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r O I -v . P' 5 'Ex' X351-1: N X -'v , i Y uv- Y .,', . A , .bp 47 . .5 a v rf gg L-Q, f Y qs ' 5 D 5 7 I , ' P l . A 25 1 y, O , . AV ! Yi ' , f I .1 A 1 x ff, ' .Q V s X 5 V ' I 'Q ' A T A , ' . Y .Q f- x ll A ,-ri F , f 4 PUBLISHED BY EUGENE HIGH SCHOOL-EDITED BY JEANNE GUILEYQMANAGED BY JAMES WORKING-UNDER DIRECTION OF MAE KINSEY EUGENEAN 1943 T5 K Witt iiiywfr '4Yttf,z': iiiy 1, if it T' E 'fkfifvxai Re A Q XQQ ,S R lg- THE SERVICE FACULTY CRAMER, J. F. KERNS, BERT KIDWELL, BILL MOSHBERGER, LADREW ORME, DOUGLAS STUDENTS ASHER, GENE BLACK, JIM BIDWELL, VERL BOLER JACK, CHARLES CATRON, JACK CLARK, RAY COE, HAROLD COX, HAROLD CONWAY, ROBERT P. COTHRELL, FRANK DODSON, FRED DUNN, THOMAS PARNHAM, LEROY GAROUTTE, JACK GOEPPERD, GORDON HELMS, ROY LEWMAN, SID MCCLINTIC, DICK MCDONALD, DONALD MCGI-IEHEY, PETER DEWEY NICOLLS, JOHN PATRICK, WILFORD PITTMAN, CARROLL PRINCE DICK PROUDPIT, KEITH QUINN, DENNIS RANKIN, CLYDE READ, DON ROGERS, FOREST SHERMAN, JACK SUTTLES, JIM TEMPLE, ROLLAND TURNBOW, BILL WARREN, CALVIN WELCH, JAMES WHITE, JAMES WHITEIS, JACK WILDER, RICHARD WILSON, VICTOR DEDICATION E NEED not write in flowing paragraphs The reason why we dedicate to you Our Annual. For you, the men, who were But boys a few brief months or years ago, Can understand our thoughts, because we know That were it not for you and those like you There might not be an Annual, no books, No schools, no dates, no games, no songs to sing, No laughter in the halls of Eugene High- In any schools, in any towns, in fact, In all the world. And so, because you are Out there in planes, on ships, in rumbling tanks, That we back here in Eugene High may have What you want most: America and peace, The Class of Forty-three presents to those Who've gone from here to don the uniform Of Freedom, our Eugenean, and may God grant that soon you will come back to us again. -Marguerite Wittwer STATELY SI-IE STANDS Stately she stands, our Alma Mater, Bright with the sunlight of youthg Down through the years our Alma Mater Has stood for brave honor and truth. Blood-red her vines, clinging fingers Bind her walls close to our heartsg Spring-like her memory lingers Through the years though they lead us apart. Each stone in her white gleaming portal Is a symbol on symbols piled high, A monument glowing, immortal, A sign of Youth's star in Life's sky. -J uliette Claire Gibson Stately She Stan ds ADMIIIISTRA l'l0ll h x, Wwvox J it V I' ldnun 'nistratzk-an DR. J. F. CRAMER H. B. JOHNSON Principal of Eugene High School Superintendent of Public Schools Qoard offgclucation VICTOR MORRIS, Chairman MRS. E. A. LUNDY, Clerk MRS. CLIFFORD CONSTANCE GILBERT MCICLAREN AUSTIN DODDS LLOYD PAYNE L. K. SHUMAKER, Acting General Supervisor gaculty HAROLD W. ALLISON-Social Science RALPH G. BAILEY-Mathematics CLARA M. BLAIS-Languages MAURICE C. BUCHANAN-Agriculture MARJORIE CHESTER-Library ETH..- IHRISTIE-English C. A. COULTER-Mechanical Drawing GERTRUDE DEIERLEIN-Commercial CLARENCE E. DIEBEL-Science MARGUERITE DURETTE-Biology HAZEL FISHWOOD-Art Supervisor LOUELLA FREDERICK-Office training JULIETTE C. GIBSON-English EDGAR GOODNOUGH-English RUTH GRAHAM-Social Science GLENN GRIFFITH-Music ZILDA HAYES-Sfenography RUSSELL HENDRICKS-Social Science DONA HILL-Spanish AMBROSE HUFF-Social Science ADA .MAY JEPPESEN-Art gaculty MARTIN JOHNSON-Industrial Arts KENNETH KIENZLE-Mathematics MAE D. KINSEY-English MABEL KIRSCHMANN-Home Nursing FRED A. KRAMER-Physical Education MARJORIE LANDRU-Physical Education OLA McDERMOTT-Mathematics MARY MALLORY-Bookkeeping ODINE MICKELSON-General Crafts FORD MULLEN-Physical Education IVA ORME-Senior Counseling DOUGLAS ORME-Instrumental Music RITA NORRIS-Home Economics PHILIP PARK-Social Science PAUL F. POTTER-Senior Counseling RODNEY SHULTIS-Biology LYLE L. SMALL-Social Science THELMA SMITH-Home Economics MILDRED WARREN-Social Science CAROLYN WOODS-Social Science Mr. Potter's wide grin in the office, in his clossrooms, in the holls, is o fomilicir sight. Dork, friendly, well-liked by both boys ond girls, he will long be remembered os one of the persons who did more thon his shore to cidjust eoch stuclent's progrom ond help him to coordinote more effectively in the life of this school. cgdvisory Staff Chcirming, smiling Mrs. Orme will re- moin o picture in the minds of oll the girls who hove come in contoct with her worm personolity. Sitting behind her desk reody to help with the problems of ony girl, will- ing to onswer the hundreds of questions which come before her cis odvisor of the Girls' League-this picture is typicol. Blue-eyed Louello is the girl everyone goes to for comfort when the time comes for tordy slips ond obsence excuses. Neot, com- poct, efficient, hers is the job of keeping records stroight, filling out countless forms, doing oil the things which keep the school running smoothly. Miss Fredrick is the per- fect secretory for Principol Johnson, ond o grond pol to hove ciround school. Student Council D. Dickerman, auditor: D. Kuntz, treasurer, C. Mickelson, vice president, S. Brund, secretary, Fassett, president. Under the leadership ot Jack Fassett, another out- standing year has been recorded in the history of El-l.S. school government. The year i942-43 was marked by the great increase in war activities, including the forming ot a War Council, which, under the faculty leadership of Dr. Ralph Bailey, planned and executed practice air raids, boosted the sale of War Bonds and Stamps, and, in cooperation with other groups, organized salvage drives ot various kinds. ln early spring the War Council was superseded by the Victory Corps, which immediately acquired a sizable following. FIRST ROW: S. Simmons. Bingham, A. Cassidy, A, Dahl, P. Parks, Deller. N. Hag- gard,, S, Brund. D. Kuntz. B. Brunton. G. Corner, F, Nichols, 1. Bowman, E. Hill. SECOND ROW: H. Snowberger. Lucky, L. Sargent. Hoiland, P. Edblom, Backland, K. Parks. D. Hlebechiik. B. Brooks, J. Fassert, C. juhl. B. Black, Johnson, TRIRD ROW: E. Webb. H. Kernutt, D. Murray. M. Karr. B. Fisher. C. Mickelson, D. Bond, C. Thomason, G, Morgan, K. Van Duyn, M. MacGregor, K. Bum- pus. FOURTH ROW: V. Fer- ters, Working, Clark. A. Anderson, B, Morley, D. Dick' erman. B. Silvas, B. Goodlin. W. Hunter. G. McBride, C. Hersey. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Three amendments were added to the Constitution during the year, all of which had to do with lettermen qualifications and regulations. An assembly committee was organized in the tall to provide regular, and varied entertainment for assemblies throughout the year. This also met with considerable favor. The other officers were Vice-president, Charles Mick- elson, Secretary, Sue Brund, Treasurer, Donnis Kuntz, and Auditor, Don Dickerman, ln their work they have shown such competence that as the term expires we can look back and see the success our year has been. r""""' ' 1 i Q 6 V r r 6 l L rd he I2 l The snow had begun in the gloaming, And busily all the night Had heen heaping field and highway With a silence deep and white. Lowell mga: wim The Sunfglvt of .mm CIHSSES l Baccalaureate services, Commencement exercises, coveted diploma: These and all the other events of our high school days are past. Let us review them briefly. Eager to learn and willing to maintain the standards of our school, we entered Eugene High as Sophomores. We chose as our class officers: Howard Kernutt, Presi- dent, Jack Fassett, Vice-President, Suzanne Brund, Secretary, Zeta Brunton, Treasurer. Miss DuRette and Mr. Small were our class advisors. The outstanding social event of the year was the "Shamrock Shag". We entered the Junior year with James Working as our President, Bob Fisher, Vice-President, Lillian Jons- rud, Treasurer, Velma Weinstein, Secretary. Our main achievement this year was the China Relief Stamp Sale. "Tropical Nights" was the theme of the annual Junior- Senior Prom. c5enz'0r Glass P. COLERICK, treasurer G. CRANE. secretary H. KERNUTT, vice-president M. MACGREGOR, president M. DURETTE, advisor L. SMALL, advisor For our most important and impressive year we chose Malcolm MacGregor, President, Howard Kernutt, Vice- President, Patricia Colerick, Treasurer, and Grace Crane, Secretary. We entertained the Student Body with the "Senior Surprise" dance in the fall, The final events of the year were our Senior Day, Baccalaureate services, and Commencement exercises. Now we face a troubled world. The war has made our future very uncertain. Some of us will continue our education, some will find employment in war industries, while a large number of the boys have been or soon will be inducted into the armed forces. Although we sincerely regret leaving Eugene High School, we look to the future with keen anticipation. Alford, Alvin Axemenls Council Andersen, Shirley A Cappella 1, 2, E. H. S. News 2 Bird, Eugene National Honor Society 2, 3 Editor of News 3 Debate team 2, 3 Benson, Artis Creative Writing 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Football 3 Anderson, Ada Mask 66 Dagger 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. Custodian, Drum Majorette l, 2, 3. Axland, Richard Band 2, 3 Camera Club 1, 2, 3 Chess Club 1, 2 French Club 2 Beamer, Shirley National Honor Society 3 Anderson, Eva Pep Club 2, 3 Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3 3 Tennis Club 1, Band 1, 2 Anderson, Arnold Anderson, Eleanor Anawalt, Virginia Aydelott, Lester National Honor Spanish Club 2 Entered from Axemen's Council Society 3 Girls' League l, 2. 3 Fairbanks, Alaska Student Council l, 2 E. H. S. News 3 2, 3 Axemen's Cabinet 3 Radio Club l, 2 National Honor Society 3 Mask Bc Dagger Eugenean Staff 3 Paletteers 3 Girls, League Cleri- cal Chairman 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Girls' League Rep. 2 Bishop, Frank Entered from Junction City Pres. 1 Swimming 1, 2, Axemen's Council 3 Capt. 3 Lettermenis Club 3 E Club l, 2. 3 Baseball 3 Student Council Bailey, Howard Bailey, Shirley Balfour, James Barker, Walter Balch, Shirley National Honor Entered from Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, Entered from Girls, League Society 2, 3, Salem, Oregon President 3 Willamina, Oregon Rep. 1, 2, 3 Treas. 3 Pep Club 3 Axemen's Council 3 F. F. A. 3 Rifle Club 2, 3 Hi-Y, President 3 G. A. A. 3 E Club 3.. Track 2, 3 Latin Club 2 Axemen's Council 3 Spanish Club 3 Football 2, 3 Paletteers 2 Chess Club 2, 3 Beikman, Paula Benson, Kenny Bell, Camille Bennett, Florence Bench, LeRoy G. A. A. 3 Mixed Chorus l Student Council National Honor Band 2 Library Staff 3 Boys' Glee 2 Rep. 2 Society 3 Diplomatic Corps F. F. A. Reporter 3 A Cappella 3 Band 2 1, 2 G. A. A, 3 Latin Club 2, 3 Pep Club 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Black, Robert Billings, Marilynn Bloom, Robert Boyd, Robert Bloomer, Betty Lou Archery Club, Girl Reserves 3 Football 2. 3 Axemen's Council Tennis Club l Pack Rats 2. 3 A Cappella 3 3. Spanish Club 2, 3 Band 1, 2 Mask 66 Dagger 2, 3 E Club 3 3 Girls' League 14 Seniors Seniors Brauner, Raymond Baseball 2, 3 Buentgen, Amy Camera Club 1, 2. Basketball 2, 3 Sec. 2 Axemen's Council 2 Paletteers 2, 3, E Club 2, 3 Sec. 3 Ad Staff 3 Brown, Doris National Honor Society 3 Girl Reserves 3 A Cappella 3 Latin Club 1 Brooks, Robert Service Club Pres. 3 Rifle Club 3 Pack Rats 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 3 Carlton, Mary Entered from McKenzie Bridge Girls' League Girls' League Rap. 3 Brown, Leland Chess Club 2, Pres. 3 Radio Workshop Axemen's Council Senator 3 Brunton, Beverley Yell Leader 1 Gingham Girl 2 Rally Committee Chairman 2 Srudenr Body Chairman 3 Campbell, David F, F, A. 1, 2, 3 Bogan, Jacqueline Byars, Donald Bonney, Mary Ann Bower, Shirley Brown, Gordon G. A. A. Pres, 3 Entered from Mask BL Dagger 3 Home Ec. Club 1 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 3 Goldendale, Wash. Glee Club 2 Sec. 2. Treas. 3 Girls' League Rep. Football 3 E Club 2, 3 2, 3 E Club 3 Track 2, 3 Tennis Club, P3Ck RUS 2, 3 vice-pres. 1 Bowman, Jessie Bierbower, Betty June Busey, Richard Buker, Virginia Burris, Marilyn Entered from National Honor Band 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1 Entered from Bellingham. Wash. Society 3 Student Council A Cappella 2. 3 Salem 3 Student Council Latin Club Sec. 2 Rep. 3 G. A. A. 3 Girls' League Rep. 3 Girls' League Rep. l-li-Y 3 Ad Staff 3 2, 3 Axemen's Council Stamp Club 2, 3 Glee Club 3 Bruncl, Suzanne Student Body Sec. 3 National Honor Society 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 2, 3 Campbell, George Entered from Klamath Falls, Ore. E-Club2, 3 Swimming 2, 3 Aeronautics Club 3 Cain, Ray Entered from Hoquiam. Wash. Carlisle, Nancy Entered from Onalaska. Wash. Caldwell, Alvin Entered from Corvallis. Oregon Callahan, Richard National Honor Society 3 E Club Pres. 3 Girls' League Swimming 3 E Club Pres. 3 Basketball 2, 3 Baseball 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Track 2, 3 Rifle Club Pres. 3 Cheney. Lorraine Card, Donald Carpenter, Leslie Chetwood, Letha Band 1. 2. 3 Axemen's Council National Honor Entered from Orchestra l, 2 Society 3 Pleasant Hill, Ore. Girl Reserves 1. 2. 3 Chess Club 1. 2. 3 Girls' League Glee Club 3 Stamp Club 2 I5 Calhoun, Harold Campbell, Mary Axernen's Council Entered from Cotner, Gloria National Honor Socciety 3 Pep Club 2, 3, Pres. 3 Girls, League Council 2 A Cappella 2, 3 Sec. 3 Cox, Harold Band 1, 2, 3 Davis, Bettie Spanish Club 1, Girls' League Glee Club 3 St. Mary's Girls' League Chaffee, Richard Entered from Springfield, Ore. Axemen's Council Rep. 3 Track 2 Football 1 Crooks, Rue Aaron National Honor Society 3 Girls, League Clayton, Bettie Girls' League Chamberlain, John E-Club 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 A Cappella 3 Croson, Corinne Glee Club 2 Financial Chairman 3 Library Staff 3 Girl Reserves 3 Dickerman, Donald Dodson, Fred National Honor Axemen's Council Society 3 Student Body Auditor 3 Ski Club 1, 2 Camera Club 1, 2 Callaway, William Cleeton, Leila E-Club 2, 3 Spanish Club, Track 1, 2, 3, vice pres. 3 Co-capt. 3 G. A. A. 3 Basketball 2, 3 Girls' Sports Club 2 Glee Club 2 Cox, Ruth Ray National Honor Society 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3 Girls' League Auxiliary Chair- man 3 Pep Club 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Cooley, joseph Library Staff 3 Christensen, Mark Entered from Harrisburg, Ore. Chess Club 1 Cross, Jeanne Entered from Minot, N. D. G .A. A. 3 Girls, League Rep. 2 Deffenbacher, Leola Dunlap, John National Honor Society 2, 3 Mask 66 Dagger 2, 3 French Club 1, 2 Girl Reserves 2, 3 F. F. A. 2, 3 Cole, Maybell Service Club 2 Girl Reserves 3 Debate 2, 3 Girls' League Rep. Colerick, Patricia National Honor Society 2, 3 Class Treas. 3 Mask Bc Dagger 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3 Pep Club 3 Clark, Jack Crane, Grace National Honor National Honor Society 3 Society 2, 3, Sec. 3 Rifle Club Sec. 3 Senior Class Sec. 3 Band l, 2, 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Axemen's Council G. A. A. Council 3 Rep. 2, 3 Davis, Leah Danner, Ernest Entered from Football 3 San Francisco, Cal. Basketball 3 Glee Club 2 Baseball 3 Dugger, Norina Edwards, Howard Girls, Sports Club National Honor 1, 2 Society 3 G. A. A. 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Axemenis Council Rep. 3 I6 Seniors Seniors Elwell. Gordon A Cappella 3 Glee Club 2 Axemen's Council Finch, Melba Latin Club 2. 3 Glee Club 1, 2. 3 Service Club 1, 2, 3 French Club 3 Fulton, Everett National Honor Society 2, 3. Pres. 3 E'vigion, Ollene Entered from Sitka, Alaska Latin Club 1 Girls' League Social Chairman Pep Club 3 Girls' League Rep. 3 Fassett, Jack Evensen, Elaine National Honor Society 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Girl Reserves 1. 2 Fischer, Bruce Student Body Pres. Golf 1, 2. 3, Capt. Basketball 1. 2 3 EClub 1. 2. 3 E-Club 1. 2. 3 Baseball 1, 2. 3 Basketball 1. 2, 3 Frantz, Winifred Entered from Oakridge, Ore. Girls' League Band 1, 2 Fisher, Robert Entered from Longview. Wash. A Cappella 2, 3 3 2 Evoniuk, Victor Axemen s Council Field. Dorothy Sports Club 1, 2 G. A. A. 3 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3 Funke, Verna Dell Entered from Coburg. Oregon Camera Club 3 A Cappella 2. 3 Paletteers 2. Victory Corps 3 Orchestra 1, 2 News Staff 3 G. A. A. 3 Glee Club 1 Swimming 3 Gambill, Laurette Gesme, Ernest Gilbert, Herbert Gibons. Patricia Entered from Tennis Club l, 2 A Cappella 2, 3 Pep Club 2. 3 Pleasant Hill, Ore. Archery Club 1 Baseball l. 2. 3 Glee Club 1 Girls' League Basketball Mgr. 2. 3 E-Club 2, 3 Everett. Maxine Spanish Club 1, 2 Frazier, Ardyce G. A. A. 3 Office Staff 3 Funke, Joyce Entered from Coburg. Oregon Camera Club, Sec.-Treas. 3 Victory Corps 3 G. A, A. 3 Gillespie, Brian Axemen's Council Farquharson, Phyllis Farmer, Ralph Entered from Evanston. Ill. Girls' League Ford, Robert Entered from Tillamook, Ore. Band 1, 2, 3 Tennis Club 2, 3 E-Club 2, 3 Orchestra 2 Furrow, Luetta Girl Reserves 1, Gilmore, Harold Entered from Rep. 1 St. Joseph. Mo. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Band 3 Ski Club 1. 2. 3 Axemen's Council Axemen's Council Fleetwood, Phyllis Entered from Olympia, Wash. Pep Club 3 A Cappella 3 G. A. A, Sec. 3 Girls' League Rep 3 Gaylord, James Creative Writing 2, 3 News Staff 3 Radio Announcer Football 1, 2 Gibson, Elina Entered from Portland, Ore. Girls' League I7 Granger, Harry Honor Society 3 War Council 3 Chess Club Pres. 1, 2, 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Green, Norman Entered from Monmouth, Ore. F. F. A. 3 Hill, Evelyn Student Council Rep. 3 A Cappella 2, 3 Girl Reserves 3 Rifle Club 3 Harries, Robert Entered from Bloomington, Neb. Axemen's Council Gomez, Lela Spanish Club 1 A Capelle 2, 3 Girls' League Handley, Richard Entered from Salem, Ore. Track 2, 3 E-Club 2, 3 Lettermen's Club 2, 3 Hubbard, Eileen Glee Club 1 A Cappella 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3 Tennis Club 1 Hoiland, Raymond Track 1 Greene, Clyde E Club 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Spanish Club 1 Swimming 3 Hansey, Helen Entered from Junction City Glee Club 2 Haynes, Robert Pack Rats 1, 2, Hughes, Roberta National Honor Society 3 Eugenean Staff Girls 'League, Chairman 3 Girl Reserves 2, Groner, Leora G. A. A. 3 Archery 1 Tennis 1 Girls' League Hemenway, Frances Entered from Elmira, Oregon G. A. A. 3 Hinds, Barbara 3 National Honor Society, Sec. 3 Girls' League, Treas. 3 Pep Club 2, 3 A Cappella 3 Hunter, Wayne Grindell, William Guiley, Jeanne Guiley Jr., Ross Band 1 Eugenean Editor 3 Swimming 3 Safety Council 2 Honor Society 2, 3 Baseball 3 Student Council 2 A Capella 1, 2, 3 Annual Staff 3 Axemenls Council 1 Mask Bc Dagger 2, 3 Harem, Fred Entered from Roseburg, Ore. Service Club 3 Stamp Rep 3 Hinds, Bette Pep Club 2, 3 Girls 'League, Rep. 1, 2, 3 Student Council, Rep. 2, 3 Glee Club, Pres. 3 Huntington, Barbara Axemen's Council 3 National Honor Sportsmen's Club 3 1, 2 3 Society 3 Pep Club 2, 3 Girls' League, Chairman 3 Harmon, Kenneth A Cappella 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 1, 2 Hersey, Lowell Football 3 Baseball 3 Axemen's Council, Rep. 3 E-Club 3 Hyde, Betty Entered from Portland, Ore. G. A. A. 3 A Cappella 3 Hemphill, Shirley Entered from Bend, Ore. Stamp Club 2 Ad Staff 3 Latin Club 3 Hicks, Robert E-Club 1, 2, 3 Student Council Football 1, 2, Co-Capt .3 Iseli, Margaret Entered from Astoria, Ore. Pep Club 3 1,3 I8 :Seniors Seniors Jarrett, Betty Pep Club 2, 3 Juhl, Carl F. F. A. 2, 3, Treas. 3 Archery Club 1 Sportsman's Club Koppe, Ellen Archery Club 1 Glee Club 1 A Cappella 2, 3 Spanish Club 1 Love, William National Honor Society 2, 3 A Cappella 2, 3 E. H. S. News 3 Axemen's Council Cabinet 3 1 Jellsett, Bernice A Cappella 2, 3 Radio Workshop Johnson, Shirley Entered from Crow, Oregon Girl Reserves 3 G. A. A. 3 Girls' League Kernutt, Howard National Honor Society 2, 3 Class Pres. 1 A Cappella 2, 3 3 Class Vice-pres. Langfelt, Wilma Entered from Vida, Oregon Glee Club 3 Band 3 johnson ,Bruce Band 1, 2 Hi-Y 1 Jonsrud, Lillian French Club 2 Pep Club 2, 3, Sec, 3 Class Treas. 2 Student Council Johnson, Donna National Honor Society 3 Paletteers 2 Girl Reserves 3 Victory Corps 3 Keefer, John Entered from Carlton, Oregon F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3 Johnson, George Johnson, Juanita E-Club 3 National Honor Football 3 Society 3 Service Club 2, 3 Girls' League Pres. Rifle Club 1 Girl Reserves 3 Pep Club 3 Kimball, Verna Spanish Club 1 Rep. 2 Kirchhoff, Fgrank Koepp, Genevieve Kyte, Vernon Entered from Girl Reserves 2, 3 Entered from Los Angeles, Calif. Library Staff 3 Crow, Oregon Axemenis Council Axernenls Council Langston, Ann Latham, LeRoy Lalich, Emily G. A. A. 3 Student Council 1, 2 Glee Club 2, 3 Service Club 2 Glee Club 2, 3 Axemenls Council Cabinet 3 Philatelic Society 2 Swimming 3 Knott, Gladys Girls, League Kuntz, Donnis National Honor Society 3 Student Body Treas. 3 E. H, S. Staff 3 A Capella 3 Leaton, Maxine G, A. A. 3 Johnson, Lois Entered from Taft, Oregon 3 Girls' League Q . -,........g Kennedy, Robert Entered from Vancouver, Wash. Aeronautics Club 3 Lambert, Arleta Entered from Crow, Oregon G. A. A. 3 Larwood, William Football manager 2 Swimming 1 19 Lowry, Donald Loehr, Marilee Lund, Gladys MacGregor, Malcolm McAllister, Annalee McClain, Donna McBride, George Axemen's Council Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 National Honor A Cappella 3 Entered from Olym- Football 2, 3 Socitey 2, 3 Girls' League Rep. 3 pia, Wash. Axemen's Council 3 Senior Class Pres. 3 f Yell Leader 2 Pack Rats 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 3 Pep Club 2, 3 Rifle Club 1, 2 French Club 2 A Cappella 2, 3 Mask 66 Dagger 2, 3 McGillicudcly, Ann McClintic, Dick McCloskey, Jr. McNutt, Rosemary McCune, Donald Manning, Marvin McKee, Katherine Entered from Roch- Band 1, 2, 3 Charles Service Club 1, 2, 3 E-Club 2, 3 Inter Nos Vice- Glee Club 1, 2 ester, Wash, Axemen's Council E-Club 2 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Pres. 3 Spanish Club 2, 3 G.A.A. 3 Cabinet 3 Pack Rats 2 Spanish Club 1, 2 Student Council E-Club 2, 3 Baseball 2 Girls, League Rep. 1 1, 2 Football 2, 5 I-IieY 1, 2, 3 March, Keith Morgan, Gerald Major, Evelyn Marshall, Robert Mayfield, Marvin Melson, Dorothy Mold, Harvey F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 Football 1, 2 A Cappella 2, 3 Entered from Crow, Entered from Leba- Glee Club 1, 2 E-Club 1, 2, 3 Sec. 2 Tennis 2, 3 Mask 64 Dagger 2, 3 Oregon non, Oregon A Cappella 3 Basketball 1 E-Club 3 Girlsl League Rep. 1 Axemenys Council Paletteers 3 Pep Club 2, 3 Pack Rats 2, 3 E. H. S. News 3 Nelson, Carol Ncsmith, Charlotte Nasholm, Carl Neuenfeldt, Marian Nielsen, Kenneth Nichols, Frances Ohlsen, Ada A Cappella 1, 2, 3 Entered from Lin- Basketball 1, 2, 3 Entered from Port- Axemen's Council Latin Club 2 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Archery Club 1 coln, Nebraska Ski Club 1 land, Oregon Glee Club 1 Treas. 3 Mask B6 Dagger 3 Girl Reserves 3 Rifle Club 2 Girls' League A Cappella 2, 3 Girls' League Rep. 3 Service Club 3 Spanish 3 Girls' League Chair- man 3 Glee Club 2, 3 20 Seniors Seniors Ohlsen, Donald F. F. A. 2. 3 Mixed Chorus 2 Prevosky, Margaret Glee Club 2, 3 Plaisted, Wayne Swimming l, 2, 3 Rifle Club 2, 3 Track 2, 3 E-Club 2, 3 Rathbun, Constance Entered from Gro- ton, South Dakota National Honor Society 2. 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Library Staff 3 Olinghouse, Alice Olson, Jr. Herbert Entered from Glen- Entered from Uni- dale, Oregon Spanish Club 1 Parks, Keith National Honor Society Pres. 3 A Cappella 2, Band 1, 2. 3 Student Council Pryor, Verle Pep Club 3 A Cappella 2 Glee Club 1 Redmond, Robert Chess Club 1 Palette-ers 2 3 versity High School Axemen,s Council Park, Ellis Entered from Springfield, Ore. Axemen's Council 3 Pryor, Velda Pep Club 3 A Cappella 2 Glee Club 1 Rhinesmith, Virginia A Cappella 3 Pep Club 1. 2,3 Student Council Rep. 2 French Club 1, 2 Orem, Loyal Overland, Patricia Overgard, Chris Page, Lloyd Dell Axemen's Council Girls' League Eugenean Staff 3 Honor Society 3 Hi4Y Vice-Pres. 3 Stamp Chairman 3 Rifle Club 2. 3 Cafeteria Cashier Stamp Club 2, 3 2, 3 Pecht, Ardeath Perdue, Vernon Peterson, Calvin Potterf, Ardelle Entered from Axemen's Council Orchestra 1, 2 Glee Club 2, 3 Bremerton, Wash. Rep. 1 Spanish Club 1 Glee Club 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3 Orchestra 2 Track 1, 2 E Club 3 Purdy, Van Pugh, Faith Pruitt, Bettiejane Quinn, Dennis E-Club 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1 l-lomemaking Club Axemen's Council Golf 1. 2. 3 Glee Club 2 1 Student Council l, Glee Club 3 2 Ski Club l, 2. Rhodes, Emily Robertson, Ruth Ritter, Earl Ross, Lencre National Honor National Honor Entered from Girls' League Society 3 A Cappella 1. 2, 3 Girls, League Chairman 3 E. H. S, News 3 Society 2, 3 Service Club 2. 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Library Staff 3 Crowe. Oregon Axemen's Council 21 5, is 'PU' -'Q - ' 3:92. :Z K J W " I - f -sf2'--:g:f.:g2i1.5-ffss: . 'S 1 .-r f ..,, ., 7 3: 1. fy l. V .jg ziq-Z! - We ,fir ' . R F ' Q-vm ' big? Milf 2 uv-. 3 'im ar-59 Rowley, Geraldine Sports Club 2 Girls' League Shirley, Adrian 14:55, if 1 'K .Els-f::'f?Q31. . , K jmj3E-f.,gf'.z' 5 f. Rutschmann, Eugenia Seely, Samuel Entered from Mon- Chess Club 1, ree, Oregon Girls' League Seamen, Betty Lois Entered from Cen- G. A. A. 3 tral City, Neb. Swimming 2, 3 Axemenls Council Sittner, Lucille Paletters 2, 3 Inter Nos 2, 3 Ad Staff 2, 3 Sports Club 2 ww" ' we A . Stormont, Bob Baseball 1, 2, 3 F. F. A. Smith, Bryant A Cappella 3 Stratton, Lillian Entered from Con- dor. Alberta, Canada National l-lonor Society 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Home Ec Club 2 Cafeteria 3 Stamp Club 2, Sawyer, Martha Schmieding, Marian 2 Girls, League Mask dt Dagger 2. Chairman 2 3 Camera Club 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3 3 Pep Club 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Spanish Club 2 Drama Club 2. E. H. S. News 3 Sigismund, Alice Shisler, William Schmieding, Robert Paletteers 2, 3 Class Vice-Pres. 2 Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Football 2 Band 1, 2 Pack Rats 3 Jr. Symphony 1 Smith, Jerry Skoog, Evelyn Smith, Geraldine Entered from Fort Student Council Pep Club 2, 3 Worth, Texas Rep. 2 Spanish Club 1, 2 A Cappella 3 G. A. A. 3 Mask 86 Dagger 3 Sports Club 2 Stewart, Howard Football 1, 2, 3 Co'Capt, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Basketball 3 E-Club 1. 2, 3 Office Staff 3 Scott, John F. F. A. Reporter 3 Rifle Club l. 2 Simmons, Violet Glee Club 1, 2 Sprecher, Gordon National Honor Society 3 Football 2, 3 E-Club 1, 2, 3 Tennis Club 1, 2. 3 S S S etterberg, Shirley Entered from San Francisco, Calif: Girls, League mith, Jack E-Club 1. 2, 3 A Cappella 3 Track Capt. 2 Glee Club l, 2 taxzer, Wilma A Cappella 2, 3 Glee Club 1 Pep Club 2, 3 Latin Club 2 Stewart, Lee Taylor, Pauline Thompson, Ilene Taylor, Dean Entered from Girl Reserves Pres, Girls' League Axemen's Council Beatrice, Nebraska 3 Council 1, 2. 3 Band 3 Pep Club 1 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Service Club 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 3 Girls' League Rep. 3 22 Seniors Seniors Tobey, Henry Entered from Ann Arbor, Michigan Camera Club 3 Tramp, True Entered from Marshfield, Ore. Girls' League Ware, Winthrop National Honor Society 2, 3 Camera Club l, 2. 3 Chess Club 2, 3 Wittwer, Marguerite Entered from Morristown, New Jersey National Honor Society 3 E. H, S. News A Cappella 3 Eugenean Staff 3 Thomason, Marjorie Thompson, Patricia Thienes, Jack Torkelson, Lila Torkelson, Selma Tuggle, June Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 Girls' League Axemen's Council Entered from Aber- Entered from Aber- Entered from Inter Nos Sec. 3 Rep. l. 2. 3 Pres. 3 deen, Washington deen, Washington Cherryvale, Kans. Service Club l, 2, 3 A Cappella 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Girls' League Girls' League Glee Club 1 War Council 3 Rep. 1, 2 Tribe, Beverly Turnbow, William Tunnell, Ilene Vicary, Ardelle Webb, Ervin Webb, Edwin Girl Reserves 3 Camera Club 1, 2, Entered from Port- Le Cercle Francais Entered from Ab' Entered from Ab- Watson, Inga Weber, Yvette G. A. A. 3 Girls' League Girls' League Rep, 1 Girls' Glee Club 2 Welch. Vincent Whitmore, James Entered from Tilla- E-Club 2, 3 mook, Oregon Mask 64 Dagger Camera Club 3 1, 2. 3 Stamp Club 3 Track 1. 2, 3 Band 3 Swimming 1, 2. 3 3, Pres. 2 land, Oregon Student Council 2, Girls' League Wechter, Robert Entered from Sea- side, Oregon Camera Club 3 Aeronautics Club 3 Williams, Lydia Sports Club 1, 2 G. A. A. 3 Archery Club 2 Girls' League Rep. 2,3 2 Pep Club 2, 3 G. A. A. 3 Office Staff 3 Welch, James Aeronautics Club 3 sarokee. Montana Service Club 3 sarokee, Montana Axemen s Council Mask BL Dagger 3 Rep 2, 3 Stamp Club Pres. 3 Paletteers 3 Service Club 3 Weinstein, Velma Wells, Phyllis Class Sec. 2 Girls' League Sec. 3 Student Council 2. Band 1. 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2 A Cappella 3 3 Pep Club 3 Vlfilliamson, Douglas White, Shirlee Wilson, Victor Axemen's Council Pep Club 2, 3 Axemen's Council Band 1, 2 Spanish Club l 23 Widner, LeRoy Winsted, William National Honor Football 2. 3 Society 3 F. F. A. Treas. 2 Safety Council 2, 3, Pres. 3 Service Club 1, 2, 3 Stamp Club 2, 3, Pres, 2 Wood, Keith Wright, James F. F. A. 2, 3 Aeronautics Club 3 Baseball 3 Porter, Robert Read, Donald Entered from Spo- Entered from La- kane, Washington Grande, Oregon Football 3 Rifle Club 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Wood Ann Wolf, Albert Woody, Barbara Witham, Vernon Working, James Mask 86 Dagger E-Club 1, 2, 3, Entered from North Paletteers Pres. 3 National Honor 1, 2, 3 Vice-Pres. 3 Hollywood, Calif. Society 2, 3 Tennis Club 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Girls' League Class Pres. 2 Sports Club 1 Captain 3 Eugenean Manager 3 Hi-Y Chaplin 3 Wright, Roger Wright, Roselee Wilson, Donald Wilson, Ray Zahn, George F. F. A. Pres. 3 G. A. A. 3 Axemen's Council Entered from Stock- Entered from Student Council 2 Sports Club 2 Rep. 1, 3 ton, California Grants Pass, Ore, Baseball 2, 3 Paletteers 3 A Cappella 3 Axemenls Council. Girls League Rep. 3 Camera Slay Fitzgerald, Patricia Glee Club 1, 2 A Cappella 3 Pep Club 2, 3 Catron, Jack Clendenin, Betty Entered from Girls' League Salem, Oregon Axemen's Council 3 Hensley, Don Axemen's Council Mayhugh, Eunice McGee, Margaret Morgan, Nadine Naper, Bob Entered from Tol- Spanish Club Pres. 2 Entered from Debate 2 edo, Oregon Stamp Club 2 Myrtle Point, Ore. Archery Club 1 Girls' League Glee Club 3 Pickett, Kenneth Piquet, Gayle Tone, Myron Wullert, Gene Axemenis Council Axemen's Council Student Council 3 Entered from Ban- Archery Club l don, Oregon Axemen's Council 24 Seniors The officers of the junior class this year were: Jerry Hoiland, president, Gudmund Kaarhus, vice-president, Joyce Davis, secretary, and Lucille Christofferson, treas- urer. These have lead the juniors from the past to the steps of a brilliant future-their senior year. The war prevented many of their activities, but they cooperated splendidly with the various victory drives. The junior-senior prom, Moonlight Frolic, was a great unior Glass K. KIENZLE, advisor J. I-IOILAND, president J. DAVIS, s ecre tary G. KAARHUS, vice-president L. CHRISTOFFERSON, rreasu M. CHESTER, advisor sensation on May 7. The general chairman was Phil Edblom. He was assisted by the following committee chairman: Theme, Pat Pirtle, Entertainment, Dean Bond, Tickets, .lim Vitus,, Programs, Sue Simmons, Invitations, Gerry Davis, Decorations, Dot Smith and Jeanne Bing- ham, Advertising, Ed Harris, Music, Gudmund Kaarhus, and Refreshments, Russell Elwood. Mr. Kienzle and Miss Chester were the class advisors. ul I gig iv" MOONLIGI-IT FROLIC DANCE COMMITTEE SITTING: S. Simmons, B. Beairsto, P. Pirtle, P. Edblom, Bingham, D. Smith. STANDING: M. Karr, E. Harris, D. Bonde, Virus, S. Fendrick. l uniors FIRST ROW: B. Nissen, J. McMahax1, M. Lee, C. Mitchell, D, McCloskey, M. McAdams, B. Lloyd, A. LeFors, O. Arnold, M, Baker, M. Mahany. B. Mack, A, Masengil. SEC- OND ROW: M. Morgan, M. McCulloch, E. Mc- Crea, A, Morefield, D. Luttrell, K. Moriarty, M. Miller, S. McCoy, C. Marshall, B. Leonard, M. Mold. Nolc, A. Mar- s h a l l , Newhouse. THIRD ROW: J, Gar- dener, R. Miller, A. Lam- bert, B. Moore, C. Mickel- son, Norris. E. Hepner, M. Manley, S. Mason, B. Masengil. McDonald, FOURTH ROW: A. Lewis, H. Lassen, H, La- joie. B. McKeyitt. S. Mel- lies. L. Lowe, L. Line- baugh, B. Malpass, B. Miller. O. Dahl. FIRST ROW: F. Smith. D. Sloan, L. Richey, J, Rebmen. P. Quam, F, Rhodes. H. Snowberger, S, Simmons, V. Smith, W. Samuel. SECOND ROW: H. Pickett, D. Pfeiffer, L. Peterson, K. Quidor, N. Haggard, N, Slcilbred, D. Smith, C. Ross, P. Pirtle, E. Price, L. Rodgers. THIRD ROW: B, Peter- son, B. Speece, Sow- ards. R. Smith, B. Pen- gra, H. Smith, B. Ring- sdorf, R, Roberts, M. Peter, Sova, D. Short, J. Donahue. FOURTH ROW: V. Sanders. H. Patterson, L. Petzold, H. Moore. B. Portis, C. Sprecher. Revell, A. Pierce, R. Peterson, B. Robinson, R. Smeed, B, Prince. FIRST ROW: M. Chester, A, Witte, T. Wood, R. Wells N. Temple, L. Wood, R .Wolf, 1. Tho- mas. B. Williams, J. Wil- cox. SECOND ROW: D. Sullivan, G. Stuart, F. Townsend, D, Stump, D. Tupper, Wilshire V. Wick, M. VanSant, . Warner, R. Stewart, , Thomas, THIRD ROW: K. Kienzle, L. Strand, B. Vannatta, M, Watkins, A. VanEtten, Tuckman, B. Silvis, Vitus, K. Van- Duyn, E. Tivey, B. Urey, J. Troyanek. Pu. C 14711075 FIRST ROW: M, Chester, M, Beckett, L. Christof- ferson, A. Bissell, A. Cas- sidy, V. Bruckarr. J. Bing- ham, L. Berkshire, D. Bushnell, A. Byrne, P. Conradi. V. Bybee. SEC- OND ROW: M. Blair, I. Burns, V. Chamberlain, B. Britt, V. Campbell, J. Churchill, M, Bc-nge, D. Caswell, E. Chamberlain, B. Ashbriclge. S, Caswell. THIRD ROW: E. Asher, M, Anderson, Back- lund, D. Averill. Brown, J. Bacon, R. Bern- tzen, R. Bossen. FOURTH ROW: K. Kienzle, C. Berg, D. Bond. W. Cal- loway, D. Bowers, L. Bos- sen, D. Boone. FIRST ROW: Clark. S. Knorr, L. Erwin, Coburn, D. Doran, G. Davis, Davis, Deller. M. Ewing, V. Futrelle, SEC- OND ROW: D. Ealy, M. Giddings, Clark, P. Falk, H. McElfresh, M. Bverson. E. Everson. B. Devereaux, S. Ealy, D. Cyr, S. Dick. THIRD ROW: P. Edblom, Hoi- land R. Ellwood. B. Davis, V. Fetters, O. Dahl, B. Goodlin, A. Goddard, M. Jones. B. DeLess. FIRST ROW: Horn, C. Jerome, A. Knowles, E. Hill, D. Hughes, M. Joll, E. Heide, L. Hick- son, Knight. King, B. Jamison, B. Jacobs, B. Hall. SECOND ROW: M. Kiddle, L. Hansen, G. Jones, D. Hughes, M, Kyte, M. Haldorson, H. Fritsch, P. Kane, L. Kuhnhenn, T. Henshaw, M. Kingman, P. Jonsrud. L, Jensen. THIRD ROW: R. Hawk. H. Humphrey, M. Karr, E. Harris, A, Hills, B. Kimball, H. Hein, G. Goldbeck, B. Graves, L. Head. l. John- son, L. Huff. FOURTH ROW: T. Kellis, Har- ber. C. Jensen. J. Kar- dell. G. Kaarhus, W. Hardcastle. S. Bailor, K. Grey, J. Dickson. V 5 , I I f I i A 4-"""""T Classes at Eugene High School started late in the fall of l942. This disappointed no one, much less the 330 sophomores who appeared the first day showing not a little curiosity and timidity. We were glad that Miss Hayes and Mr. Park were prepared to counsel and advise us. This year the sophomores have had to face a prob- lem not encountered by previous classes-that of the ever-increasing seriousness of the war. We regret that this is true, but in a sense we are proud to say that almost fifty members of our class joined the armed forces during the year or contributed to the war effort by cooperating in vital industries. Undoubtedly, this had much to do with the changing of a generally frivolous group of sophomores into a serious-minded class. In proof of this statement may be cited the many con- structive activities which our class has instituted in place of the usual social program. Glass PHILLIP B. PARK, Advisor DON HLEBECHUCK, President FRIEDA KOPPE, Secretary ZILDA HAYES, Advisor By no means have the more serious activities occupied all of our time and effort. Dramatics, music, and ath- letics have figured prominently in our extra-curricular activities. Although our masculine representatives could not produce beards like their older friends, the class upheld its reputation as an up-and-coming group by electing one of its members, Nonda Johnson, queen of the Victory Ball. This was accomplished by purchasing more War Bonds and Stamps than any of the other classes, Early in the spring we presented the "Hobo Hobble", a sport dance which proved our ability as managers. In spite of the problems which have confronted us ode an auspicious start this year, we feel that we have m on our high school career, and we are more than ever determined to make the most of the two years before us. THE HOBO HOBBLE 29 Sophomore and csopbomores FIRST ROW: L. Camp- bell, A. Campbell, D. Bushnell, V. Bailey, V. Bowers, R. Brault, M. Bond, B. Bennett, D. Bloom, V. Cecil. SEC- OND ROW: B. Bowen, Cv. Ames, I. Clemens, C. Cluster, D. Clough, S. Beamer, N. Chaffee, K. Brown, M. Berstchart, M. Bunch, P. Anderson. THIRD ROW: Erwin, M. Conant, V, L. Bloom, D. Barnhart, K. Bumpus, L. Beebe, B. Bellows, W. Banks, A. Campbell, Z. Hayes. FOURTH ROW: P. Park, A. Bodner, Christensen, C. Beeson, J. Carlson, C. Campbell, E. Brakel. G. Bailey, D. Curfman, D. Calder, P. Byrne. FIRST ROW: Kelsay, B. Hebard, D. Jorgen- sen, W. Deal, A. Hoad- ley, J. Groner, S. Kiss- ling. I. David, D. Field, H. Frostad, A. Dahl. SEC- OND ROW: G. Huntinge ton. E. Jonez, E. Foster, K. Doyle, L. Emahiser, Finley, N. George, E. Ewing, B. Hillstrom, M. DeVos. THIRD ROW: B. Denny, DeVault, D. Hempel, D. Gillespie, B. Hutchins, E. Kloster, M. Harris, M. Haynes, C. Haight, C. Jackson. FOURTH ROW: F. Holm, D. Dorr, G. De- Bell. D. Gustafson. E. Hall, P. Gilbertson, N. Diebel. C. Huntington. FIFTH ROW: B. Halde- man. L. Harpster, B. Fry- mire, B. DeLess, D. Hle- bechuck, N. Collett. FIRST ROW: J. Lochr, J. Murray, N. Johnson, H. Harper, Hollis, Jackson, D. Neal, D. Her- branson, V. Lindley, L. Gill, W. Masefield. SEC- OND ROW: E. Maser, B. Oakes, J. Kessinger, F. Koppe, H. McAdams. C. Hyde, E. Lang, A. Miller, B. McCurdy, G. Mount- joy. P. Marks, E. North- am. THIRD ROW: G. Jensen, B. Johnston, C. Gilbert, L. Mitchell, D. Gibson, W. Hunter, C. Hersey, B. Hutchinson, Hersey. B. Hutchinson, B. Neuschwancler. FOURTH ROW: K. Mansell, B. Mc- Neil, E. Moore, E. Lamen, C. Jarvis, B. Harber, M. Herbert, G. Lewis, H. Mc- Intyre, R. Ham. ogopbomores FIRST ROW: G, Schmie- ding. K. Strong. L. Stals- berg, E. Paden, M. Sume mers. A. Spicer. M. Wright, M. Sellin.D. Stod- dard. L, Sova, SECOND ROW: E, Rude, B. Strand. L. Sutton, L. Swafford. A. Stewart. S. Pironi, Ward, D. Tobias. M. Van- Orden, Parsons, D. Stansbie. THIRD ROW: D. Snyder. G. Sinclair. P. Peterson. D, Still, L. Sargeant, D. Sclmiewe, M. Reynolds, D. Peterson. D. Ross. E. Paul, D, Stone. E. Spence. FO U R T H ROW: G. Reed. D. Small. C. Snyder, S. Rankin, B, Sumstine. C. Rutledge. D. Smith. B. Moffitt, W. Stone. FIRST ROW: N. Player. -I. Shelby, E, Reynolds, D. Quam, C. Pattison, J, Martens, M, Smith, M. Rappaporr, N, 1. Richard- son, R. Sievertsen. SEC- OND ROW: B. Peterson. E. Skersies, D. Slcilhred. I. Love, C. Marion, B. Pallardy, J. Mettnauer, L. Seaberg, F. Rivers, Mc- Kay. B. Rowley. THIRD ROW: B. Rogers. L. Pich- ert, J. Partridge, G, Smith, D. Smith, G. Pflug, D. Schmieding, K. Ruth, Luclcey, B. Morris. FOURTH ROW: B. Mor- ley. W. McCullough. T. McNew. W. Clark, Kel- sey, D. Simpson. L. Lat- tau, C, Mobley. F. Powell. L, Plaisted, F. Marshall, FIRST ROW: D. Todd. H. Whearly, E. Terry, A. Wilce, N, Thorsfeldt. D. Wells, D, Tomlin, D. Whitserr. C. Wright. J. Williams. SECOND R O W: M. White, L. Wittstruck. Willian. X. Wells, D. Tomlin. D. Williams. M. Wells, B. Wirham, C. Thompson, M, C. Zebley. D. Winters. E, Tuttle. Z. Hayes, THIRD ROW: -I, Van Houten, Webb. L. Wechter. Wright, E. Wells. D. Yates. W. Web- ster. H. Wittwer. C. White. R. Wildish. L. Young. FOURTH ROW: P. Park. U. Van Etten. D. Zinlc, B. Witwer. C. Thomason, M. Warts. R. Weldon. V. Walker, B. Wells. D. Watson. G. Wil- son, E. Vitus. ,.a,.., Y.. ,, y.. X M-'nf wwf l .Q gm i W, J A .Symbol an Symbols' Filed lligh . XS ACYIVITIES RZ .f7Vatz'onal gfonor Society "'f,..e- G Crane D xohni . . - ' hlsun. L- . . I J. Bwfbower oks. C' RM an. H nds. B .Q R- Cr0 ' D cketm F Bennett' 5, BeamJer.G?mey1, R. Svgkftzns K. Aticlerson, E. Cotner. J.. lolxnsogl Brund. D' MBSEQQEFTAG. Sixecher' J' C i facie D- Bwwgf' 55,4 B- Hizndiiivgimiif Ca'Pf-mer'DDcaiiahan. L- W' . , l P, 0 9 R2,bgrts0l'1- - l A Aj,Wor ing. A W. M, Wittwer OW: R- FIRST R0 THIRD fe Oni . B. Let ' E Rhodes SECOND R A await E Evens on W. W ' ima RO S . A L ogaefaclii' eiidwafas. FOU Stratton. ' H, ern 1 HI Granger, Bird. 'The National Honor Society of Secondary Schools, founded in l9Zl, has ideals which have been approved throughout the United States, and today more than twenty-five hundred chapters have been established. Membership is based upon scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The membership of a chapter is limited by national ruling on a per cent basis. The year's activities included two formal initiation banquets and a number of regular business meetings. Officers for th e year were: First Semester: Second Semester Everett Fulton Pres. Keith Parks Eugene Bird Vice Pres. Ruth Ray Cox Grace Crane Sec'y Barbara Hinds Jeanne Guiley Treas. Howard Bailey The advisors were: H. B. Johnson, R. G. Hendricks, Mrs. Iva Orme, Miss Kinsey, Miss Blais. get JUNIOR MEMBERS FIRST ROW: KL. to RJ Churchill, Davis. Bingham. M, Beckett. S. Simmons, L. Page. H. Pickett. D. Smith, SECOND ROW: Newhouse, G. Kaarhus. D. Bond, E. Harris, V. Fetters, P. Fall-c. 33 h AUXILIARY COMMITTEE ,giw 1 J. JOHNSON - J Qzrls An inter-scholastic organization of high school girls working to- gether for the benefit of their school-this is the Girls' League. The girls of Eugene l-ligh have not only produced outstanding assemblies, enjoyable parties, and kept their organization out of debt, they, who have worked in the league, have acquired and created a more active interest in the welfare of their fellow students by doing things for others and for the good of all. The league has made an un- usually brilliant record of activities this year. D. McCLAIN TEA COMMITTEE M. WITTWER C, NESMITH G. COTNER B. HINDS L. JONSRUD B. HUNTINGTON the student body, S20 was given to the Red Cross. A S75 scholarship was awarded to a deserving senior girl to help defray expenses of a college education. SPrint and Cord week in April was a gay and colorful affair-street dances, camera day, pig- tail day, the election of the ten prettiest cottin dresses and the Gingham Girl. ln May there was the annual Girls' League Week including exchange teas with the high schools in the vicinity. Concluding the entire year was the beautiful formal May party. . TAYLOR WILLIAMS HUGHES BEAMER Fifty dollars was taken from the treasury and presented to the E. l-l. S. News to help the paper meet publication expen- ses. A committee of girls made c o r s a g e s of green defense stamps for St. Patrick's Day and sold S590 worth. The G. I.. Assembly held in March was one of the most out- standing contributions ta school entertainment of the year, S20 from the proceeds was given to CLERICAL COMMITTEE QL. to RJ A. Mar- shall. vice presidenrg B. Hinds. treasurer, Johnson, president: V. Weinstein, secretary. SOCIAL COMMITTEE .feague . . The Advisors were: Ivo Curtis Orme-Social Gertrude Deierlein-Clericol Coroline Wfoods-Finonciol Mildred P. Worren-Auxiliory Thelmo Smith-Home Economics The Officers were: Juonito Johnson-President Anne Morshcill--Vice President Velmo Weinstein-Secretory Borboro Hines-Treosurer FINANCIAL COMMITTEE R. CROOKS J, TUGMAN R, ROBERTSON L, DEFFENBACHER FIRST ROW: lL. to RJ J, Johnson. T. jonsrud, O. El- vigion, S, Weinstein. Hol- lis, R. Crooks, L. Sutton, V. Bowers. Bingham. D, Brown, E. Ewing, M. Wright. SECOND ROW: lL. to RJ N. Temple. C. Na-smith. G. Smith. B. Huntington, E. Anderson. S Bruno. D. Kuntz-, G. Schmieding. Murray. B, Britt. E. Rhodes, R. Hughes, A. Ohlsen, THIRD ROW: lL. to RJ L. Swafforcl. B. Wolff. S. Beamer. A, Andere son. D. McClain. L. Jensen. B. Hinds. A, McCallister. P. Anderson, B. Bierbower. M. Wittwer. FOURTH ROW: KL. to R.l P. Taylor. M. Tho- mason. A, MrGillicuddV. C. Ross. I. Thompson. N. john- son. J. Williains. C. Mariott. M. Kingman. P. Pirtle. M. Mahany. M. Miller. Guiley. FIFTH ROW: lL. to R.l R. Cox. N. Eaton. S. Pironi, B. Hillstrom. V. Lindley. C. Haight. R. Robertson. J, Newhouse, A. Marshall. A. Ware, V. Patterson. Bagan. P. Fleetwood. E. RHODES iill H. SNOWBERGER s.wE1NsTEiN I O. ELVIGION HOME ECONOMICS COMMITTEE P, THOMPSON M. THOMASON I, THOMPSON A. MARSHALL ADVISORS I. ORME G. DEIERLEIN C. WOODS T. SMITH M. WARREN ?,,,,.-5. i .fini f -97' Despite the irregularities in the school program due to war-time conditions, Eugene High's tamed A Cappella choir, under the direction of Glenn Griffith and accom- panied by Everett Fulton, had one of its most outstanding years since the organization began tour years ago. The choir had 82 members-the largest number of students since its beginning. Hailed as one of the best singing groups to represent Eugene High, the choir's feature appearance during the year was at the Northwest Music Educators' Conference held in Eugene April 9. At that time, the choir with orchestral accompaniment, presented Walt Whitman's cantata of poems, "l Hear America Singing". All told, the choir performed publicly on at least twelve occasions, and other small groups also took part in several radio programs, the DeMolay initiation, a play - The Burning of the Books," etc. IRST ROW: M. Mc- Xclams, R. Sievertsen, D. Doran, C. Pattison, M. Zebley, A. Wood, H. Gil- nert, R. Hawk, H. Patter- son. E. Fulton, W. Mc- Cullough, L. Sargent, B. Morley, B. Rowley, C. Bell, M, VanOrden, V. Bruckart, G. Cotner. SEC- OND ROW: B. Russell, E. Major, D. McClain, D. Melsoim, Newhouse, E. Danner, J. Fassett, Smith. E. Willis. R. Cain, G. DeBell Thienes, R. Wilson. J. S 'th H. K V mi , er- nutt, K. Harmon, D Kuntz, Finley, M. Witt- wer. B. Hinds. THIRD ROW: J. Wilcox, J. Nichols, P. Fitzgerald, C. Nelson, M. Billings, V. Buker, V. Rhinesmith, E. Head, J. Sowards, C. Mickelson, C. Berg, R. Fisher, E. Koppe, M. Mil- E ler, S. Anderson, E. Hill 5 A. McCallister, M. Beck- ett. J. Gun . FOURT .3 Love, K. Parks, R. Guiley A. Goddard, B. Moore a Gaylord, B. Jellsetr, J Kelsey, A. Marshall, C Thompson, D. Brown, P Wells. Other choir appearances were at the state meeting of the Women's Society at Christian Service at the Methodist Church, the Lane County Teachers' Workshop at Woodrow Wilson Junior l-ligh, the Kiwanis Christ- mas program, Odd Fellows' Christmas program, Com- munity Chest Drive dinner, the Ninetieth Anniversary Celebration of the Baptist Church, Christmas radio pro- gram, tour school assemblies-including the A Cap- pella's outstanding pay assembly, the E. Stanley Jones conference at the Christian Church, the presentation of the Independence l-lall brick at McArthur Court, Easter Sunrise service, and at graduation exercises. Jim Gaylord was president during the year, and Emily Rhodes and Gloria Cotner each acted as Secretary. Other members ot the council included "Dot" Melson and Charlie Mickelson, program, Arnold Anderson, initia- tions, Keith Parks, Leon Lay, Clyde Greene, Jeanne Guiley, Ann Wood, and Donna McClain. INITIATION C575 Gczppella ey H ROW: G. Griffith, B. i W. Callaway, J. Chamber lain, A. Anderson, A. Van Etten, L. Hersey, K. Wat kins, R. Bern, L. Lay J cgpanzkfr Club KNEELING: J. Hall, L. Cleeton, D. Field, K. Kaar- hus. FIRST ROW: C. Nes- mith, C. Hyde, D. Brown, C Mitchell, B. Cook, P. Bushnell, D. Bushnell, A, Headley, vl. Groner, B, Bennett. SECOND ROWQ E Jonez, E. Rhoads, C, lerome, N. Winter, N. Van. Osdol. D. Wells, Clark, D Pfeiffer. S. Kissling, M, Betschart. THIRD ROW: M Billings. K. McKee, D, Sm th, 1. Churchill, A. L. Ware, Davis, New. ho'-159, Deller, Part. ridge. Williams, D. Hill. FOURTH ROW: K, Van DUYU, W. Starr, P. Edblom, B Harber, Bailev, E, ll-Iall, K. Bumpus, G. Pflug, ' ""' , President-Jim Hall Vice-president-Leila Cleeton Secreta ry-Treasurer-Joyce Davis The chief asset of the Spanish Club this year were the four Spanish Dancers: Leila Cleeton, Dot Fields, Gudmund Kaarhus, and Jim l-lall, They danced the Jarabe Tapatie and Chiapanecas, at several assemblies, in their colorful, authentic costumes, and were also in great demand to entertain many of the local organi- zations. They had the experience of riding in Army cars when they went to several observation posts accompany- ing a group sponsored by Mrs. Christie. The dancers were accompanied by Evelyn Jonez. Besides their regular meetings the club gave a ban- quet on December l6, at which the special guests were Dr. L, O. Wright, professor of Spanish at the University of Oregon, and Senor Eduardo Zambrano of Jalisco, Mexico. A traditional custom of Mexico's Christmas celebration, the breaking of the Pinata, by Eduardo, was a special feature of the evening. At the banquet the Jarable Tapatio was first per- formed in honor of Senor Zambrano. This dance orig- inated in Jalisco, the state in Mexico where he lives. ln May the club had its annual "Fiesta", a brilliant pageant to which students from other schools were in- vited. LEI LA CLEETON DOROTHY FIELD SPANISH DANCE RS ,D H ANN McGILLICUDDY EVELYN SKOOG girls, cgitlrleti SENIOR HONOR GIRLS JACKIE BOGAN GRACE CRANE Q get eg aegete egf' GIRLS' ATHLETIC SWEATERMAN'S SOCIETY dorson, M. Van Sant, V. Smith, Anderson, A. Ware, V. atterson, Ki M. B B. J Terry, A. E:ewart, I. Clemens, Lambert, E. Skoog, R. Wright, J. Fu icarv, e , N. Dugger, C. Rathbun. The Girls' Athletic Association was or- ganized this year to provide an opportunity for all girls to participate in inter-class sports. The club is a member of the Oregon High School Activities Association and as such bases its work on the Oregon State Point System Awards. Any girl who was interested could go out for a sport and every girl who attended her class practices made the team. Competition between the three classes was carried on through out the year, the sports offered being volleyball, basketball, baseball, bow- ling, badminton, tennis, golf, and pingpong. Points may be earned also in the riflery and archery clubs, dancing, tumbling, first aid, and through continued work in hiking, bi- cycling, roller and ice skating, skiing, horse back riding and swimming. The point system allows for a maximum of five or ten points for each activity. For the first fifty points earned class numerals are awarded, for one hundred points, a small E, for one hundred and fifty points, a white athletic sweater with one stripe, for each fifty points beyond that, another stripe. Members who earn their sweaters au- tomatically belong to the Girls' Athletic Sweaterman's Society, "Gals" for short. Stars are awarded for making an all-star team. As a final award, an honorary pin is presented to four senior girls who, in the opinion of the faculty and club members, represent the highest ideals of fine charac- ter, good sportsmanship, leadership, schol- arship and athletic ability. Once a month a pot luck was held in the school cafeteria, followed by a business meeting and entertainment. An overnight camping trip was held in May. FIRST ROW-COUNCIL: Davis Northam, P. Marks, C. Hyde, V, Bloom, V. Bailey, Deller, Bo P, Fleetwood, A. Anderson, Willi. N. johnson, B. Rowley, G. C1 SECOND ROW-JUNIORS: L. E shire, R. DeArmond, N. Temple, Hall, H. McElfresh. V. Bybee, M, . ngman, onge, ameson, Ross, E. Price, W. Samuel, A. Cas: P. Falk. D. Pfeiffer. THIRD ROY SOPI-IOMORES: R. Sievertsen, D. 'I lin. M, Rappaport, N. Richardson, sons, N. Chaffee, William, D. T4 M. Wluite, M. Van Orden, IVI. Sn FOURTH ROW-SENIORS: P. E man, V. Bulcer, B. Seamen, M. Lea B. Hyde, L. Williams, A. Langston, E. Anderson. S. Anderson, L. Clee D. Field, V. Rutschman, R, Hug R. Crooks, S. johnson, A. Frazier, V' C. B11 L. Groner, A. Poti Jfffsociation Ally COUNCIL FIRST ROW: P. Fleetwood. , C. I-lvcle, N, johnson. D. Mc- Closkey. B. Rowlev. Grace Crane. SECOND ROW: V, Bloom, E. Northam. Will- "W-.W J D A club scrap book with sport articles and pictures of the association and names of members was started last fall. An annual banquet for club members and their parents was instituted in May, at which time all awards were made and officers for l943-44 announced. We are very proud of our new Girls' Athletic Association and feel that it has a definite place in the school life of our Eugene High girls. We have many plans for l943-44, hoping to make it an even more worth-while organization. Our pur- poses are to develop the finest ideals of good character, sportsmanship and fellowship, to provide an opportunity for leadership, to work for physical fitness on the part of all girls and to develop an appreciation of and a liking for physical activity. Miss Marjorie Landru, new this year to Eugene High, reorganized the Girls' Athletic Association and made a large flourishing club out of it with many enthusiastic par- ticipants in the wide array of indoor and outdoor activities available G. A. A. officers for this year were: Presi- dent, Jackie Bogan, Vice-President, Joyce Dellerg Secretary, Phyllis Fleetwood, Treas- urer, Dorothy McCloskeyg Custodian, Ada Anderson. I W . . - .,' , . " " -V a fn. t , i,Qfff J ' i W ,g . M . 'lt - A refs' ., an W ,'-J lf ef We ALLVSTAR GIRLS I ST ROW: A. Lambert, W. Samuel. A. Cassidy, Bogan. M. Rappaport. B. Row ey ne. BACK ROW: D. Nlccloskey. M. Kingman. A. Langston. E. Skoog. l.. Williams Marks, A. Nlccullicudcly. Qzfle Glub With Government aid, the Rifle Club was able to secure ammu- nition and continued to function un- hindered by its shortage. Meetings were held once a week, where mem- bers shot for medals through the National Rifle Association. Officers were: first semester, Dick Callahan, president, Jack Clark, secretary, Gordon Brown, treasurer, and Wayne Plaisted, ser- geant-at-arms, Second semester, Jack Clark, president, Virginia Bloom, secretary, while the others remained unchanged. LYING: lL to RJ B, Brooks. l H. Wittwcr, W. Plaistecl, S. l Nlellics, KNEELING: B. Bloom. G, Brown, Clark. E, I-larriss, Revel. Nl. John- son. FIRST ROW STAND- ING: W. lVlcCullouglm, V. Bailey. V. l... Bloom. B. Hall, E, Hill, Ci. Crane. L. Huff. D. Read. SECOND ROW STANDING: D, Zink. D. Moblev. B. Goodlin, G, De- Bell. C, Hallin. D. Callahan, ll... to RJ G. Brown. B. Brooks, C1. McBride. B. Bloom. R. Slxultis, B. I-laynes, W, Callo- way, B. Brattain, Epack gears l-lindered by war time conditions, the Pack Rats were unable to go on as in previous as extensive trips years. Confined to local vicinities, the active club carried on through numerous weekend and bicycle trips. Snow sports during the freak weath- er in Christmas and Spring vaca- tions also added to the successful year. Officers elected for the year were: George McBride, president, Bob Bloom, vice president, Gordon Brown, secretary-treasurer, Arnold Anderson, historian. KNEELTNG: fl... to RJ G. Jensen. DelVlutl1, L. Al- bright. D. Curfman, F. Bres- ler. B. I-laldeman. STAND- ING: ll.. to RJ H. McEl- fresb, V, Bailey, V, L. Bloom, S. Rappaport. V. Lindley. Finclley, W. Clark, V. Walker, H. Wittwer. D. Snyder. G. Reed, Dickson, H. Granger, O. lVlickelson. Cgrcfiery Glub This year an enthusiastic group of students met and reorganized the E. l-l. S, Archers club. The consti- tution was revised and officers were elected and installed. These officers were: Dale Curfman, president, Lloyd Albright, vice president, Vir- ginia Lee Bloom, secretary-treasur- er, and Bill Brattain, range man- ager. A two-target shooting range was constructed by the members of the group and special provisions made for club equipment. SITTING: G. Bailey, A. Van Etten, S. Fendricl-c. I... Carpen- ter, D. Boone, R. Bailey, Van Houten. STANDING: S. Seel , H. Gran er, B. Rin s- Y g g dorf, H. Bailey, Working. SITTING: Thompson, M. McAdams, L, Deffenbacher, M. Thomason. S. Hemphill, J: Wilcox. STANDING: M. Man- ning. B. Bennett, C. Haight, M. DeVos, D. Whitsett, M. Blais. M. Beckett, A. Knowles. B. Jamison, B, Jacobs, M. Mac- Gregor. SITTING: G. Pflug, L. Hiiff. S. Hemphill. Bowman. STANDING: L. Widener, E. Webb, V. Welsh, M. Manley. E. Goodnough. Chess Club Chess was played every day dur- ing the noon hour, thus giving mem- bers a place to eat their lunches as well as to enjoy the game with other students. A tournament was sched- uled for the spring term. The officers this year were: Harry Granger and Leland Brown, presi- dents, Myron l-lelvey and Schubert Fendrick, vice presidents, and Les- lie Carpenter and Gerald Bailey, secretary and treasurer respectively. Dr. Ralph Bailey was the club ad- visor. gnter 5Vos Under the direction of Ervin Webb, president, the Philatelic So- ciety completed its second success- ful year. Besides the displaying of many interesting stamps and First Day Covers, this active organization sponsored the annual sale of Tuber- culosis stamps and participated lOO per cent in the War Bond Drive. Other officers were: LeRoy Wid- ener, vice president, Shirley Hem- phill, secretary, and LaVerne Huff, treasurer. Spbilatelic Society The Latin club was organized at the beginning of the second semes- ter because of earlier conflicting schedules. The officers were: Leola Deffenbacher, president, Marvin Manning, vice president, Marjorie Thomason, secretary-treasurer. Be- cause of our shortened year our ac- tivities were somewhat limited. l-low- ever, all members took part in mak- ing a service men's joke book. The initiation of fifteen new members was held March l. This was the first successful year of the newly revised E Club. Following a new constitution that was framed last year, the mighty E Club lost some of its mightiness but gained more school backing. It was the specific job of this club to maintain order in assemblies, at athletic games, in the school itself, and in large gather- ings of students. The new policy of the club made it harder for letter- men to join. Aside from enduring a traditional initia- tion, the prospective members had to maintain a grade average of at least a "C" and they also had to become active in some other school activity. Thus the members were of better quality and consequently the club was accepted, though slowly, by the student body. At the beginning of the second semester, under the 8 Club ,A i DICK CALLAHAN, Presient new president, Dick Callahan and secretary Herb Gilbert, the club began to roll. Aside from regular meetings and activities, the club has sponsored a winter and spring initiation, a picnic in the latter part of May, and a com- bined dance with the Pep Club. To distinguish the E Club from other organizations, small letters were issued this year to its members. These were placed on the left sleeve and led to better coopera- tion from the student body who now knew whom to cooperate with. Other officers were: Vice-president, Al Wolf, and Sergeant-at-arms, Gordon Sprecher. Coach Fritz Kra- mer and Kenneth Kienzle advised the club and were prime factors in making the year a successful one. FIRST ROW: fl... to RJ H. Gilbert, Donahue, C. McCloskey, H. Stewart, D. Sutton, Fassett. SECOND ROW: A. Wolf, B. Black, C. Mickelson, B. Bloom, G. Morgan, R, Brauner. THIRD ROW: B. Calla- way, V. Purdy, Chamber- lain, G. Sprecher, G. Brown, G. McBride. FOURTH ROW: C. Berg, L. Her- sey, W. Callaway. Back- lund, R. Smith, F. Bishop, W. Plaisted, G. Campbell. FIFTH ROW: C. Sprecher, D. Bond, E. Harris, D. Hlebechulc, C. Thomason, W. Hunter, B. Hutchinson, D. Gibson, V. Perdue, G. Kaarhus, G. Johnson, B. Peterson, B. Ford. Qep Glub GLORIA COTNER, President Under the guidance of President Gloria Cotner, the Pep Club has become a symbol of school spirit, and has been whole-heartedly accepted by the student body, Aside from regular meetings, and the group cheering at athletic games, the club sponsored an initiation, banquet, dance and picnic. With Anne Marshall as chair- man, the initiation was held in the latter days of October in the form of a potluck. Thirty new members were initiated, bringing the total membership to eighty. On December 6, a turkey banquet was prepared for the football team. Donnis Kuntz was chairman and the t d in patriotic colors. table w as elaborately decora e FIRST ROW: A. Anderson, B. jarret. S. Bailey, K. Statzer, S. Schmieding, B. Brunton, G. Corner, H. B. Johnson, Baclclund. T. jonsrud, D. Melson, P. Col- erick, Johnson, B. Hunt- ington, Smith, Began. SECOND ROW: S. Sim- mons. D. Tupper, C. Bell, A. Vicary, P. Taylor, B. De- Armond, V. Pryor, P. Gib- ons, V. Pryor, L, Wood. S. Brund, M. Sawyer, E. Rhodes, B. Holman. V. Bloom, B. Wolf. THIRD ROW: M. Anderson, l. Deller, Davis, Wilt- shire, M. Kingman, Knight, A. Ware. V. Pat- terson, B. Williams, V. Bruclchart. H. Snowberger. T. Wood, V. Rhinesmith, B. Britt, Bingham, D. Doran. FOURTH ROW: J. MacDonald, M. Mahany. P. Pirtle, E. Anderson, D. Mc- Clain, O. Elvigion, S. Wein- stein, A. Marshall, D. Kuntz, Newhouse, B. Hinds. G. Davis. Tug- man. R. Cox. FIFTH ROW: A. Byrne, D. Brown. Hubbard, D. Stansbie, D. Barnhardt. C. Wright, P Anderson. J. Williams. N. Johnson, V. Bailey, B. Ben next, N. Eaton. M. Wright. B. Rowley. B. Lloyd. e E Club on A combined record dance was held with th April 30. The gym was decorated in the school colors with Shirley Bailey and Beverly Bearisto in charge of decoration. The club presidents, Dick Callahan and Gloria Cotner were general chairmen for the affair. The Pep Club topped the year off with a picnic held at Swimmers' Delight during the latter part of May. This ' bers only, with Camille wasad ate affair for club mem Bell in charge. ' officers were' Gloria Cotner, president, d sec- This Year s . J Anne Knight, vice-president, and Lillian Jonsru , ' B. Johnson. o retary-treasurer. The advisor was H. 'Ujar V FRONT: J, Thienes, J, Johnson, ivi. vwe- - ln order to increase Eugene High School's efficiency toward the war effort, a group of student leaders con- sisting of the Girls' League president, the Axemen's Council president, the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior class presidents, and a student body representative, was selected by the Student Council. Dr. Bailey served as advisor. This group, called the War Council, assumed the responsibility of handling all matter concerning the war effort in Eugene High. The first duty of the War Council was to organize Eugene High School for potential air-raids. Extensive planning was done before any action was taken. Each member of the War Council was assigned to head each division such as air-raid wardens, entertainment, first aid, etc. The student body cooperated wholeheartedly in the application of these plans and a number of highly successful air-raid drills were executed. The Victory Corps was the War Council's next ac- tivity. Plans for it were made, based on the Victory Corps pamphlet issued by the National Government. Each member of the Council took the responsibility of head- ing a special division. General membership, Community Service, Production Service, Land Service, Air Service, and Sea Service, were among these divisions. N Gouncil ln inaugurating the Victory Corps in Eugene High School the War Council was confronted with many dif- ficulties. These were partially overcome by, means of the O. W, I. and informative talks given by members of the Council. Although the Victory Corps has not completed its program this year, a strong foundation has been laid for future developments, Among the other war activities carried on during the year were the stamp and bond drives, under the oble leadership of Ervin Webb and Del Page. The "Whisker- ino", sponsored by the Axemen's Council, was the most outstanding stamp and bond selling campaign. Collect- ing coat hangers for Camp Adair was another of the successful drives that took place within the walls of E. H. S. A school scrapbook was also compiled by the students, showing what E. H. S. has done for the war effort this year. In summing up, we can honestly say that the Alma Mater has contributed generously toward the winning of the war. STAMP AND BOND COMMITTEE L. Huff, E. Webb, D, Page. B, Hinds, A. Flult. M. White 46 nw cffxemenjs Gouncil , ,m., . . ,,m., f:"1 W: H- Ei' B 'tevv ' wgghgmi rs . ' Fckiifridflc. elvlickel- 3NT RO .dsy H4 Lnl3Pv R' b t H. Parksbouer' K. inv P r. ' , E. 35319 HRQYA. D- ota, . Veljibglj seem-edge? 9 1 ' w Qygodnefv ?'g2?3ner, 3, Penixfa' 'Love D' W. Starr, PM Dewi- ff e. ' I . ghfiy f RD ROW L Larhanszh rse - ' , - 5'-eifisrse ELT?-gat' galf0l-'ff G' p Cher. l New W' The entire masculine population of Eugene High is included in the Axemen Council membership. It is organized under a government body composed of the cabinet, which has seven members, the senate and the house of representatives. The senate is composed of boy club presidents and representatives are chosen from each social studies class. The organization was presided over by Jack Thienes, president, aided by the efficient cabinet, Gordon Spre- cher, vice president, Dick McClintic, secretary-treasurer, Bill Love, Hello Week Chairman, Ervin Webb, Program Chairman lSecretary War Salvage, first semesterl, Le- roy Latham, Be-Up-Clean-Up Week, and Arnold Ander- son, Noon entertainment chairman. The year was one of the Council of the Axe's most outstanding ones. The annual l-lello Week was very successful and as usual welcomed the incoming students in a big way. Probably the most patriotic and successful event was the first semester War Bond and Stamp Drive, under the leadership of Ervin Webb until the War Council was organized the first of the second semester. The activity was then absorbed by the War Council. The Whisker- ino held for five weeks in conjunction with the Bond drive upped sales greatly and the Whiskerino dance added to the five weeks' of fun. As their part in the Girls' League-Axemen Council assembly contest, the Council of the Axe presented a pay assembly on April l. Both assemblies were outstand- ing. The Council's noon entertainment consisted of noon dances, basketball, baseball and other features. On a whole the Council has been outstanding in school serv- ice and leadership and has cooperated in various ways with other school organizations. l-l. B. Johnson, principal, Paul F, Potter, dean, and Fritz Kramer, athletic instructor, are advisors to the organization. CABINET A. Anderson. B. Love, G. Sprecher, Thienes. P. Potter, E. Webb, L. Latham. 5. 2716 5. 3VeW5 1 FIRS Fishef SQWWEEJ ECTS, J. Gibsgnv - Webb. SEC OND Row. S Anderson, E. 15:2 .?- 55 B. EoveEA Rhodes' L Huff, f- B-fd, ' ' - J h . gens S. Wefnsfeig - chmiedgng E' Anderson, G. tot' ner, M. Wittwef, v lnsuring a "free press" for Eugene High's democracy, The E. H, S. News this year criticized, cajoled, and com- plimented groups and activities in its role of news organ for the school. As one of the main centers of student government activity, the News featured student opinion, personali- ty interviews, and other innovations deviating from lost year's style. Two one-semester staffs, under the direc- tion of Miss Juliette C. Gibson, journalism instructor, edited the paper. Editor Eugene Bird appointed Bill Love as assistant editor for the first semester and LaVerne Huff, next year's editor-in-chief, filled the assistant's position in the second semester. Financial difficulties, which threatened to "stop the presses" earlier in the year, were overcome by Business Manager Arla Witte's ad staff and recruits from the newly organized advertising class taught by Miss Gibson. AD STAFF SITTING: B. Jacobs, M. Witt- wer. Luckey. S. Hemphill. l. Bowman. STANDING: E. Beamer, A. Witte. Gibson. l l l i kkfk.f ,.,,-mf.. -mm... girls, Qeserve The Girl Reserves is composed of girls who strive "to face life squarely" and "to find and give the best." The officers for the year were: Pauline Taylor, presi- dent, Janet Wilcox, vice president, Marjorie Thomason, secretary, and Ada Ohlsen, treasurer. Activities of the year included: initiation ceremony, installation of new officers and tea for mothers in the spring, a co-meeting with Hi-Y, making of scrapbooks for army hospitals, and giving of Christmas stockings to the Children's Home, The local chapter sent Margaret McAdams and Ruth Robertson to a mid-winter confer- ence in Portland. The club's advisors are: Miss Zilda Hayes, Miss Mar- jorie Chester, Miss Gertrude Deierlein, Miss Ola Mc- Dermott, and Mrs. Mildred Warren. M ...Mk ..ke1-aww-iii? IOW: J. Wilcox, xith, P. Taylor, mason, Bing- i. Ohlsen, R. G. Crane, S. A. Masengil, D. , Cheney. SEC- DW: M. Cole, J. R. Crooks, L. VI. Beckett, M. . F. Bennett, I. n. B. Tribel G. D. Brown, C. THIRD ROW: n, M. McAdams, , M. Van Sant, on, Ward, R. G. Lund, L. cher, C. Rath- JRTH ROW: G. , C. Ross, G. Richey, S. Bea- fh b l' am er am, B. . Lindley, M. N. Temple. E. :IFTH ROW: B. , A. Headley, L. J. Hollis. E. D. Johnson, E. J. Davis, M. SIXTH ROW: . E. Hill, M. Bill- Dahl, I. Love. rtson, Navy i. Marshall, O. aff. FIRST ROW: KL. to C. McCloskey, H. Bai J. Backlund. B. Urey, Mickelson, B. Pengra, DeLess, L. Head, B. Less, D. Schiewe. S OND ROW: Sowa E. Glass, E. Harris, Brooks, L. Albright, Virus, G. Bailey, Graves, E. Webb. THI ROW: J. Working, Harber, Wright, Thienes, C. Overgard, Harber. D. McCune, P Potter. .M 576-SY The Eugene High Chapter of Hi-Y is an organization for boys who are seeking Christian fellowship plus a good time. lt is affiliated with the National Y. M. C. A. Some of the activities of the club this year were: sell- ing football programs, taking part in the Y. M. C. A. Prisoner's of War Fund Drive, and attending church as a group several times. Also, the club had a joint pot-luck social with the Girl Reserves, and entertained the boys' mothers at a breakfast on Mother's Day. The club officers this year were: Howard Bailey, presi- dent, Chris Overgard, vice president, Jimmy Vitus, sec- retary-treasurer, and Jim Working, chaplain. Paul F. Potter was the organization's advisor. j 48 j FIRST ROW: P. Wells, G. Nlountjoy, L. Srals- berg. M. McAdams, V. Lindley, U. Van Etten. M. Betschart. S E C O N D ROW: B. Graves. L. Pct- erson. Nl. Summers, H. McAdams. Carlson, Sowards. C. Thompson. L. Cheney, G. Sinclair, Nlarshall. H. Wittwer. S Ummm lVIellic'S, W. Langfelr, Ames, N. Johnson. Lang. B. Schmiecling. Glass. THIRD ROW: Dorr. Kelsey. L. Clin ningham. I.. Seabcrg. L Bossen. D. Busey. E, P3 den. Paul. V. Bailey V. Welsli. B. Hall, B Silvis. H. Cox. E. Harris B. Ford. K. Parks. T. Kel lis. R. Bossen. D. Her. branson. J. Christensen B- Pgngmi J. Clark FOURTH ROW: D BYHFS. K. Bumpus, D Averill. H. Moore, ERST ROW: V. Lindley, . Morefield, F. Bennett, 'Pirtle, M. Mahany. mghr, I.. Hixon, 1, Oran, V. Patterson, 1, avis, L. Cheney, W, Effgfelt. J. Thomas, M. ith. SECOND ROW: . Hill, M. Blair, L. Berk. ,irev B. Ashbridgc, V. loom, F. Deller, A, An. Frson, -O. Elivigion, S. Veinsrein. C, Nesmirh. M. fight. F. Wells. N. Ugger. J. Pappell. D. anbie. THIRD ROW: .vSmith. M. Loelir, C, Sfile. Bowman. D. ruth. D. Bloom. B. gmfd.. B. Wolf. D, 'lll5Pl9. A. Cassady. - Swofford. F, Koppv, i Jackson. B, Pallardy. . Thorsfeldt. FOURTH r G. Griffith, F, avid. Nl. Mold. M, 3mPbell. A. Warnock. . Wick. B. Nissen. F. rns, E. Northam. P. arks. B. Davis. M, nd, L. Sova. Loehr. Erwin. FIFTH ROWQ ' Sfnlflli J. Murray, G. hmieding. T. Hinshaw Tuttle, L. Stratton, B, utchins. K. Brown, A ike, E. Skersies. F. vers. W. Deal, A. Ben n, D. Mack. L. Chris fferson, H. Snowberger, . Potterf, M. Kingman. Sganal The activities of the band were limited, due to the difficulties of transportation. l-lowever, the group has been quite active under these circumstances. These ac- tivities included playing for football games, spring open- ing, assemblies, and many other performances pertain- ing to the war effort. The year began under the able direction of Douglas Orme, who late in December was called into active ser- vice in our Armed Forces, For the remainder of the year the band was conducted by Glenn Griffith, who under the handicaps of changes in schedules has done a commend- able job. girls glee Glub PERIOD I OFFICERS First Semester President-Dorothy Hughes Announcements- Secretary-Helen Snowberger Jackie McDonald Librarian-Marjorie Van Orden Second Semester Presidentflvlargaret Kingman LibrarianfBetty Ashbridge Secretary--Janice Murray Announcements-Ollene Elvigion PERIOD VI OFFlCERS First Semester President-Betty Hinds Librarians-Lucy Guerzo and Secretary-Pat Pirtle Marilyn Crow Programs-JoAnne Knight and Lorene Hixson Second Semester President-Betty Hinds LibrariansfWilma Langfelt and Secreta ry-Pat Pirtle Programs-Elizabeth Northam and Shirley Pironi Nadine Wells FIRST ROW: D. Yates, B. Bellows. Dunlap, R. Wright, K. March, D. Gustafson. W. Tompkins, D. Watson, D. Murray, W. Barker, SECOND ROW: D. Campbell B W. insred, B. Stormont, Flynn, E. l-lepner. V. Baarstacl, C. Juhl, P. Peterson, Christensen. THIRD ROW: K. lver- sen, C. Jensen, D. Brown, M. Jones. C. Campbell, C. Huntixmgton. I-I. Moore, M. C. B u c h a n a n . FOURTH ROW: K, Ben- son, D. Bowers, F. Mar- shall. M. Watts, R, Bern!- sen, V. Purdue. SITTING: L. I-lea H Fl' Webb. L. Albright Rankin. V. Walker, Seely, D. Curfman, Welsh. B. Wechter. Morgan, K. Mansell Ell' L The Eugene F. F. A. a very successful year with a camping trip up the middle fork of the Will- amette River as I ' ' ' a cu mination. Keith March was awarded the State Farmer degree at th e annual state F F. A. convention and Joh B , n acklund placed secondiin the district public speaking contest. H V award Moore and ernon Baarstad represent d h e t e chapter at the annual Convention held for the first time this year in Portland. Members were able to repair a great deal of farm ma- chinery this year in the new agricultural shop. chapter closed The officers were: Roger Wright, president, Keith March, vice-president, John Keefer, secretary, Carl Juhl, treasurer, John Scott, reporter, The advisor was Maurice Buchanan. 50 Camera Glub Under the capable leadership of Presidents Bud Ware and Ervin Webb, the Camera club rode to another suc- cessful year. For the first time members entered in the annual national Salon of Photography contest. Last year prize winning prints were exhibited in the White l-louse. Pat Byrne Sam Seel l-l , y, enry Tobey, and Sam Ellis members entering contest ho s so , p me of their prints get to the White House this year. Officers of the club were: Presidents, Bud Ware and Ervin Webb, Vice Presidents, Lloyd Albright and Pat Byrne, and Secretary-Treasurers, Joyce Funke and Ve Del Funke. The ad l'l'1G visor to the club was Kenneth K. Kienzle. d. U . D. Neal. J. Furl' ETANDING: K. iae is, , Strand, G. Rl RST ROW: G. North- A . C. Hersey. . Ander- I, E. Christie. M. Blais, Colerick. I.. Deffen- Ther. S. Schmieding. B. Anton. E. Webb. SEC- JD ROW: V. Anawalt. Beeson. S. Fendriclc. Nelson, D. Barnhart, Bennett. V. Patterson. Williams, P. Anderson. Summers. D. Boone Guilev. THIRD ROW Pirtle. M. Wright. C. Wright. 1 ight, K. Strong. S ' B ssling. D. Doran. 1 lr ' ' U 4 idly, l SITTING: .M. Wittwer L. Wideixer. G. Kaarhus. M. Cole. STANDING: J. Virus, B. Naper. H. lisori E. Bird. Q--is M. Bllllings. V A. Wood. CUarsity Qbebate The Debate class began its activities this year with their annual series ot debates in the sophomore, junior, and senior social science classes. Members ot the class were Bob Naper, Eugene Bird, Marguerite Wittwer, Maybelle Cole, LeRoy Widener, Seniors, Gerry Newhouse, Gudmund Kaarhus, Jim Vitus, Bob Freeman, Juniors. ' ' ' ' ' ld T rna- Because ot gasoline rationing, the Lintie ou ment was the only one attended by the squad. On the basis ot their performance in the inter-class debates, Mr. Allison chose Gudmund Kaarhus, Gerry Newhouse, Mar- guerite Wittwer, and LeRoy Widener as the two teams to represent E. H. S. at the tournament this year. While the teams did not place in the finals yet they made a creditable showing and gained some valuable experience. glflask and Qbagger The Mask and Dagger, Eugene g ganization, is composed ot girls and boys interested in the promotion ot and the advancement ot dramatic art. This year the club has been quite active and has pro- duced or aided in several school and local shows. Among the tirst was the annual pay assembly held December 4. The members aided greatly in the production of Heidi in the MacDonald Theatre and the shows put on for the army air-plane spotters. The club purchased a set ot radio plays for general school use, two spotlights and a furniture set tor the drama department. lt also paid part ot the expenses ot students entering the speech contest at the University on April 2, 3. Otticers tor the year were: Pat Colerick, president, Leola Dettenbacher, vice president, and Leon Lay, treas- urer. Ervin Webb was the assembly chairman and Maryanne t e chairman tor the Bonney acted as make-up and cos um Hi hs 'dramatic or- year. Mrs. Ethel Christie, English and drama instructor, was the advisor. li SITTING: M. White, B. Hill- strom, B. Peterson, A, Hoadley. E. Webb, STANDING: A. Jeppesen, H. Fishwood V, Anawalt, V. Witham, L. Sirtner, E. Maser, D. Jorgensen, FIRST ROW: C. Jerome, E. Hill, C. Nelson. M, Thomason, lVl. Cole, P. Colerick, A. Dahl, B. Emerson, lVlettauer, M. McAdams. P. Taylor, R. DeAr- mond. SECOND ROW: J. Johnson, C. Ross, Nolt, D. Sullivan, V. Campbell, R. Robertson, I, Love, V. L. Bloom. R. lVlcNutt, R, Hughes. THIRD ROW: F. Harem. E. Webb, D. Boone, G. Johnson, C. Overgard. J. Luckey, J. Vi- rus, L. Head. FOURTH ROW: S. Fendriclc, E. Mebb, V. Fet- rers, L. Widener, C. lVlcCloskv, B. Brooks, P. Potter, Qjaletteers ln keeping with the general em- phasis of school activities on the war effort, the Paletteers this year have contributed a continuous and ever growing stream of posters to the bond and stamp sale, victory corps, war council, and the general de- mands of extra-curricular activities. Officers of the club this year were: Vernon Witham, president, Lucille Sittner, vice president, Amy Boentgen, secretary, and Edwin Webb, sergeant-at-arms. Service Club This club gives the students a chance to serve the school by doing such things as, taking tickets at ball games and dances, checking coats at dances and attending the doors at pay assemblies. A potluck and initiation were held in the spring. This year's officers, chosen by the members, were: Bob Brooks, presi- dent, Jimmy Vitus, vice president, and Roberta Hughes, secretary. Paul F. Potter was club advisor. FIRST ROW: P. Taylor, A. Frazier, B. Hinds, V. Wein- stein, J, Began, P. Colerick, F. Nichols, L, Frederick. SECOND ROW: E. Evensen, E. Skoog, A. Ohlson, R. Hughes, R. Mc- Nurr, M. Thomason, G. Smith, P. Fleetwood. THIRD ROW: G. Rowley, G. Lund, P. Beik- man, A. Vicary, E. Hubbard. Office Staff Roberta Hughes was elected chair- man of the Office Staff, the organi- zation that keeps the school run- ning. Miss Louella Frederick and Mr. H. B. Johnson were the advisors. gugffledn I FIRST ROW: E, Webb, E. Evensen. M. Witrwur. V. Anawalt, J, Guiley, R. Cox. Working SECOND ROW- R Guiley. C, Rathbun, R. Hughes, A. itte, WL Webster. ' lahan, B. Love. H. Granger, H. Edwards. THIRD ROW: Mfxmsey. D. Cal hief ---- JEANNE Editor-in-C Associate Editor-Adminis EDITORIAL STAFF GUILEY Activities tration - RUTH RAY COX - - CONSTANCE RATHBUN Features Senior Class - HARRY GRANGER - ARLA WITTE Junior Class - Typists - Sophomore Class WARREN WEBSTER Sports - - - BILL LOVE Artists - Girls' Sports GRACE CRANE BUSINESS STAFF Manager - - - JIM WORKING Assistant Managers - - CHRIS OVERGARD Advisor - DICK CALLAI-IAN MARGUERITE WITTWER HOWARD EDWARDS VIRGINIA ANAWALT ROSS GUILEY, JR. - ROBERTA HUGHES ELAINE EVENSEN - - EDWIN WEBB VERNON WITHAM GUDMUND KAARI-IIJS - MISS MAE D. KINSEY Listen in every Fridoy ot this some time. Chorlie, you're on the wrong school grounds. Thot's spreoding it on o little too thick, Chuck, Two cosuolties. Lovely house, yes, indeedl She shore hos o cute southern drool. Toke your pick l?l Tripping the light, tontostic? Aw, fellows, l'm not reody yet! Don't be shy, honey chilel So thot's where they went Tuesdoy. "l-ligh on o Windy l-lill," Who's who? Got him right on the kisser They moke o lovely couple. A Sign af Youtlzfs Star in life? Sky 606605 V064 7l0M4l .S'6'll00l qlocational School Since June, l94O the Eugene Vocational School has been direct- ly contributing to the war effort by giving War Production train- ing, Many previous trainees now hold technical positions with the military services or in war production industries. Therefore, in September, l942 when pre-induction training be- came mandatory for high school students, courses were readily available. This training is either pre-induction to military service or pre- induction to industry, and the courses given are: Machine Operat- ing, Welding, Woodworking, Auto Mechanics, General Aviation Mechanics, Sheet Metal, Radio, Photography, Creative Design, Dressmaking, and Retail Selling. Lathes, drill presses, shapers, milling machines, doall saws and many other machines, the finest of their kind, are found in the Machine Shop of the Eugene Vocational School, Trainees work on practical jobs. This training is recognized by the military services as well as war production industries as preparing young men and women to fill needed vacancies. Wi LP-Y A, WOOD -'ff' J' NORRIS ,-..--fw Y V. S. X 55 D. Q, Ygzfpscer Jgywji-Zrpsrer Q. . Urmaf, ln the General Aviation Mechanics' Shop the high school trainees are aid- ing Uncle Sam by working on the repair of certificated airplanes which will fly again. This is done under the supervision of licensed aircraft instructors. The training program leads young men and women toward qualifying as li- censed aircraft and engine mechanics under the U. S. Civil Aeronautics Authority. l l l D D, ' Sh., ge Harpgger 5 Afegnata wo ' ww xr eewto' lb A . Kyzlxitooo 5 P, Qilxwham' Xl . Positions are readily available to those individu- als who understand the problems of mock-up, plaster work, visual aids in blueprint, transparen- cies, etc., and who have the necessary skill to put their unqlerstanding into action. This work is given in the field of Creative Design. Young men and wo- men are now working in many aircraft factories, tool designing plants, and other essential war pro- e . GUY ww' I7 duction plants as a direct result of this training. Photography is given at Eugene Vocational School as a trade course. lt is excellent preparation for those men going into military service, providing they possess the interest and skill. Women are needed in civilian life to replace those men of the photographic trade who were among the first spe- cialists called into service. B. Larwood Xx V. S. 'L L- Game , f 1. Walsov Retal Selling training enables girls to go to work in their own community, filling places left vacant by experienced personnel who have gone into war production centers or into the armed forces. Training is given in the fundamentals of selling, package wrapping, merchandise display, gnes , N o1t'D A Hugh es, E ,J011l, B- Th omas , H S nowbe 'Her and other essentials of the trade. Power sewing machine operators are badly needed to make parachutes, garments, tents, canvas covers, etc., for the armed forces. Girls are given training on machines of this type in this department. E. LeFors J. Cross, S. Torelson, S Setterberg . vtrw :Verb c Nl' Ca 9069 ' , . VJ. Rxeigao Training in the Automotive Department consists ot engine overhaul, clutch service and repair, brake relining and adjustment, simplified motor tune-up, lubrication, body and fender repair, automotive welding, painting, etc. Trainees learn by doing the necessary jobs on actual cars. High school students enrolled in the Radio De- partment ot the Eugene Vocational School learned E.VS M. C 81-Iron ' B, . Rmgsdorf the construction and repair of modern communica- tion equipment by building radio receivers, trans- mitters, public address amplifiers, etc. lnstruction is also given in radio theory and in International Morse Code. All trends indicate that the number of radio technicians needed after the war will be greater than now. ova 'V my - Y Rune IW-21111311 The Wood Working Department ot the Eugene Vocational School offers practical carpentry training. Up-to-date mill-working machines accelerate the training program. General Sheet Metal workers are essential to the war industries. ln this shop, high school students are given the fundamental work in blueprint, lay- out, and construction. wi Wet S vis ww , L' P' Quam adam ' 0, AW' W' For Brave Iloaor and frutli . 6'PORl'.9 Ziff' -1-1-1 aff?" 3-""-" 5"'f-""f-':..'1 Z ,f"?"' ,?Zf7e:"' if .ff f",: A 7 Sports VOLLEYBALL Even though a drastic change has occurred and made physi- cal education a serious matter, the girls' gym classes have had time for thoroughly enjoying old-fashioned to I k-dancing, track, and relays, lt has been said that "one only gets out of ' TRACK BASKETBALL BASEBALL a subject the amount which he puts into it" and that can cer- tainly be said of gym. On the whole, girls' sports have been rigorous and all have done their best to prepare the girls for the future which they shall pres- ently face. Yell Leaders-JOHNNY BACKLUND AND LEON LAY G0 BACK Go back-Go back Go back to the woods Cause ya aint-ya ain't Yo aint got the goods. Oh, ya may have swing And ya may have jazz But ya ain't got the Team that Eugene has. CHANT AXEMEN Ax - Ax - Axe Me -- Me - Men Eya - Eya - Eya - Eya Eya - Eya - Eya - Eya Yeah Purple! Yeah White! Yeah Axemen! I Fight! Fight! Fight! Go .......,,.a....... You ......,. Mighty ....e...............,... Axemen .,,.........A.......,. Go! Get 'em Axemen! Go! Get 'em! FA DA DA Fa Da Da - Fa Da Da Fa Da Da - Beep 'emi Bop 'eml Bope 'em! Rada Dada boom shot sssh boom Eugene. iRepeat 3 times? ,EY -Ey O G Spriagflze Iler Memory lingers FEA HIRE! 7 f4Q2Zfv 'UAW -1331 r, r I 74 1 can . 1 .-- e.- " 1 111: 1 L- xruixxioicxi 3 1 1 11: 101011 2401113111 'jltinters of PRIZE WINNING ANNUAILS ir Oregon's Leading Upstate Printers For Over 20 Years if KCJKE-CI-IAPMAN CCD Printing and Stationery '0-0-0-f- 1 - L- 1 1- 1 -9 in-1 1 1 .1 iz-0101 xr: 1 zu: 1 14:01 1- 1 1 3 1 .-11 Posed, of course. Gridiron grizzlies. Sap of the family tree. Ori a diet, still? Note the love light, Pat gets the cold shoulder. Note background, both of them. Too much "physical fif- ness"! Wolf pack. Half the show- November 1'I-Salem-there, 7-O Calendar September 21-School begins No rest for the wicked. September 26-"Hello Week" party and dance l-li, you alll October 9-Ul-lS-here,13-O The Tide went out. October 12-Milwaukie-here, 31-7 Maroons marooned. October 21-Senior class dance Where did her come from? October 22-23-Teachers' lnstitute Why don't we do this more often? October 23-Klamath Falls-there, 6-34 Nutt saidl October 30-Corvallis-here, 26-6 l-low did they get that "6"? January 21-Uni High-here, 38-27 We did all right--this time. January 29-End ot semester End ot eighteenth round. February 2-Corvallis-there, 40-22 We dood it again. February 5-Springfield-there, 24-23 Phewl Too close. February I2-Whiskerino dance No woo with them beards. February 16-Uni l-ligh-here, 15-19 No, no, it can't bel February 26--Springfield-there, 38-28 The Millers through the mill. March 3-March l-lare Party Where did you get that rig? November November November November December December December January January 'I January 'l Oh my, what a battle! 13-Armistice Day .. ????? 20-Marshfield-there, O-13 Aw, fellersl 26-Thanksgiving Day What's cookin', Doc? 27-Albany-there, 18-6 The bulldogs lost their grip, 7-Basketball begins Swishl I8-Girls' League assembly Just one ot those things. 24-January 4-Christmas vacation Vocation wi thout pay. 8-Football award assembly Big 'n burly. 2-Corvallis-here, 38-27 Spartans fall-again. March 8-13--Spring vacation Hope they don't ration these. March 19-Girls' League Assembly Got any Glenn Miller records? March 26-Sophomore dance Ye Olde Hobo l-lobble March 26-Axemen's Council Assembly No records, this time. March 30-E-Club initiation No, nol Not thatll April 2-Army, Navy tests 3 - 32f42 x 3V22? Aw nutsl April 7--Student body elections April I2- Apfai I3 X marks the spot. 16-Print and Cord Week Pigtails 'n pinatores 'n pajama tops -Corvallis-here, 7-4 Wonderful game, baseball. April 15-Uni l-ligh-here, 1O-2 Cookin' on the front burner. April 'I6-A Cappella pay assembly We was wobbedl Was that an Austin coming up the aisle?l 9-Albany-there, 32-33 Calendar---cont1'nued April I9-23-Be Up-Clean Up Week May 2l-Award Assembly DUTY COfClS, as usual. Dawgone, they've missed me again April 23-Track meet at Salem ' Shift into high, Stew, May 28-Senior assembly Those hatsl April 30-Pep Club-E-Club dance Tough on Stomp W ' Moy 30-Baccalaureate l. k lk ' t ' b t d . May I-EHS Copodes oo s I ewe ve go a yo o o Shultis comes through! June 3-Commencement May 7--Junior-Senior Prom This is it, guys and gals. l-low's your collar, Joe? May 121-Moy DOY party June 4-School closes Wind that maypole to that boogie beatl LNG morebpelicllsf o more oo s, May l3-Girls' League assembly No more Teachers' What, another One! lCel'1SOredl looks," E- -. .... -- - -. ,-- ---.. --- I . 5 SANITONE EUGENE, E CLEANING PHONE 300 0210 wlLLAMET're OREGON i , H phone 300 1210 Wxllamette '- - -Q , - -'- Q I , H H i "Spirit of 43 1..::1-f BUY MORE Al- :E Q Q WAR BONDS Wifi 3 - Z - E EUGENEAN STAFF 5 Q U "YOURS FOR YEARS" U E bl. h d 1881 ll WESTERN ARTCRAFT SHOP H Sta IS C H ' i MIDGLEY PLANING MILL CO. Indian Jewelry N lt, Gfffs : OVC ICS ll Telephone 1059 4th and High ll E Eugene, Oregon E Greyhound Depot 10th and Pearl i-------'---'-- -- -E - '- -F - U ECoNoMY GROCERY ! Q . ll CHASE GARDENS ll Fancy and Staple Groceries U Y 58 East Broadway Phone 4240 H Phone 818 104 East Broadway H E-- -- ----------- - ll U E U G E N E ' S Q l l 2101 FASHION CENTER U U ....... ..... - -- ..... .-1--:.,:: v -11 0.04190-u---1------1 Xxx X UG?- engfafuefs-amsts G' O N NE-.HOKE ui Pos E Nice surroundings N09 And they closed school only one day The other half of th show Toll timbers ond the scrub oo . Comes complete with acces- sories. "Chess" o gome of noon. Remember when- Bish starts the loop. A dab 0 doy. Herb ond l-leod 'folk it over. Half 'n half. Silly, isr1'l it? Senior Class CZQJNI Here's the Last Will and Testament of the l943 Senior Class who on Graduation Day, said goodbye to the Eugene High School forever, lThat's a heck of a long time.i As witnessed by: MR, I, B. DANGED MRS. Y. LJ. WORM We, the class of '43 soon to be ex-residents of the fabulous institution of higher learning of Eugene, Ore- gon, known as Eugene High School, being of an average of WM or older, also of sound mind l?l and body l?l. lSurprising what three years in this place can do to a guyl and not working under duress or undue influence of the members of the faculty, do voluntarily make, publish and declare this our Last Will and Testament, as follows: First: We bequeath our strength and bravery lsome 300 Strongl to the Goddess of Liberty, who is already carry- ing a torch for better men then we are. Second: To Eugene High School, the faculty, lower classmen, and all others connected in any way to the said institu- tion, we bequeath our sincere gratitude for the three- year ride on the Merry-Go-Round and no apologies for what is to follow. Third: We leave our established reputation as one of the l-P-l classes yet to next years crop and hope they produce as much as we did. Fourth: We bequeath our president's lMalcolm MacGregor? abilities and his fondness of telling tall tales to next year's senior prexy. Fifth: We solemnly leave Howard Kernutt's office of senior vice-president to the one unlucky enough to be elected to that office. Sixth: We bequeath the cute Grace Crane, our beloved sec- retary, all the library fines she collected during the year to the Student Body Financial Relief Board. Seventh: ln the name of our treasurer, Pat Colerick, we be- queath to some member of the Mask and Dagger, her dramatic ability and her overflowing radiance. Eighth: Marian lSkipl Schmieding, leaves the memories of her "Glenn Miller" band and her scheduled appearances to anyone who paid his fifty cent Union fee. Ninth: Our one and only Texan, Jerry Smith, leaves his girl's dazzling smile and southern personality to Don Hlebe- chuck, who doesn't need them. Tenth: Gordon lSprecl Sprecher leaves Janice Murray to his brother, Curt, to keep her in the family. Eleventh: Jack Thienes and Jim Whitmore lthe dancing team of "Jackelin and Jinny"l leave all their intricate dance routines to Jim Luckey and Dave Lamport. Twelfth: Camille Bell and Eileen Hubbard leave their memories of the radio song "The Hawaiian War Chant" to Mrs. Christie's '44 oral English classes. U Thirteenth: Vincent lTillamookl Welch bequeaths his ability to pitch a baseball with either hand to Marion Watkins. Fourteenth: Bette and Barbara Hinds leave their resemblance to one another to the next twins that don't either. Fifteenth: Bob lPugl Porter leaves one pair of boxing gloves, a black eye, and a pair of brass knuckles to Eddie Good- nough. Sixteenth: Arnold lAtlasl Anderson bequeaths his fitness and finesse to Jack Bacon. Seventeenth: Al ll do it with mirrorsl Wolf, our star basketball maller, leaves his fast dribble and pivot to Bill Hutch. Eighteenth: Our Annual heads, Jim Working and Jeanne Guiley, leave a batch of headaches and dreams of sunshine to their successors. Nineteenth: Beverly Brunton, that shy senior, leaves her acting ability and her empty check-book to those yet-to-be- discovered matinee idols, who can't see what they are headed for. Twentieth: Bill lSportsl Love leaves his musical composition and arrangement of the beautiful "Concerto for lndex Finger" to Mr. Griffith to use as he sees fit. Twenty-First: Juanita Johnson leaves her post as Girls League Prexy to next years electorite who has a priority on aspirin and bromo seltzer. Twenty-Second: lBigi John Chamberlain leaves his football suit to Cal Hersey, providing he can let go of his girl friend's hand long enough to wear it. Twenty-Third: Eugene Bird leaves his editorship of the News to La- Verne lAlmost like Lelandl Huff. Twenty-Fourth: Bob lGood-lookingi Hicks bequeaths the memories of his first touch-down to Ford iMullen. Twenty-Fifth: Jack Fassett bequeaths the student body presidency and the endless tasks involved to Malcolm Karr. Twenty-Sixth: Ernie Danner leaves his sports achievements to the Uni High transfer. Twenty-Seventh: Maryann Bonney leaves her sublime quietness to Car- ole Terry. Twenty-Eighth: Don Dickerman bequeaths all his dancing ability to the incoming sophomores. On the Diamond Under the eye of Ford Mullen for the first time, the Eugene High baseball team had a successful season during i943 - competing in the NO- Name and District 6 dia- mond leagues. Mullen, a professional b a s e b all player who will leave to join the Seattle Rainiers of the PacificCoast league at the close of school, drilled his team well in fundamentals- brings his professional training experience into the A x e m e n diamond camp. Eugene lost several key men from last year's Dis- trict 6 second-place team, including all their pitchers-one to gradu- cher Ray Brauner. and Catcher Clyde Greene are pictured going over last minute I ctlons before taking the field. rauner, Hendershott Trophy Winner A little professional advice . . . Joe Gordon, voted the most valuable player in the American league last year, and a member of the New York Yankees, .gives the Eugene infield combination, Ranny Smith and Jack Fassett a few pointers on the game. Gordon witnessed several basketball games, and played on a local independent team with Ford Mullen. ation and two to the navy. However, the A xe m e n were blessed by the ap- pearance of Ernie Danner, who did his hurling last year for University High. He was the only experi- enced pitcher although several other members looked good on the mound during the season. Altogether the Axemen had seven returning let- termen, including Capt. Jack Fassett, all-star sec- ond baseman, who, along with Ray Brauner, won the Hendershott cup. Chuck McCloskey, out- Captain Jack Fassett, Hendershott Trophy Winner fielder and catcher, Ranny Smith, short stop, Ray Brauner, pitcher and outfielder, Herb Gilbert, third base- man, and Don McCune and Charley Mickelson, fielders, were the other re- turning letterwinners. With Brauner and Danner doing the large share of the pitching, and Clyde Greene and Chuck McCloskey usually on the receiving end, the Axemen got off to a good start in both circuits, de- feating Corvallis, 7-3, in the seasons opener, and stopping University High, lO-2, in their initial district tilt. FRONT ROW - Jack Fassett, Roger Wright, Ranny Smith, Ernie Danner. Chuck McCloskey, Ray Brauner, Clyde Greene, Har- vey Humphrey, Frank Bishop, Charley Mickleson, Don I-llebechuk and Herb Gjl- bert. SECOND ROW -- Markger Malcolm Karr, Assistant Manager Cal Hersey, Byron Pengra, Cal Snyder. Bob Harries. Marion Watkins, Don McCune, Don Dickerman, Vincent Welch, Lowell Hersey, Dave Lam- port and Bill Love. THIRD ROW-Dick Murray, Corland Mobley. Harold Mclntyre, Willard Starr, Curt Sprecher, Warren Web- ster, Willis McCullough, Coach Ford Mullen, Ed Tivey, Ross Guiley, George DeBell and Hank Tobey. Absent-Bill Elder. A "im On the Cinder Path Coach Fritz Kramer took over the reign ot the Eu gene High track team again this spring, after two seasons ot leading thes baseball enthusiasts. Despite the loss ot several key men from last season's District championship squad, the Eugene mentor fielded a strong track and field aggregation, that played a limi ted schedule due to transportation, weather, and the early date ot the state high school track meet Eugene placed second in the No-Name league meet held at Salem. The Axemen qualified Gordon Brown and a relay team for the state meet. Brown tied for second, and the relay team also tinished in the runner up position. The Axemen lost Gordon Goepterd and Dick Mc Clintic to the navy, which put a decided crimp in the track plans. Goepterd, co-caption last season, was one of the best sprint men in the state and McClintic wha was elected as a co-captain for the 43 team, was ex pected to handle the weights. Eugene also missed last season's sprinters, Bob Hodgins and Bill Cramer, with Hodgins also doing the broad-jumping "He Floats Through the Air with the Great- est of Easel'-Pole Vaulter Jim Whitmore swings atop the school, and the world. Captain BILL CALLAWAY Over the hurdles fly Bill Callaway Gordon Brown and Wayne Callaway during time trials FIRST ROW-Man- ager Jack Norris, Bill Callaway, G o r d o n Brown, Bob Silvas, G o o d m a n Kaarhus, Don Read, Dallas Schi- ewe, Bob Wechter, and Wayne Callaway. SECOND ROW- Coach Fritz Krameif, Iohn Chamberlain, Bob Peterson, Wayne Plais- ted, Richard Wildish, B'll Johnston, Bob Kimball, Jack Thienes, Vern Purdue, Dick Handley, Bob Hicks and Assistant Manager Lowell Head. Absent, Howard Stewart, Jack Smith, Jim Whitmore, E u g e n e Bird, Bill Moore, Hank Tobey. Captain Captain Bob Black lakes BOB BLACK a final spring on the board before starting one of his fancy dives in one of the Axemen's tank meets. In the Tank Due to travel conditions, and lack of funds to secure use of the men's pool at the Oregon campus, the Eugene High Swimming team was forced to play a limited schedule - having only three matches, two against University High, and Phi Beta Pi intramural champions of U. of O. Despite the fact that some of the crack perform- ers were absent during one of the meets to take service examinations, the Axemen splashers had little trouble in rolling over some tough Tide and campus competition. Fritz Kramer and Walt Korrel led the Axemen swimmers, who deserve excep- tional praise because they financed the season themselves-paying for the use of the pool. Captain Bob Black easily won all of his diving events, while other stars included Bill Vannatta, who came here from Hawaii, Dave Lamport, and Al Caldwell. It was considered a better-balanced team than last years mighty state Cham- pionship squad. Bob Fisher and Bob Black get in position be- fore taking to the water . in swimming competition. ON LADDER 1 Ed Harris. FIRST ROW- Willis lVlcCullough, Bob Fisher, Bill Moore. SECOND ROW-George Campbell, Goodman Kaar- hus, Ross Guilcv, Manager Alvin Hills. Aibert Van- Elten, Al Caldwell. Bill Vannatta, Al Pierce, Wayne Plaisted, and Don Byars. THIRD ROW- Assistant Nlanafjer Paul Gilbertson, Cosches Fritz Kramer and Walt Korrel. ABSENT-Bob Black and Dave Lamport, ' 4 .qffkrgggunff i is., ,.,,, M i -,MVA W 1 ' - 2 ,, 1' 4,,p-fi A J B gg, f ' ' ', V, -V W -V Ernie Danner, All- star center, is 'way up that' as he puts in a bucket during the play- off with the CORVAL- LIS SPARTANS, for a state berth. The Axe- men won, 30 to 29 . . Wlwse Ball?? This was part of the action as the Axemen toppled the Corvallis Spartans in the championship game. Eugene players seen are Ray Cainllll Cece Berg l12l, and Ernie Danner l7l. . . -NON-LEAGUE GAMES DISTRICT 6 GAMES Eugene, Oakridge, 18 Eugene, 34 Cottage Grove, 19 Eugene, Oakridge. 21 Eugene, 47 Junction City, 32 Eugene, Pleasant Hill, 24 Eugene, 38 University High, 27 Eugene, Pleasant Hill, Eugene, 41 St. Mary's, 32 Eugene, Marshfield, 2 Eugene, 24 Springfield, 23 Eugene, Marshfield, 2 Eugene, 40 Cottage Grove, 35 Eugene, North Bend, Eugene, 58 Junction City, 45 Eugene, Marshfield, 3 Eugene, 50 St. lVlary's 28 Eugene, Junior Rubes, 30 Eugene, 15 University High, 18 Eugene, 38 Springfield, 28 NO NAME LEAGUE GAMES DISTRICT 6 PLAYOFF Eugene, 38 Corvallis, 27 . Eugene, 32 Albany, 33 Eugene, 29 Corvallis, 28 Eugene, 40 Corvallis- 22A STATE TOURNAMENT PLAYOFI Eugene. 19 Eugene, 42 Eugene, 24 Klamath Falls, 30 Oregon City, 19 St. Helens, 35 guard and forward berth respectively, while Ernie Dan- ner, who made the honorary group while playing for Uni- versity High last season, was selected at center. Wolf, one of the greatest ball-handlers and team leaders to play at Eugene High, received second-string all-state honors, despite the fact that he had only one good night-being on the bench with fouls most of the opening round, ln District 6 competition, the Axemen lost only one game, that to University High, l8 to l5, in the loop's biggest upset. However, they bounced right back the next week, and clipped Springfield to take the cham- pionship. ln a playoff with Corvallis to determine the tourna- ment representative, the Axemen took a thrilling one- point decision, 29 to 28, when Ernie Donner sank a free- throw in the last 30 seconds. All told, the Axemen lost only three games out of 25 against high school competition during the season prior to the tournament. Albany won a one-point decision earlier in the season, and North Bend overpowered the Axemen in a pre-season contest over the Christmas holi- days. ln the tournament, the towering Klamath Falls Peli- cans knocked the Axemen out of the running the open- ing day, 30 to l9, and went on to take the state cham- pionship, ln the other tournament games, Eugene defeated Ore- gon City, 42 to 39 and lost to St. Helens, 35 to 24. "B" SQUAD, FRONT R O W - Don Hlebe- chuk, Harvey Humph- rey, Ray Braunner, Coach Fritz Kramer, Wayne Callaway, Doug Gibson, and Howard Stewart. BACK ROW, Assistant M a n a g e r Harold McIntyre, Bill Callaway and Bill Por- tis, Absent, Ben Prince, Clay Thomason, and Bill Hutchinson. Senior Glass will---COHfiHM6d Twenty-Ninth: Gussie Koppe leaves that ever-present smile to her sis- ter, Frieda. Thirtieth: Our Senior jiving trio Donna McClain, Ann Wood, and Evelyn Major, bequeath one practically new pitch pipe, guaranteed never to go flat to any other trio who can take up where they left off. Thirty-First: Bob lMuscIesi Block leaves his bumps, bruises, and water burns to Bill McCuIIen. Thirty-Second: Sissie Weinstein leaves her feature stories to the next news writer who doesn't like to write them either. Th irty-Third: Ardyce Frazier leaves a package of dentine to anyone with a priority signed by the president. Thirty-Fourth: Kay Statzer leaves Sam Ellis to Shirley Kissling. Thirty-Fifth: Ervin Webb leaves to anyone fool enough to take them that blank-blank newspaper column of his and those hideous stamp drive slogans. Thirty-Sixth: Alice Sigsmund IWitty IPI seniorl leaves her bad jokes and trunk full of short stories to the Lane County Scrap D1rive,Committee. IThe only persons who would have 1' em. Thirty-Seventh: Everett Fulton leaves his prowess on the piano to any- body who thinks he can hold a candle to him. Thirty-Eighth: Don McCune bequeaths his knowledge of a certain black market to Mr. Small. YY Spring How nice that Spring should come again, When I had thought that all was rain- How nice that now once more I see The loveliness of things: a tree In bloom, a virgin iris, drifting Almond blossoms whifting Over dew like scattered Ballerinas caught in dancing poses, shattered Raindrops on the sidewalk, Newsboys smiling, chalk Marks on the blackboard, girls In patterned chintz, voluptuous swirls Of fudge on Seymour's sundaes, Snowy, windblown lines of sheets on Mondays . . How nice that love should come with Springs And that once more I see the loveliness of things. By Marguerite Wittwer Thirty-Ninth: Edwin Webb and Chris Overgard leave all the ads they got for the Annual from the west side of town to someone having a couple of number I7 stamps. Fortieth: Jim lSpeedyI Gaylord leaves his complete file of Moron jokes to Craig Beeson who we hope never uses them. Forty-First: Charles lChuckI McCloskey leaves, period. Forty-Second: Bob Bloom bequeaths his muscles and size to Johnny Backlund who could use some of each. Forty-Third: George Johnson leaves his loud shirt to Mr. Shultis. lIt's sure to fit????I Forty-Fourth: Don lI'II fight anybodyi Byars bequeaths his entire set of Shakespeare plus his volumes on Ancient Civiliza- tion to some other intellectual boy. Forty-Fifth: Bob lWindow breakerl Ford leaves his keen eye and pitching arm to next year's I7th and Charnelton snow- man. Forty-Sixth: Emily Rhodes leaves her place in the student body assemblies to Jerine Newhouse and Joyce Davis. IN WITNESS WHERE OF, WE THE OFFICIAL WILL- ERS OF LAW SET OUR HAND AND SEAL THIS DAY BEFORE GRABBING OUR DIPLOMAS AND HEADING FOR THE HILLS. Signed, Ervin Webb Alice Sigismund YYY Cgfie grain gield I sow a battle field last night Where yesterday had been A grain field waving in the light, And then came marching men. I saw an Army march last night To go down to its death, And not a soldier in the fight ls left to draw a breath. I saw the battle smoke last night With guns and dying men, And when it cleared and it was light I saw where grain had been. By Phyllis Wells 111 1 1 1111010111111111111111111 111111 olzqrafufafions - TO THE CLASS OF 1943 AS YOU FACE AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE IN A WAR TORN WORLD WE ARE BEHIND YOU IN ALL YOUR UNDERTAKINGS WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND YOUR FUTURE F' KENNELI.-ELLIS ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE EUGENEAN 1 1 1 1 1 101114.010101u101U101010101010101n1u1o1u1n1n1o101 1 1 o 1 1 Q Good Luck to Class of 1943 5 Y XxQiX1I1ln97' t .1., OPC Eugene, Oregon 927 Willamette 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111n11111111111rgo o:o11o111sv111111 1111111111111111 11111 11111111111111111111 U II I-IADLEY'S ' . .. 1 E412 1 BEAUTY SALON 2 5 1 00 11409 C2 f Phone 633 1004 Willamette i H 325 WILLAMETTE 11111111111:1111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111954 02411111 1 1 1111111111111111111111111111 1 1 1 11111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110? 0501111 111111111111111111111111111111111 1 111 1 1 I II 5 E JoHNsoN7s . i E Jumbo Banana Split 1 Jumbo Cones Man9rud-Hunt1ngt0n Fuel Co., Inc. E E Eighteen Flavors Super-Creamed Ice Cream i 6 54 West Eighth Ave. V2 Block W. McDonald Theater ,-.,-.,:.,:.,-.,...,:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,-1,.....,:..:.,:.,: I :..3. .5.,:.,:.,:.,:.,:1,:.,....,:.,:.,:..:.,:1,:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,-.,-. TIRE RECAPPING JIM BRAN N N TIRE CO. GENERAL AND SEIBERLING TIRES 922 Oak Phone 4545 1111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111 1 1 1 1 101 1 111 1111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 11111111111111111 Q I FOR GOOD FOOD TRY ! U 85 - , ! Q Luggage and Leather Goods Gbzaramonte 5 Caj? Fuller Paints - E Wallpaper i E Phone 665 857 Willamette C EQWU'0'U'U'lll0-0'U' T T0TOTU'1l ' ' ' T ! , ------ ..----- 1 10-11-11-.1-1 Open Au Night ' .i,..1,..1,..1,11,-11-11-1,-11-11-11-11-11...,-.1-11-.,-11-11.. g EUGENE BUSINESS COLLEGE Come In Some Day for Refreshing A C , Cream Freezes. Any flavor 10c. ' Q A' E' Roberts' President S ll HA G d s 11 11' ' C oo c oo TRY oUR FOUNTAIN ll i Phone 666 364 West Broadway r'T""' """""'A'"3"'A'A"' A ' CVC' 4-C- Municipal Electric and Water Utilities WILLAMETTE-GOLD PRODUCTS Q ! FIRST, BUY Bonds -' A D ' ' SECOND, Have Your Radio Repalrecl - C By l REIDIS CREAIVIERY DOTSON'S RADIO : Q AND I I ELECTRIC STORE 842 Pearl Phone 365 i i 11th and Oak Phone 202 1 1 0:0 01 01 0 1 010 1 101 oi 0.0 .g. o'4 o Q of 2 of fo U U U 3 0.4 We . ! 3 0.1 Qfqlfways a better show at the . . . MCDOIW ALD The Store with the Reputation E For Giving Good Values A , 5 E D D I E S ARMY 86 NAVY STORE 716 Willamette Eugene, Oregon i Flowers '!Your Dollaris Worth Alwaysn i 50 West 13th Phone 265 R. A. BABB H R ARE CO. Sporting Goods and Hardware Phones 48 and 47 Eugene, Oregon -1010-101010141 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10101 E01 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 COFFEE SHOP Phone i 86 DINING ROOM 2000 i ' it S - iii' W I ' . 2425+ - 4 5 5 Elle lzgfltigffy 1' Q 5 lg jg u , l1'lj"TIl'nr".ug , 'AIT'-'gf : U , H HH-Ewingggi-Hql,?,ii:!,iIiT!1jm351 Q A More Beautiful Store Than Ever N to ---L ff'T 'TV ? O The Store Designed V K I I I . HOTEL EUGENE H With You in Mind! Private Rooms for Parties and Dinner E 840 Willamette Phone 1070 i101 1 1 101010101 1 1 -10101 1 1 10101 05011 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J OH N' Q U DOMESTIC ' U Furmture Company U U Laundry 8: Cleaners "Quality Furniture At LOW Cost E "Superior Work and Service" if U 649 Willamette Phone 2693 Eugene, Oregon Q 121 West 7th Phone 252 II The teachers relax. Handle with carel S150 worth. Unrafioned. Doug on the beam. .O Honor Society Banquet- Brains lwithout brawnl l Dear Santa . .. Well, any man's a man, Two timer-lSee No. Zi, Looking 'em over. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 1:1141101014110101010101411 1 14114 101 1 10101 1411411 1411111111111 1 1 1411.11411n1411o1u111111 D N " Where Eugene High School Students have 6 S enjoyed Clothing Satisfaction for 15 years. MEN'S DRESS WEAR 1022 Willamette -1111111411111 1111111 1 1 Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 Always Your Money's Worth 1:11 11 1 1 1 1 11 1111111-411411c11:11411:111114114 1 111141141141141111101111411111411411411411411 1114 11 11 11 114111411411 11111111111114114110-.11 1 -- 101, ,:,, C5176 Style Shop "EUGENE'S PROGRESSIVE LADIES SHOPU 61 EAST BROADWAY SAM RUGH REALTY CO. "REALTORS" Phone 76 Lottie N. Rugh Loyall R. Rugh 1029 Willamette Eugene, Oregon 11 11 11 11 11 111111t11o1m11411c1141141141 1 1 1 14 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11141111111111-111111411111411411111411011411141114r111111 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 BICYCLES, SUPPLIES, AND REPAIRING I-IUTC1-I'S BICYCLE STORE Phone 3113-M 85 West Sth Ave. Eugene, Oregon 1111111111 11111111010111111111111l,101.0101H14 11 1 1111 1n1111411411411411i11411411111 1 1 111143 IN EUGENE SINCE 1915 Dr. Sherman W. Moody Optometrist, Eyesight Specialist VALLEY PRINTING 86 STATIONERY CO. 76 West Broadway Phone 470 1n1o1411111n1n1.n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1i11r114114114o:4 1 1111411411411111411111411411411014111110141161014 LARAWAY'S JEWELRY STORE Home of the Blue White Diamonds Watch and Jewelry Repairing 885 Willamette . 'e v 'Q . 'e 9 o 1c11c11i11411111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1o1411o1411m114o o 'Q 'G 'o Q L ! L I 38 East Broadway Telephone 362 MOVE YOURSELF TRUCKS FOR RENT U-DRIVE Hastings Texaco Service Across from Eugene Hotel Phone 201 ---------.. 1----.--11.-.11-wg 1411 1411111411111411z1141 111 141141111411 1111111111111111111v o 1111111411r11c11411111111111140.0 0.41 -------.1-----..------1.1 1411 1 1 111411 111111141111 41141 1 1 1 1 -.,-.,-.1101,-.,...,-.,....-.1-.,- 1 1 1 1 1 -.,-.,:, .ga Remember-The best place to buy anything is .... O TGOMERY WARD EUGENE'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE EUGE E HARDWARE COMPANY "Everything You Need in Hardware" Broadway and Oak Telephone 670 1n1411u1411u141q: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1o1411i114114114 1059 Willamette Telephone 4200 Wholesale Poultry - Eggs - Feed SHER KHAN, Prop. 642 Oak Phone 850 1411111411411 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111014114111 11 11111111-111110141111 9.411111411411411 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 MANLEY PLUMBING SERVICE Plumbing 1 Heating - Sheet Metal 93 East 7th Phone 1454 11qn1111111111111114v: ! 'Q 'S 140. o 2 Q 3 o?r1n1uz0apu101 1 1 101010101010101010101450 ogov101oqpu1o1010101010101o1u10101o1u1u101010 g g g TITLE ABSTRACT COMPANY OF EUGENE g i CI-IRISTY'S i i Capital 525,000.00 i i for the best food ' i 'QDEPENDABLE TITLE SERVICE" ' I i i Phone 684 i i Ire Cream - Lunches - Willamette Near 13th i i 881 O2-Ili Street Eugene, Oregon i QiQPQ0l0illl0i i liilill 1 iibillflllill010l0iUilaC f.0Yl0l0l4ll0'llll0l l il lUlUi01lll0l0lU10Q0llOEO u?r1u1n1uqm101 1 1010101010101110101n1n101u1u1.n10101010101010101010101010101n10101o? l 9 L1 Q 9 H E D E P S H 0 T T S ' I 1 F s ' Eugene Athletic Supply House . g 770 Willamette Telephone 151 i OiQll0lU,0QUlillflwlllllllmll0lilillll1UQOl0llYi0Q0llYQUl0l l l l0iUQU,0l ill0-17l0iUi0lUQllliOef. 0501101010qvn1u1n101o1o1n1 10101 1u1o1u10101n1n1.u1 1 1 v1 1 101 1 1 101oqn01n1o1010101050 5 901' 32 Yearf 5 I E. H. S. Students have been meetin at Tenth and C 3 g Q Willamette for their ucolcesn and Fountain Drinks. ' II - ' U . - II , 2 i ' ! U You,re Always Welcome at . T . ! 2 l II . 2 i I +lQ':1-m1llI:1lC1:lll' Q Q Q U Q I C5776 gewel .fox Q Q THE BROADWAY, INC. l l ll - l Q 'qThe Biggest Little Store in Townv 1 U Compliments i g 1036 Willamette Eugene, Oregon g g Wearing Apparel - Dry Goods : 020,:0q.0:0:0:0-.0:0:0..0:0: -1 :0:0:0:-1:0-0:..f. fin: :0:0-0:0..0:0:0:0:0..0:O:0:0:0:0:0q0:wi. o?w1u1o1n111010101014:1n1o1o1n1n1o14 1o1n1rp? 201 1 11 x101011110101010101n1o101o1o1u1u1o? l II i ALWAYS DEMAND THE BEST g E 5 Q Medo-Land Gold Medal Dair Products ' C And ' i Y S Q Lunch Counter ! A Drink Medo-Rich Milk ! U ,, . ,, Q i For Good Health I Q Thanks a lot, lcids i i 675 Charnelton Phone 393 i H Phone 671 East Side of School i 02:1010:010101010101uasn1n1u1o10ep01u101o101010101 1o10apu1o10Qm101010101010101010101020 , , G l II . . . ' E To E. l-l. S. Band for the many times they have donated their services C . . l 2 free to community events in Eugne. i Q ! Q ! METROPOLITAN STORE ! ! 'QThe Store of Better Values" 2 u ! 5 5 Q 735 Willamette George Renstrom, Mgr. i U 2 IN APPRECIATION Our purpose in publishing the l943 Eugenean has been to preserve a record of your days in E. H. S. to which you will turn with pleasure in the years to come. lf we have succeeded in this purpose, thank not only the staff, who have worked their limit, but consider also the help of others. To Kennell-Ellis photographers, for their invaluable assistance, to Koke-Chapman for their cooperation and quality of work, to Herb Wiltshire and his staff for their help with the layouts, and to our advertisers whose con- tinued interest and financial support have made the publication possible-we wish to express our thanks. ln addition we recognize the time and effort spent by Barbara Huntington in soliciting ads, and Sam Seely and Hank Tobey for the pictures they took to make this annual a success. A great part of the credit rightfully goes to Mae D. Kinsey, our advisor, who has been helpful in planning and aiding in the completion of this yearbook. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this Eugenean. JEANNE GUILEY, Editor JIM WORKING, Business Manager Jlfutograpbs

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