131111-1-1-rl from Portland, QWI'03Z'O1l1 l-'ep i'lul1 51, A ff21DDE'Htl 3, Mask and l12lg2.'g't'1' Girls' 149212110 Hop. 2. The Senior Class of '45 will undoubtedly long remember the beau- tiful prom which its members gave in the latter part of their junior year in honor of the Class of '44. 'eninrs DeVAULT, JACK H.-.Xnllizisssiclfmrs I-Il, I'zu'k Iizlls I-il. .X Vnlipl-lla fl. DeVOS, NIARIE-Intl-r Nos l-2-Il: l'rl-s, ' Slzinip and Hmid 11111. tl, lll'l'i4-ll Steiff Sl. DeWlTT, PAUL E.-Iliiilm-wil from lill- 'l'r-wk 0 mira, Orelgsqoiig l'2lIl'Ill'l'l'S Il, I4'.I4'.A. 2, DIEBEL, ROBERT NORMAN- Houor Smlil-ty 2-Il. IIIQY 2-Il: Sl-I-. 22 Sr'l'YI1'r-1'Il1lrII, ,XX1'lIll'll'SI'llllll' vii Vzlliiyll-l Il. DODGE. PATRICIA LOU-Iililm-xw-d I'l'lllll li1lI'lIt'll Viljf.. lizmszis: .i"HIll1I11Il Il. llirls' l.i-ugiiv Uulviiil-I Il, H1'l-lil-sim Il. ll,A,A. 2. EATON, NORMA FAYE-lwp l'luli l-2.23, A Vzimu-lla 2-il, Girls' IA'2lQl'lIl' 4'oum-il 2. EDSON, CORA ELLEN-ldnll-1-1-d from .Iunvtimi Pity. lI1'l'Q'0lII ,XIIIIHISSZIIIOFS I-L, Girls' Glu- 3, Stuinp :xml liuml lillp. il. ERWIN, JEAN AUDREY-.Xnv lnlssziflrmxw 2-Il: I'rl-s. Sl. 'l'ri-Y I-Z, A l"zlp1u-lin Il, llirls' llll-ll l, Girls' l,eu,fr11l- lil-p. il. FINDLAY. DOROTHY JEAN-I'Ii1le-lwml frlmm Vort- lzuill. Un-Quiz: A1ulmilss:ulur's Il. AX lzipiu-llal il. Hr- l'InSII'2l il, .Ir. Symphony ZS. FINLEY, JANICE JEAN-llmmr Sm-il-ty 2-I. Iwp l'IllIl Il. lute-r Nos 2-3: Sl-I-. II, A thlupl-llzl I-2, Piilvtttlt-'1'S il. Amlmsszullmrs 2-Il, l', 'l'. A. Ill-vlwwilioll l"0mm. Il, Girls' In-:1,:'iiv llqi. 2-ll. FOSTER, EVELYN ANN-liiflv Uluh Z-Il. Girls' llll-ll 2, Stump :md llfmd Til-p. FOX, GERALD FRED-Musk 111111 IJ2l,'IQ't'l' I-2-22: Vim--I'i'vs. SSA FROSTAD, HELEN MARIE-Php Ululm 2, Girls' lillll- 2-13, Studi-nt l'0um'iI lin-ii. 2, llirls' I.i-zigllv Iivp. I. FRYE, JESSIE LEE-Phill-l'l-ml from Vulvur Pity, l"zxlifo1'11in: Musk and llziggvr Ii. Pep l'l11Ir Il, lyzlle-Iles-l's fl, FULPS, WILLIAM CHARLES-lfllitvw I-d from Rosa-lmurg. fII't'3.1'0llI Ili-Y 2-il. E l'1ul1 Il, PH1i'Itkl+'l'S IZ. Slmlvnt Vouncil lisp, 2, .XXb'lIlt'Il'S l'oum'il Ill-11. 2, llasu- Ilklll 2-3: Vzqit. Il, Ifmmllizill 2-II, lizlskvtf llzill 2-3. GIFFORD, BEVERLY JOAN- 1-Intervd from I'nix'l-rsity High. GIFFORD, SHIRLEY GILBERT, CARL A.-.XXI-mi-n's l'lIllIl4'Il lil-11. .l, GILBERTSON, PAUL E.-Uziilil-x'z1 l'IuIr I, Hi-Y ij. Ass't. Mgxr. SXYIIIIIIIIIIQI 'I'vnm 1. GILLESPIE, DONNA MAE-Exp lrcrcd from Springfivlfl, Un-galil A Vamwllzi 23, llirls' 411--r I-2, 1 a 9lll0I'. Bolo Moffitt and Warren Vllebster were the victims of a "Truth Ol' Consequences" program given during the assembly of November 6 at which Bill Moore was Master of Ceremonies. 22 GILLIS, BEATRICE RAE-H1111-11-cl110111 S2111 l4'1'z111- 1-isi-112 5f?lllll! Zlllli Ilmifl lim-11. I, Uffim-c Stuff Zi. GRONER, JEAN MARIE-Spzlziish t'l11ln 2. GUSTAFSON, M. DEAN-.-X1'm'l1e1'y Clul- 2, I-'.l1'..X, I-2-Il: l'1'vs, Z, 'l'v111iis 2. HALL, JAMES STANLEY-Spauv isl1l'li1li1: l'1'vs. Z, Stull:-11t 4 nun- lil Ill Il I HAM, RONALD EVERETT-li l'l11'1 2-rl: Sgt.-ziv '-1'ii1s Il. f:l'l4I4'lll l'riu111-il llup. Il, lloixllmll 2-52: 021111. 22, 'i1I'2l1'Ii 2421. HANKINS, ROBERT KIETH-Hi-Y 1-2-Il. .llalsiz 111111 l1z1::g:i-1' 21. P111-k llzlts Il, S12 U0111111. .L I". 'l'. .X. llz111m- Iifillllll. il, IC. H. S. News Il, 1 Slllflvlll 4'1mu111-il Imp. I. HANSEN, SHIRLEY DONNA-l':llIvl" 1-ll l'1-mn l"lo1'e11lw-, l31't'Q.f0l11 Pvp Flub il. li..X..X. ZZ, 'l'1'i-Y :L Musk and IIil,2','gt'1' 23: 'l'1'1-us. il, Uffiui Stuff Ii. 1', 'l'. A. Dz111mA IIUIIIIII. Il. Iii!'IS' IA'2lS,'llm' ll:-11. SS: Ivililillt-'I .- J. HARPER, HARRlETT-ELLON- l'I11uA1'114l from I'lllYr'I'SlIj' High: l'1-1ut'lul1Il.1l..X..X. 2-il. News Stuff Il. llzimllmok Asst. lid. Il. XYzu' Vlxvst Vu-l'h. ZZ. Ass. 4'o111111. II. Girls' l.1-zLL:'11v Ihqrt. t'l1, Il, lfh-zlux .Xrls 4'z11'11ix'z1l l'm11111, Il. I-IARPSTER, LLOYD I-IAYNES, MARJORIE FRANCIS HEBARD. BETTY FRANCELL-Bib from liosl-lmurg, ll1'1-gw11: lC11g'f-1111111 Stuff Il. l'1-1i1'luliZ3. ll.A.A. 2. Sfillllll 211111 limnl Ili-11, I-IE, .l1'. Imxwi- l'f1111111. 2, Jr.- Sr. l'I'4ilIl IWI111111. 2. HERBRANSON, DOROTHY-E11 li-in-fl I-l'IlllI Ililwrvrlll. .Xli1111vsfitz1: llmmm' Sm-ivty IS. lk-p Vluli Z-Il, liziml l-2. 'l'1'i-Y I-I. liiigezu-1111 541-nfl' Il, .X 12111111-lI'i 2-Il: Pri-s. 21. rlirls' l.--zlguv l'l1. Zi, Jl'.'Sl'. l'1'iw111 Vfuximi. 3. HERBERT. MILTON-.XXI-1111-his 1'u11111'il livp. Il. HILLSTROM. BETTY JEANiiiIPllll1' Sm-ivty 23. 'l'1'i-Y I. l':1l1-1lv111's I-2-Il, Girls' I.:-zigliv l'l1. :111fl llvp, Il, .I1'.-SF. l'1'n111 Iqflllllll. 2, Stump :111fl IZ41114I Ili-ll. lf, HJELM, BOB-lC111v1'1A1l from S114-11m-1'. Imvu: Stull'-111 Vmim-il llf-11. il. HOADLEY, ALTABELLE-Hmmm' Sm-im-ty Il, IH-11 l'lulm 12-Zi. Spzinisll 4 lui- 2421: l'1'n-s. 2. P2111-tLee1's l-2-Il. Sillllvlll lillllllvll llvp. IZ. ll.A,.X. I-.2-.L 512 1121111-v I u111111. .,. HOLLAND. OTIS EARL-lC11tl-lu-cl I"l'0lll l'1'fJXV. Ure- uuiii l'2ll'k llnts ll. HOLM, FRANK EDWIN-Stump :ind lloud Ili-11. Il, ' HOLLIS, JOAN ELlZABETl'I"'1't'1I l'1uli 2-33: S1-1-. 22. 'l'1'i-Y 2-Zi, Stump :incl lioufl llqm, 2-ZZ, Girls' l,l-z1gL1f- Iii-11. 1, J1'.-S12 I'I'0lll t'm11m. 2. HUNTER, WARREN H.-li Ulul. I-2-il, Axl-111e11's l'01111m'il I-243. lwslu-tlwzlll I-1'-Il: lillllf. 12, 'l'1:1v.a 1 1 L-Il, Ilslsq-lnlll 21, HUNTINGTON, CHARLES-l".l4'..X. I-2-2, lfnotlmll l. Gulf l-2-21. HUTCHINSON, BILL E.-Honor Sm-il-ty 2-22. l"2llt'lll't'1'H 2-Il, lliiigx-114-1:11 Staff ii, li Cluln l-2-CI. .XXl'lll1'll.S I'nuuI'il Uzilmim-t Zi, Vim--Puls. .lr. 7 I l'l2lSr1. Ifrmtlmll L-ZZ: Vupl, 22, llzmlu-llrzill l-L-II. 'I'l'2U'k 2-5. HYDE, CASSIE DELIA-I1,A.A, I-25-li: 'l'l't'IlS. Zi. Vmiuvil l-4, SIl2lIllSll I'luI- I-!-Zi: X'iu--l-'iw-S. 2, IH-p Ululn Il, Siillllll :mil lioml lil-lr. 2. IVERSON, KENNETH REGIN- ALD-lliflv f'luIv 2. l4'.lf',.X. I-Z. Musk ami llziggw-1' il, ,XXUIIIVIIQS Purim-il III-11. l. JACKSON, CLAUDELL-IH-p Ululn Si, Girls' Ill--v I. .X ftilllllvllil 2-It, Girls' lmzngiin- Uh. Il, JACKSON, JOAN MARIE-Pl-11 Club 2-ii, Girls' Llllw- 2, Uffiu- Stuff Sl, 'l'ri-Y I Staiuip I :Incl Isoud lie-11. ZZ, Girls' lA'llf.Z'llk' lil-p. II. JEFFERIS, REBECCA JEANNE-ldiv If-rf-rl from l'uix'vrsity lligrhg Pup I'luIw il. .X4':x1y1wllz12-IC, S1-1'x'in'm-I'l1ln Z-11. l'ri-H. Il, I2 AMX. f'Ulllll'll Zi, Prim :ind Worr! ffxiiiui .- Hi-Ilu XXL-ok Loium. J, Inrls Ill-z1,2'i1v Wh, Il. JENSEN, GLEN-.Xiu-lu-i'y l'luIi I-2-Ii: l'rl-S. il, Stuiup :xml limul I'ouum'il il. JOHNSON. GLORIA JEANNE-liiiu-11-ml from Ilu- lutli. .Xliumlsotziz Pop Clull 2-Il, lJ2ll1'lll'I'I'S Zi, Ilirls' I.-fzluiiv Ill-11. 2, JOHNSON. NONDA JEAN-lk-p l'Iuln I-2-Il, llzlml I-2-Il: Sw-. Il. 4l..X..X, I, Girls' IA'2lQl'll1' Hep, I. Prim :incl Ford l'Ullllll, 3, Slzuiup :lull Iirlurl fjllvvll I, JOHNSTON. WILLIAM BENJAMINE- Stump :mud llrmrl I'l1. 2-Il: livin, 2, 'I'l'lll'li l. JONEZ, EVELYN JOAN1I'llIllIll' Sm-in-15' 2-131 'l're-us. 21, 51illlllSh I'luI+ I-2-Il. Musk :lull llzlgguvi' 2-Il: Sl-I' 22, Girls' l,Q-zigiiv Fla, 22, Slziiup zmrl llmxd lil-lv. l-32. JQRGENSEN. DORISIDA-I':1l1-tim-r:4l-2-31:81-I-,I KELSEY. JANET IRENE-.X Fzippl-llzi IL. Spzluil-li Vlulu l-2-it, .XiuIuisszulm's :L KELSEY. JOSEPH GRANT-Ilzlml I-2- IL: Mar. SL A Itlywyu-llzi Il. Iliwlil-slim 32. KESSINGER, EUNICE IRENE- 'l'ri-Y TZ, Aiiilnzisszirlnrs 51, KINIBLE. JERALDINE L.EONA--l'I11lm'1'm-Il from Portage- lliwlw-. ureg-on. KIRCI-IHOFF, EDWARD-Hmmm' Sm-il-ly 2-ZZ: l:?1'l'S, Z! Jr.-Sr. l'rom Uomm. 2. Sr, lmmw- Cmiirxil 31. KISSLING, SHIRLEY JOYCE-IH-in Vlull 3-3. Spanish l'luI1 I-2-35, 'l'l't'2lS. Sl-uior Vlziss, Musk and llzxggx-x' 1. Pallet- Il-I-rs Il, Print and Coral Uh. 3, KOPPE, FREIDA MAE-Honor Sovif-ty 3, Sou. Stiull-ut Rody IS, 'I'ri-us. Junior Vlzlss, Sw-. Sopho- iuorv Vlzlss, A l'2l1bDt'llll ZZ. Girls' film- l, G..-X..-X. Cl, 1'l-p I'luh 2-fl, ' Senior cw Sy J., K The Pep Rally for the hard-fought football game with Bend was the first of two such rallies to be given during the year. I VKYY 23 eniors KROUSE, MARILYN JEANNE-liiill-i'Q-ll from Hy- xll-i'wfwml, XVa1slii1ig't0n. KUNKEL, LESTER-Eiill-1'o1l from IN-xter. Nl-W All-Xia-og Student Uounc-il Ill-ir. II, Axv- m--n's Fouiicil Rep. 3. LAMEN, ERLEN MYLO-I!zLiilI 1-2-CI. LANG, ESTHER IRENE-Bzxnll I-2-IZ, Stanip :md llfmd III-11. 33. l.1I1ra1'iz1n Z! LEWIS, GRAYDON LINDLEY, VIRGENE--Holiur Sm-it-ly 22, llzuul I-2-22, .X Uzlmn-lla 2-Sl, Girls' Glu- I, Mask and llalgum-1' l-2-IS: Vice-Plws. 2, 'I'ri-Y I-2-Il, Pl-1: , l'IuIv Il, Girls' IA-'ilgllt' Rep. I-SI. LOVE, IMOGENE--Hcmor Surivty 2-Il, 'l'ri-Y 1-2-31 Pri-s. il, Pi-in Ululm Zi, Serv- im- l'luI+ I-2-3, Student Vuuiicil In-p. ZZ-tl, P, T. A. Dain-v Vomm. 2, Sr. Imiu-ll l'li 'I Jr.-Sr. Prom Uomm. 2, LUCKEY, JAMES C.-Honor So- ciety 2-3, Pres. Axl-nu-11's Council 3, Rus. Mgr. E. H. S, N4-ws 2: Ass, Hd. 3, Servif-Q Flulm l-2-32: Vice Pres 2, Activitil-s Vomm. 2-Cl, Stu- dm-nt Vouiicil llvp. Z-Il. MCADAIVIS. HELEN THERESA-Hfmor Suvim-ty Ii, liiigviivuii Stuff Il, Band 1-2-3. fh'C'hQ'SIl'2l fi, Illlvl' Nos 2-ZZ, Slllflvlll Vouiiuil Rep. Zi. 'l'ri-Y 2-25. CULLOUGH WILLIS ERWIN Hmmm' Yo- Mc . - f I-it-ty Zi. Student Body Auditor 33, IG Vlulv 'l-2-Il. llifll- Flub l-2-CZ, A Uzimwllu l-2-33, Stu- clvlit Voulivil Rep. 2-3. Axl-nil-11's Vmlm-il Rl-iv. ZZ, Ilzlsvlmll 2-3. . MCGILLICUDDV, H E L E N"'I'Illtt'I't'll from Rochester, XVz1sliiiig.1'toii3 IH-11 Ululv SZ, G.A.,X, 'I-2-3, .HUHWXIIUZIII Stuff ZX, 'I'ri-Y 2-il, Palette-ers IE. Sr. llzliiw- Uumm. 3. Stunip and Hond livin, 71, Girls' l,l-z1g:,'L1e- Ih-iv. 2-3. McINTYRE, HAROLD WESLEY IC. Ulnlv Z-21: Sw-, 3, Xw-imfii's Iwljulllfll Fzilniiil-I ZZ, Ffllllliilll Mgr. I-2-3. IVICKAY, JEAN MCKETTRICK, LEOTA HOPE-Illilt--1'l-fi from .Xlmszximlu-e. Aloiituuag Girls' Ilvzlglla' livin, 22. MCNEIL, BOB LYLE-IC1111-i'--ml from I?osl-Imur,2', fIYt'Q1'OIl1 I'zu'k llzlls Cl: Yin'- Ijlwsii. MGNEW, CARL JERROLD-Elk ,LZ'L'lIC21l1 Stuff Il, 1'2llIlL'l'2l Plulr 2-21. Hi-Y 3, Stamp and limid Comm. 3, MARIOTT, COLLEEN--IC, H. S. News 25, Intl-r Nos 2-22, l-'alla-tl:-I-1's 2-3. Tri-Y Z-3. Girls' Ilozlgrile Rep. 1. .liz-Sr. Prcmi l'omm. 2. MASER. EVELYN ALICE-G..X.A. 2, Palmt- Il-I-rs I-2, METTAUER, JEAN MEYER, ARLENE LOUISE-liiv tl-red from Rr-dmoml, Orogoiiq Iu- Nos 3. JoAnne Appling dancing at an assembly of January 22, at which a number of talented students performed for the student body. MILLER, ALVINA MARIE-Girls' Glue 2-Zi, Drum Alzijurittt- l, Stziiup and llond Exec. Vomm. 3. MILLER, CAROL M.-liutereml from Szill Ilzikv Vity, lltzilig Simuisli Club Il. Student Uouuvil II. MILLIORN, SHIRLEY ANN-l':llt61'k'li from .lum-tion Vity, Uregwmni Girls' Gleo 1. MITCHELL, LLOYD H.-A Vzip-V in-lla 12, Ilzislu-tlszill Il. MOBLEY, CORLAND PERRY-Hi-Y II, l'aIl-in-v1's II. lC1'lul1 II, ,Xxr-im-n's Uouiii-il Vive Pri-s. II, lk 'l'. A, lmui-if Vmimi, 2-ZZ, ,Xssvmlvly Urnmni. 23, lf'ootIuill 2-22. lhiselmll l-2-Il. MOFFITT, ROBERT 'ARTHUR-Hmmm' S0- wiety 2-Il, Vice Pres. Sr-uior Class, Ass, lius. Mgr. Itlugm-114-aim Il, l,'2nr'k llzits I-2-SI, Stump :xml Iifmrl Comm. MARLOWE, PATRICIA JEAN'-1'Zl1tL'1" erl from Los Aiigeles, l'2lilfUl'l1lil, MOMSEN, ILSA MARIA-Eiitiliw 1-cl from Florenve. Gregouq .X Uzlppellzi 2-II, Auilmusszidors 2-ZS. MOORE, WILLIAM E.-Hi-Y 2-3, l-Z Ululr 2-ll, A Vziym-Allzi I-Z-Il, Musk and llaggei' ZS, Pulettmws il. P I 'i'l'.lI'iC Algr. L, Footbzill I-2, Swimming , MURRAY, RICHARD LEE-S1iz1uisl11'lulrl-Ll, llifli- Ululi 2-ZS, l-'.l-YA. l, E Cluli Sl, Mask and Ivzigzggei' IS, Studi-nl l'0l1lll,'ll llep. 1-2, -XXt'1llt'll.S i'0llYll'il Hcp. 1, Football 23, MURRAY, JANICE ELAINE-Senior Class Sew, l-'eu Ululv 2-II. Pzila-tter-rs Zi. A Uzippi-llzi 2, Offive Stuff 3, Girls' Glu- I, Sr. Imiwe Uoium. Zi, Girls' l.i-ug:'ui- llvlr 3. NEAL, DOROTHY NELSON, IRAL C.-ljuti--red from Ifik-:ixw-1'lw1x, Uri-- :4iI11: l'zilr-ttei-rs 2-II. .Xlzisk and llzlgigx-1' II. OAKES, BERNICE IRENE-1'iA11l'luIwi5, ,Inter Nos 2-Il, 'l'ri-Y I-2-:L Girls' Glen- 2, -A Valp- wulln 23. l'zilcttr-ers 2-JI, 4.1m-lin-stiui Il: Pres. Il. ilr. Syniplimiy I-2. PADEN, ELINOR ELIZABETH-Girls' Glu- Ii, lizuirl I-2-Il, Student t'0um'il Rep. 1. PALLESKE, JO ANN-Entered from wilt-m. LI1'eg'u11: Amlmz1sszidoi's Cl, A f'appella Il, Hand 2-3. PARSONS. DELORIUS JO ANNE-Honor Society 2-II. P4-1: Club II, G.,X.A. I-2-3, Mask :uid Dagger Nfexrs Staff 21, Girls' League Hep. 2. Stump and Bond Ser, 2, PATTISON, COLLEEN RAEiAXf12l171Jt'112l l-2, ilk-Is. Zi. 'Fri-Y I-2, Aiiilxasszidoiw Girls' Leuguf- PAUL, EUGENE EDWARD-Honor S0- f'ivt" "-'I Nils NIUI' i'iLl"'f'll92lll Ei Servf I -- -- 5- A s . , . ive Ululi ZS. Hand l, Jr.-Sr, Prom Crmim. '7 PEOPLES, MERLENE R.-l'In- ti-real from Poulsho, YVHSl1ll'l,"IfOll, Spzmisli 111111 li See I, - x..N I, Girls' Glen- II, A ffzippellu 53, Home lima Ululm I4 fenior The oral English classes presented a series of radio broadcasts over station KORE for the greater part of the year, and thus enabled many students to become acquainted with the details of speaking before a microphone. 25 Seniors 26 Eugene High Concert Uonnnittee ROW 1: G. DeBeII Cchaiv-many. H. Gardener, P. Dickey. W. Banks, N. Read. ROW 2: G. Cheney, L. Sanchez, D. Chap- man, B. Chase. ROW 3: M. Stone, D. Nlelby, B. Oakes, B. Adams, C. Thompson. PETERSEN, AUSTIN BERNARD-liiflv l'luI+ 2-IZ: l'x-we 'E PETERSON, BETTY PETERSEN, PAUL MORTON--l4'.l",,-X. l 'P " l'ifIl Vluln " -..-.., L ' ,., PETERSEN, RAY ALLEN-lliflv Vlulv 31. Stzinip ziml lirmd Rep, Il. PICKERT, LUELLA l..T.Xlllil2lSS2l1l0l'S 2, 'l'l'i-X' 2. -.i X ,4.,.X,.X. 2 . PIRONI, SHIRLEY-IN-pl'l11ln 2-Sl, KLAJX, 2-21, .X Vupln-llzl 2-Ii, l.iln'u1'y Stuff ZZ, t1,A.A. Foun- vil IZ. Girls' l,1-znglxv Ill-yr, l-2, JV,-Sr. Prom 1'Ullllll. 2, Sr. lmmw- Vonmi. il. K PLAYER, HELEN MARIE-Simnish Vluln 2-SZ. POWELL, F R A N K - Student 1'num'il SI, ,XXl'll14'll'S l'Ull1ll'li ZX. QUAIVI, DOROTHY RANISEY, JERALDINE MAE-l-'sill-tte-vm 33. RANKIN, LAROME STEWART-t'zxm- l-rn Vlulv l-2, .XXt'l1lt'll'S t'ou11n'il Rep. 2-it Ihlvl-. liznls 22, lwmrmllmll ZZ, Swim- ming.: l. RAPPAPORT, MURIEL B.-Hrm- rn' Sm-ivty 2-Sl, IN-11 Club 2-21, !l..X.A. I-2-ZS: f'Ollllt'il 2-3, Yell Ill-zul-vi' Il. News Stuff Il, ,Xl"l'ilt4l'5' l'l11lv I-2: S1-my 2, .XS!41'lI1ili5' 4'omm. IE, Stump :xml iillllli Ill-ir. 2-Ii: lix- wf-, Nmnm. 2-Il, RAUN, ELLEN MATILDA-lintl-1'ul Hum ilik'kS0ll. .Xllwrtsx l4':lu:ulul. REED, GLEN-.Xiwllm-i'5' Vlulu l-2-.,, REYNOLDS, ELLA MARIE-Anilmsszv mlrws 2-Il, Stump :intl liund lil-11, Sl. Uffiu- Slziff 12. RICHARDSON, NORMA JEAN- fl..X.,Xl I-2-31: l'flllllL'li l, 4L.X.I..S. 2-51, Ye-ll I,n-zulu' Il. l'. 'I', A. IJZIHVH 1'IllllIll. Zi. .liz-S11 Prom Vomm. 2. Sr. Ilzlmw- Vrmim. 22. ROBINSON, DARRELL LYNN-lilltm-rn-rl from North lil-ml. Uri-groin: li Ulub 2-il, Student Council 2-Si. I-'urxllulll If-33, liuski-llmzlll 2-Zi, 'l'l':u'k 2-33: Valli. Sl. ROCHESTER, MABEL AVINA-Ento1'vd from lloml liiwvr, On-gzqou: Amlrzlssadors 3, RODIGER, RICHARD-Entered from t'l1i1-sign, Illinois: Studi-nl Uounzeil Re-11. II, llzisvlmll 2-Cl. ROE, ALICE MARIE-Girls' Glee Ulm- 2-22, Student Council Rep. 3. ROSS. DERYL ROWLEY, BILLIE LOUISE-G..X..X. I-Z-ZZ. lfrvs. Zi. lu-ii I'luIi l-2-II: Vim- Pri-S, If, .Xsxi-iiv llx' Vriiiiiii, 2, .X lkipp--llzi 2-Il: Sun :mil Pru- ,L:'rzini 4'li. Il, Soplmiiimw- Party Vfiiiiiri, I, Smiiip :inrl Iifmrl lflxi-in Uuiiiiii. 2. RUDE, ELIZABETH MAE-liliiti-iw-rl I'rum Norm-, Alziskzi, RUTH, KENNETH-IC Vluli 2-21, .XXQ'llI1'll.S Uuuiivil livp. I. Ilzisluit- Iizlll 2-II, 'I'rzu'k 2, Fnolluill JI. RUSSELL, BOBBIE JEAN-A Vzliiiu-llzi I-2-JS, I'ziI- zAilvvI'S 2-Cl. SABALLUS, RUTH EMILY-I-lull-ri-rl from l'liiL'zlg:,'0, lllllllllbil i'2lIllt'I'2l Ululi 21 Sm-mx-'l'i'1-zis. 2. S4-i'x'i1-v Fluli 2-Zi, G.A.A. 2-SI, Girls' Gli-ii ZZ, SARGENT, LOREN-Ili-Y 21, .X Valli- pi-llzi I-2-Il. SCHELL, WILFORD SCHIEWE, DALLAS EARL1,XIIIIDZISSRIIIUVS 2-25, Ili- Y l, Am-iiivi1's 4'fIllll4'll Ifh-ii, 2, 'I'rz1c-lc I-2-IL SCHNIIEDING. DONALD K.--lli-Y I-Z-4' Spzinisli Uliili I. .XXt'I!lkAll'S lqfillllvll Ili-ii, I-3. .Ir.-Sr. l'rmii fvfbllllll, Z, llaiski-llmll I-ZZ. SEABURG, JOHANNA LORRAINE- Girls' In-zigiiv 'I'r4-us, Ci. G4,X..X, I-2-ZZ' Viisiucliaiii Il, lk-ii 4'li1Ii Zi, Ilzind 2. Hffivi- Stuff 22, Sfllllvlll Voiiiivil iivp 2. VII. Sr. lqfjllllll. ZZ. SHELBY, JEAN-l':il1-Ili-ITS 2 Spiiiiisli t'liiIi II. SKERSIES, ELAINE E.-Iiiitiliw-il frum Ilzillzis,G1'.'- Qiiii: A Vzimn-llzi 2-il. Girls' Gli-i- I, ,XIIIIPQISSZLIIUYS 2. SKILBRED, DOROTHY LOUISE-liuli-ri-il from lmllzis, Uri-grni: lkilwlti-i-i's 2-23, Anilmss- :idrirs 3-II. Girls Ml -1- Z-JZ: Vim- l'r--s. ZS. SIMON, PAUL M.-liiili-iw-AI from l'cirl- lziml, O1'vg.1'uii: lli-Y 31, N1-ws Steiff Il, ,X Ifimmvllzi J. ,Xxwiiivirs Uniiiivil Iii-ii. II. Studvnt Vriiiiii-il II. SIMPSON, DON ROY-l-Iiilmwii from Huumlzi, Xlkisliiiigzliiiig .Xlzislc Zlllil llzigrgri-i' l, liitvr Nos 2. SINCLAIR, ERROL GENE SMITH, CARYL YVONNE-lixiuiiu-fl from llzipid Vim, South lmkotzi: Pziivtu---i's II, G..X.A. 2. Girls' Gil-+A Il. Sliulvul Vriiiiivil llvli. II, Girls' l.I-zigilv 'IH-ai 1'h. 21. SMITH, DOREEN-,X l'zippf-lla 2-SI, l'a1l- ettei-rs II. Girls' Gli-I' I. S1i:inisli4'l11Ii I-3- Iii Sow. 2. Stziinp zinil I,-incl Iii-ii. l. SMITH, GRACE ELLEN--'I'ri-Y 2-Il. Girls' Glw- l, lJi'vli4'sll'zi ZZ. l,iIn'ziry Stuff Il, Girls' l.1-:igiiv lla-li. II. lenior Dean Kratt, playing for the student body January 4, when he gave an illustrative faik on the principles of composing music, 27 eniors The student body participated spiritedly in the many pep assem- blies which were presented on the days of our home games in the major sports. The school spirit of Eugene High reached a high point in '44 and '45. 28 SMITH, LAURA MAE SMITH, MARY LU-G..X.,Xi 1-2-3, Girls' Gln- l, liilirzzrian 2, Slmli-nt f'Hllll1'll Re-11. Zi. Girls' lwzlgili- lin-p. l-2, SNYDER, BETTY ZANE-Enti-rwl from llixwiwiflv. l'ziliforiii:n: liilirziry Stuff ij. SNYDER, DUAN E A.-.Xl'L'lM'l'f' l'lLllr l-2-Zig 'l'rvz1s, 2, Rzisvlizill 2-ZZ. COVA. LOlS LaVONNE-Girls' Gil-:A Zi, Atl Shift' Z7 SPICER, ADA ELLEN-Sa-l'Yi1-me Fluli l, Girls' lil:-nv 2-Q. STAGEBERG, DONNA ElLEEN-liii- ll-iwd from Pfwtlzilicl, Ure-groni .X Vap- pl-llzl Cl. llrum Mzijnrf-lie ZS. STILL, DONALD A.TSlllll4'lll ll0lllll'll lhip. 2-52. STALSBERG, LOlS JEAN-Musk :uid lmglgn-i' 31. llilllfl l-2-Il. Stunip :uid Iimiml lil-11. 33, Girls' livzigqm- lla-il, Il. STONE, DAVID-ldiitviwil from Santa Prim. llilllffbflllill Honor Sovil-ly 2-Il, lGugz'4-nuziii lirlif tor 32. lute-r Nos 2-14, Jr,-Sr. Prom Ch. 2, .lr. Vlziss Basis Cniiiiii. 2, Jr. Imiim- Urmim. 2. Studi-111 l'0um-il lil-ii. l-2, .XXt'Il'lt4ll'S l'flllIlt'll llvp. Z. STEWART, ARLENE-'Fri-Y 2, Girls' Glu- 2, G.iX..X. 1-2-3: G.A.L.S. 3, Plfp Vluli 2-3. Girls' l.l-zigiiv lh-p. 2. STILES. PHYLLIS MAXINE- liiitmwfl from l'l-iidlm-ton, tPl'1':lUlll A l'2lDlil'll2l fi. STOLEERG, BETTY L.-liiil--iw-rl frum Xlliiiciliiiu. Ulu-gurl: Girls' Glu- 2. STRAND, BERNICE ESTHER-Palvtti-1-x's I .Xlllll2lSS2lfl0l'S 3: Vim- Pros, Zi. Girls' Glu- 2-IL. Sminp :uid Bond lif-ii, Si. STRONG, KAROLYN NlARIE-l'zxll'1- lvl-1'sIl. Musk limi llziggvr l-3, 1'i-ll Vllllu Q-ZS. Sr. Comm. 22, Slunip mid Bond limi. SUMMERS, MARCIA LOUISE- Alzislx :mil lmugvr l-2. Tri-Y IA2-22: Caliiiiet il, lull-r Nos Il, G..X..X. 2-Ii: 4'm'm-il Il. llaiiid l-Z-ZS, lir- flliustrzi IS. SUSBOWER, LEO LaVERNE SUTTON, LUELLA ALICE-A l'z1p1wllzl If-I .Xiiilmsr-aziciors 2-Sl, Girls' lmzigiw 1.011 l. SWAN, HELEN LUCILLE-lfliitviw-11 frcmi Myrtle Point. Uri-gon: Girls' Gll-li SWOFFORD, LIDY LU-Hmmm' Son-ivty 2-25, Girls' lwague Pres, IL: Rep. 1-2, Sew, Jr. Plass. 'l'ri-us. Sopli, Class. P4-p Club 2-3, Stuinp and Bond l'oum'i1 2, Jr.-Sr, Prom Vuiiiiii. 2, Girls' Glee 1-2. The Christmas Assembly, under the direction of Mr. Griffith, was a well planned musical affair in which the school orchestra, A Cap- pella Choir, and Girls' Glee Club took part. I eniors SWARTS, DOLORES IRENE-Idntered from Chad- ron, Nelirnska. TERRY, ELAINE ISABELLE-Sec. Girls' I.ez1g'ue II, Pzlletteers 2-3, Pep Club 2-3, G..-LA. I, Office Staff 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 2, Co- Cli. Sr. Luncheon 3. THOMAS, JEAN ELIZABETH-Entelw ed from North Platte, Nebraska, Tri-Y I, Amliasszidors l-2-3, News Staff Sl. THOMASON, CLAY O.-E Club l- 2-il: Pres. 3, Musk and llziggm-i' 2-il. Ifiasketlmll 1-2-3, .-XXPIIIGIIVS Coun- cil Rep, 2, Student Counc-il Rep. 3. THOMPSON, CAROLYN MAE-'Fri-Y 2, A Cappella l-2-Il, Band I-2-II, Orcliestra 3, News Staff 3, Con- vi-rt Comm. II. THORSFELDT, NANCY JOANNE-Palet- teers II, G.,-LA. 2-3, Student Council Rep. 2. Stamp and Bond Rep. l, Girls' Glee 2-II. TOMLIN, DOROTHY JEAN-Pali-tteers I-2-fl: Sec. Cl, Mask and llugger 3, G.A.A. I, K-iris Glue I-2, TRAUTWEIN, TREVA ANN- Entered from Pomona, California: A Cappella 3, Ambassadors IZ, Band 2-3, Girls' Glee 2. TUTTLE, LOUISE ELINOR-Entered from Seattle, Xliisliingtcinq Girls' Glee l, Girls' Lezigtle Rep. 2. VAN OSDOL, NORMA RUTH-Mask and Dagger 3, Spanish Club l-2-3, Student Coun- c'il Rep. 2, Girls' League Rep. 3. WALKER, MARIAN RUTH-Entered from Portland, Oregon. WARBERG, GLENN ALLEN- , Sr. Class Pres., Basketball Blan- . ,ff ziger 2. WARD, JOY ELLEAN-Trim' l, Musk and Dagger Il, Amlvussadors 2-3, Carneru Club WARM EN, VELMA RA E-Entered from Col'- vullis, Oregon, 'I'ri-Y I-2: Tre-as. Z, G.A.A. 1-2-3: Counvil l-2, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 2. Girls' Leagtu- Rep, 3. WASHINGTON, EVELYN CORRINE- Entered from Texarkana, Arkansas: 'l'ri-Y 3, Pep Cluli 3, Girls' League Rep, fl. WATSON, DAISY ANN-Ente1'- tered' from Los Angeles. Califor- nia, G.A.A. 3. WATSON, G. DALE--F.l'3'.A. Il: Pres. Il. WATTS, IVIERL-F.F.,-X, l-2-33: Treus, l, Vim Pres. fl, WEBSTER, WARREN WAYNE-Stu- dent Rody Pres. 3: Vice Pres. 2, Honor Society 2-Sl, Flugenean Stuff 1, Ainbasszl- ilors Z-Il, Pun-k Rats Z-Il, Servim- Clulv Zi. lXxeinen's Council l. WECHTER, BRUCE LeROY- Paletteers 3, Par-k Rats 2-3, Axe- men's Council 3. eniors WHITSETT, DORIS HELEN-I4Ixill-will from Grants Pass, Ori-gong 1,?lltittC'1'l'S 2-3, lntvr Nos l, Girls' l.I-zigllv Ilulle-tin Iiozird II, Girls' Iivp. CI. WILDISH, RICHARD EUGENE-Honor S0- 1-ii-ty SI, Lilwrury Steiff 3, Si-rvivv l'luI1 l. 'l'rzu'k l-2-Il, Studi-111 l'0llIIl'il I-SI. WILLIAM, JANICE H.-'l'ri-Y I-2-3, Spzinisli Fluli 2-SS, G..X..X, l-2-22: l'oum'il J. WILLS, JR., EDMUND-Paleb tw-rs I, .X Vumu-llu l-2-Ii, An-ln-x'y . ., . , llulr I--, .lr.-Nr. Prom fiflllllll. L. WINTER, NOLDA JANICE-Musk and Ilzipzgi-1' LL. Spanish l'luIi 1,2-il, Studi-nt Umlxiwil ZS. WINTERS, DARLENE WITTSTRUCK, LORETTA FAYE- 'l'ri-Y 2, I'z1II-tt:-hrs Zi, lrrum Alzxjorvlli- I-2-fl, Ni-ws Stuff 22. WRAY, WILIVIA ETHEL-Girls' 4111-I-CI. 'Z' WRIGHT, CAROLYN J.-Musk :uid lI2IQl,'QJ,'l'l' I-2-Iii Pros. ll, I'zilvtl4-l-rs ti, 'I'ri-Y II, I':Uf.fL'IIi'2IIl Staff II. l'e-p4'I11Ir1-2-fl, Soiih. and Jr, Immw- Clmmn., P. 'IX A. Imnri- l'umm., I'2llIl.f'1'Yl Uoilrivil 3, WRIGHT, MARILYN JOY-Musk :ind lbzigpmi' I. I'ziIi-tu-vrs II, Vim Ululi I-2-32, Give Uluiv 1. WRIGHT, JOHN CURTIS-Hi-Y l-241, A Vzimu-ilu IS, .XXI-mi-n's Nouns-il Ilwp. 2, Slnum :ind llrmd Iii-11. 2. YATES, DAVID YOUNG, JR., A. D.-l':Illt'I'l'lI from III-Iliddvr, Louis- izxmi. YOUNGQUIST, DONALD LAVERNE-l'IutL-r- i-il from XY:-Irsti-r, South lmkotzlg Hand Zi. ZEBLEY, MINA CATHERINEfHon0r Sm-ii-ly 2-22, A fzxppi-lla l-1, lri-X' 1-Q. intvr Nos IX, Girls' In-ziguii Nh. Il, L1- lirziry Stuff 3, Girls' Im2lg' Rep. 2. ZINK, DAVID DANIEL-Riflv Club I-2-31. .ld Staff 2, XVzi1'i'liest '7 CAMERA SHY WILLMA LUCIELLE NIOREFIELD-Girls G :XITIiI2lSS2lfIOl'S 2-II. MID-TERM GRADUATES Bressler, Francis Eugene Byrne, Patrick John Crow, Marilyn Lois Healea, Betty Jo Hughes, Doris Marie Maxon, Ethel Roberta Warberg, Dale A. l Norman Diebel, winner of Westinghouse Science Talent Search con test, was given a "send off" on his trip east by many of his school friends. 55" v SEATED: W. Whitsett. V. Bloom, E. Terry, J. Finley, V. Bailey. K. Strong. STANDING: J. Frye, C. Mobley, H. Mclntyre, B. Nlof- fitt, J. Carlson. L, Seaberfl. Senior Ilanre Committee The co-chairmen of the Senior dance, "The SnoWBall", were Glenn Warberg, class president, and Imo- gene Love. Chairman of decorations was Bob Buchanan who was assisted by Norman Diebel on the sound and lighting properties. Other chairmen Were: Doug Calder, printing of pro- grams: Helen McGillicuddy, public- ity: Altabelle Hoadley, patrons and patronesses: Shirley Pironi, sale oi programs: Norma lean Richardson, entertainmentg and Grace Smith, re- freshments, assisted by Doreen Smith. Senior Committee Heads During the year a number of commit- tees were organized to perform the many tasks connected with a graduating class. Senior pin committee consisted of Harold Mclntyre, Dorris Whitsett, and Karolyn Strong headed by lessie Frye. The Senior Luncheon was handled under the co-chair- manship of Elaine Terry and Virginia Bloom. Virginia Bailey and Bob Moffitt su- pervised the fitting of caps and gowns. Lorraine Seaberg and lanice Finley were in charge of ordering the senior announce- ments and cards. The Class Day program was arranged by Corky Mobley. Janice Murray and lack Carlson took care of the graduating partners. SEATED: D. Smith, G. Smith. S. Pironi, A. Hoadley, H. lvIcGiIIi- cuddv. STANDING: D. Calder, I. Love, B. Buchanan, N. Richard- son, N. Diebel. Winners of Amateur Show Among the numerous assemblies planned this year by the Assembly Committee was an Amateur Show, presented to bring out some ot the, as then, undiscovered talent of Eugene High. Prizes totaling 557.50 were given as S15 first prizes and 37.50 second prizes in three groups: vocal, instrumental, and non-musical. First prize in the vocal group was given to the boys' quartet. Second prize went to Donna Gillespie. loe Kelsey's German Band won first prize in the instrumental group. A double piano number by Doris Miller and Gwen Huffman took second prize. The non-musical group's first prize Went to Donna and Casey Hyde for their tumbling act. A reading by lan Heisel won second prize. Bob Moffitt was master of ceremonies and decisions were made by non-partisan judges. l ROW 1: G. Hoffman, D. Hyde, H. Richards, J. Kelsey, N. Reed. ROW 2: D. Miller, C. Hyde, D. Gillespie, J. Heisel, D. Parks. ROW 3: D. Youngquist, J. Christensen, B. Moffitt 1M.C.J, I.. Gillett, D. Mack. 31 X f T565 dgaje JS mebicafeb pf f - l la all those menibers ul' li e X2,X Senior Class who were un- able lu euiiiplele lheir sehaol Careers flue to their enlranee into the aimed lurees UI' their eountry. 32 AIITUGPIAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTUGPIAPHS AIITUGHAPHS In Memoriam Floyd Jones Dick Mack. Janis McCoy, Gene Heany Congratulations to the Iunior Class for its worthy contributions to the colorful and varied social pro- gram carried on in Eugene High School during the school year of l944-45. The luniors got off to an auspicious start in late Cctober, by sponsoring a new and novel activity, "Sadie Hawkins' Week" which featured tags, noon dances, a noon drawing, and had as its highlight the "Sadie Hawkins' Dance" that followed the hard- fought Eugene-Milwaukee football game. The next event offered by the luniors was the annual lunior Dance, "The Holly Folly," on Decem- ber l5, which, under the capable leadership of the class president, Wesley Nicholson, proved an out- standing success. The dance was an all-school sport affair, embellished with all the aspects of the Christ- mas season. The climax of all social activities each school year is the lunior-Senior Prom given by the Iuniors for the graduating class. This year's Promenade was presented May 4, and the committee of luniors, head- ed by co-chairmen Alice Kingman and Mike Calla- han, chose and put into effect a unique theme. The dance, into which the luniors put a great deal of time and effort, was truly one befitting the departing Seniors. With this final tribute to the Class of '45, the luniors brought to a close their underclass activities which were so successfully carried out by the able class advisers, Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Mickelson, by competent officers, and by cooperative class members. lf these luniors, who will shortly assume the re- sponsibilities of the Senior Class, carry the energetic and ambitious spirit which they have demonstrated during this school year with them into the future, their success in the world of tomorrow is a certainty. JU IUR Wesley Nicholson President ROW 1: M. Callahan, R. Butzirus, N. Read, D. Towne, R. Hopper, ROW 2 D. Anderson, J. Summers, A. Kingman, P. Hixson, H. Boehnke. ROW 3: J Day, P. Akers. M. Johns. 37 Juniors ROW 1: B. Adams. B. Bell, D. Anderson, M. Banton, B. Barton, N. Ashworth, L. Anderson, B. Bertelsen, V. Brown, B. Beck, G. Cheney, M. Brown. ROW 2: N. Brink, C. Alford, P. Bucklin, R. Anderson, P. Akers, J. Appling, R. Bauman, E. Bowman, J. Archibald, M. Bradshaw, D. Anderson. ROW 3: D. Bailor, L. Asher, D. Baker, M. Bryant. A. Anderson, S. Andrus, P. Bevans, H. Boehnke, R. Butzirus, P. Agerter. ROW 4: M. Bristow, E. Bevel, W. An- drus, G. Bryan, B. Brund, L. Bradford. ROW 1: D. Cross, D. Edblom, B. Dragoo, J. Christensen, B. Cummins, D. Darkins, E. Emerson, J. Day, J. Egge, R. Carter, D. Churchill, l. Crone, G. Christensen. ROW 2: B. Chase, J. Clark, E. Cushman, B. Cameron, W. Christ- offerson, E. Croson, B. Clough, W. Eyres, M. Christensen, J. Dodson, B. Cale, L. Conner, A. Collins, D. Chapman. ROW 3: L. Churchill, F. Coen, W. Dodds, B. Elspas, P. Dickey, J. Crooks, J. Ekstrorn, J. Daniels, B. Essig, W. Crab- tree, P. Cannon, M. Chambers. ROW 4: W. Eaton, G. Dean. E. DeCou, M. Callahan, B. Carmickle, J. Cox, D. Chamberlain, J. Cressey. B. Doak, J. Crandell. ROW 1: D. Hyde, P. Grant, G. Huffman, J. Furrow, J. Furrow, M. Geer. D. Rerrelly, P. Hixson, B. Hunnicutt, G. Heany, P. Gravos, S. Finley, D. Hugus, D. Hamilton, F. Hawkesworth, M. Hawkins, E. Fordham. ROW 2: P. Harris. M. Fladstol, A. Hooley, L. Querzo, J. Heisel, S. Hammock, C. Harding, J. Hills, P. Fisher, E. Hooper, J, Fryden- lund, M. Fuson, M. Flock, D. Gericke, P. Hanrahan, J. Foley. L. Fordham. ROW 3: B. Hunter, L. Gardner, O. Gard, L, Gillett, D. Hassacl, G. Hart, E. Hall, C. Garrett, K. George, D. Fosnaugh, F. Greene, B. Frye, R. Fraedrick, R. Hopper. ROW 4: N. Halstead, G. Harris. B. Haldeman. L. Herbert, D. Gilson, J. Huber, D. Hendrickson, D. Hickenbottom. ww, nel iq., m .af Q of - UQ l QQ Juniors ROW 1: L. Melby, P. Lochner, V. McHenry, P. McCaIIister, J. McCoy, P. Morgan, E. Jordanger, D. Krehbiel, T. Johnson, K. Kuntz, E. Koepp, E. Mindle, J. Maughan, B.Meats, L. McCoy, S. Moore. ROW 2: A. Kingman, R. Mc Clanahan. E. Miller, G. McCain, A. Jeans, D. McClintic, B. McHenry, M. Lingo, M. Koch, D. Maughan, L. Lee, l. Lowry, D. Jones, D. Miller. ROW 3: G.. Juhl, M. Johnson, J. Morgan, E. Mortensen, J. Kerrebrock, M. Johns, F. Jenkins, M. McHaIe, M. McNett, G. Mason, W. Manahan. N. McKee. D. Johnston. ROW 4: D. Lawson, A. Jonez, J. McAloon, D. Mack, A. Johnson, D. Mobley, D. Moll, B. Mobley, G. Morgan, L. Moore, J. Meyer, E. Kingery. B. Maguire, R. Morgan. ROW 1: D. Oberg, N. Reed, J. Payne, O. Peckham, R. Renk, D. Pounds, B. Paulson, T. Rice, H. Reece, N. Orton. B. Powell. L. Pedron, S. Robinson. ROW 2: E. Petersen J. Quiner, J. Prickett, I. Richey, D. Richardson, M. Rankin, M. Rosenberg, M. Pickett, M. Olin, W. Rader, M. Pearson, W. Owen, A. Riasanovsky. ROW 3: J. Portis, D. Rutledge, V. Roberts, T. Rhoades. E. Neuenfeldt, M. Nitschke. W. Nicholson. N. Reed, D. Parks, E. Rutledge, N. Privrasky, B. Reed. B. Randle. ROW 1: Mrs. Robertson, J. Swanson, M. Tulley, G. Youngquist, B. Shreve, G. Shreve, E. Williams, D. Thomason, V. Vitus, G. Smith, R. Yosin, P. Sullivan, B. Wetzell, J. Vicary, M. Yates, C. Winchester, C. Wood, Mr. Mickelson. ROW 2: J. Thorson, M. Willis, L. Warinner, J. Swartz, B. Somerville, L. Watts, N. Williams, M. Thompson, G. Skillern, R. Willoughby, B. Sutton, H. Wright, J. Summers, L. Steeland, B. Walder, M. Young. ROW 3: N. Woods, J. Walker. H. Walker, H. Wittwer, E. Smith, D. Venes, B. Schooling, D. Towne, S. Wherry, J. Smith, L. Weber. C. Smith, S. Zink, B. Scott, H. Young. ROW 4: B. Weidenkeller, W. Samuel, C. Schaefer, B. Shelby. H. Wilkinson. Junior Dance Committee The traditional lunior Dance was presented just before Christmas. To add to the spirit of the season the dance was centered around the Christmas theme and was entitled "The Holly Folly". Chairman for the event was class presi- dent Wesley Nicholson. Working with him were: Dorothy Thomason, Chairman of decorations, Barbara Dragoo, refreshments, Anne Sum- mers, entertainment, "Hank" Boehnke and Linda Pedron, designing and printing of pro- grams, Dean Fosnough, publicity, Dale Gilson, construction, Virginia Mcl-lenry, records, and Marian Bradshaw, invitations. KNEELING: H. Boehenke, D. Gilson, D. Fosnaugh, W. Nicholson. STANDING: D, Thomason, V, McHenry, B. Dragoo, M. Bradshaw, L. Pedron. odie Hawkins Committee During November a new and distinctly novel "week" was presented by the Iunior Class. lt was called "Sadie Hawkins' Week" and was based on the theme from the comic strip L'il Abner, The co-chairmen who were in charge of this new activity were Phyllis Morgan and Phyllis l-lixon. Phyllis Morgan, Phyllis Hixson Junior- enior Promenade On May 4 the Iunior Class held its annual numerous gaily-colored deep-sea denizens. dance to honor the outgoing Seniors-the lunior- Senior Prom. Under the theme "Blue Grotto," the dance was decorated in an undersea motif, centered around the simulated stern of a par- tially buried, wrecked sailing ship cast on the ocean's floor. A change from the usually bare doors was the porthole effect achieved by rounding the corners with lightweight wood, and covering the doors themselves with dark-colored paper. Around the "portholes" cavorted brilliantly-col- ored, bubble-blowing tropical fish, and between the two doors was the orchestra section, situat- ed on the north side for the first time in many years. The section was elevated, two rounded steps leading to the platform from which Art Holrnan's seven-piece orchestra sent melodic renditions of familiar selections throughout the evening. Adorning the walls, further enhancing the undersea motif, were several gorgeous mer- maids, replete with tails and leis of flowers, and Ensconced in the southeast corner was the everwelcome refreshment bar, complete with blue and red leather-covered metal stools. The bar was rounded, decorated in a nautical effect. An entirely novel idea served to complete the scene-fa huge net acting as a false ceiling, with floats suspended from it was raised in the center to form a dome. This was the most diffi- cult undertaking of the entire dance, according to the decoration committee, as it had to be made by hand from string, then lifted into posi- tion. The entertainment during intermission was conducted by MC Ronnie Fraedrick, and con- sisted of a trombone duet, vocal numbers by a quartet of junior boys, and two diminuitive dancers who gave an excellent and unusual performance. Soft lighting and a congenial atmosphere contributed to an evening to be long-remember ed by the guests of the lunior Class. D. Beairsto, W. Haynes, D. Dahlberg. Horrors! Was the first thought of all the faculty, juniors, and seniors of Eugene High when the num- ber of sophomores who had registered became known. The class began the year with the munificent sum of 4l9 and by midyear had increased to 446, to make it the largest class in the school's history. With so many members, a class should have many prominent and active students, and it does. As proof, Marcia Murray was chosen Queen of the War Chest drive, Sigrid Skade and Lucille Zarzan were Princesses of the Beaux Arts Ball, and several of the boys were outstanding in sports, winning their coveted "E's." Doris lean Miller and junior Gray won prizes in the Amateur Show, and Don Bench was elected President of the Lane junior Red Cross Council. The "Beano" carnival concession was a great success, as was the February 23 dance, the "Hatchet Hop," under the leadership of the officers, the gen- eral chairman, lohn McNutt, and the excellent guid- ance of Mrs. Davis and, Mr. Moore. These events helped to develop leadership and responsibility in the students, provided entertainment for the entire stu- dent body, and helped to supply sufficient funds to fill the class' needs. . ophomore For the past year the of- ficers of the Sophomore Class have been Ward Haynes, president: Dick Dahlberg, vice-president: and Diane Beairsto, secre- tary. At midyear, a dancing class for sophomores was organized, under the leadership of Dick Dahlberg. Two university students gave lessons once a week for a small fee to those interested, and the classes were unusually well-attended. ln all projects to further the war effort, each boy and girl of this class has contributed generously and offered his services in attaining the goals. Many have given time ordinarily devoted to recreation in order to support these causes and have shown their versa- tile capabilities in numerous ways. A special project of the class was the collection of books for the Camp Adair hospital. Some of the boys entered the armed services and others, both boys and girls, worked in part-time jobs to help employers combat the manpow- er shortage which has become so very acute during the last few months of school. Throughout the year, various sophomores have stood in the limelight of both social and curricular activities-some to remain, others to fade into the background. Their possibilities in the future, both in school and out, are unlimited. They may choose to remain unacclaimed nobodies, but with a beginning like theirs, we feel assured that they can but succeed. ROW 1: G. Bethel, P. Bertelsen, P. Brooks, B. Bosshardt, A. Berngson, P. Bowling, D. Brinkman, V. Bricker, M. Baker, M. Burge, B. Brown, R. Backus, E. Aydelott, J. Billings, V. Blackstone. ROW 2: T. Armstrong. B. Butler, D. Buckles. N, Autenrieth, P. Buzzell. D. Beairsto. B. Beck, C. Boesen, B. Benton, J. Allen, 0. Brown, S. Barrell, M. Bissell, M. Brandt. R. Bissell, K. Bennett. ROW 3: E. Boyd, D. Atwater, J. Benum, D. Bench, J. Banks, J. Ault, C. Bryant, C. Blackburn, D. Behnke, F. Brown, B. Anderson, B. Andrus, B. Boyd. 4l Sophomores ROW 1: J. Carlisle. J. Drollinger, M. Califf. S. Donaldson, H. Earl D. Christensen. D. Chamberlain, M. Condon. D- Campbell, D. Chapman, D. CasperS0r1, D- Carver, D. Caswell. ROW 2: P. Chase, A. Channel, D. Ellwood, K. Cooper, N. Chase, F. Collins, D. Daniels, D. Coakes, L. Corbin, D. Eddy, L. Chapman, D. Daniels. ROW 3: S. Dugan, J. Drinkwater, H. Engebrestsen, D. Delmore, R. Durflinger, G. Costleigh, G. Crabtree, J. Crakes. T. Donahue. gl. Daggett, F. Davenport. ROW 4: F. Dodge, 0. Caswell, B. Campbell, D. Dahlberg, B. Davis, G. Diebel, J. oven. B. Coe. ROW 1: F. Hein. B. Hansen, K. Hain, A. Flowerdew, B. Fenner, S. Hoselton, J. Gibson, M, Hinshaw, J. Herbransen. J. Handley, G. Gaylord, D. Hanson, M. Griffith. ROW 2: P. Isaacson. R. Haley. R. Hurnibrook, D. Hamilton, J. Heffernan, L, Hezikson, M. Hogans, J. Goodlin, N. Gaveney. M. llams. J. Hoiting, L.. Haldorson. ROW 3: W. Hunnicott, M. Hooper, E. Frolen, B. Fulton, D. Garrett, B. Hammock, W. Haynes, J. Fluent, H. Haight, D. Ham- ilton, A. Hall, J. Farmer, A. Graves. ROW 4: J. Gray, G. Hoiland, A. Fox, G. Ferrell, L. Haldorson, D. Hubbard, J. Hanns, J. Glover, H. Gardner, L. Huss, F. Harpster, R. Hornibrook, E. Falk. ROW 1: W. Mills, M. Marshall, D. Miller, J. Maxon, S. McKinney, A. Kirk, D. Jordan, N. Julian, N. Miller, M. Miller- P- MCHBHPY- D- KPUMCUCCK- B- Marines, S- Nlahany, M. Jaquenod, L. Malos, N. McKee, G. Jeske. ROW 2: D. Mintz, S. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. Marks, D. Miller, P. McGinty, J. Mannel, B. Means, M. Jones, D. Deefe, M. Murray, N. Mitchell, L. Lay, B. McKeen, G. Jeppesen. D. Melby. M. McMaster. B. Mclntire. ROW 3: A. Journey, R. Kinkel, J. McNutt, F. Manning, H. Loseth, B. Mantion, A. Merewether, D. Johnston, H. Johnson, H. Morrill, C. Luttrell, M. Langley, A. Ketterl, J. Miller, G. Johnson, M. Morrow, W. Lamb, L. Knowles.ROW 4: G. Miner G. Misbach, B. McCracken, B. McGillicuddy, D. Landers, E. Lundberg, B. Merriam, B. Knollin, B. Mullins, J. Mervyn, C. Lake, T. Minney, D. Malpass, B. Little, C. Mead. M. Jones. M. Loucks. upliimmres ROW 1: B. Price, D. Peterson, B, Peterson, B. Rarick, R. Reynolds, J, Roy, B, Peterson, F, Rogers, B, Plant, J. Richardson, P, Rhoades, B. Neely, D. Pitcher, E. Patrick. ROW 2: E. Peterson, D. Willock, M. Pinkerton, B. RI ' b J P df' ' 'ieis urg, , rou it, D. Plaisted, B. Robertson, M. Porter. D. Speck, M. Powers, N. Prather D. Ransom, J Privrasky. ROW 3: T. Titus, K. Pierson, B. Purcell, S. Smith, R. Rodgers, K. Ostby, D. Orchard, D. Neet, B: Rasor,,D. Riedel, D. Peterman, D. Ruth, G. Reece, G. Richman. ROW 4: J. Rohde, M, Olsen, J. Nasholm, D. Pengra. R. Pfeiffer, A. Calkerline, G. Rider, S. Rhoads, D. Nordling, A. Nyegaard, N. Richards, K, Petersen, D. Quam. ROW 1: E. Smith, S. Solein, P Simmons, J. Small, V. Snyder, C. Spiering, E, Sorensen, B Schell J Silliman K. Steele, L. Stalsberg, P. Swartz, D. Sorenson, L. Sanchez. ROW 2: C, Southward, H, Smith, H, Smith, M, Stone, D. Sibley. M. Smith, B, Stelting, L. Schaefer, E. Sorensen, F. Smith, D. Sherman, R. Schofield, J. Smith. ROW 3: R. Sibley, G. Schmieding, L. Smith, C. Steven, W. Shelter, E. Stelting, D. Scott, G. Sem, D. Snyder, J, Soehren D. Smith, P. Scearce. ROW. 4: J. Sullivan, D. Sorensefi, R. Sullivan, B. Sargent, G. Smith, J. Spicer, D. Sawyer: D. Snook, D. Spencer, D. Strite, D. Swennes. ROW 1: Mr. Moore, Adviser: P. Tatham, L. Weber, D. Williams, B. Weldy, D, Winfrey, M. Walker, J. Walker, R. Young, S. Wolfe, Mrs. Davis, Adviser. ROW 2: J. Witcraft, L. Zarzan, M. Witbeck, G. Watts, S. Wofenbarger, K. Watts, C. Wilson, J. Vaughan, L. Williamson, M. Wildish. ROW 3: J, Towne, K, Wollschleger, E. Worth, J. Toole, E. Woods, K. Whitmore, J. Barreau, V. Young, K. Welch. ROW 4: F. Wright, L. Wilson, R. Zielinsky, J. Tupper, E. Wilde, D. Thieves, l. Thompson. R. Pfeiffer, K. Hain, C. Beeson. E. Gillmore. B. Hammock, R. Anderson, G. Diebel, D, Garrett Sophomore Nominating Committee The purpose of the nominating committee, first Sophomore committee of the year to be chosen, was to select from their class members several candidates for each of the class offices-President, Vice-Presi- dent, and Secretary-Treasurer. Each of the sophomore social living classes elect- ed a representative to the committee, and the com- mittee selected. as its chairman Bill Hammock. , "All for a dance . . . " Sophomore Dance G0lllllliUE9 Under the co-chairmanship of Ward Haynes, President of the class, and Iohn McNutt, the Sopho- more Dance committee functioned very Well. Sigrid Skade Was in charge of the decorations, and, an innovation, also of the cleanup. Dick Dahlberg made arrangements for the dancing class, which Was open to those sophomores who did not already know how to dance or wanted to become more proficient in the art. Gerry Ann Gaylord, recep- tion chairman, saw to the comfort of the patrons and patronesses, and Ioanne Goodlin managed both the publicity and check room. Handling the orchestral effects over the P. A, system Was Gordon Diebely Bob Pfeiffer was in charge of refreshments and Ed Peter- son of ticketsg Dolores Miller organized the entertain- ment, and Iohn Spicer collected tickets at the door. 44 FIRST ROW: J. Goodlin, S. Skade, D. Beairsto, G. Gaylord, N Gaveney. SECOND ROW: J. McNutt, W. Haynes, R. Pfeiffer, G Diebel, D. Dahlberg. Y X nckanfinss in fer ubes Q c 1357 if , Iteaux Arti Ball The annual Beaux Arts Ball, the first of the twc formal dances presented during the year, was the ' ' t f the winter season. lts outstanding social even o sponsors, the Paletteers, put hours of planning and work into the development of the theme, "Tropical Nights", and according to most observers succeeded in making their ball a worthy challenge to those that will be held in Eugene High in the future. Pastel, white, and blue draperies lowered the ceiling while a mirror ball accented the center of the room by reflecting the light from the softly color- ed spots. Large tropical birds and jungle flowers were used against the walls of forest-green draperies, and ten real palm plants were placed around the 'h old trunks and floor. Several other palms wit g ' ere also used, adding much green metallic leaves w color to the attractive arrangement. The highlight of the dance was, of course, the crowning of the Queen, Gail Smith, chosen by the students during the previous week of activity. The Queen, dressed in a lovely formal ,was escorted to her throne by lohn McNutt as Bobbie lean Bussell, leanne lefferis and Norma Eaton sang a waltz time fanffare. The Queen's court followed her, Princess Elaine Terry of the Senior Class being escorted by Bill Moore, Princess Lillian Melby of the lunior Class by Dick Mack, Princess Lucille Zarzan of the Sopho- more Class by Harold Mclntyre, and Princess Sigria Skade of the Sophomore Class by Glenn Warberg. lanice Murray, last year's queen, crowned Queen Gail with a beautiful crown made from simulatea pearls, purple plush, and white fur, fashioned after ' . The princesses were crowned the Mardi Gras crown by their escorts with tiaras of simulated pearls ana jewels. The enteitaiment, under the direction of Corky Mobley as master of ceremonies, consisted of a short comical skit, two classical piano numbers and a couple of popular songs. Everything indicated that the dance had been well planned and that much credit was due the Paletteers, particularly the committee members ir. charge who were Dale Towne, Betty Petersen, Bob Elspas, and ludy Clark. Those who danced to the music of Art Holniar. ' 12 have and his orchestra that night of lanuary , added another bright spot in their memory book of the past. 47 Geraxd Fox JQAYW' Appfmg Among the early highlights of the school year was the presentation of a well planned Thanksgiving assembly, the theme of which was "Understanding Our Allies." The Advanced Drama class, under the able di- rection of Mrs. Houglum, and with an elaborate set- ting, provided by Mr. Banister's art classes, appro- priately presented the Russian play "The Boor." "The Boar," as enacted by the leading stars, lo- Ann Appling and Gerald Fox, was well received bY an audience who appreciated its moments of humor. A brief summary of the performance follows: ln her beautiful colonial home, Helena lvanova Popov lloAnn Applingl is in mourning for her late husband, who had passed away seven months be- fore. She keeps herself in complete solitude, except- ing the presence of her servant, Luka CDeryl Rossi, and vows she will see no one. One day a dashing 48 ll ll The Boar young lieutenant of the cavalry lGerald Foxl forces his way into her home, demanding that she immedi- ately pay a long delinquent debt contracted by her husband. Refusing, Helena consents to marry him. The grand finale of the play is the passionate em- brace shown above. "The Stolen Prince," presented during this same assembly, was enacted by a large cast which in- cluded Art Iohnson, Carl Gilbert, Earlene Koepp, Clay Thomason, Dorothy Miller, Forest Rogers, Iohn Porter, Evelyn Maser, lohn McAloon, Ken lverson, Bettye Bowen, Maxine Christensen, Margaret Brown and Betty lo Beck. The play was entirely a satire on Chinese life, a comedy which had as its plot the curious circumstances that resulted from the ac- cidental loss of a Chinese prince, destined to be the King of China. "The fno hall" The annual senior dancefthis year under the title of "The Snowballnfwas held in the auditorium, December l. Under the able direction of Bob Buchanan, decor'- ation chairman, the walls were covered with paper and painted in gorgeous shades of blues and purples to represent mountains looming against an evening sky. Silver stars were scattered at random to further the illusion. Crepe paper streamers, originating in a chandelier that had been placed high in the rafters and alternating in color from smoke-gray to deep purple, were draped to meet the Wall decorations. Groups of evergreen trees, ranging in size from two to twelve feet and enhanced by bits of "snow" were placed in the corners of the room and along the walls. Wide benches, covered with colorful Indian olankets, were also arranged around the edge of the dance floor. The stage was done in the same manner as the rest of the room, but in this case the streamers ex- tended completely to the floor, creating a cave-like effect, About the base of the stage was placed a beautiful sign, done in cotton and silver tinsil on a blue background, bearing the legend "The Snow- Ball." ln the center of the floor was a grove of ever- green trees, artistically arranged about a silver pool, a snowbank, and a romantically located bench. The grove also sheltered a realistic snowman who smiled benignly upon the dancers as they circled past. ln keeping with the other elaborate decorations the refreshment stand was done in an entertaining and novel manner, having been constructed to represent a tiny, rustic shack, complete with Windows and a roof. The music for the dance was provided by Art Holman, former band instructor at Eugene High, and his orchestra. The senior committee in charge of the dance- consisting of Glenn Warberg and Imogene Love, co-chairmen, Doreen Smith, Grace Smith, Shirley Pironi, Altabelle Hoadley, Helen McGillicuddy, Douglas Calder, Bob Buchanan, Norma lean Rich- ardson, Wayne Stone, and Norman Diebel-did an excellent job in coordinatingthe efforts of the many Workers and from all reports succeeded in making this annual affair a success. 49 oplmnmre llance Despite difficulties in setting a definite date for their dance, the Sophomores produced one entirely in keeping with the holiday spirit of the time, as it was held on February 23, the day after Washington's birthday. Large caricatures of Martha and George Wash- ington adorned the usually bare stage curtains and large paper axes and cherries further carried out the motif. Around the sides, in the corners, and in front of the stage were logs with axes embedded firmly in them, reminding one of the cherry tree fable. Although the dance was a non-date affair, it was well-attended and enjoyed by members of all classes. Junior Dance The lunior Class of 44445 presented, as one of its contributions, a Christmas sport dance, the Holly Folly. The dance was held shortly before Christmas vacation, and to further the prevalent holiday spirit the decorations and theme featured Christmas trees, glass ornaments and "snow". The center of the dance floor was occupied by an enormous fir tree which reached nearly to the rafters. Large, soft-colored lights and tinsel Were used for decorations, giving the tree a soft, luminous effect. The lights from the tree also cast shadows on the dancers as they glided around the floor about whose edges smaller Christmas trees, which were like their large cousin, had been placed. That old Christmas favorite, mistleloe was located in convenient places and proved to be good material for use in decorating. Like the mistletoe, the Holly Polly proved itself oi success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who at- tended. 50 "Jerry Breaks A Date" "Vtfhen a one-act tarce contains a plot suitable io: a three-act play, and crarns into its twenty-tive min- utes the situations, action, and humor ot a long comedy, that's good news for the director who wants something different in a one-act tarcef' Thus "lerry Breaks a Date" was for Mrs. Houglum, Bl-l.S. drama instructor . . . and, having chosen a likely and capable cast, this play proved to be the success that it had promised. ln an assembly ot Ianuary 26, the drama classes enacted this comedy and found the usually critical audience sincerely enjoying the presentation. Set in a simple but appropriate interior, "terry Breaks a Date" was filled with rapid, natural action, and real- istic, laughable dialogue. When lerry lohnson, played by Clay Thomason, tinds that his sister Cleanne Gibson? through the con- niving ot his social-minded Mother and Aunt CBeverly Brown and Dorothy Ferrelll, has been forced into a date with an "intelligent, bespectacled, and very un- attractive young scientist" who is visiting their little city, and learns that she not only does not want the date because it will make her the laughing-stock oi her triends, but also because it will anger her "steady," he decides to do something about it. Dressed like a young woman, and enlisting the aid ot his Father, who is dressed in his Villain's costume for the community play, "The Villain and Lily Belle," he uses "simply psychology" on the unwanted date, Wilfred Winfield CDoug Brinkmanl, to the result which hardly resembles psychology, but lett the audience weak with laughter. All in all, the play was a real success, tor which credit is due not only the di- rector and the two leading student actors, but espe- cially lerry's "Father," Mr. Kienzle, whose versatile abilities added intensely to the merriment of the au- dience. 5l E ent of the Year . . . September 18-22 22 29 October 2 6 7 10 12 13 16 17 20 27 Oct. 30 - Nov. 5 31 November 2 3 10 17 18 22 28 December l 5 6 7 8 12 13 14 15 19 20 22 23 27 . 29 lanuary 2 5 6 9 12 16 18 19 23 26 30 52 Hello Week Assembly Hello Week Dance Uni Hi Game--There Faculty Pot-Luck Girls' League Assembly North Bend-There Girls' League Party Pep Club Initiation Bend--There Hi-Y Pot-Luck Blind Artist Assembly Marshtieldel-lere Corvallis-Here Sadie Hawkin's 'Week Honor Society Initiation A Cappella Initiation Sadie Hawkins Dance Milwaukie-Here Armistice Assembly Salem-There Axemen's Council Assembly AlbanyfThere Hi-Y Dance Thanksgiving Assembly B.B. Oakridge4There Senior Dance Benson High-vThere OakridgefHere Girls' League Party Pep Club Football Banquet Award Assembly Benson High-Here Saint Mary's-There Pleasant Hill-There Honor Society Initiation Iunior Dance Active Club Banquet Pleasant Hill4Here E Club Initiation BendAThere Christmas Assembly Bend-There Myrtle Pointel-lere Saint Mary'sf1-Iere Cottage Grove-There Albanyfl-lere Carnival Springtield4There Beaux Arts Ball Roseburg-There SalemfThere Corvallis-Here Girls' League Assembly Iunction City-Here Albany-There Drama Assembly Uni Hi4Here February March April May lune 2 3 6 7 9 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 23 28 2 6 7 15-17 19-23 23 4 9-13 13 20 27 4 8 ll 25 l 3 7 Oregon City-!I'here Milwaukie-eThere Springtieldfl-lere Axemen's Council Assemblg Roseburg-Here Iunction CityfThere Girls' League Valentine Tec SalemMHere Talent Assembly Uni HifThere Cottage GroveeHere Mardi Gras Party Sophomore Dance Corvallis-There Bed Cross Hi-Y Assembly Myrtle Point-Here Myrtle Point-There March Hare Party Basketball State Tournamen Be-Up Clean-Up Week Assembly Student Body Election Print and Cord Week Girls' League Assembly Stamp and Bond Dance Pep Club-E Club Dance lunior Senior Prom May Day Party Girls' League Assembly Award Assembly Senior Day Senior Dance Luncheon Baccalaureate Graduation P M. Zebley. First Semester Second Semester Ed Kirchhoft ,,,r.....,,,,. President ..,,,, Norman Diebel loAnne Parsons..Vice-President..Betty Hillstrom Mina Zebley ....,. Secretary Dorothy Herbranson Evelyn Ionez ,oorwV....., Treaurer ,,w... Helen McAdams A Rational Honor fociety The Alpha Chapter of the National Honor Society was granted to Eugene High in 1924. The constitution oi the national organization recognizes tour cardinal objectives as funda- mental in all educational practices: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Students are selected tor membership by the faculty, and the membership ot a chapter is limited by national ruling on a percentage basis. The year's activities included, besides busi' ness meetings, cr special Halloween initiation party and two tormal ritualistic banquet initia- tions. The total membersship was titty-eight, ol which sixteen Seniors became members during their lunior year, thirteen during the tirst se- mester ot their Senior year. Ten Senior and nine- teen lunior members were admitted in the spring election. ROW 1: V. Bailey, B. Bennett, P. Byrne, J. Carlson, I. Clemens, A. Dahl, N. Diebel, J. Finley, D. Herbranson. ROW 2: B. Hillstrom. A. Hoadlev. B. Hutchinson, E. Jonez. E. KirChh0ff, F- Koppe. V. Lindley, l. Love. J. Luckey. ROW 3: H. McAdams, W. McCullough, B. Moffltt, J. l Parsons. E. Paul, M. Rappaport, D. Stone, L. Swofford, W. Webster. ROW 4: R. Wildish, The new memb were: luniors: Ritha Bauman Michael Callahan Edgar DeCou loan Dodson ludy Egge Wesley Eyres Shirley Finley loanne Frydenlund Charlotte Haight Donna Faye Hyde Marilyn lohns Eleanor lordanger Alice Kingman Dick Moll Sally Moore ers elected at the close of April Phyllis Morgan Wesley Nicholson Robert Schooling Helen Wright Seniors: lohn Christensen Frank Holm Shirley Kissling Shirley Pironi Ella Reynolds Billie Rowley Lorraine Seaberg Doreen Smith Grace Smith Duane Snyder First banquet initiation . . . Nw 55 lil .Ma J. Luckey, Miss Blais, B. Hilti strom, Mr. Hendricks, Mis Woods, S. Finley STANDING: E. Reynolds, M Zeblev, D. Robinson, C. Mobley F. Bresler, J. Carlson, R. Weld ish, H. Mclntyre, Miss Chester SEATED: D. Conn, G. Smith. C Jackson, S. Pironi, B. Snyder G. Ames. D. Bushnell. A. Meyers B. Hebard, .f ctivities Committee Library Staff The Activities Committee contributes much to the democratic tunctions ot Eugene High School. During the yedr, Miss Woods served cis chgirmgn, with Miss Blciis otnd Mr. Hendricks gssisting her. Two Seniors, Eetiy l-lillstrom :ind lim Luclcey, ond one lunior, Shirley Finley, otlso served on the committee The lunior student hos or two-yedr term. These stu- dents cire selected by the student body president. This committee investigotes the scholostic record ot egch student ncrnindted tor dn ottice. To pdss the committee, one must hove dvergge grotdes in dll sub- jects gnd hold not more thon one mdior ond one minor otiice, or two minor ottices ot one time. The committee glso sees thot no student violdtes this rule. ln this Wgy, the Activities Committee helps more students goin positions ot importonce ond experience beneticidl to the development ot Well-rounded per- sonotlities. 56 One ot the most populolr reguldr Senior clgsses is the Librory Trctining clgss. Members ot this cldss have chorge ot the librory during dll periods, cn noon, gnd betore ond cttter school. The cldss, con- ducted by Miss Motrjorie Chester, librorion, is held during the first semester ond in it the students ledrn such things which will endble them to be ol greoter service to other students who wish to mglce use oi the librotry. Two luniors gre chosen to study during the spring semester so thot they moty be in chctrge ot the librcrry in the toll when the clgss is in session. "l look upon ct librory cts cr kind ot mentol chem' ist's shop, filled with the crystdls ot otll torms cmd hues which hove come from the union ot individuol thought with locdl circumstances or universdl prin- cipdlsf' tCliver Wendell l-lolmesl. President Lidy Lu Swofford Helen Wright Lorraine Seaberg Elaine Terry This year the Publicity Department was added, with Miss Gibson as adviser since the chairman is a member of the news staff. The League has maintained a splen- did financial balance through the rum- mage sales, distribution of cokes af games and dances, the annual Christ- mas card drive, the sale of dolls during Print and Cord Week, and the collection of dues. Bonds were purchased for the organization, and a 375.00 scholarship was awarded to an outstanding senior girl selected by the faculty. This award helps defray expenses at the college in Oregon chosen by the recipient. Girl ' League The major share of the direction of the many activities participated in by the members of the Girls' League fell upon the shoulders of the presi- dent, Lidy Lu Swofford. She was ably aided, how- ever, by the other officers of the Leagueeethe vice- president, Helen Wright, Elaine Terry, secretary, and treasurer, Lorraine Seaberg. All girls in Eugene l-ligh School are members of the Girls' League, the purposes of which are to develop friendliness, leadership, and participation in all school activities. The League operates through a council composed of the officers, the seven depart' ment heads, and the representatives from the home rooms. Each of the departments has a faculty adviser. SEATED: J. Jeffries, S. Kissling, J. Murray. STANDING Pattison, A. Collins, J. Frye. ROW 1: H. Wright, P. Dodge, O. Bean, H. Harper, D. Herbranson, J. Jefferies, S. Hansen, C. Smith, D. Conn, L. Swafford. ROW 2: Miss Deieriein. Miss Gibson, E. Jonez, C. Jackson. I. Clemens, E. Terry, M. Zebiev. Miss Woods, E. Beamer. B. Hiilstrom. L. Seaberg. Mrs. Smith, Miss Griffis. ROW 1: S Robinson M Griffith . , . , M. MacMaster, O. Bean, P. Tatham, J. Egge, B. Rheinsburg, M. Pearson, V. Snyder, M. Yates, L. Carey, G. Huffman. ROW 2: E. Byrne, P. Gravos, S. Moore, J. Herbranson, W.. Christoffer- son, B. Cameron, M. Wildish, S. McKinney, N. Van Osdol, G. Smith, S. Wolfe. ROW 3: J. Erwin, E. Jonez. C. Jackson. I. Clemens, J- Jefferies, S- Skade. P. Hamilton, D. casperson, i. Crone, P. Fisher, D. skiim-ea. ROW 4: P. Dodge, J. Jackson, A. Dahl, M. Zebley, D. Coniv, P. McGinty, V. Lindley, M, Carstensen, Miss Griffis, B. Hillstrom. ROW 5: H, Wright, L. Swofford, L. Seaberg, E. Terry, J. Finley, E. Cushman, J. Thorson, D. McCIintic, J. Heffernan, S. Hansen, H. McGilIicuddy. Faculty teas were held every two Weeks in the library or teachers' room, with arrangements rnade also tor spe' cial taculty meetings. The mothers ot Eugene High students were honored by the League at the annual Valentine Tea, and early May brought Girls' League Week with teas given tor girls oi neighboring high and junior high schools. The first Girls' League party oi the M. Griffis, G. Deierleiri, C. Woods, M. Smith, M, Chester, J. Gibson. Rummage Sale year was held in October, having as special guests all sophomores and girls new to the school. The annual Christ- mas party was attended by many moth- ers as Well as girls. At the March Hare party the lunior Class won the prize tor the best skit, and rnany colorful and unique costumes were displayed. The torrnal May party, at which the May Queen and her Court reigned, cornplet- ed the social year oi the League. 58 All girl assemblies alternated with the parties, thus endeavoring to sched- ule a major activity tor all girls each month. At the assembly the second week ot school, department chairmen tor the tirst semester and department advisers were introduced. Pins awardf ed to girls at the last assembly last year were presented again, that the girls might have them to wear tor a semester. This procedure was instituted this year, and the Council feels the policy should continue. At the award assembly in lanuary, Mrs. Bessie Campbell told the girls ot her experience during nine years in missionary work in China and lndia Print and Cord Week in April pro- vided a week ot fun tor the entire stu' dent body and special pleasure to the girls who were chosen tor the style show. The Gingham girl was elected by vote ot all the girls in school. The girls' rest room has again been maintained as a cheerful place where girls who are ill may stay until it is possible tor them to go home. This year the girls who had had polio spent their study periods each day in the rest room. A girl is always on duty to take care ot those who need special attention. The girls ot Eugene High School are duly proud ot the work they have ac- complished this year through the League. Those who return next year are already looking torward to the many services which they can render to their school and community. First Girls' League Assembly First Girls League Party President Jim Luckey SEATED: B. Hutchinson, C. Mobley, J. Luckey, H. Nlclntyre, P. Byrne. STANDING: P. Simon. J. Carlson, N. Diebel "Pi'exy" in action . Axemen' Council Under the leadership oi lim Luckey, the AXemen's Council ior Boys has had one oi its most successful years during i944-45. The Axemen's Council is an organization composed oi all boys in schoolg its purpose is the development oi sportsmanship and the sponsoring oi worthwhile activities ior the boys oi Eugene High. Early this year the first job of this organization was to sponsor "Hello Week". Norman Diebel was in charge, and the week featured tags, dances, and a welcome party for the "Sophs". Another important "week" arranged by the Council was the traditional Be-Up Clean-Up Week which was directed this year by Bill Hutchinson. The event was developed to improve the appearance oi the school and school grounds as well as the appearance oi the students. ln this connection, grounds clean-ups, locker clean-outs, and room inspections were held at various times during the week. The two rooms selected as the cleanest in school were Mrs, Davis' 2ll and Miss Deierlein's 315 typing room. The highlight oi the week was the sport dance, the Soap Suds Slide which was held Friday evening, March 23. At the dance, the boy and girl voted the neat- est in school were presented, the couple being Darrell Robinson and Elaine Terry. On the last day oi Be-Up Clean-Up Week an assembly prepared by the Axemen's Council was presented to the entire student body. Bill Hutchinson and lim Luckey directed the assembly, the iormer acting as master ot ceremonies. The show was ot the "corn" type and Axemerfs Swimming Program provided evening recreation icutt E Petersen, L. Kunkel. d J Crakes J Quiner, W. Hunn , . C Thomason A. Bodner, W. ROW 1: D. Davis, B. Schooling, H. Smith, T. Donahue, G. Hollan , . , '. D. Garrett, W. Haynes, N. Diebel. ROW 2: B. Buchanan, J. Luckey, B. Hutchinson, C. Mobley, . , R th, J. Carlson, A. Riasanovsky, S. Zink, P. Ssearce. ROW 3: P. Potter, L. Sargent, D. Robinson, H. Mcln S. Rankin, G. Harris, L. Smith, B. Sargent. McCullough, D. u Y A, Campbell, R. Pfeiffer, tyre, C. Smith, R. Ham. was well received by all who attended. m consisted oi several songs ts irom Vfilson, a Russian racetully executed masculine members assorted contribu- ster, Bob Mottitt, th Ruth. Rath- tul assembly The proqra sung by gues Dance which was g by nine ct the more oi the Council, and tions by Warren Web Corky Mobley, and Kenne ironically, this success ttled "The Quiet Hour". was i Nearly everyone in school has at- l t on dances regular y r and they have been the Council. Also other as developed by Pat SI' tended .he no throughout the yea sponsored by entertainment W Byrne and lack Car entertainment chairmen. Axemen sponsored Noo lson acting as noon- One of several rl DHFICE Axemen assemblies One of the biggest accomplishments its in- am. This pro- ve l2U boys who were inter- imming an opportunity to en- joy this "summer" sport for ten Weeks during the Winte vidual was kept al a sons were provided fre all attending. Qther members of the p cabinet for the year were Harold Mcln- airman ot finance, and Corky esident who also help- of the AXemen's Council Was structional swimming progr gram ga esied in sw r. The cost to the indi- minimum and les- e of charge tor resident's tyre, ch Mobley, vice-pr , ed with assemblies and programs. Ad- viser to the group was Paul Potter, boys Dean. 61 9' - 1 George DeBell Editor JS 35' POW 1: S. Ranpaport. L. Sova. D. Thomason, J. Kimball. lVl Wright. E. Washington. ROW 2: C. Thompson, J. Thomas, J. Hef fernan, D. Gericke, B. J. Russell, V. Bloom, L. Wittstruck. ROW 3 Miss Gibson, D. Chapman, E. Maser. P. Stiles, C. Mariott, H. Har per, J. Parsons. ROW 4: G. DeBell, P, Simon, J. Luckey, P. Bevans M. Callahan, Zink, H. Boehnke. W 1 .H. .N -ta The Staff at work The E.H.S. News tinished its thirty-first yeor ds the otficicrl news orgon oi Eugene High. The Editor- in-chiet for the yeotr wds George DeBell, orssisted tirst semester by lim Luckey ond second semester by Michorel Ccrlldhdn. The news stott chcrnges edch se- mester, but the some editor continues throughout the yeor. The gssistont editor for the second semester is slcrted to be the editor-in-chiet tor the following yeorr. The poiper is published every two weeks, except holidoy periods, by the iournolism clcrss, under the direction of Miss luliette Gibson. The News stcrtt dlso wrote crnd edited the E.l-l.S. string which crppedred ecrch week in the Register- Gucrrd. Colleen Mcrriot wcrs the Gucrrd Editor tor the tirst semester, loAnne Porsons tor the second. All members ot the El-l.S. News stgti were requir- ed to be on the Ad stdtf, edch one hdving dn dssigned beot in the downtown business section. Eu L The 1945 ROW 1: D. Moll, E. Paul, H. McAdams, B. Moffitt, Mrs. Wlck- ham. ROW 2: C. Wright, H. McGiIlicuddy. ROW 3: V. Bloom, D. Herbranson, D. Stone. ROW 4: B. Hutchinson, V. Bailey. ROW 5: B. Hebard. B. Brown, B. Buchanan, A. Kingman, Mrs. Plummer. BELOW: Jerry McNew. 911961 Ifldilorial Staff liditm'-in-Uh' Xszs' n.taH' lef .. .. . .slstant Fd' X11 i :tor . ministr' ' . .rtmn . hvnim' Vlztss.. . ,. Sll'l"4bI1lIJl't-' Class .Xc'liYitim':4. .. . Sports. . l"m-zitur -Q. . Art liditor .. l'liotug'1'aplw1' vl Hola Hur-lx. . .. .. .IQ-rrv Itusiuew . s Staff Mau' clg't'l' .X Sw ' ' l5f?l!lt' All: X1lw:!'tisii1g'M' ' . . Ibzrvv Stom- .. . ltiuk Moll .. .. .lie-V1-rly lirown . .. xvll'L.l'lIll2l Bloom Imruthy l"lt'l'lIl'ZlllSOI . , ..-Xlivv 'A " , , l"u's 1 lungnizul . mlyn XVrig'ht Helen All-Gillivtlcldy . ,. Hill Hutt-hinson N'll'i.1'llllillf2l , .. H4--tix' H mrrl nan . MVN ill-V '1 mv . . .l':ll"'t' ,, nn- Paul .. Hvlt-I! M ' dimgrer Eugenean ioyed pr cl ' 1 Adams . Hola Mnffitt staff has sincerely en- aucing this annual more or less a f , which h n experiment in o the Eugene High y most of as been the b pu lishing earbook. We hope that the changes which We hav ' ' ' have made this Eug treasu e 1n1t1at enean a more re of the memori year. ed complete es of this colorful school The staff regretted the ea l its members r y loss of three of iGerald Bailey, Don Starr, and Pat Byrne-and its first aclvis but appreci er, Mrs. ated the contrib the succes Wickh am, utions they made to s of the annual. The theme, "The World of Tomorrow" lent itself beautifully to application and was culminated in the construc- tion of our "City of the Future" which was planned and built by Dave Stone, Dick Moll, Bob Buchanan, Eugene Paul, Ed Kirchhoff, Dick Strite, and Loren Sargent, and ph by Ierry McNew. otographed 63 Barbara Bennett President 54 ROW 1: V. Bailey, S. Rappaport, M. Griffith, E. Terry, M. Wright. B. Dragoo, G. Smith, A. Collins. B. Oakes, B. Bennett, J. Jackson, P. Gravos, V. Bloom, J. Hollis, P. Tatham, L. Sanchez, C. Wright, H. Harper, A. Dahl, C. Hyde, J. Jefferies, K. Kuntz, E. Koepp. ROW 2: J. Marks, P. Anderson, L. Seaberg, S. Kissling, D. Herbranson, D. Ed- blom. B. Rowley, l. Clemens, J. Prickett, D. Thomason, S. Finley, B. Hunnicutt, J. Christensen, G. Johnson, N. Johnson, H. McGillicuddy, Miss Chester. ROW 3: J. Murray, D. Barnhart, S. Pironi, C. Strong, A. Stewart, A. Kingman, J. Frydenlund. D. Oberg, P. Hixson, J. McCoy, B. Cameron, W. Christofferson, H. Wright, S. Moore, P. McGinty, P. Akers. ROW 4: S. Johnson, J. Finley, C. Jackson, A. Hoadley, S. Hansen, P. Dodge, L. Swafford, F. Koppe, D. Thompson, J. Summers. P. Morgan, M. Fuson. P. Lochner, D. Gross, D. Anderson, M. Murray. ROW 5: E. Washington, V. Lindley, B. Peterson, G. Heany, L. Anderson. D. Miller. E, Beamer. I. Love, J. Parsons, M. DeTempIe, J. Frye, L. Melby, B. Hebard, S. Skade, P. Buzzell, G. Gaylord, N. Ashworth. The Pep Club is organized to symbolize and represent school spirit, and to help in carrying out the school athletic plan. Aside from regular meetings and group cheering at all athletic games, the Pep Club sponsored an initiation, two ban- quets, and a dance. Eighteen Seniors, fifteen luniors, and fifteen Sophomores were elected to the club by all of the girls in roll rooms. With the new- ly elected members the membership totaled ninety. The initia- tion and potluck was held on the evening of October l2, l944. The annual football banquet featured on page l8 was given on December 7, l944, in honor of the No-Name League Cham- pions. Hostesses for the evening were Senior Pep Club girls, while the lunior girls served. Decoration chairmen were Virginia Lee Bloom and Elaine Terry: Phyllis Hixson was in charge of serving and Barbara Bennett acted as general chairman. A basketball banquet was given in honor of the i944-l945 District 5-6 Champions, on March 21, l945. Iunior girls were hostesses while Sophomore girls served. Lorraine Seaberg was in charge. Tables were cleverly arranged by Helen McGilli- cucldy, decoration chairman. A combined dance with the E Club was held April 27, l945 in the school auditorium. Committees consisted of the following: decoration, Barbara Bennett Cchairmanl, Virginia Bloom, Evelyn Washington, "Sweety" Bappaport, loan Hollis, Helen Wright, Marilyn Griffith, leanne Marks: entertainment, lean Iefferies. General chairmen were Barbara Bennett and Clay Thomason, who were assisted by Glenn Warberg and Corky Mobley. Club officers for the year were: President, Barbara Bennett: Vice-president, Phyllis Hixsong Secretary-Treasurer, loan Hollis. The club adviser was Miss Marjorie Chester. Pep Club initiation Banquet H - FRONT: B. Fulps, B. Banister. C. Mobley, G. Bryan, A. Graves. E E DeWitt B Moore B Buchanan B Mclntyre, D. Fosnaugh, L. Wechter, G. Sinclair, B. Sargent, ROW 1: B. Hutchinson, P. J. McNutt, B. Elspas, D. Quam, D. Towne, D. Hassad, H. Gardner. ROW 2: J. Murray, M. MacMasters, B. Brown, D. Pitcher, B. Ptant, J. Sillman, J. Shelby, D. Tomlin, C. Smith, M. Wriqht, D. Anderson, M. Koch, D. Miller. P. Anderson. B. J. Russell. J. Rogers. ROW 'Zz C- Wright. S. Kissling. J. Frve. l-. Zarzan. S. Skade. E. Terrv. B. Hillstrom, A. '-loarllev. L. Seaberg, N. Thorsfeldt. C. Alford, G. Johnson, S. Anderson, D. Skilbred, P. McCallister, I. Ramsey, H. McGillicuddy. ROW 4: B. Bell, B. Peterson, D. Speck, N. Williams, B. Marines, B. Peterson, J. Proudfit, J. Finley, L. Swofford, P. Bucklin, D. Barnhart, K. Strong, J. Thorson, N. George, L. Pedron. D. Frederickson. The Paletteers is the Eugene High art organization dedicated to creating and improving art in the school. This club had one of the most outstanding in- creases in membership among any of the school organizations during the past year, rising from 40 to 87, more than double their initial membership. Any- one interested in art is eligible tor membership and at the beginning ot the school year several outstand- ing students ot Eugene High were given honorary memberships. The ones thus honored were: Corky Mobley, lim Luckey, Lorraine Seaberg, and Lidy Lu Swottord. The Beaux Arts Ball and All School Carnival were the events which highlighted the Paletteers' activities for the year, but they completed several other sucf cesstul projects such as decorating the class rooms at holiday seasons, providing an appropriate setting tor the lce Follies, redecorating the art browsing room for club members, and participating in banquets with the Uni-High Paletteer Club. The otticers ot the club were: Bob Elspas, presi- dent, Dale Towne, vice-president: Doris lorgensen, secretary, Phyllis Hanrahan, treasurer, lanice Mur- ray, ambassador ot good-will, and Robert Banister, adviser. The Carnival was a success . . Paletteer . D. Towne, D. Jorgensen, B. Banister, P. Hanrahan, B, Elspas. .. rivaled only by their Ball www .view ..1t2i y. President Clay Thomason early in October, and the following officers were elected for the semester: Prince Callison, presi- dent, William Purdy, vice-president, Harold Quayle, secretary-treasurerg Roy Veatch, edif tor. There were about Zl members in the club, and one faculty member, Mr. Chess, having earned a letter as manager of the football team. This is the only known faculty member to re- ecive a letter at Eugene High. Claire Keeney, the Yell Leader, was also a member. The E Club sponsored a dance the first semester, but second semester they voted for a picnic. This schedule is similar to the one now in use by the E Club. Some everyday tasks of the E Club are: keeping order in the cafeteria line, patrolling the halls, keeping order at games, helping athletic teams to get publicity, keeping order on the school grounds, as well as many other minor tasks. The E Club members go about the job of patrolling and keeping order armed with the 66 ROW 1: W. Hunter, R. Fraedrick. E. Petersen, C, Thomason, M. Denzer, M. Reynolds. B. Fulps. ROW fi: F. Greene, H. Mclntyre, A. Bodner. B. Moore, A. Johnson, N. Privrasky. ROW 3: J. Carlson- W. McCullough. K. Ruth. R. Ham. J. Banks, J. Hanns. ROW 4: R. Hopper, GI. Warberg, D. Robinson. B. Hutchinson, C. Mobley, C. Smith. g.HHenorlckson, E. Anderson, R. Anderson, B. Frye. C. Campbell. . arrls. Club The purpose of the E Club is to create a spirit of unity within the club, and to develop in its members qualities of good sportsmanship, scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. The original E Club was formed in the fall of l9l6 by Isaac Newman, then captain of the football team. Only the students who had won a letter in some sport were eligible for mem- bership in the club. The first meeting was held 'Hui' Painting the "E" X ' 1 J. Carlson, C. Nlobley, H. Mclnrjlre. B. Hutchinson legendary E Club paddle. Sooner or later, all offenders are "hacked" by some burly member of the E Club. During this year the familiar winter and two spring initiations were held for those earn- ing their letters in the various sports for the first time. The traditional rules were followed rather closely, as far as the war would permit of course, with the usual sights of lipstick-dab- bed initiates carrying the books of old mem- bers, traveling down the halls on their hands and knees. The sophomores were blessed by being allowed to paint the "E" on the southern slope cf Skinner's Butte on two different occasions. Since this procedure is also traditional, familiar methods were used. At the All-school Carnival, the club sponsor- ed a dancing booth, girls or boys could dance with any E Club member in the booth for ten cents. Unfortunate initiates . As usual, the E Club cooperated with the Pep Club to put on the E Club-Pep Club dance. Glen Warberg and Corky Mobley were co- chairmen representing the E Club. A special activity of the club this year was the taking over of noon entertainment on Tues- days and Thursdays during the second semes- ter. This was formerly under the auspices of the Axemen's Council, but was relinquished be- cause the E Club needed means of supplement- ing their funds. Considered from every aspect, the E Club had a very successful year under the leader- ship of Clay Thomason. Clay ruled the Club with an iron hand, and with Hank Kuchera as adviser, the fellows accomplished a great deal. Other oficers of the club were: Andy Bodner, vice-president, Harold Mclntyre, secretary- treasurerg and Ronald I-lam, sergeant-at-arms. Bill Harber was vice-president at the first of the year, but later went into the Navy. C. Mobley. G. Warberg, B. Bennett. in.ti:tion night . . The Eugene High A Cappella choir, under the di- rection ot Glenn Grittith, started a very successful year with 76 members. The highlight of the year was the A Cappella's participation in the Eugene High Concert, on April l7, at McArthur Court The choir presented varied programs throughout the year, singing tor lodges and clubs in Eugene. Small groups ot the choir sang tor special occasions, including a program, "Schools at War", over KOBE. At the beginning ot the second semester, the choir took in l7 new members, making it the largest A Cappella choir ever conducted at Eugene High. Cappella This year the choir agreed on a club pin design: most oi the members ordered them, receiving them in May. The cabinet tor the year was: president, Dorothy Herbransong vice-president, Bruce DeLess, secretary, Billie Bowleyg attendance secretary, Irene Clemens: program committee, Billie Rowley and Bill Mooreg initiation, leanne letteris and Bruce Dellessg concert committee, George DeBell, chairman, Walt Banks, Betty Chase, Harold Gardener committee members. The choir's accompanist tor the year was Virgene Lindley. ROW 1: Mr. Griffith, G. Cheney, E. Skersies, L. Guerzo, B. Chase, D. Findley, l. Momsen, S. Donaldson, D. Stageberg, B. J. Rus- sell, B. Oakes, B. Bennett, T. Dammen, J. Edwin, L. Sutton, B. Rowley, D. Herbranson, N. Ashworth. ROW 2: N. Gaveney, R.. Backus, M. Stone, G. Thomason, M. Johns, D. Evans, S. Dugan, D. Gericke, M, Willis, J. Prickett, J. McCoy, K. Kuntz, D. Bloom, S. Pironi, C. Jackson, J. Summers. ROW 3: L. Chapman, D. Gillespie, T. Trautwein, D. Smith, V. Lindley, I. Clemens, M. Peoples, P. Stiles, M. deTemple, B. Cole, D. Sibley, N. Eaton, B. Benton, J. Jefferis. J. Kelsey. ROW 4: L. Gardner, D. Pengra, P. Dickey, G. Miner, B. Sargent, B. Hunter, W. McCullough, J. Kelsey, B. DeLess, J. Wright, E. Wills, H. Gardner, P. Simon, B. Little, K. Whitmore, J. Crakes, J. Stuart. ROW 5: G. Bryan, S. Turnbull, D. Parks, J. Daniels, D. Brinkman. B. Moore, L. Sargent, A. Johnson, R. Anderson, L. Mitchell, G. DeBell, D. Hassad, W. Banks, D. Mack, B. Brund, B. Reed, J. Spicer. ' 68 ROW 1: N. George, M. Brown, B. Robertson, C. Edson, A. Roe, G. Skillern, W. Christofferson, Mr. Griffith, J. Appling, D. Ferris, M. Peoples, P. Bertelsen, L. Kephart, D. Churchill, D. Winfrey, J. Barbee. ROW 2: W. Wray, S. Milliorn A Kirk, J Furrow, R. Young, W Morefield J Miller L Sova E Ra D . , . , . , . yne, . Melby, M. Porter, D. Oberg, M. Bunch, B. Peterson. ROW 3: S. Johnson, M. Griffith, J. Lloyd, E. Washington, P. Tatham, H. Wright, S. Moore, L, Steeland, D. Krehbiel, B. Weldy, D. Chapman, M. Bono, L. Berkshire, M. Banton. ROW 4: D. Barnhart. D. Handley, V. Lindley, B. Strand, J. Allen, D, Maughan, E. Bowman, R. Saballus, J. Carlisle, E. Miller, L. Anderson. ROW 5: J. Furrow, G. Gaylord, J. Ramsey, A. Miller, A. Spicer, M. McNett, J. Heisel, D. Ransom, A. Marshall, D. Plaisted, D. Jones, C. Miller, D. Stoddard. Girl ' Glee Club The Girls' Glee Club started a very successful year by electing Wilma Christofferson president, Dorothy Skilbred vice-president, and Dorothy Oberg secretary. Girls from the Senior, lunior and Sophomore class- es may be members of the group. Each candidate for membership has to sing a solo and it is on this basis that Mr. Griffith selects the personnel of the Glee club. The club has given performances for many assem- blies during the year and added much to the im- pressive Baccalaureate service, on Sunday before graduation. ln lanuary the glee club sang several numbers for Sunday service at the Methodist Church and also participated in the Eugene High Music Concert presented at McArthur court, April l7, in which the A Cappella, Band and Orchestra were also featured. This music concert highlighted the best Works of these musical groups. During the year each member is required to sing one solo, in a duet, and in a trio. The accompanist this year has been Doris lean Miller. The daily workout . . 69 ROW 1: M. Summers, H. McAdams. L. Gillett, V. Lindley, J. Walker, M. Walker, M. Brandt. ROW 2: L. Stalsberg, J, Kelsey, T. Trautwein, B. Breen, A. Jeans, F. Smith, C. Thompson, G. Cheney, G. Holland. D. Anderson, G. Ames, V. Blackstone. C. Wood, N. Johnson, E. Lang. ROW 3: B. Weidenkeller, A. Nyegaard, J. Tupper, J. Rohde, K. Wullschleger, B. Mer- riam, P. Scearce, E. Paden, E. Lamer, L. Herbert, N. Woods, N. Richards, J. Summers, D. Yourigquist, G. Sinclair, F. Dodge J. Christensen, H. Paulus, G. Morgan. ROW 4: C. Winchester, J. Gray, R. Pfeiffer, N. Privrasky, P. Bevans, N. Read Band The Eugene High School band, under the direction of Douglas Orme, has had a progress- ive cmd eventful year. Besides playing for football games, basket- ball games, and assemblies, the band has par- ticipated in bond shows, pep rallies, parades, and has given a program for the junior high and grade schools. One out-of-town trip was made to Albany to play for the last football game of the year. The band also participated in the Eugene High Concert given April 17, at McArthur Court. The students who worked on the committee responsible for the presentation of the concert were Gwen Chaney, tickets: Caro- lyn Thompson, publicity: Robert Pfeiffer and Norman Read, arrangements. v The officers of the year were: first semester, Kenneth Bumpus, president: Gary Morgan, vice- presidentg Nonda Iohnson, secretaryg Helen Mc- Adams, librarian: Dick Dorr, manager: and Carolyn Thompson, publicity manager. There were two changes in the officers during the sec- ancl semester: Donald Youngquist became presi- dent and loe Kelly manager. Our school band has proved itself a valu- able asset to the student body, not only due to its ability to entertain at the various school functions but also due to its influence in raising school spirit in support of Eugene High's many activities. i Officers: Donald Youngquist, Nonda Johnson, Gary Morgan 70 Urche. tra This year Eugene High's orchestra consisted of thirty eager musicians led by a capable maestro, Douglas Orme. Orchestra has been held every Monday, Wed- nesday and Friday mornings at 7:45 in the band room. The necessity of such an early class was due to the fact that the school schedule did not allow time for a regular period. Before rehearsals there was always the tuning of the string section to be done with the occasional mending of a broken string, bow or bridge and the requisite preparation of the wind instruments. Then followed the problem of "wheres the music?" There was seldom a cessation of activity in these moments before practice commenced, but when it came time to play everyone went right to Work. During the year of l944-45 the orchestra has participated in several programs. its members play-- ed for school assemblies, at the Eugene Hotel for the Lions Club, and for the Parents Teachers Associa- tion of Eugene High School. ln addition, they enter- tained a rural school and presented two programs at McArthur Court-one of which was a portion of the Eugene High Concert. The orchestra was one of the four musical groups presented at that time. L. Sanchez. D. Sorenson. B. Oakes. Officers of the year have been Bernice Oakes, presidentg Donna Sorensen, vice-president, and Linda Sanchez, secretary-treasurer. A large variety of music has been played by the orchestra and some of the favorites were: Russian Sailors' Dance by Reinhold Gliere, Black Eyes by Horlick and Stone, Hungarian Comedy Overture by Keler and Bela, Strike Up the Band and Spirit of America by George Gershwin, the theme from the Piano Concerto in B Flat Minor by Tschaikowsky, and Sigmund Romberg's The Student Prince and The New Moon. lt is hoped that future years will see more em- phasis placed upon this division of Eugene High's musical program. ROW 1: L. Sanchez, D. Sorenson, N. Diebel, M. Stone, M. Banton. B. Means, D. Findlay. ROW 2: B. Oakes, P. Dickey, G. Cheney, C. Thompson, M. Brandt, H. McAdams, J. Kelsey, J. Mannel, A. Marshall, E. Woods, F. Hawkesworth. ROW 3: G. Smith, N. Orton, M. Johns, C. Winchester, P. Bevans, D. Miller, H. Paulus, B- Merriam, A. Nyegaard, D. Rutledge, M. Brown, M. Pearson. 71 Q 'T 1 The Girls' A , ior cente. of activity for many of the girls this year t E thletic Association was a ma' a ugene High. Provid' ' ' mg an opportunity for all il t .. g r s o par- ticipate in s t ' por s, its purpose has been to develop sportsmanship, fellowship, and leadership in girls while providing them with both pleasure and health- ful diversion. The club is a member of the Oregon High School Activities Association, and is organized in accordance with the Oregon Point System, which allows a given number of credits toward a letter for each sport. Throughout the year, tournament games were al- ,- ,, ways in progress in one sport or another. At the first of the year the volleyball tournament was developed KNEELING: L. Berkshire. J. Frydenlund, S. Rappaport - ' ' ' ' - v. Bloom, A. Kingman. Row 1: J. wiiiian, G. chrisronf under the dlrecllonhof Georgm MCCCUU' Several pmc se , A. Collins, S. Hansen F. Koppe J. Jefferis, C. Hyde, ' Vlnaaileyy N- Ashworth, an Rowleyyia Clemens! L. Sea- tice games were eld for each team before actual berg, S. Pironi, J. Herbranson, R. Carter, D. Pitcher, C. playin b ' Smith. ROW 2: H. McGilIicuddy, J. Summers, N. Chaffee B. Benton, W. Rader A , . Stewart, N. Richardson, M. Hammock, J. Parsons, H. Harper, D. Krumdieck, J. Vicary, E. Sorensen, H. Earl. ROW 3: A. Kirk, D. Weber, R. Saballus, B. Beck, L. Williamson, N. Gaveney, J. Prickett, N. Orton, E. Fordham, B. Rheinsburg, C. Wilson, L. Fordham, D. Miller, M. DeVos. ROW 4: S. Hammock, D. Sibley, D. Ellwood, L. Picker-t, M. Porter, M. Peoples, M. Rosenberg, G. Jeppeson, D Richardson, P. McHenry, C. Haight D. . Anderson. Row' 5: D. Minor, J. Marks, M. Murray, N. Thorsfeldt, L. Steeland. g egan, each class having a different night during the week for this purpose. Later in the year lanice Willian organized the basketball tournament, setting practice nights, or- ganizing the teams, and notifying the captains of the dates each was to play. While outdoor sports could not be engaged in, many of the girls ice-skated or bowled, and during the s ri p ng, with the coming of sunn ing and bicycling became the m pong were also enjoyed. Th ese sports were doubly welcomed by the girls, not onl y, dry weather, hik- ode. Tennis and ping' y because they provid- f x ed a great deal of pleasure, but kept them in good physical trim. Sweety Bappaports badminton turn- outs were the best-attended of any sport in comparison to its importance. Many girls were surprised to learn the ease with which the bird slipped through a hole in their racquet that on closer in- spection wasn't there at all. ln the spring, with the cessation of rain, leanne lefferis started qualifying rounds of golf, and later a tournament was played. loanne Frydenlund began softball turnouts at about this time, and several teams from each class participated in the tournament games. Although the girls were not professional ball players, fancy curves were displayed by one or two of the pitchers, and even a few "home run kings" were developed. ln March, four of the most active senior girls were selected by the Coun- cil as honor girls, these being Virginia Bloom, Cassie Hyde, Muriel Bappaport, and Billie Bowley. Group business meetings were held monthly during a potluck, arranged each time by a group from the Council, who prepared a program, games, or dancing. One of the highlights of the year included an award banquet. Officers for the year were: President, Billie Bowleyg Vice-President, Alice Kingmang Secretary, Nadine Ashworth: Treasurer, Cassie Hydeg Custodian, Virginia Bloom Cassie Delia Hyde Muriel Rappaport Billie Rowley ROVV 1: N. Ashworth, B. Rowley, C. Hyde, J. Jefferis, J. Willian ROW 2: J. Parsons, L. Seaberg, S. Rappaport. l. Clemens, M. Sum mers. ROW 3: V. Bloom, J. Frydenlund, A. Kingman, S. Pironl. ROW 1: G. Christensen, L. Berkshire, N. Ashworth, A. Kingman, J Frydenlund. ROW 2: V. Bailey, C. Hyde, S. Rappaport, N. Rich- ardson, A. Stewart. ROW 3: G. McCain, Miss DeVos, V. Bloom, L Steeland. Lorraine Seaberg. The sports managers composing the rest of the Council, were: Georgia McCain, volleyballp lanice Wil- lian, basketballg loanne Frydenlund, softballg Marcia Summers, ice skatingg Sweety Bappaport, badminton, leanne lefferis, golfp loanne Parsons, tennisg Lil- lian Steeland, bowlingg Velma War- man, ping-pong: lrene Clemens, individ- ual sportsg Virginia Bloom, bulletin board. Miss DeVos was the adviser oi the club. 73 Archer 1 The Archery Club, under supervision of O. N. Mickelson, shop instructor, was re-organized two years ago for the purpose of bettering the students' skill in archery. The 4-H building at the fairgrounds was again secured as a practice range for the club. This build- ing provided a good indoor range and a place Where the members could meet and have potlucks, parties, or similar social gatherings. During the past year the officers Were: Glen len- sen, president: Ray Bissell, vice-president, Dick Smith, secretary-treasurer, Leland l-laldorson and Donald Sorensen, range managers. ROW 1: R. Nlanseth, E. Stelting, R. Bissell, B. Bale. ROW 2: D. Smith, B. Carmickle, G. Jensen, O. N. Mickelson. Rifle Club For the third straight year the Rifle Club has had to limit its membership to twenty-five. The club has had a difficult time continuing this year because of the difficulty in obtaining ammunition. The purpose of the Rifle Club is to promote better and more accurate shooting and the safe handling of firearms. Medals and certificates are granted by the National Rifle Association to those qualifying for them and many of the members have been awarded these honors. The adviser of the club this year was Mr. Hend- ricks, and the officers Were: Austin Petersen, presi- dent: Alice Kingman, secretary, lrene Clemens, treasurer, Calvin Snyder, sergeant-at-arms. 74 r-ls, D. Gericke, H. Boehn derson. ROW 2: V. Bailey V. Bloom, D. Zink, P Petersen, W. McCullough R. Petersen, H. Wittwer R. Carter, E. Foster ROW 3: Mr. Hendricks, S stead. ROW 1: S. Zink, G. Har- ke, I. Clemens, A. Peter'- sen, A. Kingman, A. An- Andrus, G. Juhl, N. Hal- ROW 1: D. Chapman, D, Edblom, D. Christensen, B. Brown, J. Summers, P. Tatham, J. Herbranson, N. Ash- worth. M. Summers. B. Oakes, J. Jefferis. J. Egge. RDW 2: M. McMasters. B, Rheinsburg. D. Thomason, M. Marshall, V. Lindley, J. Archibald, M. Bradshaw, M. Powen, M. McNett, S. Wolfs. ROW 3: P. McCallister, E. Miller, P. Lochner, R. Backus, J. Heffernan, S. Hansen, M. Brandt, I. Love, E, Beamer, W. Eyres, J. Wlllian. ROW 4: C. Wright, H. McGiIIicuddy, D. Miller, G. Skillern, B, Robertson, M, Porter, Miss Kamarad. T ' Y The Tri-Y is an organization tor Christian girls who are interested in working in fellowship. Some of the many Tri-Y activities this year were: initiation of new members, a potluck with the Hi-Y, beginning a club scrapbook, tilling lunior Bed Cross boxes each month, tixing joke books for the Red Cross, making service kits tor the teachers, and giving gifts to the orphanage at Christmas time. Several social meetings were held throughout the year which were attended by the club members. The otticers tor the year were: Imogene Love, president, Io Summers, vice-president, Ianice Willian, secretary, Velma Warmen, treasurer. The chairmen chosen by the presi- dent, also members ot the cabinet, were: Martha McMasters, Social, Marilyn Brandt, Program, Evelyn Beamer, Service, Nadine Ashworth, Aiding the Red Cross President lmogene Love Publicity, Betty Lu Bobertson, Bing Chairman and Inter-Club Bepresentativeg and Marcia Summers, Camp Chairman. Club adviser tor the year was Miss Bessie Kamarad. SEATED: M. Summers, F. Hawkesworth, M. McMasters B Robertson, N. Ashworth. STANDING: J. Willian, V Warmen L. Watts, E. Beamer, M. Summers. Hi-Y Members of a nationwide organf ization, the Hi-Y Club of Eugene High has been outstandingly ac- tive in performing various services for the community as Well as the school. CThis year was begun bY the undertaking of a community project sponsored by the Commun- ity Chest, and highlighted by the assistance in the Red Cross Drive in early March? Assuming the responsibility of leader for the group during the '44-'45 term was Bob Buchanan, who carried out the will of the group to the fullest extent. Assist- Hi-Y Assembly of March 2 Social activities for the year were numerous and extensive. One of the first events was a fall sport dance, the "Turkey Trot", exclusive to members. This dance was under the capable chairmanship of Bill 76 President Bob Buchanan E. DeCou, J. Carlson, N. Diebel, B. DeLess out the year. Father-Son Banquet Committee ROW 1: W. Nicholson, E. DeCou, B. Hankins. ROW 2 B Buchan an, B. DeLess, C, Smith. ing hirn in his work was Bruce De Less, a skilled leader, maintaining the office of vice-president The records of club meetings and events were handled by the club secretary, Norman Diebel and the financial details were transacted by lack Carlson, who had approxi mately 5400.00 to be budgeted The office of Chaplain was fillea by Ed DeCou, who prepared espe cially interesting devotions for the majority of club meetings through RCW' 'z P, Simon. D. Pengra, W. Dodds. J. Quiner, J. Crwlfes, "L Buchanan. J. Carlson. NI. Dlebel. B. DeLess PDVV 2: P. Potter, P. Bevans, C. Smith, R, Hopper. G. Snifh. Anderson, J. Wrvtgft. P. Gllhertson. ROW Crooks, B. Randle. C. Moblcy, B. Moors, D. Hlckenbottom, W. 'K'1c"'vlson. D., G. Harrus. ROW 4 D Moll, E. Fulos. D. Hendrickson, E. DeCou, S. Zink, A. Johnson, L. Sargent. lfulps. A festive l-lifY-Tri-Y banquet was also feted, with lack Carlson in charge of the special arrangements. Among the other special activities of the club was a hilariously successful assembly, proceeds going to the Red Cross Benefit drivef' the general chairman was Don Schmeiding. Traditional programs included the annual Father and Son Ban- quet, presented in February, with Bruce Delsess officiating. Similar to this program was the Mothers' Day Breakfast. Both activities were held in downtown banquet rooms. A slam scession, held each year, was also enjoyed, with an ex- change of personal opinions of each individual. This was directed by Norman Diebel. Terminating these social activities was a group picnic sponsored each year by the newly-elected officers. lnterspersed with these activities were several conferences, in- cluding district and area meetings, which strengthen and bind the club into a truly everlasting national service organization, upholding its purpose. Q. "Programs Christmas at the "Hut" Hi-Y Dance November 8 . RO W 1: B. Bennett, C. Hyde, S. Robinson, D. Edblom, F. Hawkesvvorth, B. Chase, L. Berkshire, D. Chapman, D. Churchill, P. Lochner. ROW 2: Miss Greenhaum. A. Hooley, D. Hyde, D. McCIintic, L. Melby, S. Kissling, D. Smith. E. Jonez. ROW 3: N. Van Osrlol, R, Bauman. N. Winters, J. Kelsey, A. oadley, M. Thompson, J. Willian. ROW 4: J. Hill. A. Jonez. M. Bristow. . pani h Club The Spanish Club, with Miss Greenbaum as adviser, has held many interesting meetings this year. The most successful oi these was the Christmas party, which ieatured Spanish dances and the breaking ot the Pinata. The meetings were held once a month and at each meeting it was planned to have some Spanish-speaking guests. There were seventy members this year, doubling last year's membership. The Mexican movies held last year proved to be such a success that they were continued this year. They Were sponsored by the Spanish Club and Sigma Delta Pi ot the University ot Oregon. The tirst movie was "Dona Barbara," starring Maria Felix, and was shown November l6. The second was "El Medico de los Locos," with Ramon Pereda, shown lanuary 29. The third was a musical, "Tierra de Pasionesf' starring lorge Negrete, and was shown March 5. The officers for the year were: President, Al Ray lonezg vice-president, Bethel Barton: secretary, Linda Sanchez. President Al Ray Jonez ROW 1: W. Rader, J. Herbranson. L. Sanchez, B. Russell, M. Baker. C. Miller, J. Maxon, B. Shreve, G. Shreve. ROW 2: A. Graves, M. Olin, B. Beck. C. Boescn, M. Peoples, E. Aydelatt, J. Heffernan, R. Haley. ROW 3: B. Schooling, N. Thornton, H. Wilkinson, G. Ferrell, B. Bale, G. Crabtree, J. Nliller. ws., 1' ' '- . 1- .,, .,. ,.,. , . ,. . ,. , ........., ....W.W,L........ . MWW...o,.,M.,,.M.s.,-V...,. .,..W.fM.,,..y...o,,,.MW-rm:-Qwestww Inter . At the tirst ot the year the old memlters ot the club met to elect otticers. Those elected were Alvin Campbell, President, Shirley Finley, Vice-President, and lanice Finley, SecretaryfTreasurer. Social and business meetings were held once a month. The making ot servicemen's scraphoolcs was the main project tor the year. Highlight of the year's social events was thfe Christmas party held at the home ot Colleen Mariott. ROW 1: M. Rankin, A. Campbell, J. Finley, M. Zebley, S. Finley. Christmas party held December 18 . . . At the All-School Carnival, the clulo sponsored a "Penny Throw" which helped to provide money for club pins purchased later in the year. At mid-term, elections were again held, and those elected were: Shirley Finley, Presidenty Mina Zehley, Vice-President: Mona Rankin, Secretary-Treasurer. Closing the year's activities was a picnic for all Latin students. Adviser ot the club was Miss Clara Blais. ROW 1: A. Campbell, B. Mention, W. Nicholson, J. Meyer. A. Riasanovsky, D. Stone ROW 2: Miss Blais, G. Christensen, L. Carey, I. Clemens. B. Oakes, M. Summers, J. Swanson, P. Sullivan. ROW 3: B. Breen, J. Christensen, D, Thomason, M. DeVos, H. McAdams, M. Zebley, M. Yates. ROW 4: S. Finley, G. Skillern. J. Finley, M. Rankin, A. Meyer, R. Willoughby. 79 l i ROW 1: H. Morrill. P. Dvrflinger J. Barreau. G. Richman, E. Petersen, D. Johnston, B. Mention, B. Purcfll. D. Behnke POW 2: F. Manning. D. Delmore. K. Pierson. D. Scott, D. Baker, G. Juhl. E. Bevel. P. Petersen. DOW 'it A. Jonez. D. Watson, M. Watts, L. Haldorson, A. Cockerline. R. Sullivan. C. Lake, C. Huntington, G. Gustafson. Future Farrner. of merica This year the membership oi the EEA. was thirty. The adviser, Wendell Gross, who resigned last year at McLoughlin to enter farming, has replaced M. C. Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan accepted the position ot Assistant State Supervisor ot Food Production War Training with the State Division ot Vocational Educa- tion. The Eugene Parliamentary Team won lourth place in the Parliamentary Contest in Albany. Charles Lake won third place in the hog-calling contest at Corval- las. The Parliamentary Team is chosen among the luniors and Seniors after tryouts for each position, and elecls its own president. Some committees of the EEA. Were: Supervised Farming, Co-operative Activities, Community Serv- ice, Leadership Activities, Earnings and Savings, and Scholarship. Officers of F.F.A. SEATED: M. Watts, D. Watson. A. Jonez. STANDING: C. Huntington, E. Bevel. 80 Parlirrnentarv Team SQUATTING: D. Gustafson, E. Bevel. STA.NDlNG: P. Petersen, A. Jonez, D. Watson. L R aport v Bloom, ROW 1: A. Kirk, E. Reynolds, B. Strand, D. Pitcher, C. Edson. J. Jackson, S, app , . E. Hunnicutt, D. Chapman, E. Foster, E. Williams. J. Vicary, Mr. Allison. ROW 2: R. Johnson, E. Jonez. B. Brown, M. Bunch, M. Flock, C. Haight, M. Devos. H. McAdams, D. Hyde, H. McGillicuddy, B. Hebard, J. Parsons. Miss Kamarad. ROW 3: J. Egge, M. Pickett, A. Miller. J. Thomas, L. Seaberg, J. Frvdenlund. J. Goodlin. P. Bucklin, N. Richards, D. Garre-H, B, Schooling. ROW 4: Mr. Kienzle, W. Nl ffltt, G. Jensen, R. Petersen. B. Johnston. F. Holm. 'tamp U- Bond Uoiiiicil 9912 Al n with thte other drives which hove b O Q Yf1LlT1CllQCl in Eugene High this yeor, stomp ond bond e of this is CI single Sth Wctr Loon when necrrly soles hove flourished. Evidenc cloy's soles during the d b nd soles were recorded. A .Sl4,0UU in stomp on o 5th oeriod stamp and bond crew at work. LEFT-RIGHT: J, McNew, J. Parsons. J. Frydenlund. B. Schooling. l f S24 OOO in bonds ond Sl,lUU gool-shottering toto o , in stdmps were sold throughout this drive ond on even better showing is expected in the future drives. The-se records show the wholeheoirted effort of every student in his support of the wor. d The cinnucil Victory Queen contest wos conducte Al- in Mcirch ond April ond climoxed by the Stomp bum Stomp, cr donce highlighted by the coroncttion oil ccxndidote wcis selected ie for the honor. Votes were cost hose of stgmps oind bonds during C1 three- of the Victory Queen. A fin from eoch closs to v by the purc week period. Severcil students formed t e ce ublicity, ond hdndled or sdlesmen included "Sweety" h ntrdl committee which supervised soles ond p the bookkeeping. Flo Roppoport, Glen lensen, Frctnk Holm, loAnne Pore ' b of ons Bob Moffitt ond lerry McNew, ond mem ers 5 1 the second yeor bookkeeping. Co-choirmcin of the denlund, who hondled Schooling who had chcirge of dll soles. Foculty members who gcive involucible A ' B ossistonce were Mr. Kenneth Kienzle, Miss essie ' M' Mory Motl- Komorord, Mr. Horold Allison cmd iss ed to Miss Mcrllery for committee were loonne Fry the ciccounts, ond Bob lery. Speciotl thonks ore extend the looin of her bookkeeping students. 81 MQW fflvfjli and Da er E. Jonez, G. Fox, S. Hansen Mask and Dagger is the dramatics club of E.H.S. The members are chosen by try-outs which are judged by a committee selected trom the group. The membership is limited to 35 students. "Star Struck" was a play presented by the club at an assembly tor the students in February. How- ever, the principal project of the Mask and Dagger was "Eobino", a stage show given for the grade school children at the McDonald theater. The char- acters' vivid costumes, enchanting scenery, and gay lines were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Cn the lighter side were the gala Christmas and Valentine parties given at the members' homes. The latter party was also the scene ot an initiation tor the mid-year students. Mrs. Houglum, dramatics teacher, was a very successful supervisor ior the club. Carolyn Wright, president, was assisted in her duties by Gerald Fox, vice presidentg Evelyn lonez, secretaryg and Shirley Hansen, treasurer. ROW 1: F. Hawkesworth, C. Wright. J. Gibson, D. Ferrell, D, Miller, D. Tomlin, D. Chapman, J. Kimble, B. Brown, E. Koepp. ROW 2: N. Van Osdol, E. Jonez, S. Hansen, J. Heisel, K, Strong, P. Anderson, V. Lindley, L. Pedron. D. Barnhart. N. Winters. ROW 3. C. Gilbert, C. Thomason, D. Ross. L. Houglum, B. Moore, G. Lewis, G. Fox. 82 Calnera Club The Camera Club is both a social and an educa- tional organization. Despite the wartime shortage of film and other photo materials, members have had a great deal of fun during the year, learning to print and enlarge pictures. Some members assisted the annual staff in taking pictures for the feature section and were supplied priority film for this purpose. This gave the club a means of using its talent as well as aiding the publi- cation of this Eugenean. To maintain a pleasant social aspect for the club, meetings were held once each week and potlucks ance every month. OFFICERS lst Semester President ,i,.,......,,,,...,,,,...,, ..,.... D ale Curfman Vice President ...... ,,,,,. A lex Riasanovsky Secretary ,,,....,,,....,,,,.,,,...,,,...... Elizabeth Miller 2nd Semester President ........................,.,.............. Ann Collins Vice President ..,,... ,,.,.,. G ary Morgan Secretary .,,,.......,. ....., B etty Chase Treasurer .,..... ....., P eggy Akers ROW 1: K. Kienzle, W. Nichol son. D. Gilson, A. Riasanovsky ROW 2: D. Hyde, C. Wood, B Chase, J. Frydenlund, A. Collins W. Kintzley, D, lvlaughan, D Edblom. ROW 3: D. Chapman Coy, B. Cameron, P. Akers, G nhan. Hassad, R. Pfeiffer, E. Paul, J. Luckey. 'ervice Club The Service Club is an organization that is op- erated for the benefit of the school. It renders serv- ices in the following ways: selling tickets at games and dances: taking tickets at games and assembliesg and assisting in the many odd jobs that must be done around the school. lts duties thus make it a vital club, but unfortunately one which has received little pub- licity or commendation for the important work it so willingly performs. Two potlucks were held this year, one in Ianuary for initiation of new members, and the second in March for installation of officers and initiation. , The officers of this club for the past year were president, leanne lefferisy vice-president, Derald Parks, secretary-treasurer, Doris Churchill. The ad- viser was Mr. Potter. 83 N. Ashworth, E. Miller, J. Mc- Skillarn, M. Pickett, R. McClar1- ROW 1: Mr. Potter, M. Langley, A. Dahl, l. Love. B. Benton, J. Jefferis, R. Saballus, D. Churchill, D. Dahlberg. ROW 2: B. Coe, E. Lundberg, L. Smith, B. Little, T. Titus, S. Smith, J. Gunn. ROW 3: F. Wright, D. Bench, J. Hanns, J, Spicer, D. Pack Plat The Pack Rats, Eugene High's outdoor club, en- gages in a complete program of outdoor sports: hik- ing, climbing, and camping in the fall and spring, and skiing during the winter. Probably the outstanding activity of the club was its participation with the National Ski Patrol and the Fourth Fighter Command in a program for training aircraft search units to do rescue work in the event of downed aircraft in the mountains. This included week- ly trips to the ski areas where the members developed their skiing, camping, map-reading, and first aid technique under authorized supervision. The Pack Rats were unique among the school clubs in having this opportunity to cooperate with the government in an essential service. Mr. Lyon, as new adviser of the club, was very interested in its welfare, and with Hank Wittwer, the president, was largely responsible for the organiza- tion and supervision of the trips. Bob McNeil was -4' vice-president, and Warren Webster was secretary- treadrer. The club had its own photographer, Stew- art Rankin, who kept a graphic record of their treks. Because of the type of organization and activities the membership was limited to twenty-five, seniors and boys having previous experience given prefer- ence. Many of the fellows had spent the summer in the forest service, and all of the officers had worked two years as suppression-crew members, where they received practical woods experience. During the year, the boys covered over lUO,UOG "Pack Rat miles" in an exciting year crowded with well-planned service projects and recreational activ- ities. As a result of their interest, sportsmanship, ana cooperation, the Pack Rats have already become well-known among local outdoor organizations. Eu- gene High should be proud of them. FIOW1: H. Boehnke, B. McCracken, H. Wittwer, B. Hankins, J. DeVault, G. Sinclair, L. Wechter. ROW 2: B. lVlcGillicuddy, B. McNeil, W. Haynes, G. Reed, O. Holland, A. Anderson, S. Andrus, VV. Webster. ROW 3: Mr.L.yon, G. Smith, G. Harris. S. Rankin, B. Moffitt. V. Roberts, W. Banks C Smith W Owen , . , . . ROW 1: B. Chase, B. Strand, B. Brown, P. Chase, N. Miller. B. Powell, M. Miller, I. Momsen, B. Hamilton, B. Brown, L. Carey, S. Donaldson. ROW 2: J. Erwin, D. Hugus, J. Thomas, D. Skil- bred, J. Kelsey, B. McKeen, J. Kimball, E. Reynolds, B. Stel- ting, L. Sutton, W. Morefield. ROW 3: J. Silliman, E. Sorensen, D. Chamberlain. C. Edson, I. Kessinger. S. Finley, C. Patti- son, V. Lindley, P. Buoklin, D. Finlay, M. Pickett, D. Maug- han. ROW 4: N. Chase, D. Schiewe, M. Hopper, J. Daniels, W. Webster, G. Hansen, J. De- Vault, T. Trautwein. mbassadur ' The Ambassadors were organized in late Noveme ber, 1943. The purposes of the group are to provide Chrisf tian fellowship and to forward Christian ideals among high school students, Every Wednesday during the noon hours, meetings were held, the average attend- ance being about 55 students, representing approxi- mately ten denominations. The Ambassadors provided an opportunity for all high school students to participate in the pro- gramsy the students either took charge themselves or invited guest speakers of different denominations. Some of the guest speakers were: Harlin Harris, young evangelist: Rev. R. Moon, Congo Missionary, Dr. Brown, evangelistg Dr. Ronald L. Crozier, evan- gelistg Dr. Kallenback, blind evangelist. B. Strand, J. DeVault, Miss Deierlein, J. Erwin, L. Campbell The Club's Xmas party... One of the objects for the year was to establish an Ambassadors group in Salem High. By lanuary 24 the group was well-organized. Several social events were held: a Christmas party at the Y. M. C. A., an annual potluck, and a group picnic, A very successful year was completed by the Ambassadors under the leadership of lean Erwin, president, Bernice Strand, vice-president, Lois Camp- bell, secretaryg lack DeVault, treasurer. Representatives from each church were as follows: Lutheran Church-Janet Kelsey Baptist-Jean Thomas Church of Christ-Cora Edson Evangelical-Don Spencer Nazarene-Jim Daniels Lighthouse Temple-Doris Chamberlain Church of God-Luella Pickert Methodist-Virgene Lindley Central Lutheran-Dorothy Skilbred First Christian-Ilene Richey 85 S ssemhly Unnilnittee The Assembly Committee, consisting of five teach- ers and seven students appointed by the Student Body President, planned and presented many ex- cellent programs throughout the year. Emphasis was placed on holding assemblies regularly, and, thanks to the fine cooperation of the students and faculty with the committee, assemblies were presented week- ly except during examination periods. The year's programs were well varied and includ- ed almost every type of entertainment. The commit- tee arranged for several outside groups to present programs and approved various assemblies that were given by school organizations. Of the few pay assemblies, the most outstanding was the amateur show which was well received not only by the students but by the teachers and parents alike, and might profitably become a yearly feature. Meeting periodically, with the Student Body Presi- dent as chairman, the committee was one of the factors contributing to the success of the year as a whole. ROW 1: W. Webster. B. Moffitt D. Mott. C. Mobiey. ROW 2: B Banister. L. Houglum, H. Harp er. S. Skade. O. Mickelson. ROW 1: J. Heffernan, J. Bar bee, B. Neely, N. Richardson, V McHenry. B. Hunnicutt, S. Fin Iey, B. Brund, B, Pfeiffer, G Diebel, D. Hubbard. B. Hanklns S. Hansen. Absent: D. Moll, J Finley. W. Clark, D. Melby. I'-TA. Dame Committee Last year's P.T.A. dance program was enlarged this year and became the Recreation Program with Mrs. Stan Summers and the Reverend Wesley G. Nicholson of the P.T.A., and Miss Minerva Cfriffis, dean of girls, as advisers. Eighteen students repre- sented the Sophomore, lunior and Senior Classes re- spectively. Dances were held in the gym after all home foot- ball games and after the district play-off game in basketball. On nights when there were no other school activities, the Committee arranged for game rooms as well as dances, and as many as four hun- dred and fifty students attended these affairs. A special dance was held April 20 for the Stamp and Bond Committee and a aueen elected by the stu- dents was given an elaborate crowning. ln May, ninth graders from both junior high schools were in- vited to attend one of these special dances, Sopho- mores were special hosts at this dance. Iey. ROW 2: M. Griffis, C. Mob- Hank Huchera With the close of this l944-45 sports' season Hank Kuchera will have added a brilliant chao'er to the history of his coaching career. The excellent guid- ance and training which he gave our teams enabled them to chalk up vicfory upon victory and walk away with both No-Name League titles without a defeat for the first time in the history of Eugene High. As a ccach goes . . . so the team goes, and the past 'two year's victorious seasons clearly reveal the abilities of "Kuch". His sincere interest in the welfare of the boys and strong convictions of the importance of the development of good character oualities have made him popular. To obtain the best performance from his teams, Kuchera has outlined and enforced a detailed training program, the results of which are evident. Summing up l944-45, Hank has the following to say, "Speaking for myself, I know that this has been the most successful season of my career. The boys were grand fellows to work with and deserved every victory they won." Ti" Duane lellem Three cheers to a fine coach and a swell guy, Duane Mellem, the other member of Eugene High's coaching staff, Mr. Mellem is known to most every- one as just "Mel," Besides being' head baseball coach, assistant football and basketball coach, he is cne of the large factors in the high spirit and morale incorporated by the athletes and students during the past year. Mel completed his second year of lunior Varsity coaching with flying colors. His teams did better than average in football and the "B" squad in basketball tied for the championship of their league. lt's the thankless task of Mel to teach the sopho- mores and newcomers in the school the fundamentals and basic systems carried on by Hank Kuchera's basketball and football teams, by the looks of the sophomores coming up for next year he has done a masterful job. 89 l l Cheer Leader At the first of the year, "auditions" were held for cheer leader teams. Two teams, each composed of two boys and two girls, competed in a tryout before a general assembly of the student body, and the one composed of Ronnie Anderson, "Pete" Peterson, Norma lean Richardson, and "Sweety" Rappaport was selected by the Student Council as the better of the two. Later in the year, near the end of the basket- ball season, Corky Mobley was added to the team, thus making our cheer-leading group the largest in the school's history. Due to the exceptionally large schedules which Eugene High's teams completed in the two major sports, our yell team was kept busy, often traveling once or twice a week to attend out-of-town games . . . and they usually got there, too! ln addition to yelling at the games, this cheering band was the center of activity at the several pep assemblies and rallies given before major contests. i During football season the weather was often cold and the fields deep with mud, but these leaders "Where school Snirit counts ' were out there, leading the students and "giving out" with their pep to bolster the team's morale. Again in basketball season, they were out on the floor, faided by the band in the latter part of the yearl, going through their antics during every game in a manner which made the team feel that the stu- dents were behind them to the fullest extent. Throughout the year new yells were developed by them, some suggested by students, and these with their many other novel ideas for leading the yells aided greatly in keeping the school spirit in the top bracket. Although the boys would probably have maintained the record breaking wins of the past year without the support which our student body gave them. yet the very existence of a high school spirit added immeasurably to the interest and importance of our contests . . . particularly when such spirit was manifested in enthusiastic yells. Co-Captain Ronald Ham Football Eugene High was represented in 1944 by one of the best football teams in its history. Considered by close followers as the best team since the mythical state champions of 1936, the Axemen won eight games-lost only one lto North Bend, out of the dis- trictl. ln the No-Name League, Eugene was unbeaten, untied, and unscored upon. A strong indication of the team's success is pointed out by the fact that they placed 5 men on the No-Name League A11 Sta. team: Ends, Dale Warberg and Darrell Robinson, center, Ronald Hamg halfback, Bill Hutchinson: and full-back, Andy Bodner. Honorable mention went to quarter-back, Bill Harbery tackle, A1 Palmateerg and guards, Corky Mobley and Marvin Reynolds, ln addition, Bill Hutchinson received the Simmon's cup annually awarded the outstanding player. "What is Eugene going to use for a football team this season?" This was a common question met by Coach Henry Kuchera at the beginning of the season. With six lettermen lone regularl returning, the out- look for "Kuch" and his able assistant Duane Mellem was glum, but after a few weeks of practice, things began to look brighter. Regular practice sessions began on September 1, under the lights of the Civic Stadium, with about 60 boys turning out. During the second week of practice, Kuch scheduled two workouts a day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. This continued until the week before the first game, with Oregon City. The potent Pioneers from Oregon City were pre- season favorites to win the No-Name League champ- ionship, and before the game, dopesters put Eugene as the decided underdog. The Axemen upset the applecart, however, and when the smoke of the battle had cleared, Eugene was victorious by a 14 to O count. Next in line for the following Friday was the traditional struggle with her cross-town rival, Uni- Co-Captain Bill Hutchinson ROW 1: M. Reynolds, C. Mornhinweg, R. Hopper, A. Bodner, M. Denzer, R. Fraedrick, D. Murray ROW 2: C. Smith, B. Fulps. A. Palmateer, C. Campbell, C. Nlobley, H. Walker, H. Paulus D Hendrickson. ROW 3: B. Hutchinson. D. Robinson. S. Rankin, B. Sawyer, D. Warberg Harber, R. Ham. ,E - .....N....,...,.... M- f- ., . . af. 4 if A . B.,-if 7 ' 1 A E ips? M Q U 'xl .,, 9 l ' ?'E9'4 The Mighty Axemen 1 MARIONNDENZER ANDY BQDNBR ' R. Hal! run-Back QA11-semi ROBINSON L . A 1 A Eleven BILL L. Hal! CAII-Star? 'DALE R. End Ukll-Simi BILL HARBER Quarterback - R. Guard AL lg. -1-add 9 Center Ulll-Star, MARVIN L. Guard W I-.L End Ulll-Starl qu..-wk 1 NORTH BEND 6-19 'E ' 'Q E 1 UNI HIGH 20-0 ' ..., Q. 1 2, -I f JI '.-7j5f,- A .- ,c . .f L 5' 5 9 E is Q qs WH v A, M V .Q-mg, A A f fJ1Hpuaukgua41a4sw, in 1. W, 'ii Q i 1 4 W,,,1 A EQ? K .. A L, , . - X PfQ:f',,w,.fw R fg.'f,. N13-6 41, itat" .vw fu 3 . , X .J F, 1 if ft' . V, , M, ,L , - .. .A , x,,,, . , Mr, Mickelwait presenting Bill Hutchinson with the Sim- mons Cup. December 8. 1944. under muddy, unfavorable conditions, Eugene took the hurdle in stride, to the tune of 8 to U. The 25 to U crushing of Salem will, no doubt, be the longest remembered feature of the i944 season, as this is the worst defeat Salem has been handed foy a Eugene team in ils gridircn history. ln the last game of the season, played at Albany, each of the four senior backfield men scored a touch- down, routing the Bulldogs 27 to U, and ringing down the curtain on an outstandingly successful season. The team's success was nicely summed up by Kuchera at one of the four banquets given in honor of the squad: "l believe we had the best football 'team in the state this year, even though we were not picked in the playoffs for the state title. lf Eugene teams in the future will continue the high spirit and close teamwork this year's squad inaugurated we will no doubt have many more successful seasons." Considered from all aspects there is little reason io believe that the 1944-45 football season will soon 'oe forgotten. -..,5....................,M,s.....,...,..A...,. ,,,.,.,.M..,...e.,-,....,., . versity High. The highlight of this game came in the opening moments, when on Eugene's first play, Darrell Robinson caught a long pass from Bill Hutch- inson and scampered over for a touchdown. Eugene had little trouble after that, emerging with a 20-U victory. The only setback of the season came in the third game, which the gridders lost to North Bend 6-l9. Following this, they quickly got back in the swing of things by drubbing the highly touted Bend team i3 to 6, and the Marshfield Pirates l3 to U. The next two games proved to be the climax of the seasonffthe outcome a deciding factor in the championship of the No-Name League. The first of these was with Corvallis, the team that boasted Paul Lee, one of the best halfbacks in the state. Lead' ing 6 to O, the Axemen made a victorious stand on their own one-yard line and went on to Win i8 to O. Milwaukie was the next victim of the axe. The lviaroons, with l6 lettermen from their i943 champion- ship team, loomed as the biggest threat in the Axe- men's bid for top honors. Played at the Civic Stadium J. Carlson, B. Shelby, H. Mclntyre i.. V i . ., , .. ..,,,.,,.....,,,.,.,,. .... M, , e...e,....,,,,,,, it .t irrrrr'.., tt 4 i 70 72 Q ., 83 tt.. W 73 W . ,, 51. ga 75? ,yi -so ,,,. . ...fb 4 if fT........t.., ' fs 7 4 i, We , s tttt ti 92 'f 49 fi af X 4, .mm 3 ' ROW 1: D. Ruth, B. McGuIlicuddy, B. Rasor, K. Welch, C. Luttrell, E. Frolen. ROW 2: D. Strite, E. Anderson, J. Banks, G. Smith, D. McCorkle, E. Neuenfeldt, ROW 3: A. Johnson, J. Harms, J. Huber, J. Hoffer, A. Jonez, S. Rhodes, N. Privrasky. 94 'X tLeft to Riqhtd ROW 1: B. Fulos, W. Hunter. H. Kuchera, B. Hutchinson, D. Robinson. ROW 2. M. Denzer, E. Wilde, G. Rider, K, Ruth, G. Miner, C. Thomason Ba kethall The longest run of consecutive victories in the state for l945 and the longest in the history of this schcol was one of the big accomplishments of Eugene High's basketball team this year. The Axemen under the reins of Henry Kuchera completed the most suc- cessful season in 19 years with fourth place in the state tournament as a climax . . . Eugene struclc misfortune in the tourney as they drew the Washing- ton High Colonials of Portland for their first game. Vifashington boasted three men of 6' 2" while the Captain Warren Hunter LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Robinson, W. Hunter, B. Hutchin- son, B. Fulps. tallest Axemen reached only six feet. Height won out and the Axemen went down in defeat for the first time after a sensational thirty game win streak. The potency of the Colonials was proven as they went on to win the state championship, After this loss Eugene hit its stride again, however, and won its next twc Consolation games to capture 4th place. The Axemen opened their strenuous schedule with a win over Oakridge followed by a loss to Benson Tech of Portland. Outside of the loss to Washington this was the only setback for the team throughout the season. Eugene redeemed this flaw in their next game with Benson on the home floor by a considers able margin. ln district 6 the Axemen breezed through without a defeat, having very little trouble with Springfield. Uni High, Cottage Grove, Roseburg, and lunction City. Significant of their district campaign, Eugene Q5 At the tournament . ,. placed iour men on the Allfstar team which is com- posed ot the eiaht outstanding players from the six schools. Winnina honors tor the Purple and White were Captain Warren Hunter, Darrell Robinson, Bill Fulps and Bill Hutchinson. Euaenes accomplish' ments in the local district were ot a better grade thar. past years, displaying the outstanding tinesse which qoes with a areat team. Much ot their success un dcubiedly was due to the system utilized by Kucherc ot tast break and clever ball handlina. From district play they moved to outside playotts lor births in the state tournament. This meant that Eugene was to meet the winner ot district 5 lCoos Bay areal which was Myrtle Point. A two out of three series would determine a champion, one qame beinq played on each team's tloor and a third, it necessary, cn a neutral court. These two contests will long be remembered as the most thrillina ot the season, Euqene salvaainq a 48-46 Victory in the first, but wine nina handily 5243 in the second. B-Squad. For the second consecutive year, the Erie gene High basketball B-Squads season was highly successful. Under the expert and watch ful eye of Coach Mellem, a rather ragged and pingainlyeloolcing group of boys was turned gnto a firstfrate basketball team. There being very few lunior boys out for the sport, a large part of the BfSguad was composed of Sopho- rrofes, but although experience was lacking ability was not the team finished the season as co-champion of the District 5 B-Squad League. Beaten only three times during the sea- scn, the sauad lost one game each to Salem, Albany, and Springfield, losing to Albany and Springfield by one-point margins. How- ever, it is to be noted that each of these teams was defeated by the Eugene squad at least once. Although a successful season is importe ant, it is of secondary importance with the B-Squad, whose real objective is to gain expert' ence and master the fundamentals of basket- ball, for they are the nucleus of the next years team. qLeft to Righty ROW 1: D. Mellem, E. Wilde, C.. Rider. D. Hen- drickson. C. Smith, G, Miner. ROW 2: R. Fraedrick, B. Doak, N. Privrasky, D. Moll. J. Daniels. L. Bradford, D. Garrett. 97 Myrtle Point . . .a hurdle to jump. ROW 1:-K. Welch, W. Haynes, B. Sargent, J. Nasholm, E. Worth, J. Crakes. ROW 2: D. Shaw, D. Ruth, J. Banks, D. Hubbard, M. Loucks. ROW 3: S. Rhoades, D. Strite, B. MCG-illcuddy, E. Gilmore. Soph U fquad ln order that the Sophomores might compete in a loasketbali league ot their own, a league was tormed tor them in l943. During l944-45 two Sopho- more teams took part in this newly-organized sports pro- gram. The teams, the "Sopho- mores" and the "Froshmores", coached by Duane Mellem, won tirst and second places in their respective leagues and also took part in a Basketball lam- boree held at McArthur Court. At this lamhoree both teams played Well, making a fitting ending to an already successful season which gained much val- uable experience and pleasure tor those who participated. Ba eball X f "No Game Today---Rain." With the exceptions i R of the Weatherman the outlook for a prosperous Baseball season Was in sight for this season. Lacking experience but possessing a fine spirit of competi- tion and cooperation, Eugene fielded a team of which fans were duly proud. Coach Duane Mellem rang out the initial call for turnout on March l9, with a response from 45 can- didates. The first week's practice was held in the gym because of unsuitable weather, but better con- ditions enabled Mel to schedule workouts on the stadium diamond the following Week. Although the entire infield was lost by graduation, enthusiastic reserves from last year were rapidly progressing. Ex- perienced prospects for the coming season were as follows: Capt. Bill Fulps, utility 2nd baseman of '45 converted to first base: Harold Walker, Axeman's Captain Bill Fulpg number one hurler, was expected to provide the pur- ple and White with strong pitching: Dick Rodiger, Walker's battery-male back from the '44 squad, Willis McCullough, outfielder last seasonfmoved to sec- ond base in an effort to rebuild the infield: Floyd Green, outfielder, and Marvin Reynolds, third base- man. Cther promising candidates included, Duane Snydereshortstopg Wes Nicholsoneeoutfielder, lim Ekstrom-pitcher, lim Hanns-pitcher, and Corky Mobley-catcher. In Mellem's Words, "You can't hold down a hust- ling ball club." ROW 1: B. Fulps tCapt.J, D. Mellem, R. Rodiger, H. Wtallser. ROW 2: F. Greene, W. Nicholson, F. Neuenfeldt, J. Hanns, W. McCul- lough, C. Mobley, M. Reynolds, D. Snyder. ROW 3: K. Welch, J. Crakes, E. Wilde, D. Strite, D. Mobley, A. Johnson, A. Bodner, G. DeBell, E. Smith. ROW 4: R. Butzirus tmanagerb, C. Ellison, D. Mintz, J. Nasholm, D. Atwater, G. Smith, R. Pfeiffer, B. McCrack- en. H. Gardner. O. Holland. 'QW ROW 1: B. Hutchinson, C. Mobley, K. Ruth, R. Ham, L. Mitchell. B. Sargent, C. Thomason, W. Haynes. ROW 2: J. Hanns, J. Banks. G. Smith, B. Moffitt, G. Miner, G. Warberg. E. Anderson, W. Hunter. D. Robinson, B. Frve. ROW 3: B. Rasor, B. McGillicuddy, E. Frolen, G. Dlebel, H. Paulus, C. Smith, Hank Kuchera. ROW 4: E. Paul, D. Fisher, B. Merriam, G. Rider, P. Eevans, D. Hendrickson, R. Hopper, B. Doak, K. Wullschleger. T li Captain Robinson in action At press time, the coming season was one of uncertainty as three of the lettermen from last year's team were on call for the Navy: Ronald Ham, the leading point-maker of the previous season, and sprinters Marion Denzer and Bill Hutchinson. Certain to lead the Axemen this year, however, was Captain Darrell Robinson, of whom big things were expected on the cinders. At its best, Eugene had a well-balanced team which promised to garner its share of the meets, though handicapped by the loss of several stars through early graduation. Kuchera anticipated a speedy relay team composed of four seniors: Robinson, Denzer, Hutchinson, and Bodner. As luniors, these four ran close to the best of teams in the Hayward Relays, and pre-season indica- tions were that they woud be high-ranking in this year's events. lt was predicted that the weakest cog in the AXemen's machine would be the field events which proved fatal in l944. How- ever, at the time this went to press, there was a possibility that this deficit might be filled by several up-and-coming sophomores, who show- ed promise in early season tryouts. Regardless of the season's results, Kucheroi will -be able to use underclass talent developed this year for the '46 and '47 teams. Instructor: Miss DeVos Unfortunately, weather interfered with the soccer season making it a shorter sea- son than usual. junior and Senior teams were organized and played a couple of hard fought games. A volleyball tournament was conduct- ed after school and teams were selected by grades. There were five teams in all, two each of the juniors and Seniors and one Sophomore. Practices were held twice a week before the tournament started. The juniors took the tournament from the Sen- iors in a battle royal, while the Sophomores fought hard to equal their larger oppon- ents. After many delays basketball got un- der way about Christmas time with senior, sophomore, and junior teams competing in the tournament. The Seniors proceeded to win back some of their dignity which they had lost in the volleyball tournament when Girls' Sport Girls like to participate in sports as much as boys do and although they do not play interschool games they enjoy interclass competition. Sports are not only enjoyable avocations but are excellent teachers of skill and accuracy, cooperation with people, and co-ordination be- tween hand and head. ln addition, they help the girls to relax from the strain of modern life. All girls who are physically able are required to take two years of physical education during their high school careers but there is always a group of girls who enjoy sports so much that they play in games after school, as extra curriculer activities. For this group there is the opportunity offered by the G.A.A. of taking part in organized competition with the incentive of letter earning to spur participation. Group sports included soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and badminton. Individual sports were tennis, golf and bowling. Volleyball Basketball Tennis 101 Tumbling links around the countryside and the girls with the time and ability have enjoyed the sport greatly this year. A few girls were given instructions and started on the path to good golfing. The season ended at school this year with badminton and baseball. The form- er was a rather limited sport since only eight girls can play at a time and there are always more girls than that who wish to play. By taking different days we were able to carry out a highly successful and enjoyable season. Baseball suffered the pangs of bad weather as did some of the other outdoor sports. Despite this fact three teams were organized among the girls and they played some exciting! games at the tournament. Babdminton they were beaten by the luniors earlier in the sea- son's schedule. Since Eugene High did not have any tennis courts of its own, girls interested in this sport had to go to the University of Oregon courts or to the Fairgrounds. This always eliminated some girls who would have been inlerested but never seem to stop those who had really zest and did not mind hardships. The weatherman smiled not to pleasantly on this sport, but nevertheless some girls did give each other good competition. The tumbling team, although small, was an en- thusiastic group which had lots of fun learning new tricks and polishing up old ones. Though they gave no public appearances as a group, they did perform singly and in couples at different times. Golf is another sport which forces its followers to travel to enjoy it. There are several good golf Golf team Bowling lOZ AllTl llil'1Al'HS iwvsq., on-41w,f.N...., 8 K - X ya- 'G i , Ag., fa. 1 J M. fs ae E 'Nb-4. 105 i i 1 106 rv- xw fkw if-Q, 'li 'Q s 1, .SM N ks-lg .W . K3 3. . Jr. Aw: .W -1 110 Z-keyjll Fay for fkis . . . A A A A A A A A A A A A - A A A - - -Q - - - A - - -::,-::::,-:::.':::::::::".,4-A-,Jef-.'A,s's,A'A's'.,,',,,.',-.Q S You furnish the girl . . V I We furnish the home . . 2 FURNITURE COMPANY 2 :I II 'I 9"JJ',J9"JN'9 9JZ"'J"5,,JJ'J',99,"x"x'ii,"x,,"kJk,"i'N'N'x,"ii'N,,.s,"k4k',,,i',,"', l I 'I I I Z I J O H N S O N ' S I ugene ffbote I , I J 2 ICE VIIEAM E Y 4 Xoul Headquarters for .IFMBO BANANA sPI.1'rAJI'MBo CONES :I Any Occasion I ,Q I EIGHTEEN FLAVOR SIIPEII-CIIEAMED IFE c'ImAM :I . . , 'I Dining Room - Coffee Shop E ToAsTIf:IJ SANDXVICHES 2 Banquets 2 I ' I 5 34 West 1lIth Ave. 12 blot-k from McDonald 'l'heat1'e z Darin-ing in the Persiaii Kooni Every Saturday Evening z 2 I Foil 20 YEAI:s I:I'GIf1NE HIGH SCHOOL sTI'DEN'1's HAVE LOCKED 'ro . I I lTIUFlHISDI"I-HEl'lI'IlI'lI3 I I Jvfofze j0'z 77202 3 Fon LEADERSHIP IN YOVNG MENS XVEAII i Drop in and meet the fellows at . . . 1022 XX'i1lmm,tm I ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, - -, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 """""'k"k"k"k""'k"k"""""k"" Q S I N F or 34 Years I I E.. H. S. Students have been meeting at Tenth and S Willamette for their Hcokesu and Fountain Drinks. I Yoim-IA Alwzlyg XYG1l'Ol11G21i . . ! ll m I i I A- I ' I lihfli-Hfililiiiliiiilll' " izmoum len- qeocl' CHRISTENSENS DAIRY STCDRE 1450 East liroudwzay Eugene, Oregon ..-:::::.-:: A::::::::::::::::::',,::::"- - QA",-"'v,v-- ---'.,--------------,.A--- ,l-JA..-...i - V ,,.1 ,,. , NYY, , 1 211 5 r"'- '-'-K ------ -----A-1 MVNICIPAL ELECTRIC AND VVATER YTILITIES ------ .............. ......... - ---,,--- ------,,,-------v-v-,--,04-'vvv------- I N I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I S S 'I 'I I I 5 I I I S AQ 7 The I9-P5 Eugenezm stuff' wishes to tuiae this up-- portunity to thunk' the husinesses who have phieeci ads in this yeaifs Eugenezm. it wouici have heeu ilupos- sible to puhiish this annual were it 110i For the time eooperzition ol' the merehzmts oi' Eugene. Wie urge the students of Eugene high to siimv their 2lPPl'L'Ci1IA tion hy pzitimiiiziiig our uclvci'tise1's. ci0HIlJiillIL'!l1S of - - - - - Q, ..., 4-0, - - - - - Y' .v...v.. - - - - - - ::::::::::::::::,""-Q,, 'o4-ov ARDELS TOPS IN FASHION FOR MISS AND MRS. H91 Willamette Eugene, Oregon 00,4-Q-"'Q::::"::: A::::: A A:::::QQ,A- -,,, The Store With the Reputation For Giving Good Values ARMY 6: NAVY STORE 16 AVIIIHIIIGIIQ Eugene, Oregon "YOI'R DOLLAIVS VVORTH ALYVAYSH ,:: 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ,::: .-"::::',0:::::::::::::,Q::::::'- : Hardware Far Accessories Sporting Goods COAST TO COAST STORES LOCALLY OVVNED Joe and Ted Jones T3 VVest Broadway Eugene, Oregon ------- --------- ....... ------- .... A, Q- ..... --v,-,v-------,v--- ..v. -----:: The Economy Grocery S'l'Al'LE AND FANCY GROCERII-IS AND VEGETABLES, GARDEN BEST Phone SIS 104 E. Broadway 0:::::::::: A A A - -:::,::::::,::::::::: In Eugene Since 1915 DR. SHERMAN W. MOODY oPToME'rH1sT, EYESIGHT SPECIALIST 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ------------- ....................... -,,, EUGENE HARDWARE COMPANY "EVERYTHING YOI' NEED IN HARDVVAREH N East Broadway Telephone 362 Broadway and Oak Telephone 670 SANITONE 6 EUGENE, ff IJ E A N I N fig PHONE 300 l2IOWlLLAMETTE 0 R E G 0 N ---vvvvvvvvvv-,4------------------------- "It's a. Good School" EUGENE BUSINESS COLLEGE A. E. ROBERTS, President Phone 666 364 E. Broadway EIIEGHQ, 0I'9g011 "7 5 5 5 5 ',:::' '00, "':::,, 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 Z 2 5 5 5 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 .5 -0::::::::::::::::::.A'0::::::::::::::::::::::::: A A A A A::::::::: --- - - - ::- :::: 115 -vv ------ ---v'--v-- -----v- -- v------, -------v.Y---------- --.-::::, ::::::: :::-.:"'-::::::"':::: Compliments of PlK'N PAK The F1-iencllny Store 1963 XV. Gth St. Eugene, Oregon EY'ERX'BODY,S DRUG EUGENE'S LEADING DRUG STORE SERVE YOURSELF AND SAVE AT EVEnYBoDY's49s6 W11,LAME'rTE vv-- -----v- v.... -----,v ..... ---v ...... --,------- -vv---,::::.-::::,'."-Q..-.,-.,-,,-,N I-IUTCI-l'S BICYCLE STORE BICYCLES, SUPPLIES AND REPAIRING "HOME OF WORLD BICYCLESH Phone 3113-M S5 NVest Sth Ave. Eugene, Oregon Title Abstract company of Eugene COMPLETE 5 Capital 325,000.00 HOME "DEPENDABLE TITLE SERVICE" I, S 'r 'r S 5 4+ 'r S Phone G84 :r n N . I Lyons Furniture Co. S81 Oak Street Eugene, Oregon ' 1: 1203 NVillamette Phone 1438 In A B Seventh and XVIIIillII6tl9 Street Photographic Supplies 0 Picture Framing 0 Photo Finishing EUGENE, OREGON Enlarging 0 Tinting 0 Commercial Photography TIRE RECAPPING JIM BRANNEN TIRE CO. GENERAL AND SEIBERLING TIRES 922 Oak Phonic- 45-I5 ------- ..... -vv-----,------- ------ ------------, ---------, --- :::::: KOKE-CHAPMAN COMPANY PRINTING - BINDING - STATIONERY P Enugenels Leading Printers for Over 35 Years 73 E. Broadway, Eugene, Oregon Phone 103 Did you know that Q? X, O X ,G 'S' 0696 -X865 O' NO o ,Qi QA O QQ o Q7 Geo 64' O ng WY Webs, X 0 Norman Diebel C25 'SA L? if J. YD O FCE Ooxaef K9 0600 Q QVQ xdx 9 o E S99 6' MQW 9 fiojfb fcrck Carlson CQ 6306, 'O 47 Q. 9 fs C54 WA7 S 5 'po OO-'No E O. as J an C? 5 ,ig 42, C5- O N. . Q16 N99 ef' o x .50 ,gay .O A650 6 no N 3 90 fy Q26 62' o S x 29' Q, o 4, fa Q, SO N. 5' we 9 65 AGO Prqnk po Q6 WSU GV o 9 3 N961 5 fx 359 Q7 Go Oo Q9 CQ 'Q 9 S5 Q Q5 'A' fqojr QD 9 efqck -QQ J De V GQ? Qlljf X. of ore the 30 best Senior boys in school? QPaid Adv.J ---- ..... -------- -A ----------------------------,.,,-,,, ,x'.'f,'0, ----------- .... --.p-- ---- HKEEP VVARM AND HAPPY" MANERUD-HUNTINGTON FUEL CO. 997 Oak Sf, Phone 651 "YOURS FOR YEARS" MIDGLEY PLANING MILL CO. Established 1SS1 Telephone 1059 4th and High Eugene, Oregon 5 5 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ ,,,::,::::::,,,:::::,:::::,,::.A::::.-.A,,,,,,,,,:,,:,:,,,::::.-:,- -::::::-,,,, 1, 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 5 4+ 4+ 5 5 5 4+ 4+ 0 vvv. ---v .v... ----vvv---- HOTEL OSBURN - - .... ..... : ::::::,::::::,::,:::- .A:::::,-v-:::,:,,, 4+ 4+ APARTEAENTS HA HOME AYVAY FROM HOME" 0,., 'Ja' .AQ , AQ-he... 828 XVilla1nette ----- -- --- ---------------------::.A:4 ,.,::::::-A::::,-:::::::::::::vA:::vA:::: -----,-v,--v.,-,--v-- --vv------,--v R. A. BABE HARDWARE CO. Phones 47 - 48 -A 49 EUGENE, OREGON 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 : ,::: A A A:::::.A:::::::::::::::::::::.A RElD'S CREAMERY XYillu1m-tt1+-Gold l,l'01llll'IS Milk - Crvaun - lgllftl'l' Buttermilk - lbttagm- Flwvsv S42 Pearl Pl lone 365 5 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 5 5 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ -0----f---,,----- ....... -- vvvv vvv- --- SAM RUGH REALTY CO. LOANS - FIRE INSYRANFE - REAL l'lS'l'A'l'E HREALTORSN Lottie N. Hugh Loyall R. Rllflll 10255 Willamette Eugene, Oregon 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ I + 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 I + + 4+ li 4+ ,,',, A A A -::.A.A::::::::::::::::::::.A::::::- :::::::::::::,:.A.- 'Q -.A::.':::4- Qs,-:::: :::..0:::: S 5 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 Q:::::: - -:::.':::: S 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 4+ 4+ S 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ S S 4 4 4 4+ 4+ 4 4 4 4 P P I 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + 1 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + 1 1 1 1 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 S 4 S 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 L Is.. COMNENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CAPS AND COWNS CLASS IEVVELRY DIPLOMAS XNEDDINC ANNOUNCEMENTS 54' SEE "f Qc Aster 2'n5vavex's 115 S. VV. Fourth Avenue Portland, Ore. ASK FOR MEDO-LAND PRODUCTS BY NAME AT YOUR GROCERY STORE OR CALL 303 MEDO-LAND CREAMERY Western Thrift Stores S04 Willamette Eugene, Oregon DRITGS, COSMETICS, SUNDRIES Complete Service in Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance F. J. BERGER E1 XV. Broadway Phone 782 Eugene, Oregon COMPLIIVIENTS EUGENE FARMERS CREAMERY LEADERS IN GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS SINCE 1914 Phone 63S 568 Olive ---------, ::: :::- :::.--4-::::- 'S""'-'-'-SOO"'O:o''''00,,,,-,,,--,,e,,-,-,,,,,,,,,,,4-,.,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,.-,,,,,-,,,,-,-J 4,-,-,,,,,,,.,-,-,,-.,,....,,-,,,,-, - ll9 lcoclalcs A films photographic supplies artists materials fountain pens areetina cards lm lU45 willarnette street euqene, oreqon v-,.,.,,,,---vv- -------,,------ MOUNTJOY 61 CARMICHAEL Home Decorations A Floor Covering Upholstery Draperies T7 East Broadway Eugene, Oregon Phone 286 ::::::::..::,:::::::::: :::: -:::- ::v :::"QQ:::::'::: - - ::: JOHNSON'S 4 0 ILLE 'f s Furniture Co. 2 5 HA More Beautiful Store Than Ever" "Quality Furniture at Low Cost" I 0 The store Designed ,k I With You in Mind! 2 644+ Willamette Phone 26513 840 Willamette Phone 1070 9 E U G E N E ' S 2101 FASHION CENTER Good Luck to Class of l945 more Eugene, Oregon 927 VVilla1nette A - -4-4-:::::,,::: .:::0::: -,:::::::- :v :: :::: -::::- -::: I-IENDERSI-lOTT'S SPORTING Gooos Official Award Sweaters Phone 151 T70 XVlll?lIll9IT9 St. 0x,,,,. .'f',, ',, ,, ,, r P-, n I vig ll Eugene, Oregon gc n e fr Ouln Sta rc' ' 0 5 Z Q - -- A... ,--- ----,,,------ - - - - A - - - - --o':::::: :v-::::: gl Phone 2 4 A 1 111 East 11th ' i'i :v-.-.,,::: :.A:::::::.A.-: A----AAAAAAA -A AA--- AA------------------QQQQQQ Q,,QQQrQ Compliments of IIWIBIROAIDWAWM wearing apparel A dry yoods 3214 East Broadway Phone 674 Eugene. Oregon QAAA---- AQ:::::QQQQ::: ---QQQ--- --A- A --A AA- AAA AA--A 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 4 1 1 4 4 4 I 4 4 1 4 4 4 1 4 I 1 4 4 1 1 1 4 4 QQ QQQQQ QQ QQ QQ QQQQQ QQQQ QQ QQQQ 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 O O Z C3 FU JP '-l CI L" JP Z: O oe Ee UQ5 GS E-'Sea QE NQ5 5 Z SD H Q.. for Young Fashions .'. . and Dependable Quality THE RQYAL MARKET Royal Christofferson 193 VV. 17th St. orcloifs of Course SVPER HAMm'n11-ERS AND HoT Does 1030 Willamette Street QQQQQQQ: Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ: : QQ: : 1059 VVillan1ette Phone 4200 Always a better show M - CDONALD and REX at the . . . 'l'Hl1:A'I7REs 'WATCH and CLOCK REPAIRING FINE JEVVELRY and YVATCHES 7-142 ewel Rox A GERALD HVFF , "The Biggest Little Store in the City" CHARMS 11436 XVillamette Street 7 Eugene, Oregon ENGRAYING Q:v-Q:QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ::QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ::::Q::QQQ::Q:::Q A::::QQQQQQ:: "Say it with Flowers" CHASE GARDENS ,, ..,v.... -------- .--- ---- .......v. ------ ......... ------ ..... QQ---- VALLEY PRINTING 6: STATIONERY C0. T6 VVest Broadway Telephone 470 ---------------- ---- Q,vQQQ---- -------- --------- ,v-----QQ---- E I. ,, . .E L., AQZZW MT f. PM Qawr 2 AUTUGBAPHS N Sv-2,3 J, 71z7,,,f9f, JW N W! JP G ff Jeff J KW 7 Pdf , f fffilf E' A 3 M , f f QAM W5 Qfplgff N . 'rf' E " ' E Egg My V M N wg, x . . gig kbglix 5 ml E m yn XJ , re5rAV,,f,S E Q 0, ff ev- ' Q! Q WHa"'S E 2 9 N? W' J Q2-X QW ., GRPOIV' gf 3ffw9 VQ W3 E N 43? SHELTON-TURNBULL-FULLER co Q xy Pg 32 EAST ELEVENTH AVENUE EUGENE OREGON , ' 123 - 4 4 -4 M- ff, , WW 2'- MMJMJ AMXVQ ZW M959 AUTOGRAPHS pf y W., 2w,2off4M w8Qf KNAW 1 Q15 WM gf! V W Wywvmf M 24,1 Q ik R 94,0 wg 553 Q . W A A-Q-H-AA-YUM id AA M, vw .2 A W 4 . We 1. LM wsu V , M AUTOGRAPHS .X Dfw J 2 gy A N 1" J! fa Dwi wbQ,wf' ,O iw f ,w ,JT , W f ff Rf A' M WNW 1' ' ' an ' -"vig fy x 1 ar, fp ob RX If . . 0 fx sd s K0 rd F , QQ Mi KWNWW dw if viht '-Y ffsiy fiiwf 'V wif P5 W .gl x, fgca QZZZWQ, VH Zigi, idfgg 35? N1 ig?5ii55iii if QUIK 7 e Vi' if Aw ffm' 'W 'W My f Q AUTOGRAPHS 5 Blaine, . 6 , K ' I 68,41 Qypws fffffifg ww MM march iw QMMQWJ kewl M you, Qgzew-afQldS9 MMS yew- SO I'l1 jab-T' , 1-QM you 3531 CMJOV94 faQ'H'lg iw your Qlgvvl-d CfQ3f. 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